Gwen gets beaten


    It was just a fucking fluke. That's all. I had everything set up perfectly I was careful, never got greedy and kept my mouth shut. It was pure luck the Marines ever found out.

    See, I don't know if you're aware of it, but the Marines, the Navy, the Army and the Air Force, have got warehouses all over the world, massive, enormous warehouses with ten of billions of dollars worth of every thing under the sun in them.

    The Armed Forces themselves don't know what's in a lot of those warehouses. Hell, sometimes they lose track of the warehouses! They've got enough boots to last forty years, for example, enough ladders to supply all four branches until the second coming.

    I had carefully maneuvered myself into supply, learning how the paperwork rivers ran, figuring out what flags would raise concern, draw attention, which items sat for years unnoticed, where things could be… shifted… without anyone missing them.

    That was the key, you see. Stealing was fine, as long as the investigation didn't focus on you, but if you could arrange things so nobody knew they were missing… ah, now that was the perfect crime.

    The easiest to do this was to add a few items to an order… only on paper, of course. Then you lifted the items. The warehouse would then ship the correct number to whomever ordered them.

    At the other end the panty receiving them might or might not notice they had less items than their bill of lading. If they did they'd send a form 249-F. Once you sent an acknowledgement of the 249-F, well, as far as they were concerned the problem was over. And if you made sure that 249-F disappeared then the warehouse didn't notice anything either.

    Another favorite was to place an order for something without my boss finding out. Then when it arrived I'd divert it, and the paperwork, and presto, nobody realized anything was missing.

    I had been careful, slow and careful, working my way up from pocketing a few scopes and binoculars, to whole pallets, then to entire truck-loads… once I had a few reliable partners.

    But a fluke hit. One day my shit-head lieutenant showed up on a Sunday because he'd had a fight with his wife. He discovered a shipment of mine just being loaded, and followed up on it.

    For a while there it looked like I'd wind up in the stockade for ten or twenty years. Me and my partners had shifted a few million bucks worth of stuff by then, though, and the Marines were more concerned with avoiding bad publicity.

    They cut me a deal, a DD (dishonorable discharge) in exchange for my giving them back what money I had, and keeping my mouth shut. I think their real problem was they didn't want everyone to find out how easy it was to cop their stuff.

    Anyway, I gave them the money in my bank accounts… but kept back a couple hundred grand I'd squirreled away under an assumed name. This was money I'd made from a scheme I hadn't let my partners in on, so the Marines, and the Navy, knew nothing about it.

    If they did I think it might have been the straw that broke the fuckin' camel's ass, you know? So I knew I had to be careful. I was a twenty-five year old ex-Marine with a DD and no particular career prospects.

    And as long as I wasn't sure the fuckin' Marines weren't watching me I couldn't touch my stash either. So I went home, and wasn't that a fuckin' pill.

    My old man was a lawyer, and a fuckin' thief, no matter what he pretended. The house was real nice, no mansion, but six bedrooms a big, private back yard, in ground swimming pool, satellite dish… you get the picture.

    I wanted a place like it. I sure wasn't gonna spend half my life in law school, then sucking up to assholes like my old man did, and working twelve hours a day to get it, though.

    So anyway, I arrived home one late June day, the proverbial returned to the nest. It wasn't any surprise to my parents, of course, since we'd talked on the phone about my little… problem… since my arrest. My mom actually believed me when I said it was all a mistake. My dad, well…

    As I walked up the walk I couldn't help thinking how little the place had changed in the three years since I'd seen it. Yeah, three years. Me and my family never were all that fuckin' close.

    Anyway, I'd been in Japan for two of those years, then in Washington for the third.

    So anyway, there I was out of the fuckin' brig for the first time in six month, thinking of where I could go to get my fuckin' ashes hauled, and I use my old key to let myself in.

    It was the middle of the afternoon. The old man was working, of course. The asshole never got home much before eight or nine. The old lady was out somewhere, shopping maybe. I dumped my stuff, got a drink from the bar, and wandered through the house.

    I went through the sunroom, the air frigid because the old lady always kept the air-conditioner up too high, and saw the sliding glass doors leading out to the back yard. And there out there on a chaise lounge, was a Suzie.

    Suzie was marine slang for Suzie rotten-crotch. It's what we called whores. Basically anything with the right looks was a Suzie – unless there was someone around who'd get pissed about it.

    I slid the door open and took a deep breath of the hot, moist air rolling in, then stepped out with my glass. The girl was laying with her head towards me, on her back, so didn't see me.

    I wasn't sure who it was, at first hard to see faces upside down, and anyway. I was looking at her cleavage, which was real nice, believe me – real nice. This slut had some nice cones.

    I walked up and she suddenly sat up with a start, turning to face me. Fuck, was that a surprise.

    It was my little sister Gwen. I was shocked. I mean, the last time I saw her she was a fuckin' kid, and now… fuck.

    She let out a squeal and jumped up, rushing to me. She almost jumped into my arms, then hesitated, because she was covered in suntan oil.

    Man, what a fuckin' body she had! She was wearing this little string top that barely held two really nice sized jugs in place, thirty-eights was my guess, and she had this tiny little bottom that bared gorgeous thighs and round hips.

    Her skin glistened from the oil, and reminded me of a couple of oil wrestlers I'd seen in Tokyo. I was grinning at her, kind of happy to see her, you know, and at the same time this thought ran through my head about what a hot little piece of ass she'd become, and how I'd love to ram my cock up her hole.

    "Mike! You're home!" she cried.

    "That's me, baby," I grinned, putting my arms around her and yanking her in tight.

    "I'm all covered in oil!" she gasped.

    "Who gives a shit? I'm happy to see you," I said, feeling those, firm round teenage milk bags mashing up against my chest.

    "It's been so long since I've seen you," she sighed, hugging me tightly.

    "Yeah. Too long," I said, sliding a hand through her thick brown hair.

    God, she was a looker too. Nice, beautiful face, even with oil on it, big brown eyes, full, sensuous lips, great teeth. Man, she had it all.

    I drew back a little, holding hen at arm's length. "Man! Look at you," I grinned, looking her up and down obviously.

    She blushed and tried to pull away, grinning bashfully.

    "You're a real hot little item now, ain't you, honey?"

    "Oh, stop it," she protested, obviously pleased as well as embarrassed.

    "Gimmie a break. You're a fox," I said with a leer that only pretended to be false.

    I extended my index finger and poked it into the center of her right breast.

    "These real?" I asked with a grin.

    "Michael!" she gasped in amused outrage.

    She folded her arms over her more than ample chest as I laughed.

    I wasn't laughing inside though. Man, that meat was firm but soft.

    "I bet the guys are really sniffing around you. It's a good thing I'm here to keep them back."

    "Don't you dare!" she laughed.

    "So when did all this happen?" I grinned, waving at her.

    "It's been three years," she said.

    "So it has. So tell me what's been happening," I said, slipping an arm around her and leading her back towards the house.

    She chatted eagerly as we went inside, about my parents, cousins, some people I'd known from high school, neighbors.

    I listened with half an ear. On one side I was telling myself she was just a kid, and my sister, and I had no business thinking of her in a sexual way. On the other side I was thinking of the girls younger than her I'd fucked in Thailand, and how long it'd been since I'd had any gash.

    I mean, hell, I hadn't paid much attention to her when I'd been here. And she'd been a kid then, a girl. Now she was like… a whole other person, and the way the cool air was making her nipples push out against the thin fabric of her top was a fuckin' crime. They were almost drawing my lips like magnets draw steel.

    Well anyway, aside from her the first day was a fuckin' write off. My old man was the same arrogant prick I'd left three years back, and my mother the same whiny brainless bitch.

    Over the next few weeks I spent a lot of time at home trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, where and when to get my money, and what to use it for.

    I learned that my old man still spent most of his life at work, and was still the nasty mean spirited, self-righteous son of a bitch I remembered. The old lady spent almost as much time now with various charities and social groups, and was rarely home.

    As for Gwen… she seemed to be kind of fucked up, to tell you the truth. She was always trying to be perfect to make my father happy, and never quite succeeding. The little fox should have been out partying and fucking and having fun. Instead, even though she'd gotten straight A's at a snooty private school she spent hours studying because she was taking summer school!

    All my mother did with her was tell her how important it was for her to be pretty. That was almost the sole topic of conversation between them, was all the old lady seemed interested in.

    At the same time she was acting weird around me. Half the time she was a little eager to please puppy, always yapping about this or that, and half the time she was a little brat, getting on my nerves. She also wore a great deal less clothes than she should have. Okay, it was her house, and I was her brother, but man, with a body like hers, what did she think, that I was made of stone?

    She'd walk casually by in these high-cut string bikini jockeys and a tank top that hugged those melons of hers like it was painted on. Or she'd wear the black silk top to her pajamas, and man those legs looked like they'd go up forever.

    I wasn't no shrink, but it didn't take a genius to figure out the way she taunted me was the same kind of petty cock-teasing teenage girls did to guys all the time. My guess was she didn't get much opportunity to try it out since she was always studying.

    She didn't seem to have much of a social life, which was really weird given how cute she was. Man, when her hair was done up, it framed her face so beautifully! It was parted in the middle, shining like silk and spilling over her shoulders down to just above her wispy waist. I wanted to just slide my fingers through it.

    Anyway, at first I kind of ignored her, but then she just turned brattier. She was looking for attention, and I was the only person around.

    And to make matters worse my old man decided to go on a business trip to the east coast. The old lady, probably in search of great shopping, went with him.

    That left the kid and me alone in the house. I guess she figured, hey, he's my brother, so I can wag my ass around as much as I want without him doing anything. She never did anything she couldn't deny, of course, but when she leaned past me to get something in a kitchen cupboard, and pressed those big tits into my back, well… it wasn't because she couldn't have gone around me.

    So anyway, here I was kind of pissed at the world, trying to lie low so the Marines didn't get suspicious, and with this hot little fox shaking her titties in my face every other night.

    I couldn't help thinking, man, this little bitch needed to get herself a cock. I mean, you see a piece of ass like that and you say to yourself that it's a fuckin' crime if it isn't getting pounded in every hole ever day and night.

    So I didn't mind the cock teasing. I didn't mind hugging her, feeling those jugs against me, slapping that firm round ass of hers, copping a feel of her when it could be explained as accidental, or a joke, like putting my arms around her and hugging her back against me, and letting my hands kind of… push up into that soft titty meat.

    So anyway, one day, I'm watching the game on TV, when Gwen prances into the living room, snatches the remote off the sofa beside me, sits down on the coffee table, and changed the channel.

    "What are you doing?" I demanded.

    "I wanna watch this," she sniffed, not turning around.

    Now she could be a brat, but she wasn't this fucking rude.

    "Turn it back, brat."

    She held her hand up so it went over her shoulder, middle finger extended.

    "Uh huh."

    She was wearing the top of her pajamas, and a gorgeous amount of leg was on display as she sat on the coffee table. If she wanted to play games… that was okay with me.

    I leaned forward and grabbed the remote. She snatched at it and I jerked her forward so she fell off the table onto the floor, squealing. I sat back as she knelt there on all fours, glaring at me, before straightening.

    I only wished I had been smart enough to push her so she fell the other way.

    "Prick," she said, her face going into a pout.

    I turned the channel back and she climbed to her feet.

    She hovered off to one side. I put the remote next to me, on my other side. She darted forward, leaning over me to snatch at the remote. I swung my right arm up and across her back, pulling her down so she fell across my lap with a squeal.

    I grabbed at the remote but she jerked it in under her body.

    "Gimmie that, you brat!"

    "No! I want to watch Star Search!"

    "Fuck you. Ginimie the remote."


    "You spoiled brat. You know what your problem is? The old man should have put you across his knee when you were younger and spanked your ass."


    The hem of her top had already risen so I could see half her ass, and I yanked it up all the way, almost whistling in appreciation at the sight of those two perfect cheeks.

    Gwen squealed in protest, of course, wiggling and struggling, trying to yank her top down. I fought her hands back and delivered three good whacks to her bare behind, trying to lean my head over to see the muff she was hiding between tightly closed legs.

    I let her squirm off, partly because I was getting a hard-on. I held a hand on my lap to disguise it, and pretended to ignore her as she scrambled to her feet.

    "Bastard!" she shouted.

    "Now go away, brat," I replied, looking at the TV.

    Man, she had one of the best asses I'd ever seen, and I'd seen my share.

    "I want to watch Star Search!"

    She was still playing the game! Man, she was probably getting hot too, getting into this.

    She grabbed at the remote, ducking back each time I raised my hand.

    "Give me that," she demanded. "Give it."

    She grabbed at it again and I caught her wrist yanking her forward. She squealed again as I caught her over my lap. I pinned her wrists together behind her back and jerked the pajama top up, revealing that beautiful little ass again.

    My hand smacked down, not really hard, but hard enough to produce a squeal of protest. I spanked again, and again and again, slowly turning her ass red. Her legs kicked and jerked as she cursed and yelled, and I got tantalizing glimpses of her gash.

    In fact, I dragged her further forward so I'd get a better look at it. She squirmed beautifully, grinding her red cheeks as I continued to slap down at them. I slapped harder, my cock growing hard, my hand hot.

    I halted, resting my hand on her ass, stroking it softly.

    "Have you learned your lesson, brat?" I asked. "Ready to stop bugging me?"

    "Yeaasssss," she half sobbed.

    "Apologize for being such a brat."

    "Fuck you!" she cried.

    Man, my hand wanted to slide between those thighs so badly it was all I could do to keep it from trembling. But all I needed was for her to go to my parents and tell them I'd groped her so obviously and I'd be in deep shit.

    Even if she didn't go to them she'd probably hold it over my head.

    But still… oh man I wanted to. I wanted to so bad.

    She squirmed, and I kind of… shifted her, easing her ass forward while pulling her head in against my hip. I spread my legs a bit, and arranged it so she was straddling my right leg, my knee pressed up at her twat.

    I didn't have the view of her snatch now, but I had the satisfaction of feeling my leg pressing right up into her soft pussy meat.

    "Are you gonna be a brat any more?"

    "Fuck you!"

    I slapped at her ass, and she squealed and cried out again, her body jerking and writhing, her pussy rubbing against my leg. At first it was accidental, probably, but as I continued spanking the rubbing became way too steady, way too fast and continuous for it to be anything but deliberate.

    I kept fighting myself. It wasn't just groping I wanted now. I had a hard-on made of steel, and I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to put her on all knees, strip her naked, and ride her until she screamed with pleasure.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. She was my baby sister, but man she was sex incarnate. She had a mouth-watering body, a gorgeous face, and an attitude.

    I slapped harder, really pounding against that ass. She was sobbing now, tears making my shirt wet as she jerked and ground herself down. Then she started grunting, low and fast, her body shaking as she ground against my leg.

    That little ass must have been burning up, but I guess the heat inside her was more important. She was coming, and my cock was ready to burst because of it. Instead when her trembling eased I stopped my spanking and dumped her off me onto the floor.

    She lay on her side for a moment, knees pulling in against her, then she slowly, weakly got to her knees, then her feet. She staggered away with a muttered curse at me, and I rubbed my cock through my jeans as I heard her going upstairs. My pants were damp where she'd rubbed her snatch.

    I shook my head, thinking about the consequences of laying the little slut. Man I bet that was tight pussy, and I bet I could do whatever I wanted with her, but she was such a little brat there was no telling what she'd do, who she'd tell.

    The last thing I wanted was to get arrested for molesting my own sister. They'd put me in the can with the perverts.

    If I thought that spanking would have caused Gwen to back off a bit I was wrong. If anything she acted the brat even more, maybe looking for another spanking. I was happy to oblige, and I gave her a few bare ass spankings where I was sure she came.

    She acted more and more the brat and cock-tease, though, and it was driving me batty. Half the time I felt like slugging her, and the other half I felt like plugging her.

    I couldn't keep my eyes off those long bare legs when she'd sit across from me, or next to me, and constantly felt the urge to slide my hands along their length from ankle to crotch. I wanted to touch her hair, too, and to squeeze the fat titties that were always thrusting out against whatever tight outfit she was wearing.

    Then one day I'd had enough. The little brat grabbed my remote and took off with it. I glared at her retreating form, and then got up, telling myself I was going to do more than tan her pretty ass this time.

    When I got upstairs I found her door locked… of course. I shook my head and muttered, then went into the nearest room and got a wire clothes hanger. I straightened the hook and pressed the wire through the little round hole in her doorknob, popping the lock.

    She gasped when I came into the room, backing up, then turning and diving onto the bed, where the remote lay, pulling it in against her stomach.

    I snorted over to the bed, grabbing a leg and jerking her onto her back. I climbed into bed, grabbing at her wrists, jerking them apart, then straddling her and jamming her hands up and back above her. She panted, wild-eyed, face flushed as she looked up at me.

    "Get off me!" she demanded. "Bastard!"

    "You are beginning to get on my nerves, you little slut," I growled. "I think smacking your little ass isn't doing enough for you."

    "Get… off," she gasped, struggling.

    I gazed at her robe, which she never wore, hanging on the corner post of her bed. It had a long clothe belt I leaned forward, pressing my legs against her arms to hold them down.

    Gwen jerked and thrashed, but I had twice her weight easily, and had no trouble holding her down as I snatched at the robe and yanked the belt loose. I tied a loop in one end and forced it over her right hand, then yanked it tight and tied the knot.

    "What… what are you… doing?!" she gasped, wriggling below me.

    "What should have been done years ago," I growled.

    I put the belt around the bedpost, then drew it over to the other side, put it around the bedpost there, and forced her hand up towards the post. She continued to struggle as I tied it around her wrist, then gave a gasp and went limp as I sat back.

    I looked down at her, my eyes moving to her round mounds moving up and down beneath the tight, midriff baring tank top she had on. I eased myself a little further back on her then ran my hands up and down her sides.

    Goddamn she looked great! Those tits; her nipples thrusting out against the thin, tight cotton, her bare, belly, the flesh so soft and warm.

    I raised my hands, sliding them up from her ribs, pressing them against the sides of her breasts, squeezing them together.

    Her eyes widened and her mouth opened wide too as she stared at me.

    "Wh… what are you doing?" she gasped.

    "You've been shaking these jugs in my face for the last month, Gwen," I said. "How come? Huh? You think you can play the cock-tease forever?"

    "I… I… didn't," she gulped.

    I mashed her melons together, letting my fingers ease into the soft meat. Then I grabbed the bottom of the tank top and slowly pushed it higher, baring her lower ribs, then… then those fat, straining melons. She had no bra beneath, and I got my first good look at my little sister's gorgeous tits.

    Man, were they a pair! Even laying on her back they were sticking out firm and round. They'd sunk down a little, but fattened out. Her nipples were thick and hard and puffing out like raspberries.

    Her chest was heaving, her face beet red as I exposed her breasts and gazed down at them. Her mouth opened and closed repeatedly but she didn't do anything but gulp in air, like she'd forgotten how to speak.

    "Man, Gwen, you have one of the finest sets I've seen in a long time, hell, maybe forever," I growled.

