Deeper, daddy, deeper


    "Come on, baby. I'm so hot. Can't we go all the way this time?" Marvin Madison said breathlessly.

    "No, Marvin!" Sally Symms said firmly. "If I told you once, I've told you a million times. I don't do that. I am saving my cherry. You can't make me."

    "I could if I used brute force," Marvin said. His lips were very close to the girl's neck. She could feel his hot moist breath, on her jugular vein.

    "But that would get you in a lot of trouble. Besides, I would find a way to castrate you before the night was through," Sally said. She turned up one corner of her mouth into a half smile of inward amusement.

    "True. But you can't make me go home like this. I'll have a horrible case of blue balls. It is cruel to let a guy walk home with a limp."

    "You are driving home," Sally said, furrowing her brow.

    "But I still have to get up to my room. My cock hurts. It has been hard for – my God! – three hours now! It aches, Sally. Have mercy on me."

    "Marvin, you are such an animal. I swear, you are going to have to learn to control yourself. You turn into a real beast sometimes."

    "I'm not a beast, Sally. I am more human than I have ever been before. You are human. I am human. Let's get human!" It was clear from the tone of the boy's voice that Marvin Madison was desperate.

    "Okay, okay, I'll give you a blow job," Sally said. She frowned.

    Marvin sighed with relief, and leaned back. He opened his knees.

    Marvin thought that Sally was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

    Both of the youngsters were sixteen years old. They were in the summer vacation between their Junior and Senior years of high school. This was their third date. The first two dates Sally had not even allowed Marvin to kiss her. This time the teenage boy had done much better. He had been allowed to tongue-kiss with her for three hours. He even got to feel her tits, but not under her shirt. Now he was going to get a blow job.

    He considered himself a very lucky young man. Sally was a notorious virgin and prick tease. He figured that getting his rocks off anyway was a bonus. He hadn't really expected to get laid – but he did feel that it was worth the old college try.

    Sally was not a very large little girl. She stood five feet even.

    She was built on a small frame. What they call small-boned.

    Her hair was golden blonde – just like her Daddy's – and it grew all wavy down past her shoulders. Her hair was parted in the middle and fell down onto her forehead in downy bangs that came almost all the way to her brows. Her skin had a perfect peaches and cream complexion. She was the sort of girl who had never had a blemish in her life.

    Her eyebrows and, eyelashes were the same color as the hair on her head. Her hair was so blonde that it bleached almost white in the summer sunshine. Sally had to be careful in the sun, however, because of her fair complexion. She burned easily. Sally always had to peel a few times before the tanning process began – no matter how much oil and sun screen she used.

    Sally had a round face. It was the sort of face that might have been painted on a doll.

    Her eyes were round and baby blue. They tended to open very wide – with child-like amazement – whenever Sally was excited about something.

    Sally's eyes twinkled merrily whenever she was happy, and they could look filled with sorrow when she was feeling blue. She had a tiny nose that was turned up a little at the end. A button nose – with oval-shaped nostrils. Her nostrils flared whenever she was excited.

    Sally did not have a large mouth, but her lips were full and sensuous. Pouting lips. A slight overbite. Her lips always looked as if they were partially puckered.

    The local boys had said that Sally Symms looked like she needed to be kissed very badly. But most of the boys had struck out completely with Sally. She wasn't the sort of girl who would be seen with just anyone.

    Sally dated rarely, and when she did, she usually only allowed the boy to kiss her good-night, and that was the extent of the physical contact.

    This was an exception. Sally felt sorry for Marvin. And besides, she thought he was very handsome. Sally had never given a blow job before. But she had often thought about it during sexy fantasies. Sally often wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. Something in the back of her head – something instinctive – told her that it would be very nice.

    She would soon find out, that was for sure. Sally's mouth watered.

    In spite of Sally's slim frame and diminutive form, her breasts were large.

    Sally's tits were perky and rested high on her chest.

    They were ripe melons – both firm and supple. She never wore a bra.

    Her breasts jiggled deliciously inside her tee-shirt whenever she moved.

    Marvin had tried all night to get his hand under her tee-shirt so he could stroke those hot scoops of vanilla ice cream. But Sally was a notorious wrist-grabber.

    Sally had a beautiful little body. She had the kind of body that made the men in town – both boys and adults – ache just to look at it. Her waist was slim and her hips were round.

    Sally had a way of swinging her round hips from side to side when she walked – like a pendulum – that drove guys wild. There were men who crossed the street of even turned around and walked in the opposite direction just for the honor of walking behind Sally Symms. She liked to wear designee jeans. Dark blue. As tight as possible. Sally's jeans were often so tight that she looked as if she had painted them on with dark blue spray paint.

    Her legs were not long but they were slim and shapely. She had trim ankles and tiny feet. Her toes were chubby and all very close to the same length. Sally had the kind of feet and ankles that looked great in high-heels. Sally liked to wear open-toed heels with her tight jeans. She thought that was the sexiest thing that a little girl could wear. On her top she wore a white tee-shirt with a decal of her favorite rock and roll group on the front.

    Sally's fingernails were long and slightly curled. It was obvious that they had been carefully manicured.

    They were all exactly the same length and had an equal roundness to their tips. She painted them dark red.

    She thought that the color went well with her peaches and cream complexion. Her toenails were tiny and round. She painted them the same color.

    Marvin Miller was the quarterback on the high school football team.

    He had a better chance than any of the boys to pop her cherry.

    Sally could always feel her blood pumping when she was with him.

    That was why she had agreed to go down on him – a first.

    He was a huge boy. He stood a couple of inches over six feet. He weighed twice as much as Sally. Sally had never weighed more than ninety-five pounds in her entire life – and that included times when she had weighed herself while she was soaking wet.

    The boy's hair was dark brown and a bit ungroomed. The hair tended to look mussed. It usually fell over the tops of his eyes and flopped down onto his forehead. He was very handsome. But not as handsome as Sally's Daddy.

    His eyes were dark brown. So dark that they looked black in the limited light. The two were in the back seat of Marvin's car. The quarters were cramped.

    Marvin had more whiskers than most of the boys his age.

    He shaved regularly.

    His shoulders were very broad. Just like Daddy's.

    He had thick slabs of muscle across his back and shoulders.

    The skin was stretched tight across his chest – which was almost hairless.

    In spite of the girth of his upper body, his waist and hips were slim.

    He was built like a triangle – point down, Sally thought.

    She figured he had been constructed by God for a purpose.

    Marvin had been put on the Earth especially to fuck. Part of Sally wanted to let him fuck her. Wanted it badly. But there was a bigger part of her that knew her heart would always belong to her Daddy.

    Marvin's legs were very long. His thighs were thick. Sally suspected that one of the boy's thighs was bigger around that her waist. Maybe not. Marvin's thighs were not as muscular as her father's.

    His hands and his feet were very large. Sally wondered if the same was true of other portions of the dark haired boy's anatomy. She could see a bulge in the crotch of his tight jeans.

    She had noticed the bulge in his crotch getting larger the longer they tongue-kissed. She knew that he was telling the truth about having a throbbing boner. Sally could feel the rate of her heartbeat increasing as she saw the boy reaching for his belt. Sally had never actually seen an erect penis before. She found that her expectation was piqued. She could feel herself starting to pant. She tried to hide her horniness. She didn't want Marvin to know how sexually aroused she was becoming at the thought of sucking his cock. She wanted him to think that she was doing him a favor. She did not want him to know that she was enjoying herself. Marvin quickly unbuckled his black leather belt and unbuttoned the single button that held the top of his jeans together. Marvin's jeans were old and faded. They had worn through at the knees and in the seat, and had been patched with other squares of denim. He was wearing a black tee-shirt with a little pocket on the front. On his feet were black high-rise sneakers. He wore no socks. It was a hot muggy summer night and the windows were fogged. It was the sort of night when everything is sticky.

    Sally could feel the blood pumping down her body. She could feel a warm flush on the insides of her slim creamy thighs. There was a tingling in her loins.

    Sally could feel both her inner and outer cunt lips swelling rapidly and she could tell that it wouldn't be long before they were fully engorged with the blood of her arousal.

    The little blonde could feel a tremendous ache down between her legs. She could tell that the glands between her inner cunt lips were beginning to secrete her natural lubrication. She could feel her cunt juice starting to flow. She could feel the honey-like pussy cream pooling at the base of her pinkness, between the inner labia. She could tell that it wouldn't be long before that juice began to spill out, and when that happened she would start to make a wet spot on the crotch of her pink panties – the panties with all the little red hearts on them. She hated when her underwear started to get wet with her natural lubrication. It always made the material crawl up between her swollen lips. Her cunt felt as if it were suffocating. She felt as if her crotch were trapped in a cloth prison. It gave her a deep itch to be naked – which, of course, was out of the question.

    The focal point of her desire was at the top of her slit.

    Her clit.

    Her swelling love button.

    Her little man in the boat.

    Sally's center of womanly pleasure.

    The clit was growing to full engorgement along with the rest of her pussy flesh. That ball of fiery flesh was poking out from under its foreskin – the fleshy sheath above the clit that all but covered it when she was unaroused.

    Marvin pulled the fly to his zipper down all the way to the bottom.

    Sally could see the strained whiteness of his underwear.

    She could tell that the boy's cock and balls were huge.

    Sally knew that they were going to be bigger than she figured.

    She had grossly underestimated how large aroused male genitalia was.

    The diminutive blonde licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

    When she was horny her nipples began to swell and get very hard.

    They protruded from the tips of her large pert breasts.

    Sally's tits were so perky that the nipples pointed upward.

    Her feminine erections were making bumps in her tee-shirt.

    Marvin could see the dark outline of her nipples through the material.

    Sally's rosebuds were large – about the size of silver dollars.

    When she was horny they stuck far out. It was hard for Marvin to not stare.

    Sally Symms took a deep breath, making a little gasping noise, as she saw the boy hook his thumbs under the top of his faded jeans and the elastic band to his underwear simultaneously. He lifted his ass from the back seat. His knees and his ankles were close together. He hitched down his drawers anxiously, and his cock came popping out like some kind of horny jack-in-the-box.

    The little girl sucked in cool air through puckered lips producing a low whistle. Her eyes went wide with awe. Her eyes opened so far that the whites were visible all the way around the baby blue pupils. Her golden eyebrows raised into arches. She had to concentrate to keep her jaw from dropping with her astonishment. The little girl could feel a great pressure forming inside her lower abdomen. The little girl could feel the ache in her pussy getting worse by the second. She could feel her love button throbbing sharply in sync with her racing heartbeat.

    "Wow," she said.

    "Do you like it?" Marvin asked. He grinned at her.

    He bared his white teeth, pulling back his lips a bit.

    "I have never seen one before," Sally said vaguely.

    She had not blinked in a long time. She was staring.

    Only when her eyes began to burn did she blink them.

    "What do you think?" the football quarterback asked her.

    "I think it is beautiful. But how does it fit…" Sally stopped.

    "How does it fit in a pussy?" Marvin completed her query.

    "Yeah, how does it fit?" Sally said. Her salivary gland worked over-time.

    Her delicious hot pink mouth was watering freely by this time.

    She had to swallow more frequently than usual to keep from drooling.

    "Girls are more elastic than you think." Marvin said.

    "Wow," Sally said. "Can I touch it, Marvin?" Her hands trembled. Her skin was slick with hot sticky sweat. Her cheeks were rosy. Her lips looked puffy with lust. Her eyelids appeared heavy with her lust.

    "Of course, silly," Marvin said with a manly chuckle.

    Sally could feel her breaths getting shorter and closer together.

    "That's the whole idea," Marvin said. He stroked her cheek with gentle fingertips. "But kiss me first."

    Sally pressed her lips against his. For a moment their lips writhed together without their tongues. Then they touched the tips of their tongues together lightly and the inside of the car crackled with sexual electricity.

    Soon they were rolling their tongues together, and Sally was pressing her firm yet supple breasts against Marvin's chest, and he could feel her pebble-like nipples.

    The kiss lasted for a long time.

    It was a sloppy kiss.

    Their lips were wet and slippery with shared saliva before long.

    They quaffed cheerfully of each other's hot spittle.

    They were breathless with passion by the time the kiss was through.

    Sally could feel the crotch of her panties getting very wet.

    The material was already starting to crawl up between her lips.

    She tried not to think about it. Her clit was demanding to be stroked.

    Her nipples burned and yearned for a sweet caress – with fingers or mouth.

    When the kiss was over Sally moved in front of the seat on her knees. Marvin pushed his jeans and his underwear all the way down to his ankles. He kept his black high-rise sneakers on. He parted his thighs. He separated his knees as far as he could. Marvin pointed his knees at opposite sides of the car. Sally could see his stiff cock sticking straight up in the air, pointing at the roof. It was close to the fiat plain of Marvin's belly.

    Sally figured that his cock had to be eight inches long and it was thick enough so that she would have to open her mouth very far to suck on it.

    The pretty little blonde could see that the cock was thickest at the head. The glans at the tip of the tool was shaped like a mushroom. Sally could not imagine her inner cunt lips opening far enough to take that cock head. She found herself wondering what her Daddy's cock looked like, but she always tried to keep her direct thoughts of incest thrust into the back of her head. Marvin's cock head was fully engorged with the blood of his arousal and was as hard as a rock. Sally could see that the skin covering the cock head was stretched very thin, and appeared to be as smooth as a plate of glass. The glans looked as if it would explode if another drop of blood tried to pump its way inside. Sally could see the little hole in the glans opening and closing with tiny spasms. She knew that this was the little hole where both Marvin's piss and come emerged. She was surprised to see that there were little lips on either side of his quivering urethra. The lips were swollen with his horniness, making the hole look like a nether mouth. As the hole opened and closed it appeared to the little girl as if the nether mouth were trying in vain to speak. She lowered her head. Pausing to pull her golden hair back over her shoulders and away from her face, she began to kiss and lick at the insides of Marvin's thighs. She could smell the scent of his manhood. She couldn't stand it, it was so good.

    Sally flared her nostrils and inhaled exclusively through her nose.

    She filled her lungs.

    Her chest puffed out.

    Her tits rose.

    She sucked the scent of Marvin's cock and balls deep into her sinuses and sighed as she exhaled. She began kissing and licking him close to his knees and worked her way toward his crotch.

    The shaft of Marvin's cock was not quite as thick as the head, but it was just as hard. In their position, Sally was looking at the underside of the shaft which was lined with dilated blue veins. The veins ran all the way from the base of the shaft to the base of the glans. They made his cock look craggy. They made his pole of masculinity look more like a weapon than an instrument of lovemaking. Sally kissed her way all the way to Marvin's balls. She placed the tip of her tongue on his scrotal sack and began to flick back and forth lightly and rapidly. She could feel her face flush and turn hot with pride when the boy let out a whimper of pleasure.

    His balls were huge.


    Like golf balls.

    Sally could see that his scrotal sack was larger than she thought it would be also. She would have to open her fingers as far as she could to cup the whole bag in her palm at once.

    The sack appeared to be filled to the brim with come. Sally wondered how long it had been since Marvin had last had an orgasm. She didn't know that the bag always looked like that.

    Sally placed the tips of her fingers on the base of his balls and lifted the sack. She had her palm turned toward the roof of the car.

    Her knuckles were slightly bent and she had her fingers arched so she would not scratch the handsome boy's delicate tissue with her long red fingernails.

    Sally bobbed his balls up and down on her fingertips for a moment, and Marvin found it increasingly difficult to keep his lower torso still.

    As Sally moved his swollen testicles up and down sensuously, the pretty little blonde appeared as if she were trying to determine their weight.

    She lifted them as high as she could, and began to flick the tip of her tongue across the hypersensitive patch of skin between his balls and his asshole.

    The boys breathing was becoming harsher. He was panting like a wild jungle beast. His cock was throbbing so hard that it began to slap him in his hard stomach – the tip striking several inches above Marvin's bellybutton.

    Sally switched to the flat part of her tongue and licked at the boy's balls until the entire scrotal sack was wet and shiny with her saliva.

    Sally could hear his whimpering and whining becoming more desperate by the second. She placed the fingertips on her other hand on the underside of his cock. She caressed up and down a little and then pinned the head against his belly. She could feel how hard it was. She could feel it throbbing against her fingertips. She was anxious to take him in her mouth. The little girl did not want to think about her desire to take him in her pussy.

    There was only one man who could take her cherry.

    And making love with him was breaking society's strictest taboo.

    There was only one man that Sally loved enough to fuck.

    Her father!

    Her loving Daddy!

    Sally parted her lips and made her mouth cottony soft.

    She had been doing a lot of reading about sex lately.

    She liked to think that she was researching how to be a woman.

    She had read everything she could get her hands on.

    Sally wanted to know how to give a man pleasure. She had rehearsed all of these moves many times in her mind. So far her techniques were going over well. It was dear from the frenzied gurgling noises Marvin was making in the back of her this throat that he was having a splendid time. Sally wrapped her soft pouting hips over his right testicle.

    She began to suck it lightly, drawing in her cheeks.

    The little girl drew at the gland with a steady vacuum.

    She kept her pink tongue busy licking as she sucked.

    Marvin could feel the muscles in his thighs tensing.

    He could feel his semen begin to boil inside the sack.

    His silver seed swirled about his swollen nuts with au ache.

    His balls throbbed – along with his stiff thick prick.

    Sally began to move her fingertips up and down his cock shaft.

    He began to thrust up and down with his ass furiously.

    He found that he was tensing and relaxing his buttocks rhythmically.

    The boy's face was very red. His back teeth were clenched.

    His jaw was so tight that the muscles at the sides of his face were protruding. His eyes closed tightly – so tightly that the lids wrinkled.

    The handsome football quarterback could tell that the little girl was not going to have to suck him for very long. He felt like he was going to blow his top.

    The dark haired high school jock could tell that he was going to feed the horny virgin a hot meal soon after she wrapped those pouting lips around the head of his throbbing purple prick!!!

    Sally sucked at both of his balls for a long time. She could tell by the movements in his lower body, and the sounds he was making, that he needed a come badly. She decided that she had been a tease for long enough. She was finally going to find out what it felt like to satisfy a man.

    She moved her mouth to his prick.

    Sally stuck her tongue out from between her sensuous lips and her pearly white teeth as far as she could – concentrating on keeping it pointy at the tip. She placed the tip her tongue at the base of his cock. She moved her fingers up toward the head so they would be out of the way. With her other hand she cupped his balls. The little girl parted her fingers as far as she could so that she could clutch the entire sack at the same time.

    She began to pump his swollen testicles – squeezing once for every beat of Marvin's racing heart.

    In this manner the blonde virgin simulated the natural throbbing the boy felt in his scrotal sack.

    She looked at the swollen veins. She could feel them on her tongue. They reminded her of lines on a road map.


    "Oh God, baby, that feels so fucking good," the handsome football quarterback said. His voice was strained from his sexual tension. The muscles in his neck were tensed and bulged. They squeezed at his vocal cords and made his voice higher in pitch than usual. The boy's brow was creased. His facial features were contorting. He really did feel as if the head of his boner were about to explode from the tension building inside that mushroom-shaped glans.

    "Glad you like it." Sally said, pulling her tongue away from the underside of his cock shaft only long enough to speak. She grinned at him cheerfully. Her baby blue eyes twinkled with her merriment. Yet it was clear that this was a very horny young lady. She was still panting and hushed with her passion. Tue heat and her lust had made beads of perspiration form in a straight line across her forehead – only a fraction of an inch above her golden eyebrows. "Am I doing okay for my first time?" she asked sweetly.

