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    My Nympho Aunt

    Chapter 1

    Ten minutes after Eddie Lyons got out of the taxi at his aunt's home, he got a hard-on. He hadn't seen her for several years, and now, after his first good look, his cock crawled up stiff and throbbing inside his leans. It was as if she had reached into his crotch and taken him by the balls with one of those slim and delicate hands.

    «Wow,» he whispered to his sister as they followed the woman up a flight of richly carpeted stairs, «did you ever see such a beautiful ass?»

    «Shh,» Linda hissed back, «she'll hear you; don't screw up this vacation before it even gets started.»

    Eddie kept his eyes on the swing of his auntie's hips, digging the sweetly circular motion of the shapely cheeks and the way they seemed to coil and uncoil with the climbing rhythm of her long, sleekly nyloned legs. Auntie Beth had a fine, swinging rhythm there, he thought; it was all cunning little jiggles and appealing, lithe motions, dipping into the hidden valley of her ass cheeks, rounding out at the tops of her thighs. He was sorry she didn't wear a miniskirt; Eddie wanted to see much more of those classy legs, and maybe get a peek between the smoothly rounded thighs, where he might make out the outline of a ripe pussy snugged by tight lace panties.

    Sorry that the climb was finished, he lifted his eyes innocently and smiled as their aunt showed them separate bedrooms. That was something else, he thought – the way her fine, high tits lifted against a thin blouse and showed the points of her nipples when she lifted an arm to point. A three-way point, Eddie thought, and stood sideways to hide his erection. Damn – if he'd known how sexy Aunt Beth was, he'd have hounded his mother into sending them on a trip to visit her long ago.

    And she wasn't only beautifully stacked; there was something else about her, a polish, a coolness that showed class. Like a queen, he thought, lovely and with a magic body – but unreachable. That made a guy want to put the meat to her even more, he decided, and wondered who was doing the job for auntie, since her husband died. Plenty of horny men would be sniffing around after that special ass, he thought, and envied those who were making it.

    «You'll be right next to each other,» she said, «with an adjoining bath. It's a big old house, kids, but it's been so empty I rattle around in it. I'm so glad you've come to keep me company.»

    Eddie grinned when she said he and his sister would be right next to each other; if auntie only knew. He and Linda had been making it for about three months now, fucking in their home when their parents were out, and sneaking off to meet somewhere for a quick, hot screw when mom and dad were home. He wondered how auntie would react to that, and bet himself the news would shock some of that intriguing calmness from her lovely face.

    Winking at Linda, he carried his bags into the room and turned to look back over his shoulder at that groovy, grownup ass going boomity-boom. Man, he thought; it wasn't that he wasn't getting plenty of good cunt from Linda. His sister was sweet and hot and he guessed that she was a far-out fuck, but he just didn't have anybody to compare her with, since Linda was his first and only piece of ass. And he couldn't help wondering how it would be, to slide his stiff cock into an older woman's thickly haired pussy.

    «See you kids downstairs,» his aunt called, «and you can tell me all about your trip.»

    Eddie zipped down his jeans and let his swollen rod jump out into his hand. He could just picture Auntie Beth stroking her long, slim fingers over the hard meat, running her silver fingernails around the pulsing head and making it drip a little juice. Dropping back on the bed, he spread his legs and imagined rubbing that puffy, sensitive head up along his aunt's thigh, feeling it slip along that tightly filled nylon, then easing it over to nudge between her ripe legs, feeling up and up until his knob nestled into the lace panties.

    «Hey,» his sister said from the bathroom door, «are you that horny? We can have a quickie before we go downstairs and act like good little kids.»

    Eddie aimed the head of his prick at her. «Can't get auntie's swinging ass out of my head. She's got such groovy tits, too – and her legs, man! You think the hair on her pussy is the same silvery blonde, like her head?»

    Linda moved into the room, a good-looking kid herself, lithe and well tanned, with sunstreaks in her light brown hair, her hazel eyes set at an exotic slant. Her tits bobbed under a tee shirt, the nipples coming erect as he watched. Sure, she was good-looking, he thought; people often mistook them for identical twins, though Linda was a year younger. Which made him a passable guy, too.

    Smiling down at him, Linda slipped out of her tee shirt, and Eddie watched her hard young tits jump out at him. They were round and small, but beautifully shaped, and her nipples were dark brown, sticking straight out. Her breasts were tanned, too, because she sunned in the nude. Eddie thought that a lot of guys would give their left nuts to get into his sister, too. She dug fucking as much as he did, and her body was firm all over, her elegant little pussy was tight and hot, and a guy could cover both cheeks of her smooth ass with one hand, if his fingers were long enough.

    When she wiggled her hips and dropped her jeans, he focused on the vee of her pouty cunt and the silken curlings of pubic hair there. He'd been in love with that juicy snatch for better than a year, since he'd first started noticing how sexy his sister's body was. It took them awhile to get together, because both of them kept shying off, afraid to take that first real step toward making it. But when they finally did – wow!

    Linda kicked off her jeans and stood naked before him, making slow, grinding motions of her flat belly, humping her pussy at him in suggestive bumps and grinds. She said, «I really dig seeing your cock standing up like that. I think it's beautiful.»

    «All yours, chick,» he said. «For now, anyway.»

    «Lie back on the bed,» his sister said. «I want to play horsy on you this time.»

    Flat on his back, his prick standing up like a flagpole, Eddie reached up for her slim, satiny body as Linda climbed on top of him, running his hands up and down her glossy thighs as she spread them to balance above his waiting rod.

    Linda said, «Every time I look down at your prick, I can't help thinking of the first time we fucked. Remember how scared we were? But man, oh man – both of us were so hot by then that nothing else counted, and I'd been swiping mom's pills for a week.»

    «You were so tight, I thought I'd never get it in,» Eddie breathed, caressing his sister's shapely ass and running his hands down the glossy smoothness of her thighs. «And when I just got it started into that hot little hole, I popped off.»

    Lowering her crotch slowly, Linda touched her curly pubic hairs to the blunt end of his swollen prick. «That helped, really; your semen made my pussy slippery, and you could work it in better.»

    He laughed. «Yeah; I wasn't about to quit then, even though I didn't even know if I could come twice in a row. I was going to get my first piece of ass, even if the roof fell in.»

    Her labia was dewy, sultry with the promise of hidden juices, thrilling as the rubbery lips fondled his cock-head, being spread slowly, elastically by his sister's weight. The end of it penetrated slowly and Eddie watched Linda's feathery crotch press down, watched his prick slide inch by distended, rigid inch up into her sweet pussy. He stroked her flat belly with his fingertips as his meat slipped home, and saw the brown nipples of her hard tits aimed straight out.

    His sister's soft snatch closed lovingly over his shaft, the lubricated silken folds of her narrow vagina tight and oily. Linda's crotch came all the way down as she took weight off her thighs and spread them, her vulva nestling against his balls. Eddie was in her cunt to the hilt, the root of his cock snug into the pussy lips, and he felt the furry cleft of her delicate ass.

    «Hot and sweet,» he murmured, sliding his hands up and down the curves of her buttocks as Linda began to twist sensuously upon the length of his embedded shaft. «I'll never get enough of fucking you, sis. Even when we grow up and get married, I'll still come back for more of your gorgeous little pussy.»

    She wiggled on him, stroking her ass gently up and down, grinding her pelvis into his. Her hands were flat on his chest now as she leaned forward a little, ticktocking her cunt in a juicy rhythm. «We'll have to marry people who dig screwing as much as we do,» she said, panting a little. «None of that jealous bullshit, or we'll just move in with each other.»

    Eddie lifted his belly and thrust strongly up into the hot depths of her clinging vagina. «Do you ever think about fucking somebody else?»

    «Sure,» she said with a long series of hunches that made her pussy do tricks around his moving shaft, «but I haven't got around to trying it yet. I'll tell you when I do.»

    He stroked the delicious velvets of her snatch, rolling the puffy knob of his prick around his sister's buttery sheath. «I hope I get a chance to put this into Auntie Beth's cunt. Man – I'd really dig fucking her between those long, wiggly legs, or anywhere else she'd let me put it.»

    «Umm,» Linda purred, humping more strongly upon him now and bringing her chest down to dig the rigid little nipples of her breasts into his chest. «Well, right now pay attention to what you've doing, baby. Right now, your hard cock is all mine, so drive it deep, darling – shove it right up to the balls.»

    Hooking his fingers into the damply torrid crack of her ass, Eddie worked his prick powerfully into his sister's tight snatch, sliding it in and out of the humid gripping of the passionate hole. Her face was tucked into the joining of his throat and shoulder, and he could smell the special, flowery perfume she liked, plus the rich and spicy aroma of her aroused pussy.

    Linda moaned softly, her tongue licking his skin as she pivoted upon his surging shaft, swinging her ass voluptuously, her lively cunt clamping down on his cock-head, loosening to allow him to back out, then biting fiercely down again as he thrust deeply into her. His sister's body arched and heaved, and Eddie winced when she clawed his shoulders and bit into his throat, but he liked the little added touch of pain, liked to know he was really getting her off.

    «Oh, you beautiful, horny bastard,» she groaned. «Such a sweet – hard – prick! Oh, Eddie – ahh, darling. Yes, yes, yes – stick that meat to me, brother – make me come – come!»

    The entire sleeve of her boiling pussy flexed around his rod, and Linda ground her pelvis hungrily into his own as she reached orgasm. Eddie kept stabbing it, bumping his root against her vibrant little clit, stirring those suctioning depths with long and steady strokes, for he knew he could bring her right back to the brink of another climax.

    She responded avidly, her cunt shivering, then beginning to slip up and down on him again, her shapely, trim ass turning within Eddie's hands, all her body sensuous and turning slick with sweat.

    She was far out and groovy, Eddie thought, pouring the meat to her, but he'd still dig fucking his aunt. And Linda would never be jealous of anything like that; she had her head on straight, and would probably pitch in to help him. Several times, after they were all fucked out, they'd lain side by side and talked about the things they'd like to do.

    «Y-you're doing it again,» she panted. «My pussy is bubbling inside – feel it? Oh wow – there's nothing better in the whole world than screwing like this. So good, darling – oh, so good, good.»

    His sister would be coming in a few seconds, he knew, and this time he wanted to come with her, to let go his load into the surging ecstasy of her cunt. So Eddie stepped up his rhythm, reaching deeply and pulling back until only her pussy lips grasped the flanged head of his cock, then shoving it back again with a sinuous, grinding motion that made the cheeks of her ass tremble in his hands.

    Linda's vagina rippled, pulling upon his submerged prick, and her crotch slid wetly across his; this time, her mouth found his own and her tongue darted greedily, trying to reach down his throat as she shuddered to a second climax. Eddie's cockhead flexed deep within the juicy cup of her snatch, and he felt the power come leaping up from his contracting balls, hurling itself along the spasming length of his shaft to explode from the glans.

    He came violently, pumping lasciviously into the hot, wet glove of Linda's pussy, spurting forth a hissing globule of semen that splashed against her womb in searing droplets that were rich and sticky and the consistency of heavy cream.

    The slippery fluid seeped down his embedded pole, piling up around his stem, and when he moved from side to side he could feel some of it seeping from the jealous grip of his sister's cunt to puddle upon his balls. Eddie liked the feel of his semen, the luxurious warmth and wetness of it, but his sister dug its touch even more – touch and feel and taste, he thought.

    She stirred upon him, swiveling her hips so that his still hard cock slipped out of her dripping slot and drew a sticky trail down the inside of one sleek thigh. «Auntie will be expecting us to come down,» she sighed. «But I guess that fucking will hold me until after dinner, anyhow.» Sitting up and flinging back her hair, Linda said then, «Are you really going to make a pass at her?»

    «I don't know how to go about it,» he admitted. «She may think I'm just a goofy kid. But I have to try, anyway. Auntie Beth really turns me on

    – and I've just been itching to get into a different cunt, too. I mean, yours is terrific, Linda, and not many guys are lucky enough to have a beautiful hot-assed sister like you. But I keep dreaming of grownup cunts, all thick hairs and deep.»

    His sister climbed off the bed and stretched, the motion lifting her round-apple tits and flattening her belly even more. «How are you going to do it? Look, I know what you mean about dreaming. Ever since we started balling, I've wondered what it would be like to have some big guy crawl on me – how he'd pump his cock, if he'd like to eat my pussy

    – things like that. But it would be a lot easier for me to make some guy, than for you to just grab Auntie Beth's ass or something.»

    Eddie shook his head. «I don't know how; but I'll have to try. You think she's balling anybody? She ought to be, put together the way she is – all that sweet ass and those long, long legs.»

    His sister shrugged. «Maybe; remember that mom said she was all shook up when uncle died, and I smelled liquor on her breath. Maybe she's drowning her sorrows and hasn't looked around yet.»

    «She doesn't have to look far,» Eddie said. «Well – we'd better get dressed and go downstairs. Screwing always makes me hungry.»

    He knew they looked clean and innocent when they walked into the kitchen, where a black maid was preparing lunch. Sneakily, Eddie looked her over, too – big tits, a round ass and velvet skin. He filed Ceil for further reference and said yes, thank you; and no, thank you in the dining room, answering all Auntie Beth's questions about his mom and dad.

    Linda was right; their aunt was hitting the bottle, having a couple of martinis before lunch and wine with the meal. She laughed a lot, throwing back her head and showing him the shape of her nipples. But she wasn't sloppy, Auntie Beth could never be coarse or sloppy. Even though she was drinking too much, she maintained that regal composure, the cool, distant look of class, and that turned him on even more. Eddie couldn't keep his eyes off those great tits, and he kept wondering how those tapering sleek legs would feel, wrapped around his back while he plunged his eager shaft deep into her lush, mature pussy. Would she fuck back, or just lie there like a snow princess?

    One way or another, he meant to find out.

    Chapter 2

    They did kid stuff until after dinner – swimming in the pool, playing badminton, going through their aunt's tapes and, not finding any rock, they just goofed off. Eddie was disappointed that she didn't swim with them; he'd wanted to get a good look at that terrific body in a swimsuit. Beth probably wouldn't wear a bikini, though, much less a string; but any glimpse of open, silvery flesh would have been welcome.

    The maid was gone, and Aunt Beth lingered over her coffee royale. «You know, you're really good-looking kids,» she said, a little slack mouthed. «So much like Susan, but all of a sudden you seem to be growing up.»

    «It's been a long time,» Eddie said. «Linda and I were talking about how beautiful you are. We were too young to see it before.»

    Pale blonde lashes lowered thickly over blue eyes, and Eddie thought she swayed a little in her chair. «Thank you, but I feel very old and worn out. Since Paul's death – but I mustn't be morbid. I'm very grateful for you and Linda being here. It helps. I-I hope you'll excuse me now. It's been a long day and I'm tired. Please just amuse yourselves – TV or music or something. I promise you a fun day tomorrow.»

    Eddie glanced at his sister and Linda said, «May I walk with you, maybe tuck you in?»

    Beth's nod of acceptance was imperial, Eddie thought; Auntie Beth would never admit she was smashed, but she'd accept company on her way to bed. He watched his sister and aunt leave the dining room, and compared their bodies, their different ways of walking.

    They were both lovely, he thought – but completely different. Linda bounced along like a schoolgirl, full of energy and zip, her nice legs moving in the tight caress of leans that snugged the cheeks of her ass and hinted strongly at the crack. But his aunt moved with a special, gliding motion, a stately, graceful rhythm that held the eyes, her super legs flashing in sheer nylons, the swinging of her reasonably short skirt hypnotic.

    Eddie got up and followed them from the room, staring after them as they climbed the stairs, seeing his aunt lean heavily upon Linda's shoulder. She was stoned right out of her skull, he thought, but far too ladylike to show it. He watched them out of sight, and stroked his crotch. His prick throbbed in answer, and he could hardly wait to check with his sister.

    If Beth was crocked as she looked, maybe she'd fall asleep quickly, drift into an alcoholic slumber that would make her hard to wake. He should be able to slip into bed with her, and at least feel her up while he jacked off. If she didn't move when he cupped one of those round, high tits and played with the nipple, then he might take a chance and explore between her thighs to find the richness of that secret pussy.

    Just the idea of playing his fingertips into that private pubic hair thrilled Eddie, and his cock rose strongly against his jeans. It would be dark, of course, and he wouldn't have a chance to see if the color of her pussy hair matched that of her head, pale and silvery blonde. But he could softly feel the texture of her skin, and tremble very close to her in the warm bed.

    He was jittery when his sister came back down. «Did she go to sleep? You were up there with her for a long time.»

    «Had to help her in and out of the shower,» Linda said. «And now I agree with you – Auntie Beth has a really marvelous body. She makes me look like a skinny, undeveloped kid.»

    «Her pussy hair,» he said. «What color is it?»

    Linda grinned at him. «Just a little darker, but not much. I stared at it, but not so she'd notice. I mean, our aunt is kind of uptight about showing herself naked, even to a girl. She kept trying to hide herself, and insisting that she was ill and would I pardon her.»

    «She's that smashed?» Eddie was eager.

    «Bombed,» his sister answered. «She passed out when her head hit the pillow. And you ought to see that bedroom – all white and sterile, like a hospital. You know, I have a hunch that she never really swung with her old man – or anybody else. Maybe she's frigid.»

    Eddie stared. «With a body like that?»

    Linda went by him into the family room and found mixed nuts on the bar. «Well, in sex-ed class-«

    «Screw sex-ed!» Eddie said. «Nobody can make me believe that she's frigid. Maybe she's just never been turned on; maybe Uncle Paul was a loser or something, couldn't get a hard-on, came too quick. They tell you that in class, too?»

    His sister chewed nuts and grinned, sitting on a barstool and swinging her legs. «You really mean to try it, don't you? Man, I would, too – even if she is frigid. I kept staring at that beautiful body and found myself wondering what it would be like to love it. You know, maybe she'd dig chicks.»

    Eddie said, «Look, sis – let me have a crack at her first. Then if everything works out, you can join us after. I'd really like that, fucking both of you, going down on both of you. Oh wow – just thinking about that makes me tremble all over. Tell you what; let's go up so I can sneak in on her. I'll leave my clothes in my room and take my robe, just in case. If she wakes up and raises hell, I can pretend I had a bad dream and got the rooms mixed up. You know, be the good little kid, only a little confused.»

    Linda giggled. «Yeah, you're good at that. Okay; and I'll back you up, say that you have these nightmares at home. But Aunt Beth could get pissed off and ship us right back home.»

    He took off his shirt. «So we'll go home, but I sure can't stay around here and go freaky every time she jiggles that groovy ass at me. And what if it comes off the way I want? What a ball we'll have here, swinging with her and each other, right out in the open.»

    His sister got off the stool. «I already said okay, but I'm not going to watch the late-late movie down here, either. It'll be dark, but I can sit on the floor and listen, to see how you make out. That way, I'll be close by in case you need me.»

    «Be cool,» he said, and they climbed the staircase. Eddie shed the rest of his clothes and hung his robe over one arm, his heart hammering and his shaft standing rigid, his balls feeling swollen. His sister petted it, and he walked past her, barefoot and on tiptoes, although the carpet was plush and deep. Like his aunt's cunt, he thought, and eased down the hallway to her room.

    The door was already cracked open, and when Eddie slipped through it, he caught the odors of the bed and the woman herself, a faintly drifting perfume of musk and makeup, a smell warm and stimulating. Breathing deeply, he maneuvered carefully through the unfamiliar darkness, his senses brought to a peak of sharpness, every nerve in his body, each pore of his skin alert. He could even feel the hair on his arms stirring, and knew a strange sensitivity stirring among his pubic hairs.

    Eddie's mouth was dry and there was a pulse hammering in his throat. He was more than a little frightened, but the danger seemed to add zest to the urgency building so powerfully in his loins. Inching his way, he felt his shins touch the edge of the unseen bed, and stopped, listening hard. He heard the soft sounds of his aunt's breathing, and stood hesitant awhile before lowering himself very cautiously to the bed, letting his weight come down gradually upon it.

    Eddie sat there for long, taut moments before daring to work the sheet from beneath his ass; then he lay down, tense as a coiled spring, his prick quivering in high excitement. Beth didn't move, and the slow rhythm of her breathing didn't change. He hoped she was good and smashed, that her body would be as numb as her head, so when he touched her, she wouldn't be shocked when she awoke.

    He could feel the warmth of her body beneath the sheet, the spiced feminine radiation of tender flesh and satin skin, and his distended cock throbbed toward it, as a sunflower turns to the sun.

    Gently then, Eddie moved one hand out and touched her flesh. His aunt didn't recoil, didn't move at all. He reveled in the feel of her skin so soft and warm against his fingertips, and moved them light as butterflies over the curve of her hip. Her back was to him, he found; she was lying on her side, and Eddie traced the outline of her upper thigh, discovering that Beth was sleeping with one knee drawn up and the other leg straight down.

    Exploring the marvelous shapings of her hip and the curve of her back, Eddie slid closer, and shuddered violently when the head of his prick touched the swell of his aunt's ass. Using his hands carefully, he followed the curves of the buttocks, his fingers trembling when he slid them delicately into the lushly haired cleft.

    Man, oh man, he thought; his auntie was really hairy, her furry crack thickly piled with wonderfully soft ringlets. He had to bend down his cockhead to touch it into them, and felt as if he could come right then and there, at the first humid caress of that thrillingly abundant hair upon his knob. It was pale golden color, he thought, wishing he could feast his eyes upon it and remembering his sister's description.

    Linda; where the hell was his sister now? Had she already sneaked into the room after him, or was she waiting until he managed to get something done? If he got it started, he thought. More than anything in the world, he wanted to just cram his leaking cockhead between those opulent cheeks and into that tantalizing nest of hair, prodding strongly until he found the sweetness of the cunt lips and then slamming home his meat.

    But he didn't dare be so rough. In fact, he wondered if he should even try anything else; there was always the good chance that his beautiful aunt would suddenly wake up and scream. But neither could Eddie stop now. Catching his breath, he moved his cockhead between her ripe and silken thighs, reveling in the sensation of hot skin and shaggy hair.

    Bringing up his shaft, he let it reach up along the length of her mossy snatch, holding it there while his balls flexed anxiously. Still, Beth didn't make the slightest move, and he sighed in relief. Reaching his left hand slowly around, he found the marvelous mound of her breast and rested his fingers lightly upon its textured roundness. The nipple was big and soft, and Eddie played gently with it, snuggling his belly against the resilient heapings of his aunt's intriguing ass.

    His chest was against her graceful back, and Eddie inched farther down, letting go her tit with great reluctance so he could use both hands upon her svelte hips, bracing her gently as he nudged up into the bushy forest of her snatch, the blunt and slippery head of his swollen prick feeling blindly for his auntie's cunt lips.

    When his glans reached them, Eddie shook like a leaf whirling in a gale. Her labia was hot and impossibly soft, matted by that deep and bountiful pubic hair, and he hung his cockhead against the outer lips, probing tenderly, easily, for the opening. The tip of his bulb nudged into wetness, and Eddie knew he couldn't retreat now; if the roof fell in on him, he was still going to get the rest of his aching prick into that beguiling nest.

    His entire awareness was concentrated upon that one place, his whole being dedicated to feeling on up into that wondrous hot wetness, and Eddie pushed slowly, inching his cockhead into the humid, rubbery barricade, listening for any change in his aunt's breathing, alert for any stiffened awakening of her flesh. But she lay limply, quietly, even as his knob pressed on up into her labia, forcing the lips to spread daintily.

    His cockhead was inside her pussy, past the outer lips and into the inner ones. Eddie paused there, his body so taut it was painful, but he waited until he was certain Beth was still passed out. He moved again, and realized that her inner lubricants were beginning to flow, that her cunt walls were turning oily in reflex. Sliding another inch into her pussy, he fought to keep his fingers from digging into the flesh of her ass.

    Up his prick went, gently but surely, penetrating deeply into his auntie's rich cunt, and as the juicy sheath closed around his shaft, Eddie's head spun. She was so damned hot inside, the vagina lined with downy velvet turning more slippery as her juices oozed more freely. Another steady push and Eddie's meat reached all the way, the knob burying itself into torrid sponginess, buttery membranes snuggling around the shaft, and his balls coming to rest between the right angles of her thighs.

    Eddie just hung it there for long, shivering moments, his breath hoarse and ragged in his throat, his prick flexing within the tender gripping of Beth's magnificently voluptuous pussy. He'd done it; his meat was sunk to the root inside her adult and forbidden cunt, and the feeling was tremendous.

    Pulling back, he felt his puffy glans slip thrillingly through the clinging membranes again, and drew it almost out, only to slide it greasily back into the ecstatic depths. Her cunt lips seemed to suck upon his shaft, and deep, deep inside, his auntie's cervix vibrated when the tip of his bulb reached for it. Lasciviously, Eddie moved his meat back and forth within those hot jelly walls, rolling his ass just a little to get the fullest enjoyment inside her as his cockhead felt over all the secret places, all the teasing, soapy places.

    Then he suddenly stopped moving because he felt her quiver, felt the clenching of her ass cheeks and a rippling of her rounded belly. Was Beth waking up before he could come in her snatch? Eddie slid his cock smoothly into the searing grasp of her mellow cunt once more, and felt the slow ticktock of her crotch moving, hunching slightly as his stiffened meat stroked against her aroused clitoris.

    But she didn't seem to be awake. Her gyrations around his embedded pole worked hungrily for a few moments, then fell off as Beth's body went limp again. Eddie didn't mind that at all; it was far out and groovy to sneak a fuck this way, to continue feeding his meat into the juicy cunt that didn't even know it was being screwed.

    Her flesh was responding automatically, he thought, even though his auntie's head was out of it. Beth's body was reacting to the stimulation of his boyish cock, though her mind was numbed by liquor, and that was okay by him. Stroking more confidently into the treasure of her vibrant pussy, he fucked solidly, but not savagely. Eddie kept his thrusting gentle, loving the ripeness of Beth's grownup cunt, the enchanted and steamy moistness of it.

    The hot feeling built up, growing from a suddenly warm spot behind his knees, traveling up his inner thighs and making his balls tremble. Burying his aching prick to the hilt inside his auntie's slick vagina, he held the head deep while it spasmed, as his balls contracted and urged their fluids up along the shaft. Eddie's semen came thundering from the leaping head of his cock, spitting a fiery load of come deep into Beth's pussy, shooting his inner juices powerfully up against the cup of her womb, bathing it with boiling liquid all creamy and thick.

    Spurt after greasy spurt jerked from his convulsing cockhead, until when they finally slowed their orgiastic rapture, his aunt's vagina was flooded with their puddling. Eddie kept his prick stuck blissfully into the socket, his eyes closed in ecstasy, his hands moving sensuously over the delightful shaping of her ass, her hips, the full and silken thighs.

    Aunt Beth sighed then, and murmured something unintelligible. Eddie went tense and stopped his sinuous wiggling. When she continued to stir restlessly, he backed his prick out of the jealous, slippery gripping of her lovely snatch, regretfully leaving its exquisite hotness and drawing an unseen, sticky trail of semen across one of her rounded thighs.

    Then he had to slip back quickly as the woman rolled over toward him, turning onto her back and straightening her long legs. Eddie eased to the edge of the bed and put his feet on the floor, then damned near jumped out of his skin when they touched warm flesh. Linda, of course – crouched beside the bed.

    She couldn't have heard much, he thought, pushing her with his knee; he'd been fucking Aunt Beth too slowly and quietly, but there might have been micro-sounds like the sliding of flesh into wet flesh and bare skin rubbing against the sheet. Still, his sister had been right there to protect him, in case he needed it.

    Eddie's cock was hard as ever when he crept out of the room by guess and by feel, making it to the door and into the hallway before he discovered that he had been holding his breath. Letting it out in a gust, he wanted to yell and jump, to shout to the world about the fantastic piece of ass he had just taken from his sleeping auntie. He wanted to strain his throat and let everybody know that he'd fucked the beautiful, cool snow princess – and that she wasn't cool at all, but burning up inside the marvelous velvet sheath of her very special pussy.

    But of course, he only hurried to his own room and flopped across the bed, panting and keyed up as he had never been, even when he first fucked his sister. Putting it to that lovely older woman had been a tremendous experience, and he still couldn't believe the richness, the juicy ripeness of her adorable cunt. Those few wiggles she had made in unconscious reflex had only given him a hint of what that precious cunt could be like when it was fully aroused, and he wondered how wild Aunt Beth would get, if she was really turned on.

    Linda ducked into the room and flicked on the light. «Well, how was it?»

    «Terrific,» he sighed. «Oh man, was it ever. I have to fuck her some more, have to pound my cock hard into that crazy pussy, have to go down on it and feel into her snatch with my tongue. And I will, Linda – if I have to see to it that she stays smashed all the time.»

    His sister came over to the bed and sat down, flinging off her robe to expose the body so much like his own, except hers had tits and a triangle patch of brown hair without a cock sticking out of the fur. She said, «I could feel the whole bed tremble when you were easing your meat into auntie's pussy. You were really wired. Did her cunt feel any different than mine – hotter, something like that?»

    Eddie shook his head. «Not hotter, I guess; just so different. Aunt Beth's pussy isn't as tight as yours, either – but there's something special about it. Maybe it was because I was fucking her and she didn't know it, or maybe the reason is she's older and a grownup, and mom's sister. I guess it's all tied together somehow, but I know for sure that I'm going to screw her again and again.»

    «You know,» Linda said, reaching over and curling her slim fingers around his still rigid prick, «I was turned on before, knowing you were balling her, but now I can't even sit still.»

    He smiled at her, loving her more than ever. «Okay, sis; lie down here on your back, and I'll take the edge off.»

    «Yeah,» she grinned back, spreading her legs beside him and holding onto his cock while he began to kiss her face, her mouth and throat.

