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    Sally_s Secret Lover

    Chapter 1

    I wonder why it is, Sally Denham thought quizzically to herself, that nothing in life ever turns out quite the way you think it will? Take me, for instance, a born and bred New Englander – what am I doing in Quiggville, Tennessee? I'm not even sure I like the South (perhaps 'approve of' was more the term), yet here I am practically committed to spending the rest of my life here! Once Ray gets his partnership we'll be committed for sure.

    Funny, how the expression had slipped into both their vocabularies so that one or the other of them seemed to use it several times a day. Once we get the partnership. Will our lives really change so radically, and for the better, when the magic day comes? As a matter of black and white practicality they would. We know what the drugstore grosses every year, and the net. Half that net will be ours … not just a salary. A salary that was far too low considering what pharmacists were making elsewhere, even taking into account that this apartment over the store was thrown in free of rent and utilities. Ray, of course, wouldn't see that he could be making twice as much in Knoxville or Nashville, or anywhere else in the country. And as Sally pointed out, that they could save the necessary capital twice as fast.

    «But then I wouldn't get this chance, the option that I have by working here!»

    «DO YOU mean an option in writing, like on a piece of property?» Sally's pretty brow wrinkled slightly.

    «No, not an option in the literal sense. I meant the agreement between me and John Blodgett that I can come in as a full partner.»

    «And you have only his word on that?» the tiny furrows creased deeper and her clear gray eyes were disturbed, «No witnesses or anything?»

    «Honey, that's the way business is done in small Southern towns … just by sort of talking things over. When the time comes, we'll draw up some kind of agreement. You have to remember that things are slow-paced here.»

    She would grant that. Things were snail-paced in Quiggville, in fact, and if it wasn't for the appointments of her piano pupils she often would not know what day of the week it was. Yet to see Ray so happy and absorbed in his work was worth it all, she felt. Traditionally a wife was the helpmate of her husband and should make the sacrifices and endure the necessary hardships to give him his start.

    When they had met on the campus, Ray had made his prospects clear from the very beginning. His parents were dirt-poor farmers from the mountain area of Tennessee and he was attending school through a scholarship and money he had saved while in the army. Sally was not wealthy by any means, but certainly better off financially and in family background. They had married during their senior year and moved to Quiggville right after graduation. Ray had been recruited with glowing promises by John Blodgett … he needed a pharmacist immediately; the old man who had the job had died and the local residents had to go ten miles to the county seat to have prescriptions filled. In answer to Ray's questions about a share in the business he said he would be willing to take in a partner as soon as Ray could raise «a little cash to bind the deal» as he was occupied with other business interests and did not like to work in the store himself.

    Sally never forgot her first look at Quiggville. It was little more than a crossroads, actually, with a square in the center of town where the roads met. The important stores and churches were located on the square, with a grassy park and the Confederate monument in the center. Stretching beyond that were a few blocks of houses in each direction along the shady quiet streets … and then the shabby, haphazardly- placed houses of the black people. A half-mile out of town was a new subdivision of rambling brick homes where the younger business and professional people lived and entertained each other with rounds of barbecues and cocktail parties.

    The social position of the Denhams was not yet clearly defined. Ray had joined the Jaycees and Sally had been invited to some women's meetings, but they were not really «in,» another fact which she found galling. Of course it was difficult to accept invitations or to entertain because of the long hours Ray worked and their shabby old apartment. Sally had painted and done a lot of fixing, but it was still dreary and depressing with its old-fashioned high ceilings and antiquated plumbing fixtures.

    When they got the partnership they would buy a lot in Hickory Acres – their credit would, be good then for a home building loan from the local bank. And they could afford to have a baby.

    If we're still sleeping together, she said to herself. Oh, God, what makes me think of things like that? Of course we'll be sleeping together … we're husband and wife, and that's one of the most important things about marriage, isn't it? Yet after a year and a half together, the inexorable truth was that their sexual relationship was getting worse, not better. Since they had settled into the routine of their life in Quiggville, particularly, Ray initiated the sexual act less and less frequently. Sally never made advances to him, of course; she felt that was the man's prerogative and in any case her own sex drive seemed to be rather low … she could live with or without it … actually it was just a little bit distasteful to her, the whole messy thing. But she did worry about Ray's satisfaction and whether it was normal for him to so often be too tired or preoccupied?

    Just last Sunday afternoon there had been a peculiar episode. She had been washing the lunch dishes while Ray sat in the living room reading the paper. Sally had not heard him enter the kitchen until the moment when he seized her around the waist. Of course she screamed and then laughed and they stood there together for a moment. Then Ray's hands had slipped upward to cup her firmly rounded breasts and she felt his lips nuzzling the back of her neck as he squeezed and kneaded the pliant, resilient flesh under his fingers. It wasn't that she didn't like to be caressed in that way, but her hands were wet and soapy and she didn't want to ruin his clean shirt … they were going for a drive as soon as she finished the dishes.

    So she had continued with her work and acknowledged his presence only with a brief affectionate smile tossed over her shoulder at her young husband. He had kept his hands on her breasts and pressed closer behind her until she was wedged firmly between his body and the sink and his loins were up tight against the ample spheres of her buttocks. Suddenly she was uncomfortably aware that Ray had an erection and the hard throbbing bulk of his penis was pressing into the crevice at the end of her spine. Perversely, her only reaction was annoyance. Why on earth, at such an inappropriate time? A peaceful Sunday afternoon and they were almost ready to go out. She set the last saucepan in the drain and pulled the plug, still pretending not to notice Ray's obvious arousal although his penis was now digging into her to the point of widening the split between the two soft fleshy cheeks of her buttocks. His hands slipped from her taut-stretched nipples and began to work up under her apron, massaging her flat little belly while from the rear he slowly rubbed his loins against her with insinuating pressure.

    «Sally,» his warm breath stirred in her left ear, «let's go in the bedroom, honey!»

    «Oh, Ray …» she protested gently, «here I've been hurrying to get ready while you read the paper, and now you want to fool around.»

    «Who's fooling around? I mean business – I'm horny as hell!»

    «Ray!» she hated that vulgar expression. «I just don't understand why -

    – I mean, of all times,» it was difficult to hold her voice steady when his fingers had reached her pubic mound and were moving over the sensitive area in a slowly rotating motion that despite her annoyance was making her feel curiously weak and warm up between her legs. At that moment the wall telephone rang.

    «Damn it to hell!» her husband cursed with surprising ferocity.

    Sally twisted in his grip, «A – aren't you going to answer it?»

    He shook his head and resumed his lewd probing of his wife's trembling loins. «It's my day off.»

    «But it may be a customer needing a prescription.»

    The phone kept on ringing insistently as the young couple stood there locked in an obscene embrace – with Ray's hand thrust up between his wife's legs. Then, abruptly – almost roughly – he released her and pushed her away as he moved to snatch the telephone receiver.

    It was a customer, a heart patient, who had just discovered he was out of the digitalis pills he must take daily.

    «All right,» Ray said wearily, «come down to the store in about fifteen minutes. No – no free delivery nights or Sundays, only during regular store hours. You can send a taxi if you don't feel like coming yourself, Mr. Pickett.»

    Sally was already busy drying her hands. «We could drop the pills off … we'll be out in the car anyway,» she whispered to Ray, but he was already hanging up. She carefully avoided looking at the front of his slacks where she knew the tell-tale bulge still pushed out the fly in an incongruous manner. He was glaring coldly at her.

    «Be damned if we will. If he took his last pill yesterday, why couldn't he come in then for a refill? Because he enjoys making a big emergency deal out of it!» He strode angrily out of the room and she heard him go noisily down the stairs to open the drug store.

    Poor dear, he'd been working entirely too many hours, and should at least have one day of rest in the week. It seemed so unfair that John Blodgett should reap all the profits of the drug store when he did nothing more than go over the books occasionally, while Ray was on his feet from nine to six with an additional three hours on Friday night. And nearly every evening there was a call for a rush prescription, usually a child suddenly taken sick. There was of course Minnie, the efficient spinster who clerked in the front of the store and supervised the moronic teenagers who came and went at the soda fountain. But the burden of the purchasing and inventory, as well as the busy pharmacy department, fell on Ray.

    When they finally did set out in their old hardtop, however, his usual good humor seemed to have returned. They had long since explored every road leading out of Quiggville, for these rides were their chief recreational outlet, but still it was interesting to observe the countryside at different seasons of the year. The spring was Sally's favorite time … it was so much more lush than a New England spring and came a full two months earlier. Now, at the end of a dry summer, there seemed to be a dusty haze in the air and a sleepiness had settled over the scorching red-clay fields.

    They drove first to Hickory Acres to inspect the newly-staked-out lots in the undeveloped portion of the subdivision.

    «Someone's bought the corner one,» she touched her husband's arm and pointed to the sign which was slashed diagonally by a bright yellow strip bearing the letters SOLD.

    «Yeah … so I see. But that's the only one. They're not moving so fast, what with the recession …» Ray was careful not to voice their unspoken fear that the lot of their choice might be purchased by someone else first. They got out of the car and went through the ritual of pacing off where the house would sit and where the front door would be.

    The rest of the day Sally remembered had gone quite smoothly. They had a light supper and spent the evening watching TV. When the late news came on Sally had gone ahead and showered as she liked her shower or bath, at night whereas Ray preferred one in the morning. When he came into the bedroom she was already in bed, with only the sheet pulled over her. In her fresh cotton baby-doll nightie she looked like a child, except for the outline of her high, curving breasts that protruded provocativeiy over the fold of the sheet and faint dip of the «vee» between her legs where the light material bunched.

    Ray stripped in a rapid, business-like way and stood naked beside her for a few seconds; he never wore pajamas … it was a habit she simply could not talk him out of. In the brief interval before his hand touched the light switch and plunged the room into darkness, Sally's wide gray eyes rested lovingly on his tall, lanky form. She did love every inch of him, from the black hair that had a habit of falling over his right eye, to his big-boned hands that could be so gentle, right down to his size twelve feet! (In her mental inventory, Sally passed hurriedly over her husband's genitals which now hung down flaccidly between his hairy legs but were still impressive in their proportions.)

    She snuggled closer to him as he climbed into the bed and stretched out beside her, almost positive that they would make love tonight since he had been so eager for sex that afternoon. She was determined to try very hard to enjoy the act this time … yes, even the last of it when he filled her with his messy, sticky cum!

    But Ray seemed to have entirely forgotten about the incident and apparently sex was not on his mind tonight. He lay on his back for a few moments, then rolled over with an affectionate pat delivered to her backside. «G'night, honey.»

    «G-goodnight, darling,» she whispered back timidly. She felt surprised and oddly tense as she lay there beside his warm naked body and almost wanted to reach over and stroke him or somehow indicate her willingness. She didn't want to make any brazen announcement, however, and after a while she knew by his slow deep breathing that Ray had fallen asleep.

    She really couldn't imagine why she was dwelling on the events of last Sunday … except it seemed to mark some kind of turning point in their deteriorating sexual relationship, as though her rejection that afternoon had really discouraged her husband. But that was absurd, they were still practically newlyweds and only needed time to make these adjustments and solve whatever problems had arisen. It wasn't a problem as far as she was concerned … although she found sex disappointing and not very enjoyable at best, she would go through with it a reasonable amount of times for Ray's sake. She and Ray might have different temperaments, but each respected the other's desires and interests. For instance, Ray had not wanted her to give up her music and had bought an old upright piano for her to practice on and to instruct her half-dozen pupils. Why, Lord, she had a pupil coming for a lesson in twenty minutes, and here she was sitting around daydreaming! She began to move automatically around the living room, straightening up.

    In the drugstore below, Ray Denham had for once caught up on the list of prescriptions to be filled and they sat along the counter in a neat row while he worked on the wholesale orders at the old-fashioned desk. Suddenly he heard a gravelly southern accent from the front of the store and recognized it immediately as John Blodgett's voice.

    «How 'do, Miss Minnie! You doin' all right?» and then without waiting for her answer, «Good, good!»

    Blodgett breezed by the soda fountain with a lecherous wink at the clerk, «Honey, bring me and Mister Denham some cokes … with lots of ice, child, lots of ice.»

    He eased his considerable bulk behind the prescription counter, «Hi there, Ray – you doin' all right?»

    «Just fine, John,» Ray said placidly, in the knowledge that business was good and getting steadily better. He pulled up a chair for the older man. Blodgett was sweating, staining his immaculate light blue sports shirt, and he took out a handkerchief and passed it over his ruddy face and thick shock of graying hair. He was a handsome man of about fifty, beginning to show unmistakable signs of overindulgence in good food and drink but still fit and powerful looking.

    «Another hot one,» he sighed. «We sure do need some rain awful bad. All my sweet corn is just dryin' up … just parchin' under that sun.»

    «Is that what you raise out there, corn?» Ray asked, waiting for his boss to come around to the purpose of his visit.

    «Oh, I raise a little bit of this and that. Main thing, course, is my beef cattle. I'm just a gentleman farmer, and I guess that's a good thing, because it's hard to make money at farming these days.»

    The girl appeared with two large cokes and Blodgett nudged Ray's elbow. «Look at that,» he said in a husky undertone, «Just look at that sweet little ass on that child!» It was true that the girl's nylon mini uniform barely cleared her tender, youthful buttocks. Ray had actually been too busy to notice her nubile figure before. Blodgett opened the lower desk drawer and brought out a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey he kept there. He added a generous slug of the amber liquid to each coke.

    «Course you got yourself something a lot nicer than that right upstairs,» he continued in an aggrieved tone. «Why, man, you're practically still on your honeymoon. But when you get to be my age you sure will appreciate those cute, raunchy little teenagers, let me tell you!» he pushed one of the drinks toward Ray.

    «I don't like to drink in the store,» Ray said doubtfully as he picked it up. «You know – old ladies come in and smell it on your breath, they spread it all over town that you've taken to drink.»

    «You're a smart man, Ray,» John Blodgett said admiringly. «Yes sir, always lookin' ahead … a damn smart man. You know, I just got the bad news the other day that I'm gonna have to cut down on the brew myself. Yep, just found out that my blood pressure's gone sky-high. Old Doc wasn't one bit encouraging … said I'm headed straight for a heart attack if I don't slow down and take things easy. Fact is, that's why I stopped by.»

    Ray Denham had a sudden premonition that something might be wrong, just from the way Blodgett's guileless blue eyes were roving over the shelves of pharmaceuticals and avoiding his face.

    «It looks like I have to think about retiring long before I'm sixty- five,» the older man continued, «or sort of semi-retiring … I'm only going to keep hold of the properties that'll work for me without me working on them … see what I mean?»

    Ray shook his head and waited to hear what was coming next.

    «No, I reckon you don't. Well, take this store, for instance. Since you took over it runs pretty smooth, I certainly got to admit that, but there's still the bookkeeping and figuring the taxes. I want to get shut of it. Instead of taking in a partner, I've decided to sell out, Ray – the whole works.»

    There was a moment of absolute silence. Then Ray took a hefty swallow of the sweet, whiskey-laced cola. «T-the building, too?» Blodgett's stunning announcement had caught him so suddenly that it was taking him several seconds to assimilate the knowledge and what it would mean for him.

    «Oh, not the building. You won't catch me selling a piece of prime real estate that's right on the square. No, I mean the inventory, all the fixtures, the good will … everything that's inside these four walls. Then I'll give the buyer a long-term lease …» he smiled at Ray. «You know, I was really lookin' forward to us working as partners … carrying out your ideas for remodeling … but when I got the word from Doc I knew I just had to think of my health first. And there's Lauralee

    – I don't want to up and die and leave her a widow.»

    «Yes … sure,» Ray said, his mind going inevitably to Sally's worried questions, nothing in writing? You only have his word for it? He felt curiously light and hollow, as if the support had been knocked out of him. How could he tell her? How could he ever tell Sally?

    «Have you, uh,» he cleared his throat, «have you set a price?»

    Blodgett settled himself firmly in the wooden chair and tilted the creaking piece of furniture back on two legs. «Well,» he crunched the ice from his drink loudly between his teeth, «I'm thinking in the neighborhood of fifty thousand, Ray.»


    «Think about the inventory. You know yourself what's sitting here in the inventory.»

    Ray knew. He also knew that much of it, including the last big drug order, was not paid for yet. Still – perhaps it was a fair price. Although it seemed an astronomical sum, especially since Blodgett had promised to make him a partner as soon as he had $5000. By putting $200 in the bank every month, he had already saved $2800, he was more than halfway there … but now he wondered whether Blodgett would have held to the bargain, after all? «B-but, John, over the next few years your profits from the store will be much more than that. I can run everything – you wouldn't have to spend any time here at all unless you wanted to.

    «There's something in what you say,» the big man admitted, «only the thing is, Ray, that I'll be spending my winters in Florida from now on … buyin' myself one of these condominium apartments right on the beach, and me and Lauralee are fixin' to go down there just as soon as l get everything straightened out here. Now those apartments cost a heap of money and I got to raise some cash … ever'body thinks I'm a real rich son of a bitch … I don't complain, but the fact is it's all tied up in real estate. Naturally we couldn't sell the farm – it's the old Quigg place, belonged to Lauralee's folks since God knows when – and we'll live there summers or whenever we take a notion to come back to town. And like I already said, I don't want to part with any property in the business district. 'Bout the only thing left is this drugstore.»

    «I see,» Ray nodded, trying to control his wildly spiralling doubts and thoughts, «How much – how much time will I have, in case I could maybe make some kind of deal to buy the place?»

    «That would please me very much, if you see yourself in a position to buy. Well, I hope to get down there to Florida around the first of November … so that leaves about two months. I, uh, I already had one offer, Ray, and they agreed to meet that price I mentioned. I won't say who the offer was from, but it's a big chain of discount drugstores.»

    As Blodgett sipped his drink and continued to unfold the story, Ray Denham felt a rising anger that blotted out caution and made calm speech impossible. «Look here, John,» he pointed out, «you know I graduated at the top of my class. I had my choice of jobs and this was the lowest-paid of all, but I took it, for just one reason. I wanted to own my own business, and that's what you promised me – and I thought you'd be as good as your word!»

    «Now hold on, son …» Blodgett tried to protest, but Ray plunged wildly on, raising his voice so that he could be heard throughout the store.

    «Now you tell me that you've been dealing behind my back to sell the business right out from under me! Why, I don't think you ever had any intention of keeping our agreement; you just wanted to hire a cheap pharmacist!»

    «That's enough, Ray,» Blodgett's voice was still mild, but his pale blue eyes glittered with a cold light and his florid face had reddened to a deeper shade. He stood up. «You better simmer down before you say something you're going to regret later on. I know you're disappointed and I'm not sayin' you don't have maybe some right to be. But I had no way of knowing my health was going to fold up on me, so to speak. Why, when I brought you down here I was lookin' forward to us running the store for years to come, and I'll be very happy if you can raise the money to buy me out. You're well thought of here in Quiggville … you and your little wife … and if I was you I wouldn't want to spoil that reputation by gettin' all hotheaded. I'll be talking to you later.»

    He turned on his heel and strolled through the store in a leisurely manner as if they had discussed nothing more important than the weather. Ray stared after the retreating figure, his fists clenched unconsciously, until Blodgett passed through the front door. Then he reached for the bottle of whiskey, poured a double shot into his coke, tilted his head back and drank.

    He was thankful for the sound of the faltering piano notes that could be faintly heard from upstairs … Sally had a pupil … he could postpone giving her the news at least for a little while. Me didn't have to tell her at all today, of course, but he knew that he would. As much as he loved Sally, he wondered if it would have been better to wait a few years before marrying. A man had no business getting married before he was making a good income and could provide the things girls had come to expect. Why should Sally be penalized … not able to have a modern house with nice furniture and the latest appliances … or pretty new clothes? They'd never even had a real honeymoon, a thing which Ray bitterly regretted most of all. Because maybe their sex life would have gotten off to a better start if he had been able to take his inexperienced young bride to some romantic, relaxing spot for the first few nights. Instead of staying in some plush hotel or motel with a pool, they'd moved directly into a grubby little campus apartment that was as bad as the one they lived in now. Her folks had been very upset … they'd wanted the couple to wait at least until graduation … they hadn't given Sally any presents or any financial help at all except paying her college fees for the rest of the year. No, they hadn't wanted their daughter to throw herself away on some no-account southerner!

    It seemed ironic now that the quality about Sally which had first attracted him to her was a sort of coolness about her … something that said «don't touch me.» He was sure that Sally was one of the very few virgins on the campus, which had indeed proved to be the case. Fiercely proud as he was, it was important to Ray that his wife should be a woman whom no other man besides himself had ever possessed … or ever would possess!

    Once they were married, though, he had looked for a change in her standoffish attitude. He knew she loved him and had been eager to marry as soon as possible. He had mistakenly believed she was just as eager for the physical side of marriage, but from the first night, sex had been a fiasco … his bride seemed to turn into a lump of ice under him. Maybe it took more time than he'd realized, especially for a girl brought up in a very conventional manner as Sally had been.

    Absently, he carried the empty cola cups out to the soda fountain. The girl reached out to take them, tossing the paper liners into the trash can and stacking the gleaming metal bases expertly on a shelf. «Something else for you, Mr. Denham?» she inquired solicitously, her made-up dark eyes bright with curiosity. No doubt she'd overheard the row with John Blodgett.

    «Uh, no … thanks,» he stared at her. God, he couldn't even remember the little tart's name; she was new … long black hair fixed into an elaborately artificial set and a long slender body that seemed far too mature for her sixteen or so years. Ray ran his suddenly dry tongue around his mouth … it must be the whiskey … sweet little ass, Blodgett had said … Christ, it was a beautiful ass, perfectly outlined by the electrically clinging nylon fabric … and all at once he found himself wondering what it would be like to rip the skimpy uniform off the girl … spread her legs out.

    Drops of sweat beaded on Ray's brow. Yes, how would it feel to ram his cock into that soft little belly? Christ, he groaned inwardly, how could he think of such things when he had a beautiful young wife upstairs at this very moment? He hadn't so much as looked at another girl since he married Sally.

    Yet as he stood there in confusion, he was uncomfortably aware that his cock had in mere seconds responded to his lewd thoughts about the soda fountain waitress and it was now lying heavily against his stomach, fully erect. Turning hastily, he retreated to the prescription department. God, what would happen to his «good name» in this town if he started making passes at his clerks? As he sat there staring blankly at the forgotten list for the wholesale house, Miss Minnie suddenly entered the little cubicle, her face flushed with excitement.

    «Mr. Denham!» she blurted, «he's going to sell the store, isn't he?»

    «I -« obviously she knew something was up, so why evade her question? «That's what he's talking about, yes.»

    «I knew it! I knew the other day that something was wrong. Mr. Blodgett brought some men from Memphis in, they was going all over everything … asking questions.»

    «When was that?» Ray inquired.

    «Well, you weren't here. Must have been the day you were in the city. See, he made sure to bring 'em when you wouldn't be around!»

    «Look,» Ray said, «I'm sure it's as much of a shock to you as it is to me, Miss Minnie. More, because you've worked here a lot longer than I have. But I don't think you have anything to worry about. Whoever the -

    – the new owner is, he'll need employees, and there's no one who knows the store like you do.»

    «Mmmm … and what about you, Mr. Denham?»

    He shrugged unhappily. «I don't know. We'll just have to see. If I can't get at least part ownership, then I don't want to work for someone else. I can do that anywhere, for a hell of a lot more money!

    When Ray came upstairs that night, a half hour after closing time, Sally sensed immediately that something was wrong. It was in the defeated slump of his shoulders and the bleak gloominess of his face. But she said nothing, waiting for him to tell her about it. She had fixed him a good dinner for the hot weather … cold sliced ham, snap beans, macaroni salad and cornbread. Sally was proud that she was learning to cook in the southern way.

    But her husband only picked at the tempting food she loaded on his plate, and halfway through the tense meal he suddenly laid his fork down and announced to her, «Blodgett's selling the drugstore – to a discount chain.»

    «W-what?» Sally stammered, her heart plummeting. «But he can't do that, Ray! Where did you hear it?»

    When he told her she kept on shaking her head in disbelief, «I just can't understand how he could do such a thing.» She pushed her chair back abruptly and came around to her husband's side, taking him in her arms and holding him protectively against her warm body as if she were comforting a child, «Don't you care, Ray!» she said fiercely. «Don't you worry about it for one minute. Oooh, I never trusted him – that smooth-talking old hypocrite!»

    She meant to soften the blow, to bolster his crushed feelings. Unfortunately, her action and choice of words only brought home to Ray more strongly his feeling of failure. The husband should be the one to comfort the wife and shield her from life's harsh realities – not the other way around. And then to rub salt in his wounds she had to say that she had seen through John Blodgett all the time whereas he had been taken in by the glowing promises.

    In fact, Sally's thoughts were racing rapidly into the future … her only sorrow was for Ray. Why, it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened, after all. They had money in the bank … now they could leave Quiggville and make a whole new start somewhere else … somewhere more lively and stimulating. But one glimpse at the desperately unhappy face of her husband sent these hopeful thoughts crashing into limbo. Ray had to make it here, he had to prove himself in exactly the way that he had set out to do.

