Ripe for revenge


    "And how much money do you suspect him of taking?"

    My potential new client shook her head sadly, obviously embarrassed by what she was about to say.

    "We're talking about an amount easily in the thousands."

    "Yes…" I said with my eyes narrowing.

    Allowing the word hang for as long as possible. Just one of those little things you can do which will draw a person into talking about something they don't feel comfortable with.

    One of the tricks of the trade they teach you in detective school.

    "I suppose that is the major part of the problem. We don't know for sure how much he's taken. Not that the money is all the most important issue. The embezzling doesn't bother me nearly as much as the possibility that he may have been selling off company secrets."

    It was hard for me to stifle letting out a little gasp. There weren't very many times in my career as a private investigator that I heard someone say money wasn't important.

    Money, and how to keep hold of it was usually about all that most of my clients could think about.

    Particularly when it came time to pay my bill.

    That's when they really got to be tight fisted.

    I hoped I'd recovered quickly enough to not have given too much of my surprise away to my new client. Even if I didn't, Carol Addams didn't show a sign of having noticed anything.

    She just sat there.

    Looking too cool, calm and refined to be real.

    The woman gave you the impression there wasn't much that could crack her cold shell.

    Cold, but a damn lovely shell.

    Sitting there in her expensive light blue business outfit, she looked every bit the high level executive. One that could afford to be more worried about the worth of company secrets versus any amount of cash.

    She also gave you the impression that underneath her finely tailored skirt hid a body that would make any man look her more than once.

    "So what exactly is it you want me to do?"

    "Find out who our Mr. Donner is dealing with. I can't combat this situation until I know who I'm going against. Once that's pinpointed I'll know how much Damage Control we're facing."

    This cool blonde was almost too much. Damage Control? Did people really talk like that? Or was it something requiring a six hundred dollar suit to say?

    "All right, but why me?" I asked. "I'm sure you must have someone in your own company who could run this down for you."

    Carol shook her head. Not a single hair strayed out of place. Obviously not daring to mare her perfect image.

    "Simply not acceptable. First, there is too much of a chance for Donner to find out we're on to him. Too many possibilities for leaks. Also this has been going on for so long, I'm not sure how far it has spread within the company."

    "To the point that you couldn't trust your own security?"

    "Let's just say that this simplifies things a great deal," she said hitting me with a smile I was sure she saved for heavy contract negotiations.

    A smile that would instantly win you over to her side. No matter what.

    "And then there is the most important reason."

    "Which would be?"

    "Well not only do you come highly recommended, but you are a very attractive woman."

    Coming from her, the complement almost made me blush. I'm certainly not ashamed of the way I look, but I had never thought of myself as being beautiful.

    Before my modesty allowed me to argue, Carol continued.

    "Donner's biggest weakness is no doubt his fondness of women. He seems to see himself as being quite the lady's man."

    The shrug she gave showed Carol didn't necessarily share the feeling.

    "And you think my sex will make it that much easier for me to get close to him?"

    "Depends on how you wish to pursue this," the blonde said with another shrug. "I'm merely pointing out a fact. It's completely up to you in how you want to proceed. I'm certainly not implying you should try to get too close to him."

    But the look in her eye said it was exactly why she was hiring a woman.

    Silently telling me that if I had to hop into bed with Donner to find out what he was doing, then do it.

    "You'll report directly to me. No one else." Her hand was already reaching into her handbag, pulling out an envelope which she passed across to me.

    "I believe that you'll find this to be a suitable enough retainer. You'll also find copies of Donner's records from our personnel file, along with other papers that may help you."

    It only took one brief glance inside the envelope to tell me the retainer was indeed more than healthy.

    If only there weren't alarms going off in the back of my head!

    This Addams woman was a real bitch.

    A manipulator of people.

    Of course there was no rule saying you had to like the people you worked for. And in this case the money would certainly make it easier to overlook certain shortcomings.

    So I silenced those internal alarms.

    An equally fake smile from me and a handshake were all it took to complete things.

    Addams was on her feet and heading towards the door.

    "I am of course very interested in this. I do hope that I'll be getting a report from you very soon," she said looking over her shoulder.

    "I'll start today," I assured her.

    "Good. I look forward to hearing from you," she said with a smile. This time it wasn't a phony one.

    No, this was the type of smile a shark gives right before swallowing one of your legs.

    One that I was still thinking about for several minutes after the door shut behind her.

    It took time, but I managed to get the blonde executive out of my head and start concentrating on the case.

    About all I learned from Donner's personnel file was that he was one sharp guy. The type that big companies would fight each other for to get hold of.

    But none of this told me a thing about what he might be doing. And other than hinting at "company secrets", Carol hadn't said a word about what kind of information Donner was trying to deal away.

    It only meant that I'd have do this the hard way.

    Within two hours I was parked across the street from Donner's home. The little I knew about him told me he would have to be living in a nice area. It was just the same the size of the place threw me.

    The apartment I live in could fit inside his garage. Twice! It made my head spin to think about a single person living in a place with this many rooms.

    Soon it was dark enough for me to make my move.

    I had changed into some black pants and sweater, just the thing when sneaking around a stranger's house.

    There was only a short wall to keep people off the property. Along with having a pretty good figure, I do my best to keep myself in good shape.

    It took surpassingly little effort for me to get over the stone barrier.

    Staying to the shadows, I worked my way closer to the house. Using a small flashlight I found what I was looking for. The small panel where the phone lines came into the house.

    Using some clip leads, I hooked a small electrical box inside the panel, then closed everything up again.

    A good friend had taught me how to work phone lines.

    Or even to tap them. Like I had just done!

    The little box I had installed would work like a two-way radio, allowing me to listen in without being noticed.

    Just to make sure the hook-up was going to work, I decided to wait around until a call came through to the house. Once I was sure of my connection, I could listen in to Donner's phone calls from across the street, or down the block.

    The evening chill was starting to get to me as I hid there in the ivy outside Donner's window. I was just about ready to say "fuck it" when I heard something come across my headset.

    Donner was calling out.

    The phone at the other end only rang three times before a bored female voice answered. "Agency."

    "This is Mr. Donner."

    "Oh yes sir!" Suddenly the voice was far from bored.

    "I believe you know what I like. Please have it delivered as soon as possible."

    "Yes sir. I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with…"

    "Fine," Donner said, cutting the woman off. "Just make it happen."

    Then he hung up.

    I usually don't allow myself to make snap decisions about people. Especially ones I haven't really met yet, but all I couldn't help but think that Donner was an asshole.

    Putting him in the same boat as Carol Addams.

    All of it making me look forward to getting this case over with as soon as I could.

    But for right now, I had to get moving.

    Something, or someone was on their way over to Donner's and I didn't want to take the chance of accidentally being spotted while lurking outside his home.

    Checking up and down the street to make sure I wasn't seen, I cleared the wall, then strolled over to my car where I made myself comfortable.

    Might as well hang around to see who was coming.

    Who knows, I might get lucky and this could have something to do with the case.

    Yeah sure.

    Luckily I didn't have long to wait. Within thirty minutes a car pulled up in front of Donner's house. It did seem rather strange that the car didn't pull up into the long driveway.

    Instead it pulled to a halt at the curb. The passenger side opened, letting a young lady out. Once she was clear the car pulled further down the street and parked.

    Even though I was only across the street, it was difficult to get more than just a glimpse of the young woman. The darkness making her no more than a shadow.

    All I could tell was her skirt was short, her heels were high, and that her body was very nice.

    I shook my head wondering what kind of Lady Killer this guy could be if he was having to bring in call girls.

    Just for chuckles I hung around for a while longer.

    I suppose there was a part of me that wanted to see that the girl came right back out.

    Wanting to see that this asshole Donner was only a six second wonder.

    To show me he only had the lasting power of a flea.

    Only the girl didn't come out again for a long time.

    A very long time.

    Time was creeping by slowly. I couldn't believe it when I saw the girl come out again. Forcing me to double check my watch.

    She had been in there for nearly two hours!

    And they didn't seem to have only been passing the time away with idle conversation.

    Not with the way the girl was having problems walking.

    First, as she reappeared, she was no longer perched on her heels. Carrying her shoes in her hand as she made her way over to the waiting car.

    She also moved as if it were difficult for her to do stay on her feet.

    Could Donner have fucked her so hard she couldn't even walk straight?

    I tried to push the thought from my mind as I made my own way home. No matter what I did, I couldn't help but wonder what had gone on.

    If the asshole could really be that good!

    Luckily all those thoughts were gone, melted away by the next morning. I had other things to put my mind to. Such as following Donner around.

    As with most detective work, it was boring.

    Nothing like what the T.V. cop shows make it look like.

    It's a miracle I don't weigh three hundred pounds with all the sitting around I have to do. Once I followed Donner on his morning drive into work, all I could do was sit in my car.

    Waiting until he went somewhere else.

    My only problem was that he didn't. He never left his office until it was time for him to go home. At this rate, the case was going to go on for a very long time.

    I had been hoping for some kind of a break. Hoping Donner would have some meeting with his mystery partner. At the very least, get a phone call from this mystery person.

    Now as I followed him back home, all I had to look forward to was another long night sitting in front of his house.

    Again I was hoping for some luck. Maybe contact would be made at his home.

    Those hopes were dashed the instant Donner picked up his phone.

    One of the toys I have for surveillance is a small box which ties in with my wire tap set. A great thing it does is tell you the number of the phone at the other end of the line.

    Even as he dialed, it hit me that I knew what this number was.

    He was calling the Agency again.

    I'm not even sure why I did it, but my hand quickly reached for the little black box.

    There was one other thing my toy could do.

    By flicking a switch, I could cut in and take over the call.

    "Agency," I said in a dull voice, chomping my lips as if chewing gum.

    "This is Mr. Donner. I believe you know what I want."

    I played my end of the conversation just the way the operator had done the night before, assuring him someone would be sent right out.

    Once I hung up I looked at my watch. Thirty minutes would be tight, but I thought I could make it to my place to change, and still get back in time.

    Questions filled my mind as I drove. I still didn't know why I had done it. Why I suddenly felt the need to take the place of a call girl.

    Turning myself into a whore!

    I already knew Donner was an ass.

    But then curiosity had always been a big hang up for me.

    I suppose it's why I went into this business. I just had to know things. Not being able to leave a mystery alone.

    That, and I guess I was also wondering what Donner really had tucked away in his pants.

    Was he really that good? Good enough to keep a professional working girl busy for two hours?

    To make her walk with weak, wobbling legs.

    As if she had just fucked an entire football team!

    But there was the job that I could use as justification for what I was about to do.

    Once I got in his place, heavens only knew what kind of information I might find.

    Or I might even convince this man that he wanted me to hang around him for a while longer. Long enough for me to get a handle on what he was up to. Anything to keep me close enough to pick-up a clue.

    Being by his side would certainly be much easier then sitting out in the cold. Having to watch from my car.

    Certainly more comfortable.

    At least those were the excuses I made to myself.

    By the time I arrived at my apartment I had had more than enough time to decide on what I was going to wear.

    Something sexy, but not too revealing.

    Exciting, but not slutty.

    Because of the ticking clock I didn't have the time to waste by mulling through my mind about what I was about to do.

    Ignoring once more those warning bells ringing in my head.

    Otherwise I might have talked myself out of the whole thing.

    I would have been much better off if I had.

    Quickly I stripped off my clothes and wiggled into a pair of tiny black lace panties. They were hardly more than a G-string, and all but transparent.

    They went perfectly with the lacy garter belt I fastened around my waist.

    I had been going so fast that I had to stop and think about what I was doing. Taking another moment, I tucked the garters down under the panties before pulling on a pair of nylons.

    Some nice ones that came up high on my thighs.

    Extra sexy with the nice seams running down the backs of my long legs.

    From my closet came a leather mini that was so short that the tops of my nylons nearly showed.

    The last thing I grabbed was a vermilion silk blouse that highlighted my naturally red hair perfectly.

    The snug silk also clung very nicely to my unhaltered breasts.

    Letting my nipples show as they tried to poke their way out.

    By the time I parked my car in front of Donner's house, my cat was all but dripping with excitement!

    This wouldn't be the first time that I had bedded down someone over the course of a job, but you couldn't tell my pussy that.

    Now don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm a slut, hopping from bed to bed.

    In my private life I'm very picky about who I hop in the sack with. There's just some extra jolt that goes along with doing it on the job.

    It's like a game…

    Or being an actress…

    It's a sexy role I get to play, where I'm not really me.

    It's someone else. A different personality, only my body happens to be there. And this time I knew it was going to be something really different.

    Something that might take hours…

    And my puss was getting ready. Wanting to be used for such a long time!

    Just as with the girl from the night before, I didn't pull my car into the driveway. Of course I didn't have the luxury of having a chauffeur like she did, but then no one other than me would ever know that.

    Locking my car, I made my way up to Donner's front door, my high heels clicking as if to announce my arrival.

    I must have been expected, for the door opened within ten seconds of my ringing the buzzer.

    "I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to…" Donner stood in the doorway.


    He had been about to lay into me about being late, but suddenly changed his mind.

    He just stood there… staring at me!

    "I'm sorry. There was some mixup at the Agency, but I got here as soon as I could," I lied. Doing my best to no look as nervous as I really felt.

    "The Agency," he muttered. Donner's eyes narrowed slightly, and then it was as if he all at once pulled himself back together. "Yes, yes. Of course. Come in."

    He stepped far enough to one side that I could squeeze in between him and the open door. Even as I passed him I could feel his gaze on my body.

    Not all of his gaze was centered on my figure.

    For some reason I got the impression he had been expecting someone else.

    It had never occurred to me that he might have a regular girl that came!

    If so, he would probably be wondering what the hell I was doing there.

    "Listen, I know there was some confusion at the Agency, so if I'm not…"

    Donner was still looking at me. I could feel his eyes moving over me.

    Touching me just as surely as if he were using his hands to caress my body.

    "No that's quite all right. Another thought had taken my mind for a moment, that's all. But if the Agency sent you, then you know all about what I want."

    It wasn't a question. Just a hard statement of fact.

    One I could only respond yes or no to.

    Either stay or head for the door right now.

    And once I committed, that would be it. No turning back.

    I nodded my head.

    "Of course. Ready when you are."

    But was I? Just like the rest of this case, I didn't have a clue as to what was going on. What was it he wanted of me? What was I letting myself in for?

    I was nearly trembling from the anticipation. Wishing like hell that he'd make the first move.

    The strange smile Donner was giving me didn't do much to help my nervousness.

    That combination of a leer and the eager smile of child wanting to get at a new toy.

    "We'll just see about that," he said. Smiling. All of it as if we were sharing some little secret.

    "Let's start off by seeing what you really have. Display yourself to me!"

    I'd never heard it put quite like that before, but from the way his gaze had dropped I figured he wanted to see more of my legs.

    And the rest of me as well.

    I smiled at my audience of one as I reached for the bottom hem of my mini. Slowly twisting at the hip to show one leg then the other.

    Making a show of it as I pulled my skirt up.

    "Hold still! I never told you to move!" he shouted.

    So much for trying to be sexy, I thought. He doesn't want a show, just to get right to the meat of the issue.

    My meat!

    But at least he was still looking.

    Boy was he ever.

    I thought he was about to hurt himself by the time my skirt was pulled up to reveal my panties.

    Red fluffs of hair poking out from around the sides of tiny scrap of lace.

    "What the hell is that? I thought you said you knew why I sent for you?"

    "I… I…" but I didn't have the faintest idea what had upset Donner, let alone being able to work up a bluff to get me out of it.

    "You'll find what you need in there," he shouted, pointing toward a closed doorway. "Or else get the hell out and stop wasting my time!"


    With a flush of embarrassment I rushed to the door he pointed at, still holding my skirt up around my waist.

    I had stepped into a small bathroom, and try as I might I couldn't find anything that seemed as if it could be of any use to me.

    All I found were the normal things you'd see in a bathroom. Towels, soap etc. There was an unusual looking razor, but…

    Then it hit me. Donner hadn't said a word until I had gotten my skirt up to where he could see my cat.

    Could it be that he only liked girls with a shaved bush?

    What else could it be?

    So I stood there holding the razor.

    Looking at the way light danced on the sharp edge.

    Wondering. Guessing, but not knowing for sure what was expected of me.

    Once more, all I had to do was walk out the door.

    Walk out and keep going. But no, I had to be bull headed about this. I was so sure I could still make use of the situation. That I could find some way to get the goods on this asshole.

    Without even realizing it, I guess I had already made up my mind. My hands were pulling my panties down, letting them fall to the floor.

    Raising one foot, I hooked my heel on the edge of the basin. My pussy directly over the sink.

    It was the strangest sensation. Oh sure, most women have trimmed their fur at some point in time, but to shave it off!

    A girl's cat is supposed to be hidden away, kept out of sight. A secret only to be shared when and where she decides.

    It's also a badge of her womanhood.

    Proving to the world that she isn't a child anymore.

    All of these things are important to a girl.

    Making it all the harder for me to cut my fur away.

    When I was done I found my fingers rubbing over my freshly bare mound. The fresh smoothness felt so alien.

    It was almost as if I were trying to hide my poor naked cat. Even from my own eyes!

    I was embarrassing myself with the way it looked.

