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    The Willing Mrs. Talbot


    Chapter 1

    They would not be received until eight o'clock. That was typical, she thought. She lay on the bed, gazing at the ornate ceiling above her head, wondering, idly, when the old bastard would install mirrors over the bed.

    She knew the son of a bitch peeked in on his guests now and then, for she had discovered, on their last visit, the small hole beside the portrait on the far wall. It had amused her then, but she was growing more irritated, these days.

    She sighed and shifted her position, impatiently, on the huge, soft mattress. She could dream of putting it to good use, but knew, grimly, that such an enticing experience as she might imagine was more than likely not to come about.

    She could hear the water running in the shower, where her husband was bathing himself, and she wondered for perhaps the hundredth time, why she could not talk him out of skipping this weekend with the clan.

    God, she thought, it's going to be unendurable. It was bad enough to have married into the Talbot family, but to have to put up with them over a long weekend, was just to much to ask of a woman.

    She smiled to herself, crookedly, then, shaking her head. Now, Maggie, she scolded herself, you didn't try all that hard to talk him out of it, did you? She knew, in her heart, that she hadn't.

    Big things were happening, not the least of which, was the fact that E.G. was drawing up his will. She wasn't all that greedy, and could depend on her own wealth if she had to, but she was determined that Dash wasn't going to get cut out of the will by his brother and her scheming sister-in-law.

    E.G. looked fondly upon her, she knew. Hell, a lot more than just fondly, she thought with an inner chuckle. The old bastard would like to get into my pants, if he could. Would probably like to do more than that, she added to herself, with a cold shudder.

    She was suddenly remembering the dark stories that Dash hinted at now and then. He would not tell her anything more than the fact that the old man had been a harsh disciplinarian.

    "He didn't believe in sparing the rod," Dash had told her grimly. "That was about the only thing he didn't believe in."

    She had seen the faint traces of scars on his back, shoulders and buttocks, and the long, thin line that ran down his cheek, and often wondered where they had come from. Whenever she mentioned them, he would refuse to talk about it, and that scared her just a little more.

    "Let's just say, I had a rocky time growing up," he would tell her, by the torte of his voice, signaling that he wished to cut off all conversation concerning his childhood at that point.

    She had met him at a party the Talbot's had given in honor of his first starring role on Broadway. Dashiell Talbot was their second son, tall, dark and wiry, unlike the massive presence his father presented.

    She had been impressed with the family, then. For the Talbot's were known the world over as the First Family of the stage. Even then, she had been wary around the father, huge, overpowering Edmund Gorey Talbot, known as E.G.

    The man was fierce in his presence, and easily dominated any sphere or circle he entered. His wife Laurel was small and compact, but equally as powerful, in a more subtle fashion. She seemed to be able to temper his force, though of course, bowing to it, always.

    As for Talbot's older son, he resembled the father in bulk and features, but not in power. Winston Talbot was a weaker man, and known mainly for the character roles he played in movies and on television. That he was jealous of his younger brother's success and talent was evident to Maggie from the first.

    Maggie Bishop had been a struggling young actress then, fighting for the meager parts she was able to get, while trying to keep her legs crossed in the process. She couldn't be had just for the promise of a walk-on, and that gave her a reputation of being a bitch.

    But she had been determined not to lay her way to the top, but get there on merit and achievement and had bristled when the rumors flew about why she married young Dashiell Talbot. It seemed that the press and public would believe everything said about her but the truth.

    Dash had charmed her from the beginning, never coming on very strong with her, never trying to use her as a toy on his climb to the top. He had treated her with dignity and respect, and she had fallen in love with him for it.

    Though he projected an image of daring and power, of sexual fury that could explode at any moment, in reality, she had found him quite shy. He was almost old-fashioned in the way he treated her, never once attempting a pass whatsoever.

    They dated in a formal manner that she hadn't observed since she was a girl in high school. Maggie Bishop was no prude, nor a virgin either, but Dashiell Talbot treated her as if she were made of delicate china.

    They had finally married just a year ago, and this was their third visit to Talbot Manor. The first two had been uneventful, for E.G. and his wife were starring in a play at that time, leaving she and Dash alone for the better part of the visits.

    She could mark her husband's failing passion from the first visit, and it seemed to increase with the, second. Now, as she lay on the bed, her third time in the huge, massive mansion the elder Talbot's called home, she wondered when and if Dash would ever find her attractive again.

    Something about returning to this house seemed to cast a pall over her handsome husband. Seemed to make his soul go as cold as ice, his passion wither like a vine in the midst of winter.

    She was determined to find the cause of his dwindling of romantic lust. She had no intention of losing his passion for her, any more than giving up his rightful place in E.G.'s will.

    The shower suddenly ceased in the bathroom and she sat up on the bed, not bothering to close the robe she was wearing, against her naked body beneath it. At twenty-seven, she had a perfect figure, full-bodied and firm, and she loved to entice her husband with it, whenever she could.

    Already, a bit of excitement was trembling in her loins. She wondered if E.G. was spying on them right now, wondered if the old man was gazing through his little peep hole at her ripe, up-lifted breasts. Casually she ran the soft palm of her hand back and forth across her nipples, bringing them to a stiff, taut erection.

    She allowed the robe to fall open a little more, and dropped her free hand to her lap. Her mound was covered with the same thick, silken strands of rich, black hair that crowned her head, and she roamed the tips of her fingers idly through the damp thatch of hair, now.

    She shivered as she rubbed her fingers against her trembling vaginal lips. The luscious warmth rippled through her loins suddenly, and she groaned as she playfully toyed with the smooth, warm lips.

    She leaned against the back of the bed, imagining her fingers to be her husband's hand, and kneaded her pussy mound anxiously, now. She squeezed her big, round breasts with her other hand, and slithered two fingers into her pit, now turning them lovingly against her inner walls.

    "Ohh, Dash, Dash, my strong darling," she murmured softly to herself. Her eyes were shut tightly, now and she was trembling with increasing violence. "Umm, yes, my love, ohh, yes, it's so good!"

    Her fingers danced in and out of her quivering tunnel, now slicing back and forth against her inner walls with a teasing, passionate force. She had always loved sex when it was good and right for her, and even just the dream of her husband was enough to send the powerful, surging pleasure tearing through her, wildly.

    "What the hell are you doing, Maggie?" came a half snarl from in front of her.

    She opened her eyes, lazily and smiled, not pausing for a moment in her caressing of her aching pit. "Ummm, just dreaming of you, Dash," she whispered sensuously.

    The young man staring at her twisted his face up into a mask of distaste. "Well, for God's sake, knock it off," he said impatiently. "You don't have time to play with yourself, we have to get ready for the old man's party."

    Maggie laughed, her voice rich and melodic, sending a stab of painful regret into her, husband's groin. She grinned at him, shaking her head and chuckling softly.

    "Well, my dearest," she sighed contentedly. "If you would only give me a hand, here, I could take care of business so quickly!"

    "Come on, Maggie," Dashiell Talbot groaned in weariness. "You know I don't like to mess around in this place."

    He stepped over to where his wife lay and pulled her hand away from her trembling, enticing mound. He could see the glistening of the thick, creamy love juice that coated the hair of her hillock, and his prick trembled with agony behind his robe.

    "Now stop it, baby, I mean it," he whispered in a husky voice. "Winston and Nola are right next door, they might hear you!"

    "Ohh, Dash, let them listen," she moaned, reaching up and tugging on the belt to her husband's robe. "Who cares if they hear! They might learn something!"

    "She could see her husband's cock, throbbing a bit between his hairy thighs and she giggled as she cupped his balls in her smooth, warm palm. "I can see I've aroused some interest, here," she laughed once more. "No matter what you pretend, my darling! These little nuggets don't lie!"

    Growling, Dash pushed her away once more. "God damn it, Maggie, I mean it," he snarled again. "Now get in there and take your shower, I don't want to be late!"

    "Ohh, the hell with the God damn party," she hissed back at him. She clutched at his thighs then, pulling her face to his groin. "I want you, Dash, and I need you, right now! What's more important to you, damn it?"

    Dashiell Talbot felt his wife's lips against his balls, her sweet, pink tongue lathering the hairy sack, hungrily. He groaned thickly, the pleasure suddenly roaring through his flesh, making his cock grow thick and hard against her cheek.

    "Damn you, damn all of you," he moaned, twisting to free himself from his wife's eager grip. "Why can't you leave me alone!"

    "I won't leave you alone, darling," Maggie murmured, kissing and licking his shaft, greedily, now. "You are my only love, my true darling, I want you, more than anything else on earth!"

    She tried to take his cock in her mouth, now, but he cocked his hand and slapped her hard across the face, knocking her to one side. She gasped with the blow, the impact still stinging in her cheek as he glared down at her.

    "I mean it, damn you," he hissed almost breathlessly. "I'm not in the mood for this. It's hard enough being here as it is, without having you pawing all over me!"

    "What's the matter with you, Dash?" she growled back at him. "What has gotten into you, lately? Are you afraid of me or something?"

    Dashiell Talbot laughed nervously, backing away from the bed, shaking his head. "Of course not, I just don't like being vulgar, that's all," he said, weakly. "I just think there's a time and place for everything."

    Maggie Talbot climbed off the bed, now, her cheek warm and still ringing with the memory of his slap. She followed him as he backed away from her, almost as if he were in retreat from her passion.

    "Time and place?" she laughed bitterly. "I wonder when that might be, since you haven't found either for the last three months! Ever since that last time we stayed here, you have been cold as ice, now tell me why?"

    Dashiell Talbot turned his head to avoid her glaring, demanding gaze. He slipped quickly out of his robe and pulled a pair of under shorts over his hips. "I've been working hard, Maggie, you know that."

    "Not that hard, Dash," she countered quickly. "And that's no reason anyway. I work just as hard as you do, and it seems it hasn't dulled my passion, any."

    "I don't want to go into it right now, Maggie," he whispered coldly. "I have too much on my mind, damn it."

    He reached for his trousers, but the young woman snatched them out of his grip and backed away with them, clutching them behind her back. "You're bullshitting me, Dash," she said coldly. "I want an answer, right now."

    The young man was grim as he approached his wife. "Give me my pants, Maggie," he said, his voice full of icy warning. "I mean it, give them to me, now."

    The young woman, her heart aching with confusion and lack of understanding as to why her husband ignored her advances, laughed bitterly. "Not until you tell me what's the matter," she said defiantly. "I want to know why you're so turned off to me these days!"

    Dashiell Talbot lurched forward, grabbing for the trousers as he hissed at her. "Give them to me, God damn it, before I get mad," he snarled. His fingers merely grabbed the belt buckle and he pulled as she twisted away.

    She giggled as the belt slithered loose from the loops of the trousers and dangled to the floor in his hand. "I'm a lot quicker than you are, darling," she whispered in a lush, sensual voice. "You're just going to have to make me happy, unless you want to attend the party in your underwear!"

    Dashiell Talbot glared at his wife coldly. His eyes roamed up and down the length of her smooth, lithe frame, feasting on the pink firmness of her nipples trembling against the alabaster background of her luscious breasts. He saw the glistening dampness between her sleek, tapered thighs and the pain struck him once more in his groin.

    He flexed his fingers against the belt buckle he held in his hand and lifted it up to the level of his waist. He shook it at her warningly. "I mean it, Maggie," he hissed softly. "Give me those pants or else!"

    She laughed once more, the rich sweetness of her chuckle ringing in his ears as she spoke. "Are you threatening me, darling?" she giggled. "I don't believe you would dare do it, I truly don't!"

    She spun on her heel and gazed at him, impishly, over one smooth, attractive shoulder. "I love you, my darling, but I'm not afraid of you," she told him, without any meanness in her voice. "You aren't capable of hurting me!"

    Savagely, his arm shot back and then forward, cracking the thick, wide surface of his belt against her buttocks. The pain stung deep into the soft, spongy half moons and the force of the blow propelled her forward a few steps.

    She gasped in pain, her eyes opening wide as he cocked his arm to hit her again. "Dash… Dash, darling, are you crazy?" she moaned, rubbing her bottom hesitantly with her hand. "That hurt, damn it!"

    She screamed as she saw him lashing out with the belt once more, this time crashing the blow hard against her naked shoulders. Once more the pain tore into her flesh, this time hurting twice as badly.

    "I'm going to teach you to mock me, damn it," Dashiell Talbot snarled. He advanced on the trembling young woman then, cracking the belt hard against her buttocks once more. "I'm going to show you who's boss around here!"

    She had never seen him this wild before. His eyes were blazing with a fury she did not recognize, and his voice was thick and tight, twisted beyond anything she had ever heard from him.

    He cracked the belt down hard against her shoulders for a second time, and the force of the blow made her crash against the dresser, screaming in pain. She put up her hand to stop him, but the belt lashed into the base of her spine, this time.

    "Ohh, God, stop it, Dash, it hurts," she sobbed, quivering as he lashed at her ripe, trembling buttocks once more. "Jesus, Dash, that's enough, please, that's enough, now, darling!"

    He grabbed her by the hair, then and threw her savagely to the floor. She could see his prick bulging against his shorts, making the white of the material undulate as it throbbed behind them.

    "You little self-centered bitch," he snarled cruelly. "I'm going to teach you a lesson! I'm going to punish you for defying me, now, damn you!"

    Once more he struck her on the shoulders and the pain seared her flesh as if it were the sting of a thousand tiny darts being driven into her. She screamed again and shuddered, twisting helplessly against his hand holding her long, thick hair between his fingers.

    "Okay, ohh, Jesus, all right, Dash," she moaned, tossing his trousers at his feet. "You win, darling, really, you win!"

    The young man ignored the wadded garment beside his naked foot and laughed cruelly as he twisted his wife's hair in his hand. "No, bitch, you've taunted me too much," he growled at her. "It's time I taught you who your master is, slut!"

    He cracked the belt against her bottom once more and she writhed in pain, her poor, defenseless ass quaking with the burning hurt of the blow. She sobbed as he smacked her hard on the back with the belt once again, making her lurch forward under the impact of the blow.

    "Don't… don't please, Dash," she moaned, gasping as the pain tore through her even worse than before. "Ohh, God, it hurts, Dash, it hurts too much!"

    Dashiell Talbot laughed cruelly then his eyes wide with excitement. Savagely he twisted his wife's head around once more, forcing her to gaze up into his cold, blue eyes, alive with a grinning passion.

    "That's right, bitch, it hurts," he cackled, lashing her hard on the shoulders for another time. "It's going to hurt a lot more, before I'm through punishing you!"

    Maggie could not believe that her husband was doing this to her. Even as he cracked the belt into her back once more, driving the cruel, thick leather hard against her naked, defenseless flesh, a part of her did not want to believe he was beating her.

    Even more so, she could not accept the fact that he seemed to be enjoying it. He laughed as he struck her bottom once more, cackling almost insanely as he brought the tip of the belt down in a ripping slash at the precious, quivering moons.

    "Tell me what to do, will you," he snarled viciously, whirling the belt around his head and bringing it down hard against her shoulders. "I tell you what to do!"

    He let go of her hair and the young woman tumbled forward onto her face, groaning and gasping as another blow struck. She sobbed with the brutal pain she received and squirmed helplessly on the rug.

    "Crawl, you scum, crawl," he hissed at her coldly. "I want to see you crawl across the room to that bed, pig!"

    Savagely he lashed into her flesh with the belt now. Each blow stung her to the point of agony, and she desperately made her way on her hands and knees toward the bed on the far side of the room.

    Each time he landed a blow, her scream of pain was mingled with the harsh, breathless gasp of his effort He was breathing laboriously, now, his manly chest rising and falling rapidly as he struck the blows.

    Maggie wailed in pain as she felt the cruel, thick leather of the belt caressing her tender bottom, and she could feel, already, the welts rising up on her flesh, as her husband methodically beat her, now.

    Slowly she made her way across the floor. The belt rose and fell over her husband's head, each vicious stroke more painful than the last. The ugly welts and red lines were dotting her creamy flesh now, marking her unmarred skin in a cruel and horrible manner. He chuckled almost insanely, now, bringing the weapon down on her even harder, as if the visible evidence of his beating made his violent frenzy grow stronger.

    His attack grew in intensity, until the young woman could barely move on the carpet. Her whole body felt burned with the effects of the beating, tingling painfully from the memory of the lashing tool.

    She sobbed as she, reached the bed, the blows coming quicker, now, forcing her to curl up in a tight ball as he rained them down upon her. She screamed and twisted on the floor, gasping as he struck at her buttocks and thighs with a fierce anger.

    "Ohh, God, God, please, please, don't hurt me anymore, Dash," she moaned, twisting wildly as he cracked the belt against her shoulders once more. "Please, darling, whatever you want, just no more, I beg you!"

    Dashiell Talbot watched his wife squirming on the floor and his cock pounded behind his shorts. The hot, bubbling passion was stirring in his loins, and the come that filled his ball bag was raging in the tight, hairy sack, now.

    "You have a lot to learn, Maggie," he growled at her fiercely. "A lot to learn about this family! We don't like haughty bitches, understand?"

    He cracked the belt against her spine, once again and she screamed as she lurched forward onto her face, now. "Yes, Jesus, God, yes, I understand," she sobbed wildly. "Only stop it, Dash, please, please, stop it!"

    The young man struck her half a dozen more times, then dropped the belt to his side, gasping for breath, grinning at her viciously. He drove his foot into the softness of her belly and she choked as the wind escaped her lungs.

    "Okay, baby, you've been punished enough, I guess," he chuckled cruelly. "Now I guess I ought to reward you, for being such an obedient bitch!"

    He reached down once again, grabbing hold of her hair and pulling her, rudely, to a sitting position. "You've had a taste of the discipline you can expect around here," he told her. "Now you can have a taste of the pleasure you can get if you are a good and obedient little slave!"

    The words were shocking and horrifying to her, but she did not dare argue with him at this point. She nodded her head, wildly. "Yes, yes, all right, Dash," she groaned, quivering at his feet. "Anything that you say, my darling!"

    He laughed in satisfaction and pulled her to a kneeling position in front of him. "You wanted me, didn't you, Maggie?" he hissed, coldly.

    She gazed at the hard, thick lump in the front of his shorts and nodded. "Yes, yes, darling, I did," she groaned softly.'

    He nodded grimly. "Well, you can have me then, bitch," he snarled. "You can suck me off, if you want me that badly!"

    Maggie moaned. She and Dash had often done oral sex together in the past, but never had he commanded her to service him, without giving her the same pleasure in return. He was using her as if she were a common whore, or better yet, a slave, she realized. She sobbed as he tagged hard on her hair, yanking her head back, savagely.

    "You said you wanted it, bitch, well take it," he snarled coldly. "Go on, take my prick, you worthless scum and do what you were meant to do!"

    Trembling, now, Maggie reached up with both hands and parted the slit in the front of his under shorts. She saw the thick, red head of his cock poking between the folds of the garment and she pulled it out from the confinement of his shorts with the tips of her thumb and forefinger.

    Dashiell Talbot groaned as he felt his wife drawing his manhood from his shorts. The

    mere touch of her soft, delicate fingers at his flesh sent waves of delicious pleasure rippling through him, and he shuddered with passion as she wrapped her hand around his expanding tool.

    "That's it, bitch, get it good and hard," he growled, his own voice horrible and savage to his ears. Memories came flooding back into his mind, things he had seen and done, and the sickness of his past began to overwhelm him, even as the lust and rage he felt raged uncontrollably inside of him, now.

    "Work on it, work on it, scum," he snarled at the helpless young woman. "I want to come, come in your mouth, bitch!"

    Sobbing, she kneaded and caressed the thick, growing shaft she held in her hand. She squeezed the rod in her tiny fists, and traced a path back and forth along the length of it, with the tips of her other hand's fingers.

    Often in the past, she would thrill to the fierce, powerful sensation of his manhood throbbing in her hand. She loved to feel the hot, surging blood tearing through the shaft, making it swell up to almost twice its normal width. She felt a great delight and satisfaction that it was she that could do this to him. But now, she felt no such pleasure or satisfaction.

    She moved her lovely, slender digits up and down along the pounding tool, pinching and tugging on his flesh in a familiar fashion. He moaned and shuddered under her caress, feeling the boiling come churning in his balls, wildly, now.

    "Come on, come on, work on it, scum," he snarled, pulling on her hair, cruelly. "I need to mouth fuck you, bitch, mouth fuck you, good!"

    "Ohh, God, Dash, don't be this way," she moaned, shuddering as a spasm of pain and despair raced through her. "Don't treat me like this, darling!"

    Viciously he slapped her across the cheek, now, the blow stinging her into tears, the pain simmering in her cheek long after his hand had left her tender flesh. "Shut up and start licking, bitch," he growled. "Get your lips and tongue on my prick!"

    She sobbed, bowing her head submissively, now, pressing the soft, pliant petals of her mouth to his hard, hot meat. She felt him shivering uncontrollably as she ran the tip of her precious spear over the surface of his quaking helmet.

    She could smell the manly odor rising from his loins, and it tingled in her nostrils with a delightful scent that she could not deny. She loved how he smelled in passion, and she tried, desperately, to ignore the fact that he was forcing her to do this now.

    Why did he have to be so brutal with her, she wondered, as she rode her lovely, stabbing tongue along the length of his prong. Why did he have to beat her and force her to do this?

    She nibbled frantically at his cock, now, taking swift, tiny bites of his hot, moist prong as she neared the root of his quaking weapon. Dashiell Talbot moaned thickly, bucking in spasms of delight, as his wife licked and lathered the base of his shaft, hungrily, then.

    His balls were pounding feverishly, now and he moaned wildly, pushing her head tightly against his groin. "My balls, you bitch, get to my balls," he moaned. "Come on, come on, suck my balls, now!"

