His incestuous wife


    Virginia Simmas threw the women's magazine to the floor in disgust and lit a fresh cigarette, the last one still burning in the ash tray. She puffed on the cigarette with a vengeance, picked up the dainty teacup on the end table, and tossed the cold, black liquid down.

    She grimaced. It was a lousy drink, half cold coffee and half vodka. A lousy way to get through life, too, she thought, but being a little tight seemed to make it easier.

    Virginia knew there was something missing, something that vodka and cigarettes wouldn't replace yet, to go out and get involved with life again seemed like too much of a chore. She was too old to go back to school; besides, she didn't want to, and she sure as hell didn't want to get job. Still, she had to do something; her unrest was growing by the day.

    She was thirty-eight years old, married almost twenty years, and had a grown daughter. The most charitable thing she could say about her marriage was that it was dull.

    She got absently to her feet and trudged up the three stairs to the bedroom level. Her head felt light and she staggered just a trifle. Another vodka, she thought, and she could sleep the rest of the day away. The thought was tempting, but she knew she had to get busy or lose her mind. She slid open the closet door, only to shrink back. Cleaning that out was too formidable a job in her condition; to leap in there cold turkey was just too much to ask. She would start by cleaning out the drawers in the dresser, starting with her husband's one drawer. She had four.

    God, what men accumulated. Two worn-out undershirts, one red sock, no mate, and… what in the hell was a big brown envelope doing in his clothes drawer under all of his other paraphernalia? She realized that it had been years since she had opened his drawer except to pile his clean things on top of what was already there, and God knew what a man would stuff in it in that length of time.

    She took the envelope and idly undid the clasp. Her mouth dropped open with astonishment as a mass of dirty pictures spread out on the bed. She picked up one of the pictures and looked at it. It was of a man standing over a naked woman, his prick spurting a load of cum onto her face. In spite of her shock, she said, "Why, his.. his thing must be ten inches long" She threw it down.

    The next one she picked up was no better, or the next, or the one after that. She scooped the pictures back into the envelope and threw it into the drawer.

    "The dirty rat!" she finned. "He pays about as much attention to me as he does the vacuum, and then collects dirty pictures of men and women… fornicating and other things."

    Virginia and Harvey still fucked now and then, but it was usually when he was drunk, crawling on and slamming his cock in and out of her cunt for a few strokes until he came. Some fun. And it was always when Harvey felt the need, never any thought of how she felt. Virginia flounced angrily from the worn.

    Downstairs again, Virginia was in a rage. He doesn't know I'm alive, she thought, and I've got ten times as much to offer as any of those whores in his pictures!

    She lifted her skirt high and looked down at herself just to make sure. She had a little more around her middle, but her belly was still firm, the belly button deep and sexy, and her dark beaver bulged out the front of her panties. She didn't need to look at herself to know she was still a fine-looking woman, even if she didn't feel like it, but sometimes it helped. Satisfied, she let her skirt fall back into place.

    She went to the kitchen and poured some vodka into a glass and ten minutes later she was back in the bedroom looking at the pictures. She left in disgust again, yet was back for a third try within the hour. She stacked the pictures into neat piles and, starting with the first pile, looked at each picture in turn. There were men and women playing with each other, fucking and sucking, and from all angles. It was disgusting, yet, in spite of herself, she was aroused, especially by the ones where the men were young.

    Then she came to one with a boy who couldn't have been over nineteen. The boy in the picture stood in the nude and a woman kneeled in front of him with his prick in her mouth. She WBS clothed, but the front of her dress WAS open and her big tits were exposed. The boy was tall and thin, almost frail-looking, and his cock appeared to be quite long, even with part of it in the woman's mouth. The woman wasn't pretty and looked to be in her late thirties, and she had the boy's balls cupped in her hand.

    "Oh, my God!" Virginia gasped. "I like that, I really do." She laid it aside and went through the remaining pictures faster, hoping to find more with young boys.

    She found several, two of the same boy and woman, only they were both naked and in one they were fucking and in the other-heaven forbid if the boy had his face buried between the woman's legs. Virginia had heard that men put their mouths on a woman's cunt, but had never given it much thought. It made her tingle now, and when she felt her pussy-mound, she found that her underwear was wet.

    The one that really turned her on, though, was of a much younger boy, maybe eighteen, and a woman who was lying on her back with the boy straddling her face. He was squirting his jism into her open mouth. It was a very good picture, the stringy strands of cock-goo clearly dripping.

    Virginia scooped the rest of the pictures into the envelope and put it back under her husband's underwear in the drawer, then sat back on the bed to examine her self. In spite of herself, she was unable to control her self, she was a female animal in a rut, lusting for the choice fruit of tender youth, yearning for the innocent, unmolested cock of a young boy.

    Virginia fell back on the bed and brought her feet up. She could feel the heat rising between her thighs. The urge to play with her cunt, yes, to bang herself, was very strong, even tough she hadn't done such a thing in many, many years. She wondered now why she hadn't. A fuck with Harvey was a rare occasion any more, and God knew she needed something.

    Her skirt was above her hips and her hand moved between her open thighs. Her panties were soaked. She looked at the pictures laid out on the bed beside her and pushed her panties down her lop. After kicking them free, her hand returned to her crotch, a finger sliding into the slick slit nestled at the top of her thighs, first lightly, then With considerably more urgency. Virginia realized when the first ripple of pleasure roiled through her cunt that she was ripe and ready-Lord, she was overripe!

    While her fingers played lovingly between the puffed-out lips of her cunt, her mind wandered back into the musty archives of her memory. An image came forth, one that had long been forgotten, but at the time seemed as if it would linger forever. She. was eighteen years old again and her little brother was six. She doted on her little brother; he was her real live doll, her very own play pretty, an out of curiosity she had taken down his pants, and upon seeing his tiny prick, had succumbed to an irresistible urge. She had taken the gorgeous piece of pink cock-flesh in her hand, and when it felt so wonderful, bent down and kissed it. She could almost feel the tiny prick against her lips now, and wondered what it would have felt like if the tiny organ could have gotten hard.

    As the incident turned out, her father caught her just as she was about to take her brother's little cock inside her mouth. He gave her a blistering that she thought she would never forget. The beating was enough to prevent her from doing it again, but not to erase the immensely pleasurable sensation of her little brother's cock against her lips. For ninny months afterwards she used the memory to excite herself sexually.

    Virginia was at a sensual high, her fingers massaging thrill after thrill from her cunt. She was close to coming, the drool dripping, from the corner other mouth.

    She looked at the pictures on the bed beside her again and increased the action of her hand. She had two ringers deep inside her cunt while her thumb strummed heavily on her cut. She imagined the frail-looking youth was squirting his hot jizz down her throat and started to come. She had always come easily, even many times when Harvey came after,just a couple of jabs, but this one was exquisite, shattering better than anything she had ever had before. And while she was at the height of her come, she saw the picture of the big dog and imagined that it was her hand pulling on the wet, slimy tool.

    Virginia lay exhausted for a long while, the ride down from her sexual high a slow, gentle, very rewarding one. She finally got up when the urge to pee grew so strong she could no longer hold out. Her release over the potty was almost like another come. God, she thought, a good piss was almost sexual, and it really was. She went back to her room and hid the pictures under her panties in the dresser.

    She wanted her husband to fuck her when he came home, but it was his bowling night, and lie left the house right after supper without so much as a kiss on her cheek. She felt only bitterness at her plight; after all, did she deserve such treatment? She had been a good wife and mother. Their only child, Ruthie, was nineteen and away for her first year in college, leaving her with nothing but an uncaring, self-gratifying husband. Why hadn't Harvey given her a son, too? She had wanted a son so badly. Why was she so left out? Site filled a glass half full of vodka.

    Her brain felt numb when she finally staggered up to her bedroom. She had stripped down to her panties and bra when she glanced out the window and saw a light in the house next door. It was from Chuck Morrison's roam, it had to be, his parents' room was on the other side. Without thought, she staggered from the room, down the stairs, and out the front door. The Morrison house was a rambling, ranch type, and she could look directly into the window without so much as standing on her toes.

    She realized that she was standing in plain sight between the two houses, clad only in her underwear, but she quickly forgot it when she looked into the window. She gasped. Chuck Morrison sat on his bed, his pants open, and he had his cock in his hand. A soft moan escaped her lips as she watched the boy's prick grow. Automatically her hand slid down inside her panties.

    Chuck had leaned back on his bed, his hand moving slowly up and down on his hard cock, when the door to his room flew open. Virginia pulled back, but not so much that she couldn't see. Chuck's mother, Clara, stood in the door; she wore only a pair of sheer panties, her black beaver plainly showing through. Her tits were large and hung down.

    The window was open, and Virginia heard Clara say, "Now stop that, Charles. You know it isn't good for you."

    "Aw, Mom," Chuck answered.

    "If it had been your father who had walked in here instead of me, you'd get a tanning, and you know it."

    She stared directly at the window and Virginia froze.

    "Don't you have enough sense to close your drapes, especially if you're going to play with yourself'? Now get up and close them," she said.

    Chuck grumbled and got to his feet. With his prick still hanging from his pants, he came to the window and pulled the drapes shut. Virginia got a good close look at his cock, even if it had gone soft.

    "Now, you get ready for bed," Clara said, "I have to go because your father is waiting for me."

    Virginia stood in the darkness, her hand still inside her panties, staring at the closed drapes. "No, no, no," she moaned, "I wanted to watch him jack off."

    In a daze, Virginia wandered around the house, the damp gram sending chills through her bare feet and up her lop. She really didn't know what she was doing, yet stopped when she got to the master-bedroom window. The drapes stood wide open and she could see Jack Morrison sitting on the bed in his shorts. Clara came into the room still clad in her panties.

    Clara was four yearn younger than Virginia, but she had turned to fat, and she wasn't pretty like Virginia. Her lips were fat, her ass was big and flabby, she had a roll around her middle, and her tits hung halfway to her belly. Jack looked younger than she, and was still trim. He was a salesman and was gone a lot.

    I'm going to bed," Clara said, rolling her pantyhose down her legs. She stood in front of her husband. "Like me?" she asked.

    "Yeah," Jack answered, "sure, baby. But you'll have to get it up for me. I'm pooped. It was a rough day."

    Jack got to his feet and pushed down his shorts. His cock was all shriveled up, almost hidden by the mass of hair. Clara went over to him and kneeled down. She stretched his prick out of the hair, bent forward, and took it in her mouth.

    Virginia looked again, her nose almost pressed against the window. She watched Clara suck Jack's cock, heard the slurping sounds, felt the heat building in her cunt. When Clam backed off, Jack's cock was hard and glistened with Clara's spit. Virginia noticed with satisfaction that it was much smaller than Harvey's. Harvey's prick was that big when it was soft.

    "Suck it all the way, honey," Jack said. "I feel like making it in your mouth tonight."

    "No, Jack," Clara whined, "I want you to fuck me, and if you come in my mouth, you won't. I need a fuck, Jack, it's been over a week."

    In spite of her arousal, Virginia blushed. She had no idea that Clara talked like that. She could hear Jack grumbling, but he let her get on the bed and quickly moved on top of her. She had never seen anyone fuck before, and it made her very excited. Her panties went to the pound and she masturbated while Clara and Jack fucked.

    "Oh, Jack, Jack, it feels so good!" Clara cried, bucking wildly. "Fuck me good, honey! Make me come! Make me come!"

    Virginia came first and slumped to the damp earth. She was back in her bedroom, not sure how she bad even gotten there, before she realized the terrible chance she had taken. She wasn't a peeping Tom, and yet she had gone to the neighbors' windows practically naked and stood in full view of the street. In fact, she had come back home naked because her panties were still lying on the pound outside Clam's bedroom window. She felt sick and ashamed and went down to the, kitchen for a drink.

    When Harvey came home, it was after midnight and he was dead drunk. He stumbled and cursed in the darkness and finally crawled into bed with Virginia. He was naked, yet didn't even realize that Virginia was, too. He was snoring within seconds.

    Virginia let her hand slide over his hugs, hairy belly. She was accustomed to him naked beside her because he always slept in the raw. Pajamas always twisted around his body when he turned in his sleep and he tore them apart, so he wore none, he never had. She felt of his big arms, his hairy barrel chest, and then let her band slide down over his belly again. She gripped his prick in her hand; it felt massive and hot, even though it was completely soft. She realized that he reeked of sex and it made her feel excited to know he had been out fucking another woman.

    She cupped his balls. They were big, just like the rest of him, only they were cool. She wondered why a man's nuts always felt cool. Her hand went back to his cock. Keeping one hand on his cock, she pushed the coven back and crouched beside his sleeping form. Bringing her face close, she lifted the limp rod and put her mouth over the end. It tasted very strong when she pushed back the thick foreskin with her lips. She had never had a cock in her mouth and wondered if they all tasted like this or if she was tasting the mint had bad been inside.

    Harvey never did get a hard-on, yet she sucked his cock for a long time, and she masturbated again, coming twice. Over twenty years without finger-fucking and now three times in one day-what was becoming of her? She pressed her head into the soft pillow and went to sleep, a warm glow in her belly and, for the first time in her life, the taste of a man's prick on her lips.


    Harvey awakened the next morning with his usual hangover. "Goddamn," he said. "Head like a balloon," and stumbled into the toilet to relieve himself.

    Virginia lay in bed and watched him through the open door. She wondered what tiara Morrison would do if she ever got a brute of a man like that on top of her. Go ape, probably.

    She slipped into a robe and went to the kitchen and had coffee with hint. He looked so different in a suit and a tie, more civilized, less like a gorilla. Harvey finished his coffee and kissed her on the cheek, taking a moment to stare down the front of her gown. She had magnificent tits "Had the screwiest dream last night," he.. "Oh? What was it about?" "Too far out. You'd never believe it," he said, and left for work. Virginia poured herself another cup of coffee and reflected on the day just pest. It was a day like she had never experienced before, a day she wasn't sure she would want to repeat. She felt guilty, yet titillated; ashamed, yet desiring more. She was shocked at her neighbor's behavior. The way Clara had brazenly displayed herself in front of her young son and the nonchalant way she had watched him fondle his cock, not to mention her wanton lust with Jack. It left her puzzled, unsure whether she knew anything at about people.

    Rut most of, she was shocked by her own behavior. She knew it was her best time of the month, but that wasn't the reason; she had her hot time every month. She had been pretty drunk, too, but that was no excuse; she got pretty drunk quite often lately. No, it wasn't that simple; it WAS latent desire that had been there all along, building day by day, and yesterday it had exploded.

    She went back up to her bedroom and took the pictures out from her dresser drawer. Her body tingled. She wanted to masturbate, make the grand feeling explode in her cunt again, but fought off the urge. She felt very pious as she put the pictures away, imagining herself filled with strength of character or some such thing, knowing deep inside that she was saving it for later. It would be so much better if she let the lust grow a little.

    She decided against wearing any underwear and then put on a pair of Ruthie's old jeans, even though they were too small, because they felt so good and snug against her cunt. The coarse material pulled into her lips and rubbed gloriously between her already aroused pussy. Her cunt flared out obscenely against the jeans. She felt wanton and enjoyed it. After cleaning the kitchen and doing the breakfast dishes, Virginia went out to the patio. It was a beautiful day, warm and pleasant; still, she felt tense. Her obsession with the pictures upstairs in her drawer was beginning to annoy her. She went back into the kitchen and had a drink, and when that didn't help, decided to do her shopping, anything to get her mind off sex. She was doing fine until the box boy loaded her groceries and walked along beside her, pushing the cart. She noticed the slight pull on the tendons in his neck and the ripple of the muscles in the backs of his arms. He was such a fine-looking boy, maybe eighteen or nineteen. She kept glancing to the front of his trousers. "Just load them in the back seat," she said, and opened the front door and sat down, her legs out in front of her. She took a cigarette from her purse and spread her legs apart, the deep cleft of her cunt as visible under her skirt as if she were naked. "Do you have a match?" she asked. The boy slammed the back door and turned. He looked first at her crotch and then at the clear outline of her nipples etched in her blouse. He fumbled in one pocket and then the other, the color rising slowly in his cheeks. "Uh.. . no, ma'am," he stammered. "That's all right," she said. "I can use the car lighter." Her eyes moved don to the front of his pants again, and she saw his young cock pressing against his pants leg. The little bastard was getting a hard-on! She leaned back to push in the lighter, watching him from the corner of her eye, her knee coming up to give him a better angle.

    He stand openly at her cunt, but when she straightened up again, he turned and fled. She watched him run, the grocery cart bouncing wildly in front. The little coward, she thought, the dirty little coward!

    On the drive home, she saw a male dog trying to mount another pooch and pulled to the curb to watch. It was something that two days ago would have disgusted her, but now she was fascinated. She watched the big dog wrap his paws around the other dog's belly, his long, red prick sticking straight out under his belly. She groaned as she saw it sink into the patiently standing female's cunt, and covered her eyes, but only for an instant. The big male jerked wildly, spearing his slippery looking cock in with astounding ferocity. The fuck didn't last long. Virginia wondered if it would hurt for a dog to jam his prick into a woman like that. She bit the end of her tongue, making it bleed, and peeled away from the curb.

    When she got home, she removed all her clothing and lay on the bed and masturbated with her collection of pictures. She imagined herself reaching out and opening the box boy's fly. She could almost feel the throbbing veined cock and pursed her lips and roiled her tongue as if she had it in her mouth. Her orgasm was a good one and lasted for a long time.

    Harvey came home that evening tired and out of sorts. He grumbled about his feet hurting all through the meal and, after dinner, lay don on the couch with his feet up to watch TV. He killed two six-packs of beer, and went quickly to sleep. Virginia looked distastefully at the fat slob and went to the kitchen and made herself a drink. After two, she took the bottle of vodka and went out to the patio. It was a warm night, and by nine o'clock, she was pleasantly drunk.

    She was drunkenly pondering her plight when the yard light flared on in the Morrison back yard. She sat for a while staring at the slits of light piercing through the cracks in the six-foot redwood fence. Finally, her curiosity got the best of her and she went up to the fence and peered through one of the narrow cracks. Her breath caught in her throat. Chuck was standing not two feet from the fence, his cock in his hand. He was pining.

    The heat rose in Virginia's cheeks and she pressed her eye to the crack. Then she stiffened; Clara had come out of the house and she was walking towards the unsuspecting boy.

    "I've told you a thousand times not to do that in the yard. It kills the them," Clara said.

    "Aw, Mom," he answered, but he didn't stop. He sprayed his stream back and forth across the pass, and when he finished, he shook his dick violently and then started a slow push-pull motion, making the slim rod grow in his hand.

    "I've told you not to do that, too. Your father would have a fit"

    "It's getting hard now, Mom. I don't want to stop," Chuck whined.

    To Virginia's astonishment, Clara stepped close to her son and pushed his hand away. "Do you want Mother to do it?" she said.

    "Yea," he answered quickly.

    "Once you start, you shouldn't stop. It can hurt you, she said, taking his cock-shaft between two ringers. "Now Mother will have to finish it off for you." She slowly peeled the long foreskin back to reveal a glistening, beautifully tapered head. "I'm glad we didn't have you circumcised. It's so much nicer like this." She increased her speed, pulling the skin back and forth over his knob. "Oh, Son," she cried, "you're getting such a good hard-on!"

    As Virginia watched, Clara dropped to her knees in front of her son and pushed the foreskin all the way back. She looked up at the grinning boy.

    "Should I? Do you want me to?" she asked coyly.

    "Sure, Mom. You know I like it best that way." He hunched to her face, his cock going into her open mouth, his hands on his hips. His prick was buried in her mouth.

    Virginia couldn't believe her eyes. What Clara Morrison was doing to her own son was unthinkable! It was incest, perverted incest-and it was exciting, terribly exciting. A horrible thought struck her. She'd always wanted a son. Could this be why? She was certain it wasn't.

    She looked down at her moving hands. It was almost as if they belonged to someone else as they pushed her panties down. The air escaped from her lungs when her fingers came back up and found her slit. They dug deep, two fingers going into her cunt while the palm of her hand rubbed abrasively.

    "Virgie, Virgie, do you realize what you're doing?" she muttered, staring down at the hand between her legs. She realized, and came quickly. "Oh, God, that was good," she sighed, and continued playing with her cunt, though with less urgency.

    She looked up again and stared at the mother and son in the next yard, her fingers sending deep, chilling thrills as they worked slowly back and forth between the lips of her cunt.

    Chuck stood rigid, his legs bent slightly at the knees, his arms dangling loosely at his hips. Clara sucked feverishly on his distended dong.

    "Suck, Mom! Suck my cock!" Chuck gasped loudly. "I'm getting close. I'm going to come. Take me all the way!"

    Clara nodded her head and continued to draw on his cock. His legs wobbled, his fingers drew into claws, and a low moan oozed from his lips. Virginia knew he was coming, coming inside his own mother's mouth, and she was swallowing it. She felt weak and leaned heavily against the fence, careful not to lose her peep hole.

    Clara drained the boy before releasing his cock from her mouth. She held his shriveling dick tenderly in her hand and looked up into his face.

    "There, wasn't that nicer than doing nasty things with the nasty little girls at your school?" she said.

    "Yeah, Mom," Chuck said, sounding less than convinced. "But it could be a lot better. If… if I can get it up again, will you let me fuck you?"

    "Of course not, Charles, and don't be ugly. How many times have I told you not to use that word in front of your mother?" Clara snapped, and got to her feet.

    "You can fuck me, Chuck, you can fuck me," Virginia murmured softly. She drew in her lower lip and bit down hard. The blood tasted salty in her mouth. Sill, she knew if Chuck was here beside her, he could do anything he wanted.

    "But Mom, I've never done it, and I need to do it," Chuck whined.

    "Don't be so typically male, Charles," Clara Morrison told her son. "Now put it back in your pants. You should be perfectly happy with what I do for you.

    "Okay, Mom," Chuck answered sullenly. He stuffed his prick away and zipped up his pants.

    Virginia slumped to the pound, the excitement of what she had just seen still pounding at her temples. All of a sudden, watching didn't seem to be enough, and it frightened her. She sat on the damp pound for almost half an hour before rising and putting on her underwear.

    Harvey was none the wiser, still sprawled on the couch sawing logs. She looked at the slob for several minutes before going up to the bedroom, where she decided a hot bath would wash away some of the sin and guilt nagging at her brain.

