The kinky couples


    Janet Howard cringed as she heard her husband's car slam… Damn, she thought to herself, he's home for lunch again.

    Bob and Janet Howard had been married for only a brief seven months, yet already their relationship was beginning to show signs of wear. For one thing, Bob seemed to have a much larger sexual appetite than Janet and it was causing an ever widening gap in their already disintegrating marriage. Not that anything had really ever been said, it was just becoming more and more obvious to Janet that something had to be done to break the pattern.

    For the past two weeks Bob had been popping home for lunch and as he put it, a quickie. Janet wasn't that much into fucking in bed at night, let alone at lunchtime – usually she gave it the "old grin and bear it" attitude but even that was becoming more and more difficult for her.

    "How's my little honey," she heard Bob whisper softly into her ear as he crept up behind her in the kitchen, slipping his arms around her immediately and caressing her voluptuous breasts.

    "Oh come on Bob not again," she complained, "we made love this morning."

    "Never can get enough," sang Bob turning his wife around and planting his lips fully upon hers.

    "If you sold a few more houses for a change we might be in better shape."

    "What's my selling houses got to do with fucking?" he groaned, slipping his hand up his wife's housedress towards the soft resilient curls of her pussy.

    "Not now Bob," Janet said angrily wrenching herself away from her husband's bear-like grasp.

    "I want to fuck you so bad honey," Bob groaned, "I've been thinking about it all morning long."

    "Great… that's why you aren't selling any houses."

    "Oh honey would you get off that kick. Just because I'm not the greatest real-estate salesman in the world isn't enough reason to have you on my case all the time," the young husband groaned.

    Janet thought now of all the hopes she had had before she married Bob. With him in the real-estate business she had dreamed of her own house and all the comforts in life but her dreams were slowly crumbling as she realized that Bob was barely making enough money to feed them.

    The disgruntled young wife walked out of the kitchen into the living room and sat down on the couch, pouting.

    "Oh Janet honey, I love you, you know that. I'll make it good, just you wait and see," whimpered her husband. "Please honey, give me a little loving."

    Janet felt her husband's arms encircle her once again and his insistent mouth press down upon hers. She felt his fingers once again begin to creep up her soft white thighs and she squirmed and whimpered as the tip of his middle finger found the narrow slit of her now sensitively throbbing vagina, rising boldly upward and making sudden, hotly searing contact with the throbbing tip of her clitoris.

    "Oh!" Suddenly the entire area of her thin hairlined vaginal slit was wet and slippery, and rush of unwanted desire permeated Janet's entire body. She strained backward and sucked in her breath, withholding a groan of sudden passion as it rose to her throat. She had to admit it, it felt so good… and yet there was something terrible about the fact that it felt good. She felt herself being pushed down on the couch now, feeling the almost obscene warmth of her husband's finger pressing at the hidden little center of her cunt lips. She felt his hands fondle her trembling body, touching her breasts and vagina until she was so wet between her legs that she felt mortified and embarrassed. Even though he was her husband it seemed indecent and tears of humiliation flowed slowly down her face. He was teasing up into the tenderness of her involuntarily moistening pussy with a tiny, fingering rhythm that made her want to respond by moving her hips and thighs up to his hand.

    "Open your legs!" he whispered to her tenderly, but with an underlying tone of animalistic desire that frightened her. "Let me feel your little cunt wide open honey!"

    "Oh no… Oh God, Bob… Please don't… not now!" she pleaded softly through her tears. "Please don't make me!"

    "That's all you ever say recently honey… what about my rights!" he yelled, angry now.

    "That's not true Bob and you know it… No…" But his fingers were working a lewd magic within the soft confines of her helplessly open pussy, as his hands slowly but inexorably forced her legs apart. His desire hardened cock was nudging insistently against her thigh, and she wondered suddenly how she could have married a man with such an enormous penis. It go so big sometimes that it didn't seem normal, and horrified, she wondered if all men were like that.

    "I've been thinking about fucking you all day honey," he groaned again as he forced the thickness of his fingers up a little higher into the moist darkness of her tightly clenching vaginal opening.

    "Mmmmmmmmm!" Janet reacted to his moan with a little jump.

    "I was trying to show this guy a house this morning and all I could think of was coming home and shoving my hot cock into your delicious little pussy."

    Janet felt her husband's penis give a lurch against the nakedness of her upper thigh and she felt a wave of helplessness come over her as she realized what he was going to do to her. Then she felt his fingers pulling downward, leaving the elastically spread walls of her narrow vagina, exiting with a soft, wet, sucking sound, leaving her insides feeling somehow empty and open. He rolled over on top of her and moved up between her legs, forcing them open with a rapidity that alarmed her, and she cringed backward as he reached down toward her, lifting up the crumpled material of her housedress and removing it by pulling it off over her arms and head. She felt a cool rush of air against her skin as she lay completely uncovered, completely nude before him. She heard him give a little groan of lust as he took in the magnificent sight of her nakedness.

    Her full round breasts peak upward proudly… Bob Howard loved his wife's body, especially the chestnut hair-fringed lips of her delicious pussy, just waiting for the entrance of his cock. He leaned forward and pushed his young wife's legs far apart, determined that he would get the pleasure he'd been dreaming of all morning long.

    Janet looked down now to see her husband kneeling on all fours between her open legs. He looked just like an animal, and she felt a moment of pure unadulterated dislike for him. Pressing his thumbs outward against the sensitive pillowlike lips of her chestnut pussy and slowly, teasingly spreading the silken hairs to either side, he peered hungrily into the nakedness of her pink moist cunt. His thumbs trembled nervously against the widespread outer flanges as he drew the smooth, pink lips apart, completely exposing the glistening inner flesh to the mercy of his gaze.

    She squirmed.

    "Let me look at it… Let me see it," he yelled. "It's mine, isn't it?"

    Janet wanted to yell back at him… to tell him no… no, it wasn't his… it belonged to her, and if she had her way, he wouldn't ever, ever see it! Much less touch it! But she lay frozen to the couch, completely humiliated by what he was doing, watching his lust-distorted features as he brazenly contemplated her helplessly exposed genitals.

    He looked greedily down at her for a long moment, and then with a sudden inspiration, dropped his head down to the now openly spread lips of her tiny throbbing cunt. The full length of his long tongue snaked against the nakedness of her open cunt, wallowing warmly among the folds and mounds of highly sensitized flesh. Janet jerked backward, her trembling buttocks grinding further down to the mattress as though there were some escape there. A soul-searing moan came from her lips as she realized the full meaning of the horrible thing that her husband was doing to her.

    "Oooooooh! What are you doing! What are you doing!" she cried.

    It was depraved and ugly. Never had he even intimated that he would do such a thing to her. Her hands went down to his hair to try to push his face from between her thighs… to get him to stop his greedy obscene sucking. Her head was lifted up off the couch as she watched with utter disbelief the horrifying scene of her husband hungrily lapping between her widespread legs, his head wagging back and forth like some huge, sex-maddened dog.

    Her hands twisting in his hair seemed to have no effect whatsoever, and she could hear him making tiny little grunting noises that mingled with the lewd wet sucking sounds that rose to the air of their bedroom. Completely mortified, she let her head fall back on the couch, her entire body rolling helplessly from side to side as she was buffeted by her husband's tongue, and his strong hands maneuvered her nakedly squirming hips to his liking. She could feel his tongue spearing wetly into the involuntarily wet and dilated entrance of her hotly seething vagina… and she felt terrified by the implication of what he was doing. How could she ever face him again after he did this to her? And the worst was that in spite of her horror at what was happening, in spite of her utter revulsion, tiny thrills of pleasure were rippling through her lower belly. Her body was responding to the forbidden licking of her loins in such a way that she couldn't help gasping with pleasure. She could see him looking at her, observing her, even as his mouth remained fastened to the widespread tightness of her besieged pussy, and she read in them a challenge that she fought desperately to meet. His hands reached up to the white mounds of her breasts, and she felt him grappling with the tender nipples, twisting them harshly while his tongue still worked at her hair-lined pussy with unrelenting fury.

    Bob continued to look at his wife as he felt the forbidden flesh of her tiny open pussy clenching and unclenching helplessly beneath his thrusting tongue. The bittersweet taste of her filled his mouth as he watched the tears rolling down her cheeks. God, it made him feel good to see her like this! He was good and tired of her arrogance… and this would teach her a good lesson! But he was going to have to fuck her soon, or go crazy! Below, his cock hung down thick and heavy as he kneeled forcefully between her widespread legs.

    The huge, lustfully throbbing hardness felt like it was going to burst any second, and although he wanted to continue the more than pleasurable sucking of Janet's unwilling cunt, he knew that he couldn't last much longer. His hanging testicles felt filled and tight with his building sperm ready to let loose at any second if he didn't get it up inside of her soon.

    "Oh God!" he thought, his eyes never leaving the beautiful young face that he'd fallen so deeply in love with, his hands never ceasing their deft manipulation of her soft pliant breasts. "I've got to fuck her."

    With lightning speed, he lifted himself up from between her legs, and throwing himself upon her, he held the pulsing rod of his cock in his hands and tried to direct it to the tiny hair-fringed opening of Janet's vagina. But Janet squirmed backward, clamping her legs tightly together and twisting to the side.

    "No! No!" she cried, terrified both by what might happen and by what might not.

    The unexpected shift in his wife's position startled Bob and his heavy cock grazed against the side of her thigh. His entire being had been geared to entering her that second, and he realized with something akin to desperation that the mechanisms of orgasm had already been set in motion inside him. Everything was going lightning fast, and yet it seemed like slow motion as he felt the tremendous force of his climax speeding to explosion inside him. His cock quivered in his hands and his head snapped back in an anguished recognition of the powerful release that was coming.

    "Aaaaarrrrrhhhhh! Oh Jesus!" he cried out. The white hot liquid was starting to spurt and Bob felt the flying sparks of lust seething through his tensed body. He was straddling his wife's hips as she turned on her side and it was too late to do anything but slip her over on her back as thick, whitely heated streams of semen began to arc out from his suddenly jerking cock. They spurted in large, pearl covered droplets upon Janet's naked, trembling breasts and belly as the continuing madness of the exploding orgasm continued to rack Bob's body. Thrill after thrill racked him, tormenting and controlling him with acute sensation. His body twitched, out of control, totally immersed in the wild climax.

    "Ooooohhhhh! Goooood!" The last heated drops dribbled down onto his shocked wife's smooth naked flesh and Bob could see her face a contorted mask of anger and disgust.

    "Honey I'm," he started to say.

    "Get out of here you fucking bastard," she screamed, pounding the couch now with her clenched fists. "Get out of here!"

    Bob Howard knew when it was time to leave and this was an obvious case. Maybe she would have gotten over it by the time he came back from the office later on. Certainly she was in no mood now to discuss anything. Damn her anyway, why didn't she give herself to me. Why is it so hard for her to surrender to me, he wondered as he pulled on his clothes.

    "See you later, babe," he called out as peacefully as he could as he left the house but there was no response. "Boy, she's hopping mad with me," thought Bob Howard, "I'd better bring her some flowers home or something. Something to make it up to her… if I don't she'll never give it to me again!"


    Gary Spencer had gone to real-estate school with Bob Howard, the only difference between Bob and Gary was that Gary knew how to sell. He'd only been in business for a year and already he'd made enough money to buy his wife the beautiful house of her dreams. He felt sorry for his friend Bob and was aware that his marriage was really suffering because of his lack of salesmanship.

    "You know Julie," he said to his wife across the breakfast table, "I'd like to invite Bob and Janet Howard here for the week. I got a call from Bob and I sense things aren't what they should be in their marriage. Maybe a weekend around us would cheer him up."

    "My sense is that Janet Howard isn't at all in touch with her sexuality," purred Julie Spencer crossing her legs to allow her husband a view of her shapely thighs, as well as her panties.

    The show was not lost on Gary Spencer either. He considered himself damn lucky to have married as sexually alluring and seductive a woman as Julie. She was ready any time to fuck, anywhere, as many times as he wanted. He knew he was a lucky man.

    "Does she turn you on at all Gary," Julie smiled, thinking of Bob Howard and how extremely attractive he was to her.

    "A little, well in fact a lot but then I hear she just can't let go, and after you babes, I'm spoiled," he grinned lewdly.

    "Don't you think we should give Bob a little of what he needs."

    "You mean don't I think you should give it to him, you sexy wench," laughed Gary.

    The Spencers were loose and easy about each other making love to other people, as far as they were concerned it improved their marriage rather than took away from it. But they knew they were pretty unusual in this respect.

    Gary leaned over now, reaching out for his lusciously curved wife and pinching one nipple through her thin caftan.

    "Do you remember the last couple we swapped with," groaned Julie as her husband's finger continued to excite her. "Do you remember the way she wanted both you and her husband to sandwich her between you at the same time?"

    "Do I ever," grinned Gary.

    "Well I didn't have that much fun, I had to masturbate like mad to stop myself from flipping out. Next time it will be different."

    "Oh poor baby," Gary teased, as with one hand he reached under her dress, cupping the silken crotch of her panties and the softly rising mound of her fuzz-covered pussy with his open palm.

    "Mmmmmm…" Julie sighed. "That's nice, but don't stop there… go on… go on…"

    Gary Spencer continued to fondle his wife under the breakfast table, it was one of the games they liked to play, it made them feel so wicked like a teenage couple who couldn't wait to get to the bedroom!