    Still Donner was out there waiting. Just a few feet away, but I didn't think that I could face him.

    Feeling like an idiot as I pulled my panties back on and stood there.

    So now what?

    It wasn't as if I could just stay in here for the rest of the night.

    I had to come out sooner or later.

    I had to do something.

    Taking a deep breath, I opened the door.

    All set to just make for the front door and call it quits.

    "About damn time. I was about to call the Agency to tell them to come drag your ass out!"

    Donner wasn't where I had left him. He was now pacing in what looked to be a large library.

    "I'm sorry to have taken so…"

    "I don't fucking want to hear it! All I know is that you're wasting my time."

    "No. I was…"

    "SHUT THE FUCK UP! If I want to hear something from you, I'll ask. Now let's go back to where we were."

    It was as if my feet were glued to the floor, not allowing me leave.

    One look at Donner told me what was expected.

    My hands were trembling as I pulled my skirt up this second time. Somewhere along the way all of my self confidence had evaporated.

    I wasn't thinking clearly at all, only responding to Donner's voice.

    What he was ordering me to do.

    "And you continue to waste my time."

    My head snapped down to look. I didn't know what he meant. Hadn't I done what he wanted? Or was there something else, some other detail I had missed?

    Had I guessed wrong? Shaved myself for nothing?

    Donner stomped over to me, his hand moving as quickly as a striking snake as he grabbed at my panties.

    "You could have left these off, but no, you put them back on. Hiding what is mine to see. Wasting my time. Or is it that you just want to make me angry?"

    His hand jerked away, shredding the flimsy lace as he took it with him.

    My eyes closed. I had never felt so embarrassed in my entire life. As in a nightmare when you find yourself standing naked in front of a crowd of people.

    Only now I felt more naked then if all of my clothes were gone.

    It got to the point where I was trembling so badly that I couldn't hold the skirt up any longer.

    Dropping it so my pussy might be hidden from his sight.

    "That must be it. You're testing me aren't you? To see if I'm dominant enough to take you? Well don't worry. I'm more than enough to handle a cunt like you!"

    Donner was at me again.

    His hands grabbing my skirt.

    Not taking the time fist to loosen the zipper, he yanked. Almost pulling me to the floor as he jerked the leather mini off of me.

    "Now spread your legs!"

    My eyes were closed tightly. I couldn't bear to see how he was looking at me. At my bald pussy.

    There was a strange noise that finally forced me to open my eyes once more. Donner had pulled a chair over so that he could sit down directly in front of me.

    So that he could stare right at my pussy!

    "Spread your legs wider," he ordered, and I found my feet moving without my thinking about it.

    "More! I want to see those cunt lips spread wide."

    His feet were kicking at my ankles. Making me move more and more. Stretching my stance until I was sure I'd lose balance and fall from my heels.

    And all he'd do was stare at my pussy.

    Humiliating me.

    Causing me to blush from head to toe!

    "Take off that stupid blouse. I want to see those sagging sacks you call tits!"

    I didn't want him to rip my blouse off, and I knew he would if I were to hesitate, so I didn't even wait to undo all the buttons.

    As soon as I thought it would be loose enough, I pulled the silk over my head and dropped it to the floor.

    Standing there naked except for nylons and heels.

    Spread as wide open as any man could ever want.

    "Don't just stand there! Hold those floppy tits out so I can see them!"

    Cupping my fingers under my breasts, I held my treasured breasts out for Donner to see. I'm sure that it must have looked as if I were offering them to him.

    Making them a gift.

    But then that's all I was. A prize for him to take and use as he wished.

    "Now the other side," he said. But when, in my confusion I didn't move, he shouted, "Turn around and show me your fat, ugly ass!"

    I turned, careful to make sure that I spread my legs wide once more. Keeping my body the way he wanted it.

    "Bend over. Stick that fat ass of yours out."

    I knew it wasn't true. I have a body that I'm very proud of, yet Donner's words cut deep. His tone was so believable.

    His words ringing so true I almost found myself believing them myself.

    I found myself needing to prove I wasn't as bad as he said. That I was worthy of his attentions.

    So I bent over. Thrusting my bottom out toward him. Bending my body so tight I found myself staring right at my naked mound.

    "I want to see it all you cow! Use your hands. Spread your ass cheeks so I can see all of you!"

    If I thought earlier I had heard it all, I was wrong.

    I was filled with humiliation.

    Never had I been treated like this.

    And damn it, there was no reason in the world for me to take it. No reason other than the fact I couldn't stop listening to Donner's voice.

    Couldn't force myself to resist doing a single thing he commanded me to do.

    I was nearly in tears before he spoke again.

    "Which do you prefer? Hand or wood?"

    I had no idea what he was asking, and was so afraid of what my voice would sound like I didn't want to open my mouth.

    "Hand or wood? Never mind! I've got no more time to waste on you. Come here!"

    I began to move toward him, but Donner reached out and took hold of my arm, yanking me to him.

    Dragging me first to the floor, then to his knees.

    "Get your ass up here!" he shouted as he pulled me across his lap. "Maybe you'll feel the paddle later, but for right now…"


    His hand fell hard on my bare bottom.

    "No!" I screamed. My hands rushing to cover my aching cheeks.

    "Don't you dare tell me what the fuck to do!"

    Donner's hand swatted down again and again.

    Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

    Always finding the spots where my hands weren't.

    "Stop it. It hurts!"

    "Of course it does you cunt. It's what you've been asking for ever since you walked in the door. You've all but begged me to punish you."

    Smack! Smack! Smack!

    "It's why you work for the Agency, isn't it?"

    Oh God! He was ordering special girls. But how was I supposed to have known?

    And what could I do about it now?

    Smack! Smack!

    My hands simply couldn't cover enough of my bottom to keep from him from spanking me somehow, so I tried something else. I tried grabbing hold of Donner's hands.

    The next thing I felt was him taking hold of my wrists, and then holding them tight in one of his fists.

    Then came the sound…


    I knew that sound…



    Now Donner easily controlled me with only one hand.

    By keeping hold of the links between the cuffs he held my hands up in the middle of my back.

    Pressing down hard…

    Smashing my breasts into his knees…

    Keeping right where he wanted me!

    Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

    "I cant take it! Stopppp!"

    "What, you want to go? Just tell me. You say the word and I'll let you go right now!"

    Damn him!

    What was I supposed to do now? There was no way I wanted to lose him, but I couldn't let him go on torturing me like this.


    "I thought so. You want this as much as I do. You need it don't you? Don't you?"


    "Yes! Do it! Spank me!"

    My body rocked with each impact. Between them and the way Donner was pressing me into him, my nipples turned rock hard.

    As they rubbed against his hot thighs.

    Turning me on as they were squeezed against him.

    "That's what I thought. It makes you hot doesn't it?"


    "Turns you on!"

    I was all tensed up as I waited for his hand to fall again. Instead his fingers slipped gently between my legs.

    Rubbing on my pussy…

    Making me gasp out loud as he touched my clit!

    "I thought so. God, but your cunt is wet!"

    I couldn't help but spread my legs as Donner began to finger fuck me. And he was right, I was turned on.

    My ass was on fire from his spanking, but now that heat was spreading.

    Radiating through the rest of my body.

    Raising my temperature to where my insides were close to melting!

    His hand let loose of the handcuffs so he could slip his fingers under my body.

    Taking hold of my breasts.

    Suddenly free, my hands started down to rub my flaming ass.


    "Don't you fuck'n move!" he shouted.

    His fingers closed down on my nipple. Pinching it until I screamed. Not stopping until I pulled my hands back up to where he had been holding them only seconds before.

    "And leave them there. Unless you want to be punished more," he warned.

    That was the last thing I wanted, and I pulled my wrists up even higher in an effort to show him. All I got in return was a nasty chuckle from him.

    And more swats.


    He was driving me crazy. If one hand was spanking me, then the other was fondling my breasts.

    Teasing my nipples until I thought they'd pop.

    Then he'd trade off.

    Donner would be finger fucking my pussy, but squeezing my breasts to where I was afraid he'd tear one off.

    Pleasure and pain. Pain and pleasure.

    Back and forth. Going on and on.

    Constantly building me up, but never allowing me to get close to cumming.

    "Please! I can't take it anymore. Use me! Fuck me!"

    I was begging. I would have done anything for him at that moment. Made any promise.

    Anything and more if only he would agree to stick his cock inside me.

    "No. You have it all wrong. You fuck me!"

    Donner stood up. Surprising my with his movement and dumping me to the floor.

    The thump of my butt hitting the cold floor only added to the scotching pain I was already suffering.

    As I looked up I saw Donner opening his pants.

    I moaned as I watched his cock spring out.

    It was magnificent. All nine inches of it!

    "Oh God yes! Let me have it. Fuck me!" I no longer cared about my burning ass, or the fact that I was sitting there with my legs spread so brazenly wide.

    Displayed like a piece of meat.

    In a way I had never done for any other man!

    "You want it? Then crawl to me. Crawl like the bitch you are!"

    Swallowing down my last bit of pride, I worked up to my knees.

    And crawled over to him.

    My eyes locked on his beautiful cock the whole way.

    Staring at it even as he grabbed me by a handful of hair, and yanked my face down to his hardened shaft.

    "Prove to me you're worth having around," he yelled as he stuffed his prick into my mouth.

    Now it's not that I'm a virgin or anything, but I've never much liked taking a man in my mouth. It always seemed such a waste of good, hard meat.

    Hard meat that could be pleasuring both of us.

    But not this time. My mouth was already open and eager to accept Donner's fabulous gift.

    Wanting to taste his cock.

    He had me so damn hot that I would have done anything just to touch it.

    Even suck his cock and swallow his cum.

    "Come on, come on! You can do better than that. You probably suck cock all day long. Now take it!"

    Even as he spoke his hand was pushing down at the back of my head.

    Forcing more of his hard meat between my lips!

    Not paying any attention to the gurgling noises I was making.

    Ignoring my struggling as I choked on his throat filling monster.

    All I wanted to do was tell him he didn't have to do this. If he were to let go of my head I would have been more than willing to go on.

    Sucking his cock until I drained his balls dry!

    But he didn't want me that way. He had to be in control.

    He had to own me completely!

    "You cheap cock sucker! I can hardly feel a thing you're doing. Do it. Harder!"

    Donner was grinding my face into his lap. Not giving me the chance to even breathe.

    And now he had hold of one of my breasts.

    Twisting and pulling at it as if it were taffy.

    Clawing at my firm flesh.

    Using my tit and head as handles as he moved my body up and down.

    My mouth was no more than a way for him to masturbate to a climax.

    Slamming his cock into me.

    Raping my mouth!

    Going on and on. His endurance was amazing.

    But as soon as I thought he was getting close to cumming he threw me to the floor!

    "Not yet cunt! Not that easy," he said. Moving to where he was standing over me.

    No matter how I tried to look at him all I'd see was his giant cock thrusting out from his hips.

    Hard and huge.

    Glistening wet from my bruised mouth.

    Still full of cum.

    Cum I wanted!

    "Stand up cunt."

    He waited until I was halfway to my feet before he took me by the hair, hauling me upright.

    "Over there! Lean over that table," he said as he flung me across the room.

    I turned, glaring at him. I wanted to yell. To scream at him to knock this shit off. To let him know I was through playing these painful games with him.

    But the words never made their way to my mouth.

    At least not before Donner already had his hands on me once more.

    Pushing me down. Making me bend at the waist to lay on the large, heavy oak table. The wooden top was like ice where it touched my bare breasts.

    "Oh please, can't we just…"


    "You don't learn very quickly do you? No talking! Now spread those legs and keep them that way."

    I had hardly started to move my feet before Donner was kicking at me. Forcing my legs wider then they had been when he "viewed" me before.

    It was only because I was resting my body on the table top, resting my weight there, that allowed me to spread myself that far without falling down.

    Then he was gone. I couldn't feel his body pressing against me any longer.

    "I promised you earlier and I don't break my promises," he said. I could tell by the sound of his footsteps that Donner was moving back towards me.

    Close enough…


    I screamed!

    Screaming and unable to stop.

    "I promised you would feel the wood later," Donner chuckled. Then he swung the large paddle again.


    "Nooooo! I can't take it!"

    Donner was half on the table, or closer, half of his weight was on top of me.

    He put the paddle down next to my head so he could grab my hair with the now free hand. Yanking my head back even as his heavy body kept me pinned down to the table top.

    I was screaming again as the fear grew that he was going to break my neck. Then Donner stuffed something into my mouth. I only got a brief glimpse of what it was.

    My panties!

    I gasped and tried to keep the cloth out by pushing at it with my tongue, but Donner's hand was too strong for my to fight.

    And as I struggled I couldn't help but swallow.

    Tasting my own juices for the first time!

    The shock and humiliation drained all of the fight from me.

    "That ought to help keep you quiet, and don't you dare spit it out!"

    With that warning, his hand released it's grip on my hair and moved down to keep me from moving my hands.

    Donner kept part of his body on me at all rimes to pin me down. He had one leg wrapped around mine so I couldn't move my ass away from his reach.

    "You'll take what I give you. You're mine. Bought and paid for!"


    The paddle was in his hand once more.

    Hitting each side of my ass, then catching the backs of my thighs, filling me with white hot fire.

    And as the paddle rose and fell I could feel his cock rubbing against me.

    So strong and hard.

    He was teasing me with it's nearness.

    A nearness I couldn't do a damn thing about.

    As I lay there crying, my breasts mashed under our combined body weight, Donner turned the paddle on edge.

    Wedging it between my legs.

    Rubbing the hard wooden side into my tender groove.

    Making me whimper now in a far different way.

    Rubbing my clit until I nearly came.


    I was hardly aware of the sound made by the paddle falling to the floor. I was still sobbing like a little girl when I felt Donner move off me.

    His fat cock knob pressing at my pussy lips.

    My puss was so hot and dripping there was no problem with him slipping it's purple head inside me.

    "God but you're a hot slut! I knew you would be. A good punishment was just what you needed!"

    With both hands on my hips, Donner lunged forward.

    Driving the length of his cock into me with one sudden motion.

    Almost ripping me in half as the thick monster tore into my poor pussy.

    I was surprised my panties weren't forcibly ejected from my mouth as had to move somewhere to make room for him powering his way into me.

    All I could do was howl into the juice filled lace.

    Trying to let him know about the wonderful pain he was feeding me.

    His cock felt so damn good inside, even if he was tearing me up from the insides.

    Taking me like an animal…

    Humiliating me by making me swallow the juices I had been dripping.

    Juices he had started flowing in the first place.

    By the time he had buried his fuck pipe into me for the fifth time I had already started cumming.

    And cumming.

    I couldn't stop cumming!

    And he couldn't seem to stop fucking me.

    The front of my hips were being bruised from his body slamming into me so rough and hard. But it was nothing compared to the battering my pussy was taking.

    Taking and creaming from!

    I curled one foot back in an effort to wrap it around him in some way.

    Wanting to get closer to him if I could.

    To get some tenderness from him.

    A thought that Donner seemed to take interest in.

    He reached down and took hold of both my thighs…

    Picking me up that way…

    Holding my hips in the air as he dicked me even harder!

    My belly and tits now supported all my weight.

    Friction from the table threatened to rip my skin right off, but I didn't care.

    Not so long as his magnificent tool was inside me.

    "Yes! Keep it tight you cunt! Keep it… so I can… cuummmm!!!!"

    There was a flood suddenly bubbling from deep inside my belly.

    So much cream that thought I might drown in it.

    Triggering one more stunning orgasm for me.

    One that shook my entire body!

    Then suddenly Donner was gone.

    He had simply let me go. Making a gift of my body to gravity.

    I couldn't get my feet underneath me in time and was dragged by my own weight to the floor.

    Laying there as if I were no more than a crushed rag doll.

    Saliva and cunt juice running down my chin.

    Cum drooling out from my spread legs.

    Donner was making himself comfortable in a large chair.

    "Over here slut!"

    Somehow I made it to my shaking knees and found the strength to crawl to his side. He reached down to unlock the handcuffs.

    "First of all, take care of that mess you're making," he ordered, pointing at the way his white cream was still oozing out of me.

    I must have looked twice as confused as I felt.


    Donner slapped me in the face, then yelled at me.

    "Mop up that mess, or stop it from running!"

    I still took too long to do anything as I tried to think through the fog in my brain.

    "Take out your gag and use it to dam up your cunt!"

    The lace was sopping as I fished it out from between my lips. Far too wet to ever be able to soak up any more liquid.

    "Stuff it up you goddamn twat!"

    I must have looked a sight as I did just that.

    Holding my sore pussy open with one set of fingers, while forcing the wet lace up between my bald pussy lips.

    Bottling his cum up in my cunt.

    "Now clean my cock off!"

    His rod was still semi-hard, and I surprised myself with how quickly I leaned forward to suck on it.

    Thanks to Donner having gagged me with my own panties, the taste of my cunt juices didn't come as much of a shock.

    I didn't care at all about it so long as I got to taste the last few drops of his cum.

    There was part of me that hoped that his cock would come back to full strength. That he would allow me the chance to swallow down a full load of his cream.

    But the rest of my sore body was begging for it all to come to an end. To let it be over.

    I don't think that I was very disappointed when he kicked me away and told me to get dressed.

    I was struggling back into my clothing when Donner walked over to me.