    The bath soothed her body, and the heady, drowsy feeling seemed to calm her fears. So she had watched through the fence, so she had pushed her pants down and jacked off… so fucking what? it was Clara Morrison who had sucked off her kid. She felt up her pussy under the hot soapy water, and it felt good. Her cunt opened generously to the touch of her fingers and she was again immersed in lust.

    Downstairs, something roused her sleeping husband He sat bolt upright and rubbed at his bulging crotch. His cock was rock-hard; a half-finished dream had left him horny.

    "Where the hell is Virginia?" he muttered, looking around the room "She's never close by when I need her, and Jesus Christ, do I ever need her now!"

    Harvey forced his bulk from the couch and stumbled up the three. short stairs to the bedroom. Virginia was sitting at her dressing table brushing her nut-brown hair. She was stark naked, her skin damp and glistening.

    "I need you, woman," Harvey croaked.

    Virginia turned her head and looked at her husband. He had his pants open and his throbbing cock in his hand.

    "That's a new twist, wouldn't you say?" she retorted.

    "God dammit, Virgie, don't be sarcastic. I hate a fucking sarcastic woman."

    "Okay, then,, just what is it that you need me for, Harvey?" she asked.

    She stood and faced him, her legs spread apart, her skin pink and alive, and her luxurious cunt hair still damp from the bath. Her round, soft tits swung freely as she swayed back and forth.

    "Goddamn, woman, you're magnificent," he snorted, and started peeling off his clothing.

    Virginia took a cigarette from the pack on her dressing table and lit it. She sat on the edge of the bed and puffed angrily, the blue haze stinging her eyes. What did she need him for now? she asked herself. Yet she knew she needed something; maybe it was Harvey's immense cock, maybe it wasn't. In spite of falling once. Harvey finally managed to get his clothes oft He stopped over in front of his asked wife and leered. Hewn. the opposite of Virginia who was fair-skinned, light-haired and

    Still quite youthful-looking. Harvey was swarthy, badly overweight, and covered with black hair, except on his head where he was nearly bald. He still had one thing that fascinated his wife, though his cock. When hard, his prick was a big around as her wrist, and had a curve that bent up and followed the contour of his protruding belly, a curve that would do a banana proud. If you measured along the curve, he had a solid eight-incher, more than enough to satisfy any cock-hungry woman.

    Virginia bad always liked a big cocks at least back in the days when she got it often enough to tell. Now she wasn't so sure that a small, rock-hard, boy's prick wouldn't be even more stimulating. After tasting Harvey's soft peter, she was sure that the latter would be better, even though she had never sucked a hard cock before. And it was inevitable that she would. She knew that now.

    "Jesus, baby, I just gotta screw you. I just gotta." he said.

    Virginia blew out a cloud of thin, blue smoke and spread her legs wide apart so he could see her puffy slit. Her pussy opened, all wet and pink.

    "Why me? And why tonight? You must have plenty going for you elsewhere," she said, taking the grotesque rod jutting from his belly in her band. her breathing was suddenly heavy.

    "Because you're the most beautiful creature I have ever seen," he moaned.

    "Why so damn seldom, then?" she said.

    She jacked him off, making sure the palm of her hand rubbed firmly against the two little hillocks on the bottom side of his cock-head. He'd always liked that.

    Harvey Simmas didn't know, and he asked himself now: Why? She was always ready to fuck, always cooperative, and always good-damn good. The only times he really felt satisfied, at peace with the world, was after fucking her, and still he chased other broads. Young broads, old broads, fat broads, skinny broads, even ugly broads, he chased them all. The only other woman that had ever given him any semblance of the peace of mind that Virginia had, ha been built much like Virginia, even resembled her in a way, but she had married some big dude and told him to go peddle his papers.

    "Squeeze it hard, baby. Jerk it good," he moaned, closing his eyes,. hunching with the rhythm of her hand. He knew he could hold out for a long time as full of beer as he was.

    She pulled him closer by his cock until he was standing between her legs. With her hand all the way around his cock, she let it slide up over the knob and then back down to his balls. "Tell me, Harvey, who's getting the benefit of this big prong now? Anyone I know?"

    "You know I don't come home and brag about my conquests."

    "You have a couple of times."

    "I'm sorry about that, baby. I must have really been drunk," he said.

    "You really were. And you told me about your affair with my best friend. At least I thought she was my best friend before that happened. Come on, Harvey, don't go prudish on me now. Who you slamming it to?"

    Her hand was milking at him expertly now, the tip of his long prick nudging at the undersides of her tits, smearing its goo each time a drop appeared.

    "Christ honey, I shouldn't tell you this, but you asked. All of a sudden I have this yen for young chicks, I mean real young It probably won't last, but right now I do. You may not believe this, but only yesterday I balled a girl who was only eighteen years old. She didn't have a hair on her cunt, not one, but could she ever fuck."

    "I believe it, you perverted bastard," Virginia said. That can work two ways, too, buster, she added under her breath.

    She looked at the huge cock in her fist, the protruding head beet-red, dark and ugly, the veins standing out purple and horrible. She wondered what Harvey would do if she bent over and took his cock in her mouth. She'd never blown him because he'd never asked. The urge was strong, but what Virginia Simmas really had in mind was something younger, sweeter, a more succulent piece of meat. Now who was perverted?

    She bent forward and took the tip of the drooling monster between her lips. Harvey's eyes snapped open at the touch of her wet lips on his prick.

    "Oh, Christ, Virgie, you never did that before!" he gasped. "I like it, baby!"

    She pushed down until the whole head was inside her mouth. The stuff that was dripping tasted salty, even a little smoky. She let her tongue swab at the gaping pin-hole, the desire to be fucked growing. She let his cock plop from her mouth and lifted her bead.

    "Fuck me now, Harvey," she said.

    Harvey stared at his wife with astonishment; she'd never said that to him before! It excited him beyond belief. He pushed her back onto the bed and crawled on top of her, all two hundred forty pounds. He mashed his mouth against hers.

    God, he was so damn heavy, she thought, and his breath was so foul. She kissed him anyway, hard, while his horse like cock jabbed ineffectively at the entrance to her cunt. She wanted it inside her fuck-hole, not swabbing her thighs and belly.

    "You'll never get it in like that. Let me get on top."

    Harvey rolled off and lay on his back, his prick jutting up along his huge belly.

    Virginia was hot now, and quickly got on top, her hand groping for his cock. She found it and pushed the bulbous head between her hairy cunt-lips. Once she got her slit spread and the head inside, she sat upright, pushing the thick shaft up inside her hungry cunt.

    "Oh!" she cried softly. "So good, so fucking good!"

    She started coming almost immediately with the fat cock stretching and rubbing inside her cunt. She bounced wildly and almost fainted when she came a second time. It was especially good because she was fantasizing that it was Chuck Morrison's cock in her cunt and not her husband's..

    Harvey lurched up against her and she felt his prick start to squirt. It seemed to go on and on, the wet, sticky stuff filling her cunt and sliding down the insides of her thighs. It was a marvelous feeling and she started to come again.

    "Oh, my God! Jesus Christ, you big fucker!" she screamed almost incoherently. "Fuck me, Chuck! I want your cock spilling inside me so bad! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuckkk meeee!!"

    Harvey Simmas crawled from the bed and rubbed his bloodshot eyes. Lousy fucking beer, he thought, it always gave him a hangover the next day. He looked at his profile in the mirror and decided he. had to take off the gut. Big, powerful men always turned to lard if they didn't watch it. An hour in the gym every day would do the trick. He would start today.

    He thought of his new secretary and his cock gave a jerk. He looked at his cock in the mirror as it rose up under his immense belly. It was big, just like the rest of him. He looked at his sleeping wife lying there naked, and stroked his prick to complete erection. She was still the best lay he'd ever had, and last night… God, last night! He'd never seen her so wantonly eager for a fuck. Then he thought of his secretary again.

    She was barely eighteen, long-legged with high, pointy tits, and her belly was flat and hard. She wore scandalously short skirts, often no panties, and never a brassiere. She was a show-off, a flirt, and a tease. Only yesterday, she had opened her legs and let him see her hairy pussy, and only her second week on the job. When he left the office, he leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, letting his hand go under her skirt; her cunt was open and wet and her hand came to his crotch to squeeze his prick. She let out a little moan then, and he'd have stayed, but her boy friend was already waiting for her, and besides, he had an appointment with a eighteen-year-old girl and her mother. He'd fucked them both on the same bed.

    Harvey decided not to waken his wife, just go on down to the office. Today was the day he was going to plow that eighteen-year-old furrow. Maybe he'd wait until quitting time and fuck her on his desk while her boy friend waited in the outer office. And then maybe he couldn't wait that long. Virginia awakened an hour later. Her cunt was a little sore, but then it always was after Harvey fucked her. Perhaps if he did it more often…

    After a quick, hot shower, she slipped a robe over her still damp body and went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. She read the morning paper, drank three cups of coffee, and smoked half a dozen cigarettes before deciding to get dressed. A loud crash in their garage brought her out of her chair. She went quickly to the door and timidly peered out. Harvey's car was gone, of course hers was still there. She saw nothing else until Joe, the trash boy, came out from behind the car and looked at her sheepishly.

    "I'm sorry, Mrs. Simmas. I dropped the trash can and it spilled all over the floor. I'll clean it up."

    Virginia looked at the mess on the floor in front of her car. She felt irritation at the clumsy boy as she watched him bend over and scoop the debris back into the can. He was from the other side of town, the poor side, and he was less than neatly dressed. He had an old pick-up truck and collected trash to earn extra money. The city was presently on a bare-bones budget and had ceased public trash collection.

    "It's all right, Joe," she said, unable to hide the distaste in her voice.

    "Gee, I hope I didn't wake you up," he said.

    "No, you didn't."

    "I thought maybe I did. You look like you just got out of bed." He had a fresh smile on his lips, like he knew something he wasn't supposed to know.

    "Well, I haven't been up long," she said, brushing at her hair, a blush coloring her cheeks.

    He really was rather cute, black curly hair, white perfect teeth, a deep cleft in his chin, and his clothing was just tattered, not dirty. Looking at the handsome boy, she remembered a tale one of her neighbors had told her about him. Helen, the neighbor, had invited him in for a cold drink and he had helped himself to a beer, not soda. She'd heard a few rumors about Helen, too, and wondered if the boy had helped himself to anything else.

    "Its hot out today. Would you like to come in and have a cold beer?" Virginia asked.

    "Gee, Mrs. Simmas, that would be great," he answered.

    "Call me Virgie," she said, pushing The screen door open.

    Joe was a well-built boy with sharp, chiseled features and the graceful movements of the athlete. She thought of her own daughter, and wondered how Ruthie was enjoying her fist year in college. it didn't seem possible that she could have a nineteen-year-old daughter. The last twenty years had just drifted away, been wasted. It was stupid to get married and have a child right out of high school before you even had a chance to see what life was all about.

    Joe interrupted her thoughts. "Nice layout you got here, Virgie. Where's the beer?"

    He is a fresh little bastard, Virginia thought, and pointed to the refrigerator.

    He jerked open the fridge and popped a can of Harvey's beer. "You want one, Virgie?" he said over his shoulder.

    Virginia hated beer "Yes, please," she said. He popped another and came over and handed it to her. She took it, her hand trembling.

    "How old are you, Joe?" she asked. "Nineteen. Just go my driver's license a couple of months ago."

    "You've been picking up our trash for four or five months," she said.

    "So I cheated a few months," he said, draining the can and clunking it loudly on the table.

    "You drink awfully fast, Joe. Do you want another?"

    Joe got up and went to the refrigerator without answering and opened two more. Virginia bravely poured down her beer and took the second from his hand.

    After finishing her third, the most she had ever been able to get down in one sitting, she giggled. "I can't hold it like you, Joe. I have to go pee." She squirmed on her seat, the need very strong, and felt light-headed and free, free to do anything she pleased.

    She missed the quick glint in Joe's eyes when she said the word "pee". He knew that really nice ladies, at least well-bred nice ladies, didn't say words like "pee in front of young boys they barely knew. He took his hand and bent his growing cock down his pants leg.

    When Virginia returned, she felt wonderful, a little giddy, and extremely sexy. It gave, her a delicious thrill to know that she was naked under her robe and drinking beer with a handsome teenager. When she sat down, her robe parted to each side of her thighs, exposing over half her legs.

    "Let's have one more beer, Joe, and then you'd better get on with your route or you'll be all day," she said. She flipped a cigarette from the half-empty pack lying on the table and lit up. The blue smoke curled wickedly from her flaring nostrils. "I wouldn't want you to be late getting done because of

    "Don't sweat it, Virgie. I start early. You're my next to last stop," he said from the fridge. The hollow pop of two more beers sounded.

    Virginia felt the dull throb of growing excitement in her cunt and crossed her legs, exposing bare flesh almost to her crotch. She took the beer from his hand and tipped it quickly to her lips.

    Joe looked hungrily at the gaping front of her robe and took a slug from his beer, then sat in the chair beside her. His hand fell across his lap. To hide a hard-on, perhaps, Virginia thought, the juices in her cunt starting to flow. The boy leaned forward, glancing again down the deep cleft between her titties, and took one of her cigarettes.

    "You're too young to be smoking, Joe," Virginia chided.

    "Nah" he said, "I'm not too young for anything."

    "Not for anything?"

    "Not for anything."

    She let her eyes go big like a little girl does when she's amazed, and blushed. It was a new game for her, a very exciting game.

    "What do you do with all your money,, Joe?" she asked.

    Joe finished his beer and dented the can with his thumbs, then bent it double with one hand and threw it clattering across the table.

    "I spend it all on naughty girls," he said.

    "You're a fresh little bastard," Virginia said.

    "Well, you shouldn't lead me on, lady," he said. lifting his hand from the front of his pants. There was a nice big cock-bulge there. "Your robe's coming open, Virgie," he smirked.

    "Why shouldn't I lead you on, Joe?" she said, ignoring her robe.

    "Because I might try something that you couldn't stop."

    "Maybe I want you to try something, and maybe I wouldn't try to stop you, Joe."

    "I ain't no snot-nosed kid, Virgie," Joe snorted, rubbing obscenely at his crotch.

    "Jesus, I certainly hope not," she said, getting to her feet and slowly parting the top of her robe, her large tits spilling out "I'm glad you don't have to rush off, Joe," she said, sitting on his lap. Their lips met, first softly, then with heat and pressure.

    Joe was not a timid boy; his hand covered her naked tits. "God, Virgie, I've wanted to play with your tits ever since the first time I picked up your garbage.

    "Have you really?"

    "Yes, really."

    "Well, play with them. Do anything you want."

    He pushed the robe off her shoulders. She shook her arms free and let it. fall to her waist. Both her nipples had turned a deep crimson and stood out hard against his palms. He lowered his face and closed his lips over one of the hard little knobs.

    "Ooh, honey, honey, that feels good," Virginia moaned. "Take me up to the bedroom and put me on the bed."

    With surprising ease, Joe stood up, lifting the woman with him. He carried her through the living room and up the three short stain to the bedroom. Her robe had fallen to the floor somewhere around the second stair step, leaving her naked in his arms.

    She slid from his arms onto the bed, her legs falling open. She reached up to grasp the lump in his pants. His cock was hard, very hard.

    "God, Joe, you really have a hard-on," she hissed, her fingers fumbling at his zipper. She let out a little gurgle when her hand was inside his pants. She was really going to do it at last, really going to let this boy fuck her-and she could hardly wait!

    The boy stood grinning while she fondled his dick inside his pants. She let her fingers circle his cock, a little surprised at his girth Of course his prick wasn't huge like Harvey's, but still surprisingly large for a young boy. She pulled the rod from his pants, her fingers tightly clamped to his shaft. Slowly she slid the foreskin down off the shining head.

    "Goddamn, I can't believe it!" Joe gasped.

    "You'd better believe it, Joe," Virginia said, vigorously jacking the length of his shaft. "It's your big chance, Joe. I'm available. Oh, Jesus, am I ever available!"

    He looked at her fat tits, the nipples cherry-red and swollen hard, at her legs spread open, and at cunt, the thick, wet lips almost hidden by a wealth of soft brown hair.

    "Can I kiss your pussy, Virgie?" he cried.

    Virginia felt an instant of shock, Harvey had never made any attempt to kiss her cunt. It seemed wild, perverted; yet, all of a sudden she wanted her cunt kissed

    "You can do anything you want, Joe," she said. "Anything!"

    Joe dropped to his knees between her outstretched legs, pulling his cock from her hand. Her first thought was that she wanted it back, wanted it desperately, it felt so hot and alive and good in her hand. Her second thought was muddled by his hot breath against the insides of her thighs.

    He started by lifting her leg and kissing behind her knee, and then repeating the action,with her other leg. He trailed his mouth up the underside of her thigh until her leg pointed straight up in the air an she fell backwards. The sparks jumped inside her brain. She jerked in anticipation when he reached the swell of her ass and let his wet mouth kiss softly along the ridge until he was between her legs, his tongue. dipping into the little hollow between her leg and her pussy. She reached out and twisted her finger in his hair.

    "Ooooh, Joe, I like that," she murmured softly, closing her eyes. "God, yes! Don't stop, Joe, don't stop!" Virginia cried. "Don't ever stop!"

    Joe moved up her belly and circled the fringe of hair, kissing lightly, then down into the soft fuzz. He sucked at her beaver while Virginia lifted her hips from the bed. She was gasping with desire when he finally moved his mouth back over her cunt and let his tongue snake out and slide back and forth inside her slick gash.

    "Oh, Joe, Joe, do it! Eat me, please eat me!" she wailed, thrusting her cunt against his face.

    He diddled at her clit with his tongue and she convulsed wildly. He moved down and plunged his tongue deep in her gash, sliding it inside her cunt-hole. He went back again to her ditty until it was completely agitated, then pressed his open mouth over her cunt and started tonguing, his upper lip bumping roughly over her clit.

    "Joe, Joe… Joe!" she screamed. "Tongue fuck me faster! Faster! I'm going to come! Yes, yes, yes…I'm going to come! Oh, Jesus, you little bastard, I'm coming! I'm coming!" She convulsed wildly, her body jerking as heat through her, and finally she lay limp, moaning softly. She raised his face from her pussy, a look of smug self-confidence on his face.

    "Well, how did you like it, baby?" he said.

    "I loved it, Joe! You're no amateur, are you? You've done that before, haven't you?"

    "Yeah, lots of times," he said. "I like doing it, especially for an appreciative broad."

    "Well, I'm sure as hell an appreciative broad, Joe."

    "You sure as hell are, baby. And you got one sweet-tasting pussy, too. Your cunt was made for mackin', lady."

    Virginia felt wonderful. He went so well with the warm, exquisite glow that still throbbed softly in her cunt. Her lust was as strong as it had been before she came, and she knew she would do it, had to do it, wanted to do it. She was going to suck his cock. and let me see if you're made for

    "Stand up sucking, too, Joe. Let's see how sweet your prick tastes," she said.

    "God, lady, it's one big stick of candy. And it's just waitin' for you to suck it," he said, getting to his feet.

    "Step back so loan sit on the floor in front of you. I can get at it better that way?" She already had a firm grip on his cock. It was still hard, throbbing against her palm.

    Joe stepped back from the bed and stood with his hands on his hips. Virginia slid to the floor in front of hint She held his cock in both hands and looked up at the grinning boy.

    "Talk to me while I suck your cock, Joe. Tell me about your other girl," she said, leaning forward to kiss the end of his prick. A large drop of clear ooze hung from the hole and she cleared it away with her tongue, the taste of salt strong and exciting to her senses.

    "Me there's other women in the neighborhood who let you fuck them? Tell me all about your sex life, Joe."

    With her mouth half-open, she pressed it over his cock until she had the bulbous head inside. She was really sucking her first cock, and the taste was marvelous, salty and male, even a Utile sour with sweat, yet delicious. She worked his shaft with her fist until more ooze bubbled from the end of his cock. Wetting it liberally with spit, she sucked it away and swallowed.

    "Well, my first conquest was my sister," Joe said, half closing his eyes with pleasure. "Suck it slow, baby, real slow… Actually, it wasn't a conquest, on my part, at least. She's three years older than me and no virgin. I gotta admit she's a little loose… you know, easy."

    "Mmmmmmm," Virginia mumbled, her eyes rolling up to look at him. She let more of his cock slide into her mouth.

    "We 'were home alone. My old man was working the night shift and the old lady was out, probably gettin' humped in a back seat somewhere. Anyway, Betty that's my sister-was runnin' around the house in nothin' but her underwear, and she is really built. Her boob is fat and bouncy and all but jumpin' out of her goddamn bra and I could see the hair through her pants. She was teaks' me and all of a sudden we got to foolin' around and without my even knowin' it, she got her goddamn panties off and had my pecker out and we was cc the floor fuckin' like a couple a minks. Boy, Betty can really fuck."

    Joe stopped talking for a minute to concentrate on pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. "Slide your tongue back and forth under the knob, Virgie. I really dig that. Betty does that to me." He let out a groan and grabbed Virginia by the hair. "Not too much, baby, or I'll come like a fucking freight train."

    Joe held her firmly by her hair and pushed his cock all the way in her mouth. Virginia gagged and he drew his dick out, then shoved back in. The saliva ran from the corners of her mouth.

    "Betty taught me how to eat pussy, too. She really gets it on with that, goes nuts. I'm pretty sure she sells her ass, too, cause she's always got lots of bread and she sure don't do no work. She'd put out for free if she couldn't see! it, though, 'cause Betty likes her fucking.

    "An' you ain't alone, Virgie. There's a couple of other babes in this neighborhood who dig young cock, too. Mrs. Bergen over on Eighth and Sally Clausen, but they ain't as sharp as you, or built like you. You got great tits, Virgie."

    Virginia knew them both. They were both younger than she.

    "I eat Sally out now and then, she's got a pretty nice pussy, but I only fuck old lady Bergen. She just ain't the eatin' type-too sloppy. She's a good fuck, though, really goes wild, an' she even likes it in the ass now and then."

    Virginia tensed at the mention of ass-fucking. It seemed such a perverse thing, yet it sounded exciting. She let her tongue ride over the top of his knob, then slipped it to the underside and gently stroker! Her hand moved down his shaft until she was cupping his balls. They felt so cool. Next, she moved back inside his pants with her hand, her fingers tracing the cleft in his buttocks. She parted the cleft and found his asshole.