    "Mmmmmm… right there… yes, that's it… like that," Julie's words were interrupted now by her husband's middle finger slithering wetly up under the tight elastic leg of her now warmly moistened panties. The hotly probing tip teased and slid around and about her thinly bearded vaginal slit for a few delicious moments which Julie groaned out her pleasure in a soft, passion-laden voice.

    Gary reached under his wife's dress now with his other hand and slowly rolled her panties down over her smoothly rounded hips until the entirety of her pubic triangle was exposed and her sheer white panties clung tenuously down around her knees. Then without waiting longer, he reached back under her dress and began pressuring his tightly cupped hand up against her nakedly exposed pussy. At the same time, he lowered himself to the floor and, thinking of a new tactic, slipped her panties down around her ankles and helped her step out of them. Gary remained sitting on the floor, giving him an unobstructed view of the glistening pink opening of her exposed vagina surrounded by its blonde curling cunt hair.

    Julie now calmly picked up the newspaper as her husband's hands began to smooth along behind both her resilient white buttocks, patting and caressing them, even as his finger teased hotly around the bearded mouth up between her thighs, and then slid wetly up into her slippery open pussy.

    Julie groaned aloud while her husband's thick fingers lingered lovingly, expertly touching, investigating sliding back and forth in the warmly seeping liquids that were exuded by the tender vagina that nestled so snugly between her legs.

    Then, her mouth hanging slightly open in rising rapture, Julie began to shift her weight slightly to accelerate the erotic pleasure she was receiving.

    "Oooooohhhhhh…" Julie groaned out lustfully as both of Gary's hands played and teased now in the warm pubic lips above him. They were throbbing and pulsing now and the smoothly split little mouth of her pussy glistened like a beacon in the dark. Gary thought his wife's cunt was just about the most erotic thing he had ever seen as he continued his secret playing among the wet cuntal folds up under his wife's skirt, keeping a keen ear out for her little sighs that came more and more frequently as she read haltingly and with heavy breath from the newspaper.

    Julie's clitoris throbbed heavily and hotly, her pussy pulsated up between her slightly spread thighs as she began to grunt a little under the obscene pleasure of her husband's expert manipulations. Her face flushed a deep scarlet and her eyes glazed over slightly. The rising sensation beneath her dress was almost too much… it seemed so wicked, so deliciously dirty… she couldn't remember when she was so turned on. God, if anyone could see this happening to her!

    Suddenly the door opening and Julie's Irish maid, Bridget entered the kitchen.

    "Oh sorry mam," she stammered, "I thought there was no-one here."

    "That's all right, Bridget, you can work here," Julie smiled to herself. She knew that Bridget couldn't see Gary because he was totally covered by the tablecloth and this would be as good a time as any to see if Bridget would ever be joining in any future orgies. Their last two maids had done so, why not Bridget?

    Bridget did as she was told but she didn't like it, there was something peculiar going on in the kitchen this morning and she didn't like it. The missus had a strange look on her face and the sounds that she had heard through the door were most peculiar.

    Gary was hysterical under the kitchen table, he could hardly believe his wife's audacity, still, he didn't mind – two could play at that game!

    "Mnnnnnmmmmm…" Julie cried out as Gary's middle finger began flicking at her clitoris, flicking steadily now that he knew what kind of response it was going to get. The wetness was pouring out of her now and occasionally Julie could feel tiny drops of her vaginal fluids sliding down the naked insides of her smooth white thighs. Gasping, she continued reading the newspaper.

    "Pardon me, mum," Bridget asked, a confused look on her face.

    "Nothing… nothing, Bridget, go on with your work… Ooooohhh…"

    What on God's earth is going on thought Bridget as she turned to continue her work at the kitchen sink.

    Gasping now, Julie felt her husband's hotly working fingers increase their attentions. Her pleasure grew and grew until it was so enormous that she could do nothing but sputter out names in the newspaper in a mad jumble until suddenly she felt the beginnings of a violent orgasm. A gigantic shudder raced through her and the enormous pleasure seeping through her wildly aroused cunt held her in its grip.

    "Aaaaaahhhhhh…" she screamed out in the room nearly scaring Bridget silly. "Yesssss! Nowwwwwwww… nnnnnoooooowwwww!!!!"

    Bridget turned in horror to look as she finally understood what was going on underneath the kitchen table. She stared wildly at the tablecloth, her eyes boring through it to where she knew Mr. Spencer was messing about with his wife. She knew that it was wrong and evil but she liked it all the same, just like she had enjoyed the baker's son Paddy who had messed around with her every time she went in to buy bread at the bakery.


    Julie's entire body shook violently as her orgasm shattered within her, breaking into a billion little bits. Waves of lewd sexual delirium racked her body, releasing her pent-up emotions and all the time Gary continued to do exactly the right thing as his thick plying fingers continued to feed the raging fire of his wife's dizzying orgasm.

    Beneath her caftan, Gary Spencer grinned and visualized the maid watching his wife's torment. Devilishly, he wormed one finger up into the tight little puckered hole of her anus, nestled just below the opening of her still vibrantly climaxing cunt. The unexpected contact, in the midst of her orgasm brought a low moan of anguish from Julie's lips. She could feel it starting up all over again. She clenched her eyes tightly shut, her lips bared back over her perfect white teeth as the divine sensation began to race through her body, speeding insanely the short, infinitesimal distance from her quivering pussy to the sensitive rubbery entrance of her anus.

    "Oh Gary!!! God, Gary!" she cried out, unmindful of Bridget who was now staring directly at her.

    "Oh my lord!" moaned Bridget.

    "Aaaaggghhhh!" Julie groaned again. Tiny goosepimples were rippling across her arms and belly, and she could feel the tips of her nipples hard and swollen pushing against the soft silk of her caftan. Her creamy white buttocks jerked and twitched involuntarily as spasms of delicious sensation set all her nerve endings to tingling. The full impact of the lewd spectacle she was making of herself hit her, bringing a perverse added pleasure to her loins. What must Bridget be thinking? But it hardly mattered as the wonderful licking sparks burst again and again inside her, all but devouring her in a lustful conflagration. It was so absolutely heavenly, that she could not bring him to flick and probe ceaselessly into the nakedness of her passion-wet loins and buttocks, while she jerked spasmodically above him, reacting to each thrust with a weaving, trembling motion of her own. All that mattered now was the wonderful pleasure that pierced her heated flesh like little arrow points of fire!

    "Oh my God, Gary!" she breathed downwards towards her husband, "you finger me so good honey, so good. Don't stop yet, I can still take more."

    Gary Spencer chuckled. It was true, he was the luckiest man alive, his wife was the most seductive woman in the world. This time I'll kiss her pussy a little, see how she can stand that, he grinned lewdly to himself as he nuzzled his face up her creamy white thigh and with a swift movement of his tongue plunged it directly against her wildly pulsating clitoris.

    "Aaaaaarrrggghhh, Yesssss," hissed Julie through clenched teeth, "I say yesssss!!!"


    "Now this is a house," glowed Janet Howard in appreciation as she and her husband Bob pulled up into the driveway of the Spencer residence. "How long did you say Gary had been in business," she asked casually.

    "Look here Janet, we're here for a nice long weekend, I don't want jibs about how much more money Gary is making than me, okay… I just want to have a good time."

    "Okay," pouted Janet, "no need to take offense."

    Almost an hour later, drink in hand, sitting comfortably in Julie's livingroom, Janet could take a really good look at her surroundings. The Spencers lived just the way she wanted to live, now why couldn't Bob make a lot of money, was it really that difficult?

    She looked across at Julie Spencer and had to admit that she was a very beautiful woman… she certainly fits the house, thought Janet jealously.

    "Can I give you a refill, Janet. You know those men? Once they get talking about real estate they're locked in for hours. We probably won't see them until dinner."

    "Yes, I'll take another drink," Janet said boldly, wondering if in fact she should, two was usually her limit and this was her third and they were rather strong into the bargain… still, she felt bold.

    She felt a little uncomfortable too, perhaps another drink might help. Suddenly the little dress she had bought for the weekend looked so cheap and shabby next to Julie's.

    "Your husband's a very attractive man, Janet, you should be proud of him."

    "I am, only… only…" Janet murmured.

    "Only what? He doesn't make enough money, is that it?"

    "Something like that," confessed Janet.

    "Well let me give you a little advice, if you don't mind. Some women wouldn't mind that at all… as long as they have a handsome man under their clutches. So, don't be too mean to him, that's all."

    "You think I'm mean to Bob?"

    "I didn't say that, I just said, don't be, that's all."

    Janet was a little confused and there was something about Julie's tone of voice and the way her gown would fall to one side and expose her entire naked breast that suddenly made Janet feel insecure and yet Julie couldn't have designs on her husband… it just wasn't possible, or was it?


    "So, what kind of fun have you two been getting into recently?" Gary Spencer beamed across the dinnertable.

    Janet was a little put out, what did he mean… he seemed to be implying something other than an occasional movie.

    "Oh not much," she heard her husband answering his friend. "We've been cutting down on expenses recently you know."

    "Well, lots of things are fun and they don't cost money," winked Gary, "remember what I was talking about earlier."

    Janet watched her husband blush now… what's going on, she wondered, obviously something is that I don't know about… it's all rather strange. I'm beginning to feel that I've been invited here for the weekend for an experiment, or something.

    Bob Howard started a little now as he felt a delicate nudge of his leg. He looked slyly across at Julie Spencer and found that she was staring at him quite intently. Was he imagining it, or was she coming on to him…


    "I insist, I absolutely insist," Bob Howard heard his friend Gary saying to his wife as he helped her into his car. "I must take you to my special spot by the ocean to watch the moon set, it's a rare treat I can tell you."

    "But what about the others," he heard his wife falter, realizing that she was afraid to go and she was afraid to say no.

    "Oh Julie will keep Bob entertained for a while believe me, this is part of your weekend, I insist," he said forcefully.

    Bob heard the car door slam and the sound of screeching brakes, he turned to Julie Spencer. "I must say your husband is a forceful character."

    "Forceful and smart, he knows that I want to be alone with you," purred Julie seductively, and with that she edged over slightly on the couch until her body was placed closely to Bob's and parting her lips slightly, pressed them over tightly against his, thrusting her moist, pointed tongue deep into his surprisedly gaping mouth.

    Bob, was stilled, momentarily by the shock but then recovering, countered by forcing his tongue back and slipping his into her mouth as she sucked gently on it, nibbling with tiny sharp nips of her teeth that sent sexual chills running the length of his spine. He pulled back for a moment to escape the rising sensations and thought guiltily about his wife.

    "Your wife isn't giving you what you want, is she?" Julie said directly.

    "W-what… why… no… as a matter of fact, she isn't. Can you tell?"

    "Of course I can and believe me I intend to make it up to you."

    "But what about Gary, he's my friend."

    "Of course he's your friend, why do you think he took Janet away with him. Why don't you let me make up for what you've been missing!" Julie purred, letting her hands travel down between their tightly pressed bodies, coming to rest at the growing bulge in Bob's pants.

    Bob could hardly believe what was happening to him as Julie began to fumble with the zipper of his fly, slowly lowering it and then slipping her softly searching hand inside.

    "Ooooooooh… it's so big!" Julie cooed as her fingers came into contact with the hard rod of flesh. "It's going to feel so good inside of me and twisting around deep in my pussy. Quick, let's get naked… I'll teach you some things you can take home to that wife of yours."

    Bob jumped up from the couch and began desperately stripping his clothes off. Julie merely slipped out of her gown until she was completely naked, she wore no brassiere or panties.

    Bob lay down beside her, dragging her closer to him on the soft furry carpet. He moved one hand down the smoothness of her buttocks and cupped them strong in it. They were beautifully shaped and sinewy as he had expected them to be. Her body was warm and soft against him and she raised her face to his, locking her mouth tightly to him as her hand searched down between them for the hardness of his penis. He gasped as the coolness of her fingers closed around his rigidity. He pressed his head forward and kissed her nakedly curved back. Her lips were soft and she crushed the full length of her body against his and ground her pelvis tightly into him before suddenly twisting her hips around and pulling him over on top of her, opening her legs wide to take him between them.

    Bob was breathing hot moist air all over her and with all his weight on her, Julie had some trouble breathing for just a moment… she didn't mind, she knew that in moments she would be writhing in the wild throes of sexual ecstasy beneath her husband's friend and she wanted to hasten the time as she felt his heavy legs pressing against her now and pulsing near her belly, the fiery length of his long, lust-hardened penis.

    Her hands came down between them and circled around Bob's excitedly throbbing cock, guiding it between the lips of her hot, desire moistened cunt. Bob groaned above her as he felt her move up and down between her legs, parting the soft silky hair of her vagina with the pulsating, blood-filled head. They grazed teasingly against it, forcing it into a greater hardness until it ached from the maddening pressure.

    Bob couldn't stand it for another second. His hands went underneath his friend's wife's legs, drawing them up so that they splayed outward and her calves rested up on his back, her heels digging into the muscles of his buttocks for support. He let his desire-swollen prick insinuate itself into the incredible wetness that surrounded the quivering entrance to her pussy. Suddenly, he flicked his hips forward with a sudden cruel thrust that drove it with a flesh splitting crash into the gaping hot mouth of her cunt.

    "Yyyyyeesssssss…" Julie hissed beneath him as she felt her warm elastic sheath slip wetly over his engorged penis. It entered with a slight pop and his long prick raced up her cunt to the full depths of her belly, warm and tight at first, then easier as the wetness of the passage surrounded him, lubricating the way.

