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    Surfer Girl

    Chapter 1

    They drove by night.

    The driver, a thin, nervous man in his late thirties, didn't know where to go. His old lady was home soaking up the boob tube and feeding the kid so he couldn't go there. His best buddy Fred had a bachelor pad across town, but Fred was away on a business trip. Shit, what luck! What with the circular waterbed and the closet full of dildoes and exotic creams and lotions to use, it was the perfect place. But the place was locked up and there was no point crying over his bad luck because it wouldn't help.

    Beside him sat a young girl with blonde hair that came down over her shoulders and covered her well-formed breasts which puffed out against her nylon blouse. She was a beautiful girl with azure-blue eyes, a straight, delicate nose and ripe, luscious lips. He guessed her age at fifteen, maybe a year or two older. She had the fragile beauty of a girl who had been sheltered from life's harsh realities and was stepping out into the real world for the first time.

    Her name was Janet. No last name, no address, nothing. He had picked her up after leaving the all night restaurant. Or rather, she had picked him up. Janet had asked him for a dime to call home and he had looked into those penetrating blue eyes and knew what she wanted. She was lonely, lost, looking for someone, anyone-any man. Her white skin was clear as glass, unblemished by adolescent pimples. It was perfect in color and texture; white as porcelain china. She was a virgin, he thought as he offered her a ride. When she accepted, he nearly went through the roof. She wanted something else from him. Janice no more needed a ride than she needed the dime to make the telephone call. And now as he drove down the nearly deserted boulevard, his heart pounding like a jackhammer, he wondered how such a find could happen to him, Tim Morgan, of all people.

    Well, he wouldn't be lucky much longer unless he found a place to fuck this bitch. Janet was squirming on the front seat, crossing her legs nervously and breathing hard through her mouth. He watched her blouse rise and fall, enchanted with her small breasts with the hard nipples, then looked up just in time to see the truck run the red light and swerve out of the way.

    "Bastard!" Morgan shouted, shaking his fist. He had to get off the road in a hurry or risk getting killed, risk losing this beautiful teenage bitch to old man Death. Ahead, a few blocks down, flashed a green neon sign. "Happy Heaven" the slender ribbons of neon read. "Five Bucks". It was just the place and exactly the right price for Morgan's wallet. He gunned the accelerator and the Buick roared down the weary asphalt pavement toward the neon sign and the exquisite pleasure that waited for him.

    Janet stayed in the car while Morgan went inside to register. She pulled the sun visor down to hide her face. It was a silly gesture. The Happy Heaven motels of the world didn't care who patronized their rooms as long as they were paid for. She wondered what her father would say if he saw his daughter walking into a motel room with a man twice her age.

    He wouldn't find out. Her father at that moment was in California looking for a house. And her mother was passed out on the couch. Janet had thrown the empty pint bottle of Vodka into the trash and snapped off Johnny Carson on the television. Her mother hadn't moved a muscle.

    Janet moved in her seat. The curly haired triangle between her thighs was sopping wet. She pushed a hand down along her thigh and rubbed her panties. Her skin was perspiring and her face was flushed with heat. In her last night in Dairy, Ohio. Tomorrow morning she would board the jet that would take them to San Diego, California. She would be gone for good. In a few hours Dairy would be a memory, a place she was born in and lived in all her fifteen years. It would not be an unpleasant separation. The town meant nothing to Janet. It was a small town, a grimy place with a small-town mentality. Perhaps because her mother was a drunk or her father was always away on business trips, Janet did not feel a part of Dairy. She had wanted to start over, to begin a new life, then just like that her father got a transfer to California. Amazing! The land of eternal sunshine and second chances. She had almost burst when told of the move. Janet had never been so ecstatic. Now the moving was finished, the good-byes said, and only one piece of unfinished business remained. And, squeezing her thighs together, feeling the swollen lips of her cunt press together as Tim Morgan came swaggering from the office, key in hand, she knew even that would be taken care of.

    "Ready, baby?" said Morgan, hopping in the front seat.

    "Let's do it," she answered. She felt the warmth from his grin course through her body. Janet was a virgin. It was no big secret. Every boy at Dairy High called her the "prude who wouldn't screw." Virginity was something men could spot a mile away. Even this Tim Morgan sensed it. It wasn't Janet's fault. She wanted to be accepted and carefree like the other girls in high school, but she never found the right boy and somehow the time slipped by and suddenly Janet was fifteen years old. Well, she wasn't going to be a virgin any longer. Looking into Morgan's unblinking eyes sent a chill up her spine. It was the last thing she would leave behind in Dairy. She would not start her life over again in California as a prissy, introverted virgin. Tim Morgan would see to that. He would, or else!

    Janet was out of the car and standing at the door waiting impatiently for Morgan to follow. He licked his lips. Oh, man, this was his lucky day!

    Janet drifted as if caught in a dream. The room was surprisingly clean and decorative. She saw only the bed. It was huge! She sat down on the mattress and pressed her thighs against the edge. Her heart pounded with ferocious intensity. Her head spun merrily and she felt light and breezy, like bubbles foaming through vintage champagne. Desire surged through her nipples. No man had ever fondled her palm-size breasts before. She had never felt wet lips closing on her pinkish nipples, a tongue teasing and thrilling her in a thousand exquisite ways. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it away. Goosebumps flared from her chest and moved down her belly and across her thighs and cunt. She felt a twinge of embarrassment as she stripped her blouse off. Janet was down to her panties, afraid to turn and face Morgan.

    "Please, the lights," she said. The room was thrown into darkness. She gasped, relieved that her nakedness was concealed.

    For what seemed an eternity, she lay, hearing Morgan's clothes coming off. She reached for her panties, then stopped. No, he might want to, she thought, remembering a romance book she had once read. She pulled back the covers and crawled between the crisp sheets. The heavy starch played hell with her nipples as she lay there, vulnerable, excited and scared. Her awkward fingers were eager to touch his cock just as her twat was begging to take his hardness inside her.

    Morgan seemed to be in no hurry as he stripped off his clothes in the pitch darkness. He whistled as his hips bounced softly on the bed, causing the springs to groan. Janet felt his presence everywhere. She lay back on the bed, resting her head on the pillow, and waited. The knot of pain in her chest strangled her. Why was he taking so long? She moved her fingers along the willowy contours of her hips and across the soft pubic mound. She was wet from the juice pouring out of her slit. She rubbed her fingers across the lips of her cunt and brushed them against the clitoris that rose up like a throbbing flower bud.

    She gasped, sucking in air.

    "Hey, what are you doing?" Morgan said.

    "Nothing," she answered, afraid to tell him. Her clitoris sent jolts of pleasure rocketing back through the sleeve of her cunt and up the sides of her spine. It made her body vibrate like a tuning fork. Her ripe odors flared her nostrils, filling the room with a heavy, musky scent.

    The bed sagged as Tim Morgan rolled over to her side, his hand fondling her breast. She moved clumsily. Janet was surprised to find his other hand stroking her cunt. He seemed to know exactly what to do. Every wiggle of flesh, every roll of her hip set off another pleasure spasm. He moved up and down her body, kneading her muscles, caressing, probing, stimulating every nerve. They said nothing for several minutes; it was enough that his hands touched her and that she responded.

    Then with a rustle of movement, his head was between her quivering thighs and his tongue was licking the soft cunt folds while fingers crept lower along her buttocks. He raised her hips and drove his tongue into her slit.

    "Aaaahhhh!" she gasped. She struggled, trying to move away. Morgan embarrassed her. My God, his face was on her twat, down there between her legs! She had heard jokes about such things, but he was doing it! Eating her cunt! Eating and licking her cunt with his tongue! She twisted on the crisp sheet, now damp with her sweat, feeling the fingers holding her butt cheeks and she shuddered. Humiliation pulsated like a living thing!

    She wanted to shout, Stop! But couldn't. It felt too damn good. Maybe this was how people made love, she thought, her mind reeling. What was it called by those boys in high school? Hair pie? Eating pussy? Cunt sandwich? All those sickening, disgusting things she had heard at school. She considered herself above the depraved taunts of small-time punks. But she wasn't. Janet heard the hideously slurping as this man brought his tongue through her slit, licking and toying with her cunt folds until her hips rose and fell automatically on the bed, her hole screaming to be filled, and Janet knew she was not above anything. Arching her back, she reached for Morgan.

    "Hurry," she moaned in a husky voice. "I want you. I want you now!"

    She was climbing the walls for his cock, and Morgan was hot to give it to her. His cock throbbed all the way to the wedge-shaped tip and his nuts ached in his swollen scrotum. He pulled away, felt her thighs tremble, then jammed two fingers into her slot.

    "Oohhhhh!" she gasped.

    He went into her cooze in one smooth upward stroke. Her cunt opened, squeezed momentarily, then gripped him with a soft, wet warmth.

    Morgan was excited beyond words. Never had a woman turned him on like this. He pushed up, trying to feel her hymen. He couldn't. She wiggled around on the tip of his finger, her fuck hole making him squirm like a worm on hot cement. Her fragrant juice suffused his nostrils. The sweat fell in sheets, bathing his hairy chest. She was primed, ready to explode. He pulled his finger from her cunt, the tug of her cunt sleeve causing Janet to groan and then began the urgent journey to her mouth.

    He dragged his swollen nuts through her cunt and up along her fluttering belly and through the valley of her breasts. He came closer and closer, his tingling prick tracing the ridge of her lower lip.

    "Suck," he whispered. "Suck my dick."

    He thrust again into her fuck hole, fingering her hot, wet sleeve while jamming his dick into her surprised, open mouth.

    Her mouth was warm as pudding around his swollen member. Her tongue did weird, wild things to his taut, excited flesh. She curled around the tip like an eel. Ohh, baby, was she good! He fingered her cunt and felt the response in her mouth. Her cunt was blaring for sex, screaming and demanding. He fingered her clitoris like a toggle switch and groaned as her sweltering mouth sucked on his hardness.

    "Good, baby, soo good." He reached past her thighs and tickled her ass playfully. She flinched. Her ass was small and well-shaped and would look fantastic in a low-slung bikini. He wouldn't mind ending up with his dick wedged between those firm cheeks, driving into her asshole. But that was later-right now he was too turned on by her mouth.

    And so was Janet. Sucking his cock was disgusting, but she couldn't stop. She was helpless against the fingers that sent warm, tingling excitement racing through her. She felt like a fire hydrant spraying from both ends. She twisted and shimmied against his hunching body. She had been scared, but never this scared. He pulled her thighs roughly apart and rubbed her cunt mound with the flat of his hand. His cock flicked obscenely against her leg, the reptilian feel of his skin making her want to crawl away and hide. But Tim Morgan wasn't stopping now. He had sucked her cunt and felt her virgin tongue cleaning his cock and now her cunt was going to have him. Every last inch!

    He pulled up on her butt cheeks and she screamed.

    "Tell me how bad you want it," he shouted. He fitted into her an inch at a time, her skin hugging him like a glove.

    Her chest swelled. Her throat was hoarse as her tight-lipped mouth opened wide. She screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, my God! Fuck my cunt!"

    Her ass cheeks were handles in his oversized hands as Morgan pulled her cunt snugly down onto his dick. He slid inside, felt a momentary resistance, heard Janet gasp, and then he wagged his hips and pushed through her hymen.

    Her cunt was wet and soft and incredibly exciting. Her womb was free to his snaking cock. She was hot and wet all the way down her pulsating channel. It was like fucking her mouth, only warmer and tighter. Her hips humped awkwardly until he forced her to slow-fuck him.

    Janet writhed underneath his humping hips, feeling the thundering cock run through her vagina like a burning poker. She was wild, ecstatic. It was fantastic! The scream rose from her throat and settled at the roof of her mouth. It grew bigger and bigger and yet it would not budge an inch. It settled there inside. Instead of the scream filling her ears, Janet heard bedsprings creaking, her lungs gasping, the soft, sucking noise of cock fucking her cunt. It was too much for her frantic mind. She floated out in space, locked up in a savagely lurid dream. Her cunt was trembling and her buttocks pulled up rudely around his fat cock and then she felt the sprinkle of sperm spraying her cunt walls and she was fine. The scream came loose from her mouth and she was shouting out the wild joy she felt from his dick shooting sperm into her womb.

    "Aaaahhhh!" she yelled. "Come! Coming! I'm coming!"

    Morgan pulled her thighs straight up in the air while his dick gunned her cunt. His hot sperm dribbled out of her greasy slit and down the ravine of her ass cheeks. She had a beautiful ass, Morgan thought. It was too bad his strength was draining into her cooze. He felt enervated, weak, unable to move. If lucky, he might be able to stagger to his car in half an hour.

    Her sleeve crimped down, trapping his jerking cock and he groaned. What a cunt! He had never fucked a woman who was so young and hot and soft and fantastic. His swollen balls drained like a faucet into her wet hole.

    Janet was great, too great to pass up. He wanted to see her again. Shit, he wanted to fuck her every night of the year! To hell with his old lady. She was a worn-out hag who got her rocks watching the tube. Her hole was worn out, like a two-dollar-trick's cunt. It was big enough to swallow up his fist. But Janet was something else again. She'd make anybody proud.

    "Oh, man," he said, slumping into the V of her spread legs.

    Janet couldn't answer immediately. What could she say? Her twat lips fluttered like the spread wings of a butterfly. She was deliriously happy. Her breasts pressed against her chest, the tight nipples now soft and suffused with blood. She lay back in the crisp sheets dreaming of California and how different her life would be after this night.

    Morgan was slumbering between her legs. Or he was until she felt him move, his hairy chest crawling forward on her belly, his weight pressing her to the mattress. She felt a pop as his fast wilting cock was yanked from her cunt. Come trickled down her skin. But she was not thinking about that. Morgan was moving closer and closer.

    She knew what he wanted and she shuddered to think a man would want that done now. She struggled to push him away, but his strong biceps pushed her to the bed. Janet closed her eyes but that did not stop him from dragging his cock up to her face. She looked at last and saw the huge, expired cock being dragged like a rudder between his legs, the end leaking sperm onto her skin. She gasped.

    "No," she said.

    Morgan didn't listen. He held her shoulders down and pushed his cock onto her trembling lower lip. She turned her head away, but he grabbed her ears and forced her to look at him.

    "Do it," he said.

    She smelled the putrid air and felt the goo on her lip and it was so vile that she wanted to die. It was hideous. Or was it? His penis dragged across her dry lip and finished inside the sweet open void of her mouth, touching teeth and gums and finally hot, wet tongue.

    "You like?" he added.

    She did. His sperm was not bad-tasting as she sucked him clean. The same tongue that had made him hard was drinking out his juice and cleaning the wrinkled foreskin. Morgan only groaned with delight as she pressed his dick down her throat. His dick wagged inside her open throat, her tongue washing and cleaning it. It was sensational, the best he ever had.

    She would not forget him. Gagging on his cock, feeling the burning afterglow of her come between her sperm-slippery thighs, she knew life would be different.

    She was ready for California. At last!

    Chapter 2

    The flight from Chicago to San Diego was on time, but it was one the passengers were not likely to forget. The weather was stormy and unpredictable and twice passengers were asked to fasten their seat belts. Janet and her mother shared two seats with a nice view. While other passengers were having anxiety attacks because the plane was thrown around in the wind like a child's toy, Janet looked out at the billowy clouds and the spotty patches of ground far below, and her heart throbbed with excitement. She watched the flat Midwestern plains give way to the sharp pointed mountains and dry stretches of desert of the far West. The storms cleared as they traveled closer to California, and when the pilot announced their arrival, Janet strained against the seatbelt to get her first view of her new home, San Diego.

    As the plane dipped, starting its approach pattern, Janet saw this sprawling city gleaming in the late-afternoon sun. There were purple mountains and long flat mesas, some green, others jammed with housing tracts. Freeways crisscrossed the city in long ribbons. What impressed her most was the great blue expanse of Pacific Ocean. She had never seen an ocean and the awesome size, the way it seemed to go on forever, was fascinating. The plane dropped suddenly. The Lindbergh Field runway and the wheels screeched underneath.

    Janet understood the magic power California held on people seeing the Pacific Ocean, she realized why people flocked to the water. Why some gave up good-paying jobs to face an uncertain future on the West Coast. Just to be near the thundering surf. It was enchanting. She recalled all those Beach Boys' songs about surfing and hot cars and wild times on the beach, and her breasts began to ache, the nipples rising up as hard as they had in the motel room when Morgan's hard dick had thrust into her cunt.

    Janet's eyes filled with tears of joy. She had never felt so happy. She couldn't wait to explore the hidden mysteries of her new home state.

    Unstrapping her seat belt, Janet looked over at her mother.

    "I'm glad that's over," Ethel said. Her breath reeked of gin. "I damn near threw up." She rose clumsily to her feet. She held Janet's shoulder for support with a surprisingly strong hand. "Maybe they'll learn to fly these goddamn things," she said.

    Janet looked through the window one last time. The airport terminal was coming into view and through the tinted glass her father, waiting to whisk them away to their new home.

    "I can't wait," Janet said, squeezing her thighs to stop the flow of juice into her panties. "California here I come!"

    Point Loma was an old community, a fashionable area of old homes, winding, palm-tree-laden streets and gentle breezes from the ocean. It was called home by the wealthy. Unlike other old neighborhoods, Point Loma remained exclusive, still a good spot to live and raise a family.

    Adjoining Point Loma was another old section called Ocean Beach. The dividing line between these two communities was not clear-cut, though most people considered Point Loma as on top of the hill, while Ocean Beach was everything that spilled down towards the ocean. It had the best surfing found anywhere in California. Ocean Beach was a summer vacation spot and had been for nearly fifty years. It had shops and tacky restaurants, a fishing pier and a dozen or so bars. Recently, surfers had staked out Ocean Beach as their town and through these nomads with the brightly colored "woodies", casual dress and carefree lifestyle had proved to be attractive scenery for the summer tourists, they posed something of a nuisance for Ocean Beach residents. There was talk about a longhair Mafia organizing in the beach which controlled drug traffic, white slavery, prostitution and other evils. It was only a rumor, of course, but rumors had a way of being founded in fact and more than a few citizens were worried about the future of Ocean Beach.

    Biff Andrews walked proudly across the freshly clipped front lawn, turned in a slow circle, a wave of his arm giving him a air of showmanship and said: "This is your new home. How do you like it?"

    "Oh, Daddy, it's beautiful," cried his daughter, Janet. There were real tears in her eyes as she ran up the sidewalk into the one-story split-level house. There was a sun porch which looked out on Ocean Beach and the blue vastness of the Pacific Ocean. She felt dizzy and elated and full of joy like a child on Christmas Day. Her panties were moist from excitement, and her mound ached to be touched. She ran from one room to the next, her footsteps echoing against the hardwood floors. Like other houses built when materials were abundant, the walls were thick, the ceilings high and the windows plentiful. An overhead fan in the living room swished the muggy air.

    "Oh it's a dream house, Daddy," she said. Then unexpectedly, she jumped into his arms and kissed her daddy, hugging him close so her taut nipples dug into his chest.

    Buff gripped his daughter. Her rump rested on his forearms and he could feel her cunt heat through his Hawaiian shirt. His cock stiffened in his loose trousers, the smell of Janet's twat bonding them together in its sweet, musky odor. He started to shake and quickly released her.

    "Daddy, can I go down to the beach?" asked Janet.

    "Good idea, darling," Biff answered, wiping beads of sweat from his brow. "Your mother and I want to talk." He gave her a playful pat on the ass and watched his daughter as she skipped from the room, carrying her travel bag.

    Biff turned to his wife who looked out the window. "Well?" he said.

    "I thought you wanted a new house," she said, not turning around. "This place must be forty years old."

    He felt a twinge of disappointment. The house was meant as a surprise. He half expected Ethel to be as excited with it as he was. It was a dream house with a beautiful view of the ocean. Point Loma was not the dreary suburbs; it was a hodgepodge of lifestyles, of people from different backgrounds, with different tastes. It was a chance to break away from the dull, everyday routine of the suburbs. Their marriage had been going badly and this house, this strange, exciting neighborhood was a chance to rekindle their life together.

    "How's this, Daddy?" Janet said. She appeared from the bedroom in a new bikini.

    It is too small, he thought, feeling his penis grow like a young sapling in his pants. Her breasts stood out so you could see the nipples popping through. She pirouetted and he groaned again. The bottom clutched her ass cheeks lasciviously. He couldn't believe how much his daughter had developed. All the kids wore them tight these days, he told himself. But his daughter?

    If I saw a girl in a tight-fitting suit like that on the beach, I'd want to fuck her right on the spot!

    "It's beautiful," said Ethel, lighting a cigarette. "Now grab a towel and don't stay out too long. I don't want you getting sunburned and then complaining all night."

    "Enjoy yourself, Janet," Biff said. The hurt showed in his daughter's eyes. He wanted to hug her once more, except his cock was bulging out and he didn't want her to think that… no, he didn't want her to think that!

    "Bye, Daddy," she said, hurrying out the door, her sandals flip-flopping against the cement walkway.

    He watched her through the open door, the cheeks of her ass moving like ball bearings. She had filled out so fast! It seemed just a few months ago that her slim, awkward body seemed to disappear inside a swimsuit.

    "Penny for your thoughts?" Ethel said.

    He snapped his head around and saw the sneering smile on her face. He felt indignant, insulted by her remark. It's my daughter, for God's sakes, he thought. What the hell is wrong with you, Ethel. You've got to be sick to think there's anything between us. Suddenly he moved up close and staring into her eyes, pressed his dick against the front panel of her slacks. He put a hand to the top button and in one quick movement, her pants were spread open and his fingers were rubbing her cunt.

    "I was thinking how much fun we could have right here," he said. The glint in his eyes was unmistakable. The hand rubbing her mound was unstoppable.

    "Are you crazy?" she snapped, twisting against his grasp. "The window. The neighbors. Have you lost your mind?"

    He buried his lips against her neck and ran his fingers through her moist sporran of pubic hair until he found her wet slit. He slipped two fingers into her cooze. His shoulder pinned her to the wall while he pulled her pants free from her struggling legs.

    "Bastard," Ethel snapped. "Goddamn, bastard let me go."

    She beat on his shoulders and clawed his face with long, thin nails. It didn't stop him. She heard his fly unzip and then the moist head of his cock touched the parted lips of her cunt and she groaned. Ethel spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist. His cock head worked into her wetness as he pumped from below her crotch, her hips held up by his two strong hands. She hated him like this, holding her body like a soft, furry thing while she was helpless, unable to stop him. Her clitoris stood out firm, pressing against his stomach. She moved her wet mound around and around, stimulating herself. She was aroused, stimulated and she gripped his powerful shoulders wanting him to take her cunt with savage insistence.

    "Go in me," she croaked. Urgently, she licked at his ear, as she would later suck on his dick. Her husband groaned and pushed forward with his hips.

    "Ahhhhhh!" Ethel gasped. His cock slid into her surprised slit, seared for an instant, then penetrated fully. She felt the warm, hot thrust of his cock along the wet channel wall, through her womb and up her spine. He withdrew, then charged forward and her belly exploded with sparks. She grabbed desperately, his sweaty chest rubbing against her tits. She jerked roughly on the dick sucking on her cunt like a plunger, kneading and working her cunt like a finely tuned instrument, and she gasped out loud.

    "Hurry!" she cried as her fingers worked through her ravine. He rammed home with a short, quick plunge. Her twat lips peeled back and her hips came up and her cunt squished under the surging shaft.

    Biff felt her folds around his cock, hunching and heaving, her butt going tight in his hands, her back arched high and then he groaned as sperm boiled up into his cock.

    Through the window he caught a glimpse of his daughter's ass rolling with an innocent grace under the skin-tight bikini bottom. He hugged his wife's frantic cunt while watching Janet. His dick twitched, then shuddered, his balls smoldering hot. He jerked free of the tight, wet pussy flesh then rammed into her slit with surprising, jolting force. His wife sprang up against his pumping hips and her cunt sucked on his swollen dick like a hungry mouth.

    Then he came.

    His balls erupted and he was pumping her cunt hole and squeezing her buttocks, feeling her collapse like Jell-o around his hardness as sperm gushed into her slot, thick as cream.

    "Goooooood!" groaned Ethel, wagging her soaked pussy, milking the spurting cock end. He flooded her pleasure void with jet after jet of come. His balls pumped up and down and she was filled to the brim full and still he came.

    "Oh, Biff, you're so good," she gasped, overjoyed.

    And Biff watched his daughter disappear from sight, her mature body undulating with surprising sensuality. She was walking down to the beach, down to mix with the surfers and the beach bums and the other young, tantalizing girls like her- the runaways and adolescent hedonists who sought out sexual thrills in their tiny bikinis and he felt a great emptiness surround him. Even as his sperm drained like a hose into Ethel's sucking cunt-mouth, he realized nothing was the same anymore.

