• Anonumous Chapter One. 'My love, she's but a lassie yet'
  • Chapter Three. Nox Ambrosiana
  • Chapter Five. Birthday Festivities
  • Chapter Six. The tenant in possession

    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen


    Chapter One. 'My love, she's but a lassie yet'

    Towards the end of a bright sunny afternoon in June, I was walking in one of the quieter streets of Piccadilly, when my eye was caught by two figures coming in my direction. One was that of a tall, finely-made woman about twenty-seven years of age, who would under other circumstances, have received something more than an approving glance. But it was her companion that rivetted my gaze of almost breathless admiration. This was a young girl of sixteen, of such astounding beauty of face and figure as I had never seen or dreamt of. Masses of bright, wavy, brown hair fell to her waist. Deep violet eyes looked out from under long curling lashes, and seemed to laugh in unison with the humorous curves of the full red lips. These and a thousand other charms I was to know by heart later on, but what struck me most at this view, was the extraordinary size and beauty of the girl's bust, shown to all possible advantage by her dress which, in the true artistic French style, crept in between her breasts, outlining their full and perfect form with loving fidelity. Tall and lithe, she moved like a young goddess, her short skirt shewing the action of a pair of exquisitely moulded legs, to which the tan-coloured open-work silk stockings were plainly designed to invite attention. Unable to take my eyes from this enchanting vision, I was approaching the pair, when to my astonishment, the elder lady suddenly spoke my name.

    'You do not remember me, Captain Archer.' For a moment I was at a loss, but the voice gave me the clue.

    'But I do,' I answered, 'you are Miss Letchford, who used to teach my sisters.'

    'Quite right. But I have given up teaching, for which fortunately there is not longer any necessity. I am living in a flat with my dear little friend here. Let me introduce you,-Flossie Eversley-Captain Archer.'

    The violet eyes laughed up at me; and the red lips parted in a merry smile. A dimple appeared at the corner of the mouth. I was done for! Yes; at thirty-five years of age, with more than my share of experiences in every phase of love, I went down before this lovely girl with her childish face smiling at me above the budding womanhood of her rounded breasts, and confessed myself defeated!

    A moment or two later, I had passed from them with the address of the flat in my pocket, and under promise to go down to tea on the next day.

    At midday I received the following letter:

    Dear Captain Archer,

    I am sorry to be obliged to be out when you come; and yet not altogether sorry, because I should like you to know Flossie very well. She is an orphan, without a relation in the world. She is just back from a Paris school. In years she is of course a child, but in tact and knowledge she is a woman; also in figure, as you can see for yourself! She is of an exceedingly warm and passionate nature, and a look that you gave her yesterday was not lost upon her. In fact, to be quite frank, she had fallen in love with you! You will find her a delightful companion. Use her very tenderly, and she will do anything in the world for you. Speak to her about life in the French school; she loves to talk of it. I want her to be happy, and I think you can help. Remember she is only just sixteen.

    Yours sincerely,

    Eva Letchford

    I must decline any attempt to describe my feelings on receiving this remarkable communication. My first impulse was to give up the promised call at the flat. But the flower-like face, the soft red lips and the laughing eyes passed before my mind's eye, followed by an instant vision of the marvellous breasts and the delicate shapely legs in their brown silk stockings, and I knew that fate was too strong for me. For it was of course impossible to misunderstand the meaning of Eva Letchford's letter, and indeed, when I reached the flat, she herself opened the door to me, whispering as she passed out, 'Flossie is in there, waiting for you. You two can have the place to yourselves. One last word. You have been much in Paris, have you not? So has Flossie. She is very young-and there are ways-Goodbye.'

    I passed into the next room. Flossie was curled up in a long chair, reading. Twisting her legs from under her petticoats, with a sudden movement that brought into full view her delicately embroidered drawers, she rose and came towards me, a rosy flush upon her cheeks, her eyes shining, her whole bearing instinct with an enchanting mixture of girlish coyness and anticipated pleasure. Her short white skirt swayed as she moved across the room, her breasts stood out firm and round under the close-fitting woven silk jersey; what man of mortal flesh and blood could withstand such allurements as these! Not I, for one! In a moment, she was folded in my arms. I rained kisses on her hair, her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and then, grasping her body closer and always closer to me, I glued my lips upon the scarlet mouth and revelled in a long and maddeningly delicious kiss-a kiss to be ever remembered-so well remembered now, indeed, that I must make some attempt to describe it. My hands were behind Flossie's head, buried in her long brown hair. Her arms were round my body, locked and clinging. At the first impact, her lips were closed, but a moment later they parted, and slowly, gently, almost as if in the performance of some solemn duty, the rosy tongue crept into my mouth, and bringing with it a flood of the scented juices from her throat, curled amorously round my own, whilst her hands dropped to my buttocks, and standing on tiptoe, she drew me to her with such extraordinary intimacy that it seemed our bodies were already in conjunction. Not a word was spoken on either side-indeed, under the circumstances, speech was impossible, for our tongues had twined together in a caress of unspeakable sweetness, which neither would be the first to forego. At last, the blood was coursing through my veins at a pace that became unbearable and I was compelled to unglue my mouth from hers. Still silent, but with love and longing in her eyes, she pressed me into a low chair, and seating herself on the arm, passed her hand behind my head, and looking full into my eyes, whispered my name in accents that were like the sound of a running stream. I kissed her open mouth again and again, and then, feeling that the time had come for some little explanation:

    'How long will it be before your friend Eva comes back?' I asked.

    'She has gone down into the country, and won't be here till late this evening.'

    'Then I may stay with you, may I?'

    'Yes, do, do, do, Jack. Do you know, I have got seats for an Ibsen play tonight, I was wondering… if… you would… take me!'

    'Take you-to an Ibsen play-with your short frocks, and all that hair down your back! Why, I don't believe they'd let us in?'

    'Oh, if that's all, wait a minute.'

    She skipped out of the room with a whisk of her petticoats and a free display of brown silk legs. Almost before I had time to wonder what she was up to, she was back again. She had put on a long skirt of Eva's, her hair was coiled on the top of her head, she wore my 'billycock' hat and a pair of blue pincenez, and carrying a crutch-handled stick, she advanced upon me with a defiant air, and glaring down over the top of her glasses, she said in a deep masculine voice:

    'Now, sir, if you're ready for Ibsen, I am. Or if your tastes are so low that you can't care about a play, I'll give you a skirt dance.'

    As she said this, she tore off the long dress, threw my hat onto a sofa, let down her hair with a turn of the wrist, and motioning me to the piano, picked up her skirts and began to dance.

    Enchanted as I was by the humour of her quick change to the 'Ibsen woman', words are vain to describe my feelings as I feebly tinkled a few bars on the piano and watched the dancer.

    Every motion was the perfection of grace and yet no Indian Nautch-girl could have more skilfully expressed the idea of sexual allurement. Gazing at her in speechless admiration, I saw the violet eyes glow with passion, the full red lips part, the filmy petticoats were lifted higher and higher; the loose frilled drawers gleamed white. At last breathless and panting, she fell back upon a chair, her eyes closed, her legs parted, her breasts heaving. A mingled perfume came to my nostrils-half 'odor di faemina,' half the scent of white rose from her hair and clothes.

    I flung myself upon her.

    Tell me, Flossie darling, what shall I do first!

    The answer came, quick and short.

    'Kiss me-between my legs!'

    In an instant, I was kneeling before her. Her legs fell widely apart. Sinking to a sitting posture, I plunged my head between her thighs. The petticoats incommoded me a little, but I soon managed to arrive at the desired spot. Somewhat to my surprise, instead of finding the lips closed and barricaded as is usual in the case of young girls, they were ripe, red and pouting, and as my mouth closed eagerly upon the delicious orifice and my tongue found and pressed upon the trembling clitoris, I knew that my qualms of conscience had been vain. My utmost powers were now called into play and I sought, by every means I possessed, to let Flossie know that I was no half-baked lover. Passing my arms behind her, I extended my tongue to its utmost length and with rapid agile movements penetrated the scented recesses. Her hands locked themselves under my head, soft gasps of pleasure came from her lips, and as I delivered at last an effective attack upon the erect clitoris, her fingers clutched my neck, and with a sob of delight, she crossed her legs over my back, and pressing my head towards her, held me with a convulsive grasp, whilst the aromatic essence of her being flowed softly into my enchanted mouth.

    As I rose to my feet, she covered her face with her hands and I saw a blue eye twinkle out between the fingers with an indescribable mixture of bashfulness and fun. Then, as if suddenly remembering herself, she sat up, dropped her petticoats over her knees, and looking up at me from under the curling lashes, said in a tone of profound melancholy.

    'Jack, am I not a disgraceful child! All the same, I wouldn't have missed that for a million pounds.'

    'Nor would I, little sweetheart; and whenever you would like to have it again-' 'No, no, it is your turn now.' 'What! Flossie; you don't mean to say-' 'But I do mean to say it, and to do it too. Lie down on that sofa at once, sir.'

    'But, Flossie, I really-'

    Without another word she leapt at me, threw her arms round my neck and fairly bore me down onto the divan. Falling on the top of me, she twined her silken legs round mine and gently pushing the whole of her tongue between my lips, began to work her body up and down with a wonderful sinuous motion which soon brought me to a state of excitement bordering on frenzy. Then, shaking a warning finger at me to keep still, she slowly slipped to her knees on the floor.

    In another moment, I felt the delicate fingers round my straining yard. Carrying it to her mouth she touched it ever so softly with her tongue; then slowly parting her lips she pushed it gradually between them, keeping a grasp of the lower end with her hand which she moved gently up and down. Soon the tongue began to quicken its motion, and the brown head to work rapidly in a perpendicular direction. I buried my hands under the lovely hair, and clutched the white neck towards me, plunging the nut further and further into the delicious mouth until I seemed almost to touch the uvula. Her lips, tongue and hands now worked with redoubled ardour, and my sensations became momentarily more acute, until with a cry I besought her to let me withdraw. Shaking her head with great emphasis, she held my yard in a firmer grasp, and passing her disengaged hand behind me, drew me towards her face, and with an unspeakable clinging action of her mouth, carried out the delightful act of love to its logical conclusion, declining to remove her lips until, some minutes after, the last remaining evidences of the late crisis had completely disappeared.

    Then and not till then, she stood up, and bending over me, as I lay, kissed me on the forehead, whispering: 'There! Jack, now I love you twenty times more than ever.'*

    I gazed into the lovely face in speechless adoration.

    'Why don't you say something?' she cried. 'Is there anything else you want me to do?'

    'Yes,' I answered, 'there is.'

    'Out with it, then.'

    'I am simply dying to see your breasts, naked.'

    'Why, you darling, of course, you shall! Stay there a minute.'

    Off she whisked again, and almost before I could realize she had gone, I looked up and she was before me. She had taken off everything but her chemise and stockings, the former lowered beneath her breasts.

    Any attempt to describe the beauties thus laid bare to my adoring gaze must necessarily fall absurdly short of the reality. Her neck, throat and arms were full and exquisitely rounded, bearing no trace of juvenile immaturity.

    Her breasts, however, were of course the objects of my special and immediate attention. Size, perfection of form and colour, I had never seen their equals, nor could the mind of man conceive anything so alluring as the coral nipples which stood out firm and erect, craving kisses. A wide space intervened between the two snowy hillocks which heaved a little with the haste of her late exertions. I gazed a moment in breathless delight and admiration, then rushing towards her, I buried my face in the enchanting valley, passed my burning lips over each of the neighbouring slopes and finally seized upon one after the other of the rosy nipples, which I sucked, mouthed and tongued with a frenzy of delight. *This is a fact, as every girl knows who has ever gamahuched and been gamahuched by the man or boy, she loves. As a link, it beats fucking out of the field. I've tried both and I know.-Flossie

    The daring little girl lent herself eagerly to my every action, pushing her nipples into my mouth and eyes, pressing her breasts against my face, and clinging to my neck with her lovely naked arms.

    Whilst we were thus amorously employed, my little lady had contrived dexterously to slip out of her chemise, and now stood before me naked but for her brown silk stockings and little shoes.

    'There, Mr. Jack, now you can see my breasts, and everything else that you like of mine. In future, this will be my full-dress costume for making love to you in. Stop, though; it wants just one touch.' And darting out of the room, she came back with a beautiful chain of pearls round her neck, finishing with a pendant of rubies which hung just low enough to nestle in the Valley of Delight, between the wonderful breasts.

    'I am, now,' she said, 'The White Queen of the Gama Huchi Islands. My kingdom is bounded on this side by the piano, and on the other by the furthest edge of the bed in the next room. Any male person found wearing a stitch of clothing within those boundaries will be sentenced to lose his p… but soft! who comes here?'

