The condo swappers


    The thick pulsating cock rammed into her sweet, little pussy with such force that she was nearly knocked off her feet. He pulled the long, fat prick out halfway then shoved it into her wet cunt again, burying the throbbing cock deep in her juicy pussy.

    "Oh, Mr. Fryers! What a big cock you have! Please don't stop. I want you to fuck the shit out of me." She rotated her hips to allow his throbbing cock to reach every corner of her cunt. Tightening her grip on the desk, she leaned over further and braced herself as Mr. Fryers pounded her hot, steaming pussy from behind.

    "Oh, it feels so good! Faster! Faster! Harder!" He continued his attack with renewed vigor, pumping his big cock into her tight cunt as she moaned and whimpered. He reached under her and grabbed her big tits, squeezing them in his powerful grip.

    "I'm going to fuck your damn brains out, you sweet bitch," he said. He held onto her ripe tits and pounded her pussy, each savage thrust rocking her whole body and bringing them both closet to orgasm.

    "I'm coming! I'm coming!" she screamed as her cunt muscles tightened on his pulsating cock. She let out another scream, "Ohhhh! Aghhhhhhh!" Her cunt juices flooded his cock and balls as her knees buckled under the shattering orgasm.

    "Don't worry, I've got you. Hold on baby," he said ashe circled his strong arms around her waist and kept her from falling. With a tight grip on her waist, he continued pounding his swelled cock into her sapping wet pussy until he could hold back no longer. "I'm coming tooooooo!!" he howled as his big cock exploded, squirting gobs of thick, white cock-juice deep into her hungry cunt.

    "Ohhhh! Mr. Fryers! You're the best. You really filled me up," she gasped as his thick cum dripped out of her cunt and ran down the back of her thighs. She looked around the room and then said, "This little back room really comes in handy."

    "Come on, you sweet pussy, let's get dressed before someone comes in here and catches us," he said as he withdrew his shrinking, wet cock from her sloppy cunt, and looked around for his clothes.

    They both dressed themselves and walked back into the front office. "I want to thank you for giving me this job as resident-manager, Mr. Fryers. I'm sure I'll do a good job for you," she said as she sat down behind her desk.

    "You're welcome, Becky," he said, "but please, call me Ted. I think we know each other well enough to use first names." He sat down on the edge of the desk and looked down at her creamy thighs beneath her short skirt. "I've been trying to find someone for a long time to manage this condominium. I think you'll do a fine job. This building is one of the largest and newest high-rise condominiums in this town. It has fourteen floors with fifteen separate apartments on each floor, and every one of them is occupied. Your job is a big responsibility."

    "Don't worry, Ted. I'll take care of things," she said. She was happy to work here. With so many different people living in one building, she was sure that every day would be exciting and interesting.

    At that moment, she looked out of the office window across the lobby to the elevator. There, waiting for the elevator, were three females – a tall, long-legged blonde, a young girl with light brown hair and plump tits, and a tall, big-titted woman with a big, shapely ass and long, coal-black hair. "Those two women and that teenage girl, standing over there, are really beautiful. Do you know who they are?" she asked.

    "Yes, I know them," be said, looking in the direction of her gaze. "Their names are Jenny Thomas, Laura Timmins, and Ann Marshall. They all live here in the building. I'd like to shove my big cock into each one of them, someday." He rubbed his aching cock as he stared at the three women.

    "You know, it's really interesting," said Becky. "There are almost three hundred people living in this building, and each one of them has his or her own private life. I wonder what sort of secret lives those three live." Both she and Ted Fryers continued watching the hot foxes who were waiting for the elevator.


    The sun's rays filtered through the windows and illuminated the room as Jenny slowly pulled back the blankets and rose from the bed. Quietly unbuttoning her pajama top and tossing it onto the floor, then stepping out of her little panties, she walked sleepily towards the shower.

    The warm water sprayed down on her, running over her large, firm tits, her slim waist, her well rounded ass, and her long, slender legs. She lathered the soap over her body, tenderly massaging her big tits and her golden-haired cunt. Suddenly, the shower door opened and in stepped her husband.

    "Roger, you frightened me. I thought you were still asleep," she said.

    "No, I have to be at the office early today. I have a meeting," he answered. He began washing himself.

    "Here, let me do that for you," she said with a smile. She rubbed the soap over his broad shoulders and hairy chest. Then she took hold of his limp cock and massaged it with her fingers until it hardened. "Do you have time to fuck my hot pussy before you leave for work?" she asked.

    "I don't think so, honey. I'm late already."

    She was not about to give up so easy. She knelt down in front of him and took his cock into her mouth.

    "Hey, cut it out," he yelled. "I told you I'm late." He pulled his prick out of her greedy mouth and returned to the bedroom.

    Jenny waited until he had dressed and left for work before she finished her shower. She quickly dried herself and walked back into the bedroom, pausing in front of the mirror. Her smile revealed her satisfaction, for nature had been good to her. She was only twenty-one years old and she had a beautiful, well-rounded bbdy. Her deep tan, acquired during the past summer, and the thick patch of yellow hair between her legs, further enhanced her beauty. She put on her panties and robe, ran her comb through her long, golden hair, then went into the kitchen.

    She sat at the kitchen table with her legs propped up on another chair, sipping a cup of coffee. The cuckoo clock on the wall struck nine o'clock. At that instant, the telephone, which was resting in a corner on the floor, began to ring.

    "Hello," answered Jenny.

    "Good morning, Jenny," came a voice on the other end, "I just called to see how you liked your new condo."

    "Ruth, how are you?" she said to her friend as she sat down cross-legged on the floor. "It's really nice to hear from you. We just moved in two weeks ago. It's a beautiful apartment with a large living room and kitchen." She reached under her robe as she spoke and began to rub her cunt. "I get bored when I'm home by myself all day. Why don't you come and visit me one day?"

    "Sure, I'd love to," said Ruth. "I can't wait to see your apartment."

    "Great, I'll be expecting you," said Jenny. At that moment, there was a knock on the door. "I have to go now. There is someone at my door. I'll talk to you later." She hung up the receiver and rose to answer the door.

    "Just a minute," she called. She swung open the door and greeted the newspaper boy. "Good morning, Bobby."

    "Good morning, Mrs. Thomas," he said. "I'm collecting this week's payment. You owe me a dollar fifty, please."

    "All right," she said with a smile. "Come in and sit down while I get the money," He walked past her and sat down on the living room couch. He was a tall, skinny teen, with short, black hair and big ears.

    "I'll be right back," she said. "I have to get my purse."

    She walked into the kitchen and returned with her purse. "Here you are," she said as she leaned over and handed him the money. At that moment, her robe fell open, exposing her large tits to Bobby's eyes. She saw him staring at them and she attempted to close her robe.

    "You're beautiful," said Bobby. He squirmed nervously on the couch, unable to remove his eyes from her lush tits.

    A warm feeling stirred in Jenny's loins at the sight of this young boy, staring at her tits. She removed her robe and sat down beside him. "Do you like what you see, Bobby?"

    "Yes," he said, nervously. His eyes roamed over her nice, creamy thighs, her tiny panties, and her flat stomach.

    She took hold of his hand and placed it on one of her tits, which he grasped tightly. Then she removed her panties and threw them onto the floor. Completely naked, she lay back on the couch and spread her long legs as wide as she could, exposing her delicious wet pussy. "Take your clothes off, Bobby," she moaned.

    He quietly did as he was told. His eyes were now fixed on Jenny's sweet cunt, covered with thick, blonde hair.

    "You have a big cock for a boy your age," she teased. "I want you to shove it in my hot pussy. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can." She reached over and pulled him on top of her, wrapping her long legs around his back.

    Bobby, at first unsure of himself, soon obliged her. He rammed his big cock into her as hard as he could, which caused her to cry out in pain. She raised her hips to meet his savage thrusts as he banged away inside of her.

    "Harder, Bobby! Harder!" she begged. "Fuck me harder, please. I need your big cock inside of me."

    The boy continued to thrust and grind his throbbing cock into her yummy pussy, savagely, while she held onto him, begging him not to stop. "Please, don't stop, Bobby. I need you inside of me. My husband won't fuck me so I need your big cock to satisfy my hot, steaming pussy." She could feel the boy's slippery cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt.

    "Oh, Mrs. Thomas!" said the young boy. "Your big pussy feels so good, I could fuck the shit out of you forever." His pulsating cock drove deeper into her hungry cunt, sending jolts of sheer pleasure over her quivering flesh. His ass pumped violently up and down, driving his stiff prick in and out of her hot pussy.

    "Ohhhhh! Yeessss! It's been so long since I've had a good fuck," moaned Jenny as she squirmed and rocked under Bobby's pounding cock. "I'm going out of my fucking mind! It feels so damn good! Aaaaagghbhh! Ohhhhhh!" She rolled her head from side to side, her face contorted in ecstasy, and tightened her cunt muscles around his thick cock. "Yeeessss! Yeeessss!"

    Bobby grabbed her ass in both hands, digging his fingers into the soft flesh, and pulled her body closer to him. As he rammed his throbbing cock deeper into her greedy, hot pussy, he could feel her cunt pulsate against his hard prick. "Uhhhh! Ohhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!" he groaned as his balls slammed against her body with each thrust. He was out of his mind with pleasure, and, with each thrust, he drove his long, hard cock up into her belly and made her moan.

    "Oh God! It feels so good inside me. Faster, I'm almost there. Ohhhhh!" Jenny moaned and whimpered and as she writhed on the couch. Her ass jerked as each savage thrust of Bobby's cock sent waves of ecstasy through her hot, tingling pussy. "Faster… ohhh! Faster! Make me come! Make me come!" She clung desperately to him, her big, beautiful ass bouncing wildly off the couch as he plunged his aching cock furiously into her sopping, hot pussy.

    "You sweet little whore. You fucking bitch," he groaned as he slammed his cock in and out of her greedy pussy. The heat from her hot cunt sent shivers of pleasure through Bobby's entire body and he grunted as his balls filled with cum. The friction of his huge cock against her sweet pussy was intense and he knew he would soon climax. He looked directly into her glazed eyes and smiled, knowing that she, too, was ready to pop.

    "Ohhh! Aghhhh! Ughhh!" she squealed as his cock rammed her juicy cunt faster and faster. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" she spasmed as her cunt juices flooded his stiff cock, oozing out and drenching his hairy balls. Her belly and cunt heaved with passion as he continued pounding her soaking wet pussy.

    Finally, with a loud scream, Bobby came deep inside of her, his cock exploding and spurting thick cock-juice into her clinging cunt. Gobs of hot, creamy cum shot into her greedy cunt as she tightened her cunt muscles and milked his cock dry. He collapsed on top other, completely exhausted, while she continued to grind her cunt into him until, seconds later, she too collapsed.

    "That was really good, Bobby," she whispered. "We'll have to do this again sometime. Here, let me clean you up." She wrapped her lips around his shrinking cock and sucked it completely dry. Then she licked his prick clean, swallowing her own cunt juices as well as his cum. "That should do it," she said as she helped him dress then walked him to the door, herself still naked, and kissed him good-bye.

    Well, she thought to herself, if Roger won't fuck me then I'll just find someone who will. She rubbed her hands over her drenched pussy as she walked towards the shower.

    Laura Timmins sat on the living room couch, watching television. Her low-necked sweater and short, blue skirt showed off her plump, young tits and her long, slender legs wonderfully.

    "Dinner will be ready soon," advised her mother as she walked in from the kitchen and sat down beside Laura. She was a tall, well-built woman with long brown hair that matched her daughter's. "By the way, I got a raise in salary at my job today," she told Laura.

    "Gee, that's great."

    "Yes, I really needed the extra money," said her mother. "It's really been rough since we moved into this condo a month ago, after your father died. But now, things are beginning to get easier for us. My cashier's job down at the grocery store and your father's monthly pension check should bring in enough money to support us."

    "That's right," said Laura. "And his life insurance policy will pay my college tuition when I graduate from high school. Oh!" she exclaimed, suddenly remembering. "I promised a friend of mine that I would help her sell some cookies that her club made for charity. I thought I would sell them to some of the other residents in the building. May I go sell them now?"

    "Okay," said her mother, "but don't be long. We're having dinner soon."

    She grabbed her bundle of cookies and skipped out the door and down the hallway, her pigtails flopping behind her. Turning the corner, she rang the doorbell of the first apartment she came to.

    "Yes, what do you want?" the man said as he opened the door. He was a big, husky man with a rough, stubby beard.

    "I'm selling cookies," Laura said, eyeing the huge bulge in the man's crotch. "Would you like to buy some?"

    "Sure, come on in," he said.

    She entered his apartment hesitantly. It was a small place with one large room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. There were dirty clothes and newspapers scattered everywhere. Beer cans were stacked, one upon another, in a corner, and there was a rank odor in the air.

    He studied her plump tits, bulging from her tight sweater, and her long, slender legs. His cock was now straining against his pants.

    "What kind of cookies do you have?" he asked.

    "I'll show you," she answered. She noticed his hardened cock and it excited her. She extended the assortment of cookies to him, unable to remove her eyes from his bulge. Her pussy was beginning to heat up.

    "No, I don't think I want any of those cookies. I want your other cookie." He knocked the boxes out of her hand, swept Laura up, and carried her to the bed. Throwing her on his bed, he removed the skirt and sweater from the wildly struggling teen. Without saying another word, he began to fondle her soft, young tits. She resisted at first, but after few minutes, her aroused body began to respond and she gave in to him.

    "Please don't hurt me!" she cried. She didn't hate him for what he was doing. She knew that he was probably lonely and hadn't had a good fuck in a long time. She began to feel sorry for him. "You can do anything you want to me," she said. "I want to please you. I'll do anything you say."

    He tore her little panties off and threw them across the room. His hands roamed everywhere – caressing her smooth, flat stomach, moving lower to her tender inner thighs and finally resting on her hot, moist cunt. His fingers separated the folds of skin and explored her little, pink cun.

    "Oh please, fuck me! Eat my sweet pussy! I'm on fire!" Gasping and whimpering and writhing on the bed, she spread her long legs wide to make room for his probing finger.

    He inserted his fat finger into her wet, juicy pussy. In and out, around and around, it traveled. She felt a sharp pain at first, but this quickly subsided to be replaced by sheer ecstasy. Her head reeled in sweet agony. Never before had she felt such pleasure, and in a few short minutes, she came violently, her juices spilling onto his fingers.

    "Oh, wow! That felt so good!" she moaned. "Are you going to fuck my sweet, little pussy now?" she asked innocently.

    Without answering, he removed his pants and underwear, revealing a long, thick, rigid cock, surrounded by a mass of coarse, black hair. He pulled her off the bed and forced her to kneel in front of him. "I want you to suck my cock," he demanded.

    "Yes, I'll do it. I'll suck your big cock. Let me taste your thick prick. Let me feel your cock in my mouth."

    "Suck it good, bitch," he groaned as he thrust his stiff cock into her hungry mouth with such savagery that she gagged and choked. Instinctively, she opened her mouth wide as his long cock slid deep into her throat. The strange taste pleased her, and she began to suck him off with fury, her mouth making slurping noises and she enjoyed every inch of his huge cock. He moaned with pleasure, begging her not to stop, as she sucked, jerked, and licked his throbbing prick.

    "Bite me! Damn it, bite me!" he howled, running his hands through Laura's hair and forcing her head closer to his cock.

    She dug her teeth into his meaty cock as it filled her cheeks. Then she ran her tongue over his bock until it glistened with her saliva. Her greedy mouth sucked and sucked as her head bobbed up and down on his thick prick. Her mouth made loud sucking noises on his stiff cock as her hands reached up and played with his hairy balls.

    "Damn, you sweet, fucking bitch. You sure know how to suck cock. Don't stop, whore. I want you to suck my cum right down your fucking throat." He placed both of his hands on the back of her head and guided her mouth over his swelled cockhead. His thick cock slipped in and out of her greedy mouth as her wet lips tried desperately to hold onto the slippery prick. With a sudden thrust, he shoved his cock deep into her throat until his balls rested on her lips.

    She could taste his thick cream on her tongue as his cock throbbed in her mouth. She let her hair brush against his thighs as she moved her lips up and down on his long prick. She sucked his cock deeper into her mouth until she felt his swelled knob press against her throat. She held it there, using her tongue to drive him crazy until his knees started to buckle and his hips jerk.

    "You sweet, fucking bitch. You're the best cocksucker in town. Now, I want to fuck your smooth, young pussy. I want a piece of your cute, little ass."

    "Anything you say," she groaned as she pulled her mouth off his glistening cock. She was glad that she had come to this man's apartment. She knew that he was hot for her young body. She grabbed hold of his enormous cock as she slid up onto the bed on her back. She spread her soft thighs and showed him her sweet, little cunt once again.

    "Okay, you brute, I'm ready for you. Fuck the shit out of me. I want your big, fat cock inside me."

    He jumped between her legs like a sex-starved animal, forcing her small, young body into the mattress. He reached under her and grabbed her ass in both hands, lifting her hips into the air. She could feel his hard prick stabbing against her flat stomach.

    Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him on the lips, passionately, and wiggled her pussy against his throbbing cock. With her plump tits mashed against his hairy chest and her legs wrapped around his back, she begged to be fucked.

    "Put it in my pussy now," she whispered.

    She sighed with pleasure as hi big cock slid into her sweet, little cunt. She humped her ass and caused the hot prick to shoot deep into her little hole. She could feel his hairy balls resting against her cunt lips.

    "Ohhhh! Aghhhh! That feels so good. I like it deep!" She moved her ass in slow rhythm as he pounded her wet pussy. She felt his big cock rub against her clit and her body shivered with ecstasy. "I love it. I love to be fucked! Fuck me you big, sweet bastard! Fuck the fuck out of me!" She felt hot and sweet beneath him, and she humped her shapely, little ass up to meet his thrusts.

    She felt herself coming and her body rocked faster. This big brute really knew how to fuck, and Laura knew that he would soon come, filling her cunt with his thick, creamy jism. Her young body grew hotter and hotter, and she knew that there was nothing sweeter than being fucked. She loved the way his big hot cock was splitting her in half, but she knew that all good things have to come to an end. So, with one final hump of her ass, she came and flooded his cock and balls with her slick cunt juice then collapsed on the bed.

    The hairy brute, excited by her flowing cunt juice, rammed into her tight pussy one last time, then came deep inter pussy, his juice flowing out of her cunt and running down her thighs and onto the mattress.

    "That was really great," he told her after recovering his senses. "You're a great fuck." He patted her gently on her ass.

    "I'm glad you were pleased," she said. "I have to go home now," she whispered. "My mother will be worried." She rolled off the bed and quickly dressed herself.

    "Thank you for giving me such a good fuck," she said as she started oat the door.

    "You can bring your cookies over here anytime you want," he replied.

    She departed, smiling at his joke, and returned to her own apartment, thinking to herself how wonderful it was going to be to live in this apartment building. Especially if there were more men like that big hunk.


    Ann Marshall wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand, smoothed out her long black hair, and gazed around the room. Everything looked perfect, she thought to herself. It had taken a long time to move all of her furniture and belongings into her new condo, but the job was finally finished. She was about to head for the shower when the doorbell rang.

    She swung the door open and there stood a young woman with short, black hair and coalblack eyes, wearing a tight, red dress and black, high-heeled shoes.

    "Hello," greeted the woman. "My name is Becky, I'm the manager of this building. I just want to welcome you and to make sure that everything is all right with the apartment. I see you've moved everything in already."

