The big whip-off


    Denise Albertson was angry as hell when she left the house of her good friend Stacy Miller. Not that she was in the least bit upset at her school chum. Just the opposite was true. She rarely felt better, or more free, then when she spent time with the girl.

    What upset her was the man sitting in the plain car parked out at the front curb. She had known the driver of the car for two years longer then she had know Stacy. And she hated that as well! It was a situation made worse because she knew it wouldn't be changing in the near future. It was only part of the price she paid for being born into an incredibly rich family. One headed by a tyrannical father who demanded twenty-four hour security for the entire family, seven days a week. Not that Dad gave a damn about anything she did. Her watch dog wasn't there to keep Denise sweet and chaste. No notice was ever paid to any report made back to Charles Albertson about any sexual romps or wild parties she attended. Nothing was ever said to her, and probably wouldn't. Unless she suddenly wanted to find out what life as a mass murder was like.

    But then, that was the reason she was so closely watched. To make sure Denise never got into a position that could even accidentally soil the family name, or drag it through the mud of unwanted press.

    Long before things got to that point where photographers could get anything which could be potentiality damaging, no matter what her condition was, Denise would be swooped away and returned to the safety of the family estate.

    She was also watched to make sure no one tried to use her against her father. The value of the family name and fortune was of greater importance to Charles Albertson then Denise or her happiness.

    She hated it. Always had, but Denise was used to it. Putting up with this dreadful treatment only because she had no choice in matter. It was all part of the reason why she enjoyed being around Stacy. Compared to her own, the girl's life was so "normal", so ordinary. All the things Denise would never know about until her father finally died.

    Denise did her best not to think about the man sitting in the front seat of the plain blue sedan. At least she didn't have to ride with him, she thought. She had her own car and could come and go as she chose.

    Only there would always be someone right behind her. Men like Alex, there waiting patently in the blue car, working in shifts so that the heiress to one of America's biggest empires couldn't make an unattended move. Or have one made against her.

    Sure, she'd tried to show the men up or get away from their watchful eyes. Once Denise had even seduced one of her watchers. She couldn't remember now who it had been, possibly it was Alex. She had hoped to get one of them on her side. To turn him with her womanly charms so he'd forget to look after her once in awhile. It didn't work.

    Her father did find it amusing though. Giving her points for using the skills and opportunities available to her to get what she wanted out of life. Dad's kind words somehow didn't make her feel any better.

    Denise had even managed to give the boys the slip on a couple of occasions. And in reprisal her father had assigned an even larger army of men to look after her. Making them so blatantly obvious as a protective shroud covering her, Denise broke down and promised she'd be "a good girl" from now on.

    Daddy had won again. Daddy always won. Honoring her word, Denise no longer tried to ditch her watch dogs. But it didn't mean she had to like them. Or pay any attention to them. Denise did her best to ignore the fact the man existed as she walked around the back fender of her car. Not doing as much as glancing towards his car as she dug the keys from her purse. "Excuse me… Miss?"

    Her head spun. Denise felt scared and embarrassed all in that one breathe. She had been so intent on not paying attention to Alex, she'd never noticed there could have been anyone else on the street. Let alone one as big as this man. He was huge!

    "Yes?" Her response was completely automatic. One to give Denise the time she needed to get herself back under control.

    "You're perfect," the man said, taking Denise by surprise once more with his strange statement.

    Before she could give it much thought, his hand came up quickly. There was a small aerosol spray can held in his fingers. He gave Denise one blast of spray in the face before she could say another word. Or move.

    She wanted to wipe whatever the stuff was off her face, only her hand wouldn't move. Just like the way her feet refused to move her away from the man with the strange leer on his face.

    Her mouth wouldn't even open so she could scream!

    Pure, stupefying panic hit Denise as she slowly discovered she couldn't make her body do a single thing. Not one of her muscles would work for her. Still she was ready to fight. Her lungs were sucking in extra air, gathering up all the oxygen she could to fuel whatever burst of energy she'd need to escape this man.

    "Don't," he warned. "Settle down, you'll only hyperventilate or choke yourself. There's not a damn thing you can do about it."

    He held up the aerosol can so she could get a better look at it. "Stuff works instantly. Effects the nervous system. Interrupts all the signals sent out by the brain having to do with voluntary movement. All the involuntary stuff like breathing and keeping your heart pumping still work, but that's about it."

    Denise wanted to shake her head at the sound of such foolishness. Finding it hard not to laugh at the guy. She'd like to do anything at that point, but what he said seemed to be true. Her body was betraying her by refusing to do a single thing she asked it. She noticed her eyes would still blink when they dried out, and her breathing seemed to do fine by it's self, only Denise had no control over any of it.

    For the first time in her life she was happy she had a body guard. Denise couldn't wait for Alex to see she was in trouble. Wanting him to come rescue her. In fact she prayed it would be soon, so he'd get her to a doctor.

    The man holding her was making some gestures. Waving his arms around and Denise heard the sound of an engine starting up. A van pulled up next to her car, blocking off sight of their bodies from the street. But Alex still hadn't made a move. It was dark enough and the street was so quiet, none of these homeowners would ever know a kidnapping was going on until they read about it in tomorrows paper. That didn't explain why Alex hadn't taken notice. So where the fuck was he?

    The stranger took his hands off of Denise, her heart skipping a beat as she prepared herself to make a break for it. Only she still couldn't move! She couldn't even make herself fall over. She was stuck in place as her captor talked to the driver of the van. The van pulled forward and parked right next to Alex's car. The stranger came back, picking Denise up with ease and carrying her over to the company sedan. Denise saw Alex was at his post, sitting behind the wheel. Only he wasn't moving.

    Oh shit! Denise thought. They've got him too!

    "Hurry up and get the damn camera," her gigantic captor ordered. "I want to get us the fuck out of here before we're spotted."

    Denise heard the other person as he rummaged around inside the van. She also saw as the stranger leaned her up against the sedan, his hands moving towards the front of her blouse.

    "Time for the unveiling," he grinned in a sick way as he took hold of the material with both hands, and pulled. Ripping her blouse in half!

    Again Denise wanted to run, or at the very least try and cover herself up. Better yet, she'd love the chance to kick this guy in the nuts! But she was powerless to do a damn thing to prevent this big, strong man from tearing her clothes off. He didn't waste any time in unhooking her bra either as he snapped it into pieces.

    Or else he enjoyed demonstrating how helpless Denise was by taking her body inch by humiliating inch.

    He wasn't only ripping her clothes off, he was shredding her pride away in layers. And laughing at her helplessness as he did it!

    The other man was climbing out of the van. He hurried over with two cameras hanging from straps slung over his shoulders. One was a 35 mm and the other was an instant camera. Both looked like toys because this second man looked just as big and strong as her captor was. A thought Denise didn't find very comforting.

    "Now get his pants open and fish his cock out!" The new man looked at Denise's exposed tits, then down to the camera he had in his hand. "Ahh, come on Andy! Why do I have to do that part? How come I never get to do the girl?"

    "Cause I'm fucking in charge. And if you don't do it, I'll knock your fucking teeth out. Is that clear?"

    "Yeah, yeah. Big talk… big man." The muttering helper opened the driver's door and started working on Alex while Andy continued stripping Denise down. "Like to see you mouth off to the boss like that. Then you'd…"

    "Shut the fuck up! Just get his cock out. And get it looking hard while you're down there, maggot!"

    Denise couldn't help but wonder at the strength of the men who were taking her. From their looks they had to be body builders or something. The one called Andy certainly was showing no problems in manhandling her around. At the moment he had her slung over his shoulder, easily pulling off her shoes and socks. It also turned out to be a good position for him to yank off her jeans and panties.

    Leaving her as naked as a newborn in his arms.

    And just as helpless!

    "Ok, it's show time."

    Andy's buddy was more than happy to move out of the way so Denise could be set down to the ground next to open car door. It was just as if the man was bending around a Barbie doll as he twisted Denise into the pose he wanted. It didn't take much to get her down to her knees. Posing her to make it appear as if she were leaning over to take Alex's cock into her open mouth.

    They were both the perfect models. Neither Denise or Alex could move by themselves. And the cameras focused on them clicked away. First one, then the other.

    "Did you get both of their faces in the shot?" Andy asked.

    "Yeah, yeah. I know what I'm doing. I got it all. He even looks like he's having a good time. See for yourself," the helper said wistfully as he looked at the beautiful girl, handing some of the instant photos back over his shoulder to Andy.

    "Great. Get another couple just to be sure. And hey, why not get artistic?"

    Andy moved one of Alex's hands around so it looked like he was fondling one of Denise's boobs. Then he turned the blonde around so he could move her hand down between her legs.

    "Wow! That's one hot babe there," the photographer said. "Gets so hot while she's blowing the guy, she can't keep her fingers out of her snatch!" Denise wanted to cry. Never had she been so humiliated. She hated being a prisoner in her own body like this.

    "Don't worry. Your friend there don't know a thing. We used a different kind of drug on him. He's just gonna wake up with his pud hanging out and a lot of explaining to do," Alex explained. Making it sound as if he was meaning to comfort Denise.

    Only he wasn't!

    This might be the most embarrassing situation she'd ever been in, but if Alex had been awake during it, he'd be able to tell her father how terrible it had been for her. Then Denise's father would tear up the country side searching for her.

    "O.K. enough of this shit!" Andy grabbed hold of Denise, lifting up off the ground. "Get the back door open."

    The photographer quickly obeyed, getting out Andy's way as he shoved past with Denise in his arms. The big man wasn't exactly gentle as he laid the naked girl down on the back seat.

    After the thump of hitting the hard springs, Denise was quick to notice that just because she couldn't move didn't mean she didn't feel pain. It almost seemed as if her nerves were more sensitive than usual. Signaling to her if her body couldn't operate normally, it concentrated on whatever sensations it could find.

    Even worse was as much as she hated it, Denise's body was tingling with every touch of Andy's hands!

    Hands that were everywhere on her smooth skin as the muscle bound creep posed her once more. He had her laying across the rear bench seat, legs spread and ready for a good filling.

    "Naw! Can't see her face good enough. Get me something to lean her against," Andy snarled.

    The other man pulled a canvas sports bag out of the van and handed it to Andy. "Yeah, perfect," the big man said as he jammed it in behind the girl's back. Raising her head and shoulders for the cameras to look at.

    The photographer snapped off some quick shots of Denise rubbing and squeezing her breasts, fingering her clit, and then a few of her begging her unseen lover to come do her hard.

    "Great. Now let's get the hell out of here. We've been pushing our luck as it is."

    Andy looked over a handful of the instant pictures, pulling out some of the raunchiest ones which he tucked into the jacket pocket of Alex's suit. He tossed two more onto the front seat just for good measure. Reaching into the back seat, two large hands pulled Denise out. Easily muscling her onto a thin pad in the back of the waiting van.

    Denise lay exactly where Andy placed her, straining to get her body to move in any fashion at all. Not meeting with the slightest success.

    Silently screaming curses at the man in her mind for having spread her out like this. Denise tried once more to close legs which were wide open. Leaving her pussy open for anyone to look at. Or take!

    She heard the slamming of car doors and felt as Andy climbed into the back of the van with her.

    "Come on! Get us the hell out of here!" he shouted.

    The engine roared to life, the van bolting forward. But it didn't get far before Andy yelled out again. "STOP! Forgot the fucking bag!"

    Braking, the photographer threw the van in reverse. Andy jumped out the side door, returning seconds later with the canvas bag in his hand.

    "The boss would have had both of our asses if you'd left this behind," Andy growled. "ME?! What makes it my fault? You were…"

    "Shut-the-fuck-up and drive!" The van took off once more, going fast but not quick enough to burn rubber. Not doing a thing to draw attention to them as they made their retreat.

    Andy gave a quick check to his watch. "Still got about twelve minutes before I gotta listen to you bitch again," he said to Denise.

    It wasn't hard for her to see how he was looking her body over. Even in the dim light she could see the bulge of the man's growing erection. Andy was making no secret of the fact he wanted her.

    His intentions became more clear as he tugged down the zipper on his pants. Hauling out the biggest damn cocks Denise had ever imagined!

    If it weren't for the fact she had no choice in what was going on here, if she had met this man in a bar and had discovered by accident how large his male equipment was, she might have been willing to be the one doing the jumping. Just to see if it was real.

    As it was, Denise was filled with loathing. There was no way she wanted any part of the massive side of beef heading her way. She only wished she had use of her body again. That she had some way to ward this man off before he…

    Fell down on top of her!

    His cock heading right between the thighs he had so thoughtfully opened earlier. Slicing so deeply into her, Denise would have been howling in ecstasy, or pain, if she could have opened her mouth.

    Or ripping his eyes out if she could have moved her hands!

    All of her automatic responses were certainly working. Her body had already been responding from Andy's touch. By the time she had seen his cock moving towards her, Denise's pussy was sopping wet, eager to try and take his giant sized cock on.

    Whether she wanted to or not, Denise was going to give Andy the fucking he wanted!

    "Oh yeah, we're gonna be good friends. Real good friends," the frantically humping man promised.

    Right before he shot her full with his cum!


    It had been another lunch time spent at the gym. Nothing special, but then it rarely was. Leslie and Kay came here as often as they could but they certainly didn't need to do so just to maintain their figures. The lovely twosome got far more exercise in other ways then they could ever hope to match in a quick lunch hour visit to the health club.

    Either of them could have run any of the aerobic instructors into the ground, reducing them to sweat soaked blobs of panting flesh before breaking a sweat themselves.

    No, they mostly went so they could keep a watchful eye on their competition. Other women that is. To stay competitive you had to keep up with your enemy. Or at least know what she looks like.

    More often than not it turned into a case of having every other female member hating the sight of them walking in the door. And all it because of the attention they drew to themselves. There wasn't a man in the place who didn't look.

    Which, of course, was the other reason Leslie and Kay went there. One could never be too sure where your next play mate might come from. Neither girl could think of a good reason not for having a hard bodied male, or two, warming up on stand-by alert. And if you had a chance to see them half naked in a place like this, it made the picking and choosing so much easier.

    Still, it turned out to be only a so-so day. The girls didn't see anyone they couldn't live without fucking. So before one of them grabbed some hunk out of boredom, they decided to get back to the office. Their work was within easy walking distance, and the stroll would be nice on such a warm, pleasant day.

    The others who had been in the super advanced aerobics course were still reaching for oxygen bottles, but Leslie and Kay didn't have so much as a bit of moisture on their foreheads. So they didn't see much of a reason to change before heading back to the office. They'd change later.

    Of course calling what they wore for working out clothes was being more than generous. The halter tops were maybe as big as a those of a fashionable swim suit. Maybe. But then the thin spandex showed much more nipple pucker than most swim suits would. The matching spandex bottoms could easily be classified as a bikini, with only the fact that both girls were wearing tights underneath keeping them at all legal as they wandered along the busy sidewalk.

    No matter how you looked at them, and everyone along the way was, these two were sexy as hell!

    Something they took in stride as they continued their walk. Chit chatting away until the front door of the building in front of them burst open, and a rushing body came running out.

    "Out'a da fuck'n way!" the running man yelled.

    Nearby people responded quickly to him, yelling as they did so. His masked features didn't warrant much respect, so it was probably because of the gun in his hand that got their attention.

    The man was in such a hurry to get out of the bank building, yelling and waving his gun around, that he wasn't spending much time looking where he was going. No sooner had he cleared the doorway until he ran right into Leslie and Kay. Slamming hard into the redheaded Kay before he could stop himself.

    Or bring the gun to bare on her. "Hey! Watch it!" Kay yelled. Her arms were already moving. Coming up quickly with both, Kay had one hand closing over the arm holding the gun, as the other knocked the weapon up at an angle away from herself and most of the people still standing around on the street.

    She hadn't been expecting anything like this, and now that she was off balance, Kay was in the wrong position to disarm the man, or flip him away from her. So Kay went limp, letting the man's forward momentum carry him on down to the ground as she pulled on his arm. The two of them falling into a tangle of arms and legs.

    "Fuck you bitch! Let go of me!" the gunman yelled as he tried to roll away, only Kay wasn't about to let go of the gun.

    "Whatever happened to manners? Nobody ever says sorry anymore," she complained loudly as she tried to get her legs out from under the man.

    The bank door had opened with a second gunman running out. He wasn't moving nearly as quickly after seeing his buddy go down. At first the second man thought his friend had only been clumsy and had fallen down. A thought he quickly changed as he saw Leslie moving towards him.

    "You could save us all a lot of trouble if you just drop the gun now," the brunette said as she closed in on him.

    "You got trouble alright!" She had to be kidding him. Who did this half naked bimbo think she was dealing with? The man leveled his gun right at Leslie's belly, his finger pulling on the trigger.

    Only she wasn't there when the bullet fired. She had tucked her legs up and was throwing herself at his legs. Bowling him over as she struck him at the knees.

    Kay's attacker had come to the conclusion he wasn't going to be able to pull the gun out of the girl's surprisingly firm grip, so instead of running, he threw himself on top of her. Hoping that if he smacked her around a bit she might change her mind about letting go.

    His greater weight was on her all wrong and Kay had problems getting her free hand up to protect herself. As the two of them squirmed around on the sidewalk, the rough concrete was rasping at her back.

    And not doing much good for the spandex she wore!

    Snagging and ripping it apart in back. As she wriggled around, and the material didn't, her halter was pulled up over her breasts!

    Suddenly the crowd which had been running for cover, started moving back. Or at least the males did. Rubbing their eyes in disbelieve as they came.

    Leslie had her man down on the ground. His gun had flown from his hand when he hit the cement hard. Most of the air was forced from his lungs at the same time. Leslie's body was still tumbling forward as the third gunman opened the bank door. Hitting Leslie in the head with the metal edge, stunning her.

    "All of you get back! Do it or she gets it right now!" gunman number three ordered. He had a young female teller held in his arm, and he was aiming a gun at her in a most menacing way.

    The teller was terrified. Trembling in his arms, with tears running down her cheeks. If the thief hadn't had his arm wrapped around her waist, she would have dropped to the ground.

    With a squeal of tortured rubber, a car came skidding up to the curb. The driver got a good look at the sprawled out bodies and let out a curse. Charging out of the car to help comrades.

    "Come on! The place will be crawling with cops in a few seconds!" the driver shouted. He circled the care, opening both passenger side doors.

    A moaning Leslie was still trying to shake some sense back into her hurting skull as the third gunman pulled his crying hostage past her. The man she had taken down was reaching for his gun as he struggled to get back on his feet. He was far from happy with what the sexy dark haired slip of a girl had done to him, or how she had embarrassed him. But with their get-a-way car sitting there waiting, he saw a window of escape which was much more interesting to him then a chance of getting even with Leslie was.

    The driver was over helping to pull the first man out of Kay's grasp. Between the two of them yanking at her, the shredded spandex outfit gave up completely. Both of her beautiful breasts were out in the open for the world to appreciate, and her bikini bottom wasn't about to last for much longer.

    With his knee in her belly, the gunman kicked himself away from the fighting redhead. But he lost hold on his gun at the same time.

    Kay had been forcing his wrist back at such a painful angle for so long, he could hardly feel his fingers any longer, let alone take a good grip on the steel. The gun hit the sidewalk and slid under a parked car.

