Daughter in Heat

Sue Elton lived a life of leisure. Her husband, Jack, owned and operated a successful import export business, and Sue only had one child to raise, a fifteen-year-old daughter who no longer needed raising. Sue spent a great deal of her time staying in shape and keeping their lovely home in shape. Her hobbies were working out, playing tennis, supervising endless home improvement projects, and fucking craftsmen.

Jack knew about three of her hobbies and suspected the fourth. His sexy wife certainly wasn't staying sexy for him, and her projects took longer than federal projects.

Fortunately, Sue got much better deals than the federal government.

Heather knew her mother had four hobbies because she'd caught her closely supervising craftsmen many times. Heather knew her mother was a slut before she knew what it meant. To see her mother with a man was to see her nude and engaged in some form of sex play, which was also true of male dogs and some women. Heather knew sluts did that, but it wasn't until she learned that slut was a bad thing, a very bad thing, and a slut for dogs was the worst of all that she learned shame. Her mother became a terrible embarrassment to her at the age of eight. She'd walk in on an embarrassing scene and quietly ease out or pass through to her bedroom. Sue and Heather didn't talk about Mommy's fourth hobby.

When Heather entered puberty, she wanted to talk about the fourth hobby but her mother obviously didn't. Even after Heather saw her nude mother taking on three men at once; afterward, when they were alone, her mother still didn't want to talk about it. Nothing was ever said about anything Heather saw. Adulterous sex was simply business as usual. They rarely talked about her other three hobbies either. They talked about everything else, though, and got along like sisters once Heather was well into puberty and needed no supervision or mothering.

They even talked about sex and masturbation, birth control, and guys. Only cheating affairs were off limits in their discussions. Heather didn't approve.

She adored her hard-working father. Sue knew this but couldn't help herself.

Like smoking, adultery was an addiction that didn't need to be discussed. They didn't discuss her smoking, either. Bad habits weren't discussed.

Bad habits were tolerated. Sue never said, "Do as I say, not as I do," but that was the message Heather got.

By the time Heather turned fifteen, both bad habits were much worse. Her mother was up to two packs a day (cigarettes, not dogs) and rarely did a week go by that Heather didn't walk in on a sex scene and most were with groups-threesomes and foursomes mostly, but the most recent was an eightsome which included two female paper hangers and a large dog.

Though they never talked about the sex Heather saw, she had a long list of questions she'd love answers to:

Why do you have sex with dogs and let people watch and take pictures? What is anal sex like? What's it like licking a woman's pussy? How do you get a big dick down your throat? Why don't you make the men use condoms? What's it like being screwed by three men at once? What does sperm taste like?

What does dog sperm taste like?

Which do you like better? Why do you shave your pussy, go around without panties and bra, and shoot bare beavers to guys you wouldn't want to be seen talking to much less making love to? And what's wrong with Daddy? He's better looking than any man I've ever seen on you or in you.

Does he know you're a cheating slut that will suck and fuck anything-I mean, a sexually active spouse who is not very selective? ‹/UL› She had a hundred questions but no answers, but the biggest question of all-Why do you do these things when you know I'm around?-begged an answer.

Heather could only surmise that her mother simply didn't care what her daughter saw, thought, or felt. Typically, after everyone left, Sue would go to Heather's room, nude and streaming sperm down her bare legs and neck, then casually ask how her day at school went, ask what she'd like for dinner, and remind her of chores that needed to be done.

Sue knew all the questions Heather had, and knew the big one along with the answer to it. The answer to the big question would shock Heather:

Because Mommy likes getting caught by you, sweetheart. I want you to see what a slut I am behind your father's back. Can you understand that, precious?

Sue never told Heather because she knew her daughter couldn't possibly understand and the thought of trying to explain something that Sue didn't quite understand didn't appeal to her. They simply didn't talk about it, though not talking about it was getting harder and harder to do. After witnessing a bestial, bisexual orgy, it was damn near impossible.

In the month leading up to the eventful orgy, Heather became aware of a campaign aimed at drawing her into the sex. Many of her questions were answered in that month though she was still a technical virgin in one hole-her vagina, and that was stretching it, no pun intended.

In the 184 months prior to that, none of her mother's sexual partners ever laid a finger on Heather; in the one after, they all had, usually with her mother watching.

It got to where Heather came home with the expectation of a molestation and just wondered what form it would take and which questions would be answered as a result. If the purpose was to loosen her up, the technique worked very well.

Heather molested very well.

Sue rarely bothered Jack at his office, but three days before school let out for the summer, three days after the bestial orgy, she had to. She was three weeks into a major interior painting and redecorating job that was already looking to last all through June, a job that should have taken two men two weeks to complete. The two-man crew now averaged five men with two women who did the paper hanging when needed; and at the rate they were progressing, July 4th was a more realistic goal.

Jack didn't like seeing Sue at his office because an office visit meant she needed more money. That, plus the fact that she rarely looked decent, wearing attire more suited for a low-rent street corner. On seeing her walk in wearing her tennis outfit, obviously braless, he pulled the checkbook from his desk drawer, readied the pen, and said, "How much this time, Sue?"

Sue sat in one of the two chairs that fronted his massive oak desk, being careful not to shoot a bare beaver, which wasn't easy in a skirt that barely covered her pussy when standing. She had to turn her legs to the side as she said, "I'm not here for money, Jack. I'm here about Heather."

Jack set the pen down and raised an left eyebrow. "What about Heather?"

"Unless you haven't noticed, our little girl isn't a little girl any longer.

She's a young woman. Furthermore, she has become a bit of an exhibitionist.

Perhaps I should rephrase that. She"is" an exhibitionist."

Jack looked at Sue's vast expanse of naked legs and said, "If she is, she takes after her mother.

Damnit, Sue, you may as well be topless. You're not wearing panties, either, are you?"

"We're not here to discuss me."

"You're not, are you?"

"No, I'm not. All right, I'm an exhibitionist. If I could, I'd go around totally naked. Are you satisfied?"

"Finally, some honesty. Are you also an adulterer?"

Frustrated, Sue said, "Jack, do you really want the answer to that?"

Jack thought, then sat back and thought some more, then said, "I know the answer."

"Good, then you don't need to hear it from me."

"How many, Sue?"

"I don't count. How many bimbos have you bedded?"

"I don't cheat. I never have.

I took our vows seriously."

Sue was afraid of that. She had hopes of making mutual confessions, offering mutual forgiveness, then mutually agreeing to open the marriage. She didn't doubt his claim. He wasn't the cheating type. Sue felt badly and said, "Jack, I'm sorry, but…"

"How many, Sue? Estimate."

Exasperated, Sue looked out the window, debated, then looked back and said, "I don't know… maybe over three or four…"

"Bullshit! Don't you dare sit there and pretend you can't recall whether it was three, four, or five when I personally know ten men who have screwed you and another ten they said they saw you screw. I am not a fucking idiot, Sue."

"No, but you are a buttinski.

You cut me off. Will you let me finish my sentence?"

Jack sat back, straightened his tie, and quietly gestured for her to go ahead."

"Thank you. I was about to say before being so rudely butted into, maybe over three or four hundred, but now that I think of it, it has to be over five."

"Over five-hundred! You fucked over five-hundred men since we got married?"

"Yes, maybe. I don't count.

I'm an adulterous slut, Jack. I've been cheating since we started going steady.

Before that, I couldn't cheat because we weren't going steady, that's why I was so eager to go steady. Hell, I cheated on the honeymoon, twice. In sixteen years, I'm sure I must be nearing seven-hundred if we count the ones before I said, 'I do." They weren't all males. At least a dozen were women and at least a gross were dogs. A gross is a dozen dozen, right? Or do you think one dog is gross?"

"Good god, Susan! You had sex with dogs? That's gross no matter what the number."

"Well, then, it had to be a gross. Come to think of it, I think I've had a gross of women, too. Put me down for too gross-one mutt, one bitch."

"You think this is funny, do you?"

"I have a bad case of nerves, Jack. You know how I deal with nerves. I get funny when I think my life is coming unraveled. Can't you at least give me a courtesy laugh to calm my nerves?" [He just stared with his stone face] "Guess not."

"I had no idea you were that bad. You make whores look decent. At least whores don't take a vow to be faithful and they generally stick to their own species."

"Jack, I really don't want to get into this. I knew you'd be shocked and I knew you'd never understand. I am worse than a whore. I'm a cheating slut. I'll fuck anything, do anything, and try anything twice just to make sure the first failure wasn't a fluke. That's how I wound up fucking a gross of dogs. The first was lousy but the second was fantastic.

The 144th is a real bitch buster. I'll never change. A cheating slut is what I am, and I simply adore a rut with a good mutt.

When I took my vows, my fingers were crossed. Now, can we discuss Heather or would you rather discuss divorce? Make up your mind right now. If you can't accept me as I am, divorce me. Do it and let's just get it over with. If you don't divorce me, don't whine about me cheating on you. You married a cheating slut; learn to live with it and take it like a man. I'm here to discuss Heather or divorce, not both."

Jack got up and paced, then stood at the bay window looking out on the city from thirty stories up. Sue let him think. Sue sweated. She would not fare well in a divorce and would not fare well in the work place. She'd do okay on a street corner, but whoring for a living had no appeal.

It was cheating she loved, and to cheat, she needed someone to cheat on.

Besides, she really did love Jack. He was a good man and great provider-a super man to cheat on.

Sue sweated nervously and said, "If it makes any difference, I would much rather discuss Heather. I didn't bring my attorney. I can't afford one, actually, not unless you up my allowance. Fat chance of that, huh?"

Jack turned and watched her sweat with his stone face. He knew why she was sweating. She had good reason to sweat. She needed to sweat, so he looked out the window and gave her more of what she needed.

"I suppose I could cut back on my bad habits. Would you up my allowance if I dropped down to a pack a day-dogs not cigarettes?"

Jack fought a smile, hell, he fought back a belly laugh. God, was she nervous.

"All right, I'll drop cigarettes, too. I'd drop to one pack cold turkey-the butts, not the mutts.

I'd have to taper off of the extra pack of mutts, maybe drop one mutt a week. I could give up poodles altogether-the little ones, not the big ones."

Damn, was she nervous. Jack was dying and had to figure the square root of three in a hurry. After a few tense minutes to regain composure, he walked back to his desk and took his seat. He leaned back in his leather chair, studied his nervous slut, then said, "I'd like a little honesty in our relationship. Sit like a slut and then we'll discuss Heather."

Sue eyed him critically, relieved that divorce wasn't mentioned. The marriage didn't seem in jeopardy.

She relaxed considerably, not sure why he wanted to see her slut pose. She decided to humor him. She unbuttoned two more buttons on her white blouse, then sat with her knees a foot apart, her beaver aimed at her gawking husband. Jack gawked at his wife's denuded pussy for several long seconds, then said, "All right.

What about Heather?"

"I think she's in heat."

"What do you mean by that?"

"She's horny and wants to get fucked. She's in heat. I know the signs."

"I'm sure you do."

"Jack, we have a crew painting the house and this job looks like it will last through June. Heather is the reason they're taking so long. She has been flirting with these guys after school and all day every Saturday since they started. Last Saturday, she worked with them all day while wearing a short skirt and no panties. When school lets out, she'll be part of the crew, and this crew is a nasty bunch-five men painters, two lesbian paper hangers, and the paper hangers have a very horny dog."

"I see."

"Yes, well I've seen enough to know that they'll be fucking her very soon-dog and all. They are already taking bold liberties with her. So far, I haven't said anything to them or Heather, but my continued silence will be construed as a green light. I should say, a greener light."

"I suppose you'd like to give these people a flashing green light."

"I've already done that. They've been flashing her until they turn green. They want a fucking green light. Jack, Heather is ready to be sexually active whether I give a green light or not. I can see that much. She's sick of being flashed and felt, fingered and fondled. She wants a hard dick in her pussy.

With her looks and her body, she'll have no difficulty managing that, especially since she has no hangup about which species the dick comes from.

Keeping dicks out of her will be a chore. In our neighborhood, keeping dog dicks out of her will be impossible. The girl is a bitch in heat, Jack. I'm serious.

She's going to fuck. The only question is where, when, and with what."

Jack was watching his wife casually stroking a wet finger through slimy vaginal lips as he said, "I suppose you'd like to watch her fuck?"

Sue's fuck finger slid into the hole and went deep as she calmly said,

"Wouldn't you like to see that sexy daughter of ours take mature cocks in every hole.

Wouldn't you like to see her go down on two sexy chicks or her own mother? The lesbians have a well-hung pit bull. That mutt would look great on Heather. I can get you pictures, Jack, lots of pictures, even video. Tell me you wouldn't love to see Heather sucking off a big mutt."

Jack fished out his erection and began stroking as he watched his wife begin masturbating with both hands. He watched and beat off for a minute or so, then said, "Suppose I want to fuck her?"

"Be my guest. She'd fuck you in a heartbeat. She's Daddy's girl. Do you have the balls? I won't set it up, and I won't share our bed with her, but I won't stand in your way. Fuck her in her bedroom or take her to a motel. Well? What should I do?"

"I want pictures, and I want video. I do not want her to know who they're for."

"Fair enough. It might interest you to know that Heather has seen me fuck close to a hundred men, several dozen women, and a gross of dogs. She's seen every sexual act imaginable-butt fucks, hand jobs, blow jobs, golden showers, SM, cum baths, and that's just with the dogs. I do even more with humans.

She always walks away or hides in her room. Last Friday, she saw me fucking that pit bull while I was eating out a chick. That got to her. Something snapped. She plopped down and watched. She's never done that before."

"Heather sat and watched a dog fucking you?"

"Yes, and almost from the very beginning. By the way, this wasn't the first time she saw me screwing a dog. It was the best, though.

He's not fast like the others. He fucks slow and with deep driving humps. He has a cock that is a foot long and thick as a good sized cucumber. She had a good profile view of that dog's dick going in and out of her mommy's pussy.

When the mutt got his nut and pulled out, she saw a well-fucked cunt drooling dog cum down both thighs to the knees. I kept eating the chick so Heather could memorize the sight."

"Are you shitting me, Sue?"

"I am not shitting you. The whole crew stood around and watched. They jacked off on me while I ate both of those chicks. Heather sat through that, too. She sat through an hour-long orgy. For a finale, I laid the mutt on Heather's lap and sucked him off."

"God damnit! Now, I know you're shitting me!"

"I am, huh? Pictures were taken.

I'll get copies for you. You're going to find out that when it comes to matters of sex, I don't lie or exaggerate. If it isn't great, I make it great. That was good, but not great. Great sex is filthy nasty, down and dirty. In this case, I wasn't satisfied with just sucking off a dog on Heather's lap. To make it great, I placed her hand on his cock and she jacked him off while I sucked.

He didn't cum easy. We worked on him for ten minutes, at least."

"Oh Jesus! You filthy nasty slut!"

"No, Jack, that wasn't filthy nasty. After he came in my mouth, Heather milked his dick so that I could get every drop. I didn't swallow, I leaned up, took Heather's head in both hands, and sealed our mouths in a kiss that lasted until she got it all and swallowed every drop. We French kissed in dog cum for a good five minutes while I wiped my spermy cunt on her bare legs. I rubbed off on her sexy legs while feeding dog fuck to her. That was filthy nasty, Jack."

Jack stiffened, stroked faster, and cried out, "Oh god, Sue! You filthy fucking slut! Oh, Jesus…!"

Sue came with him and then they both lay in chair sprawls recovering. Sue was first to recover.

She looked to her dazed hubby and smiled, saying, "Picture Heather in my place."

"I did."

"Heather is all over her shyness and she loves that doggy's big dick. The bitch is in heat, Jack.

If he could have gotten it up again, she would have fucked him."

Jack slowly sat up and put his little guy back in his slacks. He brushed back his hair, looked at Sue's beaver, and said, "So, you want Heather to follow in your paw prints."

"I've never considered that until this happened. It would appear that she wants to follow.

I've agonized over that fact, but I think I'm ready to allow that to happen.

Before I allow that to happen, I need you onboard.

Are you onboard?"

"I think so. Do you really think she's a slut?"

"She'd like to be a mutt slut.

She'll be one if I permit it."

"Well, permit it and see what happens. Don't force anything on her, though.

Just allow what happens to happen."

"They want to see that dog on her, Jack. We all saw how she reacted to the mutt. She couldn't take her eyes off that mutt's cock. He has quite an impressive tool, very visual, clean and masculine. They brought him back on Saturday and it didn't take Heather long to put on a skirt and remove her panties. I put jeans on and the lezzies wear coveralls, so her pussy had no competition. The dog would not leave her alone.

His head was under her skirt when she wasn't up a ladder."

"With people watching?"

"Yes. She got to where she'd take a twat lapping without crouching or shying away, and we all got plenty of good long looks up her skirt at her shaved pussy.

She loves showing her sexy pussy almost as much as she likes having it licked by a dog with people watching."

"Fuck! I just can't see Heather acting that way. She's always been so inhibited and shy about her body."

"Yeah, well picture this. Late in the day, she climbs three rungs up on a step ladder and the dog gets his front paws on the second rung and starts lapping her twat. She squats to make it easier for him, so I lifted the back of her skirt. I actually pinned her skirt up on her back so we could all see. The fucking mutt's tongue was going right up her hole, and there were eight of us watching her little cunt hole getting a good reaming."

"Damn! That's hard to imagine from Heather. I need pictures, Sue. Do you suppose she'd freeze up if she saw you getting set to take a picture?"

"I doubt it. They often take pictures of me. They all bring cameras and some were taken of her when she was on that step ladder. She didn't shy away from any camera lens, and several went right up her skirt, even when the dog was licking her cunt. She's an exhibitionist. She is, now, anyway. We exhibitionists love cameras. Wednesday is her last day of school. On Thursday, I expect her to get down on her hands and knees. I think she'd like to give her cherry to the mutt, her vaginal cherry, which, by the way, is the only cherry she has left."

"You gave those asshole the green butt-fucking light."

"No, one asshole ran a red light. You really have to watch those assholes. I can't swear they haven't run the red light at the intersection of her thighs, but I made it bright red after they ran the red at her oral crossing, and I made it flash after they ran the intersection of her butt cheeks. After I turn all lights to green, I expect to see a bisexual gang bang. It'll make one hell of a video."

"I want that fucking video, Sue. I want that whole day on tape. I want you in it, so hire someone just to do the taping if you have to."

"I have just the right person for that job. Sarah Brewer from across the street."

"Sarah knows about this?"

"She's the one who encouraged me to come down here and lay this out for you. By the way, if you want an easy piece of ass, Sarah is easy and very interested in you. She's like you. She has never cheated, but she's ready to change that. You could do a lot worse than a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader."

"Sarah Brewer, huh? They don't come any better. She's fucking gorgeous. What is she about twenty-three, twenty-four?"

"Twenty-six and bisexual as hell, horny as all get out, and she's a juicy bitch-tight, too. Evidently, Jerry isn't hung any better than you are."

"Thanks a lot."

"Well, you are a bit on the small side, you know. Small is all she's ever known. She's also one that says size doesn't matter. You'd better nail her before she finds out differently. She's debating trying the dog. If Spike nails her, size will matter a great deal. He'll take all the wrinkles out of her cute little pussy and put stretch marks in it."

"What about Heather? Can she handle him?"

"Heather has been fucking herself with my dildos for years. She's not actually cherry. Spike got about ten inches of tongue up her twat. When that mutt licks a girl's cunt, he likes to get way back in the rear. He'll take all the wrinkles out of her pussy, but I doubt he'll put stretch marks in it. She has a fondness for Big Ben. That one pretty much stays in her room-stays in her twat judging by the way she gingerly sits. Big Ben don't bend. When you have Big Ben to the balls, you ease into a sitting position and struggle up like a pregnant woman in her ninth month."

"I've noticed her doing that a lot lately. She said she was sore from pole vaulting."

"She's pole vaulting, all right."

"Okay, Sue, I'm fully onboard."

"Great! I think it's safe to say you now have a mistress. I'm talking about Sarah, by the way.

Heather will never be a mistress. She'll be a bitch that you fuck, but that's up to you. Sarah wants to be your mistress, but you need to get her some sexy young pussy to suck on. She's very bisexual and extremely oral. What she really craves is a threesome with you and Heather."

"I'm not sure I can handle sex with Heather."

"You will sooner or later.

In the mean time, what's the story on that new secretary of yours?"

"Dawn? She's a newlywed. I doubt she'd be interested. From what I gather, her new hubby is quite the stud. She is nuts about her Rodney. On the other hand, she does seem awfully horny."

"All newlyweds are horny, and the more great sex they're getting, the hornier they get. It may not just be Rodney's rod she's nuts about. She may be willing to swing to any rod. From the way she looks me over, I get the impression she swings both ways. Has she given you any indication that she likes the girls?"

"No, our talks haven't been that intimate. I do know she lived a sheltered life and lost her cherry on her honeymoon last month. She's nineteen, almost twenty.

My guess is she hasn't done anything with anyone or anything until she became a legal piece of ass."

"Really! Well then, maybe I can pique her interest in split tail. Do you mind if I try?"


"Why not? Are you expecting anyone?"

"Well, no, but…"

"All she can say is no thanks, and she'd better be polite. I am the boss's wife, you know."

"Gee, I don't know, Sue. I'm not that kind of boss."

"I know. You're spineless.

I am that kind of boss's wife, though. Come on, Jack, take a chance.

Tell me you wouldn't like to watch that cute young thing going down on this juicy pussy, here and now. No guts, no glory, Jack."

Jack was thinking and looking at a very juicy pussy splayed wide to help him think. To help sway him, Sue said, "I can break the ice with her for you. I can at least get her to strip naked and show you what she has under her clothes.

That much, I can promise you. Seduction is my forte and Dawn is proud of her body. She'll strip naked, that I guarantee.

If she assumes a good mating position, stick your dick in her.

Don't ask, just do it. Don't pull out, either. Cum in her pussy.

Birth control should be her problem. Make it her problem."

Jack nervously combed fingers through his hair and said, "Do you really think she'd go along?"

"I know she'll strip and show us a good beaver. She just discovered her pussy does more than pass piss and bleed. She's still awed by it or in-love with it, possibly both. She'll be happy to show her pussy if only for an excuse to look at it herself. If she bends over your desk and pulls her cheeks apart, she's willing to take a fuck. That may be iffy. Newlyweds are usually hung up on the vows they took.

Only the smart ones know to cross their fingers. The really smart ones cross their legs, too."

"I seem to recall you standing funny at the altar."

"I had to. My twat was so full of cum, if I hadn't, the congregation would have seen cum running down my legs under my wedding dress to puddle at my feet. How would that have looked?"

"You're a riot, Sue, a regular riot. Seriously, do you think she'll put out?

I'd love to dip my wick in that doll baby."

"We'll just have to see how she reacts to my foreplay. If she's the type to trash her vows, I'll find out and you will get your dick wet."

"All right, Sue. We'll try but don't pressure her. Don't be mean and don't threaten her job.

If you can seduce her, and she responds, I'll go along."

"You're making this more difficult, but I like a challenge. Agreed."

Sue sat up straight and made herself presentable but left her blouse unbuttoned to a point below the breasts. She said, "Buzz her in and act bossy."

"All right. Here goes." Jack hit the intercom and said, "Dawn, would you come in here?"

The speaker blared, "Yes, Mr.

Elton. Should I bring anything?"

"No, just bring you."

Sue smiled and said, "Very good. You sounded like a boss but you should have said, 'Come in here' not 'Would you come in.'"

"I usually say, 'Would you please come in here.' She probably thinks I'm pissed. I didn't even call her sweetheart.'' "She must be trembling in her bobby socks."

"Very funny, Sue."

Dawn entered and came up beside Jack's desk. Jack told her Mrs. Elton had something to say to her so Dawn faced Sue and waited. Sue ran her eyes over Dawn's body in an appraising way that immediately put a blush in Dawn's features and made her nervous. After twenty seconds of being silently appraised, Dawn timidly said, "Was there something you wanted, Mrs. Elton?"

"Yes. Step closer and turn slowly."

Dawn gulped and looked to Jack for help, got none, and shyly stepped within reach of Sue and began a slow turn in place. When she faced away from Sue, she felt a hand lift her pleated skirt. She stiffened and stopped turning as Sue said, "I see you wear panties. I'm surprised. Is this your first secretarial position?"

With her skirt now held high to the small of her back exposing her new sexy undies from the waist down, Dawn timidly said, "Y-yes, it is."

"Well, these must go. A good secretary doesn't have anything between her employer and her pussy.

Remove them and don't ever let me catch you wearing anything under your dress while you're on duty. You were hired based on your sexy body not your typing skills. We expect to see daily evidence that you are a real female and that we are getting our money's worth. If that upsets your delicate sensibilities or violates your moral code, perhaps you should seek employment elsewhere."

Dawn was now beet red and looked imploringly to Jack who sat stone-faced. Dawn debated for a few seconds, then reached back and hooked the waistband after Sue dropped the skirt. She hesitated, then drew them down and stepped free. She then continued her turn to once again face Sue.

Sue was looking at her chest and said, "I see you're wearing a bra. Remove it.

Remove the blouse and then remove the bra. Let's see what you have in the tit department."

Dawn appeared ready to bolt. Once again, she turned imploring eyes on Jack.

Once again, she received a stony expression. After a moment's debate, she began unbuttoning buttons with trembling fingers. She let the blouse fall, then unhooked the center clasp of her matching bra. She peeled back the cups to reveal a proud set of D's' with erect nipples. She shrugged off the loose bra and stood topless, showing red blush splotches on her upper chest.

"Nice. Very nice. Show Jack how nice your titties are. Place your hands behind your head and give Jack a good look at those erect nipples."

Dawn faced Jack, her blush now deeper, her breathing shallow and rapid. Jack studied her tits. Sue stepped to the side and pulled down on the left nipple, releasing it to spring back and vibrate as she said, "This girl is sexually aroused."

Jack tried the other as Sue did the left again. Jack said, "Maybe she's cold."

They kept making her nipples flip and vibrate and held Dawn's attention, watching one then the other betray her state of arousal. Sue said, "It's not cold in here. Ask her. I'm sure she'll tell you the truth."

Jack flipped his nipple again while asking, "Are you cold, Dawn?"

While staring at her vibrating nipple, Dawn said, "No, not really."

Sue flipped hers and said, "Is this how your nipples get when your titties think you're about to get fucked?"

"Pretty much."

"Well, then, let's see the rest of you. Remove the skirt. Show Jack your newlywed pussy.

Prove to him that you really are a girl, and let's see if your pussy agrees with your tits."

Dawn moved to comply like a person operating on autopilot. The skirt fell to her feet, but she was too numb to step free. She just stood there facing Jack with Sue peering around her left hip, saying, "Hummm, you need a shave.

We insist you keep your pussy shaved free of all pubic hair. Now, show Jack your pussy."

Dawn looked sheepishly to Sue and said in a soft trembling voice, "I am."

"You're showing him pussy hair.

Show him the pink parts beyond that twat rug. Pull the lips open and show him your pussy. Let him see that you have a hole between your legs. Show him your fuck hole so he can see if your pussy is lubricating in anticipation of a fuck."

At the verge of hyperventilating, Dawn reached down between her legs and fanned open the lips of her pussy while keeping her legs demurely together. Jack leaned far forward as Sue knelt to examine the displayed vagina on a girl who was having trouble holding it up on rubbery legs.

As predicted, Dawn wanted to see for herself and her head blocked Jack's view.

He had to drop to his knees to get a look. All three heads were huddled on the splayed pussy as Sue exclaimed, "Christ, girl, your pussy is drooling fuck cream. I've never seen a pussy cry for a fuck."

Dawn said, "Me neither. It gets pretty wet, but never like this. I'm sure glad Rodney isn't here to see this. He'd think I want Jack to fuck me. My pussy sure does. I can't deny that, not with fuck cream running down my legs like sperm after a fuck. It's not sperm from this morning.

I washed all that stuff out right away. We don't want to have kids yet and Rodney hates condoms. I need to get on the pill.

No, this is fuck cream, all right."

Sue looked to Jack with a smile, then she reached over and sent her fuck finger deep inside the girl, causing a rapid intake of breath and an all-over stiffening.

The stiffening eased steadily as the finger massaged highly sensitive pussy innards. Sue addressed Jack, saying, "This girl has an excellent pussy between her legs, Jack. She's still very tight and lubricates like a leaky hydrant. I think you'll be very pleased.

Check it out."

Sue's finger came out and Jack's went in under Dawn's intense observation. His finger went deep, but then came out to rub vaginal wetness over pink flesh, pausing to massage the clit-a good move that helped get Dawn in the mood to endure more sexual abuse. When his finger returned to her sopping interior, Sue leaned in and licked the wetness off of Dawn's pink parts, making her swoon.

While sucking on Dawn's clit, Sue sent her hand around the ass cheek and sought the anal entrance which made the girl go tense again. She went up on tiptoes as Sue's index finger wormed its way up her virgin orifice. The reaction told Sue that it was a virgin orifice used to one-way traffic.

She quickly adjusted to two-way traffic thanks to a clittie massage by a soft female tongue.

Soon, they were double finger-fucking her with two and three fingers while she bowed her knees out to facilitate their effort. They were also feeling and sucking her tits, and she thrust her chest into hands and mouths. They were each sucking a nipple while feeling each other's fingers through the thin membrane. Sue had Dawn right where she wanted her, in the proper frame of mind for anything.

Sue wanted to impress Jack. She hadn't expected things to go this well. She eased off the nipple and said, "Jack, she'll make an excellent whore secretary." Looking up to Dawn, Sue said, "You will be a good whore for Jack, won't you, Dawn?"

She nodded while biting her lower lip, then said, "Yes, if that's what he wants."

"That is what he wants. You were hired to be a whore, first, and a secretary, second. To be frank, you're a whore who answers the phone and does occasional book work. Now, do you understand the true nature of your position here?"

"Yes. I'm Jack's whore. I give him all the sex he wants, and I do whatever he wants done besides.

Is that what you mean?"

"Exactly. He'd also like to knock you up, so don't get on the pill. You don't object to bearing your employer's bastard, do you?"


"You heard me."

"Well, I uh… I'm married."

"We know that. To be a good whore, you have to cheat on your husband. Weren't you aware of that?"

"Well, yes, but…"

"You are willing to cheat, aren't you?"

"Well, I suppose I have to."

"Whores who cheat bear bastards.

You are aware of that, aren't you?"

"Yes, if their pimps want them to."

"Then you'll bear Jack a bastard, won't you? Jack isn't your boss; he's your pimp."

"I uh… yes, I guess so."

"No, we want assurances. Put your husband in rubbers."

"I couldn't. He won't wear them."

"We insist."

"But, he'd know the baby wasn't his."

"He should know. He has a right to know. You'll put him in rubbers so he'll know. He'll be fucking a spermy pussy while wearing a rubber. He'll know long before you actually begin showing. He'll need time to adjust to being married to a cheating whore. You'll help him make the adjustment, won't you?"

"If I must. Yes, I'll do that.

I'll buy some condoms on the way home. He'll wear them if he has to."

"Good girl. Now, sit on Jack's desk and show him your best come-fuck-me beaver.

Show Jack what a good whore you'll be from now on. Invite him to plant his seed in your cheating pussy like a good adulterous whore would. Let's see a show of good faith. Show us what a nasty little whore you are. Show us how horny you are for strange cock. Show us how thirsty your womb is for the sperm of a man other than your husband."

This drove Dawn to the brink of orgasm. The hands and mouths left her at the brink. She quickly sat on the edge of Jack's desk and made a wide beaver. Jack was in awe. Sue and Jack stood together in the fan of Dawn's wide legs and marveled at the transformation. Jack was speechless and very impressed.

Dawn begged, "Please, fuck me, Mr. Elton. Fuck my adulterous pussy.

Cum in my pussy. I want your sperm. I want to be a good whore for you and bear you a bastard. Fuck a baby in me. I want your sperm in my pussy when I make Rodney put on a condom. I want him to see your sperm leaking out of my adulterous pussy. I hope he asks. I'll tell him. I'll come right out and tell him I'm your whore and you told me he can't fuck me without a condom. I'll tell him he can only fuck my pussy if it has a fresh load of your sperm in it, that the only reason you let him in my pussy at all is so that his dick will force your sperm into my womb. Would you like me to put it to him that way? I will. I swear I will."

Jack and Sue exchanged smiles, then Sue said, "Let's go one better, shall we?

Your husband can only fuck your pussy within one hour after Jack has had you.

Better yet, why not immediately after. Have Rodney stand ready wearing a condom so that when Jack pulls out, Rodney can push the sperm into the womb."

Dawn giggled and said, "Yes.

I'll tell him that. I'll give Jack a key to the apartment. He can stop by anytime, day or night. You can come with him to see that we do it right."

"I'll do that. Well, Jack, fuck your whore."

Jack had his dick out and standing tall. He stepped up and sank in to the balls effortlessly. Dawn swooned and rode a hard, pounding fuck. Jack dumped his first load in her pussy and pulled out. She played with her messy beaver as Sue stepped up and overlooked the scene, saying, "Very good. Now, show me what you can do for your employer's pussy.

Have you ever gone down on a chick before?"

Dawn stopped playing and looked wide-eyed up at Sue. She said, "You mean, eat pussy? No, never. I thought only lesbians did that. I don't mean you… all you did was lick… well, and suck a little… what I mean is…"

"What you mean is, I'm a lesbian.

We're all lesbians when we have a mouthful of pussy." Sue took Dawn's hand and pulled her to her feet, saying, "It's time you learned how to be a good lesbian."

Sue took Dawn's place and made a better beaver, patting her mound as she said,

"Start by licking."

Dawn sank to her knees before the spread, stared for several seconds, then began with light tentative licks that grew in duration and intensity until she was sucking Sue's cunt like a famished lesbian, merging her pretty face in the slimy slit pie and sending her tongue deep in the hole. Jack watched in absolute awe, stroking yet another erection like a man with a gorgeous mistress and a sexy young whore to keep her happy… oh, yeah, and a cute little bitch daughter he can fuck if he wants to.

Sue smiled at her awed hubby and decided it was time to shock him senseless.

She waited for Dawn to go back to lapping her slit. As soon as she did, Sue released a steady trickle of piss.

Dawn recoiled when she first realized the pussy she was lapping was leaking urine. Jack stopped stroking his dick and stared hard as though he couldn't believe what he just saw. Dawn looked up to Sue's face, thinking she'd just had an accident, a loss of control, but Sue dispelled that notion by sending a hard squirt into Dawn's face.

Stunned and dripping, Dawn knelt frozen with her wet face inches from Sue's beaver, looking over the mound for an explanation in Sue's expression, but the only answer she got was another good squirt right between the eyes.

Jack plopped down in the seat vacated by Sue, thinking he'd just lost a good looking whore/secretary and mother for his bastard. Dawn, still with her face in the beaver, received another squirt, then another, then another, then another.

Beginning to see a pattern, she began licking again to avoid the splashes, only now the pussy dribbled a stronger flow, which Dawn lapped. She swallowed to avoid spillage down her front, which worked until the flow became too strong, so she centered her lapping right over the pissing hole and slurped-slurping, sucking, and swallowing a losing battle with a pussy that was now a piss fountain.

Jack returned to stroking a now throbbing erection as Dawn met the challenge and glued her mouth to the piss spewing pussy. She sucked hard while swallowing steadily.

Getting a good lip seal around the leak seemed to do the trick though the leak was now much worse.

Whether it dawned on Dawn that she was sucking on a woman who was taking a piss was hard to tell, but you could tell it dawned on Jack. He nervously looked on as Sue squirmed under the sucking mouth while making relief sounds, which should have tipped Dawn off but didn't seem to. Dawn appeared intent on preventing any more spillage, no matter what it took to do that.

Sue looked to her nervous spouse, gave him a wink, then hooked her heels at the edge of the desk, widened her spread, and ground her pissing beaver hard against his pretty secretary's face, saying, "Ahhh, yes, suck my piss and make me cum, you nasty little, piss-sucking, lesbian whore. Ummm, swallow it all, you thirsty cunt-sucking slut. Oh, yes, we must give this slit sucking bitch a raise, Jack."

The reality dawned on Dawn like sunrise on a flat desert plain after Sue let the secret slip out.

By this time, Dawn had enough piss in her that a little more wouldn't hurt… and, of course, there was that hint of a possible raise for the slit sucking bitch to drive her on.

The nasty little whore made Sue cum with her energetic slit sucking. She then lapped the fuck cream from Sue's weeping fuck hole, doing her damnedest to find the source of that leak, which by all appearances was back behind the liver.

She did the best she could, making several attempts to reach it through the anus, getting encouragement from Sue whenever an anal attempt was made. Sue rolled to her front and pulled her cheeks apart to help out.

Dawn never reached the source, but did leave Sue with a squeaky clean vagina and colon. She then licked all of the pee splashes off Sue's legs and ass. She then licked the slit nice and clean when Sue rolled to her back and made another good beaver, leaving Jack shaking his head in silent awe.

When Dawn was all done, she wiped up the mess she'd made on the desk and floor, got dressed, and returned to work, confident that she had a raise coming-possibly.

Sue sat up and looked to Jack. "That went well, don't you think?"

"Fuck! I don't believe what I just saw."

"Jack, you have so much to learn about women and sex. Some of us like it down and dirty-the downer and dirtier, the better. I'm that way, so is Heather, Sarah, and Dawn. Don't ask questions; just enjoy and give it to us down and dirty."

"Shit, you made a believer out of me."

