Lesbian runaway


    Teen Kelly Kane was being kept prisoner in the attic.

    She had gotten caught…

    It was about nine o'clock on a midwinter night, in the middle of the week. Kelly dreaded the imminent appearance of her hated step-father.

    Kelly was in her mid-teens, an all-American beauty.

    Depression put her body in a slump, as well as lowering her spirits.

    She had been kept penned up here for the last two days and nights, since that awful Monday when her world had fallen apart.

    When she had gotten caught – caught sinning.

    Thank heavens she had only been caught in a kiss, instead of some of the other things she often did with her… special lover.

    Dan Waxer – her mother's husband (Kelly never could and never would think of him as her step-father, the idea was repellent) – had fixed up this attic cell.

    It was her mother's house, the Kane family house, once Kelly's house, too, but no longer; not since that man had moved in.

    The house had a peaked roof, with the attic directly under it. Planks were laid across the rafters to make a floor.

    Not all the attic was floored. At the edges, where the pitch of the roof was so low that there was only a few feet of standing space, the boards had not been put in.

    Dangling from the ceiling was a wire socket holding a bare, dim, unshaded lamp bulb providing the only light in that place.

    Set close to the door was a metal cot, with a thin mattress, sheeted and blanketed. On that mattress, Kelly sat.

    It was warm in the attic. The attic was loaded with old household items, including an ancient electric heater which still worked.

    It was a small model, which she had set up close to her feet. Its glowing red wires threw off enough heat to keep her warm.

    Kelly sat on the cot, with her feet on the floor, her elbows on her knees, and her head resting on her hands, brooding.

    She was a lovely girl, with long straight fair hair, a delicately featured pink oval face, and a slim, slender body.

    She wore a ski sweater and a pair of skin-tight, frayed, faded jeans. Socks covered her feet, and she had wrapped an old blanket on her shoulders.

    Not far from her was the stairwell, a hollow containing eight steep, narrow wooden stairs which led up to the attic.

    At the foot of the stairs was a solid panel door.

    This old door showed new markings, where Dan Waxer had drilled holes through it to install a lock and hasp.

    The door was locked from the outside – sealing Kelly in.

    Keeping her prisoner.

    For what?

    Kelly feared she knew the answer to that question all too well.

    The door was solid, as Kelly had discovered when she tested it.

    She was locked in.

    The attic was very dark and dim, even under the bare light bulb, whose wattage was weak, whose gloom was maddening to eyes that loved light.

    Kelly was in low spirits. Her lovely hair hung limply, lank, needing washing.

    Time, too, hung heavy on her hands. The only amusement – and it was a thin one – was provided by a box full of old magazines which she had discovered.

    They served as a scant consolation prize of sorts, since she had uncovered them while searching the attic for a way out.

    She had not found one.

    The attic was solid, windowless. Its only opening, apart from the locked door, was the space where the attic fan was set.

    Being blocked by the fan blades, it gave no exit.

    Kelly could not even call for help, for the house was at the end of a dead-end street, with fields and trees beyond it.

    Besides, Dan Waxer was home all day and night, and would hear her calls for help long before any outsider would.

    He was, among other character defects, a shiftless bum. He had gotten laid off from his job a long time ago.

    His unemployment benefits had run out long ago, but he was content to sit around the house all day and drink beer and subsist on his wife's earnings.

    At least that source of supply was about to run dry, Kelly thought thankfully. Her mother's illness would see to that.

    Her mother, always of fragile health, had had to go away to Florida, to live with her retired sister for a while to build up her health.

    Which unfortunately had left her daughter, Kelly, alone with Dan Waxer.

    It had been the worst of all possible times for Kelly's secret sins to be discovered, as they unhappily had been.

    Scattered around the floor by the cot were some ancient LIFE magazines from over twenty years ago – why, they were five years older than Kelly herself.

    They had provided a bit of amusement in her confinement. She especially liked the photo spreads covering popular actresses of the era.

    How sleek and glamorous and lovely they looked, all dressed up and glittering with jewels as they attended social functions!

    Still, she wouldn't have traded any one of them for lovely Laurel Wilson.

    Thinking of Laurel – and the plight which she shared to an extent with Kelly – made Kelly's eyes mist over with wetness.

    Kelly was concerned, not for herself, but for Laurel.

    If only she could see Laurel, talk to her, even for a moment!

    If only the two of them hadn't gotten caught!

    Only a few days ago – as recently as Sunday, in fact – everything had been going perfectly, with idyllic happiness.

    Kelly's mind flashed back to that Sunday:

    She had gotten up early, to visit her special friend. It was bright and clear and cold outside, and she had dressed warmly.

    When she was all dressed, she unlocked her bedroom door, and listened.

    Her door in her room had a lock, and ever since Dan Waxer had come to live in the house, Kelly had taken to locking it religiously.

    Opening the door a crack, she stuck her head out, listening.

    It was early – a little after eight on a Sunday morning.

    She didn't expect to find Dan Waxer up and about, and thankfully, she didn't.

    She held her boots and tiptoed through the hall in her stocking feet.

    She crept down the stairs, freezing in the middle of them.

    Dan Waxer sprawled dead drunk, sleeping off last night's boozing.

    His ungainly, oversized form was draped over the couch. He lay on his belly; with one arm trailing down over the side of the couch.

    He was dressed only in a stained undershirt and a pair of old-fashioned boxer shorts, which were stretched tight across his broad ass.

    His shoulders, back, arms, and spindly legs bristled with dark, furlike hair.

    He snored, choked, sniffled, gurgled, and made other noises.

    But he slept, and for that, Kelly was grateful.

    With extra care, she sneaked through the living room into the kitchen.

    Dan Waxer did not wake.

    In the kitchen, she pulled on her quilted winter coat and a knitted woolen cap which she covered her blonde head with.

    She let herself out the side door, easing it and the storm door quietly shut.

    It was a bright crisp clear morning, whose chill snapped red color into her pink cheeks, and whose air was invigorating.

    Kelly took her bike from the garage, climbed on, went down the driveway and up the street, pedaling hard to get away.

    Her legs pumped, so that she left the house far behind in the distance.

    It was early, and few folks were stirring out of doors in this suburban town.

    In an hour or so, some families would emerge, all dressed up, so that they might attend Sunday services at church.

    It was chilly, but a few moments of exercise warmed Kelly up.

    She steered her bike through the quiet winding streets. She had a long way to go, over to the other side of town.

    Presently she reached the town's business district and main street.

    A small secret smile curved her pink lips as she passed the high school she attended – which was attended by Laurel as well.

    Tomorrow, it would be another workaday week, back to school – but today was still Sunday, still the weekend.

    Kelly bicycled faster.

    She crossed the overpass over the highway.

    On the other side was a shopping mall and supermarket and fast food joints, as well as a number of garden apartments.

    Coasting downhill, Kelly entered one of the apartment complexes.

    It consisted of two and three story red brick buildings housing a number of apartments. Kelly had arrived at her destination.

    Entering the courtyard, she steered a shaky course on the pathways, since the ground was covered with snow.

    Some of the walkway was icy, so she dismounted and walked her bike the rest of the way, up to the front steps of Laurel's apartment building.

    Laurel was waiting for her, of course.

    Laurel's apartment was on the ground floor, and she stood at the picture window which opened on the courtyard.

    Laurel was young and straight and dark-haired, and dressed in white.

    Kelly's heart beat faster when she spied her friend.

    She waved to her – in return, Laurel blew her a kiss.

    Kelly walked her bike up the stone steps. She brought it into the vestibule and stood it against the wall, out of the way.

    She did not need to lock it. This town had so far been spared the crime-ridden ravages of the cities, and thieves were few.

    At the end of the hall, Laurel's door was open, and Laurel stood outside it.

    "You're here bright and early!" Laurel smiled.

    "Oh, I would have come earlier, but I didn't want to wake you!" Kelly said.

    Laurel chastely kissed Kelly on the cheek.

    "Do come in, dear."

    Laurel's apartment was lovely. Kelly often thought that when she had a place of her own, she would like it be just like Laurel's.

    The apartment consisted of a living room, bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom.

    The living room was light and airy, with Art Nouveau framed posters on the walls, and lots of tall plants in earthenware pots.

    Kelly took off her wool cap, and her long straight yellow hair tumbled out.

    "Let me hang up your coat, Kelly!"

    "Thank you."

    After hanging up the coat, Laurel turned to the girl.

    "Now let me look at you."

    Laurel stood facing Kelly, and rested her hands on the girl's slim shoulders.

    That morning, Kelly wore a pullover pink sweater, and jeans. Under the sweater she was braless, and her pert firm shapely breasts stood out.

    She was long and slim, coltish, high-bosomed, long-legged.

    Laurel was about ten years older than Kelly. She was a tall willowy brunette, taller than Kelly, and more rounded, too.

    Laurel had dark brown, almost black hair, parted in the middle, short hair which reached down to her jawline on either side.

    Her skin was a creamy cameo color, with dark pronounced brows and warm, glowing rich brown eyes, a thin straight nose, and wide red lips.

    This morning, Laurel was wrapped in a beige belted robe, which she wore over a one-piece white satin slip that was just utterly lovely.

    She had full, rounded breasts, heavy and shapely; a small waist and flat tummy; and wide, womanly hips complete with lush, heart-shaped bottom.

    Kelly considered Laurel quite the loveliest woman she had ever seen.

    Laurel held a similar opinion regarding Kelly's girlish loveliness.

    The young woman and the teen were partners in a mutual admiration society.

    Kelly looked especially lovely, with her face glowing red and flushed from the chill outdoors, and her eyes shining with eagerness.

    Laurel kissed Kelly on the cheek.

    Kelly shivered with anticipation.

    Laurel offered Kelly a cup of tea to warm her up.

    Kelly accepted. But when Laurel offered the girl some breakfast, Kelly asked if perhaps they could wait until later for it?

    Laurel smiled. Of course breakfast could be postponed. But Kelly should have some hot tea, to take the chill from her bones.

    Presently, the teapot spout whistled, and soon Kelly and Laurel sat on the couch, close to each other, sipping savory hot tea.

    They smiled and chatted of pleasing, nice inconsequentialities. In her eagerness, Kelly discovered that she was gulping down the tea in her haste to finish it.

    Kelly set down her tea cup and saucer when the cup was still half-full.

    "Oh, Kelly!" Laurel smiled.

    "Can we… go to bed now?"

    Laurel took Kelly's hand, squeezed it, stood up by way of reply.

    The woman and the girl crossed the living room, walking closely, so that Laurel's leg brushed Kelly's as they moved.

    The bedroom was equally lovely. It was all natural wood finishing, and pink and white walls, and handsome antique furniture.

    Laurel's bed was a modern platform bed made of blond Swedish wood, wide and flat, set close to the floor, with a plush mattress.

    Curtains covered the windows quite completely, blocking out the world beyond them.

    Laurel eased the door shut, for additional privacy.

    "And now, we can really kiss!" Laurel said.

    "Oh, yes!"

    Laurel embraced Kelly, who turned up her radiant face for kisses galore.

    Laurel's wide red lips pressed Kelly's pert pink ones. She hugged Kelly, pulling the girl closely to her.

    Kelly opened her mouth to admit Laurel's probing tongue.

    Laurel's lips locked on to Kelly's, while her tongue entered the warm moist cavern of Kelly's mouth.

    She slithered her tongue over Kelly's, tasting her.

    Her hands pressed the girl, fondling long fine straight yellow hair, which fell down to the middle of her back.

    She reached down to Kelly's bottom.

    Kelly had a high, rounded rump, full and firm. The cheeks were prominently displayed, thanks to the skin-tight jeans covering them.

    Now, those buttocks were covered by Laurel's hands.

    Laurel pressed and fondled the buttocks while kissing Kelly.

    The red shining color in Kelly's face did not come from the cold, not this time. It came from erotic heat bubbling up in her.

    Laurel covered her with kisses.

    At last, the mouths were disengaged and the females came up for air.

    And more…

    "Let me take off my clothes," Kelly breathed, "so I can get naked for you!"

    "No, Kelly – let me take off your clothes!"

    "Oh, please do!"

    "Sweet child…"


    They kissed again, before Laurel began undressing Kelly.

    Laurel rolled Kelly's sweater up, baring a pink tummy complete with adorable inward navel, then baring her breasts.

    Kelly raised her arms so Laurel could free the sweater from them.

    Kelly was then naked from the waist up.

    Laurel lifted an inquisitive eyebrow.

    "No bra, Kelly?"

    "Why, you naughty little thing!" Laurel teased.

    "I figured there would be less for you to take off!"

    "That was good figuring… from a girl with a good figure. Such beautiful breasts you have, Kelly dear!"

    "And they're all for you, teacher!"

    Laurel was an English teacher at the high school. At home, she had instructed Kelly in the French arts, not to mention various erotic practices associated with the Greek isle of Lesbos.

    Kelly's breasts were high, pear-shaped, pointed. Their tips were crowned with long thin nipples ringed by pale pink aureoles.

    Those nipples now tingled and became throbbingly erect.

    "I must kiss them, darling!" Laurel declared.

    She bent her head, lowering her glowing face to Kelly's bosom.

    She rubbed her face from side to side, nuzzling the breasts, whose stiff nipples throbbed when gliding across her face.

    Laurel's puckered red lips kissed one nipple, then the other.

    "That's all?" Kelly asked.

    "Well, hardly!" Laurel stated. "But let's get the rest of these clothes off!"

    Kelly's nipples throbbed while Laurel reached for the snap of her jeans.

    The backs of her hands brushed Kelly's belly.

    She snapped open the jeans and drew down the zipper.

    Kelly's white panties, satin with little embroidered designs, were exposed, covering her lean hips and gently arched little pubic mound.

    Laurel's eyes shone and her mouth watered.

    Kelly sat on the edge of the bed to take her boots off.

    "I'll take them off for you," Laurel volunteered.

    She pulled off Kelly's boots, tucked her socks inside them, and set them by the bed.

    Now Kelly rose, standing so her jeans and panties could be taken down.

    Those jeans were tight!

    Laurel peeled them down off Kelly's hips. Kelly assisted by squirming from side to side, which set her breasts to jiggling.

    The tight jeans were rolled down Kelly's taut pink thighs.

    She stepped out of the jeans, leaving them on the floor, while she stood dressed only in panties, and thin ones at that.

    She had jutting hipbones, a flat tummy, and long, long legs.

    The white satin panties were lowcut, stretched across her pussy and the very bottoms of her buttocks, leaving the rest of them beautifully bare.

    Laurel rubbed Kelly through the panties – at first.

    The teacher's skilled touch knew what Kelly needed.

    Kelly moaned softly as her pubic mound, her pussy lips, were fondled through the sheer sleek fabric of the panties.

    Inside, she moistened.

    Laurel slipped her hand down the front of the panties.

    Kelly was a yellow-haired blonde. Her pubic hair was darker in color, so that it was a pale, light brown tuft.

    The hairs were compressed tightly against her mound.

    She had a slim narrow slitted pussy, with petal-pink labia, thin and delicate.

    Those pussy lips trembled under Laurel's fondling fingers.

    "You get naked, too," Kelly urged.

    "I will."

    Laurel unbelted her robe and took it off.

    "Oh, so pretty!" Kelly complimented.

    Laurel wore a white satin full-length slip. Her breasts were fitted into elaborately embroidered lace cups held up by thin straps.

    The rest of the gown was clinging white satin, molded to her curves.

    The hem reached down to mid-thigh, a hem of ruffled white lace.

    Smiling provocatively, Laurel slipped first one, then the other, shoulder strap down to her arms, and peeled off the breast cups.

    Her breasts were rounded, globular, very full. Her fine body tone kept her bosom high and shapely.

    Laurel had very large, very dark brown nipples. The points were fat, and the aureoles were like brown buttons pasted on creamy bosom flesh.

    Those nipples puckered, stiffened, throbbed in erection.

    The slip dropped down to her waist, held in place by her wide flaring hips.

    Her heavy, stiff-nippled breasts bobbed as she tugged them down.

    She was naked under the slip.

    Her bush was dark brown, darker than her head hair, sleek shiny fur covering her mound and most of her pussy lips.

    Her pussy lips were fully fleshed, intricately folded, beautifully formed.

    And now quivered with absolute lust.

    Naked, Laurel went to naked Kelly.

    Once more they embraced, face to face, front to front – this time, in the nude.

    Kelly's flesh sparked and tingled in scores of places, where Laurel's smooth warm flesh glided and slid over it.

    Laurel's heavy breasts nuzzled Kelly's smaller, shapely bosom.

    She pressed her hips against Kelly's so closely that the hairs of her bush were interwoven with those of the girl's.

    Kelly's pussy flamed when rubbed by Laurel's pussy lips.

    Laurel kissed Kelly on the mouth while fondling the girl.

    Her hands roamed up and down Kelly, stroking the girl's sides, flanks, thighs, and particularly her lush, bare bottom.

    She broke off the kiss only to urge Kelly into bed.

    Laurel's heavy, stiff-nippled breasts dangled enticingly when she leaned forward to turn down the blankets and sheets.

    Kelly was eased down on the sheets, which were smooth against her soft flesh.

    She lay on her back, while Laurel joined her in bed.

    Laurel lay on her side, facing Kelly.

    She fondled Kelly's quivering breasts.

    Kelly lay on her back, her eyes heavy-lidded and smoldering, lips parted.

    Laurel's fingers rolled stiff nipples, tweaking and teasing them.

    Kelly turned her head to the side, so she might nuzzle Laurel's bosom.


    Laurel murmured.

    She moved so that her breasts dangled over Kelly's face.

    Laurel moved from side to side, so that her breasts glided over Kelly's face.

    Kelly planted dozens of hot quick kisses on the bosom.

    Laurel cupped a breast, soft ivory flesh oozing between her fingers.

    She guided the stiff, fat, throbbing nipple to Kelly's puckered lips.

    Kelly hotly kissed the nipple.

    She stuck out her long pink pointed tongue and began kissing the breasts and licking them, polishing them with shining sticky saliva.

    Her attention focused on the twin buttons of the nipples.

    "Are you hungry, baby?" Laurel murmured.

    "Oh, yes!"

    "Here, then – feed on me!"

    Laurel inserted her stiff nipple between Kelly's sucking lips.

    Kelly wrapped her lips around it and dreamily nursed at the nipple.

    Her puckered lips made soft sucking sounds as she suckled.

    Laurel smoothed strands of yellow hair away from Kelly's pink forehead.

    Her other hand walked down Kelly's slim warm body, down to her crotch.

    Fondling fingers toyed with the soft fleecy curls of Kelly's tufted bush.

    The fingertips walked over the pussy lips, stroking them, teasing them.

    Erotic heat rose in those quivering pink pussy lips.

    Kelly's buttocks tightened, and she moved her hips in response to the fondling.

    Her moaning mouth sent vibrations rippling through Laurel's taut nipple.

    Laurel laid her middle finger lengthwise in Kelly's slit, between the pussy lips.

    Thick sticky moisture oozed against her finger.

    Kelly was more than ready.

    Laurel, likewise.

    There was a liquid popping sounds when Laurel eased her nipple from Kelly's mouth.

