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    Lesbian Locker Room

    Chapter 1

    Bernedette Wellington was walking home from school with her textbooks clutched to her chest. She was a pretty little girl, a blonde, and she had a finely toned athletic torso. She ran track and field.

    She wasn't very tall, standing only a fraction of an inch over five feet tall, and she was built on a small frame.

    But she was as fast as greased lightning when she ran, and was by far the fastest girl in the school.

    She ran both the sixty and one – hundred yard dashes, and won a lot more races than she lost as a rule.

    And that was even taking into consideration the fact that her high school frequently had meets against larger schools.

    Bernedette weighed ninety – five pounds on the button.

    Her weight never fluctuated, even during her monthly cycle. She was walking home from afternoon practice when she heard a familiar voice call her name at her rear.

    Bernedette looked back over her right shoulder and her face broke into a brilliant grin of happiness.

    Skipping up behind her was her very best friend Michele, who was also flashing her teeth happily.

    Bernedette and Michele were lovers as well as friends.

    They both tended to get very horny after a work – out. The second the two pretty girls made eye contact they knew they would have to get it on before either of them went home.

    Bernedette had large almond shaped eyes. The pupils were blue – the color of the spring sky – and twinkled merrily whenever she was happy, which was most of the time.

    Her hair was curly and sat up on top of her head like a mop.

    Bernedette's nose was very small – a mere button. It.was curled up a little at the end and looked very cute. Her nostrils were oval – shaped and tended to flare open when she could feel herself getting sexually aroused.

    Bernedette's mouth was small, and heart – shaped. Her lips were full and sensuous – very kissable.

    Ail of the guys in school thought that Bernedette was too interested in sports to think about sex.

    Nobody except her lover knew that she was a lesbian – and actually one of the horniest girls in the school.

    Bernedette and Michele did everything together. They had no taboos. They massaged each other both externally and internally.

    Bernedette tended to hold her lips slightly parted, and she frequently moistened them with her tongue tip. They were as red as cherries in spite of the fact that the little blonde had never worn lipstick.

    Her complexion was a perfect peaches and cream. She had a knack of getting sunburn badly every year at about this time.

    It was April, and every teenage girl's mind turns to thoughts of pure physical pleasure.

    Bernedette could feel her pussy start to ache the second she laid eyes on her best friend – her lover.

    Bernadette's eyebrows and eyelashes were just as light and golden as the curly hair on her head.

    Her lashes were long and curled up slightly at the tips so that they licked at her high cheekbones when she blinked them, making a flapping motion.

    Her arms were slim and her fingers were long and slender.

    She kept her nails long and filed to slight points, but did not wear polish. All of her fingers had long nails except for the middle fingers – the longest two fingers – on either hand.

    These were filed short so that the pretty little blonde could use those fingers to explore her lover's inner pussy and asshole.

    "Hi, Michele," Bernedette said cheerfully. "What was your time in the 440 today?"

    "Ecccchh! I don't even want to talk about it. It's going slow. But the strain is starting to feel better."

    Michele had pulled a muscle two weeks before, and was on the slow road back from a serious injury. She could only run at 90% and this frustrated her.

    Michele looked at Bernedette's breasts lustfully, and licked her lips boldly to make them wet and slippery.

    "How did you do?" Michele asked, noticing that Bernedette's nipples were starting to grow and get hard.

    Bernedette had round firm breasts that rested high on her chest.

    Her tits were so perky with youthful good-conditioning that her nipples pointed slightly.upward.

    She was wearing a halter top, and the erections at the tips of those tits were quite plainly visible.

    Bernedette was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a pair of gray running shoes with white socks underneath, pulled up taut, almost to the knee.

    The jeans were very old and were faded almost white by multiple washings and several summers of sunshine.

    They had worn through several times in the seat and had had to be patched by colorful squares of cloth.

    One's eye tended to go to Bernedette's ass whenever one was walking behind her.

    She had a cute way of moving her round butt from side to side when she walked. Her legs were well-muscled, but still shapely and feminine. Her ankles were trim and would have looked spectacularly sexy in a pair of high-heels, had she been the type to wear them.

    Michele, on the other hand, was about five inches taller than Bernedette, and on the lanky side.

    Her legs were very long, perfect for the long strides needed in the longer sprint races.

    Michele had had hopes of running.the mile before the season was through, but those plans were nixed by her pulled muscle.

    She had dark brown hair that spilled down low over her shoulders and down between her rather sharp shoulder blades.

    When she ran she tied her hair back into a long pony tail.

    She was wearing her sweat suit, which was navy blue and had white stripes up the sides of each leg.

    Her breasts were actually the same size as Bernedette's but appeared smaller because of her height.

    Michele had a boyish walk, and did not have the feminine mannerisms of her little blonde lover.

    There were a lot of boys at the high school who knew better than to slap moves on Michele – suspecting she was a lesbian.

    Bernedette actually flirted with guys, and was not disgusted at the thought of having sex with a guy someday.

    Michele, on the other hand, hated all men. Her father had beat her a lot as a child, and she thought all men were pigs – just like her sadistic old man.

    "God, Bernedette, I am so horny I can taste it!" Michele said, in a low, throaty, sexy voice.

    "I know what you mean," Bernedette said. "I can feel my cunt aching too. Where should we go?"

    "Let's go back into the woods by the gravel beds. There is still a couple of hours of sunshine left. We can find a bed of grass in a clearing. I know a place."

    "Sounds good to me," Bernedette said. "Is your mother expecting you home or anything?"

    "I told her that practice might run late," Michele said.

    They looked into each other's eyes and sighed simultaneously, feeling a tension in their lower bellies.

    Both sets of nipples were hard and erect, yearning to be stroked by both fingers and sensuous tongues.

    The gravel pits were north of the school less than a quarter mile away. The school was out in the country, far from the village.

    They didn't have to walk far to find complete privacy. The sky was very blue and there wasn't a single cloud in it.

    It was the warmest day of the year up to that point, and even the breeze had a warmth to it that the girl's had not felt in months.

    The ground had finally dried from the spring melt.

    They agreed it was perfect to get naked and play in nature.

    Bernedette and Michele attended Rushdale High School which was the tiniest high school in all of Wayne County.

    Rushdale was no more than a crossroads, located about fifteen miles west of the City of Rochester.

    They were only a five minute drive from the south bank of Lake Ontario.

    They were miles past the suburbs, into a region that was slightly hilly farmland.

    Most of the kids who went to Rushdale High School were sons or daughters of farmers but Bernedette's father commuted to the city every day and had a white-collar job.

    Michele didn't know what her father did for a living. He had run off with the bank book three years before and neither she nor her mother had heard from him since.

    Both Bernedette and Michele were only children, and had often wondered if that were why they got along so well.

    They made their way down Garbutt Road a ways and followed a dirt path into the thick pine weeds.

    The floor of the woods between the school and the gravel pits had a bed of soft pine needles.

    Bernedette thought that it would be fun to make it together in the pine needles, but Michele said no.

    "They will prick your bare bottom and make you all itchy," Michele said. "Besides, I want a little sunshine. It seems like it's been years since the sun has been this warm, if you know what I mean."

    "I know what you mean," Bernedette said with a sexy smile and took Michele's hand once they had gotten deep enough into the woods to be sure they couldn't be seen from any direction.

    Michele gave Bernedette's fair tiny hand a little squeeze, and felt a shiver run up and down her spine when the little blonde squeezed back.

    "I am going to make you scream with pleasure!" Michele said.

    "Oh lover! You say the sexiest things," Bernedette replied.

    Within minutes they came to the sunny clearing with the green soft grass that Michele had been speaking of.

    They stood face to face and Michele placed her hands lightly at the small of Bernedette's back – the palms fat, her fingertips touching.

    Bernedette reached up and placed her hands gingerly on the back of Michele's neck, working her way through the long thick dark brown hair.

    Bernedette intertwined her fingers at the back of Michele's neck and felt the tiny hairs that grew there standing up on end.

    They pulled their bodies together, looking into each other's eyes with sincere affection as their lips approached.

    Both sets of lips were moist, puffy tingling.

    They were parted, sensuous, writhing over the teeth. They pressed together and both girls shivered with lust.

    Bernedette could feel her fair torso covered with gooseflesh.

    She could feel the ache in her pussy getting a lot of worse as they touched the tips of their tongue together. Bernedette could feel the glands at the sides of her tight pussy begin to secrete her thick juices.

    Bernedette could tell that it would only be a matter of seconds before her cunt was very wet and slippery.

    The pretty little blonde teenager could feel her natural lubrication flowing in a hot steady stream.

    She sighed and moaned as she felt the lubrication pooling at the base of her tiny pink pussy slit.

    She then groaned deeply in her throat as the juices spilled forth and made a wet spot on the crotch of her panties.

    Bernedette was wearing a pair of pink cotton bikini panties that day. They had little red hearts all over them.

    When they got wet they crawled up between her swollen outer labia and made her feel most uncomfortable.

    Bernedette's engorged cunt flesh felt as if it were being held in a cotton prison when her panties got wet.

    The little blonde girl couldn't wait to get completely naked and allow her trapped cunt to breathe.

    At the same time she could feel her erect nipple pressing hard against the front of Michele's dark blue sweat suit.

    Her nipples were burning so badly that they demanded to be sucked hard by Michele's moist, steamy mouth!

    Soon their tongues were rolling together gracefully. They were both curious and bold with their tasters. They swapped spit merrily. They quaffed their mixed saliva.

    The kiss lasted for a very long time and both of them were breathless with passion by the time it was through.

    Michele drew her upper torso away from Bernedette a little so she could work her fingertips under the bottom of the blonde's halter top and pull it up over her head, puckering her lips in anticipation of the view beneath.

    Michele sucked cool air in through those puckered lips and moaned as she exhaled at the sight of the bare tits.

    Bernedette's boobs bounced up and down a couple of time as he top was pulled off, and the nipples were throbbing.

    Michele tossed the top aside without looking to see where it landed. She was looking at those tits.

    The top landed in the grass not far from the thick trunk of a mature evergreen tree, crumpled in a ball.

    Bernedette kicked off her sneakers without bothering to untie the laces and reached down to pull off her white socks.

    She pointed her tiny toes as she rolled the athletic cocks over them, and tossed them carelessly away.

    Bernedette then stood upright as she unbuttoned the single button that held the top of her cut-offs together.

    She got the top of her fly between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it down, her fingers now trembling a little.

    Bernedette could hear her breathing become altered by the intensity of the sexual anxiety she felt.

    Her pussy felt as if it were filled with a thousand angry hornets all trying to buzz out at the same time.

    She could tell that she wasn't even going to be able to think about anything other than sex until she got one orgasm under her belt.

    Bernedette hooked her thumbs under the top of her shorts and the elastic to her underwear at the same time.

    They were so tight that she had to wiggle her hips a little from side to side as she tugged them down.

    The wet material pulled out of her pussy slit.

    She sighed.

    Her cunt was free!

    Her pussy could breathe!

    Bernedette once again pointed her chubby toes as she pulled off her bottoms and then rose to stand before her lover – as naked as the day she was born.

    "You are beautiful," Michele said with a sigh.

    "Thank," Bernedette exclaimed cheerfully. "You look pretty good yourself there, kiddo. God, I'm hot for you."

    Michele quickly took off her own clothes so that they could embrace once again, this time pressing bare flesh together.

    They ground their loins together, feeling their clitorises growing with the engorgement of the blood of their arousal. They once again kissed. Bernedette used her tongue to caress Michele's gums and teeth. She even pressed against the inside of Michele's cheek with the tip of her tongue.

    Michele, on the other hand, pushed the tip of her tongue under Bernedette's to stimulate the little blonde's already hyperactive salivary gland.

    This made Bernedette create a gurgling noise in her throat as her mouth was filled with excess spittle.

    But the pretty little blonde did not bother to swallow more frequently to compensate for the extra spit.

    Instead she allowed the drool to roll over her pouting lower lip, down both of their smooth chins at the same time.

    Michele bent at the knees a little so they could rub their nipples together, making them both gasp.

    Bernedette could feel her knees start to tremble. The muscles in her slim taut legs felt like jelly.

    She knew she wouldn't be able to stand up much longer.

    "I've gotta lie down," Bernedette said, now panting.

    Her breathing was very rapid. The breaths were short. She was making little whimpering noises in her throat. She sounded desperately wanton – in need of physical bliss.

    The sun shone down warmly on the tops of the teenagers heads.

    The breeze make a quiet rustling noise in the pine needles above.

    A series of voyeuristic sparrows chirped with approval.

    "I need you to eat my pussy," Bernedette said, spitting out the words in between gasps for air.

    "Get on your back, my love, and I will shower you with kisses," Michele said, tilting her head slightly to one side so that her long hair spilled over a single shoulder.

    "Oh, "yeah! That's the best idea I have heard all day!" Bernedette said, turning up one corner of her sensuous mouth into a naughty half-grin.

    Bernedette got on her back and rested her head in the bed of soft grass, stretching her legs out straight in front of her.

    She then parted her thighs to a perfect ninety degree angle, and Michele moved so she could look at the pretty blonde's cunt flesh.

    Michele licked her lips and felt the cunt juices rolling out of her pussy down the insides of her thighs.

    Bernedette placed the balls of her dainty feet flat on the ground and raised her knees up in the air. She strained to get her thighs as far apart as she could, pointing her knees in opposite directions.

    Michele dropped to her knees between Bernedette's parted thighs and leaned forward to caress her tits. Michele placed the palms of her hands over Bernedette's perky young breasts, opening her fingers. She squeezed those globes of feminine flesh a couple of time and then worked both tits in slow circles.

    Michele pressed Bernedette's tits together for a second, so that the little blonde's cleavage was long and deep. She then released her grip on the boobs so she could concentrate her attention solely on the nipples. She got each nipple between her thumb and forefinger at that moment and began to pinch and pull. She did this lightly at first but increased the pressure until little twinges of pain shot up and down Bernedette's spine, making her whimper.

    The little blonde found that it was impossible to keep her round, milky white ass still on the grass.

    She gyrated.

    She writhed.

    Her hips bucked upward.

    The little blonde had realized some time before that a little pain felt good mixed in with her pleasure if she were horny enough.

    Michele pulled on both of Bernedette's nipples at the same time until the skin all around them was taut.

    This lifted the tits up from the top of her rib – cage, and made them look a great deal pointier than usual.

    She then released the nipples and allowed them to snap back into position, where they throbbed with desire.

    "SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!" Bernedette screamed again again – all caught up in the intense desire she felt in her cunt.

    As she lay sprawled in the grass, Bernedette could feel her cunt juices begin to drip out of the base of her slit.

    She could feel that thick honey-like natural lubrication rolling over the inch-long patch of mucous membrane between the base of her drooling vagina and her tight, puckered nether eye – her asshole.

    Her anus was moistened as those juices rolled into the crack of her butt before dripping into the grass beneath her gyrating hips.

    Michele leaned forward and parted her full lips. She stuck out her tongue as far as she could get it. Michele concentrated on making the tip of her tongue pointy. She placed the tip right on Bernedette's left nipple.

    The little blonde let out a harsh groan and closed her eyes. The dark haired girl flicked her tongue back and forth across that quivering feminine erection.

    She rolled her tongue lazily over the nipple until the entire rosebud was wet and slippery with the hot spittle she spilled. She drew back her lips two Inches from the throbbing nipple. She puckered her lips as if she were about to whistle. She made no sound however as she blew cool air onto the wet erection.

    This felt very good to the hot blonde, and Bernedette began to thrash her head from side to side in the grass.

    Her eyes closed tightly. Her face reddened.

    Fresh gooseflesh formed.

    Her pussy nearly gushed! "Suck it. Oh God, Michele! Suck my tits. They are on fire. I need you to suck them so badly," she said.

    Bernedette's long golden eyelashes were pressed hard against her high cheekbones and her lids were wrinkled.

    Her face turned as red as a beet from the flush of her arousal, and Michele wrapped her lips around the nipple.

    The brunette began to suck very hard, drawing the erection deep into her mouth with the created vacuum.

    Michele had an olive complexion to go with her near-ebony hair, and did not have to worry about sunburn.

    Michele got so dark from the sun that by fall it was hard to believe that the pretty brunette was Caucasian.

    Michele got her teeth on the nipple so she could give Bernedette a series of sharp love bites there.

    The pain soared to the base of Bernedette's skull and gathered there in a fiery ball before entering the pretty little blonde's already reeling brain.

    The aroused mind of Bernedette translated that intrinsically sexual pain into pleasure and sent the signal back down Bernedette's spine, to her tailbone, and into her swollen-dripping pussy hole.

    Michele repeated the process with the other nipple – going once again the way from gentle licking to hard sucking and biting.

    Bernedette could tell that her dark haired lover would not have to eat her cunt for long to make her come.

    Bernedette could tell that she was going to explode into her first orgasm of the afternoon soon after Michele found her poontang with her knowing mouth.

    Michele knew how to pleasure Bernedette's cunt better than anyone – which, wasn't actually a difficult feat because she was the only lover Bernedette had ever had.

    The only other orgasms the pretty blonde had felt had come from her own hand – when she masturbated.

    But Bernedette had known for a long time that being touched by Michele was a thousand times better than touching herself.

    Michele showered Bernedette's tits with noisy peck kisses and then began to kiss and lick her way down the front of Bernedette's torso, getting ever closer to the soaking wet delta between her spread thighs.

    Soon Michele was stretched out flat on her tummy with her head between Bernedette's milky white thighs.

    She was looking at the swollen flesh of her lover's cunt.

    Michele leaned forward, placing the tip of her nose very close to the inner lips of Bernedette's pussy.

    The dark haired girl inhaled deeply through her nose – completely filling her lungs and sinuses.

    The flesh was shiny in the sunlight, and almost red with engorgement.

    Michele knew that it was going to taste as good as it smelled.

    Chapter 2

    Bernedette Wellington did not have a great deal of body hair.

    Even the hair between her legs was sparse and downy.

    As Michele gazed at the opened pussy slash, she could see the two tiny golden curls of pubies on Bernedette's mound, just above her love button.

    The curls grew in the shape of a heart and only covered the bottom third of Bernedette's mound.

    She didn't have any hair at all along the sides of her vulva on her outer cunt lips, and she was almost equally bald between the cheeks of her creamy ass, except for a ring of blonde hair that grew about her asshole.