    "Not bad bitch. Not bad at all. I've got an important business meeting tomorrow night, and I was thinking about having some special entertainment. It'll be something I think you could appreciate," he said as he ran his hand over my tender ass cheeks.

    "Why don't you grab another one of the girls and come back tomorrow? Say three o'clock?"

    This was just the break I had been hoping for.

    It sounded as if it might even be a meet with our mystery person.

    It would also mean submitting myself to another long session with this maniac.

    But for some reason, my pussy seemed to get hot at the thought.

    God, but his cock could turn a girl into jello. I managed to smile and agree, then headed for the door.

    "Hey! Aren't you forgetting something?" he yelled after me.

    What else was there that I could do? He had already had me in every way he wanted. Demeaned and mistreated me in ways I could never have imagined.

    I turned back to face him.

    Donner was smiling as he held out the money.

    "You almost forgot. Like I said, bought and paid for."

    I grabbed the bucks and hurried out of the house.

    Now I knew perfectly well why the girl from the night before had walked the way she did. I don't think there was a muscle in my body that didn't hurt.

    I also couldn't remember when my pussy had been fucked better.

    Damn him!

    Well maybe I had been paid for, but the final bill was still to come!


    "Hi! I'm Teri."

    A delicious little blonde stood in the hallway outside my apartment, her eye searching in past me.

    I don't know what she was looking for. Maybe she was only trying to make up her mind if I was alone, or there was someone else waiting inside.

    From the way her eyes were searching I began to think perhaps she didn't get very many assignments to meet with single women. Taking one small step to the side was apparently more than enough of an invitation for the girl, who easily slipped right past me.

    "Come in," I said after the fact.

    Teri was too busy giving my place the once over to respond. She was nearly ignoring my presence even as her hand came up.

    "Uh hum," she said with one hand outstretched toward me.

    Palm up.

    I guess I had screwed up with Donner earlier. This girl wasn't even going to look at me again until she got her pay.

    Cash up front. Bought and pain for.

    Things worked out rather nicely there though. All I had to do was hand her the same money Donner had given me just a few hours before.

    Once her money was tucked away, I just as quickly became the center of Teri's attention.

    "So where do you want me?"

    The little blonde hadn't finished the sentence before her hands had the buttons of her blouse open.

    "Wait! Hold on," I hurried, trying to catch her hands before she could strip her top off.

    "Let's just sit for a moment," and I steered the girl over to my couch.

    She obviously didn't understand what was going on, or why I would want to stop her, but she did exactly as I asked.

    Sitting quietly.

    Looking at me.


    This wasn't going to be easy. Hell, I didn't really know what I was doing in the first place, or what I was really after.

    It wasn't hard for me to smile at this cute girl as I tried to explain. "I got you here to… well let's call it an audition."

    "Yeah? For what? I mean, no offense, but you don't look like you're casting for a movie or anything."

    I started to shake my head.

    Teri looked started, as if she thought she had accidentally said something wrong.

    "Don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't like you. You're a really good looking lady."

    As if to prove her point Teri's hand reached out to rub my arm.

    I can't begin to tell you how sweet this little girl was. Young, cute, perky.

    Child like yet worldly at the same time.

    Like the fantasy high school cheerleader every man has ever dreamed of.

    The one that was too pretty ever to notice if you were even alive, who suddenly shows up wanting to fuck your brains out in truly creative and exhausting ways. She had only been here a few minutes and she was already making me feel like…

    Her hand had moved from my arm to brush over my breast!

    "In fact I really like being slave to a women once and awhile. Especially if they look as beautiful as you."

    She was so cute, I wanted to just eat her whole!

    The smile on that impish face caused my pussy to start getting more than a little moist.

    "Yes, well…"

    I took her hand in mine. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was to pull her away from my chest.

    Some of it was because Teri didn't seem very interested in letting go. Seeming happy to be fondling my breasts.

    For the rest, well damnit, I didn't know if I really wanted her to give up so soon.

    She was damn good.

    When I first got home from Donner's I had sat in my living room worrying. He had invited me back, but I was to bring another girl.

    Hell, I had never done any of those things before tonight, never even dreamed most of that could happen in real life. I certainly couldn't call up one of my friends to help me out on this case.

    How do you go about asking a good friend if she would mind having her ass blistered just to help out a complete stranger?

    Then it hit me. I could do just what Donner said. I could get a girl from the Agency.

    Calling them, I introduced myself as a friend of Donner. Then I placed my order, telling them I was looking for something a little different.

    Some fresh meat.

    I nearly jumped for joy when I was told they had a girl who had only started working for them the day before. Better still was that she was available to come right over.

    In my mind it seemed better to find someone who didn't already know about Donner. I still didn't have it worked out in my mind story wise, and I didn't want the girl I took along to blow it if she did know the guy.

    So then all I'd had to do is come up with a cover story to tell the girl. It would only have to hold up for a few hours.

    After that, I didn't care what happened. I'd have everything I'd need to send Donner away for a very long time.

    And from the way she looked, this little cutie sitting next me would be just perfect.

    I could almost see Donner rubbing his hands together with glee just thinking of working her over.

    Teri wasn't looking very happy as I moved her hand back down in her lap, but she didn't say a word.

    She just pouted.

    It nearly broke my heart. All I wanted to do was hug her. Tell her everything was all right. Then…

    Taking a deep breath, I forced myself to pull away from the sexy blonde.

    "No, you're right, I'm not casting for a film or looking for models. I am looking for someone special. You if you're interested."

    "Tell me what you have in mind." Teri wasn't smiling yet, but her hand had somehow made it's way back to my arm, and that seemed to make her content.

    Rubbing me in such a way the back of her knuckles were "accidentally" also rubbing my breasts.

    Trying to pretend I hadn't noticed, I continued.

    "My boyfriend, well actually my Master…"

    That got Teri's eyes glowing. She perked right up.

    "Has decided that he'd like to have another slave. At least for a little while. You know, a day or two."

    Teri shifted her body just enough to cause her blouse to fall open. Her apple sized breasts pointing right at me.

    Letting me see how hard her nipples were!

    "So he wants two women at the same time?" The girl was smiling broadly.

    The pressure of her hand on my breast was now constant and growing stronger.

    "I suppose so. I think he's going to invite along a friend of his. Someone from work I've never met, so I really don't know what will happen."

    I hoped I was making it sound kinky enough to intrigue her.

    "And your Master knows what he's doing?"

    Yes, I had her hooked!

    She was getting turned on just from thinking about the possibility of a good hard session.

    Something I would have never understood before tonight.

    "Does this answer you?" I asked. Turning onto one hip, I pulled my skirt up to display how red my skin was.

    Still glowing red even through my panties!

    "Oooohh!" she hissed past her teeth.

    But it wasn't the sound of someone trying to be sympathetic, or shocked by what they saw.

    Teri was acknowledging a job well done.

    She looked as if she wished our places were reversed.

    That it was she proudly carrying the marks of a sound paddling.

    Before I knew it she was leaning forward…

    Kissing where my bare red skin showed…

    Moving my panties aside with her lips to kiss more of my bottom cheek!

    "NO! Don't!" I shouted, pulling her up, then pushing her away from me.

    Teri sat there looking like a naughty school girl.

    Hitting me with that killer pout of hers.

    She had to know how it could melt the coldest of hearts, and I'm sure that she also knew how much she was getting to me.

    Way too close!

    It's not that I can't appreciate another woman or her body. I've even had a fling with another woman.

    It had happened several years ago. I was the last guest at a party thrown by a good friend. Tom, his girl friend and myself sat there talking for hours after everyone else had left.

    Talking and sipping wine.

    In thinking back I don't even remember how we wound up in the bedroom. The next thing, we were all three naked. Patty and I were busy ganging up on Tom.

    Making him feel like a king.

    Licking, teasing and fucking him until he couldn't move a muscle.

    And somehow afterwards, it just seemed so natural for Patty and I to…

    Well, we made love to each other.

    Soft and tender.

    It had been nice, and bless Tom's heart, I know he wasn't really asleep, but he was very careful not to disturb us.

    It wouldn't have taken much to have shattered that special moment.

    Yes, it was nice, but it wasn't that good.

    Not enough to change my life over.

    So it never happened again. But tonight, sitting there looking at this little blonde bundle of sex, well… she just might make me change my mind.

    Teri was very aware how she held my attention.

    To truly get that injured child look she was trying for, Teri would have needed to have her arms crossed over her chest. Instead she made do by leaning back against the couch's armrest.

    Her blouse was now completely open. Framing the curves of her lovely breasts.

    My pushing her body away had also caused her short skirt to bunch up.

    Teri shifted her ass around so she could face me eye to eye, and as she did it, she was "forced" to slightly part her legs.

    In her reclining position, she was all but thrusting her hips right at me.

    Giving me a very good look at her unpantied crotch!

    The lips of her cat were very moist.

    "So? Does that mean you don't like me? Are you going to send me away now?" she asked.

    She turned that killer pout up another notch or two.

    "No. I just wanted to made sure you understood what you getting into first." I was still looking at her pussy.

    I couldn't help it. It was nearly crying out to me.

    Wanting to be touched. Petted. Licked!

    I'm sure that I must have flared a bright red.

    I was also mad as hell!

    Donner had made such a big thing about me being smooth, yet here I was with this professional submissive, looking at the tuff of blonde hair she had above her sex.

    Her pussy lips were bald, but she had silky smooth fur up above. Maybe it was only because she was new, but I was still mad about it.

    My own pussy was still feeling so strange without my fur.

    It was still possible that I had misunderstood Donner. That I never needed to shave my puss at all.

    I was still looking at her sex as Teri began to slowly gyrate her hips in tiny circles. Letting me know that she knew right where I was looking.

    And letting me know that it didn't bother her a bit.

    Inviting me to do far more than just look.

    "I know real well what I get myself into. And more important, what I'd like to get into," the blonde pixie said as she leaned forward.

    Starting to come toward me.

    Crawling across the couch…

    Her face heading right for my legs!

    "Stop it!"


    Embarrassment flooded through me.

    I hadn't meant to do it, but it was like dealing with a small child. One you keep having saying no to.

    Finally the child pushes you too far and you feel like you want to slap them. So angry that you're afraid you'll lose control.

    Only I did.

    My eyes were blurring with tears, I felt so bad.

    Teri had a shocked look on her face. She had started seeing me as a sister submissive, and I don't think she expected it coming me.

    There was something else mirrored in her face.


    This girl was a true submissive.

    She thrived on it.

    I could almost hear her juices running.

    Then she came for me again.


    This time I did mean it. After I slapped her, I grabbed Teri, sitting her up straight on the couch.

    Ordering her to stay put.

    She was something to watch.

    Because of her training, the blonde so desperately needed to do what she was told. Yet I could tell that she was so excited that she couldn't stay still.

    Her pussy was too hot to ignore.

    "But Mistress…"

    "What? What did you call me?"

    "Mistress. You're so forceful. Is Master anything like you?"

    I'm sure my jaw must have dropped for a second or two. Me like Donner? No! I couldn't be. I…

    But I had slapped Teri. Not once, but twice.

    This evening was turning out to be too strange.

    Putting me through too many changes. Ones I wasn't sure I understood anymore.

    "No," I told her, shaking my head. "I've never seen another man like him."

    Teri's eyes were silently begging me to go on. To tell her more about my "Master".

    "He's forced me to accept things I would never have taken from another man. I can't begin to tell you the things he's done to me. Every time I thought he had done his worst, he was there with a new surprise. And then there's his cock."

    I know that my voice must have sounded dreamy to Teri. I hadn't meant to be, but I couldn't help the way I was reacting to the man.

    He had turned me on and I couldn't hide it away.

    My little blond bundle of sex was rubbing her legs together, and all but panting.

    Getting turned on herself.

    "He sounds wonderful," she said wistfully.


    I wanted to argue with her about the wonderful part, but all I could think about was how good his cock had felt.

    How long he had been able to pleasure my pussy. How many times he had made me cum!

    "Yes," I continued. "But we aren't talking just an hour or two here. This could go on for a couple of days. And there's another man involved. One that I never met, and could turn out to be even demanding than my Master."


    Obviously I wasn't scaring the girl away talking like this.

    She did give a shake of her blonde head. "I don't think the Agency is the way to go though."

    I gave her a questioning look.

    "For what they charge, if this does go for a couple of days, well…" her face showing how astronomical the bill could be.

    "In that case…"

    Teri slid over next to me before I could say anything more.

    "I could do it on my own time. Maybe you and I could work something out. I'm sure you'd be more than… fair."

    Her sweet mouth was kissing my arm while her fingers flicked at my nipples.

    Rubbing them right through my blouse.

    "Ooooooh! No, you should stop."

    "Now? Why?" she asked between kisses.

    This girl was too much. My head was spinning.

    I was having trouble coming up with a good reason why she should stop.

    "Because… because of my Master."

    "What about him?"

    Her lips were now up to where she could nibble at my neck. That was always a super sensitive spot for me and I couldn't help but let out a moan.

    Followed closely by another.

    I'd never even noticed that Teri had opened the buttons to my blouse.

    Or slipped her hand inside my bra.

    But now that she had hold of my breast…

    She was sending tingles all through my body!

    "I'm not… not supposed to…" I was trying to lie. To come up with some story.

    To find some way to stop this before I went berserk.

    "Yes? What? Tell me," she urged.

    Her mouth moving from one side of my neck to the other.

    Leaving a trail of wet kisses as she went.

    Her long blonde hair feeling so silky smooth were it brushed feather lightly over my skin.

    Moving over the top swells of my exposed breasts.

    "I'm not to take any pleasure unless he gives it to me." My breathing was so hard that the words all strung together, sounding like one long word.


    Teri kissed my lips so softly that it was like a passing breeze. Then she started working her way down my front. Her lips had playfully bit at my chin just before she started dropping lower.

    Her tongue swirling around the hollow of my neck nearly drove me crazy.

    Ever so slowly she went lower.

    Capturing one nipple between her lips and sucking.

    "Oh my God!"

    She used her fingers to play with my other nipple and to stroke my neck.

    Building the fire…

    Turning me hotter by the second!

    "So it's wrong. I shouldn't." But even I didn't believe my own words. This girl was too good, and she was doing such wonderful things to my body.

    "But he asked you to find me, right?"

    "Well, yes…"

    "And he's probably going to use us both together, right?"

    "I guess. But…"

    "And even if he has a friend to give me to, you know that sooner or later he'll want to see us together. All men love to watch two women fucking each other."

    Oh God!

    I'd never thought of that, but now that she had said it, it only seemed natural that Donner would do such a thing.

    My mind filled with images of how he could use us both at the same time.

    And I trembled with hot desire.

    "Yes, but…"

    "So you see, in a way he's already given you permission for this."

    Her face was so innocent. How could that cute face ever do anything wrong? She had to be telling the truth.

    Teri's lips moved to my other nipple, making me moan out loud some more.

    "But… But…"

    "We shouldn't, right?"

    I nodded my head vigorously.

    It didn't stop me from putting hand on Teri's head though.

    Pushing her mouth down to my breast.

    Keeping her from being able to move away.

    "We have to stop," my voice sounded like it was coming from miles away it was so faint.

    "Because Master will be angry?"

    "Oh yes. He'll be… sooooo!"

    Teri had slipped a hand up under my skirt.

    Her fingers sliding under the elastic of my panties to play with my clit!

    "So he'll probably punish us," she said as if it were no big thing.

    Teri's hot mouth was working down from between my breasts.

    Leaving slippery tracks where her tongue moved through the valley formed by my tits.

    Traveling wetly over my belly.

    "Yes… Yes he will. God but he'll punish us." My hand was still on her head, only now I was trying to move her along quicker.

    The glow in my bottom from where I had been spanked made itself know once more, and suddenly it was as if Donner was right there with us.

    At the thought of him, my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

    Flooding as I suddenly wished he were there.

    Wanting to see what else he had up his creative sleeve.

    Wanting to feel the power of his beautiful cock as it thrust between my legs.

    "I certainly hope so," Teri murmured.

    Her fingers were busy working my panties off of me…

    Hands spreading my legs wide enough that she could crawl between them.

    "A strong Master is a terrible thing to waste. And isn't that why we misbehave? So we will get the wonderful punishment we so need?"

    I wanted to argue. To tell her how wrong she was.

    Wanting to shout out how much I hated the pain.

    And humiliation that he had been heaped upon me.

    But I couldn't!

    Although I hated Donner, and couldn't wait to send him to jail, I felt trapped by his dark power.

    A power that had made me feel more female than I could have imagined.

    Deep down inside I wanted to see Kim again.

    To offer up my bottom for him to spank.

    To love his cock in any way I possibly could.

    Teri's tongue licked along my wet slit and I found myself chewing on my knuckles to keep from screaming out.

    Her hands were caressing my still sore ass.


    Then grabbing hard…

    Digging her nails in until I yelled out!

    Deliberately doing it to hurt me, then she'd rub the soreness away with a gentle touch.

    The pleasure and pain her hands brought only reminded me more of Donner. Making me tremble as I thought about what the next few days would bring.

    I don't think I had ever cum so much in one twenty-four hour period as what I had this day. Between what Donner had done to me, and now this little blonde sexpot…

    Teri had me cornered.

    Her tongue was too good for me to resist.