    Janet, my own daughter, he whispered as his wife slumped to the floor, sperm dripping on her face. So beautiful. My daughter is so beautiful.

    Janet felt a deep stirring as she walked down the steep hill, her sandals flip-flopping against the cracked cement. It started between her thighs and worked slowly through her crotch up along the soft, hairless skin of her belly and through the firm, round breasts and out the pulsating nipples.

    Ocean Beach lay before her-alien, unknown, inviting. It unfolded before her: the one-story stucco buildings, the azure-blue ocean, the long fishing• pier. She was above it, looking down, her eager body absorbing the sun's loving heat. She was slowly descending into this new life, like a skin-diver sinking slowly into the beguiling world of the sea. She had never seen an ocean, never met a surfer, never been to California and now she had all of it, right at her fingertips, and the shock was almost too great to absorb at once.

    A kid on a skateboard came rocketing down the hill, missing her by inches. He was about her age, a good-looking kid with shoulder-length blond hair, and nude except for a baggy swim suit. She watched him weaving with deceptive grace, legs bent, arms out balancing his weight, eyes intent, staring ahead intently.

    The hill was far too long and steep for a skateboard and yet here was this kid challenging the odds, his face drawn tight with confidence. The kid summed up the California experience, the reckless, wild spirit that pushed people to the limits of new experience… and beyond.

    It took five minutes to reach the beach. The beach •was brilliantly white and cluttered with bathers stretched out on towels, their brown bodies gleaming with oil. Beyond lay the ocean. Janet noticed the surfers speckling the water just beyond rolling surf line, dressed in cut-away wet suits, sitting on their boards waiting for the next good wave.

    Along the street were the surf shops, beer bars and fast-food shops that catered to the surfing crowd. The sidewalk was clogged with surfers, their long blond hair and dark tans setting them apart from the tourists. Janet felt conspicuously like an outsider, crossing the street and walking by the shops, peering in at the knots of surfers filling the tiny storefronts.

    A man came flying from a bar and sent Janet sprawling.

    "Fucking asshole!!" he shouted, shaking his fist.

    Janet thought he was cursing her. But then a burly man in an apron appeared at the barroom door.

    "I told you before, Duke, to stay out!" said the man.

    "Up yours." The man turned to a startled Janet. "Hey, baby, sorry to send you down."

    She was too startled to reply. The guy was dressed surfer-style. His blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail that gave his long, angular face and piercing blue eyes an angelic quality. He took Janet's hand and pulled her to her feet.

    "Say," he said, his eyes looking her up and down, "you must be new to town."

    A small crowd had clustered around them and Janet felt nervous under their stare. She pressed her thighs together, still shaken from being knocked down.

    "How did you know?"

    "You're white as the underbelly of a shark," he said, pressing close, his barrel chest almost touching her bikini top. "And that swimsuit. Man, I haven't seen polka dots in a long time."

    Janet gave out a mirthless laugh. She wanted to disappear into a hole she was so embarrassed.

    But Duke, as the bartender called him, was not letting go. He couldn't take his eyes off her pert breasts and her swell buttocks. She was maybe seventeen, a little old next to the other girls, but that was all right. This chick was still fantastic!

    "Let me buy you a beer," he offered.

    Janet was going to tell him she was underage, but Duke just shook his head. "Yeah, man, no ID, I can dig it. But there's a place up the street that doesn't card you."

    Janet looked at Duke and saw excitement and mystery. He sent chills up her legs and through her crotch.

    Go ahead, she told herself, remembering all those empty, lonely days growing up in Dairy. This is what you want.

    "Sure, let's have a beer," she said pausing. "I'm Janet."

    "Duke," replied the blond surfer. "As in John Wayne." He smiled broadly, his even, white teeth sparkling. "Man, he's my hero."

    Chapter 3

    Duke was two years older than Janet. But at seventeen, he had experienced a lifetime's worth of thrills-usually at someone else's expense. He had been a star football halfback in high school before the coach found his own daughter in the locker room after a big game giving head to the team. The chick was a nympho, but since the coach caught Duke pumping her mouth full of sperm, he got the blame. So he got the boot and he drifted into the surfing crowd. He went from one venture to the next, always following the young suntanned girls, the beach bunnies as they were called, who clung to surfers. Whatever money he made went quickly to these girls. That is, until he got wise and made the girls start working for him.

    Duke became a pimp. He recruited chicks from the beach and turned them on to cocaine in return for a few small sexual favors, always to friends. It was the most successful business he had ever entered into and no one seemed to complain. Even the cops left him alone providing they got their share of free samples. But now he had bigger and better plans.

    The bar was dark and cold and Janet's skin rashed into goosebumps as she• sat down. Her legs dangled down from the bar stool, the flesh quivering on the insides of her thighs. Tension made her pussy wet and she squeezed tightly trying to block• out the smell. The bartender leaned across and looked at her.

    "ID?" he said.

    "Shit," said Duke, throwing a five spot on the counter. "Who brings along their ID at the beach."

    The bartender pocketed the money, then poured two draft beers and put them in front of Duke and Janet.


    "The same," said Janet weakly. The beer tasted bitter, but she swallowed several gulps anyway. She noticed that both the bartender and Duke were studying her and she felt embarrassed and foolish.

    "Drink up," said Duke, raising his glass.

    Janet managed to get the beer down her throat, grimacing as she swallowed.

    The bartender took her glass and dunked it into the soapy water behind the bar. He was close to six feet, with a bulky build that started with big shoulders and worked its way down his body to his crotch where his cock was equally large and massive. Duke had never given him a bad turn and the girls he brought into the bar illegally always more than returned his generosity. He liked the girls, and from the drift of the conversation, he liked this one more than most. She didn't know a damn thing. Where Duke picked these young innocent things up in this day and age was beyond him. Twelve-year-olds were giving head jobs to their teachers. And on the beach it was worse. Fourteen guys piled on one skinny, eager little girl at a beach party one night, and she couldn't have been over sixteen. Damn, it was refreshing to find nice, virginal pussy. He doubted that this girl in the polka-dog swimsuit had been fucked more than once.

    "Another beer?"

    Duke looked over at Janet. She barely seemed to move. Her eyelids drooped and he wondered if the drug put in the beer was hitting her that hard. Maybe it was something else.

    "Why not," said Duke. "Make it two. I think Janet could use one. The sun must have gotten to her."

    "How's California treating you?" said the bartender, putting up two more drafts. "It's a fun place, if you know the right people."

    She nodded her head. It was always the problem of knowing the right people no matter where you went. That was her big hang-up. She always disappeared into the crowd. It was like no one paid attention and then she got frustrated and scared. She was always lonely. Now looking around, she felt her spirits rise. She had two guys who were really interested in her.

    "I like the beach," she said, her voice slurred. "It's a groovy place. I think I'll stay awhile."

    "Got a place to stay?" Duke asked.

    She shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, for the time being."

    The bartender just grinned. All day he had watched the surf bums bring their cutie-pie chicks into his place and disappear into the back room. Only the loud juke box stopped the panting and the lusty screams from filtering through. Whoever, Miss Polka Dot Bikini was, he wanted her and right this instant. The Quaalude he had dumped into her glass should be working. She looked loaded to the gills, but he wasn't sure. Well, fuck it, he only worked in the bar. And if she was with Duke, it meant she wasn't some starry-eyed virgin trying out for the convent. That's-for fucking sure.

    He came out from behind the bar and put a big hand on her soft, warm shoulder and said, "Hey, you want to see the game room?"

    "I think," she said, rising from the stool, "I've got to go to the ladies room." She giggled and stumbled off to the corner where the washroom doors said, "Women".

    Once inside, she looked closely at her face. Sweat dribbled from her brow, but her eyes were all right. Her head felt crazy and her vision was blurred like everything was in slow motion. Maybe it was the beer, she thought. Her cunt felt nice and warm and she stumbled into the bathroom. She pulled down her bikini bottoms and squatted on the toilet seat. It felt cold against her buttocks. Her burning twat seemed to radiate heat. It had been only a few days since she lost her cherry in the motel room, but it felt like years. She squeezed down, trying to pee. Maybe that would make her feel better.

    Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, footsteps approached the stall and then a man appeared before Janet's astonished eyes. The pee sprayed between her legs as she looked up at the cold blue eyes. It was the bartender!

    He loomed up before her face, hard as a granite block, his cock wagging before her parted lips. His hand jerked on the shaft, bringing his throbbing sex to life. He looked down through the low cleavage at the hard nipples pouting out and then further down began the thatch of blonde pubic hair. He heard her pee splashing and laughed out loud. The bitch wasn't going anywhere. At least, not until she had sucked his cock!

    "You turn me on, Miss Polka Dots," he roared, hunching up to her mouth.

    He seized her by the hair and pulled her face down on his dick. He was ecstatic, terrified in fact, but his balls ached and he thought he could get away with it. He wanted to reach between those pearly thighs and into that matted bush, and finger-fuck the sweltering cunt that waited for him like a precious jewel. And he just might, as soon as she stopped peeing. As Janet opened her mouth to scream he thrust into the soft voice of her surprised mouth and she came down gagging on the rubbery end of his throbbing cock. He pushed crudely along the roof of her mouth and the raspy surface of her tongue, grinding her face with a tug on her ears. The bartender groaned with relief.

    She was soft and wet and warm around his cock.

    Coming to her senses, Janet tried fighting back. Her mouth was full of his cock. He was huge, hung like a horse. And his hairy nuts swung against her chin. She grabbed his thighs and twisted. No use, he didn't budge an inch. The movement pulled her from the toilet seat and now her pee was trickling down her legs, wetting the bikini bottoms.

    What had she done? Who was this man and why was he in the bathroom with her? The drug made her movements awkward. Her knees buckled and he pulled back on her ears dragging Janet to her knees before him.

    "Suck me, baby," he ordered, ramming his cock home into the slippery sleeve of her mouth. He was burning hot, so hot that he wanted to jerk free of her sucking face and squeeze his cock through the soft petal lips of her cunt.

    Man, he thought, thrusting bestially, that would be something. Except there wasn't time now because his sperm shot up through his rigid cock like mercury up through a thermometer and his balls were pounding and then his glands throbbed with an unbearable intensity and he came.

    His sperm shot through her surprised lips and across her tongue. It caught Janet by surprise. Her eyes widened and she made a deep sucking sound while his seed spurted down her throat.

    "Aaaahhhh!" he gasped, pulling, free, spraying her face. He worked long ribbons of hot come around her face in a spider web design. She did nothing to stop him. After his come stream had wound down to a steady drip and his hard cock started to go limp, he groaned.

    Janet just knelt there looking hurt and ravaged. He had felt so good in her sweet mouth. He reached down and pulled Janet up by her furry cunt.

    Her eyes were still wide as saucers staring at him, but not really seeing. She licked her lower lip, cleaning the sperm away and again found that the taste wasn't bad. He had raped her, raped her mouth! Who was this man? Her mind was woozy and she couldn't think straight, but something was wrong.

    "You're an all-right chick," said the bartender, getting to his knees. He pushed his face between her trembling thighs, found the razor-thin slit of her cunt and brought his tongue back and forth across the pink skin.

    "Aaaaa!!" she gasped.

    The shock was all gone and the tongue brought her back to the real world. Her wet mound tingled from the licking. She grabbed him by the hair and humped gently against him, dimly aware that another person had entered the bathroom.

    Duke stood by the stall, staring in disbelief.

    "What the fuck are you doing?"

    But George was beyond listening. His tongue had slipped between Janet's cunt folds and was sucking her into a frenzy. Her little twat opened up like a blooming flower and his tongue went deep inside her.

    Duke was getting hard watching his good friend eating Janet's cunt. But he couldn't afford to lose Janet. She was a rare, wonderful find, and she would make him plenty of money. So reluctantly he shoved his way into the stall, and with a twist of his hips, brought his bare foot up, smashing George squarely in the face.

    The bartender, fell silently to the floor, surprise still registered on his face. Then Duke helped Janet up with her panties and hustled her to the street.

    Chapter 4

    When the drug wore off a few hours later, Janet had walked half the beach with Duke and met a few of his friends who lived in a row of converted cottages a few blocks from the ocean.

    Janet tried to forget the incident. She had been attacked by a madman and she had willingly let him rape her mouth without a fight. The raw taste of his sperm still tingled the inside of her mouth. And her pussy fluttered from the good, hard licking of George's mouth.

    Duke promised that beach people were happy go-lucky types who liked parties and good times and that the George's of the world were freaks, throwbacks. Janet smiled, but she couldn't forget the man's cock. And she wondered about the rest of the beach people.

    The end of their walk wound up at the beach, where the surfers were taking their last rides in for the day. The sun was a fiery ball dipping into the horizon. Duke put an arm around Janet, pressing against her, feeling the warmth and softness of her hip.

    "You smoke grass?" he asked.


    He pulled a half-smoked reefer from his pocket and handed it to her. "Smoke this and remember me," he said. He kissed her on the forehead, and then walked back to his cabin, leaving the dazed girl standing on the beach holding the marijuana cigarette and wondering how she had gotten mixed up with him in the first place.

    It was a routine dinner at home, which was surprising since Janet and her mother had just arrived that day. Her mother was unusually quiet, staring straight ahead and ignoring her father who seemed buoyant and full of life. He ate three helpings of everything before pushing his plate away from the table and belching loudly.

    "Nothing like a home-cooked meal," he said.

    After dinner Janet went to her room, which had only a bed and a lamp. She tried to read a book but all she could concentrate on was George's tongue going back and forth across her slit. It made her belly vibrate and she rolled over on the bed and squeezed her finger up between her cunt folds and gently rocked herself to sleep.

    She was asleep when her father came in to say good night and saw her curled up around her finger. She was hunching slowly back and forth, groaning to herself. "Oh, oh, oh," she moaned. She was dreaming about the motel room in Dairy, only George was on the bed and her cunt was clenched around his cock. She could feel his penis filling her, the thick sperm washing down the insides of her cunt sleeve. Her little twat had felt so empty before he filled her and now she couldn't stand being alone, being without a man. She rocked against her fingers until the juice flowed from her slit and filled the room with its spicy fragrance.

    Biff Anderson walked halfway to the bed, feeling like an intruder in his own house. The smell came to his nostrils, gagging him. He wanted to turn away before it was too late. Yet the light was on and his daughter lay uncovered. She could get sick laying uncovered especially in the nippy California evenings, he reasoned. He pretended the lump rising from his pants was an accident. It had nothing to do with Janet. Quickly, he rushed to the bed and pulled the covers up around her and hurried out of the room, clicking off the light.

    He closed the door behind him and ran to the bathroom to wash the sweat off his brow. The hot water from the basin felt good as he splashed his face. He looked up in the mirror at his reflection. What he saw pleased him. It was the reflection of a mature, confident man who still had the vitality of youth. Quickly, he dried his face and returned to the living room where his wife sat in a chair reading a book.

    "Well?" he grinned.

    Ethel saw Biff unbuckling his pants and felt a tremble at the base of her spine. "Didn't you forget this afternoon?" she snapped peevishly.

    Buff dropped his pants and stepped out so he stood now only in his underwear… His cock was hard as a rock. His wife was acting cold and impervious. Just a few minutes ago he had watched his daughter hunching against her hand. It had jolted him. The sight had been so exotic and sensual to watch that he could barely contain the urgent feeling in his cock. My little Janet, he thought and his mouth was wet and his tongue slithered out. How could I think of such evil things when my wife is here?

    "Put your clothes on," snapped Ethel. "All you ever think about is sex."

    That's right. He admitted as much. Even in her mid-thirties, Ethel had a voluptuous body. From the pert curve of her breasts, her sultry body narrowed to a tight waist then flared at her ample hips. She.had the nicest two legs and the most sensual ass he'd ever seen on a woman; He was so hot that he would have dragged his dick around the floor like a dog to taste her sweet pussy. But that wasn't necessary-he could just pull her over and fuck that lovely cunt any time he wanted.

    Ethel's legs were spread. And when she returned his gaze, it was just enough time for him to sneak across the floor and ram his hand up through her thighs at her cunt.

    Ethel shot up to the ceiling. "You keep away from me!" she shouted. But not before his fingers had felt the soft curve of her cunt through the wet panel of her panties.

    Biff could have toyed with Ethel all night, but his balls rumbled and he didn't feel like messing around. The adrenalin pumped through his muscles and he sucked in the clean, fresh air, feeling strong and invincible.

    Ethel wiggled away, moving towards the corner, her eyes burning like liquid fire. He noticed how wet her skin was. Sweat dripped from her chest and down her face. She was panting like a bitch dog, fear flooding her blood.

    Biff knew his wife. Even before the heavy drinking she had played hard to get. What she needed was something big, like his cock, pumping up and down inside her pink snatch to straighten her out.

    Ethel noticed the change in her husband. She felt weak, too helpless to do anything. She pressed her soft buttocks up against the wall and shivered with fright. Biff was moving forward, his hand coming.up and down the long length of hard cock protruding straight out at her face. He was horribly thick and long and her cunt was throbbing.

    "What are you g-g-g-going to do?"

    Biff laughed. "What the hell do you think?" He pulled her roughly by the arm, grabbing the night robe and pulling downward. The cloth came apart at the seams and she suddenly stood before him stark naked.

    "G-G-Get away!"

    She shivered and twisted, her hot mound glistening in the overhead light. Her breasts bobbed like apples in a water barrel. Biff twisted his wife's arm and brought her down to her knees.

    "You're hurting me!"

    "Wonderful," he said. He kneeled next to her and wrenched her across his knees and whacked her on the ass. Ethel screamed at the explosion of hot pain across her buns, but that only incensed, Biff. He slapped her ass again and again, watching her butt wiggle like water balloons. They moved back and forth, firm and tense. Oh, shit, it looks just like Janet's ass! he thought. He released Ethel's arm, but she didn't move away. She remained, her butt up, bent over, her thighs spread, slightly apart.

    What am I doing? he asked himself. It was a stupid question. His blood was pounding in his skull and he started stroking her butt, forgetting about Janet and concentrating on his dear wife. His hand snaked between her thighs and found the soft, hairy mound. Her juice wet his palm. She smelled wild and sensuous. Her hips moved so her butt looked up. at him. Incensed, he dipped between her buns and through the ravine until his tongue found the pink slit of her cunt.

    "Aaaaahhhh!!" It was a scream of wild desperation. But Biff was ready. His tongue came through her crotch and drove into her pussy like a spear.

    Ethel screamed. He was rising upwards into her cunt! Her legs were off the ground, flailing. And his mouth had nailed her pussy to the floor, licking and sucking.

    Her soft body pounded against his tongue like it was a penis. She squirmed, grasping in the air and then surprisingly found his hard dick which he thrust upwards into her palm.

    Biff laughed to himself. Ethel loved fucking and she was scared only of what his cock might do. He held her thighs and retreated from her cunt, dragging his tongue through her crotch and along the split ravine of her ass cheeks.

    Ethel groaned again, slumping to the floor. Then she felt him, hot and wet, licking the pink muscle of her asshole. Suddenly she was squirming around like an eel.

    "Bastard!" she gasped.

    Biff raised his head, eyeing his beautiful wife's sweating skin and wondering if she were wet and hot enough to fuck in the ass. He was torn between two kinds of lusty ecstasy. He wanted to mount her asshole and drive her around the floor, making Ethel crawl and beg like a child while his dick was up her butt. Yet her cunt was inviting. She trembled against his lapping tongue with the whole channel of her cunt. She was hot and malleable; her cunt gripped him like a glove full of warm Vaseline. Biff felt a surge of passion as he explored his wife's two gleaming holes, his cock hard and ready for either one.

    "Ohhhhhh!" Ethel moaned.

    Biff had the perfect idea. He sat Indian fashion on the floor and pulled his wife onto his lap. She didn't understand at first; that is, she didn't until she squatted and his stiff cock jammed her twat. It went in with a sucking noise that made them both shiver.

    "Darling!" Ethel gasped. She wriggled and squirmed. The warm shaft of his peter pressed against her tender vaginal lips and really turned her on. She steadied her buttocks with both hands on the floor and worked her cunt up and down his cock. "Wow!" she gasped, feeling the squish of his flesh race through her crotch. It felt like his dick was halfway into her belly. Hunching her mound back and forth only forced him deeper. She breathed deeply and her cunt collapsed all around him and when she went to stroke, his dick tugged on her belly.

    "Ohhhhh!" she groaned.

    Biff Anderson knew he had made the right decision. Her cunt was incredibly delicious. She knew how to wiggle around his fuck pole until his balls jumped up and down like Mexican jumping beans. He watched her tits dance before his eyes, the distended nipples begging to be licked and sucked.

    For a brief moment they both lay back and enjoyed the sensation of their glands joined together. But it lasted only a brief moment. Ethel clamped her hot little thighs around his flesh and began riding his cock.

    Thick, cunty juice trickled from her bush down the trembling sides of her thighs and slicked Biff's skin. It was hot and musk-scented.

    "Smells good," he said between clenched teeth.

    Ethel said nothing. What could she say? Ethel couldn't refuse him now, her cunt wouldn't let her. She could feel his savage insistence throbbing in the ends of her nipples; a terrifying mixture of rage and lust and fear all mixed together inside the cauldron of her cunt.

    "Aaaaaiiiieeee!!" she gasped, her twat lips fluttering together like the wings of a butterfly. "Hurrrrryy! Ohhhhhh hurrrrry!!"

    It was her urgent cry that made Janet walk into the living room. She still felt drugged from that afternoon in the bar. Janet had gotten up to pee when she heard her mother yell. Innocently, she went to investigate. New to the house, she made several wrong turns and then suddenly she turned a corner and was there. Really THERE!

    Her mother's back was arched way back, her head almost touching the floor. Her arms were pressed against the floor and her hips were hunching up and down frantically against her naked father's crotch. She looked at the incredible sight. Her parents were fucking right there on the floor! She couldn't believe that her mother was sitting on her father's erection. She had never seen two people fuck before… certainly not in a sitting position!

    "Aaaaaiiee!" Ethel screamed. "Fuck me, darling! Oh, yes, fuck me. Fuck my cunt!"

    Janet was mesmerized by the action of her mother's slinky hips, so much so that she stood still as a statue watching them go at each other like savage dogs.

    Biff was steaming with sweat and his crotch was soaked from the drippings of his wife. His cock burned as it drilled a pathway through the soft, sucking walls of her pussy, going deeper with every thrust. And when he could stand the excitement no longer he pulled her buttocks close to his cock, pulled her thighs outward and burrowed into her hole.

    His hot sperm shot upward into her channel, soaking her velvet skin. He jerked back and forth sandpapering her cunt hole. She was squeezing it down, taking in every drop-it was sensational! He couldn't stop fucking and coming. His juice poured into her cunt like milk into a funnel. It really felt good and he rubbed the base of his cock against wet pussy lips with every stroke.

    "Aaaahhh!" he gasped.

    She pulsated like a fiery star, her cunt milking her cock with tender loving strokes. He flopped back on his elbows and rolled his head in utter bliss.

    And that's when he saw his half-naked daughter staring at him.

    "What the hell!" he yelled, surprised. His cock jumped into his wife, went hard as rock and spurted sperm he didn't know existed. His surprised wife screamed with delight. Her body went stiff as a board as the warm cunt hole milked him.

    Janet ran away. Her heart was beating like crazy. She didn't know if her father had seen her or not. She just knew the sight of her mother squirming on the end of her father's cock was the most exciting thing she had ever seen.

    Her cunt was wildly wet as she ran to the bathroom to pee.

    Chapter 5

    Janet didn't go near the beach for a week. She hung around the house and when the furniture arrived, she helped her mother move the furnishings into the house. Her father never said anything about that night. And just as well.

    Yet she could not forget Duke or George. Everything that had happened made her eager to get down to the ocean. Strange sensations dominated her crotch. She couldn't help it. Lying out in the sun made her sweat and when she sweated her cunt became a furnace. She rubbed oil into her skin, which made her feel greasy, and that increased the tingling feeling between her legs. So finally, Janet got up the nerve one day and strolled down the long hill, down to Ocean Beach looking for Duke. He was a good-looking guy, and a surfer to boot. He was the type of guy girls fall madly in love with and write their friends about. Janet didn't have any friends. But that didn't stop her from wishing his big tongue was in her hot cunt hole!

    Duke was across from the municipal fishing pier, pitching pennies with a fourteen-year-old kid. After the final toss, Duke scooped up the cash… "Hey, I won!" protested the kid.

    Duke just looked at the kid, whose face was broken out with pimples, and laughed. "Big deal. You won and-I've got the money. So fuck off." The kid went away, his head bent dejectedly toward the ground, kicking the sand with his bare feet.

    Duke jingled the fifty cents in, his closed hand and decided to buy a couple of candy bars for lunch when he spotted Janet lying on the hot white sand.