    The hair that grew on Bernedette's well-toned legs was so light that it was practically invisible.

    Bernedette had never bothered shaving her legs – or beneath her arms for that matter – thinking that vain.

    But the hair on her legs was so sparse that it was barely noticeable, and not at all unattractive.

    Michele closed her eyes and began to caress the insides of Bernedette's parted thighs with her fingertips, stroking slowly and gingerly.

    She began her caresses very close to the insides of Bernedette's bent knees and drew her fingers downward until they were only a fraction of an inch away from the little blonde's outer labia.

    She repeated this stroke several times, caressing both thighs at the same time, being careful not to actually touch the writhing girl's cunt.

    Michele was a bit of a tease when she went down on Bernedette.

    She liked to make the tiny blonde wait for orgasm.

    She knew that the longer it took to built up her sexual tension to the saturation point, the better it would feel when all of that horniness was released simultaneously in the form of a climax.

    Michele then switched her caresses to the backs of Bernedette's thighs, and the little blonde rolled back so that her weight was on her shoulders and the back of her head.

    She rested on the small of her back so that her creamy buttocks would roll up off the grass and become available to Michele's fingers and mouth.

    Michele placed her palms flat on the backs of Bernedette's thighs and opened her fingers far apart.

    She pushed upward and Bernedette lifted her feet up out of the grass and pointed her toes at the bright blue sky with a deep throaty moan.

    Bernedette knew that her chubby little toes always curled under tightly when her sexual arousal was acute.

    She could see her toes turning white as they clutched desperately at the top balls of her feet. She drew back her knees, keeping them as far apart as she could as Michele began to kiss and lick at her thighs.

    Bernedette sighed as she felt Michele running her fingers lightly over the sweet cheeks of her butt.

    Michele kneaded the flesh of Bernedette's buttocks lovingly, as if she were a baker preparing dough. Michele then allowed her fingertips to turn inward and crept closer to the crack of Bernedette's ass.

    The little blonde teenager could feel her cunt juices rolling down the crack: of her butt and she gasped.

    Michele pressed her fingertips into the ass flesh very close to the crack and pulled the cheeks apart. She did this slowly, as if she were opening a treasure chest, and didn't stop until the skin in the crack was stretched as tight as the skin on a drum.

    Some of the puckers in Bernedette's throbbing sphincter muscle were smoothed by this acute pressure.

    Michele kissed her way all the way to the small of Bernedette's back and stuck out her tongue very far.

    She made her tongue pointy at the tip and placed it at the top of the crack of Bernedette's ass.

    She then flicked it back and forth very lightly and drew it upward at the same time so she got ever-closer to Bernedette's quivering asshole.

    Bernedette could feel the tingling in her butt hole getting worse by the second, and she could also feel a deep yearning inside her bowels.

    Michele placed the tip of her tongue directly on the hole and traced a circle around the sphincter. She then licked across the asshole with the flat part of her tongue, coming very close to licking the base of Bernedette's pussy slit, Michele could taste the cunt juices in Bernedette's ass crack and sighed as they made her taste buds tingle.

    "Stick it in!" Bernedette called out at the top of her lungs.

    Her face was still beet red and she was thrashing her head from side to side.

    "Stick your tongue up my asshole!" Bernedette screamed.

    Michele made her tongue very stiff and pushed it into the hole, feeling the sphincter open willingly to allow this blissful back-door penetration.

    She pushed her tongue past the tight tube of muscle into the soft bowels and wiggled the tip around.

    "Use your fingers, Michele," Bernedette called out, her voice shrill with lust. "Give me two fingers deep up the asshhole. Oh God. I need it!"

    That was the kind of request that the taller dark haired girl always found difficult to deny. She pulled her tongue out of the tasty hole and moistened her first two fingers on her right hand with saliva.

    She ran the tips of those fingers up and down the crack allowing the spit and the cunt juice to do the lubricating work for her.

    She placed those two fingers tightly together and straightened her knuckles as she worked their tips into the anus.

    The muscles in Bernedette's thighs were so tight by this time in the sex session that they were trembling.

    Her lips were blustering and moist as she continued to desperately gasp for air, seemingly struggling for every short, rapid breath.

    Michele pushed the fingers up her butt as far as she could. She got them in all the way to her third knuckles. She then twisted the fingers around making the blonde's cunt gush. She worked those fingers in and out of the asshole. She fingerfucked the butt slowly at first.

    But the pace increased.

    It was soon hard and fast.

    Brutal and painful.

    Bernedette loved it!

    The pretty little blonde was drenched – soaking wet – by this time with the hot perspiration of her exertion.

    Bernedette could feel her clit throbbing so hard at the top of her pussy that she was sure it would pop right out of her cunt. Michele could tell it was time to go for the cunt.

    She knew that it would be wrong to tease Bernedette any longer.

    The little blonde appeared as if she would faint if she was kept on the edge of orgasm for a second longer.

    Michele pulled her fingers out of Bernedette's asshole slowly and held those fingers under her nose.

    She breathed deep through her nose at that point. Her nostrils flared wide open as she inhaled. She sucked the scent very deep into her sinuses. She sighed at the odor of her lover's inner bowels.

    "Oh baby," Michele said. "I love the smell of your ass."

    "Eat my cunt. Please make me come," Bernedette said.

    Her voice was filled with a deep womanly wantonness. She was begging her dark haired lover with the expression on her face.

    Bernedette's lips were quivering as if she were about to sob. She pulled her full lips back over her straight white teeth.

    She closed her eyes tightly once again and felt the engorged vein throbbing hard at her right temple. Michele placed the tip of her tongue at the base of Bernedette's cunt, where the natural lubrication was gathered most thickly. Michele made a sloppy sucking sound as she drank from those juices, feeling her own arousal grow at the flavor.

    Michele moved her fingertips to the thoroughly engorged outer lips of Bernedette's poontang. She pulled the lips apart. Michele stretched the cunt open until all of the many pink folds of flesh were parted. Michele wanted to explore all of the nooks and crannies inside that pussy before she licked the clitoris with her bold tongue.

    Michele used the flat part of her tongue to lick at the stretched back outer lips, licking at the sides of the clit, and even above the love button's foreskin.

    Bernedette could feel the tension in her pussy and in her lower belly rapidly approaching the saturation point.

    The pretty little blonde could tell that it wouldn't be long before her climax reached the point of inevitability.

    "I'M ON FIRE! MY CUNT IS ON FIRE!" Bernedette screamed.

    The tone of her voice made the little girl sound as if she were in horrible pain at that ecstatic moment.

    A stranger walking through the woods overhearing her screams would have thought she was being tortured.

    Michele flicked her tongue tip up and down the inner lips' edges, Bernedette's inner cunt lips protruded furthest from her slit.

    These were the lips that surrounded her precious fuck hole.

    They joined at the fleshy sheath above her little man in the boat.

    Michele thought that her lover's cunt looked like a rose blossom, readying to open into a full-fledged flower.

    She pushed her tongue between those lips and licked up and down.

    Again she came within a fraction of an inch of the clitoris.

    But she never actually made contact with the center of Bernedette's womanly pleasure.

    Bernedette was sure that she was going to pass out if she didn't climax soon.

    She was right on the edge of orgasm by this time.

    The lightest lick at her clit would have tipped her over that edge into the never-never land of physical bliss.

    Michele made her tongue stiff once again and pushed the tip as deep inside the cunt hole as she could.

    "Fingers!" Bernedette called out. Michele understood.

    The dark haired girl pulled her tongue from the cooze.

    She looked at Bernedette's face between her heaving breasts.

    Bernedette's nipples were just as hard and erect as when they were being directly stimulated by Michele's hands and mouth.

    Michele placed three fingers close together for vaginal insertion.

    She turned her wrist so that her thumb was on top. She pushed all three of those fingers deep into the cunt. She pushed them in all the way to the third knuckles. She then twisted her fingers around so that she would stretch the inner walls of the blonde's pussy flesh in every possible direction. She stopped with her palm facing the cloudless blue spring sky and began to work those fingers in and out. Just as she had done with the little girl's, asshole, she started the fingerfuck slowly and steadily increased the speed as she went along.

    Michele could feel Bernedette's talented inner cunt muscles clamping down on those fingers snugly.

    Michele knew better than anyone just what a talented pussy Bernedette had.

    She could tighten her inner cunt muscles to squeeze on Michele's pinky.

    Yet, on occasion, she had relaxed those same muscles enough to take Michele's entire fist up her cooze.

    Bernedette began to push upward with her hips and slowly lowered the balls of her feet back down into the cool grassy 'earth. Her knees were still up in the air and pointing in opposite directions.

    Michele pulled the fingers out of Bernedette's cunt and once again held them under her nose so she could savor the scent of her teenage lover's womanhood.

    This time – being in a compulsive mood – Michele rammed those fingers into her own mouth so she could suck them clean.

    She then blew cool air onto Bernedette's drenched cunt.

    The little blonde shivered "Brrrrrrr!"

    Bernedette shivered so hard that she looked as if she were trying to get out of her milky white skin.

    The scent of sex was rich in their nostrils as Michele placed the tip of her right forefinger at the very top of Bernedette's swollen pussy slit.

    She touched the little girl above the clitoris' foreskin and below the two tiny curls of golden pubic hair that grew on the base of her mound.

    "Make me come!" Bernedette wailed with reckless abandon.

    Michele pushed upward with the tip of her right forefinger.

    The semi-circle of swollen flesh above Bernedette's clit pulled completely away from that throbbing love button, making the red erection exposed and available to Michele's knowing mouth.

    Michele parted her lips and stuck out her tongue.

    She placed the tip of her tongue directly on the clit.

    She kept her tongue perfectly still for a couple of seconds.

    But Bernedette's sense of time was altered by her arousal.

    She thought it would take her dark haired lover forever to begin to move her tongue.

    Michele rolled the clit around in a small circle.

    She roiled the love button as if it were a marble in oil.

    This was all it took to tip the little blonde over the edge into her tremendous, mind-boggling climax.

    Bernedette began to snap upward with her hips, coming very close to smashing Michele in the nose with her hard pubic bone.

    Bernedette was cracking her spine like a savage whip.

    Michele found that she had to wrap her long thin arms around Bernedette's thighs to restrain her bucking.

    Bernedette could feel the explosions starting in her pussy.

    She felt as if her cunt's volcano were erupting.

    She could feel the molten lava gushing from the slit.

    The spasms spread and grew in intensity rapidly.

    Soon the bliss had filled all of the blonde's lower torso.

    Michele increased the pressure of her tongue tip on the clit.

    The pleasure rolled like waves of thunder up Bernedette's spine.

    The little blonde had her back teeth tightly clenched together.

    The muscles at the sides of her jaw were tensed and protruding.

    Her pleasure clustered in a ball of fire – like a comet – at the base of her skull and then entered her reeling brain.

    At that moment Bernedette's back teeth came unclenched and her jaw dropped.

    Her mouth fell gaping open.

    The corners of her mouth were pulled tight.

    Her jaw threatened to lock.

    She let out a blood-curdling scream.

    Michele began to flick back and forth across the clit as Bernedette saw little sparks in front of her eyes.

    "CCCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" the little blonde called out in her shrill tone of unadultered passion and pleasure.

    Bernedette felt as if she were drifting off of the ground – flying.

    She felt as if she were soaring up into the cloudless sky.

    Michele licked hard and fast across the spasming button.

    Bernedette felt as if she had been launched into another dimension where there was no time and there was no space.

    There was only sensation. And that was all that mattered.

    Just when Bernedette thought that the spasms from her orgasm were bound to die down, Michele did something that the diminutive blonde had not anticipated.

    Michele puckered her lips and allowed them to protrude.

    She wrapped her lips around the convulsing clitoris.

    At no time did she remove her tongue tip from that erection.

    She began to suck, making sloppy wet noises with her mouth.

    She drew the clit and the surrounding tissues deep into her mouth.

    Her smooth dark cheeks were hollowed from the vacuum.

    This brought Bernedette's convulsions of bliss back to full intensity.

    Michele licked and sucked at the love button simultaneously until she was sure that Bernedette's fantastic orgasm was completely over.

    All of Bernedette's muscles relaxed at the same time.

    While she came she had been pressing against the earth as hard as she could with both the back of her head and the balls of her feet.

    She had lifted her ass up off the ground and had arched her back as sharply as was physically possible.

    When her orgasm was over she collapsed to the ground.

    She stretched her legs out in front of her, toes unclutching.

    She straightened her knees for what seemed like the first time in ages.

    Bernedette continued to gasp as she struggled to catch her breath.

    The blonde thought it was amazing that she could get more out of breath from an orgasm than she could by running a mile.

    Bernedette could feel the ecstasy of her orgasm fading away.

    It was being replaced by a deep, warm contented feeling.

    This was the sensation of her post-orgasmic afterglow.

    She could feel her pounding heartbeat slowly returning to normal.

    Michele continued to lick lightly at the pink slit.

    She stopped sucking at the clit when the climax ended.

    Instead she licked at the entire length of the slit with the flat part of her tongue, just so she could drink down any of the tasty pussy juice she might have missed.

    Michele them pulled her face out of Bernedette's pussy and rested her chin lightly on her mound.

    Bernedette opened her baby blue eyes, revealing that they had welled up with tears during her come.

    She smiled dreamily at Michele and then giggled.

    "What's so funny?" the dark haired girl asked.

    "Your face," Bernedette said with another tiny laugh.

    "What's funny about my face?" Michele asked.

    "It's all wet," Bernedette said with a sigh.

    "And whose fault is that, Bernedette?" Michele asked.

    The dark haired girl made a move to wipe her lips and chin clean with the back of her long-fingered hand.

    But Bernedette stopped her by placing her fingertips lightly on the inside of Michele's slim wrist.

    "No?" Michele asked, tilting her head a little to the right side so that her long hair spilled over that shoulder.

    "Uh uh," Bernedette said with a sly smile, "I want to lick my pussy juices off of your face."

    "Ummmm," Michele said, closing her eyes. "That sounds wonderful."

    Michele crawled up so that she was sprawled directly on top of Bernedette, their erect nipples touching.

    Michele moved her face so that it was hovering above the blonde's and then lowered it so Bernedette could reach her with her hungry tongue.

    Bernedette licked at Michele's face enthusiastically.

    She loved the taste of her own poontang drippings.

    Bernedette figured that almost anything would taste sweet if she were licking it off of her lover's face.

    This turned naturally into a deep, soulful, tongue kiss.

    Again the girls explored the insides of each other's mouth with their bold pink tasters, giving each other pleasure.

    Bernedette's passion was appeased for the moment but her dark haired lover was still hotter than a pepper sprout.

    "Roll over so I can make you come," Bernedette said.

    Michele was obedient and spread her legs open once on her back.

    Bernedette sucked and licked at each of Michele's erect nipple, and used her teeth to tug those erections lightly – making it hurt just a little.

    She showered Michele's flat firm belly with tiny peck kisses and used her tongue to explore Michele's bellybutton.

    Michele would have normally folded in two at this sort of caress because it would have tickled badly.

    But Michele knew by this time that she could not be horny and ticklish at the same time – a fluke of her nervous system she supposed.

    "Roll over on your belly for a second, Michele," Bernedette said, stroking the insides of the dark haired girl's thighs a little.

    Again Michele responded without a peep of protest.

    Michele folded her arms under her head and looked about to go to sleep.

    Only the slight side-to-side movement of her slim hips let the blonde know that she had no intention of lapsing into unconsciousness.

    Bernedette sat on Michele's ass, rubbing their butts together.

    She began to give Michele a loving, sensuous massage.

    "I wish we had some oil. I love to rub you down with oil," Bernedette said, and Michele's little moan let her know that her lover agreed.

    Bernedette had one knee on either side of Michele's hips as she kneaded the muscles in Michele's shoulders.

    Michele could feel all of the tensions in her muscles from the days work-out flowing out of her.

    It was as if the tightness in her muscles had turned to liquid and was draining into the grassy earth.

    Bernedette massaged the back of Michele's neck and began to work her way down the dark haired girl's spine.

    She pressed on each of the little bumps in Michele's backbone, lifting her ass so she could move her knees back.

    Each time she pressed down on Michele's spine, Michele let out a deep moan and felt a little more tension flow out of her.

    Bernedette massaged her way down to the base of the backbone, not far from the top of the crack of her ass.

    Michele had her thighs parted and Bernedette moved so that she was kneeling between them, fingering her ass crack.

    Bernedette ran her palms over the ass cheeks lightly and then pulled the cheeks apart so she could get her tongue between them.

    Bernedette licked at the crack enthusiastically right from the very first stroke.

    The crack was soon very wet from the hot spittle that dripped off of Bernedette's slightly swollen tongue.

    Michele had a lot more hair around her private parts than her blonde lover did – or ever would for that matter.

    Michele had a thick patch of dark brown pubic hair that completely covered her pubic mound, and grew in a perfect inverted triangle.

    The hair grew thickly along the sides of her swollen vulva, and also between the cheeks of her butt.

    Bernedette had to stop a couple of times to pluck short and curly hairs off of the tip of her tongue.

    She concentrated on the asshole and licked it until the flavor was gone.

    Her strokes were so long that she started each one at the base of Michele's pussy and ended it at the top of her ass-crack.

    Bernedette gave Michele a sharp slap on the ass.

    "Time to flip over, love," Bernedette said cheerfully.

    Michele moaned and rolled over onto her back, lifting her legs in the air.

    Bernedette drove her tongue deep into Michele's fuck hole.

    She thoroughly explored the pussy flesh before going for the clit.

    She licked and sucked at the love button so Michele's orgasm would be just as intense as her own had been.

    "I'M ON THE EDGE! SO CLOSE!" Michele cried with passion.

    Bernedette licked a little at the clit making Michele jerk violently.


    She licked at the clit more enthusiastically.

    And Michele felt a rocketship being launched inside her cunt!

    Chapter 3

    Stacy Turner was the newest member of the Rushdale High School girls' track and field team. She was starting to think that she had made a horrible mistake.

    She had always thought that she was in pretty good condition, but her muscles ached like hell after practice every day.

    All of that running, she told herself, was making her very healthy.

    But she didn't feel very healthy. She felt like a physical wreck.

    She would limp home after practice and have to lay in a tub full of steamy water for an hour before she would loosen up enough to move around without prohibitive discomfort.