    "Ummm, let me do the other nipple, too!" Kelly urged.

    "Later, darling… time enough for that later."

    Laurel ached urgently for more pressing satisfaction.

    She got on hands and knees on the mattress and crawled to the bed's head.

    To Kelly's head.

    Laurel squatted with her knees planted on either side of Kelly's head. She faced Kelly's feet… and pussy.

    Kelly moaned with wanting, with hungry lust.

    Her mouth would be filled directly.

    Looking up, Kelly delighted in the sight of Laurel's black-bushed, thick-lipped pussy quivering inches from her face.

    Laurel's smooth creamy thighs pressed Kelly's cheeks.

    Laurel lowered her crotch down on Kelly's face.

    The hairs of her bush tickled Kelly's nostrils as the pussy descended.

    From the slitted sex of the older female arose the thick, pungent musk of sexual arousal – nature's sweetest, most savory perfume.

    Kelly's chiseled nostrils flared at the touch of the scent.

    Laurel smelled ripe, aromatic, rich with sexual secretions.

    She brushed her pussy lips against Kelly's puckered lips.

    Kelly pressed hot kisses on the pussy lips.

    Laurel moved her hips, so that all her pussy was covered with kisses.

    Kelly opened her mouth wide, to accept the love offering.

    Laurel's pussy lips touched down on Kelly's lips, and spread.

    Pussy lips spread to the sides, exposing dripping pink membranes.

    The intensity of the musky aroma was doubled when the pussy was opened.

    Pussy lips quivered while pressing parted mouth lips.

    Kelly's mouth was engulfed by her mentor's hot wet pussy.

    Like Kelly, Laurel simmered and steamed within her slit.

    Laurel moaned, sighed, squirmed.

    Inside, she was tight.

    Her inner pussy pressed Kelly's probing tongue.

    Within, juices were thick, tingling on the invading tongue.

    Greedily, Kelly lapped and slurped the secretions.

    The girl's mouth was filled with the taste and pungent aroma of Laurel's sweet, succulent sex. Kelly could not get enough!

    "Oh, Kelly, my sweet love, oh, what you're doing to me!"

    Laurel leaned forward – causing her pussy to press even more tightly against the mouth sucking and slurping it.

    As she bent far forward, her stiff-nippled breasts pressed Kelly's tummy.

    Kelly parted her thighs when Laurel's palms pressed them.

    Kelly held her legs wide apart, opening them for her lesbian lover.

    Her pink, nakedly exposed pussy quivered.

    Laurel's warm, moist, excited breath tingled on the delicate labia.

    Laurel lowered her head and pressed her crotch to the pussy.

    Her puckered red lips pressed hot kisses on bush and pussy lips.

    The aroma arising from between Kelly's spread legs was not so very rich as Laurel's, but was equally fragrant.

    Laurel's eyes rolled dreamily as she inhaled Kelly's natural, musky perfume.

    Kelly moved her hips in response to Laurel's pussy kisses.

    Laurel nuzzled Kelly's tender little tufted bush.

    Kelly's pussy lips glowed under Laurel's many kisses.

    Laurel's tongue went where her lips had gone.

    Kelly squirmed when the tongue tip touched her intimate flesh.

    Laurel traced out the folds and form of Kelly's pussy lips.

    The pink labia glowed warmly, under the coating of sticky shiny saliva.

    Laurel glided her tongue up and down the slit.

    Beads of saliva clung to Kelly's bush.

    Laurel pressed her tongue tip into the slit itself, between the pussy lips.

    Beaded vaginal secretions tingled on Laurel's tongue as she glided it up and down the slit, coaxing fresh juices from within.

    Pressing her tongue to the slit, Laurel pried open the pussy lips and penetrated the slitted sex, thrusting her tongue deep.

    Kelly moaned when fully entered by Laurel's wide, wet, limber tongue.

    For her part, Kelly worked ardently for Laurel's pussy pleasure.

    Vaginal secretions, mixed with saliva from Kelly's mouth, had smeared on the teen's face, covering it and making it shine.

    Laurel's buttocks rolled over Kelly's upper face as she squirmed with arousal.

    Kelly's young pussy was even tighter than Laurel's, for the adult teacher was wide-hipped and broad where Kelly was slim-lipped and narrow.

    Laurel tasted long and deeply of the nectar of Kelly's pussy.

    Now, Laurel moved her tongue out of the slit, gliding it up to the top of the labia, where it probed for the clitoris.

    Kelly's moans vibrated through Laurel's hot pussy.

    Kelly's clitoris was a delicate, delicious little pink pearl of flesh.

    Laurel licked little, arousing circles around the clitoris.

    Kelly's pink-lipped pussy shone with saliva and secretions.

    Kelly's buttocks were tightly clenched as she moved her hips in response.

    Only a month or two ago, when Kelly had first come to Laurel and been taken under the teacher's wing, the girl was innocent of lesbian love.

    Since then, she had become skilled in womanly pleasures.

    While her own clitoris was tongued, Kelly withdrew her tongue from Laurel, and pressed its tip to Laurel's button of love.

    Laurel's clitoris was larger, more prominent than Kelly's.

    Kelly's clitoris was a little pearl, while Laurel's was a marble of flesh.

    Laurel's clitoris throbbed like a tiny, beating heart.

    Its aroused throbbings only increased under the erotic pressure of Kelly's tongue.

    The woman and the girl were locked in heated lesbian love.

    Laurel crouched over Kelly's slim form. Her lush body covered Kelly's. Laurel's legs were folded at the knees, and her smooth thighs hugged Kelly's upturned face.

    As she rocked and writhed on Kelly, her fleshy buttocks pressed the girl's face.

    In her arousal, Kelly raised her long thin legs, bending them at the knees.

    Laurel's lips and tongue worked on Kelly's clitoris.

    Kelly's heated moans increased with each tongue caress of her clitoris.

    Her pussy was awash with juices, her heart hammered.

    Her climax was very near.

    Kelly fought to delay her climax, so that she and Laurel might come together.

    But there was no resisting Laurel's artful tongue work.

    Erotic heat was kindled into a roaring blaze between Kelly's legs.

    Suddenly, Kelly came.

    Her lithe body stiffened with muscular tension at the onset of orgasm.

    Her clitoris was the flashpoint from which heat blossomed.

    Hot glory blazed through Kelly.

    Laurel lifted her licking tongue from Kelly's clitoris.

    To tongue the clitoris while the climax raged would be too intense!

    Laurel likewise lifted her pussy from Kelly's mouth, so the girl could breathe.

    Kelly's voice contorted with quivering, wracking moans of delight.

    Sexual fire coursed through her – her pussy was the center of the inferno.

    She shivered and shuddered on the sweat-stained sheets.

    Her climax peaked… then faded.

    Kelly slumped dreamily, dazed, as the muscular tension relaxed.

    She collapsed on her back on the bed.

    Not until Kelly had recovered from her orgasm, did Laurel put the girl to work to complete the job (beloved task!) of mouthing Laurel to climax.

    The morning passed in a dreamy haze of lesbian love.

    When they rested, they put on robes and went into the kitchen, where Kelly assisted Laurel in making brunch.

    All too soon, the late afternoon rolled around.

    Kelly's heart sank as she saw the time.

    Soon she must leave this lesbian Eden, to return to her dreary home – a home made dreary by the presence of Dan Waxer.

    Kelly must clean up, for she was sweaty and sexed up, and her hated step-father, who constantly watched her, would notice such things.

    So Kelly and Laurel shared a delightful shower.

    Both naked, the woman and the girl stood behind the glass door of the shower stall, hot water spraying down on them.

    Clouds of steam rose, misting and fogging the door.

    Tingling spray made Kelly's flesh glow. Under it, her body was all pink and sleekly shining. Wet hair was plastered down to her scalp.

    It was heavenly, when her wet sleek body brushed Laurel's.

    Of course, in the narrow confines of the shower stall, the two females were in constant contact, flesh sliding against soft wet flesh.

    Laurel insisted on washing Kelly.

    Kelly stood in a corner of the shower stall, out of the direct spray, so Laurel could lather her up.

    The bar of soap was slippery and sensual as it glided over Kelly's soaked flesh.

    Laurel heavily lathered up Kelly's pert pear-shaped breasts, covering them with masses of frothy, foamy lather.

    Kelly's stiff long nipples jutted out of masses of bubbling foam.

    The teen spread her long legs so Laurel could wash between them.

    Laurel wickedly excited Kelly, when she massaged the bar of soap against Kelly's pulsing pussy, which heated rapidly.

    Kelly's bush, darkened from being soaked through, was white with foamy bubbling lather, which was on her pussy lips as well.

    Laurel put her hand between Kelly's legs and masturbated her.

    The heat of the shower was nothing compared to the erotic heat within Kelly.

    Dreamy eyed, she leaned forward, panting for breath, moaning.

    Her wet buttocks pressed the tiles of the shower wall, sliding and squeaking against them.

    Laurel's caressing hand worked between Kelly's legs.

    Gasping, Kelly leaned forward, her face nuzzling Laurel's breasts.

    Ordinarily cream colored, Laurel's bosom glowed darkly pink, thanks to the flushed heat which the shower had drawn into her body.

    Kelly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around a stiff nipple.

    She sucked urgently while Laurel's hand worked on her.

    And brought her to a climax!

    When she came, Kelly felt like her head had exploded, along with her pussy.

    Laurel's nipple flopped free of Kelly's moaning mouth.

    Kelly, gasping, hunched forward, hugging herself, legs bending at the knees.

    She dropped down to her knees on the floor of the shower.

    Which brought her directly under the path of the shower spray, which spattered down stimulatingly on head and shoulders.

    Kelly reached up and hugged Laurel's wide hips.

    Moaning, she rubbed her face against Laurel's hips, bush, pussy, thighs.

    Laurel's bush was soaked through and through, while her strong thighs were sleek and slippery with running water.

    Kelly's moaning mouth puckered up and pressed kisses on Laurel's sex.

    Laurel spread her feet wide apart, opening her thighs to expose her pussy fully to the loving attentions of Kelly's mouth.

    Kelly pressed hot sucking kisses on Laurel's pussy.

    Pressing her parted lips to the pussy lips, she, lanced her tongue inside.

    Her tongue thrust and probed, licking Laurel's juices.

    Laurel's plump, heart-shaped buttocks tightened as she rocked her hips in response to the rhythm of Kelly's tongue.

    Kelly reached up to clutch those buttocks, one in each hand.

    Withdrawing her tongue from within the slit, she slid it up to the summit of the pussy, to press, tease, tantalize, and satisfy the clitoris.

    The splashing gurgle of the shower could not drown out Laurel's gasping moans.

    Kelly pressed her lips against Laurel's clitoris.

    She whipped the throbbing button of flesh with her tongue.

    It took little of that clit worship to make Laurel climax.

    Laurel's climaxing pussy heaved convulsively against Kelly's lips.

    Her body shook as she came intensely.

    Laurel and Kelly were forced to wash up again, to clean up after the first shower!

    All too soon, though, Kelly was washed, scrubbed, toweled dry.

    Laurel's hair dryer quickly blew the wetness out of Kelly's long blonde hair.

    Kelly was depressed at having to climb into her clothes and kiss Laurel goodbye.

    She would see her again, tomorrow – at school.

    But, as always, while in the high school the lesbian lovers must pretend to be nothing more to each other than teacher and student.

    Sometimes – most times! – it was hard for Kelly to keep up that pretense.

    At least she had all the wonderful memories of the hours of love she and Laurel had shared – those memories helped Kelly endure her absence from her lover.

    If only she was eighteen!

    Then she could just leave home and live with Laurel.

    As she biked home from Laurel's on that Sunday afternoon, Kelly little dreamed that total disaster lurked only a day away!


    "You little dyke!"

    "You keep your hands off me, you filthy pig!"

    Kelly was cornered in the attic, with nowhere to run.

    Her brooding thoughts and depression had been interrupted and shattered by the arrival of her tormentor.

    Dan Waxer was drunk – as usual.

    But it was more than booze which made his face shine so red and hot, which made his beady bloodshot eyes glitter so hotly.

    Kelly had heard him stumbling around on the floor below.

    He had knocked into some item of furniture, overturning it so that it toppled. There was a crash, and the sound of something breaking.

    The accident was followed by his muffled cursing.

    His heavy footsteps made their way to the attic door.

    On his side, was the new lock and hasp he had installed – installed so that the door could only be secured from the outside.

    A heavy padlock held the door sealed from without.

    Sealing Kelly in the attic – as a prisoner.

    And now her jailer was paying her a visit.

    All of Kelly's fears and apprehensions crystallized into stomach-churning dread, when she heard Dan Waxer at the door.

    He fumbled drunkenly with lock and key.

    He had some difficulty in fitting the right key into the hole of the lock, but at last he succeeded, and the lock came undone.

    He flung the door open, so that it swung on its hinges to crash against the wall.

    The violence of the action made Kelly shudder.


    His drunken booming voice bawled her name up the stairs.

    "I'm here, Kelly! Daddy's here!"

    "Daddy" – he dared call himself that!

    Kelly's real father had passed on years ago. She and her mother had lived happily enough together, until the interloper came.

    What Kelly's mother had seen in Dan Waxer was a mystery to Kelly.

    Kelly thought that even a child could have seen through, Waxer's oily insincerity, his fast-talking flattery, his phoniness.

    But Kelly's ailing mother wanted a man around the house, and had fallen for his line, and married him quickly.

    Kelly loathed him from the start. He knew it, too. He seemed to take a perverse delight in annoying her and irritating her and getting her goat.

    But that was far from the worse aspect of his repellent personality.

    Heavy clattering sounded on the stairs leading up to the attic, as Dan Waxer stumblingly ascended them.

    He misstepped and slammed into the wall, his big body rocking it.

    "Damn!" he muttered, then went into a fit of alcoholic laughter.

    Kelly was rigid, tautly quivering with fear.

    There was nowhere to run.

    The only way out was down the stairs and through the door… and the hulking form of Dan Waxer blocked that exit.

    As he mounted the stairs, drawing closer, his head loomed into view, rising balloonlike from the well of the sunken stairs.

    "Hi, doll!" he leered.

    Shaky from too much strong drink, he came into view.

    Dan Waxer was a big bearish man in his late forties. He had a big round head, with hair thinning out on top.

    His low forehead was red and gleamed with oily sweat. In an absurd touch of vanity, he had grown his hair long on the sides, so his big ears were covered.

    His face was thick-featured, coarse, common. He had squinty eyes, now bleared from booze, a meatball nose, thin liver-colored lips.

    He had a three-day growth of beard stubbling his jowly red face. His mouth hung open in a slack, loose, leering grin.

    He had broad sloping shoulders, a barrel chest, and a big beefy beer gut. He wore a stained tanktop undershirt and a pair of baggy brown slacks.

    In one hand he clutched a bottle of whisky by the neck.

    "What do you want?" Kelly asked coldly.

    "What d'you think?"

    "I don't know what goes on, in what passes for your mind!"

    "Cute," Dan Waxer scowled, "real cute."

    "When are you going to let me out of here?!"

    "When I'm good and ready to," he snickered.

    "You can't keep me locked up here forever!"

    "Oh no? I been doin' a pretty good job of it so far!"

    "When I tell Mom about this…"

    "Yeah, you do that! Only you better yell good and loud, if you want her to hear you all the way down in Florida!"

    "They'll miss me at school…"

    "Hah! Ha ha ha!"

    Dan Waxer's jowls quivered as he chortled. He slapped his knee.

    "Hah! That's a good one – miss you at school! After what you done, if you never show up back there, it'll be too soon for them!"

    "I didn't do anything!"

    "Not much, you didn't! I know what you was doin' with that dyke teacher! By now, I guess everyone in town knows!"

    "Lies, all lies!"

    "Who're you tryin' to convince – me, or yourself?"

    Total disaster had fallen upon Kelly – and her lover, Laurel.

    It was a simple mistake, but one which had been ruinous to both of them.

    It happened on Monday, after school, when the students had all gone home.

    Kelly had joined Laurel in the classroom where she taught her English classes. The classroom had been empty, with rows of deserted desks.

    Laurel was just packing up, to leave for the day.

    The classroom door was closed… but, unfortunately, not locked.

    That day, Kelly looked especially pretty.

    She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, a long luxuriant mane of blonde hair.

    She wore a pretty pink blouse and a plaid skirt and pink knee socks.

    So fresh-faced, young and lovely did she look, that Kelly excited Laurel to give her a little kiss in the empty classroom.

    She had intended to give Kelly a chaste little deck on the cheek, but Kelly had turned her head at the last instant.

    Causing Laurel's red lips to press Kelly's pink puckered lips.

    Sexual electricity sparked when the kissing lips met.

    Laurel embraced Kelly, who pressed up against her.

    Kelly opened her mouth, accepting with delight Laurel's probing tongue.

    Which is just how Hugo the custodian discovered them, when he blundered into the room as part of his daily routine.

    He was going to sweep up and clean out the waste baskets, his usual tasks.

    Ordinarily, he started on the other side of the school building, but just before the school day ended, somebody had gotten sick on the stairs.

    He had cleaned it up, and decided to clean up the rooms starting at this end.

    Which is how he came upon a teacher kissing a student.

    That was bad enough – an offense for which the teacher could and would be fired!

    But making it infinitely worse was the fact that teacher and student were of the same sex!

    The world turned upside-down and toppled on Kelly and Laurel.

    Nightmare time!

    Hugo had hurried away, hastening to the principal's office to report what he had seen, in graphic detail.

    It was only a kiss – but a passionate one, between teacher and girl.

    One kiss which was enough to ruin both Kelly and Laurel.

    The principal called Kelly into his office first thing the following morning. Kelly was so ill, she thought she would vomit, or faint.

    Infinitely worse, was the fact that the principal had summoned her parent.

    Since Mom was away in Florida, trying vainly to recover her shattered health, that left Dan Waxer, her step-father, to be called in.

    The scandal had already swept the school, becoming known to faculty and student body alike – indeed, no one talked of anything else!

    Kelly squirmed under the stares of others – some leered at her, some looked at her with disgust, some in amazement.

    Up to then, Kelly had seemed only to be an all-American beauty, as normal as could be, a typical healthy teenager.

    She rarely dated, and had no steady boyfriends, a fact which now made sense in light of her exposed lesbianism.

    She felt like a leper.

    But her worse fears were, not for herself, but for Laurel.

    Kelly was in big trouble, but Laurel was really on the hot spot.

    Laurel was liable for criminal prosecution for corrupting the morals of a minor. Kelly swore she would never testify, never!

    But there would be no need to, not with the way the authorities had things rigged.

    The principal, the Board of Ed, did not want a big scandal, which would of course result if such a case should come to trial.

    So, there would be no trial – if Laurel played ball.

    No criminal charges would be lodged against the teacher, provided she submitted her resignation, effective immediately.

    And left town, immediately.

    Should she try to contact. Kelly, even by phone, Laurel would be arrested, charged, and brought to trial.

    These facts Kelly learned during her own ordeal in the principal's office, when that man informed Dan Waxer about the scandal.

