Hottest family


    "Wanna see my dick, little girl?" Randy Mitchell grinned at the luscious dark and dusky piece of sweet ass who sat next to him, purring like a sleek kitten in the front seat of his van.

    "Hardly!" Lisa Darnell said in mock outrage, raising her lovely eyebrows and crossing her lithe and silken legs. "At least not yet," she added with a cock-stiffening smile.

    Lisa's seductive little smile could stiffen a cock any day, as Randy knew from painful experience. The day was rare when a knowing glance from the hot little bitch failed to send Randy's eager young

    dick shooting into erection inside his tight pants. Lisa was a torment for all the guys at Woodrow Wilson High, and she knew it, knew it and made the most of it.

    Lisa was the classic cock-tease, never allowing a guy to go all the way with her and apparently enjoying his sexual suffering. Randy had gathered from the stories his buddies had told him that little Lisa was still a virgin, having turned back all attempts to enter her tight little cunt. The local guys had been working on her ever since junior high school, but to no avail. Nobody dared take her by force since she was the sheriff's daughter, and besides, most of the local guys considered force a bad scene. And. so Lisa had remained chaste, the only fuckable virgin left in the senior class at graduation time. Randy was determined to change her ways.

    Randy had had considerable experience in getting into the well-filled pants of other cock-teases, and his successes,with hard cases were legend. At the tender age of eighteen he had deflowered more chicks than any of the other studs at Woodrow Wilson. In fact, Randy was known to be the super-stud of Ferrisville, Indiana. Lisa knew of his reputation.

    It wasn't that Randy had any strange compulsion to deflower virgins. But fucking was such great fun, and virgins seemed to enjoy fucking the first few times a lot more than the chicks who had had it stuck to them since they were eighteen. And besides, Randy liked girls a whole lot, not only as objects of sexual attention but also as people. It

    sure was a damn shame to let girls deprive themselves of the joys of hot fucking merely because of some stupid prohibition against spreading their legs for a guy. And so young Randy considered his cherry-picking activities a kind of community service, and most of the chicks whose cherries he had picked seemed to agree with him. Once the local girls learned a few things they really loved to ball. But Lisa was a bit different.

    Lisa seemed to know all about fucking already, even though Randy knew for sure that she hadn't done any actual flesh and blood screwing. He had been sizing her up for two years, watching how she reacted to his buddies, watching the little tricks she used to turn the guys on. He had watched her look at guys out of the corner of her eye and make them writhe in their seats at school even with a sidelong glance. And he had seen the devastating effect on his pals when she looked them right in the eye and said something dirty, and said it with the lewd look of a hot-fucking cunt. She had had guys jacking off right and left ever since her wildly exciting body had begun to take on the soft contours of femininity. And what contours they were!

    Lisa was tall and slender, not actually busty like Jean Penderson or Billie Withers, the two loosest chicks in school. Randy liked girls with big tits, liked to squeeze those big bulging knockers until the girl went wild inside, liked to suck those sweet breasts until the nipples grew hard and tingled with excitement. But luscious Lisa's tits were not particularly huge like Jean's or Billie's. Lisa tits

    were soft-looking and smallish, and yet she was far more seductive and desirable than any of the big-bosomed chicks around town. All the guys were dying to hold those softly swelling tits in their hands, dying to suck those pert little breasts, dying to bite them gently while Lisa mewled softly in the heat of her passion. A few of the guys had actually managed to bare her tits, or so they bragged. But that was as far as she had allowed any of them to go with their petting. A few hard-won kisses, a few harder-won feels of leg or tit, a few even harder-won strokes on a guy's cock and the

    night was over, as far as Lisa was concerned. It wasn't at all unusual to hear tires squealing in front of Lisa's house when her hard and horny date for the night peeled out in anger and disgust, having been left unfulfilled by the sexy little bitch.

    Randy's glittering blue eyes roved over Lisa's dark legs, drinking in. her perfection. And what perfection! Lisa's mother was a full-blooded Cherokee, a long tall drink of sensuality. She had passed along her dark features to her daughter, features which made Lisa look mysterious and smooth beyond belief. Her body moved with catlike grace, with a fluidity that defied description. She could have been a model or an actress, a goddess beyond approach. But she was sitting right there next to Randy, within touching distance. The more he thought about her the more aloof she seemed, and the more desirable.

    Even sitting in the front seat of the van he had outfitted strictly for fucking, she looked cool and aloof. It was as if she were the embodiment of

    controlled sensuality. It was as if that sensuality were lying in wait like an animal, waiting to devour any male who strayed into her trap, and yet refusing to spring the trap, creating an unbearable tension that made Randy's nuts ache. She knew that Randy was undressing her with his eyes, and he knew that she knew. But still she sat there as if in church, as if fucking were the farthest thing from her mind. It was enough to drive a guy up the fucking wall! And then it struck him. He suddenly knew what it was about her that was driving hint wild inside. The sudden realization left him stunned.

    She reminded him of Sherry, his kid sister! He had to look away from her for a moment or two, his embarrassment was so overpowering. Sherry had the same coolness, the same aloofness, and the same crotch-grabbing beauty. She was tall and slender like Lisa, although her features were lighter, her complexion translucent pink. Sherry moved with the same catlike grace, smiled with one same knowing smile at times, and had about her the same air of mystery.

    Sherry was a year younger than Randy and Lisa, although she seemed to know more about life at eighteen than Randy did. It was Lisa's air of secrecy and incredible coolness that turned Randy

    on. He had to admit to himself now that his kid sister's similar attitude toward him had been having a powerful but strangely unnoticed effect on his active libido. Perhaps it really wasn't Lisa that he wanted to fuck after all. Perhaps it was Sherry's tight blonde cunt that he secretly longed to sink

    his eighteen-year-old cock into. He honestly didn't know what his true feelings were now. It was the first time since his initial exploration of sex at eighteen that he felt confused and uncertain of himself, and his confusion was a terrible embarrassment. He wondered how he could keep his cool with Lisa with visions of his sister flashing through his horny mind.

    As free-thinking as Randy was about sex, incest was still taboo. He couldn't possibly be hot for Sherry! It was dirty, dirty and dangerous for both of them. But how could he deny the dizzying reality of the emotions that surged within him as he sat there so near this luscious girl who reminded him so strangely of his own sister? It would be like fucking Sherry now!

    Randy dared not even touch Lisa now, not so much because she might divine the incestuous thoughts that raced through his mind-nobody could suspect him of such thoughts-but because merely touching her might bring on even more wild and taboo thoughts, more disturbingly exciting images of his lovely sister, more of the incredible sex-visions that she was beginning to inspire in him.

    Sherry had never tried to excite him with that unbelievably beautiful body to hers, or had she? Now that hot thoughts of her were filling his mind Randy began to realize that she had always had a strange power over him, began to realize that she' had always made him feel strangely nervous in her presence, at least ever since she had blossomed into the sexy young chick she had so recently become.

    He thought of the many times she had wandered

    into his room wearing only her panties and a smile, as she had a tendency to do at any hour of the day or night usually to borrow records or tapes or something, or so it had seemed. He thought of the many times she had sauntered down the upstairs hail from her room to the bathroom, a towel draped carelessly over her delicate shoulders, her asscheeks moving naked and lovely just beneath the bottom of the towel, thought of the mysterious smiles she had flashed at him as she passed his open room, thought of the way he had smiled back dumbly, pretending not to notice her near-nakedness. He thought of the many times she had thrown off her clothes down by the river and had coaxed him into doing the same for a bare-assed swim in the moonlight, thought of the times when his cock had stirred beneath the flowing water and he had turned his back to her to bide his erect dick, pulling on his pants quickly after their swim and hoping that she hadn't noticed anything swelling between his legs.

    Nudity and casualness about sexuality were perfectly acceptable in the Mitchell house. Randy's parents had taught Randy and his three brothers and three sisters to consider nudity a healthy and natural state. Sex was not something to sweep under the rug and it was quite all right to discuss such matters openly, as long as no lewdness was intended. Walking around the house with a hard-on was quite another matter. And now that he thought of it, sister Sherry had raised a hard-on between his legs on numerous occasions.

    In the past Randy had always blamed his

    horniness in Sherry's presence on thoughts of some other chick he had fucked that might have crossed his mind quite by accident. Her displays of sensuous feminine flesh had seemed innocent enough in the context of the Mitchell family's sexual freedom. But taken together with Randy's sudden realization of his true feelings for his sister her behavior in the past took on a possible meaning that upset him as nothing else in his young life ever had. He realized now that it -had been Sherry herself who had stiffened his cock, just as surely as if she had grabbed it with those soft warm hands of hers. Could she have done it on purpose? The possibility was mind-boggling.

    "Well, Randy, aren't you going to do anything to me?" Lisa purred. "I thought you were the boy who always took whatever he wanted on the first date."

    "Huh?" Randy said vacantly, barely hearing her voice.

    "Randy," she called sweetly. "It's Lisa. Remember me? I'm the girl you wanted to fuck so badly."

    "Oh shit, Lisa, I…uh…I was just…just thinking…" He struggled, suddenly regaining his senses, at least partly, having completely forgotten Lisa in his inner confusion.

    "Thinking?" she gasped in a mock-serious tone. "You were just thinking? Don't tell me I make you think!" she laughed wickedly. "I've never been so insulted in my life!"

    "Well, uh…no…you don't make me

    was just…you remind me of someone…that's all… aw, shit!" Randy stammered, unable now to even look the girl in the eye.

    "Remind you of someone? Who on earth do I remind you of? I thought I Was quite unique, Randy. Who do I remind you of? Your mother? Your grandmother? What is this anyway?" she teased, torturing him mercilessly while he writhed in his embarrassment.

    "Oh stilt, Lisa, will you just forget about it?" Randy begged, feeling at a loss for words and unable to act for the first time in his sex-life.

    "Forget about it? Hardly, Randy! This is ridiculous! One minute you ask me if I want to see your dick and the next minute you're scared to death of something. Could it be that you're not quite the man they tell me you are?" the sleek sex-kitten purred.

    "Aw for crap's sake, Lisa! Just forget it!" he choked, turning away from the seductive piece, even though he still wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

    "How can I forget it, Randy? This is all very interesting. I've never been treated this way before," she said, putting her warm hand on Randy's muscular shoulder, squeezing it gently, forcing him to turn around and face her again.

    "Treated this way? What do you mean?" Randy rasped, feeling like a confused ten-year-old.

    "Well, Randy, most boys like to try something as soon as they get me out in the country. They just like to use me, Randy. Do you know what I mean? A girl just doesn't like to be used all the

    time, Randy. But it is awfully nice to be noticed." Lisa smiled, her dark, seductive eyes glittering with lust and mystery.

    "Yeah, I guess I know what you mean, Lisa. So why don't I just drive you back home and we'll forget about the whole thing," Randy said weakly, reaching for the ignition, his cock throbbing like an engine in his pants.

    Lisa smiled at him with a smile that, melted his balls. His hand froze at the ignition. He was unable to even turn the key now. It was the same smile that his sister had used on him so often. He hadn't recognized that smile as a smile of mysterious smoldering lust until now. Now that he had recognized it as such, the effect on him was powerful beyond belief. His muscles tightened, his every physical fiber tensing with excitement and anticipation of whatever was to come. He wanted Lisa terribly. And yet he dared not touch this hot and horny girl, dared not make advances toward a girl who was so like his sexy sister, dared not do so for reasons which even he didn't fully comprehend, for reasons which only time would clarify for him.

    "Let's not be so hasty, Randy. I like you. I like you very much. I see that you appreciate me. Do you see something in my eyes that bothers you, Randy?" she cooed sweetly.

    Randy nodded his head nervously. He felt weak. His throat was as dry as cotton, his voice lost completely. His cock was oozing juice just as if some nimble-fingered. young chick had been playing with him for an hour. There really was something in those dark eyes, in those cool wet

    lips, in those dark smiles of lust. She a wilt. any girl he had ever met, a girl apart, a girl who had a secret, and a wild secret too.

    "Come to think of it, Randy baby, I think maybe I would like to see your dick. Wouldn't that be nice? Or are you bashful?" Lisa teased, pursing her lips, driving Randy wild inside.

    "Yeah, that'd be real nice," he forced himself to say. "But

    "But what, Randy? Don't you like girls?" she teased in her sweet satiny voice, a voice as smooth as the contours of her lithe body.

    "Hell, Lisa, you know I like girls. I like you too. But..

    'Then what's your problem, Randy baby?" she teased.

    "Well… how come all of a sudden… how come all of a sudden you wanna get laid?" he forced himself to say, his voice catching with his last words.

    "I like the way you treat me, darling. I like the way you sit there so nervously. You seem so gentle all of a sudden. I like gentle boys. You know, Randy, I thought you were just like all the rest of those nasty guys. I saw you sizing me up and I thought you were just waiting for your chance at my cherry. When you asked me out I thought you were giving it a last try before we went off to different schools and never saw each other again. But I guess I was wrong. Or was I?" she said, that disturbingly mysterious look still in her eyes. "Of course there is one other reason I like you. But we won't get into that right now. You' not ready for

    that yet," she cooed.

    "Not ready for what?" Randy pleaded, losing his self-control completely.

    "Hush, Randy baby, hush and let me see your big beautiful cock. Sandy Wright tells me you have the most beautiful cock in town," Lisa said, reaching for Randy's swelling crotch.

    Lisa was in total control of Randy's emotions now. He was totally unable to resist her advances. Her advances! He had never been in such a position before, had never felt himself the pursued rather than the pursuer, and the feeling was terribly upsetting. He felt like a little boy under her. powerful feminine influence.

    Randy flinched visibly when Lisa's long warm fingers fell to his lap, stroking the swollen bulge of his big nine-inch prick. Surges of excitement raced up and down the turgid shaft of his tightly-swollen dick as she fondled it, stirring his balls into a hot furor. the expression on Lisa's lovely face made him look away from her. She seemed to know what he was thinking, seemed somehow to sense the swirl of emotional confusion into which his thoughts of Sherry had thrown him. She was relentless in her sexual onslaught. He had had no idea that this cool and aloof chick could be so bold, so ball-stirring and so beautifully strange.

    Lisa moved closer to Randy. He scooted away just a bit. He felt the girl's warm thigh against his, felt the heat of her radiating through the tight skirt she wore. And still her fingers moved in his lap, trailing over his bulging dick, rubbing gently on the bulge of it, moving it slightly beneath the faded

    material of his Levi's. He felt his cock jerking uncontrollably, felt his hot young nuts churning between his legs as if she had sucked them into her mouth. He wanted to fuck her sure as hell, but he dared not, although he had no idea what was stopping him.

    "You certainly are nervous, Randy. None of the other boys are that nervous. Something really is bothering you. Don't I turn you on, Randy? Aren't I good enough for you?" she teased.

    "For Christ's sake, Lisa, you're good enough for me all right! You're good enough for any guy. But.. " he struggled.

    "Am I as pretty as Sherry?" she suddenly whispered in his ear.

    "Sherry!?" he gasped, his heart skipping a beat. 'What the hell?"

    Randy had had no idea that Lisa even knew his sister. And now she was mentioning her name casually while she stroked his hardened cock. There was something hidden in the tone of that soft whisper, something that made his confusion even more complete. It was as if Lisa were getting at something, as if she were insinuating something with the mere tone of her satiny voice.

    "Is something the matter, Randy darling?" Lisa purred, still rubbing her victim's cock with the palm of her hand. "Don't you know that Sherry and I are good friends?" she smiled.

    Randy coughed nervously and looked down at his lap, watching Lisa tugging down his tightly stretched zipper with a deftness of movement that amazed him.

    "Am I as pretty as your little sister?" she asked insistently, smiling at him with that peculiar knowing smile that she shared with Sherry.

    "Aw for Christ's sake, Lisa, I dunno. I guess. Why the fuck are you asking that?" he said as she reached inside his tight pants.

    "Does that hun?" she said in a little-girl voice when he sat bolt upright suddenly.

    "No… it doesn't hurt, damn it…" Randy gasped as he felt her fingers against the tightly stretched skin of his cock-shaft.

    "You don't seem to be enjoying it," she said, pressing her long, warm leg against his.

    "What's this shit about Sherry?" Randy said through gritted teeth.

    "I'm just curious, darling, that's all. I. just wondered how I stack up compared to your sister. She is awfully pretty, you know. Have you ever seen her with her clothes off, Randy? She's very pretty with her clothes off."

    "Yeah, damn it, I've seen her with her clothes off. How the fuck could I help seeing her with her clothes off once in a goddamn while? She's my sister! What the fuck's the matter with you anyway, Lisa? Leave a guy alone will you? Cut the shit about She… " Randy whined confusedly, his voice trailing off in a sputter.

    "Do you want me to leave this nice cock alone too?" Lisa smiled wickedly; wrapping her hand around the slippery juice slickened shaft of Randy's hard young cock.

    "Hell no, Lisa. That feel's great. But what's this shit about Sherry? What's Sherry got to do with

    us?" Randy said weakly.

    "You'll find out about it all in due time, Randy dear," Lisa said mysteriously. "Aren't you going to undress me? I thought you'd have my clothes Off before you parked the van."

    "Yeah," he said with a sigh.

    Randy fell back limply in the front seat of his van, his long muscular legs spread wide, his aching cock arching up between them through his gaping fly. He gave up trying to understand what was happening to him, gave up trying to understand the strange relationship that seemed to exist between Lisa and his sister. And yet the, fact of that relationship filled his consciousness even as the powerful sensations of sex began to spread over him, drowning his inner confusion in a sea of lust.

    He had to take the dark and seductive temptress who suddenly seemed so open to him, had to feel the warmth of her silken flesh, had to bury his throbbing cock between her long and luscious legs, had to taste the creamy flesh of her cunt, had to feel her wet- lips against the head of his hard cock. But why Was she so open to him and never to the many other young studs who had tried to fuck her? He tried desperately to control the confusion and near panic that she had stirred up within him, tried desperately to summon the courage he somehow- knew he would need to plunge into the whirlpool of hot lust that Lisa had stirred up around them both.

    "Do you like my little titties?" Lisa smiled, thrusting out her chest, pulling back her slender shoulders and making the material of her silk

    blouse bulge with the fullness of her pert tits.

    "Oh shit, Lisa!" Randy gasped; feeling his last bit of resistance melting away in the heat of the moment. "I gotta have you!" he gasped, his hands flying to the buttons of her blouse, nearly tearing the flimsy garment open. "I gotta have you, baby! Gotta have you right now!"

    "Take me, Randy! Take me now! I want you to fuck me, Randy! Yes! Fuck me hard and fast! I want you to fuck me better than… "she said, her voice faltering.

    "Better than who?" Randy asked as he buried his face between her exposed tits.

    "No one, darling, no one at… "she mewed softly in reply as Randy rubbed his cheeks against her silken tits.

    Randy was happy that the hot-assed Lisa hadn't worn her bra that particular night. He had noticed that she usually wore a bra. In fact she always wore a bra. It seemed that she had left the troublesome and concealing garment off just for him, as if she had had every intention of letting him at least feel those fine, firm young tits. He had opened her blouse in a matter of seconds, had exposed her tits and buried his face in her hot flesh. And she hadn't made even the slightest whimper of protest. And now she was begging him to fuck her. It was almost too much to believe.

    Randy licked the swelling globes of her dark-completed tits, licked her nipples too licked each in turn until they stiffened and tingled. He felt the goosepimpled. flesh of her dark little aureoles against his tongue as it encircled the

    sensitive tips of her tits. Her hands in his lap still, her fingers squeezing the hard shaft of his cock, squeezing it harder and harder the more he stimulated her yielding tits. Her tit-peaks were hard against his lips as he pressed them against her warm erectile flesh. He had never seen a girl respond so powerfully to his kisses. Her entire body was beginning to seethe with excitement, her legs moving slightly against his as he moved closer and closer to her, her tits heaving as her breathing increased in rate and depth, her eyes smoldering with lust as he stared into them.

    "We gotta get in back!" Randy said, his breathing heavy and his voice dry.

    "Fuck me right here! Fuck me now!" Lisa cried softly.

    "No room, baby!" Randy said, opening the door of the van and-helping her out. "I got a mattress in back, Lisa. We'll fuck real nice back there!"

    The horny pair hurried around the van and Randy threw open the doom, helping Lisa into the carpeted love nest he had outfitted for fucking. He watched her yielding tit-flesh bouncing beautifully as she climbed into the van and into his portable sex-bed.

    Before Randy had a chance to ask, Lisa was on her knees on the soft mattress, licking her lips and looking at his bobbing cock.

    "Let me suck you, Randy! Will you let me suck your big beautiful dick?" the hot-assed young girl hissed.

    "Suck the fucker! Suck the hell out of it, Lisa!" Randy growled, his erect cock jutting up in front

    of him through his unzipped pants.

    Randy sucked in his breath when Lisa grabbed the root of his prick and forced it down toward her until it pointed straight out in front of him. She shrugged her lithe shoulders and let her opened blouse slide over her back with a soft rustle of light-pink silk, exposing the front of her luscious body lewdly while she stared hungrily at Randy's aching cock. Randy's heart almost stopped when the horny girl moved her luscious lips closer and closer to the swollen head of his dick. He shuddered uncontrollably when he felt her lips pressing against the eye-slit of his prick, taking to her wet lips the droplet of man-cream that had oozed through his cock-shaft.

    Lisa pressed the underside of. Randy's dick with her thumb, forcing another and still another drop of juice to the tip of his turgid prick. She flicked her wet tongue over the head of his tingling cock again and again, lapping up the droplets of lubricating fluid that her thumb continued to force from the root of his cock. She began running her tongue around the underside of the bulging cock-head, making Randy's rod jerk harder and harder with each touch of her tongue against his erectile flesh. His balls were seething between his legs. His face was twisted into a look of wild pleasure and near pain as he balls tensed in their sac.

    Randy was amazed at the expertise with which Lisa attacked the problem of his aching cock, amazed at the fluidity of her cock-licking movements, amazed at the eagerness with which

    she went at it. She certainly wasn't behaving like some cockteasing virgin now, he thought. She was giving him the best tongue job he had ever had. He almost stood on his tiptoes when she sucked his fat cock-head into her pretty face. Her eyes glittered at him when he opened his and watched her doing her nut-stirring work.

    "Let me take your pants off, Randy!" she said breathlessly.

    He grinned down at her cockily when she began tugging at his heavy buckle, seemingly dying to get at his hard young body. He liked seeing her in such a state of wild-eyed excitement, liked seeing her lusting for the hard cock that he had ready for her. It was a far cry from the coolness she had exhibited earlier. It made him feel more in control of himself and in control of the situation. But he couldn't help wondering what had made her change so abruptly. And he definitely couldn't help feeling some strange inner turmoil as thoughts of his sister and her relationship with Lisa kept stirring him up inside.