    She had to let go when Eddie slipped farther down her sleek and arching body to cup her steamy cunt in one hand, when he sucked upon her dainty nipples and caressed her heaving belly. He rolled over between her legs and Linda lifted the curly mound up at him. He tongued across her belly and into her navel, nipping the smooth skin tenderly and snugging his cheek down into the humid caress of her crotch.

    Eddie adored this pussy, too, and always would. He knew it well, its shapings, how the sheath of it could fondle his stroking cock and the honeyed flavor of it. This had been his first pussy, and it was all the sweeter because it was his sister's and therefore all the more taboo. He reached his flicking tongue into her pubic hair, relishing her immediate passionate reaction.

    Linda swiveled her narrow and boyish hips, and her hands came down to stroke his hair as the fragrance of arousal lifted musky and compelling from her trembling mound. «Oh Eddie,» she groaned, «eat me, darling – eat my pussy.»

    He didn't wait any longer and plunged his mouth against her dewy cunt lips, driving his stretched tongue between them and into the hot flowering of her vagina. His sister squirmed and hunched against his teeth, her little cunt going wild as he caressed its luscious walls with his tongue, as he sucked upon it and pulled flavorful juices from its depths.

    Eddie had her flexing ass in both hands now, eating hungrily into her heaving snatch, pulling and gnawing gently, then delving beneath the clitoral hood to tease the small button there. Linda surged her crotch to him, bucking into his mouth and murmuring endearments above his head, her slim thighs closing around his face. He continued to probe the clit, then sucked it into his mouth, turning the elastic lips of her upper labia inside out. His sister freaked out then, humping and banging, digging her fingernails into his scalp when she came, and he drank deeply of her sugared fluids.

    Chapter 3

    His aunt wore a disturbed look next morning, as if she were puzzling over something, but she was clear-eyed and radiant as ever. Eddie couldn't stop staring at her, seeing that plush body rippling beneath her robe, sensing the hidden movements of rounded thighs as they kissed each other softly, trying to look through the barricade of clothing to find that ripe and juicy mound he had fucked last night.

    Beneath the breakfast table, his sister pinched his thigh and he glared at her, but her grin was infectious; her eyes told him she knew exactly what he was thinking. Eddie ate quickly, anxious to get something else rolling, but with no idea how to start it.

    «What would you kids like to do today?» Beth asked.

    Eddie had an inspiration. «Oh, swimming would be fine – if you'll come with us.»

    «Of course,» his aunt agreed. «I feel fine today, even though I had a crazy dream last night. It was – well, very different from any I ever had before.»

    Linda pinched his thigh again, and he kicked her under the table, then inquired innocently, «Tell us about it.»

    Beth's face reddened slightly, and her pale bronze lashes lowered. «Oh no; it was just – just a silly kind of nightmare, I guess. I'll tell you what: I'll give the cook and maid the weekend off, so we can sort of camp out and have fun.»

    «Sounds interesting,» Eddie said, unable to keep a lilt of anticipation out of his voice, thinking that somehow he would work something out.

    An hour later, they were in the pool waiting for auntie, sliding around in the sun-warmed water and playing grabass beneath the surface. Linda wore a string bikini, a satiny white thing that set off her tanned skin beautifully, and damned near showed all she had. Eddie had to admit that his sister was a fine looking chick, one that any guy would be proud to screw.

    But when Beth came out of the pool house, his eyes were for her only. She wore an almost staid bikini, but one that exposed so much silvery skin that Eddie felt his cock pushing against his trunks under water. His aunt's bikini was velvet blue, and the half bra top tried valiantly to contain the overflow of her fine, high breasts. But they kept trying to spill out, the creamy texture of their upper halves tantalizing, their heavy nipples seemingly fretful at being held back.

    Those super long, sleek legs flashing in the sun, Beth came to the edge of the pool and looked down at them. Eddie peered up at the shape of her full and pouting mound, his skin going taut as he remembered how softly it had clenched around his sliding shaft. Her thighs were beautiful, all polished and silken, tapering smoothly from the modeled curvatures of her knees up into the full luxury that was the gateway to her enchanted pussy.

    She lowered herself into the pool, and Eddie bobbed under the water to stare again, closer up this time, enthralled by the look of her body as its outlines were gently blurred and softened by the refraction of light. He came up gasping to see Beth stroking cleanly the length of the pool. Then his sister grabbed him to rub her crotch teasingly up and down his leg, and he could feel the warmth of it even through the water. She said wetly into his ear, «I'll grow up like that someday – all long and beautiful and sexy; only I'll know it, and won't let it go to waste, not even for a day.»

    He fondled her tits as his aunt climbed out at the other end of the pool. «She thinks she had a horny dream last night, and she hasn't been drinking this morning.»

    «Oh, she'll be back on the bottle soon,» Linda said. «She's really kind of lonely, since Uncle Paul died. You know, he was about twenty years older than her?»

    «Then maybe she never really got turned on,» Eddie said. «Or didn't get enough cock to satisfy her, anyway. Man, I hope I'm still fucking when I get old.»

    They swam awhile, and Eddie managed to get playful with his auntie, kidding around with her, splashing and kid stuff like that. But he also got in a feel of one melon tit – accidentally, of course, and a long, sensuous rub against the slippery length of her leg. Beth looked at him strangely then, a slight frown coming and going between her pale blue eyes, and Eddie thought he'd better not push his luck. But he was more horny than ever, his prick aching under the tightness of his swim trunks and his balls insisting that they get a chance to pump another load of boiling semen into that gorgeous, mature pussy.

    At lunch, he could see that Linda was right, because Beth had two martinis while she fixed sandwiches, a couple more during the snack, and mixed another pitcher immediately afterward. She seemed to be hurrying her drinking, or trying to drown out a vivid memory of last night's so-called dream. Whichever, Aunt Beth was well smashed by two o'clock, wobbling on her long unsteady legs and still not out of her bikini.

    This time, she didn't bother to make excuses and claim she was ill; Beth gave them both a loose-lipped smile and made for her bedroom. After awhile, Linda said, «Maybe she's hoping to have another dream.»

    «I'll give her one,» Eddie promised. «And this time, it won't be pitch black. I'll be able to see every juicy inch of that fabulous body and count the hairs on her pussy.»

    His sister giggled. «No way, man. You'll be fucking her before you get to ten. And you're not leaving me down here, either; I'm coming along to watch.»

    Eddie took a deep breath. «Okay; we might as well both be hung up, if auntie comes awake right in the middle of her screwing. There won't be any alibi this time.»

    Linda said, «But we're going ahead anyhow, right?»

    «You know it» he answered, and got up from the table, stripping out of his trunks and leaving them on the floor. His sister did the same, her sun-bronzed and lithe, young body glistening. She followed him up the stairs while Eddie wondered if they were giving Beth enough time to pass out, to get herself into a deep and almost unfeeling sleep.

    He hesitated at the door to her bedroom and saw that it was slightly ajar again. Pushing it open carefully, he peered into the too-white, too-clean room and saw his aunt, stretched upon the bed. She was stark naked, lying on her back, and Eddie stared at the curly heaping of pubic hair between the sculptured thighs spread laxly wide. Beth's cunt hair was golden blonde, only a shade darker than that on her head, and it was thickly piled throughout her crotch. Her heavy breasts pointed deep-pink nipples at the ceiling, their globes milky white and gracefully rounded. Beth's eyes were closed in a hypnotic rhythm, her faintly curved belly gleaming.

    Linda whispered at his ear: «Think she's crashed?»

    «Looks like it,» he murmured back and slipped quietly into the antiseptic room, his risen prick pointing the way with its red and swollen head. Before he sat down on the bed, Eddie touched her small- boned foot with a tentative finger, but the woman didn't stir, and he let out his breath in relief.

    Beside her then, Eddie touched her breasts, and still Beth didn't respond. Good, he thought, and began to caress the beguiling mounds, rolling the hardening nipples gently between thumbs and forefingers, enjoying the choice feel of them and the quietness of the superb naked body so helpless there. Trailing his fingers down her rib cage, he stroked the quiescent belly, and lowered his mouth cautiously to dab his tongue at one of his auntie's delectable nipples. It lifted sweetly into his lips, throbbing along the wet adoration of his avid tongue.

    His hand was upon her warm mound then, resting lightly there so that the springy pubic hairs were a furry caress against his palm. So deep and thick, he thought, like a pile carpet made of the finest silken threads that gave to his touch. Compressing the woolly thatch, Eddie could feel the shape of the cunt lips hidden beneath it.

    The woman lay supine, relaxed, and he couldn't resist kissing down that appealing body, tasting her satin, flawless skin and breathing in the perfume of her silvery flesh. Before Eddie realized it, he was nuzzling into the outer perimeter of her pubic hair, and wondered if he dared go down on his aunt before fucking her. He knew a real, ravenous hunger for the flavors of that beautiful cunt and wanted very much to delve between the hot pussy lips with his active tongue, to feel her crotch grind tenderly against his mouth as he teased her clitoris into a vibrant ecstasy.

    But maybe the wildness of her orgasm would bring Beth awake, and perhaps rob him of the opportunity to soak his aching prick in her thrillingly oiled vagina. He lifted his head and glanced over one bare shoulder at his sister, at Linda sitting wide-legged in a white chair and fingering up into the fluffy brown hairs of her own pussy as she watched entranced.

    Lifting himself over between auntie's opened legs, Eddie slid up between her bountiful thighs and held his paining cock in one hand, seeing the slippery droplet gathering upon its tip. He told himself that he had to be careful, that if Beth's plush snatch wasn't prepared, it could be dry and not accept his prick easily – and the harshness of his penetration might snap her out of her coma.

    Bending down his cockhead, he nudged it gently into the tickly hairs, feeling for the humid place and finding the glorious softness of his aunt's labia pulsing below. The tip settled into her pussy's sultry entrance, and Eddie shoved carefully, parting the dampening lips and beginning to feel the alluring juiciness beyond.

    He trembled and his asshole clenched tight. He was staring down into Beth's placid face, watching her eyelids for some sign of awareness, but saw nothing. So he worked his cockhead slowly on into his auntie's ripe snatch, inching in beyond the elastic lips, sliding hungrily into the honeyed sleeve of her lush vagina. The silken membranes closed about his shaft, and Eddie sank it all the way, burying his hard meat in her cunt. Beth's labia flattened against his stem, and his distended balls came to rest in the thick-haired cleft of her shapely ass.

    Moving gently, Eddie worked his rigid pole back and forth in the marvelously developed vagina, dropping his upper body to brace his hands stiffly beside Beth's limp and relaxed body, yet afraid to lower his weight upon her. But deep within her pussy, he felt things stirring, a new warmth beginning to grow around his greasy club, and almost imperceptibly, his auntie's ass started to twitch.

    Suddenly his sister was at his shoulder, fingers touching his back, her breath hissing warmly into his ear: «Fuck her solidly, man – asleep or awake, she's digging your prick.»

    Eddie collapsed softly upon the magnificent body twisting so daintily upon his thrusting cock, his chest coming down against the charming pillows of the woman's big, firm tits as he felt the stiff points of her nipples boring into his flesh. Her belly was magically soft and sleek against his, and now he could grind his pelvis more strongly into her crotch, luxuriating in the shaggy depth of his auntie's abundant cunt hair.

    «Oh wow,» Linda breathed behind him, her weight settling upon the bed, too. «I never watched a prick sliding in and out of a pussy before.»

    Eddie concentrated on the fantastic sensations he was getting, the amazing heat and juicy depths of his aunt's mature cunt, the ticktocking of her modeled hips as she fucked him back, but slowly and tenderly, as if her lovely body was coming fully awake, while her mind continued to sleep. Beth's arms lay limply at her sides, and her legs were flat against the sheet, but her ass was moving, moving, causing his cockhead to be massaged by all the satin linings of her buttery sheath.

    He tucked his face into the curve of her pale throat and hiked his ass to draw back his cockhead, pulling it nearly out of the greedy suction of the woman's enchanted cunt, but allowing the pussy lips to cling around the flanged knob before shoving the shaft fully back into her writhing body.

    His aunt's crotch burrowed against his, and the nipples of her breasts slid back and forth across his chest. Eddie shivered when her round arms lifted to wrap themselves around his neck, and again when he felt her knees rising, her back arching as she sought to pull him ever deeper into the richness of the flexing cunt.

    Sliding his hands beneath her lifting buttocks, he cupped an ass cheek in each hand, and his shaft stroked more powerfully into the wetly blazing grip of her snatch. Now he was really pouring the meat to her, driving his swollen prong home with each thrust, corkscrewing his glans around inside, gyrating his pelvis into her lushly haired crotch. Pumping steadily he rolled her gorgeous ass in his hands, and raked his hard stem up against the throbbing of her clitoris.

    His auntie moaned softly, and Eddie lifted his head quickly to look at her eyes. She must still be fucking in her sleep, he thought, for Beth's eyelids were smooth and relaxed, the lashes golden against the white cheek. But her mouth was open, the ripe lips glistening damply, and the tip of her red tongue was flicking in and out. Eddie couldn't resist it and brought his mouth around to fasten his lips upon hers.

    Their tongues met with a wet electric shock, and he tasted the spices of her mouth, wild honey and summer winds; jasmine and lotus. His teeth drew gently across hers, and Eddie probed deeply with his tongue, matching its strokes to the steady rhythm of his prick moving in her cunt below.

    Beth moaned again, and her vagina rippled in searing spasms, grabbing at his cockhead and clamping down along the slippery length of his surging prick. Her legs lifted and the smooth cheeks of her warm ass tightened in his palms. She was coming, he knew, and when she tore her mouth from his to gasp for air, Eddie pounded his hard club savagely into his aunt's oiled sleeve, boring the head up against the spongy pillow of her womb.

    Then he let go his load, his cockhead contracting and expanding as it released a boiling stream of come. The jetting semen rained against his aunt's receptive cervix and spattered throughout her quivering vagina, inundating Beth's little-used snatch with liquids creamy and thick, turning the flexing sheath all buttery, frothing its walls with the hot jellies of his manhood.

    Her knees unhinged and her legs slid down to straighten themselves along the bed; she brought her full thighs together and squeezed his balls between them, milking them for whatever juices were left there. The woman's glorious pussy sucked at his dripping knob, and Eddie panted against her throat, into the fine strands of her perfumed hair as long shudder after shudder moved over his body. It had been one hell of an orgasm for him, and his backbones felt as if it had turned to mush, his balls siphoned dry.

    Dimly, he was aware of his sister's whispers, of her soft hands fluttering over the cheeks of his ass and dipping down into the sticky hairs of his testicles, tickling and stroking there, giving him even more pleasure.

    «You'd better get off her,» Linda was hissing. «Come on, man – I think she's waking up!»

    Regretfully, Eddie withdrew his greasy shaft from the thrilling confines of his aunt's slippery vagina, and a gleaming trail of semen followed the smeared head. Lifting, he backed hurriedly from between her lovely, long legs and climbed off the bed. Linda caught his hand and tugged him away from the bed. Weak in the knees, Eddie followed his sister, glancing back to observe that Beth was indeed coming alert, her eyelids fluttering and her hands searching dazedly over the wealth of her soggy pubic hairs.

    They got out of the room and closed the door softly behind them, Linda pushing him along until they could dart into his room. Then she said, «Wow – that was close!»

    Eddie sat on his bed, thinking that sooner or later, his aunt would have to know he was fucking her, because one screw wasn't enough.

    Chapter 4

    Linda said, «You're having a blast, but it's hanging me up. You're getting yourself plenty of fucking, but I have to masturbate. I tell you, we have to get it all up front with auntie, so I can share in the balling. Besides, I always wondered what it would be like, to swing with another chick – and to change off on a guy.»

    Eddie stretched across his bed. «You're right, sis. I can't keep on sneaking a screw from her; I want Auntie Beth to respond, to really let herself go and fuck me back. But I'll admit that I'm scared.»

    His sister walked across the room, her lithe hips swinging, the small, firm tits bobbing up and down. «I can help, I guess. And all she can do is ship us home. If she calls mom and dad and tells them you tried to lay her, I can say she's drinking too much, and imagining things. But you know – I think our auntie was a little more awake than she acted. She'll be downstairs in time to fix dinner, so let's give it to her straight and see what happens.»

    «All right,» Eddie agreed. «Let's just wear our robes, in case.»

    They were waiting for Beth when she came uncertainly into the kitchen, and Eddie's eyes lighted when he saw she also was wearing only a dressing gown, all that warm and lovely flesh moving gracefully beneath the cloaking material, long, flowing legs and high, rounded breasts. And snugged between those sinuous thighs was the precious treasure of her bountiful pussy, just waiting to be aroused.

    «Hi, kids,» Beth said. «Sorry I overslept. What would you like for dinner?»

    «I can put together some hot dogs and things later,» Linda said. «No big rush, Auntie Beth. Tell us – did you have another wild dream this afternoon?»

    Eddie watched Beth's eyes, and saw them flicker. The woman said, «Why, yes; how did you know?»

    «Because I was there,» Linda said, matter-of-factly. «And so was Eddie.»

    Beth froze, her face going white and her eyes widening. «W-what do you mean?»

    The girl stood up and went to her, taking one of the pale hands. «It wasn't a dream, Auntie Beth. It was real – real and freaky and terrific sex, and all of us got a bang out of it. You two more than me, of course, but I really dug seeing you wiggle on my brother's prick.»

    For a second or two, Eddie thought that his aunt was going to faint. She swayed, then collapsed into a chair, her mouth open in shock, and the front of her dressing gown falling open unnoticed, to expose the rich white overflow of her tits. «I-I don't understand -«

    Kneeling on the floor beside her, Linda held her hand and went on: «Look – it's okay. It's not dirty or sinful or anything like that. No matter what you tell yourself inside your head, your body wants to fuck.»

    Beth winced at the word and reached to pull her robe together. Eddie said then, «You're so beautiful, it would be a waste not to use your body, Auntie Beth. I think you can be the greatest fuck in the world, if you just let yourself be honest and admit that you dig it.»

    Her eyes dropped from his. «I-I think I need a drink.»

    Eddie went into the living room and poured a big one over ice, and when he brought it back, his sister was murmuring earnestly to his aunt and stroking her arm. He stood beside them and handed Beth the drink, seeing the streaky-brown head and the cornsilk blonde one close together.

    «Thanks,» Beth said, without looking up. She drank the liquor quickly, and as Eddie went back to sit down, said in a monotone, «I guess I realized what was happening, at least this afternoon. But I just – just couldn't admit it. You know that Paul was twenty years older than me, and that wasn't all. He was impotent most of the time, and when he did get excited, it was always so quick, as if my husband were glad to have the sex act over and done with. And I never knew quite how I-I felt about it. I grew up being taught that sex was evil, a dirty, animalistic thing that decent women couldn't possibly enjoy. And I suppose I simply accepted that as truth, even though I always seemed frustrated and somehow not quite whole.»

    When the woman hesitated, Linda said, «It's all the fault of that screwed-up programming, all that old bullshit fed into the computer. But now you can kick all that crap and enjoy yourself – like Eddie and I do.»

    Beth's eyebrows lifted. «You mean that you and your brother -«

    «Sure,» Linda said gleefully, «we've been fucking for quite awhile now, learning all about it. Now we're spreading out, or at least Eddie is, and I will, too – soon as I can find some nice, horny guy. But my brother can handle us both until somebody else comes along.»

    Ice rattled emptily in Beth's glass, and she climbed unsteadily to her feet. «I-I'll go get another drink.»

    Linda winked at Eddie and he nodded. They followed the older woman into the living room, where Eddie eased up behind her as she poured bourbon into her glass. Slipping his arms around her, he cupped both her magnificent tits in his hands, and pressed his crotch into the giving, rounded softness of her trim ass.

    Glass halfway to her lips, Beth shuddered against him, and Eddie manipulated her breasts, cuddling the mounds, hefting them and letting his fingers play over the swiftly rising nipples. His face was in her hair, that finely spun hair so golden pale and smelling of her musky perfume. Eddie hunched gently to her ass, rubbing his swelling shaft up and down the tantalizing crack of her lovely ass.

    «Oh,» Beth groaned and tossed off her drink, gulping for the strength of it, and when she lowered the glass, Linda took it away from her.

    «You won't need any more of this,» Linda whispered. «From now on, you can get high on sex.»

    Eddie let go of his aunt's trembling tits just long enough to shed his robe, letting it fall in a puddle at his feet so he could press his now rigid prick against the woman. Reaching for her dressing gown, he slid it back over her shoulders and down Beth's limp arms as the woman stood like a window mannequin. Then she was naked before him, glowing and all silken, the graceful curve of her long back ending in the delectable sweep of her buttocks where long, rich hair peeped intriguingly from the tender cleft.

    Linda moved around in front of her, her own body nude, lifting on tiptoe so she could brush the older woman's breasts with her own, pushing her flat belly against the gently rounded one, her slim thighs to the fuller ones. Peering around Beth, Eddie could see their pubic hair kissing, the gleaming brown curls caressing the thickly piled, golden mound. His sister was going right at it, he thought, getting in her licks first, so she wouldn't be cut off this time.

    It was okay with him, because now he knew he was going to get all the far-out fucking he wanted from his aunt, that her ripe, beautiful body would be his, to do with as he pleased, and this time, Beth would be wide awake and eager for the thrusting of his prick, or the lapping of his tongue. He could play upon that gorgeous flesh, titty-fuck those fabulous breasts, and teach Auntie Beth how to go down on him, too.

    But now it was Linda's turn, and Eddie knew a fresh edge of excitement; this would be the first time for his sister to make it with another woman, and Auntie Beth was cherry in that department, too. They'd have to let their instincts guide them, although Linda already knew something about it, through his eating her young cunt.

    He backed away and sat down on the couch, holding his hard cock in one hand and cradling the weight of his balls with the other. Eddie watched his sister stroking the woman's trembling body, seeing the small, tanned hands drifting over milk-white flesh, cupping the big, heavy tits and fondling the glossy hips, the lightly curved belly. His aunt was standing very still, except for the reflexive rippling of her skin, and his sister fondled the woman's shaggy crotch.

    Then they seemed to flow together toward the carpet in a sweet blending of tanned skin and pale skin, round arms curling and sleek legs sliding. Linda was on top, kissing her aunt's mouth, playing with Beth's breasts, one knee fitted between Beth's thighs and snugged up into the furry mound, moving slowly and sensuously there.

    Eddie played slowly with his cock, staring entranced at the pair of beautiful females naked in each other's arms. His sister was kissing down Beth's throat, and now running her tongue into the spiced valley of the woman's breasts. He watched the red, wet tongue play over his aunt's white globes and reach hungrily for a distended nipple. She sucked it daintily then, her hands moving teasingly over belly and thigh, then into the woolly crotch, and Beth's lower body began to grind back and forth, her aroused cunt riding upon a finger buried lovingly between its hairy lips.

    «Oh, Linda,» the woman breathed throatily. «Oh – this is so crazy – oohh! Crazy, but please don't stop.»

    The girl's face slid down Beth's rib cage, and her polished ass hiked itself, their thighs pressed together and Linda's hands moved over hips and thighs. She kissed the trembling belly then, and Eddie could see his auntie flinch as his sister nipped the tender skin lightly between her teeth. Linda's tongue was screwing down into the navel, and Beth's crotch lifted in answer, displaying all that beguiling golden fleece and exposing the pink slickness of her outer labia.

    When his sister buried her face into that arching mound, Eddie could no longer see clearly, so he got up from the couch and went over to them, his prick throbbing and his blood racing. He kneeled beside them, peering around so he could watch every thrilling detail of what Linda was doing, and he caught a glimpse of her red tongue darting deeply into the eager cunt lips.

    Now his sister was working her hands beneath the cheeks of Auntie Beth's marvelously rounded ass, so she could eat more freely of the steaming pussy. Beth's eyes were squeezed shut, and her head was rolling back and forth like a metronome as wordless little murmurs of delight came from her damp mouth. Her deeply pink nipples were sticking straight up, jerking as waves of rapture broke within her pussy.

    «Mmmm,» Linda moaned, pushing her mouth avidly into the wet folds of her aunt's vagina, and Eddie knew that by now his sister's active tongue was probing excitedly against Beth's clit, making the ultra- sensitive nubbin go wild.

    «I can't stand it!» Beth cried suddenly. «Oh – oh – I'm going insane! So thrilling, so – oh, oh!» Her hands flashed down and caught at Linda's head while her legs lifted to coil around the girl's face, the smooth heels sliding up and down the tanned back.

    She was coming, and Eddie was enthralled by the scene, staring hotly as his sister ate steadily into Beth's flexing, heaving pussy, her tongue and teeth working, her cheeks dipping in as she sucked and released. He could see that her face was wet with Beth's cunt oils and envied Linda the exotic flavors she was savoring.

    And Linda didn't intend to stop now, simply because Beth had come once; she continued to lap voraciously into the steaming cunt, her fingers gripping the older woman's ass tenaciously. His sister was really digging her first taste of cunt, Eddie thought.

    But his cock was aching now, pulsing with its urgent need to feel some of that ecstasy, to dip its stimulated glans into any rich and creamy wetness. Eddie got down on his knees behind his sister and ran his hands over her trimly modeled ass. She spread her thighs immediately, sensing his need and making it her own as she kept eating into their aunt's boiling snatch, making the other woman squirm helplessly.

    Eddie rubbed his swollen glans up and down in the warm and feathery crack of Linda's uplifted ass, then bent his shaft down to let it spring up again and lie along the tender length of his sister's pussy. Linda rolled her ass and made humping motions, but from that angle, couldn't force his cockhead up into her juicy labia.

    So he reached down and guided the spongy knob to the dewy softness of her cunt lips, pushing his knees farther between her opened legs and lifting his crotch to shove his prick up into the damp hairs and tremulous opening. Linda was hot inside, turned all slidy by what she was doing to their aunt, and Eddie's prick slipped in easily, reaching up and up until its length was buried into the joyous velvet clenching of his sister's young pussy.

    Linda groaned into Beth's cunt as she felt the hard meat slip home to the balls, and Eddie said, «Oh wow, baby! It's like sticking my shaft into a wet furnace.»

    Beth opened her pale blue eyes and stared, seeing for the first time what he was doing. His aunt's hands dug into the carpet then, as if the sight of him fucking his sister from behind turned her on even more, and added voluptuousness to her cunt eating scene with Linda.

    «Watch it, auntie,» he said. «See how I'm feeding my hard meat in and out of Linda's sweet little pussy, and how she's grinding her ass as she takes it deep.»

    Beth's eyes were wide and fuzzy with passion; she couldn't seem to look away from what was happening, even though her body was twitching and her belly surging as the sensations within her own aroused vagina were building swiftly to another orgasm.

    Eddie pumped his prick strongly into Linda's snatch, feeling the gripping of her cunt walls and the caress of her ass cheeks. He held his hands upon her trim waist for balance, and made little sweeping circles with his submerged cockhead, giving his sister as much pleasure as he was getting.

    Then he saw Beth hunching wildly, her crotch grinding savagely into Linda's searching mouth. The woman gasped and cried out, «Oh – I'm coming, coming!»

    His sister was close, too; he could tell by the contractions of her pussy, the way Linda's velvet cunt suctioned upon his pistoning cock as he seesawed the hard meat powerfully into her clinging depths. When she shivered and backed her ass hungrily into his crotch and lifted her greasy face from the brush of Beth's mound, Eddie slammed his shaft to the balls once more, and let go his stream of hissing semen, firing the boiling stuff against the cup of his sister's cervix. Syrupy and rich, the hot juices bathed the walls of her flexing vagina and came purling down along the length of his pole to gather around the stem in a thickly gratifying puddle.

    Sagging forward upon her slim body, Eddie worked his rigid meat gently into her snatch, reveling in the slippery feeling there, in the clasping, buttery heat and the incomparable caress of hidden silks and satins smeared with her love oils and his own come.

    They pulled apart slowly, his prick making a sloshing noise as it slid wetly from Linda's pussy. Eddie backed away and sat down, his cock still oozing a thin trickle of semen as he watched his sister kiss her way back up Beth's supine body, pausing at belly and tits, then fastening her avid mouth upon her auntie's lips, giving the older woman a taste of her own cunt.

    When Linda rolled off, Beth was panting, but she no longer hid behind the shutters of her eyelids; she was looking at them both, staring first at Eddie's greased shaft, then back at the naked and sweating body of his sister.

    Slowly, Beth said, «I-I can't believe this has happened to me, that I allowed my own niece to give me oral love, that my nephew did it to her from behind. It seems like another wild dream, the three of us just being naked together here in my living room. Eddie – do you realize that yours is only the second p-prick I've ever seen?»

    Linda smiled. «There – it wasn't so hard to say, was it? He has a beautiful prick, auntie, and he's going to fuck you with it. Go ahead, loosen up and say that, too.»

    The woman swallowed. «He-he's going to fuck me with it.»

    «That's right,» Eddie agreed. «I'm going to shove my cock up your lovely pussy and pump another load of come into you. And that's not all, auntie. You're also going to eat it, and eat into Linda's cunt, too. And after that, we'll think of something, else.»

    Chapter 5

    Aunt Beth lay on her back, her knees drawn up and slightly spread, her magnificently lush body displayed like a holiday feast, Eddie's for the taking. But now that he was free to do with the woman as he willed, Eddie didn't want to fuck her; not yet. He would save that mellow and opulent pussy until later, then rut upon it to his heart's content.

    At the moment, he wanted other parts of his auntie, and squatted upon her body to accomplish his aim, Beth's warm flesh between his knees and against his balls. Feeling over her ribs, moving his fingers under her arms to those shaven and dimpled indentations that felt so damned womanly, he fondled her sleek skin, marveling at its flawless perfection, its milky whiteness.

    Caressing her firm, mounded breasts, he saw the faint traceries of pale blue veins below the translucent surface, and stared at the rings of her nipples, at the points themselves, risen so beautifully and filled with passion. Cupping them, Eddie pushed the globes together, and bent his body so that he could insert the swollen head of his ready cock into the cleft created there.

