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    My Personal Sex Journal


    Dear Diary:

    I was coming home from school today and you won't believe what happened to me! I was raped… Well… Almost! I mean, it was like the same thing, like some big, ugly man had jumped out of the bushes and stuck his dirty cock in my little slittie and just fucked me silly. I mean, it was almost the same thing…

    When Annie left the school grounds, she was already excited. The seat of her bicycle was pulsing hot from the sun and her cunt mini-skirt wasn't much protection when she got on the bicycle. The hot leather seemed to bum right through the thin nylon of her panties and her fat, little cunt lips were pressed reluctantly against the seat. Hurriedly, she started pedaling, standing up as she pumped the bike into motion. But the damage was already done. The soft, hairless lips of her slit were so agitated that the motion of her thighs as she pedaled the bicycle was enough to create a rising excitement in the little girl.

    On her bicycle, Annie was a postcard maker's delight. Her dark, curly hair blew out behind her exposing a cute face, innocent with a stubby nose and wide brown eyes. Her gay miniskirt, with its tiny primroses on a bright yellow background, was made all the more interesting by the soft swell of immature breasts that just barely poked the material out from the flatness of her chest.

    Her buttocks sloped back. A man looking on, the way Hal Green was doing, couldn't help but think that his hands would cup those soft cheeks almost perfectly with room for his fingers to slide between her slender thighs and stroke her pure little box.

    The thought was so strong that Hal Green wanted to turn away when he saw Annie pedaling her bike down the boardwalk along the beach. But he couldn't. The girl's miniskirt was so short that as her knees came up, Hal imagined he could see the white crotch of her panties.

    He stared, and after a moment, he was sure. He could see the flashes of white between the naked flashes of her soft inner thighs which were tanned an even, golden brown.

    It might have stopped there, the girl riding by and the man continuing his stroll, but Annie chose that particular place to stop her bike and try to relieve the frantic itch that had been building up.

    It was embarrassing. At least to Annie. The itch had started with the hot bicycle seat and had grown and grown until it seemed to the girl that she was being consumed by the itch in her crotch.

    She desperately wanted to scratch, but she couldn't do that. At least, not there on the boardwalk where everyone could see her.

    There was only one thing to do, and Annie did it. She slid forward on her bike saddle and then glided back, forcing the slick saddle leather against her crotch with the limit of her strength. It felt good. But not enough. So she did it again. And again.

    Thrills of strange pleasure started shooting up through Annie's, body as she rocked her cunt back and forth on the bike saddle, working the tip against her soft, squishy crotch. She knew by then that her white nylon panties were soaking wet and that the bicycle seat smelled terrible, but that wasn't enough to make her stop doing it. The rubbing just felt so good that she couldn't stop.

    Annie slid her butt forward on the slippery leather and sighed, luxuriating in the swift, gliding feel of the smooth saddle between her sleek thighs and the pressure on her little girl slit. She was oblivious that around her the sun was shining, the sidewalk was practically shimmering with heat and that white and tiny, fluffy clouds scudded overhead across the blue sky.

    The sight of a twelve-year-old girl masturbating herself on her bicycle seat was out of place in that setting. But it was happening. Annie sat on her bike on the edge of the seawall and did it faster and faster, her cute little: butt practically shimmying on her seat as she dragged her excited twat lips across the end of the saddle. She became faint with the effort of trying to move faster and faster while the waves roared and pounded at the foot of the seawall twenty feet below her.

    Oh, Annie thought, what if it sticks in me?

    The girl imagined the pointed saddle horn getting rammed between her hot little lips and shivered with delicious fright. But she didn't stop. She couldn't. The feeling that something was going to happen was building in her.

    Faster and faster her crotch sawed at the saddle. Her short skirt flipped frantically up at each back and forth thrust. The material practically snapped in the warm air and there was no doubt that she was exposing her crotch and panties to anyone who cared to look.

    Hal Green looked. Standing rooted to the spot, barely ten feet from the girl, he couldn't move. His cock felt as big as an elephant's trunk in his pants. He was sure that everybody could see it. But he didn't care. What counted what watching Annie though he didn't know her name at the time.

    The girl was standing as if transfixed, staring out to sea. But her eyes were blank and her pretty little mouth was open. Her pink lipstick-less lips trembled as if she were being transfixed, and her hips kept swaying back and forth.

    Hal couldn't be sure! That was part of what griped him. Her skirt covered her thighs and the bicycle seat and he wasn't sure that her cunt was actually touching the seat. He knew he could just be imagining things-seeing more than there was to see. But he didn't think so. His cock, definitely, didn't think so. His balls were so full and heavy in his pants that he moved with difficulty when he did move.

    Hal approached the little girl on the green bicycle with some trepidation. He assured himself that his intentions were honorable. He just had to find out if the girl in the bright yellow mini-dress was being naughty. It was his duty to reprimand her. At least, that's what he told himself.

    "Are you lost, little girl?" he asked.

    Annie's mouth closed with a snap and she froze. The terrible tingling shot through her and she was still itchy between the legs. She wished she could have gone on and on for a long while, but somebody was noticing her and it was time to go. Only her legs felt so weak she couldn't start pedaling.

    "Are you lost, little girl?"

    Annie shook her head and her curls bobbed.

    "No sir," she said. Her voice was weak and uncertain. She was acutely aware of the wetness between her legs and the way her soggy panties stuck to her skin like they were glued on. She shivered. Maybe he knows, she thought. A tingle started in the hot slot between her thighs and drilled straight up her little pee hole and Annie felt like she had to take a pee right then and there. She was dizzy and lightheaded and the bicycle seat was poking between her legs and rubbing the little button there and sending guilty shocks of sexual feeling soaring through her body-thought she didn't know the feeling was sexual.

    "Are you ill?"

    Annie stared at the man. He was tall and sort of thin. Maybe he was as old as her daddy who was almost forty, and he had a little grey in his black hair. His face wasn't handsome, but it seemed kindly to her and Annie nodded her head in automatic agreement that she wasn't feeling altogether right.

    "Well, would you like to come to my house and lie down?" Hal Green had to gulp when he asked that question. His cock was pressing so painfully against his trousers that he could barely walk. He knew that he didn't want Annie to go to his house because she was ill. Don't do it, his conscience screamed. And his prick got sweaty with fear that he would listen to his conscience after all.

    "Yes," Annie said. "I would." And she got off her bike and walked alongside the nice man and tried not to think about that terrible itch between her legs.

    Hal Green lived in a rented house that faced on the boardwalk. It was white with green trim around the windows and fake storm shutters that wouldn't close. The yard was full of flowers protected by a white, picket fence.

    As they walked toward it, Annie felt relieved. Now that she was off the hot bike seat, her crotch didn't feel all sweaty and itchy. Some of that terrible urge to finger her throbbing lips between her legs was gone. In fact, the warm, summer wind blowing under her short dress caressed the insides of her moist, soft thighs and cooled the soggy crotch of her panties. That felt good to Annie. It was like a cool hand sliding over her pouting pee lips taking some of the fever away. She walked a little straddle legged, spreading her slender thighs as much as possible to get more of the wind. She hoped the man wouldn't notice the smell.

    Hal couldn't help but notice. From the moment the little girl had agreed to go home with him his eyes kept straying to her scantly covered crotch. Every flip of her dress that threatened to reveal a glimpse of her white panties made his cock harder and more urgent in his pants. He wanted to slide it between her thighs and rub' it back and forth, squishing her soft, fat lips against his round peeker.

    The wind kept shifting and wafting the heated odor of her hot twat to his nostrils and when Hal looked down all he could see was the flash of her long thighs sliding in and out under the hem of her dress.

    "This is my house," he managed to say. He held the gate open.

    Annie thought it was a nice house and yard. A safe one. And with no hesitation she went into the yard and parked her bicycle next to the porch.

    "Come in." Hal held the door open with a sweaty hand.

    Inside the house it was cool and dark. The scent of the ocean filled the room and Hal steered Annie to a long, green couch that dominated the living room. The twelve-year-old girl sat down and nervously pressed her knees together. Her short skirt slid up the long, tanned expanse of her stockingless legs and the white crotch of her panties was just barely visible.

    Hal sat next to her. "How are you now?"

    "All right, I guess." Annie looked up at him and smiled. She did feel better. The itch in her crotch was a lot fainter. But her soggy panties were clammy and uncomfortable. They bunched up in the crack of her rear and they drew tight across her front, the fabric pressing into the slit between her legs. It didn't hurt, but Annie experienced a weird feeling that made her want to touch herself there and either poke the panties into the hole or pull them out. That wasn't nice, she knew, and she tittered, wondering what the nice man would say if he knew what she was thinking.

    "Tell me, what's your name, darling?"

    "Annie. What's yours?"

    Hal told her and smiled. His forehead was sweaty and he knew he couldn't stop now whatever the consequences. He had gone too far. "Where does it hurt, Annie?" He placed his hand on her middle and pressed lightly. "There?"

    The little girl shivered and shook her head. Hal's hand felt so nice there that she wanted to lie to keep it there. "No," she said innocently. "Lower. I feel funny lower." And she blushed because she knew it wasn't nice to talk about her crotch.

    "Oh… there?" Hal slipped his hand down the little girl's groin and felt his cock get harder, if that was possible. He stared in fascination at his tanned, brown hand on the lighter flesh of her thigh. Under his fingers he felt the throb of her pulse and the lush softness of her lower belly. The sweet curve of her crotch started there, too, and he imagined that his fingers could feel the tip of her angelic slit.

    Annie squirmed and murmured something Hal didn't catch.

    She looked at his hand on her tummy and couldn't imagine why it was giving her such wonderful sensations that made her squirm her little, soft butt on the couch and press up against his hand. All she knew was that the feeling was heavenly and she didn't want it to stop, even if it was something dirty. She wanted his fingers down further. Instinctively, she knew if Hal scratched her down there, the itch would go away.

    "Lower," she murmured again, only in a slightly louder voice.

    She bit her lip and looked down.

    Hal's hand seemed to barely inch its way down between her legs. It looked like something she had never seen before between her spread open thighs.

    His hand pressed at her splayed thighs and forced them wider.

    "Gee," Annie gasped. Her eyes were wide as she looked down and watched his fingers disappear under the edge of her short, yellow dress. And then she felt his fingertips sliding across her panties and touching her pee hole through the material and she knew he was being very naughty.

    But Annie didn't say anything. Her flesh was quivering. She felt all electric between her legs. It felt heavenly. "Ooooh, do it some more, Mr. Hal," she moaned. And she raised her hips and rubbed her itchy cunny against his probing fingers.

    Hal couldn't stop. The satiny feel of little girl flesh against his fingers was more than he could stand. Drips of cock fluid squeezed out of his cock head and he wanted to grab his own crotch 'and jack off while he touched Annie's delectable cunt. Her sex odor made a cloud in the room and he sawed his finger back and forth in the little girl's weeping slot.

    Annie was writhing and twisting on the couch. Hal had turned her so she was laying back and she could see his hand disappearing between her legs and feel what he was doing. And what she felt was super.

    Something thick and firm was pressed against her panties. It just seemed to lie naturally in the little, hairless slot between her legs. And when it moved up and down, rubbing at the soft, grasping lips, chills of pleasure shot all through Annie.

    The little girl put her hand to her mouth and sucked at her thumb, feeling Hal's expert hand spreading her slot open. Her saliva drooled around her thumb wetting her face, but she didn't mind. The feeling of being stretched down there was just wonderful. She wanted more and she raised her hips and shoved her crotch against Hal's wonderful finger and she sucked her thumb.

    "Can I take your panties off… and… make you feel better?" Hal asked, gasping desperately for air while he tried to show his beating heart and get his breathing back to normal.

    Annie whimpered and nodded. Then she felt her panties being slipped down her slender legs. For a moment, the soggy crotch was held prisoner between her cunt lips. Then it came free and a rush of cold air filled the suddenly exposed void of sweaty, enflamed flesh.

    "Ohhhhh," Annie moaned. She opened her thighs wider, in a wordless invitation for something-anything. She didn't know what was going to happen. But that didn't matter. Surges of pleasure shot up and down her body and she was ready for anything.


    … I mean, I suppose Hal raped me, dear diary. That's his name. Hal. He had me all laid out on the couch and he was doing naughty things to my little peepee hole and it isn't so bad being raped. I mean, like Mommy and Daddy think it's something horrible. It isn't that way. Especially when he stuck out his tongue.

    That's when he raped me…

    I think…

    Hal stared down at the little girl spread out on the couch. Her legs were wide open. Her skirt was flopped up to her waist. Her panties were an untidy white heap on the floor. And between her legs the skin was naked and smooth-like pink velvet. Her pubes were gentle pink mounds and as Annie's legs stretched further apart they pouted open just a tiny bit and showed a red lining-like the inside of a ripe, juicy, sweet watermelon.

    There was nothing then that could stop Hal. He leaned forward and his mouth opened and his hot, saliva slick lips clamped over the little girl's cunnus and he kissed her right on the twat.

    His cock pounded and he thought he was going to shoot in his pants. When Annie's immature thighs lifted in the air and wrapped around his head he felt his pre-come juice pouring out of the swollen tip of his pecker. Her cunt in his mouth was so juicy he couldn't let go. It was virginal and fresh. There wasn't even the slightest trace of hair on her whole crotch and it was like sucking a luke-warm tomato-but a million times more exciting.

    Slowly, his tongue stroked down the slightly open slot between Annie's trembling thighs and for the first time, Hal tasted the tangy little girl nectar pouring from her sweet little hole.

    "Aiiieeee!" Annie gasped softly.

    The little girl moaned and squirmed. She didn't know what was happening, but it was delicious. She raised her hips and felt the hot saliva of Hal's mouth bathing her crotch.

    And then it happened.

    With no warning, his tongue was jabbing between her quivering nether lips and she thought she'd die from the sudden surge of pleasure that swept over her and through her. It was huge-much bigger than her own little fingers-and it seemed to spread her crotch wide open with a fantastic kind of ecstatic joy.

    "Oh, oh, oh" she gasped in a kind of soundless burbling as she thrilled to his wide, slippery tongue sticking up inside of her.

    Hal's tongue was narrow at the end and got wider and wider going back until it was bigger than anything Annie could ever imagine sticking in her own childish twat. But she didn't know that.

    Looking down, all Annie could see was the top of Hal's head, his grey streaked hair and the tips of his sunburned ears.

    But she could feel him!

    He started stroking up and down her joy slot with his tongue tip. At first that was enough and it was turning Annie inside out with forbidden pleasure. But as he licked faster arid faster the girl felt like she was going to explode if she didn't get more and more and more. The original itch was gone, but her little flesh furrow had a new, more persistent feeling racing through it. She wanted that lovely tongue sucking and slurping through her crotch to stop and drill her-to stretch her open even further than she was already.

    She tightened her legs around his head. His ears felt fantastic against the naked insides of her thighs and she grabbed his hair and tugged on it and pressed her passionate pussy harder against his mouth.

    "Oooh, do it some more, Mr. Hal," she urged, practically sobbing.

    She pumped her hips up and down, practically forcing his tongue to impale her slippery little twat. Each jab into her gash was sheer heaven to Annie. His tongue was hot and slippery and squirmy. It was tapered and the deeper it sank into her juicy little snatch the wider open she was stretched. The stretching felt wonderful. Her cunt lips gaped open and shivered with excitement. She couldn't help the automatic reflex which squeezed her cunny tight around his tongue, threatening to throw it out of her snatch.

    The tingle around her hole was fantastic. But the little girl breathed deep and sighed at what was going on inside her.

    The hot length of Hal's tongue wormed up her hole and it felt to Annie like she was stuffed with something incredibly long and warm. And then, to top that, Hal kept wiggling the tip of his tongue deep inside of her and she wanted to swoon when his tongue tip caressed the insides of her little cunny.

    "I feel sooo strange," she groaned to Hal.

    Indeed she did. She felt like she wanted to pee-but she couldn't because Hal's tongue filled her little peehole completely. It was like a cork in a bottle. And the pressure was building inside Annie.

    Annie had opened her eyes and she noticed the front of Hal's pants bulged lewdly and there was a big wet spot. But, while she was curious that a man Hal's age could wet his pants, she didn't say anything. She couldn't.

    Hal had started flicking his tongue rapidly in and out of the little girl's convulsing hole. "Ahuhahuhah!" Annie sighed and gasped.

    Each movement of the man's tongue in her slot was like a hammer blow. She was full-then empty-then full again. She writhed and twisted on the couch and tried to pull Hal's hair out. It was too exciting.

    His tongue kept lowing in and out of her snatch. She writhed around it as if it was a greased stake gliding up and down, in and out of her fevered cunt. Annie groaned and humped her hips and shoved down. The little girl was dizzy on the thrilling feeling that shot through her body. She had never felt anything like it. It was as if she was being ripped open and plugged full of thick, steamy meat. And then the next instant it was gone, gliding out of her hole, leaving her begging to get it back again.

    No, no. Put it back in me again! the little girl wanted to say when it felt like his drippy, red tongue was getting" out of her slot. But she didn't. That wouldn't have been nice.

    Instead, she tightened her knees around Hal's head and felt her legs draw his face tighter against her smelly crotch. That seemed to help because when she did that, his tongue went extra deep up her snatch and she couldn't help moaning.

    Suddenly, Hal pulled his face away from her slippery, wet crotch and Annie was really disappointed. She itched there something fierce and it seemed to her that just a few minutes more of that would have been enough. Something was going to happen! The thought was so strong and fierce that she was ready to cry in frustration.

    "What's wrong?" Hal asked. His voice was weak as he stared down at the nymphet's twitching vagina.

    "I itch there," Annie said, also weakly, as she gestured toward her excited peepee hole. Her finger almost touched it and a savage thrill of exaltation swept Annie. The little girl just had to touch it. And that was something naughty, particularly with Hal watching!

    "Well… " Hal said. "Well, scratch it then!"

    Hal's mouth was dry. His tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth as he watched her finger, hypnotized.

    Annie gurgled deep in her throat. Her legs opened wider and her delicate fingers inched down the inside of her thigh toward the plump mound of pink flesh Hal had been tormenting with his tongue. She thought she shouldn't do it, but she couldn't stop. Closer and closer her fingers neared her sensitive cunny lips.

    Hal was faint. He couldn't believe he was seeing what was happening. The tiny tip of Annie's white finger rubbed against the edge of her soft, silky crack and opened it. Then her finger slid in.

    It was so smooth! One moment the gleaming fingernail was on top, and the next it was inside the little opening as, if it had been swallowed. Moisture welled out of her crack and frothed around her finger. She pressed deeper until her knuckle was being sucked by her twat, too.

    Hal imagined his cock in that tiny, tight hole and he almost came allover himself, and he didn't care. Anything was worth what he was watching happen.

    "It'll feel better, honey," he gasped, "if you rub your finger up and down."

    "Really?" Annie was surprised that Hal would know something like that. But it made her feel better. She pumped her finger up and down and could hear her cunny lips slurping around it. Explosions of joy surged through her body and her baby-sized hole tightened up and that was even greater. She was tingling.way inside her body. She felt like she was going to turn inside out but, at the same time, Annie wished her finger was bigger, that she could reach further up her hole, that she was stretched wider open. She pumped her hips up and down, her knees out, while raising her crotch toward Hal's face. She wished he'd put his tongue back in her.

    He did lean down and lick around her finger, sucking up the juice that shot out of her clenching snatch.

