The boy teaser


    Carol Chambers closed her lovely eyes and let the bright noonday sun filter through her eyelids, casting a hot red light over the troubled thoughts that swam through her mind. She was sunning

    herself on her patio, lying on a chaise, clad in the skimpiest bikini she could find and enjoying the sun's penetrating warmth on her barely covered tits and cunt. She was lucky and she knew it. Carol was wealthy, having made a small fortune in the advertising business through hard work and some degree of ruthlessness. She was beautiful, beautiful in the lush, full, free-flowing way that made men wild to fuck her. She had friends, friends of the proper sort, friends whose attitude toward life was devil-may-care and morally loose, wealthy friends, friends who bored each other with a passion. She had everything, everything except happiness.

    Carol Chambers, for all her beauty, for all her wealth, for all her fashionable aggressiveness, was unable to find the one thing in life she needed now more than anything else. She lacked a satisfying sex life, and the lack of it was driving her crazy. It wasn't that Carol wasn't chased after by men, far from it. She had had lovers, many of them. But something had always been lacking in her many affairs, something that she had only recently come to realize. It was not only the deep feeling of love and attachment that her affairs had lacked. It was also the freedom; felt within her; to give herself totally when she was getting screwed. She was frigid, at least more frigid than she should have been, and she knew it. She also had come to realize why.

    Carol bad always had the ability to look inside herself and analyze her own inner workings. Perhaps it was an innate ability. Or perhaps the ability to see her drives and motivations for what

    they really were a cultivated trait, a trait arising due to the necessity to see the motivations of others in her advertising agency. Whatever the source of her self-analytical abilities she knew what her sexual problems were. Lately she had been thinking about such things constantly and not having a moment's peace.

    Carol was thirty-five, and at thirty-five she still hadn't found the sexual satisfaction she craved. She wasn't sure that any of her friends had found it either but that was Utile consolation for her. Her life had to improve before the ravages of time began to show themselves. It was in this mood of unrest approaching desperation that she found herself on this particular afternoon.

    She had been allowing herself to drift back in her thoughts to the night more than twenty years ago when all her sexual problems had started. Her daily plunges into the dark waters of her memory of that night had left her a bit exhausted lately. But Carol was strong of will and was determined now to find a way out of the maze of her sexual hang-ups. It all came back to her as if it had happened only yesterday.

    Carol was an orphan, an orphaned child of parents who were killed in an automobile accident. There were no relatives to care for her and she was put into an orphanage. Luckily, because of her incredibly winning cuteness, she had been adopted at the age of three, only a few months after the loss of her parents. She remembered little of her experience in the orphanage. Of her experience with her new father she remembered much.

    Actually she had been quite happy with her new family. Her adoptive mother cared for her as if she were her own child and her father, at least in the first several years of her life, exhibited toward her the same feelings of fatherly love that any father would have felt for his child. The situation suddenly had changed, however.

    Tragedy struck one night when, for the second time in Carol's young life, an automobile accident had claimed a member of her family. This time it was her mother who had died. Carol had been eighteen at the time and had felt the loss of her mother deeply, more deeply than she had felt the loss of her real mother, whom she hardly remembered. Her father had felt that loss even more deeply.

    Carol had recovered from the shock eventually, having developed even at the tender age of eighteen the resiliency that had made her a success 'in business in later years. But her father had seemed totally unable to cope with his lack of a partner. He had always been deeply attached to his wife, and Sally's loss had nearly ruined him. His life had changed abruptly. Instead of the strong-willed and protective parent he had once been, Carol had found a weak, shattered excuse for a man.

    Carol's disturbed father had quit his job and begun to hit the bars frequently, sometimes staying out all night or coming home with some drunken whore. On such occasions Carol had been whisked away in the night by her new aunt, a loving and protective woman whose memory Carol still cherished. Her Aunt Arlene had begun to stay at

    the house on an almost permanent basis to care for Carol since her father was neither capable to do so nor so inclined. Carol had been hurt deeply by her father's actions on his drunken nights. She still remembered the sluts he had brought home with him and the vulgar way in which he pawed them and engaged in the most obscene conversations with them in front of his eighteen-year-old daughter.

    Carol's aunt had eventually been forced to discus with her father the possibility of letting Carol live with her on a permanent basis. Her father had refused to allow it. Carol had detected even then an atmosphere of impending disaster in the house. Her aunt seemed to be afraid. of something all the time, as if she couldn't bear to let her out of her sight for a minute. Carol had also noticed a strange attitude in her father, an attitude she hadn't understood at the time. He had seemed to stare at her in the most peculiar way. His eyes had become glassy and vacant, as if he were looking at her with some evil intent. And whenever Carol had made some involuntary shrinking movement as a result of his strange stare, he had become violent in the extreme, sometimes throwing things. Carol began to feel that he hated bet

    It wasn't until one night after one of the man's wild binges that Carol came to realize that his feelings for her were something other than hate, although just as dangerous.

    Carol was sleeping fitfully when she heard the front door slam hard. She knew what that meant.

    Her father had had a bad time with one of the women he was always picking up. She wished that her aunt were there to whisk her away to the safety of her house. But her aunt was ill and there, was nothing she could do but hope her father would ignore her. Her hopes were to prove false.

    She heard a few gasses breaking downstairs, a habit her father had developed lately after downing a drink, then silence, an uneasy silence that frightened her. She hoped he had passed out, as he often had lately. When she heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs, however, she knew that something terrible was about to happen. Theft was no escape. She huddled up against the wall, her nearly naked body shivering with fear.

    She heard the door creak open and saw a bit of light from the hallway pierce the darkness. It was her father all right. He had a terribly wicked look on his face, a look that filled poor Carol with unutterable terror. This man had become a complete stranger to her in recent months, a stranger of dangerous and filthy ways. It was as if a total stranger were moving slowly, stealthily into her bedroom.

    Carol wasn't a young woman totally ignorant of sex. She had already begun to grow aware of her own body and the developing femininity that in later life would be her womanly treasure. She had heard all about sex and what men sometimes did to women. She had even heard conversations about sex between her father and his bar girls. On occasion she had heard the groaning and moaning, the grunting and screeching, when her father fucked

    one of his women before her aunt had been able to save her from the embarrassment. Aunt Arlene had warned her about sex and had told her how terribly painful it could be. They were words of warning that she could never forget, although at the time she had considered them the words of a kindly protector.

    It wasn't until she saw the dirty gleam in her father's eye as he stood there in the door that she realized his stares were the stares of a horny male sizing up a fuck prospect. She acted quickly, sliding under the coven again and pretending to be asleep, hoping he hadn't seen her sitting up against the wall. She tried to control her breathing, which by now was quite erratic, but not nearly as erratic as her father's.

    The tall hulking man, who had seemed handsome to Carol once but who now loomed before her as an ugly monster, stood beside her bed and glowered down at her. Carol opened her eye just a crack, closing it quickly when she realized once and for all that he intended to rape her. Even the word rape sounded terrible to her. It was an ugly word for an ugly act. Her aunt had warned her of men who might try to rape her. She had told her to pretend to be unconscious if such a thing should happen to her, to pretend to faint, to fall limp and hope her attacker would tire of her. She remembered her aunt's words and tried desperately to look like an innocent sleeping eighteen-year-old girl.

    Unfortunately for her, an innocent eighteen year-old sleeping girl was exactly what her

    deranged father wanted for his twisted sexual desires. He had gone without satisfying sex for so long and his mind was so tortured with the sudden loss of the wife he loved that even his adopted daughter seemed a satisfying substitute for his dead wife. He had to fuck her, no matter what the consequences, no matter what the social taboos, no matter what the poor girl herself felt.

    Carol felt the covers being lifted off her. She felt herself slowly being exposed to her father's drunken gaze. She was wearing pajamas but she felt naked lying there like that. As far as she knew, he still thought she was sleeping. Her heart began to race wildly. She felt herself on the brink of tenor, felt that she might scream at any minute.

    She felt the man's alcoholic breath against the tender skin of her cheek. She almost fainted with fright when she felt his lips touching her cheek. It wasn't a tender kiss but a lusty one, a kiss that soon moved to her lips. Still she tried to feign sleep as she felt the man's lips sucking her own. She felt his tongue entering her mouth, slipping over her gums and tickling the inside of her lips. She felt the presence of his hot hulking body terribly near her. She hoped he would go no further in his explorations. Her hopes were in vain.

    She felt his hand on her chest, rubbing against the smallish, developing swellings of her tits. His hand was hot and heavy against her body. She wondered if he could feel her heart beating wildly in her breast.

    "I know you're awake, bitch!" the man grumbled. "You can't fool me! I've fucked so

    many bitches I know what you're up to!"

    Carol said nothing.

    "C'mon! Open those fuckin' eyes?" he growled, slapping her hard on the face.

    There was no pretending sleep now. Carol opened her eyes in honor and stared at her father. His face was twisted into a look of wild depravity. His eyes were no longer the eyes of her father but drunken bloodshot eyes, the eyes of a man possessed with devilish sexual desires. Carol could hold back no longer. She opened her mouth to scream, but before she could utter a sound her father clamped his heavy strong hand over her face, almost suffocating her.

    "None of that, you little cunt!" he shouted. "You're gonna take what's comin' to ya!"

    Carol squirmed wildly, her young tender body shaking and trembling with tenor, a terror she was never to forget.

    "I know what you've been up to, bitch! I know you've been wantin' to get fucked for a long time! Ever since you killed your mother!" the madman shouted, holding his daughter fast.

    Carol shook her head wildly when she heard him accuse her of killing her mother. Now she knew he was crazy.

    "Yeah, you killed her! Don't deny it, baby! You're the one! She went out that night in the goddamn car to get you a bottle of cough syrup! Yeah, you remember, bitch! She got killed that night just because of you and your goddamn fuckin' cold! You could've gone after that fuckin' cough syrup your goddamn self! Sally was

    splattered all over the fuckin' road that night! My Sally! Your fault, you stinkin' little cunt!" he cried, growing wilder by the minute.

    Carol had never imagined that he felt that way about her. She had indeed thought back on the events of that terrible night but had never realized that he considered her mother's death to be her fault. And she knew that no sane man could possibly think her guilty of such a thing.

    "I know why you did it, too, bitch! You've been after me! Yeah! You want my fuckin' cock! That's it, isn't it? You want me to fuck you with my big fat dick! That's just what I'm gonna do, too! Yeah! I'm gonna fuck you so hard you're never gonna forget it, baby! Eighteen! I'll pluck that goddam cherry, bitch! And if you give me any trouble, I'll break your back! Hear me? Hear me!" he shouted at the top of his voice.

    With a quick motion the man tore a big strip off her blanket and wrapped it around her head, gagging her before she had a chance to scream.

    "That'll shut you up, cunt!" he growled. "Now get ready for the treat of your fuckin' life!"

    Carol screamed inside again and again. Her body twitched with tenor. She felt her father ripping her pajama bottoms away from her body, throwing the shreds over his shoulder. Her silken flesh was red in places where the cloth rubbed against her body, making marks as he tore it. In a flash she was naked from head to toe, naked and writhing in her bed, unable to utter a sound. She felt her father's heavy hand on her naked leg up near her thigh. He held her other leg, too, keeping her from moving.

    She tried to kick him but he slapped her hard across the face every time she did so.

    "Guess I'll start with a nice taste of that sweet little cunt Eighteen years old. Eighteen years old and already you're a murderin' little whore! I guess you're gonna like a tongue in your twat" he gasped, falling against her, burying his face in the soft flesh of her belly.

    Carol thought she would die of fright when she felt her father's now ugly face pressing against the soft flesh of her belly. She felt his face move lower, felt his thick lips sucking at the lender skin of her lower stomach. His face was soon between her legs, his hands gripping her hips hard. He pulled her forward, pulling her naked squirming body close to the end of the bed. He fell on his knees at the foot of the bed. Carol felt his hands spreading her legs wide. His lips pressed against the lips of her tiny naked cunt.

    Carol had never been so embarrassed in her life. She had never felt anything quite like the feeling that coursed through her young trembling body when he touched his lips to her nearly hairless cunt She felt a strange tingling deep inside her pussy, a tingling that remained only barely separated from the sensations of fear and loathing, a feeling that she had always associated with fear for the zest of her life. The strange tingling. tugging, healing sensation continued to build in her crotch as her father proceeded with his brutal rape.

    She felt his hot wet tongue separating the firm young lips of her virgin cunt, felt his tongue tickling the extremely sensitive inner flesh of her

    tiny twat. His tongue pressed into her pussy as far as it could go. The poor ravished girl could feel her father's hot moist breath against her crotch as he poked his tongue around inside her cunt.

    The insane man began licking the crack of her cunt, his tongue lapping up and down her virgin gash, sliding over her barely fuzzed mound. He ate her pussy as if she were some nubile feast of flesh. She tried to struggle free from him but to no avail. Everytime she tried to throw him away from her he would slap her cruelly on the face. Her legs were already bruised where his rough powerful fingers dug into the flesh. Her crotch was sopping wet with the man's profusely flowing saliva.

    "You like that, don't you, you hot little cunt?" he growled between her legs, as if addressing her pussy.

    She shook her head negatively again and again, hoping against hope that he would gain control of himself before he hurt her any more, before he did any of the terrible things her aunt had warned her that men sometimes did to innocent young girls.

    "You like that so much, bitch, I'm gonna give you a taste of this!" her father shouted at her.

    The tall muscular man stood up and moved close to her, towering over the side of the bed. He stood with his hands on his hips. A huge, thick hard-on jutted out from his body at a ninety-degree angle. He had unzipped his pants while he was on his knees between his daughter's legs and had hauled out his swollen cock.

    Carol had never seen anything like that before. She had seen young men' dicks many times, having been

    shown such things by various young men in the neighborhood. She had even been talked into showing them her little twat from time to time. But she had had no idea in the world that a dick could get that big and hard. Her aunt had told her that such things could happen and that when cocks got hard like that some men would stick them into her cunt. She hadn't really believed her at first. Now she believed her and her tenor increased.

    "You like that. Sure you do, cunt! That's what you've been wantin' for a long time. You want this goddamn cock up your fuckin' cunt! I've seen you lookin' at me kinda hungry like. Here! Taste it!" he growled, moving very close to her and rubbing the big purple head of his cock against his daughter's cheeks…


    Carol wanted to die. She tried to roll off the bed but her father held her arm in a viselike grip. She felt the incredibly hot head of the enormous prick covering her silken cheeks with slippery pre-cum.

    She smelled the heavy masculine scent of his cock and it frightened her. He was like an animal now, hot and heartless. She knew he would do anything to her that came into his crazed mind. She felt his lightly swollen cockhead rubbing all over her face. She tried to turn away but he grabbed her throat and made her face him. He jabbed his hard, angry-looking cock against her forehead, against her eyes, against the strip of blanket that tightly covered her young lips. Her legs were flailing wildly.

    "Now you're gonna get it good, you murderin' bitch! I'm gonna fuck you with this goddamn prick, baby! Get ready for the goddamn thrill of your life, cunt! This is just what you've always wanted from your daddy! Take this!" he growled, positioning himself at the foot of the bed, pulling her forward until her cunt was right at the edge of the mattress, spreading her young trembling legs.

    Young Carol saw stars when she felt the terrible pain of her deflowering. The nearly hairless lips of her young cunt were suddenly split open by the massive flanged head of her father's cock. She felt the monstrous tool forcing itself into her virgin cunt hole. She screamed inside when she felt the hard, slippery head of the big dong tearing her cherry and sending searing pain through her young belly.

    Her father began sawing in and out of her deflowered cunt, raping his young adopted daughter with disgusting relish, grunting and sweating in the throes of his taboo lust. She looked down the front of her impaled body and saw the

    horrid face of the man who had become like a stranger to her. His eyes glared at her, reflecting the deranged lust that burned within him. Her body was full of terrible pain, a pain which increased for the first few minutes of her rape until she thought she could bear it no longer.

    And then a very strange thing began to happen deep inside her. She began to notice a strange warming feeling deep inside her cunt, a feeling that seemed to spread throughout her young body, a feeling that seemed to increase with each brutal thrust her father made into her torn pussy. The pain was still there, her bruises still hurt terribly, her cunt still hurt every time he rammed it with his big iron-hard cock. But this other sensation was almost pleasurable, although it was so intermeshed with the terrible pain her angry father was causing her as to be nearly inseparable from it.

    She still tried desperately to fight him off. He slapped her hard every time she struggled hard enough to interfere with his brutal fucking. The strange sensation seemed to grow and grow within her, seemed to be centered in the little place between her legs that rubbed against the thick shaft of her father's huge hard-on. Her father seemed to be enjoying himself more and more. There was something in his eyes now besides anger and madness, a deep sadistic sexual enjoyment of his daughter, an enjoyment that continued to build by the minute.

    Carol couldn't imagine what was making him grunt and sweat so wildly, as if he were madly excited about something. He stood on his tiptoes

    now, raising her young body up off the bed by the sheer strength of his massive hard-an. He seemed to grow tailor, taller and more terrifying. His cock seemed to grow inside her cunt, too. When she felt his dick suddenly swell inside her hole, she also felt the strangest thing happening to her twat. It was as if a dam had burst inside her, as if she were flooded all over with the warmness, most delicious tinglings and tuggings she had ever felt. She felt her body shaking uncontrollably, not out of fear now but out of something like pleasure, pleasure intermingled with the terrible pain of her rape.

    It wasn't more than a second or two after the strange burst of pleasurable sensation deep inside her cunt that she felt her father suddenly increase his ramming speed. He fucked with wild abandon, his hands reaching out almost blindly, grasping her young titties, stroking her firm soft belly, grabbing her thighs. He touted something out loud, something she couldn't quite make out in the depths of her father's throaty voice. Then she felt something shooting inside her cunt, something hot and wet and voluminous. She thought the stuff would never stop coming out of her father's swollen cock. After the first three or four blasts into her cunt, she felt his cock pull out of her hole fast. She looked down between her legs in terror and saw the swollen shaft of his dick snap up against his belly when it pulled out of her raped pussy. Several squirts of something white and thick-looking shot from the end of his cock all the way to her face, covering it with slippery sperm.

    Her father tore his clothes from his body and

    fell naked onto his young, once-virginal daughter, rolling around in the bed with her, growling the most obscene things he could think of and slapping her until she was covered with red spots and bruises. She began to wish that he would kill her to stop the pain and torture. And then the bedroom door flew open.

    A shrill scream split the night like a siren. Aunt Arlene stood in the doorway, a look of tenor and disgust on her face. Before her father could raise his drunken body up off the bed, her aunt had bolted from the room and hurried downstairs to call the police. Carol had never been so glad to see anyone in her life before or since. The police arrived in a few minutes and found the madman still rolling in bed with his gagged and tortured daughter. They dragged him away and locked him up. Carol was never to see him again.

    It had been a horrible ideal of shame and pain for the eighteen-year-old Carol. Physically she hadn't been too badly hurt. A three-week stay in the hospital, more for recovery of her emotional stability than her physical health, had made life bearable for her again. She had been released in the custody of her aunt, who cared for her like her own child, carefully putting a stop to her former tales of rape and the necessity to protect a girl's moral purity. She hadn't been made to feel any great lingering shame about the night with her father. It hadn't been her fault after all.

    Her life hadn't been particularly unhappy with her aunt. She had gone to the best schools and had learned to adapt to her fatherless home life. She

    had learned that aggressiveness was necessary in the business world, the world that she had chosen to conquer. And her aggressiveness had served her well. But even though her life had been happy from outward appearances, enough remained within her from the terrible night her father raped her to make her life far from complete.

    She had found it terribly difficult to enjoy sex with the many men who lusted after her, although she had managed to admit them to her bedroom and to her cunt. But something always made her hold back. She had orgasms, sometimes even came close to enjoying herself when fucking a horny admirer. But there was always fear lurking somewhere in her mind, fear of the hairy, struggling, sweating man who had raped her so brutally.

    Lately she had begun to fear men even more. As her lovers approached the age of her father that terrible night, she began to see hint in them, began to imagine the same disgusting motivations in them that she had seen in her father that night. She began to feel used, began to feel they saw her merely as a cunt, a hole to fuck, and it was this nagging suspicion that made her cool toward men, at least in recent months. She recognized this fear as the shadow of the man who had broken her young hymen so brutally. But merely recognizing the fear for what it was and escaping it were entirely different things.

    Carol refused to believe that there was anything deeply wrong with her psychologically. Such admissions were foreign to her. She was a stubborn

    and strong woman emotionally. She could weather any emotional storm and come out in one piece. She had done it before and she could do it again. But the storm that was brewing inside her this time was to be too much even for her. It would make her life topsy-turvy and throw her into whirlpools of sexual exploration that would make even Carol's free-thinking mind swim.

    Carol was beginning to feel herself attracted to young men, men between the ages of Eighteen and nineteen. It was an attraction that she had forced herself to accept as part of her emotional makeup, even though she knew and had known all along that such attractions were taboo. She had noticed this attraction years ago. Now that her fear of men her own age was increasing, she found her attraction toward young men increasing apace. She didn't entirely understand the deep emotions that drove her, but she recognized them as powerful forces in her life. Something told her that -a new episode in her sex life was about to open.

    It was the tenderness, the innocence of young men that made her cunt hot. She felt a deep hunger within her, a hunger for their bodies and souls. She knew that they would not hurt her, knew that their motivations were less aggressive, knew that she would be the aggressive one in any relationship she started with a young boy. She knew that she would feel safe with a boy, safe and free to give her all in the hot fucking that she craved.

