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    David Hawthorne

    My Daughter, My Desire, Part One

    Chapter One

    My wife left me because I didn't devote every second of my life to her. She accused me of being a selfish man. Our daughter, Megan, decided to stay with me until she finished high school. Needless to say, my ex-wife was jealous of the father/daughter relationship and the hurtful fact that Meagan had chosen me; all her friends were here and she was in the cheerleading squad, after all, so how could she take off to some new city and home with a mother who never appreciated what she had?

    We lived in a nice house in a pretty good neighborhood with a big backyard. The swing set in the backyard was getting old and squeaky. I had spent all weekend lubing it up and putting braces here and there to hold it in place, and painting it in case anyone were to start swinging, which didn't seem likely. One could say I was bored.

    Megan walked out of our sliding glass door and smiled to me, letting me know she was home from school and cheer practice and that she was going to change out of her cheerleader uniform, although I must say, that cheerleader uniform did not look uncomfortable in the least.

    She came out wearing a new shirt: pink extra small sized half-shirt that showed off her toned abdomen and perky little boobs. No bra, I could see her pert nipples starting to get erect. She wore a white skirt she used to wear a few years ago. This skirt was very much shorter than her cheerleader skirt. I had bought this skirt for her about three birthdays ago, when she was twelve; now it was extremely short since she had grown quite a few inches since then. It wasn't a tight skirt, mind you; it was very loose and had been washed so many times that the fabric was thin, nearly see-through. A slight breeze would have fanned it up exposing what she was wearing underneath.

    Why must she torment me with these slinky outfits? I thought to myself. It seemed that she enjoyed showing off her sexy little body to her Daddy, always wearing the skimpiest articles of clothing available.

    Oh, don't get me wrong-I enjoyed the flirting and the way she paraded around the house wearing next to nothing.

    I had never tried anything sexual with her, though. Not yet. I mean, she was my little girl and there were social mores about such a thing, religious no-nos, as well as a few legal issues here and there.

    She cooed: “Hey, what are doing, Daddy dear?”

    Her voice was soft and caring, like the sounds a chorus of angels emitted from their gorgeous mouths.

    I said: “Just tightening up a few bolts and making sure this thing doesn't hurt anybody.”

    The closer Megan came to me, the more I was convinced her skirt was see-through; appeared as if though the sun was shining right through that flimsy fabric. I could actually see the outline of her legs as well as where the inside of her thighs met. And they didn't touch, which left an area that went straight across.

    My little girl's pussy.

    Does she shave? I asked myself.

    Oh, such dreadful thoughts!

    “Dad, nobody has been swinging on this thing for a long time.”

    She came right next to me and kissed my forehead.

    Trying not to look up her skirt, I said: “I know, baby. Guess I was just reminiscing to when you were a little girl. You always wanted me to push you on this damn swing.”

    “I loved when you used to push me from behind. Then sneak around front like I was going to crash into you but then you would step out of the way at the last second/”

    She laughed; I loved her laugh; it always made me smile no matter what kind of mood I was in.

    “I think it's safe again.”

    I stood and admired my work and pondered on what she had just said: “push me from behind.” Why must I turn everything sexual? I thought. What the hell was wrong with me?

    “Can we try it out!?”

    She giggled and sat on the swing.

    I just stood there and looked at her skin: her mid-drift, her legs.

    “Dad, I can't swing unless you push me.”

    I snapped out of my lustful gaze. I moved behind her, placing my hands on her shoulders, and began to push. The harder I pushed, the higher she went; the higher she went the more she sat back in the seat, moving her butt almost off the back.

    “Harder Daddy!”

    Her skirt was hanging off the back now. It was all slow motion at this point. Like a dream.

    “Faster Daddy!”

    She came arching, swinging back. I didn't move. I stood right behind her. Megan was almost above me as she reached the end of the back swing and began the downswing. Now her skirt floated back and up and there it was, right in front of my face: my little girl's perfect ass cheeks, panty-less, and within inches of my wide eyes and salivating mouth: white and creamy, two round globes of my heart of heart's desire. The next time she came swinging back, I swear I saw her ass cheeks jiggle and spread and then I saw the most perfect butt hole on earth.

    “Holy shit,” I said-I should have thought it, not said it.

    “What's that, Daddy?” She didn't wait for my response. “Keep pushing, this is so fun!”

    The next time she came swinging back I pushed and the only place to push was her sweet young butt. I tried to place my hands on the outside of her skirt. I missed. My hands landed squarely on her nice firm ass. I gave my daughter's ass a little squeeze in the process of pushing her forward again. When she kept spurring me on, I kept squeezing her butt and pushing. Now I was purposely making sure my hands went under her skirt and onto the finest ass in the world.

    I thought she would freak out. Did she know it was her skin I was touching? Or did she think I was pushing on the outside of her skirt? I didn't want to hurt or emotionally scar my baby; she is everything to me after all.