    She felt the thick, hot tightness of his sack pounding against her lips and she opened her mouth, then, to accept the taut container inside. Her husband groaned as he felt his wife's lips locking around his flesh, her teeth digging into the meat of his bag as she began to suck on his trapped stones.

    She flicked her tongue at his imprisoned balls, now, rolling them back and forth in her mouth, wildly, lashing at the pounding nuts with increasing passion. She tossed the aching balls back and forth against her moist, warm cheeks, and sucked hungrily on them as he rocked her head from left to right between his hands.

    "Yeah, baby, yeah, bitch, that's it," he groaned thickly. "Suck good, bitch, suck my balls real good!"

    Sobbing, she blew warm currents of air across his flesh and made soft, quiet sounds in her throat. The vibrations they made sent trembling waves of pleasure racing through Dashiell's loins and his legs felt weak with the surging desire pumping through his loins, now.

    He rocked back and forth on his heels, moaning as his wife's head moved back and forth against his balls. The throbbing wanting was raging in his flesh now, and come seemed to boil furiously in his tight, aching bag.

    Her hand continued to knead and caress his cock while, she sucked on his balls. He felt her fingers, slender and exquisite in texture, racing up and down along his tool, digging the sculptured nails into his flesh as they traveled across his aching manhood. He jerked spasmodically again and again, his prick pounding so badly that it hurt, now.

    "Ohh, Jesus, yes, that's it," he groaned, puffing on her hair, anxiously now. "Come on, the prick, get to the prick, damn it!"

    Maggie was so intent on pleasing him, both out of fear for his shocking violence and a rich desire borne out of love for him, that she barely understood what he was saying to her, then.

    She felt him pulling on her hair, wildly and she gasped as he yanked her head from his balls, pulling her mouth up to the hard, quaking weapon she was holding in her hand. The huge, hot prick crashed against her cheek and she shuddered with the fiery heat she felt burning in the pounding shaft.

    "Come on, bitch, suck me now," he, moaned, thrusting his cock against her lips, now. "I need it, baby, need it, now!"

    "Yes, ohh, yes, I want to," she sobbed, her mouth opening eagerly to accept the hard, probing shaft. "Ummm, let me suck you, darling, let me suck you hard!"

    She relaxed her throat muscles willingly, now, allowing his hard, throbbing weapon to slither effortlessly into her throat. She gagged once and then settled down, feeling the awesome thrill of his prick burying itself in the depths of her warm, most tunnel. Her silken inner walls locked hard around the buried prong, and her lips fastened against the root of his shaft, greedily.

    "Ahh, yeah, suck me good, Maggie, make me come," Dashiell Talbot moaned, his voice tortured with lust and despair at what he was doing to his wife. "I've got to come in your mouth, baby, come in your mouth, hard!"

    Eagerly, now, the young woman began to ride his shaft in and out of the moist, velvet passage of her throat. She flexed her throat muscles against the plunging shaft, sucking as hard as she could at the same time.

    Her husband trembled on his heels, shuddering and moaning as his prick raced back and forth along its chosen path. He felt his wife bearing down on his rod, lathering it with her tongue, and the waves of uncontrollable desire swept through his loins with more power and force than he could have imagined.

    It felt as if his whole body was centered in his loins now, as if his flesh had compressed into the tight, hot and burning area that was his balls and cock. Maggie bobbed her head back and forth in a frenzy, now, sucking and licking his plunging tool with savage and hungry passion.

    Dashiell groaned as the bubbling, come churned more violently in his bag and the aching need of release surged in the pit of his balls. He thrust forward savagely, burying his prick to the hilt in her mouth once more. "Jesus, that's good, bitch," he moaned thickly, his voice as taut as a drawn bow. "God, I'm going to come, going to come in your mouth so fucking good!"

    Maggie moved her lovely lips and perfect teeth back and forth along the prick wildly, now. She could feel it swelling powerfully in her mouth, growing bigger and bigger with every stroke she took. She knew that he would be climaxing at almost any moment and she bore down, on the rod now, eager to taste the fluid of his passion on her tongue as soon as possible.

    Suddenly her husband groaned loudly and thrust against her lips, in a shuddering, uncontrollable spasm of relief. He gasped and sobbed, the hot, steaming come spurting from his weapon and filling his wife's mouth to overflowing.

    Maggie gulped and swallowed frantically, tasting the, oily bitterness of her husband's seed on her tongue. She felt the hot, smooth spear pumping the fluid into her mouth, and she drank hungrily from the bursting prong as he emptied his loins in her willing throat.

    He groaned thickly, as the frantic spasms began to subside in his groin. The last of his aching tremors tore through him, then and he pushed her away, brutally, with a savage mixture of disgust and loathing.

    He turned from the young woman who had slipped to the floor, and was now crying softly, and headed for the bathroom once more. He tried to appear angry and uncaring, for deep in Dashiell Talbot's heart was a fierce and agonized despair.

    He had come back, all right, come back to a house filled with memory and pain, back to a place of savage violence and lust. Try as he might, he knew he could not escape his destiny here, the forces were too strong, and already he had given into them.

    Maggie watched him walk away, the taste of him still on her tongue, the pain of his blows tingling in her sore, battered flesh. She watched him slam the door behind him and she gasped in painful shock and confusion.

    What had happened to him, she wondered fearfully. What had come over him? Never had he treated her in such a brutal and savage fashion. She lay on the floor, almost unable to move, realizing, now, that there was more, much more she would have to combat in this house. Dashiell was haunted by the past, and the past was alive now. She would have to overcome it.

    She pulled herself up to the bed, trembling with the lingering, constant pain in her body. She gazed at the door, terror racing through her, wondering if she had the power and will to save them both.

    Chapter 2

    At precisely eight o'clock, a gaunt, aged butler rang a small bell in the huge, ornate dining room, that tinkled softly as he shook it. Nevertheless, the sound of the chime was heard throughout the house, and the members of the huge manor began to make their way down to dinner.

    Standing at the head of the table, in the center of the room, his massive bulk framed by the door way, so that all that entered saw him first, was Edmund Gorey Talbot. He had a fierce black beard and appeared to be glaring at the guests as they stepped nervously into the room.

    "Hurry up, damn it, dinner will not wait on those too lazy to be prompt," the legendary man of the stage hissed. "I don't have time to daily with you, I'm hungry enough as it is."

    His wife, a slim, compact woman of roughly the same age laughed brightly. "Ohh, now, E.G., don't pester the children," she chided him. "They will be here soon enough, and you know it!"

    "Quiet, woman," the big man snarled. "You may still be as beautiful as the day I married you, but you are still just as stupid!"

    The woman looked offended, her round, bright eyes for the moment clouded with embarrassment, but her husband ignored her hurt features, continuing to glare at the arriving guests. He ran his eyes over them coldly as they stepped into, the room, as if inspecting them and measuring their worth.

    His eldest son entered the room and he growled at him impatiently. "Come on, come on, Winston, sit down," he hissed. "Though from the looks of you, you could do with missing a meal or two. You're getting to be a pig, young man!"

    Winston Talbot stiffened at his father's remark but said nothing. Behind him, the short, pudgy figure of his wife prodded his back with her finger, hissing into his ear in an urgent manner.

    "Hurry up, Winston, you know how your father hates to be kept waiting," she sighed. She smiled at the big man in front of them and gestured helplessly. "Sometimes I can't do a thing with him, E.G.!"

    "That's obvious, Nola," he snorted in contempt. "You never could do anything with anything, as I remember. That's why you quit acting, once you latched onto my son, if I'm not mistaken."

    The woman colored in her cheeks and bowed her head in embarrassment. She seated herself on her father's left side, next to her husband who was closest to the man. She gazed around the room and smiled thinly.

    "I can see that Maggie hasn't, been able to get Dash down here yet," she said coolly. "Seems to me he'd be running for the chance to say hello to his father on his birthday!"

    "Maggie and Dash will tend to their own business," scolded her mother-in-law. "Don't you worry about that!"

    E.G. Talbot was not satisfied with his wife's assurances, however. He moved around from his chair and went quickly to the door leading out into the large foyer. He stood at the base of the stairs leading to the second floor and shouted at the top of his voice.

    "Maggie, Dashiell, get down here, damn it!" he roared. "The cook didn't make dinner just for you to dawdle over!"

    There was no response from the second floor and for a moment, the older man considered going up the stairs and finding them himself. He had one foot on the bottom step when his second daughter-in-law appeared at the head of the stairs above him.

    She was wearing a soft, blue outfit, cut low in the front to accent her pert, round breasts. E. G. Talbot sucked in his breath as she descended the stairs, every motion she made, forcing her body to move in an erotic fashion.

    "Why Mister Talbot, you sound as if someone stuck you with a pin," she said, her voice rich with a melodic and sensuous sound. "One would think that we are all deaf in this house, from the way you are shouting!"

    E.G. Talbot smiled thinly at his daughter-in-law, running his eyes slowly up and down the length of her firm, luscious frame. "I'd do some shouting if you were my woman," he said pointedly. "You can bet I'd do some shouting!"

    Maggie laughed and pressed her lips to his cheek, kissing, him affectionately. She mashed her breasts against his big, thick arm, and the big man shuddered as a powerful wave of lust washed over him.

    "You are a God damn tease, woman," he snarled at her, pushing her away from him, then. "You're going to get in trouble with that, some day."

    "You should know, father," came his son's voice from above. "You should know all about that, shouldn't you?"

    E.G. Talbot turned his head to see his son quickly coming down the stairs. He grinned at the young man crookedly. "You're in a sharp mood, Dashiell," he said coolly. "You've developed a wit, I see, since I last saw you!"

    "It comes with the territory," his son replied crisply. "Now, we're down here, father, can we eat dinner before your bellowing curdles the milk?"

    The older man laughed in delight. "You're doing wonders for him, Maggie," he said, patting his daughter-in-law's pert, jutting bottom affectionately. "He was a regular grim little, bastard before you got hold of him. Always walked around here with a look on his face that suggested he lived on prunes!"

    "Maybe you just didn't know how to handle him," Maggie replied knowingly. She could feel his hand lingering on her buttocks and she twisted away from the large paw. "Dash always needed a bit of attention and concern, I'll bet."

    The old man was pushing them into the dining room, now, and his eldest son laughed at Maggie's remark, nodding his head. "Yeah, if it wasn't for Dad and Nola here, prodding him, he wouldn't be the star he is today!"

    "We had to practically tie him down to get him to enter the profession," agreed his wife. "Poor Dash was never much of a self-starter, I'm afraid."

    "I am forever indebted to you, Nola," the young man said smoothly. He bowed to her slightly. "I know my very success is all because of your kind concern!"

    His father laughed at the obvious venom in his younger son's voice. "That's it, Dash, give it to her good," he snorted. "Nothing better for a family than for them to be going at each other's throats, I always say."

    His eldest son glared at his youngest and a moment of tense silence descended on the table. Laurel Talbot, however, was not having any of this disquiet. She had spent too many years with her husband and two sons not to be able to handle them.

    "All right, boys, enough of this bickering," she said, shaking her head determinedly. "We are going to have a peaceful meal this evening, damn it."

    Winston Talbot continued to glare at his brother, but Dashiell seemed cheered by his mother's remarks. He settled back down in his chair and laughed softly. "Another wonderful weekend with the family," he sighed. "I've been looking forward to this for weeks, I promise you."

    His father shot him a glance. "You might be a big man on Broadway, now, boy," he said grimly. "But remember who I am and where you came from! I'm still master in this house, and you'll bow to me!"

    Dashiell looked at his father, unable to disguise the contempt and hatred in his eyes. The years of beatings returned, suddenly, the even worse horrors he had to endure and even participate in, flinging back to his mind with a savage force.

    But he held his temper. He had already lost it once this evening; he did not want to lose it again. "All right, E.G.," he whispered softly. "I know you have the upper hand, don't worry."

    Maggie gazed back and forth between father and son, noticing the almost identical look in their eyes as they faced each other. It was obvious to her, that many of the keys to her husband's personality lie in the old man, and she resolved then and there to find out how much of him had rubbed off on the man she loved.

    The stalling contest concluded, E.G. Talbot shifted in his chair and faced his family. He lifted a glass of wine and laughed coldly. "To my birthday, though I can well imagine you're not going to wish me many more!"

    "Ohh, dear, dear, don't say such a thing Father," hissed his wife. "Of course the children wish you lots more, we all do."

    "Ohh, Father Talbot, you know how much we love you," gushed Nola Talbot, now, straining to clink her glass with the man's first. "Why, the very idea that you wouldn't be around for another fifty birthdays at least makes me want to cry!"

    "Well, do it over your own bowl of soup," muttered E.G. Talbot, quickly clinking his glass with the others. "Mine has been salted and watered down enough."

    Maggie laughed softly and the other woman gave her a sharp glance. "I for one do wish you a happy birthday, E.G.," she said evenly. "If only for the fact that you fathered such a marvelous, son as Dash."

    The man laughed thickly, nodding his head. "You certain can toss those compliments around, Maggie," he chuckled coldly. "One would think you're buttering me up for something. Wonder what you have in mind, lady?"

    "I'm sure she'll be glad to tell you, Father Talbot," Nola said, sweetly. "We all know that Maggie doesn't keep secrets, especially from her loved ones."

    "I think you got your eyes on the same pie, woman," snarled the man, suddenly. "I believe you're all itching to dip your hands in that cake of mine."

    The table fell silent once again, Nola and Winston lowering their heads, while Winston's mother mumbled in shock and horror at what his father was saying. Dash gazed off into the distance, a thin smile, on his lips, while Maggie's eyes were the only ones to meet E.G.'s head on.

    "Go ahead, E.G.," she said evenly "What are you talking about, exactly?"

    The father turned to his youngest on and smiled at him thinly. "You got any idea what I mean, Dash?" he said, coolly.

    "Whatever it is, I don't imagine you'll keep us in the dark about it for very long," the young man replied, softly.

    The old man laughed, sourly. "You're right about that, boy," his father hissed. He glanced around the table. "What we're talking about, of course, is my will."

    He waited, a moment for the words to sink in, then smiled coldly at all of them. "Of, course, you must be wondering, all of you, who's going to get what."

    While Nola and Winston protested that they had no desire to gain such information, Dash smiled in return to his father's knowing glare and nodded his head. "That might be interesting to know," he admitted. "Would save me a lot of useless worrying, if I knew you were cutting me out, E.G."

    Worriedly, Maggie squeezed her husband's thigh beneath the table. She had never before feared E.G. Talbot's wrath as she did now. It was not just his thundering manner that bothered her anymore, but the pure sense of violence he seemed to project.

    "Well, you are not going to be able to stop that worrying," E.G. hissed. "Because I'm not telling anyone anything other than a few small facts."

    At this point, both of his sons and daughter-in-laws seemed to perk up and pay more attention. E.G. Talbot ran his eyes over them, enjoying the suspense he had them captured in. His smile grew broad on his lips.

    "You see, I haven't made up my mind, yet," he told them simply. "I'm going to decide this weekend, who gets what. And you had all better be aware of that!"

    He placed his big, square hands on the table and hissed at them coldly. "You know my standards are high, my demands, exact. Whoever meets them the best, shall get the most, and that is that!"

    Nola and Winston glanced at each other, and Maggie gazed at her husband intently. She could see the smile thin and cruel on E.G.'s lips as he watched his words penetrate the family's mind. But Dash seemed oblivious to it all.

    "Can we eat dinner in peace, now, E.G.," the young man sighed at last. "Or have you another little bomb shell you want to drop on this happy occasion?"

    "Eat it before it gets cold, boy," snarled his father. "But remember how you were brought up. I'm a hard man, I need hard heirs. I'll be watching all of you."

    At that point, Maggie thought she saw her husband shudder a bit. He seemed to pale at his father's words, as if he had some realization of exactly what the man meant by his careful choice of phrases.

    The meal progressed without incident after that. They ate in measured silence, E.G. allowing no conversation for the rest of the meal. When the dinner was finished, Dash announced he bad a headache and left the table without even asking Maggie to join him.

    She quickly excused herself and hurried after him, finding him already in bed by the time she reached their room. She tried to slip beneath the sheets beside him, but he pushed her away, savagely.

    "Just let me alone, Maggie," he growled at her. "I want to try and get through this night without any more craziness, understand?"

    Something in his tone of voice compelled her to leave him alone, and she curled up on the other side of him, on top of the sheets, listening as he quickly fell into a deep, rumbling sleep.

    She must have fallen asleep herself at one point, for the next thing she knew, she could hear arguing in the room beside theirs. She sat up and pulled on her robe, slipping out into the hall. She moved down to the big white door of Nola and Winston's bedroom, and slipped down to her knees in front of it. Nola and Winston were seated on the bed inside the room, dressed in pajamas and hissing at each other anxiously.

    "You have to, damn it," Nola snarled at her husband. "I don't see why you should care anyway, it's not you that suffers."

    "I hate to do it, that's all," he moaned, shaking his head. "Can't you understand that? I hate to, that's all."

    "Just like Dash hates to, huh?" she sneered back at him. "Are you going to be like him, too weak to get what you deserve?"

    "You like it, that's all," he hissed back at her. "You've loved it ever since the first time, that's all you want out of it!"

    Nola stood in front of her husband, now, trembling with rage. "You fool, of course I love it," she snarled. "It's about the only thing you can do well! About the only way I can get turned on with you, you fat pig!"

    He jerked up his head and glared at her violently. "Keep your mouth shut, Nola," he warned. "I'm not in the mood for your insults tonight!"

    "I don't think you have the guts for it, anymore," she laughed savagely. "I don't think you can stand doing what you have to do, any longer. You're too weak to get your fair share of that money! Too fat and weak!"

    He was almost bellowing with rage as he leaped up from the bed and cracked his hand across her sneering lips. The force of the blow spun the woman around and his fist slammed into her head as she completed the turn.

    "Keep your trap shut, Nola," he growled in a savage voice. "I mean it, I'll really give it to you, if you don't!"

    "Prove it, fat boy," she sneered once more, licking the blood that was dripping from her split lip. "Show me how you can tame this bitch in front of you!"

    Roaring with an almost bellowing rage, now, Winston leaped toward her once more and began to punch her viciously. He drove her against the dresser and pounded her face and belly with his fists.

    "All right, bitch, all right, cunt," he snarled in a thick, tortured voice. "I'll teach you a lesson, I'll make you pay!"

    Nola shuddered, her eyes bright, but without fear, now, as her husband took hold of her wrists and pulled her toward the bed once more. He shoved her hard against the back of the large bed and she grunted as she fell against it.

    "Stay there, scum," he growled at her. "You just wait for the discipline you deserve, you worthless bitch!"

    To her surprise and shock, Maggie saw that Nola was making no attempt to escape. She leaned over the back board of the bed, her pajama-clad body trembling violently, as her husband ripped a pillow case into long, wide strips.

    Maggie watched intently as Winston turned and walked back to his wife, and began to tie the strips around his wife's wrists, binding her to one of the posts of the bed. He yanked the knots tight, and Nola gasped in pain.

    "Now you're going to get what's coming to you, scum," he snarled. He grabbed hold of the top of her pajamas and ripped downward, tearing it away from her body in one vicious stroke.

    Nola gasped and shuddered, moaning as he fit his hands into the waist band of her pajama bottoms and pulled them down along her short, stocky legs. She squealed with, obvious delight, trembling as she was stripped, completely, naked, now.

    "Yes, Winston, yes my master, give me my punishment, now," she whispered. Her voice was thick and trembling with clear desire, as she turned to face him behind her.

    "Ummm, I need it, Master, ohh, I do," she whispered, licking her lips to make them glisten, the blood still dripping, from her torn petals. "God, I've waited so long for this! Now, give me your discipline, now!"

    As Maggie watched, Winston walked back and forth behind his bound and trembling wife, his eyes searching the room for an instrument to use on her. He laughed thickly and quickly walked over to the mantle above the fire place.

    There was a long, curved wooden riding crop on, the mantle, its tip studded in silver. He took it down, cracking it hard against the palm of his hand, then turned and walked back over, to his helpless wife.

    "You want this, don't you bitch?" he snarled, laying the tip of the crop against her quivering shoulder. "You want to taste my discipline, now, don't you, scum?"

    Nodding, her voice now thick with ringing passion, she groaned and rocked her body from left to right in an inviting manner. "Yes, ohh, you know it's so, yes, yes," she gasped. "I need to be punished for the bitch that I am! I need it so badly, Master! Beat me, please, Winston, beat your wicked wife, now, please!"

    Winston seemed to be as excited as she was, now, for he was quivering on his feet, his hand gripping and squeezing the handle of the riding crop, anxiously. He traced a path down the length of his wife's spine with the metal tip, pushing it hard against her flesh when he reached the curve of her ample buttocks.

    "You belong to me, bitch," he hissed cruelly. "You do what I say, understand? I'm your master in this house, and I tell you what and how to think! You need a good beating, scum, to teach you how wonderful my discipline can be!"

    Straining her head back to gaze at him, Nola groaned in audible need. "Yes, yes, punishment, punishment is what I deserve, Master," she whispered anxiously. "Now, please, give me the gift of your punishment, now!"

    Winston laughed savagely and raised the riding crop over his head. "Suffer, slave," he hissed cruelly. "Suffer for your Master now, you bitch!"

    With that, he brought the crop down hard on her naked shoulders, the point of the weapon digging into her flesh, viciously. She screamed in agony, shuddering with the force of the blow, sobbing as a thin trickle of blood, escaped her wound.

    Maggie could see from the way her body jerked violently under the blow, that the woman bound to the bed was in fierce, and brutal agony. But she did not appear to be suffering in the normal fashion, for incredibly, she was twisting her body up to meet the next strike of the crop.

    "Harder, Winston, hit me harder," sobbed Nola, then. Her eyes were fierce with passion and her chunky frame quaking with excitement. "Ummm, it's so marvelous when you, beat me, darling, so marvelous to be punished by you!"