    «Darling,» she said gently, «maybe we can buy the store. I mean how do we know unless we try? It is a lot of money, but everyone here knows you … Mr. Quigg at the bank is John Blodgett's brother-in-law, you know. I'm sure he'd consider loaning you the money … Mr. Blodgett could talk to him … why, everyone in town likes you!»

    «That isn't exactly security for fifty thousand bucks,» he pointed out grimly. «But … you're right, I guess. It won't do any harm to ask – we've got to know where we stand.»

    Ray did not fall asleep easily that night, but Sally lay awake long after he finally dropped off. It seemed that the crisis had awakened all her instincts … she was prepared to fight for her man, to do anything to insure that he got what he wanted. She believed she had an idea … although she'd never been able to bring herself to completely trust Mr. Blodgett, she must admit that his manner toward her had always been extremely courteous and friendly. In fact, he had treated her with real old-fashioned southern politeness and had been very solicitous about whether she was happily settled in Quiggville and liked his community.

    Somehow she felt that … well, that she might have more influence with him than Ray would. Ray was apt to get hotheaded, as he admitted he had this afternoon. If only he hadn't really alienated John Blodgett, perhaps she could persuade him to change his mind about selling out, or at the very least enlist his aid in getting them a loan. He would not be so bluntly business-like with a woman, she felt, and she did not mind begging for Ray's sake. Yes, she must manage to see John Blodgett alone, and without Ray's knowledge of the meeting. God, Ray would kill her if he even guessed what she was thinking!

    * * * * *

    Arranging to see her husband's boss was not so easy, however, Sally Denham found. He did maintain an office over the bank, but it was a sort of dummy office. There was no secretary and you could never tell when Blodgett himself would be there. Sally took to watching the square from her front windows for a glimpse of the tobacco-colored station wagon that he drove.

    Meanwhile she tried to persuade Ray that it would not do to present their case too hastily at the bank, they must be organized with all the figures on the store's volume of business, show that Ray was a capable administrator. Her poor darling had been going around like a zombie ever since that day he found out about the sale of the store. She just couldn't understand why it meant so much to him … after all, he was a young man, only twenty-six … how could anyone be a failure at twenty- six? She supposed it had something to do with being poor as a child … wanting something other than farming …no doubt the business people with whom Ray's family had to deal, and beg credit from, had seemed to a child like the very pillars of the economy or something. Her own father, a moderately successful salesman, had never worried about working for others, but Ray had this craving, this obsession, to be his own boss.

    On Friday afternoon before the Labor Day weekend she at last saw the brown station wagon parked opposite the bank and knew that here was her opportunity. At first she thought of telephoning to ask for an appointment, but she nervously dropped the phone back on the cradle after dialing three numbers. She hurried into the bedroom, unzipping her dress as she walked, and let it fall to the floor. She selected a sheer pale yellow dress that seemed ladylike and fresh, though a trifle short. Then she released her long ash-brown hair from its pony tail and hastily brushed it down over her shoulders. She realized that this made her look younger … perhaps, she thought, surveying herself in the mirror, she had gotten a trifle heavier since marriage, although it certainly had not harmed her looks. It only made the dress cling faithfully to every curving high-point of her figure. On the hanger it had seemed so demure and simple, but now when it was stretched over her high thrusting breasts and caressing her soft fluid hipline, the dress was almost blatantly sexy. It would do nicely, she thought, for the purpose of charming John Blodgett onto their side. She hastily buckled on white sandals, dabbed a touch of lipstick on her small, prettily curved mouth and picked up her purse.

    She hurried down the stairs and out of their private entrance which fortunately did not open into the drugstore. God, it was hot … she would be perspiring before she had crossed the square! One of the things Sally disliked about Quiggville was that everyone knew your business, since everyone's business was transacted on the square – bank, doctor's office, finance company or whatever. Hopefully she would not be observed entering the side door that led to the rooms over the bank, although of course she had a perfect right to go there if she wished. She reached the entrance without meeting anyone she knew and let herself into the gloomy hallway. The sagging old oiled wood stairs creaked beneath her light tread.

    John Blodgett's office door stood open. Evidently he had been looking for something, as his desk was strewn with papers. As Sally reached his doorway he looked up, face blank for only a second. Then he smiled in welcome.

    «Why, hi there, Miz Denham! You doin' all right?»

    «Fine, thank you,» she acknowledged, all her courage abruptly deserting her.

    «Well, just come right in. You, uh, lookin' for me?»

    «Yes, if you're not busy, I would like to talk with you for a few minutes.» As she moved toward the chair he indicated, Sally nearly tripped over a big black and tan German shepherd that had been completely concealed by the desk. «Oh!» she exclaimed nervously, and the animal raised its head and regarded her alertly although not otherwise moving from its reclining position.

    «That's just Duke,» Blodgett chuckled. «You 'fraid of dogs, Miz Denham?»

    «N-no, I love dogs,» she laughed self-consciously. «He startled me, that's all.» She reached down to stroke the dog's glossy head. She had seen the magnificent animal before, usually looking out the rear window of the station wagon. Sally crossed her shapely bare legs and folded her hands demurely in her lap, looking directly into the ruddy, handsome face of her husband's boss.

    «Mr. Blodgett, Ray – Ray and I are very disappointed about your decision to sell the drugstore. That's what I want to talk to you about. Ray doesn't know that I'm here … it was entirely my own idea to come … s-so I hope you won't say anything to him about it.»

    «Well, now, is that a good idea, for a nice little wife to keep secrets from her husband?» he drawled, but from his understanding smile Sally knew he was only teasing her. In fact, his easy-going informality was putting her more and more at ease, so she plunged on.

    «No, of course it isn't, but I guess wives have always interfered a little bit … when they thought it was necessary. You see, I understand my husband so much better than anyone else does. He's very proud – too proud to come right out and tell you how much he wants to own that drugstore, or at least be a partner. I'm sure you know that's why we decided to come here in the first place,» she made this last remark rather pointed and then looked up anxiously to see whether it had offended him. Apparently not, for he was still smiling in a kindly way. He seemed to be staring at her legs and she shifted her position a bit in the chair and tugged her skirt down before continuing, «Ray is going to ask the bank for a loan, to buy you out. I-I'm sure that your… your help, your recommendation would be very, uh, persuasive to the people at the bank. I believe you're related to the bank president?»

    «Brother-in-law,» John Blodgett said, nodding, «Lee Quigg is my wife's twin.»

    «Oh, really – twins? I didn't know that.»

    «'Course that doesn't mean I can tell him how to run his bank,» the big man pointed out, «but like you say, my opinion does carry a little weight.»

    «I'm sure it carries a great deal of weight,» Sally said warmly, «that's why I came to you. And also, of course, because I feel that I know you … a little, at least. I couldn't have gone to Mr. Quigg, for instance, with such a request. Will you help us, Mr. Blodgett?» Her gray eyes rested pleadingly on his face and she sat forward slightly in her chair, the movement deepening the dark shadowed cleft between her large breasts. Blodgett's gaze flicked downward and rested on those twin mounds that were quivering noticeably from her nervousness. God damn, he thought, but the girl had a pair of beauties! He could hardly believe that Ray Denham's snotty New England wife was actually sitting here in his office at this moment asking him for a favor. He had always dismissed her as unattainable, no matter how attractive. Now, a bold plan was rapidly taking shape in his devious, cunning mind.

    «Look, Miz Denham – may I call you Sally?» She nodded breathlessly. «I want to help you, Sally. I sure-to-God do!» his husky southern voice oozed sincerity, «and maybe there just might be something I can do. But don't go gettin' your hopes up too high. We all of us business people in this town would like to see Ray running the store. After all, he's a Tennessean … practically a local boy. But these aren't the best of times, I guess you know that, and there's certain rules any bank has to be guided by in making loans. If you start bending those rules too much out of shape then the bank's in trouble.»

    «Perhaps,» she said timidly, «if you feel there's no chance of our getting the loan, you'll reconsider selling and go back to the partnership plan?»

    He smiled sadly. «I'm afraid my doctor would have something to say about that, and Lauralee wouldn't be too happy either. Now if you and I were going to be the partners, that might be different.»

    Sally was at first annoyed that he would joke about a matter which was so very serious to her. She looked at him rather severely and he stared back at her with a direct, disturbing gaze. Good heavens, he couldn't be … he wasn't suggesting … no, she could only treat it as a pleasantry, an inept one. So she smiled at him innocently.

    She had never really had the opportunity to study John Blodgett before at close range. He certainly did not look to be in poor health, nor old enough to retire. Although streaked with gray, his hair was as thick as Ray's and worn modish sideburns. He was a large man and undeniably a handsome one and his oddly compelling gaze was raking her from head to toe! Sally felt the first prickle of discomfort, and feared that he had misunderstood her intentions in coming here. She had hoped of course to take advantage of her feminine position, but not … not by demeaning herself!

    «Is there anything you can do for us? Have you any advice?» she asked, growing more uneasy every second that his now frankly lecherous eyes devoured her body. He smiled in answer, slowly and confidently.

    «There might be, Sally,» he paused to let his words sink in. «There just might be. Tell me – what ever made a northern gal like you marry a no-account like Ray Denham?»

    «What do you mean, no-account?» she blazed, getting angrily to her feet, I love Ray!» The dog, Duke, stirred and lifted his head again. «Why, there's not another man in this stupid little town who's got one- tenth of Ray's brains and ambition!»

    «Oh, I know all that,» he answered mildly, «but he hasn't got any money, any family, any backing. You should have married a man with some position in the world.»

    «Don't underestimate us, Mr. Blodgett,» she said icily, «Ray will have position some day, and I'll fight to help him get it.»

    «Uh-huh. And just how far are you willing to go, honey, to help your husband?»

    «Wh-what do you mean?» her pretty face wrinkled into a frown as she tried to fathom the depths of his mind.

    «Simple. I've got something you need – influence. And you've got something I could use. Yes sir, something I could make very good use of,» his even white teeth flashed at her. «You're a regular little spitfire, but I admire a woman with guts – specially when she comes all tied up in a pretty package like you do.»

    «I'm afraid I don't understand you,» Sally said coldly, beginning to move around the desk with her eye on the door. But her heart was plummeting. God, had she ruined everything?

    «Let me make it crystal clear, then,» Blodgett stood up, too. He turned around and closed the door, than faced the trembling young wife. «I like you. And after we got to know each other better, I think you'd like me. As for that husband of yours, I didn't like the way he shot his mouth off the other day and if I do anything to help him get the store it will only be because of his pretty little wife and how nice she is to me.»

    Sally had reached the door but found her path blocked by Blodgett's sturdy figure. Her heart was pounding wildly and her beautiful face was flushed with embarrassment and anger. «Let me pass,» she snapped, «I can see I've only wasted my time in coming here!»

    He reached out and seized her, drawing the full length of her body tightly against his and holding her there, immovable. Gasping with shock, she beat ineffectually at his chest with her little fists, meanwhile feeling his belt buckle digging into her flesh just under her breasts and further down, something hard that poked into her stomach and could only be … oh, God! She was enveloped in the pleasant spicy smell of his shaving lotion as he forced her face upward to meet his. His open mouth enclosed her small lips and his powerful tongue inserted itself between her clenched teeth … pushing … pushing into her throat. With a muffled, strangling cry and with all her strength Sally succeeded in twisting away, ducking her head out of the reach of his lewdly thrusting tongue. At the same time she freed her right hand and slapped him just as hard as she could, so that her palm smarted from the impact.

    «Ow!» he exclaimed. «Why, you little hellcat!» Instead of being angry, however, he was smiling … laughing down at her as though it was a huge joke. «You'll pay me for that, in spades,» he promised, rubbing his reddened cheek. Behind Sally the dog, Duke, suddenly let out a sharp bark and she started with fright and surprise.

    «Down, boy – stay,» John Blodgett commanded calmly, grinning wryly at the terrorized girl. «You're damn lucky Duke didn't take a nip at your ass … he didn't know if we were playing or it was for real. I surely would hate to see anything happen to that cute little tail of yours!» He was still holding her loosely and they were both breathing heavily. «I want to see you … very soon … your place?»

    «You're crazy!» she sputtered. «I never want to see you again … after this outrageous … this …» she couldn't find words to express her contempt for his behavior, «you just wait 'til I tell my husband about this!»

    «If you want me to help you, those are the terms. Just call me when you're ready, Sally. Your place, or we can go to a motel … personally, I think your apartment is safer, but that's up to you.»

    «You … are … insane,» she hissed, «I have no intention of meeting you anywhere. What you are suggesting is unthinkable – you're married

    – I'm married. And even if I weren't, the very idea would disgust me!»

    «Oh, but you wouldn't find the experience disgusting, honey. I can promise you that you'll love it.» His big hands began to move and before she had realized it Sally felt her right breast cupped by his widespread fingers, and reacted as though she had received an electric shock. She struck his arms down and reached for the doorknob, her eyes blinded by hot tears of rage. He caught her around the waist as she jerked the door open and passed his offending hand gently over the rounded swell of her buttocks, whispering hoarsely, «And remember this, Sally, if I don't hear from you, then you can be sure Ray won't get the loan!»

    She fled at a dangerous speed down the old staircase, stopping in the hallway below only long enough to compose herself sufficiently to step out onto the sidewalk. The sunlight was blinding, the air oppressively still and hot as she made her way back across the square, defeated. John Blodgett! She still could not believe it … John Blodgett, one of the most important men in town … he and his wife right at the head of the Quiggville social circuit … respected, admired. Ha! And he had dared to kiss her, in the most repulsive way, a suggestive tongue kiss … touched her breast … asked her to meet him! It was the greatest shock of her young life. The old lecher, yes, twice her age … oh, he hadn't come right out and said it in so many words, what he wanted … hadn't put a name to it. God help her, what had she done? And all she'd wanted was to help her adored Ray!

    Sally reached the security of her own door, unlocked it with fumbling fingers and ran upstairs. She threw herself on the bed, still shaking and quivering although no tears came. She wanted to cry but could not. She was frightened.

    From his dusty window John Blodgett had observed her progress every step of the way. God damn, he chuckled, look at that little ass sway … she sure is fit to be tied! Look at those legs … gal's got legs like a racehorse … Jesus, I bet she can pump those legs in the sack, too. Little hellcat! He saw with satisfaction that Sally did not enter the drugstore, but went directly to the house entrance. No, she wouldn't be in a hurry to tell Ray about it … it was a hundred-to-one shot that she would tell her husband at all. Because the first thing he'd say would be what were you doing in his office? And Sally was smart enough to figure that out. Let it lay for a few days, just as it was. If the snotty little bitch was so crazy about her farmer of a husband, she'd be around. Yes sir, all he had to do was let it lay.

    Still smiling, Blodgett reached down and patted Duke's furry head. Liked her, didn't you, boy? We might just get ourselves a piece of that, Duke, how about it? Been a while since we had any strange cunt, hasn't it? He seated himself at the big old-fashioned desk again and resumed going through his papers. There was a lot of work to be straightened out before he left for Florida.

    Every few minutes he would stop, however, and smile thoughtfully to himself at the way things were working out, falling into place. He had been trying for several seasons now to get Lauralee to move to Florida for the whole winter. She had proved stubborn on this point and so he had hit on the idea of saying the Doc wanted him to slow down. Actually, Doc's warning had been nowhere near as dire as he went around telling everyone. His blood pressure was up a little … he should eat less, drink less whiskey, quit smoking. As far as retiring, John Blodgett hadn't worked an honest day for years anyway, and why should he? If a man had some brains and used them, others would do the work and he could sit back and count the money. Take Ray Denham, now, he would work hard, save all his money, and someday he might own a crummy drugstore! Well, if that was his version of the American Dream, let him go after it.

    He had been just as poor as Ray at the same age, and look at where he was now. Of course, the Blodgetts hadn't been hillbilly farmers, they were real old southern quality and that still counted for something in Quiggville. If he hadn't come from a good family, Lauralee's grandmother probably would have had their marriage annulled. She'd been only sixteen while he was twenty-four.

    That was the year after the war was over, and he'd just got out of the army and had come home to Quiggville to draw his veteran's unemployment benefits while he looked around for something to do. The Quigg twins, Lee and Lauralee, had been children when he went away … now they were seniors in high school and most of the town gossip revolved around the twins. Parents dead and being raised by their grandmother, a fool if there ever was one. Set out to make Lauralee a southern belle who would have done credit to the Civil War days – innocent, ladylike, sheltered

    – and naturally the girl had rebelled and turned out just the opposite. Wild! Smoking at thirteen, using words nobody could figure out where she'd learned, and from the age of about fourteen on, putting out to anything in pants. Lee, the boy, wasn't half as bad as his sister but they were both hellions. They were both spoiled rotten and when they turned sixteen that spring, Grandma had to rack her brains to come up with presents they didn't already have. She bought Lee a convertible and promised Lauralee a trip to Europe. But the girl didn't want to go to Europe, especially since she had to wait until graduation and then go along with Grandma. When her twin got a car, Lauralee was furious. Somewhere she picked up the basics of driving and was soon sneaking out in Lee's new car whenever she got the chance.

    That Saturday night, John Blodgett had just come out of the theater and was standing at the curb. Quiggville's only traffic light turned red and he had started across the street when there was a squeal of brakes and a yellow fender dipped to a stop only inches from him. He started to swear, looked up, and the words died …

    «Hi, John,» Lauralee said. «I'm sorry if I scared you,» she giggled. «It'd be awful to go through the war and then get killed right here on the square, wouldn't it?» She was staring at him with undisguised admiration … he was wearing his tropical-weight uniform and the pocket was crowded with his battle ribbons. The two of them were suddenly a pair of animals, sniffing at the warm flower-perfumed night air in search of excitement. «Can I give you a ride someplace?» her little red lips parted expectantly.

    He got into the car beside her, conscious even then that this might be a momentous evening although he did not know that it was going to change the whole course of his life.

    Everything he had heard about Lauralee turned out to be true, and then some. He couldn't believe she was only sixteen, no teenager could possibly acquire the knowledge that was packed into her lithe, hundred- pound body! They had gone directly to a roadhouse a few miles out of town, where Lauralee insisted on having beer. Evidently she'd also had something to drink before picking him up … she was not drunk, but pretty high. They sat side by side in a booth and suddenly he felt her warm hand on his thigh, moving purposefully upward until it stopped in the «vee» of his legs, cupping his balls. Jesus H. Christ! He nearly choked on his beer as he felt her fingers working down there at his loins … did she know what she was doing to him? A glance at her face with its wicked little cat-like smile told him that she did. She leaned over and put her lips against his left ear. «Ooooh, Johnny, have you got a big cock?»

    He couldn't have answered her, his heart was beating clear up in his throat like a hammer. So he put his hand down over hers and drew her fingers upward. By God, his cock felt like it was bigger than it ever had been or was ever going to be again … it was throbbing like crazy and ramming against his pants like it was trying to get free … and into her hot little pussy.

    «Oh, Lord,» she squealed as her hand closed over him, «it is big, Johnny! Now, what are we going to do about that?»

    «It's your fault,» he told her, «I guess you better figure it out.»

    «You mean you don't kn-o-o-w?» she drawled in a teasing voice, squeezing his penis and massaging it up and down until he thought he'd go off right there and then.

    «You little cock-tease!» he growled, shoving his hand between her legs. Her thighs were smooth and warm and they clamped together over his invading hand, then very gradually opened to allow him to push farther up the forbidden split until his fingers encountered her panties. Blodgett remembered feeling that maybe somebody ought to pinch him and wake him up … this had to be a dream, sitting here with the Lauralee Quigg … feeling each other up in full view of anyone who wanted to look and be God-damned if he could tell which of the two of them was the hottest. Lauralee's eyes had a glazed look and she was breathing fast and jerky … «Shall we get out of here?» he whispered.

    «Yes!» she wiggled away from his obscenely probing fingers just as they slid under the tight elastic legband of her pants. She stood up and he had hastily thrown some money on the table and followed her. Lauralee had insisted on driving, but instead of taking to the highway she simply drove behind the roadhouse, right into a field. He thought the car would hang up in the soft earth, but she spun it under a big tree and right there is where they did it. He had wanted to put the top up in the convertible but Lauralee was too eager to wait … he smiled faintly, recalling that zippers were new in those days and the pants of his uniform had a button fly. Lauralee had the buttons undone in seconds, and she took his aching cock out.

    «Oh, Johnny!» her voice was awed, «it is big. Lord, I never saw one like that … you'll kill me with it!» and she had bent over him, her long golden hair falling over his genitals, brushing against his heavily loaded balls while she kissed the tip of his penis and then ran her little pink tongue all around it like she was licking an ice cream cone. Groaning with his desire to get into this incredible little witch, he tore at her dress … pulling it down to expose her youthful breasts with their high, pointed contours and virginal tiny nipples. Then he pushed her skirt up until her clothing was all bunched around her waist and the lower half of her sensuous body was exposed too, the brief panties starkly white against her slim tanned legs. Lauralee released his swollen rod from her warm wet mouth and scuttled backward on the car seat to a reclining position, her legs raised. Panting, almost sobbing, she helped him pull the panties off.

    «Christ, Lauralee, you're beautiful!» he exclaimed huskily as he stared down hungrily at her nakedly exposed pussy. The pink cuntal slit nestled, almost concealed, beneath her short curling golden pubic hair. «Oh, hurry, hurry,» she was begging him, «I'm so hot I can't stand it!» and she took his lust-swollen cock in her hands and guided it toward her tiny cunt-hole. She had whimpered when he burst through the tight muscular ring, but had quickly become use to the bulk of him inside her and he had been too aroused by her wanton eagerness to exercise any caution or restraint. He had fucked Lauralee Quigg mercilessly, as if she had been a common whore and, God, she had loved it. Sixteen years old! He could have gone to jail for the things he did to her that night in the car … well, if it came to that he reckoned he could have gone to jail for a lot of things he'd done in his life. John Blodgett grinned humorously.

    It had been very late when they had finally satiated each other and got their clothes straightened. Again, she had wanted to drive and he figured she was sober enough, although still a rotten driver. They were coming into the outskirts of town, down in the colored section, when it happened.

    The streets were quite deserted, so that the last thing they expected was a white figure looming up suddenly in the headlights. Lauralee had jerked the wheel, but the right fender had hit the white object. The impact was so slight … yet it hurled the figure several yards ahead and it crumpled against the curb. Lauralee kept on going, gripping the steering wheel tightly.

    «What was it?» she cried.

    He had tried to get her to stop, to go back. «I think it was a woman … a colored woman.» She just kept on driving.

    «S-she stepped out in the road! You saw her, Johnny! I-I haven't got a driver's license.»

    Luckily for both of them, he had kept his head. He told her again to stop and then he got behind the wheel. They did not go back to see about the woman, instead he went to his home and put the car in his vacant garage, his mother hadn't had an auto since the war. There was only a small dent in the fender, but to be sure he got several buckets of water and washed that side of the car very carefully. Then he drove Lauralee home. When they turned in between the brick gateposts at the entrance to the Quigg farm, John Blodgett deliberately scraped the right fender, crumpling it slightly and leaving yellow paint on the bricks. He explained to Lauralee that this was necessary to explain the damage, and that he would pay to have the car repaired.

    It turned out that the victim was an aged colored woman with no relatives, and so not too much fuss was ever made about finding the hit-and-run driver. The state police did check on cars that required body work after the date of the accident, but readily accepted the explanation of the damage to Lee Quigg's convertible. And the following week, on the night of Lauralee's graduation from high school, she and John Blodgett eloped to Mississippi and were married.

    The marriage had worked out well. Perhaps Lauralee's grandmother had seen that Blodgett was a strong enough man to handle her wayward granddaughter as well as guide Lee Quigg in running the various family enterprises. He had insisted that as his wife, Lauralee should conduct her sexual affairs with more discretion although he was aware that a woman with her insatiable appetites could not remain faithful to any one man. Well, he had his own appetites, by God, and he hadn't done too badly over the years either! If theirs had been the conventional marriage it would never have lasted, but he was smart enough to see that Lauralee was like a horse with the bit in its teeth – let her have her head and run, and she would come right back to the stable when the fun was over. No, he would never divorce her – for one thing, the Quigg family holdings were the base that lay under the considerable fortune Blodgett had built up – the real estate, the bank and the saw mill all contributed handsomely. The drugstore was only something he had bought up cheap, on a whim, mainly to get the building. He had no real interest in it and would be glad to see it go, once it had provided the cash for the sea-front apartment in Florida.

    Whistling cheerfully, he selected the papers he wanted and placed them in his briefcase. Then he locked the others away in the desk and snapped his fingers at Duke. The well-trained animal rose immediately and padded silently out of the office with his master.

    Blodgett entered the bank, nodding and speaking to various patrons as he made his way to the rear and walked directly into his brother-in- law's office without announcing himself. The room was far more sumptuously furnished than Blodgett's dusty office upstairs, so that anyone who did not know better might suppose that Lee Quigg was the more important of the two men. However, in his dealings, it suited the crafty Blodgett to retain his poor-boy-makes-good image – the local people trusted him because it seemed like he was really one of them. He seated himself on the massive brocaded couch and drew up a silver ashtray. «Hi, Lee. You doin' all right?»