    I had to stop. I was getting an erection and my shorts had a noticeable tenting in the front.

    “I'm sure that's enough, Megan.”

    “Just a couple more times.” She whined to me with her cute puppy-dog eyes and her babygirl voice: “Plllleeeeease Daaaaaadiiiiee.”

    “Baby,” and here I tried to sound fatherly, “your skirt is a little short, and you are giving your old man quite a view back here.”

    “I know it's short, Daddy, it's okay-dokay. You're my dad, I trust you. You're the only one I trust.”

    I felt just awful, now, but also pleased.

    “Megan, you're swinging so high all I can push is your sweet little bottom.”

    “I know! I have felt your big hands squeezing my booty on every push. You know what? You are the only guy to ever feel me up, ha ha!”

    “I did not feel you up. I was only…”

    My head spun.

    “Just a couple more pushes, then I promise we can stop.”

    She talked me into it. We made eye contact. I could tell she really wasn't upset about my fondling her ass.

    “Do you always wear skirts with no panties?”

    I grabbed her butt more convincingly this time. Megan let out a little, “hey!” Squeezing as long as I could before gravity took her away, I savored the tactile tenderness of flesh. She has an ass to die for. Next time she came back, I decided to get a little more brazen. Her butt had now slid way back off the seat. I actually saw her cute pink pussy lips this time. I put my hands close together and spread her cheeks apart and gave her a quick kiss on the butt as she stalled for that split second, before swinging forward again. I clearly saw her little girl pussy and butt hole and appeared that she shaved.

    “Did you just kiss my butt?”

    Her voice wasn't angry or worried. It was more a flirtatious, sexy question that she already knew the answer to.

    “I couldn't help it, honey. Your butt is the most beautiful butt I have ever seen. If we keep this up you'll give me a heart attack.”

    “I don't want to kill you!”

    “Nice to know.”

    “Last push, make it a good one!”

    When she came back, I caught her and held her above me for a second before letting go. Just a split second. A moment lost in time and time stood still; my hands fondling her untouched, amazingly tight, silky smooth, perky, virginal fifteen-year-old ass. I reached up and gently pushed my little girl's butt cheeks apart, exposing the cleanest, tightest, cherry-intact and most-fuckable butt hole my eyes had ever even fathomed.

    I kissed her right on her anus. No tongue. Just a solid planting of my lips on her backdoor. My lips surrounded her unsuspecting shit bud. I didn't know what she would think or do. Gravity took over as her as cheeks left my mouth.

    `She had let out a little whimper when I kissed her ass. Letting her go, she swung forward and actually fell off the swing. My kiss must have sent shock waves through her body, causing her to forget about balancing. She was all right, just a couple tears on her face. For some reason, when I see tears, I get turned on. I noticed she had scraped her knee, there just a little blood.

    Lifting her with ease up and into my arms, I took her into the house and laid my little angel on the couch, telling her to stay put while I went and got a washcloth, Band-Aids, and some anti-infection cream.

    She had a sad face on when I came back.

    “Are you okay, baby?”

    “I don't know what happened. I accidentally fell off. Is it a bad cut?”

    “Not at all.” I used the washcloth to dab the dirt off her little wound. I turned on a light next to the couch and used it to light up her scrapes and make sure I got the dirt out. “Just a scrape, you'll be good as new in no time.”

    I cleaned her knee and looked up her thigh to make sure she wasn't cut anywhere else. She noticed my gaze and spread her legs for me, almost exposing her delicate flower of sex.

    She said, softly and sexually: “I was in your room the other day looking for a towel and I saw a bunch of magazines behind your pillow. Called Barely Legal.”

    I didn't know what to say to that. I gave her a stern look and finished cleaning her up and put a Band-Aid on her knee.

    I said: “Hope you aren't offended by the stash of dirty pictures and movies I have. A single man like me can get a little lonely sometimes.”

    I glanced up her legs again and saw her shaved pussy. It was hairless and looked tight and tiny. My breath was taken at the sight of her young and pure teen twat. Why did she shave? Who showed her how? I guess when girls get together they instruct. I suppose she shaved for reasons of cheerleading.

    “You get lonely, Daddy? That makes me sad. I don't mind if you look at those naughty magazines, or anything else.”

    “All set,” I said while still staring at her pussy.


    “Yes??” I said, looking straight at her perfect pussy lips.

    “Thank you. It feels a lot better.”

    My view was blocked as she leaned forward and gave me a big hug.

    “No problem,” and I snapped out of my trance. “That's what Daddies are for.”

    I tried to regain my composure. I tore my eyes away from the nubile valley of ripeness that was between my daughters' thighs. At 5 foot five inches, and 110 pounds, Megan was light and springy, always bouncing and gliding everywhere rather than just plain walking. Dance classes kept my girl toned and flexible-plus all the cheer practice.