    Young men were everywhere around her, it seemed. The more she grew to crave the love and

    dedication of a young boy the more she noticed them.11 around her. She had never married, fearing entrapment in an endless cycle of distrust and increasing unhappiness. But her friends had married and their sons were a constant temptation for her.

    There was little Joey next door. At least he had been little Joey, until recently he had begun to develop into young manhood. But he was still little Joey as far as Carol was concerned. She was powerfully attracted to the boy. He was a bit shy and retiring, just the kind of trait that made her cunt melt inside. He was very good-looking, almost pretty in a boyish sort of way. She loved to watch the boy swimming in her pool. He had brothers, too, Nick and Brad, twins of nineteen. Joey was only nineteen, but he showed signs of developing sexually far faster than usual in a boy that young.

    Carol had found herself staring at the kid recently. The Mastersons didn't have a pool of their own and she had opened hers to her favorite young men. She had caught herself looking between the boy's hairless young legs, trying to determine the size of the cock and balls that nestled there under his tight trunks. Just thinking about the boy's developing young genitals and what hot fun she could have with them made her dizzy with excitement. She had found herself dwelling on such thoughts more and more lately. She began to look upon every boy she saw as a prospective fuck. It was a constant torture for her.

    Carol knew perfectly well that. lust for young men was one thing that would not be tolerated in

    a woman of thirty-five. Such activities were taboo, although she knew perfectly well that some women lusted after young men and got away with it. She was hip enough to realize that people got away with all sorts of things behind closed doors. And yet the taboo had held her back. She knew that it would not hold her back much longer. Her cunt was simply too powerful an influence on her actions.

    She had always been very responsive sexually. She was known as a hot-assed woman among the men who had fucked her, and even then she had held back due to her fear of them, although none of them had realized it. Her twat had been blazing lately, blazing with lust for the cocks of young men. She felt the heat even now as she reclined in her chaise, a heat more intense than the heat of the summer sun, a heat so intense that it transcended the state of confusion that made her thoughts confused and had made her. remember her father and her rape, a heat that made her cunt chum and froth wildly.

    She began to writhe inside. Her hand was drawn between her lovely long and silken legs, drawn to the swelling lips of her cunt. She put her warm hand over her cunt, feeling the heat through, the skimpy bikini that covered her twat. She couldn't resist rubbing her box, couldn't resist responding to the powerful sexual urge that stained her hot, moistening pussy.

    She began stroking her thighs, massaging them until her flesh tingled. Her hand went back to her barely concealed snatch. She rubbed the mound of

    her cunt with a gentle circular motion. Then she sneaked her fingers up under her bikini, pushing the material away until she could feel the naked lips of her Nat. She stroked her gash for a while, feeling the ever-increasing surges of pleasure that coursed through her.

    Finger-fucking was the only way in which she had found true sexual fulfillment. She hated to do such things to herself, not because she thought there was anything morally wrong with it but because it was such a pale excuse for the ecstasy she knew she would feel if she had a boy's cock inside her cunt instead of her own fingers. And yet even diddling was better than having a straining, powerful, hulking animal between her naked legs, pounding into her cunt with the wildness and greed that made her sick inside.

    She found the tiny turgid little bud of her sensitive clitoris and began scratching at it gently with the tip of her fingernail. With each touch of her nail, her horniness increased. She ran her fingers through the nest of light-blonde hair that covered her cunt, imagining that her fingers were the exploring and trembling finger of lacy or one of the many young men she knew. Her other hand fell to her cunt, too, her fingers sneaking in under the material of her bikini from the other side.

    With both hands she spread open the lips of her trembling, excited snatch, feeling the juices of her passion covering her fingers with musky dew. She wished she were opening the lips of her pussy for one of the young men she wanted to fuck so badly, wished she were exposing her cunt obscenely,

    making them tremble in the presence of her lovely naked body, making them stir deep in their young hairless balls with passion for her.

    She closed her eyes and imagined Joey as he would look standing beside her wearing his tight swim trunks and staring between her legs at her wet cunt. She tried to imagine the look of amazement on his sensitive face. She tried to imagine how his nineteen-year-old cock would begin to swell and lengthen inside his trunks. She imagined herself reaching out to touch him between the legs, imagined herself feeling the hardening rod that rested hot and heavy between his slender young legs. She imagined the look of fright on his face as she let him know of her long-hidden desire to fuck him.

    "Oh, Joey!" she cried softly. "Oh, Joey! Let me see your young dick. I want to touch it, darling. Would you like to see my cunt? Would you like to touch me there? See how wet it is? See how hot and hairy my cunt is, darling? Don't be afraid. Come closer, darling. I won't hurt you, Joey. Feel my cunt! Feel my luscious cunt! Lick it! Taste my hot cunt! Does it look like your mother's cunt, darling? Have you ever seen your mother's cunt? You'll love the things I'm going to do to you, Joey!" she heard herself say.

    Carol was amazed to discover that she had fallen so deeply into the depths of her hot imaginings that she was whispering some of her thoughts out loud. Her hand continued to work against the hot red bud of her clitoris, driving her wilder and wilder by the second. She began to imagine young

    cocks of all shapes and sizes, all poking at her from the groins of innocent young men who worshiped her, who would do anything for her.

    She began to moan in the wild ecstasy of her sexual passion, wiggling uncontrollably. Her fingers fucked fast and furiously in her swollen gash. Her cunt twitched and ran with dew.

    "Joey… Joey!" she moaned softly in the throes of her impending climax.

    "Miss Chambers!" she heard a young boy's frightened voice say.

    She opened her eyes and sat bolt upright in the chair, pulling her wet fingers from her cunt and wheeling around in the direction of the voice. It Was Joey, staring wide-eyed at his lovely neighbor lady.


    "Joey! My God! What… what are you doing here?" Carol gasped, terrified at being discovered finger-fucking her exposed cunt so obscenely.

    "Me? Uh…I…I just came over 'cause I

    wanted to take a swim," the boy gasped, shocked terribly by the sight of Miss Chambers in such a wantonly displayed state.

    "Swim? Yes… go ahead," Carol said vacantly, her eyes glassy, her hand over her lovely mouth.

    She tried desperately to cover her exposed cunt without being too obvious about it. She knew perfectly well that the boy had seen her naked, gushing cunt and the nasty thing she was doing with it. Of course she had no idea how much the young lad knew about sex, but she was sure that he had discovered jacking off by now, especially since he had two eighteen-year-old brothers. She supposed that he knew or had guessed something about female masturbation, too.

    When she thought of the things she had been moaning about him, she almost passed out on the spot. Had he heard her moaning his name? What could he possibly think and feel about her? She was terrified.

    Without a word she jumped up and ran into the house, closing the patio door behind her. She left the boy standing there by the pool, still staring at the empty chaise in which she had been playing with her pink-lipped pussy only moments before. He continued to stand staring for a long time, apparently unable to move from the spot.

    Carol hid her face in her hands and cried for a few moments. She almost screamed. Then she realized that she had to regain her composure. She would be lost if she allowed the incident to develop into anything greater. She had to be calm and she had to let Joey know that whatever he saw

    or heard was of yew little importance. It would be business as usual.

    With that goal in mind, she wiped the tears from her eyes and sauntered out onto the patio, finding the boy riveted to the place where she had left him. He seemed afraid to raise his eyes from the chaise, afraid to even acknowledge the luscious woman's presence. She walked over to him and put her gentle hand on his naked shoulder. She felt his young flesh shrink in fear when she touched him. She thought he would jump out of his skin. His eyes shot to hers and then down to the ground, as if he were afraid to even look at her after what he had seen and heard.

    "Well, Joey," she said. "I suppose you know what I was doing. There's no point in hiding it. Now do you think there's any reason to make a big thing out of it?" she asked firmly.

    "My God, Miss Chambers!" the boy almost cried. "I didn't! I didn't see anything! Really I didn't!"

    "Come now, Joey, let's not be silly about this. I was playing with my cunt. You know what a cunt is and you know perfectly well that people like to play with themselves. That goes for women as much as for men like you," she said, refusing to let the fear in her show through in her voice.

    "But I didn't see anything!" the boy cried, acting as if he wanted to run away.

    "Of course you did! Don't be ridiculous! The point is that you are not to mention what you saw to anyone. Do you understand?" she asked sharply.

    "Yeah. I mean… I guess I do. But.." he stammered.

    "And as for what you heard-" she said, interrupted instantly by the boy.

    "I didn't hear anything!" he said in a squeaky voice Nil of embarrassment and fear.

    "Of course you did, Joey!" she said harshly, making him face her, putting her hand under his chin and forcing his boyishly handsome face upward, forcing his glittering blue eyes to look into hers.

    She almost regretted facing the boy now. She felt what seemed like an electric shock through her body when she looked into his clear glittering eyes. She was suddenly seized by a lust so powerful that she could not resist it. She knew that she had to fuck the boy, now or later, but she had to fuck him. It might have been the lingering lust of her recently interrupted diddling that excited her so wildly. Or perhaps it was the way the boy looked at her, a pleading look, a look of tenderness, a look of willingness, too, willingness wrapped up in fear but willingness nonetheless. Whatever the source of her lust, she knew that it was destined to overpower her, destined to enmesh her and her boy in a net of passion, a net from which there would be no escape.

    Carol knew in an instant that the boy suddenly realized something of the turn their relationship was destined to take. She felt him recoil from her hungry gaze, recoil in fear. She felt him trying to free himself from her gasp. She held his shoulder firmly.

    "Now listen, Joey darling," Carol said intensely. "There's no point in denying that you heard me calling your name. Is there?"

    The boy shook his head negatively. She thought he was about to break into tears of embarrassment.

    "I have no intention of explaining myself to you, They. You must try to forget about this whole matter," she said in her best businesslike tone of voice. "Now you go right ahead and take that swim just as if nothing had happened, because, darling, nothing has happened! Nothing of any significance at any rate."

    Even while Carol was speaking harshly to the boy, she felt her mind and soul melting with passion for the innocent young boy. She felt the warmth of his tender throat as she held it, saw the innocence of the boy's blue eyes as he gazed at her, felt his shirtless body close to her, trembling. She was suddenly conscious of her scanty attire, suddenly conscious of the fact that she must seem nearly naked to the poor defenseless nineteen year-old. She was conscious of the way her big tits swelled beneath her skimpy bikini top, which was little more than a wide green ribbon stretched over her luscious jugs. She became conscious, too, of her naked, slightly curved belly, so soft and delicate looking, so rich and smooth. She became conscious of her long lithe naked legs, legs that caught the hot rays of the sun and transmuted them into a light golden glow. And she knew that the boy was as conscious of her body as she was.

    Unable to maintain her facade of coolness and strength for another instant, Carol turned abruptly

    and went back to the house, barely able to restrain herself from running as fast as her lovely legs could carry her. She looked back over her shoulder and saw that young Joey was doing exactly what she had told him to do. She watched him jump into the pool and disappear in the blue water. She walked over to the bar and sat on a stool, pouring herself a drink for strength. She realized that a drink for strength was something she rarely needed. But this young boy was getting to her in a way she hadn't thought possible. She was burning up with the desire to fuck the kid.

    She sat by the bar and watched the boy cavorting in the crystal-clear blue water. She watched the sun glistening on his bare back a he climbed out of the pool again and again and dived off the board. Joey had always wanted to be an Olympic diver. As Carol watched his form as he bounced off the end of the board, she realized that he would probably achieve his goal. But it was not only his diving form that interested her now.

    She pound herself another drink, swiveling the stool until she was facing the patio door, crossing her legs and bouncing her foot lightly as she sipped her drink. The alcohol spread a soothing warmth over her, calming her fears, making her feel surer of herself, calming her but having no effect on the heat in her cunt. She watched the boy bouncing up and down on the end of the board and imagined how he would look without his tight red trunks, imagining how his butt would look in the hot summer sun. She felt her cunt twitching as she imagined herself swimming with him, swimming

    naked in the light of day. She tried to control herself but to no avail. Her cunt was moistening again, moistening with the passion the young lad inspired in her.

    Carol squeezed her legs together, as if by doing so she could control the blazing excitement that continued to build in her snatch. She couldn't help touching her pussy again, dipping her hand between her silken legs while holding her glass with the other. She barely touched her box at first, knowing what would happen if she did. But it was irresistible, this urge to diddle her cunt while she watched the secret object of her affection.

    Once again she applied gentle pressure to her cunt mound, making little thrills race around inside her quim. She became more and more bold by the second, tossing her long golden hair behind her, and her cunt growing hot and juicy. Young They had blond hair, too. She might have had a young man like Joey, she thought. As the liquor had its effect on her body, she became increasingly aware of the heat. She wanted to go out and jump into the pool with the boy. It was out of the question now. Or was it?

    She stood up and summoned all her strength, downing the last of her drink and casting off the last of her hesitations. She moved with grace and coolness, deciding not to let the boy detect the fears that remained within her. Joey didn't see her come from the house and stand by the pool.

    The expression on the boy's handsome face when he climbed the ladder from the pool and looked up to find her standing over him was enough to make Carol suddenly sorry for him. She

    had never seen a boy look so shocked and frightened. He froze in position, water running from his long blond hair, cascading over his well-formed young chest. She looked down on him comfortingly.

    For Joey it was a moment to remember. Staring up between the long and curvaceous legs of such a beautiful woman as Miss Chambers was enough to give him wet dreams for months. He couldn't help staring at the crotch of her bikini, the bikini that barely covered her cunt. In fact the boy thought her bikini made her look more than naked. The bright-green, gauzy-looking material of her bikini swelled lightly in front of her. He had seen her cunt already that day and the sight of it remained etched on his memory. He wanted to see it again. He had never seen a woman's cunt before, not even his mother's. Some of the guys had told him what their sisters' cunts looked like, although the descriptions hadn't been nearly as interesting as the sight of Miss Chambers' blonde pussy. He was scared shitless, afraid that his interest in her snatch might make itself too obvious to the beautiful woman.

    "What's the matter, darling? Aren't you going to ask me to join you? It's terribly hot, you know." Carol smiled down at him.

    "Oh. Suit. Yeah. Wanna swim?" he rasped, his voice catching in his young throat.

    "Oh, thank you," she said. "I thought you'd never ask."

    The nervous boy backed down the ladder and fell backwards into the pool. Carol jumped in

    head-first and swam around for a while, keeping her eye on the boy. He seemed to stay in one place, moving his feet in a station-holding stroke, afraid to join her in the aquatic romp. She swam closer to him.

    "How long can you hold your breath, Joey?" she asked, laughing.

    Joey shrugged his shoulders.

    "Bet I can beat you!" Carol called. "Come on down!"

    Carol went under and hovered just above the floor of the pool. Joey followed her, his eyes trying to avoid the crotch-grabbing beauty of her barely clothed body. Knowing. that she had the kid's attention, even though he was trying to avoid looking at her, Carol boldly reached behind her and untied the top of her bikini. She didn't know what made her do it. She would never have done such a thing in front of a young boy under any other circumstances. The heat in her cunt and the presence of the boy she wanted to fuck so badly had moved her to this brazen act of hot lust.

    Carol saw the boy's face turn red and she knew that it wasn't because he was trying to hold his breath. He couldn't keep his eyes off her now. There was no pretending. He had never seen a woman's tits before and the sight of Miss Chambers' magnificent set of boobs was too much for him. All the air poured out of his mouth as if he had been hit in the stomach. He flew to the surface, coughing and sputtering.

    "Is that any way for a future Olympic diver to hold his breath?" Carol teased as she floated near

    him on the surface.

    "But I… I can't help it! Your tits!" the boy gasped, staring wide-eyed at her blatantly exposed set of knockers.

    "Oh, darling, if that bothers you, I can always put my top back on. I just thought I'd get more comfortable, darling. This heat is dreadful!" she smiled. "Do you want me to put my top back on, Joey?"

    Joey couldn't say much under the present circumstances. Carol watched his Adam's apple bobbing up and down in his young throat as he swallowed nervously. She knew that his throat was as dry as cotton even after he had swallowed so much water. She felt sorry for him, but there was nothing she could do now. She had to go even further with her seduction. She was seized by the urge to expose herself to him and the urge was stronger than she was.

    Carol knew that no one could see them in the pool, the neighbors' houses being far removed from her own and the fence being high. She had nothing to fear from the boy, only the possibility that he might flee in fear of her powerful feminine charms.

    "Haven't you ever seen a woman's breasts before?" she asked the nervous boy, reaching out and grabbing his shoulders.

    "Oh, goddamn! No! Never!" he rasped.

    "Not even your mother's?" Carol said with mock surprise.

    "God no! She'd never let me.." the boy whimpered.

    "Never let you what? Look at her breasts? Your

    own mother? I'm surprised that Joyce is so prudish." Carol smiled. "You can look at mine all you like, Joey darling. Do you like looking at my tits?"

    "Crap yeah!" the kid said, feeling butterflies in his stomach.

    "Why don't 'e go underwater again? I'll show you something else!" Carol purred, feeling the boy's shoulders trembling under her fingers.

    "Something else? Christ almighty! What're you talkin' about?" the boy almost cried.

    "You'll just have to come under and find out for yourself, darling Joey!" Carol said, splashing water in the kid's face.

    The boy followed her down all right. And when she saw that he was willing to obey her, she nearly fainted with excitement. Perhaps he wouldn't run away! Perhaps she had found in the boy exactly what she had always secretly wanted, a young willing partner, a partner in pleasure who couldn't hurt her when they fucked, who couldn't remind her of the wickedness and cruelty of her rapist father.

    She untied the laces that held her green gauzy bikini around her ass and let the garment float away from her. She was totally naked now in the cool clear water. She felt naked, too, felt as if she had discarded the last remaining restrictions to her rape of the innocent young Joey. She knew perfectly well that the spectacle she was making of herself was wrong, knew perfectly well that she was behaving like a wanton. Her sense of the wrongness of her actions made them all the more


    They almost pissed his trunks when he saw the filmy garment float away from the naked woman's lovely body. He had never even imagined that a woman could be so beautiful that way. He hadn't seen such curves, except in pictures he had managed to smuggle into his room, and hadn't seen such things as cunts or tits. And he certainly hadn't seen a smile like the one that Miss Chambers had on her face. She looked like she could see right through him, like she could see under his trunks, like she could see the hard-on that he was slowly getting in spite of his attempts at self-control.

    lacy knew that she would notice his cock rising under his tight red trunks. There was no preventing it now. He had jacked off a hundred times imagining how a real flesh-and-blood woman would look naked. But never had he dreamed that he would ever see Miss Chambers in such a state. And she was just letting him look at her, as if she did things like that all the time!

    Carol had indeed noticed the rising hard-on inside Joey's tight trunks, and it was the sight of the growing cock bulge that made her beckon him towards her. She knew exactly how exciting she looked, her golden hair flowing all around her head in the water like an aura, her luscious, firmly uplifted jugs buoyed up by the water, bouncing slightly as she moved, the golden down of her cunt moving in the water like sea moss. How could he resist her? She drew him to her by the strength of her will, by the strength of the mysterious feminine power that had lured men to women

    since the dawn of time. Carol felt lusty and in complete control of her body and mind for the first time in her whole sexual life. She knew. that whatever direction this taboo affair took, it would be she who did the directing.

    The bay swam towards her and stopped before her, afraid to move until he was given some sign. Carol cupped one of her huge boobs in her hand and lifted it without batting an eye, lifting it as an offering to him. She had a wicked look in her eye, the look of cunt-moistening lust, a look that melted the boy's young will and made his cock hard as a rock. Carol knew how badly the boy wanted to feel her offered tits. He looked at her searchingly, trying to see in her eyes if she really wanted him to do it, to. touch her boobs, where he hadn't touched a woman before.

    She nodded and reached out to take the boy's hand. She almost brought the kid's hand to her tit but suddenly decided to tease him. She moved backwards through the water and suddenly rose to the surface, leaving him staring after her. She swam away from the boy, who followed her fast although he had no idea what he would do when be caught up with her. He saw the downy patch of her sexy cunt as she swam in front of him, saw her moist, soft-looking buttcheeks as the water rolled over them in waves.

    Carol shuddered with excitement when she felt the boy's hand on her ankle. He was already a stronger swimmer than she was and he had caught her easily. She felt his hand let go instantly, as if he had suddenly realized what he had done, as if he

    had suddenly felt the warmth of her flesh and realized how nasty it was to touch a woman old enough to be his mother. He had a long way to go before he could freely give himself to her. She would enjoy teaching the boy the ways of fucking.


    Carol shook her head as she reached the ladder, tossing her hair behind her and laughing out loud with lusty glee. She waited for a second or two, hoping that the boy would have the nerve to touch

    her. But he waited in the water until she stood by the pool looking down at him, naked and lovely in the sun, the water trickling down over her pointed tits, covering her belly with glistening little crystal droplets, trickling Through the soft golden hair of her naked cunt

    It was obvious to Carol that poor Joey was afraid to get out of the water, afraid that she would see the hard-on that swelled between his hairless legs. She noticed that at least he was not afraid to look at her. He stared wide-eyed up between her wet legs at the cunt she had exposed so wantonly for him. Before he had tried to shift his gaze away from her naked pussy. Now, however, the innocent, wide-eyed boy was able to drink in the beauty of her golden-fleeced cunt. He could hardly help himself now.

    Giggling uncontrollably all of a sudden, Carol squeezed the water off her jiggling boobs with the side of her hand. She felt her nipples hardening, felt the flesh of her large, light-brown areolas rising in tiny little bumps that betrayed her increasing excitement. She knew that the boy was growing more and more excited by the moment, too, and she lusted to see his stiff boy-cock.

