Spread for pleasure


    Chris hurried out of the emergency room exit. After ten straight days of working as an ICU charge nurse, on the three to eleven shift, she finally had a weekend off. One of the nurses with whom she worked knew of a swinging party in the West San Fernando Valley and told Chris where it was. Driving to her apartment Chris wondered what a farm girl from Iowa would discover at a Southern California party. She hoped she would meet some people who had the same interests in sex that she did.

    "I've been too long without romancing," she murmured as she undressed for her shower.

    She was an attractive woman in her middle twenties. Her dishwater blond hair hung to her shoulders. She had small breasts with large, sensitive nipples, a narrow waist and, what her mother called, a "slat ass".

    The thing most people noticed about Chris once they stopped staring at her beautiful oval face was her piercing green eyes. She often made people feel that she could look right through them. Because of this as she grew older she frequently avoided eye contact with strangers. This, she soon discovered, made her seem shy and vulnerable and, to many people, even more attractive.

    After finishing her shower she spent a good while drying her hair. Finally, at about one thirty in the morning, dressed in designer jeans, a yellow, cotton turtle neck shirt, a camel hair jacket and dark brown loafers, she was ready for the party.

    She drove west on the Ventura Freeway exiting when she reached Encino. It took her a while to find the street she wanted but once she found it it was not difficult to determine where the party was.

    Amid the darkened residences south of Ventura Boulevard one house shown like a beacon. Lights gleamed from all the windows in a large two story Tudor structure. There were cars parked up and down the street for a full block on either side.

    "Surprisingly little noise," she thought as she cruised slowly past looking for a parking spot. She pulled in behind a red Ferrari, about a block from the house, and parked. Sitting quietly she wondered if she should forget the whole thing. She had no desire to walk a block, at two in the morning, on a dimly lit street even in the swankiest part of the San Fernando Valley.

    A tapping on her window roused her from her reverie. A good-looking woman stood beside her car door and motioned for her to roll the window down. Chris could see the woman was nicely dressed and decided to at least discuss her predicament through a partly opened car window.

    "Yes," she said.

    "Hi. I'm Marilyn Short. If you're here for the party let's go in together. I was waiting in the Ferrari for someone to walk me down the street."

    "Oh great," Chris said taking the keys out of the ignition. "I was just about to leave because I didn't want to walk the block alone. I'm Chris Diamond by the way."

    "Hi Chris," Marilyn said as she hooked her arm into Chris' and led the way to the party.

    They entered the front room of the house. There was the smell of cigarette smoke and the sounds of soft music and whispering voices coming from somewhere nearby but the well lit room was devoid of human occupants.

    "Well Chris, ever been to one of these before?" Marilyn asked as she walked to a table loaded with hors d'oeuvres.

    "Nope. I haven't a clue as to what one does at theses things," Chris answered spearing a shrimp and dipping it in cocktail sauce.

    Marilyn was shorter than Chris and older. She had thick, dark, tousled hair, a pretty oval face and a full figure attractively encased in leather pants and silk blouse.

    "She looks as if she just woke up," Chris thought as chewed the seafood morsel and studied her new found friend.

    "Well, first of all lets sit down and review the options," Marilyn said pouring herself a generous shot of scotch and loading a plate with various goodies from the table before walking to a cluster of chairs in one corner of the room.

    Chris followed suit except that she found the champagne nestled in an ice bucket beside the table more to her liking. Then sitting down opposite Marilyn she prepared to listen to the voice of experience.

    "It's safe to assume that neither of us is here for the food," Marilyn laughed. "Most people come to these things because they're interested in mildly kinky sexual experiences."

    Chris smiled and asked, "Or just a tad horny?"

    "Not really the usual reason," Marilyn shook her head. "Hell you could get all you need looking the way you do – don't tell me you came here just to get laid."

    Chris blushed as she nodded her head.

    "I don't believe it. What kind of work do you do?"

    Chris explained her situation and the nature of her job.

    "Oh wow. You work with doctors and you haven't been hit on in almost two weeks. What the hell is the medical profession coming too?"

    Marilyn had finished her drink and moved to the table for more. Chris sat quietly and ate. Several people had wandered in and out of the room while they had been talking and eating.

    When Marilyn returned, her plate piled high and her glass full, she said, "OK let me explain this kind of a party. There are people who get their kicks out of explicit movies. The hosts have a room set up for them upstairs. There are some folks who like group sex so the largest room in the place, usually a finished attic, is set up to accommodate them."

    "Naturally, there are several rooms set up for quiet sexual liaisons. And finally, there will be one room equipped for those into mildly kinky stuff like soft restraints, stroking with feathers and, for some of the more modern women, fisting."

    "Jeez does fisting really happen? I have heard of it but it scares the hell out of me. It just isn't that safe and it's more than mild kinkiness as far as I'm concerned," Chris said draining her champagne glass.

    "Yeah it happens. You have to know how to spot the girls who are into it. Look for red hankies hanging out of back pockets – that is if you are interested in sex with other women. If not fisting isn't likely to be a problem for you at a party like this."

    "Thanks for the information," Chris said walking over to the champagne bucket and refilling her glass. "What is your usual play at parties like this Marilyn?"

    "God have you got piercing eyes girl. I shouldn't wonder that you could read my mind," she laughed. "I think you better let me ask you that question so that I wont shock you."

    "Well, let's just leave it that I really enjoy sex and I am not bashful about telling my lover how I want it at any given time. Now you answer my question," she said staring hard at the dark haired, slightly disheveled Marilyn.

    Marilyn drained her glass, looked into Chris' eyes and said, "I come to these parties because I'm into bondage – no S/M just restraints. Does that shock you?"

    "Not really. So what do we do cruise this place or head for a particular room?"

    Marilyn stood up and moved toward the back of the house. "I'll head for the room I know I want. Why don't you cruise?" she answered.

    "OK – but just in case we don't see each other around let's exchange phone numbers," Chris said digging into her purse for pen and paper.

    Marilyn, licking her full lips sensuously nodded and handed Chris a card she must have been holding for a while. It was damp and slightly wrinkled at the corners. "I am sure glad you suggested that, Chris."

    Marilyn quickly disappeared up the broad stair case. Chris walked into the back of the house and found several men and women sitting, smoking and talking in the kitchen. An older women rose and offered to get Chris something to eat or drink. She explained that they were all with the catering service hired for the party.

    Chris apologized for interrupting and decided she'd best explore the upper floors. She climbed the stairs and opened the door of the first room she came to. The room was dark except for a large screen TV displaying a man and a women actively fucking to the accompaniment of much groaning and squealing. Both actors appeared to be rather bored with the whole thing.

    Glancing around the room she saw several couples in various stages of undress making love. Compared to the noises coming from the screen they were all rather quietly involved.

    Chris was suddenly aware of one couple on the floor in front of the TV. Their naked bodies glowed red and green and blue in the reflected light from picture. The woman was above the man and as Chris watched she guided her partner's erect cock into her darkly thatched pussy and then leaned forward rubbing her large, firm breasts back and forth over her lover's chest.

    The man began to thrust his hips up and down vigorously while the woman attempted to match his rhythm. Suddenly the man groaned, stiffened and clutched her to his chest. Chris saw a look of utter dismay sweep across the young woman's face as her lover's climax obviously had come too soon.

    Chris' sensitive nipples stood erect and she was suddenly conscious of her folded hands pressing into her crotch, her legs slightly spread. She knew the frustration the young, ardent women was experiencing. She had had more than her share of it in the past.

    Meanwhile the young woman pushed herself away from the man still spread out on the floor and looked up to see Chris staring at her. "Did you see it all?" she asked with a sardonic little laugh.

    "Yes. I'm sorry for you – I'm Chris Diamond by the way."

    "Hi Chris – I'm Betty Morales," she said reaching for the towel beside her and dabbing at her crotch. "I guess I'll have to go cruising again."

    Chris slid onto the floor next to Betty and said, "I'd like to help you solve your problem."

    "If you're making a pass Chris it's just been received," Betty whispered hoarsely. "Let's find the room where I started out," she said wrapping herself in a silk robe that had been under the towel she used.

    Holding Chris' hand Betty led the way down a well lighted corridor to a room at the far end. She tapped lightly on the door remarking, "In this place anyone might be doing anything so it's always better to knock before entering."

    The room was dimly lit. The bed was made but the spread was rumpled. Betty turned to Chris as she closed the door whispering, "Get undressed please Chrisie."

    As Chris slipped out of her jacket Betty's hands reached eagerly for her tiny breasts and hard nipples pushing at the soft cotton shirt. Sliding her hands down to Chris' waist she lifted the shirt up and pressed her warm, eager mouth to Chris' right breast sucking noisily. Her tongue then began to work at the stiff, erect nipple. Chris moaned and stopped struggling to get her hands and arms free of her turtle neck shirt.

    She felt Betty's hands moving with tender, almost tickling strokes down her now tense body. Each movement of Betty's hands and each stroke of her fingers left a trail of fiery desire in their wake. Chris' seemed to fold beneath her and she dropped gently onto the bed as Betty's hands searched for the buttons and zipper of her jeans.

    Her body pulsated and she whispered softly, "Please do it Betty." Her jeans dropped to her ankles but her wet bikini panties resting at knee level kept her from spreading her legs. She struggled to open spread her legs for Betty's probing fingers. The more she struggled the wilder her desire and need became.

    Betty was now straddling Chris and brushing her tight little breasts with her own. Chris struggled to get her hands free so that she could bring Betty's luscious tits to her lips and mouth. The more she struggled the tighter she seemed bound by her clothes.

    Betty's hands moved to Chris' crotch. Thrusting and whimpering Chris moved her hips wildly seeking to bring the exploring hands into her now ravenous cunt.

    Betty was crooning softly as she moved seductively about the wildly passionate body beneath her. She kissed Chris' thighs, and licked at the wetness she found there. She moved her hands up to Chris' tiny breasts and rolled the large, firm nipples which stood straight as guardsmen above her pouting pink areolas. Then slipping a leg between Chris' restrained thighs Betty pressed against Chris' wet throbbing pussy as she thrust her own warm, eager cunt down onto Chris' right leg. The two ardent women quickly found their rhythm of love and with whimpers of delight they thrusted and ground their hips until with sudden cries of unbounded passion their bodies shivered and jerked in mutually intense orgasmic ecstasy.

    Chris lay sobbing as her climax passed. Betty her body still eager for loving brought her face up to Chris' and kissed her tenderly. Then she pulled the restraining shirt from Chris' arms and whispered, "Hold me my love, please."

    Chris clutched the big bosomed woman to her feeling her firm, voluptuousness pressing against the still eager, sensitive nipples. Moving her soft hands gently over Betty's smooth, sweaty back she pressed her still throbbing cunt against the warm, dampness of Betty's pussy.

    Softly crooning Betty began to thrust and grind her hips into the blond dampness of Chris' muff. The two woman began another violent dance of love. Their lovely and loving bodies rocked and thrust at each other.

    Chris felt the sudden wonderful warmth that presaged her most intense orgasms. Squealing with unbridled pleasure her body shook and her hands tore at the smooth back of her lover.

    Betty's body stiffened suddenly as Chris pulled and tugged in mindless delight. She gasped as unrestrained passion sent spasm after spasm of orgasmic delight coursing through her panting, ardent body.

    The two women lay pressed firmly against each other for a long while. Chris let her hands wander freely over Betty's body until they found and fondled the crease between her buttocks. Betty grunted and shivered as Chris stroked and kneaded Betty's firm muscular butt and let her fingers stray near the anus.

    Struggling to sit up Betty grasped Chris' exploring hand firmly and whispered, "Darling fuck me there please."

    Chris let Betty guide her hand to the bulging rosebud and then gently rubbing it with the moistness of Betty's passion she slipped two fingers inside. Betty whimpered and moved abruptly to straddle Chris' right thigh. She then rubbed her wet cunt up and down Chris' still restrained leg with a ferocity that surprised gentle Chris.

    As Betty's movements became wilder Chris' fingers probed deeper and strived to maintain the wild beat of Betty's unbounded lust. With a sudden shriek Betty grabbed and squeezed her rich full breasts and her body jerked violently. Chris' fingers were held firmly by the spasms that moved in quick succession through the anus of her wanton lover.

    Clinging to her breasts Betty rocked back and forth for a long while before slipping sideways onto the bed next to Chris' lithe, supple body. There she lay panting and murmuring, "It's so lovely that way."

    Chris slipped off the bed, pulled her still restraining panties off and dropping them to the floor padded silently to the bathroom.

    As she emerged from the bathroom some minutes later she saw that Betty had turned on a bedside light and was sitting up watching her.

    "You have a beautiful body to match your lovely face, Chris," she whispered holding her arms open.

    Chris moved into the fold of her embrace and kissed her passionately. "This body needs some more loving dear Betty," she murmured.

    "I was greedy and selfish dear girl," Betty said smiling and letting her hands move quickly and certainly to Chris' breasts. Rolling the rigid nipples beneath her palms Betty kissed Chris again and again on her eager, warm mouth. She moved her lips downward nipping at Chris' neck, sucking her sensitive, erect nipples and then sliding her face between Chris' wide spread thighs.

    "Oh God, eat me please," Chris moaned as Betty's artful tongue licked teasingly at the lips of her vagina. Chris' legs thrashed wildly and her hips pitched upward as desire seized control of her supple and supplicant body. Betty's strong hands gripped Chris' breasts as she buried her face deep into Chris' now wide open, wet cunt. Her tongue touched Chris' vibrating, stiff little clit and Chris whimpered, "Suck me off – do it please darling."

    Holding Chris' firm nipples between thumb and fingers Betty rolled them back and forth. Her lips now surrounded Chris' stiff, pulsating little organ. She sucked noisily as Chris thrust her hips up and moved wildly trying desperately to hold Betty to her ravenous cunt. With a sudden shrill cry Chris' body moved violently, her hands pulling at the dark hair of her lover as spasms of ecstasy swept through her.

    Betty could feel the warm juices flowing from the passionate girl. Her lips and tongue continued to gently massage the still rigid clit and squeezing sucking cunt until with a sigh Chris dozed off.

    Betty slid up on the bed until she lay next to the sleeping Chris. Taking her in her arms she held Chris close an quietly drifted off to sleep.

    Streaks of light streamed through the windows when both women roused. Sitting up and stretching luxuriantly Chris said, "Time to get some breakfast."

    Betty lying in a semi-recumbent position and looking at Chris' lean, supple body leered salaciously, "I think I have something I'd rather eat right here."

    Chris laughed as she moved off the bed quickly eluding Betty's reaching arms and grasping hands.

    "I think we've had enough for the while. I'm going to find some breakfast then go home and get into some clean clothes."

    Betty sighed and sank back onto the bed as Chris her tiny, firm breasts jiggling walked briskly into the bath room carrying her jeans and sweater.

    While Chris showered she mulled over her experiences of the previous night. She had never been restrained while making love before. She realized that she found it particularly stimulating and her multiple orgasms seemed more intense.

    "I wonder what having a cock inside would feel like in that situation," she thought as she stood quietly under the warm shower spray. "Maybe tonight – I'll call Marilyn and see if she wants to go out."

    After she finished showering and drying her hair she crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep. It was almost three in the afternoon when the soft chiming of her phone wakened her. It was Marilyn wanting to hear all the details of her evening in Encino.

    "How about our going out this evening – especially to a place where we can find some men," Chris asked sleepily.

    Marilyn laughed, "I guess you didn't exactly strike out but you didn't get your bases filled either did you?"

    "You've got that right."

    "OK. I know just the place. You have to come back to the Valley though – about five thirty. I live in Calabasas so let's start with a drink at the Inn and then start out head-hunting. Hey that's a great pun," Marilyn giggled.

    "OK I'll be there – dressed how?"

    "Slacks, nice blouse and pumps – where I'm going to take you is neither too dressy nor too informal."

    Yawning Chris murmured, "I'll see you in a while." She replaced the phone, set her travel alarm and smiling with happy anticipation snuggled down for a little more sleep.


    Chris was late for her date with Marilyn. Traffic on the Ventura Freeway had been unusually heavy for a Sunday. She rushed into the bar and saw Marilyn sitting alone at a little table a half consumed drink in front of her.

    "I'm sorry to be so late," Chris said breathlessly. "Traffic was awful."

    "Out there maybe – in here nada," Marilyn responded smiling up at Chris. "Want a drink before we head out?"

    "Not really. Thanks."

    "Good. Let's go. We'll take my car."

    Chris nodded. "Where are we going?"

    "Well honey it's like this," Marilyn said grinning, "I still belong to a rather posh country club – part of the divorce settlement from my first husband – there are more rich, healthy young studs prowling there than anywhere north of Manhattan Beach. That's where I go whenever I need a jump start." Chris laughed. "Sounds good to me."

    As they walked out to the parking area Chris sized up Marilyn's wardrobe for the evening. She wore a low cut patterned red silk blouse and tailored black gabardine slacks. "That outfit's off Rodeo Drive for sure," she thought not unmindful of the tantalizing roll of her friend's full, firm butt.

    "Slide in Chrisie and we'll make this red monster growl," Marilyn said unlocking the Ferrari and quickly turning off the alarm system. As she deftly guided the car out onto the freeway Marilyn said, "You're dressed beautifully. No one can miss the figure your barely covering – no I can't read minds but I caught you eying my duds as we left."

    Chris blushed. "I wish I could afford fine clothes like those you're wearing. You look lovely."

    "Hon, when you get to be my age clothes are an essential enticement. The boobs may sag a little and the butt splays out some so if you can afford it you dress to make them assets," Marilyn laughed. "Now with you it's different. First off I'll bet you've never worn a bra in your life – that green blouse just barely hides the goodies. And if I had a butt like yours I wouldn't need Adolpho designs."

    Chris patted Marilyn's leg. "You sound like you're an old lady. I'll bet there's not ten years difference in our ages."

    "You'd lose kiddo. I'm nearly forty. Only the pelvis thinks it's still eighteen," Marilyn laughed.

    She drove with enthusiasm. The car hugged the rode as they sped along. In a very short time they pulled up to the front of a large rambling structure that was some addled California architect's idea of an antebellum mansion.

    A young man dressed in a white shirt and black tie and trousers came running. "Good afternoon Mrs. Short," he said with a grin lighting up his freckled face.

    "Hi Tommy. Usual rules when you park this, OK?."

    "Sure." He jumped in and moved the red car away quietly and swiftly.

    "I think that kid comes every time he sees that Ferrari."

    "He sure seemed anxious to get to drive it."

    "Yeah. He's one of the few reliable one's at this place – let's go in."