    I told her I was thinking of getting dinner started and got up and turned into the kitchen in one uncomfortable motion, my cock was throbbing for the first time in years. I hoped she didn't see the bulge in my pants as I got up. Once in the kitchen I was able to feel a little more at ease. As much as I wanted to just rip off her skirt and use my daughter as my sexual playtoy, fulfilling all my forbidden fantasies, doing with her as I pleased, I knew I could never hurt my little girl. I loved her too much to rape her, except in my most vile fantasies when I would masturbate, where I tired her up to the bed and ravished her innocent body all night long.

    Am I a bad man? A bad Daddy? Are these the fantasies of a sociopath or a normal male?

    Megan said she would stay home tonight instead of hanging out with her friend. “You took care of me today, so why don't I cook dinner for us and let me pamper you all night long.”

    I tried to say something but she put her finger on my lips, not letting me resist.

    “I just want you to know that you have been the best dad a girl could have ever hoped for.”

    Tears welled in Megan's eyes and she fell into my arms sobbing, crying not in pain but with pure love for her father. I gave her a big hug, squeezing her close to me as the strong, conflicting emotions ran through us like a runaway freight train.

    I gazed into her innocent big blue eyes, with tears slowly tracing down her cheeks, so true, so real, so unbelievably young and tender. My male animal instincts were becoming more and more difficult to resist.

    “So I am yours tonight, Daddy! Your wish is my command. Just consider me your personal slave.”

    She gave me a kiss on the forehead and stood obediently in front of me.

    “I will change clothes if you wish, master.”

    What the hell was she doing, saying? I said: “No 'master' stuff. You don't have to do this.”

    Her eyes told me she wanted to, very much.

    “But, if you insist, why don't you go and get some of your skirts and stuff. You can model clothes in front of me until we find you some suitable attire for the evening.”

    It was at that moment I knew I would go to hell, but at least I'd be damned with a content smile on my sinful face.

    Chapter Two

    My little girl really knew how to please me. She put some pillows on the couch and made me a nice cozy spot in front of the television. I reclined on the couch, waiting for my teeny-bopper daughter strut her stuff.

    She came into the room wearing a gray sweater and sweatpants.

    “Casual and comfy, but not quite what I had in mind.” I motioned for her to twirl in a circle so I could see all angles. She could wear anything and make it look sexy.

    I said: “Maybe you should turn up the heat a little, I don't want you getting a chill if you happen to be wearing something a little sexier then that.” I was, of course, insinuating how I wanted, and desired, her dressed.

    “Well! Does Daddy want me to dress like a sexy little slut tonight?” She pouted her lips and looked down, twirling a strand of hair with her fingers. “Oops, I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't mean to use dirty words.”

    “I don't mind if you say some dirty or naughty words. In fact, I kind of like it.”

    She came back in wearing a cooking apron, which read: “Kiss the Cook”

    And nothing else.

    Just the apron.

    “Yes,” I said.

    Megan busied herself with dinner preparations trying to avoid my stare.

    I said: “Your 'master' wishes to see the cook at once!”

    “Yes, Master?” she answered from the kitchen.

    “Come in here, please, and let your old man make sure the cook is ready.” My voice was stern.

    Stern Daddy, I thought.

    A fifteen-year-old with blond pigtails and a cooking apron stood in front of me. The apron did well at covering most of her goodies. Her pale perky teenage boobs were half covered; nipples hidden. The apron was short and came down in front just covering her puffy pussy slit.

    “I know I should have put more clothes on, Daddy. I hope you're not mad at me.”

    “I'm not mad at you, dear. You have a fantastic body; you deserve to be able to show it.” I hesitated, and added: “That is, you can show it to me. Daddy doesn't want you to show other boys, or men. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, I understand. I'm so happy you think I have a pretty body, I always feel so self-conscious.”

    She blushed and I think it was real, not an act.

    “Megan,” and my tone was firm and true, “You have no reason to think of your body as anything but flawless. If I was younger, and not your father… well, let's just say that I would do anything to

    … get you in my bed… and make love to you…”

    Her eyes widened. “Oh my god, Daddy! You are the best Daddy I've ever known. I wish I could meet a guy just like you.”

    What “other” daddies had she known to compare me to? I wondered.

    Megan hugged me tight. I wrapped my arms around her and felt her naked flesh against my hands. I rubbed her lower back. As she left my embrace and turned to go back into the kitchen. I gave her firm little bottom a nice swat with my hand and this made a cute spanking sound. She jumped and tried to smack my hand away; she missed and grabbed her ass where I had just swatted it.

    Chapter Three

    “Dinner is ready, Daddy.”

    Megan kissed my cheek and helped me into a sitting position. I looked onto the coffee table in front of the television and noticed the mouth-watering meal awaiting me. My little girl had put some serious effort into this dinner. I told Megan to go and get a bottle of wine from the wine rack. I assumed she had never had wine before, but I was starting to think she had more adult experience in certain things; I knew most kids her age had already tried booze, cigarettes, pot, maybe other drugs like cocaine and LSD… and then there was sex. Was Megan not the virgin I imagined and desired? Had some boy, or boys, had her? Or men? How did she know about the master/slave games, and why was she so at ease to show me her body, let alone act sexual around her father. I* wanted, needed, to know, but I was afraid to as.