    "Aren't you getting out of the water, key? You'll get all white and wrinkly!" Carol laughed, feeling her nakedness in every fiber of her body.

    "No, I can't! I can't get out," the boy mumbled, looking away from her.

    "And why not? I did, didn't I?" she smiled.

    "I… I've got… I've got a… a…" the boy stumbled, his face turning red.

    "A hard-on? Is that what you're waffled about, darling?" she smiled.

    "Uh… well… yeah…I…I guess. I can't get out!" he cried.

    "I've seen hard-ons before, Joey. I'm a grown woman after all. I've seen more hard-ons than you have, darling. You needn't be afraid, dear. There's nothing to be ashamed of, boy," she crooned, melting the boy's will with her lusty gaze.

    "Do you really mean it? Are you sure it doesn't matter?" he pleaded.

    "Why should it matter?" Carol asked matter-of-factly.

    "Well… I don't know… Dad… Dad said…" the boy tried to say.

    "What did your dad say, Joey? What did Al say?" she asked, interested to hear what her neighbor had told his son about sex.

    "Well, Dad said a guy should never let a woman see a.. hard-on… I mean… well…he said I wasn't ready yet to talk About things like… like hard-ons… and women…" the boy said painfully, struggling like a young animal in a net.

    "I had no idea that Al was such a Puritan! That's just a bit ridiculous, I must say. Hasn't Al told you anything?" she asked, amazed that her friend's son was so ignorant of the facts of life.

    Al Masterson hadn't seemed to Carol to be the type of man who would find it necessary to avoid such a discussion with his son. Carol had known him for a long time and knew that he had done his share of woman-chasing, before and after marrying Joyce. And yet the boy really seemed not to know

    much about the experience that was stirring his nuts. The fact that the Mastersons were raising a little Puritan made Carol almost angry. It was such a waste of the boy's youth! She had to remedy the situation.

    "Really, Joey, I think it's high time someone taught you a few things about sex. Don't you? Let's be honest, darling. You have nothing to fear from me," she smiled, reaching out her hand and taking Joey's trembling hand in hers, helping him out of the water.

    When he stood dripping wet before her, Carol knew why he was so embarrassed. His dick had hardened and grown so long in his trunks that the knob was sticking out through the leg of the tight garment. She could see the lightly swollen, reddish-purple head of the boy's cock poking out through his trunks. She almost drooled just looking at it.

    Joey squirmed before her, painfully aware of her gaze, painfully aware that his prickhead was exposed shamelessly. He shuffled his feet, squeezing his legs together awkwardly in a useless attempt to make his hard young rod pop back inside his trunks. He knew that it was no use. He would just have to stand there feeling ridiculous until she took pity on him and turned around long enough for him to push his cock back where it belonged. She seemed to enjoy making him squirm, seemed to enjoy looking between his legs at his naked dickhead. Could it be, he wondered, that Miss Chambers liked looking at him as much as he liked looking at her? The possibility made his nuts churn

    with youthful excitement, forcing little droplets of pre-cum to ooze from the tip of his dick, making him wild inside.

    "You certainly do have a hard-on, darling," Carol said, trying to sound cool and calm but feeling herself growing slightly lightheaded with excitement. "Did I do that to you, Joey? Little me?"

    "I… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Really*. the trembling boy gasped.

    "Silly boy!" she smiled. "I will definitely have to tell you a few things! There are some women who are afraid of such things as hard-on's on young men and there are some women who like such things. I happen to be one of the latter," she said. "Follow me, Joey! We have some talking to do, among other things."

    Carol wiggled her ass seductively across the patio and into the living room of her spacious and elegantly appointed house. She turned around when she stepped through the sliding doors and found the boy still standing there in the sun with his hard-on jerking between his young legs. She motioned for him to come to her and he broke into a nervous run, afraid, it seemed to Carol, to disobey her. She didn't know what she would do if he seriously balked at her in her efforts at seduction.

    The kid stopped at the doorway and stared at the naked woman. She was drying herself now with a big fluffy towel, rubbing it over her boobs, making the jiggling globes bounce and sway. She stroked her naked thighs with the towel, crooking

    her leg in turn and holding them out in front of her, running the towel between her legs until her downy pussy was dry and fluffy, and all of this while Joey watched. He couldn't believe that she was doing that in front of him. If he had tried to watch his mother do that to herself, she would probably have killed him or something!

    "You seem surprised," she said to the boy, pretending to suddenly remember that he was standing there while in reality she had directed. her every movement toward him. "Drying one's self after a swim is hardly something to gape at."

    "But you…you're…you're naked…" he rasped.

    "Am I? I hadn't noticed!" she laughed. "I keep forgetting that your parents frown on thing like nudity. Perhaps you'd like to dry yourself," she said, holding the towel in front of her.

    They reached out a shaky hand towards her.

    "My goodness, Joey," she said. "I think I'd better do the drying for you. You seem rather nervous. Just stand still if you can and I'll dry that handsome young body of yours."

    "Oh, Jesus!" he said, closing his eyes and holding his breath as if he were going under for a swim.

    Carol walked around behind the boy and dropped the towel on his shoulders. She rubbed his shoulders and back vigorously until the boy's skin glowed with a pink freshness. She knew that he felt a tingle deep inside him, a tingle that she, too, felt in her tits and deep in her cunt. She began toweling the kid's chest and stomach, falling on her knees in

    front of him and looking sweetly into his glittering eyes.

    Carol saw his throat contracting and his lips moving. She knew that he was trying to say something. She knew that his words were catching in his throat. She knew that his young body was full of sexual excitement, full to the bursting point. There would be no turning back for the kid now. He was totally in her power and she loved every minute of it. She brought the fluffy towel down over his lower stomach, brushing it against his trunks. She avoided looking directly at the cock that still stuck out an inch or so through the leg of his trunks. It was a nice-looking cock, large enough for a boy of nineteen, and she wanted to examine his rod in greater detail, wanted to lavish much feminine attention on it, wanted to suck that young prick until it shot sperm all over her, wanted to feel it fucking in her sucking pussy, too. But there would be plenty of time for all of that. She had to proceed carefully with her plan of seduction, had to be absolutely certain that the boy understood the situation, that he understood that in return for her tutelage in sex he was to be hers to do with as she wished. She thought the boy was getting her message.

    "Darling, you're still all wet! Under your trunks I mean," she crooned, gently rubbing the towel against his covered groin. "I think I should finish the job I started. Drying you, that is. Don't you? Why don't you just push your nice tight trunks down and let Carol dry you?" she smiled up at the boy.

    Joey's fists were balled at his sides. He was unable to make his arms move at all, much less perform any function, such as pushing his trunks down. He was afraid to do that anyway. He couldn't believe that Miss Chambers really wanted him to do that. He hadn't even been naked in front of his mother for three or four years. He had always been taught that it was dirty and nasty to be naked in front of a woman. But this particular woman didn't seem to agree with his mother's pronouncements on that subject.

    Carol draped the towel over the kid's head, covering his face completely, hiding her from him. He left the towel over his head. He didn't really want to see what she was doing to him. It was frightening enough just feeling it. Carol slipped her fingers inside the waistband of the boy's tight red trunks and pulled them out away from his body. She peeked inside and saw that the kid had very little hair on his young crotch, although the cock that jutted down his leg was much larger than she would have expected. His skin looked incredibly soft and smooth under his trunks, as smooth as a baby's. She had to feel him there, had to touch him where no woman of thirty-five dared to touch a boy of nineteen tender years.

    Carol hadn't yet touched the purplish swollen cockhead that still stuck out through the leg of his trunks, although she knew that she would soon do much more than merely touch the excited-looking prick. She moved on her knees closer to the front of the boy's body, wrapping her arms around his torso, feeling his damp flesh against her anus,

    warm and inviting. She knew how her touch was affecting the defenseless boy. She felt his muscles stiffen when he felt her touch. She had let his trunks snap back against his lower belly. Now she slipped both hands inside his sopping-wet hunks and felt the muscular smooth cheeks of the kid's ass. She squeezed the halves of his small young butt in her hands, moving her hands downward, forcing his trunks down behind until his ass was completely exposed. She thought of the times she herself had been stripped in that way, her panties slowly pushed down by a man whose hands worked gently against her ass, gently at first but growing more and more animalistic as he grew hotter and hotter with lust. But she would be gentle with the boy. She had had enough hot animal lust to last her forever.

    Dying to see the kid's prick, she skinned his trunks down over his still damp legs, letting them fall around his feet in a little red pile. She had to tug hard to release his trunks from the cock that held them up. When his trunks pulled down over his rigid fuck-stick, the rod snapped up against his lower belly, hard and jerking with excitement. The cockshaft was covered already with slippery pre-cum.

    Carol gasped when she saw the size of the boy's hard-on. It was big enough to be hanging on a man, she thought. She tried to control the depth of her breathing. She was becoming more and more excited by the minute. Just looking between the boy's legs was enough to make her pussy run with musky moisture. She wondered what the boy felt

    when his cock slapped up against his belly. She supposed that he could squirt a load of jizz through his young and eager dick at the slightest provocation. She was right.

    Joey was acutely conscious of Carol's luscious naked body. He could feel the heat of her touching him, radiating from her soft curvaceous body. He could almost feel her naked pendulous tits touching his legs, she was so close to hint. He still wore the towel over his head, unable to remove it. He wanted desperately to see the naked. woman who was kneeling so near him. But he was also desperately afraid.

    "My, but you have a big dick!" Carol said in genuine appreciation of the boy's sexual development. "And big balls, too! I'll bet these things are just flied with sperm. Has anyone ever touched you there?" she asked, reaching up between the trembling boy's hairless legs and touching his low-hanging nuts with the tips of her fingers.

    "Jesus Christ no!" the kid gasped. "Nobody ever touched me there.! Just the doctor once. Oh, shit! You shouldn't be touchin' me there. It's not right! Mom and Dad always said nobody should touch me there!" Joey nearly sobbed.

    "Does it feel good?" she asked, taking his balls in her fingers, squeezing them very gently, rolling them around inside their smooth pink sac. "Does it make you tingle all over?"

    "Christ yeah! But it's wrong! I mean, it's dirty. Isn't it?" the kid asked, his voice muffled by the towel.

    "Of course it is, darling! A woman of thirty-five

    shouldn't be touching a boy of nineteen between his legs like this. We both know that, darling. But I like doing it and you like doing it so why shouldn't we go on doing it?" Carol cooed, still playing with the boy's heavy nuts.

    Joey's balls were nearly bursting with jizz. He hadn't jacked off that day yet, and he wondered how long he could stand such a raging hard-on without squirting off. His cock ached as never before. It was as if she were the embodiment of all the women in every wet dream he had ever had. She was driving him nuts and the fact that it was such a dirty and taboo thing made the entire experience even more exciting, almost dizzying for the boy.

    "Such nice hair on your crotch, darling," Carol said, trying to hide her growing excitement. "But it's all wet, Joey! I think I should dry it off just a bit. It must be terribly uncomfortable for you."

    Carol slowly grabbed the edge of the towel that covered the boy's head and chest and pulled it off him. She looked up boldly into his eyes and smiled as wickedly as she could. His face wore an expression approaching that of pain. She knew how she was making the kid's young dick ache right down to his nuts. Her pussy was flaming with lust. Her cunt was running with fragrant moisture. Her clitoris was twitching between her long satiny legs. She desperately wanted the boy's cock between those feminine legs, fucking away inside her gushing hole, driving her wild with climax after climax.

    Joey looked down in front of his body, staring

    wide-eyed at the huge knockers that protruded so obscenely in front of the lovely woman's body. They were like huge pillows of flesh, tipped with hard-looking brown nipples that looked almost as excited as his cock. Miss chambers' tits were suffused with a healthy rosy glow and lightly touched by the sun. He wanted to bun' himself in her tits, wanted to give himself up to her entirely and lose himself there in her boobs. He didn't know what made him feel that way about her-not exactly, anyway. He knew that he felt the same urge to bury himself between his mother's big tits occasionally. But that was out of the question. He was a young man now and such things were forbidden between men and their mothers. But Miss Chambers was not his mother, and there was something about her age and lush full-bodied femininity that made him melt inside.

    Carol took the towel and began rubbing the boy's thighs with it. Her hands moved to his lower belly, carefully avoiding the jerking shaft of his naked dick. She rubbed around in the sparse hair on the kid's crotch until he began to breathe very hard.

    "Do you like that?" she smiled up at him.

    He shook his head affirmatively. She grasped the incredibly rigid shaft of his young rod and pulled it out away from his stomach. She began rubbing the crotch hair behind his cock, letting the towel brush lightly against the back of his purple cockhead. She had never seen a young boy's dick before in an erect state and she was thrilled by the sight of it, thrilled by the incredible excitement that she

    herself was inspiring in him.

    "I can't take it, Miss Chambers!" Joey rasped, standing up on the balls of his feet, as if trying to escape her wildly exciting manipulations. "If you keep doin' that, I'm gonna do it all over you! It's not right, is it?"

    "It's perfectly all right with we, darling," she said. "Why don't I just make you do it whether you want to or not!"

    With that Carol grasped the kid's hard-on in a tight hold and suddenly began jacking him off. She looked up and saw that the naked boy's eyes were almost bugging out of his head. He tried almost involuntarily to back away from her but she held his prick firmly. It took only three or four strokes of Carol's soft warm fist to bring the boy off. She stared at the tip of his slippery dick and watched a squirt of sperm blast from the blood-engorged knob. The first three or four blasts of the thick creamy jizz shot clear over Carol's head. She had never seen a man come so hard and fast. It was as if his cum had been shot from a cannon of hot male flesh.

    Poor defenseless Joey thought his balls would blow off when the surge of his orgasm tore through his hot young nuts. He didn't want to let that happen. What would his parents think if they found out? What would Miss Chambers think of him? A guy just wasn't supposed to do things like that in front of a woman, especially a woman as old as his mother! But when he felt his sperm shooting through his twitching prick, he forgot the taboos and abandoned himself to the wild pleasure

    of his orgasm. He watched his fuck juice shoot over the naked woman's beautiful blonde head. He watched some of the jizz splatter against her soft, warm-looking cheeks. He watched her lick the cum off her lips, still staring at his cock as the last few squirts shot out of his cum-slit.

    Carol was instantly addicted to the taste of the young boy's cream. She knew then and there that she would have to taste his precious spunk again and again. She knew then and there that She would have to guide the boy through the world of sexual pleasure, no matter what obstacles lay before them on their taboo journey. She let the kid's dick jerk up from her fist, still rock-hard and pulsating with hot blood. She wanted to lick the sperm from his cock, wanted to suck the last remaining droplets into her mouth. But she was afraid to go too far with him at first, afraid that he might break and run, afraid that the ridiculous teachings of his prudish parents might rise to the surface again and ruin her fun. She had to keep her hold on the boy.

    Carol thought that Joey would fall on her, his legs were suddenly so weak. She nearly had to hold the kid up. She stood up slowly, her pussy still burning with lust for him. She reached down in front of the young kid and pulled his trunks up over his hairless young legs. She tucked his barely softening hard-on inside his tight damp trunks and tugged them up around his naked ass. She let the waistband of his trunks snap against the head of his dick, which stuck out a good inch or so above the elastic band. He jumped when he felt the material snap against his sensitive knob.

    "Something tells me you liked that, Joey dear," Carol said, kissing the boy behind the ear.

    "Oh, Jesus!" the boy cried. "I don't believe it! I must be dreamin'!"

    "Not at all, dear," she whispered in his ear. "This is real, very real. But we mustn't go too far all at once, Joey. There are many other exciting things you need to learn about women and what women can do for nice strong men like you."

    "Do you really mean it? I'm awful scared," the boy admitted, hiding his face in Miss Chambers' soft inviting jugs.

    "Don't worry, dear. Everything will be wonderful. Just don't breathe a word of this to anyone," she cautioned gently.

    "Are you kiddin'? I won't say anything. Jesus! Mom and Dad would kill me!" Joey whimpered.

    "Such silly people they must be, dear," Carol smiled, walking the trembling boy to the door. "You just run along now. If you come back tomorrow, I'll show you a few things about women that you might like to learn. Will you come back, Joey?" she cooed.

    Joey nodded his head violently and broke into a nervous run across the patio, through the gate and down the street to his house. Carol knew that she had him hooked.


    Carol had prepared herself well far Joey's impending visit. She had dressed in her sexiest

    negligee and had perfumed her gorgeous body with spicy fragrances that she knew would excite the boy. She had never felt more enticing, had never felt more feminine, more wildly exotic. Her cunt had never felt more alive, had never itched for a fuck so intensely.

    Carol hadn't slept too well that night, having been troubled not by her conscience but by thoughts of the possible consequences of her seduction of the young boy whose sperm she had taken so eagerly the afternoon before. She knew that there were laws against such things, social as well as legal. She knew that no one, especially the boy's parents, would understand her motivations should she be found out. She had always thought the Mastersons to be open-minded and eager to enjoy the delights of fucking and sucking. They attended swap parties and the like, or so Joyce had confided in her. But their attitude toward their Sons and their sex lives was a bit silly. The boy actually thought that sex was a terrible thing! Carol tried to imagine the Mastersons' reaction to the things she had done to Joey, but she couldn't quite put herself in their positions. And she hadn't even begun to teach the kid the joys of fucking! She knew that she and her boy were destined to be more and more completely enmeshed in the web of sexual depravity that she insisted on weaving around them.

    There was a certain excitement in the element of danger surrounding her activities with young Joey, a peculiar excitement that made little shocks surge through her. It was vaguely like the feeling she had

    had when her father had shoved his gigantic hard cock into her little Eighteen-year-old cunt, unpleasant and yet vaguely satisfying.

    Although she hadn't slept peacefully, Carol was refreshed and ready for the boy by the time he finally put in his appearance. It was late in the afternoon before she heard the gentle tapping at her patio door. She had thought the kid hadn't been able to get up enough nerve to visit her, especially since he knew what she had iii mind for him. She had almost given up on him until she heard the nervous tapping and saw his handsome young face peeking in through the half-open sliding glass doom. By the tousled look of his longish blond hair she guessed that he had been running.

    Carol had been sipping a brandy at the bar, her negligee parted and her crossed legs exposed, looking her best, looking her most seductive, looking it and feeling it. She had no intention of letting the young boy out of her little trap until he was exhausted, until he had satisfied her as no male her own age ever could, until she had drained every last drop of cum from his teenage balls, until her pussy had flashed a dozen times.

    She rose like a vision in a dream and moved as if on a cloud towards the patio door. Poor young Joey stared at her in disbelief. She was even more beautiful today than yesterday. Or perhaps today he wasn't as afraid to look at her, wasn't as afraid to let himself drink in her beauty. Her huge out thrust tits bounced slightly as she walked towards the boy. He kept his eyes on the slightly dark areolas that showed through the thin material

    of her negligee. He saw that her nipples, which made little peaks in the pink garment, were as stiff as they had been the day before. He wanted to ask her why they got so hard like his cock, but he was afraid to say anything yet. He wanted to ask her lots of things that he had wondered about for a long time, things that his buddies had hinted about, things that some of his friends had mentioned about sex, and things that he suspected they had very little knowledge of. He wanted to ask her many things but somehow he knew that he would find out soon enough, whenever she was ready.

    The boy let his eyes fall between her long lovely legs. As she walked, her legs parted the front of her garment. He could see her cunt! He almost went out of his mind. He thought he might break and run. Before he had a chance to change his mind and chicken out, he felt her hand on his shoulder.

    "I thought you'd never make it, Joey," Carol whispered, leading her young boy into the living room. "But you're here now, darling. Are you ready to learn a few things?"

    "I guess," the boy said, sitting down on the sofa, looking anything but secure, his eyes darting over the nearly naked woman who stood before him. "What're you gonna do?" he asked, instantly wishing he hadn't asked it.

    "Oh, I don't know exactly, darling. I think we should play it by ear, don't you, lover? I think I should show you my body first, Joey. I take it that you've never seen a woman's body," Carol said.

    "Gosh no!" the kid said, his voice catching.

    "Why don't you just sit back and enjoy looking

    at me, lacy?" Carol said, gently pushing him backwards.

    When he was slouched down in the sofa, she quickly reached between his long young legs and unzipped his pants in one fluid movement. He straightened up when he felt her fingers so close to his prick. She put her hand on his shoulder again and pushed him back again.

    "Don't worry, darling," Carol crooned. "I just want to make you comfortable. Why don't I just unbuckle your Levi's and spread them out for you? There, that's better. Isn't that more comfortable?"

    "Gosh, Miss Chambers!" the boy gasped. "Are you sure you want me like this?"

    "Well, darling, I want you almost like this. I see you have underwear on, Joey," she said, gazing between his legs at his bulging underpants. "In the future I'd appreciate it if you'd leave your underwear off when you come over for one of your little visits."

    With that Carol dipped her hand between the kid's trembling legs and spread open the front of his white briefs with her fingers, reaching inside and finding his long soft cock. She dragged the boy's balls out and made them hang out with his prick through the small opening in his underwear. She smiled wickedly when she noticed that the mere touch of her fingers on his cock and balls was already giving him a hard-on.

    "That's very nice, darling. You look handsome that way. I wonder what your parents would think of us if they saw you that way? I think I'd better go and lock all the doors in the house. I wouldn't

    want anyone to barge in on us and ruin our fun!" Carol said, leaving the boy with all kinds of feelings of anticipation and an exposed cock.