    "Silence, pig," snarled her husband, bringing the crop down on her full, ripe buttocks once again. "I didn't tell you to speak! You don't say a word until I tell you to! I can see you have a lot of discipline to catch up on, scum!" He cracked the riding crop, against the base of her spine, then, and she wailed in, the purest cry of pain that Maggie had ever heard. She remembered her own flesh being lashed earlier that evening, but she knew that Dash's blows had not been as violent and fierce as what she was not viewing.

    Dash had beaten her, savagely, even, but there hadn't been the sense of thrill, in, his attack, that she noticed in Winston's eyes, nor the pure, brutal power in his blows that she could see the man putting in his.

    She watched with a rumbling in her belly that had more to do with her own personal fear and worry, now, than the, horror and shock she was feeling as she watched the beating progress. She could hear the wet, sickening smack of the crop crashing into Nola's flesh, followed at once by the woman's tortured cries of pain.

    Winston was breathing like a raging bull, now, the sweat running off his forehead as he lashed at his wife with the crop. She shuddered and moaned, gasping as he cracked the vicious tool hard against her buttocks once more, tearing the flesh open with the gleaming silver tip.

    "Ohh, Jesus, yes, more, yes," she moaned, thrusting her ass up into the air to welcome yet another blow. "Harder, Master, punish me harder, please!"

    Winston laughed savagely and lashed at her thick, quivering thighs with a brutal power. His strength seemed to grow with each blow that he struck, as if he were growing in power from the sound of her flesh being ravaged and her cries of pain that echoed loudly in the room.

    His wife twisted around on the floor, giving him the front of her body to attack, and Maggie watched with growing horror as he now lashed with the crop, at her full, bobbing breasts. He seemed to take great delight each time he struck her nipples, and Nola screamed with pleasure as the force of the blows grew in intensity.

    "You love it, don't you, you scum bitch?" he smiled, cracking the crop against the white, quivering globes that bounced on her chest. "Come on, tell me, scum, tell your Master how much you love his punishment!"

    Nola's face was a pale white now, completely drained of color. Her eyes were shut tight in agony, but she nodded her head fiercely, and gasped, her words with, excitement.

    "Ohh, yes, yes, it's wonderful," she sobbed, twisting as the crop cracked hard against her upper thighs. "Ummm, it hurts so good, Winston, it hurts so very good!"

    Her flesh was quickly growing thick, with welts and wounds now. The tip of the riding crop was stained with her blood, and her belly was as red as a cherry as he cracked the weapon against, it, repeatedly. He laughed, aiming for her cunt and lashing the damp, trembling hillock as viciously as he could, then.

    She screamed as the tender, delicate area erupted in pain, and her screams of pure ecstasy almost drove Maggie from her position behind the door. The young woman could not believe that her sister-in-law was enjoying this, but the facts were too clear and certain to her blinking eyes.

    "How do you feel now, scum?" Winston hissed. He was shuddering in spasms of rage and lust, and Maggie could see the hard mound of his cock growing bigger every second behind his pajama bottoms. "How do you like it, now, pig!"

    "Ohh, God, it's wonderful, Master, just wonderful," Nola sobbed, jerking violently as he cracked the tip of the riding crop against her cunt mound once more. "It's so beautiful, Master, to be punished by you is so beautiful, yes, yes, yes!"

    "Who do you belong to, scum, who owns your worthless flesh, pig?" he growled.

    "You, Master, only you," she sobbed, the tears of her pain and ecstasy roiling down her cheeks, now. "Ohh, God, your discipline is so wonderful, Master! I am yours, completely yours, now!"

    Winston was leaning against her heavily, now, jamming the riding crop down between her thighs and rubbing the tip of his, obscenely, up and down against her cunt lips. She sobbed once more with the sudden, shocking pain and gasped as he probed her pussy with the blood-stained tip of the wicked tool.

    "You want to be fucked, don't you scum?" he whispered cruelly. "You want to be fucked hard and violently by me, now, don't you, bitch?"

    Nola groaned, nodding her head wildly as she sobbed even louder, now. "Yes, yes, hurt me with your cock, Master," she wailed in agony. "Ohh, Jesus, fuck me, Winston, fuck your bitch hard in punishment, now!"

    He dropped his hand to one of her big, soft breasts and dug his fingers into the fleshy globe, savagely. She gasped as he twisted and turned the mound in his hand, tugging and pulling on it in a ruthless manner.

    "I'm going to fuck you, scum, hard and painfully, I promise," he hissed at her coldly. "I'm going to hurt you with my fucking, bitch! Going to make you pay for trying to be a haughty cunt with your master, now!"

    She moaned as she felt him pinching one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed the fat nugget tightly in his grip, twisting it in a vicious fashion. Maggie watched as the pain of his brutal caress erupted in Nola's flesh, and made the defenseless young woman jerk spasmodically from the sheer pain of it.

    His free hand slithered down over her belly, now, kneading and squeezing her flesh in a cruel way. He was laughing as he rubbed the tips of his fingers back and forth along her throbbing hillock, pinching the tender vaginal lips between them.

    "Does it hurt, bitch?" he cackled savagely. "Does it hurt to have me to this to you? I hope so, you pig, I really, really hope so!"

    Nola sobbed as the obvious pain shot through her, now. She jerked uncontrollably as Winston spread the folds of flesh apart that covered her clit and began to rub the knob of his thumb viciously across the swollen button.

    "Ohh, the pain is so nice, Master, the discipline so wonderful," the woman gasped. As he pressed down hard on her clit, she thrust her cunt up against his fingers, greedily. "Ummm, take, me hard, Master, hurt me with your passion, hurt me badly, please!"

    Winston was clearly excited by this, now. He pulled his thick, hard prick from his pajama bottoms and thrust it cruelly against Nola's lips. "Suck on this, pig," he snarled at her, now. "Suck on my cock and get me ready for your worthless cunt!"

    Eagerly, just as eagerly, Maggie thought suddenly, as she had this evening, Nola opened her mouth and took his shaft inside. Winston moaned with delight and thrust hard against her, burying his tool swiftly in the depths of her throat.

    He was pushing her down now, so that she was beneath him, and his hand could still reach her pussy. He leaned against her heavily, forcing her to move her head back and forth, sucking loudly on his prick, while his fingers attacked her pit.

    Obviously, she was enjoying this abuse, for Nola rode her mouth up and down on her husband's cock, and thrust her cunt at his fingers in the same moment. She moaned and shuddered as the cruel digits thrust hard into her pussy, twisting and turning to the very depths of her quivering passage.

    "Suck on it, scum, suck on it hard," he growled at her. "I'm getting your pussy ready for my prick, you pig, good and ready for my cock! So suck, you scum, suck on me, hard, bitch!"

    Slurping loudly, Nola rode his cock in and out of her mouth in a frenzy, now. She turned her lips against the tool, dragging her teeth along the length of it, clearly thrilled by what was happening to her, then.

    Maggie watched intently as Winston jammed his fingers in and out of her pussy, his attack brutal and cruel, clearly without any other desire than to hurt her as badly as he possibly could.

    Again and again his digits rammed into the young woman's pit, forcing her inner walls apart, tearing blood vessels as they ravaged the damp, delicate chamber. She screamed and lurched on the floor in agony, but continued to suck on his prick with as much passion and force as possible, now.

    Maggie found she could not tear her eyes from the scene, it was so shocking and horrifying, that she was frozen in placed her head pressed tightly against the door. She watched in bewilderment, as Nola eagerly drove her husband's shaft to the very depths of her throat and pushed her cunt up to meet his fingers at the same time.

    "Yeah, you're a bitch, all right, a good pig," cackled Winston now. "Come on, scum, I'm almost ready, almost ready for your stinking pussy, now!"

    Maggie could not understand what the woman was mumbling, because she was sucking so hard on the throbbing cock in her mouth as she spoke, but it was clear from her tortured tone of voice, that she was urging her husband on. She gulped and lathered the rod that ravaged her throat eagerly, her eyes blazing with passion.

    Winston moaned and shuddered, his legs trembling with pleasure as he rammed his fingers into his wife's pussy as far as they would go. He leaned his weight against her head and sobbed as his cock shuddered in the depths of her throat.

    "Ahh, Jesus, gonna come soon, pig, but in your pussy, now bitch," he muttered, thickly. "Yeah, gonna fuck you, scum, gonna give you the hard, painful fucking you deserve, now, bitch!"

    As he pulled his prick from her mouth, Nola began to groan and sob with, delight. "Yes, now, fuck me, now," she groaned, shuddering as her husband began to slip down between her thighs. "Umm, hard, darling, fuck me hard right now, please!"

    "You want my cock, pig?" Winston taunted her, rubbing the thick, hard tip of his shaft against her quivering vaginal lips. "You want my prick, you worthless hog?"

    She screamed, thrusting her cunt against him as she moaned and pleaded for his assault.

    "Ohh, Jesus, yes, I need it, I need it to hurt me, Master," she sobbed. "I need the pain you can give me, the punishment I deserve. Fuck me now, Master, take your worthless pig right now!"

    Winston laughed savagely and spread her cunt lips apart with his fingers. Without wasting a moment, he shoved his huge, long spear into her pussy, pushing it into her with as much savage force as he could command.

    Maggie watched the big man ruthlessly drive his cock into the woman's cunt, jerking in spasms of pleasure as he rammed into her quaking pit. She screamed in pain, but threw herself against him all the same, obviously enjoying the brutal rape, intensely.

    "You scummy pig, you worthless hog," Winston laughed almost insanely, now. "This is what you deserve, cunt, a hard, nasty fucking!"

    "Yes, yes, I do, I do," she agreed, sobbing as he dropped his head to her full, ample bosom and began to chew, violently, on her breasts. "I deserve to be hurt, deserve the pain you give me! Harder, Master, fuck me harder, please!"

    Winston needed little encouragement, it appeared. He rammed his shaft deep into her pussy, ruthlessly pushing her, thighs apart with his knees. He bucked powerfully back and forth along her tunnel, twisting his meat against her inner walls, savagely, now.

    The big man's attack was so violent and cruel that for a moment, Maggie could not believe she was actually watching him ravage his wife in this manner. No one could be that brutal, she thought, and even more, no one could enjoy it as much as Nola seemed to be thrilled by it.

    But the woman eagerly thrust her cunt up to meet the hard, cruel thrusts of her husband's prick. He had torn some blood vessels inside of her pit with his fingers, and the plunging of his shaft ripped the wounds apart even more, now.

    The blood began to seep around his cock, coloring his loins as he slammed into her. His teeth nipped and bit deeply into her breasts, and his fingers squeezed and massaged her buttocks, cruelly, now.

    But the woman seemed on fire with passion. She twisted and turned as if in the throes of an unbelievable ecstasy. Her face was drawn tight, her teeth bared in a snarl of pure, exquisite agony, by this time.

    She shuddered and jerked about the floor, moaning and gasping, as an orgasm began to boil in the pit of her tortured cunt. She screamed softly as her husband slammed into her cunt again, driving his prick to the very pit of her throbbing chamber.

    Again and again the man drove into her. She twisted and turned under his assault, nodding her head, violently, now, as her powerful urges overcame her. "Ohh, God, yes, Masters the pain, yes, it's making me come," she groaned. "I'm going to come, Winston! Fuck me harder, I'm going to come!"

    She screamed with pleasure, then, bucking fiercely as the climax exploded in her cunt. Maggie could see Winston driving hard and viciously into her, then, thrusting his meat to the pit of her bursting tunnel in a final burst of passion.

    He shuddered and quaked inside of his wife, laughing as his orgasm tore through him, then. "You pig, I'm coming, too, I'm coming too, you bitch!"

    Maggie watched as the two of them quivered and rocked on the floor, Nola's hands straining at the tight strips of pillow case that bound them to the bed. The woman's face was etched with ecstasy as her climax roared through her, and Maggie pulled away from the sickening scene, unable to watch it any longer.

    She hurried back to the room she shared with Dashiell, her belly churning with the sour bile of horror. As she lay back down on the bed beside him, she had to wrap her arms around herself to keep from shaking.

    She could not believe what she had just witnessed. It was the most savage and violent act of passion she could have ever imagined. It was cruel and brutal and the man had been nothing less than an animal. But what was worse, was the way his wife had responded. As if the attack was not only just, but intensely pleasing, besides.

    Maggie did not know what to do about this. She lay on the bed, staring into the darkness of the room, horror and fear racing through her almost at will. Her mind was raging with a thousand thoughts, not the least of which the violent episode with her husband just a few hours earlier.

    She could not get it out of her mind that all of this was somehow connected. That Dash and she and the rest of them were all caught in a web of brutal and savage horror that she might not be able to escape. Standing in the center of her fear, was the massive figure of E.G. Talbot, grinning his cruel, mocking smile, almost beckoning her to join him in whatever twisted pleasures the man seemed to enjoy.

    Chapter 3

    When she awoke, to a sun that was deceptively bright and cheery, it was as if her worries and fears were mocking her with the contrast of a pleasing dawn. She yawned as she sat up, gazing over to where her husband lay, still sleeping.

    Usually, Dash awoke when she did, for they both liked to face the day early, so to have as much use of it as possible. She smiled at him, allowing her gaze to linger on his still frame for a few moments, remembering the many dawns they had shared in the past.

    It was always after a long and delicious night of love-making. They would watch the sun bursting slowly into life, and sip wine as they sat as close together as two bodies can ever get.

    Her life was filled with meaning, then, she had her career and she had her man, and it seemed as if nothing could harm them. Then things began to change. Dash grew more and more distant.

    Each, visit they made to his family's home seemed to take more and more of the life and love from him. He seemed to be drained by his father, sucked dry of the living energy that compelled him. She had tried to fight it from a distance, but had lost the battle, and now she would have to fight it on E.G.'s home ground, it appeared.

    She did not know what hold the man had over his sons, what horrible, secret power he possessed, but she dreaded making the discovery. She was certain that violence played a part in all of this, and she began to fear for her own safety, as well.

    She had witnessed a savage beating and rape by Winston, and had suffered an equally as brutal attack by her own husband. The only difference in the two events, was Dash's obvious restraint, and Nola's eager acceptance of her abuse.

    These two, things troubled her. On the one hand, it appeared that her husband had been acting not quite out of his own will. Almost as if he had been compelled to beat her, to force her into the oral gratification she had given him. On the other hand, the vaguely disturbing aspect of a woman so eagerly submitting to such abuse as Nola had, frightened her.

    She sat up on the bed, then, stretching and groaning, hoping to awaken Dash with her moans. He slept on however, and she finally rose from her bed and went into the bathroom to wash the sleep from her face and eyes.

    When she finished, she slipped on a robe and slowly made her way down the stairs, wondering if the servants were up. She was hungry, now, being used to an early breakfast, and she hoped that one of the cooks was already going to work.

    As she slipped out of the door, her husband listened for the click of the latch, and when he heard it, he turned with an agonized moan and stared at the door she had left by. He reached over to his pack beside the bed and lit a cigarette, puffing hungrily on the tobacco.

    He had hardly slept at all last night, though he had cleverly made it seem as much to his wife. He was terrified that things were quickly getting out of control, and uncertain as to how to deal with them.

    In many ways, she was much stronger than he was, and Dashiell Talbot was worried deeply, that his wife might stumble into something they could not easily get free of. He had known exactly what his father meant at the table the night before. His memory was rich was events that he had lived through, and once thought he had escaped.

    He puffed on the, cigarette, remembering with fear and trembling how he had watched as Maggie slipped down the hail the night before and observed the happenings in his brother's room.

    He didn't have to see what was going on, he knew only too well what Nola had goaded her husband into doing to her. He could even see her face, fat, and eager for the abuse, pushing, with vile words and insults, poor Winston to the limit.

    Once, his older brother had been completely free of their father's curse. The two of them had vowed to each other that they would never submit to the old man's passion for punishment and discipline. All the years they had been growing up, E.G. Talbot had tried to train a taste for beatings and harsh commands into them, but they had resisted.

    They had promised each other that the old man wouldn't be able to make them give in. That they would fight him every step of the way. They had suffered much for this. They had been beaten themselves, forced to beat each other, and equally, forced to beat their mother on a number of occasions. But still they had resisted.

    The pleasure had not appealed to them, the delight in punishing another, in subjecting someone to vicious and painful discipline had not invaded their souls. It seemed as if they might yet be able to escape the old man's madness.

    Then they drifted apart. Winston had left home, leaving Dashiell behind to suffer on his own. His older brother had struck out in Hollywood, hadn't, become the star he was supposed to become, and the old man had laughed and taunted him.

    Then, Winston had met Nola. From the beginning, Dash had been able to see through the woman, able to see the greed in her eyes. He could tell the old man saw it, too, but E.G. did not protest.

    His father seemed to think that Nola was just the woman for his eldest son. One that could wrap him around her finger, bring him to her desires, and those too, of E.G. Talbot. It wasn't very long before Nola saw what the old man liked, and had Winston performing in the required fashion.

    She got caught up in the violence of her punishment, her mind had turned and twisted, come to first accept it, then begin to enjoy it. Now, she craved the discipline she made poor Winston give her, and he too was surrendering to the twisted pleasure of abusing her.

    That was bad enough, but now, it appeared, that even he was giving in to the urge. He had beaten Maggie savagely the night before, made her blow him in a way he had never demanded before. Even as he was forcing her to go down on him, even as he was beating her viciously with his belt, he had been shocked and appalled by his actions. But, somehow, unable to stop himself.

    Dashiell Talbot shuddered and moaned in despair, then, terrified at what was happening to him. He was frightened, for himself, and for his wife, whom he knew, would do anything to protect him. She would endure anything to salvage his rightful share to the old man's money.

    He feared what that meant, what it could do to her and to them. For he knew damn well that E.G. Talbot would accept no less than total commitment to discipline. And that meant becoming what he was.

    Maggie was having coffee in the large, empty dining room when she sensed someone standing behind her. She turned suddenly and gasped as the huge figure of E.G. Talbot loomed over her, grinning wickedly.

    "Well, up with the birds, are you?" he chuckled softly. "That's good, I like my women to be early risers, more time to enjoy them, you see?"

    Maggie smiled thinly. "You talk so much about women, E.G., one would think you had a dozen of them stashed away somewhere," she said coolly.

    The big man placed his heavy hand on her shoulder and squeezed her tightly. She winced but did not twist away from the meaty paw. "How do you know I don't, Maggie?" he said quietly. "What makes you think I wouldn't?"

    She lifted her coffee cup and he freed her arm, slipping down in the chair beside her. She took a sip of the brew then turned to him, still smiling. "Well, E.G., I notice you're still married to Laurel," she said quietly.

    "So what?" he snorted. "That doesn't stop me from doing anything, and besides, Laurel understands my needs."

    "I imagine those needs are rather large," joked the young woman nervously.

    "More than you think, lady," the man answered softly. "There's a lot more to being with me than just smiling and being witty."

    "I'm sure there is, E.G.," Maggie nodded, blinking at his intense stare.

    "You'd be surprised," he growled. "I've got a close family here, no matter what it looks like, lady. Everyone in this family is bound to me, understand? They do what I say, because they have to, they have no other choice!"

    Maggie chuckled nervously. "Oh, E.G., you sound like some sort of a God," she said lightly. "As if you could command someone to do anything."

    "Would you care for a little demonstration, bitch?" he snarled suddenly.

    She jerked back from him as if he had struck her, and blinked in shock. His eyes were cold and demanding, almost pulling her mind into his, it seemed. She gulped frantically, and shook her head.

    "I'll take your word for it," she whispered softly. "I'm not here to fight you, E.G., you know that."

    His hand clasped over her wrist now, locking his fingers around her slender arm as if they were a vise. "The hell you're not," he snarled. "You're here for the same reason everybody else is! You are here to fight, lady, and you might just as well see how you have to win this little battle of yours!"

    He turned his head and cupped his free hand over his mouth. "Laurel Talbot," he called out into the empty house. "Laurel Talbot, get your worthless ass in here, bitch!"

    Maggie was shocked at the vulgar manner in which he was calling his wife, but even more surprised to the see the woman hurrying into the room, her face not angry at the insulting way he called her, but fearful of displeasing him.

    "Ohhh, I… I didn't realize you were here, Maggie," the said, her voice flustered, her manner changing at once. "How nice of you to join us for breakfast, dear."

    "Drop the role, bitch," snarled her husband, then. He grinned at the two women, back and forth, now. "We're going to show Maggie here what I mean by measuring up."

    Laurel Talbot seemed to shrink under her husband's words. She turned her smile into a weak sort of grin and sighed as if carrying a sudden and heavy burden on her narrow, tiny shoulders.

    "Don't you think… I mean, it might not be right, dear," she whispered anxiously.

    "Don't you answer me back, bitch," growled the big man. "You know how to speak to me, scum! You know how I taught you to act!"

    Nodding frantically, now, Laurel Talbot bowed low in front of her husband. "Yes, my Master," she said, her voice quivering, now. "As you wish it to be!"

    E.G. pulled Maggie up out of the chair and dragged her around, to the other side of the table. He snarled at his wife, commanding her to get down on her knees in front of him. Quickly she obeyed.

    "You see, bitch," he hissed at the young woman beside him. "She knows how to act! Women learn to be submissive around here, lady!"

    He turned to his wife, then. "Lower, scum, on your belly," he growled. "I want you to kiss my feet, bitch! Show this woman how meek and disciplined you are!"

    Maggie watched with her eyes wide in shock as Laurel Talbot crawled across the narrow space of floor between them, and eagerly pressed her lips to her husband's foot. She ran her tongue over his toes, licking them happily.

    "You must be crazy, E.G.," she whispered in shock, trying to pull her wrist from his hand. "I don't want to see any more!"

