An animal-loving bride


    Her internal mechanism waking her up moments before the alarm was due to ring, lovely, petite Kate Hutch opened her pale hazel eyes and stared at the clock resting on the night stand beside her half of the bed. She watched as the second hand made another sweep, using the minute to bring herself to full consciousness before she drew one naked arm from the loving warmth of her blankets and pushed in the button, making sure that her husband, sleeping next to her was not disturbed.

    She shivered slightly as she brought her arm back under the blankets, her fingers brushing lightly first against her satin-smooth flesh, and then against the muscular hardness of Mark's powerful body. She turned over lightly, making sure that he did not waken because of her movements, and allowed her eyes to fix on his handsome, rugged face. She couldn't hold back a face-splitting smile of total, unfettered love as she stared at him, watching him with his mouth slightly open, his breath rasping in a half snore, half hiss. A tear of happiness came to her eyes, and she bit on her lower lip, her cunt already seeping its warm lubrication as she anticipated the pleasures he would be bringing her in just a short time. Uuuuuummmmmm… It was all she could do to not think about how things had been with her before she married him less than a month ago, on the day after their graduation from college. Even though she had been dating him for almost a year at that point, she had never allowed him to go all the way with her. His hands would roam lightly, lovingly over the soft suppleness of her firm young body, dipping here and there, pressing against her sensitive, swollen breasts through her blouse or shirt, rubbing tightly against her vagina through her skirt or jeans, exciting her to no end. But she had remained steadfast in her desire to be a virgin when she married, and she had managed to uphold that promise to herself, keeping her hymen intact until that first satisfying thrust of her husband's thick cock up into the moist, hot depths of her vagina, tearing her maidenhood forever…

    And making her see that she had been a fool for putting off such incredible pleasure until she was married. The delicious pleasure of having her vagina filled with the searing hardness of his cock until she was certain it would split at the seams… the indescribable bliss of feeling his mammoth shaft of lust-engorged flesh dragging across the throbbing little bud of her quiveringly excited clitoris… the amazement she experienced as she felt Mark's ballooned-cock swelling even more right before he flooded her pussy channel with the scalding river of his thick, creamy semen at the precise moment she washed her own cum juices around his deeply implanted cock…

    Uuuuuummmmmm… She thought passionately as she rested her gaze on Mark's handsome face. As long as she lived, she knew she would be bathing in the sensuous after glow of her first fucking. And while she was just a little disappointed that she had put off receiving the pleasures of sex that were hers as a woman, she relished in the fact that her husband, her own Mark, was able to provide her with those pleasures again and again, just as he had for two solid weeks on their honeymoon. Even though they had flown from St. Paul to the west coast, they were hardly ever out of their hotel room. The days then had all seemed to blend into one tremendous orgasm as Mark taught her the pleasures of sex one step at a time. Things that Kate had thought were dirty or perverse were shown to her patiently by her husband. She remembered the initial revulsion she had felt as he trailed his lips lightly along the flat expanse of her belly, inching closer and closer to the flaming red triangle of her glistening cuntal mound, nibbling with his mouth at the stray wisps of hair at the base of her abdomen. She had tried to tell him that she did not want him to kiss her there, but before she got the words out of her mouth, he had sliced his tongue through the passion-flushed lips of her seething cunt, bringing her such pleasure that she was utterly speechless.

    Then he had fucked her with his tongue, flashing the warm, damp organ in and out with such skill that she thought he had another cock coming out of his mouth. The exquisite pleasure she had felt as she orgasmed against his tightly pressed lips had been wonderful. There were no other words for it!

    And then he suggested that she take his cock into her mouth, and again she had felt an initial wave of revulsion. She could remember the conversation word by word as she lay on her side, her hazel eyes gazing at the sleeping form of her husband.

    "You… you mean… you want me to take… your… your cock in my mouth?"

    "Do you love me?" he had asked patiently.

    "Of course, but…"

    "And do you trust me?"

    "Yes, but…"

    "I think you'll like it. What have you got to lose?"

    And even though she was certain that she wouldn't like it, she decided that she would give it a try.

    And was she ever pleasantly surprised, she reflected. She lashed out with her tiny pink tongue experimentally, and found that the sensation of her husband's cock was wonderful… different than anything she could think of. Eagerly, she experimented some more, ovalling her lips and inserting the hugely swollen, mushroom-shaped head of his penis into the warm wet cavern of her mouth shivering with the strangeness and deliciousness of the act. She swirled her tongue around and around the bloated shaft of her husband's penis, coating it totally with the heated wetness of her saliva. Then she moved her lips down to his scrotum, where his huge, sperm-filled balls hung loose and free. She cradled them in one palm while she stroked and squeezed with the other, never once taking her mouth away from her husband's towering rod of flesh.

    And then she re-inserted his cock into her mouth, taking the hot shaft as deeply into her throat as was humanly possible, sucking and licking as through her very life depended on it, reveling in her new-found knowledge, and delighting when, finally, her husband ejaculated a river of sperm into her face, ballooning her cheeks and forcing her to swallow each precious drop lest she choke on the waves of cum flooding her gullet.

    And there had been more during those two weeks… so much more than Kate was certain she would never tire of the memories. She remembered Mark taking her from behind… taking her as they both stood… sixty-nining…

    But the greatest pleasure of all had been last night. Seeing that Mark was still sound asleep, Kate closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift to the recent past, remembering everything that happened as though she was actually going through everything again.

    They had just made the trip from the St. Paul airport to the apartment they were renting until Mark managed to find the type of house they were looking for. They were suffering from a little jet lag, although they had become used to the west coast time. Even though it was mid-night in St. Paul, their bodies were telling them that it was only ten in the evening, and they were still carrying over much of the exuberance brought about by their incredible two weeks.

    Mark had laughingly carried her across the threshold of their apartment, and then set her down in the middle of the floor while he went back to collect their bags. As she stood and watched Mark hoist the four suitcases and bring them in, she had to chuckle. Two of them hadn't even been opened, since they had spent so much time naked with each other. It was a Sunday evening. Mark would have to be going to work the next day, and Kate would start her life as a housewife. She and Mark had talked about the possibility of her getting a job, but at the moment, there were a number of things that had to be done, and Kate was going to use her spare time to get those things organized.

    As she watched Mark bringing in their baggage, she could sense that the honeymoon was almost over… Almost but not quite. There was still one more night left, and she was determined that she was going to make the best of what was left.

    "Whew… these things are really heavy," Mark breathed, setting them down on the inside of the door. "Next time we go on a honeymoon, suppose we take about half these things."

    He looked up to see his new wife smiling at him, her hands demurely folded in front of her, resting lightly on her loins.

    "Suppose we go on a honeymoon next week," she said teasingly.

    "Fat chance," he said, not quite picking up on his wife's seductive smile yet. "Work tomorrow, and let me tell you, it'll be a long time before I can afford to take another vacation."

    Kate gave a little chuckle as she stood perfectly still, watching her husband slave over the suitcases.

    "The least you could do is help me with these things," he said in a playful tone.

    Still she remained unmoving. While he was busy with the luggage, she decided that she would be as blatant as she had ever been in her life. She slipped out of her coat, the thought of what was about to happen filling her with a thrill she had never known before… not even on her wedding night. Then, Mark had slowly stripped her, taking the part of the aggressor while he taught her the things she would have to know. This time, she would show him that she had learned her lessons well.

    After her coat was off, she began unbuttoning her blouse, letting it fall open and allowing her full, luscious breasts to separate, unhindered by a bra. And while her husband was still busy with the suitcases, she kicked off her shoes. Finally, she gave a little child-like giggle.

    "Hey, I could really use some…"

    He started to say something, lifting his head to look at her while he talked. But suddenly he stopped as he saw his wife revealing her mature, lovely nakedness to him.

    "Jesus," he hissed, at first not able to believe that she was actually doing something like this.

    Kate placed her hands behind her, allowing him an unadulterated view of her half-nakedness. For a moment, Mark didn't know what he should do, then he decided that there was no point in just looking at her like this.

    His form was almost a blur as he raced across the room, slipped his arm around her waist and drew her half-naked body to him. His mouth came down hard to claim her rosy pouted lips, and Kate shivered as she realized that the honeymoon was not yet over. Come hell or high water, they had at least one more passion-filled night together, and they were going to make the most of it.

    As they faced each other for a moment, Mark's eyes drank in the budding beauty of the woman he had recently married, seeing her pouting, upturned breast mounds, wide-spaced, large and firm. The stretch pants she had worn for the trip home followed her body like a second skin, revealing her tiny, nipped-in waist, and he felt her belly pull in to form a little hollow. He gave a low throaty moan of his own as he crushed her delicately feminine body close in the circle of his arms, his lips seeking hers and finding them soft, pliant and ready.

    He kissed her then, his throat making little animal sounds as her mouth parted and her tongue darted hungrily past his teeth, the familiar honeyed taste of her driving through him to produce a jerking of his penis against the confinement of his pants. She shivered as he smoothed his hands over the softness of her back, dropping them lower to fondle and massage the swelling mounds of her buttocks.

    Then her handsome brown haired husband pulled her tight against his loins, the lithe muscles of her buttocks working in his hands as she undulated gently up against him. For long moments, she savored the erotic probings they made with their tongues. Then she shivered with her mounting excitement as he slipped her blouse over the smooth roundness of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. The deep kiss was unbroken as his hands slid down her now naked back and his thumbs hooked in the waistband of her stretch pants, gently pulling them down over the ripeness of her buttocks and down further still to mid-thigh, carrying her thin, skimpy bikini panties with them.

    He drew the red triangle of her pelvis to him, and his tongue snaked out to pressure deeper through the warm wet cavern of her mouth. She moaned with desire and flexed her hips, pressuring herself in tighter against him. Her body shuddered softly when his tongue made electrifying contact with hers deep in her mouth.

    Arching her buttocks just enough so she could remove the rest of her clothing, she quickly slithered out of her stretch pants while Mark's tongue stabbed keeningly erotic sensations through her. Stepping out of her pants and panties, she felt the freedom of complete nakedness as she raised her hands to brush strands of her thick red hair away from her face, pushing them behind her ears.

    Gently then, she backed away from her husband, saying breathily, "Mark… let's get your clothes off too…"

    He looked at her and declared, "God! I hope the honeymoon is never over. I love you. I don't want you to ever forget that. And I want you."

    Hearing the words made Kate feel playfully embarrassed, and she teasingly turned away from him, feeling for all the world like a bride once more.

    "I want you too…" she said. Somehow, this was just a little different than the passion they had experienced in their hotel room, and all the more delicious for that.

    He slipped his arms under hers, from behind, and cupped her breasts in his hands. Nuzzling into her neck through the cloud of red curls, his hands smoothed down across the flat plane of her belly, caressingly, to play over her abdomen, one sliding on down to the silken triangle where he used the tip of his middle finger to titillate the short length of her fully hardened clitoris. Damn! She was a far cry from the sexually frightened girl she had been when he had first met her. She was really hot!

    She leaned back against him, her eyes closed and her breath coming jerkily through half-parted lips. The sparks of sexual excitement in her were being fanned into licking flames of desire.

    She turned in the full circle of his arms, raw passion flushing her face, her eyes glazing as he held her close. Mark felt her hips moving up against him, the warmth of her transmitted to him through the cloth of his pants. She tilted her head up to be kissed… and her hips, undulatingly urgent, told him to hurry.

    Mark accepted the invitation of her lips. Their mouths met, welded, and tongues thrust and parried, probing, tasting and ravaging, as a riotous welter of sensation slashed at their genitals.

    His hands went exploring, moving down her back to the rounded moons of her ass to feel them squirm in his palms again.

    Kate's hand slid down between them, to feel the pulsingly hard shaft of his cock. She remembered the massive adequacy of it, as she found the prominent bulge in his pants and outlined it with her fingers, a thrill stabbing her deep inside when she made the electric contact. She moved her hand along its rock-hard length… remembering the fear she had felt when she saw it the first time… remembering the ecstasy it had brought her since.

    Twisting her head aside, she gasped, "God…! Mark… Now… please. I want you to fuck me now… quick!"

    To accent her words, her hands went to work. She undid the buckle of his belt, her fingers zipping down his fly, her knowing hand reaching in to find and free his eagerly throbbing cock, bringing its massive hardness out into the cool air to fondle and tease to complete readiness. The lovely young wife gasped as she felt the surprising length and thickness of it again, its blood-heated warmth sensually penetrating the palm of her slender hand which could not encompass it. Her touch brought it to even greater hardness, and with a heightened feeling of awe, she began to explore it. She used her nails to scrape gently along its rigid length, knowing that it would give him a charge. Her reward came instantly. She felt its lustful, expanding throb, accompanied by his low moan of pleasure. No… the honeymoon was not yet over… and it never would be!

    While she played there below, Mark began tearing off his clothes, ridding himself of jacket and shirt. Bare to the waist now, he felt one of her hands snake down between his legs to cup and cradle his cum-filled balls. Again she used her nails to taunt, and he gasped out loud, the sensations sparking his massive penis to jerk and exude a viscous tear of heated pre-cum.

    Feeling the pulsing, blood-swollen girth of her husband's cock in her hand, Kate suddenly shifted both hands to the towering shaft. She squeezed hard and held it for a couple beats of his pulse. Mark groaned again and gripped the waistband of his pants and shorts to pull them down over his hips, exposing his naked loins to her completely. Then, using both hands, she began to twist the loose folds of skin along its hardened length, her hands moving in opposite directions as though she were wringing out a freshly laundered garment.

    The erotic sensations stabbed through his lust-engorged cock like a thousand pricking needles of fire. God! He had to get his cock into her… and fast! He stepped back away from her, leaning over to rid himself of his shoes so he could get his pants off. Quickly, the handsome brown-haired man shed his remaining clothes, tossing them carelessly aside in his rush, then he turned back to his eager wife, who had been reluctant to release him for even a moment.

    Reaching down, he grasped her under her arms, and she was forced, reluctantly, to let his jerking cock slide from her hand. His arms went around her, his hands dropping down to the smooth suppleness of her buttocks to feel the silky, lithe flesh of her body under his loving hands.

    Then, pulling her tight in against him, he pushed the hardened rod of his massive penis between her thighs, thrusting it into the tangled red curls of the pubic hair lining her pulsing cuntal passage. He moved it back and forth there, against her naked pussy-flesh, feeling the smooth moisture of her warmly throbbing cunt flow over his passion-heated hardness.

    The firmly pointed buds of her erected nipples thrust into his chest as her arms went around him. Then parting her thighs slightly, Kate dropped her hand down to grasp his slim hard-muscled buttocks, pulling him in until their loins met, brown pubic hair meshed with red, and his cock-head nestled solidly all the way up between her legs in the moist warmth of her pussy. The huge bulbous head of his penis was taunting her tightly puckered little anal lips.

    Kate leaned back away from him, breaking the circle of his arms, and with a guttural groan, Mark scooped up the lovely young woman who was his wife and carried her into the bedroom. It was like a repetition of what they had been doing over the last two weeks, but Kate knew that she would never get tired or bored of having her husband's penis plunging deeply into her sizzling liquid cuntal flesh. She could eat too much, overwork, but she could never get enough of her husband's cock. He had taught her well over the last two weeks, and she squealed her delight as he carried her through the apartment.

    Breathing hard, he laid her down on the huge king-sized bed that came with the apartment. Lying on her back, her thighs spread, ready to receive him, her hands flitted narcissistically over her breasts, fondling them and cupping them in lewd invitation, then sliding over her flat belly, down the outside of her thighs and back up the inner softness to the thick red jungle of her cuntal down which she rubbed while she waited for him to mount her.

    Mark glanced down between her thighs. He felt now as he had felt the first time they had fucked… loving, patient, eager and more than willing to bring her the pleasure she so desperately wanted from him. And there was the feeling of incredible warmth and desire that burned painfully now in his cock, a gnawing passion for her, a hunger… and a satisfaction in the knowledge that he had transformed her from a lovely young woman who was almost afraid of sex into a passionate lover… a wife who could meet his needs in every sense of the word.

    Kate sensed that he liked what he saw, and she responded with an immediate wider spreading of her thighs and a totally unobstructed view of her trembling pussy lips, now fully opened to his eager stare. Mark stood there, transfixed for a moment, hypnotized by the raw sensual beauty of his lovely wife. There was a thin line of moisture along the rim of her parted vaginal flanges, a narrow trail of warm wetness along the slit of her cunt as she exposed herself, without shame, to him.

    "You're so lovely… so beautiful!" Mark said, feeling almost like a little boy. He tried to restrain himself, though he would have liked nothing better than to drop on all fours and bury his tongue in that softly pulsating crevice between her trim, naked thighs. Kate was hot… more so than she had ever been, and he was determined that he was going to take full advantage of her. He was going to allow himself to be sucked into the whirlpool of her steeped passion, take his cues from her. He would never have thought, a year ago, that she could be like this, but he wasn't going to think about that. This was his woman, his wife, and he was going to give her the fucking of her life.

    Kate grinned up at him, measuring his response as she moistened her pink lips with her pointed tongue, rolling it slowly from side to side.

    Mark stood there for a moment, his long thick cock jutting out from his hairy loins at an acute angle. Kate's eyes were zoomed in on it, a wanton smile creasing her pert little face. God! How badly she wanted to feel that heated hardness sawing up into her demanding cuntal sluice!

    And then her impatience for him got the better of her, and lifted both her bare arms up and pulled him down onto her, opening her smooth silky thighs when they fused together, then clamping them tightly around one of his legs. Mark gasped at the incredible feel of her body, the warmly inviting suppleness of her flesh, the enticing firmness of her thighs that squeezed him like a newly awakened teenager.

    As their lips met hotly together, tongues alternately pushing and pulling, she ground her naked pelvis hard against his loins. She shivered from head to toe as her voluptuous softness rubbed maddeningly against the throbbing ridge of his cock.

    The wet smear from his pulsing cock was streaking against her naked thigh, but she didn't ease her gentle massaging of his hardened erection. With the smoothness of her thigh and the firm mound of her pubis, the passionately aroused young wife ground against him rhythmically, teasingly, stirring an incredible agony of lustful desire in his loins, filling his swollen testicles with a seething inferno of bubbling sperm. He was certain that he would burst apart from the delightful pressure.

    For a moment's pause, he pulled his tongue from the sucking oval of her lips and snuggled his face along side hers, easing his hand down her side to fondle the ivory moon of her asscheek. He squeezed a thick handful of her warm naked buttocks between his fingers and she responded with a shiver that shook even his own body as he lay on top of her. He realized that she was quivering beneath him, her pelvic mound pressed up against his virile male loins, her thighs clamped tightly around his leg as she squeezed the firmness of his flesh against the hot eager lips of her cunt, pushing her hungry pussy shamelessly against him.

    Kate reached down the length of her husband's muscular back, ran her fingers over the hard swell of his buttocks, and then shoved her hands between his legs, squeezing firmly but tenderly the hair-covered sac beneath his turgid cock. He moaned at the electric touch of her fingers. "Shit, baby… I really want you. I've got to have some of that cunt of yours," he hissed.

    "Uuuuu, and I want you to hurry," she retorted. She held her arms up to him again, inviting him, taunting him to come into her, and below her thighs were splayed out wide to receive him, as her hips ground in tiny impatient circles under him.

    The madly aroused husband lowered himself down on top of her, his hips wedging easily into the wide angle of her thighs, his lancing hardness probing for the tender young flesh of her moist cuntal slit. The instant his lust-inflated penis touched her, she shuddered under him with sensual delight, her whole body quivering with ecstatic anticipation.

    Then he gritted out between his passion clenched teeth, "I'm going to fuck you hard, Kate… harder than ever… as hard as I can!"

    "Oh Mark, darling, I hope so! That's what I want you to do so badly. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!"

    And she meant it! Her sexual arousal had reached such an insane level of desire that she could barely contain herself. And she could think of no reason why she should contain herself. The man on top of her was her husband, and she wanted his lancing hardness up inside her, pounding into her loins with masculine power and strength. She wanted his massive cock to turn her inside out… to bring her the pleasure she had so recently learned about… the pleasure she knew she had to give herself up to fully in order to enjoy. There was no reason in the world to hold back anything from the man she loved. Her entire body was yielding against his masculine firmness her lips once more soft and moist as they crushed against his.

    He arched away from her as he felt her hand slip between them, her fingers eagerly closing on the rigid shaft of his cock. A cry of deliciously erotic joy escaped her throat as her fingers gripped tightly around the lust-stiffened length of his penis, and Mark kissed her harder in reply, probing hungrily with his tongue between her teeth, grinding against her as her very touch brought a maddening wave of desire to his throbbing loins.

    Then, the head of his cock resting at the hotly hungering mouth of her cunt, she moaned, "Ooohhh… Mark… please give it to me… now! Shove your cock all the way into my cunt… and fuck me… fuck me hard!" She was getting more desperate with each passion second. She was an aching, anticipating cunt… waiting to be fucked… torn asunder and totally fulfilled by the man she had married. There was nothing more important in the whole world for her. Nothing mattered but the delicious sensations slashing through her loins… her needing, waiting cunt! Now! She mentally screamed at him! NOW!

    The wildly aroused wife wriggled forward just a bit, a soft moan on her lips as the full length of her husband's desire-hardened penis nestled against her ravenous pussy. He reached down beneath her with strong arms and cradled her lush, naked body against him, savored the quivering undulations of her softness beneath him.

    He maneuvered her unprotected cunt up even tighter against him, dragging the lust inflated head of his cock back and forth through the moist pink slit of her pussy, flicking the end of his cock along the taut cuntal slit as it grew wetter and warmer with every smooth, caressing stroke. Her whole pelvis began to rotate desperately, her blood-filled pussy lips nibbling eagerly at his thick, hard member. Suddenly, with an anguished cry of ravished impatience, she snaked her legs up around him, locking them behind his thighs, pressuring him harder against her writhing nakedness.

    "God! Now… please… I have to have you in me now!" she whimpered.

    Mark was as eager to feel those warm pussy lips close around his cock as she was to have it inside her. Again she grabbed for his aching penis and pressed it forward into the deep fleshy sheath of her cunt, guiding it through the fine mist of soft pubic hair into the quivering lips of her burning vagina. He stopped there for a moment, watching her close her eyes, her lips parting in a moan of torment.

    He could not wait an instant longer. Snapping his hips toward her with all his strength, he rammed his cock home in one joyful thrust that slicked his rock-hard flesh like a spear into the softly pulsating walls of her seething pussy.