    Chris followed Marilyn very conscious of her sudden hauteur. Marilyn walked across the spacious lobby head held high, studiously ignoring the stares of the members lounging in overstuffed sofas and chairs scattered about the room.

    "What gives? You acted as if those people didn't exist," Chris said catching up to her dark haired friend.

    "I'll explain when we get to our table and have a drink," Marilyn whispered continuing to stride toward the double doors of the large dining area.

    The maitre d'hotel greeted Marilyn effusively and led the two women to a table that overlooked the golf course. Leaning so that he could whisper conspiratorially into Marilyn's ear the said, "We have a only a few more fresh crabs left Mrs. Short – I recommend them highly."

    Marilyn smiled and said, "We'll have them as Crab Louis, Max and bring us a bottle of Dom Perignon – a good year please." Then looking at Chris she said, "I hope that's OK with you. This evening is on me you know?" Chris protested but to no avail. Then, letting her curiosity get the better of her she asked, "OK explain the haughty walk through the lobby."

    Marilyn answered with an amused look on her face. "You've probably never been to one of these sex parlors of the very rich. The people sitting out in the lobby are shopping. The couples were probably looking for wife swappers or group sex devotees; the single men were looking for gals like us but they're too cheap to blow the bucks it takes to wine and dine us; and the single ladies were looking for other single ladies – in fact her comes a 'nice straight lady' who likes girls a lot. With this one we can get blown to dinner, drinks and then just blown all night if that's your desire."

    "You know it isn't – er, excuse me," Chris muttered as a tall, thin, pale blond lady of about fifty approached the table. She was dressed in a beautiful Georgio Armani ensemble. Leaning forward with a murmured greeting she kissed Marilyn on the lips.

    Marilyn unruffled said, "Marion Swope this is my friend Chris Diamond. Chris, Marion is one of the grand ladies of this fine club."

    "Nice to meet you Chris," Marion said sweeping an appraising eye over Chris as she pulled a chair out and sat. "Are you all booked for the evening or would you mind some company?"

    Marilyn motioned to a hovering waiter to bring another champagne glass and turning to Marion said, "Unfortunately Chris and I have plans Marion. Some other evening give me a call."

    Marion with cool disdain stared at Chris as she sipped champagne and said, "What a shame dear – you will miss a marvelous evening." Rising, she drained her glass and with a wave of thanks moved toward the door.

    "She's like a teenager in heat. She's married and has a couple of kids. One of the women members got her interested in sex with the single girls. Now she eats it up – that's literal and no pun intended."

    "I've run into this among some of the nurses I work with. They're straight – but…"

    The dinner was excellent and Marilyn ordered a second bottle of champagne to accompany it. They were almost finished when Chris felt Marilyn's knee pressing against her thigh. She glanced quickly in the direction Marilyn had nodded her head and saw two tall, athletic appearing men moving toward their table.

    "That's the assistant tennis pro and the golf pro – we may have hit the jackpot," Marilyn whispered in a careful aside.

    They both continued to pick at the remaining morsels on their plate as a pleasantly accented baritone voice said, "Mizz Short, it's nice to see you this evening."

    Marilyn looked up from her plate. "Why Billy Deacon it's a pleasure to see you. Would you and Mr. Welsh join Chris Diamond and me for champagne and dessert?"

    Chris was greeted graciously by both men and was struck by their unstudied good looks.

    "The fellow with the salt and pepper hair is really good looking. Is his name Welsh?" she pondered silently.

    The man she was eying slyly was indeed Fred Welsh the golf pro. Whether he sensed her interest or just fortuitously decided to sit next to her Chris did not know. What she did know was that he was inordinately attractive. She felt her breasts start to swell, her nipples harden and the telltale moistness grow between her legs.

    "Jesus, I'm so horny I could do it right here with him," she thought, smiling she hoped enigmatically as she turned to ask, "Did you have a good round of golf today?"

    He turned his bronzed face toward her and said in a soft voice, "Two rounds of seventy-three, not too bad for an old man really."

    "You're no old man," Chris blurted as she touched his forearm in reassurance.

    "You are as kind as you are beautiful," he said smiling warmly and patting her hand. "What kind of work do you do, Miss Diamond?"

    "It's Chris and I'm an ICU nursing supervisor," she answered striving mightily to keep her voice steady.

    "Ah an angel of mercy – you do look the part."

    Chris blushed and looked away. She saw that Marilyn and Billy were almost nuzzling each other as their whispered conversation became animated. Marilyn's face was rosy with excitement and her large delicate hands were moving over the table cloth in a highly suggestive way.

    Marilyn suddenly stood up and smoothing her skirt with a brisk gesture said, "Why don't we all drive up to my place. We can talk, dance and guzzle some more champers without disgracing ourselves."

    Fred stood and said, "OK Chris and I will follow your red bomb Marilyn – is that alright with you Chris?"

    "Absolutely," Chris said her excitement mounting by the second.

    Fred, ail six feet two of him, strode out of the dining room with Chris running to keep up. He led her through the pro shop into a small parking lot where his BMW was parked.

    "We have to hurry because the way Marilyn drives we can lose her in a jiffy," he said laughingly as he assisted Chris into the plush leather passenger's seat.

    The drive to Marilyn's home in the hills of Calabasas seemed to take forever. Chris tried not to be too obvious in her taking of physical inventory of her companion. He was tall, and had a ruggedly handsome face that was sun bronzed. His salt and pepper hair was cut short. Her eyes drifted from his narrow waist down to his crotch where she saw a definite bulge that started the whole cycle of her arousal again.

    It was dark as they pulled into the long sweeping driveway of Marilyn's opulent home.

    "My goodness this is a lovely home," Chris breathed as she slid out of the car.

    "Yep. You can't be poor and belong to that club of ours I'll tell you," Fred laughed as he pulled Chris close and held her arm tightly as they walked to the house.

    By the time they had reached the door Marilyn had turned on the outside lights. The broad sweep of lawn and the pool and tennis court were all brilliantly lit. Chris gasped in amazement.

    Marilyn greeted them at the door smiling. "I'll get the champagne and something to eat then Billy and I are going swimming – you two want to join us?"

    Chris started to protest that she had no suit but Marilyn anticipated her, "I can provide you both with swimming togs so don't go shy on me."

    Chris followed Marilyn into the kitchen and helped her set up a plate of pate and caviar.

    "I'll show you where your room is," Marilyn said, "as soon as we get this food and drink out for the guys."

    "OK and thanks for being such a pal."

    "Don't thank me until the evening is over, doll."

    The two women served the food and poured the champagne. Marilyn pointed out the lanais that lined one side of the pool and informed both men that they could change into trunks they would find in the lockers near the pool pump room.

    "They're all clean," she said leading Chris from the room.

    As they climbed the stairs Marilyn suddenly became serious. "Chris, I don't want to disillusion you. You don't know anything about me so come on into my rooms and we'll talk while we change."

    Marilyn's bedroom consisted of three large rooms plus a spacious bathroom. She led Chris into the bedroom where a large brass bed occupied almost all of one room. "We'll change in here," she said walking into a large closet and tossing out several swim suits.

    As Chris undressed Marilyn, already naked, sat on the bed and spoke:

    "I've been married four times. I have no kids and never wanted any. I live for sex. It was sex that got me four rich men and it was sex that lost all of them for me."

    "The reason I'm telling you this is that I know I will be screwed by Billy tonight and it will get very noisy. I'm into bondage and am turned on to the point of wild distraction by young men. So if you find my antics abhorrent I want to apologize before hand."

    "On the other hand if you feel this might be a way of life you can enjoy let me know in the morning. I can get you a good job at a Valley hospital. Then you and I can share this plush palace that the court's awarded me after my third husband decided he'd had enough."

    "Thanks Marilyn. I may very well take you up on the offer," Chris said fastening the tiny bikini bra. "That pink suit fits you very well. Your nipples are almost as big as poor Fred's cock seemed to be as he escorted you in a while ago."

    "Well if he's as excited as I am it's small wonder," Chris giggled.

    Chris and Marilyn walked out to the pool together. The men had moved the tray of edibles and the wine bucket to the patio and were sitting comfortably in pool side chaises when the girls appeared. Both made mock bows as thanks for the whistles they received.

    Marilyn walked over to the champagne bucket while Chris decided she would rather be swimming. She dived gracefully into the water and moved across the surface with strong even strokes. After the third lap she found Fred swimming beside her.

    "You swim very well," he said as he rolled into a strong side stroke. "You swim on any college team?"

    "Yes," Chris said matching his side stroke. "University of Iowa Varsity. I swam the butterfly in competition."

    "I thought so," he grunted hoisting himself out of the pool at the deep end. "You want something? I'm going for caviar."

    "Thanks I'll have some in a while – want to swim a couple of more laps."

    By the time Chris hopped out of the pool Marilyn and Billy had disappeared. Marilyn, looked particularly seductive and enticing, Chris thought, in her new silvery silk one piece bathing suit. She had said to Marilyn as they walked downstairs that the suit was like a barbed wire fence – "You know enough to outline the property without obstructing the view."

    Chris walked over to the chaise next to Fred and slumped down into it. She figured that the next move was up to Fred. It wasn't long in coming.

    Fred walked slipped off his chaise and sat on the pool decking close to Chris' legs. He began to run a hand up and down her satiny, smooth shins. She shivered and whispered, "That feels nice."

    Fred drained his glass and standing up her reached down and pulled Chris to her feet. She yielded quickly to his gentle tug and was in his strong, bronzed arms. His lips were warm and soft on hers. His tongue slipped into her eager mouth and their bodies suddenly melted together each holding the other as tightly as possible.

    "I want to make love to you," he whispered nuzzling her soft neck. "But this pool deck is a hell of a place for it."

    "Let's just see if we can't find a more appropriate site," she chuckled gaily.

    Arm in arm they climbed the broad staircase and Chris steered him with to a bedroom suite across the hall from Marilyn's. The door was barely closed before Fred crushed her to his chest and showered kisses over her face, neck and chest. His hands moved quickly to untie the knot that held her skimpy bikini top. As it dropped to the floor Fred's warm, moist lips covered one of Chris' full, erect nipples while his firm fingers rolled and tugged the other.

    Chris whimpered and clung to the strong, suntanned body. Her legs would barely hold her. Her need was overwhelming. She felt hot moisture coursing down her thighs and with a wantonness that startled her she tugged furiously at Fred's trunks whispering, "I want you. Please hurry."

    Like a couple doing an odd tango they moved to the bed. Each was desperately trying to get the other undressed and onto the bed. The whimpers of desire mixed with the grunts and groans of the frustration imposed by wet, clinging trunks and tangled knots.

    Suddenly both were free and with a moan of unrestrained passion covered Chris' lithe, pale blond body. Chris' eager, trembling hands guided his hard, pulsating cock into her seething, wet cunt and wrapped her legs tightly around his hips. Thrusting and grunting with uncontrollable desire they came suddenly and wildly.

    Chris screamed and Fred grunted and shivered as intense orgasms shook their very souls. Chris could feel the pounding of Fred's stiff cock as he came inside her. Her avid cunt sucked and pushed at the pulsing organ and she was unable to restrain her hands. They clawed and scratched at her lover's back as he crushed her vibrating, writhing body to his panting, breast.

    Slowly the moment of intense passion passed for both. Chris squirmed and nestled into the warmth of the firm, sexy body that covered her. Fred sweaty with the exertions of his surprising passion kissed Chris' lovely face and stroked her soft blond hair tenderly. Soon they were both asleep their arms enfolding each other.

    How long they slept was a mystery but both wakened to a shrill cry that filled the room. Fred rolled off the bed and walked to the door just in time to hear Marilyn cry out hoarsely, "Oh God lover don't stop."

    Smiling wanly Fred turned to Chris and said, "Guys will talk and they say she is a wild lady in bed."

    Chris holding her arms open to Fred whispered, "You mean you've never sampled that lovely morsel of femininity?"

    Fred snuggled into Chris' arms and put a strong hand on her still erect nipple. "No my darling I never have. She's a beauty alright but I like my lovers young, supple and perhaps a little daring."

    "Oh. How daring?"

    He kissed her passionately before answering. Their tongues met and pushed at each other and then she opened her mouth and let him slip his tongue deeply into her eager mouth. Then sliding her body slowly down his she rubbed her full, tiny breasts and firm nipples over the stiff, dark hair that covered his chest and flat belly.

    Gently her hand caught and held his pink, stiff cock. She kissed the tip and let her tongue caress the opening. Fred shivered and slid down onto the bed his hands resting gently on her head and toying with her soft blond hair.

    Slowly and lovingly Chris slipped Fred's throbbing cock into her mouth. Her teeth lightly brushed over the shaft as her tongue moved tantalizingly over the glans. Fred shivered and moved and lifted his hips to find more of Chris' loving mouth. Chris moving with a quickly increasing rhythm moved her right hand to Fred's balls and held them firmly as she sucked and nipped at his eagerly thrusting cock.

    With a soft moan Fred exploded into Chris' soft, sucking mouth. Chris whimpering gulped the salty treasure that Fred bestowed. She clung to his scrotum and felt the juices of her hungry cunt run freely down her inner thighs.

    Lifting her lovely face from Fred's now limp prick she whispered, "Darling please tie my hands and eat me."

    Panting as much with renewed desire as with exertion Fred grasped her slender, ardent body and lifted her to the head of the bed. Using her bikini bra he tied her hands together against the post of the headboard. Then he slid slowly and lovingly down the lithe, squirming body sucking and kissing as he moved; leaving a trail of fiery desire as he approached Chris' avid center.

    With tenderness he spread the full labia of her silky, blond hair covered box. Then he gently stroked the pink bulging lips beneath. Chris squirming and thrusting her supple hips at his exploring hand murmured, "Oh please do it," over and over again.

    Fred lowered his face to her wet, throbbing pussy and slipped his tongue deep inside her voracious cunt. Chris was now out of control she struggled to move her hands groaning and panting as she thrust her hips up to meet her lover's face. Fred let the thumb of one hand press and massage Chris' vibrating clit as his tongue moved in and out of the wet, warm center of her being.

    With a sudden lunge of her hips Chris shrieked, "Oh my God." Her lovely body shuddered and moved zombie-like in the throes of an intense orgasm. Her legs thrashed and she whimpered as spasm after spasm sucked at Fred's still deeply probing tongue. It took many minutes for the body wrenching orgasmic seizures to subside.

    Lovely, lustful Chris finally lay sleeping as Fred moved quietly to untie her delicate hands and lie close beside her.


    Chris wakened to bright sunshine and a very much rumpled bed. She sat up and stared for a few moments at the tangled swim suit bra that lay tangled on the bed beside her.

    "My God I really behave like that," she murmured. "What must that poor man think of me."

    She sat up and stretched and then moved briskly to the bathroom carrying the bikini bra. She stopped along the way to pick up the bikini bottoms that Fred had struggled to untie as she pulled at his encumbering trunks. She giggled as she remembered that, "It was tough to get him out of those trunks because his dick stuck out a mile."

    She glanced at her watch and breathed a sigh of relief. She had at least five hours until her shift began at the ICU. The shower was comfortable and she stood under its gentle spray for a long time. Stepping out of the shower she was glad to find an electric hair drier in one of the many drawers of the vanity. Wrapping herself in a thick cotton bath sheet she sat and languorously did her hair.

    Just as she finished there was alight tapping at the door. Chris unlocked the door and Marilyn draped in a flaming red lounging kimono came in.

    "You had a good night apparently. I thought I made a lot of noise but you won the prize last night," she said smiling.

    "I never did that before," Chris said blushing. "For me sex has always been great but I've never really lost control like that. You know I asked Fred to tie my hands – do you think maybe a little restraint makes a person wilder?"

    "If you decide to move in with me we can do a study of that," Marilyn said. "Look, I've got breakfast in my room so just wear the towel and come and eat. I'll lend you clothes and a car so you can get to work by three."

    "Oh thanks. I'm putting you to a lot of trouble," Chris said quietly.

    "Not really kid. I like you and I'd like you to make this place your home. I'm dead serious about the new job – I've already placed calls to two of my doctor friends about you."

    Taking Chris' hand in hers Marilyn led the way to her bedroom suite. A table filled with bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and juices sat near the hearth in which a wood fire crackled pleasantly.

    "Who prepared all of this – you?"

    "No honey. I have two in help. They get evenings off except if I have a big party. I am not just rich dear – I'm loaded," Marilyn laughed as she heaped her plate with food.

    The two women ate in silence. After finishing Chris leaned back in her chair and sighed, "This is the life."

    "Well say yes to my offer and most of it can be yours. No strings – well maybe just one – and that only if you're interested," Marilyn said looking fixedly at Chris.

    "What's the proviso?"

    "Once in a while we make with each other. I like fucking straight women – they are soft, gentle and usually know more about the buttons that drive me wild than any man can."

    "If that's what worries you forget it. My first sexual experiences were with girls in the nursing school dorm. You're right you know. There are times when a woman can do what no man could imagine I need," Chris whispered.

    Marilyn smiled and asked softly, "Is now one of those times?"

    Chris shivered and reached for her dark haired friend. They kissed and as they kissed they moved into the bedroom each having dropped what little covered their lovely nakedness.

    Marilyn's large breasts brushed across Chris' firm tits and large erect nipples. Standing at the bedside Chris pushed Marilyn back and took a firm grip on her pendulous, firm breasts bringing each alternately to her mouth so that she could take each brown, firm nipple between her teeth and nip it lightly.

    Marilyn gasped and shivered as Chris continuing to toy with her luscious breasts slid her right leg between Marilyn's legs and pressed it firmly into her wet, warm crotch. Marilyn's hips began to move and she leaned back so that Chris' grasp of her breasts was all that kept her upright. She was moving without restraint her passion mounting. A soft crooning sound coming from deep in her chest. Chris saw that Marilyn's eyes were closed and her hands moved in a spastic way to clutch her full buttocks. Suddenly Marilyn stiffened, her body shook. Her hands moved to Chris' shoulders her fingers clutched them and hold on with a vise-like grip.

    Marilyn's left leg had twined itself around Chris' and Chris could feel the warm wetness of Marilyn's cum running down like a small stream down it to the floor.

    Slowly Chris moved to the bed and eased herself down with Marilyn still clinging to her and grinding her ardent pussy into her right thigh. It was many minutes before the orgasms that moved through Marilyn's lush and lovely body ceased to control her every function.

    When she opened her eyes she looked at Chris and smiling warmly whispered, "Let me fuck you so that can you feel what I just felt."

    Chris sat and watched as Marilyn walked, tits jiggling and voluptuous butt wriggling to a large dresser across the room. She was back in moments with long pink ribbons lined with white angora fur in her hands.