    «Can't complain,» his brother-in-law said mildly, swiveling his leather armchair around to face Blodgett, who wasted no time in getting to the point.

    «Ray Denham is gonna be over here one of these days to see you about a loan – he wants to buy the store, only he hasn't got any money.»

    «Well, are you selling to him?»

    «Hell, no, you know that other deal is all wrapped up. But here's what I want you to do – stall him. Tell him all the usual … the Board has to approve all the loans … just stall him for a while, be nice to him.»

    Quigg went to the concealed mahogany bar and made them each a drink. Handing one glass to John Blodgett, he said, «Can I ask why? Why don't you tell him right off that it's no deal? Ray isn't a bad guy, John.»

    «That wife of his isn't bad, either,» Blodgett remarked with a low chuckle. «How would you like to get in there, Lee? You want to throw a good fuck into that stuck-up bitch, Sally Denham?»

    Lee Quigg's thin, nervous face quickened with anticipation. «What you talkin' about, John? She wouldn't give either one of us the time of day.»

    «Like to put a little money on that?» the older man was an inveterate bettor, but as his wife's twin knew, Blodgett didn't bet unless the odds were heavily loaded in his favor … but Sally Denham? The piano teacher? This time he was overreaching. Blodgett saw the doubt and indecision of Lee's expression. «Five'll get you ten,» he prompted, «that I can lay her … and after I get her reamed out good, she's all yours!» He leaned back and sipped his bourbon, smiling.

    Chapter 2

    The next time Sally Denham looked from her front window, the brown station wagon was gone from its parking spot and she breathed a little sigh of relief for that. She hoped she wouldn't ever have to face her husband's boss again, that they could leave Quiggville without this being necessary. They would be leaving, she felt sure now … because of course what John Blodgett had suggested was impossible. Even if she could somehow force herself to go through with it, Ray would never want to obtain the store under such conditions … would he? The sad thing was that while she already knew now that their case was hopeless beyond

    any doubt, Ray still dared to think he might get the loan, after all! ;

    In fact he spent most of the Labor Day weekend working on his presentation for Mr. Quigg. He was going to the bank on Tuesday morning and Sally became increasingly nervous as he talked to her about it. Yes, she nodded, it was a good time … the first day of school … fall at last in the air, a new season … a perfect psychological moment.

    «For God's sake, pay attention!» Ray snapped at her suddenly, and she jumped. Hadn't she been paying attention? «You don't want to stay here at all, do you?» he continued accusingly. «You don't like Tennessee – you want to move to a city – why don't you come right out and say so?»

    «Oh, no,» she said, seating herself in her husband's lap, «I do want to stay here, darling. All our plans … and there's our lot in Hickory Acres … I want exactly what you do. I-it's just that I'm afraid you'll be so disappointed if -« she broke off, tears in her lovely gray eyes.

    «I'm sorry, honey,» he groaned, «I'm trying to take out my own doubts and frustrations on you. Sometimes I even wonder if we should have got married at all … your parents were right you know, you could have done a lot better.»

    «Ray Denham, you stop that silly talk! I could never in this world have done any better. I love you.»

    They clung to each other wordlessly, but even as their lips were meeting the inevitable question was drumming through Sally's brain, what should I do? Suppose that she did let John Blodgett come here … that she permitted him to make love to her … it was only a half-hour or so out of a lifetime, and then he would be committed to keep his promise because once they had done it they were equally guilty and she could tell his wife. Innocently, Sally believed that Lauralee must be the reason for driving John Blodgett to proposition another woman. His wife was beautiful and aristocratic, but perhaps there was something lacking sexually. Only why did he want her, then, when she couldn't even satisfy Ray, her own husband! No, she couldn't go through with it, not even for Ray's sake. Just the idea of it turned her stomach … another man, inside her … no, no, no.

    Ray went to the bank and was well received by Lee Quigg, who immediately passed the news on to Blodgett after the visit. Ray was told the loan would be taken under consideration, although Quigg looked rather grave when Ray admitted his only assets were $2800 in his savings account.

    «What about your folks?» Lee questioned, «haven't any of 'em got some property or something they could put up for you?»

    «The only property my folks have already has a mortgage on it,» Ray admitted. «Everybody's not rich like your family, you know.»

    «Well, I want you to know that I'm going to do the best I can for you, Ray,» Quigg said, shaking hands. «I'll be in touch with you.» He ushered Ray to the door of his luxurious office as if he were the bank's most valued depositor and the gesture made the young pharmacist feel somewhat better about his prospects … not knowing, of course, that his wife's assets – namely, her appealing young body – were going to be the deciding factor.

    And so they waited to hear from the bank, with both Ray and Sally growing more edgy every day. John Blodgett was disappointed that he had not heard from the young Mrs. Denham, maybe she was going to be tougher than he had figured. God damn, he did hate to lose a bet!

    Lee Quigg was pestering him about it every day. «I have to tell him something soon, John. What do you want me to do?» It looked like a little push was needed to get things moving in the right direction again and so he instructed his brother-in-law to stall just a few more days and in the meantime to invite the Denhams to the party that was being given at the Country Club on Saturday night. Although they were not leaving for Florida for at least another month, the party was in the nature of a going away affair for John and Lauralee. Accordingly, Lee telephoned Ray at the drug store and gave him the invitation and Ray took it to be a good sign that he and his wife were being included.

    To his amazement, Sally did not share this enthusiasm. She did not even want to go, and they quarreled again before she abruptly gave in and agreed. Ray felt he would never understand his northern wife, particularly when she began to take great pains in getting ready for the party, getting her hair done and shortening an old long formal that she'd had in college into a cocktail dress. It was simply made of light green lace, sleeveless and with plunging necklines in both front and back, a great deal more sophisticated than the styles she usually wore.

    Quiggville was too small to support a country club, but many of the local people were active in the one at the county seat and for this evening, at least, Quiggville natives seemed to dominate the crowd so that the Denhams saw more familiar faces than they had expected. Several tables had been pushed together in one comer of the large main room and they were welcomed into a group that was already quite lively when they arrived at nine-thirty.

    Sally's eyes were drawn irresistably to the table where the Blodgetts sat. Oh, God, he'd seen her and was staring back! John Blodgett's light blue eyes ran all over her figure appraisingly. Then he nodded and raised his glass to her in a mock toast. Sally sat down, her cheeks blazing, and tried not to look again. Lee Quigg had seen her entrance, too, and he leaned over to whisper in his brother-in-law's ear, «Still think you can fuck her?» Blodgett smiled and made a little circle of his thumb and forefinger. Shortly afterward he got up and made his way to where the Denhams were sitting, greeted Ray effusively and asked Sally to dance. She got up stiffly and joined him.

    «You're lookin' mighty pretty tonight, Sally,» he commented, immediately pulling her close in an intimate dancing position. «All the local girls are jealous.»

    «I am a local girl,» she pointed out coldly.

    «Well, 'course you are, and I hope you stay one … but I forget that sometimes. You haven't been really initiated as a local girl yet,» he chuckled. «How come I haven't heard from you? I though we were going to get together.»

    «Mr. Blodgett, please,» Sally fought to retain her composure. «My husband is here, your wife is here – how can you go on that way?»

    «Why, honey, they don't know we aren't talking about the weather and the football game same as everybody else! Don't push away from me like that … I like to feel those tits of yours right up against me. First time I ever saw you, I noticed what a pair of beauties you had.»

    Sally stumbled and missed a step, but he held her so tightly that no one even noticed. She felt as though her whole body was dissolving in shame … good God, she had to go on dancing with him and listening to the flood of obscenity … she couldn't make a scene here!

    «Wait till I get you alone,» the husky voice went on, «and get your clothes off. I want to suck those tits … I bet they taste just like honey!» To her absolute horror, Sally found that the very shocking lewdness of his words was arousing her breasts, she could actually feel them swelling and the nipples stiffening, right through the filmy lace of her dress. In her entire life no one had ever spoken to her as he was doing, certainly not her husband, Ray! «And you got something else that's just like honey …»

    The music went on and on and the numb girl allowed herself to be guided along in the loathsome arms of John Blodgett, braced for whatever filthy thing was coming next. Her whole body tingled from the stunning surprise of hearing words she had seen only on lavatory walls and which could not help but arouse erotic thoughts in the most chaste girl by their very lewd suggestiveness.

    «When do I get into the honey pot, Sally? Come on, I've got something here I want to stick in your cunt … can you feel it?» he slid his hand down her back until it rested below her waist, and forcefully propelled her hips toward the lower part of his body. The rigid bulk of his penis seared into her stomach like a branding iron …

    «No!» she exclaimed, so loudly that nearby couples heard the exclamation and turned their heads curiously. Blodgett relaxed his grip and let his hand return to the proper position … he didn't want to go too far, she was a jumpy little bitch … just far enough so that she got the message loud and clear. He had by now worked her to the far end of the room from where their mates were sitting.

    «There's not much time left,» he warned her, «if you still want your husband to get the store. I would say, in fact, there's only a few days left. Shall we make an appointment?»

    «No,» she said dully, unable to think clearly for the emotions that were swirling through every raw nerve end of her body, «I-I can't. What you're asking is impossible. I have never – never been with another man besides my husband. Why won't you let me alone? Find someone else, please!»

    «Then I'll give you only a few more hours,» he said angrily. «You let me know your decision tonight, before you leave here.»

    «I told you no.»

    «I'll ask you just one more time,» he promised grimly.

    By the time he had returned her to her chair beside Ray, Sally was limp and drained of feeling. She had known they shouldn't come, when she heard it was a party for the Blodgetts, and now it was turning out to be a further nightmare. But Ray had not noticed a thing, he was actually enjoying himself, having a few drinks under his belt by now.

    Groping for reassurance, Sally reached over and put her hand timidly on Ray's knee. He turned to her, beaming at this unusual display of affection.

    «Here, honey, here's your drink. Maybe it's too weak now … the ice melted while you were dancing.»

    «No, it'll be fine,» she seized the glass gratefully and swallowed the pungent bourbon and cola mix. Ordinarily she did not care for hard liquor, but Sally sensed she was going to need something to get her through this evening. After the second drink she began to warm and relax slightly. John Blodgett stayed with his friends, and the younger crowd around her and Ray's table was quite enjoyable to be with. She loved to see Ray having a good time … it was the first evening in ages that he'd gotten out like this … probably the last time they would be with these local people, too. She supposed that when the new owners took over the drugstore, or before, her husband would start looking for another job. God, what if it should be another place like Quiggville, maybe worse? The thing was, she was at last beginning to feel some slight sense of belonging here and getting acquainted. If they owned the store … if they could build the house in Hickory Acres … it wouldn't be at all bad! They could join this country club and Ray would be able to play golf … she would take part in garden clubs or something.

    Someone else asked Sally to dance and when she returned to the table her third drink was waiting. She finished it, and later there was more … never had she had so much to drink in one night; she was probably in for a hangover in the morning, but at last she was really enjoying herself, having a good time! Much, much later they began drinking sentimental toasts to the Blodgetts and Lauralee Blodgett stood up and made a drunken, tearful speech about leaving Quiggville for the first time in her life, even though she would always keep her home here, «mah fam'ly place,» as she put it. She had to lean on her brother and her husband to keep from falling as she swayed gracefully back and forth and rambled on, liquor spilling from her glass to splash over her expensive dress.

    «She's plastered!» Sally whispered to Ray, shocked. He grinned at her.

    «Darling, she's usually plastered, from what I hear.»

    What a shame, Sally thought, such a beautiful woman and so well kept up. She has to be past forty, but her figure is still great … is it being married to that horrible man that makes her drink? When she finally ran out of words, Lauralee sat down abruptly – not in her own chair, but on her husband's lap. She flung her arms around him and kissed him in a passionate way that drew whistles from the onlookers and made Sally feel uncomfortable. Later Lauralee was circulating among the tables, kissing all the men and the women too and promising to write to everyone from Florida. When it was Ray's turn she rumpled his black hair and kissed him full on the lips in a provocative way that Sally excused only because of Lauralee's obvious condition. But when Ray asked her to dance … it was the last number … she found her own condition was not much better and was grateful to lean against her husband's tall form and let him pilot her over the dance floor. Suddenly she heard a well-remembered husky voice and found that Ray was disentangling her arms from his neck. John Blodgett had cut in on them!

    All the liquor she had consumed was racing through her blood, and Sally could not for the life of her remember … ah, yes, he wanted to ask her something. She let herself be pressed against his bulky frame, her stomach rubbing his, breasts mashed against his hard rib cage. His fingers played at the slit in the back of her dress where it was open nearly to the waist. He did not seem so repulsive now, he was quiet and not saying those awful things which had upset her before. His big hands were almost gentle … she must keep her wits, this was very important … very important to Ray. Darling Ray was so happy tonight, she must help him get the store so that they could go on living here and he would always be happy just as he was now!

    «Sally,» Blodgett's voice was calm, insistent, «I'll be at your place Monday. I'm damned if I could wait another day. I'll see that Ray has to go to Knoxville … don't worry about a thing, baby … nobody will know. Monday afternoon.»

    «I can't,» she shook her head, her words slurring slightly, «I can't do it to Ray!»

    «You're doing it for him, remember? I told you, I'll ask you one more time. This is it – shall I come on Monday?»

    «Oh, God,» the poor girl's head was spinning. What to say? What to do? She must help Ray. «Yes,» she breathed, «c-come on Monday.» Her head slumped forward wearily on his shoulder, eyes nearly closed. Her long brown hair, escaping from the careful hair styling of this afternoon, tumbled down her back. Over the brown curls, Blodgett saw his brother- in-law dancing toward him. The eyes of the two men met for an instant and Blodgett winked broadly.

    * * * * *

    Sally did not remember the ride home at all, or being undressed and put to bed by her husband. The next thing, she remembered, in fact, was waking on Sunday afternoon with a truly ghastly hangover. Ray seemed to think it was funny, but he took tender care of his wife, bringing her coffee, and ice to put on her throbbing head. That evening, when she had recovered sufficiently to sit in the living room, he teased her about getting high.

    «You were the life of the party, honey, dancing with everybody. Good thing I'm not the jealous type.»

    «Huh! I seem to remember Lauralee Blodgett slobbering all over you.»

    «Well, her old man made up for it … cut in on the very last dance. Oh, you were a big hit, Mrs. Denham.»

    Then she remembered it all and the walls seemed to fall in on her! He was coming here … Monday … tomorrow. She had made a cheap, back street rendezvous with her husband's boss, in her husband's own home. He couldn't hold her to it, she'd been drunk, and Sally had no intention of going through with her part of the lewd arrangement. «I've got something you need … and you've got something I can use.»

    As one often does, she simply refused to think about the unthinkable and blocked the whole thing off in a dark corner of her mind as though it might just go away by wishing. Her vital young body snapped back quickly from the effects of her overindulgence at the party, and on Monday morning she rose early and did the washing and ironing. Then she fixed Ray's lunch. He came upstairs promptly at twelve and ate hurriedly.

    «Honey, I've got to go to Knoxville this afternoon,» he said, munching the tossed salad she had prepared.

    «Knoxville? How come?» A cold chill gripped her.

    «Blodgett called … wants me to go to the wholesale house, and then he asked me to run a couple of personal errands for him – stuff for the farm. I'm leaving right away and I should get back by five, that way I can make up any prescriptions that come in.»

    «I could go with you,» she said. «Maybe see a movie or just look around the stores?»

    He frowned. «Don't you have a piano lesson?»

    «Oh, yes … of course, well,» she smiled bravely, «another time.»

    «Got to run,» he pushed his chair back, gave his wife a quick hug and kissed her. Sally watched the car drive away and then, moving like a robot she went to the telephone.

    «Mrs. Hearldson? This is Sally Denham. I wonder if Cynthia would mind switching her piano lesson to tomorrow afternoon? Is that convenient? Then I'll look for her after school tomorrow. Yes, goodbye.» She went into the living room and sat down to wait. Crazily, it occurred to her that maybe she ought to dress for the occasion. What did one wear, a negligee … black stockings with lace garters? Oh, God!

    Sally never drank in the daytime, but if ever in her life she needed a drink it was now and she went to the kitchen and fixed herself a stiff one. At one-thirty, when she was on her second drink, the doorbell rang … one short, sharp ring. She went down immediately and opened the door.

    The big German Shepherd bounded in ahead of his master and brushed against Sally's unsteady legs, tail wagging.

    «Hello, Sally,» John Blodgett said, «you doin' all right? You don't mind if Duke comes in … it's mighty hot for him to sit in the car?»

    «No, l-let him come in.» She was rather relieved to have the dog there, it seemed that she was not completely alone with Blodgett that way. Duke bounded up the stairs with Sally following and Blodgett behind her, his eyes fixed on the undulating spheres of her buttocks as they moved in rhythmic rotation under her dress. Jesus, he was going to enjoy this one. It had been a lot of trouble to set up, but he was almost home … in a matter of minutes he would be all the way home, fucking the hell out of that sweet little cunt. His cock was jumping already.

    She led the unwanted guest into the living room where the drapes had been closed against the mid-day sun and the radio played softly, masking the sounds of traffic below on the square. «Will you have a drink?» she asked formally, her hands twitching nervously.

    «Don't mind if I do – if you'll join me.» Her husband's boss eased his bulk onto the low couch, and she brought the drinks a few seconds later. The ice cubes rattled as she handed him his glass. When she turned to seat herself in a chair, Blodgett seized her by the wrist and pulled her down on the couch beside him.

    «Just relax,» he urged her gently. «What are you so scared of, Sally? The world ain't coming to an end.» Even at this point he knew she had to be handled carefully, the whole thing could still blow up in his face. But he had never failed to score with any woman he really set his sights on and be God damned if this prissy New England bitch was going to spoil his record. He circled her trembling shoulders with his arm, setting his drink on the coffee table, and tilted her pale face toward him. Sally's innocent gray eyes pleaded mutely for mercy as he pulled her closer and closer until their lips met with a galvanizing shock.

    It was a strange kiss, unlike any Ray had ever given her. John Blodgett seemed to be tasting her lips and mouth, licking lasciviously at her and transferring the distinctive flavor of bourbon from his lips to hers. Breathless at his aggression, Sally wriggled backwards against the cushions of the davenport. His large handsome face blotted out everything else from her vision.

    «You're a beauty,» he muttered, «and I've wanted you for a long time. Am I so repulsive, Sally? Why are you shrinking away from me like that?»

    She felt his hand come to rest on her tensely quivering stomach and the contact, felt right through her light cotton dress, sent a curious near thrill surging through her.

    «N-no,» she admitted, «you're not repulsive, Mr. Blodgett, but …»

    «John,» he corrected, moving his arm to encircle her small waist.

    «John. Please, I beg you.

    He cut off the words by completely engulfing her soft wet mouth again in his own lips, his tongue thrusting out lizard like to force its way between her teeth, and a wild shiver of emotion rippled through her. His big hands felt hot as they began to move over her.

    Oh, God, this was it! She continued to push and struggle against him but only for a moment until she realized the futility of it and simply let herself relax and her mouth fall open to the lewd probings of his tongue. Her entire body now slumped against him as his right hand found and covered her large uptilted breast.

    «Ooooh,» she moaned and he smiled confidently.

    «You're going to love it, honey,» he promised, his hands now moving faster in their thorough exploration of the hollows of her supple body while he continued to lap at her face with his rapacious tongue.

    Lord, she was alive all over with wanton sensation! Suddenly his mouth and hands roaming lewdly over her had set her on fire … Ray, oh, Ray, come back … I need you now! His hand was on her bare knee … traveling upward to her thigh … stroking the sensitive inner flesh of her thigh! Oh, God help her, she didn't mind it there … she was even liking it, actually craving the soft pressing warmth that was coming ever closer … closer.

    This was wrong … completely wrong! What was she thinking of, she mustn't let this man do these forbidden things to her. She knew she couldn't go through with it, it was too emotionally wracking … and she had to stop him now, before it was too late!

    Sally sat up straight, shoving against John Blodgett's broad chest in a futile effort to loosen his grip on her. «No, I can't,» she half sobbed, «I'm sorry … I know I let you think that I – but I simply can't go through with it. You may have no principles, but I have.»

    «Principles, hell!» he snorted at her. «Why, you conceited little bitch, you want to know what's wrong with you? You're scared to death that you're going to like gettin' fucked by Big John!»

    The helpless, demoralized young girl gasped, staring up into his steely blue eyes. The horrible part of it was that there might be a small grain of truth in his horrid suggestion … she had for a moment felt something stir inside her, a shiver of anticipation when his hand had rested between her legs.

    «An' you are gonna like it,» he murmured lazily, resuming his perusal of her quivering hot thighs. Slowly and gradually, while his hand slipped up and down the creamy soft flesh, he worked her backward until she lay stretched out beneath him on the davenport. He pushed his fingers far up between her fearfully quivering legs and gently rubbed against the flimsy nylon panties that protected her cringing pussy.

    «Please … John, no,» she groaned even as she flung her arms tight around his neck and let her soft wet mouth fall open to him even as her legs were opening wider and wider as the sensual torment of his hand instigated a rush of prurient emotion through her loins. She was aware that he was burrowing under the thin elastic legband of her panties and she whimpered in paralyzed distress.

    Then … dear God, he was inside …!

    His long thick finger was parting the moistly palpitating slit of her vagina and she tried to cringe away but there was no escape from the lewdly invading finger even though she scratched ineffectually at his massive shoulders and whined in disbelief that this could actually be happening to her … here in her own living room. The probing finger worked deeper and deeper inside her moistly clinging cuntal lips and Sally quivered in debased excitement. She sensed the warm wetness that was gathering inside her and seeping out to dampen his finger as it played with her sensitive vaginal slit and spread the soft pubic hair away from the tiny opening. The poor young wife could not stifle the sigh of pleasure that escaped from her throat as he touched the tiny erect button of her clitoris and let his middle finger linger there until she squirmed uncontrollably with the unwelcome passion that he was inevitably arousing in her.

    The utter hopelessness of her situation was plain to Sally. Torn by worry for her husband, she had allowed herself to make this appointment with his boss, John Blodgett. She'd been quite drunk at the time, but that was no excuse, and now he was here to claim his end of the unholy bargain … he was claiming it, taking her bodily! There was nothing she could do but let him finish … let him make love to her in any way he chose, just as a whore must please her clients! To add to her total humiliation, instead of getting the obscene act over with quickly, he was playing with her and to her own shame she was letting him arouse her with his taunting finger thrusts up into her vagina, to the point that her hips were twisting back and forth involuntarily as he stroked the hotly awakened slit up between her legs.

    «That's better,» he leaned over her, grinning lewdly. «You're getting nice and wet down there now. Let's get your clothes off, honey, I think you're almost ready to fuck.»

    His casual use of the obscene word made her tense inwardly, but at the same time it invoked a strange new excitement in her as she realized that no one had ever dared take the liberty of speaking to her this way before and the shock could not help but send little ripples of lewd agitation through her body.

    He let her sit up to remove her clothing, which she did automatically with an almost fatalistic acceptance of the situation. He helped her pull her dress over her head and then gave his attention to taking his own clothes off. She could not, however, bring herself to pull away the damp pair of panties which had protected her delicate pubic area from his lustful eyes if not from his groping fingers. Breathing hard and audibly, he gasped with a quick intake of breath as he looked up and saw her full, high-set breasts with the hard little pink nipples exposed. His hands went out to enclose and fondle the ripe, succulent flesh, kneading the pliant creamy skin and pinching the nipples to a state of even greater erectness. Finally he bent his head down to her excitedly heaving chest and took one pink nipple into his hot, wet mouth and sucked it hungrily, flicking his thick tongue in a maddening way against the tiny sensitive tip of the nipple. In a leisurely way, he moved to the other breast, cupping it underneath with his palm while his wet lips assaulted the hard, throbbing nipple … then, while his hands continued to manipulate her achingly full breasts he let his lips slide down the deep cleft between them and move slowly toward her navel. When he encountered the brief nylon protection of her panties he simply hooked his thumbs in the narrow waistband and jerked them downward. As the cool air rushed over her secret parts that were now fully revealed to this gross lecher, Sally moaned with shame and horror but extended her long slim legs so that he could draw the panties down, down and toss them away.

    «Jesus H. Christ!» the drugstore owner exclaimed with something akin to reverence as his greedy eyes feasted at last on the shadowed triangular patch of her cuntal hair. Sally opened her eyes which she had kept tightly clenched shut during the last several minutes.

    He towered above her, one knee on the couch, one hairy muscular leg planted on the floor. Below the slight bulge of his stomach the massively rigid pole of his desire hardened penis swung straight out from his loins.

    «Oh God,» she moaned, her eyes widening in disbelief while he smiled down at her in salacious enjoyment of her amazement. His hand began a lewd stroking motion of the thick uncircumcised foreskin, popping the huge, blood engorged head out at her with its tiny slit winking like some evil eye.

