• SMACK!!!!


    Tattoo dreams


    It was pitch black. Kelli tried to focus her eyes. She fluttered her lids repeatedly.


    Pitch black.

    She felt something caressing her face, but couldn't tell exactly what. She opened and closed her eyelids again.


    A shiver of apprehension ran through her. Something was wrong.

    She started to move her right arms up so that her hand could rub her eyes. Maybe her eyes were just full of sleep.

    She couldn't raise her arm.

    She tried the left.


    Fear replaced apprehension.

    What is going on? her mind started to race as cold fear now shook her. She couldn't see. She couldn't move her arms.

    What's happening to me?

    She shook her head from side to side as panic now overtook the fear.

    No movement possible. Only her eyelids moved. Open and then closed.


    Pitch black darkness.

    She thought she smelled leather.

    It was the thing covering her face.

    Then another smell crept into her senses.

    She could smell this new, acrid scent getting stronger and stronger.


    "Aaaaaaghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" The agonizing scream tore from her throat as a searing fire scorched her left buttock, burning the flesh, scaring her naked white ass. Kelli couldn't see what was happening. She could only feel.

    And smell.

    She could smell burning flesh.

    It was her own!

    And the pain was intense. More intense than anything she had ever felt in her life.

    It was horrible!

    She passed out as the hissing sound approached her again, and her right buttock felt the terrible heat sear into her tender white skin.


    She awoke with a start, sitting bolt upright in her bed.

    She was perspiring heavily from the nightmare that had just seemed so real.

    Touching her face, their was no leather mask. She could make out the furniture in her bedroom as the morning light crept in through the drawn blinds. Kelli took a deep breath and slowly worked her thighs over the side of the bed. She sat and reflected for a moment before getting up to take her morning shower.

    It was so real. Her forbidden fantasy.

    She had always wanted a small rose tattoo on her left buttock. But in her dreams, her desires ran even deeper.

    She wanted to be branded as a mark of ownership. She wanted a tattoo like no others. In her dreams, the hot iron seared a rose pattern that covered the hillocks of her buttocks. Her became nightmares.

    So real.

    So painful.

    Yet – very exciting.

    Kelli felt the dampness between her thighs. She had cum in her sleep!

    As she finished applying her makeup she made one final check on her outfit for the day and adjusted the hem of her dress to ride closely with the new satin slip she purchased. The slit on the side showed a nice portion of her well shaped thigh as she took several steps around the room.

    Kelli Stroud was the top real estate agent in the San Carmel office of The Henry Company, she had a full slate of listing appointments today and wanted to look her best.

    Kelli was often accused of using her incredible beauty to get new home listings, and more than once the accusations went beyond beauty to using her very shapely body to acquire, and beat out other agents in the office for new business.

    Kelli stood five foot six.

    There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts stood out firm, not too large, and not too small. Like the rest of her, they were perfect. Her legs were dynamite and often admired around the office as she wore tasteful, yet exciting clothes that always showed them off to her best advantage.

    She seemed taller than she was as she always wore at least a four or five inch high heeled pump, and her flowing blonde hair topped off one very fine specimen of female beauty.

    She was the youngest real estate agent to win the coveted President's Award for top production, and at the age of twenty two was now earning over one hundred thousand dollars per year.

    Kelli could afford to live in a Spanish style condominium that cost more than the homes that other agents twice her age, were able to afford.

    She had it all. Age, looks and money. All that is, except the fulfillment of a deep seated need to love just one special person, and be loved in return.

    And the one thing her money had not yet bought her, was the coveted tattoo. She still had to work up the courage.

    She had her share of boyfriends through college and there was never a shortage of men to ask her out for dinner and 'other things'. But Kelli Stroud wasn't just looking for a good time, she wanted a deep, intimate relationship.

    Like the last one she had.

    But on the other hand, she didn't want a new relationship to end up like that one ended, for it had ended on a very sad note.


    Annie was Kelli's room mate their senior year at San Diego State. She was a backwards girl from Iowa, and Kelli wondered just how she was able to get as far in life as she did. The girl seemed so naive about everything, and was just barely passing her course work. She fretted constantly over graduation.

    Over the year, Kelli and she had grown close as two room mates do, and shared much about their lives.

    Annie never shared anything about men.

    "You know Annie?" Kelli asked her one evening after a long walk through the campus.

    They were sitting on their beds, relaxing prior to getting a good night's sleep.

    "I've always been the one it seems to spill my heart out to you about the guys I date. They always come on so strong, and I have yet to find that one special person. But I got to thinking, how come you never date?"

    "Oh Kelli, I just never took that much of an interest in boys," Annie answered, playing with her toes as she watched her room mate closely.

    Annie may have been backwards and naive, but she had those corn fed wholesome looks, and a great body to match, and had her share of guys try to ask her out.

    Kelli even heard rumors in the gym one day that Annie was a closet lesbian.

    "Why not?" Kelli continued questioning her room mate.

    "I… uh… oh I don't know. I just never seemed to be attracted to them, you know?" the young girl answered.

    Kelli got off her bed and took the two steps to her room mates bed. She sat down next to her and softly asked, "Annie?"

    "I heard something one day that kind of surprised me, but I never told you about it."

    Kelli spoke even softer now. "I've always been curious about, well… you know… uh a woman having a feeling for another woman. Did you ever have those thoughts?"

    Annie's eyes filled with tears as she turned to Kelli and blurted out the story of her earlier seduction in high school by her gym teacher.

    A woman.

    She told Kelli that she found herself so turned on by the experience, that she could never get interested in boys again. That teacher had made her feel things she thought she'd never feel. Both emotionally and physically.

    She continued telling Kelli how her first attempt at sex with a man… a boy, really, ended in that young farm hand's fumbling and ineptness at making love to her. Compared to what her gym teacher did for her, she judged all men by that experience. Annie had been a confirmed lesbian ever since.

    Kelli, always the experimental type, was fascinated by the idea of making it with another woman, but had not experienced it up to this point in her young life. Sitting so close to her room mate, and feeling a closeness that she had not felt before at Annie's sharing, Kelli could not help but notice how really attractive and pretty Annie was.

    She let her left hand rest lightly on Annie's knee as the girl finished her story.

    Annie didn't resist her room mates touch and continued on with the exploits she experienced with her high school gym teacher. The more detailed the events became, the more Kelli's interest perked up until she found that she was actually getting excited by the tale of lesbian lust experienced by Annie.

    Her pussy started to get wet as Annie told of the first time she had tried dominance and submission with her teacher. Kelli's thighs started to work together as her clit started to tingle from the erotic episode.

    Her hand slowly moved across Annie's thigh as Kelli listened raptly to the conclusion of the girl's first S amp;M experience.

    My God, Kelli thought, I am really getting turned on!

    Without realizing it, she turned to her room mate and slowly turned the girl's face to hers with her free hand and found her lips gently closing on Annie's mouth.

    "Mmmmmm, oh Kelli, thank you," Annie breathed. "I've been wanting to kiss you ever since I first saw you. I was so afraid you would reject me."

    "I've never kissed another girl before Annie, at least not like we just did," Kelli replied, and with that returned her open mouth on the other girl's and started kissing her passionately, her tongue slipping inside Annie's mouth as her arms encircled her body pulling her closer.

    For just an instant, Kelli questioned whether what she was doing was wrong, but it passed as quickly as it came as her arms now started encircling Annie's buttocks, stroking, pulling her trembling body tighter in their embrace.

    "Oh, Kelli, here, let me undress you," the more experienced young girl said.

    Annie's expert hands quickly grabbed the bottom of Kelli's blouse and it was over the other girl's in an instant. Her hands quickly undid the snaps of her bra and she caressed Kelli's breasts with her fingertips as she slid the straps off her body, exposing her stiffening nipples.

    She leaned close and encircled one of the nipples with her mouth.

    "Ummmm, that feels nice Annie."

    Annie attacked both of her breasts now, sucking gently on each nipple, then laving her tongue around the underside of the firm ivory softness as she placed open mouthed kisses all over the sweet breasts.

    "Mmmmm, Kelli, I've got to have more of you," she breathed as Kelli started squirming under her room mate's tongue.

    Taking her fingers, she hooked them in the waistband of the blonde's panties and slid them over her hips, drawing them down her thighs and tossing them on the floor. Her left hand quickly went between the other girl's legs and her fingers buried themselves in Kelli's now sopping pussy, as she returned her mouth to her breasts.

    Kissing her room mate's body as her thumb found her hard clit, she worked her mouth all over Kelli's upper torso, turning under her arms, to gently place her tongue in Kelli's armpits and licked the sensitive flesh there.

    Annie's tongue felt deliciously wicked moving under her sensitive flesh.

    So erotic.

    Kelli was on fire.


    Her thighs clamped around the hand on her pussy as she ground against it, and a moan of desire escaped her lips as she reclined on the bed, pulling Annie with her.

    "This is so different. So wonderful Annie, please don't stop," she panted breathlessly.

    Annie had no intentions of stopping as she kissed and tongued her room mate furiously now, giving her a tongue bath as her desire was ignited by the reactions she was bringing from this beautiful creature.

    Annie couldn't believe that she was actually holding Kelli so intimately. She had desired her for almost a year.

    Her tongue continued on down Kelli's body, licking and sucking in little nips as her hair trailed behind over the other girl's nipples, exciting Kelli even more.

    As her face reached Kelli's parted thighs, her room mate seemed to push her pelvis up in an offering, as her head quickly dipped between them to taste the honey flowing from her damp slit. The smell of Kelli's sweet cunt juice flared Annie's nostrils, as she placed her mouth directly on her room mate's pussy.

    Kelli couldn't believe the pleasure she was feeling. She didn't want it to stop and her hands reached out to hold Annie's head and pull it into her pussy.

    No guy had ever eaten her like Annie was doing.

    "Oh, Annie!"


    "Push your tongue in my cunt," she moaned as Annie quickly complied.

    Annie worked her tongue in small circles all over the wet smooth walls of Kelli's pussy, as her lips encircled her hard little nub.

    Kelli came almost immediately from the sensuous face lapping at her slit.

    "Oooooh! Jesus!" she yelped as her body bucked once in a tremendous quick orgasm.

    "God, Annie!"

    "Ooooh God!"


    "Eat me darling!"

    "Eat my cunt!" she sighed.

    Annie was lost in the heady scent of her room mates pussy as her lips and tongue continued their work. She loved to eat pussy, and Kelli's had to be the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted.

    It was building again, quickly.

    Kelli started thrashing about on the bed as her friend seemed to want to put her whole face inside of her body. Her fingers twisted in Annie's hair as she held on for dear life. Her legs rose up and clasped around her head as she rode the face between her legs to another orgasm, whimpering in a release that was totally new for her.

    And very exciting.

    Later, after they had quieted, and held each other in post orgasm tenderness, Annie confessed her deep seated feelings for her room mate, and thought that this would be the start of a long lived lesbian affair. She was sure Kelli was as equally attracted to her.

    It didn't make any difference that Annie knew she was the first to bring Kelli to explore the ways of female love. She fell head over heels in love with her room mate and felt that she had been the one true love she had searched for since coming to State.

    Kelli, on the other hand, was certainly turned on to cunt lapping by another woman after Annie's expert ministrations, but had too many plans of her own to want to make it a permanent affair with Annie.

    She took her time and with much patience and gentleness, told Annie honestly of her feelings. She didn't see the terrified look in her room mate's eyes. She thought that Annie had accepted her honest sharing.

    It was not until two weeks later, that Kelli found out just how wrong she was.

    Coming home after an evening class, she was shocked to find the paramedics at the dorm, and her room sealed off by the County Coroner.

    Annie, in her despair over not seducing Kelli as her permanent lover, had taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

    It was the last conscious act of her young life.


    Gathering up her handbag and keys, Kelli went down to the garage and got into the blue BMW she had bought with her last commission check.

    "God, this business does have its rewards," she remarked to herself as she slid across the leather and started the engine.

    Her first appointment of the day was fifteen miles north in Rancho Cordova, and she covered the freeway quickly putting the throaty engine to work.

    As she drove north, she marveled at the acres and acres of prime land still awaiting development on either side of Interstate 15.

    Whoever said they were running out of land in Southern California? There was plenty of it! But the prices had been getting way out of hand.

    Nothing like it in the world, she mused as she found the exit and worked her way through the morning commute traffic to Barbara Rush's home.

    As she approached her first appointment of the day, she did what she always did when coming to a new prospect's home. She drove through the neighborhood, taking note of homes that were comparable to the one she was about to inspect. The neighborhood was upper middle class, and all the lawns were picture perfect copies of each other. The homes differed slightly in style and facades.

    Shouldn't be too much of a problem to price this one, she thought as she drove slowly through the neighborhood.

    She noticed several other competing real estate agents doing the same thing and waved to several that she knew. The competition for listings was high as the demand for homes in Rancho Cordova had skyrocketed when people began to be priced out of the San Diego housing market.

    It was interesting, she thought.

    People can't afford a home in San Diego, so they drive over seventy miles one way to a lesser priced home in Rancho Cordova. If they really stopped to think about it, over the life of their purchase, they are probably paying as much, or more for a home when you add the tremendous cost of commuting that distance twice a day.

    Oh well, not her problem, she mused. She would be glad to list, or sell any home, for any client, anywhere. She just had to continually be the best, and offer more than her competition. She was no slouch at that, she knew, and smiled confidently to herself as she pulled into the Rush's driveway.

    As she exited her car, her lithe thighs slid again through the slit in her skirt, and she knew she was giving an eyeful to any neighbors who might be watching. She was proud of her beauty and incredible good looks. She always presented herself well.

    If you've got it, use it, was her personal motto.

    Barbara Rush greeted Kelli at the door and after a grand tour of her home, they settled in the living room to discuss prices, marketing time and advertising.

    "Where are you going to move to?" Kelli asked the standard question every real estate agent has been taught from the first day.

    "Well," Barbara answered, her eyes somewhat downcast, "my husband and I are getting a divorce and he's going his way I'm going mine. Come to think about it, I never really thought about where I would move to. Got to sell this home first."

    "I understand," Kelli replied. "Why don't you just tell me what's going on, and I'll see if I can help you," she continued.

    She patted the couch next to her, taking care to cross her long legs very slowly, accentuating their curves. She was sure her panties peeked through the slit.

    Barbara walked over to Kelli and hesitantly sat down. As she did, she broke down and started sobbing the litany of abuse and torment she had been living with for the past four years, with her husband Craig. Sobbing uncontrollably at this outpouring, she placed her arms around the young real estate agent absent mindedly, and laid her head against her breasts as the last sordid details poured forth from her sobbing body.

    She went on to relate how Craig wanted her out of the house now so it would quickly sell. She told Kelli how four other agents promised her that she wouldn't have to move right away, if the Rush's would sell the house through them.

    "There there, Barbara," Kelli said as she softly stroked the blonde hair nestling against her.

    "Everything will work out for you. Just trust in me. I'm always here to lean on through this, if you need it," she continued as her hands gently stroked the sobbing woman's back.

    "Oh Kelli, that feels so nice. It feels so nice to just be held by another human being without being told how terrible I am."

    "Do you think I'm terrible?" she wailed again as a fresh wave of crying coursed through her.

    "No, I don't," Kelli replied as her fingers now massaged Barbara's back fully, softly, languidly as her other hand stroked her cheeks and ran their ringers through her hair.

    "I think that you have suffered enough in your life. Why don't you just let me take care of you for awhile Barbara? I'm sure I can work something out with my broker to allow you to live here until we get your house sold."

    "Oh Miss Stroud, really?" Barbara replied. "Gosh it just feels so safe and warm sitting close to you like this. Please just hold me Miss Stroud, please?"

    "Kelli, Barbara… just call me Kelli," she replied.

    "Oh Kelli, yes. Please just hold me. Take care of me. I just can't go on anymore. Please help me."

    "I will Barbara. Don't worry another minute about it okay?" the young girl spoke as her hands now undid Barbara's blouse buttons, almost without her knowing it.

    Her hands next unclasped the older woman's bra and it slid off her arms. She began to massage the firm breasts underneath.

    "Oh Kelli, I feel so strange," Barbara breathlessly said as the girl's fingers took a nipple between her fingers and stroked it to hardness.

    "Oooh, Kelli, that feels so good, please don't stop," Barbara's breath was labored now as a warm wetness started flooding her between her tanned legs.

    Both bodies were starting to press together in sexual arousal, the older woman's needs fast being stroked into a fire by the beautiful young girl.

    Kelli's thighs wrapped tightly around the fingers between her legs as she started moving her cunt against them, getting more of her honey on the loving fingers inside of her now.

    "Would you like to suck me?" Kelli asked.

    "Ohh Kelli, may I please? I've never done this before."

    "May I?"

    "May I please suck your cunt?"

    "Give me your mouth darling," Kelli said as she took the woman's face in both of her hands and guided her head down between her thighs, forcing her to her knees in front of her now.

    God it looked so hot, the naked Mrs. Rush kneeling before her on the living room floor. Her thighs spread wide as she guided the seeking mouth and face to her sopping wet pussy. This was going to be good, she thought as she laid back on the couch.

    Barbara Rush's lips and tongue worked furiously, tasting the sweet cunt juice of a woman for the first time. Her own cunt started to drip between her knees as she knelt in front of the young agent, slavishly licking her pussy.

    Barbara felt a wellspring of lust and need, opened now fully for the first time as her eyes looked up to see the pretty face of the woman whose cunt was smashed against her face and mouth.

    Watching the arousal she was giving to her.

    The girl's eyelids half closed in lust as Kelli moaned her need to the woman on her knees.

    Kelli's thighs were wide open now as her hips starting moving up and down, fucking Barbara's pretty face with her cunt.

    Kelli Stroud started moaning uncontrollably, her thighs thrashing around Barbara's head as she trapped the slurping mouth between them, pulling her hands into Barbara's hair as she ground her pussy even harder onto her face. She bucked in orgasm after orgasm at the tongue snaking its way inside the slippery wet folds of her pussy.

    God she was incredibly hot!

    This was going to be the finest listing appointment she went on this year.