    "Oh, man, this is my lucky day," he murmured. There were lots of chicks swarming over his one-room shack down the beach, but he hadn't been able to shake the image of Janet from his mind. She was a real piece and he fervently wished that George hadn't lost his mind and attacked her in the bar. Not that he blamed George. It had been his intention to start fucking Janet after showing her around; but the bartender had fucked things up and he hadn't figured on seeing her again. But here she was, big as life, with those nice tits and the slender, seductive thighs that made his cock hard just looking. He jingled the change in his hand and sat down in the sand next to Janet.

    "Say, baby," he said.

    Janet pulled the tortoise-shell sunglasses up on her forehead and felt a spasm of excitement in her cunt. Duke cuddled next to her and nonchalantly rolled on his hip… He faced her and put his hand on her juicy crotch.

    "Take it easy," she gasped. His fingers were rubbing her golden twat and she didn't know what to do. If I scream, he'll go away and I'll be embarrassed, she thought. But she couldn't just lie there and let him finger her mound.

    "Get away from me."

    Duke quickly apologized for his friend George. "I had to beat the shit out of him," Duke said. "Man and he was a tough dude. I could have gotten killed."

    Janet wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. "You fought over me?" she said. No one had ever done that before. No one ever knew she existed until Duke came along.

    "Come back to the cabin," he said, removing his hand.

    When she shook her head, he rose up and shook the sand of himself and started to walk away.

    Janet was angry at herself for acting like a prude. You‘re not a virgin any more, a voice told her. And you aren‘t some old floozy whose cunt is all worn out. Get out and have some fun. Do it, do it before you're old and washed up like Mother. And then she remembered her mother's sweltering crotch all wrapped around her father's enormous dick, hunching up and down like a sex-crazy rabbit. And Janet was on her feet running after Duke, who was standing by a tree massaging his huge hard-on again.

    "Duke," she cried. "Come on! Let's go. I want to see your place again."

    He was feeling her hip on the way down the street. His fingers were inside her swimsuit, sending chills to her excited cunt by the time they reached the cabin.

    No one was inside.

    He put his arm around the shaking girl and kissed the inside of her ear. Her bra came away without a struggle, just a slip of the halter knot and the polka dot garment drooped in his hand. Duke feasted his eyes on her pearly-white tits, then brought her close and popped a nipple between his lips. She was hot as a firecracker.

    "Aaaaahhh!" Janet was surprised and slightly shocked to feel his firm lips sucking her pulsating breast. Shocked and terribly excited. Her back was shaking and her butt cheeks squirmed all over the squeaking mattress.

    Duke brought his hand down the pretty blonde's back until it rode over the curve of her butt cheek. Man, she was well-built, he thought, tugging on the bikini bottom. She had broad hips and a flat belly which quivered like Jell-o. Her breasts were firm and wonderful. The hard nipple ends pulsated between his teeth.

    His tongue slithered from his mouth, curling around her nipple with a suddenness that startled Janet. She wished that he was doing that to her cunt. It was a wet, weird sensation on her nipple. She knew it would be super to have his big, sloppy tongue zinging pleasure into her slit. There was nothing wrong with sucking her cunt. If she sucked on a man's cock until sticky sperm filled her mouth, there was no reason why he couldn't put his face down there between her thighs and lick.

    But instead, Duke kept his mouth glued to her tit, working the end into a nice, bulbous state. Janet liked it, she loved it. And he snaked a finger down to her crotch and pushed into her slit.

    He felt her stiffen and then sigh. Her legs came apart and her hips started to hump. Man, she was hot to fuck! It gave him a throbbing hard-on just to think of that soft cooze. His fingers were moving and twisting and Janet was going with it. Her knees were wobbly and weak.

    "Hurry!" she gasped.

    Duke could not resist the girl's wetting cunt, hunching back and forth on the bed and he pulled his mouth away and latched onto her cooze like a sucker fish. His tongue swept through her sopping wet pubic hair and found the pink flesh of her razor-thin slit.

    "Aaaaaahh!" Janet was on fire. She squeezed her little cunt as if holding back her pee. She did feel full, as if her bladder were about to burst any moment. But instead of urine, her cunt throbbed with sex. Her channel was all tingly and it felt like a tiny, thrashing animal was holed up and wanted out.

    "Lie down!" Duke ordered. He pulled frantically at the string that held up his swim trunks. His cock was as hard as a railroad spike. It stuck straight out from his body, the knotty end pressing against his nylon swimsuit, forming a small tent in his crotch. He wiggled up along her body, his slender hips humping his manly organ at her surprised lips and then he finally freed his prick from the swimsuit and she was staring at his raw, naked cock.

    She reached out. Just then his tongue connected with her clitoris.

    "Yaaaaaa!" she gasped, hips thrusting forward. She felt his hot, wet tongue slide along her slit and down along her buttocks. Her asshole was as wet and gushy as her cunt. She wriggled against his sucking lips, feeling jolt after jolt of electricity zing through her fetid crotch.

    "I can't get your cock," she pleaded.

    Duke slurped with his lips and tried again. This time he felt her delicate fingers find his sex wand and she grasped his face with her thighs in appreciation. Her fingers ran up and down the throbbing foreskin, then they found his balls and were stroking him down there. Man, was she fucking great, he thought to himself.

    He was surprised that she knew so much about a man's body. But then she left his cock and he wagged back and forth like a metronome until her soft, wet mouth came down around him, covering his shaft like, a glove.

    "Goooood, baby!" he shouted. He was surprised to feel her sucking and he lifted his head and inspected the plump lips of her soft, ripe cunny, pumping like a big jellyfish. And then he laughed and spread her butt cheeks and jammed his finger into her tight anus.

    Janet exploded like an over wound spring. Her asshole burned, seared for a moment, then opened up, letting him inside. She bucked, trying to move away, but his tongue sucked on her cunt and drove her back. He was working on both ends, exciting her cunt while finger-fucking her asshole, and Janet didn't know what to do. She felt terribly afraid, even terrified of Duke.

    "Please don't… don't fuck me back there!"

    Boy, he hadn't thought of fucking her asshole! Not when he had so much juicy cunt to play with. But Duke found her butt to be soft and receptive to his finger. Cornholing Janet didn't seem like a bad idea.

    Except that his nuts were now inside Janet's mouth and she was rolling them between her teeth, sucking and licking with her raspy, wild tongue while her hand soft-stroked his cock. Man, his pecker was on fire! He didn't know what to do. He wanted to come right then, right in her mouth. Except his shaft was wagging free and he was too hot, too fucking hot.

    He jerked her legs apart and pulled from her mouth. He heard her gurgle, then writhe against the finger jammed in her butt. Her thighs spread open, her juicy slit inviting him in. He couldn't resist. Her smell was sensational and her flesh was hot and soft all the way down the sleeve of her cunt.

    "Baby, you're hot!" he yelled. "Fucking hot!"

    He fed cock into her belly until she flopped around like a skewered fish. He let out a short burst of laughter. "Tell me that doesn't turn you on!" he snorted, rolling his flexing hips.

    "Oh, yes, it does! It does!" Janet screamed. She was living a dream. Her body was all silky soft and wet from her fucking. She didn't mind if he fucked her asshole with his finger again. As his cock humped her mound, she thought that might be a good idea. He didn't really hurt that bad anyway.

    The bed squeaked underneath their frantic fucking. Then she sucked in her breath as his cock disappeared between her milky-white thighs. For a second neither made a sound. They were joined together by the slow undulations of their bodies mating passionately in the cabin.

    Janet was so excited that her juice was gushing all over her silky twat and down into the bedding. Duke lay on top drilling her cunt with his cock. She felt him flex inside her twat.


    He roared through the wet, slippery flesh of her humping twat, driving his swollen shaft into her sucking womb, then erupted into her shrinking chasm. White, frothy sperm shot into the sucking hole. He screamed again as his cream spilled inside her quim.

    "Goooood!" he shouted.

    She lay back, passive, weak, absorbing the punishment of his cock and wondered when it would end. She was at the brink of exhaustion. Not another muscle in her body would move. Something was happening inside her snatch something wonderful and exquisite. His penis stirred in her hot pot and thrill after savage thrill shook her body. Daringly, she raised her fast closing cunt and rubbed her clitoris into Duke's pumping crotch.

    "Aaaaahh!," she moaned. The extra penetration was like a long flame shooting up her chasm. She was so tired of fucking that her ass cheeks fluttered. Her orgasm arrived just in time and crashed down around his fuck stick, gripping him hard. It was sensational! For both of them!

    "Ohhhh! Fantastic!" she moaned.

    He slipped back and forth against her juices, his hard on now drooping away until he was only semi-hard. The girl rocked her hips back and forth, even after he pulled away and let his prick hang down, his glands touching her tender flesh.

    "Lick me clean," he said, holding his shaft with his hand. Quickly, Janet bent to take in his goo.

    It splattered against her lips, but she got most of him inside her mouth. His sperm was hot and salty and she drank greedily.

    Duke watched the exhausted girl curl around his wilted sex pole. His sperm was draining into her bloated cheeks before being sucked down her flexing throat. He twisted his body so every last drop was consumed by her cunt or her mouth. She was filled with his seed to the brim.

    "Beautiful," he gasped, falling away.

    And it was. Janet staggered to her feet and veered to the bathroom, her bulging cunt lips making squishing noises as she walked. She closed the door and sat down on the pot and tried to pee.

    Nothing happened.

    She squeezed her thighs and moved back and forth across the seat and then at last her pee splashed down into the cistern and a great feeling of relief eased through her abdomen.

    Suddenly Duke walked in holding his limp cock. A wicked smile crossed his lips as he pointed his hose at her. The end wagged lasciviously. A ripple of fear flashed through her cunt.

    "Don't you dare pee on me," she said defensively.

    That's what he had on his mind. Then, at the last moment, he decided not to. She had been a great fuck and there was always time for that special pee trip.

    "Can't handle it, huh?" he asked.

    She made a face. It was such a crude, violent thing to do, and terribly disgusting, too. She stared at the flared end and wondered if she could or not. His cock was limp, flickering like a beached sea eel. She forced the stream of pee into the cistern and sighed with relief as her bladder voided its contents.

    Duke released his limp cock. "You'll be back, won't you?" he asked.

    "Yes," she answered.

    Of course she would be back. Where else could she go?

    Chapter 6

    Biff called home shortly after five and said he would be home late. A last-minute meeting had been called by the company's chairman over a trivial matter-tuna-fish processing-but it was a meeting he had to attend.

    "What time can we expect you?" Ethel asked peevishly. "I had a roast planned."

    "Ten-thirty," Biff replied and hung up. He smiled. There was no meeting. There was a small bat he wanted to check out with Charlie, a friend of his. It was down in the beach area, a dimly lit place with fish nets drooping from the ceiling, and other nautical decorations. It was a hangout for the surf crowd, the beach bunnies and the other sunburned, blonde-haired people that called Ocean Beach their home. His ass was in a sling if Ethel found out. But fuck it, he thought. Ethel was only his wife.

    Charlie was a fast-talking ex-Navy ship fitter who worked in the sales department. He reportedly knew every bar in San Diego and when it came to chicks he didn't mess around.

    They were sitting at the bar nursing along a second drink when two blondes sat down. One was tall and thin with a dark tan and tulip-shaped breasts that barely stayed in her bikini top. Her waist curved in forming a flat tummy and then curved out at the hips. When she turned and looked at Biff, her eyes sparkled like rare jewels.

    Biff felt a tightening in his gut as he downed the drink quickly.

    "Drink, girls?" he asked.

    The tall girl pulled a long, blonde strand of hair off her brow. She smiled demurely, her mouth all lips and tongue and Biff felt his cock growing hard.

    "Maybe you girls want more than a drink?" Charlie ventured.

    They both giggled and when Biff.turned on the bar stool the shorter, more developed girl put a hand on the inside of his thigh and squeezed.

    His cock went up like a flagpole. He pulled her close and ran a hand up the inside of her leg and rubbed her soft, wet cooze. It was barely concealed by the tight-fitting bikini bottom.

    "Oooooo!" she murmured.

    "Where do you girls live?" Charlie asked.

    "Why don't you come with us and find out?" said the tall, lanky girl.

    "Right, double right," Biff replied.

    "I'm Bridget," said the short girl, "and my friend is Darlene." Bridget's hand crept into Biff's lap and gripped the gnarled end of, his cock, causing him to groan.

    "Maybe we would go right now," she said.

    "I don't know if I can wait," Biff said.

    Bridget snapped the end of his cock with a fingernail. She got up from the bar stool and motioned toward the far end of the bar, a smile splitting her lips.

    "Make a telephone call," she whispered.


    She pointed to the telephone booth next to the washrooms. Quickly he got up and followed.

    A strange girl, he thought. At the phone booth she turned, eyes shimmering like diamond chips as she held his hand and pushed open the door next to the phone booth. It was a closet and in a second they were both inside.

    He grabbed for her tits. The flimsy bikini top came apart and her firm breasts filled his hands. They were, soft and warm, with stunningly taut nipples. He lowered his head and licked and sucked greedily.

    "Aaaaahhh!" she gasped. Her hands undid his fly, reached in and grabbed his hardness. He flickered alive, the knotty head inflamed by the tender stroking of her fingers. She was hot and eager. He could feel that in the way her nipples pulsated under his tongue. The tiny room became hot and steamy. Bridget was stroking him, then she slipped away. What the hell, he thought, where did she go?

    And then the warm wetness of her mouth found the flickering end of his cock. Her teeth raked along the knurled head as her tongue wet him down with her juice. He went in and in and in! Her mouth sucked his straining cock with frantic urgency.

    "Suck, baby!" Her fingers dropped down to his nuts, puffing them free of his underwear, then rolling them softly, tugging so his juice would flow into his stem.

    Bridget licked her lips. Her eyes were closed, her mouth willing, throat sucking. The blonde had buried her face in his crotch and he reciprocated by humping his dick into her. He shoved cock into her with full force and stood still, straining against her puckered, red lips.

    "Aaaaahh!" he gasped. She was frantic between his legs, working her mouth like an eager cunt around his pulsating shaft. He wondered how long his cock could withstand the swampy void of her mouth-then he knew the answer. His cock erupted. Thick, hot, white cream spurted out of the flared end of his penis and into the wet hole of her mouth. He gunned her face, hunching his hips while thrusting forward and he was rewarded by the thick cream which leaked out Bridget's mouth.

    "Gooood!" he laughed, falling against a bucket full of mops and brooms. She sucked back all the seed that had leaked from her pulsating lips.

    He grunted and pressed into her and still it dripped in long, white streamers down the creases of her puckered lips. He twisted his body against Bridget's and she moaned under his spurting cock, collapsing at his feet while draining him clean.

    Wave after wave of pleasure flooded him. He gasped for breath, the humid air binding them together. His wife had never given him such pleasure. But perhaps it wasn't her fault. Bridget was younger, her body screaming with the incessant sexual needs of adolescence. She didn't know about childbearing, or the frustration that comes with age. Bridget was very much like his own daughter; they were both young and carefree… signs of youthful innocence.

    Oh, man, he had never thought about Janet as a piece of ass! It was naughty… especially for her own father to harbor such thoughts. Fucking his own daughter! He grimaced and told himself it wasn't true even as the fever raced between his legs, swelling his cock once again.

    "Ohhhh, you're getting big again," gasped Bridget, holding.his cock. "Not here… At the house."

    He somehow zipped his pants and returned to the bar where Charlie and Darlene waited for them. They made it out of the bar and down the street to a shack.

    "Hey," said Charlie. The four of them had smoked two joints and the acrid smell of marijuana filled the air. They had been joined by three other girls, one of them with long, dark hair and black, flashing eyes.

    One girl squirmed her thighs together and made low, moaning sounds. The odor of her sex filled the air like a miasma of stinky pleasure.

    Bridget trembled against his flexed cock. The third girl, Sally, couldn't wait. She silently pulled down her pants and began massaging her healthy pubic mound.

    "Hey, I'll help with that," said Charlie, but Darlene held him back.

    "This is Sally's thing," Darlene said sternly.

    They watched, transfixed, as Sally slipped from her clothes and began massaging the turgid nipples of her small breasts, rubbing the ends with her long, painted nails.

    Biff couldn't believe it. The girl was getting off right there in front of them. He felt Bridget's reassuring hands on his cock and a spasm of pleasure coursed through his shaft. He watched as Sally inserted two fingers into her cooze and hunched her hips against herself. Biff wondered what made Sally act so crazy.

    She didn't have any tits, just the huge nipples that stuck out on the end of small swells of flesh. Yet her hips had a seductive sway about them and her cunt was ripe as a mango and covered by a luxuriant growth of hair. She was not ugly, this girl Sally. That's for sure.

    He stared at Sally as she worked herself into a frenzy and felt the urge to fuck. Suddenly another girl rose between Sally's trembling thighs and placed her lips against her mound.

    "Aaaaahhhh!" gasped, Sally. She humped her, hips into the girl's mouth, grinding her pelvis full of hot, pleasing sex. Her full-lipped cunt was being filled by a long, throbbing tongue. Man, he was hot! He wanted to see Sally's tender pink slit. He wanted to see it and fuck it!

    Darlene started to giggle. "Watch this, guys!"

    Excited, Sally arched her back while her lover brought a long thin object up the side of Sally's thigh. It was big around as a broom handle and about two feet long. The round end of the baton seemed to vibrate. As it was brought up into the hairy pubic nest, Sally began to moan.

    Biff didn't know what the fuck was going on until the baton was brought down to the open pink slit of Sally's cunt and then was pushed upwards into her cooze.

    "Aaahhh!!" Sally gasped. The dildoe went in and out with a soft, sucking noise. "More, oh, please, more!"

    Biff had seen dildoes in the porno shops in Hong Kong, but he had never seen one used until this moment. The artificial cock was kept steady while Sally lowered her cunt sleeve around the unyielding shaft.'

    She hunched up and down, twisting her pelvis back and forth while making deep, animal sounds in her throat. The round little end was pressing into her clever cunt hole, pumping in and out now, moving like a knife through bread. Sally was ecstatic. She fell on the floor while the other girl rose between Sally's legs and drove the baton into her cunt. Her open thighs quivered with lust. Sally screamed. She was obviously having the time of her life.

    "Ooooohhhhh!" she moaned, riding the giant cock that sparked life into her womb. "Oooohhh!"

    Biff came out of his seat, swinging his. arm across his body, his cock rising out obscenely from the vent in his pants. He watched the end of the baton being fed through Sally's slippery cunt lips and nearly orgasmed right there.

    "What are you thinking?" Bridget asked breathlessly.

    "What am I thinking," he shouted overcome by Sally's little fucking act. "I want to fuck. I want to fuck her cunt… fuck her asshole!"

    He shouted out, insanely jealous of the artificial cock. Why couldn't he be reaming Sally's cunt? Just then she moaned and a strange vibrating sensation shot through his crotch. Bridget was standing up, cuddling up close to him. She tugged gently on his cock and he went down to the floor with her.

    When he landed, she had a surprise for him. He fell softly into her crotch. Which was all hot and moist. She bent over and grabbed his, cock with both hands and played with it. She rolled it between her hands and felt the head spinning in her pubic mound. Then she humped against him, drawing his cock into her wetting mound.

    "Yaaaa!" he yelled. Urgently, he yanked her sweltering thighs apart and fed dick furiously into her cunt. Who was this crazy surfer cunt? He didn't know and didn't care. He fell on top of her straining mound, forcing his giant cock into the constricted sleeve of her cunt.

    She screamed. Her hips rolled upwards, straining.

    He knew it hurt. His giant cock always hurt girls when he forced himself into their fragile wombs. It hurt until their cunny walls opened under him and then it was all right. He pushed her knees back against her belly in one swift movement. Her cunt flexed opened. And in he went.

    Bridget rolled one way and then the next. He made grunting noises while fucking her slit. He reached down underneath and grabbed her ass cheeks to steady her cunt while he drove his cock home.

    Bridget screamed once more. The huge cock ripped through her belly. He was huge; bigger than any man in the past. She strained her quim riding his dick, straddling him with her thighs. The girls were watching, they had to be. And boy, were they jealous! This guy was all man! He was built like a horse! A donkey!

    And he was ripping through her cunt hole like a freight train and she couldn't do anything except roll back and let him surge.

    Bridget was so full she wanted to cry!

    His cock drove in hard. His fingers crept up her butt and pulled her loins down on his steel-hard cock.

    "Ooooooh… ahhhhhh!" she cried. Her cunt squeezed and electric sparks ran through her body and her insides turned to water and flushed out through the flapping folds of her cunt.

    Her cunt was on fire. Her guts were all hot and liquid and she couldn't stop, didn't want to stop.

    And neither did Biff. For his cock exploded inside her cunt sleeve just as her flesh collapsed all around him and his good, hot sperm was shooting into her in one continuous stream.

    No, he didn't want to stop.

    Not when there were all these other hungry cunts wanting his cock.

    He never wanted to stop!

    Chapter 7

    When Biff finally pulled himself up from Bridget's exhausted body, his cock was soft and drippy as an ice-cream bar on a hot summer's day. The familiar smell of sex hung like a cloud of incense smoke. Quickly, he stripped off all his clothes and lay back on the covered mattress in the corner that served as a sofa. Bridget followed him, walking on all fours like a donkey.

    "Come here, baby," he said, extending an arm. He noticed how her ripe melon-sized breasts hung down from her chest, swaying from side to side as she walked. Her hips swayed to the same tempo. Biff was reminded of the young prostitute in Egypt that he had found in the Hilton Hotel. She was only twelve years old and yet she had the voluptuousness of a belly dancer. He remembered fondly how soft and inviting her young pussy was. How his cock had slid into her quim like a knife through butter. She cooed in that strange Arabic language which was impossible to speak. He had started on her mouth and worked down to her sweltering cunt and finally in a burst of passion inched back between her butt cheeks and fucked her asshole. And all she did was groan and wiggle against hint It took all night to fuck her right and when he finally finished the next morning his body felt limp as linguini. And she had only cost five American dollars. Amazing!

    Biff rolled, woke up from his pleasant daydream and looked down at the writhing young flesh that surrounded his limp cock. Bridget was licking his sperm-coated-dick and playing with his balls. Her ass cheeks moved back and forth against the mattress. Passion overwhelmed him. Bridget was every bit as developed as the Egyptian girl and her bronzed skin and blonde hair really turned him on. He looked down at the clumps of quivering flesh and realized that ass fucking Bridget would be every bit as sexy and rewarding as the Egyptian trollop. Perhaps more so!

    Quietly, he curled around so his fingers could work her backside. Bridget was warm against him. She stirred pleasantly as he reached through the dark slit of her legs and rubbed her wet pussy mound.

    She likes it, he thought, stroking her hot twat. There is nothing these teenagers won't do these days. He wondered if Janet was the same and then guilt suffused his mind. What if some man like himself was right now stretched between his only daughter's thighs, fucking her cunt?

    What a terrible thought! Naked, he shivered slightly in the cool, heavily scented air. His penis went hard for an instant then dropped down against Bridget's lapping tongue. He didn't want to think about Janet, at least not right now.

    Charlie had his clothes off and lay back against the wall. Darlene was glued to his penis, her face disappearing in the thick, bushy rug of hair sticking up from his crotch.

    "Hey, this is fantastic," Biff said. Twisting against her mouth, his cock mushroomed inside Bridget's wetness. He wondered how he could still get hard after such hard fucking. It was his third erection in less than an hour. At this rate, he would barely be able to stand up when he got home.

    "The girls treat you right?" Charlie asked.

    "Don't worry," said a strange voice.

    Biff whirled. He wondered if the voice was imaginary. Then he saw the tall, thin figure of a man standing in the cabin. He had appeared silently, like a thief. Biff bailed his fists, ready to move on the intruder.

    "Who the fuck are you?" Biff demanded.

    His voice was tense, sounding of trouble. He pulled Bridget's sucking mouth from his half limber cock. Fuck, caught bare-ass, he thought. He imagined making a getaway, running through the streets of San Diego without any clothes. What would he tell his wife? She thought he was at a business meeting! His ass would be in a sling.

    "Hey, easy, old boy," Charlie said. He turned to the stranger and said, "How are you doing, Duke?"

    Biff started. He couldn't help it. He was shocked that Charlie knew this kid and that he had been ready to stomp the kid's face into the floor.

    "Duke?" said Biff.

    "Yeah," answered the kid. "As in John Wayne, ya know? He's my hero." He turned and looked at the girls lying around. "Having a good time?"

    "Fantastic!" Biff answered. The girls belonged to Duke. And Biff was surprised. Here was Bridget sprawled naked on her belly, sucking on his cock like it was a garden hose and really she belonged to this kid named Duke.

    "A good show," said Charlie. "Those two dykes really got me hard."