    "Christ, Virgie, you're gonna make me come!" he squealed. Joe lunged in and out, holding her head with both hands. "I'm gettin' close, baby! So fuckin' close! I'm gonna come in your mouth! Suck, lady, suck! Drink my cum!"

    She felt a terrific thrill start in her bowels and shuddered. He was going to come in her mouth, splash that sticky stuff onto her tongue. She was going to come again and she hadn't even touched her cunt; she was going to come just from sucking this boy's cock! Her finger probed at the boy's bung and popped inside. Joe went rigid as her ringer went deep in his asshole.

    She felt its warmth on her tongue first, then the slick wetness as his first spurt of jizz spread inside her mouth. She swallowed. The second gob squirted clear to the back of her mouth and she started coming herself. She was too excited to even taste his stuff; she only knew she loved it, loved the hat on her tongue, loved the feel of the slippery, slimey sliding down her throat. She had a boy's cock in her mouth and that was all that mattered. And he was pumping his seed down her throat, holding her cruelly by the hair while he fucked her face. He could even pies right now, this very moment, and she wouldn't care.

    "Suck it dry, Virgie! Suck my cock, dry!" Joe yelped.

    Virgie sucked him dry. She wished she had removed his clothing so she could hold him close and feel his nakedness. She didn't want to let him go, ever. The desire to feel him, to touch him all over was overpowering. She had never had an orgasm quite like the one she just experienced, and having the boy's prick in her mouth had been the sole reason. She wanted to keep it there forever, even though she could feel its hardness slowly dwindling away.

    Joe stepped back, puffing his dick from her mouth. "That's it for today, baby. Joe has had it," he said. He gave his cock a couple of obscene pulls and winked at her. "You're a great cock-sucker, lady. Next week I'll see how you fuck."

    Virginia sat on her haunches and watched him tuck his cock away.

    "No, don't go," she said very softly, "I want you to fuck me now."

    Her orgasm had subsided to a dull ache, yet she felt a yearning for more. She could feel the harsh burning in her throat, the almost tasteless fire of his spurting jizz.

    Joe hadn't even heard her and zipped up his dirty jeans. "That was neat. Mrs. S. Next week I'll fuck ya," he said, and then he was gone.

    Virginia remained seated on the floor, thinking about what she had just done, trying to make some small sense out of the whole thing. It was strange, but she didn't feel any guilt, none at all. What bothered her most was how quick it had been, just a fleeting moment and then it was over. Her appetite was not satisfied.

    After several minutes of reflection, she got to her feet; she WS still a little giddy from the beer and she had to pee. She decided to hold the pee, it felt kind of good, and pulled on a pair of panties. Quickly deciding against wearing a dress, she went down to the liquor cabinet. She liked the feel of her big tits swinging free for a change, and cupped them in her hands, her thumbs rubbing at the ripe nipples.

    She sunk heavily into an easy chair and sipped at her drink. The strong Scotch and water had her tight in minutes. Her mind wandered back to sex, and, opening her legs wide, she slid her hand down inside her panties. The crotch was already wet.

    She brought herself to a crashing come wondering what it would be like to fuck a younger, less experienced boy. Her belly heaved and she gasped for breath while her fingers went wild between the thick, wet lips of her cunt. A thought struck her and she started to pee: Chuck Morrison, the boy next door, was younger,

    She leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes. She was coming hard, and she continued peeing, wetting herself liberally, and her hand still busy in her excited gash.


    Virginia got weakly to her feet and went to the bar in the corner. She decided that since she had started on Scotch, she would go on a Scotch kick and mixed a double. It tasted good and made her feel quite drunk, so she made another. With bleary eyes, she sponged off the stained chair and went upstairs for a hot bath.

    After her bath, she lay on the bed and finished her drink, petting her pussy all the while. There was a need there that Harvey and his huge prick just couldn't fulfill, even if he fucked her three times a day. She went to sip fantasizing the fulfillment of that need.

    It was afternoon when she awakened, and, slipping on a thin little dress, she went to the kitchen, for some lunch. She enjoyed the feeling of being naked under her dress, and after a light lunch, mixed a tall drink and went Onto the patio to read. She tugged the lounger onto the grass and settled herself comfortably in the warm sun, a pleasant alcoholic glow already seeping into her body.

    Her choice of reading was boring, however. She was about to give it all up and go back in the house when a ball bounded into her yard from the Morrisons'.

    A moment later the gate opened and Chuck Morrison came charging through. He stopped short when he saw Virginia.

    "Oh" he said, "I didn't know yap were out here, Mrs. Simmas."

    "That's okay, Chuck. Your ball's over there in the bushes."

    He looked sheepish. "I was hitting a few against the fence and got a little too much on one." He went quickly to the bush and retrieved his ball.

    "Come over here a. minute, Chuck," Virginia said.

    The boy came over, tossing the ball over his shoulder and catching it with one hand.

    "Sit down on the grass and talk to me. I'm bored," she said.

    "Sure, what do you want to talk about, Mrs. Simmas?" he answered, flopping onto the grass.

    Virginia threw the magazine onto the grass and opened her legs slightly. She saw him staring at her legs, at the expanse of white thigh that was showing. He was such a beautiful boy, she thought, and took a swallow from her glass. He looked so sexy sitting there.

    She lifted her skirt above mid-thigh. "Do you think my legs are too fat, Chuck?" she asked.

    Uh, gosh no, Mrs. Simmas. They're great," he said. He was blushing and averted his eyes from her legs.

    "Why thank you, Chuck. You're sweet," Virginia gushed. She lifted her feet onto the lounger and opened her legs, her skirt sliding down to her crotch.

    Chuck took a look, obviously at a loss for words. "What's that you're drinking, Mrs. Simmas? Looks nice and cool," he said, his voice a little too shy.

    "It's Scotch. Have you ever tasted Scotch?"

    "Nope," he said.

    "It's good. Here, try it." She held the glass out to him.

    The boy looked around to make sure his mother wasn't lurking behind a tree and took the glass. He took a drink and made a face. "Kind of strong," he said.

    "It grows on you. Take another drink."

    He took another drink. "Yeah, you're right," he said manfully, and took another swallow.

    Virginia pulled her knees up and clasped them in her hands, her hairy cunt opening wet and pink for his eyes to see. They bulged open.

    "Finish it, honey. I'm already a little drunk."

    Chuck finished the Scotch.

    Virginia let her hands fall from her knees. "Sit up here beside me," she said, letting her legs fall wide open. He got up slowly his eyes glued to her open cunt. "Don't be bashful, darling. Come here!"

    Chuck threw the glass down and stepped closer. Virginia reached out and grabbed his arm and pulled him down on top of her. Since her legs were wide apart, he lay between them, and she raised them into the air and curled them over his back. She pulled his head down and kissed him on the mouth.

    She forced her tongue inside his mouth and then pulled away. "I saw what your mother did to you last night, Chuck. I watched you through a crack in the fence."

    "Really?" the boy stammered. "You saw us in the back yard?" "Yes, really. And I want to suck your cock, too." She held him firmly with her legs, grinding slowly against the come material of his jeans.

    "Oh, Mrs. Simmas, Mrs. Simmas," he groaned, trying to hunch inside her tightly clasping legs.

    She was going to tell him to call her Virgie, like she had with J, but it seemed so much more. exciting when he called her Mrs. Simmas. He said it with such reverence and awe.

    "Will you let me take your prick in my mouth, Chuck?" she asked lewdly.

    "Mrs. Simmas, I.. I'd rather put it in you.. you know, down there!" he cried.

    "In me where?" she prodded, knowing the answer.

    "in your cunt," the boy blurted.

    She loosened her legs and slid her hand between their bodies. "I'll suck on it a little to get it all hot and slippery and then we'll go in my bedroom and take off all our clothes and…" While she threw don his zipper, she pulled his face to hem and pushed her tongue wetly in and out of his mouth, then breathed huskily against his lips. "And then you can put it in my cunt. Yes, honey, Mrs. Simmas will let you fuck her!"

    Chuck wasn't sure how she accomplished it so quickly, but before he knew it, she had his pants and shoes down his thighs arid had him on his knees straddling her body. Her hands grasped his bare ass, her fingers digging into the cleft, and pulled him against her face. Her mouth opened and she took his cock inside all the way.

    His cock was smaller than Joe's, though every bit as hard, and felt smooth and velvety and alive. It twitched and pulsed against her palate and she sucked on it with relish, knowing this was her fulfillment, her calling, and her head's desire.

    The nozzle of his cock was at the entrance to her throat and she knew he was leaking his soupy stuff because she could taste it. Chuck moaned softly, starting a slow fuck-motion with his hips. With her nose nuzzling in his soft sparse hair, she felt him stiffen and knew he was close. Determined that it wouldn't end as quickly as it had with Joe, she reached up and took the base of his cock in her fingers and pinched. The boy hunched and grunted in an effort to get his rocks off, but Virginia held him tight.

    She wasn't sure she was coming, but she felt ill syrupy inside. The booze she had drunk made her dizzy, and the boy-cock in her mouth made her cunt tingle. It was so wet she could feel it leaking onto her thighs.

    "Oh, God, Mrs. Simmas, I need to come!" he cried.

    Virginia backed off his prick and held it tightly in her fist. "I don't want you to come yet, Chuck. You still have to fuck me."

    "Yes, yes, I really do want to fuck you, Mrs. Simmas!"

    Virginia felt another thrill ripple through her belly. "I hope so, Chuck, because I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock all hard inside me, and I want to feel you come, feel your jism squirting up inside my pussy." She still held his cock tightly. "You won't come if I let go, will you?"

    "No, I'm okay now," he said.

    "Let's go in the house, darling. It's fucking time" she said.

    The boy was on his feet in an instant, and after he had pulled up his trousers, she took his hand and led him into the house. She took him up the short stairway and into her bedroom. Pushing his pants down, she looked at his prick; it had gone soft and looked very tiny.

    "Can you get a hard-on again?" she asked.

    "I sure can," he said, reaching for his soft, little peter.

    "No, let me do It," she said, pushing his hand away. She too, his little pecker in her hand. "I have to pee something fierce, Chuck. Do you want to watch?"

    "Yeah," he said quickly. "Sometimes Morn lets. me watch her piss."

    Virginia really wanted to do it while Chuck fucked her, but was afraid he might not like it; besides, it would soil the bed.

    Holding his cock, which was hard again, she led him to the bathroom and straddled the toilet. Jacking him with one hand, she lifted her skirt with the other and started to pee. The boy's eyes grew large at the sight of her cunt spewing its golden stream. When she finished, she led the boy back to the bedroom.

    "Take off all your clothes," she said.

    When he stood naked, his little prick standing straight out, she lifted her dress over her head and let it flutter to the floor. Her tits were so much nicer than his mother's, almost as big, but they didn't sag, they stood up proud and round the reddish-brown nipples hard and pointing at him. Her cunt was covered with such a nice color of hair, too-so soft and curly-looking. And she wasn't all fat and saggy-looking like his mother.

    Virginia dropped back onto the still unmade bed and spread her legs far apart to completely expose her snatch to his bugging eyes. She spread open the petals of her cunt with her fingers before sliding her feet under the sheet.

    "Crawl in here with me, Chuck," she said. "I can see you won't have any trouble. Come and fuck me, honey, fuck me hard!"

    Virginia's lust was almost unbearable. She pulled the boy against her and pulled the sheet over their bodies. She grasped his cock with one hand, roamed over his smooth body with the other.

    "Feel me up, Chuck, run your hands over me, all of me!" she cried.

    She pushed one of his hands between her legs, the need for a man-no, a boy-inside her cunt more urgent than it had ever been. She wanted to be fucked, yet she wanted to prolong it, too.

    "Bury your head in my tits, Chuck. Suck on them, love them. Use your fingers on my cunt. Yes, yes! Push them inside.., oh, darling, like that, yes! Finger-fuck me! God, yes!"

    Virginia came. Her orgasm bubbled bigger than life itself. Her cunt was on fire, the juices flowing until she was wet and slick.

    "I can't wait, I can't wait! Fuck me, Chuck! Oh, Lord, fuck me now!".

    She pulled the boy onto her soft, heaving belly and pushed his hard, little cock into the wet, open lips of her delicious cunt. Since his dick was small, and her cunt was big, his cock went all the way to the hilt in one wild lunge. Virginia groaned loudly, surprised at how much the small prick thrilled her. The boy's cock was slim and only four inches long, yet it excited her more than any cock ever had. She started coming the instant it hit bottom.

    "Oh, Chuck, that feels good, so very good! Move it in and out real slow…and try not to come for a long, long time. I want you to fuck me forever. God… God, it's never felt this good before!" She hugged him tightly with her arms, but left her legs wide open so he could move freely.

    He felt proud. It was his first piece of ass, and it was with an older woman, a woman who had lots of fucking behind her, and he was thrilling the shit out of her. It felt so damn good, too. Her pussy didn't hold his prick tight like his hand did, but it was so much hotter in there, and so wet and slick. He knew he couldn't hold out too long, no matter what she wanted. It was too damn fuckin' good!

    "Jesus! Oh, sweet Jesus!" Virginia screamed, another orgasm sending numbing waves of pleasure up her spine. "Whoever said a guy has to be hung like a bull to make a girl happy was out of his ever-fuckin' mind! Keep doing it, honey, and fuck me as long as you can. I don't think I'll ever stop

    Her orgasms were continuous now. They rose and Id with each stroke of his hard, little prick. She had always gotten wet during a fuck, but never like this; her emit was a river of female nectar. Still, her sensitivity wasn't diminished; it was heightened. She could feel the hard knob of his cock inside her, feel the thick ridge nit tapered to a shaft, even feel the fat veins stuffed with hardening blood as they rubbed inside her cunt. Her pussy was a tunnel of nerves puffing at his prick, nursing on the stiff shaft, sucking at the gaping pee-hole that drooled little drops of slick ooze.

    The shaft inside her cunt twitched, seemed to thicken and the boy gave out a harsh cry. "I'm almost there, Mrs. Simmas! I'm going to come!"

    "Pull back, Chuck. Take your cock almost out and let it cool off!" Virginia cried, wanting the fuck to go on and on and on.

    He did as she said, only he came back too far and his cock popped all the way out of her hole. He started spurting, the first gob going onto her omit hair. Virginia grabbed his cock and thrust it back inside her cunt.

    "DO it, do it! Fuck hard, Chuck! Fuck hard! I'm coming some more, I'm coming so hard, my little darling!" She was sure she felt his second spurt in spite of her wetness.

    The boy stopped moving and she roughly pushed him off. She quickly twisted around and got her face to his crotch, sucking his still erect prick into her mouth. A few more drops bubbled from his hole. She savored it with relish, reveling in the sharp taste of her own cunt. He was clean and shining when at last she released his wilting pecker.

    Virginia fell back on the bed, her hand darting between her legs in an effort to hold the good feeling inside. She felt how sticky and wet her cunt was, ribbed her hand around, smearing the goo aver her body, and finally pushed a glistening finger deep inside her hole. She felt complete satisfaction far the first time in her whole life.

    She had almost always been able to come when a cock was inside her, even when it was a wham-barn, but this time she felt completely fulfilled, rewarded, enriched, and titillated… God, there weren't enough words to describe how she felt!

    "I… I'd better go home now, Mrs. Simmas. Mom might be wondering where I am," Chuck said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

    "If you must," Virginia answered, in too much of a daze to care what he did.

    Chuck pulled on his clothing. "Well, I'm going now," he said.

    "It was good, wasn't it, Chuck?"

    "Yeah, it was great".

    He edged for the door and then ran from the house, too sated to think about asking when they could fuck again.

    Virginia didn't care; she knew he would, be around when he got a hard-on again, and she'd be there, waiting. Young boys bounced back fast. He'd probably be ready again tonight, but she would make him wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow- it sounded wonderful.

    It was over an hour before her wits returned. She sat up and rehashed the afternoon, a warm glow still shrouding her thoughts. She sure wouldn't need Harvey tonight!

    Virginia went to her dresser and looked under her underwear until she found the pictures that had started the whole thing off. She looked at them, thinking that she wouldn't need them now, they were no longer enough. She was on the verge of tearing them up when she thought better. "Maybe you need them on some cold rainy day," she said, and tucked them under a pair of silky panties.

    Harvey noticed at supper what a good mood his wife was in, even contemplated fucking the old girl, but he really didn't have the time; it was his card night, and he was late. Actually, it was his business partner's card night, and the man's wife was waiting. She was a very hot piece, and her eighteen-year-old daughter had hinted that she might be interested when he got done humping mamma.

    Later that evening when her lust had subsided and she was alone, Virginia thought about the day and the two boys. She didn't feel guilty, and Harvey probably wouldn't care anyway, she wondered if what she had done was right. She feared that she enjoyed young boys too much and decided that she needed to get away for a while.

    She hadn't seen her brother, Jerry, for six years, even though he lived only five hundred miles away. He lived in a small town, it would be calm and quiet there, and just the tonic she needed. She went to the phone and called him. Jerry was delighted to hear her voice and immediately invited her for a visit She accepted and went upstairs to pack. There was no need to wait; she would leave in the morning.


    The next morning, Virginia told Harvey that she was going to visit her brother, maybe for a week, maybe a month. Harvey was badly hung over and didn't seem to care. All he said was, "Okay, see you when you get back," and starred into the bathroom.

    It had been a rough night for Harvey. He had gone to his partner's house and fucked his wife on the couch. They had had several drinks and then gone dancing. After drinking and dancing until midnight, they had come home and again fucked on the couch. The lady's daughter had watched from the hall, and when her mother passed out, led the bone-weary Harvey up to her parents' bedroom, where she sucked his cock until it was hard again, and then fucked him good. Once was not enough for the little nymph, and when he left at three a.m., he was completely fucked out.

    As it turned out, Virginia's bus didn't leave until late afternoon so she went to a bar. She had eleven opportunities to be picked up and turned them all down. She was pleasantly drunk and feeling very pleased with herself when at last she settled into her seat and the bus eased from the terminal.

    She dozed off, but awakened with a start, sensing that someone was looking at her. She saw a young boy across the aisle and one row forward, staring back at her. He quickly turned away when her eyes blinked open. She immediately realized that she was sitting quite carelessly and brought her legs together. Then it dawned on her: The little bastard had been looking up her skirt! The blood rushed to her temple in a blush, a blush that brought a surge of excitement.

    The boy peeked back again, but seeing her eyes open, jerked forward. She felt the lust boiling inside her body and chastised herself. This was the exact opposite of what her trip was for. She had to control herself.

    Virginia glanced around the bits. The seat beside her was empty, of course, as was the seat directly across the aisle. She slouched down in her seat and closed her eyes until they were just slits and, in spite of her good intentions, raised her skirt and opened her legs. Her reward came quickly; the boy glanced back again and seeing her eyes closed, feasted his eyes on her bare thighs, and now, even the crotch of her white panties.

    God the boy thought, what luck! She's gone back to sleep. And, Jesus her dress now higher than it was before, and look at all the pussy hair sticking out around her goddamn panties. Boy, would I ever like to kiss her right on her dirty cunt. He wanted to rub his cock through his pants, but was afraid his mother, who was sitting beside him, would know what he was doing.

    Virginia could see him clearly through her partially closed eyes, see the lust written all over his youthful face. He was around nineteen, and terribly cute, with curly blond hair that was really too long for a boy, and the bluest eyes. He was small and frail-looking, and Virginia liked that. Her blood was racing, and she could feel the crotch of her panties growing damp. She moved her legs as if she were having a dream and the damp material sunk into her deep gash, outlining her cunt perfectly.

    The boy's eyes went round as he watched her squirm, watched her cunt suck the flimsy little panties up. He stared without caution, sure that the stupid lady was sound asleep.

    Virginia finally admitted the awful truth: She had to have this beautiful boy, this boy who looked so frail, yet whose eyes betrayed the lust that filled this innocent-looking little male animal. But she would have to be careful, play it along slowly, couldn't let the little prick's mother get it all.

    She gave the boy a good show, and when the bus stopped for supper, she went to the rest room and removed her panties. She managed to be standing at the door getting a breath of air when the boy emerged from the restaurant. He was perfect-so thin and fragile and beautiful. He was well ahead of his mother, but looked away with embarrassment when he passed. Virginia whispered loudly, "Come back and sit beside me when it gets dark." He didn't look back, she was sure he heard.

    It was dusk when they got started again and the bus had gone several miles before the boy screwed up enough courage to look back. He glanced first at her face and saw that her eyes were closed, or so he thought, and then down to her knees. He felt a rush of disappointment; her legs were closed and well-covered, but they didn't stay that way. His eyes bugged wide when her hands went to the hem of her skirt and slowly brought it up her thighs, the same thighs separating just as slowly, until he could see her crotch, and.., and she didn't have her underwear on! His eyes quickly darted to her face; her eyes were open and she was smiling. He turned quickly in his seat, sweat coming to his brow.

    He sat staring blindly at the back of the seat in front of him, the sweat trickling down his forehead, the feeling of fear and excitement growing. He looked back again, and she was still smiling at him, and still displaying her naked cunt. She formed the words clearly with her lips: "Come and sit with me, honey." The boy swallowed the lump from his throat and nodded in agreement, then turned to stiffly face forward again.

    The darkness came quickly inside the bus until it was bathed in a faint glow from the lights along the floor. The boy hadn't looked back since her last proposal and she was beginning to doubt that he would come. And then suddenly, he was out of his seat and sliding past her knees into the seat beside her. He sat stiffly erect, staring straight ahead.

    "What did you tell your mother?" Virginia asked.

    He looked at her then. "I told her I was moving back a couple of rows so I could sit by a window. She's almost asleep," he answered.

    "She won't come back to see where she?"

    "We ride the bus a lot and I sit somewhere else a lot. We both like to sit by a window," he said. He was feeling braver now. "You're pretty."

    "Thank you. You're pretty, too."

    "Nah, boys ain't pretty."

    "All right, you're handsome." She still thought he was pretty-beautiful, actually.

    "I ain't handsome, neither," he said, shifting about uneasily. "How come you wanted me to come and do it with you?"

    "I was lonesome and you looked like you would be good company."

    "How could you tell that?" The boy was fucking.

    "By the way you looked at me."

    "How did you know I was looking at you? You were asleep."