    "Forget it! And forget her… let's get the hell out of here!" the driver yelled as he pulled himself away from the reaching Kay.

    The gunman grunted. He realty wanted to take another kick or punch at the girl for showing him up like this. If she weren't so damn feisty, he'd like to take her along. With the pair of tits she had he was sure she could be a lot of fun.

    As the two men headed for the car, Kay turned to check on Leslie. The brunette was still looking groggy and wasn't moving very fast. Kay let the crooks two and three get freely past her as she headed over to see how her friend really was. Arriving next to the door just as it opened again. A man with two large, heavy canvas sacks hanging from one arm came out.

    A hand grenade clenched in his fist! "Fucking back away! I don't want to see anything but clear space in front of me!" the big man screamed.

    Followed quickly by a scream from the bank teller. The goon holding her was waving his gun around in an effort to help clear people back. The plan wasn't going down right, and the gunman looked nervous enough to start shooting at any second.

    Kay had narrowly missed being hit by the swinging door. Now she was behind the armed thief with the loot, helping to pull Leslie up to her knees.

    "Which do you want?" Kay whispered in her partner's ear.

    "With the way my head is spinning, I can't even tell how many there are," Leslie grumbled.

    "In that case you get the easy one. Take the guy with the grenade."

    "You're too kind."

    Kay slipped one of her sneakers off and pulled her arm back to throw. The crook holding the canvas money bags was big enough for Kay to hide behind until the very last second. The goon waving his gun around was having problems loading his hostage into the back of the car and watching the crowd at the same time. The teller had gone limp, paralyzed with fear, and now her body was folding in all the wrong ways for him to try stuffing her in the back seat.

    It left him standing with his gun hand outstretched out at his side. Not an easy target for Kay to throw at, but the man was too far away for her to simply rush without risking the gun going off.

    It was more the shock of being hit then the actual force of the blow that caused the robber to drop his gun. His fingers were frantically grabbing at the ground to recover his weapon, as Kay's mostly naked body sprang towards him.

    Flashing right past the man with the grenade.

    "What the…! I warned you people!" the money man yelled out.

    He tried reaching for the charging girl, but Kay had too much of a lead. It also meant he was looking in the wrong direction while Leslie made up her mind which of the male images in front of her might be the real one. She reached up for the money bags and yanked, swinging the crook back towards the bank.

    "What the…! You stupid cunt!"

    Leslie still had a good grip on the canvas even as the much bigger started pulling back against her. He was starting to lift her up and Leslie knew she had to do something about that before the advantage turned back to him.

    She collapsed her legs under her, falling to the ground hard on her butt. Somehow she maintained a hold on the money bags. Twisting on her hip she was able to get her feet braced against the side of the doorway. Using it to kick her body away with.

    Leslie's tights and bikini were turned into no more than brightly colored spandex ribbons as she scooted along the rough sidewalk butt first. By keeping hold of the canvas she also jerked the big man off balance and made him drop to one knee. "You stupid cunt! I'll kill you!" he screamed as he pulled the pin from the grenade.

    Kay heard the man's yell also. Her body had followed the same trajectory as her thrown shoe, with her body arriving only an instant later. She hit the now gunless man in the small of the back, pushing him against the car. His jaw cracked loudly as it smacked against the steel door frame.

    Kay's fingers closed over the wrist of the bank teller. It took two precious seconds before the girl realized she was being rescued and actually helped move her own body away from the unconscious crook.

    Two long seconds during which a grenade was being stuffed into Leslie's halter top!

    "You girls like getting a big one, well here's the biggest screwing you'll ever get!" the man snarled as he pushed Leslie away. Her head hitting loudly on the side of the building. The world went into slow motion for the brunette as her head filled with colors, stars and bright hot pain!

    The guy didn't try to get his feet under him, he just threw himself towards the car. Making a mad dash for the open front door. Having to get to safety before the grenade went off.

    Kay was dragging the trembling bank teller over to Leslie as fast and hard as she could pull. In her head she could hear the timer clicking down.

    "Get… Get inside," Leslie muttered, to weak to make more than a fumbling move towards her chest.

    Kay wanted to help. Needing to do something, but there wasn't any time left. She shouted over her shoulder, "Get down, get clear! Grenade!"

    Then she threw herself through the front door of the bank, teller first.

    Leslie was up on her knees. Both hands were on her chest fighting the tight spandex. Whipping the clinging material out of the way, she got hold of the deadly egg. With one flick of her wrist she tossed the grenade away.

    Right under the getaway car!

    A hand closing over her ankle just as…


    First, the grenade went off, splintering the car.

    Then… blam!

    A second explosion erupted as the car's gas tank ignited.

    Miraculously no one was injured, except for the bank robbers who went up with their car.

    Leslie had been snared by Kay and dragged into the safety of the bank building just before the fire ball and debris reached her.

    Leslie and Kay were smiling at each other. Laying all but naked on the floor as the bank guards quickly reacted to what just happened.

    Aiming their guns at the girls and ordering them to remain where they were. Keeping them like that until the police showed up minutes later. The men in blue swooped in and snapped handcuffs on both women as the guards explained about the fight they had seen outside. The best they could figure it, there must have been a falling out amongst thieves. The one thing they all agreed on was it had been the dark haired girl who set off the explosive. She had to be a part of it! Unfortunately, the teller who had been taken hostage had fainted the instant the grenade went off, so she was unable to confirm the story one way or the other.

    Nobody had an explanation as to why the women bank robbers would be nearly nude, but there also weren't many complaints about it. Soon the lone, brave guard pointing a gun at the two busty felons as he watched over them with an eagle eye, was joined by other helpful eyes.

    Many, many pairs of them!

    All of them watching to make sure the women didn't try anything that the men would miss out on, or would have a chance to participate in. There wasn't a man in the building who wasn't hoping for a chance to be hero by throwing himself onto one of the cuffed girls. Doing it only at risk of life and limb to prevent them from escaping of course.

    The fire engine and police transport trucks arrived out in front of the bank at about the same time. It took the fire crew longer than usual to get things under hand. They had stopped first to offer their aid to the police as Leslie and Kay were loaded into the paddy wagon, not feeling sure the number of blue uniforms was equal to the task of securing this dangerous duo.

    It took a good deal of wrestling. Most of with was forcing the men still straining to get a good look at the fabulously nude females back out of the truck, before the heavy doors clanged shut and were locked.

    Kay and Leslie sat opposite each other, hands still cuffed behind their backs, and there was a police officer sitting next to each of them.

    The truck was hardly in gear before Kay turned toward the officer assigned to guard her. "You know it really wasn't our fault." Her lower lip was trembling slightly. Making her look so sad and troubled, softly innocent. "And it's so cold sitting here like this."

    Leslie leaned back against the wall of the truck, her eyes scrunching closed. Oh God, she thought. Here it comes.

    "I'm so very, very cold." Kay's soft eyes were silently pleading with the patrol man. "Are they turning blue yet?" Her body had turned at the waist and Kay was thrusting both of her exposed breasts directly at the man.

    "What? You mean your… Well they're… I mean," he stammered. Zeroing his eyes in one the lush mounds as if he hadn't noticed her state of undress before.

    "I can hardly feel a thing, they're so cold. You don't think I'll get gangrene?" Kay pouted.

    I'm going to be sick, Leslie thought. For as long as she had known Kay, the girl simply had no self control. She couldn't be around a cute guy for longer than five seconds before her pussy began to pucker up. It was embarrassing!

    "I… I don't think so. It sure would be a waste though," the man said thoughtfully.

    "Couldn't you check for me? I'm so worried." Those pleading eyes of hers could melt even Donald Trump's heart.

    "Well I guess…" He wasn't sure this was part of his line of duty, but he was supposed to make sure she made it down to the station safely and in one piece. His hand came out to lightly brush over one of Kay's full chest mounds. It was far from cold.

    "The other one is cold too," a breathy voice reminded him.

    The officer nodded. He felt rather silly for not having thought of that himself as he reached out with his other hand so he could test both breasts at the same time.

    "Oooh! That's so much better. But I'm afraid I'm cold in so many places."

    Somehow without moving her chest from his hands, Kay twisted the rest of her body around on the bench seat. Her legs spreading slightly as she did so, and a tuft of her red pubic hair poked out from the tattered remains of her tights.

    "Where else are you cold?" the officer asked helpfully.

    "All over. Oh I wish I could show you exactly where," she said in a little girl whine.

    This is too much! Doesn't she have the slightest trace of self respect? How can she act like this? Leslie asked herself. But she already knew the answer. Kay had the morals of an alley cat in heat.

    "What about here?"

    The officer slid one hand down along the trim edge of Kay's rib cage. The other hand of course stayed right on her breast. Couldn't run the risk of frost bite occurring while he was checking her. What would the Captain say?

    "Yes. There and everywhere."

    It didn't take long before the testing hand was nestled between Kay's widely spread thighs. The torn tights didn't hamper the officer's fingers a bit as he checked around for more signs of frost bite. "Ooohhh yes! Oh I'm feeling warmer already. You're so cleaver."

    Kay twisted her body around so she was leaning back against the cute officer. During this transition, his hand never left the tight confines of her female junction. His two inserted fingers being held firmly in place.

    "You're so very… very… cleaver," she said in a husky, sexy voice.

    Her lips were on his chin, lightly kissing as they made their way up to his mouth. Her tongue softly parted his lips, then bravely invaded his waiting mouth. Her hands being cuffed didn't prevent Kay's fingers from working his zipper open, or pulling out his cock.

    "If just your fingers can make me feel warm, I wonder what this could do?" she asked as she massaged his dick into a full erection. "Well… I don't…"

    "Well I do!"

    Kay was up, spinning her legs around and sitting back down on his lap. His cock sinking right into her wet pussy before the officer knew what was happening.

    The guard next to Leslie looked like he was watching a tennis game. His head kept bouncing from side to side as he looked at what was happening across the way, then over to the dark haired nymph next to him.

    Leslie noticed and couldn't help but think, "Don't even think about it scum ball. Just because Kay's always in rut doesn't mean I am. I have self control. I respect myself."

    "How about you?" her leering officer asked. "Are you cold?"

    Leslie didn't answer. Still leaning back against the side of the truck, she closed her eyes so she didn't have to look at him anymore. She felt insulted that the man could even compare her to Kay in such a disgusting way.

    "Well maybe we better just give you a quick check over anyway," the man offered.

    His style was different from that of his partner. First he didn't waste any time in getting started. Second, he believed oral temperature testing might be more accurate. Leaning over, he took one of Leslie's nipples in his mouth and sucked on it greedily.

    He pulled her legs apart with one hand, shoving two fingers into her pussy with the other!

    "No…don't!" she begged as she squirmed around under his pressing weight.

    "What's wrong?" he growled, hoping he hadn't gotten the wrong girl.

    "I… don't you…"

    "Yeah, what?" Damn it! Jerry was going to get fucked, and fucked good, while I sit here having to jerk off because this cold fish doesn't want to put out.

    His fingers were still pumping in and out of Leslie's pussy, which was sure wet enough.

    "Don't you… Don't you think we could fuck better if you got your cock out for me?"

    The guy almost hurt himself as he pulled his pants off. It took him three stabs before he had the girl speared on his rod. After that all he had to do was lay back and enjoy. She was moving and humping around enough for the both of them.

    Leslie was thoroughly enjoying the therapeutic fuck. It made all the pain in her head go away. And best of all, she still had her dignity.

    She wasn't some easy slut like Kay.

    Hell, the man had all but raped her, right?

    She'd held him off for as long as she could, now all she could do was make the best of the situation.

    God, but it was nice getting out of the office for lunch.


    Edwin Coddler was mad!

    He was a partner for Christ sakes. Why should he be the one having to deal with this foolishness? He belonged back his office, safe within the confines of the prestigious law firm. Certainly not here, wondering the halls of a police station. Just look at all these people. Criminals! And heaven only knows what they were all here for, or what they were capable of doing.

    He had looked at a few of them, guessing at why they might have been arrested. He wasn't having much luck. The only criminals he had ever known were people who had cheated on their income taxes, or who had gotten too many traffic tickets. The people he was looking at here didn't seem to fit into the same mold at all.

    These people all looked desperate and scary. Not the sort of people he had gone into law to help. As he looked around shaking his head, Edwin doubted there was a single person here who had the six digit annual income needed to afford his services.

    Now, more than ever, he simply wanted to get this over with. He was upset Johnson called. Suggesting firmly that Edwin handle this personally. Even though he was in the middle of a police station, Edwin wasn't feeling safe. Could you get held up in jail?

    At the front desk he had been given a map to guide him to the interrogation room his clients were in, but the more he looked at it, the less sure Edwin was that he was going in the right direction. More and more he felt as if he had been tricked. It was as if they were trying to get him lost on purpose. Were they trying to scare him to the point that they could get him to bribe them into letting him out? Edwin wasn't sure if police men would do such a thing, but he was feeling positive he was lost.

    Suddenly he felt better. He had turned a corner and now saw a long line of blue uniformed men. If nothing else he felt safe. That no demented traffic offender would leap out and attack him while so many officers were standing around.

    It also gave Edwin someone to ask directions from. But what if all these officers were in this insidious plot together? Would he have to bribe them all? Edwin swallowed hard. There was nothing left for him but to be brave. He stiffened his back, ready to show them the kind of stuff he was made of.

    "Excuse… excuse me," he stammered nervously, his trembling hand holding up the map. "Could you help me find interrogation room eighteen?"

    Edwin had to tap the policeman on the arm twice before getting any response. In defeat, he was about to reach for his wallet, when the much taller man turned to look down at him.

    "Yeah? What do you want?" The man's deep, harsh voice all but caused Edwin a coronary.

    "I was only asking you about where interrogation room eighteen might be." Edwin was stammering again and didn't like it, thinking it didn't make him appear manly. The map looked like he was waving it around, his hand trembled so badly.

    "Right. As if you didn't know already. Listen, some of these guys have been standing in line a long time, so why don't you just go to the back and wait like everyone else?"

    This more than confused Edwin, who couldn't hide his puzzlement any better than he could his stuttering. Why would this many officers be waiting to get into an interrogation area?

    "Possibly I didn't make myself clear. I'm looking for 'interrogation' room number eighteen. I'm supposed to meet with my clients there."

    "Yeah, yeah. Like I said, get in line… Wait! You said your clients?"

    The little mousy man nodded his head until it looked like it had to be a painful act. Edwin fished a business card out of his suit pocket for the officer to look over. The name of the firm was enough to change the officer's outlook.

    "Shit! Yeah, I should have known it would happen before I got my turn. Come on, I'll show you the way."

    The patrol man led the way and Edwin became more surprised as the line of officers stretched out before him further than he had originally thought.

    It was incredible! What were they all doing here? Didn't they have other duties?

    "Alright boys, playtime's over, let us through," his guide yelled out before them. There were a few groans and several curses tossed their way before the officer bulldozed through the waiting bodies, leaving just enough room for Edwin to follow if he hurried.

    Finally getting into interrogation room eighteen. Where he saw his two clients laying naked on top of the single table in the middle of the room. The wooden top was narrow enough that as Leslie and Kay lay across it, that each could take a cock in her pussy and still stuff another hard one in her mouth at the same time!

    "This is outrageous! What are you doing!"

    Edwin was on the verge of a coronary once more. Bad enough he had been afraid the police would hold him up for bribes, but what could explain what they were doing to these poor women.

    "Pretty obvious I should think," Leslie said as she popped the cock out from her mouth.

    "Just supporting our local police. Letting them know how much we care," chuckled Kay right after she swallowed down the thick load of cream she had just taken. Her pussy was still being stuffed and she was reaching for the next man in line, eager to cram his meat into her mouth.

    "You mean they aren't doing this to you?" Edwin asked incredulously.

    "They sure are. And doing it quite well!" Kay had hold of the next stud's cock and was massaging it to full erection.

    "No! What I meant was, are they forcing themselves on you?"

    Edwin was mopping at his forehead. This was far beyond his worst fears. His world was crashing down around him. His time at the firm must be coming to an end. Why else would he have been sent down to get two common street whores out of jail?

    "Are they ever! But if you mean, are they raping us, I'm afraid it's almost the other way around. But once we showed them how they were outnumbered, they quickly surrendered themselves to our custody," Kay got out before refilling her mouth with the fresh cock.

    Edwin couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had to be in the wrong place, or dealing with the wrong two women. He fumbled around in his briefcase. Weren't the ones he was there for… let's see, yes! They had been arrested as accessories to a foiled bank robbery.

    "I'm terribly sorry," he apologized, doing his best to avert his eyes from the ladies as they plied their trade. "I'm here as legal council for two women who apparently blew up a bank."

    Two lovely faces snapped around to face Edwin.

    "It's not our fault!" they cried.


    Randel Thompson sat uncomfortably behind his desk. He had already been over the file laying before him more times then he cared to think about, and was prepared to do it once more.

    Leslie and Kay weren't his.

    He hadn't hired them, he didn't even like them. It was his misfortune to have inherited them. The worst part of all was their record. No matter how you looked at it, they were the best agents W.W.W. had. Not that Randel had the first idea why. During his own rein as head of the massive security agency he had brought along many agents who were more talented, better trained and certainly more intelligent. Yet there was one thing Leslie and Kay constantly produced.


    Along with a good deal of mayhem. There were many times they made him feel as if he were trapped in a bad episode of "Get Smart". It usually only took them a few minutes before they started to make him crazy. Acting like amateurs, they always seemed to be blundering aimlessly through an assignment, yet they always cracked whatever case they were given. No matter how difficult, even seemingly impossible.

    They didn't even seem to care about the missions they were assigned. Because of this they usually got the most repulsive jobs possible. The ones no one else would touch. Which lead to their company nick name of the Dirty Pair.

    Randel could only guess that they had to be smarter then they put on. Either that, or there had to be some tiny, hidden portion of their brains that kicked in, working with skill and precision of a Sherlock Holmes. Only with them, the solution of their investigation didn't happen all at once. It slowly bubbled up. Taking it's own sweet time before one of them recognized what was going on around them.

    It had to be something like that. They couldn't possibly be relying only on pure luck. Could they?

    His intercom beeped once and Randel steeled himself. They were here. He took a deep breath and hoped the Valium he'd taken would kick in soon.

    "Hi Chief. You wanted to see us?" Leslie asked, just as bright and perky as a high school cheerleader.

    Relax and smile, Randel told himself. They were the last people he wanted to see, and he hated when they called him Chief. He was only waiting for the day one of them reached for her shoe phone, then he'd know it was time for him to retire.

    "Aaaaah, yes. Yes I did. Please, take a seat. I was just looking over this file…"

    "It wasn't our fault!"

    "What? No, not that file," Randel said hastily, although he still wasn't quite dear as to what they were doing naked at the bank. But as with most things regarding Leslie and Kay, he decided he'd rather not know.

    "I'm talking about this. Your next assignment."

    Leslie was the first to recover. "Oh sure, yeah…"

    "We knew that," Kay finished for her partner while nodding her head.

    Randel hated when they did that. It made it hard to follow which one you were really talking to. But then with these two it probably didn't make any difference.