    "Soft furry ribbons to hold your passionate body lover," she whispered.

    Chris nodded and lay back on the bed. Her desire to be possessed by the lovely dark, passionate woman before her was boundless. Marilyn leaned across Chris' pointy breasts and large stiff nipples her large firm tits brushing over them as she gently tied Chris' arms to the brass bed posts.

    Then Marilyn straddled the beautiful Chris, her buttocks and wet pussy near Chris' face and gently placed the pink, fluffy ties around both of Chris' shapely ankles. Moments later Chris, lay bound hand and foot her legs spread wide, her pink cunt soaked the wetness of her overwhelming desire.

    Each touch by Marilyn made Chris tingle. She moaned as Marilyn again straddled her ardent body and brushed her wet cunt over Chris' stiff nipples. Marilyn's hips rotated slowly letting first one of Chris' exquisite nipples and then the other slide into her wet, warm box.

    Chris strained at the soft restraints striving to pull the exciting women's box to her eager mouth. Marilyn moved with tantalizingly deliberation her hands sliding over Chris' smooth, muscular abdomen and stroking the mons and its rich covering of silky blond hair.

    Chris pitched her hips forward and hissed, "For God sake flick me."

    She struggled and thrashed at the restraints as Marilyn's mouth moved onto her wet pink pussy. Chris' back arched and she grunted as she tried to force Marilyn's skillfully exploring tongue deeper into her ravenous cunt.

    Marilyn let her tongue flick back and forth over Chris' stiff, vibrating clit. Chris strained and grunted at the slender pink strands that held and heightened her passion. Slowly Marilyn put her fingers into Chris' now drenched cunt and slid her hips down so they rested on Chris' mons.

    As her fingers found the little button they sought deep in Chris' cunt Marilyn's hips ground gently but firmly on her mons. Chris suddenly grew quiet and then with a piercing shriek, "Oh my God I'm coming!" her lovely, supple body shook violently, the restraints tied to her arms broke and she squeezed her tiny, full tits as spasm after spasm swept her into a paradise of orgiastic abandon.

    Marilyn felt the warm flow of from Chris' cunt as her ecstatic spasms seemed endless. Panting and sweating Chris finally dropped into a deep, dreamless sleep. Gently kissing the passionate, blond Marilyn freed her from the soft restraints and covered her with a soft down comforter.

    Around noon Marilyn, dressed in fitted slacks and cashmere cowl neck sweater walked into the bedroom and kissed Chris' until she fluttered her eyelids and sensuously stretched.

    "What time is it," Chris murmured.

    "Time for you to be up and dressed if your going to get to the hospital on time."

    Sitting up, stretching her arms above her head and arching her back Chris whispered, "It's never been like that before. Thank you." Marilyn smiled warmly. "Don't thank me just tell me you'll come live here. By the way I've laid out several outfits, at least one should fit, for you to wear to go to work." Then leaning over the bed Marilyn kissed Chris on the lips and said, "Lunch in a half hour."

    Chris decided that the best fit of all Marilyn's clothes was a plain dress, with a straight line that flared slightly at the hips. Chris giggled as she looked at a pair of Marilyn's leather slacks. "I wish I had enough rump to fill those – the girls at the hospital would be green with envy," she thought.

    Skipping down the stairs Chris hummed a little tune. Never had she felt so alive. Her body fairly tingled as she moved in the dress that smelled of Chris and her perfume. Marilyn was already at the table eating and she rang for service as Chris entered.

    The meal was served by an elderly couple whom Marilyn said had been with her for several years. Paul, a large gray haired man, served as butler and when needed as chauffeur also. Hilda, his wife, was the cook and housekeeper.

    As Chris finished her meal of tomato stuffed with crab salad, croissant and coffee Marilyn tossed a set of car keys to her. "Those are for the Porsche in the second garage down. Use it. Paul and I will pick your car up at the Inn later today."

    "Thanks. I think I would like to take you up on your offer. Can you arrange some interviews for me at local hospitals – I'll have Thursday and Friday off this week."

    Marilyn smiled broadly. "Doll I'll arrange it before you're back tonight. What time do you finish your shift?"

    "I'm off at eleven-thirty. I planned on driving back her after I pick up some clothes at my flat," Chris answered.

    "I don't like your running around the downtown area alone that late at night – I'll take care of that too. Is it OK to call you at work?"

    "Yes. What's the matter? You afraid something will happen to your Porsche?" Chris asked with a wide grin.

    "You might say that – but it's more probable I'm concerned for that part of you sitting on the car's seat," Marilyn replied with a broad, salacious smile.

    Chris drove out of the garage and following directions provided by Paul she was soon tooling down the freeways into the smoggy, smelly downtown area of Los Angeles. She was quite early and so took her time changing into scrub suit and soft soled shoes all ICU nurses wore.

    As she sat in the nurses lounge sipping a cup of strong black coffee the day shift supervisor walked in and filling a cup with the black brew said, "Hi Chris – thought I saw you walk in here – got a minute to talk?"

    "Sure Lena. What's up?"

    Lena Washburn was a tall, thin, attractive black woman in her late forties. Her figure and her demeanor were strikingly masculine. Chris knew that she and Stephi Andersen, the morning ICU supervisor, had lived together for many years.

    "I hear you've been talking to other hospitals about a job – is that right?"

    "No not entirely. I have a friend in the Valley who wants me to live closer and has been putting out feelers for me."

    "If it's money I can get you a raise. You're too good to lose for financial reasons. If it's love I can comprehend your desire to be closer," Lena said smiling.

    Chris returned Lena's smile. "It's not money and it's not love either. It's – I'm not sure I'll say this so you'll understand it – it's the lousy social life I've had since I've been working here."

    "I understand perfectly," Lena said standing and walking over to the sink to wash out her empty cup. "You will find a lot more action in the Valley. I'm not entirely sure you will find the professional aspects to your liking, however. I know Stephi will speak with you about this and I'm certain Dr. Adams will want to talk with you at length," she said striding out the door.

    "Whew! How in hell did they hear about my planning to move so quickly?" she wondered aloud.

    At three o'clock Chris walked into the ICU to take report from Stephi Andersen. Stephi was a short, pale blond Danish girl. She wore her long blond hair in tightly curled braids while on duty. Off duty she would let her hair down and gather it at the neck with a jeweled barrette.

    Her figure was the kind that other women would kill for. Full breasts, narrow waist and a firm flat hips.

    She was the very essence of femininity a fact attested to by the male members of the hospital staff whose approaches were invariably rebuffed.

    Her pale blue eyes sparkling and her face glowing she would always respond to invitations from men saying, "I'm just not that kind of a girl."

    Her female colleagues were less kind. The gossip would always turn to such questions as, "How do Stephi and Lena screw?" or, "With those two who does what to whom?"

    Chris thought about the latter questions as she sat listening to Stephi's quaintly accented report. The changing of the guard over Stephi slid off the stool she had been using and said, "Let's step into the nurses lounge for a moment Chris. Leona will handle the floor – there are only two patient's at the who need attention just now."

    The two blond women made an attractive tableau as they walked toward the nurses lounge. Several house officers whistled softly as they moved down the corridor.

    Once in the now busy nurses lounge Stephi stripped off her scrub dress and standing absolutely naked she began working on her tightly braided hair. As she removed the many hairpins she looked at Chris' reflection in the mirror and asked, "Why are you thinking of leaving us?"

    Chris was fascinated not only by the lovely body Stephi had undraped but by the total lack of inhibition she had shown doing it. She was a little slow in responding and Stephi turned abruptly and said, "Are you leaving because of some sex thing?"

    Chris blushed and said, "As a matter of fact that's one of the reasons."

    "When Lena heard about it she said you probably found some one who you were screwing out there. Is it girls or boys with you?" she asked turning back to the mirror and briskly brushing her flowing blond mane.

    "Look Stephi I don't want to be rude but it really isn't any of your business. I'll work here until I find a job in the Valley and then I'll give two weeks notice. My sex life is none of your affair," she said angrily heading for the door.

    Stephi had moved to her locker and slipped on a pair of tightly cut jeans being careful to push her blond pubic hairs out of the way of the zipper.

    "Your wrong there my friend. If you are throwing over a good professional position plus a good income because you didn't find anyone around her to fill or eat your itchy cunt you're making a big mistake," she said slipping into a loose fitting cotton shirt and fastening it so that it revealed her enticing cleavage.

    Chris was ready to storm out just as Lena walked in. Lena unlike Stephi was dressed in her white uniform. As she walked past the two of them she removed her starched white cap and tossed it into her open locker. Then turning to Stephi she said, "I'll wait in the car for you. It looks like you aren't getting anywhere with our colleague anyway."

    Chris whirled on Lena and said, "What are you two trying to do? I have my reasons for wanting to move on. I told Stephi I'd work until I found a good spot and then give notice."

    "Yeah honey. The trouble is of course we've seen that fancy green Porsche, you're driving, around here before. You're being bought. Tell you what you talk with Dr. Adams, he'll see you around six by the way, and then call us at home after your shift – OK?"

    Chris was thoroughly confused. "You mean you have run into Marilyn before?"

    Stephi smiled and said, "Call us tonight after you've talked with Dr. Adams and had time to think things over. We'll wait for your call."

    Chris her anger abated and replaced by confusion returned to the ICU and her regular duties. The time passed slowly. There were on this particular evening four RNs for only two patients. Around five thirty Chris decided to get her dinner and think things over.

    There was little question that her job was enjoyable. She also knew that her colleagues and the rest of the professional staff were far better than average. As she sat toying with her food and pondering the spot she had put herself in a pleasant masculine voice asked, "May I join you Miss Diamond?"

    Chris looked up and recognized Dr. Adams the director of the ICU. She had met him at the time she was hired and had seen him on the ward many times. However, she had never been assigned to any of his patients and had never had any prolonged conversations with him.

    He was a short, lean, balding man in his late thirties or early forties. His long, angular face was covered by a reddish-brown beard and his green eyes sparkled with amusement. In fact as Chris looked up at him and asked him to join her she had the feeling he would start laughing at some private joke at any moment. She also sensed an inner security that emanated from the man.

    "I'm glad I found you here," he said. "I would like to talk with you about the rumors of your leaving us. At the same time I don't want to spoil your meal."

    "Oh I'm glad for the company. I don't want you to spoil your dinner by talking about hospital problems while you eat."

    He laughed. "Eating and talking about things medical is an occupational necessity for physicians."

    "Well if you don't mind I certainly am ready to hear what you have to say. I want you to know I'm truly flattered by everyone's concern," Chris said smiling.

    Dr. Adams ate quickly and then leaning back in his chair he sighed and said, "You are a very fine nurse. All of the people who have worked with you like you – a remarkable achievement in a place like this."

    Blushing Chris nodded her thanks.

    "You started in at a bad time. Short staff, no time off and heavy patient loads. It raises hell with a single person's social life. Believe me I know," he said. "Lena suspected you might lose interest in the job because you had neither the time nor the energy, to work long hours and socialize as well. She apparently was correct?"

    Chris suddenly felt restless. She wanted to pace while talking to this obviously sincere man. She was truly intrigued by him and needed to rid herself of the trapped feeling both the conversation and his presence seemed to provoke.

    "Could we discuss this elsewhere?" she blurted.

    "Sure. You check on the status of the unit. If it's OK meet me in my office in half an hour otherwise call and we will talk later."

    Chris, somewhat relieved by her brief reprieve, returned to the ICU. Everything was quiet. She checked the status of the two patients and then headed for Dr. Adams' office in the administrative section of the hospital.

    Her knock at the door was answered promptly. She had never visited any of the hospital administrative offices, other than the nursing office, before. The office she entered was quite spartan. Metal furniture, worn chairs and a desk cluttered with old charts, computer printouts and piles of EKG tracings. Sitting amid the jumble was Dr. Adams smiling pleasantly and motioning to the one empty chair in the room.

    Chris sat down on the edge of the chair feeling very ill-at-ease and somewhat embarrassed by the turn of events.

    "I'm glad you could come down now," Dr. Adams said. "What I want to get across to you is the fact that we want, very much, to keep you here. Your work is excellent and you can go far in this academic environment."

    "As you know here we have residents and an fine teaching staff. In the Valley you will find that physicians are primarily interested in maintaining a life style. Nurses are not infrequently called upon to function as physicians. This is partly because the doctors don't want to be disturbed, especially at night; and not infrequently because a good ICU nurse knows more than the doctor on the case."

    "You will be going into a medical environment where what the patient can afford is more important than what he needs. Your social life will certainly be busier, but, judging from the quality of your work you will soon find it is poor reward for the lousy working conditions you will find," Dr. Adams said, leaning back in his chair and looking at Chris intently.

    Chris now rose and began to pace. "I haven't ever even looked at any hospital setups in the Valley. I guess I'm behaving childishly at that. Stephi and Lena said they would like to discuss thing with me tonight so I guess I'll do some more exploring before make a firm commitment," she said.

    "Good. I would like you to stay here. And, since things appear inordinately quiet in the unit why don't you take the rest of the shift off and visit with Andersen and Washburn – do you have their phone number?"

    "Yes, thank you."

    Chris called the unit and found things, as Dr. Adams had said, quiet. She went to the nurses lounge and changed into the clothes she had borrowed from Marilyn and made her call to Stephi and Lena.


    Chris was unhappy about driving Marilyn's Porsche. She felt hypocritical since she was driving a car that was to be an inducement to leave the people she was now going to visit. Nevertheless it was fun to drive.

    She was surprised to find that the directions Stephi had given led her into a beautiful old residential area not far from the squalor of downtown LA. She found the women's home with little difficulty. Pulling into the driveway she was struck by the solidity and quiet elegance of the two story house that Lena and Stephi shared. She could not help comparing it to Marilyn's glitzy home. The house she was about to visit reminded her of her home in Iowa.

    As she exited the car she saw the front door open and Lena step out onto the front porch. "Glad you could get away early," Lena called to her.

    Trotting up the walk she smiled and said, "So am I. Are you sure I'm not putting you out by arriving in time for dinner."

    "Hell no. It's Stephi's night to prepare the meal so we're having Chinese – she likes that. On my nights it's pizza. We don't do much cooking here," Lena laughed a deep throaty laugh. "Come on in, kick off your shoes and have something to drink."

    The living room was furnished well but conservatively. Stephi called hello from the dining room which opened off the large, high ceilinged living room. Lena had walked over to a small portable bar and as she poured herself a small whiskey and water she asked, "What would you like?"

    "Some wine if you have a soft drink if you don't."

    Lena waved a bottle of dry sherry questioningly and Chris nodded her approval.

    "This looks like a lovely home," Chris said folding her now shoeless feet under her as she sat down in a beautifully upholstered chair.

    "Yes we like it. It's close to fifty years old. They built things the way the did back east in those days," Lena said sitting down on a davenport across the spacious room.

    Stephi came in, her face flushed and said, "Now that I've got the table set I'll have my drink." She walked over to the bar and poured a small cordial glass full of a clear, white liquid from a bottle that rested in a sweating ice bucket. Raising her gals to both Lena and Chris she said, "To life."

    She walked to the davenport where Lena was sitting and sat down next to her close enough so that they could and did hold hands.

    "We've invited another guest," Stephi said, "hope you don't mind."

    "Not at all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest and concern. But are things medically as bad as Dr. Adams said?"

    "It's hard to be objective about it. There are some poor things that we see coming through our place after they've been botched in the private hospitals of the Valley. But we would naturally see only the really tough stuff. It's what teaching hospitals are setup to deal with?" Stephi said.

    "Our other guest tonight may well be able to tell you more. He's a cop who knows much about medical things because of several cases he's recently been working on," Lena said.

    They sat for a while and sipped their drinks. The quiet was abruptly interrupted by the doorbell.

    Stephi jumped up and said, "Bet a quarter it's the food and not Morgan – he's always late and always has some lame excuse."

    She returned moments later leading a tall, lanky sandy-haired man who looked as if he had just awakened. His were rumpled and actually looked as if he had slept in them. However, despite his rather unkempt appearance Chris found him to be quite striking. His face was craggy, with deep set, piercing dark eyes.

    Stephi led him to where Chris was sitting and said, "Chris meet Lieutenant Joe Morgan and Joe this is Chris Diamond." Chris offered her hand and was surprised at the strength of his grip and the smoothness of his skin.

    "I expected the hands to be rough like a cowboy's or a construction worker's," she thought smiling at the man towering over her.

    Lena had come up behind Joe and was holding a glass half-full of whiskey out to him she said, "Your a good half hour behind us."

    "Yeah I can tell since you're all obviously sloshed," he said.

    "Second surprise," Chris thought, "he has a sexy voice."

    Joe found a chair opposite Chris that seemed to suit him and his long legs. Then with everyone seated and sipping their drinks he said, "You must be the lady who has met and been charmed by Marilyn Short I guess."

    "My gosh how'd you know her name," Chris said with an obvious start.

    "Oh our friend Marilyn has been around for a while. I'll tell you all about her some time if you like," Joe said pausing to sip his drink. "Right now I'd like to hear about how you met her and what she offered you to go over the hill to glitz and glamour."

    Chris blushed and began to stammer. Tears came to her eyes. Stephi who had been watching the brief byplay said, "Don't be embarrassed Chris. Just an outline will do I'm sure."

    Chris told of her trip over the hill to the Valley and of spending the night at Marilyn's house. Omitting all details including Fred's name.

    Lena leaned forward and asked, "Which of our girls told you about the party in the Valley?"

    "She was a registry nurse. I don't honestly remember her name – er – Dotty something, I think."

    The door bell rang at this point and Stephi went to the door. She was back in a brief moment carrying arms full of wonderful smelling food.

    "Let's adjourn to the dining room," she said smiling.

    "By gosh, I'm starving," Joe said politely assisting Chris out of the deep, soft chair into which she had settled.

    A great silence settled over the dining room as all four people dug into the various exotic dishes Stephi had ordered. The clicking of chopsticks and the occasional request for tea or for a dish to be passed were the only breaks in the contented silence.

    When the fortune cookies were finally passed conversation resumed. Stephi as reigning hostess for that night declared that each must read the fortune they found. There was the usual hilarity associated with the inanities of this ritual. Then everyone settled back in their chairs and Lena said, "Let's get on with the edification of Chris, Joe."

    "Let's help clean the table and do the dishes before you complete my southern California education or disillusionment," Chris said getting up and starting to clear the table.