    "AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" she moaned in grateful relief as her warmly constrictive pussy sheath slipped like a tight, butter-filled glove over the full length of his cock, the tender cuntal flesh parting before it as the huge swollen member drove between the now widely stretched pink lips.

    With the smoothness of a well-oiled piston, his great cock smashed into the hot passage of her vagina, his hotly throbbing head bursting through the resilient opening and racing unchecked up into her belly. His lusty penis plunged far up into the very depths of her cunt, the blood-engorged head nudging past her cervix to lodge finally up against the far back wall of her quivering vaginal passage. His loins smacked loudly into hers, and below, his sperm-laden balls swung hard up to thud into the smooth hairless crevice between her nakedly upturned buttocks.

    "Oooooohhhhhh… Goooddd!!! It's sooooo biiiggg!!" she moaned in her tormented enchantment.

    Mark grinned widely, seeing that the creation of his wife was now a moaning, seething sexual machine who could fuck back at him with all her strength. He rammed his cock's throbbing head deep inside her, his balls slapping hard against the fleshy cheeks of her ass as she squirmed to accept as much of him as she could.

    With inspired vitality now, Mark ground his pelvis slowly into the softly wriggling feminine flesh under his weight as she pushed back hard against him, their speeds increasing together. With rhythmic fluidity, she opened and tightened her thighs around him with every fucking thrust that he made deep in her hungrily clasping pussy. Her mouth opened and her head tossed wildly from side to side as she quivered and writhed like a fish impaled on a spear. His long hard strokes had found their mark, and a hoarse cry punctuated her incessant moans as the blood-filled tip of his cock slammed against her cervix at the end of every driving thrust!

    With insane power, Mark began driving his lust-hardened cock in and out of her, pounding wildly, fucking deeper, always deeper, harder and harder, never pausing for a moment as he pinned her to the bed, skewering her with his rigid male-flesh, his massive cock fucking her like some sex-demon.

    Pulling her thighs back hard, the handsome husband mashed them down tightly against the swelling ripeness of her breasts to completely expose her pussy to his will. It gave him the fullest access, allowing him to thrust into her to the full length of his massively driving hardness. She was moaning unceasingly now, her hips grinding up at him in shameless undulations, countering his pile-driving lunges with the vigor of her supple young flesh.

    Kate was afire with sex… and the fire was fed on the mounting sensations within her, obliterating all thoughts except those of sensual ecstasy! There was only one thing of which she was fully aware… the tight coupling of their wetly locked genitals. It was pure heaven… rapture!

    Only vaguely she knew that hands were running the length of her body like the licking flames of a hearth-log. His lips were on hers, his tongue probing her mouth in imitation of the action below. Now his lips were on the smooth satiny skin of her breasts, kissing, sucking and biting at her swollen nipples until she thought they would burst from sheer delight!

    Mark's body covered her, the heated friction of his flesh on hers an added heightening of sensation as he drove into her. His strong lean body strained to bury the heavy rod of his cock up to the very root with every thundering lunge.

    "Baby… baby… it's sooo… it's so good! Listen… Listen," she stammered, barely able to get the words out. "Put your finger up my asshole! Shove it all the way into me… please…"

    Mark grinned. That had been one of the last things he'd taught her on their honeymoon. His hand reached down under her and slid between the lust-dampened cheeks of her buttocks, his fingers searching the soft flesh as he probed for her anal orifice. His middle fingertip suddenly found the tightly puckered little circle of her rectum, moistened with the rivulet of cuntal moisture that seeped down from the warm slit above, where his penis was still fucking into her with long deep thrusts. He pushed at the tight ring of muscle, gently at first, then a little harder, feeling it tighten and resist in quivering spasms of involuntary tensing.

    Another push and his middle finger was sunk to the base inside her rectal passage, and she was urging him on, not wanting him to think that he was hurting her too much. Mark delighted in the fantastic sensation of feeling his cock tunneling into her through the fleshy membrane that separated the two passages. He shoved both finger and cock into her with perfect rhythm, in slow steady strokes that were driving her insane with delicious desire.

    His cock felt as large as the end of a baseball bat, swollen and distended beyond belief, yet the soft wet walls of pink flesh held him securely, the moist edges of her pussy lips sucking him deeper and deeper into the whirlpool of her passion. Every inward thrust slammed his cum-inflated balls against the wide-spread crevice of her buttocks and the palm of his hand as he shoved yet another finger into her tight rectal opening. She moaned lustfully as the two stiffened fingers stretched the delicate ring of her anus, and her nails bit into his back and left thin streaks of red across his shoulder blades as she writhed frantically beneath him. Kate tried to take every muscular inch of her husband's firm hard body into the ravenously hungry orifices up between her legs.

    Mark doubted that he could hold back the searing flood of thick hot sperm that was aching to burst from his testicles as he pumped into his wife faster now, every thrust taking him to the hidden reaches of her churning belly, every deep lunging motion bringing another cry of ecstasy from her parted lips. Her thighs were gripped around him like a vise, and he knew that she would reach her climax soon. She moaned from deep in her throat as he responded with a plundering assault on her cunt with his skewering cock, matched with a steady ravishment of her stretched anus with his fingers.

    Her knees were pressed tightly back, nearly doubling her body in half, her nakedly upturned pussy moist with the flowing juices of her desire. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted with an inaudible cry. She choked the words finally from her throat.

    "Oooohhh… GOD! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! That's wonderful! I'm cumming… cumming… fuck me like that… like that… cumming…"

    Her ankles were behind his shoulders as she ground her buttocks hungrily upward, lifting them both up bodily from the bed, her whole body writhing with unbelievable strength, strength drawn from the fathomless well of passion her husband was tapping.

    The room suddenly echoed with a soul-rending moan that tore from Kate's lips with all the fury of her passion. Her body tensed its full sweat-moistened length, arching high off the bed so that only her shoulders and heels touched the mattress, as she ground her body upward into his and fused them together in one lewdly writhing unison. Her hands locked on the firm muscular half-moons of his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her belly as she quivered with the agony of her impending climax.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaa-ggggggggg-hhhhhhhhhhh…!!!" Her cry trailed off to a whimper of anguished pleasure, and Mark let go the painful contraction that had held back the seething torrent of hot liquid cum building up in his lust-swollen balls. He felt the current of viscous fluid race along the shaft of his organ, pause for an instant, then spurt in an unending stream into his wildly gyrating young wife's quivering belly. Mark shuddered, then shuddered again as his balls were emptied of their life giving juices. He felt her body loosen as she collapsed in his arms, and then he fell forward onto her, so weakened that he could not support himself a second longer outstretched over her still-trembling naked body. She held his naked firm body tight against her and they lay very still for a long time…


    And then a moaning from her husband brought her to the real world again. She opened her eyes with a start, feeling as though she had drifted off to sleep and relived the passionate experience of the night before. Uuuuuuuuuummmmmm… she could still feel her husband's hard-driving penis fucking in and out of her cunt.

    Then it dawned on her that it was not her husband's penis she was feeling, but her own fingers. While she had been dreaming about the night before, she had unconsciously moved her hand down along her naked belly.

    Slowly, softly, she removed her finger from her wetly seething pussy and brought it out from under the blankets to lightly brush her hand over husband's forehead.

    "Time to wake up, darling," she said in a loving voice. As his eyes opened and then reclosed, she made a hasty glance at the clock. Hardly any time had elapsed while she had been reliving that wonderful fucking session. Less than a minute of real time had gone by!

    She smiled as she returned her gaze at her husband, who was making a valiant effort to wake up.

    "Good morning," she said, looking lovingly into his eyes.

    "Uuuuuuummmm… go' morning," he mumbled. "What time is it?"

    "About seven thirty."

    As she said that, Mark suddenly snapped into total awakeness.

    "Seven thirty!" he exclaimed. "Why the hell aren't you fixing breakfast?"

    "Ooooohhh… we have plenty of time for that," she said coyly.

    Mark bolted to a sitting position, the blanket dropping from his chest to reveal the hairy wash of dark hair there.

    "Plenty of time for what?" he said with an icy tone that Kate had never heard him use before. "I have to be at work in an hour and a half."

    "You'll make it," she soothed, running her fingers lightly across his chest. "I thought you might like to start the day out right."

    Mark ignored her. Tossing the blanket to one side, he slithered out of bed and nakedly walked across the room to their closet.

    "I'd love to," he said in a hurried voice, "but I just don't have the time."

    He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked quickly to the bathroom, leaving Kate looking bewildered. He acted almost as though he was afraid of her touching him. She remembered that as he had walked across the room, he didn't have an erection.

    Was it possible that, for the first time since they were married, he wasn't going to fuck her in the morning? It certainly looked that way, but Kate wasn't willing to believe that. Not yet at least.

    Slipping from her side of the bed, she wrapped a skimpy, sheer bathrobe around her excited flesh. As she walked from the bedroom to the bathroom, she noticed that her pussy lips were moist and sensitive. Her dreaming had made her really excited and aroused, and she wasn't going to let her husband get away with out fucking her… at least not without a fight!

    She stood in the open doorway, watching him covering his face with a thick coat of shaving lather.

    "Don't just stand there," he said as though he were scolding her like a child. "I want something to eat before I go to work. I have to make a good impression on them. The company hired me on good faith, and I don't want to disappoint them."

    "Why… well… what about me?" Kate asked, trying to keep her voice under control. "I'm your wife…"

    "And the honeymoon is over," he interrupted her. "Have you forgotten that that trip took just about all our savings?"

    Kate's mouth dropped to the floor and her shoulders slumped. Mark had never been so inconsiderate before. As she stared at him, she saw that his shaving motions stopped, and he was looking at his reflection in the steam-covered mirror.

    "Look," he said softly. "There is nothing I would like better than to start the day out right. I really want to fuck you, but the hard cold fact of the matter is, we aren't in college any more, and we aren't on vacation. I have to get to work. Unless you want to live in a tent somewhere."

    "Don't be ridiculous," Kate snapped.

    "Don't you be ridiculous," he retorted. "Living in this world costs money. The rent on this place is going to be due in another month. Where are we going to get the money to pay that? And the electric bill… and the gas and the heat…"

    "All right," she snapped, spinning around and walking away from him. "I'll have your damn breakfast ready."

    Mark started to say something after her, but he thought the better of it. He wondered if they were about to have their first fight. He had heard that things like that were inevitable, but he would like to postpone it for as long as possible.

    Then he shrugged his shoulders. Surely she could see that he loved her. After all, he was willing to put off a little pleasure so he could make ends meet. Maybe when she got a job of her own, she would understand. Hell… by then they might have enough money so that he could afford to take a morning off… or at least be a little late.

    As she casually listened to the sound of running water in the bathroom, Kate went about her task with a seething expression on her face. Her lips were pursed, and she wanted to break the dishes she was setting out for him. Not even the pleasing aroma of frying bacon and eggs and perking coffee made her feel better. All she knew was the frustrated tingling in her vagina. She poured a cup of coffee for Mark just as he entered the kitchen, fully dressed and looking as though he was ready to take on the world in his new job.

    "Honey… I'm sorry I snapped at you a while ago," he said, determined that he would swallow his pride for the sake of his marriage. "You just have to remember that I feel a little… well… I'm responsible for the two of us. At least for a while, and I'm sort of feeling my way."

    "You don't have to explain anything," Kate said in a voice that was so cold and detached that Mark actually shivered. "The fucking all mighty dollar is more important to you than I am."

    "The fucking… Honey, are you serious? Because if you really think I believe that…"

    But Kate wasn't looking at him. She picked up her own coffee cup and was staring into it. Then she turned her body to one side, wondering if Mark was noticing the way her full, rounded breasts jutted from the sheerness of the nearly transparent cloth of her robe. She knew her nipples were hard, and if Mark was looking at her, there was no way he could not notice that fact. He had hurt her, and she wasn't going to let him get away with that.

    "Look at me when I'm talking to you," Mark snapped, feeling himself losing control. When she failed to turn and face him, he decided that he would just go on with what he had to say. "I think you're being childish about this whole thing. There's more to life than fucking, you know. I have to make a living. Jesus! When I first met you, you didn't even know what a cock looked like."

    "Oooooohhhhh… are we going to bring that up?" she asked, spinning around, causing her generous breasts to jiggle slightly, sensuously under the thinness of her robe. "Well, buster, you were a pretty good teacher. I was always ready for you when you wanted to vent yourself. Damn! You would think that you hadn't had a woman your whole life. You sure had fun the last two weeks, and now that I want to have a little, you're too busy."

    "We were on a vacation for Christ's sake," Mark said, setting his coffee cup down so hard that some of the dark fluid spilled over the edge. He pushed himself away from the table and glowered at his wife. "I never thought I wouldn't want to at least eat breakfast with you, but you've totally ruined my appetite."

    "So you're just going to run away like a frightened little boy. Go on, go to your precious job. Maybe you can have a good laugh about how you married a virgin… probably the only one left in St. Paul."


    "Go on… just get out of here. And don't worry about all this food going to waste," she snapped as she stood up and looked directly into his eyes over the table. "I'll just store it in the freezer. That way, we can have something to eat when you aren't out digging and scratching to make money."

    Mark's jaw worked, as though he were trying to think of something to say. He thought the better of it, though, and with a flourish, he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. Kate stood at the table glowering at him. When the door slammed loudly behind him, she reached for the closest thing she could find… a salt shaker, and threw it at the door after him.

    She missed the door, and the glass object fell silently onto the carpeted floor.


    "Wheeeewwwww… will you listen to them!" Martin Delany laughed as he pressed his ear to the wall of his apartment that was next to the Hutchs' kitchen. "Sounds like the newly-weds are having a little spat."

    "Uuuuuuuuuuuu…" Niven Mandel moaned from their bedroom. If there was anything she hated, it was being awakened by the screaming of other people. God knows she had had enough of that when she had been living at the half-way house. Fucking little kids! They were always crying about something! At sixteen, the lovely blonde girl felt that she was well above all the simple things that the people at the run-away shelter had been trying to teach her. Arithmetic, reading, history… all those things were all right for the children, but Niven knew that there was more to life than those fucking books. Shit… that was why she had run away from home to begin with.

    "Come on, lovey-cunt," Martin said in a cheery voice. "Let's get that luscious body out of bed. Something tells me that there's an adventure ahead of us."

    Again Niven moaned, but as Martin lit another cigarette, his third of the morning, he could hear her stirring, and he knew that she would shortly appear at the kitchen doorway, looking as though she had just gotten out of bed, but no less lovely for that.

    Martin sat back in his chair and smiled as he heard the door of the next apartment slam. Yes… there was an adventure in the making, and if there was anything Martin liked, it was adventure. God knows life was fucking boring enough.

    Martin was a member of that rare breed of man. Blessed with a powerful body and a father who had made an incredible killing in the stock market, Martin had attended four years at Columbia University, graduated fourth from the top in his class, and then realized that he had been wasting his time. As soon as he graduated, his father presented him with some fifty thousand dollars and told him to spend it as he wanted.

    Martin went right out, bought a car and headed cross-country, stopping here and there as he chose, living like a king where ever he was and when he got tired, moving on.

    He had been doing that for almost a year now, and he enjoyed the thrill of coming into a new place, meeting new people and interweaving his life with theirs. He had gotten the idea from a television show, and he knew he was lucky in being able to afford living like that. He hadn't had a job since he was a freshman in college, and he wasn't bothered a bit by that fact. He loved the freedom of being able to just come as he pleased, live like he wanted and leave when he felt like it.

    When he had come to St. Paul a little less than a month ago, he had been wandering around one of the poorer sections of the city… the type of place he had come to know would have women like Niven… eager to get out of what ever trap they were in. He'd met her at her job, provided to her by the halfway house, and they hit it off. Niven's eyes sparkled when he told her what he had been doing, and she decided that she would do as he asked her, which was to take an apartment in one of the nicer sections of the city and see what happened. God knew she was pretty unhappy at her agency, and with nothing to lose, the two signed a one year lease at a rather nice, if small, apartment.

    Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, Martin had to smile as he remembered signing on as husband and wife. If there was anything about Niven, it was that she didn't look sixteen. The reasonably hard life she had been living since she'd run away from home had given her a mature, if kinky, outlook on life. The landlord really believed Martin's con-job that he and Niven were newly-weds just starting out, and had even made the comment that they were living right next to the two other newly-weds… or would be when they returned from their honeymoon.

    Yes, thought Martin, butting his smoke, things just had a way of always working out. Having money was sure nice, and knowing how to use it was even nicer. He'd been getting just a little tired of moving around so often, and he decided that he would stay in St. Paul… at least for a couple of months. It was time to start taking stock and make plans. Or at least rest some.

    And if there was anything that could keep him in St. Paul for a little while longer, it was the argument he had just heard between Mark and Kate. He could smell adventure in the air, and Martin had no greater love than adventure!

    A faint animal whine and a furry brushing against his leg interrupted his thoughts, and he looked down to see Siegfried looking up at him. Hell, he had known Niven was more wanton than most of the women he had been with in his travels, but until she had demanded that he get her a German shepherd, he really hadn't known how wanton. She'd explained to him that one of the ladies that ran the house had kept a dog, and Niven had quickly discovered why. That lady's dog was the best little fucker Niven had ever known, though the young blonde girl really hadn't known all that many, and she demanded that Martin buy her one… just to keep her happy when Martin wasn't around, she had explained. Martin didn't give a shit. He'd seen worse things in his travels, and he never seemed to tire of watching Niven and Siegfried go at it. The thing she had for that dog was something Martin had only heard about in whispers, and he was glad to be seeing something like it first hand.

    "Well, Siegfried, ol' boy," Martin said, patting the great dog between his ears. "You look a trifle hungry."

    Siegfried and Martin got along rather well, and at the sound of Martin's soothing voice, the huge dog began to prance about. Sighing, remembering that it was really Niven's job to feed Siegfried, Martin nevertheless stood up to take care of him. But the dog didn't appear to be interested in food, and once Martin was out of his shallow, dream-like thoughts, he could see why. While he had been dwelling on his past, Niven had gotten out of bed.

    She stood in the doorway of the kitchen, completely naked, her hair slightly tangled and falling over her pert little face.

    Martin sucked in his breath. Even though he and Niven had been living together for nearly a month, he never tired of seeing her ripe nakedness. At sixteen, she was already fully developed, and he could sense that she would only get better as she grew older. Her honey-blonde hair fell gracefully to her shoulders, even tangled looking lush and full. Her eyes were the color of an untainted Minnesota Lake, and her skin was the color of pure cream. Her short pert nose had a slight upturn, giving her an aristocratic appearance, and her mouth, though small, was well formed with lush, full lips. Her shoulders were completely feminine, rounded, soft and gently sloping. Her breasts were firm, hard and fully rounded, thrusting from her delicate chest like two fleshy mountains topped with bright red cherries, constantly distended with passion and lust. The spheres were widely spaced, and large enough for Martin to fuck his huge, hard cock between them when he wanted. Her belly, flat and flawless, followed the ripe swell of her slim, though rounded hips, forming an hour-glass just above her ass-cheeks.

    But what Martin loved the most was the perfect triangle of her cuntal hair, as golden and thick as the hair on her head, the inverted rounded tip pointing directly to her seething, always-ready cuntal lips. As he stared at her standing in the doorway, he felt his cock give a little lurch. Shit! He knew there wouldn't be any argument between them about fucking this morning. Niven was ready, eager and willing to fuck whenever Martin said the word… which was quite often. Sometimes ten times a day.

    "Uuuuuuuummmmmmm… I thought you were going to sleep late this morning," she said in a still sleepy voice as she nakedly walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. Of all the women Martin had spent any time with, Niven had to be the most totally unabashed. She took a deep thrill just from being naked with him, as though she could sense that with him, she was totally safe. He knew she had gone through some pretty rough times, and her nakedness, while sensual, also meant that she trusted him. Martin liked that.

    "Uuhh… I was," he stammered, finding her nakedness rather distracting. Again his cock spasmed in his pants. He'd give her a little time to wake up before he fucked her though. They'd had quite a session last night, and she was obviously not quite recovered from it. A cup of coffee, a little conversation, and she would be ready to go. "But that little spat next door woke me up too."

    He lit another cigarette and rested his head in his hands, staring long and hard at the sensually swelling mounds of her completely unfettered breasts, already shimmering with mounting passion as she became more and more awake.

    "What the fuck's the matter with them anyway?" Niven asked. "Shit… it sounded like he didn't want to fuck his wife."

    "That's exactly what it was all about," Martin answered. "He didn't think there was enough time. Something about how he had to get to his new job."

    "I've never heard of a man who doesn't want to fuck his wife as often as he can," Niven commented thoughtfully.

    "There are men like that," Martin told her. "I've seen them. Some guy has a real nice piece of ass and all he wants to do is look at her."

    "I can't imagine anything better than fucking," Niven said in a voice that let Martin know she was becoming more and more awake.

    "And neither can Kate," he said. "That young wife wants her husband's cock so bad she can taste it. You were trying to get back to sleep, but I was listening to them. She was so pissed at him for not fucking her that she threw something at him."

    "Nice way to begin a marriage."

    "Yeah… and a better way to end one."

    "Well… we don't have to worry about them. They have their life to live, and we have ours."

    "That's right, and starting real soon, our life and theirs are going to mesh."


    "We're going to help them."

    "Are you kidding?" Niven asked, leaning back and looking at him as though she couldn't believe what he had said. For a moment, Martin was totally distracted by a full view of her naked body as she sat. There was no denying the fact… Niven carried herself naked the same way she did with clothes on. She was acting so naturally that Martin would have believed her if she told him she didn't know she was naked. He gathered his thoughts and resumed his conversation, feeling his cock expand in his pants all the more.

    "No, I meant it. You and I are going to help them."

    "Why? It's none of our business. They made their bed. I say let them sleep in it."

    "Come on, Niven," Martin said in a voice that was somewhat scolding. "If I wanted to forget about other people, I would have stayed in my parents' pad in New York… and I would have left you at the half-way house."

    He could see the reaction of his words right away on Niven's lovely face. At first she had been hurt, but she could see, after a little thought, what he was saying.

    "You of all people should be able to understand that," he continued. "Here's a chance for you to actually do something. I think this is just the thing you need. Something to give your life worth."