    Julie felt herself being pressed into the floor, but instead of being crushed under his weight she pushed up against him and felt herself being transported by him.

    Then Bob's balls slapped hard against the rounded upturned cheeks of her ass. Julie let out a low animal-like scream, twisting slightly to escape the unexpected pain, and then let out another cry of pain. She felt as though her cunt lips were being split apart by the enormous hard circumference of her husband's friend's penis. But ignoring her cries, Bob thrust into her even harder, grinding his pelvis tighter into her loins so there was no escape for her. She was skewered good and lay for a moment to allow the pain of the sudden entry to subside, proud that he could hurt the aristocratic beauty and make her squeal this way. The tenderness of her inner pussy wrapped itself elastic-like around his churning prick as he rocked his full weight against her, splitting her legs wide apart and hooking his cock upward inside her. He could feel her legs flailing out in the air on either side of his driving hips but he could only grab onto the nakedness of her smooth cushiony buttocks and pull her entire pelvis up still higher to meet his prick.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhh, Julie…Julie, baby!!! I'm gonna fuck you good!!"

    Bob worked his hips up, kneeling above her helplessly held body and using her long trembling legs like a wheelbarrow. He was sweating profusely and big drops fell from his forehead onto her hotly quivering stomach. Julie was stunned at the way she seemed to have lost control of the situation as Bob ground his pelvis into the squirming flaccid flesh beneath him. Julie strained back under him, arching her loins up at him, lifting them both a few inches off the floor. She moaned ceaselessly beneath his pounding body, opening and closing her legs around his hips as she worked her open pussy desperately up and down his rhythmically pistoning cock, her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailed from side to side on the rug, again and again in wild abandon, she shrieked out her pleasure.

    Bob's rigid cock was touching every pore of her deeply impaled belly, filling her with heated male flesh as she had never been filled before.

    Looking down at his beautiful conquest, Bob felt like a God. Before he was through, he would have her begging for more. He thrust into her moistly contracting cuntal passage with a loud grunting noise, kneading the smooth full moons of her jiggling white buttocks in his nervous cupping fingers. She was being skewered hard down into the floor now, helplessly impaled by his ramming prick. He could feel his cock growing and expanding inside her until it felt as though it were going to burst from the exquisite pleasure building in his testicles as they slapped heavily against her buttocks below.

    "… yes… yes… yes…" Julie chanted over and over, her eyes rolling up into their sockets in a dazed state.

    Bob's face grew redder and redder from desire as with long even strokes he continued the glorious fucking of this rich beautiful woman, the wife of his best friend. This was forbidden fruit, forbidden pussy and by God, he was going to enjoy it!

    Great tides of desire rose and fell within Julie as she writhed beneath his powerfully grinding loins. His inflamed and swollen prick reached the farthest depths of her defenselessly open cuntal passage. The lewd smacking noise of his swinging, spermfilled testicles slapping rhythmically down against her wet, nakedly exposed buttocks filled her ears combined with her own deep groans and sighs of wildly careening passion.

    Bob could tell that her tightly clinging cunt was near cumming as she gripped him tightly between her desperately straining thighs, opening and closing them around him in time to his hard, long thrusts into her. She gurgled beneath him, the sound came from deep within her throat as though she had no control over it. He knew she was near and he continued his relentless fucking between her wildly flailing legs with all his strength.

    "Ooooooohhhhhhh…" Julie sang out, feeling her lover's heavily perspiring body pressing down on her now while the tautly stretched moons of her buttocks split wide, her legs gangling in mid-air as her cuntal muscles began to vibrate with urgency and then to contract wildly. A series of spasms took hold of her as the driving cock sped ever upward into her, pushing the trembling folds of her vaginal walls steadily back, massaging them internally with each fuck of it in and out. He withdrew his huge hardness all the way out of her, leaving just the head at the entrance and then with all his might, rammed back into her hotly steaming pussy. "Oooooooh God! I'm cumming…" she gasped, her mouth gaping wide in ecstatic abandon. "I'm cumming… cumming… cumming…" she mumbled on, almost incoherently until the sounds coming from her throat were a mass of jumbled unintelligible syllables whose meaning was known only to herself. She pulled back her thighs tighter, her knees touching her nipples, until the whole of her hungrily sucking and clenching vaginal slit was presented up to him to fuck into and use as he wanted. Her ankles locked over his shoulders, her crotch squirming beneath him in a wild, uninhibited dance of abandoned-ecstasy. Her mouth hung open wide, unseeing eyes gazed wide at the ceiling.

    "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed out again, bucking up against his savage thrusts. Bob crooned with delight knowing she was beginning the real part of her orgasm. Gasping for air, he fucked mercilessly deep into the soft confines of her cunt, watching as he did so the way his cock appeared and disappeared into the hungrily clutching mouth of her strainingly bearded pussy. His balls ached painfully and as she continued to grunt steady words of encouragement to him, he knew that he too was going to cum. His huge prick seemed filled with a hundred hot sparks, and he felt a total exhilaration as he totally dominated the wealthy, aristocratic woman. His sperm seemed to be crying out from within him, begging for release into the hot steaming pit of his best friend's wife's womb.

    A low wail suddenly formed on Julie's lips as her nostrils flared and she screwed her cunt desperately up on Bob's wildly thrusting cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of her thighs, while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly. Her entire body arched beneath her lover's powerfully thrusting hardness, her face almost unrecognizable in its passion distorted state. A steadily wailing scream spewed forth from her wide open mouth and she clung to his back with both hands and heels doing an odd sideways dance with her climaxing pelvis. Her raging hot vagina clung to the enormous hardened rod that filled them so entirely while gushing sparkles of light seeped through her, throbbing wildly through every pore of her body.

    "Ooooo aaaaahhhheeeee…" she screamed out in mid-air for several seconds while Bob quickened his pace, ramming into her with short, hard strokes that triggered her inner explosion and kept it going for long, delicious moments when suddenly a great gushing stream came rushing out of him in hot, thick spurts, filling her belly until it couldn't hold no more.

    "Yessss… Oh God! Yessssss!!!" Julie cried as she felt the great shooting jet of his hot, scalding sperm ricocheting around inside her wildly contracting cunt like a great flood of undammed volcanic lava.

    She held her breath for what seemed an eternity, and then expelled it as though hit in the stomach by a solid fist, her body collapsing limply down into the floor. She lay still, except for the uncontrollable quivering of her pussy still locked tightly around her husband's friend's deeply imbedded penis. They lay quietly now, breathing deeply, their eyes closed in ecstasy.

    "Mmmmm… you are sweet," Bob murmured.

    "So are you," giggled Julie, her long blonde curls gently flailing from side to side. "That was quite a ride we took… I want you again you know," she purred seductively rubbing her hands sensitively up and down his passion-drenched body.

    "Now," he grinned weakly.

    "No… we can wait a while, and anyway we have the whole weekend long, we can arrange some little excursion or something. Would you like that lover," Julie smiled lewdly.

    "You know I would Julie, as long as Janet doesn't get hurt."

    "Oh, we'll be very careful about Janet. Maybe she'll open up a little too, who knows," she smiled mischievously as she thought of her husband, whispering inwardly to herself. If Gary can't melt her, no-one can!


    Janet Howard wasn't exactly sure what was happening that she didn't know about, but something was. Gary Spencer had been very attentive to her the first night, taken her out to see the moon set, even put his arm around her, until she had edged away sharply, but now… she was alone. It was the second time she had been left alone and she didn't like it.

    Julie Spencer and her husband Bob seemed to be hitting it off just right. She liked to play tennis, so did Bob, Janet hated tennis. She liked to sail, so did Bob, Janet hated sailing. Gary had some business to take care of in the house, it was the maid's day off and suddenly Janet found herself once again alone.

    The sun was shining however and so she took advantage of the day and the sun's rays. One thing Janet did like was to be brown as a berry. Now stretched out sexily in her white bikini, her skin looked almost ebony… little did she know how seductive and alluring she looked, especially to Gary Spencer who could see her clearly from his study window. He could see Janet but she couldn't see him because of the willow tree between them but Gary could see just enough through the branches to know that he still desired Janet's hot little body, even though he knew she was a touch on the cool side he felt he could melt the ice a little. I'll just give her a little time, he decided.

    Janet sipped her gin and tonic and sank back into the comfortable wicker chaise, relaxing into its soft pillows was the best thing she'd done for herself all day, she thought sleepily to herself. She felt the sun sinking into her body and she felt invigorated. She started to drift off and suddenly she found herself thinking about the previous evening in bed with Bob. It was the first time in months that he hadn't tried to fuck her, she couldn't understand it, it was so unlike him. He just didn't seem interested in her body at all. She found herself, even in bed and especially now feeling sexy. It was almost as if because he didn't want her, she wanted him.

    She felt her nipples begin to respond to her lewd thoughts too and tiny rivulets of perspiration were beginning to gather under her arms and down the inside of the finely curling chestnut pubic hair nestling snugly between her legs. She pressed her legs together as if in an effort to quell the salacious feelings that were gathering there then realizing that this was only causing her to feel even more seductive she opened them. A little rush of air up her legs however increased her feelings even more. "Mmmmm!" she sighed as the air sent a small tingle of pleasure rippling through her loins. "Ah, now that feels good!"

    Suddenly she knew what she wanted to do… no-one could see her, Gary was in the back of the house somewhere reading work lists or something. She wanted to be naked… naked in the sun, it really appealed to her. I can't imagine why I'm having such lewd thoughts, Janet mused to herself, but I haven't been having much fun this weekend, if being nude in the sun makes me happy, I don't see why I shouldn't indulge myself.

    Funny how sexy I feel though, she thought. Janet wasn't used to such feelings, at least not in a long while. It was almost as if Bob's voracious appetite for sex hadn't allowed her to have one at all. He never gave her the chance to want him because he always wanted her first.

    Janet tentatively slipped out of her bikini now, looking around furtively just to make sure no-one was looking and then she was free, completely naked and she felt wonderful. She felt the little bud of her clitoris quivering wildly as the air fully hit it and almost without thinking she let her hands roam freely over the swelling curves of her breasts down her tapering waist until they came to rest on the slightly rising mound of her naked vagina. Her fleecy chestnut pussy pulsed slowly with a rising moisture… her face glistened with the natural oils of her body and she caught her breath as her middle finger reached the prickly sensitive folds of her pussy. She felt a sharp thrill rush through her entire body now as the tender surface of her pussy was exposed to her quietly little manipulations. The feeling rose from her pink and coral pussy up across her trim little belly where it lingered before rising higher still to reach the taut protrusions of her breasts, large and ripe and melon-like.

    Janet could hardly believe that she was touching herself this way, she hadn't done it since she was a little girl but she couldn't help but admit to herself that it felt good… really good.

    "Ooooohhhhh…" she gasped as the deliciousness of the sensations caused by her fingers grew more and more acute. It was just like when she was a little girl only more acute. Her fingers slipped into the moistly moving crevice between the softly fringing outer pillows of her exposed cunt, sliding across the delicate hidden tissues of her genitalia. Across the jumbled screen of her mind flickered several different imagines… Bob, her husband… Gary Spencer… and then her fingers were rubbing, teasing, churning feverishly inside the ripeness of her vagina as she remembered how wicked she was being. She fell back onto the chaise now, her fingers never stopping their tender ministrations for one moment, deeper and deeper her fingers plunged into her hungry pussy, her long legs stretching out, scissoring back and forth as her orgasm came crashing down around her, battering around inside her then rushing out to meet her invading fingers. Giant sparks exploded inside her head and great waves of flashing colors blinded her vision as her vaginal walls contracted wildly around her slim tapering fingers still churning deep up inside her virgin pussy.

    "Yessss… I say yessssss…" Janet hissed softly to herself as her body's pulsations slowed down, until she was merely undulating up and down on the chaise, her fingers still deeply imbedded inside her wetly moistened pussy. And as the wetness of her orgasm crept between her fingers, alternating hot and cold chills ran up and down her body as the moist fruits of cumming gushed forth in a steady stream of warmly seeping vaginal secretions. "Oooooooooooooooooh Hhhhhaaaaahhhhh…" she screamed out, now totally unaware that her cries could possibly be heard by Gary Spencer. She was beyond caring, now all she cared about was the climax she was experiencing, a feeling she had desperately needed for so long, cutting off from her husband so often she never experienced the fullness of orgasm and now as she rose and fell with her gently writhing body.

    She could hardly believe that she had just masturbated and yet she didn't really feel guilty… she had enjoyed it too much to feel guilty. Serves Bob right for not fucking me properly, she groaned to herself, it's not my fault if he leaves me unsatisfied, I do my best.


    Gary Spencer smiled broadly to himself as he watched Janet Howard thrashing up and down on the chaise in his garden, impaled on her own fingers.

    "So, she is a hot little cunt, after all," he grinned lewdly. Whoever would have thought it. Well now, if that's the case then she'll get the treatment before the weekend is out, can't let that little number slip by me untried, that would never do. Besides, Julie is having so much fun with old Bob, I deserve a little too. Better watch out little Janet sexy pants, I'm on your case now, you won't get away from me easily… not easily at all!


    Janet Howard had removed her chaise to the far end of the garden, she had had enough of the sun now and wanted to lie in the shade and read. No-one can see me here, she mused to herself. I'm safe and sound, here all alone.