"Treat Dawn like a whore. She'll respond like a whore. She loves being treated like low-life filth, a fuck rag, something to piss in or on, a bitch to knock up just for shits and giggles. I gave you an example and you saw how she responded. Don't go back to being Mr. Niceguy. Drop that sweetheart shit. She's been someone's little princess or sweetheart all her life, and she found that boring."

"I think you're right."

"I am right. Address her as cunt, whore, slut, or fucking slut, and don't ever ask-order.

You're the pimp; she's your whore. You're not her employer; you own her ass.

She wants to be owned, not employed. She'll quit an employer, but she'll never leave her owner. She's like a dog, Jack. Treat her like a dog. Make her do tricks, then pat her on the head when she does them right. Give her a raise, a token raise, a dime an hour. That's a good pat. When she shits on the carpet, rub her nose in it and smack her with a rolled up newspaper. She'll wag her tail for you whenever you walk in the door and she can see you're not mad at her. She wants something different. She doesn't want to be a princess anymore."

"I understand. It'll be my pleasure."

"Unlike a dog, however, this will only last until she gets bored with it, so don't let it get boring, and see that you pat the shit out of her. Money will keep her from getting bored, too. Don't try that with Sarah, though.

Sarah is a lady who cheats, or wants to. Treat her like a lady, a mistress, and share your whore with her. She loves having the piss sucked out of her, so make Dawn serve as her toilet. I just broke Dawn in for you, but Sarah would never piss in Dawn's mouth unless you suggest it and Dawn shows signs that she's willing."

"And Heather. What about her?"

"I don't know, yet. She's Daddy's girl. I assume she wants you to think of her that way and treat her accordingly. If you fuck her, you'll have to make love to her and never let on that you know what goes on behind your back.

I'm sure she'd be crushed if you knew she was a piss-drinking slut that fucked and sucked dogs."

"I wouldn't want her to know that I know. I don't want my home life changing, and I don't want you acting the slut around me. I'm playing dumb."

"Then don't surprise me. Always call before you come home and I'll see that everything looks normal.

I'd like it that way. At least, I can pretend to be cheating and getting away with it. It's more fun that way."

"That shouldn't be too hard.

You've been cheating and getting away with it for sixteen years.

I saw the puddle of semen at your feet, Sue. I just refused to take notice."

"Asshole. You ruined my wedding.

I'll have you know I went to a lot of trouble to get that much semen up my twat, and I made that mini-skirt wedding dress myself just so you couldn't miss it. You could have looked down once, and blindly ripping off my garter and tossing it was just plain cruel."

"If it's any consolation, I'm the only one that missed it. That garter stunt was just plain stupid. I don't know what made you think I'd kneel and remove a garter from a cum-drenched leg. Our marriage could not have survived beyond that point had I knelt and looked at your pussy.

I don't know what you were thinking or who you thought you were marrying."

"It was a great fantasy, and in my fantasy you did it, and right after that, you were thoroughly pussy whipped, ready for training."

"Didn't work out that way, did it?"

"It could have if I hadn't jumped at the first Mr. Right that came along. I should have waited for Joe Hooker. I could have been Sue Hooker with a PW hubby … damn!"

"Sue Hooker doesn't fit you.

Hookers are working whores. You're a slut that gives it away.

You'd have had to marry Sam Muttslut, and there ain't no Muttsluts in Texas."

"Bullshit. You live with two.

Look, about this seduction of Heather. I assume you'd like my advice, now."


"She'll never make the first move, so you'll have to seduce her. Tell her how beautiful she is. Use the term sexy and stare at her sexy parts. Start getting touchy feely and kiss on the lips. She'll respond and get sexier for you. Slip her the tongue; she'll slip back, then start making out with her whenever my back is turned. You'll thrill the fuck out of her if you do it that way. Drag this seduction out. She'll only get to experience a seduction by her handsome daddy once, so make it good for her. After that one time, there won't ever be a need for a seduction. It won't mean much to you, but it'll be a treasure to her. Don't deny her that treasure. It's one of those forever things that you don't need to press in a book."

"I like it. I could do it that way, slow and easy like. It sounds like we have a plan. I guess I'll keep my porn collection here. I'm going to need a TV and VCR for the office."

"Yes, and have Dawn keep your collection well organized. She'll love the shit she'll be seeing.

This is all new to her and very exciting. Keep it that way and she'll stick around and keep being a good whore for you. As long as you have Dawn on a short leash, you'll have Sarah. As long as you keep Sarah amused, I'll be happy. I'll keep Heather happy, and Heather will keep you well supplied in home-grown porn and little girl pussy. Everyone gets their itches scratched."

"What's the deal with you and Sarah. Are you lovers?"

"Not really. She's my best friend and we have sex together but there's nothing lovie dovie about it. Our sex is just plain filthy. I've brought her along and she's been a tough nut to crack. I've been working on that nut for two years.

She's a lot like Dawn in that she was a virgin in every hole on her wedding night. At first, everything shocked her. Now, nothing shocks her. She loves it all. She won't get involved in everything, but she loves to watch. She'd stop on the freeway to watch bugs fuck. She's just now getting to the point where she wants more than a fuck and suck show. Don't ask me why, but you wind her adultery spring."

"Give me some credit, Sue.

Just because you don't find me sexually desirable, doesn't mean other women don't."

"Jack, it's not that I don't find you sexually desirable. I do. I don't fuck you because it makes fucking around on you even more deliciously wicked, especially when I send you off to work horny and then give it to a dog right after you walk out the door."

"Silly me. All these years I thought you lost interest in me sexually."

"No, Jack, you are key part of my sex life. You're just not directly in it.

Sarah doesn't have that quirk. Sarah could have her pick of men. I've had quite a few well-hung studs at the house and she sees them in action.

They'd all love to throw her the bone. She wants you, but don't get a swelled head. That might be because you're my husband and she knows you're safe and not getting any. You're a nice guy, disease free, a handsome man, a gentleman, and you're 100% white.

For a woman like Sarah, you'd be a good man to be a mistress to.

I think it could be great for both of you, but I know her. You have to keep amusing her or she'll try it a few times and move on."

"I'm not quite sure how to treat her like a lady while providing her with sexual amusements."

"Dawn will be perfect for that.

If Dawn doesn't get cold feet and can actually pussy whip that husband of hers, Sarah will be greatly amused watching you fuck with and fuck over your whore secretary. Degrade the fuck out of Dawn in front of Sarah. Dawn will eat it up and so will Sarah.

Just remember, the more you degrade and humiliate Dawn, the more they'll both love it, and when you decide to do something with Heather, plan on including Sarah. Incest thrills the fuck out of her. She has been pushing me to get down and dirty with Heather, and then she went and missed Friday and Saturday because of the cheerleader auditions for the next season."

"Sarah Brewer has to audition? I thought she was their centerpiece?"

"She is, but they all have to audition each year. For her, it's just a formality. It allows them to get rid of dead wood by having them beaten out by competition.

Wild horses couldn't keep her away on Thursday. Taping it for you will be the ultimate thrill. Have the TV and VCR here, setup and ready on Friday, because she'll deliver the tape and won't be wearing panties."

"It'll be ready."

"You'll be on your own, Jack, so don't be bashful. Seduce her. She must be seduced. I'm the only woman that doesn't like being seduced. My ideal seduction is a man that grabs me by the cunt and says, 'Let's fuck!' And a man who seduces me in a public place gets fucked in a public place, or he don't get fucked-ever, not by me he don't. It's a policy I stick to. It discourages those who just want to look cool."

"Yeah, that's what I heard, and I was in Nam when I heard it."

"Yeah? Which one did you hear about? Cool fuckers came out of the woodwork when you left for Nam."

"That's what I heard and I heard it from a 1st Cav door gunner, Jake Evans. The fucker pulls my team out of a hot LZ… rat a tat tat… hey, Jack! It's me, Jake, Jake Evans… rat a tat tat… How the fuck ya been, bro?… rat a tat tat… Long time no see… rat a tat tat… I fucked your wife in a parking lot at the Piggly Wiggly… rat a tat tat… rat a tat tat… great piece of ass… rat… He took a bullet right through the head."

"You shot him?"

"No, the dinks got him. I wouldn't shoot Jake for fucking a slut."

"Wow. I don't even remember that fuck or Jake Evans. Was he at the wedding?"

"No, he was a year ahead of us. He was on his second tour with the Cav. I doubt you'd remember him, but I should think you'd remember getting fucked in a Piggly Wiggly parking lot."

"Which time? That's where I did most of my shopping until they said I couldn't shop there anymore. I thought their meat prices were rather high anyway, and they didn't trim. They had a lot of nerve telling me to shop elsewhere. Anyway, just remember, seduce in the conventional way, and don't ever buy anything from the Piggly Wiggly."

"I think I can handle that order, Sue."

"We'll see, won't we. One thing you need to know about Sarah. She looks good, talks good, has a degree in English from SMU, but she's a fucking bubble head.

Don't tell her jokes because she won't get them, and sarcasm is a waste of breath. If you blow in her ear, you'll see her hair puff out on the other side.

Treat her as you would any cheerleader and you'll be fine. I'd better be going.

Don't let up on Dawn.

Don't let her cool off and start thinking. Send her home wet and gooey and get a key. I'll do something to stoke her fire again on my way out. Wait thirty minutes, then call her in and do something dirty."

"Like what?"

"Oh, strip her naked and have her masturbate for you. Girls like her have never let anyone see them masturbate. That always gets them fired up. When you send her out, find something to make her wear in her cunt, something that will keep her attention focused between her legs."

"Like what?"

"Jesus Christ, Jack, can't you do any thinking for yourself. Look around.

Pretend you have a pussy. Find something phallic or smooth and irregular."

"How about a light bulb?"

"Humm, you're on the right track, but if the fucker broke you could kiss that pussy goodbye.

I'm sure you'll think of something. I need to run. I want to make sure I'm home when Heather gets home from school. The crew won't be back until Thursday, but Sarah and I have a scene planned for her."

"That should be interesting."

"It should be. Sarah has agreed to let Heather see us doing our thing. That's a big step for Sarah, but I promised her I'd lure Heather into it if she'd get naked and let it all hang out. Heather is interested in Sarah and she has no idea we are sexually involved. If any chick can bring out the bisexual side of Heather, Sarah can. It should be interesting.

If all goes well, we'll be in a three-way lesbian lovefest and your daughter will be bloated with our piss by the time you get home."

"Fuck! An hour ago, I'd have never believed that was possible. Now, I expect it. God, what I wouldn't give for a picture of Heather slurping at Sarah Brewer's pissing pussy-or yours. Hell, any pussy. I never would have guessed something as disgusting as that would turn me on, but my dick has never been that hard, especially after two climaxes in the space of thirty minutes."

"You're not alone. It's even better for the pisser and better yet for the pissee once the pissee gets over the initial shock. After you drink a full bladder and don't get sick, you're hooked. I have Sarah so hooked on my piss that she'll take big chances in public places to keep me from wasting my piss in a toilet. She has gone down on me in a car, in a changing booth, under the table at restaurants, in elevators, in public parks, between racks of clothes, in parking lots-not Piggly Wiggly."

"Christ, and you've gotten away with this?"

"Hell no! She has been caught in the act many times. Once she starts, she can't stop. I give it to her slow so that she will get caught. That's why we do most of our shopping in Ft. Worth. Dallas isn't big enough for her.

Too many Dallas Cowboys fans know the cheerleaders on sight. She gets requests for autographs all the time, but that never happens in Ft. Worth. The fact that she spends most of her time in Dallas wearing her uniform hasn't occurred to her. You'd think Ft. Worth were in another state. Anyway, she feels relatively safe there and it's so convenient. A thirty minute drive and we're in a foreign land where anything goes."

"God, I love it! I gotta hand it to you, Sue. Winning over Sarah Brewer to the slut cause is worthy of a plaque at Texas Stadium. If they only knew."

"I'll take some Polaroids to hold you over. That'll give you something to jack off to. Look under your pillow. Stay away until after six. Seven will be better.

Remember to call regardless."

"Will do. I'll go shopping for a TV and VCR."

"Buy some blank tapes, lots of them. See you at seven, lover boy."

Heather sat through classes on Monday either remembering Friday and Saturday or thinking ahead to Thursday. She had a lot to think about and had no business being in school with her mind elsewhere. Fortunately, she took her last final exam on Friday and could coast the last three days. Still, the constant intrusions into her private thoughts were a nuisance and all the people made it impossible to masturbate. She never wanted to masturbate more in her life, and all she could do was rub her pussy on the seat.

Even that did not escape attention.

Penny Harper leaned across the aisle and whispered, "God, Heather, what's wrong with you? Can't you sit still? You look like you're trying to rub yourself off on your seat.

Guys are staring at you. Can't you tell? Did someone slip you a Spanish Fly or what?"

Heather slowed her squirming but couldn't stop completely even though she now saw that she had attracted half a dozen sets of eyes and two sets were trying to look up her skirt which had worked its way up her thighs almost to the crotch. She wished, now, that she hadn't impulsively flushed her panties after third period English. She wished she could close her legs. She wished Penny would butt out. She wished the seat had a rougher texture. She wished the teacher, Mrs. Vargas, would notice and say something, make her stand in a corner; or better yet, come up before the class and masturbate in the nude.

"Ummm, yes, wouldn't that be something." Heather smiled at the delicious thought.

Penny leaned in again to say, "God, Heather, why don't you just go ahead and frig off? You may as well. You look pathetic doing it that way." Penny waited until Mrs.

Vargas had her back to the class, then she reached to Heather's lap and pushed the hem of Heather's skirt up past the mound. Heather sucked a deep breath as Penny said, "I thought so-no panties.

God, you even shave your pussy. What a slut. Go ahead. Finger fuck it. I dare you. I double dare you. You're chicken."

Vargas faced the class again so Penny sat straight.

Heather's skirt remained where Penny moved it and now eight sets of eyes were straining to see the shaved and naked pussy between her parted legs.

Mrs. Vargas couldn't see the pussy, but she did take notice of all the heads turned to face Heather's lap. She moved over one aisle and now saw a bare lap.

She slowly moved three seats up that aisle and saw the bare pussy. Oddly, she didn't say anything. From five feet away, she looked directly at the shiny clit while droning on, then returned to the front of the class, still droning, leaving three times as many sets of eyes as before. Now, over half the class was looking and half of those could see pussy.

Penny leaned in again to say, "She knows.

She saw. She's giving you the go ahead. Do it, Heather. Come on, do it!"

Heather bit her lower lip, noted all the eager eyes on her, then let her left hand drift into her lap. At the first contact with her sensitive inner twat flesh, she was lost.

Her finger sought the hole and was lost, sucked into a steaming vortex. She fingered herself and now the whole class was watching.

Half were out of their seats or standing on seats. Vargas leaned back against her desk with her arms folded. Heather brought her other hand into play, widened her legs to the maximum, fucked herself hard with three fingers, rubbed her clit furiously, and finished herself off in less than a minute with a dramatic display of climactic ecstasy.

After the orgasm, a doozie, Heather lay in a sprawl with her hands resting on her seat at either hip, out of the way so everyone could see what she'd been playing with, and they all looked. Most came over to look, up close and personal. Heather knew she was screwed, busted, exposed for what she was-an exhibitionistic slut, a public masturbator, and a loud one, the worst kind.

They may as well get a good look. They did.

When Heather regained her senses, she sat straight, put her knees together, and tugged her skirt down. Vargas then came forward, told everyone to get back in their seats, then addressed herself to a blushing Heather, saying, "In all my years of teaching, I have never seen such a vulgar display by a female student.

I should report this, but since we're almost through for the year, I'm going to pretend I didn't see what I saw. If this happens again, I'll place your desk on top of my desk facing the class. If you want to exhibit yourself and put on a vulgar display, I'll see to it that no one needs to leave their seat.

Is that understood Miss Elton?"

"Yes, Mrs. Vargas."

"Good, now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted… blah, blah, blah."

Penny leaned in to say, "God, Heather, that was so cool. You've got balls. Are you going to take her up on her offer? I dare you. I double dare you. We all do."

Heather was already thinking about it, but not today. With her itch scratched, all she could think about was getting out and getting away, getting home, getting to her room, and getting Big Ben out of her night stand, the one that reminded her of Spike's cock.

Heather rode the bus home thinking about her mother and the changes that had recently come over her. Heather knew she was being pushed into sex. Her mother wasn't being subtle at all. They still weren't talking about it but actions speak louder than words, and the spermy dog-fuck kiss was the clearest action of all. Heather could still taste the dog's semen and feel her mother's soft tongue exploring her mouth, pushing sperm to the back of her throat. She could feel her mother's slimy pussy lips smashed and spread out on her thigh, smearing and sliding from knee to crotch, first one leg then the other with all those people crowded in to watch.

She wondered why her mother didn't end by standing on the arms of the chair to do her face. That would have been something else, a face fuck with a slimy beaver, her mother's slimy beaver, a dog-fucked slimy beaver from her own mother with seven grown men and women watching and taking pictures of a mother's pussy sliding over a daughter's face-over lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, chin, even the neck, smearing her face with dog fuck right from her dog-fucked pussy. And then, she'd move over the mouth and piss, not a squirt, a full-fledged piss, all of it straight down her throat. That's how it should have ended. That's how you make a statement. That's how you make a slut.

"Oh, god this bus is slow."

"What's your hurry? You got a hot date or something?"

Heather looked to the freshman boy sitting beside her, a neighbor kid who liked to carry her books just to be seen with her-Harold-Weird Harold. She said,

"No, I can't date yet. I told you that. I'm just sick of riding this fucking bus.

I don't think I can take two more fucking days. Next year, I'll have my driver's license, then no more buses for this gal."

"Wow, Heather, you said the 'F' word-twice.

I never heard you say the 'F' word before."

"Fuck, Harold. Can't you say fuck?"

"Guys aren't supposed to use words like that in front of a lady. Mom says…"

"Fuck your Mom. I'm not a lady, I'm a fucking slut."

"Wow, Heather. What happened to you? You were a lady last Friday."

Heather looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping. They weren't and the bus was half empty with no one close. She thought for a moment, then said,

"Harold, can you keep a secret?"

"Sure. Want me to swear to God?"


He held his right hand up and swore to God. Heather checked again, then leaned in to say, "My mother sucked off a big dog on my lap and made me jack him off while she sucked.

He came in her mouth and then she kissed me with a mouthful of dog sperm. It was a long French kiss and I had to swallow all of his cum. While I was swallowing dog cum, she was wiping her spermy pussy on my legs from my knees to my cunt. [she pulled the skirt up to show him her cunt] And then, she stood on the arm of the chair and smeared her slimy cunt all over my face.

She face fucked me after a dog fucked her. Then she pressed her pussy hard against my open mouth and took a piss, a long piss that filled me up. When she was through pissing, she made me wipe her cunt with my tongue. That's why I'm no longer a lady. I am officially a slut, now."

Harold was still looking at her denuded pussy with his mouth wide open. Heather eased the skirt down and sat up. Harold looked up and said, "Oh."

Heather wanted to smile. She really floored him.

He still had his mouth open. She said, "So, how was your weekend?"


"How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?"

"No… Heather?"


"Did you really do those things you said?"

"Yes, swear to God. You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"No. I swore to God… Heather?"


"If you don't mind me asking, how come there's no hair on your vagina?"

"Ladies have vaginas. I have a cunt or a pussy-twat if you prefer. Would you rephrase the question?"

Harold looked around, leaned in, and whispered, "How come there's no hair on your pussy?"

Heather whispered, "I shaved it off."

"Can I see it again? I never saw one before."

"All right. You look. I'll keep a lookout."

Heather sank low in the seat and laid one leg on Harold's lap to make a good spread. She pulled her skirt up past her belly button. From her position, almost lying on the seat, there was no way she could serve as a lookout, but she was able to give Harold a good spread beaver to examine, which he was doing with her help. She pulled the lips open and fogged his glasses.

"Wow, so this is what a pussy looks like inside. It sure is pink. That must be the hole that babies come out through, huh?"

"Yes, but first a dick has to go in. Go ahead and feel if you want. Put your finger in. Go ahead. I'm not shy, not anymore, not after what happened. I'm a slut, now. You can finger-fuck my cunt all you want. I don't care who knows or who sees, so if you have the balls, just do it. Just reach under my skirt and finger my pussy. I won't be wearing panties anymore, so it'll be easy."

Heather watched him enter her with a tentative finger. He said, "Wow, this is nifty neato. Are you sure you don't mind? Does it hurt?"

"Don't be silly. You could probably get your whole hand up inside. Go ahead and try. Get your hand all wet and push hard."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Babies come out through that hole.

A hand is nothing. Do it. Push hard. Harder! Force it in… ughhh… more… ahhh, yes, keep on. It's going in."

"Wow, Heather, it's in all the way. This has got to hurt."

"It isn't comfortable. Make a fist… ah, yes, that's better."

"Wow, this is super neato."

"Make it super neato for me. Move in and out like a dick fucking, not much, just sorta jab the back of my pussy… yeah, that's it, little punches."

"Wow, this is weird, neato but weird."

"Just fist fuck me and don't talk."

Heather closed her eyes and settled in for a leisurely fist fucking while picturing Spike mounted over her. It was a delicious sensation and the rumbling bus only added to it. Through several stops to disgorge students, Heather remained with her eyes closed. If anyone saw them, she wasn't aware. Each time the bus stopped, Harold pulled her skirt down and leaned across pretending to look out the window. When the bus started moving again, he pushed the skirt up higher than before, feeling freely with his free hand until he was freely feeling up under her top.

He felt both tits after unhooking the bra, then pushed the top into her arm pits so he could see what he was feeling.

Heather stopped thinking about Spike and thought about being thoroughly felt up and fist fucked on a school bus by a horny thirteen-year-old brainiac who was a year ahead of his peers scholastically but two behind on social skills, but catching up fast. He was more concerned about getting caught than she was, so she turned her body over to his most capable charge.

After riding with a hand up her snatch for fifteen minutes and ten stops, he stopped to say, "Our stop is coming up."

Heather opened her eyes, set her bra straight, pulled the top down, and said,

"You'd better pull out. We'd have a hard time walking like this, and you'd have a harder time carrying our books.

He was reluctant to pull out and didn't start until the bus began breaking for the stop. Heather winced and said, "Ugggh… ow! Shit! Pulling out is harder on me than putting it in. Are you making a fist?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Is that better?"

"Yes, you moron. Come on, get your fucking arm out of my twat. We're here."

They exited the bus and began the familiar four block walk to Heather's house.

Harold still couldn't believe what just happened but her vaginal wetness was drying on his hand and making the books hard to keep in place. He looked to her and said, "Wow, Heather, that was really something. Would you like to stop at my house so we can do it some more. My folks won't be home until six. It's just me and my kid brother. He hasn't ever seen a pussy either."

"You want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Who wouldn't."

"You'd like me to get all the way naked for you and your brother and let you stick your dicks in my cunt, ass, or mouth. That's what you really want, isn't it, Harold?"

"Sure, can we?"

"I'll think about it. Do you have a dog?"

"Yeah, we have two."


"One is."

"How big is his dick?"

"Pretty big. It's a lot bigger than mine, that's for sure. Why, would you do him, too?"

"Sure, why not."

"Wow, that would be neato. My dad would love to see that. He loves it when Ruff jumps on Mom or tries to lick her between the legs. He made her let Ruff be a house dog just so she has to deal with his doggie desires, which he seems to think is okay to vent on human females."

"It is okay."

"It's okay with Dad. Ruff sure likes her pussy and he knows where it is. He gets hardons a lot when Mom is around. Boy, she gets so embarrassed, especially when he jumps up and humps her. Sometimes, she can't get free and has to wait till he finishes. That's really neato because she gets creamed good and we get to see her panties and his dick poking her in the snatch, stuffing her panties up her crack. We've seen parts of a pussy-Mom's. Her pussy has lots of hair.

You can't hardly see anything but hair."

"Does she wear dresses at home?"

"That's all she wears. I never seen her in nothing else except for a robe."

"You know what I think. I think your father makes her wear dresses. Either that or she wears them to make Ruff horny. Any girl knows you don't wear a dress around a horny male dog unless you want his attention. A dog sees naked female legs, he knows there's pussy at the top. To a dog, pussy is pussy, and once they sample human pussy, they treat it like a pussy that's always in heat.

What's more, any woman that fucks a dog has a pussy in heat and wants the dog to know that."

"Could be, but my guess is Dad makes her wear the dresses. He's the boss. She does what he says. She seems to know Ruff thinks her pussy is in heat all the time. When he's not trying to fuck it, he's trying to sniff it or lick it. I don't think she likes that too much, not when we're all watching, and we're always watching."

"I should stop by sometime in a short skirt and no panties. I could show her how to take a licking from a horny dog. What would they do if I let him lick all he wanted to and had no panties on?"

"Dad wouldn't do anything but watch, and Mom wouldn't try to stop it on her own, not if Dad wanted to see.

You could do anything you wanted to do. You could fuck him or suck him or both.

You could get naked and stay naked. If Dad saw you naked, he'd want to fuck you. You'd like that, wouldn't you? He has a bigger dick than Ruff."

"So, your mom doesn't like being a bitch, huh? Mine does."

"I doubt it. She acts like she hates it, but she sure gets caught a lot in positions she can't break free from. I have my doubts. She's either getting caught on purpose or she's terribly stupid. She's not stupid about other things.

She puts on a good act, though. She swears someone in the neighborhood taught Ruff nasty habits. He wasn't like this until recently.

Do you think your mother taught him?"

"Could be. She fucks any male dog that comes in our yard. What does he look like?"

"He's a large golden retriever with a red nylon collar."

"So, that's Ruff. Yes, I've seen him with Mom many times. He is hung nice, pretty dog, too. He's a fast learner. Your mom would have to love what he's doing and my guess is she fucks him when no one's around."

"Me and Brad figured as much. She's with him all day while we're in school and Dad is at work. When they let school out early last month, I came home and found her walking around in just a towel. She had sperm running down both legs all the way to her heels and Ruff was lying in a corner licking his dick. She got fucked that time, and she had to know he'd get in her pussy if she only wore a towel. That's why we're sure she's fucking him when no one is around."

"I'm not at all surprised."

"Brad says he saw her fucking. He skipped school and hid out so he could catch her in the act. He said he saw her fuck him three times in one day, but Brad lies like a rug. He said they fuck face to face while she sits in a chair.

I doubt that. Dogs don't fuck that way, do they?"

"Sure. Why not? That's the best way to fuck a dog. That way, you can see what's happening. When a girl gets screwed by a dog, she likes to see the doggie dick moving in her pussy, and she can control the speed by holding him by the haunches to slow him down and make it last. Dogs fuck too fast. That's the only drawback to doing it the way dogs like to do it. Mom likes to fuck people doggie style and dogs people style."

"Wow, maybe Brad did see that. He said she held onto his haunches and made it last a long time. Wow, my mom's a bitch, a real bitch. Neato, super neato. I wonder if Dad knows.

I wonder what would happen if I told him."

"Tell him and find out. My guess is, he'll make her wear only a towel all the time. He'll probably put a dog collar on her. He should, don't you think?"

"Not really. That would kill Mom. It's bad enough on her as it is. She's pretty bashful. We don't get to see much unless she can't help it. Being forced to be a bitch and fuck in front of us while wearing a collar would kill her, and Dad is the type that would do that to her just for kicks.

No, I'd better keep this to myself. I think it would be great if you became Ruff's bitch and would stop by everyday to screw him. I think that would loosen Mom up after she got used to it.

If she got used to it and I could see she was ready to bring it all out in the open, I'd tell Dad. It would be great if you could get Mom to loosen up and start acting like a good bitch. We'd all love that."

They arrived at Heather's walkway and made their way to the front door. Heather said, "Sounds interesting.

I may just pop in on you guys, maybe tonight."


"I might and I might not. You'll just have to wait and see. Don't be calling over here and don't bug me about it. If I show up, I show up. We'll take it from there, but I'll be there for action, so you'd better not be lying about your parents.

If I get thrown out, I'll be pissed."

"You won't; I swear to God."

"We'll see. Can I have my books, now?"

"Oh, yeah… here. Uh, Heather, you said I could finger your pussy whenever I wanted to. I'd like to do it now. No one's looking. May I, please?"

"I said just do it. If you're going to ask permission, fuck you. You lose.


Heather smiled after closing the door on Harold, but lost the smile when she saw Sarah's handbag on the dining table. Normally, she'd be thrilled to see Sarah, but her presence meant there'd be no surprise lewdness, no fucking, no dogs, no lesbians, nothing.

Heather knew the painters had taken a quick job to earn some fast easy money and wouldn't return until Thursday, but all day long she had hoped her mother would have something waiting. Spike was high on her wish list. She could have borrowed him. Her mother knew how horny she was for that dog. She couldn't have been more clear. If she wants a daughter slut, she could at least pay attention to the clues.

On the other hand, she might have him locked away in a bedroom waiting for Sarah to leave. Hope bloomed in the young bosom as Heather rounded the corner to enter the living room and dropped her sticky books.

There, on the living room floor, naked as the day they were born, were her mother and Sarah Brewer; and Sarah, the star Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, her personal hero and role model, was sucking on her mother's cunt, and when she lifted free to say, "Hello Heather," piss splashed in her face. She quickly resealed her mouth and resumed sucking. Heather plopped down in the same recliner she had plopped down in on Friday, wearing the same astonished, mesmerized, enthralled, catatonic look.

Sue, lying in a crab-walk position with Sarah kneeling between her legs facing Heather, looked back to Heather and calmly said, "Oh, hi, sweetie. We'll be through in just a minute. Sarah is just helping me go pottie. I had to pee real bad and she loves sucking the pee out of me. How was school today?"

Heather had to shake her head clear to respond.


"Two more days and you'll be a junior. You must be excited about that."

Sarah had eased off and was slurping piss as though from a fountain under low pressure, making a great deal of distracting sucky slurpy noise. Heather watched Sarah slurp and suck, lick and slurp, suck and swallow, but she also tried to focus on what her mother was saying. She realized this was a staged demonstration to shake her and that her mother's dispassionate act was intended to add bizarre to a vulgar act for reasons she couldn't quite fathom, but that was par for the course for her bizarre mother.

She did the same thing while fucking or sucking cock.

Heather tore her eyes from her mother's elevated crotch and said, "Yes, I can't wait."

"I spoke with Chuck, the foreman of the crew.

He'd like to put you on the crew this summer. Are you interested?"

"Uh, yeah… sure."

"He's a demanding boss. You'd have to do whatever he says. While you're working, you won't be my daughter, you'll be Chuck's helper. I won't interfere.

He runs his crew as he sees fit. Do you understand that?"


"You'll be the low gal on the totem. Anyone, even the lesbians can order you around. Even their dog can order you around. He doesn't need to speak. We both know what the dog wants from a sexy girl like you, don't we, Heather?"


"What does he want, Heather? I want to make sure you understand perfectly before you enter into this contract, and it will be a contract that you must fulfill to the completion of this job at the very least. I will personally see to it. What does he want?"

"He wants me for his bitch."

"What does that entail exactly?"

"He'll want me to suck him and fuck him."

"I guess you do understand. Very good. Any other demands the others may place on you should be no problem for a girl willing to suck and fuck a dog. Do you foresee any problem?"

"No. I'll do anything."

"Great, then you have a job." To Sarah, Sue said, "That's all there is, Sarah.

You're sucking on a dry hole. Maybe Heather has some for you."

They disengaged and rolled apart. Sarah advanced on Heather on her knees. When she arrived, she didn't ask, she pushed Heather's legs onto the armrests and glued her mouth to the slit, right over the urethra, using her tongue tip to tickle the piss hole. Sue sat on the rear portion of the chair's left arm and laid her right arm over Heather's shoulder, looking into the crotch getting sucked.

Sue said, "Relax, Heather. Let it flow. Just close your eyes and pretend you're on the pottie."

Heather couldn't relax, not with Sarah Brewer sucking on her beaver. She couldn't believe Sarah Brewer was actually between her legs, sucking on her pussy, expecting piss, but she clearly was and showing signs of frustration.

Having her pussy sucked was nothing new, but it was still novel enough to feel new each time it happened. The painters and especially the lesbian paper hangers, got a big charge out of grabbing her, turning her upside-down, sucking a cum from her, then setting her on her feet to watch her stumble and fall.

Relaxing was out of the question.

She could barely hold still.

Sarah looked to Sue for help and Sue tilted Heather's face to her own and said,

"Sweetheart, relax. Sarah is a guest in our home. Piss in her mouth. She wants you to piss. Give her what she wants."

Heather closed her eyes and pretended she was sitting on a cold toilet, but that wasn't working, not with a soft, warm mouth sucking on her cunt and silky-soft hair caressing her inner thighs. She pictured Harold. That worked.

Piss flowed freely seconds later and the mouth on her pussy came alive trying to keep up.

Heather opened her eyes to watch the last half of her bladder empty, awed by the sight of Sarah sucking and swallowing like a thirsty dyke. It was all so unreal, but so utterly thrilling.

Her mother hugged Heather's left cheek to her right breast and told her she was a good girl. Unreal. And then she fed the erect nipple into Heather's mouth.

Heather opened wide and sucked it in, looking up at her mother's face like a nursing infant.

Sue held the tit and Heather's head, smiled, and said, "You're going to be an excellent slut for Mommy, aren't you, Heather?"

Heather nodded with the tit in her sucking mouth.

Sarah was now sucking pussy for the sake of sucking pussy. Sue watched the suck job for a few moments, then fed Heather the other tit, saying, "Sarah wants your girl cum, now. You'll make her a good batch of slimy girl cum to suck out of your virgin fuck hole, won't you, dear?" Heather nodded hard. "It is still a virgin fuck hole, isn't it?" Again, Heather nodded.

Sue smiled big. She brushed hair from Heather's eyes and said, "You're making Mommy very horny. I'm going to do something very nasty. Would you like me to do something very nasty, sweetheart?"

Heather took her mouth off the tit to say, "YES!"

Sue laughed, got up, and climbed onto the chair in reverse, placing her knees on the armrests behind Heather's legs, putting her ass in Heather's face, settling her head to Heather's loins where she kissed Sarah.

The backward push of her mother's ass pushed the recliner to the recline position. Heather attacked her mother's pussy like a lesbian bred for the muff.

Sue broke the kiss to say to Sarah, "My daughter is licking my pussy. Are you happy now?"

"Yes, very. She's also delicious. Care for a lick of daughter pussy?"

"Don't mind if I do."

Sue licked all through Heather's splayed slit under Sarah's fascinated gaze, then she paused to smile, saying, "You really love this shit, don't you?"

"I fucking adore it. I have to go watch Heather do you. Suck her cunt and make her cum."

Sarah got up and knelt at the side of the chair to bring her face alongside Heather's. Heather noted the company with a side glance. Sarah smiled and said,

"Do you like licking your mother's pussy, Heather?"

Heather gave the slit a long, deep lap then looked to Heather, smiled, and said, "Yes. Am I doing it right?"

"Let me see you lick deep inside the hole you emerged from almost sixteen years ago. See if you can reach her womb, the womb you grew in."

Heather pressed her face in tight and sent her tongue in as deeply as she could while watching Sarah's reaction.

Sarah's face lit up with excitement as she said, "Oh, yes, lick deep in your mother's cunt, Heather. Oh, yes, you're a very good daughter. Tongue fuck her pussy. Let me see your tongue.

Oh yes, that's a nice long tongue. Fuck your mother with it… ummm, yes, I know she's loving that. You're a good mother fucker for a girl.

You keep that pace up, you'll make her cum and then her pussy will get slimy gooey. You'd like that, wouldn't you… umm, yes, Mommy cum. Suck her clit and make her cum. Suck it hard."

Heather followed Sarah's instructions and so did her mother. They came together in mutual explosive orgasms, then lay spent. Sarah didn't let them come down slowly. There was slut slime that needed to be sucked. She went from one end of the sixty-nine to the other to see that all the slut slime was effectively sucked into mouths and swallowed.

Heather quickly caught on to Sarah's kink and gave her the performance she lusted after, acting famished for her mother's vaginal secretions, fascinated and in-love with her mother's pussy. Sue did likewise for Heather, and together, they thrilled the fuck out of the professional cheerleader who cheered them on professionally.

When they were done, Sue got up and pulled Heather to her feet to strip her.

Sarah helped and when her tits came in view, Sarah sucked the left, Sue sucked the right. Heather watched the adults nurse on her C-cup titties that no one had ever sucked before the month of May. By early June, nursing adults seemed to be their sole purpose. She loved nursing adults, liked to pretend she was feeding them, and feeding two at once was the ultimate. If two more began sucking on the holes between her legs as was often the case, she felt like a buffet at a pedophile banquet.

Heather found this delightful, but not nearly as delightful as when Sarah dropped to her pussy and her mother went to her ass and the two tongues met inside her body with just a thin membrane separating them; there, they danced like mating eels sending electric tingles up and down Heather's quivering young body. She never imagined sex would be this thrilling. She had a lot to learn and two dedicated teachers.

Heather thought about all the years she wasted masturbating when she could have been a slut at the age of eight if she'd just plopped down and watched that first guy screw her mother, or at least the first dog. It seemed to her that all it took was a show of interest. She was interested at the age eight.

She just never showed it.

In three hours, they taught her all there was to learn about lesbian lovemaking to include pee sports. Downing a twelve-pack of Lone Star beer between them gave them plenty of ammo, and Heather was one weighted-down, soggy bitch. They took pictures, two packs, twenty in all. By the time her father arrived home, Heather had a piss-bloated belly and sore jaws, a pussy so sensitive she couldn't cross her legs, and a sore asshole from repeated fucking (simulated lesbian rapes, actually) from a strap-on dildos. She'd been slapped silly, bound and beaten with belts and such; still, though she felt raped, used, misused, and abused, she was glad she showed interest.