    «That dumb husband of yours hasn't got anything like this, has he, honey?» he teased the debased young bride as she cowered away from the sight of the powerful cock. «I bet nobody ever stretched that tight little cunt of yours. Oh, just wait till I get it up into your little belly … you're gonna beg me to let you have all of it.» He was obviously relishing her terror with a near-sadistic joy as he proudly stroked his fleshy instrument. Dear God … she could never take a thing like that in her! He would kill her if he tried!

    She scarcely heard his lewd boasting, her mind was too full of the knowledge of her hopeless position … he was going to ravish her, appeals for mercy would be useless, she was sure, for her degradation was only inciting him to further obscenities. Alone with him, naked and spread out obscenely for his pleasure, there was absolutely no escape … no relief … she was lost!

    Blodgett place a hand on each of her knees and deliberately began to force them apart, opening her fearfully cringing genitals completely to his lustful gaze.

    «Wider,» he ordered, chuckling softly, «open 'em up wider … you got a big man coming in there, honey, with a big cock to ram in that sweet little pussy!»

    The petrified young wife whimpered in fright as her husband's boss climbed onto the davenport and knelt up between her outstretched legs. She felt the springs groan under his weight as he lowered his massive, naked body toward her.

    «Ray,» she half sobbed, «Oh … oh … oh Ray.»

    Chapter 3

    The expected entry did not come immediately, however, and Sally lifted her head to look down over her quivering breasts and see John Blodgett's massive bulk crouched over her. He was sliding backward, crab-like, over her naked body until his head was positioned over her widespread thighs and with sudden horror it dawned on the girl what he had in mind. She cringed in terror.

    «Oh no … please, I can't … I never have!» she pleaded, with her husband's employer, her horrified gray eyes fixed on his head that was dropping lower and lower as his big hands spread the white inner sides of her thighs yet further open. «Oh, my God … not like that, not like that …» she moaned.

    Blodgett's breath came in excited pants that stirred the sparse, light brown pubic hair which fringed the narrow cuntal slit, pink and wet with the moisture of the innocent young bride's unwanted arousal. Her disgrace complete, she lay as if transfixed, her eyes still mutely begging him not to commit this unnatural act upon her defenseless body. With a decisive, unhurried movement he pulled apart the two fleshy cunt lips that guarded the inner sanctum of her femininity, and feasted his lusting eyes on the coral pink pussy flesh.

    Sally felt the warm expulsion of his breath waft over her secret, sensitive vagina and she gasped as, her head still raised, she saw his long tongue emerge from his mouth and then, seconds later, felt its hotly electric contact against her cringing young pussy.

    Her stomach jumped and her whole body jerked in disbelief as his strong, pressing tongue forced its way up into the quivering channel of her openly defenseless cunt. Faster and faster, the tormenting instrument of her debasement slid in and out of her unwilling pussy that was automatically dilating to receive the invading tongue despite her horror at the outrage he was committing on her innocent body.

    «Uuuuggghhh … no … my God!» she moaned in utter humiliation as she continued to watch her unnatural ravishment by his bestial mouth. This could not, simply must not, be happening! It was some nightmare, she thought, as his long wet tongue slithered furiously up into her moist, velvety cuntal slit. «Stop it, John, God, I can't stand it … please, stop?» she entreated him, choking with shams as she perceived with even further horror that unwelcome quivers of lewd enjoyment were beginning to radiate through her subjugated body from his depraved assault on her warmly throbbing cunt.

    His hands suddenly slid under her firm buttocks that were desperately grinding into the cushions of the couch in a useless effort to escape the obscene ravishment he was inflicting upon her. With his big fingers spread wide, he cupped and squeezed her tender flesh, separating the twin ass cheeks almost brutally while with his mouth and tongue he continued to lick obscenely at the gaping pink split between her legs with lewd wet smacking sounds. She saw that he was looking expectantly at her tear streaked face and knew that he was watching for her reaction and complete surrender to his animal like conquest of her proud, moral nature. That he would not get, she was determined; although in her trapped position she was forced to accept his abuse, he could not control her mind! Oh, Ray, darling, I'm doing it for you … but I pray that this won't change everything between us … I never thought it would be like this, or that John Blodgett would be such a sadistic beast as to degrade me in this humiliating way … God, what was happening to her was already beyond the wildest fears of her imagination … yet there was nothing to do but lie there while he sucked with insane fervor at her traitorously acquiescing vagina and try to keep her suddenly treacherous, unfamiliar body from responding to the unexpected blissful excitement he was awakening in her.

    Her husband had once hinted he would like to have sex with her in this depraved way, but she had immediately rejected his tentative suggestion as beyond the limits of decency, marital or otherwise. She had not known it would feel like this … how could she?

    As he labored over her, unceasingly thrusting his tireless tongue far up into her warmly pulsating vagina, John Blodgett gloated over the successful outcome of his conquest. What a fabulous piece she was! Even tear streaked and contorted, her face was still pretty and as for her supple, youthful body, it was a thing of beauty that he was going to get a real kick out of fucking. For all her chilliness, there was a hot streak in her just waiting to be uncovered and stimulated into raw passion. Ruthlessly, his lips explored the moistened folds of her clinging vaginal lips until they settled on the tiny erect bud of her clitoris. Sally gasped in shocked pleasure as he enclosed the throbbing little sensation center with his teeth and laved his hungry tongue over it in circles until she cried out with involuntary wild happiness and thrashed her hips from side to side in uncontrollable lewd excitement. Finally, he let his tongue slide downward again, into the seething wet crevice of her vagina. He fucked her orally, thrusting his thick hot tongue up into the widely dilated slit while she whimpered and mewled in cadence with his lewd swirling movements around the inner walls of the soft, hair-fringed cuntal lips.

    Her bursting groans of pleasure filled the living room and the big German Shepherd sat alertly watching the obscene movements of the naked pair on the couch. As Blodgett thrust ever deeper into the velvety warm depths between the young housewife's legs, he saw Sally's small hands twisting in their desperate struggle and then abruptly give in and move toward him involuntarily until her fingers locked in his thick hair and pulled him further and further into her greedily clasping pussy.

    He had her now! She was hopelessly entrapped by her own awakened and unfulfilled desires … ready to be taken by him in any way he wanted to do it.

    Sally, too, knew that her body was no longer responding to the dictates of her outraged mind but was on an uncharted course of its own … God, what could she do … nothing! Her buttocks were jerking rhythmically with the thrusts of John's tongue as he sent spasms of erotic sensation such as she had never dreamed existed through her love hungry body. Suddenly, without warning, his tongue darted downward toward the forbidden, puckered little hole of her anus. She gasped with shock … but the gasp trailed into a rapturous moan of surprised bliss at the maddening contact of his pleasure giving tongue against the sensitive, secret opening. She wriggled ecstatically in the grip of sensual emotion that traveled headlong through her entire being.

    «Oh don't,» she protested, «not that … my God … don't,» but her hips rotated automatically with the effort to force her agonized rectum up against the hard thrusting tongue.

    Laughing to himself, he continued his demoralizing assault on the tight little hole of her anus as she thrashed under him in utter degradation, unable to control the involuntary quivers of her buttocks as the delicious but unwelcome pleasure rippled wildly through her.

    «Dear God … please, John …» she groaned, raising her head to plead with her sodomizer as he labored up between her cruelly stretched thighs, «Please stop!» she begged him, realizing with horror that she had completely lost control of herself and was at his mercy, a mere object to be humiliated and further disgraced … ruined. But it was useless to appeal; he licked insanely on and on at her gaping wet loins until the unbelievable pleasure had reduced the young bride to a state of raw, pulsating passion that was beyond the bounds of any reason or thought of right or wrong. She knew, dimly, that she was committing adultery … but she could no longer fight the lover who was giving her an intense physical rapture that she had never before felt or even dreamed could exist in this world.

    «Oooooh … ooooh, John … it feels so good!» The shameful admission burst from her tortured lips before she could choke it back. «It feels so good … oh, my God … more … more!» she begged him, thrusting her hips upward while her fingers again twisted in his hair and she pulled his head even closer to the openly throbbing slit of her vagina. She was wild with excitement and the insane desire for more of this incredibly enchanting sensation.

    John Blodgett grinned sadistically as he plunged his lizard like tongue into the seething depths of her cunt while she pushed hard up against his face in total subjugation to his will. Her soft brownish pussy hair grazed his cheeks as her buttocks rolled in rhythmic spasms of carnal joy and her passion distorted features revealed how completely he had broken down her pride and self-respect. Christ, he was going to get a kick out of this … screwing the hell out of her pliant young body. He was going to ram his rock hard cock all the way into that hot, wriggling little belly and shoot her full of sperm until she yelled her head off. God damn, it was going to be good!

    Sally thought she would go stark raving mad with delight from his wildly licking tongue that was sending ever widening circles of eroticism through her naked belly and loins. Breathlessly, she looked down at his head held in her little hands as she pulled the hot lash of his strong tongue deeper inside her and it swirled around the clasping walls of her desire soaked vagina. It felt so wonderful she hoped it would never, never stop … but, it was stopping … he was withdrawing the instrument of her pleasure from her … she looked up at him, suddenly aware again of the humiliation of her position and the way he had debased her.

    «You're nice and hot now, honey,» he chuckled huskily, «all ready to be fucked … oh, you're never going to forget this, little girl … I'm going to fuck you 'til you can't walk.»

    The helpless wife lay on the couch paralyzed, her knees raised and her seething pussy spread unceremoniously wide open to him, her heaving breasts quivering with suddenly raised goosebumps as she stared at the rigidly erect cock extending from his loins like a massive club. It seemed to swell to even greater dimensions as she gaped at it in horrified disbelief.

    «No, please …» she shuddered, yet felt tingles of unwanted excitement in her loins as he moved deliberately up over her and bent his head over her breasts, seizing a nipple between his teeth and nipping the hard little bud painfully so that she groaned with the sudden hurt that at the same time caused further fluttering tremors of delight in her churning belly.

    «All right, Sally,» he hissed at her, «now I'm going to fuck you until you beg me for it. Take my cock and put it right in that hot, tight little cunt of yours,» he ordered.

    Sally winced at the impact of the obscene words. Fuck … cock … God, she could not help but be excited against her will by the very startling sound of such coarse terms … but she must not let herself be excited in this salacious way. If she could no longer control her body, she had to at least keep this lecher from subjugating her mind and thoughts. Dear God, everything was lost if she …

    «Come on,» he snapped impatiently, «I said take my cock and put it up in your cunt.» His eyes were inflamed with unholy lust as he gloated down at the innocent young girl.

    «Oh, John … don't ask me … no, I can't,» she sobbed in her humiliation, yet moved her unwilling hand down until it was only inches from the monstrous penis. Tears ran down her lovely, contorted face and she shook her head in shame and fear.

    «You dumb little cunt!» he snarled. «Do what I tell you, bitch, put it in!»

    «Oh, my God …» she moaned, touching his throbbing cock and then enclosing its bulk in her little hand … God, it was big … bigger even than it had looked … warm and rigid in her fingers.

    Blodgett began to lower his hips while Sally spread her legs even wider apart and slowly drew the heavy shaft toward the tiny, wet hole of her vagina. With the smooth, thick head she penetrated the cringing folds of her pussy, her heart pounding with both dread and anticipation. She shivered at the first touch of the rubbery, bulbous tip against the sensitive edges of her moistened vagina. She hesitated, unable to go on, and he shoved his hips forward causing an instant, sharp pain as the hard member strained against the tight entrance of her vaginal channel.

    «Aaaaaaaghhh,» she groaned and he pushed harder, forcing the ponderous tip through the elastic opening and cruelly stretching her tender cuntal flesh. The pain was unbearable! «Aaaaggghhh, God, it's too big! Please, you're tearing me … please, God!» she choked and screamed at him to stop, but he only grinned with sadistic, evil pleasure at the discomfort he was inflicting on her and deliberately continued his slow, torturing entry into her unwilling pussy.

    «Ooooohh, oh God,» Sally wailed as the lust thickened cudgel slipped up into her, inch by agonizing inch. Then, suddenly overcome by his mounting desire, the insensitive business man tired of watching her cringing body trying to take his oversized penis, and he pushed forward with one brutal stroke, ramming his long, swollen cock up into her unstretched passage with pile driving force.

    «Aggggghhhh!» Sally screamed as the blood engorged tip forced aside the tightly clinging walls of her pussy and raced unendingly up into her covering belly until his hair, sperm filled balls struck her rounded, tight clenched buttocks with a dull obscene sounding smack.

    «Ooooh, God …!» she groaned. He had torn her apart, she was sure, and she dared not move for fear of further injury to her aching vagina. She was full … her whole belly full with his cock … she could feel it all the way up inside her to her womb.

    Grimacing with satisfaction, he lay heavily on her for a moment, breathing hard, then he moved his cock forward deep inside her yet another fraction of an inch, bringing a tortured gasp from her lips. He did it again and again, enjoying her shamed, agonized groans until they began to change, unmistakably, to whimpers of a more sensual nature. Her passage had gradually adjusted itself to the unnatural size of his blood hardened cock and as he rocked back and forth over her, forcing his penis to new depths, she could not seem to control the sounds which burst from deep in her chest.

    He raised himself over her prostrate, spread-eagled body as she whined helplessly under him, and he said with lascivious satisfaction, «Now tell me you want it, Sally. Beg me for it.»

    She stared up at him endeavoring to resist the lewd suggestion as her hips began to wriggle involuntarily and of their own volition. Her eyes pleaded with him to spare her this ultimate degradation.

    «No … please, John … isn't this enough?»

    «Damn it, I said beg me! Come on, ask me to fuck you … tell me you want it!»

    «Oh, God … why … why do you need that, too?» He was taking everything from her – pride, morals, all of it!

    «I want to hear you beg, you stuck up little bitch! Beg!»

    «A-all right,» she sighed hopelessly, «do it to me … I-I want you to do it to me.»

    «Not like that. Say 'fuck.' Ask me to fuck you!»

    «Fuck me … Oh God … yes, yes, fuck me!» she almost screamed it at him through her clenched teeth and tears streaked her face as she uttered the unforgivably obscene word. Her capitulation to his demands was complete … she only waited now for whatever was coming, unable to reason or think or feel anything beyond the big throbbing cock that was buried in her tender belly.

    As he resumed his thrusting motions up into her with smooth, short strokes, she abandoned her earlier determination to fight the salacious pleasure that was again threatening to engulf her treacherous body … she was too weary and sick with remorse to struggle any more … she wanted to be carried along on the crest of the rolling waves of excitement that followed each plunge of his cock into her tightly clasping pussy. And as he gradually increased his pace as well as the length of his strokes, Sally felt herself going … going along with him … her entire body tingling as she squirmed under him on the couch. He dropped his open mouth to her face, licking at her lust- contorted features, and she captured his tongue between her lips and sucked at it hungrily while she mewled, kitten like, in debased acceptance of all that he was doing to her. She pushed her hips up from the couch cushions to meet his downward plunges and give him still deeper entry into her steaming cunt.

    John Blodgett saw that she was perspiring now and that the cords of her neck stood out as her head whipped from side to side in rhythm with the sensuous twists of her round buttocks. Gutteral humming noises slipped from deep down in her throat. He knew damn good and well that Ray Denham hadn't been getting anything like this out of his prissy young wife … no, and her husband hadn't been putting anything into her like the cock that was in her now, either! Man, how she could move that ass as she drove her naked cunt right up against his cock as if she wanted to swallow it. Christ, she was tight … nobody'd ever stretched her good, it felt like … she was the next to a virgin, and it was driving him right up the wall, fucking her like this!

    Her long brown hair streamed out from her wildly bobbing head as Sally thrust her twitching legs out on either side of his thighs, forcing her own thighs still wider open to be skewered ever deeper on the rigidly impaling rod of his flesh as it bored into her again and again. Oh, why hadn't anyone ever told her a man could make you feel like this? As she flung her head backward and tensed her taut-stretched thighs, ramming her open flowering cunt up hard against him the intensity of her rapture was nearly unbearable. Don't let it stop, oh don't let it ever stop! She just hadn't known, wouldn't have believed, that this could happen … that she could be unwillingly forced to commit adultery and then that she would enjoy it!

    John was plowing into her with ever greater force, pulling his hotly throbbing cock nearly all the way out of her velvety wet sheath on the backstroke and then sinking it back into her pussy with jack hammer force until his aching balls slapped against the tiny, exposed ring of her anus. His cock throbbed with the tremendous pressure mounting in his sperm swollen balls and he panted hoarsely in lustful exhilaration … his need for release was so great that he could not control himself much longer and he pounded into her upthrust cunt with lust driven fury while she moaned incessantly under him in outright rapture. He increased his pace while he stared down between her legs at where his cock was gliding in and out of her hungrily sucking cunt. The feeling was indescribable as his glistening wet shaft emerged from the clasping, soft hair-lined folds of her pussy with an obscene wet sucking sound and then disappeared again into the depths of her soft white belly. He placed his hand on the fleshy lips of her cunt and began to fondle them, bringing further cries of pleasure from Sally as he felt the muscles of her vagina tighten spasmodically and grip his rigid cock as if to hold it inside her forever.

    Her long white legs jerked upward, toes clenching … Christ, she was almost there! He sawed into her wildly, shoving her knees upward and back with relentless pressure until it seemed the seething plane of her pussy would be split wide open … God, what a woman she was, what a fantastic cunt!

    Sally's swollen breasts danced heavily with the force of his fucking, the nipples seeming to expand as she began to jerk and convulse, head thrust backward until the cords and muscles of her slender neck stood out in rigid display.

    «Oh, oh, oh,» she chanted, «Jesus … I feel … I'm going to … oh yes, now, now, nowwww!»

    A gush of warm wetness bathed his thundering cock as he thrust faster and farther up into her, with every ounce of strength he possessed. The sticky cuntal secretions bathed and lubricated his massive shaft … and as she contorted and spasmed under him, wailing as her vaginal lips sucked and pulled at his lewdly impaling penis, John felt his own boiling hot fluid racing from his lust bloated balls up the full length of his driving penis with ecstatic force that racked his big body as it spurted from the tip of his cock deep up into her vibrating womb and belly. It flowed out in hot torrents that pooled with her own boiling cum until her delirious wail of joy sank into a murmur of complete and utter satisfaction. Never, never had Sally known anything like this, or guessed that it was possible to be so filled with pleasure. She had done it only to keep a bargain … to protect her husband … not expecting that her humiliated body would be fulfilled as it never had been before.

    Now that it was at last over she must cope with the realization of what had been done to her, and that her husband's boss was still lying atop her satiated body with his long penis still buried deep in her pulsing vagina.

    «Please, John,» she tried to control her voice and make it cool and impersonal, «take your thing out of me now.»

    He complied, looking down at her wonderingly as he raised himself off her and began to look around for his clothing.

    «What's the matter with you? Not going to tell me you didn't enjoy it?»

    «I – I enjoyed it,» she admitted in a low, reluctant voice. How could she deny it?

    «Good,» he smiled. «I always like to satisfy the ladies. Oh, don't bother putting your clothes on, honey. You're not finished yet.»

    «Wh-what do you mean?» Sally had begun to rise from her prone position on the couch, now she paused in dreadful uncertainty. Surely … after the shattering climax they had reached together, he couldn't be … impossible!

    John Blodgett was grinning evilly down at the supine young bride. Oh, what a surprise was in store for the snotty little bitch! «Maybe I forgot to tell you,» he drawled, «but wherever I go, Duke goes, too. Including ladies' cunts, honey.»

    «Duke?» Of course, the dog … the dog? For a joke, it was certainly in bad taste, but what could you expect from such a coarse, vulgar person? She sat up and swung her bare legs down on the floor.

    «Over here, boy,» Blodgett snapped his fingers and the great German Shepherd obediently rose and came to his master, tail wagging. And Sally received her first inkling that perhaps it was not a joke, that he might be seriously suggesting that … that she … she stared, transfixed, at the handsome animal … the first dim realization that such a thing might be possible penetrating her reeling brain. She'd heard … she knew such things were done, shows with girls mating with animals, but surely such perversions could not exist in the sleepy town of Quiggville, Tennessee! John Blodgett, rotten as he was, would surely not attempt anything so monstrous as that.

    «I – I don't feel well,» Sally murmured unsteadily, «will you please leave now, Mr. Blodgett?»

    «Ah, a few minutes ago it was John, wasn't it, when I had my cock in you?» She winced at the memory of the event she was determined to forget, to put behind her forever. «Never mind, honey, Duke here will make you nice and hot and friendly again. He's quite a dog, as you'll see for yourself in a moment. Better get down on the floor – you don't want your couch all scratched up.»

    «I've done what I promised,» the demoralized girl pleaded. «You can't expect me . .. I won't do it. Not with a dog!»

    «Yes, you will, Sally. You have no choice, in your position, because I'm making it a condition of your husband getting the loan. You can't afford to lose what you've already made a 'down payment' on, girl, so hurry up and get down there,» he pointed impatiently to the tufted rug and seized her arm. «Duke's a trained guard dog, by the way, he'll attack anyone that I tell him to – so just keep that fact in your pretty little head.»

    «But if I do this, how do I know you won't require … other things? How do I know I'll ever be free of you?» Too late, Sally was beginning to see clearly how she had entrapped herself in a net of bondage to this man. Why had she expected him to honor this agreement, a man without honor or principles of any sort? But … a dog? The very idea of it sent little chills running along her naked spine and set her still quivering pussy to quaking anew.

    Blodgett was not used to hearing back talk from his women. He tightened his grip on her arm and forced her forward, down on her knees beside the couch. «Don't try to be a smart ass with me,» he threatened. «I can ruin your reputation in this town so fast there won't be a decent woman who'll even speak to you. Think you're too God damned good for my dog, eh? Well, smarten up, he's got a longer pedigree than you have.» He nudged Sally's soft buttocks with his knee and she went down on all fours, helpless tears of shame and outrage flooding her eyes.

    The big man chuckled as he feasted his eyes salaciously on her full mooned buttocks and the thin hair fringed slit of her cum drenched cunt glistening wetly up between the milk white flesh of her thighs. Stroking Duke's glossy fur, he led the dog forward. As the beast's cold nose nuzzled into the gap of her thighs, Sally jerked wildly and gave a little cry. The galvanizing, velvety touch sent erotic spasms through her tensely waiting body. God, it felt like … like nothing else in the world, she supposed, as Duke sniffed at her vagina in the way he would sniff any bitch dog and she knelt before him with her widespread buttocks lewdly elevated. She looked back between her legs and moaned audibly as she saw the handsome dog's shiny, scarlet penis suddenly poking out of its furry sheath. Oh God, the animal's testicles were nearly the size of a man's, and almost black. With a leaping motion, Duke mounted her, his great paws slipping and scratching against her smooth back as his haunches curved obscenely over her buttocks and the tapered red tip of his penis bobbed, dripping, at her hot wet crevice. The very forbiddenness and unthinkable aspects of what was happening to her could not help but arouse Sally's prurient emotions. Instinctively, without realizing what she was trying to do, she shifted her buttocks in an effort to seize the long, scarlet organ and clasp it in the blood engorged folds of her vagina. But the beast's excitement caused it to miss the waiting entrance and the tapered point stabbed at her nakedly exposed anus, attempting to burrow into the tiny hole. Sally tensed in fright and wiggled her buttocks frantically to dislodge the invading shaft. It slipped away from her, but the dog continued to thrust blindly in his dumb sexual frenzy and the tip of his glistening red penis thrust into her tender flesh over and over, causing her vagina to widen and dilate involuntarily. The dog bucked on desperately, seeking her eluding sheath and taunting her maddeningly with each jab at the hair lined slit. Once again, erotic shivers were shooting through her still dripping loins and the delightful pressure was building within her body. At last, unable to stand it any longer, Sally reached back through her legs and took hold of the pulsing, slippery organ, placing the narrow tip in her cuntal split. Duke whined as his long shaft slid wetly into her up to the hilt of his dark furred balls.

    Groaning with relief as she felt him filling her, Sally began to undulate her buttocks in time with the rapid thrusts of the panting, drooling dog. Gripping her slender waist in his forepaws, Duke hunched over her and had soon established his own rhythm of fucking, his powerful hind legs jerking with each in and out motion. Sally gave herself over completely to the delicious sensations of being screwed by the powerful, magnificent shepherd, her untested body was wide awake from the stunning sexual enlightenment she had received only minutes before from her husband's boss and she hungrily sought new, more exciting erotic thrills even as her formerly prudish mind once again was beaten in its struggle to dictate what her body should do. Perspiration gathered on her naked body, trickling down between her swaying breasts that swung beneath her like ripe fruit on a forbidden tree. Blodgett leaned forward, eyes gleaming with carnal lust as they locked on the flashing red cock of the dog as it buried itself from behind in the wet, hair-lined flesh of Sally's throbbing pussy. The insane pressure was building fast in the girl's obscenely swaying loins and she was nearly out of her mind with the wanton desire for release.