    Running track had been Stacy's father's idea.

    He thought that it was a good way for her to meet people.

    He knew that she was very shy, and though she was attractive and intelligent, she didn't have many friends.

    That was because she hardly ever said anything. She crept through the school halls as quiet as a mouse.

    In class, she always sat in the very back and had an annoying habit of stammering when a teacher called on her.

    This speech impediment would make the other kids laugh – and that only made the problem worse. She would turn very red and feel like crying.

    Sometimes she felt like running out of classrooms at moments like that. She just wanted to get away by herself.

    The only time Stacy was ever really happy was when she was all by herself, when she wouldn't have to worry about how others felt about her.

    Stacy was walking home from school very slowly, since her legs were killing her.

    She walked past the woods between the high school building and the gravel pits and saw the dirt path that led back into the pine trees.

    She wondered what was back there. She must have walked past that spot a thousand times and she had never noticed the path before.

    In spite of her soreness, Stacy's curiosity got the best of her and she decided to do a, little exploring before she went home to soak in the tub.

    Stacy had pitch black hair that had been cut short into a pixie.

    Her hair spilled onto her forehead in soft bangs.

    She had a pretty face and a shapely body. Stacy didn't have the vaguest notion of how attractive she was.

    Her self-opinion was very low. She thought that she was on the plain side, and, in spite of her womanly curves, she was convinced that she was too skinny.

    Stacy had found herself thinking more and more about sex.

    She was only sixteen years old, and she would have been the first to admit that she didn't know much about life.

    She knew that there were other girls her age who were already dating and some of them were even having sex.

    She had overheard conversations in the halls. She knew that most girls were trying to decide whether or not to go all the way with their boyfriends.

    Stacy had come to the conclusion that she would be lonely for the rest of her life.

    She couldn't imagine any guy wanting to go out with her.

    Her shyness had been interpreted by the boys of Rushdale as snobbery.

    The boys thought she figured herself too good for everyone, and had her nose stuck up in the air.

    The truth of the matter was that Stacy was convinced no one in the whole world would ever want to be her friend.

    She was not as fast, and she didn't have the endurance of the other girl's on the track and field team, but at least the practice gave her an opportunity to burn off her frustrations.

    She had been pleased to find that she could go an entire practice session and never have to speak a word.

    As long as she followed Miss Myers* instructions, she could keep to herself and work herself into blissful exhaustion.

    Being physically tired had helped her sleep at night, which made her very happy because she was a chronic insomniac.

    Stacy had hoped that the work-outs every day would help decrease her sexual urges, but had found that this wasn't the case.

    In spite of her exhaustion, she had discovered that she was just as horny after practice as before.

    Stacy was starting to think there was something wrong with her.

    She didn't think that a teenage girl like her should be thinking about sex all the time like she did.

    Stacy couldn't help but worry that she was going to turn into a nymphomaniac, or something like that.

    Needless to say, she was a virgin. The little girl had never even been kissed.

    She figured that it was useless to have all of these desires building in her loins when she had no one to satisfy them.

    She had been a very good girl and had never touched herself down there.

    Stacy thought that she would open a Pandora's Box if she masturbated.

    She feared that orgasms would feel just as good as they said they did in the books she had read on sex.

    If that were true she knew that she wouldn't be able to keep her hands off of her crotch. Stacy thought that this would only feed the problem.

    Stacy clutched her textbooks to plentiful firm breast flesh as she left the shoulder of the road and began to walk down the dirt path into the pine forest.

    She had only gotten into the woods about two hundred yards when she heard the moans and groans of a young girl in heat.

    Stacy's first instinct was to turn around and leave, since she certainly didn't want to interrupt lovers.

    But then her curiosity got the best of her. She had never seen anyone fucking, and wanted to know what it looked like.

    Of course, Stacy thought that she would find a guy plunging his stiff cock into one of her classmate's pussy.

    It would have never occurred to her in a million years that she would discover two girls making it together.

    Stacy followed the sounds of the moans.

    She stepped lightly – like a cat.

    She was silent as she crept through the trees.

    And then she saw!

    Stacy could feel her mouth drop open and she forgot to blink until her dark brown eyes began to burn.

    She heard herself gasp and quickly bit her bottom lip before her outburst gave her away. The last thing she wanted was to be discovered.

    Michele and Bernedette had gotten into the classic sixty-nine position.

    They were eating out each other's pussies at the same time.

    Michele was on the bottom with her knees up in the air.

    Bernedette was straddling her head, with her own face lowered to Michele's gaping pussy.

    Bernedette was sitting on Michele's face so the dark haired girl could get at both her ass and her cunt with her tongue.

    Michele had her hands on the cheeks of Bernedette's ass.

    She was pulling the cheeks apart – rimming her clean with a busy tongue.

    Bernedette loved the way the tongue felt as it licked up and down the crack, exploring her rectum both externally and internally.

    Michele made her tongue stiff so she could press it deep into Bernedette's anus, making the blonde's muscles tighten.

    Bernedette was flicking the tip of her tongue up and down the outer lips of Michele's swollen pussy.

    She moistened her middle finger – the one with the fingernail cut short – so she could explore the inside of Michele's cunt and ass.

    They both could smell the scent of the other – rich, musky and sweet.

    This was the scent of their raw animal lust, and they loved it. It made the sensations that much greater.

    Stacy dropped to her knees and crouched behind a tree, only fifteen feet away from the passionate lovers.

    She peaked around the tree trunk and watched, eyes wide with awe.

    She had to concentrate to keep her mouth from dropping open again.

    And then Stacy Turner felt something happening inside her. She tried* to stop the sensation, but it was no use. She could feel the blood in her lower torso rushing toward the flesh of her untouched cunt!

    Her eyes were riveted to the naked lovers, munching away happily at each other's hot drooling snatches.

    Stacy knew that she would never be able to look away. Her eyes were so wide that the whites were visible all the way around the pupils.

    She could feel a tingling on the inside of her slim legs. She felt less aware of the ache in her muscles.

    She found that she did not feel as tired as before.

    A rush of energy rippled up and down her spine.

    Stacy could feel a tremendous ache developing in her pussy.

    She could tell that both her inner and outer cunt lips were swelling quickly, on their way to full engorgement.

    She could feel herself getting wet down between her legs – much wetter than she had ever been before.

    She could tell that she was making a big wet spot in the crotch of her panties, but she kind of liked the sensation.

    Stacy knew that it wouldn't be nearly as comfortable after her natural lubrication cooled down a bit.

    Stacy's nipples and breasts began to swell as she watched.

    She rubbed her thighs together, feeling her love button growing and quivering at the top of her quim.

    Stacy could feel her breathing being altered by the state of her arousal, and she was having trouble keeping her breaths silent.

    She had a great urge to moan with desire. It was an urge that was difficult to stifle. Her heart was pounding.

    She could hear the muffled moans and groans of Michele and Bernedette getting more frenzied as the pair approached simultaneous orgasm.

    Stacy could tell that the desire within her had already become too great for her to bear. She knew that the only answer was to make herself come and hope that would make it go away.

    She didn't even think she could walk. She was shivering. Her cunt, her ass, and her nipples were burning with a need to be stroked.

    Of course Stacy Turner had no idea what a full-fledged orgasm felt like.

    Once, when she was watching an R-rated movie, she felt two sharp spasms during a passionate love-making scene. She wondered if that were an orgasm. She doubted it. Somehow she knew that she couldn't even imagine how wonderful an orgasm was.

    She was feeling those same sharp throbs in her cunt as she watched, Bernedette sucking hard at Michele's cunt.

    She wondered if she would be able to make herself come and not make any noise.

    She knew that the girls were oblivious to noise, and became careless.

    She figured they were so wrapped up in their own moaning and groaning that they wouldn't hear a gentle whimper.

    Stacy reached to the front of her blouse and rolled her fingertips over the erections at the tips of her round breasts.

    Stacy's tits were very firm, and larger than either of the lovers' before her.

    Yet they did not sag a fraction of an inch and rested, smooth and supple, high on the black haired girl's chest.

    She became even bolder and worked her fingers under her blouse so she could pinch her naked nipples.

    She let out a sharp gasp as she squeezed at both of her nipples as hard as she could, pressing them flat between her thumbs and forefingers.

    She felt a thunderbolt of sensation shoot into her cunt, and she could tell she was getting soaking wet down there.

    Then Bernedette and Michele began to lick at each other's clits, and it was only seconds before they rolled back and forth wildly with their simultaneous comes.

    Stacy watched the muscles rippling through their arms and legs as they clutched each other desperately.

    Stacy found herself wondering in her horniness how the two girls could breath with their faces pressed against each other's crotches in that manner.

    Stacy couldn't help but hope that one of them would press their face against her cunt. Stacy wondered what a tongue would feel like licking at her incredibly sensitive virgin cunt flesh, and she moaned even louder.

    Loud enough for Bernedette to hear.

    Bernedette kept eating at Michele's pussy until the dark haired girl had finished her intense climax.

    Bernedette than broke away from her lover and sprinted in the direction of the moan she had heard.

    The tiny blonde had no trouble getting to Stacy, who had closed her eyes as she pinched and pulled her nipples.

    Stacy was unaware that she had been discovered until Bernedette was on top of her, pinning her to a pine needle bed.

    "What the fuck do you think you are doing spying on us?" Bernedette screaming at the terrified, masturbater.

    "I-I-I-I-" Stacy couldn't get it out. She could feel her face burning, and she knew she was turning red as a beet with excruciating embarrassment.

    She could feel an icy cold sweat oozing from all of the pores in her body.

    Stacy caught a whiff of Bernedette's cunt as the naked girl sprawled on top of her.

    Stacy allowed her desire to show. For a brief second Stacy gazed deeply into Bernedette's eyes with a lustful, soulful expression.

    But it was long enough for Bernedette to understand.

    She loosened her grip on the sides of Stacy's arms. Bernedette began to gyrate her hips a little, grinding down on Stacy, pressing their loins together.

    "Were you playing with yourself. Stacy?" Bernedette asked, a taunting tone in her suddenly cruel voice.

    "Uh huh," Stacy said with a nod. "It… it felt good."

    "Hey Michele!" Bernedette called out. "We have a new playmate!"

    "Who is it?" Michele asked, still trying to figure out what happened. One second she was coming and the next there was some sort of commotion.

    Michele was not at her most alert immediately following an orgasm. She was groggy for about five minutes with the contentment of her glow.

    "It's Stacy Turner! She says she will be our slave," Bernedette said. Then she turned back to Stacy and pressed the tip of her nose against Stacy's. "Won't you?"

    "Sure!" Stacy said.

    She figured she was finally going to make friends.

    And her friends would also be her lovers.

    How convenient!

    How marvelous!

    Stacy was still excited, but she wasn't frightened anymore. She knew that she would be able to speak without stammering.

    "You are going to have to tell me what to do," Stacy said quietly. "I've never done anything like this before."

    Bernedette's blue eyes lit up at those words.

    The thought of busting in a virgin appealed to her.

    "It's simple," Bernedette said. "Just human nature."

    And with that the blonde planted her lips on Stacy's and Stacy could feel her clit swell larger than she had ever known it to be. The little ball of fiery flesh at the top of her cunt felt like it would explode at any second.

    They kissed with only their lips for a moment, Stacy instinctively relaxed her jaw, parting both her teeth and her lips.

    This allowed Bernedette to plunge her tongue deep into the little girl's mouth, making it stiff and long.

    Stacy didn't know what to do and was somewhat startled by the penetrating tongue, so she wrapped her lips around it and sucked it slightly.

    This made the cute blonde moan and gyrate her hips harder. Stacy rolled her tongue over Bernedette and ground upward with her hips, so that their loins were pressed together firmly.

    Then Bernedette got up off Stacy and stood a few feet away, her hands on her hips.

    The pretty blonde cocked her round ass to one side and pointed her fingers downward.

    She stood with her feet a little more than shoulder width apart.

    "You had better get out of those clothes, slave," Bernedette said to Stacy. "You won't be needing them for awhile."

    "Okay!" Stacy said enthusiastically. She knew that she was going to feel pleasures that she couldn't imagine.

    Now that an opportunity to have sex, even if it was with girls, had come around, Stacy was going to go for it.

    Stacy stood up and quickly pulled off her shirt.

    By this time Michele was sitting up in the grass, hugging her knees.

    Michele was watching with a sly smile on her face as Stacy stripped.

    Both Michele and Bernedette could feel their sadistic natures coming out as the girl agreed to be their slave.

    They had always thought that Stacy was born for abuse anyway.

    Bernedette was both the crueler and the more imaginative of the two, and it was she that formulated the game plan.

    Bernedette could feel her bladder full, and she knew that she had to take a wicked leak in the near future.

    The blonde smiled and cocked her right eyebrow into an arch as she decided to make her pee go on Stacy.

    "When you have all of your clothes off I want you to get on your back in the grass," the blonde said.

    Stacy was so excited at the prospect of having her first orgasm that she would have done anything.

    She would have come all the way across Lake Ontario and back for a chance to feel a tongue in her cunt.

    So she quickly kicked off her running shoes and unbuttoned the button that held the top of her jeans together.

    She moved hurriedly and was soon tugging her pants and panties down over her hips and slender thighs.

    Stacy would never have known that she had just got done running at least seven miles during practice.

    She couldn't feel any muscle aches at all. She felt brand new. Stacy was feeling better than she had in years.

    The little girl felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her slim shoulders as she got naked.

    Standing nude in the late afternoon sunshine, Stacy felt absolutely free. It was a feeling different from anything she had ever experienced. And she loved it.

    The cute little black haired girl knew right then and there that she never wanted to wear a stitch of clothing again.

    Stacy began to wonder if they had nudist camp high schools, and then laughed a little at being silly. Stacy tugged her socks off as she pulled her panties over her feet.

    She was completely naked and quickly sprawled in the grass on her back.

    "Now that you are my slave, you must do anything I ask. You will obey my every command," Bernedette said.

    "I understand," Stacy said in a quiet voice.

    "The truth of the matter is that I will beat the living shit out of. you if you disobey," Bernedette said.

    Stacy shivered and felt the fear returning, trying to pierce through her hard shell of desire.

    But this time around the little black haired girl felt the fear enhancing her desire rather than stifling it.

    She really didn't know much about friendship or relationships in general. If they wanted her to be a slave, it was okay with her.

    Stacy, by this time in her life, figured that any relationship was better than being all alone, and lonely.

    "I know," Stacy said, looking up at Bernedette.

    The cute little blonde moved so that she had one foot on either side of Stacy's slim waist, and she found herself clutching at the blades of grass with her chubby toes, feeling the tickle in her bladder getting worse by the second.

    Michele was sitting up paying close attention to the action.

    She found the behavior of her blonde lover fascinating.

    This was a side of Bernedette that Michele had never seen before.

    Michele was content to watch for the time being, and didn't have anything she particularly wanted Stacy to do.

    Bernedette than bent and the knees and squatted, reaching down to pull her own cunt lips apart with her fingertips.

    "The first thing you are going to have to do, Stacy, is be my toilet. I am going to pee all over you," Bernedette said with a mischievous giggle.

    At first Stacy was grossed put by that thought, but then the piss came spurting out of the blonde's cunt.

    Her urethra dilated and the stream of yellow fluid was steamy as it splashed onto Stacy's belly.

    Stacy liked it right away and was pleased when Bernedette began to move her toes up toward her armpits.

    The urine began to splash over Stacy's tits, making her erect nipple burn and throb with pleasure.

    The smell of ammonia was in the air.

    It didn't bother Stacy at all.

    It made the cunt juices drain from her cunt.

    Stacy began to writhe on the ground and she reached up to pinch and pull at her own nipples, feeling the piss spray over her fingers.

    Bernedette pissed until her bladder was empty.

    "Now that you have been my toilet, you must be my toilet paper," Bernedette said, tilting her head to one side.

    Michele let out a loud belly laugh when she heard her blonde lover say that. Michele was starting to get hot watching this.

    Stacy figured out what Bernedette meant by that.

    The little black-haired girl lifted her head from the ground.

    She placed the palms of her tiny hands flat in the grass, clutching a little at the cool blades of grass with her fingertips.

    At the same time Bernedette dropped to her knees, moving so that Stacy could get at her cunt with her tongue.

    Stacy found herself very curious about what a cunt would taste like.

    She already knew pretty much what it would smell like, but she was curious if it would look like hers.

    Stacy had once examined herself with a hand-mirror, so she had a pretty good idea what her cunt looked like even though she had only done it once.

    Bernedette continued to hold her inner cunt lips apart.

    Stacy was eager with her tongue and went right for the piss hole.

    She licked up and down the cunt slit enthusiastically.

    Stacy used both the flat part and the tip of her tongue.

    Of course Stacy did not stop even after she had licked all of the excess urine away from the urethra.

    Stacy was smart enough to know why her tongue was where it was.

    She made her tongue stiff and pushed it inside the hole, fascinated at the way the pussy flesh felt. Hot, soft, wet, swollen, elastic, pulsating. She thought that it was funny that she was exploring another girl's pussy before she had even explored her own.

    "Lick the clit!" Bernedette said in a firm tone.

    The little blonde was very good at playing dominatrix.

    She had an effective command voice – as if she were a cop.

    When Bernedette Wellington spoke to her brand new slave it was obvious even to Michele that she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

    Bernedette was really getting off on being eaten by the submissive girl and could feel her honey pot boiling as Stacy went for her clit.

    The little black haired girl licked at it lightly.

    "HARDER, CUNT! LICK IT HARDER!" Bernedette screamed, her anger and her passion combining in her horny brain.

    Stacy licked at the clit as hard and fast as she could.

    Stacy let go of her inner labia and grabbed the back of Stacy's head.

    She pressed Stacy's face very hard against her pussy.

    Her clitoris was being battered back and forth like a punching bag.

    And she exploded into ultimate orgasmic delight!

    Chapter 4

    Stacy could feel a little spurt of fluid come out of Bernedette's piss hole at the moment of her come.

    At first she thought that this was a little bit of piss that had been leftover from her urination.

    But she later learned that the fluid was sex juice. It was a tiny female ejaculation that hit her on the chin.

    Stacy kept eating at the pussy until Bernedette grabbed.her hard by" the air and pulled her face out of her crotch.

    "That was very good slave. Now, I want you to go over there and lick Michele's asshole," Bernedette said.