    For sure!

    "Ooooh Barbara, that feels sooo good," Kelli moaned.

    "Oh yes baby, keep it up. Keep your mouth on my pussy."


    "Yessss! NOW!"

    "Put your tongue in deeper!"

    "Suck me!"

    "Lick me!"

    "Taste me Barbara!"

    "Ooooohhh! Barbara! I'm cumming!!"

    "I'mc-u… c-u-m-m-i-ngm!" Kelli screamed as a wave of orgasm rushed up from her pussy through her nipples and screamed its way through her convulsing body.

    "Ooohhhhh! God!!! Yessssss!!!!"

    Her passion filled moans continued for what seemed like an eternity as Barbara's mouth worked its magic all through her very core.

    After they had made love, Barbara Rush, half in embarrassment at her naked need, half in wishing to hold this pretty young girl to her again, signed the highest commission listing contract that Kelli Stroud had ever obtained.

    She was in very high spirits as she returned to the office.


    Driving back down the freeway, Kelli whistled in the rapture of a young girl who had just been thoroughly pleased.

    When she was driving back through Rancho Cordova on the way to the freeway, she had spotted Ed Lopat of Associated Realtors, a known land shark and cut rate broker. She watched in her mirror as he pulled up in front of the Rush's home. Was he in for a surprise when he found out that The Henry Company had obtained the listing, she thought to herself as she drove out of the subdivision.

    On the way back to San Carmel, Kelli took a side route through Valley Center and drove by the tattoo parlors. She had found several out of the way places in the phone book, as she was still not sure if she wanted to go through with it. She just wanted to spot them out.

    As she drove up Second Street and turned onto Broadway, she felt creepy. The area of Valley Center she was driving in was not the best.

    Illegal aliens seemed to be everywhere, looking for a ride.

    Or work.

    Bums and wino's spilled against vacated buildings, holding their dreams in their empty bottles.

    The characters she saw go in and out of the three parlors lining the block just north of Washington, made her shiver. They all looked like bikers, ex cons or whacked out war vets, the latter living their dreams on the colors in their arms.

    Kelli drove slowly past St. John's Tattoo Parlor. The name of the place always amused her. Must be the name of the owner, she thought, as she slowed to look at the artwork in the window.

    The pale pink rose that she wanted tattooed on her ass, always caught her eye as she drove by. This would be the place she decided.

    If she went ahead with the tattoo.

    If the nightmares would stop.

    The connection was still too strong.

    The subconscious desire to be tattooed, merged with a deeper subconscious desire to be branded. To be someone's property. To be a submissive tattooed and branded slut.

    As she increased her sped and made it through the traffic light at Mission, she turned left and headed for the freeway entrance.

    As she neared San Carmel, she pulled off on Valley Parkway and cruised through the drive up of Carlos Burgers. That session with Barbara Rush had made her hungry!

    She was always aware of her thin figure however, and only ordered a salad and skim milk. She was back on the freeway in minutes as she ran through the rest of her appointments in her head.

    "Let's see, got that old shack over by the feed plant," she talked to herself above the radio's soft music.

    "That ol' duffer will probably list when he gets a load of these legs," she smiled as she rubbed her thighs together.

    "Then the McMurphys. The Irish always seem to have a knack for twisting the most out of you. I remember the moves Jim McMurphy put on me last year when they aborted their listing. When I didn't fuck him, he cancelled. Maybe I ought to let the Mrs. see him in action," her thoughts continued as she wondered how she might get him into a compromising situation and have his wife find out about it.

    As she pulled into the parking lot of The Henry Company she saw Laura Conway's car in the driveway.

    "Good. My secretary's here."

    Laura had been having some marital problems recently and Kelli could never know when she would or would not show up for work. She had a young baby also, and finding a sitter was always a chore.

    Laura was important to Kelli and she counted on her being at work every day. Kelli wasn't successful in her career just from her actions in the field. Laura had access to the broker's computer, and always stole the hot leads for Kelli prior to even the broker knowing about it. As a result, her success was assured.

    Laura also was Kelli's newest acquisition. She was attracted to the other young girl immediately when she applied for the job.

    Dressed in a bush shirt, and shorts that showed her pretty legs, Kelli's stomach turned somersaults of lust as she wondered what Laura would be like in bed.

    It didn't take long for her to find out.

    The second week of Laura's employment, Kelli had invited her over to her condominium on the pretense of helping her with some listing solicitation letters.

    They enjoyed several bottles of wine as they hand addressed over two hundred envelopes, and both girls were giddy, yet tired from the effort.

    Laura had been especially blue that day as her husband had come home very late the night before with a present for her. She suspected he was cheating on her, but couldn't prove it. They had not made love since the baby was born and that was over ten months ago.

    Laura Conway was sad, frustrated and very, very horny.

    Kelli went out in the kitchen to make some coffee to take the edge off all the wine they had been drinking and when she came back into the room she sat down beside Laura.

    Kelli caught Laura looking. She sat up and faced her, with a dreamy look in her eyes. Laura wanted to kiss her soft cheek, caress her lovely hair in her fingers.

    Kelli was smiling at her. Laura looked to her lap suddenly.

    "I… I'm sorry, Kelli, but I…"

    Laura looked at her again and found her still smiling, waiting for her to continue.

    "I've never felt this way before," Laura said. "I feel sort of like the first time I was with a boy and I knew he was going to make out with me. Kiss me. Or pet with me," she continued.

    Laura took a deep breath and leaned back on the couch. She didn't quite know what was going to happen to her, but she felt safe with Kelli and felt ready to experience whatever she was about to show her.

    Kelli Stroud reached into Laura's blouse and very deliberately cupped her breasts. Her hard nipples grew even harder at the soft touch.

    Her clit was throbbing now between her honeyed thighs and her pussy lips were already wet. Laura's whole body had anticipated Kelli's touch and it was ready for anything.

    "Laura," she whispered in a husky voice. "Would you like to come to bed with me?"

    Laura hesitated for just an instant and Kelli continued in that soothing voice.

    "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I will take care of you in a way that you have never been taken care of before. Just trust me darling," she continued, her hands creating insistent pressure on Laura's nipples.

    Laura was powerless to reply and weakly followed the young woman into the bedroom.

    Kelli took her secretary to the bed and slowly undressed her, wishing to savor every last moment of unveiling the new flesh she would make quiver and cum tonight.

    As she slipped Laura's blouse off her shoulders, she ran her long fingers over Laura's collar bone to the center of her naked throat. She then traced a line down between her breasts. She bent forward slightly and opened her mouth to the beckoning nipple.

    When she released the nipple, it stood hard and erect. She did the same thing to Laura's other nipple and the young girl's legs twitched in response.

    Kelli unbuckled Laura's skirt and let it drop revealing two marvelously tanned and well shaped thighs. She pulled down her pantyhose and panties, leaving Laura standing there in only her high heels.

    The pose was provocative and extremely sexy, and Kelli's own pussy started flowing.

    Now Kelli took her own long skirt and blouse off and bared her naked flesh to Laura for the first time. When Laura saw her co-worker's long tanned shapely thighs, her beautiful tight breasts and hard nipples, she felt her stomach chum in hungered lust.

    Kelli stepped close to Laura.

    They wrapped their arms around each other's bare backs and pressed their breasts together, rubbing their hard nipples against each others.

    They stood like that for a few moments, each hugging the other, trembling, sighing, not wishing for this first moment of lesbian contact to end.

    Finally, Kelli pulled back and ran both of her hands over Laura's hips and buttocks. Then she moved one hand around in front of the young girl and ran her fingers between her pussy lips.

    "You're wet!" Kelli softly whispered.

    Her words brought a response from the young secretary as she pressed her naked flesh closer to Kelli's.

    Laura could barely stand now, and her pussy was sopping and reaching for the fingers touching her there. Kelli was touching her so softly, so sensuously it was almost frustrating and her sexual hunger mounted rapidly. She wanted Kelli Stroud more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. She wanted her young boss lying naked beside her. She wanted to suck those beautiful breasts and nipples, and have her fingers deep in her cunt.

    Kelli moved her backwards into the bedroom.

    Laura's knees were bent over the side of the bed and Kelli was kneeling between her tanned thighs, her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth, licking her lips in open naked need. Laura knew what was coming next and whimpered in anticipation.

    Kelli parted the young girls legs and stroked the insides of her thighs. Her light touch raised goose bumps on the downy skin and sent tingles running up and down Laura's spine. Her finger tips played lightly in the young girl's pubic hair and she blew softly on the rapidly wetting slit.

    Then she began to kiss her thighs, licking now and then. Light, gentle kisses, unlike Laura had ever known. Kelli's face was incredibly soft and smooth as satin, a silken brush moving over her skin. Not like the hard stubble of her husband.

    Kelli moved her large full lips up and down the young girl's legs with no hint of going any further. Just as Laura was relaxing and letting herself completely enjoy this erotic experience, Kelli moved her open lips to the juicy cunt lips beckoning for her kiss.

    Blowing warm air onto the pouting pink slit, Laura's clit became very hard and her hips moved involuntarily on the bed. Kelli's moans of pleasure at taking this young girl for the first time rose in the room.

    She pushed her tongue out and slid it between Laura's legs, and the young girl's pussy muscles reached out and tried to grab that tantalizing tongue, but couldn't quite grasp it. If the sensations flooding her body had not been so pleasurable, it would have been terribly frustrating for the young secretary.

    Now Kelli licked where Laura's legs joined her hips, the crease that had been marked just minutes ago by her bikini panties. Her tongue was as strong as a finger and she pushed gently, yet insistently.

    By now Laura was pushing her pussy up toward the beautiful girl with involuntary thrusts. Kelli's tongue found its way into the juicy cunt and Laura cried out in pleasure.

    Quickly, Kelli buried her mouth in that sweet young pussy and was all over it at once. She licked the young girl's clit, then her pussy lips, dug her tongue into her cunt for a minute and then back on the hard little clit. She ran her tongue all over the inner walls of Laura's sopping wet slit nibbling on the hard little nub, then running her tongue inside some more.

    Laura's insides were on fire and her cute little butt was squirming under the ministrations of the pretty real estate agent, now aggressively loving her in lesbian passion… She could hardly believe the sensations coursing through her body.

    Then Kelli's fingers were working into her and thrusting them inside the sopping wet slit, slipping easily in as Laura's pussy juices wet the way.

    She looked up over the young girl's stomach and Laura could hardly control herself seeing this beautiful woman looking into her eyes as her mouth worked feverishly in her gushing pussy. Her face flushed beet red with excitement and her tits were swollen and hard. Her clit throbbed like it never had before in her young life. She couldn't help herself now and knew it was too late to turn back as an orgasm started to shake deep within her.

    Laura was bucking on the bed like a bitch in heat. Her body was wet with perspiration and flushed. All of her muscles were tense.

    And then it came.

    She started to cum.

    Her pussy started a series of spasms, clamping tightly on Kelli's fingers. She was moaning so much she wondered if she were crying.

    Whimpering in pure animal lust at the pleasure going through her convulsing body.

    Kelli was talking to her, urging her onward and even higher. Her word's of lust excited the writhing girl even more.

    "Cum Laura. Cum hard on my mouth," Kelli murmured into Laura's pussy.

    "Cum Laura, give it to me."

    "Give me all your juices. Cum for me darling, oh please cum with your sweet young pussy juice into my mouth!"

    Laura's moans became a scream of release and she could feel her body shaking violently as wave after wave of pussy cream flowed into Kelli's eagerly lapping tongue.

    "Ooohhh Kelliiiii!!!!" Laura screamed as her thighs clamped even tighter around Kelli's head, urging her on even harder.

    "Oh Kelli!!"

    "I'm cummmingggg!!!!"

    "Yes baby, cum for me!"

    "Cum for your Kelli!"

    "Cum hard!" Kelli mouthed into the juicing cunt.

    "Release it baby. Let it flow!!"

    "Cum Laura! Now!!" she screamed into the slippery petals as her finger slid under Laura's clenching buttocks and slipped into her asshole.

    That was all it took.

    A bone rattling orgasm shook the neglected young secretary as Kelli continued to eat her out for another ten minutes.

    She brought her down slowly.

    Shudder after shudder coursed threw Laura's body as Kelli licked her lightly, lovingly tenderly.

    In the afterglow of their lovemaking, and on into the night, Kelli and Laura discussed even more plans to ensure that Kelli would stay the top agent in The Henry Company.

    Laura was a rapt listener, and eagerly agreed to everything that Kelli proposed. She wanted to ensure that she experienced more of the same loving that she experienced tonight.

    Laura no longer cared where her marriage was going.

    She might even have to divorce her husband.

    She had read somewhere about lesbian couples having the children from one of the partner's living with them. Perhaps this is what she would do with Kelli.

    She didn't know if she was rushing things or letting her thoughts get way ahead of her. Laura only knew that the beautiful young girl who ate her pussy tonight, gave her the best orgasms of her own young life and she wanted more of the same.

    Much, much more.

    After Kelli recovered from the seduction of yet another pretty girl, her thought about how she would handle it at work in case Laura had any second thoughts. She never knew how someone she had seduced would feel about lesbian lovemaking when they woke up the next morning.

    Would Laura confess all to her husband. Kelli doubted that.

    Would she be able to look at her at the office tomorrow? Kelli thought she would.

    She was sure that the terrific orgasms she induced in the young girl were not faked.

    What if she ever got tired of Laura, or found someone else?

    Kelli didn't have to worry about any of these things, as Laura's thoughts of giving back to her new lover what she had just received, encompassed all her waking thoughts and dream filled sequences. Laura didn't know just how much she had given over her soul to Kelli, in lesbian lust and love.

    And how much she would extract in return.


    Ed Lopat had just left Barbara Rush's house in disgust. "That cunt has beaten me out of a listing for the last time," he angrily muttered to himself as he slammed his car door and gunned the car down the street.

    Ed Lopat could not understand how Mrs. Rush could pass his low commission opportunity by. He further couldn't understand how she could pass HIM by. He had made sure to wear his tightest slacks today, and his ten inch cock bulged very noticeably in his crotch as he took care to always face Mrs. Rush during his listing presentation.

    "Weren't all these housewives horny?" he thought as he drove onto the freeway ramp at seventy miles an hour.

    Ed Lopat could never have known how Mrs. Rush's horniness was taken care of in the hour before he arrived. He would never know. His anger at losing this latest listing to Kelli Stroud and her fucking The Henry Company, spurred him on to even higher speed. As his turbo Porsche hit the oil slick left from a recent light rain, it flipped over six times on the way to the other side of the freeway ramming head on into a ready mix truck barreling along the opposite way at sixty five miles an hour.


    The nightmare continued.

    The leather mask was suffocating her as she struggled in vain against the ropes holding her arms to her side.

    The branding iron seared her buttocks again as she screamed until she was hoarse.

    She slumped against her bonds, only to be awakened by a pail of cold water splashed on her naked torso. The cold against the searing heat caused her to jerk in agony.

    "Now, my dear, the petals have a deep red to them. I had to mark them twice," the woman's voice came from somewhere outside the discipline helmet.

    She couldn't see who was tormenting her flesh so badly. But the voice sounded familiar.

    Her mouth had been filled with a wadded pad so that her agonizing screams would be muffled. She had been screaming so horribly from each touch of the white hot poker, that her cries were now raspy and hoarse. She didn't need to be gagged any longer.

    She would not have been heard if she wanted.

    "You do like my tattoo, don't you darling?" The voice continued.

    In her agonized state, Kelli couldn't quite make it out. She only knew that she had done a terrible wrong to someone, and now they were making her pay.


    She could hear the bellows heating up again as her body broke out in a fresh wave of perspiration.

    She jerked and trembled.

    Her knees went weak.

    She could feel the overpowering smell of burnt flesh in the room.

    She wanted to cry out that she wanted a tattoo, but not this kind.

    She couldn't utter a sound.

    She wanted to be branded.

    Or did she?

    Her thoughts became more confused as she felt a soft hand caress her upper thighs.

    "Ah, a perfect spot for the stem. Maybe a few small marks for the thorns. We can't have a rose tattoo without a few thorns now, can we Kelli?" The woman's voice rose in the hot room.

    Kelli started to cry.

    Her tears turned to a torrent as she felt the heat of the poker approach the tender backsides of her upper thighs.

    She tried to move away from the heat.

    But couldn't.


    "Aaaagggllmmmppphjhhhhhh!!!!" her muffled screams renewed.


    She startled Laura as she bolted straight up in bed.


    "Kelli!!" Laura shouted, shaking her young boss.

    "Kelli, wake up!!"

    Kelli started to open her eyes.

    She turned and grabbed onto Laura for dear life.

    "Kelli, darling, you're only having a bad dream," Laura spoke as she felt the girl clinging onto her.

    "Ohhhhmmmmph," Kelli slumped against Laura's breasts as she realized she was awake.

    Her hand instinctively went to her buttocks under her short nightie and felt for the branding marks.

    There were none.

    "Oh God Laura. It was horrible."

    Or was it?

    Kelli Stroud felt her panties damp again.

    The nightmare had caused another orgasm while she dreamed of the hellish pain.


    As the marketing of their home started in earnest, Barbara and Craig Rush became increasingly hostile to each other. Craig wanted his wife out of the house. Barbara had no place to go.

    For the life of her, Barbara Rush never could understand why her husband has insisted on a divorce. She always heard that men hit a mid life crisis and supposed that is what was happening to Craig.

    She never did have concrete evidence of his infidelity so she just continued to take the abuse both verbal, and now physical, that her husband heaped on her each time they got under the same roof.

    "Maybe he's flipped out?" Barbara thought to herself as she awakened.

    "Maybe Craig should seek psychiatric help," her thoughts continued as she showered and dressed for a day out of the house.

    Kelli had called her early and said that four potential buyers wished to see the house today, and rather than sit around while some namby pamby people picked her house apart to set her up for a low offer, Barbara decided a day at the beach would do her good.

    She hadn't been out to Del Mar in ages it seemed, and the white hot sand, and azure sky seemed to be beckoning her.

    She dressed casually wearing a halter top and cut offs, and admired her maturing, yet very attractive body as she placed a pair of pumps on her feet.