    He felt his pants snap open and felt them being tugged down over his hard young legs, exposing his groin and the thick rod of flesh that jerked and pulsated in front of him. Randy never wore any underwear, preferring to let everyone see the sexual equipment he wore so proudly between his legs. He felt warm, loving fingers playing in the thick growth of brown hair that covered his groin, felt those same deftly moving fingers caressing his pendulous nuts, moving them around in their hairy scrotal sac. She manipulated his nuts as expertly as

    any of the many girls around Ferrisville who had had plenty of fucking experience. She couldn't be a virgin, not the way she attacked his cock and balls,

    Randy spread his legs wide and felt her hands moving up and down his inner legs, the sides of her hands touching his swinging nuts gently as she moved them up along his muscular inner thighs. It wasn't long before she had moved her head back toward his jerking dick and prepared to resume her sucking. He felt his muscles tense as he prepared himself for the wild sensations she was about to inspire in his excited cock and balls.

    He thought be would shoot his load as soon as she plunged down over his dripping cock, he was so wildly excited. He controlled himself with the greatest of difficulty, saving his Wad for later when the lovely recipient of it would be even more excited than she was so early in the festivities. He knew that he could hold back his ejaculation for a long time if he tried hard enough, knew that he could hold off until she was a wild-fucking bitch in heat.

    He heard the wet sucking sounds her mouth made as she slurped at his wet prick-head. He saw her cheeks bulging with the swollen head of his cock. Ever-so-slowly Lisa began moving her face toward his curly groin, taking more and more of his huge length of dick into her throat. Randy's natural reaction to the feelings she was stirring up in him was to push his cock into her face, to buck his lean ass and force his meat deep down inside her slippery oral channel, to fuck her face until his

    cock erupted into her, choking her with the sheer volume of his jism. But he had to control himself, had to let her proceed at her own pace, had to let her accommodate – herself to the huge cock-stick she had swallowed deep into her throat. He had turned off a few chicks early in his high-school sexual activities by fucking their faces too hard and fast, and had learned better. He had no intention of turning Lisa off, not that he could if he had wanted to.

    Randy put his hands on the lovely Lisa's soft cheeks and felt his own thick cock-head swelling in her mouth. She was moving her tongue around his cock-head while she sucked him hard and fast. When she had taken him as far into her as she could, he began very slowly moving his big poker around inside her face, rubbing the head of it against the roof of her wet mouth, rubbing it against her teeth, touching her tonsils as he moved in a tight circle inside her face.

    He changed his face-fucking motions to a slow, shallow pistoning motion. He felt his dick-shaft scraping against her teeth as he fucked it in and out of her, felt her lips pressing his cock. Soon his prick was moving almost all the way out of her face and back in with each face-fucking stroke. As he increased his pace, he noticed Lisa's expression changing slowly from one of excitement and hunger for his cock to one of near panic as she became unable to cope with the banging and punching of his thick plug of flesh. He slowed his face-fucking movements and finally pulled his dick out of her face with an audible plop. It snapped up

    against his hard belly and splattered a long thread of thick man-cream all over Lisa's sweet face.

    Lisa smiled up at him in relief, apparently knowing that her fucker was not going to purposely hurt her or do anything to her that she didn't want done. Randy loved to see such expressions on girls' faces, expressions of total trust and submission, expressions that meant a night of fucking that neither of them would soon forget. But there was still that strange half-smile, that smile beneath a smile that still upset him. And there was still her similarity to Sherry and her secret relationship with her, a relationship that had come as a shock to him, a relationship that would shock him even more when it was completely revealed.

    "Your turn now, little lady," Randy grinned down at her, his eyes glittering with lust, forcing thoughts of his sister from his horny mind.

    Randy feasted his eyes on the pert little piles of tit-flesh that stood out so cutely from Lisa's chest. Her nipple were hard and pointed, begging to be pinched and sucked. Only moments before she had seemed like a siren to him. Now she seemed totally innocent, at least outwardly, seemed almost childlike in fact He fell to his knees and wrapped his arms around her, planting wet kisses all over her swelling titties.

    He trailed his tongue along the soft swelling curves of her breasts, licking circles around her goosepimpled dark aureoles, and licking the crevice between her warm and fragrant tits. He pressed his lips to her flesh, taking her tit-peaks in his mouth

    and sucking them, letting each in turn pop free and tingle sit left his sucking lips.

    While Randy sucked Lisa's perfect tits his hands roved over her naked back, smoothing over her delicate flesh, moving ever downward toward the top of her tight skirt. It was with a fluid movement that the experienced stud unfastened her garment and began easing it down over her lithe hips, exposing more and more of her olive-hued flesh. She sat there now with her legs curled beneath her and held together in one perfect curve. She moved to one side slightly, allowing him to undress her more easily. Her tits jiggled slightly as she moved. Randy caught sight of the slight jiggling of her yielding tits and was tempted to begin sucking them all over again. But he had to see the rest of Lisa's dark and sensuous body, had to possess her feminine treasure.

    Lisa gasped when she felt Randy's hand on her naked thigh. Randy felt her body tremble when he eased her skirt off and helped her wriggle out of it. His eyes feasted on her nakedness. She hadn't worn any panties, a fact that amazed him, a fact that reinforced his belief that she was after him as much as he was after her, after him in spite of her reputation as an unlickable tease. And still he felt that there was something more to her eagerness to fuck than simple sexual desire, and that something was in some way connected with his sister.

    Randy leaned back on his knees and took off his shirt. Lisa's hands roved over his muscular chest and stomach as if she had never felt a man before. Her hands stimulated him beyond belief. He fell on

    her in a moment, covering her with his heavily muscled body, feeling her tits crushed up against his smooth chest, feeling her breath moist and warm against his cheek. His cock rubbed against her satiny smooth thigh, spreading his man-cream over her dark and dusky skin.

    He began kissing Lisa's soft belly, kissing farther and farther in a line from her tits to her dark nest of cuntal hair. She lay back softly, her eyes closed in ecstasy as he nibbled gently at her little navel. He curled his tongue in the hair that rested in a fluffy cloud between her widespread legs. He rubbed his cheek against the bush between her legs until she began to whimper softly. The warmth of her cunt radiated from the juncture of her thighs, saturating Randy's head with her feminine lust. He had to taste the cunt that so many of his buddies had tried in vain to capture.

    Lisa cried out when Randy grasped her legs and held her up so that her teenage cunt was lewdly exposed to him, open to his eager manipulations with finger and tongue.

    "Spread your legs, baby," Randy said breathlessly. "I gotta taste your cunt! I gotta have it, Lisa!"

    The tall girl obeyed instantly, spread her legs so wide that her fuzzy pussy opened and exposed the crimson flesh of her inner cunt.

    "Oh God, baby, that's beautiful! I gotta have it! Right now, baby!" he rasped, pressing his face against the open lips of her moist cunt.

    "Oh yes, Randy! Yes! I want you to lick me there! I want you to suck my cunt just like.

    she gasped in her intense sexual heat, suddenly

    faltering, unable to say another word.

    Randy wanted to ask who else had sucked her dint, but he was much to busy between her legs to care all that much. So someone had gotten to her cunt before he had. So what? He had what he wanted now and that was all that mattered. He stuck out his tongue and let it slip down the cuntal crevice between her legs. She cried out in pleasure as his tongue made its first contact with her sensitive pussy-flesh.

    "Randy," Lisa said softly.

    "Uh-huh," the horny stud grunted in reply.

    "I…fm not really a…a virgin. Do you mind?" she asked hesitantly.

    "Christ, no! Who gives a shit?" Randy replied, licking at her cunt with a frenzy.

    "Oh Randy, I was sure you'd understand," she sang sweetly, a bit too sweetly.

    Randy didn't much like the wicked little laugh that followed her last words. It was a laugh so similar to Sherry's laugh, a devilish little laugh that always made him feel that he was missing something.

    He was not missing Lisa's cunt. His tongue raced up and down the crevice that tasted so hot and delicious, raced over the raggedly folds of her cunt-lips, raced over the hot little bud of her cunt until she was writhing with excitement, her legs flailing. He spread the lips of her cunt with two fingers and concentrated his attentions on the little finger of pink flesh that made her shiver every time he touched it.

    "Oh, Randy, I love it! Suck my cunt, darling!

    Suck it, Randy! Oh God! You do that so beautifully! So beautifully!" she dried, tossing her head back and, letting her long black hair fall around her beautiful face.

    Randy pressed his lips hard against the tingling little cunt, sucking it into his mouth and flicking the tip of his tongue over it. The Longer he tongued her cunt the juicier her cunt became and the more she writhed in sexual agony. Randy was more turned on than he had ever been, turned on not only by Lisa's incredible beauty and unexpected willingness to be fucked, but also by the strange feeling she gave him of being in the dark about something. The sense of mystery that she brought to their sexual activities seemed to swirl about them like a mist.

    Randy lapped thirstily at the dripping gash of Lisa's dark and lust enflamed cunt, sucking her feminine juices into his mouth, tasting the passion that he had inspired in -her. Lie inserted his tongue between the shivering lips of her pussy and wiggled it around inside her; She responded by making her cunt squeeze against his tongue. He forced his tongue farther and farther inside her, making her hotter and hotter, making her cunt wetter and wetter with his saliva and her free-flowing cuntal juices,

    He began corkscrewing his tongue around inside her snatch, tickling the inner walls of her hot cunt, and making her cry out in wild pleasure. Then he began forcing his stiffened tongue in and out of her cunt, fucking her hot wet hole with his tongue, using it like a small cock. His chin banged up against her

    steamy crotch with each forward pistoning movement. She wrapped her long lithe legs around his shoulder and held his face to her creamy cunt. He had turned many girls on by licking and sucking their cunts, but this luscious chick responded more powerfully to his cunt-lapping than any of them.

    "You want my dick in your cunt now, Lisa baby?" Randy said huskily, his face still buried between her shivering legs.

    "Oh God yes!" she cried. "I want your dick in my cunt! Fill me up with it, Randy! I want it! I need it inside me! Oh God! It's so hot and hard! I want you to pound me with it, Randy! You're such a strong and handsome stud! Fuck me! Fuck me! This is so beautiful! Fuck me to pieces!" she hissed.

    "I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked, baby! You're gonna feel this fuckin' thing in your goddamn throat!" Randy growled, standing up and grasping the thick swollen shaft of his towering cock in his hands, moving the skin up and down on it while the hot-assed chick stared at his midsection.

    He reached down and grabbed a thick pillow that he always kept in the van for just such occasions. Lisa raised herself up off the mattress and let him put the pillow under her perfect ass. She lay back freely, opening her cunt to her young fucker. Randy fell over her, holding himself over her naked body with one arm while he reached between his legs and guided his huge hard-on into place against the lips of her hot cunt.

    Lisa mewled softly as Randy moved the

    glistening head of his fuck-stick against her spread cunt-lips, stimulating the raggedy edges of her pussy-lips until she was dying to have his cock shoved inside her.. She communicated her desire silently. He moved to gratify her, flexing the muscles of his ass, driving his rigid cock between the wet and musky lips of Lisa's hungry cunt. She cried when she felt the huge hot thing entering her.

    When he had pushed his aching dick inside the horny girl Randy lowered himself over her body until he could kiss the beautiful pillows of flesh that had tempted so many horny studs like him. He sucked noisily at her nipples while he slowly inserted the whole of his hard cock into the girl's seething cunt. When the big thing had been forced all the way inside her he began to move it slightly, almost unnoticeably against the satiny inner walls of her pussy. He felt her cunt responding powerfully to his hot fucking, felt the walls of her curd squeezing his cock like a sucking mouth. He could feel Lisa's wet and tasty cunt-juices flowing down his swollen cock and saturating his big cum-filled balls. She was the hottest piece of ass he had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

    "You're great, Lisa!" he grunted as he increased his fucking pace.

    "So are you, Randy! Oh God, this is beautiful! Fuck me! Oh yes! Fuck me! Screw that cock into my cunt, Randy! You're so much better… " she gasped.

    "Than who?" Randy forced himself to ask, strangely teased by her last little whimper of lust.

    "Nothing, Randy! Just fuck me! Fuck me with

    that hot thing of yours! It's so much better than…so much better… It's so hot and hard, full of blood and so real.., so real inside me!" she cried, her head tossing to and fro. "She was right! She was so right…so right…so right…"the horny girl whimpered, her voice barely audible now.

    Randy wanted to ask who "she" was, but his mind was lost now in the heat of the wild fuck that had the van bouncing. All that mattered to Randy now was to raise Lisa to the pinnacle of pleasure, to send her toppling over the brink of orgasm, to push himself to that same brink at the same time to come inside her in a nut-bunting flash of excitement and deep fulfillment. Toward that end he increased his cunt-ramming pace, fucking her harder and harder until his nuts were banging against her steamy crotch.

    He fell upon her now, felt her tit-p Wows crushed up against his hard muscled chest, felt her hard little nipples scraping his skin. He bucked his ass hard now, not moving the rest of his tense body at all, kissing the lovely Lisa's silken cheeks, pecking at her earlobes, nibbling her soft throat, planting wet kisses on her red lips. He felt her cunt tightening more than ever against the shaft of his cock, felt it holding him inside her, felt it sucking the jism out of his nuts.

    Randy's cum was welling up in his balls, ready at any moment to erupt through his hard cock-shaft and spray all over the inside of Lisa's sweet cunt. He had to shoot off at just the moment when she too was ready to flash off in ecstasy. When he

    heard her little cries growing more and more shrill, more and more unearthly, he knew that she was ready, knew that she was about to come in a blinding flash of sexual lightning.

    "You want it up your cunt?" Randy grunted deep in his gut. "You want my cum all the way up your fuckin' belly, baby?"

    "Oh Christ yes, Randy darling! Fuck me! I'm coming, Randy! I'm coming for the first time with a… with a… with a boy!" she cried.

    Lisa's little cry of ecstasy surprised him. She was coming for the first time with a boy. Had she come before with a girl? She was becoming more mysterious the more he found out about her.

    Randy beat his aching cock harder and harder into Lisa's squirming young twat, working her free-flowing cunt-juices into a froth, stimulating her cunt until she screamed at the top of her voice.

    "Oh, Randy! Randy! I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh Sherry darling! You were right! You were so right! So right…so right…oh… beautiful… " Lisa gasped and whimpered as her cunt flashed off wildly between her flailing legs.

    Randy heard Lisa cry out his sister's name just at the moment of his own wild climax. He heard her name and shot a load of thick white cum inside Lisa's beautiful sucking cunt, filling her. And when he heard Sherry's name a shock went through his body that tightened his nuts between his legs and somehow made his orgasmic rush even more powerful, made his nuts blow up between Lisa's luscious legs with even more force. Randy gasped

    and grunted like a wild animal as his load spurted inside Lisa's hot cunt.

    Lisa's soft mewling filled the air with Randy's masculine groans of pleasure, mingling with them in a kind of musical harmony. He fell on her and rested against her smooth form, kissing her cheeks and lips, kissing her soft eyelids, kissing her throat, stroking her naked thighs gently as the post orgasmic flood of peace spread over both of them.


    "Come on, Sherry, suck my dick. Come on, just a little bit? Please?" Randy begged, his swollen cock aching between his widespread legs.

    "But I'm your little sister, Randy! How could you ask me to do such a thing?" Sherry replied, reaching out her loving hand and flicking her index finger over the exposed and shiny head of Randy's turgid cock, knocking off the droplet of clear man-cream that glistened there.

    Randy was sitting on a big rock by the edge of a crystal spring in the middle of a dense forest. Birds chirped everywhere and a warm light filtered

    through the leaves casting green and gold shadows on the pound. His lovely eighteen-year-old sister was kneeling before him, wearing only a negligee of the flimsiest material. Her beautiful pink tits were clearly visible through the gauzy pink garment. Her nest of light-brown cuntal hair could barely be seen between her curvaceous young legs as she kneeled in the short green grass at Randy's feet.

    Randy spread his legs and let his big cock arch up between them, sticking out Through the opening of his briefs. His pants were in a pile with his shirt, shoes and socks by the edge of the spring. There was a strange excitement in the air, as if Randy were incredibly close to some goal he had been wanting to reach but which had always receded the moment he got close to it. His sister had never seemed lovelier to him, or more accessible.

    "DO you really want me to suck that thing for you, Randy? Really?" she smiled, pouting slightly in a playful show of mild resistance. "I'm not sure I want to suck it. You are my brother after all, Randy!"

    "You gotta suck it, Sherry! My goddamn balls are hurtin' somethin' awful! I gotta shoot off! Come on, Sherry, stick it far me. Huh?" he pleaded, his face twisted into a look of pain and suffering.

    "But it's awfully nasty, Randy! What would Mom and Dad think? Just imagine what they would say if they saw us like this! Why don't YOU get one of those sexy girl friends of yours to suck you off?" She teased.

    "Those girls are nothin' compared to you, baby!

    I don't care if you are my sister! I gotta feel your lips on my dick!" he said, reaching out and touching her soft cheeks, guiding her pretty face toward his cock.

    "Why don't you ask Cindy or Ellie to do it for you? They're your sisters too, Randy, and they're as pretty as I am," she smiled, her face descending now toward the glistening head of his hard cock.

    "But they're only kids! I want you to suck it! Just you! I want you, Sherry! I need you!" Randy said, feeling her warm moist breath against his blood-engorged cock-head.

    "All right, Randy, if that's what you want. You know I'll do anything in the world for my big brother. I hope you enjoy this, Randy," Sherry smiled. with her usual crotch-grabbing smile of mystery and lust.

    "Oh shit! Jesus Christ! That's too much! Oh damn! Suck it! Eat it, Sherry! Eat it! Suck my fuckin' cock! Take that fucker all the way down your fuckin' throat! Suck it, Sister! Suck your brother's big old dick. Randy moaned and groaned as his sweet sister plunged down on his aching cock.

    Randy threw out his legs and began bouncing up and down on the rock on which he sat. He felt his huge cum-filled balls banging against the hard rock, felt his jism welling up inside them, boiled by his sister's ball-stirring cocksucking. He had never felt

    a mouth as warm and wet and wonderful as hers. She was doing things to him that no other chick had ever done, making him feel inside like no other chick had ever made him feel. He knew now that

    no other girl could ever satisfy him as much as his lovely sister, knew that he would have to have her again and again, no matter how taboo their acts of love and lust.

    Sherry bounced with her horny older brother as he fucked her face in the intense ball-melting heat of his animal excitement. His nuts slapped against her chin as he worked off his horniness on her. He felt his cock scraping against her teeth with each thrust in and out of her tightly sticking oral cavity. He felt rivers of slippery juice filling his sister's mouth, running down her throat, making wet slurping noises as his bulbous cock-head rammed in and out of her mouth.

    Sherry's hair was like a golden cloud, filling the air with its softness as she bobbed up and down over the darker hair of her brother's groin. A light breeze played over their bodies as they participated in wild acts of incestuous lust in broad daylight. Randy felt the air playing aver his nuts and the shaft of his wet dick, felt the warm summer sun falling on his skin, heard the sounds of nature all around him as he broke all the rules of sexual conduct between brother and sister. The sense of the depravity of the situation served only to increase the heat of the fire that burned inside brother and sister.

    But there was something vaguely disconcerting about the whole situation. Something was not quite right, even though Randy was enjoying himself completely. There was something vaguely unreal in the air, a sense of unreality that troubled Randy more and more the closer he came to an

    ejaculation. It began to occur to him by degrees that there was a strange dreamlike quality to his surroundings. The woods were too perfect, the birdsong too sweet, the air too fresh, the feeling too easy. How had he gotten into the woods in the first place? And exactly where 'was this spring? And why was Sherry wearing such a sexy negligee in such a place. How had he come to be sitting there wearing only his underpants, his cock and balls sticking out obscenely?

    It wasn't long before Randy realized that he was dreaming, that his sister was only a vision in a dream of hot lust, that she was not really sucking his cock, that he hadn't really approached her with the suggestion of incestuous sex, that his wild dream was only a hoax cruelly played upon him by his horny imagination working in concert with the natural youthful vitality of his sex organs. And what a dream it had been!

    "Oh shit, Sherry, keep on suckin'! Please suck me! Don't stop it now! I'm so close! Oh shit, baby! No! Don't stop! I gotta come!" the boy gasped and begged as he felt his dream slipping away into the void from which it had come,

    But it was too late. Randy's dream slipped away and left him bucking his ass against his rumpled bedsheets, groaning and moaning in the throes of what in another second or two would have been the best wet dream of his young life. He had to come, had to at least feel something similar to the feeling of flashing ejaculation that he. would have felt if he had really shot his cum into his sister's sucking face.

    Randy felt the friction of his swollen cock rubbing against the bedsheets, rubbing against a big blotch of slippery juice that had oozed from the slit of his youthful cock. He knew that another few strokes against the sheet would bring him off, and he had to be brought off soon. Every fiber of his body was tent, ready to surge with the electrical excitement of his orgasm. Every muscle was tense, the cords of his neck standing out, his biceps hard, the muscles of his legs taut, his stomach is tight as a drum, his chest swelling with virile power. He felt a huge load of rich cum ready to shoot at any second through his hard cock, felt the charge spreading through his incredibly tense balk. And then it happened, another cruel twist of fate and one that would eventually change his entire life and the life of his family, though not necessarily for the worn. He heard his bedroom door creak open.

    His eyes shot over the doorway. When he saw sister Sherry standing there with wide eyes, her pretty lips parted in amazement, he thought he would die right there on the spot. He was frozen for a second, unable even to breathe. Then it suddenly dawned on him that he was lying there on his stomach as naked as the day he was born, his back raised up off the bed, his ass upturned, obviously in the act of fucking his bedsheet with a passion and frozen in midstroke. He grabbed the rumpled sheet he used to cover himself and threw it over his back, trying desperately to look as if nothing had happened, tying desperately and falling miserably.

    Randy's eyes caught the deep-blue eyes of his sexy sister and held them for a moment, held them for a moment he would never forget. He tore his eyes away from her with the greatest of difficulty and fell flat on the bed, his cock pressing hard against the mattress, his nuts pressed together uncomfortably between his heavily muscled legs. it was up to Sherry now. She could either embarrass the hell out of him or turn and leave the room, saying nothing and at least giving him a chance to regain control of himself, or at least catch his breath. He didn't think there was much chance that she would turn and leave, not with her Usual devilish bent. His fears were to prove justified.

    "What's up, Randy?" she smiled. "Besides your little pee-pee that is.

    "For Christ's sake, Sherry! Leave a guy alone, will you?" Randy said, his face pressed against his sheets.

    "I'm terribly sorry, Randy. I just happened by and heard a lot of noise. You really need a quieter bed if you're going to do it that way, Randy. Those springs are terribly noisy," she smiled.

    Randy grabbed his pillow and threw it in Sherry's direction with all the force he could muster. She stepped lightly aside and continued her teasing.

    "What's the matter with the boys in this house anyway? Just the other day I caught him jacking off on the toilet seat. He was awfully embarrassed. Of course he's only nineteen. But you're old enough to know better," she smiled.

    "Cut the fuckin' crap, Sherry! Get the hell out!"

    Randy touted.

