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    The Step-Mother


    Chapter 1

    The big German shepherd sat back on his haunches with ears erect and eyes aglow, watching the shapely blonde girl move busily about the kitchen. Her visible, soft white flesh, even that hidden beneath her skimpy bikini, like the tossing of her shoulder-length golden hair, pleased him with its quivering apples to her every graceful motion. Her aromatic feminine scent filled his keen nostrils, stirring his interest more than the smell of the foods she prepared, and occasionally lie would wander close to her, brushing against the silken warmth of her long naked legs.

    Shirley Douglas hardly noticed the lovable dog's ingenuous display of affection, except when she nearly stumbled over him and reprimanded her animal house-guest to lie down in the corner. His flattened ears and tail-between-legs reaction as he obeyed also went unseen by the curvaceous, twenty-five year old bride of six months – her flustered young mind was that preoccupied with unhappiness.

    How long could she go on this way? God, she could hardly call it a marriage, nor had it been anything faintly resembling one from their wedding night on… unless security and material wealth could replace conjugal bed relations. Long since, Shirley had distressfully concluded that they could not, though they had been prime reasons in her marrying a man twice her age. Not that Frank Douglas had been any stranger to her. She had served as his private secretary for over two years, but aside from business, their close association had never gone beyond the platonic stage, even when she accompanied him on week-long business trips of the small electronics firm he owned and operated with an efficient hand.

    He had always treated her with the utmost respect – a gentleman of the first order, as her dead mom would have said – and perhaps that was why Shirley's feeling toward him slipped into the category of extreme admiration without ever touching at love. A widower of five years himself, Frank Douglas had astounded her that evening at dinner when he had very quietly proposed that they marry.

    He knew she could never love him, that is, not in the same manner she would undoubtedly feel toward a younger, more desirable man, he had calmly admitted, but he vowed security and abundant kindness, plus the very limit of his ardent capabilities, should she want them. Sex was of relative unimportance to him, he'd shyly assured her, promising that he would always leave that department up to her. In short, he very much needed and wanted her, no longer as a secretary, but as his wife!

    Remembering it all vividly, the dazzling, blue-eyed young blonde recalled how thrilled and honored she had felt, and how stupid she must have looked in her wordless astonishment as she sat there in dazed silence listening to his quiet and almost humble proposal. Lisa, his daughter, was seventeen, he had gone on, graduating from high school in June. She would either be going off to college or, if she had her way, marrying young Paul Fulton. In any event, shortly she'd be flying from the nest to leave him rattling alone around that big house.

    Above all, he abhorred the thought of that aloneness, but not anyone could eliminate it. Some might lessen it… but she, as his wife, could make it an impossibility!

    Shirley had been too dumbfounded, overawed by his offer to answer him that night, and gently smiling he'd said that he understood and was willing to wait for a few days for her to consider. Of course, what he could not have known, for she had never discussed her personal life with him, was that the only man she had ever loved would be his age had Viet Nam not claimed him!

    Shirley had lived the life of an Army brat. Her father had been an army career officer and most of her life was spent on U.S. posts throughout the world. By the time she'd reached eighteen, she had attended so many different schools she couldn't remember them all, hated the military existence with a passion, and especially the young shave-tail Lieutenants a girl had to date if she wanted any social life.

    Invariably, they had been conceited and arrogant, all with one main objective in mind: To strip a girl's panties away as soon as possible and plunge their lust-hardened penises up between her defenseless legs.

    She'd been no prude, but neither had she seen the necessity of dropping to the level of a camp follower, and that was when she had met Major George Waldon.

    He'd been handsome, straight and slender as a bayonet, looking ten years younger than his forty-five, and finally, a genius at making love. Whatever she'd learned or knew sexually, George had taught her… that beautiful man she had immediately fallen hopelessly in love with… taught her carefully and with the ultimate of skill, keening her young passions on the whetted edge of never-ending desire.

    Their plans together had been lifelong… and then he had suddenly been torn away from her, never to come back!

    Was it any great wonder that she should draw a parallel between Frank Douglas, a man of similar age, and the lover who had brought her so much happiness? That same night and with few second thoughts, Shirley had excitedly made her decision. Security and kindness Frank had offered. There'd been no doubt in her mind of their assurance, but more important, she had measured by memory the experienced ability of an older man who knew how to truly love a girl! The following morning in his office she had given him her "yes" answer… and he'd not even tried to kiss her!

    It'd been a private quickie wedding in Las Vegas without so much as Lisa's knowing, a weekend in which Shirley had eagerly looked forward to the intimate dynamics of sensual love once more, but… they'd never happened! All else had been heavenly, up to that moment when he'd possessively cradled himself between her hungering thighs after kissing her all over in almost reverent exaltation … and suddenly she'd realized that his huge penis was almost limp! Shocked disbelief could hardly explain the frustrated feelings she had known at that moment.

    Earlier, it'd been like some remarkable phenomenon the equal of which she'd never seen in its long, sinewy thickness, as hard and erotically menacing as a God's promise… then… nothing!

    He'd embarrassedly wept, moving away from her and turning his back.

    Shirley had tried to console him, forcing her own needful arousal into the background with soothing whispers of understanding. He'd been so long without physical love, she'd breathed into his ear; there was nothing for him to fret over or be ashamed of… in the morning it would be different… but it hadn't been, nor were the dozen attempts that followed, no matter how she tried to inspire him. Once, in near- desperation, she'd begun to move down over his big, age-softening body with oral intentions, but he had caught hold of her and stopped it there, suddenly bolting from the bed and their room to leave her not only in frustration, but shamefully so. He'd despised her sincere aggressiveness as perverted and wanton, she felt certain, and although there were a few more futile tries made on his part, Shirley had forcibly controlled her desire, resigning herself to the fact that their marriage had been a terrible, terrible mistake.

    Lately, he had taken to sleeping in another room, or drinking himself into oblivion after dinner, and that generally in his study. How he managed to carry on with his company demands amazed her, he was drinking so heavily, but he did … and now Vincent Rivers, with his dog, Nomad, had arrived on the scene as business house-guests… a business Shirley didn't like the least little bit.

    The beautiful animal, she had immediately taken to; who wouldn't? He was a handsome, lovable dog. There was actually an acute sense of over- intelligence about him which gave her an odd sensation, almost as if she were in the presence of a human being when he was with her. But his master…?

    Frank had told her Vince Rivers was coming, nothing more. The moment she'd seen the white Continental swerve into the drive and the too- handsome, sleek-looking, well-dressed young man alight with an athletic flourish of movement, something unpleasant had happened in her sex- starved belly. There hadn't been time to analyze it then and in the three days he had been with them, Lisa's belligerent attitude had kept Shirley so on edge that she could concern herself with nothing else.

    The vivacious young teenager despised her stepmother – there was no denying that, anymore than she could question the fact that Frank Douglas' resentful daughter was using every means she could devise to drive her from under their roof.

    And Vincent Rivers gave her a distinct feeling of sexual uneasiness, made her blush and squirm beneath the steady gaze of his lewdly undressing dark eyes.

    She guessed him to be between thirty-two and thirty-six, an unscrupulous bastard with women and as shady as an elm tree. Yet he had Nomad, a magnificently lovable speciman of animal, and their association confused her.

    The beautiful dog was not in keeping with Rivers' obvious rakish character.

    Nomad was gentle and love beamed radiantly from his big brown eyes, not exactly the emotion a man like Vince Rivers would inspire, nor be able to instill in such a noble beast. Where or how Frank had met this man, Shirley had no idea, but the basis of his being there had to do with his buying a half-interest in Douglas Electronics, a very disheartening thought!

    Perhaps it was that questionable gift called woman's intuition which had made her cringe at Frank's revelation, or maybe it was the fact that she'd been associated with the business herself that long. Anyway, she'd tried to talk to her half-drunken husband, not necessary to discourage the affiliation with Rivers as much as to make Frank realize what he was doing! After all was said and done, Douglas Electronics was his baby!

    "I've had it! Had it… you hear, Shirley? Right up to the top of my head I've had it!" Frank had replied, never looking in her direction, never really raising his voice in emphasis as he walked around their… her… bedroom finding the clothes he wanted. "Rivers wants Douglas Electronics. He sits on a fortune left to him by his grandfather. He's young, vigorous, full of hopes and ideas! I like that… because he reminds me of myself… but I'm too old to do the things I want for the company. He shows his money and he's in, Shirley … top man! I… we, if you want to, we'll go to Europe… play in the sun-lands… anything, I don't care! But… I've had it! I want to get away from Los Angeles and the Valley altogether!"

    Shirley hadn't pressed. There'd been much more in the tone of his voice than what he'd actually said. She knew he felt uselessly old and incapable, but perhaps more than he, Shirley realized why. At that moment, she could have cried for him, for both of them, because she did love him in her own way… she did! But the company was his, all his to do with however he pleased. Not once in their six month marriage had there been anything but the indulgent husband offering security and the kindness he had proposed to her. Drunk? Yes, most of the time lately, until it had become nearly unbearable between Lisa and herself, and without any way Shirley could conceive of easing that building tension…

    The distraught young wife could hear her husband's daughter splashing in the swimming pool as she finished with the canapes. The girl's boy friend, Paul Fulton, had not come by as he'd promised earlier that morning on the telephone.

    Shirley had overheard part of Lisa's conversation and the teenager's mention of a two o'clock swim date. It was now nearly four and the blonde girl imagined her stepdaughter to be as razor-sharp angry as the jagged edge of a tin can, the way she usually found her. ›From the beginning, Lisa had not tried to hide her open contempt for Shirley, invariably addressing her as "Stepmother" whether they were alone or the house was filled with people. Shirley doubted that Frank had even noticed the venom that literally dripped from his daughter's pretty lips, or the bitterness gleaming in her lovely onyx eyes when the seventeen year old came in contact with her. There was no question but what she thought Shirley had married her father only for the money and security he offered, partial reasons the vibrant blonde woman would never deny, but never in the cold calculating light she knew that Lisa saw it all. How could she explain to an embittered girl who hated her the truth of her feelings toward Frank, and this… unexpected torment that was ruining both of their lives? God, she couldn't! No matter how hard she tried, and Lord knows, she'd never stopped trying – there was just no way of reaching Lisa. Even at that moment, the preparations she was engaged in were for her stepdaughter's graduation pool-party only a few hours off.

    Shirley turned away from the counter, wishing that Frank hadn't insisted on making an almost social event of it. She, herself, had wanted to confine the affair just to Lisa's teenage friends, but her husband had felt it was a good time for parents and neighborhood friends to get together for a "blast" as he put it, and there was no reasoning with him these alcoholic days.

    Actually, it hadn't been necessary for her to bother with any of the preparations. The hired help who were due any minute would have looked after it all. Frank had endowed her with ample people to keep her from ever using her dainty little hands in the kitchen, but she had done it because she wanted to!

    God, she had to keep doing something to occupy her mind… either that, or start running as fast and as far as she could away from there… and she wasn't quite ready to throw in the towel yet… but how much longer could she go on this way?

    Nomad whimpered from his corner of the kitchen, attracting her attention and Shirley smiled over at him, remembering her unnecessary shortness with him moments before. He was such a sensitive animal. His big brown eyes seemed to be pleading with her for just one kind word, his beautiful ears like regal spires on a crown.

    "Oh, come here, baby… Shirley's sorry," the curvaceous, long-haired girl half-whispered, dropping onto her lushly rounded haunches as he quickly trotted toward her and she took his handsome head between small, slender hands. "She didn't mean to scold you, darling, you're such a lovable guy." She leaned close, kissing him between the eyes, the affectionate act actually surprising her… but he was such an adorable animal. Instantly, his long, pink tongue licked out to brush warmly over her lips in answer, a second surprising emotion flickering inside her. "Well… you old lover, you!" she softly exclaimed, smiling as she straightened up, still fondly petting his massive head.

    "Let's see if we can find something for you in the fridge before Shirley takes a bath."

    Nomad trotted along beside her, brushing against her naked thigh as if he couldn't get close enough, she thought, pleased at his warm display of attachment. She found the left-over end of a roast, little more than a tidbit for his gargantuan appetite and she couldn't help but laugh as he gulped it away in several bites of his powerful jaws. Then, he went to his bowl of drinking water while she stood watching, at the same time deciding against the swim she had planned on earlier. For certain, Lisa wouldn't welcome her presence, and she doubted their relationship would stand much more strain without bursting at the seams. Better that she bathe and rest a little to be ready for whatever stress the evening could hold in store.

    Nomad whined behind her when she walked off toward her bedroom with a heavy sigh. Shirley heard it and turned to see him staring questioningly after her.

    Again, she smiled, her mood immediately brightening at the longing expression on the big darling's handsome face. "Well, come on if you want to, baby," she invited him. "I guess we both need each other's company."

    He barked, not loud, but as if he were actually answering her. He quickly responded, brushing his strong, furry body against the smooth naked flesh of her leg every step of the way into her bedroom, a welcome feeling of companionship stirring pleasantly inside the forlorn young bride. She couldn't help but think of his master as she closed the door behind them, then again petted his great head.

    "How did that sleazy man ever come by you Nomad?" Shirley asked aloud, reaching up behind her back to unfasten her bikini halter. "Somehow, you two just don't go together… unless I have the charming Mr.

    Vincent Rivers figured all wrong…"

    Nomad sat back on the soft plush bedroom carpeting to watch her quickly stripping away her swimsuit, knowing from past experience that she would be soft and white-looking to him, the nakedness of her with nothing hidden causing his mouth to open as he began to quietly pant.

    He watched her full-rounded curves quiver and sway to her undressing movements, her pretty smile for him warm and real. Then he saw that the long golden hair of her head was of a lighter shade than the fringing curls between her smooth white thighs, and the sight of those long tresses tossing with the ripples of her softly curved body pleased him.

    Shirley couldn't help but study the remarkable dog while she drew water and prepared her bath. He had followed her into the large tiled bathroom to take up an observing position nearby, lying down on the shag rug. He was such an affectionate and genial animal, to say nothing of his striking beauty and intelligence… and those eyes, almost human, she mused, for the first time sensing a flushing twinge in her cheeks at the way they were avidly staring at her.

    Lord, what a ridiculous thought, the naked blonde beauty reasoned, climbing into the tub. Then, the soothing warm water blended with her preference of scented bath toiletry, slowly made her forget everything for a few luxurious minutes. She caressed the fluffy suds over her full, voluptuously rounded breasts, feeling their tiny pink nipples budding firmly to her own touch, her denied young body stirring sensuously as if provoked by the gentle hand of her lover. Memories of her wonderful Major rushed to mind, but she drove them back, yet not before a series of rippling delights tingled through her sensitive loins and quickly aroused belly.

    God, this would never do! She would only get herself worked up into a helpless state of excitement, and there was no darling George to satisfy the almost spontaneous heat building in her love-starved young body! She climbed from the tub, refusing to even let herself think until she was certain the tormentful interlude had passed… but it hadn't… nor could she keep erotic reveries from worming into her conscious mind! She could see her dead lover's virile nakedness as clearly as if he were standing before her… remembering how he had made love to her… and she to him… his long thick length of swollen male hardness rushing wildly up into her soft, craving belly… or sucked eagerly into her wanting mouth… his skilled tongue licking feverishly between her legs… oh God, yes, that was it, intoxicating enchantment… his magnificent, licking tongue!

    Damn! I've got to stop this! Got to!

    Nomad watched closely the movements of his hostess' glistening shapely body as she climbed from the tub and began to quickly towel herself, his sharp sense of smell detecting the sudden heated scent her female nakedness had begun to breathe into the room. It was not one he was unfamiliar with, and even before this he had picked up its exciting aroma when he had gotten near her. He felt the reflexive heavy weight come alive and grow in his own fetal loins as he watched her turn and look at her reflection in the glassed walls of the room.

    For a moment, Shirley stood statuesquely, admittedly taking pleasure in the harmonious balance of her alluring young curves, a sensation of narcissism strong in her mind-aroused belly. She was well aware of her own physical charms, and had always secretly been excited by them… the full and pink nipple-capped breasts and slender waist sweeping into the flare of her generously arched hips and smoothly rounded thighs.

    How her loving Major had revered her long legs… like those of a goddess, he'd said, and the shape of her calves, slender ankles and tiny feet, kissing them all over… just as Frank had done the night of their wedding.

    With her fingertip, outlined the secret milky whiteness her bikini had covered, remembering how that intimate flesh had fascinated her new husband. He'd kissed it all, the resilient mounds of her firm, uptilted breasts, the creamy, unsunned ovals of her breasts, kissed and caressed with panting breaths of excitement… and then… what had happened? Oh God, she didn't want to remember that ordeal… and she dropped her eyes to the satiny stretch of untanned skin covering her flaring hips and the soft little bowl of her lower belly where the gossamer triangle of sparse, blondish hair began to curl up over her pussy mound and down along the fleshy vaginal lips, tiny quivers of mounting excitement tippling feverishly through her.

    She had no intentions of denying herself any longer! She was anything but super-human, and her own love-making was better than none at all… far better than anything she'd known the past six months! Not that this was the first time she'd had to resort to her own fingers for release since her gallant Major, but she'd truly tried to control her desire as well as the unwanted method after marrying Frank.

    Shirley dropped the bath towel and sighed with a visible tremble, stroking her own caressing hands downward over her hips as she passionately eyed the mirror.

    Her soft, short breaths increased in their intensity with the brushing of her small hands inward toward the smooth base of her trembling belly to the sensitively pulsating mound of flesh beneath its silky covering. She taunted the aching mound, pressuring her extended fingers inward, and the pinkness of her already moistened vaginal slit briefly mesmerized her.

    Oh God! I have to… have to! I can't stand it another minute!

    Nomad whined, suddenly commanding the naked young wife's desire-filled attention. Almost shamefully, Shirley stopped her lewd, sensual caresses, to look at him through sparkling blue eyes incited with self- lust. "Just never mind! You don't have to watch if you don't want to!" she said, then smiled lovingly at him. "But there are some things, darling… some things that a girl has to do once in awhile… and this is my once-in-awhile!" She moved toward him and he wagged his tail, licking his long pink tongue around his jaws, then at her soft, sweet-smelling hand when she bent down to brush it over his head.

    She couldn't help but wonder if, or what, he might be actually thinking as his big brown eyes seemed to sweep all over her nakedness with an incredulous greed she told herself was in his eyes. Then, a sensation of exhibitionism fired the stimulation eating at her as she stood there posing lewdly before those gleaming animal orbs.

    "Y-you can even watch, darling… watch me do it to myself if you want!" she whispered raspily, that lurid thought heaping unneeded coals onto the glowing bed of desire licking hungrily inside her incited loins and belly. "Come with me, Nomad baby!" she excitedly whispered, leading him back into the bedroom.

    "Sit right there where you can see good, young man, and watch Shirley make herself cum like an erupting volcano!"

    The massive German shepherd stayed beside her, not following, but crowding his big strong body against the warm naked flesh of her thigh as she walked, the emanating scent of her body-heat saturating his sensitive nostrils. He waited, watching her climb onto the bed, her soft curves dancing for him with every movement… and then she was lying on her back and breathing heavily, no longer looking in his direction. He saw her long white legs spread open in a crab-like position, her small hand moving down between them to the curl-fringed pink opening of her loins. Intently, he locked his eyes on her pussy, seeing her fingers beginning to work in a taunting, circling motion, tiny sighs of delight coming from her parted lips as her lush white buttocks rose and fell on the bed to accompany her rhythmically probing fingers… and that was when he effortlessly hopped up onto the bed!

    The unexpected move took Shirley wholly by surprise. It abruptly stopped her lurid cunt-fingering, momentarily shattering her sensuous mood as she stared down between her quite obscenely spread legs to see the powerful animal move forward between them, and she could only stare in astonished wonderment! She drew away her hand almost in embarrassment, and raised up onto her forearms.

    Certainly, he hadn't frightened her… simply startled her with his unexpected action… but there was also his lewd position between her yawning thighs to consider!

    Something held her back from ordering the huge dog away as she watched in lascivious fascination, her widened blue eyes mirroring the bewildering, heated impulses inside her. His loving brown ones were sweeping over her exposed female charms as if he were actually engorging a physical hunger, much like her own, she thought as she gaped, breathlessly captivated. And then, he began moving in even closer up over her, dropping his beautiful head to suddenly lick out with a searing, liquid tongue against the satiny flesh of her softly spasming belly!

    Shirley gasped out at the unthought-of hot contact, the immediate parchiness in her throat causing her to swallow with a gulping sound as the pink length of abrasive animal-flesh began to lick wetly over her tremoring, muscle-tightening belly! The sensations he immediately aroused were unmeasurable and she felt helpless beneath them as again and again he did it. She lay there beneath the intoxicating length of his moist animalish caresses, his fervent tongue causing incredible sensations of unknown desire to spiral blindingly through her body, wildly feeding tier lustful yearning!

    Ooohhh… this was beyond the fantastic! He was acting like a lover… and she had no intentions of stopping him! Just… just how far would he go if she let him? My God! The dog's long damp tongue was now licking with hot possessiveness up over the quivering flesh of her belly, working higher and higher until it was truly laving the ripely swelling undersides of her desire-filled breasts! With a tenderness she couldn't believe, he washed up over each of them in turn, narrowing in closer and closer on the tiny straining buds of their pink nipples! Shirley couldn't hold back the moan escaping her when his claiming dog- tongue hotly grazed the desire-hardened tips, first one and then the other, sending thrills of obscene enticement soaring through her nakedly quivering body!

    Ooohhh, Lord! She should stop him… not let it go any further! It was utterly salacious! Wh-what was she thinking or.

    Then suddenly he stopped! Disappointment welled up inside Shirley and she raised her head higher to see the hulking German shepherd backing down between her wide-open legs. She bit at her lower lip to keep from calling him back… then, as she watched, he poised his massive head between her lewdly spread thighs and slowly lowered it, his hot animal breaths teasing against the fringe of silky blonde hair there!

    Mesmerized, the keyed-up young wife shivered in disbelief when his cold wet nose brushed against the warm sensitive flesh of her soft inner- thighs… gasping to its contact with the pouting pink lips of her susceptible pussy! She heard his little whimper as he sniffed at her sensually aroused loins, his long nose probing at her vulnerable pussy- flesh with inconceivable familiarity!

    Shirley felt the moist coolness of it beginning to explore the smooth valley between her spread-apart buttocks, and then the fearfully shying lips of her puckered anus!

    "Ooohhhh!" the luridly positioned young bride gasped in bewildered excitement.

    "Y-you handsome devil! Just what are you up to?"

    The dog's hot tongue, as if in answer, shot out to lick feverishly up and down her deep nether crevice, centering on her snug little anal mouth, the worming tip wiggling between the clasping, baby-like lips! Again, Shirley gasped out in lust-charging captivation as his tongue began to lick wetly at the narrow pink cuntal split between her obscenely held-open thighs! Involuntary moans gurgled up into her parched throat, responsive tremors fluttering over her naked white flesh as he laved fluidly upward over the full length of her passion- moistened cunt! Ooohhhh Lord… what wild sensations… and they were stabbing inward to penetrate to the very nerve center of her tremulously Tired belly!

    He didn't stop, nor did she want him to! His searing animal-tongue began to spread between the resilient, swollen lips of her curl-framed pussy with tong, intensive sweeps, splaying the erotic pink flesh, pausing finally to lunge with an assailing twirl far up into the heated depths of her ardently throbbing vagina! Shirley choked, her desire- filled young body convulsing as she dropped flat onto her back, writhing in ungovernable enchantment to his incessant oral love-making, mindlessly drawing her legs back to give the handsome beast full access to her steaming loins! ›From the beginning of his obscenely beautiful love-making, the too-long denied young wife had been helpless, unable to resist the intoxicating thrills his pleasureful tongue was generating through her sex-starved body. Her moaning increased beneath his unceasing licking, her lust- inflamed mind slipping into a nirvana of pure sensuality. He too whined as his ravishing animal-tongue grazed and bathed her unresisting loins, from the tiny circle of her anus tingling upward through the hot wet crevice of her sensation-infused cunt. At the peak, it hesitated, his skill perplexing her when it abruptly flicked at the quivering bud of her clitoris, forcing a groan of enrapturing shock to burst from her lips.

    Time lost its meaning! On and on it went, nothing else in the world of the least importance, nothing except the magnificent, relentless tongue licking maddeningly through and over her burning, passion-wet cuntal flesh until she was gasping and writhing in her feverish nakedness beneath it!

