The willing Usherette


    The sign on his desk read "Newton Simpson, Manager". Betsy Morrison's dark brown eyes left the sign and went back to the handsome man behind the desk. The dark, slender twelve-year-old felt a trembling tension in her tummy. This was the first time she'd ever tried to apply for a real job, no wonder she was excited.

    Newton Simpson looked up from the application that Betsy had just filled out. He was handsome, a little plump, and too well fed. But his black hair was full and neatly combed and he wore a loud but expensive sports coat. In short, he looked just like what he was, a successful manager of a large motion picture theater.

    "It says here that you're sixteen, is that right, Betsy?" The little girl tried to smile and look casual under the man's knowing stare.

    "Yes… sixteen," Betsy lied.

    Mr. Simpson nodded and raised one eyebrow.

    Betsy could see that he knew she wasn't telling the truth but the twinkle in his eye told her that he wasn't going to press the issue.

    "You understand that your work here would keep you out late? Does your family know that you wouldn't be getting home until after midnight?"

    A flicker of a frown crossed the pretty little girl's face before she nodded. "There's just my mother and she says that it will be all right, at least during the summer," Betsy said in a low voice. The pretty girl thought of her mother. Poor Julia, it was terrible for her, widowed only a few months and finding that the money from Daddy's insurance didn't stretch as far as she thought that it would. They needed the money and her mother would just have to get used to the idea of her getting home at midnight.

    "All right," Newton Simpson murmured as he pretended to study her application, but Betsy knew that he was really looking up her long, hairless legs and under her short skirt. The pretty brunette felt a warning ripple run along her spine when she realized what the man was doing and she wished she'd worn the longer skirt than she had.

    It was embarrassing and upsetting, but for the past half year she noticed that men and bigger boys had started to stare at her and Betsy wasn't certain how she should take it. On one hand, she knew that it was dirty and wrong, but even so she found it sort of exciting and it made her feel good to know that they were looking at her budding body.

    "I'm not all that sure that you would be willing to work the extra hours that it requires," Newton Simpson said, watching Betsy closely.

    The pretty preteen girl jerked upright in her chair. She had to get this job, it was important!

    Before she could speak, the theater manager went on, his eyes never leaving her as he did: "Of course there are… opportunities for an… eager young lady, such as yourself, to make a good deal of money here at the Majestic, but it does take work and long hours."

    "Oh, I'd work hard, Mr. Simpson, it's really important that I get the job. My mother and I need the extra money!" There was another reason that Betsy was desperate to be hired. She had been talking to some friends and had bragged that she already had the job. What could the girl say if she didn't?

    Seemingly satisfied, Newton Simpson smiled at Betsy and leaned back in his chair. "Come here, honey," the man said in a quiet voice. "I want to take a look at you."

    Betsy was forced to spread her thighs as she uncrossed her long, coltish legs and it made the pretty little girl blush when she realized that he could see all the way to her panties when she did.

    "We wear a rather… revealing costume here," Mr. Simpson purred to her. Betsy felt herself flush again as she nodded. She'd seen that uniform every time that she came to a movie. "Please go into the other room and see if we have a uniform that fits you."

    The manager pointed to a door behind his desk. Pleased that he was still interested in her for the job, Betsy scurried to the door and up to a rack of freshly cleaned usherette costumes.

    Without a moment's thought or hesitation, the slender girl unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. The pretty brunette stared at the uniform tops and shook her head as she looked down at her own, cupcake-sized breasts. She had more than any of the other twelve-year-olds that she knew, but she would have to do something to fill any of these uniforms out.

    Still concerned about her lack of the large, creamy breasts that she wished she had, the young girl unsnapped her skimpy skirt and let it drop to her feet. All that Betsy wore was a filmy pair of blue panties and she shivered as the cooler air of the room bathed her slim figure from head to toe. The girl was so intent on finding a uniform small enough for her that she didn't stop to think where that draft came from. She didn't notice the door behind her quietly swing open to allow Mr. Simpson to step in and sit in the large chair in the center of the room.

    At last, Betsy found one uniform that looked small enough and, taking it from the rack, she turned, planning to try it on.

    "Ohhh! I… I didn't know that you would be here, Mr. Simpson!" She was so embarrassed! The slim little girl clutched the plastic shrouded uniform in her hands and tried to hide her naked body from the man's glistening eyes. "I… I'm not… dressed yet!"

    Mr. Simpson nodded, only the faintest hint of a smile flickered at the corners of his lips. He made no move to leave. All he did was sit there and stare at Betsy until the trembling girl was sure that he could see through the small uniform that she was holding in front of her.

    "Betsy," Mr. Simpson said as he crooked his finger and motioned for her to come to him.

    The surprised girl began to inch toward him, but she was still terribly uncertain.

    "Come here, honey," the man said. This time, his voice was stronger, more commanding. "Let's get something straight between us. I know that you're not old enough for this job and I know that you want it pretty bad."

    Betsy nodded, her wide dark eyes never left Mr. Simpson's face as she obeyed him and came a few feet closer.

    "Am I right? You aren't old enough, are you really?"

    For a second, Betsy was tempted to bluff her way, but then her courage failed and she hung her head and shrugged helplessly.

    "Do you really need this job? I mean do you need this job bad enough to… be nice to me and do what you're told?"

    The poor little girl was stunned! Betsy looked at the theater owner with bulging eyes. He hadn't said it in so many words, but the girl knew what he was asking! Simpson smiled and nodded. "That's right, I'm asking if you want this badly enough to have a little fun with me from time to time." The handsome man shifted in his chair and instantly Betsy knew why. The shocked pre-teener could see the front of his pants pushing out as his penis grew erect and hard!!

    Betsy flushed and made a small sound deep in her throat as she stared at Mr. Simpson. She knew what a hard prick looked like. She had a friend, Dickie Webber, and they had been playing… games in her garage for over a year. They had not done much, and nothing that they'd done in their fumbling, groping, and touching made her ready to handle the situation she was faced with now!

    "I… we need the money," the little girl whispered as she stared at the man. Besides that, Betsy could imagine the scornful looks on her friends' faces when she had to confess that she didn't have the job and the picture made her feel just awful! "But I… I don't know if… I've never done anything like that before. I'm afraid."

    Betsy saw the excitement rising in Mr. Simpson's face and she was surprised to feel a strong, pounding sensation in her own untried body.

    "No, I didn't think you had," Newton Simpson breathed as he stared greedily at the lovely, slender girl before him. "If you do go to work for me this summer you could work at night and on two mornings a week we have meetings of the Film Classics Club. If you worked those mornings that would mean even more money for you and then, if you work out all right, there are… other ways for you to make money. A lot of it."

    The handsome man's face was even and calm as he asked again, "Do you want the job, little girl? I think that your mother would like all that extra money. I'm sure she would."

    Betsy began to tremble. She was so upset that she didn't know what to say.

    Mr. Simpson solved the problem for the startled child, he leaned forward and calmly took the uniform out of Betsy's nerveless fingers and then motioned for her to come to him.

    The shocked little girl stood before the man dressed only in a tight, nearly transparent pair of panties. Betsy shuddered. She was so aware of his stare that she could feel his eyes creeping up her slender thighs and over the plump, hairless folds of her virgin sex.

    Betsy wasn't certain how it happened. She felt herself moving and looked down in amazement as her bare thighs carried her forward far enough for Mr. Simpson to take her hand and pull. The trembling little girl was so close that their knees touched and she had a clear view of the straining bulge in his slacks.

    "Don't be afraid," the handsome man said in a soft voice. "You and I can have a lot of fun together. I can show you things that you never knew about before." His fingers tightened around her wrist as he stared at her near naked body. Betsy was shivering. It was caused by the excitement and the delicious feeling of fear and anticipation that raced along her nerves. The man had positioned her far back on his lap. The nervous little girl's back was pressed against his chest and, what was shocking, she could feel his stiffening, bulging sexual member pressing up against the thin seat of her panties!

    "Mr. Simpson? I… I don't think…" Betsy didn't have a chance to finish her meek protest. The handsome man hugged her close and began to whisper in her ear. Each word that Newton spoke to Betsy calmed and settled the nervous little girl.

    "Shhhh, Betsy. There's nothing to be afraid of! I won't hurt you. All I want to do is make you feel good." The nearly naked pre-teener shivered, but didn't try to struggle, even when the man's warm hands moved to her bare shoulders, then down. He used a slow, circular movement and with each circle that his hands made over her flesh they dropped lower.

    "Haven't you ever let some nice boy do this for you?" the man asked. His voice was deep and husky. "You're such a pretty little thing. Hasn't someone ever put their hands here and squeezed you?"

    Betsy gasped and stiffened. Mr. Simpson's warm, soft palms were completely covering the firm little melons of her budding breasts and their pressure felt SO nice!

    "Tell me, honey," the man persisted. "Haven't you taken your clothes off for some other man or some kid and let them have you?"

    Betsy wiggled uncomfortably, she didn't want to tell the man about Dickie. Besides, he didn't really count. "No, I never did this before." It wasn't really a lie. She'd never sat on a man's lap while he kissed her slender neck and gently squeezed and played with her small breasts like this before!

    "I'm glad that I'm the first," Newton sighed. As the man spoke, one of his warm hands dropped away from Betsy's hard little breast and began to creep down over her flat belly. The man used one hand, moving from one sharp nipple to the other. Each time that he pinched and gently pulled at one, Betsy would sigh and wiggle a little against his bone hard erection.

    "I can show you some ways to make you feel good, honey. I can show you some tricks that you won't believe!" He sounded excited, too.

    Betsy made a soft moaning sound when his fingers reached the elastic waistband of her panties and dipped underneath.

    "Do you play with yourself, sometimes? Do you put your fingers in your tight little pussy, baby?"

    Betsy felt herself blushing furiously. She wiggled uncomfortably as she nodded. "Yes," the pretty little brunette whispered. "Last year a girl in my class showed me how to do it. My mother says that it's not a nice thing to do… but I still do it, sometimes."

    Mr. Simpson chuckled, his fingers were slowly working down over the silky flesh of her belly. The slender twelve-year-old knew where they were headed and the thought made the plump lips of her hairless little slot feel all puffy and hot.

    "All mothers tell their children that playing with themselves is wrong, but it isn't. All playing with yourself does is make you feel good, right?"

    Betsy would have answered him, but at that very instant his forefinger found the smooth swell of her immature pussy and forced its way between the lips. "Ummmmm, you're getting wet," Newton murmured, pinching one of Betsy's pebble-hard nipples. "You like this, don't you?"

    The trembling little girl didn't know what to say. Betsy knew that what she was letting the man do wasn't nice, but she and her mother did need the money, and it did feel good! "Yes, it's nice," Betsy whispered and she was rewarded when the man's finger began to twirl and press against the tight mouth of her tight little cunt, sending hot, blazing jolts of pleasure radiating out through her suddenly overheated body!

    Betsy gasped and wiggled. She felt Mr. Simpson's hard-on rubbing against her and boldly pressed her firm, high-riding buttocks against it, making the handsome man groan with pleasure.

    "Have you ever seen a man's cock? Have you ever been close to one when it's hard and held it in your hands?" Mr. Simpson's breath tickled her ear and sent chills of pleasure racing up and down Betsy's spine. "I want you to hold my prick, Betsy! Will you do that for me?"

    Before she could even think of what to say, the shocked little girl heard her voice rising. "Yes! I mean… I guess… If you promise not to hurt me."

    "Oh, no! I don't want to hurt you, honey," the eager manager whispered as he lifted the surprised twelve-year-old off his lap and stood her on her unsteady feet. "You're going to like this! Now let's get these off first." Betsy's hands shook as she helped the man pull her tight panties off and slip them down over her slender thighs.

    Looking down, the little girl was surprised and a bit embarrassed when she saw the wet spot on her crotch piece and realized that her tight little cunt was sending down a warm coating of lubricant.

    Mr. Simpson had left his jacket in his office. The man leaned back in his chair and smiled boldly at the shocked twelve-year-old as he calmly unbuckled his belt and unzipped the front of his slacks.

    Without hesitation, the lovely little girl pressed closer and watched as the theater manager popped the snaps on his shorts and pulled his stiff, hard penis into view! A small sighing sound oozed out of her throat as Betsy stared intently at Mr. Simpson's big dong straining in his fist.

    "Oh, my! I thought that Dickie's hard penis was big," the excited little girl thought, "but Mr. Simpson's is three times as large!!" A tingling, itching sensation flickered to life deep in the untouched depths of Betsy's virgin love sheath. She knew how babies were made and what men and women did together in bed. The idea that the man would want to put that big, swollen-looking penis inside of her frightened Betsy, but it was an exciting, bubbly kind of fright and she didn't back off.

    "I know it's wrong," the girl told herself, "but we need the money and I want the job!" She was hiding part of the truth from herself. Betsy knew it, but she was having such an exciting time that she didn't want to think about any of that now!

    Mr. Simpson had pushed his shorts and slacks down past his knees and he sat half naked in his chair, smiling at her while he pumped his hand up and down his big, scary pole. Betsy trembled as her dark eyes moved from the round, hair orbs of the man's heavy balls, up the white shaft to the red, almost purple knob of his glans.

    "Don't be afraid of it," Mr. Simpson coaxed. "Just touch it, that's all you have to do. Touch it. Take it in your hand!"

    The little girl could hear the sound of the handsome man's quick breathing and knew that he was excited. Somehow, knowing that gave her the nerve that she needed to reach out and brush the tips of her fingers against his vein-wreathed shaft.

    Slipping an arm around the naked twelve-year-old's waist, the excited man lifted Betsy easily and put him back on his lap. Betsy felt funny and kind of embarrassed when she felt the naked cheeks of her bottom rubbing against Mr. Simpson's hairy legs. The man was guiding her hand to his hard pole and she leaned back in the crook of his other arm as he taught her how to curl her slim fingers around him and squeeze hard on his thick penis!!

    "Ooohhh, that feels good," Newton Simpson whispered in Betsy's ear.

    Betsy sat on one of Mr. Simpson's thighs. He had spread his legs a little and pulled her back so that it was easy for the interested pre-teener to work her fist up and down him. Her hooked thumb brushed against his naked thigh while he taught her how to masturbate him.

    "Just like that, up and down, honey. Squeeze it a little tighter, umm hummmm, perfect!" The handsome man groaned as Betsy increased the pace and made her fist pop up and down in his lap.

    "There now, that isn't so bad, is it? You like to play with my cock, don't you?" While he spoke, Newton's hand slipped back between Betsy's warm thighs and gently pressed them apart.

    A warm, delicious feeling caused Betsy to tear her eyes away from the man's big cock. The naked little girl watched as a thick, hairy forefinger parted the bald lips of her vulva and dipped into the clear, glistening moisture that was seeping out of her. Betsy could see the small, firm nubbin of her baby clitoris and shuddered with excitement and pleasure as the fingertip pressed hard against it.

    Dickie had touched her there and it had been good, but never this good! Betsy's firm little ass wiggled and she pumped even harder at Mr. Simpson's big cock as he aroused her! It only took a minute or perhaps two for the excited man's probing finger to strike a flame in the pretty child's belly. The flame burned away any last shreds of doubt and resistance.

    "Ohhhh! That's nice," Betsy breathed softly. Mr. Simpson's hand left her hard, swollen little breasts and pressed against the edge of her chin, turning her pretty face so that he could kiss her!

    At first, the naked little girl didn't know what to do when she felt his wet, slippery tongue pressing between her soft lips. Then, the man's finger began a rapid twirling movement in her tight little pussy. Betsy gasped and when her jaw opened, Mr. Simpson's tongue pushed its way into her mouth and began to flick at the pointed tip of her own pink little probe.

    The naked twelve-year-old shuddered. Mr. Simpson's tongue made her feel all funny and shaky as it slid in and out of her mouth. Some inborn instinct guided her and Betsy was glad because it was even nicer when her pink lips tightened around the tongue and she learned to suck on it!!

    Mr. Simpson made a groaning sound, and his cock jerked and swelled even larger in her fist. Betsy felt something warm and slippery dripping down on her fingers. The girl knew what it was. Dickie's skinny prick got wet when she played with it, too. Drops of clear juice would leak out of the slit on top of his cock, but never so much! The excited little girl moaned and Mr. Simpson's finger fluttered back and forth over the hard stub of her clit as her thumb lifted and rubbed hard against the cock's meaty glans.

    "Damn, but you learn fast," Mr. Simpson groaned happily.

    Betsy giggled but didn't miss a stroke as her small hand flew up and down his jerking pole of flesh. The rapid pumping motion that she was using caused warm drops of the man's love lubricant to splash on her naked thighs. Betsy liked the feel of it on her and enjoyed seeing it glitter on her milk white flesh.

    Mr. Simpson's finger had found the tight neck of her vagina and it was slowly forcing its way into her. Betsy groaned as her tight, wet opening was stretched but she made no effort to pull away because the man's thumb was lightly strumming against the burning clitoris all the while that his twisting finger advanced.

    "God! You are a virgin! I didn't think that there were any left!!"

    Betsy felt her cheeks burn as she blushed. The naked child hid her embarrassment by forcing her tired little hand and arm to jerk faster and faster on his slippery prick.

    "I'll make it nice," Mr. Simpson groaned in her ear.

    Betsy sighed and began to roll her slim hips as the fingers that moved in her hairless pussy made her feel better and better!

    "I'll make you feel so good that you'll scream for more!"

    The man's wet tongue worked in and out of her ear, down the nape of her neck and across her shoulder. Betsy shook. Her small mouth opened and she moaned with pleasure. The girl's dark eyes popped open in surprise and before she actually knew what was happening inside of her slim body, her climax exploded in a starburst of pleasure!!!

    "Annnnggghhh!!" The naked child moaned and shuddered as her hot, hairless slit sucked and pulled around Mr. Simpson's twirling, pressing finger. "Aaaaiiiieeee!! Ohhh, Mr. Simpson… aaaaiiiieeee!!!"

    Betsy's thighs stiffened, her belly fluttered, and her head repeatedly banged against Mr. Simpson's shoulder while the handsome man's knowing finger made her slim, beautiful body dance and jerk.

    "Go faster… aggghhh!! You're going to make me cum, little honey," the handsome man theater manager snorted in her ear.

    Betsy's arm ached but the jolting flashes of joy that were still exploding between her splayed thighs gave her fresh energy and the pretty little girl worked as hard as she could to finish the job that she started.

    "Annnnuuuugggghhh!!" His fat cock jumped. Betsy was watching with fevered interest when the swollen slit in the glans opened and a long, white jet of hot cum shot in the air and then came splattering down on her naked thighs and belly. "Oggghhhh… haaaggghhh!!"

    The tired little brunette lay slumped against Mr. Simpson's shoulder. She was so exhausted that Betsy hardly took notice as the man used the fingers of both of his hands to spread his cooling cum all over her smooth, naked little body.

    "You're going to work out just fine, Betsy," the man whispered and kissed her cheek. "I'm going to make sure that you earn a lot of money for your mommy and have a lot of fun doing it."

    Small warning bells rang in the girl's mind but she ignored them as she watched with growing interest while he painted the still sharp tips of her little nipples with a thick coat of his sticky semen.


    Her first night at work. It was so exciting! Betsy caught sight of her reflection in one of the glass lobby doors and paused to admire it. She was proud of herself. Her deep blue costume top clung tight and instead of hanging loose from her bust the way she thought it would, it seemed to push her firm little tits higher and made them look larger than they were. The pretty little brunette liked the way that her short red skirt hugged her waist then fit over the curve of her developing hips and saucy buttocks. There was a tight fitting pair of matching red panties just peeking out from under the skirt and Betsy had thought the whole effect was wonderful.

    The slender little usherette looked away from the glass and saw the snack-bar manager, Mrs. Borden, looking at her. Betsy flushed guiltily and remembered that she was supposed to be working. Taking a firm grip on her flashlight, the little girl peeked one more time at her reflection and admired the way that her daring uniform made her legs look even longer than they were.

    The door to Aisle C closed soundlessly behind her as Betsy stepped into the darkened auditorium. All she had to do was watch for smokers, keep little children from running up and down the aisles and help the other two ushers when she was asked to. Mr. Simpson said it was the job he gave to all the new girls.

    Mr. Simpson! Betsy was glad that no one could see her in the dark because she could feel her cheeks burning when she thought about him. A funny, warm sensation began between her legs every time that Betsy thought about the things that Mr. Simpson did to her. She knew it was wrong for her to let the man touch her and teach her those things, but it did make her feel good, just the way that he promised. Besides, it made Betsy feel grown up and daring just to know that a grown up man was interested in her like that!

    Betsy passed down the aisle feeling important when some kids that she knew saw her and whispered excitedly among themselves. The pretty little girl passed between the first row and the screen and then walked up Aisle D.

    "What is your name again, dear? I'm sorry but I was so busy earlier that I don't think I caught it."

    Betsy was startled, she'd stopped by the candy counter and since the good looking blonde clerk hadn't spoken to her all evening, she hadn't expected her to do so now.

    "It's Betsy Morrison, ma'am," the pretty little brunette said quickly.

    Mrs. Borden smiled at her and tossed her blonde hair with a shake of the head. The motion also made the older woman's large, creamy looking breasts jiggle under her tight fitting uniform top.

    "Ohhh, don't be so formal, Betsy. You can call me Grace, I work here just like you."

    Betsy smiled shyly and nodded her head, she was impressed by how pretty and self assured Grace was. She was also painfully aware of how well built the blonde was and wondered if she was ever going to grow up and look half as nice as that.

    Grace reached across the counter and gently brushed Betsy's long dark hair back from her shoulder, letting the tips of her fingers touch the girl's neck as she did. "You look so cute in your costume, Betsy. It's very becoming."

    The blonde's green eyes moved down over her slim body and without knowing why, the pretty little girl felt nervous. Grace smiled again as she pointed up the stairs behind Betsy. "It's almost intermission. You'd better go up and check the ladies lounge and make sure that everything is all right."

    Betsy scurried up the stairs and put her uneasy thoughts about Grace out of her mind. When she checked the restroom and returned, Betsy heard the film end and she helped the other usherette open the doors.

    "How's it going?"

    The other girl's name was Kathy. She was older than Betsy, about seventeen.

    "It's always confusing on the first night, you'll get used to it." Kathy grinned, she had blue eyes and dark, auburn hair. "Well, I've got to go and help Grace behind the counter, see you."

    Betsy watched Kathy hurry away and was impressed by the other girl's shapely legs and the sexy way that her round, firm bottom swayed when she walked. The little brunette looked down at her own slim legs and despaired of their ever filling out.

    The evening flew by. Everything was so new and so exciting that Betsy hardly noticed. Twice she'd had to flash her light on customers and ask them to stop smoking and she was surprised to note that it gave her a sense of power that she'd never had before.

    The pretty girl stopped just inside the doors and looked around the auditorium. This was the second showing and there weren't so many patrons. Betsy only glanced up at the screen from time to time. The movie was filled with gunshots and squealing tires and she didn't care for it much.

    She wasn't sure if it was a movement or a sound that caught her attention, but something drew her to the seats just to her right. The only people in the last three rows were a couple and they were pressing against her and from the way that their heads were moving Betsy could tell that they were kissing.

    The slim little usherette stifled a giggle and craned her neck so that she could see better. Mr. Simpson had told her not to say anything to neckers unless they got out of hand or that people around them complained. Betsy saw the man's arm move away from the lady's shoulder and dropped out of sight, in a few seconds the lady stiffened and then began to kiss him even harder than before!

    It wasn't so funny now. Betsy felt a small trickle of excitement run down the full length of her spine. Deep inside of her belly the little girl felt her tight vagina twist and the muscles around it pull. She'd seen other people kissing and messing around before and wondered why this would excite her so much.

    Moving carefully and slowly, Betsy inched forward so that she could see down the aisle and see what the man was doing to make the lady sigh and wiggle so. The scene on the screen was being done in daylight and it cast a glowing silver light around the theater, enough light for the shocked little girl to get her wish!

    The man had pulled the lady's skirt up over her tummy and was working his hand between her parted thighs. The lips of Betsy's own little pussy grew hot and moist when she watched the woman jerk and then shake her hips like that. Wicked, naughty memories of Mr. Simpson teased and nipped at Betsy and before she knew it, the little girl was excited.

    The lady moved a little and Betsy was faintly shocked when she saw that her blouse was unbuttoned and her bare breasts were gleaming in the silver light. Just then, Betsy saw a flash of something white in the man's lap and once she concentrated on it, she could make out what it was. The lady had his big, hard prick in her hand and she was playing with it!!!

    Betsy shivered and remembered how exciting it was to run her fingers up and down the length of Mr. Simpson's big old thing and she wondered if that other man's cock felt any different?

    The couple kept their heads together, kissing and whispering while they masturbated each other. Betsy was so excited that her knees were shaking as she pressed close against the arm of a seat and openly stared at them. The little girl found that by bending her knees a little, she could force the smooth wooden armrest against her burning little mound and then by flexing her thighs she could make it rub against her there.

    As she stood in the darkness, rubbing her moist little groove against the armrest, the lady in the seat began to moan softly. Most of the sounds she made were drowned out by the film's sound track, but Betsy was certain that she could hear moans, squeals, and gasps as the lady stiffened in the seat and began to shake as the man's hand flashed between her spread and shaking thighs. She was cumming! Betsy was shocked to see it happen in public like this and the fact that it was made it even more thrilling to her!