    "When I'm ready, darling I hate to see my big brother so frustrated. Isn't your love-life going with Randy? Don't you have enough girls to fuck? Do you have to take it out on your bed?" she continued mercilessly, her wicked little comments driving him nuts.

    "Get out of here or I'm gonna break your fuckin' neck!" he growled, trying to sound like a bear but feeling weak inside.

    "When I'm ready," she said softly, not at all cowed by his show of strength, knowing that she had him in an impossible position.

    "Have a heart, Sherry!" Randy pleaded, his nuts still aching terribly from his interrupted masturbation.

    "You really are frustrated, aren't you? And I thought Lisa would keep you pretty busy. Oh well, boys will be boys," she breathed mysteriously. "I'll leave you to your own devices, or vices, as the case may be. Have fun, Big Brother," she said, turning and tiding out of the room without another word, leaving her brother more confused and embarrassed than even

    Randy roiled over in bed and sighed deeply. He bad almost expected Sherry to mention Lisa's name sooner or later, although not in such an embarrassing situation. He had expected Sherry to find out eventually about his activities with Lisa, from herself. He had gathered by now that she and Lisa knew each other perfectly and kept no secrets. It still bothered him that Lisa had mentioned Sherry's name just before she had

    climaxed wildly during their first fuck that night in his van. She had said that Sherry had been right. Right about what? Right that Lisa would enjoy fucking with him? The memory of that night lingered like the scent of some exotic flower. He wondered now what the relationship really was between Lisa and his sister.

    Lisa hadn't talked much that night, hadn't talked much about his sister at any rate. She hadn't even indicated that she knew Sherry, and Randy hadn't had the nerve to push the subject. He had fucked her half a dozen times that night, enjoying each fuck more than the last. She had participated freely and had thrown all her considerable sexual energy into the night of abandoned fucking and sucking. They had slept in the van that night, totally exhausted and completely fucked out. But in the morning Lisa had seemed as mysterious and aloof as she had before Randy had sunk his cock into her. She sure was a strange chick, he thought. When he thought of the possibility that Lisa had given his sister a blow-by-blow description of their night of hot sex he felt slightly dizzy. That would be too much, just too much! And yet he feared the wont.

    "Might as well whack it off," he said aloud to himself.

    He threw off his sheet and began stroking his hard cock until his nuts were ready to send shot after shot of cum flying all over his bed. He sure was glad that Sherry didn't know that he had been dreaming about her. He closed his eyes and tried to summon back the images of his dream. He was

    almost feeling Sherry's eager lips working his cock again when he heard a knock at the door.

    "It's Mike!" a young voice said outside the door. "Can I come in, Randy?"

    "Might a well, damn it! Everybody in the fuckin' house's been in here this fuckin' morning!" Randy growled. His eighteen-year old brother walked in just a the cum wont tooting from the head of Randy's bulging cock. Randy gripped his dick-shaft hard and kept pumping himself long after they had stopped flying.

    "Hey, man, quit jackin' off and get downstairs! We're all going to Uncle Bill's farm today and every body's waitin' for you. You done yet?" Mike said, watching his brother beat off.

    "Oh I've got a lot on my mind, man. Yeah, I forgot all about it. Fuck! Okay, okay, you tell every body Ill be down in a few minutes. Gotta wipe some of this goddamn cum off the sheets. Wouldn't want to embarrass Mom when she goes to wash this stuff!" Randy snickered at his ginning younger brother.

    "Better hurry up, Randy. We were supposed to leave at eight. It's a long drive. It's almost ten already," Mike said, turning and leaving the room,

    leaving Randy with a new set of problems.

    Spending the weekend at Uncle Bill's farm always meant lots of time with Sherry in the fresh air of the country. And at the moment lots of time with his beautiful sister was something he wasn't sure he could take without going crazy. Just the

    thought of seeing her in those light summer frocks she always wore at Uncle Bill's, with the country breeze billowing her skirt, caressing her lightly tanned legs, tossing her hair, was enough to make his so recently evacuated balls begin to stir again. Being out in the country miles away from the nearest neighbor always seemed to bring out the best, and the worst, in Sherry. She always seemed to burst into bloom like some wind-blown country flower when they visited Uncle Bill's. And she always seemed to be at her devilish worst, flaunting her considerable feminine charms in the most carefree ways imaginable, knowing that whatever she did in the country would be considered perfectly healthy and natural in the summer sun. She had gotten so naughty in the past few months that Randy almost dreaded their monthly visits to the farm.

    When he thought of her shedding her clothes and running barefoot, and bare-assed, over the grassy hill that overlooked the weather-beaten old barn that had sewed for years as their secret playground, Randy felt a stirring in his balls that was undeniable and uncontrollable. How he would react now if she tried anything like that was anybody's guess. He could only hope for the best, could only hope that she knew better than to display her cunt for him so temptingly. But poor Randy was to discover soon enough that things were not to be made that easy for him this time.

    After cleaning his bed up a bit, Randy pulled on his shorts and started to head downstairs for breakfast. He had second thoughts at the top of

    the stairs, realizing that in his present horny state anything that could cause an embarrassing hard-on to pole out in front of him at anytime.He tiptoed back into his room and dressed completely, something no one in the Mitchell house bothered to do in the morning. He hoped it wouldn't too out of place at the breakfast table.

    On this particular morning Randy was spared not only the embarrassment of feeling out of place at breakfast but also the breakfast itself. By the time he had finished his masturbation and dressing, everyone was dressed and scurrying about pr paring for the trip. Randy participated halfheartedly in the preparations, trying to avoid Sherry's eyes all the while. The family station wagon filled up as if by magic until it seemed that not another piece of trip paraphernalia would fit, let alone eighteen-year old Cindy or eighteen-year-old Ellie, who, by virtue of their tender ages, were to share the back of the vehicle with eighteen-year-old Mike, eighteen-year-old Ricky and Arnold, the family hound. John and Sally Mitchell bad on their faces the patient smiles of parents about to suffer the joys of a pleasant hip to the country.

    "Aren't you taking any trunks, Randy?" Sherry asked with a peculiar smile, making a last minute check of her weekender. "We always have a few swims at Uncle Bill's. Oh well, no need of this I suppose," she smiled, removing a flimsy bikini from her suitcase and tossing it carelessly behind her, giving her elder brother a dirty little wink and snapping the case.

    Randy's shock – a bit when she revealed her

    intention to swim in the raw at the old swimming hole. His heart was to sink even more when she revealed another bit of information.

    "Don't forget to stop by Lisa's house, Daddy!" Sherry said when everyone was crowded into the station wagon.

    "L-Lisa's house? What about Lisa?" Randy almost shouted, sitting up straight in the backseat, feeling as if someone had just kicked him in the balls.

    "Of course, Randy. Didn't Sherry tell you? She's invited Lisa Darnell to spend the weekend with us at Uncle Bill's. Do you know Lisa, Randy?" Sally Mitchell smiled at her son.

    "Uh…sure…yeah…I know her… Randy struggled, unable to believe the nerve of his sister.

    "Yes, Mother, Randy knows her," Sherry whispered wickedly. "Randy knows her very well. Isn't that right, Big Brother?" she smiled at him.

    Randy muttered something under his breath and turned away from his sexy sister. He felt like strangling the little tease.

    "Did you say something, Randy?" Sherry asked, putting her hand to her ear playfully.

    "One of your girl friends, Randy?" Ricky asked with a eighteen-year-old's mischievous grin.

    Now there were two people Randy wanted to strangle.

    "Aw, shit, Ricky! Leave him alone, man!" nineteen-year-old David put in, taking the part of his obviously embarrassed older brother. "You're just jealous 'cause you ain't got a girl friend!"

    "David, David, how many times must I tell you not to use that word?" his mother admonished. "Ricky doesn't have a ski friend. You must learn to use better English, darling."

    "So, Ricky, even Mom thinks you're just jealous!" David laughed.

    "Aw shut up, David! Who needs girls anyway? They just mess everything up!" Ricky shouted, reaching out to punch David from the crowded back of the wagon, setting off a pushing and pulling fracas that set the car bouncing.

    "We've never met Lisa," Sally said calmly, ignoring the shouts and the barking-of the family hound. "But if Sherry likes her I'm sure we'll like her too."

    "Dan Darnell's daughter, isn't she?" John asked.

    "Uh-huh," Randy mumbled weakly.

    "Sure, I think I've met her.., at a father daughter party or something at school when I took Sherry…couple of years ago I guess…"John said thoughtfully. "She was an awfully pretty girl

    "Even prettier now," Sherry added with a peculiar half-smile.

    "Let's hope she doesn't bring a steamer trunk with her, Sherry," John said with a grin. "I don't think the family bus can hold much else."

    "Oh, I don't think Lisa will be taking many clothes along, Daddy. She's a nature girl like me," Sherry said. "I hope nobody minds," she added in a half-whisper, her pretty face turned toward her nervous brother.

    "Oh skit" Randy sighed as they drove up in

    front of the Darnell house.

    Lisa was standing on the front porch wearing the most revealing miniskirt Randy had ever laid eyes


    "Little sister, little sister, little sister," Randy muttered almost inaudibly, sinking into the seat and wishing he were far, far away.


    Randy was relieved to be alone for a while. He had managed somehow to wander off all by himself into the woods that surrounded the farm. He had been having a hell of a hard time with Lisa and Sherry, a hard time which manifested itself in the huge hard-on that stuck down the leg of his pants as he walked stiff-legged through the dense undergrowth. He had gotten that bothersome hard-on the moment they had stopped in front of Lisa's house to pick her up. He had been at Uncle Bill's for the better part of a day now and the hard-on that plagued him showed no sign of


    Sherry hadn't made things any easier for him. She had gotten out of the car and had made room for Lisa right next to him in the back seat. He could have sworn that she had noticed his hard cock and had used it against him as a nasty little prank. Merely being that close to Lisa had been enough to turn him on powerfully. He had even suspected from the way his nineteen-year-old brother had started squirming that Lisa had turned him on too.

    Every time he had thought of the wild session of hot fucking that he and Lisa had indulged in that night in his van his cock had kicked between his legs like a stallion. The presence of his entire family in the car had made his excitement even stronger for some strange reason. He had spent the entire drive, and a long one at that, squirming in his seat, trying in vain to hide his hard cock and trying to avoid any contact, physical or verbal, with the seductive chick who sat next to him.

    Randy had pretty much been saved by small talk between the girls and his mother during much of the trip. Never having met their guest, Randy's mother had been eager to get to know her. She had been a bit surprised that Sherry had had such an apparently close friend that nobody else in the family knew, except Randy, of course. Luckily for Randy, his real relationship with Lisa whatever that relationship really was hadn't been delved into during his mother's friendly questioning.

    Randy had noticed something passing between Sherry and Lisa during the drive, and later as they

    had met Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen, something that had seemed to pass between them like firefly flashes on hot summer nights. They had seemed to be communicating something mysterious as they had walked together all over the farm, looking at the animals and often whispering to each other. It had seemed at times that Randy himself had been the object of their hushed conversation. They had turned about quickly or looked over their shoulders in his direction and had giggled nastily over something.

    At the moment, Randy was terribly confused and horny beyond belief. He didn't expect to find the solution to his strange problem in the middle of the woods, but at least he could think in peace here, or so he thought.

    Randy was about to haul out his cock and jerk off to relieve his unbearable tension when he heard something that sounded like giggles somewhere off through the trees and bushes. He couldn't believe his can. There was no one on the farm or the surrounding acreage except his family. And surely none of the girls had wandered out into the middle of the woods. Cindy and Ellie were more sensible than that, especially since Cindy had been lost for two horns in that same woods on a previous trip. Could the giggles be from Lisa and Sherry? The possibility stirred Randy deep down inside, deep down in his nuts. What could they be doing that could provoke such nasty girlish laughter? Something told him not to push his luck, told him not to seek to satisfy his curiosity, told him to leave well enough alone. But something told him to

    disregard his better judgment and throw caution to the winds, and it was this dangerous voice that he usually found it necessary to obey.

    He reached down to rub his, cock through his tight pants and pushed his way through a patch of brambles. He was going to get to the bottom of all of this secrecy between Lisa.and Sherry now, no matter what. He.was almost afraid to see what the two girls were doing. It almost sounded as if they had a boy with them. As he got closer and closer to the sound he realized that the giggles were intermingled with little cries of sexual ecstasy. He also thought he heard water trickling over rocks. He knew that there was a small stream running through the woods and around the farm, although he had never followed the stream to its source.

    Randy almost turned and ran from the place at the last minute. Did he dare part the dense shrubbery behind which he hid and peek in on Lisa and his hot-assed sister? He felt his hands parting the bushes almost as if they bad a will of their own. What he saw there in a little clearing bathed in sunlight was enough to make his cock nearly tear a hole in his pants. His heart sank like a rock in the sea. He felt suddenly dizzy, disoriented, as if he were a stranger here. The 'sight he saw was enough to confuse anyone.

    Lisa and Sherry were naked in the golden sun, standing up to their calves in the crystal-clear water of a pool that seemed to be the source of the stream. Lisa was running her warm hands over Sherry's pert, naked tits. Sherry stood there smiling while the other girl felt her tits. Randy

    couldn't believe his eyes. He knew that some chicks liked to make it together, but he had never suspected that his own sister and the girl he had fucked so long and hard were lesbians. It was impossible! And yet there they were, boldly offering their sleek slender bodies to each other in the light of the summer sun. It almost seemed natural and healthy from Randy's point of view. The more he watched them the more interested he became in their lovemaking and the more interested his stiff jerking cock became in their hot sexual activities, which seemed to be just beginning.

    Randy crouched down behind the bushes and stared at his sister and her luscious girl friend. His balls were aching, his cock burning between his crouching legs like a red-hot poker. Watching his sister make it with the dark and seductive Lisa was one of the biggest turn-ons he had yet experienced. The two girls had apparently been playing with each other for a while, frolicking in the shallow pool and splashing water all over each other. Now they seemed to be getting down to serious sex.

    Lisa lifted Sherry's pink tits in her hands, weighing each in turn as if choosing between them. She bent toward Randy's sexy sister and pressed her lips against the peak of her nipple, sucking the little protrusion of erectile flesh into her mouth, making Sherry throw back her head and toss her long hair behind her. Lisa nibbled gently on Sherry' nipple, encircling it with her tongue, teasing the gooseflesh of her dark aureoles until Sherry teemed to tremble all over with excitement.

    Randy could tell that Lisa and Sherry had done all of this before. It was no initial exploration of lesbian sex between two curious little girls. They knew exactly what they were doing and knew exactly how to satisfy each other.

    Randy knew that Sherry had boy friends, and he knew how Lisa had enjoyed herself when he had fucked her. So why were they doing those nasty things to each other so brazenly? He couldn't accept the strangeness of lesbian sex completely yet, couldn't yet believe that his own sister could be doing such a nasty and taboo thing with Lisa. And yet the longer he watched them go at it the more it seemed a harmless and pleasurable activity. There was nothing he could say about the morality of' their acts, having just come to grips himself with his deep dark desire for his own sister. As. far as Randy was concerned his sister could make it with anyone she chose as a sex partner, male or female.

    Sherry seemed to be letting Lisa turn her on, moving with her but letting Lisa do all the little things with her fingers, lips and tongue that turned chicks on. There seemed to be a great gentleness at the beginning of their lovemaking, a softness of approach, an unspoken understanding between them, a deep-felt trust that Randy had never felt before between two people. Merely watching them make love seemed to pass some of that easiness to him.

    It wasn't long before Lisa was on her knees in the crystal pool, licking the satiny pink flesh of Sherry's slightly curved belly, licking the slope of her slender yet voluptuous thighs, licking down the

    insides of her legs, licking and gently biting the jiggling flesh near the juncture of her long and lovely legs. Randy could see Lisa's tongue curling up near the hot crevice of Sherry's cunt. The horny, dark-completed beauty slid between his sister's spread legs, licking straight up between her legs, touching with the tip of her eager tongue his sister's cuntal flesh.

    Sherry began to stroke Lisa's long black hair, holding hanks of it in her hands and letting it fall down her back. Sherry had on her beautiful face the expression of perfect peace, an expression almost like the dreamy look Randy's girls had ha;! when they had climaxed with his hard cock in their cunts. And Sherry hadn't even had Lisa's tongue up her snatch yet!

    Randy beard a soft little sigh of ecstasy escape his sister's trembling lips when the lusty Lisa inserted her long practiced tongue between the open lips of her juicy cunt. From Randy's position he could even see the dew on the crimson inner folds of his sister's pussy as Lisa licked her snatch. Her tongue snaked up Sherry's cunt, tickling the red-hot flesh of her naked gash. Lisa began moving her face slightly, face-fucking her lesbian lover gently but with the insistence of a girl who knew what Sherry wanted and needed in the way of sexual thrills. Before long Lisa's face was pressed up tightly against the wet and steamy gash of Sherry's cunt, pressed up lightly and moving against her juicy puny-flesh.

    Randy tried to imagine Lisa's nose and lips felt crushing up against Sherry's hot cunt, tried to

    imagine the thrills that raced up and down inside her, tried to imagine the warm sensations that continued to build between his sister's legs as Lisa worked on her. He didn't have to imagine the excitement that continued to build between his own legs. His cock was oozing juice and wetting the leg of his pants, his excitement was so intense. He had never had the urge before to peek on someone else's private sexual activities. Now that he was doing it, however, he found the experience well worth the risk and the possible embarrassment for everyone concerned. It was his cock now and not his mind that was guiding him.

    "Oh lovely, lovely, lovely," Sherry mewled. "You do that so beautifully, Lisa, like a boy ever could."

    "I'll do it forever, Sherry darling," Lisa said quietly, her lips pressed against her lover's cunt, her warm wet hands slipping and sliding up and down over Sherry's long legs.

    Randy wanted to be in Lisa's position, wanted it desperately. He had tried to fight the incestuous desires welling up inside him, had tried in vain to deny his sexual love for his beautiful sister. Watching her make love with Lisa was just too much for him. He knew what would happen eventually. It was only a matter of time now, only a matter of time until he would have to join them in their secret sexual gymnastics.

    As Randy watched, his sister began gyrating her luscious hips, rubbing her hot blonde cunt against Lisa's dark face until her cheeks were covered with Sherry's pussy-juice. Sherry moved as if to some

    strange music, moved to the sensuous music of their lesbian lust, dancing against Lisa's face until both girls were wild with excitement.

    Randy watched Sherry reach out to help Lisa to her feet. She splashed water over Lisa's sleek body, washing off the sand that had stuck to her knees, her tits jiggling' temptingly as she bent over to stroke the sand from Lisa's skin. Randy longed to feel those jiggling pinkish globes of warm feminine flesh, longed to suck them into his mouth, longed to rest his cheeks against them and feel their radiance. His cock jerked uncontrollably when his sister stood up and crushed her tits against Lisa's. The two hot-assed chicks began moving their tits together, their stiff little nipples scraping against each other, tingling them deep inside, making the girls hotter and hotter by the second.

    Randy remembered how Lisa's tits had felt against his chest and wanted desperately to repeat the experience. He felt like breaking through the bushes and grabbing both Lisa and his sister, forcing them if necessary to let him join them in their wild sexual activities. But he was still transfixed by the scene, drinking it all in with wild darting eyes.

    He watched his sister kiss Lisa full on the lips, watched her mike her tongue inside Lisa's lovely mouth, watched Lisa respond in kind to Sherry's deep kiss of love and lust. He watched too as Sherry's tongue moved from Lisa's trembling lips over her chin and down her silken throat. Lisa threw back her head and laughed wickedly as Sherry tickled her with her wet tongue. Sherry's

    face was soon cradled between Lisa's tits. She reached out and took Lisa's firm breasts in her warm hands and crushed them against her checks, kneading them gently, rubbing her erect nipples with her thumbs. Lisa's hands were quick to fly to Sherry's naked tits, squeezing and stroking the pert little pillows of tit-flesh until Sherry cried softly with the most delicious pleasure.

    Randy could stand little more of watching his sister and her hot-assed lover. He wished that he could join them, wished that he could suck their tits and nibble their cunts and ram his turgid cock home. He sucked in his gut and tugged down his tightly stretched zipper. With a punt, he reached inside his tight pants and hauled out his hard-on, wrapping his fist around it and pumping it up and down slowly. The summer breeze played over the head of his dripping cock and made his nuts ache wildly. The wickedness of the scene got to him like nothing else in his experience ever had. He felt dizzy with the nastiness of it all. He knew how wrong and depraved it all was and he cared not at all. He had to have his sister and Lisa too, and he was going to have them no matter what.

    Sherry was in the process of licking the juncture of Lisa's dark and lusty thighs when Randy finally summoned enough raw courage to make his presence known. Sherry's naked back was turned toward him now, her girlish ass exposed temptingly. Randy's eyes ran down the curve of her gleaming pink back and into the crevice between her asscheeks. When he thought of spreading those warm yielding cheeks and pushing his cock into her

    ass Randy realized that if he could even think such thoughts about his sister he WSS beyond the point of no return. He might just hang out and try to do some of the things he thought about,it was now or never. He would act and worry about the consequences later.

    "Oh Sherry, Sherry darling! Lick my pussy, darling! You do that so well! You lick me so much better than any boy!" Lisa mewled softly, her voice choked with feeling for the lovely chick who was lapping her cunt.

    "Ant I better than Randy, Lisa?" Sherry asked softly, looking up from the girl's hot cunt with glittering blue eyes full of horniness and excitement.

    "Oh, I wouldn't say you were better than Randy!" Lisa said with a playful smile. "No one could be better than your brother! I'm so glad you suggested that I let him have me, Sherry. He was one great fuck! I can still feel that big thick cock of his in my cunt. I've been dying for a big cock in my cunt ever since you broke my cherry with our plastic vibrator! I just didn't believe all the wonderful thing you told me about the guys that fuck you. I believe it all now, though. There's nothing quite like a big jerking dick to make a girl happy!" Lisa said, while Sherry continued to eat her mean you and I are all through?"

    "Don that

    Sherry asked with a playful wink.

    Lisa looked down at Sherry and laughed out loud.

    "We'll never be all through, Sherry! Suck my

    twat, baby! Make me come! I love you! I love your tongue in my twat! Stick that thing in my pussy! Suck me! Oh, Sherry, I want it!" Lisa cried.

    Randy couldn't stand waiting any more. Grasping his cock to keep it from getting scratched by the bushes, he pushed his way through the shrubbery and stopped at the edge of the grassy clearing that surrounded the pool and the creek that flowed from it. He let go of his dick and let it jerk up in front of his lean hard body. He had made enough noise to alert the girls of his presence. At the moment he didn't really know who was the more terrified, he or the girls.

    Lisa's eyes flashed, dark desire clearly visible through her shocked expression. Sherry jumped to her feet, juice from Lisa's free-flowing cunt still on her pretty lips. Sherry stared at Randy in shock and amazement for a moment or two, although her shock was soon replaced by an expression of excitement Randy noticed that Sherry's pretty eyes quickly traveled from his own eyes to the arching cock that towered out in front of him.

    "This what you liked so much, Lisa?" Randy forced himself to ask, his voice husky.

