A Stately English Mansion


    Under the gaze of the crossing sweeper she fell. There were faces all about her like pale petals when she fell, struck by our own carriage, too. A dashed bad business, so I thought to bring her home', said Easton Sherwood, toying with his beard.

    'Your carriage, dear, not mine. Kate, are you bruised, all shaken up?' his wife Letitia asked.

    Awe in her eyes, Kate dumbly shook her head. After her fall in Regent Circus-when the side of Mr. Sherwood's carriage had grazed her but slightly-she had been transported to what seemed to her a palace, though it was no grander than the other large houses in Chester Square. Her hip was bruised, no more than that. Shamefully conscious of her poor attire, she endeavoured to draw the toes of her ill-fitting boots under the dusty and equally worn hem of her second-hand dress.

    'You must bathe. A warm bath will do wonders for you. Heaven knows it always does for me', Letitia said, and rose to pull a bellcord to summon a maid.

    'Oh no, I won't bother you. I'm all right to go now, I really am, and it were nice of you, sir, to bring me 'ere', said Kate in her Cockney twang.

    'Won't bother? What bother? Of course you shall', intoned Easton. 'Ethel will find you a new dress in recompense for what occurred to you. Ethel, I trust, is here?' he asked his wife as if their daughter might be anywhere about the world or in the world, or fast upon its very edge.

    'She is here', Letitia replied and waved her hand with great vagueness in apparent searching for some semblance of Ethel in the air, at which point the double doors to the large drawing room-or 'the salon' as Letitia preferred it to be called-opened to admit a maid. Being then told that 'Miss Kate' would take a bath, the young servant's face remained expressionless.

    Kate, for her pan, was quite dazed as she rose from the incredibly comfortable sofa on which she had been perched, receiving an encouraging nod from Letitia in her passing, though she did not see the overt signal that Mary, the maid, received from Easton who observed the back view of the slender and comely seventeen-year-old Kate with considerable satisfaction. A mere waif, he thought, albeit an extremely attractive one. With the quiet closing of the doors, he got up in turn and walked over to his wife who was recumbent in a blue velvet-covered chair.

    'Are you to see to Johnson now?' he asked, soothing one of her wrists with his palm as he spoke.

    'You wish me to? Easton, dear, what are you at?' Letitia asked. Knowing how strong he was, she did not resist as he slipped both hands beneath her armpits and drew her to her feet. Letitia, though in her early forties, had not yet run to fat, though her breasts and her derriere were satisfyingly ample and firm. She had been, in Easton's eyes, a fine catch when she was nineteen, and still was so now. Passing one large palm around her nether cheeks, he felt their weight and glowing warmth.

    'Have I ever deceived you, my sweet?' he asked.

    'Yes', Letitia replied steadily, but under his gaze her expression crumpled a little. Their relationship, as just a few of their most intimate friends knew, was a strange and unusual one. In many respects Easton dominated her, in a few, Letitia held sway. Both recognised the fact, and both accepted it.- 'He… he is horrid, Easton. Johnson, I mean. He is crude. Do you not know that he uses me-a mere servant that he is?'

    'All women, my dear, desire occasionally to be used. You wish to prove yourself an exception? I believe not. You will go timourously but willingly. You will enjoy and regret. Is such not the salt and savour of life?'

    Held against him, Letitia hid her face.

    'It would be nice if it were always you', she murmured with little conviction.

    'Do I not have other duties, too? Do we not both have? Is it not the way we have marked-the lane that we know. I should have said, perhaps, the lanes'.

    'Yes, you should', Letitia reproved softly. Her bottom cheeks quivered as he moved his hands down to palm them. For a moment her flushed cheek brushed in silent pleading against his own, but he pushed her gently away.-'You will come to me afterwards, Easton?' she asked.

    'We shall see. Go now and receive that which is due to you'.

    As Letitia made her exit with just the degree of doubtfulness in her posture which she evidently felt was appropriate to the occasion, Easton rubbed his hands and straightened his purple waistcoat. The girl, Kate, had been a superb find-an orphan perhaps. Even better if she were. Charmante. He might call her mat, though she would fail to understand the term.

    Satisfied that Letitia had vanished to her appointed assignation with the head footman, Easton proceeded into the hall and mounted the wide stairway, pausing en route on the first floor to meander into his study where, taking up a pen and dipping it into his inkwell, he wrote, 'Faces all about her like pale petals when she fell'. Not bad. Rather good really, except… was it his own or had he pinched it from one of those French chappies, Mallarme, or someone? Not that it mattered. Such gems from his lips fell into the carpet's dust, were trodden beneath the feet of servants, passed unremarked across Letitia's mind. Dusting the ink, he slipped the piece of paper into a drawer where it joined many other of his would-be gems and then stepped out beyond to pass a bathroom wherein much splashing was to be heard.

    Kate was in a liquid heaven now. She had heard of 'posh barns' but had never been in one before. Home was one room down in Spitalfields where she slept on the floor on a thin palisse alongside her two sisters and her younger brother while their parents lay on the other side of the floor. Home was where she normally spent all day making up envelopes for sixpence a thousand and where fresh bread and dripping was to her as caviar was to the Sherwoods.

    'You got a lovely figure, Miss', Mary was saying while she laved soap over Kate's firm and satiny breasts, making her nipples tingle responsively. Time and again Kate had said, half-anxiously, 'I can do it', because it seemed wrong to her that someone else should perform such a service, but each time Mary had demurred.

    Kate did not at first hear the bathroom door open quietly, but at its closing she turned her head and saw through the clouds of steam an older woman whom she thought must be the housekeeper.

    'Lovely body she 'as', Mary said and moved aside a little to let Miss Martin see the somewhat embarrassed Kate who sat with soapy water flowing about her.

    'She may stand then', Miss Martin said, and Kate then found herself being levered up, her bush sparkling in its trimness between her shapely thighs.-'Indeed, yes. Kate, isn't it? Let Mary wash between your legs. Where are you from? Have you parents? There was an accident, I believe, but you are well? Good'. And all this said so quickly that Kate found no room to reply. She was blushing, moving her head shyly, uncertainly, as a sponge was brought up between the silky columns of her legs to lave and squeeze its inviting warmth between her lovelips while Miss Martin regarded her steadily, saying crisply after a moment, 'Turn about, Kate, then we'll have you out and dry you'.