    Annie sighed. His wet tongue sliding up and down her juicy finger and over her pouting cunt lips and occasionally flicking inside her hot little hole right next to her probing finger made her dizzy.

    Hal was dizzy, too. He sucked up the tangy joy juice welling out of the little girl's slot and his pecker jerked and swelled with unrestrained joy. His pants front was soaked, and he didn't care. He couldn't think of anything but that fantastic little girl hole. It was too small. He knew that. But he licked her whole crotch, his eyes inches away from her slot, staring at the shiny, smooth, glistening flesh between the girl's legs. Her finger drove up and down in her hole, cunt juice bubbling around it on each stroke and creating a fresh froth of moisture that he was eager to lick up as fast as it came.

    "Maybe… maybe I can help you, darling… " Hal whispered hoarsely.

    The middle-aged man knew he couldn't go on much longer this way. He was going to shoot all over himself. And he had to have his hands on the little girl's hot, pulsating flesh when he did. He just had to.

    Annie took her little finger out of her warm hole and stared in wonder as Hal put his hand on her crotch. His fingers were tanned brown and they contrasted sharply with her gleaming white skin.

    He inched his hand down and Annie sighed. It felt so good, having his hand there. It was warm and felt comfortable.

    And then she saw what he was going to do and her breath caught in her throat and it seemed like she couldn't breathe even the littlest bit. He was going to put his big, brown finger in her tiny pink hole and his finger seemed SO big!

    Annie closed her eyes. She wanted to say no! But she also wanted to have that big thing inside her, touching her in there where she couldn't reach and where Hal's tongue wouldn't go.

    She opened her eyes again in time to see Hal's dark finger pressing softly against her slot. It didn't hurt. In fact, it felt good!

    First his finger made a little dip in her skin that she felt clear to the top of her head. And she knew, then, that she wanted it to go into her deeper and deeper.

    And then his finger was in her hole and it felt absolutely heavenly and she was getting stretched wiidddeee open and that was a tremendous sensation and her hips shot back and forth, encouraging him to go on. "Wow!" she sighed, and really meant it.

    Annie watched with unbelieving eyes as Hal's finger slipped deeper and deeper in her well. The first knuckle was. in and then the second and finally his finger was all gone right up to his hand. "Hmmm," Annie sighed and stared at his brown hand on her soft, white lower belly and the way one finger disappeared into her tight crack.

    Then Hal wiggled his finger!

    Convulsing, Annie was practically propelled out of this world. "OhyeahoooGodogiveoittome… pleeaassee," she sobbed. She shoved and hunched her crotch down on Hal's finger and sobbed for the fantastic joy she was feeling.

    Hal's finger started moving up and down, shooting in and out of her hole like a berserk torpedo, drawing out of her tight, slippery tunnel only to drive back in an express train speed.

    Annie didn't know what was happening to her, but it was absolutely tremendous, whatever it was. Her crotch rose and fell and she cried, "yes, yes, yes, Mr. Hal. Yes!"

    She was going to explode. The feeling of being filled with too much pleasure enveloped her. Her cunny was soaked and leaking juice at a wild pace. "More," she groaned and lifted her lithe, child's hips and shoved her hole down hard on Hal's probing finger.

    Something seemed to seize her whole body and squeezed with all the pleasure in the world. Rockets exploded in her nerves. And Annie was sobbing for joy as her orgasm swept over her, making her scream with pleasure while she pulled her knees back to her almost flat chest and Hal's finger drilled unrelentingly into her banjoing hole.

    Sweat poured from Hal's face. His arm was cramped from shooting back and forth, driving his finger in the little girl's hot twat. But he couldn't stop. Nothing could make him stop.

    Staring down at his brown finger flashing in and out of the sucking white flesh of Annie's twelve-year-old snatch, that virgin little hole. Hal knew he was going to come and come and come.

    Her hole was hot, moist. It fit his finger like a glove and throbbed and tightened and loosened as his finger slid in and out. Each twitch of his hand was a new sensation. It was as if the child was sucking on his finger-only this was better.

    His cock twitched in his pants. His balls were hot and sweaty and filled with a heavy ache. His pumping finger seemed to say, you've got to come. You've got to come. You've got to come!

    His cock jerked in his pants, He put his other hand down and felt it through the material and wrapped his fingers around the swollen head and squeezed and milked it.

    "Oh, oh, I feel so funny," Annie cried… And then she shrieked out her wild come and her cunny clenched on his finger and Hal squeezed his own cock.

    His come burned up his hose and spurted out against his pants with such force and heat that it oozed through and pearly drops of white goo clung there while Hal shivered from the force of his ejaculation.

    He sat there, luxuriating in the hot, liquid feel of both hands-one in a twelve-year-old twat and the other full of his own cock and come!


    After Hal… well… did that dirty thing to me, I had to go back, don't ya see? I couldn't let him think that it was all his fault. He needed me to tell him I was okay-that he didn't really hurt me with his big, ugly finger.

    I mean, he stretched my little hole all out of shape and I don't think I'll ever let anything in there again as big as his finger. But, it did feel kinda good.

    In fact, I can remember just how it felt right now…

    Annie walked her bicycle away from Hal Green's little white ocean front house. She still felt all tingly between her legs-and a little sore. And she had a lot to think about. She didn't want to get home too fast or she'd never figure anything out at all.

    When she'd left, Hal was laying back on the sofa, a silly smile on his face, and Annie assumed he was happy about something. She had seen the wet all over his pants crotch and she wondered about that. But she didn't say anything. It was really embarrassing to wet your pants and have somebody notice.

    "Are you… going?" he'd asked.

    "Uh huh." Annie had nodded her head. "Mom and Dad get awful mad if I don't get home in time for dinner."

    "Oh!" Hal's face fell, and then it seemed to brighten. "You had a good time, didn't you, Annie?"

    Annie nodded. "I guess so, Mr. Hal. It was… different."

    "Well… well. That's good, honey. And if you like, why don't you come by again some time after school and… we'll think of more games."

    "Sure, Mr. Hal." Annie grinned at him and smoothed her skirt down over her naked pelvis. "We had a whole lot of fun, didn't we?"

    Hal was standing at the door, grinning at her when she wheeled her bicycle away from the house.

    It wasn't until Annie was half-way home and was riding her bicycle again that she remembered she had left her panties at Hal's. She was reminded of that fact by the way the bicycle seat rubbed against her soft, little gash. It was kind of like Hal's fingers caressing her fat, hairless cunny lips. And it made Annie remember what his hot tongue had felt like, too. The girl shivered with remembered delight and pedaled faster.

    She was still pedaling like that when she swerved into the driveway at her house.

    Annie's heart suddenly plummeted. Standing in the driveway, looking grim, was her father.

    Bob Preston was about five foot eleven inches tall with a bulky build that started in big shoulders and worked its way down his body to his crotch where his cock was equally as large and massive. Annie didn't know about his cock, but she was aware of her daddy's muscular arms.

    "You're a half hour later," Annie's father said.

    His thick, black hair seemed to bristle when he was angry and his face, weathered from working outdoors as a construction crew foreman, was darker and more lined than ever. "Your mother is all ready to call the police department, young lady."

    "Gee… gee… I'm sorry, Daddy." Annie started to sob. She'd learned that it didn't matter when she started crying, when her daddy was this mad she was going to cry sooner or later anyway.

    She parked the bike, then meekly followed him into the garage for her punishment.

    The double garage was Bob Preston's hideaway. One half he had partitioned and turned into a workshop. The other half held the car and tools he used to work on it.

    Annie always had her punishment in there. It was partially soundproofed and the little girl had learned early that she could bawl her lungs out as much as she wanted and nobody would hear her.

    Her father sat down on the long bench in front of his work table and beckoned her to come and get her punishment.

    Biting her lip, Annie reluctantly got into position, laying across her father's knees and tightening up, ready to start sobbing at the first whack on her buttocks. And then there was a long pause.

    "Where-are-your-panties?" her father's voice demanded hoarsely.

    A chill descended over Annie. Her butt, revealed by her yellow skirt being lifted, was baby naked. The air was chilly between Annie's warm thighs and the little girl pressed her knees together.

    "I-I guess I forgot to put them on this morning," Annie whimpered.

    Another long pause was followed by her father's chocked voice saying, "You're a grown up girl, now, Annie. You mustn't ever forget to wear your… drawers… under a short skirt. Never!"

    "I won't, Daddy!" Annie felt terrible for lying to her daddy, but she didn't think he'd be happy hearing the truth about how she had lost her panties at Hal's house. In fact, it might cost her another spanking-and she wasn't past the first one yet.

    "You know why I'm going to punish you, don't you?"

    "Yes, Daddy," Annie said meekly. "For coming home late."

    "That's right, darling, and this is going to hurt me more than it will you."

    Annie trembled as she felt her daddy lay his hand on her bare buttocks. She wasn't sure that he was telling the truth. Then his warm hand was gone from her soft butt cheek and she automatically tightened her rear end. Squeezing her eyes closed, she wished she'd come home on time-even though the last half hour with Hal's hot finger zipping in and out of her fervent little pussy had been really swell.

    Bob Preston raised his hand and prepared to chastize his daughter. He knew he shouldn't. When she had laid down across his knees and he raised her skirt and discovered her bare behind, he knew he should have stopped. His little daughter's ass cheeks were round and plump. The skin was milky white in contrast to her tanned legs and there was the barest hint of baby pink. He wondered what she looked like if she opened her legs.

    My God! What am I thinking about? My own daughter! Annie's father felt dazed by the impact of his own salacious thoughts. He couldn't help it. In that moment of weakness he had a mental picture of her tight pussy lips and virgin hole and it was too much for him. His cock immediately started to rise and press against the little girl's warm body.

    He raised his hand arid brought it down hard, striking the drum taut skin on her shapely buttock. Immediately, Annie began to sob.

    Bob Preston drew his arm back and looked down. There was a red blotch on one side of her rear. It was fiery red and hot looking. He noticed the way a long red bar, like an arrow, pointed down toward the creased flesh where her clever little rear joined her thigh.

    His eyes followed the crease which ran down into the dark shelter between her legs. He knew it, led to her babyish cunny.

    Desperately his arm rose and fell in a futile attempt to beat such thoughts out of his head and Annie's little butt grew redder and hotter. First one side and then the other. And it seemed that each blow brought his fingers closer and closer to the crack between her squeezed together thighs.

    Annie's father knew what it was he wanted. He wanted his fingers to stroke between her beautiful legs and dabble in her swampy hot hole. He pounded her butt harder, feeling her body press against his probing cock and rubbing it, making it hotter and harder and longer.

    "Daddy!" Annie whimpered. "Please, please stop, Daddy!"

    Suddenly coming to his senses, Bob Preston stopped smacking his hand against his daughter's quivering rear. It glowed a bright pink. Not an inch of her creamy ass flesh had escaped the punishment of his hand and even after he stopped spanking her, Annie continued sobbing and crying.

    "I'm sorry, baby," her father said. Gingerly he tried to massage the soft globes of her ass, and Annie cried out as the hurt penetrated her body. Preston snatched his hand away. He wanted to soothe his daughter's battered behind, but he didn't know how. And his cock was still embarrassingly hard, poking stiffly into the warmth of her belly.

    "I'm sorry, darling," he said again. To show her how sorry, Bob Preston bent over and tenderly kissed her swollen ass cheek.

    Annie sighed. The sudden movement and then the coolness of her daddy's lips on her burning rear forced the gasp of pleasure out of her even though she would have liked to have kept on sobbing. She couldn't tell her daddy, but it felt so much like when Hal had kissed her front that she couldn't help but wonder if Daddy was going to go further. And how much further would he go if he did…?

    She didn't have to wait long for an answer to her question.

    Annie's burning butt seemed to radiate heat to his lips and he lovingly began kissing the entire satiny surface of her soft globules. At first his lips slid around the outside curvatures of her beautiful buttocks. But then he began licking the jouncy globes. His tongue slid down into the crack at the base of Annie's spine, and then her father couldn't hold himself back another instant.

    Seizing his daughter's buttocks in both hands and pulling them apart, Bob Preston ran his tongue down the exposed groove.

    Annie squealed. The sensation of her father's tongue slipping down her butt crack was tremendous. His tongue was all soft and gushy like a sponge full of hot water. And when the tip flicked her little brown butt hole, she knew with delight how far her father was going.

    The hurt was all gone from her behind. The main feeling was anticipation. Annie quivered as she lay across her daddy's knees. She was dimly aware of something poking out from her daddy's lap into her side. She wriggled and realized that it wasn't a pen or pencil in his pocket and she wondered what it could be. But there were other things to think about. Like what had happened to her rear. Nothing was happening!

    The reason that Annie wondered was because Bob Preston was trying to stop himself from continuing. He stared down at his daughter's little body sprawled across his knees and his eyes wandered to the inviting crack between her buttocks' cheeks. She was all glistening wet with his saliva, though the angry red still glowed in her skin where he'd spanked her. Try as he could, Annie's father couldn't get the taste of his daughter's luscious skin out of his mouth. Nor could he ignore the insatiable demand to lick her tender twat.

    Lowering his head, anticipation, Annie's daughter's butt.

    Annie gasped. No, Daddy! That's dirty, she wanted to say. But she didn't say it out loud. Her daddy's tongue had slipped into "her rear again. The tip paused at the round muscle in her rear. It felt funny and wet back there and she felt alternately tight and loose as her asshole quivered around the tip of her daddy's probing tongue.

    "Noooo, Daddy," she moaned and wiggled her little butt.

    And at that instant her daddy's tongue shoved its way into her spasming asshole, spreading her butt wide, wide open.

    It felt really funny, her daddy's tongue sliding up her rear and probing around inside of her hole. Sudden thrills lanced through her body. Even her toes and fingers tingled. Weird sensations worked through her middle and seemed to settle in her crotch in front. It was sort of the same, but different from when Hal stuck his tongue in her little crack.

    At first it hurt so much that Annie thought her daddy was punishing her more. She was shoved full of her daddy's thick tongue and it seemed to the girl that it was ripping her open. "Ooohhh!" she moaned.

    He played his tongue back and forth in his daughter's glove-tight asshole, and as he did, Bob Preston thought he'd surely come. The sensation was so exotic and voluptuous that he could barely contain the urgent feeling in his cock. My little girl, he thought, and his tongue lunged down her little butt hole and she squealed. How can I do this to my own daughter? How can I? But the answer was simple. It was easy. He was so hot he'd have sucked a cow, and it was his sweet, nublie daughter's fault. As his tongue lanced into her butt well and she squealed and writhed around it, Bob Preston thought of his cock pumping in and out of his daughter's tight snatch, and he almost squealed.

    Annie was surging to new heights of pleasure as her daddy's tongue snaked its way up her rear hole. Surprisingly, it had started feeling better and better as her daddy pumped his squeezeable tongue in and out of her exciting feeling butt. The sensation of his tongue lancing back and forth, sliding in and out, thrilling the clenching rim of her asshole had started her whole body vibrating. Her nerves twanged and she felt an empty sensation in her stomach that her daddy's tongue, pushing up from her butt, threatened to fill.

    "Oh, oh, oh, DADDY!" Annie screamed. Her asshole clenched around her father's tongue and it felt like he was filling her up inside. Her little twat felt so empty and neglected that she couldn't stand it. Annie was being tom between ecstasy and need.

    She needed something, even Hal's great big finger, pumping up and down in her pink little snatch to counteract the throb in her tight, pulsating ass.

    She shivered and twisted, her hot butt fucking itself on his wiggly tongue. Her soft body pounded against her daddy's penis.

    Bob Preston raised his face from her rear. He couldn't stand anymore. He was so hot he was going to explode.

    Pulling her onto his lap with one hand, Annie's father fumbled his pants open with his other hand.

    Annie was startled as she felt something rise up against her soft buttocks. And then her daddy pulled her back against him and the long, cushiony tube sprang up between her legs. Annie gasped.

    Preston held his daughter on his lap. He was breathing hoarsely. His cock stuck up obscenely naked between his daughter's naked thighs. The head was purple and angry looking. Thin blue veins criss-crossed the surface of the skin and a fold of bright pink skin huddled around the neck of his cock like a fold of knitted scarf.

    "Ouuuhhh, Daddy!" Annie wriggled and squirmed. The warm shaft of his peter pressed against her tender vaginal lips and really turned the little girl on. Somehow she knew that his big thing was made to go into her little slot. It's too big, Daddy! she thought. It's way too big! Not that she said anything. She just thought it.

    But Bob Preston knew he couldn't do anything so gross as rape his little girl. He had to have relief. It was like his cock was tearing out at the roots. It was so hot and sweaty he couldn't stand it.

    When his pecker popped out into the cool air a chill of. pleasure ran down the length of his glistening, sweaty meat and up his body into his brain. But the coolness was only a momentary respite. Annie clamped her hot little thighs around his flesh stick and he almost came. He felt her crack open slightly and hug his penis. Her naked thighs squeezed it.

    "Put your hand on it, darling," Preston told his daughter. Obeying, as she always did, Annie reached out with her hand and grabbed the swollen knob on the end of her daddy's stick. It felt so good and warm and interesting that once she had her hand on it she didn't want to let go.

    Her daddy seemed to want her to hold on, too.

    "That's the way, Annie," he said hoarsely. "Now move your hand up and down on it. That's the way, baby. Faster. Faster. Oh, that's really good!"

    Annie was mesmerized by the action of her slender white hand on her daddy's thick stick. She squeezed and it flowed around her fingers. It really felt good and she moved her hand and gently stroked the pink head and stared curiously at the eye in the very center. The eye was pulsating and twitching and Annie could feel a deep throb in her daddy's stick. Something, she was sure, was going to happen.

    Bob Preston was sure, too. He was hypnotized by the motion of his aching prick between the girl's lovely thighs. He had his hands wrapped around her buttocks and was lifting her up and down. His cock slid up and down between her clenching thighs and he was thrilled by the delicate friction of his meat against her dewy flesh.

    He nuzzled her ear and she turned her head and he kissed her on the mouth. His daughter was so surprised that she opened her mouth and his tongue slipped inside and she was instantly sucking on his tongue.

    At the same time, she pulled his cock against her dripping wet cunny, agog with the strange excitement that seemed to grasp her.

    His bulgy cock head shoved against her little sex button. It was like an electric switch had been thrown. Annie struggled to cram the bulging head into her trembling hole. It was too big, but she wanted it there. The fiery touch of his cock flesh on her little button had electrified the girl. She squirmed and moaned, "Golly, golly, Daddy!"

    Annie couldn't describe the excitement that gripped her. Staring down between her own legs and seeing that fierce pole of her daddy's sticking up between her own them was shocking. But not half as shocking as the touch of his moist flesh against her inner thighs and particularly against her zingy crack.

    It was a whole lot better than when Hal's finger had rubbed her there. His cock seemed all bristly, though it wasn't. All Annie was sure of was that when it touched her she tingled in the funniest places. Her little twat seeped liquid and the little girl was afraid that she was peeing against her wishes.

    "Pump it. Up and down," Bob Preston groaned.

    He quivered as he watched his daughter slide her hand over his hard knob and experienced a sensation like velvet brushing across silk. His cock got harder under the little girl's smooth, white hands.

    "Up and down, honey. Up and down," Preston croaked.

    He sighed as his daughter began sliding her fingers up and down the horny length of his stick. She did it like she had had lots of practice, like she knew what it was all about.

    Preston writhed and felt her buttocks sliding across his lap in mute sympathy with the excruciating pleasure his cock was experiencing.