    When Carol returned, she found the, kid still sitting in the same position. But by now his dick was as hard as a rock. He looked terribly embarrassed. He was unable to look the hot-assed woman in the eye. She stood in front of him and raised her negligee slowly until he couldn't help seeing her naked pussy. The boy's eyes were riveted there between her sleek naked legs. She looked even more beautiful today than the day before. And now she was blatantly showing him her cunt! He almost pissed.

    "Do you like looking at my cunt, Joey dear?" Carol smiled, untying her garment and letting it fall over her shoulders to the floor. "Do you like my snatch, honey? Perhaps you'd like to get a better look."

    Carol blatantly raised her naked leg and let her foot rest on the arm of the sofa, opening her fragrant gash. Her pussy was directly in front of the nervous boy's face, so close that he could see the dew on the raggedy lips of her twat. Her cunt looked hot, as if it were as excited as Joey's cock. He blinked again and again, almost afraid to look at her open, exposed quim. He found her cunt fascinating to k at, all rosy-red and juicylooking, with little folds and wisps of light curly blonde hair here and there. It wasn't quite what the guys said it would look like. He knew now that he was the only one of them who had actually seen a woman s cunt. And what a cunt it was!

    "Would you like to touch it, Joey?" Carol whispered, moving her legs a bit, making her cuntlips jiggle slightly.

    'Touch it? Do you mean it?" the boy asked, his voice div.

    "Of course I mean it," Carol smiled. "I want you to touch it! Women like to feel a boy's fingers on their cunts, They. Go ahead, dear. Just touch it anywhere you like."

    Joey raised a shaky hand up towards her gaping pink gash. He touched the rubbery-looking lips of her fragrant cunt. He drew his hand away instantly, as if he had suddenly lost heart. He reached down and took his hand in hers, raising it between her legs, making him feel the puffy lips of her cunt. She shuddered inside when she felt the young innocent's hand on her drooling twat. It was a thrill she knew she would never forget, a thrill made even more intense by the sense of nastiness that surrounded the act.

    "Notice how soft and smooth the flesh of a woman's cunt is, dear?" Carol said, feeling her blazing box responding to the boy's eager yet nervous touch. "Run your fingers up and down inside the lips of it, dear. That's right. Doesn't that feel nice? See how wet your fingers are getting? That feels wonderful!" the horny woman said, feeling the tuggings and tinglings of sexual passion engulf her.

    The sight and heady scent of Carol's cunt was overpowering the innocent young boy, hypnotizing him. His fingers moved over the trembling lips of her sweet cunt almost by themselves. He had never

    felt anything as soft and warm as her twat. So this was the thing all the guys were talking about all the time! This was the thing that women hid between their legs so carefully! This was the thing that all the guys wanted to see and stick their dicks into! He was beginning to wonder if she wanted him to do that, too. But that was impossible! He was only nineteen and she was old enough to be his mother! He was dizzy with the strangeness of it all. He felt almost the way he had felt when he had gotten his first hard-on.

    "Taste the moisture from my cunt, Joey," Carol said. "Put your fingers to your lips, honey. That's the way. Do you like that?"

    Carol looked down and watched the boy raise his fingers to his lips and flick out his tongue, tasting her musky cunt-dew. He gazed up at her with a look of childish delight on his young face. He looked even younger than his years with that expression on his face. He looked like a young man exploring some new and fascinating toy for the first time. If her cunt was that toy, she had every intention of letting the boy play with it to his heart's content.

    "Why don't you taste my pussy?" she asked. "That's one thing you must learn to do if you're to satisfy women, when you're a big grown-up man. Women love to have their cunts licked and sucked. It makes our bellies tingle deep down inside. It makes us feel like you do when somebody touches your cocks. You do want to make Carol happy, don't you, darling?"

    "Crap yeah!" the boy said. "I wanna make you

    happy. Sure I do!"

    "And you'll do anything in the world I ask of you?" she asked.

    "Oh, shit yet!" Carol's young sex pupil almost sobbed, caught up in the whirlpool of emotion she had stirred up in him.

    "Then suck my cunt, dear! You'll love it!" she said, moving even closer to the boy's boyishly handsome face.

    Carol moved so close to Joey that her snatch was within licking distance. She felt his nose brushing against her puffy cuntlips, felt his hot breath against the rosy flesh of her open gash. It was a feeling she had never had before. She had had her cunt eaten out a hundred times, but never by such a young and eager boy. It was as if she were experiencing the joys of sex for the first time herself. She knew that she would never allow an older man near her again. From now on, it would be young and inexperienced kids like Joey.

    The musky scent of Miss Chambers' pussy was driving the boy crazy. He was so close to her snatch now that he could hardly see it in detail. He felt his forehead brushing up against the soft golden hair of her, crotch. He was aware of her incredibly exciting femininity. Her cunt surrounded him, engulfed him. If sex was going to be like this, he was certainly going to enjoy it.

    Carol gasped when she felt the kid's tongue touch the hot lips of her oozing twat. She shivered visibly when the tingle ran through her body.

    "Miss Chambers, are you sure it's all fight?" he mumbled, pushing his face tightly against her

    sopping wet gash.

    "Just do everything I tell you, Joey," she said. "Rub your face up against my cunt. Oh, Christ! That's right, dear! Rub your cheeks between my legs. You don't know how lovely it feels to have a handsome young boy's face between my legs. I love it! Love it!" she gasped.

    Joey's face was soon wet with Carol's free-flowing cunt juice. The fresh feminine scent of her twat mingled with the spicy fragrance of her carefully applied perfume continued to drive the hard-cocked young boy wild.

    "Lick it! Lick my cunt!" Carol cried.

    The boy began lapping up and down the creamy gash of the horny, woman's obscenely exposed cunt. He sucked up her pussy juice,, making loud slurping noises as he sucked her rosy twat. Joey's hard young prick was aching with excitement, oozing clear droplets of pre-cum. He was afraid his cock would shoot off again even if nobody touched it. He had jacked off three times the previous night just thinking about Miss Chambers and the mysterious things she had to offer him, but still his young nuts were full of sperm and aching to shoot it at the slightest provocation.

    "Stick your tongue into me, They!" she said intensely. "See the hole in my twat? Stick your tongue all the way up that hole and lick around inside it. I love that! I love it, Joey darling! That's right! Oh, God! Yesssss! Move your goddamn tongue! Yes, darling Joey! You're such an eager young man. You love to do what Carol tells you. You love to suck my cunt and make me feel good

    inside! Why didn't we start doing this earlier?"

    Joey hardly heard what Carol was moaning, his mind being on the workings of his tongue in the dark-pink folds of her musky cunt. He wanted desperately now to satisfy her by doing anything she told him to do. He was beginning to feel an attraction to her that was much like his attraction to his mother. In fact, images of his mother came to mind as he worked his eager yet inexperienced tongue in the grasping hole of the older woman's twat. He saw images in his mind's eye of his mother's pussy. He knew that he was just imagining things but still the images of his mother were exciting, dizzying, and very strange. His bait churned with intense excitement.

    "Feel my tits!" Carol moaned. "Here!" she said, reaching down and grabbing the boy's arms, raising them to her boobs, letting his hands close over her yielding globes. A woman loves to have her tits squeezed and fondled. That's right, Joey! Rub your thumbs against my nipples. Feel how hard they are, dear? They get like that when they're excited, Joey, just like your dick. Everytime you rub my nipples like that I feel a tingle that makes me warm inside. Do you understand, darling? And everytime you move your tongue in my twat I feel a hot twitching. Do you see that little hard-looking place on my cunt? Touch it with your tongue. Yessss! That's the place! Everytime you touch that I feel like you do when someone touches your hard cock. Lick my ditty, Joey darling! Lick it hard! Suck it into your mouth, too. Oh, yessss! Scrape your teeth against it gently… Suck hard on it, Joey! You're making me

    feel so good. I can't stand it any longer. I'm going to come! Yesssss! Keep sucking! Keep licking and sucking my hot fucking cunt!" Carol cried out loud as she felt her orgasm rising within her.

    Carol uttered a shrill cry when she felt her climax explode inside her quivering cunt. It was as if a dam had burst somewhere inside her wildly excited body. Waves of fire coursed through her. She shook violently for a second or two. Then she felt her entire body relaxing in the most blissful imaginable peace. It was the most wonderful orgasm she had ever had, the only one she had ever had in which fear hadn't interfered with her pleasure.

    Joey had never seen a woman act like that before. She trembled and shook as if she were hurt or something. He was afraid he had hurt her by sucking that thing she called a ditty too hard or something. He pulled his face away from her musky snatch as soon as she started shaking so violently. She reached down and forced his face back against her twitching pussy. Her cunt gushed all over him when she screamed.

    Joey felt her become still all of a sudden, just the way he did right after he squirted his wad of sperm. He wondered if she had just done something like that, too, only in some mysterious feminine way.

    "Oh, Joey… Joey darling. That was wonderful! Let me make you feel good now," Carol whimpered, falling quickly to her knees in front of her young pupil. "You look so sweet with your cock all hard and your balls exposed like that. You

    have my cunt juice all aver your face, dear," Carol said, bending close to him and kissing his wet lips, tasting her own pussy juice.


    Nobody had ever kissed Joey like that before. She sucked his lips real hard. It wasn't anything like the way his mother kissed him, not a quick kiss on the cheek or on the forehead. She stuck her

    tongue inside his mouth. Nobody had ever done anything like that to him either. He didn't know what to do at first. Then he realized that she wanted him to suck her lips like that, too. She wanted him to stick his tongue into her mouth, too. He did what he thought she wanted him to do. He began to enjoy it quickly enough. It made his lips and the inside of his young mouth tingle. And there was something about that kind of kissing that made his balls feel hot and made his cock jerk hard and fast against his belly.

    Then Carol slipped her tongue out of the boy's sucking mouth and began trailing it down his throat. Joey was breathing harder than ever now, his body tense, his heart racing wildly. Carol knew that her young man was still very much afraid of the pleasures she was bringing him. His fear made her hot.

    "It's awfully warm in here, Joey. Why don't we take your shirt off? You have such a nice lean body, so young and smooth, not like older men. You don't mind if Carol takes your clothes off for you, do you?" she crooned, attacking the buttons of the boy's light shirt.

    Joey sat up straight, nervous as a kitten while the cock-hungry woman bared the front of his nineteen-year-old body. He still couldn't look into her eyes. The things they were doing were so dirty! The things she said to him were so obscene, so brazen, so unlike anything he had ever heard from his mother's lips. He found it hard to believe even now that a woman was actually saying words like cock and mint. The things she was doing to him

    were even harder to believe. But it was real. It had to be! There he was, his cock and balls naked, the front of his body bared now, the amazingly beautiful and exciting woman bent over him, her wildly exciting body naked and alive with sensuality. It wasn't a dream. It was better than a dream.

    Joey was fascinated by the sight of Carol's huge tits so soft and warm, and so close to him. He had felt them a few moments before while he sucked her twat. They were warm and soft, incredibly soft, and yet they were sort of resilient. He had never felt anything quite like that before. He wanted to examine Miss Chambers' boobs in greater detail. But he couldn't possibly ask her to let him do that. It was going too far! If she wanted him to look at her tits more closely, she would tell him when the time was right. He felt that she knew exactly what she wanted of him and would guide him carefully in his explorations of this new and wild world of sex. That feeling of security under her tutelage mingled with his lingering fear of such blatant sex and made feelings in him that were strangely exciting in themselves.

    Carol was aware of the boy's glittering eyes fixed on her swaying boobs. She loved the way he gazed enraptured at her firm jugs. She knew how big and beautiful her tits were and how they excited men. But the way they excited this young innocent was something else again. The young boy had never seen tits before, at least not since he became old enough to appreciate them. She thought that perhaps she should give him a few

    lessons in the appreciation of a woman's knockers. "Joey, do you like looking at my tits?" she

    asked sweetly, looking up into his eyes when she had finished unbuttoning his shirt and spreading it open. "Be honest now, darling. Men and women must be honest with each other. Do you like to look at my boobs?"

    "Well, yeah-God yeah!" the kid blurted.

    "Are they as big as your mother's?" she smiled, knowing that she was far better endowed in that area than Joyce.

    "Jeez, I dunno. I me… uh. yeah. I guess they an," the boy replied, knowing perfectly well that Carol's tits were much bigger than his mother's.

    "I take it then that you've looked at your mother's tits, while she was dressed I mean. That's awfully nasty of you, Joey-looking at your mother's tits. Shame on you! What would she think if she found out?" Carol said in mock seriousness.

    "But I didn't mean that! I don't look at Mom's tits!" the boy gasped, terribly embarrassed.

    "But you can't help noticing things like that, can you?" she smiled, a look of understanding in her eyes.

    "Well, no, I guess not," Joey whispered, feeling a little better now that he realized that she was just joking around with him.

    "Why don't you play with my tits, Joey? I don't mind at all, darling. In fact there's nothing I would like better." Carol smiled, crawling on top of the boy and presenting her jugs brazenly.

    Carol sat on the kid's lap, being careful not to sit on the boy's hard-on. She knew that one touch of her flesh against the boy's rod would make him shoot his wad prematurely. She lifted both her magnificent boobs in her hands and presented them to him as a gift of flesh.

    The boy was overwhelmed by the lewdness of the older woman. He was scared to death to touch the huge pillows of flesh that she offered him. And yet the aching in his balls made him touch her in spite of his fear. His trembling fingers fell against the satin flesh of her tits. She was warm and silken there. The boy thrilled to the feel of her firm jugs. He noticed the different textures of her flesh as his fingers moved over her tits. He felt the satin flesh turn to goosepimples as his fingers trailed down over the woman's areolas. He felt the stiff points of her nipples.

    "Do you like my tits, They? Do you like touching them like that? Would you like to put them in your mouth?" she asked.

    "In my mouth?" the trembling boy gasped.

    "Of course, darling. That's what they're for. Nipples are for men like you to suck, and younger men, too, of course. Why don't you just sit there like that and suck my nipples like a baby? You'll enjoy it darling," she smiled.

    Carol sucked in her breath when she felt the kid's moist lips against the tingling peaks of her hard nipples. She looked down to see the nineteen-year-old boy sucking at her tits. His face was young and captivating, soft and gentle, so unlike the faces of the hairy animals who had

    sucked her tits in the past, and only under their chosen conditions, conditions that were often degrading. She reached down and stoked the boy's cheek. Her pussy was moistening again, growing hot again, begging for stimulation.

    Carol heard the slurping sounds that the boy made as he licked her boobs and sucked her hard nipples. Her tits were wet with the kid's dribbling saliva. She told him to suck both of her boobs, taking turns. The boy obeyed, making her tits pop out of his mouth audibly. She loved the sound her nipples made as they pulled free of his sucking lips. She told the kid to nibble at her gently. He did as he was told, trying to be as gentle as possible but not necessarily succeeding. Occasionally he bit her too hard in his youthful exuberance, making her wince. She enjoyed even the pain.

    "Do you know anything about fucking?" Carol asked the bay.

    They pulled away from her tits and looked up at her amusedly.

    'Fucking? Well, I e… I guess I've heard about it," the boy stumbled.

    "Of course you have, darling Joey. In fact I'll bet you even dream about fucking. Isn't that true?" Carol smiled teasingly.

    "Dream about it? Well, I guess I do. All the guys do!" the boy confessed.

    "When you dream about fucking, do you wake up with wet blotches of aim all aver your bed?" she asked, wildly excited by the sound of her own lascivious words.

    "Sometimes…" the boy said, looking down,

    feeling horribly embarrassed.

    "Do you dream about sticking your big strong dick into a girl's pussy and fucking it in and out until you squirt all your cum inside her cunt?" Carol asked.

    "Holy slit!" the kid gasped, unable to believe that a woman was talking to him that way.

    "Do you want to turn your dreams into realities, Joey?" she smiled. "Do you want to fuck me in the cunt with your beautiful hard cock? Or do you think you're too young to do such a thing to a thirty-five-year-old woman?"

    "Oh, God, I want to! Sure I want to! But it's so…" He hesitated.

    "So dirty? So nasty? So bad?" Carol sang.

    "Yeah. I guess so. I don't believe this!" the boy said, shaking his head. and bad," Carol went on.

    "It is dirty and nasty

    "That's just why I love it so much. You're just a young man and I'm as old as your mother. Just think of it, Joey. I could even be your mother! Doesn't it make your nuts chum? I'm as old as your mother, but your mother wouldn't let you fuck her! I'll let you fuck me in the cunt! I'll let you shoot your hot sperm up into my belly! Would you like that?"

    "Jesus, yes! But I'm.*." the boy faltered.

    "Afraid?" she asked.

    Young Joey hung his head and Carol's heart went out to him. She cradled his head in her hands and let him rest his cheeks against her huge tits. She understood how reticent he was and knew that only her understanding could bring him to the full

    enjoyment of his body, and hers.

    "Why don't we go upstairs to my bedroom? Have you ever been in a woman's bedroom before, Joey? No? I thought not. Why don't you just pull your pants off and leave your clothes down here? We won't need them in my bedroom I can assure you! Let me help you off with your shoes, lacy. You may leave your underpants on if you wish, darling. lust leave your cock and balls hanging out. I like to see your dick bounce when you walk." Carol said, growing hornier and hornier by the second.

    She ran her hands up and down the kid's naked legs as soon as she had helped him off with his pants. She slid her warm hands all the way to the crotch of his briefs. She saw his pecker jerking visibly when she touched the insides of his slender yet well-muscled legs. She was afraid, as he was, that he might go off if she so much as touched his dripping fuck-stick.

    She stood up and beckoned for the boy to follow her up the stairs to her room. He followed her boldly, his young rod pounding between his legs. He kept his eye on the tuft of soft golden hair that showed between Carol's naked legs as she ascended the carpeted stairs. He wondered what mysterious delights she had in store for him in her bedroom.

    lacy found her bedroom as soft and sensual as the woman herself. The scent of the room was the soft scent of a woman. He watched Miss Chambers move effortlessly about the room, displaying her womanly charms in a way calculated to keep him

    horny and constantly interested in her every movement. The young man was painfully aware of the constriction of his underpants on his balls and the thick shaft of his hairless dick where his genitals were forced through the opening in his underwear. He was also painfully aware of his nearly complete nakedness before the woman's glittering and calculating eyes. He felt like a puppet on a string, completely subjugated to the powerful will of the seductive Miss Chambers. It was a feeling not entirely without satisfaction. There was a strange kind of safety in it, an enforced sense of trust that continued to build as the woman sucked him more completely into the whirlpool of her passion. More than anything else now Joey was afraid that he might not please her, afraid that he might do the wrong thing and incur her wrath.

    Carol loved the way the young sex-pupil stood around in her room, looking at everything as if he had never seen such things before, jumping out of her way when she walked by him. She sat at her vanity and began combing her long golden hair. The boy watched intently. She looked over her shoulder and saw that his dick was oozing so profusely now that a long strand of clear pre-cum ran all the way from the head of his aching cock to the floor. She knew what torture his balls were putting him through. She couldn't stand letting him suffer so miserably when she knew he needed to shoot a load of sperm through the stiff pipe of his teenage dick.

    With that charitable thought in mind, Carol sauntered over to her bed and sat down on the

    edge of it. She spread her less and opened the raged lips of her lasciviously exposed pussy.

    "See this thing, Joey? This is my clitoris, the thing you sucked on earlier to make me came. Whenever anyone touches that thing, I feel wonderful all over. All women like having their tits played with and licked. And if you put your cock in my cunt, right in this hole, when you move it in and out my cunt will rub against the shaft of your young cock and the friction will drive me wild. And I think you just might enjoy that, too, darling, because the underside of your knob, your dickhead, will rub against my cunt flesh and drive you wild, too! Doesn't that sound good?" Carol whispered lasciviously, working her cunt with her long, well-manicured fingers:

    She beckoned for the boy to come to her. He obeyed, his fear showing in his eyes. He stopped halfway to the bed and stared blankly at the woman. He was actually about to fuck a woman as old as his mother! The thought made him tingle all over, made him dizzy, made him suddenly weak.

    "I understand, darling," Carol said, rising and taking the boy's hand, leading him to the bed. 'This is a big step for a young boy to take, darling. But you'll do wonderfully, dear. You'll make me feel beautiful. It'll be worth the first Utile fears, Joey! Just do as I say and you'll enjoy yourself. And don't worry if you shoot your cream before I'm ready for you to shoot it, dear. There's plenty of cum in your nuts, darling," she said soothingly.

    Carol fell back on the bed, scooting into the center of it, nicking up the satin sheets, feeling the

    softness of the material against her even softer flesh. She continued to beckon the boy towards her. She told him to drop his underpants now. He obeyed, tugging them down over his arching hard-on and tightly swollen, cum-filled, young balls. She told him to get into bed with her. Once more he obeyed the seductive and experienced woman, crawling into bed with her, walking on his knees over the soft satin-covered bed, slipping and sliding awkwardly.

    "Joey, dear, listen carefully. We'll do it the easy way first. There are many ways of fucking a woman, Joey, but this is a good way to start. I'll just lie here on my back and you lie on top Of me. Yes, They, just fall on me like that. Your body's so warm and soft! I'm going to love this, Joey dear!" Carol said.

    Carol wrapped her arms around the boy when he fell over her, enfolding him in the luxurious feminine warmth and smoothness that she knew would hold him in her power. She encouraged him to lie still over her while he accustomed himself to the feel of her naked body beneath him. She felt the young boy's heart racing wildly against her tits. She felt his hard small nipples scraping against her own and knew that he, too, was excited in the extreme. She felt his incredibly stiff and hot dick rubbing against her leg, slippery and wet with pre-cum. Her twat was blazing hot. She had to have the kid's hard-on buried inside her cunt, whether he was ready or not.