    "Ooohhh… ooohhh… ooohhh… Shirley groaned in throaty sounds as Nomad flicked his tongue in a fervid, spearing coil up beyond the clasping mouth of her long-unused vaginal passage! "Oooohhh… yes… yes, darling! Do it… do it for Shirley, lover! Make me cuuummmmmm!"

    With an animalistic whine of her own, the lust-crazed blonde girl drew her knees lewdly back further to her pulsating breasts, and reaching down between them to grasp the dog's ears, pulling his long nose down tight into her wetly clutching vagina! His sizzling tongue raced up the hot, greedy channel like a loving whip, his canine whimpers mixing with hers to his fierce, lashing penetration of the glistening flesh between her wantonly gaping thighs and buttocks.

    "Damn… yes! Oh, lick it, darling! Lick the fire out of my pussy!" she hissed again, raising her head higher to stare down between her luridly drawn-up thighs and elevated loins to watch whatever she could of the forbidden, bestial picture! Almost frantic impulses of burning passion charged through her at the obscene spectacle! Her wide-split cunt was flushed to a. blood-engorged redness, its raw flesh the most lust-enthralling sight she could remember! Her hair-lined cuntal lips were spread like a ravenous mouth with Nomad's long animal-nose thrust right up into the tight, slippery sheath of her inflamed vagina! She could feel his powerful jaws working when he opened them wider, working his tongue like a huge throbbing cock, stretching the elasticized entrance as he burrowed it wildly up into her quaking belly, reaching new intimate depths with every exotic lunge! Frantically, she began to pull at his great furry head while thrusting her omniverously devouring loins up at him, tucking his long tongue like a thick, fur-covered cock farther and farther up into her screaming cunt!

    Shirley never heard the pained whimper the big animal made. She was too overwhelmed by the unique sensations of his raging tongue-tip smoothing against, then trying to worm its way into the little clam-like mouth of her cervix, incredible impulses of shattering intensity convulsing her naked young body! Ooohhh… she was going to cum! He'd done it… with his beautiful long nose shoved right into her clasping pussy-flesh and his magnificent tongue stabbing like a hot flame at her sensitive cervix!

    Deliriously, the love-hungering young bride clutched at the dog's head, forcing his phallic nose another fraction of an inch up into the hotly throbbing passage. She grasped mindlessly at his ears as she lustfully humped her wide-split loins up onto his buried animal-face and felt the insane ecstasy of his scorching tongue caressing and spearing deep up between her quivering legs.

    "Ooohhh Goddd… I'm cuummmiiinnnggg… babbyyyyyy!" Shirley cried, hauling almost savagely at Nomad's handsome head as she tucked it in wanton passion, the bubble of sensuous excitement bursting inside her to deluge her spasming nakedness with exhaustive ripplings of orgasmic fulfillment…!

    Chapter 2

    Lisa slipped the white terry-cloth shift on over the brief bikini she had bought especially for her party. With a flourish she freed her long raven hair, shook it out and began to brush with intentions of up- sweeping it into a practical pony-tail. She smiled to herself as she visualized the expression her boy friend Paul would undoubtedly light up with at first glimpse of her teeny-weeny black bikini. At least, she hoped he would; she'd bought it with him in mind. While it actually provided all of the conventional coveting society demanded, it had been designed to provoke the male senses more than nakedness ever could… depending, of course, on what one had in mind.

    The vivacious, dark-eyed teenager sipped at her vodka-tonic as she sat before her vanity adeptly styling her coiffure, the little cogs of her mind working right along in unison. She'd been more disappointed than angry when Paul hadn't shown up for their private swim-date earlier, but he'd put her at ease with a phone call, belated as it was. A sudden interview for a position at one of the local banks had come up and he'd only had a few minutes to make it.

    Consequently, he hadn't been able to call her until after, and as always, the handsome lamb had been full of apologies. It had been something his father had arranged for him with the bank manager, a business acquaintance Paul had said, but he really had no idea what his chances were of getting the position.

    She hoped to God he didn't have any! Lisa could think of nothing more devastating than a life with a banker-husband and living close to everything she wanted to get away from… well, maybe not everything… not daddy, anyway… but Paul's doting, religious parents, and that crafty bitch Shirley who had hoodwinked her father into marrying her. The thought of an existence amidst them was nauseating. Oh, the Valley was a tremendous area all right, but a few thousand miles separating them would be a hell of a lot better, especially between shrewd Shirley and herself. Her mom had probably turned over in her grave, poor darling, and there was no question but what that blonde whore had daddy well on the way to becoming an alcoholic. Of course, he realized his mistake now, after it was too late… saw her for what she was, but she'd already sunk in her fangs. No matter which way he turned, she was going to financially bleed him, and as much as anything, Lisa didn't want to be on hand to watch that. God, she might throttle her with her own little hands!

    The well-proportioned teenager gulped from her glass as if to wash away the mounting, never-absent resentment she couldn't help but feel for her "stepmother." She was hardly a drinker, but for the last year her father had permitted her one or two before dinner if she wanted them.

    She preferred the non-lingering effects of a little marijuana, though Paul got uptight when she even mentioned it, so she'd been careful to only sneak a joint in now and then with her girl friends.

    Lisa had long since made up her mind that nothing was going to go wrong between Paul Fulton and herself. She loved him and had for several years, even knew way back then that she was going to marry him the moment he was out of college, and now he was! He had his degree, was a financial specialist, and she didn't intend that all of those long years of waiting while he prepared himself should be wasted with him ending up in some crummy bank job! There were bigger and more beautiful things in store for them, she felt certain!

    Tonight was going to be one of those spectacular events… a happening… because she intended to give him the virginity she'd been carefully saving for that moment when they both arrived! And they had! The education bit was now behind them. She had no desire to go on and be anything but Paul Fulton's wife, and he possessed the credential which could and would support them! They'd get married right away and use the trust fund her mom had left her for a start… go east somewhere… a couple of thousand miles at the least, far from all of this and the bitch of a "stepmother" who had kept her from her own father's wedding!

    But she didn't want to think of Shirley, or any of the immediate environment suffocating her… only Paul… the way he kissed her… the myriad times she had unwantingly pressed his creeping hand from between her hot thighs, or away from the swollen fullness of her straining breasts… feeling his throbbing hardness against her aroused, soft belly when he held her tightly against him! Those were the ultimate things in her life, and tonight she'd show him with no limits, right in the back seat of his car, the tiny bikini she was wearing not only the enticing prop which was going to seduce him, but the easiest garment in the world to be rid of in an emergency!

    Vincent Rivers enjoyed meeting new people, they were all potential contributors to his livelihood. He enjoyed flashing his practiced smile, holding a wife's hand a second too long, watching the way they made over Nomad. Women, hungry wives, had always intrigued him in veins even going beyond sex, specifically gold ones, though that sensual sport invariably played a part in the final accomplishment.

    He was pleased with the multitude of female guests milling about Frank Douglas' pool-side, hardly noticing their male companions as he quietly sat in a deck chair, arising only when someone chose to introduce him.

    Nomad lay stretched out, leashed beside him. It wasn't quite time to let the powerful German shepherd do his Geiger-counter thing, though Vince had no doubts but what he would in grand style. The mutt hadn't failed him yet… and he'd thought he was being taken in that poker game… that fucking gypsy…

    A teenage dollie jumped into the pool and came up with one firm, white breast exposed, causing his heavy loins to stir reflexively while the other kids laughed heartily, one boy making an attempt to help the unembarrassed girl conceal the resilient nipple-tipped mound back inside the wisp of her bathing suit brassiere. He watched their hell- raising antics, the enticing young chicks constantly pulling and tugging at their tiny bikinis, the fellows paying no attention. Maybe he was more highly sexed, he thought as he went through the motion of lighting a cigarette, confident that his smile was more handsome than lecherous…

    And then, she made her appearance, the belle of the occasion, Miss Lisa Douglas … and wearing a black bikini that was nothing short of nothing! On a body like hers, it could be called "inciting to not!" Damn! When she turned from him he saw that about two inches of her deep young ass-crevice was on display, and any man could hardly ignore the voluptuously rounded ovals of those full teenage buttocks… unless he was looking at her stepmother! Christ knows, he'd feasted his eyes on the both of them enough the past few days, but only in wishful thinking. Right now he had no intentions of lousing up his big score with daddy, and making a pass at his women-folk could sure as hell do it. On the other hand, should either one of those dolls give him the eyes, which wasn't likely, he was damn certain he wouldn't pass it up.

    What surprised the casually dressed, roving-eyed house guest was that lovely blonde Shirley Douglas seemed to be on the up and up. At first, he'd figured her for a cool, seductive operator who was putting her own bite on the old boy and using her ass as the tender trap, but that wasn't adding up. They didn't even sleep together, and Frank was zonked most of the time. Still, they got on great together, no outward animosity, with her always right there to look after his wants and needs. A crazy frigging setup… a luscious broad like her with no obvious cock keeping her happy… or maybe she was a lez! Could be! She certainly chilled him right from the beginning. But if she was, little Lisa wasn't her partner, not the way those two got on.

    It was obvious that the kid had no use for her "stepmother"… and the way she could spit out that word, like it was burning acid in her pretty teenage mouth.

    Yeah, Lisa was jealous, all right, or it might just be that the kid didn't like the cut Shirley would get of the family jewels should something happen to daddy. Well, neither of them were going to have too much worrying over that end of it. He intended to help alleviate their problem and damned soon, as quick as he was satisfied that he had Frank Douglas' signature down pat and he could lay his hand on a company check.

    Speak of the devil… Vince saw the big grey-haired man walk onto the scene wearing swim-trunks and a broad gun, with a drink in his hand. He was tall with heavy shoulders, but softening, a layer of tanned flab and the beginning of a paunch showing his age. Once, he'd probably been quite athletic, Vince thought, watching his mark shaking hands and spreading greetings around amongst smiling, drinking friends. Everyone seemed to like the old boy, or at least they were pretending to… and why not, invited to a free bash like this, servants and the whole smear. Lucky bastard, sitting on his pot of gold… while he walked around with fifty bucks in his pocket and the goddamn finance company trying to locate his Continental. Shit, he had to make his move soon…

    A burst of rock sounds filled with twilight, drowning out some of the laughter and voices. Vince watched Lisa with her wide-eyed, skinny boy friend join some of the other teenagers in a series of sensual gyrations they camouflaged under the term "dancing." Paul Fulton reminded him of a jack-o'-lantern the way he was grinning and bug- eyeing the curvy young bitch's near-naked breasts, and Christ, Vince couldn't blame him much. Those firm full mounds were doing a mind- bending dance all their own, like the half-revealed ovals of her rounded ass-cheeks, and there weren't too many of the older male generation present who were missing the attraction. Not that the pool- side was lacking in sexy young female pulchritude, but Lisa Douglas was by far the star, over-shadowed only by her blonde stepmother and she was hiding her voluptuous charms beneath a silky summer-slack outfit as she moved among the guests.

    Vince felt his penis stir agitatedly in his pants as he watched the generous curves of the provocative teenager ripple and sway temptingly to the rhythm of the music. Christ, what a delight it'd be to sink his thick cock between those, young, tender thighs. He wondered if she was a virgin? Probably not… rarities these days… but was she wasting it on that scrawny bastard, Fulton?

    Shit, he didn't look as if he'd know what to do with it… and she was a friendly kid, too, at least she had been so far with him. No come-on or anything like that, but no chill the way blonde Shirley stirred him, either…

    Nomad's sudden whimper beside him caught Vince River's attention. He looked down to see the big animal staring in the direction of an approaching redhead.

    She was smiling down at the mutt, a shapely doll about his own age, Vince appraised, her over-abundance of breasts straining the multi-colored halter trying to harness them. Her hips and thighs were just a little meaty, but maybe it was the tightness of the shorts she was wearing. Christ, the outline of her pussy-lips was as distinct as the part in his hair!

    She bent down and petted the dog, giving Vince an ample display of deep white cleavage before beaming him a smile. "You're Vincent Rivers, aren't you? I'm Anita Parsons, next door neighbor," she introduced herself as he stood up catching her hand to hold in a gentle pressure.

    "I've already met Nomad. He's dropped by for a snack a couple of times…"

    I'll bet, Vince thought, nodding and smiling as she rambled on. So, the old Geiger-counter was working true to form… and her hubby was an attorney… probably with some loot stashed, too, but nothing like daddy Frank was sitting on. Well, she would do for a romp or two if nothing better turned up, the slick con-artist decided, fileing her into his mental archives. And she was turning it on for him like a whore on holiday… Then a couple more neighborhood wives joined her, all with special attentions for the lecherous mutt who always got the gravy before he did, and by the looks of things the four-legged cock- hound had really been getting around.

    Vince unleashed the whimpering German shepherd, watching with inner delight the way he began brushing up against the trio in turn to brighten the atmosphere with some scarlet faces. Then, he was off to rub the thighs of a few more, Vince making his excuses and following along to keep score. Christ, the bastard had really been doing all right for himself, though only Anita Parsons looked like anything worth following up. But guests were still arriving, and the party was getting livelier and bawdier; lots of goodies could happen yet. A couple trying to dance with the younger group suddenly fell into the pool. The teenagers were getting more disgusted by the minute. Oh, that generation gap.

    Vince grinned to himself… and then, he saw Paul Fulton leading Shirley by the hand to the dance area and Lisa's eyes glaring like a pair of jeweled flame-throwers! Yeah, things were getting wilder and wilder, all right!

    Frank Douglas wasn't too surprised after he'd raised his hands and asked for quiet, then beckoned his only child to his side, putting his arm affectionately around her slender young waist to feel her recoil.

    He knew he was drunk and that she hated that, and that she regarded most of their neighbors and friends as a generation of hypocrites with their booze and sleezy infidelities, practicing a "do as I say, and not as I do," philosophy on their children. He was well aware of all that, plus her dislike of Shirley and lack of respect for him in marrying her. But he was in hopes that when he handed her the keys to the new convertible parked in the drive which he'd bought her as a graduation present, she would understand he loved her, and above all that he wanted her to love him as she always had…

    Lisa smiled, thanked him, then kissed his cheek while everyone clapped, the cold little imprint of her lips lingering there long after the party was back in full swing. Frank went to the bar and replenished his Scotch on the rocks, bantering meaningless words with grinning-faced guests, feeling empty inside.

    He saw Lisa in her white shift now, pulling at Paul Fulton's arm as if she were trying to drag him away from dancing with Shirley.

    "We're all leaving… come on, Paul!" Frank heard his teenage daughter snap.

    "This party's getting to be a drag… isn't that right, stepmother? Come on, hon, I'll let you be the first to drive my consolation prize. We're all going to Jerry's!"

    Christ, what had happened to his whole goddamn world? Had he been that wrong in thinking he was entitled to a second helping of happiness after Mavis died? It wasn't as if he'd rushed out like a madman with his cock in his hand looking for someone to stick it into. He'd waited for five years, five lonely years that he never would've been able to endure if it hadn't been for Lisa, along with his work. Then, his blonde angel had come along, but even when he realized that he was crazy in love with her, he'd waited, letting it grow on him, not wanting to make an ass of himself or hurt anyone. And in the end, he'd done just that… wound up an impotent old fool hurting everyone involved.

    He watched his beautiful young wife move gracefully away from the teenagers without a word back at his embittered daughter, immediately smiling and joining a circle of older guests. Christ, how he loved her, but he loved his daughter Lisa too, and how could he take sides? He'd hoped that somehow they'd be able to work it out between them, that gradually Lisa's jealous rancor would mellow, but it hadn't, and he knew that Shirley had bent over backward to reach the girl.

    Damn, his Shirley was such a luscious beauty. He'd never forget their wedding night when he'd seen her for the first time all breathtakingly naked.

    Spellbound, he'd stood there stating at her lying on the bed like a sculptured statue of a goddess come to life, waiting for him to come and take her. His heavy cock had burst into the hardness of an anvil, he remembered, throbbing and hurting with its long denial. He'd been gasping, almost choking as he crawled onto the bed, afraid to touch her for fear she might shatter, or dissolve right before his eyes… And then, he'd kissed her all over, every secret inch of her soft intimate curves and smooth hollows with a hungering reverence that seemed to drain the sap from his very bones! His loins had pulsated with a torment the likes of which he'd never imagined, and though the aching desire to thrust his lust-swollen cock up into her waiting hot belly had been a near-insanity inside him… he knew he couldn't… she was too precious… too delicately gorgeous to violate!

    A fixation? That's what Doc Gordon had told him…

    "Nothing unusual about it, Frank," he'd said. "Men who revere rather than love a woman often get hung-up this way. But I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Give it a little time, fellow… remember, you're fifty like me, and you've suddenly walked back into the Garden of Eden." He'd laughed. "Some of these young apples can really give you a belly ache, and they don't have to be green either…"

    There'd been more… nothing of value. He'd gone to a bar and drank himself into a lusty state, then taxied home, leaving his car behind, determined to do what he'd finally come to realize she really wanted him to do, make passionate love to her! God, how excited she'd been, sensuously offering that beautiful white body up to him… and even moving down over him to suck his refusing limp penis into hardness for both of them… but he couldn't let her! He just couldn't let her… she was too beautiful.

    Someone said something, addressing him directly and the big man nodded and laughed. He hardly knew what was going on around him. Christ, he was drunk… and that was the best part… not knowing what was going on around you. He wandered off, knowing he was staggering, but making a special effort. Maybe Lisa was right, the party was getting to be a drag, especially for incapable old men. He'd go to his study where he could drink in quiet and think about Shirley. What the hell did he care about these neighborhood scrubs? Nothing… not really, and his daughter's cold kiss still clung to his cheek… Christ, how he hoped Rivers would take the operation of the business off his hands… maybe then he and Shirley… maybe… just maybe…

    Shirley had drunk more than usual, but she wasn't sorry. God knows, she really needed its effects to keep her going this horrible night. Frank had just gone off into the house and there wasn't much doubt what his intentions were. Lisa had hurt him deeply, damn her. What she needed was a good face slapping and someone to bring her to her senses. Oh, Shirley didn't care about the way the embittered girl had acted with her; that was unimportant, but with her own father and in front of everyone… My consolation prize…! What a wicked thing to say… and the way she'd acted because Paul had asked her, Shirley, to dance!

    Nothing had gone right all evening for the unhappy blonde wife, though she had anticipated most of it. All the same, she'd been careful not to let the guests read it like an open book on her face. Not that she personally cared about appearances, but for Frank and Lisa's sake, yes, she did. And to make matters just a little worse, she had seen the way Nomad was being friendly with some of the neighbor wives, an odd sensation of jealousy gnawing at the base of her belly. Maybe, she'd been a little too free in letting Mr. Rivers' pet out to roam around.

    Anita Parsons had been making over him every chance she got all evening, and Nomad had responded by rubbing up against her… God… had that red-headed bitch taken advantage of him too?

    "They've changed the music to something a little more in keeping with my era, Mrs. Douglas… would you care to try it once?" Vincent Rivers' voice jarred Shirley from her thoughts. She half-turned to see his too-handsome face smiling confidently down at her. Simultaneously, Nomad trotted up, whimpering, and began to brush affectionately against her legs.

    "Well, hello, darling… where've you been all evening?" she managed, bending down to pet his great animal-head, her mind racing like an atomic engine. She knew she was blushing when she straightened. "Th- They never forget the hand that feeds them, do they?"

    "No… of course not, and I'm sure you've fed him well… taken the best of care of him while I've been following your husband around the plant, Shirley," he said, actually using her given name for the first time. "You're very kind and I appreciate it, but I think I'd like it better if you danced with me."

    She could think of no way to refuse her house guest, and after all, it was a little ridiculous, wasn't it? At last surveillance, this was supposed to be a party, and there were some thirty other people milling around… She let him take her hand and draw her possessively inside his arms. He didn't dance… he floated, and that was certainly what she would have expected from Vince Rivers.

    Not one tiny mistake as she sensed herself seeming to blend with his lean, tall frame to the pleasing rhythm of the music; yet he didn't clutch at her, nor suggestively press against the soft give of her enjoying body as she feared he might. It'd been so long since she'd danced this way… and the liquor, warm in her belly, was excitingly spurring her on.

    "Do you do everything as well as you dance, Shirley?" he whispered down into her ear.

    She felt herself starching to the question, made a misstep and stumbled. He caught her gracefully, smoothing back into basic steps.

    She said: "I'm not very accomplished, Mr. Rivers. I suppose you'd just have to call me a… loyal housewife?"

    "The backbone of the world they tell me," he replied. "But then, like Kinsey, I like to find things out for myself. He tells a raft of secrets regarding loyal housewives."

    Shirley swallowed tightly, but not from his words as much as the more possessive hold he had taken around her. For the first time, she felt the undeniable swell of his hardening male flesh snug against the resilience of her soft belly. She looked up at him, her defensive blue eyes fighting his shifty dark ones. "You've got the wrong wife, Mr.

    Riven," she hissed, but not before the sensation of his lengthening hardness stirred whiskey-roused impulses to flutter through her man- denied young loins.

    "No… I've just got a girl who's made up her mind to dislike me," he replied, still smiling. "She likes my dog but she despises me."

    "Your dog wears his heart on his collar, Mr. Rivers. There's nothing pretentious about him."

    "And me? Am I some sort of vampire?"

    "Some sort, but I haven't figured that out yet," Shirley replied as the song ended and she backed out of his arms. "Maybe I will if you're here a few more days."

    "And maybe you're just trying to protect what the virgin does," Rivers said, wishing immediately that he hadn't. Christ, she was sharp…

    Shirley laughed. "Virgin? Let's not make the game too complicated, Mr.

    Rivers. Virgins are your meat, as the saying goes. No… no… you have bigger stakes in mind than innocent little girls, and I'll remind you that I'm not one of them. Be careful, sir! Be careful! Frank Douglas isn't without people who love him!"

    Chapter 3

    Vince Rivers stared after the sensually flowing curves of Shirley Douglas with lustful eyes as the young blonde wife walked away from him to bid good night to some guests who were leaving. He knew there was a noticeable bulge in the front of his trousers if any of the neighborhood bitches cared to take a look. Maybe it would give them a little charge, but he could care less now. Anita Parsons and entourage were no longer even considerations… not after the way Nomad's unique indicator had beamed through to him! Christ, he still could hardly believe it, but when the goddamn mutt began to rub up against them, there was no question… at least, the frigging hound had never given him a bum steer yet!

    His loins had begun to churn hotly from the mere thought of the dog getting to that gorgeous display of female flesh, his lecherous plans rapidly charting a new course that he hadn't thought was navigable. He smiled inwardly as he watched Shirley's voluptuous figure glide toward the house with bewitching quivers, accompanying her guests with others joining and tossing in their good nights. Yeah, this cruise had suddenly taken on a whole new aspect for him… not that the scenery hadn't been dazzling all the way, but there was nothing like docking in an unexpected, exotic port to really get the flavor of the natives!

    Shirley could hardly keep her mind on what she was saying, she was that angry with Vince Rivers' brazen pass… and he was supposed to be a friend and business associate of Frank's, to say nothing of being a guest in their house!

    Somehow, she managed to maintain her smile and exchange pleasantries with departing neighbors and friends, until finally everyone had left but the caterers who were looking to the cleaning up. God, she was never so happy to see an evening come to an end… the way Lisa had acted… and Frank getting drunk, then just walking off without so much as a good night to anyone.

    She had feared that Rivers might wait around until the others were gone, then try to pick up where he'd left off, but thank God, he hadn't, and she assumed that he'd gone to his room. Damn, but she had certainly pegged him for the louse he was, hadn't she! Poor Frank… she had to think of some way to keep him from making any sort of deal with that man! He was dishonest and she was positive of it! The way her husband was drinking, he was just no match for Vincent Rivers.

    She found Frank passed out and snoring loudly in his study. With little tears in her eyes, Shirley went to the linen closet and got a blanket to cover him, then made herself a nightcap, and wearily walked to her bedroom. Sighing, she dropped onto the edge of the bed to sip from the glass and try to unwind.

    Almost immediately her surroundings brought to mind the forbidden lustful performance she had given herself to with Nomad only hours before… and as lewd and obscene as it had been, she wasn't sorry… even knew that she would do it again if given the chance!

    Little tremors of excitement, which had continued to smolder inside Shirley ever since the handsome animal's love-making, grew with intensity as she remembered the pleasureful sensations he had brought her. Even dancing with the German shepherd's despicable master had helped to stimulate her more when the hot feel of his hardening penis had begun to throb against her soft belly.

    Though she was ashamed at the mere thought of her weakness, the confused and love-hungry girl couldn't deny that it was true.

    She finished her drink and with another long sigh arose to undress.