    "You are doing beautifully. Keep it up. If you suck anything like you lick I can tell you are going to blast me into Seventh Heaven!!!" Marvin said. His face reflected his bliss and his anxiousness simultaneously. He was still gyrating his hips, but more slowly now. He didn't want the little girl to have trouble keeping her tongue and her lips where she wanted it. His whole body jerked as Sally began to flick the tip of her tongue lightly and quickly across the little fleshy patch below his glans – where the cock head split to make it resemble a ripe plum. Realizing that the handsome quarterback was very sensitive on this spot – hypersensitive, in fact – she lingered there, and flicked across the spot with her eager taster until all of the muscles in the boy's body had tensed to the point where he was trembling.

    "You sure are hot," Sally said with a giggle. The little girl allowed the head of his cock to come away from his belly a bit. She moved the tip of her tongue to the glans. She rolled her tongue lazily over the mushroom-shaped cock head, covering the entire humongous purple acorn with a thin film of hot spittle. She continued to pump firmly at his swollen testicles with the cupped palm of her left hand. With her right hand she gripped the base of his masculinity pole. She found that her fingers only barely made it all the way around the shaft. She relaxed the muscles in her jaw. She allowed her mouth to fall gaping open. She squeezed firmly at his cock shaft at the base. Sally flicked the tip of her tongue across his piss hole. Marvin could not help but whimper desperately when the delicious blonde did that. He was begging her without words. The high-pitched sounds the high school jock was making were pleas for mercy. He was a wanton beast. He could think of nothing but the ache in his groin. His mind refused to think of anything but his deep need for an orgasm.

    Sally then placed her mouth over the head of his cock. She had her mouth open very far – and still his purple glans pulled back at the corners of her lips.

    Sally wrapped her writhing lips firmly around the ring of scar tissue at the base of his cock head and began to suck as hard as she could.

    She made sloppy sucking sounds with her mouth, and kept her tongue as busy as she could – but most of the time her aroused taster was hopelessly pinned to the bottom of her mouth.

    The little girl found it difficult to swallow, and did nothing to stop herself when she felt herself beginning to drool. She knew her spittle would make her caresses slipperier – thus enhancing the handsome boy's pleasure.

    Marvin was thrusting up and down with his hips frantically. It was clear that the boy wanted to ram his cock deep into her throat. Sally had read about girls who offered their throats to their men. Instead of giving blow jobs, these girls allowed their boyfriends to fuck their faces. They took throbbing cock meat deep into their gullets. Sally wondered if she had the courage to try it. She knew that it would hurt. She knew that it would make her gag. But she wanted to try. She wanted to be the best possible lover for Marvin – without allowing him to pop her you-know-what.

    Sally moved so that her neck was straight. She knew that this would make the penetration of her throat more comfortable for both of them.

    The little girl concentrated on relaxing the muscles in her throat. She thought about breathing exclusively through her nose. She could feel her oval-shaped nostrils flaring wildly.

    Sally began to press down with her head and she could feel his massive glans pushing into her throat. Just as she had expected, she began to gag immediately.

    The pretty little blonde virgin could feel big tears welling up in her baby blue eyes. She could tell that her orbs were swelling and becoming bloodshot. She told herself to be brave. She told herself to not think about the pain. Of course, this was next to impossible.

    Sally was unable to take the whole thing, as she had hoped. But she got her mouth three-quarters of the way, down his cock shaft before the throat agony made the sensuous procedure prohibitive.

    Marvin screamed.

    He loved it.

    He didn't care that she couldn't swallow his entire sword.

    He thought that she gave great head.

    Especially for a beginner. She could only get better.

    Experience, Marvin knew, would help Sally's technique.

    The boy could see his hot sticky semen becoming increasingly inpatient inside the wrinkled sack that held his swollen testicles. He could feel his silver seed swimming sensuously. The handsome boy felt like his balls would burst; the tension was too great. He needed release. He could then feel his come moving from his scrotal sack to the base of his cock, right where the heel of Sally's palm was pressing. Sally wiggled the fingers of her left hand and massaged his balls which sent a ripple of pleasure rolling up and down the handsome boy's suddenly arched spine.

    He knew that the tickle at the base of his rigid phallus would only get worse as she continued to suck.

    The intensity of the already savage tickle would increase until his sexual tension reached saturation.

    The tickle would slowly transform into a fiery – comet-like – ball, signaling his orgasm's inevitability.

    The boy began to tremble.

    His face was beet red.

    He was slick with sweat.

    Perspiration dripped from his brow down onto his clenched eyelids.

    Sally began to bob up and down on his cock, sucking noisily.

    Whenever she could she rolled her tongue over his rock-hard glans.

    Then she felt that cock head begin to spasm against her lips and her inner cheeks. She could sense Marvin pressing the back of his head and his shoulders against the back of the car seat as hard as he possibly could.

    "Cccccooooommm'mminng!" Marvin cried out, and Sally realized that she only had seconds to wait before she would find out for the first time in her life what man come tasted like!

    Her curiosity was piqued. She wanted to be fed that hot meal.

    She had read all about masculine fuck juice. She knew it was good for her.

    She knew that the sperm was almost one-hundred percent protein.

    It was supposed to have the consistency of raw egg whites.

    What she didn't know was how much jam there would be.

    This part came as a surprise to the pretty little blonde.

    Suddenly, before Sally could become mentally prepared, her mouth was filled with his fuck juice. There was a lot more of the stuff than she would have thought. She puffed out her creamy cheeks and began to swallow as hard as she could in a vain attempt to keep all of the silver seed inside her mouth. She could feel some of the handsome boy's sperm oozing from, the corners of her gaping mouth. The goo rolled down onto her chin where some of it remained and some of it dripped onto the inside of her left wrist. The little girl loved the way the stuff felt as it rolled down her gullet toward the warm spot it was making in her belly. She could almost feel herself getting healthier as she drank his essential juice straight from the tap. The little girl pumped up and down on his cock shift with her tightly clenched fist, and she squeezed more firmly than ever at his exploding nuts. The boy could feel his orgasmic pleasure spreading in concentric circles to fill his entire body. He screamed bloody murder with the fantastic sensations he was experiencing. He howled at the full moon with his unadulterated physical joy. He could feel the bliss ripping into his already reeling brain. His back teeth came unclenched and his mouth fell gaping open. His lips at the corners were stretched tight. His lips were pulled back over his teeth. A single dilated vein at Marvin's right temple was throbbing visibly.

    It didn't take the pretty little blonde virgin long to realize that she loved the taste of his come.

    She thought that it was a little fishy, and a little Sally, but it was refreshing. She drank it down as if it were the elixir of life – of perhaps a vintage imported wine.

    She didn't stop sucking until the come stopped spurting out of his piss hole. She knew his orgasm was over when all of his muscles relaxed at the same time. His ass had been raised off the seat while he was shooting sperm. Now he lowered his bare buttocks back to the seat and let out a deep moan. He could feel the ecstasy of his orgasm being replaced by the warm contentment of his afterglow. The glow filled his groin. He could feel his heartbeat returning to normal.

    Sally could feel his cock losing its urgent rigidity right away. The little blonde had never been so horny in her life. She left her mouth on the head of his cock even after his orgasm was over. She liked the way it felt there. She could feel the cock shaft getting softer against her palm and the insides of her fingers. She held the cock upright as the force of gravity began to have an effect on the tip. The little girl finally pulled her mouth off of the tip. She closed her jaw for what seemed like the first time in ages. Her jaw felt rusty – as if it were badly in need of oil. She hadn't been aware of the ache while her mind was on sucking. It was only after Marvin's horniness was appeased that the little girl was conscious of her own discomfort.

    Sally stopped when her upper lip was only a fraction of an inch from the swollen lips on either side of Marvin's piss hole. She could see that the hole and her lip were connected with a bridge of conic. She pulled her mouth back an inch more and the string of semen broke in the middle. Half fell onto Sally's tooth and the other half rolled down his cock head – which was still dwindling as blood pumped back out of the dick.

    She pumped his cock one more time and saw a single bead of post-orgasmic fluid form at the hole. She licked the fluid away with a single swipe of her slightly curled tongue tip. She then used the flat part of her tongue to lick his cock clean. The head had been covered with a thin film of coagulating fuck juice. By the time she stopped licking his prick the only thing that was making his manhood wet and shiny was the little girl's sweet spittle.

    She was very hot.

    She knew she was in danger.

    Her willpower was weak.

    Her panties were soaked.

    She felt a great need to get naked.

    She was in the mood to get nude!

    She released her grip on his balls and let go of his cock.

    His prick fell onto the top of his thigh. Sally remembered the come that had dripped down onto her chin and she licked herself clean with a broad sweep of her pink taster.

    "You had better take me home, Marvin," she said.

    "It's still early," Marvin said with a deep moan.

    The tone of his voice rang with his disappointment.

    "I have to get up early in the morning," Sally said.

    This was a lie.

    She was afraid that her willpower would give out if she remained.

    She thought it would be nice to have her pussy eaten by the boy.

    When she started to think like that she knew it was time to go home.

    Marvin lifted his ass from the back seat of the car.

    He reached down and tugged up his jeans and his underwear together.

    He had to wiggle his ass from side to side to get them all the way up.

    Sally thought he looked very cute as he did this. She moved so she was sitting on the seat beside him. She opened her purse and pulled out a facial tissue to wipe her mouth. She didn't want to look a mess when she faced Daddy at home.

    The two got out of the car and moved into the front seat.

    Sally knew what she was going to do when she got home. She was going to kiss Daddy goodnight and go straight up to her room. Then she was going to touch herself and make herself come. Sally could tell that she wouldn't even be able to think about going to sleep until she had made herself come. She could feel a great tension in her lower abdomen and the ache in her pussy was worse than ever. She shifted her weight from one ass cheek to the other as she sat in the front seat of the car. Marvin turned on the AM radio and switched the tuner to the local rock and toll station. He then turned up the volume and began to beat out the rhythm of a hard rocker on top of the steering wheel with his fingertips. The boy cleared his throat and turned on the engine. He pulled out of the lovers lane and headed the car back toward town.

    The young couple had been making-out on a dirt road deep in a woods south of town. It was very secluded and the local cops never went there. Sally and Marvin both lived in the pretty little village of Caledonia, which was about eighteen miles south of Rochester, in Upstate New York. It was a sleepy conservative village where all of the houses were painted white with green trim. All of the narrow village streets were lined with mature maple trees. In the summer the streets of Caledonia looked like green tunnels. In the autumn there was much raking to be done.

    "Did you have a good time?" Marvin asked, driving like a maniac. He spun his tires on the dirt road and tore out of the lovers lane like a bat out of hell.

    "Oh yes," Sally said. She did not speak enthusiastically. She didn't want one blow job to go to the boy's head. She didn't want him to think that it was going to be a regular thing. "It was nice," she added.

    "I thought that it was the best orgasm I have ever had," Marvin said sincerely as he pulled onto the paved road that led into Caledonia. He did not drive as fast once he hit the main road. He didn't relish the thought of being pulled over by a cherry-top.

    "I'm glad you liked it. Remember it well. IT's the last one I will ever give you," Sally said. She had her knees together. Her tiny hands were folded in her lap.

    "But why?"

    Marvin was hurt.

    "I told you. I don't do that sort of stuff," Sally said.

    "But you just did!" Marvin said incredulously. He whined.

    "I felt sorry for you," Sally said. She knew the comment cut deep.

    Marvin was pissed.

    He didn't speak to her after that.

    He drove her straight home and let her out.

    Sally didn't even bother to kiss the handsome football quarterback good-bye. Sally was smart enough to know the high school jock was not in the mood. He looked like he would rather hit her than kiss her.

    "Just like men," Sally thought to herself as she got out of the car and ran up onto the front porch of her white home at 32 Genesee Street in Caledonia.

    She shrugged.

    "You give them an inch and they want to take a mile," she added to herself and walked in her front door. Sally entered the warm confines of the Symms livingroom.

    Sally lived alone with her father.

    She had never had any brothers of sisters. She was an only child.

    Her mother had died five years before. Cancer at thirty-three.

    It had been just Daddy and her against the world since then.

    Symm was sitting on the couch watching television. The out and the TV cast a flickering everything. The room had a blue hue.

    "Hello, sweetheart," MacIntyre exclaimed cheerfully as his beautiful daughter closed the door behind her and bounced over to the sofa.

    Sally plopped down on the davenport beside her loving father and draped her arm across his broad shoulders. She gave him a smacking kiss right on the lips and smiled brilliantly.

    "You are certainly in a good mood," MacIntyre said. "You must have had a good time with Marvin. What did you do park under the stars?"

    "A little."

    "I hope you didn't see stars."

    "Oh Daddy, you know that I am a good girl." Sally said.

    She was glad the room was dark. She could feel herself blushing.

    Even though she had kept her cherry, she felt as if she had been bad.

    Sally always had difficulty masking her shame when she was naughty.

    "Do you want to stay up and watch TV?" MacIntyre queried.

    "No thanks, Daddy. I'm pooped." Sally said sleepily.

    She stretched her arms up over her head – making her breasts rise inside her tee-shirt deliciously – and faked a yawn.

    "I think I am going to go straight up to bed," she said.

    "Okie-dokie," MacIntyre said. He was disappointed. "I'll see you in the morning, sweetheart."

    "Right-o, Daddy. I'll make you your favorite breakfast," Sally said. She kissed her Daddy once again and scampered up the carpeted stairs to her bedroom.

    Sally closed her bedroom door and did not lock it. She turned on the lamp on the night table beside the head of her bed and walked over to her closet. Sally stood in front of the full length mirror on the inside of her closet door. She couldn't wait to be naked. She knew that she could only feel free when she didn't have a stitch of clothes on. She wondered what the boys of Caledonia would think if they knew the raging fire she felt in her loins. She wondered what they would think if they knew the amount of time she spent thinking about how good it would feel being impaled on their longhorns.

    Sally worked her fingers under the bottom of her tee-shirt. She pulled the tee-shirt rapidly up over her head. Sally tossed it over her shoulder carelessly, without bothering to look where it landed. She was watching herself in the mirror. She watched her pert supple tits bouncing up and down a couple of times before they came to a rest high on her chest. Her nipples were very stiff and erect. They burned. She rolled her fingertips over them lightly. She could never remember being so horny. She had masturbated in the past – although not frequently – but she had never felt a craving between her legs like the one she was experiencing at that moment.

    The little girl unsnapped the top of her designer jeans and pulled down her fly. Her jeans were so tight that she had to peel them down over her round hips.

    She pulled her panties off at the same time and sighed with delight as she felt the soaking wet crotch of her underwear pull out from between her swollen outer labia.

    Her cunt could breathe.

    She kicked off her sneakers.

    She wore no socks.

    She pulled her jeans and panties off over her toes.

    Sally noticed that her toes curled under when she was horny.

    At that moment her chubby toes clutched the pile of the rug.

    Her bedroom was floored with wall-to-wall shag carpeting.

    She could feel her cunt glands secreting her natural lubrication in a steady flow. She could tell that it wouldn't be long before her musky cunt juice began to drool out of her cunt down the insides of her milky smooth thighs.

    Sally looked at herself naked.

    She knew she was beautiful.

    She knew the effect she had on men.

    Sally looked at her pubies. She had been aware for some time that she had less pubic hair than other girls her age. Most girls had an inverted triangle of hair on their mounds above their pussy slits. Sally knew this from showering with the other girls after gym class at school. Most girls also had hair growing along the sides of their vulvas and in between the cheeks of their ass – especially around their puckered assholes.

    But Sally's precious virginal poontang was almost bald.

    She had two tiny curls of blonde hair at the top of her slit.

    The curls were above and to either side of her clitoris.

    They were so light and downy that they were almost invisible.

    She had no hair at all along her outer cunt lips.

    This made her pussy flesh even pinker than it was.

    The crack of her ass was equally bald. Her asshole was a hairless pink asterisk. Her pussy slit was tiny and her inner lips – the lips that surrounded her unused fuck hole – protruded the farthest from her slash.

    Sally could feel her knees starting to shake.

    The muscles in her legs were feeling increasingly weak.

    Her knees trembled more violently. Her legs felt like jelly.

    Sally wasn't at all sure how much longer her legs would be able to support the weight of her body.

    Sally closed her closet door and walked over to her bed. She placed both of her foam-rubber pillows on top of one another and punched the top one with a tiny clenched fist to make an indentation for the back of her pretty head.

    She then sprawled on her back and settled her head into place. Her breasts heaved up and down with her rib-cage as her breaths became shorter and closer together.

    At first she stretched her legs out straight in front of her. She watched her tiny toes clutching at the balls of her feet. She could feel her natural lubrication dripping from the base of her poontang.

    The little girl could feel her cunt juice rolling over the inch long patch of skin between the base of her pussy slit and her pink puckered asshole.

    The anus itself was washed with juice just before the lubrication began to drip onto the bed. She could tell that there was going to be a big wet spot on the bedspread beneath her ass by the time she was through.

    She whimpered.

    She once again stroked her nipples.

    She got each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers.

    She pinched at her feminine erections gingerly at first.

    But then harder.

    Sally felt ripples of pleasure running up and down her spine.

    She found it increasingly difficult to keep her ass still.

    Sally began to gyrate her hips on the bed sensuously.

    She could feel sweat oozing from all of her body's pores.

    She could feel her skin become covered with gooseflesh.

    The little blonde hairs at the nape of her neck stood on end.

    Sally pinched at her nipples until it hurt a little bit.

    But she didn't mind.

    Her aroused brain was translating the pain into pleasure.

    Her pussy flesh was quivering. She was wanton. Wet. Needy of pleasure.

    She pulled on her rosebuds until the skin all around was stretched tight.

    Her face turned beet red and her lips trembled as if she were about to sob.

    She made a mental note to keep as quiet as possible.

    Naturally she did not want her father to know she was touching herself in an impure manner.

    She could feel her clit poking well out from under its foreskin.

    She released her grip on her nipples.


    Sally wanted to tease herself for a long time before she made herself come. She knew that the intensity of her orgasm was in direct proportion to the time it took her sexual anxiety to reach saturation. The longer she took to build up the tension in her loins the better it was going to feel when the tension was released in the form of a blissful climax.

    Sally opened her fingers and placed the palms of her hands over her tits. She positioned her white hands so that her erect nipples pressed precisely against the centers of her palms Sally squeezed and fondled her big tits lovingly. Her hands were not big enough to clutch those tits the way they needed to be clutched. That was a job for a man's hands. Hands like her Daddy's. Sometimes Sally found herself fantasizing about making love with her father while she masturbated. She discouraged herself from doing this, thinking it wasn't healthy. She knew that it was wrong to think about her Daddy in that way. But there were times when the pretty blonde virgin couldn't help herself. He was the best looking and sexiest man she had ever seen.

    Sally began to move both of her breasts simultaneously in slow sensuously circles. She pressed her tits together. The breasts were flattened at the sides and the cleavage between them was long and deep.

    She pulled the tits apart and pushed them upward. When she lifted the back of her head as far from the pillow as she could and stuck her tongue out as far as was physically possible, Sally could lick her own nipples! But she could not do it comfortably. She had never had anyone else lick her nipples, but she knew deep down inside that it had to be a thousand times better than doing it herself.