Her father seemed to detect a sexual radiance that wasn't there the day before.

He kept telling her how cute and sexy she was. He also stared at her tits and crotch with X-ray eyes like Harold has. He was acting very strangely, but Heather ate up the new attention she received whenever her mother turned her back or left the room. It didn't take long before they were swapping spit like lovers and getting caught because they couldn't stop.

He arrived home at seven and by nine they were snuggled together on the sofa watching a dumb black and white movie, having been severely chastised and wet from having ice water thrown on them. Heather took most of it and went to change into her nightie but left off the matching panties. The nightie wasn't see-thru but it was sheer and without a bra and no panties, it was quite revealing. She didn't think her mother would object after what they'd done, and by this time, she knew her father would like to see more of her body.

She was a bit nervous about coming out wearing only the nightie, no slippers, bra, or panties. The nightie was too short, the hem just barely covering the lower swells of her ass cheeks. The top, held up by thin shoulder straps, came down almost to the nipples and if she leaned forward, showed her entire chest to anyone at a higher eye level. To wear such a thing all by itself was so unlike her and to do so after so much intimacy was a brazen act lost on no one.

Now, there was a lot more bare skin to touch if he dared.

Heather bravely entered the living room where her father sat on the sofa flipping through channels and her mother sat in the recliner reading a magazine. They both looked up on seeing Heather and their eyes followed her newly revealed intimate flesh as she passed by making Heather feel very self conscious, making her blush. She hurriedly plopped down beside her father where she had unplopped herself minutes earlier.

Sue laid her magazine down and surprised Heather by saying, "Young lady, you go put some clothes on."

Heather turned beet red and stammered, "But, Mom, I'm ready for bed. I just wanted to see if anything good was on."

"Go put the panties on at least. Goodness sakes, Heather, your ass is showing."

Heather got up, tugging on the hem which made the left nipple pop out. She quickly popped it back in and received a swat to her fanny on passing by her mother. Sue said, "If I see anymore of your nasty parts, I'll put Tabasco on them."

Needless to say, Heather was confused-embarrassed and confused. She wasn't sure she wanted to come out again. Once out of the room, Sue smiled to Jack and said, "She's in heat.

Didn't I tell you."

"Fuck! I love it. I feel like a teenager on a hot date. Hold me back. I'm ready to crawl all over that little fox."

"Slow down, tiger. Remember, drag this out though it's obvious she likes my form of seduction. She'll thank you one day. Maybe not, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and watch you fuck the little slut. Don't let her set the pace. I can see your motor is running in high gear. I just dashed cold water on her fire. I'm going to turn in and leave you two alone. I'll come out, maybe in one hour, possibly two. If I see you two fucking, I'll pitch a holy fit and mean it. You two are not going to carry on under my nose. You have to cheat and so does she. You'd best make that clear to her. You are my husband, and I don't tolerate cheating, and I certainly don't abide incest.

That's sick."

"I saw the pictures, Sue."

"Good, huh?"

"Fuck! You're killing me. I hope you know that. I need some pussy, damnit."

"Go see your whore. Did you get the key?"

"Yes, but I have to wait and see how her hubby took the news. When she left, she wasn't so sure of herself."

"That figures. Keep your fingers crossed and keep them out of my daughter. Here she comes."

Heather had put the matching panties on, the ones with ruffles and had a towel hung around her neck to drape her chest. She stopped before her mother and said, "Am I decent, now?"

"Don't get smart with me. You wear whatever you feel like wearing, but if I see any of your nasty parts, or can see through the material and see them, I'll put a hurting on them like you wouldn't believe. See if I don't. You can show what shows in a bikini, but any of that pure white skin is nasty as far as I'm concerned. I'm turning in. This is still a school night, Heather. Your bedtime still applies."

Heather moved through and sat by Jack. "We're not doing anything except turning in books and clearing out lockers.

I don't see why I can't stay and finish watching the movie."

Sue got up and came over, saying, "You haven't seen one frame of that stupid movie."

"I have so."

"All right, but I want you in bed by eleven."

She leaned down and kissed Heather on the lips, slipping her the tongue in a deft move. She said good night, then kissed Jack on the forehead and told him good night.

This was the opposite of nightly procedure wherein Heather got the peck on the forehead and Jack got a kiss on the lips. This told Heather that her mother was playing games with her. She was no longer confused, no longer in the twilight zone.

She smiled warmly and snuggled up close, drawing her Daddy's arm around her, laying his hand on her bare haunch as she lay curled and turned on her side toward him.

Sue caught this blatant provocation, stopped, and faced Heather. She gave Heather a stern look and said, "I see what you're doing, young lady, and I don't like it."

"What? I'm just sitting here."

"Don't play games with me, Heather. I see what you're doing. I've noticed everything you've been doing since your father arrived home."

"What? What am I doing?"

"You're trying to seduce your father and you're acting like a bitch in heat."

"MOM! I am not!"

"I have eyes, Heather. You're throwing yourself at him. Let me warn you. I had to throw ice water on you or you'd have mounted his dick. If you do get what you're after-if I ever catch you having sex with your father-I'll put your incestuous vagina in a chastity belt after I blister your behind for you, and it will remain under lock and key until you turn eighteen.

I will have the only key, and I don't think a single young girl needs to touch her vagina until she is a married young lady. If you want to take that chance, be my guest. Hop on Pop. Have yourself a ball, but if I catch you, that will be your last ball while you're living under my roof. Try me and see. I dare you."

Addressing herself to Jack while Heather sat with her mouth agape, back in the twilight zone, "And you had best watch yourself, Mister. This is your daughter not some bimbo secretary. If you know what's good for you, you'll keep your dick out of her, and that goes for any other part of you in any part of her.

I've said my piece, now good night."

And with that, she was gone and Heather felt very uncomfortable with her Daddy now that he knew what she was up to. He felt her tension and rubbed her haunch.

That helped. She turned shy eyes up to him and said, "I wasn't trying to seduce you. Honest."

"Darn. I was all set to be seduced, too."

This made her giggle. Her eyes got that mischievous twinkle in them again as she said, "What, you want me to, or you just want me to try, or are you just teasing me?"

"I wouldn't tease about a thing like that.

Incest is very serious, and besides that, you're a minor."

"So, what is it? Do you want me to seduce you, or do you just like seeing me try?"

"Both, but we have to be very careful if you are as good at seduction as you appear to be. It wouldn't do to have you in a chastity belt, now would it?"

"No. Is there such a thing?"

"Yes, and they are quite effective. Nothing can get in, not even a finger."

"I wouldn't want one of those, then. I'd die if I couldn't even get a finger in. She'd do it, too."

"Don't tell me my little girl masturbates."

"Daddy, all girls masturbate. I've been masturbating since I was eight years old. I feel like masturbating right now.

Mom showed me how and lets me use her stuff, her dildos and vibrators and things. All this sex talk has made me horny."

"What's stopping you? Do you think I'd object."

"No, I think you'd like to watch. I wouldn't mind showing you, but she might come out. You never know about her."

"You don't have to get naked and lie on the floor with your legs apart. Just slip your hand inside your panties.

She didn't say you couldn't masturbate. You just can't show anything nasty."

"I guess I could do it that way, but you won't see much."

"I'll see where your hand is and know what you're doing. That'll be almost as good."

"Really? I will if you want me to."

"I want you to."

"Let's both masturbate. She didn't say you couldn't show your nasty parts and I can see you're horny."

"You want to see your Daddy's penis, is that what you're saying."

"Yes, can I? Please, pretty please."

"I don't see why not. She can rule over you, but she can't tell me what to do."

"That's right. You're the bread winner. You're the boss. Do you want me to get it out for you?"

"Sure. Help yourself."

Heather attacked his slacks and soon had his mighty little man out in the open and standing tall. She fondled him with both hands, marveling at the feel, texture, and rock-hard softness of the pliable skin. "I've never felt a real dick before. This is neat. I can feel your heart beating-your hard beating, I should say. It looks plenty big to me."

"I wish it were bigger, but it's big enough to always please me."

"It's big enough to please me, too, plenty big. I love the head. It's like a round mushroom. That would feel fantastic inside me."

"Okay, you've had a good look and feel. How about taking care of you, now."

Heather giggled, looked toward the master bedroom, then laid straight beside her father on his left side. She drew the hem of her nightie past her panties, well past, up to her tits, right up to the legal limit of white skin. She then slipped the fingers of her right hand under the waist band and down between her slightly parted legs. They were both staring at the impression her hand made in the crotch of her ruffled panties as she slid her fuck finger through the lips.

The ruffles ruined the effect.

Regular panties would be much better and still satisfy her mother's requirement, so she said, "I'm going to go change into regular panties."

"I'd appreciate that."

"I'll be right back. Don't go away, and don't put that away. I'm not done playing with it. I want to play with it till it pukes."

Jack smiled as his romantic angel went prancing off. Prick puke, he mused. Just like her mother. She wants a long, drawn-out, romantic seduction like Mother Theresa wants a gang bang by a pack of pregnant poodles. That little slut angel wants to be knocked down and fucked silly, rolled over and fucked senseless.

Sue's full of shit.

When she returned, she returned minus the towel.

Before taking her seat, she stood before Jack facing the master bedroom door and said, "Before I start, I want you to see me naked. Would you like that?"

"Of course, but you'd better be careful.

That door could open suddenly. Tabasco between your legs isn't worth the risk, Heather. I have a good imagination. Why don't you just show your tits. The glimpse I got was very intriguing, and I doubt Tabasco would hurt titties."

"Are you sure? I'm willing to take the risk."

"I'm sure. Let's not take unnecessary risks this early on. She is serious, dead serious. She made that quite clear to me while you were changing."

"Okay. Are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Heather smiled and drew the nightie up to her armpits, thrusting out her proud, pink-nosed puppies. Jack said, "Oh, Heather, sweetheart, those are the sexiest titties I ever saw."

"Do you really like them? They're not very big."

"They're plenty. Anything more than a handful is wasted, and you have big handfuls. Your nipples are fantastic.

I've never seen prettier nipples, even in magazines."

"I like them, too. They're super sensitive.

Would you like to feel them and suck on them? I'll let you."

"I appreciate that, but I wouldn't want your mother walking in on that scene.

Come on. Get legal, sit down, and masturbate for me. Let's not push your mother too far too soon. It'll upset her enough if she sees me with my dick out and hard."

Heather sat, more of a recline than a sit. With her back on the cushion, her head pushed forward by the sofa back, and her right leg laid over her father's lap, the left hung on the left armrest, Heather was now in a vulgar position with all the legal skin showing and the illegal barely covered. The panties were the briefest she owned, but not as brief as her bikini bottoms.

The nightie was in a bunched roll over her breasts. She was a sight. Jack said,

"If your mother saw you like this, she'd shit."

"Let her shit. No white is showing. If she doesn't like it, she'll have to make a new rule. If she comes out, I won't try to hide. I'll stay just like this, and if I'm masturbating at the time, I won't stop."

"You're asking for trouble, Heather."

"She's the one who said I could masturbate.

She taught me how and said it was normal and healthy. She never said I had to do it in private."

"Yes, but you also know she wouldn't approve of you masturbating right beside me."

"She knows I'm trying to seduce you. I won't deny it from now on. She just said don't get caught doing it.

She didn't say I couldn't try. She didn't say we couldn't touch each other. She just said no part of your body can be in any part of my body. She could have said no touching, but she didn't. As far as I'm concerned, she gave us permission to touch each other.

I'd like to be playing with your dick when she catches me masturbating.

Would you let me with Mom watching? She couldn't do anything except say stop."

"You have her on a technicality, but you're asking for further restrictions."

"Maybe, but I still want to see how far we can go, don't you?"

"I suppose. Go ahead. Do it your way, Heather, but let's play by the rules as they stand now."

"Okay, but first, look at my pussy. I'll lift the panties. You take a peek, okay?"

"Go ahead, but let's make it a quick peek."

"Okay, get set."

Heather pulled the waist band out and down, exposing her bald mound and the top of her swollen labia with the clit standing tall and glistening between the satin pillows of vaginal flesh. Jack licked his lips and said, "God damn, Heather, that's a gorgeous vagina you have between your sexy legs."

"You really like it. Don't you want to look down the crack, down between my legs?"

"Some other time. You'd better put it away."

Heather reluctantly set the panties back in place over her left hand which had moved into the spread while Jack watched. Heather reached for his dick with her right as she stroked her slit and said, "Oh, God, that feels good. I love the feel of my pussy when I'm super horny like I am now. It's so soft, hot, and slippery. You don't mind if I use that term, do you.

Vagina sounds clinical. I think pussy sounds so sexy."

"I do too, and I love hearing you use dirty words."

"Great, because I love using them when I masturbate. I masturbate a lot, sometimes ten times a day. I think I'm a very horny girl. I'm horny most of the time. I sure like having your hard cock in my hand. If you can't fuck, this is the only way to masturbate-a hard cock in one hand and a wet pussy in the other."

"I'm glad to hear that you're a horny girl.

I think that's healthy. It means everything is working."

"It is. I have a very juicy pussy in case you didn't know. How could you?

You've never seen it before and you didn't see the juicy parts. That's the part I wanted you to see. All you saw was my clit."

"I used to change your diapers. I've seen it all."

"That doesn't count. Baby pussy all looks the same. My pussy is fully developed, now. I think I have a very sexy pussy. I love looking at it, especially now that I shave all the hair off everyday. Do you like shaved pussy? I know Mom shaves hers."

"I prefer a little hair left on the mound.

I think your mother shaves hers to please other men."

Heather debating telling him the truth but thought that might be a bad idea.

Instead of lying, she said nothing.

She pushed her hand further down to fully enter herself and swooned, saying,

"Ummm, that really feels good. Can you tell what I'm doing."

"Yes, but why don't you tell me."

"I'm finger fucking my cunt. Was that dirty enough for you, or do you think that was vulgar?"

"Both, but from your sweet lips, vulgarity is music to my ears."

Heather was now fucking herself hard and fast.

She laid her head against her father's chest and said, "Great! I can do even better. God, I am so fucking horny. I want to get fucked, Daddy. I want you to fuck my horny cunt for me."

"Heather, let's not torture each other. We both want to fuck each other, but we can't until we get absolute privacy, so let's not talk about what we'd like to do to each other. Besides me, who do you want?"

"I don't care who. I just want a big cock in my cunt, fucking my cunt. I want to feel great gobs of hot sperm squirting way deep inside, right into my fucking womb. I'd like to get raped by a big black man. I'd beg him to cum in my pussy even if I knew I was ovulating. I'd promise to be his white whore if he'd just fuck me hard and cum in my pussy."

Heather looked up to see his reaction. Jack smiled and said, "You are a horny little shit, aren't you? You'd spread your sexy legs for the first stiff dick that crosses your path, wouldn't you?"

"Right now, I would. I'm not like this all the time, only when I masturbate.

I'm not a slut if that's what you're thinking. I'm still a virgin, honest. At least no one has ever put a real dick in my pussy. I've used a lot of fake ones though, dildos and stuff. I lost my cherry years ago."

"I understand, sweetheart. I like seeing you like this but I know you're a decent young lady. I guess that's one reason I find you so attractive and sexy.

You're a good, decent, wholesome girl but you have a slut in you that wants out. You have to masturbate ten times a day to keep the slut in her place, and you have to fuck yourself and be vulgar about it to appease the slut. I think it's admirable that you go to those extremes to remain pure. Most girls wouldn't fight it. They'd yield to the slut. I think your mother yielded long before we met."

"Oh, you do understand. It's true. I do have a slut in me, and I have to fuck myself hard with something big.

I fuck my horny cunt a lot. I fuck all kinds of things up my cunt.

Anything that looks dick-like goes up my cunt. Half the time, I have something in my cunt. I go off to school with things up my cunt. You should check my pussy often. I wish you would. I wish you'd just reach under my skirt and feel, you know, put your fingers way inside and feel all around, make me stand still for it even in front of company, and if you find something, I wish you'd spank me for being a bad girl, or strip me naked and hit me with a belt, hard. Whip my bad pussy and make me cry and beg you to stop."

"You'd like that, would you?"

"In fantasy, I love it. Would you like that in reality? Would you like showing me off to your friends, sharing me with your friends, stripping me naked, tying me up, and whipping me?"

"I like the fantasy."

"I love it. I might even like the reality.

I'm sure I would. I'd sure like to find out."

"I'll bet you have a lot of good fantasies, don't you?"


"What is your favorite?"

"You'd be shocked if I told you."

"No fantasy would shock me, Heather. A good fantasy just means you have a good imagination."

"Well, okay, but don't say I didn't warn you. This will probably make me cum just telling you about it.

You'd better be ready to cup your hand over my mouth. I usually have my head in a pillow so no one will hear me."

"I'll be ready."

"Okay, here goes. My all time favorite fantasy involves dogs, horny male dogs."

She looked up to see how her daddy took that news.

He smiled back and said, "I hate to disappoint you, but most females have doggie fantasies. I believe it's safe to say the mutts are a universal turn-on for human females."

"Then, I'm not a freak?"

"No, dear, you're not a freak. Even if you fucked a dog, you wouldn't be a freak."

"Really? How about if I sucked a dog off and swallowed his cum?"

"Same thing. A dick is a dick; sperm is sperm.

At least a dog can't get you pregnant and can't tell anyone you're an easy slut. Every decent young lady who has a slut in her should own a male dog. In no way would having sex with a dog make you a freak, not in my eyes. Your mom is a different story, otherwise I'd buy you a big horny dog to help you with your slut problem.

Now, if you got a job at the city dog pound and sucked off all the male dogs who were on the way to the gas chamber, a last meal so to speak, I'd say you were a freak."

Heather giggled and said, "I've never thought about that one. I will now, though. Who does a girl have to fuck to get a neat job like that?"

"You freak."

"You're the one that thought of it."

"Okay, we're both freaks. Now, what's your fantasy?"

"Well, I have so many dog fantasies, horse fantasies, too. Dogs mostly. I'd like to be a bitch, a real human bitch forced to serve the sexual needs of a kennel full of large male dogs with huge cocks. I have to suck them and fuck them on stage or in a pit with hundreds of people looking on, men and women, young and old. To tell you the truth, I'm sure I'd like the reality as much as the fantasy. I'd make a good bitch-I really would."

"I'm sure you would, but tell me a fantasy."

"All right. Let's see. Oh, yes, my school fantasy. I'm at school, taking a shower after gym class. Someone let a huge dog into the girl's locker room. I hear all this screaming and see girls running around. The next thing I know, this huge mass of fur tackles me and I go to my hands and knees. The next thing I feel is this massive hardness being shoved up my cunt.

It feels like someone is trying to get their leg up my pussy.

It plows in, hot and slick, stretching me as it goes. I feel it swelling up inside. Dog dicks swell up near the base, you know."

"I know. That knot locks them inside the bitch during mating."

"Yes, and he's so big, he locks inside me.

By this time, people are trying to get him off but it's no use.

He's locked in solid, and he's dragging me around the floor of the shower by the cunt. I'm on my back. Girls are laughing, calling me a bitch, squatting on my face and pissing in my face. The coach can't control them and calls for help. The principal enters with several male teachers and the school nurse.

They try everything.

Nothing works. They finally decide to carry me and the dog to the nurse's aid room to wait it out."

"I like your fantasy, Heather. It could happen."

"I know. My fantasies must be plausible.

It could happen, and I can see them doing that, getting me to a less public place before the bell rang and another group of girls showed up. The first group were still hard to control. Anyway, they get six men to lift me and the dog to a long table. They throw a sheet over us and carry us, table and all across campus, but the bell rings just as we start across and we're suddenly in a sea of kids. One brat snatches the sheet and runs off with it. There I am in all my naked glory and the mutt is fucking me."

"Beautiful, Heather. I love it."

"It gets better. They call Mom down. When she gets there, she enters a room full of male teachers all crowded around me. She sees them feeling me up but doesn't say anything.

She's too enthralled by the dog and the size of his dick. She feels around my stuffed pussy then tells them that the dog should be encouraged to finish. They agree. Mom tells me to start fucking back, to act like a bitch in heat, then she rubs on my clit and pulls on my nipples to get me in the mood.

"I respond, and I'm soon fucking him and moaning. The men get so horny, they get their dicks out and start jacking off. One gets behind Mom, pulls her panties down, and starts fucking her. The principal puts his dick in my mouth and Mom jacks him off. After he cums in my mouth another steps up, then another and another until I'm getting dicks that were in Mom's pussy. Oh, Daddy, I'm cumming… I'm cumming…"

Jack quickly cupped her mouth and just in time, and it was while Heather screamed out her climax that he noticed Sue standing behind the sofa with folded arms, overlooking the scene. He looked rather sheepish. Heather still had him by the dick, still stroking her pussy in post-orgasmic bliss.

Sue let her get her wits about her before coming around the sofa to stand in view. True to her word, Heather didn't cover or stop masturbating herself or her father. She looked up to her mother and said, "I'm not breaking any rules.

I'm not showing any nasty flesh, and you never said we couldn't touch.

You always said masturbation is healthy and nothing to be ashamed of."

"You think you're very clever, don't you? Well, I hope you had fun. Now, I know I can't trust you two alone.

I will not give you two the opportunity to copulate. From now on, you two will never be left alone together. If I can't be with you, I'll get Sarah Brewer to baby-sit. At least one of you will either be with me or Sarah, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you two want to torment each other, go right ahead.

For all I care, you can both go naked and rub your genitals on each other.

Tease each other mercilessly. I wish you would; but I warn you, if any part of your bodies gets inside any part of the other-fingers, tongues, noses, toes, anything-Heather will be fitted for a chastity device, and it will remain on until she leaves home, even if she remains here through college.

"Sarah will see that you follow the rules to the letter. Her, I can trust. She detests premarital sex, extra-marital sex, sex with minors, and abhors incest.

She, too, will encourage you two to torture each other, but she'll watch you both like a hawk. One finger nail in a vagina, one tongue tip inside lips, the tip of a nose penetrating the plane of labia lips, she will report the violation, and that's all she wrote. She might even lie. I will believe her over either of you degenerate animals.

You will not rut under my roof, and that is final. You don't feel so smart now do you, Heather?"

"I wasn't being smart, Mom. We weren't going to copulate. Honest, we weren't.

We agreed to play by your rules.

You don't have to do this. We'll play by any rules you lay down.

We will. I swear we will."

"I don't trust you, either of you. Your sexual desire for each other is obvious. You'll do whatever you think you can get away with. I'm no fool.

Neither of you has one ounce of self-control. No, we're going to play the game, as you put it, my way. I am going to permit one full penetration, but you will not be permitted to move once fully seated. One flinch, and you come off. I want you to know what it feels like. I want you both to know what you'll be missing. Heather, remove every stitch and squat over your father's penis facing him."

Heather quickly shed her panties and nightie, then squatted over her father's erection, holding it poised at the hole, waiting for the go sign. Sue checked the alignment, then gave the sign, saying, "Sink down, but don't come up.

You can pause on the way down, but once down, you just stay there."

Heather sank on her father's cock and they both made faces of ecstasy as they watched the dick sink into the slimy pussy. When Heather's cunt lips pressed hard on Jack's groin, when her full weight rested on his groin, they both had frozen orgasmic looks which they turned to Sue after she took a seat in the recliner. Sue smiled and said, "Nice, isn't it? Imagine how much nicer it would be if you could move?"

Jack pleaded, "Jesus Christ, Sue, this is sheer torture. Have a heart, will you?"

"Jack, if it's sheer torture, lift her off.

She can't weigh more than a hundred pounds."

"I can't. She weighs a ton when my dick is in her."

Heather, on the verge of tears, cried, "Mom, please! I can't just sit here.

Just let us do it one time, all the way, that's all I ask. I don't want to lose my virginity like this. Please, I'm begging you."

"If you don't like it, Heather, just stand up and go to bed."

Jack said, "Sue, this is cruel."

"Infidelity is cruel, Jack, and incest with a minor is illegal. I'm teaching you both a lesson. I am not being cruel for the sake of being cruel. Do you think I enjoy watching my husband joined at the genitals with my only child? It sickens me. It disgusts me. I'm witnessing a gross perversion of nature in my own home involving my own loved ones. It would be cruel to make me witness full intercourse to completion-a rutting copulation between a father and his daughter-my husband and my only child mating before my very eyes with no protection whatsoever."

Heather said, "Then go back to bed. You don't have to watch."

"I will not bury my head in the sand while you two create a bastard I'd have to care for and nurse to your bosom. You'd probably masturbate while suckling the bastard, and I'd be forced to hold it to your pap. My duty is here, seeing that this goes no further, teaching you both a lesson. Who knows, by doing this, I may be preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Sooner or latter your father would get you pregnant. I can't see you making him wear a rubber or making him pull out to ejaculate or even asking him to abstain because you're ovulating. I can see you spreading your legs for him whenever he wanted sex, and I can also see you clutching him to you when you felt him getting ready to ejaculate."

"Mom, you're killing me."

"Be honest with me, Heather. Can you see doing any of those responsible actions."


"Would you make every attempt to get your father's sperm deep in your vagina, right at the mouth of your womb, even during ovulation? Well, would you?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck yes! God Damn it, Mom, I need to get fucked!"

"I will not tolerate that kind of filthy language in this house. Do you understand me, young lady?"

Jack said, "For Christ's sake, Sue. She has a dick in her. She should be able to scream fuck when she's being fucked."

"She is not being F'ed, Jack. She is simply being vaginally penetrated by a penis. That is not F'ing, and I will thank you not to use obscenity in my home."

Heather fell forward and Jack took her in his arms. He caressed her back, then held her by the butt checks as he looked to Sue, and said, "I hope you're happy. You killed her."

"She'll recover and be as good as new. I'm sure your ass massage will help. She does have a lovely ass, doesn't she? I'll bet you'd love to sodomize Heather, wouldn't you?"

Heather turned her head to look at her hypocritical mother who had sodomized her twice not four hours earlier. Jack said, "You know I would."

"Yes, I suppose you would. I'll tell you what I'll do. If Heather will allow you to sodomize her, I will allow an anal penetration. You still won't be permitted to move, but if she reverses herself and lies back, you could rub her to orgasm and relieve her at least. You two discuss it. I'll await your decision."

Heather raised her head to look her father in the eyes. She was eager and willing. She said, "I want to.

I need to cum."

"All right."

Heather looked to Sue and said, "We want to do it that way. Can I get off, now."

"Go ahead, but remember, straight down, no moving up."

Heather eased off, turned around, and sank slowly with the cock at her asshole.

When her buttocks settled to her father's groin, she reclined and made a wide spread. Jack brought both hands into her beaver and massaged wet flesh as Sue came over to inspect the procedure, saying, "Don't penetrate the vagina, just massage externally… that's it. Stay away from the hole. You can run your fingers around the rim of her hole, but not in it. Heather, do you need vaginal penetration to get off?"


"I suppose I could take care of that for you. It's the least I can do."

Sue entered Heather with two, then three fingers and took up a fucking stroke to match Jack's massage. Heather could not remain still and squirmed under the four paternal hands that worked in her crotch. Sue made no comment about this squirming that was having a positive effect on Jack's buried rod. He was headed for orgasm, and Sue's fingers rubbing his cock from within didn't hurt the cause. They came together in a mutual orgasm that left them spent and drained.

Sue stood looking down on the scene of spent but frustrated lovers. When they were both looking at her, she said, "If you behave yourselves and don't try sneaking off to commit a sin against nature, I will allow you this one release from time to time, but only under my direct supervision. Don't do anything with each other without first seeking a witness, either Sarah or myself. If you do that faithfully, every time, I will grant you a release at least once each week. Can we agree to those terms?"

Both nodded. Sue said, "Very good. Heather, you go off to bed, now. You have school tomorrow."

Heather leaned up and kissed her daddy good night, then unplugged herself and rolled away. She stood and kissed her mother. Again, she received the tongue.

This time, she returned tongue and the kiss lasted until Sue broke it, and Sue didn't break the kiss until Jack could plainly see that this was a lover's French kiss. The kiss lasted over a minute and he saw tongues going in both mouths. Heather said good night and walked away with sperm drooling down the backs of both legs.

When she was out of ear shot, Sue took a seat beside Jack, smiled, and said,

"Wasn't that fun?"

"Sex is just a game with you, isn't it, Sue."

"It always has been, but it's the best game in town. Come on, Jack, that was fun. Admit it."

Jack smiled and said, "It was interesting.

If I hadn't gotten my rocks off, I would not see the humor."

"Look, you'll be getting your rocks off plenty once you get with Sarah, so it won't hurt you to indulge me when I want to torture you and Heather. You two torture so beautifully, and now you want each other more than ever. Am I right?"

"You're right."

"I want Heather in a chastity belt, so give it a few days and then start sneaking into her room and fucking her. Sooner or latter, I'll catch you in the act. I have the chastity girdle all ready for her. You'll put it on and lock the lock.

It would be so much more effective if you could cry while you're doing it. Can you cry?"

"Sue, I am not going to let you pussy whip me. I might put that chastity device on you and throw away the damn key."

"Oh, come on, Jack. It's just a game. Can't you just pretend that I can control you through pussy. I'm the source of all the pussy you get. Heather will see that. She knows how much you need it. She'll buy it."

"This means a lot to you, doesn't it."

"Yes. I love my games, Jack. Play my games and I'll see that you never go without. I know how to keep every female in your life sexually happy and lusting after you. You know I can."

"All right, Sue. We'll play your games. I'm going to bed."

"Good night, dear."

"What are you going to do?"

"Have fun with Heather, my sex toy, what else."

"You made that pretty obvious. I thought we were going to have a normal home life."

"That was your idea. I don't like your idea.

I want a sex toy that I can do anything with, but you can't do anything with unless I say so. I plan to bring horny men here and hand them the key to your daughter right in front of you.

Aren't I awful?"

"Yes, and you're a dreamer. You'd better bring along four to hold me down, and one to shoot me after they let me go."

"Spoil sport."

Sue entered Heather's bedroom and interrupted a self-fuck with her biggest dildo-Big Ben. Sue flipped on the light and yanked off the covers, looking over the stuffed little beaver with a smile, saying, "Naughty, naughty. Hand it over."

"Aw, Mom!"

"Don't Aw-mom me. Hand it over."

Heather pulled the foot-long India rubber dong from her twat and handed the slimy thing over. Sue tossed it on Heather's dresser, then removed her robe and threw one leg up on the bed on the other side of Heather's head, planting the left foot by her right ear, squatting to bring her yawning twat into Heather's face. She said, "Eat me!"

Heather ate. After Sue's orgasm, and after the obligatory lapping of the spend, Sue sat at the edge of the bed and brushed hair from Heather's face, saying,

"Am I a bad mommy, Heather?"

"Yes, but I'd rather have a bad mommy than a good mother."

"Well, you have a very bad mommy. You should be very happy. I hate to tell you this but you had best adjust to the idea of wearing a chastity girdle and very soon."

"Mom, no, please. That would be hell unless I can masturbate in it."

"You can't. The girdle is specifically designed to prevent any form of genital masturbation. It has a plastic cup in the crotch with a tube that passes through to the outside.

When you have to piss, you simply piss your girdle and the piss shoots out through the tube. You'll piss like a man. Interesting, huh?"

"No, it's horrible. If that's the device, I won't do anything with Daddy."

"I think you will. I know him. He must have pussy. He can't help himself. He'll be coming in here before long.

He'll rape you if he has to. He just got a sample of your young pussy, and he never felt anything like it in his life."

"Is that what he said? He liked it?"

"He said he'd crawl naked over a line of naked Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, across a football field of broken glass just to hear you fart over a telephone."

"He did not."

"He did so. Heather, that man has to have you. He'll get you. I'll catch him at it sooner or later, and I'll make him put the device on you, snap the lock, and hand me the key. After that, I will own your cunt, and when I own your cunt, I'll have him wrapped around my little finger. Isn't that exciting?"

"No, Mom, don't do this. Please don't do this. Why do you want to do this?"

"Two reasons: I want to own your cunt, and I want my husband on a short leash.

Besides, I think it'll be fun. Other than my own, I've never owned a sexy young cunt before.

I can think of hundreds of fun things to do with one if I still had one. You don't think I'd keep it locked up and put away, do you?"

"You won't?"

"Of course not. You'll be out of that device more than in it, but only when Sarah or I say and only for as long as we say. When we're not using it, we want it left alone to get horny again for the next time we need to use it. You won't be masturbating; but then, you shouldn't need to."

"I always need to."

"Heather, you've never had real sex before.

Real good sex satisfies a horny pussy. You'll sleep better. You'll see. When Daddy comes to you, he'll find a receptive little slut, won't he?"

"No. Mom, I still don't want my pussy locked up. I couldn't stand that, not even for a little while. You don't know me. I need to masturbate. Real sex is great, but I love being able to touch myself and fuck myself. I do it just right, tuned into my own fantasies. It would be sheer torture to fantasize and not be able to relieve myself."

Heather was, in fact, masturbating with both hands while saying this. Sue looked at the working fingers and said, "I see. I suppose we'll have to do this the hard way."

Sue got up. Heather said, "Mom, what are you going to do?"

"You'll see."

Sue returned with a paper bag. She set the bag on the floor and removed rope.

She pulled Heather's right wrist out of her crotch, wrapped the rope around it, passed the tail end down the far side of the bed, reached under the bed to bring it up, grabbed the left wrist to wrap it and pulled both arms to the outer edges of the bed, securing her arms out to her side.

Heather watched the procedure with a look of dread.

Her mother then took cotton rope and tied her legs out at the knees. She took a cucumber that had ropes passing through the end in both directions, inserted it deep, then used the ropes to secure it to her waist and upper thighs. She then stood back to survey her work, saying, "There. Now, all I have to do is tell your father you'd like another good night kiss. If he can resist this, I'll kiss his ass."

"Mom, no. Please don't."

"Beg him. See how much good it does you.

Who knows, he might spare you and untie you, but don't count on it. I'm going to tell him that if he releases you, he'll get no pussy from me, either. No, Heather, you're fucked. I must have that sweet pussy of yours. I will have it.

This is how you will sleep until I win. Next time, I'll use lipstick to write in big letters, "PLEASE FUCK ME, DADDY!" The next night, I'll add a gag so that he can't hear you pleading for him not to. The next, I'll KY-jelly your sexy pussy and place a welcome mat below it. If I still haven't won by then, I'll tie you face down with your sexy ass up and 'CUM IN MY ASS, DADDY!' written on your cute little butt. He'll fuck that, I assure you. You're cunt is mine, Heather. Eventually, I'll win. I will always win. I'm a bad mommy."

"All right, mother. I won't beg him not to fuck me. I know you'll win."

"No, don't make it easy. I want you to beg.

I want you to see how your father deals with a begging daughter at her mother's mercy. This should be very enlightening for you.

I'll go get Daddy for you. Don't go anywhere, okay?" Sue laughed on the way out, turning out the light as she went.

Heather laid there looking up at the dark ceiling, half worried, half thrilled beyond words, full of anxiety, but also full of frustrated desire. The cuke felt fantastic. She just wished she could make it move. She thought about the girdle and life in the girdle. She shuddered and tingled all at the same time.

Several minutes of quiet anxiety and she heard approaching barefoot steps. The light came on, and there stood her nude father, wide-eyed and mouth agape.

Heather watched his dick rise rapidly to full throbbing stand in fifteen seconds.

He came over and stood looking down on her body, stroking his erection. Heather saw her mother hanging back, peeking around the door frame.

Heather said, "Daddy, please don't. It's a trap. Mom wants me in the chastity device. It's a girdle that locks on. I won't be able to masturbate. I'd die, Daddy, I'd simply die."

"God damn, Heather. I'm sorry, sweetheart, but this turns me the fuck on. She knows my weaknesses."

"Daddy, no. Please don't fuck me! Jack-off on me instead. Think about fucking me. Think about a dog fucking me. Think about me sucking off a dog."

"Fuck, Heather, you look lovely. I want you so badly."

"I know, and I want you, but we must play by Mom's rules. We must. Please, don't let her win. She wants to own my pussy."

"I know. It looks to me like she owns it already."

"Daddy, you're the boss, the bread winner.

Untie me and tell her she can't do this to me. Make me your mistress and make her accept it. She'll have to accept it. She would never divorce you and you control all the money. Take me to your bed and make love to me. Make her sit in a chair and watch. I'll be so good. I'll show her what a good mistress I can be."

Heather could see her mother was masturbating, enjoying a good beg. This inspired Heather to add, "You can cum in my pussy and I'll rub my fucked cunt in her face if you'll tie her up for me. I'd love to put her in her place. With your support, I could. I'd love to piss in her face and make her drink piss right from my pussy. I'd do it, too. You'd like to see me do that to Mom, wouldn't you?"

Sue loved this and whaled on her cunt. Jack sprayed cum all over his daughter.

She was peppered from crotch to the top of her head. After he came, he plopped on the bed and looked over the mess he'd made. Their eyes met. Her eyes looked hopeful.

His offered no hope. He said, "Sorry, Heather, but she holds the trump card.

What I'm doing is illegal. If push came to shove, she could have me sent to prison. No, I'm sorry, but you won't ever be my mistress unless she says you can be my mistress. Take my advice, don't ever let your mother hear you talking like that.

You'll give her ideas and I would hate to see her treating you the way you would treat her. I think she's actually capable of doing those things. It would devastate me to see my little princess turned into a sex slave and human toilet. I shudder to even think about it."