    'I can do it', Kate wanted to say again, but there was no help for it. The sponge followed the alluring shape of her pert buttocks, working gently between them in a way that made her lean her hands against the wall and swallow as the water trickled and teased. Then, being turned again, she stepped out on to a waiting mat, Mary kneeling with a towel to reach up and begin drying her-first to her knees, then above and then, more lingeringly, under Kate's pretty thatch while all the while Kate found herself being manoeuvred around with Miss Martin at her back.

    'Steady now, Kate, you are almost dry', the housekeeper murmured. Taking both of Kate's wrists, she drew them behind the girl's back, holding her firmly.

    A quiver of apprehension ran through Kate the while that her wrists were gripped by the encircling fingers of Miss Martin's left hand. Her breasts, her armpits, her neck were dried, and then her back and bottom. Only then did Mary drop the towel and, to a squeak of surprise from Kate, suddenly burrowed her face up between the girl's legs until her open mouth touched the scented haven of Kate's lovelips and the tip of her tongue snaked out to pan the delicate petals.

    'GOOOO!' Kate choked. Unable to step back, she felt herself pressed by the housekeeper on to that luring tongue-tip the while that Mary passed both her hands upwards and sprang Kate's tight bottom cheeks apart. Both feeling and then seeing the movement, Miss Martin immediately stroked the middle finger of her free hand around the ridged rosette that Mary had thus exposed, bringing a gasping 'No!' from Kate who sought haplessly to free herself.

    'Yes, my lovely, let us see what you are made of, Miss Martin breathed, her own cheeks flushed in the secretive, scented atmosphere. A thin squeak emanated from Kate as the enquiring finger burrowed in her most intimate aperture while at the same time Mary licked steady around Kate's lovebud which had begun to quiver up under the titillation.

    'Ah, NO!' Kate whimpered. Miss Martin's finger had entered her bottomhole up to the knuckle and was moving easily back and forth after the warmth and soapiness of the bath had prepared an unknowing Kate for the lascivious embraces in which she found herself.-'HAH! HOOO! Please!' she begged. Feeling her wrists released, she hoped to seek freedom, but the hand which had held her there now came up beneath her chin, twisting her neck so that her wobbling mouth was brought under that of Miss Martin. Again caught by surprise-and on the point of feeling her belly melting luxuriously-Kate's mouth was open, permitting the entry therein of a long, rolling tongue.

    'PMFFFF!' spluttered Kate, but withal she only faintly resisted. Her knees flexed in a momentary weakness, allowing Mary to lick her more avariciously.

    'She's a-coming on, Miss Martin-I think she is'.

    'Good. I have her. Push her legs open more', breathed Miss Martin, licking all around the comers of Kate's lips.

    'THOOOO!' Kate gasped. The bathroom floor seemed to ripple under her bare feet. Rockets were exploding in her tummy. A richness she had never known before spread in undulating waves through her body.

    'Come, Kate, come-let us see your worth', Miss Martin breathed into the girl's mouth.

    'She's got her legs open. Cock-ready this one-you can feel she is', came wetly from Mary.

    'NOOOO!' Kate moaned, but it was too late. Her eyes were dimming, her tummy melting. In a moment of helpless abandon, her tongue rolled against the housekeeper's, and then came her first creamy spurts into the waiting mouth below while-unknown to her-two brown eyes peered through peepholes from an adjoining bedroom.

    'They have had her first', grumbled Bella whose twenty-three years lay with maturing ripeness upon her. Attired in a grey silk chemise, grey stockings with pink garters, and a pair of white, lace-legged split drawers, she reached behind her and thrust Easton's hand away as he sought to caress the bulbous beauty of her half-exposed nether globe.- 'You spoil it', she pouted, observing Kate's languorous collapse.

    'Is she good?' Easton asked softly. His fingers returned, this time unimpeded, moving around the satiny orb whose furrow was faintly gingery in tone where the creamy half-moons inrolled.

    'You will like her. I want her first; I wanted her first', Bella said moodily. She turned, allowing his hand to pass around beneath her luxuriant bush where her rolled lips were moist and oily. For a moment she hissed in her breath through her proud nostrils as her lovemouth parted, then once more she smacked the seeking hand away and threw herself petulantly down on her adjoining bed to which Easton followed her, casting himself almost beside her with his calves over the side.

    Bella's ivory thighs looked plumper in a position of repose and he adored caressing them above her stocking tops. He adored, too, the petulant look on Bella's face while she permitted his tentative caresses, keeping her face strained away from his own.

    'There were faces all about her like pale petals when she fell', Easton said.

    'What?' Bella asked in an irritated tone. 'You can't work me up; you know you mustn't. No, don't!' she insisted, face still averted, while he sought simultaneously to reach her mouth with his. Her thighs clamped together, trapping his errant fingers in the course of their insinuating journey towards her nest. Withdrawing them in the slow manner of drawing a cork from a bottle, Easton tickled the plump Venus mound that her split drawers revealed, but received no response. Bella lay placid but cautious. Her tongue was Mary's tongue-or she wished it had been.

    'She might come up', Bella said suddenly, referring to Letitia.

    'No', Easton replied. This time he seized her chin and brought her full lips to just touch his own so that they mumbled together, words tickling against words.

    'Might', Bella said as though she were conceding the possibility of his victory over her. As he shifted closer, so she felt the hugeness of his weapon thrumming through his trousers against her stockinged legs. Her eyes half closed at the intimate touch.

    'We are on the brink. Are we not often, always, on the brink? Come, darling, part your legs. Love is a fluttering of wings, a body leaning closer in the dark', Easton murmured, misquoting a Roman poet whose name he had forgotten.

    'Ain't dark, and you stop it; you know you can't. If you… OOOOH!' Bella gasped as an incautious slackening of her thighs permitted his finger to grope her button through the curls and soft folds of flesh.

    At the first touch, her hips and bottom began to roll languorously, as Easton had expected they would. The warm cavern of Bella's mouth opened more to his seeking tongue. Blindly taking her hand, he drew it down to his expectant erection, and for one blissful moment her tapered fingertips touched the bulbous head which threatened to bore through his trousers. But then, to his intense frustration, Bella gathered herself and rolled out of their momentary embrace so that her legs swung over the opposite side of the bed, and she sat slumped, showing her back to him.