    There was a dreaminess to Bernedette's voice that betrayed her afterglow. The edge of her cruel tone had been dulled by the appeasement of her passion.

    Michele nodded that it was okay with her and moved so that she was on her hands and knees in the grass.

    Michele turned so that her ass was pointing toward Stacy and the black haired girl immediately stood and walked to Michele.

    Stacy knelt behind Michele and Michele reached back to pull the cheeks of her own ass apart as far as they would go.

    Stacy could feel her clit throb hard as she saw the thick crop of dark hair that grew in the crack of Michele's ass.

    The hair was thickest in a ring around the asshole, where Stacy could see the pink anus quivering with anticipation.

    Michele could feel her asshole tingling and burning as her new slave knelt at her rear end complacently.

    Michele was starting to think that she would like to play dominatrix bitch too. It seemed like fun when Bernedette did it.

    "LICK MY ASSHOLE!" Michele ordered. Her command voice was not as authoritative as Bernedette's but it turned out to be equally effective.

    Stacy pressed her nose and her mouth right up into the taut crack of Michele's ass so that she could tongue the sphincter.

    Stacy parted her lips and shot her tongue out between them, driving the tongue tip well inside the anus, forcing the sphincter muscle to open a bit to allow that unexpected penetration.

    Michele grunted. "I said lick it, not stick it in," Michele screamed: She didn't like the idea of her slave being so presumptuous.

    It was Michele's turn to be sadistic. She cut a wicked fart right in Stacy's face making the little black haired girl sputter and draw back with her face for a moment.

    Michele laughed heartily and turned to face Stacy.

    Michele slapped the little girl across the face four times.

    She hit Stacy hard enough to send her falling back into the grass.

    Michele had struck her twice on either cheek. Twice with her palm, and twice with the knuckles on the back of her hand.

    Both of Stacy's cheeks were reddened by the blows and she used her tongue to make sure that none of her teeth were loosened.

    Stacy was pleased to find that all of her back teeth were still firmly rooted in the pink gums.

    "You must always do exactly as I say!" Michele screamed, rising to her feet so she could tower over the now cowering slave.

    "Okay. It will never happen again. I'm sorry. I guess I was just a little over-anxious or something," Stacy managed to say.

    She was pleased with herself. Stacy was sure that she would have difficulty speaking, but she hadn't stammered once.

    In fact, she hadn't stammered since she had taken off her clothes. She wondered if being naked actually had something to do with her sudden ability to speak freely and comfortably without fear of being laughed at.

    She felt degraded and humiliated by Bernedette and Michele. But Stacy found that she liked the degradation.

    Being a sex slave was the most fun she had ever had.

    "I've got an idea!" Bernedette said suddenly.

    "What?" Michele asked.

    "My folks are going away tonight."

    "For how long?"

    "Coming back tomorrow morning."

    "Let's take this one to your house!"

    "My thoughts precisely," Bernedette said. And they all dressed.

    The three girls made their way over to Bernedette's house. Her mother and father were still there, her father having just gotten home from work.

    But they would soon be gone. The old man was just going to change his clothes and off they would go to Aunt Martha's.

    They had to spend the night because Mr. Wellington had night blindness and Mrs. Wellington didn't know how to drive a car.

    Aunt Martha lived right on the bank of Lake Ontario, near a beach called Manitou.

    "Hi Mom, Pop," Bernedette said cheerfully. "You know Michele. This is Stacy, another girl on the track team."

    Stacy nodded shyly. She could feel the front of her body still sticky from Bernedette's piss and was praying that Mr. and Mrs. Wellington would not be able to smell her.

    But neither parent seemed to notice anything unusual, "You know where the food is," was all Mrs. Wellington had to say about Bernedette's guests and within fifteen minutes the three girls were alone in the house.

    "Come on, let's go up to my bedroom. That's where I keep all of my sex toys," Bernedette said loudly.

    The little blonde charged up the stairs taking them two at a time and was followed by the other two who were more willing to take their time getting upstairs.

    Once in Bernedette's bedroom the three once again took off all of their clothes.

    "Get on your back in the center of my bed," Bernedette said to Stacy. Stacy of course did this without a peep of protest.

    Bernedette then went into her parents' room and returned holding four pieces of copper wire.

    "Put your arms back over your head," Bernedette said.

    When Stacy did this Bernedette grabbed her right wrist and pressed it tightly against the bedpost.

    She then wrapped one of the pieces of copper wire around Stacy's slim wrist and the bedpost at the same time.

    She obviously didn't give a shit whether or not she hurt Stacy.

    She tied the wire as tightly as she could get it.

    Stacy felt it biting into her flesh painfully.

    The wire was cutting off the circulation of blood to little Stacy Turner's hand, making her numb.

    She wiggled her fingers with fear and found that her knuckles were getting stiffer as the numbness increases.

    She could feel the tingling of pins and needles in the fingertips of her right hand for a moment.

    Then Stacy could feel nothing at all. Soon she had no sensation in the entire hand and she could not move her fingers.

    She didn't have to look at that hand to know that her fingers had slowly turned a deep purple.

    By this time Bernedette had crossed the foot of the bed to the other side and had grabbed the left wrist.

    The cute little naked blonde teenager moved on the balls of her feet – circling her prey like a cat.

    When both hands were bound securely, so that the elbows were locked in the straight position, Bernedette moved to the foot of the bed.

    Michele was sitting in the blonde's desk chair, leaning back with her knees parted very far. She was stroking the insides of her thighs lightly with her fingertips, feeling the savage ache return to her pussy.

    Soon Michele was rubbing her fingers up and down her slit, making her fingertips moist with her juice.

    She worked her middle finger in between her rapidly swelling inner lips and began to penetrate herself.

    Bernedette grabbed Stacy by both of her ankles at the same time and pulled them apart so she could tie her ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed, which was tougher because her feet didn't quite reach.

    But soon Stacy found herself held fast in the spread eagle position.

    She could not move her arms and legs at all by this time.

    She knew that there would be ugly red rings around her wrists and ankles that would last for days after the wires were removed.

    At this point Bernedette walked over to her bedroom closet and opened the door.

    On the inside of the door was a full-length mirror. Bernedette looked at herself and winked before reaching up to the shelf at the very top of the closet where she had about ten labeled shoeboxes.

    Bernedette pulled down the one labeled "TOYS."

    She flipped the cardboard lid off the box and smiled as she found the toy she had been looking for.

    It was an eight inch dildo made out of hard black rubber.

    The dildo had been molded to look just like a real cock.

    It was very thick and Stacy's eyes went wide when she saw it.

    There was a belt attached to the base of the fake cock designed to go around Bernedette's round hips.

    She stepped through the belt and pulled the dildo up so that it was sticking out straight from her loins.

    "Baby, I am going to pop.your cherry wide open," Bernedette said throwing back her head with a cruel laugh.

    Stacy could feel the blood draining from her face.

    She couldn't imagine that black pole fitting inside her.

    "You aren't going to stick that in me, are you?" Stacy asked. Her voice trembled but she did not stammer.

    "Of course I am, you stupid slave," Bernedette said.

    "But it will tear me apart!" Stacy protested, feeling the cold sweat once again oozing from every pore in her body.

    "Shut up, cunt," Michele added. "Another word out of you and I'll give you a knuckle sandwich."

    Michele stood up and waved a fist in the air just to emphasize her point.

    Stacy bit her bottom lips and told herself to be quiet.

    She knew that the girls were not in the mood to show her mercy.

    There was no way she could free herself from the stringent bondage.

    Every time she struggled against the wires they seemed to grip at her wrists and ankles even tighter.

    Bernedette had positioned the dildo so the base would press directly against her clit when she fucked with it.

    In this manner the pretty little blonde would receive pleasure from the act – just as if it were really her cock.

    Bernedette strutted around the bedroom for a while looking at the eight inch hard-on waving in front of her.

    She then moved up on the bed and got on her hands and knees, straddling her bold little sex slave.

    Bernedette was actually a little shorter than Stacy, but they were very close to the same height.

    Bernedette placed the palms of her hands flat on the bedspread next to each of Stacy's forced-open armpits.

    She then kicked her legs out straight behind her, putting the weight on her chubby toes, which were arched, just like when she did push-ups to strengthen her arms and back.

    She moved her hips so that the tip of the ebony pole was touching the swollen flesh of Stacy's virgin cunt.

    The little black haired girl knew that her virginity only had a couple of seconds to live. Stacy knew that a part of her was about to be torn away from her. She knew that it was a part of her that would never grow back.

    She felt as if she were being stripped of her childhood.

    At the same time she was about to graduate into womanhood.

    That rubber pole was going to touch her in places where she had never been touched before. In fact, Stacy suspected correctly, it was going to touch her in deep internal places she didn't even know she had.

    Bernedette supported her weight exclusively with her left arm so she could reach back with her right hand and guide the tip of the thick rubber cock.

    Stacy could feel her fear fading as her desire grew.

    She could feel her clit poke out from under its foreskin.

    Her pussy juices were flowing freely once again, which she knew would ease the inevitable initial vaginal penetration.

    She could feel her pussy flesh fully engorged, which meant both sets of lips were at maximum elasticity.

    Bernedette rubbed the tip of the black rubber cock up and down Stacy's cunt slit very patiently.

    "Please stick it in me!" Stacy said, her voice trembling as she felt sharp throbs in her poontang.

    "Tell me how much you want it, slave," Stacy said, twisting up one corner of her mouth into a half-smile.

    "Oh, Bernedette, I want it more than I've ever wanted anything before," Stacy said, her eyes looking sincere.

    'Tell me more! I love it," Bernedette said, rubbing the tip of the dildo against her slave's clitoris.

    "If you stick that thing inside me, I'll do whatever you and Michele please," Stacy said with equal sincerity.

    "You bet your sweet ass, you will," Michele said with a little laugh, once again playing with herself.

    Michele was stroking her nipples with the fingers of her right hand while she ran the side of her left hand up and down her swollen quim lips.

    Bernedette lowered the head of the dildo to the base of Stacy's incredibly tight, swollen, virgin cunt.

    She worked her hips back and forth a little bit and began to press down with her round creamy hips.

    Stacy still could not figure out how that thick ebony pole was ever going to fit inside little old her.

    It seemed like a simple matter of physics to the little girl. You just can't put a square peg in a round hole.

    For what seemed to Stacy like a long time she felt the pressure increasing on her curled back inner labia.

    But her inner cunt lips did not open to let the cock inside.

    Stacy feared that it really wasn't going to fit.

    She knew Bernedette would be very frustrated if she tried to pop her precious cherry and failed.

    Stacy strained against the wires that bound her.

    She arched her back as sharply as she could just then.

    Stacy pressed the back of her head against the bed.

    She thrust upward with her own slim dark hips.

    Stacy Turner did not have a great deal of pubic hair either.

    Once the penetration began it all happened very quickly.

    Stacy was not prepared for the rapidity of the violation.

    Her inner lips stretched open until the flesh was pulled taut.

    For a fraction of a second she could feel the tip of the thick black pole pressing against her hymen.

    Then there was a horrible pain in Stacy's pussy – bad enough to make her scream out with agony.

    Her eyes closed very tightly and her mouth fell open as she felt the hymen tear away from her pussy walls.

    There was an audible tearing sound just before Stacy screamed, and this was followed by a sigh of satisfaction from Bernedette. Michele moaned as she began to work three fingers in and out of her own pussy as she watched the hot S and M action.

    Michele dabbed the tip of her right forefinger against the throbbing erection at the top of her slit.

    In this manner she brought herself right to the edge of orgasm, but didn't allow her to tip over into bliss.

    Whenever she felt the explosions preparing to begin inside her cunt she pulled her finger away.

    She did not maintain the all important direct contact with the center of her womanly pleasure long enough to allow release.

    Michele liked to stay right at the edge of orgasm for as long as possible. She was a tease when she touched herself.

    She had found that she gave herself the best orgasms when her willpower allowed her to wait for climax.

    Besides, the dark haired girl leaning back in the desk chair with her legs spread wanted to come with the other's and she could tell she was a little bit ahead so she slowed her caresses.

    Stacy could feel the pain shooting up and down her spine.

    Every muscle in her body was tensed and trembling.

    Her lips quivered as they pulled back over her teeth.

    Tears welled up in her dark eyes and oozed onto her cheekbones.

    Those droplets of saltwater ran down the sides of her nose.

    Her olive complexioned cheeks were stained by their tracks.

    The tears made it all the way to the corners of her mouth.

    Stacy could feel something warm and sticky inside her pussy mixing with her natural lubrication.

    It a moment of raw horror the little black haired girl realized that this was her blood she was feeling.

    She could tell that the little trickle of fluid draining from the base of her, cunt had turned pink.

    Stacy knew that she was going to make a stain on the bedspread and prayed that Bernedette would not be angry.

    Stacy was pleased to find that the worst of the pain from her popped cherry faded rather quickly.

    The sharp pain from the torn hymen faded within a matter of seconds into a dull, throbbing ache.

    This ache blended perfectly with the ache of desire Stacy was experiencing deep inside her pussy hole.

    She could feel the tip of the dildo moving deeper inside her and she continued to press upward.

    The little black haired girl knew that it would be no easy chore to complete the already started violation.

    Stacy could tell that Bernedette wasn't going to stop pressing down with her hips until the entire black rubber dildo had forced its way inside.

    Stacy's inner cunt was tight and shriveled close from lack of use.

    It had to be pried open with the tip of the fake cock.

    Stacy could feel a new magic spot forming inside her cunt.

    There was a bail of fire on the top wall of her fuck hole.

    The spot was very close to the mouth of her womb.

    Stacy yearned to feel the dildo bang against her dimpled cervix.

    She knew that she was going to have a womanly orgasm the second that deep contact was made. She whimpered.

    They both yearned together to feel Stacy's grossly stretched inner cunt lips gripping at the base of the dildo. Stacy could feel the cock moving inside her a fraction of an inch at a time.

    Bernedette pushed down hard.

    The blonde winced.

    Her face reddened.

    Her ass cheeks tensed.

    She pressed her buttocks tightly together.

    The spasms started inside Stacy's cunt and this time she knew that they were going to grow rather than fade away.

    Then the tip of the fake cock banged hard against the mouth of her womb on the top wall of her fuck hole.

    This started the explosions inside Stacy's pussy, and she knew she was having her very first orgasm.

    She could feel the mind-boggling sensation roaring through her body, all the way to her spinning head.

    She thought that the bed was flying up into the air, with her still bound spread-eagle on top of it.

    She tossed her head from side to side, now drenched with sweat.

    The come was on the short and sharp side, but Stacy could tell that it was only the first of many she would have during the course of the lesbian fuck.

    As her inner cunt muscles convulsed with orgasm, they also loosened and relaxed a great deal.

    This made the tip of the cock move inside her more swiftly and it was only seconds later that the bound little girl with the bleeding pussy could feel the tip of that ebony pole pressing against the back wall of her vagina.

    Bernedette was arching her back, with both arms once again supporting her upper torso. This enabled the pretty sex slave to look between their bodies and see how much of the dildo was left to enter.

    She could see that half of the fake cock still was yet to enter and already she felt filled to the brim.

    Her cunt hole felt filled to capacity both lengthwise and widthwise and she was sure she would tear open.

    But the elasticity of her cunt flesh was a pleasant surprise as she felt herself stretch open even further so the whole thing moved into her.

    Bernedette pressed down with her round creamy hips until her pubic bone was pressed against Stacy's.

    Just as they had hoped, the little black haired girl's inner cunt lips were gripping the base of the dildo.

    Stacy thought that her blonde dominatrix bitch would begin her in and out fucking motion right away.

    But instead Bernedette continued to press down with her hips, giving the illusion of even deeper vaginal penetration.

    Stacy could tell that the girl would not have to fuck her for long before she had her second orgasm.

    And the bound slave could tell already that her second come was going to be even more extraordinary than the first.

    Stacy gyrated her hips in a slow circle so that the inner walls of Stacy's cunt were stretched in every possible direction, maximizing her pleasure.

    It seemed like an eternity to the little black haired girl before the blonde pulled up with her hips.

    Bernedette drew the fake rubber cock out of Stacy's cunt until once again only the molded glans was between her grossly parted inner labia.

    Bernedette paused at the top of her stroke and took a deep breath – completely filling her lungs with air.

    She then slammed down with her hips as hard as she could, again tensing the muscles in her buttocks.

    Bernedette was pressing the supple cheeks of her ass together so hard no pressure could have pried them apart.

    She drove all eight inches of the incredibly thick cock into Stacy's bleeding cunt in one fell swoop.

    Stacy's cunt made a sloppy splashing and sucking noise as the fake phallus pushed through the wet flesh.

    Stacy emptied her lungs with a harsh grunting noise.

    Her eyes opened very wide from the shock of the violation.

    Her cunt made a funny farting noise as gas bubbles were forced from the hole by the stabbing fuck.

    Stacy's eyes bulged outward, and felt for a moment like they would pop right out of their sockets.

    She cried.

    More from shock than pain.

    One second her cunt was empty.

    And then it was full!

    Stacy began to fuck the little girl with a slow steady motion, feeling her inner lips pulling out and pushing in with the motion of the now wet dildo.

    Stacy looked through teary eyes at the cock as it moved in and out of her cunt and could see her own blood.

    There was a thin film of blood and natural lubrication all over the fake cock, but it had gathered thickest in a ring about the base.

    After three or four strokes Stacy could feel her cunt explode into her second come of the fuck.

    She once again screamed – this time in complete joy.

    Her black eyelashes pressed hard against her cheekbones.

    The corners of her mouth turned into an ecstatic smile.

    "FUCK ME HARDER!" Stacy wailed in a high-pitched shriek.

    Bernedette was careful to use the entire length of the dildo with each fuck stroke, taking advantage of its length.

    She wanted her bleeding sex slave to feel all eight inches working in and out of her ravaged pussy.

    Stacy began to snap of comes at an amazing rate.

    Bernedette was fucking very hard, feeling the base of her pole pressing against her throbbing clit.

    Michele, sitting near the bedroom wall, placed her finger directly on her little man in the boat.

    This time she did not pull it away when the savage throbbing spasms began inside her dripping cooze.

    She left her finger there and began to roll her own clitoris in a rapid, though small, circle until she came.

    Stacy got to the point where she could no longer tell when one orgasm ended and the next one began.

    Her comes were running into one another by this time.