    «Oooooh,» she squealed through clenched teeth, «Oh, yes, yes, yes … harder … Oh, God, fuck harder …» Even the animal's incredible fucking pace could not satisfy her as she ground her buttocks backwards in an effort to capture more of the long tapered penis and squeeze it between the hotly clasping walls of her vagina. All sense of pride was lost to her, she actually reveled in the knowledge of her abject humiliation by the jerking, hairy body of the great canine. She wanted it! Oh God, she wanted his lewd animal sperm to shoot up into her belly just as John Blodgett had filled her so wonderfully. She wanted the long denied bliss again … could never get enough of orgasm, now that she at last knew what it was and how good it felt. She had to cum again … she had to!

    «Jesus H. Christ,» Blodgett exclaimed, eyes riveted to the salacious spectacle. He licked at his suddenly dry lips and absently stroked his cock that was beginning to rise again as he watched the obscene buffeting of Sally Denham by the big dog whose long thin penis was jabbing mercilessly into her willing cunt. How long could it go on? Duke's red tongue lolled from his mouth, dripping saliva over the girl's back to gather and run down the crevice of the upraised ass cheeks and mingle with the secretions of her seething pussy.

    Suddenly, Sally gave a wild cry. Her long hair began to whip wildly back and forth as she went into the beginning convulsions of her climax. Her buttocks began to contract uncontrollably and she rammed them back fiercely against Duke just as he jerked forward hard and his animal cock began to spurt its lewd sperm far up in her hungrily quivering belly. The sticky white fluid oozed from her lust tightened cunt and bathed the dog's scarlet cock, streaking the inner sides of her ivory thighs. She sagged forward in orgiastic bliss, displaying her wet, cum soaked pubic hair and rosy pink cunt lips as the dog's deflating cock was sucked out of her vagina with an audible sound. As she pitched forward onto the rug in near complete exhaustion, Duke stood over her body, panting, and proudly wagging his tail. Then, furthering the perverted depravity that had been committed on the helpless young wife, the dog dropped his shaggy head to her widespread legs and licked happily at the creamy fluid that still oozed from her trembling slit. His owner let the beast lap hungrily at the exposed pubic flesh until every drop was gone before he locked his hand firmly in the dog's heavy collar and drew the satiated shepherd away from his human mate.

    «Good boy, Duke,» he murmured fondly, patting the dog's shoulders. «A dog's gotta have a good piece of ass every now and then too, eh?»

    Sally stumbled clumsily to her feet. «Wait -« she demanded. «W-when will my husband hear from you?» She had not gone through this degrading experience to be put off again.

    «Now, hold on there, Sally. I got to have another talk with my brother- in-law over at the bank. You just be patient, little lady.» He grinned with crude humor as Sally snatched up her dress and held it in front of her naked, abused body. Women were all the same … when it was too late, they wanted to play modest. Well, no, not all the same. He sure did have to admit this one had been something special, and the best piece of tail he'd had in a long time.

    Chapter 4

    Sally Denham stood at her living room window, peeking through the slit of the heavy drapes to watch John Blodgett and his dog emerge from her doorway below and cross the square. It seemed to her that they had been in her apartment a long time, although it was still only mid-afternoon, and she wondered if anyone had noticed their entrance or exit and been curious about it? But she could not waste time worrying about that, she had to get herself cleaned up. Still naked, she moved about the living room, fluffing up the couch cushions and removing all traces of her visitors except for the tell-tale dog hairs. Those she would do later with the vacuum cleaner.

    She soaked her tired body in a hot tub for much longer than usual, pouring quantities of fragrant bath salts into the water to dispel every last trace and odor that might be clinging to her. Experimentally, she handled her large breasts, running her fingertips over the bruised sore spots and gently examining the nipples, all with a new awareness of her body as an instrument of erotic sensitivity. As she stepped into the bedroom she paused in front of the full-length mirror to survey her nubile form critically … seeing Sally Denham for the first time not as a 'nice girl' but a provocative, desirable woman. Humming, to herself, she dressed rapidly in a fresh cotton frock and returned to the living room, scene of the debauched episode that was already beginning to seem more and more unreal. She flung the drapes apart and let the late afternoon sun stream into the room as she brought out her little vacuum cleaner and removed Duke's long black- and-tan hairs from the tufts of the rug. There was a dark wet upon on the rug directly in front of the couch and her cheeks flamed hotly as she realized what must be its origin. God, Ray would be back soon and she hadn't even planned what she would fix for dinner.

    * * * * *

    After the meal, they were watching television and Sally mentioned casually that she could have gone with Ray, after all, as Cynthia Hearldson had changed her piano lesson to Tuesday.

    «Oh, yeah?» he said absently, «well, it was hotter than hell in Knoxville. Seems like this weather ought to break pretty soon. Say, honey, what's this spot on the rug here?»

    «Oh! I-I fixed myself a drink this afternoon and spilled some of it,» she explained.

    «Drinking alone, and in the afternoon?» he teased, but frowned slightly.

    «Only a cola, silly.»

    Speaking of drinks, Ray thought, he had had a tiring day and wouldn't mind one right now. Sally was curled up so comfortably on the couch that instead of asking her he went to the kitchen himself. It seemed to him that the level of the bourbon bottle was down somewhat from what it had been the other day … but no doubt he was mistaken … of course, if Sally wanted a drink now and then there was no reason why she shouldn't take one, yet it was not characteristic of his wife to drink or to fib. Since he knew that Sally did not really care for hard liquor, the thought crossed Ray's mind as he brought out the ice cubes that maybe someone else had been here. No, he dismissed the idea … she would have mentioned any callers.

    Nevertheless, his wife surprised him by reaching eagerly for his glass when he carried it in and she proceeded to swallow a hefty slug of it. «Just what I needed to pick me up,» Sally confessed, «I-I'm not feeling so well this evening.»

    «Have a hard day, darling?» he questioned indulgently.

    «Not really. I just feel sort of … strung out.»

    «Probably worrying about the loan. It's making us both tense … I wish to hell we'd hear something pretty soon.»

    «Oh, Ray,» his wife got up from her sitting position and moved over next to him on the couch, placing her cheek against the flat hardness of his chest, «I'm sure we will hear something soon, and that it will be favorable. I … I just feel it!»

    The close intimate presence of his wife against his body could not fail to stimulate Ray sexually and his hand came down to stroke her soft brown hair and slip under the neckline of her dress. Immediately a tremendous wave of guilt at her deception swept over Sally and her whole body seemed to freeze and grow rigid with fear. Ray must never, never find out what she had done! The knowledge would destroy him and her along with him … shivering slightly, she allowed him to work his warm fingers under her bra strap, to push it down over her shoulder so that he could dip his hand, unhindered, into the thin nylon cup of her brassiere and fasten his palm over her full vibrant breast. Cold terror gripped her. If they made love tonight she was sure somehow that Ray would know it was not her first time today. She still felt so stretched and sore down there … and she still carried within her secret parts the sticky semen of Ray's boss and of … oh, God … of the big German Shepherd. Tears welled up in her long-lashed gray eyes as she realized fully to what depths of depravity she had sunk … but for good cause, for her husband's sake.

    «I'm sorry, darling,» she whispered as Ray's fingers fastened over her sensitive, abused nipple, «I-I just don't feel up to … to romance this evening. I really would love it, if I just felt better.»

    Her husband sighed and gradually withdrew his hand from her dress, leaving her breast tingling with the excitement his palpating fingers had aroused. Oh, she did want to … she really truly wanted Ray to make love to her … to fuck as she had been fucked today … but she didn't dare let him. Not now.

    * * * * *

    Sally was so confident Ray would hear from the bank the very next day that she kept half-listening for the sound of his feet pounding up the stairs to tell her they had got the loan. Then, her sacrifice would all be worth while, she would know she'd done the right thing, the only thing, under the circumstances. But the day passed like any other, and so did the next and the next until she was fuming with suppressed anger at Blodgett's delay.

    On Friday morning she did her marketing and stopped in the drugstore to pick up some household items. Ray was busy behind the prescription counter, so she merely waved at him to let him know she was there and spent a few minutes chatting with Miss Minnie, of whom both she and Ray were quite fond. Miss Minnie had given the couple many valuable tips about the best places to obtain various items in Quiggville, a good doctor and dentist and so forth.

    «I believe I'll have a sundae,» Sally said, sitting down at the fountain and arranging her parcels on the stool beside her. The girl loaded the concoction with extra hot fudge and whipped cream and she thought ruefully of the calories as she dipped her spoon into the luscious combination. «Won't you join me, Miss Minnie?»

    «Just a black coffee for me,» the clerk said, «I don't never eat any of that sweet stuff. Where would I be now if I'd of been eating them sundaes for thirty-three years?»

    Sally paused, spoon raised. «How long did you say?»

    «Thirty-three years. I been working right here in this store since I was fifteen years old, Miz Denham. 'Course I don't expect to be here much longer … it looks like my career is comin' to an end, don't it?»

    «Why do you say that?» Sally questioned, frowning.

    «Well, who knows, when the new owners takes over?» the older woman shrugged philosophically but her down-to-earth voice quavered slightly as she spoke of the impending change. «They was in here yesterday,» she leaned forward confidentially, «poking into everything and writing it all down … asking a lot of stupid questions.»

    «Men from the drugstore chain were here yesterday? Why, that's funny, Ray never mentioned it …» Sally broke off in mid-sentence.

    «I reckon not. Probably didn't want to upset you, but he was lookin' awful gloomy. It's a crying shame the way John Blodgett has done you two, but at least you can be thankful you ain't put thirty-three years into this place like I have.»

    «Miss Minnie, the sale of the store isn't final,» the young wife assured her, «and I have good reason to think that Ray will be the new owner after all. We expect to have some good news very soon, so keep your fingers crossed!»

    «I hope you're right, Miz Denham,» the spinster muttered doubtfully, «but you don't know this town like I do. When Mr. Blodgett makes his mind up to do something, he sees it through.»

    Miss Minnie got up to wait on a customer who had just entered and Sally finished her sundae in a thoughtful mood. Well, she could see a thing through herself, if it came to that! Easing herself from the stool, she smoothed out her skirt which was clinging to her perspiration-damp thighs and gathered up her purchases. Once again she stopped briefly to see her husband and Ray looked up from his drug preparations to smile at her.

    «I won't be up for lunch, honey, I'll just grab a sandwich here. Really got a lot of work this morning … must be a lot of sick people in Quiggville.»

    «OK – just don't forget your lunch altogether,» she admonished. «I declare, Ray Denham,» she put on a fake southern accent she sometimes used jestingly and which he enjoyed, «you are just gettin' positively skinny.» She wouldn't let him know how worried she was about Miss Minnie's information and the fact that he hadn't told her about the visitors in the store.

    Upstairs, she dropped her bundles in a heap on the kitchen table and went immediately to the wall telephone, picking up the thin Quiggville directory. Blodgett's office did not answer and she next dialed his residence. A servant answered and at her request called John Blodgett to the phone.

    «This is Sally Denham,» she announced. «Why haven't I heard from you?»

    «I can't talk now, you should know better than to call here,» he growled and promptly hung up on her. Sally stared at the dead receiver, a growing premonition seizing her that things were not going as she had expected. Very well, she would give him until Monday … no longer.

    At the other end of the line, Blodgett was also uneasy. Her boldness in contacting him at home surprised him … she had more spirit than most of her sex and it was that very thing about her that had made it so pleasurable to seduce her. He did not anticipate real trouble … but you never knew when one of the bitches would turn on you. «Eula!» he called sharply.

    The maid appeared soundlessly behind him. She was a strikingly beautiful young black woman … skin that seemed to change from coffee to bronze and flowing blue-black hair that was now forced back into a confining hair net. The white nylon uniform that Lauralee Blodgett required the girl to wear molded itself to every hollow and curve of a figure that was unbelievably full-breasted above a minuscule waist and flaring, generous hips. If Eula had had the opportunity to get away from Quiggville and go north, there was no doubt in Blodgett's mind she could have gone on the stage. Instead, she had married her local sweetheart at an early age and now worked for a low wage in the Blodgett household.

    «Eula, if anybody calls here for me, I want you to be sure to ask who it is – and if it's Miz Denham, you tell her I'm not home. You got that?»

    «Yes, sir,» she said quietly, but there was a quick flare of interest in her downcast eyes that her employer did not see.

    «Where's Miz Blodgett?» he questioned.

    «Oh, she left for town a half-hour ago … thought you knew.»

    «No, I didn't,» there was an instant relaxation of his big body, a subtle yet distinct alteration in the master-servant relationship between the two. «Come here, Eula,» he said in a softer tone and the woman obediently moved toward him to receive his embrace. He kissed her full on the lips, forcing his tongue inside the warm wet cavern of her mouth and sliding it back and forth in a lewd semblance of oral copulation while his fingers rapidly undid the buttons of her uniform and went familiarly to her straining breasts that were too large for even his big hands to encompass. Below his belt he felt his cock jerk and swell to instant hardness as he began to breathe in short, heavy rasps.

    «Come on, girl,» he muttered, «let's go in the bedroom … I got some business with you 'fore she gets back.» Smiling loosely down at her, he took Eula's hand and guided it to his stomach, forcing her to grasp his throbbing penis. Her dark eyes widened, though she knew well from experience the inhuman dimensions of his instrument, and an involuntary little shiver rippled over her body. Such was Blodgett's dominance over her that she could look forward eagerly to the things he would do to her on the big king-size bed while never letting up for one second in her steady hatred of the system which allowed her to become a mere chattel and plaything of her corrupt employer so that he enjoyed her body equally as often as her own husband. Eula liked to think that every time Blodgett fucked her, she drained him of a little bit more of his life fluid, his lewd sperm that he filled her belly with … although he certainly seemed to have an endless supply of it … but never mind, one of these days her time was coming! She still had a simple faith that justice would be done.

    They entered the exquisitely decorated master bedroom and Eula automatically finished stripping, laying her clothes out neatly over a chair. He sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her, eyes sliding lasciviously over her dark perfection that was always so excitingly forbidden to him that he had to have it again and again. «I want you to suck me off, Eula,» he instructed her exactly as one might tell the maid how to go about polishing the silver, «yes, sir, that's what I crave today.»

    Eula dropped to her knees in front of him and settled back on her haunches as she reached out to take the blood-filled, lust-thickened penis and guide it toward her lips that were already forming a soft oval to receive the hard bulbous head. As her pink tongue flicked out, the woman found that a totally irrelevant thought was running around in her head. I wonder, she puzzled, what this business is with Miz Denham?

    * * * * *

    John Blodgett was annoyed and snappish on Monday morning. He was first angry with his wife, Lauralee. They had gone to an intimate dinner party on Saturday evening and she had proceeded to get drunk, which in itself was no surprise except that this time she had exceeded her own limits … continued to drink all day Sunday and was right now at home, sick as a dog, with Eula in constant attendance. It was messy and he didn't like it, particularly at this period when they were starting a new life, as it were, in Florida. A drunken wife was not a social asset and Blodgett was a man who relied heavily on social contacts to set up his various deals and schemes. He had perceived that the Florida resort community would be filled with wealthy retirees and vacationers … just the sort of people whom a little old country boy could help to separate from some of their money.

    Secondly, he was angry because Sally Denham had telephoned again, in fact had called several times … and he was going to have to take some positive action on that situation, collect his bet from Lee and dump the Denhams, both husband and wife. He knew by now that they were types who would only cause him trouble of they remained in Quiggville.

    The bet was only going to bring him ten dollars, but he never liked to lose a wager and besides, the satisfaction of showing Lee Quigg that the snotty piano teacher had ended up like any whore – flat on her back with her legs spread – that was worth a hell of a lot more than ten bucks. In fact, musing on Sally's downfall which he had single- handedly brought about did quite a bit to improve his irate disposition as he drove to town. He was smiling as he entered the bank and strode into his brother-in-law's paneled office.

    Lee Quigg leaned back in his swivel armchair and surveyed Blodgett's faintly dissipated countenance. «Say, John – Mrs. Denham's been trying to get in touch with you. She's called here twice this morning already.»

    «Hell,» Blodgett growled with a knowing grin, «don't you think I know she's trying to get in touch with me? Reckon she wants some more of that good cock I gave her the other day,» he winked obscenely at the younger, weaker man.

    «That's not what she said,» Lee observed mildly.

    «OK – what'd the bitch want?» Blodgett walked to the well-appointed bar and poured himself a generous slug of raw Jack Daniels whiskey.

    «She wants to know about the loan. Just what did you promise that girl, anyway, John?»

    «Christ, what does it matter?» the big man tilted his head back and let the fiery liquid run down his throat to warm his vitals. «Promise 'em anything give 'em cock. Lay your ten dollars down, Lee, I aim to collect that bet today,» he winked again. «She leave her number?»

    Lee pushed a slip of paper toward him and he picked up the phone and dialed. «Sally? This is John speaking. Yes, I'm over here at the bank right now and Lee, Mr. Quigg, would like to have a little talk with you. No, we don't need Ray at this point – you just slip over here and come right back to Mr. Quigg's office. We'll be expecting you. No, there are some, uh, points that we want to go over first. All right?» Securing her acceptance, he replaced the receiver and then drew a ten- dollar bill from his wallet and laid it on the gleaming mahogany surface of the desk.

    «Hmmmmm, I think your original words were, 'five'll get you ten'?» Lee Quigg pointed out, hesitating as he pulled his own wallet from his back pocket.

    «Why be cheap about it?» John Blodgett shrugged, «isn't it worth ten bucks to get into something like Sally Denham? How long has it been since you screwed anybody 'sides Liz?»

    Quigg grimaced at the mention of his puritanical wife and laid his own crisp green bill on top of the other. By God, it made his pecker jump just thinking about Sally's cute little ass swaying the way it had on the dance floor at the country club the other night. She couldn't get here quick enough to suit him …

    Nevertheless, it was to be several minutes before Sally was ready to leave her place. She'd been doing the laundry and of course was not properly dressed as the wife of a young businessman, calling on the president of the bank. It had required time to change clothing and to freshen herself up a bit. She checked her watch nervously … ten o' clock. It was not likely that Ray would come up before noon and she could say she'd been shopping, if he missed her. God, if only this wasn't such a small town!

    There were long lines at the teller's windows in the bank and no one seemed to notice Sally as she made her way to the rear of the main room until one of the secretaries pointed the way to her. «Just go right on through, Mrs. Denham, Mr. Quigg's expecting you.»

    «Thank you.» Sally entered a thickly carpeted hallway. She was quite surprised at the plush atmosphere of Mr. Quigg's office … it was furnished almost as a library or living room. In place of the customary filing cabinets and steel furniture there were gracious colonial pieces, big chairs and period lamps. Recorded music played softly in the background.

    She had not seen John Blodgett since – since that day – and the sight of his handsome figure came as a shock, arousing as it did those incredible memories of the event she hoped to forget eventually.

    «Well, here's little Miz Denham,» he said with his bland joviality. «You doin' all right, Sally?»

    She nodded, not trusting herself to speak, and also inclined her head to Lee Quigg whom she did not know well. The blonde good looks of his twin sister had been transmuted in Lee to a rather weak handsomeness in a slim, wiry frame. He had only a pale echo of his twin's vitality and was nowhere near so forceful as his brother-in-law either. Still, he was the Quigg heir and the president of this financial institution and thus someone to be reckoned with in his own right. Smiling pleasantly at her, he pressed a little button on his desk. «Nell? We'll be in conference. No interruptions, please, I don't care who calls.»

    «Have a seat, Sally,» Blodgett invited, «and I'll just fix us all somethin' cold to drink.» She sank into an overstuffed chair and watched him work at the bar with its small built-in icemaker, mixing three potent drinks which he handed around.

    «Are the papers ready?» Sally asked, determined to conduct affairs in a businesslike manner. She assumed that Blodgett would not have told Lee about what had taken place in her apartment … as Lauralee's brother, he could hardly approve of extra-marital affairs or so she naively thought.

    «Not quite,» John answered, seating himself on the arm of her chair and placing his arm over her shoulder, «that's why I called you over, honey. It seems there's a matter of a little more … collateral … that has to be put up.» The pretty nervous bride stiffened and looked from one man to the other.

    «But you promised -! Don't think you can back out of this, John Blodgett. I intend to hold you to our agreement,» she looked him full in the face, purposefully.

    «Don't you go gettin' on your high horse, now,» he chided softly, but the threat was distinct in his gravelly voice. «I made my recommendation to Lee here, but he says it's pretty irregular, makin' a loan to folks that don't have any money or collateral and he's not sure the Board will stand for it unless he sort of comes out strong and rams it down their throats. 'Course he could lend the money private, if he was of a mind to …»

    «Would you do that, Mr. Quigg?» Sally asked bravely. Suddenly she felt John Blodgett's large hand reaching down the open V-neck of her dress while at the same time he bent his head to hers and kissed the pearly lobe of her ear, running the tip of his tongue around the shell-like configuration of her ear. She gripped the chair-arms in shock and embarrassment. To her amazement, Lee Quigg did not seem to find John's behavior at all surprising. In fact, he watched avidly, his cold banker's eyes lighting with salacious lust as Blodgett further displayed his domination over the helpless woman by continuing to rummage in her dress until he had secured her left nipple in his fingers and began to tweak it to painful hardness. Sally's pale face flooded with crimson as the blood rushed to her cheeks. She wanted to leap up, to strike Blodgett … pummel him with her fists, but she couldn't make a move and sat mesmerized with the awful knowledge that everything, he was even abetting John Blodgett in his lechery and blackmail! Most incredible of all, on the other side of the heavy office door the business of Quiggville was going on just as usual, without a single citizen to know or to care that an innocent woman could be terrorized … or worse … by the town's two leading businessmen and that it could take place right in the bank manager's office!

    Beads of perspiration broke out on Sally's forehead as Quigg pushed back his chair and began to walk toward her, his fingers twisting together in anticipation. Oh God, God, God … her breasts were rising, straining the taut fabric of her dress and she could not control their erotic stimulation under the roughly pinching fingers of John Blodgett, any more than she could stop the sudden feathery twinges that were descending from the erogenous zone of her breast down to the «vee» between her legs.

    The fact was that Sally Denham had not had any more sexual satisfaction since that day in her living room with Blodgett and the big German shepherd. A few days later she had permitted her husband to make love to her, but the experience had, if anything, been even more of a failure than usual. She'd been so terrified that he could somehow guess she was a changed woman, and that another man had succeeded in arousing the passion that her own beloved Ray had never been able to, that she lay in his arms like a stone. Ray had finished with her quickly, satisfied his own needs and left her unrelieved, yet still aching with pent-up emotion and an agonized wish for the ultimate sensation she had enjoyed with her husband's boss.

    She did not want Blodgett … she hated him more than ever for his cruel ravishing of her and the further subjugation of forcing her to copulate with his dog … but as his lewd hands once more roamed at will over her body she could not help being aroused and much more quickly than on the first occasion. His free hand was now caressing the soft contours of her flat belly, causing her to wriggle her buttocks deeper into the chair and clamp her thighs together tightly in a vain effort to stop the ripples of prurient desire that were weakening her loins. The warmth of the whiskey which she had drunk too hastily was also spreading rapidly through her veins and contributing to her unwanted excitement.

    Lee Quigg stopped in front of her chair and smiled down at her obvious discomfort, his thin lips pulled back over even white teeth. By God, he was thinking enviously, you had to hand it to Big John! He had delivered the pretty, snotty little piano teacher just as he bet he would. It sure did beat everything the way his brother-in-law could come up with women you'd never dream would fuck with anyone but their husbands … this Sally looked like she was getting ready to cry, but he had no doubt she'd go through with it and even wind up enjoying it before they got finished with her. That was the beauty of having money and power … there was always another bitch who needed some of what you had and would make a trade of what she had. And, Christ, he couldn't remember another piece of tail who had more than this one to offer! If she didn't get what she came for – the loan – at least she'd get a good fuck thrown into her, which in Quigg's opinion was all a woman ever needed anyway. They had no place trying to mess around with business deals.

    «You see, honey,» John was explaining to Sally as his hand reached the hem of her short dress and inexorably slipped under the cloth and upward along her naked thigh, «Lee here is cutting himself into our arrangement … share and share alike … and since he's the one with the funds, I advise you to go along. You might even enjoy it,» he winked at her as his palm found the tender inner side of her thigh and established an intimate stroking contact that sent delicious little tingles upward to the center of Sally's vainly resisting womb. She was aware that her panties were damp from the unwanted secretion that was seeping from her warmly aroused vagina in automatic response to Blodgett's obscene titillation. Her mind grappled with this new information … Lee Quigg wanted to sample her, too … somehow, it was hardly even surprising … there were few shocks left anymore, as her world seemed to disintegrate around her in spite of her well- intentioned efforts to manage her own and her husband's future. Wearied by the unrelenting pressure they were forcing upon her, she suddenly threw her head back proudly and laughed.

    «So Mister Quigg wants something, too, does he?» Well, why not? Why the hell not? Just tell me when, and where.»

    «Why, right now,» the younger man chuckled, hands already going to his belt.


    «Here?» she blinked. «Y-you must be insane. We can't do it here.»

