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    Wife on film

    Chapter 1

    Everything was just the way he liked it. His favorite girl was hot, naked, and wild, poised sexily above him. His favorite brandy was warm and exhilarating inside him. His plush bedroom was lit just right, his favorite music was playing in the background, and huge mirrors were hanging in place above the big, round bed. And his expensive, sophisticated video recorder system was capturing it all on tape.

    Rex glanced to the side of the bed for a moment and caught a glimpse of the big TV screen with the lovely image of May languidly fingering herself to orgasm. He watched her slim fingers slowly dipping in and out of the pink slit between her long, loving legs. He heard her lustfilled voice coming through the speakers in gasps and sighs.

    It had been several weeks since he had made that film, he remembered.

    He turned his head, propping up a silk pillow, and gazed at the reflection in the bright, strategically placed mirror at the foot of the bed. There was May's lovely face again. This time he viewed a reflection, but in the present. This time he saw her face flushed and excited and heard her moaning and gasping as she engulfed his swollen cock in her mouth.

    He watched contentedly. His cock felt wonderful in that hot, velvety mouth. She was as wildly turned on by sex as he was, just as promiscuous and just as daring, and he had never found anyone that could suck his long, thick pecker like she could.

    He enjoyed the show, watching first the taped May playing with her wet, blonde-haired pussy, then returning to the image of the real May with her blonde-haloed head bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock. He groaned deeply as he watched and felt her tongue lap hot circles around the bulbous head of his prick. The smooth pink of her tongue looked and felt beautiful against the red skin of his circumcised penis.

    Rex grasped her thigh and pulled it closer to his head. She was kneeling with her full, white ass facing him. She raised her thigh as he pulled it toward him and straddled his head with her luscious hips, not missing a stroke on his cock as she did so.

    Here was the third view that Rex had at his command-May's fragrant, hot pussy spread out invitingly right in front of his sex-flushed face and hungry mouth. Her blonde pubic hair was soft and fine, and framed her plump pussy-lips and tightly puckered anus. He stared at the beautiful, juicy sight for a long moment before taking his first taste of her wet cunt.

    Grasping the smooth, cool flesh of her buttocks, he spread her asscheeks and exposed even more of her lovely pussy. He saw her cunt open, her asshole spread, and her swollen clit strain from between her turgid pussy-lips as he pressed his face into her steaming crotch.

    May released an ecstatic groan as she felt Rex's skilled tongue touch her excited cunt. She sucked harder on the head of his cock, straining to get more of his massive prick into her mouth as he began to excite her juicy pussy.

    Rex pressed his tongue lightly against May's clit and licked smoothly up through the humid valley of her cunt, into her dripping hole, and onto her flexing asshole-where he lingered for a moment to tantalize the wrinkled pucker. He then swept his tongue quickly back through the hot cleft of her cunt, pressing more firmly this time, and plucked the throbbing clit into his mouth, sucking hard.

    "Aaaaahhhhh…that's right…suck my clit, Rex…suck it hard!" she cried, her mouth involuntarily leaving his cock as the delicious feelings in her loins swept through her entire body.

    She sucked his cock back into her quivering mouth, pulling him in deeper this time as he continued to tease her clit. He knew the way she liked it. He kept a steady pressure on that swollen bud of clit-flesh, feeling it throb and move, and then began to flick lightly and maddeningly with the tip of his tongue. Keeping the hot little lovebutton trapped with his lips, he vibrated it expertly with his tongue.

    He felt the warm sensation of his cock going deeper and deeper into her mouth in return.

    "Uuuuummmmm," she moaned, her mouth and throat stuffed with Rex's cock.

    She was going wild with lust. Rex's hot mouth sucking and manipulating that most sensitive part of her cunt was unleashing all her passion.

    With her animal desires blazing, she fought back the reflex to gag and pressed her head down farther on Rex's long cock, letting it slide all the way into her throat. Her lips pressed against his pubic hair as she gulped and sucked on his hot prick.

    The moans came from Rex now as he felt her consume his entire cock. He let her throbbing clit escape from his sucking mouth and began again to lap his tongue through the entire hot, wet region of her loins. He licked in long strokes, massaging her burning crotch from clit to asshole.

    His actions were becoming more and more frenzied, and he could no longer pull his face away from her pussy to look at her erotic image in the mirror or on the television screen. He knew that as they each sucked and licked, the video recorder was capturing every moment of their bliss on tape.

    May was on the brink of orgasm. Rex could tell by the way his cock was deep in her throat, and by the way her hips were starting to buck and twitch above his face. He could also tell by the way her cunt-hole was squeezing his tongue as he plunged deep into her pussy, and by the way her asshole was flexing excitedly.

    He knew that now was the time to push her over the edge of blissbefore he came and while she was at the peak of her passion. He again captured her twitching clit between his lips and massaged and pulled firmly on her small pink bud. He felt the tiny center of passion throb as he pulled, her hot pussy-flesh stretching and straining as he clamped down more firmly.

    "Aaaaahhhh…uuuuhhhh!" His skillful manipulation of her clit did the trick. Her head was raised above his cock, her face a mask of passion as she howled and moaned in the ecstasy of her orgasm.

    As her orgasm gradually faded, May relaxed her lust-tightened body. She hung her head back between Rex's legs and sucked gently just at the head of his bloated cock. She sucked with her eyes closed, a placid, satisfied expression on her face.

    Rex took one last, loving lick at her tightly flexed asshole and gently pushed her hips forward. She knew just what he wanted her to do. All that was needed was a hint.

    She crept forward slowly on her knees, still straddling Rex's body. He watched with pleasure the lovely scene her spread ass-cheeks made as they shifted from side to side, opening and closing to reveal her asshole and the blonde-haired pouch of her pussy-lips.

    Rex looked again at the TV screen. The image was still that of May finger fucking. The scene was farther along now and her actions were less relaxed and more feverish. One hand was at her tits, kneading her soft, white tit-flesh while pulling at her erect nipples. Her other hand was still between her smooth thighs, her fingers alternately plucking at her clit, dipping into her twat, tantalizing her asshole.

    Her face now had the expression of a woman totally absorbed in the wonderful task of jerking off. And doing a very good job of it.

    May's hips were now poised over Rex's cock-it waved erect, pointing straight at her luscious loins. Reaching between her legs, May spread her hanging cunt-lips with her fingers. She pulled them widely apart, opening her twat for Rex's ten-inch prick. She slowly lowered herself until the head of his large tool was just touching the inner opening of her pussy. She released her hold on her cunt-flaps and her pussy-lips surrounded the head of his cock with warm wetness.

    "Uuummmmm…you're hot tonight, baby," Rex groaned as the head of his cock was engulfed by her warm pussy.

    "Just feel this," May said lustily. "If you think my pussy's hot on the outside, it's boiling on the inside!" She relaxed her hips and allowed herself to descend smoothly and steadily, his prick sliding straight into her cunt. Her hands went involuntarily to her smooth belly as she felt a wonderful sensation of fullness.

    Rex's hot cock was a perfect fit in her tight pussy. She lowered her hips until she was resting on Rex's pelvis, his cock buried to the hilt in the warm folds of her flesh.

    "Ooooohhhhh…that's good…can you feel how hot it is?" she asked in a hoarse, passion-filled voice as she enjoyed the tightly stuffed feeling in her deep pussy. She watched herself in the mirror at the foot of the bed. She had a full frontal view of her lovely body. Her long blonde hair fell down on her shoulders. Her tits were taut and uplifted with jutting pink nipples. Her slim waist tapered out to full hips with the soft patch of her blonde pubic hair at the base of her belly pressing into the black hair that encircled the base of Rex's cock.

    "Yeah, baby," Rex answered. "It's boiling…it's boiling hot in there!" Rex was enjoying the wonderful tight heat of her pussy and admiring his triple view of May at the same time. He turned his head away from the TV screen where May was now beginning to probe her pussy with a large blue dildo. He looked down at his hips where she squatted with her flawless back and achingly beautiful ass facing toward him. He could see the base of his cock encircled by the turgid lips of her cunt, and her asshole nestled against his pubic hair, as she held his cock all the way inside her pussy.

    Turning his head slightly sideways, he was able to see her front side reflected in the mirror at the foot of the bed. She was stroking her tits, lightly pinching her swollen nipples as she watched her reflection and relished the feeling of his big cock inside her loins.

    He could see his balls pulled tightly up against the base of his cock, directly under the triangle of blonde hair at the apex of her lower belly.

    She raised her body smoothly and slowly. His cock appeared, inch by inch, sliding wetly out of her pussy. It was red and glistening from the heat and wetness of her cunt. The lips of her cunt adhered to the smooth skin of his cock as she raised her hips higher. Her cunt seemed to suck at the prick that stretched her inflamed, pink lips. She stopped at the point where only the head of his burning tool was enclosed in the moist folds of her pussy-flesh.

    "How does it feel in there tonight, honey?" she purred, knowing how he loved that first complete immersion in her twat. She flexed the mouth of her cunt as she held her body steady, squeezing his hard cock-head.

    "Oh, yeah…it's good tonight, baby," Rex groaned, closing his eyes tightly from the biting sensation of her pussy squeezing his red, swollen cock-head. She's one in a million, he thought to himself. The only girl I've ever fucked who could control her pussy that way.

    She began lowering herself again, her pussy sucking in his cock. He watched with pleasure as the huge head of his massive prick first stretched her pussy-lips to their widest point, then moved smoothly on through to her hot, tight cunt. He had always been amazed at the ease with which she could consume his cock with her mouth or her cunt. Even her ass could take in the whole thing-but not quite as easily and usually not without some coaxing from Rex. His cock was long and thick, and many of the women he had fucked just couldn't handle it. Not May, however. He never ceased to enjoy watching her engulfing his gorgeous cock with her lips or twat or asshole.

    She was halfway down his cock by now, feeling the big head plow through her cunt-hole. Her pussy-juices were beginning to flow. She could feel them dripping from her widely stretched pussy. Her pubic hair and asshole were becoming saturated with her sweet, sticky juice.

    May sighed deeply as the mouth of her pussy touched his pubic hair. She immediately began to slide her pussy up his cock again. She sped up her movements and was soon beginning another hot downward stroke. She began to groan deep in her throat with each upward stroke, then suck her breath sharply as she moved swiftly back down Rex's smooth cock.

    Rex watched her reflection in the mirror. Her face was flushed, her head thrown back with her mouth open, as she passionately caressed her tits and belly and thighs. At the downward portion of each thrust, she would grasp his fat balls in her hand and lightly squeeze his swollen nut-sac.

    As Rex looked back at the rear view of her body, her hips twitching and her ass-cheeks parting with each stroke, he realized that he was dose to shooting his cum into her pussy. He knew that now was the time to slow down and prolong the pleasure. He also knew that she was turned on enough at this point to take his entire cock into her tight, sexy asshole.

    "Hold on, baby!" Rex commanded, grabbing May's ass tightly as he leaned forward. He held her there at the top of her stroke, her pussy barely making contact with the head of his cock.

    "Let's slow down just a little," he said softly, teasing her by flexing his cock in the mouth of her cunt.

    "Oh, Rex!" she whined. "Give it to me…give it to me now!"

    Rex held on tightly to May's squirming ass and prevented her from ramming herself back down on his cock. He watched with delight as her tender asshole flexed excitedly. He knew she was hot enough to let him stuff his whole cock into that tight little hole.

    "Okay, baby, okay," Rex said in a voice thickened by lust. "I'll give it to you…in your ass."

    "Oh, Rex," May moaned, "anywhere…anywhere you say!"

    He looked on with pleasure as she raised her hips and released his cock from the strong grasp of her pussy. He was surprised at how easily she agreed to his demands. She usually had to be coaxed along for a while before she would let him stick that big cock of his into her ass.

    He released his grip on her ass-cheeks and turned his head to look at the television screen. The taped image of May was going wild with the big, blue dildo. She was slamming the huge plastic cock into her pussy with crazed passion. Her face was flushed with deep, sexual desire. He loved watching her finger-fuck.

    Returning his gaze to the real May, he saw that she had leaned forward, raising her ass away from his cock. He loved to watch her prepare herself for getting fucked in the ass.

    She spread her thighs wider. Reaching down between her legs, she began to dip her long fingers into her dripping cunt then rub the juices on her tightly flexed anus. She was first using only two, but she gradually worked three fingers into her still-excited pussy. Slowly withdrawing them, enjoying the feeling as she did so, she smeared her sweet, sticky cunt-sauce all over her pink asshole.

    Rex enjoyed this part of their little ritual almost as much as he loved the feeling of her tight asshole sliding down his cock. The thrill of watching a beautiful woman playing with her pussy and asshole was almost beyond compare.

    As she gradually soaked her puckered anus in love-juices, it took on the dark pink, feverish color of her inflamed pussy-flesh. Once it was properly lubricated, she began to lightly probe into the opening with her fingertips. Slowly, she pushed two fingers into her hot opening, stretching it wider and wider. She continued to alternately plunge her fingers first into her asshole then back into her pussy, wetting her anus still more, finally sinking three fingers into her tight, puckered opening.

    Rex saw her passionate expression in the big mirror as she leaned toward it, her big tits hanging forward and swaying with her movements.

    He glanced again at the TV screen and saw her now arching her back in orgasm, totally wild with lust, the blue plastic cock deep in her pussy.

    Rex again returned his gaze to the real-life May and saw that she now had three fingers sunk completely in the widely stretched hole between the cheeks of her perfect, white ass.

    "Oh…Rex," she gasped feverishly. "I'm ready…I'm ready for your cock."

    "Just a second, baby," Rex replied. "Scoot back here for a minute and give me a taste of that asshole before I put my cock in there."

    May complied with his order. She crawled backwards on her knees, her ass spread wide. Each backward movement she made with her knees pulled her cheeks apart invitingly as her loins moved closer to Rex's waiting mouth. She stopped with her beautiful ass and pussy spread wide and wet right in front of Rex's face.

    "Oh, yeah, baby," Rex moaned, placing his hands on the smooth asscheeks directly in front of him. He stretched them apart as wide as they would go, making her asshole actually protrude slightly from the wet crevice between her ass-globes.

    Pulling her ass toward his face, he opened his mouth and pressed his lips to her pink, puckered hole. He held his open mouth against her closed anus. He licked it lovingly and tickled the very center of her tight little rosette with the tip of his tongue. He loved the way her anus tasted and felt after she had been playing with it and rubbing it with her pussy-juice.

    He pressed his tongue hard against the center of her tight ring of assmuscle. Her fingers had loosened her tight sphincter and his tongue slid easily into the hot passage. He fucked his tongue in and out of the squeezing hole, enjoying the little moans and gasps his actions caused. He kept his lips pressed around the musky opening and continued to manipulate her anus with his tongue, just like he was kissing her mouth!

    May let a long, lusty sigh escape her throat as she felt Rex's tongue probe deeper and deeper into her inflamed anus. She felt him remove one of his hands from her buttocks and soon felt his experienced fingers take hold of her swollen clit. Shivers shot deliciously through her body as her clit was tweaked and lightly pinched. Then she felt the simultaneous deep thrust of his tongue and an extreme, squeezing pressure on her protruding clit.

    "Aaaaahhhhh…squeeze my clit…squeeze it, baby!" she screamed.

    "Ooooohhhhh, that's sooooo goooood…tongue-fuck my ass, lover!"

    Rex loved the sound of her sexual excitement. He squeezed harder on her throbbing clit, sticking his tongue as deep into her shit-hole as it would go as a powerful orgasm swept through her lovely body.

    Removing his tongue from her hole, he pushed her sex-stunned body forward. "Okay, baby. Now for the real thing," he said lustily.

    She moved back down toward his still-erect cock until her hips were positioned above his throbbing prick.

    "All right, get it in there," he ordered in a husky voice. "Come on… get it in your ass!"

    Rex's glance at the TV screen showed him that the televised May was now working that same blue dildo into her anus. Perfect timing, Rex said to himself. He watched as the bright-blue plastic cock disappeared into her spread buttocks.

    The real May, meanwhile, was preparing to do the same with his real cock. She grasped Rex's thick tool in her fist and guided the head of it to the mouth of her ass. Placing the tip there, she began to slowly but steadily rest the full weight of her hips on Rex's dick. Rex moaned as he felt the sensitive head of his cock contact the hot flesh of May's anus.

    May felt the bulbous head of Rex's beautiful cock spread open the tight ring of muscle and gradually enter her anal passage. She wiggled her hips to help ease it into her ass, loving every sensation of the hot cock head intruding into her bowels.

    Rex looked at the large mirror and enjoyed the ecstatic bliss of May's face as his cock began to penetrate. He was able to watch his dick disappear into her beautiful ass, watch the lovely reflection of May's face and body, and see a televised version of May's frantically masturbating form all at the same time.

    As the head of Rex's cock passed on into her squeezing shit-passage, May threw her head back and howled at the burning sensation it created in her belly.

    "Aaaaahhhhh…it feels so goooooood, baby," she groaned. "Ooooohhhhh …I love it, I love it!"

    She reached down and grabbed her ass-cheeks with both hands and spread them widely apart to help accommodate more of Rex's big cock. Rex watched the lovely view of May's ass opening wider and wider as his cock disappeared inch by inch into her squeezing shitter.

    "Yeah, baby! Squeeze it in there! Squeeze my cock into that tight ass," he sighed. Her ass continued to suck in more and more of his hot cockflesh. He was stretching her entire rectum with his magnificent prick.

    "Ooooohhhhh…I love it, baby," she cooed, unable to hold off the feelings of deep orgasm that were beginning in her belly and traveling up her spine. Her hand involuntarily reached for her twitching clit and began to manipulate it feverishly. Her other hand went to her swollen nipples and pinched and pulled the hot, hard, red buds. She was going into a realm of sexual ecstasy: her clit was being rapidly stimulated; her nipples and tits were being stroked and caressed expertly; her asshole was being filled with hard, hot cock-meat. The only thing she lacked was something for her pussy, but catching a quick glance of herself in the TV screen, beginning to fuck both her asshole and pussy with two dildoes, she had hope that Rex would do something about her cunt, too.

    Rex took intense sexual satisfaction in both the feeling and appearance of his ten-inch cock sinking into May's butt, and he also noticed her beautifully passionate reflection in the big foot-of-the-bed mirror.

    Looking sideways, he saw the televised image of May plunging a big, blue plastic cock into both her pussy and ass. He realized that that was probably what she wanted now, too.