    "Sexy as hell," she thought. "Maybe I'll attract one of those young stud lifeguards," she continued as she drove over the Del Dios highway to Del Mar.

    As she drove through the serene countryside on the way from San Carmel to the coast, her thoughts wandered back again to her meeting with Kelli to list the house. Without being aware of it, she felt a wetness between her thighs and her pussy tingled as the remembrance of that pretty girl's warm sucking mouth on her clit.

    Barbara Rush? she asked herself, are you really a lesbian?

    Spreading out her towel near the lifeguard station she exchanged looks with the handsome bronzed young man sitting high above her. He seemed to be oblivious to the comings and goings immediately around him, as his eyes seemed to be fixed in a perpetual stare out to sea.

    Of course that didn't stop him from checking out all the hard bodies that walked near his station. He did it in such a detached way.

    Barbara Rush felt a heat inside of her that her body could still attract the looks from young men. She immediately felt a second twinge of pleasure at this new thought going through her.


    As she sunned herself, she thought she saw the lifeguard beckon with his eyes towards the door under the wooden platform.

    After several attempts, Barbara was sure he was motioning for her to go inside.

    Her pussy started flowing at what she thought would happen next, and slowly, very seductively, she got up from her blanket and brushed the loose sand that had blown onto her. She walked with a hip swaying gait the few steps to the door, and felt the lifeguard's eyes boring into her.

    God, I feel so sexy, she thought as her hand turned the knob.

    It wasn't but seconds until she heard the door opening behind her, and the bronzed boy stepped in.

    "Hi!" he said in a casual way. "What's your name?"


    "Pleased to meet you Barbara," he said sticking out his hand to grasp hers.

    Barbara felt weak in the knees as his blue eyes looked right into her very soul. She knew, he knew, she was horny and needed a thick hard cock.

    "I, uh…" she started.

    "Don't say a thing," he said as he reached for the waistband of his trunks and swiftly pulled them off.

    His massive cock was already hard and a drop of pre cum glistened in the light coming through the wooden slats.

    Barbara felt a rush of pure hot lust go through her body and without another word dropped to her knees and immediately engulfed the thick cock.

    "Oooh, yes baby, suck it!" the lifeguard said.

    "I knew you were ready for something the minute I laid eyes on you this morning. What's the matter Barbara, not getting enough at home?" he smilingly asked.

    Barbara couldn't answer and struck with an urgent need to taste this young boy's seed, was sucking and licking the hard gristle as fast as she could. He was so big for a young man, that this spurred her on all the more. Her lips and tongue worked their way over and around the thick meat filling her mouth as she alternately deep throated him, then sucked around the shaft with her open lips.

    The lifeguard's hands tightened in her hair as he moved her head over and around his cock, placing the suctioning mouth where he would get the most pleasure.

    Barbara's mouth went down to his balls, feeling them as hard as chestnuts as she sucked first one, then the other into her mouth.

    "Unnnmmmph," the boy groaned as Barbara licked his balls.

    "Oh God, that feels so good, keep going," he continued as Barbara pulled the cock back into her lips.

    "Oh yes baby, keep that up. You're going to make me cum. I'm going to give you a load of hot cum right in that mouth of yours. Oooohhh!"

    The slurping sounds of Barbara's mouth mingled with the young boys groans of pleasure and she could feel his cock begin to tremble getting ready to shoot into her mouth. As she licked the meat furiously now, the lifeguard held her head tightly and pushed his thick cock deep into her mouth, spurting stream after stream of his thick white cream into Barbara's mouth, spraying some on her face as she moved to lap up every drop.

    "Oh God, I need to be fucked!" she moaned, as the lifeguard pulled his cock out of her mouth. It was still semi hard, and she couldn't believe how big he was.

    "Give it to me, please give it to me. I need it so bad. Please, fuck me," Barbara practically begged, holding onto the shaft with one hand, as her mouth kissed the muscular sweaty thighs in front of her face.

    "Please fuck me?" she pleaded.

    The lifeguard was spent, and knew he couldn't get it up again right away.

    "Later," he said, as he pulled up his trunks and as quickly as he entered the shack, he was gone.

    Barbara was left panting on her knees, her pussy on fire with the need to be fucked. Her face dotted with splotches of the young man's cum. She licked every trace of it off of her lips as she collapsed in the sand, her hands between her thighs, grasping her pussy tightly. She was so frustrated.

    As she left the lifeguard tower she looked up to see him one more time, but he seemed to not even notice she was there. He had had his fill and now was searching the sand for another. No, he wasn't going to fuck her, Barbara realized as she picked up her things to move further on down the beach.

    Still frustrated, Barbara found a quiet little alcove where the surf played against the rocks. The sand was warm, and the wind was cut off by the outcropping. She laid back down again, and thought of her situation up to this point.

    No good husband. A woman teaching her a very exciting way to make love. A house that had to be sold. Christ, she couldn't even be in her own house right now as strangers were coming to look it over like vultures, she thought.

    She stayed on the beach for a couple of hours, and hoped for a second go around with the lifeguard.

    He had more than one girl to check out it seemed as every so often the door under his stand would open and a disheveled woman would step out.

    What a stud. He must have fucked half the beach today, Barbara thought as she packed her things and walked to the car.

    She stopped at the old Del Mar Fairgrounds and walked around the empty stands.

    She and Craig had spent many a happy hour here and waves of longing, confusion and nostalgia crept into her again.

    She quickly returned to her car and started back over the highway.

    The good and the bad side of her situation turned over and over in her head as she drove the two lane road back to Rancho Cordova.

    As she turned into her driveway, another wave of sadness fell over Barbara Rush, seeing the For Sale sign swinging in the evening breeze.

    Entering the front door, she spied a pile of realtors business cards, left by all the agents who had shown her house today.

    Taped to her refrigerator was a note.

    Call me when you get home, love – Kelli.

    Picking up the telephone, Barbara's heart skipped a beat. Did the house have an offer already?

    The way this market was going, homes were selling in two to three days after they were listed, and she just was not mentally prepared to have to move right away.

    She forgot that even if an offer came in, it would have to meet her and Craig's asking price, and that if that worked, then an escrow period would take another sixty or so days.

    She really had lots of time to adjust to her situation, but all thoughts were concentrated on the neat script as Kelli picked up the phone.

    "The Henry Company," came the light voice.

    "Kelli. Kelli Stroud, please," Barbara asked.

    "One moment."

    "This is Kelli, may I help you?"

    "Hi lover, got your note," Barbara said.

    Kelli's tone took on a sterner demeanor as she replied. "Why hello Mrs. Rush, thanks for calling me back."

    "Wha… what's the matter Kelli?" Barbara asked, not sure of what she said. She had expected Kelli to greet her with enthusiasm, but she acted like they were almost strangers.

    "I have some important details of your listing to discuss with you Mrs. Rush. Will you be home this evening?" Kelli continued.


    "Good. Would early evening or late evening be better for you?"


    "Six o'clock or seven o'clock?"

    "Why six, Kelli. Wh…"

    Kelli cut her off.

    "Thank you, Mrs. Rush, I'll see you at six o'clock then," Kelli said as she hung up the telephone.

    Across the office, Laura's finger silently pressed down on the plastic receiver knob, as she also hung up.

    The greeting she heard Mrs. Rush give Kelli, was more than just a client to customer greeting.

    She wondered if Kelli was involved with Mrs. Rush, the way she was involved with her. If she could find out, and get something on her boss, she would ensure not only her job stability, but perhaps her love life as well.

    There was again, no mistaking how much she had enjoyed the sexual experience with Kelli Stroud, and how much she wanted more of it. Laura didn't want anyone else coming between them.


    "Now Kelli, I am going to tattoo your soft breasts," the voice intoned as a rattle of instruments banged somewhere in the room…

    "As I tattoo each breast I am going to pay particular attention at trying to draw a large rose petal on your nipples."

    "If my hand stays steady, you will have a most beautiful tattoo. If you move or react in any way to my needle, your nipples might be disfigured, do you understand me?" the voice continued.

    "Are you ready to receive your breast tattoos?"

    Submissively Kelli nodded her head 'yes'.

    A sweat broke out on her upper lip, and her body tensed at the pain she knew the needle would make in her soft, sensitive breast flesh.



    The young girls body jerked against her bonds in agony as the needle pierced her flesh. Only it felt larger than a needle. It felt like the end of a white hot poker.

    Sssssssssssss… Sssssssssssss…

    "Oooooh God! I can't stand it!!!!!"

    "Please, have mercy. No more!!!!"

    Two searing touches seared her nipples.

    Kelli's agony continued as her breasts felt as though they would be mutilated beyond all healing.

    Hot fire raced through her convulsing body as the pain started to take over and her pussy started flowing, the pain becoming arousal of need, as the punishing instrument did its work in marking her tender breasts.

    Ssssssssss… Sssssssss…

    "Ooooohhhhh aaaa aggghhhh!!!!!!" Her terrified scream tore out of her throat.

    A thin line of searing flame crossed her breasts as the branding iron again tattooed her naked flesh.

    Kelli's body convulsed again, this time in orgasm at the sweetest pain she could ever have imagined from her painful branding consumed her lithe punished body.

    The branding continued for another half hour as her tormentor took her sweet time in laying the red hot, then white hot metal in exactly the places that would make her pretty captive experience the most pain.

    And the most pleasure.

    Kelli passed out as her breasts were seared time after time until she could stand no more.


    "I wonder why she seemed so stand-offish?" Barbara thought as she replaced the receiver.

    Right before she hung up she thought she had heard another click on the line, but wasn't sure. Her imagination had been working overtime after Craig's last accusations about her cheating on him.

    She couldn't get the goods on him, and she was paranoid that he might find out about her liaisons with the two women that had just come into her life.

    The divorce would be all one sided, no matter how much he had abused her over the years. If it ever came out in court that she had participated in more than one lesbian affair, she could kiss off any kind of meaningful settlement.

    Kelli knocked on Barbara's door at exactly six o'clock.

    "Hello Kelli," Barbara said softly, not sure of Kelli's intentions.

    "Hello Barbara," Kelli replied, quickly stepping into the foyer.

    "Sorry I had to be so short with you on the telephone, I think that someone in the office has been monitoring my telephone calls, and I just can't be too careful."

    Barbara breathed a sigh of relief.

    Kelli walked into the living room with her, and they spread the contract work out on the coffee table.

    "Barb, when we listed your home, we expected it to sell in under the average market time, but it seems that in these first two days, the feedback I am getting from the other agents tells me that it is going to take a lot longer."

    "And more expensive," she added quickly. "It seems your husband has been calling the agents who showed your home, and made various threats and just plain harassed them about their work. No agent likes a seller who will not cooperate, and as a result, several have called me and said they will refuse to show your house."

    "As you know, most homes in Rancho Cordova are sold by an agent other than the listing agent, and most again, don't even work for the same broker. You understand how our Multiple Listing Service works, don't you?"

    Barbara was getting confused, as she dully nodded her head in agreement.

    "Anyway," Kelli continued, "My broker has asked me to increase the commission percentage to ten percent, rather than our customary six percent real estate fee."

    "I've got the necessary papers right here so if you'd please sign them, we can get on to other things."

    She winked at the older woman.

    At these last words, Barbara's pussy started to wet itself as she thought she knew just what 'other things' Kelli was talking about.

    Hope she buys my story. Kelli thought.

    Kelli Stroud had not become a success by being a droll, stupid plodding sales person.

    She was cunning, wily and absolutely cut throat in her business manners, and finding an excuse to boost the commission rate was one of her favorite methods to turn an eighteen thousand dollar commission into a thirty thousand dollar one.

    Barbara was both confused, hurt and angry that Craig would attempt to hurt her this way. Why wouldn't he just go away, she thought as she turned to pick up the pen Kelli's hand offered.

    "Good," Kelli said as she inspected the papers to make sure Barbara had signed them correctly.

    "Just don't worry Barbara, I'll take care of everything. With the added incentive of an extra bonus, every agent in the county will be wanting to sell your house."

    "And," she continued, "Craig really is paying for it anyway as the sales commission comes out of the proceeds from any offers you get."

    She continued the lie.

    "Now, Barbara, about your calling me at the office. My personal life is very treasured by me, and if any one at the office got wind that you and I were anything more than agent and client, it could be very difficult for me."

    "If you do call, for God's sake, don't use any endearing phrases like 'dear' or 'darling', got it?" she continued.

    Kelli shuffled the papers and put them in her attache case, snapping the gold clip with authority. Barbara was in such a state of confusion she was totally unprepared for what happened next.

    "Barbara, darling, I want you to remember what I just told you and I have a way of enforcing your memory," Kelli said as she tightened her grip on the older woman's arm.

    "Come over my lap, darling."

    Barbara Rush saw this happening as though in a dream as she submissively laid herself over the young girl's lap, her stomach resting on Kelli's gorgeous thighs. For some reason, her pussy started to tingle.

    "Now, Barbara, when is the last time you've been spanked?"

    "Wha…?" Barbara couldn't answer as a lump caught in her throat.

    "You heard me. When is the last time you've been spanked?"

    "Oh, Kelli," she said as she turned her face up to see the younger girl, "I haven't been spanked since I was a child. Wha… what are you going to do?" she asked, her voice quavering.

    "Are you going to spank me?" her voice trembled.

    "Just a little reminder dear, of how to properly conduct yourself. A loving act of discipline I call it. You do want to remain my close friend don't you?"

    The older woman was so vulnerable she would have done anything the young girl asked her. It had been a long time since someone cared enough about her to properly discipline her.

    And the thought of this beautiful young woman spanking her, started a rush of sexual excitement between her twitching thighs.

    "I'm going to give you a spanking," Kelli continued, her hands moving gently over the older woman's buttocks sliding Barbara's skirt over the gentle hills up to the small of her back.

    "Oh!" a small cry of surprise escaped Barbara's lips.

    The older woman couldn't believe it but she actually just experienced a pre orgasmic shudder as her pussy started to lubricate hearing the young girl's words. She was rapidly getting aroused!

    Kelli slid the woman's panties carefully over the perfect white curves of her ass cheeks, and marveled how an older woman could keep them so tight. She was exciting to look at.

    Sliding the panties down her legs and over her pumps, Kelli tossed them on the floor, then leaned over to pick them up again.

    "My, my Barbara, getting a little excited? I think you've stained your panty crotch with your pussy juice."

    "Am I making you wet?"

    "Or is the anticipation of getting a spanking while over the lap of a pretty young girl doing it?" she continued.

    Barbara's crotch ground against Kelli's thighs as she sighed in pleasure at the girl's touch and words. She WAS getting extremely turned on.

    "I think you need to have these over your head while I spank you," Kelli said, taking the woman's panties and pulling them over her head so that her damp crotch was placed against Barbara's nose and mouth.

    "I want you to inhale your pussy juice smell, Barbara, as I give you your spanking."

    "Don't worry darling, I'm just going to give you a light spanking tonight."

    "Just a reminder."

    Kelli's thighs started to rub together and she could feel her own cunt getting wet.

    "I'm going to give you a bare hand spanking dear. If I ever have to repeat this, I will use a hairbrush, do you understand?"

    The older woman nodded her head, already dizzy with the thrills coursing through her body at the bizarre submission scene she was now willingly participating in.


    Kelli's palm came down hard on Barbara's right ass cheek, leaving a palm print as she pulled it away.

    She rubbed lightly over the print.


    Her palm now hit the woman's left ass cheek with more force, leaving a matching palm print.

    She rubbed over the two red marks very lightly.

    Barbara was twitching more now, her thighs parted slightly as she moved on the young girl's lap.

    "I want you to count the spanks, Barbara," Kelli said.


    "One," Barbara softly said.

    "I can't hear you?"


    "Two!" Barbara said louder.


    "Three. Four." Barbara's bottom began to sting.

    "Now, as I continue your spanking darling, I want you to count each spank and then say 'thank you Kelli', are you ready?"

    The older woman's head nodded and the panties over her head sucked into her mouth and nostrils as she took a deep breath.

    "Good, I'll begin all over then."

    A soft groan came from Barbara's lips.

    "And I don't want to hear one whimper or cry from you Barbara. You deserve this spanking, and if I hear any noise coming from your mouth I will just have to start over."


    "One. Thank you Kelli."


    "Two. Thank you Kelli."


    "Owww! Three. Thank you Kelli."

    "Now Barbara, let's begin again and see if you can get it right this time," Kelli said as Barbara let out her yelp of pain.

    She started spanking the woman harder now, and Barbara Rush submissively let her buttocks be whacked, counting each stroke that Kelli delivered with her palm. Barbara remembered to thank her for each spanking as Kelli really got into it.


    "Seventy five…"

    "Thank you Kelli."

    "Seventy six…"

    "Thank you Kelli."

    "Seventy seven…"

    "Thank you Kelli," the older woman was sobbing softly now with the pain of her spanking. She couldn't help herself, and more importantly, she couldn't help getting very wet between her legs as the spanking was really turning her on.

    Kelli reached between Barbara's thighs and softly stroked her wet slit, rubbing the nub of her clitoris, then sliding her finger up into the woman's juicy open cunt.

    She continued the spanking with her other hand.

    At the hundredth stroke of her palm on the beet red cheeks, Barbara was thrashing wildly on Kelli's fingers, cumming against her hand.

    The pain had turned to erotic pleasure.

    The spanking drew an orgasm out from the very depths of the older woman's toes, over her calves, up her thighs and out her pussy to the tip of her sensitive clit.

    Kelli was so turned on by the power she had over this woman that she pushed her roughly from her lap. She held on to her head, guiding it between her legs. She pulled Barbara's whimpering mouth onto her slit.

    Barbara's tear filled eyes looked up beseechingly at her young dominatrix as her lips opened and her tongue slid into Kelli's juicy cunt. A moan of desire escaped her mouth as her tongue started to work deeply into the pretty young girl's opening.

    Kelli leaned back to enjoy the erotic sight, and feelings of Barbara's expert tongue lashing in her pussy.