    "Yes, I've just finished bringing in the furniture. Everything seems in order except for the garbage disposal. I'd appreciate it if you could send someone up to fix it."

    "I'll be glad to," Becky replied. "If you ever need anything or if you ever have any questions just let me know. I'll be glad to help." She smiled at Ann, then turned and walked away.

    "Well, now for a bath," Ann said out loud.

    After drawing a tub of hot water, she lowered herself into it and breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a long day and she was tired. She examined her body with her hands. At thirty-five years old and recently divorced, she was now all alone and on her own. She did not regret leaving her husband, for they were constantly fighting and arguing with each other, and it had become unbearable for her to live with him. However, she missed his hands on her body, and the way he used to make love to her. She longed for his throbbing cock deep inside of her pussy.

    She explored her body moving her hands over her large tits, her flat stomach, and her soft, moist cunt. She probed her pussy with two fingers, while thinking about her future. She would have to look for a job tomorrow. Things wouldn't be as easy for her now. She would have to support herself and learn to be independent.

    Spreading her legs wide, she inserted her fingers deeper into her cunt. A small cry escaped her lips. Slowly and deliberately, she explored the deep recesses of her long, dark pussy. Her hips writhed in rhythm to her fingers, and she knew that she was ready to come. Her hungry pussy was on fire. The doorbell brought her back to reality.

    "Shit," she yelled in frustration. "I was so close." She stepped out of the tub, pulled on her panties and an old shirt, and ran to the door.

    "Who is it?" she asked.

    "I'm the janitor. I've come to fix your garbage disposal."

    She opened the door and stood facing a tall, blond, muscular, young man, dressed in a while tee-shirt and tight blue jeans.

    "Come in," she said with a smile. She led him into the kitchen and watched as he repaired the broken disposal. "You don't look like a janitor," she said.

    "I just do this part-time," he said. "I go to school at night. I'm studying to be a computer programmer."

    She studied him from head to toe as he worked, marveling at his strong shoulders and huge chest, and the large bulge in his tight jeans.

    "It should work all right now," he said, "I'm sure I fixed it." He put away his tools and rose to leave.

    "Great," she said, then hastily added. "Why don't you stay and have a cup of coffee? I've gotta fresh pot already made."

    "Sure I'd love to," he said. He followed her over to the kitchen table and sat down. He couldn't help but notice her long, beautiful legs and her large tits.

    The top buttons of her shirt were open and when she leaned over to pour his coffee, she gave him an unobstructed view of her exposed tits. In a glance, his eyes took in her smooth, ripe tits. The pink nipples beckoned enticingly. He looked into her hungry eyes and remarked, "You've got a gorgeous body."

    His eyes now followed the curve of her hips and her large, shapely ass, barely covered by her old shirt. He could control himself, no longer. He removed the coffee pot from her hand and set it on the table. Next, he sat her on the edge of the table, ripped open her shirt, and buried his face in her lush tits, biting and kissing them fiercely. Ann clamped her arms around his head and drew him to her tightly. Sighing deeply, he yanked her panties down to her ankles, and she kicked her legs free and spread them wide.

    "Oh yes, you big stud. You know what I need. Fill my big, hungry pussy up. Fuck the shit out of me," she begged.

    After fumbling with his zipper, he finally pulled down his own pants and underwear, revealing one of the largest cocks that Ann had ever seen. She was sure that it wouldn't fit into her sweet cunt, but he rammed the hard, throbbing prick into her with such fierceness that it plunged in up to the hilt and caused her to cry out in pain. However, he was beyond caring now. He was out of his mind with passion. He pulled her legs up over his broad shoulders and rammed his big cock into her sweet, aching cunt. He pounded her poor pussy again and again as hard as he could.

    "That's it, you big stud. You big-cocked bastard! Fuck me hard! Don't ever stop!" she pleaded. By now, Ann, herself, was consumed by hot lust. She met his savagee attack with one of her own, thrusting her pelvis up to meet his plunges with perfect timing.

    Ann panted, her eyes rolled in their sockets as the heat from his monstrous cock scorched her steaming pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Pound my sweet pussy, hard!" she groaned. It was a glorious feeling to have her cunt filled so completely and she squirmed on the edge of the table as the blond janitor, standing before her, rammed his hard cock deep into her wet pussy.

    "You sweet bitch! You fucking whore! You fuck so good! Aah! Ughhhh! Ohhhh!" he howled as he felt her cunt muscles tighten around his throbbing cock. He kissed her hard on the lips and plunged his tongue into her open mouth. He sucked on her tongue and their pulled his huge prick out of her wet pussy and rubbed it on her clit.

    "Please! Put it back in! Put it back! Fuucckkk meeeec!" she screamed. Immediately, she reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock and shoved it into her hungry pussy. She smiled in delight as she felt him plunge the hard cock back in her pussy, deep and hard. She tightened her cunt muscles around his pulsating prick, happy to be filled up again. Then, as he began pounding her cunt once more, she bounced her big, shapely ass wildly up and down on the table. There was nothing she liked better than a good fuck.

    He ravaged her. He pounded her cunt faster and faster with blinding speed as she clung to him desperately. His big cock made squishing noises as it rammed into her juicy pussy. He could feel his juices building up inside him and he knew he was ready to come.

    "I'm almost ready! You sweet bitch! I'm going to drown you with my cum!"

    "Meeee tooooo!" she howled as she felt her cunt juices started flow. "Ohhhhh!" she screamed as her juices flooded her pussy and his big cock and ran down his legs.

    His orgasm was shattering. He slammed her wet cunt with furious blows of his cock, which jarred her whole body. His hairy balls slapped against her cunt lips with each thrust. Finally, he could hold back no longer, and he shot his white cum deep into her greedy pussy until it flowed over her thighs and onto the table.

    The last waves of their intense orgasm blew their minds and sent them both sprawling to the floor, their sweaty bodies locked in each other's embrace.

    "Wow, that was great," he whispered as he slowly got to his feet and began putting on his clothes.

    "Why don't you stay awhile?" she asked. "It's been a long time since I felt so completely drained." She lay on the floor, spread-eagled, rubbing her sopping wet cunt.

    "I really have to get back to work," he answered. His cock was already sore, and he had no desire to go a second round with this tigress.

    "Well, I hope I see you again soon," she called to him as he walked out the door.

    She rose and walked towards the bathroom thinking that maybe living alone wouldn't be so bad after all.

    Jenny Thomas lay naked on the shag carpeting watching television. The soft fibers of the rug caressed her stomach and thighs, and the warm, afternoon sun shining through the window, reflected off her golden hair. Her husband, Roger, lay beside her, asleep.

    "Honey," she said, "are you awake?" She reached over and squeezed his cock, which caused him to stir. "Let's make love again, Roger. I want you to fuck me again." She continued fondling his soft cock until he was wide awake.

    "I can't, Jenny," he said, irritated. "We just did it a few minutes ago. I'm not Superman." He rose and walked into the bedroom.

    "Where are you going?" she asked, disappointed.

    "I'm going to get dressed and walk down to the drugstore to get some cigarettes. Do you want anything?" he asked.

    "No thank you," she said. She rolled over onto her back and placed her hand on her cunt, caressing the soft, blonde hair. Her marriage was not going well, she thought. She could not quite put her finger on the problem. Perhaps, they were bored with each other. Perhaps, they were just bored with the everyday routines of living together – waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, Roger going to work, coming home from work, eating dinner, going to bed, getting up again in the morning. Even the sex was not as much fun as it was when they were first married. There was no longer any mystery or excitement in it. Roger often left her unfulfilled, which caused her to look for sex, more and more often, outside of her marriage.

    "Honey," Roger called to her, interrupting her thoughts, "I'm down to my last clean shirt. Could you take the dirty ones down to the washer while I'm gone?"

    "All right, I will," she called back as the door closed behind him. She didn't quite know what to do about her shaky marriage, but she knew that she would have to do something. She still loved her husband, and she was determined to save her marriage by whatever means it took.

    She dressed in a skirt and blouse, not bothering with her panties or bra, enjoying the wild, free feeling, and hastened down the hallway to the laundry room.

    "Hello," a voice called to Jenny as she entered the laundry room.

    "Hello there," answered Jenny. She stood facing a small, red-haired woman with green eyes that Jenny thought were the prettiest she had ever seen. The woman could not have been more than five feet tall. She wore a white tee-shirt and tight cut-off jeans, which revealed her plump, well-rounded tits, her slim waist, and her shapely ass and hips.

    "You must have just moved in," said the red-haired woman. "I haven't seen you before. What's your name?"

    "Jenny," she answered. "My husband and I moved here two and a half weeks ago. What's your name?"

    "My name is Sarah. I'm married also. We've been living here for six months now. We're both teachers at the local high school. What about you? Do you work?"

    "No, I'm just a housewife," she answered. "Roger, that's my husband, is a manager at the First Union Bank." She loaded her clothes into the washer as she talked.

    "That sounds interesting," said Sarah as she took her clothes out of the dryer and loaded them into a basket. "Look, I'm having friends over for dinner tomorrow night. Why don't you and Roger join us? It would give you a chance to meet new people in the building."

    "Sure I'd love to," said Jenny.

    "Great, come over about seven o'clock. We live in number twelve-oh-one." She picked up her basket of clothes and walked back to her apartment.

    Jenny watched as the small, red-haired woman walked away and found herself admiring the woman's ass and legs. She seemed like a nice person, but there appeared to be something mysterious about her, Jenny thought. She turned on the washer and walked away, unable to put Sarah out of her mind.

    She decided to go down to the rental office and talk to the manager before returning to her own apartment. There was a faucet leaking in her bathroom that was driving her crazy, and she wanted it fixed as soon as possible.

    She stepped in the elevator and pressed the button labeled "lobby". There were two teenaged boys on the elevator and Jenny could see their eyes widen at the sight of her.

    "Wow, what a piece of ass!" one said to the other.

    "Look at those tits and that ass!" the other said.

    Jenny smiled at the boys heckling and decided to tease them a little. Remembering that she wasn't wearing any panties, she deliberately bent over and pretended to wipe a smear from one of her shoes.

    This movement caused her skirt to rise up over her bare ass, exposing all her female charms to the boys' eyes. They stood staring at her big, shapely ass, her hairy cunt lips, and her delicious thighs.

    At that moment, the elevator door opened at the main lobby, and the two boys, frightened by their first lewd look at a woman's pussy, ran of and disappeared out the front door. Jenny, amused by the whole episode, stood up and walked off the elevator and across the lobby to the manager's office.

    There was no one in the front office, but Jenny noticed a light coming from one of the back rooms. She walked over to investigate. The door was cracked open just a little, but she could see clearly what was taking place inside the room.

    Becky Scott, the manager, was sitting in her chair with her dress pulled up to her waist. She had her head thrown back, and her legs, spread wide open, were propped up on the desk.

    She had a long, thick banana in her hand, and she was shoving this in and out of her juicy pussy with slow, rhythmic motions, while her hips and her big ass shook uncontrollably, and her large tits rose and fell with her heavy breathing.

    Jenny stared in amazement at the sight of this gorgeous woman ramming that banana into her sweet, wet pussy. She heard the woman's moans and whimpering become louder and saw that big, beautiful ass shaking and rocking with increasing vigor. This caused her to become extremely aroused, and she reached under, her skirt and shoved two fingers into her own little pussy, which by now was already hot and wet. "Ahhhh!" she whimpered under her breath as she watched the banana disappear into the woman's cunt. She could hear squishing noises coming from the woman's sopping wet pussy, and when she saw Becky thrust the banana inside her pussy in one vicious jab, Jenny almost fell off her feet as she imagined that it was her own aching cunt that was being stuck.

    "Ughhbhh! Ohhhh!" she moaned as she rubbed her pussy, moving her hands over her throbbing clit. The juices flowed over her fingers as she massaged her swollen cunt. Again she thrust her two fingers into her wet pussy and trembled as the orgasm began to rock her.

    The sight of Becky's big, ripe pussy being violated by a banana and the thrusting of her fingers into her own little cunt was too much for Jenny and she came violently. She held back her screams as jolts of pleasure spread through her loins.

    However, she was still not satisfied. She wanted the contact of another warm body. Urged on by her own lustful desires, she removed her blouse and skirt, entered the room, and walked up to Becky.

    The manager was shocked at the sight of Jenny standing before her completely naked. She feasted her eyes on Jenny's beautiful, large tits and her long, sun-tanned legs. She stood up and embraced the woman, her mouth coming down on Jenny's mouth in a long, passionate kiss. She probed Jenny's mouth with her tongue and massaged her tits and cunt with her expert fingers.

    Jenny was busy herself. She reached down and grabbed Becky's ass in both hands and began squeezing the big, delicious cheeks.

    They continued like this for some time, probing and exploring each other's bodies, then they sank down on the floor together.

    "I want to eat your yummy pussy!" Jenny whispered as she spread Becky's legs and buried her face in the young woman's big, ripe cunt. Her tongue flickered over the clit briefly then darted into the dark, wet abyss, lapping up the cunt juices and causing the manager to thrash wildly about the floor.

    "Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh! EEEEEEE!!" screamed Becky as the dart-like tongue jolted the sensitive walls of her pussy. "Yesssssss! You whore! You sweet bitch! Ohhhhhhh! Eeeeeeeeee!" She groaned as Jenny's tongue wreaked havoc on her sensitive cunt.

    Becky spread her thighs wider as Jenny's tongue tasted her sweet, hot juices. Jenny could feel the other woman's hands grasp the back of her head and force her face deeper into the wet pussy. She felt the woman grinding her cunt into her face and heard her moaning in bliss.

    "Ohhhh, yeesss! You pussy-eating bitch! You're making me come!"

    She drove Becky over the brink, and when the woman came, in a series of wild spasms, Jenny continued to suck and eat the creamy cunt juices.


    Laura Timmins sat at the kitchen table reading a book, while her mother stood by the sink washing breakfast dishes. It had been a week since she had visited that man's apartment selling cookies. She had been pondering the idea of going back to see him. He frightened her a little, but she had enjoyed the taste of his huge cock inside her mouth. Besides, she was bored and needed some excitement.

    At that moment, the doorbell rang. She ran to open it and greeted two of her friends, who lived on the tenth floor, Judy Harris and Jackie Fox.

    "Hi, Laura," they said excitedly.

    "Hi, what are you up to?" asked Laura.

    "Judy and I are going to throw a party tonight, for some friends. Would you like to come?" said Jackie.

    "Sure, I'd love to," beamed Laura.

    "We're going to go shopping this morning to buy all the food and supplies that we need. Then we're going to decorate Judy's apartment. Why don't you come with us and help?" said Jackie.

    "Okay, let's go," said Laura. She waved goodbye to her mother as she walked out the door with her friends.

    They spent the entire morning purchasing their party supplies and then returned to Judy's apartment to begin the preparations.

    They hung streamers of crepe paper and balloons along the ceiling and walls, reaching all the higher places with a ladder, and filled all the snack trays with candy, peanuts, and other sweets. Judy's father, a short, fat man of fifty, with a pink complexion and a bald head, helped with the decorating. They joked and laughed as they worked, enjoying themselves.

    "Your father was really a big help," stated Laura, "and a lot of fun, too."

    "Yes, I know," replied Judy. "Ever since my mother died last year, he's been really lonely. I think this party will cheer him up, though."

    "Are there going to be many boys at the party?" asked Laura.

    "I hope so," said Judy. "It wouldn't be much fun, otherwise." They both laughed.

    "Judy!" interrupted Jackie. "We forgot to pick up the cake. Let's run down to the bakery, now and get it. Laura can stay here and finish decorating. You don't mind, do you Laura? We'll only be gone a half hour."

    "No, of course not," replied Laura. "You two go ahead."

    After Jackie and Judy departed, she returned to work. "Will you hold the ladder for me, Mr. Harris," she asked Judy's father, "so that I can hang up this last balloon?"

    "I'll be glad to," he answered. He held, the ladder, firmly, while Laura climbed the steps, his eyes fixed on her short skirt and long, shapely legs. He looked up her skirt to her soft, creamy thighs and her tiny panties.

    Laura sensed the man's eyes on her body and she began to feel sorry for him. She knew what it was like to be lonely and she wanted to help him. As she descended the ladder, she intentionally stumbled and fell backwards into the old man's arms.

    "Wow! Thank you, Mr. Harris," she said innocently, as she pressed her ass into his crotch. "I almost broke my neck."

    "Lucky for you I was here," he said, his big hands still wrapped around her slim waist.

    "I think I hurt my ankle," shelled. "Could you please carry me over to the couch?"

    He picked her up in his big arms, sliding one fat hand under her skin, grasping her soft thighs, and cradling her head and shoulders in the other. After laying her on the couch, he sat down and placed her feet on his lap.

    "Do you think it's broken?" she asked coyly. She raised her leg to his eyes as she spoke, revealing her thighs and panties once again.

    "I don't know, let me see," he said. He caressed her ankle checking for broken bones. Finding none, he continued caressing her leg, moving his hand farther up beneath her skirt, feeling the softness of her inner thighs, and finally resting on her damp crotch. He pulled off her panties and pushed her skin up over her waist, revealing her hot, moist cunt and the thick, light brown pubic hair. He fingered her little pink clit, pinching it until it hardened.

    "Oh, Mr. Harris!" Laura whimpered. "That feels so good!" She spread her legs wide and began to rotate her hips.

    Mr. Harris continued his assault. He shoved his fat finger into her wet pussy, probing and exploring her dark, damp hole, while Laura thrashed about wildly. Lowering his head to her pussy, he withdrew his finger and inserted his tongue into her quivering cunt. Licking and sucking her sweet, little pussy, he took her over the brink and she came in his mouth.

    "Ohhhh! You sweet, old bastard! You made me come!" whimpered Laura. She sat up on the couch, still breathing heavily, and crawled over to him, her cunt lips covered with her juices. She placed her hands on his crotch and felt his hardness.

    "I want you to fuck the shit out of me! I want to feel your fat cock deep inside of my hot pussy," she begged. She stepped onto the floor and got down on her hands and knees.

    Mr. Harris stood up and removed his pants and underwear. He then got down on his knees behind Laura and pulled her skirt up over her waist, exposing her beautiful rounded ass and her juicy cunt. He shoved his fat, little cock into her pussy and pumped away inside of her, while his fat stomach rested on her back, and droplets of perspiration formed on his bald head.

    He banged away inside of her for several minutes, while she urged him on. Laura wiggled her sweet, little ass against his belly and arched her back, allowing his throbbing cock to slide deeper into her soaking wet cunt.

    "Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ughhhhhhh! EEEEE!" she howled as his pulsating cock rubbed against the walls of her pussy. Her whole body shook as Mr. Harris pounded the shit out of her hot pussy.

    "Yesssssss! That's it, fuck me! Fuck the fuck out of me!" Her eyes rolled back in her head as waves of ecstasy rolled through her entire body. She felt his hairy balls slap against her thighs as he pounded her wet cunt with his fat cock. The friction of his cock against her pussy caused intense heat in her loins as his thrusts became faster and harder. "Ohhhhh! It feels so good," she groaned as he fucked her as hard as he could.

    "You have a sweet tight pussy, but I want to fuck your ass for awhile! I want to feel your tight asshole!" he told her.

    "Yes, Mr. Harris! Anything you want! Shove your fat cock in my poor, little asshole! Stick it in deep!" she begged.