    Shading her eyes with her hand she gazed in my direction: 'Aha! a stranger; and, unless these royal eyes deceive us, a man! He shall see what it is to defy our laws! What ho! within there! Take this person and remove his p…'

    'Great Queen!' I said, in a voice of deep humility, 'if you will but grant me two minutes, I will make haste to comply with your laws.'

    'And we, good fellow, will help you. (Aside.)

    'Methinks he is somewhat comely*. (Aloud.) *Don't believe I ever said anything of the sort, but if I did, 'methinks' I'd better take this opportunity of withdrawing the statement.-Flossie

    'But first let us away with these garments, which are more than aught else a violation of our Gama Huchian Rules, Good! now the shirt. And what, pray, is this! We thank you, sir, but we are not requiring any tent-poles just now.'

    'Then if your Majesty will deign to remove your royal fingers I will do my humble best to cause the offending pole to disappear. At present, with your Majesty's hand upon it-!'

    'Silence, Sir! Your time is nearly up, and if the last garment be not removed in twenty seconds… So! you obey. 'Tis well! You shall see how we reward a faithful subject of our laws.' And thrusting my yard between her lips, the Great White Queen of the Gama Huchi Islands sucked in the whole column to the very root, and by dint of working her royal mouth up and down, and applying her royal fingers to the neighbouring appendages, soon drew into her throat a tribute to her greatness, which, from its volume and the time it took in the act of payment, plainly caused her Majesty the most exquisite enjoyment. Of my own pleasure I will only say that it was delirious, whilst in this, as in all other love sports in which we indulged, an added zest was given by the humour and fancy with which this adorable child-woman designed and carried out our amusements. In the present case, the personating of the Great White Queen appeared to afford her especial delight, and going on with the performance, she took a long branch of pampas-grass from its place and waving it over my head, she said: 'The next ceremony to be performed by a visitor to these realms will, we fear, prove somewhat irksome, but it must be gone through. We shall now place our royal person on this lofty throne. You, sir, will sit upon this footstool before us. We shall then wave our sceptre three times. At the third wave, our knees will part and our guest will see before him the royal spot of love. This he will proceed to salute with a kiss which shall last until we are pleased to signify that we have had enough. Now, most noble guest, open your mouth, don't shut your eyes, and prepare! One, two, three.'

    The pampas-grass waved, the legs parted, and nestling between the ivory thighs, I saw the scarlet lips open and show the erected clitoris peeping forth from its nest below the slight brown tuft which adorned the base of the adorable belly. I gazed and gazed in mute rapture, until a sharp strident voice above me said:

    'Now then, there, move on, please; can't have you blocking up the road all day!' Then changing suddenly to her own voice: 'Jack, if you don't kiss me at once I shall die!'

    I pressed towards the delicious spot and taking the whole cunt into my mouth passed my tongue upwards along the perfumed lips until it met the clitoris, which trust itself amorously between my lips, imploring kisses. These I rained upon her with all the ardour I could command, clutching the rounded bottom with feverish fingers and drawing the naked belly closer and ever closer to my burning face, whilst my tongue plunged deep within the scented cunt and revelled in its divine odours and the contraction of its beloved lips.

    The Great White Queen seemed to relish this particular form of homage, for it was many minutes before the satin thighs closed, and with the little hands under my chin, she raised my face and looking into my eyes with inexpressible love and sweetness shining from her own, she said simply: 'Thank you, Jack. You're a darling!' By way of answer I covered her with kisses, omitting no single portion of the lovely naked body, the various beauties of which lent themselves with charming zest to my amorous doings. Upon the round and swelling breasts, I lavished renewed devotion, sucking the rosy nipples with a fury of delight, and relishing to the full the quick movements of rapture with which the lithe clinging form was constantly shaken, no less than the divine aroma passing to my nostrils as the soft thighs opened and met again, the rounded arms rose and fell, and with this, the faintly perfumed hair brushing my face and shoulders mingled its odour of tea-rose.

    All this was fast exciting my senses to the point of madness, and there were moments when I felt that to postpone much longer the consummation of our ardour would be impossible.

    I looked at the throbbing breasts, remembered the fragrant lips below that had pouted ripely to meet my kisses, the developed clitoris that told of joys long indulged in. And then… and then… the sweet girlish face looked up into mine, the violet eyes seemed to take on a pleading expression, and as if reading my thoughts, Flossie pushed me gently into a chair, seated herself on my knee, slipped an arm round my neck, and pressing her cheek to mine, whispered: 'Poor, poor old thing! I know what it wants; and / want it too-badly, oh! so badly. But, Jack, you can't guess what a friend Eva has been to me, and I've promised her not to! You see I'm only just sixteen, and… the consequences! There! don't let us talk about it. Tell me all about yourself, and then I'll tell you about me. When you're tired of hearing me talk, you shall stop my mouth with-well, whatever you like. Now sir, begin!'

    I gave her a short narrative of my career from boyhood upwards, dry and dull enough in all conscience!

    'Yes, yes, that's all very nice and prim and proper,' she cried. 'But you haven't told me the principal thing of all-when you first began to be-naughty, and with whom?'

    I invented some harmless fiction which, I saw, the quick-witted girl did not believe, and begged her to tell me her own story, which she at once proceeded to do. I shall endeavour to transcribe it, though it is impossible to convey any idea of the humour with which it was delivered, still less of the irrepressible fun which flashed from her eyes at the recollection of her schoolgirl pranks and amourettes. There were, of course, many interruptions*, for most of which I was probably responsible; but, on the whole, in the following chapter will be found a fairly faithful transcript of Flossie's early experiences. Some at least of these I am sanguine, will be thought to have been of a sufficiently appetizing character. *The first of these is a really serious one, but for this the impartial reader will see that the responsibility was divided.

    By one who knew this charming goddess worshipped at her shrine.

    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

    Chapter Two. 'How Flossie acquired the French tongue.'

    'Before I begin, Jack, I should like to hold something nice and solid in my hand, to sort of give me confidence as I go on. Have you got anything about you that would do!'

    I presented what seemed to me the most suitable article 'in stock' at the moment.

    'Aha!' said Flossie in an affected voice, 'the very thing! How very fortunate that you should happen to have it ready!'

    'Well, madam, you see it is an article we are constantly being asked for by our lady-customers. It is rather an expensive thing-seven pound ten-'

    'Yes, it's rather stiff. Still, if you can assure me that it will always keep in its present condition, I shouldn't mind spending a good deal upon it.'

    'You will find, madam, that anything you may spend upon it will be amply returned to you. Our ladies have always expressed the greatest satisfaction with it.'

    'Do you mean that you find they come more than once? If so, I'll take it now.'

    'Perhaps you would allow me to bring it myself-?'

    'Thanks, but I think I can hold it quite well in my hand. It won't go off suddenly, will it?'

    'Not if it is kept in a cool place, madam.'

    'And it mustn't be shaken, I suppose, like that, for instance?' (Shaking it.)

    'For goodness gracious sake, take your hand away, Flossie, or there'll be a catastrophe.'

    'That is a good word, Jack! But do you suppose that if I saw a “catastrophe” coming I shouldn't know what to do with it?'

    'What should you do?' '

    'Why, what can you do with a catastrophe of that sort but swallow it?'

    The effect of this little interlude upon us both was magnetic. Instead of going on with her story, Flossie commanded me to lie upon my back on the divan, and having placed a couple of pillows under my neck, knelt astride of me with her face towards my feet. With one or two caressing movements of her bottom, she arranged herself so that the scarlet vulva rested just above my face. Then gently sinking down, she brought her delicious cunt full upon my mouth from which my tongue instantly darted to penetrate the adorable recess. At the same moment, I felt the brown hair fall upon my thighs, my straining prick plunged between her lips, and was engulfed in her velvet mouth to the very root, whilst her hands played with feverish energy amongst the surrounding parts, and the nipples of her breasts rubbed softly against my belly.

    In a very few moments, I had received into my mouth her first tribute of love and was working with might and main to procure a second, whilst she in her turn, wild with pleasure my wandering tongue was causing her, grasped my yard tightly between her lips, passing them rapidly up and down its whole length, curling her tongue round the nut, and maintaining all the time an ineffable sucking action which very soon produced its natural result. As I poured a torrent into her eager mouth, I felt the soft lips which I was kissing contract for a moment upon my tongue and then part again to set free the aromatic flood to which the intensity of her sensations imparted additional volume and sweetness.

    The pleasure, we were both experiencing from this the most entrancing of all the reciprocal acts of love, was too keen to be abandoned after one effort. Stretching my hands upwards to mould and press the swelling breasts and erected nipples, I seized the rosy clitoris anew between my lips, whilst Flossie resumed her charming operations upon my instrument which she gamahuched with ever increasing zest and delight, and even with a skill and variety of action which would have been marvellous in a woman of double her age and experience. Once again the fragrant dew was distilled upon my enchanted tongue, and once again the velvet mouth closed upon my yard to receive the results of its divinely pleasurable ministrations.

    Raising herself slowly and almost reluctantly from her position, Flossie laid her naked body at full length upon mine, and after many kisses upon my mouth, eyes and cheeks said, 'Now you may go and refresh yourself with a bath while I dress for dinner.'

    'But where are we going to dine?' I asked.

    'You'll see presently. Go along, there's a good boy!'

    I did as I was ordered and soon came back from the bath-room, much refreshed by my welcome ablutions.

    Five minutes later Flossie joined me, looking lovelier than ever, in a short-sleeved pale blue muslin frock, cut excessively low in front, black openwork silk stockings and little embroidered shoes.

    'Dinner is on the table,' she said, taking my arm and leading me into an adjoining room where an exquisite little cold meal was laid out, to which full justice was speedily done, followed by coffee made by my hostess, who produced some Benedictine and a box of excellent cigars.

    'There, Jack, if you're quite comfy, I'll go on with my story. Shall I stay here, or come and sit on your knee?'

    'Well, as far as getting on with the story goes, I think you are better in that chair, Flossie-'

    'But I told you I must have something to hold.'

    'Yes, you did, and the result was that we didn't get very far with the story, if you remember-'

    'Remember! As if I was likely to forget. But look at this,' holding up a rounded arm bare to the shoulder. 'Am I to understand that you'd rather not have this round your neck?'

    Needless to say she was to understand nothing of the sort, and a moment later she was perched upon my knee and having with deft penetrating fingers enough under her magic touch, began her narrative.

    'I don't think there will be much to tell you until my school life at Paris begins. My father and mother both died when I was quite small; I had no brothers or sisters, and I don't believe I've got a relation in the world. You mustn't think I want to swagger, Jack, but I am rather rich. One of my two guardians died three years ago and the other is in India and doesn't care a scrap about me. Now and then, he writes and asks how I am getting on, and when he heard I was going to live with Eva (whom he knows quite well) he seemed perfectly satisfied. Two years ago he arranged for me to go to school in Paris.

    'Now I must take great care not to shock you, but there's nothing for it but to tell you that about this time I began to have the most wonderful feelings all over me-a sort of desperate longing for something, I didn't know what-which used to become almost unbearable when I danced or played any game in which a boy or man was near me. At the Paris school was a very pretty girl, named Ylette de Vespertin, who, for some reason I never could understand, took a fancy to me. She was two years older than I, had several brothers and boy cousins at home, and being up to every sort of lark and mischief, was just the girl I wanted as confidante. Of course she had no difficulty in explaining the whole thing to me, and in the course of a day or two, I knew everything there was to know. On the third day of our talks Ylette slipped a note into my hand as I was going up to bed. Now, Jack, you must really go and look out of the window while I tell you what it said:


    Si tu veux te faire sucer la langue, les seins et le con, viens dans mon lit toute nue ce soir. C'est moi qui te ferai voir les anges. Viens de suite a ton,


    'I have rather a good memory, and even if I hadn't, I don't think I could ever forget the words of that note, for it was the beginning of a most delicious time for me.

    'I suppose if I had been a well-regulated young person, I should have taken no notice of the invitation. As it was, I stripped myself naked in a brace of shakes, and flew to Ylette's bedroom which was next door to the one I occupied. I had not realized before what a beautifully made girl she was. Her last garment was just slipping from her as I came in, and I stared in blank admiration at her naked figure which was like a statue in the perfection of its lines. A furious longing to touch it seized me, and springing upon her, I passed my hands feverishly up and down her naked body, until grasping me round the waist, she half dragged, half carried me to the bed, laid me on the edge of it, and kneeling upon the soft rug, plunged her head between my legs, and bringing her lips to bear full upon the other tips before her, parted them with a peculiar action of the mouth and inserted her tongue with a sudden stroke which sent perfect waves of delight through my whole body, followed by still greater ecstasy when she went for the particular spot you know of, Jack-the one near the top, I mean-and twisting her tongue over it, under it, round it and across it, soon brought about the result she wanted, and in her own expressive phrase “me faisait voir les anges”.