    As for drinking wine, she pretended (or maybe not) that she knew what she was doing by lifting the glass, swirling, exposing the bouquet. “A fine vintage if I don't say so myself.” She deepened her voice to sound older.

    We both laughed and enjoyed our home-cooked meal.

    After dinner, my sexy daughter went to her room and came back out wearing a skintight white T-shirt that came down just enough to cover her vagina from my wanton eyes. I could see she wasn't wearing a bra, she rarely did anyway, her firm youthful breasts sticking straight out and I could see the little bumps of two hard nipples.

    Megan snuggled next to me, her shirt riding up. She grabbed the channel changer and switched it to one of my favorites: the Pay-Per-View Porn Cable Channel. How did she know I had ordered this channel this channel in the service pack?

    “I know you like this stuff, Daddy; I have seen you in here late at night, and you are always watching this channel.”

    I said, “Um,” wondering what words would best explain such a matter.

    “All men like to look at porn… girls too.”

    She squirmed. I noticed goose bumps on her arms and legs.

    I normally can watch this channel with no problem. Tonight, however, I wasn't alone. As we started to watch this one story unravel, we both moved about in our seats, trying to get comfortable. The scene jumped forward on the movie, the wide-screen plasma TV was showing a close-up of a thick, meaty cock slowly forcing its way into a young woman's mouth, lips stretched wide by this pulsing, throbbing, rock-hard dick. The woman on the screen started gagging when her throat was filled, split drooling out the sides. As she whimpered and gagged, choking on this guy's dick, I glanced down at the cute, small-breasted, perfect female by my side; her eyes wide, breathing somewhat fast, her tight nightshirt riding further and further up.


    “Yes baby?”

    “I don't think I could fit that huge thing in my…” She was flustered. “I don't think I could even get my mouth to open that much.”

    I ran my fingers through Megan's hair. “Not all guys are that large. But even still, you could do it if you receive proper training. Maybe a little pain in the beginning, then it would be very pleasurable. I mean, not in your mouth, but in your… I know it's hard to believe… the right guy would be able to-well, just find a good man, that's all I ask.”

    I brought her hair to my nose and caught scents of lavender and other flowers, the shampoo and conditioner she used.

    The movie was over and a commercial came on, and a deep, scratchy and sexy woman's voice boomed:

    “Call now!!! Wild sexy young ladies that want you to stuff your thick cock deep down in their throats! Watch as horny teen sluts take turns trying to fit your balls in their hot wet mouths! Be amazed as these young sex fiends take big fat cocks deep into their assholes! See them do ass-to-mouth and swallow every drop of cum you have in your balls! If your wife doesn't satisfy your normal manly needs-you must call! Ahot young sexy lady wants to make you happy again! You deserve the best!”

    Megan was shaking. “I hope I can keep my man happy, Daddy. I would never want you to think that you have to go and find another woman just to make you happy. I mean, him-my future husband.”

    Giggling and crushing her light creamy skin against mine, she went: “Oh, master?” with an over-acted little girl voice, imitating the way women talked on this channel. ”

    Yes, my young apprentice?” I reply, enjoying this 'Master' thing more and more.

    “If I was your, um, wife, I would promise to satisfy you, I don't want you to go elsewhere. Anything you want. Anything. I would happily try or do whatever my husband, my master, wants. I would even buy you porn and order magazines for you. I promise to be your loving, faithful and satisfying daughter-wife! I mean… do you know what I mean?”

    She blushed and buried her face in my chest.

    I liked that concept: daughter wife.

    “You will make a fine servant, and sex-slave, and wife.” I gave her bottom a friendly slap. “Megan?” I whispered as we watched the start of a gang bang on the screen, a girl with pigtails ready to take on a room full of men, which looked like twenty or thirty hard cocks.

    “Yes, Master Daddy?”

    “Are you still a virgin?”

    She shivered and didn't answer me.

    “Your Master Daddy demands to know the truth.”


    “You've had sex?”


    “You've been fucked?”


    “When, who, what…”

    I was jealous, confused. When did she have time to have sex? Who took her cherry, which should have been my prize?

    “Do you really want to know?”

    “Maybe not now, but I do at some point. Just tell me, when was the first time? When did you lose your virginity?”

    “Five years ago.”

    “What? You were ten!”

    “I know.”

    “Someone fucked you when you were ten?”

    I was shocked, but in another way I was also turned on, because even at ten, Meagan was sexy, and it was around that time I started noticing her and having my rape fantasies.

    “I'm yours, that's all that matters, Daddy, and I have wanted to make love to you, for you to make love to me, for a long time.”