    He withdrew his cock from her cunt and rested the throbbing prick against her asshole.

    "Yes, shove it in," she pleaded. "Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me hard!" She was anxious to feel his pulsating cock up inside her ass. She arched her back and pressed her ass against his stiff cock.

    He rammed it into her asshole viciously, withdrew it, then rammed it in again, harder. Grabbing her slim hips with his big hands, he thrust his cock into her again and again.

    "Harder! Harder!" she screamed. "Ohhhhh! EEEEEEEOOOH? Fuck me! Fuck me!"

    Again she felt his big balls banging against her ass and she pushed backwards to meet his vicious thrusts. "That's it, fuck me hard! Fuck me hard! SHIHIIIITT!"

    He continued pounding her tight asshole with his throbbing cock, while she thrashed and screamed, until his juices swelled up inside him and he came at last, squirting his jism up into her bowels.

    She could feel his thick cum squirting into her asshole and running down her thighs, and she ground her ass against him in order to savor every last drop.

    "Ohhhhh! It feels sooooo gooooodd!" she groaned.

    He gave her a few more strokes of his shrinking cock then they both collapsed in a heap, she underneath him with his fat cock still up her asshole.

    At long last, he withdrew from her and rolled over. Laura struggled to her feet and pulled on her panties.

    "You're a great lover, Mr. Harris," she said with a smile. "That was beautiful. It's been a long time since I've been fucked in the ass. It sure felt good." She straightened her clothes and, ran, a comb through her hair. "Judy and Jackie should be back soon. We can continue this another day."

    "Anytime you say," answered Mr. Harris, still panting. He dressed himself quickly. "You sure have a fantastic ass."

    Laura smiled to herself at this remark and went back to work on the party decorations.


    Ann Marshall strolled into the employment office and took a seat with the other applicants. The atmosphere appeared gloomy as sad and depressed looking people awaited their turn to be interviewed. She tried to look cheerful, hoping it would make her standout among the others, giving her a better chance to get a job. One by one, they took their turns with the interviewers. Some departed happy, successful in their attempt to gain employment, while others left, dejected. Finally it was her turn.

    "Good morning," greeted a grey-haired old man, wearing small, wire-framed eyeglasses and a grey flannel suit.

    "Good morning," said Ann with a smile, following him into a private office. She sat down in the empty chair alongside his desk and crossed her legs. She wore a revealing, low-necked dress and high-heeled shoes which gave her a striking, sexy appearance.

    "What type of job were you seeking Miss Marshall?" he asked as he looked over her application.

    "I'll take whatever is available. I don't have any experience, but I learn fast," she said. She noticed his eyes traveling up her legs, and she deliberately shifted her position in the chair in order to give him a better view of her lovely thighs. "I'm sure you must have something available." She took a deep breath, thrusting her tits out further.

    The old man sighed at the sight of Ann's big, voluptuous body. He leaned forward and placed his hand on her knee and said, "I think I have just the job for you." His hand traveled further up between her legs, squeezing her soft, inner thighs. He stared at her large tits as he talked. "The manager of the apartment building that you live in needs an assistant. You will be trained as you work. Are you interested?"

    "Of course, I am! That would be great. When do I start?"

    "You can start today. I'll call them and tell them that you're on your way." He was still squeezing her thighs.

    "How can I ever thank you?" she asked.

    "I'll show you," he said. He rose out of his chair and knelt down in front of Ann. Pushing her dress up to her waist, he began kissing her legs.

    Ann knew what he wanted to do and she decided to let him. After all, he had just given her a job, and she felt that she owed him something. Besides, it would feel good having a hot, wet tongue licking bet big pussy. Her cunt quivered as she awaited his touch.

    Mr. Harris reached up and pulled down her panties, marveling at the thick, black hair between her legs. He spread her legs wide and buried his face in her big, ripe pussy. He was clumsy in his efforts, but his lips and tongue, slobbering over Ann's juicy cunt, had her squirming wildly in her chair.

    "Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ifs so goooood," she moaned as she reached down and grabbed the back of his head and forced his face deeper into her greedy pussy.

    She felt his tongue dart into her cunt and lick her pussy walls. She shook violently as teeth clamped down on her swollen clit. "Ohhhhh! Ughbhhh! You sweet, pussy-eating bastard!" she purred. She felt her cunt grow wet and, with a small cry, she came, the orgasm nearly knocking her out of the chair. Her juices flowed freely over the old man's face, and he continued to lap up the sweet nectar until she finally pushed him away.

    After pulling up her panties, she said good-bye to the old man and departed, excited over her new job.

    Ann walked into the building manager's office and presented herself to Becky.

    "Hello! So we meet again," said Ann. "The employment office sent me over. I'm to be your assistant."

    "Yes, they told me. That's great. I'm glad you got the job. I just know we'll get along fine," said Becky. She took Ann aside and began explaining the responsibilities of the job to her.

    "Your main job will be to rent vacant condominiums to prospective tenants. You'll meet many different people everyday. You'll find it interesting work."

    "It sure sounds interesting. I think I'll like working here."

    "Fine, I'll show you around the building now, so you'll be familiar with everything."

    She took Ann through the building, showing her all the supply rooms, plumbing facilities, and other important items. They started at the roof and traveled through the building, ending in the basement.

    "The boiler room is over there, through that door," said Becky, pointing towards a large red door.

    "What's in that room?" asked Ann. She pointed to a small room, just opposite the boiler room.

    "That's the janitor's office," said Becky. "Come on, I'll introduce you to him." She led Ann into the room and there sat the tall, blond young man, whom Ann had fucked two days ago.

    "John," said Becky, "I'd like you to meet Ann. She'll be working here with us from now on. Ann, meet John."

    "Hello, Ann," said John. "How is your garbage disposal working?" he asked with a wink of his eye.

    "Just fine," said Ann. "I'm glad to meet you again."

    "Oh, that's right," interrupted Becky. "You two met before, when Ann first moved, in. I had forgotten."

    "Yes, we met before. But I don't believe she met Jerry," said John. At that moment, Jerry walked into the room, carrying a tool box.

    "Jerry," said John. "This is Ann. She's working here in the building. She'll be Becky's assistant. Ann, this is Jerry our other janitor."

    "Hello," said Jerry. "Glad to meet you."

    "Hi!" said Ann. Her eyes devoured this strange man. He was a large, heavy brute with big, powerful arms and a rough beard covering most of his ugly face.

    He looked to Ann like a huge, wild beast, and her pussy quivered at the sight of the large bulge in his crotch.

    "Jerry works in the boiler room most of the day," added Becky. "He keeps the building functioning. Isn't that right Jerry?"

    "Yes ma'm," he grumbled as he picked up a pipe wrench and strode back into the boiler room.

    Ann watched this huge hunk of a man walk away. The thought of this hairy beast thrusting his huge cock into her wet pussy made her knees tremble.

    "Ann, why don't we go back up to the office? We can talk some more about the job up there." They stepped onto the elevator and pressed the button to take them back up to the main lobby.

    "Jerry is really something, isn't he?" said Ann.

    "He's okay, I guess," said Becky. "But I prefer the handsome type, like John. By the way, I noticed that wink he gave you. Did something interesting happen between you two?"

    "No, we're just friends," she lied.

    The elevator door opened and the two stepped out and walked across the lobby and into the manager's office.

    "Let's go into the back room," said Becky. "I want to discuss some business with you." She led Ann into the room and sat down beside her on the couch. In addition to the couch, there were two chairs, a large desk with a lamp on it, and several paintings hanging on the wall. The floor was covered with a dark blue, wall-to-wall shag carpet.

    "Sometimes I like to come back here, lock the door, and lie down on the carpet completely naked. It really relaxes you. Would you like to try it with me?" said Becky.

    "Sure, it sounds like fun," said Ann.

    They both undressed down to their panties, helping each other unsnap their bras, and lay down on the thick carpet.

    "It really feels great," said Ann.

    Becky removed her panties and turned to Ann. "Here, let me take these off for you," she said. She removed Ann's panties and tossed them onto the couch. "Now, isn't that better?" she asked.

    "You're right, it's unbelievable," said Ann as she rolled onto her stomach and spread her arms and legs wide.

    "How would you like a massage?" asked Becky. Without waiting for an answer, she knelt down beside Ann's outstretched body and began massaging the soft flesh. Beginning at the neck and shoulders, she worked her hands the length of Ann's big body, gently caressing the smooth layer of skin. Then she ran her expert fingers over the soft cheeks of Ann's lovely ass, gently squeezing each one. Rubbing softly in circular motions, her hands traveled over the curve of the older woman's hips and journeyed down to the soft, inner thighs. Gently pinching the soft flesh, they traveled upwards and rested on Ann's smooth, quivering cunt. By now, Ann was squirming on the carpet.

    "That feels so good," she said. "Please don't stop. I want you to play with my hot pussy!"

    Becky inserted her finger into Ann's juicy pussy, then withdrew it and began to rub the woman's clit. "Roll over onto your back," ordered Becky. Ann obeyed and Becky immediately climbed on top of her and kissed her on the lips. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as their lips and pussy-mounds ground together in slow circles. Becky next took hold of Ann's large, ripe tits in her hands and kissed and bit them savagely. Ann reached down and grabbed Becky's big ass, sinking her finger nails into the soft flesh.

    "I want to be fucked!" cried Ann. "I'm on fire!"

    "I have just the thing for you," said Becky. She stood up and walked over to the desk and pulled something out of the bottom drawer. "I keep this for special occasions," she said as she held it out for Ann to see. It was a long, thick dildo, connected to a waist strap Becky put the sinister looking object around her waist and buckled it tight. "Do you still want to be fucked?" she asked.

    "Yes, please! I need it! Put it in my pussy!" she begged. She spread her legs wide as she spoke, revealing the thick, black cunt hairs that covered her yummy pussy.

    Becky got down between Ann's legs and pulled them up over her shoulders. Next, she found Ann's red-hot cunt hole with the dildo and thrust it in up to the hilt. Ann screamed with pleasure and began writhing and thrashing about the carpet while Becky held her down and fucked her relentlessly.

    "Ohhhh! Weeeeeeeooo! Ughhh! Harder! Harder!" begged Ann. "Fuck me harder! Fuck the shit out of me!"

    Becky obliged and thrust fiercely into Ann's sopping wet pussy. Ann raised her ass off the carpet to meet Becky's thrusts and threw her head back as the woman pounded her big cunt with the dildo. Ann was happy to have her pussy filled so completely and she tightened her cunt muscles around the long, thick rod to keep it from sliding out. She bucked her ass repeatedly in response to the intense pleasure and almost knocked the smaller woman off of her.

    Becky rammed the slick dildo into her pussy so deep that their cunt lips ground against each other. Faster and faster, she pounded the big woman's hungry pussy as Ann jerked and bucked beneath her. She felt the older woman's cunt muscles tighten on the dildo and she knew that Ann was about to come.

    "I'm coming! I'm coming! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh!" Ann shouted. She let out a loud moan as she came in Becky's arms. Her cunt juices flowed freely over both her and Becky, and she felt completely satisfied.

    They lay together for a long time afterwards, gently kissing and caressing each other, before Ann finally spoke.

    "I'm going to love working for you, I just know it."

    "Hurry! Hurry!!" said Jenny. "We don't want to be late."

    "We have plenty of time," said Roger. "It's only seven o'clock. Who are these people anyway?"

    "I told you. I met the woman in the laundry room. We talked awhile, and she invited us to dinner. She lives just down the hallway. I thought it would be nice to meet other people in the building."

    "I suppose you're right," said Roger. "Come on, let's go."

    They walked down the hall, hand in hand, and knocked on the door of Sarah's apartment. A tall, muscular, sandy-haired man opened the door and received them. "Good-evening, come on in," he said. "I'm David, Sarah's husband. Why don't you have a seat?"

    "Thank you," said Jenny. "I'm Jenny and this is my husband, Roger." They all went in and sat down on the couch.

    "Sarah is in the kitchen. She'll be out in a minute," said David. "I hope you like steak and french-fries?"

    "Who doesn't?" said Roger. "I'm starved."

    At that moment, the doorbell rang and two other couples entered and were led into the living room.

    "Roger and Jenny," said David. "I want you to meet Sandra and Dale, and Carol. They also live in this apartment building. We've all been friends for some months now."

    They exchanged greetings and introductions and took their places at the dinner table. During the entire dinner, Jenny sensed something strange about this group of people. She felt uncomfortable at first, being around so many strangers, but the friendly attitude of the group, coupled with the abundant supply of wine, soon ended her shyness. She sat back in her chair and took notice of the behavior of the others. She saw the way they fondled each other and cradled each other in their arms. It looked, to her, as if the group was one big, happy family.

    She took special notice of the attention that Sandra, a tall blonde like herself, was paying to her husband. She was stroking Roger's hair with one hand and squeezing his knee with the other. Roger seemed to be enjoying himself. She could see him sliding his hand under Sandra's short dress and caressing her thighs.

    Soon the group began to disperse, and she saw Roger being led into the living room by Sandra, Carol, and Sarah. She rose to join them, but Jack, Sandra's husband, held her back.

    "Why don't we sit here awhile, Jenny," he said. "I just want to tell you that we're glad to have you and your husband join us tonight. We hope that after tonight you'll want to be a permanent member of our group."

    "A permanent member? I don't understand," said Jenny, still unsure of the situation.

    "Come on, let's join the others," said Jack.

    He led her into the living room. It was dark. She saw that the shades were pulled shut and all the lights were off. There was a movie projector on the table, and it was showing a movie on a large screen at the end of the room. The rest of the group were sitting around watching the film. By now the wine was taking effect on her, and she was not quite sure what was happening.

    She sat down on the couch between Jack and David. She looked up at the screen and saw the woman in the movie take off her clothes and lie down on a bed. Then two men came into the room, took off their clothes and climbed into the bed with the woman. She saw the two men take turns fucking and eating the woman's pussy. Then she looked around and saw Sandra and Roger lying on the carpet. They were completely nude, and Sandra was between his legs, sucking his hard cock. Then she saw Sarah, also nude, straddle Roger's head and lower her pussy to his eager mouth. Next, Carol crawled over to him, beside Sandra, and began sucking his cock also.

    "Why don't you join the fun," said a voice behind her.

    She turned and saw Carol's husband, Dale, walk up to her and sit down beside her. He also was completely, nude. She looked down and saw his long, thick cock standing erect.

    "I want you to suck my cock," said Dale. He was a dark-haired young man, with a heavy mustache. He took her by the arm and pulled her off the couch and onto the floor, between his legs.

    Jenny took one last look at her husband, who was still busy on the floor with the three other women and then lowered her head to his cock. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, she thought.

    She grabbed hold of his erect cock with one hand and began licking it up and down like a lollipop. She was turned on by the thick, rubbery prick, and she wanted to feel it in her throat. Closing her mouth over the throbbing cock, she began sucking on it fiercely.

    "Obhbhh! Shiiiiitt! That feels good!" moaned Dale.

    By now, David and Jack had walked over to her and removed their clothes.

    "Suck us too! We want you to eat our cocks too, Jenny," said Jack.

    Jenny let Dale's big cock slip out of her mouth and crawled over to Jack and David. She took Jack's huge cock into her mouth first and sucked him so hard that he came almost immediately. She swallowed his cum and licked his prick clean, enjoying every drop of the thick cream. Then she turned and wrapped her lips around David's hard cock. She sucked him hard and fierce also, rolling her tongue over the head of his cock as she sucked. She felt him reach down and grab the back of her head, forcing her face closer to him and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. The head of his cock rested against the back of her throat as she sucked up and down on the glistening prick.

    "Wow! You sweet-assed cocksucking bitch! You really know how to suck cock, don't you!" howled David as Jack and Dale looked on.

    Finally, with a loud scream, David came deep in her mouth. Jenny tried to swallow the slimy cream but there was just too much of it, and some trickled out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin.

    "Come with us, Jenny," Dale said. He picked up the sore-lipped woman and carded her into the bedroom. He removed all of her clothes and placed her onto the bed. By then, David and Jack had entered, and the two of them stood on each side of the bed and began sucking her big tits. Dale climbed onto the bed and got on top of her. He forced her legs apart and pulled them up over his shoulders before thrusting his stiff cock into her wet pussy. It slid in up to the hilt. He fucked her slow and hard, moving his hips in a circular motion.

    Jenny groaned, happily. "Ohhhhh! That feels sssoooo good! Please don't ever stop. Fuck the shit out of me. I want all of you to fuck me. I need your big cocks to fill me up!"

    She raised her ass to meet his thrusts as he pounded her sweet pussy with his hard, throbbing cock. She was happy that they were giving her the same pleasure that she had given them a little while ago. She bucked her big ass repeatedly as the stiff prick burned her hot cunt.

    They fucked relentlessly, each matching the other's thrusts until Dale could take no more, and, with one savage thrust, he came deep inside her cunt, squirting his cock-juice against the walls of her pussy.

    "Ohhh! Yeeeessss! That was so good!" moaned Jenny still not completely satisfied. "Okay, who's next?" she asked.

    Dale withdrew from her and rolled off the bed and onto the floor. Immediately, Jack climbed onto the bed and lowered himself between Jenny's spread legs. He thrust his huge cock into her juicy pussy as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Meanwhile, David crawled onto the beds beside Jenny's face and shoved his stiff cock into her mouth so deep that the thick, brown hair surrounding it pressed against her lips, and his huge balls banged against her cheeks.

    Jack fucked her big, hot pussy mercilessly, his deep, hard thrusts sending shivers of ecstasy through her entire body, while David fucked her mouth with frenzy. Jenny had never felt so much pleasure at one time. She held onto Jack tightly with her legs and wrapped her arms around David's waist, holding him close to her.

    Her mouth and pussy were completely filled just as she wanted and she tightened her cunt muscles and her lips in order to keep the two cocks from slipping out. She could feel Jack pounding the shit out of her sloppy pussy as she bucked her big ass up to meet him. At the same time, she worked her sensual lips up and down David's long, hot prick until she felt the first drops of thick cream running down her throat. Both her mouth and her cunt were hungry and she wanted them satisfied.

    "Ahhhh! I'm going to come!" shouted Jack.

    "Meeeee tooooooo!" howled David.

    Jenny was ecstatic and she couldn't wait to swallow the thick gobs of cum. She could feel her own juices begin to flow and she worked feverishly to try to come at the same time as the two men. She bucked her big ass faster and faster and bobbed her head up and down David's cock harder and harder.

    It worked. The three of them were all rocked with severe orgasms at the same time. Jenny happily swallowed the white cum-cream, milking his shrinking cock dry. She could feel the thick gobs of jism squirting up into her pussy and running down her legs. The three of them collapsed on top of each other, completely exhausted.

    With cock-juice oozing out of her steaming cunt and dripping from the corners of her mouth, Jenny walked back into the living room, looking for her husband. She discovered him lying on his back on the floor. Sarah was straddled atop him, squirming uncontrollably with her head thrown back and her eyes closed. Roger's thick cock was buried deep inside Sarah's tiny pussy, and he was thrusting his hips up into her as if to throw her off.

    She noticed Sandra and Carol lying nearby, looking exhausted. The sight of this tiny woman riding Roger's big cock as if it were a horse excited Jenny. She walked over to them and, holding Sarah in her arms, began sucking the woman's pointed tits.

    The three of them continued like this for some time until both Sarah and Roger climaxed together, the resulting orgasm, knocking Sarah off Roger and onto the floor. Jenny threw herself onto her husband and kissed him passionately.