    She felt good, her masturbation of earlier in the day had fulfilled her and she had been riding on a cloud since. She felt sure that if Bob made love to her like that, she would never be mean and bitchy to him but she wasn't sure about that. He still needs to make some money in the world, I don't want to live in that dump all my life, she thought.

    Her face was creased now as she thought of her house, the house they rented, compared to the house the Spencers owned, plus a sailing boat, two good cars and a maid. Oh dear, Bob will never be that successful she cried wistfully to herself, I'm almost sure of it.

    Janet settled back into the cushions of the chaise with her book, propping the pillows behind her head she allowed her thoughts to concentrate on the page.

    She couldn't help her mind drifting back to her husband Bob though and how short and sharp he had been with her the evening before. He just didn't pay me any attention at all she whined to herself, I wonder why not, it's so unlike him. Usually he's all over me and I don't want it… I wonder if he's going to be nice to me tonight – I do hope so. He seems to be paying a lot of attention to Julie though, strange Gary doesn't mind. I'm not sure that I like it, come to think of it, I don't like it at all!


    Julie Spencer and Bob Howard had arrived back from their sail a little early.

    "Hello everyone," called out Julie as soon as they entered the house, "anyone home?"

    The adulterous couple listened for sounds of their respective wife and husband but none were forthcoming. "Well Gary's probably at the office and Janet, well, maybe she went out for a walk, or something," Julie said casually.

    "What shall we do," Bob Howard taunted, edging closer to the soft voluptuous woman now begging for him to fuck her. He could see the lust practically oozing out of her eyes.

    "I want you to fuck me," Julie drawled, "and I want you to fuck me in the rose garden."

    "I hope there's some grass," Bob groaned.

    "Oh lots darling, don't worry. Come!" she commanded, lifting up her hand and taking his, gently urging him towards the sliding glass doors.

    Moments later they were in the rose garden, tucked away behind a clump of willow trees. "We're totally safe here," she purred, "come my darling," she cooed, pulling the anxiously waiting man down beside her. "Oh God! You're so sexy… pity your wife doesn't realize it."


    Janet was so engrossed in her book that for a while she didn't notice that there were other sounds in the garden besides the birds but suddenly she became aware of a totally different sound coming through the willow trees.

    "God, it's so big and beautiful… let me touch it, honey!"

    Janet started, whose voice was that. She was immensely curious now and putting down her book she started to tiptoe towards where the sound was coming from.

    Suddenly she stopped short… she just couldn't believe the sight before her eyes. There on the grass were a nude couple playing with each other's private parts and one of them was her husband Bob and the other was his best friend's wife Julie, her hostess for the weekend!

    Janet's eyes almost boggled out of her head… she knew that she should leave, that she shouldn't watch but she just had to. She just couldn't leave!

    Bob lay tense on the ground with his desire-hardened penis pointed straight up at the pale blue sky. Julie reached out with her hand and began stroking him, sliding the loose outer flesh up and down in a slow, magical rhythm that obviously delighted him no end. Then, she slowly rose to her knees and hovered over him on all fours, her face a scant few inches from the throbbing head of his prick. She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between the flat of her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his loins to undulate hungrily in time to her maddening rhythm.

    Her head dropped suddenly toward his hardness, and her tongue flicked forward, the top boring teasingly into the wetness of the tiny gland on the end. Bob sucked in his breath from the sudden unexpected contact. Chills rippled along his back, bringing a groan from his lips. Julie brought her roundly stretched mouth down all the way and enclosed the whole of the smooth rubbery head in a moist, warm pressure. Her lips tightened like an elastic band around it just below the head, trapping it completely around the warm wet cavern of her mouth.

    Bob mumbled and grunted something Janet wasn't able to make out but the look on his face was unmistakable.

    Julie adjusted herself so that she had better access to the bloated instrument by kneeling between Bob's widespread legs. She massaged the soft resilient skin of his testicles gently with one hand and stroked the base of his cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she began to suck rhythmically up and down. Bob could feel the softness of her tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the withdrawal, the tip flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland at the end. He flexed his buttocks, his head still raised, watching the top of her blonde head bobbing up and down below. The sight of his hard, rhythmically throbbing penis sunk completely between his friend's wife's wildly ovaled lips increased the sensation a million times over. He felt as though the top of his head was about to be blown off. Janet sure never did anything like this for him… he'd thought about it plenty of times… but to have it happening like this… out in the open with this beautiful woman! There seemed to be no end to what she would do for him.

    Julie's excited tongue was wrapping itself hotly and wetly around his excitedly pulsing shaft, her mouth widening as though to bite him but instead, shaping the hard edge of her teeth around the girth of his penis in a tantalizing mixture of hardness and softness, her tongue licking in a steady circle, tracing tiny electric jolts everywhere it touched.

    Bob's prick began throbbing wildly and Julie could feel his reaction and began to suck him a little harder, letting her teeth trace small white trails where they had scraped the blood from beneath the surface of the skin. She shifted her position over his thigh without disengaging her mouth from his prick and kneeled on all fours between his open legs. She reached under his buttocks and cupped them to her palms, pulling her loins up tighter to her face. Her tongue swiped around and around the growing gland furiously until Bob began to groan constantly as she took almost all of the rigidly quivering cock deep into her hot, burning throat.

    Janet was certain that Julie Spencer was going to choke to death but still Julie continued the maddening sucking on and on. Janet seemed to be in some of limbo state as if the two people on the ground just a few feet away from her were complete strangers… a movie perhaps… but certainly not her husband and her husband's best friend's wife. Oh God! How could she do that, how could she put a man's prick into her mouth… what a vile, disgusting act, thought Janet bitterly to herself and yet she still had to watch… she couldn't unglue her eyes from the obscene spectacle.

    Great swirls of heat were building deep in Bob's balls as he watched Gary's wife's face working above his sweating loins. His prick pulled almost completely out of her mouth and then plunged back in again to the hilt. His balls slapped up obscenely against her chin and as she continued her mouthing, she let his large penis slide in and out and sucked hard on it until she could feel its heated friction against her lips. He could see tiny rivulets of sweat rolling in thin droplets from the side of her face as she bucked over him like a demon gone mad. The muscles of his stomach tightened until he thought they would snap from the pressure as he arched his back up off the ground, pushing even further between the moistness of her lips. Thin pink ridges of flesh pulled out from her mouth, clinging greedily to his thrusting cock.

    Consumed by the ecstasy of her mouth, Bob leaned forward and took hold of Julie's mouth with his hands, giving a loud grunt as he forced it hard all the way down onto his stonelike hardness until Julie's large, pouting lips were almost smashed flat against the roughness of his pubic hair.

    "Nnnnnnnnngggg…" he heard her gag and felt her trying to catch her breath as the large, rubbery width of his cockhead forced the back of her throat into an unnatural wideness. But still he held her head firm, her smooth silken blonde hair slipping beneath his fingers, as with a groan he began to buck his hips up into her face, forcing his overtaxed and throbbing prick into the far, hidden recesses of her tonsils. He suddenly became aware of the fact that once more their roles had been reversed. Whereas she had been the aggressor, now he was the master of the situation, fucking into her mouth as if it were his right! The forbidden pleasure seemed to invade his body and capture him completely, the pure licentiousness driving him crazy.

    Julie's head was bobbing furiously up and down over his cock, working hard at sucking him, her tongue swirling and licking wetly all around the head and shaft, never stopping its lewd revolutions and he controlled each thrust with his own hands. The flames licking at Bob's loins sent wave after wave of multi-faceted lust sweeping throughout this huge hulk of a body and his handsome features reflected the depravity of what he was feeling.

    "Suck it, baby… suck it… suck it… suck it… suck it…" he began chanting through his tightly clenched teeth as Julie's hands slipped teasingly and possessively about his hairy balls massaging them in a slow, hotly exciting rhythm as again and again her husband's friend slammed roughly into her mouth. She began to suck at him even more furiously, her full lips cushioning the smooth sensitive flesh of the head from her teeth and nibbling warmly down to cover every inch of the wetly thrusting pole of his rock-hard prick.

    Julie was filled with a strange new feeling she had only begun to experience with previous lovers when she had sucked their cocks, but with Bob… it was almost as good as being fucked. His strong hands on her head made her feel as though her mouth was nothing but a wetly clinging hole for his satisfaction and lust and a masochistic spark deep inside her increased her lustful excitement. She could feel her cuntal fluids wetting the narrow tunnel of her vagina and the cool garden air grazing against the nakedly exposed pubic hairs that covered her up between her legs.

    Suddenly, Bob gasped. The moment was there and a low guttural growl started from somewhere deep in his chest as he felt the hot sticky sperm begin its journey from the burgeoning depths of his balls, just as Julie's tongue struck the burrowing swollen tip just right and her lips clamped tight, and his hands grappled with her hair, pulling her head down harder on it!

    "Suck it!" he grunted loudly just as his lust inflamed prick began spewing hot thick streams of molten cum deep into her desperately sucking mouth. Her cheeks expanded and hollowed fish-like as she greedily swallowed the warm flooding gushes to keep from choking. She went on sucking wildly as he emptied his white hot sperm farther and farther into the waiting wetness of her hungrily accepting throat. His hands tangled cruelly in her hair, holding her head to the throbbing of his loins as he pushed his ejaculating penis all the way to flood hotly against her naked tonsils.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmm…" she sighed, as he jerked his loins lewdly upward one last time to empty the last of his searingly swirling cum deep into her openly contracting belly.

    "Oh my God!" groaned Julie as she struggled to swallow the final onrush of his male cum. She loved it, every moment of it and she felt that she could go on forever making love with Bob. She didn't want him to leave her, she wanted him all the time as well as her husband Gary, she had enough for both of them, she knew it!


    Janet Howard suddenly came to her senses. Suddenly she realized that she had been watching the most foul, obscene thing she'd ever seen in her life and she'd been watching the act performed on her very own husband. Suddenly she felt nauseous… she had to leave, she had to get out of the garden before they saw her, it would be too humiliating, she just would die!

    She stumbled away blindly and ran into the house, up into her bedroom where she threw herself down on the bed and started to sob, quietly at first with increasing strength as she realized what she had witnessed. She could hardly believe that her husband Bob would touch another woman let alone make love to her and now she had seen it, she didn't know what to do. Should she leave him? Oh God! She felt like dying!


    Bob Howard sat up on the grass and grinned at Julie. His cock was still tingling with the incredible feelings that she had evoked in him.

    "We must have fallen asleep," he groaned looking at his watch. "Good thing we didn't get caught."

    "What time is it," yawned Julie sleepily.

    "Five o'clock."

    "Goodness me, I have to arrange for dinner," Julie said quickly, springing up to assume her wifely details. "See you at cocktails darling and be a good boy," she threw over her shoulder and she slinked off across the lawn seductively, purposely swaying her ample buttocks from side to side to tantalize Bob.

    He watched her disappear and then got up from the grass himself. That's one hell of a woman, he groaned to himself, now why couldn't I have married a woman like that instead of bitchy old Janet. At the sound of his wife's name, Bob Howard suddenly felt guilty. I wonder if she's in the house, he said suddenly to himself.

    Almost the moment Bob turned the door of his bedroom and looked at Janet's crumpled body lying on the bed, he knew that she had seen him on the lawn with Julie. Whether she had seen them fucking or not, was another question but she knew something. It was obvious.

    "How was your sailing trip," she sneered, her tearstained face all red and blotchy.

    Bob Howard blushed deeply with obvious guilt. What could he say, where could he hide. Obviously she knew, he was caught, trapped like a bear in a cage… there was no way out!

    "How could you, you filthy bastard," she screamed, "fucking in the bushes like a dirty dog. How could you let her touch you, she's a dirty bitch. Oh my God! How could you let her put your cock in her filthy mouth!"

    That was all Bob could stand, suddenly he snapped and before he knew what was happening streams of abuse were pouring from his mouth towards his young wife. He knew she was shocked, that was obvious from the look on her face, he had never spoken to her this way in all their marriage.

    "Bob, listen honey, I…" she stammered now, anxious not to enrage her husband further.

    "Shut your mouth, you fucking bitch," he commanded. "I've taken just about as much of your bitching as I am going to take. Julie happens to be a real woman, believe me. Janet you wouldn't know what that was, but I do. All you ever think about is money and the fact that I don't seem to be as good at doing that as other men. Well, let me tell you something, Julie looks at me like a man, she makes me feel like a man and I like the way it feels."

    Janet was backing further and further towards the bed now as her husband Bob pushed her, his face only inches from her, red and contorted and very ugly. She had never seen him this way before, it was horrifying. Suddenly she realized that she didn't even know who he was.

    "Get on that bed woman. I'm gonna fuck you right now!! That's what you need, a good fuck!!"

    Mortified by his obscene language, Janet couldn't help but fall backwards in such a way that her dress rode up, showing the thin white crotchband of her panties under which pressed the swollen mound of her teasingly hidden pussy. She had just showered and changed for dinner and now she was ruining her dress. She tried to straighten it out but this only angered Bob more. He reached under her skirt to pull her panties down. "NO!" she screamed, trying to get them back up, but it was no use. Bob pushed them to the floor and kicked them away with his foot. Grabbing her by the waist he quickly flipped her over.

    "Stop it Bob… Stop it, what are you doing."

    "I'm doing to you what I should have done months ago," Bob replied, lifting up his frightened wife's dress so that he could see the smoothly naked flesh of her helplessly trembling buttocks.