    It looked so sexy, the older woman on her knees in front of her, head bowed between Kelli's thighs, her punished buttocks very red from the spanking she had just received, moving on her knees as she buried her face in the wet slit.

    "Yes, Barbara, that's it," Kelli sighed.

    "Show me how sorry you are for not having more discretion."

    "Yes baby, show me how you like this reward I'm giving you," she continued.

    "Oh, Barbara, do you like eating my pussy?"

    "Ysssmmmphfiff," the older woman replied, her mouth not leaving the wonderful taste it now loved.

    "Ysmphf… Ysmphf… Ysmphf!!!" Barbara mouthed into the cunt as she shook her head up and down vigorously.

    Barbara kissed Kelli's cunt lips, just like she was kissing her mouth. It was very, very sexy as her mouth placed a soft kiss directly on the two puffed lips of her young lover.

    She French kissed the dripping gash, and moved her mouth more on the lips.

    She sucked each vagina lip into her mouth, first one, then left to the other.

    Then her lips were encircling Kelli's clit as the young real estate agent threw her thighs wide open, and lifted her legs into the air. Kelli was cumming hard now against Barbara's mouth and her pussy let forth a torrent of cum cream into Barbara's mouth.

    "Yes slave, you have learned your lesson well," Kelli sighed as another orgasm shook threw her body.

    "Yes Barbara, I think I just might keep you as my lesbian sex slave after your divorce is final and we get this house sold," the girl lied.

    Barbara was so thankful the young girl forgave her, and even more thankful she had spanked her needy bottom.

    She would always be Kelli Stroud's slave now.

    She knew it.

    She would be her lesbian sex slave forever.

    She lapped once more at Kelli's cunt, to lick up the last remaining drops of her mistress's pussy juice.

    Barbara Rush had entered a new world of sexual fulfillment. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life.

    And, she wanted more.

    Much more.


    Over the next few weeks, Kelli had Barbara repeat her submissive scene many times. She especially loved it when Barbara's new sexual awakening made her cry out and beg for a hard hairbrush spanking first, and then a severe whipping!

    "Harder, Kelli, harder!" Barbara would moan as Kelli's palm slapped her globes with abandon.

    "Spank me harder!!"

    "Whip me!!"


    The entreaty was moaned in agony more than once by the older woman.

    And Kelli gladly obliged.

    "Oh, hurt me Mistress Kelli," Barbara Rush finally shouted one night as Kelli was whipping her buttocks. She had fallen into that deep submissive state that only those whose overwhelming need to serve, seem to get to.

    Later, she would wonder how she had got there.

    Was she born this way?

    Or, was it the abuse suffered over the years at the hand of her husband Craig?

    Barbara never would find the answer she sought.

    She just knew what she was, and what she needed from this gorgeous young creature who knew how to draw the deepest orgasms she had ever experienced in her life.

    Her body became a tool for Kelli's lust driven passions.


    Kelli was day dreaming, during an office staff meeting, about her last rendezvous with Barbara when she heard the broker calling her name.

    He wanted a status report on all her listings and wanted to congratulate her on getting the increased commission on the Rush's home.

    Kelli dutifully acknowledged the broker's praise, and more than one pair of jealous eyes darted into her as several other agents squirmed when it came their time to report.

    Kelli Stroud still was not making friends at the office but what did she care. She had money, a ton of business, her secretary's lesbian love, and Barbara Rush as her lesbian sex slave.

    She was in seventh heaven.

    She was getting such satisfaction from fulfilling Barbara's needs that she had not paid too much attention to Laura.

    She didn't know that even though Laura was young, she was as conniving as Kelli. She began to follow her around in the evening, coming to the Rush home after Kelli, and listening to the sounds of passion coming from the bedroom windows.

    And the harsher sounds of leather striking naked flesh.

    As Laura stood outside the window, she took several photographs of the lesbian sex slave scene, and was especially careful to make sure both Barbara's face and Kelli's were prominent.

    It wasn't difficult to make out either of the woman's faces.

    On this particular night, Barbara Rush was tied with her hands above her head, attached to a hook in the ceiling, as Kelli, in thigh high leather boots and nothing else, wielded a long bullwhip which curled around the agonized woman's breasts. Laura quickly stole away from the house as the screams of the whipped woman echoed in her ears.

    Laura arrived early at the office the following day, and caught Kelli coming through the door.

    "Uh, Kelli, do you have a minute?"

    "No, Laura, I have appointments back to back this morning and I've got to get ready for them."

    "Uh, Kelli, I really need to talk to you." Laura continued.

    "Not now, Laura," Kelli answered with just a hint of annoyance in her voice.

    Kelli continued towards her desk, with Laura right behind her. Bringing her hand out from behind her back, Laura tossed the Polaroid shots she had taken the night before onto Kelli's desk.

    "I said, I needed to talk with you."

    Kelli took just a micro second to regain her composure. There was no mistaking the subjects in the photos, nor the activities being performed.

    "So?" she coolly answered.

    "I think that you and I need to have a long talk Kelli. You know that Rick and I are breaking up, and well, I need to have some security. How about I forget I've got these photos and you give me half of all you commissions from now on."

    Kelli was not about to give in to this extortion, and thought quickly.

    "Tell you what Laura, why don't we get together tonight and discuss it further. I really don't have time for your shit right now." She hoped her brisk attitude would put Laura in her place.

    "Well, okay, if you absolutely have to," she replied.

    "I do. Tell you what, why don't you come over to my place tonight, say around eight o'clock? We haven't been together for awhile anyway, and oh Laura, I just don't know what to say," Kelli said, feigning that she was insecure about this.

    On the contrary, Kelli would just have to deal with Laura like she dealt with everyone else in the world. Cold. Strict. No mercy. She was not about to let this little snip of a girl get ANY advantage over her.

    "Okay Laura? At eight?" Kelli asked.

    "Okay Kelli, see you then," the young secretary smiled as she walked back to her desk. She thought she had Kelli Stroud just where she wanted her.

    After Laura had returned to her desk, Kelli made a quick series of phone calls, and returned to her work. She had too many appointments to finish them in time to prepare for Laura's visit. And, the phone calls she just made, would make her work day even shorter.

    She ate a quick lunch at the Keg Barn Deli, wolfing down her pasta salad as she spent a few minutes planning the rest of the evening.

    After two more drive by appraisals, one showing in south San Carmel, and a quick stop at the printer to drop off some advertising, Kelli turned into her driveway, tired, yet a sense of exhilaration filling her as she went into the house.

    "A nice relaxing bath ought to perk me up," she said to herself as she drew the bath water.

    She took her time scrubbing herself, then let the waters course around her tired flesh, as she took a catnap.

    The doorbell chimed just as she finished toweling herself, and slipped on a sexy camisole.

    "Hello Barbara," Kelli smiled as she greeted the woman, swinging her oak front door open wide. "Glad you are on time."

    Barbara Rush wondered why Kelli had been so insistent on her arriving at seven o'clock. She usually didn't request her presence until eight.

    As Kelli quickly bound her wrists behind her as was now the accepted practice immediately when Barbara arrived. The woman knelt in front of her, and after having her wrists securely tied, obediently placed the required ten kisses of 'hello' on the tops of Kelli's bare feet, thighs and vagina.

    As always, Barbara Rush was captivated by the delicate curve of Kelli's instep as she bent in submission, her lips lightly touching the delicate flesh.

    As she finished kissing the girl's feet, she worked her mouth up the ivory pillars of Kelli's thighs, and groaned in need after finishing the soft placement of those welcoming kisses, and moved her mouth to say 'hello' to her mistress's vagina.

    This ritual rite of submission excited the older woman beyond belief.

    After the required rite was completed, Kelli helped Barbara to her feet and guided her by her bound arms up the stairs to the bedroom. Seating her on the edge of the king sized bed, she removed the woman's shoes, nylons, skirt and started to unbutton her blouse.

    "I don't want to ruin this nice blouse Barbara, so I'm going to untie your wrists for a moment and take it off."

    "Yes Kelli."

    "Don't move."

    "Yes Kelli," her voice simmered with barely checked passion.

    Quickly she untied the older woman's wrists and removed her blouse. Barbara was not wearing a bra and Kelli paused for just a moment to kiss her nipples, bringing them quickly to hardness.

    Barbara Rush didn't move, even though the instant pleasure Kelli's lips brought, made her want to squirm and thrust her breasts all the way in to the pretty mouth.

    "I think you'll need more stringent restraint tonight darling, so I'm going to handcuff you. Arms behind your back please," her voice was low and seductive.

    Submissively, Barbara complied.

    Click. Click. The handcuffs ratcheted home, and Barbara tested their tightness moving her wrists slightly.

    Kelli stood Barbara up and walked her over to the large walk-in closet, opened the door and roughly shoved her inside.

    Taking a length of adhesive tape, she cut a strip and placed it over the woman's lips, sealing off any sounds of protest. She took several short lengths of rope and tied the woman's ankles and thighs together, then placed a leather leash around her neck, buckling it snugly.

    Taking another length of rope, Kelli wound it through a ring in the leash and affixed the other end to the bar running the length of the closet. Barbara Rush was tightly bound, and wondered what was to come next.

    Kelli produced a leather discipline helmet and pulled it over the woman's head. Barbara could smell the leather, and her pussy lubricated again. Kelli finished buckling the various straps and zipped the mouth opening closed.

    Barbara Rush was cocooned in a world of leather, shutting out sight and sound.

    "I'll see you in a little while, darling," Kelli said as she shut off the light and started to close the door.

    "Oh, almost forgot," she added, matter-of-factly, rummaging through her bondage devices.

    Picking up a ten inch vibrating dildo, she pushed it into Barbara's juicing pussy, and secured it tightly with a leather belt. Turning the knob to high speed, Kelli closed the door.

    "Enjoy your bondage darling, I'll be back in a little while."

    Barbara's knees started to buckle at the immediate intense pleasure creeping into her pussy as the dildo did its work. She was powerless to do anything but stand in her rigorous position and let her pussy spasm in wave after wave of sensuous feelings.

    Kelli went back down the steps smiling to herself.

    "That ought to keep her for awhile. Boy, for an old broad, she sure got into this scene fast!"

    "That traitorous little cunt ought to be here soon," her thoughts continued, as she turned down the lights.

    "Blackmail me, will she!" her anger started rising again, as she heard a knock at the back door.

    It was seven thirty.

    "He's right on time," she thought as she opened the door.

    "Hi baby! I was sure glad to hear from you, is she here yet?" Craig Rush's eyes gleamed as he walked into the kitchen, his voice tinged with his barely concealed excitement.

    "She's upstairs right now," Kelli replied.

    "She's rather preoccupied at the moment if you get my drift, but don't worry Craig, this'll be a night you'll long remember."

    Kelli had called Craig earlier in the day and told him he needed to meet with her about the sale of their house. When they met, Kelli reminded him that for not fighting the increased commission, she would give him an experience that he would never forget.

    She knew he was into B amp;D from the magazines she had seen in his night stand when she first inspected the house to list it.

    Craig was more than happy to pay an increased fee if he could for once participate in the scene his wife had always refused to try.

    This was one of the reasons for their divorce.

    When he heard Kelli's plan, and found out it included Barbara, he would have agreed to paying twenty percent! Kelli didn't push her luck though. She did enjoy the sex scenes as much as she enjoyed making money, so this would be the best of all worlds.

    "Go into the living room and make yourself comfortable Craig," Kelli said.

    "Just find a chair in the corner, where the light is not too bright. You're going to love the first part of this."

    "The other girl should be here at eight, and I'll start with her. Then, we'll get them both going," she smiled as the man settled himself in an over-stuffed chair.

    "Care for a drink?" she asked him as he got comfortable. "I've just restocked the bar, so you name it, I'll fix it."

    "Scotch and water would be great Kelli."

    "Coming up!"

    After Kelli had made Craig the drink, she sipped a small shot of brandy, as it mellowed her out much better than good grass ever did.

    She was not a heavy drinker by any measure, and dope just was not her thing. Too many crazies doing it, was Kelli's overriding reason, so she just stuck with the legal stuff.

    As Craig relaxed to await the next participant, Kelli went into the kitchen and brought back a bag of long grain rice. She spread a handful around the foyer, and swept it into a small square. It blended almost perfectly with the light Italian marble flooring.

    Smiling, she went into the living room and sat on the couch, anticipating the evening to come.

    "What was that all about?" Craig asked with a bewildered look.

    "You'll see," Kelli smiled. "It's a little surprise I've prepared for my guest."

    That little bitch! her thoughts went unspoken.

    "Come on in Laura," Kelli smiled at the young girl as she stepped into the foyer.

    She was dressed in her sexiest miniskirt, and a revealing halter top. Always the sexpot, Laura Conway wore the stiletto ankle strapped heels that showed her young legs off to the maximum. She looked the perfect picture of everybody's high school sweetheart.

    The young girl was very, very sexy, no doubt about it.

    Laura almost lost her balance as she stepped on the rice, and Kelli's arm shot out to grab her.

    "Wha…" she started to say, choking on her words.

    "Are you all right Laura?" Kelli feigned surprise.

    "That damn maid of mine can be so sloppy. She must have spilled something when she did the shopping today."

    "Yeah, I'm okay. Ready to talk turkey Kelli?" she said with the certainty of someone who was in control.

    "You bet I am Laura." Kelli replied.

    And quicker than Laura could respond, Kelli had the young secretary's arm in a hammerlock and was viciously twisting it behind the protesting girl's back.

    "Blackmail ME? You little CUNT!"

    Her free hand shot out and delivered a resounding slap to Laura's face.

    "Just who in the hell do you think you are young lady?"

    "I got you the job at The Henry Company."

    "I worked with you!"

    "I even took you under my wing when you had your marital problems!"

    "I even made love to you!"

    "You undeserving little bitch!!"

    And two more slaps hit the girl's face, knocking her to her knees on the rice.

    Her soft bare knees bit into the rice, and she grimaced in pain.

    Kelli took the girl's other arm and put that in a hammerlock also. She looked like she had chicken wings behind her back as Kelli pulled her wrists together up towards her neck.

    "Owww! Kelli! What are you doing?"

    "Shut up cunt!" Kelli's voice barely concealed her seething anger.

    Taking a pair of handcuffs from the entrance table, Kelli quickly cuffed the girl's wrists up and behind her.

    It was impossible for Laura to lower them to a natural position. As she squirmed on the rice, Kelli told her to knee walk on it and not to stop until she told her to.

    Laura, totally taken by surprise at this turn of events, didn't dare do anything but that, and painfully moved herself around on the rice, her knees shuffling slowly over the hard grains.

    "Well, my little cunt. I've got special plans for you. Blackmail is just not in the cards baby, and I hope that you will learn this after I'm done with you tonight."

    "We're going to have ourselves a little party," she added as an afterthought.

    "W… we?" the young girl asked.

    "Yes. Since your marriage has turned so sour, and I apparently are the only source of sexual stimulation that you are now getting, I thought that perhaps you missed being fucked by a man. I've got just the thing for you Laura dear," Kelli intoned.

    "Hey, Craig, come over and look at this!" Kelli shouted into the living room.

    Craig Rush had already seen Kelli's handling of the bound girl as she came in to the house, and his prick was already hard.

    He was instantly aroused when Kelli slapped the pretty girl's face, and had unzipped his trouser fly. His throbbing meat hung lewdly out of his pants as he walked into the foyer.

    "Fuck the cunt's mouth, Craig." Kelli said without a hint of feeling in her voice.

    "Jesus! Gladly," came Craig's reply, his passion ignited like a rocket.

    He walked in front of Laura and pulled her hair roughly as he pushed his thick meat into her mouth. Laura had no chance to protest as her mouth was quickly filled.

    "Suck my cock, bitch. Lick it. Now!" the turned on man commanded.

    Laura gulped his cock down, and started moving her tongue all over it, sucking, licking.

    "Make me cum bitch!" Craig leered.

    He started thrusting his meat in and out of her suctioning lips as his hips pistoned against her head.

    Laura's jaw was already aching, but she didn't dare stop, she was so scared of what was happening to her.

    He placed his hands on the back of her head, and his fingers moved in her blonde locks as he rocked it back and forth on his huge prick. She didn't even notice more and more of the huge gristle disappearing into he mouth.

    The sides of Laura's mouth felt like they were being ripped apart, but she soon had his entire cock deep into her throat.

    "Eat it bitch, eat it good," Craig's breathing was becoming shallower now.

    As he continued, his hands slid down the back of the young girl's halter and with a savage motion he ripped it off.

    He tore the tail of the flimsy garment out of her miniskirt and tossed the ruined material aside. She could feel the silky skin of his glans siding back and forth in her mouth as he grabbed the waistline of her miniskirt.

    Realizing what he was about to do with the rest of her clothing, Laura tried to shout, but it was difficult with nine inches of cock imbedded in her mouth.

    Craig got the message though as he removed his cock, and grabbed her miniskirt in both hands to quickly pull it down to her knees.

    Taking one knee at a time, he lifted the skirt the rest of the way down, and drew it off her feet. Her mouth was quickly returned to his cock and she kept sucking him hardly missing a beat.

    "Oh yeah, baby, you're good. Real good!" he hissed.

    His chest was heaving uncontrollably now, and Laura knew he was about to cum. His hips pumped faster and faster, and she prepared herself for the eruption she knew was soon coming.

    "Let's see how much of my cum you can take, cunt," his passions rising ever higher.

    Laura's mouth was sucking furiously now, her head held tightly on his meat.

    After several more deep thrusts into the sweet mouth, Craig starting spurting his hot sticky cum into Laura's throat. He came with such a force that she was not prepared for it.

    Craig's cock exploded in rapid fire action and before she could compensate for it, cum was running out the sides of Laura's mouth and down her chin, so much of it that she would not have known his dick was in her mouth.

    He laughed, and the poor girl realized it must have been just a joke to him. He knew the force of his orgasms and probably knew what was going happen when he shot his load. He enjoyed the erotic sight before him. A beautiful young girl, now naked, on her knees, her wrists bound behind her, his cum all over her face.

    Finally, he pulled his still hard cock from her mouth, and with it spilled out the load of cream that she had not yet been able to swallow but which was still in her mouth.