    "I love you, Roger," she said.

    "I love you, too," said Roger.

    After they had all showered and dressed, they assembled in the living room.

    "Well, Jenny," said David, "how do you like our group? We have been together for several months, now. We meet once or twice a week, and we find it really helps our married life. It puts more excitement into our lives and helps us to respect each other. We'd love to have you and Roger as permanent members of our group."

    "Well," said Jenny, "if it's all right with Roger, it's all right with me. I've never felt so completely satisfied in my entire life. I think it's the very thing that we need to help our marriage."

    "I agree," said Roger. "I'd love to join your group."

    Jenny added, "Maybe this is what we need in our marriage – more variety. I only hope it helps."


    Laura Timmins pranced into the apartment building and stepped into the open elevator. She was feeling good in her tight jeans and blouse, proud of her youthful body. A young couple walked in behind her.

    "Hello, Laura," the woman said.

    "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Reed," said Laura.

    "I'm glad we ran into you. We need someone to babysit little Michael for us tonight. Would you be interested?"

    "Sure, I'll do it," said Laura. "I could use the money."

    "Fine," said Mrs. Reed, "why don't you come over around seven o'clock. Do you remember which apartment it is?"

    "Sure, apartment four-eleven," said Laura. "See you at seven."

    The elevator stopped on the fourth floor and the couple departed. It closed again, and continued on up to the eleventh floor where Laura lived.

    Laura stepped off the elevator and walked down the hallway to her apartment. She was excited now. The babysitting job would provide enough money to keep her in records for a month. She walked into the apartment and closed the door behind her.

    "Ooooooh! Aaghhhhh! Harder! Do it harder!" she heard her mother cry.

    The cries were coming from her mother's bedroom. She walked over, cracked the door open, and peeked into the room. It was dark inside, but she could see her mother lying on the bed with her legs spread wide and thrust up into the air. She was completely naked and her large tits were rising and falling with her heavy breathing.

    Then Laura saw the reason for her heavy breathing. A blond young man was kneeling on the floor with his face buried in her mother's pussy. She saw the movements of the young man's lips and tongue as they played with her mother's cunt. She heard her mother crying softly.

    It had been a month since her father died, and he had been sick for a long time before he died. Laura knew that this was the first time in a long while that her mother had been with a man, and she was happy for her.

    She watched as the man raised his head and stood up, and Laura recognized him as the janitor of the building. He was completely naked, and Laura saw the biggest cock that she had ever seen in her life hanging between his legs. She saw him lower himself between her mother's legs and thrust that big cock into her steaming-hot pussy. She could see his hips and ass rising and falling as he pumped that huge cock into her mother.

    "Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" her mother screamed.

    By now, her mother was squirming and thrashing on the bed, her shapely legs wrapped tightly around the blond janitor's back, and her arms clasped around the back of his neck.

    Again, her mother cried, "I need you harder! I need that big cock inside my ripe pussy! It's been so long! Give it to me! Give me every inch of that huge cock!"

    He fucked her as hard as be could, his strong hips grinding into her loins with animal lust until, finally, he took her over the brink and she came violently, like a woman possessed. Her juices soaked his cock and hairy balls.

    "I want to fuck you in the ass," Laura heard the janitor say. She saw him roll her mother over on her stomach and, lowering himself on top of her, shove his hard, throbbing cock up her asshole. She heard her mother cry out at first then begin to moan in pleasure.

    "Eeeeeeeeec! Ohhhh! That feels so good! So gooooooodd!" Laura heard her mother say. "I've never been fucked in the ass before. It feels good." Again she was crying softly.

    Laura watched as the young man fucked her mother in the ass with slow, deep thrusts while her mother cried out in pleasure. At last, his juices swelled up inside him and he came deep in her ass, shooting his creamy jism up into her bowels.

    By this time, Laura's cunt was sopping wet, and, fearing that her mother would discover her, she rushed out of the apartment and dawn the hallway.

    As she was running, she came upon a vacant apartment, the door slightly open. She walked inside out of curiosity and saw a large man with a rough beard, and powerful arms covered with thick hair.

    "Hello," said Laura. "Who are you?"

    "My name is Jerry. I'm the assistant janitor."

    "What are you doing?" asked Laura.

    "I'm trying to repair the air-conditioner." Laura spied the huge bulge in his pants and was determined to have him fuck her and put out the fire in her pussy. What she had just witnessed in her mother's bedroom had made her extremely horny, and her pussy was sopping wet.

    "Do you mind if I use the bathroom?" she asked.

    "No, help yourself," he mumbled.

    She went into the bathroom, removed her jeans and panties, and walked back into the room where Jerry was working. Laura stood before him, wearing only a blouse. Her long, slender legs and lovely ass were fully exposed, as was her quivering cunt, covered with soft, light brown hair.

    "Please fuck me," she begged the huge man.

    Jerry immediately pulled his pants and underwear off and walked towards Laura. She gasped at the sight of him. His cock was long and very thick with large balls hanging down behind it. His cock and his thick legs were covered with rough, black hair. He resembled a beast and Laura trembled as he walked towards her.

    He seized her waist in his hands and took her standing up. She grabbed the back of his neck with both hands and wrapped her legs around his large waist. The rough hair covering his body scratched her soft skin as she braced herself for his savage attack.

    He thrust his huge, thick cock into her tiny, wet pussy as he stood holding ha in his hairy arms. Never before had she felt so much cock inside her. It filled her up completely. He cradled her soft, lovely ass in his big hands and pounded her juicy cunt with his monstrous cock. Laura reached an orgasm within seconds but the huge man never slowed his attack. He continued his relentless pounding, fucking her like a wild animal. Laura had two more orgasms, but still the wild man kept ramming his huge prick into her little pussy. She began to think that he would never stop his assault. She cried with a mixture of pain and pleasure as she clung tightly to this hairy wild man, experiencing two more orgasms.

    "Ohhhhh! Abhhhhhh! Your cock is so big! I don't know if I can take it much longer! EEEEEE! Oooooooooohhhhhhh!"

    She moaned and groaned as his huge cock stretched her pussy walls. Her juices flooded his balls and thighs, but his cock was as hard as ever. He showed no signs of tiring as he continued his pounding of her little cunt. She loved to have a big prick up her pussy, filling her up, but this man's cock was almost too much for her, her poor, little pussy ached from the pounding it was receiving. Her whole body rocked as he fucked the shit out of her, pounding her little cunt mercilessly.

    Finally, he stopped his attack and spoke to her for the first time since they had started fucking. "Have you had enough?" he asked, his cock still buried deep in her pussy.

    "Yes," said Laura. "I can't take anymore. My pussy hurts too much." She never dreamed that she would ever get enough of good fucking, but this man had fucked her over her limit.

    "In that case, I'll fuck you in your ass for awhile." He pulled his gigantic cock from her stretched cunt and set her down on the floor. Then he turned her around so that her back and ass were facing him.

    "I want you to bend over and touch your toes," he ordered her.

    She looked over her shoulder at the huge wild man towering over her and begged, "Please not my ass. Your cock is too big. I don't think it will fit into my little asshole."

    "I'll make it fit. Now bend over!" he demanded, frightening her.

    "Okay," she said. "But please don't hurt me." She bent over and grabbed her toes, exposing her little, pink asshole.

    He grabbed her lovely ass in both hands and tried to shove his magnificent cock into that tiny hole. He pushed and shoved and hammered at that little pink hole, but his cock was just too damn big.

    "Please stop, you're killing me," cried Laura. Her little hole was stretched to capacity, and she feared that he would tear her to pieces. Finally, he gave up in frustration.

    "Okay, you can stand up now," he said at last. She stood up facing him, not knowing what to expect next. She could see that his cock and his balls were monstrous and still erect.

    "Now, get down on your knees," he demanded. She did as she was told, knowing exactly what he had in mind.

    He placed his huge prick on her lips and she explored it with her tongue, tasting her own cunt juices.

    "Open your damn mouth wide, bitch," he demanded.

    Again she obeyed, and he shoved his huge cock into her pretty, little mouth until she gagged and choked. He withdrew it a little, then shoved it in again. He did not wait for her to suck on it. Instead, he merely grabbed the back of her head with his hairy hands and proceeded to fuck her mouth, thrusting the long, thick prick in and out of her with slow, hard strokes.

    The immense size of his cock filled her mouth completely, and Laura had difficulty breathing, but the huge brute continued to fuck her mouth.

    Laura could feel drops of hot cum-cream leaking down her throat, and she swallowed all of it greedily. Her cheeks were scratched by the hair around his cock, so deep was the long cock buried in her mouth. His heavy balls banged against her sweet lips with each deep thrust. She loved every bit of it, and she ran her tongue over the immense prick as it pounded her throat.

    Finally, with one fierce thrust, he rammed his cock deep into her hungry mouth and came, squirting his slimy cock-juice down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow every drop of his cream.

    He clung to her for a few minutes longer then released her and walked over to his clothes. Laura lay on the floor, whimpering softly. She had never been fucked so completely in her whole life, and she was utterly exhausted. She had experienced five orgasms in less than an hour and her stomach was full of this strange man's thick cock-juice. Finally, she struggled to her feet and slowly walked into the bathroom to get her clothes. When she returned, fully dressed, she found that Jerry was gone. She quickly left and returned to her own apartment, remembering that she had to baby-sit that evening.

    Ann Marshall walked into the manager's office with a big smile on her face. It was her first full day on the job and she was excited.

    "Good morning Ann," said Becky, looking up from her desk.

    "Good morning. I see we have a lot of work to do today," she said as she noticed the stack of papers on her desk.

    "Yes, but first I'd like you to meet some people." Two men who had been sitting on the office couch now rose and walked over to Becky's desk. One was a tall, muscular young man, with dark hair and a small mustache and beard. The other was small and thin, with a smooth, boyish face.

    "This is John and Kenny, they are interested in renting a condo. I'd like you to show them that vacant one we have on the eleventh floor." She turned to John and Kenny and said, "This is my assistant, Ann Marshall. She'll be glad to show you the condominium and answer all your questions."

    "All right, men," said Ann, "just follow me." They followed her to the elevator, each staring at the big, beautiful ass and hips of this tall, black-haired woman.

    "What do you do for a living?" asked Ann as they stepped onto the elevator.

    "We're both construction workers," said John, the tall one.

    "Yes," added Kenny. "We're working on a project not far from here. The job should take about a year to finish, so we decided to share an apartment together in this area."

    "Well, I hope you like it here. We'd love to have you as tenants," said Ann.

    They stepped out of the elevator on the eleventh floor and walked down the hallway towards the vacant apartment.

    "Here we are," said Ann. She unlocked the door and led them inside. "This is a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony. You'll find it has ample living space as well as closet space." Her eyes admired John's muscular chest and arms and the bulge in his jeans.

    "It looks great," said John.

    "I like it too," added Kenny. "How much is the rent?"

    "The rent is two hundred and fifty a month," answered Ann. "I sure hope you take it. This is my first full day on the job and I'd like to impress Becky. I want her to know that I can handle the job."

    Kenny and John both looked Ann up and down, admiring her big tits and ass and her long, shapely legs. Then they looked at each other and smiled slyly.

    "Maybe we can help each other, Ann," said John.

    "Yes," said Kenny. "If we rent the apartment and help you, maybe you can do something for us."

    "What do you mean?" asked Ann. "What can I do for you?"

    "Oh, we'll think of something," said John.

    He walked up behind her and embraced her, squeezing her large tits and pressing his bulge into her ass. Meanwhile, Kenny, whose head came up to Ann's shoulder, kneeled down and removed Ann's skirt, tossing it across the room.

    "Okay men, I'll do anything you want," she said. Ann enjoyed the feeling of having two men pawing her body. She felt her panties being pulled down and she spread her legs instinctively.

    Kenny buried his face into Ann's juicy pussy, almost knocking her off her feet. By now, John had completely removed her blouse and bra and was busy rubbing her big tits. She threw her head back and rested it on John's large chest as Kenny sucked and licked her sweet pussy.

    "I'm going to shove my cock up your asshole," John told her, "while you're still standing." He lowered his jeans and underwear to his ankles then kicked them off. His hard cock entered her asshole slowly and traveled in up to the hilt. He released her tits and took hold of her slim waist, working his throbbing organ in and out of her tiny asshole.

    "Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ughhhhh! Yeeeeesssss! That feels so good. Your big cock really fills me up. Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned. "My asshole is on fire! Ahhhh!"

    Kenny released her pussy and stood up, removing his pants and underwear. Ann slowly sank down to her hands and knees under John's weight, with his cock still up her asshole.

    "I want to suck your cock while he fucks me," she said to Kenny. "Stick it in my mouth."

    Kenny stepped in front of her and shoved his stiff prick into her mouth. She sucked and licked it madly.

    "Ahhhhh! Eeeeeeeee!" screamed Kenny. He grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth with slow, deliberate strokes.

    In the meantime, John withdrew his hard, throbbing cock from her ass and shoved it into her steaming, wet pussy. Her moans were stifled by Kenny's big cock in her mouth as they fucked her at both ends.

    Ann was engulfed with pleasure. John's thrusts were sending waves of ecstasy through her entire body. She arched her back to make it easier for him as their tempo increased. John used his big cock as a battering ram as he pummeled Ann's red-hot pussy.

    "Ahhhh! Weeeeeeeooooo! You sweet, fucking bitch. You really know how to fuck, don't you?" howled John. "She's a nice piece of ass, ain't that right, Kenny?"

    "You're damned right she is. She's the best cocksucker in town. Ahhhhh! Weeeeeeeee! See, what did I tell you?" groaned Kenny.

    Ann heard the comments, but she was too busy to care. Her cunt was being pounded by a huge cock that sent jolts of delight through her entire body. She tightened her cunt muscles on his thick cock and nearly fainted from the intense heat. Kenny's cock tasted good in her hungry mouth. She sucked it fiercely, knowing he would soon come and fill her mouth with the thick cream which she loved to eat.

    Finally, the pounding and the thrusting took their toll on her and she came, the orgasm shaking her whole body. Her cunt juices flooded John's cock and balls, but he continued to fuck her relentlessly, pounding the shit out of her wet pussy.

    Almost at the same time, Kenny shot his wad, filling her greedy mouth with his hot jism until it overflowed and ran down her lips. She enjoyed the hot liquid in her mouth and she gulped down as much of it as she could. She continued sucking his shrinking cock, milking it dry, then, after he had rolled away from her, she licked her lips clean.

    Meanwhile, John continued to ram her aching pussy with his big prick as Ann, finished with Kenny, now turned her full attention to him. She desperately wanted to feel his white cream in her clinging pussy. She reached behind her and rubbed his hairy balls with her expert fingers. Her hungry pussy tightened its grip on his long cock and she could feel it pulsating against her pussy walls. The intense heat from the friction scorched her loins and she knew that she would soon come.

    "Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! I can feel it! I'm going to come! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give me every inch of your big prick!" she howled.

    John, his body covered with sweat, felt his cock swell up, and, with a loud scream, he came deep in her pussy, his cum filling her up and running down the back of her thighs. It was what she had been waiting for, and she welcomed the hot liquid searing, her pussy.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh! I'm coming toooooo!" she screamed as, once again, her cunt juices burst forth and flooded his cock.

    They both collapsed on the floor with John's shrinking, wet cock still buried deep in her pussy.

    "We'd better go back down to the office," said Ann. "Becky will begin to wonder about us."

    "Whatever you say, Ann," said John. "Come on, Kenny. Let's get dressed."

    "How soon can we move into the apartment?" asked Kenny.

    "Right away," said Ann. "The sooner the better."

    They dressed and took the elevator down to the manager's office.

    "Well, Becky, I just rented my first condo," said Ann as she walked through the front door.

    "Congratulations," said Becky. "Now, I want Kenny and John to sit here at this desk and read over their lease before they sign it. I'd like for you to go down to the basement and find the cleaning woman. I need her to finish cleaning the apartment before Kenny and John move into it."

    "I've never met the cleaning woman," said Ann. "What does she look like?"

    "She's a small, thin woman, about thirty years old, with long, dark hair. Her name is Nancy. You should find her in the basement, cleaning the floor."

    "Okay, I'll go get her. See you later, boys," she called to Kenny and John as she walked out the door.

    The elevator door opened on the basement level and Ann stepped off and began searching for Nancy. The place frightened her at first. She had been down there once before, but Becky had been with her then. Now she was alone and the place seemed different. It was lit by six light-bulbs hanging from the ceiling in two rows, and the old furniture and equipment that was stored there cast dark shadows on the walls, sending shivers up her spine.

    She looked into one room after another but saw no sign of Nancy. She looked into the janitor's office but it, too, was empty. She began to think that Nancy was no longer down there, and so she turned towards the elevator. Just then, she heard what sounded like human voices coming from the boiler room. She opened the boiler room door and walked inside. The place was dark and grimy, with three huge boilers in the middle of the room and a large assortment of water pipes running in every direction. She saw two shadows moving in a dark corner of the room, and she went to investigate.

    Creeping along behind one of the boilers so that she couldn't be seen, she walked up to the shadows. When she had gotten to the end of the boiler, she stopped and peeked around the corner. There, lying on an old blanket on the floor, were Nancy and the blond janitor who had fucked Ann several days ago.

    Ann broke out into goose bumps when she first saw them. They were completely naked. Nancy was lying on her back with the janitor on top of her. She had her thin legs spread wide open and wrapped his back. Ann watched as he thrust his huge cock into her tiny cunt. She heard the woman scream in delight as the blond man pumped his big prick in and out of her juicy, little pussy.

    "That's it, fuck me hard!" she heard Nancy say. "Shove that big cock of yours into my ripe pussy."

    Ann stuck her hand inside her panties and rubbed her pussy.

    It was still wet from John's cock-juice but she didn't mind. She was horny again from watching these two fuck, and she craved relief. She shoved two fingers up her wet pussy and moved them about slowly as she kept her eyes on Nancy and the janitor.

    Now the janitor had Nancy's legs pulled up over his shoulders, and he was fucking her like a madman, pounding her sweet pussy savagely.

    "Oh, please!" cried Nancy, "I'm on fire! It's so good! Don't stop! Don't ever stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!" She squirmed beneath him, raising her ass to meet his savage thrusts.

    Finally, he cried out, "I want to come in your mouth!"

    "Okay," said Nancy, "I'll eat your cock-juice!" The janitor withdrew his hard, throbbing cock from her pussy and, crawling up to her face, shoved the wet prick into her mouth. He fucked her mouth with slow, deliberate strokes, giving her every inch of his big cock.

    Ann watched as the janitor's huge prick disappeared completely in Nancy's greedy mouth. She could hear slurping noises coming from the small woman's sucking lips. She wished that it was she who was lying on the blanket with that big cock in her mouth, enjoying the salty-tasting cock. By now, her panties were soaked and her pussy was on fire. She continued to rub her cunt as she watched the pair on the floor.

    She saw Nancy's head bob up and down on the hard prick, which glistened with her spit. She heard his moans grow louder and she knew that he would soon shoot his wad into the lucky woman's open mouth.

    "Ohhhb! Ahhhhh! I'm going to come! I can feel it coming! Here it comes… here it comes… here it comes… HERE IT COMES!" he howled.

    Ann watched as he let loose a flood of creamy cock-juice into Nancy's willing mouth. It was too much for her to swallow. It oozed out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her lips and chin. The greedy cleaning woman continued to suck the shrinking cock, milking it dry.