    It was true. I'd seen bigger, but none so perfectly formed.

    I laid my hands on them softly, stroking them over the surface, following the contours of those perfect teenage tits. I gloried in how soft and warm her flesh was, how perfect and unblemished those soft tit balls were.

    I squeezed then, letting my fingers dig deep furrows in the perfect white lobes, distorting their perfect shape, mashing them down, apart, together, up, down.

    All the while her breath grew faster and faster, until she was panting like a freight train.

    "D… don't," she gulped. "Please."

    I pinched her nipples, pulling them upwards before letting them fall back.

    "M… Mike," she gasped. "N… No!"

    "Hot little slut," I growled.

    "I… I'm not!" she squeaked.

    I pinched and twisted her fat nipples, making her gasp and moan and whimper. I squeezed and mauled those big breasts, sliding my crotch backwards along her slender frame, then slowly bent over and licked one of her fat nipples.

    She gasped again.


    I licked softly, then harder, then slid my lips over her nipple and sucked it inside, chewing and slurping and licking at it as Gwen gasped and whined and moaned.

    She tasted beautiful. But then, everything about her was beautiful. I sucked in more of her titty, chewing softly as my tongue whipped against her nipple and I sucked. I sucked long and soft, and short and hard. I sucked in alternating rhythms, then let her nipple pop out of my mouth and blew a stream of cool air across it.

    I shifted to her other nipple, slurping and sucking on it as her body continued to jerk and strain under me. Then I sat up, panting for breath. I looked down into Gwen's face, and saw shock, fear, embarrassment, anxiety, and also excited, arousal. I might have been the first guy to suck her nipples for her.

    I undid my pants, and pulled down the zipper, and then pulled out my prick, which was raging with life and lust. She gasped in shock, her eyes bulging as she stared at it. I pumped it for her, grinning, the lust rising up in me with uncontrollable force.

    She pulled at the belt, straining at it as I laid my meat down on her chest, the head pointing into her face. That was okay, though, it just made her look more erotic… her back arching like that.

    "Ever see one of these before, baby? Huh? That's a real cock there, Gwen. That's a cock made for fucking hot little sluts like you."

    She moaned as I laid it against her chest. Then I ran my hands up along the sides of her breasts and squeezed them in against my cock, groaning myself as I felt her soft flesh wrapping around my meat. I dug my fingers into her beautiful young tits as I began to slide my prick back and forth between them.

    "Tits like yours are made to be fucked, Gwenny," I gasped. "Tits like yours are gold."

    I fucked harder, grinding her meaty tits around my cock, humping into her, squashing and kneading them as she stared in stunned amazement.

    I couldn't hold back. My juice spewed out as I pumped, and Gwen squealed as thick strings of semen sprayed over her face, laying across her cheeks and lips and nose. I laughed and squeezed my cock, aiming it, not wanting to cover those titties in jism.

    I leaned forward, rubbing my cock-head over her shocked face, smearing the juice against her skin.

    "See it, baby? See this meat? This is what you were made for baby! Taking care of cock is what big titted bimbos like you do best in life!"

    I smeared juice all over her face as my cock began to soften, then let out a deep breath and sank back onto my ass, sitting on her lower belly looking down at my little sister's white face as she stared back in shock.

    Man, what had I done now? Was this little cock teaser going to go nuts now and scream to my parents? I suppose I could explain the spankings, but how in hell do you explain tit fucking your sister and smearing jiz against her face?


    I stroked her breasts softly, then shifted backwards along her body, off her belly, over her crotch. I forced her legs apart and knelt between them, staring at my little sister, who I thought of more as a hot piece of Suzie flesh now.

    I ran my hands up and down her body, then as I slid my fingers along her belly and onto the elastic waistband of her high-cut string bikini panties, I hooked them into the string and peeled her panties slowly down.

    Again she gasped, her already red face getting redder as I bared her lower abdomen.

    "Don't! Mike! Let me go! I don't want you to! Pleeease!"

    I pulled them lower, until her pussy hair began to appear, then lower still, exposing her entire crotch. She whimpered and moaned as I gripped her legs and lifted them up. I pushed them back, holding both ankles together in one hand as I tugged her panties up over her legs and off.

    Then I dropped her legs, shoving them wide. Gwenny was trembling lightly as I stroked her body again.

    "Are you a virgin, Gwen?"

    "Y… Y… yes," she whimpered.

    "What a fucking waste," I said. "A body like yours, a body made for fucking, and you haven't been using it."

    I slid my hands along her lower belly, over her hips and along her inner thighs, not quite touching her pussy mound, but coming as close as possible without doing so.

    "You were made for cocks, Gwen," I said. "A hot little piece of cunt meat like yours shouldn't walk around without being fucked."

    I could see that my words were shocking her. I could see she didn't like them, yet… from the way her breathing caught, the way her eyes looked back, I thought the words were exciting her too.

    I reached down and jerked my shirt up and over my shoulders, then slid forward atop my sister, laying my bare flesh onto hers, sliding up her luscious, nubile body until my chest felt her hard nipples stroking against it.

    I ground my pelvis against her, even though I wasn't yet hard. I could feel my prick waking, though. I'd just dumped a load in her face, but her beautiful, soft flesh was pumping me up again fast.

    "Tell me you haven't dreamed about taking a big cock up inside you," I whispered. "Tell me you haven't slid your little fingers down into this hot, wet little gash of yours and pretended they were some guy's hard prick."

    She turned her head away, gasping, moaning. I stroked her breast, squeezing it, pinching the nipple. I slid my other hand through her beautiful silky hair, combing it, caressing it. Then I grabbed a fistful of it, jerking her head back.

    She let out a soft cry, then a other as I drove my mouth in against her exposed throat and growled headily. I closed my jaw on her throat and squeezed my teeth down, not hard enough to break the skin, but hard. I chewed softly, growling, sucking, as I rubbed and ground my ever hardening cock into her pussy and lower belly.

    "Tell me what a slut needs, baby," I growled. "Tell me what a slut needs inside her!"

    I jerked on her hair and she cried out again, panting for breath.

    "What does a hot little fuck machine need inside her?"

    "A… a… cock?" she whimpered.

    "A cock. You need a cock inside you. Don't you… slut… Slut… Don't you… SLUT?"

    She let out a moan and a broken sob, her breathing getting so fast I thought she might hyperventilate.

    I chewed on the nape of her neck, then her earlobe, then slid back down her body I suckled on each nipple, then licked my way down her taut belly, around her belly button, and through the soft tangled curls of her pussy.

    I forced her thighs wider, stroking them, reveling in her softness. She was just so soft and clean, especially compared to the whores I'd fucked overseas.

    I licked at her thighs, then cupped her pussy mound for the first time, squeezing it gently, feeling the heat there, the moisture oozing out of her fuck opening.

    "Nooo!" she gasped, trying to wriggle aside, jerking her legs up, trying to fight me off.

    Dumb little cunt. There was no way I was turning back now, and no way she could either. I felt like slapping her, but instead I climbed off and went to her drawers, leaving her to strain and pull at the belt binding her wrists.

    I got a scarf, and another soft belt and went back to her, gripping her slender ankles. I wrapped the belt around one and then tied it to the lower corner as she stared at me, half in fear, half in what looked to me shocked pleasure.

    I tied the other ankle down, though she fought it, then stood back to admire her straining body. She was pulling at each of them in turn. Her body heaving up, her belly, her chest straining upwards. The muscles moving beneath the skin of her belly, arms and legs.

    I climbed into bed again, settling between her spread legs, running my hands up and down them, then up and down her body, squeezing her breasts again.

    "L… let me… go," she gasped.

    "I will."

    "N… Nooowwww."

    "Later. After I fuck you."

    She gasped, then moaned, straining anew.

    I cupped her pubes and rubbed my hand back and forth over the mound. I reached down with both hands, fingers sliding along her slit, then peeling it gently open, exposing the glistening pink flesh inside and the little hole that led up into her.

    I pressed the middle finger of one hand against her hole and pushed it in. It was tight, as I'd expected, but I slipped in surprisingly easy. She was sopping inside. I felt for her cherry, felt all around, but couldn't find it.

    "You little slut," I said. "I don't feel any cherry in here. You're not a virgin."

    "I… I am," she moaned.

    "Liar! Whore!"

    "No! I… I… it… it broke," she whimpered.

    "It broke? How?"

    "I… it just did."

    "What did you stick up inside this hot little slit, Gwen? Huh? Your fingers? Maybe some guy stuck his fingers here? Maybe his cock?"

    "No! It… it was… I… I did it."


    "I… with… by accident," she gasped.

    "How, slut?" I barked.

    I reached up and slapped one of her breasts lightly. She squeaked in pain, but I felt a wave of heat in my loins.


    "I… with… with a… with my… hairbrush," she half sobbed.

    "Your hairbrush? You mean you fucked yourself with your hairbrush?"

    Her face was so red and flaming it was a wonder it didn't catch fire.

    "Is that it, slut?"

    She closed her eyes, looking away.

    I reached forward and slapped her breast again, making it jiggle. Again she cried out, jerking her eyes open, staring at me.

    "Is that it?"

    "Y… y… y… yesss," she sobbed.

    "Say it. Say it. Say you fucked your cherry out with your hairbrush."

    "I… I did."

    I slapped her breast again and she sobbed and cried out.

    "Say it."

    "I… f… fuck… fucked my… my cherry out wi… with m… m… my hair brush," she sobbed.

    "Because you're a whore!" I cried. "Isn't that right? Isn't it?"

    "Yesss!" she cried.

    "Say it!"

    "I'm a whore!"


    "I'M A WHORE!"

    "Louder!" I shouted, slapping her other breast.

    "I'M A WHORE!" she screamed.

    "And I'm gonna FUCK you, you WHORE, fuck you like you need fucking!"

    I thrust my finger deep, forcing it in to the knuckles, twisting it around inside her as I took cock head and began stroking it against her.

    Then I pulled my finger out and pressed my cock against her moist little hole. I jammed my cock against the hot little box. Feeling her flesh give way slowly. Her cunt meat slid along my cock head like a second skin. Gwen whimpered and moaned as my cock drove into her.

    "Feel it, slut? Feel my cock meat inside you? It's gonna go all the way up, slut, all the way up your hot, dirty cunt, all the way up into your belly I'm gonna fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you until my jism comes pouring out your ears, you hot, slutty whore!"

    I forced another inch of cock meat into her tight, squirming depths, then let myself slid down atop her, holding my hips up but letting my weight drop them slowly, my cock sliding remorselessly downwards into my squirming little sister's tight gash.

    She had stopped her shaking, stopped struggling. Her head was drawn back, and her eyes and mouth were wide, like she was staring up at the ceiling, at something shocking up there, but I knew all her attention was on the feel of my fat prick meat sliding into her tight little snatch.

    There was so much shit I could catch for this, but I didn't care. She was tight and hot and needed it. Needed to have a cock up in her.

    I had half my cock in her now, and was sinking deeper with every passing second. Her fists were clenched tight and she was making little gurgling, gasping noises.

    I thrust in suddenly and she cried out, her back arching, her head rolling from side to side. Her body was sweaty now, much more so then the last time I'd lain down on her. I could see the beads of sweat on her forehead.

    I pushed in deeper, another thrust, and again she cried out. Then I felt her pussy begin to spasm around my prick just as her head jerked back violently I slammed into her to the hilt, drawing another cry from her.

    My hands shot down under her, jamming under her tight little ass cheeks, clutching them and jamming her up onto my meet as I buried myself to the hilt in her hot, sucking, spasming belly.

    She thrashed and shook, making gurgling noises as her head jerked back again. I bit down on her throat, growling as I ground my hips into her furiously, twisting my meat in her gash, and even pumping a little.

    Her cunt was a live thing, trying to suck the juice right out of my balls. If I hadn't just come ten minutes earlier it would have succeeded too. As it was I could barely stop myself from pouring cream into my baby sis' cunt.

    I clung to her thrashing body until with a groan she went limp.

    I eased my hold on her ass and pulled my mouth from her throat, pushing my torso up on my elbows as I stared down into her face. Her eyes were closed, jaw open, and she gulped in air.

    I stroked one of her breasts softly, then bent and sucked on the nipple, giving her a minute to recover.

    Then I began to pump, slowly, using short little strokes at first, then working my way into longer and longer ones, picking up speed as well. I kept my cock grinding against her clit, sawing it across the hot little bud as she moaned and rolled her head from side to side.

    I was hard-pressed to control myself. The thought that I was fucking this hot little slut for the first time, that my cock was going where none had gone before, was a terrific turn-on. And, even though I felt a little guilty for it, the idea I was fucking Gwen, my little sis, was a huge turn-on as well.

    I was using long strokes now, my ass rising and falling as I drove each thrust deep, making Gwen gasp and moan as I slammed my hips into her straining thighs.

    "Fucking you! Fucking you! Fucking whore!" I gasped.

    "Ungggh! Unggghhh!" she grunted in reply, her head pulled back, jaw open as she grunted in time to each hard thrust. Yeah! She was getting the rod! She was getting pumped! And I loved the look of lust and pleasure on Gwenny's face as she felt my big stiff prick pounding away inside her cunt!

    She came again, her head jerking from side to side as her pussy spasmed around my prong. I tried to continue to hold back but it was no use, and my juice poured out, spewing down into her tight, virginal little teenage body.

    I thought momentarily about what would happen if I got her pregnant, but didn't care. I was too high to pull out, too uncaring about consequences.

    In fact, the thought of making her pregnant actually made me more excited.

    I thrust into my grunting little whore of a sister with all my strength as my juice poured into her, then I collapsed atop her, gasping for breath myself as the last of my sperm trickled down into her hot, steaming cunt.

    Well, who can understand bitches? Some of them act almost normal most of the time, but inside they're all fucked up, every one of them. None of them can think straight, especially when it's about sex or love or romance, or any of that shit.

    I mean, Gwen had gotten herself a great fucking. She'd come twice on my cock, so she should have been grateful. Hell, for a lot of little bitches her age their first cock was a slam bang, thank you ma'am quickie in the back seat of a car.

    Okay, so all she'd been after was some groping, and instead she'd gotten herself fucked. So big deal.

    But she changed, becoming timid around me. She stopped prancing around in her undies, and even wore a bra. When I saw her, which wasn't often, she was in a heavy, thick sweat-suit.

    This got me worrying. If she was fucked up was she gonna tell someone? I mean, the world was so stupid about sex. The little bitch had gotten herself a good fuck, but the world would see her as a poor abused waif in need of therapy for the next ten years.

    And me, of course, as the scumbag who'd raped his poor, innocent, virginal little teenage sister, "Shit!" I knew I hadda do something about this. I wasn't about to have the dumb little cunt getting me into some serious trouble with the law.

    I heard her in the kitchen, a couple of afternoons later. She'd come down the back stairs, ho doubt to avoid me. I decided I was going to confront her, so went out there.

    She was in a sweat suit again, and I snorted in disgust. She turned, eyes wide, startled, then quickly turned back to the sandwich she was making on the counter.

    "What's with you?" I demanded.

    "Nothing," she said.

    "Don't give me that shit. Why are you acting like a mouse all the time?"

    "I'm not," she said, not turning around.

    I came up behind her and gripped her arms. She tensed, and I turned her around to face me. She looked down at the floor.

    "What is with you? Are you pissed because I fucked you?"

    "You raped me," she said in an accusing tone, still staring at the floor.

    "Yeah, and you came… twice."

    She tensed, but didn't reply.

    "You been wagging your bare ass in my face every chance you get. Don't think I don't know how you were jerking off on my leg when I spanked you either."

    She jerked in shock, but didn't raise her face. I gripped her hair and jerked her head up to find her face red.

    "Let me go!"

    She struggled free, wide-eyed, gasping.

    "You think you're some kind of victim because you got yourself a good hard cock?" I demanded. "You got exactly what you wanted, you little whore."

    "I'm not a whore!" she shouted. "You raped me!"

    "I didn't rape you, you hot assed slut! You begged for it."

    "When mom and…" She stopped, glowering crimson red.

    "What? What; you gonna tell them how you jerked off on my knees? Gonna tell em' how you fucked your cherry out with your hairbrush?"

    I was pissed off. Her attitude made no fucking sense. It was typical for dumb bitches to think like that, of course. If they so much as let a guy cop a feel they're filled with guilt afterwards.

    She slapped me and I grabbed her wrists, slamming them back against the cupboards over her head, using my body to press her back against the counter. She struggled, cursing, and I determinedly pulled her wrists together, then turned her around, pulling them back behind her head.

    Her hair was bound in a ponytail, and I pulled the tail up and wrapped it around her wrists, then shifted my grip to include it, jerking her head back.

    She cried out in pain as I turned her around, her head held back by her hair.

    I squeezed her pussy and she yelled, trying to kick at me. I laughed and jammed her against the counter again, pinning her legs between mine as I shoved my hand down the front of her loose sweat pants.

    "Don't! Don't touch me! Let me go!" she screamed.

    I ignored her, my fingers slipping into her panties and down through her pussy hair to cup her naked mound. I squeezed it repeatedly, then stroked my fingers up and down its length.

    "You know what your problem is, Gwen?" I hissed into her ear. "You're afraid to admit you're a whore. You're afraid to admit you're a hot slutty little fuck machine that needs cock. You were built for fucking, baby, built for fucking and sucking! You ought to be chained to a bed with a line of guys running down the fucking block waiting for a chance between your legs!"

    I forced a finger inside her writhing body, up into her hole. I felt her heat, and her moisture, moisture that grew as I finger fucked her. I pressed my thumb against her clit, rubbing and grind it as I pinned her body tightly between the counter and me.

    "Don't try and tell me you didn't love it, Gwen," I hissed. "Don't try and pretend to yourself you didn't feel the heat and pleasure when I pounded my cock into you! You know you did. I could feel your hot little snatch sucking and spasming around my cock when you came!"

    "Nooooooo," she sobbed, trembling.

    "Yes! Yes! You're a whore! A whore!" I spat. "You and this hot fucking body were made for cocks! You won't ever be happy without a cock inside you! You're a fuck machine! A fuck toy! Say it! Say it!"

    I jerked back harder on her hair and she cried out through her sobs.

    "I… I'm a f… fuck toy!" she sobbed.


    "I'm a fuck toy!"

    I forced a second finger into her snatch, pumping them both in and out, then a third, driving them up hard into her trembling, sweating body I leaned in and bit down on the side of her throat as I slowly turned her, easing my body back.

    She didn't fight or struggle. She stood there with her head back, sobbing, moaning, and then I saw her hips starting to grind, her pelvis starting to hump against my fingers.

    "Yeah! Work it, slut! Work your pussy on my fingers! Try and tell me you don't like it! Ha! Fucking whore! Fucking cock loving slut!"

    She let out a sharp cry, and I felt the tension against my upper hand ease as she jerked her own head backwards. I thrust into her even harder, feeling her cunt sucking and chewing on my fingers, watching her hips humping and grinding desperately.