    Reaching forward, he took May by the shoulders and gently but firmly pulled her backwards until she was reclining against him. He had even a better view now of his dick jammed into her hot asshole. The mirror showed him every detail of the humid, fragrant penetration.

    Rex reached to the shelf at the head of the big bed and grasped the bright, blue dildo that May had used in the taped sequence they were both casually watching. Positioning it between her legs and guiding himself by the reflection in the mirror, he placed the big head of the fake cock at the mouth of her gaping pussy. He slowly pushed the plastic prick into the wet folds of her pussy-flesh. She cried out in response.

    "Ooooohhhhh…Rex, baby…my ass…my cunt…fuck me…fuck me!" She was at the very brink of orgasm, beginning her rapid slide to ecstasy.

    Rex watched the mirrored reflection: her hands were both now at her breasts, kneading and squeezing the firm mounds of white flesh; her hips were bucking and writhing and sucking in the last few inches of his hot cock into her butt; her head was thrown back with her long blonde hair flying about and her face flushed and distorted with sexual bliss.

    He felt the hot jism rising within his loins. The bucking movement of May's ass was getting him off without her even beginning to stroke his heavy cock. He spasmodically heaved his cock roughly in and out of her ass, burying it completely in the tight, hot confines of her butt.

    "Uuuuuhhhhh…Rex…I'm coming…I'm coming," May cried frantically as the sensations of all her stimulations finally drove her over the brink into complete sexual abandon. Her hands squeezed and pressed her tits. Her loins twitched and bucked to gain each inch of penetration into her cunt and ass. She was coming beautifully.

    Rex felt himself coming, too. He felt the thick, hot jets of cum traveling through his cock, splashing into the deep interior of May's ass.

    Both their bodies shook and quaked as the intense powers of orgasm overcame them at the same time. They lunged feverishly against each other with all the force in their bodies…once…twice…three times…their orgasm took control. Their hot, flushed bodies did a sexual dance, moving to the need of their sexual drives, stirring the deepest source of their physical lust.

    And it was all on tape.

    Chapter 2

    Rex lounged luxuriously in his opulent living room, reviewing the tape of May and himself he had made earlier that day. She's great, he thought to himself, a real natural for good fucking.

    The large red velvet couch he was reclining on was the only piece of furniture in that corner of the living room. The rest of the slightly secluded area of the large room was dominated by the huge seven-foot projection TV screen Rex was watching. In between the red couch and big screen was a soft, thick rug and a variety of pillows and cushions scattered about. A perfect area for all the seductions and escapades he performed there in front of the big TV screen.

    The problem in Rex's mind as he watched the excellent quality tape of May sucking his cock in and out of her lovely lips was, "What next?"

    His life of wealth and leisure was flawed only by these occasional moments of boredom. He had had so many women, all shapes and sizes.

    With his kind of wealth and good looks it was easy to attract them.

    Adding the element of video-taping to his sex-life had increased the excitement for awhile, but now he was longing for something a little bit different.

    What would happen, Rex wondered, if he was to share some of these video-tapes with someone else? Up until now he had saved the viewing of the tapes for himself and for May, the most steady and loyal (and best in bed) of his many girlfriends. What would happen if he were to use the tapes he had made to help him seduce other people? What if he utilized his sophisticated tape recorder system to tape people without them knowing it and then used the tapes to his advantage by a little innocent blackmail?

    He wondered why he hadn't thought of it before. With his video system, all those concealed, unobtrusive cameras, the various video tape recorders he owned, the big screen TV in the living room and the several smaller screens in the bedroom, he could tape whoever he wanted. Without them ever knowing about it. Until, that is, he chose to show them the tapes, or show the tapes to their husbands or wives or friends. The possibilities were endless, he thought excitedly.

    And now was the perfect time to begin his new video sex games. He had invited a married couple that lived in the same apartment building over for that very night. Jon and Ronee Williams, the perfect couple to begin his new experiments with.

    Jon was a successful, hard-working accountant that Rex knew envied the wild playboy lifestyle Rex led. He was good-looking, though not as good-looking as myself, Rex thought. He was fairly broad-minded and Rex was sure that he loved sex enough that he would get quite a kick out of seeing a few of Rex's more choice films. The only drawback to Jon was his wife, Ronee.

    Ronee, Rex mused. A beautiful woman, no doubt about that. But prim and proper as an old-maid school teacher. She was brunette, well-built with nice well-shaped tits, always a knockout at the apartment swimming pool. But she had always been cold and uncooperative when Rex had proposed a little swap party with himself, one of his girlfriends and Jon and Ronee. Well, maybe the manipulations he could perform with all this video gadgetry could pry her out of that frigid mold. Rex could tell that behind that cold, prudish facade lurked a sensual, sexy woman.

    And the icing on the cake was Vikki. Vikki was Ronee's niece and she was staying with Ronee and Jon for the summer. Rex wasn't sure just how old she was. But he knew she was old enough to enjoy sex if she hadn't been introduced to it already. Rex had always had a certain lecherous desire for young girls, and fucking Vikki would be a dream come true.

    Fucking Vikki and Ronee both at the same time would be the ultimate.

    And having it all on video tape would record it for sexual history.

    He renewed his watching of the tape he had made that day with May. They were to the part now where May was opening her luscious asshole for Rex's cock. Hmmmmm, Rex thought, all this and more to come.*** Jon and Ronee were both pretty well lit up, Rex thought as he sat with the two of them in front of the big TV projection screen. He had maneuvered his way around to the subject of his video system and, after they had all consumed enough liquor, gradually worked in the topic of swinging sex.

    They were now engrossed in a video-taped copy of a popular pornographic movie. Rex had suggested that they view one just for the hell of it, but thought to himself that it would be a good way to warm up to his next move.

    "Gosh, this is embarrassing," Ronee blushed, still watching the film intently, however.

    "Ahhhhh, hell, this is great, honey," Jon disagreed. "This is really living. To have all this on tape would be great. You just tune in to whatever you want. Right Rex?" he laughed.

    "That's right. It's all right there on tape," Rex replied, pleased with the reaction to his pornographic movie.

    "I bet you've even got tapes of some of those gorgeous broads you're always bringing up here," Jon said half-jokingly. "Probably got the real thing on tape, don'tcha?"

    "Jon," Ronee scolded, "of course he doesn't. Do you, Rex? And if he did he wouldn't go around showing them to other people, if that's what you're thinking!" She was talking in a liquor-slurred voice and her main attention was still fixed on the movie. Right now the movie was showing two women and one man all sucking and fucking each other. Rex was glad to see Ronee was enjoying it.

    "Don't be so sure about me," Rex laughed wickedly. "This video stuff is so expensive I have to use it for something, don't l?"

    "What do you mean?" Ronee asked, puzzled. Jon looked on with a knowing smile.

    "Well, there have been a few times I've taped some of my little escapades," Rex explained. "There's even one girl who had been in a few of these pornographic movies at one time and said she didn't care if anybody else saw the tape."

    "You're kidding," Ronee exclaimed.

    Jon just chuckled. "Bring 'em on out, Rex. Come on, let's see 'em!"

    "Well, I don't know," Rex said, stalling. "This girl is somebody you two might know. She lives here in the building."

    "Hell, this building's big enough we might never have seen her, Rex,"

    Jon urged. "Besides, if we have seen her that might make it even better!"

    "Jon! Rex!" Ronee said. "I'm surprised at both of you. We shouldn't be watching pictures of anybody…you know…doing anything!"

    "Hell, honey," Jon laughed, "that's what you're doing right now!"

    Ronee blushed. Rex surveyed the scene closely to make sure his timing was right. "Well, I just happen to have a little tape right here that I made a while back. It might give you an idea of the possibilities of combining sex and video tape."

    "Is it that chick you were talking about?" Jon asked.

    "Yeah, sure," Rex answered.

    "Is she as good looking as most of those girls we see you with?" Jon asked excitedly.

    "Well, decide for yourself," Rex responded as he loaded the new video cassette into the machine.

    Ronee and Jon both turned their undivided attention to the screen as May's figure appeared half-undressed. She was unfastening her bra as the scene started. Almost immediately her big, white tits exploded into view.

    "Hey, I've seen her around here!" Jon shouted. "Her name's May, isn't it?"

    "Yeah, that's right," Rex answered. "Have you ever seen her before, Ronee?" "Yes, I have seen her a couple of times in the elevator," she replied. "I sure never knew she'd been in porno pictures though."

    Once May had discarded her bra, she began unfastening her nylons and rolling them seductively down her smooth, shapely legs. With her front to the camera, leaning back on the big round bed, she removed her panties and gave them all the first full shot of her luscious pink pussy.

    "Whew," Jon whistled. "She is good to look at!" "This really is embarrassing," Ronee said, but she kept her eyes glued to the screen to see what would happen next.

    May leaned back farther and spread her legs wide. She began to languidly stroke her gorgeous body. She ran her hands up the insides of her smooth, tan thighs, over her wet pussy-lips, across her rounded, sensual belly, and up over her heaving tits. She paused there to gently pinch and squeeze her erect nipples before stroking her hands back down over her smooth body again.

    "Wow! " Jon exclaimed. "This really is something!"

    "Just wait," Rex chuckled, "the best is yet to come."

    Stopping her hands this time, after about the fifth or sixth trip up and down her body, May began to concentrate on her pussy. She stretched the lips apart, giving a clear, open view of her entire cunt area. Her clit protruded from its little nest of folded skin. Her cunt gaped open and oozed drops of pussy-juice. Her inner cunt-lips took on a hot blushed red color.

    She began to rub the entire area of wet, pink pussy-flesh with one open hand. She caressed it with a circular motion, stretching and exciting the inflamed skin. Her facial expression was taking on a more passionate tone. She closed her eyes and began to lose herself in stroking her pussy.

    Rex looked over at Ronee to gauge her reaction. Her mouth was hanging open and a shocked, slightly dazed expression was on her face. She must be enjoying it, he thought gladly.

    May had begun now to gently plunge a fingertip into her open pussyhole. She teasingly probed the ragged pink opening then withdrew the finger to flick lightly at her swelling clit. Soon, she was dipping deeper and deeper into her dripping cunt and adding a second and then a third finger.

    "She's really gettin' hot now!" Jon remarked excitedly.

    "Oh, I'd be so embarrassed to do that in front of a camera," Ronee said.

    "Well, you do it when you're by yourself, don't you?" Jon teased, causing Ronee to blush furiously.

    Things are working out just right, Rex thought.

    The taped image of May was still the main center of attention. May was falling deeper and deeper into her finger-fucking fantasy. Her eyes were closed and a combination of peacefulness and passion was reflected on her face.

    She was now smoothly stroking three fingers in and out of her cunt. Her other hand moved gracefully from one tit to the other with an occasional stop between her legs to gently flick her clit. She was completely lost now in her manipulations. Her hand and her entire crotch area was covered with her glistening cunt-juice.

    Groping to the side of the bed with one hand, May produced the big, ten-inch blue dildo. Pulling her hips up farther off the bed and spreading her knees wider apart, she placed the head of the fake cock at the mouth of her pussy and gently popped it in and out of the gaping hole several times. Once the head of the large tool was wet with her cunt-sauce, she plunged the full length of it into her pussy with one sharp stroke.

    Rex turned up the sound track to the tape, and May's sharp gasp as the dildo was suddenly buried in her pussy was amplified loudly in their corner of the living room. Rex noticed that Ronee had been stifling a few gasps and sighs of her own as May had readied the big dildo then shoved it home. He wasn't sure if she was turned on by the sight of May's lovely crotch as she spread it out before their eyes, or shocked at the size of the dildo, or what. He was sure, though, that Ronee was definitely turned on by something. Her mouth was open, covered by one hand to hide the sound of her gasps. Her other hand was pressed between her legs, drawn up into a fist.

    "You seem to be enjoying this, Ronee," Rex ventured, hoping for a positive response.

    "Well…she is a beautiful woman," Ronee stammered. "It is…it is quite a sight to watch."

    "You're damn right it is," Jon joined in. "She is one good-lookin' bitch. She looks hotter than hell! "

    "Yeah, she's a hot one all right," Rex said as they all three watched the tape of May driving the dildo deep into her pussy again and again.

    Her hips were high enough now that they could see her flexing asshole, juice-covered and glistening. Her free hand was ardently squeezing and pulling at her big, white tits. Her legs were high in the air with her pretty pink-soled feet waving in time to her sharp thrusts.

    "Oh, Jon," Ronee gasped, "this is just too much. We really shouldn't be watching something like this."

    "Just hang on, Ronee," Rex interjected. "It gets even better than this."

    May's actions became even more frantic. Her voice was coming to them in deep gasps and moans. They could tell she was reaching a magnificent climax. Ronee shuddered visibly as May's movements and sounds reached a vibrant peak. May's wild, lust-filled moans were blaring through the speakers. "Ooooohhhhh…ahh…ahh…oooohhhh!"

    "Oh, shit!" Jon shouted. "This is really great stuff!"

    "Just keep watching," Rex instructed calmly.

    They proceeded to watch as May produced another blue dildo, just as big as the first, and started to work it into her pink, blonde-haired asshole. They stared intently as she worked inch by inch of the big plastic dick into her tight hole. It was worth the wait. She soon had two big blue dildoes drilling in and out of her twin, juice-soaked holes!

    "Oh…how that must feel!" Ronee uttered in a hushed voice, almost unaware of the presence of Rex and Jon.

    "It looks like it must feel just great!" Jon replied.

    "Yes, May does like it in both spots," Rex said, directing his comment at Ronee.

    "Oh, Rex…Jon…see how it stretches her…her pussy and…and her other hole," Ronee stuttered.

    She was extremely involved in the tape, Rex was pleased to notice.

    Now's a good time to change the subject matter a little, he thought to himself.

    "As long as you two are enjoying this so much, let me show you a little of what I taped today," Rex suggested.

    "You mean, with that same good lookin' broad?" Jon asked.

    "Well…not just by herself," Rex teased.

    Rex punched a few buttons on his console, switched tapes, and there was May, bigger than life on the huge projection screen, with Rex's big cock in her mouth. The image was a tight close-up and his large cock and May's soft, wet lips filled the entire screen.

    "Oh, Rex!" Ronee gasped.

    "Yeah, now that's all right!" Jon shouted.

    Deep gurgles and sighs of satisfaction came over the speakers. May's lips were nuzzling Rex's pubic hair. She had his entire cock in her mouth and throat. The color and realism of the tape were fantastic. As May drew back her head, the red skin of Rex's cock glistened with the saliva that dripped from May's full lips. She grunted audibly as she plunged her head back down, sucking the big, firm tool into her throat again.

    "Hey, Rex. Is that you she's suckin'?" Jon asked jovially. "Hell, I know it is! You lucky bastard!"

    "Is it you?" Ronee asked, blushing. Rex nodded in agreement. "Gosh!

    You're so…you're so big," she stammered.

    Uhmmmmm, Rex thought, she really is turned on. Let's see how she responds to the rest of the tape before making a little proposition.

    "Let's just advance the tape a tiny bit," Rex said as he pressed a few buttons. "Here's another shot you might find interesting."

    He had advanced the tape to the segment in which May was just beginning to allow him to penetrate her asshole. It was several moments before Ronee realized what was happening on the screen. Rex had taken this section of tape from a camera concealed at the head of his large bed. A completely different angle and a much wider view of the two lovers was now being shown.

    "Oh, it is you!" Ronee exclaimed as though she hadn't really believed before that it was Rex. Now she could see his face, flushed and lustfilled, and May's passionate expression was also reflected in the mirror.

    May began her movements as they gazed intently. She lowered her pelvis slowly but steadily onto Rex's prick. Her asshole stretched wider and wider to accommodate his massive cock as it disappeared gradually into the steaming hole between the cheeks of her perfect ass. May and Rex were both breathing and gasping with desire and lust. Their guttural gasps were loudly broadcast into the room.

    "Ooohhhhh…I love it, baby," they heard May groan as Rex's entire cock was sucked into her hot ass.

    Rex was pretending to enjoy the scene, but was watching and enjoying Ronee's responses much more. He felt no embarrassment as she and Jon watched him naked and hot on the TV screen. He enjoyed the feeling that other people were getting off just watching him fuck.

    Ronee was getting hotter and hotter as she watched May begin to play with her nipples and clit as Rex's dick filled her ass. She felt her cunt getting wet as she took in every bit of the passionate scene being revealed by the tape. It was different than she had felt before.

    Somehow she had a strange desire to be with the two lovers as they fucked so intensely. She wondered what it would be like to have a cock that big inside her ass. And she even let her mind wander to the possibilities of what May's swollen tits and inflamed clit and pussy would feel like in her hands.

    Ronee became more entranced as Rex pulled May back toward him and inserted the big, blue dildo into her gaping cunt. Ronee silently mouthed the words along with her as May screamed, "Fuck me…fuck me!"

    Rex watched Ronee with satisfaction and desire. As the scene began drawing to its climax, May fondling herself madly as Rex shoved his cock in and out of her ass, Rex thought he saw Ronee reaching an orgasm of her own. His cock was stiff and hard inside his pants and he knew that he would have to somehow, someway get Ronee in bed.

    Jon was totally engrossed in the tape and hadn't noticed nearly as much of Ronee's excitement as Rex had. As the moment of orgasm thundered to a peak then slowly passed through the two taped lovers, the three spectators gradually drew their eyes away from the screen.

    "Wow…that was really something," Jon chuckled, not realizing the intense effect it had had on Rex and Ronee.

    "Yes…yes, it was," Ronee said in a soft, passionate voice.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe you two would like to make one sometime?" Rex said in a half-joking manner.

    "Anytime," Jon responded happily, not taking Rex seriously at first.

    "I really mean it," Rex said. "It's a real turn on to see yourself fucking on film."

    "Hey, why don't we try that, honey?" Jon asked Ronee excitedly. Her infatuation with the film had cooled rapidly, though, as she was changing back to her old, prudish self.

    "Are you serious?" she asked Jon indignantly.

    Rex didn't realize her sudden drop in passion and pressed on with his sexy proposition. "You'd look beautiful on tape, Ronee!"

    "What? You guys have gotta be kidding," she replied.

    "I mean it, Ronee. You and Jon could go in my bedroom and I could film the whole thing!" he insisted, still not realizing her opposition to the idea. "And somebody else that would really look good on that big TV screen is that sexy niece of yours," he continued, impulsively.

    "You're crazy!" she cried, and angrily jumped up from the couch and walked out of the room. Jon and Rex heard the door slam behind her.