    The woman's hand was still working up and down on the man's white tube of a cock and when he groaned and pulled her close to him, Betsy knew that he was going to shoot his cum! The pretty little girl sighed softly to herself and rubbed harder against the seat as she watched the two struggle for a moment. Betsy saw the lady shake her head and try to pull back but the man was stronger and in just seconds he'd managed to grip her by the nape of the neck and push her head down in his lap. She was forced to slide out of her seat and kneel on the floor to keep from breaking her neck!

    For an instant, Betsy was puzzled, but then she saw the woman's head begin to bob up and down and she understood! The pretty little girl felt an awful surging sensation in her belly when she realized that the woman had the man's thick cock in her mouth. She was going to suck all that messy goo when it shot out of him!!!

    She'd heard about women doing that for men. She'd seen the name scrawled on walls but somehow Betsy never really believed that it happened! In spite of the revulsion she felt, the little brunette's excitement didn't die away. It even grew stronger!! Betsy's legs were shaking as she rolled her hips harder and strained to see every obscene detail of what was happening. She could see the lady's pretty face in profile and watched as her ovaled lips slid up and down on the man's erect cock. In the dim light, she could see the prick glisten wetly as the lady nursed on it. The pretty little girl's heart was hammering in her chest and she was so close to her own climax that she didn't see the door open or hear the footsteps behind her, until it was way too late!!

    The man on the seat was groaning, his head fell back against the padded seat and he began to make frantic thrusts. He had one hand on top of the lady's head and held it down while he came. Betsy gasped and shook when she imagined all that white mess shooting in her own mouth and was about to have her own little orgasm when a voice breathed in her ear.

    "You shouldn't be playing around watching other people," the voice said quietly. "You're just lucky that I'm the one who caught you or you'd be fired before you even got started."

    The shocked little usherette whirled away from the wooden armrest. Her slender body was shrieking with protest and demanding that last few hard thrusts that it would take her to climax. Before her, the humiliated little girl saw the head usher, a tall, handsome boy named Rick. The look she saw in his snapping eyes sent a charge of excitement and fear through her.

    Rick paused and took a long look over Betsy's shoulder, then, grinning, he took hold of her arm and, pushing her ahead of him, started hurrying down the aisle toward the door that led backstage.

    The minute the door shut behind them, Rick began to laugh. He still held her by the arm as he led Betsy behind the tall screen and to a small alcove by the back wall.

    It was all so frightening and confusing! Betsy looked around her and shivered. The sound from the film was far away, the speakers were pointed in another direction, but the little girl could see the gigantic reverse images on the screen before them. Betsy stared in shock at what looked like a gigantic moving pillar before she realized that the image she saw, the image that was taller than she was, was a close up of a man's finger dialing a phone!! She didn't know why the head usher had brought her back here and she was worried beyond words!

    Rick stood by the wall and was talking into a phone extension that hung there. Betsy stood very still where he left her and looked around. The back wall jogged for some reason and formed a small semi-room. The surprised little girl saw a table, a couple of chairs and a cot covered with a bedspread in the space.

    Rick hung up the phone and flopped down on the cot. He was smiling at her as he motioned for her to come to him. "Hey, kid! Come over here and sit. I want to have a little talk to you."

    Betsy didn't want to go over there. Something about the way that Rick looked at her frightened Betsy, but the thought of getting fired on her first night on the job was even more frightening, so she obeyed.

    Hesitantly, Betsy moved toward the slim head usher. He was so handsome and looked so good in his form-fitting uniform that Betsy felt awkward and awed. Their fingers touched and the pretty little twelve-year-old shuddered. That funny, wiggling feeling flared back to life between her legs.

    Pulling her down on the cot beside him, the handsome young man grinned at Betsy. "Was that the first time that you ever saw some chick giving a guy a blow job?"

    Betsy was so embarrassed and shocked by Rick's blunt question that she had to hide her face in her hands.

    Rick chuckled and Betsy was so shaken that she didn't react when he slipped his arm around her shoulders. "A pretty little chick like you shouldn't have to rub her cunt against a seat just to get off," Rick whispered. "At least not when there's someone like me around to take care of you."

    He didn't give Betsy a chance to protest. Rick knew exactly what to do and he did it with such ease that Betsy didn't know what was happening to her until she found herself lying flat on her back with the good looking head usher bending over her.

    He kissed her and this time, when she felt the pressure of his tongue, the trembling little girl knew what was expected of her. She opened her mouth and let his muscular, slippery tongue slip past her lips and search for her own. At the same time, the older boy's hands were moving over Betsy's hips and down her smooth, hairless thighs.

    She was so surprised that she couldn't resist him. Rick's knowing hands drifted down over her bare thighs and each splayed finger left a glowing path of excitement on her flesh.

    Their tongues were flicking and lashing against each other and with each passing second, the inexperienced little girl became hotter and more eager. Shyly, Betsy's arms lifted and wrapped around Rick's neck. She used her hold to lift herself off the bed and press her glowing body against his while he caressed her thighs and gently pushed them apart.

    Betsy shuddered when she felt the boy's hand pressing against the silk-soft flesh of her inner thighs and she lifted herself again, using her splayed feet to press herself against his muscular body.

    When the kiss ended, Rick sat up but he kept one hand between the gasping little brunette's legs as he used the other to unbutton his tight tunic. Betsy couldn't believe what was happening to her! The lovely girl shook and shivered as the older boy's hand moved up her bare flesh until the backs of his knuckles were pressing firmly against the swollen outline of her hairless little cunt!

    "Please," Betsy whispered faintly. "I… I'm only twelve… you can't… ohhhhh!!" Rick had ignored her and forced the elastic of her uniform panties and her own tight briefs aside and had pressed two fingers in against the velvet soft flesh of her vulva!

    "Don't kid me," the handsome head usher panted as he pulled his hand away long enough to slide the sleeve of his tunic down over it and then sent his extended fingers back under her clothing again. "I know Newt Simpson better than anyone around here and I can promise you that he doesn't hire any chicks around here that don't put out up front!!"

    Betsy wanted to protest again, but the fingers had found the puffy separation of her wet little pussy lips and she gasped as they plunged in and found the stiff bud of her clitoris.

    "Agggghhh… Oooooo, he… he didn't do it to me," the trembling little girl moaned as she shook her head from side to side. "I'm a virgin. He didn't make me let him put it in!!" Betsy's slim body was jerking and rolling, Rick's expert fingers were twisting and twirling in her plump little mound sending rocket bursts of pleasure up her spine each time that her rigid love bud was mashed or brushed!!

    Then one of Rick's fingers began to press against the mouth of Betsy's little pussy and the girl moaned with pain and fear. "Unnnggghhh… you're hurting me! Owwww!" The lovely little girl was so busy trying to roll her stinging cunt away from the older boy's finger that she didn't see his free hand as it jerked his fly open and pull his long, skinny erection into view.

    The blunt tip of the boy's finger found the taut membrane that told of the groaning little girl's virginity and Rick snorted in surprise. "Christ! You were telling me the truth." His other finger was still massaging the swollen tip of Betsy's little clitoris and the mixture of pain and pleasure that she felt was mind bending!

    "What did you do for him, honey? I know Simpson, he didn't let you out of that office before you made him cum. What did you have to do to make him shoot his load for you?"

    Betsy opened her mouth, but, instead of words, all that came out was a long drawn out grunt of pleasure!! The lovely little girl's dark eyes popped open and she stared with sightless amazement at the grinning boy as he finger fucked her into squealing, jerking orgasm!!!

    "Awwwwuuuugggghhh!! Oh… I… huuuunnnnggg!!!" Betsy couldn't breathe. She gasped and bucked wildly as she fought to fill her aching lungs with air, but each time, another heavy jolt of pleasure would smash through her and take her breath with it!!

    "Tell me about it, honey," Rick demanded as he continued to work his finger in her. "Tell me what you did for Simpson!!"

    Betsy moaned, her hands crept down and gripped Rick at the wrist, pressing his hand against her squirming bottom.

    "What did you do?"

    "Oooooo," Betsy moaned as the intense pleasure sensations began to fade and she could breathe again. "I… used my hand!" The shaken child formed a circle with her thumb and forefinger and made an obscene shaking motion to show the handsome usher what she'd done.

    Rick shrugged and pulled the trembling child to a sitting position beside him. "I'll settle for that, kid. A hand job for starters, anyway." For the first time, Betsy saw that the older boy had his pants open and she stared in dull surprise at his cock as it jerked and twitched in front of her.

    The waves of her orgasm were still rippling and washing inside of her and Betsy didn't hesitate for a moment. The little girl wrapped her fingers around the warm, pulsating shaft of the head usher's long, scary cock.

    Rick sighed happily as Betsy began to masturbate him. The handsome usher leaned back so that the blushing little girl's hand had a free stroke up and down the long steel length of his erect cock.

    Betsy stared at Rick's big dong and shivered. She liked the feel of Rick's warm flesh against hers and enjoyed the pleased groans and sighing sounds that he made as she jacked him off. The pretty little girl was surprised because she didn't feel any guilt. In fact, playing with Rick's long hardon made Betsy feel excited and happy.

    "That's nice, little girl," Rick sighed as he hugged Betsy closer and watched her masturbate him.

    The handsome head usher's hands moved under her rocking arm and in a few moments Betsy was surprised and a little shocked to feel her uniform top slacken and fall away from her heated body. It was apparent that Rick knew exactly where the snaps and the zipper were. Betsy realized that Rick had undressed a lot of usherettes before! For a moment, the surprised little brunette paused and wondered if she shouldn't try to get away from Rick. But then the handsome older boy slipped one of his hands under her loosened top and the feel of his warm fingers as they closed around the firm mound of her budding breast was so nice that the idea was turned to steam by the pleasure.

    Betsy moaned and shuddered when the boy's fingers found her pointed little nipples and pinched and twisted at them. The pretty child's fingers tightened around Rick's throbbing cock and she increased the speed of her stroke until her hand was only a white blur in the dim backstage light.

    Rick grunted and squeezed harder at the small globe of her forming breast. His voice sounded thick and slurred when he spoke to Betsy. "Agggghhh, keep it up, kid!" Rick stiffened and, for an exciting moment, Betsy thought that he was going to cum. The excited little girl felt a hot, burning itch deep in the tight sleeve of her untried vagina as she stared at the swollen, purplish head of the head usher's cock. "Remember that lady in the last row? Have you ever done that? Have you ever sucked a nice hard prick?"

    Betsy groaned, her eyes bulged in her head, and when she thought about letting the fat glans that she was staring at in her moist little mouth, her stomach spun and shook with disgust and excitement!!

    "What's the matter, don't you want to talk about it? I saw you, honey. You were wearing out that armrest with your hot pussy when you saw that other cunt gobble that guy's cock and drink his cum!!"

    "Oooooo, don't talk about that," the pretty little girl pleaded. "It makes me feel… sick."

    Rick laughed and hugged her tighter. His hand worked over the smooth curve of her rib cage and fastened around one of her hard little breasts again, making the little girl gasp and shiver as she responded to the fierce pleasure that she experienced.

    "Oh, no, honey," the handsome older boy crooned as he let his fingers dance over Betsy's slender young body. "Not sick, excited! You can't fool me, I saw how you jumped and wiggled when that bitch swallowed that guy's big cock!" Betsy moaned and squeezed even harder at the handsome boy's jerking, pulsating cock.

    Rick groaned and shivered. The excited little girl felt his long erection grow in her fist and she pumped even harder. She wanted to see it happen again, wanted to watch the white fountain of his cum. Suddenly, Betsy realized that more than anything she wanted that!!!

    "You should learn," Rick gushed as he stroked Betsy's trim, healthy body, making the excited little girl moan and quiver as wave after delightful wave of pleasure swept over her. "You are a pretty chick and every pretty chick should know how to slip a fat cock in her mouth and make her man moan when she sucks on it."

    Betsy whimpered. She couldn't drag her eyes away from the thick, pulpy head of Rick's throbbing cock. His words ran and echoed in her ears as she stared at the handsome usher's bloated erection.

    "Ohhh, baby! I'm going to cum!! Get down there and take it in your mouth!!"

    Betsy didn't move and she was rewarded by a hard slap against the side of her head.

    "Suck it, whore! And don't you dare let a drop of it get on my uniform!!" The young head usher jerked at her and Betsy, caught off balance, was pulled off the cot.

    She wasn't fast enough and that earned her another slap while Rick pulled her head down toward his long, white mushroom of a cock. "Suck my cock, honey. That's what it's going to cost you to keep me from going to the boss and telling him that you won't do!!"

    It wasn't fair! Betsy felt herself weaken when she thought about the good that extra money would do. She began to whimper when she imagined what her friends would say when they heard that she lost her job on the first night and worst of all, the lovely little girl felt the last of her resistance rip away when she imagined what it would be like to slip the fat crown of the handsome boy's cock in her mouth!!

    "Annnnggghhhh," Rick moaned when Betsy relaxed and allowed his hand to push her head down to meet the bloated crown of his prick and she was forced to give it a long, loving kiss!!

    The velvet flesh of Rick's glans slipped delightfully across the nerve endings of her lips. Betsy shuddered and kissed it again. She loved the feel of his penis and the idea made her tingle all over. This time, the excited little girl didn't hesitate. She mashed her full lips against the cock and even dared flick at it with the tip of her pink little tongue.

    Rick groaned and pulled her closer.

    Betsy knew what the boy wanted and, while her sweaty fist continued its rapid up and down stroke she opened her lips and sucked the mushroom-shaped head of the prick into her saliva filled mouth!

    "Aggghhh! Yeah!! Suck it. Gobble my cock, honey!" Rick's hips began to jerk and the thrilled twelve-year-old felt his iron-hard erection swell and then buck hard as the first hot stream of his cum shot out and clogged her small mouth! Betsy moaned with a twisted excitement. The thick liquid coated her teeth, clogged her throat and was threatening to squirt out of her tightly pursed lips, she had to swallow it or choke! The pretty child's throat muscles worked and then worked again and her churning belly was filled with his hot seed!


    As the bus came closer and closer to her stop, Betsy could feel her nerves crawling under her skin. The pretty little brunette stared out of the window and shook her head when she thought about the things that had happened to her during the day.

    "It wasn't bad enough for me to do that with Mr. Simpson," Betsy told herself. "We need the money and I guess there was some excuse, but when Rick…" Betsy shivered happily when she thought about the head usher. He was so strong and so exciting!

    Betsy's pointed tongue worked back and forth behind her teeth. She'd rinsed her mouth out when Rick let her go, but even with that she was sure that she could taste the yeasty tang of the boy's thick cum.

    "Whore! He called me that and that's what I am!" Betsy shook herself and pressed her lips together in a tight, hard line. "I'm not supposed to do things like that, much less like it! What would happen if Mom found out what I'm doing?"

    She felt ashamed and dirty thinking about her mother. Julia was such a good woman, so hard working and clean, Betsy was shamed when she thought about what she'd been doing. The little girl shifted uneasily, feeling a moist trickle of love juice leaking out of her plump pussy. That, and the ripples of dirty excitement that she felt, worried her. Could she tell? When Betsy got home, would her mother be able to look at her and know what she'd been doing?

    She was so wrapped up in her morbid thoughts that she almost missed her stop. Hurriedly, the little twelve-year-old jerked the bell cord and stepped off the bus. The pussy juice was still leaking out of her and made the hairless folds of her puffy little cunt rub and slip as they brushed together.

    It was almost midnight and Betsy was worried. She hadn't been able to call her mother and tell her how late she would be and she was worried that her mother would be angry and upset. The pretty little brunette had a whole mouthful of excuses ready when she stepped through the door, but the second that she saw the glowing smile on her mother's pretty face and the man sitting on the couch, she realized that she wouldn't need them.

    "Are you all right, darling? I was so worried, but I hoped that you were working. Did you get the job?"

    Betsy heard the words, but realized with a pang that her mother wasn't really worried. The man leaning back on the couch, looking at her, had kept her busy.

    "Yes," Betsy bubbled happily. "I got the job and I can make a lot of money. Mr. Simpson, he's the manager, says…" Her happy words were stilled as her mother shook her head in mock anger.

    "Ohhhh, no, it's late! You slip off to bed right now, young lady! You can tell me all about your lovely job in the morning!!" Julia caught her by the arm and only paused long enough to perform a quick introduction before she steered the surprised little brunette out of the room. "Dave, this little waif is my daughter, Betsy. Betsy, this is Mr. Henry. He works in my office. Say goodnight and slip off to bed, baby."

    Before she realized what was happening to her, Betsy was in her room with her mother standing at the door. Julia had a serious look on her face. "Now, go to sleep, baby. I'll shut the connecting door. See you in the morning."

    Betsy was shocked. She stared at the closed door to her room and shook her head in wonder. It was obvious that her mother wanted to be alone with that man. For the first time in her life, the little girl realized that her mother was a human, that she got lonely – and that she needed sex!!

    Betsy was shaken. She knew that a part of her childhood was dead, that reality had pushed in and destroyed something very fragile and steadying in her life.

    She was tired. Pushing her thoughts aside, Betsy hurriedly stripped out of her clothes and into her nightgown. The pretty little girl refused to think about what was happening to her and around her. She snapped off the lamp beside her bed and felt the sleep creeping in on her before her small head hit the pillow.

    Something, a sound, a feeling woke her up! Betsy found herself sitting upright in her bed, staring around her darkened bedroom. The little girl's heart was beating hard and her breath was coming in short, panicky bursts. At last, Betsy realized that there was nothing threatening in the room and began to relax. The little girl was ready to laugh at her fears and go back to sleep when she heard a low, wavering moan of pain and pleasure!

    The little brunette felt her nerves jump under her skin and the hairs on the back of her neck lift. Betsy jumped out of bed and headed for her door. That moan wasn't a dream. It was real. And it was coming from her mother's bedroom!

    Betsy didn't know what to expect. She could not imagine what would make Julia moan and whimper the way she was. The little girl was frightened and nervous as she crept down the darkened hallway that led to her mother's bedroom. With each step she took, the little girl could hear her mother groaning and whispering to someone.

    "Awwwwgh, God! Oh, baby, I… you can't know! Ohhh, honey, it's been so long!" She recognized the sound in her mother's voice and Betsy was tempted to turn around and run back to her room. But the memory of that lady in the audience taunted Betsy and called to her. The little girl felt a sweet stirring between her slender thighs and knew that she couldn't stop. She had to know, had to see what her mother was doing!

    The door to the bedroom was partly open, and Betsy found that she could see into Julia's room by pressing her eye against the crack by the hinges. The lamp over her mother's bed was on and it bathed the room in a muted, pink light. Betsy felt her knees shake with excitement when she saw her mother, lying spread-eagled on the bed. Mr. Henry was kneeling over her and they were both naked!

    The pretty twelve-year-old shuddered and slowly sank to her knees as she watched the big man work a stiff forefinger in and out of her mother's dark, hairy sex. Each time that the finger sank home, Julia would groan or gasp and shake her naked bottom. At the same time that Dave Henry used his finger to rouse and torment her, the lovely woman's clenched fist jerked and pulled on his huge, swollen cock!

    Betsy couldn't tear her eyes away from the prick that her mother was so lovingly stroking. The head of the penis was so big that it made Betsy's tummy twist and turn, it was an angry, dark red, almost purple, and in its one blind eye, she could see thick drops of clear liquid seeping out and drooling over her fingers.

    Without thinking, the little girl's own fingers crept up under her shorty nightgown, then slipped under the elastic waistband of the bottoms. It felt nice when she ran her hand down over the soft curve of her belly and then pressed her fingers against the fatty flesh that covered her hairless little mound.

    While her mother gasped and whispered to the strange man, the small brunette pressed one of her fingers between the puffy lips of her pussy and wiggled it around, wetting it in the slick, clear oil of her love juice. Betsy still stared at Mr. Henry's big, hairy cock and when she caught herself wondering what it would taste like and how it would feel as it slipped into her open mouth she had to press her free hand against her mouth to keep from squealing out loud.

    "In me," Julia panted as she pulled at the naked man. "Please, Dave, I need it inside of me!" The handsome man chuckled and shook his head. Julia moaned and tried again to pull him on top of her naked, writhing body. "Please! Fuck me, Dave!"

    "You're not ready yet," Dave whispered, a large grin creasing his face. "You'll have to work if you want it, Julia. You made me wait for a long time, now it's your turn."

    Mr. Henry was smiling, but Betsy could sense something dangerous about him and that sense of danger was so thrilling that the little girl shuddered and tried to force the tip of her finger into the tight, unused throat of her vagina.

    Dave pulled his finger out of Betsy's mother's cunt and Julia moaned as she tried to arch her body up off the bed to follow it. The grinning man caught a handful of the poor woman's thick, dark hair and jerked, pulling her up until her bruised-looking lips were pressed against the wet tip of his hard, throbbing cock.

    Betsy knew what was coming. She felt her whole body begin to glow with excitement and she pressed her little finger so deep in the tight grip of her love sheath that the tip pressed painfully against her tightly stretched hymen.

    Mr. Henry laughed softly when her mother whimpered and Betsy pressed closer to the door and strained to hear every word that he hissed at her. "Get on it, honey! I can tell that you want to suck it! Wrap those lips around my cock and suck it. Earn the fucking that you are begging for!"

    A tiny moan of sympathy oozed out of Betsy when she saw her mother blush and wiggle. Mr. Henry jerked at her hair and the lovely brunette moaned as her lips went slack and allowed the greasy-looking head of the penis to slip past them and enter her mouth.

    Betsy's own mouth fell open and a small, rippling orgasm rumbled through her. Julia gasped and mumbled, her words muffled by the thick post of flesh that stuffed her mouth. Even as she jiggled her finger back and forth over her stiff little clitoris, Betsy knew that all she had to do was keep on going and she could cum again!

    "I was right," Dave Henry whispered as he forced her mother's head to bob back and forth on the head of his prick. Even across the room, Betsy could hear the lewd, smacking sounds that Julia's mouth was making as she struggled to swallow almost half of the thick probe.

    The shaken twelve-year-old remembered the strange, slick feeling of Rick's cock as it slid back and forth over her tongue and wondered if that sensation pleased her mother as much as it had her. Julia was moaning and making small protest sounds while she pursed her lips tight around the thick shaft of the man's big prick and sucked. But Betsy noticed that, at the same time, her hips were making a slow, revolving motion and her hands were slowly moving around his muscular thighs and pulling him closer as she meekly serviced his throbbing erection.

    "Ooooo, yeah. You can't fool me, darling," Mr. Henry breathed. His head fell back and his eyes closed while he smiled. "You know how to give head! Someone took a lot of time with you and taught you how to suck cock like a dream!"

    He was right! Betsy trembled as she watched the expert way that her mother twisted her head and pressed forward, jamming another two fat inches of cock in her mouth. The whole scene was more than Betsy could stand. The pretty child sighed softly and wiggled her own trim little bottom when she realized what she was seeing. Never again could she look at her mother as that clam, serene person who was so much under control, so unruffled that nothing could ever really touch her.

    Julia mumbled something. Her pelvis was jerking and Betsy gasped with shock and Dave laughed when the beautiful woman's hand crept down over her belly and a finger dipped deep and straight into the fleshy crease of her sex.

    "Is it good? Is that how you've been making it? Do you sneak off a few times a day and finger fuck yourself, baby?"

    Betsy felt angry and ashamed for her mother when Julia was forced to nod her head and try to suck even harder on the cock in a mute effort to please the man.

    Julia's thighs were spread wide and Betsy could see the deep pink flesh of her mother's inner membranes as they flashed and glistened in the light. Julia never stopped sucking while she fingered herself. Betsy could hear the rasping, vibrating sounds that her mother's mouth made as she shamelessly sucked and nursed on the handsome man's prick.

    "Do you really need it? Do you want my cock inside of you, baby?" Julia's cheeks were a bright red and Betsy knew that she was ashamed – but apparently shame wasn't enough to stop her because she nodded her head and hugged the man even tighter than before.

    Dave groaned happily when he used his grip in Julia's hair to pull her sucking lips away from the pulpy head of his big dong. Betsy gasped softly and excitedly pinched at her firm little clit when she saw how much larger and darker his glans looked after her mother had mouthed it.

    "Roll over, honey. I'll take care of you. I'll fuck you until you'll think that you're dying!"

    Betsy's frilly shorty bottoms were in her way and, while she watched her lovely, naked mother eagerly roll over on her belly then pull herself up until she knelt on all fours before the man, she pulled them down.

    "You got it right," Dave chuckled as he moved in behind Julia. "I know that somewhere, sometime, some smart stud had his hands on you and taught you the way to take care of a man!"

    Julia moaned and shook her bottom, making the fleshy cheeks of her ass quiver and tremble as she offered herself up to him.

    It was shocking and terrible, but Betsy knew in her heart that the laughing, sneering man was right. Her mother, her cool, sophisticated mother, was no stranger to this sort of thing and it was even more apparent that she wanted it so badly that she would do anything to get it!

    Betsy's panties were down to her knees. The pretty child had hiked her gown up over her waist and was shamelessly wiggling her near naked body as her small finger wormed its way in and out of her puffy, pouting pussy. It was dirty and naughty but it felt sooo good!

    Julia whimpered but didn't answer the taunting challenge in Dave's voice. Betsy shivered and felt herself begin to tremble terribly as she watched the big man press his naked body against her mother's raised bottom and fit the bloated tip of his prick between the ivory smooth cheeks of her shapely ass.