    It only seemed like seconds before she had me shaking from my first orgasm.

    And she showed no sign of slowing down.

    Now that Teri had figured out just what it took to get me off, she refused to leave my clit alone.

    No matter how much I begged her to stop.

    I pleaded for her to at least give me a chance to catch my breath, but she just went on.

    And on…

    And on!

    I was cumming like crazy.

    One wonderful orgasm after another.

    She had my guts twisting around from cumming so hard and fast.

    To the point that all of the sensations she was causing were too intense for me to handle any longer.

    I was screaming at her…


    My feet actually kicking at her shoulders in an effort to get her mouth off me.

    And still she went on.

    Loudly slurping away at my cat until I was too tired to try and fight her.

    Drained and limp, I was hardly conscious by time Teri came up to lay next to me.

    She was so sweet.

    Once she did come up for air we cuddled on the couch. Her body so soft and warm against mine.

    Hugging me so nicely.

    The pain from earlier melted away. Disappearing completely.

    Teri understood the concept of being bought and paid for that Donner had spoken of. She knew she was there for my benefit.

    She made certain it was she, not me, who did all the work.

    There was something else. Something I couldn't be sure of. But I had this funny feeling as I looked at her.

    I got the feeling the girl wasn't only looking at me as a client. She seemed to be going that extra mile.

    Or licking it.

    Being far too sweet and loving.

    She tongued me to one last, wonderful orgasm before getting herself dressed.

    I was far too weak to attempt moving when she ready to kiss me goodbye. Promising to be back tomorrow, in time meet with Donner.

    From the look on her face I could tell she was not only looking forward to seeing my "Master", but also for the chance to be with me once more.

    And I have to admit that I was looking forward to seeing her again.

    I hadn't been able to return the favor for her delightful licking, and found myself wondering what she would taste like.

    There was a strange sense of loneliness inside me when the door shut behind her.


    Getting to Donner's turned out to be a real struggle.

    Not that the traffic was so terrible. Even the weather turned out to be very pleasant.

    No it was all because of one thing. Or person.


    She was acting like a child on Christmas eve.

    There was just so much energy bottled up her little body, she was almost a blur as I tried to look at her.

    That was difficult enough, but then there was trying to keep her to the far side of the car. I had been on enough dates where the guy could have doubled as an octopus, but I wasn't prepared to get the same treatment from Teri.

    Her hands were all over my body, and with my own hands being busy trying to keep us on the road, I was having a rough time in brushing her away.

    It was an annoyance I didn't need.

    My body was running away with itself as it was.

    Since waking up that morning all I could think of was Donner.

    Of being under his power…

    All of the ways he would use me…

    My puss was so damn hot that I couldn't keep my fingers away from it while I was taking my shower.

    As I dressed it got even worse.

    I wanted to look sexy for him, and my hands were taking extra time as they moved around my body.

    Smoothing and straightening gave me ample opportunity to touch myself.

    Doing it in the way I wanted Donner to touch me. By keeping my eyes closed, I imagined it was his hands on me.

    By the time I answered Teri's knock I was so cock hungry I was praying for something I could stick up my puss.

    Then Teri came in.

    All but jumping on me!

    Her mouth gluing itself to mine…

    She took several minutes before coming up for air, and by that time I was ready to forget about everything else. Wanting just to drag her off into my bedroom.

    An idea that she didn't seem very adverse to.

    She couldn't be. Not with the way she was hugging and kissing me.

    "I want you… want you so bad. Tell me what you want… I'll do it. No matter what it is. Let me lick you. Let me be your slut!"

    It was a struggle, but I finally got us out to the car and heading in the right direction.

    The closer we got to Donner's house the more energetic Teri became, and the harder it was to keep her off of me.

    If she'd had her way, she would have been down on the car floor. Right between my legs.

    Sucking my cat as I drove!

    And if I hadn't of been so blinded by my lust Donner, I might have recognized the danger signs.

    If I had been in my right mind I would have forgotten all about that man and stuffed Teri down on the floor, and let her have at me.

    But I was so sure that I was going to beat the man at his own game. Beat him and have a good time while doing it.

    Parking in front of his house, I almost had to chase Teri down. Once the car had stopped she was hurrying to Donner's front door.

    She couldn't wait to get started.

    Running to catch up, I wrapped my arms around her waist to stop her.

    Doing the one thing I knew would get her attention.

    I kissed her. Hard.

    "Take it easy would you? We have a long time yet."

    I thought she was going to nod her head right off.

    "Yeah, I know. But I just have this feeling. You know? Like this is gonna be outrageous. It's gonna be sooo good!"

    It was my turn to nod.

    I was expecting a lot from this encounter as well.

    I think that was what had gotten Teri so worked up.

    Here she was, a professional submissive, yet she was acting like the high school girl she looked like.

    She had to have been reading something in me.

    Seeing how excited I was and figuring there had to be a reason for it.

    Giving her one last hug, we walked arm in arm up to the house.

    This time it took almost thirty seconds before the door opened. Thirty of the longest seconds of my life.

    What if he had changed his mind? Or wasn't there?


    "I thought I had said three o'clock? Can't you tell time? Why are you early?"

    Teri was trembling at my side and I was starting to think she was going to cum just from Donner's tone of voice.

    Not that I could blame her.

    He was so forceful. So vibrantly domineering.

    This was all part of the game though. No matter what we had done, I'm sure Donner would have greeted us the same.

    Too early, too late, he would have found something wrong with what we had done just to have a reason to complain.

    To remind us who was in charge.

    "And I thought you were going to bring another woman?" His eyes were boring right through me.

    Nailing me to the spot.

    "I did. I…"

    "What? So you stopped along the way to raid the local elementary school? You dare to bring me a child?"

    Teri's mouth opened, and just as quickly…


    "Don't you fucking even think about talking back to me. You either," he added while pointing at me.

    "In here! Might as well see what it is that you brought."

    Teri and I had just gotten in the entry hall before Donner slammed the door shut.

    "Where the hell do you think you're going! I said I wanted to see you, not chase you around the damn house! SO STRIP!"

    Our hands couldn't move fast enough.

    It seemed to take forever even though I knew both Teri and I had worn items that were easily removable.

    Teri was first. Her clothes laying in a heap on the floor.

    Naked other than her high heels.

    It was easy to see that she was excited.

    Her little nipples weren't so little at the moment.

    Full and erect as they pointed right at Donner.

    I was only a few seconds slower. When I finished I stepped over to stand next to Teri.

    I was also still in my heels. I hadn't bothered to take off my nylons, but I didn't think that Donner would mind.

    He began to circle around us, but it soon became apparent that it was Teri he was most interested in.

    It was she that he was poking and touching.

    Staring at her while making faces.

    Looking like a fanner who is afraid of being caught buying a lame horse.

    "I was almost surprised to see you come," he said over his shoulder to me.

    I was caught off guard. He had been ignoring me for long enough that I had found myself watching him as he inspected Teri.

    His words puzzled me. Why would he be surprised?

    Hadn't we agreed on today?

    Donner smiled as he reached out with both hands.

    Taking hold of one nipple from each of us.

    Pinching them until we were squealing for him to stop.

    "You may possibly do." But the look on his face told us that he was more than happy with what he had.

    The swelling in his pants sure told us that anyway.

    "Let's not waste anymore time then. Here, put these on."

    From Donner's suit came a pair of handcuffs.

    Neither Teri or I had any idea of what he was about to do, so we stood still until he reached for us.

    Using the cold steel to link Teri's left hand to my right.

    "Now that we have you dressed, let's go."

    "Go? But where?"

    Donner must have like my shocked reaction because he didn't threaten me for speaking without permission.

    "I told you I was having a business meeting. You don't expect me to have it here do you? Now no more questions. We have a long drive ahead of us."

    And with that Donner took hold of the silver chain linking Teri to me, using it as a leash to parade us through his house.

    Out through the side door, and into the garage.

    Where a limo was waiting for us.

    Along with a driver!

    My hands moved to cover myself from the new man's eyes only to be stopped by the handcuffs.

    And Donner.


    "Never do that! You have no feelings. You'll do as you're told and when you're told. If I want to walk you down Main Street like this you'll do it. Understand?"

    My face was hot. Both from embarrassment and from anger.

    Damn it! Why did I have to come back to him?

    What made me want to…


    "I said, do you understand?"

    "Yes… yes Master," I muttered.

    To add to my humiliation, Donner had the driver help in loading Teri and me into the car. Never saying a word as the man's hands wandered freely over our naked bodies.

    I was cringing inside. Biting my lip to keep from saying something that would get me into trouble.

    It was one thing to take this abuse from Donner when we were alone. There wasn't any doubt that I found it sexy.

    I even found it exciting thinking about sharing the experience with Teri.

    But to be treated like this in front of the driver.

    A total stranger.

    Then allow the man take such liberties with us!

    Donner got in the car and sat across from Teri and myself. We were in the regular back seat facing out toward the windshield.

    With Donner sitting in the corner and the separating window open, the driver would have an excellent view of our bodies for the entire trip.

    Each glance he made at us would remind us of how naked and vulnerable we were.

    Then Donner made it worse.

    "Legs apart! Slaves never close their legs to their Master. And those cunts had better be wet at all times. I always want you ready. In case I have need of you."

    He knew that the driver would be watching as we spread ourselves. His smirk showed me that he knew how much I hated it.

    And damn it, my pussy was wet for him.

    So was Teri's.

    Wet and wanting.

    As we drove Donner looked through some papers from his briefcase.

    From time to time he'd act as if he was having problems separating the pages as he tried to read.

    So rather than lick a finger to make it tacky, he used us.

    Wetting his finger by sticking into one of our pussys!

    Just one quick jab.

    Then he was back to his reading for another page or two.

    Long enough for his finger to dry out once more.

    The bastard was very careful in how he did it also.

    Making absolutely sure that he brushed against our clits as he dampened his finger.

    Toying with us, while showing us that we were no more than something for him to play with.

    It was a hot day and although I'm sure that the limo had excellent air conditioning, Donner wasn't making use of it.

    Our ride was taking a good deal longer than I would have ever guessed. From the way he had talked, I thought that we would be heading for an office somewhere, but it was looking as if we were heading out of town.

    Far out of town!

    The trip was over an hour old and it was getting hotter by the second. Not only from the heat, but also from Donner's teasing fingers.

    The heat must have gotten to our host. But instead of hitting the air conditioner, Donner reached over to a small refrigerator. Taking out a bottle of champagne, he poured himself a glass.

    Going out of his way to make grateful slurping sounds as he drank the bubbling liquid.

    Enjoying himself no end as he found a new use for the used cork. The bastard laughed out loud as he pushed it into my pussy.

    Making jokes about how my "cheap cunt" was dripping so much it was going to ruin the upholstery.

    It hurt even more as Teri giggled at his jokes.

    That's O.K., I told myself. The upholstery wasn't going to be the only thing ruined by time I finished with Donner.

    I made up my mind that revenge could be an all right thing. Making all the better when I finally nailed the guy.

    Donner had nearly finished off the bottle of champagne as the limo began winding it's way up into the San Bernardino mountains.

    Southern California is only a half step away from being declared a desert, so it seems strange when with only a few feet of altitude, tall green things appear.

    The driver had turned off of the main highway and was now picking his way through tiny side roads. We had been passing by several nice little cabins.

    The further off the beaten track we got, the nicer the cabins became.

    The combination of champagne and two naked women was more than Donner could stand.

    He was openly, and happily began fondling Teri.

    Rubbing her breasts.

    Plucking at her nipples.

    And not doing a thing with me!

    Other than glaring at me.

    As if silently stating that Teri was his toy of choice now.

    I don't know if he did it to make me feel jealous, but if so, it was damn well working.

    When he was no longer content with only rubbing the girl's breasts, when he leaned over to suck her nipples, I really wanted to pull him over to me.

    To stuff one of my hard nips in his mouth.

    Or maybe give the driver a treat.

    Here Donner had me naked and horny as hell, but he wouldn't touch me. So maybe someone else would be interested.

    Maybe we could make Donner jealous.

    Just what the fuck was going on!

    My nerves were stretched to the point of snapping when the car came to a stop. I had been so engrossed in watching Donner slobber over Teri that I hadn't even noticed we had reached the cabin.

    Somehow cabin doesn't seem a sufficient way to describe the place.

    As with Donner's house, this place was huge.

    I was gawking at it as Donner let himself out.

    "Get them inside. Make sure they're ready," he instructed his driver.

    "Yes sir," the man snapped back. He was wearing a grin I didn't feel at all comfortable with.

    The guy came around the side of the car, but climbed in rather than helping us out.

    "All set for a couple of days of fun and games eh?" he said as he reached out for my breasts.

    "Hands off the property," I growled at him. It was one thing to make Donner jealous, but Donner wasn't there to see, and I didn't feel like being handled by the cheap help.

    My free hand was coming up to ward his off.


    "Girlie, don't you ever do that again. You're here, and you know what will happen if I tell the boss how you're acting."

    I glared at him. Sizing him up.

    There was little doubt in my mind that I could take him. My hand to hand skills are pretty damn good.

    If my hand wasn't connected to Teri's that is.

    And I wasn't at all sure how the girl would react if I were to make a move like that.

    Or how I would explain it to her later.

    After all, we were both here to play little submissive games, right?

    Still, that didn't mean I wanted to let everyone and his brother have their way with me.

    He reached once more, and this time I bit my lip and let him take hold of my breast.

    I bit my lip harder when he gave it one hell of a twist.

    "You probably just act that way so you'll get it harder. All you cunts like it rough, don't you?"

    He certainly sounded as if he believed it.

    And Teri was nodding her head hard enough as she agreed.

    I think our driver went for me first only because of my larger breasts. But now that he saw how eager and willing Teri was…

    "That's O.K.. I don't care for that vintage stuff anyway." His hand dropped from my tit to grab at the cork Donner had stuffed in my cat.

    He yanked it out, but did it so the hard edge would scrape against my tender inner walls.

    Roughly scratching my clit.

    Then he threw the cork at me.

    Hitting me with a wet splat right between the breasts.

    It didn't hurt, but it was embarrassing to be treated like this.

    My body had automatically recoiled to avoid the cork, and I'm sure that I must have looked stupid as I'd tried to swat at it.

    "I'd rather have some sweet young stuff."

    His hands were now busily working away at Teri.

    Feeling up her breasts and pussy.

    The girl was more than accommodating. Spreading her legs even wider to make it easier for him to get at her.

    "I thought you were supposed to get us ready," I muttered. Although I didn't want his hands on me, sitting without any attention made me feel like a fifth wheel.

    "That's just what I'm doing. I'm making sure you cunts know what you're doing. That you know how to make a real man feel good."

    That's when he sat back in the seat Donner had so recently filled.

    His fingers pulling his pants open.

    Freeing his cock…

    Pumping it into a full salute.

    "Want to make sure the boss is kept happy now, don't we," he laughed.

    He was still laughing as he reached over for Teri.

    "Come on and show me what you can do. And make it good or I'll make sure the boss whips your ass off."

    Teri didn't need to hear another word.

    Her eyes had been glassy with lust for most of our trip. I had been smelling her fuck scent for the last ten minutes now, so I wasn't surprised when she all but jumped on the guy.

    If only she hadn't dragged me along!

    I had half expected her move, but had forgotten about the handcuffs. Not that it slowed Teri down one bit.

    Once she had locked in on her target, nothing was going to stop until she had gotten her fill of cock.

    In a single, fluid move she was on her knees, taking the stud in her mouth. Acting as if it were the only thing in the world she was interested in.

    The only thing she wanted.

    Wanting it as much as what I had wanted Donner while I was in the shower only a few hours ago.

    And other than the fact that I thought that this guy was a complete asshole, it wouldn't have bothered me in the least what Teri did.

    Except for as long as I was cuffed to her, it meant I had to stay right there with her.

    Forced to look on as she sucked his meat.

    Having to see his idiot grin which showed me that Teri was as good at sucking cock as what she was at licking a pussy.

    I reached my breaking point when the little blonde went to use both hands to assist her tight lips in getting the driver off.

    Forcing my hand far too close to the action.

    Pulling me into something I'd much rather ignore.

    "Too bad I only have the one cock babe. Otherwise I'd be more than happy to let you two have a bit of competition. You know, see which one is better at gobbling down some dick."

    The driver was only doing this to bother me. He had to see how much I despised him and what he was doing to Teri.

    "No sweat though. I'm sure I'm getting the better of the deal already. I'll bet your mouth is as fucked out as your vintage cunt is."

    And with that the bastard took hold of Teri's head with both hands, and put it to her.

    Drilling her face with his cock.

    Pounding away until he reared back in the seat moaning.

    "Yeah baby! Right like that… Keep it there… I'm… I'm… I'm cumminggg!"

    I have to give the girl credit, she didn't back away.

    She took it all.

    Swallowing down his cum load.

    Keeping her head in his lap until she not only got every last drop, but until she had licked his member clean.

    "Yeah… yeah, not bad. You'll do," the driver panted while pulling his clothes back into place.

    "Mr. Quality Control," I muttered as I got out of the big car.

    Even that was difficult.

    Each movement had to be slow and measured. All my movements would have to be so long as Teri and I were connected.

    Getting out to nature and roughing it is all fine and good, unless you are wearing high heels.