    "Goddam. I guess I got a little carried away," Rex muttered apologetically. Suddenly realizing that Jon might take offense at Rex's insistence that Ronee be taped nude, Rex attempted to shift his attention to Ronee's niece, Vikki. "I was really trying to get her to say something about Vikki," he explained. "I'd really like to film her!"

    "Yeah. I know just what you mean," Jon said. "I get the hots for Vikki all the time, but there's nothing I can do about it. Don't worry about Ronee, though. She's just old-fashioned."

    "You mean you could get into some taping?" Rex asked, planning ahead as he said it.

    "Sure!" Jon replied. "I'd swap and swing and everything else if it wasn't for that damn Ronee."

    "Well, you never can tell," Rex said, "things have a way of changing."

    "Yeah, but you've really got it made!" Jon said enviously. "You've got May, and who knows how many others, and you could probably get Vikki if you really tried. And even that sexy redheaded friend of hers!"

    Sexy red-headed friend? Hmmmmm, Rex thought as he got up to fix them another drink. You just can't tell where this might end.

    Chapter 3

    The elevator stopped at the fourth floor. Rex's floor, Ronee thought.

    It was several days after the evening she and Jon had spent with Rex watching those dirty tapes. She hadn't stopped thinking about it since.

    It had been awfully dirty and awfully embarrassing. And when Rex had suggested that she and Jon and even Vikki might like to be taped while in the nude and screwing. It had just been too much for her, she thought.

    But it had left her with a strange longing for a kind of wild sexual experience that she had never desired before. It felt as though some animal lust hidden deep inside of her had been partially released and excited by the tapes she had watched.

    She had never really desired another man before, but now she had thoughts of Rex and that big, monster-cock of his. She'd never been that fond of oral sex, but seeing that woman suck Rex's cock like that had really turned her on. She never ever had anal sex, and seeing it on the tape had given her a strange desire for it. And she had never even dreamed of the possibility of having sex with another woman-but that May had been so attractive, so sexy, so exciting. She just couldn't believe the thoughts she was having.

    The elevator door opened and Ronee's mouth dropped open as well when she saw who stepped in. It was May! It was the same beautiful, sexy woman she had seen in those tapes the other night, masturbating and sucking and fucking and all those wonderful, wicked things. The sight of her brought a flush to Ronee's face and a warm glow to her loins.

    May did not realize at first who Ronee was. Rex had told her that he had let a couple who lived in the apartment building see the tapes. She had been excited as he had explained his plan to try to do some maneuvering and manipulating with the video tape equipment. A little innocent blackmail, Rex had called it. She had been intrigued, also, when Rex had described how the woman, Ronee he said her name was, had become so excited by watching the film of May finger-fucking. May had made it with other women before, and the idea of someone new to seduce was as appealing and exciting to her as it was to Rex.

    May noticed the strange way the woman in the elevator was looking at her. There was a dark blush on her attractive face and a look of mixed surprise and desire in her eyes. Then it hit her-this must be Ronee.

    Of course. She looked just like Rex had described her. And the crazy look of embarrassment and surprise on her face convinced May that this was the woman who had seen the explicit video tapes and became so turned on.

    "Ronee?" May ventured tentatively.

    "How did you know my name?" Ronee gasped.

    "Well, I just kind of put two and two together," May said in a warm, friendly manner, stepping closer. Mmmmmm, I see why Rex wants to screw her, she thought. She's gorgeous.

    "Rex told me he showed some of our tapes to some friends the other night," May explained. "He told me how much you enjoyed them."

    "Yes…yes, I did enjoy them," Ronee stammered. She was feeling both embarrassment and a strange, warm desire as May kept moving closer. And the warm, teasing look that May was giving her was making her feel good all over.

    "I'm glad you like them. We've made so many of them and they're all so good I'm glad somebody finally got to see them," May said, moving right up next to Ronee as she spoke.

    "You're not embarrassed that I…that somebody else saw you…you know…doing what you were doing in those tapes?" Ronee asked in a weak voice. She was becoming turned on in May's presence just like she had been that night when she watched May jerk off on tape.

    "No, not at all," May laughed. "I kind of like the idea of somebody seeing me hot and naked like that." She noticed how Ronee blushed more furiously and breathed more passionately as she spoke about the tapes.

    She pressed on. "I just love to play with my pussy and fuck and everything and then watch it on tape. Haven't you ever tried it?"

    "No…no, I haven't," Ronee said in a breathless voice. Oh, god, she thought, she's talking about her pussy right in front of me. And she's standing so close to me. And she's so beautiful and sexy.

    May knew how turned on Ronee was getting. She could see it in her face and hear it in her breathing. Oh, wouldn't Rex be thrilled if I could get her on tape, she thought. And wouldn't I be thrilled if I could get her into that big round bed of Rex's with me.

    May decided to go all the way. She leaned forward and placed her hand gently but firmly on Ronee's curved hip. "There's more of those tapes, you know. Some even better ones!" she said, leaning her face closer to Ronee's. "How would you like to go watch some of them with me?"

    Ronee's mind reeled with the thought of being with May and seeing more tapes of her gorgeous sexy body. She felt herself giving in to her crazy lust.

    "Okay, I'd like to," she said softly. "You mean right now?"

    "Yeah, honey," May said, slowly caressing Ronee's hip. "Right now!" She took Ronee gently by the arm and led her through the open elevator door. They walked briskly and silently down the carpeted hallway to Rex's apartment. May unlocked the door with the key Rex had given her and they stepped in.

    Taking Ronee by the hand, she walked her directly to the red velvet couch in front of the big TV screen. "You just sit right here, honey, and I'll turn on the tapes," she said in a friendly but firm voice. She knew she didn't have Ronee in bed with her yet and that she might have to exert some authority. That's the way it usually was when she seduced other women, she thought. A little force always seemed to do the trick.

    Ronee sat back nervously on the couch and watched May adjust some controls on the video player. May had kicked off her shoes and was sitting on the floor with her legs tucked under her shapely ass as she browsed through the many tapes Rex had. May inserted a cassette into the machine and turned it on.

    Ronee again felt the warm, wicked glow of lesbian desire flowing through her body as she saw the beautiful scene of May's passionate, naked body explode onto the screen. The tape had begun with the segment where May was fucking herself with the big dildo and Ronee was turned on immediately. Then the same luscious woman she was watching on the screen sat down right next to her.

    "This is the one you saw the other night, isn't it?" May asked as she tucked her long, tan legs under her and leaned next to Ronee.

    "Yes…yes…this is the same one," Ronee uttered in a husky voice.

    The sensation of May's body so close to hers was making her both nervous and excited at the same time. Oh, I just don't know, she thought. Can it really be that I want another woman to touch me? Her mind was filled with hot lust. She relaxed and felt only excitement now as May leaned so close that their shoulders touched and she could feel May's warm breath on her neck.

    "Uuuuummmmm…it makes me horny just watching it," May sighed. "That dildo is so big that it makes my whole pussy just…just burn when I shove it in like that!" She scooted a little closer to Ronee. Their hips were slightly touching now and she could feel the passionate warmth of Ronee's tempting body.

    "Do you use a dildo like that when you play with yourself?" May asked softly, watching Ronee blush.

    "No, I never have," Ronee said, embarrassed again by May's explicit and personal sexual talk.

    "Oh, it's great!" May whispered, her mouth close to Ronee's smooth neck. "The bigger the better, too. Do you want to see a tape with an even bigger one?"

    "Yes…I'd love to," Ronee said, excited by the thought. "I can't imagine you using one any bigger."

    "I have one special one that's bigger. The biggest one I have!" she said as she went to the video console and quickly changed the cassette.

    "It's special, though…real special!"

    The new tape flashed onto the screen and Ronee gasped at what she saw.

    The tape showed May and another beautiful blonde woman naked on their knees with their asses pressed together. As she watched more closely and their writhing, bucking hips moved apart, she saw a gigantic dildo was connecting the two of them by their stretched, dripping pussies.

    It was a double-headed dildo. Ronee had never seen one before. It was much bigger around than the other one May had used, bigger even than Rex's cock had looked. She watched with rapt attention as May and the other women stimulated themselves by moving their naked, luscious asses together. They were actually fucking each other, she realized.

    Ronee noticed that May had come back over to the couch and was moving close to her. She wasn't hesitating this time and Ronee felt her warm body press against her own. She felt May's intent gaze on her, also, as she continued to watch the incredible scene on the TV screen. May knew she was hot, she realized. She's getting turned on watching me get turned on, she thought passionately.

    "How do you like the size of that one?" May whispered sexily in Ronee's ear. She brushed Ronee's long brown hair back with her hand and pressed her lips against Ronee's smooth neck.

    "Oh, May! Please, don't," Ronee said breathlessly. "Not yet at least …give me time."

    "Don't worry, honey," May said, continuing to caress Ronee's neck with her lips, placing a hand on Ronee's quivering thigh. "We'll have all the time we need."

    May continued her light, passionate caresses and Ronee felt herself falling into a sexual haze. She relaxed more, letting herself recline more easily back on the couch, enjoying May's tender touch as she continued to gaze intently at the screen. She sighed as she felt May's hot tongue touch the sensitive skin of her neck-and then saw May and the other woman on the screen convulse in orgasm.

    Ronee watched in a daze as they climaxed wildly. She spread her thighs apart as May's hand moved toward her hot pussy. She moaned as May touched her warm mound through the thin cloth of her panties. She pushed against the warm hand, trying to cure the burning desire developing in her loins. May held her hand still and only allowed a light touch, however, teasing her on to even more passion.

    May pulled away from Ronee abruptly, deliberately depriving her of what she wanted. Ronee collapsed against the back of the couch, gasping with her eyes closed as May again went to the video console to put on another tape.

    Ronee opened her eyes when she felt May sit down again next to her. The new scene on the big screen was of Rex fucking the other girl with his huge cock as May knelt naked beside them. The camera was now stationary, fixed at an angle behind the two screwing lovers. Ronee had a perfect view of the other girl's spread buttocks and Rex's muscular ones as he pounded his cock into her open, blonde-haired pussy. His balls slapped against her wet, flexing asshole with each downward thrust he made. Her long legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, pulling him into her belly more and more deeply with each thrust she made.

    Ronee felt May's hand go again to her pussy. She could feel how her juices had soaked through her panties and into her pubic hair. May's hand pressed hard against the soft, hot mound and Ronee groaned deep in her throat with the pleasure it gave her lust-filled body. She quickly released the pressure, however, and left Ronee wanting more and more.

    "Please…touch me more…touch my…my pussy, please," she begged breathlessly, still watching the screen.

    "Take off your clothes, baby," May whispered in her ear, dipping into it with her tongue. "Take them off," she ordered gently, "then I'll make you feel real good."

    Ronee obeyed without hesitation, stripping her blouse and skirt and underwear off as quickly as she could. She was completely naked in a few brief moments and reclined again on the couch, waiting for more of May's tender caresses. May did not respond immediately, though. She gazed with lust at Ronee's naked body, feasting her eyes on her full, large-nippled tits, wetly shining brown-haired mound, and softly rounded hips.

    Ronee felt both humiliated and excited at the same time as May stared so openly at her cunt. She knew that now she would do anything May told her to do. She wanted May to give her the gratification her lust-filled body so urgently needed. She somehow knew that May had deliberately manipulated her into needing her so badly and into her embarrassing nakedness, but she didn't care now. She wanted her. She needed her in her pussy. Her skilled fingers, her hot tongue, her nipples, her toes, anything, everything!

    She sighed as May finally reached out and stroked the warm mound of brown hair at the base of her belly. "Spread your legs, baby," May commanded softly. Ronee did so and was rewarded with the touch of May's warm hand on the hot flesh of her spread lips. May withdrew her hand almost as soon as she had touched, though. Taking Ronee's hand, she placed it on her inflamed pussy.

    Ronee didn't realize for a moment what May was doing and gasped in surprise. "Play with yourself, honey," May ordered gently. "Let me watch you play with your pussy while you finish watching the tape. Then I'll lick your pussy and rub my tits between your legs and fuck you with the dildo and everything!"

    Ronee couldn't refuse. She had begun to gently rub her swollen clit with her fingers even before May finished speaking. It felt so good, she thought! And somehow May watching her made it even better. She sighed with satisfaction as her fingers caressed her burning flesh!

    May gazed at her passionately, removing her own clothing as she did so.

    She'll do anything now, May thought excitedly. Just wait till I get her in the bedroom.

    Ronee glanced at May and say that she was half-undressed. Only her bra and panties remained to hide May's exquisite body from her eyes. The sight served to give even more passion and fever to her manipulations of her pussy. She reached down with her other hand and held the swollen lips of her cunt widely apart, opening her pussy even more. She plunged three fingers into the ragged, pink hole, seeking to satisfy the burning desire in her loins.

    May watched with delight as Ronee increased the intensity of her actions. She removed her bra, her eyes glued to Ronee's sexy, masturbating body as Ronee's eyes were glued to the TV screen.

    Ronee was too entranced by the tape to notice that May had completely removed her clothes and was kneeling beside her.

    Ronee felt herself beginning to climax as she continued to watch the scene of May on the screen. She felt May's nipples brush against her face and turned toward her as she felt her body and mind swirling to the peak of her orgasm. May clutched her head and pulled her beautiful face into her large, soft tits, holding her there as she came.

    "Oooohhhh…May…you're so beautiful!" she cried, licking and biting at May's gorgeous tits as she came and came and came.

    Ronee's body went limp in her arms as May squeezed her to her tits. Her orgasm had diminished and she was dazed and stunned by the intensity of her massive climax.

    "Come on, baby," May commanded. "Let's go in the bedroom and really get down to business!"

    Ronee sprawled invitingly across the big round bed. May had taken her by the hand and led her into the big, plush bedroom. Ronee, still dazed from her recent orgasm in May's arms, was waiting, naked and hot, for May to come to bed with her and do all those things she had said she would. Her smooth, lust-filled body writhed on the silk bedspread as Ronee anticipated the touch of May's tongue and mouth on her sensitive pussy-flesh.

    May quietly and secretly turned on the video recorder as Ronee reclined with eyes closed on the bed. Ronee would not be aware of it, but every second of the sexual escapade to follow would be captured on Rex's elaborate video system.

    I just can't wait until Rex sees this, May thought excitedly. He'll know exactly what to do with it, she mused. Our little blackmail plot will soon be a reality.

    May knew the camera was pointed straight at the middle of the bed, right where Ronee was lying. Ronee was facing right into the camera and the videotape was already recording her as she lewdly spread her legs in anticipation of May's caresses. The camera was recording every bit of her still-wet and glistening pussy that revealed itself as her thighs parted.

    With cameras rolling, May approached the bed. She took the big blue dildo from its hiding place and climbed into bed with Ronee. Ronee's eyes opened expectantly when she felt May's warm body next to hers. She began to passionately and shamelessly rub her brown-haired mound against May's belly.

    "Ummmmmmmm, that's right, baby," May sighed. "I love to see you all excited and hungry like that!" She began to lightly rub the blue dildo up and down Ronee's smooth thighs. Keeping in mind the placement of the video camera, May teased Ronee with the dildo until she was positioned just right with her knees spread and raised and her hot pussy gaping open for the big, blue tool.

    Placing the head of the massive object at the mouth of Ronee's open cunt, May whispered lewdly in her ear, "Let's see how this feels, baby!" She shoved hard and sent the huge dildo roughly into the depths of Ronee's trembling pussy.

    "Aaahhhhh," Ronee cried out, lost in a sudden rush of pain and pleasure. She jerked her hips involuntarily, first to withdraw from the intruding object then to suck in more and more of the delicious feelings it stirred in her belly. She pressed her hips against May's hand at the mouth of her cunt, trying to bury as much of the dildo as she could deep within her pussy.

    "Uuummm," May replied, "you just love that, don't you, baby? Uuummm… isn't that good? Doesn't that make your pussy feel good, baby?" She maintained the delicious pressure on the dildo, holding it deep inside Ronee's belly as Ronee continued to buck and writhe on the bed.

    As abruptly as she had shoved it in, May pulled the dildo back out, leaving only the large head of the object inside Ronee's pussy. She worked the head around lightly, teasing Ronee, stimulating just the lips of her cunt. Ronee continued to grind her hips in a circular motion, still trying for more of that deep satisfaction.

    "Shove it in…give me more…please, May," Ronee begged.

    The begging added to May's pleasure. It made her feel completely in control of the person she was sexually manipulating.

    "Beg for it, baby," May whispered in Ronee's ear. "Tell me how you want it!"

    "Please…please," Ronee begged breathlessly, wanting the dildo deep in her cunt like she had never wanted anything before. "Shove it in me …please, May, please!"

    Tell me where you want it, baby," May teased, delighting in the exquisite torture she was inflicting.

    "In my cunt…deep in my cunt…please, oh, God, please!" Ronee cried, shoving her hips up toward May's hand and the object of her wild desire.

    May plunged the dildo hard and deep into Ronee's quivering pussy, watching the look of pure rapture that appeared on Ronee's face as she shoved.

    "Aaaahhhhh…oh…harder…harder…deeper in my cunt!" Ronee yelled in response.

    May once again grabbed Ronee's hand and guided it to her own throbbing pussy. Ronee grabbed the base of the dildo immediately and began to convulsively shove and drive the huge tool into her hungry pussy. May watched with pleasure-she delighted in watching Ronee fuck herself and knew that Rex was going to love seeing it on video tape. She knew that Ronee was reaching another orgasm from the wildness of her movements and the hysterical fevered pitch of her squeals and cries.

    She needed to come, too, but realized she wanted to watch Ronee.

    May restrained herself from joining in and knelt beside the frenzied Ronee, giving the camera an open view of the mounting orgasm. Ronee's back was arched, her hips vibrating and humping above the bed as she slammed the dildo again and again into her burning cunt. Her voice was now a series of short, passionate squeals that escaped her throat with each inward thrust of the big fake cock. She was coming and her writhing body was flushed with her passionate heat and wet with sweat.

    Her hips gyrated even more wildly now as she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm and completely lost herself in sexual oblivion.

    "Qoohhh…ooohhhh…aaahh, it's sooooo goood!"

    May couldn't resist Ronee's appealing actions and reached forward, grasping a firm tit in each hand and squeezing the rubbery flesh and lust-hardened nipples, adding to Ronee's ecstasy.

    "Ooohhh…May…oohhh, fuck me, fuck ME!" Ronee screamed.