    She then released her grip on her tits. She ran the tips of her long red fingernails down the front of her body slowly. She was writhing wildly on the bed by this time. Her natural lubrication was rolling out of the base of her pussy in a steady flow. She could smell the scent of her womanhood waiting up toward her flaring nostrils from between her smooth parted thighs. Sally strained to get her legs apart as far as she could. Then she placed the balls of her feet flat on the foot of the bed. Her tiny toes clutched and gathered at the bedspread. Sally raised her knees in the air. She strained to get her thighs opened to an obtuse angle. She strained to point her knees at opposite walls of her bedroom. Sally's bedroom was covered with posters of her favorite rock stars. A menagerie of stuffed animals lived on top of her dresser.

    Sally traced a circle around her dimpled bellybutton with the tip of the long red fingernail on her right forefinger. She even dipped her fingertip into her navel – and found that this felt a lot better than she thought it was going to. She could feel her mouth fall open. She was surprised that it didn't tickle. The pretty little blonde was smart enough to realize that her nervous-system could not be sexually aroused and ticklish simultaneously.

    Sally stroked her abdomen, and the bald part of her mound. She twirled her twin curls of golden short and curly pubic hair around the tips of her forefingers – as if she were gathering spaghetti on a fork. Her natural urge was to dip her fingers into her honey pot right then and there. She could tell that she was not going to have to give direct stimulation to her clit for very long before the orgasmic explosions would begin in her pussy.

    Her honey pot was close to boiling.

    The little girl was whimpering.

    She released tiny moans at the end of each rapid exhale.

    Once again she told herself to keep the volume of her exclamations of self-induced passion to a minimum.

    Instead of going straight for her love button – like her body was telling her to – Sally began to massage and stroke the insides of her thighs. She placed the tips of her long red fingernails on her thighs very close to her bent knees and drew them down. She did not stop until her nails were only a fraction of an inch from the outer lips of her pussy. Her cunt throbbed. Her hips jerked. Sally could feel the muscles in her thighs tensing. She began to buck up and down with her ass, as if she were pretending that Daddy's cock was already inside her, dancing against the inner walls of her pussy, touching her in places where the virgin had never been touched before.

    Sally repeated the strokes of her thighs several times. She then lifted her feet off the bed and drew back with her knees. She pressed the back of her head and her slim white shoulders downward. She rolled onto the small of her back. She rolled her buttocks into the air. Sally tickled herself lightly behind her knees – a spot that she had learned to unexpectedly erogenous. She then stroked the backs of her thighs all the way down to the precious creamy cheeks of her round ass. She rubbed her ass cheeks gently for a moment and then began to knead the flesh with strong fingers. She treated her sensitive buttocks as if she were preparing unrisen dough for baking.

    Sally turned her fingers inward, toward the crack of her ass. Her nerve-endings were more concentrated and she was more sensitive the closer she got to her asshole. She could feel her anus burning with desire. She could feel a deep yearning inside her bowels. Sally knew that she was going to be the kind of woman who would let her man fuck her in all three of her holes. She had read about anal intercourse. She knew that there were a lot of women in the world who did not allow their men to fuck them in the ass. They thought that it was perverted – or they were afraid that it would be prohibitively painful. But Sally didn't feel that way at all. She figured there was no point taking on a lover, if she wasn't going, to let him penetrate her in every possible way.

    Sally pressed her fingertips into her ass. She pressed hard enough to pucker the flesh. She then began to pull the ass cheeks apart.



    She whimpered.

    She whined.

    She separated her buttocks as if she were parting the sections of a ripe fruit. She didn't stop pulling the cheeks apart until they would go no further. The skin in the crack of her ass was stretched tight. The puckers in her sphincter muscle were strained. She could feel her sphincter throbbing. She wondered what her whole looked like when it throbbed that way. She wondered if her pink nether eye looked as if it were winking. Sally held her as cheeks open with her left hand exclusively and used the tip of her right forefinger to explore between them.

    She placed the tip of that finger at the top of the crack of her ass which was closest to the bed.

    The little girl then ran the finger deep between the buttocks until she was massaging her aching rectum.

    She could feel her muscles tensing. She ran her finger in a little circle, tracing the ring of tight muscle tissue.

    Her button nose began to move up and down like a bunny's with her growing passion. There was a big part of the little girl that wanted to ram her finger right up her asshole. She had never felt that way before. But she didn't do it.

    She was afraid.

    She feared that she would hurt herself with her fingernail. And she was not about to ruin her perfect manicure so she could fingerfuck her own asshole.

    Sally lowered her feet back to the bed and drew her finger up the inch and a fraction to the base of her pussy slit. She shivered. The flesh was very swollen and very slippery. She could feel the sexual tension in her loins approaching the saturation point. She pulled her cunt lips gently apart and began to rub her fingertip lightly up and down the outer labia. She rubbed along the sides of the slit – but she never made direct contact with the center of her womanly pleasure. She was determined to explore all of the nooks and crannies of her pussy before she allowed herself the blissful release of a sexual climax. She wanted to see how long she could stay on the very edge of ecstasy without tipping over. Her breaths were very short. She could hear herself making gurgling noises deep in her throat.

    Sally ran her fingertip ever-so-lightly up and down the outer edges of her inner labia – the lips that protruded furthest from the soaking wet pinkness. Those lips curled back a little naturally when she parted her thighs. Her pussy was a rose-blossom in the springtime. Sally knew that she would have to fucked by a man's hard cock before her pussy would be a full-fledged flower.

    She worked her finger in between those lips so she could rub her urethra – directly below her clit.

    She worked her fingertip downward toward the mouth of her fuck hole. She bent at the knuckles as if she were going to ram her finger deep inside herself. But when she pressed the finger deeper she did not get very far. It wasn't long before the tip of her long red fingernail pressed against the thin wall of membrane that blocked the path to her womb.

    Her cherry.

    Her intact hymen.

    Her precious maidenhead.

    She pressed against the wall of flesh that had – for so long – protected the pretty blonde teenager's chastity.

    Sally did not know that at that exact moment her father was turning off the color television set.

    He had decided to retire for the evening, and was heading up the stairs. His bedroom was down the halt from Sally's room. He would have to walk right past her door to get to the master bedroom – the same bedroom where Daddy had slept with Mommy for years before she died.

    Sally could feel her sexual anxiety reach the saturation point.

    She pressed against the cherry until it was pulled taut.

    She had a great urge to plunge her finger through the wall of skin.

    She had never been touched on the other side – and her body told her that penetration would feel very, very good. But again her willpower took over. She did not want to pop her cherry. She wanted to offer her intact hymen to the man she chose to be her first lover.

    Sally used the tip of her left forefinger to pull her love button's foreskin upward. She peeled the fleshy sheath completely off of her little man in the boat.

    By doing this the pretty little blonde virgin rendered the center of her womanly pleasure completely exposed and vulnerable to her own caress.

    She clenched her back teeth.

    She closed her eyes tightly.

    Sally tensed all of her muscles.

    She touched her clitoris.

    The little girl felt a lightning bolt of pleasure rip through her. She dabbed at her clit with her fingertip, always pulling away before her orgasm had a chance to begin. Then she could take it no more. She placed her fingertip on the throbbing, ball of fiery flesh and kept it there. She could feel the savage explosions in her pussy starting. She tried as hard as she could to keep quiet, but she was unable to suppress a sharp grunt of wanton joy at that moment. The little girl began to roll her clit in a small circle, as if she were rolling a marble around in a sea of boiling oil. She started out doing this slowly and gently but rapidly increased the pace and pressure of the caress. She could feel her ecstasy starting in her clit. It soon spread to fill her entire convulsing vagina, and then to fill her lower torso. The physical joy ran all the way down her legs to her toes, which gripped and gathered the bedspread harder than ever. She could feel the bliss running up her spine to the base of her skull. The pleasure that tore into her reeling mind and her mouth fell gaping open. The pretty little girl began to toss her head wildly from side to side.

    Sally began to flick the tip of her finger back and forth across her spasming clitoris as hard and fast as she possibly could and she found that she was bucking about violently on the bed – making quite a fuss.

    At that moment MacIntyre Symms stood outside Sally's room.

    He heard the sounds she was making. Thinking that something was wrong the man opened the door to check on her – never once worrying about infringing on her privacy.

    Sally could feel her orgasm come to a sudden halt. Her afterglow was rich.

    She opened her eyes.

    She thought she was going to die. Sally could feel all of the blood drain from her face. Her hot perspiration of exertion immediately transformed into the cold sweat of terror. She found herself looking at Daddy.

    She thought he would be mad.

    She figured she would be punished for being naughty.

    Sally had been caught red-handed. Her legs were spread and her fingers were still in the pie.

    But MacIntyre was not angry at all. The man was aroused by the sight of his naked daughter spread on the bed. He could feel his balls start to ache. He could feet blood pumping into his cock.

    He stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. He smiled at the pretty blonde. He saw her as a sexual animal. It didn't matter that she was his daughter.

    "Don't look so scared, sweetheart," Daddy said calmly. "You have nothing to be ashamed of."

    Sally thought he was acting weird. She thought about scrambling to get under her covers – but she didn't. Her father had already seen everything he could see anyway. He looked like he found her sexy. Sally could feel her mind being boggled. This was like a dream come true. Daddy was actually looking at her with lust in his blue eyes. Was it possible that he felt the same about her as she felt about him? Sally prayed.

    "I thought that you were in pain," MacIntyre explained. "I'm sorry that I barged in without knocking."

    "It's okay, Daddy," Sally said. She could feel her heart pounding so hard that it was threatening to beat right out of her chest. She continued to pant. She could tell that she would not have long to enjoy her afterglow. She could tell that it wouldn't be long before that warm contentment would be replaced by rekindled lust.

    Incestuous passion.

    Sweet lust for Daddy's cock meat!!

    "You certainly have grown up to be a beautiful young lady."

    "Thank you, Daddy. I think you are pretty handsome, too."

    She was being a flirt.

    MacIntyre cleared his throat.

    "Do you masturbate often?" he asked. He sat on her desk chair.

    Sally stroked her own nipples. She was playing seductress.

    She was nervous – but she couldn't stop herself. The thought of actually fucking Daddy – as she had in so many sexy daydreams – made her inhibitions low.

    "Not too often. I was just horny after my date," Sally said.

    "You don't have sex with the boys you go out with?"

    "Never, Daddy. Honest. You can check. My cherry is there."

    "You had better be careful, little girl," MacIntyre said.

    "Why's that, Daddy?" the blonde virgin queried. She squirmed.

    "I just might take you up on it," he said breathlessly.

    "Please do," she said. She stared into his eyes. He could tell she meant it.

    "We shouldn't. It isn't right," MacIntyre said. He looked away from her.

    "Don't be such a fuddy-duddy, Daddy," Sally said softly.

    "It is against the rules," MacIntyre said. He wrung his hands together.

    "Who's rules, Daddy?" Sally inquired. She sat up in bed.

    She kept her thighs parted and turned so her father could once again get a full frontal view of her pink bald pussy lips.

    "Why, society's rules, of course," MacIntyre said, glancing up at her.

    He thought that she had the nicest tits he had seen since her mother had died.

    "Silly old, society," Sally said softly. "It's just you and me here, Daddy. Society is not involved."

    "Do you really want to make it with me?" Daddy asked.

    "I want you to fuck me worse than anything in the world," Sally said, conscious of the fact that she was using a vulgarity in front of him for the first time in her life. She wanted to drive her point home. She could feel her cunt flesh returning to full engorgement. A fresh flow of natural lubrication began between her inner pussy lips.

    "Last chance," MacIntyre said. He tilted his head slightly to one side and raised a single blonde eyebrow into an arch. Sally thought he was the best looking man she had ever seen. His hair was just as light as hers. His face was ruggedly handsome. His jaw was square. There was a dimple in the middle of his chin. His eyes were sparkling and blue – the color if a summer sky. His upper body was just as strong and broad as Marvin's. He was ever taller and heavier than the jock she had, sucked off earlier than evening.

    "Let's do it! Let's do it!" Sally exclaimed enthusiastically.

    MacIntyre moved across the room and sat on the edge of the bed. Sally draped her arms around his neck and hung from him like an albatross. She rubbed her tits against him. She could see a bulge forming in the crotch of his work trousers. Judging from the size of that bulge Sally figured his cock was even larger than Marvin's. She knew that her cherry did not have long to live. She swooned when she realized that her Daddy was going to tear part of her away – part that would never grow back. He was going to transform Sally from a little girl into a woman all in one fell swoop.

    She parted her lips.

    Her eyelids looked heavy.

    He kissed her.

    They rolled their tongues together. MacIntyre could feel his balls swelling rapidly as he had a wet internal swordfight with his beautiful daughter. His right hand went to her tits. He rolled his fingertips over her nipples. He pinched at her nipples lightly. He opened his fingers and placed his palm over her right tit. He clutched the boob entirely. He fondled it and massaged it. Sally's moan of pleasure was muffled.

    The kiss lasted for a long time.

    They swapped spit as they kissed sloppily. Both whimpered.

    MacIntyre stood up.

    "I think I am wearing entirely too many clothes," he said.

    His heart pounded. He was just as excited at the prospect of consummating this incestuous relationship as his pretty daughter was.

    He tore off his shirt. His chest was hairless, broad, and heavily muscles. The skin was stretched tight over his chest. The thick muscles were in slabs across his shoulders and back. The man was in perfect shape, in spite of his age. He had no spare tire. In fact, there wasn't an ounce of fat on him. He had exercised regularly to keep himself in perfect shape. He weighed in at two ten – all muscle.

    He kicked off his shoes and reached down and undid his trouser tops with trembling fingers.

    He pulled down his pants and stepped out of them – along with his underwear.

    He kicked off his to pull off his socks.

    Sally thought she was going to croak when she got her first glimpse of his cock and balls. They were humongous!

    Ten inches.

    As thick as her wrist.

    The throbbing boner was bouncing up and down wildly.

    His cock was attached to his loins by a tight springed hinge.

    The prick snapped upward with his incestuous passion.

    The tip came very close to slapping him in the belly.

    He stood with his feet a little more than shoulder-width apart.

    He stood with his shoulders back and his chin up.

    His chest was puffed out and his tummy sucked in.

    He stood with his knees slightly bent, hands on hips.

    MacIntyre stood with his hips in front of the rest of his body.

    His swollen testicles were huge at the base of his scrotum.

    His scrotal sack dangled low between his parted thighs.

    His blue eyes were fiery with his mounting lust. He stared at Sally.

    "You have a very big cock, Daddy," Sally said, feeling like Little Red Riding Hood.

    "The better to fuck you with my dear," Daddy said – the wolf.

    "Are you sure that big thing will fit inside me?" Sally asked.

    From appearances she thought they were planning the impossible.

    She figured there was no way her cunt could open enough to take the girth of her father's massive pole of manhood.

    "It will fit if you really want it to," MacIntyre said. It had been years since he had gotten laid. The man had not been with a woman since his wife had died – and that had been a long time ago.

    "I know you will be gentle with me, Daddy," Sally said.

    "I won't hurt you any more than I have to," MacIntyre replied.

    Sally sighed.

    She loved him very much.

    More than anything in the world.

    MacIntyre got back on the bed. He placed his hands on Sally's slim shoulders and gently pushed her onto her back. The pretty blonde could feel her cunt juices rolling into the crack of her ass. She could tell she was about to make a brand new wet spot on the bedspread – which was looking a bit on the crumpled side.

    They kissed once again.

    "I want to eat your pussy," MacIntyre whispered in Sally's ear.

    Sally could feel his hot moist breath inside her shell-like ear. She could feel all of the skin on her diminutive form being covered with gooseflesh and she could feel the little blonde hairs on the nape of her neck standing on end once again.

    MacIntyre flicked his tongue tip across her earlobe.

    He explored the inside of her ear with his bold taster.

    His tongue was curious as it licked her wetly, and she moaned.

    He began to kiss and lick up and down the sides of her neck.

    He used his white teeth to give her love bites along her jugular.

    "Taste my cunt. I feel like I am going to come just thinking about you wiggling your tongue around between my legs," Sally said. She could tell that the pleasure she would receive under Daddy's caress would be by far the best of her life. She could tell already that being touched by Daddy was going to be a thousand times better than touching herself.

    MacIntyre kissed the front of the little girl's throat.

    His sensuous mouth got closer to her heaving breasts.

    He showered her firm large tits with, little peck kisses.

    He kissed her boobs in ever-diminishing concentric circles.

    Each kiss was a little closer to her nipples than the one before.

    Those erect rosebuds yearned for his mouth. They demanded to be sucked!

    Then he parted his lips and stuck out his tongue very far.

    MacIntyre concentrated on keeping his tongue tip pointy.

    He placed the tip of his tongue directly on Sally's right nipple.

    The little girl let out a grunt of pleasure that emptied her lungs.

    She shivered as if she were going to shake out of her skin.

    "Suck! Suck my tits, daddy!" she bellowed. Her head began to toss.

    She gyrated her hips in quick circles as her handsome father rolled his tongue over her feminine erection.

    He covered the rosebud with a thin film of saliva. He then flicked his tongue back and forth across the nipple, and Sally ran her fingers though his hair.

    She scratched lightly at her loving father's pink scalp above his ears with the tips of her fingernails.

    MacIntyre wrapped his lips around the nipple and began to suck on it. He drew in his cheeks with the vacuum he created inside his oral cavity.

    He tugged the nipple deep into his mouth.

    He kept his tongue busy.

    "Harder! Oh God! Feels so good!" Sally hollered.

    MacIntyre thought his prick was going to burst. It seemed like a lifetime since MacIntyre had had a hard nipple inside his mouth.

    He clenched the nipple between his teeth and bit lightly.

    "Make it hurt! I can take it!" Sally screamed.


    The muscular blond man pulled on his little girl's feminine erection until the skin all around it was taut.

    He made a growling noise deep inside his throat, as if all of the civilized behavior had been sucked from him.

    He tossed his head from side to side wildly. For a moment the little girl thought he would tear the nipple off.

    But MacIntyre remained in control of himself – barely. He did not do the pretty little virgin serious harm.

    He released her nipple. He was panting wildly. Sally's request for pain had brought out his sadistic nature.

    It was a part of him that he usually managed to internalize. But he couldn't help but let it out with Sally.

    His deep, craving, incestuous passion made the man's animal instincts emerge full-force. Sally didn't mind.

    She had loved the pain. Her brain had translated it all into pleasure, just as she had anticipated.

    MacIntyre began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth across the other hard feminine erection.

    He repeated the whole process – from gentle licking to savage biting. Sally writhed in the throes of agony.

    The pretty little virgin's mind was completely boggled.

    She was astounded at the intensity of her sensations.

    She would have thought that such things were impossible.

    She didn't think a mortal being could know such wonderful joy.

    Sally was still whimpering after MacIntyre released the second nipple.

    She opened her eyes and jerked when she saw her nipples.

    They had grown longer than she had ever seen them before.

    An inch long.

    Very swollen.

    She felt dizzy.

    MacIntyre began to kiss his way down the front of his writhing daughter's body. Her skin was slick with sweat.

    He loved the way her Sally, smooth skin felt on his tingling lips as he rubbed them against her soft flat belly.

    He moved slowly toward the foot of the bed. His feet began to dangle off. He rolled on his stomach. His toes pointed downward.

    MacIntyre could smell his daughter's cunt. He sucked the scent of her delicious womanhood deep into his sinuses.

    MacIntyre moved so that his head was between Sally's parted thighs. He couldn't believe how beautiful her cunt looked. He had never seen a pussy with such little hair. His mouth watered. The handsome man licked his lips. Sally raised her knees in the air. She parted her knees as far as she could get them. MacIntyre could see her natural lubrication drooling from the bottom of her poontang.

    He thought that her cunt juice looked like melted pearls.