    E.G. Talbot whirled around then, cracking his open palm hard into Maggie's cheek. The blow was more shocking than painful, but the force of it caused her to sit down-heavily in a chair at the table.

    "You keep, your mouth shut, scum," he growled at her. "Your husband's in a race with his brother, and she's the fire behind his furnace. You'd better learn to be the same, understand?"

    He turned now to his wife once more and lifted her chin with his foot. "You want to please me, don't you Laurel dear?" he asked sweetly.

    She nodded wildly, sobbing as the spoke. "All I ever want to do is please you, E.G., you know that, darling!"

    The big man laughed cruelly. "You see, see how she knows just what to say?" he said to Maggie. "I rule this family with an iron hand, woman, all submit to me! You'd better learn that, and help your husband along, if you want to share in all of this!"

    Once more he gazed down at his wife, trembling at his feet, but her eyes eager and bright as she stared back up at him. He reached down, took hold of the neckline to her nightgown, and quickly pulled it up and over her head. She gasped in embarrassment as her nakedness was revealed, but made no attempt to cover herself.

    "You were bad a little while ago, weren't you, Laurel?" the big man whispered coldly. "You defied me, didn't you?"

    The woman nodded, her lithe, still attractive frame trembling violently, now. Her breasts swayed from left to right and her breathing was harsh and erratic as she awaited her husband's next words.

    "And what do you suppose I ought to do with you, now, bitch?" he said, his voice cold and flat. "How should I repay you for your disobedience?"

    The older woman gulped frantically, her voice pinched and strained as she spoke. "Punish me, Master," she whispered softly. "You should discipline me, now!"

    "Do you want to be punished, ungrateful little pig?" he snarled at the woman.

    Her eyes went from his face to Maggie's arid she blinked rapidly in excitement. "You know I do," she moaned softly. "Ohh, God, you know how much I do, E.G.!"

    Talbot turned and grinned once more at Maggie. "Pay attention to all of this, woman," he told her harshly. "You're time will come, and you had better be good at it!"

    He turned back to his wife, then, nodding in the direction of the large, square cabinet that served as a bar on the other end of the room. "Over there, worthless scum," he hissed at her. "You shall receive the punishment you deserve!"

    The woman got quickly to her feet, turned and raced over to the large, square cabinet. She seemed to be familiar with what was about to happen, for she quickly bent over the bar, grasping hold of the opposite side.

    "A good, sound caning is what you need," E.G. Talbot hissed. He walked over to the small stand that contained half a dozen walking sticks and selected one from the rack. He tapped it against his palm then turned, grinning savagely at his wife, her slender buttocks quivering invitingly.

    "Ohh, come now, E.G.," chuckled Maggie nervously, then. "You can't be serious! Really, you've impressed me, but this has gone far enough!"

    "Let me tell you something, Maggie," E.G. Talbot said, crossing the room and gripping the young woman by the chin. "I worked long and hard getting this far, most of my success is due to my power. My ability to control others. I am always in charge, and whoever shall come alter me, and enjoy my riches, is going to be just the kind of man I am."

    He turned and glared at his wife. "She learned a long time ago to bow to my wishes. She learned to puffer when she had disobeyed or displeased me," he growled. "You're going to have to learn that, too. Just as my son's have learned it. I am Master here, and I decide who needs to be disciplined, and what punishment they shall receive. Only I!"

    "Please, E.G., don't make me watch this," moaned the young woman, her belly churning violently as it had the night before.

    "Ohh, it hurts you to watch the punishment?" he smiled thinly. "Good, I like that! You shall be punished too! Your discipline training starts now, Maggie. You are to watch the punishment Laurel receives!"

    Maggie wanted to flee from the room, but found she could not. She sat rigid in the chair as E.G. turned and walked over to where his wife leaned against the liquor cabinet, her flesh moist now with sweating anticipation.

    Somehow, Maggie realized that she had discovered part of the secret to this plan. Part of what had bound her husband to such a violent and horrible withdrawal from her affections. She sensed she had to watch this, had to endure this strange torture.

    It was important, she realized, for she could feel the struggle growing in this family, the ebb and flow of power that was beginning to boil within these walls. There was danger here, for her and Dash, but even more danger if she tried to hide from whatever the twisted facts were.

    She locked her eyes on E.G Talbot now, determined that she would witness, once more, the secret passions of this family. It was the only way, she realized, that she could find out what to do to save herself and the man she loved.

    E.G. Talbot tapped his wife's buttocks with the hard, rounded edge of the walking stick. She moaned, shuddered involuntarily as she felt him moving the highly polished wood over her trembling half moons.

    "You have been very, very wicked, haven't you, Laurel?" he whispered, his voice sounding as if he were talking to a small child.

    "Yes, Master, yes I have," she agreed, her voice too, sounding meek and childlike, now. "Ohh, I'm so sorry, E.G., I am!"

    "Saying you're sorry isn't enough, now is it, Laurel?" he growled harshly.

    The woman moaned, and rocked her slender frame from left to right as her husband moved the cane upward, tapping at the base of her spine. He slowly worked the thick, long stick up to her shoulders, and she shivered in excitement.

    "No, no, saying I'm, sorry is never enough," she murmured quietly. "I know that, E.G., I know what you have to do."

    "You need to be punished, don't you, Laurel?" he asked coldly. "You need to be disciplined, so you won't forget again, don't you?"

    Maggie watched as the woman nodded now, clearing accepting her husband's judgment. "Ohh, yes, E.G., I have to be punished," she gasped, quivering violently as she felt the cane leaving her flesh. "I need it, E.G., I need the comfort of your discipline!"

    The man nodded and smiled, raising the cane high over his head. "Then you shall have what you need, bitch," he snarled.

    He brought it down viciously against her buttocks and her piercing cry of pain rang in Maggie's ears with a harsh, stinging screech. She watched the woman's body buckling under the blow, and Maggie had to clutch her belly to hold the powerful sickness inside of her as the lingering sound of wood meeting flesh remained in her ears long after the first blow had landed.

    Shuddering, Maggie watched intently as the woman writhed in obvious ecstasy from the vicious blows. She was gasping with pain, but made no move to escape the falling cane, merely gripping the edge of the bar as tightly as possible, to remain stationary.

    "This is what you deserve," the big man growled. "This is the punishment that is due to you!"

    Nodding wildly, the woman's back arched as the cane slammed violently into the base of her spine. "Ohh, God, yes, Master, yes, E.G," she moaned wildly. "It's so good, so very good to be disciplined by you!"

    It was clear to Maggie that E.G. Talbot had been doing this sort of thing for years. She could see now, that her poor husband had suffered under such violent abuse. Perhaps he even had to inflict it on another from time to time, she thought, that would explain his violent outburst and withdrawal from her, recently.

    E.G. turned to her now, a look on his face that was nearly animalistic in nature. His lips were drawn back over his teeth and he was grinning, savagely. He pointed to his wife's now red, welted back and laughed cruelly.

    "You see how she can suffer for me?" he barked. "See how she endures the punishment she has earned?"

    Maggie did not reply. She was too shocked and horrified by what she was seeing, to respond to his questions. Her eyes were wide and clear and her mind racing with thoughts, now, for she knew she would have to combat this powerful influence.

    E.G. turned to his wife once more, lashing her buttocks viciously with tile cane. "When you disobey, you must be punished," he grunted, cracking it against the soft, fleshy half moons once more. "Each evil deed deserves a harsh response!"

    He whacked her hard on the shoulders and the older woman buckled, sobbing as the blow landed. Her head was bent low, pressed against the top of the bar, and her legs taut with the effort of remaining in position.

    "I am so foolish," she groaned thickly.

    "And you are so wonderful to discipline me, E.G.! Ohh, I need this, I need this so badly, yes!"

    The big, powerful man steadily worked the cane up and down the length of his wife's back. He seemed to take particular pleasure in lashing at her thighs, for they were a tender area, and the pain he could inflict was extreme when he attacked that portion of her body.

    "I am master here," he snarled. "And I must discipline all those you disobey me! Your punishment is the sign of how much I love you!"

    Laurel Talbot nodded again, gasping as he cruelly smashed the wooden cane against her bruised thighs, once more. "Ohh, God, yes, E.G., you are so kind!" she murmured, her voice thick with pain.

    He smashed the cane hard on her buttocks now, and laughed as huge, red welts emerged on her flesh. They began to cover the creamy mounds in an ugly fashion, joining those that already dotted her thighs and shoulders.

    "You are my slave, Laurel," he hissed, his voice now becoming strained with the effort of beating her. "You have no other master but me! My word is law!"

    "Yes, E.G., yes," the woman sobbed, quivering with the impact of yet another blow, and the obvious ecstasy that she took from receiving it. "I will always respect your wishes, Master, always!"

    He laughed once more, his cackle high-pitched and wild, less human, than anything Maggie could imagine. She watched frozen in place, as the beating continued, wondering how the woman could stand such pain.

    Of course she realized that there was only one way for the woman to endure such suffering. She would have to be enjoying it, and there was no doubt in Maggie's mind, now, that that was exactly the case.

    She watched as Laurel twisted and turned to meet each falling blow, her body quaking violently with delight, her head now and then thrown back in a tortured gasp that seethed with both pain and pleasure.

    From the way she was shuddering and turning under the blows, eagerly thrusting her flesh back to meet them again and again, the woman could only be enjoying this. For Maggie, the idea was once more horrible and frightening. To enjoy such pain, such humiliation and suffering was beyond her understanding.

    He has destroyed her mind, she thought with growing fear. He has twisted her very soul into some perverted lusting for agony. He has taken this woman and made her his willing, eager slave. That was undeniable.

    "Have you had enough, bitch?" E.G. growled, now. He pressed the tip of the cane into the small of his wife's back and ground it savagely against her spine. "Have you been punished enough, pig?"

    She moaned and shook her head, trembling uncontrollably, now. "No, E.G., you know I haven't," she sobbed thickly. "I need the final stroke, I need the brutal attack! I need your manhood to take me cruelly to complete the discipline!"

    He laughed, satisfied with her answer. He lay the cane to one side and began to run his heavy, hard hands over her buttocks. "Then you shall have what you need," he chuckled cruelly. "You shall have it, I promise you!"

    His fingers slid up and down along the cleft between the woman's red, bruised cheeks. He kneaded her flesh cruelly, driving his fingers deeper into the cleft, making her gasp as he probed the moist valley of her ass.

    She sobbed as she felt the digits thrusting against her anal dot, cruelly poking at the tender, ruby entrance to her pit. She felt the hard, thick digits twisting around against her moist opening, and gasped as he savagely forced a finger into her.

    "Yes, pig, I'm going to take your hole," he snarled viciously. "I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve, where you deserve it!"

    Squealing with delight, the woman bucked her bottom back against his hand, moaning as she felt him forcing a finger into her bum. The thick, hard prong slid into the tight, narrow passage rudely, twisting harshly against her warm, inner walls.

    E.G. Talbot groaned softly as he forced his finger deeper into his wife's anal pit. He wiggled the finger back and forth inside of her, now, pushing her soft, warm walls apart to accommodate his invading tool.

    Laurel shuddered violently with the vicious invasion of her bum. He was not taking his time, not probing her gently, but driving the finger into her as hard as he could. He obviously, intended to prepare her asshole for his cock as quickly as possible, and Maggie watched with sickening horror as the big man thrust another finger into Laurel's hot, aching tunnel.

    "Ohh, God, it hurts so wonderfully, E.G.," the woman moaned, trembling violently under the impact of the second penetration. "Yes, harder, deeper, Master! Put your fingers into me, now, hurt me, now!"

    The woman rocked from left to right, grinding her buttocks against his hand as he thrust the fingers completely into her asshole, now. She sobbed with the harsh, burning pain of them in her pit, shuddering as the man scraped the buried prongs ruthlessly against her delicate inner flesh.

    "This is the way you deserve to be taken, scum," snarled the man as he twisted and turned his fingers in Laurel's bum. "You need to have it done this way, it will teach you another lesson in obedience!"

    He rode his fingers back and forth inside of her asshole now, and Maggie saw him squeezing and kneading her buttocks with his other hand. The two fingers grew slippery with her anal juice, and the big man rubbed his groin against one of her thighs as his fierce digits attacked her damp canal.

    "Pigs deserve to be fucked like pigs," he growled at his wife, plunging the fingers deep into her asshole again, making her weep with the sudden agony once more. "You'll be fucked like the pig you are, I promise you!"

    "Your manhood, E.G., give me your manhood, now," the woman moaned, swaying from left to right, moving her thigh violently against his groin. "Ohh, God, my master, take my asshole painfully, now, I beg you!"

    With his fingers still riding savagely back and forth along her anal passage, the big man now unzipped his trousers and pulled his huge, fat shaft from inside. Maggie gasped as she saw the rod, for it was abnormally large, already throbbing with obvious passion and need.

    She watched him rubbing the thick, long spear against his wife's bruised thigh, then, making it grow even bigger and harder as he leaned into the quivering woman. He was gasping too, now, his breath coming in labored spurts, a clear indication of the lust that was consuming him.

    He moaned as he drove his fingers deep into his wife's asshole once more, rolling them around against her aching bum tunnel, spreading it as far apart as possible. He shuddered with the surging greed that was roaring in his flesh and laughed as he pumped the digits in and out of her bum once more.

    "I'm ready, pig, are you?" he hissed coldly. "Are you ready to be taken, scum!"

    Laurel nodded wildly again, renewing her grip on the edge of the bar, firming her stance by shifting her feet on the floor. Her legs were wide apart, now, taut with excitement and anticipation. -

    "Yes, now, E.G.," she sobbed almost breathlessly. "Yes, take me, now, Master! Take me in my bum, right now!"

    The big man laughed coldly and pulled his fingers from her tender pit. He gripped her buttocks with his hands and spread them far apart, then pressed the huge, throbbing head of his cock against her anal dot.

    She gasped as she felt the burning tip of his shaft pounding against her warm, moist entrance. She groaned and shuddered, thrusting her asshole against the insistent prong. Suddenly he shoved himself into her, ruthlessly driving the prick into the tight, narrow pit.

    Laurel's scream was chilling in Maggie's ears as she saw E.G.'s huge, long shaft disappear into the woman's bum. The fat, massive prong drove hard and fast into the woman's pit, in seconds, buried to the hilt in her quaking passage.

    Laurel shuddered with the impact of the violent penetration, thrust forward against the table. She moaned as she felt her husband grinding his huge belly against the curve of her buttocks, his thick, hard tool pounding in the depths of her hole.

    "God, yes, it's so good inside me, E.G.," she moaned. Her voice was weak and trembling, but the pleasure of her agony was clear. "Now, take me hard, right now!"

    The man grabbed hold of her slender hips and pulled his cock out of her once more. He shuddered as his flesh slithered along the taut, gripping walls of her pit, then he slammed hard and fast into her pit once again.

    Laurel Talbot shuddered and sobbed under the brutal assault, but ground her own, soft behind against his thrusting belly. She felt the hard, pounding weapon searing her inner walls brutally, but eagerly followed the rhythm of his attack, now.

    Together they rocked and swayed from side to side as E.G. drove.into her. He pumped his huge, quaking prong in and out of her asshole viciously, laughing as he squeezed her flesh in his massive hands.

    "Yes, this is how you deserve it, pig," he laughed savagely. "This is how you should be taken, scum!"

    "Harder, E.G., take me harder," the woman moaned in ecstasy. "Hurt me, darling! Hurt me, Master, please!"

    Faster and faster the big man rammed his cock into the woman's aching asshole. Maggie watched in fascination and horror as the vicious assault continued. She tried to imagine what it would be like to be taken so brutally, but found it impossible to even dream of such a thing.

    As the huge prick continued to assault the woman's poor, tender bum, Maggie could do nothing but gaze at the twisting bodies, her mind completely blank, now. She saw the prick slithering in and out of Laurel's asshole with a hard, vicious force, and saw the woman jerking spasmodically with delight.

    The huge cock was throbbing in Laurel's bum tunnel now, pounding with the blood that was tearing through it. She groaned and gasped, using her rectal muscles to urge the man on, shuddering with the approach of the orgasm she could feel building in his fevered flesh.

    E.G. Talbot was gasping and shuddering uncontrollably, now, the violent waves of greed racing through his flesh. His prick was on fire in the woman's asshole, surging with the awesome need the organ had.

    "I'm going to come, bitch, going to come soon," the big man moaned, thickly.

    "Yes, come in me, E.G., come in my bum, now," she urged, grinding her buttocks against his thrusting loins.

    They were in perfect rhythm and time, now, moving forward and backward as one.

    The big man shuddered and moaned, pumping his tool in and out of her asshole with a frenzy, now, all his self-control completely overwhelmed by his lust. He twisted and turned inside of her, then suddenly gasped as the climax exploded in his loins.

    The woman sobbed with delight as she felt the come pumping furiously from his prick, splashing against her inner walls with a boiling savagery. She sobbed and backed into him, greedily holding the spurting tool in her asshole with her muscles.

    "Ohh, God, it's so wonderful, E.G.," she cried, twisting and turning as the man buried his bursting weapon completely in her hole. "Come in me, Master, come in me, yes!"

    The man shuddered violently a few more times, jerking his body in spasms of release. Maggie watched as the passion drained out of him, his-orgasm so powerful, that it shook his entire frame. Finally he pulled away from the woman, moaning softly as the last, lingering tremors subsided in his aching loins.

    Laurel sobbed once more, slipping to the floor, exhausted by all that she had endured. The big man stared at her for a moment, then nudged her with his foot.

    "Get up, scum," he hissed breathlessly. "You have lots to do around here! You don't have time to lay on the floor and rest!"

    Groaning with pain and exhaustion, the woman pulled herself upright by means of the bar and stood, trembling uncontrollably. He nodded and she quickly moved across the room, dressing herself once more.

    E.G. Talbot adjusted his clothing and turned to where Maggie was sitting, staring at him intently. He smiled as he approached her, the grin on his face one of confidence and satisfaction.

    "Now, perhaps you understand," he said quietly to the trembling young woman. "This is a hard family, you have to work to measure up to my standards, woman!"

    Maggie nodded dully. "I'm beginning to understand that."

    He laughed again and suddenly clasped one of his big, meaty hands over her breast. She gasped as he gave her precious sphere a harsh squeeze through her night gown and robe. "You'll learn, you'll learn or you'll lose," he warned.

    She stared up into his eyes, ignoring the cruel, throbbing pain in her breast and glaring at him intently. "I don't intend to lose, E.G.," she said, coldly.

    The man laughed again and released her tit, backing away from her. "Perhaps," he said, evenly. "Perhaps you will at that, Maggie!"

    Then he turned and left the room and Maggie was alone with her thoughts. She took a sip of her now, cold coffee and grimaced at the bitterness of it. An emptiness flowed through her at that moment, a sour despair that she could not name but only fear. She had no idea what lengths she would have to got to, to protect herself and her husband, but she would do whatever was needed to accomplish that. It was too late to turn back now. E.G. Talbot had made sure of that, a long time ago.

    Chapter 4

    In all families, there is rivalry. It is a fact of nature, that has existed since time, began. Siblings fight for supremacy, the young attempt to defeat the old. This is life, and there is little that can be done to change it.

    In some families, however, the ancient combat can take an evil and twisted turn. The normal jealousy becomes fierce and savage, the natural passion to overcome, turns to obsession.

    All this was feared by Maggie Talbot, for she had come to the conclusion that the Talbot's were insane. They had gone past the point of mere indulgence, past the limits of natural combat. What was going on between them was primal, mortal war.

    To her, this battle she had suddenly found herself engaged in was something much more than a mere jockeying for a positive image in a father's eyes. Much more than a parent simply setting his sons against each other for amusement.

    To Maggie's way of thinking, the depths to which this perversion of the natural order of things ran deeper than anything she had ever known. There was great danger here, and she feared now for herself, as well as her husband.

    She was all too aware of the, fact that she might have to become as twisted as the rest of them, to defeat the evils themselves. She might well have to go E.G. one better in his madness, in an attempt to save Dash and herself.

    She was walking in the large, beautiful garden that afternoon, inhaling the sweetness of the flowers, feeling the pleasing warmth of the sun on her shoulders as she moved beneath its nearly sensual glow.

    It was quite amusing in one way, that the peace and calm of the garden was a counterpoint to the madness of the house beyond it. That such calm and beauty could exist side by side with such evil was really quite funny.

    But she was not laughing. She could not find any real humor in her situation. Cold dread was raging in her soul, and she often shivered as if it were freezing outside, rather than warm and comforting.

    She sat down on the grass and stared at the flowers, as if she could find some answer to her problem within their beauty. She gazed at them intently, but they told her nothing. The flowers had no secrets or solutions to reveal.

    After awhile she heard movement on the path and turned to see Nola Talbot coming her way. The woman's face was etched with sweetness and charming affection, but her eyes were cold, betraying the hatred Maggie knew lay behind them.

    Nola stopped beside the girl, gazing down at her pointedly. "Taking it easy, I see," she said casually. "It must be nice to be able to relax."

    "I was asking them a question," Maggie replied, softly.

    Nola laughed. "And what question might that be?"

    "I was asking them how you deal with evil," Maggie said, turning an equally cold smile on the woman above her. "I thought they might not, since they are so beautiful, and obviously good!"

    Nola did not appear to be disturbed by Maggie's pointed remark. "Good often hides evil," she whispered softly. "And evil, often is the good we are searching for! Don't you think that's true?"

    "Only if you live in a world of illusions," Maggie said, coldly. "Only if you are so mad, that you must twist everything around to suit your purpose."

    Nola laughed, again, nudging the young woman with her sharp, pointed shoe. "You know nothing about what you are saying," she hissed. "You are the one that lives in a world of dreams!"