    Ronee's body relaxed and May fell forward on top of her, still holding her tits. Their hips met and Ronee felt her passion pulling her into the luscious lesbian embrace. It was a new experience for her, the touch of another woman's lips, the pressure of another woman's naked body on top of hers. She loved it. Her hungry mouth sucked in May's tongue. Her lips kissed and caressed May's lips. She felt wonderful and wildly sexy unlike she ever had before. She knew that what she was now doing was something she had always thought of as being wrong, but she didn't care. The wickedness of her actions excited her still more and she wrapped her arms around May's smooth back and grasped May's rounded hips with her thighs. She squeezed and caressed May's warm, naked body as May caressed hers as they both hungrily licked and sucked each other's lips and tongue.

    Then May began thrusting the big blue dildo more furiously into Ronee's sopping wet pussy. Ronee thrashed about on the big bed wildly, caught up in the first tremors of a bone-shattering orgasm.

    "Harder!" Ronee screamed, bucking her hips to try and take as much of the dildo up her fiery cunt as she could. "Make me come! Aaaahhh!"

    May smiled evilly and rammed the dildo deeper into Ronee's cunt, working up a sizzling froth of fresh pussy-sauces.

    "I'm coming! Oh, sooo gooood!" Ronee bellowed. "This is it!


    As Ronee squirmed frantically on the bed, May looked up at the hidden lens of the video tape camera. Rex is really going to like this, she thought, driving the dildo fiercely into Ronee's cunt until the girl passed out from the intensity of her gut-wrenching climax.

    Chapter 4

    "This is great!" Rex said, obviously overjoyed at both the immediate visual pleasure and the untold manipulative potential that May's tape had.

    "I just knew you'd like it, honey," May cooed, loving Rex's affectionate approval. They were lying on the big round bed, naked and sweating from a recent session of love-making, lounging comfortably in front of the big television screen. Rex had had a video tape of himself and May running while they were fucking and May had popped in her "special" tape after they had finished. Rex was lying spent and exhausted on the bed.

    May had waited several days since she had made the tape of herself and Ronee before surprising Rex with it. She had watched it several times since then, but had preferred to let Ronee wait and have time for both her guilt and her lust to grow before showing the tape to Rex. May was sure that Rex would want to lure Ronee into his den as soon as he saw the incriminating and provocative tape. She was right.

    "I can't believe this," Rex exclaimed excitedly. "How did you do it?

    When did you do it? God damn! I can't wait to get her over here and have her just the way I want her." The segment of the tape that May was now showing was that of Ronee jerking off with their favorite blue dildo. May noticed that Rex's cock was reacting to the tape, too. His pecker was already stiffening again, and so soon after that fucking they had just had. Oh well, she thought, I can't let a little petty jealousy mess up the good time we're going to have with this.

    "I taped it a couple of days ago, honey," she said proudly, groaning slightly as Rex shoved his hand between her thighs and groped for her pussy as he watched Ronee manipulating hers on the TV screen.

    "How'd you do it?" he asked, still staring in amazement at the tape as Ronee began to climax.

    "I just happened to meet her in the elevator," May replied. "She recognized me from the film you had shown her."

    "Goddam! You're great, honey!" he shouted, then stared in open-mouth amazement as May's figure came onto the screen at the peak of Ronee's climax. "Shit! You got her to go lesbian, too?" he asked, watching intently at the taped image of May squeezing Ronee's full, white boobs then collapsing on top of her and engaging her in a wild, passionate kiss.

    "That's right, honey," she said proudly, "but just watch. You haven't seen anything yet!"

    Rex leered intently and let out a hoarse, excited laugh as he watched the confused but passionate expression on Ronee's face when May trailed her way down her neck with kisses and stopped at her tits to squeeze and suck. May glanced at the TV screen but was more attracted to the scene between Rex's legs. His fingers were working faster in her pussy, stirring up her juices and her desires. His dick was lengthening and hardening with each new change in the encounter on the screen.

    "Yeah," Rex sighed as May's mouth worked its way into Ronee's pubic bush and May's hot pink tongue darted out to flick at Ronee's clit.

    "She loves it, doesn't she?" he said hoarsely, looking at Ronee's lustfilled face as she felt the intimate oral caress of another woman for the first time.

    "You bet she loved it. You know how good I am," May whispered in his ear as she leaned toward him. She grasped his semi-erect cock in her soft, skilled hand and lifted it from where it lay across his thigh.

    She loved the feel of it. The skin was smooth and satiny. The head was perfectly shaped, hard and bulbous when fully erect. She loved his meat like no other man's, she thought as she felt the heavy weight of it in her hand. She just held it lightly at first, knowing that the mere touch of her warm hand on his cock-flesh was enough to excite him.

    "Uuuuuummmmmm, you are good, baby," he sighed, enjoying the slight pressure of her hand around his pecker as he watched May devouring Ronee's widely spread pussy. She began to lightly stroke her hand up and down the length of his cock, stimulating the super-sensitive underside with her supple fingers, feeling it still growing and swelling in her hand. It was too big now for her to get her hand wrapped completely around it.

    She could tell that his cock had now reached its full ten inches and that it was still just barely the slightest bit soft. In another few moments, it would be its full length, and the dark-red color of the cock-head would spread down his whole shaft. She grasped the hard, red bulb at the end of his long rod and massaged the tender flesh of the circumcised head. He groaned deeply in reply.

    The television screen now showed the torrid scene of a lust-crazed May rubbing her swollen tits against Ronee's dripping pussy. Rex leaned back, propping his head on a pillow to keep the screen in view, and spoke gently but authoritatively to May. "Suck me while I watch this, baby. Really suck me good. Goddamn! This is great!"

    May moved her head down to Rex's crotch. "Just keep watching, honey. I don't want you to miss the best part," she said softly but excitedly, knowing that she would time her sucking just right so that Rex would come deep in her throat as he watched the final scene of Ronee fucking herself in the ass and licking May's asshole. He'd just love it, she thought delightedly.

    Rex watched the TV screen hungrily as May knelt between his spread thighs. She held his erect cock in both hands and squeezed the hard shaft, bringing a white pearl of fluid out of the slit in the massive head. She lapped the precious liquid hungrily then began to cover the swollen head with her tongue, licking and nibbling all around the hot bulging bulb. As she licked, she went lower and lower on his cock-head and made bigger and bigger circles with her tongue until the entire head of his huge organ was inside her hot mouth. She loved the taste of it. The heat of it caused her pussy to quiver and burn.

    Knowing that the video tape was now advanced to the segment where she was beginning to humiliate Ronee, May quickened her sucking. She slowly moved her head downward, savoring every inch of cock-flesh she sucked into her mouth. She felt the head of his red, steaming prick pressing against the back of her throat, but she relaxed and let it slide still deeper inside. Inch by inch, his big cock disappeared into her voracious mouth, filling her mouth and throat until she thought she couldn't hold any more. But she knew she still could. She opened her mouth still wider and drew the last few remaining inches of his cock into her throat. She loved the feeling of being stuffed full of his cock, feeling her lips brushing against his pubic hair, his big prick throbbing and pulsing in her mouth.

    Rex glanced down at May, savoring the hot, wet pressure of her skillful mouth around his cock. He was delighting, too, in the scene on the screen as May manipulated and used Ronee. He had loved the way May had made Ronee lick May's pussy-juices off the big dildo. He was gazing intently now as May was forcing Ronee to shove the big plastic cock up her virgin ass. And May was beginning to suck harder on his cock now as he wondered what would happen next on the screen.

    She raised her head back up to the top of his cock-shaft and was beginning another downward plunge. She sucked him back in faster this time, hearing him grunt in response. She released him again, his shaft now glistening with her saliva, and made her next stroke harder and more forceful as she plunged downward. Soon, she had developed a rhythm with her bobbing head that she could tell matched his point of excitement with the video tape. She sucked strongly and smoothly, savoring the feeling of his big prick sliding in and out of her mouth.

    "Oh…that's great, honey," he moaned. "And having Ronee fuck her ass like that is great, too." May doubled her pace now and the tape was near the end. She was fucking his cock swiftly in and out of her mouth.

    She took his fat balls lightly with her fingertips and began to gently squeeze and pull at his nut-sac, raising his level of excitement another notch.

    "Ooooohhhh…that's great, baby," he groaned, watching the final scene of Ronee's humiliation as she fucked her own ass and May's gorgeous pussy and licked May's asshole at the same time. And simultaneously, May was sucking his cock like a madwoman and milking his balls. "AAAAHHHHHH…SUCK IT…SUCK IT!" he cried as the hot cum boiled out of his loins and sluiced through his cock.

    May could feel his balls tighten just before he came and squeezed them harder as he cried out. Her mouth involuntarily tightened around his dick as she felt his hot jism flooding her mouth and throat and oozing out of her widely stretched lips. She sucked in every drop she could, not wanting to miss any of his hot juice.

    As his body relaxed and his cock ceased its violent pulsing in her mouth, she pulled her lips away and languidly licked and sucked his entire shaft, luxuriating in the delicious reward of his hot jism. He was dazed by the intensity of the orgasm and lay back exhausted as she covered his softening dick with her hungry lips and tongue. Once she had lapped up every drop that remained on his still-heavy shaft, she performed her final and favorite blowjob practice. She held his thick, glistening cock in both hands and pulled the tender skin downward until the slit at the top of the head gaped open. Then, placing her lips against the open piss-hole, she sucked the remaining thick jism from deep in his shaft, milking it with her hands to squeeze out every drop.

    "Uuuummmmmm," he moaned softly, feeling that last deep suction of May's mouth pull the last juices out of his softening pecker. She was the only woman who loved his jism so much that she got every drop like that. And he loved that part as much as any other part of her excellent blowjobs.

    May relaxed with her head resting on Rex's belly. She felt content and satisfied with a job well done and knew they both needed to catch their breath before discussing Ronee any further. May toyed with her pussy as she rested, gently fingering her clit to bring herself to a light, but pleasant orgasm as she waited for Rex. She knew that he sometimes liked to doze for a few minutes after such a strenuous orgasm. She often passed the time by giving herself the luxury of an extra orgasm or two.

    Reasoning that Rex had napped for long enough, two relaxing little orgasms' worth, May moved her warm body up beside his. She awakened him by gently rubbing her fine, smooth tits and belly against his side. It was slow, but it always woke him up in a cheerful mood.

    "Ummmm…that was really something special, lover," he said as he stretched then pulled her closer to his side.

    "I knew you'd be surprised," she whispered.

    She could tell his attention was now turning to what possible use they could make of the film by the concerned expression that appeared on his face. "I wonder just how much we can get with that tape?" he murmured.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, I'm pretty sure from the way you handled Ronee that we can have her up here tomorrow afternoon sucking and fucking both of us like crazy," Rex said. "One little suggestion to her that we might just show that tape to her husband will scare her bad enough to do just about anything we want."

    "What else do we want?" May asked, puzzled by what he said.

    "Well, there's that cute little niece of hers. She's really something!"

    "Hey, don't make me jealous," May said, only half jokingly.

    "Don't worry, honey," he reassured her, "you're still the best." But he secretly wondered if Ronee's niece Vikki might be even better. Seeing her at the swimming pool the past few days since he had first voiced his opinion to Jon had really increased his awareness of her innocent, teenage beauty. She might not be any better than May, but he knew she'd be good-and he knew he was beginning to want her real bad.

    "I wouldn't try to do too much with this one film," May said. "We'd better work our way up."

    "How's that?"

    "Well, you can call Ronee over here tomorrow afternoon and get a tape of you and her fucking," she explained. "And then maybe you can use that tape to persuade Vikki."

    "I don't know," he mused. "It might be a little tougher than that. She looks pretty inexperienced and pretty straight."

    May thought for a moment and then made the connection. "Hey! There's that friend of hers I don't know her name, but she's redhaired and good-looking and looks a lot wilder than Vikki!"

    "Yeah!" Rex said. "I'd forgotten about her. Jon mentioned her the other night when he was here. Yeah…she does look a little more corruptible than Vikki."

    "Good! We've got that settled then," May said, ready for some more action. "We'll both nail Ronee tomorrow and then I'll go to work on that redhead. You think you can spare any for me?" she whispered in his ear.

    "Any what?" he laughed.

    "You know what, you bastard," she said, grabbing his rested and ready cock. "Are you gonna give me any more of that good jism of yours, or are you gonna waste it all on teenagers and housewives?"

    "Don't worry, baby, " he said, cupping one of her perfect tits in his hand. "There's plenty…for everybody!"

    Chapter 5

    "Hey, Ronee," Rex said into the telephone, "are you busy this afternoon?"

    "What do you mean?" she asked suspiciously. She had been afraid ever since that crazy day in Rex's apartment with May that Rex might call.

    She knew that May just might tell Rex what had happened and she knew the only thing for her to do was deny it. Whoever told anybody anything about her would just be lying, she decided. If Rex approached her about it, she'd just say that May had made up the whole crazy, depraved story.

    "Well, I just wondered if you could drop by," Rex said, trying to keep his voice as innocent sounding as possible.

    "How come? Jon's not here," Ronee explained, beginning to think maybe this was just an innocent, friendly call after all.

    "No, not Jon…you," Rex said emphatically. "I just want you to come over for a minute to show you something."

    Ronee was really lost now. What could he want? If he was going to try to trick her, she'd just call him a liar to his face and stomp out of there, she decided firmly. "Well…okay, I guess," she stammered. "I guess I can come by in a little while."

    "Don't take too long, Ronee," Rex urged. "See you in a minute!" Rex hung up the phone and winked wickedly at May lying beside him on the bed.

    "Okay, baby. This is what we'll do," Rex explained. "I'm gonna put on some clothes so l don't scare the shit out of her the minute she walks in the door." He began pulling on his pants as May listened. "Than I'll do all the persuading in the living room when she gets here. You stay in here and you'll be a little surprise for Ronee once I convince her to take her clothes off and head for the bed."

    "Sounds good, lover," May said happily. "Uuummmm! I can't wait to see her in action again. For somebody that's been as frustrated as you say she was, she sure does catch on fire if you treat her right!"

    "Just don't forget how to treat her," Rex ordered. "I can blackmail her and get her to do anything I want, but I don't want to have to rape her. I want her to be turned-on, too. And that's where I might need your help," he explained as he finished dressing.

    "Don't worry," she laughed. "Always glad to lend a helping hand." She punctuated her last remark with a firm squeeze of Rex's cock. Even through his pants it excited her.

    "There she is," May cried gleefully as the doorbell chimed. "Go on, lover. Don't keep the lady waiting!"

    Rex snatched the "special" tape from on top of the video recorder and hurried to the front door. He opened it to find an obviously ill-atease but still sexy and very desirable Ronee at the door. Images from the tape flashed through Rex's mind as he looked at her-and he could already picture her naked. The lust in his gaze was more obvious than he realized.

    "Well…don't just stare at me…well…what did you want?" Ronee stammered, blushing from the intensity of Rex's stare.

    "Come m, come in," Rex said cheerfully, waving her into the plush living room. "Would you like a drink?"

    "I don't know…I don't think so," Ronee replied. "What is it that you wanted to see me about?"

    "Well, come on in and sit down," Rex suggested. "We don't have to talk standing up do we?" He walked over to the big velvet couch and casually dropped the "special" tape into his video console. He motioned toward the couch facing the oversize projection screen and Ronee reluctantly walked over and sat down.

    "What is it you want to talk to me about?" Ronee asked again, suddenly remembering the rude remarks Rex had made the last time she…no… the last time she and Jon were here. This is the same place where May and I first got together with each other, she realized with an uncontrollable shudder.

    "Something wrong?" Rex asked, wondering if Ronee had any idea what he was getting ready to spring on her.

    "No," she said angrily. "I hope you're not going to insult me again," she snapped, her nose in the air.

    "What do you mean?" Rex asked with mock innocence.

    "You know…you know damn well what I mean," she said. "I hope you're not going to make anymore improper remarks about me and any of your… your damn video stuff!"

    "Well, that is what I wanted to talk to you about," Rex replied.


    "Well, you know how you were so turned off about the idea of being video-taped while you were having sex?" Rex ventured slyly.

    "Yes?" Ronee responded, more self-righteous than ever.

    "Well, I think maybe you went ahead and did it anyway!" he remarked and switched on the video machine, sending a life-size image of Roneenaked and masturbating-exploding onto the big screen.

    "Oh, my God!" Ronee gasped, clutching her hands to her mouth and staring wide-eyed at the unexpected image. She was too shocked at first to even realize where the tape had come from. Then as Rex turned up the sound, she could hear the sounds of herself reaching a climax, crying and groaning as she pounded her cunt with the dildo. And May appeared on the screen…grasping Ronee's tits and then collapsing on top of her…

    "Turn it off…Rex, please…oh, God…please, turn it off!"

    "Okay, okay," Rex said in a soothing voice. "Calm down, relax, I'll turn it off." He reached over and pressed a button, making the screen go blank. "Let's just talk about it a little bit. Okay?"

    "Where did you get that?" Ronee cried, still not realizing her entire escapade with May had been taped.

    "That's not the important question," Rex replied, enjoying the way the always prim and proper Ronee was reacting. "The big question is why did you say you wouldn't do it when you really did do it?"

    "I…I don't know what you mean!"

    "Why did you let May tape you and her making love?" he asked, delighting in her confusion.

    "I didn't…I didn't know…I didn't know!"

    "But you and May did do it, didn't you? And if you'll do it with her then I suppose you'll do it with me, too," he said softly but firmly and began to walk toward her.

    "No…no!" she cried. "I won't…I'll tell Jon!"

    "I don't think so," Rex laughed, returning to the machine and advancing the tape cassette. "I don't think you'll tell him about me because I might just show him this." He pointed at the screen as the scene of Ronee's ultimate humiliation came suddenly into view. There she was, fucking herself in the ass and burying her face in May's ass at the same time.

    Ronee was again shocked but realized now what had happened. May had deliberately set her up, deliberately taped her, deliberately made her do humiliating things so that she and Rex could blackmail her. It was her own fault, she realized. Her own fault for letting herself get carried away with May. She sat still, waiting for Rex to make his demands.

    "Now that we understand each other…let's see what you look like in real life without any clothes," he suggested with a wicked laugh.

    Ronee complied slowly. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, then her bra, then her skirt dropped to the floor. She stopped with only her panties and shoes on.

    "Come on, Ronee," Rex teased. "I want to see everything May got to see."

    Ronee slid out of her shoes and slowly pulled her panties down over her hips and legs, stepping out of them and adding them to the heap of clothes at her feet.

    'Uuummmm," Rex murmured approvingly. "I see why Jon likes to keep you to himself," he laughed.

    Ronee didn't respond. She was still too stunned by the sudden events.