    At last, they separated and Ann watched, unseen, as the janitor dressed himself and left the room. She was horny as hell from watching the two of them, and she decided to do something about it. She came out from behind the huge boiler and walked up to Nancy, who was just starting to get dressed.

    Standing there in only her panties, Nancy looked up at Ann in amazement. "Where did you come from?" she asked.

    "I was watching from behind the boiler. I saw everything. I don't think Becky would be happy if she knew what was going on down here."

    "Please don't tell her. I'll do anything if you promise hot to tell her. I can't afford to get fired."

    The tiny woman was trembling before Ann, standing there in her tiny panties with her pointed tits, adorned with big red nipples, jutting out, she looked desperate.

    "Please, I mean it. I'll do anything you say. Only, please don't tell anyone!"

    Ann was not about to pass up a situation like this. She was just too horny. "I want you to eat my pussy," said Ann, "or else I'll tell Becky what I saw."

    "Okay," agreed Nancy. "Whatever you say."

    Ann immediately removed her skirt and panties and lay down on the blanket. Spreading her legs wide, she motioned for Nancy to join her. Nancy got down on her knees between Ann's widespread legs and buried her face in the larger woman's big, juicy pussy. She licked and sucked and licked again as Ann writhed in sweet agony, whimpering in response to Nancy's pert tongue. She probed Ann's pussy hole then flickered her tongue over her rigid clit until Ann began to thrash and moan.

    "Ahhhh! Abhhh! Ohhhh! Soooo gooooood!" she howled.

    Ann could feel Nancy's tongue licking her pussy walls and she knew she would soon climax and fill the cleaning woman's mouth with her sweet nectar. The whole morning had been too good to be true and this was a fitting end. She lay there on the blanket staring at the ceiling as the cleaning woman took her over the edge, and she came calmly, allowing the woman to lick her pussy clean.

    "Was it good for you?" asked Nancy, raising her head.

    "Damn good," replied Ann.


    Jenny Thomas lay in her bed, her head propped up on a pillow and her arms resting at her sides. She reached over and stroked the hair of her husband, Roger, who was asleep beside her. She thought of the events of the night before. She had never been involved in anything like that before.

    The thought of Roger being fucked by three strange women while she watched and herself being fucked by three men at the same time, would have ordinarily shocked her. But last night was different. It seemed as if everything that had happened was not only right, but beneficial. It was beneficial to her marriage and to her life.

    When she saw those three women fucking and sucking her husband, she realized how important he was to her. She knew that she loved him and could not bear to lose him. She knew that, before last night, their marriage was suffering from boredom – boredom with each other and with their daily lives. However, Sarah's group had changed all that.

    Last night she saw the change in Roger's face as Sarah rode his cock, and she felt that joining their group might be the very thing that Roger and she needed. Besides, it not only put the much-needed excitement into their lives, but it was also a lot of fun.

    "Honey, are you all right?" said Roger, interrupting her thoughts, as he turned to face her. "That was some party last night, wasn't it?"

    "Yes, it sure was," said Jenny. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

    "Damn right, I did," he said. "And I could see that you did too. I saw you on your knees sucking those men's cocks. That party was the most fun that I've had in a long time. I think it did both of us a lot of good to be with other people. I hope you feel the same way about it as I do. I love you, but I want to join their group and put some fun and excitement back into our marriage. I think it's the best thing for both of us." He stroked her face tenderly.

    "I agree," smiled Jenny. "As long as you save same of that big cock of yours for me." She laughed teasingly.

    "As a matter of fact, I've got some for you right now." He slipped his hands under her nightgown and rubbed her big tits, pinching the pink nipples until Jenny gasped in pleasure. He abandoned her tits and slowly caressed her smooth, flat stomach.

    "Lower," breathed Jenny. "Rub me lower."

    He did as she asked, moving his hands lower inside her panties to her awaiting pussy. He caressed the silky, blonde hair on her cunt, rubbing it between his fingers, feeling its soft texture. Then he released her and removed his own pajamas, revealing to Jenny his long, hard cock. He stripped her little panties off her, pulling them down her long, shapely legs, and tossed them on the floor.

    "I'm ready for you, Roger," she whispered. "Fuck me now."

    She spread her legs wide and exposed her luscious pussy to his thick, throbbing prick. A soft moan escaped her lips as his hard cock entered her cunt and slid in up to the hilt. She raised her ass to meet him and clasped her hands around his back. They moved together in slow circles as the heat built up inside her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist as his throbbing cock slid deeper inside her clinging pussy.

    "Harder! Harder!" she moaned. "Fuck me hard! It feels so goooooood!"

    She let out a gasp as he halted his circular movements and began thrusting his stiff cock in and out of her wet pussy. His tempo increased as he grabbed her legs and pulled them aver his shoulders. His strokes became harder and harder as he rammed his hard cock into her juicy cunt.

    "Ahhhhh! Ohhhhh! That's it, baby," she cried. "You're the best! Fuck my pussy! Fuck the shit out of me!"

    She grabbed the back of his head with her hands and held it tight against her big tits as she moaned and thrashed under Roger's assault. He continued to fuck her relentlessly, shoving his big prick into her juicy cunt again and again until, with shuddering orgasms, they came at the same time, and collapsed in each other's arms, totally exhausted. Their juices soaked both themselves and the sheets, and they clung to each other for a long time afterwards.

    "That was beautiful," cried Jenny. "I love you."

    "I love you, too," said Roger.

    She lay in bed sleepily rubbing her wet cunt and enjoying the feeling of Roger's cock-juice inside of her. She listened to the running water as he showered and then watched as he dressed and left for work. For the first time in a long while, she felt really happy. She lay there wondering what she should do today, unable to decide whether to go shopping and maybe to a restaurant, or to just hang around the apartment all day and relax. It didn't take her long to decide which she would do. She jumped out of the bed and skipped into the shower, feeling like a little girl again.

    The warm water tickled her back as it ran down her lovely, naked body, refreshing her. Her large tits, the full, shapely curve of her hips and ass, and her long, slender legs made her a woman to be loved by men and envied by other women. She finished her shower and walked back into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around her.

    She dressed in a short dress with matching high-heeled shoes, showing off her long legs. After glancing in the mirror one last time, she hurriedly walked out of the apartment.

    The brilliant, afternoon sun beat, down on the sidewalk as Jenny stepped out of the cab in front of the department store. The sun's rays hurt her eyes as she walked towards the door, but once inside they found relief under the soft glow of the ceiling lights.

    The store was bustling with customers as Jenny made her way towards the shoe department. As she walked down the aisles, she smiled at the strange men who were staring at her and undressing her with their eyes. She loved this kind of attention. In fact, she encouraged it by the short, tight-fitting clothes she always wore.

    Finally, she arrived at the shoe department and took a seat, waiting for assistance. Before long, a young, freckle-faced kid of about eighteen years of age walked up to her.

    "May I help you?" he asked.

    "Yes," smiled Jenny. "I'd like to try on a pair of sandals. Could you show me what you have in stock?"

    "Yes ma'm," he said, admiring her big tits, "I'll be glad to. I'll be right back." He walked into the stockroom and emerged two minutes later with several boxes in his arms. He knelt down in front of Jenny and opened one of the boxes.

    "Why don't you try this one on first?" he said. He removed her shoe and replaced it with a wooden sandal, holding her ankle in one hand and her foot in the other.

    "No, I don't think so," said Jenny. "Let me see another one." She raised her leg as the teenage boy placed another sandal on her foot, allowing him an unobstructed view of her soft, creamy thighs and panties. She felt his hand move up from her ankle and begin to caress her leg, her knee, and finally, slip under her dress and between her thighs. She closed her legs suddenly, trapping his hand.

    "Did you lose something up there?" she asked the frightened boy.

    "I just wanted to touch you. You're so beautiful," he said in a trembling voice.

    "That's sweet of you," she said. "But someone might see us out here. Why don't we go in the stockroom where we can have some privacy?"

    "Okay, follow me," said the young boy.

    Jenny rose and followed him to the back of the stockroom. She wasn't sure why she was doing this. She was not horny. Perhaps, she just wanted to do something nice for this young lad. She watched him as he led her to a dark corner and then turned to face her. He was a tall, thin lad with narrow, pale blue eyes and light, sandy hair and he seemed very frightened at the moment.

    "Don't be afraid!" Jenny said. "I won't hurt you. Have you ever had a woman before?"

    "No," the freckle-faced kid muttered.

    "Well, relax and I'll help you." She removed the trembling lad's jeans and underwear and pushed them across the floor. She fondled his small, thin cock in her hands until it stiffened and stood erect.

    "That's better," she said. Next, she reached under her dress and pulled down her panties, kicking them across the floor. Reaching over, she grabbed a chair that had been standing beside the wall and placed it down in front of the young lad.

    "Sit down," she ordered him. He did as she said. "Now I'm going to make a man out of you. I'm going to let you fuck my beautiful pussy."

    She pulled her dress up above her waist and squatted down on top of the frightened boy, facing him, with her legs on either side of the chair. As she squatted down, she lowered her sweet pussy onto his erect cock, feeling it slide up inside her wet cunt. The young instinctively circled his arms around her and grabbed her big ass.

    Jenny held the boy's shoulders as she moved, grinding her cunt into the boy's lap with slow, circular movements. His thin cock didn't fill her up, but it still felt good rubbing against her pussy walls. She sighed when the boy lowered his head and took hold of one of her pink nipples between his teeth.

    "Ahhhh! Ohhhhh! That's right, kid. Suck my big tits while I fuck you. You learn real fast," she said with a passionate smile.

    The boy sucked one nipple and then the other and then the first one again while Jenny threw her head back and closed her eyes, all the while grinding her pussy into the boy's cock. But relief for her was not to be. Almost ready to come, she felt the boy's cock swell up inside her and then squirt his creamy cock-juice up into her pussy.

    "Ohhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!" howled the boy.

    "You came too soon," she said as she tried to reach an orgasm herself. She ground her pussy into him faster and harder, but it was no use. His cock was now limp and shrinking fast. She lifted herself off him and stood up, feeling his slimy jism oozing out of her cunt and running down her leg.

    "I'm sorry," he mumbled. "I couldn't help it?"

    "It's okay," she told him reassuringly. "We'd better get dressed and leave before somebody catches us back here." She pulled on her panties and walked out of the stockroom, disappointed.

    "Well," she said under her breath, "that boy was too young to satisfy me. Maybe I'll have better luck some place else." She hurried up to the second floor to look at some clothes.

    Jenny wandered around the ladies' wear section, looking at various styles of jeans, skirts, and dresses. Finally deciding on a white skirt, she looked around for a saleslady to assist her. The store was busier than usual, and she had trouble finding a sales clerk. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

    "Do you need assistance?" asked a soft voice.

    Jenny turned around and looked into the eyes of a beautiful, young, brown-eyed woman. She had long, dark brown hair that matched her eyes, and she was wearing a tight sweater that revealed her very large tits.

    "Yes, I do," said Jenny. "Could you show me where I can try on this skirt?"

    "Follow me," said the woman. She led Jenny into the backroom and pointed toward a small cubicle. "You can change in there," said the woman.

    Jenny watched the lovely woman walk away and followed her with her eyes. "I would have loved to eat her pussy and suck those big tits," she said under her breath.

    She entered the small room and removed her dress, standing there in only her panties and high-heeled shoes. Suddenly, the door burst open and two huge men, dressed in uniforms, entered and closed the door behind them.

    "We're security guards," they informed her. "We've been watching you for some time. We suspect that you're a shoplifter."

    "No, I'm not," she said in a terrified voice. "You must be mistaken. You've got the wrong person." She attempted to cover herself with her dress, but one of the guards yanked it away from her, leaving her big tits exposed.

    "We're not mistaken. We're sure you're guilty and we're going to arrest you." He approached her, holding a pair of handcuffs.

    "No please, you can't," she cried, terrified. "There must be something that I can do to change your mind. I'll do anything you say."

    "Sure there is, sweetheart," said one of the men. He immediately pulled off his pants and underwear, as did the second guard. They were both huge men with large cocks and heavy balls, covered with thick, black hair. They grabbed Jenny roughly and tore her panties off her.

    "Suck my cock," said one guard as he yanked Jenny's head down to his prick.

    Jenny took hold of the huge cock and stuck it in her mouth. Meanwhile, she felt the other guard walk up behind her, grab her waist in both hands, and shove his thick cock into her quivering pussy. She stood there in the middle of the small room, bent over, with a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt, while both men pumped their pricks in and out of her.

    Jenny, frightened at first, gave in to their desires and allowed them to fuck her at will. These weren't young bays who were fucking her now, they were huge grown men, and their monstrous cocks really filled her up. She sucked long and hard on the salty cock while her head bobbed up and down and her lips made sucking noises. Her cunt muscles tightened on the hard prick in her pussy as it rammed into her like a piston.

    Finally, the one guard pulled his cock out of her pussy and shoved it up her asshole, while the other guard pulled his big cock out of her mouth and, standing her up straight, rammed it into her cunt.

    There she stood, sandwiched in between two huge men, with one thick cock up her poor, little asshole and another one shoved up her steaming, hot pussy.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! That feeeeeeeeels sooooooo goooooood!" she moaned. "Fuck me as long as you want. I'll let you do anything you like! Fuck me! Fuck, me!"

    She was delirious with pleasure as the two men rammed their long, thick cocks into her body from both directions. She was almost raised off her feet as first one and then the other pounded her ass and pussy with vicious thrusts. They filled her holes completely and their thickness stretched her asshole and pussy until she nearly fainted from the intense heat.

    "EEEEEEEOOOOOOO!! Ahhhhhhh! It's too much! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!" she screamed as the friction of their cocks pounding into her sopping wet holes scorched her.

    They fucked the shit out of her, pounding her savagely and ramming their thick cocks into her with animal lust. She could feel her juices begin to flow and she held onto the two men for support.

    "YEEEEESSS! I'm COOOOOMMIIIING!" she howled as her juices flooded the one guard's cock and balls.

    The two guards, their pricks still rock-hard, gave her a few more strokes. One then said to her, "We want you to suck our cocks. We want to come in your mouth, bitch!"

    "Yes, anything," she whimpered. "I'll eat your cock-juice."

    They pulled their wet, throbbing pricks out of her and forced her down to her knees.

    "Suck us both," they demanded. "Suck our cocks, bitch!"

    She opened her mouth as wide as she could as both men forced their cocks into her mouth at the same time. It seemed impossible to her, but her mouth stretched just enough for both cocks to enter. She did her best to suck and lick each one as the two men shoved their pricks in deeper.

    Her mouth was now filled up just as her pussy and asshole had been a few minutes earlier. She loved every inch of their huge cocks and sucked and chewed on the thick pricks as a dog would a bone. The first drops of creamy jism began to leak down her throat, and she greedily swallowed every bit of it. She felt their cocks throb and grow hotter inside her sweet little mouth, and she knew that they would soon come and probably drown her with their thick jism. Her stretched lips began to ache as they sucked both cocks at the same time, and she tried to make them come as quickly as possible. She couldn't wait to feel the hot jism running down her throat.


    They grabbed the back of her head and held her tight against them as they thrust their cocks deeper into her hungry mouth and squirted their white cream down into her throat. She tried her best to swallow every drop, but most of it poured out of her mouth and ran down her face. She continued sucking their shrinking cocks until they were dry then she licked each ones clean and smacked her lips in satisfaction.

    As quickly as they had arrived, they departed, leaving her alone on the floor with a sore ass and a mouth full of cum.

    "Are you all right?" she heard someone ask. She looked up and saw the same young woman who had led her to this room, standing in the doorway.

    "Yes, I'm okay," said Jenny. "My pussy and asshole are a little sore."

    "I'm sorry, it's all my fault," said the girl.

    "How was it your fault?" asked Jenny.

    "Well, about two weeks ago, those same two men caught me trying to steal a dress. They brought me here to this room and told me that if I sucked their cocks and allowed them to fuck me then they wouldn't arrest me. Naturally, I agreed. However, after they finished fucking me, they said that they would arrest me anyway unless I provided them with other women. So at least twice a week, I have to bring other women back to this room for them to fuck, or else they'll have me put in jail. I'm sorry for the trouble that I caused you. Maybe I can help you feel better. Does your pussy still hurt?" she asked as she looked at Jenny, lying spread-eagled on the floor.

    "Yes, it's still sore," said Jenny.

    The young woman got down on her knees and pushed Jenny's legs back, spreading them wider. Then she leaned over and began to softly lick Jenny's sore cunt, soothing the sensitive skin with gentle strokes.

    "That feels a lot better," moaned Jenny. "You're just what the doctor ordered."


    Laura Timmins skipped off the elevator and headed down the hallway towards the Reeds' apartment. Dressed in a pair of cut-off jeans and a small halter top, she walked up to the door and rang the bell.

    A thin, dark-haired, young man, dressed in a bathrobe, answered the door. "Hello, Laura. Come in, you're right on time." He led her into the living room and offered her a chair.

    "We just put Michael to bed. He should sleep all evening so you should not have any trouble with him. As soon as my wife and I finish dressing, we'll be leaving and the place will be yours. Meanwhile, you can watch television if you like." He hurried back into the bedroom and left Laura alone.

    She sat cross-legged in the chair, watching television, when suddenly she heard noises coming from the bedroom. It sounded like a man moaning. She crept up to the door, cracked it open and peeked inside.

    There, sitting naked on the edge of the bed, was Mr. Reed and kneeling on the floor between his legs was his wife, also naked. She was bent over his lap, licking and playing with his cock, while he stroked her long, black hair. Laura watched as she took his entire cock into her mouth and sucked it slowly, pausing every now and then to run her tongue over its bulb.

    Mr. Reed appeared delighted. He threw his head back, uttering a long, drawn-out sigh.

    "That feels great, honey," Laura heard him say. "You're the best cocksucker in the world."

    Mrs. Reed continued to suck him off, speeding up her movements until she had him thrashing and screaming on the bed.

    "Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Yeeeeesss! Suck it baby! Suck it! Make me cooooome! You bitch! You sweet bitch! AHHHHHHH! OHHHHH!"

    Laura could hear slurping noises coming from Mrs. Reed's greedy lips, and she wished that his throbbing cock was in her pussy instead of his wife's mouth. Laura could see Mrs. Reed's head bob up and down on her husband's big cock, and she looked on in wonder and in envy as the hard prick disappeared in the hungry woman's mouth, reappeared once more, then disappeared again. She watched as Mr. Reed's face became twisted with a look of ecstasy, and she knew that it would not be long before his cum would be flowing down his wife's throat. Her panties were becoming wet with her own juices as she looked on, her pussy quivering.

    Mrs. Reed sucked long and hard on her husband's rigid prick and her tongue explored the swollen bulb. Her cheeks were filled to capacity, and her teeth chewed gently on the rubbery cock. Finally, with Laura watching, undetected, Mr. Reed shot his wad into his wife's mouth and held her head gently as she swallowed every drop.

    Laura, shaken by what she had just seen, returned to her chair, horny as hell. She sat, staring at the television, until the Reeds had dressed and were ready to leave.

    "We're going now, Laura. We should be back in about four hours. Good-bye!"

    "Good-bye," said Laura. "Don't worry, I'll take care of Michael." She locked the door behind them and returned to her chair.

    The clock on the living room wall told her it was seven-thirty as she sat there with her legs hung over the arm of the chair. She tried to concentrate on the movie, but her thoughts were actually on what she had just witnessed in the bedroom. Losing interest in the movie, she dashed into the kitchen to find something to eat. She searched through the refrigerator and came up with some cold chicken and potato salad.