    Laura knew she had swallowed a huge load of his cum, yet she swore that she hadn't gotten a single drop. There was enough on her face and down her breasts to have made up two normal loads.

    "That's it bitch, swallow it. Swallow all of it."

    Cum drooled from the girl's mouth as Craig inserted his thick meat once again into Laura's face and fully emptied the rest of his first load of the night. His tool seemed to supply a never ending fountain of cum. God, he thought, this was going to be good!

    Kelli observed the initial use of Laura with amusement as she walked close to her.

    "Lick his cock clean, bitch," she hissed into the girl's ear.

    "I don't want to see a single drop of cum anywhere on him," she coolly continued as Laura immediately went to work licking the last few drops of Craig's cum from his spread thighs.

    "You missed a spot," Kelli said, pointing to the tiled floor where a small puddle of Craig's cum mingled with the grains of rice.

    "Lick it up – NOW!"

    She pushed the hapless girl's face to the floor and ground her lips into the sticky mess of cum and rice, forcing her to lick it all.

    "Now swallow it," Kelli commanded.

    Laura heard all this from a voice that sounded far away, but she knew it wasn't a dream. She was caught. She had tried to blackmail her boss, and now the tables were turned. This development was totally unexpected.

    After Craig had finished with her, both he and Kelli took one of the girl's arms and led her up the stairs into the bedroom. They pushed her onto the bed and walked over to the closet.

    "Well Craig, here she is!" Kelli said as she swung open the closet door.

    Craig's cock got immediately hard once more at the sight of his bound and gagged wife, squirming in bondage with what appeared to be a buzzing vibrator in her pussy. It was a sight he had always wanted to behold, and now he was rewarded.

    "Well, well, well," he mockingly smiled at his captive wife.

    "Time to pay the piper darling."

    Barbara could only hear muffled sounds as the leather discipline helmet completely encased her head tighter as she perspired in the stifling closet. She thought she heard a man's voice but couldn't be sure.

    Her body was convulsing for the hundredth time it seemed, in another crashing orgasm on the thick dildo held firmly in her pussy.

    She felt hands on her naked flesh as her bonds were loosened from the overhead bar and her arms were brought down to her sides. Her elbows were quickly tied together behind her back and she winced in pain as the knots were secured.

    Of course, whoever was doing this to her could not see her grimace of pain, and they just kept pulling the ropes tighter until her elbows touched. She looked very sexy like that, and Craig almost came again, right then and there.


    Craig and Kelli walked the woman to the side of the bed, and removed her discipline helmet.

    The shock on Barbara's face registered as she saw her cruel husband standing next to Kelli.

    And then saw the writhing naked body on the bed.

    Immediately, Kelli pushed her by the small of her back and Barbara stumbled onto the bed, next to the girl. She felt a weight on her back as her ankles were tied and pulled up snugly to her calves and then tied to her wrists. She was in hogtie and the pressure on her limbs was tremendous.

    "We're just going to leave you like that awhile, Barbara," Craig sneered as his weight shifted and he moved to the younger girl's back.

    Turning Laura on her back, he pulled her down so that her head was directly under the arch of Barbara's pussy.

    "Eat the pussy directly above your face Laura," Kelli commanded.

    It made her hot to direct the naked girl.

    Laura's tongue shot out and immediately buried itself in the wet slit.

    "We want to see her orgasm on your face bitch!" she continued as she slowly stroked the young girl's inner thighs.

    This made Laura's face move even faster into the syrupy slit.

    "While you're doing that, I'm going to give you something special," Kelli continued.

    She walked to the closest and brought out a dual plugging belt. It was made of thick leather and had a ten inch dildo fastened in the crotch, with a large butt plug fastened directly behind it.

    She thrust the thick instruments into Laura's pussy and asshole and pulled the leather belt deep into her crotch, buckling the straps around her slim waist.

    "Now, enjoy your plugging my little cunt, and keep lapping that pussy."

    "We want to see her hogtie get even tighter as you excite her and she strains against her bonds."

    Watching the two bound women excited both Kelli and Craig to the point that they started fondling each other. The lust filled scene in front of them was better than anything they had ever seen.

    The two women were writhing in passion as one ate the other with abandon, while the other's pussy and ass were pulsing on the thick phalluses imbedded deeply inside of her.

    "This is just too hot," Craig said as he stroked his hard cock.

    "I've got to fuck this tight little pussy once more while she eats my wife."

    And in an instant he was at the side of the bed ripping the plugger belt off Laura's body. The plugs came out of her pussy and ass simultaneously with a popping sound.

    He immediately knelt between her young thighs and buried his massive prick to the hilt.

    Laura responded by thrusting her face even deeper into Barbara Rush's pussy, causing the bound woman's dam to burst, flooding the young girls face with pussy cream as she ground her pussy on the pleasure giving lips between her thighs.

    Craig pulled the young girls legs wide apart as his cock rammed in and out of her hot young cunt. His balls slapped against her buttocks as he prepared to cum again.

    Watching the pretty girl tonguing his wife's pussy, and seeing Barbara's passionate response in humping the pretty face, brought him to orgasm quickly as he pumped load after load of fresh hot cum into the girl under him.

    Finally, he was spent, and pulled out of the tight hole. He backed off the bed to observe the afterglow of Laura's fuck, her face still licking the juicy pussy plastered against it. Another orgasm hit her from the furious fucking she had just received.

    Laura's pussy felt like raw meat from the thrusts of Craig's cock, and her body was on fire with need as she tongued yet another wave of juices from the bow tied older woman atop her face.

    The scene was hot.

    Kelli watched the threesome in front of her. She had accomplished quite a lot sexually in her young years, but this was one of the hottest raw sex experiences she had ever arranged.

    And, the night wasn't over yet!

    She had several orgasms as Craig, Laura and Barbara had massive ones, and there would be only one scene that brought her to her own gigantic climax.

    She would dominate both women, while Craig assisted her. If she really got kinky, she might even dominate him, but men were not her thing.

    Craig was the lucky one that night.

    Before dawn broke, both Barbara and Laura would be reduced to a level of submissiveness and pleasure that only few experience.

    They would come more times than they ever thought possible in one night.

    They would come to know a sexual release, that was heretofore unknown to them.

    They would become obsessively attached to Kelli Stroud, thus continuing to secure her position, as the top real estate agent in San Carmel.

    After Craig had rested from his two cums in as many hours. Kelli and he tied Laura's face to Barbara's thighs, leaving them to sensuously move each other's body on the bed, drawing another orgasm from each of them in their own afterglow.

    Kelli and Craig went down to the bar and fixed themselves a drink.

    Scotch for Craig.

    Another small shot of brandy for Kelli.

    As she looked at him, Kelli couldn't deny that Craig was a handsome man. If she were so inclined, she would have gone for him big time. He had that lean, yet muscular build, that is seen more on younger men than middle aged men. His hair was dark and wavy with not a touch of grey. His teeth were perfect, and his smile sincere. She wondered if Barbara Rush's many tales of his abuse over the years were really true.

    They were.

    Discussing in an offhand way of what they might do next, Craig had a peculiar look in his eyes as he sipped his scotch.

    Kelli wondered if it were the booze, or if a small switch had been turned on somewhere in the back of the man's mind at the events he had just participated in. His tastes in erotic publications was well known to her, but they were the run of the mill bondage and SM magazines almost any adult bookstore carries. She never spotted anything more severe in her close inspections of his bureau drawers.

    After finishing their drinks they returned to the bedroom.

    Laura's tongue was still gently swabbing the older woman's pussy as if she couldn't get enough of her. Barbara Rush moved erotically on the bed, her pussy over Laura's mouth, as the young girl did the task her bondage was designed to do.

    "That's enough cunt!" Kelli said upon opening the bedroom door.

    She untied Laura from Barbara's thighs, and pulled her next to the older woman. She now tied Laura into the same tight hogtie that she had Barbara in, and untied Barbara's restraints.

    "Kneel on the floor, Barbara," Kelli commanded in a monotone.

    Immediately, Barbara dropped to her knees.

    Craig's hand pulled back and came down across her face in two quick blows, one on each side.

    "Fucking bitch!" he shouted. "Crawl over and bring me those ropes."

    Barbara fetched the ropes from the night stand and returned to Craig presenting the ropes in her outstretched palms.

    She knew abuse before from Craig, but not this. Not the ropes and sexual enslavement that Kelli had taught her. She only knew that now her husband was going to do something to her. She wasn't sure what.

    At her husband's command, she crossed her ankles, keeping that position as he tied her ankles tightly. He pulled the ropes so hard around her delicate ankles she could feel the cords bite deep into her flesh.

    After he had tied her ankles, Craig instructed her to cross her wrists over her thighs. A length of rope was looped around both of her smooth legs and her crossed wrists. By the time he finished, she was tightly bound in a crouched position.

    She moaned as Craig took yet another length of rope and started to tie her breasts tightly.

    Barbara's breasts were extremely sensitive from the pleasure she had just received and her nipples were stiff. As the ropes wound tighter and tighter around them, they squeezed the breasts flesh unmercifully. Her nipples were as hard as rocks as the blood was forced into them.

    "Unnnhh," she moaned, as his fingers flicked the hard jewels several times.

    Barbara looked the perfect submissive tied up like this, and Craig stepped back to admire his handiwork.

    Without knowing when, Barbara became intensely aware of her thighs pressing together. She was becoming so turned on that she could smell her own juices that were flooding her pussy, opening it widely.

    During her husband's rope work, Kelli joined Laura on the bed and laid next to her, softly stroking the young girls naked bound body, almost absent-mindedly, as she watched the scene in front of her. Her eyes stayed fixed on Craig as he walked over to her rack of whips and selected several, testing them by swishing them quickly through the air.

    Barbara Rush trembled at the sound.

    Selecting a cat-o-nine-tails, he felt the length of the thongs, and tested the thickness of the handle. This was no longer a diversion. The whip that Craig selected was not for playing games. It was for serious discipline and punishment.

    The older woman whimpered as she saw her husband coming towards her with the whip in his hand. She was not entirely sure of the pain it would deliver, but somewhere, an unmistakable excitement started to creep into her.

    She uttered a small cry of distress as he advanced on her.

    Craig took a spot behind her and allowed the leather lashes to slide gently over her naked back. He could see his wife tremble as she was not sure what was coming, or when.

    In the end, Barbara found herself longing to beg him to whip her, just so the waiting would come to an end.

    Craig would whip her at his own pleasure to satisfy the lusts that had been building up in him for the past several years. His desire consumed him.

    He pulled the whip back and brought it down hard on her back. Barbara cried out in pain as she felt the scourge of the whip bite inter her tender flesh.

    Once he started Craig really let himself go. He whipped her with a force and a precision he had only ready about, but DID in his fantasies every day. He would occasionally break the rhythm of his lashes just to keep his wife off guard. She would never know exactly when the next lash would fall, or where. This uncertainty kept Barbara on edge, making her jump at a lash that didn't come, or failed to tense herself at the right time, to minimize the pain of her whipping.

    Soon her back was covered with red welts, and the whip marked woman was moaning and writhing in agony.

    "Oh please Craig," she sobbed, "Please, don't whip me anymore."



    Her pleas only intensified the force of his swing as the thongs continued biting into the red flesh moving under them, "When did the pain become pleasure?" Her agonized mind wondered as the cat came down again and again.

    Finally, his passions seething, Barbara's husband let the whip fall by his side.

    Kelli, was so turned on watching Barbara's whipping, her fingers went deep inside Laura's flowing wetness, as she moved up on the young girl's face beside her and gave her a taste of her pussy. She urged her on with quick sharp slaps on her breasts.

    By this time Barbara was so turned on that she could hardly stand it. She longed for her husband to take her right then and there. She ached to be fucked by him until her pussy was as sore as her back. If he had not walked away after dropping the whip, she would have bent to kiss the feet of the man who had tormented her all these years.

    Bent to kiss them.

    Beg to be filled by his raging prick.

    Craig came back beside Barbara and slowly undid the tight knots. He removed the ropes that had held her immobile through the tortuous back whipping.

    He didn't free her fully, however. It was more exciting to take her as he had seen in those many fantasies over the years. Craig decided to take his wife as a slave should be taken, in full bondage and helplessness.

    He only untied her wrists and legs. He left her breasts in tight tit bondage. It added to Barbara's passion.

    He retied her so that her hands were tied to her thighs, just below her hips. He would then be able to spread her legs as wide as he wanted to.

    Barbara's pussy was wide open and very wet. Being in bondage and whipped like a slave, had made the older woman lubricate herself more than she ever had before. Craig turned his wife over so that she was in the proper position to receive his cock.

    As her hands were tied to her sides, her head was forced to the floor. She looked the perfect picture of submissiveness, open and ready. The blood began to pound in Barbara's temples as she awaited the use of her body.

    As Craig approached her again, she could see how hard he had become from warming her up. His cock jumped, and a small drop of fluid beckoned at the tip. His cock looked larger than it had ever looked before, and Barbara moaned in arousal. She needed this thick meat now.

    Needed it like she never had before throughout their whole marriage.

    A fire of lust smoldered in her half lidded eyes, as she looked back between her legs to see her husbands bare feet, then his knees as he knelt behind her raised rear. Her pussy and anus gaping. Which would he enter?

    With a groan of unsatisfied need, Craig gripped the smooth hips of his bound wife and plunged into her.

    First her pussy.

    Then her ass.

    He took several long hard strokes in each as he grabbed her hips tightly.

    Barbara screamed as the thick meat attacked her openings, first one then the other.

    He fucked her fast and furiously, with brutal strength. His finger tips dug into her flesh hard now as he pulled her body to meet his thrusts, wanting to bury his shaft inside of her openings to the hilt.

    Which he did.

    Thrust, after painful thick thrust, he pumped away in passion, feeling his nuts go tight, his cum rising in his balls as he fucked his slave wife hard. All the desires, the needs, the wants, the passions that had been building up in Craig Rush over their entire marriage were now being fulfilled.

    He looked over at Kelli, fucking the young girls face fast now, her pussy sliding over the lips and nose of the girl on the bed. Passionate sighs and moans came from the mouth servicing Kelli Stroud's cunt. It added to his own excitement. The smell of cunt and cock filled the room, taking him yet another step higher.

    Barbara was lost in a wave of passion. Every thrust of her husband's cock sent waves of pleasure coursing through her, filling her with greater pleasure than he had ever filled her in their entire marriage.

    Was this what it was all about? she wondered as his balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

    Her need built so rapidly that she could not help herself any longer. She cried out to be fucked hard, fully, filled like a slave should be filled. She began to beg.

    "Please Craig, oh please," she whimpered. "Fuck me. Fuck me HARD!"

    "Fuck me Craig, fuck me as your slave. Use me. Fill me with that meat."

    "Yessss!!! Put it in my ass again."

    "Deeper! Harder! Open me!!!" Craig's mind and body responded immediately as his thrusts became animal like, his senses reeling from the intense pleasure of fucking his bound wife.

    "Please Craig, harder! I'm going to cum!!" she half shouted.

    Kelli's body was bucking wildly now on Laura's face, spurred on by the cries filling the room. She was lost in her own world of sensuality as the young secretary's tongue slid deep into her pussy.

    "Oh please, Craig. May I come?" Barbara wailed. "Please? Let your slave cum? I need to cum soooo bad."

    As Barbara's body shook in release, her husband reached under her and grabbed both of her bound breasts, squeezing them hard, stroking the nipples, bucking his cock deep into her pussy as he unloaded his built up load of hot sticky cum. They climaxed together in a rush of sensual passion.

    Kelli climaxed at the same time as she slid her asshole onto Laura's nose, pushing her rump down fully on the young girl's body, watching her thrash about on the silken sheets under her.

    It was now Laura's turn.

    Kelli had several orgasms on the girl's face as she watched Craig use Barbara and punish her with the whipping. She was really turned on.

    But the thing that would bring her over the top would be the punishment of Laura. The little blackmailing cunt needed to be taught a lesson once and for all.

    Craig helped Kelli pick up his still bound wife and carry her over to the bed, where they dumped her without ceremony.

    Laura was still tightly tied, and they released her bondage just long enough to allow some circulation to return, and then retied her, arms and elbows behind her back.

    Craig ran his hands all over her young flesh as he occasionally swatted her tight buttocks with his hands, bringing red palm marks to those naked globes. Laura knew she was going to be punished tonight, and submissively awaited her fate.

    Pulling the ropes securing her elbows together with one last tug, Kelli breathed hard. "There, that ought to hold you! You little cunt!"

    Kelli ordered the helpless girl to the center of the bedroom and gave a command.

    "On your knees, bitch!"

    She did not immediately comply.

    "I said, on your knees, cunt! Now!"

    Laura dropped to her knees, her face close to Kelli's beautiful legs as she looked up at her boss with tears in her eyes.

    "You will obey every order that I give you. Do you understand me?" she continued as she lifted the girl's face by her chin and looked directly into her eyes.

    "Yes," Laura softly answered.


    "Good," Kelli said, giving her a slap in the face, just hard enough to sting.

    "Don't forget it!"

    "Yes Kelli."

    Letting go of her chin, Kelli started to circle the kneeling girl.

    "I think you are a low life fucking cunt. You are a worthless blackmailing little piece of shit. And not a very good blackmailer at that. Isn't that right?" she said with a sneer in her voice.

    Kelli could see Laura's mouth open, and her throat swallow but no words came out.

    "I asked you a question bitch!"

    "I… uh, I…" Laura stammered.

    Kelli lowered her hand to grab the bound girl's left nipple, twisting it hard.

    "Say, 'I'm just a lowlife cunt. A lowlife blackmailing slut.'"

    "I'm a f… ffu…" Laura tried to say it but the pain in her nipple was cutting off her speech.

    Slowly, Kelli pinched the squirming girl's nipple even harder.

    "I said say it!!"

    "I'm just a lowlife cunt. I'm just a lowlife blackmailing slut," the girl managed say.

    "That's what I wanted to hear. Now that wasn't so hard was it Laura?" Kelli said with a hint of triumph in her eyes.