    Then Biff chuckled because Sally and her friend had made him equally excited. That two foot baton must have hurt Sally's cunt hole. Or so he thought until she started humping up and down against the resilient shaft, turning herself inside out over that fuck stick.

    "If they turn you on," said Duke, "why don't you fuck one?"

    Then suddenly Biff felt a stirring and his cock flickered between Bridget's lips. He looked across at Sally's lean body, lying on the floor. Her black hair was spread like a pillow behind her head. Her skin was an iridescent white against the dimly lit background.

    "You mean it?" Biff said.

    "Be my guest," Duke answered.

    Biff moved toward her, feeling his cock tug free of Bridget's mouth and then he turned back.

    "Come with me, Bridget," he said, winking.

    Sally lay on her back, teasing the billowing thatch of pubic hair with her fingers. She writhed her slim hips against the floor and her eyes looked up.

    Bridget was at his side, reaching for his cock. Her cunt was steaming and her thighs fluttered like the wings of a butterfly. She had never found a man that could be hard so many times and it thrilled her. She wanted to suck and make love to his cock. It made her hot. She wanted to be fucked by his cock!

    Biff got down on all fours. His heart was pounding so hard he thought he might faint.

    "Get underneath me," he told Bridget. "Lie down on your belly."

    The comely blonde slithered between his thighs, positioning her finely curved buttocks so her slit was directly below his mouth.

    "Now you, Sally," he instructed, reaching for the baton. His fingers closed around the rod, gripping it tightly. The dildo was surprisingly light except for the handle which was filled, he guessed with batteries. He noticed a small switch on the handle end which he flicked on. Then he pressed the head against Bridget's buttock.

    "Yeow!" she shouted. "What are you doing!"

    He stared down at the strange device and wondered how Sally had been able to hold up under the dildo. It was two feet of hard metal capped off by electric-shock-producing ends. Fantastic!

    He wiggled his ass in Sally's face and ordered her to slither underneath his thigh and grab the glistening end of his cock with her teeth. There was no rhyme or reason to his actions. He didn't think things out. He just acted on impulse. And right then he wanted the tender young lips of Sally's fourteen-year-old mouth hugging on his shaft while he fucked Bridget's asshole with the dildo.

    "Are you going to…" Bridget said.

    He answered by driving the bullet-shaped cock head between her butt cheeks. The end was already slippery wet from Sally's cunt juices. It slid nicely between her cheeks and through her tender sphincter.


    For an instant, he wondered if he had gone too far. But Sally's wonderful, wet lips surrounding his throbbing cock drove him on. She was a fantastic stimulus. Her lips stroked down his cock like the softest pussy in the world. She sucked and Biff Anderson thought he was being turned inside out.

    Again he drove the dildo into Bridget's crack. The artificial cock went in, stuck for an instant, then went further. He felt her wonderful asshole opening up under the cock he fed through the tight ring of muscles and into her rectum. Her buttocks swished back and forth, trying to accommodate the alien device.

    "It hurts!" Bridget cried. And it did. It hurt like hell. But though her butt burned painfully, her insides kindled with passionate warmth. She found that humping" up and down helped. She wanted to feel his cock, his real cock. But he was the master and she was happy to do whatever pleased him.

    "Fuck, baby!" he ordered, driving the dildo in and out of her butt. He watched her hunching up and down, her channel sucking on the dildo while Sally's mouth suctioned his dick. It was tremendous! He worked the dildo into her crack like a knife into bread and then he started to move.

    "Crawl, cunt!" he ordered.

    Bridget's asshole was being lifted up and. pushed forward. She started to crawl like a lizard across the wood planking, dragging her excited breasts and cunt across the smooth surface. The movement stimulated her. Her clitoris touched down as she rubbed her mound. Electric shocks sputtered through her belly. Biff kept his hand on the dildoe. Slowly, they moved on the floor like a miniature train. Sally was licking him wildly while he manipulated Bridget.

    "Man, this guy is something else," said Duke.

    And Biff was something else. Sally was stroking her mouth down to the end of his cock and then kissing the end. "Hmmmm!" she groaned, pleasing him by stroking his swollen balls with her dainty fingers.

    His cock responded by thrusting up and down her raspy tongue, driving into her mouth like it was a cunt. It felt wet and soppy and her throat did wonderful, startling things to his throbbing dick.

    And he felt a sense of power grabbing the artificial cock and ramming Bridget's fast-opening asshole. He watched her squirming all over the floor, writhing like a speared woodchuck, her cunt smell filling the room. Half reluctantly, he put his hand on the metal baton. He was thinking of how awful it was to send electricity charging into such a ripe, willing hole-especially when he had a girl on the end of his cock sucking and licking. He wanted to fuck Bridget's asshole all night. But he couldn't.

    His own swollen cock wouldn't let him. It was bloated out and it ached like an injured tooth. He wanted to come in Sally's expert mouth. And he didn't want to have his orgasm without first giving Bridget one. She had been a good girl, rutting her sex across the floor like a base, depraved little animal. Now she was going to get hers. And man, would she go through the roof when it happened!

    He flicked the switch.

    She jackknifed straight up in the air, her voluptuous body popping off the floor as if pulled by invisible strings.

    Her asshole clenched the vibrating sex wand. Her lips split open, pulled back in a fiendish grimace of pleasure and rippling pin. She arched against the prod rammed up her butt. He jerk-fucked her hole. And she sputtered because she was coming against the wand. He could do nothing but watch her writhe and twist against him. He saw her tits for a fleeting moment and they stood out straight like footballs.

    "Aaaaaahhhhh!!" she shrieked.

    Sally's huge mouth took him inside her throat and ran up and down his swollen manhood. His balls leaped a foot against her dribbling chin and her wonderful hands cupped his balls making him even more excited.

    "Ahhhhhh!" he gasped.

    He wiggled his butt. He had a vision. Through a liquid haze came the nude body of his daughter. He recognized the wild gleam in her eye and there was no mistaking the erotic movement of her hips or the soft bouncing of her pendulous breasts. What a piece of ass! His own daughter!

    Suddenly the vision disappeared and he was left with Sally sucking his joy stick. He jutted his ass down on her face and screamed, "Lick my asshole, cunt! Right now!"

    He felt her mouth leave him. At the same instant, Bridget's butt went soft and he ran the fuck stick in and out of her weeping hole. Her anus puckered around the dildo as he drew her up from the floor and then forced her down with a driving movement of his hand.

    "Ohhhhh!" gasped Sally. She looked up his thigh and pressed her mouth against the soft skin of his buttocks. She reached out with the wet end of her tongue through the dark valley of his rear until she found the pink button of flesh. Then she licked up and down, wetting him with her juices. A shudder of pleasure wiggled down her tongue and through her body before exiting the walls of her cunt. The thrill of licking her master was fantastic. He lurched against her tongue and groaned.

    "Lick, baby," he shouted.

    He swelled up, his asshole on fire from her tongue, and then turned his passion loose on Bridget. He reamed the helpless girl's asshole until she was screaming and pounding the floor with her hands.

    She felt like a little girl being spanked. Her hands and legs were flailing about while the white hot pole drilled her butt. "Ohhhhh!" Bridget shouted as her cunt squeezed tight as a clamshell. "Ohhhhhh, it hurts!"

    She felt herself turning inside out. Her little hole was spewing flames and smoke, she was so hot. She felt like a volcano erupting, molten lava pouring out of her in a frenzied burst of activity. Her asshole went tight again and a scream burst from her lips as she fell to the floor, writhing with her second orgasm.

    Biff watched her molten body turn to paste. It was fantastic. The baton gave him a feeling of power. It was almost as wonderful as Sally's mouth licking his asshole.

    Too good in fact. This cunt is driving me crazy, he thought. Biff rammed the dildo into Bridget's squirming butt. It made a squishing noise as the long slender shaft split her cheeks and sped half way into her belly. The electricity was zinging pleasure up her backside and the long moaning sounds coming from Bridget's throat made him hot.

    It also made his balls ache in the worst way. He flung his leg around, pulling Sally's lips away from his asshole and pointed his cock at her face. That's when his bullet-shaped penis spurted a long stream of sperm against her quavering lips. It splashed everywhere, making Sally gasp.

    It made Biff gasp too! He never felt better in his life.

    Chapter 8

    Shortly after meeting Duke, Janet began keeping a diary. It was lots of fun running around with the surfing crowd and when she got older and finally settled down and had a family of her own, Janet could look back and reminisce about her youth.

    Dear Diary,

    I've never met anyone quite like Duke. We do something different every day and I never feel bored when I'm with him. Even walking along the beach mooching quarters from the tourists can be exciting. I've come along way from Dairy, Ohio. That guy who took me to the motel and popped my cherry doesn't hold a candle to Duke and his friends. Not when it comes to sex. I used to get uptight when we made love and his friend walked in on us. But not anymore. Not after Tuesday.

    Janet was in a bright, cheerful mood when she walked down the steep hill from her house and out to Ocean Beach. She whistled to herself, moving her arms back and forth to the beat of the music, and tried to think of what Duke had planned for today. She had already discarded the polka dot bikini for a fishnet swimsuit that showed off her body in a new and different way. The suit was very revealing. Up close you could look right through the stitching and see her nipples heaving against the stretched material.

    She knew the effect the swimsuit had on men. Her mother had warned Janet about the swimsuit and the trouble it might get her into. But Janet didn't care. She felt capable of handling anything.

    She knew how to manipulate men. And if they got carried away, she wasn't afraid of putting out. It wasn't like she was a virgin out on a hot night flaunting her goods!

    When she ran into Duke on the beach, he eyed the two-piece and let out a low whistle of approval. "That's fantastic," he said, gripping the swell of her hips. Her face flushed with embarrassment. It was almost like fucking on the beach the way he obscenely turned her body.

    There was no doubt in Duke's mind. He wanted to fuck Janet's sexy body right through her swimsuit. And right there on the beach. He couldn't conceal his lust. To feel her cunt squirming tight around his hot fuck pole was all that mattered.

    "Come on," he said.

    Janet winked. She arched one hip seductively and stuck her chin out. "Suppose I don't want to," she said playfully.

    The cunt, he thought, walking towards Janet. He would teach her a lesson all right. A lesson that this cocktease wouldn't forget!

    "Don't be mean," he coaxed, kissing her on the lips. "I love you."

    She slumped against him, digging her feet into the sand while his hand snaked down to her crotch and toyed with the swimsuit.

    "Oh, let's hurry," she gasped. "Let's hurry!"

    Once inside the cabin, they stripped immediately. Duke was hot. He wanted to slide her soppy, tight hole right up to his balls. And then he wanted to fuck the shit out of her. He wanted to jab his prick into her cunt and out her asshole and make her hump like a jackrabbit, until she screamed for mercy.

    Janet stood, naked in a ray of sunlight streaking through the window, her loins steaming like boiled meat on a platter. Her smell flooded the room like a miasma of luxuriant aphrodisiacs. The light bounced off her rigid nipples and rippled down her sweltering flesh and through her itching cunt. Her sporran of tight pussy hair mushroomed from her crotch like a brush full of soft bristles.

    Duke remembered her sweet young lips sucking his hot cock into her mouth. And there was no argument that she was the best find so far on the beach. He had never run into a girl that was so willing for sex. Maybe that first time in the bathroom had flipped her out, or maybe she was just hot to trot. He could have killed George the bartender for making her suck his cock. Duke believed in breaking girls in easy. Which is why he had not given Janet the full treatment up till now. He didn't want to be too rough. But even a fool could see Janet was ready. Anybody who smelled that steaming cunt of hers could figure that out.

    "Come here, baby," he whispered.

    She rubbed her wet loins against his thighs and Duke made a quick move and jabbed his cock between her thighs. She grasped him with her thighs and jerked back and forth. It was a weird way of jerking off and she did it very nicely, using her thighs like, the twin halves of a split bun grasping a steaming hot dog.

    Duke put his hand on her soft hip, his fingers caressing her butt, and together they moved to the mattress on the floor. He sat down softly and had Janet lie across his thighs with her tits pointed down at the floor. He touched the nipples and worked the hard points back and forth like a toggle switch. Janet groaned as he toyed with her breasts,

    She felt his hard cock pressing up through the split in her ass cheeks, but she didn't stop him. Her asshole was tight-tight enough to squeak! Yet she was ready. If he wanted that, then she wanted it too.

    "Fuck me," she murmured. "Hurry. I can't stand to wait."

    She squirmed and rubbed his hard cock between her cheeks, feeling the sweat roll off her satin-smooth skin and drip down underneath to cover his cock. It was all the encouragement that Duke needed. His dick bucked with renewed hardness. Man, was this bitch going to feel his cock! It was going to make a dent in that soft, syrupy cooze of hers that would never bounce out. Never!

    He tightened his hand under her crotch and lifted. Janet arched her buttocks, her buns sucking on his cock as she stretched her back upward.

    Duke slid underneath so Janet rested on all fours facing the walls while Duke worked her cunt. When her cunt was thoroughly wet and loose, he went between her thighs and drove his cock underneath her butt cheeks and then reared up into her cunt sleeve. He worked into her cooze animal-style, fucking her cunt from the rear. He gasped. Her furry snatch sucked on his tortured cock. He went sliding in, an inch at a time, until his belly rested against her twitching buttocks.

    Janet loved every moment of it. She loved to feel her cunt stretching around his big stick as it filled her slot. She shivered, and the feeling of being split seemed to run from her cunt to her womb.

    "Like it, baby?" he said proudly, feeling himself in command. Her belly shook uncontrollably as her soft, sucking cunt took him in and out.

    Fantastic fucking!

    Janet was going crazy. He was going so slow. Her twat was hot and drippy, like a cauldron spilling over. And his dick just went in so nice and slow, as if he could fuck all day. And all night too!

    Janet cracked her thighs and gasped. Her pussy stretched wide open and sucked his flaming spear inside. Each time she arched her butt back, they were both jolted by the force of his cock penetrating her to the full length of her vagina.

    In and out. His cock pulled out of her slowly with her fuck juices and then slipped back in with a slurpy sound. Duke felt his balls rumble, but he squeezed down hard so the pain would make him forget about coming. He wanted to prolong this fucking for as long as possible.

    He bent his head. He was panting hard. His hands reached around and brushed her clitoris back and forth until Janet nearly peed on herself as too much pleasure surged into her cunt. Then he reached for her round breasts with the oh-so hard nipples and worked them like handles. He rode her cunt and slumped back like a donkey, breathing hard into her ear and squeezing her nipples with every violent thrust.

    "Oh, oh, oh! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Very hard." She panted like a bitch dog in heat. Her cunt juices dribbled around his surging cock and drew along the swelled lips of her twat and then back through the furry ravine of her butt. Their bodies were immersed in their fuck juice. It saturated them in a slimy bath of passion.

    The harder he fucked, the harder she seemed to scream. "Harder! Fuck me harder!"

    Her shrieking voice made him tingle all over. His thigh muscles flinched against the jerking of his cock. Her wetness covered him like a plastic tarp a protective layer against the hungry sucking lips of her cunt.

    His balls moved slowly up and down inside his wrinkled scrotum. The ripe smell of sex drifting up from her crotch flooded his nostrils. It was raw animal smell. It made him wild and crazy. His cock fucked her hole with a renewed intensity. Every inch of her pulsating, eager pussy squeezed down on his surging pecker like two lips sucking a straw. He grabbed her breasts hard and pushed her to the floor. Up came his shaft through the ravine of her ass cheeks. His cock tip jammed her twat, the parted folds leaking juice onto the floor. His balls dragged along the floor as he shoved home his pecker. It was raw and violent, the stuff that dreams are made of. Her hips rose upward, receiving his sex.

    "Hurrrrrry! Fuck meeeee!" she moaned, twisting on the floor. Her cunt collapsed around his fuck pole. Oh, it hurt soooo good!

    That's what it felt like. Her cunt was a long, wet sock to be yanked down around his wiggling dick. She heard him grunting on her back, driving his loins through the crease in her butt, feeling, his pubic hair tickling her rump and she groaned.

    She pumped her loins up and down. Her whole belly screamed out for his hot, thick sperm.

    Then it happened. She felt him grow tense inside her womb. He was a red-hot poker searing her cunt hole. She was dry from fucking and his dick hurt terribly. He grunted like an animal a fuck-crazy animal-and surged in with a terrible squeak of pain and he yelled in her ear and then warm, thick, liquid shot through her tortured channel.

    "Commming!" he laughed. His cock jammed her pussy and Janet felt a pulsating thrill run along her spine. Her pussy was wet and soft again as an explosion went off inside her belly and coursed through every tense muscle.

    "Ohhh, fuck me! That's right. Ohh, work your cock into my cunt! Fuck me, grab my tits, fuck my cunt, jam my pussy… fuck! fuck! FUCK!"

    His hot cream loaded her flabby cunt sleeve until the tired folds of her cunt sagged open in surrender and she fell exhausted to the floor. Only the twitching of her buttocks showed there was any life left. Duke dragged his expired cock from her with a quick tug that brought a groan from her tired lips. He stumbled backward, gasping for air.

    "Hey, man," said a voice. "That looks like a ball!"

    It was George, the ex-bartender. He stood by the door, watching them fuck like beasts on the floor. The vent in his pants was open and he was busy stroking his long cock.

    "George!" gasped Duke.

    Janet turned on her hip, too tired to recognize him. His cock looked familiar, however. The huge, flat end was shaped like a cobra's head. His shaft was thick as a wrist and was very, very long. She looked up from his crotch and stared into the cold blue eyes that feasted on her sweating, exhausted body. She felt a wild stirring at the tip o. her clitoris. It tingled at first, then worked into a throbbing pain that streaked through her twat and down her hips.

    She felt cold and very naked. Goosebumps rippled in waves across her belly. Her soft, flaccid nipples turned hard and her sphincter began to spasm.

    It was George. She recognized him now. No one had a sneering contemptuous smile like he did. It sent shock waves churning through her guts. He was undressing now, pulling his shirt off and following quickly with his pants. Slowly, he peeled his underwear off, while his hand never stopped rubbing his shaft.

    "I'm pooped," she said, trying to rise. Her cunt made a squishy sound as sperm leaked from her slit and she fell back down to the floor, the goosebumps now streaking down her back and buttocks.

    "Good to see you, baby," said George.

    Janet said nothing. She didn't want to see George. He was an animal and the last thing she wanted to do was fuck him.

    "Get away," she said.

    George approached, attracted by the matted patch of pubic hair that glistened like a rare jewel between her legs. His cock pointed out like a saber, the shaft. long and hard, with a slight upward curve. He smelled the odor of sex drifting up from her satiny skin and saw the goosebumps covering her hips and thighs. Her eyes were open and fearful, the pupils dilated.

    "Baby, be nice," he laughed. He walked to the bookcase and pulled a jar of Vaseline down and began working the thick lubricant up the tight skin surrounding his cock.

    Janet watched. He scooped out the grease and piled it on thick and heavy.

    "What are you doing?" she asked.

    "Turn over," he said.

    Janet didn't understand. Her cunt was sagging like a coin pouch. She couldn't fuck any more, not after Duke had finished reaming her twat. George could, but she was exhausted. Her cunt would be like a wet dishrag around his joint. He could have more fun jacking off than fucking her slit.

    Yet he worked his cock with one hand while massaging her thigh with the other. His fingers slipped across the rolling curve of her butt and then through her dark ravine. His greasy finger found the tight sphincter muscle and gently worked into her crack.

    "Aaaahhh!" Janet yelled. His finger hurt like hell back there.

    "Don't touch me there," she ordered. Her voice quavered with dread. She knew what he wanted and it made her shiver. The goose bumps roared across her pendulant breasts and taut nipples. It didn't stop George from grinning. He jacked off his cock while kneeling down at her side.

    "Maybe I should eat your asshole first," he said.

    "Get away," she said horrified. She had never met anyone so crude. It made her sick to her stomach. Then a spasm of warmth flooded her belly. She didn't resist when he speared her butt.

    "Oooooo!" she gasped.

    George had toyed with her butt and then jabbed his middle finger up through the pink muscle. She was soft as he popped in, then the sphincter went tight for an instant before opening up.

    Janet was so startled that she didn't know what to do. She wiggled her hips and found him warm and coaxing along her ass channel. Her pussy went tight too, and her distended clitoris was hard and pulsating.

    "Baby, you're going to like me," said George. "Just ask Sally and Darlene."

    The finger burning a trail up her ass was something. It wasn't that bad. In fact, with all the grease on his finger, she found it didn't hurt very much at all.

    "That's dirty," she said defensively. That didn't stop Janet from panting as he drove his finger back and forth through her ass sleeve, opening her up like a can of beans.

    "Yeah, but you should have seen the two guys with Sally and Darlene," said Duke, rolling a joint. "Man, one of those guys was going crazy on Sally. Just worked her asshole until she fell apart."

    Duke couldn't forget Biff Anderson. The teenyboppers crawling the beaches these days were getting full of that women's lib bullshit, he thought; They start demanding money and acting uppity with the customers. Guys like Biff didn't take that shit and straightened the girls out in a hurry. Bridget was malleable as soft leather after Biff finished with her. Not a bad guy, Duke mused. He knew how to treat his girls.

    Janet was grooving to George's finger up her butt and was rubbing her cunt against the floor when suddenly George retreated from her butt. He came out with a popping sound and Janet looked behind her, angry and confused. She turned and saw George was about to ram his glistening cock up her asshole.

    "No," she said trembling. It wouldn't fit. She knew that. His huge cock would tear her poor asshole in half. Quickly, she rolled her hips, but not before George clutched her rump cheeks and pushed himself between her thighs. His greasy cock lay in her dark ravine, flickering like a snake. Janet was scared half out of her mind. She banged on the floor and started to scream as the huge cock worked back and forth across the tight slit of her buns.

    "Ohmigod!" she gasped. Sobbing and crying she arched her back, trying to rise up and run away. The, pain of his organ would be terrible. It would hurt like hell.

    But George had different plans. And Janet couldn't do a thing to stop him.

    She groaned and slumped to the floor. She felt his prick stiffen and get big as he dipped the bullet head into her pink asshole. Her buns were splayed apart and held tightly by his fingers which tickled the inside of her ravine and sent cold chills running up her spine.

    George made a few practice stabs working grease into her hole. She was virgin tight! Fantastic, he thought, dipping deeper and deeper. She writhed in agony under him, her squirming, helpless body giving him a sense of power. He pressed into her asshole, working his shaft like he had worked his greasy finger. Bigger and longer, he felt her asshole resist him. Then suddenly she went soft.

    "Oh, oh, oh!" she wailed in a tiny voice. She humped her, hips, using her butt as a cunt. Her sphincter widened and in went his cock.

    "Fuck me, baby," he said, sweat rolling from his brow. He pulled up on her hips, her belly heaving like Jell-o under his coaxing fingers. She strained hard, hunching her butt, pumping her hips to take more dick into her anus. George pressed into her. He went in and in and in. The grease slid around her anus and her asshole mushroomed out. Her butt took him inside and hugged his throbbing cock like a tight cunt or a firm mouth.

    "Fuck me, baby," he repeated. His balls were straining and pain shot through the head, of his cock. Janet was going crazy. Her butt cheeks were flapping back and forth against his belly. The sweat poured off in sheets. He jammed his cock into her warm rectum and grunted. She responded by undulating soft warm flesh against his driving cock.

    Again and again they came together. The splat splat sound of flesh hitting flesh sent them both crawling and humping on the floor.

    Janet was burning up. Her hot asshole was being used as a cunt! She screwed up her butt and wondered if shoving cock up her backsides was going to make him come. It was a wild, unknown feeling. It made her tremble like a leaf. She began to squirm against the stout hunk of dick, hearing the squish of grease, the slapping of flesh and the grunting of desire through clenched teeth and her asshole got tight. Very tight.

    She seized up around his fuck pipe, getting one jolt after another.

    "Fuck, baby," he repeated. And she did.

    Janet dug her fingernails into the floor and let him fuck. The nasty plum-size bulb on the end of his cock sent spasms after spasm of pleasure stirring through her buttocks. She screamed and yelped and moaned and begged. She felt humiliated and helpless. Her body was at his mercy. Janet could do nothing about it. And somehow she enjoyed the feeling. It sent explosions off through her wire-tight nervous system.

    Even as George was screaming and his dick was riding in and out of her asshole, she knew how good his cock was.

    Then his hot sticky sperm erupted like a fountain inside her rectum. She screamed as his thick juice formed a river in her butt. And then George slumped on top of her, panting with exhaustion, and she felt joy spreading through her like the wings of a butterfly.

    Her asshole felt sensational!

    Chapter 9

    "Where have you been?" asked Ethel. "I haven't seen you one night this week."