    “I want you to be my wife,” I heard myself say, “I love you, baby.”

    I couldn't believe I just asked my daughter to be my wife. I awaited her response and didn't raise my hopes. She slipped off the couch and kneeled in front of me.

    “Are you serious, Daddy? You want me to be your new wife?”

    I took her hand and held it, looking into her young vibrant eyes. I told her I was as serious as a nuclear warhead.

    Tears poured down her face, “Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes!! You're the only man I've ever wanted, I wanted to be your wife since I was eight!”

    “Listen, baby,” I told her, “I will want you to do things.. .”

    “Daddy, I promise… I promise to make you the happiest Daddy in the world. I know you would never hurt me. I promise to satisfy you in any way that I can. You might have to teach me how to do some things.”

    “Let's test you right now. If you can pass the test, you will be my wife.”

    Her eyes widened. “What is it, Daddy? What do I have to do?”

    “Turn off the TV.”

    She took the channel changers and pressed the power off button.

    “Take your shirt off,” I said, commanded.

    “I don't have anything on underneath, Master Daddy.” Her voice trembled and she lifted her tight shirt slowly over her head and tossed to the side. My daughter soon to e wife stood naked before me. I stare at her pussy: shaved clean, super-tight lips that I assumed was virginal but, to my shock, had known a cock when she was just a little girl of ten.

    I took her in my arms. “Close your eyes, baby,” I whispered in her ear. Her eyes shut, I leaned down and give her a gentle sensuous kiss right above her pussy. Her skin quivered when my lips make contact.

    I said: “I promise to always take care of you, love you and provide for you. You are my most precious gift,” saying this with my fingers under her chin.

    Her voice was below a whisper. “Tell me what to do, Daddy, I will do anything you command.”

    “Get down on your knees.”

    She did.

    “Open your mouth.”

    She did.

    Chapter Four

    I was naked and stood tall and hard and my daughter knelt before me, her mouth open. I grabbed my cock in my right hand and pressed it against my stomach so my ballsack hung in perfect view. My left hand was on top of Megan's head, gently wrapping my fingers into her thick blond hair. I made her head lean back as I step in close.

    “Open wider, that's it… yes.”

    I lift my ballsack and then gently placed both of my testicles inside her warm, wet mouth. She could only fit one of my heavy, hairy nuts in her mouth.

    “Open wide, Megan.”

    I had to push and maneuver my other nut until it finally popped into her mouth.

    “Baby, this is what they call 'tea-bagging,' not like the political party-though some say so-but the act of making love to a man's testicles.”

    Her young face revealed some struggle, trying hard to engulf my entire ballsack into the loving confines of her oral orifice. I had her suck and lick my nuts for about ten minutes, sometimes delicately pressing my crotch into he face. I let go of my cock and it fell and slapped on her forehead, and I let it rest above her nose.

    “Open your eyes, Megan.”

    Her eyes couldn't hide her emotions. She knew my balls were in her mouth, but she had never even seen my balls before and I had no idea, if in her prior experience, if she had seen, this close, any other man's nuts; if not, and she probably never imagined she would be holding a pair of balls in her warm cheeks. I could see a small amount of confusion and wonder in her blue eyes. Her breathing increased and she began whimpering like a whipped dog. I don't think she realized that the vibrations from her whimpers made me excited and harder.

    I held the back of her head, “I love you, baby.” As I said those words I slapped my thick heavy cock on her forehead and cheeks.

    “I'm going to take my balls out of your mouth now, honey.”

    I lift my body, they pop out of her stretched mouth and jaws. Her lips were shiny wet with drool and a string of saliva connected us. I lowered my sack again, this time slowly causing my balls ton rub all over her cheeks, nose, forehead, and her eyes. She was crying a little. I was almost certain a man or boy had never done exactly this before, so that her face was smeared with the smell and taste of cock and balls.

    I stepped back and hold out my hand and I lifted her into a standing position.

    We now stood naked in front of each other for the first time.

    She said: “I'm trying not to cry, Daddy, I just can't hold back my love for you.”

    She kissed my neck and reached down and cupped my entire sack with a soft gentleness of her small hands.

    “So nice, Daddy.”

    “You passed the test, baby. I am yours forever. I will be your master, husband, and I never want you to stop calling me Daddy. I want you to tell me you love me, and then tell me you want this as much as I do.”

    And she did:

    “I love you soooooo much, Daddy! I want you to be my Master and Daddy and husband! I want this so much, Daddy!!” Her eyes looked deep into mine as she stated her love for me and I believed her. “I am yours, Daddy. Anything you want, I promise to do it.” She rested her head on my chest. I gave her firm butt a lustful squeeze.

    A perfect chemistry was electrified as our lips met, connected by a love only a father and daughter could imagine.