    He moved slowly and sensuously, sliding his prick between his auntie's gorgeous tits, dragging his balls back and forth upon her rib cage while he looked down into her face. The woman's eyes fluttered and fell as pink stained her cheeks, but Beth bit her lips and forced herself to look at him, to lock eyes with him as Eddie titty-fucked her. Her hands came hesitantly up to rest lightly upon his hips, becoming a part of his gently grinding rhythm.

    Linda came around, sitting down and veeing her legs to lift Beth's head upon her lap and stroke the silken hair. «Just so we're all together,» she murmured.

    Eddie thrust back and forth, feeling the warm texture of skin, the resilient heapings of the breasts acting as a big, pale glove around his prick. Changing position a little, he reached farther with each slow lunge, so that his shining cockhead was now popping out of the pushed-together globes.

    «It's reaching almost to your chin,» he whispered down to his aunt. «A few more strokes and my prick will touch your throat, then your chin and cheek.»

    Beth said very softly, «It's so beautiful, to be wanted like this, to be loved this way.»

    His glans tapped her beneath the chin, and Eddie released Beth's tits, letting them spring back into position. Moving up a little higher still, he felt a nipple against one cheek of his ass, and put his fingertips along her cheeks. His auntie's mouth was slightly open, her excited breath sighing through the soft pink lips turned damp by nervous flickings of her tongue.

    She stared up at his prick, at the distended knob beginning to seep a tiny droplet of pre-seminal fluid. «I never did this before,» she whispered. «You'll have to tell me what to do, to make you happy.»

    Linda said, «Just kind of fold your lips back over your teeth, so they won't hurt his cock. You can nibble a little bit when you want to, but very gently. A boy's prick is sensitive and delicate. Use your tongue a lot, lick it and curl it over the head, and stick the tip down into his slot. Suck and push out, pull in and shove back, using your tongue all the time. It's not the sucking that makes him come, as much as it's the use of your tongue.»

    Eddie said, «I'm sure you'll do just fine, auntie.» And he moved the head of his prick so that he could rub it along her trembling lips, feeling the warmth there, and the fan of her breath.

    He set the slippery knob more firmly against her lips, and knew Beth's hesitation as she felt the ooze of his juices. Holding her head still, he pushed, and felt his spongy cockhead poke itself into the woman's mouth. His glans slid along her quiet tongue, and over the arched roof of her mouth, exploring the wet velvet of her inner cheeks and reaching very carefully back until the tip touched the magic, torrid cupping of her throat.

    Sighing around his cockhead, Beth began to explore it with her hot, slidy tongue, running it around the scar of his circumcision, then over the sensitive blunt point. Eddie backed his prick a few inches, relishing the special feel of her lips and the swinging of his hairy balls against her neck. When she started to suck his cock, he stroked her cheeks with caressing fingertips and moved his crotch gently back and forth, feeding her the meat she was beginning to love so much.

    «Eat my prick, auntie,» he said. «Lick it and suck it while I fuck your mouth like this – and like this.» He stroked his pole into her face, using her mouth like a pussy, sliding his stiff rod in and out, grinding a little as her tongue worked faster and faster over his glans as her cheeks dipped in. Eddie felt that now she was no longer afraid to know the pressure of his cockhead against her throat.

    «Take it easy,» his sister said. «Don't try to choke her on it; remember, this is her first time to go down on a guy.»

    Eddie released Beth's head and lifted his hands to cup instead against his sister's tits, thumbing the erectile nipples and feeling the elastic firmness of them. Leaning forward a bit, he found his face close to hers, and looked into the hazel eyes swirling hotly. He continued to stroke into the marvelous suction of his aunt's clinging mouth, sharp tingles of rapture running up and down his slowly surging rod, the wet sparks beginning to concentrate upon the glans Beth was adoring with her tongue and lips.

    «She's doing great,» he panted, «just great! Auntie was scared at first, but now she's damned near pulling my cock off. Oh wow – I'm close to coming!»

    His sister leaned toward him, her face blotting out his view of the mouth wrapped so hungrily around his plowing shaft, her breath spicy and her lips beckoning softly. «Kiss me,» she purred. «Just as you start to come, kiss me and run your tongue down my throat, like you're running your prick down auntie's throat.»

    His balls gave an upward leap, and the head of his cock throbbed. Eddie mashed his mouth against his sister's and tongued her deeply, at the same time burying his prick into Beth's tugging mouth with a final convulsive shudder.

    He came at that moment, grinding his teeth into Linda's, pumping his spurting semen into his aunt's mouth, a hissing geyser of the bubbling, slippery fluid that sprayed down her throat, that filled her siphoning mouth with a greasy, hot thickness.

    He could feel her throat spasming, feel the continuous thirsty suctioning as Beth kept pulling at his pulsing cockhead, swallowing his juice as she battled to drain more and more of it up from his balls. He could feel the hot hunger of his sister's tongue, also, as Linda drew upon his tongue, sucked it as if she were the one eating his prick. He was blended into the two women, a part of him buried in them both.

    The fury softened in them, and slowly, Beth took her mouth from his prick, but no leakage dripped from the head; she had drained his shaft dry. Eddie backed away from his sister, giving her tits a last caress and lifting to his knees, then coming to his feet and stepping away from them both. Walking to the bar he uncapped a soft drink and pulled thirstily at it.

    Damn, he thought; it was terrific, making it that way with Beth, and still being tied in to his sister at the same time. It would be even better to fuck them both, changing back and forth in their juicy cunts. There was a lot of things three people could do together, and with any luck, they would try them all.

    Auntie's defenses had all crumbled, falling apart once she admitted her sexuality and became willing to experiment with incest, if a tag had to be put upon it. Eddie looked at what they were doing as fun, right up front and without playing stupid games. They all liked to fuck, so why shouldn't they? Every person's body was his own, and nobody should be able to say what someone could or couldn't do with it, so long as he wasn't hurting anyone else.

    They came to him at the bar, and Eddie shared his Coke with his sister, while Beth poured herself another whiskey, but a light one this time.

    «Well,» she said, «here's to us – to you two beautiful, wonderful kids, and the things you're teaching me. I feel as if I've just been reborn, that a whole new world is opening up for me. But I'm also a little sad that I never saw it before, that I've wasted all those lonely years.»

    Linda came around and sat on a barstool, her lithe legs swinging. «You mean your husband never went down on you, or you never ate him?»

    Beth shook her head, swirling the long golden hair about her nude shoulders. «Never; Paul was far too straight-laced for anything so radical as that. And me – well, I was taught such things were perverse. Now I know better. I want to do it all, kids. I want to have it all done to me, anything and everything. You know, I don't even feel guilty about it; not much, anyway. Only when I remind myself that both of you are Susan's children.»

    Eddie said, «There's the old no-no stuff again. What difference would it make, if we were total strangers?»

    Beth finished her drink and set the glass on the bar. «It probably would have never happened, if you were some neighbor boy. I feel closer to you, Eddie – and to you, Linda. If I'd awakened to find some other boy's thing – his prick – working inside me, I would have screamed for the police.» She shook her head again. «And then I'd never have learned how beautiful, how fantastic screwing could be. So here I am, naked and shameless before you, and wondering what else you have in store for me.»

    «Well,» Linda said, grinning impishly, «you might see what my pussy is like inside. And since I know that my horny brother won't just sit by and watch us make it, I guess he can fuck you. Your cunt is all he's been talking about, ever since we got here.»

    «Yeah,» Eddie said. «That pussy of yours is the greatest, Aunt Beth. I mean, it's so deep and rich. A guy could lose himself in it forever. And all that lush cunt hair – Wow! I never knew a cunt could be so hairy and soft, inside and out. Not that Linda's little pussy isn't terrific, too; I just seem to get more kicks out of sinking my cock into yours.»

    His auntie straightened, coming erect and throwing her heavy breasts out. «It's right here for you, Eddie, Your prick is the only one that's really thrilled me. So if you're ready again – what are we waitin' for?»

    «Come on, then,» Linda laughed, and led the older woman to the middle of the room where they lay down together. Then Linda said, «I'll ride your face, auntie, sit down on your mouth, and Eddie can get a clear shot at your pussy from on top.»

    «That sounds delicious,» Beth murmured, staring up as the girl stood to place each foot beside her head. Eddie went to them, his prick lifting in eager anticipation, the head throbbing to feel the giving wetness of Beth's superb pussy, but this time she would be openly and happily fucking him back.

    He kneeled between her outstretched legs as his sister began to lower herself carefully, bending her knees and bringing her brown-haired crotch ever closer to Beth's upturned face.

    Stroking his auntie's legs, running his hands over smooth calves and dimpled knees and the superb round sleekness of her thighs, Eddie watched his sister position her furry pelvis upon Beth's mouth, settling gracefully there, wiggling the humid mound of her young pussy in eagerness.

    «Just do it to me the same way I ate you,» Linda breathed. «Move your tongue around inside my cunt, kind of using it like a prick, but different, more tickling. And you know where my clit is; when you get to it, you can drive me freaky there.»

    Beth reached up and held Linda's waist, then her hands slipped down along the willowy thighs, fingertips caressing the silken skin as the woman burrowed her mouth and tongue into the girl's fiery pussy, probing and delving there. Eddie could hear his aunt moaning softly into the sweetly enfolding membranes as she sampled her first taste of another woman's cunt.

    And there was the satin glory of his auntie's pussy, gleaming up at him, surrounded by so much luxuriant pubic hair, the labia coyly peeping from the cloaking fleece, a radiant and beguiling pink that would soon turn deeper red. Eddie felt over the pulsing mound, teasing his fingers through the profusely matted hair and exploring the ultimate softness of Beth's pussy lips.

    Her hips were twitching, and he could see the skin of her belly tighten as he continued to fondle her tremulous pussy. But he didn't slip a finger or two into the intriguing slot so dewy and warm; instead, he rubbed the swollen head of his prick up and down over the slickening lips, holding his hard shaft in one hand and massaging the woman's clitoral hood with the blunt point of his glans. The sensations he was bringing her made her back arch and her thighs open wider as Beth's shaggy crotch lifted in mute and squirming appeal.

    Eddie placed his straining cockhead into the juicy socket of her labia, staring down and watching his expanded meat slide strongly into that gorgeous nest, feeling the wet heat enwrap him, knowing the voluptuous clinging of her inner walls as he pushed his rigid shaft deeper. Her labia closed around his cock, gripping the pole with liquidy and suctioning lips as the knob reached far into the enchanted depths of her precious vagina.

    When he looked up again, his eyes met those of his sister. Linda was grinding sensuously upon their aunt's face, working the honeyed elasticity of her mobile pussy into Beth's mouth and against her teeth, riding the woman's tongue that was so obviously stroking hungrily within her lascivious snatch.

    «Put it to her hard and deep,» Linda said. «Fuck her just the way you want to, man.»

    Eddie rammed his meat home to the root, locking the puffed knot against his auntie's rubbery cervix, feeling his balls snuggle into the woolly cleft of her marvelously shaped ass. He took hold of Beth's upper thighs, bracing himself as he surged his stiff pole back and forth into the juicy clenching of the woman's magic cunt. Grinding his pelvis against hers, he backed out and plunged in, hiking his ass to get more power into his corkscrewing thrusts and reaching bottom with each brutal stab, shaking her white ass and making her belly quiver.

    Pulling out almost to his ecstatic cockhead, Eddie crammed it full length again and again, hearing the rhythmic slapping of his sack as his meat plowed deeply, picking up the sound of her siphoning vagina as it struggled to draw his rod farther inside. He sledged his prong to her, watching her mound swell and hump with every lingering, penetrating stroke and seeing the greasy shine of his reddened shaft as her pussy oils smeared it.

    Linda said then, «Oh wow – man, man! She's eating up my little cunt, digging around inside it with a crazy tongue. Now she's at my clit – and oh, oh! Auntie is pulling my clit, sucking on it and, nibbling – ooohh! I can't stand it, man – I'm about to come – come!»

    Beth's body shuddered, and her long, slim fingers dug into the girl's moving thighs. Eddie heard her moan into the blazing action of his sister's heaving pussy, and stepped up his own motion, shaking his ass to make his driving cockhead touch all the velvet bases inside his auntie's tremulous vagina.

    The walls of her slippery cunt squeezed down on him, and hidden muscles bit at his pumping cockhead, insistent and thrilling. Eddie swiveled his hips and raked his prick all over the gobbling pussy, quivering as the surge of power came thundering up from his contracting balls. His prick leaped and the glans pulsed strongly as the stream of compressed juices came skyrocketing out, erupting like boiling lava inside his aunt's wondrously loving snatch. Lavish spurtings of the oysterlike fluid deluged her vagina, drowning her womb and soaking into the cunt walls. He clung to her thighs and tried to force his balls up into her as Beth's ass rolled avidly.

    He leaned forward and put his face between his sister's lightly sweated tits, letting his throbbing prick soak in the hot suds of his own semen, blended with the oily lotions of Beth's vagina. Turning his head from side to side, he flicked his tongue over Linda's erectile nipples, tasting her girlsweat and the exotic spices of her skin.

    It was good to simply relax between Beth's thighs, with his cock embedded in the woman's ticktocking pussy, his balls drained and hanging gratified in their shrunken sack. Eddie tried to figure out the difference between his sister's cunt and his auntie's; both of them gave him rapture, but he seemed to prefer the mature snatch, the special clinging and exceptional hairiness of it. But maybe that was because he had only just started to fuck grownups, he thought. Linda's cunt was tighter and more narrow, but he relished the extra juiciness of Beth's opulent hole, really digging the way it turned all jelly around his driving cock. Then he wondered if all mature women had cunts as delicious and shaggy, if any other older woman enjoyed a young prick as much as his aunt did.

    His sister drew gently away from him and removed her dripping snatch from Beth's mouth. Their auntie lay quietly, with a sultry smile upon her rich lips which were now salved with Linda's cuntal lubricants. He waited awhile, knowing the softening of his shaft, then backed it out of the tugging caress of the hot cunt he had just screwed so solidly. The little shiny trail of semen followed its knob, marking Beth's ripely shaped thigh, and Eddie grinned, thinking this was one hell of a start for a vacation.

    Chapter 6

    To keep up their strength they had to eat, and Beth seemed imbued with plenty of energy as she bustled about the kitchen, putting together a savory meal. Eddie noticed that she hadn't had a drink since their last screwing, but she was plenty up without the use of alcohol, high on the new, free sensations she had experienced.

    They wore only light robes; Linda had on a shortie that barely hid the curly brown triangle of her vulva and hung open to below her firm young tits; Aunt Beth's classic body undulated beneath a see-through sheathing of pink, the diaphanous material clinging to the full globes of her breasts and outlining the heavy nipples. Eddie lolled about in a terry cloth robe that came to mid-thigh and dropped open when he moved, to show the dangling of his balls and the limp rope of his prick.

    With his belly full, he smiled drowsily at the woman and girl. They were both so damned lovely, he thought; each overwhelmingly attractive in her own way, and he knew a little twinge of guilt because he had been concentrating upon his auntie and not giving his sister enough sexual attention. Even though Linda had been getting her kicks from balling the other woman, she still needed the loving meat of his cock, and he'd soon give it to her.

    Eddie remembered how it had been, the first time they got together, both of them cherry and half-scared out of their heads, but determined to go through with gratifying the powerful urge that had been eating at them for several frustrated months. Their parents had gone out of town, leaving them in the house alone, and they drank a beer apiece to get up their nerve.

    They had been kissing and feeling each other up for weeks, but it was always with clothes on because they were afraid to get too tangled. Now it had gone too far for just playing around, and Eddie knew it when they drifted into the living room as they finished their beers. There was a special hot light in Linda's eyes, and when she sat down, she unbuttoned her blouse all the way. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he got his first good look at her dark stiffened nipples.

    Then she said softly, «I've been ripping off mom's pills and taking them. So I can't get pregnant now.»

    Eddie felt his heart hammering in his throat, and the quick lifting of his prick against the tightness of his jeans. This was the moment they had been waiting for, the time when they were actually going to go through with it and really fuck each other. He was jumpy, because he didn't know exactly how to go about it, but his sister didn't know, either; they would experiment together, learning as they went along.

    «Get undressed,» she whispered as she slid the blouse off her shoulders. I want to feel your cock without anything between it and my hands.»

    He was trembling as he shucked out of his tee shirt and jeans, as he climbed out of his shorts. His prick was harder than it had ever been, pulsing so violently that it felt as if it might split down the middle. Worse than that, he thought – it might go off like a pistol, and hurl semen all over the floor, before he could even get it into his sister's forbidden pussy.

    Linda's clothes just fell away, and there she was, completely naked from head to foot, her willowy body glowing with anticipation. Eddie stared entranced at her exposed flesh, seeing even then how much like his own it was, but so pleasingly different. His sister's young breasts weren't fully formed, but they were beautiful just the same, artfully shaped and centered with the magnetism of her nipples.

    Eddie ogled her mound, seeing the delectable feathering of those brown pubic hairs the same color as those in his own crotch. He had explored the pouting outlines of it with his fingers, sensing the split that divided it so appealingly, but now he could look his fill, and it excited him tremendously.

    «Come over here,» Linda murmured. «And look, man – I know you're worrying about coming too soon, but that's okay. If you do, we'll just keep right on fucking until you come again. Oh wow, but your prick is beautiful; I never saw it up close like this before. Do you think it'll fit into my pussy all right? I mean, I read all this stuff about how it hurts to get screwed the first time, bleeding and all that. But I don't care about that, either, so don't let it bother you, okay?»

    «O-okay,» he muttered, sitting down on the couch beside her. Her skin was very smooth against his, all warm and silken, and her inquisitive fingers sent an electric tingle up and down his rigid cock when she touched it.

    His sister's tits felt crazy under his palms, pulsing with a life of their own, resilient yet firm, and he toyed with the charming nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

    «It feels so good in my hand,» Linda breathed. «The skin is so slick, and I can bend it.»

    «Not too much,» Eddie gasped, «or it'll be popping off in your hand.»

    «Then we'd better get it on,» his sister said logically. «Here, I'll put this sofa pillow under my ass so my pelvis will be lifted up. That's how the book said do it, so I'll be open as much as I can be, and you'll have an easier time getting your prick in. I've been masturbating a lot lately, so maybe that loosened me up some.»

    Eddie couldn't say anything just then. He was enthralled by the sight of her cunt lips waiting for him. As she positioned herself upon the pillow and spread her sleek thighs, he reached to cup the trembling mound in his hand, caressing and fondling the soft sculpture of it. Slowly then, he worked one fingertip between the dewy lips and found the delectable hotness below them.

    He fingered up into the tight slot, feeling the slidy juices there, his balls swelling in eagerness and his cock-head threatening to explode. His sister wriggled upon his finger, rolling her pelvis to grind her clit, hunching with a deeply lascivious movement that Eddie found irresistible. His mouth was dry and his breath rasped in his strained throat as he climbed between her spread legs and aimed his aching cockhead into the tickle of her damp pubic hair.

    Linda humped upward and helped settle his knob into the opening of her vulva, and Eddie began to push, working gently to get the blunt point into the hotly welcoming cunt lips. The tip penetrated, and a violent thrill made the cheeks of his ass tighten. He shoved some more.

    His head was in, surrounded by the wondrous damp warmth of her labia as the eager cunt lips coiled like slippery rubber bands around the flanged bulb. Waves of little hot jerks flashed over Eddie's body, flaring out from the anxious pressure of his balls. On its own, his cock worked deeper, boring into the juicy, tender gash that was so tight and flaming inside, trying to reach the ultimate heat and probing for the core of her writhing body.

    «Push harder,» his sister panted. «It doesn't hurt at all. Force your cock on into my pussy, Eddie – make it go deeper.»

    Hunching, powering the drive of his shaft with his crotch movements and the weight of his ass, Eddie struggled to get the meat farther into Linda's fluttering cunt, battling also against the sweet ecstasy that threatened to release the long pent-up pressure inside his testicles. Another inch of his slim, hard prick forced its way into her unused vagina, and yet another. He was halfway buried into his sister's marvelous little box when his iron-hard but spongy cockhead met the obstruction.

    Her cherry, he thought; Linda's maidenhead; he knew from his reading that it was a thin yet strong membrane that blocked passage into the deepest reaches of her sheath. Backing a bit, he shoved against it, the head of his shaft bending, flattening itself against that guardian of virginity. He backed again, struck again, and at each lunge, Linda raised her trim ass to help him break through, groaning through set teeth and bracing her feet against the couch for leverage.

    «S-something's happening» she grated. «It's going to break, Eddie – I can feel it giving!»

    Withdrawing so that his knot was barely contained by her clinging pussy lips, Eddie gave a final, driving surge, jamming his hard meat into his sister's narrow slot. He felt the barrier give, then felt it dissolve before his pressing cockhead, and the length of his happy prick slid completely inside Linda's honeyed box, his balls coming to rest in the yearningly hunching crack of her slim ass. He had done it! His aching pole was buried in his sister's adoring cunt, and at long last, they were fucking.

    They were fucking, his pelvis grinding into the receptive basket of her crotch, his meat slipping and sliding within the gripping of her ravenous vagina, and they were moving together joyously, lasciviously, each trying to draw more thrills from the other. It was a fantastic sensation, the long, spiraling thrusts making bright chills scamper up and down Eddie's back, making every pore of his skin quiver.

    «Oh Eddie, Eddie!» his younger sister gasped. «It feels so good, so crazy – your prick is moving around inside me, deeper than my finger could ever reach, all hard and greasy and good, good!»

    He kissed her, clamping his mouth down upon her open one, crushing her lips and raking his teeth against her little sharp ones, reaching his tongue deeply into her panting mouth and fucking, fucking. Linda's neat ass bucked and twisted, and her sleek belly rubbed across his as her crotch pumped in short, hungry arcs. Fully aroused, her new cunt chewed upon his seesawing cock gripping and pulling at it, the surgings of her body trying always to drag the shaft deeper and deeper.

    «Fuck me, fuck me!» she cried out, biting his lips and digging her nails into the sensitive flesh of his buttocks. «Oh my darling, my sweet and horny stiff-dicked brother – put it to me, because I'm about to come – oh – oh – UHHH!»

    She reached orgasm in a furious series of blind humpings, her pelvis practically blurring against his own, slamming crotch to crotch in convulsive movements as her slim legs climbed up and locked themselves at the ankles across his heaving back.

    Eddie let it go then because he couldn't hold back a second longer, because the pressure was too strong for him to control, or even try to. And his balls climbed upward and squeezed down upon themselves, his shaft vibrated insanely and the head of his cock puffed out like a balloon.

    «Baby, baby – oh, sis – I'm coming, too – I'm coming – shooting it up into your beautiful pussy – ooohh!»

    His semen was a hissing stream of thickened milk, a fountain of frothing liquids that sprayed rich and creamy into her flexing vagina, sizzling along the tightly clasping walls and drowning the small, uptilted entrance of his sister's womb, sloshing there around the undulating head of his rapturous cock, bathing it with his own juices and the thick soup of his sister's vaginal lubricants.

    They clung together, shaking and panting, murmuring endearments, and their hands were always busy – reaching and cupping, petting and embracing, discovering anew the magic of ass and belly, of balls and breasts. Their tongues worked hotly and wetly over each other as their stunned breaths mixed, as their runaway hearts continued a wild drumbeat.

    Eddie got up from the table and stretched, relishing the memory of that first time with his sister, their initial fuck, the sensational coupling that had opened a whole new world of fleshly delights for them both. Now they had spread their newly acquired talents to include their Aunt Beth Marshall, that classic beauty who had known so little about screwing, despite her long and somewhat lonely marriage, and despite the richness of her lovely, sensuous body.

    He said, «After you guys stack the dishes in the washer, I'll be waiting for you in the living room.»

    «Hey,» Linda said, «my tummy is too full for screwing right now, so we'll have to wait awhile – a little while, anyway.»

    Grinning back at her, he left them together and wandered away, his shaft at half mast because he had been reliving that glorious moment when he first came into his sister's snug cunt. There had been plenty of screwing after that, of course; they had gotten together at every possible time, pushing their luck a little and taking chances because they just couldn't stay away from each other, grappling in the halls, rubbing up in the kitchen and finding excuses to share their studies. Their parents had commented on how well they were getting along lately, and they had only smiled back at them.

    But never had they truly been free to ball like this, in auntie's house, fucking every time they got the urge, and taking their aunt into the action, sharing the woman's spectacular body as they had shared their own, and it was wonderful. Eddie found some pretty good tapes and put one on the stereo, thinking how damned lucky he was, remembering that most guys his age were just lying about fucking chicks and jacking off.

    But here he had two lovely females, one young and one just coming into her prime, and they were more than willing to do anything he wanted. Eddie felt like a sultan with a private harem, except there was a difference. He wasn't jealous enough to try keeping the women to himself, and thought that somehow they'd have to find another guy for his sister to screw, give her another prick to sample. And why not for Auntie Beth, too?

    He relaxed upon the couch and thought about that. Back home, there was nobody his own age that he trusted; every kid he knew would probably run around bragging about sticking Linda, and would spread the word that she was also fucking her own brother. That could be a total disaster if their parents found out.

    And in this town, he didn't know a single person except his aunt and the black maid. That wouldn't do, either. Eddie sighed and stuck out his legs, his hand dropping naturally to warm upon his exposed crotch as the robe slid back from his knees. He could groove on screwing them both at once and decided that's what he'd do, take turns in those captivating cunts, changing from one to the other until he got his rocks off, and it didn't really matter which of them received his hot semen.

    When they came into the room, they were holding hands and brushing hips as they walked. Linda was smaller and much browner, her step bouncy and young, her little tits jiggling; Beth walked with a long and flowing stride, her body erect and stately, and again Eddie thought how fortunate he was, to even be within smelling distance of such beautiful chicks.

    Linda laughed up to him and reached down to pat his hand. «We decided we weren't really all that full, after all. What did you have in mind, Eddie?»

    He said up to her, directing his gaze and his words to the feathered brown target of her appealing pussy, «I want to fuck both of you, taking turns.»

    «Far out,» his sister said. «How do we go about it – lie down side by side, or what?»

    Then Aunt Beth moved to them, her tall body swaying and her heavy breasts seeming to surge up and down. She said, «I used to dream sometimes, and try to keep from remembering them if they were too erotic, but there was one that simply wouldn't go away. I saw myself all naked, lying upon my back and holding another naked woman against me, her ass in my belly, and our four legs spread, so that our cunts were just about touching, one over the other. And this shadowy figure would come to us, his big prick outstretched; he would fuck us both, while I held my hands over the woman's breasts and felt her ass wiggling against my stomach.»

    Linda clapped her hands. «That sounds real kinky! Why don't we try it? I'm a lot smaller, so my weight won't be too much for you, Auntie Beth. We'll give Eddie a double snatch to play with.»

    He felt his throat tighten and knew the resurgence of strength in his prick as he watched Beth go to the center of the room and lie down upon the thick carpet. Her eyes were shining and her pink mouth dampened by a growing excitement as she prepared to actually live out her erotic dreams. The long legs opened and stretched themselves, milk-white thighs full and rounded at the mounding of her compelling pussy.

    He climbed off the couch and stood waiting while his sister went over and sat between their auntie's knees, backing up to snuggle her trim ass against the golden cunt hairs. As he looked down at them over the gleaming head of his erect cock, Linda lifted her butt and slid back to place it upon Beth's groin, then lay gently down, and the older woman's arms came around her.

    At first, Beth's long, artistic fingers played delicately into Linda's snatch, then trailed up the lithe, slim body to center upon the girl's firm, pert little knockers. When her hands curled over the delightful globes and held them tenderly mashed, Eddie went to them and dropped to his knees. He stared at the two cunts, one above the other, his sister's youthful pussy haired with mossy brown and its lips already swollen darkly with passion, his aunt's mature snatch like a thick golden rug, the labia a lighter shade of pink and somewhat longer than Linda's.

    It was delightful to compare them like this, and the delay built a fever within him, an urgency that would soon force his throbbing prick to dip itself into both superb and fascinating snatches. But first he stroked them, feeling the tickle of the humid pussy hairs against his exploring fingertips, knowing the damp heat that was rising like invisible steam from the quivering notches. Eddie fingered along his sister's palpitating cunt, then drew his hand gently down the length of his aunt's trembling slit.

    He edged closer, bending his glowing cockhead down to run it teasingly along both eager cunts before hesitating and plunging it strongly into Linda's juicy little hole. As he penetrated his sister's vagina, his balls swung down against his auntie's hot mound.

    His prick slid artfully deep into Linda's inflamed pussy, and the girl wiggled her ass gently, so as not to place too much weight upon the soft, white belly it rested against. Eddie held to his sister's bent knees as he fed his meat lovingly into her buttery vagina, bumping his balls against Beth's hairy crotch with every lingering, twisting stroke.

    He backed out and dropped his cockhead a few inches to settle it against the sizzling entrance of his auntie's cunt, pausing only a moment before reaching it deeply into the greased velvet depths of her superbly clenching cunt. Now his balls were lowered to the furry cleft of her trembling ass, and jiggled there as he thrust adoringly deep, as he pulled back for another long stroke that buried his cockhead into the silken cupping of her womb.

    Back and forth Eddie went, pushing and pulling, shaking his ass and humping his pelvis, dipping his slippery cock into Linda's blazing snatch, then into Beth's searing hole. His sister came first, the sweet violence of her climax shuddering within her gripping, wet sheath and spreading over her taut body. He held his meat in her until she stopped shaking, then dragged it out and felt into Beth's vagina once more, bucking there until the older woman cried out in the sharpness of her ecstasy and tried to lift both Eddie and his sister off the floor.