    He pushed the file forward toward them. "Here, look this over. Does the name Albertson mean anything to you?"

    "I once had a boyfriend named…" Kay started.

    "Charles Albertson is the multi-billionaire owner of more companies than most computers could keep track of without burning out. One such company is W.W.W.," finished Leslie.

    Randel went back to concentrating at keeping a smile on his face. As much as possible he would direct his conversation with the dark haired Leslie. She always seemed to be the most rational of the two. Not that it meant much. Both of them were certifiable.

    "Good," he nodded. "And as you'll see in the file, his daughter has… well, disappeared."

    "Looks like she was good at making other things disappear," Kay said as she looked over several photos from the file.

    Easy, don't let them get to you. Just stay calm, Randel reminded himself. "The man in the pictures is one of her body guards."

    "He can guard my body anytime he…"

    "Alex," Randel said far too loud as he tried to steer the conversation back to the mission at hand, "Is an employee of Charles Albertson. One of several who is looking over his daughter."

    "Several? All for herself? Lucky girl," Kay giggled with a lecherous flickering of her eyebrows.

    Randel somehow kept his calm as his hand reached into his top desk drawer. Feigning a cough, he swallowed down a second Valium, and wished he had some other way to deal with this. But when Albertson demands…

    "Yes, well the girl seems to have disappeared and the man who was watching her that night doesn't remember a thing about what happened."

    "Certainly looks as if he should," Leslie stated as she took her first look at the photos. "This is him I suppose?"

    Randel nodded his head, which was thankfully starting to feel the effects of the Valium. "Our problem is that he doesn't remember a single bit about any of this. The girl is gone and her father wants to know where she is. Right now, if not sooner!"

    "So you want us to find out if she ran off on her own after seducing her watch dog, or if someone put a snatch on her. So to speak."

    My God, he thought, this might even end soon. They were actually paying attention for a change. "Close. The most important issue is that you find Denise and return her to her father. Everything else can be sorted out afterwards."

    The girls were busily going over every scrap of paper in the file. Making a vaudeville act out of it as papers and photos flew from one set of hands to the other. Each could hardly have had the chance to focus their eyes on any one bit of information before it was tugged away by the other pair of hands. All of it happening faster and faster until it appeared the girls were juggling the sheets of paper.

    Causing the pain in Randel's head to come back with a vengeance. He started wondering how hard it would be to put out a contract on these two.

    "Yeah," Kay said with a casual nod of her head. "She was definitely kidnapped."

    "WHAT! I mean… how can you tell?" Randel had been over that file until his eyes crossed. There wasn't anything there. He had checked it too many times himself. So what had this… this… what had Kay seen that he'd missed?

    "Here, look at these pictures taken at the scene after Denise disappeared."

    Thompson took the pictures from the redhead and looked them over once more. "Yes, so?"

    "Now look at this one and tell me what you see."

    Kay passed over one of the shots of the girl spread out in the back seat of the car, propped up and ready for action.

    "Far too much. Why would the girl have these taken?"

    "She didn't. Her kidnappers did," Leslie said. "Look closer. She's got something stuffed under her, otherwise we'd never be able to see her face clearly."

    "So?" Randel was starting to feel better. It looked like the girls didn't really have anything, they were grasping at straws here.

    "So what is it she's leaning against? It's not in these pictures taken later…"

    "And it's not listed in any of the items found in or around the car," Kay jumped right in. "Unless the police screwed up their investigation."

    "This report comes from a company team," Randel said through clenched teeth. Damn them! He had missed something after all.

    "Do you have a magnifying glass?" Leslie asked.

    W.W.W. had every high tech, expensive tool ever designed by the mind of man at it's disposal. So it took Thompson a minute or two to come up with something as ordinary as a magnifying glass.

    The dark haired girl accepted it with a gratuitous smile, then busied herself looking over some of the photos. It didn't take long before the comedy act started again. Kay didn't want to be left out and there was only one magnifying glass available. By time they had finished, Randel thought he was going to need a referee to end the wrestling match happening on the other side of his desk.

    "Right here!" the girls shouted out, Leslie handing over the photo at the same time Kay was pushing the magnifying glass over.

    Randel took both items and was thankful for the mass of the desk which separated him from the twosome. Glass to eye, he scanned over a photo showing Denise as she was giving Alex some head.

    "Just what is it I'm looking at?"

    Kay gave a shrug of her shoulders as she listened to one of the stupidest questions she'd ever heard. "She's sucking on his knob. Technique isn't bad but…"

    "You should be looking at the top, left hand corner," Leslie quickly interrupted.

    "Oh yeah, right. I just kind of liked that angle," Kay said sheepishly.

    "Alright, I'm looking in the top…"

    "The rear view mirror sir," Leslie added helpfully.

    "It's rather blurred, but is that a…"

    "Camera? Right you are sir," the dark haired girl said proudly. Slightly nudging Kay behind her with one elbow. "And if you look closer I think you'll notice there are two figures there. Most people don't know that these instant pictures can be blown up to an amazing degree without losing any of their quality. I doubt you'll get a good enough for a positive I.D. but it does prove there were two other people there."

    Kay slid around Leslie's side, taking a turn with her own elbow. "So it doesn't look like Denise ran off by herself if she needed that much help. Not to mention what happened to the thing she was leaning on, or why doesn't the body guard remember anything? He'd sure remember it if I were sucking his cock off…"

    Leslie elbowed her way back in front of her redheaded partner. "What Kay means is, these photos were left behind as a red herring. Denise didn't go by herself, so now we need to figure out who might have wanted her. Have you talked to her father?"

    "In gory detail," Randel admitted. "He is not a very kind man. He is one who is quite used to only giving orders, and not necessarily willing to listen to reason."

    "The most logical reason to snatch the snatch would be to use her as a hostage against dear old Dad," Kay said.

    Randel's teeth were grinding down to stumps. The last thing he needed was lessons in logic coming from this busty, redheaded bimbo. Making the matter all the worse was that she was right!

    "We've started to compile a list of people who might have reason for revenge against Albertson. By the time we've finished, it will look like several volumes of the New York phone directory stacked side by side. He's not a very well liked man."

    "Could we narrow the search down to only his most wealthy rivals," Leslie asked.

    "And why them?"

    "This was very carefully put together. It had to be planned and timed out so they could get these pictures and still not be seen, not an easy thing to do. People have a tendency to notice naked bodies."

    "Tell me about it," Kay interrupted. "There was this cute box boy at the all-night market, and even though it was two in the morning, every time he started to slip his dick into me, some customer would come pushing their cart by…"

    Maybe I could just kill them myself, he thought. But where could he hide the bodies?

    "What I meant sir," Leslie continued, "Is that it would take money to hire professionals and then you'd have to drill them over and over at it to get the timing down."

    "Like with the box boy," Kay agreed. "Drilling, time and time…"

    "It would have to be one of the more wealthy people who hated Albertson, just to afford such a project," Leslie managed to finish, but only because her hand was covering over Kay's mouth.

    Randel ignored the women as best as possible while he punched up some information from his computer. "If we are looking at it from a purely financial point of view the best guess would be Preston Davis. They've been crashing heads almost from the beginning. But in a way, none of it would make any sense. Why would Davis suddenly change tactics after this many years?"

    "Possibly that's the entire point. He could have gotten tired of the fight. Maybe he decided it was easier just to declare himself the winner and this would be the easiest way," Leslie offered.

    "Or maybe he has his own ideas on how to merge the two fortunes," Kay said. "You know, bang the daughter, con her into marrying him, and take over Albertson's empire from the back door. So to speak."

    Even Leslie had to stare hard at Kay, not at all sure where that idea could have possibly come from.

    The redhead shrugged her shoulders. "Hey, just an idea."

    "Enough! You have your assignment! Find the girl and bring her home to her father. I don't care what you have to do, but do it soon. This isn't a case we have the luxury of time with. Albertson owns us and he wants action. Understand?"

    "Right Chief." Leslie snapped off a sharp salute.

    "Don't worry about it. We'll have her back before Daddy can get the sheets changed on her bed." Kay turned and was headed for the door when she suddenly stopped. "Might be easier if we took the file with us though."

    Sweeping the papers and photos together, she closed the file and turned to leave again. Spinning around too quickly, her elbow hit the computer's monitor, knocking it over.

    Thump… blam!

    "Aaaa… Sorry about that Chie…"

    "Out! Get out! Right now! Out!!!!"

    "But we could…"

    Randel was looking for a part of the smoking debris he might throw at them, but was half afraid he might electrocute himself if he grabbed the wrong thing. Then he thought that might not be such a bad idea, as the pain in his head came pounding back.


    "But why do I have to be the slave?"

    Leslie looked over at the pouting redhead and wondered why they always had to have arguments like this. You'd think that after all this time of working together things would be smoother.

    Putting on a front of calm and patience she answered, "First of all, it was my idea."

    "No, that doesn't cut it," Kay shouted. "What about the time we needed information out of that pimp. It was my idea for one of us to go undercover as one of his girls…"

    "And I let you do it," Leslie jumping in quickly. "Not only did you do a good job of it, you even picked up a little extra Christmas money if I remember correctly."

    "Yeah, but…"

    "And I didn't complain a bit if you remember."

    Kay's eyes scrunched up as she thought back on the case. "I guess that's true."

    "Of course it is. But when I come up with a plan and all you can do is bitch about how you want to change it," complained an indignant brunette.

    "Not… not really. Did you really think I did a good job on that other case?"

    "You were wonderful. There wasn't another girl in Jimmy's stable that made half as much as you did."

    Kay suddenly sat up much straighter, feeling quite proud of herself as the memories came flashing back to her. "That's right. And I only charged half price most of the time just so I could prove to Jimmy how much better I was then all those loose sluts he had around."

    "All part of the reason why I was thinking of you for being the slave. It would be an undercover role demanding strong acting abilities."

    Kay was quick to nod her head in agreement. "Sure, I can see where you'd need me to do that. You couldn't act your way out of a bad date."

    Leslie started to say something, but stopped herself before she did. Kay would get her's soon enough as it was.

    "There is that, I was thinking more about how much better you look in leather than I do."

    "You really think so?"

    "I'm sure of it."

    "Great! O.K. I can see it's a fabulous plan. There's just one thing I don't understand."

    Only one, Leslie wondered. "What's that?"

    "Just why are we going to this party?"

    "I thought you'd gone through all the material we brought back from the office?"

    "And I did," Kay came back rather quickly, feeling a bit hurt that her friend would think otherwise.

    "Did that include the rest of the files Randel sent over?"

    Shit! "Well… I looked most of it over." Kay glanced over to the two foot high pile of folders and wondered which one of them she should have read.

    "If you had, you might have seen that one of Davis' hobbies is B amp;D."

    "So? He likes to let some woman beat up on him. He does like to let be the beatie, not the beater?" Kay asked, sounding suddenly hesitant over her new role.

    "According to what W.W.W. could get on him, Davis is a dominant in the bedroom as well as in the board room."

    "So that's why you're wanting me to play the role of slave! You want Davis to carve up my cute little back side with some monster whip!"

    Leslie had both hands up, waving them to slow the redhead down. "Come on, would I do that to you?"

    "YES! Remember the time when…"

    "Now stop it! This is a party. You'll be going as my slave, not his. I'll be there to protect you. All you have to do is be beautiful and make people want you."

    "How does that get us the girl?" Kay was calming down, but she doubted her role could possibly be as easy as her partner was making it out.

    "Don't you see? Who ever it was who kidnapped Denise had to be rich enough to pay for it. Now if they also happened to be into B amp;D, they'd probably have the facilities to hold her with. Stuff like a dungeon…"

    "And all those groovy leather strap things," Kay interrupted.

    "That's right. All we have to do is find the right rich person, and we'll find Denise."

    "But I thought it was Davis that had her?"

    Leslie gave a nod. "Odds are he does, but this works out just as well in case he isn't. Everybody in town who might have the resources to pull off a caper like this will be at this party."

    "And all I have to do is look pretty?"

    "Right. We act like a cover for each other. You're attractive enough for other dominants to come over to talk to me about, and while that's happening, you can check out the other slaves. We'll cover twice as much territory that way. It'll give us a chance to get in close to Davis. He's not exactly the type of person you can just call up and make an appointment with. But he should be feeling looser at his own party."

    "And all I have to do is look pretty?"


    "Where did you find this stuff?" Kay asked as she stared at herself in the mirror.

    Leslie's voice rang out from the other room where she was getting herself ready for the evening festivities. "There's that little place over in Hollywood, 'The Sub Miss'. They have a full range of leather and rubber fashions. Just the thing for the now slave on the go."

    "Give me the address. This stuff is weird and kinky, but I think I like it."

    "Somehow I just knew you would," said Leslie under her breath. "Didn't I tell you you'd look better in leather then I would?"

    "Kind'a hard to tell. There isn't much here."

    Kay was still looking at her reflection in the mirror. The outfit her partner had gotten for her wasn't much more than a string bikini made out of black leather. Oh sure, it still couldn't be considered anywhere close to being normal day wear. Not when the tiny halter cups had silver studs dotting the smooth surface, and there were pieces which popped off so her nipples could stick out. Then there was the opening down the center of the G-string, giving easy access to her pussy.

    An option Kay liked a lot!

    There was more though. Like the leather straps at her wrists, elbows and ankles, all which matched the one circling her neck. Gleaming with the bright silver studs, rings and buckles which were part of each.

    And then there were the shoes. Kay had always been justifiably proud of her legs. These outrageous heels Leslie had gotten made her legs even better!

    Now all she'd have to do was learn how to walk in the damn things. They were really bedroom shoes. Something you'd slip into to make a desired effect, like making your lover crazy with desire, but you never really expected to go anywhere in them.

    They were beautiful shoes and they did fantastic things for her legs and ass, but with heels taping in at five inches high, they were killers to strap on. The old style look of the wide ankle strap was the one thing about the shoes Kay did like though.

    "We don't have to move around a lot, do we?"

    Kay's feet were hurting already and she didn't want to think about how long the evening could turn out to be.

    "We will have to mix around to a certain degree." Leslie's voice was getting closer.

    "I sure hope we can keep it to a minimum. These things are cruel… Oh my!"

    "It is rather fetching, isn't it?" Leslie said proudly.

    She was wearing what could have been considered a cocktail dress, if only from it's styling. Her dress was perfectly suited for an upper class B amp;D gathering. It was made of paper thin, glove soft leather! The neckline went far beyond a simple V-cut. It left behind a wide gap not ending it's downward plunge until reaching her navel. Opening and exposing the soft inner swells of her full chest for the enjoyment of any who wished to look. To make things even, the dress was backless down to the beginning of Leslie's ass crack. In case that wasn't enough of her flesh to be put into teasing view, there was a slit on the left side of her dress which came up to her sweetly curved hip.

    Her hair had been moussed and teased, fluffed out from her head and making her look like a wild jungle woman. A very high class one, of course. One who was sparkling with radiated excitement.

    A light dusting of glitter on her nylons made her legs shimmer each time they appeared courtesy of the high slit of her dress. The heels of her open toed sandals weren't anywhere as sever as Kay's, but they too did nice things for her legs.

    "I thought I was supposed to be the one looking pretty," Kay pouted. "Now who's going to notice me?"

    "Don't be that way. I'm just dressing for the part. You'll be the prettiest slave girl there. And believe me, you'll be noticed," Leslie promised. Her long fingernails traced over the redhead's body, reminding Kay how close to being naked she was.

    "Well… so long as people notice me."

    "They won't be able to take their eyes away," the dark haired Mistress-to-be said as she snagged one nail under the flap of leather covering over Kay's left nipple. Flipping it up to expose the ripe, red bud. "They'll simply eat you up."

    Kay felt a sudden rush as her pussy got more than moist at the thought of getting that much attention from so many people. "Great! Then what are we waiting for?"

    Leslie closed up Kay's halter once more and they climbed into her car. The drive over wouldn't have taken very long if they had been going anywhere in Southern California besides Beverly Hills. There was something about that exclusive residence for the rich which seemed designed to keep others out. For some of the homes, you nearly needed to have been born there to puzzle out the way in or out.

    Another stumbling block for them was that Kay had the map book in her lap and was playing copilot. She was too busy day dreaming about the number of people she'd be able to tease with her body to pay much attention to where they were going. Or how many times they missed their turn offs.

    Once they did get to Davis' estate, and saw the types of cars parked around, they nearly turned around again. It was almost embarrassing to pull up onto this drive way with only Leslie's Mazda RX-7. It stuck out painfully here where obviously the Mercedes was something you used only in an emergency. Luckily the valet crew was too busy looking over Kay and Leslie's bodies to ever bother taking a glance at what they showed up in, and once inside, nobody else would ever know.

    Neither of the Dirty Pair had been part of a job like this one. Yes they had dealt with kidnappings and disappearances, but never anything like a B amp;D party. They really had nothing to draw upon from personal experience and it would have all been a complete mystery to them if Kay hadn't of gone out and rented a couple of video tapes to look over.

    She'd even enjoyed the response she had gotten from the guy at the adult bookstore she needed to visit to find the things in the first place. Renting tapes with titles like 'Bind Me, Fuck Me!' and 'Whip Me Hard, Fuck Me Harder!' and having such a lush body, the guy behind the counter was more than just a little bit interested with her. If he hadn't of been so greasy looking she might have even hung around to take him up on some of the personal tutoring he was offering.

    Just to prepare her for the mission of course.

    Leslie and Kay had watched the two tapes and there had been a couple of scenes which were hot enough to make the girls about ready to reach out for their trusty dildos. Still, for the most part the tapes were mostly examples of bad acting and obviously faked spankings or whippings. Neither tape did much to prepare them for what they were about to walk into.

    Such as the very degree of luxury suddenly surrounding them!

    There wasn't an inch of the mansion, or it's furnishings, that didn't proudly proclaim wealth. The same was true with the guests as well. This could easily have been a cocktail party for the overly rich, if you were to overlook the slaves standing or kneeling at the sides of their well dressed owners.

    Tuxedos and expensive gowns at one end of the spectrum, with the finest of leather wear at the other.

    As Kay looked around at some of the other slaves, she almost felt overdressed.

    "This is incredible," Leslie said as she wandered around the huge house. She had clipped Kay's wristlets together with a short length of cheap chain before they had left the car. Now the redhead was following her partner around like a dutiful slave.

    "They'll never notice me."

    "Don't whimper. You'll get noticed."

    "Yeah? By who? Look around at some of these people. I'm nothing but an old frump dressed like this."

    "You want to take it off?"

    "Well it would be a start."

    Leslie let out a sigh. There were times when she hated how Kay only used her hormones to think with. Sometimes there were more important things in life besides getting your pussy thoroughly stuffed.

    Like living in a house like this.


    It almost made Leslie wonder if Davis might be in the market for another slave. It would be worth taking a spanking or two to have a place like this to call home.

    The deeper inside the house they worked, the thicker the crowd was. The agents were now in a room large enough to play professional sports. With stands for the cheering fans included. The girls seemed to have found the place to be. There was a feeling of anticipation building, as if something was going to happen.

    And soon.

    Leslie only wished she had some idea what it might be. Or what they were really looking for.