    Chapter Five

    Meagan told me what happened when she was ten. It was the father of this friend of hers, her friend Traci. I remembered Traci, a dark-haired girl with pale skin who dressed a little too revealing for a girl her age, and who emitted an aura of sexuality that a ten-year-old had no business possessing. At least that is what memory told me, and memory is always a subjective liar. Sure, I probably gave Traci the eye, looking at her small body and short skirts, but I was also looking at Meagan-or beginning to, and I was shocked and ashamed at my secret desire, and I denied it, buried it, and ignored it.

    Not so with Traci's father. Traci father had been fucking her since she was eight and Traci had no issues with it; the girl loved sex.

    "She was a total slut, Daddy,” Meagan said. “She gave all kinds of guys blowjobs, from junior high, high school, and grown men. She said she often gave blowjobs to this fifty year old guy who lived across the street. She kept telling me I needed to try it so one day I decided to.”

    "What?” I said. “With who?”

    "Her father.”

    "And you did?”

    "Oh yes, Daddy. Are you mad at me now?”

    "Keep on talking.” I think this was turning me on.

    "Her daddy was all for it, Daddy. Her daddy taught me how to suck dick. It took a few weeks and a lot of teaching sessions, with Traci also telling me what to do, but eventually I think I got pretty good at sucking dick. You like how I suck yours, right, Daddy?”

    "Oh yes.”

    "Traci's daddy taught me. And how to suck and lick balls, and lick ass cracks, and eat cum.”

    "I'm not sure I want to hear anymore.”


    "Well, yes.”

    "I couldn't keep on sucking Traci's dad off, I needed my own lover, so her daddy introduced me to a friend of his, and I started to suck on him.”

    "Who was he? How old was he?”

    "His name was Eddie and he was thirty-five.”

    I shuddered. “I never knew him?”



    "He was a nice man, Daddy.”

    "I bet.”

    "He's the one who took my virginity, Daddy.”

    "I see.”

    "He was very kind and gentle.”

    "And you were ten?”

    "I was almost eleven.”

    "Did it hurt?”

    "It did, but he was slow and gentle, and after a few times it started to feel good and I liked it. I started to fuck other guys-mostly guys my age or a few years older, not older men like Eddie. I know what you're thinking, Daddy: you're wondering why I didn't suck and fuck you four, five years ago.”

    "I am.”

    "I didn't know how.”

    "You were learning!”

    "I mean I didn't know how to approach you about it. I was afraid you'd be mad, or shocked, or you would think something was wrong with me.”

    I groaned. “Oh, Meagan, how I wish you would have!”

    "All I could think was maybe if I dressed sexy, if I showed off my body, you would take control and do something. I've been trying this ever since, and now we're here.”

    Now it all made sense, and it hadn't been my imagination; she had been trying to seduce me, not torment me. She was aware of it.

    "Let's get back to Eddie. Are you still?seeing him?”

    "Oh, no, that stopped when I was thirteen.”


    She shrugged. “He got a job offer in another city and had to move. He wanted me to run away with him.”

    "Thank goodness you didn't.”

    "I didn't love him.”


    "I loved you,” she said, “and I love you more.”

    "Who else were you sexually active with?”

    "A guy here and there,” she said with a shrug. “Does it matter? I am yours now, Daddy. I am your wife and sex slave. That's all that matters now.”

    "And you are my daughter,” I said.

    "I am yours,” she said.

    Chapter Six

    I came into the family room and saw my slave teenager mixing up a martini for her proud father. Her ass cheeks jiggled as she shook the shaker and then poured out a perfect mix. I sat across the room, my mind racing with fantasy. She had changed into a T-shirt and a pair of sweat-shorts. Just as she was about to bring my drink, I stopped her and said: “Come over here, before you bring my drink.” Her curious smile made her seem so young and naive. As she stood next to me, I pulled out some scissors. “No more bottoms for you, young lady.” She gasped as I freely cut her shorts just a little on the side. “I never want you to wear panties or shorts or anything that covers my prized pussy.”

    I put down the scissors and grabbed her shorts.

    Her hands found my shoulders to catch her balance as I literally ripped and tore her shorts from her body. Pieces of her shorts were strewn about the floor by our feet. Good thing she wasn't wearing panties, they would have been yanked rudely from her ass as well.

    “You can wear shirts and stuff, and shoes.”

    I sat back and noticed my handiwork.

    “Yes, Master Daddy. I will be a good girl and always do what you say.”

    She looked down and saw my cock-head creeping out the top of my boxers. I snapped her out of her cock trance.

    “Baby! I could use that drink now.”

    I winked and watched her little tight white globes of ripe butt flesh get my drink. I stared at her hairless pussy as she walked carefully back to me.

    We sat up watching movies for a couple hours, happily content. Then she fell asleep. She was sprawled on the couch with her head resting in my lap. I stroked my fingers through her hair gazing now and again at her naked little butt. She had an amazing figure from any position. I gently slapped her ass, to make sure she was indeed sleeping. She didn't budge.