    Annie's fingers slipped up to the fiery tip and stroked the fat, mushroom shaped head. Then they slid down, squeezing and massaging his heavy joint and rubbing it delightfully until they were on his balls.

    "Harder, baby. Harder!"

    "Yes, Daddy!" Annie was breathing hard. She didn't know why. It wasn't hard doing what her daddy wanted-massaging the heavy cock between her baby fat thighs. But it sure felt good. As she played with his stick, she pulled it against her little crack and button and it made her insane with joy. She wanted to go ahead and stick it up her crack, but that wouldn't be right. She knew that without being told… and, besides, it was way too big to fit up inside her. She thought. But… and in the last couple of hours… she was finding out that she didn't know what she was really, truly capable of putting in there. A secret thrill coursed through her just as a result of thinking about it.

    "Oh, God, Annie!" Bob Preston writhed and heaved his hips. He couldn't stand any more. His groin was pounding apart and when his daughter gripped his balls with her hot hands he thought he would come instantly.

    Annie pulled on his big suck stick and he thought about it being so close to her hot mouth.

    And that was all Bob Preston could stand. His hips heaved and his arms tightened around his daughter and his cock pumped furiously and a white hot geyser of molten liquid spewed up into the air and spattered his daughter's perky, innocent face and lips.

    And Bob Preston felt so good-and so ashamed-he wanted to die.

    Annie was so surprised that she almost fell off her daddy's lap. She had felt something happening. Her hands had dashed up and down with vigor on his slippery pole. And she had felt the funny throb in his thing. Her hands had been on the top of his slippery knob when his stuff came out and it splattered on and through her fingers and on her face.

    The gooey white liquid burned when it touched her lips and she had automatically licked the droplets of come off. They tasted funny. She licked some more. The taste was stronger, tangy, but not unpleasant.

    "You taste funny, Daddy," she said. "Not like peepee-I don't think!" She licked again to check her first impression and nodded.

    Her daddy's stick was getting soft in her hands.

    Wilting like a flower in autumn, and it scared Annie.

    "I hurt you, Daddy," she murmured, frightened.

    "No! No, darling," her daddy gasped. "I'll be all right." Annie's sweet fingers caressed the sagging cock flesh and tried to keep it hard, to hold it up. His white come dripped over her hands.

    "You're bleeding white stuff, Daddy," she said.

    In amazement, Annie lifted her hand to her mouth and licked the funny juice off and discovered it tasted the same as the stuff that had splattered on her lips. She tightened her thighs around his flaccid cock. More white stuff bubbled up out of the pink end where the hole was.

    Preston couldn't take anymore. He lifted Annie off his lap and stood on weak knees. He was shaky allover. His cock dangled limpy out the open fly of his pants, making wet spots on the material.

    "Oh, you're hurt, Daddy!" Annie cried with compassion.

    The child flung her arms around her daddy's hips and bent her head a little and began kissing his dangling pecker. Her hot lips rimmed it and her tongue licked at it and in a moment it was stiffer than before.

    "Don't. Don't do that any more, Annie!" Bob Preston ordered his daughter. "That's very naughty. Very naughty. Don't!"

    Annie pulled her face away from her father's crotch and let his stick pull out of her mouth. "That's naughty?" she asked.

    Her father nodded weakly as the big, plum shaped and colored head of his cock pulled out of his daughter's sweet mouth. He thought he would come again. "It's… it's sort of naughty," he said. He told himself he didn't want to give his little girl sexual hang ups later in life. He didn't want her to become an anti-sex kook.

    But what he was really thinking was how good it felt. And how much better it would be if he had his twelve-year-old daughter suck him off. And Bob Preston knew that was a very naughty thought for him to have.

    Annie wasn't as sophisticated. What she was doing was kind of nice. She liked the feel of her father's thick worm in her mouth. There were all sorts of good feelings as it stirred around and seemed to stiffen. It was nice and warm, like a weiner. Annie told herself the next chance she got, she was going to take the weiner out of the hot dog bun and suck on it and see if it was better than her daddy's.

    But, for all that had happened, it dawned on Annie that she was still itchy between her legs.

    And she thought that she couldn't say anything to daddy about that.

    At least, not at that particular moment.

    That was when she decided to go see Hal Green again. And see if maybe he couldn't do something for her with his big, brown finger!


    I think that what happened to me had something to do with sex. But they don't teach that sort of thing in school 'til next year. Anyway, after Daddy let me lick his thing and play with it, I had to see if Hal had one too. I just had to.

    It didn't seem like anything could be right at all if I didn't.

    Daddy sure acted strange.

    He looked funny at Mommy during dinner. And he was all swollen up. I dropped my napkin so I could bend over and look.

    I wonder if Mommy likes sucking on Daddy's thing.

    I do…

    After dinner, Annie couldn't want to get out of the house. Everything that had happened that day made her super eager to get moving. Strange feelings dominated her crotch. She couldn't help it. All the time she'd sat at the dinner table, eating, she'd been thinking about her daddy's tongue her butt and how good it finally felt. When he'd looked at her, Annie had giggled. She wished, then, he'd put his tongue in her hot hole too!

    Bob Preston wished the same thing. He hadn't been able to help it. As he ate dinner and looked past his wife at his demure twelve-year-old daughter, he had fervently wished he hadn't been so timid and had put his tongue where he really wanted it to go.

    He sucked Millie's pussy when she'd let him-which wasn't often. But her twat was covered with hair and big and her crack bulged open so that his tongue slid in without any feeling.

    But his daughter r…

    Preston knew Annie would be different from his wife. Her little cunt would have been hairless, smooth like glass. It would have been tight and full of sweet juice. And-he couldn't help thinking-his tongue would have been the very first. He wasn't sure that he'd been the first to tongue Millie's snatch. But he knew he would have been with his daughter.

    Just the salacious thoughts gave Preston a bone hard that threatened to lift the table. So when Annie asked to be excused to go out and play, Preston was all ready to cooperate. He looked at his wife's jutting breasts and her demure face and he knew he was going to fuck her in the butt the minute Annie was out of the house-and pretend it was Annie's virgin snatch he was screwing.

    Millie was going to complain. Loudly. And the further away from the house that Annie got, the better it would be.

    But Bob Preston knew he had to have his wife's ass or he'd die of frustration.

    "Have a good time, dear," he said to Annie." Be back by nine."

    "All right, Daddy," she said. Eagerly she slipped off the chair and out into the yard and the driveway where her bicycle was waiting. She knew before she even got on it that the seat would feel super against her quivery crack.

    Bob Preston waited until his daughter was out the front door. Then he stood up and unbuckled his pants and let them and. his underwear fall down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and let his cock lay on the dinner table. It was hard and long and pulsating.

    "Bob!!!" Millie said. She looked at his pecker displayed obscenely on the tablecloth and swallowed hard. The brown-haired woman thought her husband had gone suddenly stark raving mad.

    "Lick it," Bob Preston ordered his wife. "Now!"

    Millie was so cared she couldn't do anything else. She leaned over the table and gingerly licked the large, purplish knob on the end as she wondered what was happening so suddenly to her husband.

    She felt his hands fumbling at her dress, undoing the back, and then he had pulled it down and her large boobs spilled out. The pink nipples rubbed against the glistening white table cloth and suddenly expanded to sharp points that dragged on the starched linen.

    Millie was excited, too, though she tried not to show it. Her husband was acting so strange. And the lewdness of the position she was in, bending over the table to lick his penis, was mind boggling.

    It was wicked, but Millie didn't have to take any responsibility for that. It was out of her control. She felt her panties getting wet and she squeezed her thighs together, but that only made her sexy sensation stronger.

    Bob's pecker seemed to raise and his hands on her head urged her to take it in her mouth. Millie didn't usually like to do things like that. But this time his knob slipped between her suctioning lips and filled her mouth easily. She sucked and his cock stiffened some more.

    This isn't so bad, Millie thought. Even if Bob's slipped his marbles about wanting sex at the dinner table, I suppose it's all right.

    Millie squirmed and one of her tits dipped in the mashed potatoes. She writhed, and then the other dragged across the butter dish and was all greasy.

    Mille felt obscenely soiled. To have her breasts smeared with food was unthinkable. She tried to get away, but Bob held her.

    Suddenly her husband began pistoning his hips back and forth so that his cock slid in and out of her saliva filled mouth. It stroked her tongue and her throat and unexpectedly Millie started getting a sexy feeling in her mouth. It wasn't the same as when he was stroking in and out of her greasy vagina, but it turned her on just the same.

    "Hmmm," she mumbled around her mouth full of cock.

    She wondered if Bob would force the final humiliation on her-would he shoot in her mouth? Her cunt felt all gooey just from thinking about it and she half wished he would and half wished he wouldn't. Before, when he'd filled her sucking mouth with come she'd thought it was dirty and had felt ill-and secretly elated. She'd made him pour his seed in her mouth and it gave her a thrilling sense of power.

    In and out. In and out his cock pis toned in and out of her suckling lips. He was groaning and Millie stroked his balls with her dainty fingers while her saliva ran down his shaft all over them.

    And then, unexpectedly, he pulled his cock out of her mouth. His hand on her head held her down on the table as he walked around behind her. And then she felt her skirt flung up around her waist.

    "This is silly, Bob," she mumbled. "Let's go to bed."

    Bob wasn't listening to her.

    Millie shrieked when she felt her husband's hand grab her panties and literally ripped them off of her. Her knees shivered as she realized she was bending naked over her dining room table, her bare boobs dangling in the mashed potatoes and butter, her naked butt quivering in the chill air. If someone walked in, they'd be able to see her Jelloy gash shaking under its coat of fine brown fur.

    It didn't help Millie's state of mind any that she was' balanced precariously on high heels that accentuated the lewd picture her bent over body made.

    Bob chuckled and walked around his wife and he slipped his hard cock between her thighs and spread them wider and plunged it up her pussy.

    "Uuuuuh!" Millie gasped. She was dizzy. The cock had rammed all the way up her snatch without a pause. The sexual stimulation was sizzling. Her cunt felt like an oven. She was roasting her husband's cock in it.

    Later, Millie knew, she'd scold him for what he was doing. But at that moment, Millie couldn't scold anybody. She was too turned on. She twitched her hips and enjoyed the feel of Bob's fuck stick churning around inside her pussy lips. She ground her hair pie against her hairy groin and looked down between her dangling, greasy and potatoed tits to see his black pubic hair mingle with her brown fuzz.

    "Good, good, good," she murmured lovingly. "Fuck me harder. Deeper. Do it to me good, Bob. Please screw my cunt out."

    Bob lurched and pounded into her clasping snatch. He loved the feel, too:

    And Millie responded. She shot higher and higher, feeling the drag and pound of his pussy slamming in and out of her fuck hole. It was like a violin singing. She could feel her come building in her in her ears.

    "Uh, uh, uhuhuh… " she moaned as her cunt was burnt out by her husband's relentless poking into her pussy.

    She closed her eyes and laid on the table and felt the potatoes squish around her tit and her other boob slip off the butter dish. But she didn't care. She was flying. Soaring. She had a rocket between her quivering legs and it was exploding into heat and smoke and fire.

    "Ghhhaaaahhhh!" she cried when her closed eyes saw streaks of color and sound on her eyelids and it felt like her pussy was burning to a crisp. She soared and soared and finally exploded in a shower of incandescent sparks.

    Bob Preston didn't wait for his wife to come down. He stepped back and his throbbing cock meat pulled all the way out of her clasping cunt. From the table he snatched a stalk of celery and pushed it up that greedy hole-further and further until it was almost all inside.

    Millie shrieked.

    First his cock had escaped, leaving her feeling worm and empty. Then something long and cool and limber had pushed up her vagina, cooling the fever in her slash, and her pussy lips ground down on it in the fury of her orgasm, causing her to come again.

    And then she felt his cock in her rear!

    The head was huge! Huge!

    "No," she screamed suddenly. "Not there. You can't. You mustn't. No! NO! NO!" Millie knew she'd be torn apart and she struggled.

    But her husband lay forward on her back and pressed her down while his cock pushed into her tight, squirmy butt hole. He shoved and she shrieked. But his pecker went in. It pulled the round lips open and slid in like a telephone post going into a greased hole in the ground.

    "Aaaggghhh!" Millie wailed. But she couldn't resist.

    Her ass was being pulled apart by a red hot poker. And as it went in she became more and more aware of the thing crowding her cunt. She felt the celery bending under the furious assault of her twitching sex tunnel. Her asshole writhed and fought, too. But it was no use.

    Bob lunged and sighed. His pecker had rammed forward and was buried in her shit chute to the balls.

    Gingerly he eased back and Millie cried out. Her stretched asshole hurt. And then it seemed he would be out, but he changed his mind and slammed back into his wife's rear and she yelped.

    In and out. In and out. Millie lost track of the hard flesh rod zipping back and forth in her rear hole, tantalizing her.

    It got hotter, like a boy scout with a pair of sticks making fire. And then it got more pleasureable. She started liking it. Then, feeling his round cock spiking her hole and frictioning her asshole rim, she loved it.

    "More," she groaned. "Give me more, darling. Stick it up my ass until it hits my tonsils. Plug my shit hole. That's the way. That's the way. Yeah.

    Yeahhhhh! "

    The celery in her cunt filled her like a second cock and she felt herself coming front and back and then Bob was plunging against her soft buttocks like a stallion and she felt her asshole being washed from the inside with the hot fluid of his liquid come.

    She sank back down, exhausted, on the dining room table. She was numb with pleasure but she felt his pulling the celery out of her twitchy twat even though his big, softening cock stayed in her ass.

    She looked up and Bob smiled at her. And then he ate the fragrant celery that he had so thoughtfully baked in her oven.

    Annie had sat down on the cold bicycle seat and then remembered she didn't have any panties. The leather slipped like ice under her naked crotch chilled by the wet night air.

    Hurriedly she got off, shaken by the strange feeling, though it wasn't unpleasant.

    Quietly she ran back to the house. She was going to slip in and run upstairs and get a new pair of panties when she got the door open and stopped where she was on the porch.

    Inside the dining room, her mother was sprawled practically naked across the dinner table. Her legs were spread and her daddy had just pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible popping sound. And then her daddy had walked around her mommy and stuck his big old thing between her legs. Annie had gasped. Her mommy had such a small slit and her daddy's thing was so big it seemed impossible. But he did it anyway.

    Annie watched with disbelief when his cock shoved all the way up his mother's furry little kitty, stopping with only his big, round balls outside of her.

    In and out, in and out. Annie was entranced by the way her daddy's long, wrinkly stick went in and out of her mommy's twat, glistening with juices that hadn't been on it when he started. And mommy moaned and twisted as he did it. Annie thought her mommy enjoyed it too much, the way she was acting. She yelled, too, and humped her ass back.

    And then suddenly Daddy pulled his pecker out of her mother's cunt and jammed a long, green piece of celery in her hole and her mother didn't seem to mind a bit. Even though Millie thought that would have felt awful funny. And then her daddy was jamming his flesh stick in her mommy's rear and her mommy really complained-at first. Annie was so hot watching that, without realizing it, her hand had crept down to the hem of her dress and she fingered her own twat.

    Watching her mommy being punished in the butt was really exciting to Annie. Her little fingers stuck in her slot and she remembered Hal's finger and tongue there. And looking at Daddy screwing Mommy's asshole, Annie wondered if it felt anything like Daddy putting his tongue in her rear. She hoped she'd never have anything like that in her butt. She knew her mommy must have been awful bad to be punished like that.

    And then her little fingers closed on her little button and Annie was filled with a raging torrent of feeling. Her water was dripping all over her hand all hot and sticky and she was getting all smelly and it didn't matter.

    In and out, in and out. Her hand pumped in a nervous frenzy as she watched her daddy fuck her mommy's butt, even if she didn't know the words to describe the event. And when her mommy cried out, it electrified Annie's little hole and she froze, her fingers buried there while she felt herself throbbing and suddenly it was like a landslide inside her. She twisted and turned and her insides seemed to be pouring out onto her clever little fingers and Annie leaned against the house. Her knees were so weak she thought that she'd fell if she didn't sit down.

    When her heart stopped thumping, she squeezed the door closed and sneaked off the porch back to her bicycle and she wondered if Hal could show her anything else…


    It took longer than I thought to get away from home, dear diary. Mommy and Daddy were doing the most terrible thing you could think of. Daddy had his big, round stick stuck up Mommy's butt. It must have hurt like anything. And he kept shoving it in and out and she yelled a lot.

    It was kind of exciting and I got my hand all wet and smelly.

    I don't know if I should write this down because somebody might come along and see it. You can never tell who goes around reading a person's very own personal diary.

    Anyway, I really liked riding over to Hal's. You know the way my bicycle seat comes to a point at the end. Well, I discovered that if I stood forward and didn't wear any panties it just fit my little slit and all the way to Hal's I pretended it was Daddy's nasty thing.

    Boy, the seat was all slimy when I finally got there…

    Annie slid her body forward on the bicycle seat and sort of balanced herself on the sharp tip. Every time she went down on one side pedaling the seat tip caught her slot and made her feel real zingy. Then she did the other side and her little cunny was really juicy.

    Hal's house looked different in the dark. The light poured out in bright yellow bars and the sea sounded ominous as it pounded at the seawall a few hundred feet away.

    Annie parked her bike and crept up on the house. For some reason that was unclear in the girl's mind, she felt furtive going to see Hal. It may have been because what she was doing was sexy and nasty. She wasn't sure. The little girl wasn't even sure what sexy was.

    The voices drifted out into the night from an, open window. Mostly it was a loud, unhappy female voice. Annie was uncertain whether to go to the door or leave-so she compromised by standing next to the open window and staring in, listening as she did.

    "Damn," the woman's exasperated, shrill voice rose and fell with each syllable, "I'm away all day working and you… you bastard… you're playing around with some floozie. I can smell it all through the house. Smell it!"

    "Now… Flo… take it easy. Okay?"

    It was Hal's voice. Annie recognized it at once. She wondered if they were talking about her. Maybe the woman, Flo, guessed Hal had put his big old finger up Annie's pussy and made her feel good. And she didn't like it for some reason. Annie supposed she was jealous. The girl shivered with a sort of strange delight that made her crotch all tingly. It would really be something to make a grown woman jealous!

    "Take it easy, take it easy take it easy! That's all you know how to' say." Flo's voice was glass brittle. "I'm not good enough to fuck anymore. Right? My cunt's all worn out from you sticking your dirty cock in it every night? Now you want the new model… a trade in… just like your last wife. Well… well… " Her voice faded away.

    "It's not like that, Flo." Hal put his arm around the weeping woman and Annie was surprised and slightly shocked to see his hand caressing her breast. Flo turned and buried her face against Hal's shoulder. Her back was shaking, like she was crying.

    Hal's hand had stroked down the pretty blonde woman's back until it rode over the swell of her butt. Flo had broad hips and a nice, softly rounded rear and Hal's hand cupped her spongy ass cheeks and squeezed.

    Annie wished he was doing that to her butt. She felt a weird excitement back there. She knew it would be super to have his big fingers squeezing her ass and then… Annie sighed.

    Hal's fingers had burrowed between Flo's thighs. The blonde woman stiffened and then sighed too.

    Hal's fingers were moving and twisting and Annie knew what was happening. It made her knees weak just thinking about it. Hal was sticking his finger in Flo's greasy crack right through her dress.