    Biff turned his attention to the hot vegetable soup that graced the dinner table. There was no point arguing with his wife and he certainly was not going to tell her of his whereabouts. That's all he needed. if this dumb drunken wife of his got wind of the cute little surfer girls down on the beach, he could kiss his marriage good-bye. Which was all right with him. But he couldn't see forking over half his paycheck in alimony. Not after working twenty hard years to get where he was. He spooned down some soup and turned to Ethel.

    "It's been a busy week," he said. "I'll make it up to you."

    Ethel leaned over the table, her breath reeking of Vodka. Who was she trying to kid, he thought. The dull color of her eyes, told him everything. Ethel was becoming a first-class alcoholic. Jesus, did he know how to pick them!

    "What's the matter? You don't love me any more?" she said.

    He finished off the soup. He had to get away from her. Had to get out of the house, maybe run down by the cabin and see what kind of pussy was available. Yes, that was a good idea. Get the hell away from this drunken bitch before she pushed him too far and he decked her with a right. Ethel was really a cunt. A first-class bitch! Quickly, he rose from the table.

    "And there you go again," she sneered. "Eight o'clock on a Friday night. Don't tell me you've got a business meeting!"

    He ignored the sarcasm. He bent down and kissed her lips. "I'll be home early," he said sweetly. Then he turned and walked away.

    "You and that slut daughter of yours," Ethel sneered. "Both of you stay out of the house. See if I give a good goddamn."

    Yeah, where was Janet, he wondered. His daughter hadn't been home before midnight once that whole week. He meant to say something to her about the late hours. But either he was too tired or she wasn't around. He'd have to have a heart-to-heart talk with his daughter.

    As soon as he finished with, the Ocean Beach girls, he would do that. Yes, he thought, walking down the front steps to the car parked by the curb. He would do that.

    Janet's heart was beating like mad by the time she got to the bar. It wasn't from running either. She was working the bar circuit for Duke now and this was her first night. She didn't want to mess things up. Janet wore a skimpy halter top that barely, concealed her well-formed breasts. The nipples poked through the flimsy garment like tiny warning beacons. Her white shorts were cut just at the curve of her butt and the waistband slunk on her hips. They were cut low and revealing, like the bra. One healthy tug and the seams would come apart. Over the halter and shorts she wore a windbreaker, open in the front. Man, don‘t I look like something, she thought, staring into the mirror behind the bar.

    At first she had held misgivings. Janet didn't go for the idea of putting out for guys other than Duke. She wasn't that kind of girl. But during the past week, she had done a lot of things that were new and different.

    She had always been afraid of weirdoes. And guys like George, who assaulted her in a women's bathroom and jammed his cock up her asshole and made her squirm and beg like a slave was a beast.

    She wandered home that night, her rump going squish-squish as she walked, the humiliation almost too great a burden to bear.

    But that was last week. And now that she knew Sally and Darlene and had some real friends for a change, she didn't mind picking up guys. Even if her cut of the money was small, she at least got to make love to Duke, although not as much as she once did. Well, he was a busy man, she thought, sipping the ginger ale cocktail. It was early and only a few people were lined up at the bar. A couple of drunks gave her the eye, but they were only looking, not buying.

    Then a guy walked in who looked vaguely familiar. Even through the dim light and the heavy blue cigarette smoke that hung like a mist in the club, she saw the man's sharply chiseled features and door-wide shoulders. His look rang a bell. He turned in her direction. And then they were looking at each other at the same time and Janet experienced a curious weakness in her crotch. It was like a low-grade fever that infected the slimy walls of her cunt and was gradually building in intensity. She was all wet and loose all of a sudden and she could have bet right then that this was the man she would spend her evening with. He looked very much like… DADDY! Janet nearly screamed the word out. "It can't be," she gasped, snapping her thighs together. Her thick juice still managed to trickle out between the swollen folds of her twat and seep into her panties. She drained off the ginger ale and was about to run when the man came forward. She looked up into the familiar blue eyes and trembled all over as he walked close and put his elbow on the bar.

    She had never seen him before. He was a perfect stranger.

    But he knew her all right.

    "Hi Queen Bee," he said. "Mind if I buzz around your hive?" His tongue flickered between his thin, cruel lips.

    His tongue was long and thin and wiggled at her like a snake ready to strike.

    "Y-y-yes," she said. It did no good to try to stop the flow of juice from her cunt. She was instantly wet. Her skin tingled everywhere and goosebumps flowed down her belly and between her legs. Her strength drained out through the V-shape of her legs. She was as deflated as a helium balloon pricked by a pin.

    Then he spoke and his words chilled her to the bone.

    "Baby, you look tired," the stranger said. "Maybe you should go to the bathroom and freshen up. Here, I'll show you where it is."

    No, she thought desperately. She looked frantically for help, but Sally and Darlene were at a table talking with two sailors. Sally looked up and gave her a smile. Paralyzed with fear, Janet got up and walked to the back of the room.

    Charlie stared at her and the blood rose in his face. He had never seen a better-looking girl. Stuck in the broom closet, he could tell tonight would be something special.

    "Well?" she said nervously.

    It was what he wanted to hear. He couldn't kid himself any longer. What he liked more than anything else in the world was that young pussy. He didn't care if he went to jail for it-he wanted that poontang that cluttered up the, beaches. He wanted soft, urgent thighs wrapped like birthday ribbons around his waist and the feel of, tight pussy sucking on his cock. Tight pussy and tight, willing lips. That was worth the risk. Give him a chance at slipping his pulsating cock up into that fine hairy crack and jack up and down until he dumped his load and he would be happy.

    "Open up," he said, unzipping his fly.

    She got down on her knees obediently, taking off the windbreaker. Her breasts puffed through the flimsy halter beautifully. Her nipples popped out like steel thimbles and Charlie let out a long, wicked whistle.

    His cock arched up just looking at those tits, knowing that in a few minutes he would by lying on the mattress back at the cabin with this girl's tender loins surrounding him, her twat sucking his cock. But right now he wanted some mouth sucking. Charlie groaned as he unzipped his fly. He was terribly excited. He put his hand on the throbbing cock and knew that all that mattered at that moment was getting his pecker in Janet's mouth-one way or another.

    "I feel so ashamed," said Janet out of the clear blue. She showed her humiliation by kneeling in the broom closet before this man's urgent cock, making no attempt to run away. It stirred something deep inside Charlie and for an awful moment he felt a twitch in his bladder and thought he might pee all over Janet's young body.

    God, what an awful thing to do, he thought. Nevertheless, the impulse was there, disgusting as it was to Charlie. He had peed on a girl only once and that was on a Chinese girl in Hong Kong. And that was during the Vietnam war years and the little "slope" was a hooker and didn't really count as a girl.

    As he thought of the Hong Kong girl, Janet raised her head. His cock looked out at her, the end flickering like a candle flame in the wind. He smiled a slow, deliberately wicked grin, and thrust his cock at her face.

    Janet watched him advance. Her mouth opened magically and he went in. His shaft slid along her tongue like a lizard crawling through a cave and he laughed as the huge throbbing end found a nice home in the warm, juicy softness of her face.

    Janet surged upward. She closed her eyes and tightened her lips and bobbed her head back and forth against his rigid dong, grabbing for his balls with her hands.

    "Aaaaaahhhh!" he gasped. Man, the broad was on fire. She was jack-hammering his cock. He never felt anything so sudden in his whole life. He looked down at her tulip-shaped lips that heated his shaft. Her face was a furnace and his cock was red-hot from licking and sucking.

    Fantastic! Shit, she was fucking fantastic! Slowly he leaned forward. This time he grabbed her by the ears and rammed into her mouth. The girl shivered. It was a delicious sensation for both of them. His breath was coming hot and heavy, just as his sperm was surging through his swollen fuck-stick. He pulled harder and harder until her face blurred with motion. Man, he was fucking her face. Out of sight! Using her face as a cunt! She was warm and wet and willing. The wrinkled skin surrounding his cock swelled up tight as a drum skin. Her fingers worked his balls up and down like pulleys, jerking his testicles until sperm filled his iron-hard shaft. "Aaaahhoo," he shouted. He was filled to the brim with passion. He wanted to pull that sweating body free of those tight-fitting shorts and skimpy halter and rub his hot nuts through her breasts and shimmering cunt like a fuck crazy dog!

    He was growing bigger and bigger and bigger. And she knew it could last forever. She thought of all the wild, exciting things in her life and reached down to cup her soggy pussy with her fingers. Tightly she squeezed his crotch. The fragrance was overwhelming in the tiny enclosure. It made them fuck like there was no tomorrow. And then there wasn't.

    "I can't hold it," Charlie said. He pulled her face down onto his pole lintel lips suckled his pubic hair and his balls bounced against her lips and the cannon-shaped end was buried halfway down her throat. Then his sperm shot from the glands, flooding her mouth with his hot, steaming come.

    "Aaaaahhh!" he gasped.

    Janet clung tightly to him. The little girl was so excited she wanted to pee on herself. She had him right at the edge of his orgasm and then he was spurting all over her tongue and throat and the roof of her mouth. Eagerly, her lips furled around his majestic pole, sucking down his spurting juice. Still, some seeped out and spilled around her trembling lips and dripped down the sides of her face.

    "Oh, baby, that's good," he moaned, jerking in and out of her gurgling throat. "Soooo good!"

    He withdrew from her lips while come still spurted. He felt drained and terribly happy, like a dying man suddenly given his life back. Janet collapsed against his crotch, his half-limp cock hanging down on her face, dripping long, spindly strands of sperm. She was exhausted. Nothing could make her move.

    Tension had put crackles in her nerves and once it was removed, she was like modeling clay on a hot day.

    It was good all right. Good for Charlie! It was his sperm that dribbled all down her face. And it was Janet who kneeled before the long length of deflated cock. The head drooped down at her mouth. She was humiliated by the cock which made her squat on the floor, trembling from head to foot. She reached up and touched the flaccid ring of skin that surrounded the• crown, jerking on the trembling shaft with shaking fingers and wondered, who was she anyway? What kind of woman took pleasure being dragged off to a broom closet and giving her mouth to satisfy a man's depraved desires?

    You must be sick! You're an animal. A fucking animal!

    Charlie only smiled. "Come on, sweetheart," he said. "Finish up. I want to get back to the cabin."

    Again Janet brought her mouth up to his crotch and sucked out the last few drops of sperm. Then she stuffed his cock stem back into the open vent of Charlie's pants and zipped his fly. Her heart was pounding like a hammer. Rising to her feet, she saw bright flashes before her eyes and her head was spinning. She staggered against Charlie's chest.

    You're an animal! You deserve to be treated like one.

    "You all right?" asked Charlie.

    "Fine," she mumbled, wiping her salty lips clean with the back of her hand. Her stomach rumbled.

    "Let's go then," he said, opening the door. The bar was dark and full of the sounds of laughter and people talking.

    Janet felt like hell.

    Chapter 10

    It was a short distance back to the cabin, but to Janet it seemed like miles. Fog blew in, covering Ocean Beach with its dense wetness. It was like a shroud covering the two lovers who walked hand in hand.

    Janet's breasts swayed under the halter, the red nipples aching as the material rubbed them raw. Janet felt a swelling in her abdomen and a slick, wet sensation between her thighs. Her panties were dripping wet from her excited cunt.

    She thought about Charlie. What kind of man was he? He was good-looking and probably had a good-paying job and a lovely wife. Why did he sneak out to a beer bar and pick up girls like herself? What was it that drove men to commit adultery? She thought about Charlie and realized that she didn't know the first thing about him.

    He squeezed her hand. He would have been surprised at Janet's concern. Because he cared nothing about Janet. She was just another cunt. A beautiful young cunt with a willing mouth and nice tits and a ripe melon for an ass. What did Janet do to amuse herself? Maybe played tennis or made those cute little nothings that the old ladies and worthless beach bums sold at crafts fairs.

    Charlie was hot, too hot. He had waited too long. Nothing could stop him from dipping his wick into Janet's cute little inkpot. As they neared the cabin, his dick rose up in his pants. The glands hurt unbearably. He wanted to stick the big round end of his cock into her cunt and make her undulate like a snake underneath him. He was going to fuck her cunt until she screamed. And then he might fuck her asshole too!

    "Let's go," he said grabbing her under the arm. He was in a hurry and he didn't want to wait a minute longer. He pulled her roughly by the arm.

    Janet saw Duke accept two twenty-dollar bills. She would see only ten of that and she felt cheated and used. If Charlie weren't so demanding she would talk to Duke about the money. Unfortunately, she didn't have much choice.

    Because Charlie was ripping her clothes off.

    His fingers found the knot in her halter and he pulled down hard, tearing the fabric into shreds. She gasped, turning around, trying to get away from the madman who tore at her, but without much luck. His hand swept through her warm crotch, his fingers grabbing her tight-fitting shorts. He yanked them down roughly. The seams strained, then gave way. Janet turned away, trying to hide the dark wet stain at the center pf her panties.

    The rustling noise behind her was Charlie. There were more sounds and Janet realized they were not alone in the room. Against the walls, lying clutched together in each other's embrace, were a dozen or so people. She listened: the soft, sucking noises of flesh receiving flesh stirred her ears. There was no groaning, at least not yet.

    Charlie snapped his head around. The room was rank smelling from the orgy going on. His cock was throbbing again and he pulled the girl close feeling her tremble.

    I should fuck her right here, he thought. Right in the.middle of all these mad cap teenie boppers. It would serve her right being here with her own kind.

    He didn't know what made kids tick these days. Twenty years ago when he was a kid, it was big stuff just holding a girl's hand and kissing her good night after a movie. Now the little bastards were fucking each other in broad daylight. And with no shame! He had seen two teenie boppers barely in their teens the other night on the beach fucking the hell out of each other. It was crazy, these kids.

    It made him mad as hell to think he was born too late. He envied Janet and her kind; envied their youth and freedom and their casual lifestyle. He worked like a bastard eight hours a day and for what?

    Trembling, he grabbed his cock. Janet was going to pay her dues. He was sick and tired of feeling envious of a bunch of naked, drug-smoking punks.

    "Take me," he ordered. "Take my cock!"

    He pushed her face down to his crotch. His hose almost came alive in her mouth. He grabbed her cruelly and drove into her face.

    "Like that?" he asked. It was criminal what he was doing. He doubted if she was eighteen, which meant his ass was in a sling if the cops busted the cabin. Well, that was the chance one took.

    He watched with avid fascination as Janet gave him a head job. She never denied his wishes. He used her mouth whenever his dick got hard. She was no different from the other girls. Fuck them in the mouth or in their cunt or up their ass… they did what he wanted.

    To prove it, he pushed her to the floor and got down on his knees before her spread thighs and finger fucked her cunt. The tulip lips of her twat spread for his driving fingers and soon she was moving with his stroking. Her thighs went up and down to a magical beat.

    "You're just like a house pet," he mumbled.

    Janet didn't object. All around were the sounds of lovemaking. Charlie's strong hand gripped her roughly and when he drove into her cunt she nearly screamed out in shock.

    Her hole was drippy wet. His fingers jammed her hole, stretching out the tight, wet skin. His fingers pushed further and further into her sucking cunt. It made her swelled slit open out and mushroom around his fingers which moved in and out of the greased hole.

    "Aaaahhh!" Janet groaned.

    It felt funny. Good, but funny. The elastic walls of her sleeve made a snug fit for his hand. She writhed back and forth trying to roll over on her belly so his hand had to come underneath to fuck her cunt. She loved the reverse position. It made her vagina squeeze down even tighter around him. And the back and forth motion of his hand through her butt was sensational!

    She squeezed her legs together and began twisting and jabbing so his fingers went in and out of her vagina like a real cock. She was horny for Charlie's dick. How big he was in her mouth! His shaft probably still glistened with the tender, thick juices of her mouth. He would go into her snatch without a hitch. But it was not her job to tell Charlie how to fuck. His hand went into her cunt an incredible distance-until she felt stuffed almost to her throat. And the feeling was great. Her slit leaked juice down into her thatch of pubic hair and onto the floor, forming a greasy spot for her to rub her clitoris on. She bit her lip and enjoyed the thrill of his finger fucking. She would wait for his hard cock. After all, he couldn't deny himself forever.

    And Charlie couldn't. Each movement of the girl excited him more and. more. He wanted to fuck, yes, indeed, he wanted to fuck her until she screamed for mercy.

    Desperately, he fingered her squirming crotch while jerking his shaft. She was crazy, this bitch. No woman would put up with the things he had done. For a second his cock twitched and he thought his sperm might shoot out the end of his knurled cock and spatter her ass cheeks.

    He remembered how his good buddy Biff Anderson had taken on those two girls. And the dildo. That's what it took to satisfy his lusts. He wanted to dildo Janet's asshole.

    He pulled his fingers from her wet slot and slapped her buttocks.

    "Ouch!" Janet said. Twisting on her ample rump, she looked up at Charlie, but through the darkness could only see the end of his cock and the hand that went up and down the shaft. She reached for the knurled end with her mouth and was pushed back to the floor.

    "What are you doing?" she asked.

    His hand slid between her cheeks, the hard edge of his hand slicing through her ravine. Desperately, she reached behind her arched thighs, grasping with her hand. Then he pierced the raisin like hole of her butt with a jab of his finger and she collapsed. His finger jerked back and forth, using her asshole like a cunt. It burned all the way up her back. Her nipples went hard as glass thimbles against the floor. She spread her thighs, corkscrewing her hips against his hard-riding finger.

    She swelled up inside. She seemed lighter, dizzier. The jolts of pain up her asshole turned to pleasure. It excited her and Janet didn't know why. His finger ramming her butt took her breath away. She struggled helpless under his domination, his finger jammed into her asshole like a baton which he moved up and down and all around.

    "How is it?" he asked.

    "Uh! Please, I can't… talk!"

    Charlie battered her asshole and wished he had the dildo instead of his puny finger up her butt. He saw the sliver of light shining under the bathroom door. A smile crossed his cruel lips. He jammed Janet's shitter.


    The pain was too great to resist. Slowly, she crawled forward across the floor. She wiggled like an alligator across the smooth planking. Her swelled cunt mound and bloated tits tingled as they dragged along the ground. What was he doing? Had he gone mad?

    His finger hurt like hell way up there in her butt and no amount of humping or butt squeezing could make the pain go away. He rode behind her, jamming his fingers into her asshole, directing her movements with sudden, darting movements.

    "What are you doing?" she gasped. They were at the bathroom door. He opened the door knob and she crawled in.

    Janet wanted to cry. She needed to be fucked now! She couldn't live without it. She just had to have it. Not his finger. That didn't feel good any more. Her asshole hurt like hell. She wanted his cock where it belonged-in her cunt. She wanted him there between her legs, between the swollen lips of her cunt!

    "Hurrrrry!" she moaned.

    Slowly Charlie retreated from her gleaming butt. He listened to her heavy breathing and felt the lust brimming in his chest. Slowly Janet rolled on her hip, her eyes staring dully up at the droopy hose length of cock.

    "Please!" she mumbled.

    He pointed his cock at her crotch and waited. It didn't take long. The first few droplets of pee spurted out on her belly. It was sensational as the drops turned into a torrent of fast-flowing pee.

    Janet looked up, shocked beyond words. And then the pee splashed everywhere and she was drenched.

    In his pee!

    Chapter 11

    Biff had almost struck out. He missed Sally and Darlene by a few minutes. Both had left with a couple of guys who looked like postal clerks, or so said the bartender. So Biff had a few drinks, said good night, and left for home.

    He never got there. He couldn't go back to Ethel. The fucking broad was driving him bananas. He wished now that the plane had blown up or some other disaster had happened to relieve him of his bitchy wife.

    Then he thought of Janet and his eye's filled with tears. He didn't want to loose her. She was the apple of his eye. And a darling little girl at that. She had a lot to live for. With her looks, she would make someone a very happy husband.

    So Biff struggled with his conscience. His mind was troubled and the booze only made him feel guilty. That and a hard cock. Whatever he did, his trouble always led him to the small Ocean Beach cabin that was full of teenage nymphos.

    That's where he was heading now. He walked down the dark streets looking at the small, neat homes that stretched out before him. They were slowly being torn down and replaced by apartment buildings, but there were still a few homes left and that made him feel good.

    The sidewalks crackled under his leather sole shoes. He saw an old one-story cottage on the corner with the window shades open. An old man was walking around in his underwear carrying a beer. Biff stared at the face. It was the face of a sea captain or perhaps a retired Marine. The man sat in a chair with his head away from the window and then a woman walked across the room. She was maybe fifty years old, with large breasts and a larger beer gut.

    He turned away and walked the short distance to Duke's cabin, feeling the old familiar stirring, between his legs and wondering if sex was the only cure for his many troubles.

    Whatever deep thoughts Biff harbored were dismissed by the wild scene inside the cabin. When he cracked the door open he saw an amazing sight. Sally was stretched over the inverted, naked body of a middle-aged man, busily running her tongue up and down the crack of his ass. Darlene was holding him up in front, feeding his hard cock into her mouth. It was the salesman that the bartender had told him about and for an awful minute it looked like he was doing a handstand while the girls worked his crotch over. Then he saw the crude trapeze hanging from the ceiling. The salesman's legs were draped over the bar.

    His belly was puffing in and out like a huge bellows while the girls hungrily worked his dick and asshole over with their raspy tongues.

    The salesman was struck speechless. And no wonder. Sally's face was contorted into an expression of lust that he'd never imagined possible. And Darlene's head bobbed up and down on his cock while her fingers rubbed his nuts. The man groaned as the girls worked him over.

    Biff turned to the other couples sprawled on the floor. He didn't have to be told about the insane pleasures of Sally's mouth. That guy would hurt like hell the next morning from hanging upside down like a monkey. But he'll never forget those two girls for the rest of his life!

    It looked like circus time in Duke's cabin. Against the far wall was a girl getting buggered by an artificial cock and from the way she hunched her hips, it was very enjoyable. Next to her was another girl, no older than ten, taking on two men in business suits. She had a small, doll-like body and a small face with wisps of blonde hair streaming down her cheeks. Biff didn't know how she could handle the two burly guys that plugged her cunt and mouth with their cocks.

    Duke's girls constantly amazed him.

    Biff sauntered to the cubbyhole kitchen, past the supine body of a moaning girl whose body was crisscrossed with strings of dried sperm, and opened the refrigerator looking for a beer.

    "What do you want?" snapped a tall, gangly kid.

    Biff narrowed his gaze. The kid had a reedy build, long frizzy hair and glazed blue eyes. He wobbled unsteadily. His mouth was pulled back in a contemptuous snarl and Biff had to restrain himself from planting a fist between those pearly teeth.

    "Beer," Big Biff answered.

    Without waiting for an answer he pulled a Coors from the open door and snapped the refrigerator shut. "Where's Duke?" Biff asked.

    "What do I look like," snarled the kid, "the doorman? Maybe he's getting laid. Or in the john taking a pee. Fuck, find him yourself."

    Duke wasn't in the living room so Biff wandered to the closed bathroom door. He didn't like waiting around for a punk kid, but the girls wouldn't put out unless he gave the word so Biff bad to find him.

    He knocked on the bathroom door. Inside he heard the tinkle of urine splashing on the toilet and the sounds of moaning voices.

    "Yeah," said a familiar voice.

    "Hurry up," said Biff. He tried the door and found it open.

    Charlie was standing with his back to Biff, his face curled into a wicked smile.

    "Come on in," he said. "I'm all drained out. Take her, I'm finished."

    Then he pulled away, flopping his cock back into his pants. He left Biff staring at his daughter Janet pinned to the toilet seat.

    Chapter 12

    She lifted her head slowly and all Biff could think of were those cheap Japanese horror films where the monster rises up from the ocean to swallow a town.

    Only this monster turned out to be his daughter Janet!

    His knees went weak and sweat broke out on his brow and he felt sick to his stomach. "Oh, my God!" he shouted. He wished now that he had never left the house. This nightmare would never have happened if he had stayed at the house and fucked his wife. He instantly blamed himself for what had happened to his daughter. Janet was only a teenager. She didn't know about such evils. But if not, then how did she end up stripped naked, squatting on a toilet seat, her satiny skin dowsed with pee! Sally and Darlene were his daughter's age. And he knew very well what those young chippies were capable of doing.

    Charlie jerked the last few droplets of pee from the end of his cock. He had drained his lust onto Janet, working his pee stream up the girl's crotch, along her belly and finally ending up at her mouth. His stream of pee was like a cord drawing them together. Her mouth had opened into a big O and he had used it as a target. His urine sparkled as it splashed against her teeth and lips. She gurgled as his pee filled her face. She enjoyed it and so did he. Draining his bladder had made a new man out of Charlie. He felt vibrantly alive, wonderfully confident.

    "How are you doing, old boy?" he asked. Biff was too weak to reply. He pressed his back against the tile wall for support. His eyes never left the glistening body of his daughter. He studied her pear-shaped breasts, then let his eyes wander down her lean belly and shapely thighs.