    "Oh!" Janet gasped, as she heard the rustle of clothing behind her. Obviously Bob was undressing and she once more felt a pang of fear as she tried to scramble away, but found herself pulled rapidly back into the same vulnerable position.

    Bob's hands were unbuttoning the side button of her dress, pulling down the zipper and removing it completely without her being able to do a thing about it. She tried to scream but found that she was too embarrassed to do so, what if someone came in and found her in this position?

    "Stop, stop, Bob! NO!" she cried as he lifted her sweater up. But it came too easily off over her head in spite of her tears. This left only her bra, and Bob, eyeing the tiny clasp at her back ruthlessly ripped it apart. Janet felt the weight of her released breasts as they pressed forward, and somehow she felt even more ashamed that their surface was completely exposed too.

    "Don't worry… I'm not gonna touch your tits!" Bob said gruffly. "Not yet anyway!"

    Bob peered down at her white, wide-spread buttocks, deciding that he would do something to really humiliate the little bitch. He hadn't fucked her in a while, not that it was his fault. She was the one who wasn't putting out. And of course, now that he and Julie were getting along so well, he didn't even miss her… the little prude. Well, tonight, he was going to see that some of that prudery was washed away.

    "I'm going to give you something you'll remember for a long time. I've got a right, you know… I'm your husband!"

    His finger prodded into the softly yielding crevice between the smooth fleshed ovals of her ass cheeks as with his other hand he drew them apart until he could see the skin straining around the tiny reddishly puckered hole of her anus.

    "Now spread those legs wider!" he commanded. Naked behind her, his thick swollen penis bulged lustfully large, pulsating veins that stood out on the sides of his rock-hard shaft. Leaning over, he slowly and deliberately parted the cheeks of her full rounded buttocks wider than the first time. He heard her moan and then with a perverse smile on his lips, he bent forward and with his tongue tip licked wetly at the small brown opening.

    "Nnnnnnnnnnnooooo…!" Janet begged all fire and fight drained out of her as her husband's teasingly flicking tongue sent chills running up and down her spine. She felt ashamed and more naked than she had ever felt before.

    Bob withdrew his tongue and peered hungrily at the tight puckered opening between his wife's nakedly gleaming ass cheeks.

    "Spread em wider!"

    Janet's long beautiful legs were spread so far apart that she could feel the pull on the tendons where her inner thighs met softly against her pubic.

    Bob stuck his index finger to his mouth and moistened it with his saliva. Then reaching forward, the tip of his finger found the small anal entrance and he pushed it up inside until half of it was imbedded in the small, tightly clenched mouth.

    "Nnnnnnooooo!!!" Janet screamed out as the sudden rush of pain filled her. She tried to wiggle away from him as his finger began to turn and twist slowly around in the deep rubbery channel of her rectum, sliding steadily inward and then pulling out and pushing back in with abrupt jerking motions until finally, through the pain, she could feel the palm of his hand pressing flatly against her soft naked buttock cheeks.

    His finger was moving about in her ass, now expanding it, sawing in and out and the pain was acute. Anger clouded Janet's eyes as she screamed at her husband, begging him to stop. But as she begged, Bob added a second finger alongside the first, forcing it with an almost sadistically satisfied grin into her virgin passage.

    Janet felt as though she were a butterfly specimen pinned cruelly to the bed by some cold, inhuman collector who felt nothing.

    "Stop!" she pleaded with her husband, "… for God's sake, PLEASE STOP!" She tried to straighten her knees out so that she could lie flat on the bed. Perhaps then it wouldn't hurt so terribly much. She just had to get him to stop somehow. But Bob, his hand hooked strongly under her buttocks back up in the air, making her remain in the humiliating position that made her rear passage wide open to his lewd fondling and playing.

    Janet cried out again and again as she felt the searing pain in her unaccustomed anus as it responded to the steady swinging motion of her husband's fingers and for a brief moment, she thought she might faint. She was being subjugated in a lewd, debasing way she had never known before. He was deliberately stretching her tender anus in a way that would hurt her the most, making sharp twisting motions just when she least expected them.

    "You snooty little bitch!" Bob hissed between his tightly clenched teeth. "I'm really gonna give it to you… no wife has the right to hold on to her husband… you hear me…?"

    Janet went pale at the sound and tone of her husband's voice. She had never known him to be like this before. Oh God! she thought. What's happening to my life! Tears ran down her cheeks and her short chestnut curls fell into her eyes. She was trying to support herself on her elbows, but every now and then, she would pitch forward, propelled by the force of Bob's forward rushing fingers.

    "Don't… Please don't, Bob… don't… I can't bear it!"

    "Oh, you can bear it, all right… in fact…" he breathed heavily, "… you'll do better than bear it… much better!"

    "AAAAaaaaaarrrrrggggg…" she screamed as Bob punctuated his last words with a sudden quick twisting motion of his fingers that caused her widely stretched rectal lips to open slightly and emit a slight hissing little farting noise. In spite of her poise, her face flushed a crimson red at the embarrassment.

    "Tell me you want to do it!"

    "Wh… what?" Janet asked, not believing her ears.

    "Say you want it!" Bob repeated. "Say… fuck me up the ass!"

    "Noooooo…nnnoooooo… I can't… I can't!!!" Janet cried into the crumpled pillow below her face.

    "SAY IT!!!" Bob bellowed down at her trembling form. "Say it aloud and clear!!! Say it!!!"

    "Yes…" Janet managed to force the word out through her sobbing. "Yes… do it to me… that way…"

    "What way!"

    "Up… up… up the ass… take me up the ass…"

    "Fuck me… fuck me up the ass!!!"

    "Yes!! Fuck me!!!" Janet almost screamed out. "Fuck me up the ass!" She would do anything now to get this over with. Anything to be released from the tortuous pain and humiliation that she was being subjected to be kneeling there with her own husband's middle finger imbedded deep in her helplessly exposed rectum. But somehow, it never registered in her clouded brain that there might be more to happen than just Bob forcing his fingers into her.

    Bob's fingers slid out abruptly with an even greater hissing sound and Janet's slightly stretched anal passage felt relieved and momentarily, she thought it was all over. But then, she felt her husband's hard firm stomach pressing up toward her buttocks and his hand gripped her by the hips, pulling her entire bottom half backwards. Then with dread certainty, she felt the hardness of his prick running up and down the thin moist slit that stretched from the soft open lips of her pussy to the base of her spine. Then, she felt it pressuring softly against the tiny, nakedly quivering lips of her just emptied asshole.

    "Nnnnnooooooo!!!" she screamed out when finally she realized what was about to happen. "Nnnoooooo… you can't!"

    "Yes!!! Yes, I can… and I will!!!"

    And with that he began to rock and push, working all the time. The pain was excruciating to her and she clenched her buttocks as tightly as she could to resist… but… again he pulled her helpless body back to him so that slowly, relentlessly the thick bulbous head of his lust engorged penis wormed with a small popping sound just up inside the tight elasticity of his chestnut haired wife's resisting anal passage.


    It felt as though he had rammed his entire fist into her. Janet twisted desperately, trying her best to get away from the red hot searing pain in her rectum. Bob's lust-hardened prick was sinking further and further into the dark virgin passage of her anus and to the physical pain was added a dreadful shameful pain that hurt even more. She had never known that anything could hurt this much. All that filled her mind was pain. She just couldn't get away from him. Coherent thoughts just wouldn't come. A solidly, cylindrical rock was being thrust mercilessly up into her behind. She screamed out, trying to lift her head up but Bob pushed her head back down with the flat of his hand and ground his hips teasingly around so that his cock rotated painfully inside his helplessly kneeling wife's hotly burning rectum.

    He pulled almost all the way out of her and Janet thought for a moment that she might get some respite from the awful hurt, but her angered husband lunged forward again and her knees almost collapsed under her, leaving her gasping, impaled totally by his thick penis wedged like the end of a heavy axehandle up between her buttocks, his dark curling pubic hair pressed tightly up into her widely open ass split.

    Bob began to gasp for air as he began a steady rhythmic fucking motion behind her nakedly quivering ass cheeks and completely disregarding her intense pain sunk himself deeper into the soft hidden passage of her tightly resisting little nether hole. Janet felt weak and debilitated and as though she would never be able to hold up under the terrible rape of her intestines back there.

    She could feel her husband beginning to warm to his task, beginning to moan out his lust behind her. She felt the hot touch of his hands roaming around the naked curves of her body, pinching and kneading her tender flesh into tiny balls of pain.

    Bob gloated above her as he watched the progress of his desire-hardened cock in the roundly stretched little hole. It felt so tight and good, he wished he'd done it to her before this. He watched the reddish skin of the tiny clinging circle draw back with his prick, clutching at it as if it didn't want him to come out. At first the pressure on his cock had been unbearable, but now it was just right and exhilarating as it throbbed hotly around it.

    Then unexpectedly a low guttural wail began to seep out from Janet's throat as without the slightest warning she began to feel a weird masochistic spark deep within her, come to life. Her belly quivered with a dully, at first, pleasure at what was happening and something about this ghastly treatment released that hidden torrent of lust that lay buried deep inside her… kneeling lewdly her full rounded buttocks waving high in the air while her wildly angered husband fucked mercilessly behind her upraised buttocks into her once virgin rectal passage.

    Bob's eyes were glued to his hardened lust-bloated penis as it disappeared right up his young wife's ass with every stroke. It went right in so that not half an inch of it showed and then it moved about in the tight, resistant hole with the whole length of it straining out as if it were going to burst. He reached down and struck at her soft yielding buttocks with hard viscous smacks that resounded through the room. His sweating face dripped onto her hollowed back making it glisten in the light of the room. His breath came in short puffing gasps like a long distance runner, his eyes taking in the whiteness of her quivering body that slipped over his plunging cock like a tight fitting glove.

    "Ooooooooooohhhhhhh… God… God… yesss… yesss…" Janet gasped as her angered husband pressed tight against her soft buttocks and rotated the head around and around deep inside her rectum. Her moans were adding to his pleasure and his hands crawled over her buttocks and back, and bright red welts followed his fingers as they dug into her tender milk white skin.

    "Mmmmmmmmmm… ooooohhhhhh…" Janet began to croon, but the sounds were different now. Her arousal was apparent even to Bob as her buttocks began to twist beneath him, offering him encouragement as she lewdly, salaciously now, ground her naked hips back at him in obscene invitation. He was fucking deeper up inside his beautiful wife's asshole than he had ever thought his lustfully burgeoning cock would go.

    "Oh God Bob… what have you done to me… what have you done…" She felt half crazy as his gigantic rod skewered her tightly into her open belly and her entire body undulated and jerked, her hair flying, her mouth gaping. Over and over she cried out, dancing obscenely back into Bob's powerfully lunging cock, her knees trembling and shaking, her heart palpitating. The frenzied delight spread to her ignored moisture drenched pussy and she felt the pleasure take hold there with an unprecedented strength.

    Her husband began to fuck rapidly into her hard and fast, battering and flattening her quivering buttocks with his strongly driving pelvis. He gripped her waist with his fingers squeezing the nude, well tanned flesh that contrasted so sharply with the whiteness of her untanned ass into strange, odd shapes. His mouth hung open and his breath whirled out of it in long, broken gasps.

    "Oh God, I'mcumming cummingcumming…" Janet screamed out as Bob gave one last spine-chilling ramrod thrust. His groans mingled with hers, his cock growing first stiffer and then exploding out its heavy load of sperm high up into her wildly sucking anal passage. Wave after wave of his thick hot jism spewed from the swollen tip of his prick filling her desperately contracting belly to the hilt with his molten cum.

    Bob's fingers dropped down around Janet's thighs to manipulate the passion moistened lips of his wife's wetly drenched pussy, toying teasingly, increasing her frenzy as together they experienced the wild, untamed thrill of mutual orgasm overtaking them.

    Janet's rectum had been thoroughly ravished and she knew it. Life would never be the same, she would never be able to look at herself in the mirror without thinking of her husband's cock plunged obscenely into her anal passage.

    She wouldn't be able to face anyone else tonight, she just knew it. How could she sit down at the dinnertable and make polite conversation all the time knowing that her animal husband was gloating over his conquest. She might have enjoyed it finally through the pain but she certainly was not going to let him have the pleasure of really knowing that. Oh God… how she hated him!


    Janet Howard fell asleep finally after her husband had gone down for dinner. She positively refused to talk to him and had almost thrown up when he had leaned over to kiss her. "Get away from me you filthy pig," she had screamed at him. Nor the first time in her married life, Janet had been afraid, she had really thought he was going to strike her, she had never seen such anger, such rage on his face before.

    Oh God! Why did we come here, she sobbed to herself, I'm so unhappy.

    The anguished young wife came out of her sleep to the sound of a sharp knocking on her door. I wondered who that could be, she thought sleepily, trailing her dressing gown to the door with her.

    "Yes," she said feebly, who is it?

    "It's me, Bridget, Miss. I thought you might like a little dinner on a tray."

    "How sweet," Janet said aloud, realizing in fact that she was rather hungry now. She threw on her dressing gown and let the Irish maid into the bedroom, showing her where to put the tray and thanking her.

    She turned back to the tray and noticed that there was a pitcher of martinis on it and two glasses. Now who could the other glass be for, she pondered. She had hardly thought that thought when another knock came at her bedroom door.

    "Yes," she called out.