    Returning to his sister's fervent pussy, he rocked there in a growing rhythm until his cockhead flexed madly to spit a full load of come into Linda, packing her twisting sleeve with his semen, drenching her syrupy cunt with his foaming juices.

    Chapter 7

    Beth turned from the telephone, a frown upon her face. Eddie looked up from his sandwich and asked, «What's wrong?»

    «Oh damn,» his auntie said. «Just when we're really getting rolling, this has to happen. Do you kids remember your Uncle Bradley, Brad McKeever? Our older brother, your mother's and mine, and normally I'd be delighted to have him drop by for a short visit, but not right now. But he's in town and on his way here from the airport. It will spoil everything, damn it.»

    Linda said, «Why? Is he a real drag, or something?»

    Beth walked back to the table and sat down. «He's a pretty good guy, I guess, and quite attractive; divorced and no children. But he certainly wouldn't understand what's going on here – the three of us screwing. And I just can't stop loving you kids, not even for a day or two.»

    Eddie nodded. «It might be dangerous to try sneaking around him.»

    «Oh, I don't know,» Linda mused. «He's a man, isn't he? If dear Uncle Brad is capable of raising a hard, I think I can help him get it up.»

    Beth stared. «You mean – seduce him, too? I don't know about that, darling. Not that Brad isn't all male; he certainly seems to be – but possibly he won't go for incest, or even a young girl. But it's a terrific idea, anyhow. If he could be brought into our little circle-«

    «Sure,» Linda went on, «we could all ball each other; four instead of three. And I think you're digging the idea of fucking your brother.»

    Eddie watched his aunt's pale blue eyes and saw them slide to one side, saw the hot lights growing in them. Beth said slowly, «Well – I'll admit the idea sounds interesting now. Only days ago, I would have denied any sexual attraction for my own brother, but I've learned a lot of things since then. Yes, Linda; I'd very much like to screw Brad.»

    «Okay, then,» the girl said in rising excitement, her pert breasts rising and falling with her quickened breath. «What have we got to lose? If you'll feed him a few drinks and leave me alone with Uncle Brad, the rest is up to me. If he backs off, we'll just have to forget making it together until he's gone again. But if he's got a pair of balls and isn't too straight and all uptight, then I should be able to get him fucking. I have a feeling that a lot of older people would really dig screwing younger kids if they get the chance.»

    Beth straightened up and her translucent dressing gown hung open past her marvelous high breasts. «You're right, darling. We'll try it – and Eddie and I can be off on the fringes somewhere, seeing if you make it. But right now, I suppose we'd all better get dressed; we wouldn't want to shock him at first sight.»

    They were all quite proper when Brad McKeever arrived, but Eddie noticed that his sister wore no bra, that her piquant little tits were pushing alluringly against a thin tee shirt, and that her hip-huggers called attention to the trimness of her saucy ass.

    Brad was a big guy, about forty, Eddie figured; he had a streak of grey in the dark brown hair, and his eyes were a deep hazel. He seemed open and grinned a lot, and Eddie caught a whiff of booze on his breath when the man shook hands with him.

    Over a drink, Brad said, «Glad to see you've got company, Beth; I was worried about you being alone too damned much after Paul died. And you kids look great – all healthy and full of life. Last time I saw you, you were little babies. Your mother and dad doing okay?»

    «Just fine,» Eddie answered, seeing how his uncle's eyes kept wandering to Linda's breasts. No guy could help looking, he thought, because Linda kept lifting them and shoving her pointy nipples out. She was also making certain the guy noticed the lithe rolling of her trim hips.

    Beth poured more drinks, and the talk turned to a bunch of remember- whens that Eddie wasn't interested in but pretended to be. Linda sat beside him on the couch and whispered in his ear: «He's groovy. I wonder if his prick matches the rest of him.»

    «You cool it,» Eddie whispered back. «Don't screw it up; wait until Beth gets him pretty sloshed.»

    And half an hour later, Brad was feeling no pain. Beth said something about seeing to dinner since the servants had the weekend off, and Eddie followed her from the room. Linda stayed behind, her elfin face showing her eagerness to begin what could be a wild new affair. In the hallway and reasonably out of sight, Eddie and Beth lingered to watch her approach.

    It was direct enough, for the girl lolled her hips up to the man seated on the barstool and smiled. «You look like a bunch of man, Uncle Brad. What was with your divorce – your wife didn't swing in bed?»

    Brad blinked down at her. «Something like that.»

    She leaned her flat belly against his knees and gave him a closer look at her firm young breasts as the nipples rose against the thin barrier of Linda's tee shirt. «You wouldn't have that trouble with me.»

    The man stared. «You're kind of young to come on this heavy, aren't you? I've heard kids were starting in pretty young, but-«

    «Oh, I've only screwed one guy so far,» Linda purred, pressing temptation against Brad's knees, letting him feel the heat of her little mound. «But I'd like to take on a grownup man. Like you, Uncle Brad – if you have the guts; and the nuts.»

    «I'll be damned,» he said hoarsely. «You really put it up front, don't you? But look, you're my own sister's kid, and so young-«

    «And you've been staring at my tits from the moment you walked in,» Linda said. «Have you ever fucked a young chick like me? Don't you want to?»

    The man glanced at the hallway and Eddie shrank back against the wall, pulling Beth behind him. He heard Brad say, «You little teaser; that's what you're doing – teasing. You know damned well nothing can happen to you here, with Beth and your brother around.»

    «No way,» Linda said, suddenly whipping the tee shirt up over her head so that her small but impudent tits sprang free and naked. They'll be gone awhile, shopping for dinner. We have plenty of time, and I can see that bulge in your pants.»

    Brad pulled her to him, opening his knees to fit her slim body between them, and brought his big hands around to cover the sweet moundings of her breasts. «All right, you little bitch.»

    Beth's whisper tingled into Eddie's ear. «She's done it! My brother is about to fuck her.»

    «Shhh,» Eddie warned. «If he hears us, it'll freeze him. Let's just keep quiet and watch.» He could feel the soft pressure of his auntie's tits against his back, and smell the musk of her perfume. But his attention was fixed upon the scene unfolding in the living room, where his uncle was just about to fuck his younger sister.

    Linda had stepped back from the man and was kicking out of her jeans, showing that she wore no panties, showing the magnetic gleaming of her fleecy pubic mound. Brad climbed off the stool, and Eddie saw the huge lump in the guy's pants; his uncle had one hell of a big prick, he thought, and worried if Linda could take it all.

    But his sister was fascinated by the man, and trembled as she waited impatiently for him to shed his clothing, her eyes hungering for the first glimpse of that massive cock. Linda looked very lovely, her skin glossy, and the clean-limbed lines of her nubile body most appealing.

    Brad threw away his shorts and advanced on the girl, his big, wide body hairy and muscled, his prick thick and long, with a purple knob and great, dangling balls. Eddie could see the engorged veins writhing along the massive shaft, and the glistening of the swollen head with its readying droplet of pre-seminal fluid oozing. It seemed far too big for his sister's exquisite little snatch, and Eddie hoped it wouldn't hurt her.

    «Okay,» Brad was muttering. «You want to get fucked, this big cock will do it, kid.»

    «It's-it's beautiful!» Linda murmured, entranced. «So big – so heavy and long. Oh wow – I've never seen a prick this size.»

    Brad scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the couch. «You're a sweet little chick» he said, «and we're starting even. I never screwed a girl as small and young as you before. I'll take it easy, Linda.»

    He spread her on the couch and stood for a moment staring down at her sleek, trim body. «You're a lot like my sister Susan, but a smaller model. If my cock is too big for you-«

    «It won't be,» Linda said eagerly. «Oh, it can't be. Please hurry. Stick that beautiful meat to me, please – please.»

    Brad went down on the couch, running his big hands over the girl's hotly squirming body, caressing the delicate flesh while his monstrous prick throbbed above her, the drop of clear juice trembling upon the blunt, purplish tip. Linda reached to fondle the man's shaft, her awed fingers fluttering up and down the thick rod and smearing the fluid across the distended head.

    «I'm burning up inside,» she panted. «Get it into me, quick! I can't wait to feel all this gorgeous meat pushing up into my pussy.»

    The man opened her legs with his hands, dipping his face swiftly to plant a loving kiss upon the humid trembling of her pubic hair, and Eddie was glad to see that their uncle really cared for the treasure of Linda's cunt. Then he stared as Brad advanced the bulging head of his gigantic cock into the mossy hairs of the girl's crotch, feeling carefully for the entrance to her sizzling mound.

    Beth's fingers dug into Eddie's shoulders as they watched, and the excited nipples of her tits were boring into his back. Brad set himself, his hairy belly rippling, his cockhead seeming the size of an orange and practically covering the entire slit of Linda's small vulva. But the girl was wiggling and arching to it, trying to force the knob into her aching vagina, and was not at all afraid. Brad inched the puffy bulb into her labia, the point slowly disappearing into the resilient brown hairs and spreading the feverish lips to allow passage.

    «W-wonderful, crazy, far out!» Linda gasped. «Oh, push it on into my pussy, uncle. I can take it all!»

    Still, the man took his time, shoving gently but firmly into the aroused little snatch, and Eddie saw the flanged head vanish into the steaming grip of his sister's vagina. Linda gave a strong hunch, and more of the heavy pole slid up into her shivering body. Another thick inch, and another, while Linda moaned and squirmed, lifting her slim legs until her toes were pointed at the ceiling.

    All that hard meat must be really stretching her narrow cunt, Eddie thought, and wondered at the marvelous elasticity of the female vagina. He could identify with his uncle's shaft as Linda's sweet, tight pussy closed adoringly about it, and watched mesmerized as the man's massive club worked all the way up into the girl, his heavily haired balls at last stopping in the uplifted crack of her shapely young ass. Brad had it fitted into her socket then, had his rod buried into the clinging wet satins of that girlish snatch, and began to work his cock tenderly back and forth in the blazing hole.

    Linda dug her fingers into her uncle's hair and dragged his mouth down to hers. Her rigid nipples slammed into his furry chest, and her pelvis ground hungrily against his as she humped and wiggled on every long stroke of that giant prick. Eddie knew how her cunt would be clenching and suctioning, knew the stimulation she was giving the guy's surging pole with all the deft muscles of her tight vagina. For certain, Brad couldn't last long at this rate. The girl was too small, too hot and sensuous for any man's cock to hold out long with such feverish caresses running over the sensitive cockhead.

    «Coming!» Linda cried out against his teeth. «Oh man – such a big prick

    – it fills up my pussy – it packs my cunt from end to end. Fuck me, man

    – oh, I'm coming, coming!»

    Their uncle was only a second or two behind the girl's orgasm. He fed another thrust into that avidly clasping little cunt, and took another eager rolling of her dainty ass, then shivered violently, his legs stiffening out as his balls jumped crazily into the cleft of Linda's heaving ass. Then he was pumping a tremendous load of hissing come into the girl's snatch, spitting hot globules of thick juice throughout the length and width of her flexing pussy, creaming her entire hole and turning it foamy, inundating it with the richness of his heavy male semen.

    «Ahhh!» Linda shrieked softly. «Ooohh – your come is like a hot river, darling – so greasy and wonderful – it feels so good and creamy – ahh, what fantastic semen – filling me up and overflowing.»

    Brad was collapsed upon her twitching, swiveling body, his big frame gone momentarily still, and Eddie wondered how long it had been since the man had balled a piece of ass, and thought then that Brad had probably never fucked a chick as wild and tight as Linda. It must be as much of a kick for an older guy to screw a young kid, as the other way around, like the kinky thrills Eddie got from putting it to Beth. That was something else to think about and to file for future reference.

    His auntie's entire body was pressed tightly against his back, and the rich mound of her pussy was thrusting into his ass, humping passionately, as if their sexes were reversed, and it felt good. Beth's hands came around and down to fondle his erect cock, but he knew that her eyes were still fixed upon the nakedly entwined forms curled together on the couch.

    Linda had swung it for them, and now it shouldn't be difficult to bring Brad McKeever into the group action. He seemed horny enough to try anything, and it was only a step from fucking his niece to screwing his own sister. It would be a help to have another guy around, Eddie thought. It would add a whole new dimension to the balling; both of them could work over one of the women, being eaten and laid, or changing back and forth into the same pussy.

    «Come on,» Beth hissed against the back of his neck making the hairs rise there. «Come on, darling – I can't wait any longer, and we really should leave them alone for awhile so Linda can get my brother used to the idea. I can see how thrilled he is with her adorable little cunt, and he'll be busy with her for some time. Meanwhile, you and I can make it.»

    He turned to her and held her tall, giving softness in his arms, feeling her marvelous breasts cushioned to his chest and the insistent warmth of her mound pushing against his belly. She was right, of course; Brad and Linda would be totally immersed in each other for awhile, and he didn't doubt that his horny sister would work over the big man again, going down on that huge shaft and having him eat into her steaming pussy, too. Then Linda would break the news to him, clue him in that they'd been watched all the time, that he was being invited to join a swinging trio and make it more fun.

    Eddie walked with his auntie to her bedroom, and they didn't bother to close the door behind them. She was out of her clothes in a flash, climbing upon the bed while he was still stepping from his jeans. Again, he paused to savor the spectacular view of Beth's lush body, to feast his eyes upon the intriguing curves and beguiling valleys of her polished white flesh, centering upon the luxuriantly furred sculpture of her cunt, waiting pink-lipped and dewy in the shaggy covering of gold.

    But he didn't climb between her burnished thighs. Instead, Eddie crawled around to poise his cock over her face while he looked down into the beckoning wealth of her precious snatch. His auntie licked immediately up at his balls, pulling them one at a time into her mouth as he stooped to kiss her trembling belly. When his lips burrowed into her bountiful pubic hair, she drew his cockhead down into suctioning lips. He drove his tongue through the shielding hair and found the delicious slippery labia, forcing through them to the exotic depths beyond.

    They ate each other in mutual adoration, sucking and licking, their asses wiggling and their crotches humping against tongues and teeth. And when they came, it was also mutual, an ecstatic blending that blotted out time and space.

    Chapter 8

    It was morning before Linda led a pink-faced Brad into the kitchen, tugging at his hand. «He's a big, lovable goof,» she announced. «He was actually scared to come down here and face everybody. I told him you knew what we were doing, but he's got this old kind of hang-up, and figures he's ruined me forever, or some such crap.»

    Beth went to her brother and kissed him lightly on the mouth. «Good morning, Brad. Now you're a real part of the family.»

    He shook his head, his big hands resting lightly upon his sister's modeled hips. «That girl is something else. I-we-oh hell; I couldn't have kept from screwing her if the roof fell in. I never ran into anything like Linda in my life.»

    Beth's smile was radiant and approving. «I know, dear; I feel the same way about her – and about Eddie, too. Isn't it amazing how they can turn you on?»

    «That's another thing,» he said. «You and Eddie there – and even making it with little Linda. You, of all people; always so uptight and moral, a snow princess if ever I saw one. I always figured you to be the untouchable Mrs. Marshall, pure and regal. And you're screwing kids?»

    «And adoring it,» Beth agreed. This time, when she kissed him, she put her mind and body into the caress, flattening her heavy breasts against his wide chest, pressing her pelvis strongly into him and darting her hot, searching tongue into his mouth. When she broke away, Brad said feelingly, «Well, hell!»

    «More like heaven,» Beth laughed, «and we'll explore that after breakfast. Come get your coffee for starters.»

    Eddie had already finished eating, and after Brad drank some coffee, said to him, «Linda can really run wild, can't she? But she never freaked out like that with me.»

    The man stared at him. «This sounds freaky – you and I discussing your sister's sexual attributes. It'll take me awhile to get used to it.»

    Linda giggled. «You'll relax, darling; but only to a point, because you'll also be pretty stiff – I hope. Pass the toast, please; I'm ravenous this morning.»

    «At any time,» Eddie said, and they laughed together. He drifted away from the table soon after, getting some music going in the living room, partially understanding what his uncle was going through, the emotional mix-up that had the man confused. But Brad would be okay; he was plenty horny, and once the newness wore off with Linda, he'd be looking hungrily at his own sister. Beth had already zeroed in on him with that lingering kiss, and if Brad ever had speculated about fucking his sister, all those old dreams must be coming right to the front now. And the guy would be given the opportunity to make all those erotic fantasies come true.

    Going through 8-track tapes, Eddie wondered if every guy dreamed about putting the prick to somebody in his own family, someone close to him. Most probably did, he thought, but damned few of them ever did anything about it. He'd fantasized about his sister for a long time before balling her, and if she weren't the lovely, hot-assed kid she was, he'd never have tried to fuck her. But Linda wanted it as much as he did, and everything worked out beautifully.

    But maybe he had concentrated upon his sister because she was more available, because there had always been the possibility that Linda might have wanted to sexually explore, to learn and enjoy. It wasn't that way with his mom; she already knew it all. Closing his eyes, Eddie pictured his mother, seeing her as highly sensual and extremely beautiful. Susan Lyons was sort of a cross between Beth and Linda in looks, and the first time Eddie had jacked off, it was mainly because he had gotten a peep at his mother's nude and dripping body as she climbed out of the shower.

    Somebody goosed him and Eddie jumped. Linda said, «What are you doing – pouting in a corner?»

    He turned to her. «No way; just thinking. You really gave Uncle Brad a far-out fuck last night. For a little while, I was afraid that his big prick might hurt you.»

    She kissed him and climbed up on a barstool, swinging her slim legs. «You know, so was I. But only until the head of that huge cock touched my pussy – then I was going to screw him even if it ripped me wide open. And after I stretched wide enough to take all his delicious meat inside, I went kind of freaky. Man, oh man; what a cock that is. Now I know how you feel about Auntie Beth's cunt, like it's magic, or something.»

    Eddie glanced toward the kitchen. «They're talking in there?»

    «Getting it all together about how it's okay for them to fuck each other, just like it is for you and me. Of course, Beth is open about it all; Brad has to get his head straight a little. But he digs her; you can tell.»

    «Who wouldn't?» Eddie asked. «I guess one thing Brad has to get used to is having somebody else in the room when he screws.»

    Linda shrugged. «I talked to him about that, too. He's edgy about it, but once he starts screwing Aunt Beth, he'll forget we're around. Until we all start mixing, that is; then I'll make him remember.»

    «Here they come,» Eddie said, watching his aunt and uncle walk down the hallway and seeing how Beth was smiling up into the man's eyes, noting how Brad's mammoth rod was making a tent out of the front of his bathrobe.

    In the middle of the room, Beth let go her brother's hand and did an appealing, sensuous pirouette, her dressing gown flaring out beyond her sleek, limber legs, her lush thighs flashing white. Posing proudly with her splendid breasts thrust out, she said, «Right here, Brad – right out in the open, in daylight and with the kids looking on, with the kids making love themselves.»

    And with that, Beth dropped her gown, let it flow down her proudly displayed body, exposing the opulent nipples of her mature tits, the faintly rounded pale belly, and the wondrous shaggy gold of her fabulous pussy.

    Moving like a robot, his hands jerking and his feet planted widely, Brad took off his own robe. His massive prick leaped out like a great log, the burnished head of it darkly swollen, and as Eddie watched, clear fluid began to seep from the slot. Beth came to the man skipping, turned very young and eager, her round tits bouncing, to wrap a loving hand around his shaft while she kissed him.

    «Terrific,» Linda said from her stool. «They're going to fuck right here, and it's kind of like sitting in on history as it's happening.»

    Eddie put his hands on her narrow waist. «Get down and come over to the couch with me. It'll be fun if we make it the same way they do, copying the motions and all.»

    In the center of the room, Beth said to her brother, «Lie down, darling. That's it, on your back with the glorious prick standing up like a flagpole, so I can play with it for awhile first.»

    She followed him to the carpet, her heavy breasts swinging down as she kneeled above him, her sculptured legs curling beneath her body. Beth caressed her brother's upright shaft, fluttering her fingers over its distended thickness, fondling the full length of the veined meat and tickling down into the hairy, wrinkled sack of his balls. «Such a gorgeous cock,» she murmured, her long, pale gold hair flowing like warm water over Brad's furry belly. «It's so huge and stiff, and I remember how it pushed so strongly into Linda's small pussy.»

    Beth bent to kiss the cockhead, flicking her red tongue over the puffy bulb, picking up the droplet of pre-seminal fluid and transferring it into her pink lips. Her brother shivered at the wetly stimulating touch, and his hands stroked her hair as he said, «Beth, oh Beth – when I was just a little kid, I used to dream of getting you naked and feeling your tits, touching your cunt. You don't know how many sheets I stained, pretending I was fucking you, but you were always so unreachable, the cool and unattainable princess.»

    «I'm here now,» she whispered against the head of his prick, then drew the massive knob into her mouth.

    Eddie arched against his own sister's chin as Linda sucked his cockhead into her lips and caressed it lovingly with a deft, wet tongue. They were positioned on the couch so that they could see every erotic detail of the pair of the carpet, imitating Beth and Brad as they made love for the first time.

    The man stroked Beth's hair, and his thatched groin heaved as she licked avidly over his glans, teasing down into the greasy slot with the tip of her active tongue. But she didn't intend to follow through with eating him, and lifted her head to look down into his eyes as she said, «Not yet, darling. Later, I'll suck all the lovely juice from your prick but first I want to feel all this hard meat inside my cunt. Lie still, Brad; let me do it all for the moment.»

    Linda pulled her mouth from around Eddie's cock and kneeled above him, as Beth was doing to Brad. Heads turned, they stared at their aunt and uncle on the floor. Beth set herself above the glistening cockhead, holding it steady with one hand, her breasts heaving in sharp excitement, her white belly rippling with desire and the luxurious pubic hair hanging down like golden moss.

    Eddie felt the gentle and feathered touch of his sister's pussy hair, the tender groping of her heated labia as Linda's crotch came down upon his glans. He saw his auntie's mound closing upon Brad's bud, and watched his uncle reach up to cup the modeled cheeks of Beth's enticing ass, so he did the same to Linda.

    Then Eddie forgot about copying the other couple as he saw Beth lower her forested crotch and force the distended cockhead up into the special wetness of her searing pussy. Her lips were caught between her teeth and her eyes were closed in rapture as that mighty shaft began to slide stiff and throbbing into her yearning snatch. Inch by swollen inch, the massive pole penetrated her writhing body, reaching up and up into the closeness of her juicy vagina.

    Linda squirmed down upon Eddie's prick, sliding it deeply into the greased sheath of her young cunt, squatting upon it until the head struck bottom, then rocking sinuously back and forth upon the embedded meat grinding her crotch and flexing the cheeks of her smooth ass.

    Aunt Beth was seesawing her lower body upon her brother's submerged shaft, gasping as the monstrous thing filled the honeyed depths of her enchanted pussy, rolling her buttocks in Brad's hands, her elegant breasts swinging as she fucked the man. Slowly, she bent forward, dropping the twin treasures of her nipples down as he reached his mouth to them one at a time. Beth continued to gyrate her pelvis, and now Eddie could see the lifting and falling of the golden crotch, the gleaming of Brad's lubricated prick as it slipped in and out of the grasp of inflamed cunt lips.

    «Man.» Linda panted, «she's really riding on that big club. I don't think I can stay on top of it like that; my cunt is too shallow. But I can sure fuck your cock like this, darling.» Her pussy did cute little tricks around his sunken shaft, nipping at his sensitive cockhead and curling around the stem.

    «Brad, Brad-« Beth was gasping, «I can't believe that my cunt is so packed with man meat. I can't believe that at long last, my handsome brother is really fucking me, that I'm wiggling around on his huge prick and loving it – oohh! – loving it!»

    «It's true, baby,» Brad said huskily. «It's some kind of miracle, but it's true. You've got such a wonderful pussy, sis – it's so rich and juicy, so deep and yet tight. I don't have to be jealous of your husband anymore because I'm into your pussy now, screwing it and holding your sweet ass – fuck me, baby sister – fuck me!»

    Bracing his feet upon the rug, he laid his meat up into her then, slamming his pelvis strongly to his sister's, ramming and plunging his gorged shaft deeply into her tremulous snatch. They fucked violently, furiously, hammering at each other as if they meant to destroy, to zip and tear, and the liquid noises of his pistoning cock inside her suctioning cunt were loud and wet.

    The same thing was happening to Eddie and Linda; they banged bellies as the girl rode him frantically, bouncing up and down upon his lifting pole, twisting her educated little cunt around it and grunting with the savagery of every thundering stroke. Hotly, passionately, they went at it just as Beth and Brad were doing, two sweet cunts gripping a pair of powerfully driving pricks, two sets of balls flopping up and down, and the urgent vaginas going gush, gush.

    Beth screamed out that she was coming, coming – and Brad grunted an answer in kind, humping and pounding into her juicy snatch. Eddie was only a thrust or two behind, and his cockhead went off like a firecracker.

    As Linda fell over on top of him, their sweat sealing their bellies together and his semen frothed heavily around the stem of his buried shaft, Eddie kept looking over at the other couple. His aunt and uncle were tangled upon the carpet, quiet for the moment, the man's mighty cock still embedded to the hilt within the pulsing confines of Beth's beautiful pussy. They made a lovely pair, he thought, the darker, furry skin of the man offsetting the pristine whiteness of the woman's superb body, dark brown pubic hair snugged to dampened golden cunt hair.

    Eddie's sister moved on top of him, stirring his hard prick deliciously inside her soapy vagina, hiking her slim ass slowly to let it slide wetly out of her hole. The cock-head left a track on sticky fluid down the inside of her tanned young thigh. She rolled to one side and said, «Brad must have really flooded her pussy with his come. Man, when I went down on him last night, I had to swallow fast, or choke on that terrific load. He just keeps on pumping the stuff.»

    He said softly, «Did he eat your pussy, too?»

    «Sure,» Linda breathed, «and he did a good job. I must have come a half dozen times before he pulled out his nice, long tongue. Brad is a great addition to our party, but I don't know how long he can stick around. He told me that he meant only to stay overnight, but then, that was before I fucked him and changed his mind.»

    «I hope he can stay awhile,» Eddie said. «Four people can swing better than three, I think. Nobody gets left out of the screwing, unless we go off on a tangent or something.»

    «I don't mind hanging back,» his sister said, «if I can join in later.»

    She sat up and put her feet on the carpet, her entire body relaxed and supple. Then she said, «I figure there are some things you want to do with Brad and Beth, or Brad and me – like we girls worked you over between us, you know. I can always float around the edges and help. There are still a bunch of goodies that I haven't tried yet, either.»

    Eddie rolled over and pressed his shaft against the cheeks of his sister's beguiling ass. «Like taking it up the back road? You and I never got around to that, but one thing is for sure Brad can't screw you in the ass; he's too big for that.»

    Linda turned and grinned back over her shoulder. «Any time you're ready, lover. The two of you can always make a sandwich out of me – you putting it to me from the back, and Brad cramming all that big meat into my pussy from the front. That would be something pretty far out and kinky. I don't know, though; when he gets that giant cock up my cunt, I feel like I'm stretched to the limits. Maybe it wouldn't even leave room for you to squeeze it into my ass.»

    «Yeah,» Eddie agreed, «it will probably be a lot easier with Auntie Beth. I'll screw you like that, by myself. If you want some more kicks, you can get Brad to eat you at the same time.»

    The girl clapped her hands. «Oh wow; we just keep on coming up with groovy ideas to try out. What a fun vacation this is turning into.»

    Eddie sat up, too, cupping his sister's ass with one hand, watching Beth and her brother untangle themselves, seeing the man's massive cock slide greasily out of her lovely cunt. It looked like it was ready to go again.

    Chapter 9

    Brad, a big drink in his hand, stretched his long and hairy legs out from the easy chair. Shaking his head, he said, «Damn; I still can't get over all this. Here I am, sitting around bare ass with my sister, niece and nephew – all equally naked. It seems like something out of an X-rated movie, or a dream scene from the Arabian Nights.»

    Beth ran her fingers lightly and teasingly over the pointed nipples of her full breasts. «It's true, all of it; nothing can be more true. Everything else has been false, before now.»

    Nodding, Brad said, «I see what you mean, but I can't get it all straight.»

    Linda sway-hipped over to him. «Don't worry about it. Just accept what is, and forget about the rest, because the rest isn't important.»

    He finished his drink, put the glass on the bar, and used both hands to caress her slim body. «The little sex goddess; the high priestess of fucking. The fire you lighted in me has never stopped burning, Linda. And to think, I damned near backed off from you yesterday.»

    «I'm glad you didn't,» she said quietly, and Eddie added: «We all are. It's better now, with everybody sharing. Brad – how about you and me balling Auntie Beth together? She hasn't had the chance to go down on you yet, and we can change off any way you like.»

    «Damn again,» Brad said. «That sounds like one hell of a good idea; but what about little Linda here?»

    «I'll make out,» Linda promised, «and we have plenty of time.»

    Kneeling on the carpet, Beth waited for them, her mouth damply expectant and her eyes glistening hotly. Eddie approached her first, his prick turning stiff as he walked, its knob thrusting out eagerly as he stared down at the beautiful, passionate woman. He stood before her, flashing through all the erotic things he had already done to her plush and mellow body, and anticipating the goodies yet to come.

    Reaching for her head, he drew Beth's face into his belly, feeling her warm breath and warmer lips upon his taut skin, feeling the golden cascade of her fine hair. He said to Brad, «I'll bet you never saw your sister eat a prick before. She's really good at it, because she loves a cock in her mouth.»

    Smiling, his auntie stopped kissing Eddie's belly and raised her lovely face. He rubbed the swollen head of his prick over her cheeks, her forehead, up and down her nose, and across her chin. Her red tongue eased out to lick beneath his shaft, sliding wetly there, tickling under the soft scars below the knob, darting up and around to caress the glans itself.

    Eddie pushed his prong on into her exciting mouth, joying in the caress of tongue and teeth and the hungry dipping-in of his aunt's cheeks. With both hands upon her head, he slowly fucked her face, reaching all the way to the velvet sleeve of Beth's throat. She built up a tender and loving suction upon his cockhead, wrapping her slippery tongue around it, delving into the slot and even chewing delicately upon the shaft.