    "Whore! Fucking whore!" I sneered, jamming my fingers up her spasming little snatch, as she collapsed against me.

    I let go of her hair and hands, and clutched her tightly, then dragged her backwards, turned her around and shoved her against the table. I pushed down, bending her over, then gripped the waistband of her pants and jerked them down to her thighs. I pulled her panties down too, exposing her soft round buttocks.

    Gwen moaned and wriggled slowly, but didn't resist as I pulled out my prick and rubbed it along her gash. I slapped her ass, and she yelped, but still didn't resist. I forced my cock through the tight entrance to her hole, then sank it deep.

    My hands slid up her body, forcing her sweatshirt up higher, then jerking it up over her shoulders, over her head. I tossed it off, grinding my hips into her soft ass meat as I ran my hands up and down her back. I undid her bra and jerked that off too, but this time she kind of clutched at it weakly.

    I tore it loose, smacking the back of her head. I started pumping, my hands moving under her chest and cupping those fat tits as I ran my meat in and out of her soft, wet slit. She moaned and humped back, gasping and grunting as my hips pounded into her.

    She tried to spread her legs, but her panties and pants were still around her thighs. I ripped my cock free, then jerking her legs into the air and yanking her pants and panties off, tossing them across the room.

    Then I dropped her legs and spread them.

    Gwen lifted her ass, pushing it back at me as I drove my cock against her gash. She cried out in pleasure as I sank it in to the balls.

    "Yeah! You, love that don't you whore? You love a big cock sliding up into your slutty cunt! Don't you? Slut! Whore! Fucking cock loving cunt!"

    I fucked into her hard and fast, still angry, pounding my meat into the groaning, whimpering little slut's gasps as she pushed back weakly, awkwardly.

    I wasn't sure what I was doing, why I was treating her like this, but it was getting me off, and it seemed to be getting her off too. I was going to convince her she was a slut and a whore, convince her I had done nothing wrong, that, presuming she wanted to assign blame, it was all hers.

    I was going to teach this hot assed little tramp what a whore women were, what a whore she was, that she really was a fuck machine, a fuck toy, and then I was going to fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her, for all she was worth.

    I felt her snatch spasming around me again, and thought, excitedly, about what a hot little piece of ass I had here, and the things that could be done with it before my parents got back. I thought all this in the blink of an eye, ramming myself into her as my juices spewed, as my come filled her box and spurted out around my rutting prick.

    And then, when I staggered back, gasping, and looked at that hot pink snatch staring at me, that gorgeous ass, I knew what I had to do. Not only would it keep me safe but, if it worked would provide me with the best fuck toy a man could ever ask for.

    Gwen lay there groaning, unmoving, ass sticking out invitingly as I moved to the counter and opened a drawer. She never looked around as I pulled a length of white cord from a drawer, never imagined anything was going to happen now that I'd dropped my load in her.

    She was about to find out differently, about to find out what she was made for, where her talents lay.

    I was going to turn my slutty little nymphet sister into the best fucking machine ever made.

    Gwen groaned softly as I took her right hand and pulled it up behind her back. I looped the cord over it and tied it, then took her other hand up and crossed her wrists. I carefully looped the cord over that wrist, then back around the first one, then over that one again.

    "Wh… what… are you… doing?" Gwen moaned.

    I wound the cord carefully, crisscrossing her wrists, tying it snugly, but not too tight. I didn't want to cut off the circulation.

    Gwen started pulling against the cord. She raised her head, gasping as she turned to try and look behind her.

    I tied the last of the cord around her wrist and then gripped her arm, pulling her to her feet.

    "What are you doing?" she gulped.

    "I'm going to teach a slutty little girl some lessons," I said, jerking her towards the door.

    "Why… why did you… you tied my hands up!" she gasped.

    "Just shut up until I tell you to talk."

    I led her into the living room and ordered her to sit down cross-legged on the coffee table.

    "Untie me!" she demanded.

    "When I'm good and ready."

    I shoved her down on the table, then sat down in front of her.

    She squirmed a little, pulling with first one arm, then the other.

    "Stop struggling. You won't be able to get free."


    "Untie me, you pervert!"

    I slapped her face lightly. She gasped, her jaw dropping as she stared at me in shock and outrage.

    "You will not speak to me like that, slut. You will behave in a respectful manner. Do you understand me?"

    "You hit me!"

    "I'll do more than that if you don't do as you're told."

    "You… you bastard!"

    I slapped her face again, harder, throwing her head to the side. Tears appeared in her eyes and her lips quivered.

    "I said you are to behave in a respectful manner. Do you understand?"

    "Yes," she sniffled.

    "Yes, Michael." I growled.


    "Yes, Michael."

    "Yes, Michael," she gulped, blinking her eyes rapidly.

    I looked down her body and smiled.

    "You are one hell of a good looking fuck toy," I said. "Do you know what a fuck toy is? Have you ever heard the expression?"

    Her face colored, and she shook her head as she looked down.

    "Don't look down, slut. Look at me. And don't shake your head. Answer yes, Michael, or no Michael. Now have you ever heard of the term fuck toy?"

    "No, Michael," she sniffled.

    "A fuck toy is a girl who is designed and built for men to use for their pleasure. A girl with a great body, a pretty face, and the mind of a nymphomaniac. Do you know what a nymphomaniac is?"

    She nodded her head and I scowled, and slapped her face again.

    "Yes, Michael." Gwen sobbed.

    "What is a nymphomaniac?"

    "Uh… it's uhm… a girl who… has a lot of sex."

    "No. It's a girl who is a slut in her mind, a girl who lives and breathes sex, who exudes sex, who's very essence is sex. It's a girl who lusts all the time, who's pussy is always hot and wet and ready for fucking."

    I slid my hand in between my legs and cupped her pussy Gwen gasped and jerked.

    "A nympho is a girl who is mad at someone, who comes in her pants when that someone sticks his hand down her pants and rubs her pussy. A nympho is someone who acts like a brat just so her brother will pull her across his lap and spank her bare ass."

    I had my middle fingers up her hole now, and stroked my thumb across her clitty as she looked down at my hand.

    "Look at me when I'm speaking, slut," I snapped.

    She jerked her head up, frowning. "Don't call me that," she whined, face red.

    "Slut is a state of mind. You're a slut."

    I reached out and cupped one of her breasts, squeezing it as I fingered her snatch. She squirmed anxiously.

    "A girl like you, Gwen, was made for fucking. You were made to have men stuffing their cocks into every orifice of your body, to wrap these long, gorgeous legs of yours around men's bodies while they thrust into you."

    "You were made to slide those pretty lips around a man's cock, to suck and lick as it slid in and out of your mouth."

    I slid my hand off her breast and up to her face. I stroked her cheek, then pressed my fingers against her mouth.

    "Have you ever sucked a cock, Gwen?"

    She shook her head briefly, wide-eyed. I almost slapped her, but didn't want to spoil the mood. She was listening to every word I was saying.

    "You've never felt a man's soft skin between your lips, never felt his heart pounding through his cock as it slides back and forth over your tongue?"

    I slipped my finger into her mouth and she looked down at it, blinking.

    "Suck it little slut. Suck that finger for me, slut girl."

    She whimpered, then dosed her eyes briefly. Her lips closed around my finger then and she sucked as I pumped it in and out of her mouth.

    "Lick it, slut girl… fuck toy. Lick it… near the top, that's it, slut. Lick that funger. You have such gorgeous lips… so full… made to caress a man's cock."

    She moaned around my finger, her pussy hot and wet as my fingers pumped in and out mouth. She squirmed more and more on the table, her breathing growing more ragged.

    "Suck my finger, baby. Suck it for me. Hot little slut. Slut meat. That's what you are. Slut meat. A walking, talking piece of cunt meat ready for fucking."

    Her eyes were wide, and my words were dearly shocking to her, shocking and… apparently, excliting. She moaned and whimpered around my finger, grinding her ass down, twisting her pussy against my finger.

    I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and her pussy, and exchanged them. For a moment she just blinked her eyes, then she squirmed, jerking her head away when she tasted her pussy cream on my fingers.

    "Phaaahhhtfhh," she said, spitting and sticking her tongue out.

    "Don't do that, slut meat. You were meant to taste pussy milk, to drink sperm, to suck men's balls and cocks and lick at pussies and clits. Suck it. Suck your cunt cream."

    "Nooo," she moaned.

    "Do as you're told. Obey me."

    "Michael," she whined.

    "Suck it, whore!"

    I jammed my finger against her lips and she opened them, wrinkling her face distastefully as my finger slid over her tongue.

    "Suck, bitch. Suck it. Lick it."

    She obeyed, squirming again as I fingered her clit and pumped my fingers inside her.

    "Maybe you want a real cock in your mouth. Is that it, fuck toy? IS that it?"

    I pulled back, then stood up. She stared at my hands as I undid my pants and pulled the zipper slowly down. I took my pants off this tine, and then skinned off my shirt as well. I ran my fist up and down my cock, squeezing it as she stared.

    "That's right, fuck meat. This is a cock. This is a cock made for you. This is the cock that pumped your pussy a few minutes ago. Isn't it beautiful?" I slid my fingers through her hair, then gripped her arm and jerked her off the table.

    She tried to stand but I pulled her lower, wanting her on her knees in front of me. She gasped awkwardly, then settled there as I let her go.

    "Back straight, slut. Chest out and back straight. You're a whore. Whore's are on their knees a lot. Whore's are experts at cocksucking. You're going to become an expert Gwen. I'm going to make you an expert whore."

    "I… I don't… I don't think I can," she whimpered.

    I laughed.

    "Give me a break fuck toy every girl sucks cock. And you're not just a girl. You're a whore, a slut, a nympho fuck toy your lips were made for sucking cock."

    I mashed her hair up and gripped it tightly, then took my cock and rubbed it over her face, starting with her forehead, then going over her eyes, nose, across her cheeks, then over her lips, leaving a thin trail of pre cum across her face.

    "Open your mouth, slut. Open your mouth and suck my cock."

    She gasped at the words, staring at my cock. I rubbed it back and forth across her lips, then pushed it into her mouth. She tried to close her mouth at first, then eased off and took my cock inside.

    "Suck. Suck it… whore."

    She moaned, then softly sucked on my cock-head.

    "Suck more of it in… whore."

    She sucked in more of my cock, sliding her lips down to the base, letting it fold up inside, licking at it as I slid my hands through her hair again.

    "Yeah. Good girl. That's my little slut. Suck on that cock, baby. Suck it good and hard. Then I'll FUCK you again. Do you want that? Would you like me to FUCK you again, slut?"

    I felt my cock hardening, felt the blood rushing downwards as I felt my sister's lips and tongue around it. I pulled back, sliding it out of her lips, then rubbed it over her face again before pushing the now semi-hard prick back into her mouth.

    It couldn't go in all the way now, and she gagged when I put it in too far. That was all right. You gotta walk before you can run. She'd learn to deep throat eventually for now I fucked slowly into her mouth, letting her suck, telling her where to lick.

    I pulled out and pulled her face into my crotch, ordering her to suck on my balls, to lick them. I had her slide her tongue up and down my shaft, then form her lips into a kiss and slowly force my cock through them.

    I held her head in my hands then began fucking her face, sliding my cock back and forth through her lips harder and faster. I slowed then and pulled free.

    "Want it, slut? Want a cock inside you? Want me to FUCK you?"

    She shuddered, her eyes closing, her head falling back.

    "Tell me, slut."

    "Yes," she whispered.

    "What do you want?"

    "Michael," she moaned.

    "Tell me."

    "I… want… you to f… f… fuck me," she gasped.

    "Turn around, slut."

    She shuffled around on her knees so I was behind her.

    "Now I want you to lean forward until your shoulders are pressed against the rug. Stick that round ass of yours up and back at me. Come on, slut meat. Do it. Show me your good side."

    She positioned herself as I stood behind her.

    "Spread your legs more, slut. That's it. Look at that dripping cunt of yours. It sure looks hungry. It looks like it'd love to have a big thick cock ramming into it. Do you want that, slut?"

    "Yes," she gasped.

    "Beg for it."

    "Wha… what?"

    "Beg for it."

    I dropped to my knees and cupped her pussy, squeezing. I started fingering her clit, rubbing my fingers against it as I stuffed my thumb into her hole.

    "Beg for it, slut meat. Beg for my cock. Beg me to fuck your hot, buttery little fuck hole."

    She moaned and her ass kind of ground back at me.

    "Beg, slut."

    I slapped her ass, and she cried out.

    "Beg, slut."

    I slapped her ass again.

    "Please," she gasped.

    "Please what, slut?" CRACK!

    She cried out again, sobbing.

    "Do you want it, slut?"

    "Yess," she whimpered. "PI… please f… fuck me… Please fuck me, Michael." CRACK!

    "P… please fu… fuck me… M… M… Michael," she panted.

    "Harder, slut. Beg harder."

    I took my fingers out of her and slapped her ass again.

    "Please. Oh please," she moaned. "Please, Michael. Please fuck me!"

    I rubbed my cock against her slit, then pressed it against her hole and sank it slowly down into her gash.

    She groaned long and low as my cock slid in to the hilt, and pushed her ass back at me, sobbing as I slapped her ass and ground my pelvis against her.

    "Yeah! Yeah! What a tight little cunt you have!"


    "Hot little slut! I can feel your twat sucking on me. I can feel how wet it is, how hungry it is!"

    I slid my cock back, fighting the suction of her hungry pussy then thrust into her again, drawing another choked cry of pleasure.


    I started pumping, sliding my cock in and out of my kneeling sister, using her cunt, driving it deep into her with each thrust. She moaned and sobbed and gasped for breath, humping back desperately, feverishly. I fucked faster, faster, my hips slapping against her buttocks now, jerking her forward on her shoulders.

    I had to grip her flanks to hold her in place as I pounded my meat into her. Her tight cunt flesh rasped over my prick as it pistoned in and out of her.

    "Take it! Take that cock, whore! Squeeze your slut cunt down on it! Bitch! Hot assed little whore bitch!"


    I slapped at her ass while I fucked her, and she sobbed louder, jerking and moaning and gasping, as she slammed back to meet each thrust. Then she cried out, cried out loudly, almost a scream. Her pussy sucked and chewed on my prick as she let out a long, drawn out gurgling moan of pleasure, her ass bouncing and jerking back at me as I reached under her and rubbed her clit.

    She cried out again, gurgling maniacally, jerking violently as I fingered her clit. Jesus I was gonna blow myself. I clenched my teeth, trying to think of the most unerotic things I could.

    Gwen moaned and sagged, going still, and I tore my prick from her and fell back, desperately trying not to come. I almost did, but slowly the heat and pressure dropped, and I let out a deep breath.

    "Don't move, slut," I snapped when Gwen started to get up.

    She stayed in place obediently I looked around, then went to a drawer and pulled out one of my father's small tape recorders the ones he used for dictation. I started to close the drawer, then saw a big handkerchief. I grabbed that too and went back to her.

    I tied the handkerchief over her eyes, ignoring her complaints, then pressed record and set the tape machine down next to her face.

    "All right, slut. I'm going to talk, and you are going to repeat every word I say exactly as I say it. Is that clear?"

    "Ye… yes," she gulped.


    "Yes, Michael!" she cried.

    "I am a whore."

    She trembled. "I… am a whore," she gasped.


    "I am a whore."

    "I am a slut."

    "I am a slut."

    "I am a fuck toy."

    "I am a fuck toy."

    I grinned and caressed her ass.

    "I am made to give pleasure to men." She repeated every word, her ass squirming, obviously getting hot.

    "I must always obey Michael."

    She hesitated briefly, then repeated it.

    "I love Michael. Michael is my God. Michael owns me. Michael owns my body."

    She repeated it all, her voice getting emotional… exclited, as I started to rub her clit.

    "I love cock!" she gasped. "I love being fucked! I love sucking cocks!"

    I pushed her over onto her side, then rolled her onto her back. She gasped and moaned, spreading her legs far apart.

    "You want a cock, slut?"

    "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Please fuck me, Michael!" she moaned.

    I gripped her legs and lifted them, pressing them back against her chest, lifting her ass. I crossed her ankles and held them with one hand, forcing them way back, lifting her behind as I rubbed my cock-head along her slit.

    "I'm gonna fuck you, bitch!" I hissed. "I'm gonna fuck your hot, hungry dirty little CUNT!"

    I jammed my cock into her, then leaned over, letting her legs come apart, gripping an ankle in each hand. Then I thrust down hard, smashing my cock through the tight, soft, wet folds of cunt flesh, hammering my hips into her upturned buttocks as I sheathed my tool inside her.

    She screamed, then started jerking and shaking, humping wildly up at me, sobbing and gurgling in orgiastic pleasure as her cunt sucked and pulled on my meat.

    I rose up over her, jamming her ankles down over her shoulders, then fucking, fucking harder and faster, slamming my pelvis down, stabbing my prick down into her with furious speed and power.

    She stopped jerking for about twenty or thirty seconds, then cried out again, her head thrashing as she started humping up again. She was coming again! I continued to ram my tool into her as she came, then stopped, then came again.

    I couldn't hold out too long because of how hot I was feeling, but I rode her through four orgasms before my juice spewed out. I gasped in pleasure as my cream fire-hosed out, wad after wad spitting down into her hungry little womb.

    I rode that little bitch to the verge of unconsciousness, filling her full of cream. Her ass was red from my pounding hips as I backed off. I let her legs down slowly, then sat back on my heels, looking down at her.

    God, she had a body! She was laying on her arms, of course, since her hands were still tied behind her, and her chest was kind of sticking out, those perfect tits looking so wonderfully erotic, so full and soft and beautiful, her belly taut, smooth, her loins moist and hot, her long legs stretched out. She really was a fuck toy, a hot, creamy little sex machine.

    And I was going to make sure she knew it.

    I took the tape recorder away and turned it off, then lifted her to her feet and led her down the hall to the basement stairs. She moaned a little, confused, as I led her down the stairs, walking very carefully since she was still blindfolded.

    She gasped as her bare feet hit the cold concrete of the basement but I forced her forward and made her stand next to a thick wood beam. I went over to a work table… not that my father ever did any work, and found a coil of rope, one I'd bought myself years before.

    I turned her around roughly, then untied the cord from her wrists. I let her rub them but slapped her hands down when she tried to remove the blindfold. I'd do that myself… when I was ready.

    I pushed her back against the beam, and ordered her to raise her arms.

    She obeyed, and I tied the rope firmly around one wrist, then I moved behind the beam, lifting her arms and pulling them back above her behind the beam. I tied them together, then let go of the rope and went back to the table.

    I got a hammer and a long nail and came back, then ordered her to lift her arms higher. I fit the nail just under her bound wrists and hammered in into the beam at a downward angle. I hammered several more nails into the back of the beam down along its length to near the floor.

    Then I picked up the rope and ran it down from where her wrists were tied down to behind her belly. I hooked it under the nail there and looped it around her, cinching it in tight against her soft belly. I looped it over the nail again then brought it back around front and led it up across her body and over her shoulder.