    'How eccentric you are, Bella', Easton sighed.

    'She said I mustn't', came a mumble, but the tone of his voice had relaxed her again. Unguarded against the sudden swinging of his body towards her from behind, she uttered no resistance as he knelt at her back, slid down the straps of her chemise and cupped his palms beneath the snowy hillocks of her tits, bringing a slow outbreaking from her sultry lips.

    'How weighty they become-how delicious", Easton murmured, raining kisses on her alabaster neck.

    'Are they?' Bella answered dreamily. She could feel electric sparks in her titties where his thumbs brushed the eager brown nipples which the excitement of watching the seduction of Kate had already made erect. A voluptuous drowsiness seized her as her gourds swelled beneath his caresses. Flushed, her face turned slowly to Easton's and she permitted his tongue to loll around her own.

    'Ah, were it only my prick in your mouth, dearest', Easton mumbled.

    'I know', Bella replied huskily. Little by little she lay back until his face hovered upside down over hers.

    'Reach back-play with it', Easton begged, making frantic efforts to unleash his straining tool. At that, however, the bathroom door was heard to open and, though there could be no chance of their being seen, both released one another and sat up like two startled hares.

    'Where are you taking me?' the timourous voice of Kate was heard.

    'To be dressed, my dear, as a young lady should be. What else?' came the reply of Miss Martin. Their slow footsteps retreated, but even so Bella jumped up from her bed, saying accusingly, 'You see!' Then, 'OH!' she ejaculated at the first sight of Easton's up-prodding tool which he had furtively succeeded in exposing.

    Easton was by then rampant. His penis, extending upwards a full nine inches, looked thicker to her bleary sight man the handle of a sturdy rake. Unable to dart aside, Bella found herself amourously pressed against the wall with his prick urging between the stockinged tops of her thighs.

    'Give it to me! Open your legs more', Easton groaned.

    'It is naughty', moaned Bella, her exposed breasts orbing against his shirtfront.

    'You will leave your door unlocked tonight, Bella, you hear me', commanded Easton, urging his stiff penis back and forth between the silky columns of flesh.

    Bella seemed about to faint. Her knees sagged, her eyes rolled again. Crossing his wrists behind her, Easton plunged his hands into the rear vent of her drawers and cupped as much as he could of the rearing cheeks of her bum.

    'WHOOOO!' Bella gasped. His swollen crest was rubbing under her hairy thatch, giving her a sickly-sweet feeling of desire.

    'Or I shall birch you, Bella, and then I shall plough your cunt at last', growled Easton.

    'Mmmmm…!' she hummed throatily. Her legs stiffened and edged apart, her bottom bumping his knuckles against the flowered wallpaper.

    'Birch you, Bella, and sperm you, as I should', she heard, then felt him quiver mightily, and in that moment their mouths clamped hungrily together, tongues lashing, as with irrepressible shudders Easton loosed his first jets of come which spattered her frothy bush and bubbled thickly under her warm cunny while his insensate gaspings flooded her mouth. In those divine seconds as he pumped his manhood at the very portals of her delicious quim, both were utterly lost in a rosy sea of desire, their thighs and bellies rubbing together in a haze of wonder until Easton's long quiverings at last died and he hugged her closely, feeling his legs weaken.

    'L… love… desire… birch you', Easton croaked while clouds of mist swirled still in his head and thick droplets of sperm hung glittering in Bella's nest of curls or rolled slowly down the insides of her thighs.-'Door tonight. Not lock. Have it in you. Tonight', Easton mumbled.

    'Yes', Bella breathed.

    But she knew she would turn her key, as she always did. It was almost as exciting to promise as to do it.


    A Stately English Mansion


    Next to the linen room on the ground floor was another, some twelve by fourteen feet, which over the past year had been converted to a species of parlour for Johnson who had been allowed to furnish it from oddments of furniture and thrown-out objects which had been brought up from the cellar.

    Johnson had his comfort there, as he always smugly told the other servants-particularly Mary and another young maid, Alice, who came there to his will when he required them to.

    Letitia had entered this tawdry but snug abode with hesitant feet but chin upheld. At her appearance, a waiting Johnson had risen from a creaky armchair and touched his forelock, as he also felt was proper.

    'What are you at today, Johnson?' Letitia enquired, as she always did. Her eyes took in the ragged green curtains with tassels, a sofa on which she had been recumbent on a number of occasions, and a somewhat threadbare blue divan upon which she had been even more times.

    'I seen to the polishing of the silver, m'am, and had the conservatory got in order', Johnson replied glibly, though Letitia knew as well as he that he would not dare cross die head gardener in the matter of the conservatory.

    'Indeed? How nice', she said vaguely and, at a polite wave of his hand, seated herself on a stout wooden chair with a cushion. The back of the chair sloped and allowed her to rest back with her neatly-shod feet planted apart on the grey-carpeted floor.

    'With your permission, m'am, seeing as how you 'ave been courteous enough to visit my 'umble quarters', Johnson said. Lifting a bottle, he waved it enquiringly, received a benign nod from Letitia, and filled two glasses with port- a good ruby port which Easton had donated to him for 'occasions'.

    Placing Letitia's glass gravely in her hand, he stood back, legs straddled, showing two remarkable bulges in his blue velveteen breeches-the one revealing the gross stem of his prick, and the other the twin plums of his balls. It was perhaps a compliment to her, Letitia considered, that his manhood was always erect when she attended on him.

    'You were, I believe, telling me the story of your life, Johnson', she said, quaffing deeply of the port in an unladylike but ready manner which brought a creasing of pleasure to his eyes.

    'Those recreations as what I were telling you about, m'am? Daring to use such terms as must spring to my lips, as the master says, there's many a young girl I have threaded around these parts. Tupping them, we calls it. Some rare harvest times we've 'ad, I tell yer that. At the full moon, and a glorious sight it is, the women and the girls-daughters, nieces, cousins, be they what they may-all belongs to the men by right of age-old custom, you see. Age-old the custom is, like rites they calls it'.

    'They do indeed', Letitia replied. Her tongue licked across her upper lip, removing a brief sparkle of port.-'Last harvest time, Johnson, you promised that I might see such, er, revels', she added reprovingly.