    "My God, Randy! My God!" Lisa cried, her hands over her face.

    "This what you want so bad?" Randy asked again with a lusty grin, pointing down at his dripping cock. "It's all yours, baby!"

    "This is terrible!" Sherry cried, trying to hide her naked cunt with her hands.

    "Maybe not," Lisa smiled, staring openly at Randy's big thick cock. "Maybe this is just what

    we've really wanted all along! It has delicious possibilities"'

    "What on earth do you mean, Lisa? Randy's my brother after all!" Sherry said, a peculiar smile on her lovely lips. "Surely you don't mean to suggest that I…" Sherry said with that look of mystery that always drove Randy nuts and made him feel that he had come into the movie a few minutes late.

    "I don't mean to suggest anything, Sherry," Lisa smiled. "But it would be silly to waste this wonderful opportunity to have a nice cock in your cunt I think Randy would let you have it if you asked him nice enough," Lisa whispered in Sherry's car, loud enough to let Randy hear.

    "My own brother?" Sherry asked in fake shock, opening her pretty mouth in amazement.

    "Why not, Sherry? We've tried everything else, haven't we?" Lisa said. "And I'm sure Randy ha tried everything too. Haven't you, Randy dear?"

    "I guess…" Randy said weakly, feeling as if he had been caught in some taboo act instead of his sister and Lisa. "But at least I don't make it with other guys," he added in self-defense.

    "Just listen to Mr. Clean, Sherry!" Lisa said, putting her hands on her naked hips. "I think we should show him That we like boys too!"

    "He should know that already, after the way he fucked you in his van that night!" Sherry smiled, glancing at her brother slyly. "That must have been far out! Did you like it too, Randy?" she asked.

    "I gum you know all about that, huh?" Randy muttered.

    "Of course, I suggested it! I knew how big that nice cock of yours was and I knew that it was just what Lisa needed to round out her sex-life. She didn't like boys very much before that night, Randy. But you changed her attitude. I'll bet she threw everything into it too. No wonder you were so worn out the next day!" Sherry laughed, sitting on the grass by the edge of the pool, drawing her knees up to her tits and no longer trying to hide her fuzzy blonde cunt.

    "Would you like more of the same, Randy?" Lisa smiled, her dark eyes flashing.

    "Damn right!" Randy said, unable to resist temptation now..

    "Would you care to join us, Sherry?" Lisa asked sweetly.

    "I think I'll just watch, for a while at least," Sherry replied. "Is that all right with you, Big Brother?"

    "Yeah! You sit there and watch! But I'm gonna fuck you too, Sherry! I'm not gonna stand for any more of this teasin' shit! I'm gonna fuck both of you chicks 'til your eyes pop out! You're gonna feel this goddamn fucker from your cunt all the way up to your goddamn throat! Both of you!" Randy growled, still stroking his aching cock..

    "This is exciting, isn't it, Lisa?" Sherry said with a trembling voice. "We should have tried this long ago!"

    "Would you like to come into the water and join me, Randy?" Lisa called, lifting her pretty little tits temptingly to beckon him.

    "Shit no, Lisa! You get over here and suck my

    dick! I'm callin' the shots now, baby! I've been teased long enough! Now I'm gonna get mine! And you're gonna get yours! Get over here!" Randy said gruffly.

    Randy watched proudly as Lisa's seductive smile fell from her lips. She approached cautiously, knowing that he was the master now, knowing that she was to do his bidding. Randy felt his cock swell to even greater proportions when the totality of her willingness and submission registered on him. He was going to have the time of his life right there in the woods, not five minutes from his parents, his aunt and uncle and a dozen kids. For just a split second his mind tried to imagine what his parents or his brothers and sisters would think if they knew what he was doing with his sister and her lesbian lover. It was too far out to imagine. He could only plunge into it head first and hope for the best.

    Lisa stood before him now, the sweetest smile of submission on her face. Randy glanced over at his hat-used sister, a wicked grin on his face. She was sitting patiently on the grass, patiently and perhaps a bit afraid, apparently awaiting her fate at her brother's hands. Actually, Randy had no intention of hurting the girls. He also had no intention of letting them forget what was about to happen to them. As far as he was concerned, if he was a little rough with them they had it coming, having tortured him for so long with their little games of seduction, get that ass over here and suck my

    "Lisa, baby,

    dick!" he ordered, peeling back the skin from his

    swollen cock-head and exposing his purple knob to the horny girl. "Sherry, you spread your goddamn legs and let me see that famous cunt of yours! Do it, Sister!"

    "But Randy! I'm your sister!" she protested. "You want to see your sister's pussy? That's filthy!"

    "Damn right it is, Sherry babe! And we're gonna do lots filthier things than that, light here in this fuckin' woods! Right now! Spread those goddamn legs! No more games! Do it! I wanna see that twat!" the hard-cocked brother growled at his sister.

    Noticing a bit of reluctance on her part, Randy quickly strode over to his sister and grabbed her knees, pushing them apart and opening her blonde cunt to his inspection. She trembled visibly when he stared between her legs and examined the downy snatch between them. He had left Lisa on her knees in the grass a few feet away, her mouth open slightly, ready and apparently quite willing to suck his enormous prick for him.

    "Now you just sit there like a nice little sister and play with yourself!" he ordered, feeling the power of his dominant position, wanting to make up for all the feelings of helplessness that Sherry had inspired in him for so long.

    "I can't do that while you're watching! Really, Randy!" Sherry protested.

    "You do it! I wanna watch you playin' With that nice little cunt while I get sucked off by your friend over there! Move those cunt-lips round real good too, baby! Make that Nat nice and juicy for

    me! I mean make it wet! Make that cunt slippery and ready for this fucker 'cause you're gonna get it!" Randy rasped. "You're gonna get your brother's cock right up your little belly!" he added, looking back over his shoulder at his sister as he walked back to Lisa for his blow job.

    Randy saw that Sherry was taking his orders seriously now. She reached between her widespread legs and touched the nest of fuzz that nestled there. Her fingers moved down between her legs until her fingers were pressing against the ragged lips of her gaping cunt. She took those delicious cunt-lips between her fingers and spread her cunt even farther, spread it open until her brother and Lisa could see the hot-pink channel that longed for her brother's hard cock.

    Looking up at Randy to see if he approved, Sherry began moving her Nat-lips with her fingers, moving them until her cunt blazed with self-inspired excitement. She began rubbing the bud of her hot clitoris with the palm of her band while Randy and Lisa watched, making her cunt tingle and twitch with pleasure. Her eyes grew wilder and wilder the longer she rubbed her naked cunt. Her hand made wet slurping sounds as it moved against her pink-glowing inner cunt-flesh, sounds that carried to Randy's ears and made him long to bury his face against his sister's sweet emit and eat her until she screamed for more.

    "Good, Sherry, good girl. Keep that up, baby. You're makin' me hotter'n hell just watchin'!" her brother smiled approvingly.

    Randy grasped his swollen cock and presented it

    to Lisa. She accepted the offering eagerly and stuck out her tongue to taste it. Randy's cock jerked when he felt her wet tongue tickling the head. She caught a drop of crystal-clear man-cream that had oozed from his cock and curled her tongue around it, lifting it into her mouth and tasting its saltiness. Her tongue was back on his cock-head in a split second, ready for another droplet of juice.

    "You like that stuff, Lisa?" Randy grinned down at her; his hands on his hip, his legs spread wide.

    "I love it, Randy," Lisa smiled.

    "Then why don't you just go down on that dick and suck the livin' skit out of it? Fuckin' thing's drippin' already, Lisa! Suck, the fucker! Get it in your mouth and suck! Suck! That's right, Lisa! Suck that cock! Now you're gettin' it! Y'know, Lisa, you suck better'n most chicks. For a girl who likes other chicks you're pretty damn good!" Randy said through gritted teeth as Lisa plunged down over his aching cock.

    Randy thought the hot bitch would bite the head off his dick, her hunger seemed so powerful. She scraped her teeth against the flange of his dick-head as she bobbed back and forth on his impaled cock. He was surprised that she had learned to accommodate herself to his huge plug of hard meat so quickly. He was also surprised at the hunger with which she attacked him. Before long her lips were wet and slippery with his juices and her saliva. His cock made slurping noises as she bounced up and down over it. His dick banged

    against the back of her sucking throat He hadn't intended to start face-fucking her at full speed quite so quickly, fearing that she might be strangled by his thick cock. But since she seemed so eager for cock, he began bucking his ass and ramming his dick deep down into her throat, mindless of the discomfort it might cause the girl.

    Her discomfort was apparently less significant than her lust since she matched his bucking movements with an eagerness that would soon make his cock erupt unless he moved to prevent his ejaculation. His nuts ached and surged with tension, readying his cum-gun for the explosion that would soon fill her face with jism unless he pulled out of her mouth.

    "Oh shit, Lisa, you're too fuckin' much! No doubt about it, baby! You are one hell of a good sucker! Better stop it right now or I'm gonna come sure as hell! Slow down! There! Yeah! That's real nice, real damn nice! Real slow now, Lisa! Slower!" he moaned as she tried to control herself.

    Even Lisa's radically slowed sucking pace was too powerful an influence on his cum-filled nuts. He had to pull out of her before he erupted into her sucking mouth. He had to save his first wad for his sister.

    "Okay, Lisa, you've had enough for a while," Randy said, pulling his cock out of her sweet face. "Your turn, Sister!" he said, pointing a finger at Sherry, who was still playing with her stimulated cunt.

    When Randy crooked his finger and beckoned her toward him, Sherry started to get to her feet.

    Her fingers were wet with pussy-dew, her twat sopping wet and tempting, her face glowing with lust, her eyes twinkling, her little nipples stiff and excited.

    "Don't walk, Sherry! Crawl!" he ordered, drunk with the power of his position.

    Sherry did as she was told, crawling on all fours through the short grass toward her horny brother. Her tits bounced and jiggled, hanging down beneath her as she crawled. She seemed to enjoy the games Randy was making her play. The two girls kneeled in total submission at Randy's feet, willing and eager to do anything for him, anything at all. It-no longer mattered whether Sherry was his sister or not, although the fact of their blood relationship made their lust wilder every time the thought of incest crossed their horny minds.

    "Take my fucking pants down, Sherry!" he rasped, his cock jerking straight up against his heavy belt buckle.

    "Do I have to, Big Brother?" Sherry asked with a dirty twinkle in her pretty blue eyes.

    "Damn right, baby! You take my pants off and I mean right now! Lisa, -you get my shirt off! Move!" he barked as Lisa shot to her feet.

    He felt powerful beyond belief as he stood there in the woods letting the two girls strip him. He knew that they were hanging on his every word, hanging on his every motion, alert to any order he might convey. It was the stuff that wet-dreams were made of, only this dream was real.

    Lisa fumbled with the buttons of Randy's shin and nervously removed the garment, baring the top

    of his muscular body. She threw the shirt on the grass and kneeled once again at her feet.

    "Hold it, baby! Let's keep this neat! I'm in no hurry. You, Lisa?" he smiled at her, knowing how she was dying for his cock in her cunt, fighting the urge to stick it into bath Lisa and his sister and fuck them kind and fast.

    "Anything you say, Randy," Lisa smiled, folding his shirt neatly and watching Sherry out of the corner of her eye.

    Sherry unbuckled her brother's belt and unsnapped his pants, tugging them down and baring the front of his body. She skinned his pants down over his hard-muscled legs until they were in a pile at his feet. She ran her warm silken bands up and down Randy's long legs, feeling him flex his muscles for her, caressing him as no sister dared caress her brother. The huge shaft of her brother's dripping cock bumped against her checks as she worked on his pants.

    "Get the boots off!" he ordered, raising his leg slightly.

    Sherry tugged at his heavy leather boot with all her might, unable to pull it off by herself.

    "Help her!" Randy said to Lisa. "You two chicks seem to work together pretty good," he added with a grin, a grin understood by both girls.

    Sherry and Lisa both grabbed his boot and tugged on it until it came off and sent them both sprawling on the grass.

    "Don't move, girls. I like you like that," he grinned as be stared at the two fallen girls. "who's first?"

    Both girls raised their hands as if in school, giggling uncontrollably. Randy could tell now that his little experiment in dominance had run its course. Unable to keep up his gruff facade any longer, he fell on the pound, still wearing one boot and his pants, and roiled around with his two hot-assed girls, roaring with laughter and drunk with lust.

    With the greatest of difficulty the three horny teenagers managed to remove Randy's boot and his encumbering pants, tossing them behind them, discarding them along with the last vestiges of restraint.

    "Gonna let me fuck you, Sherry?" Randy asked warmly when the three had come to rest.

    "Oh yes, Brother! I want you to fuck me! I've wanted it for a long time! I want that nice hard cock of yaws up my cunt!" Sherry said, perfect honesty showing in her eyes.

    "Okay, Sherry, you're gonna get what you want. I've been pretty Mt for you too, Sister. I guess there's nothin' we can do about it now, huh?" he asked, looking her right in the eye.

    "I guess not, It won't hurt anybody, as long as nobody else finds out about it anyway. We should have done this long ago!" She smiled as her brother reached down and rubbed the blonde fuzz of her pretty cunt.

    Sherry was on her back, covered now by her brother's muscular body. She spread her legs and opened herself to him. Lisa lay on her side nearby, her fingers working the lips of her wet cunt back and forth as she watched the act of incestuous lust

    between her girl friend and Randy.

    Sherry cried softly when Randy rubbed the head of his -slippery dick against the hair of her snatch, matting her curly down with man cream. She cried again when he moved his cock-head down between the lips of her cunt, and then gasped with pleasure when she felt her brother's blood-filled cock-head push between the lips of her pussy and enter her hungry hale. When her tight young cunt sucked the head of her brother's cock into it everyone knew that the last boundaries between brother and sister were behind them. There was nowhere to go now but up. "God, that feels great! You've got a tight one,

    Sherry!" Randy rasped as he drove his hard cock into his sister's hot cunt

    "I've been saving it for you, Brother!" Sherry moaned, working the eager muscles of her cunt against her brother's rod.

    "You mean you haven't had many guys' cocks in there yet?" he asked curiously.

    "Maybe a dozen. But I was always waiting for you, Randy. Wasn't I, Lisa?" Sherry smiled at the dark beauty who lay in the grass beside them.

    "It's true, Randy. Sometimes when we fucked each other with our dildo she would call out your name and pretend that you were ramming your cock in and out of her cunt instead of me. She was so horny over you that we decided to play a little game. I would let you flack me and tell her how it was. That night in your van was the tint fuck I had ever had with a boy, Randy. Sherry took my cherry with our dildo years ago. We had to keep it

    all a big dark secret. But now that you're in on our little secret it seems… oh….I don't know…guess it seems easier or something… easier and free. Do you know what I mean, Sherry? You boys wouldn't understand things like that," she smiled at Randy with an openness that he had never seen before on her face.

    "I think I know what you mean, Lisa. I know one thing for sure, though. We're gonna keep gettin' it on like this for a long time! This is a real ball-buster, baby? Goddamn, she's got a nice pussy! Some sister! Some hot-fuckin' sister!" Randy said, punching his cock in and out of his sister's steaming snatch.

    "May I join you, darlings?" Lisa asked in her sweetest sexy voice.

    "By all means, baby!" Randy laughed.

    "Why don't you come and sit on my face, darling?" Sherry suggested, licking her lips for effect.

    "Yeah! That sounds good! You eat Lisa's pussy. while I fuck the shit out of you! Wow! This is somethin' else! You two chicks are somethin' else!" Randy said, raising himself off Sherry's naked writhing body a bit to give Lisa room over her face.

    Lisa lowered herself over Sherry's pretty face as if she had done it a thousand times and knew exactly what to expect in the way of sexual sensations. Randy slowed his fucking movements long enough to watch Sherry stick out her tongue and lap at the creamy gash of Lisa's open cunt. He watched his sister spread the lips of Lisa's dark and

    sultry cunt with her tongue and sneak it inside, tickling the inner lips of the girl's seething Nat. He watched Lisa's free-flowing cunt¶juices trickling down his sister's tongue and mingling with her saliva.

    Unable to keep his hands off Lisa's satiny skin, Randy reached out and rested his hands on her warm thighs, supporting himself that way while she crouched over Sherry's beautiful face. He spread his fingers until they were only an inch or two from her hot box. Sherry removed her tongue from Lisa's sucking cunt for a moment and licked Randy's fingers. All the while he continued to move his red hot cock around inside his sister's cuntal channel, making her squirm with pleasure.

    "Oh, Randy! My God, Randy! I love it! I love it, Brother! Fuck me! Oh please screw the hell out of me! Randy! Your cock is so big, so hot, and so hard inside me! Move it faster! Faster! Oh yes! Yes, Randy! Fuck me, Brother! Fuck me, lover!" Sherry moaned in the heat of her incestuous lust.

    "Suck my cunt, baby! Lisa cried, her body shaking like a leaf. "Suck me where your brother fucked me! Lick my pussy! Oh, Sherry, Sherry, Sherry! It's so beautiful! It's so dirty and delicious! Suck me!"

    "I got suck your tits, Lisa!" Randy said breathlessly, bucking his ass against his sister's cunt with ferocity now.

    "Take them, Randy! Take my tits! Take everything I have! Bite them! Suck them, Randy! Oh yes! Oh God!" she cried as Randy popped one of her jiggling tits into his mouth and began

    sucking with a passion.

    "I don't believe this!" Randy gasped between nibbles of tit. 'This has to be a goddamn dream!"

    "It's real, Randy!" Sherry cried, her face pressed against Lisa's wet cunt-hole. "Oh, how real it is!"

    "Shit! Damn! I can't believe it! I'm fuckin' my own sister! Jesus! Goddamn! Move that cunt! Move it, Sherry! Yeah! That's it! Suck my dick with that juicy cunt! I'm gonna come in your cunt! I don't care if you are my sister! I'm gonna fill you up with cum, baby!" Randy gasped, beating his cock harder and harder into Sherry's grasping pussy.

    Lisa was bouncing up and. down now, forcing her sopping cunt against Sherry's eager face, making her twat tingle and twitch, making her ready to come at any second. Sherry was writhing in pleasure-pain as her brother stretched her young cunt with his swollen cock. She tried to lap at Lisa's bouncing pussy each time the girl crushed it against her mouth. The air was filled with wet sucking sounds and little groans of delight as the three horny teenagers went at it.

    "Darling! Fuck me hard! Pill me up! Fuck me, Brother! Harder! Faster! Fuck me! Ram my cunt! Come inside me! Yes! Come in my belly! Fuck me!!" Sherry screamed as she tottered on the brink of orgasm.

    "I'm coming! I'm fuckin' coming! Get ready for this, Sister!" Randy growled as he felt his jism rising through his cum-pipe and blasting into his Sexy sister's seething cunt.

    "In my belly! In my cunt, Randy!" she cried, her voice muffled by Lisa's crushing cunt.

    "I'm coming too, Sherry! Lick me! Lick my ditty! Suck me! Make me come! Oh that's beautiful! It's more beautiful this way than it was with just the two of us!" Lisa cried as her steaming cunt flashed with sexual lightning.

    Sherry opened her lips and cried a cry of ecstasy as her rushing gushing orgasm tore through her naked body like a flood. Randy felt the fluids of his sister's musky cunt running down the shaft of his pounding cock and his balls exploded into her. When his nuts erupted deep inside his sister's cunt, his dick seemed to freeze in place, spurting and spurting inside her hot wet channel, bringing him blinding flashes of pleasure with each hard spurt. And all the while the fact that Sherry was his sister burned deep into his mind, making him wilder still.

    "Oh my God! I can feel it, Randy! Oh Randy! Randy! I can feel my brother's own shooting into me! I can't stand it, Randy! It's too beautiful! Oh Christ! Keep fucking me!" Sherry screwed as she felt his jism pounding inside her.

    Randy was still bucking his naked ass and fucking Sherry wildly when the three hot assed teenagers' fell together in a pile of temporarily exhausted bodies. It had been quite a work-out for the three of them, quite an exhausting sexual experience, both physically and emotionally. With cunt juice and jism mingling all over their bodies, they rested in total peace and harmony. The gentle summer breeze played over their sweating bodies. Their cars were fined with the peaceful sounds of the woods. They heard the gentle gurgle of the spring around which they had fucked, the wellspring of their new sexual freedom.


    "David, what are those cows over there doing?" eighteen-year-old Cindy asked innocently, pointing to a bull and a cow off at some distance in one of Uncle Bill's grassy fields.

    "They're fucking, Cindy," David said matter-of-factly.

    "What's 'fucking'?" young Cindy asked her nineteen-year-old brother, who seemed to know just about everything there was to know.

    "Didn't Mom and Dad tell you about fucking yet'!" David asked, walking his sister up to the fence and watching the bull fucking his bovine


    "No, I don't think so…" Cindy said thoughtfully, her little finger touching her lips

    "Suit they did, Cindy. Don't you remember? They must've told you something about sex. They toil.11 the kids in our family about sex when they're zeal little. Remember?" David asked, putting his hand on Cindy's pretty blonde head as she looked up sweetly into his eyes.

    "Oh, that! Sure, David, I remember about intercourse! I remember all about that stuff. Is that what it looks like?" Cindy asked, watching the bovine spectacle interestedly.

    "Yup, Cindy, that's what it looks like. You see dogs and cats doin' that stuff all the time, don't you?" he' asked, crouching down to her level and looking her in the eye, feeling very much the big brother, very much the guardian of many secret butt

    "Sun, I've watched Arnold next door doing that. They do it all the time. See that thing there, that big red thing?" she asked in complete innocence. "What's that thing?"

    "That's the bull's dick, Cindy," David replied, watching the bull ram his bright-red cock into the cow's fat cunt.

    "His dick?" she said, puzzled.

    "Sure, Cindy, his cock, his prick, whatever you wanna call it," her big brother explained. 'That's the thing the male puts in the female's cunt. flint's the thing he fucks her with."

    "Is that the same as a 'penis'?" Cindy asked, her eyes glittered in her childishly curious way.

    "Suit, Cindy, that's the same thing. But nobody calls it a penis any more. Call it a dick. Everybody else does," he suggested with a grin.

    "Do people really do things like that?" she asked in amazement, still watching the bull bang his huge cock into the cow's cunt.

    "Sure, Cindy. Well, it's not exactly like that. I mean, people are a lot nicer about it. Cows and pigs and stuff like that're kinda rough about it. People are mare gentle, But that's just about what they do," David said.

    "Have you ever done anything like that?" Cindy said amazed.

    "Uh…well…sure…" David said, surprised

    at the turn of their conversation.

    "What does it feel like?" Cindy asked.

    "Well… it feels great. That's why everybody does it, Cindy. They don't just do it to make babies and all that shit. That's what parents tell you at first but that's just a bunch of shit. People fuck 'cause it's a lot of fun," David said candidly, seeing no reason to hide the truth from his little sister.

    "Who do you do that with?" Cindy asked..