    'Of course I had no experience, but I did my best to repay her for the pleasures she had given me, and as I happen to possess an extremely long and pointed tongue, and Ylette's cunt-oh Jack, I've said it at last! Go and look out of the window again; or better still, come and stop my naughty mouth with-1 meant your tongue, but this will do better still. The wicked monster, what a size he is! Now put both your hands behind my head, and push him in till he touches my throat. Imagine he is somewhere else, work like a demon, and for your life, don't stop until the very end of all things Ah! the dear, darling, delicious thing! How he throbs with excitement! I believe he can see my mouth waiting for him. Come, Jack, my darling, my beloved, let me gamahuche you. I want to feel this heavenly prick of yours between my lips and against my tongue, so that I may suck it and drain every drop that comes from it into my mouth. Now, Jack now…'

    The red lips closed hungrily upon the object of their desire, the rosy tongue stretched itself amorously along the palpitating yard, and twice, the tide of love poured freely forth to be received with every sign of delight into the velvet mouth.

    Nothing in my experience had ever approached the pleasure which I derived from the intoxicating contact of this young girl's lips and tongue upon my most sensitive parts, enhanced as it was by my love for her, which grew apace, and by her own intense delight in the adorable pastime. So keen indeed were the sensations she procured me that I was almost able to forget the deprivation laid upon me by Flossie's promise to her friend. Indeed, when I reflected upon her youth, and the unmatched beauty of her girlish shape with its slender waist, smooth satin belly and firm rounded breasts, the whole seemed too perfect a work of nature to be marred-at least as yet-by the probable consequences of an act of coition carried to its logical conclusion by a pair of ardent lovers.

    So I bent my head once more to its resting place between the snowy thighs, and again drew from my darling little mistress the fragrant treasures of love's sacred store house, lavished upon my clinging lips with gasps and sighs and all possible tokens of enjoyment in the giving.

    After this it was time to part, and at Flossie's suggestion I undressed her, brushed our her silky hair and put her into bed. Lying on her white pillow, she looked so fair and like a child that I was for saying goodnight with just a single kiss upon her cheek. But this was not in accordance with her views on the subject. She sat up in bed, flung her arms round my neck, nestled her face against mine and whispered in my ear:

    'I'll never give a promise again as long as I live.'

    It was an awful moment and my resolution all but went down under the strain. But I just managed to resist, and after one prolonged embrace, during which Flossie's tongue went twining and twisting round my own with an indescribably lascivious motion, I planted a farewell kiss full upon the nipple of her left breast, sucked it for an instant and fled from the room.

    On reaching my own quarters I lit a cigar and sat down to think over the extraordinary good fortune by which I had chanced upon this unique liaison. It was plain to me that in Flossie I had encountered probably the only specimen of her class. A girl of sixteen, with all the fresh charm of that beautiful age united to the fascination of a passionate and amorous woman. Add to these a finely-strung temperament, a keen sense of humour, and the true artist's striving after thoroughness in all she did, and it will be admitted that all these qualities meeting in a person of quite faultless beauty were enough to justify the self-congratulations with which I contemplated my present luck, and the rosy visions of pleasure to come which hung about my waking and sleeping senses till the morning.

    About midday I called at the flat. The door was opened to me by Eva Letchford.

    'I am so glad to see you,' she said. 'Flossie is out on her bicycle, and I can say what I want to.'

    As she moved to the window to draw up the blind a little, I had a better opportunity of noticing what a really splendid-looking woman she had become. Observing my glances of frank admiration, she sat down in a low easy chair opposite to me, crossed her shapely legs, and looking over at me with a bright pleasant smile, said:

    'Now, Jack-I may call you Jack, of course, because we are all three going to be great friends-you had my letter the other day. No doubt you thought it a strange document, but when we know one another better, you will easily understand how I came to write it.'

    'My dear girl, I understand it already. You forget I have had several hours with Flossie. It was her happiness you wanted to secure, and I hope she will tell you our plan was successful.'

    'Flossie and I have not secrets. She has told me everything that passed between you. She has also told me what did not pass between you, and how you did not even try to make her break her promise to me.'

    'I should have been a brute if I had-'

    'Then I am afraid nineteen men out of twenty are brutes-but that's neither here nor there. What I want you to know is that I appreciate your nice feeling, and that some day soon I shall, with Flossie's consent, take an opportunity of showing that appreciation in a practical way.'

    Here she crossed her right foot high over the left knee and very leisurely removed an imaginary speck of dust from the shotsilk stocking.

    'Now I must go and change my dress. You'll stay and lunch with us in the coffee room, won't you?-that's right. This is my bedroom. I'll leave the door open so that we can talk till Flossie comes. She promised to be in by one o'clock.'

    We chatted away on indifferent subjects whilst I watched with much satisfaction the operations of the toilette in the next room.

    Presently a little cry of dismay reached me:

    'Oh dear, oh dear! do come here a minute, Jack. I have pinched one of my breasts with my stays and made a little red mark. Look! Do you think it will show in evening dress?'

    I examined the injury with all possible care and deliberation.

    'My professional opinion is, madam, that as the mark is only an inch above the nipple we may fairly hope-'

    'Above the nipple! then I'm afraid it will be a near thing,' said Eva with a merry laugh.

    'Perhaps a little judicious stroking by an experienced hand might-'

    'Naow then there, naow then!' suddenly came from the door in a hoarse cockney accent.

    'You jest let the lydy be, or oi'll give yer somethink to tyke 'ome to yer dinner, see if oi don't!'

    'Who is this person?' I asked of Eva, placing my hands upon her two breasts as if to shield them from the intruder's eye.

    'Person yerself!' said the voice, 'fust thing you've a-gotter do is ter leave 'old of my donah's breasties and then oi'll fork to yer!'

    'But the lady has hurt herself, sir, and was consulting me professionally.'

    There was a moment's pause, during which I had time to examine my opponent whom I found to be wearing a red tam-o'-shanter cap, a close-fitting knitted silk blouse, a short white flannel skirt, and scarlet stockings. This charming figure threw itself upon me open-armed and open-mouthed and kissed me with delightful abandon.

    After a hearty laugh over the success of Flossie's latest 'impersonation', Eva pushed us both out of the room, saying: 'Take her away, Jack, and see if she has got any marks. Those bicycle saddles are rather trying sometimes. We will lunch in a quarter of an hour.'

    I bore my darling little mistress away to her room, and having helped her to strip off her clothes, I inspected on my knees the region where the saddle might have been expected to gall her, but found nothing but a fair expanse of firm white bottom which I saluted with many lustful kisses upon every spot within reach of my tongue. Then I took her naked to the bathroom, and sponged her from neck to ankles, dried her thoroughly, just plunged my tongue once into' her cunt, carried her back to her room, dressed her and presented her to Eva within twenty minutes of our leaving the latter's bedroom.

    Below in the coffee-room, a capitally served luncheon awaited us. The table was laid in a sort of little annexe to the principal room, and I was glad of the retirement, since we were able to enjoy to the full the constant flow of fun and mimicry with which Flossie brought tears of laughter to our eyes throughout the meal. Eva, too, was gifted with a fine sense of the ridiculous, and as I myself was at least an appreciative audience, the ball was kept rolling with plenty of spirit.

    After lunch Eva announced her intention of going to a conceit in Piccadilly, and a few minutes later Flossie and I were once more alone.

    'Jack,' she said. 'I feel thoroughly and hopelessly naughty this afternoon. If you like I will go on with my story while you lie on the sofa and smoke a cigar.'

    This exactly suited my views and I said so.

    'Very well, then. First give me a great big kiss with all the tongue you've got about you. Ah! that was good! Now I'm going to sit on this footstool beside you, and I think one or two of these buttons might be unfastened, so that I can feel whether the story is producing any effect upon you. Good gracious! why, it's as hard and stiff as a poker already. I really must frig it a little-'

    'Quite gently and slowly then, please Flossie, or-'

    'Yes, quite, quite gently and slowly, so-is that nice, Jack?'

    'Nice is not the word, darling!'

    'Talking of words, Jack, I am afraid I shall hardly be able to finish my adventures without occasionally using a word or two which you don't hear at a Sunday School Class. Do you mind, very much? Of course you can always go and look out of the window, can't you!'

    'My dearest little sweetheart, when we are alone together like this, and both feeling extremely naughty, as we do now, any and every word that comes from your dear lips sounds sweet and utterly void of offence to me.'

    'Very well, then; that makes it ever so much easier to tell my story, and if I should become too shocking-well, you know how I love you to stop my mouth, don't you Jack!'

    A responsive throb from my imprisoned member gave her all the answer she required.

    'Let me see,' she began, 'where was I? Oh, I remember, in Ylette's bed.'

    'Yes, she had gamahuched you, and you were just performing the same friendly office for her.'

    'Of course: I was telling you how the length of my tongue made up for the shortness of my experience, or so Ylette was kind enough to say. I think she meant it too; at any rate she spent several times before I gave up my position between her legs. After this we tried the double gamahuche, which proved a great success because, although she was, as I have told you, older than I, we were almost exactly of a height, so that as she knelt over me, her cunt came quite naturally upon my mouth, and her mouth upon my cunt, and in this position we were able to give each other an enormous amount of pleasure.'

    At this point I was obliged to beg Flossie to remove her right hand from the situation it was occupying.

    'What I cannot understand about it,' she went on, 'is that there are any number of girls in France, and a good many in England too, who after they have once been gamahuched by another girl don't care about anything else. Perhaps it means that they have never been really in love with a man, because to me one touch of your lips in that particular neighbourhood is worth ten thousand kisses from anybody else, male or female and when I have got your dear, darling, delicious prick in my mouth, I want nothing else in the whole wide world, except to give you the greatest possible amount of pleasure and to make you spend down my throat in the quickest possible time-'

    'If you really want to beat the record, Flossie, I think there's a good chance now-'

    Almost before the words had passed my lips the member in question was between hers, where it soon throbbed to the crisis in response to the indescribable sucking action of mouth and tongue of which she possessed the secret.

    On my telling her how exquisite were the sensations she procured me by this means she replied:

    'Oh, you have to thank Ylette for that! Just before we became friends she had gone for the long holidays to a country house belonging to a young couple who were great friends of hers. There was a very handsome boy of eighteen or so staying in the house. He fell desperately in love with Ylette and she with him, and he taught her exactly how to gamahuche him so as to produce the utmost amount of pleasure. As she told me afterwards, “Every day, every night, almost ever hour, he would bury his prick in my mouth, frig it against my tongue, and fill my throat with a divine flood. With a charming amiability, he worked incessantly to show me every kind of gamahuching, all the possible ways of sucking a man's prick. Nothing, said he, should be left to the imagination, which, he explained, can never produce such good results as a few practical lessons given in detail upon a real standing prick, plunged to the very root in the mouth of the girl pupil, to whom one can thus describe on the spot the various suckings, hard, soft, slow or quick, of which sit is essential she should know the precise effect in order to obtain the quickest and most copious flow of the perfumed liquor which she desires to draw from her lover.”

    'I suppose,' Ylette went on, 'that one invariably likes what one can do well. Anyhow, my greatest pleasure in life is to suck a good-looking boy's prick. If he likes to slip his tongue into my cunt at the same time, tantmieux.'

    'Unfortunately this delightful boy could only stay a fortnight, but as there were several other young men of the party, and as her lover was wise enough to know that after his recent lessons in the art of love, Ylette could not be expected to be an abstainer, he begged her to enjoy herself in his absence, with the result, as she said that “au bout d'une semaine il n'y avait pas un vit dans la maison qui ne m'avait tripoti la luette, ni une langue qui n'etait ramie intime de mon con.”

    'Every one of these instructions Ylette passed on to me, with practical illustrations upon my second finger standing as substitute for the real thing, which, of course, was not to be had in the school-at least not just then.

    'She must have been an excellent teacher, for I have never had any other lessons than hers, and yours is the first and only staff of love that I have ever had the honour of gamahuching. However, I mean to make up now for lost time, for I would have you to know, my darling, that I am madly in love with every bit of your body, and that most of all do I adore your angel prick with its coral head that I so love to suck and plunge into my mouth. Come, Jack, come! Let us have one more double gamahuche. One moment! There! Now I am naked. I am going to kneel over your face with my legs wide apart and my cunt kissing your mouth. Drive the whole of your tongue into it, won't you, Jack, and make it curl round my clitoris. Yes! that's it-just like that. Lovely! Now I can't talk any more, because I am going to fill my mouth with the whole of your darling prick; push; push it down my throat, Jack, and when the time comes, spend your very longest and most. I'm going to frig you a little first and rub you under your balls. Goodness! how the dear thing is standing. In he goes now… m… m… m… m… m… m…!