    'That I did, m'am, but there was objections, see? I mean like, the gentry-shocked as they might be with their fancy ways, pardoning the term, m'am-are best kept away from such sights, so 'tis said, lest there be interferences. Some of the young lads, though-and a few older ones, too- they sometimes expresses a sad desire to tup a couple of well-bred young ladies'.

    'Are you referring to Ethel and to Bella?' asked Letitia in such a tone of voice as was intended to indicate that his reply would be of little interest to her. A faded print of The Stag at Bay met her eyes from the wall behind the footman.

    'Naming no names, m'am, and there's yourself would be welcome, but the fieldgirls would be jealous, that I knows. Putting their bottoms up, as they must, kneeling in the stubble or by the side of a rick, they wouldn't get their seconds, as they do, if a lady with your loveliness were there', said Johnson with some gallantry. He edged closer, stopped with his well outlined penis thrusting up a foot away from Letitia's nose. It was always difficult at the first, she thought. How strange that it was. Easton, too, had difficulties, despite his bluff and strong manner. She had not seen such, but she sensed them.

    'Strange relationships must occur, under the harvest moon', Letitia said dreamily.

    “They does, m'am, much cider being drunk and much rumblings and feelings. Dancings we 'ave and the females lifts their skirt and frolics all about'.

    “The men-They expose themselves?' Letitia asked.

    The seesaw, she thought, was not yet rocking. In a moment it would.

    'All ready and willing, m'am. It's all lustiness and pleasure, you see, and no female can refuse, no matter who comes upon her. Some squeals, some laughs, but there ain't no fighting, for they know they has to do', Johnson replied, putting in the final aspirate as firmly as he hammered nails.

    'Many women do, I suppose, Johnson. It is the way of the world. Is the harvest moon not ever there, if concealed?'

    The question was too deep for him, she saw. Was she, on this occasion, to passively submit, or to rise to the occasion and be bold? Held between the two possibilities, Letitia quivered agreeably. It would be quite hateful to kiss Johnson, but in all other respects he pleasured her well.

    'You ain't posed proper, m'am, if I dares to say so, for a question like that', Johnson said and emptied his glass, stepped back and placed it down. Letitia's being by then empty as well, he took it from her hand.

    'Am I not?' Letitia asked.

    'I seed 'em threaded upright sometimes, knees all bent and quivering, agin a rick or a stable wall, and that's a rare sight. The girls 'ang their 'eads on the men's shoulders and works their bottoms. There's a lot of splashing when the men grunt and come'.

    'I imagine', Letitia said faintly. As with Easton, she allowed her wrist to be taken and to be drawn up, though keeping her head well averted from the sturdy manservant's face-the which he respected, as she always realised with pride.

    'Nobody's ever done you upright, 'ave they?' Johnson asked, adding 'M'am' quickly.

    Her face staring down girlishly, Letitia shook her head, though it was not true. Servants had quaint ideas as to what went on among 'the gentry', despite the actuality of this moment-despite the fact that Johnson had manfully pumped her a score of times now. On Letitia's wedding day, after most of the guests had gone and only her immediate relatives remained, there had been what was politely and carefully called a 'passing by'.

    Still attired in her wedding gown-a wondrous frothery of white and cream silk and lace-Letitia had been taken into the morning room by Easton who had asked her, 'Are you ready?' Realising that she was not permitted to refuse, and that several sturdy penises had long been awaiting this moment, Letitia had blushed and nodded, whereat Easton had drawn her gown and underskirt up to her waist and tucked the heavily-folded rear between the wall and her bottom. Any jerky movements on her part would cause all to cascade again, and Letitia knew that, too, was not allowed. Hence she had kept very still while Easton removed her frilly, spotless drawers and laid them perfectly flat at her feet with the filled legs extended forward.

    It was the tradition that her drawers were not to be trodden on. Such, curiously, would be a great discourtesy and an affront to her as a bride, even though she was about to be rogered by five gentlemen.

    Blushing more deeply, Letitia had allowed Easton to part her legs in a wide vee and feel her cunny, which not unnaturally was moist with anticipation. Having tickled it briefly, he then stood at her side.

    'Are you ready to receive-to be passed by?' he asked, and Letitia had placed her palms flat against the wall, braced herself, closed her eyes and said softly, 'Yes'. The ladies being in waiting and invisible in the drawing room, the door to the morning room was then heard to open and the first of Letitia's cock-ready champions presented himself. Trousers opened ready, he approached her quietly, avoiding stepping on her extended drawers by parting his own legs at an angle to match her own, held her glorious hips gently and probed the helmet of his knob slowly and deeply up into her quim, causing her breath to hiss out with pleasure.

    In a way-Letitia now thought-it was rather as with Johnson. There were no kisses, and no caresses as such. Heavy breathing sounded, accompanied by the faintest of squishy noises as the thick, long penis worked up and down in her smooth warm slit, finally bubbling out its sperm in a way that made Letitia nip the tip of her tongue between her teeth with pleasure. Knowing well whose prick she was first taking, Letitia supressed a desire to work her hips in unison with his manly thrusts and suffered the penalty of having to remain 'modestly' still.

    Five cocks. Never before or since had Letitia had more than two in succession, and the memory thrilled her still. Her cunny had been puffy with cream by the time she had received the last, and the door had closed again. Sagging, she had hung in Easton's arms while he cupped her bubbling quim and murmured his adoration of her. Lascivious kisses having been exchanged, Letitia had then put on her drawers again and re-entered the drawing room regally, by which time the gentlemen had tactfully removed themselves upstairs and the ladies received her with kisses and murmurs of approbation.

    'Some of the men tells the women what superb arses they 'ave', Johnson was saying now through the multiple threads of Letitia's memories.

    'Do they-have they?' she asked dreamily. Her own skirts were being gathered up now, baring her plumpish thighs, the dark-purple stocking tops with garters of the same shade, under Johnson's seeking hands. Not having put on drawers that morning in anticipation of such an encounter, Letitia suppressed a sigh as the bulbous, naked cheeks of her bottom received the assuaging of his broad palms.

    'Some 'as, m'am, but none finer than your'n. If I were a gent I would 'ave married you-asked for your 'and', Johnson said thickly, holding open the rearing nether cheeks as if Letitia required the air to cool her fervent warmth between.