    Kelly was put on suspension, pending a final decision as to whether an immoral influence such as she would be readmitted to school.

    Her punishment really began when she returned home.

    She had been sent to her room by Dan Waxer, who was in an ill-disguised state of glee at the dramatic turn of events.

    Long had Kelly's aloofness and disdain for him rankled. He had ached for a chance to turn the tables on her, and put her in her place.

    The discovery of his teen step-daughter's lesbian tendencies was just what the doctor ordered, where Dan Waxer was concerned.

    Sobbing in her room, Kelly had been puzzled by the sounds of the electric drill and hammering at the attic door.

    This was when Dan Waxer installed the lock on the attic door.

    He came for her, sawdust covering him, plastered down against his sweaty form.

    When Kelly resisted him, he struck her.

    She was shocked beyond belief.

    Never before had she been struck in anger!

    Dan Waxer manhandled the stunned teen, hustling her out of her bedroom and up into the attic, where he had set up the cot.

    He tossed Kelly down to the hard floor, where she crouched, sobbing.

    "What are you doing?!"

    "You ain't fit to associate with decent folks, you little dyke!"

    Dan Waxer was loving his triumph over this insolent, haughty teen lovely.

    "Yeah, you're gonna stay cooped up here until you've learned your lesson!"

    And Kelly had been locked up, imprisoned in the attic room.

    At first, she was hysterical.

    She pounded the attic door until her fists were raw, until her eyes were red from weeping, until she slumped in defeat on the stairs.

    Tuesday day and Tuesday night, she had been penned up in the attic.

    Dan Waxer brought her meals on a tray – thin, meagre fare of canned soup barely heated, and baloney sandwiches on doughy white bread.

    Even worse, she had gotten hungry enough to eat them.

    All day Wednesday, she was penned in the attic prison, while, down below, she heard him going about his business.

    He started drinking late this afternoon, continuing on into the night.

    Priming himself with alcoholic "courage".

    For what?

    Kelly could guess…

    The pig lusted after her, of course.

    She knew that fact well… had known it from the moment she hid first set eyes on him, and he on her.

    It was shameful, the way he ogled her when he thought Mom wasn't watching.

    At first, he had constantly annoyed her, trying to hug her and kiss her.

    He pretended that he was only a paternally fond step-father.

    But Kelly knew better.

    The boys at school, and some of the teachers, often eyed her longingly.

    But, although she was not in the least bit interested in them, and would never give a schoolboy a tumble, their desire was natural, clean.

    But there was something unclean in the oily fervor with which her step-father constantly stared at her with those beady eyes.

    He was always pawing her, trying to hug her, to get her to sit on his lap.

    In the early days of the marriage, one of his tricks was to sneak up behind her and wrap her in a tight bear hug.

    All in fun – that's what he pretended his attentions were.

    But when he grabbed her from behind, and pressed sloppy kisses on her, she had felt his hardness pressing her buttocks.

    She had nipped that in the bud, one day, by giving him an elbow in the ribs.

    The next time he tried to paw her, she told him off in no uncertain terms.

    Mom wasn't home that day, and Kelly was a bit surprised that the air hadn't turned blue from her blistering curses.

    Even Dan Waxer had been taken aback by her vehemence that day.

    She told him she knew what he was up to, and that the next time he tried anything, she would take her complaint to her mother.

    She had kept her mouth shut about his annoying, distasteful attentions only to spare her frail, naive mother from the truth.

    That had cooled him out – for a while.

    He had been satisfied with spying on her, trying to peep at her when she was in a stage of partial undress, or nudity.

    It preyed on her nerves, a constant strain. Kelly liked to dress naturally. Her breasts were pert, high, firm, and did not need the support of a bra.

    It was only common sense for her to go braless – she loved the freedom.

    But that freedom ended, for, whenever she went braless under her blouse, Dan Waxer ogled her breasts with obvious sneering lust.

    Obvious to Kelly, but not to her mother.

    Kelly was forced to cover herself constantly, and always wear a bra in the house – she had to be on constant guard.

    One time, when she had foolishly forgotten to lock her bedroom door, Dan Waxer had barged in while she was changing.

    He had waited around to catch her in just that position, when she was dressed in her bra and panties.

    Her curses blistered the air as she screeched for him to get out.

    He sneered insultingly and took his time leaving.

    From that time forth, she never forgot to lock her door.

    But the strain of being constantly on guard against him was nerve-wracking.

    More than once, when she was locked in the bathroom taking a bath, bumping noises against the closed door alarmed her.

    She was sure that Dan Waxer knelt outside the door, spying at her through the keyhole. But she had never caught him in the act.

    It got so that she actually looked forward to school, where she could relax.

    Never could she really relax and let down her guard at home.

    Indeed, home hardly seemed like home anymore.

    But she had found a new home with Laurel, the lesbian teacher who seduced Kelly into more delicious pleasure than she had ever dreamed possible.

    Kelly, although young, was no virgin.

    A year ago or so, she had surrendered to a high school senior, a football star who had taken her out on a date.

    Lex, his name was. He had thick dark wavy hair, a handsome clean-shaven face, and a fine broad-shouldered body.

    Kelly at that time was worried about her lack of interest in boys.

    Her girlfriends were all boy-crazy – yet she was not.


    At that time, Kelly was afraid to face the answer…

    The answer being that it was girls, not boys, that attracted her.

    Kelly sensed the difference in herself from her girlfriends.

    When she was in the girl's locker room, getting ready for gym class, she would glance covertly at the females undressing alongside her.

    It was femaleness which attracted her interest – breasts and pussies, not male genitals, that fascinated her.

    Kelly was not so naive as to not know something about lesbians. She had read articles, and seen movies.

    There had been a movie out a year ago, about two girl, athletes who became lovers.

    Kelly had taken a bus to the next town, just so none of her friends from school would see her attending that movie and making the connection.

    Sitting by herself in the theater, in an audience largely male, Kelly had been aroused beyond belief by scenes of lesbian love.

    There were only a few of them, and they were not explicit, since this was a major motion picture and not a fuck film.

    But Kelly's nipples had stood out stiff and throbbingly erect for the course of the picture, aching with stiffness.

    Her pussy quivered, and she covertly pressed her thighs against her sex, squeezing her pussy while she watched the show.

    She had orgasmed right there in the movie seat.

    But she was fearful of her difference, too.

    In small suburban towns such as these, there was no tolerance for different ones.

    Kelly had witnessed the vicious tormenting of the one or two boys in school who were sissified, and hounded by the "normals".

    She had heard the sneering snickering taunts directed at the lady gym teacher, who was universally acknowledged by the studentry as a dyke.

    But that gym teacher had been careful not to follow up her sexual preferences with any female students, and wisely kept her private life private.

    Kelly was frightened by the difference in her.

    In a last-ditch attempt to battle her increasingly pronounced lesbian desires, Kelly resolved to give up her virginity.

    To a male, that is.

    The experiment was disastrous, and confirmed her lesbianism once and for all.

    He had been polite, charming, courteous until he got Kelly in the back seat of his car, where he became horny, grasping, greedy.

    He fondled her breasts and rubbed her thighs. There was little foreplay, and Kelly could not have felt less aroused.

    But she was determined to go through with it.

    She was frightened and repulsed by his penis, when it was nakedly exposed.

    It was a fat swollen club of flesh – however would it fit in her?

    She had endured his artless caresses, which were few, since he burned to take down her panties and stick it in her.

    He was on top of her, red-faced and panting in the cramped car, pressing his penis against her delicate pussy.

    She was scared, rigid, tight and dry – all of which he ignored, as he pried open her precious pussy and stuffed his cock head in.

    He hurt her!

    She moaned with pain as he forced his stiff penis inside her, pinning her to the car seat, stretching her sensitive pussy.

    She thought she would scream, when the boy's penis battered her maidenhead.

    She did scream – once – when he broke her tender cherry.

    Ignoring her cries, he plunged his penis deep into her, then crudely hammered away at her until he came.

    To add to her disgust and degradation, the crowning touch was when he came inside her, pumping his slimy semen into her.

    That was the first – and last – time she would do it with a male.

    So she had promised herself.

    Laurel was the English teacher, and Kelly had a heavy crush on her.

    Unlike the masculine, rugged woman's gym teacher, no one would ever have suspected Laurel of being a hardcore lesbian.

    Laurel was the essence of femininity, grace, and elegance.

    Kelly developed a super crush of all time on her teacher.

    She followed Laurel around the halls, and daydreamed about her in other classes.

    What's more, Kelly was flattered that Laurel really liked her – not as a student with whom she was on friendly terms, but as a friend.

    It took little time for this friendship to ripen into something more.

    In December, as the holiday season neared, Laurel invited Kelly to come visit her apartment during the vacation.

    An invitation accepted eagerly by Kelly.

    Kelly's wildest fantasies came true, on the very first time she visited Laurel in the privacy of the teacher's apartment.

    Kelly feared she might faint with delight the first time Laurel kissed her!

    Laurel knew well what she was doing.

    She knew the difference between an ordinary schoolgirl crush, and desire which could ripen into a full-fledged lesbian love.

    She knew that lonely, lovely Kelly was just aching to be taken.

    So – she took her.

    Kelly couldn't have been happier!

    Joy filled her, when she discovered that what she had considered a hopeless passion, doomed to unfulfillment, was returned by the object of her affection.

    As Laurel tenderly undressed Kelly for the first time in the cool dimness of her bedroom, tears came to Kelly's eyes.

    "Why, Kelly, dear, you're crying!"

    "B-because I'm so happy!" Kelly boo-hooed.

    "I'll kiss those tears away," Laurel promised.

    She made good on that promise, and more.

    Never had Kelly known such ecstasy, as she did on that first time that she was with Laurel in bed.

    From time to time, Kelly used to masturbate, to play with her pussy while she filled her head with lustful images of female flesh.

    But the pleasure her fingers could give her pussy was nothing compared to that shivering joy Laurel's loving could bestow.

    From that first time, Kelly was head over heels in love…

    And now, all that was over.

    Kelly was trapped – trapped!

    She was in disgrace. Her life here was turned upside-down.

    Never could she return to school. That was clearly impossible.

    Even in the unlikely event that the faculty administrators grudgingly permitted her to return, it would be an agonizing ordeal.

    She could never face her former friends. She would be the object of their leering curiosity, of their cruel taunts and jeers.

    And Laurel – what had happened to her?

    Kelly had not seen her since the afternoon of the day when Hugo the janitor caught them kissing in the classroom.

    How was Laurel? Was she all right? Was she still in town, or had she been run off by the self-appointed guardians of morality?

    These questions tormented Kelly as much as her own captivity.

    Worst of all – what of Dan Waxer?

    This was the showdown, she knew. This time, he hadn't come up here to mock and jeer at her, to bedevil her.

    No, this time he had come for… something else!

    Kelly was frightened, but determined not to show it.

    "You better leave me alone!" she said, fighting to control her voice.

    "Still giving the orders, huh? Still acting high and mighty, huh?"

    An ugly leer distorted Dan Waxer's mean face.

    "Well, I'm gonna knock you off that high horse of yours, Miss Kelly, and show you who's boss around here!"


    "The trouble with you, Kelly, is that you ain't never had a real man!"

    "Is that what you call yourself?" she asked scornfully. "A real man?!"

    "That's what I am, all right – and I aim to prove it to you!"

    "You better keep away from me, you…"

    "Or else what?" Dan Waxer challenged. "What are you gonna do?!"

    "I-I'll tell Mom."

    "So what? I'll just tell her that you came on to me, and got mad when I wouldn't give you a tumble!"

    "Nobody would ever believe that lie!"

    "Sure they would – where a little pervert like you is involved!"

    He reached for her.

    Kelly hopped up off the cot, looking like a cornered animal.

    As indeed she was…

    "Come here, you little Kelly girl… I ain't gonna hurt you!"

    He bulked between her and the stairs, and escape. If only she could get past him – Kelly tried to dart by him, but he caught her up in his arms. "Hah! Got you!"

    "Let – me – go!"

    "Not till I'm done with you!"

    He lifted her bodily and carried her to the cot and dumped her on it.

    Kelly fell on her back on the cot, her face red from the struggle, her eyes wide with fear, her bosom heaving as she panted.

    Dan Waxer said, "You and me, girl, we ain't never been close like a daddy and daughter should be! But I'll fix that now!"

    "Thank God you're not my father, you pig!"

    "Pig, am I? What are you? A little dyke pervert, a pussy eater!"

    "You're disgusting!"

    "Hah! That's a laugh, coming from you!"

    Dan Waxer loomed over her: "Well, Kelly, I got the cure for dykes, right here between my legs!"

    He grabbed his crotch and mockingly squeezed it.

    "After you've had some of this, you won't ever go back to girls again!"

    "You're drunk!"

    "Come on, honey, and give me a little kiss!" Kelly rose up. He grabbed her by the wrists and forced her down.

    "You're hurting me!" she moaned.

    "A little hurt is just what you need, bitch!"

    Kelly squirmed. Drunk though he was, he was a strong man.

    He bent her back over the cot and pinned her down, his hands holding her wrists. His lips were obscenely puckered up.

    His leering red face loomed up close – closer.

    Then his lips crushed hers in a brutal kiss.

    His three-day beard stubble rasped painfully against the soft skin of her face. His tongue probed, but she kept her mouth closed.

    He pressed her lips hard, numbing them and bruising them.

    The reek of alcohol fumes coming from his sewer of a mouth was stomach-churning.


    Dan Waxer roared in pain and indignation, pulling back his mouth from hers.

    Kelly had just bit him on the lip, drawing blood.

    Holding her down, he raised his hand to his mouth and wonderingly touched it.

    He rubbed some blood on his finger, stared at it in disbelief.

    "Oh, so you want to play rough, do you, bitch?!"

    He slammed Kelly with a vicious open-handed slap.

    The crack of the slap echoed loudly in the confined space of the attic.

    It was followed by Kelly's cry of pain.

    Her head rolled with the impact of the blow. Her cheek was numb where struck. The blow dazed her, made her see stars.

    "You like that?! Here, bitch, have some more!"

    He slapped the other side of her face even harder.

    "No, don't…" Kelly moaned.

    She lifted her hands in front of her face to protect it. He brushed the hands aside and slapped her a few more times.

    When he stopped, Kelly was dazed and confused.

    Both sides of her face bore ugly red marks, imprints of the hard hands which bad slammed her with open palms.

    Her flesh was numb at the points of impact, and burning on the edges.

    Her eyes were glassy and out of focus. Her lips were puffy from being hit, and a warm trickle of blood oozed down the corner of her mouth.

    "No more," she moaned, "no more!"

    "Looks like you changed your tune!"

    Dan Waxer grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and tugged it by the roots, jerking her head up off the cot mattress.

    Kelly squealed, moaning from the pain.

    Her teeth rattled when Dan Waxer gave her head a vicious shaking.

    "Not so high and mighty now, are you? Eh?"

    He pushed her back down on the bed.

    Dazed, Kelly lay there, moaning, weak.

    "You're a skinny little slut," Dan Waxer said, "hit not half-bad looking for all of that! So let's have a look at you!"

    He grabbed a double fistful of her shirt.

    Kelly wailed, "Don't…"

    "Shut up! I'll give the orders around here! And you'll take them!"

    He tore open her thin shirt, shredding it, ripping it open along the seams. His eyes glittered at the glimpse of bare pink skin.

    "Let's see what you been hiding away like they were the crown jewels!"

    He shredded her shirt to scraps in his big hands, pulling the scraps off her, so that she was stripped naked above the waist.

    The shirt fragments were tossed down to the floor.

    Kelly's bare breasts were exposed.

    Dan Waxer stared hungrily at the perfectly formed mounds of pink-nippled flesh.

    Groaning, Kelly tried to cover her nudity, crossing her anus over her chest to cover her breasts, her tender nipples.

    "None of that, now!"

    Dan Waxer took hold of her wrists and pulled her arms off her chest, pinning her hands down on the mattress of the cot.

    "I want to sec what you got! Hmmmm – not bad!"

    Pinning her arms, he lowered his head to her heaving bosom.

    Kelly groaned with revulsion as he nuzzled her breasts, slobbering over them.

    His raspy beard scraped her soft flesh, irritating it incredibly.

    He held both her wrists in one of his hand, using the other to grope her.

    "You got small titties," he said, "but I guess they'll have to do!"

    He took hold of one of her breasts and squeezed it, rough fingers digging deep into the soft flesh.

    He pinched the nipple, viciously, while Kelly's legs kicked and thrashed.

    He gave it a final vicious twist that forced a cry from her.

    The abused nipple stood angry, erect, swollen to twice the normal stiff size.

    Contemptuously sneering, he shoved his face against the breast and wrapped his open devouring mouth on her breast.

    He took not just the nipple but the entire breast into his mouth.

    His wide mouth stretched at the corners as he stuffed her bosom flesh into it.

    He sucked, slurped, chewed, and worried her breast.

    Kelly wished and prayed she could pass out – she could not.

    Finally he came up for air. Her breast flopped from his mouth. It was red and soaked with his spit.

    "Please don't, please!" she gasped.

    He gave her a little slap.

    "Shut up, bitch! I've taken all I'm gonna take from the likes of you! Now it's my turn to dish it out – while you take it, and like it!"

    He looked down at her denim-clad crotch.

    "I want to see your little cunt! The one that dyke teacher goes down on!"

    His drunken fingers fumbled clumsily with the catch of her jeans.

    Kelly was afraid to fight, afraid of his hard, hurting hands.

    He popped open the top of her jeans. Its zipper made a metallic sound when he pulled it down, exposing white panties.

    He took hold of her jeans and tugged them down off her hips, down her taut pink thighs and shapely calves.

    He tossed aside the jeans, and now Kelly wore only her brief panties.

    "Yeah – yeah, you ain't bad at all!"

    Her panties he did not take down, but instead tore off her hips, tearing them open at the sides of her hips.

    Those thin, fragile flaps of white fabric easily ripped open and were pulled off her, leaving her stark naked.

    Kelly groaned.

    "Well! Well, well, well!"

    He leered down at her naked body, slim, pale pink, lithe, young.

    "Now I'm gonna show you who's boss!"

    When he stood up, his pants bulged hugely at the crotch.

    He was drunk, yet cunning, and watched carefully for any sign that Kelly might try to escape and dart past him.

    "Look what I got for you, you little Kelly gal!"

    He fingered and fondled his stiff penis through his pants. He fumbled them open. The baggy slacks slipped down his wide hips.

    He wore a pair of old, stained, soiled boxer shorts which he hadn't changed for over a week. His erection lifted their front.

    Through their open flyhole could be seen the fat red rod of his cock.

    He tugged down his shorts.

    His cock head got caught by the rim on the elastic waistband of the shorts pulling it down before it snapped free.

    As if mounted on a spring, his cock leaped up a-quivering.

    He took hold of Kelly's head and turned it to the side, facing him.

    "I said, take a look at what I got for you, bitch!"

    Kelly flinched when she caught sight of the rod.

    Rising red and stiff from his oversized hips, the rod was a fat uncircumcised cock, thick and long, over a pair of hairy balls.

