The babysitter and The Great Dane


    Nancy Conover checked herself in the mirror one last time. A shiver tickled her spine. Tall, blonde, her tits filling out, she was happy with what she saw.

    "By the time school starts…" she whispered, skimming her hands down over her lush teenaged body, "the boys will be surprised."

    She giggled, remembering how she had looked three months ago when school had closed for the summer. Now her tits were swelling, her hips curving out, and her legs taking on a sexy shape.

    "Ohhhhh, God," she sighed. "I'm getting hot again." That was another change that had happened during the summer months. Sex.

    Nancy couldn't think of anything else. She ran out of the bedroom and bounded down the stairs, her blonde pigtails swinging, her blue eyes glowing.

    "Hey, Nancy," her mother called. "Where are you going in such rush?"

    "Gee, Mom. Don't you remember? I'm babysitting today." A smile filled her beautiful face, a blush of pink on her cheeks.

    Liz Conover smiled at her daughter. "I remember now," she said. "Theresa Rand's baby. Right?" She looked at her daughter, realized she was no longer a child, but a budding young woman, shapely and sexy. Before long, she thought, boys of all sizes and shapes would be banging on the door to take her out.

    "Yeah," Nancy said. "Mrs. Rand is working on weekends and I get to take care of little Carrie." She fidgeted, anxious to be on her way.

    "Have some breakfast first," Liz said.

    "No, Mom. Can't. Rand is expecting me." She headed for the door. "I'll eat something there." She opened the door and, before her mother could protest, she was gone.

    "Kids," Liz said, shaking her head on her way back to the kitchen. "They never stop moving."

    Nancy hurried down the street, pigtails flying in the breeze. It was her first paying job.

    She reached the Rand house quickly, ran up the steps, her small tits bouncing beneath her pink summer top.

    She rapped on the screen door. Thor, Theresa's fawn-colored Great Dane, barked loud and deep from somewhere inside the house.

    "Ooo, be quiet," Nancy giggled as the huge dog ran to the door, his skinny tail wagging.

    "Be still, Thor," Theresa said, pulling on his studded collar. "It's just Nancy."

    "Hi, Mrs. Rand," Nancy bubbled. "I hope I'm not late."

    "Not at all," Theresa said, opening the door. "C'mon in.

    Carrie's up in bed taking a nap." She grabbed her purse off the table in the hall. "There's plenty to eat in the fridge." Playfully, she tugged on one of Nancy's pigtails. "See you about four-thirty."

    "Bye, Mrs. Rand," Nancy said. She stroked Thor's big head, scratched him behind the ear. "I'll take good care of Carrie."

    "I know you will," Theresa said, and she was gone.

    Alone, Nancy hurried up the stairs to Carrie's bedroom, Thor at her heels. "You wait here," she whispered. "I don't want you waking up the baby."

    Thor whined and lay on the floor, his head on his huge front paws.

    "Good, boy," Nancy said. She went into the bedroom, saw the sleeping baby. A shiver swept over her. Her cheeks flared red as she thought about Theresa and her husband fucking, making it possible for them to have the baby.

    She tiptoed out of the child's room and headed straight for the master bedroom.

    Her heart was pounding. When she saw the bed, her heart leaped into her throat.

    An image of Theresa, her legs spread, her husband Gary on top of her, fucking her, filled the precocious child's head.

    "Oh, shit," she moaned. She went to the bed, crawled to the center and spread her legs. "I can't wait until I get fucked." She closed her eyes, thinking of all the boys in school and which one she would let break her cherry.

    She opened her eyes, stared at the ceiling, and knew she wouldn't do it. She was chicken, afraid.

    Without thinking, she squirmed in the bed, her small delicate hands roaming her body. "Mmmmm," she purred, lingering on her small tits, her fingers kneading the soft pulpy flesh beneath her pink top. "Mmmmm, I'm getting so hot."

    She rolled her hips, her blue eyes glassy, the pupils black, bright. Being in Theresa's bed, where she knew the beautiful woman had been fucked and had done all the other things her imaginative mind could conjure up, made the crotch of her white cotton panties wet.

    She lifted her top, baring her soft smooth virgin flesh.

    Urgently, she squeezed her tits, whimpering each time her finger sank into the pliant flesh. She moaned.

    "I wish… I wish…" She closed her eyes, pretending it was Theresa's husband instead of herself playing with her sensitive tits. "Oooo, how I wish."

    She squeezed the nipples, gasping as pleasure filled her tits and spread a heated warmth throughout her lithe body.

    She sat up, dazed, lust running rampant through her young body. She pulled off her top, her small tits jiggling free.

    Climbing out of bed, she tossed the top on the back of a chair and peeled down her shorts. Stepping out of them, she caught a glimpse of herself in the long dressing mirror on the closet door. Her breath caught in her throat.

    Stripping in someone else's house had her dizzy, her body on fire and her virgin cunt pulsing, oozing a warm sticky cream.

    Swinging her hips the way she imagined men liked, she sauntered over to the mirror. She squeezed her tits together, making them appear larger, fuller. Her breath hissed out.

    Turning, she looked back over her shoulder at her firm ass wrapped in white cotton. She wiggled her ass lewdly and moaned.

    Frenzied fingers latched into the elastic of her panties.

    Short rapid breaths escaped her mouth as she peeled her panties down over her blossoming hips. Her panties dropped to the floor, a puddle of white at her ankles.

    Her breath caught in her throat as she stared hotly at the silky blonde hair that adorned her virgin cunt. Her head was spinning. Goose bumps dotted her smooth flesh.

    On weak rubbery legs, she staggered back and threw herself on the bed. She wriggled to the center of the king-size bed and spread her legs, ready to get herself off for the second time this morning.

    Trembling, she caressed her hot flesh, tormenting herself.

    Putting off touching her overheated cunt until the last possible moment, she roamed her hands over her writhing body, turning herself into a moaning, twisting mass of sizzling flesh.

    Thor, hearing the whimpering coming from his mistress's bedroom, padded down the hall and pushed open the door with his paw. Big brown eyes spotted Nancy on the bed. His nose picked up the familiar scent of passion he had learned to detect.

    Nancy was too interested in her body to notice the Great Dane at the door. She was caressing her belly, inching toward the silky down of her blonde cunt. She wriggled her hips, fingertips touching the silky hair.

    The scent of Nancy's pussy flared the giant animal's nostrils. The sound of her moans aroused his pointed ears. He padded into the room, the scent stronger, pungent.

    It was the same scent as his mistress's, and he knew what to do. He leaped on the bed, his broad purplish-red tongue hanging from his mouth. Tail wagging, he looked down into Nancy's startled, frightened face.

    "Thor!" Nancy's eyes widened in fear. Her mouth dried up, and she began to shake, expecting at any moment to be ripped apart by the Dane's sharp teeth.

    Naked, frightened, her body trembling with fear, she stared up into his face.

    She saw his teeth, glistening, sharp, dangerous. She saw each drop of doggie spit on his drooping tongue. his black eyes seemed to blaze.

    "Nice, Thor," she whispered. "Go away. Go, Thor." She kept her voice low, not wanting to agitate the dog into doing anything rash.

    Thor whimpered. As if he understood her fear, he slapped his tongue over her face, telling her it was all right. Friendly licks quickly had the child's face soaked and flushed. "Oh, God," she whispered. She closed her eyes, clamped her mouth shut and shook. The dog didn't bite.

    She began to relax, knowing she had overreacted. If she had been dressed and not naked, she wouldn't have been frightened at all. Thor was gentle, a big overgrown puppy. She opened her eyes.

    Thor's tongue was washing her face. Tail wagging, he slapped his tongue over her mouth, eyes, and soaked one ear with warm spit. He whimpered, expecting to be petted and pampered like his mistress pampered him.

    Her fear gone, Nancy responded to the wet slobbering kisses of the giant dog.

    "Are you horny too?" she giggled. She played her fingers over his tongue and rubbery lips. "Mmmm, you are."

    Her eyes widened. An idea popped into her sexually active mind. Before she could put her idea into action, Thor already had.

    The huge animal's tongue slithered over Nancy's shoulders.

    The tip of his tongue slapped over her nipples. Her nipples hardened, ached. He slobbered his mouth over each small pulpy tit, turning them pink and wet.

    Nancy's face filled with lust. The dog's tongue was fabulous. She squirmed on her back. "Thor… oooo… Thor!" It was unbelievable. "Oooo, keep licking me!"

    The horny teenager was in bliss. For the first time in her life, she was enjoying the pleasures of sex without using her own hands to stimulate herself.

    The fact that it was a dog didn't matter. It only mattered that it was happening to her.

    "Oh, Thor," she moaned. "Ohhh, Thor. Lick my titties. Ummmm, yesssss!" She brought her small hands up her body, cupped her tits, offered them to the Great Dane. "Bite 'em, Thor. Bite me!" She was delirious. The pleasure of having her tits licked blew her mind.

    Thor, trained since a puppy to please and purchased by the Rands for that exact purpose, licked the whimpering child's tits like an expert. He soaked each one, drooling spit on and between her jiggling flesh. Occasionally, his long broad tongue swiped over Nancy's flushed face unexpectedly, and the child squealed, causing Thor to bark.

    "Oh, doggie," Nancy purred, floating on a sensuous cloud of passion. "Ooooo, I love it!" She rolled her hips. Her fingers, soaked with doggie drool, caressed the beast's face, scratching and playfully pulling on his ears. She humped up.

    "Unnnnn, Thor!"

    Thor nipped at the bullet tips of her plump young tits. His cold nose brushed against her sizzling flesh. Tail wagging, he licked his tongue over her tits and into her armpits. The strange new sensation boggled the virgin child's mind. She spread her arms, shivering as his tongue slithered over her tits, across her face, and under her arms. He was soaking her, drenching her upper body in warm doggie drool, and she loved it.

    "Yes, Thor," she sighed. "Oooooo!" Her glassy blue eyes floated in their sockets. She opened her mouth to moan. Thor's tongue slipped in.

    She choked for a moment, recovered, then sucked and chewed on his tongue until he yanked it from her mouth. She moaned.

    She licked her own tongue out, trying to attract the beautiful animal back.

    "Let me suck you," she sighed. "Gimme your tongue." It was like the time Billy had frenched her, only better.

    His coal-black eyes picked up the flicking of her tongue. He slapped his tongue over her mouth, plunging back into her throat.

    He lick d inside her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, her tongue, into her throat.

    Nancy was wrapped in a blanket of lust. His tongue was wonderful, no matter what he did with it. She sucked, her enthusiasm getting the better of her. She sucked too hard, her teeth gnawing on his tongue.

    Thor pulled his tongue from her mouth, scraping it over her teeth. He yipped and shook his head in protest.

    "I'm sorry," Nancy moaned. She lifted her hands, caressed his rubbery jowls.

    "I'm sorry." She writhed. "Don't stop.


    The dog had no intention of stopping. He went back to slopping his spit over Nancy's tits, nipping occasionally on her swollen nipples. His tongue slopped through her armpits, but he stayed away from her mouth.

    Nancy gasped. Her body was on fire. She wanted more, craved the pleasure of his tongue on more sensitive parts of her body.When this thought finally penetrated her lust sopped brain, she gasped.

    She lifted her head, watched him slobber spit on her tits. A shuddering spasm shot around in her virgin pussy, where she wanted his tongue next.

    "Yes… yes," she sighed. "My pussy. Lick my pussy!" She used her hands with urgency, pushing the hungry pet away from her tits, toward the fiery gash of her virgin cunt. "My pussy. Lick my pussy!"

    Nancy's urging hands caused the dog to lift his head. He barked, backed away, then used his tongue to lick down the child's body. A warm drooling path led to her virgin pussy and the seeping fuck juices of her untouched cunt. The scent of her turned-on pussy made him whimper. The scent was strong.

    "Yessss," she hissed, her blue eyes popping as she lifted her head to watch.

    "Lick me, Thor. Oh, God, lick me!"

    She humped her tight ass up from the mattress, banging her cunt into Thor's snout. She dropped back, trembling, waiting for the first swipe of his fantastic tongue. Legs spread as wide as possible, she waited. Thor buried his snout between her outstretched legs and sniffed. The aroma filled his nostrils.

    He snorted, banging his cold nose and blunt snout against Nancy's pussy.

    Nancy went insane. She bucked up, twisted her hips and collapsed back in a heap of whimpering goose flesh. "Lick," she gasped in a pleading voice. "Please..

    . lick me!" She rolled her hips, enticing the animal to her cunt. Her fingers clawed their way down her body and pulled the puffy folds of her cunt apart, exposing the pink never-before-touched pussy. "Lick me!"

    Thor slapped his tongue over her pussy. Again it did it.

    Nancy's whimpering cries of joy made his tail wag and his ears flick.

    "Oooooo!" Her mouth opened, her eyes widened, and her nipples swelled as if to burst. Her lithe creamy body spasmed.

    "Thor! Ooooo… Thor!" She lunged up and banged her cunt into his snout.


    The taste was to Thor's liking. He slithered his tongue through her virgin cunt. Warm sudsy pussy juice flowed coating his tongue. He slobbered it up, savoring the taste of the child.

    Nancy didn't believe the joy she was being bombarded with.

    It overwhelmed her, made her dizzy and light-headed. "Oooooo, Thor!" She clawed the bedspread and humped her cunt into his snout.

    Thor slurped his tongue through her gash, parting the folds, seeking entrance to her steamy cunt as he had learned to enjoy.

    His way was blocked. Not understanding, he lifted his head and barked. His tail wagging, he if barked again.

    Nancy looked at him desperately. "Don't stop! Please." She twisted her hips, lifted her ass, rubbed her juicy pussy against his blunt snout. She didn't know why he had stopped. She was too hot and innocent to figure it out.

    Thor dropped to his belly. His long thick rubbery tongue whipped out, slapping over Nancy's pussy. He did it again and again as if punishing the child for refusing him entry into her cunt.

    Nancy loved it, soaring wildly toward an explosive orgasm.

    "Yes. Thor! Don't stop!"

    Thor didn't. He banged his snout into her pussy, mashing her clit against his teeth. He used his tongue, swishing it over her blood engorged clit, sending her speeding toward the peak, the most intense orgasm of her young life.

    Nancy, like never before, climaxed. The dog's tongue cut across her soft oozing cunt, making her explode. She belonged to the beast now as she thrashed on the bed. One after another, her climaxes built, enveloping her, filling her with joy.

    "I'm cumming! Cumming!" She lifted her head and saw the tan beast between her parted legs. "Ohhhh, my Christ!" Her head dropped back with a thud.

    Thor's tongue lashed violently over her pussy. Warm soupy pussy-cum streamed out and over the pink puffy lips of her virgin cunt. The Dane scooped it up greedily with his tongue. Long sweeping strokes of his tongue gobbled at her juice and kept her soaring at the peak.

    Nancy's ass thumped on the bed. Her small tits jiggled like jello. She rammed her cunt into his snout, squirming, twisting, forcing his cold wet nose between the velvety folds of her pussy.

    "Oooo, Thor! Thor! I'm cumming!"

    Thor's snakelike tongue lashed over the child's pussy. He wriggled his tongue between her pussy lips and found her cherry again. Growling, juice flowing over his snout, he gave up on her cunt hole and concentrated on her seeping pussy gash and her hard bullet clit.

    "Oooo, Thor! Eat me! Eat me!" She arched her back, face red, eyes glowing. She squished her cunt against his muzzle, whimpering as her clit banged into his teeth. "I'm creaming..

    ..God… I'm creaming!"

    She drummed her ass against the mattress. Her slender maturing body twisted in bliss, contorted in agony. She raked her jiggling tits with her nails.

    "Oooo, Thor. I'm in heaven!" She slapped her legs against the mattress, her hips constantly moving, constantly drenching the dog's snout in a never-ending deluge of warm virgin pussy-cum. She felt his slapping tongue on her cunt. His touch made her cream more.

    "Lick! Lick! Lick!" she cried deliriously.

    His nose flooded with pussy-cum. He snorted, gooey cum gushing from his nose.

    The hot buttery ooze clogged his nostrils again. He shook his head, his teeth banging against her vulnerable clit. It sent the child screaming into bliss.

    Nancy lunged up, mashing her cunt into Thor's mouth. Cum gushed from her pussy hole, coated Thor's tongue, flowed into his mouth. Her hips churned violently, urging him on, agitating him into attacking her cunt.

    Thor, aroused, knew what to do. He had done it often enough to his horny mistress. His tongue lugged hot globs of cum from her flowing cunt hole.

    Practiced licks snatched them quickly up.

    Fuck juice gushed in pulsing rushes, drenching him, washing his black rubbery lips and nose. "Oh, Thor! Fabulous! You're… tongue… ohhhhh, Thor!" She jerked her hips. Her clit scraped against his sharp fangs. Lights flashed behind her eyelids.She gasped, believing that the fabulous ride was about over.

    It wasn't. Suddenly, orgasms more overwhelming than the first swept over her quivering twisting body. Her young slender body jerked viciously against the dog's muzzle. His tongue never stopped, but kept her flying. She went insane, the room spinning, everything turning fuzzy.

    Cum dribbled down the dog's snout and the crack of her ass.

    She lunged up, bowed her back, almost snapping it in two as an orgasm ripped through the steamy depths of her untouched pussy hole. His tongue was like a whip, never stopping, always slashing over her cunt and clit.

    With one struggling move, she jammed her pussy against Thor's hard mouth. The action almost poked his teeth into the soft swollen folds of her cunt. She collapsed back with a thud, shaking, twitching as she crashed down from the tremendous high Thor's tongue had taken her to.

    "No, more," she cried. "No, more!"

    Thor didn't listen. There was still a pool of pussy-cream to be licked. He slurped, savoring the fuck juice, enjoying the texture, becoming angry only when he tried to invade her virgin cunt. He licked her sticky thighs, always returning to her pussy to lick any drops that oozed out.