    Absent-mindedly, she moved about the room, shutting off the air- conditioner and opening the patio doors slightly, her mind unable to ignore the tormenting glow of carnal arousal still simmering in the depths of her sensuous young body. Then, as she was reaching up behind to unfasten her brassiere, she heard the scratching on her door!

    A warm sensation of excitement raced through Shirley as she stood there in white nylon panties and lace brassiere staring at the locked barrier. Of course, it couldn't be anyone else… not scratching… and there it was again! She moved quickly toward it, silently withdrawing the bolt and opening it just a crack to peak. It was! She saw the brilliant sparkle of his soft brown eyes reflecting the glow from her vanity lamp, and then he whimpered up at her. Without a word, Shirley opened the door wide enough for him to enter, closing and locking it quickly behind him, then turned to drop down on her smooth rounded haunches, taking his big head between her slender white hands.

    "You big darling!" she whispered, her breaths quickening as she kissed him on the nose. "How did you know that I needed you so badly again tonight?"

    Vince Rivers watched it all from the darkness of his cracked-open doorway. He grinned lecherously to himself as he saw his dog enter the woman's bedroom and her door close without a sound. Like clockwork, he thought, reaching down to lewdly stroke a hand over his desire-swollen penis cramped inside his pants and shorts. But not for long, the scheming forgery artist mused, backing inside to snap on a fight and begin to strip.

    He'd give the mutt a little time to swing into his act and just hope she didn't change her mind and close the patio door he'd watched her open from the shadows of his own pool-side verandah. If she did, he'd have to figure something else, because he was damn sure going to get in there… but the element of surprise … just walking right in to catch her with the tucking dog right at it!

    Christ, this was going to be the brass ring… and big daddy was stoned to his ass in the study… perfect!

    Naked, Vince Rivers slipped on a robe, tying the belt around him so that it held the swollen length of his long thick cock up snug against his lean belly, then walked out into the evening darkness. He could see the faint glow of her light showing through the narrow space of the still opened patio door. He moved stealthily toward it, his own breathing sounding like a bellows to him in his lustful excitement.

    Then, he saw them!

    Jesus Christ! For a moment, he could only stand there with his eyes riveted on the wild goddamn performance taking place on the bed, and he couldn't help but remember the first time he'd seen Nomad working on that gambling gypsy's slob of a wife in their carnival sideshow! Except the long, widespread white legs the mutt was between at the moment belonged to a luscious young beauty who was anything but a slob! Never in his fucking life had he seen such an array of smooth, rounded curves, and never had his aching hard cock ever throbbed more anxiously to be buried hilt-deep in a bitch's hot, sheathing pussy! ›From where he stood, Rivers couldn't see that intoxicating part of her anatomy, only a portion of the gilt her blonde pubic hair offered, but the way Nomad was licking between those crab-like spread thighs, he knew he was going to revel in it! Then, she was drawing those same smoothly rounded thighs up and back, still yawning open as she reached down between them to catch hold of the mutt's ears, the generous arch of her hips and nakedly revealed buttocks beginning an upthrusting tucking motion that caused her lush, pink-nippled breasts to quiver like heaping mounds of marshmallow!

    He walked in!

    Nomad raised his head and growled with a show of gleaming white fangs.

    Shirley choked out a gasp, not seeing him at first, then jerking her head to twist around, her long blonde hair flailing with the effort!

    "Oh! Oh, my God!" she rasped, her blue eyes widening in shocked horror, her every word and reaction exactly as he'd anticipated, except that she didn't scream, or try to scramble from the bed, just laid there as if suddenly frozen into her obscenely inviting position.

    "Excuse me, but this is the whore of the manor's room, isn't it?" Vince said, grinning lecherously down at her, unable to resist using the upper hand he knew he held after her "loyal wife" routine earlier, and the way she'd been chilling him for three days. "I hope I haven't interrupted anything sacred…"

    Shirley could only gape up at the horrible apparition standing beside her bed and grinning down at her lustfully exposed nakedness with an expression of conquering lechery. Undiluted panic, made up of spontaneous shame, shock and helplessness, raged frantically through her. She thought of screaming, but she couldn't make a sound. Nomad's deep-throated growls reached her and she wondered why the dog didn't leap on his master and tear that grinning face to pieces! She remembered her husband Frank dead-drunk in the study! And Lisa wasn't even in the house.

    "Out, mutt!" Rivers was ordering, moving backward to pull the patio door open wider. "Out! You've had your fun and games… now it's time for the master, boy! Move! Get out!"

    Reluctantly, Nomad backed from between her lewdly upraised thighs and bounded down to the floor, only half looking back with flattened ears and a growl as Vince Rivers closed the door behind him. Slowly then, Shirley lowered her long naked legs to the bed, drawing them together protectively as she stared in growing, unhidable dread at the too- handsome man who had suddenly invaded and somehow held control over her most intimate life!

    "Wh-what do you think you… you're going to do?" she heard her own voice ridiculously whine as he began to pull at his robe.

    Rivers sniggered. "Well, for openers I thought I might take up where the mutt left off… You know, eat some of that hard-to-get pussy of yours. Then I had in mind fucking you cross-eyed! Any objections, Mrs.


    Shirley moaned as if she'd been jabbed with a series of tiny stabbing needles, the lewd sounds of his pornographic words and lustful intentions sending confusing, apprehensive chills racing frantically over her naked flesh.

    "Y-You can't! My God, you can't!" she gasped, raising to her elbows as he jerked open his robe, her widened blue eyes level with the long thick length of his blood-filled hardness falling into its menacing right-angled position to the lean hairy slenderness of his naked loins.

    Below, at its widened base, Shirley saw the massive bulge of his sperm- filled testicles, and she couldn't resist centering her eyes on the reddishly bulbous head half-hidden in its thick foreskin, with a tiny pearlish drop of his semen oozing from its little end-slit.

    "You like it, Mrs. Douglas?" he taunted, reaching down to lewdly grasp the husky length and begin to stroke it, tugging its sheathing foreskin back to reveal the blood-engorged head in its entirety. "Suckable, eh? Even better than the tucking mutt's, right? Makes your mouth water." He laughed and kneed his way up onto the bed, moving toward her feet, the waggling shaft of his huge cock ever facing her in her elbowed position.

    "Oh please… please don't, Vince… I'm sorry… sorry for everything!"

    Shirley suddenly gasped. "Pleaseeeeee… I beg you, don't… for Frank's sake … he's your friend!" she whined as he took her feet and spread them apart, his eyes gleaming and his lips stretched wide in a lecherous grin the equal of which she'd never seen. Wider, he forced them, until her long legs were spread as open as they'd willingly been for Nomad, and the pink inner-flesh of her moist cuntal split was completely exposed to him! "Oh… oh don't… I can't fight you… but you know you shouldn't… no matter what, you know it's wrong, damn you!"

    Outside, Nomad stalked the darkness of the grounds, though they might have been flooded in sunlight for him. Animal rage seethed inside his powerful muscular body, as well as unfulfilled ruttish desire. This was not a new torment for him to be confronted with by his master, but before it had never seemed to matter as it did this time. He had very much wanted to mate with the golden-haired female, and he couldn't rid himself of that desire. Eventually, the huge, handsome animal found himself a place in the shadow of a bush to lie down, and with open, panting jaws he lay there watching, his feral loins throbbing heavily with the aroused instinct his golden-female had inspired within him.

    "Spread 'em, baby… spread 'em wide for me!" Rivers taunted inside the bedroom, moving up between Shirley's smooth open legs until his face was only inches above the curl-fringed flesh of her vulnerable loins. He stiffened out, pressuring the hardened length of his long thick cock down into the give of the sheeted mattress as he ogled the wet pink delicacy of Frank Douglas' own private cunt!

    She was panting loudly now from her parted lips, her head raised, and her eyes wide as she began to squirm, with the full white columns of her satiny thighs stretched apart to capacity, the glistening crevice of her sparse, hair-fringed pussy starting to rotate in little circles as if her ass-cheeks were resting on a lazy susan! Goddamn… that mutt had really worked her up! The gorgeous bitch couldn't help herself, even though he knew fucking well that she'd kill him if she could.

    Rivers laid his thumbs on either side of her fleshy cunt-lips, the gossamer texture of her golden pubic hair sending a wild charge of excitement ripping through him. He heard her moan at the erogenous contact, and then louder as he began to churn and massage those sensitive lips against one another, the heady essence of her stimulated desire filling his flaring nostrils. He pinched and taunted, chafing the tiny erect bud of her clitoris between his fingers until her hips began to jerk and writhe convulsively, her flat belly tensing with muscular spasms, her breath choking out in ragged gasps.

    He drew his thumbs lower then, down to the full white ovals of her gyrating ass-cheeks, easing them into the deep smooth crevice as he cupped his big palms over their soft hot flesh. Again, the fired-up blonde moaned out as he slowly spread those luscious buttocks wide until he could clearly see the puckered mouth of her tightly clenched anus. Christ, what a cock-throbbing sight… not a single hair around it… like a baby's pink-pursed lips!

    Shirley had never felt more debased and utterly helpless in her life.

    Yet even in the shame of the obscenities this man was committing on her defenselessly exposed loins, she knew that she would beg him not to stop if she had to Nomad had so inflamed her passionate need. And then, he was burrowing his face into the sensitive area between her wide- split buttocks, until she suddenly felt the worming heat of his long, wet tongue against her sensitive inner-cheeks, licking along the smooth crease to the tiny lips of her clenched little anus!

    Mewling sounds of mindless desire escaped her parted lips when the stiffened tip of his hot wet tongue began to probe and worm its way lustfully up into her resistant anal ring. She drew back her thighs, groaning in tempo to this lurid tongue, beginning to orally fuck her there, suddenly reaching down around her hips with both hands, pulling her up-turned buttocks wider apart to help his penetration.

    Rivers stopped and raised his head to see her beautiful, desire- contorted face and the way her head had begun to toss from side to side. Then she stopped moving, her glazed blue eyes focusing pleadingly on him, and he grinned down at her with a lecherous dominance. "You bitch!" he hissed. "You want me to stop now? Well… do you?"

    "Oooohhh… no… nooooo… please don't stop… don't stop," Shirley gasped almost pathetically. "Ohhhh damn you… please! "

    Rivers snickered and dropped his head once more, gaping down at the delicious sight of her young wifely loins between milk-white thighs so vulnerably exposed to his any whim. The pink dewy flesh of her partially hidden pussy-slit beneath the wispy, golden curls sent a salacious shiver up his naked back. "It's a gem of a cunt you have here, Mrs. Douglas," he whispered loud enough for her to hear him. "I might even be tempted into eating it for you if I was asked properly," he went on, tauntingly blowing his hot breath against her animal-roused loins. "But maybe you'd rather I didn't…"

    "Do it! I-I want you to," the blindly excited Shirley breathed down at him, still raised to her elbows, her expression wantonly slack.

    "You want me to what, Shirley baby?" he tormented, lecherously regarding the tight narrow split slicing erotically downward from the puffy little swell of her pubic mound, down between her full-rounded thighs to the firm ovals of her buttocks, their separating crease wet from his tonguing caresses.

    "Oh damn you, Vince Rivers! Do it!" she hissed in a tremoring tone.

    "Please, lick it! Suck it… eat my pussy for me! Make me cum… I've got to cummmmmm!

    "That's better, bitch!" he spewed deridingly up at her, sadistic sensations racing through him. "Let's drop the fucking pretense and get down to being the animals we are, eh! All right, baby… bring those pretty white fingers down here and spread it open for me! Come on!" he snapped, his wet lips suddenly closing over the soft swell of her mound at the base of her quivering belly.

    "Ooohhhh… Vince!" Shirley lurched and groaned, sensing his hot wet mouth following downward along the hair-lined slit of her electrified cunt, fervently kissing, until his searing tongue parted her wispy pubic curls and began to flick lizard-like at the sensuously flushed vaginal opening!

    Every muscle in the trapped young bride's voluptuous body responded to Rivers' lustfully goading tongue against the pussy-lips his dog had already set aflame, choking moans of salacious delight gurgling from the depths of her throat.

    Consciously, she smoothed her slender hands over the swollen white mounds of her heaving breasts, stroking downward over her smooth belly, finally bringing them to rest on either side of her blood-flushed cunt-lips.

    She could hear Vince Rivers' panting gasps and feel his hot breath against her tingling loins. Shamelessly, she spread her cuntal lips open to him with lewdly splaying fingers, her soft hands grazing his cheeks as he grunted and drew his hot, moistened tongue up through the openly revealed pink flesh.

    "Yes… like that… like that, darling!" Shirley gasped. "Oh God yes… lick it good for me, lover! Suck it! Bite it… anything…!"

    Rivers' conniving brain reveled in its lust. Christ, he'd hit the jackpot this time! The gorgeous doll was starved for sex, a bottled-up lust-pot inside the most curvaceous, mind-bending body he had ever seen! He raised his head and gaped down at the blonde-fringed wet lips she held lewdly opened for him, its glistening flesh entirely exposed to the ravenous gleam of his greedy eyes. Hot spasms of rakish desire convulsed through him and he ground his aching cock down hard into the bedding beneath him. She began to whimper for more as he stared at her finger-spread pussy-slit shirting moistly in its viscid arousal.

    Her tight cunt mouth was actually twitching as she squirmed her impassioned loins upward toward his face. He dropped his head, burying his face in the hot, curl-enframed softness, plunging the full length of his tongue deep up into the clasping depths of her seething tight vaginal passage!

    Her gaspings and writhings immediately growing more intense, Shirley moaned out her sensual elation, unintelligible words of pleasure dribbling from her lush pink lips. Vince felt her hands suddenly clutching at his head, her fingers winding tightly in his hair. She groaned and whimpered, pulling his face forcefully into the widespread young flesh of her steaming cunt. He sensed the toss of her head flailing back and forth on the bed as he speared his tongue up into the heated liquid depths of her ravenously sucking passage. She ground her rounded, voluptuous hips downward reflexively, her buttocks digging into the softness of the mattress, squirming wildly as bleating animal- like mewls burst from between her clenched white teeth. Then she thrust her naked loins up to him again, pressing his face into the wet, vertical mouth up between her open thighs, its seething vaginal walls opening and closing around his rhythmically thrusting tongue, pulling at it in a greedy, starving action that he couldn't believe!

    Christ, she was all gone! He'd never seen a cunt so hot in his goddamn life… and growing wilder with each passing second as she strained toward climax. It struck him then that he wasn't ready for that to happen yet and he withdrew his long probing tongue to lick upward through the fluid pink pussy-flesh. He flicked its tip lashingly enroute, circling her tiny erect clitoris, then engulfing all with widespread lips, sucking the hot inner folds of soft flesh deep into the cavern of his pleasure-giving mouth.

    "Oh God… ooohh… don't stop… don't ever stop, damn you!" Shirley wantonly hissed.

    Rivers grinned inwardly, raising his eyes to lock on his hostess' lust- twisted expression, her lovely blonde head still flailing slowly at a set, rhythmic pace as her fingers wound tighter in his hair. Christ, she was trying to direct his mouth back to the tight ovalled opening of her hungrily nibbling vagina.

    His big hands moved upward over the smooth white flatness of her belly to the rounded softness of her palpitating breasts, cupping harshly into their fleshy give, his fingers rolling the tiny hardened nipples between them as he glued his lips to the passion-slippery hole between her legs and burned his lashing tongue up into her loins.

    Shirley squealed in sensual delight, at the same time caressing his cheeks with her hands, flitting from his hair to his face and back, hating and loving him at the same time, Vince Rivers knew. Now! Now it was her turn, this loyal wife-bitch! He never lost contact with her loins, his mouth fastened to the sizzling wet vaginal lips between her obscenely spread thighs as he got to his knees and began to luridly work around up over her. He both heard and felt her breathing quicken to his obvious intentions, but once he'd placed his knees on either side of her naked ribs, then folded his arms in under her thighs with fingers strategically tugging at her flushed cunt-lips and smoothly ovalled ass-cheeks, he knew she wasn't going to resist.

    Yes… oh God, yes, she was a bitch and there was no denying that, Shirley accused herself, but that was of no relative importance with the maddening sensations of basic lust frantically devouring her loins and belly. Only the sudden sight of hardened cock and sperm-bloated balls hanging heavily above her face registered in her mind. She stared up at the long thick hardness, her mouth beginning to water as lustful memories of her dead Major danced somewhere in the background of her thoughts. Reaching up, she curled her fingers around the hot sinewy length and began to stroke its heavy foreskin back and forth, watching the hairy sac of his testicles lewdly sway to her ministrations. Oh God! She raised her head and drew the length of blue-veined penis downward, her eyes feasting on its huge bulbous head as she pulled back the foreskin… and with her ovalled mouth wide open, encircled it hungrily with hot clasping lips, trying to capture too much of it at first inside her anxiously salivating mouth!

    In her mindless desire, Shirley sucked it so deep in her mouth that it nearly choked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath and then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft, sensitive underside, feeling it throb and pulse to her hot oral caress.

    Immediately, she tasted the sweet pungent tang of his sperm oozing from the tiny slit at its tip when she wormed her tongue into it. She cupped his cum-bloated balls in the small palms of her hands while little explosions of blinding passion burst inside her. Then, he began to move up and down, tucking his loins in and out of her tightly locked lips in lewd cadence to his tongue probing in her seething cunt below!

    Ooohhh… the utter debasement of what she was doing… and what he was doing to her… the shame of his tonguing her cunt… the unforgivable obscenity of sucking his cock… she could kill him… she loved him! Maddeningly, Shirley's brain raced as she sucked hungrily at his lust-hardened rod of male-flesh that she was working to the very back of her throat just as George had taught her! She could hear the lewd wet sucking sounds as he slavered at her nakedly inflamed loins, could feet his big hands beneath her, clutching the soft rounded cheeks of her buttocks as he burrowed his ravaging tongue deeper and deeper up into her greedily clasping cunt.

    She tried to think of what she would do after this, but it was impossible. Her vagina was aflame with the licking tongues of passionate fire consuming her!

    Suddenly, she felt his finger massaging the tiny puckered ring of her anal mouth and knew what was coming. Her breath quickened and she forgot everything as with a painful little stab he pushed his finger inward and she felt it worming right up into her hot Spongy rectum to the palm of his big, extended hand!

    "Uuuunnngggghhhhh," Shirley grunted around the expanding cock-flesh in her mouth, her lips and tongue momentarily stopping their loving caresses as his sudden invasion of her anal passage caused her body to spiral toward the pinnacle of climax. She felt his mouth sucked tight to the blood-swollen lips of her vagina, his deep-thrusting tongue swirling and lashing the sensitive walls in rhythm to his pummeling ringer in her rectum, and she began to nurse the hot thickness of his lengthy cock with all her know-how, her cheeks lewdly hollowing and swelling, while her soft belly rose and fell frenziedly as she pulled at him!

    Never in her adult life had the denied young wife known greater sensations of wanton passion… not even with her Major… and certainly never with her husband Frank! She wanted his cum, the no-good bastard who was fucking his wonderful cock into her mouth! God yes, she wanted that! He had to, she thought desperately, her soft lips clasped tightly around the throbbing, blood-filled head of his cock, her tongue working feverishly to tease his orgasm from him!

    And simultaneously, deep inside her, the violent spasms of passion-fired ecstasy began. She squeezed at his lust-inflated balls with both hands, then raked her nails beneath them as she strained to the urgency of her own cumming.

    He swore, and swore again, his loins jerking, the massive head of his cock swelling in her hungrily sucking mouth! And then it came! It shot into the back of her throat in wild spurts of teeming, cream-like liquid, gush after gush of the sweet, acid-tasting hotness, joined by the convulsive tremors of her hips as her own climax erupted in a blinding explosion of erotic bliss deep within her tongue-spread loins.

    "I'm cumming! 0h God, I'm cummmmmmming!" she groaned out around the swollen rod of spending male flesh in her mouth. And again and again he spewed his hot jets of viscous cum deep into her throat, and she groaned as she continued sucking hungrily, her Adam's apple bobbing obscenely to the swallowing of the boiling semen flooding into the warm wet softness of her mouth.

    Chapter 4

    "Did you have to be quite so nice to my stepmother?" Lisa snapped, not looking in her boy friend's direction, but off at the city's lights below. Beyond was the ocean with a moon to fight it, the reflection like gleaming light on a treasure chest of glittering gems. And she'd wanted all of her plans to sparkle with the same blinding facets.

    "Dammit, do you have to keep calling her your 'stepmother' as if she were some kind of witch?" Paul Fulton retaliated, trying to measure in his young mind what could possibly be wrong with such a beautiful woman. "I-I mean… well … after all, Lisa, she is your father's wife, and he seems to be happy."

    "Ha! How would he know that? He's been drunk since the day he married her!

    She's making an alcoholic of him!"

    "I don't believe that!" the youth interrupted before she could finish.

    He shifted in his seat. "He's doing it to hide something… his own problem! I don't know anything about it, but I'll bet Shirley isn't to blame the way you see it…!"

    "Shirley? Shirley! You mean you're calling her by her first name now?"

    "Oh, for Christ sake, Lisa, don't be stupid…"

    "Shirley! That's what you said."

    "Well, that's her name, isn't it? Not 'stepmother'!" Paul Fulton snapped, thoroughly disgusted with the attitude this girl he loved had adopted toward a person whom he felt sure was totally innocent. "Why don't you grow up, Lisa?

    For God's sake…!"

    "Yes, for God's sake!" she interrupted, never-before-known anger for him raging inside her. "You dumb ass, Paul! And after what I had planned for us tonight!

    Well… you've killed that! What would you like to try for seconds?"

    "Oooohhh…" he managed, quickly imagining what she might mean. Had she really meant that…? Christ! "Look, I only said that…"

    "I know what you said… and what you meant… and where your feelings seem to lie, Mr. Fulton!" she said, nestling down in the bucket seat and folding her arms in her lap. "Now, if you will, please… take me home."


    "Take me home!" she ordered with sharpness.

    "But, honey, you won't listen."

    "You listen! This is my car and I've asked you to drive me home! Will you, please?" she insisted, never wanting him to, fighting the tears dimming her eyes, wishing she knew why she was doing it.

    "Yeah! You bet your ass I will! I'll take you home, Lisa, and for good unless you wake up!" Paul spat, kicking the motor into action.

    Neither of them spoke again throughout the race-driving trip to the Douglas home, though Lisa almost desperately searched her young, wretched mind for an opening. Damn, she didn't want their evening to end this way… she'd had such beautiful, intimate plans, her whole body alive with tiny quivers of anticipation all afternoon and evening… until that bitch had interfered! But when Paul didn't speak, or try to smooth things over in the first few minutes, she knew he wasn't about to. Oh, she wasn't worried over the 'I'll take you home for good!' business… they'd gone through that before… but the other, their love-making, her wild decision to give him her virginity being thwarted and hopeless now, she realized, was causing the tears that were nearly blinding her.

    He swung into their drive with a squeal of tires, cut the engine and hopped out of the car without as much as a good night! Lisa gasped aloud as she sat uptight to watch his slender form move through the darkness to his own car. She couldn't believe it, he'd never before been quite so angry! She fought the urge to call out after him. Never! Damn him… damn him! And then, with another screech of rubber, he was gone, the roar of his car motor gradually fading, until it was absorbed by the quiet night surrounding her.

    Lisa cried then in her frustration and rage. She slammed from the shiny new "consolation prize" her father had given her and ran toward the house, her teenage brain whirling with one vindictive thought after another…

    Nomad watched from a secluded position beside the building. He had heard the vehicle's approach and the closing of its metal door, the noises of human life drawing him from his brooding place beside the bush. Immediately the big German shepherd recognized them, saw the male leave with no voice sounds passing between them, then the young female with the long dark hair running toward the house, little unhappy whimpers coming from her. For a long moment, he stood in the shadows, then silently retraced his steps to the rear of the building, approaching the still closed door where his master was with the golden- haired female he liked so much.

    Anger seethed inside the powerful animal as through a small area where the glass was not covered he saw the grinning man's nakedly stripped body standing beside the bed where the pretty golden one lay just as he had been made to leave her. The human phallus of his master hung limp and the face of the soft naked female was turned from him. They made sounds to each other, but those noises held no meaning for the embittered, witnessing animal…

    "Christ, you're something else, Mrs. Douglas. I haven't been sucked-off like that in years!" Vince Rivers lewdly tormented, his hands on his naked hips as he stared down at the sprawled, still spasming loveliness of the young wife whom he knew was suffering the full shameful effects of her infidelity.