    I pulled it in back again, circled the beam am pulled it back over her other shoulder, then down across her chest so it was criss-crossed, pinning her firmly to the beam. I fed another two loops, around her waist and the beam, and one around her slender throat.

    She moaned and her little ass rubbed again the beam.

    I dropped the rope down behind her and hooked it under one of the lower nails, then brought it back around front, fed it under her leg and pulled it up hard so it was right into her crotch, almost against her pussy mound, then looped it over her leg and pulled it back behind the beam again.

    I pulled hard, making her jerk her leg back, then fed the rope out under her other leg, then over it and back again, pulling hard. She gasped, her legs both pulled back and apart hard, her ass pinned to the beam as I tied the rope behind her.

    I dropped it lower, hooking it under the lowest nail, then grabbed her left ankle and pulled it back so it was at the side of the beam. I looped the rope around it, then pulled it back again and did the same for her right ankle. I tied them off; her body was now so tight against the beam they were almost melded together.

    Finally I tied it off and went upstairs. My mother had this great big mirror in her room. It wasn't fixed to the wall, but had a kind of… stand thing so it was at an angle, self supporting. I picked it up and brought it back down to the basement, then sat it down in front of Gwen, then just off to the side a bit.

    Then I removed the blindfold and let her look at herself.

    She moaned softly, her eyes transfixed by the sight of her lewdly bound body.

    "All right, slut. I'm going out now. I'll be back, though. I'm going to buy a few toys for you, a few nice things that every hot little whore wants and needs. When I get back we'll play again. I'm willing to bet your hot little fuck hungry twat will ready to gulp down cock meat long before then."

    I cupped her pussy and she moaned, trying hump against me, but unable to move at all.

    "You just keep your eyes on this, slut." I snapped as I angled the mirror so that my hot sis could see her bound body better. "Look at your image, and try telling yourself this isn't a fuck toy, this isn't a cunt made for men to use, that this isn't a hot piece of cunt meat every man will want ram their cocks into."

    I fingered her clit a bit, then smiled and climbed the stairs. I did indeed have some thing I wan to buy, some things that even thinking about was making my loins stir yet again.

    Things like dildos and vibrators, restrain shackles, lingerie, gags and blindfolds and other bondage gear, and maybe a riding crop or a cane, or both. How much pain did little Gwen need teach her manners, to teach her obedience?

    I'd had a class or two about brainwashing when I'd joined, the Corps, instructions on how Koreans and then the Vietnamese had tried brainwashing prisoners. Gwen was my prisoner now. My little sex slave, and I was going to give her kind of attitude that I wanted, the kind of attitude that would make her cream every time she spoke my name.

    The stuff at the sex shop was amazing. There were dozens of dildos of every length and thickness, vibrators, weird little eggs and shit to stuff up cunts, every kind of bondage device imaginable, and even instruction books.

    I spent quite a bit, because every time I saw something I imagined my luscious little sis in it, and the thought would make my crotch pulse.

    I got a few teddies, G-strings, lacy little bras, and some leather shit, including a punishment hood that would wrap completely around her face, with nothing but slits under her nose to let her breath and a zipper over her mouth.

    I got all kinds of kinky shit, including some punishment devices. I got a buggy whip, which was long and light, and a riding crop, which was shorter and heavier. I got two sizes of cane, a paddle, a flogger, and even a coiled bullwhip. I also got some clamps and weights.

    In the electrical department I got a stun gun, a bigger, heavier blocky device that plugged into the wall, which had numerous wires I could attach to her, and a little gizmo that could be shoved up her pussy or asshole, and which could be set off by a remote control.


    I returned to the house to find little sis just where I'd left her. She was sweating a bit, and her pussy was sopping wet when I slid a finger into it.

    I took a vibrator from one of the bags and slid it back and forth across her slit, then jammed it up inside her. Gwen moaned as it slid deeply into her, but didn't protest. There was a little chain on the end of it, which I hooked around the rope that circled her waist to keep the vibrator from siding out. After turning it on I turned away and unloaded some of my stuff into the drawers of the worktable, carefully taking off the packaging, tags, etc, then storing them for ready use.

    I had gotten a bunch of heavy eyelets, which I screwed into the ceiling beams, as well as into a pair of support beams, and into the wall in appropriate places.

    I went back to the car and unloaded several boxes of mirror tiles, then scrubbed down a corner of the basement and started laying them against the walls.

    Gwen was moaning behind me, trying to hump and grind her hips as the vibrator made her pussy burn. I ignored her as I laid the mirror tiles, each about two feet long by a foot wide, along the wall from floor to near the roof.

    When I was done I smiled at myself, pleased, then went back for Gwen. She groaned weakly, and I knew she'd come at least once or twice. I'd heard her gurgling, after all. I could see her juices oozing out of her taut pussy lips and trickling along her thighs.

    "Getting off on it, slut?" I asked, pulling her head up and back by the hair.

    "Yesss," she gasped. "Ohhhh."


    I pulled the vibrator out, ignoring her moan of protest, then preceded to untie and unwrap her. She swayed and almost fell when the ropes were finally all off, but I steadied her, then brought her over to the work table.

    She stood there with wide eyes and hard nipples as I slid heavy, padded leather restraints around her wrists and ankles, buckled them in place, and used little padlocks to lock them in place.

    She gave a little gasp when I lifted out a thick padded leather collar and slipped it around her throat, but didn't try to resist. I buckled it in place and locked it too, then pulled out a thin cane and ordered her to her knees.

    She sank down quickly, trembling a little as she eyed the cane.

    "Now, slut meat, you're going to learn discipline, and you're going to learn it fast. You will obey me utterly! You are my dog. Got that? My little fuck dog! When I give an order you do it instantly, or else. You understand?"

    "Y… yes, Michael," she gulped.

    "Get down on all fours, slut."

    She obeyed, looking up at me anxiously.

    "Now there's the best position for a little fuck toy," I sneered. "On all fours like a bitch in heat, her tits hanging down like udders. Think I should milk you, slut?"

    I prodded her breasts with the end of the cane and she moaned and shook.

    "Now, slut. Crawl. Crawl like the whore you are."

    I gave her ass a light snap of the cane and she moaned again and crawled slowly forward.

    "Faster, whore."

    I snapped the cane across her rump again and she crawled faster.

    "Dirty little fuck toy," I said, snapping the cane down on her rump as I followed her around the basement.

    She wouldn't go very fast, saying it hurt her knees. But swinging the cane down on her buttocks harder changed her mind quickly, and I had her moving at a good pace, keeping behind her, snapping the cane down whenever she slowed.

    Finally she collapsed, gasping for breath, red faced.

    "Cheap little cunt," I said, slashing the cane across her ass. "Get moving, you whore."

    "I… I… I… ca… ca… can't," she gasped, chest heaving.

    "We'll see about that, slut."

    I grabbed her thick, now tangled hair and yanked up. She screamed in pain, but scrambled to her knees, then her feet as I lifted up. She sobbed in pain, grabbing at my wrist, but I dragged her backwards into the corner.

    There I lifted her arms up and clipped the chains I'd hung from the ceiling to her wrists so they were wide apart and high over her head. She was able to stand easily, but that would change.

    I slipped a thin chain belt, around her waist, then got another vibrator. This was a larger one and had an AC adapter. I slowly worked it up into her tight box as she groaned in pleasure, staring at herself in the mirrors.

    I clipped the base of it to the chain around her waist, then plugged it in and she arched her back like a cat, moaning in heat and delight.

    I then pulled her trim ankles apart one by one, spreading them and chaining the restraints to a beam on one side and the wall on the other. Now she was absolutely stretched out, her back completely straight. Spreading her legs had her to the point that if she didn't keep her toes stretched completely straight she'd be hanging by her wrists.

    "Now I'm going to punish you for being such a disobedient little whore," I said, standing in front of her and cupping her breasts.

    She only moaned softly and rolled her head back. She was starting to grind her hips and I smirked in delight at how responsive she was.

    I went to the table and got a pair of clamps, then attached sixteen ounce weights to each and came back to her. I slid one of the clamps around her hard right nipple and slowly tightened the screw.

    At first she almost ignored it, then she gasped and looked down as it bit into her nipple. She started whimpering and jerking in pain.

    "Ohhh! OOooooo! Don't!" she gasped. "Owww! Michael! Stop it!"

    I gave it another turn and she writhed in pain, moaning, her eyes tearing.

    I grinned then and let it go. The weight pulled down on her nipple and she gasped anew, staring at it, whimpering.

    I produced the second clamp and slid it around her other nipple, tightening it too.

    "Nooo! Michael! Please! I'll be good," she promised. "I will."

    "You are a dirty little whore," I said. "And you need to be punished. If you aren't punished you'll feel guilty. We don't want you feeling guilty."

    "But I… owwww. OOWwwwww! God! OOohhh!"

    I tightened it, screwing it into her nipples, crushing it between the two sides, then letting the weight drop down to tug at it.

    I gave her a few minutes to adapt to it, for her nipples to stop burning quite so badly. I stroked her body with my hands, caressing her soft skin. I rubbed at her clit, pressing it down against the thick vibrator sticking out between her tight pussy lips.

    She started moaning in pleasure again, grinding her hips against my fingers.

    I slid my hands up against her cheeks and lifted her head so I could stare down into her eyes.

    "Do you know what I want you to do now, slut?"

    "N… N… Noo," she gulped.

    "I want you to beg me to fuck you in the ass."

    She stopped breathing, and her jaw dropped as she gaped at me. I smiled in return, backing up and removing my shirt. She went on staring as I stripped off my shoes and pants and fisted my cock meat.

    "Well, slut. Come on. Beg for it!"

    "You… you can't!" she gasped.

    "Sure I can."

    "It's… dirty! It's… sick! I won't let you!"

    I laughed at her and she flushed and squirmed, pulling at the chains holding her in place.

    "Michael! No! If you try I'll… I'll tell mom and dad you raped me!"

    "No you won't, because you're going to beg for it."

    "I won't!"

    "You will."

    I went behind her and slid my arms around her, cupping her breasts, lifting them up and squeezing them. She gasped as my hands pressed against the clamps.

    I slid a hand down her belly and rubbed at her clit, chewing at the nape of her neck, and she groaned, her ass starting to grind. But then she became aware of my hard cock against her buttocks as she pushed back and she stopped with another gasp.

    "Slut," I whispered into her ear. "Whore. You were made for cock. You were designed to swallow cocks through every hole. And you will. You'll beg for it."

    "N… no," she whispered.

    I eased back and picked up the cane, then positioned myself to one side of her. She was positioned facing one of the mirror walls of the corner. Not only could she see her front side, but she could also see me behind her, see me raising the cane.

    She held her breath and moaned, then the cane slashed through the air with a cutting sound and cracked against her buttocks.

    She cried out, gnashing her teeth, arching her back as her legs jerked against the chains.

    I raised the cane again slowly, watching her tremble, watching the red line appear across her perfect little ass. Then I brought the cane down again, and it slashed across her ass.

    The feel as it hit her buttocks was indescribable. My cock was fully erect and burning with lust. I wanted to fuck her, to jump her and ram my cock into her hole, but I wanted her to beg.

    I slashed the cane across her ass again, and a sob escaped her as her body jerked in response. A third line sprang into being across her white ass, then a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth. Each blow was careful and slow and deliberate, and Gwen sobbed and moaned and jerked in response.

    I swung harder, and she cried out at last as the CRACK of noise echoed around the room.

    Each blow made her body jerk violently, which resulted in the weights bouncing and jerking against her nipples.

    "Beg you dog! Beg, you fucking whore! Beg me and I'll ram my cock right up your asshole and pour my sperm into your guts!"

    I slashed down again, and again she cried out, her body shaking and trembling. I smiled, and drew back again, then was startled to see her head jerk back violently, again and again. She gurgled and moaned and humped desperately, feverishly towards a non existent cock, grinding and rutting madly as an obvious orgasm blasted through her. I narrowed my eyes and lashed the crop across her ass. She screamed this time, but was it a scream of pleasure or of pain I couldn't tell. I slashed the cane down again quickly, then again as quick as I could, cracking it down across her shaking, quivering buttocks as she thrashed in her chains and gurgled in mindless ecstasy.

    I halted when her head dropped limply forward, putting down the cane, not daring to touch my cock lest it explode.

    I moved around in front of her and gripped her hair, forcing her head up and back. Her face was as sweaty as if she'd been out in the hot sun digging ditches, and hair was matted against her forehead and cheeks.

    "Whore," I sneered. "Dirty little whore! You'll beg to have your asshole fucked! You'll beg me to pump your tight rectum!"

    I let her hair go and her head dropped limply forward again as she moaned. I went back to the table, dropped the cane, and picked up the flogger and the buggy whip.

    I pressed the flogger up against her chin and forced her head up, then gripped her hair and mashed my lips down against hers.

    She blinked her eyes in surprise and shock, as though, despite all I'd done to her, kissing her on the lips was a stunning intimacy.

    In fact, I hadn't yet kissed her at all, except for chaste brotherly kisses on her forehead, but now I jammed my tongue into her mouth and crushed my lips against hers, and she responded, slowly at first, then with a raging passion that amazed me considering she had climaxed only a minute earlier.

    I pulled back and scowled at her, and to my surprise she gave me a defiant scowl.

    "You'll beg for it, whore."

    "Never," she snarled.

    I drew back, my mind pounding with lust and excitement, for this defiance was akin to the bratty way she defied me when she wanted me to spank her. Well, if she wanted more beating she would get it, the little whore. I went around behind her, and saw her eyes eagerly following me in the mirrors. I put down the buggy whip and lifted the flogger. I flexed the flogger; the thing was built like a cat of nine tails, but without the knots on the end.

    Gwen saw me and braced herself. I swung my arm and the many little strips of leather cracked down across the middle of her back.

    She cried out in pain and surprise. I guess she had expected it to be used on her ass.

    I swung it down again, and again, and again, as she sobbed and moaned and ground her ass back. She jerked under each blow, and cried out in pain, but she continued to grind her hips.

    Red lines criss-crossed her back as I lashed her from shoulder to hips, but she refused to beg. I knew I would break her, though. I'd just have to try harder.

    I picked up the buggy whip and tested it, then swung it down onto her reddened back. She cried out again, but the whip was too light for me. I was tired of this. I wanted her broken and now!

    I threw it down and got the riding crop, then came back. The first hard blow made her scream in pain, her body shaking and jerking. The second made her cry, thick gut wrenching sobs escaping her trembling body. On the fourth she almost broke.

    "Pleeeeasse," she sobbed.

    "Please what, whore?" CRACK!

    "Ohhhhh! God! Oohhhhhh!" CRACK!

    "Please what, whore?" CRACK!

    "Pleease… no more." CRACK!

    "Ahhhhhgggghhhhh! Pleeeeasse!" CRACK!

    "You know what to say, whore." CRACK!

    "AAArrggghhhhhh! P… Pl… Please f… f… fuck meeee! Please fuck me!!" CRACK!

    "Where, slut?" CRACK!

    She sobbed in misery and agony, hanging by her wrists now, tears pouring down her cheeks and dropping onto her breasts.

    "Pleeeasseeee," she moaned piteously. CRACK!

    "What would you like fuck toy?" CRACK!

    "P… P… please… fuck… fuck my… my ass," she sobbed. CRACK!

    "Louder, whore." CRACK!

    "P… please fuck… please fuck my… my… ass," she moaned. CRACK!

    "I don't think you're sincere enough, fuck toy." CRACK!

    "Oh pleeeasse," she sobbed. "Please fuck me in the ass! Please! Please! I'm begging you! Pleeeasse! Fuck me in my ass Michael!!!"

    I tossed the crop down and picked up a little jar of KY jelly, then stuck a finger in it and moved in behind her. I pressed my finger against her little asshole and wriggled it on up, making her gasp and moan and whimper.

    "Don't you know that getting fucked in the ass is the ultimate sign to a girl that she's a whore?" I breathed. "When a girl gets ass fucked she fully realizes just what she's worth, just what she's made for."

    I pumped my finger in and out of my sister's asshole as I pulled her hair back and whispered into her ear.

    "Your asshole is going to drink my jism, Gwenny I'm gonna ream it out so you can't shit for a month. I'm gonna pour so much cream up into your ass it'll be like an enema!"

    I pulled my finger out and rubbed some jelly on my prick, then pressed my cock against her hole. She moaned anew, straining against the chains, but could do nothing to hinder me as I slowly sank my cock-head into her ass.

    I groaned as it slipped past her opening. Her asshole squeezed around it like a vice. I reached around her, sliding my hands up and down my sister's belly, then bringing them up against her breasts, squeezing and kneading them.

    I tugged on the clamps, and she cried out, the pain distracting her. In that instant I thrust up, and forced several more inches of cock meat up into her anus.

    I licked along the nape of her neck and chewed on her earlobes, then tugged on the clamps again, and thrust several more inches up her shifter.

    "Dirty little whore," I sneered. "You're just a piece of fuck meat ready for any man's cock. Aren't you? Aren't you, slut? After I've broken you I think I'll invite some of my buddies over to enjoy my little fuck toy. Would you like that, slut? Huh? Would you like to get gang banged by a room full of horny men?"

    She whimpered and then jerked her head back as I slid a finger down onto her clit. I thrust in again, then jammed my hips forward, pressing her forward against the chains.

    My prick sank into her to the hilt, and she moaned and squirmed as my pelvis rubbed against her sore, red ass cheeks. She was so tight and hot inside I cursed in delight, groaning at the feel of her silky anal tube around my rigid prick.

    "Maybe I'll invite some of your friends over to watch, slut," I gasped. "Maybe I'll invite them over and have them sit down and listen to you begging for us all to fuck your ass. Won't that shock them all? And then I'll let the guys who know you go first, let them all fuck you and ream your asshole."

    I ground my hips against her ass cheeks and she sobbed and moaned and jerked against me. I laughed and bit down on the side of her sweating throat, then drew my hips slowly back, tugging my prick from her tight, clutching depths.

    Her asshole kept squeezing down, kept clutching at my boner as I fucked. I moved slowly, giving her ass a chance to accustom itself to my size and movement. My cock was rock hard, my blood boiling at the thought that this was my own baby sister I was sodomizing.

    Her muscles eased back, and I was able to fuck with a smoother motion, then to increase my pace. I squeezed Gwen's titties and rubbed at her clitty as I reamed her ass, and she was shaking and groaning and whimpering, but whether it was in excitement or misery and pain I couldn't tell until she exploded into another orgasm.

    Her asshole clamped down harder than her pussy ever had and she screamed so loudly I yelped in shock. I caught myself quickly though, and rammed my cock up into little sis' guts as hard and fast as I could as she thrashed and shook and wailed in orgiastic madness.

    It was too much for me to hold off, and my balls exploded, pouring my hot spunk up into her sucking, boiling asshole. She drained me dry and kept sucking for more as I pounded my meat up into her with violent force and speed, almost lifting her off her feet with each hard stroke.