    "Your cock is all I need to give my life worth," she said, lowering her head teasingly and smiling at him. For a moment, Martin thought his words had fallen on deaf ears, but as he looked at her, he realized that this was just her way of telling him she understood. Then she gave a little wink. "Have you got something in mind?"

    "Hummmmmmm… aside from fucking you, no. But I like to do my thinking after my mind's been cleared. And right now, the only way to do that is to fuck you hard and deep. Me and Siegfried both. Something might come to me."

    Niven smiled over the top of her coffee cup as she noticed that Martin's eyes were roaming over her lush nakedness, stopping here and there, but lingering long and hard on the generous swell of her fully rounded breasts. She knew he loved her breasts almost as much as he loved her cunt. She could still remember the first time he had planted the full length of his massive cock in the soft sensual valley they formed, stroking back and forth until his scalding semen spilled out from the bulbous, mushroom-shaped head, forming a warm, friendly pool between her chin and her pliant globes. It had been an experience she never thought she would enjoy as much as she had. She could actually see, as well as feel, his cock exploding his love-juice, and while he had used both his hands to push her breasts tightly together, sandwiching his penis, she had fingered her seething pussy, orgasming at the same time as Martin had. It was things like that… Martin's ability to deviate from what people considered normal, that really excited Niven.

    "You got something special in mind about fucking me?" she asked, finishing her coffee and slowly coming to a standing position.

    Martin regarded her for a long moment letting his eyes roam freely over her shamelessly exposed body. When he let them focus on the golden triangle of her pussy, already glistening slightly with her mounting sexual excitement, he smiled, picturing in his mind what he was going to do.

    "Yeah… I got a little something I think you might like," he said, coming around from his side of the table.

    Dropping slowly to his knees, he began to lick the warm smooth flesh of her inner thighs, starting near her knees, and moving slowly upward toward the pink, curl-framed lips of her rapidly moistening cunt.

    His coal-black eyes glittered lustfully as they fixed on the narrow pink slit where a tiny dew drop of moisture glistened from the lovely Niven's eager passionate response. Reaching the already quivering lips of her vagina, the lusting young wanderer flicked out his warm tongue tip, licking the pungent nectar from Niven's palpitating pussy. Then he slid his tongue into the depths of the moist valley between Niven's thighs, lightly tracing the thin coral line separating the vaginal lips upward to the swelling bud of her pink clitoris, grinning knowingly as he heard the young blonde girl gasp with her rapidly mounting excitement.

    "Uuuuuuuummmmmmm… I love the way you lick my cunt," she said, her voice dreamy and languid.

    With his thumbs, the crouching black-haired young man spread apart the moistly clinging flesh of Niven's pussy lips, until the tiny throbbing clitoris was completely exposed to his view. He dipped his face forward and eagerly began to suck on the sensitive area as the lovely young girl swayed back and forth and sighed in growing abandon. Martin pressed her backwards toward her chair while Siegfried, aware that something wonderful was going to happen, sat patiently, his ears perked for the command he had been trained to wait for.

    Niven was already feeling sensually giddy. She felt so much more grown up when Martin made love to her, and when her knees caught on the edge of the chair, she collapsed limply back on the seat. She allowed the passionate sensations to sweep through her, and she was only vaguely aware of Martin's strong, caressing hands pressing her beautifully shaped legs up and back, pushing them until her knees were pressed against her breasts. She lifted her head to watch, her mind reeling with the storm of lust sweeping through her, as Martin deliberately buried his handsome face into her upturned loins to lick and suck at her moist hot cunt with lascivious fury and hunger.

    Martin's own cock was getting harder and more painfully swollen, but he tried not to think about it. He loved licking pussy, and he liked sucking at Niven's cunt more than any other he had found. There was something about this young wanton that fate had provided him that excited him more than he would have thought possible. She was certainly as eager to learn all about life as he was!

    As Martin's pleasure-giving tongue darted out, slicing up through her straining throbbing cunt like a knife through soft butter, Niven surrendered to the shocks of pleasure rippling delightfully through her body. She moaned softly, delighting in the sensations his tongue was sparking in her vagina, and she opened her eyes just enough to see Siegfried sitting impatiently beside Martin, eagerly looking at her seething vagina, waiting for his turn to mount her. It was all she could do not to beg Martin to allow the wonderful dog to fuck her then and there, but she knew that if she allowed Martin to move at his own speed, she would derive still more pleasure than if she allowed her whims to carry her.

    Her rational thought began slipping quickly from her mind as her body responded more and more to the skillful tonguing she was receiving. Martin's oral manipulations of her sex-inflamed, quivering vagina were beginning to drive her insane. Her cream-white flanks began jerking forward, burying Martin's flicking tongue in her up to its roots.

    Nothing mattered to her by this point… nothing but the reality of the probing tongue that crept so sensually up into her hot steaming vaginal furrow. Her soft smooth buttocks began to squirm desperately in the seat of the chair as the searing hot lashes of passion licked maddeningly at her nakedly quivering body. Arching her back wildly, she thrust her pelvis upward, frantically grinding her seething wet cunt up tightly into Martin's face. She writhed her trembling ass in tight frenzied circles, struggling for the release that was now so close.

    But then, suddenly, Martin stopped his wonderful licking motions and raised his head with difficulty from between the vice-like grip of Niven's thighs.

    "Oooohhh… God! Why'd you stop? I was just about to cum… Don't stop licking my cunt… don't stop…"

    She opened her eyes and looked at her lover with a frustration-contorted face.

    "Don't worry," Martin said, coming to a standing position. "That was just a little warm up… something to make sure that you really like what's going to happen to you next."

    He reached down and pulled her up from the chair. Her lust-weakened body was like a rag doll, and she swayed dizzily as she gained her footing on the floor. For a moment, she was totally confused, but her lust-glazed eyes brightened as she watched him open his jeans and pull them down off his body, revealing the massive expanse of his fully erect penis, throbbing and pulsing with the excitement he had brought upon himself with his cunt licking. Her mouth dropped open at the sight of the thing, and suddenly her mouth was watering. It was huge and thick and so delicious looking. She had only a hazzy idea of what he was going to do, but as long as it involved that wonderful-looking penis, she was all set.

    Martin placed his hands on the softness of her shoulders and spun her around. Then he took her seat on the chair and opened his muscular, hairy thighs, spreading them as far apart as he could. "Now… suppose you get down and suck this cock of mine. Siegfried will take care of that pussy for you."

    Not thinking of anything else but the fiery passion that was blazing like a forest fire in her loins, Niven did as she was asked, scrambling down on her hands and knees with her head positioned between her lover's thighs. Martin's incredible tonguing of her anxious pussy had completely destroyed her thought process, and she wanted nothing but the quelling of passion ripping through her itching, burning cunt like a hot wind. She sighed and quivered in rapture as she stared hungrily at the impossibly huge rod of lust-hardened flesh that rose like a tree from Martin's dark pubic thatch. She had sucked his penis several times before, but this time it looked so large… so mammoth. Uuuuuuuuummmmmmm… the whole length of his cock was mapped with blue pulsing veins. She mumbled in her hunger and poised her head so that her lips were barely touching the bulbous, blunt end of his visibly throbbing penis. Now it was her turn to tease him!

    "Come on… that cunt licking I gave you really filled my balls with a shit-load of cum. I'm gonna flood your belly…"

    "Ssssshhhhh…" she said. She bent her face just a little lower, letting her lips finally touch the shining, rubbery head. She pursed her lips ever so slightly, planting a light, lust-provoking kiss on the slit at the head of the glans, and she smiled when Martin shuddered and stiffened his entire body. She knew she was really getting to him. She felt his hands automatically come up to grip the sides of her face, his fingers tangling in her long, thick blonde hair. Smiling to herself, she used one hand to skin back the loose foreskin of his penis, fully exposing the swollen head. She stared at it, as though its majesty hypnotized her.

    Then, she ovalled her lips and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, pulling up on the throbbing shaft as she lowered her head. She nearly choked as, in her haste, she pressed the head of his penis against the back of her throat. The full length of the towering rod of flesh disappeared into her ovalled mouth all the way to the hilt, causing Martin to moan out in his surprised bliss.

    It took the powerful young man a second or two, but he managed to re-gain control over himself, and he began fucking his long thick cock in and out of Niven's thin-stretched lips, always leaving the hot swollen tip half an inch inside her mouth as he began to guide her head with his fingers wrapped tightly in her hair.

    Not that he needed to give her any help. Niven loved sucking his penis almost as much as she loved having it fucking up into her cunt, and she moaned passionately as he speeded up his deep, inward thrusts. His heavy, cum-swollen balls swung up and slapped against her chin, the thick, coarse fuzz covering them tickling like a light airy feather, and she fought to keep her breath, catching small gulps of air on each outstroke.

    Martin gleefully watched the puffing out of her cheeks beneath him as her head bobbed on the end of his skewering penis. He knew that she loved doing this to him. His grin widened with each deep thrust he made into her willing face, and her moan of arousal drove him on to even deeper fucking motions.

    Then he heard Siegfried whine, and for a moment, his attention was arrested. Hell… there was no reason why the dog shouldn't be getting his jollys as well.

    "All right, Siegfried… fuck her. I think she's about ready for your cock!"

    Both Niven and the massive dog stiffened at the words, and Siegfried hurried to claim his reward of patience. For a moment, Niven removed her mouth from her boy-friend's cock as she waited for her wonderful dog to mount her. She shivered sensually as she felt his cold wet nose brush exploringly up against her tingling cuntal lips, and she waggled her rounded buttocks invitingly back toward Siegfried's huge furry head to meet the long pink tongue that suddenly snaked out and licked wetly up and down in the valley between her ivory white, upthrust ass-cheeks. Uuuuuuuummmmmmm… Again she felt the long length of hot wet flesh touch her and she felt him beginning to lap greedily at the opened tight fissure between her wide-spread thighs. He ran his tongue wetly through her sex-drenched loins, from the tip of her puckered little anus up over the fluted edges of her vaginal opening, sometimes reaching below to the tiny jerking bud of her clitoris. His skillful thick tongue cut moistly through the soft, sparsely fleeced pussy lips like a keen blade. It laved relentlessly between her quivering thighs, pausing occasionally to dart and plunge deeply into her.

    Niven knew that this was definitely the proper way to start the day, and if that ass-hole next door was too simple-minded to understand that, than he deserved the worst that could happen to him. Damn! He was actually punishing his wife by leaving her alone like that… just running out of the house without fucking her when she wanted him to. If Martin ever did something like that…

    But suddenly all coherent thought faded in a blinding flash of excitement as Siegfried's ceaselessly exploring tongue shot out and up into the moist channel of her naked cunt, deeper than any human tongue… even Martin's… could possibly go! As her whole body tensed and quivered wildly from the glorious sensation, she sucked harder on the huge fleshy penis in her mouth, reaching up with one hand to cradle the sperm-heavy testicles that slapped against her saliva-coated chin.

    Martin sat back, feeling completely at ease as Niven began to put her heart and soul into the sucking of his cock, running her pink tongue around and around the swollen head, flicking her tongue-tip inquisitively into the tiny open slit of the moist cock-head to taste the sweet lubricating fluids that were oozing out there. As Siegfried's thick wet tongue lashed teasingly up through the open furrow of her tight wet cunt all the way to her clenching rectum, Niven knew that she was fast losing all her reason. She began to lick and suck madly like a demon at the thick, hardened shaft imbedded in her mouth, her lips slimy from the mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva. The thin tensile rim of her mouth clung to his shaft as though held there by some unseen force as he fucked with long deep strokes. The mere thought of his huge cock in her mouth suddenly exploding, squirting its white, thick sperm into her throat had already begun to make her wild with anticipation.

    Then suddenly, she heard Martin's passion-rasped voice command, "Fuck, Siegfried. Let's fuck her together!"

    Again, both Niven and the powerful dog shivered with ecstasy. The three of them had become a team… like three perfectly working parts of a machine. Niven loved the thought of being fucked from behind by her amazing dog while she sucked and slavered on the cock of her lover. She felt the great animal move forward at the command.

    Immediately the huge German shepherd raised up on his hindlegs, mounting Niven with his forepaws wrapped around her full, undulating hips. His powerful hindquarters moved in close between her soft, spread thighs, at the same time shoving forward with his long tapering cock.

    Niven jerked forward as a reflex, and sensing that she would, Martin thrust up again, impaling her mouth deeper on his tremendously hard cock. She gagged slightly at the choking entry, struggling to keep her breath. It came as a great rasping sound as she sucked in a gulp of air from the sensation of her loving dog's scarlet penis jabbing out from its furry sheath and slipping wetly into the hot damp slit of her inflamed pussy lips. Niven groaned blissfully as she realized that she had to have as much cock as possible. She wanted the totality of Martin's penis in her mouth, while at that same time taking as much of Siegfried's long, beveled penis into the seething chamber of her cunt as she could. Knowing that her dog would need help, she reached behind her and circled her fingers down through her wide-spread, ivory-fleshed thighs to grasp the slippery length of the rigid animal cock.

    Siegfried half growled and half whimpered as her fingers gripped on the throbbing length of his flesh, trying desperately to place the pointed red tip at the mouth of her passion-saturated vaginal opening. In her bewildered, passion-distorted daze, she didn't know if she would be successful or not until the great beast shot up into her steaming passage, his muscular rump driving forward in rapid, jack-hammer thrusts, spreading her moist, burning pussy open wider and wider with every jolting lunge he made into her.

    "Uuuuuuuhhhhhh… uuuuuuummmmm… uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm…!" Niven moaned sensually around the big fleshy cock fucking ceaselessly into her mouth as she felt her naked cunt being filled by the long, hard dog penis spearing into the depths of her belly. She could feel her beloved dog's silky hair brushing lightly against her writhing, milky white buttocks as he pistoned his enormous tapered shaft into her tightly contracting cunt. She was impaled to the fullest on the German shepherd's wonderful animal-cock and her mouth was filled completely by her lover's immense human penis.

    Martin looked down, savoring the sight of his towering thickly veined shaft buried in his beautiful lover's lust-contorted face. He felt the young girl's hands greedily massaging the skin of his balls as she sucked rhythmically up and down the rock-hard flesh of his cock all the way from the smooth rubbery head to the velvety flesh at its thick base. Her whole supple satiny body quivered from the powerful jolts of Siegfried's plunging cock smashing into her tight clinging cunt from behind. At the same time, the warm softness of her tongue twirled maddeningly over Martin's throbbing cock-head at the apex of each withdrawal. He flexed his buttocks fiendishly up and down, following his every movement while she simultaneously worked her naked globular buttocks in little gyrating circles to match the machine-like hammering of the dog's still swelling cock up inside her seething vagina.

    Niven was a writhing mass of sweating, lust-deranged female flesh that begged to have the cocks in her fill her to the brim with their sperm. She ground her buttocks hard back against Siegfried's hairy battering body and felt the tiny rivulets of moisture building up in the crevice between her ass-cheeks, trailing down the backs of her straining white thighs while the mounting pressure in her belly and loins signaled that her rising climax was close to exploding throughout her sharpened nerves.

    Oh God! She inwardly moaned, relishing every deep fuck of the two rigid cocks in her stretched mouth and cunt. This was heaven. This had to be heaven, to be getting all the cock she could handle. Her whole life had been empty and hollow before she had bumped into Martin and started living with him. Even though she had been fucked by two men before this, neither one of them had allowed her to be totally free… and it was that freedom that made this fucking all the more enjoyable. God only knew how long it would last, but she was going to make the most of it while she had it.

    She closed her eyes in utter abandon as Martin and Siegfried pressured her back and forth between them, using her willing, lust-weakened body an exciting receptacle into which they would pump their hot, sticky sperm. Her mind began to whirl in a maze of delicious blending colors, flashing on and off with the galvanic shocks that were jolting like lightening through her lush white body to the very center of her being. Siegfried's tongue hung loosely from his mouth as he pounded into her waving buttocks, and saliva dribbled from his long, narrow mouth onto the light film of sweat coating her arching back.

    Martin heard his own strangling noises forcing their way up from his lungs through the lust-constricted passage of his throat. Shit! He was going to cum! He didn't want to. He wanted to hold back the scalding flood of his semen as long as he could, but there is a point beyond which no human can endure, and Martin had reached it. His body strained to bury the pulsing rod of his penis deep into the hot narrow throat of his girl-friend!

    "Oooohhh… suck it! Suck it, Niven! I'm cumming!" he rasped down at her as his hips jerked up tightly into her face. His fingers, completely devoid of his control as waves of passion spilled over him, tangled tightly in her hair, pressing her head down harder onto his long, thick penis.

    Niven fought frantically for breath as the creamy hot fluid suddenly flowed into the warm wet interior of her desperately sucking mouth, rushing into her throat like a river of boiling water. Her cheeks expanded like a balloon as she gulped on the nectar washing into her, determined that she would swallow every precious drop. As she sucked and swallowed in lust-crazed hunger, she fastened her lips like a tight elastic ring around the jerking penis, fearful that she would lose some of the fluid pumping into her. It was no use, though. Some thin white droplets dribbled from the corners of her lips as his slowly deflating penis oozed from between her still-sucking lips. Thin viscous strings of cum hanging from her moist chin connected her with the long limp organ as Martin's sinewy hips collapsed back on the chair.

    As her lover's hands managed to untangle themselves from her hair, Niven's trembling shoulders dropped to the floor so that her firm sleek buttocks were sticking even higher into the air. The great rutting animal behind her could now fuck her at will. She felt completely adrift in her mounting passion, and nothing mattered to her at all, save the great animal penis hammering and fucking her from behind, filling her cunt to near-bursting. She ground her blazing loins back mindlessly against Siegfried's forward-jerking flanks as she felt the scarlet pointed cock throb into a hugeness that could only mean one thing.

    He was going to cum!

    She suddenly felt her pale thighs and buttocks being swept wider apart in one last crushing lunge as the dog's powerful haunches smashed against her up-thrust ass-cheeks, shoving his cock's fully expanded length up into her wide-stretched cunt. In her mind, she could see it sinking still deeper into the pink gaping mouth of her clasping pussy from behind, a relentless steaming shaft of glistening red flesh tunneling ceaselessly into her. She felt the great beast's furry forepaws tightening around her heaving ribs and his body jerking convulsively over her arching back. Then Niven screamed, gasping confused incoherent sounds that blended with the dog's panting whines as she felt the first hot waves of scalding dog-sperm spewing into the deepest reaches of her vagina.

    "Oooohhh… oh… oh… oh… God! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!! Aamaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… Fill me with your beautiful dog-cum!" she screamed in her delirious excitement.

    Feeling some of his strength return, Martin inched a little closer to get a better look at the thick animal semen that was oozing from the wide-spread lips of his girl-friend's cuntal lips, running in rivulets down the ivory columns of her soft, inner thighs. He saw her mouth pop open in a muffled scream as she began to toss her head wildly from side to side, her long blonde hair flailing and whipping around her shoulders as Siegfried fucked hard into her waving ass from behind. Every muscle in her body contracted as she rose up and nearly fell to the side in a near epileptic attack of quivering. Her tiny hairless asshole clenched and relaxed in sympathetic spasms with the dog's lunging, squirting cock.

    Her smooth ivory backside gleamed in the lights of the room as the great beast's cock began to deflate and gradually lost its strength, finally slipping out of her with a wet slurping sound.

    Niven lay motionless on the floor, too weary to even lift her head. The panting coming from between her half-parted lips was the only sound in the kitchen, and as Martin watched her struggling to catch her breath, a thought implanted itself in his mind… and once planted, would not leave it. To be sure, it was only the germ of an idea, and it would need a little working on, but in his imaginative, free-thinking mind, he could see it taking shape.

    "Uuuuuuummmmm… oooooohhhhh… that was wonderful, lover," Niven cooed, when she finally found enough strength to say something.

    "Yeah… wonderful," Martin said, his voice revealing that he was lost in thought.

    "Something the matter, love?" Niven asked, afraid that Martin was thinking about leaving her. She hadn't realized it until just this moment, but she could feel herself becoming very dependent on him. He had shown her a way of living that she had never thought she would ever be able to find, and while she knew that the time would come when he would be moving on, she wanted to put off that time as long as possible.

    "Matter…? ohhh… I was just thinking about the people next door."

    "Still? You're really serious about helping them, aren't you?"

    "You bet those nice tits of yours I am. And I have just the thing. I haven't thought the whole thing through yet? But it will involve Siegfried… and you."

    "Me?" Niven had never thought that she would be included in anything like this, and she was a little afraid that she was being called upon to do something that would be beyond her abilities. She knew that she didn't have the imagination Martin had. He had been to college… he had seen so many things. There were times when she felt pretty stupid when he talked to her. Not that he said anything that made her feel that way. It was just her own feelings of insecurity.

    "That's right," Martin said, coming to a standing position. "Like I say, I'm not sure about the details, and I need just a little more information. We'll listen to them tonight and see what's coming off with them."

    He pulled up his pants and turned around so that he was facing the kitchen table.

    "You know… I'm hungry. Suppose you cover that luscious body and fix me something to eat."

    Niven gave him a little smile, then scurried into the bedroom, followed by Siegfried. Martin watched her, his face twisted with deep thought. The more he rolled over his idea in his head, the more he liked it, and he could see a far-reaching conclusion that he hadn't thought about it before. He would be helping a young married couple, and he would be having a lot of fun doing it. The mere thought of getting into Kate's pussy caused his penis to spasm. He didn't know what she looked like, but from the sound of her voice, she was really pretty. And she liked to fuck. Put those two things together and having fun is a foregone conclusion.

    But he would also be helping Niven. He could tell that she needed something, and while he liked having her take care of his cock, he knew that he would not want to be hanging around for very much longer. Already he was getting just a little tired of staying in the same place for this long. He could smell the aroma of change in the wind. He wanted to move on. He listened to the pleasing voice of Niven as she talked to Siegfried. She was really a nice kid. She'd told him about how her mother used to beat her… how her father used to just stand there and watch… how she had run away and picked up her education on the streets. Despite that, she was quite sensitive, though she would surely laugh at him if he told her that. She liked to think of herself as totally self-sufficient.

    That was a laugh. Martin could see that she was taking a great deal for granted… and that one of those things, that he would always be around, just wasn't true.

    No… he would help her as well. If things worked out the way he thought they might, everyone would be smiling in a couple of days.

    "Who would have thought I'd ever turn out to be a fucking romantic," he said softly. Then he laughed. He began feeling like the Lone Ranger, and that made him feel very, very good.