    Nancy couldn't take anymore. She crushed her thighs together, trapping the giant dog. "No… more! Stop!"

    Thor yelped, then pulled his head out and stared at the teenager, a quizzical expression on his face. He barked, expecting his reward. Nancy stared at him, giggled with embarrassment. He looked, with his jowls covered in white cream, like a rabid beast. "Go away," she said. "Leave me alone."

    Whimpering like a puppy being scolded Thor leaped from the bed and padded from the room.

    Nancy stared at the ceiling, excitedly going over the events of the last few minutes and projecting new ideas into the future.

    "Goddamn," she said. "This is only the beginning."


    With the baby fed and taken for a long walk, Nancy picked her up out of the stroller and carried her into the house. "Good, baby," She said. "Now for a nice nap." She was anxious to experiment with the hulking Great Dane. Her heart was beating wildly as she carried the baby through the kitchen.

    Thor was on the kitchen floor. He looked up, his skinny tail swishing across the tile. He whimpered, his big black eyes following the sexy blonde teenager until she left the kitchen. He stood on long powerful legs and followed.

    Nancy put the baby in her crib, then tiptoed out of the room and gently closed the door. She saw Thor waiting. "Ooo, you want some more pussy?" she whispered.

    Thor whimpered softly, rubbing his cold nose against her bare leg.

    "C'mon," she said, leading the sleek Dane away from the baby's room and toward the master bedroom where she had discovered the dog's unusual talent. She opened the door, the dog brushing by her eagerly.

    Nancy giggled, then stopped in her tracks. She spotted the stain on the bed, where Thor's spit and her own juicy cum had formed a puddle. Shit. She looked at the rumpled bed.

    Quickly, she straightened the spread, hoping the stain would dry by the end of the day when Mrs. Rand returned from work.

    "We can't fuck around in here, Thor," she pouted. "C'mon." She left, wondering what room to use.

    Thor was by her side. His tail wagged, his tongue hung out as he panted. He was ready and hot. The reward he had grown accustomed to in the past had been neglected. He was highly aroused, his balls aching, the tip of his prick peeking out. He walked with Nancy down the stairs, expecting to have the pressure in his balls relieved at any moment.

    Nancy walked through the house, a smile growing on her face.

    "The living room," she said. "Damn." The idea of stripping in the living room excited her. She had never even done that at home.

    She walked to the window, Thor sniffing at her ass. His cold nose brushed against the backs of her thighs.

    "Ewwww." She giggled and pulled playfully on his ears. "Do you eat your mistress's pussy?" she asked, wondering if the Great Dane actually did.

    Thor barked, jerked his head, banging his blunt snout into her crotch.

    "Oh, shit, Thor." The contact made her shiver. "Let me get my clothes off first." She moved away from the window. "Sit, Thor."

    Thor whined but sat obediently. His tail slapped at the thick-piled rug. His long wet tongue drooped from his open mouth.

    Muscles, tense and powerful, rippled under his sleek fawn coat.

    Nancy, caught up in the excitement of new and erotic sex, turned on the stereo.

    "I'll strip again."

    She rolled her slim hips lewdly. Everything was so new. It was nothing at all like she had been experiencing at home since puberty-her dark bedroom, sneaking under the covers, muffled cries of pleasure, sleep. Now everything was out in the open.

    "If you were a boy," she giggled, swaying to the beat of the music, "you'd be drooling." She eased her pink summer top off, jiggled her tits. "Your cock would be hard too."

    She shook her tits, caressed them, whimpered as the heat of her passion grew.

    "Oooo, Thor. Look at my tits." She bent over, exhibiting her small pulpy tits to the excited dog. his rump squirming on the carpet, Thor stretched his neck, slapped out his tongue and whipped it over the jiggling meat of Nancy's tits.

    Her squeals of pleasure encouraged him. He licked her tits again and started to get up.

    "No," Nancy gasped, stepping back. "Sit." She sighed.

    "I'm not through dancing yet ".

    Obediently, Thor dropped his rump back. He whined, his balls sore. Hot cum churned in his hairy balls, the cum that his mistress always made sure to take care of during their little games. He barked his protest.

    "Shhh," she giggled, misinterpreting his anxiety. "You can eat me again." She rocked her hips and peeled down her shorts, letting them fall to her ankles.

    "Do you like looking at me?" she asked, skimming her panties off. She turned.

    "How about my ass?" She talked as if the giant animal could understand.

    In a way, the Great Dane did. He barked. The heady scent of the teenager's turned-on pussy reached his nostrils, inflamed his already agitated brain.

    "Shhhh, Thor," Nancy said, turning to face the dog. She strutted over to him.

    "Here. Take a lick." She spread her legs and jammed her cunt against his snout.

    "Go on."

    Thor's long tongue slithered from his mouth, swiped up between Nancy's thighs and wriggled through the puffy folds of her virgin cunt. Warm frothy pussy juice flowed from her cunt hole, coating his tongue. He licked again, her whimpering sighs making the head of his pointed prick peek farther from the hairy sheath.

    "Oh, shit," she moaned, stepping back. "God." She looked at the powerful Dane from hazy blue eyes. "If you were a guy, you'd be all over me." A hot smile played on her mouth. "You'd have a nice big hard-on too."

    Agitated and hot, his balls feeling as if they were on fire, Thor came off his rump, took three giant steps and leaped up, his huge paws resting on Nancy's shoulders. His tongue slapped wetly over her surprised face. Whimpering, he danced on his hind legs, humping his rump, his cock sticking out farther from its thick skinned sheath.

    Nancy staggered under the dog's weight for a moment. She steadied herself. Once over the shock, she began to enjoy it.

    "Ummmm, you're just like a boy."

    Thor jerked his rump. His cock, fully extended, brushed against the smooth flesh of her body. Whimpering, he licked his tongue into her open mouth, cramming her throat.

    She wrapped her arms around the giant beast, who on his hind legs was as tall as she, and pretended to dance with him. She chewed his tongue, laughed as he jerked it from her greedy mouth.

    "I'll bite it, like I do to the boys who try to french me," she said. She held his big head firm between her hand. "Now I'll lick you."

    With Thor jerking his rump and dancing on his hind legs, Nancy slapped her tongue over his mouth, worked her spit over his dropping tongue and sharp fangs. It excited her. She felt the heated stickiness of his cock brushing against her skin.

    "What is that?" she asked innocently. She took his paws and held them. Stepping back, she dropped her gaze to the long red menacing cock jutting out hard from its sheath.

    "Oh, my Christ!" she gasped, dropping his paws. "Holy Christ!"

    Thor growled, impatient with the teenager. He jammed his head between her legs, banging his snout against her clit. His tongue wormed out, slipped between her cunt lips, hit the thin protective skin of her cherry. Growling again, he yanked his head out, whipping his tongue over her belly and thighs.

    Nancy stood frozen in shock. The sight of his long cock overwhelmed her. Dizzy, she allowed the dog to lick her. The image of his cock was burned into her brain forever.

    She wanted to see his prick again, needed to. She fought her way out of her dazed sexual stupor. "Sit, boy! Sit!"

    Thor barked, ignored her for a moment, but finally obeyed.

    He sat, squirming his rump, his tongue licking his rubbery chops.

    His prick throbbed and his balls ached. He didn't understand why the child didn't help him like his mistress always did. He cocked his head and barked.

    Nancy didn't understand. She dropped to the floor, her small tits heaving as she gasped. She blinked, gazed in awe at his long glistening red cock.

    She stroked his smooth back, her body trembling. Warm fuck juice bubbled inside her virgin cunt hole. "Ohhh, Thor. You're just like a guy. You got a hard-on!"

    She was amazed.

    Thor nudged her with his head, knocking her back. He yelped as she fell on the floor with her legs spread. He sniffed, the scent of her pussy making his cock ache more.

    Nancy twisted around, unable to tear her eyes away from his magnificent prick.

    "Jesus, Thor. It's so big." His cock was reddish-purple, thick, glistening with natural fuck oil, the tip pointy, seeping a white sticky cock juice. Nancy creamed. The sight of his cock sent tiny sensuous orgasms through her pussy.

    Giggling, intoxicated with passion, Nancy rolled over on her belly.; 'Here, Thor. Lick my ass. I'll pretend I'm a dog." She wriggled up onto her hands and knees, presenting the animal with her ass. "Lick me, Thor. I'm a hot fuckin' dog." She wriggled her hips, enticing the giant Dane to feast on her firm ass cheeks and virgin ass crack.

    Thor sniffed, the smell of her pussy and ass making him whimper. His balls were swollen, sore, filled with a heavy load of doggie-jizz. He nipped the cheeks of her ass in protest, trying to get the innocent teenager's attention.

    "Oh! Oh! Oooooo!" she squealed, enjoying herself to the limit. "Oooo, Thor.

    Bite! Bite!"

    Thor nipped at her wriggling hips and ass. He turned her creamy flesh to a wet pink. He felt as if his cock were going to burst, and he whined, nudging the panting teenager with his head.

    "Lick my hole!" she squealed. Pigtails hanging down, her small tits feeling heavy as they swelled with lust, the blonde jammed her ass back into Thor's muzzle. "Lick my asshole!"

    Thor growled, baring his teeth. He whipped out his tongue, slithered it up through her pussy, between her ass cheeks, and over the tight wrinkled hole of her ass. He brought his tongue back to her wrinkled asshole.

    "Yessss," Nancy gasped, overjoyed by what the dog was doing with his tongue.

    "Lick it. Inside! Inside!" It hit her like a bolt of lightning. He could go all the way. There was no cherry.

    Nancy's arms crumbled. With her face flush to the carpet, she reached back, clawed at her ass, felt his slapping tongue.

    She was delirious.

    Thor nibbled on her fingers and her ass cheeks. He used his tongue, slapping it over her ass, up through her ass crack. Cunt juice clung to his tongue. He greased her asshole, soaking her asshole with a mixture of spit and pussy juice.

    "Oooooo, Thor!" she gasped, parting the cheeks of her ass, exposing the tiny ass crack. "Inside. Tongue my ass." She jammed back, smashing her ass into his hard snout "Ahhhh!"

    Thor growled and used his tongue, whipping it over the vulnerable ring of her asshole. His tongue slapped over her fingers, plunged into her asshole. Her asshole was tight, yet nothing blocked the way. This he understood. He reamed her, his tongue like an overactive snake.

    "Unnnnn," Nancy moaned drunkenly. "Ooooo, you're in me!" She shoved back wiggled her ass, reveled in his exploring tongue.

    With her face flush against the carpet, petting him gently calming him for what she planned to do. "Easy, boy. Easy. I'll take care of you."

    Thor, sensing something, sat down. He licked her face as she petted him.

    Something told him relief was coming his way.

    What she was planning boggled her mind. Trembling, she petted his flank, rubbed under his chest, getting closer and closer to his long red cock. She gulped back a lump in her throat.

    "Easy, Thor," she soothed. "Now lay on your side." She helped the giant beast down and rolled him onto his side, swooning as she leered at his cock.

    Thor lifted his head, squirmed, his hind legs wide apart, his cock jutting out like a piece of red-hot steel. Whimpering like a puppy, he jerked his rump, his cock swinging, his balls "Easy, boy," she whispered huskily. "I'll take care of you.

    I'll do it just like the boys in school do it to take care of their cocks." She giggled nervously.Thor rested his hugh head on her lap. His tongue was on her thigh, spit dribbling off. His black eyes stared up expectantly into the teenagers face.

    Head reeling, Nancy skimmed her hand down the beast's hairy body. She touched the tip of his cock. "Ooooo," she gasped. "It's like touching a hot poker."

    Thor yelped, jerked, smacked the pointed tip of his cock against her trembling fingers. His tail thumped on the carpet, and he squirmed, lifting one powerful hind leg.

    Overcoming what fear she had, Nancy plunged forward in her desire to experience everything and anything she could with this handsome Great Dane. She wrapped her fingers around Thor's thick meaty cock. His prick throbbed in her hand, making her pussy ignite into flames.

    With Nancy's fingers wrapped around his prick, Thor went into a frenzy. He fucked his cock through her fist, yapping and jerking as his balls rumbled painfully. He curled his tail thumped it against the floor. He lifted his head, then dropped it back with a thud as Nancy's fingers tightened around his cock.

    "Oooo," she sighed, her blue eyes bulging. The throbbing of his cock drove her crazy. She loved it, loved the power she knew she had over this giant animal.

    "Does Mrs. Rand jerk you off?" she giggled hotly. "Or does she get you some nice hot bitch to fuck?" Nancy was reeling under a steady barrage of sexual stimuli.

    Thor was humping faster. He squirmed, rolling from his back to his side, his rump in constant motion. His tongue was hanging out,his eyes wide and glowing.

    The Dane's prick swelled, ready to explode.

    Nancy, curious and hot, watched her hand hypnotically. She stared at his pisser, saw the white jizz seep from his hole. Her mouth dried up. She wasn't sure, but she knew from hearing the boys whisper in school that something was going to happen and happen very soon. The only thing she wasn't quite sure about, were dogs the same as boys? She intended to find out.

    Yelping, his balls ready to blast, Thor rolled to his back and fucked his prick through her clinging fingers. He squirmed, his front legs thrashing, his head jerking on Nancy's lap. He was ready.

    Nancy felt his cock swell in her hand. "Oooo, Thor. You gonna cum? Huh? Huh?"

    She was dizzy, her own passion running rampant through her virgin body. "Oh, yes, Thor. Cum. Let me see you cum!"

    The giant Dane obliged the moaning hysterical child. A long thick stream of white doggie-jizz sprayed from his pisser. It was followed by a long howl and a frantic twitching of his oversized body.

    "Holy shit!" Nancy screeched as the first spraying load of doggie-cum splashed against her hot sizzling white skin. "Holy shit!"

    Thor continued to jerk and thrash like a deranged beast.

    More cum spurted from his cock, spattering Nancy's sizzling flesh in white gooey globs.

    His yelping grew loud, more shrill. The muscles in his powerful body tensed, all working toward the goal of emptying his balls.

    The hot doggie-jizz spattering her body inflamed her pussy, made her dizzy. Her hand jacked up and down his exploding prick.

    She felt each pulsing squirt shoot through his cock, watched cum squirt from his piss hole, felt jizz hit her body. "Oooo, Thor.

    Thor!" She was out of her mind, never expecting the things that were now happening.

    Thor became a raging howling beast. His entire body jerked, thrashed, twisted, and shook. Nancy's hands were torturing him.

    He howled the whites of his eyes showing as hie eyeballs floated into his skull. His ears drew back, and his tail whipped against the carpet.

    Nancy, drenched in doggie-cum, continued to whack her fist up and down Thor's thick spewing prick. "Oooo, Thor!" she cried.

    Her tits jiggled, drops of jism dripping from her nipples.

    Thor squirmed, his prick about empty, his balls almost drained. His rubbery lips drew back, baring his teeth. Yelping sounds came from his throat.

    Nancy was mesmerized, totally involved with jacking her fist up and down his prick. "More, Thor," she moaned. "Cum!" She was greedy, her blue eyes glazed, fixed on the hole of his pisser.

    "More, doggie. Cum!"

    Thor fucked through her fist, and a thin spray of jizz shot from his prick. It sprayed her face.

    Nancy squealed with surprise. Thor howled. She squeezed his prick tighter, jerked his cock faster.

    Thor yelped, twisted his giant body, grabbed at her wrist with his mouth, pushed at her hand holding his cock, anxious to be free of her tormenting hand.

    Nancy gasped, coming out of her trance. She dropped his prick and watched as he licked his cock clean, giggled as it began to shrink back into hiding.

    Nancy stared down at her body, saw the dog's cum. "Ohh, my God." she rubbed it into her skin. lt was warm and sticky. Her flesh sizzled, her pussy burned. She looked at the dog. "Now me."

    Thor sniffed the child, licked her clean, then devoured her pussy, finishing her off with his tongue as her screams filled the house.

    Dazed, Nancy stared up at the ceiling. The baby s voice penetrated her dulled mind. Her screams had woke the child up.

    She forced herself up from the floor. Forgetting about her clothes, she trudged up to the baby's room to change her.

    It was four-thirty when Theresa came into the house. 'How was everything today?"

    "Great," Nancy said, her cheeks turning red. "Carrie was a doll."

    "Good." She tossed her purse on the table Was Thor a good boy?" She scratched his head.

    Nancy's face turned a bright red. She nodded, afraid her voice would give her away.

    Theresa smiled. "I'm glad. I'll see you tomorrow at the same time?"

    "Yes, Mrs. Rand," Nancy blurted.

    "Good." She waved, a little curious about the teenager's behavior. "Have a nice night."

    Nancy nodded and ran from the house. She hurried down the street, her head in the clouds. Tomorrow-another glorious day with Thor.


    Theresa had fed the baby and was finishing her own dinner.

    She sipped her coffee, scratching Thor on the top of his head.

    "Were you a good boy for Nancy?" she asked, gently twisting a pointed ear.

    Thor whimpered, his head on his mistress's lap. His tail wagged, and his big black eyes looked up lovingly into Theresa's face.

    Theresa heaved a sigh, her nose picking up the faint scent of pussy. She sniffed again, her dark flashing eyes lighting up.

    She finished her coffee. "C'mon, boy. Into the living room.

    Brushing against his mistress, the giant Dane bounded into the front room. He barked, waiting tongue hanging out, tail wagging.

    Theresa plopped on the sofa and took her dog's head in her hands. She brought her mouth to his, then sniffed. A knowing smile broke on her face.

    Thor's tongue snaked from his mouth, sloshing over Theresa's face. He did it again, wetting her.

    "Ooooo; you devil," she sighed. She released his head and leaned back. Her bright dark eyes flickered as her mind put together what she suspected. "Have you been doing something with my sweet innocent babysitter?"

    Thor squirmed his butt on the floor. He barked, then dropped his head and tried putting it under her dress.