    A few inarticulate gasps and groans of pleasure were the only sounds audible for some minutes during which each strove to render the sensations of the other as acute as possible. I can answer for it that Flossie's success was complete, and by the convulsive movements of her bottom and the difficulty I experienced in keeping the position of my tongue upon her palpitating clitoris, I gathered that operations had not altogether failed in their object. In this I was confirmed by the copious and protracted discharge which the beloved cunt delivered into my throat at the same instant as the incomparable mouth received my yard to the very root, and a perfect torrent rewarded her delicious efforts for my enjoyment.

    'Ah, Jack! that was just heavenly,' she sighed, as she rose from her charming position. 'How you did spend, that time, you darling old boy, and so did I, eh, Jack?'

    'My little angel, I thought you would never have finished,' I replied.

    'Do you know, Jack, I believe you really did get a little way down my throat, then! At any rate you managed the “tripotage de luette” that Ylette's friend recommended so strongly!'

    'And I don't think I ever got quite so far into your cunt, Flossie.'

    'That's quite true; I felt your tongue touch a spot it had never reached before. And just wasn't it lovely when you got there! It almost makes me spend again to think of it! But I am not going to be naughty any more. And to show you how truly virtuous I am feeling, I'll continue my story if you like. I want to get on with it, because I know you must be wondering all the time how a person of my age can have come to be so… what shall we say, Jack?'

    'Larky,' I suggested.

    'Yes, “larky” will do. Of course I have always been “older than my age” as the saying goes, and my friendship with Ylette and all the lovely things she used to do to me made me “come on” much faster than most girls. I ought to tell you that I got to be rather a favourite at school, and after it came to be known that Ylette and I were on gamahuching terms, I used to get little notes from lots of other girls in the school imploring me to sleep with them. One dear thing even went so far as to give me the measurements of her tongue, which she had taken with a piece of string.'

    'Oh, I say, Flossie, come now-I can swallow a good deal but-'

    'You can indeed, Jack, as I have good reason to know! But all the same it's absolutely true. You can't have any conception what French schoolgirls of sixteen are like. There is nothing they won't do to get themselves gamahuched, and if a girl is pretty or fascinating or has particularly good legs, or specially large breasts, she may, if she likes, have a fresh admirer's head under her petticoats every day of the week. Of course, it's all very wrong and dreadful, I know, but what else can you expect? In France gamahuching between grown-up men and women is a recognized thing-'

    'Not only in France, nowadays,' I put in.

    'So I have heard. But at any rate in France everybody does it. Girls at school naturally know this, as they know most things. At that time of life-at my time of life, if you like-a girl thinks and dreams of nothing else. She cannot, except by some extraordinary luck, find herself alone with a boy or man. One day her girl chum at school pops her head under her petticoats and gamahuches her deliciously. How can you wonder if from that moment she is ready to go through fire and water to obtain the same pleasure?'

    'Go on, Flossie. You are simply delicious today!'

    'Don't laugh, Jack. I am very serious about it. I don't care how much a girl of (say) my age longs for a boy to be naughty with-it's perfectly right and natural. What I think is bad is that she should begin by having a liking for a girl's tongue inculcated into her. I should like to see boys and girls turned loose upon one another once a week or so at authorized gamahuching parties, which should be attended by masters and governesses (who would have to see that the other thing was not indulged in, of course). Then the girls would grow up with a good healthy taste for the other sex, and even if they did do a little gamahuching amongst themselves between whiles, it would only be to keep themselves going till the next “party”. By my plan a boy's prick would be the central object of their desires, as it ought to be. Now I think that's a very fine scheme, Jack, and as soon as I am a little older, I shall go to Paris and put it before the Minister of Education!'

    'But why wait, Flossie? Why not go now?'

    'Well, you see, if the old gentleman (I suppose he is old, isn't he, or he wouldn't be a minister?)-if he saw a girl in short frocks, he would think she had got some private object to serve in regard to the gamahuching parties. Whereas a grown-up person who had plainly left school might be supposed to be doing it unselfishly for the good of the rising generation.'

    'Yes, I understand that. But when you do go, Flossie, please take me or some other respectable person with you, because I don't altogether trust that Minister of Education and whatever the length of your frocks might happen to be at the time, I feel certain that, old or young, the moment you had explained your noble scheme, he would be wanting some practical illustrations on the office armchair!'

    'How dare you suggest such a thing, Jack! You are to understand, sir, that from henceforth my mouth is reserved for three purposes, to eat with, to talk with, and to kiss you with on whatever part of your person I may happen to fancy at the moment. By the way, you won't mind my making just one exception in favour of Eva, will you? She loves me to make her nipples stand with my tongue; occasionally, too, we perform the “soixant neuf”.'

    'When the next performance takes place, may I be there to see?' I ejaculated fervently.

    'Oh, Jack, how shocking!'

    'Does it shock you, Flossie? Very well, then I withdraw it, and apologize.'

    'You cannot withdraw it now. You have distinctly stated that you would like to be there when Eva and I have our next gamahuche.'

    'Well, I suppose I did say.'

    'Silence, sir,' said Flossie in a voice of thunder, and shaking her brown head at me with inexpressible ferocity. 'You have made a proposal of the most indecent character, and the sentence of the Court is that, at the first possible opportunity, you shall be held to that proposal! Meanwhile the Court condemns you to receive 250 kisses on various parts of your body, which it will at once proceed to administer. Now, sir, off with your clothes!'

    'Mayn't I keep my…'

    'No, sir, you may not!'

    The sentence of the Court was accordingly carried out to the letter, somewhere about three-fourths of the kisses being applied upon one and the same part of the prisoner to which the Court attached its mouth with extraordinary gusto.

    By one who knew this charming goddess worshipped at her shrine.

    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

    Chapter Three. Nox Ambrosiana

    My intercourse with the tenants of the flat became daily more intimate and more frequent. My love for Flossie grew intensely deep and strong as opportunities increased for observing the rare sweetness and amiability of her character, and the charm which breathed like a spell over everything she said and did. At one moment, so great was her tact and so keen her judgment, I would find myself consulting her on a knotty point with the certainty of getting sound advice; at another the child in her would suddenly break out and she would romp and play about like the veriest kitten. Then there would be yet another reaction, and without a word of warning, she would become amorous and caressing and seizing upon her favourite plaything, would push it into her mouth and suck it in a perfect frenzy of erotic passion. It is hardly necessary to say that these contrasts of mood lent an infinite zest to our liaison and I had almost ceased to long for its more perfect consummation. But one warm June evening, allusion was again made to the subject by Flossie, who repeated her sorrow for the deprivation she declared I must be feeling so greatly.

    I assured her that it was not so.

    'Well, Jack, if you aren't, / am,' she cried. 'And what is more there is someone else who is “considerably likewise” as our old gardener used to say.'

    'What do you mean, child?'

    She darted into the next room and came back almost directly.

    'Sit down there and listen to me. In that room, lying asleep on her bed, is the person whom, after you, I love best in the world. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her, and I'm sure you'll believe this when I tell you that I am going to beg you on my knees, to go in there and do to Eva what my promise to her prevents me from letting you do to me. Now, Jack, I know you love me and you know dearly I love you. Nothing can alter that. Well, Jack, if you will go into Eva, gamahuche her well and let her gamahuche you (she adores it), and then have her thoroughly and in all positions-I shall simply love you a thousand times better than ever.'

    'But Flossie, my darling, Eva doesn't-'

    'Oh, doesn't she! Wait till you get between her legs, and see! Come along; I'll just put you inside the room and then leave you. She is lying outside her bed for coolness-on her side. Lie down quietly behind her. She will be almost sure to think it's me, and perhaps you will hear-something interesting. Quick's the word! Come!'

    The sight which met my eyes on entering Eva's bedroom was enough to take one's breath away. She lay on her side, with her face towards the door, stark naked, and fast asleep. I crept noiselessly towards her and gazed upon her glorious nudity in speechless delight. Her dark hair fell in a cloud about her white shoulders. Her fine face was slightly flushed, the full red lips a little parted. Below, the gleaming breasts caught the light from the shaded lamp at her bedside, the pink nipples rising and falling to the time of her quiet breathing. One fair round arm was behind her head, the other lay along the exquisitely turned thigh. The good St Anthony might have been pardoned for owning himself defeated by such a picture!

    As is usual with a sleeping person who is being looked at, Eva stirred a little, and her lips opened as if to speak. I moved on tiptoe to the other side of the bed, and stripping myself naked, lay down beside her.

    Then, without turning round, a sleepy voice said, 'Ah, Flossie, are you there? What have you done with Jack? (a pause). When are you going to lend him to me for a night, Flossie? I wish I'd got him here now, between my legs-betwe-e-e-n m-y-y-y le-egs! Oh dear! how randy I do feel tonight. When I do have Jack for a night, Flossie, may I take his prick in my mouth before we do the other thing? Flossie-Flossee-why don't you answer? Little darling! I expect she's tired out, and no wonder! Well, I suppose I'd better put something on me and go to sleep too!'

    As she raised herself from the pillow, her hand came in contact with my person.

    'Angels and Ministers of Grace defend us! What's this? You, Jack! And you've heard what I've been saying?'

    'I'm afraid I have, Eva.'

    'Well, it doesn't matter; I meant it all, and more besides! Now before I do anything else I simply must run in and kiss that darling Floss for sending you to me. It is just like her, and I can't say anything stronger than/Art!'

    'Jack,' she said on coming back to the room. 'I warn you that you are going to have a stormy night. In the matter of love, I've gone starving for many months. Tonight I'm fairly roused, and when in that state, I believe I am about the most erotic bedfellow to be found anywhere. Flossie has given me leave to say and do anything and everything to you, and I mean to use the permission for all its worth. Flossie tells me that you are an absolutely perfect gamahucher. Now I adore being gamahuched. Will you do that for me, Jack?'

    'My dear girl, I should rather think so!'

    'Good! But it is not to be all on one side. I shall gamahuche you, too, and you will have to own that I know something of the art. Another thing you may perhaps like to try is what the French call “fouterie auxseins”.'

    'I know all about it, and if I may insert Monsieur Jacques between those magnificent breasts of yours, I shall die of the pleasure.'

    'Good again. Now we come to the legitimate drama, from which you and Floss have so nobly abstained. I desire to be thoroughly and comprehensively fucked tonight-sorry to have to use the word, Jack, but it is the only one that expresses my meaning.'

    'Don't apologize, dear. Under present circumstances all words are allowable.'

    'Glad to hear you say that, because it makes conversation so much easier. Now let me take hold of your prick, and frig it a little, so that I may judge what size it attains in full erection. So! he's a fine boy, and I think he will fit my cunt to a turn. I must kiss his pretty head, it looks so tempting. Ah! delicious! See here Jack, I will lie back with my head on the pillow, and you shall just come and kneel over me and have me in the mouth. Push away gaily, just as if you were fucking me, and when you are going to spend, slip one hand under my neck and drive your prick down my throat, and do not dare to withdraw it until I have received all you have to give me. Sit upon my chest first for a minute and let me tickle your prick with the nipples of my breasts. Is that nice? Ah! I knew you would like it! Now kneel up to my face, and I will suck you.'

    With eagerly pouting lips and clutching fingers, she seized upon my straining hard, and pressed it into her soft mouth. Arrived there, it was saluted by the velvet tongue which twined itself about the nut in a thousand lascivious motions.

    Mindful of Eva's instructions, I began to work the instrument as if it was in another place. At once she laid her hands upon my buttocks and regulated the time of my movements, assisting them by a corresponding action of her head. Once, owing to carelessness on my part, her lips lost their hold altogether; with a little cry, she caught my prick in her fingers and in an instant, it was again between her lips and revelling in the adorable pleasure of their sucking.

    A moment later and my hands were under her neck, for the signal, and my very soul seemed to be exhaled from me in response to the clinging of her mouth as she felt my prick throb with the passage of love's torrent.

    After a minute's rest, and a word of gratitude for the transcendent pleasure she had given me, I began a tour of kisses over the enchanting regions which lay between her neck and her knees, ending with a protracted sojourn in the last, she said:

    'Please to begin by passing your tongue slowly round the edges of the lips, then thrust it into the lower part at full length and keep it there working it in and out for a little. Then move it gradually up to the top and when there, press your tongue firmly against my clitoris for a minute or so. Next take the clitoris between your lips and suck it furiously, bite it gently, and slip the point of your tongue underneath it. When I have spent twice, which I am sure to do in the first three minutes, get up and lie between my legs, drive the whole of your tongue into my mouth and the whole of your prick into my cunt, and fuck me with all your might and main!'