    He placed his nose very close to her cunt so he could get a rich whiff of funky cooze. He sighed as he exhaled. The man began to kiss and lick at the insides of Sally's creamy thighs, and it was next to impossible for the living doll to keep her ass still on the bed.

    "Oh Daddy, you make me so horny." Sally whimpered.

    "You have the prettiest little pussy," MacIntyre sighed.

    "I'm glad you like it. It is all yours," Sally said breathlessly.

    "It smells wonderful," MacIntyre said. Sally could feel his hot moist breath on her pussy flesh. She thought that her little man in the boat was going to come popping right out of her pussy at any second. Her clit's foreskin was pushed upward naturally by the size of the erect love button.

    "I'll bet it tastes just as good," Sally said. It was a not so subtle hint. MacIntyre was being a tease however, and he did not go for her cunt right away. He kissed and nipped with his teeth at the insides of her thighs. He placed both of his hands under her thighs and pushed upward. Sally found that she was forced to lift her feet off the bed. She rolled back onto her shoulders. She could tell that Daddy was going to give some good loving to her sweet fanny.

    He used his strong thumbs to pry her ass cheeks open.

    He placed his tongue tip at the top of the crack of her ass.

    His chin was very close to the bed and he stuck out his tongue.

    "Lick my asshole!" she screamed enthusiastically.

    And he did.

    He tongued her clean and all of her muscles tensed. MacIntyre had to hug her tightly to keep her from snapping her spine like a whip with the blissful rim job. At first MacIntyre traced the ring of sphincter muscle with just the tip of his tongue. He flicked back and forth across the hole for a couple of seconds. Her asshole was only an inch from the base of her pussy. He then licked across her asshole with the flat part of his tongue until all of the delicious anal flavor was gone. He had given rim jobs before. But this was the first time he had ever licked an asshole without having to worry about getting hairs on his tongue.

    "Stick it in! Stick your tongue up my asshole! Stick it in deep!"

    Her voice was very high-pitched. She wailed. Her face was red and drenched with sweat.

    As she tossed her head from side to side her hair flew through the air and some of it stuck to her wet face. She had to bluster her lips to get a couple of hairs out of her mouth. Her cunt felt like it was going to gush. She could feel the burning getting worse in her asshole, along with the craving for deep penetration in her bowels. She wondered if her Daddy would be willing to fuck her in the ass after he fucked her pussy. She had no idea how many times a guy was supposed to be able to get it up in one evening. In the fiction she had read the men could get boners whenever they wanted to – but she suspected that this was not the way it was in real life. Still, the pretty little blonde couldn't help but hope that her Daddy would have enough jam to bugger her deeply before the evening's incestuous passion session was complete.

    MacIntyre made his tongue stiff and pointy at the tip.

    He placed his tongue directly on her quivering rectum.

    He began to push forward, and Sally shuddered violently.

    She could feel her nether eye stretching open to take the tongue.

    She let out a harsh grunting sound – almost a cough.

    His tongue pushed deep inside – past the tube of tight muscle.

    The tip of his tongue found the softer, more elastic flesh of his pretty daughter's inner bowels. He wiggled the tip of his tongue around playfully, exploring as deeply as he could. He moved his tongue back and forth, and fucked her with it. But Sally could tell that his tongue was neither long enough, nor thick enough, to satisfy her anal cravings. The itch was deep inside. She knew that only her Daddy's ten inch lance of cock flesh could scratch that itch properly. The little girl could feel her cunt ache getting worse in leaps and bounds. Her whimpers became desperate and MacIntyre could tell that it was time to make her come. He had teased her for long enough. Besides, he was anxious to hear what his sweet daughter sounded like when she was battling in the throes of ecstasy. She had come when she masturbated, but she had been struggling to stifle her exclamations of bliss. That didn't count. This time she would be able to scream bloody murder when MacIntyre pulled her trigger with the tip of his tongue and launched her into never-never land.

    "My cunt!" she screamed.

    "Yes, sweetheart," MacIntyre said. He lowered her feet back to the bed on either side of him. If she closed her knees she would have hugged her Daddy's ears with the insides of her thighs.

    He placed his fingertips on her outer cunt lips. He pressed firmly and pulled the outer labia apart as far as he could. He stretched the cunt open until it looked like a slab of raw meat.

    He could see all of the nooks and crannies of her pussy. The folds of flesh parted so he could see it all.

    Even her inner cunt lips curled back a bit, and he could see her fuck hole oozing foamy juices.

    MacIntyre placed the tip of his tongue on the patch of mucous membrane between Sally's asshole and the base of her slit. He hummed happily to let his daughter know how good her cunt tasted.

    He licked upward and Sally thought she was going to die from the intensity of the ripples of pleasure that spread to fill her womanly torso.

    The man flicked the tip of his tongue up and down the stretched back outer lips of her quim – and even licked on either side of her clit. He flicked across the curled back edges of her inner lips. He worked the tip of his tongue between those lips and Sally let out a series of sharp grunting noises as she felt him massaging her urethra. He lowered his tongue to the mouth of her fuck hole and tried to push the stiff taster deep inside. But he quickly found her cherry, and pressed on it firmly. Any doubts the tall handsome blonde man might have had about his daughter's chastity were dispelled by this. He pulled his tongue all the way out of her cunt. He took a deep breath and puckered his lips. He blew cool air onto her love button and Sally shivered and sobbed.

    "Make me come," she whimpered.

    She begged for orgasm.

    He placed the tip of his right forefinger at the very top of her slit. He pressed and pulled upward – totally removing the flesh sheath from her little man in the boat. He blew air directly onto her clit and Sally could feel her baby blue eyes welling with tears. She had never known such sexual anxiety before in her life. She could think of nothing but her clit!

    "Make me come!"

    MacIntyre placed the tip of his tongue on her clit.

    Her electric pussy convulsions commenced immediately with the contact.

    He moved his tongue tip ever so subtly – but Sally acute arousal amplified her sensation a million times, and it felt as if an atomic bomb were going off inside her loins.

    "C-c-c-c-coming!!!" Sally stammered in her heat.

    Sally could feel the blasts of climactic ecstasy spreading to envelop her and she felt as if she were no longer on the bed but rather drifting upward, spiraling toward the ceiling, leaving this world, journeying into another dimension, visiting a world where time and space does not exist, trekking to a land where all that mattered was sensation.

    The land of the sensates.

    Her mouth fell gaping open and she made gagging noises.

    Her eyes were clenched tight. Her eyelids were wrinkled.

    Her face was reddened. Her features were badly contorted.

    MacIntyre had to pin her hips down to the bed with strong arms.

    Her bucking would have smashed his nose otherwise.

    He started out licking her love button very gently and slowly.

    But soon he was flicking back and forth across his daughter's center of womanly pleasure as hard and fast as he possibly could. He battered at her clit as if it were a small punching bag being worked over by a talented boxer. He pressed her clit against the base of her pubic bone and moved his tongue from side to side.

    Sally's sense of time was so distorted that the orgasm felt like it went on for many minutes – when in reality the entire climax was over in fifteen seconds.

    Just when Sally thought the spasms that ripped through her were bound to decrease in intensity, MacIntyre Symms did something that she had not expected.

    He wrapped his lips around her clit and the surrounding flesh.

    He began to suck her love button with a steady draw.

    His cheeks hollowed. He continued to massage the ball of fiery flesh with his tongue tip. Sally wondered if it were possible to pass-out from pure pleasure.

    He sucked and licked at her clit simultaneously.

    He did this until her orgasm was over. She suddenly collapsed on the bed.



    She struggled to catch her breath and listened to her heartbeat slowing to its normal pace. MacIntyre pulled his tongue and lips away from her pussy the second all of her muscles relaxed. He knew that she was too sensitive to be touched there during the first few moments of her post-orgasmic afterglow.

    He rested his chin on her bald mound and smiled.

    "Did that feel good, pumpkin?" the man asked.

    He knew the answer before he asked the question.

    "Oh Daddy, it was wonderful," Sally said. Her voice was weak. Sleepy.

    "Getting fucked feels even better than that," he said.

    "I find that really hard to believe, Daddy," she said.

    "It's true. Fucking is our greatest joy," MacIntyre said.

    "I can't imagine anything nicer than what just happened."

    "You won't have to imagine much longer, sweetheart."

    "I'll know?" Sally asked. She blinked away tears so she could focus her baby blue orbs properly.

    "Don't worry about it," MacIntyre said. "You'll know."

    Sally giggled.

    "What's so funny?" MacIntyre asked, tilting his head to one side.

    "Your face," Sally said. Her blue eyes had cleared and were twinkling.

    "What about my face?" MacIntyre asked, his eyes wide.

    "It's all wet," Sally said, laughing once again.

    "And whose fault is that, young lady?" he asked.

    "I'll take full responsibility," Sally exclaimed.

    "Why don't you lick my face clean pumpkin?" MacIntyre suggested.

    "It would be an honor," Sally said. He got up on his hands and knees.

    Sally immediately looked under him to see his cock. It was still a full-fledged boner. She was still in awe of the length and girth of that cock.

    "I'm scared, Daddy."

    "It will only hurt for a second," MacIntyre said. He prayed he was right. He knew that there were genuine grounds for her fears. After all, he was much larger than her. He prayed that he would not hurt her severely. He wanted to open up a new world for her. He wanted to make her first fuck one that she would want to remember fondly for the rest of her life.

    He placed the palms of his hands flat on the bed on either side of her pretty head. She looked up at him with complete trust on her face. He hoped that he would not let her down.

    He got up on his toes. His cock was pinned between their loins.

    Sally could feel her Daddy's dick throbbing against her belly.

    She could see how deep inside her the prick was going to go.

    The base of his cock was near her clit. The tip frighteningly high up on her soft, flat tummy.

    She could feel his balls against her hypersensitive cunt.

    He lowered his face down to her and she immediately began to lick her cunt juices. It didn't take her long to figure out that she loved the flavor of her own natural lubrication. She had never had the courage to lick her fingers after she masturbated.

    She did not stop licking him until all of the cunt flavor was gone. This turned naturally into a soulful kiss. They explored the insides of each other's mouths with their eager tongues. They licked each other's teeth, gums, cheeks. They sucked each other's tongues.

    "Fuck me," Sally said sweetly. "Pretty please!!"

    MacIntyre could not turn down a precious request like that.

    He supported the weight of his upper body exclusively with his left arm. He arched his back and lifted his loins away from his pretty daughter's, so only the tip of his prick was touching her, about half way between her dimpled bellybutton and her incredibly tiny pubic patch. The man reached back with his right hand and grabbed the base of his cock in a huge tight fist. He gave his thick pole a couple of quick squeezes, just to make sure that he was as hard and thick as possible. He was satisfied with the experiment, and used the same hand to guide the tip of his prick. He rubbed his bulbous purple glans, slowly, patiently, up and down her cunt slit, all the way from the base to the love button. He rubbed his spasming piss hole against her swollen clitoris for a few moments – which the virgin thought felt very good. But she could tell that her clit was no longer the center of her womanly pleasure. That role had been usurped by a new magic spot – deep inside her pussy. She could tell that the spot was not far from her dimpled cervix, on the upper wall of her vagina. It was past her cherry, in a spot where she had never been touched before. She could tell that something wonderful was going to happen inside her when the head of his cock rammed against that spot. She could tell that she was going to have a deep-vaginal orgasm – which would be unlike any other climax she had ever experienced. As MacIntyre rubbed his glans up and down her quim he was lubricating himself. He wanted his cock head to be a slippery as possible before he tried to push it in her tight virgin hole. Finally he moved the head of his cock down to the base of her slit and he adjusted his hips so that shaft of his cock was at the appropriate angle for vaginal penetration. The handsome muscular man tensed the muscles in his ass cheeks. He pressed his buttocks together as tightly as he could. The world's strongest man would not have been able to pry those ass cheeks apart with a crow bar at that moment. The blond man took a deep breath and began to push down with his hips.

    Sally could feel the pressure on her pussy increasing.

    She tried to relax the muscles at the sides of her vulva.

    But this was almost impossible.

    She was frightened as well as horny. She knew that there would be a horrible pain inside her pussy at any second.

    Once the penetration began it all happened very quickly.

    Sally's inner cunt lips were forced to stretch further open at that moment than they had ever stretched before.

    She could feel her nether mouth open till gaping. Her inner labia struggled to clutch the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans.

    MacIntyre could feel the tip of his prick on her cherry.

    He could tell that it would take brute force to break through.

    He let out a grunt and stabbed downward with his spear.

    Sally heard a ripping sound inside her. Her cunt was on fire with pain.

    She felt as if she had been stabbed in the cunt by a red hot poker. Her cherry had popped like a cork out of a champagne bottle.

    She screamed bloody murder. Drool rolled from one corner of her mouth.

    Her eyes welled with fresh tears as she wept in her agony.

    "Should I stop? Does it hurt too much?" MacIntyre queried.

    It was clear from the tone of his voice that he was hoping the answer was no.

    "DEEPER!" she screamed.

    She could already feel the intensity of the pain fading.

    The little girl could tell that the worst was over.

    Even though her cherry was gone it would still be no easy task to get all ten inches of that prick inside her tight pussy. Her inner cunt walls were shriveled and closed from lack of use. MacIntyre had to pry them open with the head of his cock. He would have to stretch both the back wall and the side wails to full capacity if he was going to achieve the complete vaginal penetration they both sought.

    He pressed down very hard – and still the tip of his thick cock only moved inside his pretty daughter's cunt a fraction of an inch at a time. Sally could feel the sharp pain of her cherry-popping turning into a dull ache – an ache that blended perfectly with the ache of desire she was experiencing.

    Sally could feel the tip of his cock getting ever closer to the magic spot inside her. She could tell that her father was going to do more than touch her in places that she had never been touched.

    Much more.

    He was going to touch her in places that she didn't even know she had.

    Deep places.

    Internal places.

    Secret places.

    Womanly places.

    She yearned to be completely impaled on his awesome purple lance – like a butterfly on a pin on display under glass!

    She could feel something wet and sticky mixing with her natural lubrication. She realized that this was her own blood – blood from her recently opened wound.

    She could tell that her Daddy's cock would be wearing a crimson coat by the time the incestuous hump was complete. The stain on the bedspread was going to be a different color than she had imagined.

    Then the tip of his cock rammed into the magic spot at the top wail of her inner pussy near her dimpled cervix, and, just as anticipated, she burst into an orgasm that was different from any other she had ever had.

    Her first deep-vaginal come!

    She found that it was shorter and sharper than the clitoral orgasms she had had. And the best thing about it was she could tell it was only the first of many she would have during the course of her first lay.

    As she came the muscles at the sides of her cunt relaxed.

    She all but forgot about the agony she had been in only moments before.

    MacIntyre found that he could slide his cock into her with greater rapidity.

    Her rose blossom had become a full-fledged flower.

    She began to press up with her loins – trying to help.

    "deeper, daddy! All the way in!" Sally wailed.

    Sally lifted her feet up off of the bedspread and stuck her legs up in the air. For a moment her toes were pointed and her knees were straight so that she was making a perfect "vee" with her shapely gams. She hugged at the sides of her Daddy's slim yet powerful hips with the insides of her smooth thighs.

    Sally then turned her toes inward and bent at the knees so she could cross her ankles at the small of her Daddy's humping back.

    She draped her arms around his back and scratched him between the shoulder blades lightly with the tips of her long red nails.

    She hugged him with her arms and her legs at the same time.

    Sally could feel the head of his cock against the back wall of her cunt.

    She continued to stretch. He continued to violate.

    She couldn't believe how stuffed she was with his tube steak.

    Again the handsome blonde man stabbed down as hard as he could. Her inner lips gripped at the base of his cock. He was all the way in.

    Sally could feel the tip of his pole throbbing deep inside her belly. She wanted him to start fucking right away.

    Instead he continued to press down. His pubic bone was against her. His balls were in the cheeks of her ass. She hugged at his hips hard with her thighs. He moved his hips in a slow circle.

    MacIntyre stretched the inner walls and the lips of her cunt in every possible direction with those hip movements.

    "F-f-f-fuck!" Sally begged.

    His cock was so thick that it would rub back and forth across her clit once he began the old in and out!

    Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, MacIntyre began to pull up with his hips. He withdrew his cock.

    He didn't stop pulling out until once again only the head of his dick was inside her bleeding quim.

    He looked down and saw the blood on his prick. This sight brought out his sadistic nature. He took a deep breath and rammed the entire length of his dick into her with a single stab.

    Sally thought her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.

    Her lungs emptied and she sounded asthmatic as she struggled to inhale again.

    She had no idea that her pussy could go from empty to full so fast. She could tell that her Daddy wouldn't have to do that too many times before she would have her second come of the fuck.

    And she could already tell that the second one was going to be even more intense than the first.

    MacIntyre began to fuck her with a smooth steady motion.

    He used the entire length of his prick with every stroke.

    Her inner lips were stretched out and pushed in grossly.


    "daddy! It feels so good!" Sally screamed out in bliss.

    "Shhhhh, my love. Just ride with the pleasure," he said.

    Sally rammed up with her hips each time he rammed down with his.

    Their loins slapped together rhythmically as they humped.

    The little girl could feel her orgasms getting closer together.

    It got to the point where she was having difficulty determining when one orgasm ended and the next one began. They ran together. It felt more like she was having one continuous mind-boggling orgasm than it felt like she was having a series of shorter climaxes strung closely together. The little girl could tell that those orgasm were not going to stop until her handsome father ended the act by spilling his seed deep inside her pussy – where she felt his spunk belonged!

    She didn't bother counting her orgasms after a point. She couldn't think of numbers. She could only think of the awesome pleasure that was filling her clutching body.

    The man could feel the tickle of anticipation getting steadily worse at the base of his cock. He could tell that he wouldn't be able to fuck for much longer. He could tell by the acuteness of the arousal that he would soon pop his rocks. Sally could tell by the frustrated little sounds her handsome blonde father was making in the back of his throat that the fuck did not have long to last. MacIntyre shifted his hips into high-gear. He shifted his cock into overdrive. They wailed into the homestretch of their incestuous union, and their loins slapped together harder and faster than ever. Their sweat pooled and blended on Sally's belly and breasts.

    The little girl felt her Daddy ram his cock all the way into her. She could feel her inner cunt lips struggling to grip the base of his pole. She could feel the tip throbbing inside her belly. The back wall and side walls of her pussy were stretched tight. If his cock had been a millimeter thicker or longer the pretty little girl was sure than he would have torn her wide open internally with his tool.

    "I-I-I-I-I can't stop coming, daddy!!!" the little girl screamed. She then let out a cry of joy that only the stray dogs who might have been wandering around the Caledonia neighborhood would have been able to hear it. The little girl could feel her father's cock spasming inside her and this sensation triggered her final orgasm of the fuck. She was pleased by this a great deal. The pretty little blonde girl, loved the idea that she and her handsome Daddy were having their sexual climaxes simultaneously. Sally – being a romantic – began to feel that there was only one orgasm and the two of them were sharing it. They screamed together. Father and daughter sang a duet in homage to their shared bliss. He spat his huge wad of creamy come into her seething hole, bathing the internal walls of pink mucous membrane with spunk. They trembled together and clutched at one another as if the world were about to come to an end.

    And then it was over.

    MacIntyre fell limp on top of his exhausted little girl.

    For a moment the full weight of his upper torso was on Sally's chest – making it difficult for her to breathe. Her huge breasts were pressed flat against his muscular chest. Her nipples were still hard and erect.