Sue made her dramatic entrance in the nude, saying, "Well shudder away, Jack. I heard every word that little bitch said." Sue came up to the bed at Heather's head and sternly said, "So, you'd piss in my mouth, would you? Make me a sex slave, huh? Rub your fucked cunt in my face, will you? Well, bitch, you just sealed your fate."

With that, Sue sat on Heather's chest, pulled her face up by a lock of hair and yelled, "Open your fucking mouth wide, you little cunt!"

"Mommy, no!"

Jack said, "Sue, you can't be serious. She was just trying to get me to cum.

They were just words to excite me. She'd never do that to you. You know she wouldn't."

"I said open your fucking mouth. Open it or I'll piss in your face and you'll sleep in it. Open!"

Heather opened her mouth wide and received a mouthful of piss. "Now, swallow!"

Heather gulped, making a pained face.

Jack also made a pained face and said, "Oh, god, Sue. How could you?"

"Open again."

Heather opened again and received another mouthful.

Again, she swallowed. This went on for eight mouthfuls with Heather making faces and Jack making pleading protests until Sue made her lick a dribbling slit. While getting licked, Sue laid back on Heather, turned her head to Jack, and said, "Get used to it, Jack. This bitch belongs to me. She'll serve me and my friend, Sarah. Be nice to us and we'll throw you a few scraps of young pussy. Be a jerk, and you won't get any pussy at all.

Now, tell your little princess she is now her mother's slut. Tell her."

Jack hesitated to make it look good, then looked to Heather's wide eyes staring back at him over her mother's bald mound while she nursed on a dribbling pussy.

"I'm sorry, Heather. I'm afraid you are your mother's slut."

Heather's eyes closed in surrender. Sue laughed and said, "Now, suck my cunt, you fucking slut. Show your daddy what a good cunt sucker his little princess is. Eat my cunt, you little fucking whore. Get a good look, Jack. What do you think of your little slut princess, now?"

"Sue, how can you treat our daughter this way? She's a good kid. She doesn't deserve this. She has tried so valiantly to control her sexual drives. Don't force her to be a slut."

"Fuck you, Jack. I'll do as I please and it pleases me to turn your little princess into a slut, a cunt sucking slut. She'll also be a mutt sucking slut, a mutt fucking slut, a bitch, Jack, and you're going to put a dog collar around her pretty neck. You'll hold her mutt's leash while he mates with her, and you'll jack off in her face to amuse me and my lover, Sarah. Yes, Jack, we're lovers. How do you like them apples, stud?"

"Oh, Sue, no. Please, God no! You're kidding.

You've got to be kidding."

"Oh, you think so? You'll soon find out that I am very serious."

"Sue, you can't be serious about mating Heather to a dog. You won't turn her into a bitch. You couldn't be that sick. Tell me you're not that warped and perverted."

"I won't; you will. I won't make her be a bitch if you'll keep your dick out of her. Fuck her just once, and you'll make her a bitch. Right after, you'll put the chastity girdle on her and add the collar and leash, making her ensemble complete and sealing her fate. You'll do it or I will see you go to prison. All you have to do to spare her that fate is keep your dick out of her. That should be easy for you. You managed for almost sixteen years. Go ahead, reassure her.

Tell her she has nothing to fear. Tell her you would never take advantage of her when she's bound and vulnerable. Put her mind at ease, Jack.

You can see she needs reassuring. What's the matter, Jack? Can't you lie to her? Can't you at least give her a few days of hope?"

Heather took her mouth off the cunt to say, "Daddy? She'll do it. I know she will. You can't let that happen to me.

Daddy please!"

Sue mocked, "Oh, Daddy please save me! Isn't that precious. What kind of father are you? Go ahead, Jack, tell her you'll save her."

"Sue, why must you torment her?"

"Because it amuses me to torment her. It makes my pussy wet. Heather, tell Daddy how wet Mommy's pussy is. Stick your tongue way up my fuck hole so you'll know just how wet it is in there. Do it. Let him see you do it."

Heather reached deep with her distended tongue, then pressed her face tight.

She pulled a wet face back and said, "It's true, Daddy. She's sopping wet inside. She's sick, Daddy. Can't you see that? Can't you control yourself?

Won't you save me?"

Sue laughed and mocked, "Can't you save me.

Tell her the truth, Jack. If you won't lie to her, tell her the truth. Tell her she's fucked."

Jack looked from Sue to Heather, took on a serious expression, and said, "She's right, Heather. I'm weak. I'm going to try as hard as I can, but she knows what my weakness are. She'll play on my weaknesses. I won't give you false hope.

If I fail, I will put the girdle and collar on you, and I will hold the dog's leash. I will jack off in your face while the dog screws you. I will amuse them to get pussy. I must have pussy, Heather. I can't live without pussy. Try to understand, sweetheart.

I love you dearly, but the flesh is weak. Just remember, you will always be Daddy's little princess no matter what, and one day I'll make it up to you. I swear I will. Once you turn eighteen and are legal, I'll save you. Until then, I'm afraid I have no choice but to let your mother and her lesbian lover have their way with you. I'm sorry, so sorry."

"That was beautiful, Jack. I'm sure that put her mind at ease. Now, piss in her face."

"Sue, no! Enough already."

"I said piss in her fucking face. Empty your bladder in your little princess' face. Do it or you'll be jacking off for a long time. Do it and I'll give you a good fuck."

Jack made a face of genuine reluctance but stood and held his cock aimed at Heather's big brown eyes, opened wide in pleading confusion, and then the piss stream hit her on the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. He soaked her and the cunt she had her tongue in, squeezed out the last squirts, shook drops off his dick, and left the room.

Sue got up, looked down on her sopping wet daughter, made a disagreeable face, and said, "Yuck. You look like wet fuck rag, Heather."

"Mom, you're not going to leave me like this, are you?"

"Fraid so. Sleep tight."

"Mom, no, please! Enough is enough. This isn't fun. At least make me cum. I need to cum. I can't sleep unless I cum."

"Good, then you'll wake up horny."

"I'll be awake all night. I have school tomorrow.

Mom, please!"

"I have to go give your father some pussy-reward pussy. He's been a very good boy. He wants his reward. I'll be back to check on you. I'll bring you a snack, yummy Daddy fuck.

Be thinking about that, princess. Nighty night. Sweet dreams.

Don't let the bed bugs bite." And then the lights went out.

Heather thought of nothing else and an hour later, well after midnight, the light flicked on and there stood her parents, one with a limp, wet dick, the other with a messy crotch.

The messy crotch settled over her mouth and fed her what she'd been thinking about for an hour. Not bad. Afterward, her father took pity and pleaded for her release, a shower, and a fresh clean bed to sleep in. Sue stood over Heather and pissed all over her as her answer. They left together and turned out the light.

Heather laid in the darkness, wringing wet and sticky, cold and sore, tingling from head to toe, wishing she could masturbate. She thought about Harold's mother, his dog, Ruff, his sneaky little brother, Harold's horny daddy, and Harold.

He was a cute little fucker now that she thought about it. He sure made riding a school bus pleasant. She drifted off to sleep an hour later still thinking about Harold and his family and what fun she could have popping in on them.

She woke up sore, stiff, and crusty as her mother extracted the cucumber. "Time to get up, Heather. How did you sleep?"

"Awful. I didn't get a wink of sleep."

Sue untied knots and set limbs free. She said, "I'll bet. You must be stiff."

"I am. God, I can't wait to get in a hot shower. I might stay there."

Heather rubbed sore joints, stretched, and sat up slowly. She examined her still gaping hole then looked up to her mother. She took on a serious countenance and said, "Mom, I have to ask you something. I'd like an honest answer."

Sue sat on the bed after finding a dry spot. She got a concerned look on her face and said, "Shoot."

"If I told you I didn't want to be messed with and you knew I meant it, would you leave me alone? You know what I mean."

"Do you have to ask? I left you alone all these years. Do you think I wanted to leave you alone? You've always been a sexy little girl, Heather, and I have always been bisexual with no qualms about incest or molesting the young and innocent. I never once encouraged you down this path. The most I ever did was open your eyes, teach you how to masturbate, and put ideas in your head by showing you examples. You got on this path of your own free will and you can get off the same way."

"I had to ask."

"Look, Heather. I realize you are getting into areas you never imagined and dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions and desires. If this ever becomes an all negative experience, or the bad times outweigh the fun times, get serious and let me know; otherwise, I'll ignore your protests, your whining and crying, your begging and pleading, and do what I feel like doing, thinking only of my own pleasure or the pleasure of the person I'm trying to amuse at your expense.

I am that way, Heather."

"I know. I got a sample last night."

"It won't all be fun, Heather. I wanted to prove that to you. Some things are going to hurt you terribly.

I'm serious. This afternoon was nothing, not even a sample. I'll make you suffer and show you no mercy and no pity, none. If the person I'm trying to amuse derives the slightest pleasure from watching you suffer, I'll make you suffer more. I'll try not to permanently scar you, but I might scar you. I might put my cigarettes out on your tender parts."

"You would?"

"Yes, I would, and I'll tell you something about Sarah. It would amuse her to see me hurt you. I love to amuse Sarah. She's not that bad now, but these things have a way of escalating. She's the type that needs more and more, stronger and stronger. I'm not into hurting, especially not you, and I will always be careful not to do any permanent injury, but I know how I am. If Sarah wants more, I'll give her more. It could get bloody ugly."

"You wouldn't kill me, would you?"

"No, of course not, and I won't be carving on you either. You'll keep all your parts but they may not look as pretty as they do now. I doubt Sarah would ever want to see disfiguring torture, and I can't see doing that for anyone other than Sarah, but we have a little over two years of travel down a very nasty road ahead of us if you stay the course. It could happen and you might leave home looking like you've been in a car wreck. That's the worst case scenario. I pray it never gets that bad, but I want you mentally prepared in case it does.

"Now, here's something you have to consider.

I won't let you pick and choose. You'll take what I dish out or cry uncle. If you ever cry uncle, if you ever get serious and say you want to be left alone, we go back to the way things were and it will stay that way. No dogs, no sex, no nothing. You'll return to masturbation, but no one will bother you. I'll see to it. You will not be allowed to date while you live under my roof.

It's all or nothing, Heather. I'm serious. Do you understand?"


"Let me make one thing clear. When I want to hurt you, don't shy away, beg, plead, or defend yourself. You surrender the part I wish to torment and suffer through. Don't ever ask me to ease up or stop. Don't beg for mercy, just suffer.

Cry, grit your teeth, moan and groan, but never scream. Just suffer.

Suffer or quit totally. Those are your only options. Is that clear, crystal clear?"

Heather wore a somber expression as she said, "Yes. I know what you want from me. I'll do my best to suffer the way you want me to."

"I'm sure you will. There's a bit of masochist in you isn't there?"

"I believe so, more than a bit. Most of my fantasies involve cruelty and torture inflicted on me for someone else's pleasure. I get off on the fantasy."

"I think you'll find the reality a bit difficult while it's happening but exciting when reflecting on it. You'll carry a treasure chest of experiences to reflect on if you endure until you go off on your own, but it will come at a heavy price, and you may have scars to prove it. Let's just hope it doesn't get too bad. Your father will keep a lid on that activity, I'm sure. He won't see any of that, but he'll see the evidence. Don't let me catch you playing on his sympathies. Your attitude should be: It was no big deal. I'll be okay. I'm a masochist. I liked it. Understand?"

"Yes. I already told him I like to fantasize being tied up and whipped between my legs. I'll play that up so that he knows I'm a masochist and you're just giving me what I crave. I'll tell him I beg you to hurt me more, but you won't hurt me enough to satisfy me. I'll ask that he please stay out of it. Would that be good?"

"Excellent. Yes, you do that. I do believe you're going to be a brave little slut for Mommy, aren't you, Heather?"

"I will be if you'll get some dogs and make me be a good bitch and show everyone what a good bitch I am."

Sue smiled and said, "Sweetheart, I've already contracted for a kennel and Sarah and I have been scouting the dog pounds. We have three on reserve, but we plan to get six more.

Will that be enough to satisfy you?"


"You be a good slut for me and I'll make you wear a dog collar to school next year, all next year. Would you like that?"

"Yes, with a gold tag that says, 'BITCH'."

"I'll do better than that. I'll have it tattooed on your chest along with a scene of bestial mating, a very vulgar and graphic scene."

"Could you get away with that?"

"If we told a good story, we could. Over the summer, bikers kidnapped you and did that to you. They told you to wear the collar that goes with it or they'll kidnap you again and kill you. Until those animals are behind bars, we have no choice but to cooperate with their demands. They kidnapped you right out of our home with us in it. They could do it again.

If the school fights us, we'll sue the piss out of them. You have a right to a public education and they can't force you to jeopardize your life if they can't protect you."

"Wow, would that work?"

"Yes. It's been done. I've done my homework.

They can't even make you hide the tattoo or abide by the dress code if the kidnappers are still on the loose and demand you wear slut attire. As long as your genitals are covered, they can't say shit. You could attend classes in the tiniest string bikini ever made. That's been done, too, and we have an attorney that will cram their dress code up their prude asses. You could attend classes effectively naked. You'd love that, wouldn't you?"

"Oh god, yes! Mom, there is nothing you could do to me that would make me cry uncle, now. My pussy is your ashtray."

"I thought that would get you. Maybe, now, Sarah will get off my case about smoking. You'd better get a move on or you'll miss the bus."

Heather climbed out of bed, saying. "Yeah, I have to run."

"We won't be here when you get home. Sarah and I are driving to Austin to check out a special dog at their pound. We might get a hotel room. Then again, we might pop in on you and your father and surprise you. You never know."

Heather stopped at the door to her private bathroom to say, "We'll be sleeping in your bed. Who knows what might happen. If you surprise us, you'd better bring the collar and chastity girdle."

"You might be all alone tonight. He has orders to stay away until we return. I doubt that he will, but in any event, he has a place to go and something to do that will probably keep him out late."

Heather struck a provocative pose, jutting out her ass with a sexy wiggle, saying, "Something better than this?"

Sue smiled and threw a pillow, saying, "Get going, you sexy little slut, before I rape your cute little ass myself."

Heather teased, "Promises, promises. You're all talk."

Sue launched herself from the bed. Heather giggle screamed, jumped inside the bathroom, quickly shut the door, and locked it. Sue rolled to her back, leaning on the door with folded arms, smiling the smile of a child molester with the perfect child, which looks exactly like the smile of a proud mother. Sue was both.

Heather fell asleep in classes, and when awake was plagued by nasty thoughts.

With all there was to think about, and all of it being highly erotic, she was lucky the day was devoted to admin bullshit. She wouldn't have learned a thing otherwise; and for once, she looked forward to the bus ride home.

The last hour of her day was spent masturbating in the nude at her desk which was perched atop her teacher's desk, a bizarre way to spend a class hour but most satisfying for a devout exhibitionist in a classroom full of kids eager to see everything she had and a teacher with the hots for her.

She thought mostly about Harold and his family.

The mother intrigued her most of all, and Heather pegged her as a mousy Suzie Homemaker from a good Christian family, dragged into a bestial relationship by a horny dog and bossy husband.

The father she first pictured as a pot-bellied, beer-drinking, blue-collar trailer trash who was stuck in his adolescence sexually, but then she remembered they were near neighbors in a high six-figure North Dallas neighborhood. He had to be a successful something or other and brainy Harold Goldstein was his son. Apples don't fall far from the tree. She had to completely rework her image of the father.

Bill was Harold's ten-year-old brother. She knew him, or she'd at least seen him around. He seemed normal, not a stunted brain like Harold. Though three years apart in age, they were about the same size.

Ruff, she knew very well. Ruff was a beautiful dog, well kept, clean and groomed-a very horny dog that loved licking pussy and would lick very deep if the pussy had a wad of peanut butter in it. When Ruff was roaming free back in January, Heather saw him often, and usually saw him licking deep in her sprawled mother's twat because Sue liked calling Heather over and engaging her in idle chit chat when he came to visit.

Heather found it impossible not to look at the point of contact, and it was Ruff who broke the ice, the first dog sex she didn't run from, being forced to watch through the ruse of conversation. She now saw this as part of her mother's seduction and it worked. Watching Ruff and her mother made her a devout bestiality fan. Everything they did looked good, was highly visual, highly erotic, very stimulating, all of it: anal, vaginal, oral, and twat lapping. Ruff was a stud and fast learner.

Heather could just imagine what Harold's mother went through when Ruff returned home from a visit with a seasoned human bitch having learned a new trick.

Heather tried to imagine how a woman like Harold's mother would gradually succumb to a bestial seduction. It wasn't hard to imagine with a husband like Harold's father driving them together, forcing them to live in close proximity, and forcing her to wear vulnerable clothing. Wearing a dress in a house with Ruff was like wearing red in a bull pasture. The woman was as good as his bitch.

The puzzling question was why was she allowed to wear panties, an effective penetration block if he wanted his wife to be a bitch to amuse him and his boys. Without panties to block the way, they'd see full penetration intercourse, much more degrading to a wife and mother, much more amusing to watch.

She should be in high heels and a collar with a shaved pussy.

That's a human bitch; that's home entertainment; that's how you degrade a woman like her. Make her live like a bitch, day in and day out. No privacy and no intimate secrets.

Perhaps, he just didn't think of it or didn't have total control over his woman. Heather knew she could help in both events. If his wife couldn't pussy whip him, she could.

Heather figured he'd think of it after sex and whip his bitch into submission if he ever wanted more young pussy. The question was, would he have the balls to fuck a minor in front of his wife and kids. He would if he were properly motivated and the minor made all the overtures. That was doable.

Heather couldn't wait to meet with Harold and get her thousand questions answered. He couldn't wait to see her to show her that he learned his lesson.

No sooner were they seated then his hand was up her skirt feeling her naked pussy without asking permission. She liked that. He was a bright boy and soon had his fist up her cunt, her blouse undone, and both tits exposed-a gutsy little bastard, too.

Heather let him have his way with her body as she got her questions answered.

She found that Jenny, his mother, was a Suzie Homemaker from a Born-Again Christian upbringing, but she wasn't mousy. Douglas, his father was mousy, a little guy. He was the bright one, an attorney. Jenny could whip his ass, but he made all the money. He told her she had to wear dresses and couldn't wear panties. The dress with panties was their compromise and he had to fight hard to get her to compromise.

Jenny fought him and the dog and fought well until only recently. Most of what Harold saw was in the past month, and Bill's spying was done just last week.

Jenny was losing the fight and was no longer putting up much of a struggle against Douglas or the dog. The fact that he wanted her to be the dog's bitch had been in the open for several months. The whole family knew. Jenny answered to Bitch, and if told to let the dog sniff her bitch pussy, she'd allow his head under her dress and endure the sniff, which was really a crotch licking, which always led to a mounting, which more and more was a successful mounting, a successful mounting being defined as one where her dress was pushed up out of the way so that they could see the dick poking her panty-covered pussy.

Douglas was responsible for getting her dress out of the way, but she'd stop him from pulling her panties out of the way. What he won, he had won by degrees. By persistent effort, he was now pushing her dress into her armpits and freeing her tits. She'd try to cover her naked tits with an arm, but that made it difficult to defend her crotch. Her bestial rapes were assisted rapes.

Ruff and Douglas were a good team that Jenny was on the verge of surrendering completely to. Heather couldn't arrive on the scene at a more opportune time.

All Jenny needed was a little push to go over the edge. Against Douglas, Ruff, and Heather, she stood no chance whatsoever.

Heather resolved to take the licking, but Jenny was taking the first fuck, buck naked and balls deep the way a good bitch should. Afterward, Heather would shave the bitch's pussy for her. They'd have her put on high heels. Douglas would place Ruff's collar on her, and in that proper attire, she'd assume her role as the family bitch and home entertainment center. Anyway, that was the plan she came up with on the bus.

Heather explained her plan to Harold on the walk home with his finger up her ass the entire way. He loved the plan and was sure it would work. When they arrived at her door, he tried to fuck her standing up but couldn't reach high enough to get more than the head in. He had to jump up and down to get a fuck and that constantly dislodged him. Heather took pity, brought him into the empty house, stripped naked for him, laid down, and allowed him to rut on her body.

He seemed to enjoy it. Heather was a bit disappointed in her first true fuck, but it was fun watching the little guy rut. He reminded her of a poodle-all energy and hardly any equipment.

He was a squirter, though, and she thought about the semen she'd just taken in her unprotected womb, only she thought about it after she'd taken it. Bearing a bastard was a pleasant thought, but not his bastard. Daddy's bastard, a black man's bastard, a wino's bastard, a rapist's bastard, yes, but not a shrimp, brainiac, book-toter's bastard.

Heather had to kill two hours before both of Harold's parents would be home.

Jenny wasn't employed but she did volunteer work at the public library. They'd both be home at six. Harold killed five minutes, but then was ushered out of the house so Heather could douche by lying in the tub with her cunt lifted and opened under falling water from the faucet spout-a good way to masturbate but a great way to douche.

While there, she showered and shaved her pussy extra close. She made herself pretty and carefully selected her attire, trying on several skirt and blouse combinations to see which looked best with nothing underneath. She opted for a thin white cotton blouse because her naked tits showed through so well.

The skirt was a pleated skirt from her Junior High days, the eighth grade when she was a pompom girl. She could barely get it snapped and talk about short.

She'd grown a lot in two years. The hem just barely hid her twat.

Black shoes and white socks completed the outfit and she modeled before a floor-length mirror, admiring the effect.

She looked young, but she looked like a well-developed young.

She sure liked showing that much leg. She had great legs and the skirt showed all of her great legs.

Heather had the look she was after. She'd make an impression on someone. If Douglas was any kind of man, he'd be a hard man at first glance. Once hard, he'd be easy.

Jenny would take one look and see a little slut.

She would not approve of her son associating with such a girl and would not want him to bring her into their home. Tough tittie, Miss Kitty. Heather giggled. She was feeling naughty, very naughty.

Jenny was in for a rough night.

At six-fifteen, Heather left the house, headed five houses down, but in their neighborhood, five houses down was almost two regular city blocks. She left a note for her father to call at the Goldsteins' because she didn't want to return to an empty house unless she had to.

Harold was to see that Ruff was put away until after introductions were made.

If he weren't, there'd be no introductions.

One look at all that bare leg, knowing pussy was at the top, and he'd get busy.

He'd smell the peanut butter long before he got there.

Heather had a peanut butter wad as big as a tennis ball, rolled into a turd shape, hardened in the refrigerator, and stuffed deep just before she left the house. If Harold waited too long, the brown cream would start leaking out-not a pretty sight for those who didn't know what it was. Once Ruff started licking, they'd never see any unless he quit before he got it all. He never had before, and she had thirty minutes worth up her snatch, long enough to thaw the coldest bitch, long enough to give the Pope an erection.

Harold met her at the door and led her in. The others were waiting in the living room to meet his new girlfriend.

Jenny had insisted the dog be put away. She put on a nice dress and freshened up to meet Harold's first girlfriend. Douglas kept his suit coat and tie on.

They even made Bill put a white shirt on and comb his hair.

As Harold brought Heather into the room, Douglas' eyes went wide and Jenny's jaw dropped. Bill said, "Wow, Heather Elton! You never said your girlfriend was Heather. Way to go, Harry."

Harry led Heather before his gawking father and said, "See, Dad, didn't I tell you she was a knock out. Doesn't she have great legs? Show him the back of your legs, Heather."

Heather turned and planted her feet shoulder width apart as Jenny exclaimed,

"Harold! That's rude."

If she thought that was rude, when Harold lifted the back of Heather's skirt so his Daddy could see her pussy and said, "Aren't they great legs, Dad?" Jenny almost shit, especially when Heather bent forward and placed her hands on her knees.

Douglas sat forward to closely examine the most gorgeous shaved pussy he'd ever seen in his life as his amazing son showed more of the sexy girl's bare ass, pushing the skirt up on her back. Jenny, hanging on the back of her husband's chair, was speechless, seeing the same thing Douglas was. Bill came around the chair to kneel at his father's knee for the best view he could get, and that prompted Jenny to say, "Harold, stop that.

You're being vulgar. That is no way to treat a girl, especially a guest in our home."

Harold said, "She doesn't mind. She'll even let you feel. Do you want to feel her legs, Dad? You can if you want. Feel all over. She likes being felt up.

Feel anywhere, even between her legs if you want. She don't mind. She's a slut."

Douglas and Bill were already taking Harold up on the offer and focusing on the most intimate areas as Jenny said, "Oh my god! Douglas, you get your hands off that girl.

Bill, you get over here, now. Harold, put her skirt down this instant and button her blouse back up."

They all did as Jenny said, but Heather stood and shrugged the blouse off before Harold could button it. She turned around to display her proud titties, now wearing only the skirt, shoes, and socks. She took the initiative and moved to greet Jenny with an outstretched hand, politely saying, "You must be Jenny.

I'm Heather. Harold has told me everything about you. You're much prettier than I expected."

Jenny shook the hand coldly and stiffly, dropped it after the obligatory two shakes, narrowed her eyes on hearing this, folded her arms, and said, "Just what did he tell you that would make you think I was ugly?"

"Nothing. I guess I got that impression because he said you let your dog fuck you. I just assumed you were ugly.

Most women who serve as human bitches are I would assume, otherwise they could find human sex partners. You must be the exception to the rule. I doubt you'd have any trouble attracting any man.

I can tell you have a shapely body with big titties. You just need to dress in sexier clothes. If you have sexy legs, you should let them show. Men like women with big titties and sexy legs.

I'm a leg gal myself. Can I see your legs?"

Heather was stalling to allow Harold time to fetch the dog. His cue was when she shook hands with his mother. Jenny recoiled at Heather's first sentence and never recovered. Each inflammatory statement drove another stake in her heart.

By the time Heather asked to see her legs, Jenny appeared faint and burdened by the weight of all those stakes.

Douglas was not faint. He was excited. He turned in his seat, and said, "Show her your bitch legs, Jenny.

She knows. There's no point in hiding this from her. Lift your dress and show her what bitch legs look like. Do it, Jenny!"

Jenny was now red as a beet and hyperventilating as she saw Harold leading Ruff into the room. Harold saw the scene as Bill and his dad got up to stand on both sides of Jenny as she faced Heather, who waited expectantly looking down.

Harold hung onto Ruff's collar, keeping him from reaching Heather's ass.

Jenny saw this and slowly reached for the hem. The hem rose up her legs under Douglas' encouragement to go higher and show more until all of her panties showed with an inch of bare tummy showing as well.

Heather studied the provocative display, then dropped to her knees and felt the twin columns of flesh, using both hands on one then the other, feeling over every inch from heel to crotch, saying, "So these are bitch legs. I think they're very sexy bitch legs. I'll bet most bitches don't have legs this nice and shapely. I'll bet most bitches don't shave their legs for a dog. I doubt a dog would care. You must love your dog a lot to keep your legs so nice and soft and sexy looking.

I know if I was a dog, I'd get a big hard-on if I saw legs like these on a bitch."

Jenny absorbed every word of praise as she watched the fondling of her legs as intently as the guys did, marveling at the sensuous way Heather moved her hands over intimate flesh.

Each time her hands came to the crotch, they pressed against her sex, giving the shrouded cleft a good rub before going back down.

On the fifth pass, Heather cupped Jenny's pussy, squeezed, and said, "Is this your bitch pussy, Jenny? Is this the pussy you let your dog fuck when no one is home? Bill skipped school and spied on you one day last week. He said he saw you naked, sitting in a chair with your legs wide, guiding Ruff's hard cock into your pussy. He said you fucked him three times that way.

He said you could control the pace by holding his haunches. Is that the best way to fuck a dog, Jenny?"

Jenny was fucked and knew it. The truth was out, now. She didn't need to look at Bill, and she certainly didn't want to see her husband's victorious grin.

Her dirty secret was out. There was no denying it and future imitation mating would be real. Her shame was in her expression, but so was her arousal.

Imitation mating was driving her crazy, and with the boys soon to be out of school and underfoot all summer long, the prospect of three months of nothing but imitation mating did not thrill her. Heather's exposure was welcomed on one level. Jenny nodded in the affirmative while biting on her lower lip and dying of shame.

Shamed though she was, she loved what Heather was doing between her legs, turning abject shame into passionate degradation, the kind of degradation a woman wants to wallow in.

Her knees bowed and she thrust out her cunt into the firmly massaging hand of the sexy slut who had her by the cunt in more ways than one.

Heather had her and knew it. Jenny's crotch was sopping wet. Heather looked up and said, "Can I see your bitch pussy? Can I pull your panties off?"

Jenny didn't say no, so Heather took that as a yes and pulled her panties down her legs. Jenny lifted one foot after the other, then held her dress higher as both of Heather's hands returned to run over areas she hadn't felt. After feeling all that she could reach from her kneeling position, even going under the bra to mold and squeeze her D-cup breasts, rolling and tweaking the hard nipples, Heather brought her hands into the crotch to part the cunt lips, bringing forth a moan of new shame as the last shred of decency dissolved with her final intimate secret becoming a public curiosity as two heads joined Heather's to view the sight.

Evidently, even Douglas hadn't seen the inside of his wife's pussy. Heather made sure they saw it all. Jenny helped by tilting her pelvis up and widening her knees, effectively placing her cunt on display. If there was any shame left in the woman, it didn't show.

Heather felt a trickle of fluid leak out of her own twat. Harold saw it, knew what it was, and released the dog.

Ruff caught the trickle and sent his long tongue deep. Heather swooned and said, "Oh, Jenny, your dog is licking my pussy.

Oh god, he's licking my womb! Boy, he sure has a long tongue.

Ummm, this feels wonderful. It feels like he's fucking me with his tongue. I hope this doesn't make you jealous, Jenny. You're not angry with me, are you?"

Jenny shook her head watching her three guys drop to their knees at Heather's ass to watch the dog's tongue fuck a cute young pussy with no hair on it.

Heather said, "I feel like returning the favor. Would you like me to lick your pussy for you since your dog is licking mine? I will if you ask me to."

Heather was nuzzling Jenny's pussy, blowing her hot breath on sensitive inner tissues, rubbing her nose on the clit. Jenny watched and felt, then said,

"Would you mind?"

Heather smiled and began licking like a dog, lapping the hairy beaver. Jenny's legs were like rubber. Heather passed both arms through the upper thighs to force a wider spread as she reached back and clutched the enthralled woman by the hips.

Now forced into a vulgar squat to receive her twat lapping, the guys took interest and abandoned Heather's ass.

Harold and Bill took kneeling positions on either side peering into the spread Heather lapped at. Douglas got behind his wife and divested her of her dress and then the skewed bra, leaving her naked in a vulgar stance. He reached through her arms to hold her by the breasts, peering down on the scene in her crotch by hanging his head over the left shoulder, looking between pendulous breasts.

It was quite a sight he looked down on, and Jenny was looking down on it with him, their heads side by side, cheek to cheek.

The boys were helping Heather out by each pulling out on a cunt lip to give her a wide pink oval to lick, placing the inflamed and throbbing clit out in the open. Heather batted the big clittie with her tongue, then went low to lap at the hole or delve deep before returning to bat and flick the clit.

Douglas said, "So, Jenny, you've been fucking that dog like a real bitch. You look like a real bitch, now. You're giving those boys a good look at your bitch cunt. Have you no shame, woman? I suppose not. You're a bitch, now, aren't you?

No more games. It's all out in the open, now, babe. You have nothing to hide.

We see you for what you are, but we'd like to hear you say it, admit it, proclaim it, make it official. Tell your sons what you are, what that is between your legs, what that is they have their fingers on."

Jenny swallowed hard, took a deep breath, then said, "Harold, Bill, look up.

Look at me." They looked up to her face. "Your mother is a dog's bitch. I'm Ruff's bitch, his mate, his sexual partner, and I have been for the past two months only I've been keeping it a secret. I'm going to be a good bitch from now on and give him all the sex he wants whenever he wants it. I'll get naked and be shameless. You can watch us mate. You can fondle me and call me filthy names while we do it.

You may treat me like a bitch whenever you see me acting like a bitch. I don't care; I want you to treat me that way when you see that I'm about to mate with an animal. At all other times, I'm still your mother and I expect to be treated accordingly.

Now, look between my legs."

The excited boys lowered their eyes and stared at her pussy. Heather eased back so as not to block anyone's view and used her fingers to help the boys open it wider. Between them, they almost turned Jenny's pussy inside out, their fingers covering all the hair.

Jenny gazed on it, too, as she said, "That is my bitch pussy and that hole at the bottom of my slit is where the dog's dick goes. That's what he fucks, and that is where he deposits his dog semen. That's what makes my vagina a bitch pussy or cunt. When we fuck, you can watch the dog's dick fuck your mother's bitch cunt and when he's done, I'll let you watch the dog's sperm leak out of my pussy. I will remain naked until it all leaks out and is running down my legs and off my feet. I will assume whatever pose you want to see me in, whatever pose amuses you. Whenever I have dog semen on my body, you are free to treat me like a filthy bitch. Shame me and degrade me all you want, but when I'm clean and dressed, we go back to normal. You will always know when I'm a bitch and when I'm a mother, and you had best not get the two confused."

Jenny looked to her husband and said, "Are you satisfied, now? Is that what you want, Douglas?"

"Pleased as punch."

Heather said, "You should shave your cunt and keep it shaved. They'll be able to see more that way. The boys should be allowed to check your cunt for signs of dog semen if that's how they are going to determine how to treat you. It seems only fair."

Jenny said to Douglas, "Is that what you want, Douglas? Do you want your sons taking those liberties with my most intimate anatomy whenever the whim strikes them? Do you want me to keep my pussy shaved free of all hair so they can see everything better?"

"Yeah, that sounds great."

"All right, I'll shave it and keep it shaved.

[she looked down to address the boys] I will not wear anything under my dress so you boys can examine my pussy when you feel the need to do so. You must assume it is clean and ask politely, using the proper term, vagina. If you say, 'Mother, I'd like to examine your vagina,' I will allow you one minute in the position you prefer. You may part the labia lips and you may even pull the hole open and peer inside, but you may not insert anything.

You may examine my pussy one time unless I am ever alone with Ruff for any reasonable length of time. I will determine what is reasonable, but I should think two minutes is a minimum. I could not get him mounted and finished in under two minutes if I tried, but if it is over two minutes and you think we may have done something in that time, I will grant your request and give each of you the opportunity to satisfy yourselves that I behaved properly in that time. Is everyone happy, now? Am I the kind of bitch you want me to be? Is there anything else I can do to amuse you? I want it all out now. Harold, how about you? Are you satisfied?"

Harold nodded his head. Jenny looked to Bill.

"Are you happy, Bill?"

"Yeah, if you do like you say, sure."

She looked to Douglas. "How about you, Douglas? Am I the bitch you want now?"

"I already said I was satisfied."

"I know, but I've set terms and conditions since then. Do those terms and conditions seem reasonable?"

"Yeah, as long as you live up to them, I'll have no complaint. I just want you to be a good bitch. It sounds to me like you're resolved to being a good bitch.

Just see that you stay that way. There's no going back as long as you're married to me. You're a bitch, now, and you're going to stay a bitch."

"I understand that, Douglas. You win. I'm a bitch and I will remain a bitch. I will not fight it ever again.

Furthermore, I am resolved to be a good bitch. I am sure you will all be well entertained and thoroughly amused. I won't begrudge you that. I won't do anything with Ruff unless I have an audience."

She looked to Heather. "How about you, Heather? You're part of the family, now.

Is there anything you want?"

"Yes, there is. First, I want you to wear a dog collar, always. Second, I want you to remain naked except for high heels, always when in this house. Third, your knees should never be closer than necessary. You need to keep your bitch cunt out and open where the dog has access to it. Fourth, you need to teach Ruff how to fuck your ass and your mouth in order to be a good bitch and be able to offer variety, and you should swallow his cum when he fucks you in the mouth. Fifth, you should put on performances when you fuck, and if they aren't entertaining enough, not dirty enough, not vulgar enough, or you don't grovel enough for the dog's cock, you should get a beating with a belt from each person who gives you a thumb's down so that you'll try harder next time. What number am I on?"

Douglas said, "Six."

"Sixth, since Doug's wife is a dog's bitch, he should be permitted to keep a mistress, several if he wishes, and you should be subordinate to all mistresses. When a mistress sleeps over, you should be kept on a chain at the foot of the bed. Seventh, since your sons have a bitch for a mother, they should be permitted to practice sex on you and experiment using your body. You should entertain their friends and let them sell your sexual services to their buddies. I should have that same right as long as Harold is my boyfriend. Other than those seven little things, no, nothing."

They were all looking at Heather as though she'd just emerged from a flying saucer. Clearly, they were not a sophisticated group of bestiality buffs, and exotic sex was doing it with the lights on. Heather got the impression that Jenny had never cheated, never sucked a dick in her life, never used her anus as a sex organ, and hadn't given incest much thought. She was thinking about those things, now, as were her guys. Heather's ideas were a big hit with them.

As Jenny looked from guy to guy, she saw they each wanted to make major modifications in their wish lists. If she felt fucked before, she felt royally screwed now. A new genie had emerged from the bestial bottle and this genie was a nasty fucker in a pompom skirt.

Heather let the message sink in and drew everyone's attention to the thorough licking she was still getting. She did this by getting to her back and drawing her legs up, pushing out as she held herself at the knees, making a spread the dog feasted on.

The guys left Jenny to gather around. Jenny joined them. Heather could see that Jenny's mind wasn't completely on the debauch at hand. She was still mulling over being beaten for not being vulgar enough when she thought allowing a dog to fuck her was about as vulgar as a woman can get. Heather dashed that notion and made what she'd been doing seem tame, child's play.

To be the bitch Heather wanted was to be a bitch, a slut and a bitch, a bisexual incestuous bitch slut. Clearly, the woman needed help getting over that hump.