    I could not resist a smile at the naivete of these circumstantial directions. My amusement was not lost upon Eva, who hastened to explain, by reminding me again that it was 'ages' since she had been touched by a man. 'In gamahuching,' she said, 'the details are everything. In copulation they are not so important, since the principal things that increase one's enjoyment-such as the quickening of the stroke towards the end by the man, and the knowing exactly how and when to applying the nipping action of the cunt by the woman-come more or less naturally, especially with practice. But now, Jack, I want to be gamahuched, please.'

    'And I'm longing to be at you, dear. Come and kneel astride of me, and let me kiss your cunt without any more delay.'

    Eva was pleased to approve of this position and in another moment, I was slipping my tongue into the delicious cavity which opened wider and wider to receive its caresses, and to enable it to plunge further and further into the perfumed depths. My attentions were next turned to the finely developed clitoris which I found to be extraordinarily sensitive. In fact, Eva's own time limit of three minutes had not been reached, when the second effusion escaped her, and a third was easily obtained by a very few more strokes of the tongue. After this, she laid herself upon her back, drew me towards her and, taking hold of my prick, placed it tenderly between her breasts, and pressing them together with her hands, urged me to enjoy myself in this enchanting position. The length and stiffness imported to my member by the warmth and softness of her breasts delighted her beyond measure, and she implored me to fuck her without any further delay. I was never more ready or better furnished than at that moment, and after she had once more taken my prick into her mouth for a moment, I slipped down to the desired position between her thighs which she had already parted to their uttermost to receive me. In an instant she had guided the staff of love to the exact spot, and with a heave of her bottom, aided by an answering thrust from me, had buried it to the root within the soft down of its natural covering.

    Eva's description of herself as an erotic bedfellow had hardly prepared me for the joys I was to experience in her arms. From the moment the nut of my yard touched her womb, she became as one possessed. Her eyes were turned heavenwards, her tongue twined round my own in rapture, her hands played about my body, now clasping my neck, now working feverishly up and down my back, and ever and again, creeping down to her lower parts where her first and second finger would rest compass-shaped upon the two edges of her cunt, pressing themselves upon my prick as it glided in and out and adding still further to the maddening pleasure I was undergoing. Her breath came in short quick gasps, the calves of her legs sometimes lay upon my own but more often were locked over my loins or buttocks, thus enabling her to time to a nicety the strokes of my body, and to respond with accurately judged thrusts from her own splendid bottom. At last a low musical cry came from her parted lips, she strained me to her naked body with redoubled fury and driving the whole length of her tongue into my mouth, she spent long and deliciously, whilst I flooded her clinging cunt with a torrent of unparalleled volume and duration.

    'Jack,' she whispered, 'I have never enjoyed anything half so much in my life before. I hope you liked it too?'

    'I don't think you can expect anyone to say that he “liked” fucking you, Eva! One might “like” kissing your hand, or helping you on with an opera cloak or some minor pleasure of that sort. But to lie between a pair of legs like yours, cushioned on a pair of breasts like yours, with a tongue like yours down one's throat, and one's prick held in the soft grip of a cunt like yours, is to undergo a series of sensations such as don't come twice in a lifetime.'

    Eva's eyes flashed as she gathered me closer in her naked arms and said:

    'Don't they, though! In this particular instance I am going to see that they come twice within half an hour!'

    'Well, I've come twice in less than half an hour and-'

    'Oh! I know what you are going to say, but we'll soon put that all right.'

    A careful examination of the state of affairs was then made by Eva who bent her pretty head for the purpose, kneeling on the bed in a position which enabled me to gaze at my leisure upon all her secret charms.

    Her operations meanwhile were causing me exquisite delight. With an indescribable tenderness of action, soft and caressing as that of a young mother tending her sick child, she slipped the fingers of her left hand under my balls while the other hand wandered luxuriously over the surrounding country and finally came to an anchor upon my prick, which not unnaturally began to show signs of returning vigour. Pleased at the patient's unproved state of health, she passed her delicious velvet tongue up and down and round and into a standing position! This sudden and satisfactory result of her ministrations so excited her that, without letting go of her prisoner, she cleverly passed one leg over me as I lay, and behold us in the traditional attitude of the gamahuche a deux! I now, for the first time, looked upon Eva's cunt in its full beauty, and I gladly devoted a moment to the inspection before plunging my tongue between the rich red lips which seemed to kiss my mouth as it clung in ecstasy in their luscious folds. I may say here that in point of colour, proportion and beauty of outline, Eva Letchford's cunt was the most perfect I had ever seen or gamahuched, though in after years my darling little Flossie's displayed equal faultlessness, and, as being the cunt of my beloved little sweetheart, whom I adored, it was entitled to and received from me a degree of homage never accorded to any other before or since.

    The particular part of my person to which Eva was paying attention soon attained in her mouth a size and hardness which did the highest credit to her skill. With my tongue revelling in its enchanted resting-place, and my prick occupying what a house-agent might truthfully describe as 'this most desirable site', I was personally content to remain as we were, whilst Eva, entirely abandoning herself to her charming occupation, had apparently forgotten the object with which she had originally undertaken it. Fearing therefore lest the clinging mouth and delicately twining tongue should bring about the crisis which Eva had designed should take place elsewhere, I reluctantly took my lips from the clitoris they were enclosing at the moment, and called to its owner to stop.

    'But Jack, you're just going to spend!' was the plaintive reply.

    'Exactly, dear! And how about the “twice in half an hour”.'

    'Oh! of course. You were going to fuck me again, weren't you! Well, you'll find Massa Johnson in pretty good trim for the fray,' and she laughingly held up my prick, which was really of enormous dimensions, and plunging it downwards let it rebound with a loud report against my belly.

    This appeared to delight her, for she repeated it several times. Each time the elasticity seemed to increase and the force of the recoil to become greater.

    'The darling!' she cried, as she kissed the coral head. 'He is going to his own chosen abiding place. Come! Come! Come! blessed, blessed prick. Bury yourself in this loving cunt which longs for you; frig yourself deliciously against the lips which wait to kiss you; plunge into the womb which yearns to receive your life-giving seed; pause as you go by to press the clitoris that loves you. Come, divine, adorable prick! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! fuck me long and hard: fuck and spare not!-Jack, you are into me, my cunt clings to your prick, do you feel how it nips you? Push, Jack, further; now your balls are kissing my bottom. That's lovely! Crush my breasts with your chest, cr-r-r-r-ush them, Jack. Now go slowly a moment, and let your prick gently rub my clitoris. So… o… o… Now faster and harder… faster still-now your tongue in my mouth, and dig your nails into my bottom. I'm going to spend: fuck, Jack, fuck me, fuck me, fu-u-u-uck me! Heavens! what bliss it is! Ah you're spending too. Bo… o… o… oth together, both toge… e… e… ther. Pour it into me, Jack! Flood me, drown me, fill my womb. God! What rapture. Don't stop. Your prick is still hard and long. Drive it into me-touch my navel. Let me get my hand down to frig you as you go in and out. The sweet prick! He's stiffer than ever. How splendid of him! Fuck me again, Jack, Ah! fuck me till tomorrow, fuck me till I die.'

    I fear that this language in the cold form of print may seem more than a little crude. Yet those who have experience of a beautiful and refined woman, abandoning herself in moments of passion to similar freedom of speech, will own the stimulus thus given to the sexual powers. In the present instance its effect, joined to the lascivious touches and never ceasing efforts to arouse and increase desire of this deliciously lustful girl, was to impart an unprecedented stiffness to my member which throbbed almost to bursting within the enclosing cunt and pursued its triumphant career to such lengths, that even the resources of the insatiable Eva gave out at last, and she lay panting in my arms, where soon afterwards she passed into a quiet sleep. Drawing a silken coverlet over her, I rose with great caution, slipped on my clothes, and in five minutes was on my way home.

    By one who knew this charming goddess worshipped at her shrine.

    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

    Chapter Four. More of Flossie's school-life; and other matters

    'Good morning, Captain Archer, I trust that you have slept well?' said Flossie on my presenting myself at the flat early the next day. 'My friend Miss Letchford,' she went on, in a prim middle-aged tone of voice, 'has not yet left her apartment. She complains of having passed a somewhat disturbed night owing to-ahem!'

    'Rats in the wainscot?' I suggested.

    'No, my friend attributes her sleepless condition to a severe irritation in the-forgive the immodesty of my words-lower part of her person, followed by a prolonged pricking in the same region. She is still feeling the effects, and I found her violently clasping a pillow between her-ahem!-legs, with which she was apparently endeavouring to soothe her feelings.'

    'Dear me! Miss Eversley, do you think I could be of any assistance?' (stepping towards Eva's door).

    'You are most kind, Captain Archer, but I have already done what I could in the way of friction and-other little attentions, which left the poor sufferer somewhat calmer. Now, Jack, you wretch! you haven't kissed me yet… That's better! You will not be surprised to hear that Eva has given me a full and detailed description of her sleepless night, in her own language, which I have no doubt you have discovered, is just a bit graphic at times.'

    'Well, my little darling, I did my best, as I knew you would wish me to do. It wasn't difficult with such a bed-fellow as Eva. But charming and amorous as she is, I couldn't help feeling all the time “if it were only my little Flossie lying under me now!” By the way, how utterly lovely you are this morning, Floss.'

    She was dressed in a short sprigged cotton frock, falling very little below her knees, shot pink and black stockings, and low patent leather shoes with silver buckles. Her long wavy brown hair gleamed gold in the morning light, and the deep blue eyes glowed with health and love, and now and again flashed with merriment. I gazed upon her in rapture at her beauty.

    'Do you like my frock, Jack? I'm glad. It's the first time I've had it on. It's part of my trousseau.'

    'Your what, Flossie?' I shouted.

    'I said my trousseau,' she repeated quietly, but with sparks of fun dancing in her sweet eyes. 'The fact is, Jack, Eva declared the other day that though I am not married to you, you and I are really on a sort of honeymoon. So, as I have just had a good lot of money from the lawyers, she made me go with her and buy everything new. Look here,' (unfastening her bodice) 'new stays, new chemise, new stockings and oh! Jack, look!, such lovely new drawers-none of your horrid vulgar knickerbockers, trimmings and lovely little tucks all the way up, and quite wide open in front for… ventilation I suppose! Feel what soft stuff they are made of! Eva was awfully particular about these drawers. She is always so practical, you know.'

    'Practical!' I interrupted.

    'Yes. What she said was that you would often be wanting to kiss me between my legs when there wasn't time to undress and be naked together, so that I must have drawers made of the finest and most delicate stuff to please you, and with the opening cut extra wide so as not to get in the way of your tongue! Now don't you call that practical?'

    'I do indeed! Blessed Eva, that's another good turn I owe her!'

    'Well, for instance, there isn't time to undress now, Jack and-'

    She threw herself back in her chair and in an instant, I had plunged under the short rose-scented petticoats and had my mouth glued to the beloved cunt once more. In the midst of the delicious operation, I fancied I heard a slight sound from the direction of Eva's door and just then, Flossie locked her hands behind my head and pressed me to her with even more than her usual ardour; a moment later deluging my throat with the perfumed essence of her being.

    'You darling old boy, how you did make me spend that time! I really think your tongue is longer than it was. Perhaps the warmth of Eva's interior has made it grow! Now I must be off to the dressmaker's for an hour or so. By the way, she wants to make my frocks longer. She declares people can see my drawers when I run upstairs.'

    'Don't you let her do it, Floss.'

    'Rather not! What's the use of buying expensive drawers like mine if you can't show them to a pal! Good morning, Captain! Sorry I can't stop. While I'm gone you might just step in and see how my lydy friend's gettin' on. Fust door on the right. Good morning!'

    For a minute or two, I lay back in my chair and wondered whether I would not take my hat and go. But a moment's further reflection told me that I must do as Flossie directed me. To this decision, I must own, the memory of last night's pleasure and the present demands of a most surprising erection contributed in no small degree. Accordingly, I tapped at Eva's bedroom door.

    She had just come from her bath and wore only a peignoir and her stockings. On seeing me, she at once let fall her garment and stood before me in radiant nakedness.

    'Look at this,' she said, holding out a half-sheet of notepaper. 'I found it on my pillow when I woke an hour ago.'

    If Jack comes this morning I shall send him in to see you while I go to Virginie's. Let him-anything beginning with “f” or “s” that rhymes with luck-you. “A hair of the dog” etc., will do you both good. My time will come. Ha! Ha!


    'Now I ask you, Jack, was there ever such an adorable little darling?'