    "Oh, no. "Theresa giggled." Not yet. Her eyes caught a glimpse of something on the floor. Her curiosity already aroused, she pushed her pet away and dropped to her knees, crawling to where it was.

    "Damn," she muttered. It was dry, caked, but she knew what it was Thor's cum.

    Thor had followed his mistress. Persistent, he licked the smooth curve of her calf. His tongue worked up and tried once again to get under her dress.

    "No, Thor." She pushed him away. "Not yet. I want to shower, get comfortable."

    She stood and winked at her dog. "Did you eat our little blonde virgin's pussy?

    Damn, I wish you could talk." With Thor beside her, Theresa headed up the stairs to the bedroom.

    Peeling off her dress, her eyes picked up another telltale sign of Nancy's flight into sex. She leaned over the bed, smiling at the stain on the spread.

    She touched it. It was still damp.

    She leaned close. Pussy.

    She laughed, pushed her anxious pet away from her body and headed into the bathroom, her ass tightly wrapped in snug panties, her huge tits encased in a lacy bra.

    "You wait here," she said. "Down, boy."

    The dog watched his mistress disappear into the bathroom.

    With nothing to do, he plopped and waited, amusing himself with his hairy sheath and the red tip of his cock which kept peeking out.

    Twenty minutes later, her lush body glowing pink from the thick terry towel, her black shining hair thick and fluffy from the blow dryer, Theresa opened the bathroom door. She looked at her pet and saw what he was doing. It excited her.

    "Thor. You know that's my job." She licked her lips and padded over to the bed.

    Thor followed, expecting, hoping, the head of his cock now sticking out.

    Theresa spread her legs wide. Using her long fingers, she parted the lips of her delicious pussy. "Lick me, Thor. Get me hot."

    Thor obediently went between his beautiful mistress's legs.

    His tongue slapped out, slithered up through her exposed pussy gash. Warm sudsy fuck cream greeted his tongue, coated it. He did it again. His reward was Theresa's whimpering moans of pleasure. "Oooo, Thor. This is the only way to relax." She heaved a sigh and whimpered. Thor's broad tongue was licking away the tensions of the day.

    Theresa's dark eyes turned glassy as she leered down at her pet. The sounds of his slavish tongue sent shivers of joy throughout her body.

    "Oooo, Thor. Did you lick Nancy? Did you fuck her?" Theresa's head was filled with unanswered questions. Her mind conjured up all kinds of answers, none of which she knew were true. "Oooo, damn, Thor. If only you could talk."

    Thor slithered his tongue over Theresa's clit. Her clit was hard, sticking out like a swollen finger from its sheath. He whipped his tongue over it, his rump jerking as Theresa's moans and sobbing cries of pleasure bombarded his brain.

    "Oh! Yeahhhh!" She squirmed her ass on the bed, then glanced over at the stain Nancy had left. "Eeewww, I'll bet she tasted good."

    Thor's tongue wormed into the entrance of Theresa's pussy.

    No cherry blocked his path. He fucked his tongue to the hilt, whipping it through her pool of warm creamy fuck juices. Snorting and growling, he continued to lap at the spongy walls of her cunt.

    Theresa's pussy muscles milked and tugged on his tongue as if it were a fucking cock. "Ooooo, Thor… mmmmm. Ooooo, you're so deep!" She mashed the swollen lips of her cunt into his muzzle. "Unnnnn."

    Thor plunged his tongue inside her steamy cunt hole, lugged out gobs of white delicious pussy-cream. It coated his muzzle, flowed into his nose. He snorted, shook his head, his teeth scraping against her exposed clit. He growled in his throat. His blunt snout pressed hard against Theresa's pussy. He paused, tried to bury his entire head inside her steamy body. The act was impossible, but the benefits drove Theresa wild.

    She fell back on the bed, grabbed the spread, pulled it to her nose and sniffed the erotic aroma of Nancy's pussy as Thor's tongue carried her into a mild, yet relaxing climax.

    She humped, twisted, and collapsed, satisfied for the moment. The first stage of the long night ahead was over.

    She lifted her head and looked at Thor who was still diligently lapping his never-tiring tongue up through her pussy.

    "Ummmm, you're so good to me."

    She squirmed, inching her ass off the bed until she was able to plop her ass on the floor.

    Thor kept his snout glued to her cunt. He dropped to his belly, attacking her pussy until he was told to stop.

    Tiny orgasms skipped through her cunt and over her sizzling flesh. She allowed the dog to linger for a moment, her passion building with each slap of his tongue.

    "Heel,'' she gasped, ready for the next stage in their nightly ritual. "Heel."

    Thor obeyed. He yanked his head from between her legs and sat up, stiff and erect. Pussy juice dripped from his jowls. He licked himself clean.

    Theresa caught her breath. Her blazing gaze flowed over her giant dog's powerful body, settling on his prick sticking out from its sheath. "Ooooo, you look so delicious." She licked her lips, wondering for a moment what Nancy had done with Thor's cock.

    Thor squirmed, anxious for what he knew would be next. His prick throbbed and jutted out a mile-red, thick, dripping, greased for speed.

    Theresa swooned and rubbed her hands over her large plump tits. Hot flashes swept through her body. "Now, Thor. Come! Come!"

    Thor barked, got to his feet and leaped at his mistress. His long red glistening cock swung like a steel beam as he dropped his front paws on the bed.

    "Ooooo," Theresa sighed, staring hungrily at her dog's gorgeous cock. "So nice and thick."

    Theresa stroked his cock with her hand, anticipating the taste, the cum she knew churned in his balls. She touched the pointed tip. Sticky jizz clung to her finger. She licked it.

    Thor, well trained and obedient, waited. His hind legs were stiff, firmly planted on the floor, his front paws sinking into the bed. He remained still.

    His mouth was open, his tongue drooling. Muscles flicked under his smooth fawn-colored coat, muscles he couldn't control.

    This part always fascinated Theresa. She knew Thor was ready. knowing the power she possessed over this powerful beast, a slave to her every sexual desire, made her enjoy him even more.

    Thor whimpered, every muscle in his body coiled, ready to explode at her command. He kept himself ready, soft whimpering sounds escaping from his throat.

    Resting her head back on the bed, Theresa stared boldly at her pet's magnificent prick. She stroked his cock, savoring the power that surged through his mighty prickshaft. She hefted his balls. The cum that now churned in his balls would soon be squirting into her mouth. It blew her mind as it had done for months, ever since Gary, her husband, had purchased him.

    "He'll take care of you while I'm gone," Gary had said. At the time she hadn't understood. The night after Gary had left, she learned and was grateful. Gary would be back in a few more months and they would resume their lives. For now, the dog satisfied her every need.

    Theresa was ready. Hunger for his cock filled her mind. She wrapped her hands around his prickshaft, tilted her head forward and kissed the tip of his prick.

    It was the signal Thor had been waiting for. Yelping, he lunged forward, driving his prick into Theresa's open mouth.

    Theresa took his cock to the root. She stifled the urge to choke. It became easier each time. The dog's power overwhelmed her, as always.

    Yelping, his rump jerking, Thor fucked his mistress's mouth with his overgrown cock. He leaned forward, his thick neck stretched, black rubbery lips drawn back, his gleaming white teeth bared. His front paws fought for balance. His hind legs danced, seeking footing Theresa's clinging lips caressed Thor's fucking cockshaft.

    "Unnn," she moaned, the sound gurgling in her throat. She loved the taste. the strength, the surging throbbing beats against her lips and the roof of her mouth.

    A heated wave of excitement engulfed her. Nancy might have done the same thing.

    The thought made her head spin.

    Thor's lean muscled body unleashed the fury of his lust.

    Hard lightning stabs fucked the pointed tip of his cock deep into her throat with each thrust. He yelped, his ears drawn back against his head. His balls, swollen with doggie-jizz, whacked painfully into his mistress's chin each time he fucked his cock into her mouth.

    Theresa groaned deep in her throat. Thor's cock was fucking her mouth wonderfully. Her pussy, empty for the moment, responded, pulsing and oozing as if a cock were actually fucking her cunt. The throbbing of his prickshaft filled her mouth, her throat, and beat against her slashing tongue as she whipped it across the underside of his long cock.

    Thor yelped, his hind legs prancing. He lunged, mashing his body into her face as he fucked her mouth. He was an enraged beast, uncaring except for the agony that was in his balls.

    It was this brute strength that excited Theresa beyond her wildest dreams. Her warm drooling spit and the natural goo of his cockshaft kept his cock fucking in and out of her eager mouth at fantastic speeds. The pounding of his balls against her chin filled her with joy. It was there where the first explosion would take place.

    The hot sucking mouth of his horny mistress kept the giant Dane highly aroused.

    He fucked, the muscles in his body coordinated for efficiency. He fucked into her face, spit dribbling from his drooping tongue. He yelped, his prick swelling, his balls tightening.

    Her mouth worked like a sucking machine. Each fucking plunge had her gurgling with joy. Each pull back had her sucking. She caressed his hind legs, scratching her nails over his smooth shiny coat.

    Wildly, the dog fucked Theresa's face. He fucked his fat meaty prick at a blinding speed, fucking noisily towards an explosive orgasm. Her sucking mouth had his balls in agony. Her whipping tongue had his prick on fire. He yelped, his neck straining, his eyes bulging. She was now using her teeth.

    Clawing his flanks and hind legs with her nails, Theresa then added the sensation of her teeth. She began to chew his prick, blending the sensations, taking the howling beast closer to creaming her mouth.

    The muscles in Thor's powerful body tightened. Blood surged through his veins.

    His prick thickened. His yelping cries became more frantic, louder. He dug his front paws into the mattress. He was ready to drown his mistress in a shower of doggie jizz.

    Nancy knew what was going to happen and she welcomed it, encouraged it with her sucking mouth, chewing teeth, whipping tongue. Her own body prepared for the final assault, the brutal pounding that would fill her mouth with doggie-cum.

    She kept her head steady, absorbing his tremendous blows, loving it. His cock stretched her throat. His hairy groin mashed her face. His heavy balls slapped her wet spit drenched chin.

    The hard vacuum sucks ignited the fire in Thor's balls. They ruptured, spewing hot white doggie cum up through his thick cock and out his pisser. Jizz gushed with pulsing beats, quickly filling Theresa's sucking mouth.

    Theresa gulped, trying to catch the rhythm of his spurting prick. Hot cum gushed easily, down her throat. Jizz filled her cheeks. She swallowed, gagged, swallowed again.

    She used her teeth with more intensity. The pounding of his cock had her cunt creaming, her nipples swelling. She gurgled as cum oozed out her mouth, dribbled from her soft clinging lips.

    Thor went berserk. His mistress's mouth, like always, was hot, wet, and destructive. It felt as if he were fucking into a meat grinder. He jerked, fucking rapidly into her mouth, squirting cum with each thrust. Yelping loud,he lifted his head, his neck muscles straining as his eyes bulged and rolled into his skull.

    More cum spewed from the head of his fucking prick. She sucked, drank at his spurting cock, but wasn't able to get it all. Cum gushed from her mouth, down her chin, splattering her tits. It flowed from her mouth, her nose, choking her as she greedily continued to chew and lash at his prick.

    Thor's mouth hung open. His front paws were crushing Theresa's head into the side of the bed. His rump moved back and forth, fucking his cock into her face.

    More cum surged through his throbbing prickshaft, then squirted from his pisser and splashed against the back of Theresa's mouth.

    Theresa sensed the end was near. She took over. She gobbled his cock into her mouth. She chewed harder, sucking deeper, whipped her tongue more viciously.

    She was rewarded with a renewed Thor.

    The beast fucked her mouth for what seemed like an eternity.

    Finally, the last of his cum sprayed from his prick, emptying his balls. He began to twitch, balls empty, prick spent. Yelping, he stopped. Jittery steps with his hind legs announced he wanted to be free.

    Theresa took one long deep suck. She heard her pet squeal like a puppy. She gobbled, sucking up the dredges of his balls, then opened her mouth, releasing his cock.

    She leaned back, breathing hard as she licked her lips. Her glazed dark eyes saw the stringy globs of cum on her heaving tits. She cleaned herself like a cat, not wasting a drop of precious cum.

    "Oh, Thor," she sighed, swallowing the last few drops of his jizz.

    Thor was on his belly, resting his head on his front paws.

    His eyelids drooped. For now he was whipped.

    Theresa crawled up into bed, sprawling her hot overexcited body out on top of the covers. She glanced down at Thor. "Get your strength back, Thor. I need a fuck tonight." She closed her eyes for a short nap.


    Nancy hurried down the street. It had been a restless night, a night of tossing and turning, with visions of Thor and his cock filling her frantic dreams.

    She took the steps quickly, her pigtails slapping over her shoulders. She knocked on the door, her heart pounding. Waiting, she heard the sound of Thor's barking drifting out from somewhere in the house. A tremor swept through her pussy.

    "You're early," Theresa said, opening the door. She had a knowing smile on her face. "C'mon in. I was having coffee."

    Nancy followed the luscious woman to the kitchen. She sat at the table, Thor sniffing around her legs. Blushing, she pushed him away.

    Theresa smiled inwardly and poured the teenager a cup of coffee. It was going to be an interesting day. "Here, honey," she purred huskily.

    "Thanks," Nancy said, picking up the erotic scent of Theresa's perfume.

    Theresa sat at the table, sipping her own coffee. Her night too had been filled with horny dreams, dreams of Nancy, and Thor.

    "I have to leave now." She finished her coffee. "Carrie's asleep."

    "I'll do the dishes for you, Mrs. Rand," Nancy said, happy that Theresa was leaving "Thanks, honey." She petted Thor on his head. "You be good to Nancy," she said.

    "I'll be back around four."

    Containing her excitement, Nancy waited until she heard the front door open and close. She heaved a sigh. Her body was trembling. She forgot about her own coffee as Thor came romping back into the kitchen.

    "C'mere, Thor," Nancy said, her voice quaking with emotion.

    The Great Dane dropped his head on her lap, his tongue slapping at the smooth flesh of her bare thighs. He whimpered and squirmed his rump as Nancy stroked his fur.

    "You miss me?" she asked, getting horny as she thought about what they would do.

    Thor barked, his tail swishing a mile a minute.

    "I missed you too," she said. She squirmed around in the chair, pushing her crotch against Thor s hard snout. "Did you miss this?" She was trembling, her ass quivering. "Ooooo! I did."

    Thor snorted, then yanked his head from her crotch. He sat down, the tip of his prick peeking out, red and glistening.

    Nancy saw his cock and swooned. "Mmmmm," she sighed. She stood, anxious to begin. "C'mon, Thor. I'm going to get you nice and hard again."

    Whimpering, Thor followed the oversexed teenager into the living room. He dropped to his belly, his head on his paws, his eyes looking up expectantly at the lithe sexy blonde.

    "You want me to strip for you again?" she giggled, swaying her hips in a lewd hypnotic way. She licked her lips, her eager fingers pulling her summer halter off.

    She sighed, her tits free. She rubbed them, paraded around the room, showing off as if she had an audience.

    She did. Theresa was in the driveway along the side of the house. She peered in through the window, her breath ragged. Her dark flashing eyes devoured the lush blonde's small exquisite tits. She sighed, letting her breath out.

    Theresa glanced down the driveway, then focused her attention back on the horny teenager inside her house. "Your shorts," she whispered, wanting the child to strip completely.

    Already her own pussy was soaked, drenching the crotch of her panties.

    Without knowing Theresa was watching, Nancy hooked her fingers into her tight-fitting shorts. She eased them down over her squirming hips. They dropped to the floor, and she stepped out of them. "See, Thor. No panties today."

    Thor whimpered, his nostrils picking up the faint hint of the child's overheated pussy. His tail slapped lazily on the rug, his big black eyes following the blonde's every move.

    "I'm all wet," Nancy sighed, caressing her sizzling hot flesh with her hands.

    "So wet and hot."

    Theresa gasped. The child was gorgeous. She licked her lips, leered through the window at Nancy's golden pussy, then at the round swell of her ass cheeks as the child turned to shake her ass in Thor's face. "Beautiful," she muttered.


    "You like my ass, huh?" Nancy giggled to the dog. She turned around and dropped to her knees. She hugged the docile Dane.

    "Today I'm going to ride you."

    Thor whimpered, twisted his head and began soaking the fuck-happy child with doggie spit. His tongue slapped over her face and shoulders.

    "Oooo, you're such a licker," she giggled. She moved back, stood. "C'mon, Thor.

    Up! Up!"

    The dog leaped to his feet, yelping, tail wagging, his dripping tongue hanging from his mouth.

    Nancy stared hungrily at the dog. "You be still," she whispered. "I'm gonna get on your back." She petted him, her heart racing, her pussy on fire. "Easy, Thor. Don't move."

    The huge dog remained still, his eyes following Nancy's movements until she was by his side. He turned his head and whimpered.

    "Relax, boy," she whispered. She gulped back a moment of panic and, on tiptoes, brought one leg over Thor's body.

    She sighed, her pussy flush against the dog's powerful back.

    Her heart was pounding, her head was spinning.

    Thor bore the brunt of Nancy's weight easily. He remained still, but the child's passion had enveloped him. His prick began to inch its way out of his sheath. His tail dropped, and his legs stiffened as the child began to move on his back.

    "Nnnnn," Nancy mouthed as she chewed on her bottom lip.

    "Nnnnn." Her hips moved slowly. Her pussy, soaked and flowing with fuck juices, glided back along the giant dog. Smooth and squishy, the sounds of her passion filled her head.

    Shivering in bliss, the raunchy teenager paused. The muscles of her virgin cunt pulsed erratically against its empty channel.

    She whimpered, dragging her pussy forward over Thor's back.

    Prickly hair, short and coarse, attacked her cunt slit, pussy lips, and clit.

    She went into spasms, her body quivering.

    Nancy stopped. The room was spinning. She balanced herself.