    "I didn't have my eyes all the way closed," she said. "I saw you looking under my skirt." She waited a moment to let her words sink in. "That's why I took off my panties, so you could see more of me."

    He swallowed hard. "Really?" he said.

    "Really," Virginia answered and took his hand and placed it on her bare thigh. She kept her hand covering his and slid it up and don her thigh, pushing her skirt higher with each stroke.

    "Would you like to feel my cunt?" she said softly.

    "Golly, yes!" he croaked.

    Her thighs were open and she pushed his little hand against her cunt and held it tightly.

    "Golly, you're all wet. Did you pee?" he said.

    "No, honey, it gets wet when I'm excited, when I'm excited by a boy."

    "Am I exciting you?"

    "Yes, very much. Move your hand around. Play with my pussy."

    "Gee, it's so wet and hot."

    "Have you ever felt a girl's pussy before?"

    "No," he said, "but I've seen more than one."

    Virginia was very hot now, and squirming against his hand. She wanted to reach out and feel his cock, but it added spice to put it off, to just sit here and let the little fellow feel her up.

    "Do you want to take your prick out?" she whispered. She could at lent look at it.

    "Yeah, yeah," he said quickly.

    "Well, do it then." She held his hand tightly to her cunt. "With your other hand," she urged.

    Site watched him awkwardly get his fly open, and gave a little gasp when his white cock sprang free. It looked almost like a bone it was so slim and so hard and so white. It pointed straight out from his pants and jerked as the blood pulsed. She took his head in her hands and kissed him, her tongue scooting wetly into his mouth.

    "That's a funny way to kiss," he blurted.

    "It's called a French kiss, darling. Boys and girls kiss that way when they're excited, when they're playing with each other's things, and when they want to fuck each other." She let, her hand fall to his lap, her fingers brushing lightly at his prick.

    He gave a hoarse little cough. "I want to fuck you.

    "We can't, honey. There isn't room and we'd get caught. We can do everything else, though." Her hand had wrapped around his cock, and she let it slide slowly up and down.

    "Everything?" he cried. He looked up into her eyes. "What… what does a girl's pussy taste like?"

    Virginia felt a thrill race down her spine. "How do you know about that?"

    "I saw my dad do it. He didn't know I was watching."

    "With your mother?"

    'No, she don't like sex. They fight about it all the time. It was my aunt. Boy, he really kissed her all over between her legs."

    Virginia was trembling with excitement. She knew she would come if she let herself. She held it off, holding his prick tighter instead. "You mean your mother's own sister?"

    "No. And I seen him do it to another lady. I didn't know her. He just brought her home one night when Mom was gone. And I saw Aunt Kate take Dad's prick in her mouth and suck on it. Will you suck on my prick?"

    "Yes, yes, of course I will" Virginia moaned.

    "And can I kiss you, you know, between your legs… on your cunt?"

    "God, yes!" Virginia hissed. "Let me get in your seat by the window and you get on your knees in front of me. You can kiss my cunt as many times as you want."

    The boy got up and she quickly slid into his seat. She slouched down so her. cunt was over the edge of the seat and spread her legs open, her skirt already around her hips.

    He kneeled and peered at her seething pussy in the dim light, then leaned forward and put his lips to the open slit.

    "Gee, it tastes kind of funny," he said.

    "You'll get used to it, honey, and then you'll like it. Do it again, baby. Kiss my puss-puss some more. It's not so bad."

    "I didn't meant it was bad, just funny, you know, different; I like it. I really do." He leaned forward again and planted a wet kiss squarely on the parted cunt-lips.

    Virginia moaned softly and reached out and held his head in place. She was very close, very close indeed. The sensations were getting stronger; she could feel the blood throbbing in her cunt-lips, feel the tingling in her legs almost like hundreds of little pins prickling at the soft flesh of her thighs. Her stomach was heaving; the tiny thrills raced up her spine. She was going to come, and it would be a good one.

    "Oooooh, honey, I'm going to come! You're bringing me off," she cooed softly. "Keep licking, stick your tongue inside, too. "Oh, yes, kiss it and suck with your lips! I..I.." The words stuck in her throat; she 'was coming. She heaved her crotch against his mouth, holding him tight with both hands.

    She felt numb, then exhilarated. It was wonderful, the most marvelous feeling in the world! Until the last few days, she had never dreamed that she could come so hard, that it could feel so good, so goddamn, son of a bitch, fuckin' good!

    When she finally dropped her hands to her aides and relaxed her thighs from his face, he came up piping. The foam front her cunt covered him mouth and chin. He looked up at her and grinned weakly.

    "Did I do it right?" he said.

    "Oh, God, my darling… did you ever. You rang my chimes, baby, you rang them loud and clear."

    She bent down and took his head in her hands and kissed him hard on the mouth, the taste of her own cunt sharp on her tongue. With her tongue, she cleaned the foam from his mouth and lips and chin. It was almost enough to make her come again, but not quite.

    "And now you, my love," she said. "Sit up in the scat and little Virginia will suck your cock until you squirt all that nice gooey stuff into her mouth." She held his face close and looked into his eyes. "You do squirt that nice milky stuff from your cock when you come, don't you?"

    "Yeah," he answered eagerly.

    He got up in the seat and leaned back in the seat by the aisle where they could be seen, but she didn't care. She was too turned on to care about anything, she had to have his cock in her mouth. If anyone was interested, they would have hard than by now, anyway.

    She bent her face down and spread both palms in his lap around his prick. It stuck straight up, throbbing and jerking in the air. With a tiny sigh, she opened her mouth and closed over the entire length of the boy's waving cock. She was getting quite good at the art of cock-sucking, and the boy was gasping in seconds. Her tongue twined around the tiny shaft, and her lips drew on it like it was a soda straw, drawing his jizz put of his balls and up the rigid stem and into her mouth in a solid stream.

    She nursed on his cock until there was no more slippery juice left. The chalky stuff had splattered against her palate, puddled in the back of her mouth, and slid unceremoniously down her thirsting throat.

    The boy, naturally, was wiped out, and went immediately back to his seat. Virginia sat in a daze, bathed in a warm glow of satisfied lust, oblivious of all around her. In fact, the man had been sitting in the seat the boy had vacated for a full five minutes before she realized he was there.

    "Oh!" she gasped, and tugged down her skirt.

    "I saw what you did to that boy, and it made me want some, the man said softly.

    "Go away, please. Leave me alone," Virginia pleaded.

    "No, lady, I won't," he said. "Unless you want me to turn you in for child-molesting, you'll come to the back of the bus and let me fuck you. It's empty back there and there's lots of room."

    Virginia was confused, not really sure of what was happening. He leaned to her and kissed her, and without knowing what she was doing, she let her arms go around his shoulders and kissed him back. Her mouth accepted his tongue, and she stroked it with her, own, pulling it inside until it filled her mouth. She felt the fire surge when she felt his hand under her dress, and she opened her legs to welcome his fingers into her cunt.

    "Let's go in the back and fuck," he said.

    "Yes. Yes," Virginia answered, "fuck me, fuck me! I want it!"

    She let the man lead her to the rear of the bus and quickly came down in his lap. He had taken out his cock on the way back and it went up between her thigh. She pressed it against her cunt and then put her arms around him again. They kissed several tunes before the man pushed her back and opened the front of her dress. When he got her bra lower and pressed his mouth over a big nipple, she moaned loudly and instinctively twisted around until she straddled his lap. Her hand found his prick. It wasn't a big cock, but still quite adequate, and with little effort, she got the head in her cant. She moaned again and let her weight down, pushing the nice, hard prick all the way in her cunt-hole.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she chanted softly, bouncing in rhythm with the moving bus. She came very quickly in this position and with one of her tits pressed against his open mouth.

    "Lay down and let me get on top of you," he said, his chin resting between her big jugs.

    Virginia didn't care any more and raised up, pulling his shaft out of her cant. She wanted to fuck some more and lay out on the seat across the back of the bus. The man mounted her, easing down between her outspread legs, pushed his cock up inside her cant again. He started fucking in a slow, delicious motion, his cock sliding in and out. She knew she would hate herself in the morning, so she abandoned all thought of tomorrow and lifted to meet each and every thrust.

    Although the bus driver could see what was going on, he continued pushing the bus on down the road. He eased his cock out of his pants and glancing to the road and then back to the mirror, pulled steadily on his long pecker. When he came, he let the thick load squirt onto the floor between his feet.

    Virginia felt the delicious thrill of another come, and then the hot wetness as he spurted his jizz.

    "Let it go, honey, let it go! Empty your load in mammas cunt! Come hard, baby, let me make you feel so good!" she cried.

    They lay there like that for a long while. His cock shrank and slipped from her cunt to lay stickily between her thighs. She had come so many times that she hurt, but it was such a good hurt. She held the man tightly on top of her, wanting his cock back inside, wishing it would stay hard and jammed in her pussy all night long.

    She didn't know if they petted the rest of the night or slept, but as the first threads of dawn streamed into the bus, she kneeled between his legs and sucked his cock.

    The driver could see them plainly now; the man sat in the middle of the seat framed perfectly in his mirror and it was getting almost daylight. He could see the man's prick sliding in and out of Virginia's mouth; he could see her huge tits bouncing up and down, and he could see her naked ass since her skirt was up around her hips. He reached for his cock again, wiping wetly at his lips with his tongue when the man's hand slid down her ass and a finger pushed into her asshole.

    Virginia. was coming hard from the man's finger-fucking her asshole when the first long string of goo squirted into her mouth. The head of his cock continued to spit until her mouth was almost full and she had to swallow. Her head reeled as his slime slipped down her throat.

    When there was no more cum to swallow, she got to her feet and mechanically pushed her skirt into place and, with both tits still exposed, returned to her seat. She did remember to button her dress then, and was asleep in minutes.


    Virginia hadn't slept more than a couple of hours when the bus stopped in a small town, rousing her from sleep. By the time she got the cobwebs from her brain, the bus was in motion again and she noticed the boy and his mother had gotten off. She didn't look around to see if the man who had fucked her was still there; she was sure he was.

    Her cunt felt a little sore, and she chastised herself for her lewd behavior. For twenty years of marriage she had been a chaste, even at times prudish woman, and God, look at her now! Her sexual appetite had gown to monstrous proportions. She had to get control of her emotions, to curb her appetite. Yet, fucking was so much fun, such a marvelous feeling. She knew it would be difficult to stop now.

    She saw a road sign through the window and realized the next stop was hers. It had been a long time since she'd seen Jerry, six years to be exact. She had never liked Joan, his wife, whom she felt was too flashy, too flirty, and too brazen. She had missed seeing Jerry, though, and their son, Jay. He was only seven when she'd seen him jut. He was nineteen now. Unbelievable.

    When the bus came to a halt, she glanced out the window and saw them waiting for her. She left the bus without looking back. Jerry grabbed her in his arms and whirled her around. "It's so good to see you, Sis!" he cried, kissing her on both cheeks.

    "It's been too long, Jerry. I've missed seeing you so much, but don't you dare look at me. I'm a mess." Her dress was badly wrinkled and she knew her makeup was all gone. "Damn buses," she whispered, "I tossed and turned all night long." She knew she was lying, and blushed, yet felt strangely marvelous.

    She was startled at the appearance of her sister-in-law; she had never approved of the marriage. Joan wore a short-short skirt and a terribly tight blouse. She obviously wore no bra since both her nipples poked through the thin blouse like they were buttons. She looks like one loose, hot fuck, and in front of her young son, Virginia thought.

    She was even more startled with her nephew. He had grown so, almost as tall as she, and was so slim and perfect-looking. She threw her arms around him and kissed him almost on the mouth, but not quite. "You've grown so much, Jay. I remember you as just a little guy, but look at you now." She held him at arm's length.

    Jew' loaded her bags in the car and drove straight home. She immediately took a hot bath and put on fresh clothes. When she emerged fresh and crisp, they had a round of brandy to toast her visit. Even Jay got a drink, something he usually didn't. He was quite taken with his lovely, full-bodied aunt who showed a definite interest in him.

    Joan had a big meal planned, and after the toast, retired to the kitchen. Virginia followed, eager to make herself helpful wherever she could.

    "How's that big stud of a husband of yours?" Joan asked.

    Virginia thought it was strange the way she phrased the question, but shrugged it off. "Well, he's still a big stud," she said, then giggled in spite of herself. "And getting bigger every day."

    "Really?" Joan gasped.

    "Yes, really," Virginia said, "you should see him."

    "God, I'd love to," Joan said almost under her breath.

    Virginia assumed that Joan was talking about the size of the man, but Joan was thinking about the size of Harvey's cock. She knew he was hung like a horse because she had been skewered on his huge, curved prick. He'd fucked the shit out of her.

    She remembered it well, even though it had happened six years ago. They were on vacation and had stopped for a few days visit. It was hot summer day and Virginia, Jerry, and Jay had gone to the zoo. Joan begged off because she had a headache. She was on the patio in shorts and halter when Harvey came home from work. Hewn a big man, though at that time thirty pounds lighter, and still had most of his hair. He Was quite an imposing figure.

    "Where's the rest of the mob?" he asked when he stepped out to the patio.

    "They went to the zoo," Joan answered.

    "And left you here?"

    "I had a terrific headache," she said. "It's better now. I took a couple of aspirin."

    He looked down at the remarkable young woman lying on the chaise lounge and drooled. She was only twenty-three and exquisitely proportioned. She was a beauty, too, blue-eyed and blonde. "What you really need is a drink. I'll do the honors," he said.

    He turned with two tall, cool drinks and handed one to Joan. He put his on the glass-topped, wrought-iron table and pulled off his tic. His coat and white shirt came next. He picked up his drink and sat on the lounge chair beside Joan.

    " like hairy men," Joan said, running her fingers through the mat that covered his chest.

    " cc beautiful young women," Harvey answered, and kissed her hard on the mouth.

    "You shouldn't do that, Harvey," she said. "I'm married to your wife's brother."

    'That makes it more exciting," Harvey said.

    "Yes, it does, doesn't it?" She let him kiss her.

    "Is Ruthie. home?" Harvey asked.

    "No. She went swimming, said it would be late."

    "Good," Harvey said, undoing the knot on her halter.

    He pulled away the band of cloth and put his mouth over the pink cap of her tit. The nipple rose in his mouth.

    "Oh, Harvey, you mustn't!" she cried, but she made no attempt to stop him.

    He had both nipples standing up proud before he let his mouth slide wetly down her stomach to her deep navel. Joan moaned and raised her belly against his mouth, his hands already fumbling at the clasp on her shorts. She raised higher and he pushed them down over her butt. When he got them below her knees, she raised her feet, let them slide to her ankles, and kicked them free.

    He looked at the mass of soft, blond curls, and buried his face in her fuzzy beaver. Her legs were open wide and his tongue went into her wet, slippery gash.

    "Oh, Harvey… eat me, eat me good!" she cried. His tongue slid along her slit and curled around her throbbing clit. "Oh, fuck! Honey, that is good! You're making me so horny!"

    Harvey nibbled at her pussy until she was writhing in ecstasy. Joan liked having her cunt eaten, even if Jerry wasn't too sold on the idea. He did it only occasionally, so she was really turned on when she found a man that really dug the art, and Harvey certainly dug the art. He loved to eat pussy. He relished her copious juices as they wet her cunt and spread the taste of hot female over his tongue and through his mouth;

    When she was thoroughly aroused, he raised his face from her snatch and got to his fret. "I'm going to fuck you, Joan," he said, unbuckling his belt.

    "God, I hope so. Fuck me, you big bastard! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!" she wailed, tossing her head wildly frown side to side.

    He pushed down his pants, his massive dong tenting out the front of his shorts. Spreading out the front of his shorts, he let his cock pop out, hard and throbbing.

    "My God!" Joan gasped. She reached out and grabbed his rod in her hand. She had never seen such a big cock.

    He came down on top of her, his cock jabbing between her legs. She got a hold of it again and guided it to her cunt, and gave a little scream as his prick pushed up inside her box. She was very wet. and with little effort, he was in her cunt balls deep.

    Joan grunted with pleasure. "Goddamn, that feels good. I had no idea a really big cock could feel so much better. Fuck me!"

    Harvey felt his cock all the way up inside her cunt, felt the way her young pussy squeezed around his shaft, felt the way it sucked on his cock like a hungry vacuum cleaner.

    "God, Joan," he gasped, "I had no idea you'd be this easy!"

    "Don't get insulting, big man, or I might not you get off," she said. She was breathing hard and bunching up to meet his fuck thrusts.

    "You're a cinch, baby. A push-over, an easy lay. How many guys in that little jerky town you live in had the use of your choice body? A bunch, I'll bet," he said, knowing there was no way she could get him off now, even if she wanted to, and he was sure she didn't.

    "Just shut up and fuck, you son of a bitch! Jesus, it feels good!" she said, moving her arms over his back, sliding her fingers through the hair. He had almost as much on his back as he did on his chest.

    "You like to fuck,. don't you?" he said.

    "God, yes! Hold me tight, honey, and go slow and easy. Make it last. Fuck me the rest of the afternoon.

    There was no way Harvey was going to make it last the rest. of the afternoon, not the way her pussy was holding his cock in a vise of hot wet flesh. It didn't matter, anyway, because she was on the verge of coming, and it was going to be one of those explosive comes, the kind where every nerve tickled with excitement. Her knees came up to press tightly against his hips when it started.

    "Keep fucking! Harder! Faster! I'M COMING!" she screamed.

    Harvey felt her twisting and jerking beneath him, but was determined to hold out, determined to bring her off at least one more time. He wanted this hot little bitch to know she had been fucked by a man. He continued ramming her with long, hard strokes.

    Joan was covered with sweat and she knew she would make it again. She loved coming more than once, even if she didn't do it often. It always left her excited, wanting just a little more, and hurting, hurting just a teensy bit. It was a feeling she relished, used and hurting, and she knew she would feel that way after Harvey Simmas finished fucking her.

    He felt the jizz start up his cock and grunted with pleasure. "I'm almost there, baby!" he growled.

    "Don't come inside me!" Joan cried. "I don't want another brat."

    "Take your chances, kid. Old Harvey's going to fill your cunt to the brim!"

    Joan felt the wet warmth of his jizz spread inside her cunt and started coming again. Her legs locked over his back to hold his dick all the way in.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck, you bastard! God, it feels so good!"

    Joan smiled at Virginia, the memory making her cunt itch, her juices wetting the crotch of her panties. It was the only time Harvey had fucked her because they left the next day, but she still remembered it well. She was glad Virginia had come, even if she didn't really like her, because it brought back such a good memory. She looked out the kitchen window and saw Buck, their big, mixed breed mongrel do He was sliding his ass across the grass, his big red prick sticking straight out. He was a good dog.


    Virginia slept fitfully that first night. She realized she wasn't the same person she had been a month earlier, and because of this difference, couldn't get her young nephew out of her mind. He was such a beautiful boy, so shy, and to all outward appearances, completely innocent.

    She got up early and had coffee with her brother before he went to work, and then went back to bed, sleeping most of the morning. Joan went somewhere after lunch and was gone all afternoon. Jay was in and out. Mostly out, fortunately. They had a barbecue on the patio that night and played gin until late.

    The next day, she slept almost till noon, and went to the kitchen in her robe. After coffee, she returned to her room to dress. She felt very tense and took a bottle of vodka from her suitcase and had a stiff jolt. She knew she wanted her nephew in bed. wanted him badly, but her conscience was giving her a real tussle. "It just wouldn't be right," she told herself.. "You can't do it, Virginia." Yet, deep inside, she knew if she got the chance, she would.

    She had no more than pulled her nightgown over her head when she heard someone in the hall. She slipped her robe back on and opened the door a crack. Joan WAS standing at her son's open door talking to the boy. She wore nothing but panties and bra, brief panties and bra. Virginia gave a tiny gasp and pushed the door closed. She was about to open it again for another peek when there was a light tap. She quickly went to the bed and pushed the vodka under a pillow, then answered the knock. Joan stepped into the room.

    "I'll be gone the rest of the afternoon, Virgie. You don't mind, do you?" Joan said.

    "No, of course not. I want you to do just as you would if I weren't here. I'll be fine.

    "That's sweet of you, sister-in-law," Joan said. "Jay is home. You can talk to him…or something."

    Her tits were full and bulged dangerously against her tiny bra. It was a sheer bra and the nipples were visible. The nice bulge of her cunt hair was visible, too, the skimpy panties allowing wisps of soft hair to peek out at the tops of her thighs.

    Virginia pushed the door closed after Joan had left and sat on the bed, her hand shaking. "The tramp, the dirty little tramp," she said softly. "displaying herself to her son like that." It excited her because she remembered her next-door neighbor displaying herself in the same manner. And Clara Morrison sucked her son's cock; she had seen it. "No, no, no, no!" Virginia moaned, and reached for the bottle of vodka.

    She took a hefty swallow from the bottle and felt better. Her robe was open and she let her hand slide down into her thick beaver. She knew that Joan had a better figure than her own, but God, she was nine years younger, and it wasn't a lot better. There was just more of Virginia, and quantity had to count for something. She wasn't fat, just full-bodied. Her finger had found its way inside her cunt and she was breathing very hard before she actually realized she was masturbating.

    "Oh, fuck, fuck, hick, fuck!" she moaned, and lifted the bottle to her lips again. The liquor burned its way to her stomach and she knew why she was drinking: it was to give her the courage to do what she knew she shouldn't, but knew she would,

    Suddenly, masturbating was not enough, and she got to her feet and pulled the robe tightly around her naked body, knotting the cord securely. She went across the hall to Jay's room and softly pushed the door open. Her hand went to her. mouth to cover a gasp of delight; the boy lay on his bed, his little cock held firmly in his hand. It was beautiful, so white and round d… and standing up so stiff and proud. Virginia stood staring, her heart pounding so hard she was sure Jay would hear it.

    He didn't hear her heart pounding, but something told him he we being watched and he looked up. A look of terror crossed his face and with a bit of astonishment he wildly drew his prick back into his open pants. He looked like he was going to cry.

    His embarrassment was so horrible, that her first emotion was one of pity. She went to the bed and sat beside him and put her arms around him.

    "Oh, darling, don't feel badly," she said, and kissed him on the mouth. "All boys your age play with themselves. It's only natural.

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie, I'm so ashamed," he said, turning his head away.