    For a terrible moment, the little girl thought that the man was going to force his big rammer into the wrong place. Betsy knew about sodomy, she knew that people sometimes used the wrong place to make love, but she'd always hated and feared the idea before. But, when Betsy saw the thick, discolored head of Dave Henry's big dong move between her mother's buttocks, she was shocked to feel a sharp, twisting sensation in her own puckered anal opening.

    Julia knelt at an angle and Betsy could see every move of the hard cock as it pressed closer to her trembling mother's bottom. Julia moaned and her little daughter sighed with relief when the big prick skidded over the pink rosette of her anus and bulled its way between the hair-fringed lips of her sex.

    "Annngghh," Julia groaned when the saliva-coated shaft of Dave's cock followed the enlarged head of his cock into her love groove. "Go slow, darling, oooo, it feels so big! Go slow. Don't hurt me with your big, fat cock!" The words meant one thing, but Betsy could hear something else in the tone of her mother's voice. It was as if Julia wanted him to hurt her, wanted Mr. Henry to split her in half with his huge cock and was giving him the needed invitation to do it!

    "Ahhh, it feels big. You like it big, don't you, Julia? You want me to fill this tight little cunt of yours with meat, don't you?"

    There was a mean, thin-lipped smile on the handsome man's face. Betsy saw Dave's fingers sink into the soft flesh of her mother's waist and pull her back to meet the hard bulk of his big spear.

    "Oooowwaaaahhh!" Julia's shapely body vibrated.

    Betsy shuddered as the thick inches of the man's prick were forced into her mother's body and she felt her own hard little clitoris swell until it hurt. "Unnngghh," Julia moaned. "You're tearing me! Ohhh, God, annnggghh!"

    Julia's head fell, her hair covered her face as she began to slowly shake it back and forth. Betsy moaned softly and pressed even harder at the thin barrier that kept her finger out of the moist, twisting pit of her own virginal love slot. The lovely little girl felt her flesh crawl as she inched even closer to the door and watched her mother's large, firm breasts swing and slap against each other. Betsy was especially drawn to the long, thick fingers of her mother's nipples as they stood out dark and swollen from the smooth curves of her breasts. For a reason that she didn't understand, Betsy wished that she was in the room with them. And what was worse and more disturbing, she wished that she was lying beneath those swaying globes and could take them in her pink mouth and suck and suck on them like she used to do when she was a baby!

    Dave grunted and moaned. He thrust and slammed himself at Julia and the sound of his lean belly slapping against her mother's fleshy ass cheeks excited Betsy. The lovely little brunette groaned softly and wiggled her finger in the wet, slippery mouth of her pussy. Her sore little clit burned and stung, but the pleasure that she felt was so much stronger than the pain that she didn't consider stopping.

    "Shake your ass, woman," Dave snarled as he drove himself into Julia's stretched cunt. "Roll you hips and make your pussy eat my cock!"

    Betsy was shocked that he would talk to her mother like that, she was even more shocked when she realized that Julia liked it and did as she was told!

    Apparently, the suffering woman didn't move fast enough to please him. Mr. Henry grinned as he brought the broad flat of his palm down on her white bottom. He was spanking her! "I said, shake it! Come on, don't yell! You'll wake your kid and you wouldn't want her to see you getting stuffed like this, would you?" Julia squealed and shook, red finger marks appeared on her ass and she frantically began to shake. As she did, her climax caught her and she wailed and cried.

    "Aaaaiieeee! Oooo, cum! Please, Dave, cum in my pussy, fill me up!" Betsy began to tremble, her own small body took on a glow and she had to bite down hard on her knuckle to keep from screaming out loud as she had an orgasm, too!

    "Oooo, Mama, how could you? How… aaaaiiieeee!!!" A trickle of juice wet her fingers and the shaking little girl didn't know if it was love juice or pee, or both. All she knew was that it was lovely to wiggle and twist as she dreamed of a cock of her very own!


    Betsy slowly shook her head and hugged herself as she stepped down from her bus and stood on the street corner. She needed a few minutes to gather her thoughts. Betsy felt like her whole world had turned upside down and she was lost. There were no familiar bases to touch, any more.

    It had been so hard to talk to Julia this morning. Betsy felt like crying when she remembered how she'd stared at her mother as if she'd never seen her before in her life. "Well, that's the way it is, isn't it? I've never seen her do things like that before. I never even thought that she knew about things like that!"

    The pretty twelve-year-old felt a dull resentment inside her when she thought about Julia. She felt cheated and lied to, as if her mother had been playing a game with her all these years. Betsy knew that Julia was only human, but when she thought about her mother, all she could see was her twisted face and hear again the guttural groans and snorts of delight that she made when Mr. Henry's big prick slid in and out of her!

    Betsy was tense and uneasy. She could feel that silky, twisting feeling in her belly. It never seemed to go away any more. It was with her all the time and only became stronger when she thought about the dirty things that she'd done and seen in the past two days.

    Betsy wanted to turn right around and go home. She didn't want to go in early and help Mr. Simpson get the house ready for the Saturday early show, but she couldn't go home. "Ohhh, darling, this is wonderful! I never dreamed that you could make that much money on a job at the movie!" Betsy grimaced when she remembered how her mother had hugged her and kissed her, kissed her with the same lips that she used to suck Dave Henry's prick! "Thank you! This is going to help so much. Maybe now we can do some of the things that we want to do. You're great, Bets!"

    There was no going home. There was no being a happy, silly little girl again. Somehow she'd stepped over an invisible line and she could never get back.

    Looking up, Betsy saw the big clock on the jewelry shop and realized that she would be late if she didn't hurry. The pretty little brunette forced her fears and her doubts out of her mind and began to scurry down the sidewalk toward the Majestic. Mr. Simpson had promised her extra money if she would come in early today and help and extra money was the only thing on her mind when she slipped in the back door of the theater.

    Newton Simpson sat on one of the large couches in the lobby. When he saw Betsy, the theater manager checked his watch and nodded his head. "Right on time. I like that, Betsy."

    The little girl looked down. She just couldn't bring herself to look the man in the eye. From the first second that she came in she felt that twisting sensation grow stronger than ever and no matter what she did, she found herself thinking bout his big penis!

    "What should I do first, Mr. Simpson?" Betsy asked in a faint voice. The handsome theater manager chuckled and looked around him. At first, Betsy didn't understand. Then, when she followed his gaze, she began to catch his meaning. The candy counter was stocked and ready to go, the carpets had been vacuumed, and without having to look, she knew that the auditorium would be clean and ready.

    "I… I thought that I was supposed to come in and help you this morning," Betsy stammered. "Did I make a mistake?"

    Newton Simpson was smiling as he stood up. The slender little girl watched the man coming closer to her and was ashamed when she realized that her knees were shaking.

    "No, you didn't make a mistake, honey," the man said quietly as he slipped his hand under Betsy's thick, long hair and caressed her slender arched neck. "I wanted you to come early for another reason."

    Betsy shivered and couldn't resist the sudden impulse to move closer to Mr. Simpson.

    "I wanted to be alone with you so that we could get to know each other better and to have some time to tell you about some other ways that I have for you to make extra money. A lot of extra money."

    The plump, down-covered lips of her small pussy grew hot and firm and Betsy could feel them swell apart, letting a few drops of her slick lube leak out of her and wet the form-fitting crotch of her panties. The twelve-year-old knew full well what he meant when he said he wanted to "know each other better" and she was interested.

    They didn't speak as they walked up the stairs that led to Newton's office. The man kept his arm around the little girl's shoulders and their legs brushed and touched as they walked. From time to time, Betsy peeked sideways at the front of Mr. Simpson's slacks and the large, growing bulge that she saw there made her feel all soft and melty inside.

    Other than holding her close to him, Mr. Simpson made no other move to touch Betsy until they were safely inside of his office and his door was locked tight. Newton turned and found Betsy standing in the middle of the room staring at him with her large dark eyes.

    Mr. Simpson took her by the hand and led Betsy to a couch and they sat. The man was confident and took his time, one arm slipped behind his shoulders and his free hand casually dropped down on Betsy's bare knee. To distract her, Newton began to speak softly in her ear.

    "Did you think about what we did yesterday?" He didn't give Betsy a chance to answer before he went on. "I'll bet you did. I'll bet that it still makes you feel wet and funny when you remember how good it felt when I put my fingers in you."

    His hand had crept up her bare thigh. The little girl watched it. The strange, sideways way that it moved reminded her of a big, warm spider. The twelve-year-old child trembled when the hand slipped out of view under her short skirt, but she didn't say a word. She didn't make a move to pull away from him. When Newton's hand pressed in between her thighs, Betsy sighed and obediently spread them, opening the way for him to press against the fat outline of her moist little cunt.

    "I've been thinking about you," the theater manager sighed as he cupped her mound and gave it a gentle squeeze. "It makes me feel good when I remember how nice it felt to have you play with my prick."

    She couldn't help it. Betsy was already staring at the big outline of his cock as it strained against his fly and when he began to talk about it, her small hands darted out and pressed against it!

    "I knew it! I knew that you were just the girl I've been looking for around here," Newton sighed happily. "If you'll just do what I say you can have a lot of fun and make good money, too. You can work a few mornings a week when our film club meets and after that… well, I'll tell you about that when you're ready for it."

    It was so nice. Betsy wiggled happily and spread her slim, childish legs farther apart. Her fingers pressed and explored the bulge of Newton's big dong all the way from his heavy balls to the mushroom-shaped head. She liked this, all she had to do was relax and respond to the knowing touch of Mr. Simpson's hands. Each time that he touched her, it made Betsy feel even better and the pleasure blotted out her worries and those awful thoughts she had about her mother.

    Slowly, Newton's hand crept up over her tummy, Betsy sighed and wiggled, she liked his touch, liked to grind the firm cheeks of her bottom against the couch. The waistband of her panties was hooked and he began to pull them down. The silky material brushed against her flesh and Betsy lifted her wiggling bottom off of the seat long enough for him to peel her panties down to her knees.

    A thick finger slowly, gently pressed into the tight throat of her baby pussy, making Betsy gasp and jerk her pelvis high so that he had more room. "Do you like that, baby? Does it make you feel good when I play with you?"

    "Oooooo, yes, Mr. Simpson," Betsy cooed. Her fingers dug into the material of his slacks and tried to close around his throbbing hardon. "It makes me feel goooood!"

    Newton chuckled softly and pulled Betsy toward him for a second. The trembling little girl felt the zipper at the back of her top being pulled down and moaned when the tips of his fingers brushed down the length of her naked backbone. "I'm glad," Newton whispered as he pulled the loosened top down over Betsy's slim shoulders, then tossed it aside. "I wanted you to enjoy this. That's why I had you come in early, so that we could take all the time we need to make you feel extra good!"

    Betsy felt shy when the man stared at the small mounds of her budding breasts but the shyness faded when he gently pressed against them with his hand and tweaked each pointed little pink nub.

    Next came the skirt. Mr. Simpson lifted her up on his lap, unzipped her short skirt, pulling it down as he lifted her. Betsy shivered, all she wore were her long, shin-high white socks and black shiny shoes.

    "You're pretty," Newton breathed as he stroked the naked little girl. "I like pretty girls like you." He dipped his head and caught one of Betsy's firm little tits in her mouth.

    The little brunette shuddered and sighed happily when the man sucked the whole of her tiny breast into his mouth, using his wet tongue to lash back and forth over the nipple.

    At the same time that he sucked and kissed each apple-sized breast, Mr. Simpson's other hand was working between her legs. Betsy spread them wide, lifting one thigh and letting her other leg dangle down over his knee and point at the floor. The pretty twelve-year-old shuddered and began to make a thrusting, jerking motion with her pelvis as a knowing finger twirled and flexed in her and opened her, smearing her slippery lube over her legs and tummy.

    Betsy could feel Newton's big stalk pressing up against her tingling bottom and all she could think about was the way that her mother had groaned and shuddered when Mr. Henry pushed his big thing into her. Could she stand it? Did she dare let Mr. Simpson do a thing like that to her?

    It wasn't really up to Betsy. The handsome theater manager had a plan of his own and there was no way that the little girl could resist him, even if she wanted to.

    "Wait a second, honey," Mr. Simpson finally muttered as he lifted the naked girl off of his lap and sat her beside him. Newton leaned forward and jerked off his jacket then undid his tie and his white shirt. In seconds, the startled little girl found herself staring at the man's tight, fully filled shorts. They were all that he wore, the only thing that kept the warm flesh of his body away from hers.

    Betsy trembled, she'd never been naked with anyone, not even Dickie and she was frightened. But fright alone wasn't enough to kill the rising desire and excitement that ran through her and the slim little girl reached out and unsnapped the man's shorts, freeing his heavy, erect cock!

    "Does it make you feel good to squeeze my cock? Do you like to play with it and make me cum for you?"

    Mr. Simpson's dirty question rattled and echoed in Betsy's head, but the little girl didn't really mind, she was concentrating on the thick, heavily veined shaft of his penis, watching the way that his silky flesh rippled and moved away from her knuckles when she ran her hand up and down its thrilling length.

    Newton pulled her forward, his big hand slid down over Betsy's naked back until he could press his fingers in between her buttocks and hook her tight little cunt from the rear. The little brunette moaned, it felt so good!

    Betsy found herself drawn forward until she lay almost face down across the naked man's middle. She'd managed to keep her grip on this pulsating staff and was happily frigging it as he aroused her from the rear. The head of the big cock was rubbing against her chin and her cheek, and her thoughts crept back to Rick and the way that his skinny prick fit into her untrained mouth so that when she felt the pressure of Mr. Simpson's hand against the back of her head, she knew just what was expected of her.

    A violent trembling fit hit her. Betsy moaned softly when Mr. Simpson twirled his big finger in her bubbling little cunt in an effort to encourage her. The little girl wiggled and bent her head, letting her pouting lips brush hard against the slick, lube-coated glans of the cock that she held in her fist. Newton Simpson groaned and pressed his finger deeper into her naked cunt.

    "You know about that, eh? Who taught you to suck cock, honey? Who took a pretty little baby like you and taught him how to give him a blow job?"

    Betsy didn't want to answer, she didn't dare. There was only one way that the lovely child could think of to keep from answering.

    Before the groaning theater manager could force her to talk to him, Betsy formed a tight oval with her soft lips and pressed that elastic oval down over the hot, pulpy head of his upthrust cock! Mr. Simpson gasped, his hips lifted, catching Betsy by surprise and jamming almost half of his throbbing prick into her mouth. The naked child coughed and bucked when she felt her throat blocked and realized she couldn't breathe. But before she could panic, Newton pulled Betsy's head up and taught her how to hold just the head of his bloated cock and its steel-hard shoulders in her mouth.

    "Ummmm, that's good, kid," the handsome manager sighed as he used his hands to guide the little girl's head up and down in his lap. "Work your tongue around the underside… ohh, yes! Press right here… hummmmm."

    She liked it. Rick had been rougher with her and she'd been frightened but Newton was gentle and his moans and groans of pleasure excited her and made her proud that she could please him. The lovely child groaned and mumbled, her naked body wiggled and pressed against the man's and she loved the way that his hairy thighs scratched and rubbed against the swollen and well-sucked nipples of her budding breasts.

    Mr. Simpson's big hand was still between her thighs and the little girl shook with delight when he inserted another finger in her stretched pussy then used his grip to gently lift her and force her to pull her knees up under her a little so that she could elevate her shaking bottom.

    He'd managed to press the two fingers so deep in her tight love channel that they were stretching her hymen and she wished that it would break so she could feel them deep inside her. A slick drool of love juice was flowing out of her and the excited little girl whimpered with pleasure when Newton wet his thumb in it and began to press hard against the exposed pucker of her pink little anus.

    Betsy snorted and groaned as the lubricated probe popped past her tight little sphincter muscle and entered her ass. There was pain, but it wasn't much. Not nearly so powerful as the strange, different sort of pleasure that she felt as the thick thumb pushed deeper and deeper.

    The naked little girl's head bobbed faster and faster, a thick mixture of her saliva and his lube escaped her pursed lips and ran down the shaft of Newton's big cock. The handsome man groaned and continued to use his free hand to guide her and teach her the delicious art of cock sucking.

    Finally, he couldn't stand it any longer. He pulled the gasping little girl's mouth away from his throbbing erection and pulled her up onto his lap.

    Betsy moaned when the three fingers were pulled out of her bottom and the thick, satisfying head of the man's prick was jerked away from her lips but she didn't have any time to protest as he lifted her and forced her down on his lap. Betsy sat facing Mr. Simpson, her slim thighs spread wide on either side of his own.

    "Oggghhh, you almost made me cum, honey," Newton moaned as he pulled the startled little girl forward and kissed her, jamming his tongue deep into her mouth as he did.

    A wild sense of excitement was rumbling inside her, Betsy's naked body was jerking and screaming for the release she'd been cheated of. The pretty little brunette could feel his hard, slick penis pressing against the fat lips of her pussy and she found that by rocking her hips she could make the shaft rub against her hairless lips and mash hard against her hard, protruding clitoris.

    Mr. Simpson's big hands slipped under her and cupped Betsy's trim little bottom. The naked girl sighed as his fingers squeezed and mauled her bouncy cheeks. But when he began to lift her, the little usherette began to tremble with a mixture of fear and desire.

    "I'm going to put it in you, Betsy," Mr. Simpson breathed in her ear. "Are you afraid?"

    Betsy moaned and hugged the handsome man tightly. She could feel his hard prick dragging across the velvet-smooth flesh of her inner thighs, leaving a wet, slick trail of lube as it blindly sought the small opening of her virgin cunt.

    "Yessss," the lovely little girl admitted. "Is it going to hurt me?" The man chuckled a little and hugged her in return before he answered.

    "A little, baby, just a little at first, but afterward… ohhh, after that it's going to be so good that you'll flip!"

    She was still afraid, but an image of her mother popped into the excited little girl's head. Betsy could remember the look of longing on Julia's face, a look that changed to joy and pleasure when that man finally rammed his big thing into her. Betsy knew that she had to have it, somewhere inside her there was a longing, a need to feel it and no amount of fear or pain could stop her!

    She didn't need to say a word, Betsy simply rolled her hips forward and pressed the swollen lips of her wet little love groove against the head of Mr. Simpson's big dong. The man gasped and groaned as the soft mouth of her baby cunt kissed his cock head.

    "That's my baby," Mr. Simpson moaned softly. He pushed her back a little and Betsy could watch as he used one hand to center the head of his big cock under her puffy vulva. "Now go slow. Sit down on it a little at a time, honey. I don't want to hurt you, I want you to love this!"

    Her insides had melted and drained away. Betsy felt light-headed and giddy as she did as she was told and lowered her trebling, naked body onto the cock. She could see everything and it added an extra sense of pleasure for the little girl to be able to see the purplish head of the penis spread the pink and white lips of her cunt apart and disappear into her tight little cunt.

    Betsy gasped and shivered, the naked child felt a moan of pain trying to tear its way out of her open mouth and she clenched her jaw hard to keep it inside. Little ripples of pleasure and pain met and mixed along her nervous system until Betsy wasn't certain that she could tell them apart. The firm knob of the man's big prick was fully inserted in the stretched throat of her vagina and was slowly entering her body. For the first time, Betsy realized what was going to happen to her, he was going to put part of his body inside of hers!

    A wave of panic and fear shook her and the naked little girl whimpered as she tried to pull herself off of the spear of flesh that was inching its way into her flat little belly.

    "Shhh, it's going to be all right, honey," Mr. Simpson whispered in her ear. "Don't worry, don't be frightened. I won't hurt you." His voice calmed her a little and the feel of his strong hands moving up and down on her back soothed the lovely child and she stopped struggling. "Relax, don't go tense because that will only make it harder for us," Newton whispered.

    She tried, she really did, but the feel of the hard staff stretching and opening her set off alarm bells in Betsy's mind and she had to force the muscles of her belly and the muscles between her splayed thighs to unlock.

    Newton's fingers tightened under her and pulled the pert, high riding cheeks of the child's bottom apart, helping make room for his hairy dong as it slowly forced its way into her. He stopped when he felt his glans butt hard against the elastic membrane that blocked Betsy's virgin love sheath and waited.

    Betsy knew what was happening, too, the pretty little girl winced when she felt her hymen stretch and fight to keep the big cock head out. They both stopped moving, allowing her body to grow accustomed to the feel of him inside of her.

    Mr. Simpson must have known how frightened she was because he was so gentle with her. Betsy sighed happily when the handsome man paused to suck at her pretty little titties and lightly tickled the tightly closed opening to her anal canal.

    "You'll have to help me, baby," the handsome man sighed as he taught Betsy to twist her hips and make the knob of his throbbing cock turn and pull inside of her. Each time that she moved, it felt better. Betsy could feel the hard flesh of the shaft brushing lightly against her swollen lovebud and the flame of desire beat down her fears and gave her a fresh wave of courage.

    "Ooohhhh, it feels so big," Betsy moaned breathlessly and she pressed her slim body down on the man's prick. "It feels like… awwwgghh!" Betsy stopped moving and stiffened but it was already too late! The lovely little girl felt her paper thin membrane rip and the greasy feeling head of the prick glide into the slick, waiting grip of her virginal cunt!!

    "Ummmm, soooo tight and warm." Mr. Simpson moaned as he began to thrust gently at Betsy. Each time that the big cock would back off an inch then slip back she would groan but gradually the moans of pain turned to groans of pleasure and in minutes he had Betsy twisting and rolling her hips and bouncing up and down on his hard, hot prick.

    "Oooooo, I… like it," Betsy panted. Impulsively the little girl pulled his face up to hers and kissed him. This time, when Mr. Simpson forced his tongue into her mouth, the greedy little rascal sucked and pulled around his blood hot rammer.

    "Oggghhhh… do it like that again!" Betsy's eyes and popped open and she yelped a little when the big man lifted her until only the flanged head of his cock was still in her before he relaxed and let the lovely, naked girl drop back on his cock, taking all of it in one long plunge!! "Oh… Ohhhh!!! It's going to… ohhhh… aaaaaiiiiieeeee!!"

    She was cumming!

    Betsy called out, her small hands clenched and dug her nails into Newton's shoulders while she forced her stretched, full little cunt to dance and pound against his lap. The man grinned and then gasped himself when the terrible friction of her tight little sheath seemed to suck his cum up from his balls.

    "Awwwgggghhh… I'm cumming too, honey!" Betsy gasped then moaned when she felt a hot gush of cum fill her and soak her stinging little cunt with a thick coat of slick semen and all she could do was squeal and work faster as she tried to pump all of his hot load into herself. She knew it, she was even farther over that line of childhood and it was certain that she could never get back. She wasn't even sure she wanted to!

    "Ooooooo, harder!" The lovely little brunette cooed in the panting man's ear. "Do it harder for me!!" Newton Simpson groaned and then laughed happily when he felt her small pussy tighten around his wilting cock and fight to keep it hard and stuffed deep inside of her.


    "What's the matter with you, chick? Come back here with me and we can have some fun."

    Betsy made a small whimpering sound deep in her throat and twisted free of Rick's hand. The pretty brunette stared at the head usher for a moment. She was tired, sore and more than a little sick and the idea of going behind the screen with him made her flesh crawl with revulsion!

    "No! I… I don't want to do that," Betsy hissed. Before the surprised head usher could answer her, she'd spun around and was hurrying up the main aisle. The movie would be over in a few minutes and she'd be able to get away from the Majestic!

    She'd barely made it into the lobby when another thought stopped Betsy dead in her tracks. When the movie let out, where could she go? Betsy was sure that Mr. Henry would be with her mother if she went home and she didn't feel up to seeing her mother with a man, not after what had happened to her today!

    The nervous little girl was so lost in thought that she didn't see Grace Borden coming up behind her. Betsy gasped and jumped when the older woman stepped behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "Hey! Take it easy, I didn't mean to frighten you."

    Betsy began to tremble and before she could stop herself the pretty little girl started to cry.

    "Honey, are you all right? What happened?"

    Instantly Grace went to her and cuddled Betsy in her arms. The slender twelve-year-old shuddered when the woman's large breasts pressed against her face but she felt so warm and so safe like this that she couldn't bring herself to try to get away.

    "Ohhhh, Mrs. Borden… I… I'm so confused!!" It gushed out of her. The pretty child let it all out. Betsy was so distraught and ashamed that she couldn't look the older woman in the eyes. She pressed her tear stained face against Grace's pillowy globes and told her every foul, exciting detail of what had happened to her since she walked into the Majestic looking for a job. When she was finished she was amazed to feel the blonde hug her tighter. She had expected horror and rejection!

    "Awwww, honey," Grace said in a soft voice. "You've really been put through the mill, haven't you?" Grace paused for a few seconds, then she led Betsy to a stool behind the candy counter. "You stay here with me until closing, then we'll decide what we're going to do with you."

    Betsy felt better. She still couldn't bring herself to meet the older woman's eyes, but she felt safe and protected with her near.

    Rick closed and locked the front doors after the last patron. He turned and looked like he was going to say something to Betsy but Grace stepped between them and must have given him a warning look because the handsome young man sneered and walked away, leaving them alone.

    "All right, let's get organized," Grace said with a smile as she snapped out the lights and cleaned out the popcorn machine. "Do you want me to take you home or… would you like to spend the night with me?"

    Betsy was taken by surprise. She didn't know what to say and her shock must have been apparent on her face because Grace grinned and explained. "I just thought that you could tell your mother you were staying with a girl who works here. It wouldn't be a lie and that way you could avoid your situation at home and get a chance to calm down."