    "What's the matter with you girl? Are you trying to break the house rules?" Lena asked with mock seriousness. "The person in charge of the meal must clear away the mess. The dishes will be tended to by our housekeeper who comes in every day but Sunday. So mind your manners." Chris blushingly apologized and looked appreciatively at Joe who suggested they move back to the living room.

    "That'll be OK but only if you wait until I can join you – I have to clean up Lena's mess you see," Stephi said laughing.

    They sat and made small talk. Joe told of a case he was working on that tangentially seemed to relate to the recent gang warfare in LA. Chris trying to appear interested found the pleasant sound of his voice so sedative she dropped off to sleep. Stephi's soft voice and gentle shaking roused her.

    "OK Joe let's hear your dissertation on Marilyn Short, the raiding hospitals and all the odd side issues that tie into it," Stephi said once again sitting down near Lena so that they could hold hands.

    Joe sighed, stood up and looked at Chris as he began his explanation.

    "Southern California is an interesting place in many ways. The rules that govern civilized behavior have been amended here. Frank Lloyd Wright said something to the effect that, 'If you tilted the country to the left (west) everything loose would spill into southern California.'."

    "He was right if by 'loose' he meant people with no roots: no place or family or ethics. You will find that these people have one concern; immediate gratification. Usually the gratification comes from money but sex and power are also major motivators."

    "Now in the field of medicine understand that the average doctor wants to get rich doing as little as possible. He prefers X-ray films to using a stethoscope; lab printouts to physical examination; and sleeping nights to taking calls."

    "In this latter situation the nurses working in the Valley hospitals wind up functioning as the doctor. Especially true in the case of ICU and CCU nurses."

    "Now we must add more bad things to this equation. With almost no exceptions all hospitals in the Valley are privately owned and are designed to bring in a profit. This means that regardless of how bad a physician may be he is welcome on their staff – the more doctors on staff the more beds are occupied and the more money that flows in."

    "However, they have to keep costs down. So they bring in poorly trained nurses, non-English speaking aides and put them under the charge of one or two well trained, intelligent nurses."

    "Now how do you recruit these few well trained and intelligent nurses? Money alone maybe; but, money and an apparent rich life style is much better. That's where your friend Marilyn comes in."

    "She is paid to provide whatever is necessary to recruit whoever is necessary. She is, when the situation demands it, a drug pusher, a lady of easy virtue, and probably a co-conspirator in the smuggling of illegal aliens."

    Chris sat stunned at what she was hearing. "Are you telling me that someone had spotted me as being restless or unhappy and that I was set up this past week-end?"

    "Probably you were. I don't have any information on the registry nurse who told you about the a party. But that party was more or less held in your honor. And Marilyn's ploy of waiting in the Ferrari is a trick she has used before," Joe said.

    "What about the people she introduced me to? Are they part of the plot allege exists?" Chris asked angrily.

    Sitting down near her Joe said, "First don't be angry. I realize I seem to be putting you down and suggesting… no outright saying… you've been suckered but it's not maliciously intended. You are dealing with people who have concern for only one thing – money – greed is their religion."

    "Now I don't know who you met. Let me tell you how things usually go in this scheme. The person they wish to recruit is taken to one of the fancy country clubs and introduced a pro; golf, tennis, swimming, whatever. They may be men or women depending on the recruit's apparent interest. And almost invariably they are not pros but hustlers hired for the occasion."

    "Shit. You called it. I met the golf pro," Chris said angrily.

    "You met a fellow named Fred I'll bet," Joe said smiling.


    "Well be flattered they called out the first team for you."

    "OK so now what do I do? I virtually committed myself to joining a hospital ICU staff and moving in with Marilyn," Chris asked.

    Stephi turned to Joe and said, "Can't you take the car back for her? She can call and say she's changed her mind."

    "No. I will help but I need Chris to help me right now. I think we've got friend Marilyn and a few of her cronies in a box on a drug charge. If Chris can have a few days off perhaps we can put her to work on Marilyn and the bunch."

    "Meanwhile, we'll get the car back tonight and pick up Chris' car. But, and this is a big but, she'll hold out the prospect of soon joining one of the hospitals for which Marilyn is recruiting," Joe answered.

    "Wait a minute. You want me to maintain my contacts with Marilyn – move in with her and meet more of her supposed friends?" Chris asked, alarm clearly evident.

    "Not exactly. You just hold out the promise of returning as soon as you can make the necessary changes in your life, like quitting your job without leaving the hospital understaffed," Joe answered.

    "What about them watching her," Lena asked. "You told us there might well be some risk – should she go back to her apartment? It strikes me that if she is off work and in and out of her apartment a lot the watchers might get the idea she's not what they think and hope she is."

    "Yeah. Does your offer still hold?" Joe asked looking at Stephi and Lena.


    "What the hell have you arranged for me?" Chris said feeling imposed upon and showing it.

    "You move into the apartment Stephi and Lena have on the third floor – your own kitchen and your own entrance but easy contact with friends should you need help," Joe replied. "Now if you're ready I'd like you to call Marilyn and tell her you're bringing the car back. Then I'll go with you and help you move in here."

    Chris sat. She was very much shaken by what she had heard and not a little annoyed by the fact that these people had suddenly taken control of her life. She looked from Joe standing impatiently near the door, to Stephi and Lena both of whose faces showed compassion.

    "Chris in the short time we've known you we have come to like you very much. Do what Joe says. I know it's going to work out fine," Lena said walking over to hug her and give her a reassuring pat on the back.

    "OK, Joe let's do it," Chris responded rising and heading for the phone.

    The mumbled conversation Chris had with Marilyn could be heard by the three friends standing in the living room. When Chris returned she was red faced and angry.

    "She was not too happy about my suggesting a delay. She got a little nasty. You guys may well be right," Chris said. "Let's go, Joe."

    With Joe driving the Porsche they made wonderful time. As they pulled into Marilyn's broad sweeping driveway Chris said, "Where the hell is my car? She promised to have it here."

    "I'll not go to the door with you. I think some of these people may know who I am. But if you have any trouble just turn and wave there is help around."

    During the ride into the Valley, Chris had time to chat with Joe. She was already aware of his intelligence but was charmed by his gracious manner and kind disposition. She discovered that they shared many interests in common. Both enjoyed classical music, baseball and good food. As Chris relaxed she was very much aware of the sensuality that seemed to radiate from this rumpled, craggy faced policeman.

    As Chris walked to the brightly illuminated entry way of Marilyn's home she wondered what kind of a greeting she would receive. She was grateful for the secure feeling Joe provided.

    Marilyn answered the door and her reception of Chris while not effusive was pleasant. Chris was reluctant to step inside and out of the view of Joe so she said, "I'm sorry to have had to change plans Marilyn. I have a friend waiting and wonder if I may get my car." Marilyn's response was not encouraging. She told Chris that she and Paul had not been able to get her car started and so she arranged to have it towed to a garage. She then suggested that Chris come in and let her friend return to pick her up in the morning. She even went so far as to indicate that Fred and Billy were both visiting and looking forward to a small get together.

    Chris demurred indicating that she had to be at work early. At which point Marilyn said, "Alright take the fucking Porsche and tell me where Paul should pick it up when he returns yours tomorrow."

    Thinking quickly Chris said, "Just have him bring it to the hospital employee's parking lot. He'll see the Porsche and he can make the switch. I assume you have a spare set of keys for it. He can leave my keys with the emergency room charge nurse."

    Saying a quick goodnight Chris trotted back to the car and waved as she opened the passenger door. Marilyn had dimmed the lights in the entry but there was no one to be seen sitting in her Porsche because Joe had slumped onto the floor.

    The drive back was much more relaxed. Chris sighed with relief, curled her feet under her and tilted the comfortable seat back before relating her experience to Joe.

    Joe reached over and patted her hand, "Saying you did well and thought quickly about the car transfer. How about a little nightcap and some soft music?"

    "I'd love it Chris," said.

    They drove into Santa Monica and Joe led her into a rather seedy looking place from which the sounds of mellow jazz could be heard. The room was dimly lit, smoky and crowded. Despite that they were seated at a small table. As her eyes adjusted to the relative darkness Chris could see a few couples dancing.

    After Joe had given their drink order he suggested that they join the dancing few. He was an excellent dancer. Chris felt comfortable and secure in his arms and quickly became aroused.

    "My God I hardly know this man and I'm ready to bed him. This is foolish," she thought.

    They stayed for over an hour and each time they danced Chris felt her desire for Joe increasing. As they started out to the car Joe said, "Would you be offended if I invited you to my place for the rest of tonight. I really hate to have you leave me."

    Chris took his strong hand in hers and whispered, "I can think of no nicer or more welcome invitation."

    She cuddled close to him as they drove towards his home. Joe lived only a few blocks away from Stephi and Lena. His house was small, well kept and nicely furnished. He informed Chris as they walked toward to the entrance that he had been married as a young cop but the marriage had ended in divorce ten years earlier.

    The house was neat and nicely furnished. Joe moved about the place turning on lights and escorting Chris from room to room. They settled in the living room sipping hot cocoa Joe had quickly prepared from a box mix. Sitting next to each other on a settee placed near the cold fireplace Chris was more acutely aware of the strength and sensuousness of her tall, lean companion.

    She was growing increasingly restless and thought, "If he doesn't make a move soon I'm going to forget I'm a lady."

    As if reading her mind Joe put his empty cup down on the coffee table and took Chris in his arms. She still holding her warm cup turned and willingly let his kiss her tenderly on the lips. She leaned forward placed her cup next to his on the table and took the craggy, strong face in her hands and brought his lips to hers. This kiss was deeply passionate. Their tongues met and glided around and over each other.

    Without a word being said the rose and moved as one toward the bedroom. Pausing only briefly along the way to kiss and fondle each other. By the time they reached the bedroom Chris was in her scanty panties only and Joe in a pair of blue Jockey shorts that bulged magnificently.

    Chris' moved her hungry lips over Joe's hairy body. Kissing his breasts and belly as her eager hands moved to strip away the blue shorts that hid what she so desperately wanted to hold.

    Joe's hands gently cupped Chris' small, firm breasts. His thumbs moved back and forth over the stiff, erect nipples that seemed to pulsate with her desire. Chris moaned as her hands found and held Joe's stiff cock. She slid to her knees as Joe settled slowly onto the bedside.

    Moving her right hand gently along the shaft of Joe's now throbbing cock Chris let her tongue move deftly over the glans and across the opening causing Joe to shiver and softly moan. Her left hand now held his firm testicles and rolled them gently back and forth. With a desire she could no longer control Chris slipped his stiff cock into her eager mouth sucking hungrily she slid the throbbing organ deep into her mouth again and again until she felt his body stiffen and her mouth fill with the salty token of his great arousal.

    Whimpering and shivering with the intensity of her own arousal Chris lifted her face to Joe's and whispered, "Please make me come like that."

    Joe lifted his lean, pliant body onto the bed and kissed her with an ardor she had not believed him capable of. His lips moved over her pulsating, vibrating body like embers flying from a searing fire. When his lips sucked and held one nipple and then the other Chris' long shapely legs thrashed and her hips pitched with urgent need.

    She wrapped her arms around his muscular body and pleaded, "Fuck me darling," thrusting and grinding her hips in search of Joe's stiff, long cock.

    Slowly Joe guided his once more throbbing, eager organ deep into the wet, wanting cunt that Chris had eagerly spread wide for him. As he slid into her Chris squealed and wrapped her legs firmly around the strong hips. Holding him tightly to her now wantonly moving pelvis Chris thrust her eager body at her lover with increasing fervor. She felt him stiffen above her and as his organ began to beat within her grasping cunt she screamed with joy. Her body beat and jerked with the intense spasms of her orgasm as her hands tore at her lover's smooth hairy back. She came again and whimpering softly, "Don't leave me my darling," as her eager cunt held tightly to Joe's now limp cock.

    They finally slept clinging to each other in sweaty relief from the paroxysms of joy that had rocked their bodies minutes before.


    Chris wakened late. The sun was streaming through the bedroom window and the smell of coffee filled the air. It took her a moment to realize where she was. The rumpled bed and the delicious tingling of her almost sated body served as ready reminders.

    Slipping out of bed she saw the Joe had thoughtfully placed a pair of slippers, far too large for her feet, and a rumpled robe, also too big, within easy reach.

    As she rolled the sleeves of the robe back and slipped it on she wondered out loud, "Why is every piece of clothing this lovely man has rumpled? Well if we make this a habit maybe I can change that."

    Slippers flopping and the robe dragging she headed for the adjoining bathroom. She noticed a hair dyer in place on the lavatory and so took a long shower, shampooing her tousled blond hair thoroughly. As she sat drying it there was a knock on the door followed by Joe's mellow voice asking, "Are you decent?"

    "I'm not sure – I didn't think I was too bad but you tell me."

    "You are a lecherous young lady with a dirty mind. All I wanted to know was if you were dressed to receive company carrying a glass of orange juice."

    "Oh. I misunderstood," Chris laughed slipping on the robe. "Come on in."

    Joe, dressed in neatly pressed slacks and a well ironed sport shirt opened the door. He handed Chris a glass of orange juice and raised another in a mock salute before coming in and sitting on the closed toilet. Chris continued to dry her hair and could see Joe in the mirror watching her every move.

    "You are a beautiful woman. If you're half the nurse you are lover it's no wonder they don't want you wondering off to the land of greed."

    "Thank you. You're pretty remarkable yourself," Chris stammered turning beet red as she remembered their shared ardor. Suddenly she stopped working on her hair and said, "My God what time is it?"

    "It's past nine but don't worry I got the Porsche into the employee's parking lot at the proper time. If anyone of that Valley crowd was watching they would have seen a blond woman park the car and run for the hospital entrance – it was a member of my squad but at a distance she might resemble you."

    "You think of everything officer don't you?"

    "Not exactly. You thought of a few things last night I hadn't even fantasized," he said laughing. "Breakfast is ready so come on."

    After a breakfast of French toast, bacon and coffee Joe stood and began to clear the dishes. "You go get dressed because I have plans for both of us today."

    Chris did not object to the dismissal from the kitchen but she did object to the fact that she was still wearing clothes borrowed two days ago.

    "Look, Joe I need fresh clothes. I'm wearing stuff Marilyn lent me."

    "Oh I forgot. My people moved a bunch of your things over to Lena and Stephi's place. We used the blond cop again just in case your flat was being watched."

    "OK, I'll get dressed but please get me to some clean clothes before we do anything else."

    It took less than an for the two of them to get to Lena and Stephi's home. Joe had a key to the spare apartment the women had mentioned the evening before and after opening the door for Chris he handed it to her and said, "I'll not see you until tonight. We may need you as a decoy for the operation we have planned but the day is yours. Just stay put."

    "OK sir," Chris said executing a mock salute.

    After Joe had gone Chris wandered around the three room apartment. It was clean, plainly furnished and completely devoid of any food.

    "Shit. I have to stay inside and there isn't a damned thing to eat," she muttered.

    Suddenly a thought struck her. "Is there a phone?" She ran through the flat and found none. "This is going to be one smooth operation," she muttered opening one of several suitcases the police had brought.

    She spent the next hour getting things stowed in drawers and in the bathroom. She went to the bed with some of her own linens and found it already made. "Thank goodness for a few things," she sighed sitting down in a soft, green pastel colored chair.

    She must have dozed. What wakened her with a start was a peculiar noise that seemed to be coming from the living room. Picking up a spike heeled shoe as a weapon she tiptoed quietly toward the noise.

    It was a door buzzer. Someone was at her private entry. Chris pulled the away from the etched glass of the door and saw Lena carrying a tray covered with a napkin standing there.

    "My God I thought that noise was a bomb or something," Chris said, laughing shakily.

    "Forgot to provide food and to warn the tenant of weird door bells. Sorry," Lena said. "But I did bring us some lunch."

    "Great. I thought you worked today."

    "Naw, I have today off and Stephi has tomorrow. You settled in yet?"

    "Yes. Thanks for making the bed."

    "No problem. Let's eat this stuff while it's hot." Lena walked into the dining area Chris following close behind. Chris was very much aware that under her thin, pink, cotton jump suit Lena was naked. She could plainly see the outline of the tall woman's lean, muscular buttocks through the thin material.

    Chris who had finally gotten out of borrowed clothes and into her own loose fitting T-shirt and jeans wished she had donned more to hide her sexual excitement.

    Lena put the tray of food down on the table and straightened up to ask Chris to get plates and flatware. Her pink jump suit covered but did not hide her tiny breasts with their large areolas and peg-like, erect nipples. As Chris walked into the Pullman kitchen she could feel the moisture of her growing desire flowing down her thighs from her again ravenous pussy.

    Lena had prepared what she called her "down home meal" of chicken, biscuits, gravy and coleslaw. The two women sat next to each other at the small table and ate in silence. Chris was more than a little uncomfortable with her response to Lena's tantalizing appearance. As the meal progressed she was also suddenly aware of Lena's left thigh pressing insistently against hers.

    As the meal came to an end Chris deliberately rubbed her thigh against Lena's and felt a surprisingly strong response. She rose to clear the table and Lena said, "Let me help you."

    As they carried dishes to the sink Lena said, "You know that Stephi and I have been lovers and companions for years?"


    "Do you know what has kept us from what is called, in our circles, 'bed death'? The fact that neither of us is nor wants to be monogamous. With that said I want you to know I find you very attractive and I came up here to seduce you."

    Chris laughed softly. "You've succeeded – and it wasn't the cooking."

    They stood looking at each for a moment or two and then Lena took Chris' face in her hands and kissed her roughly and passionately. Lena lifted Chris' T-shirt and her strong hands gripped her breasts her thumbs moving Chris' nipples up and down. Chris was pinned between Lena and the sink. She shivered as Lena began to rub her nipples with her palms pressed hard against her firm, tiny breasts.

    Chris felt her knees getting weak but Lena's strong body now pressed against her held her upright.

    Lena kissed Chris again forcing her tongue deep into Chris' eager mouth. Chris began to suck at the older woman's tongue as Lena moved a leg between her thighs and rubbed with great intensity. Chris struggled in Lena's grasp and finally got her hands free to grab and tug at Lena's full, erect nipples projecting teasingly beneath the pink jump suit fabric.

    Lena now seemed to be pressing all of her weight against Chris' pinioned body as her hands tore open Chris' jeans and moved with swift and unerring accuracy to Chris' wet, throbbing cunt.