    "Now, Joey, I want you to reach down between your legs and take your cock in your hand. That's

    the way, dear. Now try to put it between my legs. Yes! Oh, God, that's lovely, just lovely! Now make it push into my cunt hole. That's right, make it go in as far as you can!" Carol said, getting hornier all' the time.

    Carol felt the kid's rigid dick poke into her pussy. She tried to control the muscles, of her excited cunt, tried to avoid squeezing and working her eager pussy around the kid's hot rod, tried to avoid making him shoot his hot load so early. But her sexual fire was consuming her. She had to grasp his impaled cock with her cunt flesh, had to move her naked legs wildly beneath the boy, spurring him on to more and more intense pistoning.

    The nervous boy began bucking his ass, pumping his dick in and out of Miss Chambers' seething cunt. Joey seemed to know exactly what to do now that his cock was firmly imbedded in the hot flesh of the older woman's Nat. He had brought himself to orgasm before by dry-humping his mattress. The pistoning motion came to him naturally. He found fucking the naked woman easier than he had anticipated. It was frightening enough, being so close to another person, being so much enfolded by another, being inside the woman, being part of her. But the pleasure she brought him was well-worth all the embarrassment and shame this first experience with real ball-busting sex had brought with it.

    Carol wrapped her legs around the young fucker's back, squeezing him hard, as if holding him to her forever. She wanted the innocent young boy's dick buried in her cunt forever, wanted to

    feel it stroking in and out of her pussy, wanted to feel the slippery hard shaft of the long rod rubbing against the hot bud of her clitoris forever. But she knew that the young and wild boy would soon give up his load of hot sperm, flooding her cunt with balm.

    The luscious woman reached behind the young boy and smoothed her hands over his back, squeezing his quivering muscular buttcheeks, pulling him towards her, and urging him to fuck her hot gash. Carol felt the boy grinding his crotch against her downy cunt, corkscrewing his dick inside her quivering hole, knowing exactly what to do to make her feel mad with passion even without explicit instruction. She responded to the eager novice's dicking of her hot wet cunt by bucking her lovely ass in unison with his, matching his fucking movements.

    Carol felt the charge of her slowly building orgasm. She felt her pussy seething, squirming, grasping, and pulsating around the boy's pistoning dick. She felt her body becoming tense. She became conscious of the sounds in the air, became conscious of the wet sucking sounds the young sex-pupil's hot cock was making as it slipped in and out of her twat hole, became conscious, too, of the soft little cries she herself was making deep in her throat as she rose higher and higher toward the pinnacle of sexual pleasure.

    "Oh, yes, Joey… yes. Fuck me… fuck me hard and fast, darling…" the hot-assed woman moaned softly. "Fuck me, lover! Oh, Joey, you're learning so fast and so well. You're learning how to

    make me feel so good. Your cock feels so hot and hard inside me, so young and stiff. Your body feels so warm and smooth. You're not like those other men. You don't try to hurt me. You don't try to smother me and make me feel like a slave. Oh, Joey, I love it! Fuck me harder! Make me came! Make my pussy flash inside! Make it hot and wet! Come in my fucking cunt!"

    Joey heard the older woman moaning and muttering things that made him feel warm inside, things that gave him a feeling inside that was even pleasanter than the feeling her cunt was giving his pistoning cock. She was whispering to him in the same tone of voice his mother used when she wanted to comfort him, a tone of voice he hadn't heard in a long time. He wanted to make Miss Chambers feel good forever, wanted to keep his young hard-on buried inside her twat forever. But he knew that he had to squirt his load in a second or two, knew that he couldn't stand ramming his pecker in and out of her sucking gash another minute. She wanted him to squirt into her. He had heard her ask him to come in her cunt. All right! He would come in her!

    The eager boy bucked his ass hard and fast, rising closer and closer to the summit of his youthful sexual excitement. He suddenly stiffened in every fiber of his striving, straining frame. He felt his nuts explode, felt a hot squirt of jizz fire from the hard tube of his prick and blast deep into the woman's warm wet hole. He cried out in pleasure-pain when he felt himself shoot his first load into a woman's cunt, almost passing out from

    the sheer wild excitement of the moment. His balls felt as if they were on fire for a few moments after his violent eruption of sperm. Then a deep sense of physical and emotional peace flooded the boy. He relaxed and rested against Miss Chambers' free flowing perfumed body, vaguely conscious that there had been a violent shaking in Miss Chambers' body just when his own cock shot off.

    Carol was more than vaguely conscious of her orgasm. It was the most beautiful climax she had ever experienced, a climax stimulated only' by the innocent young boy's sensitivity and his wildly pistoning hard-on, an orgasm not tainted with fear or degradation, an orgasm that definitely did not force her to remember her hideous experience with her drunken father years before. She felt the shocks and trembling of her climax surging through her body just at the moment of the boy's ejaculation. She felt his hot, squirting spunk filling her twat with thick soothing balm. And when her own orgasm had left her filled with a peace that she had never experienced before, she became intensely conscious of the boy's body, became intensely conscious of his heavy breathing and the slow but heavy beating of his heart. She knew that she had to be gentle with him now more than ever.

    She stroked Joey's body gently, comforting him now that the frenzy of the fuck was over and his fears, if he had any left, would likely return. She rolled with him over on her side and lay with the boy for a long time, kissing his lips softly and stroking his hard-on, which still hadn't diminished a bit. Carol reached between her legs and felt the

    creamy thickness of the sperm that dribbled slowly from her cunt. She saw in the boy's eyes the dreamy look of peace and total contentment. It told her that he was hers now, that he would do anything in the world she might ask of him, that the bay would learn whatever she taught him about fucking, that he would strive to satisfy her no matter how dangerous the situation, no matter how morally or legally wrong their relationship might be. The realization that the young former innocent was now hers body and soul made her dizzy inside.


    The weeks immediately following Carol's introduction of young Joey to the joys of fucking were difficult for both she and her chosen sexual initiate. Even though both were totally dedicated

    to the pursuit of the wild and seemingly endless joys of their new sexual relationship, there always lurked in the shadows the terrible fear that they might be found out, that something either of them might do or say might alert key's parents to their nasty and now nearly nightly revels.

    It had been difficult at first to arrange their hot sessions of cunt-moistening and cock-hardening sex. Carol usually had her boy on the pretense of inviting the kid over for a swim. His swims had become almost a daily event now and she and Joey were beginning to wonder if his parents might be wondering what special attraction Carol Chambers' swimming pool held for the boy. After all, he had the use of the pool at school and spent a good part of the afternoon after class practicing his diving form. And yet he always ran over to Carol's place right after he got home and didn't return home until ten or eleven o'clock.

    Carol had been avoiding the Mastersons as much as possible, although she could hardly cut off all relations with her most friendly neighbors. They had the annoying habit of inviting her over for parties and social get-togethers. A few weeks earlier she would have enjoyed spending the evening with Joyce and Al. Now, however, her evenings with them were a constant torture. Joey always stayed out of sight for fear that something might pass between them that might be detected by the parents. They both realized that the possibility of discovery was relatively slight since nobody could possibly suspect that the well respected and sexually satisfied Carol Chambers could be having

    an affair with a boy young enough to be her son. But it was a nagging feeling nonetheless, and it bothered Carol and Joey terribly.

    It was with considerable discomfort and nervousness, therefore, that Carol received Joyce one fine sunny afternoon. She had dropped by unexpectedly that afternoon a few minutes before Carol expected her young fucker to make his appearance for their regular afternoon romp. Carol had wanted to show the boy how to fuck her in the ass that afternoon. Now that Joey's lovely and friendly mother was with her, however, the butt-fucking to which she had been looking forward all afternoon was out of the question, at least for that day. Carol had been stroking her nice juicy snatch in anticipation of Joey's expected visit. She loved to make her warm cunt wet and hot well in advance of his visit, loved to show him as soon as he peeked through the patio doors that she was ready and horny for the kind of boy-love that the kid always gave her.

    She was wearing only her bra and a half-slip when she ran to the door to greet Joey. When she found Joyce instead, her face froze for an instant. She was unable to hide her surprise at finding the boy's mother instead of the boy himself. She wondered what Joyce thought of the look of shock on her usually calm face. She recovered quickly enough and slid the glass doors open, putting on an expression of pleasant surprise that she somehow felt was not quite believable.

    "Joyce! What a wonderful surprise!" Carol said, a bit nervously, sounding more ironical than


    "I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I'd drop by!" Joyce laughed, opening her beach coat and revealing a luscious body clothed for a swim.

    Carol was flabbergasted. Joey would be over in a few minutes unless Joyce had told him that she was planning to drop by for a swim. The last three or four times Joey had pulled his dick out as soon as he had locked the gate behind him and had had a big hard-on by the time he reached the house, all in fun, of course. What would happen if he did that today? Carol felt a shudder of fear at the mere thought of such a horrible happening.

    There was something else that bothered Carol strangely when she realized that Joyce was planning to stay awhile. It didn't register on her immediately. Rather it was a slow building of the most peculiar feeling she had ever had about another woman. When she saw Joyce wearing such a microscopic bikini of the flimsiest possible material, a surge of sensual delight coursed through her. There was something about Joyce on that particular afternoon that was strangely exciting, strangely stimulating sexually, even for a woman as strictly heterosexual as Carol. The first surges of passion for Joyce passed over her in an instant and disappeared, leaving her strangely disquieted.

    "Whatever is the matter, Carol?" Joyce asked with a gentle laugh in her low smooth voice. "You seem surprised! In fact you seem shocked! Am I too old for a bikini or something?"

    "I'm sorry, Joyce darling," Carol said, sounding

    as if she had suddenly shaken herself from a trance. "I just wasn't expecting you, that's all. Do come in!"

    "Judging from the way you ran to the door, I assume you were expecting somebody else! And from the way you're dressed, I assume that the somebody was a man!" Joyce smiled, obviously referring to Carol's scanty attire, which included a red lace bra and a black half-slip of see-through material.

    "A man?" Carol gasped. "Oh, I see what you mean! This!" Carol said, brushing her hands over her well-filled bra.

    "Oh this, she says!" Joyce laughed, making an exaggerated motion of dismissal. "Good Lord, Carol dear, that outfit is enough to give my great grandfather a hard-on, and my great grandfather has been in his grave for fifty years!"

    Carol didn't need to hear anything about hard-ons at the moment, especially from the mother of the boy she had planned to excite to such a turgid state. It occurred to Carol that for all Joyce's apparent free-thinking and easy use of the four-letter words of sex, she hadn't done much to make her son s sex life any easier for him. That chore had been left up to Carol. She had enjoyed performing it but she couldn't help feeling just the slightest trace of disdain for the woman who wouldn't even let her sons have a healthy peek at her tits once in a while. She hoped that trace of disdain wouldn't injure her relationship with Joyce, whatever that relationship was destined to become. Carol had the strange feeling that her

    relationship with her neighbor was about to change considerably.

    "It's a good thing Joey didn't drop by instead of me, Carol dear. Who knows what gown-up thoughts your get-up might have inspired in him? We can't have the boy chasing after you, can we?" Joyce laughed.

    "I hardly think I'm that alluring, Joyce, at least not where a eighteen-year-old boy is concerned," Carol smiled.

    "A eighteen-year-old boy?" Joyce smiled, following Carol into the living room. "You flatter me, darling. But I'm afraid little lacy is a bit older than that. Try nineteen!"

    "Oh, that's right. They are all almost nineteen. I can't keep track of children's ages, darling. Perhaps it's a good thing I never married. I wouldn't know how old the little creatures were," Carol said, realizing that her act was working.

    "I'm surprised to hear that you don't know how old Joey is, Carol. After all, dear, he's been coming over here every afternoon for six weeks or so. I hardly ever see the boy any more." Joyce said, taking the cold lemonade that Carol handed her. "Oh, I see you were expecting somebody. Two ice-cold lemonades all poured and ready. Who's the lucky man?"

    "Joyce, you have a wicked mind, positively wicked! You know perfectly well that I've been playing the spinster for several months. No mare men for me. At least not right now," Carol laughed.

    "Don't tell me that women's fib has finally

    gotten through to you, too," Joyce said slyly, sipping her lemonade and looking at Carol with her clear blue glittering eyes, eyes that couldn't help but remind Carol of Joey.

    "Women's lib? Oh, well, darling, I've been liberated for years. You know that. My decision to do without men was definitely neither political nor philosophical. I just need a few months to look at my life and decide what direction the rest of it should take, that's all. After all, Joyce, I'm thirty-five years of age. One morning I'll wake up and find that I'm forty. I want the rest of my sexually useful years to be happy ones," Carol said, hoping she hadn't opened a can of worms with her musings about her sex life.

    "Are you saying that you haven't been enjoying your sex life?" Joyce asked, obviously amazed.

    "It hasn't been the greatest," Carol said, shrugging her shoulders, wishing she had kept her mouth shut. "But anyway, Joyce, my sex life doesn't make for a very interesting conversation."

    "That's a matter of opinion, Carol." Joyce smiled concernedly.

    There was a look on Joyce's lovely face that made Carol warm inside, the look of true concern. It made her feel uncomfortable at the same time, knowing that she had been doing such depraved things with Joyce's eighteen-year-old son. This sudden and apparently real interest in her sex life was something new in her relationship with Joyce. There was something behind her sudden interest in Carol's happiness, something that she couldn't quite grasp at the moment. She knew that it had

    nothing to do with her clandestine relationship with Joey. Such knowledge, no matter how carefully concealed, would have revealed itself to Carol immediately, she knew. Whatever Joyce's ulterior motive, Carol decided, her interest was genuine.

    "Would you like something a little stronger than lemonade?" Carol asked her friend, getting the impression that something was about to be brought up that would require the soothing effect of something alcoholic.

    "That might be a good idea, under the circumstances," Joyce said with a smile, crossing her long pale pink legs.

    Carol fixed Joyce a dry martini, a very dry martini, taking her time while she tried to dispose of the problem of Joey's impending visit, a visit that might cast some doubt on her innocence. She did, after all, run to the door wearing very little and expecting to see a boy with a hard cock. If Joyce ever found out that the boy she wanted to see was her own son, there would be the devil to pay.

    "So Joey's been coming over for a dip lately," Carol said, pretending ignorance.

    "So he tells me. I suppose that's where he's been going. I hope so. Surely you don't mean to tell me he hasn't been coming over! Has my little brat been lying to me lately?" Joyce asked, a trace of motherly concern in her soft deep voice.

    "Oh, I don't mean to imply any such thing, Joyce darling. I know he's been over a few times in the past few weeks. But I'm generally working in

    my office at this time of the afternoon. Advertising keeps me terribly busy, you know. I seem to bring more work home with me than I. leave at the agency. At least it keeps me off the streets." Carol smiled. "No, Joyce, I don't believe I've even seen They this week, although I might have heard him splashing around from my little office upstairs. I hope you don't mind if he makes use of the pool. I rarely venture into the water. Too much sun isn't really good for the complexion, you know," Carol said, sipping her martini and looking her sexy best.

    Joyce's mind seemed to be on something deeper than Joey's visits to the pool, although Carol still felt uneasy about Joyce's presence m her house so near the time of Joey's expected visit. Carol kept looking out through the patio doors, half expecting to see Joyce's horny young son running through the gate and around the pool with a hard cock sticking out in front of him. In such a case she hoped she could warn him off before his mother saw him in such an obscene state.

    The longer Carol gazed into Joyce's lovely blue eyes the less she could pay proper attention to her vigil. There was something in Joyce's eyes that excited Carol in a way she had never thought possible. There was a sexiness, a seductive fire burning deep in the lithe and lovely woman's eyes that turned Carol on in a peculiar and almost frightening way. And Carol knew that her beautiful neighbor was aware of the effect she was having on her. It was a terribly strange feeling, perhaps inspired by Joyce's incredible beauty, perhaps inspired by the blazing heat in Carol's cunt, a heat

    that she couldn't now alleviate since Joey's visit was to be postponed, perhaps inspired by Carol's strange relationship with Joyce's own son. Whatever the cause of the deep and dark excitement that gathered inside Carol's mind and body, she knew that something wonderful and perversely exciting was about to happen between her and Joey's mother. She knew, too, that it was Joyce who would take the lint step into the abyss of lesbian love and sex. Carol knew that she would follow willingly.

    "You know, Carol, if your love life isn't all it could be, I might have a suggestion or two for improving it. After all, dear, you did say your sex life wasn't the greatest. Stop me if I get obnoxious, Carol. And remember I'm just trying to help," Joyce said, moving her chair closer to her neighbor, moving so close that her long sleek legs brushed against Carol's.

    "Oh, don't worry about shocking me, Joyce. I'm a big girl now, in case you haven't noticed," Carol purred.

    "Oh, I've noticed, Carol. M's noticed, too." Joyce smiled, looking up from her glass quickly with a wicked look in her eyes.

    "Al? My goodness, Joyce, I had no idea!" Carol said, pretending amazement but knowing perfectly well that Al had been eyeing her for years, although he hadn't actually tried to fuck her.

    "Oh, yes, Carol. In Al's words 'she's one sweet piece', or something to that effect," Joyce smiled. "Doesn't Al put things delicately?"

    "Men are like that, Joyce darling. All men are

    bastards. Or so some say. Personally I don't find them all that bad," Carol said, becoming conscious of the warmth of her lovely neighbor's naked knee against her leg.

    "Oh, they have their good points," Joyce smiled slyly. "But a married lady gets bored sometimes, Carol. Understand?"

    "You needn't tell me about being bored, honey," Carol said, playing the game Joyce had started with her. "Even a single girl gets bored. But I thought you and Al joined a swap club for diversion."

    "Oh, we did that, Carol. It was all right for a few weeks. But even that got to be boring after a while. Same people all the time. You know how it is. It might be different if you joined, Carol," Joyce said, moving her leg against Carol's in a gentle motion calculated to excite.

    "Little me? What could I possibly bring to such a swinging group?" she said, feeling the warmth of Joyce's beautiful satin kg spreading throughout her body, mingling with the warmth of her drink and the incredibly pervasive heat in her moist pussy.

    "Silly question," Joyce smiled, putting her glass on the floor and dropping her small warm hand on Carol's naked knee.

    "My goodness, Joyce darling! What kinds of things do you do at those get-togethers?" Carol said in mock amazement.

    "A little of everything, Carol," Joyce answered, stroking Carol's leg, her hand moving closer and closer to her sensitive cunt mound.

    "Even…" Carol whispered.

    "Even that, Carol. Have you ever…?" Joyce asked, her hand squeezing the soft inner flesh of Carol's upper leg, her hand hidden beneath her neighbor's slip.

    "No, darling, I haven't, not yet at any rate. But I must admit that I've considered trying it," Carol said, squeezing her legs together, trapping her friend's hand between her legs.

    Carol was becoming wildly excited by Joyce s hot hand working so delicately and yet so insistently between her legs. She had never tried anything quite like this before, and the prospect of having sex with a woman was a strange new thrill. After her experiences with Joyce's son, nothing was too taboo to try. She had often wondered if sex with a woman would be satisfying. Perhaps this lovely woman would be gentler than a man; perhaps, knowing the feelings of a woman, Joyce would be able to thrill her without inspiring fear in her, fear that had always tainted her enjoyment when fucking men. But she knew even before plunging headfirst into the whirlpool of lesbian lust that nothing, not even sex with Joyce, could be as satisfying to her as sex with nineteen-year-old Joey.

    Carol wanted to touch Joyce's smallish but incredibly perfect tits, wanted to feel their warmth and softness beneath the skimpy top of her bikini, wanted to discover for the first time in her life what another woman's tits felt like. She made no move toward Joyce until she felt the woman's long fingers scratching against the crotch of her lace

    panties. Carol reached out and dropped her hand on Joyce's boob. Joyce responded by moving even closer to Carol's nearly naked body, moving so close that her naked knee was rubbing against the crotch of Carol's panties.

    Carol was amazed that she took so easily to the joys of girl-girl sex. She had expected to feel some revulsion, at least in the first few seconds of their embrace. Instead she felt the most delicious imaginable thrill deep in her cunt, coursing through her entire body, turning her on as she had never thought possible.

    "Good God, Joyce!" Carol gasped. "I don't believe this!"

    "You like?" Joyce smiled, her knee rubbing hard against Carol's dampening panties.

    "I think we'd better go upstairs where we can be more comfortable," Carol answered, thoroughly amazed at the wild thrills racing through her body, and thoroughly amazed that her neighbor liked girl-girl sex.

    "Is your bed big enough for two, Carol darling?" Joyce purred.

    Carol stood up and was about to answer her hot-assed neighbor when she froze at the sight of Joyce's young son standing in the doorway with his hard dick sticking up in front of him. He had shucked his trunks on the run and held them in his hand. He had the most horrified expression on his face, having apparently been stopped in his tracks by the sudden sight of his mother with her hand against Miss Chambers' pretty crotch. The horror that surged through Carol's mind and body was

    strangely mingled with wild sexual excitement. She was faced with an impossible situation. There was no doubt in her mind that the boy had seen his mother playing with her cunt. And there was no doubt in her mind that another second would find Joyce catching sight of her son standing there with a hard cock, standing there the way he had been for weeks. She had to act quickly.

    "Joyce… uh… why don't you just go on upstairs, darling? You know when my bedroom is, dear. I want to do something downstairs, that is I have something you'll love, Joyce. Now you just run upstairs like a darling and let me find it. I'll be right up," she urged, helping Joyce to her feet and all but pushing her out of the room to the foot of the stairs, looking over her shoulders and motioning for the boy to hide himself.