    Then MacIntyre managed to push down with the palms of his hand and arch his back a little. Sally could feel his cock losing its urgent rigidity within her. The back wall and side walls of her cunt were allowed to relax a little. Now the little girl felt as if she and her loving Daddy were sharing a common afterglow.

    The handsome man could hear his racing heartbeat slowing to normal. He felt as if his comely little girl had sucked his balls dry with her tight pussy.

    The muscular bone could feel the blood of his arousal pumping back out of his cock. He was getting softer and littler by the second. But he did not pull out.

    He liked the way his cock felt inside his daughter's cunt. His prick felt like it belonged where it was – being hugged by Sally's internal parts.

    The pretty little blonde found that she could contract her vaginal muscles now that he was smaller and playfully squeeze at his deflating phallus.

    This brand of non-verbal communication couldn't help but make the father and daughter love-making team feel more intimate than ever. They were very in love – in every possible way.

    MacIntyre lowered his head and kissed his daughter gently on the tip of her button nose. She opened her eyes and looked into his. Her facial expression was filled with a genuine adoration. She wanted to be his sex slave. She would have done anything to please her loving Daddy at that moment – without regard to any personal discomfort the act might have caused.

    Sally smiled and her eyes twinkled merrily. They were still a little red and swollen from the tears she had spilled when her cherry had popped.

    Beautiful Sally Symms slowly uncrossed her ankles at the small of her father's back and placed the balls of her feet flat on the bedspread on either side of MacIntyre's knees.

    Finally the man pulled up with his hips and his flaccid cock came popping out of her seething boiling mass of cunt flesh. He rolled over on his back beside her.

    "You are all bloody," Sally said.

    "Who's fault is that?"

    "I'm not sure. But I'll take the credit."

    "Maybe I should go take a bath," MacIntyre said.

    "I'll give you a bath. With my tongue," Sally exclaimed.

    "You don't have to do that, sweetheart," MacIntyre said.

    "It's okay, Daddy. I want to lick the blood off," she said.

    "But why?" he asked. MacIntyre felt like a cigarette.

    Sally rolled over on her side and rubbed her tits against him.

    She moved her pouting lips very close to the side of his neck.

    His face was still a little red from his recent exertion.

    The skin all over his body was slick with perspiration.

    "I just want to find out what it tastes like," Sally said. She licked her lips lightly with the tip of her tongue to moisten them.

    "I think you are cute," MacIntyre said. Now his blue eyes were twinkling. He moved his right hand to her breasts so he could fondle them affectionately.

    "And I think you are the most handsome man I have ever seen," Sally said. She ran the tips of her long red fingernails over his muscular chest.

    "I hope I didn't hurt you too much when I popped your cherry," MacIntyre said. He had the fingers on his right hand spread apart as far as he could get them.

    "It only hurt at first, Daddy. After a while it started to feel really good," Sally said. She ran her arched fingertips over his tiny male nipples.

    "I told you, didn't I? And wasn't it better than when I ate your pussy?" MacIntyre asked. He pressed with his fingertips firmly. Her breast flesh puckered under the pressure a bit and the little girl moaned.

    "You had better cut that out, Daddy, or you are going to make me horny all over again," the pretty little blonde said with a charming giggle.

    "And what would be wrong with that. If you are horny I will appease you. We have the rest of our lives to give each other pleasure," MacIntyre said turning up one corner of his mouth.

    "Ummmmmmmmmmm," Sally said. She hummed with her pouting lips pressed firmly together. She could feel her hard nipple against the center of Daddy's palm.

    "Were you telling the truth when you said that you couldn't stop coming?" MacIntyre asked. He began to move her breast in a slow sensuous circle. He could feel Sally's mouth running up and down the side of his neck, behind his ear.

    "Absolutely, Daddy!" Sally said enthusiastically, although her voice was no more than a whisper. "I must have come a zillion times while your cock was inside me."

    "I'm so pleased. I guess that means that you are going to want to do it again," MacIntyre said. His chest moved up and down as he offered a laugh.

    "I should say so. I want to do it again as soon as your cock gets hard again," Sally said. She ran the tips of her fingernails down his flat hard stomach toward the top of his golden pubic patch. The little girl could see that the base of that yellow patch was stained also by the blood from her pussy wound.

    "Oh Sally. This is like a dream conic true for me. It has been hard for me – living alone with you for all of these years. Wanting you, but afraid to touch you."

    "You don't have to worry about that any more, Daddy. From now on we can have sex whenever you want it. If you feel the slightest bit horny, you just let me know," Sally said. She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth rapidly across her loving father's earlobe. The man moved his thumb and forefinger to her nipple and pinched it lightly. Sally whimpered and let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

    "It feels so good touching you giving you pleasure," MacIntyre said. He pinched her nipple more firmly and saw his lovely daughter jerk a little bit.

    "There was one point, while you were fucking me, when I thought I would pass out – just because the pleasure you were giving me was too intense."

    "I guess you saw the fireworks then, huh, little girl?" MacIntyre asked. He could feel his cock sprawled limp on the top of his thick muscular thigh. His balls were no longer swollen. But he got the impression that he wasn't going to have to wait for very long for his horniness to return. There was something about his sweaty naked daughter at his side that let MacIntyre know he wouldn't have to wait for very long at all before his sexual arousal would be rekindled.

    "Just like on the Fourth of July," Sally said. She used the tip of her bold and curious tongue to explore the inside of her father's ear. She pulled back out when she tasted something bitter and harsh to her tastebuds.

    Sally then kissed lightly down the front of his body. She began a long journey with her tingling lips and slightly swollen tongue that wasn't going to stop until she got to his blood-soaked prick. She kissed down the front of his throat. The pretty little girl flicked the tip of her tongue across MacIntyre's Adam's apple for a moment – which felt a lot better than the handsome blonde man thought it was going to. He could feel the palms of her sweet hands on his chest. The little girl parted her lips and stuck out her tongue so she could lick and suck at his tiny nipples – just as he had done for her. His muscles tensed and he fidgeted on the bed as she gave him pleasure. Sally was somewhat surprised to find out that a man's nipples were just as sensitive as her own. She had always wondered why men had nipples in the first place. They didn't seem to serve any purpose. She figured that if they were erogenous zones, well, that was a good enough reason for her. She sucked and licked at his nipples for a long time and noticed that they got harder and larger with the direct oral stimulation – just as her own would under the same conditions. She then kissed down the man's belly. She could tell that she was getting more blood on the bedspread as she rolled onto her tummy – but she didn't care. The damn bedspread was going to have to be washed anyway. It stopped mattering how dirty it got. She tried not to look at the stain she had made while she was getting laid however. She knew that it was all natural and stuff, but her stomach felt a little nervous when she looked at her own blood stain. She knew that that would not be a problem when she licked her father's prick, however. Sally knew that anything that came off of Daddy's tool would taste delicious to her.

    Sally moved so that her legs dangled off the foot of the bed.

    MacIntyre lifted his right leg high in the air for a moment.

    Sally crawled underneath his thigh and he lowered the leg.

    She had her face in between his legs. She was looking at his cock.

    Her feet were pointing downward toward the floor of her bedroom.

    She propped herself up a little on her elbows and blew cool air on MacIntyre's cock and balls – which made the handsome man whimper with pleasure.

    She then placed the tip of her fingers on the base of his balls and lifted them so she could get her tongue beneath them. Even when flaccid his cock was still a beautiful thing to behold. The little girl could see that the blood on his dick was concentrated most thickly in a ring around the base. She could see that that blood was already starting to dry and get crusty. It was turning a brownish color. She figured she had better hurry. Sally didn't feel like getting anything in her mouth that she would have to chew. Some things were above and beyond the call of duty, as far as the little girl was concerned. Sally could feel a soreness in her ravaged cunt. She wanted to take a shower soon after she finished licking her Daddy's dick. She wondered if she would make him hard by licking and sucking his cock. She hoped so. She wanted him to get another boner right away. Sally loved the way his dick looked best when it was fully engorged with blood and hungry to penetrate one of her hungry fuck holes.

    Sally placed her tongue at the base of his scrotal sack.

    She began to flick the tip back and forth lightly and quickly.

    MacIntyre placed the balls of his feet flat on the bedspread.

    The handsome blonde man lifted his knees high in the air.

    He parted his knees as far as he could get them at that moment.

    He closed his eyes and turned his mouth into a brilliant smile.

    His pearly white teeth beamed at the ceiling of Sally's bedroom.

    Sally licked at the patch of skin between his balls and his anus.

    The pretty little girl was eager and enthusiastic with her caresses.

    She used the flat part of her tongue to broaden her tongue strokes.

    MacIntyre pressed down with his feet and the back of his head.

    The handsome man arched his back and lifted his ass from the bedspread.

    Sally could tell that her fattier was yearning to be rimmed.

    She used her delicate fingertips to pull his ass cheeks apart.

    She pulled until the skin in the crack was taut and she could see her target.

    His pink puckered rectum was ringed with short and curly hair.

    The hair that grew around his asshole was just as blonde as the rest.

    It was at that moment that MacIntyre Symms could feel the ache returning to his balls. He could feel his testicles begin to swell once again. Soon his scrotal sack would feel as if it were filled with a thousand bumble bees all poised to sting his glands simultaneously.

    The handsome blonde man could feel his pretty daughter's tongue tip at the top of the crack of his ass. She had her chin close to the bedspread. She began to flick back and forth wildly and quickly moved her eager taster to his asshole. He hummed with pleasure, pressing his lips together and closing his eyes more tightly. She ran the tip of her tongue in a small circle all around the ring of tight muscle there. She decided that she would treat his anus just like he had treated hers earlier. She flicked her tongue across the bunghole for a little while and then licked across the nether eye with the flat part of her tongue until all of the delicious anal flavor was gone.

    "Oh, God, baby, it feels so good when you tongue my asshole. I can feel the pleasure shooting right into my cock!" MacIntyre said wailing in his bliss.

    Sally made her tongue stiff and pointy at the tip so she could insert it inside the whole and explore her handsome father both internally and externally.

    "That's it, sweetheart!" MacIntyre screamed. "Stick your tongue deep inside my asshole! As deep as you can!" His voice was shrill with his mounting passion.

    Sally managed to push the tip of her tongue past the tight tube of sphincter muscle until she could feel herself licking at the softened tissues of her daddy's bowels. She still had his balls lifted on her fingertips, and now she could feel his twin glands of manhood throbbing against her hand.

    Sally worked her tongue in and out of his hole for a while.

    MacIntyre reached down to hold his own ass cheeks apart.

    Sally then pulled her tongue out of the hole and smacked her lips.

    "Tastes great, Daddy," Sally said, rolling her saliva in her mouth.

    "I'm glad you like it, sweetheart," MacIntyre replied.

    Sally began to lick at his scrotum with her puffy tongue.

    She drenched the wrinkled sack with her mouth water lovingly.

    She could see the blood pumping back into his prick.

    Sally's eyes lit up. He was getting another boner!!!

    Sally parted her lips and made her mouth cottony soft.

    She wrapped her lips around her Daddy's right nut gently.

    "Suck! Suck! Suck!" MacIntyre screamed in a frenzy.

    The handsome blonde man gyrated his hips violently.

    Sally had to move her head and shoulders to keep her mouth where she wanted.

    She drew in her cheeks with the vacuum she created in her oral cavity.

    The pretty little blonde made wet sucking noises with her mouth.

    She continued to flick her tongue tip across the swollen gland.

    Daddy's ass cheeks flexed as his come replenished rapidly.

    His huge scrotum once again felt filled to the brim with semen.

    He would have thought that he hadn't come in years just then.

    He couldn't believe how intense the ache in his groin became.

    He couldn't even tell that Sally had fucked him only moments before.

    Sally sucked on both of his balls for a very long time and his cock got a little bigger with each beat of his heart. She could see his prick move off of the top of his thigh to his belly. The growing dick sprawled on the handsome man's rock hard stomach with the tip pointing toward his face. Sally could see that the thick purple head became engorged before the shaft. The purple glans was already looking like an edible mushroom before the stem began to thicken and harden. She could see the tip of his cock inching its way toward his chest. She knew that the tip would move well past his belly button before the engorgement was complete.

    She placed her tongue at the base of his cock where the accumulation of blood was thickest. She had to flake the blood off with a stiff tongue tip – and just as she had figured, she didn't find the flavor gross at all. She licked eagerly and didn't stop until there wasn't a trace of blood left. By this time the man was once again panting like a wild animal and his huge muscular chest was heaving up and down with his animalistic panting.

    Sally then placed the tip of, her tongue on the underside of his prick at the base and began to flick her way toward the tip. She ran the palms of her hands over his loins, belly and chest, as her tongue moved a fraction of an inch toward his cock head. She found that Daddy was very sensitive just below the cock head – just as she had found with Marvin earlier in the evening. She wondered what Daddy would think if he knew that this was not the first blow job she had given. Would he be jealous? She couldn't be sure. She knew one thing for sure. This was neither the time not the place to make any confessions.

    Sally worked her fingers between MacIntyre's flat tummy and the top of his cock with her wrist turned so that her palm was facing the ceiling of the bedroom. She wrapped her fingers tightly around the shaft of his cock. The little girl was not surprised to find that her fingers did not make it all the way around the shaft without the help of her slightly curled long red fingernails.

    Sally then rolled her tongue lazily over the head of her Daddy's cock, covering the entire glans with a thin film of her hot spittle. She playfully flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across his piss hole and this made the handsome blonde man bounce his ass up and down on the bed – jerking upward with his amazingly slim loins.

    Sally could tell that she was going to have to open her mouth as far as she possibly could to get the head of Daddy's awesome pole between her stretched lips. His cock was even thicker than Marvin's and she could tell that the corners of her mouth would be pulled back as she tugged at his tool with her mouth.

    Sally relaxed the muscles in her jaw as much as she could.

    She allowed her mouth to drop so it was gaping open.

    She could feel her jaw threatening to lock in the open position.

    She moved the head of his cock to her mouth and slid her lips over the cap. MacIntyre let out a deep grunting noise of pleasure as his daughter began to suck him. His cock was once again ten inches long. The head was inside his pretty little girl's mouth and she was sucking him lovingly.

    He was on top of the world – he couldn't get any higher.

    He figured he had to be the luckiest guy in the world.

    MacIntyre Symms was the happiest man on the face of the Earth.

    Sally Symms couldn't have been happier herself. It was her greatest fantasy. Just when she needed cock meat most her Daddy came along. She wanted him to fuck her in all three holes before the sex session was through. As she struggled to wrap her lips around the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans she wondered what she could do to maximize his pleasure. She knew. She would have to offer her throat to him. She remembered ramming Marvin's cock into her gullet. She remembered how much it hurt. And Daddy's cock was bigger. But she had to do it. She had to be a complete lover for her handsome Daddy. She had to offer herself completely. She had to prove herself worthy of being his slave. He didn't have to worry. He had already proven himself worthy of being her master when he fucked her. Now it was the little girl's turn to give absolute joy. She wanted to suck him with both her mouth and her gullet. The pretty little blonde relaxed the muscles in her throat as much as she could. She began to press down with her head and shoulders. She moved on the bed so she could straighten her neck and make the complete violation of her oral cavity as comfortable as possible for both of them. MacIntyre wanted to tell his pretty daughter that she didn't have to do what she was doing. He could hear her making painful gagging noises as the humongous head of his prick moved into her throat. Sally could feel fresh tears welling in her baby blue eyes and she could tell that those orbs were once again becoming red and swollen. Just as she had felt when she took Marvin in her gullet, the pretty little blonde felt as if she had been stabbed in the throat with a red hot poker. But she tried as hard as she could not to think of her own personal discomfort.

    Her lips slid down the shaft of his cock a fraction of an inch at a time. Sally told herself that she should pretend she was a sword-swallower in the circus.

    Sally found her throat muscles relaxing – more out of trauma and fatigue than anything else, she decided.

    She would have made a good sword-swallower, MacIntyre could tell.

    She was determined to not stop pressing down, with her head and shoulders until her lips were wrapped around the base of his throbbing purple phallus.

    MacIntyre could feel her gagging muscles on his cock.

    His tool of manhood was stimulated by her sweet gullet.

    Her throat walls were very tight and had to stretch to take him.

    Every time she convulsed he moaned with deep pleasure.

    The handsome man began to snap his hips upward with lust.

    His incestuous desires enhanced his sadistic nature.

    He wanted to ram his cock all the way into that sweet puss.

    He didn't want his daughter to give him a blow job.


    MacIntyre Symms wanted to fuck his pretty daughter's face.

    Oh yes!

    Finally Sally got the whole cock inside her. Her lips grabbed him at the hilt. She couldn't believe how full of dick her throat was. It was awesome. Her whole head could feel the throbbing in his rigid prick.

    She stopped gagging.

    Sally pulled up on his dick until once again only the head was inside her sucking mouth. She was still sucking as hard as she possibly could. She cupped one hand under his balls and began to squeeze in sync with his racing heartbeat so she could simulate the natural throbbing he was feeling there with her fieni caress. The little girl could tell that it didn't make any difference how far apart she stretched her slim fingers. She wasn't going to be able to clutch the entire huge scrotal sack in the cupped palm of her tiny hand at one time no matter how much she stretched.

    MacIntyre grunted.

    The handsome blonde man could feel the sexual tension in his loins and groin growing in leaps and bounds and he moved his large hands to the top of pretty Sally's head.

    She made a muffled sound.

    He worked his fingers through her golden locks until he was pressing his strong fingertips against her pink scalp. He worked his fingers a fraction of an inch at a time toward the base of her skull. He turned his wrists so that his palms were over his comely daughter's shell like ears and perfect peaches and cream cheeks.

    He held her tightly.

    He gripped Sally's head so hard that he held it immobile. From this point on the handsome man was going to do all of the work with his slim yet powerful hips.

    He began to fuck.

    He slid his dick in and out of Sally's ravaged throat.

    She sucked him with both her mouth and her hot gullet. She found that she could now control the muscles inside her gullet.

    She could use those spasming muscles to give her Daddy pleasure – which, after all, was the whole idea!!!

    MacIntyre could feel the trickle at the base of his cock returning.

    He rammed his cock into her mouth harder than ever at that point.

    He had to be careful not to smash her nose with his bucking pubic bone.

    The little girl could feel her throat muscles relaxing completely.

    She learned the joys of that womanly penetration with time.

    Sally Symms forgot all about the pain she had felt seconds before.

    Her tears stopped spilling and her eyes began to sparkle.

    The man fucked her face faster and faster, harder and harder.

    He could feel her tiny hand pulsing at his balls as he fucked.

    He used the entire length of his lance with each fuck stroke.

    He pulled his dick almost all the way out of her mouth each time.

    And he always rammed it all the way in with each upward thrust.

    He could feel his sexual anxiety reaching the saturation point.

    He wanted to shoot his second wad right into her sweet mouth.

    The handsome man could feel the tension reach the point of orgasmic inevitability.

    Sally found herself wondering what her Daddy's come would taste like.

    Would it be the same as Marvin's – or would it be different?

    One thing was for sure.

    The little girl was not going to have to wait long to find out.

    She could feel his cock getting even thicker and harder.

    The man trembled. All of his muscles tightened just then.

    MacIntyre's face was very red. He was slick with his sweat.

    He loosened his grip on the sides of her head as he felt his internal volcano erupt. His lava was about to flow. Sally pulled up with her lips so that they were once again gripping at the ring of scar tissue at the base of his cock head.

    The pretty little blonde teenager could feel her handsome father's glans spasming against her sweet mouth.