    «That's just great,» Eddie said, grinding his ass a little, pumping his prick in and out, but never intending to go all the way through with the action. He was reserving that for her brother, for big and hairy Brad, who stood watching, his gigantic club standing tall and thick.

    So Eddie withdrew his cock, its head glistening with his aunt's saliva, and stepped back. «Your turn,» he said, «but maybe it would be better if auntie lay down, so we could both get at her.»

    Beth's heavy breasts were trembling, their pink nozzles erect as she lay back, and her eyes were darting back and forth between their hard pricks, realizing that both of them would be hers. Eddie sat on the floor and waited while his uncle sat down beside the woman and lifted her head to his lap.

    Watching, Eddie saw his auntie nuzzle blissfully into Brad's crotch, her face burying itself into the thatched and crinkly pubic hair, rolling her cheeks there and murmuring softly. He stroked her legs then, feeling from the trim ankles up along the shapely calves and beneath the silken hollows of her knees, then over the rising sculptures of her full, luxurious thighs.

    Beth was sucking on the sack of her brother's furry balls when Eddie fondled the thickly haired mound of her gorgeous cunt, trailing his fingers down through the giving fleece to find the inflamed labia so recently fucked and still smeared with semen. He saw the woman release Brad's testicles and lap avidly up the bottom of the veined shaft, pausing halfway to coil her tongue around the thick pole and to nibble the smooth skin.

    Eddie slipped one finger into the resilient lips of his auntie's fabulous pussy, reaching into the clinging warmth all lined with tingling silks, now soggy with residual come and her own feverish lubrications. He felt the woman's vagina quiver, and pushed another finger deep beside the first one.

    Beth moaned throatily as she turned her face and ran her hungry tongue eagerly over the gleaming knob of her brother's huge cock. Eddie saw the clear globule of the man's pre-seminal fluid vanish as she drew it into her lips, and he added to her pleasure by stroking up against her clitoris, teasing the little rubbery nubbin as he thrust his fingers back and forth in the hot sheath of her cunt.

    His auntie's ass began to wiggle then, and she clamped her mouth suddenly over the mammoth bulb of her brother's prick. Eddie teased her clit some more, feeling it go vibrant against his fingers as she started sucking Brad's cock. Beth held the man's heavy balls cupped in the palm of one hand, while her fingers of the other played up and down his distended pole, brailling its shape and size.

    Conscious of his sister's breath against the nape of his neck, Eddie heard Linda say, «I know how that big cockhead fills up her mouth, man. I could feel it pressing against the roof of mine, and I could barely get my tongue around it.»

    With a quick series of ecstatic humpings, Beth came on Eddie's hand, her pussy contracting hard around his fingers. He continued to stroke her clit until the heavings slowed, then slid them wetly from her relaxing vagina. She was sucking lustily upon Brad's cock now, her cheeks dipping in and out with sensuous rhythm, and the man was trembling as he fondled her head.

    Then Eddie moved in close between the opened thighs, snuggling to the ripely rounded flesh, to that flawless skin so pale and silken. The dampened hairs of her enticing pussy shone wetly up at him, and Eddie guided the distended head of his pulsating cock into them. He was always surprised at the wave of heat that arose from Beth's fabulous cunt, and his prick throbbed eagerly when the glans steered deeper, pushing through the deeply shaggy pubic hairs and finding the already feverish labia, all slick and puffy, glowing with the inner heat of the anxious vagina.

    Sliding the knob between those juicy lips, Eddie pushed his shaft on up into his auntie's glorious pussy, feeling the velvet walls close greasily around it, feeling his cockhead reach deeply into that most precious sleeve. Beth wriggled when he had it buried, and he looked down to see her cunt lips curling around the root of his prick, his balls covering the furry cleft of her metronoming ass. When he drew his eyes slowly up the warm and radiant length of the woman's body, they hesitated at the magnificent breasts, then moved up to the white column of her throat and her face, so blissful as Beth sucked upon her brother's huge prick.

    He stroked lovingly into her clenching vagina, sliding his rigid meat back and forth into the woman's very special cunt, and he was rewarded by the grinding of her crotch, the trembling of her spread legs as he pushed his cockhead home and drew it teasingly back, his swinging balls catching the rhythm and thumping gently against his aunt's hungrily churning ass.

    When Linda came around to lie beside them, Eddie wasn't even aware of his sister's presence until he saw her mahogany brown hair contrasting sharply with the snowiness of Beth's skin. He continued to fuck the tightly suctioning pussy, while Linda stroked their auntie's squirming body, and then lowered her mouth to fasten it avidly upon one of the big, pink nipples.

    They really had her between them, then – Brad pumping his heavy cock into the woman's eager mouth, Eddie working his own shaft into her shivering cunt, and little Linda sucking upon her tit while the girl's hands caressed the sleek flesh of belly and rib cage and the other mounded tit.

    Of course, such adulation set Beth aflame, and Eddie felt the spasmed contractions of her pussy as it gripped his moving pole, and heard her moan as she ate Brad's cock, her entire body drawn tense and tremulous. She came immediately, her crotch bouncing up at Eddie's, and the depths of her cunt seething, the rich thighs closing around his body.

    Beth moaned again, and Eddie saw her brother's hands clench into her hair, saw the shaggy bag of his testicles crawl upward against the woman's chin. Then the man was coming, too, shooting his powerful load of semen into her mouth, flooding it with the milky syrup, boiling his fluids into his sister's welcoming throat.

    Eddie could hear the gulping noises, the swallowing sounds Beth made as she siphoned the semen down into her stomach, drawing juicy mouthfuls of her brother's come down her throat and sucking for more. Her fingers toyed with the man's balls, attempting to tease additional juices up along his pulsing shaft. Beth was draining the man, making the most of her first time with her hungry mouth around his gigantic club.

    Even while she was sucking, her pussy continued to work around Eddie's prick, her hips ticking to the left, tocking to the right, her pelvis surging up and down as she sought to milk his shaft as she was doing to her brother's. All the while, Linda was nibbling upon her breasts, licking hotly over the swollen points and rubbing Beth's belly.

    Eddie fed his meat into her snatch, raking the flanged knot around inside the clenching sheath of slick membranes, digging the way her crotch circled around against his whenever he drove the shaft deep and nestled the head against the rubbery bud of her womb. He locked it into her then, held it embedded in the softly dragging grip of her active vagina and let Beth hump adoringly upon his prick.

    She came again before he did, and those violently fluctuating movements of her cunt walls got him off, too. Eddie shivered when his cockhead jerked and spat, as it hurled a torrent of sizzling come into his auntie's marvelously heaving snatch. He could feel the thunder of his discharge down through his pulsing balls and around them to where his asshole was snapping tight. Beth's pussy absorbed all it could, and the hot, greasy residue came sliding oysterlike down around his flexing shaft, to gather in a jellied puddle around the stem.

    His aunt had been well fucked, he thought, clinging to the voluptuous thighs and letting his ecstatic cock melt slowly within the socket of her superbly rippling cunt. Linda lifted her mouth from the woman's tit and smiled at him; Eddie drew a deep breath and watched Brad's monstrous glans slide from Beth's wet mouth.

    Slowly, they came apart then, leaving Beth sprawled limply upon the carpet, her energies sapped for the moment, the pale, tipped globes of her breasts heaving up and down as she panted. The heavy pile of her pubic hair was frothed with creamy white, and leftover semen had oozed into the crack of her shapely ass.

    «I need a drink» Brad said huskily. «I think my back-bone melted.»

    Linda followed the man to the bar, and when he poured whiskey she had her sweet little snatch pressed against his muscular thigh. Eddie realized that his sister was really hot, that she needed some fucking, but he also thought that neither of them could give her any at the time; they were both pretty well worn down, but would recover before too long.

    Eddie climbed up and stood looking down at his Aunt Beth, relishing the helpless stasis of her body, admiring the long stretch of wonderfully designed legs and the sunshine fleece of her magnetic mound, the rising of twin-coned breasts. She was still the most fuckable woman he had ever seen, although he admitted he didn't have many to compare her with.

    Except his mother, he thought; there was much alike about mom and her sister; there were different shades in the coloring of their hair and skin, Beth's legs somewhat longer and her tits a little bigger, but Eddie's mother possessed the same sensual attraction. He envied his old man for constantly getting into a hairy, hot box that must be every bit as enchanting as this one.

    When Beth's lashes fluttered, he reached down a hand and helped her to rise, thrilling at the graceful flow of her radiant flesh.

    «Thank you, darling,» she murmured, sagging lightly against him. «For the marvelous fuck, too. Even though Brad's prick is so much bigger, I still deeply enjoy the feeling of yours. After all, your boyish cock is the one that first awakened me to the joys of screwing.»

    He led her to the bar and stroked one full thigh as she climbed upon a stool. «Even though you weren't my first piece of ass, Auntie Beth, you're my first grownup fuck, and you've made a big difference in my life. I'll never forget you.»

    She patted his cheek. «No more than I'll forget you, Eddie. In fact, I wish you were my own son, so we could stay together always. But I'm certain this won't be your last vacation with me; I'll harass my sister until she sends you and Linda out every summer.»

    «Even if you get married again?» he asked.

    She smiled. «Of course; if my husband of the future is as hung-up as I used to be, the hell with him. I'll find some man who will understand, and be willing to share.»

    Behind the bar, Brad splashed a drink into his sister's glass. «You know, I never thought I'd hear anything like that from you, Beth. You were always so damned straight that I used to feel a little sorry for poor old Paul, even if he was so much older. I figured he was taking an icicle to bed with him every night.»

    «He was cold, too,» Beth said. «It took the kids here to bring me around, and now I don't ever want to stop.»

    «No need to stop,» Brad said, and toasted her with his glass.

    Linda said then, «That last scene was a blast to watch, but I didn't really get into it, and Eddie and I talked about making meat sandwiches. I'm too small in the pussy, as much as I'd dig trying it, but Auntie Beth should be about right. It's going to take a little engineering, before I can swing with it too, though.»

    Brad shook his head. «This is something else I never dreamed, talking over what kind of orgy I'd participate in next – and with such a tender young chick. Once or maybe twice, and I've usually had it, but I swear, now I have the feeling that I can fuck all day through.»

    «That's good,» Linda said, «because when you finish that drink, we'll get it on. My brother never put his cock into anybody's ass, and it'll fit into Auntie Beth, I'm sure. You'll be screwing her, while you go down on me. That way, we'll all be really swinging together. Uncle Brad, this time, you'll have to be the passive, because that's the only way I can figure to work it out.»

    The man put down his glass and came from behind the bar. «At your orders, little princess. What do I do?»

    Linda guided him to the middle of the room and drew him down to lie upon his back. His cock was still soft, so she kneeled beside him and manipulated his balls with her deft fingers and the greasy cockhead with her tongue and lips, until it began to harden once more. Growing thick and long, the huge club soon reached its stretched size, the glans throbbing with renewed life as Linda sat back.

    «Just stay that way,» she murmured, «and Auntie Beth will come over and take this beautiful prick up into her juicy pussy, riding on it and putting her tits right down on Brad's chest, so that her ass gets tilted up for Eddie's cock. And Eddie – maybe you'd better go find some hand cream or Vaseline or something slippery like that. You might have a little trouble getting it into Auntie's ass, at first.»

    Beth told him: «Check my bathroom, darling.»

    «Sure,» he answered, a new excitement rising within him at the idea of sticking his hard shaft into his aunt's virginal asshole, and turned on even more by the almost casual arrangements being made by his sister. Hurrying into the master bedroom, he went through Beth's beauty things, discovering a tube of skin cream that smelled sexy and felt tingly when he tried some on the head of his cock. Eddie brought the tube back with him, returning to the living room in time to see his auntie straddling her brother's body.

    She looked delicious with her modeled thighs spread and the sleek mounds of her ass gleaming whitely. He had no doubt that she would always be able to turn him on, just by stripping before him and standing nude in all the proud glory of her warm flesh. He stood staring as she poised her shaggy crotch above the pulsing knob of Brad's heavy pole, then glanced over to where Linda was readying herself to have the man eat into her delectable little pussy.

    This time would be a true blending of the four of them, Eddie thought, a connecting of all bodies and passions mixing thrillingly in an honest desire to share and be shared. Nobody would be left out; each of them would have at least one orgasm, and for him, the screwing would be something entirely different, the sampling of a very special hole.

    He watched Beth lower her belly, the sunshine furriness of her pubic mound coming down to press against the blunt and leaking tip of her brother's prick and wiggling there until it was settled into the frothy and torrid lips of her pussy. Brad reached up and caught his sister's hips, sliding his palms up and down the ripeness of her smooth thighs as his cockhead slowly penetrated her oiled labia, spreading the anxious lips and sliding powerfully up into Beth's receptive vagina itself.

    His aunt sighed as the full length of that distended shaft reached home, as her crotch came down against the root of her brother's prick, mixing her golden cunt hair with his darker fur. But she wasn't looking down at it; she was staring across his body to where Linda was also setting herself to join the party, balancing her young, svelte body upon her knees and stroking the brown curls of her mound in eager anticipation. One knee was at each side of the man's head, and Brad was looking up into the dainty pussy lips of the girlish snatch.

    She was already enjoying herself immensely, relishing her role as director of the orgy, and Eddie could see that his little sister was horny as she had ever been, the small, hard nipples of her firm breasts sticking straight out, the flat, smooth belly rippling in sensuous arousal. Linda's slim hips rolled erotically from side to side as she displayed her humid young pussy to the man waiting below it. Then she allowed herself to drift gently down, so that her lightly haired crotch was presented to Brad's open mouth.

    Reaching out both hands, Linda took Beth's fingers and held them for a long, shuddery moment, as Brad's tongue lanced hotly up into her excited vagina. She let go then, and motioned for Beth to lie flat upon the man's chest. Still standing there, Eddie watched his auntie flatten the luxurious heapings of her big tits into Brad's hairy chest, and saw the dark pink cleft of her heavily mossed ass point upward, the cheeks slightly spread and the little dark hole waiting for the touch of his own hard prick.

    Could he actually get his cock into that tiny indentation? Eddie dipped his fingers against the tube of skin cream and applied them to the head of his prick, being generous with the lubrication, rubbing it all the way down the length of his rigid shaft. He even oiled his balls, then took one mire dollop of the slippery stuff on his fingertips before putting down the tube and approaching the three people interlocked and moving slowly, sensuously upon the floor.

    Eddie had to kneel between Brad's outstretched legs, feeling the man's hard and hairy thighs against his own as he trailed his greasy fingers into the crack of Beth's quivering ass, smearing them into her cleft and concentrating upon the little furry knot of her anus. His balls trembled in urgency and his prick throbbed anxiously as he fondled that small opening, all hot and slidy.

    Peering down, he could see where Brad's thick root was firmly into the woman's opulent cunt, buried to the balls. His own balls would rest against the hairy sack, when he got his own shaft fully submerged into Auntie Beth's asshole. Taking a deep breath, he guided his creamy cockhead down into the valley between her shapely buttocks, holding her ass still with one hand and using the other to help aim his glans.

    The tip shuddered against her hole, and Eddie pushed gently, forcing the end into what seemed almost an impossible tightness, but knowing the spreading of the narrow vent, feeling it give inward, then turn more elastic as he shoved just a little harder. The heat inside her tremulous body was fantastic, seeming to blaze up against his cockhead.

    Eddie hunched more strongly, and Beth squirmed to assist the steady penetration, grinding her filled vagina upon another buried prick as she struggled to get all of Eddie's shaft into her tube. Heavily buttered, it inched inside the tight hose, and he shuddered as the flanged knob finally eased into the unknown depths, and the sturdy length of his hard rod followed.

    Rubbery walls closed around his pole, clenching him avidly as his cockhead felt up into Beth's tube, squeezing down along his entire root. He felt his balls nudging against Brad's furry sack, and he knew he was at last locked into his auntie's asshole, buried deeply into what had been forbidden territory until this very moment.

    Sighing, Eddie wiggled his ass gently, but held his cock solidly into the woman, realizing that she would have to do most of the moving, else one prick or the other might slip out of its nest. As Beth humped tenderly upon both embedded cocks, Eddie could feel Brad's big shaft through the partition of membrane dividing asshole from vagina, and when their balls scraped softly together, he knew a tremendously sexy thrill from the contact.

    His auntie ground lovingly upon them both, moaning and twisting at the totally new sensation of being packed, at having a young cock working deeply within her very bowels while she rode upon a massive prick cupped inside her pussy. Eddie looked up and watched Linda's face, seeing the rapture there as his sister gyrated her crotch against Brad's open mouth, rubbing her cunt lips strongly into the man's teeth and enjoying the probing of his long, active tongue within her feverish snatch.

    Beth's head was pillowed upon Linda's thigh, the fine golden hair spread like an exotic net across the girl's flawless, tanned skin. Linda kept moving with short, sliding thrusts that worked her clit into Brad's mouth so that he could tease it with his tongue and suck upon the little nubbin.

    Eddie couldn't help stroking just a little, backing his cock halfway out of the muscular clasp of his auntie's asshole, only to let it slip forward greasily again as the tube seemed to give, to loosen in the heat of their activity. It was almost like fucking his sister that first time, he thought, like the original tightness of Linda's cunt when she had been a cherry. But there was a difference, also; Beth's tube was tight all the way up and down, and there was no way he could reach bottom – not without driving his cockhead clear into unguessable depths within the interior of her heaving body.

    Beth was coming; she was crying out wordlessly and twisting her sheath upon Brad's now lunging prick, rolling her ass upon Eddie's rod as she reached what must have been a fabulous orgasm. Eddie felt the vibration of her climax when the vaginal walls flexed, and he stroked into her narrow hot hose. Brad's balls struggled against his own sack, and the guy arched his back, burying that immense shaft into the clinging caress of Beth's fluctuating pussy. Brad was coming, too, Eddie realized, and felt a matching tremble flowering within his testicles. The radiant warmth spread up into his lower belly, the core of the heat focusing upon the stem of his grinding prick, then racing upward along the swollen meat. When it leaped uncontrollably from his jerking glans, Eddie knew the magnificent climax, and he let go his powerful fountain of semen into the suctioning clutch of his auntie's asshole. The stuff spattered the tube of her anus, flooding it with his come all milky and thick, drenching her with his precious male fluids.

    «Eat me, eat me!» Linda cried out then, hammering her crotch into Brad's siphoning mouth, grinding her inflamed pussy around his tongue and into his teeth, gripping her own thighs and digging her fingernails into the resilient flesh as she came in a furious, spasmed release. «Oh-oh-oh! I'm coming and coming as if I'll never stop. Brad – darling Uncle Brad – oh, you're a wonderful beautiful cunt eater!»

    Beth's asshole twitched around Eddie's stilled cock, and her pussy rippled back and forth over her brother's shaft. Eddie knew that the woman was inundated with semen, that she was soaking in the hot, greasy stuff front and back, reveling in the sensations of it and of being so loved by two men at the same time. Eddie wondered If her orgasm had been twice as powerful as usual, and he thought that might be so, since it was all so new to her.

    He was the first to move away, tenderly pulling his softening prick from the narrow confines of his auntie's ass. When he had rocked back upon his knees, he saw Linda lifting her dripping crotch from Brad's wetly glistening face and hoped that his sister had come as wonderfully as anybody. Brad and Beth lay quietly together, not moving for a long time.

    Chapter 10

    Eddie lay out in the sun beside the swimming pool, just relaxing and cooling it for now, as they all were. It was kind of groovy for them to all be naked out here together, and he thought it was a good thing Auntie Beth had a high wall around her back yard, and that the pool was further screened by tall, waving bamboo; some of the neighbors might not dig so much nudity.

    But he did; through half-lowered lids, he truly enjoyed seeing Beth's pale body slipping through the clear water and watching his sister dangling her slim legs into the pool, her sun-browned and willowy body looking as if someone had taken a long and careful time polishing the skin. There were little sparkling water diamonds caught and held in the curly brown hair of her sweet mound, and Eddie thought it might be fun to lick them off.

    They'd had a good lunch, and a nap afterward, and now they were whiling away the time until dinner. His aunt's servants were getting a longer holiday than they had expected, but Eddie didn't imagine they minded that much. Of course, Beth couldn't have them around, now that the open fucking had gotten underway like this.

    Across the pool, Brad McKeever lay on his belly, and Eddie noticed that there was even a smattering of hair across the man's ass cheeks. Tonight had to be kind of special for Brad, because he had to fly out of town the next day. They would all miss him, but the girls would be desolate without the loving use of his huge cock. But business was business, Brad had told them, and although he'd try like hell to get back soon, he just wasn't certain if he could make it. If he did return before vacation was over, Brad promised that he would bring a chick with him, a real swinger who would be happy to join the family temporarily.

    Eddie closed his eyes and thought about having still another grownup woman; this one was younger than Beth, his uncle said, but still several years older than Eddie and his sister. He liked the idea of having a new and different cunt to explore, to taste, to feel different responses and contractions around his driving prick. Variety was the kick; all pussy must be terrific, but a guy got more fun from experimenting around with strange snatches.

    He wondered if his mom and dad played games, or if they simply fucked without imagination. Maybe they were both a little tired of screwing only each other by now, or maybe both of them were getting something on the side. Eddie tried to think back over his parents' friends, to decide whether or not one of the guys was putting the meat to his mom's pussy on the sly.

    He sat up suddenly when his sister splashed cold water over him. «Come on, sleepy,» she said. «It's almost dinner time, and we have to take our baths, so we can be all sweet and clean for the balling tonight.»

    Blinking around, Eddie saw that their auntie and Brad were already gone from the pool, so he got up and stretched, yawning a little and feeling all sun-warmed and happy. «Linda – do you think mom and dad are screwing around?»

    She grinned at him and climbed out of the water. «Sure.»

    «I mean with somebody else,» he said.

    Linda shrugged. «Could be, I guess; I never thought about it before.»

    They walked together across the sunny patio, their hips brushing delightfully. Eddie said then, «Did you ever wonder how it would be, to fuck dad?»

    Her eyes flashed sideways at him. «Sometimes, but I've never been jealous of mom.»

    «Well, I'm not jealous of him, either,» Eddie said as they entered the house, «but ever since we started making it with Auntie Beth, I've been thinking more and more about screwing mom. It would be a real blast, if we could get them balling with us, too.»

    Linda turned and placed her sleek body to his, so he could feel the rising points of her tits and the fuzzy hair of her mound against his flesh. «Let's talk about that later. If I get to thinking about fucking dad too much, I'll want to go home and try it. Then, if it doesn't work out, you and I will be in all kinds of trouble. And I just can't ever stop screwing you, Eddie. We'd have to run away, hit the road or something.»

    He caressed her smooth back and rubbed his belly gently across hers. «Okay; we won't worry about that now. We've still got a party with Uncle Brad tonight after dinner.»

    She kissed him, running her tongue quickly into his mouth. «Yeah, and I'll sure miss that big, hard prick when he leaves. You'll have to fuck Beth and me more, to make up for it.»

    «I'll sure try,» he promised, and they went upstairs to the bath, to get ready.

    But they had started something, and Eddie was just soaping himself in the shower when Linda ducked through the curtains and stood with him, her sweet, lithe body shining as rivulets of water purled down her browned skin.

    Eddie smiled at his sister as she took the soap from him and started to lather him copiously, sliding foamy hands all over his tensing body, making him tingle and squirm at the bubbling caresses. Up and down his skin she went, fondling and cupping, teasing with her finger-nails, and his shaft rose steadily, strongly. Linda began to play with it, her hands very slippery, working over his cock and down into his balls.

    He took the soap away from her and lathered his hands. Her breasts felt like greasy little hillocks against his wet palms, their nipples popping away at his touch. Kneeling in the showering water, Eddie went all over his sister's trim body, soaping her heavily, getting a kick out of the feel of her flesh as the bubbles frothed. He cupped her ass cheeks and piled glistening drifting bubbles in the hair of her warm pussy.

    She sank slowly down before him, and leaned backward, presenting the jeweled shapings of her crotch to him, and Eddie couldn't resist any longer, nor did he want to. Crouching above his sister's supine body, he was glad she was small, that she could stretch out on the bottom of the tub. She couldn't get her legs all the way open, but, by jamming his knees on each side of her thighs, Eddie could manage.

    Reaching down with the dripping head of his swollen prick, he probed her frothy mound for the hot opening of her cunt lips, and Linda wiggled happily upward, lifting her pelvis to help him find the spot. Eddie's cock-head discovered the marvelous softness of her labia, and he shoved into the slot, pushing down and angling up as his flanged knob slipped into the buttery vagina and its silken folds closed adoringly around the distended shaft.

    With the hot water raining down upon them and further stimulating their flesh, they fucked blissfully. Soapy water slashed beneath Linda's gently surging hips and splashed upward to soak Eddie's balls. They had never screwed in the bath before, and Eddie found himself really digging the wild new sensation of water stirring around his sack and waving over the heaving mound of his sister's eager young snatch. He could hear the slopping noises as extra juices flowed into and around her excited cunt.

    «Oh wow,» she breathed, hanging onto his shoulders and hiking the ardent basket of her inundated crotch to him with every long and burrowing stroke he made. «This is fantastic, darling – it's like fucking in hot oils, we're both so slippery and slidy, and my pussy is getting washed out every time you stick your cock into it.»

    Eddie plunged his stiff prick steadily into his sister's exquisite cunt, feeling the vaginal walls grasp its sliding length, feeling the socket of her cervix give spongily against the tapping of his glans. Linda rolled her hips and the cheeks of her ass skidded around in his hands; her tits raked soapily across his dripping chest and, when she raised her mouth to his, her tongue flicking avidly, he realized that she was about to come.

    Speeding up the tempo of his seesawing cock, Eddie fed the hard meat into her seething, churning pussy, banging his pelvis into hers and grinding his cockhead almost viciously deep. He felt the furious suction of her cunt walls, and he shivered when Linda's upward lunges pounded into his crotch.

    «Fuck me hard!» she gasped. «Oh my darling, horny brother – fuck me hard and fuck me deep. I'm c-coming – coming – UHHH!»

    He met her savage thrusts, driving his prick home with every hammering stroke and grinding it there against the tight and narrow bottom. When Linda stiffened out all over, he held his cockhead in place against the pillow of her womb and cut loose his own orgasm. Gushing hotly from his flexing glans, Eddie's semen roared into his sister's already wet and slippery vagina. His come poured into her writhing pussy, flushing it out with heavy oysters of semen that steamed in her silken depths.

    She sighed back from him, her hips slowly subsiding, her firm little tits slowly falling up and down. Inside her loving snatch, juicy membranes continued to fondle Eddie's shaft and to shudder around his cockhead. The water splashed hotly over them, gathering in a warm lake around Linda's ass, washing away the final vestiges of the soap that had made them so slippery together.

    Eddie backed his yet rigid cock from the sweet clamping of his sister's greasy cunt, and sat back to let the water rain down upon the gleaming head, so that the seminal residue was washed away. When he climbed out of the tub and stood upon the mat to towel himself dry, he said to Linda, «I feel kind of sneaky, as if we just ripped off a piece of ass without the others knowing.»

    She came dripping out to grab a towel and stand beside him. «I guess that's left over from our old programming, Eddie. I mean, none of us owes anyone else excuses or reasons for anything we do. If I want to fuck you, I don't have to ask Auntie Beth; if she wants to go down on you, she doesn't have to let me know in advance. That's what makes everything so groovy with us. It's the freedom to do everything we want to, so long as we don't try to push our trip on somebody else who might not dig it.»

    Nodding, Eddie said, «It would be great, if everybody did that.»

    Linda finished drying herself by working the towel back and forth between her spread legs, wiggling her dainty ass as she did so. «I don't worry about everybody, just about us. Come on, let's wear our towels down to dinner.»

    It was a richly satisfying meal that Beth served them, and Eddie ate heartily. The atmosphere was light and happy, laced through with a hint of anticipation that kept all four of them kind of high. He dug the scarlet dressing gown Beth wore, and the way the thin material clung to her heavy nipples and moved across her belly like part of her skin when she walked back and forth from the stove.

    Brad had on a pair of jockey shorts and nothing else. The elastic crotch snugged the outline of his prick, big even though it was soft, and cupped the massive sack of his balls. Eddie finished his dessert and thought that they'd certainly have to find another sex partner or two, after his uncle left town. Surely Beth knew someone who could be drawn step by careful step into participation with them; maybe a divorced friend, some bachelor neighbor, or better yet, a married couple. He thought about that idea for awhile, relishing the image of himself fucking some guy's wife while the man stood by, or even joined in. And it would be even better, if the couple had never swapped or swung before, if the whole idea was new to them.

    Just thinking about it, Eddie felt his cock rising, the growing head pushing against the fluffy towel across his lap. He decided to ask his aunt about finding such a couple, after Brad departed on his business trip. He was just beginning to realize the power he and Linda had, the weapon of their forthrightness and honesty about sex. If they used that power properly, they should be able to penetrate the defenses of just about any normal adult they came into contact with. It had been easy enough to turn on Auntie Beth, once he'd gotten up the nerve to sneak into bed with her and put the prick to that ripely mature pussy that still excited him so much.

    The dishes were cleared and stacked in the washer. They wandered into the living room and Beth made certain that the curtains were drawn, the doors locked. Eddie watched the suggestive rolling of her shapely ass as she moved back and forth across the big room. Linda looked very cute in her towel sarong as she put a tape on the stereo and began to dance by herself. His sister rocked her body sinuously, jiggling the nubile globes of her tits and swaying her hips in beguiling arcs, soft lamp- light gleaming upon the curves of her flesh.