    Releasing her nipple, Kelli walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down. She ordered Laura to come to her. When she started to get up, she said, "No! On your knees you slut! Come over here on your knees!"

    When Laura reached Kelli, the young real estate agent put her hand on the nape of her neck and pulled her across her lap with her ass pointed up to the ceiling. She looked very erotic drawn across Kelli's lap, and Craig's prick started to rise again as it was his turn to enjoy the show now.

    Laura's ass was so rounded, so smooth, Kelli was immediately filled with a rush of pleasure as her palms glided gently over the white flesh. Her pussy started to wet and she wondered if Laura could feel it drawn over her lap.

    "Now, my darling, it is time for a little discipline," Kelli started.

    She raised her right arm and cracked the palm of her right hand hard into the rounded ass cheeks.

    "Ow!" Laura squealed.

    Again, Kelli slapped her rapidly reddening bottom.

    "Oooh Kelli, please don't," she half whispered.

    "Don't even presume to tell me what to do."

    "This is what happens to low life, blackmailing little cunts," she exclaimed.


    She let the girl's bottom have it now.

    "Oooooh!" Laura started screaming as Kelli's palm struck her without stopping.

    The more she screamed, the more Kelli spanked her, and the harder her blows became. Laura's pain filled cries filled the room.

    Kelli loved it. Spanking this lovely young girl's ass was really turning her on. And she did deserve to be punished. Laura started grinding against Kelli's lap as the blows continued to rain down upon her punished buttocks. She was now getting turned on by the spanking she was receiving.

    "You are a hot little cunt, aren't you?" Kelli asked, continuing to wallop her across the red cheeks.

    "This is how I treat blackmailers," Kelli breathed hard with the exertion of the harsh spanking she was administering.

    "Oh please, Kelli. It hurts. Please stop," Laura pleaded.

    Laura was writhing from the stinging blows but she was indeed getting turned on. Kelli used her free hand to feel between the bound girls legs and found Laura's cunt was indeed sopping wet.

    She began to play with the struggling girl's pussy, slipping a finger into the slick slit. Laura moaned now in pleasure at the finger moving around in her pussy.

    "You want it, don't you slut?"

    "Yes Kelli," she answered in a voice filled with need.

    Raising her right hand again, Kelli started slapping the girls ass harder.


    "What do you want Laura?"

    "I w… wan…" she started.

    "Say it, what do you want?"

    "I want to c… cum, Kelli," she panted hard now.

    "No, I don't think so. You need to make ME cum bitch!" Kelli replied as she pushed Laura off her lap to the floor.

    Kelli now ordered her secretary to the center of the bedroom again and forced her to bend over so that her forehead touched the carpet. Her ass was in the air, her arms pinioned behind her. It was an erotic sight.

    Reaching down for her, Kelli grabbed a handful of Laura's hair and forced her head up, dragging her to the side of the bed. Kelli sat down and spread her thighs as she pulled the pretty face towards her.

    "Lick my pussy!" she ordered.

    Slowly, Laura began to lip the wet lips of her beautiful boss which caused Kelli to clasp her smooth thighs around the head between them.

    Kelli gasped as Laura's tongue slid into her gaping wet gash, and began to move rapidly, licking, sucking, then rising to her clit as she took it between her lips, kissing it in an intimate kiss of pure lust.

    Kelli's hands moved to the back of the bound girl's head as she pulled the slave face deep into her pussy, throwing her legs over the girl's shoulders, grinding and bucking her hips against the hapless face as she came in wave after wave of orgasm.


    "So! You like to dominate another woman, do you?" the voice reached her again as the fire in her buttocks started to subside.

    Kelli didn't know how many times the white hot tip of the poker marked her flesh, but she was sure that her whole backside and lovely thighs now carried the horrendous tattoo of the branding iron.

    When she wanted to be tattooed, she didn't think it would turn into this.

    She was weak from exhaustion. The continuous burnings had removed all of her resistance and she slumped against her bonds.

    She heard a squeaking noise. Suddenly, a full length mirror was rolled in front of her. Then, another was positioned behind her.

    She couldn't see the person who was positioning the mirrors around her bound body.

    "I always like to know if my customers are satisfied," the sneering woman's voice said as she grabbed Kelli's hair.

    "Take a look at your tattoo, darling."

    "Look nice?"

    Kelli was afraid to open her eyes.

    The hand yanked hard in her hair.

    "I said LOOK at it!!"

    She slowly opened her eyes and her bound form came into vision from the mirror in front of her.

    She was bound in thick leather straps securing her arms to two poles on either side of her body. Her thighs were spread and secured to the bottoms of the poles.

    Her head was held rigidly by the choker collar which also had two small leather straps pulling tightly in opposite directions and attached to the poles.

    She was afraid to look at the mirror behind her.

    The smell of burnt flesh smashed into her nostrils as she looked for the reflection of her backside in the mirror in front of her.

    "Yiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!" A scream of agony tore from her lips as her branded ass and thighs came into view.

    "Oooooo noooooooooo!!!!!" she screamed into the darkened room.

    "Whyyyyyy????" Her screams continued.

    Large dark brown mottled marks made horrible curving patterns in the shape of a misshapen rose petal. Deep welts from the burning rod formed the rose stems. Smaller ones made up the thorns. She was marked for life!

    "Ooooooo…" her wailing continued to come from her throat.

    She started to sob as she realized no one would ever want to touch her body again.

    No man.

    Especially, no woman.

    The horrible branding she had just been through would ensure that.

    She sobbed harder now, and slumped again against her bonds as the realization that her desire to have just one small petite tattoo, led to this.

    Who was her torturer?

    From whose body did the voice come from. Kelli was in a nightmare but didn't know it.

    She couldn't figure it out.

    She had only entered the dark shop to finally get the tattoo she had wanted, thought about, then decided to get.

    As she passed through the black curtains into the back of the shop, the candle light flickering off the walls cast an eerie glow in the room.

    Strange place to give tattoos, she had thought.

    But then, this tattoo would not be just another tattoo. It was to be a small pink pale rose, on her ass cheek. The back room was the only place to tattoo so sensitive a spot, she was told.

    But the voice coming to her was not that of the parlor owner.

    Her nightmare continued.

    "I think we might add another little design to this lovely tattoo," the silken voice whispered as Kelli could feel hands touching her raw bottom.

    She winced, then moaned in pain at the touch.

    "Perhaps I should tattoo the words slut slave right here…"


    The hand slapped her right at the end of the large ugly rose.

    "Aaaaggghhhh!!!!" Kelli screamed again as her torture continued.

    And she was getting wet again. She could feel her pussy starting to juice from the pain and the agony of the past hour.

    Or was it an hour?

    How long had she been here?

    Her mind was a jumble of confusion, pain, pleasure and fear.

    The mirrors were rolled back from her as quickly as they were placed around her. She could hear the bellows start to pump, and the heat in the room grew once again. The rattle of metal shook her consciousness as the poker was turned over and over in the flames, bringing the tip once again to a smoking white heat.

    Her pussy convulsed in orgasm.

    She had crossed the line.


    It was an abandoned, lust filled, crazy night as both Craig and Kelli fulfilled every depraved passion they had ever wanted to fulfill with the two helpless women. Craig felt that punishing his wife was his anointed station in life. Barbara suffered even more cruel and humiliating punishments and lesbian submissiveness throughout the night.

    At one point, she had to clean all three of her partners after a cum filled orgy, licking the two other women's pussies clean, and Craig's cock. Then she had to rim both of the women's assholes after deep ass fuckings by Craig, until they were baby pink again. Barbara Rush had never tasted more cum in her life as she did this night.

    She was spanked and whipped several more times, as was Laura.

    Kelli took all of her frustrations out on her young secretary and before the night was over, Laura vowed never to try anything funny with Kelli again. She had thoroughly learned her lesson.

    At some point, Craig slipped away in the early morning hours, and Kelli awoke to only two women. She had her fill once more of lesbian love with both of them, before allowing them to shower and leave.

    It was to be a full week at the office, and the real estate business was a twenty four hour a day business. Deals and possible deals appeared at the least likely times.

    The next day, Laura came into the office very subdued. She could barely glance at Kelli, already hard at work at her desk.

    With the barest acknowledgement, Laura sat down at her own desk and busied herself, stealing leads. She listened in on phone calls and gleaned the other agents business as best she could.

    She was now totally in Kelli's pocket, and did everything she could to assist the agent, thinking of no personal gain. She did hope that Kelli would only continue to be her friend, and lover.

    Barbara Rush recovered from her extremely erotic first encounter with lesbian submissiveness and wanted more. She began to use her time to make the rounds of all the adult book stores in downtown San Diego, and bought every available publication on lesbianism and bondage.

    She was hooked.

    She always dressed frumpy, and wore sunglasses and a scarf when she visited those stores.

    If she only knew that from time to time she was standing next to some of the most respected people in the city, she would have been aghast. She still had not come to know that safe sex, so long as the participants are willing, is not wrong.

    Her stomach turned a particular kind of warmth whenever she leafed through a magazine or newspaper depicting young girls in tight ropes, and leather restraints.

    If the person doing the restraining were also a woman, her pussy invariably started getting wet. From time to time she wondered what it would be like to be the dominant partner, but her soul was that of a true submissive. She would never play the dominant role.

    She almost orgasmed every time she thought of bending her face down to Kelli's feet, to give her the required ten, open mouthed kisses of 'hello'.

    The marketing of the Rush's home picked up again, now that Craig had agreed to the higher commission along with Barbara.

    Kelli went all out taking half page ads in the San Carmel newspapers, and even paid for a color brochure, which she normally wouldn't do for a house valued under half a million dollars. She now wanted Barbara out of that house, and maybe, just maybe into her condominium as the lover she had been searching for.

    There were no problems from Craig, and he actually started treating Barbara with a small amount of kindness. He was courteous to her whenever they had to meet and sign the various divorce agreements, or real estate listing addenda that Kelli always seemed to need signed.

    The participation in the submission of his wife was a fantasy fulfilled from their earliest married days, and Craig was quite content to get on with his life.

    Barbara was now middle aged. He wanted a younger woman like Laura, to command, to make his sex slave. He started on his pursuit in earnest and soon was living with a girl he met through a swingers magazine.


    As Barbara leafed through the magazine, her cunt started lubricating, looking at the tightly bound females. She knew they were just models, but she also knew that women did actually participate in this erotic form of foreplay.

    She did, didn't she?

    She was sitting in her large living room stuffed chair, totally naked, one leg draped over the arm, her other leg stretched out in front of her. As she turned the pages, her fingers would go into her cunt and press her clit giving her continuous pleasure. She loved to masturbate, and especially now, as she fantasized about being the girl in the centerfold of Lesbian Bondage Times.

    God it turned her on to be tied up.

    And, if her face could be forced into a pussy, made to eat another woman's cunt, her pleasure tripled.

    As she stroked herself slowly, she crossed her smooth thighs over her wrist, trapping her fingers inside of her. She jerked hard against her hand as another wave of orgasm swept through her.

    "Did I just hear you cum darling?" Kelli's voice drifted in from the foyer as she entered Barbara's home.

    She walked over to the naked woman and kissed her full on the mouth.

    Barbara immediately dropped to her knees in front of Kelli, wrapping her arms around the young girl's thighs as her head started to bow to Kelli's arched instep, starting the ten kisses of 'hello' on her feet, thighs and vagina.

    Kelli patiently waited for Barbara's tenth open mouthed kiss on her pussy.

    "I am so glad, we decided to live together Barbara. Until your house sells, we can have our choice: your place, or mine," she laughed as she helped the older woman to her feet, cradling her head.

    The greeting ritual never failed to excite Kelli. It was such a masterful stroke of dominance, and immediately put her in the mood for lovemaking, no matter how tiring her day.

    She again kissed Barbara's open mouth deeply, her tongue invading the soft lips of the naked woman, as she hugged her tighter.

    "I decided I'd like to do something special for you darling," Kelli's voice had an air of lightness in it.

    "I'm going to cook us a delicious dinner, and then we can snuggle up on the rug, and be comfy this evening. Sound good to you?"

    Barbara Rush could not believe her luck in having this gorgeous young woman come into her life.

    Even though their lovemaking at times hit the rougher edges of S amp;M, Kelli did have a genuine love and concern for her as a woman, a human being, and now a partner in a lesbian relationship. She loved when they kept house together, just like a man woman marriage, each helping the other.

    "Why Kelli, that is so nice of you."

    "Well, darling, I do want you to know I appreciate you, and I am so happy to have found you. If you only knew how long I have been searching for someone like you Barbara. I don't want some other woman to come along and grab you up," Kelli went on.

    "I don't think that would ever happen," Barbara's words came throatily, as she watched Kelli walk into the kitchen.

    She is soooo beautiful, she thought as she watched the younger girl's hips move gracefully, her flounced skirt showing off generous amounts of her shapely legs. Her stomach got all warm, at the thought that this young girl actually loved her.

    She never wanted to jeopardize the relationship.

    Even though Barbara had been called several times by Laura since their night together with Craig, she had not met with her. She did have to admit to herself that Laura's face under her grinding pussy, while she herself was in tight arms behind her back bondage, was quite exciting. She even dreamed once or twice of a repetition of that scene. But Kelli's attention and love, meant more to her than a quick tryst with Laura.

    Beside, she remembered, Laura had already once tried to blackmail Kelli, and probably was just not one to be trusted.

    Kelli happily prepared an Italian feast of tortellini, alfredo sauce and loads of garlic bread. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of a home cooked meal, as the two woman sat down to eat, making small talk about their day as a couple would. It was a very domestic scene.

    "Oh, Kelli! I almost forgot to tell you," Barbara excitedly chattered.

    "Craig called today and he has agreed to drop his demand for a share of the house proceeds to less than half."

    "I don't know what's got into him recently, or maybe what he has gotten into, but he certainly has been agreeable lately."

    "Yes darling, isn't it a wonderful change?" Kelli interjected.

    "It seems that new girl he took up with is quite the woman he needed, and he just wants the divorce to be over fast. I'll bet he'd even give up more if you pressed him."

    "When I saw him last, that night I had to deliver an offer, she was there, and quite a sight I must say, I guess since he participated in that scene with you and I, he didn't have any reservations about showing his new trophy off to me. I'll tell you, that girl was really in a predicament while I was there. I almost couldn't concentrate on the business at hand," Kelli continued.

    "Well Kelli, as long as I have you," Barbara started, reaching for Kelli's hand to gently kiss her fingertips.

    "As long as I have you, and we have each other, Craig can have all the girl's he wants. I have absolutely no reservations about the divorce now."

    "Isn't it amazing what a little good lesbian pussy licking will do for a woman," Kelli's eyes sparkled in answering Barbara's unspoken fears.

    Her gaze bore right into the older woman's and Barbara just held the soft hand of her lover close to her lips as she felt her heart turn over and over in feelings of love.

    "Let's get this mess cleaned up darling, so we can go relax for awhile. It has been a rather strenuous day," Kelli said, a hint of exhaustion in her voice.

    "I think I've got just the thing to help you relax, Kelli," Barbara said, helping her pick up the dishes and carrying them to the sink.

    "Would you mind doing them tonight and loading the dishwasher Barbara? I'm going to go upstairs and change my clothes."

    "Here," Barbara answered taking the dishes and silverware from Kelli, "I'd be happy to. Go freshen up."

    She turned to kiss her lover on the cheek, as Kelli left the kitchen.

    Barbara was finishing up the pots and pans by hand as Kelli returned from her shower.

    Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of the older woman, naked except for a pair of black patent pumps, standing at the sink, toweling the pans dry.

    As she gazed on the woman's tight white buttocks, she again marveled at how well kept her body was, and a pang of desire rose in her chest.

    Barbara was always the submissive partner in their relationship, but on occasion, Kelli liked to try the other side.

    She could never let Barbara be the one to be dominant so she turned to professional Mistresses whenever that need became overwhelming. But seeing her lover like this, she couldn't help but pad up softly behind her, and dropped to her knees. Barbara's ass cheeks were right in front of her face.

    Kelli's hands gently went to the firm globes and caressed them softly as she placed her face deep into Barbara's ass crack. She stuck out her tongue and pushed it as deep as she could into her lover's tight asshole.

    "Ooooh, darling, wha…" Barbara started to say.

    Standing up, Kelli gave her a playful slap on the rear as she helped her finish the dishes.

    "Just wanted you to know I find your ass so pretty darling. You smelled very musky, and I just had to have a little taste," Kelli said as she placed the towel on the rack.

    Hand in hand, the two women walked into the living room, stopping at the wet bar to pour themselves a glass of wine. Barbara built a roaring fire and they settled themselves on the thick bear rug in front of it.

    After Kelli had showered, she had put on her sexiest teddy and now, laying next to Barbara, her long tapered legs glowed from the fire's dancing shadows. She looked so beautiful, that Barbara could not resist again, bending down to stroke, then kiss the legs she had come to love more than anything.

    Trembling with need, Barbara threw her naked arms around Kelli and pulled her quickly to her.

    As always, Kelli was quickly aroused by the woman's willingness and naked need and desire for her, now that they were together, and she wrapped her own arms tightly around Barbara pulled Kelli over until she was underneath her and pushed her face down close to Kelli's dripping pussy.

    Her lust was overpowering as Kelli nudged her throbbing cunt close to Barbara's glistening, parted lips.

    The hot panting woman clasped Kelli's ass cheeks with a desire beyond control, then pushed her warm mouth full onto Kelli's dripping slit and began sucking and tonguing her clit all over the sensitive bud until Kelli was moaning and thrashing with passion and completely lust driven. Her legs thrashed furiously against the bear rug in delirious ecstasy as her need built quickly. She had never known such love for another woman.

    Kelli felt a rush of pure explosive lust shudder and coarse through her body as she savagely ground her pussy against her lesbian lover's needy mouth.

    Barbara's lashing tongue had already brought her to the verge of a powerful climax. Her moans and thrashing grew wilder and louder.

    Kelli crushed Barbara's face lewdly against her wet pussy, her clit felt like it was distended an inch and every sensation in her body was focused on that heavenly nub of pleasure.