    As Lena's fingers slid smoothly into her Chris gasped and tried to move against Lena's restraining body. The more Chris struggled the wilder Lena's movements with her tongue, fingers and leg became. Lena's leg had now moved to Chris' butt. As Chris thrust and wriggled, responding to her growing, excitement Lena's leg deftly spread Chris' firm buttocks. Chris became wildly excited as she felt Lena's leg pressing resolutely against her quivering anus. Chris was emotionally beyond restraint. Her pinioned, fervent body struggled to express her ardor. With a cry of joy she released Lena's tiny tits and threw her arms around the loving black women. Her body jerked and shook with a violently ecstatic orgasm. Her hands pinching and scratching at the thin material that covered the strong smooth back of her tantalizing new lover as spasm after spasm moved like a storm through her lovely and loving body.

    When Chris finally opened her eyes she saw Lena's deep, dark eyes sparkling with emotion gazing at her.

    "You are a passionate child. Let me take you into bed," Lena said hoarsely.

    With remarkable ease Lena lifted Chris and carried her into the bedroom. Lowering her onto the bed gently Lena said, "Undress please dear."

    Chris' trembling hands, stripped off her shirt and jeans. Like Lena she was naked under her outer garments. Looking up she saw Lena's lovely face. She took it into her hands and kissed the beautiful woman tenderly.

    Lena held onto Chris' shoulders and lifted her shiny mahogany body onto Chris'. Keeping her arms stiff so that her tiny breasts and firm nipples hung free she whispered, "Hold my tits tightly."

    Chris' fingers held Lena's nipples and rolled them as the older woman's hips gyrated rubbing her coarse pubic hair against Chris' wet, ravenous cunt. Chris moaning with desire spread her legs wide and wrapped them around Lena's gyrating and thrusting hips.

    Lena moved wildly. Then with a sudden cry, she threw her head back, her hands gripped Chris' sweaty shoulders and her pelvis jerked so that it pounded again and again against Chris' eager box.

    Chris climaxed violently as she clung to Lena during her pounding orgasm. Squealing with ecstasy she pushed her eager cunt up to meet Lena's pounding thrusts. Her body seemed to convulse as she sought to bring her lover closer to ease her furious desire.

    Panting and moaning the two lovers finally lay exhausted their sweat covered bodies pressed close. Finally, they slept.

    It was passed three when Chris was wakened by Lena moving around the room.

    "I have to get dressed and down stairs. Stephi will be home soon. She will have instructions from Joe about a trap he plans for the business people you met in the Valley."

    Chris stretched and slipped under the covers hoping Lena would let her go back to sleep.

    "Come on Chris. Wake up and get dressed. I'll tell you about Marilyn and Fred and especially about that cunt Betty Morales."

    Chris shot straight up in bed, "My God I forgot all about her. How do you know about that woman? It was just a chance meeting I thought."

    "Honey get dressed. You're playing in the big leagues so you need some hitting instruction," Lena said zipping up the skin tight pink jump suit and heading out the door.

    Chris jumped out of bed looked at her wrinkled garments on the floor and stepped over them on her way to a shower. Dressed in fresh designer jeans a cowl neck sweater and soft soled loafers she trotted down the stairs. Lena wearing a loose cotton shirt and jeans and Stephi still in her uniform sat talking. Each held a small tumbler half full of whisky which they sipped from time to time.

    As Chris walked in Stephi turned and said, "We were just talking about your assignment for tonight. Get a drink and sit down so I can tell you what Joe has planned."

    Chris walked over to the portable bar and opened a wine cooler. After pouring half of it into a glass she moved to the chair she had occupied the evening before.

    "Tell me all about it Steph."

    "OK. He wants you to call Marilyn and arrange to meet her. Wherever she suggests except her residence. You might push for the club on the pretext of meeting some guys again."

    "Alright but what has he planned?"

    Lena leaned forward and using her right hand for emphasis said, "He wants to get some people into that house. They think that other than the help that usually leaves by six Marilyn is the only occupant at the moment."

    "I'm the decoy is that it?"

    "Yeah that's it."

    "You can't tell me that Marilyn gives a shit for me as a nurse for one of her hospital employers. There's more to this than that isn't there?"

    Stephi looked at Lena and said, "I told you she was not going to be an easy one to deal with." Looking at Chris she said, "You're so right. They don't need you for their stinking ICU they need you to take care of some illegals they're bringing in. Once they get you so deeply involved that you will be too scared and too embarrassed to go to the authorities you're theirs."

    "Uh huh. So I'm to act the playful little nymph for Marilyn and that's it?"

    "No, afraid not. The real hard case is Betty Morales and whoever is running her. They're the bosses. You passed the screening test now you have to act like you're really interested in what they have to offer."

    Chris sighed. "You guys know I don't like any of this. I'm suddenly very content with my situation."

    Lena laughed and Stephi smiled.

    "How about letting me into the dinner preparation arrangements. I'll call and have some Mexican food delivered," Chris said giggling.

    Stephi rose and headed to the bedroom, "I'll change and be back in a few minutes."

    Lena went back to the bar but only for ice.

    "There is some risk to this you know. Joe and his squad will be around but if you want me to I'll go with you. They don't know me."

    "Thanks. I think I'll rely on Joe and be grateful that you two will be waiting for me when I get back."

    It was somewhat later that Chris heard the phone and a mumbled conversation Stephi had with whoever was calling. She reappeared soon after dressed in what seemed to be the uniform of the day, jeans, soft cotton shirt and soft soled loafers.

    "That call was from Joe," she said looking at Chris, "your car is back in the parking area at the hospital. His blond detective will pick it up and drive it here. He wants the police to examine it to see what 'repairs' were made it so it will be quite late in arriving. Meanwhile make a date with Marilyn for about two in the morning."

    "Swell. I really am not happy with this situation," Chris said. "Should I order supper?"

    Stephi laughed. "No. Joe will be coming by and he'll stop at El Tepiac to pick up our Mexican dinner for tonight."

    "Then I guess I'd better call Marilyn and see what can be arranged," Chris muttered.

    "No not until the time your shift would normally end – say eleven-fifteen tonight. The people you're dealing with are greedy and dishonest but not dumb," Lena said.

    It was close to seven before Joe arrived arms filled with wonderful smelling packages and bags. Shouting as he entered, "Get your chimichongas, arros con polio and margaritas while they're hot or cold or whatever."

    The four of them dug into the food without bothering to take it from the original cartons. The margaritas had to be served in small tumblers, and without the salt, but otherwise everything would have met the most discriminating aficionado's requirements.

    There was more food than they could possibly eat. When all finally agreed that they were full Chris and Stephi cleared the table and stored the leftovers in the fridge. Only after the kitchen ad dining room were once again spotless did they join Joe and Lena.

    Joe had opted for the chair Chris had come to regard as hers so she dragged a straight backed dining chair into the living room before joining the conversation.

    Joe smiled warmly as Chris reappeared. She thought, "Damn he looks rumpled again – like a little boy."

    "Chris I was just saying that this may be an interesting night and a long one. If you can get Marilyn to agree to a meeting. I would doubt that the club will be open but one never knows. What I would suggest is one of the late night spots in Manhattan Beach. Marilyn will know them all and have a preference," Joe said.

    Lena had leaned forward and appeared agitated as Joe finished. "Hold it right there. Those places in Manhattan Beach are not for the delicate or faint of heart. You're not sending Chris into any one of those meat markets for sexual athletes without protection are you?"

    "No. Once Chris knows where she is to meet Marilyn we'll arrange to cover her."

    "Let's suppose, as in the movies, they wont tell her until the last minute and she can't get the information to you, what then?" Lena asked angrily.

    Joe paused. He thought for a while and then quietly said, "They train you nurses to think don't they? Good possibility you raised there Lena. Any suggestion to cover that possibility?"

    Chris piped up, "She's angling to go along as my protector. I think it's too risky."

    Joe sat quietly. He was deep in thought. Finally, standing and stretching he said, "Lena go with her. They may recognize you but will probably discount your presence as nothing more than an attempt to rebut their recruiting blandishments. I think we may also give you a two way radio to use in a real emergency. I've got to go. See you later."

    As he walked to the door Chris rose and said, "I'm going to stretch out for a while. I'll be awake by eleven. Lena thanks for your concern."

    Lena and Stephi sat quietly for a while each deep in thought. Stephi reached out and took Lena's hand. "Margarita's make me hungry."

    Lena smiled, "Yeah I know. Let's see if we can get you fed before I have to go cruising the rough spots."

    Hand in hand they walked into their bedroom and as Lena quietly closed the door Stephi turned down the bed and dimmed the lights.

    Before sitting down on the bed Lena stripped. Her lithe, brown body glowed in the softly light. Stephi undressed quickly letting her full breasts spill lusciously from her downy, restraining sweater. Her rich pubic bush glistened with desire.

    She stood near Lena whose glowing eyes looked longingly into her flushed, eager face. Stephi bent down and kissed her loving friend passionately letting her soft, graceful hands stroke the tiny breasts and hard nipples until Lena shivered and moaned.

    Then Stephi let her lustful, knowing lips and tongue stray slowly over Lena's shivering, ardent body. She touched and kissed or sucked every sensitive and sensual area of her lovers now throbbing, trembling body until she dropped to her knees and buried her face in the damp forest of Lena's prickly pubic mound.

    Lena's now leaning back on her elbows spread her legs as Stephi's tongue probed artfully and deeply into her loving center. Her desire grew uncontrollably. She raised her legs and draped them over Stephi's alabaster shoulders pulling the blond temptress firmly against her throbbing, richly wet cunt and stiff aching clit.

    Stephi's tongue stroked Lena's clit briefly. Suddenly her lips moved over it's tender, pounding tip and Stephi sucked until Lena could no longer restrain her arching body. With a groan and a sudden furious thrust of her hips she came filling Stephi's hungry mouth with a warm, clear fluid, the token of her ecstasy.

    Her legs held Stephi's face firmly to her pussy. And Stephi's loving hands clung tenaciously to Lena's large, firm and full nipples. Slowly the wrenching orgasmic spasms passed and Lena reached lovingly for Stephi's beautiful face and loving body.

    Sliding onto the bed Stephi spread her legs and guided Lena's hands to her sparkling, wet and urgent cunt. Lena's right hand stroked the lips and spread them so that her fingers could slide gently and deeply into the already throbbing depth of Stephi's wild hunger. As her thumb stroked Stephi's firm, large clit she slipped two fingers into Stephi's anus. Thus blond girl began to thrash and moan crying out in Danish as her body moved beyond conscious control.

    Suddenly, Stephi raised her head and screamed. Her body stiffened and Lena felt the strong sucking, pushing pulsations of Stephi's intense and prolonged climax as its waves coursed through her cunt and asshole. Her legs never stopped moving as the spasms shook her wondrous body again and again.

    The convulsions of ecstasy passed slowly and as Lena knew would happen Stephi lapsed into a deep and tranquil sleep. Lena slid up beside her lover and took her in her arms. Finally, a tableau of black and white the two sated lovers slept.


    Lena wakened quickly and looked at the bedside clock. If she was going to go with Chris she would have to hurry. Gently prying herself free of Stephi's loving grasp she ran to the bathroom.

    It was almost eleven when, dressed in appropriate attire, 501 jeans, Tattersal shirt and brown leather loafers she answered Chris' knock.

    Chris looked admiringly at Lena's attire which was virtually a perfect match of her own. "Aren't we a couple of tawdry fashion plates? Guess if we're going to use the camouflage I'd better make my call." She walked to the phone and after glancing at a piece of paper she pulled from pocket she dialed. There was a long pause. Chris shrugged her shoulders and was just about to hang up when she heard Marilyn's sleepy voice.

    "Hi Marilyn it's Chris; Chris Diamond; you remember?"

    The answer though fuzzy was affirmative.

    Chris apologized for disturbing her and then suggested that they meet to discuss Marilyn's proposition. When Marilyn requested a delay until the next afternoon Chris indicated both some urgency plus work requirements as reasons for an early meet.

    The conversation went on for a while. Finally, Marilyn agreed meet Chris around one in the morning at a small bar on Melrose not too far from Hollywood.

    Replacing the phone Chris turned to Lena and said, "She wasn't exactly thrilled but she had a much to ready alternative meeting place didn't she?"

    "Yeah. Let's see if we can reach Joe. We have a while before we have to leave. I know that bar where she wants to meet. It's a homosexual bar for the folks into leather and hurting if you get my drift."

    Chris tried reaching Joe at home but got no answer. Lena then took over. She called the station Joe worked out of and the possible alternatives they provided without success. After a good half hour of trying she leaned back in the chair. "Only word of importance was a message at his home station to, 'tell the Diamond woman her car has been bugged'. They don't know how to reach him."

    "I noticed you didn't leave any message either."

    "That's right. The fewer who know the less chance of spoiling this. It's drugs at the bottom of this you know?"

    "Yeah but why go to all the trouble of getting nurses involved?"

    "The drugs are smuggled in in condoms swallowed by the mules. You ostensibly will know how to remove the packages from the GI tract and what to do if one of the condoms should break. There have been more than a few deaths when cocaine or horse has been accidentally spilled into a mule's stomach."

    "I understand and yet I don't," Chris said shaking her head.

    "We can't wait so let's roll. We'll use your car and no talking. Sing, talk to yourself but don't let them know I'm in the car. That mean I get in from your side so that there's only one door slam," Lena said smiling.

    "I honestly believe you're enjoying this," Chris laughed.

    After donning sweaters the two women left the house.

    The drive to the Melrose address took surprisingly little time. There appeared to be more than adequate street parking but Lena shook her head vigorously as Chris started to parallel park. She pointed to the sign indicating that the bar had "parking in the rear" and nodded her head.

    The lot was almost empty. Chris looked for the red Ferrari but it was not there. Parking near an overhead light not far from the rear entrance to the bar Chris and Lena left the car being careful to maintain the secrecy of Lena's presence.

    As they headed for the entry door Lena whispered, "Let me go in first. I'll find a table as near the back as possible. You give me a couple of minutes. Don't act as if you know me when you come in. If I think it necessary I'll make a blatant pass at you."

    "OK." Chris replied turning and heading back to the car acting as if she had forgotten something. As she moved through the almost deserted parking lot she felt more than a little frightened. Nevertheless, she carried out her fake search for something in the car. Finally, she directed her steps toward the rear entrance of the bar again. On opening the door Chris was immediately struck by the smell of the place, a mixture of beer, cigarette smoke and sweat. The bar itself was seemed to favor crepuscular lighting probably as much to hide its tawdriness as to encourage drinking. It took Chris more than a few seconds to spot Lena sitting alone at a table off to one side of the front entrance to the place.

    There were several other occupied tables. Among them Chris was conscious of one where two men were in amorous embrace and another with four large women all attired in leather of one form or another. She could find no one that seemed to represent Marilyn or members of her group.

    Walking toward the bar, where scraggy haired woman stood arranging glasses, Chris feigned more bravado than she felt. She slid onto a stool and asked for a wine cooler. After paying for her drink she sat quietly surveying the room and sipping her insipid drink.

    It didn't take long for Chris to be hit on. One of the large leather encrusted women swaggered up to Chris and pushed her red, swinish face into Chris', "You want to make it tonight dearie?"

    "No thanks," Chris said trying hard not to let the effect of the smell of bad beer and worse teeth had on her.

    Reaching for her arm the big woman said, "Come on once you try it you'll love it." The bar tender had, to Chris' relief, moved behind her. When the large woman grabbed Chris' arm she said, "Susie, get your ass back to your table or I'll have you thrown out again."

    The big woman moved away muttering. Chris turned and to thank the bar tender who acknowledged her politeness by saying, "It was nothing. I figured you look good enough to eat so I'd hate to see you have the shit knocked out of you. Just what the hell you doing in a place like this?"

    "Waiting for someone."

    "You waiting for Betty Morales?"

    "No but I know a Betty Morales does she come in here often."

    The bar tender laughed. "If you know Betty Morales you know she comes anywhere. Only kidding. The woman I'm talking about is pretty with dark and big tits who wants to fuck the world."

    "Sounds like we may be talking about the same woman. Do you expect her tonight."

    "Hell yes – what the hell…"

    There was the sound of a scuffle and Chris looked over to where Lena had been sitting. Lena seemed to be standing on something. The bartender moved from behind the bar and yelled, "You OK?"

    Lena called back, "Yeah but get this dyke out of here before I kill her."

    Chris followed the bartender to Lena's table and saw that the big women named Susie was on the floor and Lena had a foot on her neck and an odd grip on one of her arms. Susie's friends had not moved from their table.

    As things settled down and Susie and her chums waddled out of the bar Lena whispered out of the side of her mouth, "Here comes the contingent."

    Chris turned and waved to Marilyn and to Betty Morales who had just walked in. Both were dressed in clothes one could only find on Rodeo Drive. Marilyn walked over to where Chris was standing with Lena and said, "Was there some trouble a few minutes ago?"

    "Yes. I walked over to see if this lady needed help," Chris answered. "Let's us go somewhere and talk."

    "You know Betty Morales," Marilyn asked. Chris nodded to Betty who had not taken her eyes of Lena. Lena was equally enchanted, her eyes fixed on Betty's prominent cleavage. Marilyn laughed and said, "I guess she has something more important to take care off so we'll talk at another table."

    As they moved toward the bar Chris saw Fred and Billy walk through the back door. They waved and gestured at a table near the door. Marilyn and Chris joined them.

    "OK Chris what's up?" Marilyn asked. "Well I am interested in your offer. But I have heard some things about the private Valley hospitals that I wanted to discuss with another professional. I figured you could steer me to the right person or people."

    "Oh sure. You could have asked that over the phone for God's sake."

    "Not really. See I'm being pressured to stay. So even when I called you there were friends from the hospital around and I don't want everybody knowing my business."

    "I understand. How about we all go back to my place and we can discuss this and maybe have a little party," Marilyn said, with what she thought was a licentious leer.

    Chris had seen Lena and Betty leave. She was rather surprised that Lena would let her libido override her concern for Chris' safety. Chris obviously would have to play out the hand as best she could.

    "Thanks for the invitation Marilyn. Ordinarily I would love to go back to the Valley but it's the wrong time for me," Chris said trying hard not to look at the two silent men.

    "OK. Tell you what we better hurry back I'll call you with names of who to contact tomorrow," Marilyn said starting to get up.

    "Uh-uh. Wont work Marilyn. If you leave messages they're screened at the hospital. And a home I don't have an answering machine. Give me a name or two now." Chris knew that Joe needed all the time he could get to search so she had to try and stall.

    Marilyn fumbled around in her purse. Chris saw a small plastic bag of white powder fall to the floor. She bent to retrieve it but Billy was much faster. "No wonder she always looks like she has just been wakened," Chris thought. She was sure that what she had seen was coke.