    "It's me, Gary, thought you might like a little chat."

    Janet thought about it for a moment and then realized that it would be nice to have someone to talk to. Perhaps Gary wasn't so bad after all. "Come in," she called out.

    "Ah good," Gary said as soon as he saw the tray, "so Bridget did her thing… good for her."

    Gary sat quietly for a while, watching Janet nibble at her food. "How about a drink," he said at last.

    Janet sipped her martini quietly, she felt a little embarrassed, she didn't know what to say to Gary and yet she knew that she had to tell him about his wife and her husband.

    "Gary, I… well… I have to tell you something."

    "Really, does it have something to do with Julie and Bob?" he smiled patiently.

    "Yes. How did you know? Well, I saw them together… they were… they were… Oh God! I can't tell you," she finally sobbed.

    "Are you trying to tell me that they were fucking," he smiled at her as if she was a child.

    "W-what… you know?"

    "Of course I know. They have been having a gay old time ever since Bob arrived here."

    The anguished young wife was silent for a moment. "That's not all, Bob just forced me to… to… to…"

    "To do what?" Gary said with an amused look on his face.

    Suddenly Janet felt stupid, she didn't see how she could say it but she knew she had to. "He fucked me in the ass," she said suddenly.

    "Is that all. I fuck Julie all the time in the ass. Really Janet you are quite a little girl you know," he said leaning over and patting her on the knee. "Why don't you take another drink, it will make you feel much better."

    Janet sat in her chair like one who has been hypnotized. Is everyone mad around here, she wondered to herself. Her brain was reeling, she just couldn't understand what was happening to her universe anymore and the martinis were really beginning to hit her now, on an almost empty stomach they were working alarmingly fast.

    "They did it in the garden as well," she said at last.

    "Did what Janet, you'll have to be more specific," Gary said calmly.

    "I can't," Janet said finally.

    "Perhaps I can help you. You just say yes or no, or even nod your head so that I understand you and I'll put a few questions to you. It's important to me to have all the details."

    Suddenly Janet saw him take a long thin book from behind him, he must have had that all along, she thought amazed at her lack of concentration upon details.

    Gary began to read: "Jenny's vagina had a tiny reddish clitoris, and it still quivered with obvious excitement. The old man's tongue snaked out and the tip slipped across the tiny point of throbbing flesh."

    Oh my God! What is he reading to me, thought Janet wildly, I've got to get out of here. She tried to rise but Gary pushed her back into the chair.

    "Let me read a little more," he insisted, "now where was I… oh yes. The people in the room groaned with delight when they saw the girl was beginning to feel acute pleasure. The old man teased it wetly with his tongue and then began to rub it slowly up and down the length of the little girl's wide open slit, bringing new, pleasurable contortions of delight to her face."

    Try as she might Janet couldn't help but feel naughty thrills of delight begin to erupt in her pussy as Gary read to her the lewd book.

    The child wrapped her small hands into the old man's thick white hair and the tiny muscles in her arms stood out right and strained as she pulled his craggy face forward toward her. With all the strength she could muster she pulled it directly into the wetness of her loins. Instantly, her hips began a slow grinding up against him as his protruding tongue sunk with breathtaking speed deep into the tightness of her tiny clasping pussy. It was obvious to the people in the room that the little girl was becoming more and more a quivering mass of desire as she writhed and twisted under her grandfather's probing tongue! "What do you think of that, Janet," Gary said suddenly bringing her back to consciousness.

    "Oh my God! Gary, how can I answer you," groaned Janet. She wanted to leave the room but found she couldn't, her legs felt like a quivering mass of jelly.

    "Ah, now here's a scene. Perhaps this is what Julie and Bob were doing in the garden, how about this… The man kneeled in front of Tina's face letting his knees straddle her body on both sides. He had a gigantic rigid cock that stood out in the air like a cannon positioned for firing. He held his hand around it, and persistently rubbed the rubbery, moisture drenched tip against Tina's lips. Tina didn't want to open them, that much was clear, but he reached forward and forced her mouth open by covering her nose with his hand. Coughing and sputtering for breath, Tina fought for a moment in desperation until with a sudden horrid gasp, she opened her mouth wide. By flicking his hips forward, the man let his huge blood filled cockhead plunge deep into the confines of her lips."

    As she listened to Gary reading, Janet experienced a sensation totally unlike anything she had ever experienced in her young life. Instead of being revolted by the obscene description, she was being turned on by it.

    "Tina's lips expanded and hollowed with each long stroke of the man's blunt tipped penis into her mouth. He sawed rhythmically back and forth, back and forth until Tina began to warm to her task. She reached up and cupped his two softly hanging testicles in her small warm hands. Above her, the man gasped and encouraged her as she began to suck hungrily at his thrusting cock."

    Janet knew that she should scream and tear the book from Gary's hands but the tranquilizing effect of the martinis she had consumed made it impossible for her to do so. Suddenly she felt Gary's arms around her.

    "Don't you think cock is such a beautiful word… much nicer than penis, don't you think Janet? Listen Janet, I want you to do something, I want you to visualize what you saw this afternoon, only instead of seeing Julie and Bob, I want you to imagine two people you don't even know."

    Janet tried very hard to follow Gary's instructions but she found that she couldn't get Bob's face out of the picture, for that matter she couldn't get Julie's either. The soft moans and sucking noises she had heard earlier seemed to be drifting towards her ears once again though and suddenly as she looked at the picture she saw that one of the people was herself!

    Suddenly she felt Gary's hand ground hard against her breasts and she uttered a cry, but he gave her soft rubbery nipple a hard pinch beneath the fabric of her dressing gown, and she was immediately filled with such a weird combination of pain and pleasure that she thought she would faint. She tried to cry out but she couldn't as his mouth came down heavily on hers. Against her wishes she felt her passion rising now, rising and rising until she felt that she would burst.

    "Don't you see, it doesn't matter who fucks who, as long as everyone is satisfied," Gary murmured into her ear.

    "G-Gary, you can't mean…" Janet gasped.

    "Exactly," Gary crooned, crushing her mouth once again with his.

    Oh no, this is all wrong, thought Janet wildly to herself, all wrong. What am I doing letting this man kiss me even and now he's telling me that he wants to fuck me… oh no, this can't be… it just can't be…

    "Janet…" Gary's voice made Janet tremble wildly, "lie down on the bed," he commanded.

    Suddenly Janet felt starved and unfulfilled, neglected and abandoned and Gary's voice sounded strangely good to her, like her father's voice in a way… yes, that was it, Gary sounded like her father. Almost like a somnambulist, Janet rose from the chair and walked to the bed, lying on it as Gary had commanded her to. She felt Gary's mouth covering hers and his hands moving up inside her dressing gown seeking out the full heaviness of her breasts. The heat of his hands boldly encompassed each of her trembling breasts and she gave a little moan of desire and turned her head slightly to the side. His mouth followed hers, his hands remaining on her breasts, inching and twisting hard at the hardened little bullets of flesh on the tips. His tongue ground far back into the read of Janet's mouth and with his entire body, he pushed her down, his own body tense and hard against her futile struggling.

    "Please Gary, let's stop now," she pleaded. "Let's stop before we go too far."

    She heard no answer from Gary however, he only increased the manipulation of her sensuously tingling breasts. Janet could feel his tongue filling her mouth and she felt herself sinking into an abyss of desire. "Oh God… this is wrong," she thought and yet she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She felt Gary's expert fingers rolling her nipples around and around, making them ever harder and sensitive and she felt the pain miraculously turning into spark-like sensations that spread like a brush fire from the peaked quivering mounds right down to her belly where they spread on down between her thighs to the vibrant little split of her seeping pussy. She tossed her chestnut curls back and forth trying to get away from Gary's thrusting tongue, but it was of no use. She was trapped, impaled, used and misused.

    Gary could hardly believe his luck, it had been much easier getting Janet onto the bed than he had thought it would be. He felt his cock throbbing wildly now against his pants and he knew that he would have to take her soon or explode in his pants. Oh God! I can't wait to fuck her tight little pussy, he groaned to himself. Never for one moment allowing his tongue to slip out of Janet's warmly quivering mouth he started to unzip his pants and to pull them down over his working legs. Thank God! I didn't wear my shorts, he thought mischievously to himself as he struggled to kick his pants off his ankles. Oh boy, I can almost taste her delicious little pussy now and she's all mine for the taking… all mine at long last I get to have my rewards!

    Bob Howard was intrigued once again with the voluptuous wife of his best friend. She always seemed to surprise him, show him something about life that he hadn't seen before or even known about. Now he felt like a little boy again being led by his mother towards some great unknown delight. Julie promised him something really special tonight, something she said that would blow his mind and give him a whole new perspective on his wife and his marriage… well, he was ready. After the incident earlier on in the evening with his wife he was ready to have his mind blown again!

    The anxious husband opened his eyes now to find that he was in Gary and Julie's bedroom. "Mmmmmm… well, this is a first," he murmured.

    "Oh, this is just the beginning darling," cooed Julie, immediately crossing the room to him, running her hands over his body and tugging at the zipper to his pants.

    Suddenly Bob looked across the room to the wall that was practically covered with mirror and saw to his astonishment that someone was making love through the mirror.

    "Who's that?" he asked curiously, "is that a mirror, or what?"

    "My sweet innocent," purred Julie, still tugging at his clothes, "that is a mirror yes and it goes through to another bedroom."

    "Why, that's Gary, your husband," stammered Bob.

    "Of course darling, who else. This is his house you know."

    Bob felt his cock begin to lurch in his pants as he watched his best friend licking some hotly churning girl's naked cunt… really doing her in! The girl seemed to really like it too from the way she was wriggling and squirming her hips to meet Gary's foraging mouth.

    "Exciting?" Julie cooed, running her fingers up and down the huge thick hardness of his prick, fondling the blunt tipped head and withdrawing the loose foreskin, pulling it down taut with each down stroke.

    "God, yes…" Bob replied. "Do you and Gary do this often… I mean watch each other fuck…"

    "Of course honey, don't you think it's fun?"

    Bob continued to look at the couple, but now his hands were searching eagerly up under Julie's dress, searching out her delicious blonde-fringed pussy, while her fingers massaged his aching cock.

    "Jesus!" he exclaimed… "Just look at her go!" Suddenly he was curious, "who is she anyway," he questioned.

    "You'll see darling," Julie purred seductively. "Ooooohhhh, honey… that feels good… right there!" She bumped her hips up a little as Bob's middle finger teased beneath the silken little crotchband of her panties into the narrow wet split of her cunt, tickling at her swollen clitoris.

    Bob turned a little of his attention to the disturbing presence of his best friend's wife beneath him. He guessed he could fuck all night… the way he felt right now.

    "Ever do it standing up?" Julie asked, with a thin, lewd smile on her lips.

    In the other bedroom, Gary reared up from his best friend's wife's wet and glistening pussy. He looked down into her desire riddled features with an expression of utter satisfaction.

    "Oh Janet… it is going to be good to fuck you," he moaned.

    Kneeling up between Janet's open thighs, he watched her close, her eyes tight again but noticed that she made another gesture toward getting away.

    "You liked to get your cunt sucked, don't you?" he asked… "Well, you're gonna like this, too."

    Janet lay still, her belly heaving as though she were going to burst. Oh God! She couldn't help but be excited by Gary's obscene words.

    "You're a hot little piece of ass Janet, and don't you ever think any different."

    Trembling, half in fear and half in anticipation, Janet kept her thighs open wide, as her husband's best friend levered up over her, letting his hands rest on her shoulders. Then, he dropped one hand between their bodies and gripping his hard throbbing cock between his fingers pushed it slowly forward, letting the thick, rubbery head part the full fleshiness of Janet's cuntal lips. The thin, vainly resisting little hairlined opening parted slowly as with a shudder, Janet felt the entry of Gary's lust-hardened cock. She shuddered as she felt its hardness penetrating the soft, moistly slippery mouth of her defenselessly naked pussy, and held her breath for a long moment.

    Gary pushed, bearing down and up a little at the same time.

    "Oooooooooooooh!" she cried, feeling the first pressure hard and thick against the tight hair-lined mouth of her vagina.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!" The tip slipped completely through stretching the rubberly yielding channel wide as it advanced, and Janet felt as though she were being split in two by the girth of Gary's desire-thickened penis.

    Watching her beautifully young face contorted by shock and her involuntarily rising lust made Gary suddenly go completely wild. He had to fuck her and fuck her good… He just couldn't wait a second longer! He grunted heavily and fell forward, letting his weight smash against her full firm breasts, pushing them tightly back against her naked chest. Thrusting his hips forward simultaneously his giant cock moved forward into her cunt, an irrepressible object battering relentlessly against her softly giving vaginal walls.

    The soft moist flesh of her tightly clenched pussy gave way like warm melted butter before the battering ram of Gary's cock, retreating back in helplessly rippling waves as with a loud groan, he smashed hard against the trembling upturned cheeks of her buttocks, filling her so completely that she cried out in a screaming agony of desire.

    "Ooooooooh give it to me, Gary!!! Give it to meeeeeeee!!!"

    She was like one possessed now, all thoughts of the rights or wrong of the situation were gone from her mind, all thoughts of her husband Bob were completely erased. All that mattered to her now was the battering cock in her hungry pussy, she wanted it, she really wanted cock for the first time in her life… she wanted his cock!