    She felt like she were having one continuous come, rather than a series of shorter ones strung together.

    Faster and faster.

    Harder and harder.

    Stacy lost count of her comes.

    Numbers seemed unimportant.

    It was about five minutes into the fuck before Bernedette cranked her hip movements into high gear.

    She began to fuck the little girl's drooling quim as hard and fast as she could, feeling the massage of her own clit making her own orgasm an inevitability.

    Bernedette could feel Stacy's inner cunt muscles clasping and tugging at the shaft of the dildo every time she drew upward with her hips.

    Finally Bernedette felt herself start to come and rammed the cock as deep as she could get it in the hole.

    They pressed their loins tightly together as this last violation triggered Stacy's final come of the fuck.

    This pleased the little black haired girl because it meant she and her lover would come together.

    Stacy felt as if there were only one orgasm and they were all sharing it as they simultaneously climaxed.

    Both Bernedette and Stacy trembled violently and screamed out together with their physical joy.

    And then the moment of passion was over and Bernedette fell limp on top of Stacy, catching her breath.

    Both girl's listened to their breathing and their heartbeats slowly returning to normal. Stacy's cunt burned.

    With her passion appeased for the moment, Stacy was aware for the first time of just how much her cunt hurt.

    She could tell that her pussy was going to be sore for a couple of days from the brutal ravaging it had received.

    Bernedette left the cock inside her pussy for a moment before withdrawing and rolling over onto her back off of her slave.

    "That was wonderful," Stacy said, her afterglow making her voice sound far-away and dreamy in texture.

    "It's only beginning," Michele said, pulling her fingers away from her soupy honey pot and raising them to her face.

    Michele held her fingers so she could see how wet and slippery they were.

    She sniffed them and licked them clean.

    "Give me the dildo, Bernedette," Michele said abruptly, rising from her straight-backed desk chair.

    Bernedette swung her legs over the side of the bed.

    She had both her knees and her ankles together as she did this.

    The tip of the fake cock was sticking up at the ceiling.

    The shaft was running parallel to Bernedette's flat tummy.

    She rose to her feet and sighed, as she savored her own glow.

    She pulled the strapped dildo over her toes and held it by the belt as she handed it to Michele.

    "You might want to wipe it Bernedette said, seeing the amount of blood and cunt cream the pole had accumulated.

    "Oh, I have a slave to do my cleaning for me," Michele said.

    The wires were removed from Stacy's wrists and ankles.

    "First you lick it clean," Michele said to Stacy, making a hissing sound like a snake between her teeth. "And then you take it up the ass!"

    Chapter 5

    Stacy had a hard time moving even after the wires were removed from her wrists and her ankles.

    She had to shake her hands to get the blood flowing back into them – so sensation would return.

    Once the pins and needles in her fingertips faded away she sat up on the bed and massaged her feet.

    Just as she had anticipated there were ugly red rings in her flesh where the wires had been wrapped.

    Stacy soon felt a little better even though her elbows and knees felt stiff from being forced straight for so long.

    Her head cleared and she turned to Michele who was standing next to the bed with her feet far apart.

    She had put on the dildo so it was sticking out straight from her loins, at a slightly upward angle.

    Stacy had heard what Michele had said, and was a little nervous about having the pole stuck up her ass.

    She knew that her asshole was even tighter than her pussy, and did not know how to lubricate itself.

    Unlike the muscles in her cunt, the muscles in her ass were designed to push things out rather than let them in.

    At the same time she felt that twinge of fear she felt a tingling beginning in her hot rectum.

    An ache grew deep inside her bowels as her sexuality once again gained control of the little girl's will.

    She knew that she would loved getting fucked anally, no matter how severe the pain she would endure.

    "Kneel before me," Michele said firmly, looking at Stacy with fire in her eyes.

    Stacy subserviently got off of the bed and stood on the floor.

    She was a little unsteady as her feet still felt a bit numb.

    She dropped to her knees slowly in front of Michele.

    Stacy Turner sat on the backs of her calves and looked at the dildo.

    Stacy could smell the scent of her own pussy on the erect log of rubber pointing at her pretty face.

    "Lick it clean!" Michele said, moving her hands to the sides of her hips, turning her fingers downward.

    Michele moved her feet a little further apart on Bernedette's bedroom floor and squared her shoulders.

    For a moment Michele had her chin raised as if she were self-conscious about putting on a male posture.

    The dark haired girl bent a little at the knees and arched her back so her hips were out in front the rest of her athletic body.

    Stacy wasted no time sticking out her pink tongue.

    She did not want to be punished for her dawdling.

    Stacy was convinced that these two girls were superior to her.

    She thought it was her rightful place to be their slave.

    Stacy had no trouble being subservient. It was her nature.

    She didn't have any self-esteem, and saw no reason why anyone else she respect her more than she respected herself.

    Stacy rolled her tongue over the head of the prick.

    She found that she loved the taste of her cunt juice.

    She didn't even mind, lapping up her own pussy blood.

    She licked at the shaft of the cock, using the flat part of her tongue.

    Stacy spent a long time licking at the base of the dildo.

    That was where her blood had gathered thickest in a ring – and she found that the blood was starting to harden.

    Stacy found that she had to scrape at the base of the dildo with the very tip of her tongue to cleanse it.

    When the dildo was completely clean – wet only from the hot spittle Stacy had spilled – she drew back and looked up at Michele for further instructions.

    Bernedette moved to the desk chair where Michele had been sitting before and crossed her arms, content for the moment just to watch.

    "Get up on the bed on your hands and knees," Michele said.

    "Yes, Ma'am," Stacy said politely, and moved promptly into position. Stacy moved on her hands and knees trembling as she anticipated the pain and pleasure of anal intercourse.

    "Move your knees as far apart as you can get them on the bed," Michele said, still standing up beside the bed.

    As Stacy did this she could feel her thighs opening to a perfect ninety degree angle. Both her cunt lips and the cheeks of her ass opened naturally.

    "Now arch your back and lower your head slave," Michele said. She was enjoying having a sex slave more and more.

    At first Michele had thought of it as Bernedette's idea, but now she was enjoying her participation.

    It had never occurred to Michele that she would make a good dominatrix, and she felt rather proud of herself.

    "I am going to fuck your asshole until you are raw!" Michele said with a sadistic laugh in her throat.

    Stacy shuddered as she heard those words and felt the ache of desire in her bowels becoming more intense.

    "I am going to fuck your asshole until you can't even walk!" Michele said, a fire building in her eyes.

    Michele could feel the base of the dildo against her clit, which was already swollen even though she had masturbated herself to a come only a few short minutes before.

    As Stacy arched her back and lowered her head her ass raised in the air.

    Then Michele moved up onto the bed and knelt behind her.

    Michele placed one hand on either of Stacy's tiny ass cheeks.

    She pulled the buttocks apart, resting the tip of the black log at the top of the crack of her ass.

    Michele drew back her hips and lowered the tip of, the dildo until it was pressing against Stacy's frightened asshole.

    "All eight inches are going right up your pooper!"

    "yes, stick it in me! Stick it in my ass!" Stacy screamed.

    Michele liked the idea that her sex slave was so enthusiastic.

    She pressed forward.

    The pressure on the anus increased.

    The sphincter began to open.

    The rectum gaped.

    The puckers in the ring of muscle were smoothed.

    The pain began to build as Michele used her tremendous strength to pull the sphincter agonizingly open.

    The head of the dildo popped in and Stacy let out a sharp shriek.

    But as she had found when her cunt was fucked, the worst of the pain was over in a matter of seconds.

    She found that the pain of that awesome anal penetration was used by her aroused mind as a catalyst for desire.

    Michele forced the entire dildo into Stacy's butt and removed her hands from the cheeks of her ass.

    Michele ran her palms over Stacy's loins and held her at the soft underbelly, beneath her protruding rib-cage.

    Michele pushed her fingers into Stacy's belly hard enough to pucker the flesh – hurting the black haired girl.

    She wanted to use Stacy's lower torso as leverage for her fuck motion, which she began right away.

    Stacy found that her sphincter had relaxed somewhat and throbbed as it held the base of the dildo.

    But she still couldn't believe that the whole thing had made it inside her aching bowels. She would have thought it impossible.

    The black rubber fake cock was certainly larger than anything Stacy had ever pushed out of that hole.

    Her nether eye was on fire as Michele drew back with her hips, coming very close to pulling right out of the asshole. She stopped just before the sphincter was allowed to slam shut and stabbed forward with her hips, sending an awful pain, a deep internal pain, shooting up and down the cute sex slave's spine.

    That agony triggered spasms of joy in Stacy's bowels.

    She could feel her inner ass muscles convulsing around the dildo, once again all the way inside her.

    She felt as if she were having an orgasm inside her ass.

    The agony and the ecstasy had combined in Stacy's mind.

    The two sensations had blended inside her without a seam.

    She could no longer distinguish at all between the two.

    Michele began to fuck, using short strokes, and Stacy could tell that she was bleeding once again.

    For the second time in a matter of a half hour the black dildo had drawn blood inside the sex slave.

    The blood was actually a helper, as it lubricated the walls of Stacy's Inner bowels.

    The only lubrication up till that point had been some mucous her inner ass had secreted with her horniness.

    But that alone had been next to worthless. The dildo was thick and long.

    It would have hurt no matter how much her ass had been greased.

    But the muscles relaxed even more and Michele found that she could move the dildo in and out of Stacy's nether eye with relative ease after a few strokes.

    Stacy felt Michele loosen her grip on her underbelly, and press her palms flat at the base of her rib-cage.

    Michele then straightened at the elbows a bit and moved the palms of her hands to Stacy's breasts.

    Michele opened her fingers very wide, trying to hold all of Stacy's breast flesh at the same time.

    But Stacy's youthful tits were a lot larger than Michele's and she couldn't hold them all simultaneously no matter how far open she spread her fingers.

    Michele squeezed and fondled Stacy's tits roughly. Stacy loved every second of that breast massage.

    No one had ever played with her tits before. She could feel her pussy juice rolling thickly down the insides of her spread thighs.

    Her clit was once again fully engorged and quivering at the top of her recently opened cunt slit.

    The flow of blood from her cunt had stopped, but now a trickle of blood was oozing from Stacy's abused.asshole.

    Michele pressed Stacy's tits together until the cleavage between them was long and deep.

    Stacy's tits were larger than usual anyway, Not only were they swollen with her arousal, but the force of gravity was in their favor, making them dangle beneath her upper torso.

    Michele fucked faster and faster as her own horniness grew to an intense pitch – and she moaned deeply.

    Michele was arching her back so that she could feel her long hair against the backs of her legs.

    She had her knees shoulder-width apart on the bedspread and had turned her face toward the ceiling.

    Her lips were slightly parted and moved as if she were trying – and failing – to form real words.

    The only sounds that came out from between those lips were whimpers and whines of womanly lust.

    She had the little knob at the base of the dildo against her love button and was massaging herself as she fucked.

    When she moved her hips slightly from side to side during her in and out fuck motion, she not only stretched at Stacy's sphincter and inner bowel walls, but also made her own cunt throb sharply as she diddled her little man in the boat.

    Michele pulled her palms away from Stacy's breasts so she could concentrate her attention on the nipples.

    She got each of the sex slave's feminine erections between her long thumbs and forefingers. Michele squeezed.

    She pinched those throbbing rosebuds flat between her fingers making Stacy squeal like a pig.

    Stacy thought the pain in her inner bowels and the pain in her tits combined into a delicious sensation!

    "YES! YES! YES!" Stacy screamed out at the top of her longs, though she was not aware of her words' volume.

    She heard her own voice and thought for a moment that it belonged to someone else. But, no. It was her.

    Michele did not know, of course, that this was exactly the way Stacy wanted her tits to be treated.

    Michele was just being sadistic, getting off on the agony she was sure she was causing in the slave.

    Just as Michele could feel herself approaching orgasm she pulled on both of Stacy's nipples at the same time.

    She tugged them so hard that Stacy thought she would pull them right off of her swollen breasts.

    The skin all around the throbbing nipples was pulled so tight it was threatening to tear on her.

    Michele then released her grip on the nipples and allowed them to snap back into near-normal position.

    Stacy did not have to look at her nipples to know that they had grown longer than ever before.

    Michele ran her hands quickly down the underside of Stacy's trembling body, heading for her crotch.

    Before Stacy could mentally prepare herself, Michele placed her forefinger on Stacy's swollen clitoris.

    This was the first time Stacy's clit had ever been touched in this fashion, and she thought she would faint.

    The intense please she felt at the caress of her love button made her feel very dizzy and weak.

    The room began to spin, and Stacy felt as if all of the oxygen had been sucked out of the bedroom's air.

    Michele began to flick the tip of her finger back and forth across the little man in the boat.

    Stacy could feel a kind of orgasm she hadn't felt before making her cunt lips pulsate as if trying to speak.

    She could feel her bowel muscles clasp the eight inch fake cock as Michele drove it all the way in.

    The little girl could feel a slow, rolling orgasm spread in concentric circles throughout her shuddering hips.

    Stacy and Michele screamed out in pleasure together.

    Michele moved her hips from side to side very fast.

    This massaged her own love button just right for climax.

    Stacy saw the stars in front of her eyes at that point.

    The black haired sex slave tried desperately to suck air.

    She knew that deep breaths would help clear her head.

    But she didn't make it.

    The sensation was too acute!

    Stacy passed out from the raw pleasure filling her body!

    Michele pulled the dildo out of Stacy's asshole quickly when she sensed the little girl collapsing.

    Michele was not at all surprised to see that the black cock was once again covered with Stacy's blood.

    Bernedette, who was of course touching herself, was right on the edge of climax when Stacy fainted.

    "I'm so close, Michele. Come here and finish me!" Bernedette said, pulling her fingers away from her pussy.

    Michele quickly pulled the dildo off of her hips and set it on the night table next to the bed.

    She moved so that she was kneeling between Bernedette's parted thighs and sat back on her heels.

    Michele stuck her ' head in between Bernedette's parted thighs and looked at her nearly hairless cunt.

    She breathed deep and filled her sinuses with the funky scent of the blonde's aroused womanhood.

    The pussy lips were swollen to twice their normal size and had grown to be a deep red color. Michele almost drooled as her salivary gland responded to the sight of that soaking wet quim!

    Michele wasted no time. She quickly began to kiss and lick at Bernedette's inner thighs, starting very close to her knees. She worked her way down the thighs at a rapid pace until her tongue was on the inch long patch of flesh between the base of Bernedette's cunt and her pink asshole.

    On the bed Stacy was sound asleep, on her belly with her legs bent rather bizarrely behind her.

    Her facial expression was blissful. The sex slave did not have the slightest worry in her deep slumber.

    As she rested dreamlessly, she was unaware of the small trickle of blood from her anus, getting into her cunt.

    Michele moved her fingers to Bernedette's outer lips.

    The pulled the fiery cunt open until it was gaping.

    Then she pressed her face hard against the swollen tissues.

    Michele worked her tongue eagerly over the nooks and crannies.

    No soaked fold of flesh was left uncaressed.

    Then she pulled the clit's foreskin toward the base of Bernedette's pubic bone, making the love button pop from its nest.

    Michele placed the tip of her tongue on the clit and flicked it back and forth very rapidly.

    She started out doing this lightly but quickly increased the pressure as Bernedette approached climax.

    The little blonde began to buck up so hard with her hips as the explosions started that the chair moved.

    The chair made a loud sound as it bounced up and down on the floor from Bernedette's wild bucking.

    Michele found that she had to move her neck back and forth with great agility to avoid getting smacked in the nose.

    She dug her tongue deep into the swollen flesh as she felt the tissue around the clit ballooning.

    This sudden swelling at the top of the honey pot caused the ball of fiery flesh to slightly submerge.

    Michele found that she had to keep her tongue stiff to be sure she never lost contact with the magic spot.

    "I'M COMING!" Bernedette screamed out, tossing her head back and allowing her jaw to drop open.

    She closed her eyes tightly and grunted again and again with each spasm she felt in her cunt. Bernedette convulsed ten times before the come ended and she was able to relax.

    Michele lapped lightly at the outer lips of Bernedette's cunt with the flat part of her tongue and then straightened her back so the lovers could kiss on the lips.

    The blonde licked her juice from Michele's face and then gave her a long soulful tongue kiss in which they swapped much spit.

    The sound of Bernedette's screams woke Stacy. The first thing the slave felt was the pain in her ass and cunt.

    She rolled over on her back to see the necking couple, and it was only then that she remembered where she was.

    She let out a deep moan and the girls stopped kissing to turn and look at the black haired girl.

    "You look like you need a shower," Bernedette said.

    The blonde was no longer in the mood to be cruel.

    It was time to get Stacy cleaned up and dressed.

    And then the blonde would pray that Stacy kept her mouth shut.

    Actually Bernedette had nothing to worry about.

    Not only wouldn't Stacy tell – she wanted to come back for more! Michele and Bernedette helped Stacy into the shower.

    They tenderly washed the blood from her loins and buttocks.

    When she was clean they toweled her dry and helped her into her clothes.

    "You have to go home now," Bernedette said slowly, fearing that the groggy slave wouldn't understand her.

    "Okay. When can we do this again?" Stacy asked, her words a little slurred. Her tongue felt thick in her mouth.

    "Tomorrow morning," Bernedette said.

    "But tomorrow is Saturday," Michele said.

    "We are going to have a private workout," Bernedette said.

    "At the school?" Michele asked.

    "Right. First we run laps and then we play in the locker room."

    "But the locker room is locked on Saturdays, right?"

    "Sure, but I can get a key from Benson," Bernedette said.

    Benson was the old, slightly touched, janitor at Rushdale High School.

    Being crazy, he was on the lonely side and lived in a pitiful shack not far from the school building.

    He was the sort of guy who smelled like he never changed his underwear and always seemed to have exactly three days worth of beard.

    Bernedette also knew that he was also the kind of guy who would do anything for a pretty little girl like herself.

    "Sounds good," Michele said. "What time?"

    "Nine o'clock sharp. Be there, slave," Bernedette said to Stacy. "If you know what is good for you."

    "I think that running will be a lot more fun when it is just the three of us," Stacy said, a bit of alertness returning to her foggy brain.

    "That's what you say now, slave!" Michele said.

    "Wait until we're through with you," Bernedette added.