As Jenny observed the performance Heather put on, she knew her guys were thoroughly won over to Heather's idea of what a bitch should be. She was their queen. She was now running the asylum and the bitch was nuts, a slut, a true pervert of the highest order, and the one who probably corrupted a good dog who ended up corrupting a decent man, good kids, and a wife who never strayed or thought an impure thought until a handsome animal fell in love with her sexy body and wouldn't leave her alone. The genie was, indeed, out of the bottle, but how to get it back without losing her family, and more importantly, how to get this new genie out of her once happy Hebrew home.

Heather watched Jenny closely and could almost read her thoughts. The woman wanted out badly but could see no way. She was at a crossroads and could go either way. Heather knew her mother would know how to deal with a situation like this, but Heather didn't know what to do. She was winging it and didn't have a great deal of hands-on experience backing her up.

Heather was losing ground fast as Jenny slid deeper and deeper into remorse and regret. She could not let herself become like Heather, no way could she let that happen, no way could she writhe shamelessly under a mutt the way Heather did, not with her guys looking on like sex fiends. She shuddered at the thought.

Heather saw that she was losing but was powerless to stop herself from writhing shamelessly, not with a tongue that felt that good and three guys watching from up close. The dog was almost out of peanut butter and would mount someone. She was the one in position. She was the one who'd get fucked. The plan was coming unraveled like a Mexican sweater.

The dog finished his treat and simply stepped over Heather. Someone guided his cock and he was soon fucking the bitch in the pompom skirt. Heather went nuts.

They never saw such cock groveling. The bitch was in heat and getting what she craved, a good animal rut on the floor in public. Jenny was so disgusted, she quietly put her dress back on and left the scene, left the house, and left the county.

She called from her parents' house in Denton two hours later, two dog fucks and a dog blow job later, six human fucks and three human blow jobs later. She wanted to speak to the bitch. Douglas put Heather on as Ruff got mounted and sent his dick up her ass: "This is… ughh… Heather!"

"I want you out of my house and out of my son's life. You are an evil demon sent straight from Hell. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, I demand you be gone and never return."

"Was it… ughh… something I said… ughh?"

"You know very well what you said. How dare you corrupt my good family. How dare you do your filthy work in a good Christian home-I mean, Jewish home. How dare you corrupt innocent children with your evil filth."

"It sounds like you… ughhh… want to renegotiate… ughhh… the deal.

It was just… ughhh… a suggestion, you know… ughhh… God damnit, will someone pull this fucking mutt out of my ass so I can talk with your fucking mother. Jesus Christ!"

"Don't use the Lord's name in vain?"

"Sorry, I thought you were Jewish… Thank you, Harold… Okay, Jenny, I can talk, now."

"There is nothing to talk about. Just leave."

"Look, Jenny, I am not an evil demon. I was a virgin until this afternoon and this is the first time I've had sex with a dog. Your son won me over by telling me about all the nasty things he saw you do with your dog. He brought me over, concocted this scheme, and they've been raping me ever since you left. He told me what to say and do. I just did what he said.

You and your family owe me an apology. You and your family corrupted me. I was a good Christian until I met Harold. Now, I'm just like you, a slut for a bunch of horny Jews."

"You're a demon is what you are."

"My Mom would think he was a demon, and she'd think you were the biggest demon of all for having sex with a dog in front of your family. She'd turn you in to the police and have you arrested. If you keep treating me this way, I'm going to tell my Mom. I'm just trying to be a good girlfriend, but all Harold wants is a good bitch for his dog and slut for his family.

If you guys want me to be your slut, I don't mind. I mean, I'm already ruined and probably pregnant with a Jew bastard in my womb. I'm saved, so I may as well go all they way and be a Christian sex slave. I'll serve you and all your Jewish friends. I'll bear your bastards and even be a good bitch for your dog, but you could at least be nice to me."

This took the wind out of Jenny's sails, and with both of her parents eavesdropping, having heard this new version, now looking at her in a new way, seeing their good girl as a lying bitch, Jenny's billowing sails luffed and the keel dropped off of her parental support boat.

What she had all figured out was now unfigured.

She felt naked before her parents' astonished perusal as they looked her over as though she had a rabbi's dog mounted on her.

They'd never looked at her that way before and she knew denying the girl's charge would be pointless since Heather confirmed long-held beliefs about Jews.

They believed the girl, wanted to believe, and the desire to wallow in new degradation swelled Jenny's heaving ex-born-again bosom.

She changed her tone instantly and said, "I am so sorry, Heather. I guess I had you figured all wrong. What you say is true. I can now see where we corrupted you. It's mostly my fault. I should have resisted but I couldn't. I didn't. The flesh is weak. I have sinned terribly and sinned against nature.

Sweetheart, please don't tell your mother anything. We'll get this straightened out, and I'll make this up to you. I promise.

Heather, can you hold for a sec? My parents want to talk to me."

"Sure. I'll wait."

We now move to Denton where Jenny is cupping the mouthpiece and facing two accusing parents wearing we-told-you-so, holier-than-thou expressions. Her mother said, "Jenny, you tell us the truth. Did you have sex with that animal?"

Jenny lowered her eyes and said, "Yes, Mother."

Her father said, "Did you let your children see you copulating with a dog?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Her mother said, "Well, this does cast things in a new light. Jenny Marie, you get back on that phone and find out what she wants to make this right. You got yourself into this mess when you married that Jew, and by god, you'll get yourself out, or so help me, we'll disown you."

Her father added, "Let me make this clear to you, Jenny. You give that girl whatever she wants, I don't care what it is. You place yourself at her mercy. I don't care what she wants. You do as she says or you'll have no place to go if your marriage falls apart. You married that Jew bastard against our wishes. We told you what they do to Christian women, but you ignored us. You believe us, now, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy. I believe everything you said."

"You buttered your bread and now you're going to lie in it. If you have to lie down with his dog to make him happy, then you lie down with his dog. If he wants his sons to watch their mother copulating with an animal, you let them watch.

That's their way of rearing their younguns. He's showing them how to treat a Christian wife. You let him show those boys and when they become of age, we will win them over to Christ because they will know the truth of our words from first hand experience.

That's how you are going to serve the Lord. You will remain in that marriage and serve as an example. Your soul is saved thanks to us. You have a place reserved in Heaven, but while you're still here on Earth and I'm still living and breathing, you will remain in that marriage or be disowned. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Furthermore, the more shame and degradation you have to suffer the better as far as I'm concerned. You've brought enough shame on this family by marrying that Hebrew and bearing him two Jew bastards. If word got around that you were a bitch for his dog, it would be a step up, so don't think we're going to hide this from a damn soul. Like I said, your perverted life can serve the Lord as an example to others, and I see our Christian duty as heaping as much degradation on you as we possibly can, and I think your mother agrees with me."

Jenny was getting a big dose of Born-Again hypocrisy, the same crap she ran from when she married Douglas. It never ceased to amaze her that they could always bend the faith to suit any purpose and rationalize any desire. This was no different, only this time, she liked what she was hearing. It was making her pussy wet. The bullshit was almost laughable, but she was careful not to crack a smile. She kept her head hung, eyes downcast, and looked humble, repentant, and penitent. Most important, she had to look like she was buying into their bullshit to encourage them to keep on this bizarre course. They were buying.

Her mother added, "I most certainly do agree with you, John. Our Christian duty is to heap humiliation on this girl and force her to live this life she chose.

She's getting exactly what she deserves. I, for one, do not pity her in the least. She should remain with that Jew and do exactly as he says.

She'll serve as a fine example that way. So far, he's done an excellent job of degrading his Christian wife. I'm sure he is held in high esteem by his fellow Jews."

Her father said, "Yes, he got a real winner in Jenny. Pretty soon, he'll be passing her around to all his hebie gebie jew-boy buddies. Next, she'll be out on some South Dallas street corner fucking niggers and every got damn thing else. I hope he does. I'll find the biggest, blackest, ugliest nigger in South Dallas and give him the money to buy a piece of her white, Jew-lovin' ass. See if I don't."

They were going strong, now, working themselves into a righteous lather, and Jenny's pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Her mother said, "Jenny, as far as we're concerned, the dog is your husband now. Douglas is simply your keeper. He is not welcome in this house but your husband is. We will afford the dog all the courtesy we would give your husband, and if he wants to mate with you in our living room, we will permit it and you will allow it. If you ever want to be a decent woman in our eyes again, you should accept your calling and shoulder your burden."

Jenny's wetness was now in a lather as she said, "I do, Mother. I made a terrible mistake and should be made to suffer the consequences. If living the life of a Christian sex slave can serve as an example to others and my sons get saved as a result, then my humiliation, shame, and degradation can all serve a purpose, and I can once again be of service to our Lord Jesus Christ."

Her father pounced on this, saying, "Are you saying you'll serve the Lord as a human bitch, openly and allow others to see what you are, hiding nothing?"

"Yes, Daddy. You can announce it to the church.

I'll attend the service with the dog, and I'll be dressed like a Christian sex slave if you think that would serve the Lord and impress young Christian girls, keeping them from following the path I chose."

"Would you let the dog mount you?"

"If you want me to, I will."

"It's not what I want, it's what the Lord wants. You will be hauled before the congregation and you will mate with the animal. I'll speak with Pastor Jenkins first thing tomorrow and make all the arrangements for a special service just for the young women, possibly this Wednesday. You keep Wednesday evening open.

Plan on being here with the dog and have that sex slave outfit. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Daddy. I'll be here."

Her excited mother now waded in, saying, "If you're sincere about this calling, then take off your wedding ring and put on a dog collar."

"Are you serious?"

"I am dead serious. In our eyes, you are a human bitch wedded to a dog. Do you understand me, young lady? No, let me rephrase that. From now on, we will address you as, Bitch, and you will answer to the term, Bitch. Do you understand me, Bitch?"

"Yes mother! Please, call me Bitch from now on. They call me Bitch at home.

Even my sons call me Bitch. It is only right that you and Daddy call me Bitch.

Here, you can keep my wedding ring. I'll get a dog collar and wear it always.

When I visit, I'll bring my husband, my canine husband, the one you recognize as my husband. I will prove to you and Daddy that I'm being a good wife to him.

Each time I visit, I'll prove it to you. Would that be satisfactory?"

Jenny could see the sexual excitement in her mother's eyes as she said, "How will you prove it? Be explicit. We want to know exactly what you'll do to prove that you are being a good wife to a dog. Make no mistake about it, Bitch, we do want proof, absolute proof each and every time you visit. What will you do to insure that we have that proof, and when I say be explicit, I mean use language that leaves no doubt. Well?"

"I could induce him to mate with me. Is that what you mean by absolute proof?"

Her father said, "Your mother told you to use language that leaves no doubt, Bitch. And you know very well what we mean by absolute proof."

Jenny looked to her father who openly rubbed his erection, a nice respectable lump she'd noticed from early childhood.

She continued to stare at the bulge he was showing her the dimensions of as she said, "As absolute proof that I'm being a good wife to the dog, I will strip naked in front of you and Mom, then do a sexy dance that places my crotch on display to induce the dog to fuck me so that you can see how I keep my dog husband sexually satisfied. As absolute proof, I will stand before you afterward so that you can see his sperm leaking from my bitch pussy and running down my bitch legs."

Her mother brought Jenny's attention back to her just as he was getting his dick out. Jenny tore her eyes away to hear, "That's better. Go on, Bitch. What else?"

"I will get him to fuck my pussy, my ass, my mouth, and when he fucks me in the mouth, I will swallow his seed, his doggie cum. I'll lick his cock and suck his balls, before and after sex."

Jenny turned back to her father as he spoke, now seeing his rampant erection, a mighty fuck muscle in all its glory being stroked and drooling precum as he said, "That's good, but we know you can do better. A good wife to a dog would be a vulgar bitch. What you just described is typical human sex. You have to prove to us that you can be a good wife to a vulgar animal.

How vulgar will you be, Bitch?"

Jenny's mother moved behind her as Jenny stood mesmerized by her father's cock.

She felt her mother's hands unzipping her dress, then pressing down hard on her shoulders. She went with the pressure and settled to her knees before him. Her father ran his weeping cock over her lips. She dropped the phone to grasp his cock with both hands. One hand cupped his balls while the other reverently stroked the shaft. She licked the precum off the head and shaft and then sucked the head into her mouth while pumping with her fist.

Her mother had straddled her back to peer over her head at the scene.

Jenny could feel her mother's pussy being pressed against the back of her neck.

She had her dress pulled high. Bare legs rubbed against her shoulders. She heard the crotch being ripped out of panties and then her hair was parted and moved off her neck. She next felt a warm, wet cunt smearing its way up her backbone like a giant slug.

Her mother was rubbing herself off on the bumps of her spine, sliding her cunt from a point between the shoulder blades to the hair line at the base of her head, a very odd sensation, but a very stimulating one, one that sent hot tingles up and down Jenny's spine.

Her mother watched the cock sucking for a few moments, then said without slowing her neck humping, "Answer your father, Bitch. How vulgar will you be with that animal?"

Consumed with passion, Jenny eased the exciting cock from her mouth and said,

"I'll let him lick my cunt while I masturbate to bring down more of my cunt juice."

She sucked him deep, then came off slowly to say, "I'll masturbate whenever he fucks my ass or mouth."

Again, she went down, then came off to add, "After he fucks my bitch cunt or my bitch asshole, I'll bring his fuck to my mouth and eat it."

She sucked again and said, "I'll let his fuck run down my legs and then lick it off my legs."

She jacked the shaft and licked at more precum, saying between licks, putting a lick or two between each word, "I'll do exercises to get limber enough to lick my own cunt, then I'll lick his cock while he's fucking my bitch cunt."

She sucked him deep and long while pumping hard, then eased off to say, "When he's done fucking me, I'll lap the drooling fuck right from my bitch fuck hole."

She sucked more and then added, "Will that be proof enough that I'm being a good wife for a dog, a good bitch?"

Jenny's mouth flowed over the head of her father's cock and she sucked hard while pumping the shaft as her mother said, "Yes, if you do that, we'll be satisfied that you're being a good bitch. You begin work on those exercises right away.

See if you can be ready by Wednesday evening. We want you to make a powerful impression on those young ladies. You find a good position to fuck in, one that allows you to suck the dog's balls and lick his canine cock while it's fucking your bitch cunt. I'm sure you're limber enough to do that, already. Now, stop sucking your father's cock, get back to that girl, and make her happy; and remember, we'll be listening in."

We return to Dallas where Heather says, "Yes, I'm still here."

Jenny said, "Heather, I'll be the bitch you want me to be. Tell the others.

Everything you want from me, I will provide. I'll put on good performances and accept a beating when I fail. I will serve you and any mistress Douglas brings home, and my sons may use me for sexual experimentation. They can invite their friends to use me as well. They can show me off and sell my sexual services.

I'll be a good bitch, a bisexual slut, and a good whore. I promise. Will that make you happy, dear?"

"Pleased as punch. How soon can you get back here?"

"Forty-five minutes."

"You have one hour. That gives you fifteen minutes to fuck your father while you eat your mother. Take an extra fifteen and have them shave your hairy cunt bald. Oh, and tell them I said thanks. You don't cup a receiver very well. Bye, Bitch!"

Back in Denton:

"John, we have the Lord's work to do. Go get your fucking razor. Bitch, strip!

Let's see if you can eat a cunt as well as you suck a cock. We'll demonstrate that to those girls as well. We'll show them exactly what a Christian sex slave does."

"Yes, Mother."

Heather had to leave the Goldsteins' shortly after the phone call from Jenny because her father called and wanted her to return home. She arrived home shortly before ten that evening and was met at the door by a naked daddy with an erection. She was scooped into his arms and carried giggling into the master bedroom where she was stripped and fucked properly by one of the masters.

After a proper incestuous fucking, he told her about his new secretary/whore, Dawn, but did not tell about her mother's role in adding the /whore to his lovely secretary.

Having met Dawn, Heather was awed that her father would do that to such a sweet girl. He just wasn't the type to force a newlywed into whoring and bearing his bastard, making the husband accept the situation, then fucking his bride right in front of him for hours on end. That was where he'd been and what he'd been doing, and explained why he had such trouble getting it up and keeping it up despite Heather's best efforts.

The story he told did sound exactly like something her mother would do and could easily arrange. She pictured Dawn up against her mother. Dawn stood no chance. Heather figured that her mother and father were playing games with her, that they were in league, that they had laid their adultery cards on the table and came to an agreement, and that her own seduction and draft into the slut world was a result.

She wasn't far off in her guess but didn't betray her suspicions to her father.

By this time, her attitude was: If they want to play games with me, I'm their toy. If it's games they want to play, I'll be a dumb toy.

Heather didn't mind being toyed with and used. She didn't mind being misused and abused, either.

She dropped more hints to her father that she craved rougher treatment, and after thinking about it all day, she did crave rougher treatment.

She told him several torture fantasies that she really wanted to experience, and she convinced him that she really did want to live them.

He found the bloody tortures disturbing and told her not to let her mother know she thought those things, not that it might lead to bloody torture, but that it could lead to nasty and mean treatment that he'd find difficult to tolerate even if he knew Heather loved it. Heather wanted hints dropped; he wanted no hints dropped; they dropped the subject.

Heather was dying to share her success and sexual adventure at the Goldsteins'.

She was very proud of herself, having instigated a bestial orgy on her own and been fucked fourteen times in one four-hour period-all three holes, man and beast. Turning an adult woman into a bestial sex slave was her major accomplishment, though she had to give most of the credit to Douglas and the parents. Still, she served as the catalyst, and she was duly proud.

Jenny Goldstein was her toy, and she didn't want her parents knowing she had her own toy, not after realizing that she was a toy to them. They had enough toys in their toy box. They didn't need to play with her toys. In fact, her toys were all of the Goldsteins and Jenny's parents. Heather loved those hypocritical holy rollers. She'd heard most of their conversation and saw through their bullshit immediately.

Heather knew they were both using Jenny during the long break in conversation.

She knew, Cora, Jenny's mother, was rubbing her bare cunt on Jenny's back and neck while John got his cock sucked. She knew because they talked openly about what they were doing: she, about how smooth, soft, and sexy Jenny's skin was and how the back of her neck was perfect to rub off on; he, telling what a great cock sucker their daughter was and how good she'd look with a big nigger dick in her mouth. That they were going to rape the fuck out of their daughter after the phone call was obvious. Giving the order made incestuous rape the Lord's work.

Heather was dying to get in the middle of that relationship but not while wearing a chastity girdle.

In fact, having toys like the Goldsteins while having her good parts under lock and key was in no way appealing. Avoiding the girdle became a high priority, and she let her father know in no uncertain terms that she would not tolerate a chastity device of any kind, and if one were put on her, she would call 911 if she had to if that's what it took to get it off.

He assured her that she would never be put in a chastity device, that the threat alone would make her mother think of something else. Heather was sure it would.

She relaxed, confident that her parents would hold a meeting with Sarah, put their heads together, and arrive at a solution that would keep their toy from dialing 911. How they accomplished that was their problem. She had her own toys to control, and getting in the middle of a group of born-again holy rollers who lived outside the county was her goal and challenge. She needed free time and freedom of movement before she could even begin formulating a plan.

That's when it hit her-church.

Of course, how better to get in the middle of a bunch of born-agains than to let them save you and join their church. It was perfect.

She'd been born-again three times already, and her parents had always let her go to church. She knew the routine and knew the rap. Perfect.

"Daddy, there's something else.

I want to go to church with Harold's grandparents. They live in Denton and they invited me to stay over on Saturday nights. They'll bring me back on Sunday night. Mom probably won't like it, but I want that. I want Jesus back in my life, now more than ever, and Harold's grandparents are so sweet and nice, so loving and giving. I want to spend that time with them each week and some Wednesday evenings. Make Mom understand, please."

This threw him. The three born-again phases had put their home life and their routines in turmoil and put a huge crimp in Sue's activities. She hated those times when her daughter thumped bibles and would cover her eyes on entering the house and hearing strangers or sucky fuck noises. Heather knew her mother would be difficult. Jack knew it too.

He thought for a while, then said, "Heather, your mother will pitch a bitch about this."

"I know, that's why I want you to handle it. I swear, this time, I won't preach or be a prude.

Daddy, tell her that if she allows me this time with Cora and John, Harold's grandparents, she can molest me all she wants and I won't ever complain or refuse to do anything. I'll be like a sex slave. That's what she really wants, a sexy little girl sex slave."

"And that would be okay with you and Jesus?"

"Sure. Mom can have my body; Jesus can have my soul."

"Where would that put us, you and me?"

Heather climbed on top and straddled his waist, bringing her nose to his while rubbing her wet cunt on his lower abdomen as she said, "It puts us in bed together doing nasty things if you're a good boy. Remember, I'm her sex slave.

I fuck who or what she tells me to fuck."

"And that's okay with Jesus?"

"It's in the Ten Commandments, silly. Honor and obey thy father and mother.

He'd be pissed if I didn't."

"It says father and mother."

"That's right. Fight over me if you want, but I'll obey both of you. I have to.

You guys will have to decide who gives the orders. I think Mom will win. I don't know, though. You can get your own pussy, now. You have Dawn; besides, you can rape me at will. She can't say or do anything about it if she's molesting me, too. You just need pictures. That shouldn't be hard to get. She loves taking pictures. Just look around. She took twenty just… uh, never mind. I shouldn't be ratting on her."

"So, she has molested you before, has she?"

"Daddy, I can't honor her by ratting on her, so forget it. Like I said, just look around."

"I already found them, Heather."

"Well, there you go. She has nothing on you and you earn all the money. Now, she has to be a good girl or you won't share me, will you?"

"Heather, why do I get the sneaking suspicion that you're playing games with us?"

"I don't know. Why do you think that?"

"For one, you're trying to get my soft dick up your snatch."

"Christians get horny, too.

We're not perfect. We don't have to be perfect, just saved. I'm already saved, three times saved. I'm now working on celestial jewels for my celestial crown.

I'm not much into jewels. Fuck crowns, I need hard cocks; fuck sparkling jewels, I need glistening sperm. I want my daddy's glistening sperm deep in my holy cunt.

I want my father's sperm to create an incestuous bastard in my fucking womb."

"God damn, Heather!"

"Ah, now we're getting hard… ummm, yes, oh boy are you ever hard! Oh, you nasty daddy.

You want to get your own daughter pregnant with your baby, don't you? Oh, you wicked, wicked man, you."

"Heather, you little bitch!"

"That's horny little bitch, and this horny little bitch is horniest for her father's cock.

You're fucked, Daddy. You love this tight, young pussy I have between my legs.

You have to have it, don't you? Well, I have news for you. This pussy owns your cock and your cock can't satisfy the demands of this one pussy much less take on the job of getting your secretary pregnant. You're going to have to hire a stud for that job. I'm staking my claim on every sperm cell you can produce, and with school out, I can get on a bus and visit you in your office any time I want. I'd like to see you resist me in a short skirt and no panties with my cute titties showing, me standing there all cute and sexy with a finger in my pussy, going, 'Daddy, I'm horny.' You can't and you know it."

"Oh, god, you little she devil.

I'm cumming, Heather. Oh fuck, I don't believe it. Eight times in one fucking night. You're already killing me."

Heather, laughing, rode up and down on the weakly dribbling cock. It wasn't much of an ejaculation but sperm was sperm. She milked his cock with her pussy but his dick became soft very quickly and fell out unexpectedly.

Heather rolled off and to her side.

She fondled the limp wet dick, saying, "Poor little guy.

He looks all fucked out, Daddy."

"He was all fucked out at eight this evening after three orgasms. This was number eight."

"I wouldn't brag about it.

You hardly gave me a teaspoonful of sperm, and I'll bet it was mostly fluid.

That last pathetic load must have had a two digit sperm count. I need a lot more than that to conceive an incestuous bastard."

"You want that, huh?"

"Don't you? The idea sure makes your dick hard. Wouldn't I look cute ballooned out to here with your baby growing in my womb, my titties out to here, bursting with mother's milk, waddling around the house in the nude going, 'Mommy, look what Daddy did to me. I can hardly walk and I can't reach my pussy to masturbate; besides, there's no room in there for my dildo. Daddy's bastard is taking up all the room. Would you please eat me out and make me cum, please, pretty please!' "

"You do go on, don't you, Madam Fantasy?"

Heather laughed, "It could happen. The question is, do you want it to happen.

I'm willing.

I'd love to bear your bastard. The problem is, it won't happen with you, not with every Tom, Dick, and Harry dumping his sperm in my baby factory. If Mom has her way, that's what'll happen starting Thursday with the painting crew.

You need to be able to decide whose sperm gets to the factory if you want to be the daddy or decide who gets to be the daddy. If it would turn you on more to see me nursing a black bastard while I masturbate, you still need that control."

"You want me to win the fight, is that what this is about?"

"I don't care who wins, but I would prefer you two share your sex slave. You should both have to compromise to get the things you want. I'm staying out of it.

I'm only thinking of Jesus and the Celestial Kingdom and my paltry little crown with no jewels on it. You two can fight over my body and what's done with it. I should say, you three. Like it or not, you're in a three-way marriage with Sarah. You'll have to divide me up three ways, four counting me. I get one day."

"So that's what this is all about. What have you got going with Grandma and Grandpa Goldstein?"

"It's not Goldstein. They're Jenny's parents, and I'm not telling, but you can bet your sweet ass I won't be earning any jewels in their church."

"You little slut."

"Smile when you say that, podner."

The bedroom door flew open and Sue's voice mocked, "Well, now, isn't this a pretty sight."

Sarah was with her and marched to the foot of the bed to peer between Heather's legs. She said, "They aren't fucking, now, but they did fuck. Look for yourself, Sue."

"I don't need to." Sue tossed a paper bag on Jack's chest and said, "Put those on the bitch."

Jack set Heather to the side and sat up, saying, "We have to talk, Sue."

"We'll talk later. I said put those on the bitch. Put them on or else."

"Can it, Sue. Heather, go to your room and wait there."

Sue looked from Jack to Sarah then to Heather as she brushed by her and the huge mutt she had on a leash. In passing, Heather patted the dog's head which was tit-high on her, saying, "Nice horsie."

They watched her cute little leaky butt walk away with a sexy sway in her step, a sexy confident sway. Sue looked to Jack once the little cream tart was out of sight. She said, "You blew it, didn't you? God damnit, I knew I couldn't leave you alone. $69.95 shot in the ass!"

"I didn't blow it, and since when did you care about blowing my money? Your daughter blew it.

She has her own agenda, and she threatened to call 911 if we ever place a chastity device of any kind on her vaginal playground."

Sarah sat on the edge of the bed looking deeply concerned, saying, "I am out of this as of right now, Sue. You promised me this would never happen with Heather."

"Relax. Let me get to the bottom of this. Jack, start from the very beginning and don't leave anything out."

Sue sat on the bed and Jack brought them current leaving nothing out. Sue smiled and said, "Well, it seems my little darling does have her own agenda, but as long as we play her game, we can still play ours. She wants one day, but she's giving us six. She wants to be divvied up four ways.

Well, let's divvy. Jack, she wants your baby or the baby of the man you designate, so her womb is yours. That goes without saying.


"Okay, her womb is mine. What do you want?"

"I want a bitch for my kennel and a whore for my friends. Meet Bowser. He's a fucker and a half, Jack. He was on death row. We had to get him before they gassed him. He'll just have to be a house dog until the kennel gets built."

"Fine. You have your bitch/whore.

Sarah, what do you want?"

"I don't want any part of her.

All I want to do is watch and only if it is totally safe and completely confidential. I won't take chances, not here in Dallas. I can't."

Sue said, "You can, now. Tell Jack what you'd like to see us do to Heather.

Tell him what we talked about all the way to Austin and back. You have the right to get what you want. He needs to know. Heather is willing, so put it on the table."

"Sue, I couldn't."

"You must. Look, he knows you're a kinky bitch. He saw the pictures. Remember the pictures? He saw you butt fuck his daughter. He saw you piss in her mouth.

He has seen your naked pussy with his daughter's tongue in it.

Hell, he's seen your asshole with her tongue in it. You have no secrets from this man, Sarah Brewer. He already knows what a sick and nasty gorgeous bitch you are. Tell him how sick and nasty.

You might make his dick hard and you can get a fuck out of it, though I'd be impressed if he could help you out tonight."

Sarah chuckled, looked at Jack's tired soldier, smiled, and said, "You're right. I'm being silly. Your daughter wore you out, didn't she, Jack?"

"It took two girls eight screws to do this to my little guy."

Sarah took a deep breath and let it out slowly, looked to Jack, and said, "I'm into seeing some heavy child abuse, Jack. I grew up in the perfect home with picture perfect parents. I envy girls who suffered hard physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their parents. My life was so boring it was torture. I'd like to see it done to Heather by you and Sue."

"Sue's right. Heather is into it. How hard are we talking?"

"As hard as she'll take. Whatever you guys feel like doing to her, and whatever she'll tolerate, I'd like to witness."

Sue said, "She'd like to see some severe bondage with physical torture, Jack.

She wants to see Heather suffer terribly, but she's not into blood or anything that will leave bad scars. I know exactly what she wants. You needn't be involved in the heavy stuff, but you'll have to whip her hard when it's your turn. Heather will love it, so don't hold back or let it bother you. Whip the fuck out of her and turn a blind eye on the rest. That's what Sarah wants.


"Fuck, Sue. You're asking a lot."

"So are you. You want to knock up my daughter and use her as a mistress freely and openly. You'd like to fuck her in my marital bed with me in it, and make me subordinate to her when you're with her. You'd like to dump a load in her and then watch her rub her fucked cunt in my face, piss in my mouth, even whip me.

Hey, Jack, when you're on the scene, I'll be the lowest of the low. I'll grovel at the feet of any mistress you bring into this house. You've got it, but give Sarah what she wants."

Jack thought and said, "If Sarah will agree to be my sex slave, not a mistress, a sex slave, barring nothing and objecting to nothing as long as it's kept discreet in Dallas, I'll go along."

Sue looked to Sarah who clearly didn't like the sound of that. Sue said,

"You're going to have to compromise, Sarah. You're asking an awful lot of parents who aren't into that shit. You'll probably never get another opportunity to live this fantasy, not with a kid as cute and sexy as Heather."

Sarah looked to Jack and said, "Exactly what do you mean when you say sex slave? Be specific."

"Which of those two words didn't you understand, Sarah? It means anything sexual that strikes my fancy, you are a slave to it. Use your imagination, but I'll give you a hint. What you dish out to my daughter, you'd best be able to take. When you say uncle, I'll say uncle for her whether she likes it or not-the whistle blows, everyone out of the pool."

Sue said, "Jack, that's not fair. Sarah is not a masochist. Heather is."

"I don't care. I'm not saying it's going to be tit for tat or a tooth for a tooth, but if you two get carried away, I want a way to end it or get even if I want to get even. With that threat always hanging over her head, I think you two will use better judgment. or at least temper your bad judgment."

Sue said, "He's right, Sarah, and I agree. We need that. You saw how carried away we got in the car. We butchered her and fed her body parts to the dog, laughing and pissing in her horrified face while we did it. I told you that shit has a way of spiraling out of control. The reality is no different. We must have rigid controls in place. I know Jack.

As long as we don't hurt her so badly that he has to see her suffer or deal with a disabled mistress, he'll be happy. Am I right, Jack?"

"If Heather never complains, and I don't see her suffering, I'm not talking about being red and sore, I'm talking wounded, I have no reason to hurt anyone.

I won't hurt anyone for pleasure. Wound my daughter, and I'll see that you suffer, both of you. Hurt her badly, I mean maim or cripple her, and I'll call the police and file the charges."

Sarah stood and said, "That does it. I'm out of here. That's two people who have threatened to call the authorities and we haven't done a fucking thing yet."

Sue said, "Sit down, Sarah.

He was just being dramatic to make his point. No one is going to be maimed or crippled and Heather won't ever complain to him, so we're safe on that score.

We just have to be careful not to wound her and we would anyway."

Sarah thought this over, sat, then said, "I guess I'm just nervous. I can't believe this is actually happening, that we are actually going to do this. I feel like I'm part of a criminal conspiracy to abduct and injure an innocent child. I keep forgetting the innocent child is Heather and she's in on this.

Okay, what about the sex?"

Jack said, "Anything goes.

Balk at anything and the game is over. And be advised, when I said discreet, I wasn't including Jerry. You'll be a cheater, but he'll know you cheat because you'll be bringing your lovers home and fucking them in his bed, and you had best be prepared to start a family of little bastards because my sex slave had best be a fertile bitch, or I'll whip her ass raw."

"NO! You can't be serious! Sue!"

"Damnit, Sarah, that's one of your fantasies, so don't Sue me. Live it; you'll love it."

"Jerry would die if I lived that fantasy. That's only a good fantasy because it's so far out.

The reality would kill Jerry. I couldn't do that to him. He doesn't even want kids, much less another man's bastard, or other men's bastards. Jeez!"

"Let him die. With your looks, you can always get another Jerry, one that will take you and your bastards."

"I love Jerry. He's not an accessory. He's my husband, till death do us part, god damnit! I can't fuck Jerry over just to amuse you guys."

"Tough shit. I'm with Jack on this. We don't want to fuck over our daughter just to amuse you, either. If you want that child abuse fantasy realized, then you're going to have to fuck all over Jerry and see how much he loves you. We both know he'll take it just as Heather will. He won't take it without whining and crying, but to a cheating wife, a devoted and loving husband's whining and crying is music to her ears, or are you all talk? In or out, Sarah? Put up or shut up, but if you shut up, you're not going to see shit, ever, not in my house you won't. Well? What's it going to be?"

Sarah looked away obviously mulling over Sue's words. They let her mull. When she turned back, she said, "I guess I'm in. I'll put up. All right, Jack, I'm your sex slave. What are your orders?"

"First off, are you using birth control?"

"I'm on the pill."

"Get off. From now on, Jerry wears a rubber even if your pussy is full of sperm."

"Oh god!"

"I'm serious, and I'm going to have you take polygraph exams periodically to see if all of my orders were carried out faithfully. One bad report, one failure, and you get your gorgeous ass whipped."

"I said I'd get off the pill.

You don't have to threaten me. I will not be threatened or have my word questioned."

"You're a cheat. We already established that. Our relationship will never be based on trust and don't ever speak to me in that tone while you are a slave to me, your master. You'd better get this straight, you spoiled little bitch. I know you've never been talked down to or had your word questioned ever in your perfect little prim and proper life, but you are a slave, now, and I am your master, at least for the duration of this game. If you can't make the adjustment, we can't play with you. It's that simple."

Again Sue waded in with Jack, saying, "Sarah, he's right. You're spoiled rotten and you know it.

You hate it. You're pissed at your parents for spoiling you. Well, Jack will give you a sample of the flip side you've always wondered about. Quit when you've had enough, but you need to try it. You need your fine ass whipped is what you need."

"You are so right, both of you. I'm sorry, Jack. You're my master. I'm your slave. Put me in my place when I slip, but I do want this experience. Please, let me play. Let me try again. You may discipline me as you see fit or be abusive for no reason at all. Everything else aside, I need that; I really do.

I want to be owned and controlled even if this game doesn't work out. Sue and I have discussed this many times. I'd like you to be that man because Jerry could never be that type. He spoils me worse than my parents, but I do love him dearly. If you want me to hurt him, I will. I'll fuck him over and make him suffer if it will amuse you. I'll be a good sex slave, I promise. You have my word."

"Your word is worthless and your promises are hollow. You're a cheating whore who can't be trusted. I want to hear you say it, and say it like you mean it.

Convince me."

Sarah impishly bit her lower lip, looking from grinning Sue to smiling Jack.

She sat up straight, looked to Jack, and said, "I am a cheating whore, Jack.

You can never ever trust me to faithfully carry out your orders. You will need to polygraph me and I may lie just to see if it works or to see if your threat is real. If either is not the case, you'll have no control over me. I'll get back on the pill and I will not make my husband use a rubber, and there will never be foreign sperm in my vagina. I may have sex with other men, but that's only because I want to, but they'll wear a condom or pull out, because I will insist."

"You convinced me. Do test me, Sarah. Please do. Whipping your fine ass will be a pleasure.

I lied, I do love whipping a fine ass, but I'll control myself as long as you follow orders."

Sarah was rethinking her plan to test him. There was no masochist in that girl, none at all. She was scared shitless as Jack continued, "Now, I'm sure men come on to you all the time. Am I right?"


"Good, you are now available to go on dates and you may not refuse an invitation to date out of town. When on a date, you may not wear panties, but you must wear a short skirt, a micro-mini. You'll also wear a see-through blouse with no bra. Your attire should be a welcome mat to any man who sees you."

"You don't ask much, do you.

Sorry, that just popped out. I just never pictured you as the type that would require me to dress like a slut in public. That's okay. I'll dress like a slut, but not in Dallas."

"I'm not done, and don't interrupt me. You may not block, twist away, or shy away from any man's hand wanting to touch any part of your body unless you're in uniform or in Dallas-private homes excluded. You must treat cocks and tongues the same way. They are welcome in or on your body. If the owner has the balls, so does Sarah Brewer."

"Hold it! Time out! That's absurd, Jack. If I follow that order, I'll get fucked in public, gang banged in some places."

"How about that! I guess you'll have to choose between accepting a public fucking or a private whipping, won't you? That question will be on the exam, and you'll get a whipping for each time you reject a man's advance."

Sue said, "Tough choice, Sarah, but a fucking is better than a whipping, and public fucking is better than private fucking any day."

"You guys are out to ruin me."

Sue said, "So what. You're off the squad, now. What are you protecting?"