    Infiltrating this party had seemed like such a good idea at first. Now that they were here, Leslie came to the conclusion that they probably didn't have all that good a lead to start with. And there were far more people attending this gala then either of them would have guessed. Too many to question.

    Leslie felt the need to regroup. To settle down and come up with some game plan. It was pretty much standing room only, but Leslie did see a couple of empty chairs at a nearby table.

    "Would you mind? I only need to catch my breath," she asked the only man sitting at the small table.

    "Certainly, certainly. Far be it from me to turn away a beautiful woman. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm…"

    "Preston Davis," Leslie quickly interrupted, half dazed. "Our host for the evening. Thank you for having me."

    "Ahem," came a voice from behind.

    "Us that is. Your's is such a delightful house, much like Daddy's," Leslie lied.

    She couldn't believe their luck. There had been no real reason for them to think they'd be able to actually meet, or talk, with Davis personally. Leslie was hoping just to pick up some inside, background info on the man.

    Now suddenly, here they were face to face with the man. Better still, Davis was delightfully charming and cordial.

    "And who might your father be?" Davis asked, sounding actually interested.

    Bringing on a second of terrifying hesitation. This was a portion of their cover Leslie hadn't given any thought to. She didn't have a good bluff. Not one that couldn't be easily checked or easily exposed.

    "I'd rather not talk about him. Daddy and I are having a little tiff. And I'd be ever so much more interested in talking about you."

    The smile she was flashing Davis was enough win anyone over. Putting an equally winning smile on the multi-billionaire.

    "Of course, but please, sit down and make yourself comfortable."

    Leslie was lowering herself into the offered seat, Kay ready to take the empty chair next to her, when Davis motioned toward the floor next to him.

    "Oh! First, may I introduce my slave Ilisa."

    Because the girl had been kneeling on the ground, the Dirty Pair hadn't been aware of her existence. Then it struck Leslie how it was only natural for a slave to be kneeling submissively like that. Leslie quickly reached behind her. Hoping the move wasn't noticed by Davis, she gave Kay a back handed shove, making her friend miss sitting on the chair completely.

    Kay hit the floor with a thump, a grunt and was ready to bounce back up to give Leslie a good shout.

    Stopped only because Leslie was faster, moving a spike heeled sandal onto the fallen girl's chest. Holding the redhead to the floor and adding a good deal of embarrassment as people at surrounding tables turned to look at her.

    Ready to start clawing and kicking at her partner, Kay now saw how the other slaves were all kneeling attentively at the side their dominant. She still wasn't happy about the way Leslie had put her there, but at least Kay quit struggling. When Leslie felt the resistance stop, she took her foot from between the redhead's breasts.

    Kay at once spun herself around so she was on her knees. Only the top of her head appearing up over the edge of the small table.

    She was looking straight across at Ilisa.

    Kay's eyes had to travel up a long way before she was able to take in all of the Nordic Goddess. The blonde was incredible, not only in stature, but in beauty as well. A stunning woman, well over six feet tall, with a body any centerfold could feel jealous for.

    And most of it was on display!

    The only thing the blonde slave wore was a leather body harness. Nothing more than a series of tiny straps circling her body. They were spaced out three to four inches apart and connected together with lengths of small chain.

    The visual effect was nearly as stunning as the slave herself. Along with it's intriguing look, the costume could also be used to place the woman in an unlimited number of bondages simply by hooking various straps together.

    Seeing the slave only made Kay feel like an old frump again, and she quickly began to sulk.

    "And this is my slave, Kay."

    Leslie was doing her best to act proud. Something difficult to do while she was pulling and tugging at the redhead in an effort to get the girl to stand up. Once she did get Kay to her feet, the sulking girl wouldn't do so much as to look across to either Davis or his blonde slave.

    "Lovely," Davis said in a more than polite manor. His eyes were lingering over every one of Kay's curves almost lustfully. "And the way she keeps her eyes downcast, she must be exceptionally well trained. You say her name is 'K'? Is that in the same way as 'O'? Has she been to the Chateau?"

    Kay was the first to respond, doing so with a nod of her head. Neither girl had the faintest idea of what the billionaire was talking about, but when you put things together the way Davis seemed to have done, Kay thought he was asking if she was O.K..

    "Yes sir, um, Master. I've done a bit of skiing and stayed at a lot of places called chat…"


    Kay ankle hurt where Leslie kicked her. Before she could complain, her "owner" was pushing her back down to her knees.

    "She's still rather a project. She's relatively new to me and I'm still training her to what I like," Leslie said quickly. Hoping that their total lack of knowledge hadn't been given them away already.

    "Yes, yes," Davis said with a smile. "It does take so long. It's so much energy to get them trained just right. That's why I'm so lucky with Ilisa. She's my personal slave, perfectly trained I might add, and she takes care of my other slaves for me."

    "And how many would that be?"

    Davis dismissed the question away with his hand. "I've lost track long ago. Let's just say it's a big house, and one never knows when you'll be entertain a guest." Then as he looked around the crowded room, "Or how many."

    Leslie blankly stared at the man for an instant. He couldn't be serious, could he? Why the number of slaves necessary to host this many people would be staggering. Which made the possibility all the more interesting to her.

    Davis would have to have someplace to house that many slaves, which meant one more could easily be mixed in.

    No matter how unwilling she was!

    One glance down to Kay told Leslie that her partner had come to the same conclusion. Their breaking up to cover more ground may indeed turn out to be very important.

    Ilisa had taken her place at her Master's side once more, staying quiet as the two dominants talked. It was also rather plain to see that she was up to something. From the little twitches Davis was making, the blonde's hands must have been quite busy under the table cloth.

    Ilisa's hand play and Leslie's chit-chat were interrupted by a tuxedoed servant. "Excuse me. We are looking for volunteers for this evening's entertainment."

    The man's eyes looked over once, very quickly to Ilisa. The man obviously knew who the woman belonged to and wasn't expecting for her to be volunteered away for anything.

    His gaze did spend a good deal more time on Kay.

    "This is my first attendance at one of Mr. Davis' wonderful parties. Just what kind of entertainment are we talking about?" Leslie asked sweetly.

    Kay was already shaking her head.

    "Nothing much. Certainly nothing your slave would find demanding. It's only a little diversion to help keep the party from getting dull. These simple diversions always seem more exciting when use slaves brought by a guest. It all adds to the sense of realism," the servant said, giving a slight bow.

    Damn, Leslie thought as she listened to the oily little creep. He'd make a great used car salesman. Or maybe junk bonds…

    Kay was still busily shaking her head. Leslie looked down to her, silently mouthing, "You can mix with other slaves."

    The redhead still didn't want to play any part in a diversion for this bunch.

    Leslie turned back to the patiently waiting servant, shaking her head sadly. "I think not tonight. I think I may have need of her services later."

    "But of course we wouldn't expect you to do without," the servant quickly said as if he'd forgotten to mention something very important. "We would naturally provide another slave to see to your needs."

    The servant motioned off to one side as Leslie looked down to Kay once more. The redhead was shaking her head and mouthing an emphatic "NO!"

    "I'm sorry. I'm afraid…" Leslie was turning back to where the oily little man had been, only to have her vision blocked by a pair of incredibly muscled male legs.

    A thick lump of full crotch staring her in the face.

    "Perhaps slave Evan would be acceptable as a trade," the servant offered.

    The words were hardly registering to her as Leslie looked the legs, err, man over. It was as if someone had mixed the blonde haired, tanned beauty of a California surfer with a professional body builder. There were rippling muscles all over him, but the one that most caught her attention was at his crotch.

    The only garment worn by this slave stud was a tiny black G-string. So small it was hardly up to the task of holding in all the man was hiding. The lump already looked like it would be a two-hander to control, and he was far from being at full erection.

    And already the G-string seeming ready to burst apart at any second!

    "Well I…" Leslie's voice trailed off as she was hypnotized by the cock before her. She was about ready to start salivating.

    Kay wanted to bitch loudly, reminding Leslie about their agreement, but the sight of the stud's heavy male equipment had her tongue hanging out further then her partner's was.

    "I think we've got a deal," Leslie confirmed between heavy breaths.

    "Hey! Wait a minute!" Kay finally complained as the tuxedoed servant pulled her to her feet.

    "Don't pay any attention to her," Leslie said as the man tugged the screaming Kay towards a small stage set up in the middle of the room. "She always gets loud. That, and she tries to pretend she doesn't like what she's getting. But she loves it."

    Leslie's eyes had never once strayed away from Evan's thick cock bulge.

    "I'm terribly sorry," Davis suddenly said.

    It was only because it clicked into her mind that it was Davis' voice that Leslie turned his way. "I hadn't thought of the fact you had arrived with a female slave. My man should have offered you your choice in replacements. If you'd prefer, you may use Ilisa until 'K' is returned to you."

    Oh my God, Leslie thought. He thinks I'm gay!

    She gave a quick look over to Davis' slave girl. The fantastic blonde was smiling sweetly and licking her lips in a fascinating way. One that make Leslie wonder about just how well trained the woman was. A shiver shot through her as Leslie felt her pussy getting wetter.

    But there other things for her to concentrate on.

    Like Evan's cock!

    "No, this is fine. A little change of pace is good for a girl." Leslie was giving the slave's huge bulge a pat with her fingers. Trying to gauge how big the thing might finish getting.

    "Fine," said a happy Davis. "I think you'll find Evan most pleasing. He's exceptionally trained. But then, all of my slaves are. Evan, why don't you show your Mistress how happy you are to be able to serve her?"

    Before she could say a word, or pull her fingers from his crotch, the big man had dropped to the floor. Bunching up into a tight ball on the carpet so he could get his lips to her feet.

    Kissing each of her toes in turn. Pressing in his tongue to get all around each of her tiny digits.

    Slowly working his mouth in at every bit of her nyloned feet the spiked sandals would let him reach.

    "Oh my!" was the best she could exclaim as the stud worked her over. This was a form of worship Leslie had never received before. And it didn't take long before she decided she could get used to being treated like this.

    This domination stuff had a lot going for it!

    When she was finally able to tear her eyes away from Evan for a moment or two, Leslie noticed things were heating up around the room. What had looked like a cocktail party earlier was beginning to look like a group grope.

    A fondle feast!

    Hands and mouths were openly exploring the exposed flesh of slaves, male and female. And in many cases, more flesh was being unveiled to make exploring even easier.

    The roaming hands syndrome wasn't restricted to only dominants. As the green light was given, many slaves were more than willing, and eager, to display their many talents. Slaves were being traded off to other dominants, and in some cases, slaves were being paired off together. Performing for the enjoyment of their owners.

    Preston Davis wasn't about to be left out of this kind of fun. Ilisa was mostly hidden from Leslie because of the table top, but judging from the girl's motions, she had the billionaire's cock out and in her hand.

    The smile on his face told how much he liked whatever it was she was doing to him.

    Almost as much as Leslie was enjoying what Evan was doing to her!

    Having finished with bathing all her toes, and as much of the soles of her feet as his slithering tongue could get at, the well muscled slave was moving his worshipping mouth up along the gentle curve of each ankle.

    His fingers were massaging the skin of her calves, to prepare her for where his lips would be working next. As Leslie leaned back in her chair to fully enjoy what her new slave was doing, she was looking straight ahead at the small stage built in the center of the room.

    Looking on at what was happening to Kay!

    The redhead didn't look to be happy about where she was, while at the same time being more than a little curious about what was about to happen. Leslie knew that Kay loved being the center of attention. It was probably the only reason why her partner wasn't kicking the crap out of the two people trying to handle her.

    The little oily servant had given Kay over to a couple dressed, in a manor of speaking, in leather. One male, the other female. Both looking as if they could give Darth Vader a real fight. They both wore tight masks over their heads and faces, and they both had on boots. Other than a pair of briefs for him and a bikini for her, the only other thing they had on their bodies were long gloves and the nasty looking implements of torture hanging from the wide belts at their waists.

    Kay was blabbering away about how a mistake had been made. That she wasn't what they thought, and how they should let her go. As she talked, both figures in leather nodded their heads as if they understood. They also continued with what they were doing.

    The man took a good, firm hold on Kay's slave collar with one hand, pointing down to the stage floor with the other.

    "Kiss our boots. Worship them and swear yourself to us, body and soul. Mine first, then hers," he demanded, giving Kay's head a good shake to make sure she knew he had been talking to her.

    "Look, I'm really not into this. I don't even know the rules for this game, so why not let me go and find a playmate who…"

    Kay was still rambling as the man began forcing her neck down towards his foot. Because of his greater strength and imposing bulk she had no choice but do as he directed.

    It didn't mean she couldn't struggle and squirm around.

    "Listen! I told you, I'm not into this!"

    "I like a slave with spirit." The big man surprised her as he suddenly jerked her up by the neck. "It gives me something to beat out of them."

    The tiny bit of chain joining Kay's wristlets had been there mostly for show. The small links didn't have the strength to last long as the big man yanked on them. The woman in leather was right there to lend two hands, helping to hold Kay in place and attach some real chains to her wrist straps.

    A metal structure extended over the small stage. Spanning it with more than enough strength to hold one fighting woman. The leathered Master began winching the slack out of Kay's new wrist chains. Lifting her hands up towards the steel cross brace overhead.

    "Ok, fine! Look, it's been fun, but why don't you let me down now? We've all had our laughs so… HEY! What are you doing?"

    Her Master was wrestling with Kay's hips and flailing legs, giving her new Mistress the opportunity to snap chains onto the ankle straps.

    "Stop it! Let me go!"

    Kay began fighting against her bonds now in earnest. Fingers stretching out in an effort to free herself. All of it coming as her Master began cranking up the chains holding her wrists.

    Pulling Kay completely off the floor.

    Spreading her out into a painful, suspended X.

    "God Damnit! Put me down!" Her thrashings only caused her chains to sing an ominous song as they held firmly to her.

    At about the time her body had been snapped taut by the chains, two other things happened. First was the cheering of the crowd. Although Kay usually enjoyed being the center of attention, she hated to consider some of the things people were shouting out.

    Encouraging her captors with twisted ideas!

    Knowing fearfully that many of them would happen.

    The other thing, which occurred almost at the same instant, was when the entire stage began to turn. Situated in the center of the room, Kay's stage show could be seen by everyone present. Now as the stage started rotating, there wasn't a bad seat in the place. Sooner or later everyone would have a chance to see all angles as the dominants had at her.

    "Hey! Ok! Let's go back to that boot kissing bit, could we? I was a little rude back then. I'd really like to have a second chance at that, so if you'd just let me… mmmuumpphhh!"

    The masked woman had come up from behind. A quick flick of her wrists positioned a ball gag in front of the redhead's lips. The Master was more than happy to help. The rubber ball was the same color and size as a Washington State apple. Fitting in her mouth with about the same ease.

    Kay was beginning to think her jaw would go flying apart, hinge broken, long before the man stopped shoving the ball in at her. She didn't feel much better as the woman behind her yanked, buckling up the strap. The leather cord cutting into the corners of her mouth.

    "Now I've been told you complain a lot, but that you really love whatever is done to you. True or false?" the masked trainer asked as he unhooked a multi tailed hand whip from his belt.

    Kay's eyes went about as large as the gag filling her mouth. Her head was a blur as she shook her head no.

    "Just as we were told," the leathered woman said. "Complaints and we haven't even gotten started yet."

    Leslie looked on, a part of her feeling bad about the position Kay was in.

    Oh well, Leslie would get over it.

    There really wasn't much she could do to help her partner anyway. Not without giving themselves away, or giving up the chance of catching some possibly important clue from Davis as to the where abouts of Denise.

    The fact that Evan's mouth had worked up past her knees, and was deliciously close to her pussy had nothing to do with her decision.

    Well, maybe a little.

    There were other wet slurping noises then those being made by Evan. Ilisa's lips and tongue were busy working in Davis' lap. Leslie couldn't see much, but the top of the blonde's head was bouncing up and down with a fairly regular motion. One that might explain the shit eating grin on the billionaire's face.

    As the other party guests shouted out what they'd like to see done to the suspended Kay, the masked woman was reaching for the redhead's hip. Untying the tiny bit of cord holding the leather G-string to Kay's body.

    The leathered man was delighted with his discovery of the pop-off pieces of their new slave's halter. He held up the small bits of leather for the crowd to see. Treating them as some sort of prize and getting the crowd roaring their approval. He made a show of looking over the pink buds of Kay's nipples before spending several pleasant moments squeezing them.

    Pinching and pulling them until tears were running down Kay's cheeks.

    The place just about went wild when he started flicking the small whip across her chest!

    Leslie thought again about saying or doing something, but that was about the time Evan's tongue had made it's way up over the elastic tops of her nylons, brushing lightly over her lace panties.

    His wonderful mouth had been playing it's magic over her for such a long time now, she hated to do something that might interrupt. Besides, Kay was a big girl. She knew how to take care of herself. So Leslie leaned back once more, closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations brought on by the talented tongue lapping at her sex.

    The masked woman must have felt the need to show the on lookers she was as well versed as her partner was. She also had a small whip hooked to her waist, and decided this was the time for her to show how well she could use it. Standing behind Kay, she had the perfect angle for putting some color to her new slave's bottom.

    Each stroke made by either dominant brought out a cheer from this bizarre theatre in the round. Soon the dominant's actions turned into a competition, with each trying for louder applause then what the other got.

    Going at Kay with trick swings of the whip. Doing little faints to put the hanging girl off guard so their next blow would bring a better reaction from her. Or else they seeing how many color variations could be caused on her skin.

    Criss-crossing every inch of Kay's body as she jerked and twisted around the best she could.

    The leathered duo were very inventive in the number of painful torments they came up with, and the crowd appreciated them for it.

    Only Kay didn't.

    Not making the redhead feel any better as the stage slowly spun back around to where she could see Leslie sitting there with that idiot smile on her face. And what was the guy doing kneeling in front of her like that? Was he really…?

    Leslie had also noticed the stage had turned to where Kay was facing towards her. She thought for a moment about waving at Kay, deciding it might be in bad taste.

    And speaking of taste, she hoped Evan was enjoying what he was getting. Although her panties were still blocking his tongue from really getting in at her, Leslie's pussy was flowing freely.

    Giving the stud a full meal.

    Her lacy panties had been well soaked long before the slave's tongue had ever gotten up high enough where he could notice. They were so wet now that even if they were removed, it would be hours before they'd ever dry out again.

    And there was more to come!

    Evan was using the frilly lace as a strainer as he sucked her juices right through the material.

    "She's something, isn't she," Davis said.

    Leslie looked over at Ilisa first, thinking he was talking about the way the blonde was sucking on his cock. It took a moment or two before the brunette realized he was staring intently at the stage.

    "Who? You mean Kay?"

    Leslie suddenly realized the old fart was feeling it bad. He hadn't stopped looking at Kay since the moment they'd shown up at his table. Even with the Princess of Norway slurping away on his schlong, he's still thinking about Kay's little bush.

    "Yes, yes. She really takes the whip well. And the way she's carrying on. If you didn't know better you'd think she didn't like it at all."

    Leslie just nodded, doing her best to hold in a moan as Evan's tongue glided over her hungry clit. If he didn't stop doing that, she was going to have to feel more than just his tongue up there.

    And soon!

    "Yes," she hissed out from between tightly clenched teeth. "She's always acting like that. All part of the challenge of owning her."