    He took hold of it and mockingly shook it for her.

    "After you've had some of this, your dyke days will be done!"


    "Now, get off that bed!"

    He took hold of her wrist and dragged her from the bed.

    Kelly, weak and will-less, toppled off the cot, spilling in a tangle of long legs on the floor, falling with a thud.

    She crouched with her long legs extended under her, her pink body glowing in the dimness of the attic gloom.

    She pressed her palms to the floor, raising her upper body.

    The huge hulking bulk of her step-father stood between her and the light, his shadow falling on her cowering naked form.

    His stiff cock twitching over her.

    He took a fistful of her hair, wrapping blonde strands around his hand.

    Kelly squealed as he jerked her head up level with his crotch.

    "You know what you're gonna do now, cunt?! You're gonna kiss my cock!"


    He gripped his penis below the rim of the head, peeling back the foreskin to expose the red, bullet-shaped head.

    "Come on – kiss it!"

    "Please let me go!"

    "Or maybe you need some more roughing up, eh?"

    "No! No… don't hit me any more."

    "You'll do like I tell you."

    "Yes," she sobbed.

    "Then kiss it – like you mean it!"

    He pressed the cock head against her lips.

    Fighting to keep from being sick, Kelly puckered up her lips, pressing them out as far from her face as possible.

    He pressed the cock head hard against her mouth.

    "Kiss harder! Use the inside of your mouth – smooch it!"

    She closed her eyes while performing the degrading task.

    "Now, kiss my balls, you cunt!"

    He gripped his cock, holding it upright while forcing her head lower so she could kiss his swollen balls.

    The unwashed reek pouring out from between his legs was sick-making, and Kelly's stomach heaved internally in revolt.

    His balls were fat and swollen, with the left testicle much larger than the right, which indeed seemed a bit shrunken.

    The smell pouring off his flesh was almost a physical presence, its touch contaminating her fair flesh.

    She pressed her lips to his balls and kissed them.

    "Ummmmm, yeah! Now stick out your tongue and lick 'em!"

    Kelly stuck her tongue out and obeyed the command.

    Dan Waxer's big body quivered like a bowl of jelly as his balls were licked. Presently, they were coated with saliva.

    "Keep licking," he said grimly. "I know this ain't a cunt, which you'd love, but your cunt-lapping days are done!"

    "I'm gonna teach you how to be a woman – a real woman! So keep on licking, lick your way up my cock!"

    His cock was close to eight inches long, and very thick.

    It was red with fat purple veins wrapped around its shaft like constricting snakes. It throbbed heavily.

    Saliva smeared on Kelly's face as she was forced to lick the cock.

    Now her lips were back up at the seething cock head.

    "You know what you're gonna do now, cunt? You're gonna take my cock in your mouth and suck it!"

    "Please don't make me do this! I – oh, please don't!"

    "That's enough talking from you!"

    Scowling, Dan Waxer raised his hand, making as if to strike her.

    Kelly gasped, cringing, but could not cower much, since he still held her by the hair, holding her head in place.

    "Don't hurt me!" she cried quickly. "I'll do it!"

    "Damn right you will! Now, open up!"

    He took hold of his cock and pressed its head to her mouth and stuffed it in.

    "I got better uses than talking for that mouth of yours!"

    The penis was inserted in the cowering victim's mouth.

    It thrust inward, stretching her mouth at the corners, squashing her tongue under its throbbing weight, sliding to the back of her mouth.

    It filled her open throat with its head.

    Kelly choked and gasped.

    "I'm gonna fuck that sassy mouth of yours! All that time you were eating cunt, what you really needed was a big fat cock!"

    He started lunging his hips forward and drawing them back, pumping his hot rod in and out of Kelly's mouth.

    "Suck it, cunt! Work that tongue!"

    It was hard for Kelly to move her tongue, since it was pressed flat by his stiff cock, but she managed to squirm it around.

    He fucked her face, pumping his cock in and out.

    When he pushed inward, he jammed the cock head down into her throat.

    Each stroke of his cock across her lips and tongue heated the member hotter.

    It glowed red and steaming, shining with her saliva.

    "I'm gonna unload," Dan Waxer moaned.

    His big beer belly slopped over his stiff cock, a mass of jellied flesh which rippled and jiggled as he pumped.

    His gut was soft, but there was no softness in the rod of his cock as it raped the mouth of his step-daughter.

    Once, he pulled back too excitedly, and his cock flopped free, of her lips.

    The red rod jumped and twitched in front of her face, dripping with saliva.

    "You stupid cunt…"

    He caught hold of his jerking cock and twisted her hair, hard.


    He stuffed his bock back in Kelly's moaning mouth, deep.

    He resumed fucking her mouth. This time, he held her hair tightly, on a tight rein as it were, so his cock would not come free.

    He pumped back and forth with feverish enthusiasm.

    "I'm – uh! – gonna come!"

    He took hold of his cock at the base, then threw some more tight strokes into her mouth, fast ones which heated him to the melting point.

    Kelly felt his cock twitching over her lips and tongue.

    Suddenly, he pulled out altogether.

    He pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it over her surprised face.

    And came all over it.

    Strands of loopy semen shot out from the cock head, spurting on the face of the stunned, shocked, revolted teen.

    Even as he shook from the force of his orgasm, vicious Dan Waxer was careful to hold Kelly's head in place.

    His cock he held in place too, and shot all over her face.

    Come fell on Kelly's forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose, mouth, chin.

    Gooey, milky white, thick, it slid down her face and spattered on the worn and dusty floorboards.

    Dan Waxer shook and shuddered from the force of his orgasm.

    His hand pumped his spurting penis, squeezing milky drops on Kelly's face.


    His cock was still stiff, after coming.

    "Weren't expecting that one, were you? Haw haw haw! Man, you sure look stupid with all that come running down your face!"

    He pulled her by the hair, forcing her to rise.

    "Get up, cunt!"

    "I'm getting up! Please don't hurt me!"

    "And get your ass on that bed! I ain't done with you – why, I ain't even started yet!"


    "What-what are you going to do to me?!"

    "Guess!" leered Dan Waxer.

    Stooping, he picked up the remnants of her shredded shirt and brought the wadded rag to her face.

    "Gonna wipe that silt off your face, too! Wouldn't want to get it on me!"

    Kelly squirmed as he roughly rubbed most of the come off her face. Enough remained to leave her face sticky and shining.

    He tossed aside the soiled rag, discarding it like a used piece of toilet paper.

    Kelly sat up on the bed, head hanging, eyes moist.

    Dan Waxer took hold of her and forced her down on her back on the bed.

    "Play with your cunt, bitch!"


    "Play with your cunt, get it all hot and juicy!"

    Kelly's body was rigid and angular with fear. Her pink flesh was now pale. Awkwardly, she moved her hands down to her pussy.

    Stiffly, she stroked her pussy lips, hands trembling.

    He took hold of his cock, stroking stiffness into it.

    "Yeah… I'm ready."

    He mounted the bed clumsily, moving the gross weight of his flesh.

    He pushed her hands away from her pussy.

    "I'll take over from here!"

    His stiff hot cock was smeared with sticky saliva. Kelly shuddered as he rubbed it up and down her thigh.

    "You sure don't look like a dyke!"

    "Please, please let me go!"

    "Not a chance, sweetie," he sneered.

    He leaned forward, squinting at her quivering sex.

    He rubbed her pussy, pressing the lips with his sausage-link fingers.

    Kelly squirmed and moaned as his stubby fingertips prodded her pussy.

    He fingered the pussy lips open and peered at her slippery pink membranes.

    "Yeah, you sure got a nice cunt! Too nice to be wasted on some clit-licking dyke, when I could and should have been fucking it!"

    "Well, it's never too late to make up for lost time!"

    He pressed his fingertip to her slitted sex and stuffed it inside.

    Kelly cried out when he plunged his fat middle finger in her.

    "Christ! Are you tight!"

    He pushed his finger back and forth, in and out, fucking her pussy with it.

    But his lust burned too strongly to delay his violation of her.

    "You ain't no virgin!" he accused. "I couldn't put my finger up into you this far if you was! Hey, how about that!"

    "Well, I guess dykes ain't all you been fucking, Kelly!"

    He pulled his finger out of her pussy.

    It was wet – quivering – vulnerable.

    He could invade and ravish it, and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

    His hulking form looked more bearish than ever, as he crouched over her on his hands and knees, his erection jutting downward.

    He reached for her legs and spread them wide apart, so that her feet dangled off the opposite edges of the cot.

    He reached under his hips and took hold of his cock.

    Guiding it between her legs, he prodded her pussy with it.

    It hurt, making Kelly squirm and writhe, making her pert breasts jiggle.

    He rubbed the cock head up and down the slit.

    Pressing the cock head to the slit, he wedged open the pussy lips, prying them apart, then stretching her membranes.

    Kelly sobbed as she was entered.

    His thing was thick and painful for her to take.

    He gasped when his cock head was engulfed in the slippery silky heat of her pussy.

    "Oh, yeah… oh, yeah! Yeah!"

    His cock was in her now, partially… deep enough not to be dislodged.

    He let his wide fat hips sink down then, the weight of his body sinking the shaft deep into her pussy.

    Kelly's pussy twinged with pain as it was stretched by the invader.

    Deeper and deeper into her it sank, filling and stretching her.

    It seemed like the snake of flesh wouldn't stop filling her!

    Kelly felt as though she was choking between the legs, from the size of the thing. Her sobbing moans only excited his sadistic lust.

    He stuffed the cock deep, until its head fetched up with a bump against the pit of her pussy – she was totally penetrated.

    His weight crushed her like a stone, flattening her thin form into the mattress, crushing the breath out of her.

    She gasped for air as he covered her, his chest pressing her titties almost flat.

    His hot sweating body covered and seemed to absorb her.

    He squirmed, moving his fat hips, sliding his stiff cock back and forth inside her, pumping the rod in her pussy.

    Her long thin legs were spread wide open, while his thick hairy legs were pressed together and lay between her limbs.

    Ancient, the cot groaned its protest at the double burden of the weight of the oversized rapist and his slim, slight, pretty victim.

    Kelly once had read in history class – how far away school seemed now! – that a medieval torture was to kill the victim by crushing him under heavy weights.

    She felt as though she were under going a similar ordeal.

    The penis raping her pussy punished it with hard, driving strokes.

    Luckily for Kelly – her only luck, on this night of hell – her pussy internally lubricated, oozing juices in self-defense.

    That aided her somewhat, permitting as it did Dan Waxer's fat thick throbbing cock to slide more easily inside her.

    He rammed it into her, working on her pussy like a beast in heat.

    The speed and force of his thrusts increased as his lust intensified.

    He humped away at her, raping her hard.

    His cock burned inside her violated pussy.

    His fat sweaty hands burrowed under her bottom, clutching her buttocks.

    He gripped them tightly, one bottom cheek in each hand.

    Holding them, he squeezed them viciously, so that soft pink bottom flesh oozed through his fat gripping fingers.

    He squeezed and kneaded her buttocks, and pinched them painfully.

    His fingers sank into the crack of her buttocks.

    He fingered the tiny hole of her rosebud anus, prodding it with stubby fingertips and irritating it with his crude handling.

    Sweat rolled off his beached-whale form, as he thrust into her.

    He was close to coming now.

    He pressed the tip of his middle finger against her quivering anus and shoved it in, jamming the fingertip up her ass.

    Kelly cried out in shock at this crude invasion.

    He stuffed his finger in her up to its first joint and wiggled it inside her.

    His cock pumped in a fury of fast motion.

    Suddenly he threw his hips forward, plunging his cock into the vortex of her sex, jamming the cock head against her womb.

    He did not pull back for yet another stroke, but kept his cock in her.

    He shook and shivered on top of her.

    Her already stretched pussy was stretched even further, as his fat cock expanded under the surge of erupting semen.

    His throbbing cock spurted out a seething mass of come.

    Kelly wanted to vomit, when the first jolt came gushing.

    Come was pumped into her at high pressure, befouling her precious pussy.

    He groaned and gasped on her like a dying man.

    His cock filled her pussy to the brim with thick, gooey come.

    His thrashing faded, after his orgasm, had peaked.

    His red face sobbing for breath, he collapsed on top of her.

    His cock was still hard in her.

    After a while, Kelly wondered if he had passed out in a drunken stupor.

    Indeed he had – which did nothing to aid her.

    Even though he was out, he was on top of her, and his heavy weight held her fully pinned to the cot and immobile.

    His cock was still stiff in her.

    Gradually, it softened, losing some of its thickness.

    Dan Waxer came awake with a sudden start.

    He leered down at her.

    "Yeah, that's just what you needed, some cock from a real man! Some more of that, and you'll never want to lap another pussy again!"

    "I hate you!" Kelly sobbed.

    "Before I'm done with you, you'll learn to love it! And you're gonna have plenty of chances to get used to some good hard cock!"

    He rose off her then, withdrawing his semi-erect member from inside her.

    He pulled free and climbed off her.

    Staggered by the force of his orgasm, and exhausted from the violent action of raping Kelly, Dan Waxer rested for a moment.

    He sat on the edge of the cot, feet on the floor, head hanging.

    Idly he played with her breasts, inflicting little abuses on them.

    Kelly's aching body was smeared and dripping with clammy sweat.

    She ached all over… her mouth ached from the raping it had endured, and her face ached from the slapping around he had given her.

    Her nipples were sore and swollen from his mistreatment.

    Her pussy lips glowed redly, irritated and chafed from the rough raping.

    Inside her pussy, she was sore and throbbing from the stretching given her by his fat, oversized, brutal cock.

    His come oozed inside her. Some of it dribbled from her pussy, trickled down her crack, and spilled on the bed to stain the rumpled sweaty sheets.

    Kelly was too drained from her ordeal to cry.

    Worse lay ahead of her.

    Presently, Dan Waxer got up. He stumblingly groped around for the bottle of whisky which he had brought up to the attic.

    The bottle lay on its side, close to the stairwell. He was disappointed to discover that little more than a mouthful remained.

    He pulled up his shorts, covering his rapist's groin.

    "I'm going down for more booze," he muttered, "but I'll be back!"

    Kelly knew he would.

    He climbed down the stairwell, his gross body disappearing from her sight until only his pumpkin-sized head remained.

    He turned to look and leer at his victim.

    "You better rest up while you can," he chuckled. "You're gonna need it for later, when I give you a real workout!"

    He staggered downstairs.

    Drunk as he was, he did not forget to lock the attic door, as Kelly had hoped he might. She heard the lock click into place.

    She listened to him make his stumbling, staggering progress through the house, going downstairs to the first floor.

    Then she gave in to the bitter grief which she had repressed while he was here. She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry!

    Now that she was alone, she could give vent to her feelings.

    She rolled on her side, stifling a moan of pain. She pressed her thighs closed, as if that could somehow protect her ravished pussy.

    Bitter tears spilled from her eyes and ran down her face.

    The sheets were rumpled, clammy with sweat, stained with semen. They were cold and unpleasant against her flesh.

    Worst of all to her was the knowledge that Dan Waxer was right.

    If she ever accused him of raping her, all he would have to do is claim that she was out of her head and had made up all of it.

    He need only point to her lesbianism as proof that she, not he, was the pervert.

    "Oh, Laurel," she whimpered, "where are you now? Please help me, somebody!"

    She covered her face with her hands and cried bitterly.

    Things couldn't be worse or so she thought.

    She would learn differently – and soon!

    Captive prisoners of lust such as she were vulnerable to any forms of abuse that their sadistic captors could devise.

    As Kelly would discover – to her anguished sorrow!


    The following afternoon found Kelly bound and gagged.

    Dan Waxer had to put his step-daughter in naked restraint, in order to do what he lusted to do to her.

    Kelly was nude, when he wrestled her down on the cot for the binding.

    He pressed her face into the mattress, muffling her screams.

    He had brought the rope upstairs with him when he entered the attic.

    He was dressed in his bathrobe, a filthy undershirt, and soiled shorts.

    He was on his knees on the bed, squatting over Kelly and pressing her down on the cot, where he had forced her face down.

    When she spied the jar of lubricating jelly he brought upstairs with him this afternoon, Kelly was panicked into resisting.

    Her little fight was futile, and more – it helped arouse him further.

    When she tried to escape, her bare feet padding on the floorboards, he caught her by the wrist, jerking her off balance.

    Then he flung her down on the cot and followed her there.

    Overpowering her with his weight and brute force, he wrestled her on the cot on her tummy, and squatted over her.

    "Help!" Kelly shrieked. "Help, somebody, please! Mmph!"

    Her cries were cut off when he pushed her face into the mattress.

    Taking hold of her arms, painfully twisting them, he pulled them behind her back, crossing her wrists and holding them in place.

    "This will take some of the fight out of you!" he leered.

    He tied her wrists together with the length of rope, pulling the cords tight so that they cut, into her tender flesh.

    He checked the bonds to make sure she could not loosen them.

    Kelly was stretched out face down on the cot, with her bottom turned up.

    He squatted behind her, pressing down on the backs of her thighs.

    His eyes rolled with delirious lust as he beheld her squirming bottom.

    Kelly whimpered, "What – what are you going to do to me?!"

    "I'm gonna fuck your hot ass, honey!"

    "Help! Help!"

    "You noisy little cunt!"

    He clamped his hand over her mouth to silence her, muffling her cries.

    Kelly tried to bite him, but he held his hand over her mouth in such a way that she could not sink her teeth into his flesh.

    Holding her down on the bed, he reached over the edge of the cot, groping for the tattered remnants of the clothes he had stripped off her last night.

    His hand found her torn panties, which he snatched up.

    "This'll shut you up! Open your mouth, cunt!"

    Kelly firmly clamped her jaws shut, refusing to open them.

    "So, you want to play games, do you?!"

    His knees were between her spread legs, preventing her from closing them.

    Reaching between them, he took hold of her pussy lips and twisted them.

    Kelly squealed in sudden white-faced pain.

    He stuffed the panties into her open crying mouth, jamming them in.

    He crammed the panties between her jaws, wadding them in deep.

    "You're a dyke, so you ought to like having panties in your mouth! And this will make sure that they stay there!"

    He tore off a strip from her shredded shirt, stretching it between her jaws, to hold the wadded panties in her mouth so she could not spit them out.

    The ends of the gag were knotted tightly at the back of her head.

    Kelly's frightened face turned red from the struggle.

    "Yeah… that's better! Quieter!"

    He chuckled, "Before I'm done with you, you'll be screaming – for more!"

    The struggle, overpowering the girl, had aroused him, so that his erection lifted the front of his baggy shorts.

    "Now to check out that hot little ass of yours! Yeah!"

    He took hold of her buttocks, squeezing and feeling them.

    His penis was so stiff it threatened to burst the straining seams of his shorts.

    He spread the buttocks to the sides, opening them.

    His hot breath played over her ass as he leaned his head down to peer into the dark crack of her backside.

    Last night, after locking his raped step-daughter in the attic, he'd gone down for more booze, which he guzzled to excess.

    He had passed out on the living room couch, not rising until late in the morning.

    Now it was early afternoon, and he once more was stiff with lust.