    The cool night air stroked up under Annie's short dress and stroked her trembling, sweaty thighs. The twelve-year-old spread her legs and luxuriated in the new sensation. Her cunt was being caressed too. What she needed to make it complete was that big, nasty finger of Hal's twisting up her little slot.

    And then Annie's attention was caught by what was happening in Hal's house. Flo was whimpering as Hal pulled her dress up around her waist and revealed her crotch, all bulgy and pouty looking under the blonde woman's sheer undies.

    "Bend over," Hal ordered hudkily into Flo's ear.

    The woman had stopped sobbing. She was quivering with sexual anticipation as she did as he asked, showing her broad-hipped rear to Annie at the window.

    Annie slid her fingers down under her skirt. She squeezed her little cunnie as if holding back her pee. She felt that way, like she wanted to pee just then. Her pee hole was all tingly and it felt like something inside wanted out. Annie experienced an almost ecstatic urge to piss. She knew it would feel wonderful.

    And then something happened!

    Inside the house, Flo was bending over the burgundy colored heavily upholstered chair. Hal had pulled her panties down her gently rounded, nicely curved thighs and dropped them on the floor around her ankles. Flo tried to kick them loose and Hal stopped her.

    "I can't get my legs apart, honey," Flo protested.

    Hal smiled. "It doesn't matter this time."

    "Oooh, no, Hal!" Flo wiggled her big buttocks in consternation and Annie was surprised to see the plump lips of her cunny, visible through her light blonde pubic hair, writhe against each other. "Please don't… don't fuck me in the ass. Pleaaase."

    "You love it, Flo!" Hal's voice was thick. He stroked her soft butt and ran his fingers between her thighs.

    Annie could see Flo's cunt lips bulge around his finger. She shivered. She wished Hal's finger was sawing between her own sweet cunt lips. She worked her fingers across her snatch and thrilled to the feel.

    "I… I don't," Flo sobbed. "It's dirty. Nasty! We shouldn't be doing it, Hal. Please don't!" She didn't move from her position, though.

    Hal's finger trailed up from her excited cunt lips and drew a glistening line of cunt juice up between her assc heeks and stopped only when his finger was pressing against the tight know of ass muscle.

    "Tell me you don't want it now, darling."

    "No, no. Hal, don't, just a little." Flo's voice cracked and her ass wiggled and she said, "Give me just a little there, darling."

    Annie gasped with horror. The blonde lady was asking Hal to stick his big, old finger up her ass. Annie would have bet that would hurt like anything. But she was asking him to do it.

    Then Annie sucked in her breath. Because Hal's finger seemed to be getting shorter. Actually, it was just disappearing into Flo's quivering butt hole. First his fingernail was gone. Then the hard, brown length of finger to the second knuckle was inside and it seemed to Annie that Flo's asshole was chewing and grinding at it with abandon.

    "Oh God, that's good," Flo moaned. She lifted her ass for his finger and Hal jerked it in and out and Flo moaned and groaned some more. She pushed her butt back to impale it and grunted with delight. "That feels marvelous, honey," Flo sighed. She heaved her butt back and forth, faster and faster, sheathing Hal's finger in her shivering butt as quick as she could move.

    Annie winced. That must have felt awful. Yet Flo seemed to be enjoying it enough to ask for more.

    The little girl was so excited her cunny was gushing juice. Her finger stirred it in her hot pot and thrill after savage thrill shook her body. Daringly, she inserted a second finger into her crack.

    "Aaahhhaaa!" she moaned. The extra streeetchhh was like a pleasure flame licking through her hole. Something was happening inside her snatch that made her writhe as she stood in the darkness, pressing her tender crotch against the comer of the building, working her cunt up and down against the rough, cool wood-and then alternating by zipping her slash against her own clever, smooth, hot fingers.


    Flo's sudden cry broke through the harsh panting and sobbing of voices inside the house. Hal had moved behind his wife. He had stepped out of his pants and Annie stared in fascination at his huge, purplish cock. But only for a few hurried seconds. Because it disappeared.

    Into Flo's pulsating butthole!

    Annie wanted to cry when it happened. She saw it, but didn't believe what was happening. The big, bullet-shaped head nuzzled against Flo's asshole and pressed-and then, just like Hal's finger, it was disappearing like magic.

    Flo's asshole puckered around the huge rod. The flesh dimpled and pouted out and clasped it with feverish abandon. Flo was sobbing, but that didn't seem to bother either of them. She pushed back and grunted through her sobs and mewed with pleasure.

    Annie worked a tentative finger against her own turgid asshole. She put it in while she watched Hal's drilling his wife's butt.

    It felt funny, but kind of good. Only, and as Annie watched Hal surge back and forth and heard his body slapping briskly against Flo's broad ass cheeks, she knew it just had to burn something awful.

    "Ooooooh, honey. That's the way I like it. You asshole bandit, shove it up there. That's the way. Twist it around in there. Grind it in there, darling. Fuck my ass. Fuck it, fuck it, fuckitfuckit-fuck… "

    The blonde's body jerked back and forth and Hal's cock drew out and out and out until it seemed it would fall out, and then at what seemed the last minute, he shoved in, drilling his wife's rectum.

    His cock was thick and gnarled. It was slippery with juices. The lights in the room glinted off his massive meat when it slipped out of his wife's ass.

    Annie held herself with two fingers in her front hole and one in her back, her short" skirt rucked up around her hands, while she panted with unfamiliar lust. The girl rocked her hips back and forth, shoving down first on the fingers in front, then the one in her back door.

    She could see that the flaring head of Hal's pecker pulled out of his wife's butt hole almost completely before pounding back in. She wondered what it felt like. It was so big. She licked her lips and thought about it and knew her legs would spread eagle around that huge thing it was so huge. She couldn't get it in her tiny slot, much less her butthole. She didn't think she could. But even as she engulfed in surges of feeling that threatened to consume her, she thought about trying!

    "I'm coming, darling. I'm cooommming," Flo trilled.

    The blonde had buried her face in her arms and heaved her rear back. Hal reciprocated. He shoved his cock into her with full force and stood still, straining against her pink flesh.

    Annie wondered what was happening. And then she knew.

    Thick, hot, white cream spurted out of Flo's battered butt and leaked back around Hal's flesh-sheathed penis.

    He grunted and pressed into her and still it dripped in long, white streamers down the inside of her quivering, naked thigh.

    Hal twisted his body against his wife's and she moaned and collapsed forward on the chair and he fell forward with her, filling her asshole with his cock all the while.

    Annie squeezed her thighs together and felt her hand between them. She shivered with joy and slowly sank to a sitting position against the house. Her finger stirred in her cunt and she felt like she was sitting on a great big baton with the end jabbed in her asshole.

    And then wave after wave of sweet feeling swept over Annie and she came and came again with volcanic force.

    As the fever raced between her legs, she opened her thighs and let the cool sea breeze take the heat from between her thighs.

    It was naughty. She knew it was naughty, sitting with her legs open and her fingers in her little, hairless slit. Somebody could come by and look up her dress. But Annie didn't care.

    She just wished somebody would come along and put something bigger in her clutching, greasy hole. Anything!

    Annie was damned tired of fucking around with her fingers.

    She decided she wanted a little action!

    And she was going to get it.


    Mommy and that blonde woman seemed to like having things stuck up their old butt holes. I don't think I'd like it, though, dear diary. I'll bet it hurts like anything. I'll bet that they don't sit down for a week.

    Still, my finger in my old butt hole felt kind of good. Maybe I can get Mr. Hal to stick his finger in me there. It'll smell kind of funny, but he doesn't seem to mind about things like that.

    I don't understand adults, dear diary. They're always telling me things not to do or that something is naughty-and then they do it themselves.

    Maybe they just don't want me to do things that feel too good.

    Like sticking my finger in. my little peepee hole. Or playing with Daddy's- funny stick.

    I wonder what it would feel like to let Daddy put his thing up my little hole. I bet it would feel awful good…

    Pedaling her bike home in the dark only reaffirmed Annie's determination. The cool seat against her hot twat was like teasing it. Her short skirt flapped against her thighs. But the girl felt daring. Every time she was swept by car headlights, she managed to flip her skirt high enough so the driver could see she wore no panties and it was her naked little pussy lips riding on the bicycle seat.

    By the time she wheeled the bicycle up her own walk she was hotter than a shooting star. Her crotch tingled and when she left the bike in the garage, she couldn't help smelling the seat.

    The odor was hot and pungent. Like a miasma of olfactory pleasure the smell surrounded the imitation leather, slick with her pussy juice.

    Walking up the stairs to her own room, Annie wondered what it felt like to have a man's thing stuck up her tight hole and pouring out its juice. She trembled. Her legs felt weak as she imagined the sensation inside her hot twat.

    The girl hurried to her room and shut the door behind her.

    She couldn't wait! She just couldn't.

    She ripped off her skirt and blouse and threw them down. Then she stood in front of the full length mirror and ran her hands down her lithe, naked body and wondered about the difference between her and Mommy or that other woman, Flo.

    She didn't have any titties. Just little pink bubbins that seemed to get sharper as she stared at them, and soft swells underneath. Nothing like the big titties her mom had. And her waist went in just a little and then flared out for her just starting hips. And she didn't have any butt like Flo's.

    Annie stared between her own legs for a long while. She was even different there!

    What had been full-lipped cunts on the older women on her was nothing more than a pout. Her tight cunny lips revealed only the trace of a slit in her crotch. It looked so tiny!

    Only Annie was determined to shove something big in there. Anything.

    The girl couldn't stand wondering what it was like to have something big and hard like a cock shoved up there.

    If they could do it, she knew she could. Looking at her crotch brought on the fever again, harder than ever before.

    Going to the closet, she opened the door and rummaged through the junk piled on the floor until she found what she was looking for. Her baton!

    Excited, the girl crossed the room to the bed and then flopped down on it on her back. She threw her legs up in the air and opened them as wide as she could.

    But her hole stayed closed.

    Annie lay the baton on her chest. It was long enough that she could rub the big end against her titties while the little end rubbed over the clasped lips of her cunt. She shivered with unexpected pleasure.

    The round, white, hard rubber end of the baton seemed tremendous against her cunny. She rubbed it up and down, feeling at one end the knob pressing against her slit while the other end stroked her tiny nipple. Her nipple got sharper and harder.

    She rubbed harder and it seemed to the excited girl that her cunt split open a little and she could just feel the baton touching the insides of her cunt lips. It felt heavenly.

    Harder and faster she moved the baton up and down on her body, riding the round knob over her twat. She felt tremendous. Like she was being stretched open. Her open, tanned thighs quivered with lust.

    "Uh, uh, uh, uh," she grunted with the effort.

    And then she turned the baton with her hands. The round, little end was pressing against her clever little cunny and the big end was down around her feet. She held it by the neck and she knew the time had come. She was so excited it had to.

    Closing her eyes, because she knew it was going to hurt beautifully, Annie sighed and shoved the end of the baton up her twitching twat!

    It did hurt-a little.

    The end of the baton forced its way up her tight hole. She felt like she had something fantastically huge up her hole. But it felt good, too. Her crotch was all aquiver around that big knob and there was a warm glow between her legs.

    Annie opened her eyes and looked down and almost fainted with ecstasy. The silvery stick of the baton projected out of her pink, strained twat like a spear handle. The rest was inside her.

    She moved the baton-up and down-just a little. And she almost did pass out. Inside her cunt she was so tender that the slightest touch made her cunt walls vibrate joyfully.

    It was like she had a tuning fork up her snatch.

    Annie decided to experiment and she awkwardly rolled off the bed and stood up. The baton held firm between her legs. In fact, a strange vibrating feeling seemed to be shooting from it through her body. When she walked, the big end struck against her ankles and the shocks ran up the shaft into her innocent hole. Each one was like a hammer blow on a spike being driven up her twat.

    She bent over and grabbed the baton with both hands and played with it. She rolled it between her hands and felt the head spinning in her hole until she was dizzy. Then she began forcing the shaft up and down, up and down until she couldn't stand another moment of that.

    It felt tremendous. The end seemed to plunge up and down her tight, greasy tunnel and Annie could feel every inch of the path it took. She was so full she thought she would split. But it felt wonderful.

    Her tight cunt lips had closed over the silvery handle. That slid cool and greasily up and down between her pursed twat lips and Annie watched her lips pucker and open as it did.

    She couldn't stay bent over and eventually the girl straightened up. She found by flexing her knees she could strike the end of the baton against the floor and drive it forcefully up her sex hole. Which she did with regularity as she staggered back to the bed.

    By the time she got there, the girl could hardly move a step. She fell into the bed on her back, both hands resolutely clasping the smooth, shiny staff of her baton and pumping madly.

    She was half unconscious from joy. She overwhelmed by it. The metal between her fingers became, in her imagination, her daddy's hot cock. The rubber end pistoning up and down her tunnel was the swollen tip of the cock head.

    The girl was so full she wanted to cry.

    The rod flashed silvery in and out, in and out. Her fingers found the little button of her clitoris and played with it at the same time.

    And all the while, Annie sobbed with frustration and joy.

    Joy, because she was experiencing the most wonderful sensation she had ever known-and frustration because she knew that the baton jammed up her twat wasn't ever going to shoot white, hot goo in her hole.

    "Ooooh… ahhhhhh!" she cried. Her cunt squeezed and electric sparks ran through her body and her insides turned to water and seemed to be racing out her hole.

    Annie kicked her legs in the air and her toes pointed at the ceiling and the most intense feeling of pleasure she had ever known engulfed her.

    She was coming, coming, coming!

    She wanted to scream and wake the house and tell everybody.

    Only she didn't. The girl collapsed and smiled dreamily and played with her hand with the baton, still poking up between her legs into her joy slit.

    And then she slipped into a deep, untroubled sleep…


    I'll bet that Mommy never had a baton up her old snatch. She's really missing out. And I'll bet Daddy doesn't ever tell her.

    Just thinking about it makes me positively drooly between the legs, dear diary. Boy, I hope nobody ever sees what I've written in you. It would just blow their minds if they ever did.

    I don't know why nobody ever told me before how much fun it is to have a hairy old thing jammed up my little slit.

    Maybe they think that's all I'd ever do if I knew just how much fun it really was.

    But that's silly!

    A girl can't go around all the time with something up her little twat. She'd never be able to peepee. And besides, it might be awfully uncomfortable after a while.

    I wouldn't want to be fucked all the time. I guess. At least, not every minute of the time. I'd still do other things… maybe!

    Bob Preston woke up from a troubled sleep punctuated by fantasies of naked women engulfing him, flowing over him, smothering him with their pussies. Guilt had overwhelmed him finally. He realized that the ass fucking episode with his wife was the result of his guilt over letting his daughter play with his cock. He vowed never to let it happen again.

    Quietly, he slipped out from under the covers. His wife's body was warm against his and she stirred in her sleep when she felt him sliding away.

    He stared down at her, at the way she curled around the warm spot he had left in the bed, and wondered how he could have been so weak.

    He was naked and shivered slightly in the cool, morning air. His penis was already up and hard-as it was every morning.

    Bob Preston was a good looking man. His shoulders were broad and he had a rug of crisp, curly black hair on his chest. His eyes were greenish hazel, but at the moment they were haunted, standing stiffly up from his groin was his cock, flushed purple and pink.

    He wondered how he could still be hard. After last night he was surprised he had anything to be hard about.

    Walking down the hallway to the bathroom in his bathrobe, he wondered if it had all been a dream. Could it have been part of his fevered imagination that night? He shook his head-and then paused.

    A sound from his daughter's bedroom had caught his attention. He paused and then turned. Putting his hand on the doorknob, he eased it open, not wanting to wake Annie if she was asleep.

    Bob Preston gasped!

    Annie's father couldn't help it. He was so shocked by what he saw that he was surprised that he didn't just faint.

    His sweet daughter was sprawled naked on her back in the middle of her bed, her black hair spread across the white pillow. Her skin was irridescent gold against the bright pink spread.

    But what had really caught his eye was the way her legs splayed lewdly across the bed-and the way the silver baton projected out of her tight clasped cunt.

    At first he thought she was hurt. It seemed she had to be. There was no way that Bob Preston could imagine his virginal, innocent child to be in such a lewd pose. He imagined that a burglar had broken in and raped and ravished the poor child in the middle of the night; that she was dead at the intruder's hand.

    And then Annie stirred. Her eyelids fluttered and then her eyes flicked open and she was staring up at her father without a hint of pain in her clear, brown eyes. Finally, she said. "Oh!"

    The girl's innocent face and lewdly displayed body drew Bob Preston like the two ends of a horseshoe magnet, repelling and attracting at the same time. He couldn't control himself. The combination was irresistible.

    Annie was just as shocked as her father. When she opened her eyes, she just stared at him without comprehension.

    Then she felt the baton resting heavily in her cunt. And she felt the cool, morning air prickling her naked skin and she knew he could see everything. Everything! That's when she said, "Oh!"

    Her father moved toward her, and Annie was afraid. She'd been terribly naughty and her daddy was going to punish her, that she was sure of. And she was sure that she deserved to be punished.

    Bob Preston stopped at the side of the bed, staring down.

    Annie was staring up, looking at the red and blue and yellow and white plaid of his woolen bathrobe. She saw the way the material jutted out below her daddy's belt. There was a strange but familiar odor in the air.

    Hesitantly, Annie raised her hand. Her fingers closed around the rod that tented her daddy's bathrobe. And immediately the girl was excited again. Her breath rushed in and out of her lungs.

    Her father felt some of the same emotions. He stared down at his daughter's hand wrapped around his throbbing pecker and he knew he had to tell her to let go-but he was too excited. He couldn't. It just felt too damn good to do anything like that.

    It seemed to Bob Preston that he could feel everyone of her fingers even through his bathrobe. Each finger burned a hot brand in his skin and sent a separate throb of pleasure shooting down his cock.

    Annie licked her lips. She wet them over and over until they shone with moisture, glistening red in the light through her window. And then she moved her hand and her daddy's penis poked stiffly through the front of his bathrobe, looking just like she remembered it.

    The head was all swollen and tender looking.The slit in the end pulsed with a savage rhythm and Annie wondered if she could make it spit again. There was some strange fascination in the little girl's mind with the eruption of white cream from the end of his cock.

    She didn't know why she did it. Maybe because her daddy looked so scared and his penis so cold and lonely, sticking out like that. It did look sort of like one of those pushup popsicles with the cardboard wrapper. But, whatever the reason, she raised her head and opened her lips and swallowed her daddy's throbbing thing into her hot, wet mouth.

    "What are you doing, Annie?" her daddy wailed.

    But he knew, all right. Just staring down at the way his daughter's twelve-year-old mouth stretched to wrap around his cock told him what she was doing. He didn't have to be told. Not in the least.

    She was giving him a blow job. He was getting head from his very own daughter. And he wasn't doing a damn thing to stop it.

    The reason was simple. It felt so damn good he couldn't stop Annie from doing whatever she wanted to do, just then. He told himself he wanted her to stop. But he knew damn well he was lying!

    Annie's hot mouth had closed over his prick and her tongue swirled around it, caressing and bathing it with heat and saliva. Then her lips stroked down like silky pussy lips. She sucked and Bob Preston thought he was being turned inside out.

    Annie's mouth was blissfully full. The twelve year-old girl had never experienced anything like this before. Her mouth was so full that it reminded her of the way the baton still filled her hot little, twat. As the girl slowly slid her mouth up and down on her daddy's cock she was wistfully reminded of the way the baton had slid in and out of her greasy pee hole and she wished it would do it again.