    She stood there naked and humiliated, waiting for Rex to exact his punishment.

    "See! It's not so bad," Rex coaxed, swinging open the bedroom door and leading the docile Ronee into the room. "Your playmate is even here!"

    With that said, Rex stepped over to the side of the room and let May go to work.

    "Hi, Ronee," May said passionately from the center of the big, round bed. She was hot and naked, her legs spread wide as she fucked the bright, blue dildo slowly in and out of her wet, glistening pussy.

    "May!" Ronee cried.

    "Come on, baby," May cooed, "join me." She pulled the long dildo out of her cunt and crawled over to the edge of the bed, reaching her hand out toward Ronee. "Let me make you feel real gooood again," she urged invitingly.

    Ronee felt the now-familiar feelings of hot, lesbian desire starting to build in her loins. Almost unconsciously, she raised her hand and reached out toward May. May took her hand gently and eased her toward the bed.

    May pushed Ronee gently backward with one hand and casually slipped her other hand between Ronee's thighs. Her fingers parted Ronee's cunt-lips and gently began to stroke the soft, moist skin of her pussy.

    "Uuuuummmm," May moaned, "I'll make you feel good, baby. Just like the other day." She continued to stroke and caress Ronee's pussy, feeling it growing hotter and wetter in response.

    "Oh, May…oh…yes, yes," Ronee sighed, unable to control the passion that May's skillful fingers were stirring in her cunt. She could feel her juices beginning to flow and her clit begin to swell from May's wonderful stroking. Her lust and desire were overcoming her, making her forget the shock and shame of having been taped while fucking with May. She was once again giving into the beautifully wicked desires and yearnings of her body.

    May felt the flow of fuck-juices beginning to soak her fingers and watched Ronee with satisfaction as her body relaxed and her face flushed with a passionate glow. It had been even easier than she had imagined. She winked at Rex as he finished adjusting the video equipment and once more began a secret taping of Ronee.

    Rex was amazed at May's progress and immediately began to remove his clothes once he had the tape rolling. He watched May and Ronee as he undressed, observing May's skillful manipulation of Ronee's body as she continued finger-fucking Ronee's pussy while working her mouth slowly down Ronee's neck to her tits. Standing naked and semi-erect by the side of the bed, he felt his loins begin to burn with lust as May buried her head between Ronee's thighs.

    "Goddamn, you work fast!" he exclaimed softly as he climbed onto the bed. He could tell that Ronee was far enough gone by now that even if she had noticed him joining in she wouldn't care. She'll probably even want me to fuck her now, he figured as he moved in for a closer look at May's hot, darting tongue whipping around and around Ronee's clit. He reached behind May's kneeling body and probed his fingers into her pussy and was pleased to find it just as hot and wet as Ronee's looked.

    Rex was more interested in Ronee at the moment, however, and soon withdrew his wet fingers, noticing that May immediately replaced them with her own. He moved up beside Ronee's wildly thrashing body and knelt beside her, his cock almost fully erect and turning fiery red.

    Ronee's mind reeled with the exquisite sensations of May's tongue and lips tantalizing her clit. And she felt May's supple fingers beginning to penetrate her cunt-hole, too. It was even better than the last time, she realized as she let the hot, sensual desire glowing in her cunt take complete control of her body. At first, she didn't even notice that someone had gently taken her hand in theirs. Then she felt it being pressed against something hot and hard.

    "Oh…Rex," she gasped in surprise at the appearance and touch of his huge cock that stood fully erect right before her face. She wrapped her fingers around his massive cock, marveling at the size of it and loving the heat and texture of the red, hot skin.

    "It's so big…even bigger than it looked in that tape," she murmured with growing lust. She stroked her hand smoothly up and down the long shaft, stopping at the top of his cock to wrap her fingers around the hard, swollen head.

    May ceased her actions between Ronee's thighs and scooted up beside Rex, scooping up his big, dangling balls in her hand as Ronee held his cock with both hands.

    "Isn't it gorgeous?" May asked Ronee in a hoarse, lust-filled voice.

    "Don't you want it inside your cunt, Ronee?"

    Ronee seemed shocked at the suggestion. She was turned on with a new, hot cock-lust that she had never felt before, but she couldn't imagine fitting the huge prick into her tight pussy. It was even bigger than the big blue dildo she had used with May, the biggest thing she had ever had in her pussy or ass. But Rex's cock was a full inch longer and much thicker around than the dildo. And the head of his cock seemed to swell and grow even larger as she held it in her hand.

    "I don't think I can do it, May," Ronee whimpered. "It's too big. I've never had anything that big in my pussy."

    "Oh, it's great," May cried, "just watch!" She scooted her ass up next, raising and spreading her thighs until her knees pressed against her tits and her pussy was gaping open wetly. "Shove it in, lover!" she commanded.

    Without hesitation, Rex turned to face her and leaned forward until the bulbous head of his cock was pressing against the open mouth of May's pussy. He shoved in hard, burying his cock to the hilt in her blondehaired fuck-hole. May and Ronee both gasped simultaneously: May from the sudden, deep penetration of her cunt and Ronee from the sight of the long, thick prick boring into May's juicy cunt. Ronee watched hungrily as Rex slowly withdrew his cock. It glistened with her lovejuices and stretched out the pink flesh of May's pussy-lips. It almost looked to her like May's pussy was sucking at his big rod.

    Rex shoved in again, even harder this time, and rapidly withdrew. He pounded in and out of May's cunt-hole several more times, stirring her juices and making her cry out with sharp gasps. Withdrawing his cock slowly once more, he pulled it completely out of her pussy, making a wet sucking sound as the big head popped free of her tight cuntmuscles.

    He turned back to Ronee, holding his dripping pecker right in front of her sex-flushed face. It was even a darker shade of red now and it glistened with May's fragrant pussy-juice.

    "Taste it," he commanded, as he took the shaft in his hand and pulled the wet skin back hard, making the head bulge and strain as his pisshole stretched widely open. "Lick the head of my cock!"

    Ronee leaned her head forward and pressed her soft, open lips against the smooth, hot skin of his cock-head. She could taste the salty sweetness of May's cuntal juices mingled with the special flavor of the pre-cum that oozed slightly from open slit of Rex's dick. She worked her tightly gripped hand up and down his smooth, thick rod as she covered more and more of the head with her mouth. She worked the entire bulb of his cock-head into her hungry mouth and moaned deep in her throat from the pleasure of the burning touch and the luscious taste.

    She held the bulbous head in her mouth lovingly, savoring the exquisite sensation. She'd never gotten this kind of pleasure from a man's cock before. She continued to stroke the perfect shaft of his cock with one hand and gently cupped his large, hanging balls with the other one. She rolled them adoringly with her hand, then lightly fingered the two swollen orbs separately, feeling his cock-head pulse in response as she still held it captive in her hot mouth. The burning in her pussy was growing more fierce and she knew that she did want his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. She knew she could do it!

    She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into the tight piss-hole.

    "I'm ready for it now," she breathed lustily. "I want it inside my pussy…please…now, Rex!"

    Rex needed no further urging. The tantalizing way she had held his cock-head in her hot mouth had made him ache for the sensation of what he knew would be a tight, throbbing cunt. He positioned himself between her spread legs and pushed her knees up to her tits, angling her spread pussy toward his angry, red cock. He rubbed the head of his prick up and down through the wet, burning valley of her crotch.

    "Uuummmmmm," Ronee moaned as she felt his hot cock-head touch her sensitive pussy-flesh. "Put it in me…shove your cock into me… fuck me, Rex…fuck me!" she begged passionately.

    He placed the tip of his cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy and slowly screwed the big head into her cuntal opening. "Oh, God, you're tight!" he grunted as he felt the tight muscles at the opening of her fuck-hole grip his throbbing cock-head.

    May had been watching passionately beside them, tickling her clit with her fingers as she watched Ronee suck and massage Rex's cock and balls.

    She had begun to plunge her fingers deep into her pussy as Rex began to rub his cock against Ronee's waiting cunt. She couldn't resist joining in now, and placed one hand on Rex's muscular ass-cheeks while pushing his hips toward Ronee's pussy.

    "Shove it into her, baby!" she cried with excitement, grasping one of Ronee's firm tits with her other hand and watching the rapturous expression on Ronee's face as she pushed Rex's ass harder, making his cock plow into Ronee's straining, stretching cunt. "Make her scream, baby! Fuck it into her!"

    Ronee did scream as the huge cock stretched and filled her pussy. She screamed from the pure sexual pleasure the massive cock was creating.

    Her cuntal passage convulsed and quivered around his thick shaft, squeezing with muscles she had never even used before.

    "Aaahhhhh…it's so big…sooo good…fuck it into me!" she screamed, wrapping her strong legs around Rex's waist and pulling him in deeper.

    "Oooooohhh…you're so goddamn tight," he grunted as her cunt-muscles squeezed and hugged his thrusting prick. He couldn't hold back. Ronee's tightening legs, May's pressure on his ass, and the maddening sensation of Ronee's cunt biting and squeezing his dick caused him to thrust forward as hard as he could. He felt his cock slam its full ten inches into Ronee's quivering cunt. He saw her head jerk backwards and her mouth open wide in passion!

    He began to fuck his cock in and out of her tight, vise-like hole with wild abandonment. She was letting out a sharp cry each time he slammed into her cunt. Her legs continued to pull him in harder and deeper with each thrust. He watched with passionate delight as May grabbed both of Ronee's straining, gorgeous tits and squeezed and pulled the inflamed flesh. Ronee responded by reaching her hand between May's spread thighs and shoving her fingers into the hot, dripping hole of her pussy.

    The incredible tightness and heat of Ronee's pussy was bringing him rapidly to an orgasm that he could tell was going to flood her pussy with steaming, boiling jism. He knew he was going to come so much that his hot cum would overflow the lips of her tight cunt.

    "Aaaahhh…uungghhh," he grunted passionately. "You're gonna make me come, baby! Oh, shit…I'm gonna come in your hot cunt… aaaaggghhhh!"

    "Come in my mouth!" Ronee cried suddenly as she felt him approaching his orgasm. "Please, Rex…I want to drink your cum…I want it, I need it…please!" She pulled her legs back from around his waist and began trying frantically to push him out of her cunt before he came.

    She wanted his hot jism in her mouth. Her whole body ached for it.

    May gasped as she felt Ronee's pleading voice send shivers of lust through her cunt. She loved seeing Ronee so excited. She moved back away from the two lovers slightly as Rex withdrew his incredibly red and swollen cock from Ronee's cunt with a loud slurping pop. She could tell by the way Rex was grimacing and panting that he was trying hard to hold his cum inside his balls until he could reach Ronee's mouth.

    Ronee's fingers continued to probe and pull her cunt as Rex straddled Ronee's quivering, sweating body. May began making small sighs and groans of her own as she felt Ronee pushing all four fingers of her hand into her cunt. She urged Rex on as he crawled his way up to Ronee's waiting mouth. "Shoot it all into her, baby! Let her drink all your hot cum!"

    Rex knelt over Ronee, his knees straddling her chest and his bursting cock pointed straight at her mouth. May leaned forward and grasped Rex's red-hot cock in her hand, aiming it at Ronee's mouth as she began stroking it vigorously.

    "Uuuuuhhhhh…give it to me…give me all your cum!" Ronee cried wildly as she stared transfixed at the steaming prick May was holding right in front of her mouth.

    "Aaaahhhhh…pull it, baby…jack it…aaaaahhhhhh…oh shit, I'm coming!" Rex cried with pure pleasure as he felt his jism began to race through the length of his burning cock. He looked down at Ronee's face, her mouth open and tongue protruding, cupping the head of his cock with her waiting tongue.

    "Uunghhh!" he grunted as the first hot jet of cum spurted out of his piss-hole and almost filled Ronee's hungry mouth. May squeezed his rod hard with each spasm of his hips, milking spurt after spurt of thick jism out of his balls and into Ronee's overflowing mouth.

    Ronee released a moan of pure passion from deep in her throat as Rex's boiling hot cum filled her mouth. She swallowed hungrily as more and more of his luscious cream shot into her throat. She felt his hot, thick jism spilling over her lips and dripping down her cheeks. She'd never felt anything as good as Rex's delicious cum.

    May continued to milk and squeeze Rex's convulsing cock until the last spasm had stopped. Rex panted and groaned with the final thrills his gigantic orgasm sent through his loins. He continued to kneel over Ronee's cum-drenched face as May gently rubbed the head of his stillerect prick over Ronee's lips and cheeks as Ronee lapped and licked at his sperm-smeared cock. He watched with satisfaction as Ronee sucked up every drop of his cum.

    May released Rex's cock and moved her head toward Ronee's face. Rex eased his leg over Ronee's chest and moved to the side of her head as May began to lick all the remaining cum from Ronee's lips and face. She sucked and lapped hungrily, drinking in all the delicious jism she could. Ronee held her cum-covered tongue out from between her wet lips and May sucked it into her own mouth, sharing the pleasure of Rex's cum with Ronee.

    "Uuuuummmmm…that was so goood," Ronee sighed. "I want more…I want more of his cum!"

    "Here, baby," May said. Grasping Rex's semi-erect cock, she squeezed her hand tightly from the base to the head, pressing the open piss-hole against the erect nipple of one of her tits. She milked out still more of the thick jism and smeared it all over her big, pink-tipped tit and then dangled her wet, sticky tit over Ronee's flushed, lust-filled face. "Lick it off my tit…suck every drop of it in!" May said excitedly.

    Ronee grabbed her sticky breast and covered it with her wet, hungry lips and tongue. As Ronee licked her tit and nipple, May placed both hands around Rex's cock and placed her lips against the slit, sucking hard and extracting the last, thick drops of cum from deep inside his balls.

    Rex watched the two women with a deep satisfaction, amazed and pleasured by the way they drank in every drop of his cum. Ronee had surprised him. She was even more passionate and wilder than May had led him to believe. And once again, he mused wickedly, it's all on tape!

    Chapter 6

    That had been quite a tittle bout of fucking, May reminisced as she sat by the side of the apartment pool. She was relaxing, sunning herself and enjoying a Bloody Mary, thinking back to that wild session she and Rex and Ronee had just a few days ago. Whew! she thought. That Ronee was really a sex-driven woman once she got going. And that tape that they had made…I wonder if Ronee has guessed yet that we taped her again?

    May had been anxiously waiting for her chance to run into Vikki's redheaded girlfriend. Ronee had said her name was Kate when Rex brought up the subject of Vikki and her friend. Ronee was still dead set against any possible involvement of her niece, Vikki, and Rex. But she didn't know that she had just been recorded fucking Rex! And even if she had known, she was too naive to realize the way the tape could be used to persuade Kate and, with luck, Vikki to join in their video sexgames.

    If I could just get acquainted with Kate and get her up to Rex's apartment, May though, the rest would be easy. Treat her like an adult, get a few drinks in her, show her the tape and get her turned-on-and the rest would come naturally. We'll all come naturally, May laughed to herself.

    This was the third day in a row that May had sat by the pool waiting to run into Kate. She had seen her at the pool several times throughout the summer and she knew that it was just a matter of time before she saw her. In fact, she was surprised she hadn't seen her already. She was excited by the prospect of another lesbian seduction, especially with a girl as young as Kate. Hell, she thought, she might even be a virgin. She kind of doubted that, however, from the way she had seen Kate carrying on with some of the younger boys around the pool. But the memory of how well the young redhead filled out her bikini and the combined effects of the Bloody Mary and the warm sun were making her hornier than ever-and she hoped that today was the day.

    Goddamn! May exclaimed under her breath, there she is now.

    May's waiting had paid off. Kate had just come through the door from the apartment lobby and was heading toward the swimming pool. May had a clear view of her from where she sat on the opposite side of the pool, and she could watch her closely and without detection as Kate padded barefoot along the pool walkway.

    Uuuummmmm, May thought, just as good as I had remembered. In fact, maybe even a little better. I hadn't really been looking at her with sex in mind the last time I saw her. Hmmmmm, nice tits, good figure, sexy…just the way I like 'em, she thought hungrily.

    Kate dropped her towel on a poolside chair. Unaware of the attractive blonde woman who was eyeing her from the other side of the pool, she dove into the water and headed directly for her. She swam gracefully through the cool water and emerged at the edge of the pool right in front of May's chair. Pulling herself up on the edge and climbing to the tiled surface, she couldn't have planned a better opportunity for May to introduce herself.

    "Hi, Kate," May said cheerfully, admiring Kate's wet body as it glistened with sunlight, barely concealed by her skimpy string bikini.

    May especially liked the color and texture of her delicately tanned fair skin. A sexy contrast to her dark-red hair and bright-red swimsuit.

    "Hi," Kate answered in a confused but friendly manner as she swept her hair back from her eyes. "Do we know each other?"

    "Oh, not really," May explained. "I'm a friend of Vikki's aunt, Ronee."

    "Oh. You mean Vikki's aunt, Ronee Righteous," Kate said in a smartassed tone.

    "That's right," May said. "Ronee the Righteous. We must be talking about the same woman, all right."

    "Hey, I thought you said you were her friend?" Kate laughed, stepping up to the chair next to May. "You must see her the same way I do."

    May motioned for her to sit down. "Oh, I'm her friend. A real good friend, as a matter of fact. Probably better than you might think."

    "Huh? I don't understand what you mean," Kate said, screwing up her freckled nose in a way that May found quite attractive.

    "Well, let's just say I know her in a different way than you do," May said, still evasive, enjoying her first chance to give Kate a good looking-over from up close. She liked what she saw.

    "Well, all I know is that she sure is hard on Vikki," Kate said with a conspiratorial half-whisper, looking around as if she expected Ronee to be listening. "She won't let Vikki do anything while she's staying with her this summer. She can't stay out late with any guys or even with me.

    She's such a prude!"

    May laughed to herself. If Kate could see Ronee on tape she sure wouldn't think she was a prude. "Oh, I wouldn't call her that exactly," she said.

    Kate didn't catch the irony in May's voice. "Well, whatever you call her, she sure is tough on Vikki. She's so afraid that Vikki might be out…you know…"

    "Screwing some boy?" May interjected.

    "Yeah! Right!" Kate agreed, happily surprised at finding someone sympathetic to her viewpoint. "Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about!"

    "Poor Vikki," May said. "As good-looking as she is, l bet she's got all kinds of sexy guys trying to get into her pants."

    "No kidding," Kate agreed. "But that damn Ronee sure keeps 'em all away."

    "Who keeps 'em away from you?" May asked jokingly, reaching over to touch Kate's arm. "You look like a pretty hot little number yourself!"