    Kelly sobbed bitter tears of rage as he poked and prodded her little hole.

    Her rosebud was a deeply dimpled little wrinkled pink hole, which squirmed helplessly under the punishing, probing finger.

    "Your cunt is tight – but your asshole is much tighter!"

    Drool spilled down the corners of his leering mouth.

    "I'm gonna split you right down the middle, bitch!"

    Which is just what terrified Kelly.

    "I'm gonna use your asshole for a cunt!"

    He rose up, to stand on his knees, which sank deep into the mattress.

    He tugged down his shorts, and his cock sprang up.

    The penis quivered with rampant lust, jerking and twitching.

    "Got to grease you up first," he muttered. "Otherwise, I'd never get my big fat cock into that tiny little hole!"

    He took the top off a jar of lubricating jelly he had brought with him.

    Knowing the way his perverted mind worked, as soon as she spied the jar, Kelly knew what he had planned for her.

    Which was why she had tried to escape.

    Now, her escape having been stymied, she must endure this new degradation.

    Dan Waxer dipped his fingers into the goo and scooped out a mass of it.

    Holding her quivering bottom cheeks apart, he smeared the grease in the crack of her ass, stuffing it in.

    He pressed the goo on her little wrinkled button anus.

    Pressing the tip of his middle finger into her ass, he stuffed it inside, cramming lubricant into her rectum.

    Dan Waxer tired quickly of finger-fucking her ass.

    He had something better to stick up her rear hole!

    He took his finger out of her ass.

    The wrinkled anal folds came together, closing and sealing her tender rectum.

    But not for long!

    Her anus and rectum tingled from the fingering.

    Kelly squirmed on the bed, but between her bound hands, and her step-father hovering over her, there was no escape.

    Dan Waxer mumbled, "Best grease up this big cock of mine!"

    He smeared a handful of grease on the cock head and shaft, coating it.

    Shining with grease, the cock jerked this way and that.

    "Let's get that ass of yours up for a fucking!"

    He hooked his forearm under her tummy and pulled her up, so that she was on her knees with her bottom raised high.

    Her upper body sprawled on top of the stained, filthy sheets.

    Holding her in position, he parted her buttocks.

    Spread to the sides as they were, the buttocks pulled her little hole taut.

    Sexual terror made the little pink button anus quiver and contract.

    Swimming in grease, it seemed to wink at Dan Waxer.

    When he took hold of his cock, excess grease oozed through his fingers.

    Some of it smeared on Kelly's quivering spread buttocks.

    Dan Waxer guided the rod of the cock between the buttocks.

    Choking his grip, he held the cock just below its fat red head.

    He rolled the head up and down the greased crack of her ass.

    Her asshole quivered each time the cock head rolled over it.

    Finally he pressed the cock head to the hole and kept it there.

    Grunting, groaning, he applied pressure to the little hole.

    It was Kelly's turn to groan – through her gag – as the relentless cock head pried open the folds of her rosebud.

    Her face, deathly pale, was beaded with cold clammy sweat.

    She squealed through the gag, the squeals increasing as the width of her stretched hole increased under the cock head.

    At the start, the little hole had been not even as wide as a dime.

    Now it would be stretched many times more than that, to take the cock.

    The anal fold wrinkles were almost all smoothed out, thanks to the stretching given them by the cock head.

    Dan Waxer sweated like a pig from the effort of anal penetration.

    One final jab – there!

    The cock head pushed past the anal ring, lodging home into her rectum.

    Her gag could not fully muffle Kelly's cry of pain.

    Her rectum clutched his cock head with incredible tightness.

    He leaned into her now, letting the weight of his wide hips fall on the cock and thus sinking the shaft deep inside her.

    He entered her slowly – not out of any consideration for her feelings, but because the tightness of her ass prevented a speedy entrance.

    Her rectum was a creamy silken seething sheath, clutching his cock.

    He watched the red rod slowly sink inside her.

    Kelly's gasping moans deepened as more of the rod fed into her.

    "Oh, Christ! Your ass is even better than your tight little cunt!"

    Now his cock had achieved total penetration.

    He started fucking her in the ass.

    He rocked back and forth, his cock throbbing madly as he withdrew it out of her rectum until only the cock head remained inside.

    He held Kelly impaled on the knobbed head of his cock for a moment.

    Then he thrust into her, burying the shaft. He started slowly, his cock reaming and stretching, burrowing within.

    His lust firing up, his strokes came faster and harder.

    When he put it in her, he jammed it deep.

    Soon he was violently assaulting her bottom with hard, rough strokes.

    Kelly's pale face was turned to the side. Her eyes were squeezed shut, tears of pain clinging to fluttering lashes.

    Her mouth was gagged, and her nostrils flared with the effort of breathing.

    Dan Waxer's cock glowed hot and red, its temperature soaring with each stroke.

    When he shoved deep, his balls pressed her ass.

    Soon his cock was a blur of red motion pumping in and out of her hole.

    Drool spilled from his gaping gasping mouth, to fall spattering on her buttocks.

    At last, he shoved his hips forward, lunging into her.

    He held her in place, burying his cock up to the hilt in her ass.

    Kelly squirmed in pain as her bottom was totally penetrated.

    The cock trembled from the force of oncoming orgasm.

    Suddenly, it spewed a mass of come up inside her.

    Semen was pumped at high pressure into her vitals.

    The cock kicked and bucked in her ass, as it pumped out spurting semen in gushes.

    Dan Waxer moaned, tossing his head from side to side like a maddened bull.

    His cock pumped Kelly full of come, up to the very brim of her anus.

    He kept his cock in her long after he stopped coming.

    It was still stiff, and angry red.

    "Mmmmm – that was nice!" was his breathless comment.

    He finally pulled out.

    Sinking his fingers deep into her bottom cheeks, he pried them apart.

    He loved the sight of his cock's base emerging from her quivering hole.

    He pulled back his hips, withdrawing his cock from within her.

    The cock seemed to be squeezed out of her tight raped ass.

    Having the cock taken out of Kelly was as painful almost as having it put into her.

    At last, the cock head popped free of her raped asshole.

    Kelly's rectum ached internally, while her anus was red and irritated from the roughness of the rear entry raping.

    Dan Waxer squeezed his cock, milking come out of it to spill on her asshole.

    Now that he was unplugged from her, Kelly was free.

    Free, that is, to slump forward and collapse on the bed.

    She lay motionless on her belly, smears shining on her bottom, which quivered and twitched from the after effects of the raping.

    Dan Waxer rolled off the bed, grunting as he leaned forward to pull up his shorts.

    His cock was now semi-erect, red, shining, twitching.

    He smacked Kelly very hard on her ass.

    "You rest now," he laughed, "and think about what else I'm gonna do to you! I've had you all three ways now: in your mouth, your cunt, and your ass!"

    Chuckling, he went downstairs and locked the attic door.

    He held all the cards – so he thought.

    When next he returned, some hours later, it was night.

    He carried a tray, which held a bowl of soup, glass of milk, some bread slices.

    He had a little surprise for Kelly.

    He had pissed in the soup.

    He would watch her drink it, and see if she noticed what he had done. If she failed to discover it, he would inform her.

    It should be a laugh riot to see her reaction to that information!

    As it turned out, Kelly had all the laughs this round.

    She had planned a little surprise of her own.

    Suspecting nothing, Dan Waxer unlocked the attic door and climbed the stairs, holding the tray in both hands.

    As his head reached the top of the stairwell, he frowned.

    Kelly was not in bed!

    Did the little fool think she could hide from him in this small attic?

    A flash of pink motion caught his eye.

    Kelly squatted over the stairwell, pinkly naked, clutching an old discarded lamp by its neck in both hands, raising it high.

    The lamp was one of the many pieces of junk stored in the attic. It had a long thin neck, and a weighted marble base.

    There was a flashing instant, as the lamp descended with all the force she could put into it, square on Dan Waxer's head.

    He didn't even have time to cry out.

    There was a soggy squishing sound as the lamp base slammed his skull.

    Pole-axed, he stood there frozen, making strange gurgling noises.

    The tray slipped, spilling its contents down the stairs.

    Kelly slammed the lamp down again. This time, she hit him so hard that the marble base of the lamp shattered.

    To say nothing of his skull.

    He toppled backward, crashing down the stairs to fall in a heap at their base.

    Lithe, a naked avenging fury, clutching what was left of the lamp, terribly scared, Kelly darted down the stairs.

    Dan Waxer lay motionless, his head twisted at a crazy ankle of a sort which unbroken necks are quite unable to manage.

    Kelly thought he was dead – but that didn't stop her from slamming his head again, and again, and again with the lamp.

    When she finally halted, there could be no doubt: Dan Waxer was stone dead.

    And now, escape!


    "Feel better now, dear?"

    "Oh, yes – much!" Kelly replied.

    Mrs. Claudia Moravia hovered solicitously over the girl, who, wrapped in a robe much too large for her, huddled on the big bed.

    Kelly held a cup of hot tea in both hands and sipped from it.

    Claudia Moravia was a buxom, middle-aged divorcee with darkly handsome Mediterranean good looks and a lushly voluptuous physique.

    She was in her middle forties. Thick dark black hair, full and curly, was worn in an elaborate coiffure pinned, to the top of her head.

    Her face was round, heart-shaped, with a softness at the chin and cheeks.

    She had cream colored skin, dark arched brows, warm expressive brown eyes which glimmered with sympathy as she gazed at Kelly.

    Sympathy, yes – and something more.

    She had a fine Roman nose and wide red lips. She was of medium height, about five and a half feet tall.

    Kelly was some inches taller than the woman who had taken her in and sheltered her.

    Claudia was dressed for bed. She wore a long black robe, unbelted and open, over a black satin slip with lace trimmings.

    She was voluptuous in the extreme, with abundant fleshy assets, and breathtaking hourglass curves.

    Her heavy breasts were melons of flesh which filled the lace cups of her slip, causing the shoulder straps to press deeply into her flesh.

    The points of her nipples were full and fat, outlined against the lace cups.

    Her middle was full, but not fat, but her bosom and her hips were so wide that they made her waist look small by contrast.

    The lace hem reached just above her knees. She had plump, thighs, shapely calves, and her surprisingly small feet were slippered.

    Kelly could only thank her lucky stars for Mrs. Moravia.

    Kelly was in a familiar location, to say the least.

    Claudia lived in the same apartment building where Laurel had lived, just down the hall, as a matter of fact.

    After doing in Dan Waxer, Kelly had dressed, thrown some clothes and her most valuable personal belongings into a bag.

    There was little cash in the house, but she had her own special little nest egg, which had been well hidden from larcenous Dan Waxer.

    It was a bitterly cold night, black and dark, but Kelly welcomed even the frosty chill after the nightmarish confinement in the attic.

    Hard to believe that it was only Thursday night!

    She was lucky, for nobody would miss Dan Waxer, and it would be days, perhaps a week, before his corpse was discovered.

    Which should give her plenty of time to escape.

    Where would she go?

    Where else? To Laurel, of course!

    But although Laurel's phone rang, no one answered it.

    That frightened Kelly more than she dared admit.

    If Laurel had been run out of town, how would Kelly find her?

    How, indeed?

    But Kelly was drawn across town, like an iron filing to a magnet. It took over two hours for her to reach Laurel's apartment building.

    Kelly wearily climbed the stairs, her stomach churning. Many times on her long walk over, she had tried to reach Laurel by phone.

    No answer…

    Her fears seemed confirmed, when she reached the apartment and saw Laurel's apartment windows were dark, unlighted.

    All the same, she went inside.

    She trembled as she knocked on the door until her hand hurt.

    Kelly was totally panicked, lost.

    Her knockings on the door had a dull, booming sound, as though there was no one and nothing inside.

    What would she do now?

    Maybe she should turn herself in to the police before the body was found and the hunt for her commenced.

    They would have doctors who could tell if she had been raped or not, and she would be able to plead self-defense, and…

    Even as Kelly's mind picked over her limited options – all equally unpleasant – a new factor entered the picture.

    The door on the opposite side of the hall opened, and a head was cautiously stuck out into the hall – the head of a woman.


    Kelly was startled to realize that the woman was signaling her.

    "Yes, you," Claudia said, "come here, dear!"

    Warily, Kelly approached the stranger.

    Claudia asked, "Do you know who lives – lived – in that apartment?"

    "Yes… Laurel Wilson."

    "Are you Kelly?"

    Kelly said nothing.

    "Come on, girl, don't delay! Are you Kelly? You must be!"

    "How do you know?" the girl asked suspiciously.

    After all that had happened and been done to her in the last week, Kelly was determined to be nobody's fool from now on.

    "Because I'm a friend of Laurel's, too," Claudia said, "and I have a message for Kelly Kane from her!"

    "I'm Kelly!"

    "Yes, I was sure you were – I've seen you here before. Come in, girl!"

    Kelly entered the apartment. It was richly, ornately furnished in Italian Provincial, with much overstuffed furniture and bric-a-brac.

    Claudia closed the door and locked it.

    She introduced herself, as she ushered the girl into the kitchen.

    "Where – where's Laurel?" Kelly dared ask.

    "Out of this state – thank heavens! For her, I mean… at least now she's far beyond the reach of her tormentors."

    Kelly burned impatiently for information, but Claudia was not to be rushed.

    She sat the girl down in the kitchen and prepared some food for her.

    Kelly learned that Claudia was a very good neighbor and friend of Laurel's, and had been entrusted with a message for Kelly.

    Laurel had left the area, having been warned by the local law that she had better get out fast, and not come back, if she knew what was good for her.

    But she had left a way for Kelly to contact her, through Claudia.

    "I expected to see you sooner," Claudia said.

    Kelly confessed that she had been locked in the house and kept prisoner.

    Claudia was shrewd, and discerned that there was more to Kelly's story than the girl was giving out.

    Presently, Kelly, unable to bear the strain any longer, told her tale.

    All of it.

    Claudia did not condemn, did not view the teen murderess with horror.

    "Killing was too good for the son of a bitch," she stated.

    Kelly gave way to a fit of hysterical sobbing.

    Claudia enveloped the sobbing girl in her arms, pressing Kelly's head to her more than ample bosom.

    Kelly's tears fell on Claudia, dampening her breasts.

    Claudia held and rocked the girl until her fit of sobbing had subsided.

    "I-I guess you'll have to turn me in," Kelly whimpered.

    "What?! Never! We both know that you acted only in self-defense! I won't throw you to the wolves of the police!"

    "After all, Kelly, we girls have to stick together!"

    Kelly looked at Claudia with comprehension dawning in her moist eyes.

    "Are you… I mean, do you know about, well, Laurel and me?"

    "I know everything, dear – everything!"


    Claudia reassuringly patted Kelly's shoulder.

    "Don't you worry about a thing, little lady! You're perfectly safe with me! I won't let them get you! And your secrets are safe with me, too!"

    Claudia took over then.

    Kelly was herded into the bathroom, where a hot tub awaited. Claudia left the girl to wash up and clean herself.

    Kelly left the bathroom door open, listening to hear if Claudia would try to call the law, but she heard nothing.

    Even if Claudia had turned her in, Kelly was just too tuckered out to try and escape. Her strength was at low tide.

    But Claudia was as good as her word.

    Finally, scrubbed clean, Kelly somehow dragged her aching form from the tub, to don an oversized terry robe which Claudia had left out for her.

    Since the robe was Claudia's, it was very short on Kelly, with its hem coming to the middle of Kelly's taut pink thighs.

    But it also was very big on her, with lots of ample folds of fabric billowing around Kelly's much more slight and slender form.

    Kelly's slim form was wrapped up in the absorbent folds of pink terry cloth, as she huddled in the robe.

    "You just rest here in bed," Claudia declared, "while I prepare you a good, hot meal!"

    Claudia hovered solicitously over the famished girl, anticipating her every need and hastening to carry it out.

    Kelly was in Claudia's boudoir, a lush and lovely realm of satin and silk, all pink and gold and white, soothing to her spirit.

    Kelly finished the meal, holding a mug of hot tea in both hands.

    Putting the mug down, she declared, "Honest, Mrs. Moravia, I don't know what I would have done without you!"

    "Think nothing of it, Kelly."

    "Nothing? Why, you've been so good to me, I could cry!"

    "If you want to thank me, dear – call me Claudia, not Mrs. Moravia. I haven't been a Mrs. for some years – thank heavens!"

    "I will… Claudia."

    "Feel better now, dear?"

    "Oh yes, much!"

    Claudia sat down on the edge of the bed. Kelly sat there with her back against the headboard, and her legs extended.

    Claudia said, "The police will never look for you here! And tomorrow, I will personally drive you to meet Laurel!"

    "Now I will cry, you're being so wonderfully kind! But really, I can't let you take the risk of helping me any more than you already have."

    "Don't talk nonsense, dear. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't give you a helping hand in your time of trouble."

    "You see, Kelly, Laurel is a very dear friend of mine, as she is of yours."

    "I-I don't know how to thank you!"

    Claudia's eyes shone their brightest.

    "Don't you, Kelly?"

    "You mean…"

    "I mean that Laurel, myself, and you, are three of a kind, when it comes to how we like our loving!"

    Claudia took hold of Kelly's hand and gently squeezed it.

    "Yes, Kelly, if we put our heads together – not to mention other parts of our anatomy – I'm sure we can think of some way for you to show your gratitude."

    "Anything, Claudia – anything you ask."

    "It's my delight to give you a hot bath, a hot meal – and a bed to spend the night. This bed, dear girl… my bed."

    "You flatter me, Claudia. I'd love to share your bed."

    "It's you that flatters me, my girl! It's not every day that so lovely, and so young a girl, turns up on my doorstep!"

    Claudia rose, to smile down at Kelly.

    "But there's no rush, dear. You just relax, while I clear away these dishes and pop them in the washer."

    "Then we'll see if we can reach Laurel by phone tonight, at her new number. Apparently she's staying with some good, trustworthy friends."

    "And after that, dear – we'll go to bed!"

    "I'm yours whenever you want me, Claudia," Kelly said softly.

    "Which is the most tempting offer I've had in years, dear! I'll hurry to take you up on it! In fact, I'll be right back!"

    As Claudia bustled out of the room, Kelly slumped back into the pillows, allowing herself to relax at last.


    Claudia put out all the lights but one, and went to bed… where a grateful Kelly waited, to demonstrate her thanks.

    The small lamp on the night table shed a soft, warm, intimate glow, where round forms of flesh were made even softer and rounded.

    And voluptuous Claudia had more than enough roundnesses to go around.

    She stood at the bedside, smiling down at Kelly.

    "You're a pretty girl…"

    "And you're a wonderful lady! I don't know what I would have done without you!"

    "The pleasure is all mine… to come to the rescue of a damsel in distress."

    Claudia reached down to touch Kelly's hair, fondle it.

    Silky blonde strands sifted through Claudia's fingers like lines of velvet.

    Kelly sighed dreamily as she took hold of Claudia's hand and pressed it to her cheek and held it there.

    Earlier in the night, Kelly had finally broken down and given way to all the pent-up emotionalism she had held back for days.

    Now that she was safe, she could afford tears.

    Tears did not fall for deceased Dan Waxer, who got what he deserved.