    I slipped my growing cock out of my boxers and let it rest against her pretty, smiling face. I turned to the porn channel and got really horny. I could feel her warm breath against my hard thick manhood. I reached down and started lightly caressing her sweet innocent face with my throbbing hot shaft. I noticed that I had left trails of pre-cum all over her tender face.

    I gripped my dick and started spanking her face with it. Soft at first, then harder. I was rubbing and slapping my daughter's face with my lust-filled cock. Those drinks must have really knocked her out. I pushed her lips apart with my big cock-head, and somehow got her to open her jaws a little. She furrowed her brow as I forced my cock into her sleeping mouth. Once I felt she was totally asleep again I got a little more comfy, re-adjusted my sack, and pushed in a little further, watching her glossy lips stretch around me. I soon fell asleep as well. My cock was still stuffed into her lips when I woke up a couple hours later. I was taking a risk leaving my cock in her mouth as she slept; it's a good thing she didn't clamp down in some crazy dream-state.

    She was seriously passed out. I reached my head down and kissed her cheek. I placed my strong hands upon her head and started to pump my hard-on in and out, in and out. I knew I wouldn't last long, the sight of my cock with Megan's lips stretched tightly around the shaft was just too much. In fact, if I was given one wish, I would wish for my daughter to have her fifteen-year-old lips sucking my cock and balls forever.

    That's all I need.

    I am a simple man, when it comes right down to it.

    I was now fucking my little girl in the mouth. Her arms and hands down by her waist. I heard gagging and choking, I could feel my balls tighten, I knew soon I would unleash a huge payload of sperm down my daughter's throat. She had no choice but to swallow the thick daddy juice.

    I pushed as deep, forced my cock down her little throat, my balls pushed against her chin. My orgasm rocked my body as powerful torrents of cum flowed like lava. My body quivered and I took a deep breath. It was like she was drinking a milkshake, gulping cum down. I open my eyes and watch her swallowing, but some of my white juice leaked out the sides of her mouth and she was choking, gagging, cum even came out of her nose. I started to mouthfuck my daughter hard, making cum squirt out of her tightly stretched lips. I grabbed her hair and just start fucking the hell out of her tight young face. She looked so unbelievable, so fantastic, her face glazed with hot sticky sperm. I forced my cock down her throat as far as I can go, my balls pressed hard against her bottom lip. I relished in the moment. Sliding my fingers through her long blond hair, I pulled it out of her throat so she could breathe. She inhaled deeply as my dick was removed from her mouth. Cum splattered all over her face. I gently slapped her face with my cock, and cum was still slowly oozing out of her mouth and nostrils as I rubbed cum on her face with the head of my softening dick.

    Then I ell asleep, with a smile on my face.

    When I awoke a few hours later, I looked down and saw that my cock was pressed firmly against her cheek, and my ballsack against her lips. I got up carefully as to not wake her and came back with a wet towel to wipe her face off. I clean her up a little bit, making sure to get rid of the evidence that she was brutally and quite lovingly throat-gagged and cock-slapped.

    I wiped the last remnants of drying cum from her face; she breathed deep and opened her eyes.

    “Good morning Daddy. Did you sleep well? I had the craziest dream last night!”

    “A 'crazy' dream? Tell me your freaky tale.”

    I was trying not to be to interested, in case she was testing me.

    “I was just rubbing your face, you looked like you sweat a lot, so I had to pamper my queen.”

    “That's so sweet of you, Daddy! I feel like a princess.”

    I kissed her nose and cheeks before I rose to my feet, naked, stretching.

    “Boy, did I sleep, Daddy!”

    “You were out like a light, babe. I tried to wake you a couple times. No chance. You were passed out!”

    She went to shower while I started on a nice breakfast for us. I wondered what her dream was about.

    The smell of bacon, pancakes and fresh fruit fill the air as she glides into the kitchen. I noticed she is wearing one of those half-shirts that expose the midsection again. I couldn't see below her belly button as she was standing on the other side of the counter.

    I said: “Breakfast is just about ready, you little sexy vixen.”

    “Just your little vixen, Daddy. No one else's. I like when you talk dirty and naughty to me, Master Daddy. For some reason it really turns me on when you take control and get aggressive.”

    “That's good to know, baby. I hope you know that whenever I call you dirty names, or slap you and/or choke you, or even-well, I just hope you know its only because I feel so close to you, and loving you as true and deep as I do. You will always be my princess, my only girl. Now, why don't you pour us some juice like a good little girl is supposed to.”

    My eyes looked down as she rounded the corner and into the kitchen. My heart nearly stopped as her bald young twat came into view. She was wearing shoes, socks, and a cute little shirt. She had to reach high for some glasses. While she stood on her tippy toes, I came over and helped. I put my hands on her waist and easily lifted her to the top. Seemed like she was so easy to lift, I wondered if she was even 100 pounds. I set her back down and we went to eat our first meal of the day. We stayed around the house most of the day, doing chores together and being totally content just to be in the others presence.