    My answer need not be recorded.

    Eva came close to me and thrust her hand inside my clothes.

    'Ah! I see you are of the same way of thinking as myself,' she said taking hold of my fingers and carrying them onto her cunt, which pouted hungrily. 'So let us have one good royal fuck and then you can stay here with me while I dress, and I'll tell you anything that Flossie may have left out about her school-life in Paris. Will that meet your views?'

    'Exactly,' I replied.

    'Very well then. As we are going to limit ourselves to one, would you mind fucking me en levrette?'

    'Any way you like, most puissant and fucksome of ladies!'

    I stripped off my clothes in a twinkling and Eva placed herself in position, standing on the rug and bending forwards with her elbows on the bed. I reverently saluted the charms thus presented to my lips, omitting none, and then rising from my knees, advanced, weapon in hand, to storm the breach. As I approached, Eva opened her legs to their widest extent, and I drove my straining prick into the mellow cunt, fucking it with unprecedented vigour and delight, as the lips alternately parted and contracted, nipping me with an extraordinary force in response to the pressure of my right forefinger upon the clitoris and of my left upon the nipples of the heaving breasts. Keen as was the enjoyment we were both experiencing, the fuck-as invariably the case with a morning performance-was of very protracted duration, and several minutes had elapsed before I dropped my arms to Eva's thighs and, with my belly glued against her bottom and my face nestling between her shoulder blades, felt the rapturous throbbing of my prick as it discharged an avalanche into the innermost recesses of her womb.

    'Don't move, Jack, for Heaven's sake,' she cried.

    'Don't want to, Eva, I'm quite happy where I am, thank you!'

    Moving an inch or two further out from the bed so as to give herself more 'play', she started an incredibly provoking motion of her bottom, so skilfully executed that it produced the impression of being almost spiral. The action is difficult to describe, but her bottom rose and fell, moved backward and forward, and from side to side in quick alternation, the result being that my member was constantly in contact with, as it were, some fresh portion of the embracing cunt, the soft folds of which seemed by their varied and tender caresses to be pleading to him to emerge from his present state of partial apathy and resume the proud condition he had displayed before.

    'Will he come up this way, Jack, or shall I take the dear little man in my mouth and suck him into an erection?'

    'I think he'll be all right as he is, dear. Just keep on nipping him with your cunt and push your bottom a little closer to me so that I may feel your naked flesh against mine… that's it.'

    'Ah! the darling prick, he's beginning to swell! He's going to fuck me directly, I know he is! Your finger on my cunt in front, please Jack, and the other hand on my nipples. So! that's nice. Oh dear! How I do want your tongue in my mouth, but that can't be. Now begin and fuck me slowly at first. Your second finger on my clitoris, please, and frig me in time to the motion of your body. Now fuck faster a little, and deeper into me. Push, dear, push like a demon. Pinch my nipple; a little faster on the clitoris. I'm spending! I'm dying of delight! Fuck me, Jack, keep on fucking me. Don't be afraid. Strike against my bottom with all your strength, harder still, harder! Now put your hands down to my thighs and drag me on to you. Lovely! grip the flesh of my thighs with your fingers and fuck me to the very womb.'

    'Eva, look out! I'm going to spend!'

    'So am I, Jack. Ah! how your prick throbs against my cunt! Fuck me, Jack, to the last moment, spend your last drop, as I'm doing. One last push up to the hilt-there, keep him in like that and let me have a deluge from you. How exquisite! how adorable to spend together! One moment more before you take him out, and let me kiss him with my cunt before I say goodbye.'

    'What a nip that was, Eva, it felt more like a hand on me than a-'

    'Yes,' she interrupted, turning round and facing me with her eyes languorous and velvety with lust, 'that is my only accomplishment, and I must say I think it's a valuable one! In Paris I had a friend-but no matter I'm not going to talk about myself, but about Flossie. Sit down in that chair, and have a cigarette while I talk to you. I'm going to stay naked if you don't mind. It's so hot. Now if you're quite comfy, I'll begin.'

    She seated herself opposite to me, her splendid naked body full in the light from the window near her.

    'There is a part of Flossie's school story,' began Eva, 'which she has rather shrunk from telling you, and so I propose to relate the incident, in which I am sure you will be sufficiently interested. For the first twelve months of her school days in Paris, nothing very special occurred beyond the cementing of her friendship with Ylette Vespertin. Flossie was a tremendous favourite with the other girls on account of her sweet nature and her extraordinary beauty, and there is no doubt that a great many curly heads were popped under her petticoats at one time and another. All these heads, however, belonged to her own sex, and no great harm was done. But at last there arrived at the convent a certain Camille de Losgrain, who, though by no means averse to the delights of gamahuche, nursed a strong preference for male, as against female charms. Camille speedily struck up an alliance with a handsome boy of seventeen who lived in the house next door. This youth had often seen Flossie and greatly desired her acquaintance. It seems that his bedroom window was on the same level as that of the room occupied by Flossie, Camille and three other girls, all of whom knew him by sight and had severally expressed a desire to have him between their legs. So it was arranged one night that he was to climb onto a buttress below his room, and the girls would manage to haul him into theirs. All this had to be done in darkness, as of course no light could be shown. The young gentleman duly arrived on the scene in safety-the two eldest girls divested him of his clothes, and then, according to previous agreement, the five damsels sat naked on the edge of the bed in the pitch dark room, and Master Don Juan was to decide, by passing his hands over their bodies, which of the five should be favoured with his attentions. No one was to speak, to touch his person or to make any sign of interest. Twice the youth essayed this novel kind of ordeal by touch, and after a moment's profound silence he said, “J'ai choisi, c'est la troisieme.” “La troisieme” was no other than Flossie, the size of whose breasts had at once attracted him as well as given a clue to her identity. And now, Jack, I hope the sequel will not distress you. The other girls accepted the decision most loyally, having no doubt anticipated it. They laid Flossie tenderly on the bed and lavished every kind of caress upon her, gamahuching her with especial tenderness, so as to open the road as far as possible to the invader. It fortunately turned out to be the case that the boy's prick was not by any means of abnormal size, and as the dear little maidenhead had been already subjected to very considerable wear and tear of fingers and tongues the entrance was, as she told me herself, effected with a minimum of pain and discomfort, hardly felt indeed in the midst of the frantic kisses upon mouth, eyes, nipples, breasts and buttocks which the four excited girls rained upon her throughout the operation. As for the boy, his enjoyment knew no bounds, and when his allotted time was up could hardly be persuaded to make the return voyage to his room. This, however, was at last accomplished, and the four virgins hastened to hear from their ravished friend the full true and particular account of her sensations. For several nights after this, the boy made his appearance in the room, where he fucked all the other four in succession, and pined openly for Flossie, who, however, regarded him as belonging to Camille and declined anything beyond the occasional service of his tongue which she greatly relished and which he, of course, as gladly put at her disposal.

    'All this happened just before my time and was related to me afterwards by Flossie herself. Then I was engaged to teach English at the convent. Like everyone else who is brought in contact with her, I at once fell in love with Flossie and we quickly became the greatest of friends. Six months ago, came a change of fortune for me, an old bachelor uncle dying suddenly and leaving me a competence. By this time, the attachment between Flossie and myself had become so deep that the child could not bear the thought of parting from me. I too was glad enough of the excuse thus given for writing to Flossie's guardian-who has never taken more than a casual interest in her-to propose her returning to England with me and the establishment of a joint menage. My “references” being satisfactory, and Flossie having declared herself to be most anxious for the plan, the guardian made no objection and in short-here we are!'

    'Well, that's a very interesting story, Eva. Only-confound that French boy and his buttress!'

    'Yes, you would naturally feel like that about it, and I don't blame you. Only you must remember that if it hadn't been for the size of Flossie's breasts, and its being done in the dark, and…'

    'But Eva, you don't mean to tell me the young brute wouldn't have chosen her out of the five if there had been a light, do you!'

    'No, of course not. What I do mean is that it was all a sort of fluke, and that Flossie is really, to all intents and purposes…'

    'Yes, yes, I know what you would like to say, and I entirely and absolutely agree with you. I love Flossie with all my heart and soul and… well, that French boy can go to the devil!'

    'Miss Eva! Miss Eva!' came a voice outside the door.

    'Well, what is it?'

    'Oh, if you please, Miss, there's a young man downstairs called for his little account. Says 'e's the coals, Miss. I towld him you was engaged, Miss.'

    'Did you-and what did he say?'

    '“Ow!” 'e sez, “engyged, is she,” 'e sez-“well, you tell 'er from me confidential-like, as it's 'igh time she was married,” 'e sez!'

    Our shouts of laughter brought Flossie scampering into the room, evidently in the wildest spirits.

    'Horful scandal in 'igh life,' she shouted. 'A genl'man dish-covered in a lydy's aportments! 'arrowin' details. Speshul! Pyper! Speshul!-Now then, you two, what have you been doing while I've been gone? Suppose you tell me exactly what you've done and I'll tell you exactly what I've done'-then in a tone of cheap melodrama-'Aha! 'ave I sur-proised yer guilty secret? She winceth! Likewise 'e winceth! in fact they both winceth! Thus h'am I avenged upon the pair!' And kneeling down between us, she pushed a dainty finger softly between the lips of Eva's cunt, and with her other hand took hold of my yard and tenderly frigged it, looking up into our faces all the time with inexpressible love and sweetness shining from her eyes.

    'You dears!' she said. 'It is nice to have you two naked together like this!'

    A single glance passed between Eva and me, and getting up from our seats we flung ourselves upon the darling and smothered her with kisses. Then Eva, with infinite gentleness and many loving touches, proceeded to undress her, handing the dainty garments to me one by one to be laid on the bed near me. As the fair white breasts came forth from the corset, Eva gave a little cry of delight, and pushing the lace-edged chemise below the swelling globes, took one erect and rosy nipple into her mouth, and putting her hand behind my neck, motioned me to take the other. Shivers of delight coursed up and down the shapely body over which our fingers roamed in all directions. Flossie's remaining garments were soon allowed to fall by a deft touch from Eva, and the beautiful girl stood before us in all her radiant nakedness. We paused a moment to gaze upon the spectacle of loveliness. The fair face flushed with love and desire; the violet eyes shone; the full rounded breasts put forth their coral nipples as if craving to be kissed again; below the smooth satin belly appeared the silken tuft that shaded without concealing the red lips of the adorable cunt; the polished thighs gained added whiteness by contrast with the dark stockings which clung amorously to the finely moulded legs.

    'Now, Jack, both together,' said Eva, suddenly.

    I divined what she meant and arranging a couple of large cushions on the wide divan, I took Flossie in my arms and laid her upon them, her feet upon the floor. Her legs opened instinctively and thrusting my head between her thighs, I plunged my tongue into the lower part of the cunt, whilst Eva, kneeling over her, upon the divan, attacked the developed clitoris. Our mouths thus met upon the enchanted spot and our tongues filled every corner and crevice of it. My own, I must admit, occasionally wandered downwards to the adjacent regions, and explored the valley of delight in that direction. But wherever we went and whatever we did, the lithe young body beneath continued to quiver from head to foot with excess of pleasure, shedding its treasures now in Eva's mouth, now in mine and sometimes in both at once! But vivid as were the delights she was experiencing, they were of a passive kind only, and Flossie was already artist enough to know that the keenest enjoyment is only obtained when giving and receiving are equally shared. Accordingly I was not surprised to hear her say:

    'Jack, could you come up here to me now, please?'

    Signaling to me to kneel astride her face, she seized my yard, guided it to her lips and then locking her hands over my loins, she alternately tightened and relaxed her grasp, signifying that I was to use the delicious mouth freely as a substitute for the interdicted opening below. The peculiar sucking action of her lips, of which I have spoken before, bore a pleasant resemblance to the nipping of an accomplished cunt, whilst the never-resting tongue, against whose soft folds M Jacques frigged himself luxuriously in his passage between the lips and throat, added a provocation to the lascivious sport not to be enjoyed in the ordinary act of coition. Meanwhile Eva had taken my place between Flossie's legs and was gamahuching the beloved cunt with incredible ardour. A sloping mirror on the wall above enabled me to survey the charming scene at my leisure, and to observe the spasms of delight which, from time to time, shook both the lovely naked forms below me. At last my own time arrived, and Flossie, alert as usual for the signs of approaching crisis, clutched my bottom with convulsive fingers and held me close pressed against her face, whilst I flooded her mouth with the stream of love that she adored. At the same moment the glass told me that Eva's lips were pushing far into the vulva to receive the result of their amorous labours, the passage of which from cunt to mouth was accompanied by every token of intense enjoyment from both the excited girls.