    'Would you?' asked Letitia faintly. She gave no account whatever to such words as passed between them, and wondered whether Johnson did. Nor would she reach between them and touch his velvet-sheathed prick. She had never handled it. It was a sufferance-a delicious sufferance, she assured herself, and to be so handled herself, so roughly and positively, without thought of refusal on the manservant's part, thrilled her exceedingly.

    'I'd best take you to the couch, m'am', Johnson said, meaning the divan.

    'I do not know. Is it proper?' quavered Letitia.

    'The master says… ' Johnson began, and stopped.- 'You walks to it, holding your skirts up, showing yourself off, like you 'as to. You kneels up and puts it up. Like at the harvest that's done'.

    He released her, and Letitia stood for a moment, head hung, as if forlorn.

    'Must I, Johnson?' she quavered.

    'I 'as my prick ready for you, m'am, like is necessary for a lady. Don't let yer gown drop, will yer. Step nice and dainty, for I likes to see you go, bum bare and ready for it, as I know you are'.

    'Very well, Johnson, but I do not think it proper. You will see more than my bottom when I kneel up'.

    'That I will and means to. You're nice and well-thatched, Missus-pardoning my calling yer that', came the reply while Letitia stepped forward past him and brought herself in three paces to the divan. Gathering up her skirts more, she sank her stockinged knees upon it, edging forward until the pale, cleft globe of her bottom orbed itself just above the end of the divan, bringing the fig of her brown-shrouded slit well into Johnson's view-he stepping in her trail and unbuttoning the flap of his breeches to expose his large tool.

    At the sound of his approach, Letitia clenched her fingers and hid her eyes in the dusty surface of the threadbare brocade whereon other females in her family before her marriage had been shafted, as she well knew.

    “That's a good 'un, that is. Rare sight-like the full moon itself. Come harvest time, there's three or four of us can 'ave you', Johnson muttered, but he always said something like that, as Letitia well knew. So many men anticipated the moment of entry into the female by talking about it, as if to exorcise even more magic that the act of copulating brought. A quiver ran through her as he worked her thighs apart more and then rested his knees a little to the rear of her own while manoeuvring his swollen crest against the pouting lips of Letitia's quim.

    'You wants it, don't yer?' Johnson growled.

    A murmur came from Letitia as the plum entered sleekly, burrowing its heavy nose between the clinging walls of her cunt. The sound her lips uttered was incomprehensible. She had no intention of saying yes to Johnson, until perhaps he began pumping her and all was lost save for the ardent heat and passion of the moment.

    'Right up yer-that's where it has to go'. Hopeful was his utterance-steadily holding but three inches of cock in her slot-yet still no answer came. Yet, as Letitia had long learned, silence could be as intriguing as speech, for it had long been a tenet in her original home that, 'Silence, as in the case of young ladies, implies consent'.

    Even so, a pleasurable puffing sound emitted itself from between Letitia's compressed lips as the huge engine slewed slowly up her, inch by inch, until the warm, hairy plums of the manservant's balls hung closely beneath her nest. With Easton, or another of her own station in life, Letitia might have then wriggled her assent, tickling die dangling balls with her own curls, but she remained rebelliously still while Johnson descended his breeches further and brought the warm sphere of her bum to nestle closely into his bared loins.

    'Lovely, m'am. You got a tight one, still. Nigh as tight as yer bumhole', gritted Johnson who had squirted into that aperture a number of times.

    'Do… do your w… work, Johnson', Letitia choked. Her split bottom was hard-pressed against his skin, his wiry pubic hairs tickling her pleasurably.

    'Yes, m'am, and I will. Slowly, as yer likes it. In and out. Make yer come, I will. Now, if Miss Bella or Miss Ethel… '

    'Q… quiet, Johnson! How d… d… dare you speak of them…AH!'

    'Yes, you likes it coming near out and then going right up, don't yer, m'am. Come on now, I'll give it to yer proper. Move your arse a bit while I do'.

    'NO', gritted Letitia mutinously, though her head and her body were already growing dizzy at the wicked sensation of having that big plunger moving back and forth in her. She wriggled once, as though to adjust herself, and began panting quietly as did Johnson whose loins now moved more powerfully, shunting his engine back and forth in her shed.

    Letitia knew well what would come next. High- or lowborn, most males were much the same. In moments of hot desire, words appeared to enchant them more than they did women. Eyelashes fluttering, Letitia spilled her salty juices over the in-driving prick, and then came again, though so fine was her spurting that Johnson scarcely noticed it in his own excitement.

    'Ask… ask me to fuck yer', he growled, producing the very words that she had anticipated and which he almost always spat out moments before the gruelly sap rose in his stem.

    In reply, Letitia conceded only a soft moan. Long years ago, when she was scarcely Ethel's age, a birch had bitten and spurred again and again across her naked bottom while a voice behind her had urged, implored her, to say the selfsame thing. But she had not. Hot as her bottom had become, and as much as she had dolefully sobbed and waggled her hips in silent pleading that her 'discipline' would soon come to an end, still she had remained otherwise mute- performing indeed as she now was with Johnson whose movements became faster.

    'F… fuck yer… ' he intoned to himself.

    O blissful silence on her part, Letitia thought. Her eyes, unseen by him, screwed up, and she sprinkled once more. The first powerful pellets would come soon, and they did. With a groan, Johnson embedded his throbbing member full in her avid nest and produced a long, heavy spout that Letitia could feel spattering her spongy, clinging walls.

    'C…c… come ON, Johnson!' she gritted, reversing their roles of the subduer and the subdued.

    'Y… yes, m'am, d… doing it… coming in yer… AH, what a cunt you've got, roll your bum-do it!'

    Letitia responded-responded because these were the dying moments-the fall of the gladiator. His cock was spouting still as her plump rear formed a hot, demanding ball into his belly and ground itself there, producing more yielding groans from him, more leaps of sperm, more pearls. The last thing string, then his outgasping of desire, and both were still while his full-sheathed member throbbed in her. Letitia received each pulsing of his thick cock in pleasurable silence and then at last heaved a huge sigh.

    'Get off me, Johnson. Take that wicked thing out'.

    'Yes, m'am. I'm sorry, m'am, if I done what I did', he responded stupidly.

    Letitia did not answer. Her hair was still well-pinned, her bodice unbuttoned. As the slackening slug of flesh drew out of her, regretfully, dropping a single pearl of come upon her leg, so she rose quickly and thrust her skirts down. All was done. The 'conversazione', as Easton was wont to call it, was over.