    Kate was surprised to find herself blushing at the sudden attention May was paying her. "Oh, I do all right," she said with a note of selfpride in her voice. "I'm sure glad I don't have an Aunt Ronee. That bitch!"

    Deciding that now was the time, May said, "How'd you like for me to show you something about Ronee that might surprise the hell out of you?


    "What are you talking about?"

    "There's a certain video tape that a friend of mine has in his apartment that might change your mind about her," May said with a friendly wink. "What do you say we go take a look at it?"

    "Wow! Sure!" Kate agreed, flattered at the way this attractive blonde woman was treating her, enjoying having someone treat her like an adult instead of a young girl.

    "Well, let's go!" May responded. "Oh, by the way, you can call me May."

    "Pleased to make your acquaintance," Kate joked as she followed her new friend to the apartment lobby. She had seen May around the swimming pool before, usually with the same good-looking man. She'd sure never expected to strike up a friendship with her, she thought. Not with somebody as attractive and mature and obviously older like May was. She glanced at May's full figure several times as they rode up in the elevator. She felt an odd mixture of envy and a familiar kind of sexual feeling as she compared May's lush body to her own blooming form. I hope I'm as sexy looking as she is someday, she found herself thinking, not realizing that May found her overpoweringly sexy right now.

    Stepping out of the elevator at Rex's floor, May took Kate by the hand and led her to his apartment. Unlocking the door and stepping inside, May asked, "Would you like a drink?"

    "Sure!" Kate answered enthusiastically.

    May mixed two drinks and walked over to the corner of the living room where the big, comfortable couch and giant-sized view screen were arranged. "Wow, this is quite a place," Kate said as she followed May to the couch. "I've never seen anything quite like it!"

    "I'll bet you've never seen anything quite like this, either," May said mysteriously as she handed Kate her drink. Motioning for her to sit down on the big, velvet couch, May walked over to the video console and selected the incriminating tape. "Just watch the screen," she instructed as she dropped in the cassette and sent a larger-than-lifesize image of Ronee, naked and masturbating frantically, on to the big projection screen.

    "Oh, God!" Kate gasped as the TV picture exploded suddenly into view.

    May turned up the sound and Ronee's sharp cries and lustful groans filled the room. Watching Kate's reaction intently, May moved quietly over to the couch and sat down close beside her. She found herself getting turned on, her breath quickening and pussy moistening, as she watched Kate watch the screen. Kate was totally captivated by what she saw. She was getting turned on by it, too, May could tell, by the way Kate's hands had involuntarily gone to her lap, balled into fists and pressed in to her crotch with excitement. Ummmmmm, May thought, and the only things standing between us are two string bikinis!

    "What do you think of that, honey?" May asked seductively, boldly leaning closer to Kate until her tits brushed against Kate's arm and her mouth was almost touching Kate's ear.

    "Oh, God! I just can't imagine…I can't imagine Ronee letting herself be filmed like that!"

    "She's not as much of a prude as you thought, is she?" May asked softly.

    "No…no, she's great…she's beautiful," Kate stammered, deeply moved by the sexual feeling being transmitted to her by what she was watching.

    "Ummmmmm, you're beautiful, too," May whispered and gently flicked her tongue into Kate's warm ear. She was responding even faster than May had expected. May was becoming more excited with each sighing breath that Kate took.

    Gracefully, May moved to the video machine and changed tapes. As she walked back toward the bar, she looked over her shoulder and saw the giant image of Rex fucking Ronee with his monster dick. Kate was staring at it in amazement. May was sure, as she watched, that if Kate ever had been fucked before it had certainly not been with a dick that size. She mixed two more drinks but continued to stand by the bar and watch Kate's reaction to the tape. The image now included May as she squeezed Ronee's firm tits in time with Rex's deep thrusts. Kate's mouth was open with combined lust and amazement as she watched the passionate scene. May noticed that she had begun to move her fists in the middle of her lap, almost unconsciously massaging her teenage cuntmound as the burning, hot fucking on the TV screen spread its excitement to her loins.

    "Mmmmmmm," May moaned as she continued to stand by the bar and watch.

    She knew that the wild cum-scene with Ronee and herself both milking Rex's hot dick was coming up in a few moments. Preparing herself for her next step in the seduction of Kate, she removed her bikini and stood languidly by the bar, enjoying Kate's increasingly impassioned actions and her own wanton nakedness. She gazed fondly at Kate as the battle over Rex's hot cum was re-enacted on the screen, observing that a flushed look of animal lust had come over Kate's face. Once the scene had progressed to the point where she and Ronee were shamelessly tonguing and mouthing each other with Rex's jism spread all over their mouths and faces, May quietly returned to the couch.

    Sitting down closely beside Kate, May plunged one hand underneath Kate's tightly clenched fists and cupped Kate's hot cuntal mound in her hand. She put her free arm around Kate's shoulders and pulled her close. Kate responded passionately. May pressed her face toward Kate's, lashing out with her tongue to find Kate's open mouth. She probed her tongue deep into Kate's hot mouth, amazed at the way she was responding so warmly to her lesbian embrace. Both women embraced each other feverishly, exchanging oral caresses with abandonment as the warm, stimulating sound of deep sighs and moans came from the tape.

    "Uuuuummmmmm," Kate moaned, "you feel goooood." She stroked May's nude body uninhibitedly as May continued to plant warm, soft kisses all over her sex-flushed face. Withdrawing from May's arms, she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top, letting it fall to reveal her firm, teenage tits. Then, as May watched with a look of pleasant surprise, she slid her bikini panties smoothly down over her hips and legs and kicked them away.

    "I hadn't expected such a quick response," May said candidly in a sexslurred voice as they both allowed their eyes to travel openly over each other's naked body.

    "I just didn't know at first what you really wanted," Kate replied. "I just didn't think anyone as sexy as you would be interested in me."

    "This isn't the first time you've been with another woman, is it?" May asked as she reached out and allowed her hands to wander over Kate's body.

    "No, this isn't the first time," Kate answered, gasping slightly as May brushed her skilled fingertips over her clit. She spread her legs and raised one knee to the couch, making her pussy more available to May's touch, at the same time moving her hands between May's opening thighs.

    "Never…never with a real woman," she gasped. "Just with other girls …never with anyone like you."

    "You mean someone older like me?" May asked as she pulled her thigh up and rested it on Kate's putting both their pussies within easy reach of each other's probing fingers.

    "Yeah…mmmmm," Kate moaned as May's fingers began a slow teasing journey around and around her clit. "You're so much more…more mature. I didn't think you could possibly care about me."

    "Uuuummmm…pull my clit…just pull it nice and slow," May instructed, imparting her vast knowledge of love to her new young lover. "Why wouldn't I want you? You're so young and beautiful…and you feel sooo gooood."

    "Teach me…teach me how to make you feel good…teach me what another woman likes," Kate panted. "I've only kind of…kind of experimented with my friends…it wasn't this good…you must know how to do it right!"

    "Have you ever done this with Vikki? Have you ever felt her like this?"

    May asked.

    "Just once…one time…she was afraid and wouldn't really let me much."

    Each woman was lazily fingering and pinching and pulling the other's hot cunt-flesh. The tape was still playing, showing a scene from later in that sex-session. Appropriately, it was a scene of Ronee and May engaged in a torrid sixty-nine entanglement. Rex had withdrawn from the bed and was working the camera by hand, Ronee totally unaware of his actions. The screen showed alternate close-ups of first May's lovely face buried in Ronee's hot pussy, then Ronee's lust-driven mouth devouring May's glistening cunt.

    "Aaahhhhh…that's right…this is sooooo nice," May moaned as Kate's young fingers stroked her clit. They both divided their attention between the passionate scene on the screen and the scene of each other's body, lounging languidly on the velvet cushions as they continued the loving manipulations of each other's pussy.

    "Like this?" Kate asked in a hoarse whisper, gently holding May's swelling clit between two fingers and stroking it up and down.

    "Uuuummmmm…that's right," May sighed, having to close her eyes tightly and gasp for air as Kate's fondling sent exquisite thrills through her fevered cunt.

    "Is that good…does it make you feel good?" Kate asked.

    "Yes…yes…it's good, it's good," May responded. "Now dip your fingers into my hole…like this," she instructed and began to poke lightly, teasingly into Kate's tight cunt. "Aaaahhhhh…that's it," she sighed as Kate repeated the movements. They both continued to alternately squeeze and stroke each others swollen clit and plunge their fingers gradually deeper and harder into each other's cunt. They kept on, increasingly faster and with more delicious pressure, still gazing at the lesbian love depicted on the screen, hearing slight wet noises and deep sighs mix with their own panting and passionate moans.

    "Teach me, May…teach me…tell me what to do to you," Kate begged, extracting as much pleasure from her fingers being in May's cunt as May's being in hers. "Tell me…I'll do anything… anything," she sighed with a sound of deep sexual need in her voice.

    "Haven't you made love to other girls? Don't you know what to do?" May asked.

    "This is all I've ever done…just felt each other's cunt…it wasn't this good though…uuummmm, you're sooo good." "What do you want to do to me?"

    "Anything…everything…just tell me," Kate sighed as both women now had completely penetrated their fingers into each other's hungry pussy.

    May's mind reeled at the possibilities. She quickly jumped up from the couch and turned on the video recorder, bringing out the camera and pointing it at the couch. She started the recorder and rapidly adjusted the video console so that the camera would be both recording them and projecting their images on the screen in front of them simultaneously.

    Even better than that mirror on the bedroom, she thought wickedly as she saw Kate's excited, waiting body appear on the giant projection screen.

    May hurried to return to the couch, taking her place again next to Kate but stroking her tits and belly this time instead of her pussy. She gazed lovingly at the hot, vibrant teenage body next to her, glancing at the screen to see herself and Kate. "We can watch ourselves while we make love," she said softly to Kate, nodding at the screen. Kate's lust-filled eyes left their examination of May's body to gaze at their images on the large screen in front of them. May could tell by her expression that she liked it.

    She continued to lovingly touch Kate's budding tits and her sharply pointed nipples, fantasizing over the things she could have Kate do to her and the things she could do to Kate. Kate kept on watching the passionate picture they made on the screen as May felt her young body and contemplated just what she would instruct the impassioned teenager to do. She remembered the way she had commanded Ronee to do such humiliatingly exciting things to both of them.

    May withdrew her hand from Kate's smooth pussy and inserted three fingers into her own gaping cunt. She stroked her pussy lightly, stirring up her hot juices, soaking her fingers in her hot liquids.

    "Did you like the way Ronee and I ate all of Rex's jism?" she asked Kate. "Have you ever tasted a woman's juices?"

    "No…let me taste yours, May…let me taste your pussy," Kate begged.

    "Here," May responded, presenting her juice-drenched fingers to Kate.

    "Lick my juices off my fingers," she instructed.

    Kate complied, licking at May's wet hand, clutching it, running her tongue over every finger then sucking each one of them into her mouth.

    "Uummmmm…you taste so good," she gasped between licks. May pulled her hand away again and returned it to her cuntal opening, soaking it again in her juices and enjoying Kate's hungry stare as she did so.

    "Let me lick your pussy…let me taste…let me kiss it," Kate begged.

    "Just do what I tell you," May commanded gently but firmly, "then I'll let you lick my cunt." She pulled her wet, sticky fingers out of her hole and angled her hips up higher so that Kate had a complete view of her spread crotch. She pushed her fingers into her asshole, closing her eyes and gasping from the powerful feeling as she slowly kneaded them in and out of the tight hole. "I'll let you lick my asshole, too," she said lustfully, watching Kate's entranced gaze as she stretched her shitter in ever-widening circles with her wet fingers.

    "Taste them again, baby," she instructed as she pulled out her finger and once more held them invitingly in front of Kate's face. Kate was even more passionate this time in her licking and sucking of May's wet, fragrant fingers. She devoured every drop of May's juices, inflamed by the combined taste of May's sweet and musky asshole and pussy.

    May reached now for Kate's pussy and buried two of her slim fingers in the tight, young opening. Kate moaned loudly as May stroked the hole rapidly, stimulating her flow of fuck-fluids. Withdrawing her fingers, she spread Kate's juice over the large, erect nipple of one of her own luscious tits. Cupping the juicy tit in her hands, held it toward Kate's mouth.

    "Lick my nipple," she instructed, her voice quivering with lust. "Taste your own pussy…taste it…suck it!"

    Kate eagerly obeyed, mouthing May's sharp nipple hungrily, noisily sucking her own sweet juices from May's tit.

    "Aaaaaaahhhhhh…that's good…suck it, baby, suck it!" May gazed lovingly at Kate's young, virginal face, flushed with excitement at the taste of her own love juices and May's fat nipple.

    May pulled her foot up level with Kate's open twat and began to rub and caress the open, wet lips with her smooth, sensitive toes. Kate sighed deeply, leaning back against the couch, grasped May's warm foot in her hands and rubbed her toes harder against her aching pussy-flesh.

    "Stick my toes in your cunt," May gasped, loving the feeling of hot, wet cunt-lips against her tender foot. "Fuck yourself with my toes!"

    Holding May's foot with both hands, Kate began to probe into her cunthole with May's big toe, stroking it in and out of her hot slit feverishly. Kate moaned with pleasure at the penetration into her pussy, and May felt the warm, wetness of her juices covering her foot.

    "Now in your ass…fuck your asshole," May ordered, watching with delight as Kate obeyed. She felt Kate's tight, virgin asshole open easily as her big toe pressed against its puckered opening. She was amazed and excited by the ease with which the rosy pink hole accepted the penetration. She panted with lust as she watched Kate jerk her asscheeks back and forth shamelessly, luxuriating in the feeling.

    "Suck my toes…lick them…lick your juice," she commanded breathlessly, pulling her toe from Kate's tight asshole and moving her foot towards her mouth. Kate hungrily devoured her own juices. She lapped and slurped hungrily at May's lovely toes, sucking them into her mouth and tantalizing them with her tongue. "Uuuuummmmm…you're so good, baby," she sighed as Kate continued with her sucking. "You can suck my pussy now. Put your head between my legs," she ordered, "but keep your ass up here by me." She guided Kate's head to her crotch and positioned her so that her head was pointing downward between May's thighs and her knees rested beside May, her ass high in the air and spread wide open to May's touch.

    "Just take my clit between your lips," she said hoarsely, her voice thick and breathless with lust. She felt Kate's hot mouth encircle her clit, sending shivers through her loins. "That's right…just hold it with your lips…flick it…flick it with your tongue!" she cried as Kate's hot, quick tongue sent shivers of delight throughout her entire body.

    Savoring the exquisite sensation of her clit trapped and vibrating in Kate's mouth, May turned to Kate's lovely ass beside her. She spread the smooth young cheeks even wider with her hands and gazed greedily at the lovely sight. Kate's red, soft pubic hair covered the fat pouch of her teenaged pussy. The inner lips of her pussy protruded slightly from the red-haired outer folds of flesh, her clit sticking out red and swollen. Love-juice oozed from the pink flesh at the mouth of her cunt, musky and enticing. Her asshole was hot pink in color and puckered tightly, just waiting to be licked.

    "Keep flicking it like that…uuummmmmm…that's right, baby," May moaned as she continued to relish the sensation of her new lover's mouth tantalizing her clit. She began to teasingly play with Kate's pussy. She ran her fingertip along the edge of the slick inner lips, then pressed her finger between the fat lips and stroked it up and down through the humid valley of her cunt. She poked the mouth of Kate's cuntal opening provocatively with her fingertip, eliciting deep, muffled groans from Kate. She plunged her fingers deep into the hot, fleshy hole, watching the way the hungry cuntal passage sucked her fingers inside and gripped them tightly. Stroking and stretching the soft folds of pussy-flesh for a few moments, she withdrew and gently plucked at Kate's throbbing clit, stroking it the way she would stroke her own. As Kate's groans increased with each new move May's fingers made, her ass began to jerk hungrily, wanting more and more stimulation. Kate began to remove her mouth from May's clit.

    "Keep sucking!" May commanded, enjoying her power to control Kate and to have her hold her clit so excitingly in her mouth. She continued to tease Kate's pussy as she luxuriated in the feeling of her clit throbbing and warm inside Kate's mouth, being caressed by her lips and lightly flicked with her hot tongue. Departing from pulling and stroking Kate's clit, May turned her attention to Kate's wrinkled asshole as it now flexed with hunger and excitement. She plunged her fingers deep into the hot opening, again amazed at the way it stretched almost as easily as did her cunt-hole. She fucked her fingers in and out rapidly before finally giving in to her desire to suck and lick Kate's luscious pink cunt-flesh.

    She pulled Kate's thigh across herself, straddling Kate's spread asscheeks over her tits. With a lusty sigh, she began to devour the sweet teenage flesh with her voracious lips and tongue. Pulling her smooth ass-cheeks closer, her movements became wilder and more passionate as Kate began to stroke her own tongue up and down through May's dripping slit. Their actions became more and more frenzied as each girl drove the other to higher peaks of lust and animal desire. May felt herself being completely overwhelmed by tremendous sexual power. Their moans became sharp gasps of pleasure and ecstasy as their mutual sucking and licking took on a fevered pace. Their bodies bucked and writhed against each other in total abandon as their pleasure began to peak. And the camera saw it all!

    Chapter 7

    "Hi, Jon!" Rex said pleasantly, greeting Jon at the door. "What brings you over to my place?" he asked apprehensively, slightly fearing that Ronee might have disclosed the fuck-session that had gone on between herself and Rex.

    "Hi, Rex," Jon replied in a friendly manner, putting Rex at ease. "I've been meaning to get over here again ever since that night that Ronee and I were here. I was wondering if you might do me a favor."

    "Sure! Just name it," Rex said, relieved.

    "Well, I was wondering if maybe you could show me that tape of your girlfriend again. You know. The one where she's playing with herself."

    "Yeah," Rex responded, "come on in and I'll turn it on for you." He chuckled to himself at the unexpected turn of events as he walked over to the video console.

    "Hey, I didn't get you out of bed, did l?" Jon asked, noticing that Rex was wearing only a long, silk bath robe.

    "No, no. Don't worry," Rex answered jovially. "I was just getting out of the shower," he lied. He found the cassette of May and dropped it into the machine, making sure Jon had seated himself in front of the big screen before turning it on. "There! Is that the one you're talking about?"