Jack said, "She's not a cheerleader anymore?"

"No, she's over the hill if you can believe that. They can't try out after the age of twenty-six.

They probably would have made an exception in Sarah's case, but someone told the manager that she was hanging out with a woman of questionable moral character and was told she couldn't try out for this season's squad. They're crazy. I have never seen Sarah with anyone like that, and we are always together."

Sarah angrily said to Sue, "They were talking about you, Sue. You're the woman of questionable moral character. You're the one that told the dance coach that breeding the girls to dogs would tone their legs. You're the one who suggested we do routines with dogs and change our name to the Dallas Cowbitches. You got me kicked off the squad, Sue. You'd better make that little bitch of yours suffer good, I mean really suffer. You owe me."

Sue said, "I did you a favor, you dumb bitch. You're too old to be flouncing around on a football field with pompoms in your hand. The Cowbitches are cramping our style. We can't do shit without you worrying about your fucking fans. Now, we can. You don't need to be discreet anywhere."

"Yeah, thanks to you."

"You're welcome. As for my little bitch, I'll make her suffer all you want as long as you can take what Jack dishes out afterward. It'll be up to you, Sarah.

If I see you want me to go on, I'll go on. I can take it. Can you? I'll wound the shit out of her if you want. I'll put her in a fucking wheelchair. Can you handle a wheelchair?"

That cooled Sarah and told Jack that he'd made the right choice. They did need a controlling influence.

The bitch had it bad. Sarah looked to Jack with a softer tone in her expression and softly said, "Jack, please go easier on me. You said discreet. I don't care if I'm not a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader anymore, I want discreet. I still have my fans. Following your orders will not be discreet. I'll be a whore in everyone's eyes in no time at all. Can't we keep this close to home and out of the public eye?"

"I'll tell you what I'll do.

You hang onto that uniform. Your career is not over, not by a long shot. Your fan club will double, triple, maybe quadruple.

Sarah Brewer posters won't just be the most popular, they'll outsell all the others combined. Interested?"

"Sure. I'd love that, but they told me to turn in my uniform."

"I'll have an entire wardrobe of uniforms made for you to keep?"

"Can you do that? They're made special, you know, and it's against the law to copy them."

"It's against the law to use a Dallas Cowboys trade mark, but stars on a sexy cowgirl suit is not illegal. People who see Sarah Brewer in a sexy cowgirl outfit will see a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. They won't be looking for trademarks. Let me worry about legal issues. Slaves just wear what they're told to wear, go where they're told to go, and do what they're told to do. Masters deal with the petty bullshit.

Are you interested in a new career as a solo act?"

"Yeah, very interested. I'd love it."

"If you take a job as a nude dancer in a Dallas club and work as an escort, a high class hooker, I'll drop that order. In this way, you can restrict your exposure to the small seedier set, but the exposure will be greater and local.

I know a club owner that would love to put your sexy Dallas Cowboys cheerleader ass to work and he needs a beauty like you that will do anything-parties, groups, porno, even the pooches.

I'll split the money with you right down the middle, tips included.

Remember the polygraph. You're not holding out on this pimp, bitch."

Sue said, "Hey, another direct hit on a fantasy. This is your lucky day, Sarah."

"The fuck it is. Most of my fantasies I want to remain fantasies. That's one of them, so is the open cheating one. Cheating on Jerry is one thing, but you want a prostitute porn star who dances nude in a local club and screws mutts in the back room. This isn't fucking Jerry over, this is sticking a knife in his heart, twisting, pouring salt in the wound as he's dying, then pushing him in a hole and kicking on the dirt while he's still breathing. Not only that, I'd be fucking over the girls on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

I don't want you to torture Heather to death, just make her suffer a little."

Sue said, "You're grossly exaggerating and your analogy sucks; besides, you should fuck over the Cowbitches.

Not one of those sluts stood up for you. They all want you off the field because you steal their attention away. They all move up one notch when you step off the field. Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all.

Jerry isn't going to die, he's going to go through a rough period of adjustment. Whores and porn stars have husbands who love them and accept what they do. They have kids, too, families made up of bastards. Jerry will eventually accept what you do and what you are. And you want to see Heather suffer a lot. Quit blowing this out of proportion."

"This child molestation fantasy is coming at a very high cost, I hope you know.

Look, I want some concessions made regarding what can be done to Heather without my having to worry about getting my butt whipped. If I can't get that, then I'm sorry, but I can't go through with this. You're asking too much."

Sue said to Jack, "I know what she wants. Can we agree to some slight wounding as long as it doesn't take Heather out of action? Hell, if you fuck a sore pussy on that girl and it hurts, she'll love it more."

"Sue, you can't fuck a pussy with open wounds without risking infection. Any infection can lead to serious complications. Serious complications will bring in the authorities. No deal."

"He's right, Sarah. A blister can pop and cause all kinds of trouble in a place like that. We can try it using lots of KY Jelly. It might not raise a blister as wet as she gets anyway. Jack, what about her tits and ass? There should be no problem with blisters there, right?"

"Sue, are you going to be snubbing cigarettes out on Heather?"

"Don't ask, Jack. You don't really want to know, trust me."

"Fuck! You're a sick bitch, Sarah, gorgeous but sick. [Sarah hung her head and looked down] All right, I'll tolerate a few at a time, but I don't want to see her blistered up and scarred… No. Hold everything. We're forgetting one thing. She has this church thing going. Blisters are out. Any lasting signs of hard physical abuse are out. Case closed. Now what? Do we start over?"

Sarah slapped the mattress and said, "Shit, this is ridiculous. If you can't even whip her good for me, what's the point! What are you going to do, spank her fanny? Big fucking deal."

Sue said, "Now wait a minute, Sarah. So you don't get exactly what you want.

It's the suffering you mainly want to see. I can make her suffer without doing any injury. A wide, soft-leather belt that's wet can hurt more than a thin one though it doesn't cut. As far as burning goes, if you cool the area to be burned by rubbing ice on it, a hot knife blade or melted wax will feel like hot embers to her. She'll suffer the same, maybe worse, and there's a whole shitload of stuff you can do with sterile needles."


"Yes, really. I'll get in touch with the people who know about these things.

There's lots of ways the pros inflict terrible pain while producing no lasting injury.

I just don't know enough about the subject. We can make her suffer to your satisfaction. Once I know what I'm doing, I'm sure I can make her pass out from the pain. You can't get suffering beyond that no matter what you do."

Sarah said, "If you can do that, I'll be content. You're right. It's the suffering I want to see. I don't care how it's done. I just want it to hurt really really bad. Would you really hurt Heather so bad that she passes out?"

Sue smiled, stood, and stood over Sarah, tilting up her chin to look into her titillated big blues to say, "Sweetheart, for you, I'll do that and revive her with smelling salts or ice water so I can do it again and again until you're satisfied. However long that takes, I'll make my little bitch suffer for you.

Don't I always give you exactly what you want?"

Sarah smiled warmly. They kissed, and Sue returned to her seat. Sarah, all better now, turned to Jack and said, "All right, Jack. I'll take that job and I'll fuck Jerry over for you. Are there any other orders I need to know about?"

"There is one for tonight.

I want you to put on your uniform and go to an address I'll give you. There, you'll find an attractive young couple, my secretary and her young stud husband, Rodney. Fuck him. He needs fucking.

Just tell them that I sent you. Take Jerry with you. Show him how it's going to be from now on, but tell him he can fuck Dawn whenever he wants pussy. Likewise for Rodney. He gets his pussy from you. Invite them to move in with you and Jerry, rent free.

You will all share one big bed in a Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice arrangement."

"Come on, Jack, suppose we hate each other. Can I at least wait to see how we get along before moving them into our home? I mean, be reasonable, please."

"Don't worry, you're going to love both of them and Rodney will shit his pants when he sees his all-time favorite Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in the flesh on his doorstep. He has a huge poster of you in a frame over their bed so that he can look at you while fucking his wife, and the kid is a well-hung, hard-bodied, blonde-haired, blue-eyed stud-a good looking, fun-loving, frisky little pup. Dawn is a living doll. She adores you, too. They are both members of your fan club, wonderful kids, full of life, love, and sexual energy.

Everything sexual excites them. They are a delight to be with and I want them across the street. You'll get along, trust me."

Sarah smiled big and said, "God, I can't wait to meet them. I love it already.

Now we're talking.

Anything else? I'm up for anything, now."

"Not off the top of my head, but I reserve the right to ad-lib as we go along.

The way I see it, if you're getting what you want, you'll take it."

Sue said, "Same goes for you, hot shot. Heather's ass is mine when she's not with you? Remember, she's my bitch. What money I make with my bitch is all mine. I want the name of that club owner. I want to strike my own deal."

"Go ahead. I doubt he'd touch a minor, but he could use you. Be my guest. You three sluts would make a great team. I'm talking you, Sarah, and Dawn-the Dallas Cowbitches."

Sarah launched herself from the bed and stood excitedly over Sue, now, bobbing up and down, saying, "This is great, Sue! I can teach you guys the routines. We can each get dogs and make costumes for them, teach them a few steps, and work them into our dance routines. Oh God! I'm getting a brainstorm!"

Sue mocked, "Don't hurt yourself."

"No, listen. As a finale, we could all three get down on our hands and knees as though forming the base of a pyramid. Our dogs can mount us and fuck us. The crowd will love it!"

Sue mockingly said, "What a brainstorm, Sarah. We can even get chin straps for their cowboy hats so they don't fall off while they're fucking us."

"Yeah, good idea."

Sue rolled her eyes then looked to smiling Jack to say, "I guess we're all set.

Shall we tell Heather now or wait until after school tomorrow?"

Sarah said, "I have a hot date with a big fan and it's getting late. I've got to do something with my hair. They'd never recognize me with this mop. I need a shower, a shave, and a good douche. I look and smell like a bitch. [Scratching her scalp vigorously] I even have fleas in my hair and they're driving me crazy."

Sue mocked, "Don't worry, they'll eventually climb into your head through your ears and die of starvation."

Sarah made the face she makes whenever Sue makes a dumb blonde joke, then, still scratching, looked to Jack to say, "What is that address, Jack?"

"515 Greenwood, apartment 313, in Plano. Ask for Dawn. Tell her I sent you. Be prepared to revive whoever answers the door."

"I am so fucking excited and horny. All right. Here goes nothing. Sorry, Jerry.

So long, doggie."

After Sarah left the house, Sue said, "Sometimes, that dumb bunny embarrasses me."

"I think she's adorable. I see what you mean. Tickling that girl can become addictive."

"It is, Jack. I get a bigger charge out of tickling her than from anything I can do to myself.

She looks great and talks great. It's only when she tries to think that I feel like slapping her."

Jack laughed then said, "Well, I think she's cutest when she thinks. She's not that dumb, Sue.

Compared to you, she's a blubbering idiot, but in the general population of jiggling bimbos, she's quite bright. Her brainstorm would be a crowd pleaser in Marty's club."

"I suppose. Hell, if it will tickle Sarah, I'll be a Cowbitch. Yippie yahooie!

Hang onto your hats, girls. Ride 'em cowdog. I can't wait to meet this Rodney.

Was her poster really over his bed?"

"No shit. I cracked up when I saw it. She's like a fucking sex goddess to them.

I wish I could see the look on Rodney's face when he opens his door and sees the goddess."

Sue laughed and then said, "Do they know that we're best friends and neighbors?"

"No, I knew I'd want to surprise them one day. I saved it. Sue, that time with them was fantastic.

It could not have gone any better. That Rodney, I swear. He's the only male I ever wanted to do anything with, and by the time I left, I wanted to suck him off or take him up the ass. God, what a beautiful cock he has and he absolutely loves what we were doing. He was more excited than Dawn was. He couldn't do enough for me.

While I screwed his wife, he fingered my ass or held my balls.

He licked me clean after I fucked, sucked me hard to fuck again, guided my cock into his wife, held her legs apart, pushed leaking sperm back into her pussy, and made declaration after declaration about what a good husband he'd be for my whore. When I say perfect, I mean perfect."

"It certainly sounds like it.

[Sue reclined next to Jack, both lying on top of the covers.] Well, Jack, it's just you, me, and the mutt. I'm sure Heather's still awake. Would you like to watch her first doggie fuck?"

"It's late. She has school tomorrow. Why don't you save it. I'm really not up for anything sexual tonight. I would like to see her first doggie fuck, though.

I could be here when she gets home from school. Hell, I could bring Dawn and Rodney. Sarah could be here with Jerry. We could make it a coming out party."

"You're right. We should make a big production of her first dog fuck, a filmed production, and boy do I have a great dog for her to fuck."

"I'm not impressed. He's big, but all he's done is sleep."

"He's wasted. I fucked him two times on the way home and once at the pound.

Sarah fucked him at the pound and sucked him off once just before we got here."

"Woah, you fucked that dog at the dog pound?"

"We had to. He was slated for the gas chamber for raping a girl in a public park. That's why we went to Austin. We heard about him from the guys at the Ft.

Worth pound when we were out mutt shopping. The Austin guy knew we were coming and why we were interested in him. He had to be bribed before he'd let Bowser go free. He wanted to see us fuck him. It was fuck him or return empty handed and let him be destroyed.

The guy took us in a back room, called in the crew, and we fucked him."

"Was Sarah difficult? It doesn't sound like it."

"Surprisingly, no, but she didn't commit to doing it until I did it. The guy told us that the one who went second would have to wait an hour after the first.

Naturally, I volunteered to go first. After watching me, and with the ice broken, she was ready. Waiting was the hard part as horny as she was. When her turn came, she did pretty good but had to take him standing up to control the depth of penetration."

"How do you fuck a dog standing up?"

"Easy with a big dog. In this case, two guys held him up by the front legs and Sarah got on facing him. She had to pull his cock down and stand on tiptoes to get him in, but once in, he took over and she went for a ride. She only got fucked on eight inches, which is roughly half if you push the sheath back, but with a dog cock as thick as my wrist stretching her cunt lips thin, lifting her to her toes on the in-stroke, sucking her cunt out on the out-stroke, eight inches was plenty, especially with a seven-inch stroke. You're lucky to get a two-inch stroke out of a dog."

"How did he fuck you?"

"I took it lying back on a table with my legs held out in the splits. He fucked me with a ten-inch stroke and made my eyes water and go cross. His cock knot forms ten-inches back from the tip, so that's all you get, ten inches of hard shaft and an inch of the beginning swell. That softball-size knot isn't going in any pussy I know of, but he tries like hell. It was a very visual fucking, very entertaining.

Sarah's was entertaining as hell."

"I'll bet. Was she naked?"

"Yes, and all through the hour-long wait with the crew taking pictures and putting her in lewd poses.

She became the center of attention when I accidentally on purpose let one of her cheerleader post cards fall to the floor. Those fuckers shit when they saw it was Sarah. The bitch was as hot as a firecracker before the first inch of doggie dick went up her steamy twat. She came so hard when he shot his wad up her twat that she sank to her knees making his dick flip out and squirt her in the face. She sucked that squirting dick into her mouth, sucked and swallowed the rest of his orgasm, then sucked and licked that mutt's dick for ten minutes at least-worshipped was more like it. She then posed her fucked cunt for another ten."

"Son of a bitch!"

"The slut pulled a train on those guys, all eight. I had to drag her ham ass out of there.

When she said she was a cheating whore, that's what she was talking about. She must have called herself a cheating whore fifty times between Austin and Waco, as though she couldn't believe it, and the more she said it, the more real it became. She was so funny.

God, I love that girl."

"Damn, I wish I'd seen that."

"You will. She's hooked. She's a performer, and now she knows what sexual performing is like, she's hooked on that. She loves the roar of the crowd, and god can that girl make them roar. I just stood back and let her have them. She has to be the center of attention, even at a dog fuck.

Five of those men were black, by the way. The bitch is a major bigot, as are her folks. She found out what happens when you work men up to a sexual fury.

There was no saying no. They made that bitch air tight. I counted twenty-two loads pumped into that bitch, and when they were done, she lay in a pool of semen as they all pissed on her."

"They pissed on Sarah Brewer! I would have thought they'd show her more respect. You must have suggested it."

"She brought that on herself.

They were showing respect, treating her like a damn movie star even with a dog dick in her. She had them in the palm of her hand until the head white guy asked politely for a poke. She told him she was sorry, but she didn't fuck Negroes and it wouldn't be right to do some and not others."

"Oh, Christ. How dumb can you get."

"No shit. The five Negroes closed in on that dumb bitch and made her air tight.

When they were done screwing her, they laid her on the floor, got in a circle, and gang pissed. Even the dog lifted his leg on her."

"Probably because she was as dumb as a fire hydrant."

"Either that or she smelled like one. Hell, I saw no harm, so I came over and lifted my leg on her too. Luckily, she lay on a concrete floor with a drain.

I just took a hose to her afterward. That's why she looks rode hard and hung up wet. She was."

Jack laughed and said, "Well, except for the fleas, she seems to have recovered."

"We had to stop at the first gas station so she could wash and blow dry her hair. She won't go anywhere looking rode hard and hung up wet, but you should have seen her before we stopped. Hell, I wanted to stop. Truckers were slowing so we'd quickly pass."

"Bullshit. You couldn't ugly that girl with cow dung. Damn, I'm dying to see that girl with the mutt."

"He's not up for it tonight, anyway. Poor thing. He is good, though, the best I ever had-the biggest dick, sweetest cum, longest fuck, biggest tongue. He's an incredible animal, fucking incredible. He'll look great on Heather. It'll look like she's getting screwed by a hairy horse.

Who else can we invite to this?"

"Marty, the club owner, but I wouldn't want him in my house."

"Sarah wants her parents to witness child abuse with her. She's been priming them, telling them stories about her sexually abusive neighbors with the adorable sexy daughter. They're made up stories, but they're all coming true, now. They're interested, at least they're curious, and her mother almost went with us to pick up Bowser."

"Did she know why you were going?"

"She was with us in Ft. Worth and watched her daughter get fucked in the mouth by a big Doberman.

Sarah removed her top and made a bitch pussy of her mouth, took the cum shot and all, even swallowed. That scene, witnessed by a half-dozen people, damn near killed her mother. Yes, she knew."

"Jesus Christ!"

"He wasn't there, but from the look on her mother's face, you'd think he was there with Big G. The Austin pound was expecting three bitches. Ellen would have had to fuck him, too."

"Do you think she would?"

"We speculated about that all the way home. Sarah feels like she could have pressured her mother into it. I suppose so. She'd have been under a lot of pressure, and not just from me and Sarah. Had she not buckled to the pressure, she'd have been raped. That would have been traumatic. She knew the dog was a mate for Heather, and she did not approve, not one bit. She went mutt shopping to Ft. Worth with us out of curiosity and under pressure from Sarah, but we embarrassed the fuck out of her so bad, asking to see the dogs' dicks, jacking them off, sucking on a few, me and Sarah. After seeing that mouth fuck, she wanted nothing to do with the Austin trip, not if she had to ride sandwiched between two horny lesbian bitches."

"What did you do to that poor woman?"

"What didn't we do? We raped her all the way from Ft. Worth to her home in Crestwood with an hour-long stop in the Six Flags parking lot to do it right."

"Are we talking rape rape?"

"Yes. We tore her clothes off of her, ripped them to shreds and did everything in the lesbian handbook to include making her suck piss. She rode to her home, naked on the passenger floorboard with her head between Sarah's legs, sucking piss dribbles while Sarah sucked beer to keep the dribbles coming. Sarah rode with her feet on the dash, face-fucking the bitch, gulping beer, giving her mother a squirt, and giggling when she swallowed.

"When we got to her house, Ellen was bloated out to here and sloshed when she moved. Sarah apologized, swore it would never happen again, and asked to be forgiven. Her mother forgave her. Sarah wanted a kiss. She got a kiss. Sarah wanted it on the mouth. She got it on the mouth.

She wanted some tongue and a longer kiss. She got a long French kiss and then her mother asked for something to put on because the neighbors might see."

"I see what's coming. She didn't get anything, did she?"

"No, and there was an old blanket on the back seat. Sarah said there was nothing, opened the door, and made her get out. Ellen made a naked dash to the front door from the curb, a fifty-yard dash when we could have pulled right to her front door through a circular driveway or driven around back, even better."

"Boy, you guys did fuck her over."

"We were just getting started.

When she got to the door, Sarah called her back, called insistently.

Ellen kept saying no and calling Sarah to come in. This went on for two or three minutes, but Ellen finally returned, and that's when Sarah wanted to discuss the Austin trip with her. The poor woman was dying, wanted nothing to do with the trip, but kept talking about it while looking around constantly for people or traffic. It got ridiculous. Sarah was determined to keep her there until someone saw. Ellen finally flat refused and said she had to go. Sarah wanted a kiss."

"And she got it, right?"

"She always gets what she wants."

"Yeah, the old bitch loved it, huh?"

"Like I said, she's a very forgiving woman and forgave Sarah again with another long, French kiss. Sarah wanted her pussy forgiven, too, so Ellen opened the car door, knelt on the grass, and French kissed Sarah's pussy while Sarah reclined with her legs wide, her head in my lap, smiling up at me, all proud of herself for pussy whipping her mother.

"She pissed during that forgiving kiss which turned into a face fuck and eat out. Ellen was into it, not holding back when a dog wandered over and sniffed the beaver hanging out of the car, making Ellen shoot bolt upright.

Sarah grabbed her by the hair and made her bend dog-fuck right.

Naturally, presented with a naked bitch in such a position, the dog got mounted. Sarah made me drive off while she laid on the horn, laughing at her mother getting dog fucked in broad daylight on her front lawn."

"Do I look like an idiot?"

"That was Sarah's fantasy ending, but it was all true, even the dog walking up and sticking a cold nose up Ellen's butt. He turned out to be a she dog. She never got mounted, but she was forced to endure a lengthy crotch licking while she thought she was going to get mounted and knew we were planning to drive away honking the horn. She dodged a bullet.

I'll give her credit. She kept eating pussy and didn't have to be held."

"Have you seen her since?"

"We stopped by last night to give her one more chance to change her mind. She hadn't. She was cool and standoffish, afraid we'd grab her, I guess. Don was there and Sarah said, 'Did Mom tell you what a naughty girl I was?' He nodded and told her that was a mean thing to do to your own mother. Ellen added her two cents and was even more forceful, actually accusing Sarah of rape. That was as close to an ass chewing as I'd ever seen. They were both seriously pissed and wanted assurances that nothing like that would ever happen again.

"Sarah said she was sorry, but would not say it would never happen again. Just the opposite.

She assured them it would, not by word, but by deed. She advanced on her cowering mother like a sexual predator. I saw the potential for another rape or a good power play, so I got behind Ellen, who had moved behind Don, who turned around to see what I was doing.

"I blocked Ellen's retreat and took firm hold of her hips, holding her in place while Sarah closed the gap, merged their bodies, took her mother's face in both hands, getting nose to nose to say, 'You should know better than to get between two lesbians after they've been worked up to a lather by a pack of horny male dogs. You had no business even getting back in the car with us, much less getting between us. You should have taken a cab home. You invited that rape.

You should be thanking us for raping you so well. We did rape you well, didn't we, Mother? Wasn't it long enough for you? Was it over too soon? Are you pissed that we didn't wait around for a male dog to come around and get mounted before we drove off? Is that why you're pissed, because you didn't get a good public bestial fucking out of the deal? That can be arranged, Mother dear. Come with us to Austin and we'll see that you get properly introduced to your canine rapist before you get raped by him on your front lawn.' "I was now holding Ellen by the naked tits and licking her face like a lesbian lollipop. Sarah had her by the cunt and up on her tiptoes. Sarah was licking also.

Ellen turned her eyes on Don and pleaded, "Don, don't just stand there. Do something, please! They're going to rape me again, can't you see that?' "Don placed a firm hand on Sarah's shoulder and another on the wrist that was up her mother's skirt. He pulled her pussy hand out, saying, 'That's enough, Sarah.

You made your point.' "Sarah gave him a dirty look as he forced her to part from her mother, saying, 'Ow, you're hurting my arm. Let me go.' This was starting to get ugly, so I released Ellen and got out of the scene. They quickly patched things up, everyone apologizing to everyone for everything until everything was okay and no one wanted apologies or assurances that it wouldn't happen again. Before their apology fest was over, it appeared they wanted guarantees that it would."

"Oh, how so?"

"Ellen still didn't want to go to Austin with us though Don encouraged her to go. Her excuse for not going was that it would be encouraging a rape, and though she accepted the inevitability of lesbian and bestial rape, she shouldn't encourage it."

Jack said, "That was an invitation if I ever heard one."

"Yes, and we all understood that by this time. Sarah seized the moment and said, 'All right, Mother, but we're raping you when we get back. You do know that, don't you?' Ellen said she knew that. Sarah beamed a big shit-eating grin to me because she not only had her mother pussy whipped, she had her father going along."

"I love it, Sue."

"It gets better. Sarah said, 'Good. Don't try to avoid it. Be ready. Don't wear anything that you don't want ripped off. Come outside on the front lawn and get on your all fours. Don't make us drag you out and hold you.

I know you don't want a scene, do you?' "Ellen shook her head and said, 'No, Sarah, please, no scene. I'll come out and assume the position.

If I must endure a bestial rape on my front lawn in broad daylight, I'd like it to be quick and as quiet as possible, attracting as little attention as possible. Call ahead and I'll be naked and ready when you arrive with the animal. I'll meet you in the middle of the lawn where everyone can see. I'll let him rape me and won't leave until you say I can.' "

"Fuck, I'm going with you.

This, I gotta see. This is great, Sue!"

"Yeah, too bad this was all fantasy."

"Aw, fuck, Sue! I wish you wouldn't do that."

"I had to. You were sucking this up like a Hoover Deluxe."

"Was any of it true?"

"Well, she did go to the pound with us, and did see all that shit. We did feel her up good on the way home. We slimed her real good, but we didn't go to Six Flags, and we dropped her off at her front door, a little shook and sticky but none the worse for wear. She won't get in a car with us again, and that was her excuse for bailing out on Austin."

"Well, at least that sounds plausible."

"She would have raped well.

If Sarah had more balls and knew when to press her advantage, Ellen would have gotten a good rape out of it and been eager to get raped again. I let Sarah do this on her own and simply did what she did. Ellen left that car terribly frustrated on weak legs. I could see why she didn't want to go through that again, not without a guarantee of at least one orgasm. Sarah is so dumb sometimes, I just want to slap the bitch."

"Why didn't you give Ellen one?"

"Because I promised Sarah I'd let her handle it and only do what she did, and the dumb bitch wouldn't masturbate her mother. That would be too embarrassing, unlike smearing her face with girl fuck and sticking slimy fuck fingers in her mouth. The dumb bitch."

Jack laughed and said, "You're right, she's a dumb bitch."

"She knows that, now. God, did I give her hell. Anyway, I'm sure they'll accept the invitation."

"Are you sure they'll be cool?"

"Yes, I'm not worried about them. I've met them both many times. They're very sweet, very straight, ultra conservative, regular churchgoers, the works, but they like to watch nastiness. That's typical of their type."

"How do they feel about you?"

"At first, they hated my guts because of all the things they'd heard about me, for corrupting their daughter, for cheating on my spouse, for having sex with dogs, especially for the way I abuse Heather to amuse my perverted friends, but they treated me with respect because I was Sarah's best friend, and now that they think we're lovers, I'm a special guest. If they still hate me, they don't ever show it. Just the opposite. They go out of their way to show me love and affection."

"They like you, now?"

"They have me fooled. I stop by on my own all the time. I've even brought lovers over there to fuck, canine and human, and get treated the same way, and you know what a lewd, crude slut I can be. I can't shake them. If it's an act, it's a damn good act."

"When did they learn you were lovers?"

"About three months ago, Sarah told them we were lovers, asked that they accept it, told them I was married and that we needed a safe place to get together.

She told them I needed a place to meet with my lovers and take dogs for sex and as a favor to her to give me a house key and make me feel welcome. They didn't like it, but they accepted it, and I got a key right then and there, reluctantly, but they handed it over. This has been going on for months, since March, maybe February. At first, it drove them nuts seeing us loving on each other when we'd visit, and we always went off to the spare bedroom to get it on."

"Fuck, she really has it in for them, doesn't she?"

"She sure does, but she only got to them for a week or two. Since then, her attempts to shock and hurt them have had no effect that I can see, and we go out of our way to do both without being overtly hurtful or hateful.

We seem thoughtless and insensitive, self-centered and rude, oblivious to all but our own pleasures, spoiled rotten bitch peas in a pod, but that's all they've ever known from Sarah and all they've ever seen from me. They have two Sarah's now: one crude and vulgar, and one dumb bitch."

"You must be the dumb bitch from the mean streets."

"No, I play the dyke, a vulgar dyke. Sarah plays my fem bitch. Dumb was a poor word choice. A spoiled, rich-bitch, educated air head is better, and that's Sarah.

I play a role; Sarah plays herself. I've been gradually moving my role closer to the real me because vulgar dyke got to where it didn't faze them, but the real me does, still does. I get more rises out of them when I stop by with a mutt or a workman, and a black workman puts them in an upper class hissy which they feel obligated to smile through. Right now, I'm pretty much just being myself, which works out good if we bring them into our social circle."

"I'm interested in how you and Sarah carry on when you visit and how they respond to it.

And, I don't want a fantasy."

"It's mostly how they don't respond. They don't respond to acts and actions that demand response, and for two people to not respond in exactly the same way to exactly the same things requires a rehearsed non-response."


"It's like if you and I were trying to carry on a conversation with another couple, and one is digging boogers out of her nose and feeding them to the other, we would each have a reaction to that. No way would either one of us show absolutely no reaction, and for both of us to remain cool, calm, and smilingly conversational, we'd need to work hard on that and be ready, mentally prepared for the first time it happened."

"How do you do that?"

"If you know they're booger eaters, you rent booger eating movies and watch them till you're numb to it, seen it all, and nothing surprises you."

"Ah, so they've been doing their homework, hitting the porno shops."

"That's the only explanation, and it took about two weeks before nothing fazed them. I do things they haven't rented, so I can still get a reaction."

"So, why does Sarah bother if they're numb to it?"

"She's a fucking air head, and I haven't shared what I know with her. She thinks she's shocking the piss out of them, and it tickles the shit out of her thinking so. I love doing things that tickle the shit out of that grownup cheerleader, that's why we head for her folks' place for a good time."

"So, what do you do when you get there?"

"We never wear panties or bras and we get our nasty parts out right away. I get Sarah worked up by feeling her up, fingering her pussy in front of them, or fingering my pussy and smearing my wetness on her lips while she's trying to carry on a conversation with her folks."

"Woah, you feel her up while she's talking to her folks?"

"She visits with her parents while engaging in sexual foreplay as though she's trying to kill two birds with one stone, and they go along with this bullshit.

It's pretty fucking bizarre even for me."

"Do they turn on?"

"It's hard to say by outward appearances. Her old man hides his crotch and her mother blushes at anything. They look. They don't avoid us or avoid looking at what we do. They buy into the premise of combining a social visit and lesbian foreplay, but they both stare at a splayed beaver while talking, making no effort to establish eye contact with the speaker. They converse when her mouth is free and wait when it isn't. I'm all foreplay and keep on until she just has to have it and begs to eat my pussy, suck my snatch, lick my cunt. I tease and make her keep up the begging until I'm satisfied, and when I grant permission, she excuses us. She drags me into the bedroom and rapes my ass. When she comes out, she apologizes for making a fool of herself, but she does that with a wet face. Mine is always dry."


"It's fun doing that shit in front of her folks. We always come out of the bedroom, naked, and stay naked until we leave. Sometimes, we're there all afternoon and make several trips to the bedroom. Between bedroom trips, I spend most of my time hand feeding Sarah my pussy juice while playing with her cunt.

We do a lot of fucking with me wearing the strap-on. She also eats pussy juice constantly. She always pauses to suck and lick my fingers, or she gets it herself and licks her own fingers, or masturbates while she licks my cunt juice off her fingers or mine. She's the cunt sucker. I never eat slut slime."

"Essentially, they see it all."

"All but the actual cunt sucking.

I fuck her with the strap-on dick, work her over with the dildos and vibrators.

I use butt plugs and nipple clips, clittie clamps, I even give her enemas, all in front of them. They won't say a damn thing to Sarah. That girl is spoiled rotten. She's ready to go down on me in front of them. When she does, I'm pissing."

"Well, I'm sure she knows you well enough to expect that."

"She'd better. She won't get her mouth near my pussy outside the bedroom, because she thinks they're not quite ready for that-not the twat eating, the piss sucking. Hell, they've been ready to watch her suck a pussy for months, and I'm sure they've encountered piss sucking. They probably wonder why we bother to go off to do that. I'll tell you one thing.

They are thoroughly used to the bisexual side of their daughter.

They accept the fuck out of it. They see what a cunt nut she is and they must think she's addicted to pussy juice. She acts like a cunt cream junkie, and Ellen now knows that Sarah doesn't care whose cunt she gets it from."

"I'm surprised they still let you two in the house."

"Are you kidding? They hurry us inside before someone sees us. They see she needs it, know I can provide it, and they're glad to offer us a safe and secure place to do it. They're always happy to see us. I get hugs, coming and going.

They wait on us hand and foot, and I'm the only one who gets to smoke in their house. They follow me around with the only ash tray, and her old man will light my cigarettes when my hands are busy on Sarah."

"They must be getting off on it."

"I'm sure they are, but Sarah is sure they aren't. She wants them to hate it, so she's probably reading hate into what she sees. I don't see hate at all. I don't see clear signs of arousal, either, but they're good at hiding it, especially now. They go out of their way to show that what we do doesn't bother them in the least, and that attitude is what drives Sarah to do more. If they know anything about the daughter they raised, they know that. If they wanted her to back off, all they'd have to do is show their disapproval. If they didn't want to watch, they could simply ask us to do our dirty business in the bedroom, a reasonable request, one they know we'd honor. They have never even hinted."

"Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind that they like what they see."

"Those two things tell me they like it, but what really tipped me off was the way they rearranged their living room furniture after that first lesbian scene we made. They created an intimate nook by facing the love seat to the sofa and getting rid of the coffee table. Now, when Sarah and I take the sofa, they must sit close facing us."

"Sounds cozy."

"Very. We often rest legs on their legs, and they are usually sitting within the spread of Sarah's legs with her bare butt touching their knees, sometimes resting on their laps. I'm talking intimate. While I work over their daughter's cunt and asshole, they massage her legs and feet, or run hands from heel to within inches of pussy. In that bizarre situation, they try to carry on normal conversations. Well, sorta normal."

"What the hell is there to talk about?"

"They talk about what's being done and what everyone is looking at. Sarah sees to it that the focus stays between her legs, and she makes it lewd and vulgar.

She over-reacts to everything and then describes how it makes her feel as if they couldn't see. Sarah swears they created that arrangement to discourage us, to make us feel uncomfortable with them being so close, to drive us into the bedroom, out of sight."

"Is she blind or just dumb?"

"A little of both, but it's self inflicted. Sarah wants to believe that they hate this, that they especially hate being forced to discuss it, so I stopped trying to convince her otherwise. Now, I tell her I see signs of their hatred and disapproval, and she eats that up. They hate me smoking in their perfect home, but that's all they hate. If you ask me, they'll love Sarah the sex slave and they'll love everything she's forced to do. They'd love to be dragged into this mess, and I see them treating their daughter's master with the utmost respect. I'd bet a big pile of my own money on it.

I really would."

"I'm with you. I'll order Sarah to get her parents here."

"There you go. Now, she can tell them she's a sex slave, that you're her master, and they've been ordered to appear before the master, and if they don't behave themselves, she'll get a whipping. I'm sure they'll act as though they disapprove and she'll be thrilled to her twinkle toes. They'll be here and be polite to her master, prepared to take orders, mark my words. A good warm-up would be to have Sarah strip them and go down on each one in turn."

"Sounds like a plan. Who else can we invite?"

"I'm thinking about inviting my parents. I know they'd get off on it without any preparation."

"That's awfully risky, Sue, even for your parents."

"I don't think so. The most they'd do is walk out and be pissed that I didn't warn them."

"So, warn them."

"I'd rather it be a surprise.

They set me up without warning and I was younger than Heather, thirteen. I walked right into a gang rape, a shy and innocent virgin, just so they could get their jollies watching me get the shit fucked out of me by a roomful of adult men and women."

"I know, Sue. I've heard it a dozen times. And the only thing that pisses you off about it is that they didn't do anything to prepare you for it."

"Well god damnit, Jack, I didn't even know they were swingers. They could have at least let that out. That was a hell of a way for a kid to find out, watching her parents get naked and masturbate during her rape."

"You loved every minute of it."

"Yeah, it was nice after Mom kissed my sore pussy and made my owie go away. She always did give good owie kisses, but a long, French owie kiss sure made me feel good in a hurry. Anyway, I owe them a surprise. Fuck it, I will invite them. They'll be good company for Sarah's folks.

They can play straight as well as any couple. What about your folks, Jack?"

"Yeah, right."

"No, I'm serious. I never planned to share this with you, but we have my folks and Sarah's folks.

We may as well bring yours in."

"Share what?"

"I fucked your dad, you know? I fuck him every chance I get. I've been fucking him from the second date on. I took my vows with your dad's cum running down my legs under my wedding dress."

"That doesn't surprise me.

Everyone else had you."

"He was first. It didn't surprise your mother, either. She let him into the bridal chamber and held the dress up while he put the sperm in my bridal twat."

"Good fantasy, Sue."

"This is no fantasy, Jack.

This is a confession I never thought I'd give. Please take me seriously."