    Tossing her head and smoothing down her skirts, Letitia made her exit silently, knowing that Johnson would now slump down in a chair, wan and defeated, as males finally always were, despite all, despite all.


    A Stately English Mansion


    Finding the drawing room empty and then being beseeched by cook to 'Look at the menu for tonight, m'am', Letitia did so, agreed with it entirely because she felt not in the least hungry at that moment of time, and proceeded upstairs to discover her husband at ease in his study.

    'What are you doing, what have you done?' she asked all in one breath and noting that one of the front buttons of his trousers was undone.

    'Writing a poem, my dear', Easton replied, whereat Letitia plumped herself down on his lap and gazed at the sheet of paper before him.

    'You have only written one line', she declared, as though more would have been of greater profit to her. Her bottom urged itself over his flaccid tool as she spoke, and a frown of disappointment appeared on her attractive features at not finding him stiff.-“That is ALL you have done?' she asked.

    'All, my love', Easton replied with a distinct absence of truth.

    Leaning against him, Letitia purred her cheek to his and murmured, 'Do you know what that awful Johnson did to me?'

    'Is it not better that I do not?' Easton replied artfully. He was minded to raise her skirts and to enter with her into the son of conversation that always stirred and excited both to amourous lechery, but he needed a further twenty minutes or so in which to recuperate after spilling out his liquid treasures between the blissful gripping of Bella's thighs.

    'I shall tell you in bed tonight, dearest. Where is Ethel?'

    'Gone to make the acquaintance of the waif'.

    'Oh, it is not nice to call her that-is it? You mean to use her, Easton; I know you do. Another female tidbit for your friends?'

    'An introductory measure, my pet, nothing else', said Easton who had gained many influential friends in high places by presenting for their attentions such delectable young ladies as came his way-poor, usually, or speaking of themselves as the daughters of distressed clergymen, but fit to be polished-up, nicely attired, made ready, as his own phrase was for them. Sometimes the wives or mistresses of his acquaintances took a fancy for such girls, having no other way to make the chance for such themselves. Like the several who had gone before her, Kate would be bedroom-trained, put through her paces. From the briefest of conversations but ten minutes before with the unmatchable Miss Martin, he gathered that Kate had been 'started' already and had proved 'responsive'.

    Easton had passed her five sovereigns for her 'introductory work', and had passed his hand up her skirt for a moment, too, to feel her lustrous thighs. At the age of thirty-four as she was, Miss Martin was a voluptuous creature, as Kate had already discovered. She was, too, a venturer into Bella's room at night, as Easton knew, though he had not commented on it. He had a great fancy to watch them tonguing one another, but Bella's key was ever ready in her door.

    Miss Martin had responded with what Easton would describe as 'cool warmth' to his exploratory caress. Her lips had met his own briefly but without passion while he fondled her fur. Had it not been for her excellent and unusual services, he would have dismissed her long ago. Now she was the possessor of too many of his secrets to do so. On several occasions Easton had uncovered her marbled, firm breasts and palmed them while she leaned back indolently against his study wall, seemingly unmoved by the tingling of her risen nipples to his palm.

    Indeed, she could be almost insolent.-'Do you like this?' she had asked him in a thoroughly detached manner while he was doing such, endeavouring to stir her into a torrid embrace.

    'Do you not?' he had rejoined, but her ensuing silence was totally of a different quality to that which Letitia had so recently been musing on. It was a silence of indifference,-'Do you only like other women?' Easton wished to ask her many times, but pride prevented him from doing so. He had become forced to treat the matter lightly even though he thought with certain longing of Miss Martin as a 'superb fuck'. She was certainly a divine tease.

    'My father was in all actuality a distressed clergyman', she had told Easton two years before, and but moments after he had tickled up her cunny-plump and well-thatched as it was-without producing even the faintest glow in her eyes.

    'Though not through lack of money, presumably', Easton had said tartly.

    A taunting smile had appeared on the young woman's lips at that. Such lightning thoughts and intuitions as passed between the pair in those seconds were in all effect mirror images to one another.

    'Perhaps not', she had replied archly, leaving Easton to grimace while she then floated away from his presence. That she was also obviously a confidante of his wife disturbed him. There were things he knew nothing of-words spoken that he never heard. A confluence of females was a frightful thing, and yet was necessary to his little plans at times-as now, with Kate.

    And Kate (thanks to a modicum of opium which had been mixed in with a drink she had been given) slept. Awakening and rubbing her eyes-astounded to find herself in a luxurious boudoir-she saw a girl of her own age sitting smiling near the foot of the bed.

    'I am Ethel', said the nymph around whose nubile form floated a pink peignoir and nothing else-oddly enough to Kate's gaze-save for a pair of white stockings with pink garters. She extended her hand in royal fashion, and so much so (finding herself, as she deemed, among 'nobs') that Kate took the wavering fingertips and kissed them, as she thought was proper to do.-'Oh, that's nice! May I come in with you?' asked Ethel.

    Before a surprised and naked Kate could stir, the girl had cast off her peignoir which floated lazily to the floor, clambered up and slipped between the sheets so that her belly came warmly against Kate's hip.

    'Are you going to stay?' Ethel asked hopefully, laying one small hand on Kate's smooth tummy.

    'No, I got to go 'ome', Kate replied. She wanted to push Ethel's hand away, but it would seem rude to do so. Fingers plucked idly beneath the sheet at her crinkly pubic curls, making her start.

    'Oh, sorry!' came a merry laugh from Ethel whose hand nevertheless inched under Kate's Venus mound which she found deliciously oily.-'I will tickle you instead, shall I?' she asked rhetorically and commenced to do so with some expertise while looping her free arm under Kate's knees to draw her down on her back.

    'Oh, Miss!' Kate panted while Ethel's secretive fingertip found her spot and circled it.

    'Yes, it's nice, isn't it', breathed Ethel whose first 'adventure' this was, for Bella was always first, but she had fallen asleep, and Bella was jealous of her-Ethel was sure of that. Her mirror told her she was prettier, even though she had several inches to go in several circular directions before she attained to Bella's more ripened form.

    'Miss, I got to get up', Kate protested, though Ethel- who had only had one little lesson, and that in secret, from Mary-could feel Kate's legs yielding.