    "And that's about what we do here… and what we'll be expecting of you, Mark my man."

    Mark listened with only half a mind to his boss, J.R. Williams. The middle-aged, nearly bald, slightly paunchy man had been droning on all day about this and that, fully expecting Mark to listen to every word. In the beginning, when Mark had first gotten to the office, he had made every attempt to be attentive. The fight he had had with his wife had bothered him all the way to work, and he knew that if he could just get it out of his mind and forget about what had been said, everything would be all right. It was pretty foolish of him, he could see now. After all, he had come to the office just a little early, hoping that he would make a good impression, and J.R. hadn't even bothered to come in until after ten. He could have fucked his wife several times!

    While he had been waiting to be "shown the ropes", he ran through several conversations in his mind, and had come to the conclusion that he should call his wife and apologize. He didn't think that he was in the wrong, but he believed that his marriage was at stake, and what was a little pride where your marriage is concerned. He'd started dialing when J.R. had finally come in, and, still wanting to make a good impression, he hung up right away.

    Things went down hill from there. J.R. was an old windbag. The most powerful man in the company, to be sure, but Mark found that the man used a full paragraph where one word would do. Mark learned, and quickly, that if he listened to just the beginnings of what J.R. was saying, he could get the full gist of everything. Still, good manners dictated that he at least pretend that he heard everything, and J.R. was so lost in his own explanations of the workings of the company that he rarely asked Mark anything. Just keeping up a front of attention was taxing. Mark wished that it were the next day. Getting to his job without having to put up with J.R. would be sheer bliss.

    By the end of the day, Mark was shot. He and J.R. were finishing the last of their drinks in the lounge across from the company building. J.R. was being buoyant and happy, making little jokes that Mark felt called upon to laugh at.

    "You know… I'm really impressed with your college record," J.R. said, for the umpteenth time. Mark was getting more than a little tired of putting on the humble act.

    "I was just doing the best I could," he said, forcing a smile.

    "I like a man who does the best he can," J.R. said for the umpteenth time.

    "Thank you sir." Mark looked around at the lounge wall clock. He hadn't called Kate like he'd wanted, and he could see now that he was going to be late for dinner. Kate was going to be pissed, that was for sure. And after what had happened this morning…

    "I think you're going to fit in the company really well," J.R. said for the umpteenth time. Mark decided that he had had enough.

    "Uh… excuse me sir, but I really should be getting home," he braved.

    "Home? Ooooohhh… the little lady doesn't like it when you're late, huh? How long you been married, son?"

    "About… a little less than a month."

    "Ooooooohhh… well, we wouldn't want to get things off on the wrong foot, now would we. Come on. I'll drive you home."

    "Oh, you don't have to bother, J.R."

    "No bother at all… and call me James." He gave Mark a little wink, and the young husband could feel his heart sink. He wanted to get away from his boss as soon as he could, and the thought of being stuck in rush-hour traffic with him really didn't appeal to Mark one bit. But how could he refuse? J.R. was his boss.

    Even though J.R. wasn't exactly drunk, he was just enough under the influence for him to take some rather unnecessary chances. Mark could consider it a minor miracle if nothing happened to them on the way home. J.R. seemed more intent on learning about Mark's private life than he did about the traffic.

    "Picked yourself a good little piece of ass, I hope," J.R. said rather crudely.

    "Kate? Uh… yes. Yes, she's quite pretty."

    "Thought so. A man like you would have a wife that could really help him rise to the top… and fast."

    "I… I'm not sure I understand," Mark said, not really wanting to get into it.

    "Well, Maggie and me… Maggie's my missus… we like to think that we're still young. You know the old saying. You're as young as you feel."

    "Yes sir."

    "We like to have parties at the office. A lot of wives like to attend. Things can get pretty exciting, if you know what I mean."

    At first, Mark didn't know what he meant, but as he tried to think of what he would say to his wife, it dawned on him what J.R. was talking about. There was a short moment of silence, and then J.R.'s slightly slurred voice broke it.

    "Yeah… a lot of young men just starting out find that the climb to the top is a lot easier if their wives… uh… like to play ball?"

    Mark's first reaction was one of livid rage. The man was all but coming out and demanding that he let him fuck his wife. Shit. If it weren't really happening to him, he would think the whole thing was laughable. As a matter of fact, it was almost laughable. The very thought of Kate allowing another man between her legs was beyond Mark's comprehension. He couldn't help himself. He smiled, and the reaction was picked up by his boss.

    "Something funny, son?" J.R. asked in a rather stern voice.

    "Ooohhh… no sir. Not really. It's just that… well… I can't really picture Kate going along with something like that."

    J.R. gave a little chuckle, a sound that actually made Mark shiver. "Maybe you should have a little talk with her," he said, making it sound more like a command than a suggestion. "Better yet, why don't I have a little talk with her?"

    "Uuuuuhhhh… well… uuuhhh… sure. I mean, you and your wife could come over for dinner some day soon and…"

    "What's the matter with right now?" J.R. asked, making Mark wonder if he was actually serious. The last thing he needed at the moment was to have his problems compounded with a visit by this lecher.

    "Uuuuhhh… Kate and I were sort of hoping that we could get out tonight. We've just moved in, and things are a little disorganized. It might take some time…"

    "Say no more," J.R. said with a flourish. Mark didn't know how much of this jovial mood was because of the drinking he had done, or if it was just his way of kidding around. "I'll have Maggie get in contact with Kate. Better to let the women handle these things anyway, right?"

    "Right! Uh… that's my building there," Mark pointed, more than eager to get out of the car.

    J.R. pulled up right in front. "You won't forget what I told you," he said with caution in his voice. "Getting to the top can be easy. It looks like a nice apartment building. You could do better if you wanted. A lot better."

    Mark thanked him for the ride and walked away, just a little too quickly to be discrete. The whole day had really been a drain. It would be good just to be away from J.R. He hoped that Kate had done some shopping and had picked up something to drink. Even though he had had nearly as much as J.R., the thought of numbing himself just a little more appealed to him.

    He took the elevator to his floor and, after fumbling with his keys, unlocked his door.

    "I'm home," he said, making his voice sound as tired as he felt. If there was anything he didn't want at the moment, it was a recurrence of the argument he had had with Kate in the morning.

    "Well… it's about time," Kate said, coming, out of the kitchen drying her hands. "I expected you home almost an hour ago."

    "Honey… the boss was really bending my ear. I couldn't get away from him," Mark told her, silently praying for a little understanding.

    "Not even to call me and tell me you would be late?" She raised her eye brows, and Mark could see that he was headed for a confrontation.

    "Come on, Kate, have a heart. He's the boss."

    "And he's more important than I am, right?" she said. Her voice was cold, low and almost threatening. Mark regarded her as though he were looking at a total stranger. She was staring back at him, looking at him right in the eyes, her own lovely gray pools seething with an anger she had been developing all day. "I tried to call you at the office, but some woman kept telling me that you were busy."

    The secretary that had been assigned to me, Mark thought. An efficient lady, and all business, just like J.R. Mark didn't even remember her name.

    "How about a drink before we have dinner?" Mark suggested, hoping that by changing the subject he could calm her down.

    But Kate was pissed. She had been sleeping all day. The way Mark had just walked out on her like that had really set her off, and she was not about to be appeased by the fact that he had such an old hat excuse as a hard day at the office.

    "Dinner is ruined," she said, never taking her eyes off his. "And we don't have anything to drink in the house. Besides, you smell as though you've had plenty to drink all ready."

    "Just a little. Honest honey. J.R. was really putting them down. I was just pretending to hold my own against him."

    "You mean… you mean you were spending the entire day drinking?" Kate shrieked. "I don't believe it. You were drinking all day, and you couldn't even slip away to give me a call. That's all I wanted. Just a phone call to let me know you remembered I'm alive."

    "I told you… I couldn't get away," Mark said. He was feeling desperate now. He had never seen his wife acting like this. Right from the day he had met her, she had been warm and understanding. He couldn't believe that one day after their honeymoon, she was turning into some kind of a whining bitch, trying to bend him to her own will.

    "You could have gotten away if you wanted," Kate said, determined that she would hold her ground. "You just didn't want to get away. Why won't you admit it?"

    They stared at each other, each thinking that a terrible mistake had been made in their getting married.

    "I don't have to stand here and take this, that's for sure," Mark said, picking his coat up from the table next to the door where he had set it down. "I put up with an incredible amount of shit at the office. I don't have to put up with it here."

    After giving her a steely gaze, he spun around and walked out the door, slamming it behind him in a repeat performance of the morning. Kate opened and closed her fists, staring at the door as though she expected that Mark would just come right back in.

    She couldn't believe what had happened. She had been pissed all day, and she was convinced that she was justified at being angry at her husband. All she wanted was what any normal woman wanted. She had become very aroused in the morning, and Mark had failed to even attempt to satisfy her. She had wanted to finger her vagina all day, but she held off, preferring to wait until Mark came home and let him take care of her. As the day had worn on, she had become more and more frustrated with just thinking about his long thick cock. And when he hadn't called, she had felt even worse.

    And now this. She wanted to cry. This wasn't what she had wanted at all, but the mounting of her sexual passion had put her nerves on edge, until she had to lash out at someone. Mark had just been there… the very person she didn't want to make angry.

    But if Kate was angry, both Niven and Martin were feeling on the top of the world. Martin had explained as much as he could to Niven, and he was pleasantly surprised to learn that she shared in his excitement for adventure. Things had been getting pretty dull, she told him. Maybe what he had in mind would liven things up. When Mark finally came home, they had their ears pressed to the wall that separated their apartment from the Hutchs'. They were all ready when Mark stormed out of the apartment.

    "Okay, love," Martin said, putting the leash on Siegfried. "I think he's about as ready for you as he'll ever be. Go out and get him. Just play it cool."

    "Don't worry about me," Niven said as she slipped into a light jacket. "I just hope he doesn't wander all over town."

    "He won't. I've seen things like this before. He'll head straight to the nearest bar. He should be easy pickings for you."

    He gave her a little wink as she opened the door. Giving her a little time to leave the hall, he looked at Siegfried.

    "Well, friend, looks like you and me are going for a little walk. Would you like that?"

    Siegfried perked up his ears. He had been a little confused when Niven walked out of the apartment without him, and while he liked Martin, he wasn't sure what was happening.

    Taking the dog's leash, Martin led him to the door of the apartment next to his. He knocked on the door and waited patiently, not certain about what would happen, but knowing that as long as he played things by ear, everything would turn out. Siegfried was his ace of trump!

    Kate opened the door with a beaming face, hoping that it was her husband. When she saw that it wasn't, her expression fell.

    "Ooohhh… hello," she said, gazing long and hard into Martin's dark black eyes. Then, feeling something rubbing against her leg, she looked down to see the huge German shepherd.

    "Hi," Martin said, smiling in as friendly a manner as he could. "I live in the apartment next to yours. I've been walking Siegfried here, and I thought I would be a friendly neighbor and drop in. I'm Martin Delany."

    At first Kate thought of telling him that she just wanted to be alone, but she thought the better of that. She really didn't want to be alone, and getting to know the people in the building might be an interesting diversion.

    "Come in," she said, smiling sweetly… innocently. "I'm Kate Hutch, by the way."

    She almost told him that she was married and her husband was out, but for some reason, she decided against it.

    Martin entered the apartment and looked around automatically. Siegfried found a place in the middle of the floor and sat there, eyeing this woman. His keen nose told him something that even Martin, with all his experience in dealing with women, didn't notice. This woman was aroused, and Siegfried began thinking that he had been brought here to lick the vagina of this lady. He liked her right away for that, but he knew that he would have to wait until he was told he could sniff her cunt.

    "I'd offer you something to drink, but… I've just moved in, and I haven't had time to get anything but Coke."

    "Coke is fine," Martin said casually, watching her as she entered the kitchen. He knew right away that he had hit gold with this one. She was being really friendly, and she was actually acting as though she didn't want him to think she was married. She had never mentioned her husband. That was encouraging!

    And the way she walked was also encouraging. She was deliberately swaying her lush, firm ass back and forth, the tight skirt she was wearing clinging to the fleshy orbs of her buttocks, showing him the outline of her ass. She was really a lovely woman… more so than hearing her voice through the wall would have indicated, and he could feel his cock growing in his pants. As she stood in front of the refrigerator, she offered him a profile of her ripe body, and Martin's eyes went from the graceful swell of her hips to the generous out-thrusting of her breasts. He could tell that she was not wearing a bra, and her breasts were both large and firm, their nipples strangely swollen and straining against the thin cloth of her white cotton blouse. He loved the way her bright red hair fell lushly to her softly rounded shoulders and bounced as she walked from the kitchen back to the dining room. Her breasts jiggled as she walked as well, and she took a seat at the other end of the couch from him, turning full to him as she offered him an opened can of Coke.

    "I like to think that someone has to make the first move when a new person comes into the building," Martin said casually, taking a drink from the can and resting his eyes on her melon-shaped breasts. Uuuummmm… they were really nice looking, and it was all the young man could do to keep from reaching out and squeezing them right then and there. He knew that if he just held off a little, he would be getting his cock into her soon enough. No point in rushing things. He'd learned long ago that playing a hand too early can be worse than disastrous.

    "I think that's a very nice idea," she told him, her eyes sparkling. As she took a sip of her own drink, she caught herself doing something she never thought she would ever do in her life. She was actually flirting with this total stranger. She couldn't believe it, but as she thought about it, she was puzzled by the fact that it really didn't bother her. She hadn't told him that she was married, and since he didn't ask about her husband, she assumed that he didn't know. But what really startled her was that she was all but going out of her way to let him think she was single! This thought really confused her, and she turned away from him to face front, looking at the dog still sitting in the middle of the room.

    There was something about that dog… something strange and exciting. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn that the dog… Siegfried, she reminded herself, was actually trying to look up her skirt. Even though she believed that was silly, she automatically pressed her legs together.

    "So tell me," she said, once again facing the rather handsome young man sitting on the other end of the couch. "What do you do for a living?"

    "Me? Oooohhh… I'm what you call independently wealthy," Martin said in an off-handed manner. "I sort of come and go. I have a great deal of freedom, and I meet some interesting people. I learn a great deal from people. More than I ever did from books."

    "Were you a student?"

    "Uh huh. Columbia. I was a very good student too, but the whole thing really bored me. After I got my degree, I decided that I would take off and see as many things as I could, instead of reading about them."

    "You're something of a romantic," Kate remarked, smiling and making her pale hazel eyes twinkle. She had heard a lot about people who just left their homes and traveled about, but she had never met one of them. To her, the whole idea sounded very nice.

    "That I am," Martin said, noting that she had turned herself in a rather seductive manner. The young man was pretty certain that what she was doing was purely sub-conscious, but she was definitely coming on him. "And you? What do you do?"

    "Oooohhh… uh… nothing at the moment. I'm looking for a job."

    "Is that so?" Martin said, raising his eye brows. He noticed that she still hadn't said she was married, and he took his cue from that omission.

    "A pretty girl like you should find herself a good husband," he said, giving her a side long glance. "These days, you could find someone who wouldn't mind you having a job."

    "That's a thought," Kate said, still smiling. God! she thought. What the hell am I doing? I'm all but throwing myself at this man, and Mark could come home at any moment. What's the matter with me?

    She decided that she was playing the game just a little too seriously, but after the way Mark had walked out on her twice in the same day, she really didn't feel all that guilty. The tingling she had felt in her vagina ever since the morning was really getting to her, and she found that every time she moved, the tingling increased. Occasionally, as she and Martin made small talk, she dropped her eyes to his muscular-looking loins. She noticed that he had an erection there, and she began to feel a little bad that she was leading him on like she was. She should come right out and tell him that she was already married, but something prevented her. The anger Mark had infused in her was being turned out against Martin. She would make this young man feel as frustrated as Mark had made her feel.

    As they continued to make small talk, Kate trying to not be quite so seductive, Siegfried moved back and forth, padding his great forepaws on the rug. His keen sense of smell noticed an increasing of the woman's arousal, and he wondered why he was being made to sit and submit himself to this torture. Her feminine odor was wafting against his nostrils, and he wanted nothing more than to press his long nose tightly against her aromatic pussy. He made a little impatient whine, which went unnoticed by both Martin and Kate, and his ears drooped. He knew he had to wait for the signal before he did anything, but there was an aching in his animal loins that would not go away. In fact, it was getting stronger. For some reason, his master was just talking to this pretty woman. At least if her clothes were off, he would know that sooner or later, he would get a chance to drive his long thick tongue deeply into the seething sluice of her cunt. But neither one appeared to notice him.

    Finally, he could stand it no longer. He knew that he might be punished for what he was about to do, but all his discipline and training was fast fading. He had to act and act fast!

    Getting to his feet, he slowly walked over to where Kate was sitting on the couch and stood up on his hind legs, his strong forepaws pressing tightly against her swollen breasts for support. Then he lashed out with his tongue, swiping it in a friendly manner.

    "Ooooooohhhhh…" Kate said, at first startled, and then, realizing that the dog was just being friendly, relieved and suddenly playful. Siegfried gave her smooth, flawless face several laps with his thick, damp tongue, and Kate set her can of Coke down on the small end table. She took his great, furry head between her hands and scratched him behind his ears.

    "Siegfried!" Martin said in a mock scolding voice. He knew that the amazing dog had been going through sheer hell, and that it was only a matter of time before he would finally make his move. He had been counting on something like this, and he made only a feeble effort to pull the huge dog away from her. Having the weight of the dog pressing against her caused Kate to sit back, and her legs reflexively opened to maintain her balance. The aroused dog was not going to be stopped merely by the voice of his master now. He lowered himself to the floor and, seeing that the pretty woman's legs were now spread, he inched his face forward.

    Everything seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. His long tongue shot out as far as he could make it go at the heat he could sense emanating from the crevice between her thighs. He felt some relief, but also some frustration as the fleshy, wet organ pressed tightly up against her panties. He tasted that they were soaked with the flowing juices of the desire he had noticed rising from her, and he stabbed at the cloth covering her crotch as though his life depended on it.

    The effect on Kate was as if she had been touched there by a live wire. Every thought in her mind seemed to come to a sudden halt. She couldn't have been more surprised if Martin had just lunged for her, but she also couldn't have been more aroused if her own husband had placed his hand there, against the cum-soaked nylon of her skimpy panties. She stiffened in amazement and drew in a sharp, hissing breath, momentarily forgetting that Martin was sitting in the room with her as the dog's insistent tongue, in its desperate desire to enter her cunt, actually slipped up under one elastic leg band and came into direct contact with her passion-flushed vaginal lips.

    Her hazel eyes wide open in complete shock, she looked down, stunned at the intensity of her reaction to this strange mind. Her own control over her body was slipping away from her as she felt Siegfried's tongue again slip under a panty leg-band and slither hotly, wetly, into her cuntal sluice!

    "Aaaaaahhhhhhh…" she breathed as all her breath left her body in one mighty rush, and she tried to clamp her legs shut to prevent the dog from continuing. "Siegfried… Martin…!!" She turned a passion-flushed face to the man who was sitting on the other end of the couch, wanting him to pull the great dog away from her, and actually wishing that he wouldn't. The thought of having Siegfried lick her there, between her legs, was not as bad to her as actually having another man watch him doing it.

    "No… no… no…" she gasped, trying to find the strength to do what she knew she had to do.

    She was further shocked to see that Martin was merely smiling at her, and as he spoke to her, his voice sounded as though he were a million miles away. "Siegfried really likes you, Kate. And it looks like you really like him!"

    She couldn't believe he'd said that, but again, Siegfried made a stab with his tongue against her wet, seething pussy under her skirt, and her mind was completely washed clean of any rational thought.

    "I… I… I…" she stammered, trying to think of something to say, and failing completely. Her shame was that of having someone watching her while this dog licked desperately at her vagina. She wanted to scream… to simply reach down and remove his head from between her thighs. But she couldn't! Each keening stab he made with his hot, damp tongue against her needing cunt drained her strength and will, and she was helpless to move.

    Taking his can of Coke with him, Martin came to a standing position. "I think you'll just have to let Siegfried have his way," he said in a calm rational voice. Inwardly, he was jumping for glee. In no time, Kate would be ripping her clothes off and letting Siegfried get at her cunt with no sweat. And after Siegfried was done with her, he was going to take his turn! Things were working out pretty nicely.

    Kate pulled her hips back, breaking the contact the dog's tongue made with her cunt. She felt a bit of her strength returning to her, and she tried to regain her sense of composure.

    "You mean… I… I should… I should just strip and let… let this dog… aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…!" she wailed out again as Siegfried moved into position and again shot his tongue out against Kate's passion-flooded pussy lips. That was the final straw. The frustration caused by her husband had finally reached a breaking point, and, as Siegfried's long thick tongue shot out, this time to bury itself up inside her soft vaginal opening, seeming to send a million tiny fire-tipped needles searing through her aroused body, she knew that she couldn't help herself. It would serve Mark right if he came home and found her being licked by a dog while their neighbor watched. In fact, the whole idea of Mark actually seeing her like that would probably teach him a lesson.

    Somehow, with her mind now made up, she found the strength to tear her blouse from her chest, popping all the buttons in her haste to get naked. She didn't care that a near stranger was watching her doing this. She didn't care that a dog was giving her such incredible pleasure. All that mattered was the pleasure itself, and she was going to take full advantage of it, come what may.

    Her full, sensuous breasts spilled to either side as they were freed from their confining garment, and before she could find the side zipper of her skirt the dog's darting pink tongue flickered over her still-covered loins once again, taking the breath from her lungs. She drew her legs up and spread them, letting the bottom hem of her skirt ride all the way up to her waist, completely exposing her panty-covered pussy to the dog's skillfully lashing tongue. Was this actually happening? she thought to herself. Could this be real, and not just a strange dream? Again and again she thought that the very least she could do was ask Martin to leave. No one but her parents and her husband had ever seen her naked!

    But her body would not listen to the reasoning of her mind. This was the pleasure that had been denied her all day… the pleasure she had so desperately wanted, that had been so cruelly withheld from her by her husband. What difference did it make that Martin would see her??

    By the time these thoughts had sorted themselves out in her mind, she had already found the zipper of her skirt, and she pulled it down, spreading the garment out beneath her, panting as though she had just broken the world record for running the mile. And even though Siegfried's body was in the way, she still managed to hoist her firm buttocks up off the couch cushions.