    There was no traffic and Grace was able to speed down the streets as they headed for her apartment. Betsy felt a small, flickering flame of anger and resentment still burning inside of her whenever she thought about her quick conversation with her mother.

    "She doesn't care about me anymore! She jumped at the chance to get rid of me for a night," the little girl told herself. "All she wants to do is ball all night and not have me to bother her!"

    Betsy wasn't exactly certain why she was angry. She was relieved that she wouldn't have to go home tonight, but still she wished that her mother had shown a little more concern. Betsy wished that Julia hadn't been so eager to get rid of her like that.

    "Well, here we are, darling. Sit down and relax." Grace smiled and motioned toward a couch. "I'll get some fresh towels so that you can take a nice, long, soothing shower."

    Betsy was surprised. Grace didn't live in a real apartment. It was more like a small, secluded bungalow in a heavily landscaped park. She didn't know what she had expected, but the pretty child was impressed by how nice the little house looked and how expensive and tasteful the furnishings were. Betsy was still looking around the room when she heard footsteps and looked up in surprise to see Grace, dressed in a bathrobe, waiting for her.

    The older woman's voice sounded deeper and softer when she spoke again. "Come on. A hot shower can do wonders for the kind of pains that you have."

    A confused warning tingle ran up and down Betsy's spine, but she ignored it and slowly got to her feet then joined the attractive blonde in the doorway.

    Betsy began to relax the second that they passed through the door to the bathroom. The lights were soft, the room was painted a muted pink, and the total effect was warm and soothing.

    Grace slipped an arm around the pretty little girl's shoulders and began to talk quietly to Betsy as she undressed her. "Poor baby, you're so young. You shouldn't have to deal with men like Newt Simpson or that junior stud Rick for a long time yet."

    The top of her uniform was loose, but Betsy hardly noticed that it was being removed. She was relaxing under the healing flow of words.

    "Ohhhh, look at you! You're just a baby," Grace sighed. "He bruised your pretty little nubbins!"

    The blonde stood so close that her perfume filled Betsy's head, dulling her response when a warm, gentle hand cupped and fondled her firm, cupcake-sized breasts. "Men are rough, honey. You'll just have to expect them to be rough with you." Grace purred and whispered and Betsy shivered when the woman's expert fingers found her pink nipple buds and twisted and tweaked them into hard little points.

    "A pretty baby like you should be treated lovingly," Grace sighed. She unzipped the uniform skirt and let it fall down over Betsy's slim hips. "You should have someone who can love you and make you feel happy… there aren't many men who know how to do that for a girl."

    Betsy knew that something was wrong, but she felt so relaxed and limp that she couldn't make her mind tell her what it was. She felt like a little child when Grace turned her around and knelt to pull both her uniform and panties down. She made no move to cover her naked sex. Grace gently pushed her backward and the pretty brunette sat down on the toilet cover and lifted one leg and then the other while the blonde pulled her panties down over her shoes and then removed the shoes.

    Betsy was naked and she knew that Grace was staring at her, but somehow it didn't make her feel threatened. The older woman fiddled with the shower knobs until the water was just right.

    The soothing sting of the water jets hit Betsy's face and her shoulders, sending cascades of warm water down her slim body. It felt so nice that Betsy began to smile. The glass shower door clicked and Betsy looked up just in time to see Grace shrug out of her robe and step into the shower beside her. It all seemed so natural that Betsy didn't mind when the blonde took the soap and washcloth.

    Betsy peeked at Grace out of the corner of her eye. She was impressed. The woman's large breasts were still firm and round with only the faintest hint of a sag. Grace's belly was softly rounded and between her full, round thighs grew a thick patch of dark but natural blonde hair.

    The naked woman put the soap back in the dish and moved closer so that she could wash Betsy's shoulders and down her slim back. As she did, the stiff, darkened flesh of her nipples brushed against Betsy, tracing invisible circles on the surprised little girl's wet, soapy flesh.

    "Someday you'll be a beautiful woman. But even now you are a lovely little thing."

    Betsy blushed but still smiled. It made her feel good to know that this attractive adult thought that she was pretty. The wash cloth was working back and forth over her firm, high riding, buttocks and Betsy was still thinking about what Grace had said when she parted her feet a little and leaned forward so that Grace could work in between her fleshy cheeks.

    "Did either of them hurt you here?"

    The question caught her off stride and Betsy shuddered when she felt a soapy finger press against the tight rosette of her rectal opening.

    "Newt didn't put his big fat cock in your sweet little ass, did he?"

    The soft, soothing atmosphere of the room changed in one blinding second. Betsy began to tremble, her dark eyes popped open and a small groan seeped out of her mouth when she felt Grace's soap lubricated finger glide past the frantic grip of her anus and into her heated rectum!!

    "Shhhh, don't be frightened," Grace pleaded with her. The woman wiggled her finger inside of Betsy's ass and her free hand pressed against the shocked little girl's belly, holding her in place. "I won't hurt you the way they did. I know how to make all the pain and the worry go away. Just relax and let me show yo, Betsy, please!"

    Grace's soapy hand slid down until it cupped the whole of Betsy's hairless mound. Instantly the beautiful little girl felt a ripple of delighted response and her suddenly tensed muscles began to soften and turn to butter.

    The blonde was pressing against her. Their naked bodies were wet and soapy and excited Betsy as they rubbed and wiggled against each other. Grace moaned happily and pressed one of her fingers between the fat lips of Betsy's baby slit. The little girl gasped and shook. The woman had fingers in her front and rear and she had to pull herself up on her tiptoes to keep from being hurt.

    "Ooooo, Mrs… I mean Grace… don't… ohhhh!!" She couldn't help herself. The wiggling and touching was more than she could ignore and the lovely little girl found herself clutching the naked woman and pressing her slippery body against hers.

    Grace chuckled and kissed the shocked little girl on the lips while her fingers danced and twisted in her tight openings. "It feels nice, doesn't it, honey? I knew that you'd like it. All you had to do was feel it and I knew that you would dig my brand of loving."

    There was nothing she could do. Betsy felt like a puppet. She couldn't even force herself to move without the blonde's guidance.

    "Come with me, little lover," Grace moaned as she edged toward the door. Finally the excited blonde was forced to gently pull her fingers out of Betsy's ass and her tight pussy so that she could shut off the water and grab a large, fluffy towel so that she could dry her off.

    Betsy was tingling all over when Grace dropped to her knees and began to blot away the drops of water that covered Betsy's flawless tender flesh. The naked little girl made a mewling sound when the handsome woman kissed then licked at her small breasts while she dried her slim thighs and bottom.

    Grace didn't pause to dry herself. She caught Betsy by the hand and almost ran to her bedroom!

    Betsy felt herself being picked up then laid out on a wide bed. The covers had been pulled down and she loved the feel of freshly washed sheets against her naked body.

    Grace sighed as she slowly lay down beside Betsy. When she reached out to touch her, the little girl could see Grace's hand shake with excitement. "Just stay with me," the older woman pleaded. "I won't be mean to you the way that Newton and Ricky were. I'll make you feel soooo good."

    Betsy couldn't believe what was happening. She'd heard about women who liked to make love to women but she'd never really believed it. Until now. The strangest thing was that now that she was over the first shock, she was enjoying it!

    "Do you like me? Do I look pretty to you, Betsy?" Grace lay pressed against the little girl's side. She was propped up on one elbow and it was simple for her to lean forward and press one of her ivory white tits against the child's pink lips. "Kiss it for me! Show me that you like me and I'll do things for you that you won't believe!!"

    A funny trembling sensation shook her, but Betsy didn't hesitate. The pretty little girl opened her lips and began to gently suck and pull on her new friend's thick, stiff nipple.

    "Ummmm, that's perfect," the blonde breathed. Grace began a slow, deliberate circular caress with her open palm, letting it lightly brush over Betsy's flesh. The naked child shivered when the palm grazed her own sweaty nipples and she sucked even harder at the warm tit. She used both small hands to pull it up to her lips and help her suck even more of it into her mouth.

    The hand moved in an ever downward spiral and by the time that the outstretched tips of Grace's fingers touched the swelling of her puffy vulva, Betsy had spread her legs wide, lifting and splaying them in an innocently obscene attitude of invitation.

    "Awh, you're already wet," Grace cooed happily. "You greedy little devil! You're wet and making my fingers slippery and sticky!" The fingers drew back from her cunt and Betsy watched with breathless excitement as the blonde brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean.

    A new, stronger sense of excitement and desire swept through the little girl. Her hands moved down over the naked woman's hip and belly until her small fingers could twine and explore in the thick patch of pubic curls that hid her mature sex from view.

    Grace moaned and hugged Betsy tight for a moment, letting the little girl poke a clumsy finger deep into her own lube soaked cunt. Then the attractive blonde pushed the little girl away.

    Betsy was surprised. She didn't understand what Grace wanted until the older woman's hands pulled and tugged at her and guided her until she was sitting astride her chest. Her firm little ass mashed the woman's meaty breasts flat as she wiggled with excitement.

    "I'll make the sting go away," Grace whispered as she stared up at the excited girl. Grace's hands caught each cheek of Betsy's bottom and jerked her closer. Close enough so that she could lift her head slightly and thrust her red, wet tongue directly between the fleshy lips of her baby vulva!!

    "Agghh!! Oh, you… you shouldn't do that," the shocked child gasped. "That's nasty and dirty, you shouldn't… unnngggghhh!!"

    The little girl's eyes lit up and a wide, beaming smile changed her face when the flat blade of the woman's tongue dove into her and speared into the sore neck of her vagina. Betsy squealed as she watched the nasty thing that Grace Borden was doing to her. The naked child lifted her pelvis so that she had a clear view of the blonde's extended tongue as it spread the velvet smooth lips of her cunt and lapped and twisted in her.

    Each time that the tip of Grace's searching tongue found the firm nub of her love knot, Betsy would groan and wiggle, the bouncy cheeks of her little ass would rub against the big breasts beneath her, and she realized that she had never been so excited in her life!! But the excitement wasn't over yet. Grace had another thrill in store for her, a thrill that turned Betsy's whirling mind to putty and killed the last traces of resistance that she might have clung to.

    The handsome woman's hands were still pulling Betsy forward. They lifted and pushed at the same time rocking the slim little girl up on her knees and leaving the trembling cheeks of her bottom defenseless.

    Betsy felt Grace's fingers pressing against her rear again and knew what was going to happen. But the naked child wasn't prepared for the powerful jolt of twisted pleasure that she felt when the woman's long forefinger, wet with the froth that was bubbling out of her pussy, jabbed into her anus and didn't stop penetrating until it was in her to the knuckle!

    "Oooogggghhh," the startled child moaned. Betsy's head snapped back. Her slim body arched backward and she scrubbed her wet cunt against Grace's face while the woman stretched and opened her tight rear sheath!! "Unnnggghhh, that feels… gooood!!"

    The muscles in Betsy's slim thighs were straining. Her toes were splayed wide like claws as she wiggled and rolled her trim little bottom. She could hear Grace grunting and gasping as she fought for air, but Betsy still couldn't stop. She had to go on and on. She had to feel everything, experience and taste everything that there was for her!!!

    "Hunnnggghh… huuuhhh!!" She could not breathe. Betsy gasped and struggled to fill her lungs with air. The finger in her burning anus was spinning and twirling and the firm, wet tongue buried in her pussy was slapping and ramming at her like a pulpy jackhammer. The naked child hunched her back and squealed loudly when the first waves of her orgasm hit her.

    "Aaaaagh… I'm… I'm… aaaaiiiieeee!!" It was wonderful. Betsy squealed and whimpered. The tongue and the finger popped in and out of her bottom, making her slim body twist and jiggle like a mindless top.

    The moaning little girl's legs gave out and when Grace's head fell back on the pillow and her hands dropped away, Betsy slipped sideways and fell face down on the bed. The little brunette was so stunned and so tired that she couldn't even roll over and fell asleep where she was.

    She had no idea what time it was, but when the beautiful sensations awoke her, Betsy found herself lying halfway across Grace's naked body. The sighing blonde had pressed one of her tits back in Betsy's mouth and she was using her free hand to lightly rub and flick the naked little girl's clitoris back to life while she slept.

    Betsy sighed and began to roll her hips. It felt nice to be made love to, especially when she was so sleepy and warm. Grace took advantage of her mood. Betsy didn't try to resist when she felt herself being lifted again, nor was she surprised when she found herself lying face down on the blonde's naked body, her pretty lips pressing against the perfumed silk of her pubic hairs.

    "Do it for me, little baby! Suck my pussy just the way that I sucked yours!"

    Betsy heard Grace's voice. It sounded like it was coming from miles and miles away. The sleepy girl looked down and shivered when she saw the moist lips of the woman's cunt glisten under the hair. For a second, Betsy hesitated, but then Grace's fingers began to tease and explore between her opened thighs and the lovely fire was burning bright inside of her again.

    The naked little girl used her fingers to spread the meaty lips of the woman's cunt and dropped her head. She heard Grace gasp and felt her begin to tremble the instant that her pointed little tongue found the distended tip of her clitoris.

    "Oooohhh! Ohhh, little baby, lick it, lick it harder!!" Betsy smiled to herself and did it again, this time letting her tongue glide over the clit and into the moist, open throat of Grace's vagina. The naked blonde bucked, her big tits rubbed against Betsy's thighs and her finger crawled back inside of her baby pussy.

    "This is nice! I don't care what anyone says! I like this!!"


    Without watching where it fell, Betsy dropped her dress and stood dressed in nothing but her tight blue panties. The lovely girl stared at her reflection in the full length mirror that stood in the dingy, crowded dressing room of the Majestic Theater.

    Betsy wasn't certain how she felt about what she saw. The slim twelve-year-old stared at the firm but terribly small globes of her breasts and sighed unhappily. Compared to Grace's large, smooth breasts, hers were pimples!

    Oooohhhhh, you shouldn't have done that Betsy told herself but it was already too late. The lovely little girl tried not to think about the older woman, but no matter how hard she tried a small, secret smile began to tug at the corners of her mouth. You know how it makes you feel when you think about her, a little voice whispered in her ear. But Betsy ignored the whisper and a soft, dreamy look crept into her large dark eyes.

    She felt a funny, soft feeling in her belly and rubbed her open palm over the firm outline of her little pussy. Far in the back of her mind, Betsy Morrison knew that what she'd been doing for the past three days was nasty and perverted, but the memory of how Grace's firm, slick tongue could make her gasp and squeal for what felt like hours at a time was so strong that Betsy knew that she couldn't stop seeing her.

    Since that first night that they'd spent together Grace had been with her or on her mind every second. Julia hadn't minded. She was so wrapped up with Mr. Henry that she didn't notice that Betsy was never home.

    The pretty little girl giggled happily when she remembered how she'd managed to evade Rick and Mr. Simpson. Each time that either man tried to corner her and talk to her, Grace would manage to show up and cramp their styles! Ohhhh, it felt nice to squeeze and play with her moistening pussy. Lazily Betsy watched her fingers press and wiggle against the silky material of her panties. Grace had taught her to do this, she'd always felt sort of funny and embarrassed when she masturbated before, but the older woman showed her how nice it was. Grace even showed Betsy how she played with her hairy nest when there was no one else around.

    Betsy saw a dark spot growing at the front of her panties and it made her feel warm and melty inside when she realized that it was her own love juice squirting out of her tight vagina and oiling the tender membranes of her vulva.

    It was so early. Betsy felt funny being at work at ten in the morning but this was her first chance to work the film club and she didn't want to pass up the extra twenty dollars that Newton Simpson promised her for working it. Kathy was already dressed and downstairs so reluctantly the smiling little girl stopped touching and squeezing her tingling sex and slipped into the form-fitting uniform.

    Betsy was down the stairs and moving through the lobby before she realized that there was something very unusual about the members of the film club, they were all men! Everywhere she looked the little girl saw men, older men for the most part and many of them wore overcoats, even though it was summer.

    As she bustled about, opening doors and helping Rick take tickets Betsy slowly became aware of the warm, lingering glances that the patrons gave her. At first the twelve-year-old was flustered and upset but slowly she realized what those looks were trying to tell her and the firm, smooth lips of her vulva grew hot and moist.

    Betsy turned, looking for Kathy, but when she saw the older girl she was standing in a dark corner of the lobby, a tall man in front of her. The shocked little brunette wasn't certain, but she thought she saw Kathy's hand pressed against the front of the tall man's slacks!!

    Before Betsy could even be sure of what she was seeing, the music for the first film blared to life in the theater and all the men in the lobby hurried inside. Acting automatically, Betsy moved down the aisle doors and closed them. She was so caught up in her private thoughts that she didn't bother to look up and see what was being shown on the screen.

    What is it? What is going on? The questions in her mind bewildered the little girl because she could think of no answer. Grace would have the answer, but when she turned to the candy counter the little girl was amazed to find it dark and closed down. Grace wasn't there.

    "What's the matter, chick? You look like something just bit you."

    Betsy whirled on her heel and found Rick standing before her, a knowing grin on his handsome face. "Didn't your precious Grace tell you about the film club? That's not a very good sign, is it?"

    Betsy didn't know what he was saying. The pretty little girl stared at the young head usher and helplessly shook her head. A slow, pleased smile creased Rick's youthful face. Moving confidently Rick caught Betsy by the arm and led her to one side of the lobby. "What I'm saying is that dear old Gracie has done her part and now she's throwing you back to the wolves."

    The little girl was more confused than ever and she hated that smile on Rick's face. She jerked her arm free of his grasp but he moved in front of her and barred her escape.

    "Let me go," Betsy hissed angrily. "I don't have to let you make me… do things."

    Rick just grinned.

    "I'll tell Mr. Simpson. He won't put up with you bothering me!!"

    Rick scowled. His face looked cold and angry when he answered her. "You stupid little twat! Who do you think runs this mess? You'd better wise up and do it quick!"

    Before she could protest, Rick caught Betsy by the arm again and forcibly pushed her towards the main aisle of the theater. "Take a look at what the film club is watching this morning and then tell me about what Simpson won't put up with around here!"

    The head usher jerked the doors open and shoved Betsy into the auditorium, stepping in behind her so that he could keep his painful grip on her elbow.

    Betsy didn't have any idea of what she was supposed to see but when the pretty little girl recovered her balance and looked up at the screen she thought that her heart would stop!

    The lovely brunette felt her knees shake and knew that she was crying silently as she watched a pretty blonde bend her head and pop the swollen, leaking head of some faceless man's penis in her open mouth! Betsy's belly lurched and she wanted to scream, but before she could make a sound Rick had clapped a hand over her open mouth while he whispered urgently in her ear.

    "How do you like it? This is the film club, all the perverts and nuts in town come here two mornings a week and watch this shit! Do you think that the man who runs this will give a damn if I screw around with you? You're just another cunt, honey, and all he cares about is that you be around and in good shape for what he has in mind for you!"

    Betsy heard the words but their impact was softened by the flashing images on the screen. The camera was focused on a pretty little girl. She was only nine or ten and she sat naked on a man's knee. Betsy felt a chill race up and down her spine when she realized what would happen. The man in the movie was naked too and the giggling little child was stroking and squeezing his erect prick with her tiny fist.

    Oooooh, nooooo, that voice whispered in Betsy's mind. She's just a baby, she's too young for him to do that to her. Betsy hadn't given a thought to the obvious fact that she was only a few years older than the little girl in the movie. Her entire attention was focused on the screen and the terrible thing that she was watching.

    Betsy didn't notice when Rick drew her down in a seat and sat beside her as they watched the naked man lift the little girl and swing her high over his rampant cock before bringing her down. The giggling little girl sat with her plump thighs spread wide on either side of the man's thighs. She sat with her back to him and in such a way that it looked as if his upthrust cock was growing up from between her legs.

    There was no sound but somehow Betsy knew exactly what was being said when the man leaned forward and began to whisper in the little girl's ear and stroke her naked body at the same time.

    The pretty little blonde giggled again and nodded. Her small hands clamped around the swollen, vein wreathed shaft of the man's prick and made obscene frigging motions on it. The man threw his head back and Betsy was sure that she could hear the echo of his pleased moan. One of the man's hands pressed down over the naked child's belly and then he inserted a finger in the pink and white slit of her bottom.

    Betsy's own little love box began to burn and drip. She was disgusted with herself, but the images that she was watching were so strong and so exciting that she couldn't help herself.

    On screen the little girl giggled again and turned her head to whisper something to the man. Strong hands gripped the blonde child by the waist and she was lifted about a foot off the man's lap. The camera zoomed in and when the focus settled the audience was awarded with a terrible close up of an adult, bloated cockhead entering the little girl's slit.

    Betsy heard a groan rise up from the men in the audience and that sound set something off inside of her and before she knew what she was doing she was moaning along with them! The shaken little usherette watched with sick fascination as the huge knob of the man's cock forced aside the soft folds of the little girl's hairless vulva and disappeared inside of her. Betsy could see gleaming drops of love lube squirting out of the little girl's gorged cunt and knew that a flow of her own was wetting the crotch of her panties.

    The slender twelve-year-old was so engrossed in the awful, delicious scene before her that she offered no resistance when Rick pushed her forward and undid the zippers to her top and the short skirt that she wore.

    The camera panned upward and the entire screen was filled with the grimacing face of the little blonde girl. Betsy knew what she was feeling, the memory of Newton Simpson's big, hard prick filling her was still fresh and terrifyingly hot in her mind.

    "You like it, don't you? I thought that it would shake your day but I guess you're a little tougher than I thought you were."

    She couldn't answer him. Betsy's attention was fixed on the screen and she shivered as she watched the man's hands slowly guide the twisting, jerking body of the nine-year-old up and down on his massive cock. Betsy was sure that she could make out the outline of his prick under the flesh of the little girl's flat belly and watched with growing excitement as it moved up and down, stretching and pulling her baby vagina, making room in her small body for itself.

    The top of her uniform was loose and Betsy was aware of Rick's hand as it slid upward, over her fibs. She gasped, then moaned when his fingers closed around her firm little breast and squeezed it. But even then she couldn't tear her eyes away from the screen.

    A third performer had appeared. It was the blonde woman that she'd seen sucking the naked man's prick. She was on her knees before him and, as he raised and lowered the groaning little girl on his prick, the woman leaned forward and began to lick and flick at the child's hairless pussy with a long, red tongue!!

    A couple passed between the screen and the first row, catching Betsy's attention for a moment. It was the other usherette, Kathy, and she was taking a man back behind the screen! For the first time Betsy realized the purpose of having that bed back there and she was shaken beyond words!

    The pretty twelve-year-old's eyes flickered back to the screen and then she shuddered as a close up of the woman's tongue waggling and slithering over the little girl's clit assaulted her senses. Memories of how good it felt to be licked like that shook Betsy and made the flames that were already burning inside of her leap high and out of control.

    The pretty little usherette felt insistent hands tugging at her loosened skirt and she gave no thought to the fact that she was in a hall with close to two hundred men. She lifted off the seat and let Rick slip her clothing to the floor.

    Betsy fell back in her seat. The pretty girl's panties and skirt hung at her ankles, her uniform top was loosened and had been rolled up over her belly so that from the waist down she was naked.

    "You want some of that, don't you?"

    Rick's question stung and burned in Betsy's brain. The pretty little girl shuddered as she watched the man on the screen increase the pace and cruelly slam the little girl down on his blood hard cock.

    "You need the feel of a prick, I know you do," the handsome head usher whispered.

    Rick's fingers pressed in between her own slender thighs and the girl spread them as wide as she could, hampered only by the wadded clothing that still clung around her ankles.

    Rick's forefinger found the lube slick lips of her own hairless little sex and while Betsy watched the other man fuck the little girl, the finger sank deep into her newly opened love sheath. A long, shuddering sigh oozed out of the little girl's mouth and her hips began a shameless wiggling as she worked the tight mouth of her pussy around the finger, clamping down on it as if it was a long, slender prick working in and out of her.

    "Ooooohhhhh, I can feel that old Newt has been busy," Rick breathed in surprise. "He fucked you! He broke your cherry didn't he?"

    She didn't want to tell him. It was private and personal, but the feel of Rick's slick finger working back and forth over her stiff clit loosened Betsy's tongue and the humiliated little girl heard herself babbling to him in response.

    "Ooooohhh, yesssss!! Annnnggghhhhh, Ricky it feels so nice, do it faster!!"

    The head usher snorted angrily and fumbled with his own clothing. Betsy wasn't surprised when her hand was jerked forward and her fingers were pressed tight around the young man's erect, throbbing cock. "Ahhhhhh, it feels so long and so hard!"

    She loved it. Betsy's eyes were riveted on the screen and while she watched the man cum in the little girl and followed the thick rivulets of cum squirt out of her tiny cunt, her fingers rapidly jerked up and down on Rick's cock.

    "Do you want to cum? Do you need it now, baby?" Rick's question was crude and to the point, but Betsy didn't care. The little girl was past embarrassment and shame. All she could do was obey the hot, urgent demands of her body.

    "Ohhhhhhh… yessssss, I want to cum, Ricky. Make me cum, please!" Before she finished her plea the pretty, half naked little girl was pulled crosswise in her seat and her head was pressed down in the head usher's lap.

    All that she could hope for was that she would make him so happy that he would give her what she needed. Betsy didn't hesitate. Her lips formed an oval and she dropped her head, forcing the tangy knob of Rick's erect penis deep in her mouth. At the same time her cheeks hollowed and she began to eagerly nurse and pull on his prick.