    'No you haven't-don't be a sillikins. I'm not very heavy, you'll see-look!' Ethel said and then rolled full length upon Kate so that their titties, their tummies and their quims were pressed together.

    'OOOH-WER!' Kate gasped, but the sound was immediately smothered as Ethel's sweet lips captured her own and the pouting lips of her cunny began rubbing squishily against Kate's. Frenetically-and quite forgetting her 'place'-Kate beat upon Ethel's shoulders before she succumbed. Her arms fell and a little whimper issued from her lips that passed like a tiny cloud into Ethel's mouth where it was received as a murmur of assent.

    Ethel it was, though, whose peak of excitement preceded Kate's. Her arms wound themselves around Kate's neck, her lips blurring all over the flushed girl's face.

    'I'm going to, I'm going to… ' chirped Ethel excitedly rubbing her bush to Kate's. It was then that Kate's eyes, too, began to dim, and the lovely creamy sensation again invaded her tummy. Drawing her knees up, she returned Ethel's embrace, kicking the bedclothes down as if such an encumbrance were too much for their slim, writhing forms.

    'Yeh-hessss!' Kate gasped, for she knew now what Ethel meant.

    But so, too, did Easton who had decided to see how Kate was faring and-having got rid of Letitia-was quietly opening the bedroom door when such sounds as he was not totally unacquainted with came to his ears. Even, in their bubbling states, had the girls wished to disentangle themselves, they would not have time to do so.

    The first part of the vision that met Easton's eyes was the delectable rump of his daughter's bottom, her legs, and Kate's legs. With the full opening of the door a little howl of despair came from both girls, but one too late to save them.

    Striding forward rapidly, Easton encircled Ethel's slim waist with one strong arm and lifted her all but clear of Kate. The upper part of Ethel's shapely form then flopped downwards so that her mouth came in contact again with Kate's while the broad palm of her father's hand came into much more decided and very stinging contact with Ethel's bare nether cheeks.

    'NO-WOH-WOH-WOH!' Ethel sobbed, for no sooner had Easton's hand bounced off from her pert apple than it descended again to draw a deeper shade of pink to the lustrous surface of her tightly-cleft bum.

    Never having indulged in such a thing before, Easton began positively to enjoy it. Ethel's bottom felt warm, rubbery, silky and deliciously bouncy all at once. Such deep stinging as he conveyed through her pert posterior made itself felt in less measure, but agreeably, in his palm, so he spanked her yet again, this time bringing a quite peculiar, howling moan from Ethel who had in any event been on the point of coming.

    'NOOOOO!' she gasped into Kate's would-be evasive mouth. Ethel's toes, scrabbling on the twisted sheet behind her, curled as an explosive delight made itself felt within her cunny and around her little erect clitoris. Such a fine and continuous spray did she issue, in fact, that Kate distinctly felt its warm rain on her tummy. Indeed, even Easton sensed there was something 'amiss', for his newly-raised hand failed to descend again while a soft and seductive mewing sound issued from Ethel who, released, slumped on Kate and then rolled hastily away, finding herself on the opposite side of the bed to that where her peignoir lay coiled on the carpet.

    'Go to your room, Ethel!' thundered Easton who, in the process of the quick, bottom-spanking moments, had found that his virility had returned in full, and with astonishing speed.

    Coyly endeavouring to cover both her bobbing titties and her cunny, Ethel got off the bed bent double, besieged as she was by the dual sensations at front and back. A single touch of a finger at her button would make her come again; she knew that. Skipping awkwardly round the end of the bed, she picked up her peignoir under Easton's eyes and grabbed it up before her, her nipples quivering pinky-brown on the jiggling gourds of her titties.

    'P… P… Papa!' she stammered.

    'I said… ' Easton gulped and stopped, aware that Ethel's eyes had dropped for a moment to a certain prominent part of his person, concealed though it was.-'I said, go to your room. I will attend on you later', he uttered, gathering himself.

    'Yes, Papa'.

    Kate had meanwhile grabbed up the tangled bedclothes and covered herself in part at least. With the closing of the door behind Ethel, Easton turned to her, fingering his beard and smiling unctuously.

    'I regret the incident, my dear. Ethel is sportive. You understand the term?' he asked, aware of the ludicrousness of the question to such a girl.

    'No, sir, I don't. Sir, I got to go home now, and thanking you… ' Kate began, only to be silenced by a magisterial raising of his hand.

    'Would you rather not stay, Kate, and be inducted into the household-become a paid companion to the wayward Ethel, perhaps? See now, give me your address. Have you parents, a family-yes? Splendid. I will have a message sent to them instantly by carriage-nay, a horse rider- that you have taken up a position here. I shall, of course, accompany the message with several sovereigns', added Easton cunningly, being well aware that to a girl of Kate's station even five shillings was a fortune.

    'Several s… s… s…?' stammered Kate who hugged the upper sheet to her nicely-rounded breasts.

    'But of course, my dear, and you may later send money home if you wish'.

    'But I never… ' began Kate, who had little idea in fact as to how she might be going to finish the sentence.

    'Oh, you will, you will', Easton replied truthfully and smoothly, whereat Letitia's voice was heard calling him, conveying with it a strain of irritation that he felt it best not to ignore.-'Coming, my dear! Kate, you may rest or you may rise, attire yourself in your new clothes and take tea. Be certain that before you have done the last, a horse rider will be on his way to-er-number five, Saddler's Alley, Spitalfields. Is that right?'

    'Sir, yes sir, but… '

    'Good girl. We may see you downstairs soon perhaps?'

    And with that Easton emerged, not without a mite of trepidation, to find his wife glaring at him.

    'Have you seen Ethel? Her bottom is all red. Come!' she said.

    It was typical of the oddities of their relationship that she could take charge on such a paltry matter, Easton thought with despair. Uttering a gruff 'What?', he followed her along the corridor where throwing open the door of Ethel's room, their daughter was to be seen sitting with the peignoir still clutched before her, wriggling her bottom and biting her lip simultaneously.

    'I t… t… told you, Mama, I fell over and bumped my bottom', Ethel choked.

    'Ah, THAT was the sound I heard, dammit. Really, Ethel, you are becoming a most careless girl', intervened Easton swiftly, while Letitia squinted at both, saying, 'I really do not know what is to do'.

    'Have Mary fetch some pomade or something, dear', said Easton.