    The sensations had been fabulous. She wanted more. Taking a deep breath, she quickly dragged her cunt back. "Oh, boy," she moaned.

    She shoved her hips forward. The sensations overwhelmed her.

    Jerking and thrashing, his rough needle hairs pricking her cunt, Nancy gasped and tumbled from his back.

    "Aghhhh!" she squealed, falling to the floor. She writhed on her back, lights blazing behind her eyelids. She stared up at the animal, wanting to get on his back again.

    The sound of the door opening froze the horny teenager into a state of fear.

    She spotted her clothes, tried scrambling for them. It was too late. Her blue eyes widened as she stared at Theresa, Thor happily by her side.

    Theresa kept her smile hidden. "Nancy. What are you doing?" She feigned shock, enjoying the look of desperation on the child's face.

    "N… noth… nothing," Nancy stammered, reaching for her clothes. A smile appeared on Theresa's face. She scooped up the child's clothes and tossed them on a chair away from Nancy.

    "Why are you naked?" Her dark eyes dined hungrily on Nancy's beautiful body. Up close was a lot better than peering in through a window. Passion permeated the room, and she couldn't wait until she became an active part of it.

    "Well?" Theresa said when Nancy didn't answer. "How come you have your clothes off?"

    "It was warm," Nancy said lamely, trying to smile.

    "Sometimes clothes… they bother me. I'm sorry." She reached for them. "Can I get dressed now?"

    Theresa ignored the last of what Nancy had said. "I feel the same way. Can't stand having clothes on while I'm just hanging around the house." Theresa sat on the chair, looked at the naked child as she tried covering herself with her hands. "You shouldn't hide yourself, Nancy. You're very pretty. Sexy as hell too."

    Nancy blushed with embarrassment. "You didn't go to work?" She felt strange being naked with an adult staring at her. With Thor it was different.

    "Don't be so bashful," Theresa said. She was getting hot, her hand gently stroking Thor's back as he sat by her side. Her fingers touched the juice-stained parts of his coat. A hot shiver raced down her spine, exploding in her pussy.

    Nancy shuddered, praying Theresa wouldn't discover what she had been doing. "I feel funny without my clothes," she whispered Theresa's eyes were having an effect on her, an effect she didn't understand.

    "Maybe if I took off my clothes it would help you to relax more." Theresa laughed at the expression of shock on Nancy's face.

    "You're teasing me," Nancy said, her blue eyes popping. Her mind conjured up an image of Theresa naked. It made her already-wet pussy even wetter.

    "Oooo, I'm not kidding, Nancy," she purred. "There's nothing wrong with the naked body. Hell, we got all day. I'll still pay you, and the two of us can just hang around the house and have fun."

    The word fun echoed in Nancy's head. She had never suspected the word fun had anything to do with what she had planned with Thor. The only bright part she would get a chance to see Theresa naked, if the sexy woman wasn't teasing her.

    Theresa stood. She whisked off her blouse. Large creamy tits strained against the black lace bra that tried to contain them.

    She smiled as Nancy's eyes popped. Without saying a word, she peeled off her bra, exposing the huge fleshy globes. "God," she sighed. "It sure feels great."

    She rubbed her own tits, enjoying the look of pure lust on the blonde's innocent face.

    "Oooo," Nancy hummed. Her blue eyes feasted on Theresa's magnificent tits. She drooled, devouring every-inch of Theresa's exposed tits. A lump filled her throat. "Oooo, they're so big." She bit her lip, but the words had already been said.

    "Yours are a nice size too," Theresa said as she rubbed her mammoth tits erotically. The heated expression on Nancy's face was a turn on, igniting the fires that filled her pussy.

    Nancy couldn't keep her hot blue eyes turned away from Theresa's tits. She forgot all about her own nudity. The passion that had been erased the moment Theresa had walked in the door had returned with an added bonus Somewhere in her young mind, she began to think that maybe the day wasn't going to be ruined.

    Theresa looked at Nancy's long shapely legs and silky blonde pussy. The scent of the child's cunt filled her head. She wanted Nancy, wanted the child's body.

    In her lust-sopped brain, she believed Gary wouldn't mind. He would probably enjoy hearing about it when he returned home.

    Theresa broke the heavy silence that filled the room. "You have a very pretty pussy. I'll bet all the boys try to get between your legs."

    Nancy's cheeks flared red. "I'm a virgin."

    "Not for long," Theresa predicted. "You're too sexy."

    Nancy was dying for Theresa to finish stripping. Desire was in her eyes as she looked hotly over Theresa's half-naked body.

    Theresa saw this. It was going to be a fantastic day. She unhooked the snap on the side of her skirt. It dropped to the floor in a puddle. Black-lace bikini panties clung to her full hips. She turned, showing a stunned Nancy her ass.

    "Is it too big?"

    "Oh, no," Nancy drooled as her eyes bugged out. "It's perfect."

    She turned and looked Nancy straight in the eye. "My husband teases me about my ass. He says I got enough for two men." She winked.

    Nancy was dizzy. She stared hungrily at the older woman.

    "Take off your panties," she whispered hoarsely. "Please."

    "I'm glad you asked," Theresa purred. She pushed the sexy panties down over her full rounded hips. A thick curly patch of black pussy hair peeked out. Theresa paused, then continued, the panties dropping to her ankles, her naked body completely on display for the teenager's pleasure.

    "Ohh, Mrs. Rand. You're… you re so beautiful."

    "Call me Theresa, and thank you." She winked, licked her lips. "So are you."

    Nancy blushed. Yesterday, looking in the mirror, she had felt almost like a woman. Today, leering at Theresa's exquisite body made her feel like a boy.

    Theresa sensed this in the child. "You're a gorgeous hunk, Nancy. Once school starts, you'll see. You'll have the boys drooling and begging to take you out."

    Nancy had believed it yesterday, and she wanted to believe it again. She smiled. "I'd be too shy to let them touch me."

    Theresa offered Nancy her hands. "C'mon.Stand up. Let me get a good look at you."

    Reluctantly, her heart racing, Nancy allowed the older woman to pull her up.

    She stood, her smooth silky flesh dotted with goose bumps and pink with embarrassment. She felt Theresa's dark glowing eyes devour her body. lt made her pussy ooze. She felt Thor's gaze on her pussy, and she avoided looking at the giant animal, afraid Theresa would make the connection.

    "You're gorgeous," Theresa rasped. She walked slowly around the tall blonde teenager.

    "Your pigtails give you the look of perfect innocence."

    Nancy shivered under Theresa's steady gaze "Maybe I should take them out? I'd look older."

    "Not today," Theresa sighed. "Today you're perfect." She traced a finger down Nancy's spine, stopping at the delightful crack of the child s ass. "Beautiful ass."

    "Oooo," Nancy moaned. Theresa's finger had sent a jolt of passion through her cunt. She swayed, wanting the black-haired woman to touch her again. She waited, shaking inside.

    Thor rested on the floor, his eyes heavy He closed them, forgetting about his naked mistress and the pretty blonde. He slept.

    Theresa skimmed her hands over Nancy's slim hips, the cheeks of her ass, and up to the twin peaks of her small perfectly shaped tits.

    "Ummmmm," Nancy moaned as Theresa cupped her sensitive tits and massaged them.

    "Ooooo… nnnnn, it feels so good."

    "You can squeeze mine if you like," Theresa mewled. "Don't be shy. Do whatever you want." What Nancy wanted was to feel Theresa's overripe tits. Dizzy, her head in the clouds, she brought her hands to Theresa's fleshy tits. She spanned them, her fingers sinking easily into the soft yielding flesh. "Oooo, I wish mine were this big. I could suck them myself.

    The invitation was there whether Nancy knew it or not. "Like this?" Theresa asked. She lowered her head, licked her tongue over the sensitive tips of Nancy's swollen nipples.

    "Ahhhhh, Theresa," she moaned. "Ooooo." Her legs felt like rubber. She melted to the floor, Theresa holding her, stretching her soft overheated body out on the rug. Through glassy blue eyes, Nancy looked up at Theresa's smiling face.

    "Do it again. lick my tits."

    "You mean like Thor licks them?" Theresa asked.

    "Oh, no," Nancy lied. "I've never done anything with Thor."

    Theresa smiled, but didn't press. Instead, she brought her eager mouth to one small heaving tit. "It looks so delicious."

    "Ooooo, Theresa." Nancy felt the heat of Theresa's breath on her tit. It excited her made her head spin. "Suck it. Suck It!" Theresa leered one last time at the beautiful teenager begging to be sucked. It was going to be a fabulous day.

    Theresa couldn't hold back. Her own desire to enjoy Nancy's body became too overpowering. She licked her tongue over each nipple soaked each jiggling mound with her spit. This done, she circled one swollen nipple with her lips and sucked deep.

    Nancy writhed on the floor. She stared at the ceiling.

    "Oooo, suck! Bite!" She combed her fingers through the thick mass of Theresa's hair. "Ewwwww, bite me! Suck me all over."

    Theresa had every intention of sampling the child s fabulous body. She sucked hard on Nancy's nipples. She used her teeth and chewed the tips. Her spit, glistening on Nancy s pulpy tits, soaked her own face.

    "Oooo, I'm creaming!" Nancy wailed. The suction on her tits seemed to reach into her virgin cunt hole. "Ooooo, I'm creaming."

    Theresa brought her wet mouth away from Nancy s Jiggling tits. A hot lewd smile decorated the beautiful woman's face.

    "Maybe I should check and see for myself?"

    Nancy s eyes popped. "Really?" The word came out of her mouth as a gasp of disbelief.

    "I've never touched a pussy before. Only my own."

    "Do it," Nancy pleaded. "Touch me. I'm really creaming.

    Honest." She wriggled her hips. Her glassy blue eyes were wide and fixed on Theresa's large plump tits.

    "Mmmmm, I will if you tell me the truth."

    "What about?" nancy moaned.

    "Did Thor lick your tits?" She slipped her tongue down the child's rib cage, over her belly, stopping at the child's belly button. She lifted her head.


    "Yesss!" Nancy cried, ashamed and afraid Theresa would never touch her now that she knew.

    "How about your pussy?" Theresa asked, knowing the answer, but wanting the child to bring things out in the open. "Did Thor lick your cunt?"

    "Yessss!" Nancy sobbed, sure now that the beautiful Theresa wouldn't lick her pussy. "I couldn't help myself," she moaned. "I got so hot, I didn't know what I was doing."

    Theresa giggled lewdly. "Did you like it?" Her fingers glided through the child's wet pussy slit. Warm creamy fuck juice coated her fingers.

    Nancy bit her lip. Theresa's fingers were heaven. She wriggled her hips, whimpered as Theresa played with her hard throbbing clit. "Nnnnn," she moaned.

    "I loved it. I creamed all over him." The truth was out, and she didn't care.

    Theresa smiled triumphantly. All that was left to discover was how Thor's cum stained the rug. She decided to save that piece of information until later, when she brought Thor into their sex games.

    "Lick my pussy!" Nancy sobbed. She was out of her mind. The lust eating away deep in her cunt was devouring her. She couldn't think straight. "Please lick me."

    "Like Thor did?"

    "Yes," Nancy groaned. "Lick me like Thor did. Lick me!" She humped up, grinding her virgin cunt against Theresa's tantalizing fingers.

    The sweet aroma of Nancy's cunt finally enveloped Theresa.

    She squiggled down between the child's long sexy legs and stared at her virgin gash. "Your pussy looks so delicious."

    Nancy swooned. The older woman's words bombarded her senses.

    "Eat me," she pleaded. "Ooooo, make me cum!"

    Theresa could wait no longer. She clamped her mouth to the child's blonde-thatched pussy and sucked. Warm fuck cream flowed into her mouth, over her lips. Her mouth was filled with the velvety folds of Nancy's pussy. She sucked again.

    Nancy arched her back. The sucking sensation was fabulous.

    Her squishy insides responded to the vacuum sucks of the raven-haired woman.

    Spongy pussy muscles pulsed, oozing a constantly flowing fuck cream, a cream that would soon grease the way for a doggie cock.

    Theresa gobbled hungrily on the child's hot virgin pussy.

    She was amazed by her own passion, her own enjoyment. She sucked the way she enjoyed being sucked and knew she was doing the right thing. Nancy's squeals and thrashing body were the proof.

    "I'm on fire!" Nancy wailed. "Suck… keep sucking!" The teenager writhed in bliss. The suction on her pussy was a wild sensation, something she hadn't experienced with Thor. "Ooooo, suck me!"

    Theresa plastered her mouth tight against the child's cunt.

    Deep powerful sucks flooded Theresa's mouth with tasty pussy juice and soft puffy folds of Nancy's overheated cunt.

    "Yes!" Nancy cried. Her small tits jiggled erotically. Her nipples, small and round, swelled to the bursting point. She thumped her ass un and down on the thick carpet, her hips rolling to the sensuous rhythm of Theresa's sucking mouth. "Oh! Ohhh! You're sucking my insides out!"

    Theresa used her tongue instinctively, skittering it up and down the child's wet cunt. She glided the tip of her tongue through Nancy's virgin pussy slit.

    Fuck juice clung to it, bathed her tongue in its warmth. She swirled the creamy fuck juices over her own lips and the puffy folds of Nancy's cunt. With Nancy's cunt greased and her own face bathed, she sucked the child's cunt lips back into her mouth. Nancy tasted fabulous.

    Orgasms, like tiny explosions, filled the child's twisting body. Hot spastic contractions deep in her virgin cunt hole pulsed greedily for a cock to milk.

    She jammed her pussy hard against Theresa's face grinding, twisting, mashing her cunt hard.

    "Oooo, I'm creaming so much! Your mouth! You're sucking so…" Her eyes rolled into her skull and her voice trailed off into whimpering moans.

    Theresa gurgled on the teenager's overflowing pussy. Her face was drenched in the delicious juice of Nancy's cunt. She used her tongue, snatching up the cum as it flowed from between the puffy lips of her virgin pussy hole. She swallowed, savoring the taste and texture, then used her sucking mouth and tongue to gobble up more fuck juice.

    Nancy's breaths came out in short ragged gasps. Her lithe virgin body jerked uncontrollably. Legs spread wide, ass humping, her cunt smashing into Theresa's face, she climbed steadily toward an explosive orgasm.

    "Oh, Theresa… suck… use your tongue." She clawed the rug, her nails raking through the deep pile. Lust masked her face, filled her eyes. She was almost there.

    Theresa grabbed Nancy's twisting hips. She massaged the soft silky flesh. She shivered. The child felt wonderful to the touch.

    She was sucking off a young girl. It blew her mind. She reamed her tongue into the entrance of Nancy's pussy, and, like Thor, she was stopped by the thin skin of Nancy's cherry.

    Theresa pulled her mouth off the writhing blonde's overheated pussy. "I can't get inside. Your cherry is in the way." She saw the passion on the child's face, knew she had caused it.

    "Break it," Nancy begged. She wanted to feel Theresa's tongue up inside her cunt. "Break it for me."

    "Oooo, no," Theresa swooned. "There are better ways of breaking cherries." She giggled a dirty laugh. "A lot better ways."

    "Oooo, Theresa. How? How?" She clawed her way down her sizzling flesh, raked at the swollen lips of her cunt.

    "I'll tell you later," Theresa mouthed. "Later."

    Nancy moaned, her passion out of control "Eat me. Make me cum! I'm burning up!"

    Her eyelids fluttered rapidly. She was at the peak, needing only the touch of Theresa's mouth to set off the explosion.

    Theresa slammed her mouth back against Nancy's pussy. She sucked, whipped her tongue repeatedly over the child's exposed clit. It took Nancy into her climax.

    Orgasms ripped through Nancy's pussy, like bolts of lightning. "I'm cumming!

    Cumming… oooo… God! I'm cumming!"

    Theresa sucked wildly. Hot cum flowed from the child's scalding cunt hole and drenched her face. Cum, sticky and warm flowed into her mouth, into her nose, and down her throat. She didn't stop. She swallowed Nancy's cum, and then found the child's clit.

    Nancy bucked and jerked under the frenzied sucking and chewing of Theresa's mouth. She pounded the floor, mangled her own small tits. An ocean of cum gushed from her pussy, soaking Theresa's face and-flooding her mouth. Fuck cream flowed down the cheeks of her jiggling ass, staining the carpet.

    "I'm still cumming! Ooooo, Theresa!" Nancy worked her hips in tight circles, grinding her cunt and clit into Theresa's mouth. "Bite! Bite!"

    Theresa chewed on Nancy's hard clit, sending the child screaming into another series of intense orgasms. She swallowed as much cum as possible, but it came too fast. It gushed into her throat. She gagged, but held Nancy's clit tightly between her teeth.

    Nancy jerked and twisted, almost ripped her clit from her body. It swelled, ached painfully. "Don't stop! Don't stop!" Nancy bowed her back, neck straining, eyes bulging. "Aghhh!"

    Theresa blended the sensations of her tongue and her teeth, keeping the screaming child soaring at the peak. Tongue swishing like a whip, teeth gnawing sadistically, mouth sucking, she bombarded the child with pleasure.

    Spit drooled from Nancy's mouth. She humped wildly, her ass banging into the carpet, her pussy smashing into Theresa's face. An orgasm whipped through her cunt, stiffening her. into a pillar of shivering screams. She collapsed back into a heap of whimpering flesh. She was spent, her young, still-virgin body drained but satisfied like never before.

    Theresa held her mouth tight against Nancy's cunt until the child stopped moving. She lifted her head. Pussy-cream coated her face. "Did you like that?"

    Panting, too weak to talk, Nancy nodded.


    Theresa licked her lips. "You were delicious." She glanced over, saw her pet resting. "Thor!"

    The dog opened his eyes and whimpered. His tail slapped on the rug as his mistress's voice excited him.

    "C'mere, boy," Theresa said, slapping her thigh. "C'mere."