    Stroking her mouth down to the end of her daddy's thing and then kissing it, she said, "Daddy, please, move the… the thing around down there and make me feel all funny and good. Please."

    Annie was humiliated by her own request. But she wanted that feeling to start up between her legs and her hands were too busy helping her mouth to do it herself. Her fingers had found her daddy's big balls and lovingly squeezed and stroked them, feeling the warmth and excitement.

    His cock responded to the movements of her hands on his balls and Annie was thrilled by the way it jerked and pulsed in her mouth. It felt like she had a second vagina. And she knew she was making her daddy happy by the way he gasped and panted as she mouthed his pee stick.

    "Please, Daddy," she mumbled around the cock in her mouth. "Please."

    Bob Preston could barely contain the feeling that ran through his cock and balls. His daughter's hot, wet mouth sucked and pulled at his fuck tube and sent electric sparks lancing through his body.

    He stared down at his daughter's clasping lips. The sight of their ruby lushness slipping greasily up and down his throbbing prick and the feel, like slipping his cock in and out of a hot, tight, buttered glove was almost more than he could stand.

    Half reluctantly, Bob Preston put his hand on the cool metal of the baton. He was thinking how awful it was to even contemplate masturbating his daughter with the cheerleader's stick. He even thought it might be worse than letting her suck his cock. Almost, anyway.

    Gritting his teeth, Preston resisted the terrible urge to shoot his sticky, white come in his daughter's hot, suctioning mouth. His fingers closed on the cool metal of the baton. Then his wrist was moving. He was jerking and twisting the baton, literally spinning it inside his daughter's fuck hole. His hand started moving, too. He began stroking it in and out, in and out with a simple, rhythmic cadence.

    "Ooooo, Daddy!" Annie squirmed and kicked her legs up in the air and arched her cunt up at the stick in her father's hand. It. felt so good she couldn't imagine it stopping-ever. Her hole was on fire. Her father's cock flipped out of her mouth.

    Annie's whole body throbbed in unison to the sliding, surging baton running in and out of her pulsating cunt. She was so slippery wet between her legs and the cool shaft felt so delicious sliding between her cunt lips that she thought she would swoon from the pleasure.

    "Harder, Daddy! Faster! OOOO, do it to me, Daddy! "

    Annie wriggled and turned. Her hips turned up and presented her father with an unforgettable picture of her clasping cunt lips sucking at the silver shaft of the baton. Her ass pounded up and down on the bed as she drove the shaft in and out harder and harder.

    Annie thought her mind would explode from the pressure of the baton pistoning in and out, in and out between her smooth thighs.

    Bob Preston was ready to explode, too. As his daughter's frenzy increased, her lips had tightened on his throbbing cock shaft. Her little tongue darted and swirled around it, licking it like crazy.

    All of Bob Preston's feeling concentrated in the end of his pecker. He was hot and cold by turns. His daughter's flushed face, hot with passion a. "I'd exercise, pink and beautiful, turned him on. Her clinging lips sliding down his fuck stem excited him to an almost unbearable pitch.

    "Don't, darling!" he murmured.

    If Annie heard him, she gave no sign. Her brown eyes were glazed with passion. The slipping and the sliding of his cock in her mouth turned her on, too. The feel of his big, swollen cock head gave her a wild, sexual thrill in her mouth…

    But most of all, Annie was on fire from the baton her daddy was slipping in and out of her snatch. It was so big and so smooth and so slippery it was driving her crazy. One minute it was stretching her open. The next minute it was escaping from her quivering cunt and leaving her vacant feeling, like she absolutely had to have something inside her twat jamming her open.

    "Oooo, Daddy!" Annie gurgled around his slippery cock as it jabbed desperately in her hot mouth.

    She felt herself turning inside out. Her little hole was spewing flames and smoke she was so hot. She felt like a volcano erupting molten lava, pouring out her heat in a frenzied burst of activity.

    Her twat was sizzling and something strange was happening inside her body. Annie thought she was going to burst. The baton inside her seemed bigger and bigger, swelling up until it was incredibly enormous. Her tiny breasts were throbbing with sweet feeling.

    And then her world shattered into a blaze of lights and strange feelings. Flames seemed to leap from her pores. She gave off particles of joy like a fourth of July sparkler bursting into incandescence.

    "Aaah, aaaah, aaahhhhaaa!!!" Annie screamed and she lifted her hips and thrust them up and impaled her quivering snatch on the metallic rod plunging into her.

    At the same time, Bob Preston, her father, tensed and quivered and his cock sunk between her sweet, sucking lips released its deluge of hot spunk. Preston closed his eyes and felt his juice burning its way out the end of his pecker. His fingers released the slippery baton, greasy with his daughter's sex juice, and twined instead in her hair. His cock jerked and he groaned as bolts of lightning seemed to shoot through his body.

    It was sinful and awful. It was something he couldn't ever imagine himself doing-and he was doing it. But that didn't stop the pleasure from flowing through him like a raging river.

    Bob Preston closed his eyes so he couldn't see his daughter's young, sweet, virginal lips sucking at his rod as he poured out his stream of hot, white come juice.

    It was enough that he kept his eyes closed' and felt it filling her mouth and then escaping to flow hotly over her clasping lips and down her chin.

    "Oh, God," he cried in a sort of ecstatic despair, as he stuffed his pumping prick balls deep in his own daughter's mouth.


    Daddy isn't supposed to creep up on a girl and peek at her. It's his fault if he sees things that upset him. It's all his fault.

    I don't think he should blame me, dear diary. If he doesn't want to see what he sees, he shouldn't look.

    Besides, I sucked his nasty old stick and swallowed all that gooey stuff and I think it was mean of him to make me stay in my room.

    And I won't.

    I'll bet Mr. Hal won't treat me this way.

    I'll bet Daddy will be sorry if I run away.

    And I won't ever suck his old thing again-unless he says he's sorry about making me stay Јn my room…

    Bob Preston was so overwhelmed and frightened by what he'd done with his daughter that he ordered her to stay in her room while he made breakfast and tried to think things over. He knew it was all his fault. From the moment he'd stopped spanking his daughter and instead played with her butt and little sex slit, he'd turned her into a nymphomaniac.

    His hand still tingled with the delightful feel of driving her baton in her greasy little hole. His cock ached from being sucked. But the real ache, Preston knew, was his desire to stick it up her firm childish twat.

    Bob Preston wanted to fuck his little girl. He couldn't conceal the truth from himself. That was all that mattered to him. Not good or bad or anything else. He wanted to toast his fuck stick in her little tunnel and stir it around and love the way it clasped his cock.

    He wanted to slide into her soppy, tight hole right up to his balls. And then he wanted to fuck the shit out of her. He wanted to jab his prick up her asshole and pound her butt raw.

    Preston put his head down on the table and moaned. It was perverted… and dangerous… what he was thinking.

    He remembered her sweet, young lips sucking his hot cock into her mouth. And there was no argument that could dissuade him. But what he was terribly afraid of was the thought that she might tell her mother. His daughter might reveal what kind of pervert he really was.

    Putting his hand under the table, he stroked his cock.

    At that moment, his wife came in!

    "Hi, darling!" she said.

    She was all sort of wispy and willowy and fragile. Her robe floated around her and her breasts showed through, creamy with pink tips. Her waist was narrow, and her cunt was just barely visible, puffy soft under a canopy of soft, brown cunt hair.

    She leaned over the table and kissed him and ran her tongue around inside his mouth. Her eyes were half closed and dreamy. She had a well-fucked look that invited more of the same.

    Preston put his hand on her soft hip, his fingers caressing her butt, and drew her around the table to him. He forced her legs to straddle his knees and then she was sitting astraddle his lap, facing him, her breasts pressing against the front of his robe.

    Preston put his hand in the front of his wife's negligee and cupped her full breast. Her tit hardened to a sharp point in his hand.

    If she felt his hard cock pressing against her crotch, she gave it no notice. She dosed her eyes and sighed and snuggled against him.

    His fingers played with her buttocks, squeezing and fondling them. His other hand played with his wife's breast until she moaned with desire. "Fuck me, darling," she murmured. "Hurry. I can't stand to wait."

    She squirmed and rubbed his hard cock against her crotch. It was all the encouragement Bob Preston needed.

    He tightened his hand under her and lifted. His wife lifted her butt and moved forward and when he eased his hold she sat down again-his cock resting squarely against her sleepy sex hole.

    It drove in like it was a greased bullet. Annie's mother sighed again. It was a sigh full of passion. She loved the sensation of her husband's cock penetrating her cunny. She loved to feel her cunt stretching around his big stick as it filled her slot. She shivered, and the feeling of being split seemed to run from her cunt to her womb.

    Expertly, Preston cupped her buttocks in his hands and began guiding her in an up and down motion that smoothly slid her cunt almost off his prick only to sheath it again to the balls. Each time his wife sat down full they were both jolted by the force of his cock penetrating her to the full length of her vagina.

    In and out. His cock pulled out of her slowly with her fuck juices and then slipped back in with a slurpy sound.

    Preston bent his head. He was panting hard. His lips fastened on the sharp point of his wife's nipple and he started sucking and gumming it with ever increasing force. He sucked the soft flesh into his mouth only to let her draw it out again moments later.

    "Oh, oh, oh. Oh, God, I love that, Bob," his wife moaned. "Oh, darling, fuck me deeper. Harder. Harder! Fuck me deeper. Bite my nipple. The other one, darling. Suck that one too. Bite it. Ooooh!"

    His wife was squirming desperately on his lap. Her squishy cunt ground around his cock, but she was securely impaled on his prick. She couldn't get off and it felt like she was sucking and masturbating his prick at the same time with her frantic motions.

    And then she was heaving her butt up and down with frantic zest. Her ass pounded down with jack hammer force. Bob put his hand between their clashing bodies until his fingers found her stiff clitoris. He began rubbing it even as his cock jabbed in and out of her slick sex hole. He could feel his own cock slipping in and out of the clenching lips of her cunt as his fingers turned her sexual arousal into an eruption of feeling.

    "Harder, darling. More!" his wife moaned as she fucked back.

    His fingers slipped across the straining membrane of sex skin at the top of her slot and then he hooked one and drove it up her hole along with his cock.

    "Ooooh!" she said. She was so startled for a moment that she sat rock still on his penetrating prick. And then she asked, "What did you do to me, darling?"

    "I put a finger in too," he whispered back into her ear.

    "That's dirty," she panted and settled down, enjoying the double penetration of her soppy wet cunt.

    She rubbed her slit back and forth on his lap, twisting his penis and finger around in her loose, sex distended hole.

    Preston put his other hand behind her and found her gaping asshole and drove a hard finger up that and it seemed to revitalize her frantic need to be fucked.

    "Ohmigod!" Annie's mother screamed. Sobbing and crying she drove up and down, frantic to ride the intruders to a shuddering orgasm.

    She felt her husband's prick stiffen and get bigger in her snatch, his finger playing in her asshole and swelling her rear up until she thought she was going to burst. She pressed into it. "Oh, oh, oh!" she wailed in strident rhythm. She ground down harder and harder and then she felt what she'd been waiting for: the hot splatter of come pouring into her vagina, searing her convulsing, clenching cunt walls.

    She felt burned out inside even as she climaxed frantically with her convulsing husband…

    Annie watched from the head of the stairs.

    The little girl watched her mother get on her daddy's lap. She couldn't help but see the way that incredibly long cock stuck up between her mommy's legs and poked in that hairy hole. And then she listened to all the disgusting noises her mother made and she was getting hot and sweaty between her legs again.

    As her mother screwed her cunt up and down on her husband's waiting prick, Annie rubbed her own twat with her hand, wondering if she would ever get a hard cock shoving up her own tiny pee hole.

    If Mommy can do it, I can, the little girl thought defiantly. She watched her daddy's cock pulling out and shoving back in her mommy's hole and almost gave up her resolve, though. It was big and shiny and hard. The purple plum at the end seemed to pulse and swell and she could see her mommy was sweating with the effort of getting that huge thing inside her hole. Her little cunny thrilled at the thought of feeling her daddy's cock with its ropey blue veins driving up her little hole.

    Annie thought she had waited long enough. And if her daddy wasn't man enough to put his big old thing inside her slit, she knew where she could go to get one just as big and just as hard – Mr. Hal!

    Her mother was looking straight at her!

    For a minute, Annie thought she was seen. And then she heard her mother sobbing and realized her eyes were glazed with passion.

    "Uh, uh, uh, I'm coming, darling," Annie's mother sobbed. She ground down with her crotch on her husband's hand and cock jamming her cunt and wagged her rear around his other hand manipulating her asshole.

    Annie couldn't help but notice as her parents stiffened while her daddy shot his white stuff into her mother's cunt. She thought it was disgusting of them, acting that way. She whimpered as her own hand dug into her little slot and twisted around. She imagined it was her daddy's hard pecker in her snatch and then she was gushing smelly fluid all over her fingers. She wiped them off on the hem of her blue dress and then snuck down the stairs and out the front of the house.

    So what if daddy punishes me, she thought defiantly. But the girl couldn't forget how the last time her daddy had punished her ended. I'll bet he sticks his smelly old thing up my cunny, she thought smugly. And if he's really good, I'll let him put it up my shit hole. She amended a hasty, maybe, to her last promise.

    Inside the house, Annie's mother was still dizzy from the fucking her husband had given her. Her Clint and asshole felt all stretched and tingly and still she wanted more.

    But something was bothering her. She couldn't shake the impression that she had seen her daughter's face while they were fucking. It seemed to Mrs. Preston that she had looked up and seen her little girl's innocent face.

    She wanted to tell her husband-but how could she?

    It was her fault. She'd started them fucking in plain sight where her daughter could see them. She may have corrupted the girl for life and how could she admit to Bob she had done something like that? How could he ever forgive her?

    Mrs. Preston wanted to be punished.

    "Now," she said, a sob in her voice, "fuck me in the ass!"


    Somehow, dear diary, things just aren't the same anymore. I mean, watching Daddy stick his big old thing up Mommy's twat makes a girl stop and think. Mommy sure seemed to like it, and so did Daddy.

    It gets me all itchy between my legs just remembering things like that. And, Mr. Hal liked doing the same sort of thing. I bet he'd love to stick his nasty old thing up Mommy's hole.

    I bet.

    I wasn't sure that I should go over to his house. But he did have a yummy finger. And I bet that if I licked it nice after he stuck it up my snatch it would sure taste good.

    And I bet he'd think of something else we could do…

    Annie's heart was beating like mad by the time she got to Hal Green's house. And it wasn't from the short, fast bicycle ride she'd made to get there.

    Standing outside the low, white picket fence holding her bicycle, Annie had misgivings. She'd been really upset when she was there the day before. But now she wasn't nearly so excited and she remembered all the times her mommy had told her not to go anywhere with strangers.

    Besides, and Annie had to admit it to herself, a man who would stick his finger up a strange little girl's peepee hole had to be weird. Her daddy always told her to be careful of the weirdos.

    She was feeling scared and would have turned and left, only at that moment Hal Green chose to step outside.

    They saw each other at the same time and Annie experienced a curious weakness in her crotch. She was all wet and loose all of a sudden and she could have bet right then that she could have gotten her daddy's big prick up her quivering, yearning hole.

    Hal Green stared at her and the blood rose in his face. He was suddenly as nervous and eager as a young bridegroom. He couldn't kid himself any longer. What he wanted more than anything else in the world was that young ass. He didn't care if he had to go to jail to get it-but he wanted to slip his pulsatmg cock.up her hairless crack and jack it up and down until he dumped his load between her baby fat twat lips.

    His cock ached from just thinking about it. Flo would probably guess, somehow, that he'd done it again.with Annie. But that couldn't be helped. Hal put his hand on his throbbing cock and knew that all that mattered to him in his life at that moment was getting his pecker into Annie-one way or another.

    He smiled at her, the spider to the fly, and invited the little girl to get off her green bicycle and come into his parlor for lemonade.

    Annie shook her head in disgust. Mr. Hal was like all adults. He hardly saw anything. If he had looked, he would have seen she was already off her bicycle. And that she wasn't interested in lemonade. But she went in the house anyway.

    Once inside the house, Annie watched curiously as Mr. Hal closed and locked the door with trembling hands.

    "Heh, heh," he laughed weakly. "We wouldn't want to be bothered by some salesman, would we, darling?"

    Annie shook her head in agreement and Mr. Hal seemed happier.

    "Why don't you sit down and… take off your shoes and get comfortable?" he asked. "I'll get the lemonade."

    Annie thought it was silly of him to tell her to take off her shoes. The little girl wanted to take off her dress, but she did what he asked.

    When Hal came back into the living room he handed Annie her lemonade. The girl sat primly on the big, stuffed chair he usually sat on, but Hal elected to sit in the green carpet on the floor.

    Suddenly, Annie was aware of Mr. Hal's hands on her legs. They were stroking her calves and his fingers stripped her white socks off her ankles and feet. His fingertips were cool and felt nice on her skin and she couldn't help wriggling on the big, stuffed chair.

    Hal turned his head to look at her and Annie suddenly blushed. He was looking directly between her open legs under her skirt.

    Then his fingers were at her knees. They tickled and Annie threw her legs open to let them up her thighs. The stiff fabric of the chair felt prickly on her butt and that old, itchy feeling started in her crotch again. Only this time, Annie knew how she was going to scratch it.

    Hal turned and knelt in front of the little girl. He had his hands up on the soft insides of her thighs and her skirt was rolled back to her waist. His face was red and strained with effort. He was breathing hard.

    "What are you doing, Mr. Hal?" Annie asked in a little voice.

    Hal had leaned forward until his face was between Annie's spread thighs. His nose was filled with the odor of the girl's steamy cunt. Gently his fingers tugged her panties, pulling them down and off her firm, young legs. He didn't answer her.

    Slowly he leaned forward and this time his breath washed over Annie's naked cunny. The girl shivered. It was a delicious feeling. His breath was cool on her warm, moist cunt flesh. The wrinkled petals of her cunt lips seemed to swell and open. Dew sparkled in the heart oilier sex flower.

    That was all the invitation Hal needed. He buried his face between the little girl's thighs and, before she could object, his tongue was lancing up her contracting cunt hole.

    "Aaahhhooo," Annie cried. And electric spark seemed free to roam between her thighs. It felt so good she could barely keep her butt planted on the easy chair.

    Her fingers wrapped in Hal's hair and she guided his tongue as it lashed from the end of her hole up to the little button on the end-her clitoris. She moaned and groaned with feverish passion as his tongue trailed through her hot slit. "More," she cried. "More, Mr. Hal!"

    Hal Green was doing his best. His tongue corkscrewed inside her hot little hole, reaming the girl out. His lips sucked and nipped at her distended clitoris. As Annie erupted into wild squirms of passion he sucked earnestly at her joyhole.

    Hal's cock was big in his pants. It ached and he knew what he had to have. As he sucked her little cunny, Hal dragged the girl off the chair until she was sprawled on her back on the green living room rug. Her dress was bunched under her arms so her tiny titties peeped out from under. Hal licked up from her squirming cunt over the hairless, pink sex lips and the soft, lower belly. His tongue trailed around her tiny belly button and then up where he could suck her pointed little nipples.

    It was the first time Annie had felt passion in her immature breasts. She arched her back and shoved them up toward Hal's exploring lips. She loved what was happening. It felt wonderful.

    "Suck them," she gasped. "Please, Mr. Hal, suck them harder."

    Hal's hands had undone the front of his pants and released the long, hard length of his cock. Then he was moving up between her spread legs until his mouth, still tasting of her twat juice, was covering hers and his tongue was in her tight, eager, sucking mouth.