    Stacy managed a little smile. She would look forward to tomorrow morning dreamily no matter what they planned to do with her.

    She would run until she dropped if it meant they would touch her again.

    Stacy had to walk a little bow-legged to get back down the stairs to the front door of Bernedette's house.

    Stacy was glad that her house wasn't very far away because her legs felt like they wouldn't hold up for long.

    Then she remembered that she had been walking funny even before she discovered the girls in the woods.

    She knew that her parents would not be suspicious if she limped into the house and went right to sleep.

    That was what she had been doing every night since track and field practice began anyway.

    Her mother and father would never know the difference.

    Stacy had never cared for her parents very much.

    She knew that the feeling was mutual. She was an unwanted child.

    Daddy spanked her all the time for being bad and sometimes she was locked in her closet overnight. But that usually only happened when she had to bring home her report cards.

    Chapter 6

    Michele woke up in her own house. She had gone home late after Bernedette had fallen asleep. She liked to sleep in her own bed.

    The dark haired girl told her folks, who were already up and eating breakfast in the kitchen, that the coach had called Saturday practice, and said that she would probably be home for supper, and if not, she would call to let them know.

    She grabbed her gym bag and bounced out her front door, allowing the screen door to slam shut.

    Michele looked up at the sky and her olive complexioned face burst into a wide happy grin. It was a beautiful day!

    Once again, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sky above was the same bright blue as Bernedette's eyes.

    Michele walked swiftly toward the school, hoping that she wouldn't have to run into anyone she knew.

    The other girls on the team would know that there was no practice, and would wonder what she was doing.

    As it turned out, she didn't see a single soul on her way.

    She checked her watch as she arrived at the school building.

    She was fifteen minutes early. The first to arrive.

    She sat on the ground in the sun and looked out over the school grounds.

    Michele could see that the baseball team was having their practice.

    Michele was disgusted by this. She didn't like guys in general.

    It especially bothered her that they got to use the school facilities on week – ends when the girls' locker room was locked up securely.

    Michele then unzipped her gym bag, just to make sure that she hadn't forgotten anything. Nope. It was all there.

    Not only did she have her sweat-suit and a spare pair of socks, but she had brought along a cigar shaped dildo to use on Stacy and Bernedette once the running was through.

    She zipped the gym bag back up and waited, hugging her knees, looking up at the sky with her eyes closed so the sun would beat on her face.

    Stacy woke up an hour before she was supposed to be at the school and moaned as she tried to get out of bed.

    Her muscles felt like they were made of straw.

    Stacy thought she had turned into a little old lady.

    Her joints felt rusty – as if they needed oil.

    She couldn't figure out how she was ever going to manage to run.

    But, then again, that was the way Stacy had felt every morning since she began to work-out with the team.

    She knew that a long hot shower and a brisk walk to the school would loosen her up a little bit.

    Stacy was pleased, on the other hand, to find the soreness in her cunt and ass all but gone by morning.

    She fingered herself down there through her Pi's a little and didn't even have to wince like she thought she would.

    She assumed correctly that the insides of her fuck holes were going to be explored once again on this day. She was glad that her internal mucous membranes showed the capability to heal so rapidly.

    She walked sleepily to the bathroom and took a long shower, letting the needles of spray knead her sore muscles.

    She felt a little better and had just begun to soap her tits when she heard her father knocking angrily at the door.

    "Get the fuck out of the John!" he screamed. "What do you want to do? Use up all the hot water."

    Jake Turner was not a very nice man and tended to treat everything he encountered as if it were out to get him.

    Stacy obediently cut her shower short and get out of the steamy bathroom as fast as she could to get dressed.

    In her bedroom she took a peek out the window and was pleased to see that it was sunshiny and warm.

    Without speaking to her parents she grabbed her gym bag and headed for the school.

    Her cunt began to ache with desire.

    And her muscles began to feel alive once again.

    By the time she got there she felt as if she could run a marathon.

    Bernedette woke up and was surprised she was alone.

    She had naturally assumed that Michele would spend the night.

    But the blonde was not the type to let things like this bother her.

    What did bother her was that she had over-slept. She was late.

    She had twenty minutes to get out to the janitor's house, pick up the key, and get to the high school.

    She did not even bother to brush her teeth. The little blonde hopped into her running gear, grabbed her bag and headed out of the house.

    Her mother and father were still asleep, so she scribbled a quick note explaining her whereabouts on the blackboard next to the kitchen telephone.

    Bernedette decided to sprint to the janitor's house, just to get her muscles loosened up after being asleep all night.

    She wasn't even out of breath when she got to his shack.

    Her face was only slightly reddened and the only sweat she felt was under her arms, trickling down her sides.

    She knocked on the door firmly, knowing that Benson was a little on the hard of hearing side – or at least he pretended to be.

    "GO AWAY!" Bernedette heard a muffled voice say from inside.

    It had never occurred to her that there might be problems getting the key.

    "Benson! Open up. I came to visit you," Bernedette said.

    "Who is? Who's there?" the voice said. The shack had the smell of burning wood about it, from the stove in the center that supplied the heat.

    "It's Bernedette. Remember me? I have blonde hair," she said.

    Benson did indeed remember Bernedette. He remembered her well.

    He opened the door and Bernedette could see he was wearing only his underwear.

    Realizing that he was crazy, the pretty little blonde tried to act like their was nothing unusual about his attire.

    She did the best she could to keep from looking at the bulge in the crotch of his gray underwear.

    His cock was quite obviously swollen, and Bernedette could see that he was hung like a horse down there.

    "Hi, Benson. Nice to see you again. I was wondering if you could do me a favor," she said cheerfully.

    "What is it? Benson would like to do a favor for Bernedette."

    "Thanks. I need the key to the girl's locker room, Benson."

    "Tell you what. Benson will do a favor for Bernedette if Bernedette does a favor for Benson," the janitor said.

    There was a little twinkle in his eye which made Bernedette suspect he wasn't as dumb as he was pretending to be.


    "Suck this?" Benson said, pointing at his cock.

    All Benson knew about sex was from what he read written on the rest room walls in the high school building.

    He had no idea that what he was asking would be considered vulgar by the little blonde teenager.

    "No way, Benson," Bernedette said firmly, feeling a little nervous.

    "No key," was the crazy janitor's quick response.

    Bernedette knew that Michele would laugh at her if she showed up at the school without the key.

    Bernedette certainly did not want to lose any face in front of her adoring sex slave at that point either.

    "Okay," the little blonde said. "But we will have to make it quick. I'm running late already."

    Bernedette walked into the shack and tried not to look around for fear of what she might see…

    The place did not smell as bad as she thought it would, although it was obvious the man had not cleaned up around the place in years.

    There was a bare mattress on the wood floor and a bare light bulb was yellow though lit as it dangled from the beamed ceiling.

    Benson's eyes lit up as he heard the little girl's affirmative answer, and he stood aside as she walked past him.

    He had dreamed of having his cock sucked many times.

    Every time he jacked – off – which was frequently – he thought of sweet teenage lips wrapped around his huge phallus!

    Bernedette had never seen a real erect cock before and found herself very anxious to find out what one looked like.

    She could tell even before the man got his underwear off that his prick was as big – or bigger – than the dildos she and Michele used in their sex play.

    She could tell that she would have to open her mouth as far as she could to get him between her lips.

    The janitor hooked his thumbs underneath the elastic at the top pf his underwear and pulled them down.

    His cock and balls were bared and Bernedette puckered her lips, feeling her eyes going wide with air.

    She gasped through those puckered sensuous lips and heard herself make a low whistling noise in the process.

    His cock was a full ten inches long and it was sticking out straight from his hips at a slightly upward angle.

    She could see the whole length of the janitor's prick bobbing up and down as if connected to his loins by a hinge.

    Both the head and the shaft of the cock were throbbing quite visibly with the touched man's anticipation.

    Bernedette could see that his cock was thickest at the head, which was shaped like an edible mushroom.

    She could see that the skin was stretched tightly over his glans, making it look thin and smooth.

    The head was obviously fully engorged and looked as if it would explode if another drop of blood tried to pump its way inside. Benson's cock head was a deep purple color from engorgement.

    She found herself looking at the piss hole in the center.

    The hole had little lips on either side, like a mouth…

    She could see the hole opening and closing with tiny spasms.

    Bernedette then looked at the shaft of his cock.

    It was only a little bit skinnier than the cock head.

    And it was slightly lighter shade of purple also.

    But it was obviously as hard as a tube of granite!

    As his cock snapped upward she looked at the underside and noticed that it was lined with dilated veins.

    Those veins were blue and had the effect of making his tool look more like an angry weapon than an object of love-making.

    Bernedette lowered her eyes even further to see the huge sack that held the janitor's swollen testicles.

    That wrinkled sack was a lot bigger than she would have thought it would be, and she figured there was no way she could fit the whole scrotum in the palm of her hand without opening her fingers very far apart.

    Bernedette wondered if all guys were built like Bens on, or if he was the exception to the rule.

    She was still boggled by both the length and girth of his prick, and found herself panting at the thought of taking him in her mouth.

    She could see that his scrotal sack was filled to the brim with his hot sticky semen, and this made her wonder what man come tasted like.

    The little blonde decided right then and there that she would not pull her head away from his cock when he came.

    She decided that she would swallow his come. She wanted to drink his plentiful spunk – right from the tap!

    Bernedette dropped to her knees on the dirty floor, glad that she wasn't wearing anything nice.

    She stroked the insides of the nude man's thighs, and began to enjoy the sweaty smell coming from his crotch.

    She placed her fingertips at the base of his scrotum and lifted the sack up a little bit slowly.

    Bernedette than bounced his obviously swollen testicles up and down on her upturned fingertips.

    As the pretty little blonde did this to the man she looked as if she were trying to determine the weight of his balls.

    She opened her fingers and cupped his nuts. She gave his balls a little squeeze for each of his pounding heartbeats.

    In this manner Bernedette simulated Benson's natural throbbing.

    He moaned.

    He gasped.

    He sighed.

    "Suck it," he said.

    Before she took the cock in her mouth she used the fingertips on her free hand to caress the underside of his throbbing thick cock shaft.

    She pressed on the underside, feeling the dilated, protruding blue veins pulsating against her fingertips.

    She pushed his cock so that it was pointing at the ceiling of the tiny filthy shack – pressed securely against his flat belly.

    His cock was so long that the tip rested against his stomach well above his hairy bellybutton.

    Benson had a thick rug of dark brown fur that covered his chest and stomach, as well as around his privates.

    Bernedette parted her lips and stuck out her tongue.

    She placed the tip at the base of Benson's prick.

    She flicked it back and forth and straightened her back.

    She flicked her way all the way to the purple glans.

    She allowed the blue veins to determine her tongue's route.

    The man jerked his hips as she licked a particularly sensitive spot just below his cock head. She lingered on that spot, a fleshy patch below where his glans split, making his cock head look like a ripe plum.

    She then allowed the head to lower away from his belly and wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft.

    His cock was so thick that Bernedette's fingers did not make it all the way around without the help of her fingernails.

    She pointed the tip of his prick at her mouth and lazily rolled her tongue over the rock-hard cap.

    She made her tongue pointy at the tip for a second so she could toy playfully with his piss hole.

    She then concentrated on relaxing the muscles in her jaw.

    She thought about breathing exclusively through her nose.

    Her nostrils flared as she allowed her jaw to drop.

    Bernedette's mouth fell gaping open and she pushed forward with her head, loving the taste of raw cock meat!

    Bernedette could tell by the way Benson was moaning and groaning that she wouldn't have to suck for long.

    She had to open her mouth as far as she could to wrap her lips tightly around the ring of scar tissue at the base of his cock head.

    She drew in her cheeks she sucked so hard and tried to continue licking him in spite of the fact that her tongue was pinned to the bottom of her mouth by the girth of his incredible glans.

    In a matter of seconds he let out an animalistic scream of pleasure.

    He sounded as if the beast in him had emerged in full.

    No civilized behavior was left in the janitor as he came.

    He was an animal in heat – writhing in his ecstasy.

    Bernedette felt the head of his cock spasming against the inside of her mouth.

    She was careful to keep her sensuous lips curled so she would not scrape his sensitive prick with her teeth.

    "AARRGGHH!!" Benson called out as his legs trembled.

    All of his muscles stiffened and he arched his back.

    But he was too shy to touch the girl at any point.

    He kept his hands politely at his sides, clenched in fists.

    Suddenly Bernedette's mouth was filled with his come.

    She made a desperate attempt to keep all of his juice in her mouth.

    She puffed out her cheeks and began to swallow as fast as she could.

    But the initial blast of cream was humongous and she could feel the thick stuff oozing from the stretched corners of her mouth, rolling down onto her chin, where some cooled and some dripped down onto her wrist, where she was still holding both of his nuts at the same time snugly.

    She loved the way the hot cream felt as it slithered down her gullet on its way to her stomach.

    She could feel a warm spot forming in the pit of her stomach where the man come was gathering. She had read that semen was almost one-hundred percent protein, and was actually very good for a little girl.

    She could almost feel herself getting healthier.

    She sucked him until no more spunk spat from his cock.

    All of his muscles relaxed and she could tell that the crazy man's orgasm was over.

    She loved the taste of his come. It was salty and fishy – yet there was something refreshing about the flavor.

    Bernedette could feel her taste buds tingling. She pulled her mouth off of the head of his cock.

    She closed her jaw which ached a little from being forced open so far.

    She pumped his shaft with her fist keeping her eye on the dilated lips on either side of his piss hole.

    His cock was already losing its urgent rigidity.

    She knew that the prick was on its way to being flaccid.

    As she pumped him she saw his piss hole open one more time.

    A single bead of post-orgasmic silver seed formed.

    She licked this away with a quick swipe of her tongue.

    She rolled her tongue over his cock head to clean him.

    She then licked all around her mouth to clean off the goo that had spilt onto her face.

    Bernedette rose to her feet and got right down to business.

    "Bernedette has done her favor for Benson. Now Benson has to do his favor for Bernedette," the little blonde said holding her palm out as she slowly rose to her feet before him, releasing her grip on both his deflating cock and his appeased balls.

    Benson had completely forgotten what favor he was supposed to do.

    He had never had his cock sucked before. The experience had launched him into a dream-world – where he was all by himself.

    He looked at her blankly and the little girl quickly became frustrated.

    "The Key! The key to the girls' lockerroom!" she said.

    Benson smiled and handed her his whole key chain. He found the proper key and handed her the ring with the appropriate key aloft, Bernedette snatched them briskly from his hand and scurried out the door.

    "I'll drop them off in front of your door when I'm done with them. Thanks, Benson," she exclaimed.

    Benson stood naked in the doorway with a blank look on his face.

    "Bye bye," he said, not loud enough for her to hear. She was already running at full stride toward the school building only a few hundred yards away.

    Bernedette glanced at her watch as she ran to the school building and saw that she was ten minutes late.

    She smiled with contentment. She was actually being pretty close to punctual considering her obstacles.

    Michele was already making Stacy run wind-sprints by the time the little blonde showed up with the key.

    It occurred to Bernedette that she had all of the keys to the whole building and that they could have the run of the place if they wanted.

    Bernedette thought it was a shame that there wasn't much fun to be had in an empty school building with the exception of the shower room where there was plenty of hot water and soap and privacy.

    The girls entered the building and changed into running gear.

    Once back outside Michele and Bernedette stood around and made Stacy run all the way around the school grounds many times, until the little girl collapsed and vomited.

    They told her to take a rest and ran one lap themselves, not pressing.

    Bernedette was all ready to force Stacy to do something else strenuous and painful when the running session was cut short.

    Out on the baseball field the whistle blew and the team, in their uniforms came running back toward the school.

    "We had better get inside before they see us," Bernedette said. "Asshole boy," Michele said with true hate in her voice.

    They dragged Stacy into the locker room and locked the door behind themselves before the boys got too close.

    At that very moment the race to the boy's shower facilities was being led by MacIntyre Symms and Bernard Shakey.

    "Christ, I'm horny!" Maclntyre said. "I gotta get me some poon tonight or I'm gonna freak."

    "I know what you mean," Bernard agreed. "I'm so horny the crack of dawn better look out for me."

    The boys laughed cruelly. They thought of girls as no more than hole to shoot their scum into.

    The baseball team showered and most left within fifteen minutes.

    MacIntyre and Bernard hung around to work on the weight machine a little.

    Everything was quiet and they heard something strange.

    Through the wall to the girl's locker room they could hear moans and groans.

    Stacy was being forced to eat Michele's cunt and asshole.

    Michele was moaning loudly with the pleasure this gave her.

    It never occurred to her that any boys were left in the building.

    "What do you think is going on in there?" Bernard asked.

    "I'll betcha a million bucks it's dykes getting it on," MacIntyre said.

    "What say we pick up a little butch meat?" Bernard said.

    Both boys laughed. Working with the weight machine could wait!

    They had better things to do.

    Like find out just what those hot young pussies were all about.

    Chapter 7

    Stacy Turner was ordered to spread some white towels out on the floor so the two dominatrices would not have to lie on the bare tiles.

    The little sex slave had been allowed to take a hot shower so her muscles would not stiffen up on her too severely – but she was still sore.

    She had even been allowed to wash out her mouth, so she could get rid, of the taste of vomit there.

    Stacy made a little bed of towels and Bernedette got on her back on them, opening her legs very wide.

    Michele moved on top of Bernedette, in the sixty-nine position – so they could munch happily at each other's twats.

    "While Bernedette and I eat each other, I want you to work this dildo in and out of my asshole," Michele said to her sex slave.

    Stacy nodded wordlessly to let her two lovers know she understood the meaning of their instructions.

    Michele placed her knees near Bernedette's armpits and lowered her head into the blonde's crotch.

    Michele began to kiss lightly at the insides of Bernedette's thighs, licking and biting softly.

    Bernedette moaned as she felt Michele warm, moist breath on the membranes of her hot pink cunt.

    Bernedette couldn't get the incident with the crazy janitor out of her mind no matter how hard she tried.

    She kept thinking about how good it felt to have that pulsating cock forced between her gaping lips.

    She sighed as she remembered the way his cock head spasmed just before he shot his creamy wad.

    Then she remembered how hot the come had been as it splashed around against her inner cheeks and throat.

    It had been a lot hotter than she thought it would be, and at first she thought the come was scalding her tissues.