    "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh…" she moaned in soul-satisfying relief as she stretched her now completely naked body out on the couch, letting the curling, dipping, thrusting tongue take total control over her body, lapping molten fire into her pussy with each loving stroke. Yes! Yes! Why bother to fight it? she finally thought. She had wanted something like this all day. She had even prevented herself from fingering her body so that she would be all the more ready for her husband, and he had just walked out. And Martin certainly didn't seem like the kind of person who would think this was wrong or depraved.

    "Oooohhhh… ooohhh…" she heard her voice moan. "Do it do me! Lick me! Lick my cunt… my cunt… Oooohhh… make me cum…!" The last of her resistance gone, Kate's hips started a slow grinding up toward the dog's pleasure-giving tongue, thrusting her steaming cunt tightly against his long snout, her heels digging into the couch beneath to give her more leverage. Out and in, out and in, the long thick tongue flashed wetly. Kate lifted her head and watched with passion-glazed eyes as Siegfried licked her skillfully, starting down at her tiny little anus, gliding hotly over the quivering mouth of her vagina, splaying aside her fever-pink cunt-lips and slicing through the soft moist flesh to finally rasp maddeningly across her erect, budding clitoris.

    Martin smiled and watched as Siegfried licked tirelessly, happily at the soft, red hair-fringed treasures spread so wantonly before him. He knew that Siegfried was savoring the hot musky taste and odors, and was trying to slip his tongue as far as he could up into Kate's fluttering pussy mouth. The handsome animal looked and acted happy, and even though he had broken training, Martin would forgive him this one transgression.

    Kate seemed to have gone crazy beneath the slavering animal. Continuous choking mewls of abandoned pleasure streamed from her half-parted lips and her buttocks churned wildly on the couch, lashed into a frenzy by the long tongue slicing deep into her most secret parts. Flailing, thrashing, moaning, the completely conquered woman twisted beneath the animal-lover in wanton acceptance, welcoming his long pink tongue in her innermost depths, totally lost in the ecstasy which was washing away the frustration her husband had caused her.

    "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh… aaaaaaaahhhhhhaaahhhhh…" she chanted mindlessly, each moaning utterance matching a burning swipe of Siegfried's wildly flicking tongue. She knew that she was going to cum, that nothing could hold her back now. A throbbing force had taken possession of her belly, just waiting for the moment when it would sweep over her entire body, making her a helpless puppet, pulled by the age-old strings of culminating passion. She had never known anything like this… not even with her husband! This was so wonderful… so totally, wickedly wonderful…!

    The gasping young wife's eyes opened to stare at the ceiling, and she felt as though she were floating up to it. The force inside her belly was growing relentlessly, stretching itself thinner and thinner with each wonderful swipe Siegfried made with his glorious tongue, seeming to fill her belly with a shuddering tension that would have to burst or split her wide open.

    Then suddenly, the orgasm that had been denied her by her husband exploded through her like fireworks, searing her insides with white-hot bolts of pure energy… pure and unfettered passion! A long low wailing moan hissed from her throat and her screaming loins thrust upward one last time as her legs held her whole body rigid in an attitude of shuddering tension.

    She couldn't move beyond that. She just held there, the cords in her slender neck standing out sharply against the translucent white skin while the incredible explosion went on deep up inside her spasming body. It was an endless moment of climaxing for the young red-head, without time or special reference, just going on and on in a kind of silent explosion that swept away every thought from her mind.

    When it was finally over, Kate's whole body went limp as if someone had cut her strings, and she rolled off the couch onto the floor in a gasping heap. She lay on her belly for what seemed like an eternity, letting the pleasant little after-shocks of her orgasm ripple through her. It was a long time before she could even begin to think.

    Still on the couch, Siegfried looked at her. He liked licking her seething little pussy. It had been moist and hot and very, very sweet, and he wondered if something was wrong with the woman as she lay moaning softly on the floor. He lowered his furry head and sniffed the air, trying to pick up the scent of something wrong. There was nothing but the heady aroma of her passion fluids still dripping from her quivering vaginal flanges. He whined once, and then looked to Martin, waiting for further instructions. While he had been licking Kate, his long animal penis had emerged from its furry sheath, and he could feel a dull ache in his dog-balls, letting him know that, if everything was all right, he wanted to fuck the lovely red-head.

    But at this point, Martin was hardly concerned with what Siegfried wanted. In the back of his mind, he knew that Siegfried would be disappointed, but he also knew that his chance to relieve the ache in his animal loins would come a little later, when he was alone with Niven. 'Let him think that this is some sort of punishment for not waiting for the signal,' Martin thought. At least then, he won't be doing something like that without being told again. Secretly, he was glad that Siegfried had not waited, for now Martin had Kate right where he wanted her… naked and still weak from her orgasm. The young man knew there was probably nothing Kate wouldn't do now, and that was very much to his liking. Helping her was one thing, but he might just as well help himself as well. And that was just what he was going to do.

    Taking several steps to the quivering naked young wife, he bent down, his eyes fixed on the luscious flesh of her firm ass-cheeks. His cock was really throbbing, as it had been ever since Kate had completely lost control of herself and ripped her blouse from her. Even though she was laying on her belly, flattening out the roundness of her full, eye-pleasing breasts, she still looked lovely, and Martin was damned if he was going to leave without getting a piece of her.

    Slowly, lightly, his hands reached out and rested on the warm softness of her left buttock. He opened his hand and spread his fingers, caressingly kneading the dough-like skin there, delighting in its satiny smoothness. Again he opened his hand, closed his fingers, squeezing and kneading the resilient flesh of her ass.

    At first, Kate seemed to be oblivious to what he was doing there. Still lost in the throes of her orgasm, his light massaging seemed to merely in crease the strength of the aftershocks, prolonging the delightful ripples waving through her passion-spent belly. Then, as Martin placed his other hand on her other ass-cheek and inserted his thumbs in the cum-moistened hairless crevice, Kate began to come back to life.

    "Uuuuuuuuuummmm…" she moaned as she felt her buttocks spread almost lovingly, allowing the cool air of the room to blast against her tight brown anus.

    "How do you feel?" Martin asked, almost as an after thought.

    "Uuuuuummmm… love it…" Kate moaned, still caught in the soothing grip of her cunt-licking. She felt wonderful… blissful… peaceful… more so than she could ever remember feeling on her honeymoon, and it was the totality of the feeling that made it impossible for her to try and put the feeling into words.

    "Thought so," Martin said, grinning broadly to himself. "That Siegfried is really something, isn't he?"

    "Uuuuummmmm-hhhuuuuuummmmm…" He was doing something to her behind there, working his fingers on her buttocks, and she liked it. She wasn't sure what he was doing, but she hoped that he kept it up. The feeling of his fingers in her rear crevice. This was something new to her, a feeling so totally new that she was caught up in the spell of the act, moving gracefully from the orgasm she had experienced from the cunt licking she had received to a strange and exciting re-arousal. Everything was happening so quickly that she had no time to think that this was not her husband who was working his fingers into the nakedness of her ass.

    "Tell me something," Martin said, his voice totally devoid of emotion. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

    Kate wasn't certain that she had heard him correctly. She would have sworn that he'd just asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass. That was ridiculous. She had never even heard of something like that. It sounded like it would really hurt.

    Rather than try and think of what he was asking her though, she allowed herself to wallow in the delightfulness that his buttock-caressing was bringing her.

    "Uuuuuuummmmm…" she moaned, as though she were in a half sleep and didn't want to wake up fully.

    Martin smiled. He would have broken out into a laugh, but he knew that would break the spell he was bringing her.

    "Does that mean yes or no?" he asked playfully.

    "Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmm…" Kate moaned again. She was only vaguely aware that someone was speaking to her, and she wished the annoying voice would stop so she could fully enjoy the ass-squeezing she was getting.

    "Well…!! I wouldn't worry about it," Martin said, pressing down just a little harder with his hands into the warm, dough-like flesh of her ass. "I think it's about time someone did fuck you in the ass, and as I look around, I don't see anyone fit for the job but me."

    Inserting his thumbs again into the cum-smeared valley between her buttocks, he pulled her ass-cheeks apart again, looking intently at the tiny puckered hole of her tight little anus. He could see it shrivel up against the cool air, and he knew that there, if no where else, she was still a virgin. Her rectum looked as cherry as could be, and while he didn't like fucking virgins all that much, he would make an exception in this case. If things were working according to plan, Mark would see him doing that. He wondered what her husband would think when he saw his wife being fucked in the ass. He'd probably blow his stack. That would be a lot of fun.

    He held Kate's buttocks apart with the fingers of one hand while he trailed his middle finger of the other lightly up and down her still palpitating vaginal slit, lubricating it in the remnants of cum that Siegfried had brought about. Then he rested his finger lightly against the puckered brown hole, waited a moment.

    And pushed against it, letting his finger slide as deeply as he could in one thrust.

    Kate was suddenly wrenched from her dream-like state and cast into the world of painful reality. She had never expected anything like this, and the swiftness of it took her completely by surprise. She stiffened her entire body as a wave of pain engulfed her, and she opened her mouth to scream.

    No sound came out, though. The only sound she heard was her own voice crying out in her mind, making her think that she was screaming. She gasped then, her breath rasping between her teeth and filling her lungs…

    And then the pain was gone! Just as suddenly as it had appeared, making her think that a red-hot poker had been forced up her ass, her rectal muscles accommodated themselves to the thick invader of Martin's finger, and she was left with the strangely wonderful sensation of a man's finger in her ass.

    When he began to pull it out, she actually experienced a feeling of regret, and this time, when he thrust it in again, she relaxed her ass muscles, letting the finger slide in painlessly. It was… it was something like when Mark thrust his finger up her ass while she was being fucked in her cunt, and…

    But this wasn't Mark doing this to her. This wasn't her husband!!!!! This was a man she had met only an hour ago!!!!! And his was sticking his finger into her nakedly squirming ass!!!!!

    But what bothered her the most was the fact that she actually liked it! She enjoyed the fact that she was being caressed and massaged nakedly by a man who was not her husband. The mere thought that Martin was just a neighbor who she hardly knew titillated her. For all she knew, he could be a mass murderer hiding out from the police. Well… If Mark wasn't going to fuck her when she wanted him to, then he would just have to expect that that some one else would step in and take his place. The honeymoon is over, Mark, she thought to herself. I wanted you and you didn't want me. You deserve nothing less than to have some stranger fuck me!

    Her thoughts were broken as Martin jammed his finger in further up the tight crevice of her ass, making it wider, stretching it. This time, Kate couldn't help but scream out in pain.


    The shrillness of her yelling actually frightened Martin some. He knew she would be tight there, but the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. Maybe he had been wrong to think that he could fuck her there, and he began to pull his finger out.

    "No… no… no… keep it there… keep it there…" Kate wailed out. No matter how much it hurt, she was going to have his finger in her ass. She knew that once the pain went away, it would feel good. It had before, and it would again.

    And even as she thought this, the pain began to evaporate, leaving her once more with the delight of having her ass filled and stretched.

    Martin shrugged his shoulders and continued. Hell, as long as she didn't seem to mind, he was going to go through with it, and this time he wasn't going to stop no matter how much she screamed. He remembered then the first time he had fucked a woman in the ass… how she had screamed and thrashed for a little while until her rectum stretched enough to itself to the thickness of his massive organ. Kate's back-passage would do the same. She might not know what kind of blinding pain she was in for, but he was certain that as long as he continued fucking her there, she would come around.

    He rammed and prodded his finger into her shuddering passage, sending stinging shafts of pain through Kate's body for a moment, which were followed by the delightful sensation of his finger there. She caught herself, determined that she would go through with this. Having her cunt licked by the dog had been something she never thought she would like. Why not go on and try to learn something new again? Even as she stiffened her body to remain in place, Martin held her firmly. While his one hand and finger was stretching her ass, he used his other hand to remove his clothes. He was a master of getting his clothes off under all sorts of situations, and using one hand was as easy for him as using two… especially when the hand that was not free was fingering the ass of a woman as lovely as Kate Hutch. That was an added incentive, making his free hand move like a blur.

    In no time he had removed his shirt and pants, letting the thick, long shaft of his painfully erect penis spring free, the head blunt and round, the tiny slit at the end already seeping a clear drop of thick, heated pre-cum.

    While he continued to prepare her ever-widening ass-hole with one hand, he stroked the loose foreskin of his mammoth penis slowly back and forth, making his distended, blood-engorged shaft all the harder and anxious for the tight warmth of Kate's anus.

    He knelt behind her, his body arching triumphantly. His thick, swollen penis, throbbing with excitement, stood erect and arched like his body! She's almost ready, he thought to himself. Just a couple of seconds more.

    Kate felt the hard rubbery head of his cock exploring her from behind. It was poised at the head of her anal passage like a hot log, ready to plunge into her. And then she realized that he had not been joking in the least bit.

    He was really going to fuck her there… in her ass!!!!

    "Martin… Martin… please… Martin…" she moaned as the realization finally dawned on her. She hadn't seen his cock, but judging from what it felt like nestled between the soft warm cheeks of her quivering ass, it was huge… massive! She would have a hard time taking it into her cunt, let alone her ass. Certainly she had bitten off more than she could chew.

    But Martin was not going to be stopped now. With a sudden lunge, he plunged the thick gorged rod of his cock into her tight virgin anus. It drove forward with a jerk that sent Kate's body thrusting forward.

    Again her mouth opened to cry, and again nothing came out… just the mental voice making her think she was screaming. But if screaming itself is a release, so is its illusion, and as the voice inside her mind died down, so did the pain in her ass, and she found that she was able to take at least as much of the lust-engorged shaft as he had already inserted.

    In her most secret thoughts, she had never thought that anything like this could happen to anyone, let alone herself, yet here she was, ready, willing, and as able as she would ever be to take the penis of a total stranger up into her rectal passage. The mere thought that Mark might come home this very moment and see her like this, totally naked with a naked man behind her, his hands on her hips and his long thick cock inching slowly but surely up into her bowels made her feel giddy with wickedness. She began to pray that her husband would come home… not so he could prevent Martin from sodomizing her, but so that he could watch. This was a way she should have thought of to get back at her husband for walking out on her in the morning. It was the perfect way… the only way, and her only regret was that she had not actually thought of it herself. She may have been a virgin when she was married, but Mark had shown her the pleasures of sex. If he didn't want to continue giving her those pleasures, she had every right to seek them elsewhere!

    Martin was totally unaware of the chain of thoughts running through Kate's mind. He really didn't care very much what she thought actually. If things worked out, it wouldn't make any difference anyway. He looked down at her tightly resisting ass-hole, wishing that he had reamed his cock several times in the seething slit of her cum-soaked vagina to lubricate the towering tree-like shaft of his penis, but it was too late for that now. He grunted, pushing his long, hot penis further and further into the tense throbbing interior.

    "Relax that ass… come on… Loosen it up," he commanded, making his voice as harsh as he could, hoping that he could shock her enough to make it a little easier on her. He felt her trying to comply.

    "Oooooohhhhhh…aaaaaahhhhh…" she moaned, pushing back onto the searing rod stretching her anal muscles ahead of the blunt head. She felt his fingers digging into her hips, gripping the tender whiteness of her flesh to keep her as steady as possible. She reveled in it. She wanted to feel as much of his cock up her ass as she could. She had never dreamed that it would feel like this. With each inch he drove into her, she felt another stab of pain, and as soon as she thought she would never be able to stand it, the pain vanished.

    "Ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!" she wailed out as the last little bit of his long thick cock was finally buried up inside her wide-stretched ass, and she gritted her teeth, determined that she was strong enough to wait out the rush of pain that went shooting the length of her spine. She could do it! She could do it! She clenched her eyes shut and gritted her teeth, sweat forming on her forehead and running down her face.

    Martin began to fuck her slowly in and out then, each thrust further widening the straining elastic channel and easing his entry.

    "Getting better… getting better…" Martin said softly, noting that her ass was now almost as easy to fuck as her cunt would have been… easier, but tighter, and all the better for that.

    He could feel his passion rising as he thought of fucking this naked woman in the ass. Shit! Hadn't she been teasing him ever since he'd walked in the apartment? Never once had she said that she was a married woman. If things got really tight, he could always use that as a defense.

    He chuckled to himself. These newly-weds were all alike. No matter who tells them what, they think the whole world is supposed to be a long honeymoon. Well, Kate could see now that there was reality to live. He moved into her more quickly now, increasing the speed and depth of his penetrations. His sperm-heavy, hairy balls dangled freely below his blood-swollen cock, swinging up in a great arch to slap at the tender moist slit of her recently dog-licked cuntal slit, increasing the river of cum that had been there before. His testicles hitting her vaginal slit actually splashed some of her vaginal lubrication on his penis, making the towering shaft more slippery.

    Kate was besieged with conflicting emotions and sensations. On one hand, she felt as if she were being torn to shreds by the hot, poker-like shaft of his cock. He pumped his hips back and forth… back and forth like a machine, driving his penis in and out of her like a piston of that machine… fitting and refitting his loins against the fleshy cheeks of her ass, pressing his bulbous cock head as far up into her rectal depths as he could.

    But on the other hand, as the pain slowly subsided, she found that as long as she yielded to the sensations streaming through her body, it was delightful… more than delightful. She could feel the beginnings of a new orgasm starting in her recently satiated belly, and a new excitement began to ripple throughout her. She felt as if she were melting, as if her entire being were being bathed in voluptuous waves of pleasure that replaced the pain, making her actions seem delicious – ooooooh so delicious.

    Nothing was going to stop Martin now. He rammed and shoved and fucked deeply into her ass, lust and excitement surging through him. His body was covered with sweat, and the musky odor of his sweat and her cuntal fluids drove him on. His straining, battering rod was like the steel piston of a train, chugging back and forth, deeper and deeper.

    Siegfried, noticing the increasing aroma of Kate's rising passion, slowly walked over to where Martin was fucking deeply into her ass. He sniffed with his nose, hoping that he, too, might get a chance to relieve the ache that licking her pussy had created in his animal loins.

    "Beat it, dog," Martin said harshly. "Get the fuck out of here." Shit! Siegfried had already has his share. Martin had to share Niven with the great animal often enough. This time he was going to have a fucking all to himself.

    Returning all his attention to Kate, Martin grinned almost sadistically. His powerful body was sweating, tense, alive with excitement. He increased his tempo and plunged his stalwart penis still deeper into her heaving, shuddering passage! He rammed back and forth, driven now with wild, unimaginable sensuality.

    Kate received his iron-like blows with a gasping ecstasy. Suddenly it was happening for her. She could feel herself getting caught up in a swirling, boiling vortex of excitement. She felt extraordinary thrills surging through her loins, her body steaming with heightened passion and sensuality. She would have thought that after the orgasm she had received from Siegfried's licking, she wouldn't be able to cum for a week, but there was no doubt about it. She was going to cum. She was actually going to cum… and she could tell this climax would be as great as the last one…


    If there was one thing about Martin, Niven reflected as she followed Mark down the hall, it was that he really seemed to know people. Mark took the elevator and Niven, not wanting to appear too obvious, took the stairs. She, like Martin, was getting caught up in the adventure of the thing, and she playfully stalked Mark as though she were a spy and he were a counter spy.

    Something good was going to come out of this, she realized as soon as she caught her first glimpse of the man. Through the walls of the apartment, his voice had sounded rich and masculine, and he looked every bit as handsome as he sounded. Just following him made her vagina tingle, and she was really glad that she had met up with a person like Martin. Who else would include her in a plan where all she had to do was what she did best… fuck a man? Martin had instructed her to lay it on Mark thick and heavy, and she knew right off that she wasn't going to hold back.

    True to Martin's suspicions, Mark went straight to the bar across the street from the apartment building. Niven had been there several times herself, just to get out of the apartment. She was hardly bothered at all by the "21 years or older" sign in the window. She had learned that as long as she acted as though she knew what to do, no one suspected that she was well under age. Her mannerisms and attitudes made people believe that she was a good deal older than sixteen, and she wasn't about to set them any wiser.

    It was the dinner hour, and as such, the bar was nearly empty. Two men were sitting at a window table, sipping on their glasses of beer, and two other men were busy at the pool table near the back. None of them paid any attention to Mark or Niven as they entered.

    Still unaware that he was being followed, Mark took a stool right at the bar. His mind was reeling with thousands of thoughts, none of which made any sense or had any connection. He couldn't believe what had happened in his apartment. He would have thought Kate could at least listen to him. His day at the office had been sheer hell, and all he had wanted to do was just sit down and not have to hear anyone talking for a good long time.

    Instead, Kate had lit into him right away, complaining that he hadn't called, complaining that he had caused her to ruin dinner. If the rest of his marriage was going to be like this, he knew that he had better end it right away, before he lost his mind all together. The honeymoon had been one thing, but he could see now that Kate was not the woman he had thought her to be. Fucking her during a vacation was one thing, but trying to make a life with her…

    Whew! She was really a child in so many ways!

    "What'll it be, buddy?" the bartender asked.

    "Scotch, straight up. Make it a double," Mark answered in a tired voice. He knew he was already drunk, and the only thought on his mind was that he wanted to get more drunk. Damn Kate anyway.

    "I'll have a gin and tonic," Niven said as she took a stool on the right side of Mark. The bar tender looked at her carefully. She didn't quite look the legal age, but he shrugged his shoulders. Hell, a buck was a buck, and things were tight without turning away someone who was buying. The sign in the window affected him about as much as a sunny day in California.

    Niven took her drink and turned to face Mark fully. She smiled when she saw that he was so wrapped up in his drink that he didn't even notice that she had sat next to him.

    "You look pretty down in the dumps, friend," she said teasingly, sipping lightly on her drink.

    Mark looked up and around, his head stopping when his eyes met hers. Then he narrowed his eyes and gazed deeply at the total sensuality that seemed to drip from every pore of this girl.

    "I'm Niven Mandel," she told him, feeling a little giddy at her ability to be straight forward. "You look like you could use a friend right now, and the bar tender doesn't look like your type."

    Mark managed to keep his face bland and expressionless, though inside, he was shocked. Since he had started dating Kate in college, he had pretty much stayed away from other women. He could tell a pick-up when he saw one, though, and this nice looking piece was really coming on strong. She was arching her back in such a way as to nearly brush her full, rounded breasts against his arm, and he dropped his eyes away from her pretty face to gaze at her sensuous spheres. She looked as though she were dressed to kill. She was wearing a short jacket over her faded work-shirt, and both the jacket and shirt were open just enough for him to see half her delightful-looking cleavage. Her shirt was tucked into old, soft jeans, so tight that, as she sat, the material followed the roundness of her slim thighs all the way up to her cunt. A fast glance, even in his slightly drunken condition, revealed that the cloth was creased along her pussy slit, and he wasn't sure, but it looked as though he could see a dark stain there. Uuuummmm… this is one hot little cunt!