    Annie clung tightly to him. The little girl was frightened, but exultant. She knew she was going to get his big rod in her tight hole and she was glad.

    She wanted it to happen.

    For a long moment, there was nothing.

    Then, with the stealth of a burglar, Hal's hands found Annie's little cunt and spread the come-slick petals back.

    It was like electricity struck Annie. Her legs opened and she gasped in reaction to the unexpected shock of having her cunt opened that way.

    And then she felt it-Hal's cock.

    "No," the little girl moaned. "Please, no, Mr. Hal. It's too big. It's way too big. It won't go in me. Noooooo!"

    But her protestations died off in a gurgle of pleasure.

    Hal was too hot, he had waited too long. Nothing could stop him from dipping his wick in the little girl's inkpot.

    Relentlessly he pressed down. The big, round knob of his cock pressed into the little girl's quivery crack and Annie cried out with wonder. It was bigger and better and hotter than her baton. It spread her open so wide she thought she would tear open-but she didn't.

    Deeper and deeper the hot, throbbing, blunt torpedo of Hal Green's cock burrowed into her ecstatic cunt. Deeper and deeper, until it seemed to strike bottom. And then a shock wave of pure pleasure raced through Annie as she felt her stretched cunt lips squeezing and pressing on Hal's hot pecker.

    The little girl was stuffed so full of cock she could hardly move. But she loved every bit of the sensation.

    And then Hal started moving.

    Annie screamed shrilly with delight. Her hips flailed as her cunt sucked at the slowly retreating length of Hal's pecker.

    "More," she moaned. "Fuck me more, Mr. Hal. Please!"

    Grinning, Hal lifted his hips and felt her soft cunny slid down his gooey wet pole. He loved the clasp of her softer thighs around his hips and then he was drilling back down into her cunt.

    His cock nosed her swampy channel open and he plunged his cock into the little girl's turgid slot as hard as he could.

    And still Annie screamed for more. She begged for it. This was what she had been waiting for it seemed like forever. The swift, even pistoning of Hal's cock in and out of her fevered cunt was tremendous. She was being stretched all to hell and gone inside. Every movement of his rigid pecker in her twat was like a hammer blow of pleasure.

    "Faster, faster, faster!" she grated out through clenched teeth.

    She wrapped her arms around Hal's back. She tried to twine her legs over his hips so she could pull him down into her suctioning, sucking cunt. She wanted to devour him with sex.

    Hal was faint from ecstasy. The woman-child under his pounding hips was sucking him in and her cunt was doing things he'd never though possible to his ramming cock. He shoved into her tight hole and it was like he was skinning his rigid pecker.

    And then, once inside, it was like toasting his cock in a warm, snugly oven. Her cunt walls pressed around his rod, massaging it with firm, steady contractions that brought him back to a searing boil.

    Her legs tightened their stranglehold around his hips and ass and Hal knew he couldn't hold back much longer.

    Looking down into her little girl face with its serene expression, Hal said. "I'm going to come. I'm going to fill you with juice!"

    Annie smiled. "Fuck," she said. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

    Her hips drove up and Hal felt his cock sink into her like a drop of hot chocolate into a marshmallow until only his balls pressing against her hot crotch kept him from going in further.

    Then he seemed to explode and his life was shooting out of the end of his pecker in steady, even spurts.

    Annie felt it, too. She was being scalded on the inside and she loved it. The hot, fervent feel of pecker juice filling her unfillable well was sheer ecstasy.

    "Oh, give it to me, Mr. Hal. Pour me full. I love it. I looooove it all to pieces. Shoot it into me so I feel it all over."

    Annie writhed and squirmed and her elastic cunt milked Hal's hard pumping cock, wringing him out until his balls were empty and drained and felt like they were hollow cores of cardboard.

    Then, and only then, did Annie lay back and open her legs and let the older man get free of her clasping body.

    Hal was shaken by the experience. He felt drained and, as he lay next to Annie watching her youthful body flex and twitch and turn, begging for more cock and more come, he knew he couldn't keep up. And he hoped his wife would never find out.

    Ann was oblivious to him, though. It had felt so fantastic. It had been so fantastic. Inside her cunt she was all squishy with Hal's come juice and she felt like she could use some more. Her head was filled with the instant memories of what it felt like to have his dick pumping in and out of her plunging crotch, filling and emptying her snatch every second, it seemed like.

    The wonderful friction of his cock squeezing between her excited cunt lips could never be matched by her fingers. Never again.

    The little girl sighed and stretched and wondered if she could get Mr. Hal to stick his old thing in her cunt again. She felt that feeling coming on again.

    She rolled over and looked at him and' suggestively spread her legs so he could see her grinning cunt. But Mr. Hal only groaned and lay back on the floor. His cock was all soft and limp and she guessed that he wasn't going to want to fuck again for a while. But she sure did.

    Standing up, she shrugged her dress into place and felt a drop of his come drip down the inside of her thigh. She knew what it was, she felt like a woman, now!

    CHAPTER 10

    God, I love to do it, dear diary. I wish you were a real person to talk to. Then I could tell you how good it is to fuck and suck.

    I just hope nobody ever finds this diary.

    I hope…

    For a girl of her tender years, Annie knew an awful lot about sex, most of it learned in just the past few days. She also knew that she needed and wanted it, that her life would no longer be complete without a hot cock plugging her tender little hole.

    On the bicycle ride home, her pecker trap reminded her of that fact. Every time she stretched to reach the pedals her greasy cunt opened and slid excitingly along the bicycle seat. And she encouraged it. She discovered she could masturbate her slit successfully by rubbing it against the imitation black leather, threatening to jam it up her cunny.

    But even that couldn't keep her interested for long.

    What Annie wanted was a live, warm, throbbing penis shoved up her aching snatch. Her thighs ached for it.

    She imagined the bicycle seat turning into a long, black pecker and worming its way into her snatch. That really turned her on. Her plump vulva squirmed in anticipation. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter just thinking about black cock, about swallowing it in her mouth and maybe seeing if it tasted different. Her thighs throbbed. Her cunny ached and she squirmed some more on the bicycle seat.

    She was glad to be home, finally. She was so hot she couldn't stand it anymore. She needed to do something, anything.

    She put the bicycle in the garage-and then, stopped. If she went into the house, the girl knew she was in for a long, dull period of squirming. Her daddy was going to be all tired out after fucking her mommy all evening. He might not even look in on her until morning. And Annie was sure that was too, too late. She needed to be fucked now!


    Staring around the garage, the little girl spied the tire pump. It reminded her of her fantasy about the bicycle seat being a big, black cock. The hose wasn't so awfully thick, but it was flexible and the cold looking brass fitting on the end did remind her of a penis head.

    Trembling, Annie picked up the pump and walked into her daddy's workroom. She sprawled out on his favorite canvas over a wire frame chair. And then she contemplated what she was about to do.

    The hose felt almost alive in her hands. She spread her legs more until her skirt didn't quite cover her crotch anymore.

    Then, watching with avid fascination, Annie inserted the end of the hose between the soft, warm, hairless lips of her baby fresh vagina.

    "Aaaahhhh!" she screamed, muting the sound. The brass fitting was cold. As it slid in it shocked Annie into crying out. But after that, it was easy. The black hose pushed further and further up her sucking cunt. It felt funny. Good, but funny. The rubber pressing between her cunt lips was almost alive. It seemed to twist and turn as it went in. And it went in an incredible distance-until Annie felt stuffed almost to her throat. She squeezed her legs together and began twisting and jabbing the hose in and out of her vagina with furious energy.

    Each movement excited the girl more. But it just wasn't enough. The artificial phallus wasn't really satisfying to the girl.

    Desperately, she grabbed the tire pump and began stroking the handle up and down, injecting air into her sex excited vagina. She felt herself swelling inside. She seemed lighter, dizzier. And then she stopped pumping and she watched her cunt lips flutter as the air phizzed out of her throbbing hole.

    Slowly Annie pulled the hose out of her cunt. It was shiny with her sex juice. Gingerly she held it up her face and smelled the odor. That was strong and pungent. And when she licked the hose her mouth was filled with the acrid taste of her own sex.

    Annie wanted to cry. She needed to be fucked, now! And she knew she couldn't live without it. She just had to have it! She had to!

    Bob Preston had been sleeping fitfully. His sleep was the result of a guilty conscience at the very least. That and a hard prick. Whatever he did, he couldn't seem to get it down-at least, not since his daughter had fondled it and stroked it into ejaculation with her mouth.

    So the cry in his garage workroom that went unnoticed by his wife managed to reach his conscious mind and he struggled awake out of a half sleep. Pulling on his bathrobe and picking up a flashlight from the night table, he walked barefooted down the stairs and let himself quietly out of the house.

    The leaves on the grass crackled loudly under foot in the darkened yard. There was a slight breeze carrying with it the salty odor of the ocean. For the first time, Bob Preston thought of the possibility that the noise was made by a prowler. The thought made him cautious and he tried to creep more quietly on his bare feet through the grass.

    When he cracked open the door of his workroom, though, he forgot all such thoughts. Because sprawled out in his favorite chair was his twelve-year-old daughter, masturbating with the hose on his tire pump.

    Bob Preston was struck speechless. His beautiful little daughter had her face contorted into expressions of lust that he'd never imagined possible. She sprawled lewdly in the chair and the black hose was rammed savagely in and out of her tender pink twat by her hand. Her toes curled and uncurled in unison to the stroking she was giving her cunt. Saliva leaked from the corners of her lips. Her glazed and unseeing eyes were flat brown and burned with an inner light…

    Bob Preston let himself in the door and closed it behind him, staring in shock as he heard his 'daughter muttering, "Fuck, fuck, fuck meeeee," in a desperate tone of voice, almost a whine, that he had never heard her utter before.

    And then she was furiously pumping the tire pump handle and he could also hear the wail of escaping air from between her clenching cunt lips. When the girl took the wet hose and put it in her mouth, her father knew he had to do something. Anything.

    He walked across the saw dusty floor and before she even realized he was in the room, pulled her out of the chair and stood her up.

    "Damn, Annie, what are you doing?"

    His voice was tinged with panic and sorrow. He didn't know how to handle his own excessive sexuality and he sure didn't know what to do about hers. But he knew what she was doing was wrong!

    "Nothing, Daddy!" Annie whimpered.

    Her skirt covered her aching crotch again and she didn't know how much he had seen. Whatever it was, it was too much, Annie knew. The things she had been doing had to be very, very naughty.

    "I'm going to have to punish you so that you never do anything like this ever again. EVER!" Preston practically thundered.

    "Yes, Daddy," Annie agreed in a very subdued tone.

    She didn't protest when her daddy stripped her dress off her, leaving her standing naked except for her shoes on the cement floor. Nor did she protest when he led her over to his work bench where he pushed his tool aside, heedless of the fact that they clattered to the hard cement floor.

    Taking a role of masking tape, he stretched his daughter's arms along the table and wrapped the tape around and around one wrist and the shelf upright at one end. Then he pulled her other arm to the other end of the table and repeated the process.

    Annie didn't say anything. The little girl knew she deserved to be punished. The fact that her daddy was tying her up was unusual, but so was her crime. And she didn't mind that he had spread her arms on his workbench so that her cheek was on the clean wood and she smelled the sawdust his saw had left there.

    It was even an exciting position. Annie's naked butt quivered from the cool night air. It was thrust up higher than her back and it seemed to Annie that she was offering it up for sacrifice. Her legs trembled in anticipation of what was going to happen. And the air between her naked thighs made her crotch feel clammy.

    "Please don't hurt me much, Daddy," Annie whimpered.

    "Don't scream," Bob Preston warned her roughly. "We don't want to wake your mother up, do we? She doesn't have to know what a bad girl you've been, does she, Annie?"

    "No, Daddy. Please don't tell Mommy and I won't scream."

    And then Bob Preston's big hand slammed against his daughter's creamy buttocks and the little girl bit her lip. But she didn't make a single sound.

    Bob Preston was sweating. He'd only spanked his daughter once, but the sweat was rolling off of him in a torrent. His hand hesitated on her soft, round bottom. He began stroking her buttocks in gentle, circular motions that kneaded the flesh. And his fingers couldn't keep away from the clever little slot between her tender thighs.

    I can't finger fuck, my little daughter! he told himself over and over. But he knew he could and that he would.

    His hand rose and hesitated. Then it fell with a resounding crack and Annie flinched, but she didn't make a sound.

    But when his fingers delved between her spread legs and pushed into the mouth of her cunt, she said with a sigh, "Oh, Daddy!"

    Annie was a cauldron of emotion inside. Heat boiled through her body and seemed to erupt between her feverish thighs. When her father's hand rose and fell, smacking with authority against her bare buttock, Annie stifled her sobs of pain and embarrassment. She felt the heat of the spanking spreading through her body, making her hot allover.

    But then she felt her daddy's fingers sliding between her spread thighs. His fingers were rough on her satin smooth skin. And they were spots of coolness.

    Do it, Daddy! She thought. Ohhh, please do it to me, Daddy!

    She didn't know exactly what it was she wanted, but the twelve-year-old girl was sure whatever it was, it was sexual. So when his first finger found the juicy entrance to her cunny and plunged in, her only response was a startled, "Oh, Daddy!"

    And then the girl started twisting and writhing. The feel of his finger in her sex hole was overwhelming. It went in and stretched her open and then he was twisting it around in her greasy slot, titillating her before drawing it out to plunge it back in with a mindless fury.

    "Oh, oh, oh," she grunted in response to his manipulation of her sex box. Annie thrust her butt back out with a willful violence that threatened to overwhelm her father.

    "More, Daddy!" she sobbed with a pleading note in her voice.

    Bob Preston heard her. He couldn't restrain himself. He slipped another finger into that tight orifice of flesh. Both fingers slid noisily in and out of her clenching cunt lips. His hand was drenched with her sloppy sex fluid. He was panting and grunting with the effort.

    And still Annie threw herself back, begging to be fucked harder and faster and still harder and deeper.

    Bob Preston collapsed back down on the chair behind his daughter's heaving body. His wrist ached. He couldn't give her any more hand job and he knew it. He was flat worn out.

    But Annie wasn't. The twelve-year-old twisted and writhed on the table. It was as if fire ants were swarming across her enflamed rear and she couldn't keep still. Her tiny titties rubbed frantically against the work table and she ground her buttocks and pelvis, trying to rub her frantic cunt lips against each other in a form of masturbation.

    She had to have relief. She had to come!

    Perhaps her father recognized that fact. He knew he had to do something. His daughter was so hot her moaning sounded like a cow in heat. He leaned forward and drilled his slippery tongue smoothly into the gaping hole of her eager cunt. And Annie came to an abrupt halt.

    The girl sighed loudly. It felt wonderful having her father's tongue rammed up her excited little cunny. It was all hot and slippery and when it twisted and turned inside her snatch she thought she would come allover it. Liquid seemed to gush in her hairless snatch.

    Bob Preston flicked his tongue up and down in her fat twat.

    His tongue slid in and out and then he began licking the outside of her slot and that made the little girl cry out with delight.

    His red tongue traced a path up the girl's rear and suddenly was plying around the tight, clenched muscle of her asshole.

    "Oh, oh, ohoooo, Daddy!" Annie screamed deep in her throat as she felt her daddy's salacious tongue dig into her butt and ream out her rear tunnel. It was almost more than she could bear. She was on fire back there. His tongue darting in and out of her shit hole was as exciting as having Mr. Hal's prick running in and out of her front hole. She couldn't decide which she liked more.

    "Punish me, Daddy!" she cried. "Do it to me, Daddy. I need it."

    And that was exactly what Bob Preston intended to do.

    His cock was popped up in front of him like a tent pole. It stuck out the opening in the front of his robe, glistening in the light from the overhead fluorescent bulb. Droplets of fluid seeped out of the end of his eternally hard cock and he knew if he didn't do something soon he was going to come allover himself.

    "All right, darling," he groaned. "I'll… punish… you!"

    He stood behind his darling daughter and stared down at the way he had her trussed and spread-eagled across his workbench.

    Moving gently, he stood behind her and slid his cock into her quivering cunt. He was surprised at how easy his long, thick cock went in. But she was super excited, he knew that, and her tunnel was all greasy with her cum juice literally bubbling in her snatch.

    "Oh, yes, yes, yes, Daddy," Annie cried ecstatically. "Fuck me good, Daddy. Fuck the shit out of me!" She howled and ground her rear end in circles feeling his cock arching around inside her cunt.

    It felt so good, so damn good, that Annie started coming right then. Her insides compressed and sucked at her daddy's pecker and tried to make it shoot its hot stuff up her pulsating tunnel. She seemed to swell up inside, like a balloon about to burst. And then the balloon did burst-but instead of falling she was still floating and soaring on the most incredible feeling she had ever experienced.

    "My daddy's fucking me!" she cried. "My daddy's fucking me good!"

    The only thing that would have made it better for Annie was if he had sprayed her insides with his juicy come, making her even hotter in there;

    But Annie vowed to make him do it again, so he did squirt.

    And then Bob Preston took his gleaming wet penis out of his daughter's convulsing, orgasming snatch and slid the head up and placed it against her asshole!

    CHAPTER 11

    Boy, being fucked in the ass is really something. I thought it would hurt, and it really did.

    But there's more to it than that, dear diary.

    I wish I had a cock so I could fuck some girl in the ass. I know I could really make her love it. I know, because I love it.

    I wish every man in the world would fuck my ass!

    "No! Oh, no, Daddy. Don't do that to my poor little asshole," Annie cried. She writhed and squirmed. What her daddy was planning to do was dirty. She'd seen him do it to her mother, but that was different. Annie knew her little asshole had to be lots smaller than her mom's. She knew he was going to tear her apart with his hot cock.

    She tore and pulled at the tape and tried to get away. But her father had taped her wrists too strongly and there was nothing she could do that helped.

    And all the time" she was aware of the heavy pressure of his torpedo headed cock bearing on the wrinkled opening of her butt hole.

    Finally Annie slumped down on the work bench. Her cunt still felt ecstatically numb from where he had fucked her. There was nothing to do but to endure what was going to happen.

    "Do it, Daddy," she said in a small voice. "Punish me the way you punished Mommy!"

    Bob Preston was so excited he didn't even notice the reference to the time he had stuck his cock up Linda's lucky asshole. Even if he had noticed, it probably wouldn't have stopped what was about to happen.

    He couldn't be blamed. Looking down, all he could see was the outthrust humps of Annie's butt. The cleavage between her ass cheeks was so smooth and neat and even it was irresistible. Like the perfect carving, it had to be touched and fondled. It wasn't enough that he just look at it and wonder.

    In the center was the wrinkled, pink hole he had just been tonguing. He still remembered how it had squeezed and sucked his tongue. And he wondered how it would feel around his probing cock.

    Bob Preston couldn't help but wonder. His thoughts were dominated by the feelings that radiated out from his penis. His cock had stiffened and was more pronounced than ever as it stuck out between the flaps of his bathrobe.

    Annie looked back and her heart almost stopped.

    The girl's eyes were slightly below the level of his pecker, and that made it seem even huger than it really was. It looked as thick across as her wrist and as long as her forearm. The girl imagined that huge pole gliding into her tight butt and shivered with fear.

    And then there wasn't anything to think about any longer.

    Bob Preston had snuggled up against Annie's delectable rear. His fingers guided his bulbous head on the end of his thick, stiff shaft to nestle against her pouting butt. Annie felt the cock pressing against her there first as a dull, warm pressure.