    The diminutive daughter could feel his convulsions against her lips, and the insides of her soft cheeks.

    The little girl then felt her mouth filled with Daddy's thick fuck juice, and she began to swallow the stuff.

    "Ccccoooommmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!" MacIntyre called out in a fury. He was blowing his top. He could perceive the little spots of brilliant light flashing across the insides of his tightly clenched eyelids.

    Sally was amazed at how sweet his semen was. It tasted like it had honey in it – or something like that.

    She could feel the thick protein-filled cream rippling down her gullet toward a warm spot that was forming in the pit of her tummy.

    She could feel his silver seed soothing the ravaged tissues of her throat, and she could tell that her throat was not going to be sore at all after she finished drinking it down.


    Sally pulled her mouth off of the head of her father's cock when his climax was complete and tenderly licked him clean. She pumped the shaft of his prick and squeezed his balls a couple of times, just to make sure that all of the come was out. Sure enough, a little more dribbled like dogwater out of his swollen urethra and she licked it away with the slight curled tip of her taster.

    "Oooh, Daddy, that was yummy," Sally said. She licked her lips sensuously with her tongue. She pulled her lips back so she could roll her tongue over her slight overbite. MacIntyre thought she was the sexiest creature on Earth.

    "You took the whole cock in your throat," MacIntyre said with astonishment. His eyes opened so wide that the whites were visible all the way around the sky-blue pupils.

    "I know, Daddy. I have to admit that I feel a little proud of myself," Sally said. She rested her tiny chin in the middle of her loving Daddy's pubic patch. She smiled brilliantly at MacIntyre.

    "And rightful you should," MacIntyre said. "I have never been with a woman who could do that before. For a while I thought I was going to really hurt you." His brow furrowed.

    "Really. No one?"


    Sally knew what that meant.

    That meant no one – including her Mommy. The thought made her feel strange. She felt guilty. She didn't know if she wanted to be a better lover for her father than her mother had been. It filled her with an odd guilt. And, for the first time since they had played naked together, Sally Symms was feeling her conscience gnawing at her. She managed to push her feelings into the back of her head after a few moments and returned to her cheery disposition.

    "I feel like taking a shower," Sally said sweetly, giving her father a tender smacking kiss with puckered lips between his navel and the top of his pubic patch.

    Sally Symms then ran the tip of her tongue in a little circle around Daddy's bellybutton. She dipped her tongue into the little hole. Sally pulled right back out again and crawled up on top of her father so their faces were close together. He was much bigger than her. She still felt very much like his little girl. Their relationship had just grown, that was all. Sally told herself that things hadn't really changed that much. But deep down inside, Sally did not believe herself. She knew that somehow her life was never going to be the same now that she had felt her Daddy's ten inch cock dancing around inside her wanton poontang.

    "I think that is a splendid idea," MacIntyre said. "Would you like to take a shower together?" His voice was hopeful.

    "Of course, you silly goose," Sally said sweetly. "What did you think I was talking about, Daddy? I don't want to get very far away from you ever. I like being naked with you. I want to be naked with you forever and ever. I promise I will always be the best possible lover I can be. I'll never ever say not tonight, I've got a headache. Never. I will always be there when you want, me. I promise."

    "You talk too much," MacIntyre said. He caressed her cheeks lightly with his fingertips. He could see that there was a single tear resting on Sally's right cheekbone, and he wiped it away lovingly with his thumb.

    "Let's go," Sally said. She was anxious to bathe. She could feel her pussy lips, the crack of her ass, and the insides of her loins getting all crusty from the blood that had oozed from her pink slash following the popping of her cherry.

    "Okie-dokie," MacIntyre said, and they both got out of bed. Sally realized for the first time that she was going to have difficulty walking.

    The pretty little blonde had been fucked so hard that she could not close her knees at all. She was forced to walk bow-legged as they went together to the bathroom. MacIntyre held her hand and felt sorry for her. He could tell that his pretty daughter was in pain – and he knew that he was responsible.

    When they got to the bathroom Sally realized that she had to pee. She thought for a moment that she should ask her Daddy to step into the hall. But then she realized that she was being silly. She sat down on the toilet seat and leaned forward a little. Her large breasts looked larger as she bent forward at the waist. Sally winced. Her bladder was very full. Her urethra had been irritated by the fucking giving one an idea of how thick MacIntyre's cock was. She could tell that taking a pee was going to be painful for a while. But the little girl could tell that no damage had been done to her cunt that would not heal quickly – and she figured that she hadn't suffered through any pain that all girls don't have to suffer through at one time or another.

    MacIntyre looked at his sweet daughter adoringly as she tinkled. Her flood-gates opened and MacIntyre could hear her splash. She looked at him and winked naughtily. MacIntyre laughed.

    "If you want I will wipe your little pussy for you when you are done," MacIntyre said. He pronounced the word, "poo-say". MacIntyre pushed the transluscent shower curtain inside the white porcelain tub and pulled it to one side so that he could turn on the shower.

    "How do you like your shower?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "What temperature?"

    "Steamy hot."

    "Good, me too."

    Sally told her Daddy when she was done peeing so he could wipe the excess urine away from her puffy bruised pussy lips for her. The man knew that he would have to treat her pussy very delicately. The man knew how sore his pretty daughter was down there between her shapely gams.

    MacIntyre pulled off a good-sized wad of soft toilet tissue and rolled it up into a ball. Sally leaned back against the tank behind her and opened her thighs so her Daddy would be able to get at her moist cunt with maximum ease.

    MacIntyre placed the ball of toilet paper at the base of her pussy and ran it all the way to the top of the slit, crossing both her urethra and her clitoris.

    As the toilet tissue pressed against the mouth of her fuck hole, where Sally was sorest, she winced and felt her piss hole squirt a little urine. The pee got all over Daddy's hand.

    But he didn't mind.

    He thought it was cute.

    "Ooops," Sally said.

    "I guess you weren't quite done," MacIntyre said with a boyish giggle.

    Daddy dropped the toilet paper into the toilet and Sally turned to flush it. She stood and they both got into the shower together. The water was very hot. Sally and MacIntyre could see the steam rising plentifully to the ceiling of the bathroom. The bathroom was large and was tiled in white. The tub and sink were porcelain. The faucets and the shower nozzle were chrome. They could tell that it wouldn't be long before both the mirror above the medicine cabinet and the full length looking glass mounted on the back of the bathroom door would be totally fogged over.

    The water pressure in Caledonia was always the finest kind.

    The shower nozzle produced sharp needles of steamy spray.

    Sally turned her back to the shower and allowed those needles to massage the muscles at the back of her neck and in her shoulders. Her hair looked a little darker than usual when it was soaking wet. Her hair clung to her cheeks, her shoulders and her breasts. It was perfectly straight when soaked. Sally bowed her head and sighed as the shower massaged the base of her skull.

    MacIntyre picked up a brand new bar of white soap and rolled it around his palms for awhile to make all of his fingers slippery with the lather.

    When Sally raised her head the man began to soap up her breasts. The nicest tits in the world. Unimaginably firm and large. He swooned as he kneaded her breast flesh lovingly with his lathered digits. He rolled his fingertips lightly over her nipples, which were once again pointing slightly upward and hard as pebbles.

    MacIntyre pushed her soapy tits together until the cleavage between them was long and deep. He worked both of the breasts in slow sensuous circles at the same time.

    Sally tossed back her head so that her blonde hair fell low down her back between her shoulder blades. She pulled her lips back over her teeth.

    "Oh Daddy, that feels fantastic. The slipperier thing get the better they feel when they are touched," Sally said. This was a concept that had just then occurred to the pretty sixteen year old.

    "That's right, sweetheart. I am going to soap up every square inch of you, so that your entire body is as slippery as your tits are now," MacIntyre said. His voice was low and throaty.


    Sally shivered.

    The needles of spray struck her face.

    MacIntyre tenderly lathered her shoulders and her arms.

    He ran the soap lightly up and down the sides of her neck.

    She turned her back to him so he could soap between her shoulder blades.

    He lowered the soap sensuously to the top of her ass crack.

    He ran the soap over the cheeks of her ass lightly and slowly.

    Sally moved her feet a little farther apart in the tub.

    She wanted to get her thighs as far apart as she could.

    She moved so that her anklebones were pressed against the sides of the tub.

    She could feel her buttocks and her cunt lips parting a little as she did this.

    She could feel the steamy hot water rolling over her ravaged poontang.


    Her pain was leaving.

    She felt as if she would be as good as new by the time the shower was through. The little girl could feel her loving father kneading at the buttocks with the soap in one hand. He set the soap down in the soap-dish and began to fondle the cheeks of his daughter's round creamy ass with both of his hands. Sally was making little whimpering noises. It felt very very good. She could feel her knees begin to tremble. She could feel the muscles in her legs getting weaker by the second.

    She began to wonder how much longer her legs would be able to support the weight of her diminutive body. As it turned out her legs had a long row to hoe before they would be able to relax.

    MacIntyre could feel the ache returning to his balls.

    He could tell that the blood would soon pumping downward in his masculine form – toward his groin.

    He pulled Sally's ass cheeks apart as far as he could get them.

    Sally could feel her asshole burning with desire.

    The deep craving had returned to the sweet blonde's bowels.

    Now, more than ever, she wanted her Daddy's dick deep up her butt.

    Her fanny yearned.

    Her ass was hungry.

    Her itch was deep.

    She needed that ten inch pole to satisfy her anal need!!!

    "Daddy?" Sally said. Her voice quivered. She leaned forward at the waist. The little blonde girl pressed the palms of her hands against the white porcelain in front of her.

    She spread her fingers apart and pressed hard with their tips. By the time her Daddy was done with her behind she would be pressing against that wall so hard that all of her knuckles would turn white.

    Sally could feel her father running a soapy finger up and down the crack of her hairless ass sensuously, all the way from the top of the crack to the base of her pussy. MacIntyre gently washed her cunt lips, to get all of the blood away. He then splashed hot water up against her vagina to rinse all of the lather away. Sally wasn't thinking at all of the soreness in her pussy by this time.

    She could only think of the desire in her asshole!!!

    "Yes, my love," MacIntyre replied. He was noticing that she jerked and moaned every time he touched her asshole – as if she were trying to tell him something.

    "I want you to fuck me in all three holes," Sally said. She could see his finger once again moving patiently between her ass cheeks which he held apart with the firm fingers of his other hand.

    "Well, let's see. I have already fucked you in the pussy," MacIntyre said. He allowed the tip of his middle finger to linger on her anus for a moment making all of Sally's muscles tense involuntarily.

    "Uh huh," Sally said. She began to move her ass from side to side. Even though her ankle-bones were pressed against the sides of the white porcelain tub, she was keeping her knees locked in the straight position.

    "And I have already fucked your mouth," MacIntyre said. He pressed against a spot to one side of her asshole, making the flesh pucker under the pressure.

    "Uh huh," Sally said. Her voice was so deep with her animalistic, incestuous lust for sodomy that she sounded a great deal older than she really was.

    "I guess that only leaves one hole, huh?" MacIntyre said.

    "That's right, Daddy," Sally said. His tease was fun.

    The pretty little blonde teenager giggled nervously.

    "Your asshole!" Daddy said. He began to push his middle finger in.

    That finger was covered with soap suds and very slippery.

    He turned his wrist so the finger was at the right angle.

    He quickly pushed his finger past the tight tube of sphincter muscle into the softer bowel flesh, and Sally trembled. She pushed back with her ass. She wanted him to stick his middle finger – his longest finger – as deep inside her butt as he could possible get it.


    Deeper still.

    He did not stop pushing his finger into her bung until he could feel her tight puckered asshole gripping at his third knuckle. Sally thought it felt wonderful. She had never had anything stuck up her ass before – except for Daddy's tongue. The finger got much deeper than that. She could feel her loving father wiggling his finger around inside her. She had always wanted to do that to herself when she was masturbating, but she had been afraid that she would tear her soft internal tissues with her long red fingernail. But her Daddy's fingernails were square and filed short. He could move his digit around inside her bowels as harshly as he wanted – and never once would he have to worry about scraping her with his fingernail. The muscular blonde man could feel a ringling on the insides of his thighs. He could feel the little girl's asshole squeezing and throbbing against his finger. She was purring like a cat. She wanted his cock. She wanted all ten inches. The handsome man could feel the ache in his balls getting worse by the second. It was at that point that Sally's Daddy could feel the blood start to pump into his prick. His cock began to get longer.



    His testicles swelled.

    Even though he had already been sucked off and had spilled his seed deep inside Sally's virgin cunt, his scrotal sack still felt as if it were filled to the brim with his come. It had been a long time for MacIntyre. He was coming out of his sex drought gloriously. His passion felt insatiable. He was as horny as he was when he was eighteen and that was pretty damn horny!!!

    Sally could feel her father begin to work his finger in and out of her asshole slowly. He was getting the inside soapy. He wanted everything to be very slippery when he buggered her. Sally knew that her asshole was going to be asked to open further than it had ever opened before. MacIntyre's tool of manhood was a lot thicker than anything Sally had ever pushed out of her nether eye. That was for sure. The little blonde knew she would have remembered something like that. She was nervous. She knew that her asshole was even tighter than her cunt – and she remembered how much it had hurt when her Daddy had stuck his ten inch pole in that more elastic orifice. Now she once again feared that she had bitten off more than she could chew. The little girl could feel her heart pounding so hard it was threatening to beat right out of her chest. She could feel the sharp needles of shower spray striking between her shoulder blades. She pressed even harder against the white-tiled wall in front of her with her slim fingers and the palms of her hands. She could feel her Daddy's cock firming up against the back of her legs. She could feel it getting larger and harder rapidly. Both Sally and MacIntyre knew at that point that it wouldn't be more than a matter of seconds before his cock was hard enough to fuck once again. He knew that getting all ten inches of his pole up the little girl's butt was going to be the toughest task he had faced thus far. It would be harder to achieve complete penetration than it had been with either her cunt or her throat.

    "Your cock, daddy!"

    MacIntyre pulled his finger completely out of her butt.

    He sniffed his finger to savor the scent of her bowels.

    "Wanna smell your ass?" he asked.

    "Sure," Sally said.

    He held the violating finger under his daughter's button nose.

    She looked like a bunny as she sniffed tentatively at first.

    But then her nostrils flared and she sucked the scent in deep.

    The odor went into her sinuses and her lungs were filled with air.

    Steamy air.

    Her breasts hung low.

    MacIntyre reached down between his legs and grabbed his cock in his clenched right fist. He squeezed it, his pumping working as a catalyst for his arousal. He was getting impatient. He only had to pump at his dick five or six times before his erection was urgently rigid and ready for deep anal plowing!

    He used his left hand to pull her ass cheeks apart.

    He parted the buttocks as far as he could get them.

    Sally felt vulnerable. She trembled with dread and anticipation.

    She told herself that the pain would be worthwhile. Once again her Daddy was knocking down the barrier between her and a new form of womanly pleasure. Sally wanted to learn everything in the world there was to know about sex in one night. She was an anxious nymphette. She knew that she would be able to think of nothing but sex for the rest of her life. She only wanted to be her Daddy's little girl forever and ever. She would talk baby talk, and act nine. Just so Daddy would always know who the boss was. She wanted to be dominated. With this savage incestuous buggery she was about to receive her submissiveness would become unadulterated.

    Daddy placed the tip of his prick at the top of her ass crack. He still had his long strong fingers gripped around the base of the thick shaft, his cock feeling hot and angry in his palm. The head of his cock was soapy, as was the crack of her butt. They both moaned with pleasure as he slid his pisshole up and down the crack, a couple of times touching the base of her pussy.

    She jerked each time he touched her asshole with his cock head, and she let out a deep groan of anticipatory pleasure as he placed his throbbing purple glans directly against her trembling sphincter muscle and left it there.

    He adjusted his hips.

    He flexed his buttocks.

    He bent slightly at the knees.

    He began to push forward.

    Sally could feel the pressure increasing on her asshole.

    Her sense of time was distorted by her piqued desire.

    Sally thought it took a very long time for the violation to begin.

    The pretty little blonde thought she would never open up.

    But once the penetration began – it all happened quickly.

    She felt her asshole being pried open until it was gaping.

    She thought the ring of muscle at her rectum would tear.

    But once again the little girl was amazed at her own elasticity.

    Sally could hear the head of his cock popping inside her.

    Her jaw dropped and her mouth fell open. She grunted crudely.

    "Yes?" MacIntyre asked.

    "God yes! Deeper in my ass!!!" Sally Symms screamed.

    Once the head of his cock was inside her ass he released his grip on her ass cheek and the base of his cock.

    He moved the palms of his hands to her soft underbelly at the base of her heaving rib-cage. He held her there firmly and used her body as leverage.

    He pulled on her lower torso.

    He pushed forward with his hips.

    She was so tight he could not ram in quickly.

    His cock tip inched toward her core.

    Once again Sally thought about how deep inside her belly the tip of his cock was going to be when her asshole finally grabbed the base of his tool.

    Sally could feel the tip of his purple pulsating lance getting ever-closer to the itch of desire deep inside her bowels. She didn't know if it were possible to come inside her ass, but that was what it felt like was going to happen to her.

    It did take a long time, but MacIntyre did finally get all ten inches of his tube steak inside his little girl's tender nether eye.

    The handsome man could feel the entire length of his cock being squeezed and tugged by the pretty blonde's soft internal tissues.

    MacIntyre could not believe that she had opened far enough to take him. He was starting to fully realize what a special lover little Sally was going to be.

    Sally could feel the tip of his cock throbbing directly against the magic spot at her core. She could feel her bowels begin to convulse, filling her body with the trembles of orgasmic pleasure.

    Sally could tell that this kind of come was different from the ones she had had either in her clitoris or deep inside her pink pussy slit.

    She could feel the physical joy spreading outward from her abdomen, traveling all the way up to her scalp and down to her toes, which were clutching desperately at the white porcelain.

    MacIntyre withdrew.

    Her ass tugged and sucked.

    He pulled almost all the way out.

    He stopped when her sphincter was gripping the base of his glans.

    MacIntyre paused at the top of his hip stroke and took a deep breath.

    He filled his lungs completely with air and set his jaw.

    The cheeks of his taut ass were tensed and pressed together.

    He rammed forward with his powerful hips as hard as he could.

    All ten inches of his cock meat entered her butt with that stab.

    Sally made an ugly farting noise as gas was forced from her bowels.

    She grunted, emptied her lungs, and drooled down her chin.

    Her eyes opened so wide she thought they would pop out of her head.

    The man began to fuck her ass slowly using all ten inches.

    Sally's usually beautiful facial features contorted with the ecstatic combination of pleasure and pain the deep incestuous buggery caused her.

    "Faster!" she screamed.

    MacIntyre picked up the pace.

    "Harder!" Sally wailed.

    MacIntyre slapped his loins, against her ass cheeks.

    Sally could feel his balls against her pussy when his cock was deep up her split fanny.

    The man could tell that he would be able to fuck for a long time.

    It would be many minutes before he would have to worry about ending the act with the spilling of his seed.

    He already had two orgasm under his belt.

    He would be able to stay hard for a long time.

    He released his grip on the little girl's belly.

    He ran his palms up the front of her shapely torso.

    He cupped his huge palms under her dangling tits.

    He could feel her nipples throbbing against his palms.

    He opened his fingers and clutched the tits completely.

    Sally saw stars each time he impaled her butt with his spear.

    He fondled her tits and then pinched at her nipples.

    Eventually he felt the tickle at the base of his cock.