    "Goddamn!" Jon said as the image of May's softly undulating body appeared on the screen. "Yeah…that's the one!" He gazed intently at the scene of May he had seen the other night, the scene where she was fucking herself into a frenzy with a big, blue dildo. The tape was showing an earlier portion that he had not seen before, however. May was on her knees with her spread ass-cheeks pointing at the camera, driving the dildo in and out of her box with her hand moving swiftly and smoothly between her open thighs.

    "Goddamn! What an ass!" Jon gasped, almost salivating with desire as he watched May go at it.

    The timing couldn't have been better, Rex mused to himself. "If you think that's something, just come in here for a minute," Rex said and walked toward the closed bedroom door. Jon followed quickly, not knowing what Rex had in mind, but expecting the best.

    "Gah…I don't believe it…it's her!" Jon stuttered in surprise as Rex threw open the door to reveal May in the flesh, poised with spread legs and glistening pussy on Rex's big round bed.

    "I figured if you liked the tape you'd probably like the real thing even better!" Rex laughed as he untied the sash to his robe and removed it. "Why don't you join us."

    "Yeah, Jon," May said seductively, "there's nothing better than two cocks at once!"

    That was all the coaxing he needed. He fumbled his way through his clothes as Rex returned to the bed and mounted May. May inhaled with a sharp gasp as Rex drove his big cock into her waiting cunt. Jon continued to tug and tear at his clothes, unable to concentrate on the job at hand because of the passionate scene on the bed.

    "Come on, Jon," May sighed, "I want more cock in me!"

    Rex held May's hips firmly against his own and eased slowly over until he was underneath her, her ass pointing invitingly up at Jon. "Here's that ass you like so much," he called to Jon. "Come on and try it!" He pulled her cheeks widely apart with his hands, revealing her stretched pussy-lips wrapped tightly around his cock and her pink, wrinkled asshole flexing invitingly. She pushed her ass up at a higher angle, still holding Rex's cock deep inside her, making her white cheeks stretch even wider Jon finally removed the last of his clothes and moved in a trance-like state toward the bed. He was transfixed by the magnificent sight of May's ass being presented so passionately and wantonly. His erect cock, big and hard but in an entirely smaller class than Rex's monster, waved in front of him as he climbed onto the bed. He walked toward the coupled bodies on his knees, still staring with intense desire at May's lovely ass. It glistened with the wetness from her excited pussy and its musky smell was luring Jon closer and closer!

    "Hurry up, Jon!" May cried. "Stick your cock in my ass…right now …I need it!" She wiggled her butt shamelessly, enticing him with her lewd motions and her seductive voice.

    "Goddamn!" Jon finally exclaimed and bent forward to grasp May's smooth ass-cheeks.

    Rex moved his hands to May's straining tits and gripped them hard, pushing her up away from him until her back was arched gracefully, her head thrown back and her ass jutting upward. She allowed her knees to spread farther apart and she rested her pussy on Rex's crotch, impaled on his huge pecker.

    Jon began to stroke and caress May's perfect ass, rubbing his hands in circular motions around the smooth, white skin of her delectably rounded cheeks. He traced the fine crease that separated her buttocks, running his fingers lightly over her sensitive anus. He toyed with the hot, puckered skin of her tightly closed asshole, imagining the tightness his cock would find there. Rubbing his fingers over the inflamed flesh of her stretched cunt-lips, he gathered up some of her dripping pussy-juice. Placing his fingertips at the hot center of her ass-opening, he paused to consider the beautiful sexiness of her pink, flexing hole. Knowing that in moments his cock would be inside her ass, he didn't wait to gradually stretch the tight ring of muscle with teasing probes of his fingertips. He shoved hard and plunged two fingers deep into the tight heat of her ass.

    "Aaahhhh!" May cried with combined shock and pleasure. "Uuuummmmmm… oh, it hurts…it burns," she moaned, but twitched her ass back and forth shamelessly, enjoying the sudden penetration of her tightest hole.

    Jon moved his fingers in and out of the hot opening, twisting and spreading his fingers as he stroked. Her asshole stretched elastically, growing a deeper pink in color. He pushed in another finger, eliciting another cry from May, feeling her asshole respond by gripping his fingers with pulsing pressure.

    "Goddamn, that's gonna be tight!" he said as he removed his fingers and moved his knees closer to May's hips. He squatted behind her, between Rex's spread legs. Running his fingers again over her dripping pussy, he soaked up some of the juice that eased out from between the shaft of Rex's big cock and the surrounding flesh of May's cunt-lips. He spread the juice over his cock, wetting himself thoroughly with her musky smelling pussy-sauces.

    Leaning slightly forward, Jon guided the head of his rock-hard cock to the hot center of May's asshole. He sighed with pleasure at the extreme heat of her puckered anus against the sensitive lips of his piss-hole.

    Watching the point of penetration with a hungry lust-fevered expression on his face, he shoved forward. Her asshole responded immediately, opening up to his pressure, sucking in his hard cock.

    "Aaaaahhhh…that's it…aaaahhhh…deeper, deeper, deeper!" May cried as she felt the burning of her asshole and the fullness of two cocks inside her at once. It was too much. She felt herself soaring immediately to a shuddering orgasm, her cunt and asshole convulsed with tight, squeezing spasms that sent both of her lovers into moans and sighs of their own as she strained her head back and released a long, wailing groan of pure pleasure.

    Still in a state of blissful shock, she began to rock her hips forward and backward, fucking herself with both cocks at once. "Uuuuuummmmm…

    I love it…I love it!" she sighed with feverish delight as the two hard cocks inside her loins gave wonderful, warm satisfaction to that animal desire so deep inside her cunt.

    "Ooooohhhh…you're so goddamn tight!" Jon groaned as he watched her asshole slide up and down his cock. He didn't have to move at all. She was doing all the work. Her tight elastic ring of flesh sucked at his shaft as it withdrew. He loved the way it looked…almost as much as he loved the way it felt.

    Rex could feel the other cock inside May's cunt as she rocked her ass back and forth between the two men. His own cock throbbed with pleasure at the extra pressure and tightness in her pussy that Jon's cock inside her ass created. He kneaded and pulled her pendulous tits, pinching the hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger, adding to her already intense pleasure.

    "Move your cock…move it in my ass, Jon," she sighed hoarsely.

    "Really let me feel it…fuck it in and out!"

    Jon responded by slowly pulling his cock almost entirely out of her hot ass, stopping only when he felt the hot opening of her ass squeezing the very head of his cock. Then he pushed forward, sending his pecker gliding back into the hot, musky cavern of her ass. She gasped as she felt his cock squeezed in tightly with Rex's prick, loving the sensation of heat and fullness it caused in her loins.

    "Now you, Rex…start fucking me…both of you…fuck me, fuck me!" she whined, desiring even more the sensation of both men pounding into her at once.

    "Aaaaaiiiiihhhh! " she cried with the crazed voice of a woman possessed by raw lust. Rex and Jon were both stroking her simultaneously.

    Stretching and pulling the burning, sensitized flesh of her ass and cunt. Sending wave after wave of exquisite sexual pleasure coursing through her whole body.

    '"O-oh…aaaahhhhhh…that's it…uuummmmm…harder, faster," she babbled with a wild quaver of lust in her breathless voice.

    "Ooooohh…oohh…it's so goooooood!"

    Jon reached around her slim waist and gripped the warm, smooth flesh of her belly, holding on tightly as her actions became wilder and more frantic. Rex held on to her swollen tits, rolling them in big, warm handfuls against her chest. He could feel the jism begin to boil deep down inside him as her frenzied movements and lust-crazed voice fed the flames of his lust. Jon felt his loins burning deep inside, as well. He held tightly to her waist and increased the speed of his long, smooth strokes into her ass, knowing that in a few moments he would fill her hot butt with his boiling cum.

    "Ah…ah…aaahhh…more, more…uuuuhhhh…fuck, fuck… more…harder…deeeeeper…aaahhhh!" she screamed in sharp gasps as the pressure mounted within her. She was over the brink, totally blissed-out, screaming and gasping and frantically jerking her ass to meet the rough, pounding thrusts into her ass and cunt.

    "Aaaawwwwww…shit…I'm coming…I'm gonna come in your ass, baby…uuuuuhhhhh!" Jon groaned as he felt the hot jism begin to travel like sexual lightning through the shaft of his cock.

    "Uuuuummmmm…that's good…that's goooooood," Rex sighed as his own cock began to spurt thick jets of cum into May's burning pussy.

    May's head was thrown back, her mouth wide open with a long, sustained growl of lust escaping her throat as she felt both men shooting their cum into her loins. She felt like she had died and gone to sexual heaven as the hot, thick fluids filled her ass and cunt. She felt the final spasms of the angry cocks inside her, savoring the last few seconds of total sexual bliss as she gradually felt herself falling into a post-orgasmic daze. She collapsed forward onto Rex's sweating body. Jon, in turn, fell on top of her, exhausted by the intensity of his orgasm. She lay peacefully sandwiched between the hot, heavy bodies of the two men that she had pleased so well, still enjoying the feeling of their now semi-erect cocks inside her, their combined juices oozing out of her throbbing holes.

    "Uuuummmm…that was wonderful," May sighed contentedly.

    "Show Jon how much you like that hot jism we shot into you," Rex commanded softly, dazed and fatigued by their fucking. He knew Jon would get a kick out the way May went after their cum.

    Jon rolled off of May's reclining body and collapsed on his back, his cock still standing in its semi-erect state, shining with the mixture of May's juices and his jism. He watched languidly as May raised herself from Rex's body and knelt beside him. He felt May's warm, skilled fingers grasp his cock at the base as she began to suck and lick the juice and jism that dripped from his pecker. Her tongue felt soothing to the tender skin of his cock as she expertly covered all of it in her hunger for his cum. Once she had eaten every drop of jism from his cock, she held the head of it to her mouth. He felt her soft lips encircle just the tip of his cock. With a strangely pleasant sensation deep down in his balls, he felt May suck the last remaining traces of cum from his shaft, lovingly cradling his prick in her hands as her lips and tongue softly caressed the sensitive lips of his pisshole.

    "Uuuummmm…you're beautiful," he moaned, more satisfied than he could ever remember being. He relaxed peacefully as he watched May raise her head from his cock and lick her cum-glistening lips. She reached between her legs and probed her fingers into her dripping pussy and then her asshole. With a contented sigh, she raised her fingers to her mouth and licked and sucked the sweet jism from each one, hungrily sucking them like they were miniature cocks!

    "Don't forget me," Rex said softly, taking his still-swollen cock in his hand, raising it from where it had rested heavily on his belly. He squeezed it tightly, making the bulbous head swell, sending a fresh drop of cum oozing out of the slit to mingle with the other sticky juices that covered his prick-tip.

    May quickly captured it in her hands and once again performed her loving ritual on Rex's long, thick cock. Both men watched with pleasure as she ate his cum and sucked the residual thick drops of it from deep in Rex's balls.

    "What did you think of that?" Rex asked Jon as May finished her hungry actions and curled up contentedly beside Rex. "She just can't get enough of it. I've never known another woman that loved jism like she does!"

    "Uuummm hmmmm. She's really something," Jon agreed, still resting peacefully on the big bed. "That was one hell of a fuck, too! Goddamn, her ass was tight and hot!"

    "I'm glad you like it," she said quietly, pleased at the way they were admiring her.

    "Hey, let me show you something," Rex said, rising from the bed and going over to the video recorder. "You know that cute little redheaded friend of your wife's niece?"

    "You mean Kate?" Jon asked, his curiosity aroused.

    "Yeah. Kate," Rex replied. He found the tape May had made of her fucksession with Kate and dropped it in the video recorder. "Watch this," he instructed, pointing at the TV screen at the foot of the bed as it suddenly came to life.

    "Goddamn!" Jon gasped as he saw the astounding image of May and Kate with their faces buried in each other's cunt. He couldn't believe it.

    Kate! Vikki's friend. The one he had the hots for himself, right there on tape in a wild lesbian fuck-scene with May.

    "I don't believe it! I just don't believe it!" Jon exclaimed, his gaze fixed on the TV screen as May and Kate enjoyed each other's lovely cunts with wild abandonment. He assumed that if Rex had a tape of her like that, then he probably fucked her, too. Probably right at that same time. He was probably right beside them, out of range of the camera while they were licking and sucking each other like that. That son-of-a-bitch has it made, he thought enviously as he watched, unaware that Kate had been filmed by May secretly. Unaware that the session of wild sex he had just had with Rex and May was recorded on tape, too.

    Rex watched the tape with his lust for Kate growing, as well. I'll have her tomorrow, he thought smugly. And with the film of that little escapade, it's just one more step until I have Vikki, he mused. And I'll have it all on tape.

    Chapter 8

    Rex was lounging comfortably on the velvet couch, watching the tape of May and Kate on the big projection screen. Hmmm, he thought, I wonder if Kate's gonna be as good in real life as she is on tape?

    May had left just a few minutes earlier to meet Kate at the swimming pool. They had planned to meet again today after that hot fuck-session they had had a few days ago. May knew that Kate was expecting it just to be her and May again, but a little surprise would be waiting for Kate once she got to Rex's apartment. A little surprise, May laughed to herself as she walked toward the pool. A little ten-inch surprise!

    Rex was becoming excited with anticipation as he waited for May to return with Kate. He decided that now would be as good as any to call Jon and bring him into the plan. Reaching to the side of the couch, he picked up the phone and dialed Jon and Ronee's number, hoping that Jon would answer and not Ronee.

    "Hello," Jon answered and Rex breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Hey, Jon. This is Rex!"


    "I'm gonna do you a favor, buddy. And then you're gonna do me a favor,"

    Rex said.


    "Well, you know when you were over here yesterday?"

    "How the hell could I possibly forget?" Jon laughed.

    "Well, it's all on tape."

    "What!? What the fuck do you mean it's all on tape?"

    "Whoa! Relax, relax," Rex replied. "Nobody has to see it. Not if you do a little favor for me. And then I'll do you a favor."

    "Just what the hell do you mean?" Jon asked angrily, furious that Rex had taped him fucking May without him knowing it.

    "Here's what you do," Rex explained. "Tomorrow afternoon al two o'clock you arrange to have Vikki come over here."

    "Hell, I can't do that. Ronee watches her like a damn hawk!"

    "Find a way," Rex said. "That is, unless you want Ronee to see that tape of you and me and May."

    "Okay, okay, Goddamnit!" Jon fumed, shocked and angered that Rex would blackmail him that way, using him to set up a seduction scene with Vikki.

    "Just cool down a minute," Rex laughed. "You haven't heard what I'm gonna do for you!"

    "It better be pretty goddamned good!"

    "It is, it is!" Rex chuckled. "In exactly thirty minutes you get your ass over here to my apartment. Got it?"

    "What the hell for? So you can blackmail me some more, you son-of-abitch!"

    "Kate's gonna be here!"


    "Kate's gonna be here! Naked! And fucking with me and May!"

    "No shit?" Jon exclaimed, suddenly losing his anger.

    "No shit!" Rex said. "And if you get over here, you can fuck her, too!"

    "Goddamn! If you're telling the truth, that more than makes up for a little friendly blackmail," Jon said with lust already evident in his voice.

    "Don't worry. I'm telling the truth," Rex assured him. "See. It's not really blackmail. It's just a couple of friends doing each other a favor!"

    "Right! Right!" Jon agreed emphatically. "See you in thirty minutes!"

    Good, Rex thought, that's all settled. Now if May would just get here with that little red-haired piece of ass…

    "Come on in, honey," Rex heard May say to Kate as the door swung open.

    Rex watched as Kate followed May into the living room. She hadn't noticed his presence.

    "Hi, Kate!" Rex sang out, knowing that she would be shocked as hell to see him there.

    "Who are you…who's that…who is he, May?" Kate sputtered, startled by the sight of a man right there in the room where she had hoped they were going to fuck.

    "Cool down, baby," May said soothingly, reaching for Kate's bikini strings as she spoke. "Everything's cool. This is Rex. This is his apartment!"

    "Oh," Kate said weakly, already realizing the spot she was in. "I guess he's gonna be here with us while we…you know…"

    "That's right, baby," May said as Kate's bikini top dropped to the floor. "He's not just gonna be here…he's gonna join in!"

    "Don't worry, Kate. This is gonna even be more fun than what you had the other day," Rex said, pointing to the TV image of May and Kate sucking each other wildly.

    "Show her what she's got in store for her," May said. She had left Kate standing in the middle of the floor with just her bikini bottoms on while she hurriedly began removing her own clothes.

    "Yeah, Kate," Rex responded. He untied the sash to his silk gown and shrugged it off his shoulders. He dropped to the floor, revealing his semi-erect ten-inch cock already in a state of arousal,

    "Oh, God!" Kate gasped.

    "It's not like any of that teenage cock you've probably seen, is it?"

    May laughed. She stepped out of the pile of discarded clothes at her feet and walked over to where Rex was standing. She picked up his heavy cock with one hand and said, "Come on over here, honey. You're just gonna love this!"

    Kate was already responding. She had lost her initial fear as soon as she had seen the fascinating sight of that cock. Eagerly, she obeyed May's command and walked over to where they stood. Her face glowing with a hot blush and a wicked grin, she stepped out of her bikini panties and revealed her entire teenage body.

    "Uummmm," Rex said approvingly. "You're gonna make this thing too big to handle if you keep turning me on like that," he said as she began to lewdly and shamelessly run her hands over her lovely skin, caressing her tits and belly. Rex's cock responded immediately to the seductive sight. It grew thicker and longer right before the eyes of the two deliciously naked women. May began to slowly stroke her hand up and down the length of Rex's cock as it swelled larger.

    "Taste it, honey," she instructed. "There's nothing like it!"

    Kate dropped to her knees in front of Rex and grasped his cock with both hands. She raised it to her mouth and began to lick the head in light, teasing circles that elicited a sigh of pleasure from Rex. She continued to lick larger and larger circles around the bulbous head, trying to force his still-growing cock into her mouth. She obviously had never dealt with this size of cock before.

    "Just take it slowly, baby," May instructed, getting down on her knees beside Kate. "A little at a time…that's right…cover the whole head with your tongue."

    "You tell her, baby," Rex groaned as Kate began the cock-sucking learning process from a true master of the art. She held off trying to force the head into her mouth and did as May said, covering the entire head of his prick with her roaming, wet tongue."