    As Bob was ramming his enormous cock high into Julie's wide spread pussy, while she stood, his knees slightly bent, leaning back against the glass wall, he suddenly heard his own wife's voice. Julie had turned on the sound switch that sent all the noises from the second bedroom through to the master bedroom. Bob's eyes opened wide and over Julie's shoulder, he could now see Janet's face very clearly. He hardly recognized her, her face was a contorted mask of unadulterated lust, and she moaned and whimpered, twisting her whitely naked young buttocks in lewd abandon under Gary's obsessed ravishment of her cunt!

    "Janet!" he cried, but Janet couldn't see or hear him in the other room, she just kept right on grunting and groaning, egging Gary on with each stroke of his cock, letting it bore far up into the hidden recesses of her womb.

    "Oh, it's good! It's good, do it goooooooood, oh Gary!"

    Bob could see now the sticky wet fluids from his wife's cunt flooding hot and heavy around Gary's rampaging cock. He had never known she had it in her, for Chrissakes! The dual shock of seeing his wife with another man and that man being his best friend was having a strange effect on him! A very erotic effect!

    "You'll have to excuse me for a minute!" he said grimly to Julie, letting his cock wetly slip from her insatiable pussy.

    "Of course darling, I quite understand," Julie said sympathetically.

    "Is there another door into the bedroom?"

    "Right through here," Julie said pointing to a small handle in the end of the mirror.

    Bob turned the handle sharply, his cock waving lewdly before him, bounding into the room.

    "Roll over!" he screamed down at the two wildly fucking figures on the bed. "Roll over!"

    Janet was so lost in her passion that she barely knew there was now someone else in the room with her and Gary. But Gary had been waiting for just this moment and knew instinctively what Bob had in mind. Without losing a single rhythmic stroke, he rolled over onto his back pulling Janet's small frame on top and straddling his much larger bulk, giving Bob clear access to Janet's recently indoctrinated anal opening, as he continued fucking up into her hungrily clasping vagina.

    Bob jumped on top of his wife's back, flattening her down onto his best friend's hard chest, and letting his lust-hardened prick rest up between the smooth, tightly clenching crevice between the two whitely shimmering globes of her ass. He grunted with pleasure as Gary's thrusts upwards into Janet's streaming cunt pushed her helplessly trapped body up against him, forcing the length of his prick deeper into the softly yielding crevice between her upturned buttocks.

    Janet was aware of another presence now and she felt a mounting fear at what was about to happen and yet still she couldn't relinquish the pleasurable ecstatic joy of the hardened cock that belonged to her husband's best friend fucking up into her heated vagina. She was awed by Gary's strength as he entered her powerfully from below, each stroke making her grunt out her breath into his mouth locked tightly to hers. The moments passed and she tried to ignore the thought that anything terrible was going to happen as the growing swell of desire overwhelmed her. But a few seconds later, he, buttocks were being stretched wider apart and she felt the hard pulsating tip of another male penis teasing against the tiny puckered mouth of her rear passage. It was still slightly stretched from its previous attack and without having to see who it was, she knew that it was her husband Bob who had caught her being fucked by his best friend!

    "Oooooooooooooh God! No! Don't let him hurt me! Nnnnnoooooo!!" she pleaded down into Gary's mouth, her lips still locked tightly to his and her mind swelling with fear of what her husband might do in his anger at having caught her committing this incestuous adultery.

    But there was no respite and she felt the small, rubbery lips of her tightly clenched anus being ceaselessly prodded at and suddenly pop open and slip tightly over the smooth rubbery head of the cock of her husband boring into her from behind.

    "Oooooooollhhh God!" she grunted this time in greater fear as she felt her buttocks contract helplessly in protest and by their very action suck it involuntarily deeper up inside the futilely clenching walls of her anal channel.

    On the other side of the two way mirror, her excitedly watching friend Julie groaned as she saw the unrelenting hardness of Bob's cock, still wet from her own vaginal juices, pop suddenly through the tight, restricting little ring of flesh. Her mouth hung open as she saw the young, helplessly squirming Janet's roundly stretched anus slipping over and clasping the tip of her husband's cock like a tightly stretched rubber band. He grinned above her like an evil, avenging devil and thrust his hips down hard, again sinking his prick halfway to the hilt. Janet cried out in pain, the sound muffled by her lover's mouth covering hers and flailed her legs out on either side of the two men, filling both the wide split openings up between her legs.

    Bob's thick, hard cock pushed into the moist naked split of her behind, never pausing for a second on it's bellyward journey as it sought to impress itself all the way up inside her tiny hairless anus.

    Janet jerked forward in pain. The huge penis that churned deep in her vagina seemed to meet the unwanted elongated shaft that ground ceaselessly forward into her vainly clenching little rectum. Inside somewhere, the two blunt edged rods of male flesh were rubbing almost against each other, separated at the base by only the thin partition of tight elastic flesh dividing her cunt and anal mouths. She groaned in anguish, holding onto her lover's shoulders for dear life. She had never in her life felt anything remotely resembling this incredible dual ravishment. She was impaled brutally from both sides and there was no escape from the excruciating torture. She could feel her husband's hair circled loins pressing into her back as he strained forward, hooking his cock ever forward and upward between her trembling white buttocks and in front, the hairy base of Gary's cock spread her small pink cuntal lips to their utmost width as his groin pressed persistently against the wide open split of her vulva. Her clitoris rubbed unmercifully against the curling pubic hair of Gary's groin while giant waves of pain vibrated through every fiber of her being as her husband's thick rubbery staff ground deeper and deeper into her tiny puckered anus reaching the furthermost depths of her bowels with its probing hardness.

    Suddenly, she felt the three of them rolling over once more, this time putting her husband, Bob, underneath her and once more, Gary lay on top of her and still neither man lost a single stroke. Then, a few moments later, both men fell into a single mutual rhythm, buffeting her between them like a sack of soft resilient foam rubber. Janet was uttering a single low whine which went on and on all the time they ground into her but interrupted occasionally by a deep grunt from her chest as they smacked into her body with harder and harder force.

    Julie watched mesmerized, her eyes a few feet away from the incredible spectacle where the two lust thickened cudgels skewered into Janet's wide stretched loins like twin battering rams. Her excited lust-dimmed eyes watched the moist long cocks wet from Janet's vaginal secretions fucking into her. She could see the ragged pink edges of her cunt drawing back with Gary's cock on the outstroke and disappearing back inside as he rammed it home again deep into her belly. The same was true with the tight clasping opening of her wide-stretched little asshole as Bob screwed into it with a demonic fury.

    And then, what seemed the impossible happened. Julie suddenly heard the low whining moans of pain change, almost imperceptibly at first, and then to a tone that left no room for doubt. It was a low whimper of passionate pleading.

    Janet was beginning to enjoy it!

    It was a strange kind of masochistic joy, perhaps from the very helplessness of her position or from the lewd, obscene thought of being fucked half to death by two men at once like this… one man her husband and the other, her husband's best friend! But whatever it was, she began to feel it. Her hips began to move backwards to meet the upthrusts of Bob's cramming it into her rectum and then forward again to swallow the whole of Gary's plunging cock into her suddenly hot streaming pussy. Her entire body undulated between the two wildly fucking men and her buttocks moved in tiny abandoned circles of ecstatically rising desire.

    With long smooth strokes, Bob plunged the full length of his penis in a punishing rhythm of debauchery far into his chestnut-haired wife's helplessly exposed rear opening, while between the two men, she jerked and quivered as her ears resounded hotly to the lewd, grunting sounds of pleasure emanating from her madly aroused ravishers.

    "Oooooyyyyyessssss…!!!" Gary began to chant out, bucking and churning, his giant cock slipping and sliding, impaling her hot clasping pussy with new determination. He grunted and groaned and Janet knew that he was going to cum into her at any moment. Frantically, she caught onto his hair, her hair flung back, mouth open and gaping, eyes rolling back in their sockets. Her husband plowed jerkily into her buttocks as suddenly Gary's prick began to spurt thick hot jets of cum directly up into his wife's enraged cervix. Her chestnut curls bobbed from side to side as she bucked and churned, obscene words of encouragement spewing from her mouth.

    "Yyyyyessssss!!! Fill meeeeeeee!!! Cuuuuummmmmin meeeeee…! Yyyyesssss!!!"

    Both men, overwhelmed by her response, squeezed and fingered at her tender, sweat slickened body in the final convulsive states of their ruthless fucking of her helpless body between them. Four hands grappled with her trembling breasts then four hands pulled at her hotly quivering buttocks. Her cockfilled pussy was kneaded thirstily from behind with lewdly flicking fingers as Bob slipped his hands between the drenched flesh of his wife and his still climaxing friend. Powerfully he jogged forward one last time, feeling Janet's anal passion-strengthened muscles contracting wildly around his cock.

    "Fuck back! Fuck back! Fuck your asshole back!" he panted into his wife's ear as he released wave after wave of his hot steaming cum deep into the burning channel of her bowels. His hairy balls smacked hard against the underside of her soft nether cheeks with a last jerking tremble, he pressed tight against her, feeling her rectum full to almost bursting point with the molten fluids spurting from the swollen bulb at the tip of his prick.

    Janet was now riding the most ecstatic orgasm of her life. She bucked and writhed and tossed between the two deeply impaled cocks until she thought she would go out of her mind with pleasure. She had never experienced such divine pleasure before, it was so good it was almost painful. She was being drowned in an ocean of bliss and she wanted it to go on forever and ever… she never wanted this wild fucking to stop. It had taken her years to know that fucking could be this good and now she wanted as much as she could get… as far as she was concerned they could plunge their hot cocks into her all night long!


    Julie Spencer grinned lewdly to herself… now they're ready for me, she chuckled softly, moving through the secret passageway into the second bedroom.

    "You didn't think you were going to leave me out, did you?" she smiled seductively to her lover and her husband as she approached the bed and the satiated triangle strewn across it.

    "Oh no… oh my God!" gasped Janet as she saw Julie's obscenely grinning face.

    "Julie baby, I was wondering when you would make your entrance. Want one of your little treats, do you. Janet I hope you're ready for Julie's specials, because they're the best around."

    Bob was holding his wife now so that she couldn't escape. Janet was puzzled, what was Gary talking about… what was a special and what did Julie have to do with it. Suddenly she felt Julie's hand on her breast and she knew without a shadow of a doubt what they were referring to.

    "No!" she shrieked, "No, you can't touch me!"

    "Gary, I think Janet needs another little drink, she's scared of me, she needs to relax a little," Julie crooned in her hypnotic voice.

    Janet watched mesmerized as Julie got up, her naked buttocks jiggling seductively and moved to pour Janet yet another martini. As soon as she reached the bed again, she handed Janet her drink and started to massage her breasts once again.

    "What beautiful titties you have darling," she cooed.

    Janet could hardly believe what was happening to her, how could this woman be touching her this way and how could Bob and Gary allow it?

    "Now lie back darling and relax," whispered Julie sexily and she began to push Janet back onto the bed.

    Janet was beside herself now, sobbing wildly, "No… no… no…" how could she allow a woman to touch her this way, how could she?

    "You're perverted, leave me alone," she begged.

    "Spread your legs honey," commanded Julie sternly now.

    "Come on honey, spread 'em," Bob joined in, "just like you did for Gary here."

    "Come on Janet, don't hold out that lovely pussy, you've got a beautiful pussy, Julie should have a little too."

    Julie knelt between Janet's legs now and peered into the cleft opening of Janet's soft, still sperm flooded cunt. It was still warm and pliant from its recent fucking by the two penises of the men. Her own full breasts hung down between the younger woman's thighs, and watching them, Bob thought to himself… God… they were both made for fucking! Seeing the two incredibly formed women together was truly exciting and the two men sat close by with their drinks to watch.

    Janet with a figure like some fantasy creature, perfect in every way. Full firm breasts that jutted out above a slender torso and tiny waist. Hips that someone must have dreamed up, and thighs and legs made for wrapping around a man's back. She was magnificent! And Julie, whose long blonde curls made a perfect contrast to Janet's short chestnut curls, with her equally fabulous breasts and slender hips almost like a boys.

    They watched as Julie nimbly got to her knees in front of Janet and then matter-of-factly parted the young wife's legs, revealing the vulnerable young vaginal split that they had plundered so violently just before. Their pricks jumped to attention once more as they watched the look of mortification of Janet's face as Julie pried her legs even further part after Janet made a last futile attempt to close them again.

    "Baby, I'm going to lick your little pussy so you'd better relax," ordered Julie.

    "Yes, listen to the lady," commanded Bob.

    Janet knew she was licked, she might as well relax. She was so ashamed she didn't know what to do. She felt utterly naked and vulnerable and tears streamed down her cheeks. She knew that Julie was staring right into her wide open vagina and that Bob and Gary were watching everything that happened.

    Julie's fingers were really beginning to explore the still moist little opening of Janet's still warm pussy now, making searing contact with every little cranny of the sensitive organ. With an expert touch, her thumb smoothed around Janet's clitoris while her fingers began to slip teasingly into her vagina.

    Janet knew that she was now among the lowest of the low. Yet she knew she would endure it.

    "Come on baby, relax," she heard Gary urge her.

    "God, her cunt's tight," groaned Julie, looking at the two lewdly grinning men. "How did you two ever get those huge pricks of yours inside her?"

    "Don't worry about us darling," Gary urged, "make sure she enjoys you."

    "Don't worry, I will," smiled Julie salaciously.