    The cabin was bigger than most houses down in the city, but it was still surrounded with dirt and rock.

    It was just the thing to bring a smile to our warped driver.

    He was taking perverse pleasure in watching us try to walk.

    Every step we took set some portion of our collective anatomies off in motions of their own.

    Tits and ass jiggling all over as we made our way over the rough terrain.

    All it took was for one of us to loose our balance to set the other off hers.

    And there would be our friendly driver.

    More than ready to lend a helping hand.

    Of course he managed to find some of the more unusual ways to steady us. Grabbing hold of things that had no way of falling.

    So it went until we actually got to the house.

    The driver led us into a large, nicely furnished room, then took off the handcuffs.

    He must have saw something in my face that warned him. Now that I had both hands, I wasn't about to take any of his shit.

    He backed off, but the grin stayed on his face.

    When he left the room, I started looking around the place.

    "What's going on? You looking for something?" Teri asked.

    "Never mind. And wipe your face." I went back to searching the room.

    The girl did wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, cleaning off the last traces of the drivers spent lust.

    I could still feel her watching me. And could guess the questions she wanted to ask me.

    If Donner and I were close, how come I was acting as if I had never seen this place?

    All I could do was hope she'd be quiet for a little while longer. Either I'd find something good, or else…

    "Alright. Toy time."

    The driver was back.

    "O.K.. Over here and get close."

    I watched as he put down a medium sized box.

    I was still watching, almost daring him to start in with me again, when I felt Teri touching my arm.

    Her touch seemed to mellow me, even though I was still mad at her for the way she had thrown herself at the asshole.

    Giving in to her smile, and cute body, we moved over to where the driver directed us.

    "You can get closer than that."

    Rough hands pushed Teri and I together. Turning us so we were facing each other.

    "Give each other a hug," he ordered.

    Teri's arms were instantly around me, and begrudgingly I did the same.

    Our stand-in host was behind Teri, her body blocking most of my view. With two quick clicks I knew that this hug might go on for a while.

    They were soon joined, as well as Teri's wrists, by the sound of a second pair of handcuffs snapping into place.

    "You two were just made for each other."

    It may have been true, but it didn't make me appreciate this jerk any the more.

    When he pulled out a weird looking belt, I liked him even less.

    "And once we get…"

    The driver circled both of our waists with the extra long belt. Pulling it snug, but not too much so because of the difference in Teri's height.

    It was the second belt that scared me.

    "This into place…"

    Silence was hard to maintain as the man fit this other piece of leather to the belt already holding us.

    "You'll be inseparable."

    The new one was two, maybe three inches wide.

    And he was pulling it down between our legs.

    Cinching it just hard enough to work it up against our pussys!

    "Down on the floor. Wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable, would we?"

    He certainly found himself to be amusing.

    Just chuckling away as he helped lower our bodies down to the cold wooden floor.

    The way our bodies were held together made it more difficult for him to get much of a feel, but he managed anyway.

    "Only a few more and you'll be picture perfect," we were told as the guy pulled out more straps.

    He pulled me around to where Teri and I could now nearly look each other eye to eye.

    It also put us so our hips and breasts were touching.

    Leather circled our thighs, knees and ankles.

    He even managed to find collars for us.

    Ones that said "SLAVE".

    At least the one on Teri's throat did.

    "Now that we're getting all comfy, we want to be sure not to interrupt the boss's meeting. So here's a little something to help you to keep quiet."

    The man was holding up a double headed dildo that had to be at least a foot long!

    "You've got to be kidding! Get that thing away from me."

    My complaint didn't seem to register with the man.

    He had already picked where he was going to start.

    Holding one end of the dildo very close to Teri.

    The blonde opened her lips. Taking in several inches of the plastic dong.

    "Your turn, and I'm not taking any shit from you bitch!"

    With one hand at the back of each of our necks, the guy pressed our heads toward one another.

    I struggled and twisted.

    He pressed harder.

    My lips were being mashed between plastic and my teeth.

    The more I struggled, the more of the beast I was accidentally forcing into Teri's mouth.

    Jamming it down her throat!

    I had seen her do a pretty good job of sucking, but I didn't think she could handle all twelve inches.

    And I was afraid this struggling was going to break some of my teeth.

    Our mouths crashed together when I did open my mouth.

    Both of us gurgling as the dildo slammed to the backs of our throats.

    Before either one could pull away, the driver produced a short length of chain.

    Clipping our slave collars together.

    Then he added another strap. Cinching our necks together to insure the dildo couldn't come out.

    "You could have made it so much easier on yourself bitch. We could have maybe had some fun. But you've really pissed me off."

    So saying, our "friend" produced even more straps.

    One that went under our arms, and another circling our backs.

    When he pulled them tight, all space disappeared between our bodies.

    Mashing our breasts.

    Then he disappeared behind me.

    I couldn't see him, but I could feel his hands doing something behind my back.

    First he tightened up the belt Teri and I shared.

    Making as tight, or more so, then the one squeezing our breasts flat.

    Then he began messing with the strap going between my legs.

    Planting a foot in my back, he took hold of the now loosened strap.

    And pulled!

    Neither Teri or myself could help ourselves from screaming.

    The sound passing around the dildo was no more than a pair of loud gurgles.

    The rough edges of the strap rasped between our thighs.

    Trying it's damndest to work it's way between our pussy lips.

    Compressing and slicing the most tender areas possible.

    Our torturer paid no heed to our pain.

    He only grabbed hold, and pulled again!

    Burying the leather into our ass cheeks as if it were pretending to be a G-string.

    Two clits were squashed under the intense pressure, and we could no longer make a single move to prevent it.

    Or stop it.

    "There. Now maybe you'll treat people nicer. I hope this will help teach you how to properly treat a cock," he said as he stood up.

    "You girls have a good time. The boss's meeting shouldn't be more than a couple of hours."


    The bastard gave me one last swat on the rump as a parting gift.

    Leaving us to lay there on the cold floor.

    Alone in our suffering.


    "Don't seem very energetic, do they?"

    "Not yet Mr. Mendoza. But they will once they feel my whip."

    I couldn't see him, but I knew the voice belonged to Donner.

    And Mendoza was right. We weren't very energetic.

    Hot and covered with sweat caused by our forced, close proximity. Neither Teri or I felt much like moving at all.

    Even if all the straps we wore would allow us to.

    I was of the impression that I wouldn't be able to move even if I were free. Not after having to lay on this cold floor for three hours.

    How did I know we had been there for so long? Because that asshole driver thought it would be funny to put a clock on the floor next to us.

    Giving us a way to count off every second we had to spend bound to each other.

    All I could see of the world was Teri's face, the clock and now the shoes of both men.

    I recognized Donner's expensive shoes, which meant it was Mendoza who was now circling around us.

    "Are they up to your usual high standards?" the mysterious Mendoza asked.

    "If not, they will be. As you know, I can be very persuasive."

    Which drew a dark laugh from Mendoza.

    All of it sounded as if play time was close by.

    It also sent shivers up my spine.

    Yes, Donner could be most persuasive. How else could I explain why I would willingly put myself in such a miserable condition?

    Yes I wanted to get this over with.

    I had been in this enforced embrace with Teri for far too long.

    All of those straps were slicing their way into our skin. Everything we did was painful.

    Even breathing hurt.

    Still you couldn't expect for two girls to stay completely still for such a long period of time.

    We had done our best to squirm around. Thinking that somehow we could find, or make, some slack.

    Something that would make our time spent more pleasant.

    All we did was make things worse.

    Then the arms were laying on began to fall asleep.

    Teri grunted, doing her best to communicate with her eyes. Trying to get me to work with her to flip us on our other side for awhile.

    What we wound up with was me stuck on my back with Teri laying on top of me.

    I thought I'd suffocate before we were able to roll over on our sides again.

    And in doing that, the crotch strap was jerked extra hard up and through my poor pussy. The hard pinch on my clit nearly caused me to pass out!

    For all that time, the only pleasure Teri or I experienced was that caused by our nipples rubbing together.

    Once our bodies had gotten slick from sweat, our compressed breasts sought freedom by themselves.

    The slightest shift made by either of us caused slippery breast flesh to slip and slide around.

    Usually pushing hard nipple against hard nipple.

    It got to where we were doing it on purpose in an effort to forget about some of the other pains we had to endure.

    And to pass the time.

    That was about to change.

    Mendoza was unbuckling the straps holding our legs and ankles.

    God, but it was wonderful to move again.

    Still my legs felt like lead.

    Tingling as fresh blood moved through them.

    Donner's business associate continued pulling straps off of us. Removing everything except the crotch straps and the chain that kept the penis gag in place.

    The instant our hands were free, both Teri and I found our hands moving down toward the crotch strap.

    Rubbing around it anyplace we could reach.

    Both of us wishing to be rid of the damned thing.

    "Enough of that shit! We aren't here for what you want!" Donner cursed.

    Two pair of strong hands took hold of us…

    Pulling us to our feet…

    Making us scream into our shared gag as the leather strap sawed through our pussys!

    We must have made a pretty picture.

    Teri and I were hugging each other again, but this time it was because of the agony we were sharing.

    A hug that very quickly became much more.

    Because of the differences in our heights, I was forced to all but hold the little blonde up.

    Carrying her just to take weight off of our tortured slits.

    Teri did her best to help by wrapping her legs around my thighs. Trying to take some of the load off my arms.

    But I still had the bulk of the work to do.

    Having to support both of us, and having to do it while wearing heels!

    My legs were already wobbly from our long ordeal, so it didn't take long before they started to shake from all of this extra effort.

    The last thing I wanted to happen was to fall.

    I didn't dare think what would happen to the crotch strap. I certainly didn't think I'd live through it.

    But how much longer could I stand here?

    How much more could I take?

    There was a hand at my back, then a yank at the strap.

    Before it would release, Donner had to pull the horrible thing a notch tighter!

    I screamed.

    Saliva bubbling out from around the plastic shaft of our gag.

    The leather fell away and there was a rush of relief flowing through my body.

    Teri let go and began to slid down me, checked only as Mendoza took hold of her.

    Luckily he did because Teri was still connected to me via our collars and the dildo gag.

    Before either one of us could do anything, our hands were pulled behind our backs, and the handcuffs snapped into place to keep them there.

    Only then did Donner take away the chain linking our slave collars.

    We lost no time spitting out our shared gag.

    "That's it! No more. I want to go home," I told Donner.

    He was laughing at me. I suppose it's hard to take someone seriously when they're drooling all over themselves, which is what I was doing thanks to the gag I had just rid myself of.

    "No. Not yet. We haven't begun to play yet."

    "Such a terrible waste that would be," added Mendoza, who was busy with Teri.

    The girl was looking as weak as what I felt.

    Leaning against the stocky Mexican for support.

    Mendoza was behind her, his hands cupping her breasts.

    His fingers rolling erect nipples to make her squirm around in his arms.

    "I… I can't." My voice was cracking and I hated the way it sounded. Just like I was whimpering. "Just take us back. The Agency will make good for you."

    Probably not since I didn't work for them, but I figured it would be their problem.

    It might be interesting to find out if they would. Just to see how good a customer they thought Donner was.

    Either way, I wanted out of here!

    Donner only shook his head.

    "Sorry. I only ever get the very best from the Agency. Obviously that means you're the best, so I suspect you are only kidding me. That you'd be disappointed if I were to let you loose now. Who knows how it could effect my reputation?"

    "I don't give a damn about your reputation. Or about you. Now let me go!"

    "You aren't very convincing. Especially with the way your friend is acting."

    "Shit," was all I could say when I looked over at Teri.

    Mendoza was still working on her breasts and there was no doubt that the blonde was into it.

    She was leaning back into the man, stretching her neck out to kiss his chest and anywhere else she could reach.

    One other thing she could reach was his cock.

    Her cuffed hands reaching behind her to grab at his meat. Stroking it through his pants.

    Damn it! I hadn't guessed how deeply her submissiveness ran.

    I would have thought she'd be right there with me. Looking for the quickest way out to the car.

    "No, I think you want it just as much as your friend does. Maybe more so. I remember how you were last night."

    Donner's hands were on my breasts now, and suddenly my insides turned to mush.

    He was gently tugging at my hardened nips, and all thoughts of leaving fled my mind.

    Right then all I wanted was for him to hold me.

    To touch me all over.

    Then for him to let me have his cock.

    And worst of all, he knew it.

    One of his hands dropped to finger my slit, and like an idiot I spread my legs to let him do it.

    "So I won't keep you waiting any longer. You'll just love my dungeon."

    Mendoza was already on his way with Teri in tow.

    Donner gave me a swat on the ass to get me moving, then guided me the rest of the way by using the handcuffs as a handle.

    His business partner had the door open and was waiting inside with Teri.

    "Oh my God!"

    I thought Donner had been kidding when he'd said dungeon.

    But that's just where we were. The place was medieval.

    And frightening!

    I had been expecting a certain amount of spanking and perhaps some bondage, but nothing like what this looked like.

    There were things in this room that could do some serious damage.

    Inquisitions could be held here.

    My insides were turning ice cold.

    All those alarms that had been going off in my head were coming back to remind me how stupid I was.

    Nobody even knew where I was.

    Not knowing where we were headed, I couldn't have left a note, even if I had been of a mind to.

    I'd seen enough now to really worry me.

    "Look, I really think it's time for us to go home," making my voice sound as serious as I possibly could.

    Digging my heels into the concrete.

    Trying to brace myself. To prevent myself from being moved further into the cold, frightening room.

    "Yeah, yeah sure," was Donner's only comment as he lifted up on the handcuffs.

    Forcing my arms up painfully in a direction they weren't designed to move in.

    Now my feet were moving as fast as they could in an effort to catch up to where my body was being propelled.

    "I'm growing bored with your silly bitch games." Donner kept me moving until he had me next to a small padded table.

    "Stay there. Don't move," Mendoza ordered Teri.

    He came over to join Donner and me. As Donner held my wrists up high in the air, all I could do was bend over the table, which was waist high.

    Digging into my hips.

    Mendoza separated my ankles and pulled them out so they touched the table legs. He only took a few seconds on each side as he strapped my ankles. Making it all tight enough to where they couldn't move.

    His hands showed both his strength and his cruelty.

    The leather was pulled much harder than necessary just to hold me in place.

    Pulled until he got a grunt of pain from me.

    Then he pulled again!

    He also made use of my positioning to give me a few hard pinches on my upper thighs. Just to watch me as I tried to dance away from him.

    A six inch wide strap then belted my back down so I couldn't lift my body off of the padded surface.

    Mendoza compressing me until I had to fight for breath.

    Only then did Donner let go of my hands.

    My fingers searched around, but there wasn't anything they could reach. The buckle for the strap was too far off to the side for me to ever hope to get at it.

    As I wiggled around I only made myself look foolish.

    The table was too small to support any more of me than just my belly. So the more I struggled, the more my bare breasts bounced around.

    Swinging freely as they hung over the table's edge.

    But apparently I still had too much freedom.

    Donner snapped a short lead to the center link of my handcuffs, pulling at the other end to where he could connect it to my slave collar.

    Raising my wrists up to where they were nearly between my shoulder blades!

    "No! You don't need to do that! I can't do anything. Just play your stupid game and…"


    Donner reminded me how vulnerable my up turned ass was.

    "Quiet! Be a good girl. Unless you don't want to," his voice daring me to give him an excuse for another swat.

    Mendoza moved a twin of the table I was fastened to next to me, and turned his attentions to Teri.

    "Do you know what you're to do?"

    The blonde nodded as she walked over to the table.

    Hands steered her so she would be facing the opposite way I was. We would be side by side, only facing head to ass.

    Without a word she lay down on the padded top the same way I was. Not waiting to be told or grabbed, she spread her own legs out. Struggling to meet the table's uprights.

    She also brought her wrists up. Waiting patiently for her cuffs to be linked to her collar.

    The little cutie moaned as she was strapped tightly to the table. Only hers were the sounds of sexual yearning.

    This was just the sort of treatment she had been hoping for.

    In a way I felt sorry for her. To position her shorter body the same way meant that her feet weren't able to touch the ground.

    Meaning Teri had to take most of her weight on her belly.

    I was having trouble with my breathing with the bite of the binding waist strap squeezing me, I could only guess at how much more difficult it had to be for Teri.

    The tables were so close together that I could feel Teri's hips with my shoulders. The same held true at the other end of the table as well.

    About all the motion we had left to us was a little wiggle at the shoulder, and the ability to move our heads.

    That also seemed to be part of our bondage.

    Without help to support our necks, it soon became painful to do anything but let our heads sink down.

    But then you couldn't see what was coming next. Females are far too curious to allow that to happen.

    Once I did look up, I wished that I hadn't.

    Mendoza was handing Donner a large wooden paddle.

    Of course he did keep one for himself.

    The surface of both paddles seemed smooth, and I wondered if it was from their being used so much.

    The smoothness was only marred by the large holes that were drilled in them. I had never seen anything like that before, so I didn't give it much thought, not being able to see any practical use for them being that way.

    Not that I wanted any lessons.

    No matter what I did, I couldn't help from tensing up.

    The anticipation was too much.

    Here I was looking at that paddle.

    Knowing just what Donner planned to do with it.

    And I couldn't do a thing.

    Not so much as wiggle my ass.