    The handsome usher jumped and then groaned. Betsy felt both of his hands on her head guiding her up and down over his pulsating shaft and she was shocked to realize how happy and delighted she was to feel his hard meat pushing and bumping against the roof of her mouth. For days Grace had been telling her how awful and disgusting men were, but now she remembered how exciting and fulfilling they were as well!!

    Betsy was lost in a rapture that left her open and defenseless. Another pair of hands was moving over the naked spheres of her bottom, but she didn't give it a thought until she heard Rick laugh and push harder at the top of her bobbing head, then she realized what was happening. It was someone else's hands. Rick couldn't have four of them!

    The pretty child moaned and tried to lift her head away from the drooling head of Rick's long, jerking cock but the excited usher wouldn't let her. She tried to turn her head and see who was playing with her bottom but all she could see was the vague outline of another man.

    A finger moved down between the firm cheeks of her ass and found the wet mouth of her pussy. Betsy moaned again and shuddered as the stranger's finger slipped into her already wet and lubricated cunt and began to move around and around. She knew that she should fight it, but the warm delicious feeling that the finger gave her was too much to ignore and the pretty child moaned and wiggled her exposed bottom while she eagerly sucked and pulled on the hard prick that filled her mouth.

    It only took a few knowing strokes and she was on fire!! Betsy squealed, the sound muffled and muted by the fat spear of flesh that she was sucking on. She shook her bottom and rolled her hips, helping the faceless man's finger twist and turn inside of her. But Betsy's moans of pleasure turned to groans of fear and pain as another finger wet itself in the drool that was pouring out of her and began to press hard against the wrinkled rosette of her tender anal passage!!

    "Ouuuuwwww, dun't du thut," the pretty child mumbled. But the man behind her ignored Betsy's garbled plea for mercy and pressed again. This time his lubricated finger popped past her clenched sphincter and slid deep in the hot, pulsating grip of her rectum. "Ouuuuuwwww, ut hurts. Pluze, dun't du thus tu muh!!!"

    The man's other finger was still working back and forth over her swollen distended clitoris and each time that it mashed it flat Betsy would gasp and suck a little harder on the cock that she held in her moist little oral cavity.

    The worst part, the part that frightened and bewildered the small brunette, was the fact that she liked it! The feel of the thick finger twisting and turning in her rear made the lovely twelve year old jump and buck. She couldn't resist the impulse to respond and soon she was ramming her defenseless ass back against the stranger's hand, helping him force the full length of his two fingers into the slack and softened openings in her tender bottom.

    Betsy groaned and snuffled. Her wet tongue lashed back and forth over Rick's hard prick while she sucked on and on. The taste of the head usher's penis filled her mouth and the thought that soon she would taste his white, creamy cum only made her more excited than ever.

    "Aggghhhh, that's the way," Rick panted as he pressed Betsy's head even deeper into his lap. The little girl moaned, her wind was cut off when the fat head of his prick filled her throat but before she could fight her way clear of it the knob jerked and a warm stream of cum shot straight down her throat and into her waiting belly.

    The lovely little twelve-year-old gasped for breath. When she was allowed to pull back, she felt a hot shower of cum hit her cheek and managed to stuff the cockhead back into her pursed mouth before the next hot jet of semen spurted out.

    The fingers in her pussy and her burning ass continued to twist and turn and as she greedily sucked and nursed on the spouting cock they brought her to her climax and she howled. Long strings of cum dangled from her mouth when the little girl lifted her head and called out. She was aware of the cum hitting her eyes and her nose and aware of the heads that were turning in her direction, but that didn't matter. What did matter was the brilliant stabbing pains of her orgasm and the lovely, melting way that she felt. "Aaaaaaiiiiieeee, keep it up!!! Oooooooo, please do it faster and faster… Unnnnngggggg!!!"


    You'll be just like that, Betsy told herself. No matter what you tell yourself now, they'll turn you into something like that if you let them. The theater was empty and Betsy stood peeking into the ladies lounge watching Kathy tiredly lean over the wash basin and try to wipe away the white crusty cum marks from her body.

    Every time that she moved, Betsy was shaken by the stinging pain that came from her stretched anal opening. The movies had been over for more than an hour, but it only seemed like moments ago that Rick and that man, a man that she'd never seen, had whipped and worked her into that long series of orgasms in the back row. The little brunette nervously ran a finger from her own lips down over her chin and to her throat. She wanted to make sure that none of the dried cum was still on her too.

    Kathy hadn't said a word to her when she finally appeared from behind the screen and staggered up the stairs to the lounge. Consumed by curiosity she'd followed the older girl and watched while Kathy stripped her wrinkled uniform away and used paper towels to scrub at the stains covered her firm, up tilted breasts.

    As worried and shocked as she was, Betsy was still aware of the tingle that she felt deep in her belly when she looked at the saucy, still stiff nipples that grew up from the firm globes of the seventeen-year-old's breasts and for a moment she wondered ff Grace had taken her home too?

    Did she do that? Did she take her home and put her on her bed so that she could suck and lick at her the way that she did with me? Betsy felt the evil flicker of jealousy burning in her before she realized what she was doing to herself. For the first time the little girl understood what had been happening to her since she came to the Majestic and that realization shook her to the core!

    The little girl trembled when she imagined what it would be like if she were caught in the mess that she saw brewing here. Julia would be so shocked and hurt and how would she feel about herself if everyone knew the awful things that she'd been doing since she came to work here?

    Of course it wasn't as simple as all that. Betsy still wasn't certain how she felt about her mother now. After seeing and hearing her with Dave Henry her vision of her mother was blurred and unsettled. But the idea of having it known what she had been doing made Betsy's mind up for her. The pretty little girl could see the sneering, knowing looks that her friends would give her and the idea of having to talk to the police about what had happened was too awful to even think about!

    I'll quit. We'll just have to do without all the extra money, Betsy told herself as she turned away from the lounge door and headed for Mr. Simpson's office door. They're all crazy, I'm not going to be here when the trouble starts!!

    There was no doubt in Betsy's mind about what she was going to do when she knocked on Newton's door, then barged in without waiting for an answer. She was going to quit and she was going to make sure that she didn't let him touch her while she talked to him!

    "Mr. Simpson? I have to talk to you about something imp…" Betsy stopped in mid-sentence because the theater manager wasn't alone in his office. Another man sat across from the desk, a handsome older man with distinguished graying hair. He was wearing a beautifully tailored suit.

    Betsy began to tremble and tried to back out of the door. But instead of being angry, Mr. Simpson smiled at her and motioned for her to come to his desk. The little girl was too surprised and off balance to refuse. After a moment's hesitation she stepped back into the office and shyly approached the desk. "See? I told you that she was nice. You don't have to worry about me, I know how to pick my staff."

    The man on the other side of the desk nodded in answer to Newt's boast and calmly eyed Betsy from head to toe. The slim little girl saw the heat and the interest in the older man's eyes and shivered. She didn't want him to touch her. She wanted to leave and never come back, but there was something about the other man, something that rattled her completely. He looked just like her daddy!!

    "Come here, baby," the older man said in a low voice. "I want a better look at you." His voice even sounded like Daddy's! The little girl wanted to cry as she slowly moved towards the graying man's outstretched hand.

    "Betsy… this is… uh, Mr. Baker, Harold Baker," Newton mumbled as Betsy took the man's hand. The slim little usherette knew that Baker wasn't really his name, but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was go closer to him and see if he still reminded her of her dead father.

    "Mr. Baker is in charge of the Majestic and… other places for the company," Newton said softly. "I was just telling him how… good you are at your job and how… worthwhile you'll be to us soon."

    For the first time Betsy understood. She realized that the wasn't talking about the movie house. He was talking about the men who came to the film club and what went on in the bed behind the screen. She wondered where they would put her cot, when she was ready, in the dressing room?

    Despite her understanding, the little girl wasn't upset. She stared into Mr. Baker's eyes and felt that warm, gushing feeling in her pussy.

    He was just like Daddy and now she realized something, something that had been hidden from her all those years. She wished that Mr. Baker was Daddy, because she knew what he wanted from her and she knew that she wanted him to have it! It would have been so exciting if Daddy had wanted her like that!!

    "Do you like working for us, honey? Now that you've been here for a while, do you think that you'd like to stay with us?"

    Here was her chance. Betsy knew that all she would have to do was tell him that she wanted to leave and she could do it. But when the pretty little girl stared deep into the handsome, gray haired man's eyes no words came to her.

    Mr. Baker smiled at Betsy and gently pulled her closer. His fingers felt warm and gentle on the bare flesh of her wrist and when they started to move up her arm all she could do was tremble with anticipation.

    "You are a pretty girl, that's good. A pretty girl can do well with us, she can have fun and make a lot of money at the same time. Do you like that idea, little girl?"

    Betsy shuddered and watched as Mr. Baker's hand tightened around her elbow and he used his gnp to gently pull her up on his lap. Newton Simpson coughed and started to get up from his chair, but Mr. Baker used his free hand to motion him back.

    "You don't have to leave, does he, honey? Why don't you make us all a drink, then we can call that other girl you have here and we'll have a short party up here."

    The ice in her glass slid forward and clunked against her teeth. Betsy had just finished her drink in one big gulp, the way that Mr. Baker told her to. The pretty little usherette coughed and gasped for air when the fire of the whiskey exploded in her rummy.

    It was her first experience with drinking and Betsy had just finished her second drink. "Ohhhh, it makes me feel… dizzy," Betsy murmured as she sat her empty glass down and leaned back against Mr. Baker's shoulder.

    The pretty little girl could hear the man laugh and feel the vibrations against her spine. He'd taken off his suit coat – and she was even more aware of his body heat as the older man hugged her tight.

    Betsy giggled. She could feel Mr. Baker's prick stirring and stiffening under her and she surprised herself with her own boldness when she wiggled her bottom against it. The slender little brunette heard the man behind her grunt and felt his big hand land on her bare thigh and start upward.

    The office was dark. Newton had pulled the drapes and he was sitting across the room with Kathy. Betsy strained her eyes and saw that the theater manager clinched with the older girl, their arms were wrapped around each other as they kissed.

    Betsy sighed and wiggled her bottom again. Just watching Kathy respond to Newt's touch was making her feel funny and soft inside. She'd forgotten how nice it was to be kissed by a man, to feel his stubble lightly scratch her face and taste the cigarette tobacco on his lips. Grace was nice and excited her, but the little girl realized that she needed more, at least some of the time.

    Mr. Baker's hand was under her skirt, but it was moving too slow to suit Betsy and the slender little girl pulled the skirt up and jerked the leg band of her panties aside so that he could touch her.

    "Ohhhhhh, you're learning fast," the handsome man who held her whispered. Betsy gasped and stiffened as he pressed a stiffened finger into the moist grip of her baby pussy. "Newton told me that he was the first inside of you, is that right?"

    Betsy was embarrassed, but she nodded as she rolled her hips again. The finger burrowed deeper inside of her and it felt so nice that she almost had a tiny climax! "Is he the only one? Has anyone else ever fucked you, honey? Have you let some other stud shove it to you yet?"

    "Huuuuuh! Noooooo," Betsy gushed as he wiggled his finger back and forth over her stiff little love bud. "Noooooo, it scared me, I… I didn't want to let anyone do it to me again."

    The second that she answered him Betsy felt Mr. Baker's prick jump and butt hard against her bottom. The pretty child moaned with pleased anticipation and reached between her open legs so that she could cup the fat outline of his heavy balls.

    "You're not afraid now, I can tell that you're ready again," Mr. Baker's voice was so soft and low that it sounded like he was humming to her. Betsy couldn't answer him, she couldn't make a sound.

    "I'm glad that no one else has been in you, baby," the man whispered as he lifted Betsy and put her on her feet. They worked together and in seconds she was naked except for her shoes. "I wish that I had known about you because I would have been the first!"

    The naked, little girl shivered as she watched Mr. Baker strip. She darted a nervous glance at Mr. Simpson and Kathy but she needn't have worried. The two on the couch were already half naked and Kathy lay back while Newton was busy sucking and pulling on her stiff nipples.

    Betsy swayed on her feet and for the first time realized that she was almost drunk. The pretty little brunette giggled and shook her head, letting her long dark hair dance and swing around her head.

    All that Mr. Baker was wearing was his shorts. Before he could pull them down, Betsy moved to him and hooked her own small fingers in the waist band of his straining shorts.

    It was funny. Betsy knew that the whole situation was weird but in spite of that, she felt at home and natural. Every time that the little girl looked up into the handsome man's face she was reminded of her father and the idea of standing naked before her daddy, pulling down his shorts excited her. Betsy couldn't bring herself to look at Mr. Baker's hard-on until she'd managed to jerk his tight shorts down to his knees. Then, her knees shaking, Betsy looked and the sight of his thick, hairy column set off a small skyburst rocket in her belly and made the delicate muscles in her tight love sheath strain and clamp down!!

    Remembering what she'd seen in the movie, the pretty little girl used both hands to grip the sighing man's throbbing cock. Betsy hesitated for a second, enjoying the feel of the big fleshy spear as it throbbed against her palms, then she began to move her hands up and down.

    "Ummmmm, that's good," Mr. Baker sighed as he leaned against the desk and watched the naked child jack him off. "You have a talent for this, you're a natural!" He patted her head and used his fingers to pull Betsy's long hair back from her face. His other hand drifted down from her shoulders and was gently squeezing and stroking the firm buds of her little breasts. Betsy shivered and pressed closer to him. She loved the feel of his hands, especially when she pretended that they were Daddy's.

    "Lick it, honey," Mr. Baker sighed. "Get my cock all wet and slippery so that I can slip it in you. Lick it all over." She'd only been waiting for the invitation. Betsy took a deep breath and bent her head.

    "Ooooooggghhhh, that's nice," the gray-haired man sighed. "That's good as it can get!" He had turned and was shoving the things on the top of Newt's desk aside. Betsy shivered happily as she worked the dripping blade of her tongue up and down his thick cock. She liked the taste and feel of it and the idea that she was wetting it so that it could crawl into her belly made her love Mr. Baker's cock all the more.

    She'd worked her way to the tip and after licking and slobbering around the underside, the naked little girl popped the bloated tip of the older man's big dong into her mouth and began to suck on it. Without taking her ovaled lips away from the penis, Betsy turned her head slightly and peeked behind her. Kathy was on her knees before the couch and she was sucking on Newton Simpson's big prick too. It made the little twelve-year-old feel grown up and important to be able to please men like this and it eased her mind when she realized that Kathy did the same things as she did.

    "Ummmmm that's good, honey," Mr. Baker finally sighed as he pushed Betsy's bobbing head away from his big slab of meat. "Now, come up here and show me what he taught you."

    Betsy was trembling with fear, but she didn't resist. She allowed the naked man to lift her and sit her on the edge of the desk. Looking down at his throbbing cock, the pretty little girl felt like crying. She was still afraid and the thought of taking that big thing inside of her was suddenly almost more than she could bear!

    "You'll hurt me," Betsy whimpered as Mr. Baker moved between her naked thighs. The man ignored her as he pulled her bottom close to the edge of the desk and began to press her backward, forcing the moaning little girl to lay flat on her back. "Please, let me suck it some more! I'm afraid, you'll tear me and hurt me!!"

    "Shhhhh, don't worry," Harold Baker sighed and soothed Betsy. The man ran his hands up and down over her naked body, lightly caressing and pinching her velvet smooth flesh. "I won't hurt you. We'll go slow. You'll love it, believe me."

    It was terrible. Betsy was still afraid, but each time that he touched her, each time that he let his wandering fingers press and dip into her secret places, that fire in her belly grew stronger. Soon it would be too strong to ignore!

    "Watch me, honey," Mr. Baker whispered. "Watch me, lover."

    Betsy's wide eyes were brimming with tears as she meekly did as she was told and lifted her head so that she could see. Mr. Baker held his big prick in his hand and was slowly, gently rubbing the purple knob of the glans against the parted lips of her little cunt.

    The naked little girl gasped and stiffened on the desk top. The firm pads of her ass clenched together and lifted her moist chink. Again and then again the man rubbed the pulpy head of his prick between the folds could see as well as feel the glans kissing her distended little clitoris and sighed happily as waves of pleasure eddied and shifted in her.

    "Spread your legs, honey," the man panted as he pressed forward. "Lift them and spread them for me."

    Betsy moaned as she did. The lovely little girl gripped the hollows behind her knees and pulled her slim thighs all the way back to her shoulders. She could still see what Mr. Baker was doing to her and when he lowered the head of his lance and fitted it in the oozing mouth of her vagina the naked little girl whimpered and began to roll her hips in a feeble effort to escape penetration.

    "Be still," Harold sighed. "Don't worry, honey, I won't hurt you." He used one hand to guide his bloated, saliva slick cock, and with the other hand he pressed down against her tummy, pinning Betsy to the desk top while he slowly thrust the first two inches of his big thing into her.

    "Unnngggghhhh…" Betsy whimpered helplessly when she felt her tight vagina being stretched and opened. Nothing had been inside of her since that first time and this was almost as bad as it was then! "Ooooggghhhh you're hurting me… awwwwwgggghhhh, please, Mr. Baker you are hurting me!!"

    Harold Baker snorted and shook his head. His eyes were closed and he didn't hear her. Betsy shivered and strained to pull her slender legs farther apart. It helped. Stretching her thighs seemed to make more room for his big prick that way.

    "Ahhhhhh, God but you're tight," the man finally gasped.

    Betsy moaned in answer. Looking down she could see more than half of his bloated stalk buried in her belly and the sight of it frightened her and thrilled her all at the same time.

    "It's going to feel good, honey, just relax and let it happen," Harold whispered to her.

    Betsy was about to answer him when he reached forward and covered the flattened buds of her small breasts with his warm palms.

    "Shhhhhh, just relax, kid. Lay back and let me fuck you. You'll love it in a few minutes!"

    A dull, slow moving sensation was building up inside of her. Betsy's legs were hurting and she was forced to drop them. She let them slide down around the naked man's rib cage and hug his waist. The movement dropped her pelvis and the lovely little girl gasped in amazement when she realized that the funny sensation was pleasure!!

    "Ohhhh…! Huuuuuuh!!" The sounds were gushing out of her as the gray-haired man's cock advanced. It was getting thicker with each fraction of an inch and Betsy stared down at the long, throbbing hardon with awe. She couldn't stop herself. The muscles of her ass clenched again and made her stinging, bruised little cunt jiggle around the stiff post that was slowly gliding into her. Mr. Baker grinned when he heard her moans of pain turn into sighs of pleasure. He increased the pressure, driving himself into her to the balls!!

    Her vision was blurred and dancing when Betsy looked up at him again. This time the gray-haired man who towered over her and was intent on working his painfully big dong in and out of her looked more like Daddy than ever!

    "Oooooooooo, Daddy," the shaken little girl moaned as she wiggled and rolled her narrow hips. "It feels better now. Do it… I like it now!"

    Mr. Baker looked surprised, then pleased. His eyes grew brighter and he smiled, showing his white even teeth.

    "Oh yes? Would you like it with Daddy? Do you want Daddy to fuck you and make you cum and cum?" He sounded just like her daddy and that, combined with the lovely feel of his big, slippery prick beginning to move in and out of her broke the string for Betsy!!

    "Oooooooohhhh, yesssss, Daddy. I want that! I didn't know it before, but I want that so much!" The naked child shuddered and wiggled her smooth hairless body jerked and humped on the slick desk top. They both watched breathlessly as almost half of the swollen cock was withdrawn and they both groaned with pleasure as it jammed home again!

    Betsy's neck muscles were taut and stood under her flesh like straining bridge supports. Her flesh was crawling with excitement. The child's hands gripped the gray-haired man's shoulders and pulled as she fought to bring the stuffed oval of her bubbling little cunt closer to him. Harold Baker grunted and shook as he began to make long, smooth strokes into the pink and red mouth of the child's hairless pussy.

    Betsy heard a muffled, shuddering groan of pleasure from across the room and she raised her head to see what was happening. Kathy was on her hands and knees in the center of the room.

    Newton knelt behind Kathy and he was the one making the moaning sounds as he sent thrust after flesh shaking thrust into the seventeen-year-old's body. It only took a second for Betsy to realize that the theater manager's big prick was buried in the girl's anus! Betsy gasped and shook. She was afraid of that too, but even so she couldn't drag her eyes away from the lewd sight.

    Looking over his shoulder, Mr. Baker saw what Betsy was looking at and a new, hard sound crept into his voice. "Would you like that? Do you want Daddy to stick his big cock up your ass too?"

    Betsy gasped and moaned. The muscles in her love sheath tightened painfully and she wiggled frantically on the end of her daddy's big prick. "Noooooo," she whimpered pitifully. "Nooooo, don't do that to me, Daddy. Don't I… couldn't… ooooooohhhhhhhh!!!"

    Mr. Baker snorted and then groaned as the child's deliciously tight pussy clamped down on him. He bucked and thrust and each time that his big prick sank home it would drive the whimpering little girl back an inch.

    "Agggghhhh, shake your ass, honey! Shake it, Daddy's going to cum in you. Daddy's going to fill his baby's cunt with cum… agggghhhh!!!"

    The warm gush inside of her stimulated Betsy. The naked child's body arched up off the desk, her heels locked tight behind his back. Betsy was aware of how slick and hard to hold the big prick had become and she clamped down even harder on it, milking Mr. Baker's frothy semen up from his shrinking balls with each pull.

    "Ooooo… dadddddddyyy!!! I… Aaaaaaiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!"


    "Don't work her tonight. Let her rest up a day and then start in on her again." Mr. Baker's words still rang and echoed in her ears. Betsy sat slumped on a stool in the dressing room and shook her head as she remembered what she'd heard as she lay sprawled on the desk. "You know what I want, Newt. That little sugar cunt can be worth big dollars to us. I want her broken in and on the string by the end of the month!"

    They talked about her as if they owned her. Betsy tried to be angry about that but she was too tired and beaten down to manage. "On the string," she wasn't certain what that meant but she was sure that it wouldn't be a good thing for her!

    The pretty little girl looked around the empty dressing room. Kathy had already changed and left. Betsy frowned and felt a sick little tingle between her thighs when she thought about the redheaded usherette. Kathy hadn't said a word to her when they got back to the dressing room. She hadn't even looked at Betsy before she dressed and hurried out. As she slipped into her dress, the little girl found herself thinking about Kathy. And the more she thought the more confused and unsettled Betsy felt.

    It's no secret, she takes those men back there for money, Betsy told herself. The little twelve-year-old knew that was wrong and that she should not like the older girl. But whenever she thought about Kathy, Betsy remembered how pretty and nice she looked with Mr. Simpson. How her firm young breasts jiggled and bounced when she knelt before him and let him put his big prick in her… her ass!!!

    Suddenly Betsy realized that she was getting excited again. Images of Kathy were mingling with images of Grace Borden until she wasn't sure which was which! Did she want to do that with Kathy too? Betsy imagined slipping to her knees and kissing Kathy's red pubic curls, imagined worming her tongue into Kathy's cunny and tasting her love juice!

    No! I have to stop thinking about things like that! I have to stop this. I don't care what I promised Mr. Baker, I have to get out of here! A sudden wave of panic swept over her and the little girl only paused long enough to sweep up her purse before she darted out of the dressing room and down the stairs of the deserted theater!!

    When she burst out the back door of the Majestic, the brilliant sunlight blinded Betsy for a moment. The pretty girl stood in the alley and tried to shade her dazzled eyes with her hand. She was so preoccupied that she didn't see the big, balding man step out of a car where he'd been sitting and move up behind her!

    There was no warning. Betsy felt a strong hand on her arm and before she could utter a sound at thick, emotional voice spoke in her ear!

    "Shut up you little whore! Don't you make a sound or I'll break your arm!" He shook her and Betsy desperately nodded her head. She was too terrified to resist in any way.

    "Get in the car," the man beside her ordered. When Betsy didn't move fast enough, he used his free hand to swat her hard across the bottom! The frightened little girl's fingers fumbled with the handle, but before he could spank her again she had it open and could scramble inside.

    She was terrified. The trembling twelve-year-old didn't dare try to slip away when the big man shut her door and walked around to the driver's side to get in. All she could do was huddle helplessly on the seat and peek at the grim-faced man out of the corner of her eye.

    The man was almost totally bald. Only a short cut fringe of stubble showed around the back of his head. His face was large and meaty, the nose and the lips thick and scary looking.

    Her abductor didn't say a word as he started the car and pulled it out of the alley and into the afternoon traffic.

    Betsy sat perfectly still, she wished that she could see someone she knew, but she wasn't sure what she could do if she did.

    The big man didn't speak until they pulled out of the town and headed down a country road that led to the river. Then he turned his head and his dull gray eyes seemed to bore into her as he spoke.

    "I saw you this morning… you may look like a pretty little girl but I know that you're a whore, just like that redhead!!"

    Betsy didn't know how to react, she simply sat there and stared in amazement at the man.

    "I was the one," the bald man said. When Betsy made no response he got angrier and reached out to slap at her bare knee. "I was the one behind you. I played with that tight little ass of yours when you sucked that kid off!!"

    A wave of fear and horror washed over her and for a second Betsy considered jumping out of the moving car. But the man was one step ahead of her. He caught her by the wrist and roughly jerked her across the seat until she sat close to him.

    Memories of those strange moments in the darkened theater haunted the frightened little girl. She remembered the shadow behind her and how good he'd made her feel. But in the theater was one thing. To be alone with him now was something else completely!