    "Yeah… well… things got a little rough at the office," he said, not exactly wanting to talk to her, but not wanting to offend her either. Just looking at her was really nice, and if he weren't a married man, he would have said something different.

    "Things are tough all over," Niven said, leaning forward a little and inwardly smiling as she noticed that his eyes were blatantly resting on her breasts, dwelling in this increased view of her deep-fleshed cleavage.

    For the first time in his life, Mark found that he didn't know what to say to a woman… especially one who was really coming on to him like this. His first thought that he should just tell her he was married really seemed like the wrong thing. Besides, he doubted that it would make any difference to her. Women who pick men up in bars really didn't give a shit if they were married or not.

    "Hey, handsome," Niven said, smiling sweetly, "you gonna let me talk to a stranger? I mean, I don't even know your name."

    "Uuuummmmm? Oooohhh… excuse me. It's Mark… Mark Hutch."

    "Mark huh? That's a good strong name… for a strong man."

    She gave a little wink that made Mark flush from under his collar. At the other end of the bar, the bar tender was taking a great interest in what was happening. This chick didn't waste any time, he thought. Hell, it would be really nice to have her come into the place more often. Someone like her would really bring in a lot of frustrated husbands.

    Niven was having the time of her life. Mark was almost like putty in her hands, and she could tell that he was really starting to come apart at the seams. She finished her drink in one gulp and set her glass down on the counter. Mark was rolling his own drink nervously in one hand, wondering if he should continue along with this little game or just forget the whole thing. He reminded himself that he was married, and even though Kate had caused him to leave the apartment, he had to take her into consideration.

    "Gonna buy me a drink, handsome?" Niven asked in a low, throaty voice.

    Mark felt his penis spasm for the first time… then spasm again!

    What the hell? he thought to himself. Kate was really being a child about life. Maybe she deserved to see that she couldn't take him for granted. After the way she had treated him, she deserved to have him at least toy with the idea of fucking another woman. That would show her good.

    "Sure," Mark told her. He signaled the tender to re-fill Niven's glass.

    "Suppose you tell about how tough things get at the office," Niven said, seeing that Mark was a little too flushed to say much of anything.

    Mark smiled, feeling more and more comfortable. He took a healthy pull of his own drink, gazing at the lovely woman sitting next to him over the top of his glass. The warmth of his Scotch filtered through his whole body, and his mental image of Kate vanished from his mind.

    "Oooohhh… the usual story. Boss thinks I'm not intelligent enough to think for myself. Hovered over me all day like a mother hen. And of course, he's a complete ass."

    "Of course," Niven agreed sweetly, making her eyes sparkle as she turned up one corner of her mouth. She dropped her eyes away from Mark's rugged looking face to see that his cock had swollen and was tenting the cloth of his pants. For a moment, she lost her composure at the massive size of it. God! No wonder Kate wanted it so badly! It looked huge, and in a flash, she pictured herself with her legs spread wide, Mark's thick penis fucking in and out of her like a hard driving machine. She could feel her vagina tingle, and she knew that she had to have that cock in her. Shit, she didn't care anymore about Martin's plan. Getting Mark to fuck her was all that mattered to her now.

    "You know," Niven said, holding her glass on the counter, taking her hands away from her chest and offering Mark a totally unhindered view of her shirt-covered breast mounds. "Talking here is really not as much fun as it could be."

    "Hmmmmmm?" Mark was still lost in the trance her totally shameless beauty cast over his slightly liquor dimmed mind.

    "Well… I don't live too far from here. Right across the street, as a matter of fact. Suppose we take a little walk and get to know each other a little better."

    "Across the street?" Mark said, blinking his eyes several times to clear his head. That was really nice. There was only one apartment building on the whole block, and it would be nice to have this cunt living right in his own building. That would really give Kate something to think about.

    "Sure. Come on," Niven said, slipping from her stool. "I feel a lot more comfortable in my own place."

    She started to walk out the door, and Mark, after finishing his drink, hurried after her. The bar tender watched them with increasing interest. That blonde pussy really knew how to get what she wanted, almost as though she had been planning this. If there was anything the bartender liked, it was women who knew what they wanted and weren't afraid to go out and get it. Women's Lib had done some pretty stupid things, but thank God for things like that!

    Mark followed behind Niven, watching her ass sway from side to side. Her hips moved with incredible grace, and her jeans, so tight that they looked as though they were painted on, moved with her. He focused on the delightful-looking crack of her firm-fleshed buttocks, seeing that they were firm and hard. In the back of his mind he remembered that he was a married man and should just tell this cunt that. With all the problems he was having with Kate, he sensed that the last thing he needed to do was add to them. He even toyed with the idea that he would just go to Niven's apartment and talk. In fact, as they entered the building, he had convinced himself that that was exactly what was going to happen. He would just talk to her. She seemed like the kind of person who would understand what had happened to him. He wondered if he had told her that he was married, but he couldn't remember. Well, he would just start off the conversation by telling her that his wife didn't understand him. At least then, she would see that he was married, and would know why he wouldn't fuck her.

    God! His cock was spasming again. He stood next to her in the elevator, not noticing which button she had pushed. While she didn't have her arm around him, she was still standing so close to him that she seemed to want to blend into his body. The softness and warmth of her flesh was clearly transmitted to him through her several layers of clothing, making him wish that he wasn't married. Yes, fucking her would be really something.

    He was shocked when the elevator doors opened and he found that he was on his own floor. A wave of guilt washed over him, and he nervously looked down both ends of the halls, checking to see if his wife was out. She wasn't, but he could almost feel her presence as he walked past his apartment door.

    His shock and guilt increased when he noticed that Niven had stopped at the door right next to his own. Having her live in the same building was nice… but right next door? For a moment he thought that perhaps he should just tell her to forget the whole thing. He was about to when she opened up her door and motioned him in.

    "Just make yourself at home," she said, setting her keys down on a small table. "Can I get you something to drink? It's cheaper here than across the street, and a lot nicer."

    "Niven…" Mark said, smiling, trying to say something that would make her realize that things had gone a little too far already. If he weren't so close to his own apartment, he wouldn't have felt so jumpy, but this was too much of a coincidence. Having a nice looking ready to fuck woman like Niven just on the other side of his walls was really asking for trouble, and while Mark didn't mind excitement, this was really stretching things far. Kate would definitely find out about Niven. There was no way he would be able to hide anything he did. Better to cut it off right here and now.

    But Niven either didn't hear him or didn't want to. Mark took a seat on her couch and watched her as she went into the kitchen to pour the both of them a drink. Just looking at her move in her cat-like way weakened his resolve, and he decided that he would just play the thing out. After all, she could come on to him all she wanted, but he was certain that he could resist.

    His cock was really painfully swollen in his pants, and he knew that once he had bowed out gracefully from this situation, he would swallow all his pride and fuck the living daylights out of Kate. At least then, maybe things would work out between them. That had been the cause of their problems… his thinking that he didn't have enough time to fuck her this morning. He almost laughed as he thought of what his wife would say if she caught him fucking another woman after what had happened today.

    "What's so funny, love?" Niven said as she took a seat next to him on the couch. Mark was pleasantly drunk, and thinking about his wife had occupied his mind enough so that he hadn't really paid too much attention to Niven's leaning forward.

    "Oooohhh… nothing," he told her as he took the drink she offered.

    Niven sipped on hers and decided that things were moving just a little too slow. Martin had told her that being the least bit subtle was totally unnecessary. He had told her to pull all the stops and not worry about the consequences. Up to this point she had been keeping to the form and playing the game, but Mark was in her apartment now, and he appeared to be just a little apprehensive. She sensed that he was also slightly uncomfortable being so close to his own apartment, even though for some reason he hadn't told her that he lived right next door. There was no way he could know that she already knew that, so she assumed that he was just waiting for a good time to tell her.

    And she wasn't going to let him do that. She had been on the attack ever since she had sat next to him in the bar, and she wasn't going to let up now.

    The slightly drunk husband drank from his glass, feeling as though he were regaining control of himself. Now that he was so close to his own apartment, he could tell Niven that this little game had to come to an end. Damn, he thought to himself. If only she lived on another street. Having the proverbial "other woman" not only living in the same building but living in the next apartment was really asking for trouble. The time had come to level with Niven here and now.

    But as this thought flashed to his mind, he found himself staring at the beaming face of Niven, at the all-encompassing sex that seemed to drip from every inch of her luscious skin, the full rich softness of her firm, high breasts. Shit! He'd like to tweak her nipples into erection, take each one in his mouth and roll it around and around with his tongue.

    Again he felt his cock jerk into sudden, instant hardness, as though it were alive, straining for release from its cloth prison. He sighed deeply, taking a deep breath to tell Niven that she was really a nice person, but that he didn't want to do anything… well, tell her that he couldn't do anything. His eyes went to Niven's face.

    She was looking directly at the bulge in his pants.

    "Uuuuuummmmmm… I like a man who has an erection like that," she said, knowing that she would shock him so much that he wouldn't have a chance to think.

    She was right. Mark's mouth fell nearly to the floor!

    "I… I… I…" he stammered, feeling his face turning a beet red.

    "I'll bet you want to put that big hard cock in me, don't you," she breathed. "You want to put that cock of yours right between my legs and fuck me, right?"

    "Jesus," Mark hissed, feeling his strength leave him. Her timing was perfect. He could hear his mental voice telling her that something like that was out of the question, but he couldn't make the words form in his mouth. He could have handled her if she had just made the suggestion that they go to bed or something, but the graphic blatantness of her words took all the wind out of him. He had never been seduced like that, and her words threw him completely off balance. His balls began to ache from the presence of quickly gathering sperm. He needed to do something. He needed to fuck, and even though his wife was so close to him, he couldn't find the strength to just get up and leave. Niven's lovely round face held him to his seat as securely as if he had been chained.

    The young blonde girl leaned close to him, and he could feel her hot breath on his cheek, like the scorching air from a branding iron. She touched his knee lightly, and her fingers seemed to burn him through the cloth. "Well, love?" she asked with raised eye-brows. "Wouldn't you like to fuck me?"

    "Niven… there's something… something…" he tried to tell her that he was married, but she broke in.

    "My cunt's on fire right this minute, and the only thing that will make it feel better is a big, hard cock. A big hard cock like this one."

    And with that she reached out and touched his pulsating, cloth-encased penis!

    The young husband nearly leapt off the couch to the electric reaction of her fingers on his swollen, throbbing member. Niven cooed softly as she lightly traced her fingers along its searing length. She inched her hips closer to his, pressing her breasts lightly against his arm. Then she leaned over and found his jaw line with her lips, tracing a pattern upward along her cheek. Her fiery pointed tongue lashed out like a whip against his skin, freezing Mark in his sitting position while her hand pressed harder down in his greatly swollen penis.

    "Niven… I… we… this… you don't understand…"

    His words were barely audible, and Niven ignored them completely. Obviously Mark didn't suspect that, in not fucking his wife when he had the chance, he too was more ready and eager to relieve himself.

    "You want to fuck me, don't you?" Niven asked in a mesmeric voice. "You want to fuck me, and I want to fuck you too. Why do you think you're here?"

    Mark thought quickly. He really hadn't wanted to fuck her, he decided. He had just wanted someone to be with, and she had made herself available. He wanted to tell her that, hoping that she would believe it.

    "You want to fuck me… you want to fuck me… you want to fuck me…" she droned on, moving her hand over and over along his painfully throbbing cock, punctuating her words.

    "No… no… I can't… I… Christ, yes… yes…"

    Mark couldn't help himself. In the back of his mind, he could see his wife watching him, but he put her out of his thoughts as he twisted his head and found Niven's lips with his own. The young blonde squealed her delight as her hand moved faster and faster along his turgid shaft, and she sucked and nibbled at his tongue, swirling her own around and around in his mouth, keeping up her attack by darting her tongue into his mouth and them withdrawing it in the rhythm of fucking with her remaining the aggressor. Without thinking, Mark's hand moved slowly up along the smooth side of Niven's body and pressed against her left breast, his fingers squeezing and kneading the soft, hot pliant flesh, then dipping inside her shirt to unbutton the garment and draw it away, exposing one naked breast with its lust-hard nipple and dark pink aureole. He could feel the wetness from the seminal fluid which had seeped from the gland at the hard tip of his cock as she continued to massage him through his pants.

    Then, suddenly, with his fingers kneading the soft resilient flesh of her round, firm breast and his massive erect cock jerking nearly out of control, the full impact of what he was doing blasted into his mind.

    Christ! There was no way Kate wouldn't know what he had done! She would find out! She really wasn't all that stupid! Living next to the woman he was fucking instead of his wife was just foolishness!

    He pulled himself desperately from Niven, yanking his mouth away from hers and turning his body away from here so that her hand left his bulging cock. His face was flushed with his desperate attempt to regain control over himself. He averted his eyes from the lovely blonde woman.

    "What's the matter?" she asked coyly. "Don't tell me… let me guess. You're a married man, and you're worried about what your wife might think."

    Mark opened his mouth. He was going to say something like that, and he was certain that, now that at least part of the truth was out, she would understand and just let him leave. He started to add that he was her next-door neighbor, but she smiled at him the way she had been smiling all evening… coyly, seductively, teasingly.

    "I'd say you don't have much of a wife if you were sitting all alone in a bar after a hard day at the office," she observed. "Besides, I've felt enough of that nice penis of yours to know that there's plenty of you to go around."

    "No…" he said, his throat dry and rasping, "I can't. Kate would… I mean…"

    "I don't care about your wife, and neither should you. I just want you to fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…"

    "NO!" he shouted, a surge of strength rushing through him, enabling him to jump from the couch. His heart was hammering in his chest, and he was aware that his cock was still seeping hot droplets of pre-cum into his pants. He started walking to the door, seeing that he had to get away. There was no way he could make this woman understand everything. Not now! Maybe tomorrow he would be able to talk to her.

    He was half-way across the room when he heard the low, throaty voice of Niven calling him.

    "Where are you going, Big Fellow?"

    He turned around to tell her that he was her neighbor, his last ditch effort to make her see how impossible this whole thing was, but when he saw her, his words froze in his throat.

    Niven had quickly shed her clothes, and was presenting him with a totally shameless view of her naked body.

    If Mark had thought before that she was lovely, he could see that he had underestimated her. Niven had tossed her shirt to the other side of the room and was standing in the puddle of her jeans with her legs spread wide apart, her head and shoulders pulled back, her hands knuckled at him, her mouth parted and her tiny pink tongue playing a peek-a-boo between her lush, full lips. The moist, petal-like, golden fringed flanges of her cunt were presented lustfully, unabashedly, to his eyes, and the yellow triangle of her cuntal mound glistened with the thick drops of moisture that had seeped out from between her pussy lips. Her high, smoothly rounded breasts quivered with an internal vibration, the nipples hard and distended. Her shamelessly slim thighs were moist with the flowing juices of her passion-flowered vaginal opening.

    "Now… why are you standing there? I want you to come here and fuck me."

    "Niven…" was all he could say. His mind, already slowed with his drinking, refused to form a coherent train of thought, and he could only stare at her. His cock began its maddening pulsations again.

    Slowly, deliberately, Niven lowered her hands, her eyes sparkling with her seething passion, and pressed her fingertips to her golden curling pubic mound, slowly inching her hands up along her inner thighs, her fingers glistening as they became coated with the river of moisture that was washing from her cuntal sluice. When her hands reached the pink, hotly throbbing slit between her legs, she placed the thumb and forefinger of one hand on either side of the soft, shining lips and spread them apart, revealing the fully hardened bud of her trembling clitoris to the young husband's lust-ridden gaze. With her other forefinger, she traced up her cuntal slit until she made contact with the quivering, blood-hard bud. She tweaked at it, increasing the flow of her cuntal lubrication down her inner thighs, making them sheen as though they had been carefully polished. Then her middle finger went lower until it poised at the lips of her vagina, then slipped easily inside all the way to the palm of her hand. She pulled it out slowly, and re-inserted it, pulled it out… slid it in, finger-fucking herself with glazed-eyed abandon. Her hand moved faster and faster, her finger sliding in and out of her pussy sheath, causing her hips to roll and twist with the shivers of delight she was bringing to herself. Then she began to talk to Mark again, making her voice as seductive and hypnotic as she could.

    "My finger is not as nice as your cock, love. I want to feel your cock in my cunt. I can feel my fingers anytime, and I know my hand isn't as nice as your big, hard, hot penis."

    Mark had known some pretty forward women, but no one that was that blatant. Her words lashed his mind into a swirling frenzy that made thought impossible. Christ! He didn't know why she was so eager for him, but it was too late to think about that now. He had to have her. His will to remain faithful to his wife vanished. He only knew the wild, burning heat in his pulsing cock and his balls. This seething cunt in front of him… DAMN! He was going to fuck her all right. There had never been any doubt that she wanted it, and now she was going to get it!

    As though making this decision took all his worries away, Mark walked to her, his hands outstretched, his fingers ready to feel the soft smoothness of her flesh.

    When she saw that he was coming to her, she stopped her finger fucking. Martin had told her that she might have to resort to something drastic like this. Not that she had minded very much. She moved her cum-soaked hand up to him and began unbuttoning his shirt as she strained forward, loving the way his hands were instantly playing with the lust-swollen orbs of her breasts. She slipped her fingers inside his shirt to tangle with the hairs on his chest, then slipped them further down to unzipper his fly, gasping with delight like a child with a new toy as his frenzied cock leapt into view, already turgid with arousal and passion.

    "Uuuuuummmmmmm… I can hardly wait…" Niven moaned, her body swaying with ecstasy as she gave herself to Mark's caresses. She knew she had won over him, and she was going to reap the harvest of Martin's carefully laid plan.

    Mark couldn't think of anything but the warm succulent body offered to him… literally thrown at him. Having given in to the demands that his cock had been making on him made it possible for him to truly enjoy the total sex she possessed. His boss, his job, and especially his wife… all his worries slid off his shoulders as he sank to the floor, soft with the thickness of the wall to wall carpet, the teasing young blonde neighbor clasped securely in his arms.

    He felt himself taking possession of her, and he covered her luscious body with hot, eager kisses, feeling his cock swell and grow as it bobbed between his legs. His hands were searching, probing between the slender columns of her pulsing pussy, caressing the velvety folds with passionate hunger, noting how moist her vagina was, her lubricants seeping out of her tantalizing cuntal orifice.

    Her hands reached down and circled the thick circumference of his throbbing cock, pressuring it tightly, sending shudders of raw pleasure searing up and down the length of his back, exciting him beyond belief. SHIT! He could tell right away that this woman would know how to fuck!

    There was the hot, soft invitation of her delectable young cunt, pink and fragile, the petal-shaped opening glistening a chiffony rose, surmounted by the reddish tip of her already excitedly rising little clitoris, and framed by the shimmering yellow halo of silky, tightly kinked curls. He couldn't wait much longer. Her finger-fucking had aroused him almost to the point of cumming, and he wanted more than anything to ram his heavy, blood-laden penis home in her tight little cunt. Nothing was going to stop him now.

    "Oooooohhhhhh… Fuck me from the back," Niven pleaded suddenly, turning over abruptly on her belly and presenting him the milk-white orbs of her firm, hard ass-cheeks. Instinctively, his hands went out and kneaded the pliant flesh, grasping her firmly by the hips and raising her up until she was on her knees. His eyes stared hypnotized at the tantalizing globes, smooth and pear-shaped without flaw, and unerringly, he guided the thick shaft of his cock towards the faint glimmer of moist flesh visible below the graceful curve of her ass.

    In her mind, this was almost the same as being fucked by Siegfried, and all the more thrilling to Niven for that. She did as she would have done with her beloved dog… reached back and grabbed his hardened penis in her slender fingers to guide it toward the twitching entrance of her hungry cunt. Mark, his hands digging into the soft, resilient dough of her buttocks, could stand it no longer, and with a heave, he slammed forward and planted his towering penis half-way up the wet, slippery channel of her naked, seething pussy.

    "Uuuuuuuuuu-ggggg-hhhhhhh mmmmmm… oooooooo-hhhhhhh…" Niven moaned as she felt her cuntal passage flowering open to accept his deep thrust. He continued to slide forward, feeling the soft willing walls of her vagina slip around his engorged penis like a wet, velvet glove, until he finally hit bottom, the hard rubbery head of his cock touching the sensitive membrane of her cervix, and his contracting balls wedging neatly beneath the whitely rounded spheres of her backside.

    "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh… ooooooohhhhh…" Niven sighed again, feeling replete with his masculinity, completely impaled on his lust-inflated penis. She could feel the crisp dark curls of his pubic thatch tickling the soft skin of her ass, and she knew that he had sunk every millimeter of his cock in her depths. She knew she had been right to go through so much trouble to get him to fuck her. The feeling of his penis in her cunt from behind like this was sheer bliss, and to think… he lived right next door. She could have him any time she wanted. The near wicked sordidness of having an affair with a married man who lived less than twenty feet from here really appealed to her. It was a liberating feeling, and Niven had liberated herself a long time ago!

    Slowly, Mark began to withdraw, easing his bloated shaft out of her soft welcoming depths, until just the head was wedged between the resilient moons of her buttocks, before ramming forward again, almost overturning Niven with the strength of his thrust.

    "… Ooooooo-gggggg-hhhhhhh-nnnn…" she gasped again, "that's lovely… ooohhh… that's beautiful… lovely…"

    Mark began to move his heavy penis inside her, rotating it gently, feeling the responsive throb of her inner pussy walls as she flexed her supple interior muscles with a clearly practiced ease. Her cuntal muscles began a milking, rhythmic contraction and squeezing, until he felt that he would explode in her at any moment from the delicious pressure.

    He began to saw in and out of her, loving the way she thrust back against him as he plunged to enter, and thrilling to the way she tightened as he pulled out. Not even his own wife, his own sexual creation, had been this skillful, and Mark felt himself possessing a new and vibrant vitality. He had lost none of his own skill… a skill that had made him very popular with a lot of women at his college before he had met Kate.