    «Lock the door, John,» Lee instructed, and Blodgett reluctantly withdrew his hand from Sally's open legs. She remained as she was, knees apart and skirt pushed up around her hips so that the edge of her virginal white panties was visible. Her wide-eyed magnetized gaze was drawn irresistibly to Lee Quigg's long hard penis which he had drawn from his open fly. The obscene sight shocked her into abrupt realization of her position and that he was planning to put that thing up inside her … now, here. She shivered, unable to tear her eyes away from the ridged, blue-veined shaft that was standing spear-like straight out from his loins. Sensing again her own wetness, the trapped young housewife ground her hips frantically downward in a vain attempt to soothe the maddening tingle of her throbbing cuntal slit. Her pitiful supply of courage was rapidly deserting her and she regretted her attempt at brazen acceptance of the fact that she had to let Lee Quigg make love to her, also. But God, what else could she do but see the nightmarish thing through? What difference did it really make if one more man put his thing in her and pumped her full of his lewd sperm?

    «Stand up, girl,» Quigg was massaging his long staff into even greater hardness, pulling back the thick foreskin to expose the bulbous head of his aching cock. «I want to see all of you.»

    It took but a moment to remove Sally's clothing, with Blodgett helping, and then she stood stark naked in the middle of the office before the two men, slight gooseflesh dappling her creamy skin as she shivered in the cool air-conditioned atmosphere while perspiration still continued to dampen her flushed, beautiful face.

    «Oh, Jesus, will you look at that!» Quigg exclaimed in something akin to awe. She was perfection, this tall girl with the voluptuously proportioned breasts and slender waist … the long, long legs … the mysterious little triangular mound of her sex. His cock throbbed as he surveyed her, and he placed one hand on her hip, just where it began to curve, and moved closer, his stiff cock pressing against her thigh while his hands slipped to her tense, flat stomach and began to massage it. His face loomed above her, so close she could feel his warm whiskey-laden breath. Sally could not deny that he was producing an unwelcome fascination deep within her, his hands were strangely comforting in their warmth, while the feel of his penis as it poked close to her dilating vagina, instigated a thrill of erotic sensation. Then, he moved his hands to the ripely swelling mounds of her breasts, thumb tips pressing the nipples in. As she stared down at the unfamiliar hands manipulating her breasts, she was engulfed in a consuming wave of passion that ripped away her flimsy defenses.

    «God, you are a luscious thing!» Lee muttered, and his mouth closed over one berry-like nipple. Sally thought her body had taken fire as he began to suck. She squirmed and wriggled automatically spreading her legs apart to the cool wafting breeze of the air-conditioning. His hand snaked down and parted the hair-fringed lips of her heated cunt, gently slipping his middle finger into its wetness. As she wrenched her hips against the probing finger, a sense of shame fleetingly overcame the young wife even as the prurient quivers rippled through her loins while he slowly probed deeper and deeper into the moistly pulsating cavern.

    Sally groaned aloud in her struggle against his burning lips at her breast and the tantalizing finger in her tingling cunt. «Ohhhh … ooooh,» she whined helplessly as he kept up his assault on her exposed body. «Ooooohh … yes … please!»

    «Come on … I'll … fuck you on the couch,» he grunted.

    As always the obscene word caused an inward reaction in Sally, but this time it excited more than repelled her and she hissed back at him, «Yesss!» and he eased her backward and down, down. She saw him kneeling over her, his face a mask of carnal lust, and her eyes slid downward to the rigid penis jutting angrily from his abdomen. She gaped at it in utter misery, filled with shame as she once again realized what she was about to do and hated her own naked body that lay willingly stretched out under him. But as she looked, the unmistakable pull of desire gripped her loins. The purplish head of his monstrous cock looked like a giant fist … big enough to split her apart … God, she couldn't take that in her … never!»

    «Oh God,» she wailed forlornly as he dropped down on her and the hardness of his rod surged against her belly like a cudgel. She quaked beneath him, gasping as he guided his rock-hard shaft to the passion- wet entrance of her vagina, using the smooth bulbous head to separate her fringed cunt lips. The electrifying instant of contact with his male organ sent shudders of pleasure racing through her spread-eagled body. She hardly dared move as he continued to push against her tight hole, causing intense pain as he stretched her sensitive skin.

    «Ooooohh,» she moaned

    He pressed forward again and the ponderous cock-head burst its way into the warmly palpitating opening. «Please … you're hurting me!» she begged. «Please, no more!»

    Quigg continued the violating impalement, his lust-engorged staff slowly moving inch by torturing inch up into her unwilling vagina. As he settled down upon her she thought she would burst from the pressure which filled her so completely that she could feel every corded wrinkle of his penis that cruelly stretched her vaginal walls. He lay quiet for a second, then flexed his cock and plunged deeper into her writhing young belly.

    «Aaaaagggghhhhh!» Sally groaned up at him, but then as her desire- inflamed pussy gradually adjusted itself to the barbaric bulk of his penis, her whimpers of pain changed unobtrusively to mewls of pleasure. Quigg began a rocking motion of his hips that sent his swollen rod of male flesh crushing into her vagina until the blood-gorged head pounded cruelly against her cervix. He stroked back and forth in ecstatic rhythm. Jesus, her fucking cunt would drive a man out of his mind!

    Sally began to move her hips in harmony with his, while from her mouth emitted unmistakable sounds of her building passion. She had forgotten everything for the moment, everything but Quigg's thick cock buried deep inside her … fucking her. Her body reacted automatically to the stimulating thought, and lewd words escaped from her own panting lips.

    «Come on, come on,» she hummed, «fuck harder … fuck me harder!» Her own use of the obscene term further excited her and she gasped with delight as Quigg reached up under her grinding buttocks and jerked them up even tighter to his hard thrusting loins. The passion incensed young housewife drove her throbbing wet split desperately up against his pounding hardness, all pain forgotten and lost in the unbearable bliss of the moment. Gurgling, velvety sounds burst from deep in her throat as her taut-muscled legs flailed out on either side of his long, spearing cock.

    Her husband Ray had never been like this, or even Blodgett … there had never been such intense feeling as this, and she never wanted it to end. Sally wanted more, much more … all there was. She was an adulteress, she knew it, she was a whore … perhaps a slave … but God, at least she was a woman. A woman lying under a man and letting him ram his big cock right up into her womb, and oh, oh, oh … it was so good!

    The two on the couch had forgotten that they were being watched – if indeed they cared at all, so absorbed were they in satisfying their own lewd pleasures.

    After locking the office door, Lee Quigg's brother-in-law had poured himself another drink and sat down to sip Jack Daniels while he salaciously reveled in his voyeur's role. John Blodgett could not sit still very long under such obvious erotic pressure, though, and he soon set down his empty glass and moved over nearer to the low, massive couch for a closer look at the action. His own penis was jumping wildly as he pulled over a footstool and settled his big body down on it, legs apart. He licked at the corners of his mouth, grinning loosely as he leaned forward to see better Sally's hair-lined cunt where it was split by the glistening, angry red cock that was rhythmically burying itself to the hilt up between her fleshy, wide stretched lips. Lee's balls swung lewdly between his legs, slapping resoundingly against the hapless young girl's full, upthrust ass cheeks. God, she was taking a pounding from him and still begging for more … if Lee couldn't satisfy her, he damn well could, Blodgett mused, and would! His fingers slipped to his bulging fly … he'd had a hard on ever since the little whore walked into the office and right now his cock felt like it was going to erupt if that son-of-a-bitch Lee didn't hurry up so he could have his turn at her.

    Perspiration poured from the girl as she struggled toward her climax, and her contorted features were hardly recognizable … her neck muscles were distended and her soft red lips opened and closed with her passionate, subservient moans. A drop of saliva glistened in the tiny corner of her mouth.

    Jesus H. Christ, what was he waiting for, Blodgett marveled? Hot as she was, let her service both of them at once … he'd fill her at one end, Lee would fill her at the other. Hastily, he unzipped his pants and brought out his tremendously swollen instrument that was dusky red with his charged, hot blood. He moved purposefully toward her bobbing head, his hotly throbbing cock extending from his loins at a forty-five degree angle … the couch was low, exactly the right height, in fact … John Blodgett lowered himself to his knees and presented the writhing Sally with the smooth tip of his aching male flesh, dipping it before her shocked, startled eyes.

    God, she couldn't comprehend, at first, what he was doing … she could only gape at the huge bulbous head with its tiny gland oozing a lewd drop of pre-cum. Involuntarily she reacted by drawing her lips back over her teeth and cringing from the menacing shaft even as the mere sight of it caused lustful thrills to shoot through her sex-starved body. Then, suddenly, it dawned on her what he wanted … he wanted her to put his penis in her mouth … taste it … suck it! Had not Quigg already aroused her to the point of near orgasm, Sally doubted if she could ever have done such an unnatural thing. His cock, by its very size, would choke her … gag her! Yet, she could not take her eyes away from it as he guided it right up to her very lips. Her own little hand unaccountably came up from her side and took over, grasping the blood-engorged rod and steadying it, pulling it ever closer … she drew a deep breath and slid out her tongue to touch the rubbery tip, so hard beneath and yet so soft at first delicious contact!

    She swirled her tongue tip slowly around the glistening cock-head until it located the minute gland and dipped into it to savor the tiny drop of seminal moisture. Her nostrils flared with excitement at the forbidden taste and her fingers moved down the erect shaft, pushing the foreskin gently back until the naked head stood out … she parted her lips, wetting them with her tongue, and gradually slipped the spongy head between them, rubbing it against the cushioned ridge of her teeth … swallowing it further and further into the moist welcoming cavern of her virginal mouth.

    «That's it, honey,» John Blodgett rasped, «suck it harder!» And he began to move his hips slowly back and forth against her face. She did suck harder, quivering with excitement at the perverted, debasing act she was committing. God, how she must look with the two men impaling her with their obscene cocks … it was unthinkable, and her cunt pulsed ever faster as she did think of it while her mouth tightened around the penis that was rammed so far into her mouth she could feel the wiry pubic hair of John Blodgett brushing her cheeks.

    As Sally Denham's cunt spasmed under him, Lee Quigg battered her with ever increasing force, pulling his shaft almost entirely out of the velvety moist sheath and then lunging forward as her vagina sucked voraciously at him with lewd wet smacking noises. His sperm-loaded balls whacked against her tautly puckered anus, wet from the moisture which was seeping from her cunt to run down the crevice between her legs.

    Fully occupied as she was, the tricked young housewife had yet time to think with masochistic shudders of bliss that soon, any moment now, John Blodgett would spew his sticky, white sperm into her mouth, exactly as he would to some filthy whore. What would it taste like? Could she take it? Her tongue swirled furiously over the near-exploding hardness.

    «Sweet Jesus!» John Blodgett clutched at her head, seizing the trailing brown tendrils of her hair. He gave another stifled moan and pulled her head up from the cushion driving it down on his aching member until all that was visible of his cock was a little bit at the base where it protruded from Sally's voraciously ovalled lips. Suddenly, Sally felt his penis begin to jerk inside her mouth.

    Lee Quigg gaped in disbelief from his position over her as her throat constricted … she swallowed … and then again, and again … gulping down great torrents of the steaming hot sperm Blodgett was squirting down her virgin throat. Her cheeks filled and hollowed obscenely as the madly jerking penis emptied itself endlessly into the receptive cavern of the girl's sweet young mouth. She kept up her sucking motions, draining him even as his deflating cock slipped from her mouth, still dribbling sticky strings of the hot sperm which the enraptured girl licked hungrily from her lips and the corners of her mouth. Below, her own moisture flowed even faster, bathing Quigg's pumping cock as it slipped wetly in and out of her drenched pussy.

    Quigg's aching balls seemed ready to split asunder from the pressure growing within them, and his head swam with the urgent need to shoot his boiling seed into her. He fucked her with frenzied lust and she cried out, but from the sheer pleasure of the battering he was giving her which made her pant and cough ecstatically. Now he looked away from her wet, contorted face and down at his burgeoning cock, gliding smoothly in and out of her unbelievably insatiable cunt. God, he had to cum soon or blow his mind. He rummaged beneath her sensuously gyrating buttocks and poked with his middle finger at the tiny elastic hole of her anus.

    «Ooooohhh …» she exclaimed happily, «yes … yes … stick your finger in!» and she jerked her buttocks forward against his finger, aiding him to pop through the constricting ring into the spongy interior of her rectum. «Ouch!» she squealed in pain, but then as her virgin back passage became accustomed to the unnatural invasion, she began not to mind and to feel acute pleasure from his debasing finger stuck up her rectum while his wonderful hard cock plundered her quivering belly.

    Through the thin, muscular wall separating her vagina and rectum Quigg felt his own pistoning shaft. He wormed the finger deeper, causing her to writhe and grind her pussy up and down on both impaling instruments. «Oh … oh … ooohhhh,» Sally chanted, flexing her long silken legs, toes curling, head thrust back.

    «I think … I feel … God, yes, it's happening … I'm cuming again … I'm going to cummmmmmm!»

    Sally's limber body jack-knifed beneath Quigg, mouth open in a continuous sobbing wail of delight and her cuntal walls sucking hungrily as her pussy gushed forth its liberated sticky cum to bathe his plundering length. Spurred almost to madness by her climax that seemed unending in its intensity, Quigg burrowed deeper into her seething slit, slamming her flaming pussy with every ounce of his strength until he felt the rush of his own bubbling hot cum shoot from his balls and race up his shaft to spray wildly out the tip, and he was lost in a hot deep pool of sensuality as his cum blended with her's in the overflowing interior of her warmly clasping vagina.

    Her firm young body collapsed beneath him although still impaled on his throbbing rod of flesh that was only now beginning to soften, its mission accomplished. He levered up on his arms and pulled backward out of her with a faint sucking noise, and Sally purred deep in her throat with satisfaction. She was dimly conscious of the slow trickle of semen that dripped from her slit to wet the cushion under her buttocks.

    Chapter 5

    A few minutes later when she had sufficiently recovered her senses, Sally Denham sat up. Both men, she observed, had cleaned themselves up in a small adjoining powder room and she now walked with all the dignity she could muster into the little tiled enclosure to wash her face and try to make herself presentable enough to leave the bank. She came out of the room and began to dress silently.

    «Here,» John Blodgett helped her with the zipper of her dress and Quigg collected her shoes and purse. They seemed to want to be quickly rid of her, but she had inherited the stubbornness and tenacity of her New England ancestors and was not about to leave without the thing she had come for.

    «Now,» she eyed the brothers-in-law coolly, «when can Ray take over the drugstore? Are the papers ready?»

    Lee Quigg raised his light blonde eyebrows and shrugged, obviously washing his hands of the whole business. Blodgett's husky voice dropped to a patronizing tone. «Honey, I did exactly what I promised. I asked Lee to approve the loan, I pestered him about it. But I'm afraid there's too much risk involved. He'll go maybe as high as fifteen thousand, if you can raise the rest someplace else. Now, I'm real sorry, but that's it.»

    There was absolute stillness, except for the piped-in music and the steady hum of the air conditioner. Sally Denham's small chin went up. She stared with utter contempt first at John Blodgett, then let her withering glance rest on Lee Quigg.

    «That isn't good enough,» she said at last, «you'll have to do better than that, gentlemen. Because if you don't … everyone in Quiggville, Tennessee is going to hear about you two – starting with my husband!»

    She swung her purse defiantly over her shoulder and started to walk out. Lee Quigg stopped her. «Hold on, Sally. L-let's not do anything hasty. As a woman, you have the most to lose if there was any, uh, scandal.»

    «Ah, but that's where you're wrong,» she smiled like a cat in cream, «because if we don't get the drugstore, Ray and I will simply pull up and move somewhere where no one's ever heard of us, and make a fresh start. It's you two who will have to live the scandal down right here.»

    John Blodgett stepped in between them, taking Sally by the arm. «We'll talk it over some more,» he agreed. «Here, you wait in the Board Room,» he unlocked the door and steered her rapidly down the hall, pushing her into another room. «Give me a few minutes with Lee – I'm going to do what I can, Christ, I'm trying …» he pulled the door to let her in and left the wearied girl staring at the gleaming bare surface of the long table and the twelve stiff empty chairs that surrounded it. After a moment of indecision she sat down at the head of the table … no longer believing anything Blodgett said, but still not wanting to leave as long as any chance remained … she put her face down against the cool, almost sensual smoothness of the table and closed her eyes. Did she have the courage to tell her husband what she'd done? She wasn't sure. God help her, she wasn't sure of anything any more.

    Lee Quigg had started in accusingly on his brother-in-law as soon as Blodgett re-entered the office. «Oh, buddy, you bought us a peck of trouble this time. What are you gonna do about her? She's really mad, John, she's not like the others. You know Ray Denham is just liable to take a shotgun to us?»

    «Shut up,» Blodgett rasped savagely, «that bitch isn't going to run and tell her old man she put out to both of us, she's not that crazy …» He snapped his fingers, «Got it!» He picked up the telephone and dialed swiftly, talking fast as his number rang. «What we have to do is discredit her, that way if she does tell no one will believe her … Hello, Eula? Get me Tully, and this is important! Get him on the line just as fast as you can.» He mopped at his brow with a handkerchief as he waited. There was an intercom system connecting the main house with the dairy barn, and in a few seconds the line clicked and Tully, the man who managed the farm, spoke into the receiver.

    «How fast can you get into town?» Blodgett barked into the telephone. «OK, here's what I want you to do. Drop whatever you're doing, and bring me some of that Spanish Fly – that's right, what you've got for the cows – and bring it in here to me at the bank. Not my office, I'm downstairs in Quigg's office. And Tully – you hustle, you hear?»

    A dazed, comprehending expression crept over Lee Quigg's weak face as he listened to the conversation and absorbed its implications. «John, what are you thinking of? You aren't going to use that stuff – you aren't going to give Spanish Fly to that girl in there? John, that stuff is dangerous, it can be poisonous to humans!»

    «Give me some credit for not being a fool,» the other man answered. «She'll get just enough. I didn't reckon on giving her what it takes to make one of those cows of mine hot, 'cause we already know it doesn't take too much of anything to get the little bitch that way. Tully'll be here inside of fifteen minutes. He knows how to floorboard that pickup truck, so calm down. Christ, I'm the one with high blood pressure and you're sweating like a mule!»

    They lit cigarettes and waited and in a few minutes there was a rap on the door and Tully entered. He was a burly southerner of the type often referred to as a «red-neck,» who had worked for Blodgett for years and was well acquainted with his employer's tastes and quirks. He handed over a little packet and received a shot of whiskey for his trouble, then was told to wait for a further errand. Lee Quigg watched dubiously as Blodgett measured out a portion of the aphrodisiac into a glass and added liquor, soda and ice. «Go get her,» he grinned lewdly, swirling the glass.

    For some reason Quigg assumed his professional bank manager's attitude when he went to call Sally. «All right, Mrs. Denham, will you come into my office now?» She rose and followed him warily. To her surprise a stranger, evidently a farmer, was sitting in one of the big chairs.

    «It's all right, Sally,» Blodgett remarked, «this is Tully Fairchild, he works for me and we can talk in front of him. Here, let's have a drink all around to show there's no hard feelings. I guess you're going to get your way, little lady …» the patent falseness of his tone went unnoticed by Sally, she was so wrung out from her experiences and mental anguish. «I want you to go home now. Mr. Quigg is drawing up the papers, just like you wanted …»

    «Then I can tell Ray?» she broke into a smile of relief, happiness and a sense of victory flooding her entire being.

    «Hadn't you better let Lee call him? So's he won't wonder how you came to hear about it first?»

    «Oh … oh, of course. I don't want Ray to know that I … that I had anything to do with it. But there'll be no more tricks!»

    «Ray will get a call,» he assured her solemnly, «within the half hour. And I hope that you and I will be seeing each other again … from time to time.» His steely eyes raked her with the bold assumption of mastery over her will, and she dropped her own eyes in confusion, unable to repress the little twinge of excitement that cascaded from her belly down to her genital area. She had accepted the drink rather reluctantly, but now she sipped at it and thought fleetingly that it must have been mixed by Quigg … the proportions or the ingredients were different, giving it a peculiar flavor. She was aware of the man Tully's gaze on her and wondered vaguely why they had admitted him to the office when Quigg had left instructions they were not to be disturbed. She continued the polite charade which was rather ludicrous in view of the intimacy the three had recently shared, and shook hands with the brothers-in-law as they ushered her out.

    Her legs, as she crossed the square, seemed not quite connected with her body so that it was difficult to walk in a straight line. When she got home she would wash her face with cold water and fix some strong black coffee … she had to get sobered up … actually, she hated liquor and didn't care if she never drank it again.

    On reaching the sanctuary of her apartment, however, Sally didn't get around to making the coffee right away. She lay down on the bed with a cold washcloth over her brow to relieve her sudden light-headed, dizzy feeling. She must change her clothes … her panties felt horribly sticky and damp. Sally sat up and removed her dress and slip, then fell back on the bed again clad in nothing but her brassiere and panties. Ray would be shocked to find her this way, but it felt so deliciously cool and her skin was suddenly so hot, all over. She pictured Ray standing there in the doorway, seeing her … and she unconsciously spread her legs apart as her breath began coming faster. When he saw her lying there he would naturally want to make love to her, and she could imagine his erection … his great, long cock standing out from his wiry black pubic hair.

    «Oooooohh,» she murmured sensuously, her hand moving to slip under the narrow waistband of her panties and massage the smooth tense flesh of her belly. She wanted her husband now as she had never wanted him before, nor any man. She wanted him with her, inside her … oh, God, she wanted his mighty cock to tear her apart and fill her … fill her belly. She groaned again, dimly ashamed of her own self for the unabashed wantonness of her thoughts, and this handling of herself such as a naughty child might do for prurient pleasure. Her fingers crept downward to her sparse female hair that was still soaked with her dried cum and with sperm … God, with Lee Quigg's lewd sperm!

    Wriggling ecstatically, Sally separated her own soft cunt lips and touched her middle finger to the tiny erect projection of her clitoris. Lord, she was afire down there! What was happening to her, had she gone sex-mad, shamelessly masturbating and violating herself this way? Oh, Ray, she begged soundlessly, I need you, darling, I need you to fuck me! It will be good this time, darling … so-o-o-o good … I'll make it good for you, just give me your wonderful cock!

    With desperate fumbling haste she rotated her fingers around her throbbing clitoris, but it wasn't enough … she ground her buttocks together in helpless lust and rammed her entire small fist up against the burning flesh of her cock-craving pussy as the powerful aphrodisiac in her bloodstream drove her, completely unaware of the cause, into ever-increasing frenzy.

    Chapter 6

    As he entered the swinging door of the bank, Ray Denham was keeping his fingers crossed, mentally. In recent days he had come to understand that he was hoping to acquire the drugstore almost as much for his wife Sally's sake as for his own. At the party they had attended at the country club, she had been so different … and it was only then he had realized how routine and boring her life must have been since he brought her here to Quiggville. The excitement of an evening out had brought a sparkle to her he rarely saw, especially when she'd been asked to dance so much and had chatted with the other wives. Of course she'd had too much to drink, but he could even forgive that under the circumstances. When – if – they began to earn a good income from the drugstore, Sally could take her rightful place in the social life of the tight little community and he himself could afford to be more sociable and unbend a little from his driving «all work – no play schedule. Everything depended on Lee Quigg's decision … which he would know in minutes now, after waiting so long.

    Ray shook hands with the bank manager and nodded to John Blodgett as they welcomed him into the office. Both men had been drinking and had evidently been at it most of the morning, he thought, but their faces were as sober as if they had recently taken the pledge. He sat down in the indicated chair.

    «Well, Ray, I didn't mean to put you off so long,» Lee Quigg began, «the fact is this has been a difficult loan application for me, one of the most difficult ones that I reckon I've ever run up against.»

    The somber tone of his voice warned Ray even more than the cautious choice of words that his application had been rejected, and his whole lanky body seemed to sag in defeat.

    «The Board of Directors simply wouldn't go for lending you any money,» Quigg continued, «although John and I both spoke in your favor and did what we could to change their minds. Now, that's all I'm obligated to tell you – that your application was turned down. But I feel I have a … a moral obligation to give you the reason.»

    «That's all right,» Ray said bitterly, «I'm aware of the reasons – no cash, no backing – no loan.»

    «It wasn't that Ray. You stand very high in the opinions of people in this town. You're a hard worker and a good manager … a fine credit risk. And I'm sure that you don't understand, or even suspect, why the Board wouldn't go along. I – well, damn it, this is kind of out of my line …»

    «What Lee is trying to say,» John Blodgett broke in smoothly, «is that this is a very small town, Ray, where everybody knows just about everything about everybody else. And it's a very moral town … good, church-going people. People that just don't like to do business with someone they feel is not one hundred percent up to those high standards of behavior. Now I'm going to be blunt, sorry, because there's just no other way. Frankly, the general consensus of feeling around town is that while you rate very high – well, your wife just doesn't fit in as a member of our strait-laced little community.»

    This statement was so ludicrous that at first Ray was not sure he was hearing right. Sally – not fit in Quiggville? Why, she was so far above the average local housewife in brains, education, character, and looks that there was not one woman he'd met here who could even come close to her. In his amazement, he at first rationalized that someone was jealous of Sally … maybe they had misinterpreted her natural reserve for snobbishness. «You've got to be kidding!» he exclaimed. «Christ, you know Sally. You know that's the most absurd piece of bullshit … who says she doesn't fit in? For that matter, what's her personality got to do with it anyway?»