    "This should hit the spot," she said under her breath. Carrying the food in her arms, she was about to close the refrigerator door when her eyes fell upon a long, thick sausage. "Aha! This might be just what I need," she said out loud.

    Setting the chicken and potato salad on the kitchen table, she walked back into the living room, carrying the sausage. With a wide grin on her face, she tore off her jeans and panties and jumped into the chair, hanging her legs over each arm.

    She sucked on the sausage for a few minutes, getting it wet and smooth. Then she rubbed her young pussy lips with it, moaning softly as she did so. The long, thick sausage felt like the real thing as Laura teased herself with it. Finally, with her cunt juices flowing at last, she pushed the big, greasy object into her sweet, little cunt.

    "Ohhhhh! That's good!" she said aloud.

    She started slowly at first, gently rubbing the long piece of meat against the walls of her pussy. Her hips and ass writhed uncontrollably as she thrust the meat into her cunt. By degrees, she increased the tempo, the friction causing her juicy, little pussy to catch fire. The fire spread inside her loins as she thrust the greasy meat harder and harder into her little cunt.

    It felt so good having her pussy walls stretched once more, and she shuddered as the friction caused heat shot through her body. There was nothing she liked better than to be filled up by a piece of meat, and she closed her eyes and imagined that it was a real cock inside her sweet pussy.

    Finally, her vicious thrusts took her beyond the point of no return, and, with one final push of the big meat, her body exploded into a series of shuddering orgasms. She woke to the sound of a woman's voice.

    "Laura, wake up. Are you all right?" Mrs. Reed asked.

    She jumped out of the chair with a wide-eyed, frightened look on her face. "Where did you come from?" she asked. "What time is it?" She glanced at the clack and saw that it was only nine o'clock, then she searched the floor frantically for her pants.

    "We decided to just have dinner and skip the movie so we got home early. What have you been up to?" She stared at Laura, standing there halfnaked with the sausage still hanging out of her pussy.

    "I must have fallen asleep. I didn't expect you to come home this early." She was trying to cover herself with her hands.

    "It's all right, dear. You mustn't be ashamed. You have a beautiful body." She began fondling Laura's ass and thighs, then she removed the sausage from her cunt and, after studying it for a second, licked the cunt juices off of it.

    Laura stood there, totally embarrassed.

    "Yes dear, you are really beautiful," she said.

    Then she turned to her husband, who had been standing beside her, and said, "Why don't we take Laura into the bedroom with us and teach her how to play some adult games?"

    "That's a good idea," said Mr. Reed. "I'm sure that I can find a substitute for that sausage." He took Laura's hand and led her into the bedroom, where he removed her halter top and sat her down, naked, on the bed. "You're right, she does have a great body," he said to his wife, who had followed them into the room. The two of them removed their clothes and sat down on each side of Laura.

    "Suck my tits, Laura!" ordered Mrs. Reed.

    Laura, frightened and embarrassed, leaned over and kissed the young wife's large tits.

    "Harder! Harder, Laura! Hurt me!" the woman begged.

    Laura kissed them harder and sunk her teeth into the soft mounds until the woman whimpered in delight. She worked her way to one of the large, pink nipples and began biting and sucking on it like a little baby while Mrs. Reed held her gently in her arms.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Reed took one of Laura's firm tits in his mouth and tried to swallow the entire thing, savagely sucking and biting into the soft, young tit.

    "Lay on the bed, Laura," he told her. "I'm going to eat your pussy!"

    Mrs. Reed lay back on the bed with Laura still in her arms sucking her big tits. Mr. Reed took hold of Laura's legs and spread them wide. With her juicy cunt exposed, Mr. Reed got down on his knees and licked the young girl's sweet pussy, flicking his expert tongue over her silky cunt hairs. He spread her cunt lips apart and caressed the little, pink clit with his darting tongue, sending shivers of delight racing through her entire body. His probing tongue next entered her dark pussy hole, licking the walls and exploring every crack and crevice, while Laura thrashed and cried in Mrs. Reed's arms.

    "Ohhhhh! Ahhhh! It feels so gooooodd!" moaned Laura.

    "I'm going to fuck you, now," said Mr. Reed, raising his head from her sweet cunt. "I'm going to ram my big, hard cock into your lifted, smooth pussy." Mrs. Reed held Laura tighter as her husband crawled up between Laura's legs and thrust his stiff prick into her cunt. He took her fiercely, ramming his big cock into her, again and again. She cried in the young wife's arms as she enjoyed every inch of his pounding cock. Each thrust sent jolts of delight rolling through Laura's loins. She cried, unashamedly, as he fucked her.

    Soon the passion built up inside of him, and he felt a climax approaching. "Suck my cock, Laura! I want to come in your mouth! I want to fuck your sweet lips!" he told her.

    "Do as he says, Laura!" said Mrs. Reed. "It'll be good for you!"

    She released her hold of the young girl and watched as her husband withdrew from the girl's cunt and crawled up over the young girl's body, resting his pulsating cock on her hungry lips. Towering over her, he shoved his stiff, throbbing prick into her mouth so deep that she gagged and choked. Then he grabbed the back of her head and freed her to suck him harder.

    Her lips made sucking noises as she enjoyed his long cock. She liked the feel of his hot prick against her tongue, and she enjoyed the way it filled her mouth and made her cheeks stick out. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the first few drops of his sweet cum run down her throat. She wanted more of it. She wanted it to flood her mouth and fill her empty belly. His huge cock swelled up in her mouth, making it hard for her to breathe, and she knew that it wouldn't be long before he came.

    Mr. Reed gave her a few more hard thrusts deep into her mouth, so deep that the hair around his cock scratched her lips and his heavy balls banged against her cheeks. He fucked her sensuous lips with a frenzy until he could take no more, and he came deep in her throat, squirting his creamy jism into her until it overflowed and ran out of her mouth and down her face. With a deep grunt, be collapsed on the bed beside her and fell asleep.

    "It's my turn now, Laura," said Mrs. Reed. "I want to fuck you, right now, you sweet, little bitch!"

    She climbed on top of Laura, matching her tits with Laura's tits and her pussy with Laura's pussy. Beginning in slow circles, she moved her hips with Laura's, grinding her thighs and cunt into the young girl. The friction of their cunts grinding against each other sent mind-shattering spasms racing through their bodies.

    "Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! That feels so good!" moaned Laura. "Fuck me harder!" Mrs. Reed moved her hips faster and harder, grinding into Laura's hot pussy and making the little girl scream with pleasure.

    "AAAAHHHHHHHH! EEEEEEAAAAAA!" Laura howled, "I can't take any more! I'm coming!"

    She raised her ass off the bed, thrusting her body into the older woman's cunt, and dug her fingernails into her back. Her juices burst forth and flooded both of their sweaty bodies.

    Mrs. Reed, about to climax herself, thrust her pussy fiercely against the young girl again and again, rubbing her bared cut into the young girl's cunt. Their sweat-soaked bodies slapped against each other in animal lust.

    "OOOOOHHHHHH! I'm coming too, baby! I'm commiing! I'm coming, you fucking bitch!" howled Mrs. Reed.

    Her pussy juices poured forth and drenched Laura's already soaked pussy and thighs. They both collapsed on the bed in each other's arms, their bodies covered with each other's sweat and cunt juice.

    The sound of a child crying, woke them all, and they slowly rolled out of bed, still exhausted.

    "It's Michael," said Mrs. Reed. "I'll go see to him. He probably just needs a clean diaper."

    "Goodness!" said Laura, looking at the clock. "I didn't realize it was so late. I must be getting home or mother will be worried." She gathered her clothes off the floor and quickly dressed.

    "It was really fun, having you here," said Mr. Reed. "I hope you can baby-sit for us again some time."

    "I'd love to," said Laura. "I really enjoyed it." She finished dressing and headed out the door.

    "Good-bye, Mr. and Mrs. Reed," she called.

    "Good-bye, Laura."


    Ann Marshall lay on her living room carpet exercising her body. At age thirty-five, her body was in its prime. Her firm tits and ass and her slim waist gave evidence to her vitality. She lay on her back, with her long, black hair tied back in a ponytail, raising her legs off the floor, spreading and closing them, then lowering them to the floor again. Dressed only in a pair of panties, she continued this exercise for some time while thoughts raced through her head.

    Her life was going well, now. She'd been living in this apartment, on her own, for one month, and her new job as assistant to the manager had opened new avenues for her. It allowed her to meet many different people everyday, some of whom had become her friends. Life had become fun and interesting, and she was no longer depressed over her divorce. In fact, she rarely thought about her ex-husband anymore, so many other things were now occupying her time, nearly all of them good.

    She now rolled over onto her flat stomach and began doing push-ups, raising herself up with her hands then lowering her body down again until her large, bare tits pressed into the carpet under her weight. The tiny panties which she wore barely covered her magnificent ass, and, with each upward lift of her body, she imagined herself being fucked in the ass by some horny, old man kneeling behind her.

    She was just about to begin her deep knee-bends when a loud knock at the door interrupted her.

    "Just a minute," she called. She hurried to the door half naked, and asked, "Who is it?"

    "I'm collecting money for charity to aid the blind," the voice said.

    Ann opened the door just enough to peek outside. Standing in the doorway was a middle-aged blind man carrying a cane and holding a German shepherd on a leash. Realizing the man was blind, Ann saw no reason to cover herself, and she invited the man into her apartment.

    "Won't you please come in," she said. She led him to the couch and helped him sit down, with the seeing eye dog walking alongside and sitting at his master's feet. Ann sat down beside him, still wearing only a pair of panties. "What can I do for you?" she asked.

    "I'm collecting money to aid blind people in this town. The money will be used to help train seeing eye dogs such as this one, and also to help blind people adjust to everyday life."

    "That sounds like a worthwhile cause. I'll be glad to donate some money. Why don't you stay and have a cup of coffee? It's kind of early to be out on a Sunday morning, isn't it?"

    "No, it's not too early. I enjoy being out in the morning sunshine. By the way, I'd love a cup of coffee."

    "Fine, I'll be right back," she said. She hurried into the kitchen and returned five minutes later with a tray of coffee and doughnuts.

    "That smells good," said the blind man, still unaware of Ann's nakedness.

    She poured him a cup of coffee and leaned over to hand it to him, "Here you are, a fresh cup of coffee," she said.

    He leaned forward to take it from her and accidentally bumped his head against her large tits. This so surprised Ann that she spilled the hot coffee in his lap, which caused him to jump up in pain. As he jumped up from his seat, Ann's tits smacked him right in the face, the blow knocking her onto the floor, spread-eagled, and sending the hot coffee all over the seeing eye dog. The poor dog howled in pain and sprang from the room, jerking the leash from its master's hand and sending the blind man hurtling forward to land squarely on top of Ann's half-naked body.

    "What the fuck is going on?" asked the dazed blind man as he held tightly to Ann's big tits.

    Lying on her back beneath the blind man, with her legs spread wide and her tits firmly in his grasp, she answered, "I'm not sure, but, next time, I think I'll serve lemonade."

    She slowly crawled out from under him and got to her feet. Then she helped him off the floor and sat him down on the couch.

    "Why don't you sit here while I go see about your dog," she said. She left him there on the couch, still in a daze, while she went into the kitchen to look for his dog. She found the poor animal crouched in a corner behind the refrigerator, licking his wounds.

    "Come here, boy. Let me see if you're okay?" She ran her hands over him, examining his body. The burn was not serious at all. The dog appeared more frightened than hurt.

    Suddenly, something banged against the door, and Ann looked up to see the blind man entering, waving his cane in front of him.

    The blind man spoke, "Damn it, is anybody in here or not?" He began walking around, waving his cane in front of him.

    "Ouch!" yelled Ann as the cane hit her on the tits. "Watch that damn thing!" She grabbed the cane and pulled it from his hand, thereby causing him to stumble forward and fall directly on top of Ann and the dog.

    "Damn it, not again!" he shouted. "Why in the hell did I come into this crazy building? I should have stayed home in bed."

    He yanked off his pants and underwear and climbed between Ann's widespread legs.

    "That's right fuck me! I need some more cock! Fuck me old man!"

    She wrapped her long legs around his back as the blind man shoved his big, fat cock into her wet pussy. He took her, fast and hard. As he rammed his prick in and out of her juicy pussy, he sank his teeth into her big, ripe tits. Ann moaned and writhed beneath him, urging him on. She reached down her hands and fondled his big balls while he fucked her.

    "Ohhh! That feels great! You fuck real good," she told him.

    "I want you to suck my cock," he said to her.

    "Okay, stick it in my mouth. I'll suck it real good for you," she said. The blind man withdrew from her cunt and crawled up to her face where he shoved his cock into her sweet mouth, or so he thought.

    "Ouch, that's my nose not my mouth," she yelled. "Here let me do it." She took hold of his cock and wrapped her lips around it.

    "That feels good," he said. "Suck me, forever! Suck my prick, you bitch!"

    She licked the man's cock up and down then continued to suck on it like a lollipop, enjoying every inch.

    "I'm going to come in your mouth," he hollered.

    At that moment, he shot his cock-juice against the roof of her mouth, and she swallowed every drop. Then Ann, herself, climaxed with a shattering orgasm and collapsed, exhausted, with the blind man's cock still in her pussy. Finally, she pushed the blind man off of her and struggled to her feet.

    "Sorry, man, but you've had enough pussy for one day." She helped the blind man to his feet and then into his pants. "Come on, mister, let's go into the living room and sit down for awhile."

    She led him by his arm out of the kitchen and sat him down an the couch.

    The dog followed and lay at his master's feet once again. Ann, still naked, retrieved her purse from the coffee table and sat down beside the blind man.

    "Well now," she said, "where were we? Oh, yes, you're collecting money for charity." She pulled five dollars out of the purse and handed it to him.

    "Thank you," he said. "I guess I'll be leaving now. I still have several more stops to make."

    "All right," said Ann. She showed him to the door. "Come back any time."


    Jenny Thomas sat on the living room couch with her legs drawn up beneath her and her head resting on Roger's chest. They sat there snuggled together, watching television.

    "Did you have fun last night at Sarah's?" asked Jenny.

    "Sure, I guess so," answered Roger. "Didn't you?"

    "I don't know," she said. "We've been going there every week for a month. At first, it was a lot of fun, but now it bores me. I get tired of the same people fucking me every week. I'd rather meet different people. I want to be able to fuck whomever I want, whenever I want. Do you hate me for saying that? Does it bother you to have a wife who wants to fuck other men?"

    "I don't hate you at all," said Roger, kissing her on the cheek. "I love you as much now as I ever have. If you want to have an open marriage and be able to fuck other people, then it's all right with me. I would rather share you with other men than lose you forever. Besides, I like watching other men fuck you." He smiled as he spoke and gave her a reassuring hug.

    "Thank you for understanding," she said. "I'd like to drop out of Sarah's group. I don't like it anymore. I want to be able to fuck at every opportunity, and, if you want to watch, it's okay with me."

    She settled her head into his chest again and fixed her eyes on the television, but thoughts were racing through her head. She wondered why she was this way, why she needed so many different men. She was fortunate to have a husband like Roger, someone who understood. Most men would divorce a wife who wanted to fuck other men. She thought back in time to when she was a young teenager.

    She had been a happy kid with long, golden hair. She had blossomed early in life, and her tits and ass were as shapely as any eighteen-year-old's. Her long, slim legs and sensual eyes and mouth had further enhanced her beauty.

    Besides her physical charms, she also had been a brilliant student and very popular in school. This popularity may have been the cause of her present condition. Although she was a virgin, she had a couple of boyfriends with whom she was very close. They often visited her at home and hung around her after school, making her stepfather very nervous. Her real father had died when she was a baby. Her stepfather was always accusing her of fucking them and of being a no-good tramp. This hurt her deeply, but, although she knew his accusations were untrue, her love for her stepfather never faltered. She had loved him as much as she had loved her mother, who never had an unkind word for anyone.

    On one particular night, she had planned to go to a movie with one of her boyfriends, whom she had known for only one week. Her father had voiced his usual objections, but with her mother's blessing, she went out with the boy. His name was Bob, and he took her to see the movie as he had promised, holding her hand through the entire show.

    They walked home, hand in hand, after the show. Halfway to her house, he stopped and turned down a side street.

    "Where are we going?" she had asked.

    "I live on this block," he told her. "I didn't think you would mind if we stopped at my house for a bite to eat. I'll walk you home later. I promise."

    "Sure," she said. "I guess it'll be okay." She trusted this boy fully, and she went with him into his house.

    It was a clean, well-kept place, with long drapes over the windows and new, modern furniture. They went straight into the kitchen and fixed sandwiches and drinks.

    "Let's go down into the basement and watch television while we eat," suggested Bob. So she followed him down into the basement, carrying her food.

    When she reached the bottom of the stairs, someone grabbed her by the arm and flung her to the floor and her food went flying across the room. Dazed, she looked up and saw Bob, standing beside three other boys, laughing at her. The fall had caused her dress to fly up above her waist, thus exposing her tiny panties and her smooth, creamy thighs.

    "What's going on?" she had demanded. "Who are you?" She pulled her dress down and stood up, frightened.

    "These are my friends," Bob had told her, "They didn't believe me when I told them about you. They still don't believe how young you are. And they also don't believe that you're a virgin."

    Jenny remembered looking at their hungry faces. Although Jenny knew that Bob was only a year older than she was, she was positive that those other boys must have been high school sailors at least. She remembered glancing around the basement and seeing no television but, instead, a large, bare mattress lying on the floor. This scared her and she made a dash for the stairway. A strong hand reached out and grabbed her by the dress, ripping ft down the front and exposing her plump, braless tits. The harder she struggled to get free, the more the dress tore until, practically, her whole body was bared to the boys' eyes. Finally, totally exhausted, she accepted her fate.

    The boys removed her torn dress and carried her to the mattress. Holding her down, they pulled off her panties and took turns smelling them.

    "Please don't hurt me!" she begged them. They removed their own clothes, revealing their young, hairy bodies and their long, erect cocks, and began caressing and kissing her pink nipples and her soft inner thighs.

    Then the tallest of them, a muscular, shorthaired boy with big ears, told her: "We're going to fuck you, and you're going to suck our cocks, whether you want to or not and the sooner you let us, the sooner you can go home."

    With that he forced her to her knees and, standing in front of her, forced his long thick cock into her unwilling mouth. At first she resisted, but the boy was too strong, and so she gave in to his desires. She sucked him with frenzy, wanting to get the whole shocking episode over with as soon as possible. In no time at all she had him coming inside her mouth and he collapsed to the floor, smiling. Then another boy replaced him and shoved his thick cock into her mouth. She licked the big prick like a lollipop and caressed it with her toungue until the screaming young boy shot his wad against the roof of her mouth and dropped to his knees. He was replaced by Bob and the other boy, who stood in front of her together. She went from one to the other, back and forth, sucking and licking their throbbing cocks.

    It had begun to be enjoyable to her by that time. She wanted only to run her lips over the hard cocks and feel the pulsating pricks against her cheeks. Finally, she took both boys' cocks into her mouth at the same time and sucked long and hard with outstretched lips. With a piercing scream, they came, at the same time, and squirted their cockjuice down into her throat.

    "WOWEEE! That fucking bitch is one great cocksucker!" said Bob.