    "I suppose you can claim a better understanding of reality," laughed the young woman. "I suppose you can say what is real and what is not."

    "I know what exists for me," snarled the woman, her voice low and measured now. "I know how to survive in this world. Do you?"

    Maggie sighed and turned away from the woman, gazing back into the flowers once more. "I only know what must be done," she said, simply. "And I will do it."

    "Let me give you a piece of advice, honey," Nola said, dropping down beside the young woman, now. "You can't win here, baby, you haven't got what it takes."

    Maggie did not turn her head when she answered. "You don't know me very well, Nola," she said, evenly. "I don't give up easily."

    "You'll be destroyed," the other woman chuckled softly. "You'll be ground under foot, and lose everything. The power that exists here will devour you!"

    "As it has devoured you?" laughed the young woman savagely. "Will I turn into what you are, Nola?"

    "I have adjusted, I have become what I needed to become to survive," the woman replied grimly. "I know what I want, and I will do anything to get it."

    "So will I," hissed the young woman. She sighed heavily then. "So we must continue to play this game, correct?"

    Nola laughed and nodded. "Of course, there is nothing else to do," she said. "But you will lose, I promise you!"

    "The good and the evil, in, other words?"

    "Of course, you little fool! You shall lose because you will not change. You will not submit. You can't win that way. You shall be destroyed!"

    Maggie turned and stared at the woman beside her intently, now. She narrowed her eyes and spoke in a calm, controlled voice. "Do not cross me, Nola," she said. "I'm warning you."

    Nola laughed; cruelly. "You're warning me," she snorted in a vulgar fashion. "My dear child, it is I that should be warning you! I'll eat you alive, bitch!"

    "If you try to hurt me or Dash, you will regret it," the young woman said, evenly. "I don't care about anything, but that! Remember it, Nola, for your own good!"

    The woman nodded and stood up. "We shall see," she chuckled confidently. "We shall see you wins this little battle, my pet! It will be a great pleasure to me, when I bring you down. A great pleasure indeed!"

    Maggie said nothing; and after a moment, the woman turned and walked away. She watched her leaving, noticing her husband approaching on the same path. Nola brushed by him quickly, saying nothing, and in a few moments, he reached the spot where Maggie was sitting, staring at him anxiously.

    He sat down beside her, smiling crookedly. "How's my darling this morning?" he asked, his voice betraying his worriedness.

    She returned his smile and sighed. "Darling, why don't we go away from here," she said, simply. She leaned against him heavily, then, resting her head on his shoulder. "Why do we have to stay?"

    Dashiell Talbot put his arm around his wife's shoulder and hugged her tightly to his chest. He felt her heart beating through the thin blouse she was wearing, a steady, almost comforting throb in her small chest.

    "Things are in motion, there is no escape," he said grimly. "I always knew I would have to come back, even when I fought to deny it to myself!"

    "No, we can leave now," she insisted urgently. "We can turn our backs on all this. We don't need your father's money, darling, we don't."

    "It's not just that, darling," he sighed, shaking his head, wearily. "He has great power he could destroy me, us, if he wanted to."

    "He wouldn't do that, why would he do that if he won?"

    He laughed coldly. "He doesn't just want to win, he wants to rule," Dash answered grimly. "He wants to be the power, the final voice. He decides what will happen, he always will, until we've either been beaten, of beat him."

    "He's that strong?" she asked frightenedly. "He's that insane to be the master?"

    Dashiell chuckled sadly. "Winston defied him once, he ran from his control. Do you think his career faltered on its own?"

    "I can't believe it. You mean your father destroyed him in Hollywood?" gasped the girl in disbelief. "He ruined Winston's career."

    Dashiell shrugged. "I would venture a guess that he helped in the process. He has many friends, a word or two here or there, and someone's furnished. He's done it before to those that displeased him."

    "Ohh, God, Dash, what are we going to do?" she sobbed, trembling uncontrollably in her husband's embrace, now. "How are we going to get out of this?"

    A headache was beginning in Dashiell's skull, harsh, pounding and painful, it began to take hold of him, draining him of his energy and will. He moaned, rubbing his temples and shaking his head, sadly.

    "I don't know, darling," he whispered, hugging his wife tighter to him, now. "I just don't know."

    Maggie lay in her husband's arms, trembling as the fear raced through her. Dash was surrounded by forces that seemed too strong for him, she realized. He was too caught in the past, here, to fight it properly.

    With aching sorrow and fear, she realized that it would be up to her. to see clearly in this horrible trap they were caught in. Up to her, perhaps, to find the answer to their problem. Even, perhaps, up to her to make the first, bold move.

    "We have to fight them, Dash," she said fiercely. "We have to beat them at their own game. It's our only chance!"

    Dashiell Talbot hardly heard his wife, he was too confused and troubled by his throbbing head and the memories of evil that surrounded his home and his past in this wretched place.

    He suddenly wished he had never met Maggie, never brought her into the madness of his family. He pushed her away from him then, moaning softly as he held her at arms length and spoke in a tortured voice.

    "Ohh, God, darling, leave, leave now," he hissed frantically. "Get out of here while you can! Forget about me and this place and this family. Leave darling, before it's too late for you to run!"

    Maggie stared at her husband, overcome with love and tortured concern for him. She saw the fierceness in his eyes, the passion with which he cared about her. She fought back the urge to burst into tears and shook her head, grimly.

    "Never," she said harshly. "I will never leave you! We are in this together, right to the end, Dash. That's the only way it can be!"

    The young man was almost sobbing as he clutched his wife to him, hungrily. "Ohh, God, I don't want to see you hurt, Maggie," he moaned softly. "It would kill me if you were ever hurt because of me!"

    "I won't be hurt, Dash," the young woman whispered determinedly. "Neither of us will be hurt! We'll get through this, I promise you we will!"

    They remained that way for quite some time, shivering a bit as they clung so fiercely to each other. Dashiell could feel his wife's body trembling violently in his embrace, and the warmth of her sweet-scented breath on his cheek.

    "We have to have a plan," she said at last. "We have to figure out what to do."

    He nodded, the pain in his head subsiding a bit, as he felt the love and determination surging in his wife's body. "Yes, we can't just drift along anymore," he agreed.

    "We have to be tough, Dash, even tougher than they are," she, said, grimly. "We have to destroy them, before they destroy us!"

    "It's dangerous, darling," he said evenly. "We could easily become just as evil as they are. You don't know what it's like, I do."

    He shook his head savagely. "The years of torture, the thrill you can get from having someone helpless, begging you for punishment. The savage beast you can find in yourself is frightening, you just don't know how it is!"

    "I know what we have to do, darling," she growled. "And if it means risking everything, we have to take the chance."

    "Do you want to, become like them?" he hissed wildly. "Do you want to become so twisted. you don't know good from evil?"

    "I just do not intend to have us crushed because of their sickness," she whispered fiercely. "That can't be right, I know that much!"

    "You can't pretend," he said wearily. "You can fool E.G., nor Nola or even Winston. They would know if we were faking, in a moment!"

    Maggie Talbot felt the cold, chilling fear racing through her once more. She closed her eyes and shook her head. "Then we'll just have to learn how to play the game," she said evenly. "We'll just have to learn to play it better than they do!"

    She stood up, then, taking hold of her husband's hand and squeezing it tightly in her own. "Come on," she said sharply. "Let's go back to our room."

    He joined her and blinked in confusion. "Why do you want to go back there?"

    She turned her head away from him at that moment, unable to look him in the eyes. "We begin now," she said simply. "We start fighting them right now."

    Not daring to look at him now, fearing that one gaze into his eyes would crush her determination, Maggie led her reluctant husband back out of the garden and into the house. He dragged along behind her as she kept hold of his hand, all the way up the wide staircase and down the hail into their bedroom.

    She locked the door behind him, then leaned against it, facing him, a grim look On her face. "Let's try and relax," she whispered softly. "Let's try and get into the mood."

    Dashiell Talbot sat down heavily on the bed and watched as his wife went to the large, oak dresser beside their bed. She took a small, ornate snuff box from beneath her underwear in the top draw and sat down beside him.

    She removed some cigarette papers from the box and quickly began to roll thin, firmly packed marijuana cigarettes from the small amount she kept in the box. Dashiell watched intently as her fingers flew over the papers, working steadily until she had five, slender sticks lying between them on the bed.

    She picked one up and handed it to her husband, then took another for herself. "This ought to get us comfortable enough," she laughed bitterly. "I need to be completely mellow for what we need to do, now."

    As they puffed on the cigarettes, sucking the acrid smoke into their lungs and holding it as long as possible, the doubt and dread tore through Dashiell Talbot's mind, savagely. He did not have any idea how he could go through with what his wife proposed, nor how she could bear it, either. It seemed impossible to him, that they would ever be able to teach the control they needed.

    "You are going to have to get back into your past, darling," she said between puffs. "You're going to have to reach back and find that beast inside of you again."

    "I can't, I just can't," he gasped, fighting to hold the harsh smoke in his lungs. "It's too horrible, I have fought against it all my life!"

    "Darling, you can't resist it anymore, it's too important," she insisted. "You have to forget everything but the cruel lust you have buried inside of you. I want you to become an animal, Dash, it's the only way!"

    They stubbed out the cigarettes and quickly lit two more. They puffed slower on these two sticks, the effects of the drug already invading their bodies, now. They began to feel light and sensual, tingling with strange and powerful sensations in every part of their bodies.

    Dashiell spoke with a rawness in his throat as he glanced nervously at his wife. "But what about you, darling?" he asked, anxiously. "How are you going to reach a point of ecstasy? How are you ever going to get to that state?"

    She shook her head. "I don't know," she admitted. "This is something very new to me, but I have to try. I seem to remember reading something about everyone enjoying bit of pain, perhaps I can work on that sensation, heighten it."

    Dashiell nodded gravely. "Yes, there exists the ability in all of us to enjoy suffering," he agreed. "But those that go as deeply into it as E.G. demands are usually insane. You have to unhinge your mind to reach that point!"

    Maggie closed her eyes tightly, shaking her head slowly. "I have to dig deeply into myself, darling, Search out the core of my pleasure, find that moment that is similar to the pain of orgasm I sometimes experience."

    Dashiell sighed heavily,* nodding his head dully. "I feel like we are about to cross some evil barrier, darling," he whispered painfully. "I feel like we are about to enter a world we do not understand."

    Maggie laughed savagely. "That is putting it mildly, I would imagine," she said, grimly. "That is the understatement of the year."

    Their second cigarettes were just about completely finished by now, merely two smoldering stubs they held carefully between their fingers. They puffed on them fiercely now, trying to get as much of the powerful herb as they could into their bodies, reluctant to finish smoking them and proceed to the next stage of their experiment.

    They sucked the last of the smoke into their lungs, then and exhaled deeply. Finally, they turned and gazed at each other, smiling crookedly. They were both trembling realizing that the moment could now no longer be avoided.

    Dashiell gazed at his wife, his eyes roaming slowly over her body, now, in an attempt to get the excitement surging inside of him. He saw her breasts, rising and falling gently against her sheer, white blouse, the outline of the small, pert globes perfect against the material of the garment.

    He gazed at the shorts she was wearing, a tight, crotch hugging pair that were clearly indented at the V of her mound. Her long, sleek legs were trembling now, damp with sweat, the thighs quivering deliciously.

    He moaned softly, shaking his head as he stared at her, the hunger in his loins increasing rapidly. She saw the look in his eyes, growing feverish, and she shuddered as she felt the vibrations coming off of him, now.

    "Remember darling, I'm a pig," she whispered to him softly. "I'm a slut, a bitch that needs disciplining. I've done terrible things, disobeyed you, been haughty and self-centered. I need punishing for all that."

    Her voice was soft and melodic, rich with the promise of passion that she always offered to him. He moaned, his hands clenching into fists, beating a soft tattoo against his hard, muscular thighs.

    "I've mocked you darling," she whispered more sensuously, now. "I've demanded you act in certain ways, tried to make you perform for my benefit. I'm a bitch, darling, a bitch that needs to be put in her place."

    Dashiell tried desperately to, call upon his talent, memory and experience, now. He tried to put himself in the place she suggested, the role she told him he must play. He shut his eyes and imagined her teasing him, mocking him and refusing to obey him when he commanded her to do something.

    "Let go, darling, let go of everything," she hissed at him frantically, now. "Don't hold a single thing back! Think of how wonderful it will be to command me to punish me for all the things I have done to annoy you! Think of how delightful it will be to give me the discipline I need!"

    She ran her hands over his chest and slithered them down into his lap, now. "Umm, I can feel you already, darling," she laughed, softly. "You're already getting hard and strong for me! You want me, don't you my love? You want to punish me and take me savagely, now. Well, go ahead. I deserve it. I deserve to be punished."

    Dashiell Talbot shuddered as he felt his wife's fingers at his groin, kneading and squeezing his cock through his trousers. He remembered how she had taunted him over, the last few months, mocked him when he turned away from her advances.

    She had tried to pressure him into things, when he had done them for her! While he was trying to protect her, she had been so ungrateful as to condemn him, to shout and scream at him. The little bitch was too stupid to understand, and too self-centered to realize how good he had been to her.

    He opened his eyes and stared at her angrily. He saw her sweet, perfect face, grinning at him then, mocking him again, he assumed. The bitch always tried to run things, he realized, always tried to get her own way. He should show her who was the master, he thought, show her who was in charge.

    "You pig," he snarled, pushing her away from him rudely. "You ungrateful little scum! You can't thinks of anyone but yourself!"

    Laughing, harshly, Maggie nodded now. "That's right, of course," she hissed at him. "Who should I think of, you?"

    Her face was a sneering mask then, and Dashiell surrendered to the overpowering urge that washed through him, then. He slashed out his hand, cracking his palm hard against her cheek, knocking her off the bed and onto the floor.

    "You need a lesson, bitch," he snarled as he gazed down, with great satisfaction, at her moaning on the floor. "You need to be taught your place!"

    She glanced up at him, mocking him cruelly. "Who's going to teach me that?" she laughed coldly. "You, I don't think you're man enough!"

    The rage boiled inside of the young man now and he stood up from the bed, kicking her hard in the side. She winced with the pain, rolling over on her back, still grinning at him viciously.

    "Teach me, then, you bastard," she snarled at him with a icy chill in her voice. "Come on, Dash, show me who the master is!"

    "God, you really want it, don't you?" he hissed, his eyes blazing with rage, now.

    Maggie nodded wildly, something stirring inside of her that she did not quite recognize but felt compelled to follow. Her husband was standing over her then, glaring at her savagely, giving off more power and force than she ever remembered.

    "Yes, yes damn you, show me, now," she gasped, her own voice twisted and strained beyond anything she bad heard before. "Show me you are, my master, give me what I need!"

    Savagely he kicked her in the rump. "All right, bitch," he growled angrily. "I'll show you! I'm going to punish you for toying with me! I'm going to give you the discipline you've had coming for a good, long time!"

    He kicked her again and she gasped in pain. "Crawl, you scum, crawl over to the God damn chair," he hissed, kicking her once more. "Get over there, bitch, your time of punishment is at hand!"

    Moaning, her bottom throbbing with the pain of his kicks, she began to move slowly across the floor toward the big, soft easy chair on the other side of the room. He walked behind her, kicking her several more times in a harsh, brutal manner.

    She gasped as his foot slammed into her once- more, rolling on her side from the pain and force of the kick. She gazed up into his eyes and felt a. powerful rush of excitement racing through her, then, as she saw the fierce passion in them, now.

    "You worthless bitch," he snarled viciously. "I'm going to give you a beating like you've never had before. I'm going to discipline you now, as I should have long ago! You're going to get a lesson all right, I promise you!"

    He reached down and took hold of her shoulders, pulling her to her feet. She sobbed as he twisted her around and slapped her violently across her face. She screamed with pain as the blows landed, throwing her back against the chair.

    "Strip, you scum," he snarled at her once again. "Take off those clothes and prepare yourself for punishment, pig!"

    Her face still stinging with the pain of his slaps, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse. The pain that was throbbing in her cheeks was curiously pleasing to her, now, as she allowed herself to experience the strange pleasure at being powerless in front of his rage.

    She slipped the blouse from her shoulders, baring her pert, riped breasts to his eyes. The nipples were like tiny, pink nuggets against the smooth, creamy mounds, and they trembled with the excitement rushing through them, now.

    Eagerly, she ran the zipper down on her shorts and unsnapped the button. She slithered the shorts and her panties down over her hips and thicks, kicking her legs frantically to free herself of the unwanted garments.

    Dashiell Talbot stared hungrily at his wife's naked body now. Her smooth, luscious thighs flared delightfully, already damp with excitement, and her cunt mound was moist and glistening deliciously.

    "You think you're such a good-looking cunt, don't you?" he hissed at her. "I'm going do something about that, bitch! I'm going to give you a little red to go with that creamy color you have!"

    She sat in the chair, trembling, her eyes following him as he went to the fire place. Above the mantle, fastened by hooks, hung a long, ugly whip. Its leather handle and vicious strand were gleaming, and he removed it from the hooks, cracking it against the floor as he turned to face her once more.

    She gasped as she watched him gripping the handle tightly, balancing the tool in his hand. As he approached her, she shivered with fear and anticipation, knowing that he intended to use it on her, now.

    "Are you afraid, scum?" he laughed savagely. "Are you frightened, bitch?"

    She nodded wildly, terror racing through her violently, now. "Yes, yes, Dash, I'm scared," she moaned, softly. "Ohh, God, I'm so afraid, darling!"

    Cracking the whip against the floor, the man laughed wildly, again. "Good, that's very good! Fear makes the pain worse, scum," he cackled. "You'll really be able to enjoy your suffering, if you're scared!"

    As he drew near to her now, the young woman moaned in total horror and fear. Never in her life had Maggie been this frightened, never had she felt such overpowering terror. There was something delicious about her fear, though, something more compelling and more powerful than anything she had ever felt before.

    She imagined the whip lashing against her brutally, thought of how savage and fierce the pain would be. She drew deep from her inner desires, latched on to the forbidden passion for agony and nodded in her excitement, now.

    "Ohh, yes, Dash, punish me, now," she moaned, softly. "I… I can't wait, darling, I can't wait for the discipline you're going to give me!"

    "You need this, don't you, pig?" he laughed, rubbing the handle of the whip against her breasts, now. "You need to feel the pain, don't you, scum?"

    She felt the cold, harsh leather against her breasts, scraping her soft, tender flesh painfully and she shuddered as a perverse pleasure ripped through her, now. She rocked back and forth, nodding, the passion to be hurt surging in her at an unbelievable rate.

    "Ummm, I want it, I want the pain," she moaned softly. "I want to feel you hurting me, Dash. I need it, badly!"

    Her husband stepped back from her then, grinning in a cruel, cold fashion. He laughed sharply, dragging the whip behind him, then. "Don't worry, scum," he assured her viciously. "You're going to get all the punishment you need!"

    He whirled the whip around his head, then and lashed out with it, cracking it hard against his wile's breasts. She had turned away at the last moment, and the cruel tip of the lash nicked her precious globes, painfully.

    She screamed as the blow landed, the pain surging through her worse than she had imagined, it drove deep into her boobs, and the precious mounds quivered with the force of the blow.

    Instantly, he pulled his arm quickly back and then cracked the whip against her naked thighs with as much power and brutal force as he had struck her breasts. She screamed again, bending over as the agony tore through her lovely limbs.

    Laughing savagely, he lashed at her bowed back, then, bringing the whip down with full force against her shoulders. Sobbing with agony, she dropped to her knees, quivering violently on the carpet at his feet.

    "How do you like that, scum?" he hissed, cracking the whip now against her soft, spongy buttocks. "How do you like the punishment, pig!"

    She was lying on the floor, now, moaning and quivering with the lingering effects of the blows. Her bottom tingled with pain, throbbing savagely as if he had placed a burning iron against her flesh. Her shoulders ached as if he had cracked a heavy piece of wood against them. "It's… it's marvelous," she gasped, shuddering with agony, then. "Ohh, God, Dash, it's better than I imagined. Again, darling, give me what I deserve, again!"

    Dashiell Talbot stared at his wife's quivering body, seeing the effects of his blows already, as the bright red welts began to form on her lovely, white flesh. He felt a powerful throbbing in his loins, and brought the whip down hard on her bottom once again, listening as the delightful crack of it striking her was followed by the scream that was torn from her lips.

    As the welts continued to burst out over her creamy skin, the thundering excitement grew stronger in his loins. More than ever before, he could feel a tense, throbbing delight at inflicting punishment, much stronger than all the times he had been forced to in the past.

    He gazed at her quivering buttocks, so delightful in their shape and form, quivering so adorably with pain, now. He cracked the whip against them once more, and she jerked in agony, the tender half moons shivering delightfully under the blow again.

    "Yes, my little bitch," he hissed, lashing at the base of her spine with the cruel, harsh weapon in his hand. "You deserve this, you surely do!"

    Maggie writhed on the carpet, the stinging pain nearly overwhelming her, now, with all its brutal force. Never had she felt such driving agony, such pounding hurt. She sobbed as he lashed her again with the vicious instrument, now tearing open the soft, warm flesh of her shoulders with one, harsh blow.

    As the blood began to well up out of the small wound, Dashiell Talbot felt the fever of his desire to hurt her growing even stronger. He brought the weapon down as hard as he could on her bottom again, and he drew a deep, red slash in her perfect bottom with the blow.

    "Get up, scum, get up and lean over the chair," he snarled. "I want you bent over for me, welcoming the punishment you deserve!"

    Maggie groaned on the carpet, now, pulling herself upward and over the soft, wide arm of the chair, then. She was trembling violently, the throbbing hurt racing through her with more force than ever before.