    Then I sighed and halted, as she had, my cock still inside her, softening. She sagged in her chains, her head down, her body soaked with sweat I pulled out, gasping for breath, staring at her whip marked back and buttocks as I felt my heart slowing.

    I went over to the table and fetched a few more items, then came back to her. She was hanging there semi-conscious, eyes closed, chest heaving, and didn't even notice me.

    I reached down and released the chains from her ankle restraints. Her legs sagged weakly, bending, not supporting her at all at first. Then they slowly she began shifting and pulling in, her legs straightening them to take her weight.

    I grinned and pulled them together, then hooked the two ankle restraints together. I lifted her legs up against my waist, then higher still, lifting them up higher until her feet were over her head. Another chain hung there just above her, and I attached it to the metal rings linking the restraints.

    I reached up and slipped the chains off her wrist restraints then, letting her fall upside down. Her hands swept the floor as she moaned in confusion, but I quickly grasped them and pulled them together behind her back, locking them in place.

    I slipped a padded blindfold over her eyes, then went upstairs. There was a stereo in her room, of course. I removed it and brought it down to the basement, then plugged it in.

    "Michaaaeelll?" she moaned. I ignored her and went back to my room. There I took the tape which I'd recorded earlier and edited it, re-recording it and stretching it out so it repeated itself. That took over an hour, but I finally got it to fill both sides of a tape.

    I took the tape back downstairs and put it into her stereo, then reached up to the chain holding her and lowered it. I let her down slowly and gently until her back was flat on the floor and her legs were held straight up.

    Then I moved behind her and inserted two vibrators, one in her snatch, the one that'd been there before, and the other down her asshole. I pulled the chain up again, lifting her back off the floor, and she moaned weakly.

    "Michaeeelll! Pleeeease!" she moaned. "I'm… so… dizzyy."

    "You always were."

    "My… my head huuurrts, Michaeeelll," she gasped.


    "Pleeeeeassse," she begged. "I'm so… thirsty."

    "You'll drink when I say you can. Now shut up or I'll gag you."

    I turned the vibrators on and she gasped and then moaned. I plugged a set of stereo headphones into her stereo, then slipped them over her ears and strapped them in place. Then I turned on the stereo, setting the tape player to continuous play.

    I stood back and watched her then, licking my lips in appreciation at how gloriously erotic she looked, her heaving, sweating flesh straining and stretched out, her breasts hanging free upside down, the weights pulling at her nipples.

    I'd leave her there for a little while. There was a game on TV and I was almost drained myself. I went upstairs and got a sandwich and a few beers. After sitting in my father's recliner and putting my feet up, I flicked on the TV.

    It wasn't a great game, but it was relaxing, and the beers, four of them, were cold. I kept an eye on Gwen, going downstairs during commercial breaks to make sure she was all right I often found her moaning and whining and jerking on the end of her chain, like some big game fish.

    When the game ended I had a shower, then had a TV dinner while I watched the news. Then I went back downstairs to see how my little fuck toy was coming along.

    She had no way of knowing I was there, of course. When I reached the bottom of the stairs and saw her she was bouncing and jerking, her head rolling back and forth.

    Then she suddenly cried out, the sound a broken choked sob of intense pleasure. She started flopping and jerking like a fish on the end of a line, her head whipping back as she arched her back, then forward again as she bent upwards almost in half, then falling back again.

    She bounced and swung wildly, sobbing and moaning and cursing in animalistic passion. Her body was coated in sweat and rivulets of pussy cream. She was glistening, and the concrete was damp beneath her where her sweat and pussy cream had rolled down her sleek young torso and head to pool on the basement floor.

    Her movements slowed, then, with a shuddering groan she went still, panting for breath.

    The room was quiet except for that, and I could hear her voice coming through the headphones, her voice saying what a whore she was, and how she was built to be a fuck toy, built to pleasure men, and had to obey me.

    I watched her for a long moment, thinking of her as a little girl, watching her crawling then, pushing her away because she was an annoying little brat. Now she was a hot-blooded fuck toy, and her luscious body made my heart pound.

    I reached up and cupped a buttock, and she moaned softly. I slid my hand over her ass, then up between her thighs. Her asshole had swallowed the vibrator there whole, and closed behind it. Her pussy had closed too, and there was no sign of the little purring toys inside her but the cords sticking out of both holes.

    I moved around her, cupping her breasts, poking the weights so they swung back and forth.

    "Ooohhhhhh!!!!" she moaned. "Miiiichaaaeeeelllll."

    I bent over and unscrewed the two nipple clamps, letting them drop off. She cried out in pain as her throbbing nipples stung and burned. I gave her ass a slap, then removed the headphones and blindfold.

    She blinked her eyes dazedly as I squatted down in front of her.

    "How you doing, slut meat?" I grinned.

    "I… I'm… so… hot," she whispered.

    "You sure are, slut."

    I stroked her hot, sweating breasts and she moaned.


    "You're a sex machine," I breathed.

    I slid my fingers against her lips, circling them, then sliding them inside. Her mouth, and even her tongue seemed dry, and I hoped she wasn't getting too dehydrated. A little was good for now, but not too much.

    I went over to the tub next to the washing machine and poured a cup of cold water, then returned and squatted down in front of her. I dipped my fingers into the water and put them into her mouth, and she moaned and sucked greedily.

    I pulled my fingers out, dipped them into the water, and again slid them into her mouth for her to suck. I did this a few more times, then grinned and dipped my hard prick, into the water. I pushed my boner against her mouth and she sucked it in mindlessly.

    Man! What mom and dad would shit a brick if they knew there precious little virgin was sucking my cock right now!

    I let her suck it dry, then slid it out and soaked it again before pushing it back into her mouth. What all this was gonna do to the little slut's mind I wasn't sure, but I hoped it was turning her into a real sex-crazed nympho.

    I was pretty sure, for instance, that her heat at being strung up and whipped came from the association she had between pain and pleasure, from the spankings I gave her where she climaxed so nicely.

    I hadn't yet questioned her much, but I didn't think she had much, if any sexual experience prior to that. So now, if she wanted, in her feverish mind, to associate cock with sustenance, well hey, that wasn't a bad thing at all.

    I let her suck from it as I repeatedly dipped my prick in the water. She slurped thirstily, her tongue moving quickly as she licked it dry.

    She must be fairly hungry by now too. She hadn't had anything since breakfast, and she had sure put in an energetic day. But I wanted her hungry, or at least, without any protein. I didn't need her mind functioning at any kind of efficient level. I wanted it tired and run down, easy to mould and twist.

    I didn't just want to be able to use her, I wanted to own her, body and soul. I wanted her to belong to me, to be like my dog, my slave.

    My hunger for her hadn't lessened with familiarity at all, quite the opposite. The more I saw the hot little slut, the more I enjoyed her luscious young body, and the more I wanted it and her.

    Like the chinks did, I would break her mind, then put it back together the way I wanted it.

    I started pumping her mouth as the pleasure rose, higher inside me, and soon I was clutching her sweaty hair and groaning as I fucked into her deeper and deeper. Then I came, filling her mouth with slippery white sperm.

    She sucked it down instantly, still slurping and licking and sucking at my cock as I slowed my pumping.

    I grinned in amusement then stood up and pushed my dick back into my pants. I considered leaving her for another few hours, but hell, that was boring.

    I looked up above her, then pulled over a chair and stood up. I unhooked the chain from one of her ankles, then let it go. It fell back and she moaned and whined, hanging from one ankle as I stepped down and looked at her.

    I laughed, then gave her a hard push, making her swing back and forth wildly. She whimpered and whined in dazed confusion and discomfort.

    I let her swing for a couple of minutes, then grabbed her ankle and lifted it up again. I stepped on the chair and hauled her ankle over, spreading her legs wide apart and hooking her ankle restraint to a chain several feet away from the fist one.

    I stepped down again and pushed the chair back. I tugged at the cords, slowly prying the vibrators out of her asshole and slit and turning them off. I put them away, then left her there hanging with her legs apart, going upstairs. I came back down with a small pair of scissors, a razor, some shaving cream, some soap, and a washcloth. I hooked a hose to the faucet by the washing machine, moved everything back from where she was hanging, then sprayed her with ice cold water.

    She yelled and cursed and swung on the chains, but her movement was, of course, much less than it had been when hanging from just the one chain, and there was nothing she could do in any case.

    It had been about four hours since I'd whipped and caned her. Her ass had a few fading red marks on it from the cane. The marks from the flogger had disappeared from her back. The welts from the crop were still clearly visible, however, and I was betting they were kind of sore as I sprayed water over them.

    I sprayed up and down, making the power go up and down, shifting the strength of the spray. Then I turned it off and went back to the faucet I turned on the hot water and tested the water until it was hot, not burning hot, of course, but hot.

    I went back to Gwen and turned on the hose and she screeched as her cold dripping flesh was hit by the hot water. Again she bounced and thrashed and shook, cursing and moaning and sobbing in discomfort.

    I turned off the hose and picked up the soap, then soaped up the washcloth and began to scrub her down. I started at her toes, and worked my way down her legs, using my hand and the cloth, stroking along her thighs to her crotch, then rubbing that. I scrubbed her ass, then moved down her belly.

    She didn't talk much.

    "What are you doing?" she moaned when I started.

    "I'm cleaning you, you slutty, filthy, little tramp," I replied.

    She moaned softly and didn't speak again.

    I spent a considerable amount of time really soaping up her boobs, putting down a thick layer of soap over them, squeezing them in my hands, mashing and mauling the slippery mounds out of pure pleasure at the feel of them.

    I moved behind her and uncipped her wrist restraints. Her hands fell almost to the floor. Then I soaped up her arms and shoulders, and finally her back. I was gentle with her back than anywhere else, not using the washcloth, just my hands, but she still whimpered and moaned in pain.

    I had picked up a salve at the store that was to be used on welts and bruises, and decided to use it on her later. For now I wanted her clean.

    I pushed the soapy washcloth down into her cunt and pulled it back out again, then looked at her hair. Well, I had forgotten the shampoo, so I'd just use soap.

    I knelt and ran soapy hands through her hair, mashing and squeezing it, pulling it together, adding the bar of soap and working up a head of lather. Then I soaped up her face, of course, and stood back to admire my handiwork.

    From head to toe she was coated in slippery white soap. She had to keep her eyes closed to keep it out of them. I slid my hand over her crotch and began rubbing her clit, sliding two fingers back and forth in her slit, stroking her clitty.

    She started whimpering and groaning, calling my name softly. Her slick lathered body started to jerk and twist, and when I slipped my fingers down her hole and fucked into her she came with a soft, gurgling moan of delight.

    I sat back on my heels as she went still, and watched her for a minute.

    "Are you a slut, Gwen?"

    She panted for breath and groaned.

    "Answer me."

    "Ye… yes," she gasped.

    "Are you a whore?"

    "Yes," she whispered.

    I slapped her face lightly.

    "Yes, Michael," she moaned.

    "Are you my fuck toy?"

    "Yes, Michael."

    "Say it then."

    "I… I'm thirsty."

    WHACK! I slapped her soapy cunt with the palm of my hand. Not to hard, but hard enough to rattle her. "Say it, SLUT!"

    "I'm… your fuck toy, Michael," she gasped. "I'm your whore, your slut."

    "Do I own you, SLUT? Do I own you? Do I?"

    "Y… y… yes," she gasped.

    WHACK! "Say it, slut."

    "Y… you own me."

    WHACK! "What?"

    "You own me, Michael."

    I grinned and stroked her pussy, then picked up the hose and rinsed her off. I paid particular attention to her snatch, pushing the nozzle right down through her pussy lips so the water gushed out around it. I fucked her with the nozzle for a minute, and pelting her clitty with the spray. She was soon coming, yelping and moaning and crying out in pleasure.

    I grabbed the scissors then and cut away at her pussy hair, snipping it as close to the skin as I could. Then I coated her crotch with lather and began to shave her pussy.

    "Wh… what are you… doing?" she groaned.

    "Shaving your slit."

    She was quiet for a few moments.

    "Why?" she moaned.

    "Because I want to."

    I shaved carefully, sliding my fingers into her it and shaving carefully along it on either side, felling for bits of stubble. Any that I found I would scrap them off. When I could feel nothing but smooth skin I pulled the nozzle out of her twat and sprayed her down again, then spent a bit more time spraying her hair to make sure there was no soap left in it.

    I put down the nozzle and ran my hand back and forth over her crotch, getting hot at the feel of at the sight of it. It looked and felt so bare, so soft and gorgeous and erotic, a hot, hungry little slit for a hot, hungry little whore.

    I left her there dripping wet for a minute while I put some things away and got some more out. I went upstairs and got a hair dryer too. Then I squeezed as much water out of her hair as I could, I turned on the blow dryer, coming at her hair as it hung upside down.

    After a few minutes I turned it off, put a blanket down on the floor underneath her and lowered her to the floor.

    I let her lay there for a couple of minutes while I removed the leather restraints from her wrist and ankles and replaced them with metal shackles, then helped my dazed sis sit up and finished drying her hair.

    I was no hair stylist, and her hair wound up in a crackling mass, hanging down around her head like a lion's mane. It was soft, though, and looked nice, which was all I cared about.

    Gwen kept looking down between her legs murmuring softly, and running her fingers over her bare little slit.

    "Looks nice, huh?" I grinned.

    "It's… strange," she breathed.

    I slipped off the leather collar too, replacing it with a metal one, then snapped a leash to it am ordered her onto all fours. She obeyed with groan.

    I knelt behind her with the little electrical shock device. It was a cute little thing. It was made of metal and about the size of a vibrator, and even shaped like one, but not quite as long. It had a special little screw type thing in the base, and a long thin special tool was fitted into it.

    It slid up into her round, wrinkled little anus easily I carefully twisted the special little screw thing. The sides of the device expanded outward, spreading my sis' shitter wider and wider, as I turned.

    Gwen moaned and turned her head to look back anxiously at me.

    I halted when it was almost as thick as my wrist, then twisted the tool free and pulled it out of her. Her star shape bud of her asshole snapped tightly close. It would be almost impossible to dislodge the thing now without the special tool, certainly not without a great deal of pain.

    "All right, fuck toy," I said. "Let's go upstairs." I picked up the cane, and had her crawl up the stairs, down the hall, and into the living room.

    "I'm hungry," she said softly.

    "I'll feed you when you deserve it."

    "Please, Michael," she whined.

    "Did I say you could whine? Did I?"

    "No, Michael," she said.

    "Stand up, fuck toy."

    She stood up slowly, groaning. I helped steady her with a hand on her arm, then brought out a long chain. I clipped her wrist restraints together in front of her then slid the chain through the rings in it. I locked one end to her left ankle, and the other end to her right ankle, then stepped back and admire my handiwork.

    Gwen looked at me with a pouty expression.

    "What a hot looking little piece of cunt meat you are," I grinned. "If ever a creature was made to be fucked it's you."

    She blushed and looked down.

    "Do you know what you are?"

    She didn't answer.

    "Look up at me, SLUT."

    She raised her eyes slowly, anxiously.

    "You're sex. Pure sex."

    I reached over and slipped my finger down between her legs, stroking her bare little slit.

    "A thousand cocks will slide between these tight little pussy lips before you're done, SLUT, maybe ten thousand. Ten thousand up this hole, and another ten thousand up… this."

    I squeezed her ass and pressed my finger against her asshole.

    "How many times did you come today, SLUT?"

    "I… don't know," she gulped.

    I slapped her breast and she yelped in pain.

    "I don't know, Michael!" she gasped.

    I squeezed her soft breasts, mashing them up and together then letting them free again.

    "From now on you best have a accrete count of the number of time you climax, SLUT!" I bellowed. "Now, I want you to sit back on your heels and spread your knees wide apart. Keep your back straight, fuck meat."

    She knelt awkwardly, then sat back on her heels and spread her knees apart.

    "Further apart, slut meat."

    She shifted them further with a little grunt.

    "Keep that back straight."

    I picked up the cane and ran it along her spin then moved in front of her and prodded her breasts.

    "Tell me how much you love cock, fuck toy."

    She looked at me in confusion. "Tell me."

    "I… well… I… uh… love cock," she said.

    "Very inventive, SLUT! Keep talking. How do you like cock? How do you love it? Where do you love it?"

    "I uh… I love being fucked," she gulped anxiously. "I uh, I love feeling your cock…"

    "Any cock, slut."

    "I love any cock. I love feeling cocks. I uhm, I want to feel cocks inside me, inside my pussy…"

    "And your ass."

    "And in my ass," she said, blushing. "I love to be fucked in the ass with cocks. I love sucking on cocks. I love to lick at them and… and feel them sliding against my face and… and sliding against my pussy…"

    She was starting to get into it now, breathing harder as she spoke.

    "I adore cock. I'm a filthy whore and I love all cocks. I love feeling them pumping inside my pussy hole, and inside my asshole and in my mouth. I love to… squeeze them, and… and rub them and pump them, and make the jism spurt it over my fingers, and… and against my face and… I love it when they slide between my breasts and spurt on them and…"

    "Enough," I barked.

    She swallowed repeatedly and drew in shuddering breaths of air.

    "I want you to lean over and lick my feet."

    She drew in a deep breath of air and trembled, then looked down at my bare feet.

    "Lick them, slut meat. Show me how devoted you are to your master."

    She made a face.

    "Now, shut!"

    She jerked, then bent over, looking at my feet for a few seconds. Then she pressed her lips close and kissed the top of my right foot. I felt her little pink tongue slide out and lick along the top lightly.

    "Big licks, slut meat. Lick everywhere. Clean it with your mouth."

    She licked harder, lapping along my foot to my ankle, then back again.

    "Lick at my toes, suck on them."

    "Michael," she moaned, pulling back a little.

    "Now, slut meat."

    She moaned softly, and then slid her tongue down to my toes. I raised the front of my foot a bit and she slipped her lips around my big toe and sucked on it, first gently, then with growing strength, slurping and licking at my toe as I grinned down at her.

    "Lick between the toes too, slut meat, fuck toy lick them good. Clean them out."

    She slurped away at my toes, her tongue sliding everywhere. I lifted one of my feet and made her lick at the bottom, sliding her tongue over the heel.

    "Tramp," I grinned. "Filthy little slave slut. You're a slave, a sex slave, my sex slave, and I can do anything I want to you."

    I pulled back and she raised her head, her eyes wide.

    "Turn around, fuck toy. Turn and stick your ass up. Show me your slit."

    She swallowed deeply, then turned around on her knees and stuck her ass into the air.

    "What a dirty little girl," I sneered. "Look at you kneeling there with your ass in the air and your naked, bald little slit sticking out at me. Spread your legs wide, whore. Wider! Now beg for cock."

    "Please fuck me," she panted.

    I snapped the cane across her ass and she cried out in pain.

    "Please fuck me, Michael!" she gasped. "How, slut? How does one go about fucking a tile whore like you. Tell me exactly what you want me to do."

    "Please… please… stick your cock into my… pussy and…"

    "Your gash?"