    Rest and refreshment were needed by all three after the strain of our morning revels, and so the party broke up for the day after Flossie had mysteriously announced that she was designing something 'extra special', for the morrow.

    By one who knew this charming goddess worshipped at her shrine.

    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

    Chapter Five. Birthday Festivities

    The next morning there was a note from Flossie asking me to come as soon as possible after receiving it.

    I hurried to the flat and found Flossie awaiting me, and in one of her most enchanting moods. It was Eva's birthday, as I was now informed for the first time, and to do honour to the occasion, Flossie had put on a costume in which she was to sell flowers at a fancy bazaar a few days later. It consisted of a white tam-o'-shanter cap with a straight upstanding feather-a shirt of the thinnest and gauziest white silk falling open at the throat and having a wide sailor collar-a broad lemon-coloured sash, a very short muslin skirt, lemon-coloured silk stockings and high-heeled brown shoes. At the opening of the shirt, a bunch of flame-coloured roses nestled between the glorious breasts, to the outlines of which all possible prominence was given by the softly clinging material. As she stood waiting to hear my verdict, her red lips slightly parted, a rosy flush upon her cheeks, and love and laughter beaming from the radiant eyes, the magic of her youth and beauty seemed to weave a fresh spell around my heart, and a torrent of passionate words burst from my lips as I strained the lithe young form to my breast and rained kisses upon her hair, her eyes, her cheeks and mouth.

    She took my hand in her hand and quietly led me to my favourite chair, and then seating herself on my knee, nestled her face against my cheek and said:

    'Oh, Jack, Jack, my darling boy, how can you possibly love me like that!' The sweet voice trembled and a tear or two dropped softly from the violet eyes whilst an arm stole round my neck and red lips were pressed in a long intoxicating kiss upon my mouth.

    We sat thus for some time when Flossie jumped from my knee, and said:

    'We are forgetting all about Eva. Come in to her room and see what I have done.'

    We went hand in hand into the bedroom and found Eva still asleep. On the chairs were laid her dainty garments, to which Flossie silently drew my attention. All along the upper edge of the chemise and corset, round the frills of the drawers and the hem of the petticoat, Flossie had sewn a narrow chain of tiny pink and white rosebuds, as a birthday surprise for her friend. I laughed noiselessly, and kissed her hand in token of my appreciation of the charming fancy.

    'Now for Eva's birthday treat,' whispered Flossie in my ear. 'Go over into that corner and undress yourself as quietly as you can. I will help you.'

    Flossie's 'help' consisted chiefly in the use of sundry wiles to induce an erection. As these included the slow frigging in which she was such an adept, as well as the application of her rosy mouth and active tongue to every part of my prick, the desired result was rapidly obtained.

    'Now, Jack, you are going to have Eva whilst I look on. Some day, my turn will come, and I want to see exactly how to give you the greatest possible amount of pleasure. Come and stand here by me, and we'll Wake her up.'

    We passed round the bed and stood in front of Eva, who still slept on unconscious.

    'Ahem!' from Flossie.

    The sleeping figure turned lazily. The eyes unclosed and fell upon the picture of Flossie in her flower-girl's dress, standing a little behind me and, with her right hand passed in front of me, vigorously frigging my erected yard, whilst the fingers of the other glided with a softly caressing motion over and under the attendant balls.

    Eva jumped up, flung off her nightdress and crying to Flossie, 'Don't leave go!' fell on her knees, seized my prick in her mouth and thrust her hand under Flossie's petticoats. The latter, obeying Eva's cry, continued to frig me deliciously from behind, whilst Eva furiously sucked the nut and upper part, and passing her disengaged hand round my bottom, caused me a new and exquisite enjoyment by inserting a dainty finger into the aperture thus brought within her reach. Flossie now drew close up to me and I could feel the swelling breasts in their thin silken covering pressed against my naked back, whilst her hand quickened its maddeningly provoking motion upon my prick and Eva's tongue pursued its enchanted course with increasing ardour and many luscious convolutions. Feeling I was about to spend, Flossie slipped her hand further down towards the root so as to give room for Eva's mouth to engulf almost the whole yard, a hint which the latter was quick to take, for her lips at once pressed close down to Flossie's fingers and with my hands behind my fair gamahucher's neck, I poured my very soul into her waiting and willing throat.

    During the interval which followed, I offered my congratulations to Eva and told her how sorry I was not to have known of her birthday before, so that I might have presented a humble gift of some sort. She hastened to assure me that nothing in the world, that I could have brought, would be more welcome than what I had just given her!

    Eva had not yet seen her decorated underclothes and these were now displayed by Flossie with countless merry jokes and quaint remarks. The pretty thought was highly appreciated and nothing would do but our dressing Eva in the flowery garments. When this was done, Flossie suggested a can-can, and the three of us danced a wild pas-de-trois until the breath was almost out of our bodies. As we lay panting in various unstudied attitudes of exhaustion, a ring was heard at the door and Flossie, who was the only presentable one of the party went out to answer the summons. She came back in a minute with an enormous basket of Neapolitan violets. Upon our exclaiming at this extravagance Flossie gravely delivered herself of the following statement:

    'Though not in a position for the moment to furnish chapter and verse, I am able to state with conviction that in periods from which we are only separated by some twenty centuries or so, it was customary for ladies and gentlemen of the time to meet and discuss the business of pleasure of the hour without the encumberance of clothes upon their bodies. The absence of arriere-pensee shown by this commendable practice might lead the superficial to conclude that these discussions led to no practical results. Nothing could be further from the truth. The interviews were invariably held upon a Bank of Violets (so the old writers tell us), and at a certain point in the proceedings, the lady would fall back upon this bank with her legs spread open at the then equivalent to an angle of forty-five. The gentleman would thereupon take in his right (or dexter) hand the instrument which our modern brevity of speech has taught us to call his prick. This, with some trifling assistance on her part, he would introduce into what the same latter-day rage for conciseness of expression leaves us powerless to describe otherwise than as her cunt. On my right we have the modern type of the lady, on my left, that of the gentleman. In the middle, the next best thing to a bank of violets. Ha! you take me at last! Now I'm going to put them all over the bed, and when I'm ready, you, Eva, will kindly oblige by depositing your snowy bottom in the middle, opening your legs and admitting Mr. Jack to the proper position between them.'

    While delivering this amazing oration, Flossie had gradually stripped herself entirely naked. We both watched her movements in silent admiration as she strewed the bed from end to end with the fragrant blossoms, which filled the room with their delightful perfume. When all was ready, she beckoned to Eva to lay herself on the bed, whispering to her, though not so low but that I could hear.

    'Imagine you are Danae. I'll trouble you for the size of Jupiter's prick! Just look at it!'-then much lower, but still audibly-'You're going to be fucked, Eva darling, jolly well fucked! And I'm going to see you-Lovely!'

    The rose-edged chemise and drawers were once more laid aside and the heroine of the day stretched herself voluptuously on the heaped-up flowers, which sent forth fresh streams of fragrance in response to the pressure of the girl's naked body.

    'Ah, a happy thought!' cried Flossie. 'If you would lie across the bed with your legs hanging down, and Jack wouldn't mind standing up to his work, I think I could be of some assistance to you both.'

    The change was quickly made, a couple of pillows were slipped under Eva's head, and Flossie, kneeling across the other's face, submitted her cunt to be gamahuched by her friend's tongue which at once darted amorously to its place within the vulva. Flossie returned the salutation for a moment and then resting her chin upon the point just above Eva's clitoris, called me to 'come on'. I placed myself in position and was about to storm the breach when Flossie found the near proximity of my yard to be too much for her feelings and begged to be allowed to gamahuche me for a minute.

    'After that, I'll be quite good,' she added to Eva, 'and will only watch.'

    Needless to say I made no objection. The result, as was the case with most of Flossie's actions, was increased pleasure to everybody concerned and to Eva as much as anyone inasmuch as the divine sucking of Flossie's rosy lips and lustful tongue produced a sensible hardening and lengthening of my excited member.

    After performing this delightful service, she was for moving away, but sounds of dissent were heard from Eva, who flung her arms round Flossie's thighs and drew her cunt down in closer contact with the caressing mouth.

    From my exalted position, I could see all that was going on and this added enormously to the sensations I began to experience when Flossie, handling my yard with deft fingers, dropped a final kiss upon the nut, and then guided it to the now impatient goal. With eyes lit up with interest and delight, she watched it disappear with the soft red lips whose movements she was near enough to follow closely. Under these conditions, I found myself fucking Eva with unusual vigour and penetration, whilst she, on her part, returned my strokes with powerful thrusts of her bottom and exquisitely pleasurable contractions of her cunt upon my prick.

    Flossie, taking in all this with eager eyes, became madly excited, and at last sprang from her kneeling position on the bed, and taking advantage of an outward motion of my body, bent down between us, and pushing the point of her tongue under Eva's clitoris, insisted on my finishing the performance with this charming incentive added. Its effect upon both Eva and myself was electric, and as her clitoris and my prick shared equally in the contact of the tongue, we were not long in bringing the entertainment to an eminently satisfactory conclusion.

    The next item in the birthday programme was the exhibition of half a dozen cleverly executed pen and ink sketches-Flossie's gift to Eva-showing the three of us in attitudes not to be found in the illustrations of the 'Young Ladies Journal'. A discussion arose as to whether Flossie had not been somewhat flattering to the longitudinal dimensions of the present writer's member. She declared that the proportions were 'according to Cocker'-obviously, as she wittily said, the highest authority on the question.

    'Anyhow, I'm going to take measurements and then you'll see I'm right! In the picture the length of Jack's prick is exactly one-third of the distance from his chin to his navel. Now measuring the real article-Hello! I say, Evie, what have you done to him!'

    In point of fact, the object under discussion was feeling the effects of his recent exercise and had dropped to a partially recumbent attitude.

    Eva, who was watching the proceedings with an air of intense amusement called out:

    'Take it between your breasts, Flossie; you will see the difference then!'

    The mere prospect of such a lodging imparted a certain amount of vigour to Monsieur Jacques, who was thereupon introduced into the delicious cleft of Flossie's adorable bosom, and in rapture at the touch of the soft flesh on either side of him, at once began to assume more satisfactory proportions.

    'But he's not up to his full height yet,' said Flossie. 'Come and help me, Evie dear; stand behind Jack and frig him whilst I gamahuche him in front. That's the way to get him up to conceit pitch! When I feel him long and stiff enough in my mouth, I'll get up and take his measure.'

    The success of Flossie's plan was immediate and complete, and when the measurements were made, the proportions were found to be exactly twenty-one and seven inches respectively, whilst in the drawing they were three inches to one inch. Flossie proceeded to execute a wild war-dance of triumph over this signal vindication of her accuracy, winding up by insisting on my carrying her pick-a-back round the flat. Her enjoyment of this ride was unbounded, as also was mine, for besides the pleasure arising from the close contact of her charming body, she contrived to administer a delicious friction to my member with the calves of her naked legs.

    On our return to the bedroom, Eva was sitting on the edge of the low divan.

    'Bring her to me here,' she cried.

    I easily divined what was wanted, and carrying my precious burden across the room, I faced round with my back to Eva. In the sloping glass to the left, I could see her face disappear between the white rounded buttocks, at the same moment that her right hand moved in front of me and grasped my yard which it frigged with incomparable tenderness and skill. This operation was eagerly watched by Flossie over my shoulder, while she clung to me with arms and legs and rubbed herself against my loins with soft undulating motions like an amorous kitten, the parting lips of her cunt kissing my back and her every action testifying to the delight with which she was receiving the attentions of Eva's tongue upon the neighbouring spot.

    My feelings were now rapidly passing beyond my control, and I had to implore Eva to remove her hand, whereupon Flossie, realizing the state of affairs, jumped down from her perch, and burying my prick in her sweet mouth, sucked and frigged me in such a frenzy of desire that she had very soon drawn from me the last drop I had to give her.

    A short period of calm ensued after this last ebullition, but Flossie was in too mad a mood today to remain long quiescent.

    'Eva,' she suddenly cried, 'I believe I am as tall as you nowadays, and I am quite sure my breasts are as large as yours. I'm going to measure and see!'

    After Eva's height had been found to be only a short inch above Flossie's, the latter proceeded to take the most careful and scientific measurements of the breasts. First came the circumference, then the diameter over the nipples, then the diameter omitting the nipples, then the distance from the nipple to the upper and lower edges of the hemispheres, and so on. No dry as dust old savant, staking his reputation upon an absolutely accurate calculation of the earth's surface, could have carried out his task with more ineffable solemnity than did this merry child who, one knew, was all the time secretly bubbling over with the fun of her quaint conceit.