    Her nails scraped for an instant against the walls of Janet's vaginal walls, tearing at the tender abused flesh and Janet bit her lips, gasping at the sharp pain. Then Julie pushed herself up between Janet's legs a little further and brushed her breasts against her tender inner thighs by moving her body slowly from side to side. As she did so, she began to massage the moistened crevice of Janet's pussy with both hands now, gliding slowly up and down on her passion drenched loins.

    "Ooooooooohhhhh…" Janet moaned, no longer knowing exactly what was happening to her. All she knew was the very sensation of what was being done to her body. One last remnant of shame rose in her, then Julie plunged two of her fingers teasingly into the wet opening of Janet's slowly surrendering cunt. Even though she was already wet with climatic juices from her previous ravishment, her inner muscles were still tightly contracted so that with the first plunge of the invading fingers, she cried out once more at the small sharp pain. But soon it abated as Julie began an insistent in and out motion, causing small wet sucking noises as she did so.

    Her other hand went under Janet's buttocks and slowly manipulated their lush white softness while her serpent like tongue found the gentle indentation of Janet's navel and performed a sensuous circular dance within its confines.

    "MMMmmmmmm…" Julie cooed out loud. "How nice you feel… just right for my hand…" And with that, she added another finger to the now slowly squirming chestnut-haired wife's hot pliant opening, plunging up through the tightened ring of outer flesh to the softness of her helplessly pulsating walls inside.

    Janet arched her back at the pressure being forced within her. A seeping pleasure began to unfold deep in her suddenly hotly quivering belly. To her bewildered and tormented mind, it almost seemed to stem from the very idea that she was being taken advantage of in this way… being forced to be a party to this lewd performance. Once again the thought of how she must look to someone watching… and indeed, this time there was someone watching… the helpless girl, trapped beneath this woman, nothing but an object for the delight of the only two men in her life. She began to flex and unflex the inner muscles of her thighs inadvertently increasing the mounting pleasure in her loins. She was aware that her buttocks were being squeezed gently and it made her begin to push her hips further down into the bed at each thrust of Julie's hand.

    "It's delicious, isn't it?" Julie whispered up to Janet now, low enough so that the men wouldn't hear.

    Janet let out a low helpless moan… It was all getting to be too much for her. She could barely control herself. She could feel the two men's eyes on her, and she didn't know which was more horrible… her lover or her husband. They were all looking at every single detail of her shame… her shameless undulating was being carefully watched! Then all of a sudden, without any warning, she was no longer a wife and mistress to the lewdly bulging eyes watching… she was only an animal lusting after the satiation of her needs! Delightful spasms began to rack her body as she bucked and turned beneath Julie's steady fondling. Her hand seemed to have become an integral part of her insides by now, so closely did it mold to the streaming contours of her aching pussy. Her long legs began to scissor back and forth to the motion of her rotating hip. Julie's tongue on her belly was almost driving her mad. It was all so good!

    She could feel her desire mounting second by second as the hotly teasing fingering of her wetly contracting cunt continued. The two men were now standing beside the low couch, fascinated by the unbelievable extent of Janet's arousal.

    "Good God… to think that that's my wife!!" Bob groaned.

    "Yeah, and she's being fingered by my wife," moaned Gary.

    Janet could hear them talking, but the words only served to increase her frenzy. Tiny gushing floods of excited moisture seeped from between her open legs and suddenly Julie's tongue was moving along her stomach… down, down further to the unbearable tense little pointed clitoris that stuck out from the damp matted curls of her aroused pussy. It seemed almost to be begging to be touched.

    Julie clamped her wetly sensual lips around it and began to suck softly on it as her hand worked its way salaciously in and out, around and up in the flaming hot passage up between the helplessly squirming woman's thighs.

    With a low growl, Janet signaled that she was only conscious of her own needs now… her head tossed wildly from side to side, her hands went down to Julie's blonde curly hair and held it, as she continued to lap and suck at her steadily flowing juices. Tantalizingly, Julie found the opening between Janet's buttocks with her other hand and slowly worked her finger into the tightness of the tiny puckered rectum, so recently plundered by Janet's husband. Ignoring the young woman's muffled squeal of discomfort, she wormed it in as far as it would go… and this added a unique and unexpected heightening to the already unbearable passion coursing through Janet's body.

    Julie lifted her head from its position at the burning center of her lover's wife's thighs and pulled herself up so that her face was now level with Janet's ecstatically quivering breasts. Still working her agile fingers in the two straining orifices, she managed to bend over so that she could mouth her squirming young victim's nipple tipped breasts.

    Janet felt as though she had been missing something all her life. The growing sensual delight in her pussy told her that from now on she would seek out this blissful joy… no matter whether from a man or a woman… she had to have this exquisite feeling! Tiny sparks were leaping from her attacked nipples as Julie kneaded and sucked at them with her tongue. She began to relish every stroke, every touch, becoming a bundle of craving desires. The smoothness of a woman's skin all over her… it was almost like making love in the water, compared to a man's skin. She knew that soon she would reach the breaking point. She felt like a giant time bomb was set to explode up inside her helplessly trembling belly. The sound of her own screaming reached her as if from a great distance, and she was vaguely aware of her flailing arms and legs. Yes, the explosion was about to happen… her rolling, tossing, naked body arched and contracted beneath Julie's expert fingers and tongue.

    All feelings of shame were completely gone, only the glorious moment of orgasm that went on and on, overwhelming her with its intensity, making her behave like a gluttonous slut, begging and sighing and moaning out her pleasure wildly, shamelessly.

    "Aarrgghhh ooohhhggy yesss yess!"

    It seemed to go on for so long that the startled onlookers could hardly believe their eyes. Julie panted and held on to her convulsing victim for dear life while Bob and Gary stood close by, holding onto their rigid cocks.

    "Oooooohhh… Aaaaaahhh! I'm cumming…cumming!!" she moaned as relief and joy spread from her besieged pussy to every point of her body down to her curling pointed toes. As the sounds of her delight gradually dwindled to several low whimpers, Bob stepped forward quickly and separated the two nakedly perspiring women. His mouth was completely dry, and he was totally overcome with emotion by the sight he had just witnessed. Janet had relaxed alright… too much! He was suddenly consumed by a burning jealousy that was stronger than anything he had ever felt when he had watched Janet with Gary. What she needed, he decided, was another test of a man's cock… and he was the one it was going to be!!

    Julie staggered into her husband's arms now, "God, what a hot little cunt," she panted.

    Gary smiled lewdly as his wife fell into his arms, and pulling her down to the softly carpeted floor he whispered into her ear, "but watch this honey," he said, placing his hands between her trembling thighs.

    They both looked up to see Bob shoving his again hardened cock into his swooning wife's wet and pulsating cunt that was still visibly trembling from the waves of her recent orgasms.

    "Oh baby, what a fuck you are now!" Bob cried out as he felt his stiff penis slipping into his wife's tight warm sheath. He slammed into her so hard that he lifted her entire bottom half off the bed. Blow after blow, he fucked into the ecstatically wailing young woman, letting his balls smack loudly against the whiteness of her smoothly upturned ass cheeks.

    "Aaaaahggh!" Janet screamed as battered pussy once more was subjected to a tortuous beating.

    "Now… you're going to have to work harder for me this time than you did for Julie, honey!!" he cried, his face a mask of fury. He began to fuck into her with brutal strokes, not caring that he was hurting her as she groaned and twisted beneath his flailing body. Again and again, she pleaded with him, but he reached out to the side and pushing his hands beneath her buttocks, lifted her up and bent her backward so that she was almost doubled over, her knees hitting the couch seat up over her shoulders. His driving loins smacked hard against her, resounding through the room.

    "Bob Bob…!!" she cried, helplessly, but nothing would stop him, and she found herself letting loose a steady stream of invective against him. There was no more pain left in her body she had thought after the awful anal punishment he had made her suffer.

    "Oh darling!! Oh darling!!" Janet wailed. She felt like he was obliterating her, smashing her to smithereens… and she could think of nothing better than to be utterly destroyed in this magnificent manner. Bob felt the tremendous difference in his wife's response and with a groan, he began to call her name. This was the way he had wanted to fuck her ever since he'd known her! With every stroke, she responded with a push of her own, until they were fucking so rhythmically and beautifully, that Bob thought they could go on forever!

    She was so beautiful, he could hardly believe that she was his wife and as Janet opened her eyes she looked upon her husband in a new and entirely different way. "Yes Bob, I really do love you," she chanted over and over again.

    "Me too, baby," groaned Bob, feeling her inner vaginal muscles contracting so hard around his wildly pistoning cock, that he thought it would burst of happiness. "This is more like it, honey… isn't it?" he cried, and then in silence they concentrated on assuaging their mutual lusts, each one determined to give the other his utmost attention.

    There was silence in the room now, the only sounds being that of ecstasy. Gary and Julie rolled and writhed and bucked and fucked wildly into each other and Bob and Janet took pleasure with each other until they were all four of them satiated. Initiated at last into the true pleasures of fucking, Janet knew that she had at long last found herself as a woman… never again would she be uptight and angry with her husband, even if he didn't make a lot of money, he was her man.

    Suddenly the door opened and to everyone's mutual surprise, Bridget the maid walked in.

    "I thought you would like a little something to eat mum," she smiled shyly at Julie.

    Julie Spencer was quite taken aback, Bridget seemed totally nonplussed by the situation, in fact she seemed to be happy to be in the room.

    The four sex-ridden people watched in silent wonder as the maid moved over to the little table at the side of the bed and placed down the tray. It was at that moment that they all realized that Bridget wasn't wearing her usual maid's dress, she was wearing a much shorter dress and as she bent over to place the tray on the table they saw the white expanse of her buttocks. Bridget wasn't wearing any panties!

    All four of them gasped at once and then Gary's hand swept underneath Bridget's dress and began to fondle her buttocks wildly. All eyes were on Bridget as Gary continued his lewd ministrations and the maid began to tremble violently suddenly as his fingers suddenly plunged up into her open moist, waiting pussy.

    Janet heard Julie suck in her breath and watched with bated breath as Gary slowly pulled up Bridget's dress. Now she was fully exposed to the party, her thighs and naked legs shimmering in the dim light.

    "My God! Bridget, you're beautiful," Julie Spencer gasped. And then Gary pulled Bridget's dress all the way over her head until she was standing stark naked in front of them. Her jet black curls were suddenly unleashed from the prim bun and they all realized that Bridget the maid was a stunning beauty.

    "Why don't you lie down Bridget, you'll feel better," Gary said solicitously.

    Bridget moved easily over to the bed now and lying back allowed her jet curls to cascade over the pillows.

    Janet watched fascinated as Gary's hands began lewd seductive motions over Bridget's voluptuous form, lying so helplessly on the bed, just as she had been earlier. "Open your gorgeous thighs Bridget," he urged and as she did so Janet noticed that Gary's hardened penis was waving wildly in the air.

    Bridget spread her thighs wider and Janet heard Julie chuckle to herself, "I can't wait to suck this little pussy myself."

    "Everyone gets to fuck Bridget, that is if that's what Bridget wants."

    "Oh yes, please!" cooed Bridget seductively, "that's exactly what I want."

    "Good, but me first," groaned Gary, "I can't wait," he crooned lewdly, reaching forward to run his middle finger up the tightly closed vaginal slit, parting the softly curling hairs of the maid's cunt and making smooth teasing contact with the slowly moistened flesh beneath. He hooked his middle finger slightly up into her tight little vaginal opening and Bridget shivered and cried out in a mixture of agony and pleasure.

    Janet could feel a rising lust in the pit of her belly as she kept her eyes glued to the lewd sight. Behind her she could feel her husband's hands on her naked buttocks again and she felt her inner thighs moist with desire. She was more than ready and reaching over she grasped her husband's hot, rigid cock and pulled forward on it until he was right up against her buttocks from behind. Bob turned his wife on her stomach and straddling her, inserted his quivering rod of flesh once again between the little ridges of tender flesh of her pussy sticking his cock downward just beneath her ass cheeks. This way, lying on her stomach, Janet could see what Gary was doing to the maid. She wriggled a little so that Bob's cock pressured forward slowly and by opening her legs slightly, allowed it to slither slowly up into her excitedly moistening pussy, sliding all the way up with one smooth stroke into her waiting womb.

    "Mmmmmmmmm!" she moaned as she felt the thick rubber head graze teasingly back against her cervix.

    She looked across at Julie now, the beautiful woman was slowly and tenderly caressing Bridget's body also and Bridget was caressing Julie's pussy as Julie's husband began to tongue in and out of her wildly quivering cunt. Suddenly Janet realized that everyone was going to get satisfaction this time, everyone at once.

    "Fuck me honey, fuck me," she screamed out to her husband, "Let everyonefuckeveryone."

    "I'll second that," moaned Julie as her own body began to vibrate deliciously with the salaciously thrusting of Bridget's fingers into her warmly moist cuntal opening. "And welcome Bridget to our little club."

    "I'll say," murmured Gary, lifting his mouth for one brief moment from Bridget's squirming pussy. "Bridget is the best maid yet."

    And then there was silence, no more words were heard, only the wild moans and cries of sexual abandonment as the orgiastic coupling on the bed rocked and writhed its way to ecstasy. First one exploded and then the other and then the other and finally they were all coupled again, only with different partners.

    "Here we go again," Janet grinned lewdly. "Oh Bob honey, I love fucking, I really love fucking."

    "You can say that again," they all echoed. "Fucking is fun!"

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