    He felt his come swimming impatiently around his balls.

    MacIntyre could tell the sodomy was reaching its finale.

    He released her nipples from between his thumbs and forefingers.

    He ran his right for finger under her belly and through her pubies.

    He went directly for the center of her womanly pleasure.

    He found her love button and began to flick it very hard.

    Sally could feel her pussy start to spasm almost immediately.

    Then it felt as if she were coming in her ass and her cunt together.


    From that point on Sally Symms stopped going out with other boys entirely. She was her Daddy's little girl – one-hundred percent. She no longer had interest in other fellows. Daddy gave her all the sex she could possibly want. Sally was always sexually appeased.

    For the rest of the summer Sally and MacIntyre fucked on a daily basis. Sally stopped sleeping in her own bedroom. She moved into the master bedroom with her father.

    Just as the pretty little blonde girl had anticipated, her life changed considerably once she had become her father's lover. She felt weird around her friends. Sally felt as if she were holding a deep, dark secret inside her all of the time. She felt as if she had a great weight on her shoulders. Sally knew that it would be a mistake to tell anyone – even her very best friend – who her new boyfriend was.

    Sally Symms was always trying to think of new ways to please her Daddy. She learned all of his erogenous zones. She memorized them. Sally was always fixing her Daddy's favorite meals – and she frequently served him breakfast in bed on weekends.

    It was a Saturday morning late in August when MacIntyre Symms woke up early. He rolled over on his side so he could look at his beautiful naked daughter sleeping beside him.

    He stretched his arms up over his head and balled his huge hands into tight fists. He could hear a cracking in the back of his neck as he stretched his long arms over his head as high as he could and arched his back. He closed his eyes and yawned. Sally rolled over onto her back – still asleep – so her loving father could see her huge milky tits.

    MacIntyre had an idea. He wanted to do something with his little girl that he had never done before. He wanted to fuck her outside! He could see through the bedroom curtains – which were slightly parted – that it was going to be a beautiful day.

    He could see that there wasn't a cloud in the sky and he had heard on the radio the previous evening that the temperature was going to stay in the low eighties, with low humidity.

    It was going to be a perfect day for a picnic. When his stretching and his yawn were over MacIntyre slowly lowered his head so he could kiss the pretty blonde's relaxed eyelids; Sally woke up immediately. She opened one eye sleepily. Her lips pulled back into a brilliant grin as she saw her loving father looking down at her.

    "Good morning, Daddy. I sure did have fun last night fooling around with you," Sally Symms said sleepily. She opened both eyes and held her arms upward. It was an invitation to hug – which MacIntyre, of course, accepted.

    "Good morning, sweetheart. I came so hard last night I thought I would never be able to come again," MacIntyre said with a shiver in his voice. He rolled his puffy lips over his beautiful daughter's smooth cheeks – and then finally to her mouth. They pressed their lips together and soon were rolling their tongues together wetly.

    "Let's take a shower together, Daddy!" Sally said sweetly when the long sensuous incestuous embrace was complete. She sat up in the bed and tossed the sheet over her legs. She swung her shapely gams to one side – keeping her knees and ankles close together – and stood on the rug beside the large bed.

    "I have an idea for something to do once we are done in the bathroom," MacIntyre said. He stood also. Together they padded out of the master bedroom and into the hall.

    "What did you have in mind, Daddy," Sally Symms queried, as they entered the bathroom. MacIntyre pushed the shower curtain inside the tub and turned the shower on.

    "I thought it would be nice if the two of us had a picnic today," MacIntyre said. They both climbed under the shower together and began to lather each other up. Sally wondered if she would ever be able to take a shower again without thinking about the very first time her father fucked her in the asshole.

    Sally was thrilled.

    She clapped her hands together.

    She threw her arms around Daddy's neck.

    She clung to him like an albatross.

    He placed his hands on her waist.

    Sally's waist was so thin and her Daddy's hands were so large, that he could almost make his long fingers go all the way around her middle.

    "Where are we going to go?" Sally asked enthusiastically. She got up on her toes in the tub so she could kiss her father on his hot mouth.

    "I thought we could go behind the George Bridge. No one ever goes back there anymore. We can be all alone. We can spread a blanket out on the ground and eat sandwiches…"

    MacIntyre did not get a chance to finish.

    "And we can eat each other too, huh, Daddy?" Sally Symms said. She could feel a burning in her hardening nipples as she pressed her humongous breasts flat against her Daddy's muscular chest.

    "Oh, yes. I was planning on doing a lot of that too. Maybe we can bring along a sixpack of beer and get a little drunk under the sun," MacIntyre said. He turned up one corner of his mouth into a half-smile of inward amusement.

    "Can we find a place where we can be close to Oatka Creek. There is white water around there. I would love to feel that cold water running over my naked body," Sally said. She licked her pouting lips with the tip of her tongue to moisten them.

    "We can go anyplace you want to, sweetheart," MacIntyre said, running the smooth bar of soap over her delicious boobs. Sally shivered and felt the little golden hairs at the nape of her neck standing on end.

    They quickly finished their shower and stepped out onto the bath mat. Each got their own fluffy white bath towel – which they used to dry the other.

    "I guess it won't be long before you have to go back to school," MacIntyre said. He gave his daughter a friendly swat on her round fanny.

    "Please. Daddy, don't remind me," Sally Symms said. Her nipples were burning with desire and she could feel the blood of her growing arousal pumping downward in her body. The pretty little blonde could tell that she would be seething with lust by the time she got out in the woods with her father.

    "Aren't you looking forward to starting your senior year? Usually you are bored to tears with vacation by the end of August," MacIntyre said. He placed his hand on Sally's ass and opened his fingers as far apart as he could.

    "This summer has been special," Sally said with a smile.

    "Why is that, sweetheart?" MacIntyre asked in a whisper.

    "Because of you, Daddy. I love you so much," Sally said.

    "You still have to go back to school," MacIntyre said.

    "I know," Sally replied in a weak tiny voice. The little girl looked down at her chubby toes as she walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. "Let's not talk about it. I'll worry about going back to school when the time comes."

    Sally didn't know how she would be able to face her friends on an every-day basis. The little girl knew that she would be constantly be blushing with her incestuous guilt.

    Sally put on a pair of super-tight cut-off jeans. They were cut so short that the bottoms of her firm buttocks were visible. They fit snugly against her crotch.

    On top Sally put on a white tee-shirt. Naturally she wore no bra. The dark outlines of her silver dollar sized rosebuds were clearly visible through the thin white material. The cotton was stretched tight in the front by her tits. There were little bumps in the cloth from her erect nipples. MacIntyre could feel a great ache in his balls. He tried to keep from getting an erection – but it was difficult. He could tell that he would have a throbbing boner by the time he got back in the woods with his sweet daughter.

    It was Sally's job to make the sandwiches. She made them on the kitchen table. She whistled a happy tune to herself. MacIntyre put a blanket in the back of the car and fetched a six-pack of beer out of the white refrigerator.

    The handsome blonde man and the pretty little girl then got into the car together and drove to the little clearing beside the George Bridge. They were both wearing sneakers with no socks.

    The George Bridge was a railroad bridge across the Oatka Creek that was never used anymore. Someone had painted the word, "GEORGE" in large white letters across the side of the bridge that faced the road.

    That was how it got its name. No one knew who George was. Somewhere in the world there was a guy named George who had a bridge named after him.

    MacIntyre parked the car so that it was hidden from the road by a patch of bushes. They were on the south end of town. They got out of the car and gathered their stuff. Then they marched into the woods. They traveled along the side of the creek until they came to a clearing. There was a grassy patch where the sun had made the bed of earth warm and dry. MacIntyre spread out the blanket and Sally immediately pulled her tee-shirt off. She got on the blanket on her back and folded her arms behind her head.

    "I love the way the warm sunshine feels on my tits," Sally said with a sigh. The little girl could feel her erect nipples getting hotter and harder as the fresh air struck them.

    MacIntyre Symms pulled off a can of beer from its ring and put the others back in the bag. He then decided to put the beer in the creek so it would stay cold longer. He pulled the zip-top off of the beer and raised it to his lips. MacIntyre opened his throat to the lager and finished half the can in one fell swoop. MacIntyre sighed with pleasure as he lowered the can, and then put his hand over his mouth as he let out a wicked belch.

    Sally could feel the natural lubrication start to flow inside her pussy. She could tell that her inner and outer cunt lips were fully engorged with the blood of her horniness.

    The pretty little blonde quickly reached down and unbuttoned the single button at the top of her short shorts. She lifted her ass from the blanket and pulled her shorts and her panties off simultaneously – pointing her tiny pink toes. MacIntyre gazed upon his naked daughter. He could tell by her puffy lips and her heavy eyelids that she needed a good fuck. He could feel a pressure in his crotch.

    MacIntyre could feel his trousers getting tighter by the second.

    He finished his beer and took off all of his clothes as well. The man then got on his belly so that his head was between his daughter's parted thighs. Sally strained to get her knees as far apart as she could. She had the balls of her feet flat on the blanket. She could feel the sunshine on her face, her belly, and her tits. She could feel the thick natural lubrication rolling out of the base of her poontang slit. MacIntyre moved his mouth so close to Sally's cunt that the little girl could feel his hot moist breath. Sally could feel her love button swelling at that moment. The sexual tension in her lower belly was getting worse by the second. MacIntyre began to kiss, lick and bite tenderly at the insides of his little girl's thighs. He hummed as he placed the tip of his tongue at the base of her pink twat. It was the first taste of cunt he had had that day – and it was the first time he had ever tasted her pussy outdoors. MacIntyre thought that making love with his pretty blonde daughter under the bright sunshine was a fresh kick, and he could feel his testicles swelling and starting to ache horribly. He was breathless. The man moved his fingertips to the outer lips of her cunt and pulled them apart. He used the flexible tip of his aroused taster to thoroughly explore the many swollen folds of flesh with Sally's poontang. He licked at all of the nooks and crannies of her dripping quim.

    "UG!" Sally said. She closed her eyes tightly. Her eyelids were wrinkled. She opened and closed her knees. She looked as if she were trying to fan the fire in her drooling crotch. MacIntyre began to suck his daughter's cunt. He wanted to quaff deeply and savor the flavor of her natural lubrication. He pulled her clit's foreskin upward with the tip of his left forefinger. He placed the tip of his tongue directly on the center of her womanly pleasure. At first he held his tongue very still. Then he began to roll her clit in a slow circle. Then he rolled her love button in a fast circle. Sally could feel her sexual anxiety growing in leaps and bounds. She could tell that her handsome father was not going to have to lick her in that manner for very long before she would burst into an incredible orgasm. She knew that it would be only the first of many sexual climaxes her loving Daddy would give her before their hot picnic was complete. MacIntyre began to flick the tip of his tongue back and forth quickly and lightly across her little man in the boat and the little girl could feel the massive explosions of orgasmic pleasure starting between her parted legs at the top of her cunt slash.

    "Ccccoooommmmiihnnnngggg!!!!" Sally Symms cried out. The little blonde could feel her creamy skin getting slick with the hot perspiration of her exertion. She could feel herself tossing her head from side to side. She could feel her face getting hot. Sally could tell that her face was as red as a beet. The little girl could feel her button nose moving up and down rapidly. She could feel a vein throbbing at her right temple. She could tell that her beautiful facial features were beginning to contort with her ecstasy.

    MacIntyre could feel a little squirt of fluid on his lower lip. The little girl had ejaculated on his face. The man was licking back and forth across the center of his little girl's womanly pleasure as hard and fast as he could, and he wanted her come to be as harsh as possible. He wrapped his lips around her love button and the surrounding flesh so he could suck at her clit even as he licked it.

    His face became soaking wet with her sticky juices.

    Every muscle in the little girl's body tensed with pleasure.

    She quivered and made coughing grunting noises in her throat.

    At first her back teeth were clenched tightly together.

    Then her jaw dropped and her mouth fell gaping open.

    Her thick tongue flicked in and out of her opened mouth.

    The corners of her full pouting lips were pulled tight.

    Her sense of time was of course distorted by her bliss.

    She thought that her orgasm was lasting a very long time.

    In reality, the whole come took a matter of a few seconds.

    Sally could feel her come finally cease. Ail of her muscles relaxed.

    She had been pushing down with the balls of her feet and the back of her head, arching her back and lifting her buttocks almost a full foot off the blanket.

    Then it was over.

    She collapsed on the blanket.

    She continued to pant.

    MacIntyre stopped eating her cunt. He pulled his mouth away.

    He licked his lips.

    The handsome man placed the tip of his chin on her nearly bald mound.

    "So good," Sally said with a sigh.


    MacIntyre got up on his hands and knees. The head of his cock felt as if it would explode at any second. His thick purple glans repeatedly slapped him in the belly. The tip of his prick smacked him above the navel every time his heart beat – and that was frequently. He crawled beside his little girl. She remained on her back. The handsome blonde man rolled his fingertips over the little girl's erect nipples. She could feel the intense ecstasy of her orgasmic convulsions being replaced by the super-warm contentment and relaxation of her afterglow. She looked at Daddy's cock and gasped. She thought that the novelty of his prick would wear off. She was wrong. She still felt the same thrill she had always felt when she looked at her loving father's boner. MacIntyre pinched a little at his daughter's femine erections at the tips of her tits and then ran his hand slowly down the front of her body. MacIntyre ran the tip of his middle finger up and down her pussy slit for a while – all the way from the base to the clit. He placed the tip of his middle finger at the mouth of her fuck hole.

    "Slip it inside me, Daddy. Stick your finger as deep inside my pussy as you can get it, Daddy," Sally said. She whimpered pathetically as her father began to penetrate her cunt with his longest finger. MacIntyre turned his wrist so that his palm was toward the cloudless sky. It was not yet noon. He didn't stop pushing his finger into her cooze until her swollen inner pussy lips were wrapped tightly around his third knuckle. He wiggled his finger around inside her. Sally could tell that his finger was neither long enough nor thick enough to satisfy her vaginal craving. That was a job for his cock. MacIntyre began to work the finger in and out of her pussy – fucking her with it. Sally could feel her afterglow fading. Just like always. It was less than a minute after her orgasm when Sally Symms could feel her horniness rekindling.

    "How does that feel, my love," MacIntyre said, moving his lips so that they were only a fraction of an inch away from her shell-like ear.

    "Deeper, Daddy. Press inside deeper," Sally said. MacIntyre lowered his face so he could see what he was doing. The sun was on her golden blonde pubies. They shone. The sunshine made her pussy lips look even pinker and wetter than they usually looked when she was acutely aroused.

    MacIntyre knew that he could get no deeper with his fingers.

    "I'm going to fuck you, Sally," MacIntyre said firmly.

    It was clear from the tone of the handsome blonde man's voice that he was not in the mood to take no for an answer.

    "Please, Daddy. I need your cock inside me so badly. I can't think of anything but your cock. That is why I'm not looking forward to going back to school. I know that I won't be able to, do anything but daydream about fucking you. I won't be able to think about my classes at all. All I will be able to think about is how good it feels when you shove your ten inch dick all the way into my wanton love tunnel!"

    "You will get back into the swing of things after a couple of days, my love. You can still sleep with me at night, you know."

    "I know. Still…" Sally stopped suddenly. She mused in silence. "Fuck me hard, Daddy. I don't want to think about real life. I only want to think of the fantasy world – the world where you and I live. Where we are alone. Where there are just the two of us."

    MacIntyre rolled on top of the little girl and pressed down.

    For a moment Sally Symms found it difficult to breathe.

    The pretty little girl was crushed by her Daddy's chest.

    She could feel her huge white tits being pressed flat.

    MacIntyre placed the palms of his hands on either side of Sally's head.

    He lifted his upper torso. He straightened his elbows.

    Sally filled her lungs with air. She made a raspy noise.

    She could feel his cock pinned between their tummies.

    She could feel the thick pole throbbing against her abdomen.

    This sensation made the ache in her sweet loins grow.

    Sally could feel Daddy's balls on her wet pussy flesh.

    The sack was heavy. She could tell the balls were swollen.

    Sally could feel her clitoris return to full engorgement.

    Once again the love button felt like it wanted to pop from its nest.

    Sally was taking very short breaths – very close together.

    The pretty blonde sounded as if she were about to hyperventilate.

    MacIntyre got up on his toes. His feet were off the blanket.

    His toes were pressed into the warm dry grass beside them.

    His heels were in the air. His toes arched. His elbows straightened.

    He moved so that only Sally's nipples were touching his chest.

    And only the tip of his cock was touching her lower belly.

    "I need you," Sally said.

    "I need you, too, baby."

    "Forever and ever?" Sally asked. There was worry in her voice. "Forever and ever," MacIntyre said.

    He reached back with his left hand and grabbed the base, of his pole.

    He gripped his fingers tightly around the girth of his tool.

    He gave that lance a firm squeeze and sighed with pleasure.

    He loved the way the granite-like stem felt as it pulsated against his palm and the insides of his fingers.

    Sally could feel her natural lubrication rolling out of the base of her pink poontang in a steady flow, getting into the crack of her ass and onto the blanket.

    She wanted to thrust up and down with her loins and ass furiously – but the pretty little blonde struggled to keep her lower torso as still as possible. She wanted her Daddy to have an easy time getting into her. She could feel him running to tip of his cock up and down her slit slowly. She could feel her near-bursting love button being caressed by her handsome father's quivering urethra. He massaged her clit with his piss hole. Then he used his right hand to guide the thick purple head of his cock down to her fuck hole. He tensed the muscles in his ass and moved his hips so that the shaft of his ten inch dick was at the appropriate angle for deep vaginal violation!

    MacIntyre began to push down.

    Sally relaxed the muscles at the sides of her vulva. At least she relaxed them as much as she could.

    There was still a bit of a struggle to get his cock head in.

    They had fucked many times since that first night when he caught her jacking-off.

    But her cunt was just as tight as ever. She still had to stretch to take him. He was simply too large for her to take simply. There was always a lot of puffing and grunting during the initial penetration of each fuck – no matter if the fuck was in the cunt or the ass.

    Sally opened.

    MacIntyre took a deep breath.

    He puffed out his chest.

    Her cunt made a wet sucking sound as his glans disappeared inside. He kept pushing. He pressed his buttocks together. He pulled his facial features back into a grimace.

    Sally could feel herself opening up for him slowly.

    The tip of his dick moved in a fraction of an inch at a time.

    Sally could feel a great burning near the mouth of her womb.

    Her dimpled cervix craved a rough massage. It needed to be pounded repeatedly by her Daddy's weapon.

    It seemed like a long time before he got all the way in.

    Sally's muscles were tensed and trembling. Her toes were tightly curled under. The only time she felt like a complete person was when all ten inches of her Daddy's cock were inside her – and she didn't care which hole.

    MacIntyre gyrated his hips in a slow sexy circle.

    He stretched at her inner cunt lips and the inner walls of her cunt.

    He rolled her foreskin over her clit with the top of his cock.

    He would ride her pussy high for maximum clitoral stimulation. He began to withdraw patiently. He could feel himself tugging at her inner cunt lips as he pulled his dick almost all the way out of her hole. He paused and then rammed the whole thing back inside. Sally came.

    The man began to fuck her with a smooth steady motion.

    He drove lightning bolts of pleasure into her hole.

    Sally could see the bombs bursting air. She could hear the fireworks like on the Fourth of July. The little girl could see a light show being performed on the insides of her tightly clenched eyelids. Once again the little girl's face had become burning hot, and she could tell that she was as red as the local fire engine.