    "Your hole?"

    "Yes," she moaned.

    "Your twat?"

    "Yes," she gasped.

    "And then what?"

    "And… and then fuck me. Pump your cock in and out…"


    "Yes! Hard! Fuck me hard! Stick your cock into my twat and pump me hard!"

    "You want me in you, fuck meat?"

    "Yes! Please stick your cock in me! Please fuck me, Michael!"

    "Whore!" WACK!

    I smacked the cane across her upturned ass and she sobbed and begged me to fuck her. Her bald little cunt lips were glistening wet, sticking out at me as she spread her legs still wider and pushed her ass out.

    "I should fuck this dirty cunt of yours so hard closes up," I sneered.

    "Yes! Fuck me!"

    "Roll over onto your back, slut meat."

    She grunted and almost fell onto her side, then rolled over and spread her legs.

    "Raise your knees, feet flat on the floor. Spread them more… more. Good. Now, I want you to masturbate."

    She gasped and stared at me in shock. I sat back on a chair and leered at her.

    "Come on, fuck meat. Jerk off, beat your meat, finger your slit for me. I want to see you masturbate."

    Her face was beet red, and, mortified. Encouraged, I carried on. "Stick those fingers deep into your whore cunt and finger fuck yourself. No. Wait. I'll get the camcorder first and record it. That way I can make some copies and sell them to your friends."

    She stared at me in shock as I got up and hurried to the hall closet. I got the camcorder down and came back to her, pointing it at her as I sat.

    "Okay, fuck meat. Jerk off."

    She lay there and stared at me. In fact, she actually closed her legs and tried to cover herself.

    I lowered the camcorder.

    "I gave you an order, fuck toy."

    "Please, Michael," she gulped. "Don't make me do this!"

    "You'll not only do it you'll come when you do, and I'll get a couple of things for you to stick up your cunt and asshole. It'll make a great show when I have some of your friends over."

    "You wouldn't!"

    "I would and will. Everyone is going to know what a hot piece of cunt meat you are before I'm done. They'll be bending you over in the school hallways and sticking their cocks up your ass while you suck them off."

    I grinned at her and reached down for the remote control to the device in her shitter.

    "Now obey me or be punished."

    "But… but I caaaan't," she moaned.

    I pressed the button and she exploded into action. Her legs snapped open as her ass was thrown into the air. She screamed in pain, dropping back heavily to the rug and rolling over violently. She rolled back again, screaming, her voice a ululating wail as she jammed her shackled hands between her legs and clawed at her asshole.

    I stared, fascinated, keeping my finger on the button as she screamed, rolling from side to side.

    She tried to stand up but fell back. Her head thrashed as she wailed, her back arching her back again and again, as her body bounced and flopped and twisted in agony.

    I let my finger up from the button.

    She continued howling and flopping for several seconds then stopped, laying on her back, sobbing piteously as her chest rose and fell.

    "When I give an order, fuck toy, you better obey it," I said.

    I dragged her back to her knees and she huddled there weeping for a minute as I sat back in my chain.

    "Get over it, fuck toy," I said. "You should know by now that any disobedience will bring you punishment. Now I want to hear you apologize for disobeying me and thank me for punishing you. Now."

    "I… I'm… s… s… sorryyy," she whimpered.

    "Sorry for what, fuck toy?"

    "F… for dis… disobeying you," she sniffled.

    "Now let's hear it all together."

    "I'm… s… sorry for disobeying you, M… Michael," she sniffled.


    "Thank you for p… punishing me, Michael."

    "Now you're going to masturbate for me, aren't you?"

    "Yes, Michael," she gulped.

    "Good girl. Now lay back and spread your knees."

    She laid back with a little whimper and raised her knees.

    "Spread em', tramp."

    She shifted her knees wide apart, looking at me anxiously.

    "Now start jerking off."

    She looked down at her crotch then slid her shackled hands down towards her groin. She rubbed weakly at her bare little slit as I watched.

    I got up, telling her to continue, and went downstairs. I came back with one of the vibrators and a big black dildo. I sat down again and tossed her the vibrator.

    "Use that on your hot little clitty, fuck toy."

    She looked at it, sliding her fingers over it, then brought the tip down against her slit. She gasped as the buzzing sex toy met her clitty, and I saw her legs shift a little further apart.

    She rubbed the tip of the vibrator up and down along her slit as I watched, and I sat back, deciding to wait a bit, to let her get into it before picking up the camcorder.

    It didn't take very long. I saw her ass grinding down, and heard her breath get ragged as she slowly eased the vibrator into her hole, pushing it deep, pumping it in and out as she moaned softly and stroked her clitty.

    I reached over and picked up the camcorder, then turned it on. She noticed, and slowed a bit, but then she continued, her breathing becoming harsher, her body grinding from side to side, her back arching softly as she moaned.

    I zoomed in on her crotch, watching the vibrator pumping in and out of her gash, then backed off, taking in her whole body, watching that sweet face, so intent on the action between her legs, watching her firm rounded breasts rising and falling on her chest.

    I turned off the camcorder and got up.


    "Stand up, slut," I ordered.

    She blinked her eyes in confusion, slowly raising her hands from her crotch, panting for breath.

    I reached down and gripped her arm, jerking her upwards. She kept her grip on the vibrator, pushing it deep into her snatch as I moved her over next to the coffee table.

    It was a heavy, wooden table, and I picked up the thick black dildo, which had a suction cup on the bottom, and slapped it down on top near the end.

    "All right, fuck meat," I grinned. "Straddle the table and slide your hot little slit down onto this big, thick nigger cock."

    She swallowed nervously, then obediently straddled the table. She slowly eased down, reaching for the thick rubber cock.

    "It's… big," she gulped.

    "A whore like you could take a fence post up her crack," I sneered.

    She slid down until her bare crack was against the realistic looking cock head.

    I got the camcorder and turned it on, watching as she rubbed her crack back and forth on the head of the dildo, then slowly sank down. I could see her getting into it, her lips parted, her eyes intense. She groaned as the thick rubber prick forced her cunt lips wider and wider, straining them to their limit.

    Then she groaned and slid down it, an inch, then two, then three, going slowly, gasping and moaning as she shifted her hands onto the table below, her moist cunt sleeve sliding down the length of the thick, long cock.

    "Ohhhh," she gasped. "Ohhh! It's loooong."

    She halted briefly and her head went back, eyes closed. She took several deep breaths, then clenched her teeth and eased down further. Her ass got closer and closer to the table as the thick black rubber cock disappeared up into her gash.

    She groaned again. Halting an inch or so off the table.

    "Oh God," she panted. "It's… it's too loooonngg!"

    She rose up a little, sliding her snatch along the dildo. I moved in and lay on my belly, zooming in on her crotch as her tight lips slipped up along the dildo.

    I moved back and watched her trying to fit the whole thing into her. She slid slowly up and down, groaning and gasping, rubbing at her clitty, getting more and more aroused.

    She rode faster and faster, panting and whimpering, her legs and arms working harder as her ass rode up and down. Then she slid all the way down, gasping, eyes going wide as she took the entire thing up into her belly.

    She shuddered, sitting there on the table, legs wide. She slide her hands over her lower belly, obviously amazed she had gotten the entire length into her box.

    She ground her ass on the table, throwing her head back and groaning. She started to hump up and down, her ass cheeks slapping on the table. She leaned forward, hands flat on the table top again as she started pushing herself up and down.

    Her pussy slid up and down the now wet, glistening dildo as she gasped and grunted in heated pleasure, getting closer and closer to orgiastic delight.

    I put the camcorder down and bellowed "Stop!"

    She continued to ride up and down, gasping and moaning.

    Smiling I picked up the remote control and pressed the button on it.

    Gwen's lustful grunts and groans turned to a shriek of agony as she was flung up and back. She landed heavily on her back on the table, instantly flopping off the side and onto the floor. Her howls continued as her body was wracked by convulsions.

    She shook like an epileptic in a fit, her entire body thrashing violently.

    I let up on the button, and after long seconds she went limp, sobbing in exhaustion and pain.

    "You're going to have to learn to obey your master, dog," I said. "Now crawl over here on your belly, lick my feet, and apologize for disobeying me again."

    I gave the button a light touch and she yelped, flopping over from her back onto her belly.

    She crawled slowly forward, dripping tears on the rug, then onto my foot as she trembled and shook. She leaned in and licked my foot as I looked down.

    "Get on your knees, you fucking whore," I spat. "Stick your dirty little crack in the air and beg for my cock."

    She moaned, and pushed herself to her knees then turned around slowly. Since her hands were bound near her belly she couldn't really support herself on them and had to remain on her shoulders, ass high.

    "Beg, dog."

    "P… p… p… please… fu… fu… fuck me… me… M… M… Michael," she stuttered.

    "Stick your fingers into your twat and peel your lips open."

    She moaned, and wriggled her hands back between her legs, her fingers searching for her slit. She slowly pried her moist cunt lips open, revealing the soft round tunnel into her belly.

    "You want me to shove my cock up that dirty hole, slut?"

    "Ye… y… y… yes… p… p… pleeeasse," she whimpered.


    "P… please sho… shove your… your cock up my dirty… hole," she gasped.

    I rubbed my prick up and down her hot little crack then forced the head into her hole past her fingers. I drove it all the way up into her snatch and she groaned and let her fingers slip free as I started to fuck.

    "Dirty little fuck machine," I said, slapping her round ass. "Hot assed, slut."

    I fucked into her harder and harder, and she grunted softly with each thrust, mouth slack, eyes closed.

    I pulled out and rubbed my cock along her slit, then sank it into her again. I did that repeatedly, making her moan and whimper as her insides heated up. Then I seized her hips and started fucking deep and fast, really pounding my meat down into Gwen's tight hole as I rode her.

    My hips slapped violently into her buttocks as I leaned forward, my hands coming down on her shoulders, then onto the floor beside them, my hips smacking loudly into her jiggling red buttocks as I rutted into her sopping slit.

    She cried out in pleasure, a tortured sob of ecstasy as she rolled her head from side to side and jammed her ass back against my pounding cock meat. Her snatch buzzed and burned and sucked on my prick, spasming as I fought to keep from juicing.

    It was too much, though, and I came inside her, pouring cream down my little sister's tight, sucking hole.

    I eased back on my heels, slipping my cock out of her, and sat back to catch my breath. Man, her ass was a beautiful sight, just beautiful. I reached over and got the camcorder and recorded it for a few seconds, focusing in on her cunt lips, still slightly parted, her cream and my jism dripping out her cunt.

    I put the camcorder down and went over to her, yanking her up to her feet. She swayed weakly groaning. I unlocked the chains, slipping them off her shackles, and had her stand over next to the wall.

    I went over to the stereo and put on a CD, then told her to dance for me.

    She stared at me in confusion.

    "Give me a nice, slutty dance, Gwen," I said. "Like a stripper would."

    Well, of course she'd never seen a stripper, so I had to show her. I kind of danced to show her what I had in mind, and she imitated me, grinding her hips, sliding her hands up and down her naked body, rolling her hips, rolling her head, undulating her body.

    She quickly caught on to what I wanted, and after the first few minutes, when she seemed embarrassed and inhibited, she kind of let herself go, and gave a pretty nice little bump and grind.

    I picked up the camcorder. She halted briefly, then continued, breathing a little harder as she rolled her hips and squeezed her breasts. She turned and ground her bare ass back at me, then bent over and grabbed her ankles, humping back as I zoomed in on her cunt crack.

    I backed up to get the full picture, and she slowly straightened, turning and kicking out with her legs, shaking her body more. Her breasts jiggled as she danced faster, and her hair shook from side to side behind her.

    She finally halted, gasping for breath. I put down the camcorder and went over to her, then locked her shackles together in front of her and led her across the room. I pushed her back against the wall right beside the TV and lifted her arms up high.

    I pressed them back against the wall and locked them to a chain I'd hung there, adjusting it carefully until her body was totally stretched out and she was lifting her heels off the floor.

    Then I went back downstairs and got the punishment hood, and an inflatable gag. I came back to her and slipped the hood over her head, pulling it down under her jaw and zipping it in tightly, then buckling it around her throat.

    The punishment hood covered her completely, right to the throat. Nothing of her face was visible. I unzipped the mouth and ordered her to open up, then shoved the inflatable gag between her jaws and began pumping.

    The gag got bigger and bigger inside her mouth as I kept pumping it, forcing her jaws wider. She moaned in pain, and I halted and unscrewed the pumping bulb, then zipped the hood closed over her mouth.

    I got a beer and watched TV for a few hours while she stood there.

    After a while she slowly lowered her heels to the floor, accepting the strain on her body. She raised her legs now and then, drawing her knees back to her chest as they cramped up.

    I didn't like that so I shackled her ankles together and clipped them to a little eyebolt I'd stuck into the wall there.

    I ran my hands over her body admiringly it was so gorgeous, all stretched out like a diver's. I eyed her ribs outlined under her soft white flesh, and stroked her soft, concave belly.

    I sat down for a while, leaving her be. The hood was thickly padded over her ears so she didn't hear anything. She was supposed to be well-isolated in there, no sight, no sound.

    I looked down at the remote, then picked it up. I eyed her lovely young body, standing there silently, almost motionless. There was no reason to press the button but the urge was overwhelming.

    I pressed it.

    There was little sound through the inflatable gag and zippered hood, just a low wailing shriek that I could hardly hear over the TV. Her body shook and trembled, her ass slapping furiously against the wall, her body jerking from side to side.

    I eased up on the button. Gave her a minute, then pressed it again, just a short touch. A few seconds later I gave her another touch, then another I did that intermittently, usually just touching the button, but now and then holding it down for a five or ten count.

    Her naked body was bathed in sweat now, and when I held the button down for a ten count she pissed herself, her urine pouring down her bound legs and onto the rug at her feet. I laughed in delight.

    Break her down, then build her up.

    I finally went over to her and released her shackles, first removing the ones from her ankles, then reaching up and undoing the shackles around her wrists.

    She collapsed against me and I lifted her up over my shoulders and carried her downstairs. I laid her on the blanket there then slipped the thicker padded leather restraints around her ankles and wrists, forced a vibrator up her snatch then hung her from her ankles.

    I locked her wrists behind her back, then unzipped the punishment hood and deflated the gag. She moaned and sobbed in relief as I pulled the gag out of her mouth. I unbuckled and unzipped the punishment hood and slipped it off her.

    Her hair was soaked with sweat, as was her entire face. I slipped a blindfold over her quickly, then got some water and a straw, and pushed the straw between her parched lips. I had to yell at her several times before she sucked, but once she tasted the water she kept sucking on it, gulping the water down.

    She coughed and gagged a few times, but managed to get half the cup down before I took the straw away. Then I slipped the stereo headphones over her head and strapped them in place, turned on her tape, and left. The vibrator had enough battery life to last an hour or two, then it would go silent.

    I turned out the lights and went to bed, thinking of the fun I could have with my fuck toy tomorrow.

    When I woke up the next morning I immediately realized my mistake. I had a hard-on, but there was no little fuck toy in the room, let alone in the bed, to take care of it. In future, I told myself, I'd keep my little fuck toy handy so it'd be available when I woke with an erection.

    I shrugged and got dressed, then went downstairs to check on her. Again I realized a mistake, for Gwenny was in no shape to do anything for me. Even after I lowered her to the ground and pulled off the headphones and blindfold she was dazed and incoherent.

    I slapped her face lightly but her eyes were glazed and couldn't seem to focus on anything. I had to pick her up and carry her upstairs to the second floor bathroom. There I sat her in the tub and washed her sweating, exhausted body.

    I gave her water to drink, then, when she was clean, I let the water run out of the tub and turned on the shower to cold. It poured down on her as she lay there groaning. For long moments she didn't move, then she slowly raised her arms, trying to ward off the spray.

    She whimpered, and half turned, trying to duck her face under her arm, moving slowly, weakly. I gave the water a couple of minutes, by which time she was huddled in a ball on the bottom of the tub shivering and trembling.

    Then I turned it off and dragged her out of the tub. I dried her off, dried her hair, then, feeling I'd put my enjoyment off more than long enough, bent her over the counter and flicked her slowly, for a few minutes before pumping my load into her gash.

    That done I took her downstairs, carrying her again, and set her on the floor. She still seemed kind of dazed, but I was able to get responses out of her by asking her a couple of times.

    I poured milk into a bowl and set it down on the kitchen floor, then pulled her over to it and pushed her mouth down against it. She drank it slowly, not speaking, pausing often.

    I had her kneel and spread her legs, then reach back and pry her buttocks apart. Then I pulled her asshole open with two fingers and stuck the slim little tool inside, hooking it into the base of the electrical thing in her and slowly turning it so it could be brought out.

    When I turned it clockwise the base of the thing pulled in, then the tool locked against the base and I was able to draw the egg shaped thing slowly back out of her asshole.

    I gave her two hours to sleep on the floor at my feet in front of the couch then woke her up made her crawl around the living room. I snapped the two nipple clamps on, producing not much more than a weak sob and whimper. Then hung two sixteen-ounce weights from the clips and made her crawl all over the living room, dining room and kitchen, then out into the back yard.

    Her titties hung down low as the weights swung from side to side, but though it must have hurt she didn't complain.

    I led her back into the house and gave her some more milk, then got a scrub brush, filled a pail with hot water and soap and set it down beside her.

    "Clean the kitchen floor, slut. When you're done, clean the bathrooms, all of them, the floors, tub, and toilets. Don't get off your knees. Understand?"

    I slapped her ass and she whimpered.


    "Yes, Michael," she gulped.

    "Good slut. Maybe I'll let you have something to eat if you do a good job."

    I left her to her scrubbing and went out to the living room to watch TV.

    She crawled out after a while, passing me without saying a word and crawling slowly up the stairs. I grinned at the sight then returned to my TV shows.

    I still didn't have much else to do, but I was thinking about Gwen, and what a great little fuck toy I was turning her into. I wondered how many other men would love to have fuck toys like Gwen, and how much they'd be willing to pay to get them.

    Hell, it was sure easy work, and fun too. I really got off showing a hot assed slut like Gwen her place in life. And there were so many tight assed little teen sluts around, a never-ending supply of them.

    The trick wouldn't be getting them, or even training them. The trick would be to find the customers. I sure couldn't advertise for them.

    Well, I'd give that some more thought. After a while Gwen, crawled down the stairs and over in front of me.

    "You finished?"

    "Yes, Michael," she said, dull-eyed.

    "I'll inspect them then. They better be clean, slut."

    I stood up and walked her into the kitchen, then looked around at the floor. I examined the baseboards, and grinned.

    "Here, slut."

    She crawled over beside me and I pointed at the dirt down at the edge of the baseboard, right where it met the floor.

    "You call that clean?"

    She just looked at it.

    "Clean it."

    She started to turn and I grabbed her hair, making her cry out in pain.

    "With your tongue, fuck meat. Stick your tongue down there and slide it along the crack. Clean it off with your tongue."

    She moaned and tried to back away, but I pushed her face down against it.