    "Well you let me know if you ever get tired of her. I could always use a slave like her for my stable. Maybe we could work out a trade?"

    Evan's tongue found her hidden clit once more and Leslie nearly screamed. Nearly coming!

    Davis' offer had some merit. It would give Kay an excellent opportunity for checking out all of the slaves quarters. Not to mention what it would do for Leslie.

    Also Leslie's head was filled with all the potential uses she could find for Evan. He certainly seemed to be far easier for her to get along with then Kay. And a lot less bitchy. She wasn't too sure how she'd ever be able to explain to Randel how she managed to lose Kay on an assignment though.

    Hopefully Davis wouldn't be looking for an instant reply. That would also give Leslie a chance to further "road test" Evan, to see if he would really be worth making a trade over. But if his cock was as big as she thought it was, well…

    His tongue found her clit once more. This time she did cum.

    With a gush!

    The words came to her as in a dream, as Davis offered Leslie and Evan the use of one of the many guest rooms. She didn't think she'd be able to get much more in the way of information out of her host tonight. One glance around the room told her that things were quickly turning into no more than a high class, kinky orgy.

    It was getting harder to tell the difference between slaves and owners as everyone seemed to be loosing their clothes at an amazing rate. Watching all that writhing, lustful bare flesh thrashing around only made Leslie want to try Evan out all the more.

    Using all the concentration she could muster, she happily accepted Davis' kind offer. He assured her that her slave would be well looked after, and it took Leslie a second before she remembered about Kay. Davis went on, telling her to talk to Ilisa about what room to use.

    The prize blonde slave was still sucking on the billionaire's cock, but she did take her hands away from his shaft long enough to hold her fingers up. Her head was still bobbing up and down as she signaled to Leslie the room number.

    Leslie got Evan to his feet and reached into the tiny G-string he wore. Using his cock as a handle as she lead him through the crowd, and up to their room.

    The room was large, comfortable and offered them everything a couple in heat could ever think of using. Evan lost no time in helping Leslie out of her dress. Caressing her every curve with his fingers and lips.

    Yes, she thought, a girl could get to like living like this.


    Leslie couldn't believe how good she felt the following morning. Not that she had slept much. Slowly, like a cat lounging in the sun, she stretched herself out. Taking up as much room as she possibly could in a bed you could literally get lost in.

    Evan had proved to be every bit as good as she could have hoped for.

    So had Eric!

    Starting the evening out with Evan had been wonderful. He had proved to be a very caring and gentle lover. The fact that his cock was as thick as her wrist and as long as her arm once he'd jammed it home, had gone a long way to endear him to her.

    And that wasn't counting the numerous times he'd swabbed her pussy clean with his tongue.

    He'd done all he possibly could to make her a happy woman. Making it all the sadder when even the astounding endurance of his powerful body ground to a halt.

    Leslie didn't have long to worry about it. Not five minutes after Evan had made his apologetic exit, another hulking young stud was knocking at her door. Eric turned out to be just as beautiful to look at. Thick slabs of muscle formed armor around his tall body. His cock didn't turn out to be quite as large as Evan's and his style of lovemaking was far different as well.

    Evan had been thoroughly domesticated, ready to follow any command or suggestion made. Taking just as long as needed to make his Mistress happy. Wringing every possible orgasm from her before using up every bit of his energy.

    Eric could be better described as a wild animal. Waiting, daring Leslie to tame him. Threatening to tame her if she wasn't careful. Going about it by battering her pussy into submission.

    There was no tenderness or gentility to what he did. Eric was a throw 'em down and slam it to 'em sort. Were Evan had used the time between his orgasms to lick Leslie to heaven, letting his oral skills fill the intermissions, Eric's cock never seemed to tire. He was like a machine with the way he pumped that monster sized cock of his in and out of her.

    Never seeming to be able to get enough of the brunette. Only taking out enough time to turn or fold Leslie into another position, then coming right back at her. Each time felt as if he had more vigor then before.

    Their couplings grew more energetic as they learned about each others likes and soft spots. There wasn't a corner of the room, or a piece of furniture they didn't use in some way as they went at each other. The only reason they didn't do it hanging from the chandelier was because the fixture quickly acted as if it were about to pull loose from the ceiling.

    Even when the young stud did blast off a load, it didn't do much to slow him down. His cock didn't go limp. If anything it wilted only slightly from it's full blown erection for a few seconds, but once it felt motion inside Leslie's cunt again, it roared right back to life.

    Slamming and battering away at Leslie's insides until the early hours of the morning.

    With all of his energetic screwing, Leslie couldn't help wonder how many dominants he had conquered. How many women had come into a room like this thinking they were going to use him for a sex toy, only to find themselves groveling at his feet instead? How many had then made fabulous offers to buy this stud away from Davis' stable?

    Those and many other questions flittered through her head as Leslie took everything the stud slave had.

    All and more!

    Draining his cock until it hung limp between his legs. Then Leslie went into an act of her own. Taunting and teasing the man until he was sorry he couldn't convince his organ to rear up one more time. By morning light, he was the one begging. Won over completely by her beauty and talents.

    Eric promised his new Mistress a galaxy of stunning orgasms, twenty-four hour stud service beyond anything she had ever encountered, if only she'd take him with her when she left.

    Eric knew when he had met his match.

    And he wanted more of what Leslie could do with him!

    Making her smile all the more when she sent him off packing. She was really starting to get into this dominant lifestyle. Ordering people around wasn't all that bad a thing. Especially when they deserved a little kick in the ego, like Eric did.

    It had meant something special to her being able to send him away. Ordering him to send back another slave to take care of the needs he hadn't been able to satisfy by himself.

    Leaving Leslie to lay back, picturing in her mind what the next sex stud might be like when the knock came to her door.

    "Come in. I've been expecting you."

    "I fucking doubt it!" Kay yelled as she stomped into the huge bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

    The usually beautiful redhead looked more like an angry zebra where the color had gone wrong. Kay's skin was nicely tan. Giving extra contrast to her red hair, making the color stand out all the more rich and fiery.

    Now it did the same for the red marks covering her body.

    A body with was completely on display. Somewhere along the way she seemed to have lost what little she had to wear to begin with. The only thing she wore at the moment were the leather straps at her ankles, elbows, wrists and neck. Shiny black leather which matched that of her outrageously high heeled shoes.

    "Kay! So… nice to see you."

    "Yeah? I can just bet. Let's see if you feel the same after I put a few whip marks on your hide!"

    "I'm sorry you're taking it all this way."

    "Well I'm… What? How else am I supposed to feel?"

    "Oh come on. We both know we get these missions because no one else can get the job done. So sometimes we have to go that extra distance. There was only one way we were going to get any information on both Davis and private entertainment he provides, that's why we're here," Leslie said as sweetly and even voiced as if she were addressing a Sunday school class.

    Kay was still mad, but she was no longer charging towards Leslie. The reason she hadn't already thrown herself on top of Leslie to beat the crap out of her was the fact her wrists were locked behind her back.

    "Yeah? Well that's real easy for you to say so long as it's me hanging by my thumbs. Did you see what they did to me after tanning my hide?"

    "Afraid not. I was following up on some leads of my own."

    "So you didn't even see it when they let me down, only to strap me onto some rolling cart? Well let me tell you, they took me on a little tour of the place, giving everyone a chance at playing with me."

    "See? Wasn't all that bad then, was it?" Leslie smiled, acting as if Kay was only proving her right. "All those hands playing with your lovely body…"

    "They sure as hell weren't being nice about it!" Kay exploded. "Every one of those assholes had to take a swat on my poor rump, or pinch my boobs! And the only time they touched my poor pussy, it was so they could pinch or slap it."

    "Then what? Davis promised me he'd see to it you were taken care of," Leslie said as if she cared. Actually all she really wanted to know was when the next stud would show up. She wanted to milk this place for all the perks she could get.

    "Oh they took care of me all right. They took me down to the fucking basement and dumped me there!"

    "That's great work! Did you find any trace of Denise?" Leslie was doing her level best to sound interested, but her eyes were still locked on the front door.

    "How could I? They had me trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey."

    "Come over here and sit down." Leslie patted her hand on the huge mattress. "If they were done with their show, why did they keep you tied up?"

    "It wasn't rope. If that's all it had been I probably would have gotten away by myself. But no, they slipped me into this big leather thing that could have been a wrist band for an elephant. It pinned my arms to my sides from shoulder to elbow and mashed my poor tits flat. There wasn't enough slack in the damn thing to let me even take in a breath. Then, as if that wasn't enough, they strapped my ankles together, and pulled them back up nearly to my collar. If the chest binder hadn't been so stiff, they would have had me bent into a backwards 'U'!"

    Leslie's attention had been caught. Even after all the other things she had seen tonight, she still had problems trying to visualize what Kay had just described.

    "All of that? I don't get it. I thought they were going to look after you, maybe put you in with some of the other slaves. You know, let you have a little fun," she said in way of explanation.

    "Maybe they would have."

    "If?" Leslie asked suspiciously.

    Kay gave a shrug of her head. "If I hadn't bit the guy who had been whipping me."


    "Well he'd been a real shit. He and that bimbo didn't need to do as much as what they did. So they were all standing around laughing about what a good job they'd done on me, and the guy was having some trouble getting that rubber ball out of my mouth. Hell, by that time it felt as if it had been made part of my throat. Anyway, after he loosened a couple of my teeth while yanking it free, his hand was dangling in front of me."

    "So you bit him." Leslie couldn't believe Kay would do such a thing. How could she jeopardize the mission like that?

    What if the guy got rabies and sued?

    "Damn right I did! Might have been different if he had plugged me first. Looked like he had a pretty nice looking dick on him, but not only did he not put it to me, he wouldn't let anybody else take a go at me either. Kept mouthing off about how I hadn't been a good enough slave to deserve any pleasure."

    "Sound's like you only got what you deserved," Leslie pointed out. Looking over to the door once more. Where was the next stud? Her puss was getting cold.

    Kay had noticed her partner's preoccupation with the door. "The way you keep looking over there, he must have been pretty good."


    "Your lead. The reason you couldn't hang around to protect me."

    "Which one?" The words were hardly out of her mouth before Leslie wished she could recall them. Knowing what a drastic mistake she had just made.

    "There was more than that one guy I saw you with? What, you were up here banging your kat off while I was stuck down in the basement having to lick cunt?"

    "But I thought you said they had you tied up into a tight little ball," Leslie said as quickly as she could. Hoping to defuse the redhead's anger by keeping her talking if at all possible.

    "Being real slaves they weren't about to set me free without permission, but that didn't mean they weren't feeling pretty frisky. If not for all the damn leather wrapped around me it might have even been fun. The only problem was that all the guys had been pretty well drained during the party, so they didn't feel much like playing with me. So all I had was the girls."

    "There was this one guy who was joined us really late. He was so exhausted he could hardly move. Now I guess I know why. He'd been up here, slamming home the bacon with you no doubt."

    Leslie shook her head with supreme innocence. "No, couldn't be. The only pumping going on in this room was for information. And it's starting to sound as if it wasn't such a bad time down in that cell."

    "If I had spent the night snuggled up in a big comfy bed I might be thinking the same way too. But I was surrounded by a bunch slave girls who had been teased all night. Some of them may have gotten a squirt or two from some old coot, but they were all still horny as hell. And guess who was low tongue on the totem pole?"

    "I imagine you fought back though. One or two bites on the pussy and most women would leave you alone," Leslie said as if it were really that easy.

    "Except they were all expecting me to try something like that. So one of them grabbed hold of the strap holding my feet up to my neck, threatening to pull it tighter if I gave any trouble. I was already set to break in half. I'm surprised my legs still work at all. So I did what I was told. God, but there was a lot of slimey cunt in that cell for me to eat!"

    "But did you find out anything about Denise?"

    "Yeah. Her cunt wasn't there for me to clean out. You have any idea about how bad that much stale spunk tastes? It's not bad when you're taking it first hand, but when it's left stewing around for…"

    "Spare me the details." Leslie's face was beginning to take on some unhealthy colors as she thought about it. "Is there anything else?"

    "I should say so. We've got to get out of here." Leslie's body tensed. For the first time since Kay's appearance the brunette seemed ready for action.

    "Why's that? Did you hear something? Are they on to us?"

    "Worse! All those slaves are shaved. You know, down there. And most of them are pierced in a lot of very uncomfortable places."

    Letting out a sigh, Leslie lowered herself back down onto the comfortable mattress. "I know I'll be sorry for asking, but what does that matter?"

    "They noticed I still have my lovely fur and that I was unmarked by any rings or of identifying studs. Most of them were talking about how their owners would be more than happy to change that for me. We've got to get out of here before I lose my pretty bush!"

    "Don't be a baby. They were only saying that because they saw how it upset you. Now settle down, I'll protect you," Leslie said in a comforting way.

    "Yeah?" Kay was looking over her hide, counting the stripes. "You've done a hell of a fine job there so far."

    "Stop it! Listen, we'll nose around as much as we can this morning, if we can't find anything useful we'll clear out. We'll be together the whole time, nobody's going to do anything weird with you so long as we're together."

    "Ok, but I still think we should clear out. For some reason I have a bad feeling about this."

    Finally the knock came that Leslie had been waiting for. At the same time, the dark haired girl gave a silent curse. After what she had just said she couldn't very well ask Kay to clear out just so she could have some fun with this new stud.

    Damn it!

    "Come in."

    Did he ever. It was as dramatic as entrance as one could ever hope to make. The sex stud stood proudly in the middle of the doorway, making both women realize just how tall he was as they compared him with the tiny amount of space in the archway.


    Kay was about start acting foolishly as she stared at the guy. It was like looking at a young Conan. Curly long hair hanging down past his broad shoulders. Big and beefy with rippling muscles from head to toe.

    "Oh Jesus! After being teased all night long, not getting any nookie, do you know how damn good he looks?"

    For a scary moment, Leslie thought her partner was about to burst into tears. Leslie was looking him over as well, about to admit that this had to be a gift from the Gods.

    So why did his timing have to be so damn bad?

    Yes, she knew Kay had had a bad time of it. And yes, the girl probably even deserved having a spot of fun, but why now? Why with this beautiful creature that was rightfully hers?

    Conan closed the door behind him, slowly stepping towards the bed. Moving as if stalking the two women there. His body had been lightly oiled, the soft lighting in the room playing over every facet of him. Bouncing and dancing playfully off of every muscle.

    And there were so many of those!

    "He's perfect. Oh, let me at him!" Kay hissed through a barely opened mouth. Keeping her lips closed so she wouldn't drool on herself.

    It was a strain on their friendship, but Leslie couldn't find it in herself to deny Kay. But Leslie wasn't ready to completely do without.

    "Slave!" she barked.

    "Yes?" Conan and Kay answered in unison.

    Leslie made a face at her partner before turning her attention back to the muscle bound playtoy. "I haven't had coffee yet. Call and get us some refreshments. And possibly more help," as she indicated to the fact there were two wanting females in the room needing servicing.

    "As you wish Mistress," the stud said with a smile, reaching for the phone.

    "God, don't you just love the way they do that," Kay sighed. "Anything you ask, and they just do it. Can we take some home with us?"

    "Anything else?" Conan interrupted, his task now complete.

    Leslie reached for the small key dangling from Kay's neck, figuring it had to unlock her cuffs. Then she handed it over to the mighty stud.

    "Yes. See to my slave would you? Possibly that will stop her complaining mouth. Amuse and indulge yourself."

    Kay couldn't hold back any longer. With a cry of "GOODIE!", she was off the bed and rubbing herself over as much of the stud as her body could cover.

    The huge stud wrapped one arm around her waist, lifting her with ease of picking up the morning paper. Shifting slightly, he changed his grip. Supporting her by cupping most of Kay's ass in one catcher's mitt sized hand. Bringing the redhead up high enough he could chew on her already hardened nipples.

    "Oh God! I've died and this is heaven!" Kay said as she squirmed around, trying to get one of his supporting fingers to inch a little closer to her pussy. Or better still, into it!

    She could hear him chuckling as he did everything possible to prevent giving the girl the penetration she so desired. He was going to make her wait for it longer. His mouth didn't stray from her breasts though. He was just wanting to make sure he got her to the boiling point before going on.

    "God he's good! And, God I'm horny!" Kay cried.

    She was doing all she could to lean into the hunk. Wishing he had freed her hands so she could hug his face to her chest. Filling his hot mouth with as much breast meat as she could stuff in there.

    Leslie just looked on and pouted.

    Acting like a little girl. Her arms crossed over her chest, doing what she could to ignore the sight before her.

    Cursing. Damn it! That should be me melting in his arms, not her.

    Not at all sure what she'd do if his cock turned out to be as huge as the rest of him was. Where was that other stud? What did a girl have to do around here to get a good pussy stuffing?

    Conan seemed to have gotten his fill of Kay's chest and was lowering her back down to the floor. The hand he was holding her with made sure her legs were slightly spread, forcing her pussy to rub over his hip and thigh as he lowered her inch, by tantalizing inch.

    The redhead couldn't prevent the moan which escaped her throat. She felt weightless, falling completely under the stud's magic spell. And she was sure that if he were to spend some more time rubbing her up and down over his heavily muscled thigh, she'd be cumming like crazy.

    As it was, she nearly exploded when her leg brushed over his cock. That wonderful erection feeling so good against her heated skin.

    Conan let Kay go and suddenly her legs didn't have enough strength to hold her up. As if her body had turned to jello, she slowly sank down to her knees. A position which didn't bother her, because it brought that thick lump directly in front of her face.

    She knelt there mesmerized as his fingers untied the bows at his hips. The only things holding the G-string briefs in place. His cock all but exploded out at her, coming close to hitting Kay in the face.

    More than ever before, she wished her hands were free. Seeing how truly beautiful his shaft was, Kay wanted, no needed, to touch it.

    To handle it. Fondling it's heavy thickness with both hands.

    And once she had a firm grip on the situation, stuff him in where she needed to feel him the most!

    But she couldn't. That didn't mean she didn't appreciate the stunning sight before her. The thick cock had started off staring her in the face, now it was free of the confines of those tight briefs and in full view of such a desirable, naked woman, it was rearing up firm and tall.

    Rising up past Kay's eyes.

    It looked so good and she wanted it so badly, so the redhead didn't waste any time chasing after it. Unable to prevent herself, she closed her mouth over the deeply colored knob at the shaft's tip.

    The big stud smiling as she did so. Letting her take a good long taste of his meat before he made any move at all. The motion he did make was to grab for the back of Kay's head. Holding her in place as he began rocking his hips at her.

    "Ooouuoohhhh! Ouugght riiqqkkk iisss!"

    Kay started to complain. Muffled sound making it's way from around her tightly packed lips. If she could have pulled away from his shaft, Kay would have told Conan where else he could put his tool. For as good as this prize cock tasted, or as bad as what she wanted it, this wasn't the way she wanted to receive him.

    The stud didn't seem to mind one way or another. He was just happy with the discovery that he could wedge so much of his meat between Kay's wet lips. Her mouth felt so good, he decided to sample her oral talents a little longer. Grabbing onto Kay's head with both hands now, he began feeding more of his length to her.