    While Kelly had wept, Claudia had hugged the girl, wrapping her in a warm embrace and cradling her in strong arms.

    It was a comfort for Kelly to press herself against the rounded womanly flesh of Claudia, seeking shelter therein.

    That was for comfort, when Claudia had patted and patted and hugged and held Kelly until her hysteria receded.

    Now, Kelly would seek a different sort of comfort in Claudia's arms.

    The comfort – the joy – of lesbian love.

    Kelly's only female partner to date had been Laurel, who was physically much different from matronly, full-bodied Claudia.

    Kelly held Claudia's hand and kissed the palm.

    Smiling down, face softened in shadow, Claudia reached up and unpinned her masses of dark hair, which unwound in thick full tresses.

    The hair tumbled down, framing Claudia's oval face, falling on her shoulders.

    She eased off her robe, then tugged off her black, slip.

    When the slip was off, she was all naked.

    She was big-boned, buxom, with a soft round face, heavy, melon-sized breasts, an hourglass figure, wide womanly hips.

    Her bush was a thick black triangle of shining fur, covering fleshy labia.

    Her thighs were plump, creamy, smooth, shining. Her buttocks were full moons.

    She got into bed with Kelly.

    First, they just kissed…

    Claudia held Kelly's fair face in both hands, palms pressing cheeks.

    With motherly solicitude, she pressed her puckered red lips in a soft tender kiss on Kelly's smooth, untroubled forehead.

    Then she kissed her on the mouth – many times.

    The first kisses started out lightly, almost teasingly.

    When Claudia's tongue pressed Kelly's teeth, Kelly opened her mouth to take it.

    Claudia's red full lips attached to Kelly's soft pink lips.

    Claudia's tongue entered Kelly's mouth, tasting.

    As she kissed the blonde teen, the tips of Claudia's bosom nuzzled Kelly's breasts. Claudia's nipples hardened.

    Her hand reached inside the loose folds of the terry robe Kelly wore.

    Kelly was bare beneath it… Claudia reached for a breast.

    She fondled Kelly's sensitive bosom while continuing to kiss her.

    Kelly was in heaven – this was love the way it was meant to be! Gentle, caring, with soft easy caresses and hot, passionate lips…

    Sighing, Kelly really melted into Claudia's embrace.

    Tension flowed out of Kelly, under the ministrations of Claudia's skilled hands.

    Kelly's tiny pink nipples stood out stiff and straight and throbbing.

    Claudia tweaked a nipple playfully, and rolled it in her fingertips.

    She broke off her kisses, so she could undress Kelly.

    Kelly wrestled her robe off and flung it off the bed.

    She and Claudia both were naked in bed.

    Claudia reached for Kelly, who pressed into the lesbian matron.

    Flesh slid against soft, fine-textured velvety flesh, sending off sparks.

    Just as summer heat will bring out the sap from trees, sexual heat brought out the secretions of sexual arousal in the females.

    Kelly loved the feeling when her small sweet breasts were pressed and nuzzled by Claudia's buxom bosom.

    Claudia was one of the best-endowed ladies in the breast department Kelly had ever been with, and was much bigger than Laurel.

    Kelly was sure that Laurel would not object, but would rather have approved of Kelly going to bed with her savior, Claudia.


    Earlier, they had tried to contact Laurel at the phone number she had left, but although Laurel's friend – a lady – was present, Laurel was not.

    But Laurel was safe, and she would be given the message that Kelly would soon be joining her, in a short time.

    In the meantime, it was night, and what better way to pass it than to be locked in sultry lesbian love with Claudia?

    No better way at all, Kelly decided.

    Kelly was in a trance of desire, and was especially drawn to Claudia's bosom.

    Claudia happily submitted to Kelly's breast worship.

    Kelly wonderingly stroked Claudia's breasts, where the softest smoothest flesh contrasted with the stiffest, fattest nipples.

    The nipples seemed to be as large as thimbles to Kelly, but this was at least a slight exaggeration in the girl's mind.

    The nipples were ringed with aureoles which measured a good two inches wide.

    Nipples and aureoles were a very dark brownish color, and stood out against the creamy ivory whiteness of Claudia's physique.

    Kelly handled those breasts lovingly.

    She took hold of the breasts, one in each hand, weighing them.

    Soft bosom flesh oozed over the edges of Kelly's hands.

    The globes were so round, smooth, warm, yielding!

    All but the nipples – they were stiff as living stones, pebbles of flesh.

    Those fleshy pebbles throbbed mightily when fingered by Kelly.

    Claudia put her hand on Kelly's head, drawing it down to her bosom.

    Kelly nuzzled the breasts, surrounding herself in flesh.

    She pressed her face in the hollow between the breasts, while Claudia pressed both breasts together against Kelly's face.

    Kelly sheltered there, where it was warm and dark and safe.

    Presently she came up for air, and nuzzled the breasts.

    Nipples throbbed when Kelly's face glided over them.

    Kelly pressed kiss after sweet kiss on the breasts.

    She kissed both nipples, first one, then the other.

    "Are you hungry, Kelly?"

    Claudia cupped a breast, soft bosom flesh oozing between gripping fingers, and guided its nipple to Kelly's mouth.

    "I'll feed you, Kelly…"

    "Oh yes, yes!"

    Claudia inserted her fat nipple between Kelly's pink sucking lips.

    Kelly closed her eyes, attached her mouth, and suckled at the nipple.

    Claudia held Kelly, smoothing strands of hair down on Kelly's scalp and neck and shoulders, while Kelly sucked nipple.

    Kelly's tongue tip caressed the sensitive button of the nipple.

    While she sucked, Kelly fondled Claudia's big, lush body.

    Compared to Claudia's fleshy abundance, Kelly was aware of the girlishness of her own physique.

    She rubbed Claudia's tummy, reaching down to the crotch.

    Claudia's bush was shadow-black, and very thick and full, yet the hairs were of surpassing silkiness and softness.

    Claudia murmured with pleasure from Kelly's fondling hands.

    Eyes closed, Kelly let her fingers do the walking down Claudia's labia.

    Those pussy lips were full, flesh, warm, infinitely soft and sensitive.

    Claudia's inner thighs, equally smooth, came in for their share of caresses.

    Claudia's arousal grew with each new kiss and caress.

    Presently, Claudia eased her nipple free from Kelly's mouth.

    She put her hands on Kelly's soft smooth shoulders to ease her down.

    "No," Kelly murmured.

    "Hmmmmm?" Claudia questioned.

    "Let me do you," Kelly urged.

    "Dear, we can do each other together!"

    "Oh, yes, I'd love that – but I want to just do you. By way of thanks."

    "If you insist, dear…"

    "I really would love to do it."

    "Then by all means, be my guest!"

    Claudia sat up in bed, with pillows propped under her back, cushioning her against the bed's headboard.

    Kelly's mouth watered as she watched Claudia move into position.

    In the soft dim light of the night lamp, Claudia's lush form seemed even fuller. It was white, rounded, glowing.

    There were dark points ringed by dark circles where her nipples stood out on the round globes of her breasts, and there was a triangle of furry blackness where her tangled bush covered her fat pubic mound.

    Kelly burned to bury herself in that lovely thicket!

    Claudia sat with her legs extended on the bed and stretched open.

    Kelly got on hands and knees and crawled to her, while Claudia caressed the girl's breasts and bottom as she moved.

    Kelly knelt between Claudia's spread legs.

    She sat with her own long thin legs folded, with her bottom perched on the backs of her heels, and her thighs all rounded and taut.

    Her own nipples were stiff points jutting from pear-shaped white breasts.

    Kelly pressed her palms on Claudia's smooth inner thighs and lowered her head.

    She pressed her face against Claudia's savory crotch.

    Claudia's high arousal perfumed her pussy with heavy musky sexuality.

    Kelly rubbed her face against the pubic mound, inhaling the perfume.

    The ripe aroma filled her nostrils, intoxicating her.

    Claudia fondled Kelly's hair and neck and shoulders.

    Kelly puckered up, pressed hot kisses on Claudia's pussy.

    The pussy lips were a dark glowing rose color, full and folded intricately.

    Kelly worked her kissing way up and down the slit.

    Out came her long pink pointed tongue, to trace out the folds and form of the pussy, to glide down the honeyed slit.

    And it was honeyed… Claudia was dripping wet.

    Claudia was vocal in her moaning appreciation of Kelly's oral skills.

    "Oh, dear! Oh! Oh, Kelly, that's so nice… so nice!"

    Kelly's head bobbed as she rolled her tongue up and down the slit.

    Sticky saliva covered the pussy lips, smearing on Kelly's face.

    Kelly pressed her tongue to the slitted pussy.

    "Oh, yes, Kelly, put it inside me – oh!!!"

    Kelly slithered her tongue up into Claudia's pussy.

    Heat rose up to smite her mightily in the face, moist body heat.

    Claudia tasted full-bodied, mature, with a rich, flavorful pussy bouquet.

    Her pussy was awash in thick secretions, now lapped by Kelly.

    Gasping, Claudia bent her legs at the knees, raising them. Pressing her heels into the mattress to brace herself, she rocked her hips.

    Kelly's lips pressed Claudia's pussy lips, while her tongue probed, penetrated.

    Secretions joined the saliva smeared on Kelly's face.

    Kelly's long silky blonde hair caressed Claudia where it fell on her flesh.

    "My clit, Kelly, darling, do my clit!"

    Claudia was extremely aroused now.

    Kelly withdrew her tongue from the pussy – juices tingled on it.

    Claudia's clitoris was like a long thin finger of throbbing flesh.

    Kelly's tongue caressed that clitoris to erotic redness.

    As she rocked her hips to meet and match the thrusts of Kelly's tongue, Claudia's big breasts jiggled with wild abandon.

    Sweat shone like fine mist on the passionate matron's rounded face.

    Claudia tossed her head from side to side, gasping heavily.

    Kelly's tongue darted cunningly, with artful erotic caresses.

    "Oh, Kelly, oh, I'm going to come!"

    Kelly whipped a few more strokes across the throbbing clitoris.

    Claudia climaxed.

    Kelly's mouth, attached to Claudia's pussy, felt the heaving orgasmic convulsions.

    As she came, she pressed her thighs against Kelly's head, squeezing it.

    The pressure was strong, but not uncomfortable… quite the reverse.

    After her rape ordeal, Kelly wanted to wash out those foul memories by engulfing herself in hot sweet female flesh.

    It was good, to have Claudia's plump taut thighs press her head.

    It was good, to have her face pressing Claudia's coming pussy, so that Kelly's nostrils and mouth were filled with steamy pussy.

    Claudia's passion-contorted face gave out with some wracking cries.

    Her orgasm peaked – then ebbed.

    Shivering from the orgasm, Claudia slumped in sexual relief and release.

    Her thighs parted, knees falling to the sides, releasing Kelly's head.

    Kelly lifted her hot red wet face from the steamy, quivering pussy.

    She was pleased, knowing that she had undoubtedly pleased Claudia.

    Claudia lay gasping, cushioned in the masses of pillows, her big body seeming so relaxed as to give the impression of bonelessness.

    Her bush was damp, her pussy lips dripped saliva and secretions, and bright patches of wetness shone on her upper thighs.

    Claudia's pussy continued to quiver.

    "Kelly," Claudia murmured huskily, "come here so I can kiss your loving mouth!"

    Obeying the command, Kelly moved up on the bed – her nipples stiff, her pussy lips quivering, her slit seething with wet heat.

    She pressed her bright wet face to Claudia's in a long hot kiss.

    Claudia's tongue caressed the tongue which had caressed her pussy to orgasm.

    As she kissed Kelly, Claudia's hand cunningly caressed Kelly's breasts.

    Her touch made Kelly tingle.

    Kelly pressed her thighs against her quivering pussy.

    Which only made it quiver all the more.

    At last Claudia broke off the kiss – but not the lovemaking.

    "I could taste myself in your mouth," Claudia said.

    "I loved the taste of you!"

    "Now it's my turn to do the same for you, dear."


    "Yes, sweetie?"

    "Would you – would you get on top of me, and sit on my face? Please?"

    "Why, darling, I'd like nothing better!"

    "I really get off on having my face squatted on," Kelly admitted.


    A quick kiss, then the woman and the girl altered bed positions.

    Kelly stretched out on her back, on the bed, while Claudia crawled over her.

    On hands and knees, while moving into position to mount Kelly's face, Claudia's heavy breasts dangled deliciously.

    Her nipples were fat and full and throbbing, her breasts swayed and jiggled.

    Her big round bottom shone like a full moon.

    She squatted over Kelly's face, facing Kelly's feet.

    Kelly's questing hands reached up, to caress, to fondle Claudia's bosom and touch the tingling nipples.

    Claudia's thick thighs framed Kelly's face, pressing her cheeks.

    Kelly was in a daze of pleasure as the pussy loomed over her face.

    Beads of saliva clung like crystal droplets to the thick damp bush.

    Claudia lowered herself down, while Kelly took hold of the woman's wide hips.

    The saliva coating Claudia's pussy was a bit cool, when it first touched Kelly.

    But the pussy lips simmered, and within them, heat radiated.

    Kelly opened her mouth wide to accept the offered pussy.

    Pussy lips pressed pretty pink lips, spreading to expose sleek membranes.

    The lower half of Kelly's face was engulfed with pussy flesh.

    Claudia leaned forward, to attach her mouth to Kelly's slitted sex.

    All of Claudia was softly rounded… this full-bodied female had no hard edges, no angularity, just the good fine flesh.

    This roundness extended even to Claudia's tongue, which, unlike Kelly's, which was long and pointed, was instead blunt and fat and rounded.

    A skilled tongue it was indeed, as Kelly was to discover after Claudia's artful kisses had brought her pussy to a simmering boil.

    The tongue crawled and caressed the thin, delicate petals of Kelly's pussy.

    Each stroke of the tongue added its bit of erotic energy to the mass already put in Kelly by Claudia's loving.

    For her part, Kelly kept working on Claudia's pussy with lips and tongue.

    She never wanted to come up for air!

    Kelly's moans mounted in duration and volume as the heat in her pussy mounted from each fresh tongue caress of Claudia's.

    Kelly felt like her lower body was dissolving into a mass of pleasure.

    Streamers of heat shot up from her pussy to race through her body.

    Kelly's nipples were incredibly stiff and throbbing.

    Her long legs thrashed and writhed with delight as Claudia worked on her clitoris.

    Soft wet sucking sounds came from both females.

    When Kelly came, it was a lightning bolt orgasm sizzling in her pussy.

    Her cries of passion were muffled against the pussy covering her mouth.

    She could have wept for joy…

    Later, Kelly wanted to worship Claudia's splendid ass.

    And what a magnificent bottom it was!

    Claudia's wide womanly hips flared out, adding to the allure of a pair of buttocks which were swollen with fullness.

    The creamy bottom cheeks were abundantly fleshed, flawless, shining.

    Kelly knelt on the floor, naked, while Claudia, standing, presented her back and backside for Kelly's enjoyment.

    Not to mention her own!

    Kelly's eyes rolled in delight at the sight of that beautiful bottom.

    Claudia stood with her strong legs planted well apart, and spread.

    Beneath the shining moons of her bottom were the lips of her pussy.

    Kelly nuzzled the bottom cheeks, as she had done with Claudia's breasts.

    She savored the sliding glide of her face against that flesh.

    Holding Claudia's hips, Kelly pressed hot kisses on the buttocks.

    She kissed them up and down, top to bottom and all around.

    Her tongue followed the course laid out by her kissing lips.

    Kelly pressed the broad flat part of her tongue to the bottom flesh and licked from the tops of Claudia's thighs, to the small of her back.

    Presently, Kelly's face and Claudia's bottom were coated with sticky shiny saliva.

    But Kelly's erotic, self-appointed task was only half-done.

    She had worshipped and licked the outside of the ass – yet the inside remained.

    Saliva covered buttocks were sticky against her hands when she took hold of Claudia's buttocks and pulled them open.

    Claudia's bottom cleft plunged dizzyingly between those buttocks.

    Nestled down below was the winking brown eye of her anus.

    Kelly wedged her face between the buttocks and ringed the anus with her mouth.

    Her parted lips formed a hot hungry "O" circling the little hole.

    Claudia sighed heavily from Kelly's hot, sucking kisses.

    As Kelly rimmed and kissed her asshole, Claudia reached between her own legs and set to fondling her pussy.

    Her fingers first walked, then writhed, over quivering sensitive pussy lips.

    Juices smeared from the pussy as she fondled it, wetting her fingers.

    Claudia leaned forward with knees slightly bent, to arch and thrust her bottom tighter against Kelly's worshipful mouth.

    Kelly's tongue tip caressed the glowing wrinkled folds of anal flesh.

    She worked her tongue up inside Claudia.

    It was hot, tight, sticky – wonderful! – in Claudia's rectum.

    Kelly worked her tongue back and forth, in and out, while Claudia masturbated, her pussy to orgasm.

    When Claudia climaxed, her orgasm was doubly devastating.

    After she got done shaking and moaning, Claudia was so weak and erotically devastated that it was all she could do to flop into bed.

    Kelly joined her under the sheets and blankets.

    After many sweet kisses and murmured goodnights, the females settled for sleep.

    Claudia slept on her side, her heavy breasts plumping up.

    Kelly was on her side, facing Claudia. She felt secure, but would feel even more so when she had her mouth wrapped around a fat nipple.

    Pressing her face to Claudia's bosom, Kelly took a nipple between her lips.

    In this manner, she fell asleep…

    Sometimes during the night, the girl awoke with a start, plagued by bad dreams.

    To calm herself, she just nuzzled against those nipples and sucked one.

    At last she fell off into a deep, dreamless slumber.

    In the lazy early morning sunshine, Claudia and Kelly made love again…


    Right in the middle of a most intimate, probing inspection of Kelly's most intimate, private parts, a girl stuck her head into the infirmary.

    Kelly was flustered, embarrassed… and more than a little excited.

    Miss Jocelyn's examination was already proving to be most arousing!

    Kelly was in the infirmary of a three story house located in a quiet corner of a suburb of a large Northeastern city.

    It was one of the strangest places she had ever entered.

    Now that she was here, she hoped she could stay for a long, long time!

    It was a house of women – and girls.

    Isolated – private – secure from prying eyes, accusing stares, free from curious sensation-seekers and outsiders.

    A private world for lesbians and young ladies.

    Here was the rendezvous where Kelly would presently be reunited with Laurel.

    But it was not Laurel, nor Claudia, who now excited Kelly.

    Rather, it was the exciting Miss Jocelyn.

    Miss Jocelyn was one of the two masters, or rather, mistresses, of this shelter, which appeared to be a home for runaway girls.

    It was that, yes – but it was so much more, as well!

    Kelly sat nude on the examining table, legs dangling off one edge.

    The infirmary was located in the rear of the ground floor of the building. It was a room with a linoleum floor and whitewashed plaster walls.

    To one side was a cabinet whose glass front displayed bottles and vials of medicine and health aids.

    There was a desk, chair, visitor's chair, filing cabinet located at one side of the room. Opposite the office furniture was the examining table.