    "Do it or I'll stick the egg back in your ass and make it go off again."

    "No! Please!" she gasped.

    "Then do it."

    She lowered her face, a tear trickling down her cheek as she licked along the baseboard, her little pink tongue sliding along the dirty crack and scooping dirt out.

    "That's a good dog," I said, petting her head. I led her upstairs then and into the first bathroom. There I made her lick along the bottom of the tub, then along the bottom of the toilet. She really didn't want to do that, but a few hard squeezes on her tits and a few slaps to the face convinced her.

    I figured her mouth and mind were all prepared for a symbolic expression of her worthlessness and my dominance. I ordered her to climb into the tub, then sit on her heels as I stood beside it.

    "Okay, slut. Know what's gonna happen now?"

    She shook her head slowly back and forth, indicating no.

    "I'm gonna take a leak. You are going to kneel there and open your mouth. And when I piss into your mouth you will swallow it."

    She stared at me for a few seconds as if she hadn't heard, then her mouth and eyes got wide and she stared at me in disbelief.

    "Either you do it or you'll be punished," I snapped. "You obey your orders, fuck toy!"

    "No…" she whispered.

    "Don't say no to me, fuck toy."

    "I… but… you… you…"

    "You are a worthless animal, less than an animal. You belong to me, and I can do anything I want to you. Now you had better get set to drink."

    I stuck the plug in the drain and stood straight again, pulling out my cock.

    "Whatever doesn't go down your throat will wind up at the bottom of the tub, and you're still gonna drink it up, slut."

    "No," she said in a small, anguished voice.

    "Yes," I said. "Yes. You obey! Open your mouth!"

    She whimpered in denial and slowly opened her mouth, but when my piss shot out she closed it and her eyes, shuddering and trembling as she knelt there.

    "Open your mouth," I yelled as the piss splashed off her face.

    She wouldn't. She knelt there, whimpering, lips and eyes tightly closed as the piss splashed off her face and ran down her shoulders. Rivulets of piss ran around her breasts, down her belly and in between her legs. I cursed her and shifted my aim, splashing piss onto her breasts and against her thighs and belly, then back up over her face and into her hair.

    She never moved, but refused to open her mouth as my piss soaked her. When I ran out she whimpered and stayed in place, swaying slowly, eyes and mouth still closed.

    I put my foot out against her and shoved her hard. She slammed back against the wall with a cry of pain and shock, and fell into the tub on her side. She scrambled up, out of the little pool of piss, ignoring my orders to drink it.

    Well, there was plenty more piss where that came from, and she would drink gallons of it for this disobedience.

    I ordered her to pull the plug, then turned on the shower. I let the water pour over her, even let her pick up the soap and clean herself off. I was going to be touching her, after all, and didn't want any of my piss on me.

    When she was done I turned off the water and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her out of the tub. She squealed and screamed as I wound her wet hair around my wrist and dragged her along the floor, then down the stairs.

    She bounced a little on the stairs, grabbing my wrist with both hands to ease the pull on her long hair. I dragged her along the hall into the living room and there rolled her onto her belly and jerked her arms behind her back. I cuffed them together, then gripped her hair again.

    This time she wasn't able to do a thing to ease the pull and howled in pain as I dragged her by the hair across the floor and down the hall to the basement stairs, then down the stairs, bumping all the way.

    I dragged her across the concrete floor then dragged her to her feet. She was sobbing and begging and pleading with me not to punish her, but I ignored her, uncuffing her wrists and quickly buckling the thicker padded leather restraints around them.

    In a less than a minute her wrists were bound up and apart to the chains overhead. Then I put on ankle restraints and chained them apart.

    I went to the wall where the chains were locked down, the chains that went up overhead to the rings there – then down to her wrists – and unlocked them, then pulled them upwards. I lifted the sobbing soaking, dripping teenager right off her feet, so she was hanging by her wrists and ankles, spread-eagled in mid-air.

    Then I locked the chains down again and went back to her.

    Gwen's toes were twitching, her feet wriggling inches above the floor as she moaned and whimpered. I gripped her wet hair and jerked her head back violently, drawing a scream of pain.

    "You think you can disobey me, slut meat? Huh? Huh? I'll show you what happens to whores who disobey their masters!"

    "Please!" she sobbed. "Please, Michael! Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Pleeeeasse!"

    "Not half as sorry as you will be, slut!"

    She wasn't going to get off on this whipping like she had the last time. This was going to be some serious pain, and she was going to be in the proper frame of mind to recognize it as such and not turn it into some kind of hot, erotic scene.

    I slapped her face hard, throwing her head back and to the side. I brought my other hand up and slapped her face on the other side, throwing it in the other direction. Then I slapped it again, and again, first on the left side, then the right, then the left again.


    When I stopped her head rolled back weakly and she moaned, dazedly I slammed my fist into her belly and her head was flung forward as she grunted in pain.

    "You are a cheap little piece of cunt meat!" I snapped. "You don't have any will. You do what I order! Do you understand!?"

    I gripped her hair and jerked her head back, putting my face inches from hers.

    "Do you understand?!"

    "Ye… yes," she gasped.

    I slammed my knee up into her bare pussy pad and she grunted explosively, her head falling back again as she began to sob.

    I moved behind her, running a hand over her smooth, soft skin, then went to my toys and examined them.

    I started with the cane. It hissed through the air each time I swung it, and cracked against her round behind with a satisfying sound and weight. She sobbed and moaned and shook in pain, water still dripping from her hair.

    I laid a couple of dozen quick slashes across her ass, then put down the cane and picked up the buggy whip. I lashed her back and buttocks and thigh, mostly for the satisfaction of it. The whip was too light to really cause her the kind of pain I wanted.

    I put it aside and picked up the crop, and her screams rose in intensity and desperation as I began whipping her buttocks, then moved slowly upwards, lashing her lower back, then her middle back, then her upper back, raising blows down on her shaking, trashing body as she shrieked and screamed.

    I put down the crop when her reactions were starting to dull, when the pain from her back was obscuring the fresh pain of each blow. I went to the box and picked up the bull whip, letting it uncurl and fall to the floor.

    My cock was bulging against my pants as I stared at her reddened back and buttocks, crisscrossed with marks of pain. I gave her several minutes while I snapped the whip at a chair on the other side of the room, practicing until it cracked nicely.

    It wasn't too hard once you got the hang of it.

    I returned to find her moaning and whimpering, mostly unchanged, her hair still dripping a little.

    I positioned myself behind her, looking at her gorgeous body in front, in the mirrors that showed her head dropping down, eyes closed. Well, her eyes were going to open wide in a minute.

    I swung the whip forward, and it cracked solidly across her shoulders.

    Her head snapped back and she screamed in startled horror, her body shaking and straining violently as an angry red welt appeared among the lighter marks of her back. It ran across her shoulder blades and along her ribs at her side.

    I gave her a minute of sobbing moaning pleading to contemplate the next, then swung the whip. Another angry line slashed across her lower back and again she thrashed violently as her screams filled the basement.

    The whip lashed out again and again and again, laying lines of fire across her back and buttocks, drawing a wonderful response from her.

    I put the whip down then. I had been very careful with it, four the blows were so harsh against her flesh that if the whip lashed across one of the welts already on her it would have cut her and possibly left scars.

    I didn't want any scars on my fuck toy, not on the outside.

    There were five thick, dark red welts across her back and buttocks, and that would do for now.

    But I wasn't finished with her punishment, not by a long shot. She would learn that she had to obey me no matter how disgusting she thought the request.

    I went to the table. There were two things there I wanted. One was an anal hook. It was like a dildo, only it was about four inches long instead of eight, and it curved sharply like a hook, and had a ring on the end.

    The second was a simple cord, which I had tied into the ring.

    I went back to the sobbing, moaning girl and gripped her hair, pulling it together behind her head and winding it into a kind of rough braid. I then forced the dildo hook up her anus. It hooked under her tailbone, and I lifted the cord, pulling back on her braid, forcing her head back further and further, until her eyes were facing up at the ceiling.

    Then I tied it to the cord and moved around in front of her.

    She could no longer even see me, for her head was bound tightly back, looking up at the ceiling behind her.

    I picked up the buggy whip first, then slashed it across her belly. She sobbed in pain, but nothing like the shrieks the bull whip had earned. That was okay.

    I lashed her belly and thighs, then looked at her taut round breasts, straining outward because of her arched back. I raised the buggy whip and lashed it across her right breast, and she screamed in startled shock and pain.

    I whipped her left breast then her right again, then her left, as she sobbed and shook and moaned in pain, straining and writhing as the whip cracked across her taut melons.

    Next came the flogger, turning her belly and breasts red as I whipped it down on them. After that came the paddle, which I had not yet used. Finally came the riding crop, and her screams rose as I cracked it across her belly and thighs, then on her quivering breasts.

    Her melons bounced and jerked as the crop bit deep, and she shrieked and howled in agony as her fiery breasts were thoroughly beaten.

    I dropped the crop, winded, and moved around behind her. I undid the cord binding her hair then shoved her head forward. Her chin dropped onto her chest as she grunted, only barely conscious.

    I plucked the hook from her anus then thrust my iron hard boner deep up into her shitter. Quickly and violently I sodomized her, then spewing my load in her guts.

    I pulled her down finally, but only to hang her upside from by the ankles again, the hood over her head, and her arms bound behind her. I put the headphones on and left her there for the rest of the day.

    I let her down in the late evening, and all she could do at first was lay there, moaning weakly. I got the cane then, and started yelling. Yelling like a drill instructor, cursing her, slashing out with the cane when she didn't obey quickly.

    I had her crawl up the stairs on her belly, had her do tricks, roll over, sit up, beg, jerk off, lick my toes, lick her own toes. At a barked command she crawled this way, or rolled that, or positioned herself in a way I had ordered. Any slight hesitation brought the cane whistling down across her burning back or buttocks or breasts.

    Then it was back upstairs to the tub, where she knelt, slack-jawed as I pissed into her mouth. She swallowed it all down dully, then thanked me for it. I washed her roughly, then made her crawl into my room, where I applied a soothing salve to the marks on her body before circling her with rope like a cocoon and leaving her on my bed, gagged.

    When I woke the next morning all I had to do was roll her onto her belly. Her legs were bound together, which made for tight going, but I managed to get my cock down into her ass for a quickie.

    I pulled her gag free and let her drink my piss. After chugging down my piss I untied her and let her crawl on her belly down the stairs and into the living room.

    There, with the aid of the crop, and the promise of food if she did well, she lurched from position to position, now on all fours, ass raised, now on her knees, hands up behind her neck, now on her back, legs back and apart, ass and pussy displayed.

    I let her crawl into the kitchen on all fours, then put down a bowl of milk, which she was permitted to drink like a dog. After that I made some light soup, and let her drink that. It didn't take her long to lick the bowl clean. It had been two days now since her last morsel, after all, and she was starving.

    Then as a final reward, I let her kneel and lick a few morsels of bacon and eggs from my fingers. I ate while she knelt at my feet, then let her crawl alongside me upstairs, where I applied more soothing salve to her skin. She was all marked up, after all, and I wanted her soft, unblemished skin back as soon as possible.

    I let her rest on a blanket on the floor for a couple of hours, then it was up to perform her tricks again. I barked them out rapid-fire, making her race from one to the next.

    I didn't want to mark her up any more, so I inserted the shock tube, the egg thing, back into her anus. The slightest pause or hesitation in her tricks, or the slightest lack of enthusiasm in her actions and I jabbed the button.

    I used the egg on her that day and the next, and hung her by her ankles for long periods of time with the tape playing in her ears.

    Then I started treating her nice. I removed the egg, I hugged her a lot, and stroked her hair and kissed her gently, and spoke softly and complimentary to her. This confused her at first, but then she performed even more eagerly, wanting to please me, not wanting me to go back to screaming and yelling at her, not to mention beating her.

    I produced some sexy lingerie, and let her put on a fashion show for me, complimenting her on her beautiful or how sensuous and erotic and sexy she was. I began working on her body, stroking it softly as she lay across my lap, or beside me on the sofa.

    I tied her spread eagled to my bed and then ate her out, using every trick I knew to finger and stroke and suck and lick her nipples and breasts and crotch to repeated orgasms.

    I used the vibrator on her, and other little toys, feathers, brushes, ice cubes, to drive her into orgasmic madness again and again.

    Then let her sleep in bed with me, her hands bound gently in front of her, a loose line binding her collar to the bedpost, my arms around her.

    Then I caught her doing something wrong. Oh, it was only wrong by my definition, of course. I'd been looking for something to catch her at so I could punish her again.

    This happened to be turning on the TV to watch a show without my permission. She was teary eyed when I called her on it, and threw herself at my feet, kissing and licking them and promising to never do it again. She begged me to forgive her, but I told her she had disappointed me terribly.

    "I will have to punish you, Gwen," I said sadly.

    "Please, nooooo," she sobbed. "I won't do it again, Michaaaeeellll!"

    "Let's go down to the basement."

    She sobbed in misery, and crawled towards the basement.

    "Wait," I ordered. "It might be that you don't need the full punishment. Maybe, if you have enough discipline, if you really do love me, that…"

    "Please! Please!" she gasped. "Anything!"

    She kissed my ankles and I backed away.

    "Are you strong enough to take your punishment without being tied down?"

    "I… Yes," she gulped.

    "If you can, then I won't have to use the bull whip."

    She shuddered and hugged herself fearfully.

    "Or the riding crop. Nor will I have to hit you nearly as many times. Do you think you can be strong?"

    "Yes!" she gasped.

    I pretended to consider.

    "The last time I punished you I hit your behind with the cane twenty times, then with the buggy whip ten times, then with the crop twenty times, then with the bull whip four times."

    She shuddered again.

    "Then I used them all on your back. After that I used them all on your belly and thighs and breasts. Except for the bullwhip, which I didn't use on your front."

    She whimpered slightly.

    "This is what I'll do. Instead of that, I will only use the cane, and I will not hit you more than thirty times in total. But only…" I pointed my finger at her warningly, "… only if you can maintain your position, and not move without permission. If you move, or try to evade the blow, or try to turn away, then you go downstairs and get hung from your wrists."

    "And this time," I glared. "You'll get fifty blows across the back with the bullwhip, and fifty more across the breasts. I don't know if you'll live through it."

    "I'll do anything you want," she begged.

    "You will try. Wether you'll succeeded depends on wether you have learned any discipline in the past week or so. Now strip off your lingerie. Until you prove you deserve to wear them you'll have no clothes on your slutty little body."

    I went and got the cane, and when I returned she was sitting on her heels, back straight, naked ready for her punishment.

    "Dog-fuck," I said.

    She sprang forward onto her hands and knees, spreading her legs and sticking her ass up at me. I moved behind her and examined it. All the marks were gone now except for a couple of fading lines from the bull whip. Her pussy was cleanly shaved, of course.

    "Remember, if you try to move or escape your punishment you know what you'll get."

    "I won't," she promised, her voice quivering.

    I drew back the cane and slashed it across her upturned ass. She cried out softly, and trembled, but held her position. I lashed it down again, loving the feel of it as it struck into her soft meat. Again she cried out, choking off the sound.

    Three more times the cane cracked across that lovely teenage ass, and though she was sobbing weakly she kept her position.

    "Heels," I barked.

    She scrambled quickly back and sat her ass down on her heels. She winced and moaned, but ignored the pain as she straightened her back and spread her knees apart.

    I moved in front of her.

    "Five down, fifteen to go, slut. Think you can take them."

    "I'll do anything you want, Michael," she gasped.

    "Hands behind your neck. Arch your back. We'll see just how much discipline you have now."

    She knew what I was aiming for, and sobbed as she threw her head back and brought her hands behind her neck. I poked at her breasts with the cane, then drew it back and cracked it down lightly across her right breast.

    She gasped, clenching her teeth, beads of sweat starting to break out on her skin.

    I cracked it down on her left breast, just a bit harder.

    She let out a low gurgling sob.

    I cracked it down on her right breast, harder still, and she cried out in pain, tears spilling from her eyes.

    I swung the cane down on her left breast again, still harder.

    She jerked and moaned and cried out in pain, but she kept her hands where they were and kept her back arched.

    I slashed it down hard now, the sound loud as it cracked into her right breast, then her left, then her right, then her left.

    She was sobbing and crying out continuously, her torso swaying and shaking and jerking as the cane descended, swishing through the air and cracking against her meaty orbs, but after five blows to each breast she had managed to hold her position.

    I lowered the cane and admired her gorgeous torso, sweating heavily now, her breasts crisscrossed with red lines.

    "That's fifteen. Only five more to go." I said softly as I kneaded her cherry red breast. "CAT!" I snapped.

    It was another of the positions I'd trained her to do. She all but fell down onto her back. Laying on her back Gwen jerked her legs up and pulled them back, until her heels were pressing against her rump. She then grasp both of her ankles with her hands. She lifted her ass up as high as she could while at the same time spreading her knees wide apart. Lastly she pooched out her bald pussy. With her pussycat on display, she laid there, gasping and whimpering, her eyes gazing down at her muti-striped breasts.

    "Five more and it's done," I said. "If you can hold your position."

    I had to kneel for this final portion of the punishment. I raised the cane, and she stared at it, whimpering, watching it swing down hard, watching it crack directly across her soft, bare pussy mound.

    She shrieked in pain, rocking back and forth on her bent spine, howling and sobbing as her head thrashed from side to side. I thought for a minute she was going to unbend, but she managed to keep her arms tightly against the backs of her legs, her hands griping her ankles tightly.

    I cracked the cane down onto her pussy mound again, then again, then again, swinging hard.

    She howled with each blow, but though she rocked and writhed and her head thrashed alarmingly, she didn't change her position.

    The final blow, as hard as I could, cracking into her soft cunt mound, directly along her cleft so it mashed against her clit.

    Another shriek, louder than the others, and more thrashing and shaking, but she held herself in place.

    "All done," I said. "You may thank me now."

    She let her ankles go with a ragged sob, her hand clutching her pussy weakly as she rolled onto her front and crawled to me, licking at my feet and thanking me.

    I slid down beside her and carefully and gently licked along her breasts, sliding my tongue along the red lines the cane had made, tonguing and suckling at her nipples, which hardened quickly, then down her body to her pussy.

    She whimpered as I touched it, but I was gentle, my tongue soft, sliding soothingly over her clitty as she spread her legs wide. Her cunt was incredibly tender, of course, as were her breasts, but she was such a fucking slut now that she couldn't resist my tongue, and was soon writhing in climax, whimpering and moaning in joy as my tongue brought her off again and again.

    The next time I "caught" her at something, I arranged for it to be with a vibrator buried in her snatch. She was as hot as steam, and on the verge of coming when I "discovered" how she had broken a minor rule.

    She was in shackles at the time, and I was calling her my sex slave, my slave girl, and she was getting into it blissfully I made her assume the same positions she had before, only wasn't quite as heavy with the cane.

    This time she obviously got off on it, gasping in both pain and pleasure as I caned her breasts, moaning as she lay back and brought her knees back.