    "Fuck me harder, daddy! Fuck me as fast as you can, daddy!!!" Sally screamed. She was once again tossing her head wildly from side to side. She could tell that he wouldn't have to fuck her for much longer before she would have her second come of the fuck. The man quickly picked up the pace of his already savage fucking motions. Sally could feel her cunt gushing a plethora of lubrication. Her cunt was making loud sucking and bubbling noises as her muscular father worked his ten inch pole in and out of her delta. Her inner cunt lips were being pulled far out and pushed far back in by the motion of his lance. The man could feel the tickle of anticipation returning to his dick. He could feel the ache in his balls become unbearable. His scrotal sack waved back and forth in the air as he plowed his daughter's cooze. Sally lifted her feet off the blanket and wrapped her legs around her Daddy's lower torso. She scratched lightly at his tight skin between his rather pointy shoulder blades with the tips of her long red fingernails. She was making quite a fuss beneath him. She exploded into her second come and the man could feel her inner pussy walls gripping especially hard at his dong as she convulsed. The little girl was slapping upward with her tender loins every time her father rammed down with his slim yet powerful hips, and their bellies smacked together rhythmically to the beat of the incestuous act of acute passion.

    Sally could hear her father's moans and groans of pleasure getting louder with each cock stroke. She could hear his panting getting worse. She could tell that he was approaching orgasm. Sally could tell by those sounds that they had reached the homestretch of the fuck. She hugged at his humping hips as tightly as she could with the insides of her smooth creamy loins. Her face was soaking wet with her exertion. Strands of golden hair clung to her sticky cheeks. Her teeth were bared.

    Sally could feel her orgasms getting closer and closer together as her father cranked up the pace of the fuck until he was moving all ten inches of his pole of manhood in and out of her dripping quim as hard and fast as he possibly could.

    "I can't! I can't! I'm gonna die! I can't stop coming!!!" Sally screamed. She found herself wondering if it were possible to pass out. She had never pass out in the middle of a fuck before. She had come close.

    Once again the little girl could feel the whole world spinning.

    She felt as if she were drifting upward off the blanket.

    She could no longer feel her body. She could only feel her cunt.

    She could only feel her Daddy's dick ramming deep into her belly.

    She could only feel her clit being battered back and forth violently.

    She could only feel herself snapping over orgasms at an extraordinary rate.

    The little girl quickly lost count of her comes.

    "Harder!" Sally screamed.

    "So tight…" MacIntyre whimpered. He whined.

    Then he rammed his cock all the way into her pussy. He could fuck her no longer. He had tried to delay his orgasm for as long as possible. He wanted to make Sally come as many times as he could. But no more. Now he had to come. He rubbed his pubic bone against her. He ground the top of the base of his prick against his little girl's clit.

    Sally could feel his cock getting longer and thicker at that moment. The little girl could feel him spasming at the stretched side walls and taut back wall of her pussy. She came for the last time.

    She screamed out with her unadulterated ecstasy just as she felt the thick sticky fuck juice spitting out from the dilated piss hole in the center of her Daddy's convulsing purple glans.

    The little girl wailed with her bliss as she felt her loving father fill her stretched fuck hole with his slippery seed – his essential juices! She used the muscles inside her quim to suck his pole. She wanted to suck his balls dry. MacIntyre tensed and quivered, letting out the howl of a werewolf. Then his come was over. She jerked three times. He could no longer hold his elbows straight. He collapsed on top of her. They were both slick with hot perspiration. They panted against each other's necks.

    MacIntyre managed to lift his upper torso enough for Sally to breathe – but he made no move to pull his dick out of her hole. Sally could feel his prick getting smaller. The handsome man's tool immediately lost its urgent rigidity after his come was complete. His cock was still hypersensitive, however. He was very aware of the last bit of thin dogwater drooling from between the puffy lips at his urethra.

    Sally knew what she wanted to do.

    She wanted to take advantage of the creek.

    The water was shallow.

    She could lie on her back on the pebbly bottom and still keep her face in the sunshine. She could position herself so the cold water would flow against her pussy flesh and her clit. It sounded marvelous.

    She could feel her father's cock reducing itself to semi-erect.

    Then the man lifted up with his hips and the glans popped out.

    He rolled over on his back beside her. She got up and grabbed a beer.

    She already had the frosty can in her hand as she asked, "Is it okay if I have a beer. Daddy. The nifty fuck sure did make me thirsty."

    "Of course it's okay. You are a woman now," MacIntyre said. Sally pulled off the zip-top, being careful not to injure her nail. She put the zip-top in the brown paper bag after an initial temptation to litter. She raised the can of beer to her lips and quaffed deeply. Her throat muscles worked. She drained half of the can and then belched louder than she had ever heard herself belch before. She placed the beer can in the shade and waded into the creek.

    The water was very cold on her toes and anklebones.

    "What, are you doing?" MacIntyre asked. He grabbed his own beer, which was still nearby. He finished it quickly. He winced because it had started to get warm near the bottom.

    "I want to get on my back and find out what it feels like when the current is flowing into my pussy," Sally said. She shivered. The water was a lot colder than she thought it would be. The nights were starting to get chilly. Labor Day was not far.

    MacIntyre moved to a sitting position so he could watch his pretty daughter. He opened himself another beer and sat in the sun. Sally got on her knees in the water. She could feel droplets of foam splashing up onto her thighs and cunt.

    She realized how hot the flesh near her fuck hole was after the water hit it. The water felt a lot colder on her cunt than it did anywhere else on her body.

    Sally sat back and sighed. She submerged her hot cunt.

    She stretched her legs out in front of her. She faced the current.

    Her back was to the mighty Genesee River – less than a mile away.

    MacIntyre could feel his bladder filling. That always happened when he was drinking beer. It always happened soon after he had an orgasm, for that matter. He could tell that it wouldn't be long before he had to take a wicked piss. He could feel the pressure in his bladder getting a little worse every time he sipped his beer. This made him wonder if the fluid actually went through his body that quickly. When MacIntyre had been a youth, and a hard drinking bachelor, he had often wondered if he could rig a quarter keg above a urinal so he could keep a steady stream of beer going all the way through his body. He wanted to see if he could achieve that drunken homeostasis. But he never did it. His buddies had always talked him out of it. They said he would drown. Sally leaned back in the creek so that the white water rolled over her shoulders and her neck.

    She could feel the rushing water rolling over and between her breasts. They were hot also, Sally could tell.

    Sally kept her button nose and puckered lips above water.

    Her skin soon got used to the temperature of the water.

    Sally could feel a deep relaxation filling her. The water moved inside her pussy a little, cleaning her out. Sally could feel her father's sperm being washed away by the super-natural douche.

    MacIntyre rose to his feet.

    The water made him need to pee more.

    But he didn't want to sneak away into the bushes. Oh, no!

    MacIntyre wanted to piss right on his daughter's pretty face.

    He took long strides toward the creek. Sally had her eyes closed.

    MacIntyre quickly moved so that his feet were on either side of her chest.

    He tickled a little at her armpits with his large toes.

    Sally opened her eyes and looked up at her loving father.

    "What are you going to do, Daddy?" Sally asked innocently.

    "I am going to tinkle right on your face," MacIntyre replied.

    "You mean golden showers!!!" Sally screamed happily.

    "How do you know about it?" MacIntyre queried, his hands on his hips.

    "I read about it in one of your filthy magazines, Daddy," Sally said.

    She giggled with her spontaneous confession. MacIntyre smiled.

    "You naughty girl. What did you think when you read about it?"

    "I thought that it sounded yummy. Would it be okay if I drink some?"

    "Not too much, my love. I don't want you getting sick."

    "Okie-dokie, Daddy," Sally said sweetly. "Open the ol' flood-gates!!!"

    And he did.

    The piss felt very hot on her face compared to the cold creek water.

    She lifted her head out of the water. She propped up her upper torso with her elbows. She beamed into her Daddy's piss. She closed her eyes and smiled brilliantly.

    She could feel the pee splashing against her forehead and then over her nose and her suddenly clenched eyelids. The man lowered the stream so that it struck his daughter's mouth. He shivered. It always felt good to take a piss after drinking beer – but MacIntyre was finding this experience particularly sensual.

    There would be nasty cleaning up to do. The creek water took care of that. Sally opened her mouth enthusiastically.

    She wanted to drink.

    She wanted to be fed.

    No matter what fluid came out of Daddy's cock, Sally knew that it had to be wonderful – like a fine imported wine, or the elixir of life itself.

    The pee went in her mouth and she swallowed it eagerly.

    But MacIntyre did not allow her to do this for long. He lowered the spray still more and more bathed her tits in yellow piss!

    As they say, all good things have to come to an end.

    And the same is true of incestuous golden showers at their hottest.

    MacIntyre soon had no more pee to leak out. He shook his cock to get out the last few drops. Sally pressed against the pebbly bottom of the creek with the palms of her hands and the balls of her feet so the last few drops of golden urine would fall on her belly, between her bellybutton and her tiny yellow pubic patch.

    "I want to suck you, Daddy," Sally said licking her lips.

    MacIntyre moved his large feet a little more than shoulder-width apart on the bottom of the creek. He bent a little at the knees and Sally moved so that she was kneeling before him. His back was to the current. She faced it.

    His cock began to grow.

    His balls began to ache.

    MacIntyre began to pant.

    Sally could feel the tingling return to her own pussy and her nipples.

    "I need your mouth," MacIntyre said with a sigh.

    "How do you feel about my throat, Daddy?" Sally asked.

    "I need your throat too," MacIntyre said with a shiver.

    The tip of his cock was defying the force of gravity.

    His dick got a little larger with each beat of his heart.

    Sally could see the glans growing hard before the shaft.

    The head of his cock became a purple doorknob within seconds.

    MacIntyre threw back his shoulders and sucked in his flat stomach.

    He could feel his testicles swelling as incestuous lust rekindled.

    The handsome blonde man soon had a ten inch boner standing at attention in front of his slim loins.


    When Sally went back to school in the first week of September she found that things were not nearly as bad as she had feared. School gave her a lot of things to think about and she found that it was easier to keep her mind off of Daddy than it had been when she had nothing to do all day but sprawl around the house waiting for the handsome man to come home from work.

    She kept telling herself that she had to keep her guard up. She was afraid that the boys would be able to tell that she was no longer a virgin. Once a girl was broken in boys were a lot more aggressive. She wondered if her incestuous carnal knowledge showed on her face or in her walk.

    Sally was so busy worrying about boys that it never would have occurred to her in a million years that she would be seduced by a woman. Sally had never given much thought to having a lesbian affair. She had always assumed that she was exclusively boy crazy – especially Daddy crazy.

    But that was before Sally Symms met Miss Meyers – her new English teacher. Miss Meyers – whose first name was Linda – was working her first real job. She had just graduated from teachers college. She was a lesbian, and the second she saw all of the lovely nymphets running around the halls of the high school she knew that it wouldn't be very long before she would have to seduce one.

    Of all of the girls that Linda Meyers desired, she thought that Sally was the foxiest of all. Sally had her for English Poetry. It was only a week into the fall semester when Miss Meyers made her move.


    "Yes. Miss Meyers?"

    "May I see you after class?"

    "Of course, Miss Meyers. Has there been something wrong with my work?"

    "On, no, my dear, nothing like that," Linda said.

    The beautiful English teacher winked at the little girl.

    Sally thought that was odd. It was almost as if the teacher were flirting with her. Sally had still not caught on.

    When the classroom had cleared Sally remained. It was Friday afternoon. The class was held last period. Everyone would be leaving the building – busy to begin their weekend.

    Sally sat in the front row, with her shapely legs crossed.

    She was wearing tight jeans and a tight sweater. The teacher was seething with lust. "I think you are a very beautiful little girl," Linda said.

    An invisible light bulb went on over Sally's head.

    She had heard this line before – from Marvin Madison for example.

    She knew what it meant. What surprised Sally most was that she didn't mind. She began to think of her English teacher as a sexual animal. Linda had pitch black hair that had been cut short into a pixie. The beautiful poetry teacher had bangs that fell downy onto her forehead. Linda's eyes were almond-shaped and exotic. There was something vaguely foreign about the teacher's appearance. Sally could see that the woman's eyes were so dark brown that they appeared black. Her skin had an olive complexion. She had a marvelous body. Her breasts were not as large as Sally's but they were firm, round, ripe, and high on her chest. Linda had her perfect hourglass figure crammed into a tight red dress. The dress was cut low in the front, in a vee, so her cleavage was visible. The dress was slit up the sides so she flashed her smooth thighs every time she took a step. She wore high heels with open toes. Her toes were forced to arch as her heels were propped high in the air.

    Sally could tell that the teacher was nervous. She decided to relieve the tension. She thought that it would be fun to fool around with the teacher. It wasn't like she was cheating on Daddy. He couldn't compete with a woman. Sally tilted her head a little to one side so her long blonde hair fell over one shoulder and one breast. The little girl raised her right eyebrow into an arch.

    "Would you like me to lock the door, Miss Meyers, or do you want to take me to your apartment?" Sally said.

    Linda sighed and asked the little girl to call her by her first name.

    "I thought you would have an open mind," Linda said with a smile. Her clit throbbed. The teacher began to make a wet spot in the crotch of her pink panties.

    "Well, I never did it with a woman before. But I guess it would be nice. You are going to have to tell me what to do," Sally said. She marched to the classroom door and locked the door. On the weekend the only people left in the building would be drunken janitors. They did not have to worry about being caught. Sally also turned off the overhead lights and closed the blinds. Linda was a couple of inches taller than Sally. They met standing up at the front of the classroom. They kissed passionately and rubbed their breasts together. Sally loved the sensation. It was different from kissing a man. Softer – more delicate. Sally could feel the ache in her loins revving up. Her inner and outer cunt lips swelled and her cunt began to get wet.

    Sally was suddenly very curious about the woman. She wanted to taste her cunt. She wanted to know what it was like to eat pussy. She wanted to give Linda the same thrill that Daddy gave her when he kissed her quim.

    "I want to give you head," Sally said when the kiss was through.

    Linda sat on her desk, pushing some papers out of the way.

    Without removing her high heels, Linda tugged off her panties.

    She pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist. She placed her feet on the edge of the desk and leaned back. Linda opened her legs and Sally dropped to her knees next to the teacher's desk so she could see the treasures that lie between those opened thighs. Sally was surprised to find that the teacher's cunt looked much different from her own. Linda's outer cunt lips, and the outer edges of her inner lips, were dark – the color of cocoa. But inside the dripping poontang Sally found that the flesh was just as pink as her own. She could see the natural lubrication drooling out of the foxy English teacher's cooze.

    Sally could see that the woman had a lot more hair down between her legs than she did. Linda had a thick ebony inverted triangle of short and curly pubic hair above her pussy, and the hair was thick along the sides of her vulva as well.

    Sally could see that there was thick hair coming out of the crack of Linda's ass too. That hair seemed to be clustered mist thickly around the woman's tight puckered asshole.

    Sally kissed between the tops of Linda's stockings and the outer lips of her engorged pussy slit.

    The pretty little blonde did not fool around. She got her nose right up against the woman's cunt and filled her sinuses with the funky scent. Sally sighed as she exhaled.

    The little girl placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the woman's slit and licked upward, touching the clitoris momentarily. Sally couldn't help but notice that the black haired woman's pink love button was a great deal larger than her own. Linda's clit looked more like the head on a baby boy's cock when it was fully engorged. Sally could feel her mouth watering as she looked at it.

    She placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the slit and worked it between the curled back inner labia. Sally stiffened her tongue and pushed the taster deep into the delta of love.

    Sally knew at that point that the woman had been fucked at one time or another. Her cherry was long gone. What Sally didn't know was that the woman had never been penetrated in her entire life by a real penis. Her cherry had been broken years before by a vibrating dildo. Sometimes, during sex play, Linda had her female lovers strap on a huge dildo and fuck her – either in the pussy or the asshole. Linda liked both.

    Sally pulled the woman's clit upward.

    She began to tongue the love button.

    She played with the little man in the boat naughtily.

    She was tender, sensuous – yet mischievous at the same time.

    She quickly brought the black haired teacher to the edge of bliss.

    Linda Meyers found herself hovering on the brink of ecstasy.

    And Sally skillfully held her there. For a long time.

    Then Sally flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across the love button as fast and hard as she could. The woman suppressed her scream of absolute physical pleasure. Sally could feel cunt juice splashing in her face for the first time in her life. She wrapped that precious pouting mouth around Linda's huge clitoris and began to suck as she licked, just so the woman's convulsions of ecstasy would be as intense as possible.

    Linda shivered and whined until her orgasm was through.

    Sally pulled her face out of the soaking wet cunt and stopped licking.

    Sally stood and leaned over the woman. They pressed their lips together.

    Linda massaged Sally's tits under her tee-shirt lovingly.

    Sally could feel her nipples being pinched and tugged by arched fingers.

    Linda's fingernails were almost as long as her own, Sally found.

    Linda had to arch her fingers back as she pinched – so the nails would not get in the way. Instead of red nail polish, like Sally wore, Linda painted her nails with a clear paint.

    Like a varnish.

    "Pull down your pants," Linda said breathlessly. They switched positions.

    Sally quickly tugged down her jeans and panties at the same time.

    They were so tight that she had to wiggle her ass sexily.

    Linda had already dropped to her knees and was licking her lips in anticipation.

    Sally sighed as her wet panties tugged out from between her swollen outer labia. She could feel her thick hot natural lubrication begin to roll down the insides of her thighs. She could tell that the crack of her ass was being lubricated as well. Sally hopped up on the desk and spread her legs. She could feel the beautiful black haired English teacher's hot breath on her pussy.

    "Forgive me, Daddy," Sally said to herself silently.

    Linda began to lick and suck at Sally's sweet thighs.

    Sally moved so that her weight was on the small of her back.

    The little blonde lewdly reached down and grabbed her buttocks.

    The little girl pulled her ass cheeks grossly apart.

    It was a not-so-subtle hint. The black haired woman understood.

    Linda placed the tip of her tongue at the top of Sally's ass crack.

    She flicked the tip of her taster rapidly back and forth.

    Linda lifted her head until she was licking Sally's steamy bung!

    She licked the asshole clean. Sally whimpered. Linda could taste cunt juice mixed in with the little girl's delicious anal flavor.

    After Linda stiffened her tongue and reamed Sally's ass as deeply as she could with it, she pulled her tongue away from the nether eye so she could concentrate her attention on Sally's practically bald twat!

    Sally's pussy was caressed enthusiastically by the flat part of the beautiful woman's curious tongue.

    The pretty little blonde whimpered and writhed on the desk, straining to get her thighs even further apart.

    Linda sucked and licked with joy – eventually getting to the nymphet's clit. Sally came within seconds of direct contact with her center of womanly pleasure.

    The little girl wailed through her orgasm. When it was over her teacher began to act very nervous.

    "You and I had better leave the building separately," Linda said. She put her wet panties back on.

    They left right away. Sally felt dazed and confused.

    Her mind was racing in a thousand different directions at the same time.

    She went straight home.


    Sally charged into her house and headed for the stairs. She went straight to her room and waited.

    When Daddy came home she still had thought of nothing to tell him. Her affections had been alienated.

    She decided to keep it a secret.

    She took a long bath so she wouldn't have the smell of her English teacher's pussy on her and went downstairs to watch some television. When MacIntyre came home he kissed Sally smack on the mouth.

    "Did anything interesting happen to you today?" MacIntyre asked. Sally hated to lie.

    But she had no choice.

    "No, nothing special," Sally said. "Let's fuck!"


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