    It was a rectangular table with a leather cushioned top. Its top was now covered with a sheet of sanitary white waxed paper.

    The paper was slick and cool against Kelly's warm bare bottom.

    Kelly was even warmer between the legs… and Miss Jocelyn knew it.

    Miss Jocelyn also served as the house nurse. She was in her late twenties, but her crisp, authoritative manner was most mature.

    She was most lovely in a sharp-featured way, as Kelly most definitely had noticed.

    Miss Jocelyn was very tall, standing only an inch or two under six feet while wearing her flat-heeled white rubber-soled shoes.

    Pinned to the top of her jet-black hair was a white peaked nurse's cap.

    Her hair, very straight and fine, was cut short, with bangs across the forehead.

    She had a long chiseled face, with strong features, deep dark hungry eyes, long straight nose, high cheekbones.

    Her mouth was a bold red-lipped slash, the lips like flowering orchids.

    Her body was long and lean, athletic. Her breasts were high, firm, sharply pointed, and braless under her white short-sleeved uniform.

    Her nipples were dark points outlined against the gauzy white fabric.

    She was long and lean, with an elegant torso, a splendid heart-shaped ass, and a pair of long, luscious, dancer's legs.

    She had fine straight short black hair, thick dark brows which gave her a serious look, and thick, curling lashes.

    Her skin was tawny, tanned, a deep golden color.

    Her dark good looks were very attractive to Kelly – very!

    Miss Jocelyn fitted the earpieces of her stethoscope into her ears, then brought the metal circle against Kelly's chest.

    Kelly flinched: "Ooh!"

    "Now, that didn't hurt you," Miss Jocelyn said.

    "No, ma'am," Kelly said, "it was just cold against my skin!"

    "Well, I'll see what I can do about warming you… later. But for now, I want to check your heartbeat, dear."

    Miss Jocelyn held the metal listener to Kelly's chest, which she thumped from time to time, moving the metal circle around.

    Contact with the chill metal brought out goosebumps on Kelly's skin.

    Her tiny pink nipples tingled, puckered, became erect.

    Which left Kelly feeling a bit embarrassed… but it was only natural, the nipple erection was caused by the cold metal… wasn't it?

    Perhaps the stiffness of her nipples had been summoned forth by the attractiveness of Miss Jocelyn, and the intimacy with which she handled Kelly.

    Miss Jocelyn finished this part of the exam.

    She took the earpieces away, draping the stethoscope around her neck.

    Picking up her pen, she made notations on the sheet of paper which was Kelly's file and medical chart, just begun.

    "How am I?" Kelly asked.

    "So far, you couldn't be healthier," Miss Jocelyn said.

    "That's what I told you… really, I don't need an examination. I feel fine."

    "Suppose you let me decide what you need, Kelly."

    "Well… all right. Sure! Why not?"

    "I'll take good care of you until Laurel arrives."

    "Oh, when will she be getting here?!"

    "Not until late tonight, Kelly. She has to travel a long distance. And she also has to be careful that she's not followed."


    "Don't get alarmed, Kelly. We're sure she won't be. It's just a routine precautionary measure. In the unlikely event that any police agencies knew where she is, and are tailing her, they won't find you here."

    "But don't worry about it, Kelly… I didn't mean to alarm you. Laurel will arrive here sometime after midnight."

    "In the meantime, I'll take good care of you. We all will. Laurel is a very dear, very close friend of mine and Peggy's."

    Miss Peggy was the co-owner and operator, with Jocelyn, of the shelter.

    "Besides, I want to make sure you're in tip-top shape, Kelly. All our girls here are routinely and regularly examined."

    "After all, when you have girls living together, so closely under one roof, you want to be sure that everyone is in fine health, and stays that way!"

    Kelly asked, "How many girls are here right now?"

    "Six, not counting yourself or the staff."

    "This is a fantastic place!"

    "Kelly, you don't know the half of it – but I hope you will!"

    "I hope so, too! Everybody here has just been so nice to me…"

    "We're more than happy to welcome you here… a lovely young lady like yourself."

    "Stop, please! You'll make me blush!"

    Miss Jocelyn smiled, set down her clipboard; and went to the instrument tray.

    "Lie face down on your tummy, Kelly."


    "I want to take your temperature."

    "You mean – in my bottom?"

    "Yes, indeed, young lady."

    "Uh… couldn't you use an oral thermometer?"


    Miss Jocelyn took the thermometer out of its holder, twirled its teardrop shaped metal tip in a jar of lubricating jelly.

    Coming to the table, she said: "I always take rectal temperatures, not oral. I give them to all our girls… and the staff as well."

    "Rectal readings are just more accurate, Kelly. Besides, you don't need to be embarrassed. After all, I am a fully licensed and registered nurse… and we're both females. So, let's have no false modesty."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    "Turn on your tummy now, child."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    Kelly's face flushed hot and bright with redness as she complied with the order.

    Her warm flesh felt funny, pressing the waxy paper sheeting the table.

    She turned up her bottom, and turned her head to the side.

    Miss Jocelyn, standing over Kelly, expertly thumbed open Kelly's buttocks.

    "Relax, Kelly. Don't hold yourself so tight."


    "That's a good girl… there we go!"

    Miss Jocelyn pressed the lubricated tip of the thermometer against Kelly's little quivering anus and slipped it in.

    Kelly was stirred by a strange compound of embarrassment and arousal.

    Her nipples were still stiff… and now, her pussy quivered.

    And her anus and rectum tingled madly.

    Miss Jocelyn left the thermometer in Kelly for a while before taking it out.

    Reversing the penetration process, Miss Jocelyn opened the ass cheeks and pulled out the thermometer.

    As she extracted the glass rod from Kelly's ass, Miss Jocelyn managed to twirl the thermometer as she removed it.

    Which greatly excited Kelly.

    Kelly's anus and rectum felt all squishy and creamy, from the grease which had been smeared and stuffed in with the thermometer.

    Holding the thermometer to the light, Miss Jocelyn took the reading.

    "You're running about a degree higher than normal, Kelly… nothing to worry about, dear."

    But she made a note of it all the same, along with a reminder to monitor Kelly's temperature rectally during the next week or so.

    "Now, Kelly, turn over on your back."

    As Kelly obeyed, Miss Jocelyn raised the stirrups at the foot of the table, lifting them vertically and fastening them in place.

    "Put your feet up in the stirrups, Kelly. And don't frown so hard! I'm going to give you a vaginal examination."

    "Oh, Miss Jocelyn, do you really think I need one?"

    "Definitely! After all, Kelly, you were abused, and I would not be carrying out my duties if I didn't examine you very carefully."

    "Yes, ma'am," Kelly sighed.

    The stirrups were some fifteen inches or so above the height of the table, each one rising from a corner of the table.

    Kelly rested her heels in them, which lifted her feet and spread her legs.

    Miss Jocelyn pulled on a pair of rubber gloves, tugging them to her wrists with sharp snapping sounds.

    She stood at the foot of the table, smiling down at Kelly.

    Kelly smiled uncertainly.

    Miss Jocelyn leaned far forward, to peer at Kelly's pussy.

    "Hmmmmmmm," she murmured.

    Alarmed, Kelly asked quickly, "Is something wrong?"

    "Not at all… I was admiring the fine shape and structure of your sex, dear."

    "Oh…! Well, thank you…"

    "Just relax, child…"

    Rubber gloved fingers slid lightly over super-sensitive pussy lips.

    "There, now, Kelly, that doesn't hurt at all, does it?"

    "No, ma'am… it feels nice."

    "Thank you. And how does that feel to you?"

    Miss Jocelyn's fingers now quite openly caressed Kelly's slitted sex.

    "Very very nice!" Kelly said a bit breathlessly.

    Miss Jocelyn continued handling Kelly, with heat rising steadily in the labia.

    Kelly giggled, then gasped as her clitoris was caressed.

    Miss Jocelyn gently spread Kelly's pussy lips, pulling them to the sides.

    Her face was so close, that her warm breath tingled on Kelly's pussy.

    She put her finger inside Kelly, sliding it on slippery membranes.

    When she raised her finger, moisture shone on it.

    From Kelly's pussy.

    "Hmmm, Kelly, I'll have to make a more, ah, intimate examination!"

    "Uh, Miss Jocelyn?"

    "Yes, sweet child?"

    "Is it – all right?"

    "Why, Kelly, what on earth do you mean?"

    "Well, I, uh, think you're really attractive…"

    "Thank you for the compliment, dear!"

    "But I am going to be with Laurel… and Claudia, who's been so good to me, and brought me here, and is still here now…"

    "Ah, I understand!" Miss Jocelyn smiled. "You're worried that either Claudia or Laurel or both – will be jealous if you're with me."

    "Well, yes."

    "Set your fears at test, dear. All of us at the shelter are a family, a sisterhood. We share equally with each other in all things, and all loves."

    "Wow! This sure is some place, all right!"

    "That it is, Kelly, that it surely is. As for Claudia, well, you needn't worry about her. She's being quite warmly entertained by one of our girls."

    "Well, then, ma'am – please examine me as much as you want!"

    "My pleasure, Kelly."

    Teasingly, Miss Jocelyn rubbed Kelly's pussy.

    The sensation of rubber gloved fingers sliding and stroking heat into her pussy was quite breathtaking to Kelly.

    She responded accordingly, with secretions oozing inside her slit.

    When Miss Jocelyn had fondled Kelly's pussy lips to feverish heat, she parted the pussy lips, gently inserting her middle finger.

    "Ooh! Aaaaaaaaah…"

    A polite knock sounded on the infirmary door.

    "Come in," Miss Jocelyn calmly called.

    She added to Kelly, "Don't alarm yourself, Kelly. I told you we have a sisterhood here – so there are no secrets between sisters. Not among our sisters, anyway."

    "Besides, Kelly, a pretty girl like you has nothing to be ashamed of. All our girls will see you in the nude before very long."

    The first one to see Kelly naked, besides Miss Jocelyn, was the pert and pretty newcomer who stepped into the infirmary.

    She was a short, petite, dark haired charmer with a delicate face, delicious uptilted pear-shaped breasts, and a ripely rounded bottom.

    She was in her mid or late teens, and was dressed conventionally enough in short-sleeved blouse, knee-length skirt, socks, shoes.

    "Good afternoon, Abby," Miss Jocelyn said warmly.

    Abby wasn't nearly so cool and self-possessed as Miss Jocelyn – but then, few ladies, in the shelter or out of it, were.

    Abby's pink-lipped mouth gaped open to form an "O" of surprise.

    Coloring, the girl instinctively lifted a startled hand to her face.

    "Oh, excuse me, Miss Jocelyn! I didn't know you were – occupied!"

    "No problem, Abby. Abby, this pretty creature on the table is Kelly. Come around and say hello to her!"

    Miss Jocelyn still stood there with her middle finger planted deep in Kelly's pussy – which quivered against it.

    Abby came around to the side and took a shy but fascinated look at Kelly.

    "Hello!" Abby said forthrightly.

    "Um, high," Kelly mumbled.

    Kelly could not help noticing that Abby was a very pretty young Miss herself.

    "I'm Abby… and I'm very pleased to meet you!"

    "I'm Kelly…"

    "You're very pretty!"

    "Thank you… so are you, Abby!"

    "You're sweet!"

    Turning to Miss Jocelyn, Abby said, "I like her! Is she going to stay with us?"

    "Yes, indeed," Miss Jocelyn replied. "Come here, Abby."

    Abby went to the nurse – whose finger remained in Kelly's now-seething pussy.

    Standing at the foot of the table, fingering Kelly with one hand, Miss Jocelyn slipped her arm around Abby's slim shoulders.

    She drew the girl nearer and gave her a warm hug.

    "Abby is one of my very special pets," Miss Jocelyn declared to Kelly.

    Although it was perhaps a bit unreasonable, Kelly twinged with a jealous flash, wishing that Miss Jocelyn would speak of her in the same way.

    "Give Kelly a welcoming kiss, Abby."

    "Yes, ma'am!"

    Abby disengaged from Miss Jocelyn and approached Kelly from the side.

    Leaning over the table – casting a quick, hot eyed glance at Kelly's stiff-nippled pink breasts – Abby bent down to kiss her.

    "Oh, you are so very pretty!" Abby breathed.

    Kelly was liking Abby more and more…

    Abby pressed her lips against Kelly's and kissed her sweetly.

    Kelly's pussy quivered, dripping humid membranes heaving against the penetrating finger that Miss Jocelyn worked erotically.

    Miss Jocelyn said, "That's right – you're overdue for a weekly cleansing, aren't you, Abby?"

    "Yes, ma'am! I have some free time from classes this afternoon, so I thought that I might take my session now."

    "But, since you're busy, I guess I'll come back another time…"

    "Not at all!" Miss Jocelyn said. "Not at all! No time like the right time, and the right time is now!"

    "Well, if you don't mind – and Kelly doesn't – I'd love to stay!"

    "I insist," Miss Jocelyn said. "And so does Kelly."

    Completely intrigued – and quite hot, and feeling quite hot-blooded and wanton enough to take on two females at a time – Kelly quickly agreed.

    Miss Jocelyn said, "Go close the door and lock it, Abby. I'm not equipped to handle more than two patients at once! And hurry back!"

    Abby's flat-heeled loafers scuffled across the checkerboard pattern of the floor as she hastened to carry out her task.

    The door shut and locked, Abby hurried back to the table.

    Miss Jocelyn said, "Now, disrobe, Abby… do it where Kelly can watch you, and where I can watch you, too."

    "Yes, ma'am!"

    Abby stood to the side of the examining table, facing Kelly.

    Miss Jocelyn's fingers slid with caressing urgency on and in Kelly's steamy pussy, while Abby slowly, teasingly took off her clothes.


    Kelly's aroused senses felt close to over loading.

    Her back and bottom were sweaty where they pressed the sanitary paper covering the examining table under her.

    Her breasts were crowned with nipples aching with soreness.

    Her pussy lips, shiny with sticky secretions smeared there during the fondling, glowed with electric heat under Miss Jocelyn's erotic massage.

    Kelly's eyes feasted on the erotic sight of Abby removing all her clothes.

    Abby was a sweet-faced little Miss with a petite, but sensational body.

    At first glance, the teen looked girlish, barely pubescent.

    But a second glance discovered the pear-shaped plumpness of her high firm breasts, and the juicy roundness of her bottom.

    And that was with her clothes on!

    Off – she looked even better, as Kelly happily discovered.

    Smiling shyly, excitedly, Abby cast her glance downward as her fingers plucked open the buttons of her blouse.

    Pulling the tails of the blouse clear of the top of her skirt, she took it off.

    Abby wore a bra – for modesty's sake.

    There being no need for modesty in the privacy of Miss Jocelyn's domain, Abby removed the bra, along with all her other garments.

    Her breasts were surprisingly full, for such a slight-bodied girl – in fact, her overall slenderness made her breasts loom larger.

    She unhooked her bra, took it off.

    Her bosom was high and firm. The nipples were bright, shocking pink in color, about as wide as dimes, perhaps a little larger.

    They resembled nothing so much as bright pink buttons pasted on the tips of her sharply pointed breasts.

    Abby slipped off her shoes. Putting a hand on the edge of the examining table, to maintain her balance, she took off her socks.

    Lifting a foot, she rolled the knee-length sock down with one hand.

    When both socks were removed, the saucy Miss unfastened her skirt.

    A pair of precious white satin bikini panties, a size too small perhaps, stretched across Abby's hips, pressing her tightly.

    In front, her tufted pubic bush made a gentle mound in the panty crotch.

    Behind, the panties stretched across only the very bottoms of the cheeks.

    Teasingly, Abby slipped her fingertips in the top of the panties and pulled them down to the tops of her taut, pale pink thighs.

    She had a little brown tufted bush over a narrow, thin-lipped pink slit.

    Her panties fluttered down her legs and she stepped out of them, naked.

    "You're gorgeous, Abby!"

    Kelly gasped the compliment – her breath came shakily and unsteady, thanks to the erotic effect Miss Jocelyn's fingering was having on her.

    "Abby, you and Kelly get better acquainted, while I get out of these clothes!"

    Kelly was briefly disappointed when Miss Jocelyn pulled her finger out of her pussy, disengaging in order to strip.

    But her disappointment was of less than a few seconds duration.

    For pretty, petite, pert, and passionate Abby had come to amuse her.

    Abby's breasts dangled as she leaned over Kelly, who lay on the table.

    "Keep your feet up in the stirrups, Kelly," Miss Jocelyn said, "I'm not done with you – hardly! – so keep them there!"

    "Yes, ma'am!"

    Abby said to Kelly, "I like you…"

    "You're very pretty, Abby – I hope we'll be great friends!"

    "Oh, I'm sure of it! Let's seal our friendship with a kiss."

    "Oh yes, let's!"

    Abby leaned down, while Kelly's arms reached up to embrace her.

    Abby kissed Kelly on the mouth.

    During the erotic examination, Kelly's mouth watered and hungered.

    Now, that mouth would have its fill – of Abby's mouth, and other parts of her.

    Open mouth to open mouth, the two teens passionately kissed.

    While their tongues entwined, they touched each other's young firm flesh.

    Kelly reached up to caress Abby's breasts, to toy with their nipples.

    The nipples were long and thin, like pink pencil erasers. Warm, they throbbed.

    They throbbed all the harder, from Kelly's caresses.

    Abby's hands roamed Kelly's chest, feeling out the form and shape and size and texture of Kelly's small shapely bosom.

    Kelly's nipples stood stiff as Abby's.

    Abby took her mouth off Kelly, to kiss the blonde's breasts.

    Abby took hold of Kelly's titties, pressed them together, then rubbed her lips and tongue back and forth against nipples held close together.

    More excitement came to Kelly in the form of Miss Jocelyn.

    Off had come her nurse's cap and white uniform, revealing a white latex garter belt which supported skin-tight white stockings.

    Miss Jocelyn called Abby to her.

    "Don't worry, Kelly – and Abby!" Miss Jocelyn laughed. "I'll put you two darlings back together – but now, I've got to see to my pleasure, too!"

    "I really like you," Abby said.

    "I like you!" Kelly said.

    Abby gave her a quick kiss, then padded barefoot to the place where Miss Jocelyn waited. Abby's breasts and bottom jiggled.

    Stretched across her hips was a pair of white latex panties. Miss Jocelyn pulled, or rather peeled them off her hips and legs.

    Stepping out of the panties, Miss Jocelyn revealed a heart-shaped dimpled ass, a brown-bushed perfect pussy.

    Those latex panties, skin-tight, made her sweat. Her buttocks were bright and flushed and wet where the panties had hugged them.

    Her crotch, too, was beaded with the sticky wetness of sweat.

    And it simmered with the secretions of desire.

    Miss Jocelyn had an athletic build, with a runner's physique. She was tall and wiry, with strong shoulders and a lean torso.

    Her breasts were not much bigger than Kelly's, and were absolutely delicious, high and firm with dark brown nipples.

    Her flesh was a golden tawny color, fine-grained and velvety.

    "Give us a kiss, Abby!"

    Miss Jocelyn was almost a head taller than Abby, whom she kissed on the mouth.