    "This turns out to be rather interesting. Or at least I think so," said Donner. "Most slaves only get to feel the paddle, or whip, or… well, you get the idea. But here you'll have the rare opportunity to actually be able to look on at the same time. At very close range!"


    Donner was standing next to me, with Mendoza at the other end of the table.

    Each man with a bate ass sticking up in front of them.

    Both had used their paddles at the same time.

    My ass felt as if it had been dipped in acid!

    Hot, burning, screaming at me.

    But not as loud as what I was screaming!

    A scream that was cut short as I suddenly gasped for more air.


    More pain and more screaming.


    My head was thrown way back. Bending back toward my flaming butt.

    It didn't change anything. Certainly it didn't protect my poor rump at all.

    But it did make screaming easier.


    I was jerking at the wide strap holding me down.

    Bouncing and twisting in an effort to wiggle free.

    Choking myself each time my hands fought to move.

    As they jerked down towards my burning bottom, they tried to take my slave collar along.

    Cutting off my air supply as the leather ripped at my throat.


    One more scream, then the babbling.

    "NOOOOO! It hurts too much…"


    Jerking and thrashing my body, I desperately needed to find some way to escape.

    "Can't take it… STOPPP!"


    "You know you love it," Donner replied. "Just like I know your complaints are your way of asking for more."


    The blows had come lighting quick.

    First to one ass cheek, then the other.

    Each swat having a twin. A painful partner attacking the naked bottom at the other end of the table.

    It wasn't until my throat, raw from screaming, had to stop for a moment that I noticed mine wasn't the only screaming.

    Teri was also screaming. Begging for mercy.


    For the first time I focused eyes that were blurred from a combination of tears and sweat.

    I looked over at Teri's bottom.

    Those sweet little ass cheeks were pulled so taught from being bent over. The perfect target!

    And they were so red.


    The paddle hit her on the cheek closest to me, and I could see her ass flesh squish down as it tried to make room for the paddle.

    I thought I could see blood rushing into her rump, and the way her muscles danced around the instant the wood lifted again.

    I'd never seen anything glow such a bright color before.

    And I knew that my own bottom had to look exactly the same.

    "Ah yes. I knew they'd be like this," Donner said.

    He'd switched the paddle to his other hand, then ran his fingers between Teri's legs.

    "Sometimes I think it's the only way to get a woman truly wet," he added as his hand came back up.

    Sopping with Teri's juices!

    "Yes, I agree."

    The unseen Mendoza was doing his own check.

    After the burning bite of the paddle, his probing fingers almost felt too good.

    Where Donner had simply tested Teri, Mendoza was finger fucking me.

    He added as second finger…

    Then a third…

    Twisting his knuckles so they'd rub across my clit.


    Donner was back to paddling the little blonde.


    So Mendoza used his as well.

    Only he was still holding it in his left hand.

    His right hand still buried deep inside me!


    "AAaahhh! Yes! Yes! I mean NO! STOP!"

    "Your wish is my command," Mendoza laughed as he took his fingers out of me.

    "NOOOOOOOO! Not that! Do me. Do it more!"

    "Oh, you mean this?"


    "Not that! The other! Use me! Your fingers… your cock… Anything you want! But do it!" "I'm so sorry I can't do that. Not until my friend has had a chance to enjoy you."


    Teri and I were sobbing away as the two men traded places.

    Mendoza lost no time before giving Teri the same treatment I had gotten.

    Donner had his own variation on the theme.

    Rubbing his palm along my slit…


    Then pinching my mound shut…


    Being especially brutal. Crushing my clit!

    Just when I was sure I'd die, Donner started rubbing my pussy just as sweetly as any girl could want.

    Keeping my pussy dripping.


    "I think they're about ready. How about you?"

    "Yes… ready." Mendoza sounded like he was about to burst a seam.

    "Good. Because I think it's time for a little competition."

    Both men swiftly stripped down. This was my first good look at Mendoza.

    The man was almost as tall as Donner, but there were some signs of age showing on his body.

    A few extra pounds here and there.

    An extra roll around his belly from too much beer.

    And his cock was no where near as nice.

    Oh it was O.K.. It just wasn't impressive.

    Not like Donner's, which was perfect.

    It hit me all at once what I thinking about.

    What was I doing?

    This man had just been attempting to turn my ass into raw hamburger. So why was I sizing up his cock?

    Why was I…

    Because I so fucking horny I couldn't stand it!

    And I was ashamed of myself for it.

    Mendoza was standing up. Walking over to Teri.

    I didn't hear Donner, but I felt his hand come down on my hip.

    "So here are the rules of our little game," Donner explained. "Mr. Mendoza and myself are going to make use of your various talents. The object here is for you to do everything you can to please us. Why?"

    Mendoza's hand was pumping his cock to make sure his erection stayed up and hard. "Because the one of you that doesn't make us cum will be punished."

    "Those are the only rules," Donner added. "We get to use you in any way we want. For as long, or short, as we please. If you each get one of us off, then you'll each be punished for not pleasing the other man."

    "And if you don't take cum from either of us, well it could be a very long night for you," Mendoza said almost gleefully.

    I turned my head as far as I could reach, watching as the Mexican businessmen sunk his cock into Teri's pussy.

    Seeing the look that came over his face.

    Knowing the girl had to be super tight to make him react like that.

    I was ready. Still waiting for my own turn to show what I could do.

    Wanting to take on Donner's cock.

    And still waiting.

    It wasn't until I heard Teri's gurgling that I realized what was going on.

    Both men were ganging up on the blonde.

    My heart froze.

    What if they both came?

    Flooding Teri front and rear.

    I'd never even get a chance to…

    Two hands took hold of my hips.

    They didn't need to steady me, the straps were doing that already.

    Fingers dug into my skin as Donner drove himself forward.

    "Oh my God!"

    All ten inches of him must have been driven into me in that one motion.

    It hurt so much, and so good.

    His stiff prick felt hot inside me, but not as hot as where his skin touched my bent bottom.

    The pressure of his body reminding me how much the paddle had hurt me.

    All of that started to fade away as Donner's hips started thrusting in and out.

    Soooo goood!

    "Oh yes! That's what I wanted!"

    "Then show me. Get that damn cunt tight if you want my cum."

    With my legs strapped I couldn't make use of the rest of my body. All I could do was draw my pussy as tight as possible.

    Contracting my inner muscles until I thought I'd rip myself apart.

    Or until Donner's cock did!

    My eyes had been closed since Donner had really started fucking me.

    Drawn tight in concentration as I did all I could think of to get him to cum inside me.

    Staying closed as I enjoyed the sensations he was feeding me.

    Bringing me closer to orgasm by the second.

    So I never saw Mendoza until he jerked me up by the hair.

    "Pay attention cunt!"

    The painful way he had brought my head up caused my mouth to open, and I'm sure I would have let out a yelp if he hadn't stuffed my mouth with his cock.

    Maybe Mendoza wasn't as long as Donner, but his cock was at least as thick.

    Maybe more so.

    It was far wider than I had thought.

    Causing me to strain as I tried to get all that width in past my lips at once.

    Not that the man was wasting any time.

    He wanted down my throat, and he wanted it now!

    I have to admit I found it to be surprisingly sexy to have two men using me at the same time.

    Making me feel one hundred-twenty percent female.

    I was so wrapped up in how wonderful this double stuffing was that it took several seconds before something else registered.

    The taste of Teri's pussy!

    After all, the last place Mendoza's cock had been was pumping away at the blonde haired girl.

    Now I was getting my first taste, and I liked it!

    She was so sweet. I almost wished that I was licking away at her pussy rather then the thick cock I had.


    It was enough to make me a bit sorry I hadn't taken a turn at her last night.

    Sadly it didn't take long until I had licked her tasty juices off of Mendoza.

    Luckily, Mendoza's cock was still full of it's own juices.

    God, but I was enjoying the double fucking far too much.

    Wishing with every passing instant that I was free.

    Free so I could make better use of my body for all of our enjoyment.

    But settling for what I could do, so long as those cocks continued to pound away at me.

    Mendoza's cock was quite a mouth filler, but it had nothing to match the reach of Donner's magnificent pole.

    Hard, thick and long. It felt as if he were trying to slam it all the way through me.

    As Mendoza began to pick up his own tempo, I had visions of the two cocks pounding at me. Driving deeper and deeper inside me until they met somewhere in my center.

    My clit was, unfortunately, pretty far away from most of this hot action. The angle I was bound in seemed to be for the benefit of the men, not for Teri or myself.

    Still the heat was building within me, and I knew it wouldn't be long until I'd be cumming.

    And with two cocks inside, I knew I'd cum like never before.

    I was still day dreaming about how wonderful my climax would be…

    When Donner pulled out!

    Donner took his erection back over to Teri.

    Letting her have a taste of my lust in her mouth.

    Leaving me to moan from the sudden emptiness I felt.

    A girl certainly knew when something the size of Donner's meat stick disappeared. It was as if my insides had collapsed on themselves.

    My lips closed down tighter on Mendoza. Not wanting to risk him loosing interest in me.

    Not wanting him to take his cock away from me.

    God but I tried.

    Like I said, cock sucking wasn't one of my stronger points, but that didn't mean I wasn't putting on the effort.

    That's why I thought I'd cry when the big Mexican pulled free of my mouth with a loud, wet pop.

    Taking it back to slam into Teri's pussy. Giving me a chance to experience what the blonde must have gone through while both men were busy fucking me.

    That terrible feeling of loneliness.

    Completely empty.

    My little blonde friend certainly wasn't though.

    There were all sorts of wet, sloshing sounds coming from her, front and rear, as both men heaved themselves at her small body.

    All I could do was watch her buttocks jiggle as she was fucked. Counting the seconds as I waited, and hoping I'd get another chance.

    I shuttered with delight as I felt a thrusting between my thighs. Donner was back inside me!

    But it wasn't to last long.

    "Hurry! Let's switch while I'm still able to enjoy it," Mendoza shouted.

    From the way Teri groaned I knew that the Hispanic mystery man had pulled out of her.

    Leaving her as empty as I had been.

    I was groaning the same way when Donner also pulled out.

    It only took a few seconds before the men changed sides, and I found myself staring at Donner's cock.

    Shining and slick…

    And coming for my mouth!

    Not giving it a second thought I simply opened my mouth and sucked him in.

    Realizing afterward where his fuck tool had just been.

    Deep, deep inside me.

    Covered with my own fuck juices.

    Juices I now had to swab off with my tongue.

    I loved it!

    The thought of doing this would have turned my stomach only a few days ago, but now that I was under Donner's spell, I found it to be exciting.

    I thrilled at the opportunity to taste my own hot lust, and I wondered if Teri felt the same way.

    The thought was chased from my mind as Mendoza pushed his way into me.

    "They are both so good I can not make up my mind which one I like the best," came the voice behind me.

    "You'll have plenty of time to decide. They aren't going anywhere."

    My pussy gushed from that.

    God, but how nice it would be to spend a couple of days like this. I didn't even mind being tied down so long as these cocks were hard and inside me.

    If only I could cum!

    This game was wonderful, especially for the men, but they'd just be getting a girl all warmed up, ready to squirt, when their cocks moved on.

    Pumping and teasing, but never letting Teri or I have the release we were working so hard for.

    All it would take would be two or three good rubs on my clit and I'd be able to…

    "Oh Jesus! I'm…"

    I could feel Mendoza taking quick jabs at my pussy. He was about ready to…

    "Not yet! I want… too soon… I'm…"

    That's when the big Mexican pulled his cock from me!

    I heard the sound of Teri taking the wet meat into her mouth.

    "Yes! That's it! I'm cumminggggg!" The asshole!

    I had done all the work.

    It was my pussy that got him to the point of exploding.

    But it was Teri that got the prize of his cum.

    Leaving me to get punished!

    I clamped my lips down harder on Donner.

    There was no chance he was going to get away from me before I tasted his spunk.

    And I was sure I'd be getting it soon.

    His hips were thrusting like crazy at me. Nearly breaking my neck as he punched forward with each hard stroke.

    I could even feel the pulse in the veins surrounding his hulking tool change, and I knew he was nearly ready.

    His balls filling with beautiful cum.

    Ready to fill my greedily sucking mouth.

    Until he moved back. Stepping away from me!

    Plugging into Teri.

    "I'm almost there. Do you want it?"

    "Yes! Yes… give it all to me… Fuck me harder… Like the bitch I am," she panted.

    Her tongue was lapping up at the last bit of the goo sticking to her lips.

    Stretching out her little wiggler to get at the last few drops of Mendoza's cum which had somehow escaped her.

    Pearl white as they threatened to drip off from her chin.

    "I'll fuck you hard alright. That other cow couldn't take it, but you sure can."

    I was almost in tears. It wasn't true. I had given them my best.

    Taking both men all the way to the edge.

    Bring them to a boil, only to have their cocks taken away when they were ready to…

    "Cummmmm! Take it you bitch!!!!!"

    There was a final loud slapping sound as Donner stuffed every last inch into the small girl.

    His spunk jetting out. Coating her entire insides.

    Then the bastard pulled out his still dripping tool.

    Holding it out as if waiting for me to clean it.

    "Let her. She got the rest of it," I spat.


    When I opened my mouth to cry, Donner stuffed his still stiff meat inside.

    Laughing as I swabbed him clean.

    "Too bad for you little cunt," Mendoza chuckled, patting my up thrust ass.

    "Yes, not woman enough to satisfy either one of us." Donner was still enjoying guiding my mouth around. Forcing me to make a lot of noise as I slurped cum away every trace of his fucking.

    "So I'm afraid you'll be facing a double punishment. It also means a double reward for your friend for having done such a good job," Mendoza explained.

    His hands already reaching to free Teri.

    The girl was slow in moving even once she was freed.

    I could easily understand why. The backs of my own legs were burning from being held in this uncomfortable position for such a long period.

    Not to mention the soreness in my thighs from the hard fucking, or blistering pain from the spankings.

    Making her way unsteadily to her feet, Donner turned to the girl.

    "Go over there. You'll find several dildos in the second drawer. You are to select two of them. NOW!"

    Teri showed just how sore her body was the instant she began to move. Oh she did her best to hurry, but it was easy to see how much her body wanted to rebel against her. Wanting only to collapse and rest. Just like mine own body wanted to. The blonde looked in the drawer for a long, long time. Flashing glances back at Donner and Mendoza.

    Not knowing what they had in mind, she didn't know which ones to pick.

    She was frightened of picking one too small, or too big.

    The ones she came back with were by no means small.

    Donner stood silently as Teri offered the plastic dongs out to him.

    He took only one of them.

    "As your reward you get to use that one."

    The girl looked the artificial cock over, stoking it with one hand, but she still didn't understand what she was being told.

    "You do know what a cock is used for, don't you!" Donner bellowed.

    Wide eyed, Teri nodded.

    "Then do it. Stuff it up that worthless cunt of yours. We want to see you cum, and you aren't to stop cumming until we tell you!"

    With that Teri laid down on the cold floor and inserted the large dong.

    Working it in and out with both hands until her hips were squirming around with a life of their own.

    Just like with me, Teri hadn't been allowed to get close enough to cumming as the men fucked her.

    Now her body was more than happy to change that.

    "That means this one's for you, cow."

    Donner held the other dildo in front of my mouth.

    I opened my lips to take it.

    I was in enough trouble already and didn't want to make my coming punishment any worst.

    The dildos Teri had selected were in the same league as Donner's cock, and I was have just the same problem in trying to take it in.

    Donner obviously wasn't happy with how long I was taking, so he began to help.

    Twisting the prong from side to side, while pushing it down my throat.

    Keeping at it until most of the plastic had disappeared.

    Mendoza wiped a tear from my face, bringing his face close to my ear.

    "You had best leave that there. I don't think you'll like what happens if you drop it."

    If he was trying to worry me, it was working.

    I don't think I had ever been so scared in my entire life.

    At least I thought that until I saw both men arm themselves.

    A paddle for Mendoza and a crop in Donner's hand!


    The closer the men came towards me, the less I liked it.

    Only a few moments ago I was sure I was going to be sent to heaven. Looking forward to the two thrusting cocks that would have me cumming like a freight train.

    Now I was facing hell.

    My poor body had already taken far more than I would have guessed it being able to endure.

    And I was sure it was now going to get worse.

    Very much worse!

    Mendoza was first to reach me. Him and his paddle.


    Both blows came so quickly they almost seemed to be one.

    The cheeks of my ass exploded with white hot agony.

    I couldn't help but let out a scream.

    As I did so the dildo in my mouth slipped.

    Coming close to falling away from my lips.

    My head twisted around as I stretched my neck as far as I could. Doing what I could to open my mouth and throat.

    Hoping I could get the dildo to slide back down to where it had been.

    Worming it back into place with my lips and teeth.

    I didn't want to think what these two men might do to me if the dildo did fall to the floor.


    But I didn't know how long I'd be able to hold on to it. Not if Mendoza was going to continue paddling me this hard.

    Already I was crying. Great tears running down both cheeks.


    How was he doing it? It seemed as if each blow was harder than one before.

    And there was still Donner to deal with.

    He hadn't touched me yet. But I knew he was there.

    Waiting for the proper moment.


    I was sobbing hard. At least as hard as the swats were.