"How can I take you seriously? My mother could never do that in a million years. Dad, yes; Mom, never."

"Damnit, Jack, look in my eyes.

This is serious, not fantasy, not bullshit, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is a true confession. Take me seriously."

"All right, Sue. I'll give you the benefit of doubt and take you seriously, but if this is another fantasy, it'll be the last time. Go ahead."

"It began while we were dating.

I think it was after our second date at the start of our senior year. When I decided that you were my Mr. Right, I wanted to fuck your father and went after him. He was easy. I dropped by his workshop while you were at football practice. He was surprised to see me. We'd only met once. I didn't even say hi.

I stripped naked, dropped to my knees, got his dick out, and began sucking on it, got him hard, and sat on it. I gave him the best fuck I could with him sitting on a barstool, took his load, then sat and soaked in it with his dick up my snatch while he admired my titties. I told him I'd give him a fuck anytime he wanted one but for every ten fucks I gave him, we had to get caught by his wife and finish our fuck."

"Of course, he agreed to that deal."

"No, he wasn't even paying attention. He's a tit man and he was mesmerized by my titties.

I gave him ten fucks and he wanted another. That's when I reminded him of the deal. We had to get caught on the next fuck or there'd be no more, but if we got caught and was able to finish, there'd be ten more."

"So you got caught because he was hooked by then."

"Jack, you fucker. If you're mocking me, this confession is over. I told you I was serious."

"I'm sorry, Sue. I was mocking you, but I now realize you are serious and this is a confession.

Please, I want to hear more. I have always suspected that you and Dad were carrying on behind my back. There will be no more mocking."

Sue waited out a pregnant pause, then resumed. "He stalled for over a week, then set it up.

We got caught by your mother and she pitched a holy fit, threw things and cursed us, but we finished. He got ten more fucks but faced another get-caught fuck. This one was all set up. We got caught almost immediately, and your mother cried, threw something, and stormed out. It went like this for the next four or five months.

A get-caught fuck came along roughly once a month, and we were going steady by this time, talking marriage."

"Why were you doing this, Sue?"

"It was a fantasy. I wanted to have this dirty secret going into this marriage because I wanted to carry on a sexual affair with your father all through our marriage, and I wanted your mother to know and accept it while hiding it from you. This was the wearing down process, and she was wearing down and still hadn't told you, though she now knew we were talking marriage, my biggest hurdle on the road to the chapel. There was an even bigger hurdle at the chapel, but I had to get by this one, first, or that one didn't matter."

"So, you turned up the heat."

"No, that would have been dumb.

This was a delicate time, a time when she could go either way.

Things remained the same, and I kept my fingers crossed. Every tenth fuck was a get-caught fuck. About the eighth or ninth get-caught fuck, she didn't cry or throw anything. She watched for a while, then calmly walked away. The next time, she stayed longer. She and your dad had a heart to heart. He told her there were ten for every one she saw. It must have been a good talk, because she sat and watched the next get-caught fuck from foreplay to cigarette. She lit the cigarette and I laid there on her bed in the nude while I smoked, blew smoke her way, and let the cum leak out on her bedspread."

"Did she say anything?"

"No, this was my power play.

She was told to just sit and watch quietly. I was showing her that she didn't intimidate me in the least. I was laid out along the edge where she sat in a chair at bedside within reach of my hip. My hands were behind my head which was propped on two pillows, the cigarette hanging from my lips, allowing her husband to worship my youthful hard body, driving home the point that I was the superior female, the most desired fuck."

"You really know how to hurt a gal, don't you?"

"Hurting her wasn't the point.

Driving her to surrender was the point."

"She already surrendered. She quietly watched you fuck her husband."

"No, she granted permission and set the place, time, and date. She agreed to be quiet and just watch. That's not what I was after. Just wait. You'll see.

Your dad was on his side beside me, playing with my tits. He sucked on my nipple while I laid my drawn-up left leg flat to the mattress so she could see her husband's cum leaking out of my cunt and puddling on the bedspread. It was all very overt. While he played with my tits, she stared at my fucked cunt.

When I finished my smoke, I calmly got up and used her dress to wipe my cunt, grabbing the material near the hem where it rested between her knees, exposing her legs to the panties while I wiped."

"Jesus. That was some power play. I suppose she said nothing."

"That wasn't the power play.

While wiping my cunt, I was staring at her crotch. No words were spoken, but she knew I wanted to see if her crotch was wet. Her legs were together when I reached for the skirt, pressed together after I raised the skirt, but under my expectant stare, her legs slowly parted and kept getting wider until she sat with a wide spread and the crotch of her cotton panties were stretched tight across her cunt, showing a transparent wet crotch, soaked through and through."

"That's hard to imagine."

"Imagine this. With that admission and surrender, I stuffed the soggy wet dress material in her mouth, then joined your father to admire the wet beaver we made and she displayed by drawing her legs up to show how far the wetness extended.

The whole ass of her panties were wet from vaginal seepage. Though we discussed how pathetic she looked and was, she wallowed in it and got wetter."

"So, the power play was making her admit that she liked watching the fuck."

"That was it, and she understood what I wanted without me having to say a word.

She showed both of us how she really felt about us fucking under her nose.

After that, she not only watched, she'd masturbate to it and came prepared without panties."

"Funny, I could never picture my mother masturbating."

"She's a two-handed fuck-rubber."

"A what?"

"One hand fucks, one rubs the clit, a serious masturbator. She's not one of those timid bitches that uses one hand to rub in the slit with legs squeezed together while the other covers her eyes. A good two-handed fuck-rubber does it with both hands, legs wide, and she looks at what she's doing. Your mother is one of the best, a four-finger fucker that likes her thighs to be out in a straight line, sitting low in a curl so she can see her own asshole."

"Fuck me! Tell me more."

"After that, all fucks were witnessed. We fucked; she frigged off to it. When the fuck was over, and I got up, she'd pull the lips open to show us her sopping wet pussy and leaky fuck hole, showing us that she had an orgasm.

Your mother is a quiet cummer but a very wet cummer. She flows after a good cum. She'd then get down on her knees in a subservient pose with her hands behind her back and I'd wiped my cunt on her, mostly on her face and head, but anywhere I pleased. Sometimes, I'd just straddle her and let our fuck drip down her front. I might bend over with my ass in her face and settle my slit over her nose, letting our fuck drain over her mouth, flowing over the chin to run down her neck and into her dress, forcing her to breathe through her nose the entire time, breathing in the scent of a fresh-fucked cunt."

"Christ, and you still do that?"

"That's the way it has been since then. I've added a few things over the years, such as pissing and face fucking. The three of us still get together for a fuck.

We don't talk about it, we just do it, and when we do it, she's included. She has to arrange every fuck, but I determine the when, where, and terms. I deal only with her and that became the deal after the power play. When he wanted my pussy, he went to her.

She came to me, and I made her beg me to service her husband.

She was doing that months before a wedding date was set. She couldn't tell you a damn thing after that. She was not only a part of it, she instigated it, begged for it. Her biggest fear was that you'd find out."

"Amazing, fucking amazing.

Tell me about the wedding."

"When I told your father I wanted to say my vows with his cum running down my legs, he loved it, but then I explained that she had to assist by lifting my dress, removing my panties, guiding his cock in, and jacking him off in my cunt with my parents and a few close friends watching and filming. Fuck! I just remembered. My parents have that film.

I saw it again just last Christmas. You want proof, Jack? I've got proof.

Seeing is believing."

"Sue, I believe you, but I would love to see that film. You skipped over something."

"Yes. Your mother would have nothing to do with that fantasy wedding. She would never get involved in the sex, just watch, masturbate, and be abused afterward.

She wasn't happy about you marrying me, anyway, but to disgrace the ceremony and make a mockery of the wedding, forcing her to participate was an outrage, and to do it before an audience and be filmed was more than she could bear."

"But she did. You said she lifted your wedding dress."

"I'm not done. She also had to strip naked and masturbate after he got his nut, fingering my pussy while she did it, facing the camera with her legs apart while I remained bent over with my ass to the camera. She had to masturbate to orgasm, then prove it to the camera by pulling her cunt lips open, showing the flow from her hole, just like she did in the bedroom or wherever we fucked. It wasn't always in the bedroom and it wasn't always indoors."

"Don't tell me she did that."

"She did, and it's all on film, but she resisted. That's why the wedding kept getting postponed.

I refused to budge or alter my fantasy wedding one iota. As far as I was concerned, there would be no wedding without it, and I cut your dad off. He's the one that got her to come around, but he went without my pussy for eight weeks before he applied enough pressure to make her swallow her pride, strip naked, and masturbate in public, on film."

"Fuck. I have got to see that film."

"You'll see it tomorrow. I'll have my folks bring it. They'll think that's why they're coming.

They love showing that film. I'll say this for her. Once she made up her mind to go through with it, she didn't hold back or do it halfheartedly. She got down and dirty and put on a performance.

She not only fingered me, she masturbated me to orgasm and pulled my twat open for the camera. When the camera was on her, she used both hands. She did it forward, backward, on her belly, on her back. When it came time to show the proof, she proudly showed her cunt hole, then posed for stills for anyone wanting some and they all brought cameras. She assumed any pose they wanted and they soon had her posing under me with her tongue in my slit, and the film covered that action, too. Well, you'll see for yourself.

I'm spoiling it for you by telling too much."

"How many were watching?"

"They crowded a Sunday School classroom leaving us enough space to film in the center. I don't know, thirty, forty. They were mostly the swingers my folks knew, but Donna Cartwright was there. You remember my best friend, Donna, my maid of honor. My brother was there. Let me see. Who else would you know? Oh, shit! Your best man was there. He was one that stuck his dick in me and then came in your mother's mouth. Others came in me and their fuck dripped in her face, but I distinctly remember him pulling his dick out of my cunt and sticking it in her mouth.

I had a shitty view but you see her sucking and swallowing in the film."

"Larry did that?"

"Yeah, Larry. What ever happened to him? He was a good fuck."

"Jesus Christ. You fucked Larry Newcastle."

"I had to. He was your best man. I started fucking him on a regular basis as soon as I found out who the best man would be. I wound up fucking three guys because you kept changing your mind. In fact, my goal was to fuck every male in attendance, over a hundred, and I only missed a few. I wound up fucking thirty that never got invited. Guys were getting pussy off me by saying they were invited. Guys, you can't trust 'em."

"Fuck. What a slut. I knew you were a slut, but I never dreamed you were a slut that carried a mattress on her back wherever she went."

"I didn't carry it everywhere.

You are such an exaggerator. I've told you a million times not to exaggerate.

On the other hand, if it's fucks you meant, you weren't exaggerating. From the time I decided to marry you, I tried to be a slut for every eligible male. I fucked as much as I could as often as I could. Your parents helped. My parents helped.

Guys met in groups to get in on my trains. I know I took an average of fifty fucks a day for over eighteen months and on several occasions an official count was in three digits. 157 was my record. Jack, why did you marry a slut and make it so easy to cheat. I never pegged you for the type that got off on it."

"I wasn't. I'm still not. I'm just not the insecure type. I wanted the best looking and sexiest girlfriend. She just happened to be the school slut. I just happened to not give a fuck as long as I didn't have to see it or wait in any lines. I fell in love with her and married her slut ass."

Sue smiled and said, "Do you still love her even after she cut you off and wouldn't even let you get in line?"

"Yes, Sue, I still loved her.

She's just lucky my business demanded all of my attention and energy and sex and the desire for sex waned to the point where I was glad others were doing my messy domestic chores for me."

"I love you too, asshole."

Now, he smiled. He smiled and said, "You're still fucking Dad, I take it?"

"Yes, but not so much since they moved to Lake Livingston. When we get together, we fuck, yes."

"Does Mom still watch?"

"We don't fuck unless she arranges it. She calls at least twice a month, begs her ass off, and gets what she wants about one time in four. I usually make them come to me and you rarely know they were here. I guess we've fucked about six times in the past year."

"Are you shitting me, Sue?"

"Wait! What am I saying. We did it that many times just over Thanksgiving. A dozen is more like it. Ask Heather. She watched, too."

"What? My mother watched you fuck my father with Heather there? I don't believe it."

"Ask Heather. Go wake her up and ask her if she has ever seen me fuck Grandpa Elton. She'll tell you the truth if I tell her to. I'll tell her to answer your questions truthfully, and then I'll walk out and leave you two alone. Ask the question after I'm gone, then ask who was with her watching. She'll tell you it was Grandma Elton. Ask her what Grandma said to her while we were fucking."

"All right, I believe you.

What did she say?"

"I'd rather you heard it from Heather. You won't believe it from me."

"Try me. Come on, Sue, just tell me."

"The whole time we're fucking, your mother is trying to turn Heather on, talking to her like she's still a little girl, saying shit like, 'Your Mommy sure is a nasty woman, isn't she, Heather? Don't you think she has a sexy body?

Do you like seeing Grandpa's big peter. Your Mommy sure likes having Grandpa's big peter in her pussy, huh? That would feel real good if he put that big thing in your little pussy, wouldn't it? He sure has big balls, doesn't he? She especially likes it when those big balls slap her fanny, because that means his peter is in all the way inside her pussy. I'll bet you could get those balls to smack your cute fanny if you tried real hard.

Wouldn't that be nice to have all that peter inside your precious little pussy.

You'd make your Mommy so proud if you could do that.

Do you like to watch your Mommy fuck? She'd love to watch Grandpa fuck you."

"She wouldn't say, fuck, not to a child. I don't think she ever said fuck in her life, and I can't see her saying any of that shit to a child. This is a fantasy, god damnit, and don't tell me it's not."

"I knew it! Go fucking ask Heather!"

"Are you serious, Sue? No bullshit! Don't bullshit me about this!"

"Go ask Heather. If I'm lying, I'll let you pull all my nails out with pliers.

Go ask."

Jack was stunned and combed his fingers through his hair. He looked to her and knew Heather would confirm what she'd just said. Sue looked confident. This was no bluff. He said, "Jesus Christ. You think you know your own mother."

"Shit, you never know your own mother unless she's a swinger and you swing with her. You're the last person she'd show her true self to. She's a horny bitch and a devout voyeur with a fondness for young girls. The last few times Heather watched, she got felt up and fingered all the way through it and the very last time, which was two weeks ago Sunday when Heather and I made the trip to their place, it was a long slow screw on the living room floor. When we were done, they weren't. Heather was naked on your naked mother's lap with a big tittie in her mouth and two granny fingers working in her twat. We laid there watching, got all turned on, and fucked again."

"God damn!"

"After fuck number two, which lasted at least twenty minutes, they still weren't done. Granny was holding Heather upside-down by the hips, munching away at that little beaver. Heather had her legs out in the splits, facing us with her head resting on the cushion between Granny's parted thighs, off in Never-Never Land. An hour later, when we had to head back, I had to put Heather's clothes on her and pull her off your father's dick to do that."

"No shit. Well, I can see Dad getting some if Heather was naked in the same room with him."

"I left them alone with her to get some beer and smokes. When I got back, maybe twenty minutes later, he was massaging her womb with three fingers, talking trash to her about putting some sperm in it for her while your mother was right beside him showing Heather her pussy, up close and personal.

Heather was laid out flat on her back across both laps with her head between your mother's parted legs, and she remained in that position for the whole hour, watching your mother masturbate while getting her holes fingered between several aborted fuck attempts."

"Dad tried to fuck her?"

"Several times with your mother assisting. She did get a few inches of spongy cock stuffed in, but the rest just folded when he pushed. Two fucks in a row is his limit. When I said we had to go, your mother was asking Heather to sniff her pussy for the umpteenth time. Every time your mother had an orgasm or took a break, she wanted Heather to smell it, and to accomplish that, she would roll to her side and cock the top leg so the head and cunt would match up. Heather got her face totally wet from sniffing your mother's pussy."

"Why didn't she lick it?"

"Heather would have but she was only invited to sniff. She may as well have been eating. She had her nose up the hole with her face full in it. She sniffed the fuck out of it for as long as the leg was cocked, and that leg would remain cocked for three to five minutes at a stretch.

It looked like an eat out. Heather used her nose like a tongue, explored every nook and cranny of Granny. She exaggerated the sniffs and made pleasing noises.

Your mother sure enjoyed it.

Heather gave her what she wanted. I just got tired of watching it, to tell you the truth. Your dad couldn't get it up hard enough to fuck her and your mom was content to frig off and get sniffed.

It was time to go."

"What did Heather say about it when you got in the car?"

"Nothing. We never talk about those things, never have. They're just done.

Monday was the first time Heather and I actually discussed this shit. Even then, there wasn't much to discuss. We each knew where the other was coming from; we just had a few wrinkles to iron out."

"Such as?"

"Such as her attitude about physical abuse. That was the chief topic. She was candid and so was I. I told her I would do almost anything to her to amuse Sarah, that I'd make her suffer terribly just to amuse Sarah, that I'd show no pity or mercy whatsoever, that I expected her to take it without begging for mercy, and that if she cried uncle, all sex with her would cease and there'd be no going back. It was all or nothing."

"Christ, Sue, talk about pressure."

"Sorry, but I couldn't have her picking and choosing what was done, and I wanted her to think about the worst case scenario when making her decision. She thinks she's a masochist and swears she'll never cry uncle, and she expects this to get bloody messy with her pussy being used as my ashtray.

I think we're okay to venture into this thing, as ready as we'll ever be, anyway. Now that I have Sarah backed off the blood and searing shit, I can get with Heather on this passing out thing.

Sarah will be a cinch to fool. Heather can suffer a little, ham it up a lot, then pass out. I'll splash ice water on her and work her ass over some more.

Sarah will be thrilled, totally satisfied, and Heather will get a charge out of it. Don't sweat this abuse thing."

"I'll speak with Heather about this in the morning. I don't doubt what you say, I just need to get okay with her for my part. I know you'll look after her when you have her. I also want to hear Heather's side of the story you told, just to get her take on it. I find it fascinating that my folks are child molesters and would molest my child, their grandchild."

"I'll come clean on that score.

They had to. I made it a condition of further sex. They did what they did reluctantly, and this last trip they were warned to stop fucking around and do it right. They tried. Your father couldn't get it hard enough because his heart just wasn't in it, and your mother could not bring herself to order Heather to lick. They enjoyed what they did, but they aren't child molesters at heart.

They feel like child molesters, now, and that's what I was after.

Next time will be better."

"This still doesn't mean they'd like watching their granddaughter being bred to a beast, or stick around while it's done."

"Correction… daughter."

"What are you saying?"

"Heather is your father's daughter.

I made certain of it. Your rubber didn't leak. You've been fucking your sister."

"Well, fuck me to tears. No wonder they were reluctant. They must know."

"Of course. The conception was planned and it was your mother that got me pregnant with Heather."

"Wait just a god damn, mother fucking minute! Would you explain that in plain English?"

"Sure, she sucked off your father and then transferred the sperm from her mouth to my womb about twenty times during my fertile cycle, nine months before Heather was born. You were in boot camp. Not only did your rubber not leak, Heather wasn't born premature. She came right on time.

Your mother knocked me up. Your mother is your sister's father, too. Still confused?"

"No, it all makes perfect sense in your world, and we're all just players in it. Does Heather know?"

"No, and she won't unless you tell her. It would be devastating to her if she were to ever find out. I would also keep this knowledge from your folks. They aren't proud of this and it's a subject best left alone. Heather is your daughter."

"That's fine with me. In fact, I wish you had kept it from me."

"I do too. I feel terrible about that, now. I'm in a confessing mood, I guess.

I'm also in the mood to tease and torment my spouse. I'm awful like that.

I just hate myself when I do that to you. You know, Jack, I might have made that up just to get your goat."

"Quit fucking with me. Is she or isn't she? No, never mind. I'm back to not being sure, which has always been the case. I'm not stupid, Sue. I knew if I wasn't her father it had to be Dad. I'm right back where I started. Let's just leave it at that."

"Okay, but I have a film of Heather being conceived in front of twenty witnesses, but you probably don't want to see that. Oral conception is awfully messy and takes a long time. Your mother had to get naked or risk staining her pretty dress. Oral conception always make me lose bladder control."

Jack looked down and combed fingers through his hair, let out a long breath in a sigh and said, "Bring that one, too. Fuck! You do want this brought out in the open, don't you?"

"Do you really have to ask, silly spouse. Why do you think I had it put on film? I knew that, one day, she'd want her father to knock her up and she'd need to know which cock to hop on."

"Aw fuck! Is there no end to this?"

"Nope, 'fraid not, not in my world, and you're stuck in it. Get comfortable. My world is better than any other. You'll see."

"I'm seeing. That doesn't change the fact; it makes it worse. They're not that jaded, and who knows, this coming out party might be the straw that breaks the camel's back."

"There are no camels in my world and your parents are ready to swing. I'll bet they'll love this bestial shindig once it gets hot and heavy and they can see that Heather loves it. She will love it. She's going to go fucking nuts on the mutt's dong. Come on, Jack. Haven't you ever wanted to fuck your mother. She's still a sexy babe. She has great tits and a very pretty pussy, neatly trimmed, just the lips the way you like it. She'd fuck you. I know she'd fuck you, and she'd love to do it in front of your father if for no other reason than to get even for all the times she had to watch him getting pussy off of me. We're talking hundreds of times over the years. She has a lot of catching up to do."

"You really think so, huh?"

"I know so. I know bitches, and horny bitches best of all. She'd fuck you in a heartbeat.

She'd never make the first move but she also wouldn't give you one single no or no sign if you began a seduction, and your seduction could be fast and furious.

You could walk up, grab her cunt, and say, 'Give me some pussy, bitch!' "

"Yeah, right. That would go over like a fart in a decompression chamber."

"The bitch would give you some pussy, no questions asked. If you wanted to, you could do it slow and sweet like lovers do. She'll be anything you want her to be-a whore, a bitch, a horny mommy, or a lover. She don't care, she just wants to get screwed. You can take that advice to the bank, stud. I know my bitches."

"Damn! I believe you. I'm inviting them. Fuck it. If Heather backs you up, they can't say shit. They've already molested her."

"That's right. Let them know that you know about the molestation before you invite them and they won't be putting on airs. Make the invite as one child molester to another. You should drive down there and do this in person.

While you're there, fuck the bitch. Get that out in the open, too. If they accept the invitation, they'll come prepared to party.

Who knows, your folks, my folks, and Sarah's folks might form a swing group from this. Their first swing might be right here in our living room around a kid getting banged by a dog while you, me, and Sarah kick back and masturbate to it. It could be a hoot."

"Yeah, the second generation watching the first and the third get it on."

"Sounds like a hoot to me, Jack. Those are two horny generations, one just getting started and turned on by everything, the other bored with their partners, looking for something fresh, young, and new, a volatile combination.

Throw in a dog and some KY Jelly, you got yourself a fucking hoot."

"We can throw Dawn in that mix, too."

"Dawn and Rodney."

"Fuck, yes. Damn, Sue, we have to get on this."

"You just worry about getting your folks. I'll get Sarah to talk to Dawn and Rodney. They should be on intimate terms by now. She can also work on her folks. I'll pay my folks a visit. Let's set this up for eight tomorrow evening and have everyone eat first so I won't have to mess with food.

We'll have pizza and lots of beer on hand. I'll see if I can't borrow that pit bull. They'll be coming back the day after, so they can pick him up then. One dog won't be enough for this party, and he'd be better for an opener."

"Pit bulls don't mix with other dogs, you know."

"They'll never see each other.

You're talking to a pro, Jack. Dogs don't share pussy, they fight over it. I've been down that road before with the scars to prove it."

"I should have known. I guess we're all set. Let's get some sleep. I'm leaving at first light.

Get a hold of Dawn and have her hold down the fort; or better yet, leave the phone on the service and give her the day off with pay. I want them moved, today-bean bag, lava lamp, and Sarah Brewer poster."

They got under the covers. "Aye aye, sir! Good night, Master."

Sue turned out the light. Jack said, "Good night, Slut."



"Fuck me!"

"Go fuck yourself."

"I liked you better the other way."

"You can't get toothpaste back in the tube. Go to sleep."

"Can Bowser sleep in the bed with us? He won't bite."

"Fuck no! Go… to… sleep!"


"God damnit, Sue. Get in the car and go to Plano. Go fuck something for Christ's sake."

"What was that address again?"

"515 Greenwood, Apartment 313.

Ask for Dawn. Tell her I sent you."

Jack rolled over as Sue hopped out of bed and threw on her housecoat. He next heard, "Here, boy! We're going bye-bye. I've got another bitch for you to fuck.

Yeah, you know what bitch means, don't ya fella? Sure ya do. Someone trained you real good, didn't they? You're a real pussy hound you are. Es ooh are. You can smell young pussy, huh? That's my sexy daughter. You're going to love my sexy bitch. Es ooh are.

You can try to make all the puppies you want in her bitch pussy.

Es ooh can…"

"Sue, get your es ooh ass out of here!"

"Let's go, boy. Your bitch's big brother is feeling grumpy. I think he's jealous. He knows Sis will take one look at your super schlong and turn her nose up at his teeny weeny."


"All right, we're going! Come on, Bowser." She whispered loud enough for Jack to hear.

"He's jealous. Es he is."

And they were off. Jack fell asleep wearing a smile.

Sarah and Sue had just arrived in Dallas from their trip to Austin when Ellen and Don Brewer settled into bed with a new video in the VCR. Don looked to his nude wife who had just selected the dildo she'd be using, a rubber dick with balls.

She ran it through the lips of her freshly shaved pussy as he said, "Are you ready, now?"

"Yes, but I don't think I'll ever get used to having you watch me do this. I sure miss my bush. Talk about feeling naked. Can't we do this under the covers?"

"Look, we agreed to do this openly and stop being hypocrites about it. We love this raunchy shit. We love masturbating to it. We crossed that hurdle, so let's not back up."

"You're right. I'll be okay once I get going good. Actually, I'm starting to like it already. Go ahead and stare, Don. I want you to watch me fuck my naked pussy. Ummm, yes, look at how my juicy cunt clings to the shaft of this fucking rubber dick. God, I feel like such a shameless slut."

"You look and sound like a shameless slut.

You look like Sarah now that you've shaved your cunt."

"I do, don't I. She has her mommy's pussy, a sexy pussy, a juicy pussy, a horny cunt. What did you get?"

"Another doggie fuck flick. This should be damn good. It's illegal as hell. It cost me four hundred."

"Four hundred! Christ! Fifty is the most you've ever paid. Why so much?"

"I'm told it has a young minor in the staring role, that she was abducted and forced to perform with a large variety of dogs over several days before they snuffed her. Her snuff film goes for five grand a copy and takes up where this one leaves off. This is actually the first part of a two-part snuff film."

"Wow, so there really are snuff films available."

"Evidently. He certainly was pushing the sale. I told him we might be interested if we liked the model and we could tell she wasn't acting. He assured me we'd have no doubt after seeing this. I guess they were pretty rough with her since they planned on killing her anyway."

"I'll bet we see some gruesome torture. Wouldn't that be something. If there is, we should invite Sarah to watch it with us. She'd love that."

"Yes, and we could buy the snuff part for her birthday. It's coming up, you know?"

Don hit the play button and the screen filled with color. Ellen excitedly said,

"Oh, goodie-color! I hope there's sucking. I still can't get over Sarah sucking off that Doberman at the Ft. Worth pound with witnesses. God, Don, it was so vulgar. He fucked her in the mouth is what he did, and she swallowed every drop of his ejaculate. Our daughter, our precious angel, our darling girl let a dog use her mouth as a bitch's pussy-publicly! Oh, god, I'm ready to cum already."

"Don't get yourself so worked up, Ellen.

Save it for the movie."

"Oh, Jesus, Don! That girl can't be more than eleven. When you said minor, you weren't kidding. Oh, god, she's adorable. Good lord! That can't be acting."

"Shit!… No, that isn't acting. They're pulling her tooth out with vice grips. Fuck, that's got to hurt!"

"This is real, Don. That's real blood…

Oh, look! They got it! Christ, they're going for another. I think they're going to pull all of that girl's teeth out. They're turning that girl's mouth into a bitch pussy. Sarah will flip when she sees this. Sue has never done anything like this."

"Hey, let's show this to Sarah and Sue. If we're going to come out of the closet, we may as well come all the way out."

"I'm ready and I agree. Oh, lord. Oh, that poor girl. I want that snuff film, Don. We now have Sarah's birthday present. Let's have it ready to show right after they see this one. That would be most effective."

"Indeed it would. I'll get it tomorrow. I must say, Ellen. You impress me. I haven't seen you flinch once.

Don't you feel anything for that poor child?"

"Fuck her! Fuck her and her mommy. Her suffering is making my pussy wet. Look!"

"Amazing. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree after all."

"No, but Sarah is the tree; I'm the apple.

We're both apples that fell from Sarah's tree."

"Yes, well that may be, but Sue shook the tree."

"That she did-shook the fuck out of it.

Aw, look at that poor baby. I'm sure she realizes that she won't be needing teeth where she's going. She knows she's dead meat.

You can see it in her eyes. Poor baby doesn't want to die. Too bad, sweetheart.

Your mommy's not going to be kissing that boo-boo or any other boo-boo."

"Yes, and she can see she'll be getting many more boo-boos before they finish with her. We should have made popcorn."

Ellen giggled.

At approximately the same time in Lake Livingston, Ruth and John Elton were turning in for the evening, preparing to masturbate together as had become their habit since their last visit from Sue and Heather.

Ruth, propped on two pillows so that she could see into her wide spread, said,

"It won't be long now, John. I spoke with Sue last night. Remember that call that came after midnight. That was Sue.

She told us to be ready at a moment's notice."

"I'm ready. I've been ready. I wonder what she's up to this time. It sure looks like she's setting up another dirty movie."

"I think so, too. I won't fight this one.

I'm ready to get down and dirty."

"You always are once you accept the idea."

"It's the cameras. They do something to me."

"You're a natural for porn, Ruth, a fucking natural."

Ruth giggled and said, "I am, aren't I. God, it's been so long. I wonder how many will be present for this one."

"The more the merrier, hey, Ruth?"

"You better believe it."

In another Dallas suburb, Jan and John Swenson, Sue's parents were also turning in for the night. They, however, were all fucked out having had a visit from a couple from their swinging days. Jan smiled and said, "It was good seeing George and Darlene again, wasn't it, John?"

"Yeah, and they've both stayed in great shape.

Darlene is still tight if you can believe that."

"She does vaginal exercises. She taught me and Sue, remember?"

"That's right. George was Sue's first-remember?"

"I never forget. I'm sure she doesn't either.

Speaking of Sue, she stopped by yesterday. Something is up and it involves Heather."


"She wanted to know if we were still swinging and in the same breath asked if we'd baby-sit Heather."

"Sounds like a hint."

"Sue doesn't hint. She came right out and told me she wanted us to rape Heather exactly the way we did her.

I told her to rape her herself."

"Why? We could get the old gang together.

George could even do the first honors again."

"At the time, George and Darlene hadn't surfaced.

There was only Phil and Babbette, and they'd never participate in something like that."

"Bull, Phil would and where Phil goes, Babbette follows."

"Still, that would just be the four of us."

"Well, George and Darlene are still swinging with Frank and Martha, and they're in touch with Bill and Edna.

That makes ten, a half ass party."

"If you want to do it, I'm game. I'll call Sue in the morning. She should be back from Austin by then."

"What was she doing in Austin?"

"Getting a dog, a rapist dog."

"Is she still into mutts?"

"John, she's been into the mutts since she was fourteen."

"Fourteen? How did I miss that?"

"Benny and Paula turned her on to the mutts and told her to keep it hush-hush.

You remember how often they had her all to themselves. Hell, from fourteen to sixteen, they claimed her as a dependent. Sue thought we'd put a halt to that and so did they."

"Back then, we would have. Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I did tell you. I told you over a year ago, but as always, at the first mention of Sue's name, your mind drifts off to your own thoughts. I swear, you never listen to me. It's like talking to this bedpost."

"She was something. We could have started her at the age of eight, no, five, four even. God, what a slut! Those were the best five years of my life. I remember…"

"You're doing it again, John."

"Well, damnit, I could kick myself for wasting so many good years."

"John, we didn't get into swinging until she was twelve, and then we only waited a few months before we dragged her into it. You're crying over milk that never spilled."

"Yeah, I suppose."

"Anyway, I get the feeling this dog is for Heather. I think we're just a warmup act."

"I'm game."

"Me too. If that is what this is all about, I say we get it on film. I wish, now, that we had made more of Sue when she was growing up."

"You and me both. I say we get back into the swing of things, and this time, record everything."

"John, let's watch the wedding. I'm horny."

"I'll set it up. What the hell. Let's watch the conception, too."

Meanwhile, across town in Plano, Sarah and Jerry stood outside apartment 313.

Sarah removed her wrap and handed it to Jerry, fluffed her hair and said, "How do I look?"

"You look like you did going off to the Superbowl."

Sarah smiled big, kissed Jerry on the forehead, then said, "You're being great about this, Jerry. You must hate this, don't you?"

"Oh course I hate this. Why, Sarah, why? How could you give yourself away to another man and promise to be his sex slave? I don't understand. I thought everything was perfect between us, and…"

Sarah silenced him with a finger to his lips and said, "We've been through this. It's done and that's that.

Jack Elton owns me, now. Accept it. I do whatever he tells me to do, and he said I can't have sex with you anymore. I have to get my sex from the guy that lives here and you have to get your sex from the girl that lives here. That's just the way it is."

"But, I don't want to have sex with anyone but you, Sarah. You're my wife; I'm your husband. There shouldn't be anyone else, for either of us."

"I know, but you had me all to yourself for years. Now, you have to share me with other men and this one in particular. I'm still your wife, and you're still my husband.

We just can't have sex with each other anymore, that's all."

"That's all?"

"Keep your voice down, and get rid of that sourpuss expression. Smile. He'll probably be the father of our child, so be nice to him. No pouting. No whining.

Be a big boy about this. Now, knock and stand aside. We have to get off this landing before someone sees a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and a crowd gathers. I doubt there has ever been one in this dump, not in uniform."

Reluctantly, Jerry knocked and stood back, leaving Sarah in the doorway. She stood tall and straight with her chest out until the door opened. Dawn opened the door, then stood there with her eyes wide and her mouth agape. Sarah just smiled and said, "Hi, Jack sent me."

For a full ten seconds, Dawn just stared, then without removing her eyes, called out, "Rodney, get out here, quick!" ›From the bedroom, they heard, "What is it?"

"Just get out here-hurry!"

Dawn had on a housecoat that she'd thrown on over nothing and that fact became obvious when it parted. Dawn seemed oblivious, but Jerry was checking it out by peering around his cheerleader spouse. Rodney, wearing only boxer shorts, entered the room, took one look past Dawn to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader posing in the doorway, then froze. On seeing which cheerleader had come calling, he shit-figuratively.

Dawn looked back at her catatonic hubby and said, "Rodney, it's Sarah Brewer.

Jack sent her."

Sarah laughed and said, "Aren't you going to invite me in, us in. My husband is with me and you're showing your naughty parts to your neighbors, by the way."

Dawn quickly closed her housecoat and stepped aside to admit Sarah and Jerry.

Rodney came forward to look over the vision, obviously not believing his eyes as Sarah drank in his admiring attention and Jerry stood with clenched jaws.

Dawn said, "Wow, Sarah, we're your biggest fans."

"I heard. I was told you have my poster over your bed. May I see it?"


Dawn led the way to the messy bedroom. Jerry and Rodney followed. Rodney squeezed in front of Jerry so that he could walk behind Sarah and watch her sexy ass move in the tight white shorts. Jerry was pissed.

In the bedroom, Sarah stared at the life-size poster hanging directly over the headboard. Dawn stood beside her with Rodney still mesmerized by Sarah's legs, now sporting a full erection that popped through the open fly. Jerry looked at it and couldn't help but admire the man's equipment. Sarah hadn't yet noticed.

She said to Dawn, "I hear your husband makes love to you while looking at my poster, pretending it's me he's screwing. Is that true?"


"That doesn't bother you?"

"No. I just pretend I'm you."

"Well, it's not right, and I'm here to correct this situation. He needs to think of you while he's fucking, so why don't you remove that robe, stand on the bed covering my poster, and I'll let him fuck me while looking at you."

While dropping this bomb, Sarah was removing her uniform. Dawn just stared at the parts as they were revealed.

When it finally seemed real, she shrugged out of the robe and mounted the bed.

Sarah laid on the bed with her head on a pillow between Dawn's feet. She opened her own legs to show Rodney her beaver. His jaw couldn't hang any lower. Jerry was still staring at Rodney's dick. Sarah was also staring at his dick.

Everyone stared at Rodney's dick. Rodney's dick had never stood taller.

He stared at it.

Rodney slowly absorbed the reality, crawled onto the bed on his knees, and advanced between Sarah's parted thighs.

Sarah and Jerry looked from the exciting rod being stroked through wet cunt lips to the drooling twat hanging over Sarah's head, a twat being stroked by a finger. Jerry sat on the bed at Sarah's hip for a closer look at the cock about to enter his wife.

Sarah saw the interest and said, "Jerry, be a gentleman and guide his cock into my pussy. You know where the hole is. Show him. Be a good hubby and stick his hard cock in your wife's cunt. Who knows, you might get a son out of it.

Wouldn't that be nice?"

Like an automaton, Jerry wrapped the fingers of his left hand around the shaft and moved the head down the slit to the hole where Rodney applied pressure and pushed the head inside. Sarah could see that Jerry didn't want to release the cock and excitedly said, "Make his cock good and wet, Jerry.

Suck it. Suck on his cock."