    "G-Get out… please… for God's sake, leave me alone!" Shirley managed in a broken tone, sitting up and reaching for the sheet to cover herself.

    Rivers caught at it, tugging it out of her grasp. "Hey… not so fast, baby!

    Let's not cover up all the sexy scenery, eh? Old Vince isn't finished yet… not by a damn sight. Remember, bitch? He's going to fuck you cross-eyed."

    "No! No more!" Shirley exclaimed, trying to get up from the bed, but he was on top of her, pressing her helpless body back down to the mattress and holding her there. She tried to struggle, but it was useless. And then, he sniggered in her face, his strong, hairy leg locking over her hips and loins to easily subdue her. She felt the flaccid length of his spent penis and the wiry hair of his muscular loins grinding against the sensitive, smooth flesh of her hip and thigh. "Oh God, please… no more, Vince… I beg you.

    "There now, pussy-girl, don't get all disappointed. In a minute this cock'll be harder than a ramrod!" he hissed at her. "In the meantime, let's play kissey games," he taunted, beginning to knead one sore, swollen breast with his hand.

    Shirley's whole being recoiled at the nauseating thought of kissing him, the fleeting realization that she could actually suck his lustful penis with a passionate hunger, yet cringe at the idea of letting her lips touch his almost making her scream out. Again, she struggled, her sickened mind desperately working.

    "Listen to me, please!" she rasped. "Frank is very apt to come to that door… he does when he wakes up after drinking…!"

    "Then I'll duck out the way I came in. No sweat, baby…"

    "Oh please, Vince… he'll kill us both if he ever finds us this way!" Shirley begged, ready to say anything in her desperation. "L-Let's not take chances… there'll be other opportunities… please?"

    Yeah… maybe she was right, the lustfully keyed-up con-artist gave it second thought. It wouldn't be very fucking smart to blow his operation over a piece of tail… not after what she'd just said about their being other opportunities… though his cock was aching again to worm deep up into that tight little pussy he'd just licked into a frenzy.

    But he needed this hit – he was bad-broke. Yeah, she was right – that hot sweet cunt would keep for him.

    Nomad backed away from the patio door when he saw his master get up from the bed and the golden-haired one cover herself with the white bedding. Only seconds before, he had been ready to charge through the glass, his fury was so great at the man who was cruelly holding her down, and at the same time he had heard a clicking sound off to his right. Instinctively, the big animal who had become totally familiar with the surroundings, recognized it as the door being opened ajar to the younger, dark-haired female's room. He moved hungrily toward it…

    Lisa was nothing short of riding a marijuana high when she crawled naked onto her bed in the darkness. She had smoked two joints, one after the other, knowing she had overdone it, but at least she was no longer torn up inside from Paul's unforgivable performance, or the way he had ruined her passionate plans.

    She had hoped, too, that the grass might help soothe the sensual impulses in her soft belly and loins which she had been intentionally feeding with erotic thoughts most of the day. But they still smoldered there, more intense if anything, almost as if the pot had worked in the opposite direction.

    Oh Paul… why did we have to fight… tonight of all nights? The aroused young teenager groaned to herself in the darkness. She moved restlessly, smoothing her shapely legs against the soft sheets beneath her, the quivering movements of her firm full breasts erotically adding to her excitement. The irresistible urge to feel and caress them was more than the hungering girl wanted to deny as she narcissistically smoothed her small hands around over their soft resilience, gently massaging their lush fullness and teasing the tiny nipples with little pinching tweaks into straining buds of hardness. Her breathing increased as she brushed her hands sensuously down over her narrow waist and the rounded curve of her hips, then inward toward the base of her smooth flat belly to the sensitive mound of silky, hair-sprinkled flesh. There she pressured tauntingly, her slender young fingers exploring, the light dampness to her fingertip at the peak of her vaginal slit sending a feverish little tremor of excitement tingling up her spine.

    Damn, she was going to do it herself… had to if she were ever going to get any sleep this night! God, she was so hot, and Paul had been such an idiot! She would have let him… wanted him to… yes wanted him to be the first boy to ever fuck her! Ooohhh… just thinking the lewd four-letter word sent further sensations of self-lust rippling through her. Yes, she would have felt his long hard cock, played with it and gotten to know it, while he slipped his fingers up into her hot, needful pussy… and then they would have fucked! Fucked!

    Nomad's keen ears immediately picked up the siblant vibrations of the young girl's rapid human breathing as he moved noiselessly in through the opened patio doorway, until he saw her on the bed in her spread- legged position, the darkness no obstacle to him. Her small hand was busy between her parted legs, slender fingers moving tauntingly up and down and sometimes in a circular motion at the slitted opening there, little hissing sighs coming from within her. He watched her rounded feminine buttocks lift from the bed to cooperate with her lewdly stroking hand, the sight very similar to the one he had seen the golden-haired human make earlier that day. He sensed his blood heating at the vision of her lovely nakedness and what she was doing to it, his heavy loins reflexively quivering as he took several more steps into the room…

    A darker movement in the shadows caught Lisa's attention and with a gasp, she quickly snapped on her bed lamp. The pot she had smoked dulled what would have been an automatic reaction, and as she recognized her intruder the voluptuously naked girl realized she still lay in her lewd position, her fingers insinuated between the tight- flushed lips of her exposed pussy! Oh, thank God, it hadn't been anyone else!

    "And… and just what do you want in here, young man?" she whispered, something of a lustful little smile tugging at her drug-laxed mouth as she raised up on the elbow of her free arm, while she continued to tease slowly with her middle finger at the narrow strip of glistening pink flesh between her curl-fringed vaginal lips. Already, lurid impulses of excitement were flitting pell-mell in her soft smooth belly and desire-infused young loins at the sensual thought of having an audience watching her do it to herself… especially one that couldn't talk! "All right, handsome, and I won't even charge you admission!"

    Other thoughts bordering on the obscene, but too wild for her to yet organize in her pot-dazed mind, raced through the vivacious teenager's head as she suddenly hopped up from the bed to close and lock her patio door, carefully drawing the drapes so not even a crevice of light could be seen from outside.

    Then quickly reassuming her lewdly spread-open position on the bed, she raised her head to look excitedly down at the big German shepherd standing at the foot of her bed. Her dark eyes gleamed as she stared into the deep brown pools of seeming wonder, his tail giving a friendly wag.

    "Come up here, big boy… come on… up on the bed with Lisa! She wants to show you something you might like," the naked young virgin heard herself whisper hoarsely, the thought of her obscene intentions firing her lust like a second stage rocket booster.

    Lisa's heart gave a little leap as the dog effortlessly bounced up onto the bed, his powerful massiveness never so ominous as at that moment when she gaped down between her scissored-open white thighs at his huge furry body, second thoughts making themselves known in her glazed mind!

    Nomad sensed the girl's sudden apprehension and whimpered as if to reassure her, still wagging his furry arched tail, though he instinctively knew that the demands of his craving loins would not allow him to be driven off or denied this time. Fiery blood pounded through his lithe animal body as he slowly moved up between the smooth white columns of her open legs until he was hovering over her and her head dropped back onto the pillow, her pretty eyes wide and gaping in confused arousal.

    God, he didn't seem to need any coaxing, the dark-haired girl silently told herself, her anxiety of seconds before leaving her as quickly as it had struck, the bestial sight of him standing there between her open thighs and over her naked, soft body reminding her of the book she had read that the girls had excitedly passed around at school. Was that where she'd suddenly gotten her lustful notion? She remembered the German shepherd's name, Caesar, and the way he had brought wild animal love to young wives in the Valley, licking their pussies and… and actually fucking them from behind! God, she'd read and re-read it, making herself cum every night for two weeks!

    Oh! Oh, he was going to… and he did… abruptly lowering his great head to lick out with his hot, wet tongue against the naked flesh of her soft trembling belly! Lisa felt the searing sensation of his brushing tongue all the way to the very center of her virginal loins.

    She gaped with rounded eyes and gasping breaths as the burning wet coral length licked just as Caesar had done to his excited girls at the sensitive flesh of her muscle-tensed belly!

    Over and over he did it, the heated wetness of its pink flesh broadening almost affectionately against her tingling skin. With raised head, her gasping breaths causing her full uptilted breasts to heavily rise and fall, Lisa strained to see the laving tongue inching slowly upward over her helpless body. Oh God, was it possible? Ooohhh… he was tongue-lapping the rounded underside of one ripely swelling breast, then creeping upward over it toward its bursting little nipple!

    Lisa couldn't restrain the gasping moan when his feverish licking actually encompassed the highly sensitive bud to send unknown spasms of carnal delight charging through her young naked body! Ooohhh… just like in the book… and she'd never believed it could really happen… thought of it all as just a wild story! But it was… and she could only hope he would do everything… everything… the way Caesar had done!

    Nomad's deep-throated whimper broke into her drugged thoughts and she saw him backing down in the bed between her widely gaping legs. Lisa followed him with her small hands, intending to entice him if need be… but it wasn't necessary! Her breath caught in her throat as she raised higher to watch him poise there, his handsome head between and above the juncture of her open thighs!

    Oh Caesar… Nomad… whatever your name is, darling! Do it… please do it for me? "Y-Yesssss… do it for me, Nomad lover! I want you to!"

    Lisa heard herself beg aloud, her hands ready to move down to her excited young pussy and tease him with it, but his massive head lowered until she could feel the heat of his animal-breath pantingly taunting the wispy dark curls covering her there. His wet nose coolly brushed the soft flesh of her trembling inner-thighs… and then, the blood-flushed lips of her pussy slit. She heard his throaty whine as he sniffed between her legs, knowing then that he'd sensed her human female arousal, passages from the enlightening book repeating themselves nearly verbatim in her brain, she had read it so many times! It was like going to see a movie of a novel one had enjoyed, except that this was more vivid and real because it was actually happening to her! And there was no director to spoil or change it – she was the director if need be, but as she felt his wet, seething tongue beginning to lick at the narrow pink split between her spread white thighs, the curvaceous teenager knew there would be no reason to interfere! She was being loved by a brute animal, and she trembled and groaned in a wanting and unknowing mindlessness to his fluid tongue beginning its hot wet ravaging of her virginal pussy-flesh.

    Lisa gasped and squirmed beneath the lewd fire of this forbidden delight, watching with raised head as the dog relentlessly speared its tongue through the raw liquid pinkness of her tight girlish cunt as if it had been programmed.

    She felt its sleek wetness raking hotly over the sensitive ring of her tiny puckered anus, laving up and down through the smooth nether crease again and again before returning to her inexperienced pussy. Then, it worked there, a gentle ravisher, never stopping, and at last worming up into her untouched vagina with a trespassing curl that caused her to convulse deliciously with its lewd penetration right up into her soft female depths!

    Seconds later, he found the tiny bud of her quivering clitoris and she thought she'd scream out with rapture! She lay writhing beneath his magnificent animal-tongue in a way she could only describe from remembered parts of the beautiful book she'd read. It was all true… oh, so true… and she'd never really believed it! How wonderful the workings of the universe… for if she hadn't argued with Paul… if her stepmother hadn't danced with him… if Vince Rivers hadn't come there… ooohhh! It was all part of a lewd master-plan, like her reading of CAESAR, and because of every one of those perfect happenings she was lying here beneath this dog's lust-inciting tongue!

    But suddenly, he was moving away! Backing down farther between her legs and gazing at her with those limpid brown eyes. Lisa's attractive teenage face branched out into a knowing smile, a sensuous expression of lust seeking its outlet, her eager young mind convinced by words read, her feverish loins childishly starving in their adult beauty!

    "I know what you want now, baby!" she lewdly whispered, suddenly turning over onto her belly and twisting her head so that she could talk to the German shepherd behind her. "This way now, right, lover?" she hissed, drawing her knees up behind her and spreading them wide as she lowered her head to elevate her rounded white teenage buttocks the more to be sure and entice him. "Like this, baby? Am I doing it right? A-am I? Oh God, Nomad lover, don't let me down now! This is what I want!" And she reached back with one hand to enticingly pat the ovalled cheek of one full buttock! "Do it, darling, do it! Fuck Lisa… she needs your big wonderful cock!"

    An intense sensation of tremulous excitement held the youthful girl enthralled as the massive dog's furry body crowded hotly in behind her elevated buttocks.

    Suddenly, he raised up on his hind legs, his strong forelegs grasping at her lewdly offered hips. God, he was! Yes! He was mounting her, she realized in apprehensive fascination, trying to twist her head to look back! He… he was going to… going to fuck her virginal pussy… just the way Caesar did!

    Lisa's lustfully confused brain spun with the incredible luridness of the thought, as she trembled in her vulnerable nakedness to the breathtaking impulses his lashing tongue had enkindled in her chaste young loins. Then, through her drugged haze, the teenager caught the reflection of their obscenely locked position in her full-length dressing mirror, and she groaned aloud at the licentious sight. The forbidden bestiality of the huge German shepherd astride the spread white mounds of her rounded buttocks caused wild shocks of burning desire to whip through her impassioned young body.

    Then she gaped in breathless astonishment at the spectacle of his huge scarlet dog-cock emerging from its long sheath, wet and hard, the tapered head waggling and dancing forward as it moved close to probe the tight pink split of her fervently aroused pussy! She felt his strong animal body jerk against the supplely yielding flesh of her buttocks, saw his thick red length of blood-filled animal hardness trying to penetrate the tiny mouth of her tight, unfucked vagina!

    A growl from the depths of his throat came down to her, his forepaws gripping more tightly the soft sensitive flesh of her naked hips as he thrustingly staggered on his hind legs, eagerly trying to bury the sleek throbbing rod of glistening dog-cock up inside her half-cringing pussy from behind!

    Whether it was the fierceness in his throaty growl or the abrupt realization of what she was actually doing, Lisa didn't know, but suddenly a choking wave of fear swept through her at the thought of his huge hardened penis ramming painfully up into her virginal cuntal passage! With a low little whine, she attempted to move on hands and knees out of his grasp, but a more savage growl from him stopped her and she hardly dared to breathe as his grip tightened even more at her narrow waist and the arch of her naked hips! Her firm young breasts quivered and swayed beneath her chest from the jarring force of his powerful loins trying to seat themselves against her helplessly upraised buttocks!

    "W-wait, baby… I-I'm afraid…!" Lisa heard herself whimper to the hot feel of his long and pointed cock probing wetly back between her nakedly elevated ass-cheeks and outward spread thighs!

    But the dog didn't wait, and whatever thoughts she had were abruptly wiped away when she sensed the nose of his hard animal-penis prodding at the tight wet mouth of her defenselessly spread vagina! An icy chill of physical fear raced up her teenage spine and once more she desperately tried to squirm away from the vise-like grip of his encircling paws, but it was futile! Like an impaling lace, the solid thickness of his long animal-cock spread the soft hair-fringed lips and forced its way up into her passion-slick little vaginal passage with a slight wet popping sound, rippling the smoothly yielding walls wide apart before its bevel-tipped hardness!

    Lisa gasped for lost breath as the huge length of swollen dog cock stretched and filled her young cuntal passage with a stuffing torment, its pointed end stabbing sharply up against the tender mouth of her youthful cervix! Again, she choked out a wailing gasp while the powerful dog mounting her from behind whimpered his own sound of triumph, then began to animalistically hump his powerful flanks as he fucked up into her!

    The dark-haired girl's mind was a whirlpool of never-before-experienced sensations! Her marijuana-fogged head vibrated with the pounding blood racing through her self-incited brain, while her curvaceous teenage body, bent nakedly before the fucking German shepherd, quivered and convulsed in the throes of incredible sensuous torment. Her tight vaginal passage felt as if it had been pierced with a sharpened, pointed log, though simultaneously, weird spasms of intensively building passion filled her loins… lustful desire the equal of which she'd never even imagined!

    Yet she couldn't help but wonder if his huge burrowing cock hadn't ripped her wide open! She'd felt the thin membrane of her maidenhead give way with a burst of knife-like pain, and suddenly she had begun to feel a mass of hot wetness there as if she were profusely bleeding! She tried to look down between her legs to examine more closely but his battering charges as he clutched possessively at her naked waist and hips made it impossible! Thrusting!

    Thrusting! Like a searing firebrand it slithered in and out of her wildly clasping young cuntal channel, spreading the virginal passage open wider and wider as he hammered the long, pulsating cock deeper and deeper up between her helplessly spread thighs!

    Nomad had angrily felt her resistance at first, just as he sensed it draining from her naked, human flesh now as he watched the upper portion of her smooth, tapered back drop away before him until her pretty face and young white breasts were flattened down against the bedding, the rounded mounds of her resilient buttocks raised submissively to his assault. At last, he was going to know the powerful release of his throbbing loins after being denied twice that day.

    He felt his long, rut-hardened penis slipping forward with a wet plunge until it was entirely buried in the clutching moist heat of her tightly clinging female passage, his swollen, sperm-laden testicles swinging down and slapping hard against the soft dampness of her dark-curling pubic hair. Unceasingly, he bucked and battered into the hotly yielding cuntal flesh, hearing her little moaning sounds and feeling the trembling nakedness of her soft white buttocks flattening up against his hard belly as he attempted to skewer her onto the last remaining inch of his thickly swelling rod of hot animal flesh!

    There was hardly time for Lisa to dwell on the pain or know any regret for her obscene seduction of the handsome massive dog with the mind- shattering sensations his enormous canine cock immediately set off inside her. At first, his savage thrust up into her virginal loins nearly blinded her with the excruciating agony of its huge hardness bursting into her. But that short-lived torment passed and only the indescribable presence of his long thick penis plowing open the tight, resistant flesh of her thoroughly deflowered vagina registered in the young teenager's mind!

    She felt the texture of his sleek animal coat beneath his belly brushing teasingly against the smooth mounds of her naked ass-cheeks! Remembering, she gaped at the mirror in bug-eyed fascination as the burning, scarlet rod raced forward with a wet, fierce charge, pistoning to the very hilt up into the clutching wetness of her friction-fired young cunt! At the same time she saw and felt his heavy sperm-bloated balls swing punishingly down to smack against the flat softness beneath her raven pussy-hair as he fucked into her from behind!

    Her head jarring from his every bestial, breast-jiggling thrust, the gasping teenager tried to concentrate on the long scarlet cock-length battering into her when she moved in salacious tempo back to meet his powerful rhythmic strokes! Wild sensations of unbearable lust saturated her nakedly slaving body as she thrust backward onto the ever- thickening cock digging still deeper up into her feverishly quivering belly from behind! Without mercy, his great muscular beauty pummeled the soft white cheeks of her widespread buttocks, his huge reaming cock a relentless shaft of glistening red joy sinking to its full capacity up into her sensuously enlightened belly! With uncontrollable gasps of passion, Lisa rotated her lewdly working ass-cheeks back at the dog in an obscene frenzy, wantonly grinding her clinging vaginal sheath down over the length of his cunt-piercing animal-flesh!

    The warning beaconed through her lust-inflamed body like generated electric shocks, the unmistakable signal of the erotic climax. It rippled through the churning depths of her unseasoned loins with flashes of stabbing delight, licking hotly at the base of her quivering belly with an unequaled promise of rapture. Like the animal who was fucking her, she whined in the desperate reach for her elusive orgasm, gaping hungrily at the mirror to see Nomad's thick wet cock disappearing up between the soft whiteness of her absorbing buttocks, his furious fucking timed in quickened, jerky animal strokes! She saw her own pink cuntal flesh clinging wetly to his huge rigidity when he pulled out of her, then vanishing up inside again with his thrusting cudgel, his heavy cum-bloated bails below slapping loudly against the spread-open lips of her tingling pussy!

    The teenager's pot-incited brain reeled in the torrent of her mindless passion, her glazed dark eyes feasting on the sensuous spectacle of her full young breasts quivering and swaying to the German shepherd's beautiful furry body, as she raised part way up on her elbows. She saw her own disheveled black hair flailing when she tossed her head in cadence to the moans of gasping enchantment hissing from her chest!

    "Ooohhhhh… damnnnn… you beautiful brute… just like the book! 00hhh… fuck me, loverrrrr… give it to meee hardddd! Hard, Nomad… harrddd!" Lisa bleated in choking, wanton joy. "Fuck it! Fuck it, darlinnngggg!"

    The very animalish whine in her tone made Nomad understand to the depths of his loving instincts the pleasure he was bringing her. He whimpered back in response as he thrust frenziedly up into her from behind, struggling on his hind legs to move in closer. He felt the eager backward plunges of her soft wet human cunt hotly sheathing his aching hardness. The burning heat of her tight young mating passage was clenching greedily at his throbbing cock, causing the great pressure to being swirling deep in his heavy loins. He sensed the dribbling wetness against them that trickled down the soft smooth backs of her thighs from where he fucked into her, and saw the thin, sheen-like film of perspiration gathered on her naked white curves beneath him. His own tongue hung loosely from his open jaws in heated frenzy. The moment of release was almost there!

    Abruptly, Lisa raised her sensuously lax face to cry out a throaty, inhuman sound from deep inside her chest, Her lust-dimmed eyes grew round and totally blank! "Ooohhh… ooohhh… I'm going to explode, darling…! I-I'm mad! Do it for meeeee… make me cum… or I'll die… make me cum… lover… cuumm!"

    And instinctively, Nomad knew, as he fucked with pile-driving fury into her quivering hot flesh. All of his past training seeming to culminate in his skillful animal-loins, his mental bank guiding the increased hammering he pounded up into her newly initiated young cunt from behind. He heard her voice choke into a strangled blend of sob and sigh, saw her head tossing wildly from side to side, her dark midnight hair flailing as she began the first convulsions of release!

    Lisa skewered her passionately undulating buttocks back onto his long thick rod of pulsating hardness with a bitch wantonness she never even imagined existed!

    The first spasm of her climax jolted her and she moaned, slamming her rounded white ass-cheeks back hard against the lust-quenching dog-cock with a desperate lunge! At the same second, Nomad retaliated with a forward thrust and deep-chested growl, his massive, burning hardness beginning to spew its seething animal sperm deep up into her soft constricting belly with long, hard spurts.

    "Oooooh! OOOOOHHHHHHH!" Lisa cried out passionately, her jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively to the insane eruption bursting hotly in her teenage belly and loins! She threw her head from side to side with her naked hips in overwhelming, erotic bliss… at last opening her eyes at the mirror to see the combination of human- animal cum oozing whitely from her tightly clenching, but no longer virginal, cunt which was still clasping and milking hungrily at her animal-lover's deflating penis. The rivulets of their sticky white secretions ran hotly down the satin-like columns of her inner thighs… and when she could no longer watch, she fell forward onto her breasts, gasping a sigh of heavenly joy… and it was hours later when she awakened that Lisa moved from that position to cuddle against the sleeping German shepherd beside her…

    Chapter 5

    Shirley refused to think. She arose, showered and dressed because she knew she had to, almost thankful that something was driving her. They had a new cook, and how would she know Frank took his eggs at three and one-half minutes unless she was told? His toast had to be dark, almost burned, and if the bacon wasn't crisp without being scorched, everyone knew about it.

    Fortunately, the breakfast table was empty when she passed through to the kitchen and smiled at the robust woman named Rachael who handed her a cup of coffee before she could hardly say good-morning.

    "You like a little something in it maybe, Miz Douglas?"

    "No… well… yes, I think so this morning, Rachael," Shirley replied, slipping into the narrow seat of the breakfast nook. "Yes… there's some brandy up there in the cupboard right above you. I would like a splash."

    "Of course you would, honey!" the big, dark-faced woman replied.

    "You're like. me, ain't you? In the morning… first thing… just a nip or so to give you a lift."

    "Thank you," Shirley answered, feeling a warm relationship immediately with the sparkling, dark-eyed woman. "I-I didn't sleep too well."

    "I know… I know… especially with guests in the house," the big woman said, chuckling and moving around the kitchen as if she'd laid undeniable claim. "I thought we'd have scrambled eggs and bacon, honey, with a little hominy, just not paying any attention to what they think they want…"

    "Oh Rachael, Mr. Douglas always has two eggs dropped for a…"

    "I know, I know, sugar-lamb. But this morning he gets his eggs scrambled with hominy and bacon… and I bet he loves it!" she confidently said, chuckling in a vein of warmth Shirley wished she could feel. "Tell you, baby, we girls have to do our thing our way, but we tell them it's theirs eh? It's either that or women's lib… and me, I kind of like being dominated by my man."

    Shirley listened to her heart-warming chuckle as she worked over the stove, the confident and invigorating sound inspiring a growth of equal strength inside her! God, she wasn't an animal, or a whore, was she? Certainly, Vince Rivers was no less a man for what he'd done last night… then why should she be any less a woman? She hadn't really been taken… defeated… raped! She'd given herself to it… wanted it… with every lustful twinge he'd brought her! She was just as guilty, but no more than he… and as innocent over the breakfast table.