    They were driving through the dark green of the trees by the river when the man pulled a hard left turn and pulled behind a large, leafy stand of trees. Looking around them, Betsy saw that there were no houses near and that anyone passing on the road wouldn't be able to see them and she became more frightened than ever!

    "What do you… Why did you make me come out here?" The trembling little girl asked with a quaver in her voice. "I… I didn't do anything to you. Are you going to hurt me?"

    The bald man made a growling sound in his throat, but he didn't look at her. He sat very still staring at his hands as they gripped his steering wheel. His silence frightened Betsy as much as his violent talk.

    At last the man let go of the wheel and turned to her.

    Betsy saw a wild, unreasoning light gleaming in the man's eyes.

    "All my life! All my life, dirty, seducing little girls have been around me! I try not to see you, I try not to go to see those dirty movies, but I can't stop it!" The big man's lips moved again but no sound came out.

    His eyes had dropped away from hers and Betsy was sure that she could feel them crawling over her exposed legs and the rest of her tender body.

    "I wasn't trying to… I mean it was a mistake… I don't do things like that all the time. I was just…" There was no way for her to finish her sentence. Betsy couldn't think of the words to explain what he'd seen, much less the way that she'd reacted when he touched her in the dark like that. "What… what are you going to do to me?"

    For the first time the man smiled and at the same time he reached out and put an arm around Betsy's shaking shoulders. "I should kill you," the man whispered in her ear. "But I won't! I'm weak and I want to… touch you and… do things."

    His voice had softened and so had his expression and, for the first time since he'd grabbed her in the alley, Betsy began to relax and catch a hold of the fear that was raging and ringing inside of her.

    "I… You didn't have to be so rough," the litlle girl whispered, doing her best to soothe the big man. "I might have… come with you if you'd asked me, nice." Betsy saw the doubt in the big man's eyes and she hurried on. "What's your name? I'd really like to know."

    The hulking man smiled at her, then nodded his head as he patted her on the knee. "My name is Rufus, Rufus Bailey… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you but when I meet a pretty girl like you, one who… does things, I get all confused and…" He couldn't finish either, the big man shrugged helplessly and smiled at Betsy again.

    The slim little girl returned the smile. She wasn't relaxed or calm yet but her panic had died and the wild, unreasoning fear that she'd experienced was fading rapidly. The pretty little girl boldly looked the big man up and down and what she saw was exciting, in a scary sort of way.

    Rufus was big, but he wasn't fat. Each time that he moved, Betsy could see his large, bulky muscles move and flex under his thin shirt and wash softened jeans. He worked and, from the looks of his muscles and the deep tan that he wore, the little girl guessed that he worked outside.

    She wasn't sure why she did it but there was something about the lost, confused way that Rufus talked that appealed to Betsy. Boldly she reached out and pressed her small hand against his bulging bicep.

    "I know how you feel," the pretty little girl whispered. "Sometimes I get all confused about… things like that too." She hadn't meant to do it, but as she whispered to the big man Betsy's eyes had dropped from his face, to the fly of his jeans. When she saw his prick stir and jump under the near white denim, a lovely, hot tingling sensation flamed back to life between her slender thighs!

    "I… wouldn't have hurt you…" Rufus Bailey mumbled. He had his large head down and Betsy couldn't see his face. But somehow the little girl knew instinctively that he would have if she'd fought him. "It's just that you're so… pretty and make me feel… nice!"

    He was getting a hard-on.

    Betsy stared in awed fascination as the outline of the bald man's huge cock rose under his jeans and strained at the soft fabric! The little girl suddenly felt calm and in control of herself. She gave the man a warm smile and inched a little closer to him.

    "You… made me feel… nice during that movie. You made me… do it. Do you understand what I mean?" Rufus' head was still down, but the pleased smile on his thick lips was easy to see.

    Betsy felt like giggling but she held it back. She didn't want Rufus to think that she was laughing at him.

    "You said that you brought me out here to… do things. Do you still want to?" Betsy was shocked by her own boldness but the words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

    The big man lifted his head and stared at her. For a moment the pretty little girl saw the flames of anger and frustration in his dull eyes, but gradually the anger died and in its place she saw a shy, uncertain question. She wasn't so afraid now. Betsy playfully pressed her bare knee against his, "What were you going to do to me?"

    Rufus Bailey was confused. But he still knew his mind. The big man grinned and pulled Betsy close with the arm that he'd already draped over her shoulders.

    "I wanted to make you… make those sounds again," the big man admitted shyly. "It made me feel good when you came like that. It made me feel like I was doing the right things."

    She liked the feel of the big man's hands on her shoulder. Using the feminine instincts that were born in her, she relaxed and let Rufus pull her close to him. The balding man's other hand hovered over Betsy's bare legs and the pretty little girl felt wild and careless when she caught it and boldly pressed it up under her short little skirt.

    "You aren't supposed to scare girls," the slender child said in a low voice. "You're supposed to be nice to them and touch them in places that make them feel good."

    The big man stared at Betsy in mute surprise.

    His apparent helplessness made Betsy feel bolder and more sure of herself. "I might like you… if you were nice to me. I could like you a lot if you promised that you wouldn't hurt me or scare me."

    Betsy could hardly believe the words that were coming out of her mouth. She stared at the big man apprehensively and waited to see what effect she was having on him.

    "I… I never had a girl… I've hurt some little girls but I didn't want to do it," the big man mumbled. Rufus hid his head and refused to look at Betsy.

    "I get confused. I hear people say that what I want to do is bad and wrong but… I like it! It makes me feel good but every time that I do things like this I start thinking that I'm bad and I… hurt someone!"

    Betsy understood. He was voicing her own fears and confusion and she felt protective and loving toward him.

    "I don't want to hurt anyone but when I think about how bad these things are and how people tell me that I shouldn't do them, I don't know what to do – and when I don't know what to do, I hit people!"

    Rufus looked up, he smiled shyly at Betsy and when his strong arm pulled her closer she melted and allowed it. It thrilled the pretty little girl when she pressed her hand against his powerful chest so that she could pull her face back a few inches.

    "Have you ever kissed someone? I mean kissed them nice, so that they would like it?"

    Rufus seemed surprised for a moment then he slowly shook his head. He'd never considered trying that.

    Betsy didn't wait. The pretty little girl gently leaned forward and pressed her lips against the big man's. For a moment Rufus began to tremble. But then he stopped. Instead of grabbing her, the big man gently returned her kiss.

    It all felt natural and reasonable. As they kissed, Betsy felt that lovely warmth spring up between her slim thighs and when her hand dropped from his chest the warmth turned into a searing flame. It was so big! Betsy's tummy churned. She felt a warm trickle of love juice squirt out of her tight little love sheath when her fingers traced the length and width of Rufus' bloated hard-on.

    "Ooooohhhh, that's good," the balding man groaned. His fingers slid under the open throat of Betsy's dress and gently pinched at the child's formative nipples. "It's kinda big. Does it… scare you?"

    Betsy shivered and pressed closer to him. Her fingers dug into the soft material of his jeans and, after a moment's fumbling, she found the metal tab of his zipper.

    "A lot of ladies get scared when they see my… thing," Rufus whispered. Betsy could hear the confusion and apprehension in the big man's voice. "I can't help it, that's the way that it grew."

    She'd been warned. But when Betsy finally managed to drag his zipper all the way down and looked down into the big man's lap she thought that her heart had stopped!

    "Oooooooooo, myyyyyy," the pretty little girl sighed as she stared at her captor's incredible erection. The awed little girl's eyes crept from the thick, white base of the man's cock up the gnarled, warty sides of the shaft to the bloated, purple-hued head. "Ohhhhhhh, Mr. Rufus, it's… big," Betsy gasped.

    She was frightened. But this time her fright didn't paralyze her. Betsy's small hand shook as she reached out and curled her fingers around the thick shaft of the balding man's cock. The heat and the pulsation of his hot blood shook Betsy and the pretty twelve-year-old groaned softly as she began to tug and squeeze it.

    "Ooooohhhhh, pretty little girl," the big man sighed as he pulled Betsy closer to him. "I… like it when you do that to me."

    Betsy was trembling, her breath was coming harder and harder and she had to fight to fill her small lungs with air. Rufus' hand was high under her skirt and she felt no shame or hesitancy when she pushed forward and carelessly rammed her moist little love groove against his outstretched fingers.

    "Ummmmm, Mr. Rufus, that's… agggghhh!!" It felt so nice! "Pull my panties off, I want to feel you touching me all over!"

    The big man shuddered as if he'd been shocked. His strong fingers caught the leg band of her filmy panties and before the slim little girl could protest he jerked.

    They both heard the rasp of ripping cloth and Betsy's slim little body jerked when she felt the cold afternoon air bathe her swollen cunt. Rufus pulled again and the waist band of her panties parted. The little girl groaned softly and lifted herself off the car seat long enough for the man to pull her tattered underwear away, then eagerly pressed her puffy vulva down against his fingers in a determined effort to drive one of them into her tingling, oozing little love sheath.

    In just moments their combined excrement drove everything out their heads. Betsy squealed long enough to grab a blanket before he scooped her up and carried her away from the car.

    There was a cool, shadowy nook among the trees beside the river and the big man chose that spot to spread his blanket. Betsy sighed and moaned happily when the balding man gently placed her on the blanket and hurriedly stripped away her loosened clothing. Betsy felt bold and shameless as she pressed a slim little finger between the parted lips of her pussy and teased the stiffening tip of her clitoris.

    Rufus groaned and smiled broadly as he watched the lovely little girl masturbate for him. He watched the clear warm juiced dribble out of her pink and red vaginal opening and groaned as his huge rammer stiffened even more. The big man tore open the front of his pants and dropped them below his knees before he knelt beside Betsy. He wore no underwear and his throbbing hard-on snapped hard against his muscular belly while he reached high over his head and jerked free of his clinging t-shirt.

    Betsy sighed and shivered as she stared at the man's big probe. The naked little girl's dark eyes fastened on the thick, flanged knob of Rufus' frightening dong.

    The pretty little girl shivered. She pressed her naked thighs tight around her hand as she worked a finger in and out of her drooling slippery pussy. It was so big and so hard looking that the girl felt her tummy contract in anticipation. Betsy's eyes tore themselves away from the darkened glans and slid like flowing oil down over the hard, rounded curves of the shaft.

    It's going in me, the quivering little girl whispered to herself. He's going to lay on top of me and shove that big thing inside of me and I'll be able to feel every hairy inch of that inside of my body!

    The thought was too much! Betsy reached out and began to urgently jerk and tug at the groaning man's exposed cock. The naked child could feel each throbbing vein, the tips of her sensitive fingers worked downward over the warts and the swollen contours of Rufus' tremendous probe and the thought of actually taking it inside of her set off a small, rippling orgasm deep in her cunny. But Betsy wasn't finished. The naked little girl knew that all that the man would have to do was press the spade shaped head of his penis between the pouting lips of her hairless slit and her delicious excitement would begin again.

    "Oooooohhhhh, please, Mr. Rufus," Betsy moaned as she tugged at the man's big rammer. "I need it, put it in me… Oooooooo. I need it!!"

    He was naked, his clothing lay crumpled on the green grass beside the blanket.

    Betsy moaned when Rufus moved in between her splayed legs. The big man's strong hands pried her thighs apart and pushed them back until they were almost touching the blanket under her shoulders. The naked child gasped and wiggled her trim little bottom when the head of the prick nuzzled deep into the open throat of her vagina. The slender child's muscles pulled taut. The tendons on the backs of her slim thighs tightened until they looked like straining hawsers as she fought to open herself and give the slick head of the invading pole as soft and welcoming entry.

    "Ogggghhhh, Jesus!! Ohhhhh, little honey, you feel so tight and so hot," Rufus groaned happily as he carefully pressed his muscular body down on Betsy's. "Tell me what to do. I… don't want to hurt you, not you, sweet baby, not you!"

    The slim little twelve-year-old sighed and elevated her arched pelvis as another incredibly thick inch of prick slid over the lubricated planes of her cunt and entered her and, as it advanced, it seemed to force the gusting moans and gasps of pleasure that squirted out of her.

    "Unnnnggghhhh," the naked child moaned as her slim arms wrapped around Rufus' neck and hugged him close while the big man slowly forced the full length of his awful cock into her.

    Betsy groaned. The little girl felt the rough hairs of the man's thighs scrape against her velvet smooth flesh and gasped when his muscular body pressed her down against the blanket, pinning her and trapping her against the earth by the river bank.

    The naked little girl mumbled. The words were indistinct and slurred. She arched her slim body up from the wrinkled blanket and forced the stretched oval of her gorged cunt tight against the base of Rufus' throbbing cock. The big man snorted and thrust at Betsy, driving himself so deep inside of her that the little girl half expected to feel the greasy head of his big prick come popping out of her open, gasping mouth.

    They rocked and shook against each other. Betsy's small fingers could trace the powerful muscles in the bald man's back as he worked and pressed his naked body against hers. Their legs locked and clung together. Betsy's small body contorted and shook as pile driving thrust after thrust filled her. Each time that the log like cock moved inside of her tight little love sheath the child would moan. She could feel its gnarled shaft scrubbing and pressing against her distended clitoris and it felt so good that she had to squeal and frantically work her naked, sweaty little body up to meet his as he hovered over her.

    "Awwwwuuuggghhhh, it hurts," Betsy moaned softly as she worked her bubbling little pussy around and around the rigid staff of flesh that filled her to overflowing. "But it hurts sooooo nice. Do it harder, Mr. Rufus. Ooooohhh! All of it, put it all inside me like that!!"

    The balding man groaned and then he began to shake. Betsy whimpered and slipped her slender thighs around his back and her pink heels banged hard against his muscular back. "Ooooggghhh, little honey… owwwggghh!"

    The long, drawn-out groan of delight that rumbled out of Rufus shattered what little composure Betsy still had. She gasped and shuddered when the flexing, driving hose that filled her sent jet after gushing jet of lovely thick cum into her tight little love sleeve. The naked little girl sighed. She could feel Rufus' goo spurting out of her choked cunt and come raining down on the moving wiggling globes of her bottom.

    "Oooooooh… I'm… aaaaiiiee!" Betsy clung to him, kissing his neck and nipping hard at his straining shoulder muscles while she hunched and squirmed her way through a lovely, soul-bending orgasm.

    "You see," the pretty little brunette whispered happily as she bent over the man's wilting prick and gave it a long, lingering kiss. "You don't have to hurt anyone; you don't have to scare them, all you have to do is make them feel as good as you make me feel and everything will be nice."


    Betsy couldn't keep from humming happily to herself as she twisted and turned under the soothing sting of her shower. The naked little twelve-year-old smiled and paused long enough to press the flat of her soapy palm against the firm mound of her hairless sex.

    It was nice, the slender brunette whispered to herself. He's sooo big! I though that he would tear me in half! Betsy shivered when her bruised vulva began to tingle and grew warm in response to the pressure. Rufus hadn't torn her in half. Betsy was amazed and a little awed when she realized how easily her elastic little love sleeve had stretched to swallow all of Rufus' big cock.

    I shouldn't think like that, the little girl told herself. Hurriedly Betsy turned off the shower and hopped out. I'm going to get into trouble. There's no way that I can do what Mr. Simpson wants me to do and not get into trouble! Betsy wished that she could sit down with her mother and tell her what had happened, she needed someone to talk to, but she didn't dare tell Julia.

    Besides, she's in her room with, Dave. She doesn't care about what happens to me! It hurt when she admitted it to herself, but Betsy realized it was the truth. I never knew her, all this time and I never really knew my own mother!

    Betsy thought about the soft, vacant look she noticed in Julia's eyes lately and she realized how her beautiful mother had let the house slide, how she ignored everything but Mr. Dave Henry and his big, long cock! Part of the girl understood, part of her knew what it was like to let herself be ruled by a throbbing penis. But even then, she knew that it was dangerous and wrong.

    Betsy was looking in the mirror, combing her wet hair when the door to the bathroom swung open. The lovely little girl saw a large, hairy hand push the door. She squeaked as she dove sideways and grabbed a large towel! The pretty little girl stood, wide-eyed, her slender body hid behind the towel when Dave Henry stalked into her room.

    Betsy expected the handsome man to see her, mumble an apology and then hurry out of the room, but he surprised and frightened her by doing exactly the opposite.

    "Ohhhh? You finally came home, eh? Your mother called the theater earlier and they told her that you left this afternoon." Dave Henry grinned at her and leaned against the edge of the washbasin.

    For the first time, Betsy saw that all he wore was a pair of underwear shorts.

    The handsome man caught the direction of the frightened little girl's glance and grinned. He made no effort to hide the open fly of the shorts so that she wouldn't be forced to look at his thick, dark pubic hair.

    "I think that it's time that you and I had a little talk, honey," the big man murmured. When Dave pushed away from the sink and tried to stand upright, Betsy saw him stagger slightly and realized that he'd been drinking. "Yeah, you and I should get to know each other better!"

    He made no move to touch her but just the same Betsy could feel his hot eyes burning through the towel that she held. She shivered as she waited.

    Dave grinned at her and scratched his belly. In the process, he managed to push the waistband of his shorts even lower around his waist. "I've sorta… moved in here. I'm paying the rent and most of the bills so I think that you should know where I stand."

    Betsy hadn't realized how close the man was until he reached out and caught the edge of her towel between his fingers. Before the startled little girl could catch it, the grinning man jerked at the towel and left her standing naked and defenseless before him!

    "Ooooo," Betsy breathed in a shocked little tone. "I… don't look at me like that!"

    Dave just grinned again and motioned for her to come to him.

    Betsy didn't want to do it, but the heated, fever-bright look in Dave's eyes seemed to compel her and slowly the naked child moved close enough for the man to catch her arm.

    "I like to look at you, honey," the handsome man sighed as he let his eyes rove over her slim, glistening body. "That's part of our deal. Your poor mother knows that she can't handle things alone, so she decided to let me take over."

    The handsome man's tone hardened and Betsy squealed softly when his strong fingers closed around her arm.

    "That includes you! Whether Julia knows it or not! You go with the place, honey, and the sooner you understand that, the better!"

    He didn't give her a chance. Before Betsy could respond to what was happening the smiling man had drawn her up against his warm body and his free hand was tilting her head upward. A fleshy pair of lips dosed over her own and the naked twelve-year-old felt the newly awakened desires inside her flicker back to life.

    "Please… Mother will… Oooooo!" Betsy tried to push away from the warm circle of Dave's strong arm but before she could the man's fingers found the already stiff nub of her small nipple and pulled at it. The lovely pleasure sensation that shot through her numbed the shaken little girl and left her soft and pliant in the man's grip.

    "Your mother? Don't worry about Julia, honey. I've got your mother under control, you don't have to worry about what she'll do or say about us!"

    She heard the words, but Betsy still wasn't convinced. She tried to wiggle free of the handsome man's grip while she shook her head. "Please, I'm afraid of you. You're… too big, a man… I couldn't…"

    Betsy had no chance to finish her feeble protest.

    "You bet your ass I'm a man, baby!" Dave chuckled. He took one of Betsy's hands in his and boldly pressed it against the front of his shorts.

    The little girl heard herself sigh and felt her thighs begin to tremble. She could feel the steel and gristle of his lovely prick stir under her palm.

    "You're still hung up about your mama, aren't you?" Dave laughed this time. "Come with me. I'll show you how concerned your darling mama is about you and what you're doing!"

    They were out the door and heading down the hallway toward her mother's room before Betsy could even think of a protest. Dave made no effort to be quiet or mask their approach to her mother's bedroom door.

    Betsy felt a wild, unreasoning surge of excitement burst through her veins and knew that the delicate tissues of her sex were growing hot and filling with the hot blood of excitement as she watched his hand turn the knob and push open the door to her mother's bedroom.

    "Look at her! That's your mother," the drunken man whispered in Betsy's ear. "Look at that sloppy cunt and see her for what she really is!"

    Betsy shook and trembled. She tried to turn her eyes away from what she saw but nothing, no impulse that she could call forward, could give her the strength to ignore the scene that lay before her.

    Mama… Ohhhhh, my God Mama… the naked little girl moaned to herself. Look what he's done to you… ohhhh, look what he's turned you into. Oooohh, Julia, what am I going to do?

    Betsy felt as if she was staring deep into her worst nightmare. The trembling little girl stared into her mother's darkened bedroom and settled even deeper into the big man's embrace when her mind digested what she was seeing.

    Julia lay sprawled on her rumpled bed. Betsy saw it all at once. No obscene detail escaped her bright, seeking eye. The shaken little girl's mother lay with her smooth, rounded thighs spread wide, her naked body glowed in the light that streamed in through the open door.

    From the slow, even way that Julia breathed, Betsy knew that her mother was sleeping. Despite the shock and embarrassment that Betsy felt, the lovely child couldn't tear her gaze away from the lewd sight of her mother as she lay sleeping contentedly while a thin trail of cum oozed out of her red and abused-looking sex and out of the corner of her mouth at the same time!

    "Your mother sucks a mean cock," Dave Henry whispered softly in Betsy's ear. "Can you do that? Can you suck on a hard dick until it gives you its hot, slick juice to drink?"

    For the first time in her life Betsy hated herself! The lovely child stared at her mother as she lay defiled and covered with the signs of her lewd behavior and realized that she was jealous!

    A sudden and shocking truth invaded the little girl's mind and she understood. Fucking wasn't so bad, it was the reason and the feeling that was invoked that could make it bad and nasty. The loving was good, it was something everyone needed. It was the hate and the shame that turned it bad!

    Betsy was still caught up in the wonder of her revelation and she made no effort to escape when the big man beside her tightened his grip on her shoulder and turned her away from the door.

    "If I pay the bills and take on the responsibility of this house, then I get all the prizes too," the big man whispered in Betsy's ear.

    The lovely little brunette knew exactly what he was saying to her and as awful and obscene as it was, she knew that it was the truth!

    "If I pay your way, baby, I have the right to use you any way that I want!"

    Her tight little love sheath was already squirting thick dribbles of love lube down over the fat, velvet-smooth lips of her baby cunt and Betsy was glad that Dave had bent and picked her up because she was certain that she would have collapsed on the floor if he hadn't.

    The door to her bedroom swung open and Dave didn't hesitate as he headed for Betsy's bed. The lovely little girl knew it was wrong. She knew that, but the feel of the man's warm body, and the knowledge that soon she would feel the hot, powerful surge of his erection filling her killed any shame and resistance that might have grown up inside her.

    "Jesus but you're lovely." Dave breathed softly as he knelt beside her bed and stared at Betsy's slim, naked body. "I've never seen anyone so pretty…"

    Betsy didn't have to answer him, the beautiful little girl felt Dave's lips moving down over her ribs and then to the velvet-smooth planes of her gently rounded belly.

    Betsy gasped and dug her heels into the cover of her bed when she felt Dave's wet tongue glide over her belly and then move down to the deliciously sensitive spot where her slim thigh met and joined her body. The twelve-year-old moaned, her fingers dug into the man's thick, curly hair and pulled, dragging his lips closer to her glowing flesh.

    "Do you like me, honey? Do I turn you on?" Dave's questions burned and clawed at her but Betsy couldn't make her lips respond and the words of encouragement and agreement were caught deep inside her.

    She felt the hard rasp of his beard against her butter-soft inner thighs and whimpered when she felt Mr. Henry's strong tongue slither between the folds of her hairless slit and bathe the firm little knot of her clitoris in his warm saliva.

    "Annnggghhh." The naked child sighed as she spread her slender, just-washed thighs wide so that the man could burrow his head even deeper between her thighs and fasten his lips around the small knob of her pleasure button. "Awwwwuugh, yesss! Ohhh, Mr. Henry, you're the bossss, you can have whatever you want!"

    She was on the trembling verge of her orgasm when the man pulled his gleaming lips away from the soft flesh of her pussy and his hands gripped her thighs. Betsy moaned unhappily and wiggled her naked body as she was roughly turned over and a thick pillow was shoved beneath her churning belly.

    "That's right, baby," Dave Henry moaned as he pulled Betsy up to her hands and knees. "I'm the man! I'm the one who has to pay so I'm the one who takes what he wants!"

    The naked child trembled and shook when she felt the handsome man move behind her. He'd paused long enough to shuck off his shorts and now his naked, pulsating prick lay nestled between the saucy, upturned cheeks of her firm little ass.

    "Ohhhh," Betsy sighed. The lovely little girl shivered and pulled her naked body into a fetal portion. She could feel the fat knob of Dave Henry's member move up and down the crack of her splayed buttock cheeks. The head of the penis was leaking and the lovely child could feel the path it took as Mr. Henry's love lube cooled and dried on her flesh.

    The taut head of the prick hesitated for a split second at the puckered little opening of her anus. Betsy gasped and shuddered when she felt its heated pressure. Then, when the lovely little twelve-year-old was about to moan with fear, the threatening knob moved on and forced its way between the tight folds of her pussy and found its already open mouth.

    "Unnnngggg," Betsy moaned softly as she was drawn back to meet the panting man's stiff probe. The pretty little child gasped and wiggled her slim hips, helping the long pole of meat glide over the thick flow of love juice that was squirting out of her and fill the aching void inside her trembling belly. "That feels nice, Mr… Dave. I… love it!"

    Dave Henry's strong arms tightened around her and the palms of his big hands closed over the glowing, sensitive buds of Betsy's budding little tits.

    When Betsy whispered to him the delighted little brunette felt his hardon twitch and grow even larger, pulling the open oval of her small sex even wider in order that she could accept even more of him.