    With all that crying, unfortunately, the dildo slipped from me again.

    Only this time I wasn't given the chance to try and swallow it back down again.

    The moment I started chasing the dong down, biting at it to keep a hold…


    The paddle had moved around to hit me at the sides of my hips.

    Finding fresh targets.

    New places to cause hurt to!

    I wondered if there would be any place left on my body that wouldn't be glowing bright red by the time these men were though with me.



    The tip of Donner's crop struck me on the insides of my thighs.

    Up high, on the soft inner flesh of my legs.

    Nearly biting my pussy!

    So many impacts coming at once, I couldn't help but scream out.

    This time the did dildo fall from my open lips!

    Donner was instantly there to pick it up.

    Holding the dong before my still open mouth.

    "What did I tell you? Weren't you listening, or did you think we were kidding?"

    His tone was harsh, but the look on his face told me different.

    He knew exactly how hard I'd been straining to avoid dropping it.

    How much I'd suffered.

    The same look also told me that it wouldn't have made any difference.

    I could see in his eyes that he and Mendoza would have only continued to hit me harder and harder. Not stopping until I eventually lost my grip.

    "Some of them never seem to learn," laughed a happy Mendoza.

    "Oh but she will learn. I'll personally see to it she learns."

    The dildo was wiggling in front of me again, "You let it get dirty, now you can clean it off."

    Thankful that my body wasn't being beaten, at least for the moment, I opened my mouth.

    My tongue flicking over the plastic.

    Licking the dirt and grime from it's surface.

    The two men laughing at me the whole time.

    With one more sound in the room.

    "Ohhhhh… YES! I need it… need it… YES!"

    All three of us looked over to Teri.

    To see the blonde fucking herself just as she had been ordered.

    Her back arched up off the cold floor as she came.

    Slowing for a moment as she savored her climax, Teri's hands started moving again.

    Thrusting the dildo in and out of her cum soaked cunt.

    "See? If you had been a good girl and followed instructions you'd be enjoying yourself the same way," Donner told me.

    His hand was pumping the dildo in and out of my mouth.

    Making sure I didn't miss anything.

    Raping my mouth the plastic monster.

    We all knew he was lying though.

    There was no way in hell he would have simply allowed me to pleasure myself the same way Teri was.

    I didn't know why, but it was all part of a plan.

    Donner and Mendoza had gone out of their way to make sure I hadn't won any part of the competition they'd staged.

    They also seemed to be enjoying my punishment far too much for my liking.

    They were looking forward to hurting me.

    "Oh God! So fucking good… One… One more!"

    Teri was in another back bend as she climaxed for the men.

    Her body looking as if she were ready to fire her cum right at them.

    "Nothing to do now except carry out my promise," Mendoza said. Acting as if her were dealing with a small child.

    I was certainly as helpless as one.

    The Hispanic man stepped over Teri, the girl never so much as noticing as the man towered above her.

    She just went on fucking herself.

    As ordered.

    Using both hands to power the cock into her pussy.

    Mendoza chuckled at her, played with a boob, then came back to me.

    A leather strap with a dildo attached to it was in his hand.

    "You handled that one so well, I wouldn't want you to have to do without."

    He waited for me to willingly open my mouth, then he jammed the cock in my mouth, strapping the gag in place.

    Sealing my lips into silence.

    "I suppose I'll have to find something to do with this one then," said Donner with a shrug of his shoulders.

    My first thought was that he'd use it to tease me with.

    I was wrong.

    The leather straps had already been tested many times by my thrashing body, but nothing like the way I tested them when I felt the head of that dildo pressing against my asshole!

    I grunted. I squealed. I begged with my eyes.

    The only thing I had to be grateful for was the fact Donner had jammed the plastic cock half way down my throat.

    At least it was wet as he used it to butt fuck me.

    I had said earlier that cock sucking wasn't one of my favorite things. Well at least I had done it before.

    I had some idea of what to do.

    I'd never been fucked in the ass.

    Never wanted to. Never saw the reason for it.

    Now I wish I had.

    If only I had known what to expect, or knew how to relax so it wouldn't have hurt as much.

    There was no way for me to stay still.

    Jerking, pulling and working against the leather holding me down.

    And all of it for nothing.

    Less than nothing because in doing it I only managed to make it more painful for myself.

    The more I fought, the tighter my back door stayed.

    Muscles clinching tighter to keep the invader out.

    Not tight enough to win out against Donner.

    He was just too big and strong. My poor little ass pucker never stood a chance.

    All I did was piss Donner and Mendoza off.

    "So she still does not understand. She fights you," Mendoza pointed out as if Donner hadn't been paying attention.

    "By the time I finish with her, she'll beg me to fuck her ass. If not, I'll just have to keep loosening her up. Maybe to the point she can take a baseball bat up her shitter!"

    Donner only had a few inches of plastic stuffed up my back door and already I thought I'd die.

    "What the hell kind of slave is she supposed to be? Can't even take a simple ass fucking!"

    That didn't mean that Donner was ready to give up though.

    Far from it.

    He twisted and turned that damned prick.

    Using it like a cork screw as he drilled it deeper into my bowels.

    "There! That's better."

    "Maybe, but it's not all the way in, now is it?"

    What the hell did Mendoza want?

    It felt as if I had a tree lodged up my ass, and the man's saying it's not enough?

    "Here my friend. Let me help you."

    I was prepared for the Mexican to take hold on the base and give it another twist.

    To do his part to complete my anal stuffing.

    I wasn't ready when he used the paddle as a mallet to hammer that plastic spike home.

    Eyes popping from their sockets, I screamed.

    I was going crazy!

    My fingers fanning like mad to wave the men away.

    Smack! Smack!

    Giving me a few more just to make sure the dildo wouldn't accidentally fall out.

    Feeling like I was coming apart into little pieces, all I could do was lay there and take all they were doing to me.

    There was a moment of quiet during which all three of us again looked over to Teri.

    The blonde was still working the dildo in and out of herself.

    She was cumming again, but there was now a look of discomfort on her face.

    As ordered, she was cumming as quickly as she force herself to do so.

    And her body was paying the toll for it.

    After all she had been put through, her little body couldn't take it anymore.

    Now the pleasure was only bringing her pain.

    She had climaxed so many times that her pussy was rubbed raw!

    It was Mendoza who stomped over to kick her in the side.

    "Not enough. Faster you little cunt. Faster or you'll get the same as your cow friend!"

    Here I had been starting to hate Teri for making me hold the bag. Letting me take all of the punishment these men could dish out.

    They were now proving that even their "rewards" came at a cost.

    "You've had your little break now, so how about if we get back to it?" Donner asked me.

    All I could do was sob.

    I had nothing left I could do.

    Donner reached into his pocket. Fishing out something small and silver.

    "A gift for you," he told me.

    Some gift.

    A pair of clips of some sort.

    I was testing the leather's strength again as the clips found their way to my nipples.

    Even thought the gag kept me fairly quiet, I was still screaming my throat raw!

    "The best part about these is the more she struggles, the more they'll hurt," Donner said. His fingers playing with the nipple clips.

    Waiting for me to tire, then he'd pull or twist at the biting steel.

    Laughing as I'd begin to jerk and thrash once more.

    "But what if she stops fighting against them?" Mendoza asked.

    I think he already knew.

    He had probably seen Donner pick up the crop.

    I didn't see it until he was ready to whip my breasts!

    If my chest had exploded it couldn't have caused as much pain as what that small bit of leather brought.

    And brought…

    And brought…

    The men took turns whipping my tits and paddling my ass.

    Going on…

    Never ending…

    On and on until I didn't even know what was happening any longer.

    I don't even remember when it happened.

    At what point the blazing agony stopped hurting.

    It was as if I were suddenly in a dream like world.

    A world filled with pain that didn't hurt.

    Of pleasure that came in blinding white bolts.

    And at that point, if it weren't for the penis gag filling my mouth, I would have been asking for more.

    As it was I was sucking at the penis shaped gag.

    No, not in an effort to swallow. I was sucking it as if it were real.

    My mind screaming for the real thing.

    Wanting to have a cock, or else more of the crop.

    Begging the men to whip me more.

    In fact I couldn't understand when they stopped.

    When their attentions suddenly turned to Teri.

    Exhaustion had finally caught up with the girl.

    Racked by more orgasms than she could remember, Teri had slumped to the floor.

    Her muscles no longer willing to move for her.

    Not a good enough excuse for Donner and Mendoza.

    They were sure that the crop could convince the blonde to try again.

    The harsh blows giving her incentive.

    Trembling little fingers reached for the dildo she had dropped.

    Once she did start to move, feebly struggling to insert the dildo, they changed their minds.

    Deciding that it would be more fun to induce a few more orgasms in her themselves.

    If she wanted them or not.

    At least it would be fun for them.

    More fun is she fought them.

    Double teaming the girl, they took Teri right there on the floor.

    Donner from the rear and Mendoza in her mouth.

    Slamming their cocks into the blonde until they shot their gooey loads all over her.

    Leaving her on the floor half unconscious and covered in cum!

    And I was angry at them.

    Mad as hell.

    Wishing they'd either fuck me…

    Or whip me some more!

    They finally came back over to me. Unbuckling the straps holding me in place.

    That's when I discovered I no longer had the strength left to do a single thing by myself.

    If I hadn't been laying on the tiny table, I'd have fallen to the floor.

    Donner didn't take the gag away, he simply undid the strap.

    Waiting for me to find the energy to spit it out.

    Shifting my jaw from side to side I tried to work out some of the soreness.

    It also gave me a chance to find my voice.

    "Fuck me…"

    I'm not really sure if they could even hear me, my voice was so weak.

    "What was that cunt?"

    "Fuck me. Please Master… I need it so bad. I'll be good for you."

    "Showing some sign of improvement, eh?"

    "Yes friend Mendoza. But nothing like what she will be like."

    The big Mexican only laughed as he reached for me.

    Big arms wrapped around me, lifting me up.

    "Oh please! Take me," I begged.

    "No, no little cunt. I'm afraid I can't do that."

    "Then whip me. Let me prove how good I can be."

    "Quite a bit of improvement," he said sounding impressed.

    Everything else blurred. The world faded away from me for a short while.

    By the time it came back Mendoza was stretching me out on a hard cot.

    Strapping me down to the four corners.

    Spread eagling me.

    Giving me faint hope that the needs of my clit might finally be answered as he circled me.

    Getting an eyeful of my naked cat.

    I did what I could to spread my wet gash in hopes of enticing him in to some action.

    "Not yet I'm afraid. There's much more you have to do. Rest. You'll need strength for tomorrow."

    Mendoza gave one last rub to my pussy.

    Purposely taking the chance to tease me.

    I think I was asleep by time he turned off the light.


    "Are you O.K.?"

    Somehow I managed to nod my head.

    My God but it was a struggle just to get my eye lids to raise up.

    When they did open, I was greeted by the sight of Teri's little girl face nuzzling close to me.

    "Damn! They real did a number on you."

    I didn't want to think about it. The way Teri was stroking her fingers through my long red hair sure helped me there.

    Even now I couldn't believe it.

    Not only what had been done to me, but also the way I had reacted to it.

    The way I had been asking, no, begging for more.

    As soothing as Teri's hand was, my body was crying out in pain from too many places.

    Every nerve I had seemed to be complaining to me.

    As the fog of sleep lifted from my brain there was another sensation making itself known.

    One so strong it even pushed aside the hurt seeping deep inside me.

    God I was horny!

    After going all day building up to be ready for a monumental screwing…

    Then being teased until my brain turned to jello…

    Only to be ignored no matter how much I begged for it…

    Now my clit refused to be ignored any longer!

    I didn't even have to reach down to tell my cat was sopping wet.

    Not that I could. My ankles and wrists were still strapped to the corners of the cot.

    As my lust made itself more and more known, I also became more aware of Teri. And her sweet, young body.

    Small breasts were being pressed against me as she bent over the bed.

    Her nipples were hard, and every once and while they'd brush against mine.

    She was so cute I just wanted to eat her up.

    No. I lied. I wanted her to eat me.

    Long and hard.

    Sucking on my clit and never stopping!

    "O.K.. It's time to get you up then. Master wants us to shower and get dressed. He said we'd find some things laid out for us."

    The blonde pixie unfastened my straps and helped pulled me up to a sitting position.

    I'm sure I took her by surprise by grabbing her…

    Pulling her onto my lap…

    Kissing her!

    My mouth took her's over as my tongue filled her.

    She melted into me for several long, delicious moments, before she began to push away.

    As she tried I only held onto her tighter.

    My hands finding her smallish breasts.

    Caressing her. Toying with her nipples.

    I broke our kiss just long enough to whisper, "I need you!"

    "I… I know. I want you too… but…"

    My lips sealed hers and again we were kissing hot and deep.

    I shifted my grip so I could send a hand down between her legs.

    Teri fought me for only a few seconds, but then I could feel her thighs part for me.

    Her clit wanted some loving action just as badly as mine did.

    The girl bolted. Moving too quickly for me to react to as she jumped out of my lap.

    "We can't," she told me, shaking her head sadly.

    Her expression said that she certainly wanted to.

    "Master ordered me to get you ready."

    "Believe me, I'm ready," my legs opening wide to show her how ripe, how hot my pussy was.

    "He thought you'd be like this. He told me that if I let you cum he'd do to me what he did to you last night."

    Teri looked as if she were about ready to cry.

    Feeling as if she were betraying me. "I'm sorry. I know I'm into all of this stuff, but I don't think I could take that much."

    "Don't blame you." This time it was my turn to be sad. It had been more than I thought I would be able to take.

    I was making little moans as my hands slid around my body. Finding out exactly where all my real sore places were.

    "Look, the first thing we do is get you into a hot shower. You'll see, you'll feel better."

    I nodded, but standing up wasn't something my body seemed ready for.

    "Oh, here, let me help."

    Teri was right next to me again. She knelt down to help me out of my high heels. Her dainty fingers then went to work on the tabs holding my nylons up.

    Her fingers felt so good on my legs as she rolled the silk down.

    Gliding like a soft caress down my length.

    My pussy was screaming at me for action again.

    "No use in saving these. They're pretty well wasted."

    I looked at the tattered remains of my hose Teri was holding up.

    Making me afraid to look at my legs if this is what the crop had done to the nylons.

    Teri was still on her knees in front of me. She leaned in as she reached for the clasp of my garter belt.

    I couldn't help myself. I took hold of the back of Teri's head and pushed her face down between my legs.

    Forcing her mouth to my pussy!

    The blonde went right to work, lapping away.

    Not wanting to disobey her new Master, at the same time her will wasn't strong enough to fight me off.

    So she gave in. Tonguing me ever so nicely.

    Doing it only to trick me into loosening my grip long enough for her to pull back.

    "Noooo! I need you! Can't you see?"

    I thought I was going to cry, and Teri looked just as bad. It was easy to see how much she wanted to help me.

    As I pleaded with the girl, my hands moved down to do the job needed.

    "Stop it! He'll punish us both!"

    Teri jumped toward me, tugging at my arms.

    "But I…"

    "NO! Put your hands behind your back!"

    Her tone was so forceful that I actually did it.

    Teri used one of the straps from the cot to bind my wrists behind me, and I guess I was so tired I didn't really care.

    "There. Now come on, let's get you cleaned up."

    She helped me to my feet and supported me until my legs found enough strength to do it by themselves.

    We didn't have far to go. The room I had been in had been kept dark, so I never got much of a look around.

    There was an adjoining room, all tiled, that Teri led me into.

    It had the look of a shower you'd find in a high school gym. Teri kicked off her own heels, then marched me over to one of the tiled walls.

    Getting the shower running, she waited until the water was good and hot.

    Then she turned the shower head on me.

    It was wonderful. And it hurt like hell!

    "Yesss! That's nice," I hissed.

    All the knots in my body were loosening up, and I was starting to feel human once more.

    "But how can I shower like this," I asked holding up my strapped wrists.

    "Oh no you don't. If I let you go you'll do something that will get us both into trouble. So I'll do it for you."

    Soap in hand, that's just what Teri did.

    The girl could make a fortune doing this.

    Her hands were so careful when she got around to places she knew would be tender.

    But it was the way my skin moved under her soapy hands that started getting to me.

    The shower was nice and refreshing, but Teri attentive hands weren't doing much to help my horniness.

    In fact she only made it worse.

    She must have known.

    I was wondering if she was playing some little game of her own with me.

    Within minutes I was doing everything I could to get closer to her. To rub my body against hers.

    When her fingers brushed close to my pussy, I nearly exploded.

    "Please. You've got to help me."

    "I wish I could. But he's so mean. So harsh."

    "You… you don't know what it's like."

    My pussy was trying to swallow her fingers.

    Wanting to find a way to force them inside.

    "I bet it's terrible," she whispered.

    And then as if to help me slightly, Teri kissed at the side of my breast.

    "You have to… I need you…"

    Twisting, I got my nipple into her mouth.

    For whatever reason, thank God, Teri didn't turn away.

    Her tongue feeling sooo good.

    Chewing on my boob while her hands continued to caress me.

    "Please. It won't take long. Just play with me for a moment and I'll cum!"

    There was a heavy sigh that came from the girl.

    The sound telling me that she knew this was against her better judgment, but she couldn't stand seeing me like this.