    "Oh.. well…I don't think we ought to go into that.;." David said. "I fuck lots of girls. But I don't think they'd want everybody to know about it. That kinda stuff's sort of private. Know what I mean? It's supposed to be a secret."

    "What's so secret about it? If it's so much fun why don't people want everybody to know about it?" Cindy asked.

    "That's the way it is, Cindy. I know it's pretty

    silly that way. Maybe it'd be better the other way,' David said thoughtfully.

    "Can I see your penis.. I mean dick?" Cindy said, looking right between her brother's legs.

    "Uh.. well..1 guess…" David stumbled, feeling something stirring between his long legs. "But you've seen my dick before."

    "I know, David, but I've never really looked at a dick before. I've seen Rick's and Randy's too, but I've never looked at them up close," she said, smiling sweetly like a little angel.

    "Why don't you look at Mike's dick? He's your age. You ought to look at him if you're gonna look at a guy's cock," David said, trying to avoid the issue, hoping his sister would let him off the hook.

    "I just wanted to look at your dick because it's so much bigger than Mike's. That's all," the little girl said in her innocent voice. "And besides, David, you could tell me what it's for and everything."

    "Yeah. Well..I suppose I can let you seek, Cindy. You can't tell anybody about it though," David cautioned. "We can't let Mom or Dad find out about it!" They're pretty free about this kinds stuff but I wouldn't wanna push it…" David said, wondering if he was doing the right Thing.

    There was no denying the feeling that was beginning to stiffen David's sensitive young cock and make his balls tense in their sac. He knew that he shouldn't let his cock get hard like that if he was going to show it to his sister, but he WSS just too horny dl the time to control himself. He knew

    that he would have a raging hard-on as soon as he hauled his cook out, even if it was his own little sister who was going to look at him. He felt a bit reluctant to let it happen, but what the hell! She wasn't likely to tell anyone about it. And besides, he hadn't shot off in three days and his nuts were about ready to blow up at any minute anyway. He decided that he might just as well give Cindy a little sex lesson and get his rocks off at the same time, that is if she didn't have any objections.

    "Okay, Cindy, you might as well see my dick. Seems like every other girl I know has. I guess there's nobody around, huh?" he said, looking behind him and quickly surveying the surrounding hills and fields.

    With a final look around, David stood up from his crouching position and quickly tugged down his zipper. He reached inside his tight jeans and lugged his half-hard cock out into the summer sun, holding it in his fist and pointing it at his little sister.

    "How conic it's so big, David? I've seen it when you were taking a shower or getting dressed, but it's never been this big!" she said.

    "I'm gettin' a hard-on, Cindy. that's what happens to a guy's dick when he gets horny. Know what I mean?" he asked.

    "Horny?" she asked, looking up at hint "Mommy and Daddy never told me about horny."

    "Horny's what you. get like when you get…uh.. turned on…" David said, waving his hands, trying to find the right words or the incredible feeling that was beginning to stir his

    hardening cock and swelling balls.

    "Arc you getting horny now, David?" Cindy smiled, watching his cock bounce up and down in front of him.

    "Yeah,, Cindy, I'm gettin' horny. I'm horny all the time, just like Randy. I guess it runs in the family or somethin'," her brother answered with a dirty glimmer in his eyes.

    "Is that what it's like when you put it in the woman?" she asked "Yep," David replied as his cock swelled to full erection.

    He Put his hands on his hips and let his aching dick stick up straight in front of his body, rubbing up against the heavy metal buckle of his belt. The little droplet of moisture that had oozed from his cock caught the air and glimmered like a crystal, catching little Cindy's eager eye.

    "What's that stuff, David?" she asked, pointing at the head of his cock. "Is that pee?"

    "Hell no, Cindy! That stuff just kinda comes out of a guy's cock when he gets turned on. It makes the girl's cunt slippery kinda," he answered, beginning to enjoy showing off his hard cock to his sweet little sister.

    "Can I touch it'?" she smiled innocently.

    "Yeah, sure! Might as well! Go ahead and touch 'my dick!" he said, looking around behind him once again just to be sure the coast was clear.

    David felt a tingle shoot through his nuts when his little sister touched the tip of her finger to the tip of his hard cock. It was a feeling much more exciting than the feeling he got when any other

    chick touched his cock-head. There was something about letting the little girl touch him there that turned him on like he had never been turned on before. There was only four yearn' difference in their ages, but it seemed to make all the difference in the world as far as sex was concerned. Letting a little girl feel his prick was a new kick, and a wild one at that.

    "It's slippery all right," blue-eyed Cindy said, examining the cock-cream closely, moving her fingers around in it. "Here comes another drop of it!" she said, rubbing her thumb against the bulging head of her nineteen-year-old brother's hard-on.

    "Oh skit, Cindy!" David gasped when she rubbed his supersensitive cock-head with her slippery thumb. "Gotta be careful how you touch that thing! It's real sensitive!"

    "Does it hurt?" she asked, apparently afraid she had hurt her instructor.

    "No way! It doesn't hurt a bit, Cindy! In fact, it feels great, real, real great! Why don't you touch it again for me?" he suggested, looking around again for any sign of intruders, knowing how nasty his activities with his sister were.

    "Like this?" little Cindy asked, rubbing her thumb against the head of her brother's cock.

    "Yeah! But more gentle! That's better! See, Cindy, a guy's cock is the most sensitive part of his body. Right under the ridge there is the most sensitive part. That's the part that rubs against a girl's clit and makes them both real hot. See?" he explained, reaching to bend his cock-head slightly, showing her the flange of his cock.

    "Should 1 touch that part then?" she asked.

    "Damn right! Touch me there with. your fingertips. Gentle! That's real good! Move your fin gem around in a circle around the head of the fuckin' thing! That's peat, Cindy. See how that slippery stuff kinda lubricates your fingers,' her brother asked, noticing the eager look in her eyes.

    "1 see, David. That stuff's running down your… dick," she said, trying to stop the little rivulets of man-cream that ran down David's cock-shaft.

    "Damn right it's runnin' down my dick! You're makin' the fucking thing drip all right! Keep nabbin' the head of that dick!" he gasped.

    "It feels awful hot, David! Is that the way it's supposed to feel? You don't have a fever do you?" his little sister asked concernedly.

    "That's just the way it's supposed to feel! And how! Keep rubbin' it! Keep rubbin'!" he rasped, his young nuts churning between his legs.

    "It's awful hard! Is it ready to go inside the girl now?" she asked, her little hand wet with cock-juice, her fingers slipping and sliding over his huge knob.

    "It's ready all right! Man, is it ready!" David moaned, his eyes closed now as he felt his hot nuts tightening, cramped almost painfully in his tight posits.

    "But there's no girl for you to put it into! What happens then, David? Does it stay hard forever?" Cindy asked, wondering why David was wincing in pain.

    "Shit no, Cindy! It doesn't stay hard! Not if

    I don't want it to, anyway! Keep rubbin' it! Squeeze the fuckin' thing! This is too much! Too fuckin' much! Oh shit! Shit!" the boy groaned.

    "Are you sure I won't hurt it if I squeeze? It looks awful tender!" she said, still afraid she might damage her brother's prick.

    "No, you won't hurt it! Squeeze the fucker! That's right! That's it! Rub it!. Wrap your hand around it! That's the way! Now you're gettin' it! Jack me off, Cindy! Beat my fuckin' meat for me!" he growled deep in his throat.

    "Is something going to happen pretty soon?" she asked, sensing a feeling of impending release of the tension that had built up in her brother's face, as if David was about to sneeze or something.

    "Somethin's gonna happen all right! I'm gonna squirt! I'm gonna come in another fuckin' minute, Cindy! Goddamn it! I'm gonna come sure as hell! Beat it for me! Harder! Faster! Both hands! Up and down! Up and down! Harder! Beat the fuckin' stilt out of that cock! Jack it off! Make my balls bunt! Make 'em hot! Make 'em shoot!" David groaned as his little sister did as she was told, not really understanding what was happening but willing to do it anyway.

    "Is this what happens inside the girl?" the little sister asked innocently as her brother's cock suddenly swelled to even more- enormous proportions.

    "That's right, Cindy baby! This happens inside the girl all right! The goddamn cum shoots right up her cunt! And here it. comes! It's coming! I'm gonna shoot the fuckin' stuff all over the place!

    Here, Cindy! Let me take over now! You just watch this! Watch my cum shoot! Here goes!" David shouted as the jism erupted from his cock like lava from a volcano.

    David wrapped his fist Mound his cock-shaft and jotted it up and down violently a few times. When he felt his Mm shooting from his nuts, he let go of his rigid shaft and let it jerk up in front of him, spurting aim into the air and bobbing up and down with each violent spurt.

    Cindy watched in amazement as her brother's cock exploded, shooting some funny white stuff into the air. Unable to control her youthful curiosity, she reached out and caught one of the spurts, rubbing it between the palms of her tiny little hands, feeling the strange thick stickiness of


    "How'd you like that, Cindy?" David asked when the last drop of cum had oozed from the head of his cock.

    "Gee, David, I don't how if I'd want that stuff inside me!" she said, looking down at her sticky hands.

    "You'll want it inside you all right, Cindy! When the time comes you'll want it all right!" David said, panting and sweating slightly as the flood of his sexual release spasmed over him,

    He leaned against the fence post and let the sun on his exposed, dripping cock. After a moment or two of perfect tranquility he tucked his slowly deflating dick back inside his jeans and zipped them up, looking around again to see if he had been observed by anyone other than the cows,

    which had gathered around to watch the strange goings-am. He knew that he and Cindy had opened up new sexual territory to explore. He knew how dirty their act was, knew how depraved it was to jerk off in front of his little sister and tell her all about the birds and the bees. But there was something about the atmosphere on Uncle Bill's farm that made even depravity seem natural.

    David was already wondering if eighteen-year-old Ellie would like a similar demonstration of his sexual potency.

    "There are a few other things I can tell you about sex, Cindy," David said in a low and secretive voice, taking his sister by the arm and leading her back toward the big farmhouse that seemed a tiny dot on the high bill in the distance. "But we have got to keep it quiet?'

    David and little Cindy were too far away from the house to hear Aunt Helen scream at the top of her voice when she looked through her husband's high-powered binoculars and saw her favorite little niece masturbating her favorite young nephew. She screamed two or three more times before she dropped the binoculars on the floor and stared wild-eyed at her husband.

    "I told you, Helen! Now will you believe me? Was he lettin' Cindy jerk him off or wasn't he?" Uncle Bill asked, having won their little argument in the most forceful way possible.

    "I still can't believe it!" Aunt Helen said

    breathlessly, her. hands over her pretty face. "Cindy and David?" she gasped. "It's impossible! Impossible! It just can't be, Bill! They're only children!"

    "Don't be silly, Helen! David's a young man of nineteen! And Cindy, well, she didn't really do anything much… nothin' that could hurt her anyway. Watchin' the cattle do it must of made them horny, or at least it must' made David horny. I think Cindy was just curious. You know how kids that age are," Uncle Bill said, rubbing his head thoughtfully. "Come to think of it, I'm not so sun that's so unnatural! Maybe we don't really have anything to be so outraged about, Helen!"

    "What on earth do you mean, Bill Mitchell?" Helen said, her pretty mouth open ii total amazement at her husband's shocking pronouncement.

    "I mean maybe it's just natural Don't you remember how we used to get excited watchin' the animals. When we were kids, I mean. You told me about the times you and Winterson screwed like hell in the grass after you watched the cattle. And I have to admit I did more than my share of the same on my father's farm…" Bill said.

    "How you talk!" Helen said, interrupting her husband's reverie. "This is different, Bill! David and Cindy are brother and sister! Surely you don't think it's perfectly natural for a brother and a sister to do things like that to each other!" Helen said righteously.

    "Oh, I don't know, Helen… kids out in the

    country. You kind of expect things like this to happen once in a we…" Bill said, almost to himself. "And there's the other thing…" Bill said, his voice trailing off as if he were afraid to say what was on his mind.

    "Other thing? What are you talking about, Bill?" Helen said, moving close to her husband, sitting with him on the bed in front of the window.

    "Oh, nothing, nothing really…" Bill said in a peculiarly vacant tone.

    "Now let's not have any of that, Bill! We tell each other everything, don't we?" Helen said, putting her warm and loving hand over her husband's reassuringly. "There's been something bothering you 11 day, something to do with Randy and Sherry and that Lisa girl. I've noticed the way you look at them. It's as if you know something and you're afraid to look any of them in the eye. Now tell me what's the matter!" she said warmly, waxing Bill's secret out of him in her calm way.

    "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, Helen," Bill said, looking down between his legs and seeming a bit embarrassed.

    "Do you have a hard-on there, Bill?" Helen asked, looking down at her husband's swelling crotch.

    Bill tried to cover his growing cock with his work-roughened hands, but his loving wife would have none of it She moved his heavy hands away and replaced them with her own. Bill felt the warmth of those soft hands spreading over his crotch, radiating through his pants and getting inside his nuts like nothing else could. She was

    every thing in the world to him, everything from a partner in the farm to honey-fucking lover in his bed. How could he tell her the wild things he knew about his brother John's son and daughter? He knew that Helen was fairly open-minded about sex and most other things, even though she somehow found it necessary to put on a show of outrage from time to time, perhaps an echo of her strict upbringing. But the things he wanted to tell her were enough to make even the most free-thinking woman raise her eyebrows. And yet he had to tell her, and he knew that he would tell her eventually, especially if she continued to stimulate his cock so powerfully with those soft warm hands of hers. With those warm hands she could coax secrets out of the Sphinx.

    "That's such a nice hard-on you're getting there, Bill darling! It's a shame to let it go to waste! We haven't fucked in three days, dear. Would you care for a little roil in the hay? You can tell all about that "other thing" while we're fucking," Helen smiled seductively, knowing that she could be quite the devil when she wanted to be.

    Helen was three years younger than Bill's thirty-nine years, although she had managed with little real effort to keep herself looking much younger. She hid the youthful good looks of a woman who living a natural and healthy life in the country without worrying too much about the day-to-day tribulations of life. She had lived on a farm all her life and had drawn from the life the strength and vitality that only hard work could produce. All five children and the rigors of

    raising them hadn't dulled her natural radiance. She was at her best at thirty-six and she knew it.

    "Would you like to take my dress off, Bill?" she smiled sweetly, her fingers still kneading the wad of flesh between her husband's strong legs.

    Bill thought she was taking an unfair advantage, prying his secret out of him this way. But there was no stopping her.

    Bill let his big hands glide over his wife's swelling tits, feeling her warm breasts through the starched material of her house dress. Helen dressed much as her mother had, simply but well. Sometimes Bill wished that she would dress more sexily to show off her considerable feminine charms to better advantage. But Helen was a strong-willed woman likely to dress any way she wished, and when Bill was as horny as he was now he didn't really care what she wore, as long as he could remove it quickly enough.

    With that thought in mind, Bill's hands flew to the back of Helen's dress and began unbuttoning her as he had so many times in the past. He never tired of seeing her lightly tanned back come into view as he opened her simple printed dress, never tired of the touch of her delicate skin against his fingertips as he stroked her from her neck all the way down her back. He caught the light scent of the perfume she wore and the fresh fragrance of her warm body. By the time he had opened her dress and helped her out of it his cock was like a rock and begging to be released from his pants.

    "Do I still excite you, darling husband?" Helen smiled as she felt her husband's heavy hands

    working at her bra clasp more sensitively than one would have expected from a man as big and rough-looking as Bill.

    "You excite me, Helen. You'll always excite me," Bill said quietly as he removed her bra and exposed her full womanly tits. "Let me suck your tits for a while," he said, planting delicate kisses all over her milky-pink breasts, inhaling her fragrance deep into his lungs.

    "Let me see your cock?" she asked cutely.

    "Any time, lady," he smiled at her, squeezing her resilient lit-flesh with one hand and stroking her slightly curved belly with the other.

    Helen unbuttoned Bill's shirt and exposed his hairy chest, rubbing her warm fingers over his heavy muscles, feeling him breathing heavily. She helped him shrug his shirt off and let her fingers travel down over his hard and hairy stomach into the dense growth of hair that disappeared below his belt. She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, reaching. inside and wrapping her loving fingers around the cock-shaft that she had learned to love so well.

    "Let me help you off with your panties," Bill breathed softly as she unsnapped his pants and pushed them dawn around his muscular loins.

    When he stood up with his lovely wife his pants fell down and he stepped out of them, taking but a moment. Helen stood quietly while he fell to his knees before her and stroked the soft but firm flesh of her lower belly. He sneaked his rough fingers inside the waist of her black panties and roiled them

    down over her milky thighs, exposing by the second more and more of the flesh – he loved' so well.

    As her panties fell around her feet he stared hungrily at the dark patch of cuntal hair that nestled like a warm furry animal between her legs. He sniffed around in her hair for a while, thrilling to her musky womanly fragrance. She raised first one leg and then the other while he sniffed in her pussy-nest, letting him remove her shoes for her. When she was completely naked she sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for her husband's hard cock.

    "Put it in me, Bill. Put it right in my cunt! I'm hungry for it there, darling! You fuck me so well! You make me come so beautifully!" she said in a voice as soft as satin, beckoning him toward her.

    He stood there naked for a second or two, staring between the long and pale legs of the woman he loved so completely. His cock stuck out in front of his dark and hairy body like a derrick, dripping with man-cream and ready to fuck her until she screamed.

    "Give me that wonderful cock of yours, Bill!" she called, reaching out and grabbing his slippery prick, pulling her hand over the wet head of it and making the man jump involuntarily.

    "I'll give you my cock all right, Helen!" Bill said, crawling into bed with the lusty woman, moving between her spread and inviting legs.

    "But first you have to tell me what you know about Randy and Sherry and the Daniel! girl!" she said suddenly, rolling over on her belly and moving

    out of the path of Bill's charging cock.

    Helen held her leg clamped tightly together and raised behind her, looking over her shoulder at him with a wicked little glimmer in her hazel eyes. BE had expected her to do something like this and he was prepared now to tell her all.

    "Does this 'other thing' have something to do with our young relatives?" she smiled.

    "Uh-huh" Bill said, sitting on the bed and crossing his legs, looking into his wife's eyes and seeing something there that he hadn't seen before. "Did that business with David and Cindy get to your cunt, Helen?" he asked, reaching out to touch her upturned asscheeks.

    "How dare you insinuate such a thing, Mr. Mitchell!" she said. "Of course it did?" she smiled after a second or two.

    "I guess it got to me too, Helen. Should it have?" he asked, hoping to rind approval for the wild excitement that the sight of Cindy beating David's cock had stirred up inside him.

    "I don't know whether or not we should fell this way, Bill, but there's no denying that we're feeling something! Here we are in bed, after all! You have to tell me what you know about the other children! If you can call them that!" she said, rolling over again and grabbing her husband's dripping cock-stalk. "Let it all hang out, as the young people say!" she laughed.

    "All right, Helen, you asked for it! I don't know how to toil you this delicately, Helen. I guess I'll just give it to you straight. Well.. the whole thing started yesterday when one of the animals got out and

    went straight for that damn woods. You know how the hogs are. Well, I went out after, the fuckin' thing and came across Sherry and the Darnell girl right there in the middle of the goddamn woods… "Bill said, his voice trailing off..

    "Go ahead, Bill, go ahead!" Helen said excitedly, bending down to lick the dripping head of her husband's cock.

    "They were.., well.., they were naked!" Bill said, his nuts tensing as his lovely wife licked his dick.

    "Naked! Well, Bill, I don't think that's terribly unusual for young people these days. We've been naked in the woods too, darling, and we're not exactly part of the Woodstock generation!" she laughed, getting back to her cocksucking as soon as she had said her piece.

    "They were… well… they were making love fucking… sucking each other's cunts!"

    Helen's horny husband managed to force himself to say.

    "That is different!" Helen said gravely, sitting up and staring at her husband in total amazement. "Sherry and Lisa? You're joking!"

    "No, Helen, I'm not joking, not at all! There they were, rubbing their tits together and licking each other's cunts. They were down by the spring in the middle of the wood and making love to each other. Two girls!" Bill said, shaking his head.

    Helen inched between her legs and began rubbing her fingers against the crease of her furry cunt, driving herself wild. She knew that her horny husband was watching her fingers in the hair of her

    Nat. She was melting deep in her cunt, melting with pain and getting increasingly horny as her husband confessed knowing about Sherry and Lisa and their lesbian hut.

    "Go on, Bill! Go on! You're making me hot! You're making my cunt as hot as fire inside! Tell me what your brother's daughter was doing with that other girl. I want to hear all about our niece! Tell me everything! Tell me what they did!" Helen hissed, growing wild inside.

    "But it wasn't just Lisa and Sherry! I wasn't the only one who was in that damn woods yesterday! I wasn't the only one who stumbled over those two girls, Helen! Randy was there too! I saw him, Helen! He happened by after I had crouched down behind some bushes to watch on the opposite sick of the clearing I heard him coming and hid myself. I guess the girls wait too busy to notice anything. at first anyway!" Bill said, his hands on his wife's big tits, squeezing them while he told his horny story.

    "Surely you don't mean that Randy… "Helen

    "He sure did, Helen! I couldn't believe it either! He watched for a few minutes just like I did! He couldn't stand it anymore I guess! I saw the kid haul out his cock and start playing with himself right drew in the bushes! I thought that was what he'd do. But damn he crashed through the bushes and caught the two girls! I'm not kidding, Helen! He fucked both of 'em! He fucked his sister. Helen! He fucked Sherry while she licked Lisa's twat, he said, growing hornier the more he

    relived that wild afternoon.

    "Oh God, Bill! Randy and Sherry! Randy and Sherry! I…1 don't believe it! Did.., did you… "Helen said softly.

    "I had to, Helen! It made me hot too, baby!" Bill said, seeing Helen's question in her hazel eyes.

    "You jacked off in the bushes while you watched?" Helen said, grabbing her husband's thick cock with fingers already wet with her own pussy-juices.

    "I had to, Helen! I'd do it again if I had the chance! It was crazy, wild, Helen! Doesn't it drive you nuts just thinking about it, baby? Doesn't it make your pussy wet? A brother and his sister, Helen!" Bill growled, his cock aching to be buried in Helen's seething cunt-flesh.

    "Yes, Bill! Randy and Sherry! David and Cindy! It's wild, darling! My cunt! My cunt! Fuck me in the cunt with your cock! Yesssss! Fuck me now, darling! Stick that big dick in your wife's pussy! Come and get it, Bill! I want it! I want it!" Helen hissed as she fell on her back and spread her legs.

    "Open that cunt, Helen! Open it! Ready for me, Helen? I'm gonna fuck you like I've never fucked you!" Bill growled as he fell on his wife and drove his huge throbbing cock deep into her sucking cunt.

    The bed creaked noisily as Bill bucked his hairy ass and rammed his big pussy-stuffer into his wife's wet cunt. He felt his bulging nuts slapping up against his wife's steamy crotch as he fucked her with all his might. Her big swelling tits slipped and slid between her body and his hairy chest as he

    held her in a strong grip.