    "You're tight," the handsome man moaned in Betsy's ear. "You feel slick and tight! Who opened you up, baby? I was sure you'd be a virgin. Who popped your cherry and taught you how to fuck, little girl?"

    His questions embarrassed and excited Betsy at the same time. She knew she could never tell him, but when she thought about the others, those other big, throbbing cocks that had opened her before, a delightful ripple of pleasure raced through her, leaving her tingling from head to toe!

    "I know one place where no one else has been," Dave muttered in her ear. For a moment Betsy didn't know what he was saying to her, but when one of his warm hands left a breast and pressed down between their bodies, she knew what he meant!

    The hard little cheeks of Betsy's ass were pried apart. The naked little girl twitched and a small moan of anticipation leaked out of her open mouth.

    "No one has had a cock in your tight little asshole, have they? No one has ever felt this small, brown Twinkie suck tight around them, have they, you greedy little cunt?"

    "Ooooo, you're hurting me," Betsy squealed softly when the man's stiff finger, wet in her own juices, popped past her tight sphincter and began to wiggle in the pulsating grip of her rectum. "Noooooo, no one ever did that to me… unnnngggghhhh!!"

    She knew, the moment that she heard Dave Henry chuckle and felt his long, piston smooth cock buck in her belly, Betsy knew what he was going to do to her! Obscene, frightening and exciting memories how her mother looked as she bucked and squealed under the pressure of this man's big cock assaulted her and Betsy didn't know if she wanted to scream or beg for mercy!

    Betsy moaned and shook. The naked little girl desperately clamped down on the fat cock that was moving inside of her. If she could make him cum now she wouldn't have to let him… do that to her!

    But the big man was in complete control of the situation. He groaned as the child's tight sheath pulled and milked at his big cock, but he gave no sign that he couldn't hold back.

    Betsy's last hope died when she felt another fat finger force its way into her and lay wriggling beside the other in the hot, sucking grip of her forbidden asshole!

    "I want your cherry, honey," Dave grated in Betsy's ear. "I'm going to fuck your tight little ass and you're going to yell but you'll love it!"

    There was nothing she could do, Betsy knew it. Cold, numbing fear immobilized her and the naked little girl couldn't resist when she felt Dave slowly begin to pull his thick wedge of flesh out of her clinging, silken pussy. A finger tip found, then pressed hard against her tiny clitoris as the big tube of flesh left her and Betsy was reduced to a shuddering, moaning orgasm.

    "Uhuuuuuooo, don't… please, you'll hurt me," Betsy managed to whisper as the lube slick head of Dave's big prick slid up and down between the firm little cheeks of her ass, wetting and lubricating the crease.

    "Shhhhhh, don't worry," Dave hissed in her ear. At the same moment the man's finger began a wobbling, circular motion around her stiff clit.

    The little girl gasped and wiggled, helpless in the grip of her animal pleasures.

    "I won't hurt you too much. Just relax, baby, and let it happen! You're going to learn to love my cock in your ass!!"

    A core-deep shudder grew up in Betsy when the frightened little girl felt the greasy knob of Dave Henry's cock find the place where his fingers twisted and pulled inside of her. The fingers pulled away, leaving her wrinkled little rosebud feeling stretched and empty, almost longing to feel his frightening pole fill that new emptiness that she felt.

    "Ohhhhhh, pretty little baby," Dave moaned as he pressed his muscular man's body against her.

    Betsy felt the hair on his chest brush against the sharp planes of her shoulder blades and sighed when she felt his scratchy pubic hairs scrub against the moon shaped cheeks of her bottom.

    "Awwwuuuggghhhh," the naked little girl groaned when the lube-coated head of Dave's prick found the center of her ass and pressed in. The lovely child's toes splayed wide, her supple back arched but she didn't try to escape the pressure.

    Betsy shivered, she could feel the delicate flesh of her anal passage give under the pressure of the cock that was trying to force entrance.

    "Owwwwww," the naked child moaned softly, as she wriggled and shook under the implacable force of Dave's cock.

    "Relax, honey," the handsome man whispered in her ear before he kissed it. "It's going to be good. I can feel it. It's going to be wonderful!"

    "Oooooggghhh, it… hurts," Betsy moaned in response as the slippery cock moved forward a fraction of an inch and forced the puckered oval of her virgin anus to part. "Awwwwwuuuuuggghhh, ooooohhhh, Mr. Dave!!"

    She felt torn and violated when the mushroom shaped head of her mother's lover's prick oozed out past the weakened muscle of her sphincter and dipped its taut head in the hot, moist mystery of her rectal canal.

    "Aaaaaaggghhh!!! Oooooo, my God!!" She couldn't believe what was happening! Betsy shook and twisted as the awful penetration was completed. The naked little girl wanted to pull away from the cock, but when she moved forward the man's finger would press hard against her clit and she couldn't stop herself as she rammed her stuffed, smarting ass back to meet the post of meat that was filling her.

    "Ooooo, baby! It's good," Dave moaned in Betsy's ear.

    The lovely little girl whispered and muttered as her slim thighs were forced open and another two fat inches of cock were sent into the moist, clinging grip of her virginal rectum.

    Betsy could feel the flanged head of the man's big prick as it slowly forced its way into her. The naked little girl whimpered and shook. A long string of muttered, mumbled words squirted out of her open mouth as Dave Henry's bloated cock filled her. Betsy lost all ability to resist.

    "Ooooohhhh, it hurts," the lovely child moaned as she slowly revolved her slim, boyish hips and made the burning ring of her tight anus slip and kiss around the awful girth of the invader that filled her ass. "Unnnnnggghhhhh, Dave… ohhhh!!"

    It was terrible and disgusting but no matter how hard she tried to ignore what was happening inside of her, the lovely little girl could feel a small glowing coal of pleasure ignite amid the pain.

    Dave groaned happily as he felt Betsy's tight little ass pucker close around him. His strong fingers moved up and down her curved spine. The fingers found the little girl's sensitive nerve endings and secret places, leaving her gasping and writhing with desire as they passed.

    The massive cock in her bottom thrust again and Betsy knew that she had it all because Dave's big balls were resting heavily against the pouting, empty lips of her sex. The lovely twelve-year-old's muscles pulled taut and she rocked backward, helping her tormentor make his fleshy probe squirm and twist in her ravaged anus.

    "I've got you," Dave muttered as he pulled back, dragging a few inches of his lube slick prick out of the frantic grip of Betsy's glowing anal passage. "I can feel you! I know that you like it and I'm going to see to it that you get all the cock that you need!!"

    It was dirty and mean, but Betsy loved it! The naked child shivered and forced her bottom to dance and wiggle around the fat prick that had opened her. Dave's voice sounded harsh and exciting in her ear as he pressed forward again. Betsy felt the prick fill her and groaned as the sickeningly sweet surge of perverted pleasure washed through her.

    "Think of it! You and your mother! I'll fuck the shit out of both of you. She loved it, kid. Did you hear me? Your mother loves my cock. She'll do what I tell her because she won't get any more if she doesn't!!"

    Betsy was gasping and jerking. The pain had faded and all she could feel was the hot, liquid feel of the man's big dong as it sluiced in and out of her clinging rectum.

    "I could make her take care of you. Would you like that, baby? How would you like it if I had her in here right now and she was sucking that wet little pussy of yours?"

    Betsy gasped. Her heart stopped beating and she felt the hot surge of lust bite and nibble at her enlarged, pebble-hard clitoris. The shaken little girl imagined her lovely mother with her head between her splayed thighs and came!!

    "Oooooo!!! I… aaaaaaiiiiieeeeee!!" Betsy just couldn't stand it. Deep in the back of her mind she knew that she couldn't let it happen, but the image of her mother's soft lips pulling and kissing her pussy inflamed her and she surrendered to the lovely ripples of her orgasm. "Unnnnggghhhh don't say that… that's… awwwwuuugghhhh!!"

    Dave's pace had picked up. Betsy squealed and shook as his lubricated cock shoved in and out of her. Then the naked child felt the prick in her guts stiffen and then jerk. A warm gushing sensation filled Betsy and the delighted little girl felt her mother's lover send the hot flush of his hairy balls deep into her bowels.

    "Ooooowwwwwwaaaaaiiiieeee!!!" The animal scream of pleasure tore itself out of her as Betsy lay pinned by the heaving thrusting pressure of the cock. The lovely child felt herself filled with thick, greasy cum and ignored the pain as she worked her fight anal sheath up and down on Dave's beautiful cock!!

    He could do it, Betsy told herself dazedly. He could make Mama crawl down in the bed and suck me!! She tried not to let herself think about Grace and the wonderful feel of her mouth. No! I can't let it happen. I couldn't live with that!!

    But despite her thoughts, Betsy's imagination ran ahead of her and even as she jogged and wiggled on the end of Dave Henry's wilting prick she knew I've got to leave! I can't stay here, not with them!

    She knew that she had to leave, but even so, the lovely little girl's mouth opened and she heard her voice in the strained stillness of her bedroom. "Can you get it hard again? Please, Mr. Dave, get it hard and do that to me again and again!!"


    It was crazy! She had a home, she had a room and her own little bed but she couldn't bring herself to go there! Betsy didn't know what to do. The pretty little twelve-year-old stood in the lobby of the Majestic and watched the last of the evening's patrons file out of the open doors.

    If I go back there he'll get me again, Betsy told herself.

    It had been nearly two days. But just the same, whenever she thought about Dave Henry the lovely little girl's still sore anus would pucker and she could feel that obscene desire well up in her again. He fucked you in the ass, a teasing voice whispered in her head. He fucked your ass three, or was it four times?

    Betsy shuddered and tried to think of something else but she had no other thoughts as strong and as lovely as her memories of the dirty things that Dave Henry had done to her in her room that night and the next morning.

    There was a slow, swelling surge of excitement between her thighs. Betsy tried not to think about her mother's lover, but the image of his big, thick cock haunted her every waking moment! When Betsy remembered the way that it would slide into her wet, ready little pussy or the way that it felt in her mouth when it erupted and forced her to drink Dave's hot cream, she would moan with real desire.

    She'll find out, Betsy told herself, thinking about her mother. What will she say to me when she finds out the things that Dave is doing to me?

    The slender little usherette was worried, but what she didn't know was that the ringing of the phone at the candy counter signaled that her problem was already being solved for her.

    "Honey? Come over here a minute."

    Betsy knew that Grace was speaking to her. The lovely little girl was reluctant to turn and face the older blonde. She'd been avoiding Grace for days.

    "Betsy, I have a message for you, from your mother."

    She had no choice. Betsy turned and walked to the counter. As she did she noticed a familiar glow in the counter manager's eyes.

    Grace pretended not to see Betsy's reluctance. She gave the little girl a soft smile and pointed at the phone. "That was your mama. She sounded upset. She says that you should find someone to stay with tonight."

    A thin trickle of nervous fear dribbled down the young brunette's spine as Betsy waited for the other shoe to fall.

    "She says to tell you that she'd found out about it. What does that mean?"

    Betsy's mouth opened twice, but no sound came out. She felt a growing lump of shame and worry inside of her as she stared at the other woman.

    Grace was snapping off the lights behind the counter and then lifting the gate before Betsy noticed. A warm, soft arm slid around her shoulders and the pretty little girl felt herself hugged tight. "I… I know that you think that I helped Newt Simpson set you up here. I didn't want to do it, Betsy. Honestly I didn't want to do it, but he made me. I didn't want you in this mess but… well he has some pictures of me and I have to do what he tells me to do."

    The slender little girl didn't know what to say or what to do. She felt stunned and helpless. If she couldn't go home, where could she go? Grace saw the expression on Betsy's face and shrewdly guessed what she was thinking. The blonde tightened her grip on Betsy's shoulder and began to steer her towards the main staircase.

    "You just get your things, don't even stop to change," Grace whispered happily. "You're going to spend the night with me!!"

    Betsy would have resisted but the handsome woman pressed a full, pillow soft breast against her arm as she whispered again.

    "You look like a little girl who needs some loving care and you know that I'm just the lady who can give it to you!"

    The sudden charge of excitement that washed up between her thighs shook Betsy. Her tiny clitoris stiffened and began to vibrate and she was shocked to feel a delicious flow of love lube wet the fat lips of her small sex.

    Grace waited for her at the door. Betsy stumbled to her locker and fumbled inside to get her street clothes and purse. When she came out, the shaken twelve-year-old saw her friend talking to Newton Simpson. But before she could think about what that meant, Grace turned away and hurried towards her.

    The tires of Grace's car scraped lightly against the curb. The blonde was forced to take her hand away from Betsy's thigh in order to straighten the car out. "I've missed you, honey," Grace whispered for the fourth time since they left the Majestic. "I've been thinking about you and ooohh just wait till you hear what I was thinking about!!"

    The door was still swinging shut when Grace turned towards her. "Ummmmmm, little lover!"

    Betsy was confused and unsure of herself and when a warm, urgent pair of lips closed over hers she found that it was easier to surrender and let Grace make the decisions for her.

    The small light over the bed was glowing. All that Grace wore were her panties and bra as she knelt before Betsy. The lovely little girl watched with glowing eyes as the half naked woman slowly, carefully drew her silky panties down over her slender thighs.

    "Ooooooo, I've dreamed about your sweet tasting little pussy," the woman murmured. Grace paused and looked up at Betsy.

    The trembling little girl was naked except for her shoes and she could see the blonde's eyes travel slowly over her slim body.

    Grace's hands closed around Betsy's waist and gently pushed. The backs of Betsy's knees hit the bed and she was forced to sit down. The woman smiled at her again then slowly pressed her face between Betsy's trembling legs. The naked twelve-year-old gasped softly. Her belly gave a quick jerk as her hands guided her thighs until they lay hooked over the older woman's shoulders. Grace's wet tongue was protruding from her mouth and when its tip found the downy lips of Betsy's hairless sex it wiggled in small circles.

    Betsy's head felt terribly heavy on her shoulders and she found it hard to support her reclining body on her elbows once the woman's thick bladed tongue was inside of her. Tiny muscles pulled and relaxed. Her nerves seemed to be crawling under her flesh. Betsy sighed and wiggled contentedly.

    Grace's warm hands slid under her upturned ass and cupped the firm cheeks. Betsy moaned and allowed herself to be drawn forward another few inches so that she could rotate her bubbling little love pit against the wonderful tongue that was waggling and rubbing against her swollen love knot.

    "Oooohhhh," Betsy gushed as firm lips tightened around the whole of her naked pussy and a firm, delightful suction was applied. "It feels like you're going to suck me inside out!!" Grace chuckled deep in her throat and the vibrations buzzed and tickled against her baby clit.

    "Unnnnggghhhh… I was… I was afraid to let you do this to meeeeee," Betsy confessed. "It's dirty and I was afraid that I'd become… a… a…" There was no way that she could finish the sentence without offending Grace, so Betsy was forced to let it drift away.

    "Ooooohhhh, poor baby," the blonde murmured as she pulled her lips away from the little girl's well sucked and licked cunt. "Did you think that you'd turn butch just because I sucked your tasty little pussy?"

    Before Betsy could answer, the tongue was in her again and the only sound that Betsy could make was a long, gasping sigh of delight.

    "Don't worry lover," the older woman whispered again.

    Grace had her hands behind her back and Betsy watched in eager fascination as the bra was loosened and Grace's big, suckable breasts were exposed. "I love a hard prick as much as any girl. It's just that sometimes we need a gentler sort of loving only another girl can give us that."

    Grace was naked as she crawled up on the large bed and lay down beside Betsy.

    The trembling little girl knew what would be expected of her and when she stared down between the woman's full thighs, at her thick patch of pubic curls, Betsy knew that she didn't really mind.

    "Climb on top of me, baby," Grace moaned softly.

    Betsy was on her knees and made no effort to resist when the older woman turned her and then forced her to lay face down between her legs.

    "Suck me, make me feel good, Betsy. Make Grace happy and she'll see to it that you have such a lovely night. Suck my pussy, lover!!"

    Small fingers hooked into the thickened lips of Grace's hairy cunt. Betsy stared down at the wet, salmon red membranes of the blonde's slit and felt her mouth water with anticipation.

    A hand pressed at the back of her head. Betsy heard Grace moan happily as she jammed the sharp tip of her tongue against the firm knot of the blonde's clitoris. Betsy shivered with excitement and began a slow, lapping stroke with her tongue. Not only didn't she mind doing this for the blonde, she was a little shocked to realize that she loved doing it!

    Betsy had just established a head bobbing, nibbling and licking movement between Grace's splayed thighs when she heard the scraping sound of the bed table drawer being opened. Grace wiggled and shivered as the naked little girl rubbed and licked her wet cunt.

    "Ummmmmm, that's wonderful, baby," Grace breathed as she moved. Again Betsy's eyes swiveled and in the mirror across from the bed she saw the woman sucking and licking at a long, white plastic tube. For a second the little girl didn't understand, but then Grace twisted something at the bottom of the tube and the strong, buzzing sound that filled the room told her what was going to happen.

    "I'm going to make you feel good, honey," Grace whispered when she pulled the vibrator out of her mouth. "I'll make you so happy that you'll never want to go home again!!"

    Betsy wanted to pull away before Grace could insert the buzzing machine, but Betsy's muscles had turned to butter and she couldn't move. The trembling little girl watched out of the corner of her eye as the mirror images twisted and shook.

    Grace pressed a hand under her tummy and forced Betsy's bottom up a few inches, then she gave the vibrator a last, loving lick then slowly slid its conical head into the waiting throat of the girl's tight little cunt.

    A tiny squeal of surprise and delight bubbled out of Betsy's mouth. Her pink little tongue increased its speed as the lovely vibrations sank into her to the very bottom of her tight little love sheath!!

    "Ummmmm, uh thut fulls su guuuuud!!!" Her words were muffled by the slick lips of Grace's cunt and the older woman gasped and whimpered with pleasure when she felt Betsy's teeth gently nip at her distended clitoris. "Uhhhhh, push ut duuuuuper un muhhh!!!"

    Her own baby love knot was burning and Betsy knew that it would only take a few lovely seconds for the delicious buzzing to give her the release that she needed. The pretty little girl burrowed her face between the woman's trembling thighs and sucked. Hot, slippery lube coated her nose and her cheeks. Her small, pointed chin forced its way into the open flaps of the blonde's adult cunt, making her squeal and groan with pleasure.

    "Annnnnggghhh… suck it harder!! Oooohhh, baby!!!" Grace shook and wiggled under her, but Betsy didn't lose the seal that her sucking lips had formed around her cunt. "Aaaaaiiiiieee!!"

    Grace bucked and heaved. Her fat breasts rubbed against the insides of Betsy's slim thighs and in her excitement the gasping woman jammed a stiff forefinger deep in the center of the surprised little girl's exposed and defenseless anus!!

    "Awwwwwwoooowww!!! Ohhhh… noooo," Betsy moaned as she licked harder and harder at the rigid stalk of the woman's clit. The finger in her still sore little ass wiggled and twisted, pulling and stretching her at the same time that the buzzing vibrator popped in and out of her gorged little honey pot!!

    "Awwwww, baby," Grace gasped as the last after shocks of her orgasm faded away. "Do you like it in the ass? Did one of those dirty men push his big dong in your ass and teach you to like it?"

    Grace's strong hands pulled at her and Betsy felt so helpless, so weak that she didn't consider resisting. She was pulled backward until she could feel the blonde's warm breath on her parted ass cheeks. Betsy didn't know what to expect, but even so, she wasn't prepared for what happened next.

    "Ummmmm, sweet little baby," Grace murmured.

    Betsy squealed when she felt the firm cheeks of her trim little bottom spread even wider. Then she called out in a strangled voice when she felt the warm, slippery wash of a tongue as it swirled and pressed around the softened oval of her tiny rectal opening.

    "Ooooohhhh, ullllmmmm," Grace murmured as her lips fastened tight around the loosened opening.

    Betsy gasped and shook. She couldn't control the automatic jerking, stroking motions that sent her aroused little body back against the tongue and helped it force its way past her weakened sphincter and into the firm sleeve of her anal passage.

    "Oooooo, you do like it," Grace crooned when she finally pulled her stiff tongue out of the grip of Betsy's ass and licked the tender flesh that surrounded her anus. "I know, baby. I know how good it can be like that!!"

    Betsy moaned in frustration when she felt herself being lifted off Grace's soft, comforting body. But the naked little girl saw the look on the blonde's face and shuddered. It wasn't over, Grace hadn't begun!

    "Don't worry, lover," Grace whispered as she turned Betsy over and deftly pulled the drawer beside her open again. "I have a lovely, delicious surprise for you."

    The naked little girl moaned. The thick shaft of the vibrator had filled her completely and its electric agitation deep in her belly weakened her and left her defenseless against anything that Grace had in mind. The slender twelve-year-old watched Grace in the mirror as she hurriedly fastened a dark leather harness around her middle.

    Betsy felt a warning chill of fear and excitement ripple through her, but the constant buzzing of the vibrator sapped her strength and left her weak and helpless before the excited woman.

    "Agggghhhhh, this is going to be so nice for you," Grace muttered as she reached back into the drawer and brought out a big, perfectly molded cock!! "You're going to yell, baby, but it's going to be so nice that you'll beg for more!!"

    Grace straightened up behind her and Betsy watched in fascinated horror as the woman screwed the pink rubber staff onto the post that jutted out from the harness that she wore snug around her waist. "You can do it to me too, honey," the woman sighed as she paused to coat the fake cock with a thick film of ointment. "I've got a bigger one than this and I'd love to have you fuck me with it!!"

    Betsy whimpered and shook as she watched Grace bend over her and felt the firm, uplifted cheeks of her ass spread wide. The little girl watched as the gleaming head of the greased dildo dipped into the crease between her buttocks then gasped when she felt its cool, hard pressure against the weakened ring of her anal opening.

    An awful memory lanced through her and Betsy squealed when she remembered the first pain that she always felt when Dave took her in the ass.

    The naked little girl tensed her body and felt like screaming when the first, powerful thrust of the plastic cock hit her. But instead of the pain, Betsy felt the smooth, almost effortless entry of the greased plastic pole as it went in and with each terrible inch that it gave her the naked little girl groaned louder and wiggled harder!

    "Awwwwwuuuuggghhh!!! Ooooo, it feels goooood!!!" She felt Grace's warm hands pinning her to the bed and fought to lift her bottom so that she could receive even more of the lovely rod. "Oggghhhh, Grace! I love it! Do it… I want more, fuck me in the ass, Grace!!"

    A sickly, sweet feeling of contentment filled her. Betsy felt her small breasts grow harder, more swollen, felt her clit stiffen even more as she was penetrated fore and aft. The long, hard length of the vibrator lay buzzing and twitching in the tight grip of her pussy while the hard, warming length of the dildo pushed her soft, yielding bowels aside.

    "I will, lover," the blonde panted as she thrust and shoved her unnatural cock into the little girl's upturned anus. "You're going to be wonderful. A super star! I swear it. A real super star!!"

    The naked little girl was too far gone to wonder what those words meant and she was also too engrossed with the lovely sensations that were exploding inside of her to hear the muted, rasping whisper of frame after frame of film being fed into a camera just outside of the window!!

    "Aaaaaggghhh… Oooohhh, harder! I… aaaiiiieeeeeee!!!"


    "Betsy… Betsy Morrison."

    The slim little twelve-year-old was startled to hear a man calling her name. The young usherette had just stepped down from the bus and stood staring in surprise at the man who sat in the car by the curb.

    "Betsy? Come over here for a second, I want to talk to you."

    She'd only taken a few steps in the direction of the curb when Betsy noticed something that unnerved her completely. The man behind the wheel looked like her daddy. He looked more like him than Mr. Baker, the theater chain manager did!!

    "Do I know you? I… I don't think that I know you," Betsy stammered as she bent down and peered into the car. "You'd better leave me alone or I'll… call the police!"

    The man in the car just grinned at her and opened a leather case that he took out of his pocket. The slim little brunette saw the badge gleaming in the shining rays of the sun and almost cried out loud. I knew it!! I knew that I would get in trouble!!

    "Get in, kid," the policeman said quietly. "I just want to talk to you, don't get yourself in an uproar!"

    He even sounded like her father and, despite the fear and nervous twitches that she felt racing over her body, Betsy was aware of the slow itch of excitement that was creeping along her blood stream.

    The man in the car motioned for Betsy to get in and after a few moments hesitation she got in. He knew her name. She couldn't run away from him. The man turned his head, checked the oncoming traffic then, without a word to her, he pulled his car into the slow lane and drove away from the bus stop corner.

    She waited, not trusting herself to say the right thing. But as the time passed, Betsy found it harder and harder. "Am I… Am I under arrest?"

    The man laughed. He didn't chuckle or giggle, he threw his big head back and roared at her.

    "Awwww, honey. Do I look like a dude who would arrest a sweet little pumpkin like you?"

    She didn't know why, but the fear ebbed away and a shy, questioning smile eased the serious planes of Betsy's pretty face.

    Without warning the man pulled the car back to the curb. They were parked in a quiet, warehouse area. There were no pedestrians, no one to see them talking.

    "No, you're not under arrest, Betsy," the man said gently. "I just think that you're a confused little girl who's caught up in something that she can't handle."

    The fear came back and Betsy stiffened. He was right, of course, but she couldn't admit it. She didn't trust him, no matter how nice he seemed.

    Almost as if he could read her thoughts, the policeman reached into his suit coat pocket and handed her a small, printed card. "My name is Jim Richards, Betsy. Take my card. I know that you don't want to talk to me now, but I think that you will soon."