    Her flesh was highly sensitized from tile grass she had smoked, and she could feel the full effects of the blows as her husband struck her, now. Each time he lashed at her flesh, the pain would throb through her with a most wonderful power and force, and her agony was driving all other sensations out of her flesh, now.

    She clung desperately to the pleasure she had discovered in her pain. Somehow, the agony had a powerful ability to please her in a way she had never dreamed of. She found herself no longer having to pretend or will pleasure to the surf ace of her pain, it was now mingling deliciously with the agony on its own.

    She lay across the arm of the chair, now, her long, lithe body quivering in spasms of continual hurt. She could hardly see for the blinding, red mist that had formed in front of her eyes, and the only sound she could hear, almost, was the gasp of her own tortured breathing.

    Dashiell's cock was pounding in his pants as he gazed at his wife's quivering body. He moaned with desire, and brought the whip down savagely against her back once more, crossing the first wound with another.

    "God, I hope you love this punishment as much as I do, scum," he snarled savagely. "I hope you enjoy being disciplined as much as I enjoying doing it to you!"

    The young woman moaned, shuddering once more as the harsh, cruel whip cracked into her spine once more. She jerked her head back, moaning as the pain tore through her like a white hot blade.

    "I do, darling, ohh, God, I do," she sobbed. The horror of his agony was overwhelming, now, even more than the fact that she was enjoying it so completely. "I love it, Dash, more, give me more.!"

    He attacked her in a frenzy, now, cracking the whip against her spine and buttocks, lashing the tip of it cruelly against her thighs and shoulders. His ability with the lash returned to him from his childhood, and he was able to measure and time his blows perfectly, now.

    The violence of his assault on her was increasing, as the blood continued to well up in her wounds and drip from them in a sickening fashion. The girl jerked and twisted

    with each blow, the pain throbbing in her flesh, growing and growing in intensity.

    For Dashiell Talbot, now, his wife's suffering was all that mattered. He thrilled to her screams, and the way she begged him to abuse her more. He loved seeing her lovely flesh torn by the whip, bleeding and marred by his abuse.

    He lashed her repeatedly, now, never pausing as he cracked the whip against her body, never ceasing even to draw a breath, now.

    She shuddered and gasped, nearly fainting under the impact of the attack by this time. Her body was merely trembling spasmodically, now, rocking from left to right against the arm of the chair, the soft moans of pain all that escaped her lips, now.

    "You love this, don't you darling?" Dashiell whispered after a moment. He bent down and pressed the handle of the whip against her blood-stained shoulders. "You love to be punished like this, don't you, bitch?"

    "Umm, it's so wonderful," she sighed, her voice trembling in a harsh, soft whisper. "I need this suffering, I need this punishment! But don't stop, Dash, don't stop, now, I beg of you, don't!"

    Her voice was rich and sincere and the young man's cock pounded savagely in his trousers, now. His lust was burning in his loins with more fierce wanting than he had ever known. He groaned thickly, mashing his groin against her naked, damp thigh.

    "I don't intend to stop, bitch," he whispered, almost sensuously, now. "I've just begun! Part of your discipline is to be sexual, remember?"

    She shivered with excitement when he said that. His tongue was licking at the nape of her neck, and his free hand slithered under her body and began to fondle one of her breasts, cruelly.

    She moaned once more as she felt him taking her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolling the tender nugget back and forth between them. She sobbed as he pinched the sweet pebble cruelly, sending a harsh, stinging pain racing through her precious globe.

    "Ohh, fuck me, darling," she gasped. She thrust her beaten, raw buttocks against his groin in an erotic manner. "Umm, fuck me hard, right now, my love!"

    He squeezed her breast savagely in his hand, then, and she gasped as the pain tore through her. He laughed at her trembling agony and drew the whip down over her buttocks. She moaned as she felt the hard, cold leather handle slithering along her anal cleft, twisting between her buttocks, savagely. He pushed it beneath her, then, and rubbed it back and forth against her cunt.

    "I'm going to fuck you, bitch," he snarled cruelly, scraping the handle brutally against her cunt lips. "I'm going to fuck you in the ass, and cunt at the same time!"

    "Yes, yes, please, please," she moaned, feeling the handing probing between her pussy lips now. "Fuck me in the ass with your cock, Dash, put the whip in my cunt!"

    The idea stimulated her violently now, for he was rubbing the handle against her clit at this point and the wonderful, pulsating waves of delight were rippling through her pussy in a maddening fashion. She could feel the throbbing pleasure racing along her inner flesh, and the idea that he would take her bottom, while fucking her with the handle of the whip was exciting beyond measure, now.

    She felt him poking the hard, heavy weapon at her pussy, ruthlessly, now, and she moaned as he wedged the hard, thick prong into her cunt. The thickness of the handle forced her pussy to widen considerably, and it made her cunt ache savagely as he twisted the leather tool inside of her.

    His fingers were at her buttocks, now, kneading and caressing them harshly. She felt his digits digging into her fleshy half moons, squeezing and kneading them cruelly, now, forcing her body to jerk and shudder with the sheer agony of his caress. It was obvious to her, that he cared nothing for how she felt, and that only excited her all the more.

    She felt the fingers slithering along the cleft between her soft, warm buns, poking savagely at her warm, anal dot. She had never imagined being taken in this fashion before, and the cruelty with which he was approaching the assault made her moan with excitement and need.

    She felt his finger now stabbing at her ruby opening, and her rectal muscles tightened suddenly, baring the entrance to her moist, warm pit. She sighed quietly with need as she felt him pushing the finger against her rectum insistently, driving it into her pit with a harsh and sudden force.

    The pain of the invasion was like a burning rod entering her bum. "Ohh, Jesus, that hurts," she moaned. "That hurts so good!"

    He laughed and twisted his finger against the warm, spongy flesh of her anal interior, felt her flesh rippling around his plunging spear. He sank the prong deep into her bum, then, burying his finger to the hilt in her hot, narrow passage.

    His cock pounded between his thighs with unbelievable power, now. Never before had he felt so stimulated, so agonizingly hungry for sex. He felt her bum walls undulating around his finger, and.through the thin membrane of flesh that separated them, he could feel the hard handle of the whip he had pushed into her cunt.

    He turned the handle savagely inside her pussy, now, while running his finger back and forth along her anal walls. The young woman screamed with the delicious mixture of pain and pleasure she felt, nodding her head in delight.

    "Ohh, God, more, do it more, darling," she moaned. "Ummm, discipline me, Dash, punish me good, darling, good!"

    "You need this, bitch, you need this badly," he moaned, his own lust surging through him wildly, then. "I'm going to hurt you, scum, really going to make you pay for being an evil bitch!"

    As his finger rode in and out of her asshole, flow, he twisted and turned the digit against her flesh, savagely. He felt her bucking and jerking violently under the assault, and his finger grew wet and slippery from the warm, thick juice that was lubricating her hum, now.

    It was obvious that she was receiving as much, or even more pleasure as he was out of all this, and he drove his prong into her asshole with a violent fury, then. He pumped the handle in and out of her cunt at the same time, and the young woman was lurching savagely under the attack, now.

    "It's marvelous, simply marvelous," she sobbed, her whole body seized by the sensations she was experiencing. "Ohh, Dash, Dash, it's wonderful, yes, wonderful!"

    Dashiell Talbot could hardly believe how achingly powerful his own lust was becoming. His prick quaked with wanting and his loins boiled with the need that was roaring through him. His balls were churning with hot, steaming come, and the huge sack seemed to be swelling to a point of bursting between his thighs.

    He felt her bum muscles locking hard around his finger and he cackled savagely as he turned it against them. "God, you need a good ass fucking, scum," he hissed. "You need a good one, badly!"

    He pulled his finger from her rectum and the young woman sobbed in agreement, now.

    "Yes, Dash, yes I do," she moaned, wildly. "Ohh, fuck me, Dash, fuck my asshole, now! Do it hard, darling, do it hard, please!"

    Dash could not believe how hot her pit felt as he slid his long, thick shaft between her soft, spongy buttocks. He felt the tender cheeks locking against his meat and he gasped as he pushed the head of his tool against her trembling dot.

    She moaned thickly and bucked against him, now, eagerly accepting the hard, pounding weapon into her bum. Both of them nearly screamed as he entered her, for her flesh was on fire with need, and his meat was aching with desire.

    He forced the huge prick into her tiny passage and the young woman sobbed with delight at the violent penetration. She jerked spasmodically as he thrust into her, her rectum expanding wide under his ruthless invasion.

    The hard, throbbing spear buried itself in the very depths of her anal track, now, and pounded savagely in the pit of her tender bum. She felt the surging blood tearing through his shaft, now, and the thrill of it being deep in her asshole nearly overwhelmed her with lust.

    He felt her shuddering uncontrollably beneath him, now, and he rammed his prick into her as hard as he could, then. She screamed in delight, twisting and turning as the powerful spasms rocked her, aching loins.

    The climax soared in her pussy, violently, making her shudder and jerk again and again, while her husband continued to slam his prick into her asshole, cruelly. She sobbed with delight, enjoying the rolling warmth that rippled in her pit, while the surging manhood continued to power into her aching asshole.

    Suddenly he was driving into her bum, with more power and force than ever before. He was gasping for breath as he slammed into her, now, twisting and turning, moaning with delight as he neared his moment of release.

    "You scum, you bitch, I'm going to come," he moaned, thickly. "I'm going to come in your asshole, now, you pig!"

    She felt him drive his cock to the pit of her rectum, then, burying his tool to the hilt as the climax exploded in his balls. Waves of thick, hot come spurted from his shaft, and she screamed as she felt the delight of his creamy lust washing over her tortured inner walls.

    He shuddered savagely inside of her then, twisting and moaning as he emptied his loins in her aching asshole.

    Chapter 5

    Dinner was early that evening. They ate on the terrace, E.G. commanding them to finish quickly. He had plans for the evening, he informed them, that he wanted to carry out at dusk.

    "When the sun is red in the hills, falling fast, that is the time for excitement," he explained, laughing in a cold, harsh voice. "Things are picking up around here."

    He was glancing around the table as he spoke, allowing his gaze to fall across their faces with a smiling, evil intent. It was clear, at once, to both Dashiell and Maggie that he knew what had happened that afternoon.

    "You sound pleased, E.G.," Dashiell said, grimly. "You must be in a wonderful mood! Violence always has brought out the best in you."

    "That's true, boy," chuckled the older man, savagely. "I like to see who's tough enough to survive in my world."

    Dashiell smiled thinly. "You might be surprised this time, E.G.," he said evenly. "This little adventure of yours might blow up in your face!"

    Nola and Winston were glancing at each other nervously, now. It was obvious to them that something had happened between Dashiell and Maggie, and the clear fact that the two of them were so obviously concerned pleased Dashiell's wife, greatly.

    "Don't look so worried, Nola," she said, leaning across the table and smiling sweetly at the woman. "You were the one that told me of the good that comes from evil, don't you remember?"

    "You think you are such a hot bitch," snarled the woman. "You know nothing! You can't begin to understand the beauty of suffering!"

    "You just keep on believing that, lady," chuckled Maggie. "I may start slow, but I catch on quickly."

    E.G. Talbot watched the two women intently, enjoying their bickering. It was delightful to see them fighting for the edge of his favor. Wonderful to see them both so stimulated to impress him. The big man sighed happily. He was sure this evening was going to be filled with delight and satisfaction for him. He need only to put the forces in motion, and watched the events unfold.

    He grinned at the two women. "Listen to yourselves," he chuckled softly. "You sound as if you are the queens of the stage, not the worthless scum you truly are!"

    He turned his attention to their husbands, now. "Are you going to let them carry on like that, disrupting our meal with their mindless chatter?" he growled. "You two certainly aren't acting as if you are in charge of your women!"

    Taking that as a cue, Winston slapped Nola hard across the cheek. "Silence, bitch," he grumbled. "You'll talk when I tell you to!"

    "I'm sorry, Winston;" she mumbled submissively, smiling in triumph at the young woman across from her. "I deserved that!"

    "And what about you?" E.G. growled, glaring at his younger son. "Don't you think that bitch of yours needs a little straightening out?"

    "I'll punish her when I'm ready, E.G.," the young man replied, softly. "We may be playing your game, father, but we've got a few rules of our own!"

    The old man stared harshly at his son, for the first time appearing to be a little confused and shocked. He had not expected such a twist and was at a loss as to how to deal with it.

    "You see, E.G., we have decided that discipline is more than just giving punishment," Maggie explained softly. "It is also a fierce sort of passion. A method of enjoying oneself. We are trying to refine it, make it more exciting!"

    "We are no longer going to deal with merely mindless punishments," Dashiell went on. "We are making the stakes of this game higher. You are all going to have to come up with something original to win!"

    This clever game of cat and mouse was unsettling to E.G. Talbot. He felt a bit of his power and control slipping away from him, for he could not argue with their logic. He had invented the game, and now they were turning it back on him.

    "I make the decisions around here," he blustered angrily. "I am master of this house, remember that!"

    "You are only master so long as you can control, E.G.," corrected his younger son. "Once you lose the right to that, you lose everything!"

    "Are you trying to tell me you're taking over?" the old man said with a vicious laugh. "That's impossible, and you know it!"

    "For the time being, perhaps, E.G.," Dashiell said, grimly. "But we shall see, won't we, who is on top in the end."

    Winston Talbot glanced back and forth between his father and brother now, something stirring in his mind. He gazed intently as Dashiell, a smile now coming over his lips as he began to speak.

    "You mean, if we do better at the game of discipline and punishment than he does, we can beat him?" he asked softly.

    Maggie nodded. "He's trapped, even mother will have to agree," she whispered urgently. "He has to play by the rules, he has no other, choice!"

    They all looked to the woman at the other end of the table, her lips tight in a thin line. They were pale and trembling, for suddenly she had been cast in a role she had not chosen. Carefully, she searched for the right thing to say.

    "I… I don't know," she whispered, avoiding her husband's glare. "I… I have never even thought of such a thing."

    "You have to go along, Laurel," Nola hissed savagely. "Otherwise, there is no point to this, and none of us will continue!"

    "By God, you'll not defy me," snarled E.G. Talbot. He slammed his hand down hard on the table, tipping over the glasses with the force of the blow. "I am master here, there can be no other!"

    Laurel Talbot gazed at her husband now, realizing for the first time her power in this situation. Everything they owned was in her name also, though before this moment, she never gave a thought to defying his wishes. Now, she realized, he was powerless, if she did not agree to his decisions.

    She smiled meekly and bowed her head. "Whoever proves the best, should be the master," she said almost in a whisper. "It's the only correct way of doing things!"

    E.G. Talbot stared at his wife in shock. "You have gone mad, woman," he hissed. "How can they possibly be better at discipline and punishment than I?"

    "As I said, E.G., that remains to be seen," his younger son said casually. "It all depends on who can prove themselves to be the most clever and amusing. Who can find more ways of taking punishment to a high art! After all, we are all accomplished craftsmen, here, it's a noble challenge for us, I think!"

    The table fell silent in that moment. All of them suddenly realizing that the game was wide open now, with no one in command. It would be up to all of them to prove they were the better disciplinarian. Up to each to them to show who could enjoy punishment the best.

    Already, Maggie was growing excited. She glanced back and forth between the people seated around the table, grinning savagely with excitement. Her loins trembled with excitement and her flesh felt the need of a vicious beating almost as if she could feel the pounding already.

    "What are we waiting for?" she hissed wildly. "There's no sense in prolonging this contest. Let's find out once and for all, who is the better of us all!"

    "Yes, yes, let's get to work," hissed Nola, now. "I want to show you people what being punished is all, about! I want you to see how one can thrill to their agony and humiliation. I'm ready, are you?"

    There was a harsh, whispering murmur around the table and all eyes went to E.G. Talbot at last. The big man was staring impassively at them, his hands trembling as if he were about to lash out at all of them.

    "All right," he whispered softly. "Let's begin!"

    Chapter 6

    They drew lots for who would go first. Maggie waited breathlessly, a surging fear and excitement mingling in her body and mind. As the numbers were revealed, she wanted to scream with delight at the results.

    Nola and Winston would be the first couple to perform. Luckily, for Maggie and Dashiell, E.G. and Laurel would go next. She and her husband, would have the last act to perform. Already, the young woman felt her confidence building.

    She smiled coolly across the table at Winston and Nola, the other two returning her smile with angry glares. The woman turned to her husband and nodded her head, determinedly, as she rose from her chair.

    "Let's show them, darling," she hissed. "Let's show them just what pleasure is all about!"

    Nodding abruptly, but nervously, the man got to his feet. His wife led him out into the garden, chuckling to herself as they reached the rose bushes. She turned and smiled coldly at the rest of them, now.

    "Tell them what a pig I am, darling," she hissed to her husband. "Tell them how much I deserve to be punished in the worst way possible!"

    Gulping, the man glanced back at his father and the rest of them, and nodded grimly. "You're a bitch, all right," he said, his voice quivering as he forced himself to speak the words. "You're worthless scum, and you need to be taught a lesson!"

    "I know, my love," she murmured softly. "And I'm going to take the painful punishment I deserve! In fact, I shall begin my punishment myself!"

    She thrust her hand into the rose bush, gasping as the thorns tore her flesh. The wicked spikes cut into her skin and she moaned in pain as she grabbed hold of one, long vine.

    She pulled wildly on it, then, tearing it from the earth, even as the pointed barbs of the vine drove deeply into her palm. The blood was already dripping from her torn hand as she handed the vine to her husband, carefully.

    "You see," she said to the rest, wincing as tile pain throbbed in her hand, wildly. "You see how eager I am to endure the punishment, now?"

    The others were staring at her intently, now, watching with a singular fascination as she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the ground, then quickly slipped out of her skirt and panty hose.

    Her pudgy body was trembling with excitement as the smiled at her husband and beyond him, to the others. "I am eager for his discipline," she whispered softly. "I can not wait for him to begin."

    Her breasts swayed from left to right, the nipples pink and growing even as the excitement rushed through them, now. She glared at her husband, hissing, in a cold, ruthless voice to the man, now.

    "Beat me, darling, punish me for offending you with my arguments at the table," she moaned. "Do it; now, darling, do it, now!"

    Winston moaned, lifting the vine gingerly in his hand. He took a step backward, then whipped his arm downward, slashing the thorns hard against her trembling mounds. The thorns tore at her flesh, savagely, and the woman gasped in pain as the tiny wounds opened in her flesh.

    The pain was violent and fierce, and she sobbed, nodding, wildly, then. "More, darling, more," she gasped. "My legs, my cunt, all of me with the rose!"

    Winston sucked in his breath, staring in shock and anger at the wounds he had opened on his wife's flesh. He hated her for forcing him to do that, but still he could not bring himself to lash at her with the vine.

    He cracked it against her thighs and she moaned, shocked by the lack of force in his attack. "Harder, you fool," she snarled. "Make me pay, make me suffer for embarrassing you. Ohh, God, I need the punishment, now!"

    Now the man lashed at her with the vine much harder. He whipped it cruelly at her loins and the vines tore deep into her pussy as he ripped them against her cunt. The tender lips of her vagina were torn by the vicious thorns, and the woman groaned, spinning around prom the force of the lash.

    "My ass, beat my ass," she sobbed. "Ohh, Winston, discipline me, discipline me good, Master, please!"

    At her begging, the man began to whip her with the vine, savagely. The tiny thorns were surprising in their ability to wound her, and alter few moments, her buttocks were ripped and torn from the blows, bleeding steadily in a dozen different places.

    Clearly, Nola was enjoying this. She rocked from side to side, jerking violently as the thorns tore into her flesh. She was sobbing with pleasure under the attack, twisting to meet each lashing blow with obvious delight.

    "Harder, darling, hit me harder, please," she moaned. She gazed over her, shoulder and saw that the vine he was using was nearly broken from his efforts, so she quickly thrust her hand once more.

    "Again, don't stop now, hurt me again," she pleaded with him. "I need it, Winston. You know how much I need to be punished!"

    Her husband seemed in a frenzy, now. He lashed at her shoulders and back with the new vine, trying as hard as he could to injure her badly. She laughed each time the thorns tore open her flesh, nodding her pleasure at the vicious cutting of her skin in quick, savage motion.

    "You pig, you scum, you love it, don't you?" Winston moaned, his voice clearly agitated from being forced to abuse her this way. "You want me to hurt you, don't you? You want this discipline, right?"

    He had driven her to her knees by now, and. her back was a mass of blood from the wounds the thorns had opened in her flesh. She sobbed, nodding her head wildly, jerking once more in uncontrollable spasms each time the vine slashed across her flesh.

    "More, I want more, I want you to punish me as I deserve," she sobbed. "Ohh, God, can't you see? Don't you realize how much I need this?"

    "I'll give, you more, I want you to beg me to stop, cunt, beg me to stop," he snarled. He lashed at her with the vine again and again, until it was a bent, broken stem dangling from his hand, the thorns torn free from the flesh they had struck.

    Nola shuddered as her husband stood over her, moaning and sighing with the effort of having struck her. He was shuddering, himself, uncontrollably, now, jerking in tremors of anger and despair.

    She looked up and into his eyes, then, her own blazing with anticipation. "You want to fuck me, now, don't you darling," she whispered harshly. "You want to take me hard, like I need, hurt me while you're doing it!"

    "Yes, damn you, yes," he snarled in a tortured voice. "I want you to suffer, scum, suffer, for what you make me do to you!"

    "Then fuck me in the rose bush, darling," she hissed. "Fuck me brutally while I'm pinned against the thorns! Make every movement hurt me terribly, Winston!"

    The man screamed in anger for this new savagery his wife had thought up. He punched her hard in the face, knocking her backward into the big, huge bush. She screamed as her body flattened against the thorns, driving dozens of them into her flesh.

    She gasped in pain, shuddering as the thorns began to move in her flesh. Her husband was already pressing down on her, now, carefully avoiding the barbs, himself.