    "Oh God, Bill! Just think of it! Our own nephews and nieces! Those young kids fucking and sucking on our farm! We have to tell John and Sally! We just have to let them in on this, darling! Can we do it?" Helen gasped as she felt a charge of exciting sexual electricity building up deep within her.

    'Tell them? Tell my brother and Sally? I don't know, Helen! I wonder what they'd think! Jesus Christ, Helen! I wonder how they'd take it! Their own kids!" Bill growled, wildly excited at the prospect or letting his brother and sister-in-law in on their wild secret.

    "Let's tell them everything, Bill! Let's tell them that their kids are fucking each other, Bill! Let's see what they do when they find out! Maybe we can even try to catch them at it! Doesn't it excite you, darling?" hot-assed Helen moaned as she writhered with her horny husband in the heat of their incest-inspired lust.

    "Oh, baby, baby, it has possibilities!" Bill rasped as he shot a thick load of spurting cum deep into his wife receptive cunt.

    "Oh, Bill, it makes me feel younger just thinking about it! It's so dirty! Our own family! I'm coming. Bill! I'm coming. coining, COMING!" Helen screamed at the top of her voice as she fished off in ecstasy.

    Bill taught he would never stop shooting into her grasping pussy. He had never felt her come so furiously before. He had to admit that there was something about incest that could drive a peon

    beyond the boundaries of sexual propriety. He knew that this particular weekend would be one to remember, both for his family and his brother's.


    The next morning on the farm found Randy, Sherry, and Lisa hornier titan ever and eager to revel once again in the new joys they had so recently discovered in their relationship.

    The three horny teenagers had talked most of the previous night after fucking until they were weak. They had wandered around the extensive acreage of Uncle Bill's farm until well past midnight, discussing the many ramifications of their sexual activities together. They had come to the conclusion after considerable soul-searching that they really had no reason to call a stop to

    their fucking They all agreed that they felt perfectly comfortable together and none of the three could deny the hot thrills of their three-way fuck.

    They knew perfectly well that they would have to pursue their revelries in the strictest secrecy. Incest was strictly forbidden, and, although that very social prohibition. had served to excite them wildly, they knew that no one else could possibly understand or condone the depraved things they had done and would do in the future if they had their way.

    They had found their parents and their aunt and uncle waiting up for them, understandably curious about their unexplained absence all afternoon and evening. Randy had noticed that Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen had seemed to be purposefully insulating them from their parents' patient but persistent questioning concerning their whereabouts. He had also noticed that Aunt Helen had looked at him with a mysterious expression that he had never seen on her face before. In fact she had seemed to be looking him over rather closely that evening for some unknown reason. Her close scrutiny had bothered him just a bit since he had been wearing a healthy hard-on that grew larger by the minute. With some difficulty the three had managed to extricate themselves from the sticky situation and sneak away to their respective bedrooms. Randy had resisted the urge to whack it off that night, knowing that his masculine abilities would be put to the test next day.

    He still had a hard-on when Sherry fell to her

    knees before him and began running her gentle hands up mid down his legs, stroking his hard cock through his Levi's. The three had sneaked out early that morning and had made their way into the big weather-beaten barn that Sherry and Randy remembered so well from their childhood's. The barn had given them many a day of carefree fun as children. Now the dark recesses of the hulking old building would serve as a quiet retreat for the hot fucking they had planned.

    Lisa was obviously not used to the country atmosphere. She stood by and watched patiently while her lesbian lover-stroked Randy's thick cock, exciting him slowly but surely. Sherry hadn't even waited until they were safely inside the barn. She had fallen to her knees in the huge doorway, unable to wait any longer to get her hands on her brother's dick. Randy was slightly mare cautious, looking around behind him to see if anyone might be around.

    "Sherry, darling, don't you think we should find a nice cozy place for this instead of doing it right out here in broad daylight?" Lisa said. "That is if this bent can be cozy! I prefer sheets and bedrooms myself!" She smiled with a playful little wink.

    "Randy and I like to live dangerously, Lisa. Don't we, brother dear?" Sherry asked, her face pressed against the nine-inch length of her older brother's cock.

    "Sure, Sherry, sure," Randy whispered. "But I think we'd better get out of sight like Jim said. I guess I'm not a brave as you."

    With a final, kiss on the bulge of her brother's cock, Sherry stood up and proceeded to unbutton her light blouse, exposing her naked tits to the rays of the sun with the boldness of a brazen bitch in heat. Lisa quickly grabbed her arm and led her into the barn with a little giggle. Randy followed stiff-legged, his cock aching something awful and beginning to wet his pants with man-cream.

    "I don't think I can wait, Lisa!" Sherry giggled. "I want his dick!"

    "So do I, Sherry! But there's a time and a place for everything.. We mustn't be so hasty. Someone might see us. Let's find a nice place in the hay," Lisa said calmly, her own cunt itching between her long legs. "Then we'll give your big brother the fuck of his life!"

    "You sure will, girls!" Randy rasped, unzipping his pants and giving his exposed cock a few pulls with his own hand.

    "On second thought, Sherry, I think we should get it while it's hot!" Lisa laughed, falling to her knees in the hay in the middle of the huge barn.

    "That's the girl!" Sherry said, falling to her knees with Lisa and attacking Randy's hard cock voraciously.

    "Jesus Christ! Don't eat it! I might wanna use the fucker for somethin' someday!" Randy said with a dirty grin as his sister and his dark-haired lover licked the hard shaft of his prick.

    The feeling of the two girls' tongues running up and down the full length of his cock was enough to make him stand on his tiptoes with the tension of it all. His nuts tightened in their sac as the thrills

    raced through his horny body. Lisa's long black hair and Sherry's equally long blonde hair fell over his cock-shaft and tickled him as their heads bobbed around below his belt. They had promised him the hack of his life and he knew that they would keep their promise.

    "Hold on a minute, girls. I'd better go and close those fuckin' barn doom. Can't have anybody catchin' us in the act!" Randy said, turning and walking toward the wide-open doors, his hard-on bobbing up and down in front of him, leaving the two hot assed chicks drooling for more of his freely offered cock-feast.

    "Hurry, Randy!" Sherry called. "I want that big beautiful dick in my mouth!"

    "And I want to suck your balls, big man, while Sherry eats your dick!" Lisa smiled.

    "You'll have to suck them one at a time, darling," Sherry giggled. "You know how big those balls are!"

    "Does his daddy have big balls too?" Lisa whispered In Sherry 'a ear.

    "As big as oranges!" Sherry giggled back at her.

    "And just as sweet?" Lisa smiled sexily.

    "I wouldn't know about that, Lisa! Surely you don't mean to suggest that I've tasted my own daddy's genitals! Shame on you!" she said in mock outrage.

    "I wouldn't want to suggest anything of the kind. But wouldn't it be fun?" she whispered. "Does he have a big dick like Randy?"

    "Huge!" Sherry confided in a hushed but excited whisper.

    "Have you ever seen it hard?" Lisa continued.

    "Three times! It was as big as a baseball bat!' Sherry whispered, turning toward Lisa and offering her naked tits to the lovely dark-skinned girl.

    "How wonderful!" Lisa said with a glimmer in her dark eyes. "HOW wonderful about your daddy's dick, that is! Wouldn't it be nice if daughters could get fucked by their fathers occasionally?"

    "Have you ever seen your daddy's cock?" Sherry asked, shivering when she felt Lisa's satiny-soft hand on her pale-pink tits.

    "Yes, Sherry. I've even watched him fucking my mommy," she said in a little-girl voice.

    "That's dirty!" Sherry gasped. "Tell me all

    about it!"

    "There really isn't much to tell, Sherry. I just peeked through the keyhole and watched him fuck the shit out of my mother. They really had a good time that night. They came four times and I watched the whole scene," Lisa said; "Parents aren't as dull as they seem sometimes. They did things I didn't even know could be done! Have you ever watched your mother and father go at it?" Lisa asked softly, still fondling Sherry's exposed tits.

    "I haven't had the opportunity. I think I'll try it though. It sounds deliciously dirty!" Sherry said, unbuttoning Lisa's bright-red cotton shirt and exposing the darkly delicious little tits that she had learned to love.

    "What're you two whispering about?" Randy asked, shutting the doors to the barn and lowering

    the heavy bar across them, sealing their little love nest and shutting out the rest of the world for a while.

    "Oh, nothing, Randy," Sherry said. "We were just discussing the size of your cock and the wonderful things we can do with it."

    "I'll tell you one thing you can do with it, Little Sister. Suck the fuckin' shit out of it for me. Both of you! You've got me hornier than hell!" he said, standing before them once again and pointing his dripping cock down at them. "I see you two are still turned on by each other," he smiled, noticing that they had bared each other's tits.

    "I think we'll always turn each other on, Randy!" Sherry smiled. "But right now I think you deserve to be turned on.

    "It's all yours, girls!" Randy said, crouching down for a moment or two far a quick feel of both girls' partly out thrust tits.

    Sherry end Lisa looked unbelievably sexy kneeling there in the hay, their blouses open, their tits exposed, their little nipples hard and tingling with excitement, their silken bellies begging to be stroked and kissed, the soft material of their blouses framing their knockers in ruffled folds of silky material, their long hair falling behind them in cascades of amazing softness. And they were all his, these two beautiful sex-kittens! And even Sherry's blood relationship couldn't stand in his way! His nuts were as tense as they had ever been in his life. He knew that he was in for the tumble of his life.

    Now that the big doom to the barn were shut

    the only light in the barn filtered in through numerous open windows near the roof, falling in golden shafts as it filtered through the barn dust. Lisa and Sherry were kneeling in one of those shafts of light and their features glowed warmly. The air was sweet with the smell of fresh hay an the darkness of the barn made everything. seem cool and reined.

    "Let me get your balls out, darling," Lisa whispered excitedly, reaching inside Randy's gaping fly and hauling, out his balls, letting them hang out over the V of his fly.

    "Careful now, Lisa. Those fuckers are kinda sensitive. Remember, baby, I need those things to make you girls happy!" Randy grinned at his two horny young lovers.

    He felt the metal of his zipper scratching his sensitive scrotal sac as his low-hanging nuts dangled out of his tight pants. Whatever discomfort he felt was more than made up for when Lisa beg stroking his swelling nuts with her sensitive fingers. It was only a matter of seconds before she had started planting quick little kisses all over his seething nuts. He felt her. tongue lifting his cum-swollen balls one by one and letting them fall in front of him, sending hot shivers up and down his spine. He jerked uncontrollably when Lisa pressed her dark and lovely face up against his balls and sneaked her tongue inside his pants, licking the sac of his scrotum as far back toward his asshole as she could reach.

    Sherry wasted no time attacking the pole of flesh that had tempted her for so long. She had

    always wanted to suck her brother's cock, and now there was no one to stop her. In the sweet-scented darkness of Uncle Bill's barn there was no suck thing as denied desires. She shivered deep in her wet cunt when she felt her brother's cock-head against her quivering lips. She tasted the salt tines of his man-cream and sniffed the masculine scent that wafted up from his stimulated nuts. Her cunt was alive between her kneeling legs, alive with a passion she had never known before. She had never been this excited before and she knew that Randy and Lisa shared her maddening excitement.

    "Oh shit, Sherry Yeah! Yeah! Now you got it! Suck that fucker! Damn! Eat my meat, Little Sister! Show me how you love it!" Randy growled deep in his throat, trying to give voice to the surging desires that filled him as his own sister nibbled the head of his swollen cock.

    "Fm going to take it all the way down my throat now, Randy! Are you ready! I'm going to suck you all the way to your big beautiful balls, Brother!" Sherry hissed like a sleek cat in heat, her twinkling blue eyes burning with desire.

    "Oh damn! Damn!" her brother growled. "Oh fuck! That's so good it fuckin' hurts! Baby! Baby! Suck it! Take it deep, Sister! Suck it, girl! Suck it! Lisa, lick them nuts! Suck 'em! Take 'em into your fuckin' mouth, Lisa! That's it, baby! Pull on 'em! Bite 'em a little! Yeah! Yeah! Damn that feels peat! Grab the other ball with your hand and pull on it! Not too hard! Just right! Wow! You chicks are somethin' else! I gotta come! I gotta shoot this stuff! Suck harder! Harder! Eat my dick!" the

    wildly excited young stud growled at his two devoted, suckers.

    Sherry felt Randy's shiny-headed cock swell to tremendous proportions in her mouth and knew that he was about to shoot a load of boiling Gum into her sucking face. She wanted her cunt filled with her brother's prick so desperately that she was willing to risk making him angry with her by pulling off and delaying his ejaculation. She pulled her head back and made a loud plop as her face pulled away from her brother's bulging dick-head.

    "Oh shit, Sherry! What the fuck are you doin'? I gotta shoot it in you! I gotta let you have it!" Randy pleaded, his nuts swollen to the bursting point.

    "I need you in my cunt, Randy!" Sherry hissed. "I need that huge cock pounding away between my legs, darling! Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard!"

    "Baby, baby, there's plenty of time for that! This fucker' will never go down! The way you're actin' my fuckin' dick will be stiff all damn day! I'll come a dozen times and so will you! Suck it again! Right now baby! Then I'll flack you like you never been fucked! You too, Lisa! You suck the shaft of it while Sherry eats the fuckin' head! That's it! Don't worry, Sherry, you'll get it in your twat! But first you gotta make me cum once! Yeah! You're dam' it, Sister! Suck it, Sherry! Suck it, Lisa! Yeah! Araaaaghhh!" Randy roared as his balls blew up between his strong young legs.

    Randy closed his eyes as his orgasm flashed inside him. He opened his eyes in plenty of time to see his cum shooting from the head of his bloated

    cock. Sherry and Lisa watched the thick cum shoot through his cock's slit. Lisa grasped the shaft of his spurting dick and aimed it so that a shot of his jism splattered against the back of her throat. Then she aimed it toward his cum thirsty sister and made it splatter against her cheek. Sherry licked her brother's jism off her cheeks and watched as the next spurt of it blasted against her half-closed eyes. Randy watched all of this and was amazed at the lasciviousness of the two horny girls. They would do anything for him, anything at all. And they seemed to enjoy everything they did! It was a horny teenager's dream!

    When his cock had stopped erupting, the two beautiful sex-kittens began kissing each other, licking and sucking his coon off each other's faces. Randy saw threads of thick white jism stretching between the girls' lips as they kissed. Sherry grabbed his balls and began squeezing them while she kissed his cum off Lisa's pretty face. Randy reached down and cradled the girls' faces in his big hands, stroking their soft hair and feeling his own cum on their satiny cheeks.

    "You two sure are hot! I think you deserve to have your cunts sucked! Does that sound good enough?" Randy asked, his still-swollen cock hanging down in front of him, his sister's hands in his pants.

    "I'd love your tongue in my pussy!" Lisa said, feeling the slippery cum dribbling out over her lover's cock-head.

    "And I'd love it in my cunt too, Randy!" Sherry smiled up at him.

    "You're both gonna get my tongue and my dick between your legs! Let's go up into the hayloft where it's more comfortable!" Randy said, pointing to the ladder that led up into the shadowy loft.

    "May I undress first, Randy, darling?" Lisa smiled with a playful look.

    "By all means!" Randy replied, watching the dark beauty unzip the tight slacks she wore.

    Lisa wriggled out of her skin-tight slacks, throwing off her blouse at the same time and kicking off her shoes. She stood there naked in the shaft of golden light, her dark-hued body catching the sun and showing off her soft curves seductively. Randy's eyes raced between her pert hard-nippled tits and the dark nest of her cunt. She crossed her legs at the knee and stood there silently, barely breathing while Randy looked her over.

    "Jesus Christ, Lisa! You look even better today than you did yesterday! How do you stack up, Little Sister?" he snickered, looking at his sister with a wicked little wink.

    "I think she stacks up rather well, Randy," Lisa crooned, watching while Sherry unhitched her skirt and let it fall to the hay-covered floor.

    "Thank you, Lisa dear. I hope our lord and master agrees with you," she smiled, running her hands over her own curvaceous form, still wearing her open blouse.

    Sherry stood on one petite foot and pirouetted for her horny brother, showing off her naked flesh. He stared at the cheeks of her fine firm young ass

    when she turned her silken back to him. He couldn't resist reaching out and patting her white asscheeks. When he touched her butt she jumped and giggled for a moment. She bent over and grabbed her ankles, exposing the damp tuft of curly blonde hair between the checks of her ass. Randy reached out and grabbed her gaping cunt, holding the mound of her snatch in his hand, feeling her musky cunt-juices on his slowly moving fingers.

    Randy began moving his fingers more and more against the gaping lips of his sister's vim?. She shivered inside and he detected her growing excitement, which seemed to spread over her like wildfire. He removed his hand from her damp Nat and moved his fingers to his face, sticking out his tongue and tasting the love-dew of his sister's cunt, inhaling her musky fragrance. He had to have her now, had to sink his cock into her beautiful blonde cunt from behind. He moved toward her, his cock hard again and tingling with excitement.

    "No, no, no!" Sherry giggled when she felt her brother's blood-engorged prick poking against the lower-pan of the crack of her sweet ass. "Not here, Randy dear! I'd rather do it in the hay this time, love!" she laughed, running to the ladder and climbing as fast as she could, her pretty ass jiggling her tits swaying

    Lisa followed the naked Sherry up the ladder, calling back at Randy teasingly, "You'll have to catch us if you want us!"

    Randy was up the ladder in a flash, reaching for Lisa's naked ass as she ran through the hay in the

    loft. After a few moments of laughing play the two girls fell into a big pile of golden hay and lay there panting while Randy gave his cock a few strokes.

    "Oh your knees, girls!" he said with authority. "No, not that way! You can suck me again later. I wanna suck your taints from behind. That's right! Man, does that ever look delicious! Real close together now! Good stuff!" he said as the two girls wriggled together until their thighs were touching.

    Their pretty young asses were upturned and tempting, their tufts of soft pubic down clearly visible between the lower cheeks of their lovely asses. The horny young stud got down on his knees and began rubbing the palm of his hand against the girls' dripping cunts, making them squirm together in the hay. In no time at all his hand was sopping wet with the juices of the hot-used teenagers' pussies.

    "Those look good enough to eat, girls!" Randy said, falling on his back in the hay.

    He scooted on his back toward the girls until his face was directly underneath Lisa's musky cunt. He flicked out his tongue and tickled the dangling lips of her pussy, making the rubbery folds of her twat move back and forth as he flicked his tongue over her excited cunt. He loved the taste of her fresh dark cunt, loved the scent of it too. He moved his tongue over her burning clit, driving her wild inside, and making her cunt positively run with the fluids of her passion. He felt her clit stiffen more and more the more he licked it. He reached up and put his middle finger against the rosy gash. He began moving his finger around in a circle inside

    Lisa's love-nest, knowing how powerfully she would respond to his finger-fucking manipulations. He pressed his fingertip against her blazing little bud of hot flesh and rubbed it until she screamed.

    "Randy! Randy! Oh God! Yes! Rub my clit! Oh that feels good!" she cried as her passion continued to build.

    "I want it too! Suck my Nat, Randy! Eat me out, Brother!" Sherry cried, begging for her brother's tongue and lips against her seething cunt-flesh.

    "Okay, Sherry baby! Your turn!" Randy rasped, moving to the underside of Sherry's luscious legs.

    The sight of his sister's dripping cunt was enough to make him shoot off with only the slightest bit of stimulation to his hard cock. When he thought of how depraved it was to suck his own sister's pussy he shivered inside. It was dirty and depraved, and yet it was exactly what he had always wanted. He wandered even as he pressed his lips against Sherry's open cunt how many other brothers and sisters would respond so powerfully to incest if they only had a chance to try it.

    Sherry moaned softly when she felt her brother's loving fibs pressing hot and hard against the little finger of flesh from which all her sexual passion emanated; She felt his tongue snaking inside the grasping channel of her juicy cunt, licking the walls of her pussy-channel, tickling the sensitive flesh of her private place until she wanted to cry out in ecstasy. Her own brother! She nearly fainted when she thought of the nastiness of the wild thing she was doing and allowing to be done

    to her. She began moving her cunt against her brother's face, driven wild by his stimulating oral manipulations.

    Randy gasped for breath when his sister pound her musky-wet pussy against his face. His nose was buried in her match, his teeth rubbing against her rosy cunt-lips, his chin up against her steamy crotch. He was struggling for air but there were worse ways to go as far as he was concerned.

    "Suck mine again, Randy! I'm dying for it!" Lisa cried.

    Eager to satisfy both horny chicks, Randy gave Sherry a quick nibble and ducked his head between Lisa's legs again. She clamped her kneeling legs around Randy's head, holding his tongue against her snatch. He gave her tasty cunt a few well-placed licks and broke away in spite of her efforts to hold him, equally dividing his oral stimulation between his sister and Lisa until both girls were moaning and whimpering softly with pleasure.

    "Now you're both gonna get my cock! You open those cunts and get ready 'cause I'm gonna fuck you to pieces!" Randy growled, driven wild with animal lust.

    Both girls reached between their legs and spread open the already hanging lips of their steamy cunts with their eager fingers, exposing the hot-pink inner flesh of their pussies for Their horny fucker. He paused a minute and unbuckled his Levi's, pushing them down over his legs and stepping out of them, standing in the hay wearing only his boots and a huge hard-on.

    "Here it comes, girls!" he grunted obscenely,

    holding his prick and moving between Sherry's kneeling legs, fitting his huge cock-head into the sleeve of her hot cunt.

    "Oh Randy! Randy! I've never felt a cock that big!" his sister added. "I don't care if you are my brother! Fuck me with that beautiful dick until I drop!"

    "Move that as, Sister!" Randy ordered, drunk with power and incestuous lust for his sister. "Move it around my dick!"

    Sherry did as she was told, moving her pretty asscheeks in a circle, gyrating her pretty butt and making her brother's impaled cock ache with pleasure p her silken inner flesh stimulated his sensitive cock-skin. She moved the muscles of her pretty cunt just as she had for the other boys who had fucked her, but this time her every movement was inspired by a lust so deep and hot that there as no describing it. She wanted nothing more now than to see, her brother get exactly what he wanted of her. She was going to fuck him until he entered in her cunt and mouth again and again. She was going to take his cock between her tits until he fired cum all over her silken breasts. She was going to take his cock in her tight asshole too. She was totally dedicated to the pursuit of incestuous pleasure and she knew that Lisa shared her dedication.

    Sherry tightened inside when she felt her brother's cock begin to move inside her. She slowed the gyrating movements of her pelvis for a while and lost herself in the wild sensations he was giving rise to inside her steaming cunt. She felt his

    dick moving in a tight little circle inside her, stretching her elastic cunt-flesh as it moved, making her. twat feel swollen with pleasure. She mewled softly when she felt him start moving the huge cock back and forth, rubbing against her cuntal channel and making her feel wild inside. She reached down between her own legs and began rubbing her blazing clitoris, pinching her cunt with her fingers, scraping it with her fingernail, making herself hotter and hotter as her brother began punching his cock- in and out of her musky cunt.