    And then it was pushing into her asshole and she cried out with pain.

    "Daddy, Daddy," Annie screamed, "you're tearing my butt hole in half. It won't fit. It won't, Daddy," Annie sobbed hopelessly.

    But Bob Preston wasn't to be put off. He'd had his cock in some tight assholes and it always fit-eventually. And he was so hot to plunge his pecker in his daughter's rearmost well that he couldn't stop.

    He told himself that she'd be all right. Later. But punishment had to hurt if it was going to do any good. It had to. And besides, Annie was learning something about sex that she'd never discover in any other way that pain frequently preceded pleasure.

    His cock rubbed and drilled against his daughter's butt. And then there was a soundless popping sound and Bob Preston gasped at the heavenly sensation of his cock length sliding into the tight, greasy rear tube into his daughter's lovely little body.

    And if Bob Preston gasped, Annie screamed. It had hurt like anything-like her asshole was being tom open.

    "Ooooh," she moaned. If her hands weren't bound she would have put them back to protect her tender butt from anymore ministrations by her daddy. She was so full she felt like she wanted to shit.

    Surprisingly, it only hurt at the outside, where his cock shoved inside her asshole. Inside, Annie felt good. The sensation of having his huge dick fammed up her butt was a pleasant one. And when he moved, it was sort of like fucking.

    Her father began to saw his hips in and out in a moment. He was entranced, watching his big cock plowing in and out of his daughter's tight asshole. Her asshole rim puckered and sucked at his cock and seemed to pull at it as he backed off and drew the gleaming length out of her shitter. And then, when he plowed forward, the rim resisted again.

    The sensation was excruciating. In away, it felt like he was roasting his cock in an open flame. The end tingled with the heat. But the whole length was being hugged and squeezed in such a way that he was delirious with sexual joy.

    His daughter was the best ass fuck he had ever had. He couldn't have stopped if he wanted. He worked his hips back and forth, back and forth harder and harder, plowing deeper and deeper into Annie's unresisting asshole.

    "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh," Annie breathed in cadence with his fucking.

    "Give it to me, Daddy," she cried in a weak voice. She was dizzy with pleasure. She decided she loved being fucked in the rear. She loved the feel of her daddy's cock drilling into her asshole more than anything in the whole world.

    "Harder, Daddy," she screamed.

    She shoved back and impaled herself so hard on his rampant prick that it felt like it was shoving all the way through her body. And she loved it. She was so full of cock. The only thing that would have been better, she decided, was if there was something in her little cunny.

    "Turn my hands loose, Daddy," she begged. "I'll be good. I'll help you punish me all you want. Pleaaaaase, Daddy!"

    Bob Preston was laboring over his daughter's bent over body. Sweat poured down his face and he was practically delirious with the pleasure of fucking her in the ass. His own sweet daughter's innocent ass, and he was jazzing his cock in and out of it with a wild passion that he couldn't control, and loving every minute of it.

    But he couldn't refuse Annie's request. Her face was turned up and looking sweet. Her brown eyes were bottomless, limpid pools of passion that he knew he was drowning his cock in them.

    Wordlessly, Bob Preston released his daughter's arms and then stood behind her again and grunted in wild cadence as he rammed his cock up her shit chute. It felt so goddamn warm and snug and good. Preston was going out of his mind.

    His hands fondled her cute little butt, squeezing the soft cheeks around his thrusting pecker. It felt just like she was sucking on it with her hot mouth.

    The force of his hot come rose in his pecker. It felt like it was going to explode like a bomb in her asshole-and Preston didn't care.

    Annie didn't care either. In fact, she wanted it to happen.

    "Ooooh, Daddy," she sighed. She snuggled one of her little hands down between her thighs and began playing with her little sex button. It felt wonderful and when she slipped a- finger in her sticky little crack it felt like she had a cock, pumping in her front and in her back holes at the same time. For a moment, she wondered what that would truly feel like. But only for a moment.

    Her father chose that moment to grip her hips and yank her ass back on his thrusting pecker and cry out, "I'm coming, darling, I'm coming in your sweet, little asshole!"

    "Oh, yes, Daddy!" Annie cried. "Oh, come, come, come, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuek!"

    The little girl gyrated with wild abandon as she felt her father's pecker tighten in her asshole and twist greasily as it jerked and moved and slid with increasing sexual feeling.

    She could feel her own come starting deep down inside of her. Annie hadn't thought that she could 'come from her daddy's big pole up her rear. But it felt like an earthquake was starting in her ass-a volcano even.

    She shoved back harder and thrilled to the feel of his hairy balls laying across her spread open cunt like crazy putty.

    Then Annie felt herself exploding inside, white heat pouring out from her asshole into her legs and arms and fingers until they felt like they would melt. And at the same time she felt her daddy's cock exploding too, shooting the hot white goo inside her and burning her asshole up from the inside.

    "Oh, oh, oh, God, Daddy!" she squealed. And then she was breathless laying across the work table quivering with the wondrous sensation of his softening cock up her asshole.

    A draft blew into the room across the two hot, sweaty bodies of father and daughter still grinding against each other in blind ecstasy. The wind came from the doorway.

    Standing in the doorway, her hand to her mouth to stifle the scream she'd been holding back was Linda Preston, Annie's mother; As she stared into the room cluttered with all the signs of an orgy, she thought she was going to faint.

    And Annie and her father, looking up at that moment, felt equally as weak!

    CHAPTER 12

    When Mommy found out, dear diary, it was the end of practically everything.

    I don't know why she had to be that way. She fucks a lot. I've seen her, and If she can have daddy's old thing poked up her pussy or her ass, so can I.

    I mean, it just isn't fair: cock for her and none for me.

    Just saying that Linda Preston was shocked was a gross understatement. Struck by lightning would have been a closer description. She had been awakened by the muffled screaming of her daughter.

    At first, lying in bed wrapped in the blankets, Mr. Preston had thought that she was experiencing a nightmare. The sounds she heard were barely human.

    Her first thought, like any wife, was to reach over and shake Bob awake and see if he heard the sounds in her dream too. But the spot next to her where she could usually count on her husband to be lying, snoring oblivious to everything, was empty. In fact, it wasn't even warm. And that was strange.

    The way they'd fucked earlier in the evening, and Linda Preston shivered' with pleasure as she thought of the way he had slid his cock up her throbbing cunt earlier and filled her aching cunt with his meat, was sure to have exhausted Bob. He was a solid cocksman. But even Bob was worn out after a few rounds of frenetic fucking.

    She had felt confused and lost when she realized he wasn't in bed. Her first thought had been, This is part of the nightmare, too!

    But she stretched her legs and felt the way her empty cunt ached after the almost too violent physical fucking she had undergone, and Linda knew that it was no nightmare. She never felt delicate nuances like that in her sleep. That was a real life sensation.

    Troubled by Bob's absence, and a little scared, she'd gotten out of bed to investigate.

    The noise had led her down the stairs and out the front of the house. With the long, dew laden grass brushing against her feet, Linda had walked noiselessly around the house to the workshop where the sounds seemed to be originating.

    To her regret, Linda discovered that she had guessed right. The doors, always well oiled, swung silently open. But even if it hadn't, there'd been enough noise to cover her entrance. Her daughter was whimpering and moaning with sexual pleasure as Linda's husband tongue fucked her.

    Linda couldn't help noticing the way Annie was tied down to the table while Bob slipped his face between his daughter's spread thighs and dipped his tongue in her honey pot.

    How disgusting. The perverted bastard. The child molester! Linda Preston felt sick to her stomach. Watching her husband pervert their only child, she couldn't think of anything except how foul her husband was for doing it. She didn't tell herself she was jealous, though she had to admit that she envied her daughter her smooth, silky skin. She could only watch and seethe with inward fury.

    And then when her husband mounted the child, she wanted to cry. She watched with terrible frustration as he slipped his swollen penis up Annie's tiny channel, stretching the poor girl until Linda thought she would burst.

    He's too big for anything but a full grown woman,. Linda thought in a kind of horrified daze. He'll hurt her. He'll tear her poor little cunny in half He's just too damn big!

    But contrary to Linda's expectations, she watched as her husband speared Annie from behind with his cock. She writhed as she watched the girl's hairless, pink-lipped cunt gape open to receive her husband's thick stem. And she cringed inwardly as Annie gurgled words and sounds of intense, indescribably delicious pleasure.

    But there was nothing Linda could do. Transfixed by the shock of seeing what was actually happening, she was reduced to being a spectator with a ringside seat at an incest orgy.

    When Bob slipped his hot pecker out of his daughter's writhing snatch, Linda wanted to yell. His cock head flashed bright pink for an instant, and then he was plunging it back into Annie's soft asshole.

    Linda gurgled with shame and desire and jealousy, then. She couldn't believe the ease with which it sank into Annie's butt hole even as the little girl begged her father to punish her. And Linda remembered how difficult it was for her to grant Bob that special pleasure.

    She had always liked it. But she had also always pretended to hate it at the same time. Her cunt was quivering with surpressed longing as she watched Bob slip the meat in his daughter's asshole. And she was doubly incensed when she realized what glee and joy her daughter took in being ass fucked by her very own father.

    Linda concealed part of her own reaction with rage. But there was also no doubt in her own mind by then that she was jealous-of her own daughter!

    The shame of the situation washed over her like a breaking wave. Her husband apparently preferred his own twelve-year-old daughter to her. Even when it came to ass fucking, Linda was mortified.

    They were gasping and writhing against each other, making the most of Bob's long, hard cock twisting in Annie's tight, greasy hole when they came and Bob flooded his daughter's ass with hot semen. And Linda screamed deep in her throat and they both looked up, as if on signal.

    And saw her standing there!

    She didn't do anything or say anything. There was nothing she could add to the scene. Linda knew that much. What would happen would happen with or without her at that moment. To stamp for the door dreaming for a divorce would be useless. She had to do something else, something constructive. And that, she was sure, required cool thinking.

    Her mind was in turmoil. But Linda looked her husband in the eye and said, coolly, "I missed you, darling!"

    Bob Preston was momentarily befuddled. He'd expected anything but that-but a casual acceptance of his transgression.

    "Honey… I… I don't know what… to say… about this. Believe me… I… " He stuttered terribly searching for an explanation about why he had his daughter's asshole plugged with his cock while his semen leaked out of her in big drops.

    He needn't have bothered trying to explain.

    "I'll see you upstairs in five minutes," Linda said haughtily. Then she turned, her robe swirling around her to show off her full, mature figure, before she walked back to the house.

    Bob Preston backed off his daughter. His cock was completely soft-finally-and it pulled out of Annie's hole with a definite plop sound. "I… I have to go… to talk to your mother," he mumbled. He pulled on the robe he had shed midway through their sexual activities. It was still sweaty.

    "You'll be all right, won't you, darling?" Preston asked his daughter worriedly you're not hurt or anything, are you?"

    "No, Daddy," Annie said. And she meant it. She wasn't hurt at all. In fact, she felt pretty good. The continuous sexual throb that had dominated her whole body all day seemed to be diminishing.

    When her daddy pulled his cock out of her butt, it felt pretty good. The freedom was invigorating. She wiggled her butt and enjoyed the unrestrained activity.

    Bob Preston pulled his robe on, covering his hairy chest and legs. Now that his cock was loose and limp, even that didn't show. "You're sure, darling?"

    "Yes, Daddy," Annie said. And she was sure. Except as she watched him go out the door, she wondered why she hadn't thought to lick his penis until it was all clean and hard before he went upstairs to mother.

    Annie didn't know what sense it was that she was operating on, but she was sure that she could have made him clean and hard before he got to her mommy's room.

    And that was sure to improve things for her daddy, she was sure.

    Without knowing it, Annie was so like her mother sexually that she could guess what the older, more mature woman was likely to do. In fact, exactly what her mother was going to do.

    It wasn't a hard guess.

    It was just that Annie realized that so long as there were hard cocks and soft cunts, her mother was going to get one to drill the other with the most force she could raise-and negotiate later.

    Bob Preston was on his way to a fucking without even knowing it.

    But both his daughter and his wife knew.

    Unwittingly, he was outnumbered.

    CHAPTER 13

    I sure don't know what got into Momma. She was really weird. And I know she just fucked Daddy until he couldn't stand up.

    I wonder if she sucked on his cock. I would have. Dear diary, sometimes I think it's a waste of time writing things down in you.

    You never seem to have any answers.

    Linda Preston was on the white sheets of her bed trembling with a repressed emotional tantrum. It was made up mostly of indignation, fear and jealousy. Once she got over the emotional shock of seeing her husband pounding his big prick into her daughter's asshole, her mind skittered off to contemplate a myraid of other things-like the fact that she wasn't as young as she used to be.

    God, she thought, clutching the sheet in her tightly clenched hand, suppose I'm too loose to make him feel good anymore. It happens, damnit, it happens. Maybe that's why he wants a young, inexperienced girl like Annie. She's his own daughter, and it's disgusting. But… but maybe her cunt is more slippery and sexy than mine. Maybe that's the reason he's leaving me for her. Maybe I don't fuck enough!

    By the time Bob Preston edged uncertainly into the room where his wife was waiting, Linda Preston was as unsure of herself as she could be. All she knew for sure was that her cunt was hot and runny and it needed reassurance that her husband could still provide.

    She didn't want to lose Bob. She wanted to keep him, to love him. Yet she couldn't just forgive him. Not after what she caught him doing.

    The words to talk to him wouldn't come when he was finally in the room. They froze in her throat and she just stared icily at him.

    "Darling," he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for fucking Annie."

    "Ass fucking her, you mean, don't you!" Linda's voice was a sob. "I could understand if my cunt wasn't good enough for you anymore. You've worn it out. But why her asshole? Isn't mine tight enough? Isn't it good enough for you? Do I turn you off that much, that you have to screw our daughter to get off? Is that it?"

    Linda threw her arm across her eyes and started sobbing.

    Bob knelt on the bed. "No, darling! I love you. I love your cunt and your asshole. They're beautiful and I could stick my cock in them day and night and not get enough. They're really beautiful and tight and slippery. Jesus, I love fucking your ass more than anything. You have a big, beautiful ass. Not like Annie's. Not all stingy where I can't get a handful while I plow it. I love sticking my cock in your ass more than anything… "

    Bob Preston realized his wife needed reassurance. And he gave it to her in the only way he knew how.

    "Do you mean it?" Linda sat up in bed and stared at him, her eyes hollow-socketed and red-lined from her crying.

    "Of course I do, darling." Preston put his arm around his wife and immediately she started sobbing again.

    "Then why do you go around fucking your own daughter?" The anguish in her voice was real. "You're just some sort of pervert, then!"

    The statement stopped Bob Preston cold. She was right. He was some kind of pervert. He didn't need to fuck his daughter's eager little cunt-not when he had a wife as hot as Linda. But just thinking about it made him red hot. His cock had already started to respond to his thoughts about his daughter's naked ass by rising up against his belly.

    "There," Linda cried, "you're doing it. You're thinking about Annie and you're getting all hard and horny!"

    "No," Bob said desperately. "I'm thinking about your beautiful ass, darling. I'm just thinking about how nice it is to hold it while I stick my cock up your asshole. It feels so good in my hands, it really turns me on just thinking about it."

    "Really? You're not just saying that, are you?"

    "No, darling. Honestly. It does, it turns me on' like mad."

    Bob didn't have to lie. When he thought about it, Linda's beautiful ass did turn him on and make his cock eager to plow into it. But he couldn't get his daughter out of his mind to concentrate on it, that was all. And that was the crux of his problem.

    "Prove it," Linda said. She spread her legs and gave her husband a glimpse of her brown-furred snatch. "Prove you're thinking about me and not my daughter-right now!"

    Bob Preston didn't want to lose his wife. And looking at the soft, silky hair between her thighs and the vague shape of her cunt, he made up his mind what he was going to do.

    Getting on his knees between her legs, he lowered his wife to her sprawled-open thighs. The heavy perfume of her sex filled his nostrils. It was dry and musky and sweet in his nose.

    Her cunt lips were plump mounds of soft flesh, red-lined inside. That was what he was after.

    Following the odor down to her slit, Bob Preston stuck out his tongue and began to swirl it around and around in the seething cauldron of her suctioning cunt!

    Linda couldn't stay mad forever. At least, not with his tongue flailing the inside of her snatch. She moaned and ground her hips, feeling his tongue stretching her cunt out from the inside.

    She began fucking her cunt against his face. She thrilled to the way that her husband's tongue pumped into her like a cock. She loved being sucked almost as much as she loved being fucked.

    Bob Preston's head bobbed up and down frantically. He was using his tongue like a cock, jabbing it in and out of his wife's snatch. His lips mashed down on her love button causing her to squirm with renewed pleasure and vitality. He was hitting her where she lived and Linda couldn't help but respond.

    She began sobbing and crying and Bob Preston recognized the symptoms. His wife was about to have an orgasm. Desperately he flailed his tongue in her hot hole, whipping the sides and enjoying the way her twat responded by grinding down on his lips. He glued his mouth to her hot hole and suddenly began sucking.

    Linda had been about to come, and her husband's last maneuver didn't hurt at all. One moment she was full of slippery, hot tongue and the next minute she thought she was being sucked inside out. It was a heavenly delicious feeling. And she knew her husband was sucking her juices out of her cunt like mad.

    She squeezed her thighs tight around his head and pushed her cunt cup up against his lips and luxuriated in the sudden swell of his tongue in her snatch. It was a heady feeling.

    "Oooh, oh, oh, I'm comming, commmming," she wailed and thrashed her feet up and down while Bob sucked and tongue fucked her hot twat. She loved it. She loved the feel of his tongue in her snatch and thought it was wonderful and half dissolved in a flash of white heat and sexual exuberance.

    But Bob wasn't anywhere near done.

    His hot tongue skittered down from her cunt hole as he raised his wife's knees so they draped gracefully over his shoulders. And his tongue didn't stop until it was resting right on the opening of her tight, little asshole ring.

    Bob Preston hadn't lied. He was turned on just thinking about his wife's butt hole. And when he had a chance to shove his tongue into her little he took it. There was a certain satisfaction in feeling the circular ring squeezing his tongue and then letting it in. The taste wasn't anything to write home about, but he really enjoyed the frantic excitement that Linda incurred while he was turning her on this way. And, though he didn't want to admit it, part of the fun was the way his wife always objected that it was "dirty" and that she didn't want to do it that way anymore.

    She loved it. From the very first time he had stuck his tongue up her shivering asshole, Linda had been ecstatic about getting it in the ass-just like she was now!

    Her legs tightened alongside his head. Bob Preston didn't mind. He liked the way her warm thighs pressed against the side of his head. He was also engulfed by the warm smell of her cum oozing cunt.

    His tongue licked faster and faster at Linda's asshole. He swabbed between her ass cheeks, causing her crotch to twist and turn as she experienced an unscratchable itch where his tongue had been.

    Then, when he judged she was ready, Bob Preston shifted her legs so her ankles were around his neck and then he was driving his hot cock deep into her gaping asshole.

    Linda screamed deep in her throat. She hadn't been expecting what happened. It was a double shock.

    The first shock was just having Bob slide his big cock against the entrance of her pulsating asshole. The second was when he drove it all the way in one hard thrust, swelling her insides until she was filled to overflowing with cock meat.

    It hurt and felt tremendously good at the same time. She had never gotten used to the initial penetration, the feel of his cock tearing the outside of her asshole open with one solid thrust. But once inside, it felt absolutely great.