    «Simmer down, Ray. We're not talking about Sally's personality … I'm afraid it's a hell of a lot more serious than that. It's her morals that folks are questioning.»

    «Now, look here …» Ray came up out of his chair, one hand pulled back into a fist.

    «Hold on, hold on!» Blodgett cried quickly, «you got to listen to us … We know how you feel. Do you think this is easy for me 'n Lee to do, talk to a man this way about his wife?»

    «All right,» with a masterful effort that left his face white, Ray controlled his temper. «So what are the local witches saying about Sally? That she wears mini-skirts, I suppose? She doesn't make it to church every Sunday?»

    «You better have a drink, Ray,» Lee Quigg interposed, and he fetched one. «Now, I said all along maybe it's a psychiatric problem. When I first heard the talk I didn't believe it either … I said it's got to be some kind of mental quirk that the gal can't help …»

    «Heard what talk?» the bewildered husband demanded, «what the hell are you guys trying to say? What's wrong with my wife?»

    «The fact is,» John Blodgett's voice dropped to a lower register and he sat down opposite Ray and leaned forward confidentially, «she's been seen with various men. Some of them – I won't name names – have bragged about going out with her.»

    Ray hurled his glass at the opposite wall, where it shattered against the paneling, and leaped at his boss, nearly throttling him before Lee Quigg succeeded in pulling him away and wrestling him to a halt. «It's true, Denham!» Quigg rasped. «It's all true. Get ahold of yourself, now. Why the hell would we be telling you this if it wasn't the truth?»

    Blodgett's purpling face slowly regained its normal ruddy hue. «Y'see,» he pointed out, «we could have just turned down the loan, but we figured a man ought to know about it when his wife is putting out. Naturally the husband is always the last poor son-of-a-bitch to find out.»

    «It can't be,» Ray said at last, groping his way to a chair as the room seemed to spin around him and their faces and voices blurred. «It can't be!» His Sally, his sweet innocent bride … dating other men, causing a scandal … cheating? He knew her better than that, knew everything there was to know about her, loved her … worshipped her. She wasn't capable of such a thing. Never. «There's a mistake somewhere,» he declared. «Something has been … misinterpreted, blown up out of proportion. I know Sally too well!»

    «I pray you're right,» John Blodgett said fervently, «but it looks bad. Now that you're takin' the news a little better and more sensible-like, I'm going to tell you the worst, Ray. They're saying in the beer gardens and joints around town that your wife is a nymphomaniac, that she'll take on anyone. They go right up to your place while you're in the store! I didn't b'lieve it myself, Ray, hell, who could when they'd met that sweet little gal? But when even the women got wind of it and started yakking about the scandal – well, you know my office windows look right out on the square?» Ray nodded, «I've seen it myself, son, seen men, even young punk kids, going in at your door. Now that of itself don't prove anything … but it don't look good, either.»

    «No,» Ray shook his head, «Sally wouldn't do anything like that in … in our own house. There is an explanation, there must be. Maybe… I thought her piano pupils were all girls, but t-there could be boys. One thing, I'm going to find out what's going on … and if you've slandered my wife, I'll sue you for every cent in this God damned bank!»

    «I've had my say,» the silver-tongued Blodgett looked pained at Ray's threatening statement. «There's just one thing more. If you were to go home right now, Ray, I think you'd find Sally with a visitor. I saw a fellow go in just about the time you came over here.»

    With a strangled exclamation, the young pharmacist leaped up and headed for the door.

    «Hold on!» Lee Quigg called after him, «John and I are coming along … we don't want any murders or mayhem …» They followed his loping pace at a brisk trot, but could not keep up with the long, fevered strides of the younger man. «Go on, Lee,» Blodgett panted, «I'm going to bring Duke. All hell may break loose over there!» His car was handily parked at the curb and it took only seconds to release the big German shepherd from the rear. The dog bounded ahead as if he knew their destination by instinct.

    It would have been impossible to chart Ray Denham's thoughts as he ran half-blindly in the direction of his home, unseeing of cars that narrowly missed him or acquaintances who spoke when he passed them with his head down. He felt as though both body and mind were dissolving into pieces, blown apart by the shattering suggestion that his young bride was unfaithful … an adulteress … and in the eyes of the righteous hypocrites of Quiggville, little better than a whore!

    Never! He couldn't accept it … there would have had to be some hint … she couldn't pretend to him, or live a lie like that, they were too close. Besides, he of all people in the world knew that Sally was not and never could be a nymphomaniac. She was, in fact, the next thing to frigid! Sex caused a revulsion in her that he was well aware of, to his sorrow, but that he had not been able to overcome with all his patience and tenderness in approaching her.

    He stumbled … a ghastly thought had taken possession of his reeling mind. What if – he'd heard of such women – what if Sally had abnormal desires? What if she could only be aroused by brutality, turned on by violent sex? Unthinkable … but not impossible. But why, then, hadn't she sought his help, confided in him?

    If she had been unfaithful, well, it was too much to contemplate what he would do in such a case. He groaned in misery and apprehension as he pushed open the unlocked first floor door. He stood there at the foot of the stairs trying to compose himself sufficiently to … he heard voices up there.

    Christ, he wanted to run … take the steps three-at-a-time. But drumming into him was the more dominant thought, easy … slowly … don't give her any warning, catch her in the act. He mounted the long flight, cat-like.

    Unreal. The bedroom door was wide open. They hadn't even taken the trouble to close the door. He moved in a vacuum, weightless … the room became a giant bubble enclosing him and the couple on the bed … no sounds intruded but their bestial cries as they urged each other on.

    The foremost sight which presented itself to the incredulous eyes of the cuckolded husband was the enormous muscular white rump of a man on his knees, hunching over the softer, smaller buttocks of his partner, spreading the stretched white moons cruelly apart. Between the man's legs his hairy balls hung down, dancing obscenely in the palpating fingers of a little feminine hand … his wife's hand.

    The husband rocked back as though driven by an unseen fist, clutching the doorframe for support. When he had partially recovered his senses, he started to move forward again when his arm was seized from behind by the wheezing figure of Lee Quigg who had just entered the doorway, his eyes, too, bugging nearly out of their sockets.

    The son-of-a-bitch is fucking her in the ass, Ray groaned, his vision narrowing to the hardened pole of flesh that disappeared completely into the stretched, red hole between her flattened buttocks, drawing the tender pink ridges of anal flesh back on the outward stroke. Sally's face was not that of a frigid woman. Dear Jesus, no, she wasn't resisting the furious untamed strokes that pummeled her unprotected ass-hole, she was undulating and waving her upraised buttocks salaciously back on his god damn cock. In dazed anguish Ray stared down at the incredible wanton performance of his wife, and to his sick amazement, Ray felt his own cock jerk with unwanted lust at the lurid sight of this huge stranger burying his endless cock deep into the writhing buttocks of his helplessly kneeling wife. Christ, she was reveling in her own debasement and being ass-fucked by this lousy brute … now she had her own fingers up in her raging pussy and was yelling, «Oh … Oh … Oh God! It's wonderful! Fuck harder! Harder … fill my belly with your cum! Fill me!»

    «Jesus H. Christ,» the ejaculation burst from John Blodgett, who had joined them, «look at her go,» he marveled, as they stared, rooted, at the perverted coupling which was taking place before their incredulous eyes.

    Next time I give Spanish Fly to a bitch, I'll take a turn at her first myself, Blodgett was thinking. He wouldn't have any further trouble with either of the Denhams, he felt sure … Ray's getting his proof … all the proof a man would ever need to know that his supposedly innocent wife was a whore … as for Sally, she'd never be able to hold her head up in Quiggville when this one got around. There had been some anxious moments, but his experiment had worked perfectly, after all. He thought he saw great possibilities for the future use of the aphrodisiac in keeping bitches like Sally Denham in line.

    And then, suddenly, a slim-furred black and tan body slipped past the three men and bounded right up on the bed with a joyous bark of recognition of two people the dog knew well.

    «Duke!» Tully paused to mutter in surprise. Where the hell had the dog come from? Followed him and pushed the door open? But it would have taken more than Duke's presence to dislodge him from the girl's wide- stretched anus!

    As for Sally, nothing else mattered in the world at that moment, only the awareness that instead of feeling shame and humiliation from the vile, unspeakable act he was submitting her to, she felt only an uncontrollable desire to reach the peak that was building … building tantalizingly deep inside her … and as he increased his assault into her warm, spongy passage her belly and loins screamed for release. Trickles of moisture inched down the gaping crevice between her straining ass-cheeks and on down the backs of her thighs.

    Whining softly, the great, well-trained dog nuzzled eagerly at the naked shoulders of the woman whose scent he remembered … his mate. Instinctive canine excitement had gripped his hairy flanks even as every man watching was undeniably affected by the carnal vulgarity of the spectacle on the bed. Had it been another dog pumping into Sally's willingly upthrust buttocks, there is no doubt Duke would have fought it for supremacy and the right to plunge his own animal cock into her … but in these circumstances he only panted and whined his distress and backed his hind legs repeatedly against Sally's kneeling form.

    «Oh … Duke, boy,» she gasped out, raising her head to stare at the red, shiny dart that was inching out of the dog's long black sheath. He was aroused … the dog wanted to fuck her, too, and why not, she asked herself … they all wanted it – men … dogs … the whole world wanted to fuck, and right now … Oh God … right now she felt as if she could fuck the whole world and it would not be enough, she could never get enough!

    «Holy Christ!» Lee Quigg exclaimed, «Duke's going after her … she wants the God-damned dog, too, but there's no room for him to get in.»

    Shifting her weight to one arm, Sally suddenly and involuntarily reached out, under the animal's belly and touched the tapered, red, wet point of his cock. It fascinated her so she had to feel it, had to help the poor dumb beast to satisfaction … he deserved it more than these filthy men who had used her body for every unthinkable purpose, Duke was a hell of a lot nobler than they were. Patiently, as if he understood her efforts to relieve him, the animal edged closer and closer until the woman's head was actually under his stomach and she continued to carefully massage and play with his animal cock.

    «Suck it, bitch! Suck it!» the lewd suggestion burst from Blodgett's curled, sneering mouth.

    And she did. She simply opened her mouth and let the slender red point insert itself between her sensually parted lips … right into her mouth until it nearly touched the back of her throat and she began to move her tongue experimentally around the strange presence, savoring the sweet tangy taste. Excitement at the vile, disgusting thing she was doing began to grow inside her as the length of the growing shaft began to shoot into her mouth in regular rhythm. The perverted ecstasy of being fucked from behind into her anus while the hard animal penis sawed into her ovalled mouth nearly drove her insane. She wanted Duke to squirt his canine sperm into her mouth … wanted to taste his hot cum … and she sucked hungrily at his quivering cock while Tully buried his hard length in the forbidden depths of her ravaged rectum.

    Ray was nearly mad from the sight of the horrifying depravity taking place in front of him, yet, perversely, his cock had swelled into painful hardness that lay hotly against his stomach. His wife sucked on and on at Duke's furiously pistoning shaft while gutteral sounds of joy purred in her throat.

    Suddenly, Duke whimpered as his glossy, strong body began to jerk convulsively and his haunches curved inwards. Sally's mouth was flooded with a hot, thick stream of sticky liquid which threatened to choke her as it poured lewdly down her desperately swallowing throat. Voraciously, she sucked and swallowed, gulping down the hot dog-cum as Duke whined again and her whole self was filled with rapturous masochistic feelings of unnatural joy. The organ began quickly to deflate while she still held it between her clasping lips, and then it withdrew from her and slipped back into its long sheath and the dog's warmth retreated from her.

    Ray groaned inwardly as he watched his wife swallow the last pungent drops of the animal cum, running the pink tip of her tongue delicately around her lips to capture the last stringy drops. And then, suddenly he saw her mouth open again, gasping, as she uttered a scream and began to flail her head wildly from side to side, her matted, tangled hair backs of her ther perspiration-soaked white shoulders. He sensed that she was in the beginning throes of an orgasm, and he stared hypnotized as she screwed her buttocks salaciously back against Tully's bulk like a rutting bitch dog. She screamed and moaned again and again as she rammed back insanely. She had never dreamed that such wanton, abandoned pleasure could exist in this world … she was gone!

    Tully seized her white rounded buttocks as they began to contract uncontrollably, signifying the intensity of her climax deep in her quaking belly. He forced her waving ass to near-stillness and looked down to see the thick white fluid that oozed out of her pulsating, clasping cunt while her asshole squeezed his prick until he thought it would blow apart.

    «Aaaaaaaahhhhh … Oooooohhhh,» she moaned out her beautiful, overwhelming release, rocked by diminishing spasms of unending bliss.

    «S-h-i-i-i-t,» he mouthed, «I'm cuming!» and he rammed into her with such force she thought his long prick would come up in her throat. She felt him behind her jerking against her flattened buttock moons and then a powerful surge of swirling, sticky sperm shot deep up in her rectum, filling her, flooding her back passage. He gasped out a final groan of relief and she felt him pulling back and out of her, until suddenly there was a lewd popping sound and the cool blissful air poured into the forever-stretched hole of her tortured anus. Her milk- white buttocks gleamed wetly before the excited onlookers who could look right up her fringed pink pussy slit with its wet, cum-soaked pubic hair, as she fell forward limply, exhausted.

    * * * * *

    Eula Babcock had remained for a long time with her hand still on the receiver of the telephone, trying to come to a decision. She had overheard all of the brief conversation between Mr. Blodgett and Tully Fairchild, and her alert mind told her that something unusual was happening today, in town. She knew Blodgett, knew every evil nuance of his warped personality and lust for power. She knew even better about his other lust, the insatiable sexual appetite. No woman was too important, nor too unimportant, for him to seduce.

    What in heaven's name did he want with the Spanish Fly? The stuff was available to every farmer or breeder who had a legitimate need of it, so why should he send Tully so hastily to fetch it? Whatever, she was sure he was up to no good and she bet someone was going to get hurt. She even could guess who that someone was.

    But in a few weeks now she would be free … free for a long time and maybe for good, of her despised boss. They were going to Florida for the whole winter and she would come out to the big house only every other week or so to check on things. And while Blodgett was away, Eula intended to be sure she got pregnant. God, married four years now and she'd never dared, never been able to stop taking the pill as long as she worked in this household, because if she'd gotten pregnant there would be no way of knowing for sure whose baby it was, her husband's or Blodgett's!

    Tears of shame welled up in her luminous eyes as she recalled for the thousandth time the day she'd come to work here, fresh out of high school and engaged to marry Luke Babcock … the day Blodgett had seen her and wanted her. What chance had a poor little black girl had against a man of his cunning? He'd owned her body just as surely as his ancestors had owned their slaves a century ago. After her wedding she thought he'd have the decency to leave her alone, but of course he had no decency whatever … he simply controlled her now through her husband … through Luke's foreman's job at the sawmill. There wasn't any union or job security at the mill and Eula knew he could make good on his threat to have Luke fired, any time he felt like it. But he couldn't insist that she keep on working here if she was pregnant … he'd have to let her go then!

    Lord almighty, sometimes she'd felt so desperate about the situation she'd even thought of killing him, God forgive her. The worst thing of all was the loathing he'd created in her for her own weak self, making her hate herself worse each time she let him use her body … because he could always make her do it and make her enjoy it before he was through fucking her, and he did … forcing her to beg him for it and use dirty words … that was what gave him the biggest thrill of all, a woman begging him for cock …

    «Eula!» a petulant voice called.

    She gave a guilty start and hurried into Miss Lauralee's bedroom, remembering that when the telephone rang she'd been about to replenish the ice in Miss Lauralee's ice bag.

    Her mistress had tied a good one on this weekend, all right. Eula never remembered her looking so bad or being so sick. She was still a beautiful woman, even in her forties, why did she want to go ruining her looks with booze? 'Course being married to him was reason enough, the pretty maid thought grimly, though she knew that was not the root cause of Mrs. Blodgett's alcoholism. That was probably boredom, as much as anything, and as she often did, Eula felt a quick, genuine surge of pity for the spoiled, wealthy woman who lay there in her exquisite bedroom, sick as a dog. Miss Lauralee led a plainly useless life, and everybody needed something useful to occupy themselves. Eula hoped it would be better in Florida, and Mrs. Blodgett would find some new interest there.

    She entered the darkened room and moved methodically about her task of taking ice cubes from the plastic bucket on the dresser and stuffing them into the round ice bag.

    «Who was that on the phone?» Lauralee murmured weakly from the bed, squinting her red, aching eyes against even the dim light that filtered through the heavy drapes.

    «Mr. Blodgett,» Eula said shortly, «wanted to talk to Tully.»

    She moved to her mistress's side and gently smoothed back the blonde hair that was piled high atop Lauralee's small, well-shaped head. The woman's face was a sick gray beneath her deep tan and the absence of any make-up revealed a network of fine, nearly invisible wrinkles at the corners of her wide blue eyes, as well as a faint sagging of the flesh beneath her tiny chin. Even like this, she could still be considered attractive, particularly if one passed over the dull, ashen face to the sun-browned body which was still youthfully firm and slender. Beneath the filmy peach-colored nightgown the outlines of a full swelling bosom were delineated, right to the dark, slightly withered nipples. Her hands, with long blood-red nails in startling contrast to the pastel shades of the room and the wan features of their owner, twisted nervously in her lap. Very gently the maid lowered the ice bag to the woman's forehead, adjusting it to conform to her browline.

    «Fix me some tomato juice, will you?» Lauralee instructed. «Someone told me the other day that tomato juice was good for a hangover. God, it can't hurt to try …» she grimaced in pain.

    «Yes, Ma'am,» Eula said, «you want some toast with it? You got to try to eat something.»

    «No, not yet … I couldn't. What's the matter, Eula – are you crying?»

    «Why, no, Ma'am,» Eula brushed her cheek, trying to smile and failing.

    «You are! Now, come on, what is it? I want you to tell me, Eula.»

    «It's nothing, honest. Just I was a little worried about somethin', that's all.»

    «All right, what are you worried about? I won't be able to rest until I know, so you might as well come out with it.» Lauralee was never able to abide a secret, she had a child's unquenchable desire to pry into everything, whether it concerned her or not. «Is it because we're going away?»

    «No'm, I'm just worried about somethin' I heard Mr. Blodgett say … just now, on the phone. I was listening,» she admitted, the wish to share her secret terrible knowledge with someone else overpowering her sense of discretion.

    «Well, what did he say?» cried the exasperated Lauralee, wincing as darts of pain shot through her skull.

    «He told Tully he wanted him to fetch some Spanish Fly, 'n bring it to town right away, to the bank.»

    «S-spanish Fly?» She could not help but smile slightly at the mention of the stuff. The very words had a lewd connotation, of whispered unmentionable things that passed furtively between children sharing their back-alley-acquired sexual information and misinformation.

    «What would that do to a woman, if she took some of that Spanish Fly?» Eula inquired earnestly. It would set her crazy, wouldn't it, Miss Lauralee?»

    «I-I don't know. We used to hear things, when we were kids, but I never knew of an actual cases … I know it's dangerous to take too much, though. But what makes you think of that? All the farmers around here use it, so it's not unusual that John would ask Tully to fetch some …» but as she tried to make light of the girl's suspicions, it occurred to Lauralee that it was rather a funny request, and might indeed be an indication of some deviltry. God knew, her husband was capable of many things … Eula had no business listening on the extension … probably did it all the time, listened to her calls, too, the little sneak … but why the hell was she worried enough to cry over it?

    «I know, but Mr. Blodgett said …» the maid began fearfully, «he told me the other day there was this certain lady who was givin' him a hard time about something and he was gonna have to do something about it. A- an' I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to this lady … l-like the others,» she added in a low, monotonous voice.

    «What others?» through her jarring, all-pervading headache, something was beginning to get through to Lauralee Blodgett that here was no ordinary household crisis, but something deeper and darker, of ominous proportions. She had long ago gotten used to Eula's extraordinary beauty, or so she thought, but now she was noting it all over again … the flawless dusky skin … the body that was so harmoniously molded, the thick black hair that glimmered in loose waves … the dark red, trembling lips. She was almost positive now that Eula was making some reference to the amorous exploits of her husband … well, she knew he had them, had known for years that he would chase any skirt on the horizon. They had had a sort of mutual understanding, never spelled out but honored on both sides, don't tell me and I won't tell you. Because she had done her share of playing around … seldom now, though. It was such a small town and their friends were really a very limited circle … not much opportunity for new conquests, and lately, with the drinking, she hadn't cared very much about the lack of different talent. She'd always supposed John would have the sense to be discrete about anything he got mixed up in … the Quigg name still counted for something around here and marriage to her meant that he had to conduct himself accordingly … John knew that. And if he'd been screwing Eula behind her back, making a fool out of his wife in her own ancestral home and creating gossip about them in town … she'd kill him, that's all … she'd kill him! And she goddamn well knew he had been screwing the little bitch … else why would he discuss other women with Eula … or Eula be scared out of her cotton-picking wits?

    Forcing the excruciating pain of her throbbing head and the queasy condition of her dry, empty stomach from her thoughts, she sat up straight against the pillows, with a regal gesture. «Get me a drink, you little fool!»

    «Miz Blodgett! You hadn't better have any whiskey yet!»

    «I said to get me a drink.»

    The harried black girl rushed to comply, seeing that Miss Lauralee was determined to have it and knowing that thwarting her would only make matters worse for herself. She brought back an old-fashioned glass half full of whiskey and handed it silently to her mistress. Lauralee tilted her head back and swallowed the liquid straight. A drop escaped from the quivering corner of her parched lips and she wiped it away with the back of a red-nailed hand. As the burning fluid coiled warmly within her belly she felt steadier within seconds … her ragged nerves steadying.

    «Now, Eula,» she began in a more conciliatory tone, «there's nothing to be scared of. I'm not going to be angry with you, but I just want you to tell me all about what's bothering you … tell it right from the beginning.»

    «Yes, Ma'am,» the maid murmured, head down. An overpowering sense of relief at the prospect of ridding herself of the burden of guilt nearly overcame her. She started twice and had to stop. At last the words of confession began to flow. «The beginning? … That was a long time ago, Miss Lauralee. Yes, ma'am, the bad things have been goin' on for a long time …»

    * * * * *

    The best I ever had, Tully Fairchild told himself contentedly, the absolute fucking best. He lay prone for several seconds, awash in the euphoric sea of satisfaction and drained as he had never been before in a sexual encounter. At last he moved, heaving his big frame clumsily off the bed to reach for his hastily discarded clothing. In the process, he half-turned around and he halted right there in a grotesque position, and stared at the trio of men filling the doorway. Shit … they'd fooled him good … he'd never figured on putting on no peep- show. That cussed Blodgett and his brother-in-law had followed him over here to gawk at the action … well, 'tween him and the dog he guessed they'd seen enough to raise a couple of good hardons! But by God, the other guy – he was the fucking bitch's husband!

    Tully stepped backward, caught in the classic low-comedy position of having his pants down … which sure as hell wasn't too funny, after all. He expected the guy to bust him one, or let fly with a load of buckshot at any second … and if he had a gun it was all over, because Tully hadn't … his shotgun was out there mounted across the rear window of the pickup, damn it all. So he tensed himself and waited … one foot in his pants. Around here if a guy caught someone screwing his wife, folks considered he had a perfect right to shoot.

    Ray Denham had no gun, though, and Blodgett and Quigg were restraining him from leaping on Tully.

    «Best thing you can do, son,» advised his boss, «is pack up and get out of town. Take her along, if you still want her after seein' this … ain't no future for you here. I reckon you see now what we were talking about?»

    Sally had pushed herself up from the tumbled bed on hearing their voices and now, propped on one bare arm, she was staring in terror at the figure of her husband.

    «Oh, Christ,» he muttered brokenly, «S-Sally … my God, Sally, how could you do it?»

    She wanted to cry out to him that she could explain, but what would have been the use? After he'd seen, watched her suck a dog's cock while at the same time a man had fucked her in the ass … and her begging for more … there could be no explanation that would ever satisfy him, there was no explanation for her disgusting, unnatural behavior. God knew, she herself was puzzled even as she did it, puzzled as to what perverted compulsion had taken hold of her and guided her body against her very own will … all she knew was that at the time, she had to have cock or go out of her mind! Even now … even now when she'd had her fill of more fucking than any normal woman could take … her cunt still burned and twitched. Oh, yes, God help her, but it was true … she would gladly take on another man right now, right this very minute! What husband could understand that? She'd lost him, lost everything … she was ruined.

    And then, her eyes widened in absolute disbelief as yet two more figures pushed their way into the boxy little bedroom. Lauralee Blodgett, looking like the wrath of God with her blonde hair tumbled and no makeup on her ravaged face, and behind her a voluptuously lovely black girl in a crisp white uniform. Lauralee reached into the little straw purse she carried and there was a gun in her hand when she brought it out, a small but very lethal looking blue-black revolver.