    "Oh yeah, Sister! What a cunt! What a beautiful fuckin' cunt! Christ, you're tight! Damn tight! Feels like you're sucking my goddamn cock right up your pussy!" Randy rasped as he moved back and forth in his sister's hot hole.

    "I have a tight pussy too, Randy darling," Lisa said in a playfully pouting voice. "I feel left out."

    'Not for long, baby!" Randy said, pulling his cock out of his sister's pussy with a loud sucking sound.

    "That's much better, Randy baby!" Lisa said in a high-pitched little voice that was almost a squeal of pleasure.

    Randy jammed his cock into Lisa's cunt and began fucking her hard and fast, already driven wild with animal lust by his sister and her expertly moving pussy. Randy almost knocked Lisa on her face, his fucking movements were so fierce now. He felt his nuts slapping up against her cunt, felt his cock arching up against her inner walls, felt her pussy-lips jiggling against the shaft of his prick. He reached around beneath the luscious naked chick

    and grabbed her pendulous tits, kneading them while he fucked her. She squirmed on his hard cock and cried ecstatically, responding powerfully to her lust.

    "Put it in me again!" Sherry begged. "Fuck me, Brother! Fuck my cunt!" she hissed.

    "Lick Lisa's cunt!" Randy ordered Through gritted teeth.

    "Yesssss! Lick my pussy! Suck it for me, Sherry!" Lisa gasped.

    "Anything you say, Randy! Anything at all!" Sherry said weakly, scrambling into position between Lisa's legs, dying for a cock in her cunt but willing to do anything in the world to satisfy her brother and Lisa.

    "That's the girl, Sherry! Get down so you can lick her twat and my dick! That's a real kick, baby! Yeah! Lisa, can you suck Sherry's pussy in that position?" Randy said, feeling Sherry's tongue running up and down the shaft of his hard cock as it rested halfway out of Lisa's cunt.

    Sherry had slithered beneath Lisa's naked body, her head between the other girl's kneeling legs, her own cunt not far from Lisa's pretty face. When she started licking up and down the shaft of her brother's slippery dick she felt Lisa's beautiful face against the bush of her blonde twat. Sherry threw her long lop around Lisa's neck, holding her down between her legs. The two luscious girls lapped and sucked at each other's pussies in that position while Randy beat his hard-on into Lisa's sex-heated cunt.

    Randy's cock worked the mixture of Sherry's

    saliva, his cock-juice and Lisa's cunt-juices into a heady froth as it punched in and out of her sucking channel. Sherry licked the juncture of her brother's dick and Lisa's cunt, driving all three wild with sexual pleasure. They rocked and writhed, locked together in a taboo union, fucking in the sweet hay in the semidarkness of the loft

    "We all gotta came together! Together! This is wild!" Randy gasped as his nuts prepared to shoot their cum into Lisa's cunt.

    "I'm going to come in a minute!" Sherry cried, Lisa's tongue working wildly between her grasping legs.

    "Oh yes! Yessss! Make me come, Randy! Fuck me hard! Fill my cunt with that hot thing!" Lisa rasped, her belly on fire with lust.

    "I'm shootin'! Get ready 'cause here it comes! Take it! Take my cum!" Randy shouted at the top of his voice.

    "My God, Randy! I'm coming! I'm coming! I can feel your cum shooting in my cunt! Give it to me, darling! Fuck me!" Lisa cried as Randy fucked into her open cunt with full force.

    "Lisa! Lick it! Lick my twat! I… I'm coming… coming! Coming!" Sherry screamed in a shrill voice.

    Randy felt his jism blasting inside Lisa's cunt as his nuts exploded between his tense legs. He shot what seemed like gallons of cum into the hot-assed chick. Sherry began licking up the jism that dribbled out of Lisa's tightly stretched cunt and ran down the shaft of her brother's hard cock. Sherry slurped and moaned while Lisa did the same

    between her legs.

    The three fuckers fell together and rested, basking in the warmth of their mutual orgasm. The hay was soft beneath their naked bodies, soft and sweete smelling They smelled the musty smell of the old wood in the barn, a smell that mingled with the leather of several riding saddles that hung against a wall in the open area below. A breeze blew in through the open windows, cooling them off after their physical exertions. There was total silence now-almost.

    It was difficult to determine when the three silent teenagers first realized that they were not alone in the old barn. It was difficult to determine who was the first to hear the strange sucking and slurping noises that seemed to come from a pile of hay off in the darkness of the huge loft. When the fact that they had company dawned on them they froze together, not daring to look each other in the eye, not daring even to breathe. It was as if the breath had been sucked out of them. Time stopped for a while and they listened intently to the sounds they all knew they heard.

    The girls gasped when they realized that the sounds they heard were the sounds of hot fucking and sucking, the same sounds that they had been making so carelessly only moments before in the heat of their wild fuck.

    "You stay here!" Randy said to the girls in a hushed voice. "I gotta find out what the fuck's up!"

    Not feeling particularly brave under the present circumstances but knowing that the first move was

    up to him, Randy strode buck-naked over to the source of the sucking sounds. His hands shook just a bit when he reached down and threw a pile of hay aside, digging into a huge mound of soft hay and suddenly feeling the warmth of young flesh.

    Randy almost pissed when he realized that the sounds of sexual sucking were coming from his nineteen-year-old brother David and his eighteen year-old sister! They were buried deep in the sweet-smelling hay, both as naked as the day they were born. David's legs were spread wide and pretty little Ellie's healthy pink face was bobbing up and down over his rock-hard cock, her long, light-brown tresses shaking about as she sucked her brother off.


    "For fuck's sake!" Randy shouted, feeling suddenly as if a horse had kicked him in the gut. "I gotta be dreamin'! This can't be real! No way! No fuckin' way, man!"

    "'What n earth is it, Randy?" Sherry asked in a frightened voice, knowing how her brother sounded when was really floored by something.

    "Never mind! You just stay where you sit!" he ordered sternly, gazing nearly dumbstruck into the hay at the illicit scene he had uncovered in the dark of the loft.

    David seemed to freeze the second it dawned on

    him that he and his sister had been exposed in their nasty activities. His muscles tensed. He sat up straight in the billowy pile of hay, pulling his rigid young cock out of that pretty mouth and making it slap up against his hard belly. He pulled his knees up against 'his chest and wrapped his arms around them, trying to conceal his sexually excited condition as an immediate and unthinking response to his exposure. He looked down between his legs and gritted his teeth, his face tensing like the rest of his body, as if he expected to be kicked by his older brother.

    Eighteen-year-old Ellie, whose mouth had only recently been filled with David's pulsating cock, also tried to hide her nakedness. She obviously knew that what she was doing with her horny brother was as wrong and dirty as could be. She tried to hide her lightly downy cunt with both hands, and when that miserable attempt failed, rolled over on her side away from Randy, exposing her pretty little pink ass, but at least managing to hide her most private area from her brother's prying gaze.

    "What is this shit, man?" Randy forced himself to say.

    "Aw fuck, Randy! Don't… I mean… c'mon, man…I…I…Jesus Christ! She…she… well…Ellie and me…we just…" David struggled, still looking down between his legs and wishing he could just disappear in a puff of dust.

    "Ellie! What the hell is goin' on here?" Randy continued, becoming vaguely aware in the aftermath of his shock that he was naked and his

    cock was chipping with recently ejaculated cum.

    "David was just teaching me about sex! That's all! Just teaching me a few things!" Blue struggled, breaking into tears and hiding her Pretty face in her hands.

    "Goddamn it, Ellie! Will you just shut up! Randy, we didn't mean nothin'! Honest, Randy!" David pleaded, looking at his brother for the first time, his eyes almost tearful.

    "What on earth?" they heard Sherry say as she walked over to the pile of hay that had concealed her young brother and her little sister in their forbidden experiments in incest.

    "Wait for me, Sherry! I have to see what this is all about too!" Lisa said, scrambling to her feet and taking Sherry's hand.

    The two girls gasped when their eyes became accustomed to the dim light and they realized what had been happening only a few feet away from them. Sherry's heart sank. Her own little sister! And her own nineteen-year-old brother! It made her dizzy with confusing emotions. She wanted to slap the living daylights out of both of them. At the same time she couldn't help realizing that her immediate reaction to the scene was a bit hypocritical considering the fact that she had only moments before been locked in a wild embrace with her older brother and another girl.

    Lisa was a bit taken aback by the discovery of the two in the hay. But since she wasn't related to the brother and sister her mind didn't reel quite as much as Sherry's and Randy's did, although the illicitness of the situation between Sherry and David

    did make something strange and powerful surge inside her. There seemed to. be a tension in the air quite apart from the tension caused by everyone's embarrassment and surprise. There seemed to be a sense of foreboding in the air, foreboding mingled with anticipation, as if something wild and exciting were about to happen.

    Randy felt his nuts weighing heavily between his legs like balls of lead as he stood over the two younger teenagers. He tried to fight the strange feeling that seemed to grip his nuts like a strong hand. He had had his moment or two of anger and disgust. Now was the time for his passion to stir inside him. There was no denying the stimulating potential of the situation.

    He was standing there with his horny sister, whose cunt he had just spread and stuffed with his cock, standing there with Sherry's lesbian lover, whom he had fucked too, standing there with the remnants of a hard-on that his sister had raised, standing there over his little sister and his nineteen-year-old brother, who were caught in the act of doing much the same things that he himself had done only moments before! How could he help himself? Randy was much to horny to resist such a crazy situation. He had to plunge headlong into it, had to plunge headlong into the whirlpool that his own incestuous sex-hunger had stirred up around him.

    Sherry's eyes met Randy's and then Lisa's. The understanding was almost immediate. No one knew how to take the next step, but they knew that it had to be taken. Little Ellie gave them the

    opportunity they em all silently waiting for.

    She hadn't intended to bridge the gap between attacked embarrassment and hot lusty fucking, but when she suddenly started screaming tearfully at the top of her little-girl's voice, who could have helped comforting her? Sherry was the first to jump in, falling down beside little Ellie and stroking her naked body with the tenderness only one sister could show another. Eighteen-years-old Ellie was quick to respond, her tern stopping and her crying voice quieting almost instantly. There was something about Sherry's touch that could calm and soothe, and at the same time excite.

    Randy sat dawn beside them in the hay and put his hand firmly on David's shoulder, looking him straight in the eye, not trying to hide the thoughts that were stirring up a raging fire inside him.

    "It's okay, man. No point gettin' all bent outta shape over this. Uh, did you… did you see what we were doing over there, man?" he asked, as calmly as possible under the circumstances.

    "Yeah… we… we saw it all right… "David said almost inaudibly, looking down into the hay.

    "Hey, David, come on now! I said it's okay! You trust me, don't you?' he said, grabbing his brother's shaggy hair and lifting his head just forcefully enough to convey the idea that he expected a response.

    "Okay, Randy…I um…! mean…uh

    I just couldn't help it, "he answered.

    Lisa noticed that his arms were loosening their hold on his lap, noticed that David seemed to be

    relaxing just a bit under his big brother's friendly

    influence. She noticed that his cock was far from relaxed. From where she had kneeled in the hay she could see an incredibly, stiff prick jerking away between the young kid's legs. She knew exactly what she could do to make the boy forget his troubles. She wasn't that much older than David, after all. And besides, she thought, he had more than enough cock to make her happy. The longer she looked the kid over the more excited she became at the prospect of letting him fuck the shit out of her.

    "Why don't you just tell us what made you and Ellie do this, David?" Lisa suggested, moving close to David and putting her soft warm hand on his knee.

    "Aw c'mon, Lisa.. I can't! Shit! This is really rotten!" the boy struggled..

    "Fuck it, David! Cut the shit! You saw what we were dam' and we saw what you were dam'! So what's the problem, man? Maybe we ought to kinda make the most out of this thing! Know how I mean?" Randy said, feeling his cock stiffening between his legs; getting uncontrollably hot as he sat there so near his naked brother and sister.

    "Do you mind telling us, Ellie?" Sherry whispered in Ellie's ear. "You don't have to if you don't want to. We understand each other, don't we, Ellie?" she smiled at her little sister.

    "Uh-huh. We understand each other. I don't know if it's all right…" little Ellie said weakly, seeming to relax mare by the minute.

    "David doesn't mind, dear, and we all

    understand. This sort of thing just happens. It's not really bad as long as nobody finds out about it," Sherry said, not quite believing herself.

    "Is it all right, David? I promised not to tell…!' Ellie whispered.

    "Okay.. well…I guess it's all right. -.but let me tell it, Ellie," David said. "I don't want you to make it sound like something it isn't."

    "GO ahead, man. Shoot," Randy said.

    'I think he's about ready to shoot!" Lisa giggled.

    Everyone laughed except David, whose face turned a bit red in his embarrassment.

    "Looks like he's not the only one!" Randy said, looking dawn between his own legs at what had become a raging hard-on.

    "See, David, you're not the only one who gets turned on!" Sherry said. "My cant feels like it's full of butterflies!"

    "I wish mine was full of something else!" Lisa purred, eyeing David's hard young cock.

    "Do you really wanna hear what happened?" David said, a glimmer of lust in his dear young eyes.

    Seeing that everyone was listening intently; David swallowed hard and tried to tell his sexy story. He told the three horny teenagers all about Cindy and her interest in cocks and the things they could do. He told them about the wild things he had demonstrated for her in the woods after supper the night of their first sexual encounter. He told them how he let eighteen-year-old Cindy touch his cock when it was good and hard. He told them

    how her inquisitive touch had grown into masturbating movements under his direction. He told them how she had expressed an interest in tasting the man-cream that had poured from his cock. He told them how she had put her pretty little lips to the head of his dick. He told them how he had slowly eased his cock into her little mouth, assuring the little girl all the while that there was nothing wrong with sucking her own brother's erect prick. He told them how he had shot little Cindy's angelic face full of hot cum. He told them how he had persuaded her to take her clothes off so that he could see what her little pussy was looking like lately. He told them how he had buried his finger in her little cunt as far as it would go. He told them how she had writhed and giggled nastily as he finger-fucked the sweet little girl.

    Getting more and more excited by his own story, David told how he had been forced by the burning of his own lust to ask his eighteen-year-old sister if she knew anything about boys at her tender age. He told how she had expressed an interest in learning anything he felt like teaching her. He told how Blue and Cindy had accompanied him into the woods later that evening. He told how his cock had jumped to attention the minute he had hauled it out for Ellie's inspection. He told how Cindy had swallowed his prick while her older sister watched intently. He told how Ellie had agreed to suck him just as her sister had done. He told how he had pulled his cock out of her pretty young face just before he was ready to shoot into her. He told how he had persuaded Ellie to raise

    her skirt and let him rub his cock against the crack of her satiny young ass until he erupted all over her soft back. He told how she had promised to let him teach her more about boys in the hayloft. He told how they had only gotten undressed and ready to fuck when they had heard something down below. He told how they had watched from the loft as the girls worked on Randy's prick. He told how they had hidden themselves in the hay mound and watched the other fuckers writhing in the shaft of light that had illuminated them. And by the time he had finished his story the atmosphere of the scene had changed from one of nervous excitement and embarrassment to one of blatant lewdness.

    By the time David had finished his story, Lisa had wrapped her long silken arms around her nineteen-year-old fuck prospect. Her hard-nippled young tits rubbed against his chest. The horny love-kitten had straddled his lap, making his cock rub against the soft flesh of her warm inner thigh. She began writhing slightly, rubbing her dripping cunt against the arching root of his cock. Her cheeks rubbed gently against his. Her tongue flicked over the boy's lips, tickling and exciting him wildly.

    Under the influence of Lisa's incredibly powerful stimulation and his own young lust, poor David was unable to complete the retelling of the events that had led him and his sister into the depraved sexual activity that was already beginning to get out of control in the dim light of the hay-filled loft. He felt himself being sucked into something even more nut-stirring than his taboo

    activities with his two little sisters. Everything was out of control now. He knew what was about to happen and there was nothing in the world he could do to escape it.

    Sherry was still stroking her little sister. Her stroking had become more an effort at sexual arousal than an attempt to calm the little girl. Her eager fingers moved down the girl's milk-white throat to her tiny little tits, tickling her nipples, tickling the flesh of her quivering little belly, tickling the little nest of her barely furred cunt.

    "Randy, Randy! She's ready now! She's ready for you! Fuck her! Fuck her, darling!" Sherry hissed, her cunt throbbing with incestuous passion.

    "Yesssss! Fuck her, Randy! Fuck your little sister! Stick it in her mint! Show her how a real cock feels in her belly!" Lisa gasped, still gyrating her pelvis, stimulating young David's cock.

    "Can I, Ellie?" Randy asked, his cock pounding.

    "I… I guess… Ellie said, her voice unsure but steady now. "You won't hurt me, will you?"

    "Hurt you? Of course he wouldn't hurt you, Ellie! Randy is your brother, after all! Trust him, darling," Sherry said warmly. "Here, Ellie, take Randy's cock in your hand."

    Randy scooted around until his dick was sticking out within reaching distance of Ellie's little hand. Sherry lifted Ellie's hand and guided it toward her older brother's tack-hard cock. Randy sat bolt-upright when he felt Ellie's fingers close around the Juice slickened head of his prick.

    "Are you sure you want me to, Randy?" Ellie asked, a pretty smile curling the edges of her

    trembling lips.

    When Randy rammed his bloated cock against tender Ellie's belly and wrapped his strong legs around her naked body the girl knew that he really wanted her to. He felt his cock stroking against the creamy flesh of the little girl's belly, jerking around between them aimlessly. Randy was so out of control that he didn't even think of positioning his cock between his eighteen-year-old sister's legs. He had to hug her to him hard and fast, had to feel her naked frightened body against his, and at the moment hugging her was the only thing he really wanted.

    Lisa was writhing in the unbearable heat of her youthful passion, swallowing nineteen-year-old David's pulsating cock into her sucking cunt. With a little cry of pleasure Lisa impaled herself on David's arching cock, working the muscles of her fragrant pussy against his tireless meat. She sat in much the same position as Randy, her legs wrapped around David's hard young body, rocking back and forth, taking his big strong cock deep inside her, deep inside her where David's older brother had fucked her only moments before. She felt his unyielding prick pressing hard and hot against her inner channel, felt his cock-head slipping and sliding around inside her hungry cunt.

    There was no describing the emotions and physical sensations that surged through young David as the sleek sex-kitten rode his pounding cock. He had fucked plenty of girls his own age, but never one as hungry for cock and as wildly seductive as this one. She seemed to eat him alive,

    and he enjoyed being eaten. He peered around behind him at Randy and Flue, amazed at the eagerness with which the little sister had taken to her big brother as a sex partner, amazed and strangely stimulated by her little moans and cries of pleasure.

    "Put it in her cunt, Randy!" David rasped, inflamed by his lust for his sisters. "She loves it. I fucked her once today already! I took her fuckin' cherry, man! My own goddamn sister! Ain't it wild!"

    "Yes, Randy, ram it up her cunt!" Lisa cried, turning her head to watch the fun between Randy and Ellie.

    "Gently, darling!" Sherry put in, reaching up between her brother's legs and helping him position his cock against the nearly hairless lips of his sister's recently violated cunt. "Don't hurt her, darling! She's your sister, after all! Be gentle with her! Let me help you! I had my cunt fucked when I was eighteen too, Ellie. So I know how it feels!" Sherry said, her tits rubbing against her brother's sweating back, her hands up under his ass, grasping his cock and rubbing it against Ellie's cunt-lips.

    "Are you sure, Ellie?" Randy asked, controlling himself only for a moment, not wanting to do anything to hurt his little sister.

    "It's all right, I guess. It hurt awful bad when David did it to inc. But after the hurt went away it started to feel better… " she said breathlessly. "It started to feel good, real good."

    That was all Randy needed to hear before jabbing his cock into his little sister's incredibly

    tight young pussy. He felt Sherry's busy fingers easing his bulging cock-head into the barely parted lips of Ellie's downy Nat. Her cunt was already wet and slippery with the copious emission of man-cream that his cock had dribbled all over her little treasure.

    Ellie felt as if someone had stuck the fat end of a baseball bat right up her little pee-pee when Randy's dick pushed into her. She gasped in pain as his cock began stretching and stretching her sensitive little cunt.

    "Careful, Randy, careful! You're hurting her!" Sherry cautioned, playing with Randy's tightening balls.

    "No he isn't!" Ellie squealed with delight. "Not too much anyway!"

    "She's gonna love it, Sherry baby! She's gonna love bein' fucked by her big brother! I'm gonna give it to her all the way! I'm gonna stretch that nice little pussy all the fuckin' way!" Randy punted, pushing his hard cock deep inside the little girl's tight pussy.

    "Yes, Randy! flack your little sister! Fuck her hard! Fuck her, stud!" Lisa cried as her own cunt worked wildly against David's hot cock.

    Randy was almost crushing Ellie in his muscular arms as he drove his prick into her tingling little hole. She could hardly breathe, his hold on her was so tight and her excitement was so intense. She whimpered and panted with pleasure tinged with discomfort as her brother's sweating body crushed against her trembling young form. Her young belly felt filled with a huge throbbing hot thing that

    swelled more and more inside her. It was a feeling that the little girl would soon learn to love.

    "I… I think you should let her rest awhile, Randy," Sherry said concerned, noticing how her sister's face was now contorted as if in pain.

    "Shit, Sherry, she loves it! I wanna fuck the shit out of her! I wanna come all over her belly; Randy rasped as he poked in and out of her.

    "I know she loves it, darling! But we don't want to wear her out!" she said.

    "And besides, Randy. Sherry wants you to fuck the shit out of her again!" Lisa smiled.

    "Oh, well, in that case… " Randy said, easing his dick out of little Ellie's stretched cunt.

    Ellie looked a bit disappointed as she sat in the hay watching Randy turn toward his other sister and start fucking her. She looked a bit relieved too. Being fucked so hard and fast for only the second time in her life was enough to take a lot out of the little girl. She watched intently as everyone in the loft went at it, hoping to learn something from her older sex partners.

    Lisa was bouncing up and down in David's lap, doing most, of the work of fucking her for him. David's initial embarrassment, and reluctance to participate fully in the mass fuck had disappeared in the heat of the moment. He was beginning to really enjoy himself now.

    "Suck it in there, Lisa!" David roared. "Take that dick up there all the way! Oh shit! That's great! You're the greatest!"

    "Not bad for an older woman?" Lisa laughed as she bounced up and down the full length of his


    "Keep doin' that! Yeah! Yeah! Bounce! Fuck!" the boy moaned as his young balls prepared to shoot their cum inside Lisa's dark and delicious cunt.

    "Are you going to come?" she asked, noticing the tension that had suddenly appeared in David's handsome young face.

    "Oh yeah! I'm gonna come all right!" he said breathlessly.

    "Not yet, darling! I want you to have a taste of this while you're still horny!" Lisa said, pulling up off his cock and standing over him, her dripping cunt only inches away from his eager lips.