    Eddie got up and joined her, letting himself flow to the beat of the music, his own towel slipping away as his cock lifted hard and throbbing. It was fun to dance with a hard-on, he thought, putting the cockhead to his sister's intriguingly gyrating belly every once in awhile. She danced around in a circle, turning the swiveling hills of her ass to him, and Eddie slid closer, placing his balls into the lightly mossed and moving cleft, letting his prick reach up along her spine. Reaching around, he took her tits in both hands, and she leaned back against him as they kept moving to the music. Rhythmically, sensuously, they rocked and bumped gently, digging the beat, their eyes closed and their bodies sending messages.

    When Eddie opened his eyes, he saw that Brad and Beth had joined them, not moving quite as loosely, but seemingly enjoying themselves tremendously. The tape finally clicked off, and Linda drew away from him to put another one in the deck. But the long spell had been broken, and now Beth was drifting to the carpet, her heavy breasts lifting in tremulous urgency as she peeled off her scarlet dressing gown and let it fall away from the proud glory of her lovely body. Eddie knew that his passionate auntie was more than ready to be fucked.

    Without a plan, they all gathered around her, and Brad was the first to kneel between her veed legs, easing up into the wonder of her lush thighs with his massive prick hanging above her whitely flexing belly. The man fondled his sister's legs, lowering his crotch until his huge shaft lay along her curved stomach.

    Brad said throatily, «No man can ever get enough of your beautiful cunt, Beth. I'm so damned glad I came to visit just when I did, just as you were being awakened by our nephew. I wish I could stay right here and fuck you forever, to keep fucking little Linda, too.»

    Her eyelids fluttered, and she said, «You'll be back, darling. Let's not think about your leaving right now; let's just fuck and fuck.»

    The man pressed his swollen cockhead into her richly haired snatch, burrowing it through the resilient barricade of her golden fleece and nudging the blunt, greasy tip into the heated, rubbery lips that seemed to gulp at it. Brad thrust his immense shaft on up inside his sister's rippling pussy then, burying the meaty rod to the roots with one long, powerful stroke.

    Linda held to Eddie's hand and breathed softly against his ear. «Isn't it wonderful, seeing that gorgeous big prick slipping up into Auntie Beth's lovely pussy?»

    «It's always kinky to watch it,» Eddie agreed, «Just about as much fun as fucking her myself.»

    Brad gave his sister's cunt a few more strokes, then pulled out and looked around at Eddie. «Your turn,» he said, and moved along Beth's squirming body to take her head in his lap. Eddie saw the man rub his slippery cockhead up and down the woman's cheek, and watched Auntie Beth turn her face to take that oiled glans eagerly into her mouth.

    Then he took his uncle's place between Beth's maturely rounded thighs, setting his knob into the steaming labia that Brad's big cock had just left. Shoving his prick on inside his auntie's torrid snatch, Eddie felt the velvet sheath grip his shaft and pull it ever deeper, all juicy and thrilling, until his cockhead touched bottom, until his balls were tucked into the furry crack of her ass.

    Beth's cunt was a well dripping boiling liquids, a wet oven that seared his thrusting cock, a tightly clenching sleeve of greasy membranes that caressed its length and thickness with every tiny movement he made, delving into that fascinating hole.

    Beth was busy eating her brother's prick, bobbing her head up and down, her lips wrapped hungrily around the swollen head and her tongue running wild over it. But again, Brad gently backed his huge tool from her adoring body, even though Beth moaned in disappointment. He motioned to Eddie to take his place, and Eddie reluctantly withdrew his aching prong from the embrace of his auntie's luxurious pussy. Beth's crotch heaved in protest, but she was ready to accept Eddie's prick into her mouth when he crawled around to her head.

    Looking down, he wondered if Linda would be left out of the action again, but soon saw that wasn't to be the case. Brad was urging Linda down on her knees, so that the girl was staring into the reddened and inflamed lips of Beth's anxious cunt. Blissfully Eddie felt the stroking of his auntie's deft tongue as it worked over his straining cockhead and dipped excitingly into the slit.

    He watched Linda bury her face into the hairy brush of their aunt's beautiful, steaming pussy, then saw that Brad had some other things in mind. The man got down behind Linda and fondled the slim, delicate cheeks of the girl's ass, that monstrous club up like a mighty flagpole. When she arched her ass toward him, Brad bent his flexible shaft enough to brace the puffy knot against the ready mound of her humid snatch.

    As Linda ate into Beth's surging cunt, Brad worked his big glans tenderly into the girl's pussy, sliding it into the tight little box inch by swollen red inch until it was fully embedded within her vagina, and her ass was snuggling back against his pelvis.

    They were all making it again, Eddie thought wildly; each of them was balling and being balled. His auntie was pulling avidly upon his prick, sliding the wet head around inside her cheeks and over the roof of her mouth. Linda was teasing Beth's clitoris with her agile tongue, sucking away at the satin folds of the cunt itself. And behind her, feeding his thick meat into Linda's pussy, Brad pumped ecstatically back and forth.

    Beth turned ravenous upon Eddie's prick, her teeth raking the shaft as she tried to swallow the cockhead itself, her tongue wetly lashing the knob and her cheeks dipping in and out as she chewed and sucked. He dug his fingers into the golden cascade of her flowing hair, realizing that his auntie wasn't about to let him go until he had released the load of his balls.

    Eyes blurring, he could barely make out the erotic twisting of her pale, bountiful body as his sister ate into Beth's snatch, dimly see the squirming of Linda's tanned skin as the girl surged into the powerful piston that was sledging into her pussy. When Beth groaned around his expanding cockhead, Eddie closed his eyes and shivered in the overwhelming throes of a tremendous orgasm.

    The bulb of his prick vibrated, and erupted a thickly hissing stream of creamy lava into his auntie's tugging mouth. The heavy juices boiled around her tongue as his cock pulsed strongly and pulsed again, each jerking of the shaft sending another squirt of bubbling come back against the velvet gloving of her throat.

    She sucked eagerly at the stuff, drawing every drop up from his flexing balls, swallowing and then siphoning for more, her mouth still slipping up and down his trembling shaft as Beth tried to get the entire length of his prick down her throat, to gulp his slowly diminishing fluids.

    When Eddie sagged back and opened his eyes, they focused upon his sister's head locked tenderly between Beth's milky thighs, then moved to where Brad was locked into Linda's pussy, the man hissing between his teeth as his massive club spat come into the girl's body.

    They had all come, and they were all stilled for the moment, holding sweetly to each other while the waves of passion receded from their organs, the warmth of love making their skins tingle. Then they seemed to move with a common purpose again, Eddie removing his still rigid prick from his auntie's wet mouth so he could crawl around; Linda sliding up Beth's softly twitching body until she could press her dripping pussy into the woman's face; Brad going forward with his heavy prick still wet to insert it into Beth's cunt.

    Hesitating only a fraction of time, Eddie stood up and moved to where he could take his sister's head between his hands. Linda smiled lasciviously when he brought his cockhead close to her lips, and suddenly they were all at it again. Now Beth was eating into the girl's excited snatch as Linda rode her face; now Linda was sucking upon Eddie's eager rod, and now Brad was working his club feverishly into Beth's vagina, driving so deeply with every thrust that he shook his sister's body from head to foot.

    Eddie moved his ass back and forth in voluptuous movements, so that his prick eased around inside Linda's avid mouth, playing over her tongue and feeling her inner cheeks. He watched Brad shoving the hard meat to the golden snatch, the immense shaft glistening wetly from the lubrications of two different cunts, the hairy balls swinging to slap against the uplifted cleft of Beth's ass.

    Surging together, each of them building their own sensuous rhythm and concentrating upon their individual gratification, they fucked and sucked until the shock waves climbed through their straining bodies once more. Eddie swayed as if he was caught in a hot, strong wind, and when he came again the house seemed to rock around him.

    Chapter 11

    Brad kissed the women goodbye and shook hands with Eddie next morning and, just before he left, said to them all: «Maybe if I can't make it back here in a few weeks, I can fly down to Susan's, instead. Think about that, kids, Beth.»

    Then he was gone to the taxi, and there was a hole in their lives. Beth turned on the dishwasher and Eddie helped his sister dust and vacuum, since nobody wanted the servants back as yet. It had been a long night for everybody; he and Brad had taken turns on the women, after that second hurried climaxing with the four of them blended together. Brad had fucked his sister dog fashion, while Linda rode Eddie's prick like an eager jockey. Then they changed over, dipping their shafts alternately into the plush, mellow cunt and the excited young pussy. They had run out of gas somewhere around midnight, eaten a late snack, showered and gone to bed – Eddie with his Auntie Beth and Brad with his niece, to spend the rest of the night as they pleased.

    Now they would have to adjust their ways of loving and return to a trio. Which wasn't all that bad, Eddie admitted; he didn't mind being stud to his sister and aunt, and they could ball themselves if either of them felt slighted. It wasn't as if everything was now coming to an end – as it might be, when Eddie and Linda had to go home. Thinking about the trip, Eddie knew he'd have to push his aunt into contacting somebody else.

    He found her tidying up the kitchen, looking terrific in a soft robe of pale green that clung to her hips and breasts and set off the bright gleaming of her hair.

    «Auntie,» he said, «do you have any close women friends, married ones?»

    She looked at him. «A few, Eddie. Why?»

    «We need someone to take Uncle Brad's place,» he said. «Not that anybody really could, but let's say a temporary replacement. I know how much fun it is for you to take other pricks besides mine, and I'll always dig putting it to some strange pussy. So I thought maybe we could get one of your friends over and work on her – or him. It might be a little more difficult, making it the first time with husband and wife together.»

    Beth arched one tailored eyebrow and put a hand upon her hip. «That's a great idea, Eddie, but I don't know who I'd trust enough to – wait a second; oh yes, I do! Isobel Zachary, of course. I think she's been having a few discreet affairs over the past couple of years, and besides, I've always been a little interested in her husband. Clayton is a handsome man, quite distinguished and hopefully, sexy.»

    «Sounds good,» Eddie said. «How old are they?»

    She sat down at the kitchen table and smiled at him. «Older than me. Isobel is forty, but very well kept and attractive; I'm certain you'll like her. Clayton is about five years older, greying at the temples. Funny, I never really admitted to myself that I'd ever looked at him other than as a friend. Now I'm getting excited, wondering how it will be to get my hand on his prick and to go on from there. Do you have any ideas how to go about seducing one of them? Clayton commutes to an office every day, but Isobel should be home-«

    «Call her,» Eddie suggested, «ask her to come over. Then after a few drinks, you can get curious about her affairs, and finally tell her what we're doing. We'll take it as it comes, then; okay?»

    Nodding, Beth hurried to the phone and placed the call. Eddie gathered up his sister and they went upstairs to dress, so they would again look like innocent little kids instead of horny young sex machines. It wouldn't do, to hit this strange lady with too much at once. If she walked in and caught them bare-assed, she might cut out thinking that everybody at the Marshall house had freaked out.

    «What's she look like?» Linda asked.

    «Don't know,» he answered. «Auntie said she was forty and attractive. Now don't go grabbing my cock or goosing me, or anything gross like that. We don't want to scare off this new cunt. And don't forget, she has a husband. Man, it'll be groovy to put the prick to a woman with her old man right there, watching his wife take my meat.»

    «And the other way around,» Linda said. «It's something we haven't done yet, and we can use the practice. I've been thinking more about making it with mom and dad, and decided that I should be the one to make the first move. You know how dad gets about half smashed on the night mom goes out to play cards? If you stay out of the way then, I'll try to turn him on, and if he doesn't back off right away, I'll just fuck him silly before he gets a chance to think it over.»

    «Yeah,» Eddie said thoughtfully, «then we can work around to mom, maybe even with his help, because once he gets into your hot little snatch, he won't want to get cut off. We'll plan it all out on the way home.»

    Isobel Zachary wore a pants suit, and Eddie blinked at the woman in astonishment, because she was about six feet tall and lean. She had hair that was black as midnight and cut in a shag, and her skin was olive and rose. She carried herself well, her back erect and her extremely long legs swinging freely, as a man might walk, and the woman seemed very self-confident. Her eyes were exotically slanted, the blue shadow enhancing them, and Eddie had to look away quickly, so she wouldn't catch him staring at her.

    Damn, he thought; he hadn't expected a woman so much taller than he was, and one that was almost skinny, at that. But beneath the suit jacket and pink blouse, her tits seemed to be tip-tilted and solid, though no bigger than Linda's budding breasts. Then he thought of being wrapped into those long, tapering legs and flashed on the notion of being fucked, as a nine-year-old boy, by a grown woman.

    After he and Linda were introduced, they went into the living room, supposedly to play music and such, leaving Beth and Isobel alone in the kitchen over coffee royales. But they only sneaked right back to where they could listen to the conversation between the two women.

    «Well,» Isobel, said in her throaty voice, «they're both very good- looking kids, and if you hadn't told me differently, I'd swear they were twins. I'm glad you called, Beth; I was bored out of my skull sitting around the house, and I've been meaning to come over and cheer you up, anyhow.»

    «The romance over?» Beth asked.

    Eddie peeped through an ornate room divider to see Isobel tilt her dark head to one side. «You knew about that?»

    «I guessed,» Beth answered. «Isobel, before I say anything more, I want you to know that I've changed completely. I'm no longer the moralistic, uptight person I was. If you've finished that royale, would you like something stronger?»

    «I may need it, Beth. You're already surprising me all to hell with this new liberal attitude. If I didn't know you so well, I might even think that you've taken a lover yourself. There's a radiance about you, a happy youthfulness I never expected to see.»

    Carefully, Eddie and Linda watched their auntie get glasses and mix drinks in them. After Isobel had sipped half of hers, Beth said, «I have taken a lover; in fact, I've had two of them.»

    «What? The lovely, stuffy Beth confessing to something so out of context? I can't believe it! Who is he – they? Do I know them?»

    Laughing. Beth said, «You've met one of them. He's the one who started it all.»

    «Where did I meet a man like that? Surely, I'd remember, and – let's see, I haven't been here in about a month, when you were so down and blue. Beth, tell me who it is!»

    «I'm not sure you're ready for it'» Beth said. «Better let me freshen your drink first.»

    Isobel was sitting bolt upright, staring at Beth; her long legs were crossed, and Eddie wished the woman were wearing a skirt, so he could get a better look at those limber stems. Linda tickled his ear, and he pushed her hand away.

    «Here's to lovers,» Beth toasted, lifting her glass. «And especially to a young one; a very young one.»

    «I'll be damned,» Isobel said. «You've hired a gigolo.»

    Beth's laugh was like silver bells pealing. «Oh no. Money couldn't buy the delicious kind of screwing I've been getting.»

    The other woman drained her glass. «Now I know I'm hearing things; the snow princess said a dirty word. But you still haven't told me who; and don't think I'll be shocked, Beth Marshall. I've screwed four different men since I've been married to Clayton, and two before him. And right now, I think I'm just beginning to approach the peak of my sexual capabilities. So fire away.»

    «All right,» Beth answered slowly. «I've been fucking the boy you just met – my nephew Eddie.»

    Eddie could hear Isobel swallow dryly, and there was a long, tense moment before the woman said, «I take it all back. I'm not shockproof, after all. You mean – that boy – that cute kid and you-«

    «He's the horniest, most accomplished lover any woman could ask for,» Beth said. «Except possibly for my brother Brad, but I'm not really comparing them; they're both terrific.»

    «Pour me another drink,» Isobel said shakily. «And I thought I was the neighborhood swinger. How – what-«

    «He crawled into my bed when I was smashed,» Beth continued. «I tried to pretend that I was dreaming, but when he fucked me again the next day, it was too good for imagination. We just went on from there.»

    «But the little girl-«

    «Oh, she's part of it, too. Eddie and Linda have been screwing each other for months now, and she seduced my brother when he came by for a quick visit. That set him up for me, in turn, and the four of us balled together for days and nights on end.»

    After another interval of thoughtful silence, Isobel said, «But why are you suddenly telling me all this?»

    «Because I thought you'd like to join us,» Beth answered calmly. «Eddie is deeply interested in older women now, and I – well, I've always admired you tremendously, Isobel. I think you're beautiful and sexy, and I envied you your freedom. I'd like to love you, too.»

    Peering through the divider, Eddie saw the other woman flinch. «That, too? You're making me seem like a schoolkid, Beth. I-I don't know what to say.»

    «Just say you'll have another drink; then we can go into the living room where you can be properly introduced to Eddie. I imagine he and his sister are listening to every word we're saying, and I'd bet that his nice young prick is stiff as can be, right now.»

    «I'll have another drink» Isobel murmured dutifully. «I sure as hell need it.»

    Eddie and Linda hurried into the living room, where his sister said, «You think we ought to strip now, or wait a little bit?»

    «Maybe we'd better wait. Isobel acts a little jumpy, so we'll give the liquor time to work. Wow; I never thought I'd get to fuck a woman that tall. She has the longest, slickest looking legs I ever saw. I'll bet she can tie them in knots around a guy when she's screwing. I wish her old man was right here to see her do it, this first time.»

    «He might kick your ass,» Linda commented, «unless he's getting some of Auntie Beth's good pussy, or mine. Fair is fair.»

    They were sitting together on the long, low couch when Beth led the other woman into the room. Isobel's olive face was slightly flushed, and she hesitated, only flicking her brown eyes at Eddie. Smiling, Beth let go her hand and moved to Eddie, saying, «Stand up, darling. I want to show you off to my best friend. She's a little shy right now, but I'm certain she'll come around soon. Let me help you take off that tee shirt.»

    He raised his arms, staring intently at the tall, lean woman. Beth pulled his tee shirt over his head, then reached for the zipper on his jeans. Patiently, he waited until she drew the pants down his legs, then stepped out of them, kicking off his sneakers. He didn't have on shorts, and his prick began to lift slowly, stiffening and swelling as it climbed above the curly-haired sack of his balls.

    «There,» Beth breathed, «isn't that a beautiful young cock? It's perfectly hard, and he uses it so wonderfully. I'm really making you quite a present, Isobel.»

    The woman was still standing silently, as if in shock, so Eddie walked toward her, his now fully erect prick pointing the way. When he got close, he discovered that his head was just level with her tits. Reaching up, he peeled back her suit jacket, and slid it down her nerveless arms. He saw a tremble shake her thin body as he unbuttoned the sheer blouse and lifted it away. Her tits were small and cone- shaped; held in confinement by a lacy white bra, they moved up and down with excitement. It would have been awkward for him to reach around and fumble with the bra snaps, so Eddie unfastened her slacks instead, and, robotlike, she lifted one amazingly long leg at a time, so he could pull them off.

    He saw the intriguing mound of her pussy, its pouting shape held in check by the lacy panties, the jet black hairs flattened against nylon. Running his eyes over her skin, he admired the supreme length of the willowy legs and the flatness of her belly, enjoying the tiny ripples that were racing over her taut body.

    Beth drifted behind the woman like a golden shadow, and did something to the bra hooks before stepping away again. Isobel's tits sprang free, their nipples so darkly brown they looked black, the globes of her breasts not quite firm now, but sagging only a little; and Eddie liked the looks of them.

    When he touched the swollen head of his prick to her upper thigh, Isobel flinched, but he hooked his thumbs into the tops of her panties and pulled. The nylon undies sailed down her narrow thighs and seemed to float to the carpet so she could step out of them. Now she was totally nude, and he stared at the beautiful ebony curls of her pubic mound, at the beguiling sculpture of her pussy. The woman was trembling continuously now, her breath rasping in her throat, and his agitated cock was stirring hungrily in answer.

    Taking her hand, he led her to the couch, and Linda moved away to give them room. Isobel collapsed there, losing control of her long, supple body section by section. Helplessly, she sprawled on the pillows, her exotically slanted eyelids drooping, and the nipples of her tits stabbing the warm air like arrowheads.

    «You're beautiful,» Eddie said down to her. «You're forty years old and a guy's wife, and you're very beautiful. I'm going to fuck you now, Mrs. Isobel Zachary.»

    He lay down on top of the supine, lean body, and when he kissed the woman's panting mouth, his prick was pressed against her rib cage, his balls into her quivering belly because she was so much longer than he. At first her mouth was still, the red lips unmoving, but when he slid his questing tongue into the spiced warmness Isobel began to respond, and soon her tongue was curling around his, all wet and slippery and hot, as her breath panted into his mouth and her sharp teeth raked his.

    Eddie broke the lingering kiss and moved his mouth down her throat, trailing his tongue in a hot path between her heaving breasts. Isobel arched against him then, her heated flesh feeling new and different, the sliding of her olive skin not yet familiar. He turned his face and caught one of the dark erectile nipples in his lips, to run his tongue over the pulsing faucet.

    Opening his lips wide, he drew almost the entire small globe into his mouth and sucked on it, feeling the nipple against the roof of his mouth and tasting the exciting flavors of her tit. The woman's breath hissed above him when he released her breast and trailed down her ribs, sliding his own body lower as he kissed her quivering belly.

    Then he couldn't stop, although his prick was jerking in eagerness to plunge into the black-haired, unknown pussy. Since Eddie had gone this far, now he also wanted to know the juices of that strange cunt in his mouth, wanted to turn her on so much that Isobel would freak out in orgasm after wild orgasm.

    So he licked along the outer edges of her pubic hair, and she lifted her pelvis to him, so that he could slide his hands beneath the slim cheeks of her ass. Breathing in the spicy aromas of her aroused vulva, he teased his tongue through the clinging hairs and hit the upper reaches of her pussy lips. Isobel jerked then, her hips swinging in quick arcs, her mound rising and falling.

    Digging his fingernails into her ass, he jammed his face down into that steamy mound, parting the hairs with his probing tongue to find the feverish wetness of her labia. Joyfully, he went into those sweet and rubbery lips, slipping his tongue between them and reaching up into the crevice of the vagina itself.

    Inside, she was so juicy and hot, and when he felt around the sheath, the woman heaved against his mouth, humping lasciviously to his teeth. He held tightly to the cheeks of her narrow ass and sucked, bringing part of the greasy lining of her cunt into his mouth where he could chew tenderly upon it, so he could bathe it with his tongue and adore it with mobile lips.

    Her love oils flowed like a perfumed stream, wetting his cheeks and chin before he had even stabbed up into her clitoral hood, and when he found the throbbing clit, Isobel went crazy. Those exceptionally long and tapered legs hiked to coil around his shoulders, the smooth thighs pressing against his head as she tried to bury his entire face into the fluctuating hotness of her madly aroused pussy. Tangling her fingers into his hair, she drove her crotch against his mouth with twisting, fucking motions, screwing his tongue as if it were a stroking prick, wiggling and squirming while the copious rush of her vaginal oils squished. Of the three women he'd known, this one had the slickest, wettest cunt; it was like she meant to drown him in her juices.

    Dragging her vibrating clitoris into his teeth, Eddie sucked on it, rolled it around, pressed against it. Through the loving entrapment of her thighs, he could hear her moaning, and feel the tattoo of her heels as she drummed them upon his lower back and the cheeks of his ass.

    «Oh!» she cried out loudly. «Oh, you wonderful little bastard! Oh darling, lover – you sweet kid – oh, Eddie – eat me! Lick deeper into my pussy, darling – suck my cunt, drink my juices. Oh – ahh, yes; that's the way, like that! What a wonderful cunt eater you are – I never had it done like this – oh – oh! I can't stand it – I can't take any more. I'm about to come – to come – COME!»

    Rolling and twisting her crotch into his mouth, her clit leaping against his tongue, Isobel came with a tremendous surging of her hips, and her inflamed cunt seethed; more slippery liquids came oozing into his mouth, and he gulped them gladly, his tongue continuing to work around her violently pulsing clitoris. A great rolling shudder moved through the woman, and her thighs suddenly fell away from his head, her legs slid down his back.

    Eddie lifted his dripping face and saw that her head was thrown back and her eyes closed, that her pointed tits were jerking up and down in time with the quaking of her belly. She looked as if she had passed out in the throes of an overwhelming ecstasy, but he didn't give a damn if she was unconscious or not. He was going to get into her pussy anyway, to fuck this gorgeously wet cunt he had just eaten so hungrily, and his jetting come would add to the juiciness there.

    Chapter 12

    The woman's body was still limp as Eddie kissed a path back up the unresponsive flesh, dragging his tongue upward across her belly and nibbling at the rib cage, then moving from nipple to nipple. His hands were also busy, trailing over the smooth, olive skin and fondling hips and thighs, learning the delicate shapings of them, the pliancy of Isobel's body, so lean and long.

    He dug the different structure of her body, the exceptional length of the limbs that set her apart from both his sister and his auntie. Where Beth's thighs were plush and softly rounded, Isobel's were willowy, almost thin; where Linda's legs were lithe and tanned, these were daintily modeled and supple.

    But she had been taken out by the tremendous climax of her orgasm when Eddie ate her mature pussy, and Isobel was collapsed upon the couch, one sleek leg dangling with a foot upon the carpet, the other stretched out to its full length. Eddie dug that, too; it would be something like the first time he had sneaked into Aunt Beth's bed and fucked her while she was passed out from booze. Something about the complete helplessness, the total submission, pleased him and made his ready prick throb even more.

    Keeping both hands upon her narrow, dusky hips, he used his cockhead blindly, feeling for the dripping entrance to the woman's unresisting vulva with his anxiously distended knob. The blunt end found the steaming, juicy slot of her cunt lips, and Eddie wiggled his ass until the glans was settled firmly into the sweetly giving pussy. Then he thrust strongly, driving his hard shaft up into this new and exceptionally lubricated vagina.

    Her cunt was built as long as the rest of her, but it was narrow and pleasingly tight, the hidden folds very slippery as they closed behind his swollen cockhead to cling along the rod like a silken sheathing with hot syrup poured into it. Jamming his club to the very roots, Eddie probed those creamy velvet depths without finding the spongy cup of the woman's womb. It was beyond his reach, he thought, and possibly even beyond the reach of a prick as long and thick as Brad's.

    But he stroked into it, rolling his balls into the crack of Isobel's limp ass and feeling the stream of fluids puddled there. This cunt was like a fountain, he thought, constantly seeping love oils to bathe his prick in. Eddie fucked blissfully, pumping his hard cock deep as he could, then drawing it back so that the mouth of her greasy labia barely clung to the ridge of his bulb, so that he could slide it back inside that squishy sleeve.

    Isobel's cunt hair was springy, much coarser than the pubic moss of either Linda or Auntie Beth, and it tickled his crotch damply whenever he drove his meat home. Rocking it into her snatch, Eddie felt the woman slowly coming awake, her alertness signaled first by a new rippling deep within her pussy, followed by a faint twitching of her slim ass.

    Looking down into her thin face, he saw the slanted eyelids move and watched them open dazedly. Isobel's eyes peered up into his face, and her lower body began to pick up the steady, sledging rhythm of his fucking, swaying from side to side as she felt the sensuous probing of his hard cock.

    «W-what-« her voice was ragged and threaded through with disbelief. «What's happening to me now – oh lord – this boy is fucking me, fucking me – oh darling, you marvelous, hard-cocked little son of a bitch, you're really putting that stiff young prick to me – ahh, ahh – yes, yes – oh yes, keep right on fucking me, dear!»

    Now her hips grew ravenous, and her thin back arched to thrust her wiry-haired pelvis powerfully up to his as Isobel screwed him back, twisting her buttery cunt savagely around his pounding shaft. His balls went squish-squish into the heaving cleft of the woman's ass, and Eddie kept plowing back and forth into the clenching sloppiness of this strange woman's hungry pussy.

    Warm and slim, her arms came around his back, sliding down to tighten across his buttocks. Bit by trembling bit, Isobel's magnificently tapered legs lifted as she spread her thin thighs wider so that Eddie could work deeper within her vagina. Then she did what he had hoped she would; she brought those limber legs completely around him, trapping him in the pressure of their amazing strength and locking him into their smooth, warm skin. It was like being caught in a silken net, and he reveled in the sensation, churning his hard shaft into her greedily gulping snatch.

    «Oh damn, oh damn!» Isobel gasped huskily. «Such a hard, hard prick – and it's pounding so into my cunt, jarring me with every long thrust. Darling boy – beautiful boy – you're driving my clit insane-«

    Rolling farther back upon her shoulders, she hiked her crotch and ground it, bringing him up with her and attempting to devour his pistoning cock with her avidly grasping pussy, her juices squirting with every stroke that opened her labia a bit. His balls were dripping with Isobel's slidy fluids, but all her cunt oils didn't make her vagina too loose; the walls of it snatched at his cockhead every time he thrust deeply, and tried to hold it whenever Eddie backed out his shaft for another corkscrewing lunge.

    Shivering violently, Isobel hunched and surged, squirmed and plunged, her inflamed pussy a whirlpool of eagerness that drew his prick down and down, spinning around his leaping cockhead until Eddie felt the thrusting of his balls.

    She cried out: «Fuck – fuck – fuck! Oh darling – sweet boy – beautiful hard prick – you're making me come again – come again!»

    He slammed it to her as hard as he possibly could, causing hot juices to splash, and his own powerful orgasm was hurled upward by his spasming testicles. When his glans jerked, a boiling gush of semen came skyrocketing from the slot, and the geyser of come splattered throughout the woman's maddened snatch, purling into the already saturated depths and mixing with the already milky jellies in her shuddering pocket.

    Isobel's lithe and limber legs twisted around the small of his back and the woman's heels tried to burrow into the crack of his ass, urging him deeper into the valley of her passions. Her nails raked his shoulders and he felt the sharpness of her teeth as they lanced into the side of his throat. Then, with a gusty sigh, her limbs fell away from him and the waves of rapture began to subside within her snatch. She was breathing raspily, her hard tits pumping up and down, and Eddie discovered that both their bellies had been greased by her escaping cunt juices.

    Whispering, her head moving from side to side like a metronome, Isobel said, «What a fantastic fucking that was! I can't believe it; first you ate my pussy until I fainted, then you crawled on top of me and screwed me until I thought my entire cunt was going to explode. Eddie darling, I don't want to ever let you go. I want you to just keep on fucking me until I pass out again.»