    "Yes, she sure knew what she was doing. She sucked my cock like a pro," agreed the other boy.

    With all four boys lying on the mattress, and herself kneeling beside them with cock-juice all over her face, Jenny, afraid of what was to follow, thought desperately of escape. She struggled to her feet and started toward the stairway, but again a strong arm grabbed her and threw her backwards onto the mattress. This time when she landed, three of the boys held her down as the fourth shoved his cock into her virginal cunt.

    A sharp cry escaped her lips as the boy's thick cock slid deeper into her tiny pussy. She kicked and struggled to break away, but the boys were too strong, and she had no choke but to submit to them once more.

    It was the tall muscular boy again who first raped her. He shoved his long, thick dick into her smooth, young, pussy, fiercely moving it in and out of her tiny cunt with hard, fast strokes. The pain of his first thrust into her soon subsided and her young body began to respond to his movements. Pulling her tong legs up over his shoulders, he fucked her relentlessly until she was delirious. Her head shook from side to side, and her body writhed and thrashed over the mattress as he pounded her young pussy.

    "Hurry up," she remembered one of the other boys saying. "It's getting late and we all want to fuck her!"

    The boy began to fuck her faster and harder, jarring her whole body with his vicious pounding until he came for the second time that night and filled her little pussy with his hot jism.

    Jenny screamed as the hot cum-cream squirted into her cunt and scorched her pussy walls. It filled her up and began to overflow and run down her legs. However, before she even had time to enjoy the feeling, another boy, the impatient one, pulled the exhausted boy off of her and jumped between her legs.

    "Now you're really going to get fucked!" he boasted.

    She remembered how he had wasted no time in getting between her legs and to her pussy. He shoved his big prick into her up to the hilt and proceeded to give her the old "in and out", but he was too young and inexperienced and he came immediately, his cum squirting against the walls of her little pussy and running out of her cunt.

    Then it was Bob's turn and he fucked her harder than any of the others, pounding her poor, little pussy and biting into her plump tits.

    "Please stop fucking me," she begged. "My pussy hurts. Please let me go home, now," she whimpered.

    She already had more cum-cream running down her leg than she had in her tiny cunt, and she wished only to go home. But the boys had not quite finished with her. After Bob had climaxed and spent his cum into her pussy, the fourth boy rolled her over onto her stomach and rammed his long, thin cock into her asshole.

    "How does that feel, you bitch?" he asked her. "You've got such a pretty ass I may as well fuck it."

    He shoved his prick in and out of her sore ass with quick, short strokes and, like all the rest, came almost immediately, squirting his cock-juice into her bowels.

    To Jenny, this was the final insult to have her asshole fucked and then filled with slimy jism. She felt like crying, but she held back the tears and waited for them to finish with her.

    After the last boy had finished and rolled off her, Jenny crawled to her dress and placed the torn garment over her bruised and violated body. She could not find her panties, but she located her shoes and pulsed them on. She walked past a wall mirror on her way to the stairway and gazed at herself in disbelief.

    She was a mess. Her hair was in disarray, her lips were bruised and swollen from sucking their cocks, and her dress was ripped down the front, exposing her young, plump tits.

    As she struggled up the stairs, no effort was made to stop her. The four exhausted boys had had enough and just lay on the floor, laughing at her.

    She walked home alone in the dark, holding her dress closed with one hand and wiping the boys' cum off her face and legs with the other. She hated those four boys for what they had done to her, but in spite of it all, she had to admit to herself that, deep down inside, she had enjoyed sucking their big cocks and getting fucked by them.

    As she walked through the front door of her home, she was met by her stepfather, who stared at her partially exposed tits and her bruised body.

    "Where the hell have you been?" he had asked her. "The movie has been over for hours."

    Fearing to reveal what had happened to her, she lied, "I just fell down and tore my dress."

    "You expect me to believe that. You've been fucking those friends of yours, haven't you?" he yelled, slapping her. "I'll teach you, once and for all!"

    He threw her over his shoulders and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. She could smell the whiskey on his breath as he sat down on the edge of the bed and laid her across his lap. Then, tearing her dress completely off her, he spanked her bare ass with his hand until her asscheeks turned red.

    "How does that feel, you bitch?" he yelled as he continued to hit her.

    "Please stop," she begged. "I didn't do anything. It was not my fault." She pleaded with him, but it was no use. He kept hitting her soft, red ass in his drunken rage.

    "And it won't do any good for you to call your mother because she ain't here. She went to visit her sister for the weekend."

    He finally stopped hitting her and let her fall to the floor, spread-eagled. As he licked his lips and stroked his beard, he examined her naked body from head to toe. She noticed big cock straining against his pants and tried to cover herself.

    "Why don't you show me what those boys see in you?" he said with a sly smile. "Why don't you give me what you give them?" He leaned over and grabbed her arm before she could leap away and pulled her up into the bed. He held her still with one strong arm and removed his pants with the other. Then, prying open her legs, he crawled between them and shoved his monstrous cock into her wet pussy.

    He fucked her slow and, hard, enjoying every stroke into her sweet, little cunt. It was the tightest pussy that he had ever had, but he took his time and fucked her masterfully, his large, muscular, hairy body almost burying her small, young body into the mattress.

    She remembered how frightened she had been at first, but soon, his experienced cock had her squirming in pleasure. It had been so different from her experience with the young boys. Now she was with a grown man who knew bow to fuck, and she was overcome with ecstasy. He had her coming within a matter of minutes as she wrapped her slim top around bin back and moved her ass and hips in rhythm with his own.

    "Oh Daddy, I'm sorry if I was bad. I love you. Please fuck me hard. I need your cock inside my little pussy. I want you to fuck me forever, Daddy!"

    She was beside herself with pleasure as her stepfather pounded her smooth, young pussy repeatedly with his large, hairy cock. She had two more orgasms before she felt her stepfather's prick swell up and explode inside her and fill her tiny cunt with his thick cock-juice.

    "Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! I'm cooooooming tooooo, Daddy! I'm comiiiiing tooooo!" she howled as her juices burst forth and flooded his shrinking cock.

    He had fucked her for over an hour before he had finally come, and little Jenny clung to him for more than an hour afterwards, not wanting to release his large, hairy body. She remembered how they had fallen asleep in her bed that night and how he had fucked her again the next morning, and how they had fucked each other all through that day and the next and all through the next three years, without her mother ever finding out about them.

    What had started out as a rape, had turned into something more beautiful. She had given him pleasure and he returned it many times over until both he and her mother were killed in an automobile accident while driving home from a party.


    As she sat on the couch nestled in Roger's arms, she thought that perhaps this was the reason that she wanted so many other men to fuck her. She had still been a teenager when her stepfather died, and now, at twenty-one, she was still looking for someone who could give her the love, security, and pleasure that her stepfather had given her during those three years.

    Laura Timmins sat at the kitchen table with her mother, eating breakfast.

    "It was nice of Mr. and Mrs. Reed to let you baby-sit with their son last week," said her mother. "Maybe you will get other job offers in the future. There must be quite a few families living in this building who would probably need a babysitter from time to time. Why don't you put a notice on the wall in the downstairs lobby offering your services?"

    "I think I will. I could use the money," said Laura.

    Her mother sat in the chair with a newspaper laid out in front of her. She wore a bathrobe that was partly open in front, barely covering her large tits. Her hair was the color of sand and hung down loosely to her shoulders. The sensual ruby-red lips and coal-black eyes studied the newspaper carefully as she sipped her coffee.

    Laura, who had eyes and hair to match her mother's, swallowed the last mouthful of bacon and eggs. "I'm finished with breakfast, Mom. May I go over to Judy's apartment and listen to her records?"

    "Sure, but don't stay too long. We have to clean the apartment sometime today."

    "Okay, I won't be long," Laura said.

    She darted into her bedroom to get dressed. Removing her pajamas and tossing them onto, the unmade bed, she walked naked to her closet. Her plump, pointed tits bounced up and down with each stride and her shapely ass and thighs shook like jelly. She bent over to pick her panties up off the floor and caught sight of herself in the full length mirror on the wall.

    "That should make the boys' cocks stick out," she said out loud to herself.

    She stepped into her panties and pulled them up to her slim waist. Then, after stepping into her sandals, she picked out a skirt and blouse from her closet and dressed herself, leaving the top two buttons open to partially expose her braless tits.

    "I'm leaving now," she called to her mother as she closed the front door behind her.

    The elevator was out of order so she took the stairway down to Judy's apartment. As she descended the stairs, she saw an old man with a cane rating against the railing. His wrinkled face wass covered with a long grey beard, and the tattered grey coat and baggy pants, which he wore, looked as if they had seen better days.

    As she walked past him, he reached out and poked her in the ass with his cane. "Ouch!" she said. "Why did you do that?"

    He smiled at her without saying a word then used his cane to lift the front of her skirt.

    "Hey! Watch it, you old goat!" yelled Laura.

    He lunged forward and grabbed her panties, but the sudden movement caused him to lose his balance, and he fell down the stairs, pulling Laura down with him. They landed at the bottom unharmed, but the old man had succeeded in puling Laura's panties down to her ankles. Before she could regain her senses, he picked up his cane and poked Laura in her cunt.

    "All right, you dirty old goat, I'll let you have the fun. Go on and do whatever you want," said Laura. She kicked her ankles free of her panties and spread her long legs wide. "You like to play with young girls, don't you?"

    The old man said nothing. He just smiled and shoved the rubbertipped cane deep inside her soft, young pussy. He worked the wooden rod in and out of her tiny cunt with slow, tender strokes.

    Laura lay back on the floor, with the old man kneeling between her legs, and moaned softly. "Harder! Do it harder, harder!" But the old man, still smiling, continued his slow, gentle strokes.

    His expert use of the cane had Laura squirming and whimpering in no time, and she begged for release. "Please, make me come! Make me come! I can't take it anymore."

    She pulled her legs back to her shoulders, thereby exposing all of her juicy, female charms. Still the old man smiled and continued his slow, tender strokes while staring at her juicy pussy. She noticed a large bulge growing in his baggy pants, and she imagined the cane to be his cock, buried deep in her smooth, young pussy.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried, but the old man just smiled and ran his tongue over his lips.

    The fire began to rise in Laura's pussy and she was almost delirious with pleasure. Again she begged for release, "Damn you, you old goat! Do it harder and make me come! Make me come, damn you!" But still the old man just smiled.

    At last, the old man removed the cane from Laura's unfulfilled pussy and, placing his hands inside his pants, began to jerk himself off. Laura watched in disbelief as he came inside his pants and collapsed on top of her still-aroused body.

    "I should have known you were a crazy son-of-a-bitch!" she screamed. "You got me all worked up for nothing!" She pushed him off her and rose to her feet. "Next time I see you, I'm going to shove that cane up your ass!" She quickly picked her panties up off the floor and ran down the stairs, leaving the old man lying there, smiling.

    She opened the stairway door on the tenth floor and ran down the hallway to Judy's apartment. Her knock on the door was answered by Judy's father.

    "Hello, Mr. Harris. Remember me?" said Laura. She winked teasingly at the fat, little, baldheaded man who had fucked her only three weeks ago.

    "I'll never forget you, you sweet little thing," said Mr. Harris. "Come on in. Judy is in her room." As she entered, he noticed her panties, which were still in her hands. "What is that in your hand?" he asked.

    "Oh, these are my panties. I didn't have time to put them on," she laughed, teasingly. She then stepped into them and pulled them up to her waist as Mr. Harris watched. Then, turning, she skipped into Judy's room, leaving Mr. Harris standing there shaking his head.

    "Hey, Judy, what are you up to?" Laura asked. "Nothing much," answered Judy. "Just listening to some records." The loudspeaker was booming with the latest rock music as Judy lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

    Although smaller than Laura. Judy was just as pretty, with long, black hair and big, brown eyes. Her cut-off jeans and tee-shirt revealed a gorgeous body. For a teenager, she was already well-developed, with big tits and a shapely ass.

    "You won't believe what happened to me in the stairway?" giggled Laura. "I was raped by a dirty old man with a cane. He shoved his cane up my little pussy."

    "You're kidding – really?" said Judy.

    "Yes, and he left me horny as hell," said Laura as she placed her hand on her cunt and began rubbing it.

    "What's the matter?" joked Judy. "Wasn't his cane big enough for you?" She laughed as she spoke. "If you're still horny, why don't you fuck my father? He's always horny."

    "Maybe I will," said Laura. "Why don't we call him in here and have some fun?"

    They called Mr. Harris into the room and started to tease him, "My pussy hurts, Mr. Harris," said Laura as she raised her skirt above her waist. "Will you kiss it and make it better?"

    Judy sat up in bed and pulled off her tee-shirt, exposing her large, pink tits. "My big tits hurt too, Daddy," she giggled. "Will you kiss them and make them better?" She wiggled her body and caused her big, ripe tits to bounce up and down.

    "Maybe he needs some help?" said Laura.

    She walked over to him and, taking his hand, led him to the bed. She and Judy removed his clothes and then giggled at his flabby, pink skin, his large stomach, and his short, stubby legs. Laura sat him on the edge of the bed and, after removing her panties and pulling up her skirt, sat down in his lap, facing him, with her legs wrapped around his waist.

    "C'mon, Mr. Harris, get it up," said Laura. "I want you to fuck me!"

    She wiggled her ass in his lap in order to make his fat cock hard.

    "I'm trying to, but it won't get hard," he said. "You fat old fool. You're the second man, today, to leave me horny," she yelled. "Let the be a lesson to you, Judy. Never fuck old men." Frustrated and disgusted, she climbed down off his lap and sat on the floor with her head hung down.

    "Don't be upset, Laura," said Judy. "He just needs some help."

    She walked over to her father, who was now jerking himself off in order to get his cock hard. "Let me help you, Daddy," she said. She kneeled down between his legs and began to lick his fat cock like a lollipop. Her father moaned in pleasure and placed his fat hand on the back of her head. Judy then engulfed his whole cock with her mouth and sucked him passionately, her lips traveling up and down the length of his fat cock until it slowly began to harden. Faster and faster, her sensual lips caressed and explored the smooth surface of her father's prick. Her head bobbed up and down as her mouth slurped on his slick cock. By degrees, his cock hardened as his daughter sucked and licked it. Finally, his cock came to full erection and filled up Judy's mouth. She gave him a few more sucks then, reluctantly, let go of him and turned to Laura.

    "It's ready, Laura," she said. "Come and fuck him now! Hurry up!"

    Laura jumped to her feet and, puffing her skirt above her waist once again, sat down on Mr. Harris' lap with her legs wrapped around his waist.

    Holding onto his fat stomach, she lowered her pussy onto his fat cock and whimpered in pleasure as his cock slipped up into her cunt.

    "Oh, that's good, Mr. Harris. Your hard cock is just what my pussy needs. I want you to fuck the shit out of me." She moved her ass in slow circles as Mr. Harris held onto her slim waist. She threw her head back and sighed deeply then ran her hands over his pink, flabby chest. Laura's smooth, soft ass and thighs stopped circling and began to bounce up and down on the fat man's lap as he thrust his stiff cock up into her sweet young pussy. His whole body jerked so hard with each vigorous thrust of his cock that Laura almost fell off onto the floor.

    At that moment, Judy, who had been sitting on the floor watching the action, walked up and circled her arms around Laura, her hands grasping the girl's plump, young tits.

    "Oh, yes! That feels good, Judy! Hold me tight so I won't fall off his lap."

    Laura moaned in pleasure at the touch of Judy's hands on her tits and the friction, of Mr. Harris' cock deep in her pussy. She threw her arms around his neck and writhed and thrashed wildly.

    His fat cock really filled up her pussy and Laura yelped each time he thrust into her. The intense heat sent jolts of delight racing through her body and she knew she would soon climax. She moved her body faster and harder, grinding into his cock, trying desperately to reach an orgasm.

    "I feel it coming, Mr. Harris! I feel it coming! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Give me all of your fat cock! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEE! I'M COOOMIIING! I'M COMIIIING!" she screamed, and at that moment a rocking orgasm hit Laura and sent her sprawling to the floor with Judy falling on top of her.

    "Oh, Mr. Harris! That was really great!" moaned Laura. "But I see that your cock is still hard. I know, why don't you fuck Judy?"

    "Come on, Judy! Let your father fuck your little pussy. His cock is still hard," said Laura.

    "Okay, I'll let him fuck me. I haven't had a good fuck in a long time!" She removed her cut-off jeans and panties and knelt down on the floor on her hands and knees. "Come on, Daddy, fuck my little pussy! Shove that fat prick into my sweet cunt. Hurry up, fuck my pussy, Daddy!"

    Laura watched from nearby as Mr. Harris knelt down behind Judy and, after seizing her slim waist, rammed his hard cock into bet sweet, juicy cunt. Judy screamed in pleasure then began moaning and whimpering as her father kept up his relentless attack. With each thrust, his fat belly and thighs slammed against her ass and shook her hard.

    "Oh, Daddy, fuck me hard, hurt me! Shove it in my ass!" Judy cried.

    With one final thrust, he sent his cock deep into her hungry cunt, and she exploded instantly and collapsed on the floor. However, Mr. Harris was not finished with her.

    "I'll teach you girls not to tease me," he said.

    "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." He lay down on top of his daughter's back and shoved his fat cock into her asshole. He pumped it in and out of her while she moaned and tried beneath him.

    "Daddy! Daddy! My poor, little ass-hole is on fire! Hurry and put the fire out," she begged.

    Judy squirmed beneath his weight as his cock throbbed in her asshole. Her father's fat cock stretched her asshole and the intense heat scorched her insides. She tried to shove her ass up against his body but she could not. Every time she tried, the vicious pounding of his cock drove her ass back to the floor.

    "Ahhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ughhhh! Here I come. Here I coooome!" howled Mr. Harris.

    He rammed her ass with his cock, viciously, until she screamed for mercy, then he came and shot his wad deep into his daughter's bowels. They both lay on the floor, exhausted, with him still on top of her.

    Laura, who was watching them fuck, started clapping her hands and giggling. "That was great, Mr. Harris. You really fucked her good! You really burned her little ass up! I'm proud of you!" She ran over to them and gave Mr. Harris a big hug, mashing her plump tits into his face.

    The three of them then piled into the bed and fell asleep, the two girls lying on each side of Mr. Harris with their arms thrown around his stomach and their faces resting on his flabby chest.

    Before falling asleep, Laura mumbled under her breath, "I sure am glad to live in a building with so many nice friends. I wonder whom I'll fuck tomorrow."


    Ann Marshall sat at her cluttered desk in the manager's office looking over some papers. The door burst open and in walked Becky Scott.

    "Hello, Ann," said Becky. "How are things going?"

    "I'm really busy right now. I have a desk full of work."

    "Well," said Becky. "I want you to know that I really appreciate the good job you've been doing since you came here a month ago. You're a big help to me. I don't know what I'd do without you."

    "I'm glad to hear you say that," said Ann. "Ever since my divorce, I've been trying to make it on my own, without a husband to depend on." She adjusted her bra strap as she spoke. "But I don't think I could have done it without this job. My ex-husband's alimony checks don't add up to much."

    "Well," said Becky, "you have a job here for as long as you want." She walked over and sat on the edge of Ann's desk. With her legs crossed, her short skirt revealed her soft, smooth thighs. "You know, Ann, you're really a beautiful woman. I wish my hair was as long as yours." She leaned over and stroked Ann's hair then ran her fingers along Ann's cheeks. "It's been a long time since I fucked you with that dildo," said Becky. "You never did return the favor."