    "Heavens, Carol! What is this mysterious thing you have to show me? Really the only thing I need is-" Joyce started to say, interrupted by Carol's quavering voice.

    "Yes, I know, Joyce. I know. But you really will love this!" Carol said, seeing Joey disappear behind a huge potted fern.

    "Well, all right, Carol. But this had better be good. I can't wait another minute! I haven't done this sort of thing with a girl in at least three weeks. I'm just dying for it, Carol!" Joyce said, turning to face her beautiful friend, noticing a terribly confused look on her face. "What on earth is the matter? Surely you're not getting cold feet?"

    "Oh, no, Joyce. I really want this,". Carol answered weakly.

    Joyce shrugged her bare shoulders and ascended the stairs. Even in her confused and nervous state Carol was struck powerfully by the lovely wiggle of Joyce's ass, by the way her long pink-glowing legs rose and fell, by the way the beauty tossed her head, throwing her hair behind her. She wanted to get at Joyce's cunt desperately now, and she would have her no matter what..


    When she was sure that Joyce was out of sight and out of earshot upstairs, Carol ran to key and grabbed his arm, pulling him out of hiding behind the bushy plant. His trunks had fallen at his side

    and his cock, was still rock-hard. He looked more confused than she had ever seen the boy.

    "Now listen, They-did you see what your mother was doing to me? Now don't be afraid to admit it. Just answer me," she said sternly, shaking the boy's shoulder.

    "Gosh, yes! She was playin' with your pussy. Jesus Christ, Miss Chambers! Why was she doin' that? I don't understand," the kid said, his eyes glittering with fear and strange excitement.

    "There's no time to explain now, Joey," Carol whispered intensely. "Do you want to watch us make love?"

    Carol couldn't believe what she had said. She had said it nearly unconsciously. She realized now that she was wildly turned on by the strange set of circumstances. She had already introduced Joyce's eager young boy to the taboo joys of fucking an older woman, had already introduced him to the

    delights of sexual depravity in her bed, in the very bed in which Joyce now lay waiting. And now she was about to ask him to witness the wild sensual delights that his mother -was about to show her. She realized how depraved and taboo her suggestion was, but she knew that the boy would comply no matter how depraved her request. He was willing to do anything she asked, and his willingness made it possible for her to do the


    "Watch you do what?" the trembling young boy asked, his mouth hanging open.

    "I want you to watch me make love with your mother. Wouldn't you like that, Joey dear?

    Wouldn't you like to watch me play with your mother's tits and suck her cunt? Wouldn't you like to watch your mother lick out my pussy just like you do? Doesn't that make your dick jerk, darling?" Joyce said, her voice wet and sensual.

    "She wouldn't do that. Not my mom. You gotta be kidding! You don't mean it, Miss Chambers!" he gasped.

    "I'll show you how much I mean it, my little lover!" she said, knowing now that her plan was set. "You come upstairs in a few minutes and hide outside the door. Peek in the keyhole and don't make a sound. Do you hear me? Not a sound! I'll show you that your darling mother isn't quite the strict moralist you think her to be," she said with a smile. "You can jack off while you watch, but don't come. Do you understand? Don't let yourself come. I'll get rid of your mother as soon as we've had our fun. It's really you I want, Joey…" she added, reaching down and fondling the kid's aching hard-on for a second or two, then turning and running up the stairs, her tits bouncing and her ass swaying as she ran.

    As Carol had expected, she found the beautiful Joyce lying in bed already, her luscious slender body naked now and restfully stretched out. Carol stood by the bed after shutting the door carefully behind her. Site stared at Joyce's reclining body. She lay there with the lithe beauty of a seductress, her skin glowing and alive with sensuality, her legs slightly parted, and her furry dark-brown pussy hair showing beautifully between her parted legs. When she was sure that Joey had taken his position

    kneeling at the keyhole, Carol walked towards the bed, unfastening her bra and dropping her slip and panties as she moved toward the fun that lay in store for her and all concerned on the big soft bed.

    "Yes, Carol, I believe we'll both enjoy this," Joyce said, reaching out to touch Carol's softly swaying tit.

    "Do you like my body, Joyce darling?" she asked, conscious all the time of the boy's presence outside the door. "Would you like to suck my tits?"

    "Indeed, indeed!" Joyce smiled.

    Carol fell into bed with her naked neighbor, rolling around in the soft bed wildly, her tits brushing against Joyce's, her thighs stroking Joyce's thighs, her pussy rubbing against Joyce's funny meat as she ground her crotch against Joyce's. Both Carol and Joyce were a bit surprised at the intensity of their first moments of lovemaking. Joyce had expected Carol to be a bit more reticent in the beginning moments of her first experience with girl-girl sex. Carol herself had expected to need. a few minutes. to accustom herself to the completely new situation. But she had Joey in mind now even more than the lovely and eager woman with whom she was engaged in sex. She wanted to put on a good show for her young lover.

    "My God, Carol, you learn fast!" Joyce said, writhing wildly in an ecstatic embrace with her feminine lover.

    "Oh, yes, yes, yes! This is beautiful, Joyce darling! Do you do this often? Do you suck other

    women's tits and lick their hot wet cunts?" Carol asked in a relatively loud voice, wanting Joey to hear the confession of his mother's wild sex life.

    "As often as possible, Carol dear," Joyce purred. "How many other men have you allowed to stick their cocks up your cunt? How many cocks have you sucked? Other than Al's of course," Carol asked, feeling a dirty thrill when she realized the dizzying thoughts that had to be racing through poor Joey's mind.

    "I love to suck cocks, Carol!" Joyce said, feeling a nasty little shiver as her words escaped her lips. "I just love to suck big juicy cocks until they squirt their jizz all over the inside of my mouth! I love to beat their dicks off and make them come all over my tits! And I just love their big strong rods fucking my horny cunt!"

    "And you don't mind who fucks you?" Carol asked, sliding between her neighbor's legs and burying her face in the downy hair of Joyce's perfumed pussy.

    "Oh, God! Beautiful, Carol… Beautiful! Yesssss! Lick my twat, dear! Lick my clit!" Joyce gasped as she felt Carol's tongue tickling the ragged lips of her hot wet cunt.

    "Do you fuck just about anyone?" Carol hissed, licking wildly at her naked neighbor's creamy pink gash, her face turned slightly towards the door behind which Joey was beating off and going crazy with excitement.

    "Oh, Carol, I don't care who fucks me! Just as long as he has a big cock! But your tongue is so much better than a cock. So much better! Keep

    licking my clitoris! Keep sucking it! Yes! Oh, yes! Put your tongue up my cunt!" Joyce cried, her legs writhing, her boobs heaving, her thighs shivering with excitement.

    Joyce wrapped her long slender legs around Carol's body, holding her close between her legs, her face pressed up against her steaming cunt. Carol sucked and lapped until Joyce's pussy ran with musky moisture. She asked her neighbor to dive into her muff, too. Joyce was eager to respond. She turned around and buried her beautiful face in Carol's open wet twat. In a sixty-nine position they ate each other's cunts with wild abandon. Carol found pussy-eating a natural act for her. She tongued and lapped Joyce's puffy pink gash with what could have passed easily for great expertise. Joyce ate Carol's musky snatch with true expertise. She was driving Carol wild with passion. She knew that she would flash off in a matter of seconds.

    "Carol, what was it that you had downstairs? Was it a dildo? Do you have a dildo, darling? I love dildoes!" Joyce said.

    'That's exactly what I was going to show you, love!" Carol said, glad that Joyce had found an excuse for her little talk with Joey. "I like dildoes, too. In fact I use mine all the time. Would you like to have it up your cunt? Would you like to feel it humming away in your beautiful snatch?" Carol asked, her face twisted into a look of depravity.

    "Oh, yessssss! Get it! Please fuck me with it! Oh, I wish I had a man, too! I wish I had a man's cock up my cunt while you licked my pussy!"

    Joyce gasped as Carol crawled out of bed and danced ova to her dresser drawer.

    "We can't have everything," Carol laughed, thinking of the fucking she had to look forward to with Joyce's young son.

    "You must join our little group. You simply must, Carol! Think of all the wild fun we could have with all the men," Joyce said, stretching out her legs arid stretching her arms behind her, luxuriating in the warm sensations that Carol's tongue had kindled in her horny twat.

    "That sound's just wonderful, Joyce," Carol smiled, knowing perfectly well that she would never join the group, knowing perfectly well that Joey and perhaps other men like him would keep her satisfied forever, knowing that she would never enjoy fucking with men older than Joey.

    "Try this on for size, Joyce," Carol said, smiling wickedly, taking from her drawer the biggest rubber dildo Joyce had ever seen.

    "Oh, yes! Stick it in my cunt!" Joyce cried, sliding over to the edge of the bed and sitting there with her long legs spread wide, her wet twat obscenely out thrust and inviting.

    It was just the position Carol wanted Joyce to take, a position that presented Joey with an unobstructed view of a hot and terribly excited cunt, his mother's cunt. Carol fell to her knees before the lewdly displayed snatch and flicked on the switch on the electric cock. She turned her body until she was half facing the door, her every movement intended to excite Joey as much as Joyce. She began running the cock up and down

    the inner flesh of Joyce's leg. Then she pressed the glistening rubber head of the tingling dick against the slightly parted pink lips of the woman's glistening cunt.

    Joyce gasped and moaned when she felt the cockhead pushing into her dribbling hole. Carol began stroking the hard dong in and out of the woman's seething cunt just as she had fucked herself with it a thousand times. The hard post of plastic made hot wet sucking sounds as it fucked in and out of Joyce's puffy slit. Her cunt was soon frothy with her hot juices. Then Carol took Joyce's position on the edge of the bed and opened her own legs to let Joyce fuck her with the plastic cock.

    Carol thought she would die of excitement when she felt Joyce push the fake prick into her oozing, pink-lipped cunt. She felt the humming, vibrating head of the cock deep in her quivering hole, rubbing against the walls of her cunt. The ribbed shaft of the dick rubbed insistently against the bud of her tiny clitoris, driving her wild. It wasn't long before the cock and the presence of Joey outside the door had made Carol as wanton as a bitch in heat. She flailed her lovely legs wildly. She shook her head furiously, her long blonde hair tossing behind her. Her tits swayed, her nipples hard and luscious.

    The women could no longer resist the embrace of lesbian lust. They fell together on the floor, their heads buried between each other's legs, each tongue racing wildly up and down the other's creamy gash. Little moans and groans of passion

    escaped their lips as both women climaxed, their exploding cunts seething with rivulets of hot juice.

    They lay together on the floor for a long while, their bodies temporarily drained of energy, basking in the inner glow that spread through their striving bodies. Carol almost forgot about young They in the ecstasy of her orgasm and the peace that followed it. She was forced to remember abruptly when Joyce sprang up from the floor and threw open the door. Carol screamed with tenor. Joyce wheeled about and stared wide-eyed at her new feminine sex partner.

    "What on earth is wrong with you?" Joyce gasped, taken aback by the look of honor on Carol's usually calm face. "Can't I go to the bathroom?"

    Carol jumped up and ran outside, looking down the hall both ways, her eyes wild for a moment. When she realized that Joey was nowhere.to be seen, she relaxed and sucked in her breath as if she had almost passed out. Joyce stared at her for a while.

    "I… I thought I heard somebody outside!" Carol stumbled.

    "There's not a soul out here, Carol," Joyce said, waving her hands around her head. "You're just nervous, darling. Perhaps another little session in that lovely warm bed would calm you down a bit," Joyce said as she walked to the bathroom at the end of the hail.

    As soon as Joyce had closed the door behind her, Carol ran downstairs, still stark naked. She looked wildly about for Joey. When she noticed

    that his trunks were missing from the floor where he had left them, she felt slightly more secure, knowing that he had left the house and could not be discovered by his mother. She wondered if perhaps the spectacle had been too much for even a horny young initiate like Joey to take. She shook her head and ran back upstairs for more lesbian fucking with Joey's mother.


    Carol dialed the Mastersons' number and waited patiently, waited for her young lover to answer the phone. She had driven by the Masterson house a few minutes earlier and had seen Joyce and Al

    drive away. Joyce had waved at her as if she hadn't seen her in a while. Carol had wondered if Joyce had told her husband about their wild afternoon of lesbian fucking the day before. Carol. had thoroughly enjoyed herself, although she still needed They and his eager young innocence to make her sex life complete.

    She had to talk to the boy and discover what effect the spectacle of his mother and her wild antics had on his conception of what was proper in sexual activity. She had all kinds of delicious ideas cooked up for him, ideas that she dared not mention even now, even after their weeks of abandoned sexual activity. She was beginning to have eyes for Joey's young brothers, especially 'Michael, the Mastersons' eighteen-year-old. She wondered if she could catch Michael in her tender trap and hold him as fast as she held his older brother. She heard a voice on the other end of the line, a voice other than Joey's but a youthful voice.

    "Is Joey there?" she asked with a sweet voice.

    "He's still at school. He's practicing his dives. He'll be back in a few minutes," the voice replied.

    "Is this Michael by any chance?" Carol sang, reaching between her legs and scratching at the crotch of her dampening panties.

    The boy had such a sweet and innocent voice that Carol couldn't help feeling her cunt melt with desire. She tried to imagine that the young man was with her, standing beside her while she slowly drove herself crazy by working her eager fingers over the barely concealed cunt that Joey. had learned to worship. She needed Joey now, needed

    his hard dripping dick, needed his smooth gentle body, needed his glittering blue eyes, needed his youthful grin, needed his innocence, needed above all his willingness to subjugate himself to her feminine chains. But if Joey was still practicing those silly dives of his, perhaps she could interest young Michael in some of the same activities that Joey had taken to so eagerly. It was dangerous, of course, dangerous in the extreme. But that made it even more exciting. As she silently prepared herself for her onslaught, she felt the little surges of fear that had always been somehow associated with sexual pleasure since her rape by her father years before. She felt the little tuggings of fear that spurred her on to even more dangerous and wicked sexual delights.

    "Yes, this is Michael," the boy's sweet young voice said. "Who's this?"

    "This is Carol Chambers," Carol replied.

    "Oh, hi, Miss Chambers!" the boy said.

    "I wanted Joey to come over if he could and help me… move some furniture. It's much too heavy for a girl," she crooned.

    "Well, he isn't here right now. Maybe I could help. I'm pretty strong," the boy said eagerly.

    "That would be wonderful! There isn't really much to move. Just a few things. Are you sure you don't have anything else to do?" she asked, her cunt running with thrilling sensations.

    "No, Miss Chambers. I was just watching television. There's nothing much to do around here right now. Nick and Brad are gone someplace so I can't play ball or anything. I'd be glad to help you,

    Miss Chambers. When do you want me to come over?" he asked.

    "I want you now! Right now!" Carol said, gasping as a hot surge raced up her twitching cunt. "I mean, I… I'd like you to come over as soon as you have time, darling," she said, hoping she hadn't scared the boy off by her seductive tone of voice.

    "Sure. I'll be right over, Miss Chambers," the young kid said, a trace of hesitation in his voice.

    Carol assumed that Michael had detected something unusual in the tone of her voice, something that he probably hadn't heard in a woman's voice before. He seemed like a sensitive and intelligent boy. His sensitivity made him even more desirable as far as Carol Chambers was concerned. She could hardly wait to get her hands on the kid.

    Carol didn't know how to approach the boy. She knew that she would have to decide how to mount her sexual attack in a hurry. It was a short run from the Masterson house to hers. Her cunt was terribly hot and itchy. She knew that she would have to fall upon the boy like a beast of prey. She had to fuck him and she couldn't wait for preliminaries. Her hot gash positively seethed with excitement. She was working herself into a wild sexual frenzy. But it was more than mere sexual tension that spurred her on to the dizzying heights of sexual depravity; it was emotion, too. She longed to hold the trembling eighteen-year-old boy in her loving arms, longed to soothe him, longed to whisper calming words in his ear, longed

    to enfold him in a comforting blanket of soft feminine flesh.

    By the time Carol heard Michael's gentle tapping at her patio door, she was ready for anything her lust-crazed mind might think up. She walked seductively to the door, sliding it open and confronting the slender young boy with a lovely smile on her face..

    "Come in, Michael dear," she cooed. "Are you sure you're able to do the job, darling? You're awfully young…

    "The job? Yeah. I guess, Miss Chambers," Michael stumbled, not knowing what to make of the way Miss Chambers looked at him.

    Michael had never in his life seen anybody look at him like that. But he had seen his mother look like that at his dad a few times. It was at those times that they had managed to get rid of him. He had a pretty good idea of what they were doing when they looked at each other like that. He had heard about fucking, and he figured that his parents screwed all the time, although they sure were secretive about it. But surely Miss Chambers couldn't be looking at him that way!

    Carol led the boy into the living room, being careful to perform her cultivated wiggle of her shapely butt. She was wearing only a simple house dress at the moment, a dress that she knew she could get out of in a second or two. She wore no bra beneath her dress, only panties, which by now were moist with the free-flowing juice of her horny cunt. The way she moved beneath her thin dress she knew that not even a boy as innocent as young

    Michael could ignore her womanly charms.

    "Where's the furniture you want moved, Miss Chambers?" the boy asked, looking at her strangely.

    "Furniture? Oh, yes, the furniture! Well, Michael, dear, you could move the settee over to this side of the room. That is, if it's not too heavy for you," she smiled, her eyes racing up and down the boy's handsome young body.

    "Shucks, Miss Chambers, it's not too heavy. I can move heavier stuff than that," the boy said, apparently proud of his youthful strength.

    "Yes, Michael, I can see that you're a strong boy. Someday you'll be quite a prize for some girl. You're a very good-looking boy, so handsome, so tall. You are tall for your age, you know," Carol punned, undressing the kid with her lovely mysterious eyes.

    "Gosh, Miss Chambers, thanks," Michael said, his voice a bit weak.

    The way Miss Chambers was looking at him was driving him nuts, scaring him in a way he'd never been scared before. It seemed that she could see through him, that she could read his mind or something. There was something about that look that struck him as naughty. He wished she wouldn't look at him that way. He quickly looked away from her and all but ran over to the settee, getting behind it and pushing it to the place she indicated. She didn't seem too concerned with the settee, and still she kept looking at him that way. His discomfort grew and grew.

    "Is this all right, Miss Chambers?" Michael

    asked, looking down at his feet, feeling embarrassed for some reason.

    "What? Oh, yes, that's just fine, darling. You moved that so easily, Michael. I tried to move it myself and hurt my ankle dreadfully. I think I turned it in the process," Carol said, sitting on the settee and taking off her shoe.

    "Me you okay?" Michael asked, looking at her foot, which she rubbed gently.

    Michael thought Miss Chambers had awfully pretty feet, so soft-looking and so dainty, just like his mother's. While she rubbed her ankle, she raised her dress up past her knee. Michael couldn't help looking up her dress. He hadn't seen what was hidden under a lady's dress before. His mother never raised her dress very high, at least not when he was around. And there was something about the way Miss Chambers raised her dress that made him stare at her. It was as if she actually wanted him to look. But that was impossible!

    Carol realized that she was catching the young boy's interest with the increasing exposure of her lightly tanned silken leg. She had found it easy to attract the attention of the Masterson men. They all seemed to have an innate interest in fucking. All they needed was a bit of a push in the right direction. Someone had to give them that push, Carol decided, and it might just as well be her.

    She raised her dress up well past her knee, exposing more than a proper expanse of naked feminine flesh. She continued to massage her ankle, soothing a nonexistent pain. She gazed at the bay imploringly with a look that could only

    evoke the deepest sympathy.

    "My ankle really hurts dreadfully, Michael. Do you think you could rub it for me? You have such sensitive-looking hands. Perhaps you'll become a doctor when you grow up. Perhaps you have the healing touch, darling. Will you massage my poor ankle, Michael?" Carol asked, looking her irresistible best.

    "I dunno, Miss Chambers," the frightened young lad said. "Do you really want me to?"

    "Of course, dear," Carol replied. "Can't you see I'm in terrible pain? Doesn't your mother massage you when you hurt yourself?"

    "Gosh no-not very often anyway!" Michael said, looking down at his feet.

    "But she has done it?" Carol asked, noticing a peculiar nervousness in the young boy's manner. "What's the matter, Michael? Does it bother you to talk about being massaged? I wonder why?"

    "Oh, heck, nothing, n-not really." The boy stuttered, beginning to shuffle his feet, unable to look the lovely woman in the eye.

    "We'll have to get to the bottom of this later, Michael my dear. In the meantime would you please rub my foot for me? Come on now, Michael, be a gentleman. A lady in distress you know," she smiled.

    Carol reached out and took the boy's trembling hand in hers. She looked deep into his eyes, eyes that betrayed the wicked thoughts that were racing through the innocent boy's own mind. She knew that his innocence, like Joey's was only due to lack of sexual experience. She could see that the kid

    thought about fucking all the time. This confrontation with a sultry feminine charmer was making him terribly tense and self-conscious. She loved that look of childish self-consciousness, loved the foot-shuffling, loved the bobbing of the boy's Adam's apple, loved the quick shifting of his glittering blue eyes, loved the way he kept brushing his light-brown hair out of his eyes nervously. She had to fuck the good-looking boy, had to teach him the joys of sex just as she had taught his brother.

    Carol drew the kid towards her. When he stood before her looking totally innocent and scared nearly to death, she put her hand firmly on his shoulder and pushed downward insistently. The boy resisted at first, just like a puppy. When he succumbed to the pressure of her light but insistent feminine hand and the dark hypnotizing fire in her lovely eyes, he fell to his knees before her, looking up at her beseechingly.