    He kissed her damp lips. «You have a marvelous pussy, Isobel. I've only screwed two others, but yours is the juiciest I ever felt, and even though I can't touch bottom in it, I really dig putting the meat to your terrific cunt. But Auntie Beth is still here, and my lovely sister; they need their fucking, too.»

    Her eyes sought his. «And you can go right ahead and screw both of them after doing such a fabulous job on me?»

    «Well,» he answered, «maybe not right away, and they can make themselves happy, too. But it's the sharing that makes our fucking so very good, and right now, there's only one prick – mine – for the three of you.»

    The woman's pussy squeezed lovingly down upon his buried cockhead. «All right; I'll try not to be selfish, but my lord – this has never happened to me before. If all young boys are anything like you, I'll collect a whole damned stable of studs.»

    Gently, he pulled out of her, his shaft dripping from all the excess lubrication and from his own heavy load of semen. As Eddie came to his knees, his sister brought a towel over and dried his shaft, then slid the cloth up into Isobel's leaking crotch, blotting it there with movements that were in themselves caresses. Eddie saw that his sister was also very interested in this new and exciting pussy.

    Beth was sitting at the bar, and she had shed her dressing gown, so that her lovely and beguiling body was nude. Because of what she had just witnessed, her nipples were erect, and Eddie thought he could sense that special heated radiance arising like a miasma from the luxuriantly haired and golden mound.

    She lifted a glass to the woman slowly sitting up on the couch. «A lovely, tremendous coupling, Isobel. Now you can understand why I went overboard on sex so quickly. Eddie is a marvelous teacher, isn't he?»

    Isobel patted ineffectually at her hair. «Not only have I never known such a screwing, but neither have I ever fucked in front of other women. But you know something? I didn't even realize you were there; not after this horny boy started eating me. The whole world was blotted out, and all I could see, feel or hear was him. Damn; if my dear husband was anything like Eddie, I'd keep him worn down to the quick, and there really wouldn't be much time left over for any other lovers.»

    Beth crossed her compelling legs. «Oh, I don't know about that. As Eddie and Linda say, it's the sharing, the variety that makes it all so gloriously satisfying. If you had gotten to sample the feel of my brother's positively huge prick, it would have turned you on just as much. And once you break out of the old familiar habits with Paul, I think he'll be able to thrill you, too.»

    Eddie went to the bar and popped the top of a cold drink; his sister had one, also. As he drank, he thought that now the two older women were getting to the crux of things.

    So far, everything had been going very smoothly, and he hoped the trend would continue. Now he had another grown woman to fuck, another mature and hungry cunt to get into, and he knew that Isobel Zachary would blow him later. He might even get his meat up her ass, as he had already done to his auntie. But if the woman could bring her husband into the horny group, the sex would be kinkier and more enjoyable. Eddie still wanted to stick Isobel while her old man looked on to see a boy getting into a hot cunt that the man had always considered his personal property. And he was going to need help with these three lascivious chicks; Eddie would never be able to handle them all, to give them each the dedicated kind of fucking they deserved.

    The Zachary guy ought to be honored, just to have the opportunity to dip his cock into these other beautiful snatches, to fuck Aunt Beth, who was just now admitting that she had long had a thing for him, and to learn just how hot and tight Linda's adorable little pussy was. But Eddie realized that some people were all uptight about sex, especially if it meant sharing wives or husbands. He wondered if it was going to be all that easy, as he and Linda had discussed, to turn on their parents, because there would be not only the hang-up about sharing, but the old taboo against incest.

    Isobel said, «Really? Clayton hasn't screwed me in months; we live in sort of an armed truce, although I'm certain he suspects I'm seeing other men, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he doesn't have a lush little mistress tucked away somewhere.»

    «It's well worth trying,» Beth said. «Because I'd like very much to fuck your husband, Isobel. And I imagine he's never put it to a girl so young and passionately lovely as Linda here.»

    The other woman stared, then got off the couch and strode long-legged and svelte over to the bar. «Really? You're interested in Clayton? I would never have thought it. But that was before I really knew you, Beth; as you said, you've changed immensely.»

    «For the better,» Beth said, caressing her large breasts with the tips of her fingers and paying particular attention to the heavy pink nipples. «Think how you can get dear Clayton over here very soon, so I can seduce him, then bring in Linda to fly him to the moon. Once he's involved with both of us, your husband can't possibly object to you swinging with the group.»

    Eddie noticed that Isobel was enthralled by the close-up view of Beth's splendid tits, and that his sister was sliding close to Isobel in turn. He was quite content to rest awhile and watch these three delightful females indulge their sexual fantasies with each other. If his cock started to lift any time during the performance he could always find himself a place to fit it. Leaning back against the cooler, he observed the growing attraction of the women to each other, enjoying the distinctly varied beauty of each.

    «I'll try tomorrow,» Isobel promised, and now her smooth belly was resting liqhtly against Beth's dimpled knees. «But for the rest of the day, surely we can find a lot of things to do. Oh!»

    The exclamation came when Isobel felt Linda against her nude body from behind, the girl's feathered mound pressing into the sleek backs of the tapered thighs, her pointy tits digging into her shoulder blades, low down.

    Linda whispered into the back of the woman's shagged hair, her warm breath stirring along the nape of the slender neck: «I dig you as much as my brother does, Isobel. You really turn me on, the way you go wild when you're getting fucked.»

    Isobel trembled. «I-I never swung with another woman. I'm not sure I can. But you're both so adorable, so lovely-«

    Beth said softly, «You'll love it, as I do. Only another woman can know where every possible erogenous zone is, and make love with a gentle kind of feminine deference. Making love to another female, and letting her love you, doesn't brand you as homosexual, dear. And if it did, so what?»

    With that, Beth put her hands upon Isobel's shoulders and drew her closer, so she could brush their nipples together. Opening her knees, she also brought the woman's long body between her sculptured thighs, so that the opposite colors of their pubic hairs blended, gold into black, pale white skin into rose-olive skin. And behind Isobel, the sun-tanned flesh of Linda was moving, stroking, working the brown- fleeced pussy into the lower curves of the woman's narrow ass. Linda was also caressing the lean but shapely back, trailing adept fingers up and down the spine and over Isobel's buttocks. Watching them work over Mrs. Zachary between them, Eddie knew damned well the woman couldn't hold out long.

    Already, she was shivering, and her entire body went taut when Beth kissed her. Eddie could identify with the shock of his auntie's hot, wet tongue penetrating into Isobel's mouth, probing and circling there so erotically, so thrillingly. He knew that the lingering kiss would be only a prelude to the same movements of Beth's tongue, but next time it would be working inside the woman's flowing pussy.

    Then Linda's fingers must have reached up into the shaggy cleft of Isobel's ass, because the woman jerked and her knees went weak. They moved away from the bar, holding her between them, and as Linda and Beth took her to that favored fucking place upon the resilient carpet, Eddie came around and climbed on the bar stool so he would be able to see every sensuous detail.

    When Isobel was stretched naked upon the floor, her willowy body spread helpless and open for them, Linda and Beth went at her together. Linda clamped a hungry mouth against the woman's gasping lips while Beth mouthed a trembling nipple, their four hands fondled over tensed skin, and their cunts pushed insistently against her thighs.

    They were kissing and caressing her, with Linda now sucking upon one tit as Beth shared the other; each of them had an exploring hand into Isobel's coarsely haired crotch, their fingers tickling up into the juicy labia. Eddie saw that his sister and auntie intended to continue loving their new partner that way, doing everything together, instead of one of them forcing a pussy into Isobel's mouth while the other ate cunt.

    It was highly interesting, and he leaned forward on the stool, entranced at the way Isobel was writhing and sobbing through clenched teeth. He saw Linda and Beth slide away from the aroused tits, their teeth nipping tenderly at the sensitive skin of the rib cage so prominent in Isobel's thin body. They reached the tremulous belly and licked there, their tongues darting and curling in deftly provocative movements that had Isobel moaning.

    Eddie caught his own breath when their tongues met in Isobel's pubic hair, then delved down to lap at the woman's steamy labia, fondling each other as much as they were teasing her. Dipping and coiling, the red tongues played there, and when Isobel arched her pelvis in urgent need, they plunged deeply into her cunt. It was a fantastic sight, Eddie thought, those lovely faces pressed together, angled just so, that their avid tongues could work side by side in the sizzling depths of that honeyed pussy.

    It took only a few blazing moments for Isobel to come; she cried out when she crested, gasped as the orgasm shivered through her vagina and made her belly heave lustily. Her lean legs were spread so wide, giving both faces plenty of room, and Eddie saw the muscles contract in the thighs as Isobel tried to fall away from the climax and they wouldn't allow her to.

    Continuing to eat, to moan and lap into her pussy, Linda and Beth held the woman's legs down, making her liquid crotch their special prisoner, sucking there noisily, wetly. Isobel panted and jerked as she shrieked, «Oh no – not again! Please, not again – I can't stand any more. You're devouring my poor cunt, draining my juices – oh, oh – ahh! It's so wonderful, so crazy – ahhh! I'm coming again, c-coming, COMING!!!»

    Her heels beat a frantic tattoo against the carpet as her ass leaped and her pelvis swiveled insanely in the throes of her overwhelming orgasm. Eddie stared as Isobel's head fell back and her eyes rolled whitely, wondering if she had passed out again.

    Only then did the other women release her, sharing a long kiss while their faces were still snuggled into her crotch, before breaking apart and lifting their wet cheeks. Eddie saw that their eyes were shuttered and sleepy looking, as if they had gorged their bellies and were in need of a nap. But their appearance was really deceiving, because they immediately got to it again.

    Beth said throatily, «Isobel, darling – roll over onto your side. Yes, that's it. I'm coming around so I can slide one leg under your head – yes, lift it, dear, and I'll lay my other leg over like this. We're doing it this way so that you can eat my aching pussy while I do the same to Linda's sweet little cunt. She'll be right back into yours, of course, and have it all to herself this time. We're making a triangle, darling; so, any time you're ready-«

    Her voice muffled by the tender flesh of Beth's thighs, Isobel answered, «Oh yes, yes-«

    And they locked together as Eddie watched, mesmerized, his eager eyes glued upon the three bodies so passionate and appealing, upon the three luscious females so differently shaped and variably colored, but so alike in their voluptuous desires as they ate into each other's delectable cunts.

    Each head was pinned between a pair of thighs, and each hairy snatch was moving sexily as tongues and teeth and suctioning lips worked into them. Eddie climbed off his stool and went over to kneel beside them, touching first a cheek of his sister's trim ass, then fondling one of his auntie's, and at last exploring the puckered knot of Isobel's quivering asshole.

    As they groaned and wiggled, first one of them coming, then another, Eddie stroked their asses and backs, reached around to squeeze their tits and leaned down to kiss a belly here and a belly there. Fumbling out blindly, somebody's hand caught him by the prick and clung there, making him even more an integral part of the tangled lovemaking.

    Turning and squirming close, his hard cock still trapped by soft fingers as he lay upon his side, he managed to snuggle to his aunt's ass and cup one superbly rounded tit as Beth came in a series of sharp and furious jerks of her entire lower body. It was almost as if he were coming himself, he thought, warmed and stimulated by so much tempting female flesh about him, hearing the women moan in wanton passion and feeling the tremors that shook their enwrapped bodies. Eddie seemed to melt with them as they relaxed and turned limp, their bodies going warmly lax as their lusts ebbed.

    Nobody moved for a long time; each of the women seemed to be content to nestle her face into the cunt she had just eaten, tasting the exotic flavors and savoring the fragrant aromas there. Eddie smiled at them, loving them all equally, his private harem, these utterly lovely, completely hedonistic women who cared as much for each other as they did for him. No guy could ever be luckier, he thought; he could fuck them in all ways – except for his sister's too-tight little asshole – and he could have them go down on him by simply presenting his cockhead to any set of hot lips. What else could anyone ask?

    Only a little assistance, he thought; and that was probably coming up in the near future, because no man capable of raising a hard-on could resist Aunt Beth and Linda.

    Chapter 13

    Linda and Eddie made hot dogs and fries for dinner, with a quick green salad, and the meal was like having a party. Everybody seemed to talk at once, and even though Isobel Zachary had gotten over most of her embarrassment, the woman wore her panties to the table. Beth had on the flowing robe, but she didn't bother to belt it, and the gown hung open so that her lavishly developed body peeped out, now a ripely modeled tit, now the treasure of her mound or the flash of a pale thigh.

    His sister felt more natural naked than covered, so Linda remained bare-assed, her small, hard tits flouncing as she moved around the table to serve them, light gleaming on the curly brown hair of her attractive pussy. Eddie was naked, too, not even conscious of the dangling of his soft prick unless he noticed Isobel or Beth staring at it. He ate heartily and drank two brimming glasses of milk, replenishing his strength and considering what he was going to do with the three lovely women, or what they wanted to do to him.

    It was like being turned loose in a candy store, he thought; there were so many delicious goodies to choose from that a guy could get confused. But unlike gorging on sweets, this kind of appetite seemed to whet itself upon the feeding, growing stronger and more lusty after each juicy episode of fucking. He would never get too much of pumping it to such lovely cunts and mouths, and was always looking forward to more, to a changing variety of sexual experience and far-out stimulations. But if somehow he was suddenly cut off from all these varying snatches, he could content himself with his sister's generous little pussy, until something else interesting and available opened up for him, and for Linda.

    But such rationing didn't seem all that likely to happen, for Eddie was becoming more certain of himself and the sexual power he held, especially for older women. The two he had screwed so far appeared to turn helpless when he got to them, when he began to love them, melting as his hard young prick slid into their stunned vaginas. Maybe older women were all lacking something in their lives, and missed a spiced excitement that he could bring them.

    And from what he had seen with Brad McKeever, Linda had the same overwhelming, shocking effect upon older men. It could he that older people were delightfully surprised when they found that a much younger person was sexually attracted to them. Too, there was the up-front honesty that they didn't seem used to, and such forthrightness penetrated their shells, opened them up because they were programmed to play all kinds of phony little games about sex. When all the ground rules were discarded, adults didn't know how to play the game, and had to he guided.

    Eddie was back in the living room, leafing through a travel magazine with his feet up on a coffee table when they came in. Linda was grinning from ear to ear, so he figured they had been discussing a plan for him, but that was okay. He didn't mind being a sex object, and he dug being sometimes dominated, having the action pushed on him; sometimes it was the other way around, but either way, it was kinky and he would ride with the impulse of the moment, rocking along with whatever brought him pleasure and would give it to others.

    Linda came over to him. «We feel that you got sort of cheated last time. I mean, we all balled each other, but you didn't get any goodies out of it. So now we're going to catch you up on the action. Isobel won't be able to get hold of her husband until tomorrow, she says – so here we are with all this time on our hands, and my horny brother doesn't even have a hard-on.»

    «No doubt I will,» he said, taking his feet off the table and sitting up in the big overstuffed chair. He looked them over as the others approached him, comparing their body structures and the variety of their beauty. Linda's pert and teasing loveliness was familiar, but always appealing, her cute little tits bobbing proudly and the tanned skin of her belly backgrounding the warm comfort of her always-ready pussy.

    Aunt Beth was an eyeful, looking so regal and unattainable, so graceful and cool, but now he knew the seething passion that was lurking within the clinging depths of her precious cunt. And Isobel – eager and trembling as a virginal schoolgirl, that thin body captivating, her midnight-haired mound pulsing with all the creamy joys any man could desire.

    Linda and Beth moved the coffee table back while Isobel stared down at his crotch, the tip of her dark red tongue flicking her lips, her hands sliding over her lean hips and up to fondle the small moundings of her breasts. But Linda was the first to drop on her knees before him, parting his legs with her hands and making him stretch them out. Eddie realized that they were all going to blow him, and that his sister would begin the orgy that had him as its willing focal point.

    His sister moved close between his spread thighs and teased into his crotch with her tits, moving the erectile nipples back and forth over his limp cock and into his balls. Slowly, the blood began to gorge his prick, and as the shaft reacted out, as it swelled and lifted the growing bud of his cockhead, Linda stopped using her tits to stimulate him, and instead dipped her face to plant a tingling kiss upon his glans.

    Her fingers played into the wrinkled sack of his balls, toying with the nuts themselves and stroking the stem of his rod. Her warm breath blew over his knob like a sultry tropical wind, making it throb in response. Her tongue was adept, practiced in its wet movements, sliding, and curling; Eddie put his hands upon his sister's sun-streaked hair as she drew his swollen bud into her avid lips and pulled his cock deeply into her mouth.

    Eddie stroked his sister's hair as she worked her mouth so lovingly upon his shaft, laving the glans with her tongue and dipping her inner cheeks around it, fondling the knob with the slippery roof of her mouth and raking her teeth delicately around the root. She opened her lips and let his prick snap outside.

    Moving away from him, she got to her feet and gave room to the next woman. Beth drifted down to him, bending to touch her resilient breasts to his dampened prick, then kneeling between his thighs. A fine silken net, her golden hair spread over his legs, scented and tingling with a life of its own, and his aunt brought her softly thrilling lips to his glans.

    «Darling,» she murmured, «I can never get enough of your sweet cock, any way I can take it.»

    Then her mouth closed hot and wet around his prick, to drag the sensitive head far back into her throat. Beth's tongue was quick and hungry, licking and caressing, probing into his slot as if she wanted to hurry the semen that would spurt from the narrow opening. Moving her head back and forth, she sucked upon Eddie's cock, rolling the head around inside her mouth, and he stroked in it, humping his pelvis as she fondled his balls.

    Beth hesitated then, and he could feel her obvious reluctance to let go his cock, but she freed it with a final lick and sighed away from between his legs. Eddie looked up into the intent and narrow face of Isobel Zachary. The woman lowered herself into position, her slanted eyes focused upon his distended and upright shaft, her nostrils flaring in excitement and her lips damp.

    «I-I only did this a couple of times before,» she breathed. «And the room was always dark, so I couldn't see. It's better this way, because I've never seen such a strong, beautiful prick as yours, Eddie. So young and slim and graceful; I just adore it.»

    She kissed the tip that was now leaking a dribble of clear hot fluid, and her long tongue reached out to collect the juice, drawing it back into her mouth where her taste buds could savor it. Isobel toyed with his throbbing prick then, feeling all over its length, squeezing the rod between sharply nailed fingers, playing down over his balls and below them, into the humid crack of his ass. When she suddenly wrapped her hungry lips around his knob, Eddie was more than ready to be eaten. He felt that the others had brought him only this far deliberately, that Linda and Beth meant for him to complete his orgasm inside this woman's greedy mouth, for it was totally new to him.

    «Mmmm,» Isobel moaned as she fastened her mouth to his hard shaft, and the vibrations of her vocal cords tingled up and down Eddie's prick. He lifted his crotch and grabbed the woman's head, digging his fingers into the short black hair and thrusting his knob deeply into the pulsing cavern of her mouth, reaching for the velvet cup of her throat.

    The woman was ravenous, her lips greedy and her tongue avid. She pulled and sucked, rolled his cockhead and nibbled upon his shaft, sliding her face in a sensuous rhythm. He fed his meat to her, grinding his hips and hiking his pelvis to thrust into her mouth, clinging to her head as he fucked her face the same way he had fucked her juicy pussy. He wondered if she had ever eaten her husband's cock this way, and what the guy would think if he could see his wife now. Isobel could really gobble a prick, going at it as if she meant to chew it off at the roots.

    He didn't have to be gentle with her; furiously, she dragged upon his surging prick, attempting to swallow the puffy cockhead every time its blunt tip touched the back of her silken throat.

    «Oh wow,» Eddie said. «You're a terrific cocksucker, Mrs. Zachary – eating my prick this way, using your tongue so hot and wet – suck me, Isobel – suck me until I come in your mouth!»

    Time and the woman's mouth blurred around him; Eddie was conscious only of being, of a blazing suction that seemed to be drawing out the inner core of himself, and gladly, he released it. When his cockhead flexed and trembled, the universe exploded, and he hosed his semen into Isobel's throat, bathing the satin cup with come, flooding her teeth and saturating her tongue. Heavy and steaming, slippery and creamy, his male fluids flowed through her mouth, and she siphoned them down into her stomach, swallowing noisily, wetly as she absorbed the rich juices.

    Eddie's knees went weak, unhinging to let his feet slide out across the carpet as his legs straightened. His head fell back against the padded chair, and his breath rasped in his throat. She was still pulling on his sagging prick, trying to drain still more come from its head, trying to draw another droplet up from his emptied balls.

    But at last she released him, sighing when she sat back upon her heels. Isobel's eyes were glazed with passion, all the tenseness gone from her face, a look there now of surfeit, of gratification, as if she had come with him. The other women helped her to her feet, whispering to her, running their hands lovingly over her body as they led her to the bar and Beth mixed a drink. Forgotten for the moment, Eddie stretched and shook himself, feeling small hot tingles that were slowly subsiding throughout his body.

    It had been one hell of a climax for him, and Eddie thought that the woman had gotten almost as much satisfaction out of eating him, the incomparably intimate act stirring some hidden pool of debauchery deep within her core. Even though it had taken Isobel some forty years to really turn on, she was making up for lost time.

    Warm and relaxed, he lolled upon the couch, thinking that the fun would be doubled when Isobel brought her husband into the group, when Eddie could look up from fucking the woman's abundantly flowing pussy and see her husband watching the act. He didn't know why that image turned him on so, but it did. Maybe it was because a wife was supposed to be the personal property of her old man, that her cunt was for him alone, and it was a real kick to destroy that illusion.

    He wondered if the erotic sensations would be sharper because of it, and he flashed to a fantasy of his own father standing beside the bed while Eddie stroked his hard young prick in and out of the private pussy of Susan Lyons. At the image, Eddie's recently drained cock pulsed, and he closed his eyes to see things better in the dream world.

    Sure, he had sometimes heard the bed creaking in his parents' room, and of course he'd known that his father was putting the meat to his mom. He'd even pictured how her shapely legs would curl, and how her neat, trim ass would work, but he could never see clearly inside his head just how her secret pussy would look when its soft lips were taking a stiff prick.

    Did his mom moan and say things like fuck me, fuck me? Did she hump eagerly when she rode that swollen rod, or wrap her legs around a guy's back? And how tight was her cunt, how juicy? Maybe she had too many hang-ups, and didn't really enjoy screwing; maybe she had never gone down on her own husband, or known the thrill of a tongue working inside her heaving snatch.

    Dimly through his dreaming, Eddie heard the ringing of a telephone, but he didn't want to let go the sensuous pictures moving inside his head, and he concentrated upon them. He saw his mom's naked and gleaming body, but the color of her cunt hair was uncertain, although the nipples on her modeled breasts were a pale brown. He saw her mouth smiling, and the sexy ticking of her hips as she held up her arms to some unseen lover. Not his dad, Eddie thought, but himself. It would be him, Eddie Lyons, who moved to that beautiful waiting woman upon the very bed where his father had fucked her so many times in the past.

    Somebody was shaking his shoulder. He opened his eyes and saw his sister leaning over him. «Hey, sleepy,» she said. «Did Isobel pump you completely dry? Come on; we've got to go get dressed.»

    «Why?» he asked drowsily.

    «That phone call was from Mr. Zachary. His business meeting was called off, and when he got home he didn't know where Isobel was. So he called here and she talked to him. Then Beth got on the line and invited him over for a few drinks; you should have heard how sexy her voice was. So that means we have to split upstairs and get dressed, just like they do.»

    Eddie sat up. «Do we get left out of it?»

    «For awhile,» Linda answered, tugging at his hand until he stood up. «Maybe we can mix in with them later, but first Auntie Beth and Isobel have to set him up. Isobel is going to pretend to get so smashed she'll have to go to bed, leaving Beth and her old man alone. Then our sensuous auntie will make him. We can peep at them.»

    Beth and Isobel were already gone from the living room, so Eddie walked with his sister to the stairs. «Then Isobel will come in and catch them; is that the idea?»

    «Something like that. Or maybe I will; she'll have more of a hold on him if she discovers her loving husband putting the prick to an innocent little child.»

    Eddie slapped her bare ass and laughed. «You're about as innocent as a squirt of semen. Come on – we'll have to put on our act, I guess. This will really be a blast, getting her husband into our party. You know, I was dreaming down there about making it with mom, and raising another hard right away.»

    Inside the bedroom, his sister turned. I've been thinking of screwing dad, too. But suppose he balls me and mom won't fuck you?»

    «Then you'll be the lucky one,» Eddie said. «But I don't see how it'll work like that. I mean, if mom sees you riding his cock, it has to do something to her, even if it only makes her want to get even with the old man. And I don't care what her excuse is; I only want to fuck her.»

    She shoved him toward the bathroom. «Take your shower. That's all off in the future, and right now, we have to think about making it with Mr. Zachary. That guy is going to get one hell of a surprise.»

    «And one hell of a piece of ass,» Eddie put in. «Two fine pieces, I mean, because I know you'll get to him before his wife does. I think I'll get Isobel in the hall, so I can screw her while he swings with Beth and you. Or maybe we'll wait so he can watch me pour the cock to his old lady.»

    Either way, it would be great, Eddie thought.

    Chapter 14

    Isobel put on a great act, Eddie thought; if he hadn't known better, he would have sworn she was smashed to the ears when Beth led her wobbling from the room. But once beyond hearing of her old man, she came erect smiling and whispered to Beth: «Good luck.»

    Beth took her time returning to where a put-out man waited, making a trip to the kitchen first, killing time while she was supposed to be tucking Isobel into bed to sleep it off. Then she drifted back down the hall where Eddie and Isobel crouched. Linda was hidden in the living room closet, waiting her chance to ambush Clayton Zachary, who didn't have the faintest idea of what was going on.

    Leaning close, Beth murmured, «I'll get him to screw me, don't worry. I think he's already interested.»

    «If he's not,» Isobel hissed back, «he's lost his balls. You're simply devastating in that dress. Go get him, tigress.»

    And after she was gone, Isobel said into Eddie's ear, «I suppose I should feel evil, or something, because I'm encouraging another woman to seduce my husband. But I don't feel like that; I'm only very glad for them both.»

    He put one arm around her slim waist and she dropped a hand into his crotch, but it wasn't quite the same while they were both wearing clothes. When they heard the subdued buzz of talk in the living room, they eased down the hallway to where they could peep beneath the ornate room divider. There were potted plants below it, good camouflage to hide behind.

    Clayton was a good-looking guy, Eddie admitted; the man was even taller than his wife, with good shoulders and no pot belly, and he dressed pretty mod. There was grey in his hair, especially just over the ears, but that didn't detract from his appearance, and Eddie hoped he wasn't too old to really ball. He had no idea how old a guy had to be, before he stopped raising a hard.

    From where he and Isobel were hunkered down, they could see and hear everything that went on in the living room; they watched and listened, both of them anxious for everything to go all right.

    «I'm sorry about Isobel,» Clayton said. «Usually she holds her liquor far better than that.»

    «That's all right,» Beth said, sitting down on the couch beside the tall man. She looked terrific in her short dress, Eddie thought; it was light blue and hung to every curve of her body, besides showing off a lot of spectacular leg. «Isobel has been moody of late, as if she's lonely.»

    «Lonely?» Clayton's laugh was edged with bitterness. «Not her; she has plenty of friends, mostly men.»

    «I don't know what to say about that,» Beth said. «Maybe it's better we don't talk about your wife. Let's talk about us. I've always thought you an extremely interesting man, Clayton.»

    His eyebrows went up. «You have? You've never shown it, Beth. And with that chilly attitude of yours, nobody would ever suspect.»

    «That was before I knew better,» she said, her voice dropping almost to a purr. «Try me now.» But she didn't wait for him to make the first move; she turned on the couch and slid into the man's arms with her ripe mouth uplifted.

    Isobel's hand tightened upon Eddie's thigh and she breathed it into his ear: «Damn! He never knew what hit him.»

    Eddies eyes were fixed upon his lovely aunt as the woman went to work on Clayton, her mouth hotly mobile and her tongue lancing against the man's. Her hands were busy, too, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding next to his bare skin, exploring his shocked flesh while Clayton seemed numbed by surprise.

    He might be numb, but the guy wasn't dead, Eddie saw, because the sudden bulge in his pants was plain, and he was feeling over the ripely rounded curve of Beth's hip, his hand drifting down to her uncovered pale thigh. Beth broke the kiss and looked up into his eyes to say, «Take me, Clayton. Oh, I'm so hot for you, darling. Let's fuck.»

    His eyes widened, «Beth! I never expected to-«

    She was at his zipper, whipping it down and plunging a hand into his pants to bring out his stiff prick. It was nowhere as big as uncle Brad's, Eddie saw, but a good sturdy one with a reddish head and heavily veined around its throbbing shaft.

    «Right here and right now,» Beth panted, fondling his cock.

    «But the children,» Clayton protested. «And we don't know if Isobel-«

    «Screw the kids and Isobel too,» Beth said, and Eddie damned near choked as Isobel whispered into his ear: «Now there's a great idea!»

    Then Beth was on her feet, whipping her dress over her head. She wore nothing beneath it, and her fine, strong tits sprang free, their dark pink nipples vibrant with passion, her golden mound heaped so generously with beguiling pubic hair, her white thighs spread proudly apart. Hands upon her hips, she swayed her body, rolled its pristine belly in suggestive motions, grinding her mossy crotch at the man, humping her pussy appealingly at him.

    «Get undressed, Clayton,» she whispered, sliding her hands up over her writhing flesh to cup and proffer her full tits. «But hurry, please. I can't wait to feel your hard prick inside my hot cunt.»