    "Get out, Charlie," he croaked. His energy was sapped. He was too weak to vent his anger on Charlie. He was too ashamed to let on that this humiliated, slump-shouldered broad squatting on the toilet was actually his daughter. The pride of his life!

    "Yeah," said Charlie, slapping him on the back. "I'm finished. Now have a go at it, old boy. Hell of a broad, let me tell you. A hell of a broad."

    His chuckle rang in Biff's ears as his good friend left the bathroom. Only the father and daughter were inside.

    Biff locked the door.

    Janet raised her head for the first time. She felt horrible. Janet felt loathing and disgust for herself. She was stripped, naked and vulnerable. Charlie's cock had done more than shoot piss in her mouth and down into her crotch. He had stripped away whatever pretense she had about modesty and decorum. Under the surface, she was a beast. All that stuff about tenderness and the weaker sex stuff that she had learned in school was bullshit. Janet was a woman. She was born with a cunt and big tits and nice, shapely buttocks and her purpose in life was to serve her man. Sex was the magic gift she had to offer. It was the forbidden fruit that was explained in the Bible and it was anyone's for the asking.

    "Janet," her daddy whispered.

    She looked up and saw her father standing above her, his hands shaking terribly. His face was pulled back in a grimace and his eyes were staring down intently.

    At first she didn't recognize him. He was just a man, another man who needed satisfaction. She stared at his crotch. A small tent formed in his trousers and she brought her fingers up quickly and cupped the coiled penis.

    "Janet!" Biff shouted.

    He was too shocked to move. His daughter came off the toilet seat and snaked her fingers through his fly and pulled out his pecker before he realized what she was up to.


    But his daughter was in a trance. She ignored him. She writhed and squirmed on the ground floor between his feet, stroking his fast-rising cock with her fingers. She had no idea what this man had planned. It was, probably painful, but that was all right.

    She knew that it took a little pain first before the greatest pleasure could be achieved, so she took his pulsating cock into her mouth and knelt before her lover and stroked his balls and licked his cock while he made up his mind what to do.

    There was only one explanation for Janet's trance-like state. She was crazy. Somehow the poor girl had gone off the deep end. She was not herself.

    A shudder of revulsion surged through his brain as his daughter's mouth wiggled against his cock. He was hard. Hard in Janet's mouth! And there was only one explanation. He knew what it was. For years he had pushed the thought to the back of his mind, because lusting after your own daughter was evil. And yet he could not deny this desire any longer.

    Janet began unbuttoning his pants and he did not stop her. Biff was too weak. His will to resist temptation was gone. Now was the time to face reality. His daughter's mouth clung to his fuck stick. That was truth. Her fingers were rolling his nuts around. That was reality!

    And he loved every second of it! Each rolling movement of raspy tongue brought with it a surge of pleasure. Janet pursed her lips around his stout shaft and bobbed her head back and forth. She was terribly good at this sucking and he wondered how many, other men had enjoyed her tantalizing mouth. He was filled with jealousy. Somehow it mattered. After all, his best friend had just PISSED on her. So dear little Janet wasn't new to sex, that was for damn sure.

    The way she struggled now to make him come was another indication of his daughter's education into.the mystery of the human body. The way she licked the soft folds of skin underneath his cock was a dead giveaway.

    His daughter was a whore, he thought. A fuck crazy whore!

    He pulled her mouth away from his prick. "Look at me," he ordered. "Who am I?"

    Janet looked. Her vision was cloudy. Her father's face floated, by and swirled with the brightly colored bathroom tiles and the glaring overhead light. Suddenly, everything came into focus. She looked at the glistening coat of spit covering his hard dick and fear rippled through her muscles. Tears welled in her big eyes.

    She sat back on her heels and tightened her lips. Janet didn't know what to say. There were no words to express her feelings. She could hardly make herself believe that her father's cock had been inside her mouth. She licked her lips. They tasted sweet. Her eyes traveled up from the stout length of sex tube sticking out at her face, over the flat stomach and the hairy chest until she stared into her father's unblinking eyes.

    She couldn't speak. He had something in mind for her. Janet had been bad. Daughters didn't have sex with their fathers. She knew he was going to punish her.

    I deserve it, she thought.

    And all the time, she was aware of the heavy, limber pole sticking out at her mouth like a giant torpedo. It seemed to grow bigger and bigger as she knelt at her father's feet, waiting for him to talk.

    "Get in the shower," he ordered.

    Quickly she scurried away. Janet jumped into the shower and turned on the water as hot as she could stand it. The water jetted against her skin as she soaked herself, lathering up with a bar of soap. She washed every inch of herself and when she finally stepped out, her skin was pink as a lobster from the heat of the spray.

    Biff was waiting.

    He had stripped off his clothes and stood at the shower curtain his greasy cock standing out like a conductor's baton. He was so excited he could barely control the nervous spasms that shook him so violently. His hand formed a tight sleeve around his prick. Looking at Janet all he could see was that nice, sweet pussy. The triangular patch of crotch hair stuck out around her sexy slit and underneath.

    But he wasn't after her cunt. He grabbed.

    "Daddy," she gasped. The pain was terrible. But Janet had an idea that the pain was going to get a whole lot worse.

    Biff pulled her around and was pressing his hand down the crack of her ass.

    He couldn't be blamed really. All the other men liked to fuck her butt. But his cock was huge. It stuck out like a fat, oversized banana and it seemed impossible for her tiny asshole to take such a big cock inside. He might split her rectum in tow!

    "No, Daddy," she said, trying to turn around. Her cunt was softer and looser. His dick would fit nicely up her pussy, if he would only give it a try.

    But Biff would have none of it. He knew what turned him on. He had a thing about her butt for years, ever since he paddled her behind for taking candy from a jar in the kitchen. He had pulled her across his knees and smacked her butt with his open hand. Her rump cheeks had rippled back and forth as he spanked her flesh and his cock had gone hard in his pants. It had been terribly embarrassing! Janet had been too young to realize what that lump pressing against her skin was, but Biff stopped walloping her and dropped her to the floor and let Janet run away.

    He had a thing for her butt. It wasn't enough to look at and fondle a little bit on the way to fucking her pussy. He had to have all of her asshole. In the center was the wrinkled, pink hole that squeaked when jammed with a finger or a cock. He still remembered that other charming girl who gasped when he licked her asshole. And now he was reaching between his daughter's cheeks with his tongue hanging out, slurping on her rump cheeks. He found the small sphincter and gave the pink muscle a solid lick and felt her shiver against him.

    "Aaaaahhhh!" she gasped.

    Janet looked back and her heart almost stopped. She had expected a stabbing pain and instead got a soft wet tongue licking her butt. Now her father was driving through her cheeks. And then the pain, rocketed through her body. His finger lodged squarely into her asshole and lifted her off the ground.

    "Yaaaaaa!" she screamed. It hurt. She was right. Her butt hurt like hell and that was only a finger jamming her behind. She wiggled her hips and felt him pushing steadily upward into her backsides. His pecker would never fit. Her eyes had seen him hanging limber and loose and that semi-hard state made him seem huger than he really was. It looked as thick across as her wrist and as long as her forearm. Janet imagined that huge pole gliding into tight butt and shivered with fear. She couldn't talk to her father. He was beyond listening to her urgent pleas. Janet could only hope and pray.

    "You're going to beg for my cock," Biff told his daughter. He breathed heavily, his lungs puffing like giant bellows as he glided his fuck-finger snugly into Janet's tight butt. "You're going to hurt and you're going to like it!"

    He pulled on her asshole with his fingers.

    "Grab the sink," he ordered.

    She did as instructed. Janet grasped the sink and stretched out her legs so her daddy's finger moved into her rectum at an upward angle. Her round buttocks were splayed back at Biff's waist like twin loaves of bread. They fluttered nervously as he jolted her shitter.

    "I'm going to fuck you, baby," he said, his voice thundering in her ears. He couldn't help but wonder about Janet. His thoughts were dominated by the feelings that radiated from his penis. His cock was more pronounced than ever as he busily loosened his daughter's bunghole. His finger stretched the tight, clinging muscle open and readied her for a good hard fucking. Yes, a good, hard fucking, the likes of which neither of them would ever forget.

    Suddenly there was a knock at the bathroom door. "Hey, man," said a voice. "I got to pee." Biff told the kid to fuck off, but his warning was no deterrent. The kid only pounded harder and the door rattled, threatening to come off the hinges.

    Janet was making low grunting noises like a bitch dog whining for a stud. Her hips rotated seductively, hunching back at Biff's ramming finger. Her hole mushroomed open and he two-fingered her butt, spreading her wider and wider. His dick pulsated terribly. It was no time for interruption.

    "I'll be just a minute," he stammered, popping his finger free of her rectum.

    At the door was a ruler-thin kid with a thatch of blond hair that grew like weeds from his head. He had a glazed, far-away look in his eyes. Biff grabbed the kid by the neck and squeezed him like a plastic catsup bottle until his tongue lolled from his mouth and his eyes dropped back in his head.

    "I said this once," he told the kid. "This bathroom is occupied. Anyone disturbs me again and I'll kill him!" He dropped the punk. He fell like old laundry to the floor. Biff slammed the door.

    Biff turned to Janet. Her butt smelled ripe and inviting. Her buttocks shivered with passion and fear. Biff snuggled up against her delectable rear and pressed his cock between her buns. His fingers guided the bulbous head at the end of his thick, stiff shaft to nestle against her pouting butt.

    Janet screamed!

    "Hump your asshole," he ordered.

    She did as she was told. Sucking in her gut, Janet hunched backward and felt her sphincter opening up around his penetrating fuck stick. It was a warm, dull pleasure punctuated by short explosions of pain. Her belly started to flutter as his warmth filled her gut.

    "Here it goes, baby," he screamed. And then his cock was pushing into her asshole and she cried out with pain.

    "Aaaaahhh!" she gasped.

    Outside the door, Janet's urgent screams were clear as a bell. The blond-haired kid slowly got to his feet. He was mad as hell. That big bastard had nearly. killed him. He clenched his fist; he was mad enough to kill. But he wasn't foolish enough to go up against Biff. That guy was a psycho. "That motherfucker is one strong dude," he said.

    "That he is," said Charlie, who was standing half-dressed by the door when Biff lurched from the door and grabbed the kid's neck. "Don't tangle with him, man. He's my buddy."

    "Wow, you know him?" said the kid.


    "Where does the dude live?"

    Charlie told him. Why not? This kid couldn't go up against his best friend. There was no way. He turned to Sally and started groping her cunt.

    The blond-haired kid headed for the door. He'd get the bastard. No one would treat him like that.

    "Hey, where you off to Fred?" said Duke, who also had watched Biff and was too afraid to do anything about the berserk man in the john.

    Fred turned, a gleam in his glazed eyes. "I'm getting even. That motherfucker is going to pay with his house. I'm going to burn it down!"

    And then all the other surfers started to crowd around. Duke was very intent. He grabbed Fred by the arm. "You crazy?"

    Just then Janet shrieked inside the bathroom. It sent chills through everyone in the room, including Duke.

    "Man, nothing is too crazy any more," Fred said. "Just do whatever comes natural."

    All the surfers agreed. Being natural was the credo they lived by. And what could be more natural than seeking revenge? They mulled the plan over and after several joints and a few swigs of booze, the plan didn't sound all that far out.

    "I'm gonna torch his fucking house," Fred repeated.

    "Yeah, I'll come," Duke shouted. His voice was joined by others. Suddenly arson replaced sex as the thing to do among the people at the cabin.

    "Let's do it," said Fred. And half a dozen longhaired surfers ran out into the night looking for gasoline and torches, leaving behind the beach bunnies, a dazed Charlie-and of course the crazy couple inside the locked bathroom.

    Chapter 13

    Ethel was drunk. She wobbled unsteadily, cursing herself for letting her husband off so easily. She slammed her empty glass down on the end table and gave the remote control unit a finger snap. The color TV came on. She, stared into the tube while a news announcer stared back giving her the updated version on a riot in Uganda.

    She snapped the unit off and cursed the announcer. Why didn't they give Africa back to the colonists? Fucking people couldn't run the country anyway. She didn't understand all the bullshit about self-rule.

    But Ethel didn't understand a lot of things. Like why were the lips of her cunt itching underneath her panties? And why had she been wet all day?

    Through the alcoholic haze, she pondered her future. Why did she drink so much? Was it because of Janet or Biff? Or was it something deeper than that? She forced herself to stand in front of the mirror. The reflection of the woman staring back at her surprised Ethel. The deep lines at the corners of her mouth, the crow's feet flaring back at the corners of each eye seemed grossly distorted. She stepped back and struck a model's pose. Her body had held up well. Her breasts jutted proudly against the cotton blouse. And her stomach still was flat and small and the round curve of hip and buttocks would still turn a man's eye.

    "You're not finished," Ethel said to the mirror. Though the booze was making inroads, it had not won the war. She pumped in the mirror, watching her tits jiggle, and her hips undulate, trying to figure out where she had gone wrong. What was the cause?

    Why was she falling apart in the prime of her life? It was a thorny question and one which had no snap solution. She had not gotten up one morning and felt neurotic. It had been a long process, going back years and years. And now the mirror seemed to be an omen of things to come. First the facial lines and then the body. She placed her hands on her breasts and paused. A tear trickled from her eye. Ethel didn't want to turn into a hag. She didn't want her breasts to sag and her hips to fatten out like a cow's. God, she didn't want to be ugly. She loved being pretty. It made her feel assured and confident. Youth, as the saying went, was too valuable a gift to waste on the young. Oh, how true, she thought. The ability to walk into a bar and turn a man's head was a real turn-on.

    Her nerves prickled just at the thought. Knowing she could draw men to her was beautiful. It had always been that way for Ethel. In high school she found it hard walking down the hallway without a boy asking her for a date. She had had her pick of the most eligible boys, and all because of her ravishing beauty, a priceless gift bestowed on Ethel at birth. And one that was slowly being recalled.

    "No," she cried. It was not Ethel talking through an alcoholic blur. She was stone sober.

    She pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra, spilling her tits. Eagerly she lifted them up, holding the nipples with her fingertips. They were large and firm as melons and the ends stood out like fresh strawberries.

    But that was not enough. She unzipped her dress and pulled off the panties that clung tightly to her hips. Her eyes went over every contour. Her milky white skin spread over her abundant charms. She followed the delicate curve of thigh up to the thick sporran of curly pubic hair that formed a golden triangle over her cunt mound. She turned and checked out her buttocks. They were firm and tight. When she flexed her buttocks, she didn't jiggle," So why was she trying to destroy herself?

    Thoughts of her own weakness and lack of confidence shrieked at her. She needed a drink to calm her nerves and think things out.

    Naked, she ran to the kitchen looking for the chilled Vodka in the vegetable bin. A magical voice screamed in her ear. Where was Bill? Why wasn't he here to help? She opened the refrigerator door and looked inside, wishing Biff were behind her, stroking her rump. Oh, how she needed him now! She wanted him growing hard against her leg and making her cunt wildly wet with his tongue and finger.

    Ethel wiggled her thighs together and was surprised at the wetness in her crotch. A blast of cold air from the refrigerator sent a shower of goosebumps cascading down her breasts and across her belly.

    She turned away shaking. Her body ached for sex like an open wound. It was terrible. She was nervous as hell. Just thinking of Biff's torpedo-size cock set her nerves off.

    She reached for the Vodka and, bending over, the door swung gently back and hit her in the crease of her buttocks. A shower of pleasant warmth rushed into the furry center of her crotch.

    "Ohhhh!" she gasped.

    She was whimpering now like a naughty child after a spanking. That husband of hers treated her so mean. She balled her fists and cried out. It was terrible the way he ignored her. Other men didn't!

    Ethel turned, not knowing what to do. She gripped the refrigerator door and brought her cunt down on the metal edge. It was cold against her thighs, but that didn't stop Ethel from hunching against the metal edge. She wanted Biff to be working her cunt. But the door was all right. She rolled her hips and felt the spasm of pleasure jump from the end of her clitoris. She hadn't masturbated since her twelfth birthday. It felt good to rub her spongy mound again. The door was not like a cock, but the metal edge was wedged between the slipping lips of her cunt and that wasn't bad. It made her jingle like a dinner bell. The faster she humped, the more stimulation shot through her cunt. Faster and faster she moved, rolling her hips, humping her thighs, squeezing her cunny.

    "Yaaaa!" she gasped.

    The woman was ecstatic. She was quivering all over from the door as the orgasm was slowly building at the rear of her womb. She could feel it trembling in her belly like a huge vibrator. Even her asshole tickled with anticipation. Goodness, the feeling was sensational! Ethel didn't know how to stop. She closed her eyes and dreamed Biff was behind her, his huge cock pointed like a spear under the V of her spread thighs. A huge, hungry cock and she was going to squat down and suck the beast into quavering cunt.

    It made her knees weak just thinking about it. Her asshole twitched and she ran her parted cunt up and down against the door. The metal was warm from her hot, wetting crease.

    She was frantic for sex. Had to fuck! Needed desperately to fuck! She rubbed her cunt harder and harder, but it wasn't enough. There was nothing in the refrigerator that would satisfy the frantic stirring within her womb.

    She pulled away, looking around in wild haste, and then her eyes landed on the broom propped up in the corner. Her heart skipped a beat.

    "You can't," she said out loud.

    It was a vile thing to do. One of Biff's girlie magazines showed a woman getting off on the end of a broom and the picture was so repugnant that it had nearly made her sick.

    Then, but not now. She grabbed the broom and ran into the living room and lay down on the soft rug. She pulled her thighs up to her chest and parted her knees.

    Ethel wondered what Biff would say if he walked in now and saw her about to feed the broom handle into her cunt. She would be humiliated. But she had no control over the distress signals coming up from her sweltering cunt hole. Her twat was all gooey. Maybe it was dirty and filthy to fuck herself this way. A man would be much better-she would give anything for the urgent thrust of hard cock right now. Just anything! But she didn't have the option. So she stretched her thighs and snaked a hand between her legs and rubbed the mound of flesh like an overripe piece of fruit.

    Her gash was a gleaming strip of pink. With her legs apart a nice dark hole formed for the broom. Awkwardly, she gripped the end and laid the wood handle across her slit. It felt so good she nearly had an orgasm!

    A draft of wind rushed through her spread thighs, causing the pink buttonhole in her rump to tingle. She was so hungry for sex that she wanted something to go back there. For a wild instant she remembered there were carrots in the ice box. But it was too late for that. Eagerly, she prodded her cunt with the broom, bringing it through the webbing of her split crack and slowly up the tight, sweltering channel.

    "Ouuuuuu!" Ethel gasped.

    She was dizzy. The artificial cock was going up, up, up! The handle was thick and filled her hole nicely. The sexual stimulation was sizzling. Her cunt felt like an oven. Swinging her hips, she bounced the broom handle off her pussy walls.

    Ohhhhh! It was something. She closed her eyes and stretched her thighs wide apart, bringing them down off her sweating chest. Now she was arching off the ground. Her buttocks were clear of the floor, the hunks of flesh working back and forth. Her asshole spasmed. The broom was deep inside- way inside-and she was humping to get more up her cunny because it felt sooo damn good.

    She gripped the stout pole and jammed her gash. Sparks ignited. The pole went so deep! She bent backward until her backbone almost broke. The rod flashed silvery, in and out, in and out. The whole motion of the broom was violent, awkward, and that's what made it so exciting. She screamed again in her private joy.

    Joy, because the broom handle felt so goddamn good up her cunt. She was fucking her own hole, moving the artificial dick where it felt good inside her cooze. It was fantastic! It gave her a wonderful sensation of joy.

    But it was frustrating too! Because no fake dick could replace a real man hunching inside. No amount of Vodka, no amount of sucking and licking could ever replace a surging, eager penis. It just couldn't-the broom handle was not going to shoot white hot sperm into her breech.

    The cunt walls were crashing down around the big wooden dong that fucked a trail through her twat. Spasm after spasm of joy roared through her hole. It was like a live volcano going off.

    "Ooooooh… ahhhhh!" she cried. Her cunt squeezed and electric sparks ran through her body and her insides got all wet and sticky and finally went soft as her back came off the ground one more time.

    Her juice poured out of her feverish slit and ran like a river through the ravine of her fluttering butt cheeks. She wanted the damn thing going off down there too! Spasm after spasm rocketed through the dark channel of her womb. The handle was foot deep in her cunt. Maybe two feet! She had never gone so deep. It was sensational. Oh, she didn't want it to stop. Ohhhh! Indeed she didn't.

    Ethel kicked her legs in the air and her toes pointed at the ceiling and the most intense feeling of pleasure she had ever known engulfed her.

    She snapped her eyes open, determined to watch the wild sight of her cunt going off like a Roman candle. She was a pornographic movie for her own enjoyment. And if she were the only view, well, she was going to get her money's worth.

    But she wasn't the only viewer. Because half a dozen kids stood around, watching intently. It must be a dream, thought Ethel. Then she remembered that the front door was unlocked and that the picture window was not shuttered and her belly went tight as she fought getting sick. The humiliation was intolerable. It came in wave after wave, like a terrible disease sweeping through a city.

    Ethel started weeping out loud. And then she felt something sticky on her breast. And she looked up.

    Just in time to see the round head of Fred's cock shooting creamy sperm all over her!

    Chapter 14

    Janet was sprawled over the bathtub, her legs wet with strange-smelling ointments and creams. Her father had lathered her butt and thighs until she glistened like a greased pig. Her asshole hurt like hell from being reamed out by his finger. He had rammed her butt with a wild frenzy of movement.

    She cried out and pleaded, but nothing worked. Her father attacked her asshole like a man possessed. She had been a bad girl, he said, and he was going to punish her. Well, he had a funny way of inflicting punishment. Because behind the pain, she felt a spark of pleasure. It was humiliating being bent over the tub by her father, almost as humiliating as being pissed on. But now that her guts were opening up under her father's attacking hand, she felt a little better. Still, she sobbed inwardly.

    What her father was doing wasn't right.

    Biff labored over his daughter's backsides, rubbing in grease and oils like a painter covering a canvas. His dick was hard as iron, and the sensitive head pressed against his daughter's trembling thigh.

    Sweat poured down his face. He was practically delirious with the pleasure of his labors. He was going to fuck Janet's asshole! His very own daughter! He was going to climb into her backsides and make the little bitch so excited that she'd pee on herself.

    He had been rough finger fucking her butt. But so what! He was off the deep end as it was. In a short time he would be jazzing his daughter's asshole with his throbbing cock. Oh, man, that's what he wanted and that's what he was going to do.

    So when Janet cried out as his finger stirred a raw nerve way inside her rectum, he just slapped her on the rump and kept stroking her hole.

    "Daddy, it hurts," she cried. The words surprised Janet. She never thought this would happen.

    Janet was a big girl after all. She had learned a lot about men in a very short time. But her father had changed that. She felt helpless. Helpless and a little bit excited too! Because it was very illegal what they were doing. She knew that, but that was a secret between daddy and herself. Playfully, she put a hand down between her legs and stroked her wet cunt. Her pink pussy lips were spread out like the mouth of a trout and her finger went into it with a slurping noise.

    "Ooooooo," she gasped. Her pussy was every bit as hot as her asshole. She sagged against the tub and her father stopped stroking.

    She thought he might punish her some more for fucking her cunt with a finger. But instead, he encouraged her to finger her snatch-just as long as she licked her fingers afterwards.

    "That's all right," he said as his hand went slurp into her ravine. "If it's good, do it."

    "Oooooo, daddy," she sighed. Janet could tell her daddy was ready when he gripped the handles of her rump and gently spread back the flesh. Her thighs quivered, but only for a second. She leaned against the tub, gritting her teeth and waiting for him to drive forward into her fuck tunnel.

    Biff fitted his cock into the well-massaged sphincter. She spread for his shaft like melted butter. She had been wonderfully tight, but now she was soft enough to take his cock up her asshole.

    "Are you ready?" he asked.

    Janet nodded. She felt a cold draft of air. Suddenly it didn't seem like fun anymore. She wiggled against her father's hands and realized that her thighs were trapped against his body. She wasn't going any place.

    "Oh Daddy, I think so," she answered. She bent over so her tits hung down against the enamel tub and her nipples hardened. Goosebumps roared across her chest and down across her fluttering belly and through the tight curve of her thighs.

    Her father chose this moment to grip her hip and yank her ass back on his thrusting pecker and slide the hard cone-shaped head through her fast opening sphincter.

    "Oh, yesssss!" she gasped, feeling his manhood explode in her rump. She was very soft and warm and his hard dick made her tingle and sparkle all over. Her cunt was wet, but so was her asshole, and her father was all ready to fuck it. It didn't feel bad, in fact it excited her. She wanted him to do it. The thrill of exotic sex was overwhelming. If he backed out, Janet would be very angry. Her asshole was big enough and so was her channel. He had to go all the way in! He had to, or else!