    Kay's cheeks and eyes bulged in direct proportion to how much cock she was taking on. Trying to get away from the sex slave did her no good. Conan's grip on her head and neck were too tight, and without the use of her cuffed hands she had no way to fight back.

    So she made all the noise she could. Grunting and moaning in an attempt to get Leslie to come help. Only the dark haired girl was still laying in bed, arms crossed, being grumpy and pouting.

    Not even watching as the stud raped Kay's face!

    Not reacting in any way at all until she heard the knock at the door.

    "About damn time! Come in," Leslie bellowed.

    The door opened and in walked a stud who could have been Conan's younger brother.

    "Took you long enough! Where's the coffee I…"

    Right behind the stud was a serving cart pushed by yet another muscle bound man. By far he was the largest of the three men.

    "Oh my!"

    "I'm sorry Mistress. I misunderstood. I didn't know you already had a servant here," said the man pushing the cart. "One of us can leave if you like."

    "Not bloody likely!" Leslie blurted. Her head bouncing as she looked from one thick bulge to the other.

    "As you wish, Mistress. How would you like us to serve you?"

    Leslie's mind flooded with a wealth of ideas. The thought of having both of these trained, super studs having at her simultaneously got her pussy flowing like a river. She was about to lay down and simply motion them to her, when she glanced over to Kay. Her partner had been through the worst of it on this case, so the least she could do was let Kay have her fun now.

    Moving out from under the covers, Leslie crawled across the massive bed, heading right for the two sex servants.

    "First of all, let's see what you've got," she told them.

    Both men were smiling as they unveiled their heavy weaponry. Leslie nearly choked on her own tongue. She had no idea where Davis came up with these guys, but she was getting closer by the second to being willing to trade Kay away for one of them.

    Just like all the other male slaves she had seen so far, the one who looked like Conan's brother had a delightfully huge hunk of meat hanging from between his legs. It might not have been as large as Conan's cock, but it was far beyond the national average. Certainly enough for a woman to notice as it plowed it's way through her.

    The other man's tool though, now there was a cock!

    It was still hanging straight down and it went half way to his knee. By the time she got him up and hard…

    Well, it was mind boggling to think about just how big he might be!

    "You," Leslie didn't even give the younger Conan a second look, she just waved her hand in his direction. "Go over and help with her. Fill her and do it good. Understand?"

    "Yes Mistress," and the slave hurried over to join in with Kay and Conan.

    "I'm Andy, Mistress. Are you ready for your coffee now?"

    "Fuck the coffee! Where have you been all my life? Oooh! Come to momma, baby!"

    Leslie had crawled off of the bed and continued on hands and knees until she was close enough to get both hands onto Andy's cock. The huge man stood absolutely still as she started pumping him fully erect.

    "YES! Christmas has come early this year," she said just before wrapping her lips around his cock crown. Leslie had about as much a chance of taking all of him as what Kay had when the apple sized ball gag was forced past her lips.

    Only in this case, Leslie wanted the stuffing she was getting.

    "You're too kind, Mistress. Far too kind. And a very good cock sucker," Andy said.

    His eyes darted over to the side of the bedroom where the Conan brothers were. Kay no longer seemed to be fighting to get away from the cock filling her mouth. Once she felt the nudging of the second erection pushing to get into her pussy, she'd settled right into the rhythm.

    Conan still had the key to her cuffs in his hand, feeling safe for the first time in setting Kay's hands loose. She used one hand to brace herself against the duel cock thrusts, saving the other to help her as she attacked the cock in her mouth. Wrapping her fingers as tight as she could around his saliva slick meat.

    Stroking him as she sucked.

    The second stud was happily banging away at her pussy. Kay had been so wet and excited, he'd had no problem getting in. Now all he had to do was keep up with her.

    With at least twenty inches of hard male equipment slamming into her, Kay was wondering how long it would take before the two cocks met somewhere deep inside her.

    The two cock heads bashing together as the men fucked her.

    Bathing each with the spunk of the other when she finally got them to shoot off.

    Something Kay hoped to be doing several times!

    It made for one hell of a show. If Andy hadn't been hard from all Leslie was doing to him, the sight of the three thrashing bodies over there would have gotten him set for action.

    It was difficult for Andy to hold still. It was such a rare thing for him to find a girl who could take even a portion of his cock in her mouth, so he was relishing every second of what Leslie did to him.

    Wanting to see just how far she'd be able to take it by herself.

    But he had other things to do.

    Orders he had to obey!

    "That feels so good Mistress. Please, suck me all you want."

    Leslie chucked around this mouth stuffer, feeling sure she'd be able to suck him off and still have plenty left for her pussy. She was enjoying having this massive hunk of man meat in her mouth so much, she didn't even mind when she felt Andy's hand move to her head.

    It wasn't as if he was about to ready to take hold and start slamming himself at her in the same way Conan had done with Kay. This was more as if he were gently guiding her. Changing the angle she was at to where he could enjoy what she was doing to the fullest.

    The dark haired beauty was so engrossed in what she was doing she never noticed as the hulking man's free hand wandered over to the serve cart he'd rolled in. Or see the fingers searching around under the linen covering the trolly. Coming out with a small aerosol sprayer.

    "Can't tell you how sorry I am," he said as he aimed the little can at Leslie's face and pressed the top.

    The girl's eyes were asking him, "What are you sorry about?" just before she froze.

    Andy was laughing as he carefully repositioned Leslie's arms, leaving her down on all four, mouth hanging open, as he headed over to where Kay was getting it at both ends.

    The lovely redhead didn't even have a chance to look over at him before Andy aimed the spray into her face.


    "The dirty, rotten bastards!" Leslie yelled.

    "Yeah, yeah. I know," Kay grunted.

    "They… they…!"

    "I know what they did! I was there too."

    "The bastards went ahead and fucked us anyway! They used us to beat off!"

    Leslie and Kay were in one of the basement dungeon cells, hanging by their wrists. And they were pissed!

    It was bad enough they had been taken so easily. It had happened so quickly, they felt foolish. And making it worse, they had been aware of every second of their humiliation.

    Watching, helplessly trapped in their own bodies as three men had at them in any way they chose. Two large, and one incredibly huge cock, having at them until they gave up their gooey load.

    Twice each for each girl!

    So now as Kay and Leslie hung from their wrists in the dank dungeon. Man cream dripping down their thighs and smeared over their lips. Their mouths had been filled to the bursting point when the men had used them for head, not even able lick the excess off their lips until the drug wore off just a few seconds ago!

    Leslie seemed to have taken the worst of it. Andy's cock had been so impossibly huge, her lips would never have been able to make a proper seal around it's circumference even when she had control over her body. As it was, he had just held her paralyzed body in place while he pumped away at her mouth.

    He didn't even try to give her his full load there. It was a lot more fun for him when he blasted his pint of man sauce over Leslie's face. Now she looked like an extra cast in a mummy movie as the goo dried and was cracking.

    Both women had a good amount of spunk dribbling down from their well used pussys also. Most of that cream had also dried into a crust. Only with Leslie, the only clothing she wore were the nylons from last night, which were now glued to her thighs.

    Pulling at her soft skin with every move she tried to make.

    "Those bastards! If I ever get my hands on them, I'll rip their cocks off! I'll do it with my bare hands!"

    "Hey! Leslie. I thought you were supposed to be the one always under control? So how come you're freaking out like this?"

    "How can you even ask that? Don't you feel violated? Don't you want to rip their balls off with a length of rusty barbed wire and shove 'em down their throats?"

    Kay cringed slightly. "I must admit that's a more graphic description than what I would have used, but yeah. I don't want to see those assholes get away with shit. Not that we can do a damn thing to get back at them while we're trapped in here."

    "No shit! Of course we…" Leslie instantly stopped her bitching. With a heavy sigh, she hung limply from the chain trapping her and started trying to think of a way out.

    Hoping she'd come up with something better than what their neighbor had done so far. Yes there was one other person sharing the same cell with them.

    Another woman.

    Only they hadn't had any luck in communicating with her yet. The fact she had a leather hood covering her face which prevented her from seeing or hearing that she was no longer alone, and a gag clogged her mouth probably explained most of that.

    The hood might have hidden the female features away, but her naked breasts were a bit of a give-away to her gender. It was hard to tell much about her legs. A leather binder covered them from hip to ankles, hobbling her to where walking probably would have been impossible.

    As if that weren't bad enough for the woman, there was a metal shaft coming up from the floor between her legs. And it looked to be sticking right up into her!

    Not that she could do much about it. Her arms were held in a single sleeve binder, so she couldn't do as much as flex her fingers, let alone reach down between her legs.

    She must have been in good health though, the Dirty Pair thought. She couldn't seem to keep still. The woman kept turning around in tiny circles. Pivoting around and around on the metal pole. No possible way to escape, but she never stopped moving.

    "What the hell do you think that's all about?" Leslie muttered, not really expecting any good answer out of her partner.

    "Don't know. You'd think she'd get tired of it after while. Things can't be that boring here, could they?"

    On cue, the cell door opened.

    "You can believe me, the last thing that occurs here is boredom."

    The Dirty Pair turned as one to see who had just joined them.

    "Ilisa! God, but I'm glad to see you. Could you let us down? I'm afraid some of the boys got a little carried away," Leslie said.

    "Did they now?" Only it didn't sound as if the blonde was asking. The chill of her laughter didn't bode well either.

    Only then did the girls take a closer look at what had once been a sweet Nordic beauty. No longer was she wearing the outfit of a submissive. She was still in leather though.

    A frightening outfit a dominant would wear!

    A leather leotard, French cut to show a good deal of leg and hip, as well as having a neck line designed for best displaying her full breasts. A beautiful chest which was inaccessible because of some crossing straps protecting her otherwise bare nipples.

    The true give-a-ways to Ilisa's change was the addition of the long cape draped over her shoulders, the open fingered gloves reaching up past her elbows and the black, thigh high boots. Boots that made the blonde look all the more threatening because of their three inch platforms soles and needle thin heels.

    "A part of me says that the boys probably didn't do nearly enough to you. Yet!" Ilisa said as she slowly walked around the hanging girls. Inspecting their bodies with a practiced eye.

    "I must admit, I've heard some fascinating things about the two of you. You've been rather hard on the egos of some of my very best slaves. All my slaves are carefully picked for how well endowed they are. Only then are they trained to please a woman properly. Any one of them should be able to handle any woman, with the possible exception of me, without problem. Most of my slaves have been known to handle several of our female guests in one night alone. So why is it you two drain my men and send them back with their tails between their legs?"

    "Maybe we just know how to party," Kay said.

    "We might have done better if we hadn't of been drugged," Leslie pointed out, stretching a jaw still very sore after the way Andy had used her. "What the hell is that stuff anyway?"

    "A little something for making the handling unruly slaves easier." The big blonde was smiling happily and Leslie wondered what had happened to change what had been such a submissive woman.

    "But why use it? Why us?" Leslie was starting to feel nervous with the way the blonde was circling them. With the eye of a vulture.

    "Let's just say you interest me. I wanted to find out more about you," Ilisa said as her fingers made contact with Kay for the first time. Lightly stroking her long nails up along the girl's taut belly.

    "You could have just invited us for coffee," the redhead said. She was making a bit of a face as she wondered if this sudden attention meant she was going to be licking pussy again pretty soon.

    The blonde shook her head with disbelief. "You two are amazing. You're taking this so calmly, even able to make jokes about it. Any other woman would be screaming threats or crying her eyes out. Just who are you?"

    "We already told you. At least I told Davis…" Leslie started.

    "NO! You didn't tell him, or me, a damn thing. At least nothing that's true. I severely doubt you're from a rich family, you have too much back bone. Just as I'm sure your no dominant." Ilisa's fingers were squeezing down hard on Kay's right nipple. "And I'm positive you're no slave."

    "And I think you're wrong!" Leslie flared, tiring of the game.


    Leslie's head rocked to the side after being slapped hard.

    "I trust you won't use that tone with me again," the blonde warned. Her hand cocked and ready to swing again. "Now several things just screamed out to me, saying there was something wrong with you two. First you wouldn't talk about who your father was. I've yet to meet anyone from a wealthy family who didn't toss the name around just to show they were a person to be reckoned with. Also, you didn't seem to have the first idea of what to do with a slave. Any other dominant wouldn't have hesitated when given a slave like Evan. A real woman would have put him in his place and used him as the male slut he is."

    "Did you think that maybe I'm just a bit shy in a new surrounding?" Leslie asked. Shit! she thought. This isn't going at all well. Her fingers were searching at the padlocks holding her wrists, hoping to find some way to escape.

    No, this is not looking good!

    "And as for you," Ilisa said to Kay, "You have too much attitude to be a submissive. That would have been knocked out of you a long time ago if you were really owned by someone with guts. And then there's this…"

    "Ooowwwww!" Kay yelled out as the blonde took hold, and yanked on a tuft of red pubic hair.

    "You'd never be put on display in a crowd like this. If you were mine, this would be shaved off and there would be a few rings installed also."

    "So you did this to us just because we didn't fit into your image of a happy couple?" Leslie's voice sounding upset and frustrated for the first time. Doing her best to assume the air of a wealthy young woman.

    "I need another reason? Alright, how about this?" The blonde walked across the room, turned on a T.V. monitor and pressed the start button on a V.C.R..

    The picture that flared to life was of Leslie's guest bedroom.

    "… After I put a few whip marks on your hide!"

    "I'm sorry you're taking it all this way," Leslie heard herself say.

    "Well I'm… what? How else am I supposed to feel?" Kay argued for the second time that day.

    "Oh come on. We both know we get these missions…"

    "And what kind of missions are those?" Ilisa asked, stopping the tape.

    "That's just the way we talk to each other. You know, lover's short hand," Leslie quickly dismissed.

    Leslie did her best to hold on to her composure, but inside she was pissed at herself. Why hadn't she checked the room for bugs? Her head was so muddled at the moment, she couldn't even remember what other incriminating things they might have said while thinking they were alone.

    Things were looking much worse!

    "I don't think so. But I do intend to find out what this is all about," the confident blonde promised.

    "What does Davis have to say about all this?" Leslie tried. Damn, but they had to get themselves out of here. She'd already seen that these kids played rough.

    "That old man? No this is just like everything else around him, he doesn't have a clue," Ilisa snarled.

    "I thought you were his slave?"

    "During those rare moments when we're together, yes I am. Otherwise I'm just as he had told you. I run things for him. All Davis cares about anymore, are his kinky games. So long as I keep him supplied with tender young, well trained slaves to play with, and arrange for a party here and there, he doesn't care what else I do. So while he gets his dick wet, I run everything else."

    "The house you mean. With as many business as what Davis owns…"

    "I meant what I said!" the blonde snapped.

    Ilisa took a breath to settle herself back down. She also stepped closer to Kay. Between her natural height and the added inches from her boots, she stood tall enough to feed one of her breasts to the redhead's mouth. Making the girl suck and lick around the tiny leather strips covering her nipple.

    Cruel fingers curled in Kay's pubic bush to help convince the girl to do a good job.

    "I had to grovel like an animal for that bastard for four years before he began trusting me. Working my ass off seeing to his every wish. He didn't have to think or do a single thing for himself, I saw to it he never wanted for anything. Eventually he saw what a treasure he had in me and started letting me do more for him. Finally he added me onto his staff as his personal assistant. Now his empire is mine!"

    "Quite a step up from slave slut."

    "Don't be flippant with me. You aren't in a good position for it."

    Tugging at the chain holding her wrists once more, Leslie was forced to agree.

    "But we'll talk about that more later. Although I'm sure we will have a good deal of fun talking together later. You aren't the real reason I came."

    "I'm crushed," Leslie quipped.

    "It's going to be fun squeezing the truth out of you," Ilisa said coldly as she pulled away from Kay's sucking mouth.

    She walked over to where the third girl was still traveling around in her silent circles. Ilisa carefully unzipped the front of the hobble skirt just far enough so she could reach inside.

    Right about at crotch level!

    The hooded girl reacted as if struck with lightning. Her body stiffening, breast sticking straight out at Ilisa. But instead of jerking away from the invading fingers, the hooded girl did all she could to thrust her hips back towards the blonde.

    Acting as if she were trying to follow Ilisa's fingers with her pussy!

    "Ahh," the blonde tisked. "The treatment does seem to put a bit of an itch into a girl, doesn't it?"

    By the motion of the woman's hand, Leslie guessed Ilisa was toying with the girl's clit. The girl who couldn't possibly have heard what the blonde had said seemed willing to do anything in her power to make the fondling fingers continue with what they had started.

    "A little bit of a special mixture injected into a waiting orifice, add a waiting period and take away all ability to protect one's self. It all adds together, turning a slave around," Ilisa said proudly. "Making her soft and pliable. Perfect for training."

    The blonde took her hand away from the staked girl, and if it were possible to sigh with your body, that's what the girl did. Shifting her body around blindly as she searched for that hand again.

    Trying to tempt those fingers to return.

    Only those fingers were busy elsewhere. Unbuckling the strap holding the gag in the girl's mouth. Even with the gag loose, it wasn't easy pulling the mouth stuffer out.

    The Dirty Pair were surprised that the girl had managed to go for such a long time with such a large dildo jamming her mouth and throat so full. The more Ilisa pulled out, the longer the dildo seemed to be!

    "Thank you… Thank you… Mistress," the girl gasped. She was drooling over her naked breasts from a mouth she couldn't quite close yet.

    "A good sign right there." Ilisa turned proudly to face Kay and Leslie. "When I first got her, all she could do was curse and fight. This is her first honest show of improvement."

    Not getting the response she wished from either of the hanging women over this, Ilisa turned away from them and started working at removing the girl's hood.

    As the tight leather was peeled off her, the Dirty Pair got their first look at the girl. Seeing a blonde whose hair was matted down to her head with fear sweat. Letting them see for the first time the glassy eyes which were blinking away what seemed to the bound girl as harsh light.

    Showing them the face of…

    "Denise!" Kay yelped in surprise.

    "How long has she been like this!"

    It was only because Leslie had yelled out louder then Kay, that they weren't given away completely.

    "Long enough to begin to teach her some manors," Ilisa said, running fingers through the girl's slickened hair.

    Denise's gaze remained downcast throughout it all.

    "Isn't that true slave?"

    "Yes Mistress," Denise said as loud as her laboring lungs would let her.

    "And are you willing to show me the respect I so rightfully deserve?"

    "Yes Mistress."

    "Even though you know what I will require of you?"

    There was a slight hesitation, but Denise's response was as loud as she could make it. "Yes Mistress!"

    "Good. Very good," Ilisa gloated.

    Three quick steps took the dominant over to the cell door.

    "Get in here," she yelled.

    One of her powerful, and too well built slaves, hurried in. "Yes Mistress. I'm here but to serve."

    To Kay and Leslie, it looked as if Ilisa was about ready to cum!

    The woman loved seeing others grovel before her.

    "Pull that one free." Ilisa's hand waved at Denise.

    The stud slave quickly reached for the heavy, wide belt anchoring the hobble skirt in place. It had been cinched so tight, the girl's waist had been brought down to nearly nothing, leaving very little room to be able to draw it tighter for the instant it would take to free the locking tab.