    "Don't be. You mustn't be. I'm just glad it was me that caught you" She couldn't tell him how glad as she caressed his head, it was exactly what she needed to get the ball rolling. She turned his face back to hers and kissed him again, this time letting her moist lips linger against his.

    "Were you doing it because of the way you saw your mother?"

    "Yes," he said softly, turning his head away again. He was bewildered, both by his aunt's questions and her sensual kiss.

    She turned his face back again. "Don't look away, dialing. I love you'" she said. "Does it make you hard when you see your mother practically naked?"

    "Yes," he said, softer than before, his face beet red.

    "And do you always play with yourself then? You know, jack off?"

    He nodded, unable to speak.

    "Don't blush, Jay. It's only natural that you'd be aroused. Your mother is very beautiful woman, and it's not fair for her to display herself to you like that. She must know what it does to you, and you could damage yourself if you don't get relief." Her hand was softly caressing his thigh. "Did you know that, Jay?"

    "No," he said.

    Virginia didn't know, either, but she bad heard it somewhere, and it might be true. "Oh, Jay," she sighed, her fingers petting the inside of his thigh, moving higher and higher in little circles.

    His. eyes were large, still. rimmed with the moisture of almost crying, and they were adoring his exciting' aunt. He could see half of her bare titties, the pink edge of one areola peeking from her robe, and they looked so soft and round and inviting. He looked up at her, a mixture of anxiety and passion on his face, and she kissed him wetly, her pity now a blazing lust.

    Virginia's wicked little heart expanded with a luxurious desire. for her nephew. She held him tighter as she kissed him, her tongue tip lightly exciting his lips. Her restraint was completely gone and she inserted her fingers into his still open fly and.stroked the sides of his stiffened cock. He trembled with excitement.

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie!" he cried.

    "Yes, darling, your Aunt Virgie is going to be your relief. I'm going to let you relieve yourself inside me," she said. His cock firmly in her hand.

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie," he said again. He kissed her fiercely, his timidity evaporating in the knowledge that his aunt was going to let him do the thing he'd wanted to do with his mother, the thing he'd wanted for a long time.

    "First we'll explore, love each other's bodies a little," she said. She stopped long enough to push the front of her robe down below her tits, then returned her hand to his cock. "Kiss them," she murmured, "kiss them, Jay. Kiss them with your soft lips. My nipples are anxious for your loving." She pressed his face into her pillow tits. "Have you ever played with a girl before?"

    Jay shook his head.

    "I'm glad, Jay. I so wanted to be your first," she said.

    She let him suck her nipples while she held tightly to his cock. She didn't masturbate him because she didn't want him to go off; his first time with a woman shouldn't be done in her hand.

    "You're making me so hot, darling," she sighed, and took his hand in hers and pushed it wider her robe. "Here, feel my cunt, play with my pussy, make me feel even hotter."

    Jay felt his first taint. It was wet and kind of slick and hot. Virginia directed his hand, her legs sliding open, and took two of his fingers and pushed them up inside her gaping cunt-hole.

    "Finger-fuck me, Jay!" she cried.

    Jay could hardly believe his ears. He had never believed for an instant that his beautiful aunt would let him do such thing, or even say such things. He'd heard his mother say fuck, but she said lots of ugly words when she was mad. He moved his fingers steadily in and out of her pussy.

    "Oh, Jay darling, that feels so good!" she cried softly. "Have you ever seen a woman completely naked before?"

    "No," he said, "but I've seen Mom in her underwear, once without her brassiere, even."

    "Well, you're going to see one now, and I want to see you, too, all of you.

    She let go of her nephew's prick and took his hand from her cunt and got to her feet. She held her robe open first, then let it slide slowly to the floor.

    "Feast your eyes, darling, and unbuckle your pants."

    He slowly unbuckled his pants, his eyes riveted to his aunt's naked body, and she slowly pulled them down his long, hairless legs. His shorts came next, and then his shirt, and finally his shoes and socks. He was naked, she was on her knees in front of him. His cock stood straight out, all hard and beautiful, making her temptation too great; she opened her mouth and closed over his standing prick.

    "Oh, God, Aunt Virgie, that feels wonderful!" Jay screamed, clutching at her bobbing head.

    It was bliss for Virginia, toe. His cock wasn't small, but it wasn't big, either, and she could take its entire length in her mouth, the fat knob just nudging at her gullet. She loved the way he held desperately to her head, as if he were afraid she would stop if he let go, and the way his thin thighs hugged against the sides of her face.

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie, I'm about to come!" he bawled.

    Virginia pulled away and grabbed his prick in her fingers, pinching tightly. "No, not yet, honey. I want the first time to be in my cunt. I want you fucking your Aunt Virginia the first time. We can do all the other little things later. We'll have so much pleasure together." She got to her feet and sprawled across the bed, her legs spread open, her arms reaching out to him. "Come to me, darling. Get on top of me and put it in, put your cock in all the way. Fuck me, my darling, fuck your Aunt Virgie, make her feel good, make her come."

    He was on top of her in an instant, his slim hips lost between her open thighs. He jabbed wildly between her legs, his sensitive knob rubbing against her legs.

    "Oh, you feels so good!" he cried. "Am I doing it right?"

    "Fine, darling," Virginia soothed. "Here, let me put your cock in for you."

    She slid her hand down between their bodies and found the throbbing tool and pushed it into her cunt. Jay pushed when he felt h wet cunt close over the head and his prick went in to the hilt. She groaned with pleasure and pressed her thighs tightly around the boy. The feel of a boy's slim, hard cock in her pussy was heaven; yes, it was heaven.

    Jay thought he was in heaven, too. It had felt good when his excited knob had rubbed against her soft thigh, but it was nothing compared to this. He was fucking, actually fucking a girl, a woman, his own auntie; yes, he had his cock inside his Aunt Virginia's cunt, and he was fucking her, and she wanted it, maybe even more than he did! Her cut was so wet and so hot and clutched so hungrily at his prick.

    "Oh. Aunt Virgie, I love you!" he cried, jabbing wildly into her pussy. "I've wanted to fuck a girl for so long. I never dreamed you'd let me do it to you.

    "Not so fast, darling. Make this first time last a little longer because I want to come, too," she gasped. "You'll get your chance to fuck other girls, lots of girls, but right now fuck me. You can fuck me as often as you want, ten times a day if you feel like it. Your cock feels so good!"

    Virginia moaned and lifted her butt to get more of his prick inside her snatch.

    "Can you bend down and get my nipple in your mouth? Yes, yes, like that! Oh, my darling, it excites me so when you suck my titties while we fuck! Oh, dear God, I'm getting close. I'm going to come.. darling, darling, I'm going to come! Keep sucking my tit.. faster, faster! Fuck faster! Ooooooohhh, sweet Jesus, don't stop!"

    Virginia went over the edge, waves of pleasure lapping up into her belly. It was as good as she ever remembered, and it didn't stop, it just went on and on, orgasm after orgasm.

    She felt Jay go tense and knew he was there, too. He quivered and jerked, his body rigid.

    "Fuck fast, darling, make yourself come good!" she cried.

    Virginia had wondered if he was old enough to squirt, and now she knew; she could feel the wet stuff in her cunt.

    "Just lie still now, darling. Leave your prick inside me and let it drain all your stuff out. Fill me with your spunk."

    They lay quietly for several minutes.

    "You made me come, darling. Your very first fuck and you made me come. You should be proud."

    "I am," he said.

    "I've had a few cocks, Jay, and I think yours must be the best. Your Uncle Harvey has a monstrous prick, but yours feels better. I love the way you will fuck me. Will you fuck me a lot, Jay?"

    "Oh, God, Aunt Virgie, I'm so tired now."

    "I don't mean right now, darling." She giggled. "Ill let you rest up. You don't have to fuck me if you don't want to."

    "I didn't mean that, Aunt Virgie. I want to fuck you."

    "I know. I was just teasing. You can fuck me whenever you want as long as I'm here. Now just lie on your nice auntie and rest. I like you on top of me all sweaty and breathless."

    They lay for a long time in silence. His prick had shriveled and slid out, but it still felt good dangling against her leg. She was wondering if he could get a hard-on again this soon when he spoke.

    "Is it right for us to do this together?" he asked. Virginia blushed. She had pushed the right or wrong thing from her mind and now here it was back again. "I.. I'm sure it's right, darling," she said, suspecting that she was probably lying to herself as wall as the boy.

    "If I did it with Mom, would that be right, too?"

    "Oh, Jay, don't ask me that, just lie back and rest."

    The boy looked into her confused face and got up. He pulled on his jeans, grabbed a shirt, and left the room without looking back.

    Virginia was bewildered by his actions, but she didn't really care right now. She felt too good. She got up from the bed and went back to her own room. She was sound asleep minutes later.

    She didn't see her nephew again until supper, and then he looked very subdued and avoided her eyes whenever she looked at him. He got up from the table and announced he was going to go out with the guys and left the house in a rush.

    "What's eating the little bastard?" Joan said. "Goddamn kids, they're a pain in the ass."

    "Come on, Joan," Jerry chuckled, "he's just a kid trying to grew up. It's not the easiest thing in the world, you know."

    "Big fucking deal," Joan said, and got up from the table.

    Virginia blushed at Joan's language and realized she hadn't shed all her prudish ways. She wondered if what she had done with Jay Was right; the boy certainly seemed disturbed. She remembered Harvey saying a good piece of ass never hurt anyone, but she knew he wasn't talking about children, or at least she hadn't assumed he wasn't. She decided to give the matter a lot more thought before she did anything else.

    After the supper dishes were done, Jerry brought out a bottle and said, "Let's play cards and maybe get a little drunk."

    "I'm for that," Joan said. "Why don't you get out of that hot dress, Virgie? We're very informal around here, especially when it's so hot." All Joan was wearing was a halter and short-shorts. The smooth cheeks of her ass rolled down below the shorts and when she leaned over, cunt hair peeked out between her legs.

    "I'm afraid I wouldn't look as good as you in such brief attire," Virginia said.

    " think you'd look terrific, Sis," Jerry said.

    "I'm too fat," Virginia said.

    "You, too fat in all the right places"

    Virginia blushed "Well, okay."

    She went to her room and slipped out of her clothes. She put on a little dress that she knew was not decent. It was far too short and too low cut, held up by spaghetti straps over bare shoulders. She even skipped a brassiere, but did put on panties.

    Jerry was kissing his wife when she returned, his hand inside the back of her shorts. He blushed when he saw his sister and pulled his hand away.

    "That's more like it, Sis. God, you really look Sexy," he said, blushing again.

    Jerry's pants were tight and a quick glance told her that he had a hard-on. A little shiver ran up her spine.

    "Wow! You look at me tonight and not your sister," Joan said, her hand grabbing the cod-bulge in Jerry's pants.

    "Joan!" Jerry said, pushing her hand away. "Let's play cards."

    The drinks were strong and after her third, Virginia felt giddy and just a little naughty. She knew that under the table Joan had her bare foot in her brother's crotch, and she knew that he was looking down her dress. It excited her that her brother was looking and she made sure he got a good view, bending forward far more than before.

    By midnight they were all pretty drunk. Jerry picked up Virginia's glass. "One more for the road?" he said.

    "I don't think I can find my way to bed now, but okay, one more," Virginia said, giggling. She knew how her tits bounced when she giggled. She giggled again.

    "I'll give you a hand, Joan said. She staggered a little when she got to her feet. "Goddamn, I can really feel Joan pulled her halter down.

    "Look at my tits for a while," she said. "Aw, don't be like that," Jerry said.

    "I'm just teasing, honey. I don't mind if you stare at your sister's boobs. She's got a pair worth staring at." She deftly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "My, what a fine hard-on you have. I'll bet I could bring you off right here in my hand," she said, slowly jerking on his cock.

    "I'll bet you could, too, but let's wait until we go to bed. Once more around and I'll fuck you silly."

    "I like that kind of talk," Joan said, and bent over and kissed his cock on the head. "Mmmmmm, all salty and ready for eating." She followed him to the table and knelt, and sucked his cock while he mixed the drinks. He took longer than usual.

    Jerry's face was flushed when he returned with the drinks. Joan followed shortly, adjusting her halter. The drinks went down quickly.

    "I'm going up and brush me teeth and get ready for bed," Joan said. She giggled and headed for the hall. "You close the door and come on. .. I'll be. waiting."

    Jetty grinned and went to the front door and pushed it closed. He mapped off the light, leaving the room dark except for the dim light from the hall.

    "Jay isn't in," Virginia said, "and it's so late."

    "He'll be in when he's ready, Sit You forget we live in a small town, not a city like you. Kids come and go on their own. Now come on.

    Virginia giggled. "I'm afraid to get up. I'll just fall back down. I'm loaded, Jerry."

    "I'll help you." He reached out and took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She stumbled and fell into his arms.

    "Oh, Jerry, it's so good to see you again. I'm so glad I came."

    "Me, too," he said and kissed her on the cheek. Somehow, the kiss didn't end there, his mouth sliding around until their lips were pressed together.

    Her arm went around him. "KISS me again, little brother," she said, pressing her heavy tits against his chest..

    He kissed her again, full on the mouth. "Again," Virginia said breathlessly. She hunched against his crotch, feeling his thick erection, and took his kiss with her mouth open. His tongue was wet and she drew it in deeply. "Oh, Jerry," she sighed, rubbing her cunt mound back and forth against his cock.

    "Jerry! Come on to bed," Joan yelled from their bedroom.

    Jerry stiffened and pulled away. "Help me to my bedroom. I really am drunk," Virginia said, almost as if explaining her behavior. She slipped her arm around his waist.

    They stopped in front of her bedroom door and kissed again. This time his hands moved to the, cheeks of her ass and pulled her tightly against him. She felt her dress lift up her legs, then his cool fingertips against her panties.

    "Oh, no, Jerry!" she cried softly, wishing she had worn no underwear. He hesitated. "Kiss me," she sighed, and reached back behind her back, took his hand in hers, and pushed it between her legs.

    "Jerry! Get the fuck in here!" Joan's voice screeched down the hall.

    "Virginia, Virginia, my darling Virginia," Jerry moaned.

    Virginia pulled free, her hand pressing against his fly. She curled her fingers around the bulge in his pants and squeezed. "Go, darling. I know what Joan wants." As he walked away, she said softly, yet loud enough for him to hear, "When you fuck her, pretend it's me."

    She stripped off her dress and panties and crawled into bed. Her head spun when she lay it on the pillow, and her hand went directly to her cunt. She brought herself off vigorously, imagining-Oh God!-imagining her own brother was fucking her. She fell quickly asleep after her orgasm, and her dreams were of rosy little peckers, all of them hard and seeping delicious white, stringy goo, and of a bigger cock, her brother's cock. It was hard and veined, the head angry red, and it was in her mouth.

    She didn't know how long she had slept when she roused and realized someone had gotten in bed with her. She was still drunk and felt drowsy and good. Pale moonlight streamed through the window and even drunk she could see her nephew's face.

    "I love you, Aunt Virgie, and I'm so sorry I acted like I did!" he cried. He put his face against her soft flesh and sobbed.

    Virginia caressed his head. "Don't be sorry, darling. I understand. You're so young and sweet, but I loved what we did together. Didn't you?"

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie… Yes, yes, yes!" he sobbed. She was on her back and his face was pressed to her tit. His mouth found her nipple and closed wetly.

    Virginia gasped with excitement and pressed his face against her jugs. Her hand slid down inside her pajamas. He was already hard as her fingers circled his cock.

    "I want to suck your cock, Jay. I want you to come in my mouth," she said, her whole body trembling with need.

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie!" he said again.

    She had no trouble getting him to turn his body so she could get at him and let his prick slide into her mouth. She sucked hungrily, the salty taste of his first ooze setting her senses on fire, the boy's soft moans adding to the thrill. She had his entire prick in her mouth, the head probing at her throat, its slick ooze mixing with her spittle.

    They lay on their sides in the classic oral position, the boy's warm breath caressing the tops of her legs. He smelled the spicy pungency wafting from her open cunt. She reached down with her hand and pressed his face against her thigh. His lips were wet, his breathing faster.

    She released his cock and gasped, "Oh, yes, my sweet, my darling, kiss me there! Slide your wonderful lips up between my thighs and make love to me with your mouth like I'm doing to you. Oh, yes, yes!"

    He planted wet kisses on her thigh and moved upward, hesitating when he was inches from her cunt. The odor was strong, not really unpleasant, but strange to a young boy.

    "Kiss it, darling, kiss it," she moaned, pressing his face against her cunt.

    "Too much hair," he said, sputtering.

    "Part the hair with your fingers. Kiss my pussy, darling. Open it to your lips and tongue and lick it and suck and I'll suck your cock again, suck it until you spit your wonderful stuff into my mouth."

    Jay did as he was told, slowly and reluctantly at first, but with gusto when she again Wok his prick into her mouth. He had his tongue inside her cunt when he came, and used it like a little prick while she sucked his hot, stringy jism into her mouth. She waited until she had it all before she let it slide slowly down her throat. She held his face tightly to her pussy while it burned a fiery trail to her belly. She didn't come, but the feeling was so intense, so satisfying that it was almost as good.

    When she had drained his balls, she lifted him into her arms. "Kiss me, darling, kiss me long and hard," she said.

    "Now? After we.

    "Yes, especially now."

    His face reeked of ripe cunt, her breath of boy's hot jizz. They kissed anyway.

    "I had to come and see you, Aunt Virgie. I couldn't wait until the morning."

    "That's sweet, darling. I'm so happy you did." "When I got home, I came in real quiet and I watched Mom and Dad doing it."

    "Doing it?"

    "You know, fucking." He looked away from her, still shy in spite of all they had done together. "Oh. They were fucking?" she gasped, thinking that had it been possible Jerry might have been fucking her. Her body tingled with excitement.

    "Yes, and the lights were on and the door was open and I could really see them good. It really gave me a hard-on. But Mom was on top."

    "Theft are many positions for fucking, Jay. We'll try many before I leave." She held his prick softly in her hand.

    "Oh, Aunt Virgie," he sighed as she gently massaged his prick.

    "Were they having fun? Tell me about it, Jay."

    "They sure were. Mom was sitting up, you know, like on his stomach, and she was bouncing and whining and Dad was just lying there with his eyes closed and punting and lifting up with his hips. Probably to get his old cock in deeper and make it feel better."

    "I'm sure, honey. It feels so good when it's in deep."

    His prick was growing again and she was slowly easing him onto her body. She lay on her back, her legs open to receive his splendid little prick. He would last longer now that he had already made it once and he would make her come and come.

    "I've watched them lots of times, only usually it's dark and I can't see too good. They do it a lot. I've heard Mom tell him how much she likes it and how bad she needs it. I think Mom really likes to fuck."

    "I'm sure she does, honey, and so do I," Virginia said.

    She had him lying on top now and slowly pushed his prick into her cunt.

    "Fuck me now, Jay, fuck me good. I need it bad, too, real bad!"

    Virginia shuddered with pleasure. She could feel his shaft jerking nervously in and out of her cunt, feel the smooth, hard nice ridge just below the knob, the thick lump of the knob itself; she could feel it all. It was a feeling she knew she would never tire of, and now, this night, it seemed more vivid than ever before. Each successive fuck seemed better than the one before, whether with man or boy; her whole body was growing more attuned, more desirous of prick. Even' nerve, every spat on her body was alive, alive with sexual desire.

    "Oh, Jay, darling.. fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she moaned.

    He was really going now, and only his second time. A fucker, the boy was a real fucker. God, what a stud he would be when he was grown, and she would teach him, play with him, suck him, fuck him, make him so sensual that he. would want to fuck every girl he saw.

    "Jay, Jay, Jay, my little darling! Fuck me hard! Exercise that marvelous little prick in Aunt Virgie. Make it grow big, keep it hard, fuck every chance you get. Oooooooh, Jesus Christ! Shit! Piss! Fuck! Damn! I'm coming! Fuck me, you little bastard, fuck me!"

    She closed her eyes and clutched him tightly, her orgasm filling her heaving belly. And then another, and another, one right on top of the one before. Oh, goddamn, she wished for an instant that it was her brother's prick grinding at her cunt and she came again. Of course it would be bigger, much bigger, probe deeper into her fuck hole, yet all of a sudden she didn't care who was fucking her long and it was so fun. God, so much waiting so long. "I'm going to come, Aunt Virgie, I'm going to come!"

    "Yes, yes, yes! Pour it into me, my pussy, make it all wet and sticky and dirty!"

    She felt the hot liquid squirt and hunched to keep her nephew's prick deep. The boy jerked until his peak and dumped heavily onto her quivering belly. She felt the rim of his cock pulsing slowly pulling away from her and she knew she couldn't keep it in her cunt forever like she wanted.

    "That was wonderful, Jay. You made me come a dozen times at least I never felt so hot before in my whole life."

    She rolled the panting boy off and put her mouth to his soft prick. She sucked the pecker until it was clean, took his balls into her mouth, and licked deeply between his ass-cheeks. She had never done that before and let her tongue sink into his fucked asshole.

    She finally got the boy get to his feet and urged him to return to his own room. After he had gone, she pulled the pillow from behind her head and tucked it between her glowing thighs. She placed it to her cunt, closed her legs tightly, and dropped into a deep, contented sleep.


    Virginia sat up in bed and stretched. She was wearing a skimpy little short nightgown that barely covered her ass when she was standing, and her tits all but fell out when she moved. It was the first day of her third week at her brother's. She really hadn't intended to stay so long, but she and Jay had had sex one or more times every single day and the time had flown. Her feet had just touched the floor and she sat bleary-eyed on the edge of the bed when her sister-in-law opened the door and popped her head inside. The woman never knocked.

    "Hi, sleepyhead. I'm going grocery shopping, be gone a couple of hours. Okay" Joan said.

    "Fine. It'll take me that long to wake up. What time is it, anyway?"

    "Almost eleven, sack-hound. Goddamn, Virgie, you really got a set of tits there. You should have been a stripper or a go-go dancer or at least a prostitute." Joan giggled fiendishly and ducked out the door before Virginia threw something.

    Virginia had to chuckle at Joan's crude remark because Joan was always crude. She had detested her before this visit, but now, well, she still didn't like her, really, but she could get along. Joan had married Jerry when she was only nineteen and he was twenty. She was pregnant at the time and claimed it was Jerry's. Virginia had doubted it at the time because Joan was a luscious blue-eyed blonde, voluptuous and wild as hell. She Was sure other boys had fucked her, at least all rumors said so. Now she didn't think so; Jay looked too much like her brother.