    "Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my little asshole!"

    The little girl spun on the huge pole that slid into her backsides, banging her hands on the tub wall and making low grunting noises in her throat. Her asshole was soft as her cunt! He flexed inside her, his pole shoved halfway home and the tremendous relief flooded both of them.

    He gripped her hips and gently pulled her slumped body down onto his cock. Inch by inch he went into her hole. At the same time his cock seemed to grow like a giant leek. He got bigger and bigger and bigger.

    For a moment, Janet worried that he might rip her tender asshole apart. She was no virgin, after all, but maybe it would be more than she could handle.

    Yet her father kept working the tired muscles open. He kept drilling her tender pink hole and the muscles had no chance to close up around his surging strength.

    He thoroughly dominated her butt. Biff worked her sleeve like a finely tuned instrument. Nothing stopped him.

    He opened his eyes and stared at his daughter's back. Perspiration poured down her bronzed skin and the muscles of her shoulders twitched. She was squatting down on his cock. Her rump cheeks were split wide and his cock was buried between them. The thick ugly head jammed a good nine inches up into her shitter.

    "Wiggle your ass," he instructed.

    When she shook, he reached around and stroked her hard nipples, cupping a white, firm breast in each hand,

    "Ooooooo!" she gasped.

    Her nipples throbbed under his caressing fingers. Jesus, she was hot. It took all his will power not to throw the sweltering girl's body across the tub once more and ram his fuck stick into her asshole again and again and again.

    Instead, he leaned on his haunches and let Janet do the work. She wiggled her buttocks: Her ass swiveled on his erect pole, like twirling a loose wedding ring on a finger.

    She gasped. Her tightness had given away to a fluid tenderness that made him feel wonderfully hard in her ass. He was stronger than ever. He groped those pearly tits and brought her back against his heaving chest and bounced her up and down against the rigid cock.

    "Ah! Ahhh!! Ahhhh!!" she gasped. The dick went squish, squish, squish into her back. It set off spasms of joy through her butt. She bounced like a rubber ball in Daddy's lap. Her naked butt slapped against his muscular thighs. It was beautiful. She couldn't stop bouncing. The faster she went, the better her butt felt and the more excited her breasts became.

    "Ohhhhhhh, Daddddddy!" she moaned.

    He didn't listen. He could feel his own come starting deep down inside him and slowly working out through the huge Stem of his cock. His pole continued to grow. Her asshole shuddered around him. It felt like an earthquake was starting in her ass. Her hot cunt was all liquid and her juice poured through her furry patch onto her daddy's lap.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh, Daddy!" she screamed.

    Her strident voice was joined by her father's booming baritone! He shouted in her ear and nearly caused her to orgasm in fright.

    His balls screamed for release. He felt himself exploding like a Chinese rocket as the white heat poured from her sucking asshole.

    "Come, you little bitch!" he demanded. He whacked her across the back and slammed her thighs down hard with his hands, forcing more dick up her butt. He grunted twice and then shot his load of hot, white cream into Janet's excited rectum.

    "Dadddddddy!" she squealed. And then she humped and drove and squirmed and moved a thousand different ways while his erupting cock coated her cunt with his juice.

    A draft blew across the two hot, humping bodies. It was a wind and it seemed to come from the doorway. When Biff looked around, he saw the door was closed and no one had entered the room. He looked at his chest and saw he was all red as a lobster. His balls were draining wonderfully and his daughter's sphincter was still spasming around his spurting wand.

    He never felt a better day in his life.

    Chapter 15

    Ethel's mind went blank for a few minutes. The shock of finding strange men in her house watching her do that awful thing with the broom was too much. I must have passed out, she thought opening her eyes.

    But it was not a bad dream because the hairy faces were staring at her. And that awful broom handle was wedged tightly up her cunt hole.

    The puckered labia ached from clutching. Ethel felt terribly humiliated, and she was scared shitless, too. Are they robbers? she thought, glancing from one figure to the next. They were all grinning like schoolboys, their lips pulled back in devilish smiles. Ethel groaned silently to herself. She wished she had not opened her eyes. She wanted to crawl into bed and forget this whole night. There were sleeping pills on the counter. If she could get into the bedroom and down a handful of the pills everything would be all right. Sleep would engulf her and carry her mind away from the sickness and depravity and humiliation that hung thick and close to her sweltering body like a funeral shroud. But first the pain between her legs had to be tended to. Forcing back the tears, she rose up, grabbed, the stout length of fuck pipe, and pulled it free of her cunt.

    The congealing white sperm dried on her tits, but there wasn't anything Ethel could do about that now. She turned and faced the circle of men. Her stomach fluttered with dread. It was fear-it burned in her chest like an evil thing!

    She forced her mind to function. If they were thieves, then either of two things would have happened. They would have been tearing the house apart looking for the valuables to cart off, or they would have been scared away when discovering the house was occupied.

    But these boys with the blond matted hair like rampant weeds just stood there. She couldn't read expressions, but these ragged, ill-kempt persons, these wilted flower children, obviously had more in mind than looting.

    It was obvious. And she shuddered at the thought. It was awful. For the first time in a long, long time she wished her husband were here. Biff would know what to do. He would protect her from these bastards.

    These men wanted Ethel. And she quelled another sob. She was such a terrible slut that maybe she deserved this punishment. It was a terrible thought, one that she forced immediately from her mind.

    But they wanted her. And there was nothing Ethel could do except open her thighs to these bastards and hope they didn't hurt her cunt hole too bad.

    Fred wobbled like an old wino trying to make it to the Rescue Mission. His droopy cock burned from jerking off. The small pool of glistening sperm shone like a mirror on her breast.

    This broad is beautiful, he thought. Why the hell is her old man down fucking some silly cunt in the bathroom when there is this nice snatch waiting for him at home?

    There was something wrong with marriage, he thought pensively. Contented broads don't stick broom handles up their cunts. He flipped his dong back inside his bathing suit. His head reeled from drugs. He was all screwed up. Maybe they should loot the house first. Just a quick glance around told him there were plenty of valuable things worth stealing.

    But what about the girl? Her cunt smelled of perfume and ripeness and she was very willing to have fun. Shit, she hadn't moved or made a sound or moved a muscle except to pop that old broom from her snatch.

    But the house had to go. That was the primary mission, to burn, the house down.

    Tod, a young weirdo from New Orleans tapped him on the shoulder. "Man, I'm horny as hell," he said. His hand was tucked inside his swimsuit,

    Jerking his prick into a nice, big hard-on. "Let me fuck her. Oh, I could really dig on this old broad. Those big tits set me off!"

    He wasn't the only one of the group that wanted a piece of Ethel's poontang. And the longer they stood around smelling the odor of sex drifting up from her cunt, the hornier they got.

    The path was clear.

    They would gang-bang Ethel and then torch the house. Fred clearly got the picture. Fucking the old lady a hundred different ways was the only course of action left open to them.

    Ethel was also coming around. She had been shocked senseless, but the effect was wearing off and the shock was replaced by numbness. She couldn't move a muscle. Lying on the floor, her cunt juice oozing in a steady trickle from her slit, she felt awful. But she had no choice. Her body would not respond. So she lay back and pretended her husband was rising above her as he had that single night they fucked so well. She shivered with pleasure as she thought of the way he had slid his cock up her throbbing cunt and filled her tight pussy with his meat. It sure exhausted her. That seemed like centuries ago.

    "Lady, you all right?" Fred asked.

    She opened her eyes and saw him kneeling next to her, his fingers pressed on her sweating forehead. Concern filled his eyes. She reached out and tried to grab his nuts and pull them off! The punk kid! She wanted to kill the bastard for breaking into her house!

    "Whew!" Fred gasped. He slapped her across the face with a resounding whack. Ethel fell to the floor, a red mark forming on her cheek.

    "She's fine," he said. "Who wants first?"

    Ethel's eyes filled with horror. They were dark pools of fear. She rose to her elbows and stared down her body. Her matted cunt hair had sprung up into a miniature Afro. The sweat streaming in rivulets down the creases in her skin was tempting, sensual. She had been confused and lost when the impact of their words blasted her ear drums. This is a nightmare, this isn't really happening!

    But she stretched her legs and felt the moistness down at the dark, angry slit that parted her cunt. Her mind was not functioning right. She thought of that tender hillock of pleasure and the abrupt straight gash across its center. It was so abrupt and direct, this slit. It was like the forbidden fruit that had attracted Adam to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Her pussy mound was like a ripe apple, only it had this dark slit through the middle as if nature had cleaved her cunt with an axe.

    You're crazy! You're going fucking crazy! Ethel told herself, moving one thigh open and feeling the sucking pussy slit open.

    She watched helplessly as Tod carefully untied his swimsuit and let it drop to the floor.

    "Should I gag the broad?" said a cohort.

    Fred looked into Ethel's face. Even, in his stoned-out condition, he recognized the fear that stared back at him. "There's no need. This broad is going to dig it. She's going to love fucking all of us!"

    Ethel wanted to do something. She told herself a hundred times that lying down, playing helpless was no defense, but she couldn't bring herself to fight. They might only hurt her worse.

    She stretched her legs and felt the way her empty cunt ached after the violent fucking of the broom handle. It had felt like a red-hot poker jammed up her twat. Well, this boy couldn't be worse than that, could he?

    She examined his cock. It dangled like a flexible garden hose, sprouting from the fluff of curly blond pubic hair and drooping down like the nose of an elephant. It was not very big around certainly not thick like Biff's ramrod cock-but it was thick enough. And it was very, very long. The end was capped off by a mushroomed cap of gnarled skin that made his prick look like an angry cobra. The flared end riveted her attention. It was obscenely thick, and where his cock was nothing special except for the abnormal length, the knurled head posed a problem. It might hurt her cunt. It might hurt like hell.

    The boy grabbed a handful of his cock and gave it a snap. The end sprang out hard from his palm, staring down at her unblinking eyes like a snake ready to strike.

    "Baby, I'm going to teach you what fucking is all about," he said, his voice flavored by his Cajun drawl.

    "Get away," she said defensively. Ethel was not fooling anyone. No amount of whimpering and moaning and pleading was going to stop these boys from dipping their cocks into her fuck well. She knotted the muscles in her ass and averted her face as Tod knelt between her thighs and stroked her pussy.

    Oh, that feels so good! she thought, squelching the groan that was on her lips. His fingers played with every excited hair on her pussy and slowly opened the tender folds leading into her wetting twat.

    There was a mystique about Southern boys. It was not lost on Ethel. The South made a big thing about the virility of niggers, but Cajuns were, if anything, hornier and more sexual than the spades. There aren't many free women in the swamps, or so went the story, so the young studs have to practice on anything they can hold still. And that included ponies and donkeys and chickens and dead catfish… anything with a tight wet hole.

    She didn't know if the story was true or not, but she rolled her hips as Tod dipped his tongue between her labia and sucked on her clitoris.

    How awful! This perverted bastard was eating her! What if the legend was true about Cajuns? She didn't want to think about that. It meant nothing was sacred anymore! She felt sick to her stomach. She couldn't bring herself to watch this vile man's tongue licking the drool that Spilled from her parted folds.

    When his hands reached underneath her ass and gripped her buns, she averted her face. Ethel was determined not to show any signs of pleasure. The punk kid had been right about Ethel not putting.up a fuss. She would let them do their vicious bestial thing. She was helpless. After all, they were raping her and there were too many to fight, but she didn't have to enjoy their licking and eating and fucking.

    Go ahead, get it over with, she thought. She wanted to cry. Her flesh was burning hot, but that had to be from fear. Certainly not passion! She was being raped after all! Raped by this Southern pervert!

    "Baby, your pussy's hot," said Tod. He stretched his legs out, forming a V shape. He slid up close and pulled on her buttocks. "Come here," he said. "I want you to sit on my cock." He pulled on her, and when Ethel opened her eyes she gasped. His cock was standing straight up in the air. It looked a foot long at least and the knotty end was huge, enormous-It made her cunt hole spasm!

    Obediently she got to her knees and at the apex of his V shape she rose to a squatting position and centered her weepy cunt hole above the huge cock.

    She was mounting his prick and Ethel was so angered that she wanted to cry. He‘s making me fuck him, Ethel thought. But there was nothing she could do. She watched with terrible frustration as the other boys crowded around them. Ethel carefully lowered her body. Squatting made her groin ache. Lower and lower she came until the boiling hot end of his cock touched her cunt lips. His mushroomed head slipped into her channel with surprising ease. She noticed now that the stem had filled out and was thicker and harder than she first thought. Inch by inch she dropped down, the sucking cunt walls stretching out as he penetrated deeper and deeper. Ethel groaned. She tried not to look, but it was impossible. She had never come down on a man before. It was, a wild sensation.

    His huge penis rose like a flagpole. She was actually working her pussy down on the shimmering shaft. And such a shaft. After the broomstick she figured anything would go into her fist-sized hole, but this boy made her worry. He'll tear your poor little cunny in half. He's just too damn big!

    Tod just laughed as he pushed his weight back on his hands. Ethel didn't fool him for a minute. She played a game, pretending to go along with the group all the while telling herself she only fucked because she was a victim. He knew how much she loved being fucked. Tod had seen lots of girls get raped when they didn't put out. And the reaction was nearly the same in each case. A broad could not admit she liked dick being forced between her thighs. And they did love it. He wiggled his hips and felt her wet cooze tingle. Well, he had lots of cute things in store for Ethel. Things she wouldn't dream of doing… that is, unless someone like Tod showed her first.

    "Baby, it's good and tight inside you," he said. She hunched halfway down his fuck tube. Already her skin was a mass of goosebumps, and her twat was open and wet. Sweat streamed down her body and her muscles stood out like tangled cording. Her tits were firm and the nipples hard. She wriggled her hips down toward his crotch.

    "Little more," he encouraged. "Wag your cunt harder. That's it."

    He flicked a hard, tense nipple with his middle fingernail.

    "Aaaaaaahhh!!" Ethel shouted.

    The tight circle of boys laughed. Their hard cocks pointed down at Ethel's sweating face. She looked around, eyes open, terrified, feeling the hot scorching poker roaring up her cunt like a Roman candle. She was scared witless.

    Ethel slammed her hips down and flopped on his crotch. A spurt of air squeezed from her cunt lips with a whooshing noise. His dick was in to the hilt. It was a huge ladle stuck into the churning cauldron of her cunt. Tod grinned at her. She was close to coming, close to having an orgasm. He grinned at her as if to say, "Baby, I don't feel a thing yet. We got a long way to go."

    She gurgled with shame and desire and hatred. She couldn't believe the ease in which she had given in. His dick sank into her cunt hole and she was responsible. Her twat was quivering with suppressed longing as she watched helplessly. Tod raised his thighs and rolled her onto his chest. His enormous cock was stuck like a banana into her slit. It was long and curving and every movement of her hips stirred lust in her cunt. Ethel was incensed. Her body hungered for sex. There was no other way to put it. Her belly grumbled for his churning fuck wand. She was kneeling down on the floor, her thighs forming a wide V shape over his erection. Her cunt pressed against his pubic hair. Her juice flowed out, wetting them both.

    "Nice," he murmured. "Rock me, baby. Rock me with your hips."

    He slipped back and forth and the resulting spasm in her slippery channel was enough to make her orgasm begin right there.

    "Ohhhhhh!" she moaned, undulating her stomach and moving her arms in slow, sensuous movements. She looked like a belly dancer stuck on a penile spike. Tod was propped up on his arms, his mouth close to her nipples. Eagerly he tasted the red ripe berries topping each tit. His teeth latched onto the distended ends and his tongue came forward to tease and coax.

    Ethel screamed. Her cunt clutched eagerly- desperately-at his cock. Oh, she wanted him so badly she could pee on herself. She realized what glee and joy there was in being fucked brutally by this young man. He had her squirming: under his spell. There was almost nothing she wouldn't do for him. Nothing at all.

    A terrible pain streaked up her asshole as the tight sphincter flexed and her butt cheeks cringed. She groaned, a shudder of exquisite joy flooding her cunt.

    Eagerly, she twisted and squirmed. Her tongue lolled from the side of her mouth just like a little girl's might do. She bounced against the warm, pulsating cock stuck halfway up into the sleeve of her womb and her eyes were closed as the giggling knot of surfers clustered around and watched the old lady get her rocks off. The only thing now was the cock in her cunt. She had to make him come. And she would if it took all night sitting on his chest this way and bouncing up and down. She felt her ass flopping on his crotch. Ethel was like a little girl riding a horse for the first time. She laughed at this fantasy, riding Tod around was a great thrill.

    She jerked in his hands and did not protest when Tod rolled onto his back, taking her with him. She didn't say no because his wonderful prick was still there, still fucking her cunt.

    Her asshole spasmed again. The sensation was followed quickly by tender hands-the hands of children-stroking her rump and feeding her tight sphincter with long thin fingers.

    Her ass was rolled up and split like a melon. Those terrible boys are going to fuck me back there! thought Ethel.

    And while I still have this beautiful cock in my cunt!


    Chapter 16

    The air was thick with the smell of their lovemaking. Biff Anderson was so tired he could barely pull his deflated cock from his daughter's asshole.

    Only now, after so many years of guilt, could Biff really relax. The experience was no new to him that he never wanted it to end.

    His daughter was drooped over the bathtub like a piece of cooked linguini. Her rounded buttocks faced him, the black slit cutting across her perfect ass. He was drawn to this black line. If he had been told that fucking his daughter's tender butt could be so much fun, he would have rejected the notion. He knew a couple of guys at work who bragged about getting drunk and banging their daughters. These guys didn't think much about incest. It was just something that happened. "Man, I was drunk and my little darling was just there in the room and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to slide those britches off her" young hips and put my cock in there." explained one guy. He was so sincere and unself-conscious about committing incest that it flabbergasted Biff. At the time, he had no idea how to respond.

    But now he did. Because Janet had been so nice and soft and understanding, not to mention devilishly sexy twitching those hips around his hard prick, that he would never question any form of sex again.

    "You're all right, aren't you, Janet?" Biff asked his daughter. "I didn't hurt you or anything?"

    "No, I'm fine," Janet answered. She was not hurt at all. Oh, the pink hole in her rear stung a little bit, but that was all right. The continuous sexual throb that had dominated her body for these past frantic hours seemed to be diminishing.

    She was tired as hell. It went beyond mental and physical fatigue. Every atom in her body was exhausted. She reached down to her cunt and gripped her furry friend with her palm. Her fingers toyed with her clitoris, but only a dull twitch gave any indication how excited she had been.

    She wiggled her butt with great difficulty. There was a stinging deep inside her rectum and the tortured channel walls went squish-squish when she moved. His hot, buttery sperm leaked from her hole like a faucet. Never had she been so thoroughly dominated.

    Janet felt born again.

    Awkwardly rising from the tub side, she stumbled to her father and squatted next to him. For several moments the two lovers sat in silence. Then her father spoke.

    "Hey, that was all right," he said.

    "Sure was."

    As Biff slowly regained his strength a thought nagged him. He rested a elbow on one knee. His daughter slumped into the opening and picked up his flaccid cock. It drooped in her fingers and she gently handled the slime-covered end.

    "You need a cleaning, Daddy," she said. Without waiting for an answer, Janet brought her lips down and cleaned all the sperm away from the knotty end. When his skin shone from the gentle licking of her two lips, she dropped him back into his matted jungle of pubic hair.

    Her father was still lost in thought. He toyed with his chin and then scratched his curly hair. Janet didn't know what to make of him. Something was bothering him all right. She wondered if licking his penis had been a turn off. She could not imagine why. All the boys liked blow jobs. And especially when she slurped and sucked with lips and tongue.

    "What's this guy Duke like?" he said.

    Janet hesitated. Her daddy might get upset if he found out Duke was a pimp. He might do something, drastic like crush his skull in. Janet was through fucking other men. She had her father. And that was more than enough man for her.

    So Janet described Duke as a nice guy who had suffered a couple of tough breaks in life. He was all right once you got to know him, she confided.

    Biff rose from the floor and stretched. He looked at his watch and realized they had been locked up together for almost an hour. He turned on the shower and stepped inside to wash the caked-on filth off his skin.

    Janet waited outside for him to finish.

    "How did you meet Charlie?" he said.

    "I was at the bar and he picked up on me," she answered. Janet wondered what her father was driving at. She got up and sat on the toilet seat. Her buns slipped down on the seat and she wiggled down against the inside edge.

    "Does every man do what Charlie did to you?" said her father. He was still in the shower. The curtain closed around him so Janet could only see his shadow moving behind. She was suddenly aware that her skin was crusty from Charlie's pee.

    "No, Daddy," she answered truthfully.

    "It's wrong!" he yelled. He flung the shower curtain back with a snap that brought Janet's head up.

    Her father's face was contorted in anger. He held his limp cock in front of him like a gun ready to shoot. "You disgraced me!" he said.

    "But I didn't know, Daddy," she pleaded. "Really I didn't!"

    Biff was not going to give an inch. His heart beat with furious anger. It seemed to radiate from the center of his chest down through his abdomen and out the hole of his cock. He looked at his daughter and felt murderous.

    He grabbed his daughter roughly by the arm and pulled her across down to the bath tub with him. Her rear arched upwards across his lap.

    The fight went out of his daughter like air from a punctured balloon. Balling her fists, she waited for the resounding whack of his hand across her bottom.

    She had acted like a tramp. Charlie was just another stranger-only his idea of fun was a bit more bizarre than her other lovers. It was one thing to let a man penetrate her slit and quite another to suck up his pee!

    Biff's deflated cock pressed through his closed thighs and up against her navel. Her belly muscles were taut as piano wire. A thick miasma of expired sex drifted from her butt. It overwhelmed Biff's sensitive nose like a dose of smelling salts. He brought his hand back high over his head and then down solidly across her fluttering buttocks.


    Janet grabbed her father's thighs and dug her nails into his skin. She expected the spanking to hurt, but that whack felt like a gun going off! It shattered her nerves. Janet was scared, frantic. She had to get away. Right that minute!

    The red splotch on her skin spread from the edges until her entire backside was the color of raspberry ice cream. Her sweltering crease smiled back at him. He brought his hand up once more. She was flinching against the arm that secured her tightly to his lap. And she was screaming like hell. His own daughter. But she was held tightly and nothing was going to let her get away. He could spank all day and night.

    It was a strong desire. A sweet little girl with a sweet mouth and a lovely ass just laying on his lap begging, yes, screaming for a spanking.

    Janet acted like a tramp and deserves this, he reasoned Yet in his heart he felt differently.

    Her tender butt was so helpless. The long, thin crease was so inviting. He had rammed his finger through those tender cheeks. Her pink asshole had opened up like a rare flower to his probing finger.

    To his surging cock!

    Could he continue smacking her butt after she had grunted and hunched on the end of his penis? Could he really do it?

    "No, Daddy, no!" Janet shouted. Tears flooded her eyes. The pain was terrible. His palm still burned across her rump. She wiggled her flesh but that didn't help. The throbbing hurt was still there.

    "I promise to be a good, girl," she said. "I promise! I promise!"

    He glanced around furtively, like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Only the cookie jar turned out to be his daughter's butt! It had been such a nice day. It was a shame to ruin it all because Janet had acted unwisely. Staring at her, Biff imagined he could still see the tight hole inside the flaps of rump flesh. It was all pink and hairless and tight. Much better than a cunt. So tight she had been. So tight that he'd almost failed to penetrate the ring of resilient muscles. He knew he had to fuck her one more time. Not right then, but soon. Perhaps back at the house in the privacy of their own home.

    Of course there was the problem of Ethel to contend with.

    Biff doubted that his wife would look charitably upon their incestuous relationship. But there was time to deal with that obstacle later.

    He dropped his hand. Janet slid off his lap. Obediently, she reached for his penis. She had tears in her eyes, tears of happiness. Janet wanted to thank her father with her lips. To thank him by sucking his cock.

    "NO, baby," he said, holding her hand. "We must leave now. I'll take a rain check."

    They dressed quickly. Janet followed her father out the door. The orgy in the cabin was still going on as if nothing had happened in the bathroom.

    "I won't be coming back here," Janet said.

    Her father nodded. "I doubt if I will either." It was no idle gesture. He would be crazy to give up the good thing he had going with Janet. The thing he wanted more than anything else, the nicest piece of tail in the whole world, was living under his roof. Little naked girls gave him a hard-on, but not one held a candle to the torch heat of his daughter.

    They were halfway outside when Charlie came bounding across the sea of humping naked bodies, a huge Cheshire-cat smile spread ear to ear.

    His eyes were dilated. He was very stoned on something. Uppers, downers, laughers… what the hell difference did it make. Charlie liked to, get stoned.

    "Man, I just fucked the hell out of this cunt and now she's dyking it up with her best friend," laughed Charlie.