    Yelping, Thor climbed to his feet and padded over to his mistress. He picked up the scent of cum on Theresa's face. His drooping tongue slapped eagerly at his mistress's juice coated face.

    "Mmmm," Theresa sighed. "He loves the taste of your cum."

    Nancy stared hypnotically. She feasted her eyes on Thor, his sleek tan body built for power. She leered at Theresa, devouring the woman's lush flesh with her eyes. Passion returned, filling her, warming her body. "Does he lick you?" she asked.

    "He does everything to me," Theresa said. "While my husband is away, Thor takes care of all my needs."

    Nancy swooned, imagining all the needs Theresa implied. It was too astounding to believe. "Can I watch him lick you?"

    "Sure," Theresa, said. She petted Thor's smooth tan coat, easing the huge Dane onto his side.

    Thor whimpered and lifted his head, his tongue hanging out.

    His gaze darted from his beautiful mistress to Nancy, then back again. He dropped his head on Theresa's lap, his body twitching, expectant.

    "Did you ever touch his cock?" Theresa asked, rubbing Thor's belly.

    Nancy gulped. There was no sense lying to her. "Yes," she whispered. "I jerked him off."

    "He really creams, huh?" Theresa giggled. She scratched her nails on Thor's powerful thighs. "A regular broken hose."

    Nancy nodded, remembering the doggie-jizz as it had splattered from his cock and drenched her body.

    Theresa saw the way Nancy was staring at Thor's hairy sheath and balls. "His cock needs playing with," Theresa said. "Why don't you show me how you got him hard?"

    Nancy blushed. She gulped back her shyness and squirmed close. She caressed Thor's belly. "You said there were better ways to break my cherry," she panted.

    "Tell me."

    Theresa settled back, leaning against a chair, Thor's head in her lap.

    "Cockmeat is the best way to bust cherry skin, Nancy.

    Nice hard thick cockmeat."

    Nancy swooned. "I know, but I'm so shy. I could never let a boy stick his cock in me." She was massaging the thick-skinned sheath that housed Thor's giant doggie-prick. "Who said anything about boys?" Theresa winked, her eyes glancing at Thor's pointed prick as his cock peeked out, greased and seeping. "Cockmeat can be found in a lot of places other than between the legs of some blabber-mouthed boys."

    "A man?" Nancy gasped, knowing she could never do that. Her innocence was showing.

    Theresa thought about her husband and how much he would like getting between the sweet virgin's thighs. She erased the thought. Maybe later, when he returned home. Now there was Thor.

    "How about what you're holding in your hand?" Nancy's face was filled with shock. "Thor?"

    "Why not? You can see his prick. It's nice and long. He can fuck for hours and never get tired, and he obeys my every command."

    "Yes, but a dog?" The idea boggled the teenager's mind. She stopped playing with his sheath, her gaze glued to Theresa's face, seeking if any signs that the older woman was teasing her.

    There were none.

    "I'm not joking," Theresa said, watching the child's inquisitive eyes with her own. "He's fantastic. He's the only thing that has helped me keep my sanity since Gary had to go away on his new job."

    Nancy's eyes bugged out. "You… you let Thor fuck you?" Her head was swimming in a sea of erotic pictures. "God!"

    "Every night," Theresa said. She looked at Thor, saw his cock peeking out more.

    "He's getting hard. Keep playing with him."

    Nancy looked at Thor's cock. A lump clogged her throat. An image of Thor fucking the beautiful woman made her dizzy. She thought about when the Dane had tried sticking his cock in her asshole. She gulped. "He… almost did it to me," she whispered. "I wanted him to lick my ass, and he jumped up and tried to fuck me."

    Theresa smiled. "I'll bet he scared you."

    Nancy nodded. She stared at his prick, imagining his prick piercing her cherry.

    "God, he'd rip you apart."

    "I know," Theresa said. "Thor isn't for beginners." She joined the sexy teenager, stroking Thor's balls as Nancy's nimble fingers coaxed out more hard delicious inches from his cockshaft.

    Nancy gasped, drooling as she ogled Thor's giant piece of hard prickmeat. "Can I watch him fuck you?" Her heart was racing.

    "You can even stick it in me if you want." Theresa brought her fingers up the length of Thor's massive cock. "It'll get you hot watching him fuck this beautiful piece of cockmeat into my pussy."

    "Ooooo, Theresa," Nancy sighed. "Can I really stick his cock in you?"

    "Sure," Theresa said. "Now watch this."

    Spellbound, Nancy watched Theresa drop down to the dog's cock. "Ohhh… what are you-" the rest of the question wasn't needed.

    Theresa's mouth circling around the pointed head of the dog's prick told her all she wanted to know.

    "Mmmmm," Theresa hummed as she swirled her tongue over Thor's doggie cock. She sucked, gobbling the hard thick hulking cockshaft into her mouth. Her lips touched Nancy's fingers that were still frozen to the base of Thor's bulky prick.

    "Ummmm," Nancy moaned. She took her fingers away. Staring, she found it hard to believe the extraordinary sight she was witnessing. Theresa's mouth had gobbled the entire length of the dog's cock into her mouth Nancy gasped, choking as if her own throat were clogged with doggie cock.

    Thor thrashed on his side, his rump jerking, his cock fucking Theresa's hot mouth. He lifted his head and looked at the mesmerized child, whimpering, his tongue drooping from his open mouth.

    Theresa sucked, making her pet Dane howl. She felt the child's gaze on her and treated Nancy to a marvelous sight.

    With Thor twisting on his side, his ass lunging, Theresa sucked and chewed his cock. She used her tongue, whipping it over his prickshaft. A deep suck, her cheeks drawn in, kept the yelping dog a prisoner.

    Thor went crazy. He rolled onto his back, every muscle in his body working frantically to fuck his cock into his mistress's throat. His front paws clawed the carpet. His hind legs twitched.

    Jerking in the air, he twisted.

    Theresa released him, popping her mouth quickly off his cock. She looked at Nancy. "What did you think of that?" she licked her lips.

    Nancy was speechless. She looked at Thor's cock which was soaked with spit, then at Theresa' s flushed face and wet glistening mouth. She gulped, unable to find the words to express what she was feeling.

    Thor sat up and barked. His tail slapped at the rug. His big bulging black eyes rolled. His muscles twitched under his thick tan coat. He was a nervous bundle of energy ready to detonate.

    "It sort of gets him all crazy," Theresa giggled. She winked lewdly. "Makes him fuck me better."

    "Oooo," Nancy swooned. She looked at Thor's cock. His prick was gigantic. "Are … you going to fuck him now?" Her voice echoed her passionate mind-blown feelings.

    "If you're ready to stick his cock in me," Theresa sighed, "I'm ready. Sucking you off and sucking Thor has me feeling like a lighted firecracker."

    "I'm ready," Nancy nodded. Her blue eyes misted over as she watched Theresa get on her hands and knees. She stared at Theresa's gorgeous ass. She wanted to lick it, but seeing Thor fuck her was what she wanted to see now. Nancy didn't want anything to delay it. Next time, she thought, feasting her eyes on Theresa's ass.

    "Make sure you get his cock in my pussy. Sometimes," Theresa explained, "when we're alone, he misses and plows my asshole." She wriggled her ass. "I'm ready."

    Thor padded over to his mistress's quivering body. He sniffed her ass and swiped his tongue up through her ass crack.

    Yelping, he leaped up, catching Nancy, for a brief second, off guard.

    "Hurry!" Theresa squealed, wiggling her hips. "Aim his cock. Get him in my cunt." She was shaking.

    Thor blanketed his mistress with his powerful body. His rump jabbed. His long overgrown cock fucked at the cheeks of his mistress's ass. Yelping his frustration, he pranced on his hind legs, jabbing and missing both Theresa's pussy hole and asshole.

    Nancy came out of her daze, reached under, gripped the jabbing hulk of Thor's throbbing cockshaft. Shaking, she aimed his prick at the gaping wet hole of Theresa's pussy. The dog's next violent lunge, with Nancy's help, found the right fuckhole.

    Thor howled. His cock fucked deep, stuffing Theresa quickly with the entire length of his cock. His tail curled, and he yelped again, his cock fucking a mile a minute.

    "He's fuckin' me. Nancy… he's in… ooooo!" Theresa went insane.

    Nancy gasped, still keeping her fingers at Theresa's sopping pussy. She felt the fucking thrusts of his cock. His groin touched her fingers, mashed them into Theresa with each stab.

    "Oooo," she moaned, pulling her fingers away. She looked at them.

    Pussy juice coated her fingers. She sniffed them. Without thinking, she sucked her fingers clean. The taste of pussy burned into her brain.

    Shaking with excitement, the hulking Great Dane shivered with lust. His muscles rippled beneath his sleek coat. His large front paws held firm on Theresa's bare back. He yelped, spittle dripping off his tongue. Jabbing thrusts and yelping cries mixed with the squishing noises from Theresa's ravaged pussy.

    Thor fucked harder, faster. Theresa's blow job had really primed him. He fucked, his heavy cum-crammed balls swinging, slapping against the back of Theresa's juice-stained thighs.

    "Oooo, Nancy. Nancy. He's fucking me to death. I'm in heaven. Ooooo, it feels so wonderful!" She twisted her neck, stared at the hypnotized child. "Oooo, Nancy. You're gonna love it!"

    Nancy was mute. Her gaze flowed eagerly over the giant dog.

    Her body quivered as if Thor were invading her pussy with his mighty cock.

    "Oooo, I'm creaming just watching," Nancy gasped.

    She stared at Thor's jabbing rump, Theresa's swinging tits, Thor's straining neck. Theresa's face contorted.

    Theresa jabbed back, meeting the hard demanding thrusts of her pet She used her cunt muscles, wrapped them tight around his plowing shaft, soaked his fucking prick in frothy pussy juice.

    Fucking in and out of her exquisite pussy, Thor howled. He danced on his hind legs, keeping balance on the thick carpet. He yelped as Theresa's cunt muscles began to methodically milk his prick, urging the churning cum in his balls to ignite.

    Theresa bucked like a wild horse. She jerked back and forth, matching the blinding speed of her pet Dane. "He's deep. Deep in my pussy." She snapped her head around, gazed at Thor, then at the entranced teenager. "He's so fucking deep!"

    Nancy gasped, watching Theresa's eyes roll into her skull.

    "Does it hurt?" she whispered huskily.

    "Unnnn. Noooo," Theresa moaned. "Only pleasure!" As if to prove what she meant, she went into spasms, her face contorting into a mask of pleasurable lust.

    Nancy almost fainted. She kept her eyes trained on them both, experiencing the fuck as if it were happening to her. Her fingers became acting on her own virgin pussy. Nancy's soft whimpering sobs blended with the dog's yelping howls and Theresa's wailing cries of bliss.

    Theresa saturated her dog's cock with a deluge of thick greasy pussy-cream. She tightened her cunt muscles, making him yip like a puppy. "Fuck me, Thor. Fuck me!" She jammed back, loving her pet's strength, the length of his cock and the speed of his fucking thrusts.

    Thor fucked in all the way, his heavy body pressing down on his mistress's back. His hard fucking stabs had Theresa sobbing, moaning. His cock swelled inside her clenching cunt. Warm squishy fuck juice flowed from her clinging cuntlips, soaking his swinging balls.

    "Ooooo!" Theresa's body quaked under the powerful fucks of her Great Dane. Her swollen tits hung heavy and swung erotically.

    Arms stiff, palms flat, thighs apart, she rocked back and forth.

    "More, Thor. Faster, boy." With Thor howling and yelping, Theresa jammed back, matching him stroke for stroke. "He's tearing me apart. Ooooo… God!"

    The giant animal's body rippled with the power that was surging through each finely tuned muscle. The cock fucked deep, piercing the buttery ooze of her squishy cunt muscles. His front paws gripped tighter. His hind legs pranced. He yelped, and whined, his pointed ears drawing back against his head.

    A never-ending flow of pussy-cream bathed his purplish-red cockshaft. Lightning fast lunges, greased by Theresa's fuck juices, gave the giant beast the speed they both needed to reach the peak.

    "Fuck me, Thor! Ram it, you bastard!" Theresa's drunken eyes found the blonde teenager. "He's so good. I love his cock. Oooo, do I love his cock!"

    Nancy's breath caught in her chest. She had never seen anything as erotic and she knew, by her own limited experience, the best was yet to come.

    Theresa's eyelids began to flutter. Her lush body went into spasm. Her tongue whipped out over her gasping mouth. "Oh…

    I'm so close." She found a blurred vision of the enthralled child. "I'm gonna cum, Nancy. Gonna cream his cock any second now!"

    Feverish with lust, her body glistening with the sweat of her passion, Theresa mashed her cunt back at her frantic pet Dane. She heard him whimper, felt his smooth furry coat against her sensitive skin. Her seething hot pussy gripped his fucking prickshaft tight, then contracted and gripped again in a steady erotic beat.

    Thor yelped. His prick became bloated with cum. His balls churned, ready to blast his mistress's pussy with the scalding jizz that rumbled in his balls.

    Her breath caught in her throat, then escaped. "I'm, there.

    Oooo, I'm ready!" Theresa whipped her head back, the cords in her neck straining, ready to snap as she rocked her way towards an explosive orgasm.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

    Like never before, Theresa climaxed. Having someone watch, someone to share her lust with, added fuel to her already overheated body. "I'm cumming! Creaming."

    Nancy fell back, mouth open, eyes popping. It was happening.

    "Fuck her, Thor. Fuck her hard!" Nancy became caught up in the stormy passion that already had Theresa and her Dane in its grip.

    "Fuck him, Theresa. Cream his cock!"

    "I am! I am!" She rammed herself at her pet, wanting all of his cock, craving the first load of cum that she knew was swelling his balls and prick. "Cum boy.

    Cream me! Cum, Thor!"

    Thor yelping loud, his rump like a pounding machine that fucked his cock into the stormy center of Theresa's cunthole exploded. Hot squirting wads of stringy doggie-jizz shot through his pisser and splattered the steamy depths of her cunt. He howled, lifting his head and straining his neck.

    "He's cumming! I feel it! He's squirting in my pussy." Theresa went crazy. Her own orgasms and that of her dog snapped her mind. She rocked back and forth, absorbing the punishing blows of her dog's horrendous stabs. Each one carried a thick glob of doggie-jizz that flooded her already-overflowing pussy.

    Yelping, his balls erupting, his cock spewing out cum, Thor fucked deeper, harder, faster. His mistress's screaming voice and jerking body pushed him to greater feats of strength. His hairy body fused to her sweaty flesh. His balls ruptured again. A stream of jizz squirted from his cock.

    "I'm drowning! Drowning in his cum!" Theresa looked at Nancy. "He's creaming me," she moaned, "Ooooo. His cock is heaven."

    Nancy imagined all the cum from Thor's cock squirting into Theresa's pussy. It sent an orgasm through her virgin cunt hole, a jealous orgasm that made her sob with frustration.

    Orgasms attacked Theresa's pussy from every angle. She loved it, took the fight to the beast. She slammed back. "Fuck me, Thor. Fuck me, slave!" Her cunt sucked up his cum as it spurted from his prick. Jizz filled her pussy hole, overflowed the puffy cuntlips and oozed down her body.

    Thor's black eyes drifted into his skull. His rubbery lips drew back, baring his dangerous fangs. Tail between his legs, ears flat against his skull, and his neck stretched forward, he looked like a demon ravaging its victim. His loud yelps grew noisier with Theresa's screams. His hairy balls kept churning the jizz out as fast as his cock could spit it into her pussy. Cum dribbled down his emptying balls.

    Theresa, rocking on all fours, bearing the brunt of Thor's attack and his weight, screamed. Gritting her teeth, she manipulated her cunt muscles, tortured Thor's cock and turned him into a whimpering pussy. She jerked her hips from side to side, slammed back her ass into his driving body. Squishing noises echoed in the room as their bodies slapped into each other.

    Theresa seemed to freeze. Her eyes rolled. "Aghhhhh!" The pounding strength of her dog and the draining of her orgasm weakened her. Elbows buckling, she collapsed. Clawing the carpet, she kept her ass perched high, allowing her pet to finish fucking her.

    Thor whimpered, his tongue swinging from his open mouth. He lost his footing.

    His cock, still squirting cum, popped from Theresa's pussy. He sprayed her back with white pearl drops of doggie-jizz. He dropped to all fours, sniffing now at the red ravaged hole of Theresa's fucked-out pussy.

    Theresa, writhing on the floor, allowed her pet to clean her cunt with his tongue. She whimpered as his tongue slithered deep inside her sensitive pussy and lugged out the cum he had Just squirted there.

    "Oooo, no more," she moaned, rolling over. She pushed him away, looked at a stunned Nancy. "What did you think of that?"

    Nancy found her voice. "When can I do it?" She was ready.

    She wanted to be fucked more than anything else in the world.

    Theresa knew this and smiled. "I have a friend. She has a Dalmatian. You know, white, black spots… a fireman's dog."

    Nancy nodded. "Yeah… and?"

    "I'll call her on the phone, invite her over here and mention you. You can go there tomorrow night and babysit for her kid. While you're there… you know what to do."

    "I sure do," Nancy giggled. She looked at Theresa. "Does your friend do the same things with her dog?"

    "Kitty is dog crazy and her dog is as good as Thor. She doesn't know I know."

    She winked. "So don't say a word. Enjoy Pepper and tell me all about it later."

    "When can I fuck Thor?" Nancy's eyes were filled with desire for the great Dane.

    "After you've practiced on a smaller dog" She grabbed Nancy's hand. "C'mon.

    Let's have something to eat. Then I'll have Thor lick you off."

    Nancy followed her out to the kitchen. She was anxious to have Theresa watch her cum. She was also anxious to meet Pepper, the dog who would make her a woman.


    The sun was going down. All day Nancy had been excited.

    Three times she had walked by Kitty Allen's house. She had seen Pepper and had creamed her panties each time, floating home on a cloud as she imagined his cock fucking through her cherry.