    The semen had had the texture of raw egg white as it rolled down her gullet toward her waiting belly.

    She had found it soothing on the tissues of her inner throat, as if it had a medicinal quality to it.

    The taste had reminded her of when she was a little girl when she had been taken to the ocean by her parents.

    When Bernedette was nine she and her mother and father had gone to the south New Jersey shore to swim.

    Bernedette remembered how the beach had smelled at dusk when the tide was heading out and the beach was growing.

    She thought that Benson's thick hot come tasted just the same as the way the beach had smelled that evening.

    It was an odd association, Bernedette thought, but she had frequently found that smells and flavors triggered memories from the back of her mind that the pretty little blonde had considered long lost.

    Michele arched her back so that her ass cheeks were raised in the air.

    But she kept her loins low so the blonde would have no trouble getting at her cunt with her hot mouth.

    Stacy was given the vibrator, which was made of plastic.

    The dildo was pointy at the tip, rather than blunt like the black rubber one she had had inside both her cunt and her ass the previous day.

    Stacy could see that there was a little switch at the very base of the fake cock.

    She turned the switch as she examined the dildo and heard it start to buzz.

    Stacy loved the way the vibrations felt against the palm of her hand as she wrapped her fingers around it.

    It tickled sort of, and she knew that that vibration would feel great on her internal tissues. Stacy lightly massaged the cheeks of Michele's ass with her fingertips, only a few inches away from the top of Bernedette's head.

    Stacy pulled those firm ass cheeks apart slowly with delicate fingertips and ran the buzzing vibrator up and down the crack, allowing the pointy tip to linger at the trembling anus for a couple of seconds.

    Stacy could hear the two eating girls making sloppy wet slurping and sucking noises with their mouths.

    She pressed the tip of the dildo directly against Michele's puckered asshole and pushed it inside.

    Stacy was wide-eyed with wonderment as she watched the sphincter muscle open to allow the penetration.

    The little puckers in the rectum flesh were smoothed somewhat as the hole opened up wide for her.

    Bernedette had her long at the base of the pussy slit, not very far at all from the violating dildo.

    She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth on the outer edges of Michele's swollen inner lips.

    Bernedette pushed those lips apart a little bit with her tongue, so she could push inside the cunt.

    Bernedette made her tongue very stiff, tensing the pink muscle, and stuck it out as far as she could.

    At the same time Michele, moaning as the dildo pushed deeper in her ass, was using the flat part of her tongue to lick at the entire length of Bernedette's private area.

    Bernedette placed the tip of her tong as deep as she could get it inside Bernedette's trembling pussy.

    At the same time, Michele started a tongue stroke at the very top of Bernedette's nearly hairless cunt.

    She used the flat part of her tongue to lick over the fleshy sheath above the clit, and then the love button itself.

    She pushed the little blonde's protruding inner lips apart as she crossed over the yearning fuck hole.

    She did not stop when she got to the base of the pussy, and instead continued licking downward with her tongue until she was rimming the pretty little blonde's burning nether eye lovingly.

    Stacy pushed the dildo in even further.

    She knew Michele wanted the whole thing up her butt.

    Stacy could feel her nipples growing.

    They were hard and erect.

    They tingled and yearned for stimulation.

    Her pussy swelled.

    Her cunt got wet. Her clit became engorged.

    Stacy placed her fingertips at the very base of the vibrating fake cock and pushed until only a fraction of an inch was sticking out of the hole.

    She turned the little switch at the base of the dildo all the way to the right so the batteries inside were working at maximum intensity.

    Bernedette pulled her tongue out of Michele's fuck hole so she could go for the throbbing love button.

    Michele made her tongue stiff as slowly worked it deep inside the pretty little blonde's tight asshole.

    Stacy held the dildo all the way inside Michele's ass with the fingertips oh her dainty right hand.

    The little sex slave decided at that moment to do something that she had never done before in her life.

    She decided to touch herself. Stacy wanted to see if she could make herself come without the help of the others.

    She ran the fingers of her left hand down her belly and stroked the insides of her own thighs for a moment.

    Stacy was sitting back on her haunches on the floor of the tiled locker room floor with her knees apart.

    Stacy shuddered as she began to run the tip of her forefinger up and down the outer lips of her pussy.

    It didn't feel as good as when the others touched her there, but it felt damn good anyway, and she shivered as she curiously explored her pussy.

    Stacy became experimental with her self-caresses.

    She tried touching different spots with different pressures.

    But everywhere she touched she found made her clit ache more.

    She pushed her middle finger deep inside her pussy hole.

    Then she wiggled it around and gasped for joy.

    She was still a little sore in that pink tight hole.

    It had been less than twenty-four hours since her cherry had been popped.

    As Bernedette began to lick and suck at Michele's clit at the same time, feeling her own cunt once again being licked, she found her mind wandering.

    The cute little blonde couldn't help herself – she couldn't get the taste of man come out of her mouth.

    As the sex session wore on, Bernedette found herself wishing that she could get fucked by a real cock.

    Being plunged deeply in the cunt and the ass by a dildo was fun.

    But a fake cock was just that – fake. Dead. Inanimate. Cold.

    She wanted to feel a real living cock inside her cunt.

    Of course, she didn't want that prick to belong to Benson.

    Bernedette had a handsomer cleaner lover in mind.

    The little blonde tried to stifle her straight urges.

    She knew that Michele would laugh at her if she told her how much she wanted a throbbing phallus to fuck her.

    Little did the little blonde know that she wouldn't have to wait very long at all to have that experience.

    Like always, her reality was to be nothing like her fantasy.

    At that moment Maclntyre Symms and Bernard Shakey were standing outside of the school gymnasium trying to decide how to get into the girl's lockeroom so they could get their hands on the horny naked girls they knew were in there.

    Maclntyre had already tried the door and had found it locked.

    He knew there was no way the girls would open up for him if they knew who he was and why he was there.

    "I've got an idea!" Bernard said, snapping his fingers.

    An imaginary light bulb went on over his head just then.

    "What is it?" Maclntyre asked, tilting his head a little.

    Maclntyre raised his right eyebrow into an arch.

    "That locker room is supposed to be locked, right?"

    "Right!" Maclntyre agreed.

    The muscular baseball pitcher could feel his eyes going wide.

    "That means those girls aren't supposed to be in there."

    "Yeah! What if I pretend I'm Coach Wallace. I'll pound like a cop and they'll think they are going to get screwed."

    "And they'll be right!"

    Both boys laughed.

    "Do you have any idea who is in there?" Bernard asked.

    "I couldn't tell," Maclntyre said, shaking his head.

    "I guess all girls moan and groan the same," Bernard said.

    "That's not exactly true," Maclntyre replied.

    "I hope they aren't too big," Maclntyre said with a frown.

    "Why is that?" Bernard asked. They moved to the door of the girl's locker room.

    "I'm just not in the mood for a struggle," Maclntyre said, pressing his ear against the door.

    "Oh come on. There aren't any girls in the whole school who could get away from us if we didn't want them to," Bernard said.

    "I guess you're right," Maclntyre agreed. "Still, I'm in the mood for a cakewalk, if you know what I mean."

    Maclntyre took a deep breath to calm himself down a little. He could feel a little sweat of nervousness forming at his brow.

    Maclntyre could feel an ache starting in his balls.

    He could tell that his testicles were starting to swell.

    His scrotal sack felt heavy inside his tight pants.

    The wrinkled sack felt filled to the brim with come.

    He felt as if his scrotum were about to overflow.

    Maclntyre could feel the blood of his arousal pumping.

    That blood was heading for his cock – which started to grow.

    He could feel the crotch of his jeans getting tighter by the second.

    By the time he wrapped hard at the door with his knuckles he felt like his cock was going to burst right out of his pants.

    The cotton material at the front of his underwear was pulled taut and being strained by his cock's size.

    Stacy had her finger directly on her clitoris at that moment.

    She was flicking the fingertip back and forth. She felt herself coming.

    With her other hand she moved the dildo in and out of Michele's asshole, using the whole length of the fake cock.

    Michele and Bernedette were sucking and licking at each other's, engorged clitorises simultaneously.

    All three of the girls came together during that wonderful moment on the towels on the floor of the locker room.

    Then they all heard the loud knocking at the door.

    The girl's could feel the blood rushing from their faces.

    They were all turning as white as sheets from fear.

    The three broke out into icy cold perspiration. Raw terror.

    Stacy pulled the dildo out of Michele's asshole.

    Michele and Bernedette rose to their feet – knees trembling.

    Michele looked at her blonde lover with panic in her eyes.

    "What are we going to do?" Michele asked.

    "How the fuck do I know?" Bernedette responded, her voice quivering a little, making her sound as if she were about to sob.

    Chapter 8

    "Who is there?" Bernedette called out weakly. She had first thought that being quiet might be her best bet. But then she decided that there was no point in panicking until she was sure there was a crisis underway.

    "COACH WALLACE!" a voice boomed angrily from the other side of the thick metal door and dread filled the girls' hearts.

    There was a genuine crisis. It was time to panic.

    "What do you want?" Bernedette called back at the voice.

    This time she spoke with more confidence. She did not want her guilt in the situation to be apparent right away.

    "What are you girls doing in there. You know that part of the building is supposed to be locked up!" the voice said.

    Maclntyre had been playing team sports under Coach Wallace ever since he was in the ninth grade.

    In the previous four years the tall handsome boy had learned to imitate his coach's voice flawlessly.

    None of the three girls inside the locker room had the slightest idea a prank was being pulled.

    They were sure that the real article was out there, ready to have them all kicked out of school.

    Stacy knew that her father would beat her within an inch of her life if she was suspended from school.

    If the charge was breaking and entering, she figured her father might lock her in that closet for a week.

    "Wait a second. We have to get dressed," Bernedette said.

    The three girls knew that their best bet was to leave the building very fast and hope the coach wouldn't report the incident.

    They had no reason to believe that he knew they were making out in there on the, tiled floor.

    For all they knew he was merely concerned about them using the facilities when they weren't supposed to.

    Bernedette hoped that Coach Wallace was a regular guy. He seemed nice enough when she saw him in the halls.

    Maclntyre was the taller of the two boys. He stood six feet two inches and had an enormous upper body.

    When he wasn't pitching, he got to play first base most of the time.

    Infielder's like a big target over there at first.

    Maclntyre had long arms and could catch balls that were thrown either high, or off to one side.

    He had long legs also so he could stretch out from the bag and nip speedy runners who might have otherwise legged out a hit.

    His shoulders were very broad and he had thick slabs of muscle on his shoulders and across his back.

    He had light blonde hair – almost as light as Bernedette's – only his was straight and feathery.

    He needed a haircut. He looked a bit on the ungroomed side.

    His hair tended to flop down both over his forehead and over the tops of his pink, shell-like ears.

    His skin was fair and smooth, and he still only needed to shave about once a week, as his whiskers were soft as down, and did not grow very rapidly.

    He had deep blue eyes and a ruggedly handsome face.

    His cheeks were slightly hollowed but his jaw was firm and his chin was strong.

    The baseball player's chin had a dimple in its center.

    His chest was very wide, and he tended to tear out the shoulders of shirts if they shrunk in the wash.

    In spite of the girth of his upper body his waist and his hips were very slim, making him look like a triangle point down.

    Many girls at Rushdale High School thought that Maclntyre Symms was the best looking guy around.

    There were all sorts of girls who would have done anything for an opportunity to get into his back seat.

    His reputation as a ladies' man was only surpassed by his reputation as an inter-scholastic athlete.

    He had been all-county in both football and basketball that year.

    Since the school was so small the same guys tended to play on all of the teams.

    Bernard was only a couple of inches shorter than Maclntyre and his hair was very dark and curly.

    His hair was long in the back and fell over the top halves of his ears.

    In the front he had bangs that came all the way to his eyebrows.

    He had sleepy brown eyes that woman loved and a rather large nose.

    He was not as thick through the upper torso as Maclntyre.

    His muscles were finely toned, but slender. Bernard had a swimmer's muscles rather than a weight lifter's muscles.

    Both boys had very large hands and feet, and were graceful in their movements in spite of their size.

    The three girls all got into their running gear so it would look like they had just finished their work out.

    Bernedette prepared to lie as she slowly opened the door to face the angry coach she was sure she would see.

    "Sorry, C-" Bernedette said as she opened the door a crack.

    Then she saw that she had been duped by Maclntyre.

    Bernedette tried to pull the door back shut to lock it.

    But her reactions were too slow. Maclntyre was waiting.

    Maclntyre placed the palm of his hand on the door.

    With a stiff right arm he forced it all the way open.

    Before the girls could react Bernard and Maclntyre were inside the girls' locker room – for the first times in their lives.

    "What the fuck do you animals think you are doing?" Michele screamed, her face turning red with anger.

    Michele stood with her head cocked to the right so her long dark brown hair spilled over her right shoulder.

    She placed her hands on her waist with the fingers pointing downward and cocked her hip to one side.

    She placed the balls of her feet firmly on the floor a little more than shoulder-width apart.

    She slowly clenched her hands into fists in her ire.

    "The question is: What the fuck do you girls think you are doing?" Maclntyre said with an evil laugh.

    Bernard calmly closed the metal locker room door and locked it so no one else would be able to enter.

    No one was around except the five of them so the girls could scream and holler all they wanted to.

    Maclntyre and Bernard did not give a. shit how much of a fuss the teenage girls made. In fact, the two boys were rather looking forward to the girls' protestations.

    "We put in an extra day of practice," Bernedette said.

    "Uh huh," Maclntyre said with an evil smile and a nod.

    "Yeah," Michele chimed in. "It's okay for us to be here."

    "We don't believe you," Bernard said cockily, folding his strong arms across his chest as he spoke.

    "Stacy Turner. I'm surprised to see you here," Maclntyre said, looking at the little black haired girl.

    "H-H-H-Hello," Stacy managed to spit out.

    The little sex slave cursed herself silently.

    The last thing she wanted was for her stammer to return.

    Maclntyre focused his attention on Bernedette.

    He had been eyeing that sweet little blonde for awhile.

    Maclntyre thought it was fascinating that the three were lovers.

    He didn't know that such things went on – not really.

    But he could smell the sex in the air. The girls' faces were fleshed. Their lips were still puffy with lust.

    Maclntyre knew what he had interrupted, and he planned to exploit that fact to the fullest degree.

    "Hi, Bernedette. What do you think people would say if they knew the three of you were playing lesbo games in here," Maclntyre said.

    "You bastards!" Michele hissed. She was ready to pull Maclntyre's eyeballs from their sockets with her bare hands.

    "You won't tell, will you, Maclntyre?" Bernedette said. Her voice was pleading, begging him.

    "Oh, Bernedette, my love, Bernard and I are very good at keeping secrets," Maclntyre said with a crooked smile.

    "What's the catch, Maclntyre?" Bernedette asked. She already had a pretty good idea what the catch was.

    "Well, we were figuring that as long as you girls are already hot and bothered, you might invite us to play," Bernard said.

    Bernedette smiled. She had been thinking about having sex with a guy for the first time ever since she gave her first blow job earlier that morning.

    "NO WAY!" Michele screamed, her whole body trembling with anger.

    "It's okay, Michele," Bernedette said. "You can go. Me and Stacy will take care of these guys. They won't tell on us."

    Michele looked at her blonde lover, in disbelief.

    "What are you saying? Do you mean you are actually going to -?"

    Michele couldn't even finish her sentence she was shaken so much.

    "I'll see you later, Michele," Bernedette said. "Me and Stacy will take care of things here. Bye."

    Michele grabbed her bag and stormed out of the locker room, tears welling in her eyes.

    She couldn't believe that the love of her life had betrayed her like that.

    Maclntyre locked the door after Michele had gone, and all four of them immediately got naked.

    Stacy could feel her cunt boiling as she realized that she was going to get fucked by Bernard Shakey.

    He was one of the most popular guys in the whole school!

    Stacy figured she had to be the luckiest little girl in the whole world!

    Stacy knew that becoming Bernedette's sex slave was the best move she had ever made. It had totally changed her life.

    Her attitude toward the future had turned a full one hundred and eighty degrees.

    She looked forward to waking up in the morning rather than dreading it. And now Bernard Shakey was going to fuck her in the boiling cunt with his big cock. It was all too good to be true.

    Stacy sighed as she got naked.

    Her pussy was soaking wet.

    Her inner cunt yearned for penetration – deep penetration.

    Maclntyre looked at Bernedette naked. He smile charmingly.

    They gazed into each other's eyes. Sparks of passion flew.

    They moved toward one another as if in slow motion.

    Their lips parted and tingled in anticipation of the first kiss – long and full on the mouth.

    Maclntyre placed his hands at the sides of Bernedette's amazingly slim waist and pulled her against him.

    He towered over her, so she tilted her chin far upward and got up on her tip toes as high as she could.

    Maclntyre slowly slid his hands to the small of Bernedette's back, and then down onto her ass cheeks.

    He kneaded the ass cheeks firmly but sensuously, both pulling them apart and pressing them together.

    He got his middle finger in the crack of her ass and massaged her there, where she was still damp from the plentiful natural lubrication she had spilled while being eaten by Michele only minutes before.

    They mashed their lips together very hard and could feel their lips pressing against there teeth.

    Their lips parted simultaneously and they lightly touched the tips of their tingling tongues together.

    They both made a sexy purring noise and Maclntyre massaged Bernedette's asshole with his fingertip.

    They were soon rolling their tongues together, getting their lips wet and slippery from shared saliva.

    The kiss lasted for over a minute, during which they thoroughly explored the insides of each other's mouths.

    When the kiss ended they were both breathless from passion.

    "Stick your finger inside," Bernedette said with a shiver.

    Her tongue flicked out so she could lick a saliva bubble from Macintyre's now puffy lower lip.

    Only a few feet away in the girls' locker room, Stacy Had dropped to her knees before Bernard Shakey.

    Stacy wrapped her tiny fingers around the base of Bernard's long thick cock and gave it a squeeze.

    She had never seen a set of cock and balls before, and her eyes were wide with utter amazement.

    She didn't know if that big prick would fit inside her pussy.

    But she knew it was going to be a lot of fun trying.

    Stacy placed her fingers at the base of his scrotum.

    She tickled him there lightly making him groan with pleasure.

    Bernard closed his eyes and began to gyrate his hips.

    "Suck it until I come," Bernard said. And that was just what Stacy Turner intended to do.