    David's swollen cock snapped up against his belly when Lisa pulled off it, making him jump. He stared wide-eyed into the gaping gash of the tall dark-skinned girl's exposed cunt. She stood there over him, her legs spread wide, and her thighs surrounding him with satiny fragrant flesh. He gaped as she reached down and rubbed her hands in the dark curly nest of her aunt. He gaped even more when she moved her long slender fingers down farther and inserted them slowly and enticingly between the raggedy lips of her twat. She pinched her aunt-lips and pulled them far apart, exposing her naked private place for young David's inspection.

    "Do you like that, David darling?" she smiled.

    "Oh yeah! You're too much! You're too fuckin' much!" he gasped, almost panting with excitement.

    "Would you like a little taste?" she asked


    "Christ yeah!" David said, his eyes glittering.

    "She's got a tasty twat, David!" Randy said, fucking his cock in and out of Sherry's blonde cunt while little Ellie watched..

    "I think Sherry's cunt is even tastier!" Lisa said with a dirty wink back at Sherry.

    "Oh crap! I… I… this is too much!" David moaned, his cock threatening to shoot off all by itself with no further stimulation at all.

    "Suck my cunt, David!" Lisa said, dying for a tongue in her hale.

    Lisa moved her hand to the back of David's shaggy young head and pushed his face toward her musky pussy. She trembled all over when his lips touched the lips of her fragrant cunt. Running her slender fingers in his hair, she made his face move against her cunt-flesh. He got the message soon enough. There was nothing in the world that this sexy girl wouldn't do for him or let him do for her. He began licking Lisa's creamy young gash with a passion, almost passing out with excitement as he ate her cookie.

    "Lick it! Eat me! Suck my goddamn cunt!" Lisa cried, her naked legs shaking, her body and mind teetering on the brink of a body-racking orgasm.

    "Do you mind if I borrow my little brother for a minute, Lisa?" Sherry said in a calm and controlled voice.

    "I don't know if I can stand that!" Lisa said, her cunt tingling more and more by the second. "I'll let you have him if you let me watch!" she agreed.

    "Yes, Lisa, you watch! I want everyone to

    watch. I want him to suck my pussy just like he's sucking yours!" Sherry hissed.

    Fuck that, Sherry baby! I'm gonna come in your cunt. If you want his tongue in there you'll have to persuade him to stick it right in there with my fuckin' dick!" Randy growled, somewhat excited at the prospect of fucking his sister while his brother licked her twat.

    "That sounds wonderful!" Sherry said, smiling at David.

    "I'm not sure…" David said, still a bit reluctant to go all the way in their little free for all.

    "Go ahead', man! Anything goes from now on, man! We're gonna fuck each other 'til we drop!" Randy said, puffing his cock out of Sherry's wet cunt and standing up. "Here, Sherry, let's try it this way. You get on your knees and I'll stick it in from behind. That way David can get his tongue in there with my dick!"

    "That sounds delicious!" Sherry said, moving into position and wriggling her pretty pink ass onto her brother's cock.

    "Do it, David! Stick your tongue up your sister's pussy!" Lisa said excitedly. "I'd love to watch that!"

    "Oh shit, you guys! I guess I can do that! What the hell! We might as well do everything I can!" David agreed, struggling into place under his sister's kneeling body.

    David swallowed hard and began licking the spread lips of his sister's cunt. Randy's enormous cock we buried deep inside her, remaining motionless for a while as David got used to his

    unusual position. The scent of Sherry's sex got inside his head and drove him wild. He began lapping up her free-flowing cunt-juices with wild abandon. Soon Randy began moving in and out of Sherry, fucking her harder and harder. David began to feel his brother's big heavy nuts slapping up against his face as he worked on her dripping hole.

    "Oh my god, Randy! David! This is beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! It's so dirty! It's so nasty! I love it! Fuck me! Suck me! Lick my little cunt hole. Do it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Sherry mewled in the pussy-moistening hear of her passion. "Why didn't we do this sort of thing before?"

    "Come over here, Ellie, and let me diddle your cunt!" Lisa said, beckoning the little girl toward her.

    "Diddle my cunt?" she asked sweetly.

    "Come here and I'll show you how to make yourself feel good, darling!" Lisa said with lust in her voice.

    Little Ellie crawled through the hay and sat in Lisa's lap, giving herself up to the older girl's instruction. Lisa told the little girl to open her cunt-lips with her fingers. When she had spread her pussy, Lisa inserted her fingers and began working them between her shaking little legs, driving her mad with sexual tension She told Ellie to do the same to her and the girl obeyed instantly, willing to do anything the older girl suggested. The two girls sat there diddling each other and getting closer and closer to cunt-melting orgasms as they watched David and Randy fuck and suck Sherry's dripping cunt.

    "I'm coming, Randy! I…I…I can fed it… I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh God! Lick me, David!" Sherry screamed.

    "I'm coming too, baby! Any time now!" Randy grunted, punching his cock into her with new ferocity, his nuts banging hard against David's face. "You come too, David! Reach down there and jack it off, man!" he growled.

    "Yeah! I can dig it, Randy!" David said throatily, reaching between his legs and beating his cock hard and fast. "Here it comes! I'm gonna shoot it! I'm gonna shoot a gallon!"

    "We mustn't waste that delicious sperm!" Lisa cried, falling into position between David's legs.

    David rolled over part way, struggling to present his erupting cock to Lisa while he continued to lick Sherry's Nat. He spurted and spurted into Lisa's sucking mouth. Her lips grasped the head of his exploding prick and sucked every last drop of aim out of his swollen nuts. He had never come so wildly in his life, not even the first time he had fucked a chick. It was as if Lisa were sucking the very soul out of hint through his dick. He felt as if he were floating on a cloud. He closed his eyes and abandoned himself to the crazy thrills that raced through him.

    Sherry's well-fucked cunt gushed when she came, wetting the shaft of Randy's hard cock. David's tongue felt like a thousand tongues lapping away at her. Randy's spurting cunt-reamer felt like a thousand cocks pounding away inside her belly. She wanted to hold him inside her forever. She wanted her mind-bending orgasm to last forever,

    surging through her body, surging like a rushing flood, drowning her, washing her tensions and fears away. It seemed as if every new experience in the new territory of incest was more exciting and satisfying than the last.

    While Lisa was sucking David's spurting dick, Ellie was licking Lisa's dark and dusky cunt, making her throbbing pussy flash with orgasmic lightning. Lisa's long. legs wrapped themselves around little Ellie's naked body, holding her face tightly against her gushing cunt. Ellie wrapped her slender little arms around Lisa's silken legs and held her close.

    The sounds and scents of hot fucking and sucking filled the air of the loft, followed soon by the sounds of whimpering and soft moans of pleasure as all the hot-assed fuckers flashed off and relaxed in perfect sensual peace.

    "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Anything goes! Anything goes!" Randy said breathlessly.

    "Apparently!" his mother's voice shouted from the cavernous barn below them.

    The honor that surged through the five in the loft when they realized that they had been caught in the act was understandably affecting. All five teenagers jumped up and stared wild-eyed in tenor and amazement. Their tenor subsided somewhat and their amazement increased when they realized that their mother was not alone in the barn. She stood below in the company of their father, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Helen. Their amazement turned slowly to smoldering sexual excitement when they realized that the four adults were all stark naked

    It took a few moments for the reality of the situation to sink in. And when it did sink in, fireworks seemed to go off inside everyone. Not only were Sally and John and Bill and Helen standing naked in the light that streamed in through the wide-open barn doom, but they were also as horny as hell. The condition of the men was clearly apparent in the way their big hairy cocks jutted out obscenely from their naked loins. The condition of the two luscious older women was equally apparent in the way their nipples stood erect on their tits and in the way their beautiful eyes smoldered with hot lust.

    The shock of the five in the loft was apparently clearly visible on their faces. Sally spoke softly to relieve their anxiety.

    "Don't worry, children! It's all right! Really! We came to join you!" she smiled, reaching down at her side and wrapping her pretty fingers around her husband's big throbbing cock.

    "Join us?" Sherry gasped, staring at her mother. Sherry and Sally were very close, and the mysterious understanding that passed like lightning between them escaped the eyes of the others. From that moment they would no longer be merely mother and daughter. From that moment They would be more, much more.

    "We know all about the things you've been doing with each other!" Randy's dad said in a convincing voice. "Don't worry! We think you're doin' all right. Why don't you come down here and let us explain!"

    "Sun!" Uncle Bill added cheerfully. "Your aunt

    and I kind of started the ball rolling on this end. You started something all right. We think it's going to be great!"

    The five young people slowly climbed down the ladder and confronted the older people. They soon realized that the excitement of the older folks was no put-on. They were all turned on and ready to go at it, after a few minutes of talk, at least.

    Uncle Bill explained all about his accidental discovery of Sherry and Lisa in the woods and all about the lust that the story had inspired in Aunt Helen. He explained that he and his horny wife had thought it best to tell their parents all about their incestuous activities, being as discreet as possible of course. He explained that their talk with John and Sally had unleashed a flood of honesty that had engulfed the four of them. He explained too that their talk about incest and the undeniable lure of the taboo had excited all of the adults to a fever pitch. He explained that their talk had led to a wild double fuck in which John had put the cock to his brother's wife while Bill had fucked Sally hot and hard. He explained that they had been standing below and watching the five of them go at it ever since David and Ellie had been caught in the act and had joined into the activities. He explained that they were all as hot as hell and willing to fuck as a family.

    Randy, Lisa, Sherry, Ellie and David looked at each other in bewilderment as they listened intently to Uncle Bill's explanation of their presence in the barn, an explanation interrupted occasionally by encouraging remarks by John and

    Sally, an explanation that made them all feel closer than they had ever felt before. It was as if a new phase of their family life had begun for them, a new phase which would include beautiful Lisa, a new phase which would take them beyond the boundaries of acceptable sexual behavior.

    "How about it? Shall we all fuck?" John smiled warmly at the horny young people.

    "What the hell!" Randy said with a grin, obviously speaking for his young partners in depravity. "Let's get it on! Let's all get it on!"


    "Would you wash my back for me, Randy dear?" Sally asked her obliging eighteen-year-old son. "I think there's some of your cum stuck to my back, lover."

    "Sum, Mom! Fuckin' gets kinda messy sometimes!" Randy snickered, rubbing some soap on a washcloth and proceeding to wash his mother's slender back.

    The whole family had been fucking each other for a week now, hardly taking time out for eating and sleeping. There was simply too much new sexual territory to explore to allow time for the

    day-to-day routine of their former lives. There had been problems of a minor nature at first. There had been some question as to whether or not to include Cindy, Picky and Mike in their new sex experiments. There had also been some question as to whether or not to include Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill's children in the experiments since they hadn't been involved in the initial phases. It had been decided eventually that everyone Iii both families should be allowed to reap the fruits of their new sexual endeavors, although no one would be forced to join the activities against their will. Everything had gone smoothly for the most part and now the group numbered twenty-two, a house-full of horny fuckers. The festivities were still going on downstairs in the big old farmhouse.

    Randy let his soapy washcloth slide down over the sudsy flesh of his luscious mother's back all the way to the crack of her womanly ass. She bent over and presented her cute ass to her son. Randy took advantage of her position and began rubbing the soapy cloth up and down her ass-crack, making her giggle with nasty excitement.

    Randy's mind soon turned from showering to finger-fucking as his mother began to respond powerfully to his stimulating movements with the soapy cloth. He very slowly moved the cloth down the crack of her ass to the tuft of brown hair between her wet legs. He rubbed the cloth hard and fast against her tufted cunt from behind, making her gasp with excitement. He knew what she would want and need next.

    "Stick your finger up my cunt, Son!" Sally said

    urgently, bending over even farther until her lips were almost touching the floor of the shower.

    "Love to, Mom!" Randy replied, kneeling in the harsh shower spray and rubbing his finger against her cunt-mound.

    His finger slipped inside her gaping cunt. He scraped his fingernail against the sensitive edges of her cunt-lips, moved his finger in a corkscrew motion inside her steamy pussy.- Soapsuds and warm water ran down the crack of his mother's fragrant ass and down his arm as he fucked her with his finger. He began moving his finger in and out of her cunt, screwing it around in her on each inward stroke. He knew that he was driving her nuts.

    "More fingers, darling! Put your whole hand in my cunt! Fuck me with your hand, Son! I can take your whole arm inside me! I'll take your arm deep in my cunt! I love having my cunt stretched by your arm, darling! Fuck me that way, Randy! Fuck your mother! I'm so hot! I'm getting so horny!" she cried as her naked lust ran away with her as it had so many times since she had first tasted the joys of incestuous fucking.

    Randy was eager to oblige her. He soaped up his muscular young arm and eased his fingers into her snatch, holding them together to make them fit inside her twat more easily. She sucked his fingers inside her with a bit of pressure on his part. Soon his whole hand was buried in his mother's cunt. When he knew that he had impaled her he clenched his big fist inside her.

    Sally felt his knuckles spreading her cunt wide

    open. She whimpered when she felt her horny son move his fist in a circle inside her clenched cunt-hole. She felt his knuckles rubbing against the inner flesh of her musky cavern, stretching her pussy farther than any cock could. It was as much the fact that the arm belonged to her own son as it was the sensation itself that turned her on so powerfully.. He was flesh of her flesh and he was fucking her! She almost felt like passing out, her excitement was so intense.

    "That's it, Randy! Yes! Yesssss! Fuck me! Harder! Move it in and out! In and out! In and out, darling! Ohhhhh! Beautiful!" his mother cried in the heat of her cunt-melting passion.

    Randy suddenly pushed his fist deep into her cunt, spurred on by her cries of passion. He drove his clenched flat all the way home, burying his arm in her cunt halfway to his elbow. He heard her cry a shrill cry of lust when he had filled her up. He began moving his arm in and out of her, making her cunt-hole gush musky moisture as he excited her madly.

    "Like it? Like it, Mom?" Randy asked, growing more and more excited by the second.

    "Oh God! Fuck me! Ram it in and out!" she begged, tears of pain and sex-inspired joy in her eyes. "It hurts but it's beautiful!"

    Randy stiffened his thick arm and began rocking his entire body back and forth on his knees, jabbing hard and fast against his mother, making her almost fall over. His mother held his pistoning hand inside her with incredible force. Her well-filled cunt worked against his arm with the

    power of a suction pump.

    "That sure looks like fun, Randy! Mind if I join you, Son?" John Mitchell asked in a low voice full of smoldering animal lust.

    "Sure, Dad! Come on in! There's room for one more in here!" Randy said matter-of-factly, looking up and finding his dad standing outside the shower and looking in with a wicked grin on his face.

    "Is there room in there for Ricky too?" John asked, his hand on eighteen-year-old Ricky's shoulder.

    "Guess so, Dad. We'll make room!" Randy said, pulling his arm out of his mother's cunt with a loud sucking sound.

    "I wish Bill and Helen would get a bigger shower!" Sally said with a giggle.

    "We have the same problem at home, Sally! I think we're gonna have to do a lot of remodeling at our place to make the place suitable for family fucking! We need a shower big enough for five or six at a time, and we sure as hell need a big bedroom and one huge bed!" John said, getting into position behind his wife's upturned ass.

    "Will you fuck me and stop thinking about the house, darling?" Sally laughed.

    "Any way you want it, lady!" John said, putting his burly hands on his lovely wife's naked back.

    "Fuck her in the ass!" Randy suggested.

    "That sounds delicious!" his mother squealed with glee.

    "Let me soap this fucker up some!" John Mitchell said, rubbing suds all over his wrist-sized

    hairy cock.

    "Can you bend over some and suck me and Ricky while Dad fucks your ass?" Randy asked, knowing that his cock-hungry mother could accommodate them.

    "You young studs think up the nicest positions!" Randy's mother said with a thrilled voice. "I'd love to suck my two darling Sons while John pounds my asshole! Ouch!! Oh, John! That hurts! It hurts! Careful!" she screamed as her horny husband shoved his big cock into her tight asshole.

    "You gonna suck my dick, Mom?." Ricky asked excitedly, stepping into position in front of her in the crowded shower. "You really gonna eat me and Randy at the same time?"

    "At the same time? I wonder… "Sally mused. "Perhaps I could suck both cocks at once instead of..

    "Instead of trading off! Yeah!" Randy said. "Let's try it that way! That sounds really wild!"

    "You'll have to stand very close together, boys!" Sally smiled at her two incredibly hard-cocked young sons. "Your cocks are so big! I don't know if I can take both of them at once! I'll certainly try though!" she promised.

    "How's that dick feel in your ass, Sally?" John asked, his thick cock moving into her with incredible slowness, as if it was being sucked slowly into her asshole without any help from the man.

    "It feels wonderful, just beautiful, John! Rut don't move it yet, dear! I know it will hurt terribly if you move it now! Let me get used to it for a while! When I'm ready III tell you and you can come in

    my ass! You can come in my ass while I suck your two boys off and make them come in my mouth! Doesn't it all sound delicious?" Sally hissed, growing hotter and hatter by the minute.

    "Feels pretty damn good too, Sally. Feels pretty damn good!" John said as he felt the muscles of his wife's tight ass squeezing his rock-hard cock with great force and urgency, as if she were fighting his impaling cock and trying to hold it inside her at the same time. "Baby, I didn't know you had such a nice eager asshole!" he grunted.

    Randy and his eighteen-year-old kid brother stood so close together that their hard cocks rubbed together. With some encouragement from their mother they began to thoroughly enjoy rubbing their glistening hard-ons together, making crazy sexual thrills surge through their young nuts.

    "Oh God, boys! I need you! Give me those hot hard dicks to suck!" their luscious mother gasped, bending over until their cocks were within reaching distance of the tip of her tongue.

    Both boys' cocks were jerking wildly in front of their bodies. Since eighteen-year-old Picky was shorter than his older brother, Randy had to push his hard cock down so that the shaft of it was more in line with his brother's. Holding their cocks together to keep them from jerking away from their mother's face, they gritted their teeth and awaited the surges of sensuality that would stir them when she began licking the closely pressed heads of theft rigid rods.

    When her tongue fucked out and touched the little droplets of moisture that had oozed from the

    slits of their cocks, they thought they would jump out of their skins. When she opened her eager mouth as wide as she could and swallowed both cock-heads with a deep gasp of pleasure, they both thought their hearts would stop. There was nothing to compare with the feelings that their hungry mother inspired in them.

    She sucked and nibbled with a passion, making the boys' hard-ons wet with her saliva and their prick-juice, making their hard cocks swell to ever-greater proportions inside her lovely mouth.

    When their dicks were firmly held in her face the boys reached down in front of her and began fondling their mother's full womanly tits, kneading and pinching and squeezing them until her nipples were hard and tingling with hot excitement. They stood before her fondling the same tits that had nourished them as babies. Their cocks were being sucked hot and hard by the same mouth that had kissed them so lovingly as children. It was enough to make the boys and their mother and father horny beyond belief.

    "Suck them cocks, Mom! That's great, Mom! Rub 'em together in there! Jesus Christ! This is wild! Oh shit, Mom! Get it! Get it on!" Randy gasped.

    Sally reached up and began playing with her sons' cum-swollen balls, pulling at them hard enough to cause them just the slightest bit of pain to mingle with their pleasure. She was amazed at the size of their young nuts, amazed too at the tireless excitement that always kept their hard dicks standing up against their firm stomachs when

    she wanted them. She had never even considered the possible joys of fucking boys their ages, and had never even remotely considered doing such depraved things with her own young sans. But all that had changed, and she would, abandon herself to her lusts no matter how taboo and wicked they were. Incest was simply too tempting to resist. She was already hungering for eighteen-year-old Mike's little cock.

    "This is somethin' else, Mom!" Ricky gasped, his body jerking with nervous excitement and pleasure.

    "I'll say, boys!" their father said in a rumbling voice.

    John began moving his cock in and out of his wife's tightly stretched asshole. She had never enjoyed fucking that way before. It seemed that the new experiences with incest had released a whole flood of new desires and willingness to fuck in new and exciting ways. John rammed in all the way to his bushy groin, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her on each outward stroke and jabbing it into her in a second, making her body rock back and forth. He increased his ass-fucking speed slowly but surely until his cock was ramming. in and out of his wife's tight ass with the speed and power of a jackhammer.

    "Suck those boys of ours!" John grunted. "Show those kids what a blow job's like! Make 'em come in your fuckin' mouth, Sally! Suck 'em hard! Suck hard! Yeah! Take my cock! I'm gonna shoot it!"

    "Make me come too, darling! Rub my cunt! It's

    on fire! Oh God, I want to come! Rub my cunt! Pinch it, honey! Yes! That's it! Rub me! Yessss! Make me flash!" Sally gasped, removing her mouth from her sons' throbbing cocks just long enough to tell her horny husband exactly what she wanted.

    "Oh shit, Mom! I'm gonna shoot! Get ready for it, Mom! Suck my sperm! Here it fuckin' comes!" Randy said through clenched teeth, his every muscle tensing, his nuts swelling in his mother's loving hands.

    "I'm gonna do it too, Mom! Here I come!" eighteen-year-old Ricky cried, his voice rising as he lost control of himself.

    Ricky had shot into Aunt Helen's mouth the night before and it had been his first orgasm other than by masturbation. He had been itching to have his aching cock sucked by his mother. Now that his wish was a reality he thought he would die of excitement right there. His tense young nuts erupted into his mother's beautiful face just as his brother shot off.

    Sally thought she would drown in the hot thick cum the two horny boys spurted into her face and down her sucking throat. She tried in vain to swallow all of the thick stuff. Great globs of it ran out of her pretty mouth and dripped down her cheeks, falling to the floor of the shower and swirling dawn the drain. She continued to pull on her Sons' exploding nuts even after they had shot into her. When her cunt flashed inside she tugged on their silken. balls with even greater force, making them wince with pain and pleasure.

    Sally felt fireworks bunting inside her as her

    husband pumped her ass full of boiling cum and rubbed her cunt hard and fast. She felt her belly filling with hot jism, felt it dripping out of her tightly stretched asshole and running down her statuesque legs. She let go of her sons' balls in the heat of her flashing orgasm and grabbed her husband's swollen testicles, squeezing them hard as his last few shots of cum squirted into her asshole.

    The two boys fell against the wall of the shower and let the shower spray cascade over their chests and wash the cum off their slowly falling cocks. They knew that they would be ready to fuck again in a few minutes. Sally knew it too, and looked at their relaxing dicks with an eager and admiring stare.

    John pulled his softening cock out of his wife's relaxing ass and washed it until the head of it squeaked. He walked over to her side and put it against her lips. She sucked it like a lollipop for a few seconds and it started to rise, a testament to the horniness of the Mitchell family.

    After washing in the shower, the four Mitchells walked downstairs arm in arm, stopping on the landing and gazing at the sexy goings-on in the big living room. All the kids were hacking and sucking with wild abandon, rolling with Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill, rolling with each other, sisters fucking sisters, brothers fucking sisters, the entire family participating in the most depraved sexual circus imaginable.

    "Incest sure is a kick, man!" Randy said.

    "Let's get down there then and get kicking!"

    John said, running down the stairs followed by his wife, his son and Randy.


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