    At last it was time to babysit, and she climbed the steps.

    She rang the bell and waited.

    Kitty opened the door and smiled. "Hi. C'mon in." She stepped inside. "Theresa has told me all about you."

    Nancy smiled nervously, knowing that Theresa didn't tell the sexy redhead everything. She spotted Pepper, and her knees started to shake.

    "I'll only be gone a few hours," Kitty said, her voice cutting into Nancy's hot erotic thoughts. "The baby probably won't wake up the whole time I'm gone."

    Nancy smiled. "Have a nice time." Pepper was by her side, and she began to tremble.

    Kitty knelt down. "C'mere, Pepper." She patted her knee, and the dog hurried over to his mistress. "Good boy. Now don't give Nancy any trouble."

    Kitty finished petting her exuberant pet and stood.

    "He's a good dog and won't give you any trouble. I'll be back around eleven. I hope your mother doesn't mind you staying out that late."

    "Oh, no," Nancy said emphatically. "I only live a few blocks away." Her heart leaped into her throat. For a second, she thought Kitty was going to change her mind.

    "See ya," Kitty said. "Anything you want is probably in the fridge." She left, leaving Nancy trembling at the door.

    Nancy let out a sigh of relief. She headed straight for the living room and the big comfortable couch. Plopping, she stared at Pepper, who was still standing at the door, wagging his tail.

    "C'mon, Pepper," Nancy called, her voice cracking with tension. "C'mon." She petted her thigh, waited, a feeling of dread coming over her. Suppose Theresa was wrong?

    Pepper yelped at the closed door, but he knew his mistress wasn't coming back for a while. He turned to the sound of Nancy's voice, his tail still wagging.

    "C'mon," Nancy urged, her heart racing. "C'mon, Pepper. Come say hello."

    The dog padded into the living room, his eyes trained on the young blonde calling him. He reached her, sniffed at her feet, acquainting himself with her scent.

    Nancy sat perfectly still. She leered hungrily at the black-spotted dog. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears.

    "Sniff under my skirt," she whispered softly. Easily, not wanting to frighten the dog, she spread her legs. "C'mon, Pepper. Sniff under my skirt."

    She began to tremble. The dog wasn't responding. Perhaps Theresa was wrong.

    Pepper, apparently satisfied about something only he understood, slapped his tongue over Nancy's calf. He lifted his head and whimpered at the child.

    "Do you want to be my friend?" she panted. The wetness of his tongue lingered in her mind.

    Pepper barked, his tail beating the air.

    Shaking, Nancy eased up her skirt, baring her lush thighs.

    "See my pussy?" she sighed. "It's all wet for you. I didn't even wear panties."

    The room was spinning. "I've been waiting all day for you."

    Nancy had her skirt around her hips. Her blonde virgin pussy was completely exposed. She sighed and looked at the dog she hoped would break her cherry.

    "Lick me, Pepper. Lick my pussy." She squirmed her ass on the couch and waited, praying the dog would feast on her cunt.

    Pepper picked up the sweet scent of the child's pussyhole.

    He put his cold nose against the sizzling flesh of Nancy's thigh.

    The taste of Nancy's cunt was on her skin.

    The child understood. "Ooooo, Pepper. Higher. My pussy." She wriggled her ass, looked down at the dog. "My pussy, Pepper. Lick it."

    Pepper lingered on the soft silky flesh of her parted thighs. She worked the button of her skirt open.

    "Damn," she whispered. "I'm going to get it all wrinkled." She wanted to get up and take off her skirt, but she didn't want to disturb Pepper. His methodic licking of her thighs was leading him to the heated wetness of her pussy. She did the best she could with her skirt, then forgot about it, concentrating on the handsome Dalmatian.

    "My pussy," she sighed. "It tastes better than my legs.

    C'mon. Taste me." Her insides were churning. If she couldn't get the dog to lick her cunt, how was she going to get him to break her cherry?

    Pepper soaked the impatient child's thigh, savoring the hint of pussy that clung to her flesh. He nosed closer, brushing his snout over the puffy lips of Nancy's cunt. The taste was stronger, more to his liking. He stayed, slithering his tongue up through Nancy's sopping pussy slit.

    Nancy was overjoyed. She squirmed down, the cheeks of her tight ass draped over the edge of the couch. She watched, fascinated by what was going on. Dogs, she was learning, were great to have around.

    Pepper's muzzle became coated with the frothy soup of Nancy's overheated cunt.

    He snorted and shook his head. His teeth banged against Nancy's hard blood-filled clit. Nancy shuddered in bliss. "Ooooo, bite it, Pepper! Bite my clit!" She shoved hard, mashing her cunt into his snout.

    Pepper barked and pulled back, his eyes bright. The child's whimpering and the taste of her cunt was affecting the Dalmatian.

    His balls began to swell and the tip of his prick peeked out.

    "Ohhhh, Pepper," she sighed. "Eat me. Eat me." Nancy needed the dog's tongue.

    She needed to be hot, hot enough to erase the fear of being fucked by doggie cock. "Tongue me, Pepper. Get me ready for fucking."

    Pepper was drawn back to the mushy folds of Nancy's hot oozing pussy. He slapped his tongue up through her cunt, over her clit. Fuck juice clung to his tongue.

    "In my hole," she sighed. She used her fingers to part the lips of her pussy.


    Pepper whipped his wet tongue over her fingers and the exposed slot of her pink glistening cunt. He wormed his tongue into the entrance. Yelping, he pulled back. He cocked his head.

    He didn't understand.

    "Oooo, Pepper. It was my cherry. You're gonna break it soon." She shivered, her passion growing by the second, her fear fading just as fast.

    Pepper brought his snout back to Nancy's pussy. He found her clit and nipped it with his small teeth. He nipped again, holding her clit gently this time.

    The pressure on her clit sent the child into a spastic fit.

    She jerked and twisted her hips, her clit bearing the brunt of her jerky motions. "Aghhhh!" she squealed, slipping from the couch and falling to the floor.

    Caught by surprise, Pepper yelped and stepped back, looked down at the writhing teenager. He barked, his ears flopping and his tail wagging.

    Nancy was ready. Passion raged out of control throughout her virgin body. She pulled frantically at her clothes, until she was naked. Her breath was ragged, short, coming out in noisy little gasps. Her hands roamed her flesh, kneading, fanning the flames of her lust.

    "Now you can fuck me," she said, her voice deep, throaty.

    "You can break my cherry." She threw her arms around the dog and hugged him.

    "Ummmmm. I want it so bad."

    Shaking, Nancy released the dog and got on all fours.

    "Here I am," she gasped. "I'm a nice hot bitch waiting for your cock." She rolled her hips, enticing the dog to leap up on her body and tear away the last piece of her innocence. "C'mon, Pepper. Climb up."

    Pepper circled the frenzied teenager, sniffing, licking. His cock jutted out.

    His cold nose brushed against her ass, making the teenager's skin break out in tiny goose bumps.

    "Ohhhh, Pepper," Nancy moaned. "Stop sniffing and fuck me." She was afraid if the dog took too long, she would lose her courage.

    Pepper buried his nose between the cheeks of her ass. His tongue snaked out, soaking her wrinkled ass crack.

    Nancy snapped her head back. "Ooooo, Pepper. Pepper." She shoved back, wishing he would mount her like Thor had done.

    "Oooo, Pepper!"

    Her body was trembling. Her small tits ached, the nipples painfully sore. Her hair, no longer worn in pigtails hung down like golden silk, lashing across her crimson face as she twisted her head back and forth.

    "Fuck me," she cried desperately. "Fuck me!"

    Pepper finished with Nancy's asshole. His cock, fully extended, throbbed. He was ready. Her cries had him aroused.

    Yelping. he leaped up, mounting the frantic teenager.

    "Ooooo!" Nancy cried, almost bucking under the weight of the horny Dalmatian.

    "Ooooo, fuck me, Pepper! Fuck me!"

    Pepper wanted to. He jabbed his rump, his long slim cock jutting out hard, red and glistening. He jerked his ass, his cock whacking into Nancy's ass cheeks.

    The teenager's frenzied jerking kept the desperate animal from fucking her cunthole.

    "Unnn… unnnn… nnnn!" Her moan came out of her mouth like a high-pitch cry. She was desperate. Biting her lip, she forced herself to keep her hips still. "Now, Pepper. Break my cherry! My cherry!"

    Pepper didn't care which hole he fucked. His prick, finding a stationary target, fucked forward. The head of his pointed prick fucked through the tight ring of her asshole.

    Nancy screamed. Her eyes bulged. "Noooo!" A fear washed over her. "Nooooo!"

    Trembling spasms of terror crashed over her as the dog's long pointed cock fucked deeper with each lunge.

    Yelping, his prick fucking a mile a minute, Pepper continued to fuck Nancy's virgin asshole. Each fucking thrust stretched her tight dry ass channel. Each hard jab fucked the tip of his cock deeper into Nancy's hot frightened body.

    Nancy's face turned beet red. "It burns! Ooooo, God!" She wriggled her ass, trying to dislodge the Dalmatian from her ass.

    It was useless. She was totally impaled. "Oh, Pepper! You're fuckin' my ass.

    Stop it! Stop!" The searing pain in her ass spread, encompassing her entire body.

    Whimpering, his lips drawn back, his fangs bared, Pepper fucked into Nancy's vulnerable asshole. The tightness of her asshole had his balls aching, swelling. He pranced on hind legs, front paws clinging to Nancy's smooth back.

    One hard lightning jab fucked the entire length of his long doggie cock into Nancy's asshole. He yelped triumphantly.

    "My asshole!" Nancy screeched. "You're ripping it apart!" She jerked her hips, twisted her ass. Nothing helped. The dog was raping her asshole.

    Pepper bombarded Nancy's tight asshole with hard fucking thrusts. His body blanketed her smooth back. Yelping cries of pleasure escaped his panting mouth.

    Warm spit dripped from his slapping tongue, wetting her skin.

    Nancy, her eyes bulging, her mouth open, her body in spasm, felt each stab, each ass stretching fuck of his long cock. The pain was subsiding. Pleasure began to spread through her ass.

    Pepper's cock plunged deep. His yelps filled the room, blending with Nancy's squeals. His balls, heavy with cum, whacked against her thighs. His speed increased, and his yelping barks grew louder. His prick, red and throbbing, swelled, stretching the tight narrow ass channel to the limit.

    Nancy gasped. The pleasure was fantastic. She slammed back against the jerking Dalmatian, absorbing his fabulous stabs, swirling on the cloud of lust his fucking prick had taken her to.

    Pepper strained, his paws on Nancy's shoulders, his cock fucking deeper and deeper. His eyes glowed and rolled into his skull.

    Dazed, her body on fire, she rotated her hips, marveling at the way Pepper's prick throbbed inside her asshole. "I feel you!" she squealed. "Ooohh, shit.

    You're so deep."

    She quaked under the steady barrage of ass splitting thrusts. She licked her lips, spittle dripping from her mouth.

    She moaned, keeping her arms stiff, bearing the full weight of the dog as he fucked her tight shitter with his marvelous cock.

    The Dalmatian settled into a steady rhythm. His cock fucked her asshole. The natural fuck juice of his cock greased her tight ass canal, making it easy for his cock to fuck deep. He yelped.

    His balls were on fire. He began slobbering, his floppy ears slapping around his head.

    Nancy, relaxed and enjoying his cock, experimented. She bit her lip and concentrated on her ass muscles, making them tighten around his fucking cock.

    "You like that?" she gasped. She did it again, whimpering as she felt Pepper's throbbing cock beat faster. "Ooooo, it's heaven!" She couldn't wait until she told Theresa about what was happening.

    With the clenching of Nancy's asshole muscles around his bloated cock, Pepper went crazy. He let out a howling bark and shifted into a faster gear. His cock ripped into her asshole. He jerked, his hind legs lifting one at a time, keeping him balanced behind the squirming jerking teenager.

    "Yeahhhh!" Nancy wailed at the top of her lungs. "I love it! I'm getting fucked. Sooooo… fast." She swooned, not believing the speed the Dalmatian had attained.

    Her body wriggled as he fucked her tiny asshole, stretching and exploring the hot pulsing depths of her ass. His black eyes blazed with fire. His tail curled up under his dancing hind legs.

    His frantic lunges had him howling and Nancy screeching.

    Her eyes were glazed with passion. Her lithe body took the brunt of Pepper's fierce fucking. She rocked on her hands and knees, elbows stiff, arms quivering under the strain.

    "Oooo, Pepper. Pepper. Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She slammed back with equal force, delighting in the enema effect of his magnificent prick. "Unnnn, heaven. Ooooo, yessss!"

    She twisted her head around and saw the animal, felt his hot breath, his warm fur. She went into spasms Her eyes bulged. She sensed from the frenzied yelping-attack that the dog was ready to cum. It blew her mind.

    His mouth open, teeth bared, the enraged Dalmatian raced wildly towards a climax. His prick swelled, stretching Nancy's asshole wider than she had ever thought possible. His balls tightened and swelled, their load of thick cum at the boiling point.

    "Oh, Pepper! Cum, boy! Cream my asshole!" She shuddered, anticipating the load of doggie-jizz that would soon fill her ass. "Cum… cum… ooooo!" She lunged back and used her muscles to bring him to the peak.

    Pepper fucked away at the child's body. His prick was in the tight vise of her squeezing ass. He lifted his head and howled.

    The first thick stream of doggie-cum sprayed from his cock and drenched Nancy's tight ass channel. Another load quickly followed.

    "Oooo, Pepper. I feel your cum!" The power of the dog's cock and the hot scalding load of jizz crumbled Nancy's arms. She fell, her face against the floor, spit drooling from her mouth.

    "Ooooo! God… cream me! Cream me!"

    When Nancy collapsed, Pepper almost lost his balance. He gripped her now-sloping back, his hind legs digging into the carpet. Hot cum gushed from his pisser, flooding her asshole, greasing the tight ass channel for more intense speed.

    Delirious, Nancy reached under, pinched her blood-swollen clit. It took the child into ecstasy. She exploded. "I'm cumming! Cumming, Pepper. Ohhhh, shit, I'm creaming!"

    Hot cum bubbled in her empty pussy and oozed from her hole, dribbling down her thighs. She broke out in a sweat, her blue eyes unable to focus as wave after wave of exquisite orgasms racked her virgin body.

    Pepper fed on the child's twisting passion ladened body. Her orgasms, deep in her still virgin pussy, had her shaking out of control. Pepper loved it. His cock fucking her cum filled asshole, he continued to squirt more cum into her body. Stringy lumps of doggie-cum blasted from his prick, continually greasing a hot path for his bloated prick.

    Nancy's body shook under another hot exciting series of orgasms. Jealous pussy muscles pulsed for the hard bloated cock that filled her asshole. Her orgasms grew in intensity. Frothy fuck cream flowed from her pussy. Hot doggie-cum squished out from her asshole, drenching the Dalmatian's swinging balls.

    "More, Pepper! Keep fucking me!" The fast flurry of Pepper's fucking prick had her squealing in bliss. She rotated her ass, slamming back into his powerful body. Her head snapped from side to side, her blonde hair whipping across her face.

    With greased speed, Pepper's cock fucked in and out of her cum-filled asshole.

    His yelping howls pierced her ears. He began to twitch, his body in the throes of orgasm. His neck stretched and twisted. With his head flat against her back, he fucked her ass over and over again with his prick.

    Nancy's fingers released her sticky pulsing clit. She battled back, stiffening her arms, palms once more flat against the floor. She took the fight to the now tiring dog.

    Rocking and bucking, she shuddered as one squirting load of doggie-cum seemed to reach into her belly. Her head snapped back, and her eyes floated into her head.

    It was all she could take. She crumbled into a heap, her ass still being fucked by Pepper's prick.

    Pepper yelped, his cock drained. He twisted, yanking his prick from the child's ass. With his tail curled, he sniffed her asshole as she writhed in a ball on the floor.

    Dizzy, the room still seeming to spin, Nancy was finally able to catch her breath. She allowed the dog to clean her asshole, then pushed him away.

    Pepper whined, then sprawled out next to the naked teenager.

    Together they relaxed.


    Nancy stirred and stretched. "Oh, shit," she said. She glanced at the clock. It was only nine. There was plenty of time left for her to enjoy Pepper.

    She rubbed her ass, looked at the Dalmatian who had ravaged her tight butt.

    "You bad doggie."

    Pepper opened his eyes and looked at the naked child. He whimpered. Crawling on his belly, he inched closer to Nancy, resting his head on her thigh.

    Nancy petted his floppy ears. "You're a bad doggie," she giggled. "I didn't want my asshole fucked." She bit her bottom lip. It had been fabulous.

    She pushed Pepper away and stood. Her legs were weak. Naked, she padded to the kitchen and ransacked the fridge. Getting her asshole fucked had given her an appetite.

    Pepper sat obediently by the teenager's side as she gorged herself with food.

    He whimpered and slapped his tongue over her leg.

    "Be still, Pepper," Nancy said. "We'll play again soon." A few minutes later, she finished eating. "Now we can fool around." She pushed her chair back and stood. Her face brightened. "I got just the thing." She found what she was looking for under the sink doggie biscuits. "Now you can eat too."

    Carrying the box, she strolled back into the living room.

    She plopped on the floor and pulled out a handful of the bone shaped biscuits.

    Pepper barked, his tail wagging. He kept his eyes on the child's hand as she put the biscuit on her tit and leaned back.

    He licked his lips in anticipation, waiting. "C'mon," she sighed. "C'mon." She shivered as the dog slopped up the biscuit off her tit and chomped it greedily.

    She hummed, staring at the animal. She sprawled herself out on her back and spread her legs. She soaked the treat in warm sudsy cunt-cream, then eased it into the entrance of her virgin hole. "C'mon."