    Chapter 9

    Stacy Turner parted her lips and allowed her pointy tongue tip protrude far enough to lick Bernard's balls. She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth at the base of his scrotal sack making him grunt with joy. Stacy could sense the muscles in Bernard's legs and back tensing as she licked at his testicles.

    Bernard could feel little shivers of pleasure rippling up and down his spine as she stimulated him.

    Stacy lifted his balls high and bobbed them up and down a little bit on the tips of her dainty fingers. The little girl thought that the sack was a lot bigger than she had thought it would be. Much much, bigger. She wondered just how much come would shoot from the tip of that huge phallus when she sucked him. She licked at the patch of skin between the base of Bernard's dangling balls and his puckered asshole.

    He moved his large feet a little more than shoulder-width apart so this caress would come easier for her.

    Stacy then pinned the shaft of Bernard's cock to his flat belly with the fingertips on the other hand. She lifted her head and began to lick at the scrotum with the flat part of her eagerly working tongue. Stacy went about the task of stimulating those twin glands of manhood with great enthusiasm and gusto. She licked his nuts until the entire wrinkled sack was drenched and slippery from her hot saliva. He loved it.

    The little black haired girl then switched her caress to the underside of his cock, which made him gyrate his hips.

    She gurgled.

    He moaned.

    She slurped.

    He groaned.

    She could feel the cunt juices dripping slowly and thickly down the insides of her dark slender thighs.

    Her outer pussy was eager for his tongue. Her inner pussy was eager for his cock. Her desire was overwhelming. She allowed his cock to lower from his stomach so the tip pointed at her face.

    She rolled her tongue over his cock head.

    He smelled of soap.

    She knew that he had showered recently – most likely right after he finished with baseball practice. She pumped his cock with her fist, running her hand very slowly up and down the pulsating shaft.

    Stacy could feel his cock throbbing against her palm as she caressed him in this lovingly sensuous manner.

    Bernard could feel the hot sticky semen swimming impatiently around his swollen testicles by this time. He could feel a tiny tickle forming at the base of his eight inch dong, growing steadily and becoming urgent. Bernard Shakey could tell that the little black haired girl was not going to have to suck him for long. He could tell that he was going to shoot his first wad of the sex session seconds after she started to suck.

    Stacy relaxed the muscles in her jaw and opened her mouth as far as she could to take him inside. She pushed forward with her head and neck and wrapped her lips tightly around the base of his cock head.

    Bernard let out a sharp grunt of pleasure at that moment, and arched his back as far as he could.

    The dark haired baseball player threw his head back so that he was facing the ceiling of the locker room. His mouth fell open as Stacy began to make sloppy wet noises in her mouth with her hard sucking.

    She continued to pump at his cock shaft – harder. She cupped her other hand beneath his huge scrotum. She opened her tiny fingers as far apart as she could. In this manner Stacy Turner clutched his balls completely. She could tell that he was approaching orgasm.

    His moans and groans rose in pitch – like a girl's.

    She prepared to drink the jam he shot inside her mouth.

    All of Bernard's muscles tensed at the same time. He trembled and his face turned as red as a beet. He let out a loud cry of absolute pleasure just then. His cock head began to spasm against Stacy's mouth. Then he came! Her mouth was filled with hot come.

    She swallowed it down lovingly, feeling as if he stored the secret formula to eternal happiness in his balls.

    She pumped both his testicles and his cock as he shot his wad, and she didn't stop sucking until his come was over.

    When he was done coming, Stacy pulled her mouth off of his huge cock head and licked the excess come away gently with her tongue.

    Bernard would never have thought in a million years that his was the first cock she had ever sucked.

    From the way she expertly brought him to orgasm, Bernard would have thought that she had been practicing for years.

    Stacy was a natural lover. She had been born with the ability to please. A few feet away Maclntyre was lifting Bernedette in his arms – cradling her like a sleeping baby.

    He rocked her back and forth a little bit as he looked sternly into her baby blue eyes. She sighed.

    He set her on the floor on her back, and the immediately unfolded, stretching her legs out straight in front, of her.

    Bernedette grabbed a nearby towel – which was slightly damp – and put it under her golden curls.

    She opened her legs and writhed on the tiles as Maclntyre' began to fondle her perky young breasts.

    He massaged her tits for a long time, tweaking at the nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. He lowered his head so he could suck each of those nipples before kissing his way down to the moist delta between her spread thighs so he could eat out her cunt until she came.

    Bernedette felt his hot moist breath on her dripping pussy and she knew she would come at least a zillion times before he was through with her.

    She knew that a real cock inside her pussy would be a thousand times better than a fake dildo.

    She was even starting to think that touching and kissing a man was a lot better than doing the same with a girl.

    Bith had something going for them of course. Bernedette knew that she was truly bi-sexual. She was no longer exclusively a lesbian, a position in which she had felt cramped.

    Maclntyre moved so that he was sprawled on his belly on the floor and he began to lick that pink pussy.

    Maclntyre thought that Bernedette had the sweetest looking snatch he had ever seen in his life. He couldn't believe how little hair she had growing down there in the hypersensitive areas between her thighs.

    He had always thought that all girls grew thick bushes above and to the sides of their smelly pussies.

    He thought that that was a symptom of puberty. Every guy he knew had hair all over his cock and balls.

    He thought that he was the school's biggest expert on cunts. He had had his face pushed into quite a few.

    But he had never seen anything quite as lovely as that pink slit with the twin golden curls on top.

    It smelled wonderful and it tasted just as good so he went about the task of bringing her to orgasm eagerly.

    He pulled the outer cunt lips apart with the tips of his fingers and lapped hungrily at the gaping poontang.

    Her pussy juices were plentiful and both sets of cunt lips were once again thoroughly engorged. Bernedette felt herself move to the edge of orgasm even before he pushed his tongue deep into her fuck hole.

    "Make me come," she begged. "I can't stand it anymore. Make me come. I need it so fucking bad."

    Maclntyre knew that he would never be able to turn down such a well put request.

    He licked her clit.

    Lightly at first.

    Then harder.

    Then as hard as he could.

    She exploded into ecstasy!

    When Stacy Turner finished licking Bernard's cock clean she noticed that it was drooping between his thighs.

    She looked up at him, still on her knees, and curled her lower lip into the cutest little pout.

    "Don't worry, little girl," Bernard said patting her on top of the head with the palm of his hand.

    He caressed her temples and then) placed a crooked forefinger beneath her tilted upward chin gently.

    "It will get hard again very soon," He said, and smiled as he saw the black haired girl's face light up.

    "Do you want me to suck it again?" Stacy asked.

    "No, now I want to go down on you," he said.

    "I don't understand," Stacy said with a frown of contusion.

    "I want to eat your pussy. It seems fair," Bernard said.

    No one had ever given Stacy pleasure like that before.

    The girls had mostly been concerned with hurting her.

    Bernard seemed to want to give her pleasure. He seemed to have a respect for her – at least sexually.

    This took Stacy a little while to get used to but she soon came to the conclusion that she liked it.

    In fact Stacy Turner thought it would positively blissful if Bernard sucked her hot little cunt.

    Stacy quickly moved to her back as she saw Bernedette do and opened her legs for handsome Bernard.

    He went right to work, pulling her cunt open so he could get his stiff tongue up her hot wet hole.

    He made a loud slurping noise as he sucked Stacy's natural lubrication right out of her fuck hole.

    He pulled his tongue out and placed the palms of his hands on the backs of Stacy's slim thighs.

    She lifted her feet off the tiles as he began to lap happily up and down the crack of her tiny round butt.

    He licked at the insides and the outside of her inner labia and flicked lightly at her clit.

    Stacy was sure the massive explosions were going to start when he pulled his tongue away quickly.

    The little girl could feel breathing becoming increasingly harder as she moved to the brink of bliss.

    At no time in Stacy V life had the sexual tension in her lower belly and loins been this severe.

    She thought that her clit was going to explode right out of her cunt as if launched by a rocket.

    He tongued her asshole for a long time, until there was a raging fire inside Stacy's bowels. She wondered if he would be able to fuck her in the ass after he fucked her in the pussy.

    She knew that the combination of pleasure and pain that would come from having her ass plunged deeply by a real cock would be extraordinary – to say the least.

    Stacy knew that her imagination could not even approach visualizing the agony and ecstasy of the act.

    Stacy was smart enough to know that there were many higher plains of sensation that she had yet to know.

    But she could tell she was going to raise herself at least one plateau before the sex session was through.

    Bernard finally licked her clit hard and fast so she wouldn't shake herself out of her olive complexioned skin in her acute frenzy.

    Bernard was amazed at how hysterical Stacy was getting.

    She was acting like she had never climaxed before.

    Then it occurred to Bernard that she might be a virgin.

    Even in this day and age there were still a few around.

    He knew that Stacy had trouble speaking and there was a good chance that she had never been fucked before. Maybe, he thought, all she knew about was lesbian sex. He smiled at the thought. He liked the idea of being the first guy to fuck the pretty little girl.

    Stacy felt the awesome explosions starting in her pussy.

    It was the same kind of come as the one she had had while Michele was diddling her clit and fucking her ass at the same time. Only this was better.

    Bernard ran his palms up over Stacy's large tits as he licked and sucked her throbbing love button.

    He continued to make slurping noise as she came, pressing the balls of her feet and the back of her head against the tiles as hard as she could so she could arch her back and lift her tiny round buttocks off the floor a couple of inches.

    In this was she pressed her clit against Bernard's sucking mouth, to enhance the already boggling sensations.

    "Gggooodddd!!!" Stacy screamed. She thought she was going to pass out again.

    Lesbian sex was one thing – but this was something else.

    Something better.

    Chapter 10

    It didn't take either Maclntyre or Bernard very long at all to get it up again. They both had boners in a matter of minutes.

    Stacy stayed on her back, keeping her knees in the air. She pointed her knees in opposite directions as he crawled up on top of her.

    Maclntyre looked at Bernedette and kissed her cheekbones lightly.

    "I want to take you from the rear," Maclntyre said.

    "You want to fuck me in the ass?" Bernedette asked.

    She would have done anything to please the handsome blonde.

    "No, I want to fuck your pussy. Doggie-style," Maclntyre said.

    "Just like the animal you are," Bernedette replied.

    Bernedette rolled over on the floor so she was on her belly, her breasts pressed flat on the tiles. She then pulled her knees up under her and spread them out so she could get them no further apart. She rested her cheekbone on the damp towel she had used before for the back of her sweet head. She arched her back so that there was a sharp curve just above the top of the crack of her ass. Her ass cheeks and her pussy lips were split apart by this position and Maclntyre moved so he was kneeling behind her.

    He ran his fingers up and down the insides of her thighs slowly and lightly for a few seconds. He fingered her pussy flesh and Bernedette, could feel her saliva gland going berserk with her horniness.

    She did not bother to swallow frequently to adjust for her hyperactive saliva gland, since swallowing was difficult with her neck stretched the way it was. Instead she let the spit roll over her pouting lower lip onto the already damp white towel. She gurgled in her throat.

    "Fuck me," she said.

    "Oh yeah!" he said.

    "Fuck me hard!' she screamed.

    His cock throbbed violently.

    "Fuck me until I can't walk!" she cried.

    Bernedette could feel the huge purple head of Maclntyre's cock resting on the small of her back.

    He was using the little cleft at the top of crack of her ass to cradle the base of his huge glans.

    Bernedette could feel Maclntyre's middle finger working up and down her soaking wet pussy slit.

    He got the tip of that finger between her inner cunt lips and began to push it deep inside her. He could feel her inner cunt muscles squeezing down on his finger, and she knew that grip would be even stronger on her cock. He worked the finger in and out of her pussy a couple of times making sure she was lubricated even deep inside. When he was satisfied with the slipperiness and elasticity of the cunt flesh he pushed the finger in very deep. His middle finger was long enough to reach the dimpled cervix at the top wall of her inner pussy. He pressed against the mouth of her womb very hard until Bernedette began to make coughing noises. He then pulled his finger all the way out of her pussy and gripped both of her tender ass cheeks firmly. He pulled those twin globes of milky white flesh far apart, and drew back with his slim hips. Though his waist and his hips were very slim, his upper legs were thick and very powerful. Bernedette could tell.

    She had noticed long before that one of Maclntyre's thighs was bigger around that her slim waist.

    He held her ass cheeks open with exclusively, his left hand. With his right hand he grabbed the base of his prick.

    Maclntyre gave his pole a couple of quick squeezes. Then he used his hand to guide the throbbing tip. He ran his cock head up and down the crack of her ass.

    "Fuck me! Don't be a tease!" Bernedette screamed.

    Maclntyre laughed a little with inward contentment.

    "Oh God! Please fuck me!" she screamed.

    He rubbed his quivering piss hole against her burning rectum for a moment and then lowered it further. He ran the tip of his lance of manhood lip and down her swollen pussy lips for a very long time.

    The little girl with the blonde curly hair thought he would never get around to sticking it inside her.

    Then he moved the head of his cock between her inner cunt lips and began to press forward with his hips. Though his hips were slim, they were very powerful, and Bernedette felt her cunt lips opening for him.

    The pussy was stretched open until it was gaping hole, five times the normal size of the entrance.

    She could feel the muscles being stretched outward by the thick purple head of Maclntyre's prick. It felt wonderful, and she could tell that it was going to be much better than getting fucked by a dildo. Her pussy walls opened like a spring blossom turning into a full-fledged flower at that precious moment.

    He entered her slowly, taking as long as possible to get the entire prick inside her seething cunt.

    Her pussy juices drooled liberally, and she could tell her orgasms would start the second, her began his hips' natural in and out fucking motion.

    He moved his hips a little from side to side loving the way his cock felt encased in cunt flesh.

    Her pussy felt as if it had a mind of its own.

    It truly felt alive as it writhed around his pole.

    Her cunt felt as if many fingers were inside her cooze.

    A thousand magic fingers stroking at his prick.

    All there especially to give the baseball player pleasure.

    He then drew back until the tip of his cock almost came popping out of her cunt. He rammed that rod all the way home and Bernedette burst into the most savage deep vaginal come she had ever known.

    She screamed horribly.

    As if being tortured.

    As if in agony.

    Her eyes welled with tears. Her body was racked with convulsions.

    Bernard was sprawled directly on top of black haired Stacy making it difficult for her to breathe. Sensing this, Bernard placed the palms of his.hands flat on the tiled floor underneath each of her arm pits. He straightened his arms and thus lifted his upper torso away from her heaving chest a little bit. He stopped when her erect nipples were just grazing the skin that was stretched tightly over, his muscular chest. He moved his hips so that the shaft of his cock was pinned between their flat, perspiration soaked bellies. He then lifted his hips and placed his feet close together. He got the weight of his lower torso up on his toes, which arched back sharply with this pressure. He then held himself along above her with a straight left arm and reached back with his right to guide his cock inside her.

    Stacy reached up and placed her fingertips lightly at the back of Bernard Shakey's strong neck. She intertwined her fingers there, feeling the little hairs that grew at the base of his skull standing erect. She then ran the palms of her hands over his shoulders.

    He was so strong. He was built for fucking. He grabbed his cock and moved the tip to her cunt. He rubbed his piss hole against her clit for a second.

    Stacy's cunt juices drooled from her pussy's base.

    The crack of her ass was well lubricated also with this juice. She could tell she was making a little puddle on the tiled floor beneath her hips from those cunt drippings.

    Bernard moved his hips a little more until his cock shaft was at the appropriate angle for vaginal penetration.

    He pressed down and Stacy strained to get her thighs even further apart than they were already.

    She was squeezing at the outsides of his loins with the insides of her slim dark smooth thighs.

    He pushed down and she felt her cunt lips stretch tight. There was a popping noise as the cock head pushed inside.

    Stacy let out a sharp grunt of pleasure at that moment. The penetration felt wonderful to the little girl. She felt his glans throbbing against her cunt.

    It felt a lot better than the hard black rubber she had experienced inside her drooling pussy hole.

    She closed her eyes very tightly and felt her face start to burn as he pushed that rod all the way inside.

    At that moment both Maclntyre and Bernard had their poles wedged as deep as they could get them inside their respective pussies.

    Bith Bernedette and Stacy could feel their holes of womanhood filled to the brim with rock hard cockmeat.

    "Fuck me!" Bernedette called out once again, and Maclntyre began to move his prick in and out.

    He used a slow steady motion, and used the entire length of his cock.

    Bernedette came again and again, until she thought all of the fluids in her body had drained out her cunt. Her milky white skin was drenched with the sweat of her exertion.

    Her lips were far apart as she panted – feeling parched. She allowed her tongue to shoot out, but got a mouthful of towel. Her pussy was making a farting noise as he fucked it.

    Bernard took a different approach to fucking.

    He moved his hips from side to side more than in and out. He liked to stick it all the way inside and then grind upward to caress Stacy's clit with the base of his prick. He gyrated his hips and pushed exclusively downward for a long time before he began to withdraw with his hips.

    Of course Bernard already had one come under his belt and Maclntyre did not, so Bernard knew he would be able to fuck for a while before he had to worry about ending the act by shooting his wad.

    Maclntyre could already feel the tickle at the base of his cock getting very sharp with his passion.

    He knew that he had only had a few seconds worth of fuck left in his before he had his sexual climax. Maclntyre took this into consideration when he shifted his hips into high gear and let her have it.

    The handsome jock began to pump his huge dong in and out of Bernedette's sloppy pussy very fast. He was fucking her as hard as he possibly could as he drove down the home stretch of the fuck.

    His loins smacked loudly against the milky white cheeks of Bernedette's ass with every savage thrust.

    "I cant stop coming!" Bernedette screamed.

    Stacy could feel herself approaching her first come.

    Maclntyre plunged his cock all the way into the pink hole.

    Bernedette gripped his cock with her cunt as hard as she could and tugged at it with the talented walls.

    Maclntyre felt as if the pretty little blonde were sucking the come right out of his scrotal sack.

    He figured that his balls would be as dry as dog bones by the time her pussy was through with his cock.

    He arched his back and threw back his head. Maclntyre shot his come.

    Then he too rammed his prick all the way home and quivered, his pubic bone pressed tightly against hers.

    She sucked his come with her cunt.

    Stacy was no longer a sex slave.

    Bernedette was no longer a lesbian.

    They were lovers. And they lived only for pleasure!

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