    She wondered, too, where Joan went all the time. She was gone every day. Of comic, she liked that, because it gave her and Jay the chance to be alone. It was better during the day than the nights he snuck into her bed; more relaxed, no fear of being caught. Besides, it was a small town and people did more things, belonged to more clubs, knew more people than in the city.

    She stretched again and went into the bathroom and took a cool shower, then carefully powdered and perfumed, combed her hair, applied makeup, and slipped into a fresh gown that was even more revealing than the last, it didn't cover her ass at all.

    She went to Jay's room and peeked in. He was still sleeping so she went to the bathroom and got a pan of warm, soapy water and a big towel. She returned to Jay's room and set the pan on the bedside table. She pulled down the sheet and gazed at his fine young body. He was naked and lying on his back, his little prick lying limply against one of his thighs. She moved the pan of water to the bed and sat down beside the sleeping boy.

    Her tongue thickened with desire when she wetted her hand, getting it good and soapy, and reached out and took his little cock. It straightened and thickened in her hand and was completely erect when he opened his eyes.

    "Aunt Virgie," he said thickly, "I love you."

    "I love you, too, darling," she said softly, brushing her lips across his chest. Her hand was slick with soap and she let it slide slowly up and down from balls to cock-tip. "Does that feel good, darling? Do you like it?"

    "Yes, yes, I love it! Don't stop!" he groaned.

    She tightened her grip, letting the slippery cock slide in and out of her fists making sure the thick head slid all the way through her fist.

    "Feels good, doesn't it? But don't come. Hold out like I've been teaching you."

    "Oh, goddamn, Aunt Virgie, it feels wonderful! Makes me tinge all the way down to my toes," he said.

    "I'll bet it feels like being inside a nice warm girl."

    "You're the only nice warm girl I've ever been in, Aunt Virgie."

    "Yes. And you're going to be in me pretty quick. I feel like fucking this morning." She giggled. "Of course, with you, I feel like fucking every morning, or afternoon, or night."

    She continued masturbating the boy until she knew he couldn't hold out When he was all but popping, she gripped hard on his shaft, her thumb and finger squeezing just below the ridge. When he had cooled, she pushed her hand up over the fat, blood-filled knob, squeezing hard.

    "Imagine my fist is a girl's cunt, Jay. Someone you know, one of your friends. Imagine you're fucking her, fucking the shit out of her."

    She soaped her hand again and got his cock slick and wet and then bent don and took the soapy knob in her mouth. While she tightly held the shaft, she sucked the cherry head, opening the slit with her tongue and drawing what wetness came forth.

    "And now we fuck" she said, watching his wand wave in the air. She straddled his chest, her open cunt above his face. "We'll do it with me on top, like you said you saw your mom and dad do, but first I want you to kiss it and make it ready.

    She reached down and put her hands behind the boy's head and pulled his face up into her cant. He was quite good at eating pussy now, and thrust his tongue into her wet hole. He played between the puffed cunt-lips, letting his tongue glide up to fickle her aroused clit. She let him suck her cunt until she was almost there and on the verge of coming off; then she let his head drop back to the pillow.

    "I'm going to fuck you silly, Jay," she said.

    Jay looked adoringly at his aunt as she Positioned herself over his standing prick. "DO Mom and Dad do things like this?" he asked.

    "Yes, I'm sure they do." She had the head of his cock between her spread cunt-lips.

    He looked at her strangely. "Does Mom do it with other men?"

    Virginia gasped with surprise. She had never thought of Joan cheating on Jerry,, but now it seemed very possible. "I… I really don't know, darling. Why would you ask such a thing?"

    "I don't know. Just a taught. Skip it. Fuck me, Aunt Virgie. Make me feel all good and squirt up inside you."

    Virginia let her weight down slowly, feeling an intense thrill as the knob and then the shaft pushed up into her cunt. She was sure his cock had grown some since they had started fucking. It felt so good up there inside her cunt; God, it felt so good! She sat flush against his groin until she was sure she had all his cock, then fell forward and started fucking.

    She raised and lowered on his cock, for several minutes, pulling forward to rake the stiff shaft across her bulbous cut. When her excitement was very intense, she raised up and let her tits dangle down.

    "Can you reach one of my nipples with your mouth, honey? It thrills me so when you suck on my tits while we fuck."

    Since her tits were so very big and soft and pliable, Jay easily pulled one up to his lips. His mouth closed over the nipple and he gently bit the hard little knob.

    "Oh, Christ! Oh, lover, my darling, I like that! Do it some more. Yes, Yes? like that. Ohhh my, a little harder, honey! Now move to the other one."

    Jay moved from tit to tit, biting and sucking while Virginia's excitement grew. She moaned and gasped, her hips moving faster and faster. Her copious juices mixed with the soap from his cock, making her cunt a frothing slippery mess. His cock did easily in and out like bearings in an oily slot.

    "Oh God, Jay, but I love it when were fucking." she cried. "Love it, love it! Ill bet your. mamma loves to fuck, too, maybe even with other men. Do you think she lets other men fuck her?"

    It excited her even more to think of her sister-in-law cheating on Jerry. She didn't know why, it just did.

    "I don't know, Aunt Virgie," Jay answered. "Maybe she does." He lay perfectly still while Virginia romped on top of him and then added, "Yes, I think she does let other men fuck her."

    "Does it excite you to think of other men fucking your mother?"

    "It didn't before you came, but it does now. She's so pretty… and so sexy. Oh, Aunt Virgie, I'm about to come!"

    Virginia grunted deep in her throat and pushed down hard on his thrusting prick. "It's… tab, it's okay. I… ohhhh, Jesus honey, me, too! I'm going to come with you! Oh, baby, I'm going to come with you! Oh, goddamn, goddamn, I'm coming! I can feel your hot stuff! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, it feels so fucking good!"

    It was a magnificent come for both aunt and nephew. Neither one thought of it as incest any more; it was just good fucking-good, hot, sensual fucking.

    Afterwards, they took a bath together Virginia played with his cock the whole while and when she finally got him up again, they got out of the tub all wet and slippery and sucked each other off, lying on the bathroom floor in a classic sixty-nine.

    After Jay dressed and took off somewhere on his bike, Virginia wondered if she was harming the boy. She had made him come three times; maybe it was too much. Yet, he seemed more energetic and filled with enthusiasm than when she had first come to visit. He could get his cock up and keep it hard longer everyday, and then go and do all the things boys do. She had even knelt down and sucked him off in the kitchen while Jerry and Joan were in the next room. The boy was tireless.

    Virginia didn't have the endless energy of her nephew, and went to her bedroom for a nap. She didn't know how long she had slept when the ringing phone awakened her. She didn't realize that she wasn't in her own home, being half asleep, or that she was naked, and ran down the hall to answer the jangling phone. She stopped only when she heard Joan's voice.

    "Hello," Joan said. There was a moment of silence and then Joan giggled. "Teddy, darling, you shouldn't say such nasty things on the telephone."

    Virginia stood in the hall listening. Teddy… darling… The hair bristled on her neck. She knew she shouldn't eavesdrop, but Joan was talking to a man, saying things a married woman should not say, and she had to listen, even though she knew without heating another word that Jay was right-Joan was fucking around with other men.

    "Of course I like you, Teddy," Than said, "Didn't I show you that yesterday afternoon? My God, all afternoon I showed you!" There was a pause and another giggle from Joan. "Oh, you big baby, you know I want to do it with you again, but I can't possibly get out tonight.

    "Oh Jesus, honey, don't talk like that! You're getting me all hot and bothered." Oh, Jesus, baby doll, I wish I could reach through the phone and play with it for you. Describe what you're doing, honey." There was a long pause. "Oooooh, honey, of course you're making me want it! My panties are soaking wet. What? You're leaving town in the morning? Oh, no, honey. Look, baby, stop jerking off or you'll come right there on the floor and I want you to save it for me. I'll rack my brain and think of a way to got out of the house and call you right back.

    "Of course I know where you're staying I spent the whole afternoon with you there yesterday, remember?" She giggled again. "I love you, too, honey. Well, what I really love is your great big, hard cock. Okay, okay, I'll come up with something and call you back. Bye for now." She hung up the phone.

    Virginia felt numb with pain, pain for her poor, suffering brother, and without thought of her nakedness, rushed blindly into the room. "You dirty little tart, you faithless whore, you're cheating on my brother!" she screamed.

    Joan sat down on the couch and took out a cigarette. She lit the cigarette, the vaporous blue smoke trickling from her nostrils. "You're naked, darling," she said calmly, a smirk on her lips.

    Virginia looked down at herself and sputtered, "Oh, dear! I was taking a nap, it's so damn hot in that bedroom, heard the phone ring and just… Goddamn you, Joan, don't change the subject. I said you're making a cuckold of my brother."

    "So," Joan answered.

    "So? So? Is that alt you have to say?" Virginia cried, her face red with angers. She saw a shirt Jerry had left draped over a chair and grabbed it up. It came down to the top of her beaver, and she didn't button it, just clutched it at the front.

    "Okay, so what? Is that better? Jerry's shirt is very becoming, but your pussy's still showing," Joan said, almost laughing.

    "You don't care; you don't give a goddamn!" Virginia yelled. "Well, you'll care after I tell Jerry."

    "You know, I don't think you're in any position to tell Jerry anything."

    "at… what the hell do you mean?"

    "I'll make a deal, honey. I won't tell on you if you don't tell on me."

    "I. I don't know what you're talking about." The color had drained from Virginia's face.

    "You know what I'm talking about, Virginia. Just keep your little secret to yourself and I won't tell Jerry that you've been fucking our son."

    Virginia went weakly to a chair and sat down. My God, Joan knew, and she didn't give a damn about that, either. "How did you find out?" she said.

    "You were in too much of a hurry to get in his pants that first time, honey." She drew a mouthful of smoke deep in her lungs. She was enjoying herself; Virginia had always acted so stuck up, so damn pious. "I hadn't left the house yet when you rushed into Jay's room to console him for playing with his cock. Actually, it's a – deal forth. kid. I've always thought a boy should learn how from an experienced teacher, and you certainly seem to be experienced. If all little boys learned to fuck and a sweet auntie, there'd be a lot less lame fucks around and they might be the answer to girl's prayers."

    "Okay, okay, you've got me where you want me. You don't have to be crude. I'll keep my mouth shut," Virginia said.

    "I knew you'd see things in their proper perspective once you understood the situation, but now I want something else, too."

    "What?" Virginia said, stiff-lipped.

    "Well, Teddy, the guy I was talking to on the phone, is a traveling salesman and he's moving on in the morning. He has a marvelous big cock and knows how to use it and I want it one more time. Sooooo, when I tell Jerry that I'm going to a friend's house to play cards, you'll cover for me. He doesn't like for me to go out at night and leave him alone, but with you here to keep him company, I may start going out more. Dig?"

    "I dig," Virginia said. She felt numb.

    "Now you sit right there while I call Teddy?' Joan snuffed out her cigarette and went to the phone. "You look marvelous in the buff, Virginia. You should run around naked more often," Joe said as she dialed.

    "Hello, Teddy," she said, "I can make it." She looked at her watch. "It's five now. I'll be there in ten minutes, and have that big, beautiful cock good and hard. I want to suck it as soon as I get then." She smirked at Virginia. "It will make you last longer when we fuck, and oh, God, do I ever need a fuck. Haven't had any since yesterday, sweets. Do you have plenty of booze? Okay, honey, bye."

    Joan put the phone down and turned back to Virginia. "You can tell Jerry it was a dinner party. And tell him I'll be late."

    "Where should I say you are?" Virginia said frostily.

    "Oh, I don't give a shit. Say I'm at Mrs. What's her name. Say you forgot. Say anything you want. I know you'll make it good."

    "You're shameless," Virginia said.

    "Isn't it the truth, toots?" Joan said, and left.


    Joan hadn't been gone fifteen minutes when Jerry arrived home from work. Virginia had barely had enough time to get into some clothes. The first thing he said was, "Where's Joan?"

    Virginia braced herself for the big lie. It was necessary, both for her security and her brother's feelings, and it came off surprisingly easy, even the part about forgetting the woman's name.

    "Well, what the hell, she needs a night out now and then, too. It'll do her good. Besides, we really haven't had any time alone, just the two of us, to talk and reminisce about old times. Have we?" He chucked her under the chin. "Where's Jay?"

    "I haven't seen him since noon," Virginia said.

    "I have a great idea. Let's go out to dinner, just you and me. You haven't started anything, have you?"

    "No, but what about Jay?"

    "Ill leave him a note and a couple of bucks for hamburgers or something. Come on, get all slicked up while I change. There's a nice little place just opened at the edge of town."

    It Was a nice little place with a cozy dining room, an atmospheric bar, and a dance floor. They sat by a huge picture window overlooking the whole valley and ordered cocktails, martinis for starters.

    "Jesus, Virgie, you look great, just great," Jerry said.

    She wore a little one-piece summer dress, low cut in front and held up with spaghetti straps. It was short, probably too short, and clung sexily to her wide hips. She wore nothing under the, dress but a strapless push-up bra, to support the weight of her cantaloupe-sized tits, and thin little bikinis that insisted on creeping into the cleft of her ass. Her thighs were large, but her calves and ankles were still very good. She had an exciting figure, to say the least, and a great deal of it was exposed.

    They had three martinis and were both tight by the time the steaks arrived. Virginia had a filet and Jerry a New York cut. Jerry toyed with his steak, his attention riveted to his sister's immense tits. His cock wouldn't obey his mental commands and kept rising stiffly in his pants.

    "Nice little place, isn't it?" he said. "They have dancing, too, if you want to dance after we eat Just to a juke box tonight, but they have a combo on weekends, or are supposed to. I don't think the place will make it."

    "Why not?" Virginia said.

    "Just not enough people here. You know these damn small towns, never support anything really good."

    "If you don't like it, why do you stay?" "Aw, my job's here. I'm no spring chicken any more."

    "You're only thirty. You could get a good job in the city."

    "Yeah, I suppose you're right, but actually, I like it here, and it's a good job and we're buying the house. People have to put down roots. I guess I feel like I belong here."

    "Let's not get so serious, little brother." She took a big bite of her steak. "I'm a little drunk, you know.

    "Me, too. Let's order another." He waved at the waitress.

    They switched to Scotch and water. Doubles. "Let's dance," Jerry said, pushing back from the table. "I'm not really hungry, anyway."

    "Okay, if I can stand up," Virginia said. Virginia stood up fine, swayed a bit, but it was in keeping with the touch, twisting dance they were doing. She bent her body to the music and then straightened up abruptly.

    "Oh, fuck," she said.

    "Huh?" Jerry said. He was accustomed to Joan talking dirty, but not his sister.

    "Sorry, slip of the tongue. My bra snap just broke."

    "I can see why," Jerry said. "Go and take it off if it's uncomfortable."

    In the girls' room, Virginia removed her bra, and then she removed her panties. It excited her to be naked under her dress, and she enjoyed feeling excited. She wondered if Jerry was excited, too. Now that she was drunk, all she could think of was the night several weeks ago when she and Jerry had almost done something they shouldn't. Only Joan's presence had stopped them, and Joan was out screwing a salesman in a motel.

    "Let's have another drink and get the hell out of here," Virginia said when she returned.

    They had another double and went out to the car, Virginia leaning heavily on her brother. She let him kiss her lightly on the lips before she got in.

    "I'm glad Joan went out tonight," Jerry said when he had slipped under the wheel.

    "So am I," Virginia answered.

    "Sit a little closer, Sit I love tat perfume you're wearing."

    Virginia slid over close to him and let him put his arms around her. She' have been disappointed if he hadn't. Then she let him kiss her. It was a light kiss at first, but grew in intensity until their mouths were open and their hot tongues were twining and swabbing. She slid her arms up around his neck and pulled him close, deciding that she was really no better than his cheating wife; they were cut from the same cloth, she had just started a little later in life. She wanted her brother's cock and she knew it, wanted it hard and smooth sliding in and out of her cunt, making her feel good, so good that she would want it even more. Virginia admitted all this and pulled herself more tightly to fuck, Jerry darling. I need you. I want you. I want you to fuck me."

    "God, Virginia, L never thought I'd hear you say that to anyone, let alone me. I'm on fire, let's do it here, let's fuck right here in the car."

    "No, darling, we'll do it at home in bed, your bed. I'll do something else for you here, something I've secretly longed to do for twenty-six years, do again, really. Do you remember?" "No. Should I?"

    "Probably not. You were only four years old. Push the seat back as far as it will go and relax, because I'm going to suck your cock, suck like I did when I was eighteen years old, only our daddy isn't here to stop me, now."

    "God, Virginia! Did you, did you really?"

    "Yes, I really did. Now stop talking and push the seat back."

    He pushed back the seat. She pushed his hand from her cunt and lay across the seat, watching as her brother turned to clear his cock from the steering wheel. Then she brought her head dawn into his lap. Her tongue cleaned the oozing cock-head, carefully wiping up the jizz, before she closed her mouth down over the throbbing shaft. She let it go all the way into her gullet and then backed off to suck hungrily at the bulbous knob. It was delicious there inside her mouth, and the heat in her belly leaped to ii roaring inferno.

    Jerry leaned his head back, his eyes closed, savoring the exotic caresses of his sister's ardent mouth. Joan didn't dig cock-sticking and had only done it for him a half-dozen or so times, each time under protest. A cute little gal where he worked sucked his cock frequently, and she was good at it, but it was nothing like this, nothing like having his own sweet sister's hot, and obviously experienced, mouth wrapped around his dirty old dong. God, it was marvelous, marvelous the way Virginia sucked cock! She was so good at it, and seemed to enjoy it so. Damn, he wished he could remember when she sucked it those many years ago.

    "Suck it, you bitch, suck my cock!" he groaned, thrusting his rod into her mouth until she gagged.

    Virginia pulled back her head and let his prick fall free. "Jerry, Jerry, I want to take you all the way, suck until your prick runs dry, but my cunt's on fire. I have to have a fuck. I can't wait until we get home. Slide out from under the wheel. I'll get on your lap."

    She sat up and Jerry slid out from under the wheel. His cock pointed straight up from his pants and Virginia quickly straddled him, her hand finding the rigid prick and quickly pushing it up inside her yearning snatch. She eased down slowly, pushing his entire dick up into her cunt.

    "Jesus, Jesus, it feels so good. I need it so," Virginia panted, riding slowly on the stiff rod. "We can do it again when we get home. Joan will be late. She said so, she's-" Virginia bit her tongue. She had almost said Joan was out fucking another man.

    "She's what?" Jerry said.

    "She's… she's a good fuck, I'll bet."

    "God, yes, she's a good fuck. She loves it."

    "Do you ever cheat on her, Jerry? I mean other than tonight, Virginia asked. She moved slowly, easing his cock in and out of her clasping pussy. It felt so good as it pulled out, and then as the thick ridge at the bottom of the knob spread her cunt open as it went back in.

    "Don't talk, just fuck," Jerry said.

    "Do you, Jerry?"

    "Well, some," he said.

    "Who with?"

    "You wouldn't know her, but it's a girl down at the plant. She'd married and has four kids, but she loves to fuck. Some girls are like that."

    "Yes, some are," Virginia said. "Oooooh, Jerry, it feels good. I think I'm getting close."

    "She's married, has four kids, and she's only twenty-two. Yeah, she loves to fuck," Jerry said. "I fucked my boss' wife once. She was really drunk. It was at a party and it was really to get even. The bastard had taken Joan upstairs and I know she let him fuck her, and I don't think it was the only time. So I fucked his wife when she was on her ass, almost out, and I think I could do it again she she's not so drunk. Maybe I will."

    "Now you' talking too much. Shut up and fuck me, honey. I was about to come and you talked me out of it."

    "Joan really loves fucking, Virginia,. too much really. I'm sure she cheats on me. One cock isn't enough for some girls. I think Joan is like that. Are you like that?"

    "Oooooooh, Jerry, Jerry darling, I'm almost there!" Virginia screamed. She leaned against him, pushing his rod all the way into her gushing fuck-hole. He hunched roughly against her. "Yes, yes, yes, I'm like that, too! I wasn't always, but I am now. OH, SHIT, I'M COMING! I let a stranger fuck me on the bus coming here, Jerry, and Joan is out with a man now, probably fucking his very minute!"

    "Oooooh, Virginia, no, no! Oh, goddamn, I'm coming, too! Move your ass faster! Fuck your brother! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

    His prick belched up inside her belly, pouring out wad after wad of thick, white spunk.

    They dung to each other tightly, Jerry's soft cock still imbedded in her cunt. "Oh, Jerry, I wish you could drive home like this. I don't want to lose your wonderful cock for a minute" she said.

    Is it true? What you said about Joan?"

    "Yes, darling I'm sorry. I didn't mean to tell you. I lost my head."

    "Why did you let her go?"

    "I couldn't stop her, and I wanted to be alone with you. I wanted to do what we just did." She figured that a little lie here wouldn't hurt, no need to mention his son, too. "Let's go home now, go home and go to bed."

    She slipped off his lap and he went back under the wheel. It took only minutes to get home, and they went directly to the bedroom. Jerry pulled off his pants and shorts and was on top of her before she could get her dress off.

    "Jerry, darling Jerry,!" she moaned as he sank his shaft into her cunt again.

    "Let's fuck all night, Virginia. If Joan comes home, she'll just have to wait her turn."

    "Whatever you want, darling." She didn't care if Joan did catch them, but she was sure Jerry did in spite of what he said. She we sure he'd finish and send her to her room before Joan got home.

    "Fuck me, Jerry! Fuck your sister and make her feel good," she moaned, the soft tingling already starting in her pussy. She could tell she would come quick this time, and come more than once, his cock told her that

    She felt his cock up there inside her cunt, every vein, every bump, and the engorged head all but in her womb. He had a long cock, and long slim cock with a fat uncircumcised head. She liked its length, the way it thrust up inside her cunt, like it was past her belly button even. Straddling him in the car had been good, but this was better, and she started coming.

    Jerry grunted and hunched as if his life depended on getting more of his cock inside her cunt, and she gurgled wildly, her come spreading like hot lava through her churning belly. She came again and wrapped her soft legs up around his back in an effort to keep the good feeling from spilling out around the edges. She had made it four times when Jerry finally started pouring his slime inside her cunt. He groaned with pleasure and laid his head on her fat tits.