    Finally Marilyn found a small note pad and a pen. She scribbled a couple of names and phone numbers down and handed the to Chris. "Call these guys tomorrow afternoon. That way I'll have contacted them and they'll know who you are."

    "Great. Can I buy you all a drink before we split."

    Fred and Billy looked at Marilyn. She hesitated and then said, "Yeah you all order, get me a martini. I'll go to the can meanwhile."

    Chris walked to the bar and felt Fred's hot breath on her neck as she leaned forward to order for everyone. She turned quickly and said, "Not now Fred," feigning anger she did not feel.

    The bar tender served the drinks just as Marilyn, perky and smiling, reached the table. "That's better," she said grabbing Billy's arm and rubbing her ample breasts against it. "You sure a little party wouldn't suit you Chrisie?"

    "Absolutely. I'm not into it when I fall off the roof."

    They sat for a few minutes more. It was evident that Marilyn was really lit up. She had steered Billy's hand to one breast and she had the dazed, anxious look of a woman ready to cream at any moment.

    Chris said, "I guess I'll head home now. Thanks for coming out."

    She went to the bar dropped a five dollar bill as a tip and walked out to the parking lot. "Where in the hell is Lena?" she murmured. As she went to unlock the car door she saw someone moving in the back seat of the car parked next to hers. She slid into he seat and slumped down to wait and watch.

    In a few moments the person in the next car turned her face toward Chris, it was Betty. Her eyes were closed and she was moving her head from side to side, her mouth open and her bare shoulders shaking.

    As Chris watched Betty sat straight up her large, firm breast shining in the parking lot light. Chris expected to see Lena's head come up but it was Fred's face that she next saw.

    Then Chris heard a soft whisper from the back seat, "Make a noise."

    Chris began to hum and rattle her keys while Lena crawled from the back seat into the front passenger seat. Then Chris started the car and drove off certain that the two lovers in the next car were too involved to have seen Lena.

    The drive back to the house was quiet, quick and easy.

    Once out of the car Chris turned on Lena and said, "Some back up you were. Her big knockers really turned you into a jellyfish."

    Lena smiled. "Those are sure perky boobs. That woman is a living, breathing sex machine. I was just following orders you know?"

    "I don't get it. Explain please."

    As they walked up the driveway Lena told Chris about Joe's suspicions and instructions. "Joe believes that Betty is close to the top in the smuggling operation. They have known about her for some time. She is inclined to feel that she is invulnerable perhaps because she has influential people in her pocket."

    "Joe told me to go with you and if the opportunity presented itself I was to get to know her. I did that better than he anticipated. You however, were never without protection. The four ladies in leather were part of Joe's group – only one was really a woman."

    "How did he know where we were going to be?" Chris asked.

    "Why don't you ask him he's waiting inside I'll bet," Lena said skipping up the stairs and into the house.

    Joe was sitting in the soft chair sipping a cup of cocoa and talking with Stephi. He stood when Lena and Chris walked in. Smiling warmly he said, "I'm glad it went as it did. We got our information out of Marilyn's home – it's not hers by the way – she rents it from a couple of Betty's friends."

    Chris went into the kitchen and called to Lena, "Where do you keep the cocoa? It smells so good I'd like some."

    Stephi strolled in and said, "Go sit down I'll make some for both of you carousers." When the group was fully assembled again they tried to get information out of Joe. He declined to discuss the case. Instead he asked Chris for what information she got out of Marilyn.

    Chris handed him the names and numbers of the people she was to contact. She also mentioned her suspicions about Marilyn being a coke head.

    Lena confirmed her suspicions saying, "Betty told me that she is very concerned about Marilyn. She said 'she has a big habit'."

    After a little more gossiping Joe rose and started to say goodnight. Chris took his arm and asked if she might talk with him in private. After saying good night the Lena and Stephi thy walked upstairs to Chris' apartment.

    As soon as they stepped across the threshold and closed the door Chris turned to Joe and threw her arms around him. "Darling please don't leave me tonight."

    Joe held her tight and whispered between fervent kisses, "Were you that frightened?"

    "No you idiot. I'm that turned on by you. I need you Joe."

    Chris' hands worked at her rumpled lover's shirt buttons as they moved, as in a slow dance, toward Chris' bedroom. By the time they reached the bed Chris had Joe out of his shirt and most of the way out of his pants as well. Giving him a gentle shove Chris got him onto the bed. She opened her shirt and left it hanging around her arms whispering, "Undress me please my love."

    Joe's hands moved quickly to her slacks and slipped them down so that they rested around Chris' ankles. He then took her rigid, full nipples in his fingers and rolled them back and forth.

    Chris gasped and as her legs grew weak with desire she slipped slowly down until she was sitting on the floor. Her hands reached for Joe's erect, pink cock and she pulled it and him to her. Her eager mouth slid over Joe's throbbing organ and as he began tugging at Chris' nipples she slid her mouth down his organ letting her teeth graze the sides of his sensitive shaft.

    Lifting her hips Chris was able to straddle Joe's right leg and as she moved her head she rubbed her pulsating, wet cunt with increasing fury against Joe's leg. She felt Joe stiffen and then tasted his massive explosion as it filled her hungry mouth.

    It was only moments later, while Joe's cock still beat against her lips and tongue, that she felt the sudden uncontrollable warmth of her orgasm sweep through her body squeezing her cunt and anus with a fury that made her groan with delight.

    After a time Chris' orgasms passed and she lay panting her head resting on Joe's firm muscular thigh. Joe's gentle, strong hands stroked her now disheveled, lush blond hair lovingly. With a sudden resolve Joe lifted Chris onto the bed and stretched out beside her to rest. It was close to six in the morning when Joe wakened. He looked ruefully at the clothes he was still tangled in. Chris was sleeping peacefully beside him. Leaning over he kissed her gently his heart beating faster as both desire and love for his ardent lover moved him.

    Smiling sleepily Chris stretched and reached out for Joe. She giggled as she saw that her hands were still entangled in the now rumpled shirt she had worn. Slipping it off with difficulty she drew her bed partner close and kissed him tenderly. She felt his strong hands move over her body and she quivered with sudden burning desire. Her hands reached for Joe's firm, erect cock and thrusting her hips up in eager anticipation she guided it deep into her already drenched cunt.

    Joe's slow thrusts against her gyrating pelvis were like sword strokes of pure delight. She whimpered and gasped as their rhythms of love joined. Her graceful legs wrapped themselves around her muscular lover and her delicate hands grasped and scratched at his smooth, solid back.

    She felt him stiffen and then as his prick picked up the beat of his orgasm she shrieked with the indescribable ecstasy of her climax. Her yearning, avid cunt squeezed and sucked at the cock that filled her with joy. Her pelvis throbbed with spasm after spasm as she clung to her gentle, skillful lover.

    It was late in the morning when Joe gently pried himself from Chris' tender grasp. Kissing her soft lips, parted slightly in peaceful sleep he whispered, "I'll see you tonight love."

    He quickly bathed and dressed in his now understandably rumpled clothes. Then gliding silently out of the room and down the stairs he headed for his home and a fresh wardrobe.

    Despite the belated start he hoped this day would be the last one for his odd case that combined dope smuggling and trafficking in human misery. He also hoped it would be the day that would allow him to start a new life with the passionate, lovely Chris.

    Meanwhile Chris lay peacefully sleeping. Renewing the strength and the ardor she had so willingly and lovingly spent the night before. Her pleasant dreams were interrupted by a light tapping on the front door of the flat.

    Slipping into a light robe she ran barefoot to answer the summons. Stephi flushed and panting from her morning five mile run stood in the door way.

    "Let's have breakfast downstairs."

    "Great. Let me shower and slip into a sweat suit or something and I'll join you," Chris said.

    Trotting back into the closed bedroom Chris smiled wistfully at the wrinkled, love stained sheets on her bed. She quickly gathered them up and piled them in the corner. Pulling fresh bed linen from a drawer in her dresser she remade the bed before showering.

    About forty-five minutes later she ambled down the stairs, her arms filled with dirty linen. Stephi wordlessly helped her put everything in the washing machine and then said, "Judging from that you can use more than just cereal and milk for breakfast."

    Chris blushed and giggling replied, "Bacon and eggs plus cereal would be much better."


    Chris and Stephi both dressed in comfortable old sweat shirts and running pants sat quietly sipping coffee. During breakfast Stephi told Chris that Joe had called. He told Stephi Chris was to stay in the house and he would stop by in the early evening to discuss Marilyn and the case in general.

    "So I guess I'll check on the laundry and then hunt for a good book," Chris said starting to get up from the table.

    "Let me help you with the sheets. It's easier for two people to handle them," Stephi said putting her cup down and rising from the table.

    As Stephi stood up Chris was suddenly aware of Stephi's large breasts and firm nipples pressing hard against the soft fabric of her well worn sweat shirt. She averted her eyes with difficulty and looked to see if Stephi was conscious of her staring.

    Stephi smiled and said, "Let's get the sheets into the dryer, OK?"

    The damp sheets were heavy and Chris was glad Stephi had offered to assist her. It was while the were working with the second of Chris' sheets that their hands met, whether by design or accident neither knew.

    Chris looked at Stephi whose face and exposed neck were deeply flushed. Her lips were slightly parted and there was a thin row of perspiration beading her upper lip. Chris felt her small breast harden and her nipples grew as if they had a life of their own. Turning to Stephi Chris' voice shook as she said, "I guess we're done with that for now. What should we do now?"

    Stephi extended her strong hand and led Chris into the bed room. Whispering softly, "Make love to me please."

    Chris put her arms ground the lovely blond woman and pressed her aching breasts against Stephi's full bosom. She felt Stephi's erect, large nipples pressing against her own and she gasped with delight.

    Stephi's hands tugged at the draw string of Chris' track pants which finally slithered to the floor as Chris stripped off her tattered sweat shirt. Chris gently pressed Stephi back onto the bed and after sliding her pants off straddled the Danish beauty pressing her blond pubic mound firmly against Stephi's paler blond pussy.

    Grunting with ungovernable passion Stephi thrust and ground her hips into Chris' firm pelvis. She rolled her head from side to side and spread her thighs wide as her hands seeking hand holding Chris' loving body close. With a deep groan Stephi came. Chris could feel the warmth of Stephi's cum soaking her pubic hair and the inside of her thighs. Stephi clung to Chris' hips and shivered as the spasms of her repeated orgasms moved resolutely through her throbbing, yearning body.

    Panting and flushed Stephi opened her eyes at last and whispered, "I want you again darling." She gently slid out from under Chris' uncontrollably eager body and gently pressed Chris down on the bed.

    Whimpering, her chest heaving with desire Chris begged, "Tie my hands, please."

    Stephi leaned over the aroused young woman and as her large breasts brushed over Chris' full, stiff nipples Chris reached and held them tight begging, "Tie me for God's sake." Stephi reached into her bedside table drawer and brought out two soft, fur covered pink tapes. Straddling Chris' thrashing, thrusting body she slipped the tapes over the bed posts and with no difficulty over Chris' delicate, straining wrists and arms.

    As Chris was now beyond control. Her mouth was open, she was rolling her head from side to side whimpering and squealing unintelligible sounds. Stephi still straddling the frenzied beauty moved her hands down to Chris' wet and thrusting crotch.

    Then sliding her lips and tongue slowly down the arched, yearning body of her lover she reached the wet, warm center of Chris' desire. Placing he hands firmly one either side of Chris' eager cunt she gently pulled the skin until Chris' tiny, rigid little pearl of love burst forth.

    Chris was now uttering little screams and thrusting her hips with furious urgency. Stephi took the stiff pink clit into her mouth and sucked hungrily. Chris shrieked, her body stiffened and Stephi's mouth quickly filled with the salty, womanly tasting token of Chris' unrestrained ecstasy.

    As the spasms of Chris' intense and prolonged climax passed Stephi felt Chris' hands moving gently through her hair. Lifting her eyes she saw that the lovely blond had broken the soft, pink restraints Stephi had used.

    Sitting back on her haunches Stephi laughed as she whispered to the now quiet Chris, "It's a good thing those love restraints come in packages of twelve."

    Chris smiled tenderly and opened her arms to her big breasted, artful lover. Arms entwined they lay quietly on the bed and finally slept in each other's loving grasp.

    It was close to noon when both women were roused by the soft buzz of the telephone. Stephi rolled onto her back and reached for the instrument on her bed side table. The conversation was brief and limited to grunts of affirmation from Stephi.

    After replacing the phone she remained sitting and said, "Chris, that was Joe. He will pick you up in about an hour. He wants you to ID some people from pictures he has."

    Chris jumped out of bed her little boobs bouncing as she ran first to the john and then to scoop up her discarded clothes. She heard Stephi laughing and stopped. "What's so funny?"

    "You still have the ties on your wrists. It looks wicked and funny." Chris blushed as she pulled the soft pink ribbons from her arms. Then she picked up her clothes once again and ran up the stairs to her apartment to shower and dress.

    It was closer to one-thirty when Joe and a tall, black police officer in uniform arrived. Joe introduced his companion as Sergeant Lynden who shook hands with Chris his large hand large, firm hand completely covered hers.

    Chris requested that Stephi be present and Joe said that would be fine. Stephi, dressed in slacks and a non-revealing cotton blouse, climbed the stairs minutes after Chris called to her.

    Chris, in jeans and a soft, pink cowl necked sweater, sat demurely next to Joe on the tiny couch.

    "OK let's get started on this," Joe said reaching for a brief case that rested against the side of the couch.

    Joe handed Chris a large brown envelope and said, "There are pictures of a dozen people in this. I would like you to put a name and if possible a please of meeting to each one."

    Chris pulled the pile of pictures out of the envelope and scanned them all quickly. The she started through the pile again taking each picture in turn and commenting on it before handing it to Joe.

    Sergeant Lynden took notes as Chris talked. As Chris returned each picture she noticed that Joe entered a number on the back and then handed it to Lynden.

    Of the twelve pictures it turned out that Chris was able to identify ten people. She gasped when she saw a picture of Marilyn because she looked so different from when Chris had seen her only the night before.

    "How long ago was that picture taken?"

    "That picture is over two years old. We got it from the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs. Your friend Marilyn has been treated for substance abuse at least once. That's how she looked when the Ford people first got her."

    "My God. And I think she may be headed that way again," Chris said shaking her pretty head.

    "Yeah," Sergeant Lynden said in a deeply resonant, voice, "if she survives the week you mean."

    "I don't understand." Chris looked quizzically from Lynden to Joe.

    "Well let's go over the situation we have been dealing with," Joe said. "Chris could we have some coffee? This explanation's going to take some time."

    Stephi jumped to her feet and said, "I'll make it. Chris you stay here and make sure they save the juicy parts until I get back. Would anyone like a sandwich or something else with their coffee?"

    The two men shook their heads and Joe said, "Chris you can go help Stephi. Lynden and I have some calls to make based on your identifications."

    Chris and Stephi went into Chris' tiny kitchen. After getting the coffee maker running they scurried between apartments and found several different kinds of cookies and crackers to serve. In less than thirty minutes they were back in Chris' living room. Lynden was still using the phone but Joe had dozed off in his chair.

    Lynden, whose first name was Sam, the women discovered told them that Joe had been up most of the night working on the case. They had been startled to discover that the DEA was also involved but, as he put it, "I'll let the Lieutenant do all the explaining."

    The three of them sipped their coffees and ate cookies while Joe slept. Finally, just as Stephi wondered out loud whether she should make more coffee Joe wakened. He stretched and said, "Must have needed that. The coffee smells good. Is there any left?"

    Chris poured him a cup from the carafe and then shook it listening for the splash. "If anyone wants more I'll go make it otherwise I'd like to hear what's going on."

    Joe finished his coffee and said, "I don't think we need more. Lynden and I have to get back in within the next hour so here's the story to date. It seems that one of the major Valley hospitals hired themselves a real bottom line type as an administrator."

    "This bean-counter decided that the best way to cut hospital expenses for the company, not the patients, was to hire people from south of the border. He was not too interested in whether they had any experience in caring for the sick because he figured they could be trained to work as aides or if they had enough experience as LVNs."

    "The hospital's director of nurses and her two assistants objected and were fired. He tried hiring others and was unsuccessful. Then about two years ago someone told him of a newly established recruiting service that imported in hospital personnel. He hired them on the spot."

    "What her hired was a group of thugs really. They are drug importers and dealers. The people they bring in are untrained or poorly trained. The administrator, one of the people you did not identify Chris, has been taking massive kickbacks from these people."

    "Incidentally his name was not one Marilyn gave you. She gave you the names of two doctors who are also in on the scam, one runs the ICU/CCU of the hospital in question the other's function is still not clear."

    "OK. Now among the people whose pictures you identified, one was the big woman Lena hassled with at the bar. She's a cop. Another was Betty Morales. She is, believe it or not, a DEA agent. She has provided us with much information including the old picture of Marilyn Short."

    "The pictures of Fred Welsh and Billy Deacon are from our bunco files. Fred is a real charmer who follows the well-to-do golfing crowd. He's an excellent golfer and passes himself off as a pro."

    "Apparently he left the LA area several years ago and turned up again recently as an employee of the recruiting service I mentioned. No complaints about his bilking rich unmarried women which is his usual con."

    "Billy Deacon is somewhat different from Fred. He is a skilled tennis player and apparently has been a good teaching pro at various clubs over the country. His problem is that he is a real skirt chaser. He has been fired from various country clubs because of his amorous adventures."

    "He has been here in the LA area for over a year. We are not certain of how he has supported himself but we do know he has lived with at least three different women since his arrival here. One of the women he lived with claimed he conned her out of some jewelry. That's how he wound up in the bunco file."

    "Unlike Fred he has no criminal record and seems to really come into this picture only because he has been very friendly with Marilyn. She has used him on two other recruiting adventures similar to your experience Chris. Each time he's the boy that gets Marilyn."

    "Interesting. But what do you hope to find in all this?" Chris asked.

    Sergeant Lynden responded. "We think that Fred and Marilyn are no more than working stiffs. There is a boss of the operation who arranges the shipments of 'nursing personnel' and the accompanying drugs. The processing of both probably occurs in that big house occupied by Marilyn. We have two well trained nurses from small midwestern towns who have come to us, belatedly, and told us of the operation."

    "In each instance they were recruited as you were and taken to a place where their service in treating drug over doses, and recovering condoms full of dope, required. They were always blindfolded and threatened with revelation of embarrassing secrets, including pictures and video tapes, if they talked."

    "You may well receive threatening call if you don't make a real effort to contact the people Marilyn suggested. We have discovered, through Betty Morales, that everybody at those so called parties could have been video taped. Consequently, we want you to initiate another conversation with Marilyn."