    Denise groaned as her internal organs shifted around. Forced out of their regular placement by the power of man's tugging hands. With the belt unfastened, the rest of the skirt came apart easily. The long zipper sliding down the girl's length, dividing the leather behind it.

    The prisoner had been made to wear some shoes so sever, they made her look like a performer from a ballet. Arching her feet to a painful angle, and making Denise take most of her weight on the points of her toes. It had been hell for Denise to endure standing like that for so long, but in a way the hobble skirt had made it all easier. The form fitting leather had helped distribute the stress through out the lower portion of her body.

    Now the skirt was gone, and it was only the fading strength of Denise's ankles left to hold her up.

    Forcing the tired girl to make use the only other support left to her. The shaft driven up into her body!

    Rather than falling over to either side, the moaning Denise leaned back onto the metal shaft.

    Driving another inch or two of it into her in the process!

    The Dirty Pair looked on in helpless silence as they saw the girl's legs tremble, looking about ready to collapse from under her.

    Before it happened, the stud grabbed hold of her. His well muscled arms flexing as he lifted her straight up. The blonde bundle in his arms relaxed, leaning back against the man's hard chest. Her body giving up trying to do anything further.

    This new angle also showed that the shaft wasn't pushing it's way up into her pussy.

    It had been filling her ass!

    "Oh shit!"

    Kay's spontaneous outburst brought a huge smile to Ilisa's face. The dominant knew she had found a weak spot in at least one of her new prisoners and that discovery pleased her. It gave her power over them, and she lived for power.

    Leslie and Kay were busy staring, and wondering, about how Denise could have last for as long as she had. There must have been at least eight inches of the dildo headed shaft jammed into her, probably more.

    And those invading inches hadn't been smooth and gleaming like the lower section of the metal pole. The last foot of the shaft was covered with thick ribbing, and rough knobs spotted all over. Things to provide an infinite number of hard edges to rub away at soft inner tissues.

    It must have been hell!

    She had also been shaved and ringed!

    One way or another, it had worked. Denise was a broken woman.

    "Bless you Mistress… Bless you…" was all the girl could babble as she sagged limply in the stud's arms.

    "Take her to my chambers," Ilisa instructed. The slave stud nodded, disappearing with the girl.

    "I shall be leaving you for awhile, but I will return. You are both so interesting. I simply must know all about you. Everything," she said ominously. "And we'll have so much fun together. Until we find you some new owners, that is."

    "Owners?" Leslie blurted out. "You mean to…"

    "Sell us?" Kay finished.

    "I need to tie up all the loose ends. Obviously you know too much now. Once you've told me why you're here – and you will do that – you'll beg me to listen to your confession. Then you'll be trained and sold, just like all the others. And with the natural," Ilisa ran a finger down through the slit of each hanging girl, "shall we say, talents you both have shown, I think you'll bring in an excellent price."

    "Is that what's going to happen to that other girl?" Leslie asked, doing her best to ignore the finger playing with her pussy lips.

    The blonde snapped her a glare, as if she had gone too far, asked the wrong thing. "She's a special case, but yes, she'll be sold off as well. I've found it to be a business offering extremely high rewards. You wouldn't believe the amounts of money there are to be made in the slave trade."

    "But I'm sure we'll find out," Leslie said sadly.

    "Can't we work something out over this shaving thing?" asked Kay. "I don't mind the slave bit. All that cock around to play with could be fun, but I'd really like to keep my fur."

    Ilisa didn't know what to make of the girl, so she just ignored her.

    "But before I go, I want to leave you with a little something to remember me by."

    From a nearby table Ilisa took a small glass jar. Unscrewing the lid, she scooped up a glop of a thick pink cream.

    "This is amazing stuff. Really gets a girl's attention," she said as she stuck her fingers, and the goo, into Kay's pussy.

    "Hey! What do you think… oouuuchhhhh!"

    Ilisa had used her thumb to mash Kay's clit. Holding the flailing girl still until Ilisa was able to rub all of the cream off her fingers.

    "I hope you'll be more sensible," the blonde warned Leslie, scooping up a new load of the pink cream.

    "Little Miss Sensible, that's what they put under my picture in the high school yearbook," Leslie said, doing her best not to react as Ilisa's fingers worked their way around inside her.

    Long digits which were taking a tour of her sex as they packed the gooey cream into her every nook. Finger fucking her at the same time until Leslie had to let out a pleasurable moan.

    "I hope you enjoyed it. It will be a long time before that cunt of yours gets anymore attention," the dominant laughed. "Soon you'll be begging me to let you cum. Think about that while I'm gone. I own your clits!"

    Her harsh laughter filled the room. Echoing off the hard walls, lingering long after the woman closed the door behind her.

    "Shit! What is that stuff?" Kay complained.

    "What are you bitching about? So it itches as little. Big deal."

    "Yeah? Well I got it first. Give it another few seconds, you'll see," the redhead pouted.

    Leslie noticed Kay was rubbing her thighs together. Thrusting her hips around like she was attempting to get herself off.

    Then it started to hit Leslie!

    What had been a little itch, was turning into a big one. And there was a burning sensation as well.

    All of it increasing by the second!

    The heat building was inside until Leslie was sure she'd burst into flame. The itching demanding attention she couldn't pay it. This was the worst case of the hornies she'd ever felt.

    If her hands weren't locked away from her use, she'd be digging away down there. Using a dildo, or fist fucking herself!

    "Geez! No wonder Denise couldn't hold still when they had her staked on that thing. Imagine if they filled your ass with that stuff as well," Kay whimpered.

    "Damn! She was probably pumped full with the stuff, front and back," Leslie pointed out. "She couldn't see, couldn't do a thing to help herself out and the more she rotated around on that dildo, the more irritation it caused. All those knobs and stuff would move the goo around, cork screwing it into places even the shaft didn't reach."

    Kay shook her head, "Poor kid."

    Then she went back to rubbing her legs together. Kay was getting horny enough that the metal shaft was starting to look good pretty to her.

    "Poor us. What do you think Ilisa was hinting about? She's planning on giving us the same treatment!"

    "Then we better get the hell out of here," Kay said as if it were it would be just that easy.

    "I open to suggestions. What's your plan?"

    Kay was about to say something, then snapped her mouth shut again.

    In fact, all she did was hang there and rub her legs together.

    Ever harder!

    "I've got a bad feeling about this," Leslie said, her own thighs rubbing together as well.


    A few minutes later, the door opened and the slave stud came back in. He gave a quick look to Leslie and Kay, hardly noticing anything strange with the way they were squirming around. As if every woman he saw acted in such a sluttish way as they rubbed their own twats.

    And maybe that's how his average days went!

    Other than a lustful glance tossed their way from time to time, the stud went about his duties. Getting things ready Leslie and Kay would rather not think about. They hadn't paid much attention to his labors, spending all their time in figuring out a way to scratch the insistent itch in their crotches, as the stud cleaned off the dildo tipped metal shaft Denise had been staked out on. But when he produced a second, matching shaft, and began to bolt it into the floor, they knew things were about to get serious.

    How much longer would the dominant blonde be content with only toying with Denise? Because the way it was looking now, her next stop would be back in the dungeon. Giving the stud his orders to stake a certain brunette and redhead out onto the waiting poles.

    They had to come up with something, and do it fast!

    Leslie gritted her teeth, focusing in on the stud as he worked. Their only possible means of escape might just be standing in front of her, and she had to figure out how best to make use of that nugget of knowledge.

    Forgetting about the nagging screams from her sex was a Herculean deed, but she had to keep all her concentration on the man. Studying him for weakness. She felt sure she could take the big man on hand to hand, but her hands needed to be free for that.

    And damn it, time was running out!

    The rattle of chains told Leslie that she wasn't the only one looking for a way out. Kay was being as quiet as possible as she checked her bonds for flaw. Leslie didn't think the answer would come from there, but if her partner came up with something, great!

    Meanwhile, Leslie watched.

    Trying not to think about the other pieces of furniture in the room. Each and every one of them was some device for torture. Items she didn't want to have first hand experience with. Still it was hard to ignore it all completely, because once the stud had the second pole secured to the floor, he busied himself with some of those other devices.

    Beyond the tiny G-string hiding what would no doubt be a beautiful cock from their sight, the stud also wore a belt at his waist. Not much, just enough to hang a set of keys from. Keys which unlocked cabinets so the stud could take out the cuffs, whips and bizarre items Ilisa would no doubt wish to use.

    Making the brunette shiver at the very thought of any of that equipment touching her most female flesh.

    Especially frightening when he pulled out a tub sized container filled with the pink cream!

    Everything was set out on a rolling table which could have been borrowed from a hospital's operating room. After he was done laying the items out, the stud wheeled the cart over to a position between the two metal poles. Then he locked up all of the cabinets again, put the keys back on his belt and for lack of having anything better to do, he sat down on the floor to wait for his Mistress' return.

    Ilisa wasn't taking any chances with them. She wanted Leslie and Kay watched so they wouldn't try to escape.

    Only the dominant's concern might just help them.

    "What's wrong? Don't you like us?" Leslie asked.

    "Huh? What?" The guy had all but been hypnotized by the way Kay's hips were gyrating.

    "Aren't we good enough for you, or are you one of the gay slaves I heard they kept around here?"

    Leslie tried twisting her body around so the man could have the best possible look at her body. It wasn't easy for her. Leslie thought her arms had been hoisted up slightly higher than Kay's, and Leslie didn't have the added fraction of an inch that would have been added if she had been wearing shoes, so her toes were barely touching the ground.

    Shaking from her wrists, she put some jiggle into her breasts. Leslie didn't know what turned this guy on, so it was show time as she tried to narrow down the odds.

    The stud was licking his lips as he slowly stood up. His fingers reached for the knots holding his tiny briefs in place.

    "Does this look like I'm gay?" he said as his beefy cock jumped out.

    "Hey, just asking. You hadn't seemed very interested in what we had to offer. I figure any other guy would have been on us like a shot. Two cock hungry babes, naked and waiting."

    "More than willing," Kay added with a husky, sexy voice.

    "Only maybe Mistress wouldn't like it," the stud said as he made motions as if he was about to tuck his cock away into his briefs again.

    "She didn't tell you not to, did she?" Leslie quickly said before all that male meat was hidden away.

    "I know she didn't tell us not to," Kay agreed.

    Leslie gave another tug on her chains, setting her breasts bouncing once more. Come on asshole, she thought. Come and take the bait.

    "We've been teased all day long. We could really use some good hard loving," she half begged in a little girl voice.

    "I don't think you'd like my way of doing it," he told them.

    "Between the two of us, I bet we could handle just about anything you'd like to do," Leslie promised, softly sure of herself.

    The stud grinned, giving his head a bit of a shake. "Let me put it this way, this pole and I got something in common." His hand was wrapped around the shaft Denise had been impaled on.

    "You mean you're hooked to the floor too?" asked Kay.

    "No, you stupid cunt! What I mean is, I love sticking my meat up some girl's ass!"

    "You're right. It's not my cup of tea," Leslie admitted first. "But my friend loves it that way."

    The slave was suddenly smiling bigger and moving toward the redhead. Looking her over with a new found interest.

    "What?!" Kay started. She was all set to list off all the reasons why she thought Leslie was full of shit. Body tensing and ready to tell the stud to get the hell away from her.

    All of it ending when she saw Leslie's lips silently whispering to her, "You've got to do it. I've got a plan."

    "What?!… I mean… What are you waiting for?" Kay said with her best pinned on smile. She certainly wanted no part of this type of play, but if Leslie had a plan…

    And if the plan didn't work, she was going to get poked there anyway just as soon as Ilisa commanded the stud to drop them ass first on the metal shafts.

    The guy didn't take the time to walk around behind Kay. Grabbing hold, he simply spun her around to where he could press his strengthening meat into the crease of her bottom cheeks. Hugging her tight in his arms as he got his first good feel of her warm ass globes.

    "AAahhh, yeah! You've got an ass meant for fucking," he whispered in Kay's ear. His hands slipping up to flick her nipples.

    The cream causing her pussy to threaten her with a melt down, drove Kay to distraction. She was so damn horny that now she had male hands on her, and could feel a cock press against her body, she was looking forward to any kind of a dicking she could get.

    "Then do it!" she told the guy. "Don't waste time. Do me! Fuck me while we have the chance!"

    "But what if Mistress…"

    "Let her get her own date. Give me that damn cock!"

    "Well… I…"

    Kay wriggled her ass back against that hard cock as best she could, not wanting to give the guy a chance to back out now.

    "Get me down from here and I'll give you the best damn screwing you've ever had. Any way you want it!" she promised, the heat of her words could make most men cum in their pants.

    "I… I can't let you down. If Mistress found out…"

    "Then do me like this. Right here, with me hanging by my wrists. I don't care, I just have to feel your cock inside me!"

    That did it. The stud couldn't turn down this minx in heat. She had nearly pulled herself up in his arms to where she could take on that cock by herself.

    "Yeah…yeah! You got it bitch!"

    He held her wiggling body with one hand and used the other to guide his thick prick toward Kay's ass pucker.

    Banging his knob against the tiny muscle ring.

    "Damn! Damn it! You're too fucking tight! Can't get a start…"

    "Get it wet lover. Put it in my pussy. It's nice and wet there."

    The stud was hot enough he could hardly think straight any longer. He just wanted to get inside that cute ass in front of him.

    "Yeah… Ok…" he grunted as he re-aimed his prick. He hardly had to move his meat before Kay's hungry pussy swallowed him up whole.

    "Shit yes!" Kay screamed. The stud's steel hard missile was quickly making her forget all the torment the pink cream had caused her. Her passion was about ready to explode…

    Just as he pulled out!

    "What are you doing? It felt so good!" she cried.

    "It'll feel better," the stud promised as his cock started knocking at her asshole again.

    Thrusting and banging against Kay with bruising pressure.

    "Still… can't get… it in there!"

    And suddenly he was gone!

    Kay's head spun around to see what had happened. To spot where the guy had gone. He was unlocking one of the equipment cabinets and was rummaging around inside.

    "Fucking angle's all wrong," he grumbled as he came back.

    "Tell me what to do lover. I'll help," Kay promised, her pussy on fire and now the pink cream smeared on her asshole was getting to her as well.

    "This should do it. Open ya right up."

    The stud grabbed hold of Kay's right ankle, yanked it up in the air and clipped a length of chain to it. Without letting the leg drop back down, he clipped the other end to the chain holding the redhead's wrists up in the air.

    Kay felt strange with her ankle suspended up like this. In a way it took some of the strain off her wrists. It also offered a whole new series of movements she could attempt.

    So long as she had her ankle held there waist high!

    "We'll see how that changes things," the stud grunted.

    He rubbed his cock along Kay's slit to gather up more moisture before taking aim once more. This time with her legs forced open, he got that first fraction of an inch of entry he'd been looking for.

    "Oh my God!" Kay shrieked.

    For a frightening moment she thought she was being ripped in half. Leslie had lied to the man just to get his interest. Kay had never taken a cock up her butt before, and now she understood why.

    With a normal sized cock it would have been painful, with this monster sized prick it was torture.

    "Yes it is good, isn't it?"

    If it hadn't of been hurting so bad, Kay would have laughed. He really thinks I like this, she thought. She was struggling not to scream as he thrust forward one more time.

    The pressure was more than Kay's poor anal muscle could hold back against. With one more grunt from the stud, and an incredible forward thrust, he was inside her.

    His cock about ready to split her apart!

    "Oh God! Oh my dear God!"

    The stud wasn't so much thrusting into Kay, as much as he was lifting her body up and dropping her down on his prick. Using her own body to help in stabbing herself in the ass.

    Slowly hammering all of his larger than life member up her once secret channel.

    "That's it! That's the way! Take it all!" he shouted happily.

    "Jesus! Is that your cock, or are you sticking your arm in me?"

    By the time he had driven his meat all the way home, a strange thing happened. Kay's asshole gave up all attempt at keeping the invading cock out. In fact she was almost inviting it in to do to her as it wanted.

    Even more surprising was when Kay found that the burning sensation of having her rectum ripped open had subsided and she the feeling of being filled with the man's cock back there was becoming acceptable.

    That she was starting to like it!

    "Come on! Do it to me! Fuck my ass!"

    Maybe it was only because the pink cream had made her so horny that Kay didn't know what she was doing anymore, but she welcomed the thrusting cock no matter where it was.

    Fucking her way back at it!

    "My nipples… Squeeze my nipples! Make me CUM!"

    From the corner of her eye, Kay saw her partner was up to something, but she couldn't figure out what. Leslie looked like she was trying to get her body swinging back and forth. Kay didn't know what it was all about, but she didn't think her new playmate would appreciate it at all. So Kay did what she could to turn her body. Twisting herself, and the porking stud, so their backs were turned to Leslie.

    Only being able to move around by bouncing herself around on one set of toes, between gut splitting thrusts of a salami sized cock, took Kay some time.

    Precious seconds, during which Ilisa could return at any time.

    "Hold still cunt! I was… I was almost… There!"

    Kay cursed! If she'd held still it would all be over with. But then she didn't know what it was Leslie was up to. Was she going to make her move soon, or was Kay just getting an early taste of the ass filling yet to come from the metal poles?

    "AHhh yeah… Like that! That tight little ass… gonna get it… gonna get it good and wet!" the stud was shouting.

    Now that Kay was holding herself still, the sex stud taking a good hold on her hips to keep her that way, and he was really hammering at her.


    His hips picking up speed as he ground into the redhead.

    "Do me baby. Give me that hot load," Kay urged. Then more for Leslie's benefit, she added, "Almost there. Make me cum at the same time!"

    "Oooohhh! Gonna… It's there… I'm…cumming!"

    Feeling the guy's load shooting up the wrong hole was a strange experience for Kay, but the addition of his cream seemed to sooth her overstretched channel.

    The stud was still jerking with each new blast he jetted into her, when Kay felt the guy's body suddenly jolt away from her. She couldn't look far enough over her shoulder to see what was going on, but she knew it had be because of Leslie.

    The real problem was that his cock was still firmly stuck inside her, and where his body went, so did her's!

    "Come on! Help me!" Leslie was shouting.

    "Sure… How? I'm not in the best of positions!"

    "Neither am I and if I drop him we're really in deep shit!"

    Taking a good hold on the overhead chain, Kay pulled herself up. Trying to disengage her body from the slave's cock as she pulled.

    "Not so hard! I can't hold him!" Leslie shouted back at her.

    "Sorry. Just doing what I can!"

    Luckily his spunk was beginning to grease Kay's shitter to where she could slide off him. She was left with a strange sense of emptiness as their bodies separated. As soon as Kay's toes touched the floor again she did all she could to spin around to see what was happening.

    When the stud was blasting his nuts dry, his body had arched back, his head even more so. That's when Leslie had swung her legs up, wrapping them around his neck and squeezing until his ran out of air. Thankfully, his hard ass fucking of Kay already had him short of breath. Otherwise he might have been able to fight his way out. Now he was hanging in mid-air, held up only because of the strength of Leslie's legs and arms.

    "Hurry! My wrists are killing me!"

    "Oh yeah? Well let me tell you about how my ass feels! Of all the bone headed plans…"

    "Not now, eh? Can you get your leg free?"