    "Do you think I should split from Joan, you know, leave her?" he finally said.

    "Oh, no, Jerry. You've got to stop thinking about it. She's been a good wife and mother. And you've got to admit that she's been discreet. You'd never have known for sure if your big-mouthed sister hadn't spilled the beans. Just swallow a little of that male pride and do some cheating, too, Some more, I mean.

    "Maybe you could find another couple and cheat together. She's a great gal, honey, just gets a little itch now and then and has to have it scratched. Just love her and fuck her, and pretend that I never opened my big mouth."

    "Maybe you're right. Sis. Eli think about it," he said.

    When Virginia returned to her own bed, she had been fucked three times by her brother and never gotten her dress off. She stripped off the wrinkled dress and fell into bed. She was in that never-never land of half-sleep when Jay crawled into her bed. He was naked, and his cool flesh felt good. She wiggled onto her back and drew the boy on top. She was still drunk and had been well fucked, yet she wanted more, and felt the urgency growing when his cock razed across her belly.

    "Reach down and put it in yourself, Jay. And do it slow. I'm so drowsy, I just want to lie here and feel you push your cock in and out. Uh, a little lower, sweetheart… yes, that's it. Now push it in. Ooh, honey, you have such a nice hard-on."

    Jay lay on top of his aunt, fucking slowly, feeling the luxury of her fine body. She was so soft and warm, and so hot inside her cunt He felt like he could fuck her the rest of the night.

    "I did it tonight, Aunt Virgie," he said.

    "Did what, darling? Ooh, that feels nice."

    "I fucked a girl my own age."

    "What? What did you say?" Virginia cried. She wasn't really jealous, but it did make her stomach lurch.

    "I fucked a girl my own age. You told me I should. It was really cool. I liked it. She told me it wasn't her first time, but that I was sure the best she'd ever had. I told her hell yes, I learned from an expert."

    "You didn't say who, did you?" she said quickly.

    "Nah, course not. Me and Jerry Carter-he's nineteen and we had his dad's car-picked up Sally Brown. She was walking home from the library. Anyway, Jerry's driving, so I put my arm around her and started kissing her. She's a couple of years older than me and says so. You see, she's surprised that a kid my age is so smooth. She just melts away in my arms."

    Jay fucked his aunt steadily as he talked. He fucked in a slow, steady rhythm. Virginia lay still on her back, enjoying the expert screwing of her pupil.

    "By the time Jerry gets to a good parking place I already got her all heated up. She kept telling me she's not that kind of a girl, but she let me inside her blouse and she didn't have on a bra. Boy, she's got nice tits, too. Small, but hard and smooth-and her nipples get all pointed when she gets hot. Old Jerry gets all bug-eyed watching. He's three years older than me and all he can think of to do is sit there and rub his hands together.

    "By this time, Sally's really worked up. She has her head back and her eyes closed. I unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her neck, and shoulders and then start suckin' her nipples. All she. can do is moan and tell me how good it feels and to stop and then not to stop. She got all excited when I put my hand under her dress and she started hollering; "No, no, no, honey, don't do that!" but her legs open up wide and she slides down in the seat so I can get in the leg of her pants and she just lets out a long groan when I rub her cut and push my finger up in her cunt."

    He stopped. talking and he stopped fucking.

    "Don't stop, honey, tell me all of it. And for goodness sake, don't stop fucking," Virginia said.

    "I was gettin' close, Auntie. Cotta let the old machine cool for a minute. Anyway, I ask Sally to get in the back where there's more room and she tells me she ain't goin' no further, but she gets in the back. We start kissing and feeling and then I get her pants off and she finally unzips my pants and reaches inside. Boy, it was all downhill from there. I get my pants off, too, and then all of a sudden I'm in the old saddle. Sally's all spread out and I'm on top of her and I get my cock in, all the way in. Wow, was her cunt ever tight! Lots tighter than you, Aunt Virginia, but hot near as good.

    "She sure made a lot of noises, whining and grunting and giggling and when she made it, boy she went nuts. She told me only one other guy ever made her come and he was a lot older than either of us. She told me I could fuck her any old time I wanted, and she's one of the classiest chicks 'n school. After she popped, she whispered in my ear that I could go all the way and fill her cunt up with my stuff 'cause she W on the pill. Boy, I really came, too. It was great the way her cunt pinched tight on my cock, just squeezing every drop right out

    "You know what that dope Jerry said when we dropped her off and she promised to see me again tomorrow night? He said, 'Can I come, too?' I told him he had to-he has the fuckin' car!"

    Virginia moaned softly as her orgasm spread through her belly. She stretched her legs and pointed her toes down to let it flow all the way. It was a slow, soft orgasm that made her feel all squishy inside. It lingered on and on, licking gently at her insides the way a good come is supposed to. Goddamn, the boy could really fuck! He had learned his lawns well. No wonder Sally wanted more of him.

    "You can came whenever you want, honey. I've made it, and I'm just floating on cloud nine. You don't, have to hurry, though. It still feels good, real good. Or if you'd rather, you can pull out just before you make it and come in my mouth. I think I'd like that."

    Jay fucked for several more minutes and then pulled out. He moved up and straddled his aunt's face, his cock hanging down in her open mouth. The minute she closed her lips around his knob, he started to come. His fuck-nectar was hot on her palate and far more copious than it had been when they started fucking several weeks earlier. She sucked ravenously, draining his precious balls of every drop.

    Jay pulled back and sat beside her. "Aunt Virgie, can I tell you something?"

    "Of course, darling. You can tell me anything."

    "I want to fuck Mom."

    Virginia was stunned for an instant, but only for an instant; she had more or less expected it. "I think she'll let you," she said slowly. "All you have to do is try. I'm sure she'll lot you fuck her. Now lie down and snuggle in close to me. I want you to spend the whole night with me. Just snuggle up and close your eyes and go to sleep."

    Virginia pulled the boy's body in close, tears in her eyes. She knew it was time for her to return home. She had thoroughly perverted the men of the Newhouse family, and now she was doing her bit on Joan. Wanton incest with her own brother and nephew, teaching a young, innocent boy to be a libertine, and now encouraging him to fuck his own mother. It was the last straw; it was time to go home.


    When Virginia awakened, Jay was already up and gone. She stretched languorously, surprised that she had no headache; the booze had flowed pretty liberally. It was early, the sun had just come up, but she decided to get up and bathe and have breakfast with her brother. Visions of his prick still danced in her head.

    Her thoughts turned to Jay. The little bugger was really turning into a stud. She was surprised at her lack of guilt. What the hell, he had a nice prick, and nice pricks were meant for girl-fucking, and he was certainly going to get his share of fucking. Her resolve to go home was unchanged, however.

    She got to the kitchen ahead of Jerry and started coffee. It was done when he walked in. She poured him a steaming cup and looked at him with adoring eyes.

    "Well, aren't you going to kiss me good morning?" she said.

    "Sure." He kissed her on the cheek.

    "You can do better than that," she said. "At least you did last night."

    Jerry blushed, hesitated a. moment, and was reaching for her when Jay walked in.

    "Hi, Aunt Virgie, you fixing breakfast?" Jay said.

    "Yup, taking orders right now," she answered, straightening quickly.

    She was serving when Joan came in. She looked terrible. It was obvious she hadn't escaped the morning-after headache.

    "Don't worry about me, you bastards," she groaned. "I may not live out, the hour, but don't worry about me."

    She went to the fridge and got out the tomato juice, then the cupboard and got the vodka. She mixed half vodka and half tomato juice and held up the glass. "Hair of the dog," she said, and poured it down. She had another just like the first and sat down at the table.. "Beats hell out of coffee, but I'll have some coffee now. Will someone give me a cigarette?" She looked better already.

    Joan drank the coffee and then excused herself. When she came back, she was the old Joan, bubbling bouncy. She had combed her hair and applied a touch of makeup. She wore a slinky wrapper that clung to her body. It was obvious that she had nothing on underneath, since both her nipples protruded. Joan had large nipples.

    When everyone was at the table, Virginia filled their coffee cups and sat down. "Now that everyone is here, I have an announcement. I'm going home today."

    They all looked startled, especially Jay. He looked like he had expected her never to leave.

    "What the rush; honey? Things were just getting interesting," Joan said.

    Virginia blushed and glanced at Jay and Jerry. "Well, I haven't heard a word from Harvey, and maybe he's not missing me enough. I think it's time I go home and tend the store."

    "I don't want you to go, but if you think you must," Jerry said.

    "Yes, I think I must," Virginia answered.

    Jay said nothing.

    "I have a good idea," Joan said. "We'll drive you home. No sense your riding that old bus."

    "You know I can't get off work," Jerry said. "I don't mean you, silly. It'll be good for you to be home alone for a few days. A man needs to wash his own socks and cook his own dinner now and then… and do without getting it. Makes you appreciate the little woman." She giggled. "Jay and I will take her."

    "I'm not going either," Jay said. He was red in the face and jumped up from the table. "I won't go and you can't make me go." He ran out of the room.

    "Now what's eating the little bastard?" loan said. "The little fuck doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to. He can't drive, anyway."

    "Joan," Jerry said. "You better go in and see what's bothering the kid. I've got to get to work. We'll discuss it tonight."

    "The fuck we will. I'm driving Virginia home and that's that. Well leave in the morning." She got to her feet and stamped from the room in search of her problem child.

    Virginia shrugged, a weak smile on her face. Jerry got up. "Looks like you got a ride home, Sis. I'll see you tonight." He left for work.

    Joan found Jay sitting in the living room, tears in his eyes. She went to him and sat beside him on the couch.

    "I don't want her to go. I'll miss her too much," he said, on the verge of tears again.

    "I know you love her and you'll miss her, darling, but you're not a little baby any more. You got along before she came and you'll get along after she leaves."

    "Things aren't the same, any more."

    Joan knew what he was talking. about and put her arm around him. "Perhaps not, but things always change. You'll get by somehow."

    Jay snuggled against his mother, felt her thinly covered, hard nipple against his arm.

    Virginia stood in the hall listening. God, she thought, what had she done to the boy?

    Jay pressed his arm harder against his mother's nipple and slipped his hand wider the flap of her robe. Joan stiffened when she felt his hand press the inside of her bare thigh. He let his hand move up until it Was a scant inch from her pussy.

    "Jay, what in the hell do you think you' doing?" she said.

    Jay didn't answer only grinned at her and slid his hand into her crotch, cupping her hairy cunt-mound.

    Joan jerked back and slapped his face. "You little pervert! I'm your mother, not your fucking lover!" she screamed.

    Jay went rigid, his hand going to his slapped check. He started to cry. "But… but Aunt Virgie said you'd.. '

    "She said what?" Joan screamed louder.

    Virginia cringed in the hall. The bastard, the dirty little fink! she thought, and rushed to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and lit a cigarette. After she finished the cigarette, she took a stiff belt from the bottle of vodka in her suitcase and decided it was time to take her medicine. She would tell Joan and get it over with. She was leaving in the morning anyway, so what the fuck.

    She got as far as the living room door before she stopped. Joan was lying on the couch, her wrapper on the floor, along with Jay's clothing and Jay was on top of his mother fucking like mad.

    "Uh, uh" Joan punted, her knees coming up each time Jay thrust into her cunt. "Good, honey, so good. You've learned your lessons well. Your Aunt Virginia is quit a teacher. Now just fuck your mother. Fuck her hard, make her come good!"

    Virginia could feel the wetness spreading in her panties. God, what a sight, a boy fucking his mother! She heard Joan moaning and knew she was coming. The boy was a good lay, and he would get better. Joan started screaming and hunching wildly with her hips. She's a hot cunt. Virginia thought. Your mother is a real slut fuck her ass to that couch, make her scream, fuck her good baby and you'll have a ready piece of ass anytime you need it.

    Virginia didn't see Joan again for a couple of hours. "Jay isn't going with us" was all she said.

    That night, they stayed up late and got tight. Jay was gone again. Just before they turned in, Joan whispered to Virginia, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of your brother. Give him something to think about while I'm gone." Virginia lay in her bed and listened to them; they were really going at it.

    Virginia was asleep when Jay crawled into her bed, and he already had his prick inside her cunt when she awakened. It felt good to wake up with a prick in your pussy; besides, she needed it.

    Jay fucked slowly bunching her tits with his hands so he could massage them with his hairless chest. "I had a date with Sally tonight, Aunt Virgie," he said. "We double dated with Jerry and a girl named Martha. They're a couple of dopes. They just watched from the front seat while I fucked Sally. Sally's family sure gave me a strange look when I picked her up. I'll bet I can fuck her if I want."

    "I'll bet you can, too," Virginia said. She felt her orgasm coming and gurgled with pleasure.

    "I fucked Mom today," he said, just before he came. "She sure is a good fuck… Ooh, Aunt Virgie!"

    They slept in late the next morning. They all had hangovers. Jerry had wisely taken the morning off and it was that afternoon that he would be coming. Jay waved his aunt good-bye and took off with Jerry Cuter. Joan was sad. Virginia sat staring at the breakfast table.

    "I took your advice, Virginia. Didn't say a word to Joan, even pretended to be asleep when she came in night before last. It's for the best, I'm sure."

    "I'm sure, too," Virginia told her brother. "One indiscretion shouldn't destroy a marriage." Virginia shivered at her lie. One little indiscretion? Joan got fucked by someone almost every day of the week, usually not Jerry! She was about as loose – a woman could be.

    "It's really quite a coincidence, but my other half left town for several days, left just this morning." Jerry laughed, leaned back in his car, and lit a cigarette. "His true-blue little wife jumped at the chance for a shack-up when I cited her. We're going to spend tonight at her house and tomorrow then."

    "What about Jay?"

    "He'll have to get his own girl." He giggled at his little joke. "Just kidding. I'll have him spend the night with a buddy."

    "Is your boss' wife pretty?"

    "Yeah, a doll. She's a little older than me, but well curved, and hot to trot all the time." He got to his feet and came around the table to where Virginia was sitting. "Stand up, Sis, and kiss me good-bye before Joan gets back."

    Virginia got to her feet. She had anticipated a hot drive and wore a thin dress, no underwear. Jerry didn't have on a shirt yet and felt her soft tits flatten against his chest. Her tongue slid into his mouth. Jerry groaned.

    "My eyes have really been opened since we did what we did the other night," he said.

    Virginia reached down and opened his pants. "Let me. hold it one more time before I go," she said. She took his cock out and gently stroked it to full erection.

    Jerry groaned again and pulled up the back of her skirt; his hands cupped her bare ass, pulling her against his thrusting prick. "Jesus, Sis, you're naked under that dress."

    "Yes, darling. I was hoping you'd find out." She pulled free of his arms and went down on her knees. "Oh, Jerry, Jerry, I want to suck you off. I want you to come in my mouth before I go." She looked up at her brother. "Is it all right?"

    "Jesus, what a stupid question," Jerry said, thrusting his cock against her cheek.

    Virginia rolled' back his thick foreskin with her fingers and closed her lips over the naked knob. She sucked on the gaping hole in his prick, her lips rubbing against the crown of his knob. She liked sucking a man's prick, and she liked taking his load in her mouth. She hoped Jerry would have a lot of jizz for her, a lot of sticky, messy fuck-juice.

    She continued sucking on the cock-head, her fingers holding the shaft tight; then she started masturbating him, too, until he was on the verge of squirting. She held his cock tight, shutting off the impending flood. When he had cooled, she started again, this time with her tongue on the underside of his knob. She stroked against his dick until he was there again, and again she shut him off. When she resumed again, she took his whole cock in her mouth, the glands pushing down into her gullet. She was gagging when he started coming. She pulled up to let his jizz flow across her tongue, and savored the taste of her brother's cum. With her fist, she squeezed the spunk out squirt by squirt until her mouth was full. Then she swallowed and pulled for more.

    Jerry was squirming with discomfort when she finally let his cock go. She got to her feet and lifted her skirt, stuffing his prick, which was still hard, between her fat thighs, and kissed him on the mouth.

    "Will your cock stay up long enough so you can get it in?" she hissed.

    "I doubt it, honey, but you can try," Jerry said. Virginia leaned against the wall, her feet far apart. "Come close to me and hunch down," she said.

    She reached down with both hands and took his prick. Her cunt was slick and wet with excitement and she normally got his cock started in, but it was only half-hard, making fucking difficult. She couldn't move much for fear it would slip out, but while holding it in with her hand, her fingers worked feverishly at her clit. Jerry started moving with her and she felt her brother's cock stab deep in her belly.

    "Do it, do it, honey, I'm going to come! Ooh, God, it feels good! Jerry, Jerry, I'm coming!"

    It as a hard come, harder than she had thought it would be, hard enough to buckle her knees, and when she buckled, Jerry, lifted her by her ass-checks and his cock came up hard, only for an instant, but long enough to push deep inside her pussy and squirt goo into her belly.

    "I'm coming again, too!" Jerry gurgled. They both slumped to the floor, panting and kissing. Jerry's cock slipped out and dripped jizz into a thick pool on the floor.

    "God, Virgie, who the hell says incest is wrong?" Jerry gasped.

    "Well, maybe it is wrong, darling, but it sure is fun," she answered.


    It was after three before they got on the road. After Joan drove for a couple of hours and got drowsy, Virginia took the wheel. Darkness was creeping in when she pulled into a luxurious motel. Joan sat up and rubbed her eyes.

    "Where are we?" she asked.

    "About halfway home but I'm getting tired, too, so I thought we'd stop at a motel for the night. Get an early start in the morning"

    "Joan, ritzy-looking place. You sit tight, hon. I'll run in and register."

    Virginia fumbled in her bag. "Let me pay."

    "Okay," Joan said, and plucked two twenties from Virginia's hand.

    "Is that enough?"

    "God, if it ain't, we better find another place."

    When Joan came out of the motel office, she was grinning. "God, the clerk was a doll. Tall, dark, cute little mustache, about twenty-five, I'd guess."

    "You're too old for him," Virginia quipped.

    "I'm only twenty-nine, dear, not exactly a senior citizen."

    By the time they had eaten and had a couple of drinks, it was completely dark, so they returned to their room. Virginia took a bath and went right to bed. She was bushed from the driving, but Joan's nap had done wanders and she couldn't sleep. She got up and tried to watch TV, but that bored her so she went out on the veranda for some air. She saw the flashing lights from a bar and wanted a drink, but she had on a skimpy little gown and would have to get dressed. While she debated on dressing, she glanced down and saw the kidney-shaped swimming pool, shimmering mirror-like in the pale moonlight. It was a hot, muggy night, an a dip in the pool would be fabulous, but she hadn't brought her swim suit.

    The pool stood crystal still, enticing, beckoning her in. She looked at her watch. God, after eleven. The motel was dark and silent the no vacancy sign blinking in the darkness; no one would notice if she was quiet and didn't splash.

    Joan left the gown on a lounge chair and slipped quietly into the water. It felt wonderful, refreshing, and just cool enough 'to bring her nipples up hard and tingly. She ducked her head under and swam across the pool, the breath bursting in her lungs when she came up at the opposite edge. When she opened her eye, she was staring at a pair of brown loafers, legs sprouting up from them like stalks of corn.

    "It's against the rules to swim after ten," the motel clerk said sternly. He glowered down at her, seeing only her head bobbing above the surface.

    "Lob of things are against the rules after ten," Joan said. "Why don't you join me? The water's fine."

    "Listen, lady, you gotta get out. I could lose my job," he protested.

    "Shit! It's only a job." She turned and did a slow crawl across the pool. "You're chicken," she called.

    The young man stared, his black mustache twitching. She swain high in the water and he could see her back. It was bare. He could see her nice round ass. It was bare, too. "Christ," he gulped and looked around. Theft wasn't a light. He kicked out of his loafers and pushed his pants down his long legs. When he was don to his shorts, he jumped into the water.

    Three long strokes and he was treading water beside the naked Joan. She reached out and put her bands on his hips. "You are a chicken," she said, and pushed his shorts down his hips. When they were below his crotch, she took hold of his prick. It was shrunken into his belly, trying to get away from the cool water. "Ever fuck in a swimming pool?" Joan said.

    She had one arm out to keep afloat, but the other was down in the water, her hand briskly massaging his cock. "Which end Is the deepest?"

    'Down there, under the board," he said weakly, his cock rising rapidly inside her warm hand.

    "Good. Let's go down there. We can hang onto the side, but I don't want to be able to touch bottom."

    She let go of his cock and swam briskly, hooking an elbow over the edge wider the board. The young man followed quickly, paddled up and put his arm around her. They kissed hard. She found his cock again and went back to work. When it was good and stiff, she brought her legs up and wrapped them loosely around his hips, nudging between her open legs with his cock.

    "Do you think you can get your prick in like this? All of a sudden she was hot for it. I want to fuck," Joan hissed.

    He tried to guide his cock in, then she tried to guide it in, but it wouldn't go; the cool water kept the lips of her cunt pursed shut.

    "We'll have to get out to get started," she said. "You sit on the edge and I'll straddle you. When your cock's in good and deep, we can slide back in the water."

    The young man didn't argue. He had a hard-on and was ready to fuck. He quickly crawled out and sat with his legs dangling in the water. Joan hoisted herself out and straddled his lap. She lost her balance and almost pulled him back in, but he caught himself in time and pulled her down on his lap. She reached down and spread open her pussy.

    "Get your cock in?" she cried.

    He kept one hand behind her back and gripped his cock with the other. He fitted the hefty knob to the mouth of her cunt and she pressed down, the fat, hard prick spreading her hole open.

    "Oh, Jesus, I like, I like!" she hissed as his cock mashed up inside.

    She stretched one leg out beside him and then, the other, and curled them behind his bed. "Get your cock in good and deep, then you can get back the pool.

    She wiggled on his lap, screwing his cock in with each movement. When it was in all the way, she sighed and sat hunching against his groin. It felt so good to fuck this way, with her leg locked behind his back, that she didn't care if they got back in the pool or not.

    "Oh, honey, your cock feels so good in there," she moaned, rocking steadily on his lap.

    "Hang on, here we go," he said, and pushed himself back into the pool.

    The cool water enveloped them, sending shock waves trough their bodies. Joan's head went under, but he quickly pulled her back above the surface. She was gasping for air, but her legs were still locked behind his back, holding his cock in her cunt all the way.