    "Now you're going to pay, bitch," he snarled, his breath coming in harsh, aching spurts. "Now you're going to be punished for your bitchy ways!"

    She laughed in delight as she felt his fingers digging between her legs, ruthlessly kneading her cunt mound. His mouth crushed over hers, then, kissing and nipping at her lips, cruelly.

    "Ohh, God, this is how I want it," she screamed, her body moving against the thorns beneath her, digging them deeper into her flesh. "Yes, painful, savage, yes do it, yes!"

    Winston Talbot moaned as lie grasped hold of one of her breasts and began to knead it cruelly. He felt the tender globe quivering in his hand, the warmth of her blood pounding in the ample mound.

    He pinched the nipple as hard as he could between his fingers and his wife sobbed with the palm of his ruthless caress. He drove his fingers hard at her cunt, then, mashing them against her pussy, while he tugged at her damp, warm cunt petals.

    Her buttocks were dotted with thorns now, and she could feel them grinding in her fleshy moons, stinging her delightfully. She screamed in pleasure, jerking as the spasms of pain increased.

    "You're a bitch, aren't you, scum?" snarled her husband. "You need to be punished badly, don't you, pig?"

    She nodded as he continued the cruel and vicious attack. She could not believe how wonderfully, painful the tiny thorns felt digging, into her buttocks and thighs. She could feel the blood dripping from her wounds, and the warmth of it was beyond description to her, now.

    "Ohhh, God, Winston, make me pay," she gasped, spreading her thighs eagerly apart, thrusting her pussy mound against his hand. "Take me brutally, darling, make me pay for embarrassing you, now!"

    Winston felt as if his flesh was on fire as he attacked his wife's pussy, now. He drove his fingers into her savagely, pushing them past her cunt entrance with a cruel, violent thrust of his hand.

    He buried the digits deep in her chamber and twisted them against her inner flesh, painfully. He felt her cunt throbbing around the buried digits and he laughed, driving them as deeply into her as he could.

    "Suffer you pig, suffer for your cunt-like ways," he hissed. His voice was broken and harsh, trembling with the rage he was experiencing. "Ohh, God, you need to be disciplined, and a good, cruel tuck is how you're going to get it!"

    Viciously he pumped his fingers back and forth inside of her, now. She jerked and shuddered, sobbing as the prongs thrust against her moist, narrow channel. He powered the fingers savagely in and out of her, forcing her cunt chamber to widen in a brief instant of time.

    She lay on the thorns, rocking from left to right now, overcome by the pleasure of the pain she was experiencing. She jerked violently as the fingers drove into her cunt, enjoying the ruthless attack, completely.

    Her husband's cock was throbbing in his pants, now, a hard, pulsating shaft that was eager to be freed from its: confinement. He groaned as he leaned against her naked, blood-spattered thigh with his groin, rubbing himself greedily against her quivering limb.

    "Fuck me, Winston, I need you to fuck me, now," she sobbed, her legs shaking uncontrollably now. "I need you to give me the ruthless fuck that only you can! Show them, Winston, show them how brutally you can take me as punishment, now!"

    The man was almost roaring with anger as he pulled his prick from his pants and thrust himself between her thighs. He pushed the soft, meaty limbs apart and wiggled up tight against her aching pussy.

    "You fucking scum," he hissed. "You've wanted this for so long, now you're going to get it, bitch!"

    Savagely, then, he pulled her cunt lips apart with his fingers and fit the huge, hard head of his cock between them. She gasped with pain as he rudely thrust inside of her, suddenly driving his cock to the hilt in her aching pit.

    He tore savagely into her cunt, now, twisting and turning as he cruelly buried his cock in her chamber. The huge rod throbbed powerfully in the depths of her pit, pulsating with the surging blood that tore through it.

    He leaned his weight down on her heavily, driving her flesh against the rose bush as brutally as he could. The harsh, needle-like barbs ground into her flesh and torn her skin in a vicious fashion.

    She screamed with pleasure as she felt his brutal cock throbbing against her inner walls, and the thorns tearing relentlessly at her flesh each time he moved. He began to thrust in and out of her, then, rocking his meat back and forth in a frenzied manner. Each stroke was more violent than the last, and the woman could do nothing but lay beneath him, suffering the assault.

    "Ohh, God, harder, harder," she sobbed, allowing him to grind her buttocks against the thorns. "Umm, yes, Winston, hurt me, yes! I need it, I deserve it, yes!"

    Again and again the man thrust into her cunt. She sobbed and shuddered, feeling the pounding meat tearing her inner flesh savagely, now. His attack and invasion had been so sudden, that her tender inner walls were not prepared for the assault, then, the delicate blood vessels were now being ripped and torn by the friction of his plunging shaft.

    "You worthless pig, you scum, you made me do this, you made me," he moaned, thrusting back and forth uncontrollably, now, as his passion began to take hold of him.

    "Ohh, Jesus, you wanted this, bitch, you wanted this punishment, you pig!" he moaned, grinding his cock in the depths of her pussy once more.

    "I do, I do, I do," she screamed. She threw her cunt at him, then, mashing it hard against him as he drove down into her. "It's what I deserve, this painful fucking is just the discipline I need!"

    "Suffer, bitch, suffer," he snarled, pumping back and forth in a thunderous manner, now. "Suffer for all you've done, suffer!"

    The thorns were deeply embedded in her flesh, now, and the woman could do little more than endure the attack. She twisted and turned under his thrusting shaft, feeling it slashing back and forth inside of her like a sharp, lacerating knife.

    His cock was swelling large in her pussy, now, and she knew that at any moment he would be climaxing savagely inside of her. She moaned and shuddered as his prick tore into her ruthlessly, now, using her cunt muscles to urge him on.

    "Come, damn you, come in me, now," she sobbed breathlessly. "Come in my worthless cunt, Winston, come in me, now!"

    Her passion was almost as fierce as his, now, and she sobbed as he thundered his tool into her again and again. Suddenly he began to gasp and tremble, his body bucking fiercely as the hot come spurted from his rod and splashed its boiling fury against her inner walls.

    "You pig, you scum, you made me come," he groaned, grinding his cock in the very depths of her pit. "You made me come, bitch, you made me come!"

    The boiling spurts of hot fluid continued to burst from his rod, then, filling her pussy completely. Nola allowed herself to be mashed hard against the thorns, shuddering with the final tremors of her husband's release.

    Winston moaned, pushing himself away from her then, and falling heavily on his back in front of her. She moaned softly, then pushed herself up from the ground, grinning wickedly at the rest of them.

    She rose on shaky limbs, then, smiling at them in triumph. "You see," she muttered softly. "You see how much I loved it?"

    The look of contempt was clear in her eyes, and the smile smug on her lips. "No one can suffer such as I! No one enjoys punishment as well as I do!"

    With that, she sat down, heavily, the exhaustion of her abuse consuming her, even as her strength was drained away by her loss of blood.

    Chapter 7

    For a moment, no one said anything. They were stunned by what they had just seen, and their silence was proof of that fact. Maggie's eyes were narrowed to slits, and she had a grim look on her face.

    Dashiell laughed softly. "That was quite a performance," he muttered. "You should be proud, E.G.!"

    The big man glared at his younger son. "You proved nothing," he hissed. "She goaded him into it, he didn't really want to do it, he's just as weak as ever! I will have to show you what a disciplinarian is!"

    He turned to his wife and snapped his fingers. "Get over here, woman," he snarled. "These, young punks know nothing of discipline, nothing of punishment! We shall show them what it truly means."

    Meekly, his wife got up from the table and joined him. She was wearing a long, flowing dress, that gathered about her still firm and uplifted breasts, enticingly. The big man's smile grew thin and tight on his lips as she reached the place where he was standing.

    He reached out and pulled the front of the dress down, harshly, baring her chest to the rest of them. "Are you my willing bitch?" he hissed at her, gripping a breast in each o. his massive hands. "Do you take your orders from me?"

    Laurel Talbot moaned in pain as she felt his massive hands crushing her tender spheres, the embarrassment flushing her cheeks to a rosy pink. She nodded, submissively, and whispered her response in a trembling voice.

    "Yes, of course, E.G.," she groaned. "I am yours to command, you know that!"

    "And what happens to you when you defy me as you have, bitch," he hissed.

    "I am punished, as I should be," she gasped. He was pinching her nipples now, squeezing the delicate buds between this thick thumbs and forefingers.

    "You seem to forget so soon after I discipline you, don't you, scum?" he chuckled softly. He was pinching her nipples brutally, now, and the color was rapidly draining from her cheeks.

    "Ohh, God, E.G., that hurts, hurts so badly," she moaned, shuddering with the, stinging pain she was experiencing. "I know I need to be punished darling, but please, stop that, please!"

    "Silence, you worthless pig," he hissed, cracking her hard across the mouth with the back of one hand. "How dare you speak to me that way?"

    The force of the blow threw the woman against the table and she sobbed as her spine cracked hard on the wooden structure. He advanced on her then, slapping her viciously, each blow driving her near to the edge or the table.

    He doubled his fist, then, and punched her hard in the temple, knocking her off her feet. She fell to the stone floor beneath his feet and moaned as she tried to raise herself up again.

    "My shoe is filthy, bitch," he growled. "Clean it off with your tongue!"

    Laurel gagged as she ran the pink dart over the toe of his shoe, licking the dirt from it hesitantly. The bitter taste of the foul crusted earth was heavy on her tongue and she choked as she tried to swallow.

    He grinned at the rest of them, as his wife continued to clean his shoe. "See how she obeys," he laughed thickly. "Even when she knows she must be punished, she still will do exactly as I command!"

    Laurel moaned as she finished cleaning the shoe. Her mouth was black with the dirt that had been there, and she sobbed quietly as he reached down and took hold of her hair. He pulled her to her feet with a cruel yank on her mane, and she gasped in pain, rising to her feet once more.

    "Now, bitch, for the second part of your punishment," he hissed at her. "Strip off that dress, pig, I want to be able to reach your flesh with my instrument of discipline, pig!"

    Moaning loudly, now, the woman trembled with fear as she pushed the flowing dress down over her hips. She was wear a frilly pair of panties and she sobbed with obvious shame, as she forced these too, dawn to her feet.

    Her husband glanced at her coldly. "You're going to pay, pig," he hissed at her cruelly, now. "And I have just the tool, I need to gather the correct punishment from your flesh!"

    There was a long, silver strand of metal resting in a small urn beside the table. The handle was wooden and the silver strand was now a glowing red from laying across a bed of, coals. He picked up the peculiar whip and whisked it through the air.

    It made a harsh, high-pitched whistle as he slashed it back and forth, and his wife trembled visibly as he showed the evil, glowing tool to her. "It's been a long times since I had to use the silver whip, hasn't it, scum?" he growled at her.

    "Ohh, God, I know, I know I need to be disciplined, E.G.," she sobbed, blinking to keep the tear of fear from running down her cheeks. "But… but must you use that, to punish me?"

    He laughed viciously, nodding his head, wildly. "Of course, you little fool," he snarled, brandishing the gleaming whip now, in front of her. "You need to be discipline severely, pig, it is the only way to be sure you have been punished enough!"

    She moaned as he approached her with the weapon, flicking it against her breasts in a teasing fashion. The burning tip of the metal lashed one nipple and she gasped in pain as it seared her tender skin.

    She trembled violently, now, as her husband began to crack the tip of the silver whip against her body. Each time the tiny, silver strand caressed her flesh, the red hot metal burned her skin.

    She sobbed in pain, shuddering as he approached her with the whipping strand. Again and again he lashed at her hips and thighs, leaving bright, red streaks in her flesh where the metal singed her.

    "Suffer well, little pig," he cackled loudly. "Show them how you can endure the punishment I give to you! Show them you can suffer well, scum!"

    She screamed, turning away from him now, trying to duck under the lashing metal whip. It landed hard against her shoulders and he bore down on the strand, forcing it to burn deeply into her skin.

    She screamed in agony, twisting away and he laughed with savage delight. "That's it, scum, pain is the best evidence of your punishment!"

    He whipped the metal strand against her bottom and she jerked as the lash cut into her skin, and the crackle of burning flesh filled the air. The scent of burned skin was in her nostrils, now, and she gagged at the odor of her own flesh being scorched.

    E.G. was relentless in his pursuit of her, now. He moved from left to right, cutting off every avenue of escape she sought. Each time she turned in one direction, he was there, lashing at her with the burning tool.

    He whipped it hard at her thighs, wrapping it around her legs, and locking the strand fast against her flesh. She screamed and struggled helplessly as the red hot metal burned into her, the smoke rising in faint wisp-s from the imprisoned limbs.

    "You should be happy, pig, that I bother to discipline you at all," he growled at her. "You should feel honored that I would waste my time, dealing with you! My punishment should be endured with happiness, scum!"

    He yanked the strand from her legs and it left a deep, ugly burn in its wake. The woman fell to the ground and he stood over her, grinning at her savagely. He lashed down at her buttocks with the burning strand once more, and she yelped in pain, jerking upward as the blow landed.

    "Please, please, no more," she sobbed, shaking her head in pain and terror. "You can discipline me in so many other ways that I love, no more of this, E.G., I beg of you, now!"

    "Ohh, God, I can't stand it, I can't," she screamed, softly, as the – lash fell against her shoulders once more.

    "You will take this discipline as you should," E.G. snarled, his anger reaching a point of bubbling rage, now. "You will be punished and enjoy it!"

    But it was obvious that the woman was not enjoying this part of her discipline whatsoever. She jerked and shuddered under the harsh, falling lash, her body twisting against the burning metal uncontrollably, now.

    E.G. seemed to be in a frenzy, now, and he continued to lash at her with the hot, gleaming metal until her whole body was a mass of burns from the cruel weapon. She lay on the stone floor, trembling uncontrollably, now, moaning softly as he continued to rain the blows down upon her.

    The stench of her scorched flesh was heavy in the air, and her sobbing groans rang loudly in their ears. All of them watched, intently, as E.G. concluded the beating at last, satisfied that he had damaged her flesh, in this manner, enough.

    "Now, scum, you can have the privilege of being taken by me," he snarled. "But you shall be the one to prepare the way for me, not I!"

    He went back to the table and picked up a small garden hoe. He carried it over to where his wife lay, trembling on the ground, and threw it down beside her face.

    "You know what to do, pig," he hissed at her savagely. "Open that pit of yours up for me, now. I want to see you getting yourself ready for me, happily!"

    Laurel sobbed and stared at the thick, wooden handle of the hoe with a quaking horror. She gazed up at her husband, crying wildly. "You… I can't… E.G., I can't," she moaned. "Please, some other way, discipline me some other way!"

    He nudged the hoe toward her with the toe of his boot. "There is no other way, pig," he snarled viciously. "There is only my way, as you very well know!"

    He reached down then and flipped her over onto her belly. "Take the tool, scum, and open the path for me, now," he snarled. "Or shall I do it myself?"

    Sobbing and shaking her head, violently, the trembling woman reached out and wrapped her fingers around the metal blade of the hoe. She was quaking violently with her tears, now, her entire body thrashing with the force of her crying.

    Gingerly, she pressed the hard, raw wood of the handle against the cleft between her buttocks. Her husband watched her closely, now, a sneer curling on his lips. She gazed at him helplessly and he snorted in contempt.

    "Come, come, pig, show them how much you love my discipline and punishment," he cackled. "Show them just how much you wish to repay me for your disobedience! Put it in there, scum, put it in your bum, now!"

    He kicked her then, and she shrieked, as the hoe pressed deeper into her bottom. She moaned, shuddering as the huge handle began to slip down between her soft, warm cheeks, spreading them far apart.

    The handle was half again as large as a man's cock and it hurt her buttocks already as she forced herself to push it between them. She sobbed as she felt the hard, rough wood tearing at her tender flesh, the slivers embedding themselves in her spongy half moons.

    The thick, stubby head of the handle was now pressed tightly against her anal dot and she moaned as she felt the pressure she was pushing against herself. She tried to thrust the handle into her bum, but found she could not.

    "God, please, don't make me do this, E.G.," she sobbed. "Please, I can't!"

    The big man snarled at her coldly. "I said now, scum," he hissed. "Shove that handle into your hole, or I will kick it in there, pig! You are to show everyone how much you accept my discipline and command. This is your punishment, bitch, take the handle, now!"

    Laurel sobbed and gripped the metal blade of the hoe with her hand once more. She took a deep breath than pushed forward, forcing the huge, hard tip of it into her bum. The pain was fierce as it roared through her flesh, and the stars spun around her eyes as she shoved the cruel weapon into her asshole.

    Deeper and deeper she forced it into her bum, her flesh throbbing with pain now, as thee thick, wide prong forced her inner walls to expand far beyond their natural width. Soon she was shuddering as the pain raced through her, and the sweat of her agony was pouring off her flesh.

    E.G. watched with a leering grin on his face, his joy at his wife's degradation and suffering apparent in his eyes. He smirked as she slowly forced more and more of the hoe handle into her bum, her voice now a breathless sob as the pain seared through her delicate tunnel.

    "Deeper, scum, deeper, he snarled savagely. "Put it all the way in, I want to see every inch of it in your bum!"

    Her anal passage was spread wide by this time, and the fierce, throbbing agony was more than the poor woman could bear. She sobbed thickly, gasping as she gave the metal blade of the hoe a final turn, embedding the tool completely in her ripped and bleeding anal pit.

    She could not speak as she lay there, jerking spasmodically with the rippling pain that washed through her tunnel. Her inner walls throbbed savagely against the tool, and her free hand was bunched up into a tight, hard fist that she hammered against the stone deck of the terrace in agony.

    E.G. Talbot was not satisfied with this, however, he grinned at the woman and nodded, hissing at her coldly. "Turn it, bitch, turn the handle in your ass," he snarled. "You haven't widened your pit enough for me yet! Get to work, scum!"

    He gazed at her with a look of triumph on his face as the tortured woman began to turn the buried handle in her asshole. She twisted it from left to right, screaming each time she did, the pain blinding her eyes with the fury of it, now.

    E.G. cackled in delight and glanced at the others with an insane grin on his lips. "You see how she willingly accepts my discipline?" he laughed. "You see how she will obey me, and take her punishment for defying me, earlier?" He glanced back at his wife, then, lying on the terrace, quivering with pain, moving the handle of the hoe back and forth against her anal interior. She jerked with the pain of her actions, no longer even crying, now, so fierce was the agony, that it took every bit of her strength just to breathe.

    Her husband watched for a little while longer, then he bent over and brushed her hand from the blade of the hoe. He took hold of the metal and began to ride it back and forth inside of her, opening the passage even more.

    She wailed with the renewed pain of his assault, shuddering with the horrible agony he was giving her. He laughed in delight at her screams, and drove the hoe handle in and out of her bum, until it was stained with the blood of her torn pit.

    "You deserve nothing but to suffer for defying me, scum," he growled at her. "You deserve the punishment of a hard, vicious rape for your actions."

    He continued sliding the hoe in and out of her bum for several more moments, then at last pulled the bloody handle from her damaged canal and unzipped his trousers with his free hand.

    His cock was already throbbing wildly, huge and thick with engorged blood. He knelt down behind his wife, then, pulling her buttocks apart, cruelly. He thrust the head of his, prick between her tender, ravaged cheeks, and shoved his thick, long tool into her, viciously.

    She screamed at the sudden and violent penetration of her bum, and gasped as the cock rode deep into her pit. She bucked forward from the force of his invasion, moaning softly, now, as he buried the weapon completely in her hole.

    "This is the kind of fucking you deserve, bitch," he snarled as he forced his meat into her. "This is the kind of sex a pig that disobeys me deserves as punishment!"

    He gasped as he, thrust his cock in and out of her burn, now, twisting and turning the huge, throbbing weapon against her inner flesh. He was pounding his shaft back and forth along the slippery canal, moaning with delight each time he drove it further into her dripping cave.

    The woman lay there, moaning as she endured her husband's brutal and savage attack. She thrashed under the driving weapon, gasping as he pumped viciously into her. His cock was pounding with the boiling lust that roared in his flesh, filling her bum completely, now, with its power and thickness.

    "She endures her punishment," he gasped, thrusting and grinding inside of the woman. "She takes the discipline she deserves!"

    The poor woman was barely conscious by this time. She shuddered with each thunderous thrust of his meat, a thick, harsh gasp escaping her lips as he powered he manhood into her.

    E.G. was relentless in his attack, now. He moaned and shuddered with pleasure, thrilling to the pain he knew he was giving to his wife, enjoying the way her body quivered from the savagery of his attack.

    He bucked in and out of her bum, moaning and gasping with delight, his face a grim, tortured mask of ecstasy. His passion was fierce and uncontrollable now, and it was, obvious that his only, concern was his own passion, by this time.

    Again and again he rammed into the woman's pit. She sobbed quietly, now. She no longer screamed with each assault, no longer wailed in agony from the brutality he was using in his attack. She merely lay there, jerking from the violence of his motion, too drained and exhausted to respond any longer.

    E.G. rammed his prick into her wildly, now. The frenzy of his lust had consumed him, by this time, and he was caught in the grip of it as he powered into the woman's behind. He laughed and cried out as he felt her muscles, kneading his meat, her tender walls undulating against his driving prong.

    "Yes, this the kind of passion you need, scum," he hissed breathlessly. "This is the kind of love you deserve! Discipline, bitch, punishment, yes!"

    His voice was tortured with pleasure, almost mad with the passion that roared in his loins. He threw his head back and moaned like an animal, and kneaded her slender hips, cruelly, with his big, meaty hands.

    Harder and harder he rode his prick into Laurel's bottom. Her buttocks spread wide, quivering with the pain and force of his attack. The twin half moons were blood stained and burned from the metal whip he had used on them, and a steady trickle of blood oozed from her ravaged chamber.