    “Your sweet, shaved pussy looks incredible, baby. Sorry if I stare.”

    “You think so, Daddy? That means a lot to me, your approval is like a ray of sunshine that makes the day better and the nights not to scary. I don't want to sound weak or anything. But, pleasing you is why I am here. I am your daughter, you are my Master Daddy.”

    I slowly ran my fingers right above her tiny slit, it was smooth and delicate and soft. “What was your dream about last night?”.

    “I was giving you a blowjob, Daddy,” and she blushed red.

    I laughed.

    “Did you do something with me when I was asleep?”

    “I can do whatever I want with you.”

    “My mouth is yours, Daddy.”

    I cupped her pussy roughly with my hand. “This is my pussy!”

    I took her by her hand and lead her to my bedroom.

    She said: “I want to suck and lick on your balls again today, pleeaassee, Daddy?”

    "You may, my dear. But first, we need a shower.”

    "I just had one, Daddy.”

    "You'll have another, with me.”

    Chapter Seven

    “Get on your knees, slut,” I told her as she stepped into the shower with me. I gave her a towel to place below her knees. “Grab that body-wash.” My wet and semi-hard cock hangs close to her small face. As she grabs for the body-wash, my cock lightly rubs her ear. She looks up at me. I put one leg up on the side railing of the tub, allowing her even a better view of my menacing unit. “Wash it for me, Megan.” I leaned forward, letting the head of my shaft poke into her forehead as she pours some soap into her hands.

    Megan was so beautiful to me at that moment: on her knees before my hard cock poking her face, her young and sensitive fingers rubbing and caressing my cock and balls. She gave my entire region the best cleaning I ever had. I was so hard, my dick standing tall, thick and proud as my little baby girl looked at it with eyes wide open. She even washed my asshole.

    She purred and gave the tip of my cock a loving kiss.

    “I can feel it throbbing in my hand, Daddy!”

    The veins in my shaft were pumping blood furiously, making it throb and grow to maximum length and girth. Megan took both hands and slowly pumped back and forth. Her thumb and forefinger had no chance of touching.

    I reached over and ran my fingers through her wet blond hair. She was still in awe of my manhood when I slowly pulled her head closer. My rock-hard cock was pressed firmly against Megan's left cheek and the head was touching her forehead. Her arms came around my butt like she was giving hug.

    I turned around and said: “Kiss it.”

    She moved her face into my ass; her nose touched my inner thigh when her glossy lips planted a nice full kiss right on my asshole. Megan started rubbing her lips all over my asshole and all around it. I bent over, a doggy position standing up. She continued to give her Daddy the best anal licking and tonguing I had ever seen on any porno, better then any kiss on the ass I received.

    What an overwhelming feeling of sheer bliss! To hold Megan's head between my legs and just rub and slide my hanging balls and asshole all over her face, hair, ears-all over her head. She was my true sex toy, Daddy's girl slave. I started feeling faint as the hot water steamed up the shower so I motioned for Megan to get up and asked her to step out and open the door.

    “Now get your fabulous ass back in here and let me watch you get cleaned up.”

    I sat on the edge of the shower. She hoped back in and adjusted the temperature to her desired warmth. I watched as my little girl did her rituals. Every now and again I would reach out and gently touch or caress some part of her body.

    When she finished we both got out and dried each other off. I delighted in her tiny, firm tits. I kissed each nipple, hard and erect. I needed some release, to say the least. I asked her to sit on the toilet, with the lid down. I stood naked and hard in front of my daughter as she wrapped her delicate fingers around my Daddy cock. I put my hand around hers and showed her how I wanted her to stroke it. I stood and watched as my young daughter slave stroked and tugged on my cock, making my balls swing back and forth with every stroke.

    She was enjoying the look on my face as I neared my climax. I don't think she had any idea that her face was about to be decorated with her Daddy's baby batter.

    I felt the seed rise and flow through my cock and then it finally started shooting out. Megan let out a couple little screams as my thick white milky cum squirted her right on her nose. She closed her eyes and kept pumping me like a good little girl. The next long squirt went straight into her open mouth, which she involuntarily closed afterward. I saw her swallow which made three more large doses of cum splatter across her face. Her eyes were covered with cum; she couldn't open them. Streaks of white decorated her face like Christmas frosting as I reached down and grabbed her yanking hand and moved that hand to my balls.

    She cupped them.

    I grabbed a facecloth and wiped her eyes free of my juice. Leaving the rest splattered on her face, I helped her stand and then-her small hand still cupping my balls-we walked into my bedroom and snuggled down together. Her head rested under mine. My cum slowly dripped onto my chest, but most of it stayed on her cheeks and face. I held her tight in my arms as we took a mid-morning nap. Her leg was draped over mine and her hand moved from my balls to my now soft cock as we soon fell asleep.

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