    Janet felt ashamed and bowed her head but Charlie didn't notice. She was just another cunt, something to be fucked and forgotten. Janet clutched her father's arm, realizing how lucky she was to be loved by somebody.

    "Hey, this is something to watch," said Charlie. He motioned them to follow.

    Biff was interested in getting home. By that time his cock would be hard again for another round of fucking Janet, but the dykes seemed a pleasant diversion. He looked over at Janet who chose that moment to raise her head. Even in the dim light, her tender young breast buds were visible through the gossamer thin blouse. Her nipples stuck out like thumb tacks. She was so young and innocent looking, her flesh so alive with youth and freshness that Biff felt a twinge of envy. After all, he was well into middle age. Even the moaning and groaning of Janet's body spread over his raging cock could not bring back his youth. "Come on," he said, yanking on her arm. "This is something to see."

    They hurried the short distance to the small crowd of sweaty naked bodies. Biff knew the two girls as Bridget and Darlene. How could he ever forget Bridget's rose-petal-soft skin? Or her creamy thighs and swell ripe cunt. He watched the two girls pawing at each other and felt a twinge of jealousy. Bridget looked blissfully happy sucking the sweet juices from Darlene's twat. So happy that Biff got angry.

    Once he had been drunk on the nectar of her cunt. He slurped her cunny juice with abandon, reveling in the flavor and aroma. Now a girl had taken his place.

    A goddamn girl!

    Bridget was ecstatic. She was using her tongue as a cock on Darlene's cunt and ramming home. The cunt hole collapsed around her leech-like tongue and Darlene orgasmed.

    "Ah! Ah!! Ahhhhh!" Darlene screamed. Her hips rose up, swiveled and slammed down hard on the ground, bringing Bridget's tongue with her. As Biff watched them squirming for every single moment of pleasure, he saw Janet staring intently. Dykes were dykes to his mind. But Janet took a special interest as the girls pressed together in a long, shuddering orgasm.

    Suddenly he thought of a vent for his frustration. He giggled loudly and whispered in Janet's ear. His daughter looked aghast. Her father never ceased to amaze her with his ideas. It was a terrible thing what he suggested, but her belly tingled with expectation and Janet knew she would go through with his idea.

    It seemed forever before Bridget fell off to, the side, exhausted from cunt eating. Her breasts rose and fell like solid balls of fruit.

    Quickly Janet shed her clothes. It took only a second to unzip and step out of her pants and blouse, and before Bridget could move Janet was between the exhausted girl's legs and lapping her cunt.

    "Ooooooo!" Bridget moaned. The tongue felt wonderfully good against her crotch. It rekindled the spark inside her loins and brought new life to her pussy. She was ecstatic. As Janet slurped away, the tulip-shaped cunt lips opened under the attacking tongue and her pink slit gleamed in the air.

    Janet squatted over the supine body. She had never eaten pussy before. The taste was not bad. She knew, as only a woman can know, how exquisite the joy was when a wet tongue pressed into her twat. It was too much. She purposely dawdled in the drooling slit, knowing how close Bridget was to coming. Carefully Janet worked her fuck box. Back and forth went her tongue. Bridget groaned on the floor. She squirmed her body like a worm under the tongue stabbing. She was spastic with joy! Her orgasm, was coming closer and closer and closer until.

    Janet pulled away, not a moment too soon. One more lick and Bridget would have come. As it was, the blonde-haired nympho was right on the edge. Her orgasm was a cork bobbing on turbulent waters. She screamed for satisfaction. Every cell in her demanded satisfaction.

    "Ohhhhhh… God! Oh, please, do something!" Bridget groaned. She rolled her hips. Her velvet patch glistened with pussy juice. Bridget had to come. She would do anything to set the spark off.

    And Janet knew it. And so did Biff who watched, barely in command of his senses. He was insatiably hot. His cock was stuck out to here, which he thought was impossible after all the sucking and licking and fucking. But it was. And things were going to get better.

    Because his daughter squatted down above Bridget's face and said sternly: "Fuck me first. Fuck my asshole with your finger!"

    Bridget scrunched her eyes closed and reached between Janet's thighs, touching the pink hole of her ass with an index finger. Her shitter was moist! It surprised her so that her chest nearly collapsed.

    It was so goddamn amazing that Bridget didn't know what to do.

    "Ream me!" Janet said heavily. The finger pinched, sliding up her butt, but it felt good inside her channel. Very goooood! She spread her legs wider and wider, her cunt slipping close to Bridget's mouth.

    Janet was also very close to Bridget's cunt. It took great strength to hold herself in the air, especially since Bridget was reaming her asshole clean with her finger.

    Janet gasped for breath. The girl's cunt glistened like a jewel. Closer and still closer her mouth sank to the girl's cunt. Her tongue was only inches from Bridget.

    It was frantic time. Janet couldn't hold her own orgasm. it welled like hot lead in her breech. Quickly, she dropped between the girl's hips and jammed her tongue in one more time.

    "Aaaaaiiiieee!!" Bridget gasped.

    Over the edge she went, spilling into one spasmodic orgasm after another. Janet was so happy that her anus tightened around Bridget's finger.

    She had only a second, maybe less. She could not hold back.

    Biff was screaming from the sidelines. And a crowd had formed to cheer on the two girls.

    "Come!" Bridget shouted. "Come… oh yes, come!"

    "I will!" Janet responded. Suddenly her asshole hurt unbearably. "I can and I will!"

    She hunched her swelled cunt closer to Bridget's face and suddenly exploded.

    Janet started to pee all over Bridget's face.

    "Yaaaaaaa!" Bridget screamed in surprise. The pee splattered on her lips. Her whole body shook with jolts of tension. She was shocked beyond belief as the boiling pee splashed from the crotch above her.

    "Open your mouth," ordered Janet.

    Her bladder drained onto Bridget's face. Janet's asshole was burning hot-almost as hot as the stream of urine that washed down Bridget's body.

    Biff was laughing so hard he nearly peed in his own trousers. Oh, his daughter was a real go getter. He had never seen such raw sex! Fingers in assholes, tongue jammed in cunts, and now pee washing over all of it! Oh, man, his daughter was a fucking jewel! He would never let her marry anyone. They would be together for a long, long time.

    To Janet it was super exciting. The feel of the finger in her butt while urine flowed from her urethra was unbelievable. The strain of squatting down over Bridget's face disappeared. She felt so full and happy. Her bladder drained like a broken faucet. Bridget's cunt continued to spasm with one orgasm after another.

    It was wild sex. Oh, it was the best sex a little girl could ever want.

    It was right-on righteous!

    Chapter 17

    Biff had the car, but he took a detour with his daughter. The fog rolled in over the beach, covering everything with equality. The gaudy apartments blended with the dwindling number of clapboard homes. Way off in the distance rang the bell in the lighthouse.

    Lighthouses were obsolete in this day and age of radar and sonar tracking equipment. But the Ocean Beach lighthouse was still out there on the outcropping of rock sounding the alarm. It was a pleasant sound.

    It reminded Biff of the grizzled old man walking around. He swung around and walked the few quick blocks back to that house. He was surprised to find the light was still on. Even through the fog, he could see the white-haired man sitting in the padded rocking chair, drinking a can of beer. Looking closer, Biff noticed the walls were lined with books and peering closer he saw, or thought he saw (the fog was getting very thick) old, leather bound volumes made in a bygone era. He sighed to himself. Biff had a house twice as beautiful and worth three times the money that this one bedroom shanty was. And yet he felt in his gut that the man living inside was infinitely richer, his life many times more fulfilling.

    "What are we doing?" Janet asked. The fog was making her cold and she wanted to get back to the warmth and safety of the house.

    "It will just be a minute," Biff answered.

    They crossed the street and when they stood in front of the door, Biff stopped. He didn't know this man. It was awkward for him to open the door and say hello to someone he didn't know. But he felt compelled to do so. An invisible force seemed to be pushing him.

    Squaring his shoulders, Biff walked the cement stairs to the house and knocked.

    It was several long seconds before the grizzled man opened the door.

    "Howdy," he replied. His face was square and masculine. He had straight, even teeth, a battered nose and a clipped white beard that made him look like Jack Hemingway.

    "I live up on the hill," began Biff. "We were passing by, my daughter and I and we happened to see your bookshelf and… "

    He was cut off by the man's guffaw. "Well, don't feel alone. All the guys up on the hill come by sooner or later." He extended a firm hand. "The name's Derk Jones Been living here ever since the government took my schooner away from me." He waved them into the small one-bedroom shack with the large expanse of picture window and the row-after-row stacks of wonderful books.

    "I'm getting famous in these parts," said Derk, fetching two beers for his friends. "I'm known by many names. The captain, the wanderer, the crazy old bird down on the beach. Lots of names." He laughed hard, showing all his teeth. There was none of the mean-spirited, hustling anxiety to his laugh. It was full throated and honest, a man who knew about life and the sea and had faced death many times.

    "What happened to your boat?" Janet asked.

    "Schooner," corrected Derk. "Don't mix the two up." He twisted in his chair crossing his legs.

    "Lost it to the bank," he said sipping the beer. "Put every nickel I had into it, then had a run of bad weather and ripped out my mainsail and I couldn't charter out. My credit was gone and the bank came to collect what they could."

    "Jesus," said Biff. Since his boyhood, he had been fascinated by the sea and the men who lived their lives on the great sailing ships. "That must have gutted you."

    Derk laughed again. "Not at all. I had a blast. A hell of a good time. That's why everybody on the hill-the rich folks, if you don't mind me saying so-know me. I took cruises everywhere. One time or another everyone in Point Loma was on my schooner. Tahiti, Java, Samoa… everywhere. Hell of a good time. Wouldn't do a thing different if I had to. Hell of a good time." He drank from his bottle and the woman with the heavy belly and sagging tits came to fetch a fresh one for Derk.

    "Did your wife go?" Janet asked.

    The captain's eyes twinkled merrily. "Oh, she did. Grand old gal. I tell you life is all right. Ain't that right Babie?"

    The heavy woman smiled at Derk lovingly. "The ocean is home," she smiled.

    Biff drank from his beer. His eyes didn't leave the rotund figure of the woman. She had put on a worn sweater and some patched pants out of courtesy to the guest, though it was apparent she loved to run around the house half-naked, as Biff had seen her do earlier. Her skin was the color of brown sugar and her breasts hung like fresh mangos from her chest. She had a strong, pretty face, a wide smile like the captain's and coal-black hair that hung straight back down her shoulders.

    She was neither young nor especially pretty. When she laughed her whole body shook. Her features were coarse and awkward, like the two dimensional scrawls of a schoolboy's first crayon painting.

    Yet Biff was oddly drawn to this woman. It was a strange sensation. All his life he had searched for youth and beauty and finally finding both qualities in his daughter Janet, he discovered that women without these qualities could arouse him.

    "Where is the schooner?" Biff asked, changing the subject.

    "Still in the harbor," said Derk. "It's the bank's. They just haven't got around to selling her."

    Janet nudged her father. She liked the old guy and it was just too damn bad about the boat. It was wrong for a bank to take this man's boat away from him.

    Derk sensed the girl's uneasiness. "It's all right," he said. "I've got this little house and sooner or later I'll be back on my feet with another ship to sail. It always happens."

    She believed him, though there was no mistaking the wistfulness in his voice.

    "Take a look at the books," said Derk.

    And for the next two hours they drank and talked about great books and great adventures and when they finally finished, Derk shook their hands and invited them back.

    His wife was smiling at Biff as they left.

    He knew that he would return.

    Chapter 18

    If Ethel had known her daughter was the root cause of the terrible fear that worked up her spine, she would have sought out revenge with a fury.

    Her body was bent like a pretzel over Tod's cock. She kicked out behind and felt her heel connect with the soft testicles hanging from a boy's crotch. He fell away with a gurgling noise from his throat.

    Still, it did not prevent the advance of his friends. Her legs were quickly spread and. held apart, exposing the hairy slit of her ass ravine.

    Her attackers knew what to do. Already one boy was panting like a dog while he stroked his lanky cock. His friend, meanwhile, spit into Ethel's sphincter and worked the raisin-shaped muscle soft.

    "Gee, how would you like me to stick my big old cock up your asshole, Miss?" the boy mocked His friends jeered lustily while he took a few practice pokes at the woman's pulsating trough. He ran his hand underneath the split lips of her cunny and used her juice to further soak her asshole.

    Her pink hole eyed him suspiciously. The round mounds of flesh parted obscenely. And when he touched her buttocks with his hands, they wiggled like Jell-o.

    "Ripe and willing," the boys said. "Like this watermelon back on the farm. Drill a hole in the side and stick your cock deep into the soft, red fruit heated by the summer sun. It was fucking wild!"

    One boy holding a leg laughed, losing his grip just long enough for Ethel to kick free and lash back at the man ready to thrust into her rectum.

    She heard the air rush from his lungs as her foot connected with soft testicles. He went down screaming, holding his balls with his hands.

    "Bitch!" Tod shouted. She was positioned on his cock. With each victorious kick her cunt clamped down on his cock. Her well-trained pussy gripped his shaft like a fist. He rolled his hip but with no effect. The crazy woman had his cock squarely up inside her channel.

    "What a beast!" he gasped. "A foot deep inside and you swallowed every inch!"

    Ethel was dizzy with excitement. Kicking back tightened her muscles. She felt his donkey-dick jolt inside the sock of her cunt. It was a good feeling; a strange, thrusting maleness that was unusual for a boy his age.

    Another boy grabbed the free leg and pulled open her ass slit. This time there was no escape for Ethel. Her strength dissipated, oozing out the warm hole in her cunt. Sheets of salty water streamed down her skin, wetting her from head to toe. Her asshole puckered out and she quit fighting and thought about fucking.

    She was keen on the idea.

    Tod, trying to keep his passion from showing said, "Ready, Miss? Can you take another hard cock into your body?"

    She could. If her asshole was too small, they would find a way to ream it out to proper size. She put nothing past these renegades. Raping her cunt and her asshole! Ethel realized they would stop at-nothing.

    "Go ahead," she sobbed, tears coming to her eyes. Actually she tingled with excitement. Since rape was the only outcome, then she might as well enjoy it.

    Behind, Fred stood on wobbly legs. He looked down at the wiggling mass of flesh and realized that this woman was the wife of that bastard who'd throttled him at Duke's shack.

    She wasn't bad-looking, he thought, flexing his rising cock. With her legs spread wide like that, he wouldn't mind lying down on her curving back and jerk-fucking his cock up her shitter. He pushed one kid out of the way, and got into Ethel's saddle, fingers stroking her bubbly ass cheeks. When Ethel responded with a raspy groan and an undulating movement of belly flesh, he crawled between her cheeks and practiced stabbing her asshole. Surprisingly, her anus was soft for the bullet head of his prick. It seemed almost willing to take him inside.

    His heart pounded like a hammer. Fred had never fucked a girl this way before. It was as new for him as it was for Ethel.

    She was ready from the minute she gave in and kept saying, "Hurry up. Come on, do it, let's get it over with!"

    Fred found strength where weakness once hid. He had been embarrassed to tears by Biff and he now sought revenge on Ethel. He rose up with no coyness at all. He inserted a finger all the way through her sphincter knot and wiggled her asshole into a nice open shape.

    Ethel made no protest. The cock in her cunt was making wonderful buzzing sensations. Sparks erupted over the thick folds of her twat. It was like a joy buzzer zinging excitement through her distended clitoris.

    The finger up her rear was nothing. A few moments of searing pain and then nothing but a oozing warmth. She concentrated on the man underneath. His face had broken out into a sweat. His cool, icy stare had turned molten. She watched him tremble and it gave her courage because she was feeling the same way.

    His cock head poked delightfully into her crack, filling her channel with satisfaction. His friend was about to funnel more pleasure in. Her asshole rose, the sphincter mushroomed out, and a hot long piece of fuck pipe went in. She bent at the waist and said, "Your cock is wonderful. Gosh, you're so big and so fucking hard it's unreal!"

    "Hmmmm!" Fred exclaimed.

    Tod was working like a beaver. Ethel's cunt went flap, flap, flap against his groin. It was as much as he could bear to get his cock moving in a slow rhythm. Those soft, beautiful tits squirmed down to his face and he sucked on the cherry ends greedily. Her cunt was holding hard, like a fielder's glove. He didn't know how much longer his balls could withstand the pressure. Tod wanted to come, had to. Every atom in his frantically charged body told him he had to unload.

    And in a hurry!

    "Aaaahhh!" he gasped, relieved that Ethel had started to hump.

    Her sweltering cunt moved up and down his iron-hard cock. Tod groaned as she lifted up to the very tip of his gnarled cock head before descending to the base of the shaft. It was incredible. He looked over her shoulder and saw Fred's tortured face. It took a second to realize that he had climbed into her asshole and was fucking her butt while she in turn fucked his dick.

    "This cunt is a horse," he groaned. His balls stirred into a frenzy. Only a few precious moments remained before his molten sperm flowed up his stem and splashed into the sucking mouth of her cunt.

    "Aaaaahhh!" Ethel groaned.

    Her rectum contracted violently against the massive hard on. The flowing hip movements had sucked in his cock and now it was stuck like a pole in her butt.

    Fred screamed bloody murder. His dick was caught in a vice. His balls erupted violently. They were moving like ball bearings in his wrinkled scrotum. The woman was an Amazon, he thought, tugging on his cock. A real fucking Amazon and his cock was caught in her ass!

    Ethel's butt released him just like that. It made her more aware than ever of those two big fuck sticks in her holes. She started to groan and found her mouth was hanging open and drool was flowing from the corner of her lips.

    She was about to orgasm. That was all there was to it. Ethel was so hot and heavy that nothing seemed real any more. All that counted was the slow in and out rhythm of sex. Fred was rocking back and forth, enjoying the ecstatic pleasure of his penis plunging in and out of her asshole. It was so hot and tight and squishy that he kept going faster and faster. He had to grit his teeth when her asshole tightened up again. And then there was the roaring pain in his balls, that he could only stop by squeezing his nut sack. It hurt to mash his testicles, but soon he was fucking like nothing had happened. Both Tod and Fred were slowly losing their dominance. The harder they punished Ethel's grasping holes, the more energy it took. At the same instant, Ethel was getting stronger. True, her tush was wildly wet and yet, her asshole was stretched to twice its normal size. And, yes, again their two fuck sticks seemed to meet about halfway up into her belly and her nipples were pulsating with excitement. She hadn't been so excited in her whole life. She swallowed back the sperm-thick spit and saw a young kid in the corner jerking off.

    "Get over here," she ordered. "I'll suck your dick!"

    The kid, a straight student who was paying his way through Harvard University by working as a snitch for the police, hopped over to her waiting mouth.

    His cock was horribly thick. It stared at her with a sullen eye. Two dicks riveted her portholes. And now she was hungry for a third.

    Depraved, she thought. She was depraved.

    And yet that did not stop her any more than the two boys beating their tortured pricks inside her feminine heat could stop what they were doing.

    For several anxious moments, the only sound I was the frantic noise of slapping skin finding a nice, wet hole. Quickly, it was replaced by a different noise. This one started deep in the throat and gradually worked out to the lips. It was high-pitched, shrill and terrifying to hear.

    First, it was Ethel. Her cunt came squeezing down, followed by her asshole. The ring of muscles went tighter and tighter and tighter. She felt the cock inside, thrusting, demanding her to come. And she hunched up and down in a final, spasmodic fury before something snapped in the back of her mind and her body exploded with a terrifying orgasm.

    "Ohhhh!" she gasped. "Commmmming!"

    She was dizzy. Her cunt was swollen beyond belief. Her asshole threatened to tear in two. She was filled with terror and lust, and then exquisite pleasure as her portals screeched with passion.

    Fred was startled into action. He thought his balls would never make sperm again after he grasped them in his hand and squeezed down for dear life. Oh, how he hurt. Hurt like hell!

    "Yeow!" he screamed. His balls jumped to life. Suddenly her asshole sucked down on him and her rump closed up like the halves of a giant clamp and he was trapped inside.

    "In!" he shouted, rocketing his hips. "I'm coming in your asshole! Coming in your asshole!"

    And he did! And Ethel was crazy for him. Her anus sputtered like a Model T Ford and she shook all over as orgasm after orgasm burned in her crease. She lunged forward and tightened her stranglehold on Tod's huge fuck wand and demanded that he come right then or else!

    She was crazy with the fuck fever. One dick could not satisfy her body. She needed more, many more. Her body would not stop coming.

    Even when Tod couldn't take it any more and his donkey cock exploded in her turbulent twat, she was not satisfied. The sperm ran from her cunt. It leaked from her asshole. And now this little bugger in front of her mouth was jizzing too. How good it all felt! She frolicked in his spurting seed, cavorting frantically as juice was pumped in.

    "Aaaahhh!" she gasped. Then she fell forward, collapsing on all three of them. She may have passed out. The men did, too. When they woke up though, they smelled smoke. Indeed, the room was filled with smoke and flames shot out the windows.

    "What the hell?" Fred shouted. "Who did that?"

    Ethel didn't know. She was too exhausted to care. They had to get out of the house immediately or else.

    "I think it was Gibney," said Tod, clenching his fist. "I know that punk bastard. He'd do something stupid like this."

    They each got up and looked around for their clothes. Ethel's legs were like rubber bands and she had a hard time walking. "Man," she said. "You guys are something else."

    Fred couldn't see the contented look on Ethel's face, but he knew this broad was something. Certainly she was a better fuck than those girls at Duke's pad. Man, her asshole had been something.

    Already she was wrapping a curtain around her body and heading for the door.

    "I came here to piss your old man off," said Fred. Like Tod, he headed out the door without clothes. Who would notice once they got down to Ocean Beach anyway?

    "Fuck him," she said. "I want a divorce." Quickly, they made it out the door and into the fog-laden air. There were a few gasps of embarrassment at the half-clothed woman and her two naked friends from the next-door neighbors, but they didn't care. "I'm too young to be married," she said. "I want-to live."

    Then with an arm around each of her two new friends, they headed down the steep hill and to the safety of their new life in Ocean Beach.

    Chapter 19

    It was two weeks later when the captain saw his two friends again. He remembered them both. A charming couple, he thought. Especially the young girl. He liked the way her tits slanted away like avocadoes. Damn, she was one hell of a good-looking babe!

    "Hi, Derk," said Biff, extending his hand.

    Janet just smiled. Her cunt was heating up in expectation. She had nothing to say yet. That could wait.

    "Long time no see," Derk replied.

    "Well, it's been two weeks," replied Biff.

    He told him about Ethel running away with the hippie boys and about the fire that leveled their new home. Derk's eyes showed hurt when he described the fire.

    "Arsonists," he said. "Bastards. I tell you the world is going to hell."

    "That it is," Biff admitted. He decided not to tell Derk that he knew a kid named Duke who lived not far from Derk's house had set the fire. It would only ruin what he had planned. Besides, the fire had solved a lot of knotty problems that otherwise would have stood in the way.

    "Like to come inside?" Derk asked.

    Derk's wife was cleaning house in her shorts and bra and she blushed when they walked in unannounced. "Damn that woman," said Derk. "I got her in Tahiti. Wonderful place. I've got plenty of stories to tell about Tahiti. But they can wait for another time. Anyway, I met Judy on the beach. Beautiful woman. Heavy bones and lots of muscle and there is no better lover in the world."

    He laughed when Janet blushed. Damn, she was a fine-looking woman, he thought.

    Judy came back with beers for the three of them and settled down Indian-style on the floor. She looked at her master's new friend Biff and saw that his penis was rising up in his pants and; she looked away. It was not right to be too eager for a new man. Besides, he might go away and never see her again. She averted his staring gaze and probing eyes.

    "How's your luck?" said Biff.

    "Neither here nor there," he answered. "I'm making ends meet like always."

    "Still have the schooner?" asked Janet.

    He laughed. "You mean the bank, don't you?" he said. "Yup, still in San Diego harbor. Understand there was a couple of buyers out there not long ago. Friends on a boat told me that." He waved a fly away from his face.

    "Wrong," interrupted Biff. "She has been bought!"


    Then Janet got to smile. She had waited a long time for this moment. "We bought her. The Wandering Mistress."

    Derk was astounded.

    "Plenty of fire insurance," said Biff. "It covered the loan and we still got plenty to spare for a voyage."

    "Providing you and your wife show us how to sail," Janet said.

    Derk sat still for a minute, then let out a whoop. "Where to?" he asked, hugging his wife. His eyes were on Janet, however.

    "To Tahiti," Janet answered. "Back to that magic island."

    "Oh, that's a long trip," said Derk. "You don't know what you're getting into."

    Janet licked her lips and smiled. "I think I can handle whatever comes up."

    She was looking straight at Derk. He saw her eyes and knew that she was right.

    Janet could handle any emergency.

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