    Faster now, he powered into the steaming twine!. She jerked violently from the impact of his cock, felt his prick expanding rapidly in her bottom. He held tight to her hips, now, moaning as the rhythm and pace of his attack reached a fevered pitch.

    "Yes, bitch, I am almost there," he groaned. "I am almost to the moment I desire! I'm going to come, scum, come in your worthless asshole now!"

    He groaned thickly, now, pounding his cock back and forth in the poor woman's asshole as the climax began to roar in his balls, and throb in his cock. He drove hard and fast, burying his tool in the depths of her asshole, now, shuddering as the climax began to race through him.

    He bucked furiously as the boiling come spurted from his tool. The thick, creamy wads of semen splashed against her anal walls, and the sheer force of their impact made the woman shudder violently, now.

    E.G. moaned and twisted the spurting weapon in his wife's asshole. He held onto her body, hungrily, as his seed spilled from his shaft. Again and again his body shivered with the release, until finally he had emptied his load completely in her poor, damaged tunnel.

    He pulled out of her with a loud, long moan and stood up, sighing heavily. He reached down beside her and picked up her dress, wiping his cock clean of his own come, and her thick, red blood.

    He turned and grinned at the others, a rippling laugh booming in his chest. "Well, I guess you all can see, now, who is master here," he cackled. "Only I can command with that kind of power, and you are helpless to do anything other than agree with me!"

    He sat down at the table and poured himself a glass of wine. He sipped at it happily, glaring at the others with a look of smug contempt on his face. He was quite confident that they would have to surrender to his domination, now.

    Chapter 8

    No one said a word for several long seconds. E.G. took another sip of, the wine and shook his head impatiently. "Well, do you admit I am master, or not?" he demanded. "Have I not shown you all who disciplines the best?"

    Dashiell was smiling thinly. "Not quite, E.G.," he said at last. "You only showed us how vicious you could be!"

    He pointed to his mother, lying on the terrace, moaning softly. "That proves nothing to me," he continued. "I learned long ago how cruel and brutal you could be when you wanted to. We all did."

    "I am master," insisted the old man. "I have proven I discipline the best!"

    Maggie laughed knowingly. "You didn't prove you lead someone into the beauty of punishment," she said pointedly. "You didn't show us that you could take someone to the moment of ecstasy with your discipline. She didn't appear to enjoy that at all."

    "That's right, that's right," agreed Winston Talbot, now. "Mother hated every moment of it. She showed no joy of punishment!"

    "Not as I did," echoed Nola, standing up and glaring at the man, now. "She can not merely suffer. That is not discipline, that is merely inflicting pain!"

    Maggie came around the edge of the table, smiling thinly. "Discipline must be instructive," she insisted. "Punishment must teach a lesson, not merely hurt! I don't think Laurel learned anything, other than how savage you can be."

    "You can not do this to me," the old man growled. "You can't play these kinds of tricks! This is my arena, I make the rules!"

    "Then we shall show you how to play by them," the young woman said, grimly.

    She turned to her husband who was on his feet, by now. He too was smiling, a cold, wicked glare that spoke of anger held in check, calmness in his rage. He walked over and joined his wife, turning her around by her shoulders, firmly.

    "Have you annoyed me by arguing with Nola, Maggie?" he asked harshly.

    "Yes, I have, master," she said, nodding. Her voice was utterly serious, with neither amusement nor fear. "I embarrassed you earlier, I know."

    "And what must happen now, because of that, woman?" he demanded in a cold, stern fashion.

    "I must be punished, Dash," she replied simply. "I must be disciplined for causing the disruption."

    "Do you wish this punishment, bitch?" he growled, still quite in control of himself. "Do you desire this disciplinary action to take place?"

    "Of course, Dash," she replied sincerely. "I must learn my place. Each time I forget myself, I have to be punished by you."

    "What does it mean when I discipline you, Maggie?" he asked.

    "It means that you love me, Dash," she said, an honest smile of affection on her lips now. "If you care enough to punish me for my mistakes, it means you love me very much to take the time and effort to do so."

    "You would endure anything for my love, would you not, Maggie?"

    The woman nodded gravely. "I can go through any amount of punishment, master," she said determinedly. "Nothing can sway my love for you, nor the joy I take in your discipline whenever you give it to me!"

    He turned and smiled to the rest. "Perhaps you don't believe us," he said evenly. "Perhaps you don't think that this is real. But we shall show you how much our love is real. We shall show you, clearly, how much discipline my wife can take. How much she can suffer, and still please me!"

    He turned back to the woman, now and hissed at her sternly. "Remove your clothing, woman," he snarled. "Prepare to be punished, and service me at the same time!"

    Nodding meekly, the young woman unbuttoned her blouse and allowed it to slither down over her shoulders. Her firm, ripe breasts rode high on her rib cage, and her nipples were pink and taut with anticipation.

    She unzipped her skirt and tossed it aside, quickly, then slithered out of her panties in a smooth, graceful dipping motion of her knees. In seconds she was completely naked, her slender, exquisite body damp with perspiration, gleaming beneath the sun overhead. Her father-in-law and brother-in-law gazed at her hungrily, her lovely flesh more enticing than they had imagined.

    She turned to face them and they gasped at the view they had of her cunt mound, moist and slippery with juice, and her tits, bobbing delightfully up and down on her chest, now. It was obvious that both men yearned for her, and the idea thrilled and excited her as she saw the lust in their eyes.

    "Since you all need proof of who the best master and slave are," Dashiell said, quietly. "We shall show you. Not only will she be disciplined as she services me, but you shall do the punishing!"

    "I am going to take my master's manhood in my mouth, and suck him to a climax," Maggie explained. "While I do that, both of you can beat me with your belts as hard as you like!"

    "She is in perfect control of herself," Dashiell added. "She will not pause for moment, nor cause me any harm, no matter what you do!"

    The two men could not believe what he was saying. They watched, stunned as he pushed on her shoulders, now, and forced her to kneel in front of him. She went to the stone floor of the terrace willingly, and reached up, and unzipped his trousers.

    "Come, begin your discipline of her," Dashiell said to the two men. He beckoned them forward with his hand. "Do whatever you wish, she shall not falter in her duty!"

    Maggie had his trousers open now, and was taking his thick, long shaft from within them. She wrapped her fingers gently around the expanding rod, squeezing it as she held it in her tiny, delicate fist.

    Dashiell moaned quietly as he felt his wife kneading his cock. Her slender digits worked gently up and down the length of the rod, squeezing and pinching his flesh in a careful, measured fashion.

    Winston approached the kneeling woman from behind, shaking his head in disbelief. "She'll never be able to stand it," he hissed, pulling on his belt. "She'll quickly turn away, once I start hitting her with this."

    "Do what you must, master," the young woman murmured over her shoulder, her fingers still caressing her husband's shaft. "You may begin my punishment whenever you like!"

    Dashiell nodded, and as his wife cupped his balls in her soft, warm palm, Winston struck the first blow. She recoiled under the impact of the hard, wide belt striking her shoulder blades, and screamed softly as the first blow landed. Her body trembled with the pain that seared her flesh, but she did not stop what she was doing, only gripped his cock harder in her fist, and began to knead his balls with her other hand.

    Winston lashed the belt he was holding viciously at her shoulders once more, and her scream of pain echoed the sharp, sickening crack of the leather kissing her flesh. She jerked with the pain she felt, but steadily moved her fingers up and down on Dashiell's prick, none the less.

    She began to roll his balls over her knuckles as Winston cracked the belt as hard as he dared against her lovely, curved- buttocks. The wet smack of it greeting her skin was loud and vibrant in the air, and her scream of pain and ecstasy followed it at once.

    "Yes, harder, please, harder," she moaned, shivering as the lingering sting of the belt remained her in fleshy half moons. "Ummm, the punishment is so nice, so very nice, indeed!"

    Winston could not believe that the young woman was enduring the beating so casually. He brought the belt down as hard as he could, now, lashing her savagely against the base of the spine.

    Her body bucked with the harsh power of his blow, but she merely threw her head back and sobbed, while she rolled the thick, hard head of her husband's prick between her thumb and forefinger.

    Dashiell shuddered as the pleasure of her caress rippled through his shaft. He felt her nails digging into his meat as she ran her fingers back and forth along his rod, giving him a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure as she fondled his growing manhood in her hand.

    Again his brother lashed at her shoulders with the belt. Winston's eyes were fierce with anger and he was shaking with rage as he cracked the belt against her flesh a few more times.

    "Ahh, that's good, slave, that's very good," Dashiell moaned softly. "You take your punishment very, well, scum, very well at that!"

    The young woman moaned, her back throbbing and her buttocks stinging from the cruel, vicious beating she was receiving. But she felt wonderful, for each savage blow was deliciously painful to her now, and coupled with the hard, throbbing power she felt growing in her husband's tool, she felt more alive and pleasurable than ever before.

    There was something marvelous to endure the pain and torture of a beating, while she focused her attention on pleasing her husband. The beating was justified of course, though she never truly realized before, how much she wanted such a thing.

    She felt that even Dash could not know how much she enjoyed this punishment. Even he could not see how much she needed to be disciplined. The clear, pure sense of correctness she felt was unbelievable, and she bent lower, now, eagerly giving Winston more access to her back and buttocks, for his belt.

    "You bitch, you lousy scum, I'll make you stop," he snarled then, lashing the belt down on her flesh with increasing power and force. "I'll make you change your mind, you scum!"

    Again and again he struck her. Dashiell watched his wife intently as she took the fierce, savage beating, watching for any sign that she might weaken in her purpose. But she shuddered only with the impact of the blows, not with any desire at all to avoid them, now.

    Her fingers worked on his cock and balls feverishly, now. She kneaded and caressed the huge rod, pumping her delicate digits up and down on the tool, while she rolled his balls, feverishly over her knuckles.

    She thrilled to the sensation of the hot come boiling inside of his sack, then, and the equally as exciting power that throbbed in his shaft. She could feel the blood racing through the weapon, then, pounding it savagely in her hand.

    Winston lashed at her shoulders and buttocks, wildly, then. His frenzy was nearly complete, now, as he desperately attempted to take the young woman's mind off her task of pleasing her husband. He was trying his best to make her reach the point of turning away from the job, and trying to escape the blows, but with no success.

    "Now your mouth, Maggie," whispered Dashiell. •His voice was thick with rising passion, but still quite under his control. "Begin to service me with your lips and tongue, Maggie!"

    Eagerly, she bent her head to his shaft and flicked her tongue at the thick, engorged head of his meat. The huge helmet pulsated wildly under her licking caress, and her husband shuddered with the sheer, savage pleasure he felt as her tongue washed over the surface of his tool.

    She nibbled with her perfect, even teeth at the rim of his helmet, almost giggling as she felt the rod thundering in her hand. Dashiell moaned wildly, jerking with spasmodic delight from her actions.

    Winston cracked the belt savagely against her shoulders and buttocks, now, lashing her flesh as hard as he could, as he watched her lathering her husband's tool. To be sure, She gasped and shuddered with pain from his blows, but nothing seemed to disturb the passion with which she was attending to Dashiell's needs.

    His older brother felt all his chances slipping right out of his grasp, and he was gasping as he cracked the belt against her bottom again and again. Welts were raising up on her flesh, ugly and red, but still the girl continued almost impassively.

    Harder now, he cracked the thick, hard leather at her flesh. He bore into the attack, putting every bit of strength he had behind the blows. She sobbed and moaned with agony, but continued to lick and kiss her way down to the root of Dashiell's prick.

    She slithered her tongue through the thick thatch of hair that covered his throbbing ball bag, her lips trembling with passion. She had the powerful, delicious mixture of pain and pleasure rippling through her flesh, now, and she sighed with delight, as they continued to surge in her loins.

    From merely being beaten, while she ran her tongue over Dashiell's balls, she could feel pleasure rolling in her pussy. She needed no contact with her own loins to experience this delight, for the mere realization that she was being punished, even as she serviced Dashiell was enough to set her off.

    Winston could hardly lift his arm any longer, and he moaned at last, stumbling back in defeat. E.G. leaped from the table, then, and disappeared into the house, returning moments later, with a strange, ugly tool in his hands.

    "Let's see how she likes the kiss of barbed wire," he snarled coldly, as he approached the couple. "Let's see how she ignores that!"

    Maggie and Dashiell gazed at the wooden-handled whip he had in his hand, a long, gleaming strand of barbed wire dangling from the thick, round handle. Dashiell turned her head back to his prick and nodded coldly to his father.

    "Take my balls in your mouth, now, Maggie," he whispered, still gazing into his father's glaring eyes. "Continue with your task of servicing me. Your discipline must go on!"

    Eagerly she opened her mouth then and pulled his balls into the warm, moist cavity. She tensed her body in anticipation, now, realizing that this would be the hardest test for her to endure.

    E.G. stepped behind the kneeling young woman, gazing fondly at her naked back and buttocks, striped and welted from his older son's beating. "She'll not stand the lashing I'll give her," he laughed cruelly. "No one can bear this punishment!"

    "She can bear whatever she deserves," hissed Dashiell, now..He moaned as he felt his wife's tongue slashing at his nuts, flicking them back and forth against her moist inner cheeks with the tip of her precious tongue. "Punish her, E.G., let her show you how much she craves good discipline!"

    E.G. Talbot was breathing wildly as he whirled the barbed wire whip around his head, and expertly lashed the gleaming strand at Maggie's helpless shoulders. The strand slashed over her flesh, the barb cutting her skin, cruelly, then.

    A scream rippled in her throat as her flesh was torn open, but she merely swayed in time with the blow, stiffening as the pain enveloped her. She turned her mind back to her husband's balls, then, sucking on them hungrily now, to concentrate on her task.

    E.G. growled in a strangled voice, his eyes wide at the blood that was beginning to drip from Maggie's ripped shoulders. He whirled the whip around his head once more, and lashed downward at her tender buttocks, now.

    The ugly barbs cut deep this time, and the girl gasped in agony as she felt them tearing into her once more. The pain seared her flesh like a dozen white hot knives, but she did not pull her mouth from her husband's balls.

    "You little scum," snarled E.G. Talbot in rage. "You'll stop, you bitch! You'll stop or I'll tear the flesh from your bones!"

    "The cock, Maggie, suck the cock, now," Dashiell moaned, watching in sickness as his father lashed at the girl's bottom once again with the wicked tool. "Suck the cock, now, Maggie, I command you!"

    E.G. put all his strength into the beating, now. He whipped the ugly, vicious barbs back and forth against her flesh, tearing her skin countless numbers of times, in a violent effort to make her stop sucking her husband.

    "She won't be able to blow you, I promise you," he snarled. "I'll make sure of that, the bitch!"

    But Maggie would not stop. She quickly lifted her head up and slipped the huge, thick helmet of her husband's cock between her teeth. As E.G. bore down on her with the barbed wire whip, she rode the throbbing spear, effortlessly into the depths of her warm, silken throat tunnel.

    Dash was quivering violently, now, as his wife slithered his prick in and out of her velvet passage. She licked and lathered his meat, hungrily, ignoring the harsh, cutting barbs of the whip, completely it seemed.

    It was impossible to E.G. that she was sucking him so wildly, as he beat her. He tore at her flesh again and again with the whip, but she merely increased the rhythm and pace of her sucking in response.

    She rode her husband's prick in and out of her mouth, wildly, now. Her lovely head went from left to right, and she lathered his flesh with her tongue, greedily. She could feel the huge prong growing harder and hotter with every plunge it took, and she dragged her teeth along his flesh to urge him on.

    Again and again the cock slammed into the moist, warm depths of her throat. Dashiell was gasping loudly, now, twisting and turning with delight as his wife blew him, hungrily. He could feel the come surging in his balls, and could hardly see for the aching need he was experiencing.

    E.G. Talbot was in a frenzy, now, lashing at the kneeling young woman wildly with the ugly weapon. But nothing was working now, for all Maggie could think of was the pleasure she felt at the punishment she was getting, and the throbbing power of her husband about to explode in her mouth.

    Dashiell groaned wildly, then, thrusting forward savagely as the hot come began to suddenly spurt from his throbbing meat. The harsh, violent spasms ripped through him, and he shuddered violently, filling her gulping throat with his creamy juice.

    "I've come, my love, come in your mouth," he gasped. "You have sucked me off while being disciplined! I have come so good!"

    Eagerly she swallowed as much of the hot, creamy fluid as she could, and E.G. dropped his arm in total shock, now, unable to believe the young woman had been able to suffer so much, and still do the job.

    After a few more tremors, Dashiell pushed her gently away from his prong and slowly drew her to her feet. She could barely stand, she was in so much pain, and he kissed her tenderly, now, wrapping a towel around her shoulders.

    "We are leaving in the morning," he said coldly, to the others. "I suggest you plan on retiring E.G., you're finished."

    The old man was about to say something, but his wife stopped him. "He has won," she said coldly. "You will make the will accordingly."

    E.G. Talbot sat on the chair, defeated now, watching his wife, his older son and daughter-in-law slowly entering the house behind Maggie and Dashiell. He stared at the whip in his hand, suddenly feeling smaller than his massive bulk showed him to be. He realized then, that he had much more to learn about discipline than he had ever imagined. His only hope, was that Maggie and Dash could teach him the secrets they possessed.

    Dash lay Maggie on the bed and gently attended to her wounds. The young woman felt at peace at last, now. They had won, and she had learned the marvelous secret about herself.

    "I feel so at peace, at last, darling," she sighed, touching her husband's shoulder in a tender manner.

    He moaned, nodding his head. "God, I'm glad it's finally finished at last."

    Maggie gazed at him almost hungrily, now her flesh rippled with excitement as she rolled over on her belly. "I want you darling, badly," she groaned.

    He glanced at her, his, cock already hardening. He reached out and ran his fingers down the length of her delicate, lovely spine. He could feel her flesh tingling beneath his touch, already damp with excitement.

    "We can do anything, now, my love," he whispered hungrily. "We have all the time in the world!"

    She shivered, reaching out and wrapping her fingers around his cock. She gave it a gentle squeeze and he gasped with pleasure. "I know," she murmured erotically.

    She moved her body around and pressed her lips to the head of his shaft, lathering the tip with her tongue. He shuddered and groaned, bucking savagely as she rode her mouth down the pulsating tool.

    "Ohh, yes, kiss me, baby," he gasped. "Kiss my prick, now, you lovely bitch!"

    As her mouth moved over his meat, he reflected on all that had happened over the weekend. On how they had come to this point of sudden freedom. He was amazed and warmed by the power he felt growing inside of his flesh and soul.

    "We have won," he whispered softly. "We have escaped the madness, at last!"

    Maggie giggled, almost childishly, and ran her tongue swiftly up and down on the large, throbbing weapon, now. She nibbled hungrily at his meat, tasting the bitterness of it on her lips.

    She felt him bucking forward and she laughed quietly. "Yes, my darling," she murmured lovingly. "We are finally alone with ourselves!"

    Whatever happened after this, she felt strong enough to face it. Obviously, the, effects of the weekend would take a long time to fade. Perhaps they never would, she realized, grimly.

    They might very well be trapped forever in the world of punishment and pain, of humiliation and degradation, but it made no difference. Whatever happened, they would face it together and triumph, she was certain.

    Now his hands were at her loins, kneading and caressing her damp, quivering lips. She groaned as she felt him running the tips of his digits up and down between her pussy cleft, slithering two of them in and out of her.

    The powerful waves of pleasure were washing over her then, rolling and churning in her loins with growing intensity. She gasped as he buried the fingers deep in her pit, and began to stroke her inner walls, lazily.

    "Ohh, God, yes, take me, please, darling," she sobbed, jerking with a harsh, uncontrollable spasm of lust.

    He rolled her on her back, and she winced from her beating as her tender flesh pressed down on the mattress. He pulled back from her but she shook her head, clutching at him wildly, then.

    "No, my love, I want you, hard, right now," she pleaded. "Please, take me, take me savagely, at once!"

    He groaned thickly as she pulled on his meat, guiding the huge, throbbing tool to her damp, warm petals. He thrust forward, violently and she screamed with delight as the huge, hot spear entered her.

    She felt him slithering down deep into her pit, and she sobbed with the aching, harsh fire of his invasion. His cock pounded against her inner walls, and the thrill of him being inside of her again, was almost too much for her to bear.

    "Fuck me, darling, fuck me hard," she sobbed, thrusting her cunt against him, now. "Hard, baby, fuck me hard!"

    He moaned, thrusting and grinding in and out of her then, his passion taking complete control of him now. His cock rode back and forth along her hot, slippery tunnel, and her pussy muscles kneaded him greedily.

    She twisted and turned with every delightful stroke that he took, feeling the boiling greed racing through her now. As his shaft slid effortlessly along her moist, warm passage, she felt his powerful yearning consuming him.

    Again and again he drove into her, each stroke more violent than the last. The world swirled around her in a dazzling array of colors and the pleasure surged in her cunt until it blocked every other sensation out of her mind and flesh.

    Nothing mattered now, but the approaching climax she felt inside of her. She locked her legs around his hips and together they drove toward the release they sought. Harder and faster their bodies crashed together, until the room with filled with their aching cries of passion, and the air thick with the scent of their lust.

    "Ohh, God, yes, yes, yes," she wailed, jerking from left to right as the orgasm burst in her loins. "Coming, now, darling, now!"

    Almost at once, the steaming come began to spurt from his tool and he sobbed his own pleasure as he pumped his bursting weapon to the depths of her pussy. "Ahh, Jesus, baby, yeah, coming so good," he moaned.

    Together they thrashed in the grip of their passion, nothing mattering to them now but the release they had finally found, and the purity of their love. They had reached the moment they desired, and from here on out, they were certain that they could defeat anything, for the worst was past.

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