    Barbara's lips insistently sucked on the raw bud, her teeth grating over it in a sensuous furious face fucking.

    Kelli was screaming her passion now, as she grabbed Barbara's hair and pulled it painfully, driving her face even deeper into her cunt.

    "Oh Barbara! Oh darling sweet slave! God you make my pussy so fucking hot!"

    Barbara started to rotate her hips, so powerful was her need in exciting Kelli so, and the overpowering smell of her cunt juice permeated the living room.

    Kelli lewdly licked her lips hungrily as she leaned forward and cupped Barbara's tight buttocks in her hands and pulled her pussy down onto her ramming tongue. She pressed it deep into Barbara's cunt.

    "Ah yes, darling, yesssss!!!" Barbara sighed, as Kelli's tongue explored the channels of her slick vagina.

    Kelli was furiously biting and sucking on the hard nub between her teeth as Barbara continued humping her face.

    "Suck my cunt!" Barbara shouted.

    "Now Kelli, put your tongue down into my asshole. Lick my ass Kelli, tongue fuck my brown hole! Taste me there!"

    "Oh yessss!"

    "Push it in deeper!"

    "All the way in now, lick my asshole!!"

    "Fuck it with your tongue!!"


    The bear rug was being crumpled into a heap as the two thrashing bodies tumbled around on it.

    "I think it's coming now darling!"

    "I love you so much!!!"

    "I'm cumming now Kelli darling!!"

    "I… I… I'm… I'm cummmmminggg!!!!"

    "IN YOUR MOUTH!!!"

    Tongue diving deep into pussy now, licking, drawing out the delicious cream.

    Thighs clasping tightly around the beautiful face adoring her pussy. Her calves lifted and her toes pointed straight up in offering.


    "Oh Gezzzuss!!!! Ohhhhh Godddd!!!!!"

    Two quick violent jerks from her hips and the orgasm crashed home.

    And in complete exhaustion from their love making, both Kelli and Barbara collapsed, their bodies tumbling apart as they panted to catch their breath.

    Their bodies touched lightly, their arms and hands stroked each others naked, glistening flesh as they held each other tenderly.


    Kelli and Barbara's domestic tranquilly was shattered once again by Craig.

    Their idyllic lesbian life could not have been a more happy partnership. But once again, the ogre of Barbara's past, raised its head, as Craig, having got over the initial lust of his new girlfriend, finally realized that Barbara was going to get the lion's share of the wealth that he alone had created during their marriage.

    Craig's girlfriend, was not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, and initially, the sex had been so good, that he looked through her shortcomings. The only thing she was not short on in their relationship was the incredible sexual thrills she gave him.

    Kelli was working very hard to sell the Rush's home, so that she and Barbara could get on with their lives.

    After numerous offers had been presented, each having some slight element lacking to satisfy Craig, Kelli had finally received a full price offer from an Oriental gentleman. The man had lots of cash, and very few questions. She loved this type of buyer as it meant a good, solid and fast escrow.

    In fact, the Chinese gentleman wanted the Rush's house so bad, that he offered five thousand dollars more than they were asking. This made the deal all that much more solid. A ready and willing and able buyer. Kelli knew from experience that Orientals if anything, always tried to strike the hardest bargain.

    Only now, Craig was balking.

    "I want Barbara to redo our marital settlement agreement," Craig said with more than just a hint of malice in his voice.

    Kelli had agreed to meet with him at Coco's restaurant, a neutral ground, now that she and Barbara were inseparable.

    "That cunt is getting everything I worked for. She could probably find ice cubes in hell faster than I can create that kind of estate again," he continued, his tone becoming darker.

    Kelli was in a situation she detested.

    He was right.

    Barbara was getting almost everything due to his own greed for a new woman. In the cold light of day, she knew that his arguments would stand up in divorce court, no matter how much mud slinging Barbara could manage to dredge up about his abusive past. Her lesbian relationship with Kelli was well known to Craig, and he would stop at no lengths to use it if he had to.

    An expose of this kind could quickly ruin the young real estate agent's career.

    Kelli's mind raced as she tried to come up with solutions to the seemingly unsolvable problem.

    She went back to the office and discussed the details of Craig's demands with her broker. He was no help. He was perfectly correct in pointing out to Kelli that the proceeds of the house sale were a matter to be decided by the parties in the divorce. Real estate law did not come into play at all.

    Discouraged and dejected, Kelli decided to put the problem aside for one full day, and let Barbara and Craig's lawyers try to come to a settlement.

    The buyer of their home put all cash into escrow and was ready to close the deal as soon as Craig and Barbara signed the Grant Deed. It could have been the quickest sale in history.

    Now, it was bogged down.

    To top it off, Mr. and Mrs. Fu, the buyers of Barbara's home, were anxious to move in. They were calling constantly to see if their offer was still valid.

    Kelli usually handled this kind of pressure with ease, but her whole world had begun to revolve totally around Barbara and she was increasingly less able to put things in perspective.

    Coming through the front door, Kelli smiled as Barbara immediately fell to her knees and assumed the proper greeting position.

    Will I ever get tired of this? she wondered as she smiled at her submissive lesbian lover, who was now into the second set of ten kisses, these, on Kelli's thighs.

    "Oh darling, he's being SUCH a bastard!" Kelli sighed then shuddered as Barbara placed the tenth kiss on her pussy.

    "I hope you're lawyer knows how to get him to be a little more agreeable. I just want to get on with our life together."

    "You know Barbara," Kelli continued, "I make enough money for the two of us, and you really don't need it."

    But what if you ever leave ME? Barbara thought to herself.

    "Let's just get to bed early tonight, darling. Maybe things will be different in the morning," Kelli said as they walked upstairs together, arms around each others waist.

    The deep love they felt for each other had not subsided a bit. Even though Barbara had worried once in a while what might happen when she got older and Kelli found another younger woman, their love had just deepened and grew even stronger, the longer they stayed together.

    As they snuggled under the sheets together, sleeping in the spoon position, Barbara and Kelli didn't realize it, but the answer was being worked on, some miles away.


    Laura tossed and turned in her bed as the night wore on. She had become so intensely jealous of Barbara now that she and Kelli were living together. Her rage grew with each passing day as her contact with Kelli was now limited to that of the traditional boss subordinate relationship.

    She and Kelli had not made love forever, it seemed, and Laura's jealousy was had no boundaries. If only she could get that bitch Kelli out of the picture. If only she could have Barbara exclusively as HER lover. Oh, how happy she would make the woman, Laura was sure.

    Fitfully, she tossed again, punching the pillow hard.

    "Damn! Damn the cunt! Damn! Damn! Damn!" she cried as she finally fell asleep.

    The next day, Laura put her plan into motion.

    "Hi Kelli," Laura smiled sweetly at her boss as she came into the office.

    "I've made some fresh coffee and brought in biscuits. Care for some?"

    "Yeah, sure," Kelli responded halfheartedly, not really paying attention. She had slept fitfully herself the night before.

    "I've also prepared your daily agenda, and here's the morning hot sheet," Laura said as she placed the steaming mug and two fresh biscuits with jam on Kelli's desk.

    As Kelli leafed through the computer printout, her eyes scanned for new listings in Rancho Cordova.

    While she was very good at her business, she realized that she didn't get all the listings available. Just too many bases to cover, but she kept an eye on her competition. She never let anything get by, and making notes on the new listings, she noted her calendar to call on those homes when the current listing expired. If a house didn't sell in the initial listing period, usually six months, she was a cinch to pick it up on the rebound.

    It was too early to make calls for listing appointments, so she took the time to scan the local Realtor Board Newsletter, again keeping abreast of the competition. She noted that Ed Lopat's memorial service was attended by over one hundred fellow realtors.

    "Fuckin' stupid ass wipes," she thought to herself. "Didn't those jackasses know he had been screwing them blind his whole career?"

    Too early to call people at home, but not too early to call the escrow companies to see how her numerous deals were doing.

    She always fretted just a bit whenever the escrow companies didn't have immediate answers to the myriad problems that arose in any real estate transaction.

    She was especially interested to find out if the Fu's had made any new waves over the purchase of the Rush's home. Once satisfied that everything was on track there, except for the fact that Craig Rush had still not come in to sign the Grant Deed, Kelli breathed a sigh of relief and picked up the phone.

    "Hi darling," she whispered as Barbara lifted the receiver on the other end, "just wanted to say 'I love you' and have a terrific day."

    She listened for a moment, then answered.

    "Don't worry, I think we'll get him squared away once his lawyer gets those photographs of that night you, Laura, he and I spent together."

    "I'll see you around six love, bye now."

    Kelli hung up the telephone and drew an invisible pattern on her desk as she pondered her next move.

    Deciding to go cold calling in Rancho Cordova, she picked up her purse and headed out the door, only to hear at the last moment, Laura's lilting voice.

    "Uh, Kelli? Could I see you for just a minute?"

    "I'm in a hurry Laura, what's up?"

    "I… uh… Oh, never mind, it slipped my mind," she said offhandedly.

    Laura was about to try one more power play, but the look in Kelli's eyes said 'Don't fuck with me' and Laura's mind flashed immediately to the night of punishment at the pretty girl's hands. She thought better of it.

    Instead, after Kelli was in her car and safely out in the parking lot, she picked up the telephone.

    "Hi. Don't worry, I waited until I was sure she was gone. I'm so glad you agreed to see me Barbara. When do you want me to come over?"

    She was out the door and in her car five minutes after Kelli left.

    Driving into the Rush's driveway, Laura noticed the large 'SOLD – ASK FOR KELLI STROUD' sign on the For Sale sign, and she inwardly smiled.

    "We'll see who has the last laugh."

    Barbara Rush hesitantly opened the door just a crack, and seeing that it was Laura, quickly let her in.

    Kelli had worn the bush shirt and a pretty flounced skirt. Her young body showed off its delicious curves and delectable thighs to their fullest as she walked inside. Barbara had a lump of desire in her throat as she soaked in Laura's pretty looks.

    "I shouldn't be doing this," Barbara started to say as Laura cut her off with a full kiss on her mouth.

    "Oh God, I've wanted to do that ever since I was forced to make love to you Barbara," Laura shook as she held the older woman tightly.

    "You just don't know how I've longed to see you again. I'm sorry if I bugged you with my telephone calls, but oh Barbara, I will never get the scent of your sweet body out of my mind – ever," the young girl said as she placed her lips once again on the yielding mouth.

    "Mmmmm," Barbara sighed. "I really really shouldn't be doing this Laura, but I have to admit, you were so exciting. I won't forget either, the way we had to please each other. It was so exciting. You know I love Kelli… very much… and this makes me feel, well… you know… kind of unfaithful?"

    "Oh Barbara, don't be silly. We both know how attracted we were to each other. What's the harm in exploring it a little more. Besides, what if Kelli ever decides it's over between you two?"

    The words shook Barbara's very soul.

    But she knew there was more than a grain of truth to the young girl's remarks. She wouldn't hold her beauty or firm tits forever. What if Kelli took off one day for a younger lover?

    Laura saw the self centered fear rise in Barbara's eyes.

    "Forget it Barbara. I didn't meant it. I shouldn't have even said it," Laura's brows drew together in an agonized expression.

    She was finally there, as Barbara had caved in on her constant telephoning, and now she almost ruined the mood.

    "Come here, Barbara. Please? Come here," Laura continued as she held the other woman's arm and steered her towards the couch.

    "Come close to me darling."

    As Barbara sat on the couch, Laura was immediately all over her smothering her face with kisses in a need that had been buried since that night of forced lovemaking. She kissed the older woman's eyes, mouth and ears, then down the nape of her neck, then back up to full on her mouth, darting her tongue deep inside Barbara's open lips.

    "Oh Laura," Barbara said, her eyelids half closed in passion.

    "You are so young… so beautiful!"

    "I could just look at you for hours Barbara. There is something about your sexuality, your maturity, your sensuousness. I was attracted to you from the first moment we met."

    "You were?" Barbara said, as she removed the comb from Laura's hair, letting it cascade down over her shoulders. She looked even younger now. Her billowing silky locks of contrasting blonde shades mingled their fresh washed scent and created the prettiest, most sensual look imaginable. The two woman were rapidly getting turned on.

    Without further hesitation, Laura was unbuttoning Barbara's blouse, and freed her breasts, bending to suck the firm white flesh into her needy mouth. Her lips teased Barbara's nipples to hardness with alternating nips of her teeth and open mouth. Barbara started moving under her touch.

    At the same time, Laura was unbuttoning her own blouse, anxious for her pert breasts to be bared to receive the same touch she was giving the other woman.

    Soon their clothes lay in a heap at the end of the couch as the women sensuously ground their bodies together, kissing deeply, sighing as they took their time arousing each other's hunger to fever pitch.

    "You are so beautiful," Barbara sighed.

    "You too, Barbara," Laura moved against her.

    As Laura worked her mouth back up Barbara's body to the nape of her neck she started with small open mouthed kisses and lingered there, teasing the flesh, bringing little twinges of pleasure as her mouth again worked its way back down to the hard nipples. She rolled them around in her mouth, nipping, biting, then sucking them deeply as Barbara's thighs started to rub together in aroused need.

    Her pussy scent hit Laura like a thunderbolt, as her own pussy responded by leaking its thick fluid on Barbara's stomach.

    "God, we are both so wet!" Barbara almost shrieked as Laura bit her left nipple.

    "Hmmmmm, love it!" Laura gasped.

    Sliding over the edge of the couch, the young girl took both of Barbara's knees and held them lightly as she separated her legs. She knelt down between the yawning thighs and bent her head to taste the smell hat had just excited her.

    "Oh Barbara, I could smell this forever," she said as she pushed two of her fingers in the dripping slit and brought them to her nose. She inhaled deeply and her cheeks flushed scarlet as she sensuously placed the fingers in Barbara's mouth.

    "Taste yourself."

    Barbara's mouth opened and licked her own pussy juice from Laura's fingers.

    "Mmmm, tastes like honey," she panted.

    Lowering her head, Laura breathed lightly on the wet lips, and bent to kiss them.


    She couldn't control herself and jammed her face and tongue deeply into Barbara's cunt, licking the inner walls of her vagina like a woman possessed. Barbara's thighs wrapped tightly around the kneeling girl's head as she placed her hands in the blonde hair, pulling the adoring face hard against her.

    Her body started moving up and down against the sweet lips. Her cunt started twitching from the incredible pleasure the young girl was bringing her.

    "Ooooh, that feels so good Laura."

    "Mmmmmmmm," came the muffled reply.

    As Laura's tongue slid over the hard clitoris and buried itself once more in the slippery folds, she started a rhythmic side to side movement inside Barbara's cunt. From time to time she would thrust her tongue deep inside the pussy, and roll it around, bringing fresh spasms from the squirming flesh underneath her.

    "Oh! My God!"

    "Oh Laura!!"

    "Go on… faster… oh hurry!!"

    "This is only an appetizer," the young girl lifted her head and said in a huskier voice, her eyelids drooped with passion.

    Barbara did not have long to wait, as she stretched her long legs straight out then brought them together again over Laura's naked back.

    As her pussy lips swelled in passion, Laura went into action and without missing a beat lashed her furiously working tongue on Barbara's clitoris. She dug her index finger into Barbara's foaming cunt, and slid the next finger into her now lubricated asshole.

    This touched off a fresh orgasm in the woman.

    As her fingers worked in and out of both of the holes, she drew a cry of passion from Barbara's throat.

    Her moans of passion were inarticulate now, sobbing and protracted moans of release as her body thrashed on the couch, cumming in torrents.

    After they had spent their passions, they sat on the couch like lovers newly reunited, and shared their secret innermost thoughts.

    "Oh Laura, I never knew it could be better than it was with Kelli," the older woman softly spoke.

    Laura lifted her head to take in the full impact of what Barbara was saying.

    "With you it is just so soft, so incredibly sexy, so loving. None of the submission or pain that Kelli likes to have with her sex."

    "I kind of liked that at first," she continued her confession, "it was sexy as hell. But lately, her twists are becoming more and more kinky, and even though I still enjoy her, making love to another woman has never meant as much, or been enjoyed as much by me, until now."

    "With you," she added.

    "Oh Barbara, I feel the same way," Laura's eyes shined brightly with happiness as her plan was working perfectly.

    "I've got an idea…" She started to unfold her story to Barbara, who listened with rapt attention.


    "Fucking lousy day," Kelli muttered as she drove back down the freeway to San Carmel. "I never did like cold door knocking and now I remember why!"

    Having spent the afternoon soliciting business house to house, she was surprised at the last home she visited by a man who invited her in.

    Then practically raped her.

    She bolted through the door to the safety of her car and vowed this would be the last time she went door knocking.

    Her skirt was torn where the man tried to force his hands underneath to fondle her as he backed her into his bedroom. She should have known better than to go inside whenever a man answered the door… dressed only in a bathrobe. Her mind had been so preoccupied with the Craig and Barbara divorce that she just had not been thinking right.

    She noticed a tear in her nylons and swore again.

    As she increased her speed to keep up with the flow of traffic she was cruising along at seventy miles an hour and back in San Carmel in ten minutes.

    It was six o'clock when her wheels touched the pavement of her driveway.

    As she opened the front door, a look of dismay crossed her face as Barbara was not there to welcome her home. Something was wrong, her sixth sense told her before darkness fell over her eyes from the blow to her neck.

    Kelli slowly regained consciousness and was aware that she had difficulty moving.

    What happened?

    Am I paralyzed?

    Where am I?

    As light gradually crept back into her eyes, she realized she was in her own bed, but she could not move.

    Trying to move her arms and legs, felt like lead weights were attached to them.

    She didn't know it right away, but she was right.

    Barbara and Laura entered the room to watch the girl regain consciousness. They had spread eagled her on the bed, tying her hands and feet to the four corners and added heavy weights to the ends of her limbs, stretching her taut.

    Kelli Stroud was naked.

    Naked and in bondage.

    Laura started to tell the bound girl it was payback time. Time to get even for shoving her aside. Kelli tested her bonds, but couldn't move an inch. She wondered what would come next.