    Shirley stood up, a warmth surging through her as she went to their new cook and kissed her on the cheek. "I-I don't know where you've been, but I've needed you for a long time," the young wife whispered with affection.

    "Ohhhhh… well now… I don't know what you did last night, baby… but it was never all that bad either!" Rachael answered, wrapping her big arm around the smaller girl. "You just hold your head right up there with the best of 'em, honey. Anybody with a face and a body as pretty as yours don't have to take no back seats, eh?"

    Again, Shirley kissed her, then eased away to walk into the dining room wearing an almost unseeing, confident smile, her young mind alert from the splash of brandy she'd had in her coffee.

    Lisa and Nomad came in through the opposite door simultaneously with Shirley.

    The new wife seemed to be the only one at the breakfast table who was smiling.

    Frank looked like living death with his hangover.

    Vince Rivers merely watched her with eyes that seemed to lecherously gloat, reminding the blonde girl of 'the cat who ate the canary'… a rather apt phrase she mused as Frank stood to graciously seat her and their too-handsome guest dittoed for Lisa.

    "Daddy… I-I want to apologize for last night… the way I acted," the dark-haired teenager spoke out suddenly leaning toward her father and reaching for his hand. "I-I was wretched and… and I know it! I'm sorry. It was a beautiful gift and I love it… it's much more than I deserve."

    The blank expression on Frank's face was probably one of less astonishment than the stunned one on her own, Shirley absently measured. For a moment, she couldn't help but wonder if she'd heard correctly, but when she saw the tears sparkling in the vivacious young beauty's onyx eyes, she was certain.

    "Well… ah… that's all right, baby… you were just a little upset is all," Frank replied, his big squared face breaking into a handsome, elated smile. He patted her small hand, then beamed his smile toward Shirley. "W-We understand, don't we, honey?"

    "Yes… yes, of course," the surprised bride responded, more than pleased, if not a little startled, at being included in what was actually a personal situation between father and daughter. Shirley swallowed at the abrupt lump rising in her own throat. It was just another one of the many ways Frank chose to show Lisa his insistence that she recognize his new wife's place in his life and their family unit.

    "I-I want to apologize to you, too, Shirley," the attractive teenager quickly followed, training those tear-dimmed, almond-shaped eyes levelly onto her.

    "I-I've… I've been terrible… like a spoiled brat and… and I'm ashamed.

    I-If you'll both forgive me, I-I promise to make it up to you."

    Shirley was speechless, unable to hold back the tiny rivulets of tears trickling down her cheeks. Frank's happy smile alone was enough to have brought them, but Lisa's added expression of sincere regret was too much. She had to excuse herself for a few moments.

    Vince Rivers watched it all with inner amusement, sitting back in his chair and sipping at his coffee. Some fucking soap opera… 'A Day with the Douglas Family' or, 'Her Bladder's Too Close To Her Tear Ducts'! Big daddy, you're a dumb stoop, Rivers thought, and if you could've seen your honey's mouth stuffed with my hard cock last night you'd begin to get the picture. But just as well that you are a dummy, because that's going to make it a hell of a lot easier for me… and today's the day, I'm thinking.

    At the same time, the scheming con man was as much taken up with the way his pet, Nomad, was clinging to the side of the curvaceous young Lisa. This was something new, and there was no question but what the big animal was following his telltale routine of thigh-rubbing! Vince watched the way the pretty teenager still leaned onto the table as she talked softly to her father, his greedy eyes too filled with the sight of her full young breasts rippling beneath the silky blouse she wore to hear anything that passed between them.

    She obviously wasn't wearing a brassiere – the little hardened nipples of those lushly quivering mounds showed in clear ovalled shadows straining against the sheer material of her blouse. The sexy bitch! As sure as hell, the mutt had scored with her! And maybe. last night! Sure, what else? That's where he'd been all night – in her room!

    "There now, baby, it's all okay," Frank Douglas said, patting his daughter's small white hand reassuringly. Even in the torments of his hangover, the big man couldn't remember when he'd felt as good. "Look now, you dry those pretty eyes… and promise me you and Shirley'll get aquainted today."

    Lisa smiled through her tears. "I promise, daddy," she whispered. "Now, I better go powder my nose."

    Frank watched her trip lightly from the room with Rivers' German shepherd not a half-step behind her. Christ, he had no idea what ever had come over her, but he wasn't about to question it. This might just be one of the happiest days in his life… if he could just find himself man enough to be a real husband to his young bride.

    "It takes a lot of inner something to do what she just did right in front of a stranger, Frank," Vince Rivers said, interrupting the older man's plaguing, never absent shame. "You should be proud of her. She's a fine, lovely girl."

    "Damn, you don't know how proud I am of her, Vince… of them both… and I guess I don't have to tell you that it's been a trying six months," Frank replied with a shake of his head. Then in a lowered voice, "But I think it's going to iron itself out between them now…

    Yes, I think it is."

    "You're a lucky man having two beautiful young women who love you," the younger one said, doubting very much that the booze-blooded old fool decorating the head of his table had the slightest notion his guest was laughing up his sleeve … and that was putting it mildly.

    But Shirley, re-entering the room with Lisa and Nomad behind her, easily read Vince Rivers' ridiculing tone of voice, and a sharp sensation of shame clutched at her belly. God, no matter what, she could never really forgive herself for the sluttish way she'd betrayed her wonderful husband last night with this evil man. She might learn to live with the salacious memory of it, but there was no way she could ever atone for it.

    "No, don't get up, darling," Shirley said. "We can seat ourselves this time, can't we, Lisa?"

    "I think so," the younger girl gaily answered, her winning smile almost secretly radiant. In truth, she couldn't remember when she'd felt so unburdened of petty hates and animosities, all of the vicious little hang-ups which had been needling her for months now… and she knew deep in her heart that only Nomad was responsible! He had gloriously made a woman of her – a thrilling enlightenment that she had awakened to that brilliant summer morning like the bursting rays of the sun at dawn! God, she was happy, and she reached beneath the table to pet the massive head of the animal resting against her thigh who had made it all possible. "We… Shirley and I… are going shopping together sometime today!" she beamed at her father. "We haven't planned it out yet, but we'll probably be spending some of your money, daddy."

    "Great! That's what it's for, eh Vince?" Frank replied, grinning from eat to ear. "And speaking of money… how's the plant beginning to look to you, young man? I don't like to sit on deals too long."

    "I know what you mean, Frank," Rivers replied, assuming his business disguise.

    "Quite honestly, I've pretty much made up my mind… favorably that is, if you still want a partner. I'd like a couple more days to check over my notes before I call in my own attorneys to handle the legal end for me."

    "Of course… I don't want to push you… but well, I'm anxious to unload the operating end of things," Shirley heard her husband say, a stronger impulse of uneasiness gripping her stomach. She couldn't help but think of an innocent lamb being led to slaughter as she watched the expressions on both men's faces.

    God, someway, somehow, no matter what it cost her, she had to bring Frank to his senses, make him know the type of man he was dealing with.

    "Good mornin', everyone! Here it is and I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting so long!" Rachael beamed, wheeling in a cart filled with covered dishes and fresh coffee. "We've got scrambled eggs, bacon, hominy and tons of toast on the menu this morning, and anybody that doesn't like that breakfast just ain't hungry!"

    Shirley swallowed tightly as the big woman chuckled, then winked at her. She looked at Frank to watch his reactions, tensing as her husband's eyes began to widen beneath a furrowed, questioning brow.

    "Hominy?" he repeated.

    "Yes sir! Ain't nothin' lie it to stick to your ribs and keep a man going! You agree, Mr. Douglas?" the smiling, robust woman put to him.

    "Hell yes, I agree!" Frank exclaimed, his face broadening in a warm grin. "I haven't had hominy in twenty years!" Then, to Shirley, "It's about time we got a real cook around this place, honey."

    It really hadn't dawned on Shirley until after Frank and Vince Rivers had left for the plant in their separate cars. Lisa had decided on a swim, asked her to join in, but the troubled young bride had wanted some time alone to decide just what she was going to do to stop Vince Rivers from really swindling the husband she loved, and she was positive that those were Rivers' crooked intentions. If anyone in that house knew their guest for what he was, she did! Her excuse with Lisa of having several letters to write was readily accepted, and after picking up a cup of coffee laced with brandy from Rachael, she had gone to her room, thinking en route of the argument Lisa had told her she and Paul had and that the teenager would like to discuss girl-to-girl with her.

    Shirley had entered her bedroom wearing an elated smile at just the thought of Lisa wanting to discuss her love-life with her. She couldn't remember being any more happy over an unexpected turn of events than she was at the beautiful girl's show of character at the breakfast table. And she was truly sorry… that was the marvelous thing of it all, the gorgeous young angel had felt it, said it, and meant it! Who said the younger generation lacked depth?

    Whatever had happened to make that embittered teenager do a complete about face? Shirley wondered as she seated herself in front of her vanity and sipped at the spiked, hot coffee. The so-called argument with Paul? Certainly, they must have endured a few of those after all the years they'd been going together. No… that wasn't it directly, even though it might have played a part. No… it was almost as if she'd been taken into womanhood over night… the way a lover, or a husband might sweep her up out of the world of juvenility with sensual love…!

    That was the precise second that the dawning stroke raised a rash of goose-flesh over Shirley Douglas' soft, smooth curves! Nomad? Nomad? Was it possible? In all of the hullabaloo at breakfast Shirley had actually lost contact with the handsome German shepherd, remembering now that never once had he come to her, but had remained lovingly crowding Lisa's young thighs everywhere she went! In fact, he was with her right at that moment!

    An emotion of unexplainable jealousy washed through the troubled housewife as she bolted to her feet and went to the pool-side doors to look out. He was!

    Lisa was stretched out face down on a towel, lying on the deck, and Nomad was crowded as close as he could get to her curvaceous young body! Oh God! There wasn't any doubt about it! That damn little teenage witch had used him! No wonder she was so lovingly gracious this morning! She'd seduced Nomad like some wanton slut, and had been purifying her shameful act behind open expressions of lesser meaning!

    Frank Douglas sat behind the wheel of his Caddy that morning hardly realizing he was suffering from the usual pangs of hangover. Hell, he couldn't remember when he'd felt so damn buoyant at this time of day! The whole goddamn world had suddenly taken on a new glow… well, almost the whole world! If he could just somehow devise a way to whip his impotency. Damn he knew that she loved him, wanted him to make… oh hell, wanted him to fuck her! That's what he meant, wasn't it? Yeah… and if he could only shake that enervating sensation which seemed to suck the sap from his very bones when he looked down at her lying there goddess-beautiful in her soft white nakedness beneath him! If only he could!

    He'd been good with Mavis… and he'd always been a man with the few extra-curricular women he'd had! What in Christ's name had happened to him? He tried to think about it as he drove toward Douglas Electronics through the heavy traffic, and each time he ended with a vision of Shirley's intoxicating white beauty spread open and waiting for him, his loins seeming to shrivel at the violating thought!

    Frank shook his head as he paused the powerful vehicle in the maze before a boulevard traffic-light, the feeling of a newfound family closeness never stronger inside him; yet he knew to walk into his beautiful Shirley's bedroom for the sex that was always ready and waiting for him would end in a total disaster. He was too old! That was the whole goddamn problem! And how long could an impotent old man hold a young, enchanting beauty like Shirley? With young men such as Rivers around… not long! And even if there wasn't a Rivers, he wouldn't, couldn't blame her for finding her own man, could he?

    The thought sickened him. He drove slowly, clinging in the right-hand lane, as if that were the line where he and all has-beens belonged.

    Vehicles swerved past him, young people drinking coffee and putting on lip-rouge to the reflections of sun-visor mirrors. One girl had her head buried in the lap of her male driver, as if she might be… and that gave him a stir deep in his loins. Maybe she was the wife of his next-door neighbor, and this was the way another errant husband managed it with her! He tried to maneuver his Caddy up beside them, but they were too far ahead and he never saw them again.

    Frank found a cigar and lighted it. Oddly enough, his usual hangover wasn't up to torturous standards this morning. Rachael's hominy, maybe.

    He smiled to himself. Some gal, he thought, just what his divided home had needed for a tong time. He eased over into the faster lane with a feeling that it was time to do something with spirit. Yeah, it was that, all right. Vince Rivers might just hold the answers for him… for them. Once he'd taken over the helm, Shirley and he could try a new environment, get away from everything just the two of them. Somehow, he felt sure that would do it, though he'd miss the old plant – it'd damn near been his whole life. But something had to happen, and today couldn't be too soon!

    Yeah, it was his day… hell, he knew it was, absolutely knew it!

    He thought of Lisa and the way she'd done a complete about face at the breakfast table. Christ, he'd been proud of his pretty daughter, but all along he'd known in his heart that she was made of better material then what she'd shown these past months. She'd wind up marrying young Fulton shortly, he felt certain of that, and then it would be just Shirley and himself… not that he wanted to be rid of his daughter.

    Hell no, it wasn't that, but it was what the girt wanted, he knew, and he'd bet that hardly a moment went by in a day when she wasn't thinking about Paul Fulton…

    In fact, at that very moment, Lisa's young, sensuously awakened mind was occupied with just such thoughts. She lay belly-down, very still beneath the sun's warmth glowing down over her almost naked teenage body. She wore the bikini she'd bought for her graduation party, its tininess exactly what she wanted for sun bathing. Her brassiere strap was unfastened behind and she felt the full soft mounds of her rounded breasts squashing out beneath her, just as she sensed Nomad's furry animal presence crowded against her smooth thigh.

    Somewhere, a bird sang, the only sound to interrupt the peaceful, quiet stillness of the morning.

    In her new sense of happy relief, the dark-eyed girl had tried to empty her mind of everything, but it wasn't possible. Paul was always there.

    Would he call her after last night… or come by, perhaps? And how would she ever explain to him now the absent seal of her virginity when that time came … or could she bluff it?

    Nomad stirred beside her, his big muscular body immediately bringing back exciting secret memories of their beautiful party, and the way she had awakened this morning tightly cuddled against him. Tiny thrills of lingering arousal provocatively smoldered in her sensitive loins and softly tingling belly. She thought of the little bruises on her tight, fleshy vaginal lips she'd discovered this morning and the almost pleasant feeling of soreness deep in the intimate channel between her legs. She had examined herself thoroughly the first thing to be sure his huge hardness hadn't torn her anywhere, and it hadn't. The wonderful love-making darling, she excitedly mused as she lay there reveling in the warm sunshine while her still passion-infused young mind continued to feed the glow she had opened her eyes to with her handsome animal lover masterfully cuddling her close.

    There was little use trying to deny it, the erotically stimulated Lisa knew deeply within herself as she rolled onto her back, laying her bikini brassiere loosely over her palpitating young breasts. She had to have more! Seconds, as some of the guys might say! God, she just had to seduce him into doing it to her one more time… and there was no time like the present!

    Chapter 6

    Once the initial shock of realizing that she had definitely hit upon the truth had passed, Shirley Douglas forced herself to calmly deliberate. She sent for more coffee and the brandy bottle, which Rachael quickly brought; then she seated herself in a comfortable boudoir chair near the opened doors where she could see Lisa's lithe teenage form stretched out beside that of the big German shepherd.

    Try as she might, the blonde haired young wife couldn't rid herself of the jealous pangs gnawing at her, but as well was she determined to accept the fact the Nomad's promiscuity was inevitable! After all, he was only an animal, a magnificent one to say the least, yet still just a dog. And there wasn't any doubt in her mind now but what he'd been spreading his sensual favors quite freely among neighboring wives such as Anita Parsons, that… that big-fitted bitch! Oh, just the thought of her seducing the handsome darling made Shirley's blood boil, but she wasn't going to waste her time thinking about her… No, there was more to Nomad's beautiful, almost trained love-making, than what she had ever imagined!

    How had Vince Rivers known last night that she and his pet dog were… were actually doing things, or that Nomad had been with her? He had walked in through the open patio doors at precisely the opportune moment. Yes, he'd even been dressed… or undressed… and ready his… his huge penis hard – as if it had all been part of a plan! Of course, it was! Whatever other scheming dishonesty their guest was up to, Vince Rivers was a practicing lecher who used the innocent, affection-hungered Nomad to help him in blackmailing defenseless wives… and undoubtedly girls like Lisa!

    It came back to Shirley suddenly the way he had been ogling the teenager at breakfast earlier! Of course! He was measuring Nomad's new attachment to Lisa, and if everything she was deducing was true, the distraught wife realized that it had to have happened between her husband's daughter and the beautiful animal last night… after Vince had driven the dog from her room!

    Again, the green-eyed monster jabbed its claws into Shirley as she thought of the handsome brute ardently licking his loving tongue over and through Lisa's girlish loins just as he'd done to her. Even though the lewd mental picture raised both anxiety and envy inside the voluptuous blonde bride, she couldn't help but imagine the tremendous sensations it must have brought the inexperienced girl – and Shirley felt certain that the vivacious teenager was definitely that.

    It was true that Lisa had been bitter and hateful to her the past six months, but never had she shown any sluttish qualities, and if she were any less than a 'nice' girl, a young man of Paul Fulton's caliber wouldn't be hanging around.

    No, Lisa was anything but one of the free- loving younger generation, perhaps even a virgin, and Shirley didn't intend that a louse tike Vince Rivers was going to get to her! But how could she warn the unsuspecting girl without bringing everything right out in the open?

    Shirley sipped at her brandy-laced coffee while she sat absently admiring Lisa's almost naked, delicately tanned young curves. The brandy churned warmly in her belly, flushing a light tinge to her smooth cheeks. She saw Nomad stir in his closeness against the younger girl's shapely fun thigh, and then Lisa rolled onto her back, her firm, rounded white breasts exposed for the brief moment it took to arrange her loose brassiere. The tiny, berry-like nipples cresting the lush mounds were visible to Shirley for just that fleeting second, their intimate revelation sending a little sensation of unusual incitement rippling through her sensitive loins to register in her brain. The unexpected impulse more than surprised her; it even embarrassed her when she realized it had been caused by the mere glimpse of her step- daughter's ripe young breasts!

    Lord, brandy in the morning could do wild things to a girl, Shirley reasoned, a little quiver rippling up her spine. All the same, it had done remarkable things too, toward lessening the guilty feeling she'd crawled out of bed with earlier. And it had made it possible for her to face Vince Rivers over the breakfast table with her head held high while her husband sat there with both of them. On top of that, it was going to fortify whatever courage it took to approach Lisa and talk girt-to-girl with her before Vince Rivers could trap the unsuspecting beauty in – to a lecherous compromise she would be too frightened to deny him!

    Determined, Shirley bounced from the chair and began to undress, quickly finding a bikini to slip into. As she rapidly shed her dress and finally brassiere and panties, habitually watching the smooth ripples of her own softly rounded curves mirrored in her vanity, the long-haired blonde mentally planned the approach she would use. But even if everything else failed and there was no way she could delicately warn her husband's unaware daughter, then she would come right out and lay the whole picture before the teenager, regardless of what it might cost her own self! Lisa had said she was sorry, that she wanted to be friends, and this was going to be the first test of that friendship… especially if Shirley had to tell the truth of what happened between her and their unscrupulous house guest last night.

    The young wife returned to the open patio doors as she fastened her bikini bra-strap from behind, then began to arrange the fullness of her amply rounded breasts into comfortable position inside the concealing garment. Once more, knife-like pangs of jealousy raked her inwardly as she saw the curvaceous Lisa sitting upright and leaning forward, her bikini top fallen away to completely expose the jutting twin mounds of white resilience swaying provocatively with her movements. Their round pink nipples seemed strained into a tight hardness visible even from that distance, as holding Nomad's massive head between her small hands, Lisa kissed him between the eyes!

    A little painful gasp caught in the blonde woman's throat, the keen blades of unwanted jealousy stabbing at her tensed belly once more when she saw the handsome animal's dog-tongue lick out to pinkly caress Lisa's firm young breasts with loving affection! Oh God! And then, Frank's daughter quickly bounded to her feet, securing her swimsuit top and smiling excitedly down at Nomad's open-jawed, tail-wagging beauty… both of them walking rapidly toward Lisa's patio door with the massive German shepherd rubbing against her naked thigh as if he couldn't get close enough.

    Shirley unconsciously whimpered aloud as she poured straight brandy into her empty coffee cup with a shaking hand, then raised it to her lips, swallowing it away in two fast gulps. She stood there for a long moment staring through the opened doorway and seeing nothing as the effects of the strong stimulant surged through her. They, whoever they were, could laugh at women's intuition, but through her own gift of it she knew unquestionably what was going to happen in Lisa's bedroom! She had seen it in the girl's sparkling dark eyes, and sensed her erotic arousal in the straining little buds peaking her ripe young breasts!

    Unreasonable ripples of sensuality churned within her own susceptible loins and soft belly at the inciting mental scenes her knowing brain was uncontrollably projecting on the screen of her mind! She started to pour more brandy into the cup, then thought better of that. Instead, she stepped outside to see that Lisa's doors were closed… but maybe she hadn't locked the main one off the hallway! If she had, then Shirley would hammer on it until the girl opened it!

    The fire-filled emotions eating at Lisa had done nothing short of blind her!

    She had to have Nomad's huge dog-cock once more, racing up into her hotly excited vagina in all its sleek, slippery hardness, filling her belly and saturating her with those lust-intoxicating sensations when she came! Maybe she was evil, she didn't know or care as she stripped away her brief bikini and stood in trembling, desire-inspired nakedness before the beautiful animal watching her every move with erect, velvety ears.

    Just the sight of him standing and waiting, as if he knew exactly what was about to happen, sent frantic charges of erotic excitement soaring through the teenage girl. She moved closer to him, spreading her shapely legs in a wide obscene stance. Then, bending her knees, she smoothed her small hands down over her arched hips and inward between her wide-open thighs to lewdly spread with extended fingers the flushed curl-fringed lips of her cuntal split until its moistened pinkness was exposed to the eagerly staring dog.

    "C-Come on, baby! Lick it, for Lisa! Run that gorgeous tongue through her hot pussy!" the dark-haired girl luridly hissed, her lush lips wetly open, her onyx eyes sparkling with tile teenaged lust simmering inside her. Just the audible sound of the obscene word coming from her own mouth excited her all the more.

    "Do it, darling! Lick my cunt for me! Then, you can fuck me again! Shove your handsome cock right up into my hot pussy-hole!"

    Those were the same sensually stimulating words which sordidly reached Shirley's ears as she stood still in the hallway holding Lisa's unlocked door pressed inches inward! She swallowed, her mouth and throat as dry as a desert, standing rigid there and afraid to move, but knowing she had to, Lisa's salacious request echoing and re-echoing in her own liquor-aroused brain.

    Slowly, the blonde girl eased the door further inward to peek around it and see Nomad move forward between her stepdaughter's naked wide-stanced legs, the curvaceous girl's obscene pose, with her slender white hands holding open the hair-lined lips of her girlish pussy, sending wild sensations of unbelievable excitement charging through Shirley!

    With wagging tail, Nomad was obeying, lifting his gallant head and suddenly out the length of his long wet tongue to lick up through the sensitive pink flesh Lisa revealed to him! Shirley watched the shudder of unhidable passion ripple over the lovely teenager's naked curves as she thrust her young loins forward to the German shepherd's avid tongue, a thrill of sympathetic response rippling over her own near- naked body!

    "Do it! Do it! More, lover! Lick it… tongue it good for me!" Lisa gasped, squatting even lower and working her softly curved hips and buttocks upward in an obscene arch of movement against his wet laving tongue. "Oh, you're even better than any Caesar could ever be, darling! I love you! You're real, and right here, licking my hot pussy for me… and this is only the beginning."

    Shirley had to brace herself against the door-casing to keep from failing, or at least staggering. She sensed the heated wetness seeping down between her swollen, blood-flushed vaginal lips to flood her bikini briefs as she played voyeur, her heart pounding to every lust- throbbing word tumbling from Lisa's hissing mouth. Silently, she eased inside to stand there, closing the door behind her without a sound, still unnoticed by Lisa who now stood in her lewd, knees-bent position with her undulating white buttocks toward Shirley, Nomad's view cut off by the teenager's offered loins he was eagerly licking!

    The heavily breathing young wife couldn't comprehend the lascivious emotions this wanton spectacle was causing to electrify her passionate young body!

    Instead of reproach or anger she was beset from the first witnessing view with a series of feverish erotic impulses, the urge almost overwhelming to rush forward and clasp the beautiful girl's smooth white nakedness hungrily against her!