    Betsy stared in fascination at the crisp, white card. It read Detective James Richards and it included a phone number and the police department crest.

    Jim Richards smiled at her and laid a gentle hand on Betsy's arm. "You're in over your head, kid. I don't want any trouble for you, but that bastard Simpson and that kid that pimps for him, Rick? Those are the ones that I want!!"

    Betsy looked up from the card and saw the truth in the gray-haired policeman's eyes.

    "They're scum, honey. They'll use you and turn you out until there's nothing left of you to sell and then they'll drop you like a piece of shit!"

    Betsy wanted to cry. She knew that he was telling the truth, but just the same her tongue refused to move. She couldn't tell him what was happening to her.

    "I know, I know that you don't want to talk to me now, Betsy," Jim Richards said calmly. "But I think that you will soon. Call me! Tell me what they're doing to you and I'll help. You have to believe me. I'll help!!"

    Betsy stood on the corner, watching the police detective's car slip away and into the flow of traffic. For a moment the frightened little girl considered tearing up the card that she clutched and turning her back on Jim Richards' offer of help. But then a sudden calm came over her and she opened her purse and carefully tucked the card away.

    The moment that she walked through the back door of the Majestic, Betsy could feel it. The little girl shivered when she sensed the cold, tense vibrations in the air. Those vibrations were mean and hurtful and spoke of an awful thing that was about to happen!

    She saw Grace. The blonde was bending over the candy counter, her hands busily filling the case with fresh candy bars and boxes of goodies. The slim little girl stared at the older woman and in her heart she knew that Grace didn't care. No matter what she said or how she acted when they were alone. Betsy could sense a distance between them, a void that could never be bridged.

    Before the worried little girl could speak and ask Grace what was happening, Betsy heard Newton Simpson's deep voice calling to her from the head of the stairs. "You're late, Betsy. Come up here, will you?" She didn't want to go with him, but, looking up, Betsy saw a hard, demanding look on the handsome theater manager's face. "Hurry, I have something that I want to show you before we open."

    He didn't even wait to see if she would obey. Newton Simpson turned on his heel and strode away.

    Betsy darted a quick look at Grace, hoping for some sign of support, but instead the blonde flushed and quickly looked away.

    "Shut the door, honey," Newton said in a deceptively soft voice.

    The man was smiling at her, but the smile stopped before it reached his eyes. They were cold as they stared at her.

    Betsy did as she was told then turned back to Newton. She wanted to stay by the door, but he held out a hand for her and the slim little girl had no choice but to go to him.

    "I haven't seen you for the last few days, honey," Newton purred. "I've been thinking about you."

    She was drawn up on the man's lap. As she settled back against his chest Betsy could feel the dark haired man's big prick stir and stiffen against her bottom.

    "Mr. Baker and I had a little talk about you today," Newton said. His warm hand boldly slid up under Betsy's skirt. "We've decided that you should be able to do a little more work." Betsy gasped softly as the man's stiff finger pressed in against the folds of her hairless sex. "It's work that can make you a lot of money. More than you're making now."

    Newton bent his head and licked at the side of Betsy's neck while he jerked her panty crotch aside and forced his fingertip into her moistening little slit. "A lot of men who come to the film club like you and they'd be willing to pay good money if you would go off with them for a little while and… be nice!"

    She knew what he meant! Betsy had known that it would come to this since she saw Kathy take that man back behind the screen. The slim little girl moaned and shook her head. The finger inside of her was moving and twisting, making it hard for her to think.

    "Noooooo, I don't want to do that… I oggggghhhh!!!" Newton had pinched her stiff little clit and the mixture of pain and pleasure that welled up in her made her insides melt. "I… that's wrong. I don't want to do that," the pretty child whimpered again, but the tone of her soft voice was weaker, less certain.

    "I didn't think that you would, at first," Mr. Simpson sighed in Betsy's ear.

    He was moving under her and the trembling little girl could feel his big dong pressing in between the cheeks of her panty clad ass.

    "That's why Grace and I took out a little insurance policy last night."

    There was an envelope on the desk. Newton used his free hand to tip it and spill its contents. The theater manager's voice sounded harder and determined. His finger dug painfully deep into the soft, slick tissues of Betsy's puffy little cunt. "Look at the pictures, Betsy! Take a long look at all of them and then tell me how you'd like your mother to see them or have some of them passed around to the kids that go to your school?"

    Newton roughly pushed her forward, his finger still buried in the shocked little brunette's hairless pussy.

    Betsy moaned and trembled as her bulging eyes moved from one glossy photograph to the next. In an instant she realized that they must have been taken from an open bedroom window, the window in the corner of Grace's room!!

    "Awwwggghhhh… they're awfulllllllll," the lovely little girl moaned. She saw herself writhing and screaming. Saw herself, the white shaft of the vibrator sticking out of her vagina while she lifted her slim body to the fat, plastic prick that jutted obscenely from the harness around the older woman's hips. "Noooooooo, don't show them," the pretty little girl pleaded softly. "Don't let anyone see them!!"

    Newton laughed. He picked up a picture and pressed it in front of the shamed little girl's face. Betsy found herself staring at the image of herself one hand pressed between Grace's splayed thighs while she held the dripping dildo in the other. The thick, flanged head of the plastic obscenity was in her mouth!! "Looks like you've learned to like sucking cocks, honey." The man gave Betsy's tight little love sheath a shake. "You'll do what I tell you. You'll be a good little whore and fuck when I tell you to, won't you?" He didn't give her a chance to agree. "Because if you don't you're going to be known as the dirtiest little girl in town!!"

    "Ooooooo, you're hurting me," Betsy squealed. She tried to lift herself off the punishing finger. "I'll be good. I'll do anything that you tell me to do, honest!"

    She could hear a triumphant sound in Newton Simpson's voice and the shaken, crying little girl was shocked when she realized how much she hated him!

    "I know you'll be a good girl. I'll make you be a nice, obedient little whore and wreck you in the process!!"

    Mr. Simpson's finger was still buried deep inside of her and as it moved and twisted, Betsy gasped. She hated him, she did! But each time that the man teased the slim little girl's rigid clitoris her need for release grew stronger!

    "Get on your knees, you little slut," Mr. Simpson grated in her ear. Betsy shivered and moaned in faint protest when he jerked his finger out of her slippery little love sheath, but she didn't fight when he rudely pushed her off his lap and onto the floor in front of his chair.

    Betsy trembled and pressed her slender thighs together in a vain effort to still the vibrating excitement of her clitoris and to stop the flow of love lube as it squirted out of her and ran down the insides of her leg.

    Mr. Simpson smiled at her as he casually unbuckled his slacks and jerked his swollen cock into view. Betsy sighed as she stared at the swollen, purple-hued head of the prick. No words were spoken. The excited little girl knew what the man wanted.

    Betsy could hear the dry, whispering sounds her knees made on the stiff carpet as she inched closer to Newton's legs. A violent, clenching spasm hit the little girl's belly as she pressed her face between the seated man's thighs and extended the tip of her pink tongue.

    Slowly, gently, Betsy licked all of the fat, jerking dong before her. She heard Mr. Simpson's sighs of pleasure and instead of disgusting her, they excited her all the more!

    Newton had dropped his hand away from his prick and it jerked and wobbled under Betsy's tongue. The little girl pressed the burning tips of her small breasts against the groaning man's knees and opened her mouth. The slick, velvet-smooth flesh of the cock head felt nice as it slid over the flat blade of her tongue. Betsy pursed her lips around the shoulders of the shaft and sucked. At the same time, she worked her tongue in wide circles against the hard vein on the underside. "Ummmmmggghhh, that's right, little slut," Mr. Simpson groaned approvingly. "Suck it good! Suck it and lick it and make it wet and slick so that I can shove it in you!"

    Betsy groaned. The filthy words were raining down on her and no matter what she thought, they excited her. Almost against her will, the slim little girl pressed closer, letting Newton's bony shin wedge in between her parting thighs. Ooooooo! She could feel the bone rub against her puffy, wet little cunt and shamelessly wiggled against it, driving her desire to a new, terrifying pitch!

    Mr. Simpson sighed. His fingers twined in her thick, dark hair and forced the excited little girl's head up and down in his lap. Wet, rasping sounds escaped Betsy's mouth as she sucked and pulled on the big man's cock.

    At last the man made a groaning, gasping sound and tore Betsy's saliva filled mouth away from his prick. The little girl gasped for air while she stared in lewd fascination at a long string of saliva and love juice dripped from the end of the purple cock head that she'd been nursing on. "Get up here! On the desk you little cunt!!"

    He was rough with her, but Betsy didn't mind. The slender little girl felt like putty in his hands.

    With one sweep of his hand, Mr. Simpson cleared a space on his desk top. The filthy photographs spun and slithered away and Betsy groaned as she was forced face down on the smooth surface of his desk.

    There was a dull, ripping sound and Betsy knew that her panties had been torn away. The little girl moaned. She lay pinned against the desk, her feet dangling a few inches from the floor, her bottom naked and upturned before her tormentor.

    "I saw you," Newton chanted as he moved in behind Betsy. "I saw you jump and squirm when that whore shoved that plastic cock in your ass!" Her skirt had been tossed high over her waist and the defenseless child whimpered when Mr. Simpson's naked cock rubbed between the firm cheeks of her trim little bottom. "I'm going to try that soon! Think about it, slut! I'm going to fuck that tight looking little ass of yours until you pop!"

    Roughly the man lifted her. Betsy hung suspended in his grip and whined with excitement when she felt the saliva-coated head of his cock find the plump separation of her baby sex and push the lips apart.

    "Yeah, you like that, don't you?" Newton's voice sounded rough and labored. "I taught you to like cock, honey! I popped your little cherry, remember? I'm the one who taught you to love this!!"

    The head of the cock found the tight throat of her vagina and then rammed in. Betsy gasped and shook. The air was forced out of the half naked girl's lungs when the cock slammed into her in one punishing stroke. "Annnnnggghhh… Ooooooo, Mr. Simpson!!"

    "You're all alike," the groaning man whispered as he began to make his thick slab of a prick move and jerk in the fight grip of Betsy's cunt. "That's why I love this job! I like it when I can take a little pussy like you and turn you into my whore! That's all you're good for, cunt!"

    "Ooooohhhh… huuuuuhhh!!!" The words stung her, but the feel of the big cock slipping and popping inside of her more than healed the hurt. Betsy gasped. She wiggled and humped her slender little body on the end of Mr. Simpson's prick.

    "Yesssss, I know that's all I'm good for," the little girl whispered heatedly. "I'm a whore. You'll turn me into one! You'll make sure that a lot of dirty men get to put their fat things in me and I know it!!"

    She meant what she said, every nasty word of it! Betsy was beginning to hate herself but she couldn't control the violent spasms that shook her. She couldn't deny the hot, slick demand for release that had come to life inside of her!!

    "Oooooogggghhh… I'm cummmming!" Newton Simpson gasped and moaned. "I'm shooting my cum in your belly!!"

    She hated him, but just the same Betsy moaned with pleasure when she felt the hot flood of wetness inside of her. The man's prick was oiled and coated with it, making it glide easier in her belly and over the rigid tip of her swollen clit. "Aaaaaiiiieeee," Betsy squealed happily as her own sweet climax exploded inside of her. "Harder, shove it in all the way, harder!!! AAAAnnnggg… Ooooooooo!!! Oooooooo!!!!" Delicate waves of pleasure washed and lapped through her. The lovely little girl shook and wiggled. The cheeks of her plump ass kissed and compressed around the shaft of Mr. Simpson's prick. Her hairless pelvic arch scrubbed and squeaked against the polished surface of his desk.

    I'll get you, a little voice whispered over the groans and moans of pleasure. I'll fix you. You won't turn me into your personal whore!!!!


    "I'm glad you called, honey, it's the best thing you could have done."

    Betsy nodded. She couldn't think of an answer. The police detective sighed and leaned back in the driver's seat.

    Betsy eyed Jim Richards out of the corner of her eye and felt a chill of illicit excitement. He did look like Daddy!! The slender little child shivered and crossed her slim thighs. She was tortured by the memory of that other man and how excited she'd been when she realized that he looked like her father.

    A hot, ripple of desire wiffed through her and Betsy hugged herself tighter. The beautiful little girl remembered how good it had felt when Mr. Baker had shoved his rigid cock into her. She remembered how exciting it had been to pretend that he was her father. Was it possible that she could do the same thing with the policeman?

    "You did the right thing, Betsy," Jim Richards said. "Tomorrow we'll take care of those bastards." The handsome, graying policeman paused and gave the slender little girl a sidelong glance. "But that still doesn't solve your problem at home."

    Betsy felt her cheeks burn as she blushed and she ducked her head. She'd told him everything, every dirty thing that had happened to her after she went to the Majestic to look for the job. Betsy hadn't intended to tell him all those things, but he'd been so clever as he asked key questions and now he knew, all of it!

    Her head was still down, but the slim little twelve-year-old heard a subtle difference in Jim's deep voice when he spoke to her again.

    "It… ahhhhh… doesn't look like you can go home again. I doubt that your mother will be willing to give up on her new boy friend."

    Betsy felt a tiny, vibrating flicker of excitement in her belly as she waited for the man who looked like her father to go on.

    "They all treated you rough, didn't they?" Jim shook his head and coughed uncomfortably. "I can see… wanting you, but I can't see hurting you."

    Betsy looked up. She didn't look at the policeman's eyes at first, her greedy gaze stopped at his waist. He's got a hard-on, Betsy told herself excitedly. He's been thinking about the things that happened and it made him hard!!

    When she finally tore her eyes away from Jim Richards' erection and looked into his eyes, Betsy was reminded again of how much he looked like Daddy. For a moment the lovely little girl's mind wandered and she wondered what it would have been like if Daddy had wanted her like that. A small shudder raced through her and Betsy felt herself grow wet and hot again! Maybe he had. What would she have done if Daddy had touched her and whispered dirty things in her ear.

    Betsy was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't feel the seat shift or see the detective moving towards her. A smooth hand dropped on her bare thigh, snapping her back to reality and burning away her erotic day dream like a puff of smoke.

    "You said that you liked some of the things that happened, Betsy," Jim said quietly. "Did you mean that? Was some of it as good as you said?"

    Betsy could hear the tension and excitement in the policeman's voice and smiled. Suddenly the little girl understood that she was in control and that gave her confidence.

    "Uh huh… a lot of it was nice… I liked it." Betsy lowered her eyes so that she could watch as Jim Richards' hand began to crawl up her thigh.

    "It's crazy," the graying man whispered in a husky voice. "But when you talk like that I can't see anything wrong with it."

    Betsy sighed and parted her thighs slightly but the hand didn't go any higher.

    "I'm a cop honey, I… I shouldn't be…"

    Betsy wasn't sure why, but it was very important for her to make him like her. It wasn't just because he was like Daddy. It was something else, more important. The pretty little girl sat very still and waited for a few more seconds then, when she was sure that he wasn't going any further, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "I wouldn't mind if you were… interested in me," Betsy said in a soft voice. "I think I'd sorta like it." She could see the surprise on Jim's handsome face, but before he could react Betsy boldly pulled the hem of her skirt up and opened the way for his hand!

    "Mr. Wilson tore my panties," Betsy whispered as she leaned back against the seat and lifted her smooth, hairless thighs. "That's why I'm not wearing anything."

    Jim Richards coughed nervously and quickly looked around. They were parked where they'd been earlier in the day. It was dark now and there was no sign of traffic or pedestrians in the warehouse district.

    The hand moved again and they both began to tremble as the fingers met and gently pressed against the slick folds of the little girl's sex. Betsy nibbled gently at her underlip and pressed against the edge of the seat with her heels, lifting her naked bottom and pressing her moist little slit against the policeman's fingers.

    "Ooooooo, see? It feels gooooood," Betsy murmured. The little girl gripped the policeman's lips and pulled, pressing his thick forefinger into her slippery vulva. Jim Richards trembled and then groaned. Looking down again Betsy saw that his prick was standing hard and long, making a tent of the front of his slacks.

    "Ogggghhhhhh, nice, sooooo nice," Betsy sighed. Her hand dropped away from his and in seconds, the trembling twelve-year-old was busily undoing the gray-haired detective's belt and unzipping his fly.

    "Christ, I must be out of my mind! I can't… aaaaaahhhhh!!!"

    The front of his slacks were open and Betsy's busy fingers had wormed inside of the flap of Jim's jockey type shorts. The man sighed and the little girl groaned with anticipation as her small fingers traced the length and thickness of his pulsating hard-on. "Honey, you shouldn't… Oooooooo, squeeze it harder. Yes, just like that!!!!"

    She remembered the way that Dickie had taught her to play with him. Betsy's fingers worked up and down the thick, hairy shaft of Jim's cock, making him sigh and shudder as she masturbated him.

    "Your shorts are in the way," Betsy finally complained. They hampered her up and down movement. "Pull them down."

    The man hesitated for a moment. Betsy looked up and saw the conflict in his expression but when she withdrew her hand and sat waiting, he made his decision.

    "Must be out of my mind," the gray-haired detective muttered, but he lifted himself off the seat and jerked his shorts and trousers down to his knees. "Go on, baby, work on it a little bit."

    She didn't hesitate. Betsy gripped the naked prick and quickly frigged at it, pulling the loose skin up and down over the steel-like gristle of the policeman's big prick. There was a street light near the car and she could see a thick drop of lube gather in the swollen slit in the top of the glans. Betsy felt warm and safe for the first time in days and she knew that she had to repay the kind man for his help.

    The slender little girl shifted on the seat and lay down. Jim's hand drifted down over her spine and over the firm mounds of her small ass and as she gently sucked and licked at his swelling glans his hand pressed between the cheeks and found her wet little slit from the rear.

    "Ummmmmm," Betsy cooed against the slick cock head that she was sucking, "Du yu luk ut when uh suck ut?"

    Jim didn't answer with words, but his long finger dove deep inside of her and the excited little girl began to buck, slamming and slapping her belly and hairless pussy against the slick seat covers.

    "Do you want me to suck you off?" Her question was direct and pointed. Betsy wouldn't have minded if he had wanted her to drink his warm, slick cum but she really wanted him to fuck her.

    "Ooooooo, kid! I want to screw you," Jim whispered urgently. "God help me, but I have to feel how tight that little pussy of yours really is!"

    Betsy was smiling happily as she gave the groaning policeman's big prick along, loving suck then scrambled up to her knees. Without his having to ask her to she hurriedly unzipped her dress and pulled it off over her head.

    The naked twelve-year-old was trembling with excitement as she swung a slim thigh over his and sat down, facing him. The excited man groaned. His big hands cupped her firm little buttocks and pulled Betsy close. Betsy sighed as she bent her head and offered him a moist, saliva and lube tasting kiss. She was lifted, her round knees pressed against the back of the seat and she shuddered when the slippery, well sucked head of his prick found the lips of her pussy.

    "Unnnnggghhhh, you're like velvet," Jim gasped as the plump folds of the little girl's hairless cunt swallowed the head of his prick and seemed to suck it up inside of her. Jim's fingers tightened on her shoulders and began to press the groaning little girl down on his upthrust prick.

    It was Betsy's turn to groan as she felt herself filled to overflowing with lovely, gnarled cock! The naked little girl trembled and pressed down on the penis, impaling herself on it. They sighed in unison, then began to work.

    Jim lifted himself up from the seat, working his long rammer deep in her belly until she thought that she could feel it pressing against her stomach. In return, Betsy began to roll her slim hips, helping the throbbing cock twist and turn inside of her. At the same time she used a skill that Mr. Baker had taught her and clamped down hard on the prick, as if she were trying to keep it inside of her forever!!

    It was a warm summer night and the windows were closed. The air in the car grew warm and close and soon the groaning little girl was sweating, she could feel it running down over her pointed tips of her tiny breasts and running down the ridge of her spine.

    "Faster," Betsy squealed softly. "Do it harder and faster, please!"

    The man groaned and used his grip on her ass to help the moaning, gasping little girl up and down on his long, shining prick. "Unnnnggghhh, it feels so good. Huuuuuhhh!!"

    Betsy moaned then gasped. She stiffened and then began to frantically twist and jerk on the stiff bone that filled her. "Aaaaaiiiiieee," Betsy squealed happily as she climaxed. Bright, neon colors exploded behind her eyes and a lovely warmth and sense of well being flooded her.

    "Oggghhh… aggghhh… Unnnggggggg," Jim groaned as his big prick bucked against the back of Betsy's slick pussy then began to fill it with white, creamy cum. "Awwwwggghhhh," the man groaned with pleasure. "Don't worry… we'll take care of you. I'll think of something… haaaaaggghhh!!"


    It was bewildering. Things had happened so fast that she wasn't sure what was happening! Betsy sat very still in the large chair in Juvenile Court. Looking up, the little girl saw that the judge was looking at her. The old man's eyes flashed behind his rimless glasses and, before they dropped away from her face and slowly traveled down her slender body, he smiled at her.

    "The uhhhh, situation at the theater is now under control?"

    The judge's question sparked memories in Betsy's mind. The slim twelve-year-old fidgeted in her chair and was forced to put her hand up in front of her face when she remembered the look of shock and surprise on Mr. Simpson's face when she opened the side door and let the police into the Majestic!

    "Yes, your honor," Jim Richards said with a smile. "All of the suspects were taken in and several of the patrons were arrested for lewd behavior." A tiny giggle tried to slip out of her mouth and Betsy had to nip hard at her knuckle to keep from laughing. They were all taken in all right! She remembered that one fat man, the one who'd been behind the screen with poor Kathy. He'd tried to run with his pants down at his ankles and had tripped, falling right through the screen! I told them, Betsy told herself happily. I knew that I'd get them, all of them!!

    "Then all that remains is the matter of what to do with this young lady." The judge smiled at her again and Betsy returned the smile. She could see that special look in his eyes and thought she knew what his solution would be if he had his way!

    "Yes sir, I have the papers here. They have all been signed and witnessed." Jim paused and looked at Betsy.

    The look that passed between them made the little girl shiver with pleasure. Betsy's tight love sheath twisted and she could feel a fresh dew of moisture seep out of her and wet the dainty crotch piece of her new panties.

    "… and that being the case it is our suggestion that the petition to make Betsy Morrison a ward of Sergeant and Mrs. Richards be granted," the judge read. The old man paused for a moment then nodded his head. "Petition granted."

    The judge turned his attention to Betsy. The look in his eyes made her even wetter.

    "Young lady, you are now the ward of the Richards' family. Do you understand that?"

    "Yes sir," Betsy said, nodding. But the little girl was smiling. He's looking up my skirt… I wonder if he can see enough to get him hard?

    "Good, you're under their care and supervision. Listen to them and be a good little girl," the man said. Betsy nodded again and then smiled as she parted her thighs slightly, giving him a clear view of her plump little love mound.

    Jim was nervous. He had avoided looking at her as he drove. When they turned down the street to his house he shook his head and muttered to himself. "I am crazy, this is going to be a wild thing! Do you know what could happen if anyone finds out about us? What do you think will happen if Molly finds out?"

    Betsy thought about her new "mother". Molly Richards was a pretty, dark haired little woman with a large, friendly smile. She didn't want to hurt her.

    "I… I don't know what would happen," Betsy murmured.

    Jim snorted and pulled the car into the garage. Before Betsy could say anything else he got out and shut the garage door, leaving the little girl sitting.

    "Molly is downtown, shopping," the handsome, graying man said as he got back in the car. "I know it's crazy but… I want you, right here and now!"

    A warm flow of happiness filled Betsy. She understood him now. As long as he wanted her she was sure that she was safe.

    The slender little girl edged closer to the man and whispered. "I'll get my new dress all wrinkled."

    Jim shook his head impatiently and pulled her up on his lap.

    "I don't care. I bought the dress and I can buy more of them," he growled as he hauled the dress up and began to slip Betsy's panties down over her knees.

    The lovely twelve-year-old sighed. She sat facing away from him enjoying the feel of his warm hands on her naked buttocks. Then Betsy heard the whisper of a zipper and moaned with anticipation when she felt the steel of her new father's big cock press in between her cheeks and find the slick mouth of her cunt.

    "Ooooooo, Daddy," Betsy groaned as she was entered from the rear. "Ohhhhh, I love it when you fuck me, I love it!!"

    Jim groaned and trembled, his hips began to lift and surge. His swollen cock made wet sticky sounds in the delicious flow of the little girl's love juice.

    They were so engrossed with their lovemaking that neither of them saw the connecting door to the house open and a small brunette step into the darkened garage.

    "Oh good Christ! Jim!!" They both froze in mid-stroke. Betsy's eyes bulged out of her head when she found herself face to face with Molly! The lovely little girl felt so foolish, so nasty sitting there staring at the shocked housewife while she was perched on the woman's husband's throbbing cock!

    "Ohhhhh, noooo," Jim groaned. The graying policeman was so shocked that he made no move to lift Betsy off his prick. "Molly, I… I don't know what to say!!"

    Each passing second seemed like a year and Betsy felt panic building up in her as she stared at Molly Richards.

    "Well, you might at least invite me to join you," the pretty housewife purred as she slipped into the car beside them. Betsy gasped as she saw the small brunette's hand slip between her splayed thighs and felt practiced fingers lightly pinch at her still rigid clit!!

    "I think this is a pretty cramped place to do it, but I suppose we can manage," Molly whispered as she slipped her finger into Betsy's cunt, letting it lay along side her husband's hard cock. "At least we can manage it this time, but after this we fuck in the bed!!"


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