    The result was admitted to be what Flossie called it-'a moral victory' for herself, inasmuch as half a square inch, or as Flossie declared, 'fifteen thirty-two-ths,' was all the superiority of area that Eva could boast.

    'There's one other measurement I should like to have taken,' said Eva, 'because in spite of my ten years de plus and the fact that my cunt is not altogether a stranger to the joys of being fucked, I believe that Flossie would win that race, and I should like her to have one out of three!'

    'Lovely!' cried Flossie. 'But Jack must be the judge. Here's the tape, Jack: fire away. Now, Evie, come and lie beside me on the edge of the bed, open your legs, and swear to abide by the verdict!'

    After a few minutes fumbling with the tape and close inspection of the parts in dispute, I retired to a table and wrote down the following, which I pinned against the window curtain.

    'Letchford v. Eversley


    In compliance with your instructions I have this day surveyed the private premises belonging to the above parties, and have now the honour to submit the following report, plan, and measurements.

    As will be seen from the plan, Miss Letchford's cunt is exactly 3 1/16 inches from the underside of clitoris to the base of vulva. Miss Eversley's cunt, adopting the same line of measurement, gives 3 5/8 inches.

    I may add that the premises appear to me to be thoroughly desirable in both cases, and to a good, upright and painstaking tenant would afford equally pleasant accommodation in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

    A small but well-wooded covert is attached to each, whilst an admirable dairy is in convenient proximity.

    With reference to the Eversley property, I am informed that it has not yet been occupied, but in view of its size and beauty, and the undoubted charms of the surrounding country, I confidently anticipate that a permanent and satisfactory tenant (such as I have ventured to describe above), will very shortly be found for it. My opinion of its advantages as a place of residence may, indeed, be gathered from the fact that I am greatly disposed to make an offer in my own person.

    Yours faithfully, J Archer

    As the two girls stood with their hands behind their backs reading my ultimatum, Flossie laughed uproariously, but I noticed that Eva looked grave and thoughtful.

    Had I written anything that annoyed her? I could hardly think so, but while I was meditating on the possibility, half resolved to put it to the test by a simple question, Eva took Flossie and myself by the hand, led us to the sofa and sitting down between us, said:

    'Listen to me, you two dears! You, Flossie, are my chosen darling, and most beloved little friend. You, Jack, are Flossie's lover, and for her sake as well as for your own, I have the greatest affection for you. You both know all this. Well, I have not the heart to keep you from one another any longer. Flossie, dear, I hereby absolve you from your promise to me. Jack, you have behaved like a brick, as you are. Come here tomorrow at your usual time and I think we shall be able to agree upon “a tenant for the Eversley property”.'

    This is not a novel of sentiment, and a description of what followed would therefore be out of place. Enough to say that after one wild irrepressible shriek of joy and gratitude from Flossie, the conversation took a sober and serious turn, and soon afterwards we parted for the day.

    By one who knew this charming goddess worshipped at her shrine.

    Flossie, A Venus of Fifteen

    Chapter Six. The tenant in possession

    The next morning's post brought me letters from both Eva and Flossie.

    My dear Jack, (wrote the former)

    Tomorrow will be a red letter day for you two! And I want you both to get the utmost of delight from it. So let no sort of scruple or compunction spoil your pleasure. Flossie is, in point of physical development, a woman. As such, she longs to be fucked by the man she loves. Fuck her therefore with all and more than all the same skill and determination you displayed in fucking me. She can think and talk of nothing else. Come early tomorrow and bring your admirable prick in its highest state of efficiency and stiffness!

    Yours, Eva

    Flossie wrote:

    I cannot sleep a wink for thinking of what is coming to me tomorrow. All the time I keep turning over in my mind how best to make it nice for you. I am practising Eva's “nip”. I feel as if I could do it, but nipping nothing is not really practice, is it, Jack? My beloved, I kiss your prick, in imagination. Tomorrow I will do it in the flesh, for I warn you that nothing will ever induce me to give up that, nor will even the seven inches which I yearn to have in my cunt ever bring me to consent to being deprived of the sensation of your dear tongue when it curls between the lips and pays polite attentions to my clitoris! But you shall have me as you like tomorrow, and all days to follow. I am to be in the future…

    Yours body and soul, Flossie

    When I arrived at the flat I found Flossie had put on the costume in which I had seen her the first day of our acquaintance. The lovely little face wore an expression of gravity, as though to show me she was not forgetting the importance of the occasion. I am not above confessing that, for my part, I was profoundly moved.

    We sat beside one another, hardly exchanging a word. Presently Flossie said:

    'Whenever you are ready, Jack, I'll go to my room and undress.'

    The characteristic naivete of this remark somewhat broke the spell that was upon us, and I kissed her with effusion.

    'Shall it be… quite nuked, Jack?'

    'Yes, darling, if you don't mind.'

    'All right. When I am ready I'll call to you.'

    Five minutes later, I heard the welcome summons.

    From the moment I found myself in her room, all sense of restraint vanished at a breath/She flew at me in a perfect fury of desire, pushed me by sheer force upon my back on the bed, and lying at full length upon me with her face close to mine, she said:

    'Because I was a girl and not a woman, Jack, you have never fucked me. But you are going to fuck me now, and I shall be a woman. But first, I want to be a girl to you still for a few minutes only. I want to have your dear prick in my mouth again; I want you to kiss my cunt in the old delicious way; I want to lock my naked arms round your naked body; and hold you to my face, whilst I wind my tongue round your prick until you spend. Let me do all this, Jack, and then you shall fuck me till the skies fall.'

    Without giving me time to reply to this frenzied little oration, Flossie had whisked round and was in position for the double gamahuche she desired. Parting her legs to their widest extent on each side of my face, she sank gently down until her cunt came full upon my open mouth. At the same moment I felt my prick seized and plunged deep into her mouth with which she at once commenced the delicious sucking action I knew so well. I responded by driving my tongue to the root into the rosy depths of her perfumed cunt, which I sucked with ever increasing zest and enjoyment, drawing fresh treasures from its inner recesses at every third or fourth stroke of my tongue. Words fail me to describe the unparalleled vigour of her sustained attack upon my erected prick, which she sucked, licked, tongued and frigged with such a furious abandon and at the same time with such a subtle skill and knowledge of the sublime art of gamahuching, that the end came with unusual rapidity, and wave after wave of the sea of love broke in ecstasy upon the 'coral strand' of her adorable mouth. For a minute or two more, her lips retained their hold and then, leaving her position, she came and lay down beside me, nestling her naked body against mine, and softly chafing the lower portion of my prick whilst she said:

    'Now Jack darling, I am going to talk to you about the different ways of fucking, because of course you will want to fuck me, and I shall want to be fucked, in every possible position, and in every single part of my body where a respectable young woman may reasonably ask to be fucked.'

    The conversation which followed agreeably filled the intervening time before the delicate touches which Flossie kept constantly applying to my prick caused it to raise its head to a considerable altitude, exhibiting a hardness and rigidity which gave high promise for the success of the coming encounter.

    'Good gracious!' cried Flossie. 'Do you think I shall ever find room for all that, Jack?'

    'For that, and more also, sweetheart,' I replied.

    'More! Why, what more are you going to put into me?'

    'This is the only article I propose to introduce at present, Floss. But I mean that when Monsieur Jacques finds himself for the first time with his head buried between the delicious cushions in there' (touching her belly) 'he will most likely beat his own record in the matter of length and stiffness.'

    'Do you mean, Jack, that he will be bigger with me than he was with Eva?' said Flossie with a merry twinkle.

    'Certainly I mean it,' was my reply. 'To fuck a beautiful girl like Eva must always be immensely enjoyable, but to fuck a young Venus of sixteen, who besides being the perfection of mortal loveliness, is also one's own chosen and adorable little sweetheart-that belongs to a different order of pleasure altogether.'

    'And I suppose, Jack, that when the sixteen-year-old is simply dying to be fucked by her lover, as I am at this moment, the chances are that she may be able to make it rather nice for him, as well as absolutely heavenly for herself. Now I can wait no longer. “First position” at once, please, Jack. Give me your prick in my hand and I will direct his wandering footsteps.'

    'He's at the door, Flossie; shall he enter?'

    'Yes. Push him in slowly and fuck gently at first, so that I may find out by degrees how much he's going to hurt me. A little further, Jack. Why, he's more than halfway in already! Now you keep still and I'll thrust a little with my bottom.'

    'Why, Floss, you darling, you're nipping me deliciously!'

    'Can you feel me, Jack? How lovely! Fuck me a little more, Jack, and get in deeper, that's it! Now faster and harder. What glorious pleasure it is!'

    'And no pain, darling?'

    'Not a scrap. One more good push and he'll be in up to the hilt, won't he? Eva told me to put my legs over your back. Is that right?'

    'Quite right, and if you're sure I'm not hurting you, Floss, I'll really begin now and fuck you in earnest.'

    'That's what I'm here for, sir,' she replied with a touch of her never-absent fun even in this supreme moment.

    'Here goes, then!' I answered. Having once made up her mind that she had nothing to dread, Flossie abandoned herself with enthusiasm to the pleasures of the moment. Locking her arms round my neck and her legs round my buttocks, she cried to me to fuck her with all my might.

    'Drive your prick into me again and again, Jack. Let me feel your belly against mine. Did you feel my cunt nip you then? Ah! how you are fucking me now!-fucking me, fu… u… ucking me!'

    Her lovely eyes turned to heaven, her breath came in quick short gasps, her fingers wandered feverishly about my body. At last, with a cry, she plunged her tongue into my mouth and, with convulsive undulations of her little body, let loose the floods of her being to join the deluge which, with sensations of exquisite delight, I poured into her burning cunt.

    The wild joy of this our first act of coition was followed by a slight reaction and, with a deep sigh of contentment Flossie fell asleep in my arms, leaving my prick still buried in its natural resting place. Before long, my own eyelids closed and, for an hour or more, we lay thus gaining from blessed sleep fresh strength to enter upon new transports of pleasure.

    Flossie was the first to awake, stirred no doubt by the unaccustomed sensations of a swelling prick within her. I awoke to find her dear eyes resting upon my face, her naked arms round my neck an her cunt enfolding my yard with a soft and clinging embrace.

    Her bottom heaved gently, and accepting the invitation thus tacitly given, I turned my little sweetheart on her back and, lying luxuriously between her widely parted legs, once more drove my prick deep into her cunt and fucked her with slow lingering strokes, directed upwards so as to bring all possible contact to bear upon the clitoris.

    This particular motion afforded her evident delight and the answering thrusts of her bottom were delivered with ever increasing vigour and precision, each of us relishing to the full the efforts of the other to augment the pleasure of the encounter. With sighs and gasps and little cries of rapture, Flossie strained me to her naked breasts, and twisting her legs tightly round my own, cried out that she was spending and implored me to let her feel my emission mix with hers. By dint of clutching her bottom with my hands, driving the whole length of my tongue into her mouth I was just able to manage the simultaneous discharge she coveted, and once more I lay upon her in a speechless ecstasy of consummated passion.

    Any one of my readers who has had the supreme good fortune to fuck the girl of his heart will bear me out in saying that the lassitude following upon such a meeting is greater and more lasting than the mere weariness resulting from an ordinary act of copulation 'where love is not'.

    Being well aware of this fact, I resolved that my beloved little Flossie's powers should not be taxed any further for the moment, and told her so.

    'But Jack,' she cried, almost in tears, 'we've only done it one way, and Eva says there are at least six! And oh, I do love it so!'

    'And so do I, little darling. But also, I love you, and I'm not going to begin by giving you and that delicious little caressing cunt of yours more work than is good for you both.'

    'Oh, dear! I suppose you're right, Jack.'

    'Of course I'm right, darling. Tomorrow I shall come and fuck you again, and the next day, and the next, and many days after that. It will be odd if we don't find ourselves in Eva's six different positions before we've done!'

    At this moment Eva herself entered the room.

    'Well, Flossie…?' she said.

    'Ask Jack!' replied Flossie.

    'Well Jack, then…?' said Eva.

    'Ask Flossie!' I retorted, and fled from the room.

    The adventures I have, with many conscious imperfections, related in the foregoing pages, were full of interest to me, and were, I am disposed to think, not without their moments of attraction for my fellow actors in the scenes depicted.

    It by no means necessarily follows that they will produce a corresponding effect upon the reading public who, in my descriptions of Floss and her ways, may find only an ineffectual attempt to set forth the charms of what appears to me an absolutely unique temperament. If haply it should prove to be otherwise, I should be glad to have the opportunity of continuing a veritable labour of love by recounting certain further experiences of Eva, Floss and

    Yours faithfully, Jack

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  • Chapter Five. Birthday Festivities
  • Chapter Six. The tenant in possession

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