    He moved jerkily, fumbling at his clothes and somehow managing to get them all off, but not without casting an apprehensive glance at the hallway where his wife had disappeared. Then he didn't have much chance to think about anything else except the sleek and scented flesh that descended upon him. Beth pushed the man back upon the couch and lay down on top of him as she kissed him hungrily, her hands trailing up and down his tensed skin.

    Then she was lifting her upper body, thrusting a gorged nipple into his mouth for him to suck upon, all the while ticktocking her steaming pussy against some part of his body. «You're nice and hard, Clayton. There darling – that's right; suck my tit a little while I reach around behind us and find your stiff cock. Oh, I have, it.»

    Eddie watched his auntie gripping the guy's shaft, saw her rubbing the distended head back and forth into the humid fur of her thatched pussy, and knew that Clayton must be feeling hot thrills all the way up into his asshole. Beth was wasting no time getting it on, and Eddie wondered how Linda was taking the scene they were all observing, whether his little sister was fingering herself in the dark closet.

    «Look at her starting to feed my husband's prick up into her lovely pussy,» Isobel said softly. «I don't think I've ever seen Clayton's cock that hard, even when we were first married.»

    Eddie watched the distended rod being pressed up into Beth's hairy cunt, the glans slowly penetrating the thick barricade of shaggy hair and finding the hot opening of her labia. Clayton shivered when his cockhead touched into that delicious wetness, and he reached around to cup Beth's ass in both hands, digging his fingers into that silken and giving flesh.

    The guy's prick slipped up inside the searing juiciness of Beth's receptive cunt as she brought down her crotch; then she was straddling him, her cunt lips mashed against the root of his cock, the rug of her pubic hair into his upper balls. He was buried inside that gorgeous vagina, Eddie saw; Clayton's shaft was being caressed by the rippling velvet walls of her pussy so soft and suctioning.

    Beth's modeled ass pumped sensuously up and down, and Eddie eyed the way the man's prick glistened with her lubricating juices as it was about halfway exposed with each stroke. Beth began to talk to him then: «Oh, you feel so wonderful, so hard and strong. It's so good to fuck you, Clayton – so very good. Stick it to me deep, darling – ah yes, let me roll my pussy around your cockhead like this, and like this – ahh, it tickles my clit so much.»

    «Beth,» he hissed, «oh good lord, Beth! You don't know how long I've dreamed of getting into this marvelous cunt, how often I stared at your superb ass when you walked and envied Paul for being able to fuck you any time he wanted.»

    «Listen to him,» Isobel whispered against Eddie's neck, her hand probing inside his jeans now as she stared at her husband fucking her best friend. «He never let on that he was hot for Beth, not once.»

    «He's hot now,» Eddie answered softly, «and I'll bet Linda is, too. Please don't jack me off, Isobel. I want to save it for later, when we all get together.»

    «Then do it to me,» she pleaded. «Here, I'll drop my slacks and pull off these damned panties so you can get a finger up my cunt.»

    Eddie cupped the damp pussy in one hand, not looking away from the pair screwing in the other room. He felt Isobel's cunt lips wet against his palm, and felt between them with his middle finger, slipping it up into her flowing vagina. How about that, he thought: while Clayton Zachary was feeding the meat to Beth, here was young Eddie, feeling up into Mrs. Zachary's pussy at the same time. And it wouldn't be too long before the man would know what was going on, before he'd actually see a kid getting into his wife's hotly dripping snatch.

    On the couch, Beth was heaving her lovely ass and twisting upon the buried prick, flattening her breasts into Clayton's chest and burrowing her mouth greedily into his gasping one. Eddie could tell that his darling auntie was close to coming, and he thought that Clayton couldn't hold out much longer, either. The first feel of a strange, eager cunt really turned any guy on and made that initial fuck quicker than the rest would be. Still, the man was getting a priceless hunk of ass right there.

    Slipping his finger around inside Isobel's searing vagina, Eddie found the clit and rubbed it, stroked it while the woman wiggled and humped, her breath gushing hotly into his ear. She was identifying with Beth being fucked by her old man, Eddie thought, just as he was somehow a part of that stiff cock pistoning into his aunt's fabulous cunt.

    «Beth!» Clayton cried out «Oh Beth, you hot, beautiful bitch – I'm coming, coming!»

    «Me too!» Beth said huskily, blurring her pussy frantically upon the pounding rod until she suddenly went taut and stopped grinding her crotch. Her orgasm was rocking her body, Eddie knew, making her sweet pussy do wild tricks around the embedded prick it clasped so tightly.

    He saw Clayton's balls contract, and sensed the power of the onrushing semen that went thundering up through the pulsing shaft to hurtle from the flexing cockhead, spitting the greasy load into Beth's snatch. It would be thick there, geysering up to the basket of her cervix and spattering the woman's vaginal walls, clinging there like white glue as Beth's pussy shuddered in honeyed convulsions.

    Isobel hunched violently against his hand, twirling her pelvis and groaning through her teeth as she also came. He felt her abundance of juices drip down into his palm and between his other fingers. She could really bathe a guy with her love oils, he thought, and wondered how it would feel to have that slippery and aromatic fluid all over. They'd have to try it soon, sliding around in her cunt juices as they fucked.

    Beth climbed off the supine man, allowing his still rigid prick to plop out of her pussy, one knee bent at his right side, her left foot on the carpet and that leg straight as she posed radiant and provocative above him. «There,» she said, «that was the first time, darling, but there will be more – lots more. All the pussy you can ever desire.»

    His voice was subdued as Clayton answered. «It was wonderful. Beth – even more so than I had ever dared to dream. But we'll have to be careful, very careful; even though Isobel and I haven't been getting along all that well lately, she's still my wife, and could cause an ugly scene.»

    «Oh?» Beth smiled back over her shoulder as she walked away from him, her ass swinging in fascinating arcs. «Somehow, I don't think she will. But please excuse me now, Clayton. I'll go upstairs and check on her.»

    Isobel humped at Eddie's finger as he removed it from the slippery depths of her dripping cunt. «Now for little Linda: that's her cue. She'll scare my husband silly.»

    Beth joined them then, squatting upon the carpet and nudging Eddie with the fullness of one soft breast. «How'ed I do?»

    «Terrific,» he whispered. «Now to see if my sister can carry off her part.»

    Beth kissed his cheek. «How can you wait so patiently? I thought of you while I was fucking him, of your poor, aching cock.»

    «Later,» he said. «Linda's opening the closet door right now.» He watched her slip out and make it half-way across the room before Clayton saw her.

    The man had been reaching for his shorts, but he stopped in mid-motion, his eyes snapping wide and his mouth falling open. On top of literally being caught with his pants down and his prick still hard, he was staring at a totally naked young girl.

    Linda said. «Don't blow your cool, mister. I watched it all from over there, and saw everything you did to my auntie. You really use that cock pretty good, once you get started.»

    Clayton swallowed audibly, unmoving as Linda sway-hipped toward him, soft lights gleaming from the polished tan of her nude body, reflecting from the feathery brown curls of her pubic mound. He said then, «But what – why – look, you'd better go hide again. If your auntie catches you here with me like this, young as you are-«

    She kept coming, and was right up on him before he shrank away from her and tried to pull his shorts over his upright shaft. Linda said, «Don't worry about her, or your old lady either. They're both out of the way. Besides, if you don't fuck me, I'll scream rape.»

    «You wouldn't!» Clayton's eyes darted around the room, seeking some kind of help that wasn't in sight. Limply, he allowed the girl to take his hands and draw him off the couch on his knees. Eddie grinned as he saw how neatly his baby sister was handling it, how she was forcing the stunned guy into screwing her, and doing it very deftly, very smoothly. Now she was down beside him, taking his head in her hands to kiss him savagely.

    The man didn't have a chance, Eddie thought; Linda tongued him and pulled him down as she felt of his cock and cupped his balls. Even though he had come only minutes before, this new hot body and this strange, eager young girl were doing things to him.

    Deftly, Linda slipped beneath the man, spreading her slim legs and tugging at his prick with one anxious hand. Clayton still appeared to be stunned, as if he were caught up in a dream that he couldn't even try to control. But the writhing, heaving body of the delectable young girl beneath his own was overpowering, and he didn't struggle as Linda guided his smeared cockhead down into the hot, rubbery lips of her nubile pussy.

    «Fuck me, fuck me,» she panted, lurching up with her eager pelvis to force the man's knob into her tight young snatch. «Stick this hard prick to me just like you stuck it to Auntie Beth. Ah yes, lover – there it goes, right into my hot cunt. Oh, oh – shove it all the way, man – push it up into me right to your balls, because I can take it.»

    Silently, Clayton jammed his cock home, gasping as he felt the narrowness, the blazing contraction of the girlish pussy close around his strange rod. She bucked against him, wheeling her trim ass and gyrating her crotch as his prick began to stroke inside her lithe body. Eddie thought that the guy was hypnotized by his sister, that he had never experienced a girl so young coming on so strong, and that now he wouldn't take his cock out of that clenching vagina even if all hell broke loose around him.

    Beth nuzzled into his cheek on one side, and Isobel breathed into his ear on the other. «Now we've got him,» Beth whispered. «If any man was ever trapped by a couple of juicy cunts, Clayton is.»

    «Good,» Isobel hissed, «because after he comes in her, we're all going out and surprise him some more. It's going to be a long, lovely night.»

    Chapter 15

    The man's well-used prick was lying limply across one thigh and he was flat on his back upon the couch when they entered the room – Eddie and Beth and Isobel. Grinning impishly, Linda was balanced upon a barstool, her lovely young legs crossed and a glow of satisfaction upon her saucy face, having accomplished her purpose in record time.

    Clayton's eyes were closed, and he was in another world, since he had fucked two beautiful people within a matter of a few hectic minutes, one of them a mature and elegant woman, his wife's best friend; the other a hoydenish, wanton little girl. He had a right to be pooped, Eddie thought.

    They gathered silently around him, then Eddie and his auntie backed off to give Isobel some room to operate. She sat down upon the couch, her naked hip brushing that of her husband. For some seconds, Clayton didn't open his eyes, but one hand curled around Isobel's lean, bare thigh, caressing it lightly and obviously thinking it belonged to Linda. Eddie wondered what the guy was thinking, but knew it didn't really matter.

    Isobel said softly, «Clayton,» and her husband's eyes popped open wide in recognition, in utter shock as he saw his own wife beside him.

    «W-what – how did you recover so quickly? Now look, Isobel – don't get excited-«

    «Oh, but I am excited,» she purred, placing a hand upon his shrunken cock. «I've been excited ever since I saw you fucking Beth, and watching you put it to that darling little girl was icing on the cake.»

    Stiffly, Clayton said, «I don't understand. You watched us?»

    His wife nodded. «And you surprised me, darling. I never thought you could be so horny. Don't get upset, we planned it, you know. Aren't you flattered to think that three women – and a beautiful boy – would plot to seduce you?»

    For the first time, he seemed to notice that his wife was nude, and he said, «I don't know what the hell to think. You're naked, and Linda – migod! There's Beth and the kid, too!»

    «Come on over to the bar and have a couple of drinks,» she suggested. «You need strengthening, darling, because the night is young and so are we – younger than ever we imagined.»

    Clayton allowed himself to be led to the bar, his face going red because he wasn't used to moving bare-assed through a room full of equally naked people, and Eddie could almost see the guy's mind racing, trying to figure out what was going on, why his wife had given her consent for two other chicks to screw him, and openly.

    Beth poured a double for Clayton and said, «It's simple, really. We needed another man, so all the strain wouldn't be on Eddie, although he's been handling it very well. And I have always been drawn to you, Clayton – though I was too stupid to admit it before. Since Eddie and his sister turned me on, I've developed a new outlook. Your lovely wife had, also; now Isobel realizes there's no need to sneak around for sex

    – for either of you, and I'm certain her feelings for you have been reawakened.»

    The man downed his drink and held out the glass for refilling. «It sounds like the script for an X-rated movie. But you're all too real.»

    «Take your time and catch your breath,» Isobel said. «But meanwhile, I'll show you what we mean, because Eddie and I waited all through your performances, and now we're exceptionally hot to trot, as the saying goes. Or haven't you noticed how hard his prick is?»

    Clayton simply gulped more whiskey, then turned his head to watch his wife lead Eddie over to the couch. Isobel said over one thin shoulder, «You really can't work up a legitimate jealousy, darling; not after screwing two women in a row, while I was supposed to be passed out upstairs. So just sit down and watch how sensual I can be, with this fantastically horny young boy.»

    She lay down on the couch and spread her long, tapering legs. Eddie could see the heavy dew already gathered in the black, curly hairs of her married pussy as he stood looking down upon her supine body. Isobel's dark nipples were gorged and standing erect stiffly, her rose and olive belly rolling suggestively as she felt with one hand for his prick. But she didn't take her eyes off her staring husband as she said, «Can you see it all clearly, Clayton? I don't want you to miss anything.»

    Eddie glanced at the man and saw him braced between Beth and Linda, sitting tensely upon a stool between the two naked women. Wordlessly, Clayton nodded an answer to his wife's question, and she tugged upon Eddie's prick, drawing him down to her waiting body. It was groovy to be climbing into the opened vee of her slender legs while her old man was watching, Eddie thought, and he made a slow, sensuous project of running his hands all over Isobel's arching frame.

    Cupping her tits, he drew his fingers tenderly down the tremulous length of her body, lingering along the slim thighs and finally delving between them to caress the marvelous softness of Isobel's pubic mound, fingering lightly there and knowing that the woman's husband was watching every movement. Eddie really dug that, and he glanced often at Clayton Zachary to see how it was registering. He saw Linda patting the guy's knee, saw Beth's generous breast nudging Clayton's upper arm, and he thought the man's pecker was beginning to lengthen a bit.

    «Come on, Eddie,» Isobel panted, «I need to be fucked, baby. Steer that beautiful young prick up into my aching pussy; feed me your meat, darling.»

    Eddie cheerfully obeyed, crouching between her legs to guide his swollen cockhead down into her steaming vulva, feeling the tickle of her damp hair and the rising heat that escaped from Isobel's cunt lips. That pussy was always heavily oiled, he thought, and pushed the tip of his glans into the slippery labia, poising it there to be certain that the woman's husband saw it clearly. Then he shoved up and in, forcing the flanged head into the juicy pussy lips, sliding the rest of his stiff prick slowly inside the flowing vagina.

    Isobel squirmed torridly upon his shaft as it burrowed deeply into the narrow, clinging length of her greased satin pussy, and called out to her staring husband: «Oohh, that's good! See how he's got it shoved home to the balls inside my cunt, Clayton. It feels marvelous, so hard and eager as it probes around in me. Eddie just loves my pussy, and he fucks me so well – ahh, so good – so fabulous.»

    Eddie looked back at Clayton as he pumped languorously back and forth into the suctioning wetness of Isobel's greedy cunt. «Your wife really has a tremendous pussy, Mr. Zachary. It's the juiciest one I ever screwed, always dripping inside, and her cunt kind of squeezes down on my cockhead whenever I shove it home like this. I dig the way she wiggles this tight ass, too; it makes her cunt circle around on my prick. She's a great fuck because she loves this hard meat so much.»

    Moaning, Isobel heaved against him and lifted her supple legs to twist them around the small of Eddie's back as she hiked her rolling ass. He said then, «My cock isn't long enough to reach bottom in your wife's cunt, you know. But she tries to make it touch her womb when she rolls back on her shoulders like this. Man – her legs are strong, and she's trying to pull me right down into her slippery snatch. Does she fuck you like this, too?»

    «She – she used to,» Clayton muttered, and now his cock was fully lifted, the head of it empurpled and gleaming. He climbed off the stool and walked jerkily toward them as they screwed on the couch. When he reached them, Clayton stared down hungrily at the way Eddie's lubricated shaft was moving in and out of his wife's boiling cunt lips; he seemed to be listening to the sloshy noises and to the wet slap of Eddie's balls into the hairy crack of Isobel's actively twisting ass.

    Then Clayton put his hand on Eddie's ass, and shoved down, helping Eddie drive it farther into that gripping, surging pussy. «Fuck her, boy. Ram your young prick far up into my wife's cunt. Stick her deep and strong, boy – yeah, pound it to her and make her come. She loves your cock, Eddie – she loves to fuck, so fuck her, fuck her!»

    The touch of his hand and the hoarseness of the man's voice turned Eddie on even more, and he could feel the buildup of great pressure inside his distended balls. It was freaky, to have Clayton Zachary push on his ass while he was fucking the guy's wife, while he was sledging his stiff prick into this juicy pussy that Clayton had screwed so many times.

    Then Isobel cried out: «Oh lord, lord – I'm coming! Clayton – his hard prick is driving me insane, making my clit explode – I'm coming, Clayton – I'm coming on this boy's marvelous cock!»

    She shivered up to him, her ass gyrating wildly and her hairy wet pelvis hammering into his crotch. Eddie fed her the meat savagely, twisting the cockhead deeply into the rippling vagina. Grunting, he said, «I'm coming, too. Oh man – my cockhead is jerking like it's going to blow off, and here comes my semen – now, now! It's spitting out of my prick and into your wife's hot pussy, Clayton. My come is jetting into your wife's beautiful wet cunt and she's wiggling it all around – oh wow – so hot and slippery – and my come is bubbling inside her, mixing with her cunt oils – ahh – ahh!»

    It was one of the most tremendous orgasms Eddie had ever reached, spiced by the presence of her husband, and by talking to the man and telling him what was happening. He saw Clayton's prick throbbing above them and held his own cock deep until the first searing waves of Isobel's flaming passion began to subside. Then, as her long legs loosened around his body, Eddie moved back and snapped his cockhead from the grip of her fluid snatch, trailing a glistening path of sticky come down her thigh.

    «Climb on her,» Eddie said. «Get in between those limber legs and shove your own prick into your wife's pussy. Man, she's so hot, it'll blister you. Come on, Clayton – I'm getting out of the way so you can get into this cunt I just fucked. It's all slidy with my come, and you can pump into it.»

    The man was a robot, his arms and legs moving stiffly as he followed Eddie's directions and crawled between his wife's uplifted knees. She stared up at him, smiling lasciviously, and reached down to help her husband steer his pulsing glans into the dripping entrance to her freshly fucked pussy. Clayton trembled when his cock-head touched her frothy labia, and he suddenly slammed his prick home with a single, powerful shove.

    «Here,» Clayton grunted, «take my cock, you beautiful, hot-ass bitch. Ride my prick as you just rode the kid's rod. Ah, baby – you're all foamy inside – hot and slippery – uh – uh – uh!»

    He pounded it to his wife, pile-driving his hard and eager shaft into the fluid depths of Isobel's shuddering cunt. She pitched wildly beneath him, stabbing her crotch up and wringing his sliding pole around inside her inflamed pussy, swiveling her sleek hips as she fucked him lasciviously, blindly, both of them caught up in the fiery heat of their renewed passions. Locking her lithe legs around the man, Isobel strained against his crotch, her belly jerking in uncontrollable spasms while he laid the meat to her, probably as he had never done before, through all their years of marriage.

    She shrieked as she came, and tore at the couch with clawed fingernails, flinging her legs about as her pelvis blurred madly. Isobel was all over the man, biting at his chest and hooking her limber legs around to dig her heels into the crack of his driving ass. Then Eddie saw Clayton's sack convulse and strain upward; the man groaned and went stiff, burying his vibrating cockhead into the bubbling depths of her flexing cunt. He was pumping the hot juice into her vagina, Eddie knew, and wished that he could somehow see the ejaculation, watch the creamy leaping of the steamy fluid as it fountained into the woman's blazing snatch.

    They collapsed then, folding into and around each other in a wondrous softness, an enchanted blending of flesh and fluids and minds that dissolved one into the other. Eddie thought that was probably the very best orgasm they had ever had together, Isobel just after she had been fucked by somebody else, and her husband, just after watching the screwing and hearing his erotic wife describe the feelings she got from another hard cock.

    When he at last took his eyes from them, he saw that his sister and auntie had turned on to each other, aroused past waiting by the hectic screwing they had witnessed. They were balling at sixty-nine, their surging cunts jammed into each other's mouth, hunching away. Beth's ripe thighs were wrapped around Linda's brown head, and the girl's sleek legs were coiled around her aunt's golden tresses. For awhile, Eddie watched them making it and listened to them moaning, to the sounds of lapping as tongues worked happily into perfumed and soapy vaginas.

    It had all worked out so beautifully with Clayton and Isobel, he thought; now he and the man could share all three of these hotly luscious women, moving their stiff pricks from cunt to asshole to mouth.

    But they would have to wait awhile. Clayton had been screwed down to a nub, pumping consecutive loads of semen into three different women, and his balls would be drained for now. In awhile, after a snack and a few drinks, the man could fuck again, and Eddie decided to wait for him. Over next to the bar, Linda and Beth were finishing up, grinding their crotches and wiggling their polished asses voluptuously as they hurried to a mutual orgasm. Women could make it so many more times than men; he kind of envied them, but he wondered if their climaxes could be as powerful, as overwhelming.

    Leaving them, Eddie wandered into the kitchen and found cookies and milk. As he munched, he went over in his head the plan he and Linda had, for when they went home. His sister was right; she'd have to make the first move, and do it when their old man was well on the way to getting smashed. Once she managed to get dad's cock into her terrific little pussy, he'd never be able to stop. Then of course, he wouldn't have a moral leg to stand on, when it came to his son fucking his wife.

    There were others around they could get turned on – a good-looking widow next door, who had a sexy little daughter that Eddie had been eyeing for some time; a bachelor down the street who seemed ready to swing; a married couple that came over almost every week to play cards. And of course, Uncle Brad would be more than eager to stick his other sister, since he had discovered how good it was screwing Beth. And after they got everyone started, they could call Auntie Beth and ask her to fly out and join them. It could be one hell of a party, Eddie thought, one that would go on and on, increasing in variety as it grew.

    After a time, Linda joined him in the kitchen to finish the rest of the cookies and down a glass of milk. She said, «They're boozing it up in there, and talking as if they just discovered sex. I guess maybe they just did, especially Clayton. Wow! I thought he was going to fuck his old lady right on through the floor.»

    «Mom and dad will get just as hot,» Eddie said, «after they learn to screw with us. It'll be all new and wild for them again.»

    She looked at him. «You're right, we're really doing them a big favor. And we won't be exactly hurting ourselves, either. Man, I can't get over how I dig older people, and how they dig us.»

    «While we still get a kick out of each other,» he said. «We've got it good all the way around.»

    «Well,» Linda said, «we'd better get back in the living room; they should be ready to go again before long, and I don't want to miss out on anything.»

    At the bar, both Isobel and Beth were kissing Clayton, snuggling up to him, their hands stroking his thighs, his balls, getting his cock up so he could ball some more. This time, the man world take a lot longer to come, Eddie knew; they could both draw out their fucking and fully savor the slow and lingering lasciviousness.

    Linda skipped over to them, her hard little tits bouncing. «Time for a good gang-bang,» she announced gleefully. «We'll lie on the floor and let the guys ball us one after the other. And I think it would be great if they switched from our cunts to our mouths, doing a little eating of their own in between. Does that sound kinky?»

    «I'll start it,» Eddie said, fondling his rising prick and again checking the lovely bodies of these passionate and completely available women – his sister, his delectable auntie, the fiery, wanton Isobel. They left Clayton at the bar as the man finished a drink and put down his glass, moving one by one to the center of the room where they sat down gracefully upon the carpet.

    Holding hands, they lay back, exposing the beguiling mounds of their differently colored, differently shaped cunts, stretching their beautiful legs as they opened them wide to play toesies with their feet. Linda was first in line, her small, tanned body already arching in delighted anticipation; Isobel was in the center, those impossibly long legs showing a slight trembling in the lean thighs; then there was Beth, ripe and rounded and so queenly, her aristocratic body spread for the feasting.

    Eddie went to kneel between his sister's slim legs, caressing them as he leaned toward her belly and caught the spicy aroma of her quivering little pussy. Without preliminaries, his face moved into her lifting crotch to know the familiar yet always thrilling taste of her vulva. Thrusting in his tongue, he worked it steadily, screwing it up under the hood to tease the throbbing miniature clit. Fondling the flexing cheeks of her smooth ass, he ate adoringly into Linda's flavorful snatch until the girl heaved suddenly in the throes of a quick climax.

    Only then did he lift his damp face and crawl up to insert his hard prick into the steaming hole where his tongue had just been. His cock slipped in easily, and his sister's vagina closed joyfully around the shaft as she rocked her hips and humped to him.

    After Linda came again, Eddie eased his wet rod from her pussy and moved up to straddle her still fluctuating body. But he remembered that Clayton was to follow him, and climbed off so he could take her head in his lap. As his sister's hungry lips curled around the greased head of his hard cock, Eddie motioned for the man to come on, and he watched Clayton approach the girl as he had, bending his face forward to nuzzle it into her humid crotch.

    The guy was hesitant, acting as if he had never eaten a cunt before, but when Linda arched her pelvis to him, he moved right in, licking hotly at the slippery lips of her feverish pussy, then driving his mouth deep.

    Eddie fed his meat into Linda's mouth, knowing the quick and active thrill of her deft tongue as it caressed his cockhead. Stroking into her face, he felt the fondling of her inner cheeks and the suction building up from the back of her throat. Eating as she was being eaten, his sister got excited, and pulled avidly on his prick, trying to make him come.

    He loved it, but he wasn't having any just now so he forced his shaft from the greedy clenching of her lips and stood up to walk around the interlocked women. By then, Clayton was busy ramming his stiff cock into the girl's steaming pussy, working back and forth lustily. As Eddie kneeled between Isobel's long legs, the woman eyed his cock hotly, and her crotch pulsated in eagerness.

    Adoring that black-haired mound with his lips, Eddie cut his eyes around to see her husband, just reaching his shaft into Linda's mouth. The man was staring at him, at his wife's pussy being eaten, and Eddie did a great job on it, sucking and chewing until Isobel moaned that she was coming, coming, and trapped his head between her strong, glossy thighs. Waiting for her first orgasm to subside, he then topped her, inching his swollen prong slowly into the woman's fiery cunt while her husband still watched. Eddie could see that the guy was fighting to keep from coming too soon, and it was only with an effort that he tore his cock from Linda's mouth.

    He crouched beside Eddie and watched the meat being stroked into his wife's heaving pussy, seeing the moment when she came and hearing her beg for more fucking. Quickly then, Clayton was at Isobel's cunt, burying his mouth into its dripping labia but keeping his face tilted so that he could see when Eddie gave the woman the distended and slippery glans to suck.

    Hypnotized, Clayton stared as his wife licked and chewed upon a boyish prick, meanwhile teasing her clit and lapping up her flowing juices himself. For a few seconds, Eddie wondered if he should let go his load into Isobel's mouth, and really turn this married couple on, but he held back because that would be cheating his Auntie Beth, in a way. Tenderly, he disengaged his aching shaft from Isobel's pulling lips, and made the same maneuver, walking around to kneel now between his aunt's shapely legs.

    It was as if Clayton had gone manic then; the moment his wife came on his plunging cock, he snapped it out of her wet hole and scuttled to her head, pillowing it upon his lap and jamming the greasy cockhead into her eager mouth. Holding to her dark head, Clayton really fucked his wife's face, pumping his shaft back and forth into her throat, grinding his pelvis and humping for all he was worth. Eddie knew damned well that the guy was going to let go there, and saw it happen.

    Concentrating then upon his auntie's golden snatch, he ate joyfully into its satin folds, making her squirm and buck against his teeth as she came. He fucked her then, jacking his very sensitive shaft into that precious cunt and rolling his balls into the hairy crack of her ass with every thrust. Beth came again, and now it was time for him to top off the celebration.

    When he looked around, Eddie was surprised to see that Clayton was right behind him – that the man was so turned on that he had recovered in record time from what must have been a magnificent load pumped into his old lady's throat. Now Clayton was doing better at cunt eating, groaning into Beth's straining pussy and gobbling her as if he was an old hand at it.

    Eddie gave his auntie his prick, letting her lick it softly into her hot mouth, but he held it motionless there until Clayton got up and slapped his shaft into the golden cunt. Only then did Eddie give himself up to the sublime pleasures, working his fingers into Beth's fine hair and letting her have all the prick she wanted.

    The climax was a tremendous, thundering blast of emotion that rocked him. His semen went spitting into the back of his aunt's velvet throat, flooding her cheeks and bathing her working tongue with all the rich creaminess his jerking balls could manufacture. Beth continued to suck and swallow as he sagged forward, still cuddling her head into his belly. He felt the other women moving about him, their hands upon him, and he heard Clayton grunt in another orgasm, but everything was dim and dreamlike.

    Later that evening, they did other things. Eddie got to screw the volatile Isobel in the ass, while she went down on Linda and took her husband's rod up her pussy. Beth was moving from one to the other, helping them and sharing with them, using her mouth and fingers and giving away the treasure of her perfect-cunt. They worked back and forth until they were all tired, slept awhile, ate and drank, and were back at it again until nearly morning.

    It was more tender for all of them, once the first hungry lusts were gratified, and Clayton stayed with them for days, until the press of business called him away. Isobel went with her husband, happy as a bride, and Eddie knew that his auntie would never be truly alone again, that Beth would always have those two for love.

    Before he and Linda had to leave, they shared a last, lingering fuck with their Aunt Beth, bringing the woman to so many orgasms that she turned weak.

    She drove them to the airport, and tried not to cry as they boarded the jet, but Eddie knew they would see her again, and soon.

    On the plane, he and his sister went over their plans for making it with their parents. It all looked very good. She kept goosing him on the ride home from the airport, and kidding him about how he probably wouldn't come out of the bedroom for about a week when he finally got into their mom's snatch. He had to keep warning her to keep her voice down, because the cabbie might hear and think he had a couple of real fruitcakes in his car.

    And when his mother kissed him at the door, holding him close against her full tits so that he could feel the warm outline of her body – it wasn't ten minutes out of the taxi that Eddie got a hard-on.

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