    His hands reached forward to squeeze the ripe melons of her breasts hanging enticingly from her gently undulating body. He rubbed the hardening buds of her nipples, running them between his fingers, making her shriek with pleasure. In the back of his mind, something warned him that his wife would be able to hear her shrieking, and think that something was happening to her, but he quickly put that thought out of his mind. There was no way his wife could possibly know that he was fucking Niven. There was no one in the entire world for the cheating newly married young husband for Niven now. No one… NO ONE could possibly derive as much pleasure from fucking as Niven was right now, and her enthusiasm was transmitted to him, making him experience more pleasure than he would have dreamed possible.

    The heated pressure in his body was building up to a fever pitch, and his furiously deep pumping increased in velocity. Their bodies were bucking soundly against each other, jerking and twisting and gyrating and merging as one.

    "God… Niven… that's it… fuck back… fuck back hard… move that ass of yours…" he gasped, his face a sweating mask of lust and passion, his head flailing from side to side.

    "Oooohhh… you… feel… soooooooo gooooooooodddd… inside… me…!" Niven panted, her body cavorting with paroxysms of pleasure. "I'm going to cum… I'm cumming… cumming… almost there… there… I'm… I'm… there… Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

    And Niven was cumming, her buttocks waving like a flag in the wind, the force of her spasms jerking his penis unbearably. Her mouth was uttering incoherent mumbles, and her shrieks were as wild and unabashed as the rest of her vibrant way of thinking, but Mark didn't have time to consider any of this, because he was cumming too. A deep, harsh strangled moan escaped his throat as he pounded his hips against Niven's thrashing buttocks with the power of a jackhammer, and he moaned again and again as he felt the first rumblings of his seething sperm escape the darkness of his balls and rush headlong like molten lava into the depths of her milking vagina. Stream after stream, like a flooding unending river, entered her cunt from the throbbing tube of his penis, filling the hot, slippery canal of her thirsting pussy.

    "Keep… fucking… back… fuck back… fuck back!" he hissed, his voice hoarse with the lust he felt. Finally, though, it was all over for him, and he noticed, with disappointment, the last dregs of his cum-juice being drained from him. Finally he was satiated, and they lay against each other, his penis deflated and flaccid, both panting, their commingled juices flowing from Niven's pussy lips and staining the carpet below her.

    As he lay there, Mark found that he was now able to think clearly… more clearly than he had been able since he had walked out of his next-door apartment. All his frustration and lust had been spent, allowing his mind to dwell on what had just taken place.

    My God! I've just fucked another woman… a woman who is not my wife!!!

    Even though he realized that she had all but raped him, he knew that he should have managed to keep himself under control. When he had made his marriage vows, he had truly meant them, and here, at the first chance he had had, he had merely cast them aside in favor of a few moments of pleasure. No matter how seductive Niven had been, there was no real reason for him to weaken as he had. He had married his wife because he loved her, and trying to hide from their problems by running out, getting drunk and fucking another woman wouldn't solve anything.

    In fact, since Niven was his next-door neighbor, it would only make things worse. Meeting this lovely young blonde woman again was inevitable, and he wondered how he could look her in the face. She had been nothing but a vent for his lust. That was all she was to him, and he didn't know how he would be able to tell her that… not after what they had just done!

    He heard Niven stirring next to him, getting her strength back before he did.

    "Are you always this quiet after you fuck?" she asked, lifting her naked body up and looking down at him. There was a playful smile on her face, as though she didn't take any of this seriously.

    Mark opened his eyes and looked up at her, his face no longer contorted with conflict or arousal, but wrinkled with worry… and a sense of guilt.

    "There… there's something I have to tell you," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. Now that his mind was cleared, he was actually afraid that his wife would hear him through the walls.

    "Ooohhh… do you have a disease?" she asked, her voice sounding strangely child-like. For the first time since he had met her, Mark wasn't certain about her age. At first, she had acted and carried herself as though she was his age… college age.

    But now he wasn't so sure. She seemed… younger… much younger!

    "Uuuuhhh… no. No, Niven, this might come as a shock to you…"

    "But you live in this very building?"

    Mark opened his mouth in shock. Niven smiled teasingly, remembering that Martin had told her to keep Mark off balance as much as she could without telling him everything.

    "How… how did… how did you know?"

    Something wasn't right. It hadn't really occurred to him before, but things had fallen into place just a little too easily. Niven had come into the bar right behind him, and she had acted as though he were just more than a casual pick up for her. There had been other men in the bar, but Niven had singled him out. This had all the smell of a set up… but who…? Why…?

    "Lucky guess, love," she said, enjoying the conflict that was evident in his face. She came to a standing position and held herself over him as he remained on the floor. Like most people, Mark felt a little funny now about being naked in front of a near stranger, especially since he had just fucked her. But Niven was prancing around as though she were wearing a nun's habit. Clothes or no clothes were both the same to her, and it placed her in the superior position of command, as she had been all evening.

    "I could make some other guesses about you that would really turn that nice brown hair white," she said teasingly as she picked up her glass from where she had set it and began sipping on it.

    "Like what?" Mark was getting a little pissed. She was too cock-sure of herself… knowing something that he didn't.

    "Well… I'll bet you live right there," she said, pointing to the wall that separated his apartment from hers.

    Mark stiffened.

    "And I'll guess… you're a newly-wed, and you and your wife have been having a few problems. Hard day at the office indeed."

    She was acting as though she were leading him on to something, and Mark finally came to a standing position. He was going to find out what was happening here. He walked threateningly toward Niven, rage beginning to form in his eyes.

    "And I would guess that your wife isn't alone right now," she said, timing her information perfectly. Mark stopped dead in his tracks, his teeth gritting. She was playing games with him, and he didn't like games. He liked everything up front so he could deal with it on a rational level.

    "Suppose you tell me just what you mean by that," he seethed between his teeth. His hands were clenching and unclenching in tight little balls, and Niven's coy, child-like smile wasn't helping him any.

    "I… uh… I don't exactly live alone," Niven said with a flourish of her hands around the apartment. "I have… shall we say, a lover? Martin, and he's a really nice man."

    "Yeah… So?"

    "So he's not here at the moment, and I don't think he'll be back for a while. But he's not too far away. Right next door in fact. You really shouldn't go away and leave your wife without fucking her when she really wants you."

    Mark could feel his blood starting to boil. The innuendoes she was making her having a powerful effect on him. He reached out to her, but she moved cat-like away from him, his hands grabbing empty air where her throat had been. Niven wasn't frightened, but she sensed that she had to top off Martin's plan fast before Mark lost all rational control.

    "You can't really blame her, after what you just did to me," she said, calmly, evenly, softly.

    Again Mark stopped. Visions passed through his mind… visions of Niven sitting next to him in the bar… of him coming to her apartment with her, trying to make himself believe that nothing was going to happen. He could see that he had just been fooling himself. If he didn't want anything to happen… if he hadn't really wanted to fuck her, he would have just told her to get lost.

    And there was another vision in his mind now… his wife, her naked body, her long legs spread wide, her cunt throbbing and eager…

    That vision made him see red before his eyes, and he took a threatening step toward Niven, who slowly walked to the door of her apartment.

    "You're lying," he said, hoping that, by saying that, he could believe it. Even now, he wasn't sure but that he was being teased and led on for some strange reason.

    "Could be," she said, shrugging her naked, softly rounded shoulders. "But suppose we go take a look."

    And with that she opened the door to her apartment and slipped into the hall. Mark stopped at the door, watching her walk the short length to his own apartment. She stood at his door and looked at him.

    "This is your place, I believe," she said, chuckling when Mark, uncaring that he was as naked as she was, moved with determination through the hall.

    "Get away from there," he said roughly, pushing her aside. He flung the door of his apartment open, and stepped inside…

    Only to halt himself just in the door-way.

    There were two people right there in the middle of the floor… two naked people…

    And one of them was his wife!

    She was resting on her hands and knees, while some total stranger was fucking his long thick cock in and out of her ass!!!

    Mark couldn't believe that Kate would actually allow another man to touch her, let alone fuck her in her rectum. This had to be a dream… some sort of joke. That couldn't be his wife there! She had to be an impostor… an actress hired by Niven and that creep behind her for some reason.

    "Oooohhh… fuck me in the ass hard… hard," Kate moaned, so wrapped up in her impending orgasm that she failed to notice her husband standing some three feet from her.

    "Looks like I was pretty good on the guessing," Niven chortled into Mark's ear.

    "Shut up, slut," Mark said, too many things happening all at once for him to know what to do. He turned around to strike at Niven, more out of frustration than hatred, but his hand motion was stopped by the high-pitched wail of his wife crouching on the floor of his apartment.

    "Ooooohhhh… I'm cumming… I'm cumming… now… now… now!!! Cccc-uuuu-mmmmm-iiii-nnn-gggg!!!"

    Mark spun around just in time to see her body flailing and thrashing, and he was seized by a powerful determination to rush into his apartment and beat the living shit out of both his wife and that creep behind her.

    But he couldn't move, so total was his shock, and he stared with hate-glazed eyes as the man behind Kate increased the speed of his pumping into her ass, his hips moving so fast that to Mark's liquor-dimmed mind they were but a blur.

    As she cried out, Martin could feel his own body responding to her orgasm. He felt the white hot sperm gathering and surging in his throbbing balls, welling up like a churning seed!

    He was cumming too!

    "Aaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!" he cried, feeling himself almost ready to shoot his mighty load like a canon into her hot steaming anus.

    "Ooooooohhhhhh…here it comes!!!"

    He was seized by convulsive spasms as his bulging, blood-gorged cock shot the torrent of searing, white hot cum deep into her. She could feel the boiling, surging river enter her like molten steel, streaming into her loins and seeming to spread out through her entire exploding body. On and on it came, a never ending rocket-load of turbulent jism. Martin could feel it streaming through his long penis and gushing through the rubbery head of his cock.

    "Ooooohhhhhh…yyyyyeeeeesss…!!!" Kate moaned. The sensation of having a man's semen in her ass was strange and exciting, and as it went stinging through her stretched rectal walls, her throbbing cunt secreted its own thick fluids as she responded to his wild moans and cries.

    Still standing at the door, Mark could no longer stand the sight of another man fucking his wife… especially in her ass… a place where he himself had not placed his cock.

    Forgetting that he was naked… that Niven was also naked… Mark emitted a low, threatening snarl and stepped into his apartment, walking quickly toward the man who was sodomizing his wife.

    "You fucking ass hole," he said, his hands moving up to grip Martin's throat. "I ought to…"

    And the room was shattered by a low animal growl, and Mark felt the blood leave his face as he saw the massive German shepherd slowly, but surely, placing himself within striking range of his naked body.


    The force of her second orgasm was just too much for Kate, and as she collapsed forward onto the floor, she allowed her head to turn to one side and her mind to drift to some ethereal plane. Dimly, she heard voices buzzing around her, occasionally punctuated by the growl of an angry-sounding dog, but she felt so wonderful that nothing mattered to her. She lay on her heaving belly, panting to catch her breath, totally unaware that her husband had entered the room and was followed by a lovely naked woman.

    But if Kate was completely out of it, Martin was in complete command of his faculties. Mark's initial entrance had startled him, but with Siegfried coming to his aid, the young black-haired man quickly gathered his thoughts. He could see that every part of his plan had worked perfectly. Niven's lush, naked body was still carrying the warm afterglow of her recent fucking with Mark, and she gave her lover a little wink.

    "Well, looks like the husband has finally found out that he can't take his wife for granted," Martin said, coming to a standing position and reaching down to pet Siegfried. He smiled as he watched Mark's fear-filled face stare at the still growling dog. "Don't tell me you're surprised that your wife let other guys fuck her to get those things she really wants."

    Mark was having just a little trouble collecting his thoughts. The shock of seeing his wife being fucked in the ass by a total stranger… the nagging feeling that he had been set up… played for a patsy by the lovely blonde girl who had picked him up in the bar… the threatening massive beast that was in his apartment… everything was making it hard for him to think.

    "I, uh, believe you were going to tell me what you ought to do," Martin said, staring directly into Mark's eyes and waiting for him to come around.

    Mark was finally able to take his gaze away from the dog when he could tell that the huge beast was under Martin's control.

    "I ought to break your neck," he said in a low, seething voice. "Just who the hell do you think you are, coming in here and fucking my wife?"

    "Will you listen to him," Martin said, smiling at Niven. "He wants to know what right I have fucking his wife." Then, turning his glance back to Mark, he said, "Listen, jerk, don't you stand there with your cock hanging loose next to my naked woman and ask me about my rights. You're a married man. Suppose you tell your wife just what you and Niven were doing in my apartment. Playing strip poker?"

    Mark clenched his teeth. He didn't care at that point about the dog. He was going to wring the kid's neck, and no dog was going to stop him.

    "Kate," Martin said, moving his foot to the moaning redhead's cum-smeared buttocks and jiggling her. "I think it's time you woke up. You have a visitor."


    "Come on, my good woman. Your husband has come home to say hello."

    Hearing that brought Kate immediately to her senses, and she lifted her head, her eyes wide open.

    "Mark!" she said, her pretty face flushing a bright crimson. How could she face her husband after all she had been through.

    Her mouth dropped open when she saw that he was as naked as she was!

    What the hell is going on here? she asked herself.

    "You fucking little slut," Mark said in a cold, hate-filled voice. "The minute my back is turned, you put out for this creep here. I never dreamed that you were nothing but a whore. I'll bet if we lived here long enough, you'd fuck every man in the building but me."

    "Hold on there, buddy-boy," Martin said. "She gave you first crack at her pussy. You didn't want it, so don't go blaming her."

    "You keep out of this," Mark snapped. "What happens between my wife and me is none of your fucking business."

    "You two children woke me up this morning with your yelling," Martin said casually, shrugging his shoulders. "I like to get a good night's sleep and you ruined it. That pisses me off, so I decided to do something about it."

    "Mark… why are you naked?" Kate asked, seeing that there were four people in the room, and all of them were naked. She didn't like the idea that Mark was accusing her of being a slut when he himself looked like he had just fucked another woman.

    And that thought really hit Kate! How could he refuse to fuck her, his wife, and still find the time to fuck… fuck a child, for God's sake. That blonde girl didn't look a day over sixteen!

    "That's none of your business," Mark snapped.

    "It's every bit my business," Kate snapped back, pulling herself up and glaring at her husband. "You wouldn't fuck me this morning because you said you didn't have any time. You were soooooo tired this afternoon. All you wanted to do was have a drink and forget about the day. So tell me… Why are you naked now?"

    All the tension in the room was really getting to Siegfried. He couldn't tell who he should be protecting from whom. He recognized his lovely mistress standing naked next to some man who was yelling at the woman whose cunt he had just licked, and the great dog decided that the strange man was the enemy of everyone else. He sat down next to Martin and kept his eyes fixed on Mark.

    "Well… come on, love," Niven said as she walked around from behind Mark and stood next to Siegfried. "Why don't you tell her where your clothes are? Why don't you tell her how you just ripped them off because you couldn't wait to get into my hot little pussy? Why don't you tell her how you fucked me with that big cock of yours."

    "Come on, Mark," Martin taunted. "It's been so long for her that I'm sure she's forgotten."

    And then Kate took a position next to Niven, and the three of them, plus Siegfried, were all staring at him. Mark couldn't believe that he was all alone. Was there no sanity in the world? Was everyone against him? Didn't anybody understand?

    "I'll tell you something, Niven," Martin said after a moment of silence. "I've never seen such children as these two, and I've seen some pretty stupid people doing some pretty stupid things."

    "And I'll tell you something lover," Niven said almost absentmindedly. "Mark really fucks pretty good. I would think that Kate could hold off for his cock. I really can't blame her for weakening to Siegfried. She did weaken, I gather."

    "Are you kidding? All he did was touch his tongue to her cunt and she was off and running."

    "Martin!" Kate was shocked. Up to this point, she had been feeling very self-righteous. Twice her husband had walked out on her after she had tried her best, and seeing him naked with another woman had made the young wife feel totally justified that she had let Martin fuck her in the ass. But now her husband knew about how she had let Siegfried lick her to orgasm.

    "You mean… you and… and that dog…" Mark couldn't believe that his wife would actually do something like that. What had happened to that meek, almost shy woman he had married?

    "Oh, knock it off, will you?" Martin said, his voice betraying a great deal of boredom. "You and that wife of yours love each other. Otherwise, the two of you wouldn't be so shocked by what the other did. Niven and I set this whole thing up. I figured that the two of you needed a little outside help, for God's sake. I was right. Now don't go pissing everything away by worrying about what happened less than an hour ago. The time has come for the two of you to make up."

    "After what she did…" Mark started.

    "After what he did…" Kate said at the same time.

    "Mark… why don't you just suck your wife's cunt?" Martin suggested. "I have a sneaking suspicion that if you gave her what she really wants, you won't have anything to worry about with her fucking all the men in the building."

    Both husband and wife were shocked by the blatancy of his words. "You mean… right here… now…? Suck my wife's pussy… with everyone watching?"

    "That's exactly what I mean," Martin said. "I set this whole thing up because I wanted to see the two of you get back together, and I'm not going to leave until that happens. Of course, if you don't want to supply your wife with the fucking she needs, I'd be more than willing to stand in for you."

    Martin meant every word of that. He never bluffed, and to prove it, he reached out and ran his hand lightly over Kate's right breast, letting his fingers open and close around the succulent flesh of her passion-swelling orb.

    "You keep your hands off her," Mark said quickly. "I… I can take care of my own wife."

    "Then prove it," Martin said. "Get down and suck her. This I have to see."

    Kate and Mark looked at each other, not exactly knowing how to start. Mark had licked Kate's cunt before, on the honeymoon. But that had been when they were all alone in the hotel room. Doing something like that with so many people watching…

    "Get down on the floor, Kate," Martin instructed. "Make it a little easier for him. Shit, woman, you were complaining that he didn't fuck you. What the hell are you waiting for?"

    "Well… there's you and…"

    "Just do it and quit bitching," Niven said, looking at Mark for a moment and then returning her attention to Siegfried, who was watching the proceedings attentively. There were two naked women in the room, and his sense of smell could tell that both of them were aroused. He wondered which one he would get a chance to fuck!

    Seeing that there was really nothing to stop her, Kate took the incentive. She lowered herself and stretched out languorously on the floor, her soft round buttocks digging into the rug, her arms stretched high above her head. Mark fell to his knees beside her, and after regarding her for a moment, he let his hands begin to roam hotly over her exposed body. He felt like such a fool for running out on her like he had. The more he thought about it, the more sense Martin made. Why shouldn't he lick his wife's cunt with other people watching? It was pretty obvious that there were no secrets among the little gathering, not after all he had seen. In a moment, he managed to mold his wife's body into twitching desire.

    Kate felt spasmodic jolts of pleasure ripple through her as the air of the room played over her feverish flesh. She felt Mark's strong hands close over her buttocks from underneath, then slip up to her thighs, drawing them apart, lifting up the plane of her pubis like a lascivious chalice. His fingertips slid freely into the red jungle of her cuntal mound, and he wormed them into her willing vagina, sending her into further spasms of delight. She was responding to him, her whole body twisting and jerking as he teased her lovingly between her wide-spread thighs. It suddenly made no difference that there were two other people in the room. She had her husband back, and that was all that mattered.

    Changing his approach, Mark withdrew his hands, then slowly, gently, drew them over the flat plane of her abdomen, kneading the smoothly pliant flesh as though he were exploring her for the first time, before descending once more into the ever-moistening red curls of her pubic fleece. He stretched out his middle finger and teased it along the length of her moistly welcoming cuntal furrow.

    "Oooooohhhhh… aaaaahhhh…" Kate moaned in a long, soft abandoned manner. She groaned again, her body slowly jackknifing under his caressing. Pinwheels of light flashed in the backs of her eyes.

    Mark looked for a moment away from the glistening slit of his wife's cunt, his eyes pleading with Martin to leave, so he could be alone with his wife. There were so many things that had to be said. He could fuck her later, he reasoned, after the air between them had been cleared.

    Martin seemed to know what was running through Mark's mind, though, and he merely smiled, his own penis getting larger and swollen. Absent mindedly, he reached out and circled his arm around Niven, pulling her blonde nakedness tight against his powerful frame.

    Seeing that Martin and Niven were going to be staying around until he finished with his wife, he returned his attention to Kate. He gazed at her nakedness as though he were in deep meditation. His thumbs moved against the swollen outer lips of her pussy and slowly pressed the soft, hair-fringed lips apart. He studied the ragged delicate edges of the moist pink flesh as though he were seeing it for the first time as they trembled to the pulse-beat of her aroused desire. He could see the burgeoning knob of her clitoris, palpitating to an anxious rhythm between the fleshy protective lips. Below it was the pale star guarding the entrance to her seething velvet passage. His mouth hung loose as he gazed with increasing interest at his wife's eagerly awaiting pussy. How could he have been such a fool, he wondered? Not even Niven's sweet pussy, with all its blonde beauty and experience, could match the delightfulness of the vagina of the woman he had married.

    Then he rose up and suddenly enclosed one delicate bud of her breast in his mouth, licking and savoring its passionate hardness and swirling it around and around with his tongue, bringing moan after moan from Kate. He removed his mouth and smiled lovingly at her, wanting her to know that he would forgive her if she would forgive him. She was not looking at him though. She was already letting her body become lost in the glowing pleasures her husband was finally bringing her. Seeing that she had already forgotten about his one transgression, he enclosed the other breast nipple in his mouth and teased it to the same hardness as the first before trailing his lips down along the flat stretch of her torso between the deep-clefted valley of her luscious mounds. He stopped for a lingering moment at her navel to probe and stab the tiny aperture with his darting tongue. Then he moved lower still until he was poised over her moist, quivering cuntal mound.

    Kate was tense with excitement. This is what she had wanted him to do this morning… and this evening when he had come home from work. Even though she knew she was being watched, she didn't care. She was going to have her husband back, and that was all that mattered to her. Even the wonderful cunt-licking Siegfried had given her vanished from her mind as she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth with ecstatic anticipation.

    Mark settled down on his knees between her smooth widespread thighs, his fingers opening and closing in the flesh of her trim, shapely legs, his eyes fixed on the dripping pink blossom of her cunt. He too was smiling in anticipation.

    And then he darted out with his tongue, giving her a clean, searing swipe all along the quivering slit of her shivering vagina.