    "Goddamn, your twat's tight! The water must really shrink up your cunt-lips," he said. He held onto the edge with one hand and around her back with the other, using the buoyancy of the water to start a slow fuck-motion.

    Fuck me, fuck me!" Joan moaned, relaxing her legs to Jet his cod thrust in and out of her cunt. "God, it's so good this way. Go slow. I want to come. Oh, Jesus Christ, how I want to come!"

    They hung in the water, both bodies moving together. His cock pulled slowly out and her cunt clasped hungrily and pulled it back in. Their tempo increased as both felt the urgency of a come spreading from their loins. The man started first, the head of his cock swelling fat and exploding with a huge gob of milky goo. Joan punted with the pleasure of his hot jizz spurting and started coming, too. They fucked hard and fast, oblivious of the splashing water, until both hung limply in the water. Her legs slid down from his hips to dangle helplessly.

    The young man climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge. "By the way, my name's Roif," he said.

    "HI, Roif. You sure can fuck. Call me Joan."

    He got up and started pulling on his pants. "You'll have to get out of the pool, Joan. No one in after ten.

    "Why, you ungrateful-"

    Roif started to laugh. "I have to get back to the office. Why not come up with me? The owner has some good Scotch."

    "You devil. Okay, I'm bushed. I can use a drink."

    She slipped on her nightie and they went to the office.

    "You are some kind of foxy chick," Roif said as he poured two stiff drinks.

    "I'll be coming back through here in a couple of days. I'll be alone."

    "We have a unit with a waterbed. I'll hold it for you. Maybe I can get the night off."

    "If you don't, I'll stay in the motel across the street."

    He came over to her and kissed her. "Care to try it on dry land?" he said.

    "Yeah," she answered, unzipping his pants.

    "Do you mind driving first, Virginia? I'm still tired," she said after they had finished breakfast.

    "No, I don't mind. Where did you go last night?"

    "Oh, I went for a walk. I didn't think you'd miss me.

    "Yeah, you went for a walk. Right up to the office and that good-looking clerk."

    "Sounds like she's on to me," Joan said, and got into the car.

    Joan dozed for the first hour; Virginia chain smoked. Joan finally sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Give me one of those before you smoke them all up," she said.

    She dragged deep and let the smoke trickle from her nose. "You know, Virgie, you should have been a teacher."

    "Why do you say that?" Virginia asked, feeling a little flattered.

    "Well, you just have the knack for teaching things. You should start your own school. Call it the Simmas School of Fuck."

    "You shithead! There's only one way you could know if I'm good at teaching that."

    "I won't deny it. Besides, you watched. Didn't you?"

    "Yes, I watched," Virginia said.

    Joan sat up straight and grabbed Virginia's arm. "Stop the car, quick."

    "Why?" Virginia said, hitting the brakes. "There's a couple of guys hitchhiking. Let's give them a lift?"

    "You know that's dangerous, Joan." She eased off the brakes.

    "Stop the fucking car!" Joan screamed.

    Virginia pulled off onto the shoulder and brought the car to a halt. "You're a crazy bitch, Joan."

    "Do you want to get in the back with one?" Joan said. "No, Joan. Christ."

    "Okay, then I will. And you'll have to… and listen to us." She looked out the back window and saw the two men running towards the car. When they arrived, she got out and opened the back door. "After you," she said, pushing the younger one in the door. He was tall and slim and clean-shaven, rather good-looking with his long black hair. "Just put your pack on the floor." She climbed in beside him.

    The other man just stood and gaped. He was stockier and older, probably around thirty. He had a thick stock of hair and a full, woolly beard and mustache, both sandy red.

    "Get in the front, you stupid ass!" Joan bellowed, and pulled the door shut.

    He grinned weakly and got in. His grin showed two rows of perfect, white teeth. He put his pack on the floor by the door.

    "Boy," he said, "I've done a lot of hitching, but this is a new experience for me."

    "Me, too," Virginia said. "I'm Virginia. What's your name?"

    "My friends call me Ham. That's my kid brother, Terry, in the back."

    "I'll pretend I'm one of your friends and call you Ham. Joan is in the back with Terry, and don't look around unless you want to get shocked." She liked him. He was friendly and relaxed. "What are they doing now, Ham?"

    Ham turned and looked into the back seat. "She's kissing him."

    "How do you know he's not kissing her?"

    "Terry's not that fast."

    Terry was faster than Ham thought; he already knew that Joan wasn't wearing a bra. While they French-kissed, he rubbed her back under her blouse; there were no straps.

    "I feel even better in front," Joan said.

    Terry lifted her pull-over blouse until both tits were exposed. "Nice," he murmured, cupping a jug in each hand.

    "Do you ever kiss a girl's titties?" Joan said coyly.

    "Whenever I can," he said, and bent his face forward, taking one of her distended nipples first to his lips, then lightly between his teeth.

    "Oooooh, honey, nice!" she cooed, closing her eyes. She thoroughly enjoyed having her nipples nipped. "The zipper on my slacks is on the side." She sagged down in the seat so he could get the zipper down and his hand inside. "Yes, yes, yes… slide your hand in there between my legs. Make me hot, make me want it"

    She lifted her leg up on the seat to give him easy access to her cunt. He found her wet slit and slipped his finger up inside her pussy, gripping her crotch so the heel of his hand pressed against her clit. He gripped her lighter, his finger going deep in her cunt, his palm spreading the outer lips apart.

    "Good, baby, good. Finger-fuck me, make me eager for your cock," she moaned, her own hand groping at his fly. In the front Ham could hear Virginia's every word. Virginia felt the wetness between her legs and glanced quickly to see if it was affecting Ham. His pants were baggy, ideal for walking, but no good for showing off a hard prick.

    "Take off my slacks, honey," Joan said. "You feel like you're ready for action."

    Virginia caught a glimpse of Joan's bare legs coming up in the air when she rolled onto her back. She heard her giggle and then saw Terry's bare ass come into view in the mirror.

    Virginia gripped the wheel more tightly then reached up and tilted the mirror to get as much of the back seat as possible. She could see Joan's legs, her thighs and a quick glimpse of the boy's slim hips and then his…his cock. It was a long, slim cock, circumcised, the head red and tapered to a near point. He moved on in and she could only see part of his ass, bare and bobbing.

    God, it was really turning her on, far more than she thought possible. Joan was really doing it, really taking that lean, hard prick. They were fucking. It blew her mind. Pick up a hitchhiker and before the car can travel ten miles-fucking.

    "Unngh, unngh, good… good!" Joan punted. "Slow down, honey. You'll come too quick. That's better. Yeah, ooh, that feels good! Yeah, yeah, get it all the way in. Pull out slow… Oh, yes, in and out, in and out! Fuck me, baby! Yeah, fuck me!"

    Ham had half turned in the seat and was staring at the wild fuck-scene. He was grinning, his hand swiping at his crotch.

    Virginia glanced at the big man, at his woolly red beard and his deep blue eyes, then down at his crotch. She reached down and pulled her dress to the tops of her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties and her beaver was wet.

    Ham looked at her and smiled, a nice smile. "You're a fine looking lady," he said and put his huge hand on the top of her thigh.

    Virginia saw a side road ahead and hit the brakes. She veered off the highway, cruised for a couple hundred yards, and pulled to a stop. Shoving the car into park, she turned and took the man's hairy face in her hands and pressed her lips to his. His hand settled tightly into her crotch while they kissed. Her legs were open and her pussy as wet; his finger met no resistance. She moaned into his open mouth at the feel of his finger, it as easily as big around as Jay's cock.

    "Oh, Ham, let's get out" she moaned. "We need more room."

    They left the door standing open and went into a quick embrace. Virginia leaned against the back door while he kissed her again and again. He had her skirt up around her hips, his hands softly massaging her ass, gently lifting on the abundant flesh.

    "Gorgeous, gorgeous," he moaned, pulling from her arms and sliding down on his knees.

    He held her skirt high and started kissing her thighs just above her knees. By the time he got to mid thigh, she had her legs as far apart as they would go, bracing herself against the side of the car, with her hands on his head. When he got an inch from her cunt, he stopped. "The skirt has got to go," he said.

    He undid the waist, and pulled it down over her hips. She straightened up long enough to get it down her legs, and when it was on to pound, spread out again.

    "Don't stop now," she said.

    He started at her belly button this time, and worked down slowly, his bushy beard tickling ahead of his wet mouth. He played around her abundant cunt-bush, across the top and down the side to the insides of her thighs again. He played at the edge until she was screaming for more.

    "Oh, Jesus, do it!" she moaned. "Do it before I go crazy!"

    He did it. His tongue came out and wiped up through her thick, wet cunt-lips. He drew back and spread her gash with his fingers, carefully brushing the hair to each side, and planted his mouth to her cunt. His tongue went into her hole, and then up across the fat little cunt to play around it and over it, and over it, and over it. Virginia gasped for breath, her knees weak, and then they gave way. He held her up with his mouth, her weight pushing her cunt down on his face. Her twat opened wide and she started coming, and, God, what a come it was!

    Virginia gasped and jerked, riding his upturned face and out thrust tongue like Calamity Jane on a saddle horn. Her guts were turning inside-out and she hadn't so much as seen his prick.

    Her juices slickened her cunt like hot butter and his tongue slid in deep. It felt like a fat prick without a knob, and she loved the knob, but she came again, anyway. She slid from his grasp to the pound, moaning with a orgasm.

    When she recovered, he had his pants off and was kneeling beside her. His cock was hardy thrusting from a forest of red hair. It was good. He started fucking, long slow strokes, each one a little faster than the last until he was humping like crazy.

    Virginia felt the fat dong moving inside her hole and grunted with pleasure. She lifted her knees until her feet were flat on the pound, and rocked her hips. The sensations were growing stranger, the pulsing vibes shooting out from her stuffed cunt, down her legs, up into her belly, and she was coming hard. It was her third orgasm and almost as intense as the first, the one he brought with his mouth. And then it was even stronger, so good that she thought she would faint. God, it just got better and better, and he fucked steadily, sensing that he was in the right spot and that a good unbroken rhythm would bring her off over and over, bring her off until she was frantic with the good feeling.

    "Jesus!" she hissed. "Jesus Christ, I never came so hard in my life!" She was shuddering, convulsing, jerking with spasm after spasm of female orgasm. "Aw… Christ! It's so fucking good!"

    Ham felt her pussy sucking, opening and closing around his rigid cock, and started to come. The jizz boiled up from his balls and poured into her red-hot cunt in thick, creamy spurts. He shot charge after charge into her cunt until it was frothing like a vanilla soda under the tap.

    "God, Virginia, you're the best fuck I've ever had, bar none," he gasped when finally his strength was spent.

    "I live in Silver City. Will you stop over there?" Virginia asked, taking his face in her hands. She kissed him softly on the lips and then sucked at his bushy mustache.

    "I will if I can see you," he answered.

    "You can see me as often as you want. I never came so much in all my life. You're the best fucker ever."

    Joan. and Terry watched the pair through the window. Even Joan was awed when she saw Ham pull his monstrous prick from Virginia's cunt. "God, he's hung like, a stud bull!" she gasped.

    "He's got the biggest cock I ever saw," Terry said.

    When they headed out again, Ham drove. Virginia snuggled against him. She was thirty-eight, happily married, and in love again. Maybe Harvey could get him a job, and if he wasn't afraid of a girl being too pretty, she would fix him up with Ruthie. After all, Ruthie was built just like Virginia, and she had to need a big man, a big man with a big cock. Yes, she would do anything to keep Ham near, even push her daughter into bed with him. She was sure the big man would have enough left over to give her a little now and then.

    Ham drove for a couple of hours and then they changed seats and Joan drove. They necked and played with each other until Ham's cock was good and hard again, and then she sucked him off, happily swallowing the thick, heavy load that he poured into her mouth.

    When they arrived in Silver City, Virginia gave him a hundred dollars and her phone number and address. He didn't want to take it, but he and Terry were suffering the shorts, so he took it, and promised to pay her back. She told him to get settled and call, call right away.

    "God, that as some stud you got. I goofed," Joan said after they drove off. "Yeah, you did. Terry was cute, though!" "Was that his name?"

    "You mean you fuck a guy and don't even know his name?"

    "What's in a name?" Joan shrugged.

    "Well, I know Ham's name, and I'm going to fix him up with Ruthie."

    "You mean your daughter?"

    "Yeah. He's going to marry her."

    "You're nuts, Virginia. And I, thought I was screwy.

    "You are screwy, Joan, but I guess I'm screwier. I miss him already. He's got to marry Ruthie so I can see him now and then. I'd marry him myself, but I'm already married."

    "You could always get a divorce."

    "That would be stupid, Joan. Harvey makes so much money, and he really doesn't care what I do. No, I'd rather he married Ruthie."

    "And then you'd fuck him? Right?" Joan said. "Yeah. He could fuck me whenever he wanted," Virginia said, slouching down in her seat, a satisfied smile on her lips. "Turn at the next corner, honey. We're almost home."


    Harvey wasn't home from work yet when they arrived, but it was obvious that he had been there, at least in the kitchen; it was a mess. Every dish in the house was dirty and stacked in the sink and on the counters. Virginia opened the dishwasher, it was just as she had left it-empty.

    "The son of a bitch is a slob, a real slob," Virginia said.

    "God, will the rest of the house look like this?" Joan asked.

    "No, it will look just like the dishwasher, clean, except for the bedroom, of course. It will look like the Olympics were held there."

    "You're not implying that Harvey might have had a woman in the bedroom while you were gone?"

    "Women, probably," Virginia said.

    Virginia proved right about the rest of the house, except that the bathroom was also a disaster area. She had forgotten that he would have to use that, too. By the time he got home, everything was back in order.

    Harvey was genuinely glad to see his wife. He hugged her and kissed her and lifted her into the air. "Jesus, I'm glad you're home, baby! I really missed ya," he said. Then he saw Joan. "Hi, sister-in-law, what are you doing here?"

    "Slumming," Joan said.

    They went out to dinner and destroyed three bottles of champagne. Harvey was attentive to both women, splitting the dances down the middle. He was an excellent dancer, unusually light-footed for such a big man. They were feeling no pain by the time they got home around midnight. They had one more nightcap before turning in.

    Virginia had noticed her lecherous husband's eyes gobbling up Joan and she was amused. "Joan is some dish, wouldn't you say?"

    "Yeah, a pretty foxy cunt," he said. He looked at Virginia. She was down to her panties and bra and was reaching behind her back for the catch. "You ain't too bad yourself, baby."

    "Is that a compliment?"

    "Yet, that's a compliment," Harvey snarled.

    Virginia let her bra fall to the floor. "Well, my tits are sure as hell bigger than hers. But then so is my ass." She pushed down her briefs and sat on the bed, her legs coming open. "Get some of those fucking clothes off, big man. I want a look at your prick. I missed it."

    Harvey peeled off his shirt, his big belly sagging over his pants. He pushed his pants and sorts down at the same time and left them in a heap. His cock had taken on some blood, but was still limber.

    "Come over here," Virginia said.

    He walked over and stood by the bed. Virginia reached out and gripped his cock. She held the giant dong lightly, moving her fist slowly. It grew steadily in her hand.

    "Yes, that's what I missed," she hissed.

    "You've changed, Virginia. I don't know what it is, but somehow you seem different."

    "Yes, I think I am different," she said. She looked him square in the eye, her hand pulling eagerly on his dick. "For one thing, I had a boy friend while I was gone."

    Harvey stiffened. He felt a sudden jealousy. "Oh," he said flatly. "And did you go all the way with him?"

    "Yes, he fucked me." She wasn't quite ready to tell him she'd had several, and that one of them was in town and would most assuredly fuck her again.

    Harvey's face was red. He had cheated on her almost every night she we gone, but that was different; he was a man, and she was his wife.

    "Don't get too mad, Harvey, I'm sure you got your share while I was gone." She bent forward and kissed his cock on the end. "Here, I'll suck all that anger out for you."

    She opened her mouth and took the bulbous knob inside. She sucked eagerly, letting lots of spit roll down the length of his cock.

    "Oh, you bitch," Harvey groaned. "You sweet, cheating bitch, suck it! It's been in so many different snatches k the last three weeks that I lost count. Suck my cock, baby. I want to shoot my load in your cheating mouth."

    Virginia sucked cock until he was almost there and then pulled back. "Not yet, big boy. I have better things in store for you."

    She let go of his cock and flopped onto her back, her legs out straight over the edge of the bed.

    "I want you to kiss my twat, Harvey. Kiss me right on that hairy little monster,"

    Harvey looked perplexed. "Boy, you really have changed. You never even hinted that you wanted that before. What all did this guy do to you?"

    "Everything, you bastard. "Now eat my pussy!" Harvey went to his knees between her legs. He put his head up between her thighs and kissed her pussy, Then, with no further preliminaries, he started eating her snatch. He was a good cunt sucker, and he liked it, and Virginia's twat was good and ripe, very pungent. He liked a good, tasty pussy, a glob of good sex-butter, lots of taste.

    "Oh, Harvey, darling, that's good!" she screamed. "I do like that, I really do! Why haven't you ever done it before?"

    He raised up. "Hell, I dunno. Guess I just thought you wouldn't let me."

    "Well, I dunno, either," she said, "maybe I wouldn't have. But I will now. I love it! So come on, big boy. Do it some more!"

    Harvey applied himself to his task and had her screaming within minutes. He used his tongue to probe her hole, and his lips to suck up the juices, and Virginia had lots of juice. Harvey finally raised up, his face smeared with slick cunt juice.

    "You have a nice sweet cunt there," he said.

    "Oh, honey, that was delicious! I came so hard. I really want that big fat belly up here on top of me now, with your prick in to the hilt, but I promised you a treat, Joan needs it, too."

    " Did I hear you right?"

    "You heard me big boy. You have my permission to go to the guest room and fuck your sister-in-law. And you can rest assured that she'll be more than agreeable. In fact, why don't you spend the rest of the night with her? I had a good come, and I'm beat. You might leave the door open, though, so I can hear you."

    Harvey was dumbfounded, but he didn't argue; Joan had been on his mind all evening. He had racked his brain for a way to get alone with her to no avail and now here she was, dumped right in his lap. He kissed his wife hard on the mouth and lumbered happily from the room, his massive cock slapping against his sagging belly.

    Virginia got up from the bed and followed him down the hall. Harvey heard her and turned.

    "I have to go potty. But leave the light on. I may glance in on my way back," she said.

    Harvey shrugged and went on down the hall. He opened the door to the guest room and snapped on the light. Jon stirred, blinked her eye, and sat up.

    "What are you doing in here?" she asked, then looked at his cock curving up his belly. "God, what a pecker!"

    "Virginia sent me down. Said you needed a little hosing."

    "You've got to be kidding!"

    "Nope. And you're not half as surprised as I am."

    Joan wet her lips. "Well, don't just stand there. Bring it on over! God, what a pecker!"

    Virginia stood at the door and watched Harvey push his huge prick up inside Joan's cunt. It was bigger than Ham's, but not as good, not nearly as good. Ruthie was in for a real treat.

    She watched them fuck for several minutes, Joan gurgling with pleasure, ant then went down to bed.

    It was late when Virginia awakened the next morning. She got up and went to the kitchen and started the coffee. Harvey was still asleep with Joan. She sat down and lit a cigarette when the phone rang.

    "Hello," she said. "Ham, darling! I'm so glad you called. I want you to come over in about an hour. I want to know all about you, darling, what you can do, what you want to do. My husband is a very influential man. He'll get you a job. I'll be counting the minutes, darling. Bye." She blew a kiss.

    Harvey walked into the kitchen as she hung up.

    "Who was that?" he said.

    "Oh, just Clara. She wants me to come over and have coffee after you go to work. You are going to work, aren't you?"

    "Yeah, gotta. Number of things kind of pressing."

    "Sit down and I'll fix you some breakfast." The coffee was done and she poured him a cup. "Come home early, though. I think Joan is planning on going back tomorrow so we should have a real orgy tonight. You can take turns using our bodies."

    "Boy, you really have changed, baby," he said. "Kind of gives me the courage to tell you something. I think I kinda stuck out my neck. Hope you won't be mad."

    "I won't be mad. Promise." She sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck.

    "Well, while you were gone, my sister from New York called. Seems she's having trouble with that rotten kid of hers. She started crying and blubbering over the phone and it kinda got to me. Anyway, in a moment of weakness, I sorta suggested she let the kid come out here for a while. You know, get away from that fuckin' New York City. He's a regular juvenile delinquent. You've always been good with kids, maybe you can straighten him out." Harvey looked away, afraid she would be spitting mad.

    "How old is he?" Virginia asked.

    "Nineteen, or maybe just eighteen. I'm not sure." " think it's a marvelous idea, Harvey. I'm sure there's a lot I can do for him. Maybe I'll enjoy having a young boy in the house."

    "Jesus, Virgie, you never fail to amaze me. I was sure."

    "Hush," she said, and kissed him. "Call your sister today and tell her to get the bastard on the next plane. Would you like for me to suck you off before you go? I didn't finish the job last night."

    "Are you kidding?"

    "No. I really think I'd like to."

    Harvey let her get to her feet and then unzipped his pants. "I don't think you can even get it up after last night," he said.

    Virginia sat on the floor in front of him and took out his limp pecker. It was still big even limp. She put her lips to the tip and slowly pushed the foreskin back with her teeth. Her hand went into his pants to fondle his massive, hairy balls. She let his cock go and looked up at him. "Raise up a little," she said.

    Her hand slid under his balls and up the crease of his ass. Her finger found the fucked little hole and slowly wedged inside. Harvey grunted, his prick rising. She closed her mouth over the cock-head again and grasped its length with her free hand. She started a steady rhythm, her finger fucking in and out of his asshole, her hand gliding back and forth on his shaft, and her mouth sucking wetly at his bunting knob.

    Harvey was breathing hard, his face red as a beet, when he felt the explosion in his balls. His prick spit the first thick wad of jizz into her mouth and she methodically squeezed the rest out with her fist, squeezing tight and then reining, so it would come in squirts. The sticky slime filled her mouth and then slowly slipped down her throat.

    "I think I'm going to like the new Virginia," Harvey gasped.

    Virginia nodded her head, still sucking on his cock. She was going to like the new Virginia, too. In fact, she already did!

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