    «You son of a bitch,» the gun barrel came up slowly and leveled unmistakably at her husband. «You low down white-slaver. No, don't you move – you're not going anywhere … no one in this room leaves until we hear the whole story! Now, John, who did you feed the Spanish Fly to?»

    «Lauralee, honey,» Blodgett's voice was a pleading, ingratiating whine, «you're sick. You shouldn't be out of bed! For God's sake put the gun away and let's talk sensible.»

    «You sent Tully to town with Spanish Fly, John,» his wife ignored his remarks. «It was for Mrs. Denham, wasn't it? You see, I know … but I want to hear you say it …» the gun barrel wobbled noticeably and she moved closer to her husband, close enough for him to smell the odor of liquor and know she'd been on the bottle again. He looked down the little hole that was no more than a half-inch in diameter and he knew there was only the thinnest of threads separating him from death.

    «All right! Yes … yes, I – we gave her just a little … didn't do her any harm, she's all right … see? She's all right!»

    «Maybe,» Lauralee said cynically, «and are the others all right, too, John? All the teenage girls and the young brides, like Eula here? Did you leave them all in good condition when you got through with them? You filthy bastard – I ought to kill you right now and make an end of your miserable existence. You – dragging my family name through the mud and disgracin' us all … corrupting my brother, making him do your dirty work for you … you lowdown white trash!»

    John Blodgett's handsome, confident features seemed to dissolve under his wife's venomous onslaught. He saw the imminent collapse of everything he had built up so painstakingly over the years … his influence destroyed … and then, a white-hot pain knifed through his upper arm and seared into his shoulder. In seconds the muscles of his chest were constricted with it … strangling his life breath … he thought she had fired the gun, shot him down … but then he knew it was something else squeezing him with agony.

    Before their shocked eyes he crumpled to the floor, gasping, «Get Doc! Get Doc!»

    Chapter 7

    The tobacco-brown station wagon nosed into an angled parking place at the curb in front of the drugstore. In the back, Duke whined and wiggled his sinuous form expectantly.

    «No, boy,» Lauralee chided the big dog affectionately, «stay. I'll only be a few minutes, and then we're going for a nice ride, OK?» The dog sat down patiently.

    She opened the door and stepped out gracefully, the flash of exposed brown thigh drawing a flicker of interest from two loafers who were ranged along the curb. She did not mind, and in fact deliberately let her firm, round buttocks undulate a bit more than was usual as she stepped up to the parking meter and slid a nickel into it. Then she walked into the drugstore, quite aware of the ogling pair of eyes that followed her progress. Well, Lauralee thought, if you can still get attention at my age why not give 'em a little ass-wiggle or two … brighten their day? Good for their morale as well as hers.

    Her morale was high, and her contentment showed in the brisk, purposeful way she entered the store, smiling at Miss Minnie as she moved along the aisles, surveying the merchandise displays. The change from the dark, dusty interior of the store as it had been never failed to amaze Lauralee, although the remodeling had been completed for a good two months now.

    «Hi, partner!» she called out gaily as she approached the gleaming new prescription counter. Ray Denham looked up from his desk with an answering smile.

    «Hello … partner.» There was a special warmth in his voice which might have suggested to a listener that there was something more here than a simple business relationship.

    She really knew how to dress, Ray was thinking. A simple, expensive button-down-the-front cotton dress that might have looked severe on a figure that was less well-endowed. Ripe … that was the word. Ripe, without an ounce of extra flesh … a figure that care and exercise had made the equal if not the envy of the average woman fifteen years younger than Lauralee Blodgett. The petulance and boredom had disappeared from her face and her eyes were clear and sparkling.

    She pushed through the little gate that led to the prescription department, with a nod and pleasant word to the new assistant pharmacist, and seated herself on Ray's desk … one long tanned leg swinging and the rather brief dress hiked up to a point on her thigh that was barely decent.

    «Well, how do the books look, partner?» Lauralee bent right over the ledger so that the point of her full right breast nearly touched the open page.

    «Well, they look damn good … but it's a bit hard to keep my mind on the profit and loss statement with such, uh … distractions,» Ray laid his pen down and deliberately let his hand rest against the warmth of her flattened thigh.

    «Mmmmmmmmmm,» she purred, glancing around the store to see if anyone was watching and then wriggling closer to him as a loose, pleasant feeling pervaded her lower body, «just keep on making money for us and I won't bother my head about the books. Do you know why I'm here, darling?»

    «Couldn't keep away a moment longer, I reckon?» he teased.

    «Shame on you …» she wriggled again as his hand began to move slowly along her upper leg with insinuating pressure, «I'm here to fetch you. Sally phoned and suggested, since I'm coming to dinner at your place anyway, that I give you a ride and save her the trouble of picking you up.»

    «God, is it actually that late?» he consulted his watch. «Funny, how the time goes these days … I always used to be watching the clock, when …» he paused, leaving the statement unfinished, but they both knew he meant to say when I was working for John. They avoided reference to Lauralee's late husband, not out of regret but merely because the subject was still distasteful. It was now six months since the day he had collapsed in the bedroom of the Denham's apartment over the drugstore and died a few hours later in the hospital, of a massive heart attack. From conversations with their family doctor, Lauralee learned that her husband had tricked her right up to the last. Doc had not been expecting John to have a heart attack … he was, in fact, surprised, and attributed it to the unusual stress of the occasion. None of those present that day had revealed that Lauralee had threatened her husband with a gun; by mutual agreement all of the sordid facts had been concealed. Lee Quigg of course was glad to keep silent … as was Tully Fairchild, as he was promised a permanent job as manager of Lauralee's farm … and Eula knew that her husband's job at the sawmill was his as long as he wanted it.

    The story given out was that there had been an argument of the pending sale of the drugstore, and John Blodgett had become too excited. After his death Lauralee abandoned all thought of the Florida apartment, she'd never wanted to go to Florida anyway and had only agreed because she thought it would be beneficial to her husband's health. Nor did she sell the drugstore. A partnership agreement was drawn up between Ray Denham and-Lauralee, with Ray receiving very favorable terms and a loan from the Quigg personal funds to finance the purchase of his share.

    Lauralee had at last found something to occupy her time in straightening out the tangled business affairs of her late husband. She began to take an active interest in the various things, especially the store, and her drinking problem improved almost immediately. Now it could be said that it was no longer a problem at all – apparently she had not reached the point of real addiction to alcohol, as she was able to take a couple of drinks and then voluntarily call a halt.

    «Yes, it is that late,» she swung her small foot, observing with hardly concealed pleasure the effect that the motion of her shapely leg had on Ray. «How soon can you be ready?»

    «Oh, Jack and Miss Minnie can close up. I'll be right with you.» He pushed his chair back and stood up, stretching wide. Ray had gained some needed weight and had lost the harried, worried look he had worn in his earlier months in Quiggville.

    Sally had given him a set of golf clubs for Christmas, shortly after they joined the country club, and as often as the mild Tennessee winter permitted he had been on the course, taking lessons from the club pro.

    In a few minutes the owners of the drugstore were getting into the station wagon, where Duke ecstatically greeted Ray with barks and thumping wags of his tail. Lauralee piloted the car expertly around the square and through the outskirts of Quiggville and in five minutes they were turning in at Hickory Acres.

    «What did you think of the housewarming party?» Ray inquired, his eyes going proudly to the brand new pink brick colonial ranch type house into which he and Sally had moved the previous week. Lauralee shrugged.

    «I reckon it was a great success … everybody was there. But personally, I do prefer more intimate parties … with just you and Sally and a few of our special friends …» her prettily curved lips parted in a cat-like little smile.

    «So do I, darling,» Ray assured her, «but for the occasion, with, as you said, everyone there, we had to be careful not to shock some of our more … uh, sedate citizens. Not everybody in Quiggville swings, as I'm sure you've noticed.»

    «Thank God, some people do,» Lauralee giggled wickedly, «and thank God you and Sally joined our 'inner circle.'»

    «Well, there'll just be the three of us tonight,» he said as she braked the car in his driveway, «but we'll have to see if we can give the new place a real housewarming!»

    Sally appeared at the side door as they climbed out of the car and Duke, released at last, bounded right up to her, barking joyously. She ruffled his fur affectionately, smiling a welcome to Lauralee and her own darling Ray. Sally still couldn't get over the way things had worked out for them, and just when the future had appeared so bleak. She had found, after that nasty John Blodgett was out of the picture, that Lauralee was really not stuck-up at all and the two women had become close friends. Lauralee had seen to it that the Denhams were welcomed into the very private little group of more modern Quiggville couples who had adopted a 20th century attitude toward sex and particularly group sex. At the time it all happened, Ray had deplored the terrible experiences Sally had been put through, but he now wondered if it had not been for the best in the long run. At least she had been initiatated – however drastically – into the pleasure of the male-female relationship.

    Sally led them into the living room, one arm around Ray's waist and the other encircling Lauralee's slimness. «I'm a lousy bartender,» she confided, «but I put all the fixings out … build us some drinks, Ray?»

    He complied with the request and then they all seated themselves around the long living room which was not as yet completely furnished but had all the essentials.

    «How was your day?» Sally asked her husband warmly, her gray eyes lingering on his long body with a gleam of … could it be desire?

    «Good. Thursday's getting to be almost as big a day as Friday or Saturday.»

    «Yes, that's what Lee was saying,» Lauralee remarked. «By the way, Sally, Lee and his wife really had a good time at your open house. I don't think I've ever seen that prig he's married to unbend quite so much. Why, one of these days we might even recruit them for some fun and games.»

    «Oh, I'm sure we could recruit Lee right now,» Sally laughed knowingly, «but that wife of his is something else. She reminds me of … of me, the way I used to be.»

    «Yeah,» her husband nodded, «the way you used to be … B.S.»

    «Why, Ray Denham, hush your mouth!» his wife giggled.

    «I wasn't referring to the common expression 'bull shit,'» he said loftily. «I meant 'before sex.'»

    «What were you planning for dinner?» Lauralee changed the subject, «I hope you didn't go to a lot of trouble.»

    «No, not at all. The salad's in the refrigerator and the baked potatoes are finished and in the warming oven. It's just a matter of putting the steaks on the grill.»

    «Hmmmmm,» Ray looked from one woman to the other. The drink had relaxed him and was having a pleasantly languorous effect … except on his penis, which was stirring down there in his pants as he contemplated the girls he referred to as his two partners. «Then why not postpone dinner for a little while. Did I show you the new master bedroom the other night, Lauralee? There's one feature that's very handy … the king size bed. I think it would hold all of us without any crowding … right, Sally?»

    His wife smiled as a tingling excitement commenced to make itself felt in her loins as she grasped his meaning. «Lovely idea. Will you give us a guided tour?»

    «Just follow me!» He set down his empty glass and all three stood up eagerly and trooped toward the bedroom, Duke following, nosing his way through the door after them.

    «What a dog!» Lauralee groaned. «He never misses out on a chance for some pussy … he's really shocking, sometimes … but you know, since I'm alone, I do find it's nice to have Duke around … there are times when a dog is woman's best friend!»

    The trio undressed rapidly and soon were all sprawled naked on the huge bed. Ray lay on his back in the center, his enormous, erect cock pointing toward the ceiling like a flagpole as he slowly stroked the uncircumcised head to even greater hardness, rolling the thick fold of skin down until the purplish, blood-engorged tip quivered with arousal. Lauralee leaned over him, staring down fondly at the big prick she had seen many times now but still found thrilling in a lewd, vulgarly fascinating way. Just the sight of it and the thought of it pushing up inside a woman was enough to moisten the hair-fringed folds of her cunt lips as her secretions oozed from her heated vagina and she pressed her thighs together to further stimulate the exciting flow. Ray reached up with one hand and began to fondle her breasts which hung pendulously over his flat stomach, their dark nipples hardening under his fingers.

    Sally's long soft body lay on his other side, fitted closely to his. She lay on her back, watching with lewd interest her husband's caressing of their friend's full-swelling breasts. God, she was hot already … sometimes she thought the Spanish Fly had not completely passed out of her body yet, though she knew that was impossible. But ever since that day she had unwittingly swallowed the powerful aphrodisiac, Sally had welcomed sex … in fact, she eagerly sought it from her husband … and then, when construction began on their new home in Hickory Acres they had met some couples in the subdivision and had been invited to a few parties … gradually, carefully, the subject had been broached … little hints were dropped that here was one part of Quiggville where the inhabitants had been liberated from old- fashioned sexual taboos. It had not taken long for the Denhams to join in, and with them, Lauralee Blodgett.

    Ray's free hand came to rest on Sally's little belly, feeling her instant, quivering response. She sighed and pushed her thighs slightly apart, waiting tensely for his hand to slide, as she knew it would, into the warm, damp «vee» between her legs and play with her hot pussy. Aaaahhh, his probing fingers found her clitoris and began to steadily manipulate the sensitive little nub of flesh and Sally moaned contentedly and screwed her buttocks into the soft mattress as she opened her legs wider and wider to him.

    «You lazy gals are making me do all the work,» Ray complained jokingly as he continued to arouse them both by means of his strong hands.

    «Oh, all right, I'll take pity on you,» Lauralee sighed, letting her hand go to his desire-swollen penis and grip its thickness that she could hardly contain in her small fingers. As she carefully smoothed back the foreskin, Ray groaned and writhed in pleasure. She quickly crawled to the foot of the bed, spreading his legs apart and crawling up between them, her excitement mounting to feverish heights at the mere thought of what she was getting ready to do to him. Still working the foreskin up and down over the velvety smooth cock-head, Lauralee dropped her face until her mouth was almost touching his extended rod. Tantalizingly, she blew her soft breath on him and he groaned with pleasure. Her tongue flicked out and made delicious warm moist contact with the rubbery bulbous tip. She ran her tongue in a circle around it, while his big body twisted until she found the tiny crevice and pushed her tongue-tip into it, savoring the pungent flavor of his seminal fluid that had seeped from the minuscule opening. Her nostrils flared with lewd excitement and prickles of desire teased the nerve-ends of her body as she relished every savory drop. Both of her hands now smoothed down his pointing shaft and caressed the velvet-smooth softness of his testicles. Cupping his sac in one palm, she again pulled back his foreskin until the ponderous, naked head stood starkly revealed … slowly, shaping her lips into an oval, she lowered them onto the rubbery cock-head letting it rub against the lip-covered ridge of her teeth as her wet mouth slid down to encompass his maleness … down, down …

    «That's it,» Ray rasped as he began to push his hips upward against her face in slow rhythmic movements. «Suck me, baby … suck hard!»

    Lauralee did, now thoroughly excited by the lustful, debasing act she was committing as her head bobbed up and down over his loins, his long, thick cock spearing upward into her mouth while beside them his wife had risen on her elbow to stare eagerly at the couple, her legs squeezed together to hold Ray's hand in contact with her throbbing pussy flesh as she watched … her own head bent over almost to Lauralee's as the older woman sucked voraciously now, her tongue swirling furiously about the pulsing blood-filled knob that pumped in and out of her obscenely clasping lips. Lauralee was humming wantonly deep in her throat as if already in bliss at the masochistic thought of being filled with Ray's lewd white sperm that might at any moment now flood her mouth and throat … indeed she was thinking of that very thing, and her cunt began to quiver down below as her lips locked tighter and tighter around the lust-hardened cock ramming upward into her face until the crisp hairs of his loins brushed against her chin.

    As for Sally, she could hardly have been more excited if she had been the one hunched over her husband and sucking his thick cock, cheeks hollowing and filling. Suddenly, Ray seized Lauralee's head with his left hand and held it while he rammed cruelly up into her mouth. But Sally was tired of her onlooker's role in the sensual, salacious drama and suddenly craved a more direct piece of the action. Abruptly, she rolled over and got to her knees, crawling up alongside Ray's long outstretched body and then, throwing one leg over him she squatted down, lowering her passion-crazed cunt until it was positioned directly over his mouth.

    She shuddered with pleasure as she felt first his hot breath and then his long wet tongue wetly probing into her lust-filled vagina. Her body responded with a jolt of electric excitement. «Ooooooh, yes … wonderful, darling … lick it, yes … eat my cunt!» She knew well how such obscenities further inspired her husband to new plateaus of rapturous sexual activity. His long hot tongue curled around her clitoris and began to dart lizard-like into her wide open pussy as she squatted over his face in the most salacious position imaginable while below Lauralee continued her oral assault on his wildly jerking penis. As his tongue raced deeper into the hotly seeping hole between her widespread thighs, Sally continued to croon her delighted acceptance of his sucking of her squirming cunt, her noises blending with the debased wet smacking sounds he was making as he worked under her. Greedily, he licked the whole length of her passion-drenched cuntal slit and she unconsciously pushed her hips slightly forward as his tongue moved on to probe at her unprotected puckered little anus ring. Her body was nearly consumed with raw excited joy as his tireless tongue burrowed deeper, actually penetrating the forbidden little hole.

    Lauralee's eyes flicked up to where the stretched moons of Sally's white buttocks nearly obliterated her view of Ray's face. She could see his tongue, however, darting from his mouth and disappearing right up inside the straining girl's gaping wet pussy-slit. Ray's hands came around his wife's writhing hips to seize Lauralee's blonde hair again and ram her mouth down further on his thickly upthrusting cock. As her head went down, Lauralee suddenly had a glimpse of them all in the wide mirror of the double dresser. By God, it was something… the three obscenely jerking bodies … the two women both laboring over Ray's prostrate form while Duke could only watch, alert and eagerly waiting for his turn which he was perfectly intelligent enough to know was coming next. Spurred on by her lewd thoughts, Lauralee Blodgett plunged her bobbing head up and down over the swollen rod of male flesh, laving its rock-hard tip with her tongue.

    God, he must come soon … his cock felt as though it would split wide open it was so hard … in her mounting passion, Lauralee suddenly rammed her hand down between her own crouching thighs and shoved two fingers up into her steaming wet pussy. «AAaaaaaaahhhhhh,» she growled deep in her throat, rotating the fingers and rummaging up into her own velvety warm cavern until she had established a masturbatory rhythm that was infinitely pleasing and heightened her enjoyment of-Ray's cock. On and on she sucked, until Ray thought he would blow his mind as his aching balls readied their load of white hot cum.

    And then, it happened! With his tongue buried deep in his wife's cunt, Ray grunted and grabbed at Lauralee's head, ramming it down onto his thick member until all that protruded from her tightly ovaled lips was a tiny portion around the hairy base. She felt it jerk in her mouth convulsively and then her throat constricted as the semen began to gush out. She swallowed desperately, downing big gulps of the hot, sticky flood. Her cheeks bloated and hollowed as her mouth filled and emptied again and again and she wondered if there was an end to the lewd stream pouring down her throat. Around her fingers sunk deep in her palpitating vagina something sticky was oozing … God, she could almost make herself cum if she tried, she was so God damned hot … almost but not quite. She felt his cock in her mouth rapidly deflating and soon it slipped completely out of her still-clasping lips, pulling with it the last sticky strings of lewd sperm. Lauralee backed off from him, wiping her mouth contentedly, but still unsated. Then Duke whined, and she snapped her fingers and the magnificent animal instantly bounded onto the bed and stood over her.

    «I'll be your bitch,» his mistress promised, getting to her hands and knees and presenting the smooth white moons of her buttocks to the big black and tan German Shepherd who mounted her immediately, his glistening scarlet penis unsheathed and extending to incredible length under his furry hindquarters. His forepaws clasped at the narrow point of her waist and she felt a drop of his saliva trickle onto her naked back as she waited patiently while Duke stabbed at her open wet cuntal slit with his tapered dogcock. Then, he was in … gliding up into her with the smooth wet feeling that always nearly drove her out of her mind with excitement. «Uuuunnhhhh!» she grunted and pressed her buttocks back against his quivering haunches to further impale herself on his gleaming rod.

    Meanwhile, Sally had waited patiently when she felt Ray jerk beneath her and he began to grunt out his orgasm and this had interfered with the rhythm of his tongue-thrusts into her pulsing vagina. She whimpered now, though, unable to contain her debased craving for him to fill her again and suck her to her own blissful completion. She groaned her throbbing, stretched-open cunt against his face, her very soul revelling with the thought of the enchantment that was coming, for she knew her husband would not fail her desperate need for release. Again his wet mouth clamped itself to her vagina and she rocked her hips back and forth over him ecstatically while next to her the bed sagged under the weight of Lauralee and the huge dog who was fucking her from behind. Sally looked over her shoulder, marveling at the way the older woman was taking the incredibly rapid lunges of the beast, and apparently loving them. Lauralee's head was thrown back and her face, still streaked with Ray's drying semen that had dribbled out of the corners of her mouth, was contorted with lust.

    «Fuck me, Duke!» she was nearly screaming. «Come on, fuck harder, fuck harder!»

    The obscene spectacle sent chills of depraved excitement shooting through the young bride and a desire to blurt out the lewd, lust- provoking words. «Oh, fuck me, Ray!» she wailed. «Fuck me with your tongue, fuck me deep … oh, oh, oh …» she chanted and Ray screwed her harder with his long thick tongue. His hands were at her buttocks, pressing them together and pulling them apart, kneading the twin mounds until she thought her rear crevice would split from the pressure. Then his middle finger snaked forward and began to dig straight up into her ass-hole, poised temptingly above him.

    «AAAuuuggghhhh!» she screamed as the stiff, prodding finger forced its relentless way through the ring of muscle and popped into the warm spongy cavity beyond. «Ooooohh,» Sally wailed in pleasure-pain that rapidly gave way to rapturous pleasure alone as he began to worm around inside her rectum, widening the passage and pressing against the thin muscular wall that separated her back passage from her seething cunt. Ray found that he could feel his own tongue sliding up into her and the revelation was mind-shattering. The debauched couple thrilled to his obscene exploration of her defenseless ass-hole while at the same time continuing his assault on her hot, wet pussy. Her body now began the slow, agonizing build-up to orgasm. She twisted and moaned, her lovely young face almost animalistic in its contorted, insane desire for release. Mewling and groaning deep with her heaving chest, she squatted lower and lower over her husband's face, ramming her lewdly skewered ass-hole down on his rigid middle finger and trying to seize and hold his tongue inside the velvet, clasping depths of her lust-enraged vagina. Now! She was almost gone … God, this was it!

    «Ohh … ohh … ohhhhh! My God, don't stop … don't stop … I'm going to cum! I'm cummmmmiiinnnggg!» And then she began to jerk convulsively, never having cum before in such a position or even dreaming that it would be possible. It was not only possible, it was fabulous … wild … perfect! The spasms of orgasm tore through her tingling body and seemed to go on and on … and on … until at last she was completely, thoroughly sated and could slip her still-clasping vagina away from his deeply buried tongue and extricate her anus from the finger that still impaled her.

    As she pulled her cunt clear of his head, Ray shook his head in disbelief, «You were really turned on that time, honey,» he said. «Man, your ass was really moving!»

    She could only smile at him, unable to speak for another few seconds until her body had adjusted itself to coming back to reality. She snuggled into the curve of his arm and they watched as the third (and fourth, if you counted Duke) member of the party struggled toward orgasm. It would not be long now, Sally sensed, and she let her hand wander over Ray's hairy, flat chest, tangling in his curly hair as she began to breathe faster and almost started to feel what Lauralee was feeling. Although a widow now, you certainly could not say that Lauralee led a lonely or dull life. In fact, her life had taken on new dimensions with the passing of her lecherous husband. They'd owned Duke for three years, but Lauralee had confided to them that the idea of putting him to use for her own pleasure had never occurred to her until that day in the Denham's apartment when she had seen him up on the bed with Sally.

    Now, the coordination of dog and woman was really something to see, Sally thought dreamily, still blissfully exhausted from her own climax. Duke was bucking into her wildly undulating buttocks and had increased his pace until it seemed that no one, human or animal, could keep up such an assault for very long. His dark-furred balls were clearly outlined under his arching hindquarters as they swung against the white crevice below Lauralee's open cunt that was absorbing the full length of his animal cock.

    Then, suddenly, Duke whined and his flanks began to jerk. His torrent of animal sperm poured into his mistress's hungrily milking cunt and swirled high in her naked belly, touching off her own climax.

    She moaned and flung her head back, blonde hair tumbling down, nostrils flaring and eyes rolling. The husband and wife saw her buttocks convulse under the dog, squeezing his penis as if to suck him dry of his lewd, sticky sperm and imprison his cock that was already deflating and slipping from Lauralee's streaming cunt as she still rolled in wanton ecstasy and groaned out her release.

    «Duke, you fucking son-of-a-bitch!» she gasped out in a tone that was part awe for the dog's powers, part affection for her remarkable pet, part pure expression of pleasure. The three friends lay spent in the huge new bed while Duke arranged himself at their feet, like a comfortable cushion against which they could warm their feet if they desired.

    «Well, I guess it's going to be a late supper,» Ray observed contentedly, flinging an arm over the buttocks of each woman. «I hope you bought an extra steak for Duke, Sally? He certainly deserves one … after that performance.»

    They laughed and in fact each thought, without knowing the other's thoughts, how happy she was, and that she would not exchange her small- town life in Quiggville, Tennessee – no, not for the biggest, most bustling city. Quiggville was not really so old-fashioned … after all. Not when you got to know it!

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