    Suddenly, Lisa saw her stepmother's reflection in the full-length dresser mirror, the eyes of both girls meeting there in a shocked clash, Lisa's lust-fired dark ones rounding into horror while Shirley's sensuously incited sparkle expressed a compassionate understanding that the younger girl never saw! She whirled out of her sordid stance, staggering, her firm high-set breasts quivering and her long hair wildly tossing as she faced Shirley open-mouthed gaping in abject mortification. Nomad growled, then recognized their intruder and began to wag his tail.

    "M-My God! You… you've been spying on me!" Lisa hissed, making no motion to cover her exposed young curves, the full impact of her trauma yet to have its effect in the shamed debasement rapidly engulfing her.

    Shirley realized this and above all wanted to avoid the sobbing reaction she was certain was only seconds away. "No… no, baby! I wouldn't do that to you … not ever!" she softly exclaimed, moving toward the enticing naked girl who could only stare at her in momentary numbed disbelief. "I just wanted to talk with you, darling… and your door was unlocked…"

    "You're lying! Y-You were spying, like… like a voyeur… trying to see what you could!" Lisa gasped out, her voice beginning to rise shrilly. "My God… I can't believe it! You…! Well, did you see what we were doing? I-I was letting him… no, making lam lick between my legs!" she half-wailed. "Yes, he was licking my cunt, Stepmother! I'm an animal, aren't I? Why don't you go out and call Daddy right now so that you can tell him?"

    Shirley slapped her hard, a red blotch immediately appearing on the younger girl's almost translucent white cheek, the force of the blow causing Lisa to reel backwards, her naked curves rippling with the stinging jar. For another moment, the girl could only stare wide-eyed at the beautiful angered face of the bikinied blonde before her; then she broke, starting to slump downward toward the floor, burying her face in her hands, but Shirley caught her first.

    Gently, the young wife drew the sobbing teenager's soft nakedness inside her arms, pressing the crying girl's face willingly against the exposed softness of her shoulder. She smoothed her hand around Lisa's narrow waist and then caressed upward over her back, the contact with Lisa's silken flesh excitingly provoking. The lush, dark-nippled mounds of Lisa's full ripe breasts were flattened nakedly against her own and the intoxicating desire to stroke her hand down over the girl's ovalled white buttocks below was nearly uncontrollable.

    Shirley held the convulsing Lisa's head with one hand while the other continued to soothingly caress the younger girl's naked back. "There now, honey, let's get hold of ourselves," she whispered. "You must believe me, baby… I wouldn't do anything in the world that would hurt you! And yes, I know what you were doing… because… I've done it with that darling dog, too! So you see, you're not the only one."

    It was seconds before the words of her father's new young wife penetrated the wall of shame and despair crushing down on Lisa, but when they did she sensed a little tremor of rekindled sensuality flicker through her. Slowly, she raised her head, her breathing still catching but her tears stopped. She looked into the sultry blue eyes of the voluptuous woman holding her inside her arms, suddenly confident that the other was not lying.

    "But… but you have Daddy, Shirley. You only said that to make me feel better."

    "I said it because it's true, baby, and if that handsome lover over there could speak, he'd tell you so," Shirley replied in a soft tone.

    Reluctantly, she backed away from the lovely naked girl, but catching hold of one hand led her over to the bed where they sat down on the edge side by side.

    "Now… I'm going to tell you everything, Lisa, because I trust you, and I want us to be very close from now on. But there's something you must know before it's too late…!"

    Shirley minced no words as she unfolded it all to her husband's stunned daughter, revealing from the beginning the whole story of Frank's sexual problem and the nonexistent love-making side of their marriage.

    In a calm voice, she told Lisa of her own little party with Nomad and of the wonderful pleasure-bringing release he had brought her, and finally of her lustful oral act with Vince Rivers the night before.

    "Y-You mean that… that he uses Nomad to help him… score with girls?" Lisa gaspingly whispered.

    "I'm sure of it, baby. Can't you see the position you'd be in… afraid if you didn't submit to him that he'd make a scandal out of it one way or another?" Shirley pointed out. Then, looking at Nomad who had stretched himself out on the floor and was unwaveringly eyeing them, "And that big lamb, I believe, has been trained in his love- making… which doesn't make him any the less beautiful at it, does it?"

    Lisa smiled, shyly, but with a sparkling sincerity, the fact that she still sat in revealing nakedness not in the least shameful to her… not before this beautiful, unveiled person who had just confided the most intimate secrets of her personal life to her. "No… no it doesn't," she agreed squeezing Shirley's warm hand inside both of her own, the new trust she felt growing inside her for her father's young wife matched only by the sensuously stimulating thought that they shared the same erotically forbidden intimacy in the massive, handsome animal watching them. "I-I was a virgin, too, Shirley… not even Paul has done it to me yet. I-I was going to let him last night, but then we had a fight and… and I was so upset and so… so hot I-I just couldn't resist seducing that dog into it… at least, I thought I was seducing him, but now I'm not so sure after what you've told me."

    It struck Shirley what the younger girl was really saying then! She hadn't had only oral relations with Nomad, but he had… had actually fucked her! The realization set off a wild little spasm of feverish sensations spiraling through her simmering loins, Lisa's naked closeness adding heatedly to them.

    "Y-You mean… Nomad did it to you… put his… oh damn… fucked you?"

    Shirley stammered, at last blurting it out in a throaty whisper.

    Lisa sensed the flushing thrill at her gorgeous blonde stepmother's use of the four-letter word, but was at the same time surprised at her question. She whispered back, "I told you… I was a virgin, Shirley… but I thought you said that you and he…?" She paused there, knowing by the expression in the other's eager eyes that he had not.

    "You only let him… lick you down there?"

    "I-I never realized that he'd go any further!" Shirley gasped. "I-I just never realized it…!" she repeated, looking down at the powerful, love-bringing animal who lay quite placidly watching them.

    "If I had…!"

    When she didn't finish, Lisa hotly said, "You would have let him, I know! You poor darling… with Daddy like that, and me being the little bitch I've been to you…!"

    "Oh, don't say that, honey!" Shirley whispered, quickly slipping her arm around the tiny wasp-waist of the girl beside her, drawing Lisa's lithe teenage nakedness warmly against her. With deep-felt affection, the blonde beauty pressed her soft lips against the cheek she had slapped. "I'm sorry, Lisa baby.

    I didn't mean to slap you," she breathed against the velvet-like flesh, unable to hold her other hand from finding the satiny little bowl of Lisa's naked belly. "Can you forgive me, darling?"

    Tiny trembles of delicious fascination shivered over the younger girl at the older woman's loving words and caressing touch. She managed to twist her face until it was confronting Shirley's, then, she reached down and gently raised the heavily breathing blonde's soft hand up to the fullness of her passion-swelling breasts, holding and pressing it wantingly against one yielding white mound as she meaningfully kissed Shirley's lust moist lips.

    Surges of hot passion flow from each into the other through their erogenous points of fleshy contact, yet neither would have admitted that their lustful emotions bordered on a perversion. In the other, each had suddenly found an intimate relationship that supplanted a tag so shallow as lesbianism. They were not in love with one another in some warped way, but knew a sharing love fused by the handsome German shepherd who was so interestedly watching their every move.

    "Darling… get out of your bikini!" Lisa excitedly pressed, getting to her feet and moving between Shirley's legs to lean over her shoulder and unfasten her bra-strap. Her soft dangling breasts brushed against Shirley's cheeks and the older woman kissed the smooth valley between them, at the same time moving one hand down between the younger girl's rounded white thighs. With knowing gentleness, she warmly cupped her whole hand over the fleshy resilience of Lisa's dark-curled pussy-mound and vaginal lips still wet from Nomad's lewd tonguing, her middle- finger caressing at the very outer circle of the girl's tiny anal ring.

    She heard Lisa's gasp at the erotic caress, and then the teenager was lowering to her knees between Shirley's legs as she drew away her bikini bra. "Oh… you have such beautiful breasts, Shirley!"

    It was the young blonde wife's turn to gasp as Lisa leaned forward to kiss and tongue their exposed nakedness, suddenly sucking one tight pink nipple between her pursed young lips, the tip of a baby-like tongue lovingly worrying it.

    "Oh… ooohhh Lisa!" Shirley gasped, taking the girl's face between her trembling hands and raising it to be tenderly kissed on the lips.

    "We'll always be friends like this, won't we?"

    "Yes… I'm sure of it, at least for my part we will. Now, stand up so I can roll these down!" Lisa whispered. "You've got a wonderful surprise coming to you!"

    Shirley did, refusing to think, thankful for all the brandy churning with warm persuasion inside her. She felt her bikini briefs slipping down her long naked legs and lowered her head to see the beautiful girl before her sitting back on her heels, her soft young hands warmly clasping the outer fullness of her stepmother's thighs as if drinking in the naked sight before her.

    "Oh Shirley, you're so lovely! I've never seen a body as beautiful as yours… and that golden pussy-hair! It makes me want to nuzzle my face right into it!"

    The ardently excited Shirley would never have stopped the girl had she advanced to do it – she couldn't have, the sensations of exquisite feminine passion were so strong between them, but at that moment she was content that her stepdaughter didn't want to nuzzle her, though she hardly knew why.

    "Wh-What surprise? Y-You said I had… Shirley said, remembering.

    "And you have! Climb up onto the bed! I'm going to help!" the teenager exclaimed.

    Nomad had never taken his eyes from the two female humans he now thought of with equal affection. Their stimulating white nakedness let him instinctively know that pleasureful delights would soon be his. He watched through half-closed, but never disinterested eyes, his head resting on the floor between his outstretched forepaws. His heavy loins stirred beneath him at the sight of their white, uncovered beauty, the tiny whimper echoing up into his throat expressing his longing to be used.

    "Did you hear that, Shirley?" Lisa whispered. "He knows! And he's waiting! Get up a little farther and spread your legs more!"

    "Lisa… God! Are you sure…?"

    "Honey, don't be afraid! I was a virgin, remember? He's beautiful, believe me!"

    "But… but…?"

    "No buts!" the teenager exclaimed, crawling onto the bed beside her and affectionately stroking her hand down over Shirley's sloping back. "If anyone ever needed a dose of love, you do, and I'm going to see that you get it! Come on, Nomad baby… up here with us! That's it… up! Up! That-a-boy! Now… up here, darling… mount her!" Lisa hissed, suddenly moving close and rising to her knees.

    Shirley gasped as she felt the dark-haired teenager's small hands suddenly gripping at her elevated buttocks and spreading… pulling them apart!

    "There! Have you ever seen anything more enticing than that, you handsome lecher? Come on, come on, get up there and fuck her, darling! Make her happy with your great big cock!"

    Chapter 7

    Vince Rivers penned the name out expertly once more. He smiled to himself as he examined it, satisfied with his authentic skill. An hour before, he'd managed to steal a company check from the bookkeeper's desk while she was out for coffee. He'd chosen one twenty pages ahead, carefully tugging it along the perforated lines, then used her little check-machine which inserted the amount in red-embossed lettering before he left her office. He was confident that no one had seen him, and even if they had there wasn't a soul in that plant who would question Vincent Rivers.

    In the office that Frank had allotted him, Rivers studied the oblong piece of valuable paper with intent eyes. Twenty-three thousand-eight- hundred-and-forty-seven, he read the embossed figures. Had he grabbed enough?

    Yeah, no use being stupidly greedy. Anything over twenty-grand could raise a telephone call from a bank exec, he knew from experience, but it was not apt to in this operation. The Douglas company wrote a lot of twenty-five-G checks. He shouldn't have any trouble passing it… But the forgery artist's mind wasn't exactly on his work.

    That voluptuous little bitch! Nomad had gotten to her and he knew it! Christ, what an enchanting hunting-ground this was to pass up! His cock still ached with the idea of plunging it belly-deep into Shirley Douglas' hot pussy, to say nothing of lovely young Lisa's! That teenage bitch! What a fuck she'd be!

    Something to really scratch on his score card! He remembered the exposure of her tight, young ass-crevice at the party the night before, and the way her full ripe breasts had strained at the bit behind the thin strip of cloth hiding them, and his loins throbbed.

    Maybe it wasn't too late either, he thought, trying to carefully analyze the actions of the mutt that morning at the breakfast table.

    Goddamn! He would visualize her stripped and lying there helplessly open, her young teenaged cunt vulnerably gaping up at him! What the hell, why not? Big Daddy was off someplace in the plant… and he had his own wagon available!

    Less than thirty-minutes drive… he could be gone to lunch if Frank wanted to know! Yeah, why not? In fact, he better, the way his cock was pounding. But first things first!

    He slipped off his jacket and seated himself at the typewriter, rolling the stolen check into it. Carefully, he dated and punched in his own name as the bearer; then he went to the desk, took a scrap of paper and practiced Frank Douglas' signature several times before finally scrawling it at the bottom of the check.

    Perfect! Rivers grinned to himself. Now, for a little needed entertainment. A light breeze from the opened window ruffled the few papers on his desk as he went into the adjoining lavatory and washed his hands. His mind continued to race lecherously with lustful thoughts of Lisa Douglas' curvaceous young body.

    His heavy penis stirred goatishly in his pants and he grinned into the mirror as he slipped on his jacket once more.

    "Okay, doll-baby, here comes old Vince for a taste of that tight pussy the mutt sampled last night!" he said under his breath, walking out the office door…

    Passionate sensations charged through Shirley as with her naked buttocks raised high and her tremoring thighs widespread, she twisted her head with cheek pressed against the pillow to watch what was happening behind her lewdly positioned body. She saw Nomad standing with ears erect and lax-jawed, his lengthy pink tongue hanging loose to one side while his huge brown eyes gleamed in their fixed stare at her excitedly displayed loins. At the same time, she saw and felt her stepdaughter's small hands on the stretched white ovals of her ass- cheeks luridly spreading them wider apart.

    The teenager's onyx eyes danced with lustful sparks at the intriguingly sensual beauty of Shirley's exposed cuntal flesh. The tiny puckered mouth of her anus was pink and smooth just above the fleshy, blonde- fringed folds of her soft-looking pussy, the tight slit revealing just a thin line of its moist pink inner-flesh. She sensed her own girlish loins and belly tingle with excitement, electrified by the alluring sight, her mouth actually watering with a desire she was too aroused by to be ashamed of! And before Nomad could move in closer, Lisa mindlessly lowered her own head as if magnetically drawn.

    An intense shiver rippled over Shirley's smooth, naked body when she felt the younger girl's face nuzzling warmly between the soft inner cheeks of her wide-stretched buttocks… then the breath-taking sensations her moist lips incited pressing hotly against the sensitive folds of her clasped little anal mouth! Lisa's tongue-tip quickly followed to lick and probe, pressuring and worming up into the muscle- controlled opening while Shirley gasped in lewd pleasure beneath the delightful mouthing. She heard Nomad's whimper then and felt Lisa's delicious manipulations stop.

    "Okay, okay, lover!" Lisa hotly whispered. "Don't be jealous… I just couldn't help myself! That's it… right in close, darling… you know how."

    Automatically, Shirley tried to spread her straining thighs even wider, salaciously picturing the obscene positioning of her own voluptuous nakedness in her desire-inflamed mind's eye. She heard the massive animal's panting and sensed his hot breaths against her lushly offered white mounds. Abruptly, she felt his familiar tongue's wet heat slithering into the velvety nether crevice separating her ass-cheeks.

    She moaned aloud at the fiery contact, immediate impulses of lust stabbing ever stronger through her erotically seeping pussy and quivering belly.

    The impassioned young wife felt her new stepdaughter's small hands eagerly clutching at her upthrust buttocks, gently pulling the resilient mounds ever farther apart to give the loving animal full access to her sensitive little anus! His laving tongue began to caress it lewdly, then moved wetly down to splay open her blood-swollen cuntal lips, grazing the seething pink flesh on its way to her erect little clitoral bud! She gasped in her lust-building joy, straining her knees another fraction of an inch apart to open the throbbing pink slit between her thighs wider to the big handsome dog. His long, curling animal-tongue thrust repeatedly, sweeping in a liquid flame through the sizzling wet flesh and flicking at the hungrily grasping mouth of her vagina, inciting her loins to a more intensive sexual heat… before he suddenly moved into the position she had been almost fearfully awaiting!

    Shirley couldn't help but tense up as Nomad's huge furry body crowded in behind her excitedly raised buttocks, aware that he was standing on his hind legs, his powerful forelegs gripping at the nakedly flaring flesh of her hips. She craned her neck with her cheek still against the pillow to gape wildly back at him!

    God, he was… he was going to fuck her, and Lisa was pressing him on!

    "That's it, lover… do it for Shirley like you did for me! She needs your big handsome cock, sweetheart!" the teenager luridly whispered while she stroked the dog's broad back. "Don't be frightened, Shirley! I know you're going to love it as much as I did!"

    Shirley's brandy-grogged brain spun with the unbelievable obscenity of it!

    Inwardly, she was as tense as a bowstring, her naked flesh trembling to the feverish stimulation both Lisa's and Nomad's magic tongues had fired in her receptive loins. Then suddenly, in her stepdaughter's dressing mirror, she was seeing the salacious spectacle of their lewd positions, an uncontrollable gasp of base sensuality escaping her at the bestial sight!

    "Look, Shirley! Can you see it in the mirror? His cock… it's getting hard!"

    Lisa hissingly exclaimed, watching through wildly fired young eyes the glistening scarlet length slipping wetly out from its long furry sleeve. The young girl bent as close as she could to see its tapered thickness waggling forward inch by inch, its bevel-tipped head almost reaching to probe Shirley's moist pink-slitted pussy!

    Shirley felt the German shepherd's powerful animal-body stagger against her smooth buttocks and saw his dangling, hardening cock trying to seat itself in the vertical crevice of her upturned vagina! She heard his loud, almost desperate whine as his forepaws clutched tighter at her hips and he jerked and stumbled on his hind legs, trying to thrust the huge throbbing spear of raw hardness up inside her palpitating cuntal passage.

    While she stared at it all in the mirror, Shirley could hear Lisa's loud breathing blending with her own. She shifted her lustfully elevated buttocks in little circles back at the still growing animal penis, the tension inside her reaching a nearly unbearable point! Oh God, she had to have it… that long thick beautiful dog-cock burning right up into the passionate channel of her hotly throbbing cunt.

    "I'll help him!" Lisa suddenly offered, reaching down between their awkwardly gyrating bodies to gently grasp Nomad's hot slippery hardness in her fingers, the wet searing feel of it like an electric shock charging through her teenage body! The dog whimpered a low guttural sound at the contact as she lovingly squeezed and tried to stroke it before spreading Shirley's silken blonde pussy-hair with its cone- shaped head, guiding the hot tip up into her small, desire-drenched vaginal mouth.

    Abruptly, the massive animal humped forward, bursting his solid cock from Lisa's grasp to plunge the long thick rod of penile hardness up into Shirley's vulnerable vagina while the younger girl lustfully watched! She saw it stretching the fleshy cuntal lips wider and wider, knowing it was doing the same inside Shirley's sensitive vagina, remembering how the hard, burning length had driven deep up into the churning heat of her own virginal belly!

    To Shirley, the mirror was like a pornographic film and she gaped at it in lust-fired fascination. She saw as well as felt the huge, reddish length of blood-swollen dog-flesh slither forward with a savage charge, burying itself to the very hilt in her shockingly stretched vagina! At the same time, she both felt and saw her animal-lover's heavy, sperm- bloated balls swing down solidly to slap against her blonde pussy curls as her breath rushed from her lungs!

    The expanding sensation of progressively increasing impalement registered seconds later, exploding through her loins, and she grunted out in combined pleasure-pain, "Unngghhh! Oh… oh God, Lisa!" Her glazed eyes gaped blindly as the panting German shepherd began to fuck rapidly in powerful, rhythmic thrusts up into her from behind! Her head jarring from his every flesh-rippling lunge, Shirley concentrated on the reflected bestial picture his long, thick rod of huge scarlet cock made plunging lewdly up into her as she began to move in feverish tempo back to meet his mind-shattering animal strokes!

    Lisa, her bedroom, the very world itself nothing existed except the intoxicating sensations of lust spreading through the young wife's sensuously slaving body heaving backward onto the ever-thickening dog- cock skewering deeper and deeper up into her raging, flame-filled belly. Furiously, Nomad's muscular animal beauty battered and thudded with resounding slaps against her roundly yielding ass-cheeks, his pulsating dog-cock a shaft of hot liquid fire driving to its full length up into unreached depths in her greedily clasping vagina! Whining uncontrollably, she rotated her buttocks lewdly back at him in a mounting, sluttish furor, grinding her clasping vaginal sheath back over the cunt-filling hugeness of his animal-cock in anticipated fulfillment!

    Nomad did not have to be told that he was pleasing the pretty golden- haired female bent over bitch-like before him. He knew by the responsive movements of her soft white body as he hammered instinctively up into her hot slippery mating hole while she thrust her soft, hair-fringed cunt back onto his aching hardness. The wet heat of her tight human channel was clutching greedily at it, as much as had the dark-haired girl's last night. His tongue hung loose and dripping from his open jaws with the fierce pressure growing inside his raging loins. Suddenly, he saw the younger, dark-haired one's naked white body crawling upward on the bed, but he paid little attention. Only his thundering hardness roaring up into the hotly milking core between the golden female's long white legs meant anything to him!

    "Oh Shirley… your face… you look so happy!" the young virgin whispered, leaning down close to her. "I didn't lie to you, did I? Is a man's cock as good, darling? Please tell me!"

    "Oh… oh Lisa… don't ask me now! It wouldn't be fair! But it's beautiful … everything you said… and more!" Shirley gasped, her lengthy blonde hair flailing as she uncontrollably tossed her head from side to side with the sensuous rapture Nomad was bringing her.

    Vaguely then, she realized that Lisa was positioning herself on her back before her face, spreading her shapely young legs wide apart and inching her smooth teenage hips downward until her raven-haired loins were directly below Shirley's face, laying part-way back then, her small hands stroking down over the smooth white flesh of her flat belly and rounded hips, moving inward with slender fingers extended toward the pouting, hair-fringed cunt lips, its moistened, thin-lined pinkness peeking erotically from between!

    Further excited by this new lustful sight, Shirley tried to hold her head steady, a nearly impossible feat with Nomad's pummeling cock racing with trip-hammer velocity up into her steaming pussy-hole and quivering belly. The young impassioned bride sensed her mouth grow wet with a singular hungering desire as Lisa's fingers slowly spread the soft tight cuntal lips apart from either side, the pink inner flesh of her pussy moistly sparkling, separating viscidly before Shirley's eager eyes. The vibrant weighty feel of her own swollen breasts quivering and swaying beneath her only amplified the intensive feelings saturating her prostrated nakedness, as, slave-like, she drank the erotic display of young teenage cuntal flesh purposefully exposed to her.

    Lisa held it flowered so that the wet inner folds and delicate pink petals were completely revealed in a lewd shimmering exhibition, her tiny clitoris erectly quivering, the babyish slit of her urethra clearly visible, while the ovalled lips of her tight vaginal mouth worked with a newly awakened hunger. The sparsely framing dark curls bordering the desire-moistened pinkness were in sharp contrast with the smooth whiteness of the girl's belly, widespread thighs and ovalled ass-cheeks with the tiny puckered anus nestled entrancingly between, and it was more than Shirley could resist – even had she wanted to!

    "Please, darling… do it for me!" Lisa passionately whispered. "Only Nomad ever has… but I'd love you forever if you would! Oh please, Shirley, lick my pussy… I'm so hot."

    Had her young stepdaughter not said one word, the carnally inflamed wife realized that she would have done it anyway, though she had never even conceived of such a lewd thing before! But Lisa's pleading request served to add unneeded fuel to the bed of erotic coals blazing hotly within her naked body. Though it might seem that she hesitated as she lowered her face closer and closer toward the teenager's uplifted loins, it was only to feast her devouring eyes on the intoxicating girl's alluring genitals! She had never been this close to another girl's cunt, nor had she touched one except her own before Lisa's earlier. Then, the teenager's hands moved away, the tightly resilient outer lips folding back in their youth to kiss one another, leaving a narrow pink slit that was the more entrancing to Shirley!

    She eagerly examined its rather long curving line downward to where it joined the rounded white ovals of Lisa's buttocks, just above the tiny crinkled mouth of the teenager's little anus. A heady essence… the perfume of desirous female heat stung Shirley's nostrils then, causing them to flare excitedly as she felt Lisa suddenly reaching beneath her to cup her swollen, nipple-straining breasts! Something equal to white- hot flame raged through the young wife as she used her thumbs to spread open her stepdaughter's passion-flushed pussy-lips and then thrust her tongue deep into the simmering, liquid flesh between her trembling legs!