    "I think so." Kay's fingers had already been stretching to get at the clip. Looking pretty stupid as she bounced up and down on one foot in an effort to get enough slack in the chain so she could open the catch.

    "There! Now what?" the redhead asked as her foot dropped to the floor.

    "Now it's your turn to hold him. Catch!"

    Leslie got her body swinging again. The dead weight of the man's body acting as an anchor to slow her down, and they didn't swing out very far. The brunette only hoped they could pull this off without breaking the guy's neck. Kay was also swinging her body, stretching her legs out as far as she could reach. Snaring one ankle around the man's waist, turning him into a bridge joining her body with Leslie's.

    "Great! Now get your other ankle… Fine! Now hold onto him. Don't let him fall!" Leslie begged.

    "Christ! How much does this bastard weigh?" Kay grunted as she took on his mass.

    "So how are your wrists doing?"

    "Oh shut-up! Just get on with whatever it is you're doing."

    "See? It wasn't as easy as you…"


    Kay was loosing her grip and finding it difficult to maneuver the man's weight around so she could get a better lock with her ankles.

    "Yeah, yeah. Stop your bitching, I've about got it." Leslie had swung her legs out again, reaching with her bare foot towards the belt at the man's waist. Trying to pluck the key ring off with her toes.

    "You're kidding? This is your plan? How long do you think I can go on holding him while you play around?" Kay grunted.

    "Just hold him… still… I've… GOT 'EM!"

    "I never would have…"

    Thump went the body as Kay unlocked her ankles.

    "Thought you could do that. Now what?"

    "Easy. Catch!"

    Swinging her body even further out, curling her knees in tight to her chest, Leslie snapped her body out straight at the height of her swing. Her toes coming up as high as Kay's wrists.

    It took three attempts before Kay was able to make a grab for the keys. As it was she almost dropped them in the brief tug-of-war her fingers had with Leslie's toes.

    "I don't suppose you know which one fits the lock?"

    "Just do it! This is our only chance. If that blonde bitch comes back in now, we'll never have another opportunity," Leslie warned.

    "Ok! Jeez! No need to get so melodramatic."

    There were about twenty keys on the ring, so naturally the lock didn't open until after Kay tried eighteen of them. Loving her new found freedom, Kay couldn't make up her mind which she wanted to do, rub away the soreness in her wrists, or the pain in her ass.

    And there was still the burning demand in her pussy to be reckoned with.

    "Hey! Forget something?" Leslie yelled.

    "Yeah, maybe. Did you see a vibrator around here earlier? Jeez, anything! This puss of mine…"

    "Get me down!"

    "I was thinking about leaving you for awhile. You know, so Ilisa would have something to come home to."

    "What!? Why?"

    "To show you how much I appreciate all you've done for me. I want to share with you the fun of the whippings, the cunt licking and the ass fucking you've arranged for me."

    "Listen Kay, I'm sorry about all that, but we've got to get out of here!"

    The redhead stepped over and reached for the padlocks holding her partner. "I know. Just wanted to scare you."

    They smiled at each other as they rubbed their wrists.

    "But I think you're right," said Leslie. "In a place like this, there's got to be a dildo or two. My puss is killing me!"

    Giggling, they headed for the door.

    "You got any ideas?" asked Kay.

    "They couldn't have gone far. Our watch dog slave wasn't gone long when he took Denise away. I'd guess they're probably on the same floor."

    "So we do a door by door?"

    "Unless you've got a better idea," Leslie shrugged.

    They took a few moments to securely bind the unconscious slave so he couldn't give them away when he came to, before they slipped out the cell door.

    If they'd been anywhere else, their wandering around naked might have attracted some attention. In this house, they were just two more slaves. Each took one end of the long hallway to search, listening in at each door they came to. Wanting to check as many rooms as possible this way before barging in on people who might not see the humor involved.

    "Pisst! Les! Got it!" Kay said in a stage whisper loud enough for most of the house to hear.

    The dark haired agent hurried to Kay's side. Both pressed their ears to the door and with a nod of agreement they thought they'd take the chance. Kay reared back, ready to kick at the panel as Leslie quietly turned the knob.

    Kay's momentum carried her right through the doorway as the door crashed open, Leslie charging right behind her.

    Ilisa's head snapped up. "What the…!!! You two!"

    The big dominant was sitting in a chair, with Denise on the ground before her. The girl was curled up around her Mistress' booted leg, kissing and paying homage to the black leather.

    Ilisa's body was moving before her mouth had finished shouting at the duo interrupting her training session. Throwing her body up and away from the chair, kicking Denise flat to the floor at the same time. The mistreated girl didn't have the strength left to her to do more than whimper as she rolled around on the carpet.

    The Dirty Pair were still charging. With a few more steps they'd be on the bitch blonde.

    "STOP!" Ilisa's shrieked.

    With a move too quick for the rushing duo to have stopped, Ilisa brought a spiked heel down onto the center of Denise's throat.

    "Hold it right there! Do it, or I'll crush her throat! You'd never get her to a doctor in time."

    The girls stopped cold. Frozen in place, but still glaring at the bitch blonde.

    Ilisa tossed her head back and laughed. "Daddy would be proud of you. I don't know how you got free, but I assure you, it won't happen again."

    Denise was crying.

    Sobbing, "I'm sorry… so sorry…"

    The action had been too fast for her to see how close she had come to winning back freedom. If she had known, she would have fought to get away. Done anything she could to have to help with her rescue. Instead it looked like her fate was sealed.

    Ilisa was still laughing as she pointed Leslie over to a side table. "Go over there. You'll find several pairs of handcuffs. Bring four pair over here."

    It took the sound of Denise chocking as Ilisa added more pressure to the pointed heel about ready to pierce the girl's neck to get Leslie to move.

    "Look, I hope you're not upset about all this," Kay said. "We didn't mean to interrupt anything. If this is a bad time, we can come back later."

    "Where did they find you? You're treating this like you've just accidentally woke a neighbor up. Or is this just a big joke for you? If so, I'll change that," said a disbelieving Ilisa. "And what's taking you so long?"

    Leslie was stepping back over to where Kay was standing. Her eyes moving around as if searching for a way out. "Sorry if I don't seem to excited. Never have liked handcuffs."

    "Too bad. Because you're going to be wearing them, or something worse, for a very long time," the blonde promised. "Now put them on your bimbo friend. Wrists behind her back, and a pair on her ankles. And I want to hear them click down tight."

    Kay was complaining about being called a bimbo until she let out a yelp from the handcuffs closing down far beyond snug.

    Ilisa nodded her happiness. "Good, now do the same for yourself."

    Glaring at the bitch, Leslie had to get down on the floor to do as requested.

    "Come over here so I can see," Ilisa demanded Kay.

    Because of her high heels, and because there was only an inch of play between her ankles now, it took almost a minute for Kay to cross the few feet separating her from the blonde.

    The bitch smiled broadly as she saw that both pairs of cuffs were indeed cinched down deep into the girl's flesh. She wasn't about to give these two another chance for escape.

    "Now you."

    Leslie glared again. Fixed the way she was, there was no way the brunette could stand by herself, so Leslie was forced to crawl over on her belly.

    A humiliation Ilisa enjoyed to no end.

    "I like it. I think we'll keep you just like that." A quick check told Ilisa that Leslie's cuffs were just as tight as Kay's.

    The tall blonde looked quite regal as she sat down once more.

    "I think you owe me, all of you, for this unseemly display. So you may start now. You there, you there and Red, you're up here." Leslie and Denise were each pointed to a boot for them to kiss, and the dominant pulled her top aside so Kay could suck her nipples.

    "Yes. Very nice. Maybe I can work out a group rate. Sell you as a set. After I get you trained that is. Of course you'll all have to be punished first for being so naughty."

    Ilisa gave Kay a few swats on the rump. Making the redhead hop around to the other side of her body to suck the untouched nipple. Not letting the prisoner simply lean across.

    "Now let's get back to where we were before our interruption. Remember what you were about to do?" the dominant asked Denise.

    The girl got much busier with how she was kissing the woman's boot. Acting as if she hadn't heard what the woman had said. "Don't. Please don't. Anything else."

    "Wrong response!" Ilisa grabbed a handful of Denise's hair and stuffed the girl's face into her crotch.

    "I'd better start feeling some tongue action down there real soon, or else I'm gonna start whipping some ass. A lot of it. On all three of you!"

    Unable to take on the guilt of being the cause for the other two women getting whipped, a crying Denise started lapping away.

    "That's better. Dig it in a little deeper now."

    Ilisa settled back in her chair. Enjoying life the way it should be lived. Another hard swat sent Kay hopping back around to suck on her other nipple, and she could feel the brunette getting herself up on her knees so she could get around Denise's body, and still be able to lick both boots.

    Relaxing as her three slaves serviced her, Ilisa mapped out in her mind what she was going to do with them.


    "Yes cunt."

    "May I join my friend and lick your nipple?" Leslie humbly asked.

    The dominant didn't trust the brunette, but felt secure she was holding all the key cards for the moment. So with a wave of her hand, and a nod of her head, Leslie was allowed to slowly work her way up and hop over past Kay. Treating it like a tag team, Kay took Leslie's arrival as her cue to hop back over to take the far side of Ilisa's body.

    Three sucking mouths almost brought her more bliss then Ilisa could stand. Denise wasn't any great shakes. Her feelings of disgust over what she was being forced to do kept away any sense of enthusiasm. On the other hand, the redhead and brunette were doing a fantastic job. Licking her nipples with a skill that seemed to show they had done this before.

    Opening a whole new series of possibilities for the duo.

    "Excuse me Mistress, but are we performing properly?" Leslie asked.

    "What? Searching for praise?"

    "No Mistress. We only wanted to make sure you were getting what you wanted."

    Eyes narrowed as anger began to build. These two were getting on her nerves again. Almost as if they were planning something. Possibly it was time to deal with them.


    "I'll let you know when you do something good enough to warrant my attention. Now get back to work!"

    "Yes your slutness."

    "WHAT? How dare you!"

    "This is how," Kay yelled.

    Leslie and Kay each grabbed hold on one of the woman's wrists and yanked it behind her back. Ratcheting down a pair of handcuffs before Ilisa could fight back. Kay took a position behind the chair so she could slip an arm around the blonde's neck, forcing her head backwards over the wooden back rest. Kay pulled back until she heard the woman gasping for breath.

    Leslie hurried down to where Ilisa's heels were kicking around Denise's body. Helping the girl move away, Leslie fit a second pair of cuffs around the surprised dominant's ankles.

    "But… HOW? How did you do it?" Ilisa asked, gulping down air between words now that Kay had let her go.

    "Not completely easy," Leslie admitted. She was busy unlocking the cuffs still holding Kay's ankles. Then she held the key up for the blonde to see.

    "Where did you…? I don't understand!"

    "Sloppy," Kay tisked. "Shouldn't leave toys out where the children can reach."

    "You told me to go get the handcuffs, but you didn't say anything about leaving the key there on the table. You looked so happy with all the licking you were getting, I didn't have the heart to ask you if it was alright if I freed myself."

    "You cunts!"

    Leslie went on with her explanation. "It was mighty nice of you to let me move close enough I could hand the key to Kay so she could free herself as well. And the rest, as they say, is history."

    "Ok, we can deal," Ilisa said hopefully, looking from Leslie to Kay. "Like I told you, there's a lot of money in this. I can cut you both in."

    "Until the first time we turn our backs on you. I think maybe not." Reaching down, Leslie helped Denise to her feet and Kay helped with pulling the single glove off her.

    "You stupid cows! You don't know what you're interfering with!"

    "Yes we do. And you're history bitch," Kay announced as she reached over for one of the nipples she had been sucking on. Giving it one hell of a twist.

    "Kay, time for us to get ourselves out of here. But first, go over and check to see if our former cell is still empty."

    "But why me? Every time you say…"

    "No time for arguments. GO!"

    A few moments later, Kay was letting herself back into Ilisa's room. "Coast is clear, so why don't we… What's with you?"

    Denise was giggling from Kay's reaction to Leslie.

    Or rather to her change of costume.

    With Denise's help, Leslie was now wearing Ilisa's leathers.

    "Don't you like it?" Leslie asked, smoothing her hands over the form fitting leather.

    "Sure, you look like Batman in drag. Only, why go to the bother?"

    "We still need to get out of the house, and I think this will help us do that."

    Kay shrugged, then she pointed to Ilisa. "What about her? Are we taking her with us?"

    "I don't think she'd be very helpful. But I do have an idea that would be very fitting."

    Between the three of them they were able to wrestle Ilisa back over to the dungeon cell. Bending her over and strapping her to a whipping bar, the girls chained the blonde's ankles out at an extremely wide angle. Ilisa was now left with her pussy and ass totally open and exposed.

    "I still don't follow what you're up to," Kay admitted.

    "We're just putting together a distraction to keep the troops busy while we make our exit."

    "But won't they recognize her? One word from Miss Bitch and the whole household will be tracking us down."

    "So what if they don't recognize her?"

    Leslie held up the leather hood that had hid Denise's face away so well. Ilisa wasn't a good sport and fought as hard as she could to prevent the hood from being laced down over her.

    She didn't care for the ring gag any better.

    The ring was big enough to allow all but the biggest slave cock to fit in her open mouth.

    "Sorry, wish we could stay and play with you some more. Maybe some other time," Leslie gloated and gave their hooded prisoner a good hard whack on the ass.

    They grabbed the bound slave stud and hustled him into a closet where he wouldn't be seen for awhile, then they all headed out the cell door. This time they were looking for someone, anyone, to come walking by. They were half way up the stairs leading back to the main floor before their wish came true.

    "You! Slave! Follow me!" Leslie demanded in her harshest tone. Wanting to prove how well trained he was to the beautiful dominant, the slave jumped to follow the leathered woman. Going with her back to the cell where he received his orders for the day.

    Once Leslie rejoined the waiting, naked girls, it didn't take long for them to walk out to the now cramped RX-7.

    With the car speeding them to safety, Kay couldn't stand it any longer. "So? Aren't you going to tell us what you did?"

    "I turned the key and stepped on the accelerator. It's all in the owners manual. I think even you could follow it."

    "Not the car!" the redhead shouted, slapping the driver on the shoulder. "What did you do about Ilisa? Or should we be watching out for cars following us?"

    "I merely told that very attentive slave that the hooded woman in the cell had been very rude, and was in sever need of punishment. Explaining to him that she had embarrassed Mistress Ilisa by refusing to perform sexually when given to a guest. Then I ordered him to gather up as many slaves as possible, and that they were to make use of all of her holes for as long as they could. To give her a fitting punishment suiting her crime."

    Denise's mouth was hanging loose as she listened in shock. She had every reason to hate the blonde bitch for what she had done, but even this was a harsh punishment.

    "So how long do you think that will hold her?"

    "Seeing as I told the slave to make sure the slut was kept gagged at all times, and that they were to keep up her punishment until he heard otherwise from either Mistress Ilisa or myself… it might be awhile."


    Randel Thompson hated it!

    He hated them! He had fervently hoped that either one of his other agents would have cracked this case, or that these two would have met with some untimely fate.

    Instead they save the day!

    Thompson had swallowed down more Valium just before they entered his office, now he wondered if the dosage had been enough.

    "Come in, sit down. I suppose congratulations are in order here."

    Kay was beaming with pride. "Thanks Chief. You know, you're our inspiration. If not for you…"

    Thompson did what he could to wave away the redhead's praise. Actually all he wanted to do was get her to shut up before he reached for the gun sitting in his desk drawer.

    "This report of yours is one of the most remarkable things I've ever read," he interrupted. "There are some things I'm left unclear about though. First of all, did you find out why the girl was kidnapped?"

    Leslie nodded her head as she explained. "Ilisa was getting too power hungry for her own good. Not only was there the money she could make by selling off a beautiful young blonde into white slavery, but she also hoped Denise's disappearance would so crush Albertson that she could move in and take over a good deal of his empire as well."

    "Incredible! But why did you leave the woman there? I'm sure Albertson will want to press charges against her. He'd rather get Davis, but it looks as if Preston Davis had no knowledge of this affair."

    "That's right sir, it was all Ilisa. But we only left her there so we could make our getaway. Once the girl was safe, we went back with an extraction team and removed Ilisa."

    "God, what a mess!" chirped the energetic Kay. "You should have seen her. Those guys had been using her for a couple of hours before we got back. She was pretty well fucked out, if you know what I mean…"

    "Thank you," sighed Randel, who really didn't want to know.

    "She had spunk running down from everywhere. Her legs, her boobs…"

    "Fine. That's enough."

    "I'll bet she'll have a bruised pussy for the next…"

    "Stop!" Thompson's hand was trembling as it inched closer towards his top desk drawer. "So where is the woman now?"

    "Down stairs in one our holding rooms, sir," Leslie said quickly.

    "Yeah, and don't worry, she's not about to get away. Not with all those guys down there humping away on her," Kay pointed out.

    "What! Our people?"

    Kay looked just as shocked as her boss. Only she didn't see why he was so upset. Kay was only surprised that there weren't more men down there jumping the woman.

    "She shows up with spunk dribbling out all over and dressed for Halloween, so some of the guys just figured…"

    "I don't want to know!" Randel turned to Leslie, valiantly holding onto his sanity. "Just put a halt to it. Understood?" The brunette agent quickly agreed. "Now what about the girl? Where is she now?"

    "That's kind of a tough one, sir."

    "And why is that? You did rescue her. Didn't you?"

    "Yes. But you see…"

    "And you do understand how important this is to the company?"

    "Of course! It's just…"

    "So where is she?!"

    Kay was the one who fessed up. "She went back to Davis' house."

    Randel stopped cold, sure that the drugs had somehow affected his hearing.

    "I'm sorry, I must have missed that. One more time, and please, slowly."

    This time it was Leslie who told it. "Denise seems to have found something in that kinky lifestyle she liked. So she's gone back. She wants to take Ilisa's place."

    "She's going to become a sex slave to a man old enough to be her father? With her own father's worst enemy?" Randel suddenly saw his career flash before his eyes.

    Kay tried to soften the blow. "Davis isn't quite as old as Albertson. He's almost ten years younger. And according to Ilisa, he's got one hell of a cock that's…"

    "I don't want to hear it! What am I to tell Albertson?"

    The two agents looked at a each other and shrugged their shoulders. "Sir, it was our job to rescue the girl," said Leslie. "But afterward there wasn't much we could do. She is an adult. It was her decision."

    Randel was beside himself. "Don't you see? Albertson's going to go nuclear. He's going to tear this place down around our ears!"

    "But it's not our fault!"


    Space considerations preclude a full accounting of the remainder of our little tale… but then, the principle characters have all pretty much run the course of their individual dramas, anyway, haven't they?

    Except, of course for Andy, who found himself released from his room, only to be led to the dungeon and strapped to a whipping bar. Waiting his Mistress. Who… when she appeared at last turned out to be none other than Denise Albertson, wearing one of Ilisa's more outrageous costumes.

    "Recognize this?" she asked, rubbing pink cream onto a dildo, which she then strapped to her hips.

    Yes, Andy recognized it. Did he ever. And as Denise began fucking him in the ass, she began to see what had driven Ilisa to try for such a grandiose scheme.


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