    "Michael, my little lover, you seem afraid of me," she smiled wickedly. "There's no need to be afraid, Michael. All I want you to do is massage my sore ankle." she said, crooking her leg and holding her foot up by his face, knowing perfectly, well that he could see all the way to the crotch of her damp panties, panties which clung to the parted lips of her aroused cunt.

    Michael felt more excited than he had the first time he'd gotten a hard-on, and much more afraid. Miss Chambers was so scary that he could hardly look at her, scary in a way he had never experienced before. There was so much of her all

    of a sudden, so much of her that he hadn't seen before. She had big boobs swelling under the front of her dress. He hadn't even noticed that before. And she had long, soft-looking legs, legs that were even prettier than his mother's. He hadn't noticed her legs before, either. And she had that thing between her legs that all the men talked about and that he had always wanted to see. He could almost see it now. In fact, he knew that he could see it if he had the nerve to look up her dress. It was awfully dark up there, he knew, but he knew that he could get a good look at it, if only he wasn't so scared. He didn't dare let her think he was looking at her there.

    "Well, aren't you going to massage my foot, darling? Or would you rather just sit there looking up my dress?" Carol said sweetly.

    "Oh, Jesus Christ!" Michael cried, knowing that he had been caught peeking between the luscious lady's legs. "I wasn't! I didn't!"

    "Of course you did, Michael. You looked right between my legs. You wanted to see my cunt!" she said, emphasizing her last word.

    "Oh, God! I wouldn't do that! Really!" the boy sobbed.

    Carol still held her foot near his handsome smooth face. She touched the side of her perfumed foot to his cheek. She saw a little tear beginning to form in his eye and wiped it away with her toe.

    "Don't worry, Michael dear," she said, looking sympathetic. "It's not the end of the world, Michael, at least it doesn't have to be. Do you know what would happen if I told your mother

    and father that you were looking up my dress? Do you know how terrible that is, darling? Do you know how embarrassing that would be?" she said, suddenly feeling the powerful position in which she had placed herself.

    "Please don't tell Mom and Dad!" the boy cried. "They'd kill me, Miss Chambers! I didn't mean to! I didn't! I couldn't help it, Miss Chambers!"

    "Yes, darling, I understand," Carol sang. "I realize that you couldn't help yourself. You're just a curious boy, like all men your age. You were curious about my twat, weren't you, Michael?"

    "I guess. Jesus, I couldn't help it!" he sobbed, her dirty words making him feel awfully strange.

    "I suppose you wanted to see if my cunt looked the way you'd always imagined, Michael. Have you seen pictures of a woman's cunt?" she asked, her own voice exciting her more and more by the minute.

    "Pictures? God, no! Of a… a woman's…?" the boy stumbled, his eyes wide, his jaw slack.

    "Of a woman's cunt. Of her cunt, Michael. C-u-n-t! Come now, my boy, we all know about cunts. Your brother has some pictures of a woman's cunt, your brother Joey. Doesn't he let you see them?" she asked, feeling wicked.

    "Joey? No! I mean, I know he has 'em. But he never lets me look at the pictures. He says…" the kid began, his words tumbling out of his mouth all by themselves now.

    "He says you're too young for that sort of thing?" Carol asked, still stroking the boy's face with her foot. "Of course we know that he's being

    silly. Your age has nothing to do with it! You're quite old enough to take an interest in such things. Doesn't Joey want you to grow up to be interested in girls? It's so silly! I think you should be allowed to see a woman s cunt, Michael. Doesn't your mother ever let you see hers? While she's showering or getting dressed?" Carol asked.

    "God, no! Mom wouldn't let me see her like that! No way!" young Michael said, soothed somewhat by the soft stroking of the woman's foot against his cheek.

    "That's just terrible, Michael dear. You Masterson men would never learn anything about sex if it weren't for me. I won't tell your parents on you if you go ahead and massage my ankle like a good boy," she smiled.

    Carol closed her eyes in bliss when she felt the boy's hands on her foot. His hands were a bit cold at first, attesting to his extreme nervousness. His hands grew steadily warmer, however, as he stoked the silken skin of her foot. Carol's seething cunt grew warmer, too. She had to let the kid see her twat. She had to introduce the eighteen-year-old young man to fucking.

    "Michael, were you upset when I asked you about being massaged?" "Were you hun?" Carol whispered. "Is there something I should know?"

    "Christ, no!" the boy gasped.

    "Something tells me you're not telling the truth, darling," she said sternly. "Out with it! And if it doesn't sound like the truth, I'll get on the phone and call your mother. Imagine a boy your age looking up my dress!" she said.

    "Jesus! I don't want to tell you! I don't want to tell anyone! I promised I wouldn't tell anybody!" the boy said.

    "But you must tell, Michael. And keep rubbing my foot while you tell me all about this little secret. Out with it! No lies! I can tell very easily when a young man is lying to me. My, but your hands feel good…" she sighed.

    "If I have to tell," the poor defenseless boy muttered, barely audibly. "I hurt myself once and Mom made it feel better. That's all," he said so quickly that Carol hardly heard him.

    "My goodness, Michael, slow dawn! Where on earth did you hurt yourself? It must have been a terribly private place to cause you such embarrassment. I want to know. What happened, Michael?" she said.

    "I can't tell!" the boy said, almost crying.

    "Very well!" she replied, reaching for the phone on a little table near the settee.

    "No, no! I'll tell! I caught my… my 'thing' in my zipper," he said, his face turning bright red.

    "Your thing!" Carol laughed, unable to control herself.

    When she realized how serious the confession was, she felt the dizzying tunings of depravity stirring deep inside her cunt.

    "But you said your mother massaged you once when you got hurt. Are you telling me that she massaged you there?" Carol asked, sitting up suddenly, fascinated by this unexpected turn in their conversation.

    "Well, I didn't want her to," the boy whispered,

    as if afraid to speak out loud.

    "Are you telling me that your mother rubbed your 'thing' for you when you hurt it? Joyce did that? Joyce? With all her prudish ideas about how to raise a family? When did this happen, Michael?" she asked, her pussy seething with nasty excitement.

    "A couple of weeks ago," he said in a muted voice.

    "Did it make you feel good, Michael? How did her hands feel when she touched you there? Were they warm? Were they soft?" Carol hissed, patting the cushion at her side, inviting the eighteen-year-old boy to sit beside her.

    "Sure they were soft and warm! God, it made me feel good!" he said, suddenly realizing how deep he was sinking into a full confession.

    "Did your dick get hard? Did it stick straight up? Did your nice young balls feel warm inside and tingly? Did she rub it up and down faster and faster? Did she rub it until your balls ached?" Carol asked, growing uncontrollably excited, uncontrollably lusty.

    "God, yeah! But how do you know all that?" the boy gasped, staring at her with innocent amazement..

    "Silly question, Michael," the lovely woman cooed. "All girls know about things like that. But your own mother! Shame on you! And shame on her! You should have someone outside your family to make you feel good that way when you hun," she smiled.

    Carol reached down and put her hand in the

    young boy's lap. She felt his warm cock and balls through the fairly tight denim of his pants. She began kneading the young boy's genitals with her eager fingers, looking into his eyes as she did so. The kid's eyes almost bugged out of his head when she squeezed his cock and balls. She did not relent.

    "What are you doing?" Michael gasped, obviously terrified, afraid that he would respond in the only way his body could, afraid that he would respond by getting a hard-on like he had when his mother had touched his dick.

    "Is this what she did to you, Michael? What a terrible thing for a mother to do to her eighteen-year-old son! And yet I can't blame her. You're so young and innocent, so warm and sweet. And your cock is getting stiff! Your eighteen-year-old dick is getting stiff under your pants! I can feel it, darling! Am I making that happen to you, little lover? Am I turning you on?" Carol asked, her fingers working slowly but insistently on the boy's covered prick.

    "Don't! Gosh, Miss Chambers! Please don't do that! I might…" the excited kid begged..

    "You might squirt your cum? Is that what you might do?" she asked.

    "God, yes! You don't want me to do that-do you?" the boy asked.

    'That's exactly what you did when your mother jacked you off, isn't it, Michael?" Carol hissed, still pumping his growing hard-on.

    "She didn't jack me off! She didn't! Really! Honest to God! She just massaged me!" the boy said, begging her to believe him but knowing that

    his mother had jacked him off just the way Carol was saying.

    "Don't be ridiculous, dear! She got horny and went after her eighteen-year-old son! And your cock shot jizz all over her! I'll bet she felt sorry afterwards. Didn't she, Michael? Didn't she get mad at you?" Carol asked, her fragrant cunt melting between her legs with sensual fire.

    "Yeah, she got mad," the boy admitted. "But it wasn't my fault. I couldn't help it! It just came out real fast. And it's gonna come out again! It's gonna happen again the same way if you keep doin' that to me!" the boy gasped, afraid of what she might do or say when he shot off.

    'That's perfectly all right with me, Michael dear. I want it to happen. I want to make you feel good. Don't be afraid, honey. You can make me feel good, too, later. Just let it come!" she said, squeezing his. hard little dick inside his denim pants, squeezing and rubbing it at the same time.

    The boy squirmed on the settee, his legs as stiff as a board, his arms at his sides, his fists clenched. He was fighting off his impending orgasm with all his might. But there was no fighting the lovely older woman who sat beside him, no fighting off the power of her wantonness, no fighting off the mystery of her beauty and the ability she had to make a boy her slave. He was losing in his battle and they both knew it.

    Carol redoubled the speed of her rubbing up and down the boy's twitching dick. Her dress was nicked up now, her naked leg rubbing against the material of the boy's pants. She knew that the kid

    could feel her warmth spreading through him, knew that he could feel the warm presence of her body so close to him, knew that he was aware of her femininity deep down inside him, aware of her always despite the confusing and sexually stirring and growing inside his tense young balls. She watched with wicked joy as his face suddenly grew twisted into a look of pleasure-pain. She knew he was coming.

    "I can't help it, Miss Chambers!" he cried as he felt his hot young nuts exploding between his tense legs.

    Carol felt the wetness of his ejaculated sperm spread over his crotch. The boy almost jumped to his feet when his cock chat off. She held him down and kept kneading his cock and balls. She could feel his dick jerking wildly as he came, spreading his jizz all over his underpants. She felt sorry for the boy's hard little dick, all crammed inside his pants, forced to squirt in such close quarters. She thought he should let his dick out into the open. She waited until his cock stopped shooting and let him calm down a bit before she went any further with her dirty plans.

    "Wasn't that nice. Michael? A boy should feel like that all the time, especially when he's so young and sweet," Carol said, kissing the young kid on the lips. "You mustn't let your mother do things like that to-you. Let Carol do it for you, dear. I can make you feel even better than that. Do you believe me?" she asked, planting little kisses all over the boy's face between words.

    Michael was ready to believe anything the

    beautiful lady said, although he didn't understand how anyone could feel better than he did now. There was nothing like the feeling that went through him when his cum shot out through his cockhead. And there was nothing like the feeling that spread over him after his cock did its thing. He still couldn't believe that Miss Chambers had jacked him off. And she was still rubbing and squeezing his prick, even though his pants were wet and sticky between his legs. She was too much!

    "Your pants are all wet now, darling. Wouldn't it be a good idea if you took them off?" Carol suggested, feeling his still rigid dick.

    "You gotta be kiddin'!" the boy gasped, amazed at such a nasty suggestion, his head swimming with dizzying excitement.

    "Just let me get your belt unbuckled, darling," she said under her breath as she knelt at his feet, attacking his belt and the snap of his denims.

    Carol tugged down the boy's zipper and reached inside his pants to squeeze his wet underpants. She touched her lips to her fingers, tasting the young boy's recently ejaculated fuck juice. She felt his cock and realized that the smallish rod. was far bigger than she had suspected. She immediately felt a strong desire to teach the boy how to fuck her twitching hot cunt.

    "We can't let you go home in this state, Michael. Your pants are all covered with that nasty sperm! What would your mother say if she saw you like that? I think we'd better take all your clothes off and wash them for you. I can do that myself, darling. We'll just throw them in my dryer and

    have you all cleaned up in no time," Carol smiled, tugging off the eighteen-year-old's denims.

    "But I don't have anything to put on," the kid said as she pulled his pants free of his shoes.

    "We needn't worry about that, Michael. I've seen young men before. True, it might be just a bit embarrassing for you at first. But I think you'll get used to it. You might even like me after a while!" Carol smiled up at him as she pulled off his sopping-wet, sperm-soaked underpants.

    There was little that Michael could do under the circumstances. He sat there until she had completely bared the lower portion of his hairless young body. She began unbuttoning his shirt, too. When she had opened it, she helped him out of it. She let him keep his undershirt out of pity. And besides, she thought, he looked even better that way, the white of his undershirt stopping just at the fast flattening of his groin, stopping just where same finely curled crotch hairs were beginning to sprout.

    "Follow me, darling," she said, rising to her feet and carrying the boy's clothes under her arm.

    Michael stood up and followed her, his hard pecker bobbing up and down as he walked stiffly after. He felt terribly naked. He knew, however, that he would follow her anywhere she might lead him.


    Michael followed his sex-teacher to the washing machine, where she deposited his clothes. He followed her upstairs to her bedroom, too. She was eager to get the boy into her big soft bed and teach

    him what fucking was really all about. He was anything but eager, and yet he followed her. There was no resisting her almost magical power.

    Feeling the urge to display herself as lewdly as possible, Carol raised her dress as she ascended the stairs, exposing her scantily clad butt to the young boy's uncertain gaze. He watched hypnotized as the woman's soft-looking buttcheeks rose and fell beneath the thin material of her panties; He wanted to touch her there on her soft silk-covered ass, but he was afraid, terribly afraid to do such a thing

    "Do you like looking at my ass, honey?" she asked softly, looking over her shoulder at the boy. "Perhaps you'd like looking at it even better this way," she added, pushing her panties down over the full cheeks of her ass, letting the wild-eyed boy get a good look at her quivering nakedness. She knew that he could see the tuft of light-blonde cunt hair that showed between the cheeks of her butt as she climbed the stairs. She felt wanton, filled with the wickedest thoughts imaginable, filled with depraved desire for the eighteen-year-old cute young boy, the son of her only lesbian lover.

    "If you think my ass is pretty, perhaps you'll like the front of me," she said, turning around again and dropping her dress into place again behind her. "I'll show you my tits and my cunt, darling. Would you like that?"

    Michael tried to say that he would like that very much but was unable to utter any sound at all other than a meaningless rasping sound. Carol thought that even the rasping sound the nervous

    rascal made was cute and exciting. She loved the effect she was having on the defenseless kid.

    In her bedroom she was in even more complete control of the boy and his emotions. He stood in a peculiar awe of his surroundings, just as his brother had in her room. Carol noticed the similarity in the young men' attitudes toward the new and mind-boggling world of sex to which she was patiently introducing them. Physically her two young men were quite different. Joey, at nineteen, was considerably more physically developed than his eighteen-year old brother, but then Michael was not as oversexed as his older brother. Michael's cock, although not nearly as large as Joey's, was just as quick to respond to any sexual stimulus. Carol intended to provide such stimuli over and over again until both she and her young initiate were satisfied.

    Carol sat on her bed and began rolling her tight thin panties down over her shapely, honey-tanned legs. The boy tried to look away from her but could not control even his eyes. They were soon watching the spectacle unfolding before him on the bed, the spectacle of the lovely next-door neighbor lady undressing wantonly before him. He couldn't resist staring between her legs. Her dress was raised well above her thighs. He stared as more and more of the creamy flesh of her voluptuous body became visible to him. He saw the light sprinkling of downy blonde hair on her cunt come temptingly into view. And when she had rolled her panties down to her knees, the boy could see the whole of her big juicy cunt. He couldn't believe his eyes. She was actually sitting there on her bed

    showing him her cunt!

    "Something tells me you like that, Michael," Carol said, pushing her lace panties down aver her calves and removing them completely, tossing them in the boy's direction, noting with a giggle the surprised look on his face when he caught them. "Soft and smooth aren't they, Michael? Just like my body, lover. Perhaps you'd like to see something else that's soft and warm. Perhaps you'd like to see one of these," she said, pulling her dress quickly over her head and exposing her massive jugs, whose peaks were already stiff and goosepimpled with excitement.

    "Don't just stand there, Michael. Come over here and touch my tits, boy. Surely you don't think I'm just going to let you look at them! My heavens, dear, I'm not as mean as all that. I know how badly you want to fondle my tits. Admit it, honey," Carol smiled, seeing how the kid's hairless dick was jerking between his legs now that she was naked.

    "I don't want to! Really I don't, Miss Chambers! I can't! I can't do that! I can't touch your.. your tits! Can I?" he nearly cried.

    "Of course you can. I want you to, Michael. Come closer.., closer! Now reach out and put your hand on my cunt. Close your eyes if you have to, Michael, if it makes it easier for you. It's really easy, Michael. Just touch me, touch me, touch me!" Carol said. "Oh. yes! Yesssssss! That's just lovely! Do you like my tits? Are they soft and warm, darling?"

    "Oh, yeah!" the boy nearly cried as his

    trembling fingers played over the huge silken pillows of resilient flesh that the woman had exposed for him so obscenely.

    Carol thrilled to the feeling of the eighteen-year-old boy's hands on her quivering tits. She sat up straighter and thrust out her glorious boobs, offering them to him even more brazenly. Her nipple-peaks tinged and her twat burned and twitched with wild passion. She had to have the boy's hands on her pussy, had to feel the nervous eagerness of his young fingers against the sensitive feminine flesh of her clit.

    "Michael, my love, since I made you feel so good, why don't you do the same for me? Do you know what ladies like more than anything else in the world? Do you know what makes women like me feel wonderful and warm and happy, darling? Do you know what a boy like you can do for me?" she smiled.

    "Gosh, no!" the stiff-dicked boy said, staring into her eyes, taking his hands off her boobs.

    "You can start by getting on your knees between my legs!" she hissed.

    "Between your legs?" the innocent boy said in amazement.

    "Yes, Michael, between my legs… I'm going to spread my legs for you and let you have a good feel of my cunt! Isn't that dirty? Isn't that obscene? Doesn't that sound just delicious?" Carol said, the flames in her cunt leaping within her. "You don't mind getting on your knees and feeling my cunt, do you?" she asked, reaching out and grabbing the stiff shaft of the kid's smallish young prick.

    Michael jumped backwards when he felt the woman's lovely gentle hand on his hard-on, jumped back involuntarily. She made him do that every time she touched him, as if she were charged with

    electricity that he wanted, of course. He wanted to get between her widespread legs and look

    at her pussy, even feel it if she'd let him. But it was so unlike anything in his youthful experience that he could hardly bring himself to fall to his knees. It was like riding a bicycle for the first time or diving from a diving board.

    As soon as the boy managed to make his knees bend and fall to the floor between Carol's spread and inviting legs, the horny woman grabbed his head and pushed his face right up against the

    dripping, rosy meat of her open cunt. She laughed, wickedly when she heard the kid coughing and sputtering more in shock than discomfort. Still she held him fast between her legs, squeezing them together, holding the boy's face against her drooling gash.

    "Now, lover, I want you to stick out your tongue and lick my twat.. Do you understand? I want you to make my pussy feel good now. Just lick it all over. That's right, Michael! You're doing beautifully! Oh, God, that makes me feel good, so warm and tingly! I could keep you between my legs all day long. Oh, God! Delicious!" she gasped, tossing her hair behind her, moaning with supreme pleasure as the eighteen-year-old innocent licked blindly at her steamy, musky cunt.

    Michael was so close to her cunt that he couldn't really see exactly what it looked like. The

    fragrance that filled his nostrils was like nothing he had ever smelled before, hot and musky, a 'scent that made him want to stay between her legs forever. He began to notice how wet his face was getting so close to her steamy twat. He had no idea why her snatch got so wet, but he noticed that the more he lapped at her frothy, pink gash the wetter it got. It was something else, being so close to a woman's cunt!

    Carol loved feeling the boy's tongue working in her swollen slit, but she wanted to go easy on the boy in this his first taste of sex with a woman. Carol was afraid that her eagerness might frighten him off. Reluctantly she opened her legs and released the boy's head from her grip. She was surprised to find that he wasn't particularly eager to remove his face from her dripping box. He seemed glued between her legs.

    "All right, Michael, enough pussy-licking for a while. There's plenty of time for that after I show you a few other things. You are willing to learn about fucking and sucking aren't you, Michael dear? I'm not doing this against your will, am I?" she asked, looking into the young man's eyes when he raised his boyishly handsome smooth face from the hot flesh of her juicy twat.

    Michael shook his head negatively, not in a particularly convincing answer to her question. She told him to stand up. She knew that it was time to work on him for a while, time to make his body relax a bit, time to release some of his understandably uncomfortable youthful tensions. She wanted to suck his cock and make him shoot

    fuck juice all over her tits.

    "Why don't you just lie down on the bed on your back? That's right. That's just lovely. Oh, Michael darling, don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you. Do you know anything about cocksucking? Do you know that a woman can put her mouth on your cock and make you feel wonderful inside? Haven't you ever even heard of sucking cock? Surely you have!" Carol asked, crawling into bed with her boy.

    "1 guess I've heard of it," the trembling young man said hoarsely.

    "From whom, may I ask?" she queried. "From your mother by any chance?" she said, feeling nasty in the extreme.

    "Gosh, no! She wouldn't say anything like that! I guess I heard about it from the guys," the boy said, barely audibly.

    "What did the guys have to say about sucking cock?" she asked, thrilled at the opportunity to sneak a vicarious glimpse into the private little world of her young initiate.