    Linda groaned with pleasure.

    "Show me," she said, "show me how you love my asshole better than Annie's, you daughter fucking asshole bandit."

    Bob Preston was ready and willing to do just as his wife asked. His cock was baking in her asshole at a fevered heat. He almost couldn't stand the acute sensations running through his body. They were all he could bear and he knew it. When he started playing with his wife's butt, he'd been thinking about his daughter's asshole. But no longer. All he was concerned with was the tight, sweaty feeling of her asshole rim sliding up and down his boiling cock flesh.

    Bob Preston grunted and heaved against his wife's rear, his bathrobe flopping like wings against her body as they fucked in a fury of orgiastic pleasure. Her asshole sucked on his cock just the way her cunt did. It was like sinking his pecker into a bowl of hot mush and fighting steaming quicksand to get it back.

    He rotated his hips and twisted his cock furiously in her rear.

    Linda heaved and bucked in response. She loved that particular motion. It seemed he was twisting her wide open like a corkscrew and yet every movement was an expression of ecstasy. In a way, it was pure pleasure. She was so excited inside she wanted to shit and come at the same time. But she was so full of pleasure, she could do neither.

    All Linda Preston could do was wait for her husband to finish fucking her, to fill her with the forbidden ecstasy that she knew was wrong. And that she waited patiently for, because every moment she waited was filled with overwhelming sensations of unbearable joy.

    Furiously, Bob Preston drove his jack-hammering cock in and out of his wife's ass. Her asshole rim sucked at it and tried to stretch it so it would go in deeper and longer. The rim of his cock was pulsating with wild feeling. He knew he couldn't go on much longer.

    Linda heaved her butt up in wild feeling, jamming it up around her husband's cock until she felt the soft cushion of his balls at the edge of her asshole. She was filled with throbbing cock. It filled the length of her asshole, it seemed like. And she loved it.

    At the same time, Bob had driven down and the sudden shock of sheathing his cock deeper in her butt than it had ever gone before was transmitted through his whole body.

    He groaned and then his body quivered desperately as his balls squeezed out a dry, sporadic squirt of come. It sprayed the insides of Linda's butthole and was the hot match that touched off her own sexual explosion.

    She lay back, her legs resting on her husband's shoulders, his cock jammed up her asshole, and unconsciously did the same thing she had seen her daughter do earlier-frigged her finger in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

    At the same time she enjoyed the explosion in her bowels. The come that exploded against the inside of her asshole like hot hail was the thing she'd been waiting for, needed to reach her own soul-shattering orgasm. Her hips heaved and her legs, supporting her husband's weight trembled as she let him fill her rectum with his hot sperm.

    She kissed him then. Her lips sealed his hot lips with passion that threatened to burn him. Her tongue in his mouth was like a cock fucking him.

    And her husband didn't mind. He swallowed her saliva and sucked her cock and pumped his sticky white goo into her butt until he was totally exhausted and his soft stick came out and rubbed against her ass cheeks. Then he finally rolled off.

    "Did you like it?" Linda asked contritely.

    "I loved it!" Bob Preston protested vehemently.

    He had to. There was no other answer possible.

    And he had loved it even if it sucked his balls dry and left him with sucked dry balls and no energy. He thought about his daughter's hot ass and his pecker stirred. But just a little.

    Linda noticed though. She pressed against him and ran her hand down his body and captured his slimy fuck stick.

    "If you loved it so much," she whispered, "let's do it again. I'm ready whenever you are."

    Silently, Bob Preston groaned. He was all fucked out. But how could he explain that to his wife without bringing up their daughter and what he did with her. "Later," he said. "I've got to recharge my batteries."

    "I understand, darling," his wife said. She ran her hand down from his nipples to his flaccid cock and then back up again in an attempt to stir passion in his battered body. "We'll lay here and talk a while and I'm sure you'll get ready to do it again. We'll talk sexy!"

    Bob Preston stifled a groan. He wasn't sure, but he thought there was a hint of threat in his wife's voice. And he was very sure that just talking sexy wasn't going to put anything back in his totally depleted balls!!

    CHAPTER 14

    After Daddy fucked me in the ass, dear diary, everything seemed to change. Gee, it was just like a prison camp. I couldn't go anywhere or do anything. If I wanted to go to the store, Mommy or Daddy went with me. And around the house, I was never alone with Daddy at all.

    Mommy was always right there and I couldn't even accidentally get my hand on his big thing in his pants.

    I heard Mommy say they were raising a little nymphomaniac. What ever that is. Maybe it's some kind of plant, but they haven't shown it to me.

    I sure wish I could get over to Mr. Hal's house. My little pussy is all itchy all of the time, anymore. And he sure knows how to make it better. Not as good as Daddy. But good…

    Annie was really out of sorts. The next morning she woke up and her butt was really sore. She could hardly sit down anywhere except on a pillow. But that didn't matter to the little girl. What did matter was the knowledge that she had had her daddy's big thing in her tiny asshole and it hadn't really been all that bad. In fact, it had been super.

    She dreamed about that long, stiff thing up her butt while she walked around in a sort of daze all day. She intended, at the very first chance, to get her daddy and do it again.

    But something had happened. Annie suspected it was because her mother had caught Daddy fucking her. Whatever it was, she never seemed to have a moment alone with him.

    It was two or three days later, time had been kind of hazy for the little girl, when she was down on the front porch, sitting on the edge and swinging her foot back and forth and daydreaming. The June day was bright with sunshine and a pleasant ocean breeze kept the air fresh. Annie was wearing a gaily checked blouse and skirt. Underneath, as had become her practice lately, she wore no underwear.

    She sat on the edge of the porch railing, sulking and kicking her foot higher and higher. It was a kind of exciting game she played seeing how high her foot would go and knowing that a passerby could see dear up under her skirt where her panties should have been.

    She'd been sulking. It seemed to Annie that her mom and dad never let her do anything anymore. Particularly fuck. She thought it was awfully selfish of her mother to keep her daddy from fucking her.

    Annie knew that her daddy wanted to. There were lots of times that the little girl had accidentally on purpose let him see up between her cute, dimpled legs. And each time she was sure that his pants got humped out in front of him by his hard dinger.

    It wasn't fair. All Annie wanted was to hold his throbbing hard-on in her own hot, little hand and maybe lick it and suck it a little until her daddy was ready to plunge it into her tight asshole.

    That's one of the reasons that she was sitting on the edge of the porch showing her little naked pussy off to passerbys.

    Suddenly she stopped swinging her leg. She looked up and realized a man was watching her from the sidewalk-peering intently under the edge of her skirt. And then he looked directly at her and Annie gasped. It was Mr. Hal.

    Annie gasped and almost fell off the porch.

    He started to walk across the lawn toward her and Annie realized what was liable to happen. Desperately, she waved him away.

    Looking a little guilty, Hal Green turned and began strolling down the sidewalk, his back to little Annie.

    The girl checked the house to make sure her mother wasn't watching, she'd been watching a lot lately, and then snuck across the lawn and out of the yard at an angle she knew she would be invisible from the house. She was panting by the time she caught up with Mr. Hal.

    "Wait, wait!" she cried after him.

    As if he was a felon, Hal Green tucked his head down between his shoulders and tried to walk faster, ignoring the little girl as if he didn't know her. He'd been afraid of something like this happening. They'd put him in jail and he'd never again stick his cock up Flo's willing ass or twat. All for the sake of a tight cunt child.

    Annie grabbed at his shirt and kept hold.

    The air seemed to go out of Hal, leaving him a deflated man. Even his insatiable cock was tiny and shriveled. It felt terribly lonely in the crotch of his pants. "All right," he said. "All right!"

    He turned expecting to see a copy, or at least an irate father.

    Instead, Hal Green saw only a small girl dressed in a neat blue and yellow plaid dress tugging at his short. A sweet little girl with a sweet mouth that he loved to have wrapped around his cock.

    He felt stronger. "Please," he whispered, "don't do that!"

    Furtively, Hal glanced around to see if anybody was watching from one of the houses. He'd known all along it was foolish to walk to his sister's house instead of taking the car. But it had been such a nice day… and there was always the chance of catching a glimpse of the little girl who dominated his wet dreams at night.

    Well! He'd found her, all right. And she was still just as sweet.

    Staring at her, Hal imagined he could still see her neat little cunny like the first time. It was all pink and hairless and tight. So tight that he'd almost failed to get his finger into. it. And now, just looking at her, he felt his cock rising in his pants. He knew he just had to fuck her one more time. He couldn't walk off and leave her. He had to know the delicious feeling of drilling his prick up her cunt one more time.

    Christ, he thought, I'm going to shoot in my pants if I keep on thinking this way. It's indecent. It's lewd…

    It was all of those things. And more. And Hal Green didn't give a single damn. By then all he wanted was to get his hands on Annie's hot little twat.

    And, to be truthful, Annie wanted him to.

    Ever since the little girl had seen Mr. Hal, she'd wondered how she could get a few minutes with him-long enough for him to ram his cock up her quaking cunt. Maybe even long enough for him to slide his clever finger up her asshole.

    "Come on," Annie said. She took his big hand in her little one. "We can go in my daddy's workshop and… fuck… if you want to, Mr. Hal."

    Hal wanted to. He was crazy to do it, but there was nothing on earth capable of stopping him. The thing he wanted more than anything else right then was a few minutes alone with the little girl, naked, feeling and fondling each other. It was insane, but anything was worth having those moments.

    He followed Annie into her daddy's workshop.

    They were barely inside before she was peeling off her clothes. She skinnied her dress up over her head revealing her tender young breast buds and Hal was on his knees in a moment, licking and adoring them. They were still tender, pink circles of flesh with tack sharp points on the skinniest swells of flesh. Flo's boobs were bigger and better to suck, but Hal Green couldn't keep his mouth off Annie's.

    The little girl moaned and held his mouth to her nipples. And then Mr. Hal's head was slipping down and his tongue was lashing her belly and then even her fleshy little venus mound.

    "Oooo," Annie said. It had been literally days since she'd had a hot tongue on her cunny, and now she had Mr. Hal's.

    Annie rotated her hips in concentric circles, alternaly pressing his tongue and lips against her little girl hole, and other times making him chase it with his tongue, washing her crotch with sloppy misses.

    Hal Green was drunk on the nectar of her cunt. He slurped her cunny juice with abandon, reveling in the flavor and- aroma.

    His head bobbed again and again while his tongue played in her slot.

    Annie was ecstatic with joy. Mr. Hal's tongue was better than ever. She just loved it. She convulsed and pressed her legs together and came, a long, shuddering orgasm. And then he was probing her soft cunt lips with his tongue again and she was soaring on the very tip, like her twat was balanced on the tip of an arrow in flight.

    "Oh, oh, oh, I have to pee, Mr. Hal," she cried. "I have to make peepee."

    Hal's excited fingers clutched her legs and held them tight. His tongue dwadled in her cunt and she felt it there, like a big, mobile cork filling her hole up.

    It was so exciting she couldn't help it. She just had to pee. And he said to do it.

    Annie scrunched her eyes closed and concentrated and suddenly the stream of hot liquid spurted out of her crack and over his searing tongue and onto his lips.

    Hal pulled away, tasting the acrid yellow pee on his lips. He put one of his fingers up Annie's tight twat and the hot liquid seemed to spurt harder out of her hole and over his fingers into his hand to leak off onto the cement floor.

    To Annie, it was super exciting. The feel of his finger in her crack while she was peeing was tremendous. She felt so full and acrid, the pee stinging her pussy lips in a delightful way. She shivered and forced some more pee out into his waiting hand.

    CHAPTER 15

    Gosh, dear diary, it was the most exciting thing. I mean, when I started peeing I got all dizzy and excited. I almost fell on my head, it felt so good. And when Mr. Hals tongue slipped out of my twat and he put his hand there, his finger up my icky hole with all that pee squirting on it… Gee!!!

    I bet I came buckets and buckets. I never felt anything like it. I almost couldn't peepee another drop.

    I wonder what it would be like for Mr. Hal to take. his thick old thing and peepee all over me… like between my legs. He could try to peepee in my little hole.

    I'll bet I'd like that a whole lot…

    Hal Green was dizzy with excitement. The girl's pee in his mouth, the knowledge that he had had his tongue in her twat when she peed was so perverted and delicious he almost ejaculated right there.

    And then Annie made the suggestion that almost caused him to have a heart attack.

    "Gee, Mr. Hal," she said. "Would you like it if you put your big old thing in my ass this time? Would you?"

    Hal, trying to keep his voice steady, said, "Yes, darling, I think I might even like that. If you would."

    "Sure I would. I do it lots with my daddy, and it sure is a whole load of fun."

    What Annie didn't add was that lately her daddy wasn't putting anything in her cunt or asshole.

    That her mommy wouldn't let him and it was driving Annie wild with lust.

    Hal Green peeled off his clothes in a daze of sexual excitement. He was so shaken and excited he couldn't stand the touch of his own clothes and it made him uneasy knowing that if he hesitated, if he said the wrong thing the virginal, innocent young girl might change her mind. Surely, he thought, she doesn't know what she's doing.

    That, of course, was only his opinion. Annie knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that a good hard prick in her asshole was what she was really interested in having. Nothing could touch that for pleasure. And she wanted it in a way Hal Green couldn't comprehend.

    She was ready from the minute she said it, and kept saying to Hal, "Come on, come on, let's go."

    Hal stood up and with no coyness at all, Annie nestled her butt up against him. He was too high, his balls barely stroked her butt. Frantically he hooked a box with his foot and brought it over so Annie had something to stand on.

    Once she was up on the box, things looked better. His cock head poked delightfully in her crack at the rear and Annie's cunt was drooling with precome fluid. She bent over and said between her legs, "put it in my front and get it all slippery first."

    Hal was quick to do what the little girl told him. It was as much as he could bear to get his cock between her little, dimpled thighs. Her tiny white hands caught his prick and lined it up with her cunt and guided him forward and suddenly his cock was sliding up her steamy sex tunnel.

    "Aaahhh," Hal said, relieved that he hadn't shot his load into her just when his cock touched her hot twat.

    And then he was rocking back and forth, enjoying the ecstatic pleasure of his penis plunging in and out of her snatch. It was so hot and tight and squishy that he kept waiting to come and come and come. And he had to grit his teeth and hold back and wait for the treat that the little girl had promised him-to fuck her ass…

    Annie felt like a queen on a pedestal. She was bent forward and every lunge of Hal's cock into her spread open cunny was a miracle of sexual feeling. She groaned and gasped and rose on pillars of sexual joy until it was almost too much for her to contain. She wanted to reach her climax in the worst way. She was dizzy. Her cunt was swollen around Mr. Hal's cock and she was afraid he would shoot into her snatch too early.

    She didn't want to let that happen. He might not be able to get stiff again right away, though Annie was willing to suck his big dingus as long and as hard as it took. But she didn't know how long before her father would be home and somehow she didn't think he would be happy to find her on the box with Mr. Hal fucking her front and back and having her suck his big' thing.

    And Annie didn't want the pleasurable feelings to stop.

    Suddenly she pulled her cushiony pussy right off Mr. Hal's cock and luxuriated in the sudden feeling of desire that ran rampant through her. She tingled allover as she waited for what was going to happen to happen.

    "Fuck me in the ass, Mr. Hal," she cried.

    She perked her sweet little butt out where he couldn't miss it.

    And then Annie felt his slimy cock nosing around her bottom hole, slipping and sliding with abandon. She moaned as it stretched her asshole open and then it was going in and in and in.

    "Aaaaghhh," Annie cried. She was ready for it, but it felt so good she couldn't be silent. She seemed to be as tight as she was when her daddy first jammed it up her butt, though it didn't seem to hurt as much.

    "O, fuck, fuck, fuck my asshole, fuck," she screamed.

    And Hal strove to please the frantic little girl. There was no holding back. He was going to bang her rear as quick as he could. He twisted and drove his cock in like a spike, almost knocking the girl off the box. But she drove her butt back and sank it down on his cock and moaned with the pleasure that she was experiencing. It felt so damn gooooood! She groaned and twitched her ass and felt it flail inside her asshole and she couldn't stop moving. Her asshole felt like a red hot poker of pleasure was jabbing in and out, in and out.

    Hal's hands played with her little.girl breasts. He tweaked and twisted them until they almost hurt. But still they were an uncovered pleasure that Annie loved.

    The little girl's hands were between her own thighs. Her fingers were twined in her own hot box. She was crazy with the feel of them there and orgasm after orgasm swept through her body making her doubly dizzy. Nothing that Hal did had any meaning for her anymore.

    And then Hal couldn't take it anymore. His cock was baked, burned. It was exploding in her turbulent twat.

    His come shot into her and Annie screamed.

    Hal may have shouted too. He didn't know. Neither of them did. They were engrossed with the total feeling of ecstatic pleasure that engulfed them together, joined by the slender link of Hal's pulsing cock meat pouring out its juice in Annie's tiny asshole.

    They didn't even hear Bob Preston walk in, straight home from work for a change.

    Nor did they see the expression on his face.

    At first…

    CHAPTER 16

    I told Daddy everything would be all right, dear diary. I guess he believed me. Boy, his cock is sure super.

    There are a lot of things I like him to do with his old pecker, but mostly I like him to fuck me a lot.

    That, and having Mr. Hal do it, really turns me on…

    Bob Preston walked up to his daughter in a daze. He ignored the man behind her. All he could see was that delicate little body, naked, being jazzed by a cock pushing in and out of her rear.

    He knew she was a nymphomaniac. Whoever was fucking her was her victim-like he'd been himself.

    "Darling," he said in a broken voice. "Darling… "

    "Don't cry, Daddy," Annie said. She touched his face. "Fuck me, Daddy."

    The little girl spread her cunny apart with her fingers and let him look. And, God help him, he looked.

    Her little twat was all red and angry looking. It seemed to beckon him and he advanced, unbuttoning his pants.

    He didn't know how it happened, but in seconds his cock was sunk balls deep in her soft slot. She was hot around his sex meat. Her cunny quivered and shook and it was like sticking his pecker in a hot tube of melted butter.

    Bob Preston wanted to stop, but he couldn't.

    Hal Green had the same problem. He wanted to pull out and get away. But Annie caught his cock and guided it back to her rear.

    In a fog, Hal pressed up against Annie's warm back. His cock seemed to be having a harder time than before getting in her hole. Finally it popped in. It filled her up so tight it almost hurt Hal.

    Bob Preston moaned. And then Annie's hips were moving like a machine gun.

    The girl was in seventh heaven. She had managed to slide both pricks in her front hole. She was stretching to bursting. And she loved it. She loved the sensitive feel of cock sliding against cock in her crowded twat. She loved the feel of being pulled impossibly apart. Annie was enjoying everything about her latest fuck that it was possible to enjoy.

    "Harder," she groaned and she pressed down harder and let her legs hang until she was impaled on the two cocks and dangling from them.

    "O, oh, oh," she moaned, practically sick with the fantastic wonderful feeling of being doubly fucked.

    Suddenly her father pressed against her front and sucked her titties and she felt him shooting his come into her hole.

    And then, as if triggered by that, Hal too bucked his hips and shot into her, filling her vagina to overflowing until both their white come rolled down her legs.

    Hanging on to them, Annie crooned. "You're both mine, now."

    And she hugged her father and rubbed her ass against Hal.

    And she wondered how her mother would fit into their threesome. Because, somehow, Annie knew it was going to go on and on… and on!

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