    While Lisa's lithe body squirmed in naked delight and moans of lust- charged joy gurgled up from her youthful throat, Shirley's brain whirled in the overwhelming passion seizing all control from her cock- stuffed vagina. She whined into the lust-heated flesh of Lisa's splayed pussy at the wild animal-tucking she was getting from behind, while her tongue licked and probed its way over the secret, pungent tasting delicacy. It wormed its way up inside the desire-swollen walls of the younger girl's seething vagina, feeling the youthful greediness clutching hungrily as she twirled and jabbed the wet little invader! Then, she wiggled its tip into the tiny urethral slit, taunting it for a moment before dropping down to do the same to the gasping girl's puckered little rectal opening. Then with a final up-sweeping lick, Shirley focused her blinding passion on the teenager's palpitating clitoris, caressing and stabbing at the tiny erect bud, sucking it between her softly pouting lips to nip and worry with the fine edges of her white teeth.

    "Oh God! Oh God! God! God!" Lisa gasped out in blinded passion, squirming in sensuous delight beneath Shirley's lewdly searching tongue. "Don't ever stop, darling… please? I'll lick your pussy any time you ask me… honest! 0h honest! Uuuuuhhh… lick it… suck it… oooohhhh!" … Vince Rivers relaxed as he leaned against the door frame watching, his face stretched into a distorted grin of rank lechery. His cock, which had never really gone soft since admiring Lisa's hidden breasts at the breakfast table, was now a throbbing, hardened demon bent inside the confines of his imprisoning pants. Christ almighty, he couldn't have asked for anything more if he'd hired the show!

    Swinging into the drive, he'd begun to think carefully when he'd seen Rachael heading off, figuring the cook was probably going to grocery shop and wondering, as he nodded at her, who else was in the house. Was Lisa at home?

    Where was Shirley? He'd combed the place, the pool and all the likely spots before checking bedrooms. Then, at the kid's door he'd heard the sounds!

    Imagine… unlocked… with this incredible fuck circus going on! And man, did he have it figured wrong! There was plenty of lez tie-up between these two luscious dolls… by the way gorgeous Shirley was mouthing baby-girl's tight young cunt!

    Christ! They were so goddamned wrapped up in their three way orgy that they hadn't even heard him open the door! Even Nomad's keen senses had failed him in his ruttish heat! Goddamn, it was a cock-throbbing sight all right: Lisa sprawled on her back with her young, cream-white thighs yawning wide while lovely Shirley, with her beautiful rounded ass thrust high in the air, lay with her face nuzzled tightly in the kid's wet, hair-fringed loins! He could see the "loyal wife's" little tongue licking furiously at Lisa's open pink cunt, while mounted behind Shirley with forepaws clutching at her waist and hips, his long thick animal cock jack-hammering between her quivering white buttocks to sink its full length up into the liquid opening of her coral-hued cunt was his own goddamned faithful old mutt fucking his heart out!

    Though he'd seen and been involved in his share of sex carnivals, Rivers couldn't remember anything to ever match this, nor had his swollen cock ever reached a more painful hardness than it knew at that moment. He clutched at its thickly jerking length straining in his trousers as Shirley with head half raised emitted a loud moan, beginning to chant and wail, her smooth naked curves starting to spasmodically convulse!

    "Ooooohhh… I'm cummiiiinnnggg!" she cried out, slamming her rounded young ass-cheeks back onto the German shepherd's savagely ramming cock with a frenzy, and by the way Nomad was humping and squealing, Vince knew the bastard mutt was shooting his load like a fire-hose up into her heaving white belly!

    Finally, she fell forward on those voluptuously mounded breasts, burying her face once more in Lisa's dark-curled teenage loins as the dog's wilting hardness slipped wetly out from between her legs, the entire area of her ravished loins glistening with the thick oozing moisture of their cum seeping from between the flushed lips of her cum- drenched pussy. He reached down then and tore open the fly of his pants, releasing the long thick length of his own pulsating cock and said, "Is this a private party… or can a house guest join in?"

    Lisa jerked upright to her elbows, twisting her head to see him in the doorway.

    She wasn't certain, but doubted that Shirley had heard him, and as she stared in shocked horror for a second time that day the obscenely sprawled teenager realized that the fly of his trousers was open and he was holding his hardened, heavy looking penis lewdly in his hand, his loins thrust slightly forward.

    Gasping out, her face turning a shameful scarlet, Lisa tried to speak, but Nomad interrupted with a vicious growl, his ears flattening and his fangs suddenly bared.

    "Shut up you cock-hound and get in the comer!" the forgery artist snarled at the massive animal, the latter hesitating only a moment before obeying. With a lurid grin, the master walked toward the bed gripping his lust-swollen member and watching the voluptuous Lisa's almond-shaped eyes widening as they gazed at it in obvious, startled fascination.

    It was then that Shirley had regained enough of her wits to realize someone had walked in on them! She sat up quickly, her moistened lips falling open to share Lisa's shocked horror, but even more so when she saw who it was and what he was holding so lewdly in his hand.

    "You! Get out of here you… you bastard!" Shirley choked in immediate rage, her cheeks a screaming red as she realized that the very situation she'd hoped to save Lisa from she had only helped to make worse! Her still liquor-slowed brain raced frantically when she saw him beginning to strip off his clothes.

    "Damn you! What do you think you're doing?"

    "First of all, I'm not going to go through that routine with you again, Shirley baby. We did all that last night, remember?" he calmly replied, leering down at her. "And secondly, one look at my cock ought to answer your question for you.

    If it doesn't, well… in about a minute you'll see for yourself, you little cunt-licking doll!" He dropped his shorts and stood naked before the pair of lewdly sprawled girls staring at him in stunned, shame-filled fear, his dark eyes gleaming lustfully as they centered on Lisa's curved, lithe nakedness. "In short, Mrs. Douglas, I'm going to fuck the little cunt you were just tonguing with a passion… and by the way, what does Frank think of these secret talents of yours? Or maybe Daddy doesn't know about the sexy games his girls play together, eh?"

    "I-It's not that way at all!" Lisa spat at him. "We've never done anything like that before! I don't know what happened… we just…"

    "Don't say any more, baby," Shirley interrupted, pressuring the younger girl's naked thigh with her hand. "It's useless with the likes of this vile creature.

    All right, damn you… I'll make you one offer, Mr.

    Rivers… money… a thousand dollars… and me! But you don't touch Lisa!

    She's just a child! Shove your damned lecherous cock in me if you want, but you keep your hands off her!"

    The well-built, handsome man sniggered down at her in his obscenely exposed nakedness, his hand still grasping and luridly stroking the huge length of his thick, hardened penis. "Some child… too young for fucking but just right for your lezzy tongue, eh, bitch? And what a martyr you are! Did you catch that, Lisa honey? She wants to sacrifice herself for you, the noble stepmother… though I can't help but wonder if it's not old Vince's stiff cock she wants all for herself!"

    "You bastard!" Shirley spat, scrambling up off the bed to glare at him.

    "I'd rather have that dog any time than you!"

    "I know… I just watched you," Vince replied, still grinning. "But does your husband know? I mean, what do you think he'd say if he was to suddenly find out some way that his new young wife and daughter enjoyed eating each other's pussies and being fucked by dogs with big cocks?"

    "Oh, I could kill you with no qualms, Vince Rivers!" the blonde girl angrily hissed, tears of helpless rage stinging her glaring blue eyes.

    But even as she spat at him, Shirley knew there was no scruples or mercy to be expected of him. He was a loathsome monster.

    Lisa had not moved. Though she heard their bitter exchange, it did little more than register. From the first, she hadn't been able to drag her fascinated eyes away from the long thick rod of blood-hardened cock-flesh jutting out from their house guest's lean, hairy loins.

    She'd really had no idea that a man's penis was that big, nor that the sac holding his heavy balls could bloat to such proportions! Strong sensations of hungering desire rippled through her yet unsatisfied loins and belly at the promising sight, until she could almost feel its filling hardness plunging up into the heated depths of her lust-incited vagina just as Nomad's had that first time last night!

    "D-Don't argue with him, Shirley… I-I'm not afraid!" the teenager managed in a husky voice, trying to keep the eagerness from its throaty tone. "W-We can't let Daddy be hurt… and he would… you know he would! God, he'd just die if he ever knew… and how would we explain…?"

    "There! Now that gorgeous little doll's using her head, Shirley!" Rivers exclaimed, ogling the teenager's voluptuous naked beauty with hotly stoked lust. He wasn't fooled. He'd been watching her young hungering eyes caressing his aching cock. Shit, the little bitch wanted it bad… bad enough, he'd bet, to fight for it if he offered to accept her stepmother's compromise. Christ, he wished he had the time to go through that scene, but time was getting to be of the essence. He still had to hit the bank before it closed, and he wanted to be rolling east before sundown.

    "Y-You don't know what you're saying, darling!" Shirley exclaimed, dropping down beside the younger naked girl who still lay sensuously spread-eagled on the bed. "God, baby, you have to think of Paul… and yourself…"

    "I am thinking of myself!" Lisa hissed, her dark eyes limpid pools of passionate excitement. She spoke so that only the young blonde mother looking down at her could hear. "I-I want it, Shirley! God, I do…

    I'm so hot… and it's so big! Please… please? Let him do it to me… as if he was raping me! Oh, please, Shirley!"

    Wild emotions of easily rekindled sensuality raced through the young wife, understanding what only another woman could. "I don't want you hurt, Lisa baby!" she whispered back, running her fingertips over the beautiful teenager's cheek. "H-He's a brute."

    "I know! I know! Oh God, Shirley, don't try to stop him."

    "Okay! Enough of this Goddamn whispering!" Rivers snapped. "And I don't intend to argue with you bitches! Either she spreads them for fucking or Daddy gets an earful! Now, decide and make it damned quick!" He caught hold of Shirley's arm with a strong, squeezing hand and pulled her up off the bed. "Well?"

    "C-Come on! Rape me if you're going to! I'm not afraid…!" Lisa half- whined, glowing with lust at his lewd words and pledge. She stared at him round-eyes, her line of vision fixing magnetically on his thick, sinewy cock, and as she gaped through impassioned young eyes he drew its heavy foreskin back, exposing the huge purplish rubberiness of its head, causing minute pearlish droplets of seminal fluid to ooze from the tiny split at its tip! A series of exquisite shudders fluttered over her and she felt the gooseflesh standing out on her naked young skin.

    He crawled onto the bed still grinning and laughing inwardly at her 'rape me' routine. "You like that rape idea don't you kid?" he taunted, moving between her spread white legs. "Kind of gives you a little masochistic charge, eh?" He kneed in close and remaining upright began to tease the fleshy, hair-lined pink slit of her tight girlish pussy with his hardened cock-head clutched in his hand. She tremored and gasped to the sensitive contact, lifting her head to gape down between her softly mounded breasts, watching saucer-eyed as he tormented the defenseless wet crevice. "You seem to go for the oral approach, doll… maybe you'd like to suck a little cock first, eh?"

    "Oooohhh," Lisa whimpered in a mixture of shame and sensuous desire.

    "Do it if you're going to! Rape me… fuck me!" she spat between clenched teeth, the fire licking through her unsated young loins fed all the more by the obscene position in which she lay helpless beneath him. "I'm not afraid! Go ahead! Do it!" she half-cried up into his leering face, wiggling her young buttocks in lewd invitation.

    "You bet I will you little bitch!" Rivers hissed. "If it's rape you want, doll, then rape you'll get!"

    He reached down suddenly to press her shapely young legs back upward toward her head before either girl hardly realized what was happening, until her knees were flattened against her breasts and her calves were locked back by his broad shoulders.

    Lisa whimpered at the unexpected torment. Her young supple body was bent back double, the sudden pain of her straining muscles raising another agonized groan from her throat!

    "My God! She can't take you like that!" Shirley exclaimed, her voice quavering as she stared at the flattened plane of Lisa's wide-split, glistening loins presented up to the con-man to ravage brutally with his huge, heavy cock aimed directly at the upturned crevice! "Stop it, Vince! You hear?"

    If he had, it made no difference, the now terrified girl beneath him thought in stunned panic, as suddenly his muscular body crushed down on top of hers, flattening her full breasts tightly into her chest! She felt his thick stiffened cock plunge up into her resistant cuntal passage like a tree trunk, pushing the fluid flesh in wild ripples before its blunt blood-engorged head!

    "Aaaauuuuggghhh!" Lisa grunted painfully beneath the agonizing impalement, her eyes gaping wide as its heavy blood-engorged length soared up into her, ramming unmercifully against her tender cervix! Again and again she squealed, completely shattered by the savagery of the con-man's assault, but he never let up, even when Shirley tried to pull him off her defenseless step-daughter.

    "Rape she wanted, and that's… what I'm giving her… Mrs. Douglas!" he choked out, pushing the blonde's struggling nakedness back away with a sweep of his arm and healing her sobs of helplessness…

    Chapter 8

    Though Lisa continued to sound out whimpers of pain to his heavy cock fucking viciously up between her legs, Rivers knew they were growing less distressful and more impassioned in their rhythmic gasps, tempoed to his plunges skewering deep up into the clenching heat of her soft little belly. The teenager's naked body in its defenseless, bent-double position beneath him was beginning to respond of its own accord. Her rounded hips and taut white buttocks had fallen into a gentle undulation, rotating the clasping slippery walls of her young, tight vagina around his pulsating hardness that was stuffing the wide-split crevice clear to his aching balls.

    While Shirley watched in sickened helplessness, she recognized the change gradually creeping over her beautiful stepdaughter's once grimacing face and cringing young body. The obscenely stretched lips of her pussy had begun to slither wetly up to devour the huge rod of Vince Rivers' torturous cock. His heavy sperm-bloated balls smacked down hard into the damp, smooth crease of her naked buttocks, her moans now edged with tones of masochistic delight.

    At least most of the painful torment was passed for her, Shirley gave silent thanks as she gaped in growing fascination at the lustful sight of Rivers' pumping buttocks tensing heavily each time he drove forward with cruel force to sink his long thick hardness into Lisa's greedily accepting, stretched teenage channel. Sometimes, he didn't drive it up into her to full capacity and Shirley could see a narrow white stretch of the thick shaft showing beneath the sway of his semen-inflated balls. Then, on the next stroke she would wince when his hairy pelvis crashed down hard against Lisa's, and she stared as he withdrew and thrust, withdrew and thrust in ever increasing rhythm, the underside of his huge swollen cock-head becoming visible with each withdrawal!

    The watching blonde wife sensed her own belly quiver rapaciously with re-kindled sensations at the brutal tucking the lecherous no-good was giving the helpless teenage girl pinned obscenely beneath him. But even as her own susceptible loins began to tingle with smoldering desire, the still furious wife tried to desperately conceive of some way to stop this unscrupulous animal before he ruined all of them! Then she saw him free Lisa's long shapely legs and quickly wrap them around his hips, her heels pressed tight against the cheeks of his hollowing buttocks, straining of their own accord to pull him back inside her each time he withdrew.

    The cords on the insides of her stepdaughter's smooth, white thighs flexed tautly as she raised her skewered loins back up over his glistening member, her quivering buttocks lifting inches off the bed while she struggled in her effort to absorb the entire length back into the fleshy Pink folds of her greedy cunt!

    A wet viscid sound lewdly filled the room as they fucked, and then Nomad began to growl with bared fangs beside Shirley, his unsuspected nearness startling her.

    Absently, Shirley reached down to pet the massive head of the beast beside her, his obvious dislike for his master and what he was doing registering in her distraught, sensuous brain for the fast time. Of course… it was very apparent now when she actually thought of it! The beautiful animal hated Vince Rivers… and that was when the wicked idea struck her!

    "Up, Nomad!" Shirley hissed, bending down to whisper the command. "Up, baby… behind him! Go on… up!"

    Vince Rivers was too lecherously engrossed to even feel the weight jarring the bed behind him. Nor was he aware when the massive animal suddenly mounted him from behind, his powerful forelegs clinging to his master's hips… the pleasure of the con-artist's own plunging cock was so lustfully overwhelming.

    Salaciously and with obscene vengeful intentions, Shirley reached beneath the huge German shepherd to curl her soft hand around his still sheathed cock. She felt him lurch to the contact as she began to lewdly stroke the long furry sleeve, while with the other hand she reached between his legs from behind to gently scratch her finger nails along the underside of his heavy balls! "Oh please, baby, make it hard for me! Quick, darling," the blonde girl whispered, lewd impulses racing through her now simmering loins and belly at the feel of the animal's penis growing searing hot and hard in her caressing hand! It emerged then, inching out more quickly as she stroked it, its wet, beveled tip of raw glistening hardness more resembling a weapon than the beautiful love-tool she knew it to be… but this time, that was in keeping.

    "Wh-What the hell is going on?" Vince Rivers gasped out, trying to twist his head and look back, but Lisa's locking arms and legs, scissored around him in her blinded passion, made that impossible. He grunted, lurching ahead when the tip of something wet wormed up into the tight little hole of his rectum, his brain beginning to race in wild confusion. Christ, was that Shirley's finger?

    By the time he'd decided that it couldn't be, it was already too late! Shirley had guided the scarlet, tapered animal-cock into the hairy opening of his anus, and before Rivers could break free or defend against it, the stiffened rod of burning dog-flesh had buried itself half-way up into his rectum while he froze and Lisa's upthrusting loins sucked his jerking cock back into the omniverously milking channel of her climax-building vagina!

    Rivers gasped and swore while Shirley couldn't help but laugh in vindictive delight at the absolutely obscene sight. Then, with his fangs bared, Nomad threatening growled his disapproval at any anticipated changes his master might be entertaining. Beneath the naked man, Lisa began to whimper in tiny mewls as she clung to him like a voluptuous human vine, her upthrusting young buttocks gyrating wildly as her seething cuntal channel clasped and pulled at his ever-growing cock! Again, he swore from the branding torment of the beast's reaming hardness, and suddenly it lunged to the very depths of his belly right up his painfully clenching anus.

    Shirley slipped her hand between the handsome dog's spread hind legs once more to tenderly caress the underside of his bloating balls, simultaneously hugging him as he tucked with a seeming revenge of his own up into the wide-stretched rectum of Vince Rivers with savage animal thrusts!

    It was a dapper young man from a finance company who maintained he was looking for a George Edwards, or William Avery, or Vincent Rivers, all one and the same person, which made Frank Douglas head out in a hurry from his office to the one he had been letting the man he knew as Rivers use. He found it empty and the dapper one behind him smiled. He didn't seem in the least surprised. But Frank Douglas was more than that; he was shocked.

    "I've been chasing that Continental for six months," the young man said with a shake of his head. "Up and down the California coast. That bastard's a shrewd one, but he'll wind up with the dirty end of the stick sooner or later."

    He was saying more that Frank didn't hear. An oblong piece of paper on the floor had caught his eye. It struck out from beneath the desk where it had probably blown from the breeze coming through the open window.

    He picked it up and read it, his eyes slowly beginning to bug at the sizeable figure embossed on it. Christ! And his signature… but he'd never signed this check… nor any other made out to Vincent Rivers!

    It didn't take long for the older man to put two and two together! One son-of-a-bitch of a con-man had nearly gotten to him, and there was a good chance the guy was packing his bags right at that moment in one of the bedrooms of his very own home!

    "Come on… follow me!" Frank snapped at the dapper finance agent. "If we hurry, we may not be too late to get that Continental for you.

    Unless I miss my guess, Vince Rivers doesn't realize yet that he's lost this gem!"

    Frank drove like a maniac, actually hoping that a cop or two would fan in behind him. In his rear view mirror, he could see that the dapper guy and another seated beside him were having all they could do to keep up as he raced over the freeway. Man, what a stupid fool he'd been all along with his goddamn booze-numbing escape! Not only leaving himself wide open to be taken, but exposing his family… Shirley, Lisa, to the likes of a crook like Rivers… right in their own house. And… and what else had he possibly laid them open to?

    He swung into his drive, surprised when the finance boys wheeled right behind him, hopping from their car and jogging toward the Continental to confiscate it before anyone or thing could interfere.

    "You boys want to come inside?" Frank called to them. "He must be in there!"

    "Nope," the dapper one grinned, "This is all we want! He's yours, Mr.

    Douglas… and thanks for the help!"

    Frank burst into the house with all intentions of shouting at the top of his lungs, but thought better of that. Instead, he quickly made a systematic tour which finally narrowed his search down to the bedrooms.

    The rest was horrifyingly simple, for Lisa's door was partially open, and he just stood there staring, paralyzed, leaning his hand against the framework while he gaped at the incredulously obscene spectacle before him…

    Rivers had never known anything like this in his life! He'd never been sodomized even by a man, let alone a fucking dog, but the sensation was about to set him wild! The goddamn brute's horrendous cock was taunting his prostate toward something unimaginable! With single-minded viciousness, he began to plunge up into the hungering wet heat of Lisa's tight girl-cunt, clutching at her roundly working ass-cheeks and listening to her groans of pleasure as she undulated her buttocks in wide circles beneath him! The room began to spin before his gaping eyes as the huge impaling animal cock dug another inch up into his screaming rectum, sending crazy spasms of lust skyrocketing through him.

    "Oooohhh… Shirley… Shirley! I-I'm going to cuuummm! Oooohhh… !" Lisa wailed, her nostrils flaring wide as she screwed herself up on Rivers' battering rod of flesh and clung there while the clasping walls of her craving vagina milked desperately around it like the mouth of a starving child!

    The urge to rant, rave and kill, Frank Douglas had never known before in his life, but he did at that moment! A great red fire was amassing before his straining eyes even as his huge cock which had hung practically lifeless for six months leaped into a burning, throbbing hardness that threatened to rip out the front of his trousers! No less than a brute animal sound choked up from his throat to fill the room, but only his naked, blonde-haired wife heard it!

    When she swung around to see the almost insane expression contorting her husband's crazily enraged face she fought to hold back the scream building up inside her! He started forward like a bull ape as she charged with open arms to stop him, expecting to be beaten to the floor, but his maniacal eyes were fixed on only one individual in the room… Vince Rivers!

    "Oh God, no, Frank! Don't, please!" Shirley begged as she clung to him, staying between him and the obscene orgy on the bed that was rapidly drawing to a climactic finale. "Listen to me, darling… it's my fault… all mine! Lisa isn't to blame."

    "I'm going to kill him! I'm going to rip his cock off and shove it down his throat! Get out of my way! The bastard is raping my baby!"

    "Oh God, Frank! Please listen to me! Please!" Shirley sobbed as she continued to bar his struggling way. "Don't you see? He's getting more than he ever bargained for from Nomad! Look at his face! Lisa won't let him go! And look at Nomad's! He knows he's punishing him! We all hate him, darling, and we love you, but he trapped us into it! Oh God, darling, keep your head… we don't want anything to happen to you! We love you! Please, let us punish him."

    Love you! Punish him! Look at his face… Love you! Love you! The exclamations raced through Frank's delirious brain in a tormentful maze as he gaped through blinding anger at the ravaging of his own naked daughter and tried to make sense from his imploring young wife's words! Keep your head… we love you.

    Rivers' pain-charged brain whirled in an impossible sucking vortex that was drawing him down even as it was propelling him upward! He heard the kid's gasping squeals beneath him, and then a powerful growl from the mutt he was going to kill behind him, feeling the increase of his thrusting, sodomizing animal loins! Suddenly the fucking beast shot his scalding dog-cum up into his agonizingly stretched rectum to the very depths of his belly – hot, splurting sperm that burned in his guts like boiling oil! The sensation triggered his own orgasm and he sensed his raging semen begin to travel the distance from his heaving balls to the tip of his jerking cock-head, spitting in thick viscous squirts to splash against the soft walls of the kid's wildly quivering vagina, her climax convulsing her frantically hugging body under the violent force of his unleashed load…!

    Why he hadn't murdered the son-of-a-bitch, Frank Douglas would never be able to answer, but he was to later reason that Shirley had saved him from committing that unforgivable crime which in the end would only have hurt them the worse.

    Though at that moment he was still beyond the realm of civil rationalization, he held himself back to the pleas of his nakedly voluptuous wife who was almost passionately embracing him as they watched the teenage Lisa fall limply into a merciful faint and the powerful German shepherd leap to the floor!