    Chris blanched. "That sounds risky," she blurted.

    "Not really," Joe said. "We think that if you confront her with haying bugged your car she may break. You are to visit her tonight with Sergeant Lynden as your police escort. Just be convincingly angry about the bugging situation," Joe said smiling and patting her hand.

    "OK. I guess I better get my laundry and get out of here Stephi," Chris said smiling.

    "Be ready about seven," Joe said as Chris rose from her chair, "I'll take you to dinner before the balloon goes up."

    Chris collected her dry linen and clumped up the stairs not exactly thrilled with the turn of events. "I guess a poorly controlled libido can get you in all kinds of trouble after all," she thought as she put her clean sheets away.

    After stowing the linen Chris selected her wardrobe for the evening. She decided she should wear a subdued outfit and so selected navy blue turtle neck shirt and gabardine slacks, plus a gray tweed jacket and black loafers. Then stripping to her panties only she crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

    Her alarm wakened her at six. She hurried with her shower and was dressed and ready when Joe knocked at her door a little before seven.

    He was impeccably dressed in a pinstriped three piece suit, blue shirt and rep tie.

    "You are a handsome fellow," Chris said as she ushered him in.

    "Thanks. Let's hurry I have seven-thirty reservations at a swanky place in Beverly Hills. Wont due to be late when I'm showing my best girl off," he said smiling broadly.

    Chris slipped on her jacket, checked her make up and reappeared in moments. "All set. Let's show each other off."

    Dinner was leisurely and as they sipped brandy Joe said, "Sergeant Lynden will meet us at the West Valley Station around ten. Why don't you try calling Marilyn now about seeing her tonight. Make it clear you wont take no for an answer."

    Chris went to a public phone near the restrooms and dialed Marilyn's number. It took six rings before the brusque voice of Marilyn Short came on line.


    "Marilyn, it's Chris – Chris Diamond."

    "Oh, so you've finally called someone. Why bother me? Call the people I told you to," she replied angrily.

    "Look Marilyn, I've got something serious to discuss with you. I want to see you tonight."

    "Like hell I'm busy. You do as your told or you'll find yourself doing a lot of explaining kid."

    "Marilyn, listen to me carefully. I want to see you tonight. I don't know what you mean about embarrassment but I do know that you or your friends have some explaining to do. I'll be at your place within the hour. So get yourself straightened out," Chris said getting angry at Marilyn's truculence.

    "Sorry, I'm busy tonight. Go fly…"

    "Don't hang up – if you're not there when I get there I'll go to the cops."

    There was a long pause during which time Chris was certain she could hear a muffled conversation at the other end of the line.

    "OK get here around ten-thirty," Marilyn said grudgingly.

    Chris hung up and sat at the phone for a brief period waiting for her hands to stop shaking and her pulse to slow. She hadn't realized how upsetting the situation was. "Shit. They obviously have me on tape," she thought as she walked back to the table.

    Joe came stood and took her hand as she approached the table. "Your pale as a ghost and your hands are as cold as ice."

    "You were right. I'm on video tape. She threatened me. But, when I said the magic word, 'cops', she agreed to meet with me. It's at her place at ten-thirty."

    "Good," Joe said smiling.

    "What the hell are you smiling about?"

    "I was thinking of that video tape," he said with a mock leer.

    Chris, blushed, and made a fake pass at Joe with her tiny fist. "By the way there was someone with her. I'm sure she spoke with some one before agreeing to see me."

    "That's a surprise. We've been watching the place for the past twenty-four hours and no one other than the help, a cable TV repair man – oh my God that's it – the TV repair man. We may need more back up. This is coming clearer by the minute," Joe said rising and heading for the phone.

    When Joe returned he was frowning. "I think we better go. I've got more people coming but Lynden thinks you ought to arrive a little earlier than scheduled."

    Joe paid the bill and they walked out into the cool evening air. Chris was surprised to see her car at the door with Sam Lynden, in uniform, behind the wheel.

    Joe assisted her into the car and kissed her tenderly. "You'll be OK. Follow Sam's lead."

    Sergeant Lynden was a skillful driver. They cruised out of Beverly Hills to the San Diego Freeway and then onto the Ventura. They were in Calabasas by a little after ten.

    "Chris when we get there you ring the bell. I'll not show myself until Marilyn, or whoever answers the door, is ready to let you in. OK?"

    "Fine," she said not able to keep a quiver out of her voice.

    The approach to Marilyn's house was, as usual, well lit. Sam parked the car directly in front of the house on the circular driveway. Chris got out of the car and walked briskly to the door.

    The chimes were still echoing when Marilyn, dressed in a filmy negligee and nothing else opened it, "Hi Chrisie dear."

    "Her voice is seductive, her body still inviting," Chris thought, "but my God her face looks like she's been on a three day drunk," Chris thought as she moved to but not across the threshold. "Hi, Marilyn. You been sick?"

    "No dear. Come in please it's chilly for me in this little number," Marilyn giggled.

    "OK. But I brought my friend Sam Lynden with me," Chris said stepping aside and letting the Sergeant enter first. Chris could see Marilyn blanch, her puffy face seemed to fall apart with a mixture of fright and confusion.

    Chris closed the door behind her as Marilyn retreated rapidly, tripping once over the long trail of the negligee. Sliding onto a small chair, Marilyn said, "What the hell you didn't say anything about bringing a cop. He's not welcome here and he doesn't have a warrant."

    Chris sniffed the air of the room. Ether, she thought. Then she noticed that Sam also smelled it. It was Sam who spoke first, "I don't need a warrant, not when I suspect a felony is occurring on the premises – and I smell ether – so I guess you are or have been free basing coke – that's a crime."

    "I want a lawyer," Marilyn blurted tugging nervously at the fancy pink ties of her flimsy garment.

    "Sure soon's I arrest you and read you your rights," Sam said settling into an upholstered chair across the room and looking unashamedly at Marilyn's nearly naked body.

    Marilyn gradually re-acquired her sangfroid. She returned Sam's stare and said coolly, "I think I'd like to slip a little something else on, if you don't mind Sergeant."

    "Sure go ahead. Miss Diamond will accompany you though. And if you aren't out of there in three minutes, by the clock, I'm coming in. Understood?" Chris followed Marilyn into the ornate bedroom. The large screen TV flickered but had no picture and the smell of ether was very strong. However, Chris could not see any paraphernalia around.

    Marilyn dropped the negligee and turned to Chris with what she must have thought was a seductive look.

    Chris coolly said, "Get a robe on and let's get back to the Sergeant so we can talk."

    Marilyn went to the walk-in closet and returned moments later wearing a heavy blue-silk kimono. She looked at Chris pleadingly, "Chris let me calm myself down. I'll use the john. It'll only take a few minutes – please."

    "OK," Chris said wondering if she was being to sympathetic.

    She sat down on the fancy pink chair near the door and prepared to wait. Suddenly the big screen came to life. Chris could see Marilyn in her blue kimono moving around in the bathroom. She opened a drawer in the vanity and took two items out and dropped them in the kimono's voluminous pockets. Chris saw that one was a clear plastic bag similar to the one she saw in Marilyn's purse earlier.

    The other item she couldn't identify. Marilyn had moved too quickly. As Chris continued to watch Marilyn walked to a small rattan chair and, after slipping the kimono off, sat down. She opened the small plastic envelope and poured a small amount of the white powder it contained into the palm of her left hand. Turning slightly she carefully placed the envelope on the vanity and turned back to face the camera. Chris wondered if Marilyn knew she was being watched.

    Marilyn's face acquired a hungry, almost feral, look as she lifted her left palm to her nose and alternately closed one nostril and sniffed with the other until the pile of powder had disappeared from her hand.

    She sat quietly for a moment or two and then her hands began to pull at her full breasts and to rub her rigidly erect nipples. She reached into the fallen kimono's pocket and pulled out the other item she had place there. It was a penis shaped vibrator.

    As Chris watched with a mixture of disgust and fascination Marilyn, sitting now with her legs wide apart, slipped the vibrator into her wet pink cunt and slid it back and forth rapidly. Suddenly her back arched, her mouth opened and her hands moved to her full breasts and held them. Her climax ended as quickly as it started.

    Marilyn now moving with remarkable alacrity picked the vibrator off the floor, dropped it in the lavatory, rinsed her hands, and slipped on her kimono. Moments later she appeared in the bedroom. "OK let's get this over with. I feel great now – thanks for the extra time."


    Marilyn and Chris walked back into the living room. Marilyn's face was still puffy but her eyes were abnormally bright. She sat down confidently next to Sam Lynden. "OK sarge let's get this over with."

    "Fine Miss Short. First let me ask you how long your high will last?"

    Marilyn was startled by the question. "Damn, you think you know so much. Well it'll last until you and Miss Itchy Pussy are out of here," she spat back at him.

    Chris blushed. She had reconciled herself to the probability of worse things than bad names coming out in the investigation. But, Marilyn's venom was unpleasant just the same.

    "OK. Why'd you bug Miss Diamond's car?"

    Marilyn stared at Chris as she answered. "Who says I did?"

    "We're going to get nowhere fast if you answer my questions with questions, ma'am. Let's try again. When Miss Diamond's car was sent to the repair shop from here who authorized the repairs?"

    "I did and paid for them too."

    "I see. Do you have a copy of the service order or the bill?"

    "No. Paul takes care of all those things. He picked the car up I believe."

    "Is Paul here this evening?"


    "Do you know what was wrong with Miss Diamond's car or what repairs were made?"


    "Fine. How long you been free-basing coke?"

    Marilyn shot out of her seat like a rocket. Her face contorted with rage, spittle running from the corner of her mouth. "You sonovabitch get out and take this hayseed cunt with you," she shrieked.

    "Calm down please. I know you have cocaine in this house; in your bathroom as a matter of fact – I watched you prepare for this interview on television," Sam said quietly.

    Chris turned to the tall black policeman her face reflecting her surprise. "You watched too?"

    "Yes, Chris, I wondered what was taking you so long so I quietly opened the bedroom door and saw the same thing you did," his deep voice sounded sad.

    Marilyn sat with her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking as she sobbed, "I can't go on this way."

    Chris moved to Marilyn and put an arm around her shoulders. "Come on Marilyn tell us what's going on and let us help you."

    Marilyn straightened up. Wiping her eyes and cheeks on a handkerchief Sam had handed to her she said in a low voice, "Let me just tell what I know and then ask questions."

    "It's your show now Ms. Short," Sam said taking a notebook from his inside pocket and settling back.

    "After substance abuse treatment program I was clean and felt good. However, I owed a lot of money to several people. It wasn't long before my major creditors began to get nasty. I wasn't even keeping up with the interest they charged on the money I had borrowed."

    "One day Fred came to see me and told me they wanted him to start running me as a call girl. Sex is fun for me. I never thought of selling what I enjoyed giving away and I told Fred it wouldn't work."

    "He seemed sympathetic but said unless I did something soon I was in for a lot of trouble. It was soon after that that the people I owed lost a huge shipment of drugs. Now the pressure on me really mounted."

    "Billy Deacon and I have been friends for years. I told Billy of my problem. He described the smuggling routine we now use and suggested I offer it as part payment on my debt. When I told Fred about it he agreed that it was worth discussing."

    "Within a week after that I was set up in this house and given a couple of fancy cars. My job was to lure medical professionals into sexual indiscretions. There were several reasons why they needed medical professionals. Most important was they needed a drug treatment facility where they could send clients to keep them from gabbing."

    "After one of their mules died from a drug overdose when a condom full of coke broke in her stomach the discovered another need for doctors and nurses. Finally, it became clear to them that they could make money on the hospital and the little store front clinics they have set up."

    "They at first thought they would get their English speaking personnel by hooking them on the drugs they import and sell. It soon became clear that this was a lousy idea because the people couldn't function. That's when sex and the VCR came into use."

    "Somewhere in this house there are tapes of prominent doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and politicians involved in illicit sex. I say somewhere because I am limited to five rooms in this eighteen room mausoleum."

    "Now you know all I know. So ask your questions," Marilyn said sighing and slumping back in her chair.

    "Who are your major creditors? Is Fred Welsh one of them? And, who is running this whole operation?"

    Marilyn had obviously come down from her high with a real crash. She was pale and very subdued as she answered Sam Lynden. "I don't know who the real creditors are. Fred is merely a bag man. I have my suspicions though – I think the owners of this house and the bosses of the operation are Paul and Hilda."

    Sam sat up as Marilyn blurted this out. "OK I agree. You said they're not here so let's search whole place and see what we can find."

    "You can't without a search warrant, can you?" Marilyn asked.

    "I can't, but your guest Miss Diamond can. She's only interested in finding the compromising video tape you had made of her. All you need do if give her permission to search while you lie down and rest," Sergeant Lynden said quietly.

    "It's OK with me Chris. Go search I don't give a damn," Marilyn said standing and heading for her bedroom. She stopped abruptly and turned saying, "There are no tapes in my bedroom suite. If you fine the one I just made would you bring it to me please." Chris looked at Sam and he nodded his head. "Sure. Rest well."

    As soon as Marilyn closed her bedroom door Sam was up and moving. "Let's find the door or doors to the part of the house she can't use. You look down the hall and around the kitchen area. I'll call and see if the boys at the station can get some one in city hall to get the plans for this place – I doubt we can get them in time though."

    Chris moved down the hall opening closet and bathroom doors without difficulty until she reached a door she had not noticed before. It was at the very end of the hall. When she tried it the knob did not turn and when she tapped on it she could tell that it was solid. There was no visible lock anywhere.

    She called to Sam Lynden who came trotting down the hall his leather belt creaking and his keys jingling.

    "What have we here?" he said with admiration in his voice. He too tried the door and then said to Chris, "Look for an alphanumeric pad somewhere on the same wall – never mind I found it."

    Chris looked where Sam was looking and sure enough the ornate frame of a mirror hanging on the door had the key pad worked into its fancy scroll work.

    "What do we do now, Sam?"

    "You open it. All I can do is watch while you do it."

    "Huh? Are you crazy? I don't know the code."

    "Yes you do Chris – try 30196 – it should work."

    Chris did as she was told and a soft whirring sound came from the door. She tried it and it swung back easily.

    "What the hell – how'd you know the combination?"

    "Trade secret. Go on in. I can't follow you."

    Chris entered a large dimly lit windowless room. The floor was concrete slab. The walls on one side were lined with rows of metal shelving filled with video tapes. The rest of the room was filled with wooden crates and cardboard boxes all tightly sealed.

    Chris moved quickly along the rows of shelves and saw that the video tapes were filed by code numbers rather than dates, places or people's names. However, it was speedily evident that the code would not be a problem. She stumbled upon a large console hidden by the shelves which housed a computer plus a TV and VCR.

    Jogging back through the room she opened the door and motioned for Lynden to follow her in. His eyes lit up when he saw the sealed crates and boxes. "This has got to be their warehouse for the stuff they're smuggling in."

    Chris said, "I'm going to try to see if I can locate some incriminating tapes – including my own embarrassment. Are you going to call for backup?"

    "I'll step outside and consult the boss. He's around somewhere. I'll send Betty Morales in to help you when I find her. Good hunting."

    Chris went back to the console and after turning on the computer she searched for some clue on how to access the video tape filing system. A small piece of paper pasted on the front of the computer contained a list of single and double keystroke commands. Chris decided to run through them first. In less than five minutes she had the entire file printed out and ready for review.

    The tapes were filed by date and then by place. Chris discovered that in addition to the house in Encino the group taped activities in Marilyn's living quarters, a place in Sherman Oaks and another in Van Nuys.

    She went first to the tapes listed for the house in Encino where she had met both Betty and Marilyn. There were three tapes for the date she visited the place.

    "The bastard's did a twenty-four hour surveillance on that place the day I was there," she murmured as she slipped the first tape into the VCR.

    The first few seconds of the tape were blank and then a view of a sparsely furnished room appeared. Chris found the fast forward button and ran at least 500 counts off the tape before a figure appeared on the screen.

    Chris vaguely remembered having seen the woman who walked through the door. She was a statuesque red head dressed in skin tight brown leather pants and a matching vest. Beneath the vest she wore a tight pink sweater that revealed more of her full breasts than it hid. The tight pants conformed to every curve and of her narrow hips.

    She stood in the doorway surveying the room, swinging a small shoulder bag and licking her full red lips again and again. The only sound audible was the soft chink of the chain attached to her bag as it moved back and forth. There was a barely audible tap on the door and the redhead turned at the sound.

    A tall gray haired man entered and the woman's face lit up as she flung her arms around him and kissed him fiercely. Her ardor was reciprocated. In moments the two of them were undressed and stood naked on the pale yellow carpeting facing each other.

    Chris could barely stifle a gasp as she looked at the muscular body of the man and the size of his erection. She guessed that he was well over six feet tall. His muscles rippled as he grasped the lithe, satin smooth body of the redheaded woman, whose abundant hair now cascaded almost to the floor, and lifted her from the floor and carried her to the single bed in the room.

    The woman was pleading, in a soft voice, over and over, "Please make me a good girl, daddy."

    The man was silent though obviously very much aroused. He lay the woman on her back on the bed and picked up a long feather that must have been on the floor, hidden from the camera. Holding the gorgeous redhead by one breast he stroked her already wet pussy with the feather. She struggled against his hold and squealed spreading her legs and thrusting her lovely body upwards.

    With each thrust the man stroked her wide open cunt and moved the feather down the crease of her buttocks. She was grunting and squirming as the man continued to hold her with one hand and stroke her cunt and asshole with feather he held in the other.

    Suddenly, the red head stopped all movement her eyes closed, and her mouth opened slightly. From deep in her chest she emitted a soft crooning sound that gradually grew louder until she uttered an ear splitting shriek. Her body was now jerking uncontrollably and she pulled the man down on top of her, shouting, "Fuck me now."

    The coupling was quick and turbulent. Their pelvises thrust at each other so strongly that they slapped like loud hand claps. Both came suddenly the man groaning and straining. While the redhead wrapped her willowy, shapely legs around his waist and screamed with each orgasmic jerk that moved her lovely body.

    As they lay panting Chris was suddenly aware of her folded hands pressing hard against her soaking wet crotch. "Jeez, I haven't done that since I was fifteen," she muttered.

    Chris pushed the fast forward button again and the man, whose face she felt she recognized, and his redheaded lover jiggled off the screen. Chris suddenly realized that she was looking at action occurring in a different room.

    "Did they move the camera," she wondered to her self as she watched a rather ornate bedroom fill with a half dozen nude and semi-nude men and women. At fast speed she could recognize no one. When she slowed it down she immediately spotted the dumpy little nurse who had given her the party house address and Marilyn among the crowd.