Jerry looked to Sarah, then leaned into the task, pulling the cock out and lifting it to his lips which flowed over the crown and sank deep down the shaft. All eyes watched Jerry suck the cock. He sucked cock as though he'd done it all his life.

He took to cock-sucking like a sailor on his first cruise. They don't call them seamen for nothing, you know, and Jerry was a former seaman who missed the Navy.

Dawn was so excited, she was dripping slut drops in Sarah's face, sinking lower into a squat. Sarah looked up at the leaky bitch, then reached up and took the bitch by the hips, pulling her into a full squat. Dawn went easily and moaned passionately as her hero's mouth took possession of her fevered loins, sucking slut slime like a seasoned slut-slime sucker from way back-which she was if way back was nine months back.

Sarah brought Dawn off in no time and halted the cock sucking in time to stop an orgasm. That sperm was for her womb, and she made Jerry stick the cock back in. He reluctantly uncocked and stuck it in. Rodney sank to the balls in Heaven, deposited his sperm, and Jerry got to lick up what seeped out after cleaning Rodney's dick and licking his balls.

Needless to say, the four hit it off great, and when Sue arrived with Bowser, the six hit it off great. Rodney loved watching his wife getting fucked by a huge dog almost as much as Dawn loved being fucked by a huge dog, but they both loved watching Sarah suck the dick of a huge dog in her uniform. They thought the Dallas Cowbitchs was a great idea. So did Bowser.

The Dallas Cowbitches damn near killed that poor animal.

Dawn and Rodney eagerly agreed to move in with Sarah and Jerry-the sooner, the better. Sue told them about Heather's coming out party, and all were eager to attend. They left the apartment at two in the morning and partied some more at Sarah and Jerry's place. Sarah left at sunrise but had to leave Bowser.

He refused to move and growled at anyone who tried to touch his sore dick.

Sue crossed the street just as Jack was getting into his car to head for Lake Livingston. They met at the car.

Jack wore a big smile. Sue was naked, acting casual about walking the twilight neighborhood in the raw. He said, "I see things went well."

"Not bad. You're right. Those two are terrific.

They're all moved in. What they had fit in three cars with room to spare. They think they died and went to Heaven. They're all asleep in Sarah's bed, buck naked, and wearing smiles. So, you're off to Livingston, I presume."

"Yes. How about calling Mom at a decent hour, say seven, and let her know I'm on the way."

"I'll be asleep. You stop and call. Better yet, surprise them."

"They may have plans. I won't get there till ten. I don't want to drive all that way and be the one surprised."

"They never go anywhere, not in the morning, anyway. Do as you please, but I'm putting my tired slut ass to bed and I'll probably still be in bed when you return. Did you speak with Heather?"

"Yes. We had a good talk. I'm sorry I doubted you. She confirmed everything you said."

"Does she know of our party plans?"

"Yes. She's thrilled. School lets out early today, so she'll be home around noon. She wants to go to Denton to attend a special church function. The Goldsteins can take her there and bring her back, but she may not be back by eight. She wants to go very badly, so you might want to move this back a day."

"No, we'll wait for her. Let's move the party back two hours, say ten. I'm sure she'll be back by then and that'll give me more time to prepare. Sarah and them won't be in any better shape than I am, and Bowser needs all the recovery time he can get. We wasted his mangy, flea-bitten carcass. The Dallas Cowbitches live. Tell Marty to give us a few weeks to rehearse, then start scheduling performances."

A car drove by slowly. Sue turned and waved. Jack said, "You just made his day."

"They'd better get used to seeing naked bitches.

The Dallas Cowbitches not only live, they live on this street."

"The place will never be the same. Well, I need to get going. Heather should be up and about."

"I'm going straight to bed. We have nothing to discuss."

"You could tell her not to drag ass in Denton."

"If I see her, I'll do that. Have a nice trip, mother fucker."

"Have a nice day, slut."

Sue walked away but paused to wave at another slow-moving car. Jack shook his head and got behind the wheel.

Sue passed Heather on the way to the master bedroom and said in passing,

"Whatever you have going in Denton, wrap it up and be back here by ten."

Heather nodded, then watched her mother's naked ass pass by and broke a smile.

It was then she recalled that she had nothing going in Denton, only the desire to get something going. She took that desire to the phone and called the Goldstein residence. Douglas answered:

"Goldstein residence; Douglas speaking."

"Doug, this is Heather."

"Well, this is a pleasant surprise, and fortuitous.

I was just headed out the door. What can I do for you, sweetheart, and please don't tell me you're pregnant and suing. Paternity suits are my specialty. You haven't a leg to stand on. Just kidding."

"Very funny. How did it go with Jenny?"

"If you hadn't drained every pair of balls in the house, it would have been great. She was hot as a pistol and ready for anything. We fell asleep watching her fuck herself with phallic objects."

"Doug, I want to join her parent's church and go to that thing they're doing tonight, that thing for the young women that Jenny will be performing for."

"I'm sure they'd love to have you, and I mean in the biblical sense."

"Me too. I need a ride there and back, and I have to be home before ten."

"I'd let you speak with Jenny, but she's still zonked out. I'll leave her a note that she's to wait for you before leaving for Denton. I know she plans on leaving early.

Rehearsals, you know. I wish I could see that performance but I'm a persona non grata in their home and their church."

"Yeah, leave a note. I want Harold and Bill to go along, too."

"She won't like that, but then she doesn't always get what she likes, does she?"

"Not anymore, not unless you let her take the collar off."

"Her collar will never come off while she's living under my roof. That, I can assure you."

"Great! As long as we have a bitch, you get all the Heather pussy you want."

"Sounds like a deal. I have to go, Heather.

Save some pussy for me."

"I'll try, but you know how those born-again Christians are. They don't save anything but souls. See ya. Bye."

Heather hung up wearing a smile.

School was a bore, a total waste, and the half-day she spent there was the longest of the school year, mostly owing to the other things on Heather's mind.

She had a full dance card for the remainder of the day, and her summer was shaping up to be a summer of full dance cards. Her salivating pussy drove her nuts with the thought.

The bus ride home with horny Harold didn't help matters. Just seeing him brought back a flood of memories, every single one highly arousing. A hand up her cunt wasn't enough.

She wanted his cock, demanded it, got it, and they got caught screwing by the driver who made them remain on the bus until the bus returned to the bus yard where parents were called.

Jenny and Sue met for the first time at the bus yard. Sue was pissed because they woke her from a sound sleep.

Jenny was pissed that the kids would do something that stupid.

They each took their kid and left in a huff, hardly saying howdy do.

In the car, Sue looked to Heather and angrily said, "What the fuck is wrong with you, screwing on a god damn school bus? What kind of slut are you, anyway?"

Now, Heather was pissed and shot back, "You tell me. What kind do you want me to be?"

Sue almost slapped her, then almost yelled something terrible, then took a deep breath and pondered that question, smiled, and sheepishly said, "I had that coming. So, how was it? He didn't look like he had much to offer. Robbing the cradle, aren't we, Heather?"

Heather relaxed, having made her point. She smiled and said, "He's kinda cute if you ignore the fact that his dick is the size of my thumb."

"They say size doesn't matter."

"Yeah, well they must have little dicks."

"That's what I always figured. I never met a dick I didn't like, but give me a pussy stretcher any day. By the way, that mutt you saw last night is a stretcher and a half.

You know that kid's arm? Picture that up your twat."

"I've seen it up my twat to the elbow."

"Well, you're full of surprises. Those workouts with Big Ben must have helped a lot."

"It didn't hurt. I take that back. It did at first."

"Tell me about this Jenny. She seemed to know you, and what's the deal with the dog collar?"

"She should, I ate her out last night and then turned her into a bitch. That's the first time she's worn it, the first I've seen of it. I'm surprised she didn't take it off. She sure didn't want to be seen in it. I guess I did better than I thought."

"One surprise after another. So, what do you have going with those people, and what's this I hear about a return to church?"

"Don't worry. I'm just going to get fucked."

"Finally, a good reason. Praise the Lord."

Heather laughed, smiled, then said, "You know, Mom, I finally feel like you and I are on the same station, tuned in and turned on by the same things. I finally feel like your daughter and not a maternity ward mixup."

"You had me wondering about that myself.

It took you long enough."

"I've been fighting it for as long as I can remember. Mom, can I have a cigarette?"

"No, it'll stunt your growth; besides, it's a nasty habit."

"Fucking dogs isn't?"

"No, just ask any dog."

Heather laughed and said, "You're too much, Mom."

Sue pulled into their driveway and threw the car in park, saying, "Yes, and I'm much too tired and going back to bed. Don't forget, we have a big party planned for you tonight.

Don't be late, and don't be all fucked out."

"I won't be late, and it'll take a lot to fuck me out. Right now, I could take on a biker gang, bitches and all, and still want more."

Passing through the front door, Sue said, "Good, stay that way. I invited a biker gang, bitches and all."

"Really! You invited a biker gang!"

Sue turned at the hall, looked at Heather, and said, "Stop acting blonde, Heather. I did invite my folks and Jack's, and Sarah's parents will probably be here as well.

This is your coming out party. This is a big deal in a young girl's life, so take it seriously and be fresh and adorable tonight."

"I will be. This thing in Denton shouldn't last too long."

"Whatever. I'm going to bed. See that I'm not disturbed."

"I'll be leaving soon."

"Whatever. Praise the Lord. Fuck 'em all."

Heather smiled at the closed bedroom door.

Jenny was not happy to see Heather, having just seen her one hour ago at the bus yard under very embarrassing circumstances. Jenny was in no mood to play the bitch, had a deep case of bitch's remorse, chaffed under the wide dog collar her husband fastened permanently to her neck by super gluing the tab down, having worn it in public for the first time at the bus yard, standing in a sea of curious drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics that crowded in to read the bitch tag while Heather explained exactly what it meant and did her best to show them Jenny's bitch pussy.

Jenny suffered her worst nightmare in that bus yard, endured crippling humiliation, was hating life and everyone in it, and then the cause of all her problems stood at her door wanting a ride to Denton to witness a humiliating debauch of biblical proportions. And then Jenny heard:

"Hi, bitch. Nice collar."

As the little bitch brushed by on her way in, Jenny snapped, grabbed Heather firmly by the arm, yanked her up short, and got in her face to angrily yell,

"Don't push me, you little bitch. I've had about all I can take. Don't fuck with me today. Ride there. Watch. Ride back. Don't you say a fucking word to me. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your hands off me. Stay away from me.


Heather was taken aback by the intensity of Jenny's jaw grinding threat. She gulped and nodded. Jenny released her and stormed off, leaving Heather in the living room with Harold.

He waited until his mother was in the bedroom, then said, "She's pissed. Dad came home for lunch and put that collar on her. He super glued it on and told her if she ever took it off or covered it up, he'd divorce her, then she cried to her mom about it and was told if she got divorced, they'd disown her. You saw how those people treated her at the bus yard after you explained the collar and showed them her shaved pussy. It got worse after you left. Three guys followed us out to the car and raped her in the back seat."

"Really! Did you get to watch?"

"Yeah, from the front seat. It was neato.

They stripped her naked and fucked her good, twice each, and one was a huge black guy with a dick as big as my arm-half as long, but just as big. Boy, did he cream her good and make her squeal and squirm. He made her beg him to cum in her pussy, and she did it, too-begged like a slut, she did."

"Sounds like she had a good time."

"Maybe she did, but she was really pissed afterward. She had to drive home naked because they tore up her clothes so bad. Lots of people saw her, too, and when we got home, the neighbors were out saying goodbye to company-two couples.

They noticed and came over, looking in the windows, six of them-three men and three women."

"What did she do?"

"She just sat with her face in her hands.

Man, was she embarrassed. They opened the door and stared at all of her, asked about the collar and all the cum on her. Mrs. Jones, our neighbor, read the tag and asked if it was human cum or dog cum, then they pulled her out and wouldn't let her pass until she answered all their questions. They got rough with her when she tried to force her way through. I couldn't believe they'd treat her that way, and the women were the worst. They made her tell everything. Now everyone will know."

"Shit! Were you guys friends with them?"

"Dad is good friends with Bob Jones, but Mom never liked his busy body wife. It got worse. Bob fucked her in the ass while his wife and the two other women held Mom bent over the hood. The other two were offered a fuck, but they declined.

They looked nervous, but they had hard-ons. After Bob creamed her ass, the women flipped her over and bent her backward. The other two guys jacked off on her front, creamed her from her chin to her twat."

"Boy, all that in under an hour. No wonder she was pissed at me."

"She's still pissed, but not just at you.

She's supposed to be naked, and boy did she blow her top when Bill reminded her. He took off on his bike. I almost did. She's pissed, all right."

"Too bad. She'll get over it. Well, are you and Bill going with us?"

"No, and don't try to change her mind. Her mother couldn't even get her to bring us along. Mom was ready to walk out on all of us. I think Grandma realized that and backed off."

"She's at her limit. She needs time to adjust.

I think this is a bad time to be doing this performance. Next Wednesday would be better."

"I think so, too. You should talk to my grandma and try to talk her out of it."

"Get her on the phone. It can't hurt to try."

Harold got Ruth on the line and passed the phone to Heather. After introductions, Heather presented her case for giving Jenny a week to adjust.

Ruth listened and agreed, canceled their planned performance, then set a date for Sunday service so Heather could join the flock. It was agreed she'd spend the night on Saturday and they'd return her Sunday night, no sweat.

Heather hung up happy and smiling, now all set with the Lord and his fucking flock.

Now, to go relieve Jenny of a heavy burden. Harold went and timidly knocked on the door, passed the news through the door, then waited. He simply told her that her mother called and postponed the performance one week, but made no mention of Heather's role.

Ten minutes later, the door opened and Jenny emerged.

She entered the living room to find Heather and Harold sitting on the sofa like two innocent friends. She'd been crying, her eyes red, swollen, and puffy, looking like the world had suddenly been lifted from her shoulders. She was naked, however, and the kids took that as a good sign.

So did Ruff who padded up and began licking Jenny's shaved beaver, bringing a bright red flush to her features as she stood before the innocent children with whatever words she meant to say caught in her throat.

Heather and Harold tried not to stare, but it wasn't easy. Ruff was giving that pussy a thorough working over, licking deep and hard. Jenny just stood there and took it, growing weak in the knees as her nipples grew firm and arched up.

Without discouraging him, giving him enough space to get his tongue between her legs, Jenny endured the licking while trying hard not to show a response to it.

She couldn't help but look, and as she watched his long tongue snake through her bare pubes, her knees gradually bowed out until she stood in an obscene half-squat, tilting her pelvis up to receive the deep probing tongue, offering up the hole as though feeding him the fuck that was still in there.

Heather waited until it was clear that Jenny was a bitch in heat, eager to get mounted, then said, "I think Ruff wants to fuck you, Jenny. Why don't you lie on your back and give him some pussy like a good bitch."

Harold looked to Heather as though she were nuts, but his mom acted like a good bitch and settled to the floor on her back at their feet, offering Ruff a wide spread with her ass lifted to the right height. He stepped over her body and let her guide his dick to her pussy. He sank in; she lifted her crotch to his belly, and they were off to the races, fucking like rutting animals.

Heather looked to Harold with a smug smile, her, see-there smile. The front door opened and Bill entered with two neighborhood boys, not expecting to see a bitch getting fucked on the living room floor. He looked to his wide-eyed buddies with his I-told-you-so smug grin, then the eager boys took seats on the sofa to watch the bitch get fucked.

Jenny groaned on seeing the boys but was too deep into being a screwed bitch to really give a fuck who saw. They got to see a good fucking and saw the bitch fuck back, sometimes lifting the dog's hind legs clear of the floor in her effort to get more dick in her pussy. After the mutt creamed her cunt, they got to see a naked lady sprawled on the floor with dog cum leaking out of her bitch cunt. To say they were amused was to say Sue Elton is an easy woman or Sarah Brewer is attractive. They were AMUSED out of their fucking minds.

Jenny died of shame, but the dead don't give a fuck, or so it appeared, otherwise, they'd close their fucking legs. Jenny just laid there like a fucked lab frog and let the boys feast their eyes on her leaky pussy. The three new arrivals knelt in the space between her knees as Harold leaned out and looked down on the raw and messy spread.

Heather found this very amusing, kicked off a shoe, and nudged a bare breast to get the bitch's attention. Jenny's head rolled toward Heather to hear the girl say, "You're a good bitch, Jenny, a very good bitch. You're adjusting nicely to life as a dog's bitch. Your mother will be so proud of you.

By the way, we're going to church on Sunday, just you, me, and Ruff. We're spending the night Saturday night and won't be coming back till Sunday night, so you'll get plenty of chances to show your folks what a good bitch you are.

Won't that be fun?"

Jenny just rolled her head and stared at the ceiling.

Heather laughed and foot-felt titties as the boys got brave and played with pussy, making a mess of an already messy beaver. Jenny groaned, closed her eyes and kept them closed as one after the other fucked her. Harold was last. After he finished, Jenny got up and took a shower.

When Jenny emerged from the shower, she found eight boys in her living room with three new dogs. All wore big smiles on seeing the naked lady wearing a dog collar. The smiling dogs strained against their leashes.

Heather expected trouble and hung back in the background. She advised against getting the rest of the neighborhood boys, but there was no stopping Bill.

Jenny took in the scene and did an abrupt about face, marched to her bedroom, and slammed the door. She remained there until the gang left.

Heather ended up amusing the boys. She fucked their dogs and let the boys pull a train on her. They left with big smiles and droopy dicks after pulling trains on each of her holes.

Thirty minutes later, after Heather had a shower, Jenny emerged to cook supper.

Thanks to Heather, Ruff didn't bother her. Heather helped with food prep, and Jenny accepted the help.

They worked together, both naked. Jenny was polite and deferential to Heather even though Heather took liberties with Jenny's private parts, often dipping phallic food items in Jenny's nether holes.

Heather even stuffed her cunt with peanut butter. Jenny tried to ignore all that Heather did.

Actually, Heather wasn't much help; in fact, she got in the way. Jenny cooked supper with a carrot up her ass, the leafy part looking like a tail. Harold and Bill sat at the table and watched, amused by supper preparations for the first time in their lives.

Douglas arrived home just as the table was being set, and he was amused. While the girls set the table and brought out food, the boys brought their father current on all that had transpired while he was away. Jenny's ears turned red on hearing them tell it. Jenny took her seat as Douglas patted his little mother-fuckers on the back. Heather offered to say grace:

Rub a dub dub. Thanks for the grub. Yeah God!


The meal would have been a typical evening meal with a guest had the guest and lady of the house not been naked.

The diners adjusted to the nudity, but then Ruff got under the table and began licking Jenny's pussy. That, they could not adjust to, nor could Jenny relax and tolerate a twat lapping without becoming a bitch in heat.

Having never had peanut butter eaten out of her twat, Jenny discovered just how good a dog can eat a gal's pussy.

She fought hard but soon sat with her legs wide, laid back in her seat, letting him eat while ignoring her own meal. During dessert, Ruff got mounted, face to face, and fucked her at the table while licking inside her open mouth after Heather wiped a big dollop of peanut butter in it. The meal wasn't typical at all come to think of it.

The guys loved having a bitch of the house. After dinner, the bitch put on a show, an after dinner show, sucking a dog dick for the first time. Later, she took him up the ass.

Later still, she sucked him off while masturbating, and just before Heather left, she screwed Harold and Bill, taking one in the ass and one in the cunt while eating Heather.

Ruff sat on the sofa next to Douglas and watched, acting like King Stud because he got to sit on the sofa beside the master. Jenny was adjusting very well, walked Heather to the door on all fours, and received a pat on the head along with, "Good bitch."

Jenny wagged her tail. She had one to wag. Bill fashioned one from the tail off a coonskin cap affixed to a small rubber ball that he pushed up her ass. She had a nice tail.

Heather smiled all the way home and smiled bigger when she saw three visitor cars in their driveway. She recognized the two grandparent cars, but the third, a new Lincoln, was unfamiliar.

Sarah and Jerry could simply walk across the street so the Lincoln probably belonged to Sarah's parents, she reasoned. Heather grew more excited though she was twenty minutes late and feared an ass chewing.

She entered a dark house with a movie playing on a screen setup in the living room. Twelve adults sat in a semi-circle before the screen: Her mom and dad, both sets of grandparents, Sarah and Jerry, Dawn and her husband (Heather assumed), and a handsome naked couple in their late forties-Sarah's parents (Heather assumed).

They were enthralled by the film showing a standing, bent-over bride getting gang banged while a naked masturbating woman covered in sperm knelt under her and licked fucking dicks and bridal beaver. It was only when Heather came closer and watched for a minute that she recognized her youthful mom and a middle-aged Grandma Elton. Grandma was hard to recognize covered in so much fuck, but those were definitely her tits.

Sue noticed Heather and motioned her in, setting Heather on the floor between her knees, saying, "We're watching the wedding. After this one, you'll see how you were conceived.

Just be quiet and watch. We'll play thousand questions afterward."

Heather watched with eyes wide and mouth agape.

Many eyes were wide with agape mouths. All except Sue and her parents, in fact.

The widest and agapest were Sarah and her parents.

The three sat together on the love seat with Sarah in the middle, masturbating with her legs over their naked laps, using Big Ben, taking him to the Big Ben Balls.

Everyone was naked and playing with genitals.

Dawn sat between Jerry and Rodney with a dick in each hand with two male hands vying for space between her legs. Ruth was paired with John Swenson, and Jan Swenson was paired with John Elton.

The two grannies had switched Johns, and Ruth was sucking on her John. Jack sat beside Sue and was on Heather's right. Sue divested Heather of her clothing and drew little attention doing it. The film was that good.

When Heather was naked, she began masturbating by hand. Her father was beating off and so was her mother. Everyone was beating off, frigging someone, or being sucked. On film, Ruth just took a big load in the face as more poured from the gaping bridal twat to fall on her soaked and matted head. She was a fucking mess, kneeling in a big puddle of fuck, and the line was still long-twelve more to go, at least.

The fuckers didn't take long. As one dumped his load, the next in line was ready. When one pulled out, the other took his place. Within a minute or two, sperm flew and ended up on Ruth, one way or the other. The last three dumped their load in Sue while she bent double to invert her twat, making a well to hold it in. When the last dumped, Ruth plugged the hole with a stopper fashioned out of hardwood on a lathe-John Elton's handy work.

The wooden pussy plug had a strap that went around the waist and a string to pull the plug out. When the plug was pulled, the strap kept the plug from falling to the floor.

At the altar, during the service, Sue looked like a vulgar bride even before she slyly unplugged and sent a cascade of sperm down both bare legs while saying, "I do." Her wedding dress made a mockery of wedding dresses, showing more bare skin than it hid. The top pushed up and presented her tits, showing nipples. The hem barely hid her ass cheeks, and the two hundred plus guests could see clear to her plugged pussy, saw the plug being pulled, and saw sperm burp from her shaved pubic lips.

Half of the home audience, including Heather, came when that happened. They came at the climax. Jack came all over Heather as did Jerry who sat on her left beside her mother.

Don peppered Sarah with his copious load, and Ellen massaged that load into Sarah's tits, gathering some on her finger, wiping it in Sarah's slit when Big Ben slipped out and fell to the floor. Ellen gathered more and sent it deep in Sarah's gaping cunt, letting Sarah know how they felt about incest.

Sarah let them know how she felt about incest by turning on her side to face her mother, presenting her father with direct access to her vagina by cocking her top leg. He took the hint and stuffed his still semi-erect cock up her twat. Sarah took her mother by the face and soul-kissed the fuck out of her.

The audience watched the love seat action while John Swenson changed reels with a masturbating woman still sucking on his dick. Don's dick went from semi-hard to hard-hard very quickly and he began fucking his daughter very hard, fucking out years of sexual frustration.

Likewise, Ellen took out her sexual frustration by rolling Sarah to her back so that she sat straddled on her father's cock as Ellen got down between their legs and devoured her daughter's fucking beaver. Sarah appeared to have entered Heaven. A good sexual molesting was all she really ever wanted, was now getting, and looked relieved as years of sexual frustration was vented on her lusty parents.

Dawn was beside herself. She mounted Jerry facing the action and dragged Rodney by the hair to her crotch where she fucked his face and the dick from balls to tip. John Elton climbed on Jan and screwed her hard. Sue and Jack took it all in, exchanging big smiles, exchanging some with Heather.

John Swenson waited until all sexual activity subsided before hitting the on switch, looking for Sue to cue him. Sue got everyone's attention, saying,

"Okay, everyone.

Settle down. If you liked the last one, you'll love this one.

In this film, you'll see how Heather was conceived. Okay, Daddy, roll 'em. This was filmed six months after the wedding over a one week period."

Lights dimmed and light flickered on the screen.

The scene opened with Ellen doing a sexy strip as Sue reclined on a bean bag chair with her ass up, head down, legs yawning.

Once naked, Ellen knelt before her husband John, and sucked him off. She opened her mouth to show the load to the camera, then brought her mouth to Sue's beaver and made a mouth seal. Heather's eyes went wide and all eyes turned on her as the implication set in.

Sue didn't wait for the question, she said, "Yes, Heather, your Grandfather is your biological father. Your daddy is actually your big brother."

Heather sat with her mouth open, staring at the screen, then she said, "But, where's Daddy?"

"You mean, where's your big brother? He was in the Army at the time, away at boot camp."

"But… but… How… Why?"

"Why not?"

Heather looked to Jack, then to her grandfather, then to her mother, then the screen. Her distress only grew-not the reaction Sue was after. Sue motioned for John to stop the film. The film stopped; lights came on. Heather sat trance-like, staring at a blank screen. No one spoke.

Sue spoke softly, massaging Heather's shoulders, saying, "Sweetheart, Jack is still your daddy. He'll always be your daddy. You understand that, don't you?"

Heather looked back, trying to make eye contact with distressed, puzzled eyes, saying, "WHY? Why would you do that? Why? I don't understand."

Sue didn't have a good answer or a way to get the guest of honor back in a party mood. She said the only thing that came to mind:

"I always wanted a child we could molest, and I figured he'd go along if you weren't his kid. I wanted a slut and a bitch. Daddies generally don't like seeing their daughters mated to animals."

Heather struggled to turn and ended up standing to look down on both parents.

Both shrank under her condemning, unbelieving eyes as she said, "You're sick.

You're both sick." She looked around and said, "You're all sick. You should all be ashamed of yourselves."

Everyone suddenly felt naked and hid their nasty parts, feeling terribly naked and self-conscious-ashamed of themselves.

Sue tried once more to gain control, firmly saying, "That may be, Heather, but you're no angel. Your mother is a slut and so are you. Your mother is a bitch and so are you. Accept it.

It's what you are and what you want. Think about it."

Heather did think, but thought quickly and said, "What I am, you made me. You forced this on me and you know it. I want you to leave me alone."

"Heather, do you know what you're saying? I'll leave you alone. Everyone will leave you alone until you leave home. I'll see to it. You won't date, won't play with the Goldsteins, you won't do shit."

Jack intervened, saying, "Now, you hold on, Sue. If she wants to be left alone, she'll be left to live a normal life. If she wants to be sexually active, that's her decision.

You have interfered enough in her life. I'm calling a halt to it right now.

From now on, Heather does as she pleases. If you don't like it, there's the door."


"No buts. You've had your way up till now.

Well, the party's over. Leave her alone, or else. I'm serious."

Jan said, "Sue, he's right. You're sexually spoiled rotten, and that's our fault. It's time you acted responsibly.

We support Jack."

Ellen now spoke up, saying, "That goes double for us, Sue. We're through playing your filthy games. No more.

Leave Heather alone." John nodded his support.

Sue looked to Sarah. Sarah shrugged. Her parents wanted to stay out of it. Sue looked around the room, seeing support for Heather and Jack and none for her, so she shrugged and said, "Fine. Be that way, but I put spice in your miserable, boring lives. I don't need you, any of you. If you don't want spice, enjoy your bland, dull, boring-assed existence. I do know where the door is, and I'll go through it and never look back. Other people like spice in their diet. Doors will always open to me.

I don't need any of you."

This put a pall over the assembled adults and caused the child to think harder.

They looked from one to the other, mulling the truth in her words. She was, without doubt, the spice-an entire spice rack. Like well-fed diners after a feast, it was easy to pledge to a diet, but they all seemed to know, hunger would soon set in and upset their resolve. They looked worried.

Heather had time to absorb the shocking news and realized that she really wasn't bothered by the fact that her daddy wasn't her biological father. He was and always would be her daddy, and she wanted an open sexual relationship with him.

Her mother would never remain and permit that. Now, Heather was as worried as the others.

After a long moment to ponder her rash action, Heather meekly said, "Mom, I don't want you to go. I don't want to be left alone. I'm willing to be the daughter you want me to be. It just took me a while to get over the shock."

Sue took solace from all the worried, unsure looks she was seeing, and Heather's backpedaling strengthened her hand greatly. She sat up with folded arms and said, "I want a bitch slut that'll do as she's told when she's told without question."

"I know. I'll be that way. I promise."

"Good, then tell your big brother to butt out."

Heather looked to her daddy and said, "Butt out, Jack. This is my life."

Jack said, "Fine, I'll butt out, but I am still your father. If you start calling me Jack, I'll leave." He looked to his overconfident spouse and added,

"And you respect the father/daughter relationship we have or I'll personally show you the door. Don't you ever refer to me as her big brother ever again."

"Touchy, aren't we?"

"Very. And another thing, have fun, but you keep it within the bounds we discussed. Nothing has changed. Heather is my daughter and I will never surrender her to you to do with as you please. Furthermore, she can say enough as often as she pleases, and you'd better back off when she's had enough."

"I would anyway. She knows that. I only give her what she wants and can handle.

I never force. That goes for all of you. You all got what you wanted when you were ready for it. I have never forced anything on anyone."

They all had to think about that. Ruth appeared on the verge of challenging that statement, but kept it to herself.

Sue won her point. The silence conceded it. The party was back on, and they were waiting on her to kick it off, now devouring the sexy sight of naked Heather, dripping sperm, looking fuckable in the extreme. The sexy little doll had every mouth drooling.

They wanted at her. They all wanted at her and Heather could feel their desire.

She looked around the room like a sheared lamb in a den of hungry wolves.

Sue let the tension and desire build, then said, "John, rape your daughter.

Ruth, assist. See that she gets a good taste of your pussy this time. Fuck the bitch."

Ruth stood and advanced on Heather with lust in her eyes. Heather backed away from the advance, but John grabbed her from behind and they sandwiched her.

Ruth took Heather by the hair and forced her to her back in the center of the living room. John knelt between her legs, pried them apart, and had no difficulty penetrating her this time, driving in to the balls in three hard lunges. Ruth straddled Heather's head and face-fucked her. They raped her very well.

Next, the Brewers were told it was their turn.

Sarah urged them on. They were self-conscious and Don had trouble getting it up, having spent twice in the space of thirty minutes, but Heather's soiled charms managed to put lead in his pencil.

They raped her well, too.

Next up were Jerry and Dawn. They tore into the soiled little slut and buffeted her between them. Sarah and Rodney were eager for their turn and took over immediately after Jerry and Dawn gave way. They took their time and had themselves a ball, sampling every hole. Sarah relieved herself in Heather's mouth while Rodney butt-fucked the kid.

Now, it was Sue and Jack's turn, and they followed Sarah and Rodney's example, doing everything in the molester's handbook. They left Heather well-fucked and gooey, bloated with their piss, sprawled on the floor on her back in a big puddle of fuck, while Sue went to fetch the pit bull.

Sue made sure the dog was hard and hanging before leading him out. No one except Sarah, Jack, and Heather expected a dog, so his entrance drew sucking intakes of breath. Heather, playing on the shock, struggled to her elbows as the pair advanced.

She made a concerned face and said, "Mom, you're not thinking of doing what I think you're thinking of doing, are you?"

Sue loved Heather's act and ad-lib improv. Her act had everyone sitting forward on the edges of their seats, eager to see if Sue would actually put that vulgar animal on her raped daughter. It certainly looked that way, and with Sue, this was a real possibility.

Sue led Spike to walk over Heather until he straddled her upper body on all fours, placing his bobbing cock right in her face as Sue said, "What do you think he's here for, Heather?"

The dog's cock was poking Heather near the mouth, trying to find the familiar hole. The audience was truly fascinated.

Sue said, "When I said I wanted a bitch daughter, did you think I wanted a moody girl that whined and complained all the time?"

Heather, looking up at her mother, shook her head and in doing so, wiped her lips over the dog's dick. Sue smiled and added, "I want a real bitch, Heather.

Open your mouth and let the dog fuck your pretty face. Make a bitch cunt out of your mouth and suck."

Heather slowly parted her lips and the cock entered.

The dog immediately began humping, and Heather sucked. Those who didn't have a good view, moved to where they did. Sue lifted Spike by the front paws so everyone had an excellent view of a girl's face getting fucked.

Heather gagged repeatedly. The angle was impossible to take down her throat, but her gagging suck job had every dick stand tall. Every pussy had a finger or three working in it.

It wasn't long before Heather began being sprayed by spewing dicks, coming in from every quarter. Sue planned to allow this face fuck to go on for several minutes as a warmup, but seeing how the guys were getting off on it, she waited until every cock added its offering.

When all were spent, Sue eased Spike back and told Heather to lift her bitch cunt and get fucked. Heather lifted and the dog found her pussy on its own. He fucked her deep, hard, and fast while Heather groaned and writhed under him.

The audience loved it. John Swenson filmed it. Ellen felt the cock/cunt connection.

Ruth held the dog's balls. Dawn sent a finger up Heather's ass.

Jan placed wet fingers in Heather's mouth. Dog sperm drenched the inside of the bitch's cunt.

They were all spent as Sue led Spike away. Again, Heather lay sprawled, panting, sticky and sweaty. All around her, spent adults tried to recover. Just when they thought they might get a breather, Sue led a furry horse out swinging a meaty truncheon under its belly.

Sue walked the dog right over the sprawled bitch and ordered, "Get your bitch cunt on this mutt's dick, slut!"

Stunned adults stopped trying to recover and crawled to the scene to watch as Heather raised her pussy and got impaled.

Sue had both Johns assist, pulling Heather's legs up onto the dog's lower back, binding them there at the ankles. They held her upper body to his chest as Sue bound Heather's arms around his neck. When released, Heather was attached to the dog, hung under its belly, stuck on his massive dick. Bowser seemed happy with the arrangement, fucked the body, came in the bitch, then wandered off to see if food was in his bowl.

Everyone followed, greatly amused at the hung-up bitch, swinging under the massive animal, leaking fuck wherever she was taken. Where Bowser wandered, they all followed. When he went to the bathroom for a drink from the toilet, banging Heather's head against the rim, they busted up in fits of laughter.

Heather was a good sport about it and remained locked to the beast for twenty more minutes until the dick pulled out and returned to its sheath.

They took a break to watch the Brewer's film, Sarah's early birthday present.

The Brewers gave the film no setup, and when the men pulled the girl's tooth, everyone came unglued, even Sarah. When Don explained that it was a real snuff film and that the girl was going to die anyway, they were horrified. Don and Ellen were confused by their reaction, especially Sarah's.

John pulled the plug when Sarah cried, ‹FONT SIZE=6›"Stop it!"

Sue looked at the cringing couple and said, "Let me have everyone's attention."

She now addressed the group with the lights on. "Look, Sarah has rather bizarre fantasies that led her parents to believe she'd like this torture shit.

She's been telling them lies about me, about the way I treat Heather.

If you think I was spoiled, you don't know what spoiled is. Sarah has always gotten everything she wanted. They thought she wanted this. I think it's safe to say, she likes the fantasy, but the reality sucks."

Addressing Don and Ellen, Sue said, "I don't know what you paid for this garbage, but you wasted your money.

You should hand this film over to the police. Those people need to be stopped-the people who made it, the people who distributed it, and the guy who sold it. Where did you get that film?"

Don sheepishly said, "A man named Marty sold it to us. We've been buying porn from him."

Jack said, "Marty Buckley, a short, fat fucker with bad acne scars?"

"That's him."

"Hang that mother fucker."

Sarah said, "Do it, Daddy. Put him behind bars for my birthday."

Jack said, "Do it, Don. Marty will squeal like a pig. He'll lead the cops to those assholes."

Ellen said, "Let's do, Don. They're right.

We need to do the right thing."

Don pondered, then nodded. John Swenson handed him both films, glad to be rid of them. The mood was ruined, and they were all spent anyway. There was no point in continuing, so Sue saved the rest of her plans for another day. They all went their separate ways and Heather slept with her parents, just slept in a three-way cuddle, a happy little bitch, proud of her mommy and daddy-all right, mommy and big brother.

They all lived happily ever after. Well, all except Jenny. She couldn't make a complete adjustment to being the neighborhood bitch and slut, but it was serving the Lord and his fucking flock that pushed her over the edge. She serviced every male dog in the congregation along with the owners. Shortly after her performance, every family got at least one well-hung male dog, so we're talking over one hundred and fifty dogs, added to the twenty from the neighborhood that she serviced almost daily. The Elton's kennel alone had eight.

She came to dread the weekends, when lines formed at both ends of her body for hours on end. One day, six months later, one hundred and seventy dogs later, three thousand dog sucks and fucks later, eighty-nine men, thirty-eight boys, twenty-two-hundred human fucks later, after having sucked a gross of cunts and drank a swimming pool full of piss, after a fifty-five gallon drum of human and animal semen had been run through her body, four months pregnant with terrible morning sickness, she was gone-so was Ruff. She lived happily after that.

She always was a one-man woman, and Ruff always was a one-bitch mutt. She was missed, but the Dallas Cowbitches stepped in to take her place. Praise the Lord!

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