    Pepper dropped to his belly and gobbled at the partially buried doggie bone.

    "Ooooo, Pepper," she sighed. She humped her cunt at the hungry Dalmatian, soaking his snout with pussy juice before he finished eating the doggie bone.

    "Oooo, Pepper!"

    Writhing on her back, she reached into the box and pulled out two biscuits and rolled onto her belly. Propping up her ass, she shoved them into her asshole.

    They slipped easily inside her cum-drenched asshole. She wiggled her ass and waited.

    Pepper sniffed the child's asshole. He sneezed, his nostrils filling with the scent of his own cum. He licked, his tongue slapping over the biscuits stuck in her ass.

    "Eat 'em, Pepper. Go get 'em." She shoved back at the sniffing animal and trembled.

    Pepper twisted his head, chewing on the biscuits. He bit off most of them, leaving some still buried in her asshole. Whining, he used his teeth, nipping, trying to get the last of the biscuits from Nancy's wet asshole.

    Nancy was in heaven. All the pleasures of having her asshole fucked flashed through her mind. She jammed back, using the muscles in her asshole to push out the rest of the biscuits.

    She moaned, falling forward, her small tits mashing into the carpet. She ground her hips, her clit brushing against the rough nap of the carpet. "Ooooo, shit.

    I'm on fire again."

    Pepper reamed her asshole, lugging out globs of his jizz and pieces of broken doggie biscuit. Finished, he plunged his tongue deep, hoping for more. There were none. He dropped back on his ass and barked.

    Drunk with passion, Nancy rolled over and stared at the barking Dalmatian.

    "What do you want? more biscuits or another chance to fuck my asshole?" She laughed, then squirmed across the rug and peered between Pepper's legs "Ewwww, you're getting hard again." It boggled the child's mind.

    Pepper slapped his tongue over her face. After soaking her mouth and neck, he nudged her, trying to get her to roll over. He wanted to feast on her crotch, where the fuck juices he had learned to enjoy were.

    "I know what you want," she said. "You want this." She dragged her fingers through her pussy and offered them to the dog. "Right?"

    Slavishly, the dog licked Nancy's fingers clean. Whining, he began sniffing and nudging, trying to get at the source of the delicious tasting cunt-cream.

    "Oooo, no you don't," she giggled. "No pussy for you. You had your chance." She rolled away, Pepper still persistent.

    Nancy gave in for a moment. She spread her legs and gasped.

    Pepper feasted on her overheated pussy, slurping up the warm fuck cream as it flowed from her hole. He plunged into her pussy gash, yelping as he pulled his tongue out. The barrier was still there. Looking at the rammy child, he barked.

    Nancy moaned. "It's your fault. You fucked the wrong hole." She humped her pussy against his snout. "Lick me."

    Pepper did. He sloshed his tongue up through her cunt and over her hard swollen clit. Fuck juice drenched his snout, flowing into his mouth and nose, but he never stopped. Like Thor, he had been well trained.

    "Oh, oh, oh!" Nancy squealed as the expert licking of the hungry Dalmatian carried her quickly to the peak. Blue eyes popping, she caught herself.

    "Nooooo," she wailed, scooting away from his active tongue. "Not yet."

    Pepper cocked his head, his big eyes questioning. Fuck juice stained his jowls, and he almost looked rabid. His tongue drooped from his panting mouth.

    Nancy stared at the tame dog and laughed. "I'm going to suck you off." She licked her lips. "Do you think you'll like that?"

    Pepper barked as if he understood. He slapped his tongue over his frothy jowls and squirmed his rump excitedly.

    "Good Pepper," she said. "Good doggie." She stroked his back. "Down, boy Get on your belly."

    The horny Dalmatian sensed something exciting was going to happen. Obediently, he dropped to his belly, his head still twisting, his big eyes gazing at the naked blonde.

    Blue eyes glowing, Nancy eased the aroused dog over onto his side. She stared hotly at the tip of his cock peeking out of its hairy sheath. "Mmmm, looks delicious," she whispered, remembering how Theresa had sucked on Thor's huge hard-on.

    With his tail thumping the carpet, Pepper looked up, his tongue lolling out, spit dripping from it. He whimpered like a puppy being teased.

    "Unnnn, you really want my mouth, huh?" She stroked his belly, inching closer.

    Her hand trembled. Her desire to suck the dog's cock was overwhelming. "Oooo, Pepper."

    Pepper yelped and jerked his rump. His cock grew and hard red glistening inches of prickmeat sprouted from the hairy sheath.

    Nancy's blue eyes popped. "God, you're growing so big." Goose bumps dotted her silky flesh. She caressed Pepper's balls.

    A hot jolt of passion shot up her arm, exploding at the base of her skull.

    Pepper yelped, his cock sticking out completely. He twisted his head, nudging his snout against Nancy's tormenting fingers.

    "Don't be so impatient," she giggled. "I shouldn't even do this for you." She wrapped her fingers around the thickness of his exposed cock. "You didn't even break my cherry."

    Pepper went wild. He jerked and fucked his cock through her clenching fingers.

    His balls rumbled and, from glassy eyes, he stared at the teenager who was torturing him.

    "Now you won't have the pleasure of breaking my cherry. I'll have Thor do it whether Theresa wants me to or not." Putting her thoughts into words sent the blonde virgin reeling. "Oh, Pepper.

    Thor's cock is so much bigger. Unnnn, he'll split my pussy like you split my asshole."

    Pepper was writhing on his side. He dropped his head back, his rump still jerking against the tormenting fingers of Nancy's squeezing hand.

    She took a deep breath. "I'm going to suck every drop of cum out of your cock," she vowed as she got into position. "Every sticky drop." She giggled nervously, hoping she wouldn't drown on his cum or have her throat ripped open.

    The Dalmatian quivered and jerked. Nancy's hot breath was flowing over the tip of his hard prick. Soft whimpering cries came from his throat. The heat of her breath was inflaming his balls.

    Hesitantly, Nancy's mouth touched the long reddish-purple doggie cock. His prick was stiff, surging with strength and blood. Her fingers, still wrapped around the thick base of his prick, closed tighter as her lust mounted. She brought her lips to his prick and engulfed the pointed tip.

    "Mmmmm," she hummed dreamily. The taste was exquisite, different. She loved it.

    She popped her head up and giggled, a trace of nervousness in her voice. "You taste real good, Pepper.

    Hot, just like your name."

    The trace of fear that was with her quickly evaporated. If she were going to drown, this was the way to do it. She surrounded his cockshaft with her eager mouth. A wave of excitement swept through her virgin body. She was sucking doggie meat.

    The wet heat of Nancy's mouth made the Dalmatian whimper like a puppy. His lean powerful body squirmed. His legs shook.

    Drool oozed from his rubbery jowls, wetting the carpet. He yelped as more hard throbbing inches of his prick were gobbled up by the teenager's hot sucking mouth.

    Nancy moaned, but the sounds were trapped in her throat.

    Pepper's cock was buried to the hilt. She kept her eyes closed, breathing rapidly through her nostrils. She was overwhelmed by her accomplishment.

    Without choking and gagging, she had taken the entire length of Pepper's cock into her throat. She felt his prick throb, and the sensation was mind-blowing.

    Slowly, she moved her head. Her soft clinging lips glided along Pepper's thick throbbing prickshaft. Slippery with spit and the natural grease of his cock, Nancy was easily able to gobble and fuck his prick into her throat.

    Using her fingers and mouth together, she stroked her hand up and down the thick hulking base of his prick. Her mouth, drooling bubbling spit, worked in rhythm to her jacking fist.

    Each time his cockhead fucked deep into her throat, she gurgled happily.

    Wildly, Pepper fucked his long cock through Nancy's fist and into her mouth.

    The teenager's whipping tongue lashed against his throbbing prick each time he fucked into her mouth.

    Nancy jammed her face forward. Her hand held the base of his prick tight. Her throat muscles clamped around his prick's tip and shaft. In a quick frenzied motion, she jerked her mouth back and forth.

    Pepper lunged, wanting to fuck his prick deep in the child's tight wet gullet.

    His rump thudded against the carpet. He jabbed, fucking at her face. He jerked, his hind legs going into the air.

    Yelping cries of frustration followed each frantic fuck.

    Nancy, wanting to tease the raging animal, moved with the whimpering Dalmatian, keeping only the tip of his prick in her mouth. She sucked, tasting some of his cum. Jizz was seeping from his pisser in thin dribbling drops. She swooned, knowing there was plenty more where that came from. She sucked hard, craving not merely a taste but the entire load. She used her tongue, savoring each seeping drop.

    Pepper yelped, his eyes bulging. He fucked hard as his balls churned and swelled, ready to explode. Hard hammering lunges brutally forced the entire length of his fucking prick into her throat.

    The overwhelming attack caused her to gag She didn't care.

    It was too fantastic. She weathered his violent assault, loving every hard piercing thrust. She gurgled, sucking his stiff prick, bringing the dog quickly to the peak.

    His cock stretched her throat, throbbed erratically. His balls were hitting her chin, his hairy groin mashing her lips.

    The dog was ready, and she knew it.

    Pepper's head lifted. He howled. Nancy's hot sucking mouth exploded his blasting balls. A hot bubbling deluge of thick doggie-cum gushed from the tip of his cock. Jizz gushed out in quick pulsing squirts, flooding her surprised mouth rapidly.

    Nancy sucked with joy. The taste was fabulous and the amount was fantastic.

    Deep gulps carried the hot cum into her belly.

    Jizz filled her mouth as quickly as she swallowed. She used her suction power, keeping the fire in his balls raging. Her teeth came into play, scraping along his cockshaft.

    Pepper went crazy. The girl's mouth was draining his balls, destroying his prick. Jerky thrusts, thrashing twists of his body, and yelping howls all blended as he fucked the teenager's throat and flooded her mouth with cum.

    Nancy sucked, taking all of his cock. She kept one hand on his rump, stroking, feeling the power each time he fucked her throat. Gulping sucks were not enough. Cum now flowed from her clinging lips and down her chin. Jizz oozed from her nose, soaking her face. The dog's balls became drenched with the overflow. She wouldn't stop. She sucked harder, using her tongue and teeth to make the dog more savage, more brutal.

    The yelping Dalmatian went wild. His eyes rolled. With his mouth open, he drew back his rubbery lips, baring his fangs. He twisted on the floor, legs flailing, floppy ears slapping across his face as he lifted his head.

    Nancy sucked him dry. She sucked his prick to his balls, feeling a squirt of hot jizz shoot into her belly. She gnashed her teeth into his cockshaft, whipped her tongue along his prick meat, and sucked with all her strength.

    Pepper yipped and jerked back, dragging his spent prick from her mouth. A hot spray drenched the child before he scampered away to lick his sore cock.

    Nancy choked and laughed. "I'll bet you'll remember me." She glanced at the clock. It was time to get cleaned up. She didn't want Kitty coming home and finding her naked on the floor with Pepper's cum on her mouth.


    Nancy hurried down the street. She couldn't wait to tell Theresa all about her adventures last night with Pepper. She giggled and raced up the steps to Theresa's house.

    Crossing her fingers, she knocked on the door, hoping Theresa would be home.

    The sound of Thor barking excited her and she leaned first on one foot then the other. She knocked again, impatiently waiting.

    Thor's barking grew louder and Nancy's heart sank. Theresa wasn't home. Her shoulders slumped. She turned to go back home.

    "Hey," Theresa said, opening the door. "Where do you think you're going?"

    Nancy spun on her heel. Her face lit up. "I… didn't think you were home," she bubbled.

    "Well, here I am. Come on in."

    Nancy didn't need a second invitation. She brushed quickly by Theresa as the black-haired beauty stepped aside. "Hi, Thor," Nancy said, crouching down and scratching the great Dane. "You miss me?"

    Thor whimpered, his skinny tail wagging. He swiped his broad tongue over the child's face, soaking her in doggie spit.

    "Ewwww," Nancy giggled. She took his tongue into her mouth and sucked it until he yanked it away.

    "He missed you," Theresa said. She smiled down at her pet and her horny babysitter. The two were made for each other.

    "C'mon out to the kitchen and have a soda. I'm dying to hear all about last night with Pepper."

    "I'm dying to tell you," Nancy said, her voice full of enthusiasm.

    Busting to tell Theresa everything, she plopped into a chair at the kitchen table. She gulped the Coke as soon as Theresa set the frosty bottle in front of her.

    With her mouth cold and moist, Nancy let out her breath. "It wasn't what I had hoped for," she said, her face full of smiles.

    "You chickened out, huh?" Theresa asked, understanding what the young girl had faced.

    Nancy couldn't suppress her laughter. "Oh, no," she said, choking. "I didn't chicken out."

    "Well?" Theresa was on the edge of her seat. "Tell me."

    "I'm still a virgin," Nancy said, keeping her older friend in a state of suspense. "My cherry is still intact."

    "Then what happened?" Theresa said. "If Pepper didn't break your cherry and you didn't chicken out…"

    "He fucked my asshole," Nancy said proudly. "Christ. I was on my knees and he fucked the wrong hole."

    Now it was Theresa's turn to laugh. "Holy shit! Sometimes Thor has the same trouble with me." She wiped her eyes. "I never gave it a thought about it happening to you. God. It must have really hurt."

    "It did," Nancy said, winking, "at first. Then it got fabulous." She rolled-her eyes. "I creamed… he creamed.

    Shit, it was great."

    Theresa was astounded. "Whewwwww, I would have loved to have seen that."

    Nancy nodded. "I wish you were there too. You could have watched me suck him off, right before Kitty got home. Besides, it would have been great having someone with me."

    Theresa smiled, her dark eyes flashing. "I'm really proud of you."

    Nancy snapped her fingers, wanting Thor to come to her. "I'm glad Pepper didn't break my cherry." She petted the huge dog's head as he rested it on her lap. "I want Thor to do it."

    Theresa's breath caught in her throat. "He's too big for you. I wouldn't mind if Pepper had stretched you, but hell, Nancy. He'll rip you apart."

    Nancy shook her head, ignoring all of Theresa's arguments.

    "It doesn't matter." She eased up her skirt, allowing the Dane to sniff at her seeping pussy. "I'm not leaving until Thor makes me a woman. I don't intend to wait another day."

    "I'd be afraid," Theresa said. "He's so big."

    "Pepper was big too, and he fucked my asshole." Her blue eyes glowed with determination.

    Theresa nodded.

    "I want him, Theresa. I thought about it all night. I want his cock so bad."

    She pushed Thor's head under her skirt. "He wants me too."

    "Okay," Theresa said. "Follow me." She pushed back her chair and headed for the living room.

    With Thor tagging along behind her, Nancy followed Theresa into the front of the house. "I also want to eat you," Nancy said. She looked boldly at the older woman.

    Theresa was surprised. "Really?"

    "Uh-huh," Nancy said. "I want to eat you just like you ate me."

    "Getting pretty bold since you had your asshole fucked, huh?"

    Nancy laughed and stripped off her clothes. "I'm dying to get my tongue up your hole before Thor fucks me."

    "Then you shall have your wish." Theresa stripped too, her large tits heaving as she gasped air into her lungs. She stared at the naked child, knowing that the lithe blonde would leave the house a woman. "Anytime you're ready."

    Nancy feasted on Theresa's lush naked body. "Ohhh, I've thought about this ever since you licked me off." She moistened her lips, anticipating the taste of Theresa's black-haired pussy.

    "I hope you intend to suck my tits too." She winked at Nancy.

    "I'm going to use my tongue on every part of your body.

    Then, when I'm so hot I can't stand it, I want you to have Thor fuck me."

    "Whatever you say, Nancy. It's your party."

    Flushed with desire, Nancy went into Theresa's arms. She kissed the older woman and plunged her tongue into Theresa's open mouth. She squirmed, rubbing her soft body against Theresa.

    Theresa, overcome by the child's exuberance, gave in.

    Together they melted to the floor.

    Nancy's overwhelming desire to become a woman and experience the joys of Theresa's body had the girl creaming. Panting, she worked her frenzied mouth over Theresa's flesh, kissing, licking, and sucking noisily.

    "Oooo, you're a little spitfire," Theresa said. "Ooooo, you're such a horny child."

    "I'm not a child," Nancy said, lifting her head. "I'm a woman." She dropped her head and began chewing frantically on Theresa's huge fleshy tits.

    "Oooo, yes," Theresa agreed. "Unnnnn, you certainly are a woman." She was getting hot, surprised that this teenager could turn her pussy into a fiery mass of fuck juice and spongy heat.

    "Oooo, Nancy."

    Nancy was having a ball. She feasted on each pulpy tit, turning each a bright red. "God, your nipples are big."

    "Because they've been sucked so much," Theresa sighed. She combed her fingers through the horny child's blonde hair.

    Nancy covered one swollen nipple with her mouth and sucked.

    Theresa gasped. She chewed. Theresa squealed.

    "I like sucking tits," Nancy giggled. She was having a ball and the best was yet to come.

    "How about my pussy?" Theresa said, curious herself about what it would be like having her cunt sucked by the pretty child.

    "It's all wet and juicy."

    "Sounds scrumptious." Nancy licked a wet path down over Theresa's lush body.

    Her nose picked up the heady scent of Theresa's cunt. "It smells great too."

    Theresa wiggled her hips. "I've licked my fingers clean enough times and sucked my juices off Thor's cock to know that you'll love the taste."

    Nancy crawled between Theresa's long legs. She stared at the red gash framed by thick black curly hair and glistening with drops of pussy juice. She rested flat, wiggling her own ass, hoping Thor would give her a licking before she gave him her cherry.

    Thor picked up the scents of both pussies. With his mistress's cunt occupied, he settled for Nancy's. Dropping to his belly, his blunt snout between the child's outstretched legs, he whipped out his tongue.

    "Ooooo," Nancy cooed. "Thor's licking me."

    "Then you better start licking me," Theresa said. "I'm burning up." She rolled her hips. "Suck me and use your tongue."