    "Would you like for me to fuck you now?" asked Ann.

    "No, but I want you to eat my pussy." She pulled her dress up above her waist and spread her legs. "Now pull off my panties," demanded Becky.

    Ann did as Becky ordered then, with Becky's legs spread wide and her feet propped up on the arms of the chair, she buried her face into the younger woman's pussy. The soft, black hair covering Becky's cunt tickled Ann's nose as she licked the sweet-smelling pussy. Her tongue, playing and flickering on her sensitive cunt, drove Becky wild. The young manager squirmed and moaned as Ann sent her tongue deep into her hairy pussy.

    "Ohhhh! Ahhhh! That's great!" whimpered Becky. "You sure know how to please a girl. My pussy is on fire!"

    Ann explored the inside of Becky's cunt, running her tongue along the damp walls and lapping up the woman's cunt juices. Becky was becoming delirious. She reached down and forced Ann's face deeper into her cunt until. Ann could barely breathe. Then, flinging her legs into the air, she lay back on the desk and surrendered herself to Ann's expert tongue.

    Ann was determined to please her boss. She spread Becky's cunt lips until she could see the little, pink clit then she grabbed the love-button between her teeth and sucked it hard. Becky let out a howl and neatly jumped off the desk.

    "Ahhh! Ohhhh! You pussy-eater! You cunt-eating bitch! You really know all the tricks!"

    Ann could taste Becky's juices on her tongue as she licked the woman's cunt. She sent her long tongue in deep and Becky nearly bucked Ann off of her. She could feel the heat building up and knew that Becky would not last long. She knew that she would soon be tasting the woman's juices in her mouth and throat. Faster and faster, she licked the woman's pussy until Becky bucked and thrashed on the desk and moaned loudly.

    "Oeeee! Ahhhh! I'm coming, you sweet-eating bitch! You bitch!"

    Ann slurped up the woman's juices and swallowed every drop, licking the woman clean. When Ann had finished, she looked up at Becky and saw the woman lying there on the desk with a big smile on her face.

    "You're the best, Ann!" said Becky as she pulled on her panties and slid off the desk. Ann sat back in the chair and wiped the juice off her face.

    At that moment, a young girl walked past the office and headed towards the elevator. Becky ran to the door and called to the girl.

    "Terry! Could you come here, please? I'd like to talk to you for a minute."

    The girl entered the office and stood in front of Ann and Becky. Ann admired the long, blonde hair and nice body of the young girl, who could not have been out of her teens yet. She had small, sensual lips and firm, plump tits.

    "What do you want?" Terry asked. "I was just about to go home. My mother is waiting for me."

    "I just wanted to tell you that the mailman left a package for your mother. Would you please take it to her?" She walked into the back room to get the package and Terry followed her.

    "Close the door, Terry. I want to talk to you?" said Becky as she placed the package on the desk.

    "What do you want?" Terry said, looking around the room nervously.

    "I was looking over our records this morning, and I notice that your rent has not been paid this month. It's two weeks overdue. When will you be able to pay it?"

    "We've been low on money this month," said Terry in a low voice. "But we'll pay it soon, I promise."

    "I could evict you from the building if you don't pay your rent," said Becky.

    "Please don't, we'll have the money. Maybe I can do some work for you around the office to help pay it. I'll do anything you say," Terry, near tears, pleaded with Becky, and nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

    "Maybe there is something you can do for me," said Becky with a sly smile on her face. She reached into the bottom desk drawer and pulled out the same dildo that she had used to fuck Ann. It was still fastened to a belt and Becky pointed it menacingly at Terry. "Do you know what this is?" asked Becky as she waved it in the air.

    "No," said Terry, innocently.

    "Then I'll show you what it is." She ran the dildo along the insides of Terry's thighs, finally resting it against her crotch. "Take off your pants!" Becky ordered.

    Terry did as she told, not wanting to be evicted from her condo. "Now lean against the desk, like so," Becky ordered. Terry leaned forward as she was instructed, placing her hands on the edge of the desk, and, with her bare ass protruding out towards Becky, spread her legs wide. Becky ran her hands over the smooth, soft skin of the young girl, caressing her ass and cunt.

    "That feels good, Becky!" said Terry. "I like it!"

    Becky said nothing. She merely got down on her knees and began kissing the young girl's ass and thighs, exploring, with her tongue, the sweet young thing's pussy and asshole. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Becky, you can do whatever you like. You can even fuck me if you want!"

    Becky stood up and removed her dress, bra, and panties. Just then the door opened and Ann walked into the room.

    She looked around the room at the two naked women and smiled softly. "Do you mind if I watch the fun, Becky?" she said.

    "Be my guest. I'm just going to show this innocent, young girl how it feels to be fucked!" said Becky.

    Ann watched as Becky, standing completely naked behind the young girl, strapped the huge dildo around her waist and stepped between Terry's widespread legs. Teasing her at first, Becky poked the dildo into the crack of the girl's ass and rubbed it along the soft skin, finally resting on her pretty, little cunt.

    "That thing is so big!" exclaimed Terry. "I don't think it will fit."

    "Nonsense," said Becky. "I'll make it fit!"

    She shoved the foot-long dildo into the girl's smooth, little pussy until it went in up to the hilt. Then, with slow, even strokes, she fucked the girl from behind as a man would, gliding the sinister-looking object in and out of the little cunt. Terry was beside herself with delight.

    "Fuck me, Becky! That's right, harder! Harder! Oh, it feels so good!"

    She moved her pretty, little ass in slow circles as Becky's thrusts became faster and faster. With her head thrown back and her eyes closed, she moaned and whimpered as Becky pounded her poor, little pussy. Then Becky circled her arms around Terry's slim waist and drew the girl close to her, pressing her large tits into Terry's back. Terry, meanwhile, turned her head around and kissed Becky on the lips.

    "I'm going to come any second!" she whispered in Becky's ear.

    Becky then seized Terry by the hips and rammed the dildo into her pussy again and again, until Terry let loose a scream the shook the small room and startled Ann, who was sitting in a chair watching the action. Becky did not slow down, however. She continued to pound Terry's cunt with vicious strokes, almost knocking the poor girl off her feet. Each stroke sent the dildo in so deep that Becky's thighs slapped against the girl's ass. Ann, who was watching the girl get fucked, pulled off her own panties and began rubbing her pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was she who was getting fucked instead of the young girl. She shoved two fingers into her big pussy and began moving them around, moaning softly to herself.

    The pounding was beginning to have an effect on Terry as she pushed her sweet, little ass back into Becky. She could feel her juices start to flow, and the heat began to build in her loins. She could feel herself approaching a climax.

    "Ohhhh! Ahhhh! I'm going to come, Becky! I'm going to come!"

    The young girl fell backwards into Becky's arms and came. Her juices flooded the dildo and Becky's thighs. Becky held her for a few minutes afterwards, stroking her hair and kissing her cheeks and neck. Then she whispered into her ears, "Why don't you go over to Ann and see if you can please her."

    "Okay," said Terry. She wiggled her ass until the dildo slid out of her cunt then she walked over to Ann, who was still sitting in the chair with her fingers up her pussy.

    "How can I please you?" she asked innocently.

    "Get down on your knees and I'll show you!" said Ann.

    Terry knelt down between Ann's widespread legs and looked up at the big, shapely woman. Ann removed her fingers from her cunt and stroked Terry's lips with them. Terry instinctively opened her mouth and sucked the two fingers, enjoying the taste of the strange woman's cunt-juice. After she had licked them clean, she lowered her head and began to lick Ann's big, hairy pussy. She slobbered on the hot cunt as she tried to satisfy the older woman. Her tongue explored the soft mound and flickered over the throbbing clit.

    "Ohhhhh! Ahhhh! Oh yes! That's so good! You learn fast. Those sweet, hot lips of yours really hit the spot," moaned Ann. "I want to fuck you now! I want to fuck your little pussy!"

    Ann rose from the chair and pushed the young girl backwards onto the floor. She then lowered herself onto the girl's body and ground her pussy into the smooth, young cunt of her newfound lover. Ann's big body mashed the girl into the floor but she was so overcome with passion that she hardly noticed. She kissed the girl on the mouth forcefully, and ground her big ripe tits into the young girl's firm, pointed tits. Her whole body moved in circular motions as she fucked Terry like a man would.

    "Ohhhhh! Eeeee! Fuck me, fuck me! I love it! Please, don't ever stop!" groaned Terry.

    The friction of their cunts and their tits rubbing together sent unbelievable heat waves racing through both their bodies. Ann began to pummel the smaller girl's pussy, thrusting her big, ripe mound against the girl's little cunt. Faster and harder, she thrust her pussy into the girl until the juices in her overflowed and she came, drenching Terry's cunt and thighs.

    She lay, exhausted, on top of the young girl as they held each other. Becky, who had been watching them fuck, now walked over and knelt dawn beside them. She stroked their sweaty bodies tenderly. The three of them remained there on the floor, breathing deeply but not saying a word.

    Ann lay in her bed, half-asleep, dreaming of being fucked by a movie star. It was Saturday, her day off, and she was in no particular hurry to get out of bed. She lay there with her big, well-rounded ass sticking out from under the blanket, thinking of the young girl she had fucked the day before. She had been such a sweet, young thing and Ann hoped she would run into her again, sometime. Suddenly, a cold object poked her in the ass.

    "Wake up, woman," said a husky voice.

    Startled, she jumped up in bed, exposing her big tits. "Who are you? What are you doing in here?" she asked in a frightened voice.

    There were two big, husky men standing beside her bed. One of them had a gun, and he was poking it in her shapely ass.

    "We came in here to rob you," one of the men said. "But we didn't expect to find such a beautiful woman lying in bed naked."

    The other man, the one with the gun, spoke to her, "Tell us where your money is and you won't get hurt."

    "I don't have any money or jewelry, either," said a frightened Ann. "All my money is in the bank. I don't keep anything in my apartment."

    "Why don't we just look and see," said the man with the gun. "You stay here in bed and don't move."

    The two of them ransacked her entire apartment but they found nothing of value.

    "I guess you weren't lying to us," said the one with the gun.

    "We went through all of this trouble," said the other man. "We deserve something." They looked at each other then they looked at Ann, lying naked on the bed.

    Reading their minds, Ann pulled the blanket tighter around her naked body and tried to run from the room. One of the husky men grabbed the blanket as she ran by and pulled it from her body while the other one closed the door and blocked her escape. Standing there in the middle of the room, stark naked, Ann was completely helpless. The sight of her big, ripe tits, her big, shapely ass, and the thick patch of coal-black hair between her legs excited the two burglars, and their cocks were soon straining against their pants.

    "Come to me, you sweet bitch. I want you to do something for me," one of the men said.

    He took her by the arms and pulled her to the bed. Then he sat down on the edge of the bed and forced Ann to kneel at his feet. Removing his pants, he forced her head down to his long, thick cock and thrust it into her wet mouth.

    "Suck my big cock, bitch," he said to her.

    Too frightened to disobey, she ran her tongue along the length of his hard prick and proceeded to suck him off. Her wet lips sent unbelievable pleasure spreading through his body as they rolled over his big bulb and engulfed his entire cock.

    Ann was so involved with the one man's huge cock that she failed to notice the other man as he knelt down behind her big, rounded ass. Without warning, he seized her big hips and moved his thick, hairy cock deep into her asshole. The sudden penetration of his big prick caused her to gag and choke on the other man's cock, but she did not stop sucking it.

    She was now being fucked at both ends, the one man with his cock in her mouth, and the other with his long prick deep in her asshole. She worked her sensual lips slowly on the hard cock in her mouth, enjoying every inch, but the man kneeling behind her was giving her ass a terrific pounding, sending his huge prick deep into her bowels with each thrust.

    "What a beautiful all she has," said the man with the cock up her ass.

    "And what beautiful lips she has," said the other.

    He held the back of her head as she sucked him, feeling the intense heat build up in his throbbing cock. At last, he could hold back no longer, and he came deep in her mouth, holding her head down over his cock and forcing her to swallow his thick cock-juice.

    Shortly afterwards, the other man climaxed and shot his cum up into her bowels, rocking her ass with one final, savage thrust.

    "Aaaaahhhhh! What a great piece of ass! You really made our day, you sweet bitch!" said one of the men.

    Within a few minutes, they had gathered up their clothes and fled. No doubt, she thought, to rob or rape someone else. She lay on the floor where they had left her, with cock-juice dripping from the corners of her mouth and running out of her asshole. They had fucked her brutally, satisfying their own desires but leaving her unfulfilled.

    She pulled herself off the floor and walked slowly towards the telephone. "Hello, operator?" said Ann into the receiver. "Could you please send the police over to my apartment? I'd like to report a burglary and rape." She gave the operator her name and address then hung up the receiver and went up to take a shower.

    The warm water cleansed her body and made her feel like a new woman. She stood there with the water running down her magnificent body, thinking about the morning's events. Perhaps, she thought, living alone wasn't all that great. If a person can't lie in bed without someone breaking into their apartment and robbing and raping them, then maybe she shouldn't be living alone.

    She was confused and troubled as she stood in the shower, washing the jism out of her asshole. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring. She stepped out of the shower, and, without bothering to dry herself, put on her bathrobe and ran to the door.

    She threw open the door and greeted the policemen one, a tall, blonde-haired man with a heavy mustache and broad shoulders and the other, a short, red-haired fellow with a slim body but a large bulge in his pants.

    "Did you send for the police, ma'm?" they asked her.

    "Yes, I did," she said. "Two men tried to rob me, but, when they couldn't find any money, they raped me instead. They fucked me in my poor, little asshole."

    "I see," said the tall policeman as they walked into her apartment and closed the door behind them. "Can you describe them to us?"

    Ann gave the policemen a description of the two burglars then led them into her bedroom where the raped occurred. "This is where they raped me. I was kneeling on the floor sucking one man's cock while the other man was fucking me in the ass. After they came all over me, they just grabbed their clothes and ran. I've never been so humiliated in my life!" She burst into tears and the policemen held her in their arms, comforting her.

    "Don't cry, Miss," the short one said. "We'll catch them." He was studying Ann's large, ripe tits which were exposed by her partially-opened robe.

    "We'll have to examine you to make sure that you were really raped. You better remove your robe, please."

    Ann was surprised at the request. She had always thought that a doctor had to examine you. Besides, she had been raped in her ass not in her pussy, and she had just taken a shower to clean herself.

    "Are you sure I have to let you examine me?" she asked as she slowly removed her robe.

    "Yes, Miss, those are the rules. Will you please lie face down on the bed."

    Ann did as she was told, lying on her stomach with her big, shapely ass staring up at the policemen. They sat on the edge of the bed, examining her asshole. They spread her big, beautiful cheeks and took turns sticking their fingers into the pink hole. Ann started to writhe beneath their touch as her body began to heat up, once again.

    "Ohhhh! That feels so gooood!" she sighed as she spread her long, graceful legs wide. "You can examine me as much as you want. Why don't you examine my big, ripe pussy?" she boned.

    The two policemen rolled the gorgeous woman over onto her back and ran their hands over her lush tits, her flat stomach and her hot cunt lips.

    They leaned over her and tasted her pink nipples, biting each one passionately. Their tongues followed the same route as their hands, exploring her beautiful body with gentle caresses and kisses. Ann writhed on the bed as the fire raged hotter and hotter in her loins.

    "Oh, please!" she begged. "Put the fire out. Fuck the shit out of me. Drench my big pussy with your cock-juice!" She was beside herself with lust and she craved fulfillment.

    "Let's fuck her brains out, Joe!" said the tall policeman.

    "Yea!" said Joe. "I'm going to explore her dark cave with my big prick."

    They both stripped their uniforms off and climbed back into bed with Ann. The tall, blonde cop shoved his big, hairy cock into her willing mouth while the short one, the one named Joe, crawled between Ann's widespread legs and buried his hard prick deep into her juicy pussy.

    Ann screamed in pleasure and wrapped her legs around Joe's back, drawing him closer. Then she placed her arms around the tall cop's ass and pulled him nearer to her. She gagged and choked as his cock slid deeper into her mouth, but she held him tight and continued sucking on his throbbing prick.

    "Ohhh! Baby! Suck me hard! Let me feel your wet lips on my cock. Make me come in your mouth! Do it, baby!" the tall cop yelled.

    Encouraged by his passionate demands, she sucked him harder and faster, wanting desperately to taste his thick, slimy jism. Meanwhile Joe was pounding her steaming, hot pussy with his big cock and sending jolts of delight throughout her body with each savage thrust of his swollen prick.

    "Sweet baby!" Joe screamed. "I'm going to fuck the stilt out of your big cunt. I'm going to ram my cock into your gorgeous pussy forever!" His ass rose and fell between her spread legs as he pounded her quivering pussy.

    Ann's body responded to their attack as she raised her ass off the bed and thrust her hips into Joe in perfect rhythm with his thrust. Their two bodies slammed and ground into each other with animal lust. The intense pleasure took control of her mind and made her like a tigress in heat. She bucked and squirmed beneath Joe's weight and sucked hard and greedily on the other cop's pulsating cock.

    "I'm coming! I'm coming!" screamed the tall cop as his big prick swelled up inside her mouth and exploded, squirting his thick cock-juice down into her throat with such force that she couldn't swallow it all, and it ran down her chin and dripped onto the bed.

    She released him as he rolled over on the bed and concentrated all her efforts on the short, red-haired cop. She threw her long, shapely legs up into the air and thrashed wildly as the bed springs creaked and popped beneath them.

    "Fuck my pussy, hard!" she cried. "Fuck the shit out of me!"

    The short cop tried to oblige her as he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and rammed his hot cock deep into her belly, sending waves of ecstasy rippling through her entire body. She dug her finger-nails into his back as the heat swelled inside her. Finally, with one hard deep thrust, he shot his wad against the walls of her cunt and collapsed on top of her. Ann continued to buck and jerk beneath him until she, too, climaxed and collapsed with a terrific, body-shaking orgasm.

    "Ahhhhh! That was great! That was one of the best fucks that I've ever had," moaned Ann.

    "You and me both, lady! You fuck just like a wild animal. My cock is sore as hell," groaned Joe.

    "Yeah!" said the tall cop. "She sucks my cock like nobody I know! She's really one sweet-ass bitch! No wonder those two burglars raped the shit out of you! I don't blame them. You are one great piece of ass, lady."

    Ann lay on the bed, totally exhausted, rubbing her sore cunt and watching the two cops get dressed. She was, for the second time that day, covered with cock-juice. It was running out of her mouth and cunt and dripping onto the bed.

    "We'll do everything we can to apprehend the two burglars who raped you," said the tall, blonde cop as he walked towards the front door.

    "Yea, don't worry," said the one named Joe. "We'll catch them for you." He followed the other policeman out the door and closed it behind him.

    Ann showered a second time and, throwing her robe around her naked and satisfied body, went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.

    She sat down on the kitchen table, sipping her coffee and reading her morning paper. Once more, thoughts raced through her head. So, what, if she had been raped and her apartment burglarized? It could happen to anyone, even a married woman. Just because she was a divorcee and lived alone, didn't mean that she couldn't be safe and happy. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she was determined to live the way she wanted – independent.

    She poured a second cup of coffee and stretched her arms high into the air, which caused her damp robe to pull up above her creamy thighs and naked pussy. It had been one hell of a morning, she thought, but she wouldn't let it get her down. She would make the best of it and look optimistically towards the future.

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