    Her head moved over to suck my other side, then she dropped to her knees.

    Kissing my belly.

    My thighs parting to make room for her.

    As hot water cascaded down my body, it splashed over her head.

    Neither one of us cared at that moment.

    "God yessss!"

    Her tongue went right for my clit, and I could tell that she wanted to get this over with quickly also.

    Only her reason was the fear of being caught.

    "Yes! Right there! That's… that's… that's…"

    "That's enough!"

    Something bounced off of Teri's head, and we both turned around to look towards the door.

    Teri moved too quickly, slipping on the wet tile and falling to the floor. Right next to the leather strap that had hit her on the head.

    "Master!" we said in shocked unison.

    "Can't leave you sluts alone for a single minute, can I!"

    Teri crawled over to him. Humbly kissing his feet.

    "Oh Master. I didn't mean to, but she was hurting so much…"


    A bright red handprint came right up on the exposed ass cheek of the yelping girl.

    "So you thought that was enough for you to disobey my commands?"

    "No Master."

    "Then why did you do it?"

    Teri was looking around the room as if it would offer her spot some sort of an answer. Or a way out of this situation.

    I was glad she didn't look at me. It would have broken my heart.

    We were in this fix only because of me.

    "I… I…"


    "You're going to be every bit as sore as she is. Maybe more so. But first, finish up what I sent you to do. I want to see you both dressed in five minutes!"


    I watched Donner walk out and wondered if he had been waiting for this to happen.

    It would have fit with everything else he did. I wouldn't have been surprised to find he expected me to try to get Teri to lick my pussy.

    I felt angry knowing we had been set up.

    Teri made her way back to her feet, reaching for the shower head.

    Splashing enough water over me to rinse off the last of the soap suds sticking to me.

    "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for…"

    "Yeah. I know," she cut me off.

    She was mad. She was also playing it safe now.

    Not wanting to be caught disobeying a second time.

    I wished my hands were free. Not to take care of my own needs, but so I could hug Teri.

    I wanted to kiss her. To hold her tell her everything was O.K..

    The blonde wouldn't even look at me as she went about toweling me dry.

    She wouldn't even let her hands get close to my breasts or pussy, just in case someone might get the wrong idea if they were to walk in on us.

    Quickly she dried herself, then took me in to the main house.

    Off to one of the guest bedrooms.

    Where some of the most unusual clothing I had ever seen waited for us.

    Teri held some of it up for inspection. Obviously she wasn't very shocked by all of this, but I had never seen rubber clothing before.

    She looked from the rubber garments back to me.

    "This isn't going to be easy."

    "You can take these off," I said while doing my best to wave my strapped hands at her.

    "It's O.K.. I'll be good. I promise."

    Teri looked me over long and hard. Finally deciding to trust me.

    Once the strap was laying on the bed, Teri held up a tin of talcum.

    "You may need to dust yourself with this first," was all she said. Taking it all in stride.

    I was still looking through these strange things, wondering what the hell I was in the middle of.

    Or for how for much longer it would go.

    "Hurry! We're nearly out of time."

    That's right, Donner had said five minutes.

    The garter belt was fine, fitting like any other, maybe better. It was the rubber stockings that were weird.

    I did have to powder my legs first. There was something about the way they stretched as I pulled them up…

    I don't know how to put it. They were so snug, hugging every inch of my legs. Feeling like hands grabbing me all over.

    "Come on!"

    Teri had her's on and was busy slipping into the shoes that had been provided.

    Mine matched Teri's, and I had no idea how I was expected to walk in them.

    The heels had to be at least five inches high.

    Twisting my foot as my arches did their best to fit.

    Luckily the shoes had wide ankle straps which would help me keep my balance once I managed to stand up.

    Teri was still dressing faster that I was. She was pulling on her top. Something that looked like a rubber version of a tank top.

    Only it had holes cut out for her breasts.

    It took quite a bit of powder before I could slither into mine. And even after I did I had problems.

    The holes weren't big enough to allow exit for breasts as big as mine.

    Sure, most of me was now hanging out, but the rubber was grabbing at the base of both of my boobs.

    Constricting around them, but not in an unpleasant way.

    It must have looked like I was playing with my own tits as I tried to get the rubber blouse to fit right.

    And yes, it did feel good.

    The last thing we each had to fight with were opera length gloves that we were still trying to smooth the wrinkles out of.

    "At least you aren't keeping me waiting this time."

    Donner and Mendoza were standing in the doorway.

    "Let's help them finish," Donner said to Mendoza.

    The men were pulling straps out, Donner working on Teri, Mendoza on me.

    My body was turned so I could see Teri. In rubber her body looked as sleek as a seal.

    So firm and lovely that any man would want her.

    I know I did.

    The men were fitting wide black leather belts around our waists, securing them there with padlocks.

    With the snap of those locks closing, my heart started pounding.

    Ropes and leather had been bad enough. How was a girl ever supposed to fight against steel and locks?

    I was only hoping that this game wasn't taking a more sever turn.

    My body was too sore as it was, I wouldn't be able to take any action that would be any more harsh.

    Straps went around our wrists, which in turn were connected to our new belts.

    With more shiny steel locks.

    Our hands had been clumsy enough with these gloves on, making our fingers thick and unfeeling, but now they were completely useless.

    I'm not sure why I bothered testing the strength of the leather and steel. My brain told me how silly this was, still it all looked so strangely pretty.

    Almost like jewelry.

    So of course it couldn't hold me.


    Next came matching penis gags.

    I was still thinking about how beautiful Teri looked when her face disappeared.

    A black helmet had been pulled over her head.

    Sealing her inside black rubber as Donner tugged the zipper shut.

    One just like it was being pulled over my head, and my last sight of Teri was as Donner pulled a face mask and wig over the top of the helmet.

    Disguising us, making us appear normal to anyone only glancing our way.

    A long length jacket was slipped over my shoulders and buttoned up.

    Hiding the rest of bondage from curious eyes.

    The inside of the coat was lined with fur. The soft hair rubbing on my naked breasts.

    Driving me insane as it teased me unmercifully!

    We were then led out of the house and carefully loaded into the waiting limo.

    Our drive out to the cabin had been bad enough but at least we had been able to see the scenery.

    Something that was now denied us.

    Along with the rest of my body.

    Out of boredom I tried to reach my fingers down to my pussy. I couldn't tell if the men were watching us, or if they even cared.

    I was hoped that the buttoned jacket would hide what I was up to.

    All I wanted was to trip my clit and get the orgasm I'd been denied for so long.

    But no matter how I moved, the leather wouldn't allow me to get close enough to reach my sex.

    Being a slow learner though, I kept on.

    And on…

    I don't know how long the trip took. It seemed as if we had been driving around for hours, but not being able to see or hear, it could have only been minutes.

    Eventually I was hustled out of the car and up a short flight of steps. A hand on my head made me duck, then I found myself being placed in a nice, comfortable chair.

    Unseen hands pulled a strap tight against my shoulders with another one going across my lap.

    Like a seat belt!

    Vibrations came up from the seat coupled with the very faint sound of an engine. It was then I guessed we'd been loaded aboard a plane.

    But going where?

    The gag was surely going to prevent me from asking, so all I could do was sit and wait.

    Spending my time thinking about what I should have done. How I could have stopped Donner before he had bound me so completely.

    But once he had snapped the locks in place, it was too late for argument.

    Even if I had tried to make a break for it this morning, what then?

    How far could I have run while blindfolded?

    My new shoes certainly weren't designed for speed.

    The heels were so sever I could hardly stand without help.

    As these thoughts filled my mind, hands unfastened the straps holding me to the chair, but only long enough to open the jacket covering me.

    Not only were the straps replaced, but new ones were added. Ones that would hold my ankles apart.

    Spreading my legs!

    Fingers were playing with my slit.

    So wonderful as they slid into me!

    I thought I might pass out from the sudden pleasure.

    But as much as I loved it, there was something strange going on.

    I was wet, but not enough to explain how these fingers had worked into me so easily.

    The fingers pulled out…

    Then came back. Pushing in slowly. Going just as far as they could possibly reach.

    Then repeating.

    Now I could feel something else going on down there.

    There was something being spread around…

    Smeared inside my pussy!

    Unseen fingers were literally packing me with it.

    Then I was by myself again.

    Even though I knew the cabin of the plane had to be kept at a comfortable temperature, I was melting.

    Steaming inside my rubber clothing.

    My skin unable to breathe.

    Followed closely by a second heat. One generated deep inside me.

    Whatever had been applied within me was making itself known.

    Itching and burning.

    Starting new fires in my most sensitive and private place.

    Serving to intensify the horniness I was already forced to endure.

    With my other senses cut off I wasn't able to divert my attention. Only able to think and feel.

    My cunt was so hot I was afraid of setting the seat on fire!

    Gritting my teeth as my lust built. My clit feeling large as my thumb as the initiation went on.

    Again I had no idea of time. I was ready to lose my mind when hands pulled at my hood.

    Outside air felt frigid as it hit me in the face.

    Sweat was dripping down my cheeks, and my long red hair was plastered to my skull.

    My eyes were busy blinking because of what seemed like unusually harsh light before I could focus in on Donner's smiling face.

    He removed my gag and quickly jammed the plastic straw from a sport bottle between my lips.

    Squeezing a steady stream of cool water into my mouth.

    It was delicious!

    "Wouldn't want you to over heat, would we? Unless it's done in the proper way."

    Sitting the water bottle down, Donner held up a small jar for me to see.

    "Wonderful stuff," he said as he opened the container. Scooping out a thick, pink cream with his fingers.

    "Just the thing to get a slave's attention." His fingers working their way inside my pussy.

    Instantly the fire inside my cunt flared to new heights!

    "Why?" I gasped. "You don't have to hurt me."

    "I know. Isn't wonderful?"

    I thought I was going to cry. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't want to give the man the satisfaction.

    Not wanting to let him know how much he was getting to me.

    "Where… where are we going?" I asked out of both curiosity and in an attempt to change the subject.

    "Uh uh! That would be giving too much away."

    Donner cut off any further questions by offering me more water.

    A prized gift I was more than happy to accept.

    My sizzling body needing it too badly to turn away.

    As I guzzled the precious fluid I caught sight out Teri.

    She was sitting on the opposite side of the isle.

    Or at least Mendoza was.

    With Teri on his lap. From the way the man was acting, his cock had to be buried deep inside the girl.

    He was holding up a water bottle for her to drink from, only she had to fuck him in return for his gift.

    Her face was flush, sweat streaming down, and I found myself wondering if she had some of the pink goo inside her as well.

    If so, how did it react while she was pumping her away at the man's cock?

    Did her screwing help, or did it only make the cream work harder?

    Burning and irritating more!

    It didn't seem to matter. Mendoza made sure Teri, didn't stop fucking him.

    Rudely torturing her breasts if she so much as slowed down.

    "What are you looking at slut?"

    "Nothing Master," I gurgled around the plastic sipper.

    "You were looking at something. Or are you wanting more attention. I'm sure I have some nipple clips, here…"

    "NO! Please. I was only looking at Teri."


    "I… I'm…"


    "Yes Master. I need to feel a cock in me so bad. You don't know what it's like."

    "But I do little slut. I know perfectly well. And because I'm a kind Master, I'll let you sample my cock."

    My heart soared. At the same time I nearly fainted from shock.

    My pussy had been left hungry for such a long time, and now Donner was about to give me what I so desperately needed.

    He stood in front of me, released my shoulder harness, then slowly unzipped his pants.

    Hauling out the big, beautiful monster he hid there.

    Donner then crushed my hopes and lustful dreams by taking hold of the back of my head.

    Forcing me toward his crotch.

    Impaling me with his cock.

    Making me swallow down his hardened meat!

    If it weren't for the fact my mouth was now full, I'm sure I would have been crying out from my disappointment.

    I know my empty cunt was crying.

    Hurting, hot and hungry, it wanted the cock I was forced to swallow down.

    To make it worse, adding to my torment, Donner turned my head so that I could still see the deep fucking Teri was getting.

    It was hell having to watch and listen to the blonde get all the penetration I craved.

    Not that Donner cared one bit.

    All he was interested in was his own needs.

    Needs that he was taking out on me.

    Raping my face without thought of how it was effecting me.

    Slamming his length at me again and again until he shouted out. Squirting his steaming load down my throat.

    Thick creamy cum I should have been taking in my wanting pussy!

    My nose was completely buried in Donner's pubic bush. So deeply that I only got to taste the last couple of drops of his spunk.

    Denying me even that small pleasure.

    The bulk of his load going directly down my throat.

    I only had a few seconds to savor the taste before Donner dumped more water into my mouth.

    Sputtering slightly, I drank down as much as I could. Gulping it down before Donner replaced my penis gag.

    I was watching Teri, still being fucked hard, as Donner pulled my hood and face mask back on.

    Returning me to my solitary confinement.

    I was about ready to start swimming in my clothing as my sweat began to fill up my rubber outfit.

    Already hotter than hell as Donner's fingers fed my hungry pussy more of the pink cream.

    My slit about to pull itself apart from it's need to be filled.

    Burning away unheeded for as long as we sat in the plane.

    Driving me to the breaking point!

    My ears gave me the first indication that we were getting close to our destination. Popping slightly as we came in for our landing approach.

    There was a bit of bumping as we hit the ground, then only a short wait until hands, I guessed to be Donner's, helped me to my feet.

    Unfortunately my jacket was closed once more.

    My boobs were being teased by the lining again.

    Just adding to my frustrations.

    Making me hornier by the second.

    And adding to the heat my body generated.

    I was helped into another car, and treated to one more long car ride.

    The heat of the day baking me further inside my rubber.

    To the point I was beyond being able to move by myself once we reached our final destination.

    Having to be all but carried from the car by Donner.

    When he released me I had no chance at holding myself up. I just sort of sank to the floor.

    Panting through the small holes in my hood as I felt hands take the jacket off of me.

    Then pulling off the mask, hood and gag.

    Teri was laying on the floor next to me, spreading out as much as her body could.

    It didn't take me long to see why. The floor was delightfully cool, or at least it was compared to the steaming heat inside the close fitting rubber.

    My body almost sloshing around because of the way my sweat was pooling up.

    That's why my eyes were at floor level as I heard the sound of heels approaching.

    Not bothering to look up until the tips of blue leather came close enough to rub my nose.

    Following up along the powder blue leather, my eyes saw a trim ankle and shapely calf.

    The boot hugging to smooth skin until sight of it disappeared under the hem of a short skirt of matching leather.

    Certainly I wasn't expecting to see another woman here. At least one who wasn't in chains of her own.

    It just didn't seem like Donner's style.

    Twisting onto my side, I got to a position where I could look up higher.


    I was looking up at Carol Addams smiling face.

    "I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to see you."

    "What's this all about?" To say I was shocked and surprised would be an incredible understatement.

    She was truly the last person I was expecting to see.

    Carol gave out a soft, yet grim laugh. She stepped back to sit herself in a large, comfortable looking chair.

    "Oh dear," she said in mock concern. "There seems to be some dirt on my boots."

    Carol looked hard at Teri and myself. "Clean them off!"

    Teri was hardly conscious but she found some way to slither her body over to Carol's foot. The girl's tongue stretching out to lick the leather.

    I was still dumbfounded. Trying to figure out what was going on.


    "Do it bitch!"

    Donner had a crop in his hand and seemed ready to use it on me as many times as he deemed necessary.

    So even though I hated it, I too crawled over to the woman.

    Licking flakes of dirt from her boot!

    "I suppose it was rather naughty of me not to tell you everything when I hired you. Does the name Packer Edmonds sound familiar?"

    My head snapped up at the mention of that name.


    "She didn't say you could stop!" Donner snarled.

    My mouth shot back to the warm leather I'd been kissing, but my mind was filled with images of the man.

    Edmonds was a monster.

    There were few things he hadn't had his hands in, but he seemed to specialize in drugs and white slavery.

    I had brought in evidence, and had even testified in his case. Being pivotal in sending him to jail.

    "I see you do remember my brother."



    Too many questions filled my head, but my sense of survival caused me to return to worshiping the woman's leather.

    "My brother is getting out of jail in less than two weeks, and do you know what the only thing he's asked for is?"


    "Do you?"

    I shook my head but this time I never took my lips off her boot.

    "You. He wanted to have a chance to thank you for all you had done for him. That's why I hired you. To keep you off balance and busy until Packer was released."

    The woman's words hammered my mind. I'd been set up!

    "All we had intended in doing was watching you until my brother was ready to take you. Imagine our surprise when you delivered yourself to us. Not only that, but you brought a new play toy for us."

    I could see Teri stiffen. For the first time the girl looked scared.

    Up to this point it had all been only a game to her.

    Now it had turned far too real.

    "By the time authorities begin to look around for your blonde friend, you'll probably be wanted for kidnapping. You did call for her last. And I assure you, there's nothing to tie you to any of us."

    "Not that you'll have to worry about explaining your innocence. I'm sure Packer will see to that. He'll find several uses for you and your friend before you're sold."

    The blonde bitch gave us several seconds to let her words sink in.

    "Now come up and worship me properly," Addams said as she spread her legs.

    Giving me a good view of her pussy.

    Not covered by panties.

    She was hot, moist and waiting!

    I gulped hard, feeling trapped and totally helpless.

    And things got worse!


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