    "That's it…slow and easy…get it good and wet," May said as she watched Kate's performance closely. She placed a hand on Kate's pert young teenage ass and caressed her smooth cheeks as she gave Kate her lesson. "Now just a little at a time…suck it in…that's good… uuummmmm, that's right. Isn't that great?" she asked excitedly as the head of Rex's cock disappeared into Kate's mouth. Kate grunted her agreement and sucked in another inch of his massive cock, closing her eyes with delight. "Uuuummmm, just relax your throat…let it in… let it all in," May sighed, running her fingertips through the warm crevice of Kate's ass. Rex sighed deeply as he felt and watched his cock being sucked into Kate's hot, wet mouth.

    May began fingering Kate's pussy and asshole, preparing them for what was coming: Rex's ten-incher at its peak of passion. As soon as she had just a little more of his cock in her mouth and she was good and excited, the real fucking would begin. May knew that Rex had called Jon and that he would be there soon. And May was sure that Rex wanted to be the first one to get his cock in Kate's tight little twat. May probed deeply in Kate's pussy. Uummmmm, she thought, she's good and ready right now.

    "Okay, baby. That's all the time we've got for prick-sucking," May said. Kate withdrew her mouth, letting Rex's cock ease out from between her lips.

    "I was just getting the hang of it," Kate whined.

    "Boy! No shit!" Rex agreed.

    "Come on over here to the couch, honey," May instructed. "Don't you want to feel that pretty cock of his in your little pussy?" Kate looked alarmed but excited by the possibility and seated herself on the couch next to May.

    "All right, Rex. Give her a real taste of that thing!" May laughed as she repositioned herself next to Kate so that she would have a good close-up of the action.

    "I hope you're ready for this, baby," Rex said lustily, "because I sure am!" With that, he knelt on the floor in front of the couch between Kate's outstretched legs. His cock was red and wet with Kate's saliva.

    He pushed Kate's knees up to her tits, spreading and exposing her redhaired snatch. "God, you look hot!" he exclaimed as her wet pussy came into view. He leaned forward and moved his cock toward her cunt.

    "I'll take care of that," May said and grabbed his cock, placing it exactly at the open mouth of Kate's twat. She rubbed it around the opening, stirring up the hot juices inside. "She's all ready," May said breathlessly.

    Kate closed her eyes as she felt the giant prick begin its slow penetration into her. At first she felt like screaming. It was too big, she thought. But she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and let the big cock slowly screw itself into her cunt. She could hear Rex breathing hoarsely and felt May's warm presence beside her as her level of pain and pleasure mounted. She gasped involuntarily as the ten-inch prick began to fill her. Oh, shit, she thought, I can't take it! It's too much! But she felt her body giving in to the wickedly wonderful feeling. She pulled her knees higher and angled her pussy for deeper penetration. She felt her cunt-muscles throb and convulse uncontrollably around his huge pecker. She heard a passionate cry and then realized it came from her own lips as the base of his cock touched her stretched, strained cunt-lips and the head of his invading prick touched her somewhere deep inside.

    "Aaaaahhhhh…oh, shit…oh…ooohhhh!" she cried as her pussy twitched in wild spasms of pleasure. She opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of her cunt stretched to the point of tearing, the lips a bright red color, wrapped tightly around the base of Rex's shaft.

    The erotic sight was soon blocked from her view by another erotic image. May climbed up onto the couch and straddled Kate's reclining head. Her pussy was less than a foot from Kate's face. Kate groaned deeply at the combined sensations of deep cuntal penetration and lesbian desire. She grabbed for May's hips and pulled her dripping, hot cunt to her mouth, burying her face in the inflamed flesh, lapping and sucking and biting wildly.

    "Aaaahhhh…suck it…suck it!" May cried as she let herself be pulled down on top of Kate's face. "Fuck her, Rex! She's going crazy on my cunt. Fuck her. Fuck her hard!" Rex began a slow steady rhythm in Kate's tight pussy as he gazed excitedly at the sexy teenager devouring May's cunt. He stroked deeply and smoothly, loving the gripping spasms of her almost virgin hole. They all three shook and writhed with their own intermingled lusts and pleasures, each feeding off the other as their excitement and frenzy grew and grew.

    They continued on bucking and twisting and groaning as they enjoyed each other's body. They had gone on for far longer than any of them realized, totally oblivious to time, when Jon entered through the unlocked door.

    "Holy shit!"

    Only Rex even bothered to turn his attention to the newcomer. "Come on in…come on…here she is," he gasped, critically close to shooting his wad into Kate's convulsing pussy.

    "Goddamn!" Jon exclaimed as he stumbled over to the three lovers, tugging at his clothes and already getting a terrific hard-on. He stood to the side of the three wildly straining bodies and watched with excitement as he removed the rest of his clothes. He could tell that they were all three on the brink of orgasm, and he felt his own excitement growing with theirs.

    Kate felt the heat of her loins melt to pure sexual honey around Rex's deeply probing cock. She mouthed May's cunt wildly and hungrily, driving on to more and more frenzied and delirious actions by May's gasping and bawling. She could feel May coming, the heat and throbbing of her greatly enlarged clit increasing magnificently in her mouth. It was pure ecstasy. She felt like she was coming in her cunt and in her mouth at the same time.

    "Aaaaaggghhh…suck…suck it…aaaahhhh!" May screamed with delirious delight as her orgasm shook her body.

    "Aaaawwww…I'm gonna come in you, baby!" Rex groaned in a deep sexual growl as he felt himself beginning to spurt and spew his hot jism, his cock-head buried as deep as it would go inside her tight little cunt.

    Jon's excitement grew almost uncontrollable as he watched the three entangled lovers bucking and shouting and convulsing as they all three were over-powered by tremendous waves of orgasm. He gazed intently at Kate in particular as the massive group climax dwindled and May climbed off of Kate's wet, flushed face, leaving her glistening and gasping and dazed. Rex withdrew his shining prick from her ragged pink hole and Jon saw thick drops of cum oozing out of her gaping pussy.

    "Mmmmmmmm, that was good, baby," May moaned, sliding down to the floor in front of Kate. "Didn't you just love that big cock?" she asked as she pressed her mouth to Kate's ravaged cunt and began to devour the cum that was leaking from deep inside her.

    "You're next, buddy," Rex said weakly. He was sprawled on the thick carpet, resting from the draining power of his orgasm. "And she is really one tight piece of ass!"

    "Just a second," May said, lifting her head momentarily from between the thighs of the dazed, panting Kate. She plunged her tongue deeply into Kate's hole, trying to suck in every drop of Rex's jism that had flooded her pussy. She held the lips of the tender, teenage cunt-lips apart and pressed her open mouth against her open pussy-mouth, sucking hard to extract every drop of jism.

    "Okay, she's all yours," May said, licking her lips hungrily. She grabbed Jon by the hand and pulled him down to the couch, his angry cock sticking straight up and ready for action. Kate's desire had been reawakened by May's avid tonguing of her pussy and she responded immediately to May's instruction to mount Jon's hard prick. She climbed on top of his lap, her thighs straddling him and her firm young teenage tits staring him right in the face.

    "Uuummmm, more cock. I love it!" she said as she lowered her hips until her spread cunt touched the head of his cock.

    "Oooh, you're hot!" Jon said. "Come on, Kate! Drop your ass right down on me! Let me really feel what it's like in there!"

    Kate lowered her hips swiftly, sending Jon's hard prick right to the center of her womb. "Aaaahhhhh," she sighed, regaining for a second time that feeling of a long, solid cock filling her young cunt!

    "Mmmmmmmmm…I love it…I love your cock!"

    May, who had been attending to Rex's cum-covered prick, turned her attention to the two lovers. "That's right, baby! Take it all in!" she yelled, turned on at the sight of Kate's wriggling and squirming hips, impaled on Jon's erect cock. "Lean forward, honey," she instructed.

    "Push your tits against his chest." Kate complied rubbing her tits and hard, hot nipples against Jon's chest, their mouths meeting in a wild, passionate kiss. "Now spread her ass-cheeks apart, Jon," May ordered, gazing lustfully at Kate's tight ass bobbing up and down on Jon's prick. Jon grabbed a firm young cheek in each hand and pulled the two white buns of her ass apart to expose her pink, wrinkled asshole with its light surrounding fringe of red hair.

    "There it is, baby," May said, turning toward Rex. "There's that crazy asshole of hers that I told you about. Looks nice, doesn't it?" As if to prove her point, she knelt between Jon's legs and dipped her head down between Kate's spread cheeks. She flicked her hot tongue out at the puckered hole, tantalizing it with the tip of her tongue and nipping at it with her lips. She pressed her tongue into the very center of the tightly clenched hole as Rex watched and easily penetrated the seeming tightness.

    "Goddam! You're right, it loosens up just like that," Rex said, amazed at the depth to which May had sunk her tongue into Kate's rosy asshole.

    "Move over, baby. I've gotta get me some of that!"

    Kate had been oblivious to their voices, aware only of the nice, long cock inside her pussy and the probing, snaking tongue inside her asshole. She didn't expect the sudden pressure of a much larger object against her sensitive but resilient shit-hole. At first it was just an added thrill to the pleasure she was already experiencing in her cunt.

    Then she felt her asshole being forced open wider and wider until she screamed out in pain.

    "Ooohhhh…it's tooo big…it hurts!" she cried, aware suddenly of the fact that it was Rex behind her, trying to spear her tender anus with his massive cock. "Aaahhh…aaaahhhh," she sighed as she resigned herself to her fate, being held tightly in place by both strong men. It was so tight. She didn't know if she could take it. But it was going in…she could feel it…slowly pushing in deeper… deeper…

    "Aaaaahhhhhheeeeeeaaaaa!" she screamed. "SHOVE IT…PUSH IT…FUCK IT!" She felt the tremendous release of her asshole relaxing to receive the massive cock, the incredible feeling of her bowels being filled with hot, huge cock. The cock in her cunt was being squeezed even tighter by the ass-fucking. It was too much. She felt herself almost blacking out from the intensity of the crazy, gripping sexual pleasure.

    May looked on with excitement of her own. She was amazed at how passionately intense the young girl was. She was amazed at how turnedon it made her to watch Kate being fucked that way, too. She grabbed the big dildo from its hiding place and began fucking herself savagely.

    Kate's burning, stretching, oozing pussy and asshole drove all four of them on and on into sexual delirium!

    "Fuck her…fuck her hard…oh, God!" May cried as she felt the intensity of the scene pushing her to the summit of a fiercely powerful orgasm. Oh, it's too good, she thought in her sex-ravaged mind. And tomorrow, she dreamily remembered, Kate and Ronee and Rex and me… and Vikki, too! "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!"

    Chapter 9

    Rex waited patiently for what was to come. He was so hot and excited down deep inside he could hardly stand it, but he was straining to maintain his calm and patience. He knew it would be worth the wait.

    Goddamn, he kept repeating to himself, she's gonna be great. He and May had planned everything expertly. Their innocent little game of video blackmail was working perfectly, and Rex was ready now for the final payoff-Vikki!

    The knock at the door made his cock twitch in his pants. He knew it was her. He knew that Jon would come through like he said he would.

    His mind was in a sensual haze as he opened the door and saw her standing there. Her youth and innocence and baby-faced sexiness hit him like a brick. He'd rarely seen her this close up and the texture of her skin and taut swelling of her teenage tits and hips was staggering.

    "Come on in," he said in a hoarse, lust-filled voice. He didn't even bother to hold the door or wait for her to enter, but just walked over to the big red couch and prepared to entertain her with a few select tapes.

    "Why did Jon want me to come over here?" Vikki asked softly as she strolled over to the couch. "Is he here?" she asked, looking around the room, giving Rex a long, cool view of her sexy face framed by soft blonde curls.

    "No," Rex said softly. Goddam, he thought, I must sound like a zombie.

    Realizing how dazed his actions were, he tried to liven himself up.

    "Just you and me. Two's company but three's…" He trailed off in midsentence as Vikki sat down beside him on the couch. Her body curved sexily into the soft velvet, contouring itself to the smooth material.

    "Just you and me?" she asked innocently with a voice dripping with sex.

    She crossed her legs gracefully, accentuating the curves of her body revealed through the light white cloth of her summer slacks. The matching cloth of her blouse revealed the tightness and firmness of her young, budding tits as she placed one hand behind her head.

    Rex gaped with astonishment. Jesus Christ, he thought, she isn't even going to take any seducing. He allowed his eyes to wander over her luscious body, amazed at the sexiness this teenager possessed. He never realized she was this sensual. Then it hit him: she was a natural. Just like May. A gorgeous, passionate woman born to give and take the most intense of sexual pleasures. He could see it now in her languid blue eyes. That look. Just like May, only in a teenager's face and a teenager's body!

    Struggling to regain control of himself, Rex walked slowly over to the video console and began to turn on the tape. "I have a tape I made that you might find interesting," he said in a soft, thick voice as he looked back over his shoulder at her sexy form that seemed to pulsate with lust.

    "I'd love to see it," she whispered, her voice filled with lust for Rex that was becoming more and more obvious. She lounged back against the couch even more sensuously, making herself invitingly open to him.

    "The hell with that," Rex said just as his finger touched the button.

    He flipped a few switches with one hand and point to the big projection screen with the other. "Watch," he instructed and sent a hot, pulsating image of lust-driven sexual activity bursting onto the screen.

    He changed his mind at the last minute. Why bother with all the preliminaries? he thought. Shit, I don't need it! And instead of beginning the series of different films that he had planned on showing her to build up her sexual desire, he went straight for the real thing.

    Vikki responded as he had expected she would-not with a gasp of surprise but with a sigh of passion. The image before her was a madly passionate entanglement of her Aunt Ronee, her best friend Kate, and May. There were all three in a hot naked pile on Rex's big bed, tongues licking pussies, hands pinching nipples, dildoes penetrating assholes-a wicked, wonderful view of sexual pleasure which appealed to her immediately. Rex turned up the sound and the moans and cries joined with the noises of passion that Vikki was already making.

    "Oooohhhhh, baby," was all Rex could utter as he slid in beside her on the couch, immediately beginning to run his hands over the hot curves of her body.

    "Rex…ooohhh," she moaned, pressing herself against him. "I've wanted a man all summer…you…it had to be you. I've been dreaming about you for months," she confessed breathlessly in an uncontrollable rush of teenage lust. It was music to Rex's ears!

    "I want you," she whispered, her face flushed with a pink glow and a languid look of passion in her eyes. She began undressing herself shamelessly, first removing her blouse to reveal her finely shaped tits with nipples swollen and aching for attention. Rex gazed on in a state of sexual shock as next she slid her pants down her long, silky legs and revealed the golden-haired triangle at the base of her firm belly.

    "I've been dying for you all summer…I want you now," she whispered, leaning back against the couch and spreading her legs with a complete lack on inhibition.

    "Goddamn," Rex muttered to himself as he stared at her perfect body. He could feel the heat of her passion-inflamed skin and smell the sweet, musky scent of her virgin pussy. He leaned forward and gently touched her hot cunt-lips. She moaned with an intensity of passion that assured him of the pleasure of things to come. He felt the heat and wetness and throbbing of her still-closed pussy-lips. Slowly and softly he opened them, watching the expression of rapture on her face, lightly stroking the tips of his fingers through the steaming wetness of her cunt. "I'm gonna make you feel like you never imagined possible," he said in a hoarse whisper, feeling her cunt-hole nip at his fingertips just as May's lovely cunt did. He raised his fingers to his lips and tasted the sweet innocence of her pussy. "Uuummmmm," he moaned deeply.

    "Vikki? Do you like this?" he asked, nodding his head toward the scene of the three female lovers on the video screen.

    "Uuuummmmm…yes," she sighed as she returned her gaze to the stimulating scene. Ronee's mouth was glued to May's fat pussy, the sounds of her licking and sucking quite audible over the speaker. Kate was working the big dildo in and out of Ronee's pussy and tickling Ronee's flexing asshole at the same time. Kate's legs were spread wide and May's skilled fingers pulled and stretched her swollen pussy-flesh as they devoured each other. It was a powerfully sexy scene to watch.

    "I thought you'd like it," Rex replied. "It's not a tape."

    "It's not?" Vikki asked, turning her lust-filled face toward Rex.

    "No, baby," Rex sighed. "That's live! They're all three just in the next room. " Vikki stared at him unbelievingly with a look of growing excitement on her face. "What do you say to joining them?"

    "Will you…will you fuck me?" she asked pleadingly.

    "Yeah, baby," he replied with a wicked gleam in his eyes. "And they can help!"

    They retired to the bedroom where Rex abandoned Vikki to the three excited women in the bed. He undressed himself leisurely and watched with pleasure as Kate and May and Ronee caressed and kissed Vikki's excited young body from head to toe.

    Within minutes, his ten-inch cock was buried to the hilt in the tender, virgin pussy of the beautiful teenager. Her smooth pussy-muscles squeezed and kneaded ms rock-hard meat just like he knew they would.

    The lust in her face as he moved his long cock slowly inside the sensitive tunnel of her cunt was that of a woman who had completely abandoned her body and soul to passion. The other three women continued to caress both Vikki and Rex as the virgin fucking progressed. They stroked and kissed and licked every part of the two lovers' bodies as all five of them became engulfed in the passion of the moment.

    "Rex! Hey, are you here?" Jon called out as he let himself in the unlocked door. Hearing no answer, he walked on in to the big living room and headed instinctively to the couch, attracted by the noise coming from the video recorder. He had wanted to find out how Rex had made out with Vikki, but if there was a good tape on…what the hell?

    He sat down on the couch and gazed intently at the scene, not recognizing all the participants at first.

    "Goddamn!" he cried as the initial confusion of the scene passed. There was Rex, his back to the camera and his big cock driving in and out of Vikki's pussy. Jon could just see Vikki's face and could easily observe the intense passion that Rex was giving her. The lips of her tight, pink pussy were stretched in a hot, glistening circle around Rex's dick as it slid smoothly in and out of her cunt. He could make out her sharp cries of ecstasy each time his big cock slammed into her.

    "And three other women, too!" he said to himself, closely observing the rest of the erotic action. There was Kate, her face pressed between the cheeks of Rex's ass, licking his asshole while she fondled his balls with her fingers. And May was at the other end, devouring Vikki's perfect tits with her hungry mouth while she rubbed Vikki's hand into her own hot pussy. And last of all there was his wife, Ronee! She was crouched beside the two lovers, holding one of Vikki's delicate feet as she sucked her toes, her other hand between Vikki's dripping thighs where one finger was buried inside her teenage asshole.

    "Jesus Christ," Jon exclaimed, "what a tape!" Still unaware that the action he was watching was going on right then in the same apartment, he leaned back on the couch and decided to go ahead and enjoy it.

    "Goddamn," he muttered to himself enviously, "that sucker really has it made!"

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