    "Oh, nothing much I guess. Everybody calls a guy a cocksucker if they don't like him, I guess," he said.

    "Then you think there's something wrong with cocksucking?" she asked, puffing on a shocked voice.

    "Gosh, I dunno! I guess it's… kinda dirty!" the boy said.

    "Why don't I suck your cock for you and then let you make up your mind about sucking cock, Michael. You really have too many preconceived

    notions about sex, dear. You should try things before you make up your mind. I think you've been listening to your parents too much, lover," she said, reaching under the boy's T-shirt, pushing it up around his smooth slender chest. "Do you know that your mother and father are far from the sexually conservative prudes they pretend to be at home, Michael? Do you know that they belong to a swap club? You don't know what a swap club is? Of course not. A swap club is a group of people who just love to fuck each other. Do you know that your mommy goes there to suck other men's cocks and get fucked in the cunt by lots of other men, too?" Carol said, planting little wet kisses all over Michael's chest.

    "I don't believe it," the boy said weakly, knowing perfectly well that his parents were out of the house all night sometimes and never told any of the kids where they were going.

    "Oh, Michael, I wouldn't lie to you, would I?" Carol asked, smiling sweetly at the lean, nearly naked boy in her bed.

    "No, I guess not," he had to admit.

    "Your mommy just loves to suck cocks. There's nothing wrong with that. I love to suck cocks, too. Only the cocks I love to suck are young men's' cocks. I love to suck nice little stiff ones like yours. Someday this lovely dick will be big and long. Right now it's a delicious morsel for a hungry lady like Carol," she said, trailing kisses over the boy's belly and all the way down to the very light sprinkling of hair on his crotch. "You have a lovely smooth body, Michael. Your brother has a bit

    more hair on his body. But he's a year older, of course," she continued, soothing the boy with her soft, sultry voice.

    "How do you know about my brother? Which brother?" the boy gasped in amazement. "You don't mean Joey?"

    "Of course, Michael! What other brother do you have who's a year older, silly boy?" Carol said, moving her tongue around on the boy's lower belly.

    "But how do you know he has more hair around his… around his dick than I do? You haven't even seen his dick-have you?" Michael asked, feeling little shocks surging through him as the woman's tongue tingled the sensitive skin of his crotch near the base of his hard dick.

    "Of course I have, lover. I've seen it and sucked it! I've sucked his cock just like this!" she hissed, plunging down over the stiff dripping stalk of the lad's cock.

    "Oh, Christ!" the boy cried out loud when he felt her mouth close on his most sensitive cockhead.

    The boy began writhing instantly, moaning and groaning in the throes of maddening ecstasy as the older woman worked over his lower belly, sucking his eighteen-year-old prick with a passion. Lurking in the boy's mind were her words about his brother key. Could she really have sucked his cock, too? The idea made him dizzy. Could she have sucked Joey's cock with that very mouth, with the mouth that was sucking his rod like a lollipop? Joey hadn't said anything to him about it. But how

    could he? Michael never would have mentioned it himself, he knew, not even to his brothers. It was a secret between Miss Chambers and himself, and it would have to remain a secret forever. It was too nasty to tell anyone about. And besides, who would believe it?

    Michael had to believe the wild sensations that were surging in his young balls. Miss Chambers was making him feel a lot better than he had felt when he'd jacked off, better even than he had felt when his mother had rubbed his cock for him, better even than he had felt when Miss Chambers herself had made him get his rocks off in his pants. Michael knew that another minute or two would find his jizz shooting inside Miss Chambers' mouth.. He just couldn't hold it back much longer.

    "Miss Chambers, I'm gonna shoot it again if you… if you don't stop!" Michael cried out loud. "I can't help it! Please take your mouth off my cock! I'm gonna shoot it I tell you!" the boy pleaded, not believing that she really wanted him to shoot his spunk into her sucking mouth.

    Carol shook her head wildly when he begged her to stop sucking his rod. Ills stiff prick corkscrewed around inside her face when she, shook her head. She bobbed her head up and down over the boy's crotch harder and harder, faster and faster. She was determined to make the boy come again, determined to make hint squirt a hot load of thick fuck juice down her throat, determined to make his balls erupt whether he wanted them to or not. She held his body tightly while she sucked him off, holding his legs with her hands in a tight grip,

    trying to prevent him from pulling away from her in the throes of his impending orgasm.

    Carol's naked boobs swung over the boy's legs as she worked on his rod, her hard nipple rubbing against his soft skin, tingling each time she touched him. She felt the boy's slight sprinkling of crotch hair against her lips when she plunged down all the way to the root of his young prick. She inhaled the masculine scent of his young cock and balls, reveled in the tongue-tingling taste of his blood-engorged dick. She had to taste his cum, too. In a second or two she had her wish. Squid after squirt of fuck juice blasted down her throat, pouring out of his stiff dick in considerable volume. She thought she might choke on the thick shooting jizz.

    Young Michael nearly passed out when he felt his balls exploding between his tense hairless legs. It was like nothing he had experienced before. He felt his spunk blasting down her throat. She kept sucking and sucking on his prick as the sperm shot out of it. The feeling. of suction on his cock was enough to make his nuts split even after his load had shot out of them. The thought that the lovely older woman was actually swallowing his jizz made him shiver inside. It was nasty, taboo, too much for the young inexperienced boy to believe. And yet it was happening to him.

    Carol let the boy's still half-hard little prong pop free from her sucking lips and treated the young initiate to a deep tongue kiss. She transferred some of his cum to his own mouth. She stared into his eyes and saw there the look of deep peace that she

    had wanted to bring the lad. And yet even now she had not satisfied herself. Her own twat seethed between her legs, moist with cunt-honey and begging to be filled with stiff boy-meat. She had to take his little stiff dick up inside her cunt as far as it would go. She had to teach the young innocent lad how to fuck her, how to make her shake all over in the throes of the womanly climax she longed for.

    "Wasn't that fun, Michael?" Carol cooed, lying on her side, facing the boy. "Sex is fun, Michael; You must remember that. You have those darling balls and that lovely cock to use for pleasure, dear. You must make use of them. You must learn some other things to do with your nice hard dick. Doesn't this thing ever get soft?" she asked sweetly, squeezing his hardening pecker.

    "It gets soft sometimes," Michael said weakly, blushing uncontrollably.

    "Sometimes! My goodness, Michael dear, I do believe I'll have to teach you how to use that thing on a woman, darling," she smiled. "It's a shame to put it to waste."

    "I dunno, Miss Chambers!" the boy gasped. "Is it… is it all right?"

    "You'll see how all right it is, Michael," Carol crooned. "It just takes some getting used to, darling. Proper fucking methods require some instruction. Do you mind if I instruct you? Will you do exactly what I tell you? Will you learn how to fuck me, Michael?"

    "Gosh, Miss Chambers! Fuck you? Jesus! I'll learn how.., if you want me to," the boy said,

    not believing his ears.

    "Oh, I want you to all right. My Nat is just itching for a hot young dick. You've never put your dick in a girl before, have you?" she asked, knowing perfectly well that the eighteen-year-old novice had never been near a woman yet.

    "Jeez, no! I always thought I was too…" the boy said, barely audibly.

    "Too young?" Carol asked. "Nonsense, bay! I love young cocks, especially yours and your brother's. I do wish he was here to show you how to fuck me, darling. You could benefit from his experience. I've taught him how to make me feel just wonderful, Michael. He uses his nice young dick on me in so many delicious ways!" she said, her cunt twitching between her warm and lovely legs.

    "Do you really mean it, Miss Chambers?" Michael asked, his eyes lighting up, "Does Joey really do stuff like that to you?"

    "He certainly does! You should see his dick pounding in and out of my pussy! It makes my cunt all frothy and hot His balls slap against my crotch when he fucks me from behind.. Have you ever watched dogs fucking, Michael Come now, dear, all young men have watched animals screwing. I like to be fucked from behind, too, in my cunt of course. My goodness, Michael, if Joey were here now, one of you could fuck me in the cunt and the other could fuck me in the ass! What a wonderful feeling that would be! Would you like that? Would you like to feel your dick slipping and sliding in my cunt while lacy screwed my ass? Doesn't that

    turn you on, darling? Doesn't that make your cock jerk again, little lover? Isn't it dirty and bad? Isn't it just delicious? Lie on your back, Michael dear. Yes! Now let me sit on your cock! Hold it up straight from your crotch, darling. I'm going to take it into my twat right now. Right now! Oh, God! That feels so good! I'm going to do all the work for you, Michael! I'm going to jump up and down on your little hard-on! Doesn't that feel good? Doesn't that make you want to come again? Do you feel my cunt working around your dick? Isn't that as good as my mouth? Better? You'll learn to love my cunt, Michael! If only your brother were here! Two brothers in my bed! Two lovely dicks to fuck and suck! How beautiful that would be!" she cried, beside herself with the emotion engendered by her hot lust.

    The bed was creaking and the woman and Michael were moaning in the heat of their fuck when Joey threw open the door.


    "Jeez!" Joey shouted. "Michael!"

    "Joey, darling! it's nice to see you! I was waiting for you! We were both waiting for you!" Carol said, still sliding her grasping cunt up and

    down on the eighteen-year-old boy's rod, making him gasp and groan.

    "What're you doin'?!" Joey gasped, his mouth falling open, standing wild-eyed at the fuck scene on the bed. "What're you doin' with little Michael? He's just a kid!" Joey said, almost in shock.

    "Just a kid!" Carol laughed, not pausing for a moment as she fucked the young Michael. "You're only nineteen yourself, lover. You learned quickly enough. Why shouldn't your brother have a little fun too, darling? There's plenty of room in my bed for both of you!" Carol said, thrilled at the prospect of being screwed by Joey and Michael at the same time.

    Joey just stood there for a while, not quite knowing what to do. He hadn't expected to see Michael in such a position, never in his wildest dreams. Michael was just a kid still wet behind the ears. In the past few weeks under Miss Chambers' care Joey had grown to consider himself quite a man, in spite of his tender years, having learned things about fucking that none of the other guys knew. He had been talking a lot at school, too, giving the guys all kinds of little ideas from his fuck sessions with Miss Chambers. He hadn't mentioned exactly who had taught him all those secret things, however, and some of the guys thought he Was just faking.

    Miss Chambers was amazing, as far as Joey was concerned. Just when he was beginning to feel some degree of control over himself in this sex business, she had to bring in something new. Just when he was losing some of his nervousness and

    self-consciousness, she had to knock his feet out from under him, first by letting him watch her make love to his mother and now by suggesting that he join in a fuck with his kid brother. She was too much to understand. He could only do as she told him and hope for the best. He had to admit that he was happier now than he had ever been. It was as if he had two mothers instead of just one, one to take care of things at home and the other to take care of things under his zipper.

    Joey hadn't hung around outside the door yew long after he had seen his mother and Miss Chambers doing all those nasty things to each other, not only because he was afraid of being caught peeking by his mother but because he hadn't been able to hold back his load and he thought Miss Chambers might be angry at him for popping his wad. She was strict in her orders to him and expected him to do exactly as she had told him. He stood by the bed just waiting to be told to jump in with his brother. It was only a matter of time, he knew. It was a wild and scary thing to do, but he knew that he would do it if she asked him. He would do anything if she asked him.

    "Joey, darling, do I see what I think I see? Do I see your dick getting stiff under your pants? What are you thinking about? Are you getting horny just watching me getting fucked by your brother? Wouldn't you like to join us, lover? Wouldn't you like to have some of this nice fucking, too? Come on, Joey. Don't be embarrassed! Michael doesn't mind. Do you, Michael? Would you mind if Joey crawled into bed, too?"

    Carol hissed.

    "Gosh, Miss Chambers!" Michael rasped. "I… I dunno. Is it…is it…" the frightened boy stuttered.

    "Of course it is! Anything is permitted in my bed, men! Of course it t a bit out of the ordinary, men. It is just a bit naughty. But then the naughty things are always the most fun, aren't they?" Carol smiled. "Joey, why don't you just take your pants and shirt off and jump right into bed with us? That's the boy. Don't be bashful, darling. So your dick is hard! See how long Joey's cock is already, Michael? Yours will be long and thick like that, too, someday. Won't it be fun to stick it in a girl's cunt then, dear? You'll be gentle, won't you? A girl doesn't like to be bullied by a boy just because he's stronger than she is. We like to be fucked easily and gently. Just like Joey does it. Michael, darling, I'm going to stand up and get off your cock now. I want you to watch your brother fuck me dog-style. Then you can screw me that way, too," Carol said, raising her juicy cunt off the boy's twitching prick.

    Michael took his orders and sat beside the bed on a chair while young Joey put the prick to the horny older woman with the insatiable dick hunger. He stared wild-eyed as his brother's erect dong poked in and out of the lovely naked woman s seething, tufted cunt. It looked like lots of fun. He liked the soft-looking cheeks of Miss Chambers' ass, too, liked the way they were upturned like soft pillows of jiggling flesh. He wanted to touch them but he thought he might get

    in his older brother's way. They never liked him to get in his way when he was doing something, and he sure was doing something now.

    Joey was nervous and reticent at first, terribly embarrassed about having to fuck right in front of his kid brother. If he said one word, key decided, he would punch him in the mouth. But after a while he began to sort of enjoy putting on a show for the inexperienced kid. He started using stances that showed off his cock and the in and out pistoning into Carol's luscious and irresistible pussy. He began to enjoy his position as sex-instructor for his kid brother.

    Carol thought she came a hundred times when her orgasm shook her body like an earthquake. Joey hadn't pounded his cock in and out of her pulsing cunt more than a dozen times when she felt the first rumblings of her earthquake orgasm. Just the presence of Michael by the bed watching his older brother ram her cunt was enough to make

    her come wildly. It was the dirtiest thing she and her men had done, and it was the most powerfully affecting as far as her own emotions were concerned.

    Carol knew that They had learned by now when she was coming and exactly what to do when that happened. He had learned to control his own ejaculation and make himself come off just when she did. She liked it that way, and he had to admit that it did make him feel better knowing that she was coming, too. He was learning a lot from Miss Chambers.

    Even after her wild orgasm, even after her twat

    had flashed again and again, she kept working her cunt around the slippery shaft of young Joey's prong. She milked his dick with the muscles of her cunt, tugging at his young rod and making his body shake violently as he shot off into her steamy snatch.

    Carol told the boy to pull out of her sucking cunt. He did so with a slurping sound as his cock left her sucking, jism-covered slit. She fell to her knees in front of the boy and took his cock in her face. He stood with legs spread wide, trying to balance himself on the leaky mattress. Carol sucked on his prick until her mouth was full of creamy sperm. She drained every last drop of jizz from the depths of his young seething balls.

    "Are you ready now, Michael? Are you ready to do what your brother just did for me? Are you ready to come again?" Carol smiled, spunk dribbling from the corners of her pretty mouth.

    "Sure, Michael, come on over and get it on, man! This is a real groove, brother!" Joey said, feeling grown-up and sure of himself for the first time, feeling as if he had proved himself in the eyes of both Miss Chambers and his kid brother.

    "I dunno, Joey. I'm kinda…" the boy mumbled, looking down at his stiff prick.

    "Kinda scared?" Joey asked. "Sure! So was I at first. But you'll get used to it, man. Won't he, Miss Chambers?" Joey asked.

    "He might get used to it, Joey, but I don't Want either of you to start taking me for granted," Carol smiled seductively. "Both of you still have a lot to learn before you can satisfy a woman like me, a

    woman who can't get enough of young dicks. If you ever start taking Carol for granted, she might tell your parents what you've been up to!"

    "Gosh, Miss Chambers, I didn't mean I was

    taking-you for granted. I just meant I'm not as scared as I used to be. That's all! I didn't mean anything by it!' Joey said in a chastised tone of voice.

    'That's quite all right, They," Carol said. "I think I can find a few new things to keep you nervous, dear. I like you shaky, lover. I like that innocent look of yours when you try something new," she said, touching his lips with the tips of her sensitive fingers. "Why don't you hack me in the ass, Joey, while Michael puts his cock in my twat hole?"

    "Do you mean it? Really?" key asked, amazed at her suggestion.

    "Of course, dear, I mean everything I say. I'll just suck your dick until it's very hard again," she smiled, sucking his half-hard rod into her pretty face.

    When she had the boy in full erection again, she told hint, to lie down on his back. He obeyed with his usual eagerness, lying there splayed out while Michael ogled die woman's boobs and the downy twat between her legs. Michael was beginning to enjoy this fucking business.

    Carol sat on the boy's stiff prick, which was slippery and covered with his pre-cum. She told him to push his dick against the wrinkled ring of her bun. He obeyed, thrusting his hips until he felt his cockhead pushing against her asshole. He

    kept thrusting until his cockhead pushed into her tight shitter. He gasped when he felt the incredibly sensitive head of his cock suddenly engulfed by Miss Chambers' tight asshole.

    Carol cried softly when she felt his dick enter her butt. She began to bounce up and down on him, making his rod pulsate wildly inside her ass. She loved feeling the hard staff of the kid's super-rigid dick in her sensitive ass. She felt her hung stretching as his cockshaft filled her bowels. She was in no pain since the boy's cock wasn't big enough to cause her any discomfort, a fact that made her happy she had chosen the young lad instead of continuing her relationships with older men, whose cocks were a constant torture to her.

    "Now, Michael-now! Come over here and fuck me! It's all right, boy. Do it! I want you!" she gasped, dying to have her cunt tickled.

    Carol fell backward, lying on the boy's smooth chest, his cock jammed in her asshole. Her cunt thrust out obscenely, dripping with honey and looking inviting to the nervous Michael.

    Michael stood there not knowing what to do. His cock was dripping and excited just watching his brother and the lovely lady fuck. But how could he jump into bed with them? It was too much to ask. He knew that he was shaking visibly. He didn't want Miss Chambers to think that lie wasn't as much a man as Joey. His self-consciousness made him shake even more. It was impossible for the boy.

    "Come, dear, don't be afraid. I want you. That's right, Michael, crawl up into the bed with us!" she

    gasped as the boy mounted the bed. "Get on your knees between my legs. That's the way, Michael. Now just put your cock in my cant! Here, dear, let me help you," she said, reaching down between the kid's hairless legs and guiding his rigid arching cock into the gash of her sucking cunt. "Lovely, men! Now I have both your cocks inside me. I love it! I want it! Both of Joyce's baby men in my cunt and ass! Fuck me, lovers! Fuck me hard! You make me feel better than your mother did, boys. Yes, Michael, your mother! She sucked my cunt for me, dear. Joey knows. He watched us. He watched us and jacked off outside the door! Doesn't that make you wild inside, Michael?" she gasped.

    Michael was indeed feeling wilder by the minute, as was his alder brother and Miss Chambers herself. He began ramming his stiff little prong in and out of the lady's big downy cunt, making sucking sounds as he fasted her pussy; He was out of control, ready to shoot his young ball juice into her twat. He couldn't help it. He was afraid to come in her cunt that way but he was beyond control now. With a loud grunt the eighteen-year-old boy shot his sperm into the thirty-five-year-old woman's twitching cum hole. He felt his balls seething as his jizz spilled out. He fell against Miss Chambers, grabbing her tits as if to hold on for dear life.

    They was still fucking Miss Chambers' butt, his rod firmly impaled to its full length in her silky asshole. Joey felt his brother's nuts slapping against his own. He reached out and grabbed Miss Chambers tits, too, just as Michael had. In a flash

    of pleasure-pain.Joey shot off into Miss Chambers' clenching asshole.

    "Oh, boys! Boys! That was beautiful!" Carol cried, as if she had never felt an orgasm before.

    Carol had never felt an orgasm as wild as the one she had just experienced. She had introduced both young men to the wild joys of sex, had done it even though she knew that such a thing was bad and dangerous. The young men had known it, too. And yet they had gone along with her teaching, had resisted at first only to be drawn by the hot-assed woman into her net of lust and secret desires. There was no backing out now, no backing out for either the young men or the woman who had entrapped them. Carol knew how nasty her activities with the young men were. She intended to make them even nastier, intended to plunge even deeper into the whirlpool of her naked lust. Nothing would stop her, not the danger of discovery, not the taboos of society, not the boys' natural reluctance to give themselves up to her passion.

    "As soon as we've rested awhile, well fuck again, darlings. Would you like that?" Carol asked, stroking both young men's' pricks as they lay on their backs on either side of her.

    "Golly yes!" young Michael said, his eyes lighting up.

    "We'll fuck and suck as much as you want!" Joey said, grinning from ear to ear.

    "I thought you might agree, darlings," she smiled. "Will you really do anything in the world I might ask of you?"

    "Gosh, yes!" Michael said, feeling his balls

    tingling as the woman squeezed his hard wet cock. "How about you, Joey? I always need the

    cooperation of both of you dean," Carol said, squeezing his cock hard.

    "I'll do anything! Anything, Miss Chambers- anything!" Joey gasped.

    Carol was beginning to miss the frightened look of self-consciousness on Joey's face, although she was beginning to like the attitude of near-frenzied eagerness for her pleasures that was beginning to characterize her young men. She knew that she could think of ways to scare the kids.

    Rising from the bed, Carol sauntered over to her dresser and pulled her dildo out of the drawer, the same dildo she and Joyce had used to fuck each other into a frenzy.

    "Doesn't Mike have a pretty little body?" she asked slyly.

    "Huh? A pretty ass? Uh…I don't know…"Joey said, looking away from his brother's butt.

    "Michael, get on your bands and knees on the bed. I'm going to show you how it feels to get fucked in the ass!"

    Both young men looked at her with the most shocked expressions she had ever seen on their faces. It was just the expression Carol had wanted.

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