    There wasn't the screaming this time, but instead loud grunts and choked cries of pleasure. I hit her pussy five times, then six, then seven, as she moaned and writhed in delirious passion. On the ninth time she came, screaming in pleasure.

    I whipped the cane down as fast as I could then as she rocked and shook and thrashed in orgiastic wonder.

    Then when she went limp I dropped atop her and rammed my cock down her whipped pussy, fucking her violently.

    Well, all good things had to come to an end. My parents returned home after three weeks. Neither noticed anything amiss, of course. Gwen acted pretty much the way she always had around them. Not that she was around them much, nor that they paid much attention to her when she was.

    I still had her on her knees sucking me off every afternoon, of course, but was unhappy with the restrictions my parents' presence placed on discipline, not to mention on fucking her in the evening.

    So I bought a little place just outside of town. It had three things going for it. One, it had no really close neighbors, two, it had a garage, and three, it had a bomb shelter under the basement.

    I moved out of the house, leaving Gwen behind for now. I returned every day, of course, fucking her, making her do her tricks, making her jerk off and dance for me, and caning her when she broke some minor rule of mine.

    I gave her an assignment, though. She was to think of girls for me to grab, the most beautiful, luscious, adorable girls she knew, ones roughly her own age. She was to go to malls and beaches, and anywhere else she needed to go to find more of these girls, to get to know them, to befriend them.

    In the meantime I asked around, and found some kinky, high class clubs in the city where the really rich gathered to do disgusting things. I spent most evenings in them, learning as much as I could about the kinds of the various rich guys there, and what kind of people they were.

    I wound up getting to know a rich guy named Peter Martin. He was in his late fifties or early sixties, extremely wealthy, and loved putting the whip to beautiful young women. Of course, everything in the clubs was consensual, so there was a limit to what he could do.

    Even the girls who got paid to take abuse would only take so much, and there have always been few enough of the true masochistic whores with dynamite bodies willing to bear great pain for lust. So despite his great wealth, Peter was unsatisfied. I was going to do my best to capitalize on that.


    Gwen was wearing a pair of loose shorts and a halter top when I showed up at my parents house. But this time I wasn't alone. I wanted her to get used to fucking people other than me, to being nude around others. That had been a part of her education I had failed in to date, and something I needed to take care of.

    She was a bit confused when I walked in with Mark Phipps I hadn't told her that I was bringing anyone. As for Mark, I'd promised him a hot, nympho whore who would do anything. I hadn't told him she was my sister, or anything about how she'd become like she was.

    "Hi, Michael," she said with an anxious smile.

    "Hello, gorgeous," I said.

    I walked up to her and slid my arms around her, kissing her deeply, sliding my hands down onto her ass and squeezing.

    She was tense and anxious, probably wondering how she should act in front of a stranger. After all, she was my sister, and had to be afraid people would find out about that. And that was quite aside from the ordinary shyness a teenager who'd never exposed herself to anyone but her brother would feel.

    I pulled back and slipped my arm around her waist as I turned to Mark.

    "What'd I tell you, Mark? Is she gorgeous or not?"

    "Oh yeah," he said, looking her up and down.

    Gwen smiled shyly.

    "She is one of the most natural little sluts you've ever met in your life," I said. "Maybe the most natural. Plus, she's got a body to die for. Don't you, beautiful?"

    I slipped around behind her and hugged her, then slid my hands up to cup her breasts.

    She stiffened with a gasp, but didn't say anything. Obviously she had no idea what to do. She didn't dare refuse me anything, yet was quite embarrassed at being groped in front of a man who was a complete stranger to her.

    I mashed her breasts together as she stood there, quivering, then pulled my hands back behind her and untied her halter. Her arms came up for a second, as though to cup her breasts.

    "Hands down," I whispered.

    Her hands lowered and I slipped the halter off her, baring her breasts.

    "What do you think?"

    "Maaaan," Mark said, eyeing my sister's gorgeous breasts.

    I cupped them and squeezed them.

    "These are a set of the finest shaped tits I've ever held," I said. "Give a feel."

    I pulled my hands back and Mark stepped forward, eyeing Gwen uncertainly.

    "You don't mind if Mark squeezes your tits, do you, Gwen," I said.

    "N… no," she breathed.

    Mark reached up and cupped them gently, then squeezed them, lifting them upwards. I looked over her shoulders and watched his fingers squeezing the soft round flesh.

    "Nice, huh?"

    "Gorgeous," Mark gulped.

    I slid my hands on to her belly then eased one down between her legs, cupping her crotch through her shorts. I rubbed her pussy as Mark squeezed her breasts, then slid my hand down the front of her shorts and over her cunt mound, rubbing my fingers along her slit.

    Somewhat to my surprise, rather than being stiff with fear, her body was melting against me, her pussy moist and steaming. I rubbed her clit as she sighed and laid her head back against my shoulder.

    "What a hot little fuck toy," I grinned.

    I eased back then pulled her shorts down. She had no panties beneath, and groaned as Mark eyed her naked slit.

    "Shaved slit," I grinned. "Nice, huh?"

    Mark dropped to his knees in front of her, his fingers stroking her slit. He peeled it open and began to tongue her cunt cleft as she gasped and whimpered and started humping in wild pleasure. She came in less than a minute.

    Mark and me took turns with her, and joined in together. We took her on all fours, with him fucking her pussy and me fucking her mouth. Then she climbed on my cock while Mark fucked her up the ass. She loved it, and came repeatedly.

    Over the next week I brought other guys over, one, two, even four, and Gwen danced for us, jerked off for us then milked our cocks dry.

    Finally, I brought Peter over. I had warned her beforehand that Peter was someone I wanted her to work especially hard to please, and that, unlike the other guys I'd brought over, this one would be more than straight sex.

    I had gotten Peter over by telling him something about Gwen, not that I'd trained her, not that she was my sister, but that I had a slave who would serve me utterly, a gorgeous young nymphet who would obey my every wish.

    She greeted us in shackles, on her knees, and licked our shoes as we stood together over her. Peter was extremely excited from the first sight of gorgeous Gwen, and his cock bulged as she slid her face up his thighs and undid his pants.

    I let her blow him there on her knees, swallowing his juice, then put her through her paces for him, changing positions rapidly, begging, jerking off with her fingers and a dildo.

    Then, as the final act, I made her assume the position, with her hands behind her head and her back arched, and used the cane on her breasts, then on her pussy, making her come.

    Peter was so hot after witnessing this he jumped atop her and fucked her wildly for half a minute before dumping his juice into her pussy.

    I then placed her against the wall, shackled her wrists above her head, put the hood over her head, and began to talk to Peter about how I might, for the right price, be able to find him a girl similar to Gwen.

    Both of us talked around the idea of where such a girl would come from, of whether or not she would be willing to do as Gwen did, or whether she'd be forced to.

    Since I told him it would take me about a month to train such a girl I think he had no doubts she would be an unwilling captive, at least at first. I don't think he wanted to know, though, just so long as the girl would be as obedient and beautiful as Gwen was.

    "Describe to me your perfect slave," I said.

    He looked at Gwen, licking his lips. "That one comes pretty close," he said.

    "She's not for sale. She's… special."

    "Well, one just like her, maybe bigger breasts, and a redhead, a natural redhead, without the shaved slit. That's attractive, mind you, but… I want to see her red fur."

    I nodded.

    "Big, big nipples," he said, "Pierced, with rings in them, and a ring in her clit. Big blue eyes, but stupid, real dumb, and obedient like her."

    "I think I can find such a girl," I said.

    "I'll give you… ten thousand."

    I laughed. "Twenty."

    "How much do you spend on whores now, Pete? I mean, you hire them every week, and what do they charge? A thousand bucks a pop? Two? More?"

    "How much?" he asked.

    "A hundred grand. That's a bargain. It's no more than you spend in a year, and it's chump change to you anyway."

    "That's a lot of money for pussy," he said doubtfully.

    "Bull. You know how much a street corner hooker pulls in a year? Maybe two hundred grand. Sex is expensive, my man."

    "Done then, on one condition."


    "I keep her until you bring my own."

    "No way."

    "Then it's no deal."

    "Come on, Pete. This one is my personal slave. She's not for sale or rent."

    "I'll give you an extra twenty grand." I looked at Gwen, licking my lips, considering.

    "I have to have her back."

    "Of course."

    "Unharmed," I said firmly. "No scars, no broken limbs, no burns, nothing different than she is now."


    "All right."

    We shook hands, and he looked at Gwen possessively.

    "I'll deliver her to your place this evening."

    "Why can't I take her with me?"

    "Because I have to take care of some things and talk with her before she goes."

    "All right," he said reluctantly.

    "Just have the check waiting for me."

    He left and I went over to Gwen. She hadn't heard anything because the hood was thickly padded over her ears. I stroked her body, sliding my fingers up and down her slit. She humped up at me eagerly.

    I was gonna miss the little brat.

    I untied her, then had her write a letter to my father. It told him she was going to Hollywood to be a porn actress, and that she'd phone him in a month or two, and maybe come back for a visit then. She was excited since she thought she was coming to stay with me.

    I had her pack some things then put a couple of suitcases in the trunk of my car. Meanwhile I fetched the tape I'd made over the past week, the tape that had Gwen fucking and sucking various guys jerking off with dildos, and dancing her lewd dances. I figured dad and mom would find it… interesting.

    Then I shackled her again and sat her down.

    "Peter, the guy who was here today?"

    She nodded.

    "He wants to buy you."

    "Bu… buy me?" she asked in confusion.

    "That's right. He wants to buy you as his slave girl. He offered me a great deal of money for you. I said no. However, we made a deal. You're going to stay with him for a month while I get another girl for him. Then he's going to pay me a huge amount of money and then you'll come and live with me."

    "But… but I don't want to live with him, Michael," she whimpered. "I love you."

    "I love you too, fuck toy, but I need the money. He's offering me over a hundred thousand dollars."

    Her eyes opened wide and she mouthed the amount.

    "He's incredibly rich, and lives in a big mansion. All you have to do is be his slut slave fuck toy for the month, then you can come and stay with me."

    "But… but when will I see you?" she whined.

    "Not for another month. But don't worry, he'll be a good master for you. You really turn him on. Just obey him like you would me, or I'll whip the shit out of you when I get you back."

    She didn't like it, but she clearly didn't know how to deny me, and I didn't ask her permission. I put a rain cape over her and put her in the car then drove to Peter's mansion. He buzzed me through the gate, and I drove up the long, winding driveway.

    "Some day I'll have a place like this," I said to her.

    We stopped in front of the front door and I got out, then went around to the other door and pulled Gwen out. She was naked under the cape, and stepped gingerly on the pavement as I led her to the stairs, then up them to the front door.

    I rang the bell and a bald guy in a butler's outfit answered.

    "Uh, is Mr. Martin in?"

    "This way, sir," he said.

    I led Gwen in and the guy closed the door behind us then led us to a huge living-room where Peter was sitting in front of a fireplace. He stood up when we arrived.

    "Ahh, I'm so glad you finally got here," he smiled. "I've been eagerly looking forward to this."

    He smiled at Gwen.

    I gestured towards the butler.

    "Don't mind Jerome," Peter grinned. "Nothing bothers him. Does it, Jerome?"

    "Nothing, sir," Jerome said, face blank. Peter removed Gwen's rain cape and sighed in delight at her lush young body.

    "Is this something, Jerome?" he exulted. "Look at this? Isn't she gorgeous?"

    "Yes, sir. Quite," Jerome said, face as blank as though Peter had shown him a new watch, or couch or rug.

    Gwen looked a little embarrassed, but knew better than to try to hide herself as Peter groped her breasts with heavy hands. "There's your check," he said, motioning to a nearby table.

    I went and picked it up, whistling at all those zeros. "Okay," I said. "Remember, nothing permanent."

    "Of course," Peter said impatiently.

    Gwen gave me a pitiful look as I walked away.

    I waved to her, said to be good, then closed the front door behind me and drove off.

    I had gotten Gwen's list of girls from her, but none really matched what Peter wanted. So I had to spend a week at the beaches and malls before spotting one that would do.

    She was a doll, masses of curly red hair and a body with double D breasts and a tight little ass. She was a bit shorter than Gwen, but had a pretty face and blue eyes. She was all but falling out of a tiny bikini when I first spotted her.

    Little slut, I thought.

    It was fairly easy to grab her, and within a day she was spread-eagled in midair as her body tasted the various whips. I used more pain on her than I had on Gwen. Not only wasn't she my sister but she was a lot more reluctant than Gwen had been.

    I used the bigger electrical machine on her too. I clamped alligator clamps to her nipples and crotch and pumped varying levels of electricity into her body, shattering her nervous system and making her almost unable to speak for hours afterwards.

    For the first week she received punishment no matter what, designed to break her mind. She spent all her time bound.

    She spent each evening upside down and blindfolded, listing to Gwen's voice tellin her she was a whore and a fuck toy. Each day she was hung by her wrists and whipped, then shocked.

    I raped her long and often, of course, and mauled her fat, beautiful tits all the time. The first time I sodomize her I thought she would faint from shock and horror. I also did something I'd neglected to do with Gwen, teach her deep throating.

    I simply chained her on her back with her head hanging over the table, then forced my cock right down her throat. I throat raped her every day for a week. She got the hang of it by then.

    After that it was tricks and obedience, using the portable stun gun, the cane, and the little egg which I slipped up her ass.

    In a month she was ready, a total fuck toy desperately eager to do anything and everything to please her master. I called Peter and arranged delivery, then brought Tammy over to exchange for Gwen.

    I led Tammy into his mansion as I had Gwen, shackled. She wore nothing, though, since I knew Jerome was in on things. Jerome didn't even blink when he opened the door to us, just stood aside and waved us in.

    We found Peter in the living room, and he was clearly pleased at the sight of Tammy.

    "Oh ho!" he said gleefully, his hands immediately going to her huge breasts.

    He squeezed and mashed them together, then slipped his fingers into the rings and pulled on them, making her wince.

    "Looks great," he said enthusiastically.

    "Glad you like it," I grinned.

    He motioned Jerome over. "Take her down to her quarters, Jerome."

    "Yes, sir," Jerome said in a bored monotone.

    "Where's Gwen?" I asked.

    Jerome led her away while Peter turned and went to a nearby table.


    "Uh, there's uhm, been a slight problem," he said reluctantly.

    "What problem?" I demanded, moving over beside him.

    "Uhm, well… uh… here."

    He pushed a check into my hands. It was for a hundred grand.

    "What's this for?"

    "Uhm… as I said…"

    "I told you I wasn't going to sell Gwen to you."

    "I uh, realize that, Michael, but unfortunately… I uh, got a little carried away one night. I'm afraid she's dead."

    I stared at him in shock.

    "What?" I growled.

    "I didn't mean it, but… well, I was using the bull whip and… I just couldn't stop. You know how these things are," he said, grinning apologetically.

    My hands shot out and fastened around his throat, and I jerked him around and slammed him against the wall as he gurgled for air. I lifted him off his feet, and he choked and coughed as he tried to pull my hands free.

    "Don't," he gasped. "I… erg… uhgggh."

    I was going to kill him. Really I was. But he managed to get a couple of words out that I recognized.

    I lowered him to the floor and loosened my grip on his throat.

    "What did you say?" I snarled.

    "A… alive," he coughed. "She's… alive."


    "D… down… stairs," he gasped.

    I let go of him, throwing him back against the wall.

    "Then why'd you tell me she was dead, you ass-hole?"

    He massaged his throat, gasping for breath.

    "I… I showed… Gwen… to a friend of mine," he coughed.

    "He… wants one too. I… thought I'd… give him… Gwen."

    "Where is she? I want to see her right now!"

    "Look," he gasped, massaging his throat. "How about if I keep her another month while you get another girl. Then I can…"

    "No," I said flatly. "If this guy wants a girl I'll get him one, but until then he does without."

    Jerome returned and I glared at him.

    "I'll pay you another twenty thousand," Peter said.

    "No. Get her now!"

    He sighed and looked at Jerome. "Go and get Gwen," he said.

    Jerome nodded in his bored fashion and disappeared.

    "I don't like people who lie to me, Peter."

    "I didn't think you'd mind so much," he said. "I thought you'd be a bit peeved but – I mean… I didn't think you'd actually care about the little slut."

    "We've known each other a long time."

    Jerome returned with Gwen. She was wearing a gold collar and gold shackles. There was a foot long chain linking her ankles together, while her wrists shackles were linked together.

    Her eyes widened when she saw me.

    "Hello, Gwen," I grinned.

    "Hello, Master," she gasped.

    "I've come to take you home."

    She looked at Peter, who sighed and waved his arm.

    "Yes, that's right. You're leaving, slave."

    "What about that other girl, Peter?"

    "A blonde, big tits, young," he said. "Payment on delivery this time since you're not leaving a loaner."

    "That'll be fine," I said.

    I took Gwen and tried to remove the shackles to leave them behind, but couldn't get them off.

    "How do I take off these shackles?"

    "You don't. They're welded on," he said. "She's a slave. Slaves wear shackles."

    I rolled my eyes, then led her out front and put her in my car. I draped a blanket over her to hide her from passing traffic then pulled out.

    She didn't say a word until we passed through Peter's gates, then she sighed and slumped in her seat.

    "Happy to be going home?" I asked.

    "Yes, Master."

    "Knock off the Master shit. I don't need it."

    "Yes, Master. I mean, Michael."

    "How was Peter?"

    She trembled briefly.

    "He's mean," she whispered. "He likes to hurt me. Even when I'm good he hurts me."

    "But you like that."

    "Sometimes," she said. "But… sometimes he… he does stuff…"


    "He… made a dog fuck me," she squeaked barely above a whisper.

    "He what?"

    She blushed deeply.

    "A dog?"

    "A big ugly one."

    "And did you cum?"

    "Yes, Michael." She blushed even deeper, giving me my answer. "And he beat me a lot."

    "Well, you're with me now, little fuck toy. No more beatings except when you're bad."

    I drove her into my place and took her to bed. I examined her. There were plenty of marks from recent beatings, even on the soles of her feet, but there was nothing that wouldn't fade within days.

    I made slow love to her, surprised at how happy I was to have her back. I ate her slit out until she sobbed with pleasure, then mounted her and fucked soft and slow, letting her slide her arms over my head as we kissed.

    I was nice to her for the next several days. I liked her eager and enthusiastic, not jumpy and frightened. Then we went over hey list and she picked out a blonde she was sure would fill Peter's needs.

    She helped me get the girl, and a week later I started her training. It was easier third time, and I found Gwen a surprising help once the initial beatings were done.

    Over the next years I was to sell a number of girls, always carefully screening my clients, always being very selective of the girls I grabbed. It made me a lot of money, and brought both Gwen and me a lot of happiness together.

    Gwen was to stay my personal sex toy, she bore me eight kids as well, six girls and two boys. The girls were raised as sex toys, of course, while the boys were taught how to treat women properly. One day they would take over the family business, after all.


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