    Vince Rivers began to struggle from the bed, mouthing foul oaths between vicious declarations of what he was going to do to the massive German shepherd that stood waiting with flattened ears and bared fangs behind him. The con-artist's rectum burned as if it had been reamed and scorched with a hot poker. He moved like a man who had ridden his first horse a nonstop hundred miles. The terrible rage in his eyes somehow didn't match the agony twisting his too-handsome face… and then, he saw Shirley's white nakedness standing inside the protective arm of her huge incensed husband and all of the violence seemed to drain from him…!

    "First of all, you're still alive, Rivers… Edwards… Avery, or whatever the hell your name is," Frank hissed through clenched teeth, "and only by the grace of this girl beside me! If you're still in this house two minutes from now, there won't be enough left of you to feed to that dog, because I'll tear you apart piece by piece!" Frank pulled the forged check from his pocket and before the other's gaping eyes tore it into small pieces. "So much for that bit of evidence, which could have put you on ice for a few years. The finance company is outside picking up your car! Pull on your pants, you bastard, because that's all you're going out of here with… the rest of your things we'll burn…!"

    "Now wait a minute, Frank…!" the trapped forger half-whined, only partially beginning to realize the desperate situation he had put himself in, unable to believe his stupidity in leaving that check behind. He'd been so goddamned anxious to fuck Douglas' virgin daughter.

    "Now you've got a minute and thirty seconds left! I wouldn't advise you to waste it if you value your life you son-of-a-bitch!" Frank roared.

    Vince Rivers didn't wait.

    Chapter 9

    Frank Douglas sat behind the locked door of his study staring at the Scotch bottle before him. He jiggled the glass in his hand, sloshing the cubes of ice through the amber liquid he had been consuming off and on most of the afternoon. He wasn't drunk, he knew, at least not yet to his usual extent, but neither was he feeling any physical pain.

    Mentally…? That was a different matter.

    It hardly seemed credible to the big, middle-aged man that it had all happened that very day under his own roof, and with the heavy silence that hung throughout the house since he had turned his back on his wife and daughter and walked into this room, he had been able to hear them sobbing off and on… crying together… his beautiful young wife whom he'd loved with a foolish idolation, and his own vivacious daughter who by all right should disown him!

    Christ, he'd nearly destroyed them both with his blindness, and if it hadn't been for Shirley's levelheadedness, he would have done worse by killing the worthless bastard who had nearly ruined their lives.

    Well, all of that was behind them now, just as his usefulness to anyone was behind him! Shit, he was nothing more than a living vegetable, dead from the loins down and numb from the guts up! He gulped from his glass, determined to blot it all from his tormented brain in usual fashion. Then he remembered how his futile cock had actually jolted into almost pain-racked hardness when he'd gaped through the bedroom door and seen the goddamn wild orgy taking place on Lisa's bed. Both girls in their soft white nakedness… Shirley watching while the bastard Rivers brutally fucked his lusciously curved young daughter… and she taking the no-good son-of-a-bitch's huge cock like a real trooper! At the time, he hadn't realized she was being raped… he hadn't realized much of anything in fact, except a blinding rage! But it'd been the sight of that massive dog sodomizing Rivers, or whatever his name was, that had really set off some still-live wire in his impotent loins! Christ, for one whole minute his throbbing penis had been as hard as a teenager's on his first trip to a whorehouse!

    Once he'd thrown the half-naked Rivers from the house, he hadn't said a word to either girl. Shirley had been too concerned with bringing her stepdaughter back to normal after her fainting spell and he supposed that was the way it should be. He'd simply walked into the study and locked the door behind him, truthfully not knowing what he was going to do next. Several times, Shirley had knocked and called to him, but he hadn't answered. He couldn't face her… either of them. He had no right to, but he'd always love them. He could only hope they didn't hate him for bringing this all upon them.

    "I'm going to find Paul," Lisa softly answered the tearful blonde girl who sat beside her on the couch and whose hand she held clasped in her own. "That is, when I leave here… but I'm not leaving, Shirley, until things are absolutely worked out between you and Daddy!"

    "You're a darling, Lisa…" the young stepmother half-whispered with deep sincerity. "B-But I don't believe that's going to happen. I-I doubt if your father has much use for me now, not after all that's happened. He won't even answer my knocking or speak to me… and I don't know as I blame him, after what I let that… that pig do to you."

    "My God, how could you stop him?" Lisa asked her for the umpteenth time. "You know it was more my fault than yours, Shirley! I wanted it… even begged you to let him rape me, didn't I?"

    "Now listen to me, young lady! Don't you dare tell your father that! I'll never speak to you again if you do, I swear it!"

    "But it's all right for you to take all the blame, isn't it? When it wasn't your fault at all!" Lisa insisted.

    Nomad whimpered from the floor in front of them. Automatically, both girls reached down at once to pet him. "Please, let's not you and me argue, baby!"

    Shirley managed with a little smile. "Even this big darling feels it. He knows now how close we are now."

    "Oh damn," Lisa quietly cursed, getting to her feet and tightening the belt of her wrapper around her. "It's not just making Daddy understand that bothers me … but his not being able to make love. God. Shirley, you're almost as young as I am – so beautiful and alive. Even if everything works out, what's going to happen to you? Do you intend becoming a celibate or something?"

    The older girl couldn't help but smile, though in all truth it was no light matter to her. Still, her problem wasn't for this beautiful young creature to burden herself with. She had her Paul to catch and walk to the altar, and that was about all she was going to be able to handle for awhile. Shirley said,

    "It's not all that bad, darling… I haven't told you this, but when Frank stormed into your bedroom I turned to him, and the front of his pants was bulging like I've never seen before. I-I'm sure that if circumstances hadn't been what they were… he would've been able to…"

    Shirley didn't finish. She raised her eyes in the middle of her statement and saw the sparkling black ones of her stepdaughter suddenly flashing down at her.

    A little quiver rippled over her own robe-covered nakedness at the undeniable licentious gleam!

    "That's it!" Lisa hissed. "That is it, Shirley honey!"

    "What's it? What're you trying to say… and I don't like that look in those devilish eyes…"

    "Daddy has to be shocked! Or stimulated! Or whatever in hell you want to call it! And that's what we're going to do!"

    "Now, Lisa, listen to me…

    "No! You listen to me, Mother! It's about time that I made good use of myself around this house… and I can't think of any way I could enjoy it more than bringing happiness to both of you!" Lisa wildly proclaimed. "This is going to be my party, and it's going to take place right in your bedroom, Shirley! We, you and me, with the help of Nomad, are going to seduce Daddy into making love to you!"

    "Lisa! That would be incestuous…

    "Oh, don't talk like an ass, darling!" the teenager excitedly exclaimed. "We're not living in the dark ages, and it isn't as if Daddy doesn't know his little girl's all grown up, remember? Besides, even the Egyptians resorted to it a few thousand years ago to keep their dynasties intact… and I intend to keep this one solid!"

    "Oh God, Lisa! What are you thinking?" Shirley breathed, unable to deny the stimulating thrill the young girl's professed intentions stirred inside her own easily aroused loins.

    "Don't argue with me! Just do as I ask… please, Shirley? Remember, he's my Daddy as well as your husband, and I want him happy, no matter what the price!"

    Suddenly, Shirley felt as if she'd drunk a dozen of Rachael's brandy- laced coffees! Her mind began to swim with the utterly forbidden thought of it, even as tiny erotic impulses began to race through her sensually hungry young body.

    God, she loved Frank Douglas so much! "Wh- What do you want… to do?" she repeated.

    "I'm not sure yet… play it by ear, maybe… but I know it's going to be one of the happiest moments in my life!" Lisa hotly whispered.

    "He's my Daddy, and you… you mean so much to me now, darling!"

    Shirley swallowed tightly, senseing the erotic heat beginning to build inside her. "H-He's probably drunk! He's been in there all afternoon."

    "Good! That should help!" the teenager commented. "Like Lot's daughters, Shirley… that's what we are, except you and I are going to revive Lot and make him the happiest man alive! Come on, let's go get him!"

    Shirley felt like a child clinging to her stepdaughter's hand as the latter led her half-running to the door of Frank's study. She heard the teenager's determined knock, and then a second time, not surprised that there wasn't an answer.

    "Daddy! Open this fucking door or I'll take a chair and break it down!" Lisa half-screamed, while Shirley hung to her, too aghast to get out a word!

    The door opened and he stood there gaping open-mouthed at the curvaceous girl facing him. "You're coming with us!" she snapped, grabbing hold of his hand.

    "It's just about time that you started being a husband as well as an overseeing father around here! The wife you picked is a young girl, remember? Now, do you want her making love to you… or winding up with a Vince Rivers who she doesn't want?"

    Frank Douglas wasn't too keen wit-wise, but he knew and recorded every painful word his enchanting young daughter spat at him. He wanted to answer but could think of nothing to say, and then they were leading him, each holding to one of his hands, taking him into Shirley's… his own… their bedroom!

    "Daddy, you've got a problem! I know all about it and I want to help… in fact, I'm going to!" the long, dark-haired girl whisperingly exclaimed as she began to remove her bathrobe.

    Frank couldn't believe it! His own daughter knowingly stripping herself naked before him! The rounded whiteness of her curvaceous young body was abruptly exposed in its entirety in front of his drunken eyes, they magnetically moved downward to the silken black triangle shrouding her soft teenage loins! He staggered, but Shirley's helping arm supported him. Then, she was unveiling her own goddess-like beauty, tossing her robe to one side, both of them smiling in their breathtaking nakedness as they moved slowly toward him.

    "We're going to undress you, Daddy," Lisa's shimmering moist lips said.

    "We're going to make love to you because you mean so much to both of us! We want you for our Daddy in our own way forever! There's nothing you can do but stand right there!"

    And he did, unable to even think as they plucked the clothes from him like an attacking swarm of birds… until he was naked, and he knew that his loins hung as useless as ever!

    "Well… there you are, loving girls! You've picked the bones and now you've gotten the skeleton! What would you like to do for an encore?" Frank said in liquor-thickened tones, his embarrassment apparent to both lust-inciting young women holding affectionately to him.

    "Get on the bed, Daddy!" Lisa excitedly ordered. "We're going to show you all about encores, you darling!"

    Frank couldn't refuse because they had no intentions of letting him.

    Neither girl seemed to find it necessary to speak as he dropped onto his back and they lay down on either side of him, their soft warm contours moving close to possessively caress his big tanned body. Then, they raised on their elbows to look at one another above his chest, the gleams of anticipation and excitement in their faces contagious. It was his own daughter's small hand that lovingly curled around the flaccid length of his heavy cock first, causing Frank to grunt aloud at the forbidden sensation filing through him! Then, Shirley's slender hand smoothed down over his stomach, raising gooseflesh on him as her fingers trailed lightly through his pubic hair to cover Lisa's small hand fondling the still unresponding length of his thick penis! Christ, it was the goddamn lewdest thing that had ever happened to him… and he didn't want it to stop!

    Suddenly, his wife tenderly kissed him on the mouth, her hand holding his cock coming back up to brush at his cheek, but before he could wrap his arms around her, the blonde lovely was easing down on the bed! While Frank watched in lust-mounting fascination, Lisa held his limp cock upright and Shirley lowered her face over it, her tongue-moistened lips parting to slip right down onto it, abruptly enclosing the entire blood-engorged glans in a hot, lip-locking pressure.

    The big man choked out an uncontrollable groan, reflexively lifting his naked loins upward as the hot moistness of her ovalled lips closed in a pressuring suction over the sensitively swollen cock-head! Gently, Lisa's fingers and palm stroked up and down the now rapidly hardening rod while Shirley's beautiful lips slid down to meet them, beginning to suck it steadily, rhythmically… up and down with a wild twisting motion of her little tongue at the peak of each up-suck!

    Christ, it was actually coming alive, the hot blood beginning to roar through its heavy veins with a pounding force, and he tensed his loins in disbelief.

    Lisa leaned above his face then, smiling fervently down at him as she pressed one voluptuous white breast with its hardened little berry-like nipple to his gasping lips. Frank couldn't resist sucking it lustfully into his mouth and between his teeth to nibble it, while his naked daughter whimpered with shortened breaths at the sharp pleasureful pain of the incestuous act.

    Below, and overjoyed at the growing hardness of her husband's long, thick cock, Shirley eagerly slaved, moaning as she began to suck harder, nipping now and then with the edges of her teeth at his pulsating rigidity. Frank, with his eyes wide and straining to see around the resilient soft mound of smooth flesh he was mouthing, saw that his cock was white where her teeth scraped the blood away, and a rich purple at its sleek turgid head. He felt his wife's eager hands cupping and cradling his aching balls while she plunged her mouth down onto his throbbing hardness! He raised his head slightly as he continued to lick and nibble at his daughter's firmly rounded breast which she held to Ms mouth as if feeding him, hungry to see his massive penis nearly vanishing right down Shirley's voracious throat! ›From somewhere in the bedroom, he heard the dog whimper and he remembered the sight of the powerful German shepherd sodomizing Rivers, but he could think of little else but what was happening to him! Shirley's tongue, with that final swiping lick, was making the glans of his jerking rod vibrate and pulse with a lewd desire. He watched her beautiful toiling face stuffed with his huge, proudly rigid cock, working over him greedily, her lush lips being pulled out wide by its obscene thickness, her white cheeks hollowing as she sucked him in obvious wanton delight… and then suddenly, she stopped!

    "Oh Christ, baby, d-don't quit!" he groaned, knowing for certain now that he was going to make it.

    Shirley smiled as she raised her head, tossing her long blonde hair back over her shoulders. "I'm not stopping, lover… I'm just beginning!"

    "We're just beginning!" Lisa quickly put in to remind her, "you're not cutting me out of this party now… in fact, remember it was my idea!"

    Shirley laughed, getting to her knees as Lisa did the same on the other side of him, while Frank gaped from one to the other at their lustfully incited smiles.

    "All right, what'll we do next to make your party a real winner?" the blonde young wife feverishly questioned her beaming stepdaughter.

    "Well… really it's this big darling's party, so maybe we should ask him,"

    Lisa said, gazing lovingly down at her naked father. "I know! What was it that made your… your cock get hard when you first walked in on us this afternoon, Daddy?"

    Frank could only stare at his gorgeously intoxicating daughter, the sound of the four-letter word coming from her tender lips firing him all the more. He heard her plead again for him to tell them and before he realized it he was babbling out the whole thing about Nomad sodomizing Rivers, and the way it had affected him. All he could think of was a goddamn slave being taken by a brute animal to please a watching queen… and Shirley standing there had been that queen!

    Lisa's eyes locked wildly with Shirley's, their lewd thoughts known to each other with out a spoken word! Almost hissingly, Lisa said: "You or me?"

    "Me, damnit!" Shirley gasped. "After all, I am the wife here, young lady!"

    Again, they both laughed and Lisa said, "All right! And Daddy, you just lie right there! You're the king and we're slaves who have to please you!"

    Wild spasms of unbelievably, forbidden lust twisted salaciously at Frank Douglas's liquor-infused brain. "You're going to kill me between you… but don't let that stop you, because I'm loving every second of it! Go ahead… please me you beautiful dolls!"

    Lisa's naked flesh tingled hotly as she said to her stepmother, "Get on your hands and knees, darling, so that I can get it all wet and ready for Daddy's big handsome cock! Hurry… let's not waste time thinking about it!"

    Shirley felt a shudder of inflaming delight as she quickly moved around in the bed to do as her stepdaughter had ordered. Lisa, too, got to her knees behind her, never hesitating as she remembered the lewd act from performing it earlier. Then, Shirley was wiggling her rounded white buttocks expectantly back to where the dark-haired teenager knelt while her father watched in drunken spellbound lust!

    They were soft, smoothly ovalled white buttocks to Lisa, and she gazed at the puckered little mouth between as Shirley lowered her shoulders to the bed, thrusting the enchanting vision up and back at her. Lisa's eyes lowered to the long coral split of her desire-moistened cunt with its blonde, curl-fringed lips only partially opened, but enough for the teenager to once again see the sensitive pink flesh within. Small droplets of viscous cuntal moisture clung to the flushed, fleshy lips and she moved eagerly toward them. The musky, perfumed scent stung her nostrils as she knew it would and she lashed out with her greedy little tongue, pressing deep toward her voluptuous stepmother's tiny erect clitoris, just as Shirley had done to her earlier while Nomad had so thoroughly fucked her! Lisa found the pulsing pleasure-bud enclosed between the delicate inner-petals, her lips coming in contact with the hair-fringed folds of hot flesh as she stretched her tongue to its entirety, its tip stabbing lewdly at the quivering nerve-center, raising a deep gasp from Shirley's throat.

    Slowly, Lisa swept upward, flicking her tongue-tip several times against the twitching clitoris, then downward toward the ovalled wet opening of her nibbling vagina. She plunged her tongue in far enough to feel the clasping walls of hot flesh grasp at the obscene intruder, then drew it out to taunt the moaning blonde's urethra before traveling on up the satin-smooth valley of her widespread buttocks to the tiny convoluted circle of her working anus.

    It might have gone on indefinitely, Frank was thinking, if he hadn't suddenly decided that he couldn't stand to watch anymore! He had to get his hotly throbbing cock into that beautiful cunt he was jealously watching his own daughter tongue! "Goddamn it… get up over me, Shirley doll before I blow my nuts just watching you two! Hurry, get this log of agony up into that hot little pussy!"

    Shirley gasped and laughed happily at the same time as she quickly started to climb on top of her big fired-up husband.

    "No! Not that way, honey!" Lisa corrected.

    "Face your back to him so he can watch better… especially when you put it in your asshole."

    "Oh Christ!" Frank choked, Lisa's lewd words wildly goading him on.

    Never with Mavis or any other woman he'd ever known had he dared to try sodomy, though he'd damn sure wanted to plenty of times! "Do it now! We'll fuck that luscious pussy later, baby!"

    Never hesitating, Shirley positioned herself with her legs on either side of her husband's widespread white buttocks looking at him like twin moons as Lisa reached to grasp his pulsating rod of flesh in her small hand, aiming it's blunt-tipped head at the tiny circle of her puckered anal mouth.

    "Reach back and spread your ass-cheeks, darling!" Lisa whispered hotly as she gaped at the lust-intoxicating sight, holding her daddy's rock- hard penis in her hand and watching as Shirley's clutching fingers lewdly obeyed, pulling at the yielding flesh of her smooth mounds to stretch the nether ring part way open. She heard her father grunt and curse as they both watched Lisa worm the bulbous cock-head into the tight expanding opening while Shirley squirmed and wriggled her straining buttocks downward in her effort to skewer the hot spear of solid cock-flesh into her tightly resisting anus.

    Ragged gasps of breath burst from the obscenely positioned blonde wife as she determined to lower herself down onto her husband's impaling hardness, her tormented whimpers only further charging her audience.

    "D-does it hurt, honey?" Lisa whispered in her ear, reaching around to caress one of Shirley's full swaying breasts with sympathetic, if masochistic, envy.

    "Tell me… should I ever let Paul do it to me?"

    "Oooohhh… Goddd!" the young wife moaned. "It… it's… ooohhh… horrible… beautiful… I love it there… and… and you let Paul do… do anything he ever wants to you… you hear, young lady?"

    "Yes! Yes, darling, I will… I promise…

    Frank gaped in salacious pleasure as he watched his beautiful slaving wife gyrate her hips down… down… until the soft white mounds of her ass-cheeks were flattened against his upper thighs and pelvis. Then he began to gently work with her in an effort to widen her tight back passage with his aching cock thrust to its full length up into the futilely clenching rectum.

    "Christ, baby… I-I never dreamed it could be like this for us! Goddamn… listen, if it's hurting too much we can stop!" Frank blurted, a sudden wave of shame rising up inside him at her pitiful groans.

    "No! No, I want it there… love it there, darling!" Shirley vehemently insisted, squirming her naked buttocks down even tighter to his loins and forcing his huge cock further up into her grotesquely stretched rectum. "B-but … it might come right out my mouth, oh king!" she added, slowly leaning back and rotating her hips and buttocks lewdly to please him more.

    He caught at her slender waist, slipping his hands up her smooth rib cage while she strugglingly straightened out her legs, then his big hands cupped her full, thrusting breasts and he drew her back down on top of him, while Lisa stared at them in a loving lust all her own.

    God, he'd never know the agony he was bringing her at that moment, Shirley determined, because simultaneously he was heaping her with all of the enchanting joy she had ever hoped for! And the beautiful young girl beside them watching was responsible for it, had made it all a reality, had caused incredible pain to become a magnificent torture of masochistic pleasure!

    Suddenly, Lisa was moving between their extended legs, her dark sparkling eyes fixed on Shirley's golden-curled pussy staring up at her, its softly curved pink slit arching down to the fleshy cheeks of her white buttocks spread wide now with her Daddy's huge hard cock splitting them… holding them apart… its thick length buried to the hilt in her forever stretched rectum, and the heavy testicles that had sired her pulsating bloatedly before her. The teenager couldn't, had she wanted to, contain herself from one last lust-loving oral caress. She dropped forward, nestling her face to her stepmother's sweet-scented loins, starting her fiery tonguing at the tip of her father's sperm-bloated balls, taunting the exposed half-inch of his rock-hardened shaft not yet swallowed up into Shirley, then into the hot, fluid open cunt and upward, finally sucking the inner-lips and tiny erect clitoris into her young mouth with a wet little slurping sound.

    Shirley whined out to the added delight, working her buttocks up and down on her husband's revitalized cock, and as she did this she pressed her wetly glistening pussy, that was now flowered open with the pressure from her wide-splayed legs, down against Lisa's passionately devoted mouth. Almost with a fanaticism, the teenage girl lashed her tongue around, over, up and into the older blonde's spicy tasting cuntal passage, her own desire reaching a feverish peak in her youthful belly and so recently awakened loins!

    She reached down to find her own quivering little clitoris and began stroking it before suddenly remembering! "Nomad, darling," she gasped, elevating her naked buttocks lewdly upward and spreading her legs wide.

    "Huffy, baby… Lisa needs you!" she gasped, then again buried her searing tongue deep up into Shirley's clasping vagina!

    They all sensed the bed give when the massive German shepherd responded, both Frank and his prostrate wife on top of him gaping at the handsome animal's almost pleased face as he mounted the offered white mounds of the naked girl bent slave-like before him. But it was the lustfully incited teenager who thrust her buttocks back high and felt Nomad's hardened, wet animal-cock ram and slip between them. Again he floundered, whimpering loudly, until she spread her shapely thighs wider… and this time, it didn't miss!

    "Uunnnggg!" the dark-haired girl winced before the tong thick ravager soaring up into her, lancing her wanting vaginal walls apart like a flint-tipped spear!

    Ooohhh! Her first lover… magnificent Nomad! God, she would always love him, she knew, as she licked and sucked shamelessly at the delectable wet pussy breathing out its heated essence into her flaring nostrils. She heard Shirley begin a series of telltale whimpers and her daddy's guttural grunts… heard them in the faint background of her mind, for her animal-lover was hammering up into her welcoming cunt with rapid, battering thrusts that were jabbing at the underside of her soft, tremulous belly! His splendid, big cock was beginning to swell and throb blindingly inside her, growing larger and larger, hotter and hotter, filling her entire vagina as it burned savagely up into her, driving her closer and closer toward a bursting bubble of ecstasy.

    Maddeningly, Lisa licked and sucked until Shirley wailed: "Oooohhh…

    I-I'm going to cuummmm, darlings… ooohhh… I'm cuummmiiinnnngggg!"

    "Christ! Don't stop, baby!" Frank bellowed. "Don't stop! Keep that gorgeous ass humping! Fuck it hard, honey… I'm going to cuummm withhhh youuuu."

    "Yiieee… oohhh… yesssss!" Lisa cried out as Nomad fucked brutally up into her, his huge animal-cock suddenly long and longer… thick and thicker inside her flooding, clasping cunt channel, those magnificent battering lunges never lessening! And then, she felt the German shepherd's stream of hot cum squirting unceasingly up into her! Long jets of it scalding the milking walls of her youthful vagina, filling her belly with a violent force, its steaming heat setting her off until she wailed in loud helplessness!

    Neither Frank Douglas nor his voluptuous young wife were actually aware that they were alone in the house, until some hours later when they emerged from their bedroom to partake of needed sustenance if they were to survive the long delayed consummation of their marriage. No newlyweds were ever more happy than this pair who together read the warm note Lisa had left them. She had taken Nomad and gone to find her Paul…

    But it was the telegram which arrived from Las Vegas the following morning that thrilled them most. It read: "Congratulate us! We have been married two hours and thirteen minutes! Nomad was the best man! Naturally! He sends love…!

    Lisa and Paul Fulton."

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