    Abby shivered with sexuality as Miss Jocelyn not only kissed but fondled the girl, lavishing many loving caresses on Abby's adorable little bottom.

    Kelly will be forgiven for feeling a bit neglected – after all, she was the newcomer, while Abby was an old favorite of Miss Jocelyn's.

    But Miss Jocelyn and Abby soon made Kelly feel very welcome indeed!


    Three lovely lesbians, locked in luscious oral love!

    And what a threesome – Kelly, Abby, and Miss Jocelyn.

    Kelly lay on her back on the table, feet lifted in the stumps.

    Miss Jocelyn stood at the foot of the table, leaning over Kelly.

    And Abby?

    Why, Abby knelt behind Miss Jocelyn, passionately, orally worshipping her ass!

    Kelly lifted her head off the table to peer over her pert uprising breasts with their stiff little throbbing pink nipples.

    She looked at Miss Jocelyn, who caressed Kelly between the legs.

    Abby could not be seen by Kelly, since she was behind Miss Jocelyn.

    Miss Jocelyn's rubber-soled white shoes squeaked softly on the floor as she spread her long golden legs shoulder-width apart.

    She bent forward from the waist, stiff, brown-nippled breasts dangling.

    Still wearing her rubber gloves – a kinky touch appreciated by Kelly, who found the feel of rubber-clad hands most erotic – Miss Jocelyn lowered her head.

    Kelly's pubic hairs rustled under Miss Jocelyn's hot breath.

    Miss Jocelyn licked her lips, moistening them.

    "Let me be the first to welcome you to our shelter in this most intimate way, Kelly," Miss Jocelyn murmured.

    She inhaled the sweet musky perfume of Kelly's pussy.

    Miss Jocelyn pressed her face against Kelly's crotch.

    Already, Kelly was in a state of high excitation.

    Miss Jocelyn's velvet lips grazed Kelly's pussy lips, roaming over them, rubbing them, planting dozens of hot quick kisses on them.

    Kelly squirmed delightedly on the table.

    Miss Jocelyn's long pink tongue caressed Kelly's heated pussy.

    Meanwhile, Abby was far from idle.

    The pert little brunette teen stood on her knees behind Miss Jocelyn, with her hot happy face poised over the lady's lush bottom.

    Since Miss Jocelyn leaned forward, her buttocks arched back and thrust into Abby's face, making the girl even happier.

    Abby's small neat hands gripped Miss Jocelyn's hips, holding them.

    Miss Jocelyn was tall and lean, except for her bottom, which was the most lushly endowed part of her anatomy.

    Her buttocks were high and rounded, like a pair of tawny grapefruits set side by side and split by a plunging bottom cleft.

    Abby nuzzled those splendid buttocks, which were made even more prominent by the white latex garter belt and the stockings framing them.

    Abby pressed kiss after hot kiss on Miss Jocelyn's shining soft bottom.

    Miss Jocelyn's wiggling tongue had excited Kelly into quite a state.

    Kelly gripped the edges of the table, clutching it on either side.

    Her bottom, dripping with sweat, buttocks clenched, made squeaking sounds as Kelly writhed on the table.

    She rocked her hips so that her pussy met the thrusts of Miss Jocelyn's tongue.

    Miss Jocelyn lifted her wet red shining sticky face to say: "You are a tasty little darling, Kelly!"

    "Oh! Thank you!"

    Kelly was breathless, gasping, nearly overcome with desire.

    "And Abby, my pet, you are just a jewel, a precious jewel," Miss Jocelyn added.

    She reached back behind her to lovingly pat the top of Abby's brunette head.

    Abby kissed and nuzzled her bottom some more.

    Miss Jocelyn reached back with both hands, clutching her firm buttocks.

    She pried them open, exposing her deep plunging bottom crack.

    "Come and get it, Abby!"

    Miss. Jocelyn's little brown hole winked at Abby.

    Abby wedged her foxy little face between the bottom cheeks.

    Buttocks pressed her face on both sides, hugging it.

    Abby's puckered pink rosebud lips plastered sucking smooching kisses on Miss Jocelyn's quivering, tight-packed anus.

    Miss Jocelyn went back to work on Kelly. With her nose pressed in Kelly's quivering crotch, Miss Jocelyn looked across. Kelly to see the girl's breasts jiggling.

    Those tender, perfectly formed and precious titties demanded loving attention.

    Miss Jocelyn reached across Kelly's tummy and took hold of the girl's breasts, holding them gently, one in each hand.

    She gripped them so that the nipples protruded from the tops of her fists.

    Each time Miss Jocelyn squeezed the titties, their nipples throbbed.

    Her tongue dipped deep into Kelly's pussy. Parted lips pressed pussy lips, as Miss Jocelyn slipped her probing tongue way up inside Kelly.

    She had promised to give Kelly a completely probing, intimate examination, and she was as good as her word – no, better!

    She tongued the tender membranes, lapping their juices.

    Wet sloshing sounds came where Miss Jocelyn's lips and tongue worked on Kelly.

    All the while that she mouthed her, she kept feeling Kelly's sensitive breasts.

    At the same time, Abby's tongue had penetrated her asshole.

    Abby, knowing the erotic tastes of Miss Jocelyn, reached around to the front of her to fondle her pussy while she ate her ass.

    Her cunning fingers stroked throbbing heat into Miss Jocelyn's clitoris.

    Miss Jocelyn's tongue tip drew tingling circles around Kelly's clitoris.

    Kelly's hard-breathing moans increased as the tongue tip zeroed in on the pearly pink button that was her clitoris.

    "Oh! God, oh…"

    Kelly climaxed.

    Miss Jocelyn raised her red wet face from Kelly's steamy crotch, for her own orgasm was upon her as well, courtesy of Abby.

    Miss Jocelyn shook as she shuddered from her climax.

    Kelly stopped writhing and slumped limply on the table.

    She felt like her lower body had melted into a mass of glowing pleasure.

    Some time passed, while the lady and the two teens recovered…

    Presently, Kelly sat up on the table, whose paper covering was smeared with sweat. She was dazed, dreamy, and felt heavenly!

    And would feel more so momentarily.

    Miss Jocelyn blotted sweat from her face on a linen towel. Her golden body shone with sweat, her muscles slid and flexed.

    "Now, Abby," she said, when her breath had returned, "as I recall, you were scheduled lot a cleansing today!"

    "Yes, Miss Jocelyn!"

    "And you shall have it, my girl – now!"

    Abby blushed, giggling timidly.

    "Right here – in front of Kelly?"

    "Yes, indeed, Abby!"

    Miss Jocelyn explained to Kelly, "I'm a great believer in the efficacy of enemas in the promotion of continued good health in our little ladies!"

    "Each week, all our girls come for a good cleaning out, and Abby's time is now! So, she'll take it here and now!"

    "Enemas?" Kelly asked, a bit weakly.

    "Don't sound so shocked, Kelly! They're a perfectly legitimate hygienic practice! And a great deal of stimulating fun besides!"

    "Hmmmmm… when was the last time you took an enema, Kelly? Hmmmm?"

    "Not since I was a little girl!"

    "Well, that's much too long! My dear, you're long overdue!"

    Kelly asked hesitantly, "Uh, Miss Jocelyn?"

    She was ever so nervous!

    "Yes, child?"

    "Do I – do I have to take, uh, one now? An enema, I mean?"

    Abby said, "Kelly, there's nothing bad about them! I love to take them!"

    "You do?! Really?!"

    "Oh, yes! They make me feel so good and clean – and they really turn me on, too!"

    Kelly looked doubtful.

    Miss Jocelyn said, "Since you're new to us, Kelly, you won't have to take one now. But you can watch, and see what Abby's is like."

    "I love to be watched," Abby said.

    "And that's not all you love, is it, you little minx?"

    "No, Miss Jocelyn," Abby said.

    "Well, Abby, while I'm getting everything ready, suppose you climb up on that table and show our new friend Kelly some of the other things you love!"


    "I'm sure Kelly will love them, too!"

    Bright-eyed and eager, Kelly expressed her enthusiasm for the plan.

    Erotic enemas were beyond her experience, but she was more than happy to make love to and be made love to adorable Abby.

    "Hop to it, Abby," Miss Jocelyn said. "Time's a wasting!"

    "Yes, ma'am!"

    Abby's bare feet slapped the floor. As she padded past Miss Jocelyn, the woman gave Abby a playful little swat on her bouncing bottom.

    Abby came to the head of the table, to Kelly's head.

    Petite as she was, it was hard for her to just climb on the table, so she used a little step-stool to get a leg up on it.

    Happily, the table was more than wide enough to amply accommodate both girls.

    Abby mounted the table on hands and knees.

    She mounted Kelly in the same way, positioning herself so that her sweet pussy hung poised over Kelly's hungry mouth.

    Abby's pussy was a gentle mound, gently furred with a small tufted bush whose hairs were neatly pressed to the mound.

    Her slit, thin and narrow, was lipped with hot pink petals that were labia.

    In the previous sex scene, Abby was the only member of the threesome who had not reached orgasm, so she was more than ready.

    Small and young as she was, the aroma of her heated pussy was richly, ripely thick and delicious, thanks to her arousal.

    Her rounded pink buns jiggled as she lowered her crotch.

    "Abby, you have such a pretty pussy!"

    Kelly expressed her admiration for Abby's sweet little sex in deeds, not words.

    Kelly kissed the pussy lips, while Abby rocked her hips so that the slitted pussy rolled back and forth over Kelly's face.

    Abby touched her pussy down on Kelly's gaping mouth.

    Kelly's lower face was covered by the sweetest mask of all, the precious pussy of a sister teen lesbian.

    Juices smeared on Abby's pussy tingled in Kelly's mouth.

    Abby gasped from the intensity of the first contact… then sighed and settled in for a session of oral sex.

    She was there to give as well as receive.

    Kelly's legs were spread, although her feet no longer rested in the stirrups, but rather on the table itself.

    Abby's pink-lipped mouth pressed licking sucking kisses on Kelly's pussy.

    Kelly's pussy was already saturated with secretions and saliva from the earlier bout of oral sex provided by Miss Jocelyn.

    That lady was heard by Kelly, as she went about the business of preparing the enema for Abby.

    But Miss Jocelyn paused frequently, for she found few things so delightful to see as a pair of pretty teen misses making hot love.

    Locked mouth to crotch, Kelly and Abby served each other's mutual delight.

    Abby's high rounded rump now displayed buttocks which were tightly clenched with lust as she rubbed her pussy against Kelly's face.

    Kelly took her tongue out of Abby's slit, to lick her clitoris.

    Abby's clitoris was just the cutest little button, smaller even than Kelly's, rolling in oil, throbbing heavily.

    Kelly pressed her tongue to the clitoris and kept it there.

    Excited, aroused, Abby wiggled her hips and thus her pussy forward, backward, sideways – the tongue stayed with her, every step of the way.

    Abby had not expected this much expertise from Kelly, not knowing that Kelly had learned her lessons well from Laurel.

    Abby had a bit of trouble concentrating on going down on Kelly, especially since Kelly quickly brought her to orgasm.

    Abby's pussy heaved convulsively against Kelly's mouth when she came.

    Abby was rigid, gasps were torn from her as she came – heavily.

    Her wet red face sobbed with breathless delight.

    Before she could go back to work, to finish off Kelly after she, Abby, had recovered from her orgasm, she was interrupted.

    A gentle yet firm hand on her shoulder caused Abby to look up.

    Miss Jocelyn said, "Time for your internal cleansing, Abby!"

    "But Miss Jocelyn, I haven't brought Kelly off yet! And she did me so well, too!"

    Miss Jocelyn patted Abby's bottom.

    "That's all right, dear. You'll have a chance to finish her… later."

    Miss Jocelyn took Abby by the upper arm and assisted the girl in climbing down from the table and on the floor.

    Abby was wet and steamy between her legs. Her pussy lips were incredibly sensitive, and her pussy was wet with juices and saliva.

    Abby was more than a bit dazed by her dreamy orgasm, dreaminess which showed in her glazed and shining eyes.

    Fresh erotic heat blazed in the depths of those mischievous eyes.

    "And now, Kelly," Miss Jocelyn said, "I'll have to ask you to climb down from the table so Abby can take your place."

    "Yes, Miss Jocelyn."

    When Kelly climbed down, Miss Jocelyn embraced her frontally.

    Miss Jocelyn's build was somewhat similar to Kelly's, since both the woman and the girl were long, lithe, high-breasted and long-legged.

    "You're going to be a wonderful addition to our little family," Miss Jocelyn said, then kissed the girl on the mouth, with tongues.

    Miss Jocelyn's firm breasts still showed bard, throbbing nipples.

    The feel of her stockinged legs rubbing Kelly's bare limbs was quite exciting to the blonde lesbian teen.

    "I know I'm going to love living here!" Kelly said. "I love it already!"

    That brought on another round of kisses for Kelly, kisses both from Miss Jocelyn and from Abby, who pressed Kelly with hot licking kisses.

    Miss Jocelyn said, "It will be doubly wonderful, since Laurel will be joining us fulltime, as a permanent member of the staff!"

    "Oh, that is wonderful!" Kelly clapped her hands with glee.

    "Oh, you're Laurel's lover!" Abby said.

    "Do you know Laurel?" Kelly asked.

    "Quite intimately," Abby teased.

    "Don't frown so!" Miss Jocelyn laughed. "There's no need for you to be jealous of any of your sisters here, Kelly… we're all family!"

    Actually, Kelly felt much better, knowing that Laurel, too, had taken other lesbian lovers – Kelly didn't feel guilty.

    "Not only that," Miss Jocelyn went on, "but my sister, Peggy, has persuaded Claudia to stay with us for the weekend!"

    "So, we'll have some real celebration!"

    More kisses and caresses were exchanged.

    "And now, Abby, don't think that I've gone to the trouble of readying your enema just so you can skip your cleaning!"

    First, Miss Jocelyn stripped the sweat-stained paper covering from the table, stuffing the discard into the waste basket.

    She unrolled a fresh covering from the dispenser.

    "Up on the table, Abby! Kelly – you'll watch. This time."

    "Yes, Miss Jocelyn!"

    Abby scrambled up on the table, using the step-stool. She lay on her side, with one leg extended, and the upper leg bent at the knee, pressing her chest.

    Miss Jocelyn hooked the filled red rubber bag to a portable tree, wheeling it close to the table.

    "Two quarts today, Abby!"

    "Oh, Miss Jocelyn, that's a lot!"

    "You can handle it, dear."

    Miss Jocelyn patted Abby's bottom.

    And presently penetrated it as well, parting Abby's saucy buns to guide the greased enema nozzle to her little pink hole.


    Abby giggled, then gasped as Miss Jocelyn sank the nozzle fully in her rear.

    With Abby plugged in, Miss Jocelyn released the valve, and the gurgling water began to flow.

    "While Abby is filling up, we'll play," Miss Jocelyn told Kelly.

    She pulled up an armless chair, close to the table, where she could watch Abby and the progress of the enema.

    She sat naked Kelly on her lap, kissed and caressed her.

    Abby squirmed as she started to fill up.

    Sweat beaded up on her face, as her ordinarily flat tummy expanded outward under the pressure of the increasing volume of fluid.

    Soon some groans and whimpered gasps were heard from her. Abby sighed, breathed deeply, chewed her lip.

    "My tummy is starting to ache," Abby whined.

    "You can take it," Miss Jocelyn said.

    She had her hands full with Kelly, whom she caressed ardently, ranging from Kelly's breasts to her pussy and focusing on those areas.

    Kelly was more than a little excited. Abby's oral services had brought Kelly close to orgasm, but not quite all the way.

    Now, Miss Jocelyn's manipulations brought Kelly even closer.

    Kelly was starting to feel sexually frustrated, when Miss Jocelyn removed her fondling hand from Kelly's pussy.

    She eased. Kelly off her lap, and went to attend to moaning Abby.

    "Don't be such a baby, Abby! I know you've taken more than this – why, I've given you more myself, on many occasions!"

    "I suspect that you're acting for the benefit of Kelly, our new friend!"

    "No, Miss Jocelyn," Abby panted, "I'm really full!"

    Abby was temporarily denied the voiding relief she craved.

    When Miss Jocelyn removed the enema nozzle from Abby's rear, she immediately substituted a butt plug for it.

    It was a curious device, which Kelly watched with wide-eyed fascination, as the greased rubber plug filled Abby's little asshole like a cork.

    "Now, Abby," Miss Jocelyn said, "before you are unplugged and permitted to void, you must first finish Kelly, and make her climax, using your mouth!"

    Yes, Kelly just knew she was going to love it here, living at the shelter which housed so many gorgeous, playfully kinky lesbian lovelies!


    Together at last!

    Kelly and Laurel!

    The pair of lesbian lovers had been separated for a short but mightily eventful time, but now they luxuriated in each other's arms.

    On the big bed of the room which was to be Laurel's – and Kelly's – for as long as the two of them stayed at the shelter (which Kelly hoped would be a long time indeed!) Laurel and Kelly had a lover's reunion.

    Claudia Moravia had a voluptuous body that had been a comfort to Kelly.

    Miss Jocelyn was a lean, authoritative, skilled beauty.

    Little Abby was a pert, delightful playmate.

    And there were other ladies and girls in the shelter whom Kelly had not sampled, and who had not yet sampled her.

    But, of them all, Laurel was Kelly's real love.

    The teacher and the girl writhed happily on their bed of roses, a bed with no thorns. The thorns were far outside this lesbian shelter.

    Kelly's nipples, aching with sensation, thrilled to Laurel's sucking kisses.

    Kelly lay on her back, in a dreamy transport of pleasure, her flesh glowing.

    Laurel slid against Kelly, pressing her flesh, kissing, tasting.

    She had tasted the moist lusciousness of Kelly's mouth.

    Now, for the first time since they had been so cruelly parted, Laurel moved to mouth Kelly's pussy, brimming with nectar.

    "No!" Kelly moaned.

    "No?!" Laurel was surprised.

    "Climb on me so I can do you at the same time!" Kelly pleaded.

    Here was a plea that Laurel was only too happy to gratify.

    While Kelly lay on her back, Laurel mounted her crotch-to-head.

    Kelly's pink lips curved happily as, looking up, she beheld the precious pussy of Laurel poised over her face.

    Laurel's thighs embraced Kelly's head, squeezing it.

    Laurel lowered her pussy down to Kelly's open mouth, which gaped to accept it.

    Heat and humidity made her pussy fragrant and aromatic.

    Kelly lifted her head to meet that precious pussy.

    Her mouth was engulfed by Laurel's pussy lips, membranes, crotch.

    Kelly moaned with wanting and Laurel with arousal, as Kelly lanced her tongue up inside her adult lady lover.

    Laurel tasted better than ever!

    Kelly loved all the new lesbian friends she had made, but for all their charms, Laurel was still her truest love.

    Laurel dipped her head down to kiss and lick Kelly's crotch.

    To orally worship Kelly's perfect teen pussy.

    Laurel's kisses brought blushes to those pink pussy lips.

    Kelly's delicate labia were pried open, and her pussy penetrated, by Laurel's tongue.

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