    "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!" she moaned as his long tongue slapped at her, probed and searched in her trembling slit. There was no doubt in her mind. Even with two total strangers watching, her husband's tongue on her cunt was wildly exciting. Visions of the time they had spent together in their honeymoon room flashed through her brain, and she knew that she was going to relive those pleasures.

    Mark's lingual assault gathered in intensity as he sensed that she no longer cared about the audience. His tongue began long, slow sweeping strokes along the juicy split of her greedily pulsating cunt. His lips were nipping and pulling at the stray wisps of her flaming pubic hair, bringing moan after passionate moan from her parted lips. He thrust his tongue into the smooth membrane of her deepest secret folds, teasing at the soft, fleece-rimmed lips that guarded the burning channel of her cunt. His teeth inserted themselves through the swollen pussy lips and bit at the warm wet layers inside while he inhaled the deep heady aromas of her flowering womanhood.

    He continued to slaver ecstatically at Kate's hungering pussy, wringing a delirium of incredible sensations from the electrified zone of her loins. This was no cheap pick up, as Niven had been. This was his wife… the woman he loved, and he could see now that he had been acting like a child that morning.

    His mouth dived into her cunt, making loud sucking noises that seemed to fill the entire apartment. Kate's hands were already clutching at his hair, the way she clutched there when he had first done this to her. She was pulling his head tighter and tighter against her pulsing, throbbing clitoris as she shrieked out in unabashed joy as he surrounded the tiny knob with his teeth, holding it delicately. He ran the tip of his agile tongue round and round, over and under the near bursting organ, causing her to shake and flail her legs with the massive tremors sweeping through her body.

    This was better than she could have hoped. Even though there were no words passing between them, Kate knew what her husband was thinking. This was his way of telling her that he forgave her for letting Martin fuck her in the ass. He was bringing her so much pleasure now that he couldn't be telling her anything else. And he was also telling her how sorry he was for leaving her alone when she wanted him… needed him.

    Mark stretched his mouth down, sticking his tongue along the smooth lubricated furrow to the throbbing delicate opening of her vagina. He began to orally fuck her in earnest, harder and faster, slipping the hot stiffness of his tongue into her voraciously clasping hole, relishing the excitedly flowing pussy juices, hearing her whimpering as he swirled his tongue labial member around the velvet-lined chamber of her cuntal orifice. His hands slipped beneath her desperately pumping thighs and pulled them farther apart until they were flung high over his hunched down shoulders. Her entire pubic area was leaning towards his churning face, a soft, seething offering to his passion. Kneading the doughy white buttocks, he strained them apart as he thrust his invading tongue once more in the melted flesh of her cunt.

    Kate's demented screams of animal joy echoed through the room, blasting at the ears of Martin, Niven and Siegfried, who was certain that any moment now he would get a chance to mount the passionately squirming woman.

    "god! Oooohhh God!" she wailed again and again as her husband's lashing tongue whipped and seared like a hungry child's between her open thighs.

    Then his tongue left her burning cuntal channel and trailed downwards toward the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath was ragged now. She fought for air in great gulps, moaning in rapture. She rocked her pelvis up against his rattling tongue as high as she could bring it, forcing it into searing wet contact with her still-cum flooded anal passage.

    Kate's body danced and shook uncontrollably now under his lascivious assault. Torrent after torrent of wild unleashed sensual joy ran riot through her entire being.

    Mark drooled and licked and sucked, worming his saliva-slicked tongue far up into her now rhythmically flexing rectum, reveling in the gyrations of her lust-contorted body. He knew that she had passed beyond caring that there were people watching, just as he had. She was drawing near a mind bending climax, and he was proud that he was the one bringing it to her.

    "Oooohhh…Mark! Mark! Your tongue… it's driving me crazy. I love it licking my cunt and shoved up into my asshole!"

    He began to establish an insistent rhythm, driving his tongue deeper and harder… deeper and harder into the tiny clenched lips of her rectum, and then suddenly pulled it away to return to her glistening, soaking vaginal slit and the wispy soft hairs around her pulsating cunt lips.

    Looking up momentarily, he saw her sweat-drenched breasts framing her beautifully grimacing face, her mouth flung open in distorted passion. Dropping his head, he returned his tongue to its task, and he knew that he was driving her out of her mind from the oral fucking he was giving her.

    Still standing and watching them, Martin and Niven were also aroused by the sights and sounds of the cunt sucking Mark was giving his lovely wife.

    "I think it's about time we taught the two of them just a little more, don't you?" Martin said, looking at Niven's lovely nakedness. He could see that her breast nipples had become hard and distended, and his cock was jutting out from his dark haired loins at a painfully acute angle. His heavy balls were aching from the load of semen forming there, and he knew that he would have to do something about that… and fast!

    "What did you have in mind, love?" Niven asked.

    "Something that can take care of the both of us," he told her. "Suppose you get that cunt of yours over Kate's face. There's no reason why she and her husband should have all the fun, now is there?"

    "No reason that I can think of," Niven grinned. She took the several steps toward Kate's face, followed closely by Siegfried.

    "You stay out of this one," she cautioned her dog. "There's more going on here than you'll ever understand."

    Even though his animal loins were aching, the fucking he had given Kate a little while ago had left him somewhat satisfied, and he did as his mistress told him.

    Niven glanced at Martin and shrugged her softly rounded shoulders. He indicated that she should get on with it.

    Kate writhed on the rug, mewling incessantly, tossing beneath Mark's insanely slobbering tongue until she was certain she would lose her mind from the sheer sexual pleasure. Her hungry, greedy cunt lips crawled and nibbled over his liquid-smeared face. Her thighs clamped tight on his wet skin, holding his head in her vise of hotly demanding flesh.

    Suddenly, Kate's perspiring, lust-contorted face was enveloped by a soft, wet tickling mass of flesh pressing down on her, covering her nose and mouth and rubbing insistently against her. For a moment confusion reigned and then with a sudden dawning she realized…

    That woman her husband had fucked was straddling her face! She had planted her wet open pussy on her mouth! It was grasping, eager, demanding to be licked, just as Kate's own vagina was being caressed orally by her husband!

    For a moment, Kate didn't know what to do, and then, suddenly, instinctively, her tongue shot out and she tasted, for the first time in her life, the flowing cuntal fluids of another woman. Her hands slid up, reaching under the girl's slender thighs and digging into her wet, golden fleece. She's a real blonde all right, Kate thought in the back of her mind as her tongue set to work diligently on the throbbing pink flesh rimming her nose and mouth. Mark was still swirling his tongue maddeningly around inside her own cunt, shooting tidal waves of pleasure up the length of her body, and she in turn began to transmit the mad licking from below to a new goal, to the searing demanding flesh of another woman's cunt.

    Martin let Niven get herself settled for a moment, and then he walked up to her, holding his massively swollen penis with one hand.

    "How's she doing, cunty love?" he asked, smiling when he saw that Niven was already swept up in the throes of rapture. "Suppose you take care of this cock of mine while your pussy is being licked."

    Niven opened her eyes and stared at the thickly veined cock being held up to her face. She reached out with her hands to caress the huge pulsating hardness, low crooning sounds of animal pleasure emerging from her throat as she felt it jerk and throb. She was delighted that she was going to get a chance to suck his penis again. He had been so busy planning everything that the whole day had gone by without her fucking her after the morning.

    The young blonde shifted her weight so she was kneeling comfortable, then lowered her face toward Martin's long erect cock. Her golden hair brushed against his legs as her little pink tongue darted out to lick the small pearl of moisture from the glans of his stiffened penis, and to swirl in quick wet circles around the exposed red cockhead.

    "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…" Martin groaned, starting to undulate his hips up against her face. "Yeah… suck it good… suck my cock real good," he hissed.

    The young blonde girl began to lick over the entire length of his pungent tasting cock. The distinctive male odor rising to meet her face filled her with abandoned delight, and she lowered her face to gently mouth the lust-bloated hairy sac of his testicles.

    Then a blissful moan escaped Niven's lips as she ovalled her mouth and enclosed Martin's swollen penis in her warm, wet cavern. Hungrily, she sucked at the stiffened length of his cock, drawing it as deep as it would go until her whole throat was stuffed with he hard male flesh. She ran her tongue teasingly around the warm, bloated glans, delighting in the way his wild jerks were pressing the head of his cock against the back of her throat. Her lips were painfully strained… Martin must have been really aroused to have his cock so swollen this time, and she was glad for the subtle drawn out agony which only served to heighten her own passion. Grinding her eagerly quivering vagina tighter against Kate's sucking mouth, she began to tease her lover's pulsing penis by nibbling gently up and down the entire length of the blood-engorged shaft.

    So much was happening that Kate couldn't comprehend it all. She looked up and around Niven's thighs to see that the young girl had taken into her mouth the whole of Martin's thick, hard cock, and the sight aroused her more than she would have thought possible. She licked and sucked blindly at the tightly grinding pussy above her, tasting the flowing lubrication, slapping and darting her tongue in a new-found ecstasy of oral stimulation. She shifted her gaze so she could see the swelling tip of the young girl's clitoris as it nestled between the thin protective lips. She discovered the small star-like hole guarding the cuntal entrance and plunged her tongue into it, making the other woman moan with delight around the mouth filling cock she was sucking. She swept her tongue along the full length of Niven's crotch, diving into her wet folds, traveling into her softly waving pubic curls.

    Martin couldn't see what Kate was doing to Niven, but he could tell what effect it was having on the blonde girl. She was sucking his penis with an intensity he had never known from her before.

    "Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt… like that… like that… you suck my cock so gooooooooood…" he groaned, driven almost out of his mind by the shuddering waves of pleasure that shot through his body as Niven's sharp little teeth sank into his aching, throbbing penis.

    Niven locked her ovalled lips as tight as she could around the huge rod of male flesh plunging up into her mouth. Her tongue felt the urgent pulsing of the swollen veins on the underside of his excitedly thrusting penis, and she knew his orgasm was only moments away. She wanted him to hurry. She could feel her own climax coming on with the force of an earthquake, and she desperately wanted to cum when he did.

    Down below, though she was only vaguely aware that she was bringing it about, Kate was doing her best to make Niven cum at the same time as Martin. Lingering over the tiny red tip of the young girl's wildly excited clitoris, she grasped it expertly between her teeth and teased it, swirling it around and around with her wanton tongue. She was reveling in her new power, the strange unexpected pleasure of giving excitement to another woman. She heard Niven sighing and moaning around the cock that was deeply implanted in her mouth and she continued to lick and suck at the tender flesh. It tasted wonderfully delightful. It was incredible, the feelings that were engendered in her by being sucked between her legs by her husband while she herself slavered at another woman's cunt.

    And that woman was sucking on a man's cock!

    She was part of a wild foursome of nakedly writhing bodies, and she loved it.

    As she heard Martin's animalistic groans well above her head, she kissed and slathered in Niven's warmly scented pussy, feeling the soft quivering fringes of her cunt flesh ring her nose and mouth, feeling the excited throbbing of her vaginal walls close around her probing tongue, feeling her smooth thighs encase her bobbing head, clamping it there, making her tongue go deeper into the elastic chamber, while below, Mark was showering demonic frenzied lashes of his tongue on her own agonized cunt.

    Both women were panting heavily, each of their groans muffled by the genitals filling their faces. They were madly increasing their momentum, a frenzied, headlong velocity charged their fierce movements…

    Niven sucked furiously on the long thick penis fucking into her face. Hot flames of lust rose from her moisture and saliva-drenched pussy, and with each passing second, the heated waves of her desire grew more and more intense.

    Desperation controlling her now, she reached behind Martin to grasp his sperm-bloated balls with one hand and stick her middle finger up his puckering anus.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the guttural cry rose deep from Martin's throat as he felt the first spurt of hot thick cum shoot from his aching testicles and begin its seething rush along the length of his jerking cock. An instant later, the lust-heated fluid squirted into Niven's madly sucking mouth, and every muscle and nerve in his orgasming young body exploded as wave after wave of the mind-shattering climax swept over him.

    The heated flow of his semen in her mouth was just the thing that triggered the impending orgasm in Niven's own heated loins. His ear-piercing cry blasted at Niven's mind and seemed to echo again and again inside her head.

    "Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiitttt… I'm cumming… cuuuuuummmmiinngg!"

    "Oooohhhhhhhh! Yes… yes…" Niven chanted, her voice matching Martin's perfectly. "I'm cumming too… aaaaaaaaggggghhhhh…"

    And her hips were grinding tighter and tighter into Kate's face. It was getting hard for the young wife to breathe, and her face was covered with the copious flow of Niven's internal juices. The wanton blonde continued to suck with a mindless passion at Martin's huge jerking penis, trying to swallow every last drop of his acrid-tasting sperm, while at the same time pounding her hips and loins against Kate's trapped mouth, her breasts jiggling and bobbing like buoys at sea, until finally, her cumming was over, and she slipped from Kate's tangled head and sprawled to one side, her lips still locked tightly of Martin's shrinking penis.

    Kate could now breathe freely, and her first reaction was to take a deep, shuddering breath.

    "Oooooohhhhh… keep licking my cunt… keep licking my cunt…" she begged her husband, opening and closing her thighs around his tightly pressing face. "I'm nearly there… keeeeep suckinggggggg…"

    Her whole body was distorted with lust and passion, her voice hoarse with the emotions of her abandoness.

    "Keep licking my cunt!" she screamed, "I'm going to… to…ccccccccccc-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-mmm-mmmmmmmm-iiiiii-nnnnnn-ggggg!!!!!"

    Then her body was thrashing and flailing like a belly dancer, completely out of control, her naked cunt pounding up against her laboring husband's face. Her head was tossing from side to side, her eyes open and glazed with passion. Her fingers were clutching at his brown hair, pulling strands out as she wailed again and again, and an orgasmic stream of her cum fluid cascaded against Mark's face.

    "Oh…God… it's soooooooo… good…!" she gasped again and again, her body controlled completely by paroxysms of pleasure which jolted her like an electric prod.

    Mark pulled his face from between her loosening thighs and looked down at her. She was laying completely still, a broad grin of total satisfaction creasing her lovely face. The young husband cast his eyes about the room and saw that Martin and Niven were also lost in the after-bliss of their orgasms.

    Only Siegfried was still aware of reality, and as Mark looked at the great beast, he had to smile.

    "Looks like it's just you and me, Fellow," he said softly. "And you look like you could use a good cunt same as me."

    While he had been sucking his wife, his own penis had swollen painfully, and he had hoped that Kate would still be somewhat conscious so he could relieve himself the way he had relieved her. Even Niven looked as though she would take quite some time to come around.

    The brown haired husband knelt straight up on his knees, his massive penis sticking out from his hairy loins like a giant pink tree. The more he looked at the near-sleeping nakedness of his wife, the more excited he became, but he decided that it would be well worth the wait for her to come around.

    When she finally did open her eyes, it was at the same time as Martin and Niven. For a long time, no one could say anything. Then Martin pulled himself to a standing position.

    "Well… I hope the two of you can see just how foolish you've been."

    Kate lowered her eyes and smiled. Mark did indeed feel foolish, and he resolved then and there that he would never leave his wife alone when she wanted him. Hell… life was too short not to take all he could. His marriage was more important than his job, and being a little late wouldn't make any difference at all.

    Siegfried began to grow more and more impatient. With the scent of two naked women filling the room, it was all he could do to control himself, and he was certain that everyone had forgotten him. He leaped down from the couch where he had been patiently waiting and snuggled up tight against Niven.

    "Well… looks like we have someone here who would like another round," the young blonde girl said with glee.

    "He's such an amazing little cunt licker… Did you train him yourself?" Kate asked with admiration.

    "Uh huh," Niven answered. She told the red-haired wife how she had run away from home and was picked up by the police. Since her parents didn't want her back, she had been put in a home for runaways, and one of the women there had a dog. "So when Martin found me, I had him get me Siegfried."

    "Ooooooohhhhhh… you've really had a bad time of it," Kate said, feeling sorry. "I really wish there was something we could do for you."

    "I'll second that," Mark said. "Kate and I… we owe you our marriage."

    "I think something could be worked out," Martin said.

    "And you would be the person to come up with something," Mark said pleasantly. "You're quite a bright young man."

    Martin beamed. He had known all along what he was going to do at this point. "Suppose the three of you go into the bedroom and take care of Siegfried. I'm certain Niven will have some pretty interesting ideas in that department."

    "Good idea," Mark said. "But what about you?"

    "I have to go to the apartment for something, I'll join you a little later," he answered.

    Niven squealed her delight and brought her arms around Kate and Mark. The three of them went into the bedroom, followed by Siegfried. Niven was already suggesting things that the four of them could do.

    Martin waited until they were out of sight, and then he gathered his clothes. Slipping into his pants, he slinked through the hall to pack those things he really wanted. All the rest could be left behind. He really didn't need anything that he couldn't buy later, and he still had more than enough money to buy what he had to…


    The morning sunlight streamed in through the bedroom window of the Hutchs' apartment. Siegfried who had fallen asleep on the bed sandwiched between the naked bodies of Niven and Kate, opened his eyes and looked around. It smelled like early morning to him, but he was eager and ready to get started on another day. He couldn't remember a time when he had had so much fun as the night before. He was totally exhausted from licking and fucking the two women, sometimes sharing them with the man who was still asleep on the other side of the bed. He liked the new people he had spent the night with, and he could sense he would be spending a lot more time with them. His animal mind noticed that a strong bond had been formed between the young blonde girl who was his mistress and the two people who lived in the apartment next to his. And the new man didn't mind at all sharing either of the women with him.

    He got to his feet and went over to sniff at the blonde girl, his actions waking her. When Niven stirred, she woke Kate and Mark.

    "Uuuuuuummmmm… good morning," Kate said in a sleepy voice, looking at the clock and noticing that there was a good hour before Mark had to get up and go to work.

    "Good morning, love," the husband said, slipping his arm around his wife's naked waist. "Shit, I don't think I'll ever recover from last night."

    "Where's Martin?" Niven asked, a slight panic giving an edge to her voice.

    "I don't see him," Kate said, lifting her head and looking around. "Didn't he come back at all last night?"

    "Jesus," Niven said, pulling herself off the bed and wandering out of the bedroom into the living room. "I thought he did, but there was so much fucking I couldn't tell which end was up."

    Kate and Mark followed her out of the bedroom, both of them slipping into their bathrobes. Even though they had just spent a passionate, lust-filled night with her, they still felt a little uncomfortable about walking around in the nude.

    "It doesn't look as though he was here at all last night," Niven said. "All his clothes are gone."

    As though she were in a panic, she bolted from Kate's and Mark's apartment through the hall to her own.

    Everything was still there, though there was no sign of Martin. A closer, more careful look revealed that his suitcase and some of his favorite clothes were gone. Kate and Mark came up behind her, looking around for some sign of the man who had completely changed their lives. Niven was so distraught that she looked like she would go all to pieces, and this baffled Mark. She had seemed so strong, so confident. He didn't think it was possible for her to fall apart like this.

    Kate was in possession of herself a little more than Niven, and she found an envelope addressed to the three of them, and Siegfried! Opening it, she quickly read through Martin's poor handwriting, trying to make out what he had said. Niven was leaning up against Mark for support, trying her best not to cry. It seemed to her as though her whole world had collapsed around her. She had known that Martin would leave someday, but she had not wanted to think about it until she had to. Now, the only thing on her mind was that she was alone, and the possibility that she would have to go back to the half-way home depressed her terribly.

    "It says here that he thanks us all for being such good sports about his adventure," Kate said. "He wishes the four of us the best, and he hopes that Mark and I will look after you."

    "He what?" Mark said, still trying to clear the cob-webs from his sleepy mind.

    "He mentions something about adopting Niven," Kate continued. "He thinks the two of us will give her the guidance she still needs."

    "Adopt…? How old are you, anyway?" Mark asked the lovely naked blonde girl.

    "You mean you can't tell? Really? I'm… I'm sixteen," she said, as though she were ashamed to admit it.

    "I thought you seemed a little young," Kate remarked. "You may have seen a lot of the world, but there are still some things you haven't done… important things that were pretty obvious to me."

    "Martin's gone," Niven said, not wanting to believe it but not really having a choice.

    "Hey… come on now," Mark soothed. "You think that Kate and I would just put you out of our lives? After all we've been through, that could never happen. I like the idea of having you around. You might be a little young but there's plenty we could learn from each other."

    "You… you mean that?" Niven was beaming. Martin had been the only good thing that had happened in her life and the thought that something good was going to happen again was almost too much for her to hope for.

    "Sure he means that," Kate told her. "And if Martin hadn't suggested it, I'm sure one of us would have thought of it."

    "Tell you what," Mark said, coming next to his wife and circling his arm around her. "I'll look into the paper work today at work. There should be some legal problems, but nothing to serious."

    Niven was speechless. She couldn't believe that these two wonderful people were actually going to take care of her. It was too much! She couldn't hold back her tears of happiness.

    As she laid her head against Mark's shoulder and cried, Kate leaned over and whispered into his ear. "You think you'll have time for that?"

    "Babe, I'll make the time… for that and a lot of other things," he answered. "We were really lucky. We nipped our problems in the bud. Things could have gone sour before the marriage was started."

    She smiled and gave her husband a light kiss on his ear.

    "This calls for a celebration," Mark said suddenly, "and I know just what we can do about that."

    Kate was beaming, but Niven had one more thing on her mind.

    "Are… are you going to keep Siegfried as well?" she asked.

    "Are you kidding?" Mark said with a false shock. "He's as much a part of all this as you are. Besides… after what I've seen, I don't think the two of you could be totally happy without him."

    "That's some husband you have there," Niven complimented Kate.

    "You aren't telling me anything I don't already know," the brown haired wife said.

    Suddenly both women felt something warm and furry pressing against their legs.

    "Speak of the devil," Niven said.

    "Come on," Mark called, leaving them and heading toward the bedroom in Niven's apartment. "Let's get this party started. Something tells me this is going to be one hell of a day."

    Niven and Kate looked at each other, not wanting to think about how wonderful their lives were going to be. For the lovely naked young girl, it was like the passing of a storm. She was finally going to be with people she liked… people who would not abuse her, and who could teach her the things she needed to know. Her day of having to put up with the shit of being unwanted and used were over.

    But Kate was certain that, no matter what the young girl felt, it couldn't match her own happiness. Not only did she have her husband back, but as she imagined herself looking into the future, she could see that the honeymoon was never going to end after all.

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