    Both Laura and Kelli wore nothing but panties and heels, and the twin sight of naked flesh made Kelli's pussy lubricate, even in the predicament she was in.

    God she loved women.

    Laura took a thin leather belt from the night stand and started to lightly strike the bound girl on her thighs, then moved up to her breasts. Kelli twitched at each lash, and started to jump in her bonds, but she was powerless to escape the stinging blows.

    After covering her body with a series of lashes that marked Kelli's flesh from her shoulders to her ankles, Barbara brought some warm oil in and rubbed it over the writhing girl's body. After that, Laura started whipping her again. The stinging blows were enhanced by the oil, and Kelli felt every measure that Laura laid on her. She was in agony after a hundred more blows struck her struggling body.

    "Owwww, oh why are you doing this?" her cry sang out.

    "Time to pay the piper Kelli darling," Laura sneered.

    "B… Barbara, why? What have I ever done to you?" Kelli continued.

    Without a word, Barbara pulled her panties down over her hips, and stuffed them into Kelli's protesting mouth, gagging her completely.


    "There, that's better," Barbara spoke as she turned to Laura.

    With a quiet yet stem voice, Barbara told Kelli that she was in for more. She untied the girl's ankles from the end of the bed and brought her legs back over her head, attaching them now to the same corners that held her hands.

    They informed the hapless Kelli that she was going to get a punishment enema, her ass was so helpless exposed and open now.

    The two women walked into the bathroom and arranged the equipment making sure their words and the sounds of the instruments were loud enough for Kelli to hear in the other room. It gave the bound girl plenty of time to contemplate the very filling intrusion that would soon be coming.

    They could hear her whimpering through her gag as they returned holding the bag.

    "You know you deserve this, Kelli," Laura started.

    Barbara held the insertion hose as Laura arranged the bag on top of the four poster to ensure maximum flow.

    Taking some Vaseline, she lubricated the insertion nozzle and plunged it into Kelli's gaping asshole, and another moan escaped her gagged mouth as the hard plastic slid in to its full length. Laura and Barbara took turns playfully pulling the nozzle in and out, fucking the crinkly rosebud as they brought Kelli to another state of anticipation.

    It seemed the bound girl actually enjoyed it as her ass wriggled on the bed and seemed to move towards the nozzle, trying to capture it deep in her ass.

    Laura reached for the clip and with a flick of her fingers, started the hot punishing flow into Kelli's abdomen.

    As the four quart enema emptied into the girl's body, the cramping became severe but Laura and Barbara helped it along with several hard spanks to her exposed ass cheeks.

    "Take it all Kelli."


    "You know you need this, don't you Kelli?"


    Kelli Stroud was in agony by the time the bag emptied its last drop into her now distended belly. Her ass was on fire from the slaps both women were giving her along the way. She suffered painfully at the hands of her lover and Laura, and her pain wracked body started to shift into a trembling of need.

    She wished the two women would stroke her pussy also.

    The pain had turned into pleasure.

    As if hearing her unspoken need, Laura bent low to lick and kiss the bound girl's gaping slash, as her hand played with the nozzle still in the bound girl's ass.

    Another moan of desire came form Kelli, as Barbara now started kissing and sucking her nipples.


    After bringing Kelli to the peak of release, both women, almost as if a signal passed between them, abruptly stopped their ministrations on the struggling flesh.

    They stood up, pulled the enema syringe out of Kelli's ass and replaced it with a thick butt plug, holding the punishing fluids in her body.

    "Enjoy you enema darling," Barbara said as they walked out of the bedroom.

    "We've got a lot of plans to make. Don't worry, we'll be back to let you release it," Laura added.

    "Sometime," they both said in unison.

    Their smiles grew larger as they knew the torment Kelli would suffer, unable to expel the fluids.

    "Oh, almost forgot," Laura added as she walked back in with a Polaroid camera.

    She flashed several pictures of the bound and suffering Kelli, and tossed the camera on the bed, taking the pictures with her. She placed one picture next to Kelli's head. The tormented girl looked over and could see that there was no mistaking the subject of the picture.

    Her face was clearly visible. "I might just have to put these up in the lunch room at the office," Laura sneered as she took the remaining pictures with her.

    Kelli's wail of anguish rose in the room.

    As Barbara and Kelli left, they each laughed at how they were able to turn the tables on the conniving, power hungry young real estate agent.

    Unknown to Kelli, Craig Rush had come to his senses once more as did Barbara.

    While Kelli was out knocking on doors in Rancho Cordova that afternoon, Craig and Barbara's lawyers reached an amicable settlement, and the divorce would be final in a week.

    Also, Craig and Barbara both had signed a statement stating that no commission was to be paid to Kelli Stroud. They knew she could fight them on this if she wanted to as real estate contracts were pretty tight, but figured they would somehow find a way to make her agree.

    With the pictures safely tucked away, Barbara knew now that Kelli wouldn't fight her at all.

    She and Laura packed their bags, and took off together for the new home Barbara had purchased for her new life as the lesbian partner to the young Laura Conway.

    Their love was so simple.

    So pure.

    None of the hatred and pain that she had experienced with Kelli.

    The two women made love long and often, and each time it was sweeter than the last. Their's was a true, lesbian love.

    Before leaving, they mailed the key to Barbara's house to the escrow company, and knew it would only be a day until they received it.

    They tucked a little note inside with the key, telling them to make an immediate inspection of the house, especially the master bedroom as soon as they received the key.

    They knew that Kelli wouldn't suffer any damage from holding her punishment enema for twenty four hours, and only wished they could have been there when the people from the escrow company found her tied to the bed, writhing in pain… and pleasure.

    A month after the startled escrow secretary entered the Rush's home, Kelli was hauled before the Ethics Committee of the Board of Realtors and stripped of her license.

    Without any means of support, she soon lost all of her toys, her possessions, her own quickly acquired wealth. She was last seen in the company of a stern looking biker woman, a bull dyke who loved to inflict pain and submission on her various love partners.

    Kelli had degenerated into the role of abject sex slave, still looking for the perfect woman in her life.

    She would never find her. She would only find a cruel sadistic woman, who would fulfill every depraved need she craved.


    "You are a very beautiful girl, Laura," Barbara said as she softly stroked her young lover's arm.

    Laura blushed again. "No, no, you're the one who is beautiful," she stammered.

    Barbara laughed. "Tell me, what did you think of the way we left Kelli, honestly."

    "Well, it served her right," Laura replied.

    "I take it you didn't like that?" Barbara whispered, her breath now close to Laura's ear…

    "I… I guess I didn't like her way of doing business, or the way she was treating you Barbara darling."

    "You know what you like, I am sure. That is why I am so happy we're together." Barbara refilled Laura's wine glass.

    As Laura watched Barbara walk to the kitchen for more wine, she looked at her longingly, again, as if for the very first time.

    She was so tender with her.

    So loving.

    So incredibly sexy for an older woman.

    Barbara Rush had such a beautiful and graceful walk, like a princess. Her long island skirt blew softly around the outline of her legs with each step she took and an occasional glimpse of white thigh protruded through the slit, fueling an immediate hot flash in Laura's stomach.

    And the silken sheer blouse clung to those nipples which now were rock hard underneath the softly moving fabric.

    Returning with two filled wine glasses, Barbara sat down again next to her young lover and spoke the words she never thought she would.

    "Laura, darling, let's get married. I know a minister who will marry lesbian couples, and I want to prove to you that I will stay with you forever. I even want my name to be the same as yours. Barbara Conway. It has such a nice sound to it. Barbara Conway," she said as she enveloped the pretty girl in her arms, and kissed her deeply.


    "Your pussy hair is too thick," the voice matter-of-factly said.

    Kelli could feel fingers pulling through her cunt hairs, grabbing them, twisting them.

    "A little singe or two should take care of that!"

    The heat of the poker approached her pussy and Kelli again tried to scream. She was almost screamed out.




    The poker's heat seared her cunt lip as it burned away her pubic hair.

    "I'll bet you'd also like me to tattoo the insides of your cunt lips wouldn't you," the voice took on a sadistic tone.




    Kelli's voice trailed off, her fear choking in her throat.

    She bucked arid strained against the tight leather holding her immobile, terrified of the blazing hot poker that her tormentor wanted to sear inside of her pussy. How could anyone be so cruel?

    She had come here only to be tattooed.

    A nice, feminine tattoo.

    A pale, pink rose on her left buttock.

    Or was it right buttock?

    She started to play games in her own mind.

    Question and answer.

    Answer the question.



    She was terrified and did not want to think of what might happen to her next.

    "No, I think I'll wait until the next visit," the voice said.

    "I haven't finished with this yet…"




    A fresh brand was placed under the crease of her left buttock.


    Plleeeeeasse!!! Noooooo!!!"


    She screamed into the darkness.

    "Oh yes my little pet, you need much more marking."


    The crease under her right buttock now felt the searing white hot poker.



    Kelli started to choke on her own spital as the pain was unbearable.




    Her words and screams were unintelligible.

    The branding continued.

    "My you look so lovely," the quiet voice whispered into her ear as the poker burned her flesh over and over.


    Kelli looked like a martyr of biblical times, her flesh burned and tormented for the sins of her soul.

    The pain passed through the threshold where pain and pleasure mixed. She now welcomed the searing heat. Welcomed its cleansing fire. It washed away all the sins of her past.

    Her pussy throbbed as her backside burned.

    Her clit distended.

    Another marking place.

    "Ah, this should be properly tattooed also!"


    "Noooooooooooo… mm!!"


    Kelli's screams faded as her throat turned dry.

    "I've had about all of the screaming I can take from you," the voice huskily said.

    "Perhaps you'd like me to cauterize this??!!"

    The poker came with in inches of Kelli's lips and the intense heat startled her as she tried to move her head away.

    She couldn't.

    She immediately conjured up what her face would look like if she were disfigured there by the terrible tattooing of a white hot branding poker.

    "N… no… I… n… noooo…noooooooo!!"

    Her voice returned to its terrified pitch as her body convulsed in absolute terror.

    She would never kiss again.

    She would never lick pussy again.

    She would never want to be licked or kissed by anyone again if she was burned there.

    She would never be desirable again.

    Her agony continued, as the poker was withdrawn as fast as it was put there.

    Kelli's pussy was dripping wet now.

    She didn't know why.

    Somehow, the terrible agony she was undergoing touched off the deepest submissive streak in her soul. The terrible ordeal was exciting her.

    "Ah, I see your pussy is wet. You slut."

    The voice was talking matter-of-factly now.

    "Well, what if I seal it closed right now."

    She could feel the heat between the tops of the curves of her inner thighs, and again tried to recoil from the terrible instrument.



    "Arawwwwghawwwwww!!!!!" her scream tore out again as the iron touched the insides of her thighs in two quick short strokes.

    Her thighs twitched involuntarily as they tried to relieve the horrible pain.

    Kelli orgasmed at the same time.

    "Unnnnhhhhhhhhhh! Oh God!!!"



    The poker touched her again, an inch below the first two marks.

    "Aaaawwwwwwwww… nnnoooooooo!!!!"

    Her perspiring body jerked and heaved.

    The passion and the pain mingled.

    Kelli was transported into a rapturous state she never new existed.

    Her pussy flowed like an untamed river as drop after drop of cunt cream pooled on the floor between her legs. She was cumming without any stimulus to her most sensitive parts.

    She was cumming from the pain and pleasure of her punishing tattoo.

    Cumming hard.



    Bucking and jerking.

    She started to whimper as she grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly, her tormentor's hand was on her clitoris, now distended longer than it had ever been.

    Her feet pressed harder into the floor to strain her aching pussy towards the hands that were now softly stroking and exciting her pussy even more.

    "You are nothing but a naughty, naughty little girl, Kelli. Shame on you for wanting to tattoo this lovely body," the hands continued working their magic.


    The first blow caught her just below the crease of her buttocks, where the charred thin lines still throbbed.

    Kelli cried out again and pulled hard against her bondage trying to free herself from the agonizing pain.

    It didn't work.


    Soon, fresh tears were running down her pretty face as her tormentor started to give her a paddling over her fresh branded tattoo.

    The pain though, was somehow very highly erotic. So erotic that Kelli could hardly stand it. She wanted the fingers in her pussy again, as her paddling continued. The feelings grew more and more stimulating as each blow to her tender raw bottom fell with more force.

    She no longer tried to escape the awful blows that landed on her raw flesh. Instead, she was trying only to satisfy the raging needs of her dripping pussy. She wanted to cum again, and cum hard.

    The hand reach around her hips again and started to stroke her pussy. Her ass churned in desire as far as the tight leather straps would allow as she pressed her wet slit against the soft fingers.

    "Unnhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she moaned against the stroking fingers.

    "Arghhhhhhhh!!!" she screamed as the blows continued down on her burned buttocks.

    Again, the paddling on her buttocks commenced with renewed vigor. Kelli's tormentor knew just how to bring her to the edge of a pleasure filled release, then draw her back with more pain.

    The feeling of the hand smacking her punished and tattooed ass was driving her wild. She wanted more. Much more.

    Kelli thrashed wildly in her bonds, held tightly in place for over two hours now.

    A steady stream of moans and groans filled the dank room. The smell of her cunt juice and perspiration smacked her nostrils with a tremendous rush. Blow after blow landed on her ass.

    The pain was growing worse, but so was the pleasure. All thought had been driven from her mind except the wonderful feelings in her pussy and the terrible pain in her body. The hot sensations of the instrument of pain, and the fingers of pleasure overrode everything else.

    "I'm going to free one hand, Kelli."

    Was it over?

    She felt her right hand start to loosen as the tight leather strap was removed.

    "I want to watch you play with your pussy as I continue with your punishment," the voice gently whispered.

    Kelli could still not see her tormentor.

    But she couldn't believe her ears, either.

    She knew that once she started touching herself, that there would be no way that she could pretend that she wasn't loving what was happening to her.

    On the other hand, if she refused, she was terrified of what her tormentor would do to her further. Her whole body was on fire from the terrible tattooing and she craved a release from both the pain, and the pleasure.

    With a choked cry mingled with pain and desire, need and fear all mingled in the same gut wrenching groan, Kelli reached between her legs. She could hardly believe that just minutes ago she had cum. Already, she was so wet and so hot that she couldn't hold back.

    Her hand moved with a will of its own, stroking her wet lips, driving her senses even higher.

    She heard footsteps behind her as her tormentor watched her play with her pussy. Kelli loved to masturbate and she really got into it. Her fingers were mashing wildly in her juicing cunt.


    As she felt the hand descend on her raw ass meat again, Kelli's fingers started to fly in her pussy and onto her clit. The sensations were so intense both down there and back on her buns that she almost lost control. She didn't though. She kept masturbating herself hard.

    "Count, Kelli," the voice started.

    "I want you to count each stroke I give you."

    The command was almost too much for Kelli. In her present state she could hardly concentrate on her clit when she was being spanked. She was so hot that she didn't think she could keep an accurate count.

    Not that she cared.

    Her tormentor could spank her a thousand harsh whacks, the pleasure was so great.

    As she started to count each stroke being delivered to her punished globes, her voice contained all the emotion of the moment. It spoke of the burning pain in her ass, the incredible arousal in her pussy.

    No matter how hard it was to concentrate on the pleasure and the pain, Kelli did not lose count of the strokes. Nor did her hand ever leave the delicious folds of her cunt.

    She needed that contact. It was the only thing that kept her from going out of her mind from the arousal and the horrible pain of being spanked over her fresh branding marks. Her hand quickly became a blur as it flew around her oily slick clit.


    She started cumming hard. Harder than she had ever cum in her life. Her pussy was a steady stream of cum juice, raw clit and puffed pussy lips. Her fingers were lost inside of her folds as she bucked her pelvis hard against them.

    The paddling on her ass started to slow down.

    Her hand started to slow down.

    She jerked for the twentieth time in orgasm as the mind blowing experience drained every last ounce of reserve from Kelli Stroud's body.

    She moaned her final moan of release and suddenly felt something very hard between the crease of her ass cheeks.

    Was it a cock?

    Or a dildo?

    She never knew exactly who her tormentor was.

    She felt the thick head pressing hard on her punished buttocks.

    There was no lubrication, other than her pussy cream that had flowed down under her cunt and between the lowest part of her ass. She felt the hardness dip down into the slick goo, then back up to her asshole.

    The thick member started to press home.

    For the first time since Kelli had been commanded to touch herself, she took her hands from her pussy and tightly clenched the flesh of her inner thigh.

    She grabbed hard.

    She wanted to not deny the entrance of the thickness now invading her most private hole.

    It started out gently. Soon, a wild thrusting started into her ass as the thickness buried itself in her rectum a full nine inches. She was completely stuffed.

    And loved it.

    She started wiggling again.

    As much as her bondage would allow.

    Kelli felt as though she was being torn apart by the way that the thickness thrust into her. The cock, or dildo, was so deep inside of ass that it was almost like being permanently impaled. It was a feeling so intense, so hot, that she almost passed out.

    Hands grabbed her hips and used the leverage to push even more deeply into her asshole. Now, with every thrust, she could feel her sore thighs pressing against flesh.

    That was all it took to start her cumming again.

    "Ohhhhhh yessss!"

    "Fuck me!!"

    "Fuck my asshole!!"

    "Hurt me!!"


    "I want you to fuck me hard and deep!!!"

    "Fuck my asshole and never stop!!"


    Her screams flowed from her throat as Kelli shook and trembled, convulsed and jerked in another orgasm, and she passed out, totally, completely, thoroughly spent.



    The voice brought her awake in an instant.

    "We thought we lost you there for a moment," the smiling face of the tattoo artist looked down at her.

    "I didn't mean to use so much anesthetic, must be losing my touch," the smiling gentleman quietly helped her up as he spoke.

    "Like it?" he asked.

    Kelli looked into his hand held mirror and admired the pale pink rose tattoo on her left buttock.

    "You must have been having a terrible nightmare," the man continued.

    "Let this heal for awhile before you bath."

    "Come back in two days, and I'll help remove the skin that didn't take the ink. Don't worry, it will not be painful."

    "And," he added, "I won't need to use the anesthetic."

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