    With Thor's tongue slithering up through her pussy and ass, Nancy couldn't have stopped herself if she had wanted to. She opened her mouth and clamped it tight against Theresa's pussy.

    Warm frothy pussy-cream greeted her, soaked her face, flowed into her open mouth.

    "Ahhhh," Theresa gasped. "Oooo, Nancy! Nancy!" The older woman was out of her head. "Tongue me! Tongue me!" Nancy snaked her tongue out, slinking it through the puffy lips of Theresa's cunt and into the entrance. Cunt juice flowed over her tongue, warm cunt juice that oozed into her mouth. She swallowed, then plunged her tongue deep. Nothing blocked her path and her head reeled.

    "Oooo, Nancy… your tongue. I feel it. Unnnn!" She thrashed on the floor, humping her cunt into the teenager's mouth. Her tits large, fleshy, swollen rolled on her chest like huge globs of creamy jello. "Oooo, Nancy. Keep tonguing me!"

    Nancy was out of her skull. She plunged her tongue deep, felt the muscles of Theresa's overheated pussy pulse against her. lt was fabulous. Soon, she knew, her cunt would be cherry free, just like Theresa's.

    Gurgling as creamy pussy juice flowed into her mouth, Nancy rolled her own hips, reveling in the pleasures of Thor's lazy tongue as he licked her pussy and ass. She took a deep suck and was thrilled when she heard Theresa's whimpering cries of pleasure. Nancy sucked again, enjoying the wild contortions Theresa went through each time she sucked or plunged her tongue inside the older woman's pussy.

    "Oooo, Nancy." Theresa lifted her head and stared down at the young girl sucking her pussy. "Ummmmm." She saw her Dane, his head between Nancy's thighs.

    "Holy Christ!" She dropped her head back with a thud.

    Wallowing in the pleasure of Theresa's pussy, Nancy jammed her ass back into Thor's face. The sensations were exquisite.

    Sucking and being sucked blew Nancy's mind.

    Theresa's face filled with shock. "Jesus! I'm cumming!" She bucked, saturating the child's face with a deluge of hot buttery pussy-cum. "I'm creaming, Nancy!

    God, I'm cumming!"

    Nancy, her mouth plastered to Theresa's pussy, was just as shocked. Her head was spinning. She was sucking Theresa off.

    Recovering, she gobbled the woman's clit into her mouth and held it between her teeth.

    With her clit prisoner, Theresa went wild. She lunged up, her clit scraping against Nancy's teeth. "Ohhh, Nancy! Bite!"

    Nancy did. She worked her teeth back and forth over Theresa's swollen clit, and the older woman screamed in ecstasy.

    It was over before they both knew it. Theresa shuddered.

    Nancy lifted her head, creamy fuck juice coating her flushed face.

    "You creamed," Nancy said. She squiggled away from Thor's lapping tongue "All over your face," Theresa moaned. "It was great. Quick, but great."

    Nancy got on all fours. She was impatient. "I'm ready for his cock, Theresa. He got me all juicy with his tongue."

    Thor was behind the blonde teenager, his tongue lapping up through her ass crack, keeping her crotch constantly bathed in warm doggie spit.

    "I'll check and see if Thor's ready for you," Theresa sighed. Still tingling from the small orgasm Nancy had treated her to, Theresa crawled down and stared at Thor's prick.

    "Is he hard?" Nancy gasped. She wriggled her ass, creaming all over Thor's snout.

    Not quite," Theresa sighed. "I'll fix him up in a jiffy."

    "Hurry, Theresa," Nancy sobbed, her passion growing more intense by the second.

    "I need his dick."

    "I know just how you feel," Theresa said, ogling her pet's long thick cock as his prick jutted from its sheath. "I'll give him a nice suck and prime him for your cherry."

    While Thor wormed his rubbery tongue up through the virgin slit of Nancy's pussy, Theresa angled her head under his powerful body. She opened her mouth and gobbled the glistening pointed tip of his prick into her mouth. She sucked hard, inching his prick into her mouth. She used her tongue, whipping it wildly over his cockshaft.

    "Oh, shit," Nancy squealed. the dog's tongue became a snake, invading Nancy's pussy. It hit cherry skin. Growling, his cock trapped in his mistress's mouth, he began nipping and chewing on the puffy lips of Nancy's cunt. His rump jerked. His cock fucked into Theresa's face.

    Theresa gagged, but took him to the root as the last thick throbbing inches jutted out from his sheath. She sucked deep, her own passion fed by the dog's yelping slurps and Nancy's squeals of joy.

    "I want his cock!" Nancy cried. She jammed back into Thor's muzzle. "Is he hard yet? Ohhhh, Christ. I want his cock."

    Theresa's mouth was crammed full of doggie cock. She sucked lovingly, hating to give up his thick meaty prick. Cumming on Nancy's mouth had only heightened her lust, not satisfied it.

    "Hurry!" Nancy cried as Thor's tongue plunged into her asshole. She snapped her head around, saw Theresa's naked body sprawled out, half under Thor. "He's reaming my asshole. I want his cock! I want his cock." She jammed back, agitating the dog.

    Theresa sucked, her tongue honing the dog's lust to a razor's edge. It swelled in her mouth, squashing her tongue and brushing against the roof of her mouth.

    He was ready, and she knew it. Reluctantly, she popped her mouth from his prick.

    Panting, she squirmed out from under her giant pet. Her eyes devoured the child's ass and Thor's attempt to soak it in spit.

    "He's ready for you," she whispered. "Ready to break your cherry."

    Nancy turned her head and looked hotly at the older woman.

    "Get him on my back." Her blue eyes focused on Theresa's face.

    "Help him."

    Theresa saw the passion. "Remember. It's gonna hurt. He's no puppy."

    "I want it to hurt," Nancy sobbed. "It'll make it feel that much better when the pain goes away." She was remembering Pepper and his cock fucking her asshole. "Hurry, before I scream."

    Theresa was enjoying the wild passion of the teenager. She grabbed Thor's collar, dragging him away from Nancy's sopping pussy. She held his cock and stroked his back. "You ready to bust a cherry?"

    Thor whimpered, his skinny tail wagging. His prick throbbed in Theresa's fist.

    He barked and jerked his rump. He was ready.

    "Oh, don't be a bitch!" Nancy cried, twisting her head to stare at Theresa.

    "Make him fuck me."

    "Say please," Theresa taunted.

    "Please," Nancy moaned. "Please!" Her blue eyes, glassy with lust, pleaded with the smiling Theresa.

    Theresa released Thor's giant cock. She patted Nancy's back.

    "Up, boy. Up!"

    Nancy was shaking, waiting for Thor to leap up and mount her. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

    Thor whimpered and licked his rubbery lips with his wet tongue. He sniffed Nancy's squiggling ass, then jumped up. His big front paws held the child up near her shoulders. He danced on his back legs, his rump going like crazy as he tried fucking his prick into Nancy's cunt.

    Nancy grunted, almost crumbling under the heavy weight of the giant Great Dane.

    Steadying herself, she shuddered. "My pussy!" Nancy cried. "Get him in my pussy."

    Theresa reached under her pet's powerful body. She gripped his prick tightly in her hand. "Soon, Nancy," she sighed, continuing to torment the half-crazed teenager. "Soon."

    Wild, his cock being twisted by his mistress, Thor yelped and barked. He jerked his head, his big black eyes glowing.

    Theresa dragged the pointed tip of Thor's cock through Nancy's wet steamy pussy. A shrill scream and a high-pitched yelp filled her head. She laughed drunkenly.

    "In me!" Nancy cried. She had felt the pressure of his cock against the thin skin that protected her virginity. "Gimme his cock."

    Theresa was done playing games. She aimed the hard throbbing slab of prickmeat at Nancy's virgin pussy. "Here he comes," she moaned. "Take him!"

    Thor yelped and fucked through the thin skin of Nancy's cherry as if it were paper. He yelped again, fucking even deeper on the second plunge.

    Nancy went into shock. The pain was tremendous. Her head snapped back. Her eyes bulged as if they were going to pop from their sockets. "He's in! Aghhhhh!"

    Thor ravaged the child's pussy, mindless of the pain he was causing the horny blonde. Hard lightning thrusts fucked his cock deeper and deeper.

    Nancy's horror-struck eyes found Theresa. She felt faint.

    The pain was overwhelming. She opened her mouth to speak. Nothing came out. The room started to spin. "Theresa!" It was a shrill desperate cry for help.

    Theresa shivered. She knew what the child was going through.

    "Relax, Nancy. Relax." She wiped the child's forehead and stroked her cheek, calming her. "Take him. Work with him."

    Through the pain that racked her mind, Nancy heard.

    Groaning, she nodded. All of the fuck juices that had been lubricating her pussyhole had dried up. The pain had taken away all of her cunt juices. Thor was fucking into her dry pussy with only his natural cock juice greasing the way. It wasn't enough.

    Thor yelped. His tail curled, his hind legs danced. His front paws clung to her shoulders. He yelped his protest as the dry walls of her cunt rubbed against his fucking prick.

    Nancy rocked under the steady onslaught of the giant Dane.

    "The pain. It burns. I'm dying." She bucked. It was worse than last night when Pepper had fucked her asshole. "I can't stand it."

    The child twisted her head and looked up at the dog. He looked like a demon.

    She tried shaking him loose. It was impossible. She looked at Theresa, saw the woman smiling.

    "Bitch!" she spat. "Get him off me." The child no longer cared about being a woman. All she wanted was for the pain to stop.

    "He's in you for keeps, Nancy," Theresa said throatily.

    Watching the child suffer gave her a thrill. "Fuck her, Thor.

    Make the little bitch a woman. Show her what it's like."

    Nancy bucked and twisted, her dry cunt stretching, burning.

    Pain surged through her body. "Please, stop him," she sobbed.

    Thor didn't care. His cock throbbed. His balls rumbled. He clung to the squirming child. His neck stretched, his tongue drooping out. His black eyes blazing, he howled.

    Nancy's dream of bliss had turned into a nightmare. A scream died in her throat. She gasped, surrendering to the ravaging cock of the Great Dane.

    Theresa saw the resignation on Nancy's face. "Fuck her, Thor. Fuck her!"

    The howling beast obeyed his mistress's hoarse raspy command. Dancing on his hind legs, he lashed at the child mercilessly. His hard violent thrusts almost toppled the sobbing child. His deep powerful jabs almost split her cunt apart.

    Nancy, her body near total collapse, felt the beginnings of pleasure deep in her ravaged pussy. At first she didn't believe, but the pleasure continued to grow, spreading throughout her body, erasing the pain. The joy of this new and exciting development flickered in her big blue eyes like a feeble flame.

    Theresa saw it and smiled. She caressed Nancy's flushed face. "I told you.

    You're gonna love it now."

    "Mmmmm," Nancy sighed. "Oooo, you're… right!" Her blue eyes filmed over with passion. The pleasure was growing stronger, the pain gone completely.

    Thor also knew. His hard stabbing cock was now being bathed in hot sticky pussy-cream.

    He yelped his pleasure. The fuck juice that now coated his prick gave him added speed, and he took advantage of it.

    "Thor knows too," Theresa said. She petted her dog. "She's hot, huh, boy?"

    Thor yelped, his cock fucking through Nancy's now wet pussy.

    His balls swelled, the heat of Nancy's cunt hole surging down into his balls.

    "It's heaven," Nancy gasped. "Heaven!" She rocked back, wiggled her hips.

    "Ooooo, God!" The pleasure overwhelmed her. It was fabulous. A hundred times better than getting fucked in the ass. "Ooooo!"

    Nancy's bubbling hot pussy gulped steadily at Thor's hard fucking prick. Hot untried cunt muscles pulsed wetly against his cockshaft. She soaked his cock in gooey fuck cream and milked his prick with her pussy muscles.

    The giant dog responded to the pleasures of Nancy's cunt. He fucked his prick in and out at fantastic speeds. His huge body covered her, his smooth short-haired coat flush against her sizzling hot skin. His hind legs kept him balanced, gave him leverage for brutally fucking the screaming child's pussy.

    Totally involved, Nancy rolled her hips. She was in ecstasy.

    "Ram it, Thor. Rip me apart!" She looked at a smiling Theresa. "I love it! I love it!" All she could think about was the wonderful pleasure and the cum that would soon be squirting into her pussy.

    "I told you," Theresa sighed. She clawed Thor's hind legs, massaged his swollen balls, urging him into greater feats of strength. "Fuck her good, Thor. Nice and hard."

    Thor's powerful body rippled with energy. Juicy cunt-cream drenched his cockshaft. Theresa's fingers on his hairy balls had him yelping, had him dancing frantically on his hind legs.

    Nancy's cunt tightened around Thor's cock-shaft. It caused the dog to bark shrilly. She used her cunt muscles like an expert. It added to their pleasure.

    "Fuck me, doggie. Fuck me." She was drunk with passion, high on lust. She jammed back, grinning lewdly at an enthralled Theresa. "I love getting fucked.

    Love it!"

    Theresa used her fingers to torment both the screaming child and her pet dog.

    She scratched her nails over Nancy's exposed clit. She clawed Thor's cockshaft as he fucked into the steamy depths of Nancy' s cunthole. The child's screams and Thor's howling yelps blew her mind.

    Nancy was rocking on her hands and knees. She felt each thrust of Thor's cock.

    She reveled in his strength, loved the depth he reached each time he fucked into her pussy. His fur against her skin excited her. Everything melted together, creating a pleasure she never knew existed.

    Thor howled, his cock swelling, his balls ready to burst. He stretched his neck, his huge head in the air. Eyes bulging, ears flat against his skull, he was ready to explode.

    Theresa's fingers scratched over his cum-crammed balls. She found his asshole, plunged a finger in and gouged at the walls of his narrow asshole.

    It was all the huge Dane could take. His balls erupted. A blast of hot doggie-cum shot through his fat throbbing prickshaft, squirted from his pisser, and sprayed the scalding depths of Nancy's pussy.

    "Ooooo!" Nancy screeched. "He's cumming! He's cumming!" The hot squirting doggie-cum ignited her own orgasm. She slammed her body back into Thor's powerful frame. "I'm cumming! Creaming!" She jerked her hips, snapped her head around, saw Theresa. "I'm cumming, Theresa." A lewd gurgling cry came from her mouth.

    In the throes of her orgasm, Nancy took every drop of jizz that spewed from Thor's cock. Her ass jiggled as she fucked back against the frenzied dog.

    "I'm cumming, Thor. I'm creaming your cock!" Back and forth, Nancy jerked her body, screaming at the top of her lungs.

    Driven by the passion unleashed by Thor's spurting cock, Nancy went insane. Her arms and legs almost gave out, but she managed to keep her balance. She slammed back, grinding her body into the hairy beast.

    The girl's screaming voice, her overheated pussy, and his mistress's tormenting fingers enraged the howling animal. His aching cock, caught in the steamy vise of her pussy, spouted a steady load of white thick gooey cum. Each glob of the hot jizz squirted deep, flooding Nancy's body until the cum overflowed.

    More jizz shot from his pisser. The tip of his cock now fucked through her flooded pussy with squishy noises.

    The hot buttery ooze created by Nancy's cum and Thor's thick jism oozed from her body. Fuck juice drenched Thor's ball-sac, coating the backs of Nancy's thighs. His groin became soaked. Her ass cheeks became glistening wet and sticky.

    "He's so big!" Nancy shrieked. "So wonderfully big!" She jerked, matched his speed, his strength. "He's stretching me! Ooooo, I'm still creaming!"

    Theresa wormed her finger deep in Thor's asshole, keeping the giant animal in a raging frenzy. She used her free hand and groped between her dog and the girl.

    Squishy noises filled her ears as she found what she was looking for, Nancy's clit. She pinched. Nancy almost fainted. She bucked, driving back at the yelping dog. Theresa's fingers and Thor's cock were fantastic.

    She dropped her head and saw her small tits jiggling. She snapped her head back and screamed. As she worked her ass in tight circles, her cunt muscles grabbed at his meaty prick, greedily milking his cock for more cum. She was insatiable.

    Without mercy, the Great Dane fucked the screaming child.

    Hacking thrusts, drilling stabs, and hammering lunges all blended to take them both into bliss.

    Panic enveloped the teenage blonde. Her body contorted in agonizing pleasure.

    "I… can't stop… cumming! My God! I can't stop!"

    His hulking cock was splitting her pussy apart. She climaxed again, her hips rolling, her ass jiggling, her arms ready to crumble.

    Theresa didn't stop. Her fingers helped both child and dog, keeping them in the throes of orgasm. "Cream… cream… cream!" she droned, hypnotized by the passion that reeked in the room. "Cream!"

    Thor fucked away at the blonde. His strength was being drained. His pace began to slow. His tongue was drooling from his mouth. A flurry of lightning jabs spewed the rest of his cum from his cock. His balls were empty. Only drops of jizz oozed from his pisser.

    "Aghhhhh!" Nancy cried. She slammed back. Theresa's manipulating fingers were driving her berserk. She bucked hard and screamed. Her elbows gave out and she crashed to the floor, writhing in ecstasy. It was over, but she couldn't stop creaming.

    Thor popped his spent prick from her pussy. The child had drained him. Jerking, he freed himself from his mistress's fingers and ran to the corner of the room to lick his prick.

    Panting, Nancy rolled over on her back. Cum oozed from her ravaged pussy. She looked at Theresa, a dreamy smile on her face.

    "I'm a woman."

    "You certainly are." She glanced at Thor. "You made a puppy out of him."

    Nancy laughed. "I'm starved."

    "Fucking does give you an appetite." She pulled herself up and offered Nancy her hand. "C'mon. I'll feed you, then you can watch Thor fuck me."

    "Mmmmm, sounds good to me."

    Two hours later, Nancy said goodbye to Theresa and went home. The only thing on her mind was how to talk her mother and father into getting her a dog of her own.


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