    "Holy mackerel," she giggled as she watched the assembled group, consisting of all shapes and sizes, rapidly arrange themselves into a boy-girl daisy chain. The camera seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time fixed on one pasty faced, scrawny man, with wispy black hair. All of a sudden the shock of recognition.

    "I know who that man is and also the one with the redhead. They're city politicians who've been in the news recently. Wow this is hot," Chris murmured to no one in particular.

    She once more went to the fast forward key and moved on through the tape until she saw another change of scene. This time Chris saw her own thin, supple body and the full breasted form of Betty Morales coupling on that critical night. She shivered and fast forwarded to the end of the tape.

    "I wish I could fast forward out of the situation that I got into that night," she thought as she ejected the tape and put in the next one she had selected.

    "It's rather like watching a porno movie isn't it," a soft woman's voice said. Chris jumped and turned toward the voice. Betty Morales stood behind her with a worried look on her face.

    "My God you scared me," Chris said sharply.

    "Sorry. I came in while you were briefly watching our antics on that night," she said with a wistful smile. "Sam asked me to chaperone you in here. It's possible, but not very likely, that Hilda or Paul or Fred could show up."

    "Oh! I never thought of that," Chris said.

    "The reason it's unlikely is because I would guess you sent them a warning message as you tried the computer access codes."

    "Huh – I just used the first few. The inventory and filing system used for the tapes came up right away," Chris replied.

    Betty chuckled softly. "You're a typical computer user kiddo. The person who wrote this program knew his business. There is no way that your unauthorized access wasn't designed to alert the authorized users of the material. It's possible you even erased the more valuable stuff in the computer memory by accessing it as you did."

    "I didn't realize. You mean I may have erased the drug inventory for example?"

    "Yep. Or the list of folks these crooks were blackmailing – besides you and me that is," Betty said grinning.

    "Why are you grinning. It's damned embarrassing for an intelligent person to let the crotch rule the head. Especially when it gets video taped," Chris said blushing once again.

    "Yeah I guess it would be for a girl from Nebraska."

    "I'm from Iowa and don't be so damned patronizing," Chris said hotly.

    "Don't get huffy. I'm just trying to kill some time until your friend Joe gets here with the warrant. I want to get those cases open and see what's in them," Betty said. "Let's watch some more kinky video while we're waiting."

    Chris shook her head. "I really don't like doing this. It's like reading other people's mail. But, I want to find the one with Marilyn and me."

    "That was your night for girls was it," Betty said staring hard at Chris.

    "As a matter of fact yes – yours too?"

    "With me that's every night doll. Didn't your friend Lena tell you?"

    "Tell me what?"

    "She invited me to move in with her and Stephi once the case is settled," Betty answered.

    "Doesn't this stuff on the tapes bother you? What will the DEA say if this gets to them?" Chris wondered.

    "Nothing. Let me tell you a little story about my career," Betty said leaning back in her chair and stretching so that her magnificent breasts stood like ripe melons beneath a soft sheer covering.

    "You testing me?" Chris laughed.

    "Good line. That's how things started in my office so in a way I guess I was testing," Betty said grinning.

    "OK tell me about it. I'll find the tape of me with Marilyn later."

    "I have been a lesbian even before I really knew about sex. Technically I guess I'm bisexual since I do get the urge to try it with men from time to time. But my luck with them, as you recently observed, has always been lousy. Women have always attracted me. I love their smell, their smooth skin, their bodies and their faces."

    "I have been having sex since I was eleven and I'm thirty-two now. My first affair was with an older woman, a friend of the family, who had an important federal civil service job. I spent my summers traveling with her and ultimately went to school in DC so that we could live together."

    "Through her I got my job in the bureaucracy. And, it would be to her that my activities would be reported. So you see I'm not worried about being blackmailed."

    "What will she think when she finds you have cheated, is that the right word?" Chris asked.

    "Kiddo you have a lot to learn. Few if any lesbian relationships are monogamous for long. Second, I am a nymph. I have sex three or four times a day – I cruise bars, I come to places that have parties, I pick up women in gay clubs – I need women like Hershey needs chocolate."

    "My friend has known that almost from the start. Hell, I wore her out the third night we were together. We have always had at least a third member of our little family and I'm sure she does even now while I'm on assignment."

    Chris shook her head. "I have heard of men fantasizing about women who need sex but I never heard of a lesbian nymphomaniac."

    "Now you have. And here comes your lover boy and his troops I do believe."

    She was right. Joe, Sam and several other officers, in and out of uniform, came striding through the forest of shelves. When Joe saw Chris sitting primly in front of the console his face lit up. He touched her hand but made no other gesture of affection.

    "Did you get the warrant?" Betty asked her eyes flitting from Joe to the big blond female cop who had had the mock tussle with Lena.

    "Yeah we got it Sam," said waving a crowbar in his big mitt.

    "Let's get cracking then," Betty said moving to where the big blond stood quietly returning her gaze. "I'll go with officer Horton here."

    Chris muttered to herself, "I figured you would." Then out loud she asked, "Can I take some of these tapes and head home?"

    "You can take as many tapes as you like. I'll have an officer see you home – I'll meet you there later," Joe said smiling. "I think we can wrap this thing up with a little luck."

    Chris smiled at Joe as she scooped up a half dozen video cassettes and tucked them under her arm. Walking down the aisle created by the shelving she was met by Sam Lynden.

    "Chris, Joe said that you gotta go home with the guy that brought you," he said laughingly. "By the way the cardboard boxes are loaded with condoms filled with crack."

    "Really? What's in the wooden boxes?"

    "We don't know. I'm sure Joe will tell you when he sees you later on."


    Chris ran directly up the stairs to her flat. She didn't want to review the tapes with Lena and Stephi watching. She wondered, as she selected a tape for review, if she was more concerned with other people's privacy or her own response to what she was watching.

    After selecting a cassette Chris turned on her TV and VCR. She watched the scene briefly and moved on. After her experience watching the gray haired muscular man and the redheaded woman perform she decided that unless she recognized the room or herself in a scene she would fast forward all scenes.

    It took her about an hour to find the tape made in Marilyn's bedroom that early morning. She rewound the tape and marked it for destruction. The other tapes she set aside for Joe to review if he needed them.

    She could feel fatigue catching up with her. She rose, stretched and decided that what she needed was a hot bath. She undressed rapidly as the tub filled with warm water ant the small bathroom filled with steam. Sliding beneath the scented bubbles she wondered why she felt suddenly at peace with herself.

    That she must have dozed occurred to her. She was shivering half submerged in cloudy water with nary a bubble in sight. Laughing she stepped out of the tub and let it drain before taking a shower to wash the film of soap bubble bath clung to her.

    "I guess it was the cold that woke me. I must have dreamed the noise," she thought as she scrubbed the soapy scum away.

    Stepping out of the shower and scrubbing at her body with a soft towel she definitely heard a knock at her door. Quickly slipping into her old terry robe she trotted barefoot to the door.

    Stephi, flushed and clutching a blue velour robe to keep it closed, stood there.

    "We thought there might be trouble," she panted, stepping into the room, "Joe tried calling you and got no answer a few minutes ago."

    "I fell asleep in the bath tub," Chris giggled.

    "Oh. Well why don't you slip something less informal on and come down stairs? Joe wont be her until seven at the soonest."

    Chris' face reflected her disappointment. "OK, I'll be down in a few minutes," she said.

    "I'll wait," Stephi said, settling into the only soft chair in the room.

    Chris went back to the bath room and finished her toilet. She decided that dabbing on a new perfume might help to lift her spirits. Then, slipping on a pair of old sweat pants and mismatching sweat shirt she walked back into the living room.

    Stephi had dozed off in the chair. Her robe had fallen open revealing her lush body, firm, large breasts and the forest of pale blond hair that swept up from her crotch.

    Chris, despite her best resolve, felt her breasts fill, her nipples harden and the familiar moistness suddenly start between her legs.

    "Stephi, wake up," she whispered shaking the sleeping Dane's arm.

    "Huh… oh, I'm sorry Chrisie… I guess the evening isn't as young as I thought. Let's go down stairs," she said rising and gathering her robe around her.

    If Stephi was disconcerted by her nudity her behavior did not reveal it. Chris, on the other hand, surreptitiously glanced at the crotch of her sweat pants to see if there was a revealing wet spot; there wasn't.

    The two women walked down the stairs and entered the warm, softly lit living room of Stephi and Lena's living quarters. Stephi put a finger to her lips and said, "Speak softly. We have company. Betty Morales and her new friend Leona Horton, the big blond cop, dropped in about an hour ago."

    "You don't need me sitting around for goodness sake," Chris said starting to rise.

    "Betty asked if you could come down. I think she likes you," Stephi said, laughing.

    "From what I have heard and seen she likes anything without a penis," Chris said, "so don't think you're flattering me."

    "You may be right," Stephi replied. "Let me get you some coffee."

    Stephi was back in a minute carrying two mugs of black coffee. She was followed by an alluringly disheveled Betty Morales wearing Lena's filmy pink negligee, and carrying her own steaming mug of the brew.

    "Hi, Chris glad you could visit."

    "Hello Betty, come sit with us."

    Betty, her large breasts bouncing tantalizingly, walked to the love seat Chris occupied. She slid into the narrow space next to Chris her firm, ample hips brushing Chris' thigh. "Urn, you smell good," she murmured settling back.

    "Thanks. As a matter of fact so do you," Chris said very conscious of the blend of musky perfume and sex that clung to the lusty woman.

    Stephi seemed edgy and finally rose and with out a word walked out of the room.

    "She's itching to get into bed with Lena and Leona. She's a wild lady once aroused I'll tell you."

    Chris felt the increased pressure from Betty's and turned slightly. Betty had put her cup on the floor and now she took Chris' and moved it out of the way. Her strong arms snaked around Chris' neck and she kissed her with fierce abandon. Her tongue slid into Chris' eager mouth and danced wildly. Her hands slid under Chris' sweat shirt and clutched at her tiny, pouting breasts, rolling the firm, erect nipples between her fingers.

    Chris groaned with sudden unquenchable desire. She struggled to get her hands on Betty's lush, tempting breasts tearing at the delicate clasps of the filmy negligee in her urgency. The two women struggled to get free of the clothes that were encumbrances to their flaming lust.

    They had slipped off the love seat and were groaning and straining at each other's ardent body. Betty straddled the lean, supple Chris. Her large, dark areolas and firm nipples swept back and forth across Chris' pouting, pointing little breasts and their large erect nipples. With each sweep Chris gasped and strained to raise her hips against Betty's grinding pelvis that pressed ever more firmly against her wet, fervent, wide open cunt.

    Betty suddenly stiffened, her hands gripped Chris' shoulders and she moaned softly, "Yes, my God yes."

    Chris felt her cunt and thighs suddenly covered with the warm wetness of Betty's intense climax. She struggled now to match her lover's joy. Betty, smiled at the lovely blond writhing beneath her and slid slowly down the throbbing ardent body. Her mouth and tongue left a trail of fire as she brought her them slowly to Chris' ardent center of love.

    Chris lifted her wide spread legs and Betty's tongue slipped over the vibrating stiff little clit. Moving her tongue deftly along the rigid shaft of Chris' clit she slipped two fingers deep inside her warm, wet cunt.

    Chris' fumbling hands now held her legs flexed against her belly. Her hips thrust at Betty's probing fingers and seeking tongue. She whispered softly, "Fill me darling, please."

    No sooner had she uttered the words than she felt the finger's of Betty's other hand slide into her throbbing anus. Now Chris moved beyond control. Her grip on her legs tightened as her body rolled and thrust ungovernably. She seemed to suddenly move out of her body. She heard a woman shriek with unbridled passion and she could feel the sucking, pulsing of that shrieking lover's pounding orgasm.

    Many minutes later Chris emerged from the ecstatic world into which she had wandered with Betty's skillful assistance. She lay on the floor, panting, her body covered with a fine sweat. On hand clung tightly to the leg of the love seat where her journey of love had started.

    She sat up slowly and found four lovely naked women, Stephi, Lena, Leona and Betty, all staring open mouthed at her.

    Lena spoke first, "Child you must have thought you died and went to heaven. Never have I heard such joyful noise."

    Chris too tired to do more than blush whispered, "I guess you never know what you can do until you try."

    Stephi who had left the room as Lena was speaking returned carrying a soft, fluffy blanket which she gently draped over Chris' sweaty body. "Sleep dear. It's what you need most now."

    Around six in the morning Chris was awakened by noises coming from Stephi and Lena's bedroom. It didn't take long for her to grasp their significance. "Betty and Leona should make this an interesting place to live," she thought getting up and fumbling around for her shirt and pants.

    Once dressed she folded the blanket Stephi had so kindly provided and quietly climbed the stairs to her apartment. She was too keyed up to want to sleep. She wanted to see Joe again and hold him in her arms. She wandered around the tiny flat straightening things up and finally even remaking the bed with fresh linen. Still there was no call and no knock at the door.

    She stripped off her raunchy sweat clothes and stepped into the shower. To help kill the time she washed her hair too. Then wrapping a thick bath sheet around her waist she sat down and started to set and dry her tick blond hair.

    Suddenly, there was a soft knocking at the door. Chris rushed out of the bathroom oblivious to her semi-nude state. She threw the door wide when she saw Joe, in his usual rumpled state, standing outside it and flew into his open arms. They kissed tenderly. She clung to him as his strong arms carried her back into the living room kicking the door shut.

    Easing her onto the sofa Joe said, "You don't have to walk around naked to turn me on darling. Just thinking about you boggles my mind."

    Chris gasped, "Oh my God, I was so excited about seeing you I forgot about how I was dressed."

    She tried to get up from the sofa but Joe was holding her close and kissing her still damp hair, his hands fondling her tiny eager breasts.

    Chris pushed him away reluctantly. "We'll play all the rest of the day after you tell me the whole story of Marilyn and the forty thieves."

    "If you sit around with those cute boobs hanging out I'll only tell you that I love you all day. I guess I better let you put a robe or something on," Joe said with a moan of disappointment.

    As Chris headed for the bedroom she called over her shoulder, "Make us some coffee please."

    A few minutes later she was in the kitchen sitting opposite Joe and sipping the strong stuff he laughingly called coffee. "OK let's her the story."

    Joe leaned back in his chair, kicked off his shoes and started a professional recounting of the entire picture. Chris sat quietly for a while and finally said, "If you keep this up neither of us is gong to get laid for the next week. Just give me a summary please."

    "How do you know what my top priority is?" Joe laughed. "OK here is the story in a nutshell."

    "Marilyn and Billy are really patsies in this. Paul is the big boss of American operations for an international smuggling group. He owns the property Marilyn lives on plus all of the fancy cars she had use of. Fred is the muscle and the man who designs and sets up all of the cons they need to use."

    "Billy it turns out is in love with Marilyn and did what ever she asked trying to protect her. He really is a fine tennis player and he has lost his edge because he follows Marilyn everywhere, like a puppy dog."

    "The operation itself is intended to smuggle in and distribute tons of illegal throughout the country. The funny thing is that the wooden cases contained guns. According to the only person associated with the actual operation of the ring that we have in custody Paul decided on his own to supply weapons to the LA gangs. The informant, incidentally is the man you identified as a prominent politician in that video tape – the pasty faced guy in the daisy chain sequence."

    "The idea of recruiting illegal aliens for local for profit hospitals came from Fred. He was screwing a doctor's wife, part of a con apparently, and she complained of how hard it was for her husband to finagle big bucks anymore. Fred analyzed the problem and came up with what he called his Ollie North solution. Use illegals with a modicum of experience caring for the sick as the mules."

    "First they would get into the US. Second they would get money for smuggling drugs in. Third, they would be trained by doctors and nurses who were photographed in indiscreet liaisons. It obviously worked, for a while at least."

    "That's it," Joe said reaching across the table for Chris. "Not so fast buster. What will happen to Marilyn and her loyal lover Billy?"

    "Billy is guilty of nothing more than being in love. Marilyn, who helped us a lot will undoubtedly be sent for drug rehab and then on probation for a year or so," Joe said looking longingly at Chris.

    Chris reached across the table and took his hand. They walked into the bedroom hand in hand. Chris, hands shaking with anticipation helped Joe undress.

    Then kissing passionately they fell onto the bed. Chris clung to her strong, silent lover. His hands moved lovingly over her body. Holding tightly to her tiny breasts and full, stiffly erect nipples Joe let Chris guide his large, stiff, anxious cock into her eager, wet cunt.

    Chris threw her shapely legs around Joe's plunging hips and ground her pelvis wantonly onto his suddenly pulsating cock. As Chris felt her lover's explosive ejaculation inside her throbbing cunt she cried out, "My love I'm coming," and her body jerked and shivered as spasm after spasm of orgasmic delight once again swept her into a place of indescribable ecstasy.

    Exhausted they both slept for a while. Suddenly Joe wakened to find his insatiable lover holding his big, pulsating cock in her dainty hands which moved slowly and sensuously up and down its shaft.

    Chris with a faraway look in her eyes lowered her lovely mouth onto Joe's now throbbing organ. Still holding his cock with one hand she lid her mouth down the shaft letting her teeth graze the sensitive skin. Joe could not restrain himself, his ejaculation poured into Chris' avid mouth.

    Groaning with delight Joe held Chris' head gently as the spasms of his orgasm passed quickly. He sighed as he drifted of to sleep again, "Darling will you marry me?"

    Chris stretched out beside her powerful over and let her hands move lovingly over his marvelously muscled body. She felt her need for him grow uncontrollably. Finally, she rolled on top of him and kissed his parted lips, his neck and then his tiny nipples.

    Joe roused and crushed Chris to him. Her hands once again found his cock, erect and ready. She lifted her lovely hips, the dew of her desire sparkled on her blond muff as she guided him deep inside her.

    Then thrusting wildly, straining to take more of him into the center of her being she suddenly stiffened and squealed as her cunt squeezed and pushed with the spasms of her wild climax.

    Joe watching the fury of her orgasm as it moved through her lovely body ejaculated once again. As Chris felt the mighty throb of his pulsing cock she screamed with delight and buried hungry mouth into his neck murmuring, "Oh my darling yes, yes, yes."

    They went to Las Vegas the next day to be married. Stephi, Lena, Betty and Leona were their witnesses.

    After Chris had moved into Joe's house Lena and Stephi turned the upstairs flat over to Betty and Leona.

    It has been several years since all of this occurred. Joe continues his work as a police lieutenant and Betty remains a senior DEA official. They all remain friends and not surprisingly happy and satisfied lovers.


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