    'Oh very well, but I must say that it seems ODD to me. A bump indeed-and why is Bella not up?' Letitia asked, making her exit to the profound relief of Easton at least who then advanced upon Ethel saying softly (albeit also a little quizzically), 'You are a very naughty girl, Ethel'.

    'Yes, Papa. I'm sorry, Papa. My bottom stings still', she added in a doleful whisper.

    'And shall again, perhaps, but even so…' Easton rather muttered, being uncomfortably aware that they were now conspirators in a sense and that Ethel was still noticing that which Letitia, in her momentary excitement, had failed for once to see.-'You should dress', he said sharply, as though to cover his embarrassment and rather wishing that he had not removed his jacket long before.

    'Yes, Papa', answered Ethel dutifully, and added, 'And…'

    'Yes, what?' Easton asked. He wanted to turn away, but to do so would indicate that he was thoroughly conscious of his aroused state which was tenting out his trousers like the deuce.

    “Th… thank you for not telling Mama', Ethel blurted, at which point she appeared to stumble and fell quite against him while her previously-clutched peignoir floated to the floor.

    'Ah!' uttered who had certain reservations about Ethel which were entirely due-or had been-to her too-ready tongue. Unconsciously his hands sought and clasped the pert rear cheeks which quivered hotly to his touch, and thereat Ethel gazed up at him shyly. Her lips were parted. Pearly-white teeth showed and, between them, the pink tip of her tongue. For a delirious moment, Easton felt his hardened stem pulsing against her belly.

    'Mary is bringing the pomade', he uttered hastily and loosed himself, turning away awkwardly with the outward thrusting of his erection against the straining cloth of his trousers.

    'Yes, Papa', said Ethel, who was trembling deliciously.

    She didn't want Mary to bring her anything. She wanted to lie down and finger her spot and remember all that had happened, even though it DID make her bottom sting. But her bottom was all warm and throbbing now, and it felt nice…


    A Stately English Mansion


    We shall, with the reader's assent, pass over the next few days during which Kate endeavoured with great wonderment to try and adjust herself to this magical transportation into an entirely new life.

    She fretted much at first about her parents and her siblings, and with Mr. Sherwood's kind permission wrote them a note wherein she was tempted to say that she would be back soon. But much as she endeavoured to put in those words so even her generous heart drew back from such a promise. Nor could she say that she would 'visit' them soon, for that would have sounded too grand, and so she contented herself with simple words.

    Easton, for his part, was both delighted and surprised to discover that Kate could write. In his experience, so many girls of her class were illiterate. Being much praised for her missive-of which, of course, Easton noted only the address on the folded and sealed paper-Kate explained to him that she had worked on Friday nights for a Jewish couple whose religious laws did not allow them to do so much as light their fire or set their lamps. Being a kindhearted and caring pair, they had taken much trouble to teach her to spell, in addition to giving her fourpence for her pains, and for the lessons rather than the money Kate was ever grateful.

    “There are kind people in the world. I trust I may be able to introduce you to many', Easton said upon her recital. He enfolded his arm about her waist as he spoke and, moving his hand cautiously upwards, fondled one of her firm titties, which Kate felt she could scarce refuse him. The sensation was pleasant, for her nipples proved immediately responsive, though she was doubtful that Mr. Sherwood should do such a thing.

    At the same time, however, she was conscious of the generosity that was being lavished upon her. Already she had three dresses, which Ethel had worn only once, much frilly underwear, two pairs of boots and one of shoes, and six pairs of fine stockings. Besides that, her wages as 'companion to Ethel' were to be a whole five sovereigns a week- an immense fortune to Kate, and most of which she resolved to save. Cook-being kind to her (and having knowing suspicions of Mr. Sherwood's true intent)-had given her a patterned tin with a lid on in which to keep her money, advising her not to keep it under her bed, where a maid would look, but 'behind the wardrobe, my girl, and that's a good place, for those lazy gels don't dust there'.

    For his part, Easton had not attempted Kate as yet beyond rather furtively caressing her breasts and her noble young bottom when held so much promise of resilient bliss, and that through her attire. There was also the point that Letitia was watchful in such matters, there being an unspoken rule between them that any new girl who might help to advance Easton's financial interests might be broken in-but only once by Easton himself.

    Such will seem curious to many, but upon thought being given to the matter it will be appreciated that, on Letitia's side, she had no intention of allowing her husband to have a regular harem. Or, at least, not within the purlieus of her own abode. At the same time, he sent her to Johnson whenever he wished, seeing such as her recompense for his own adventures.

    As may have been surmised by the thoughtful peruser of this account, Letitia herself was a comely woman who was finely balanced between that which she conceived as 'propriety' and that into which she could be stirred by lascivious thoughts and actions. In this respect, her mind was akin to a seesaw which sometimes came to rest level and at other times swung up or down in favour of amourous pursuits.

    In respect of the latter, she was always finally dutiful to Easton, the which he much appreciated. The role of Miss Martin was understood but never directly discussed between them. Easton well suspected that Letitia's breasts and thighs had met Miss Martin's several times in his absence, for he had secretively slipped into both their rooms upon his return and found one or other of the lower sheets of the bed ruffled, though the upper bedclothes had been neatly restored.

    As to the part that Johnson played in their strange affairs, Easton said nothing of it directly until Kate had written her note and was, as he deemed, settled. Lying abed with Letitia, who had hopefully removed her nightgown, he caressed her suavely and very slowly in the manner she most liked, sucking upon her nipples and toying lightly amid the rolled lips of her cunny.

    'Has he a big cock?' Easton asked, having motives other than Letitia imagined.

    'Who?' she asked dreamily and evasively, for her promise to 'tell him' several days before had, as ever, evaporated.

    'A long thick juicy one', said Easton in words that he knew would excite her.

    'I know not of whom you speak', Letitia averred while sleeking her tongue into his mouth and caressing his extended penis. Her large breasts rolled against his own bared chest, making her nipples bum to his skin.-'Oh, it is naughty-you let him do it to me', she murmured in a contradiction of excitement.

    'You needs be furrowed thoroughly, my sweet, just as you were… '

    He was about to refer to her wedding day, as both knew, but at that (and much as Easton had hoped), the creaking of a floorboard was heard beyond, whereat he disengaged himself from the beginnings of what Letitia had hoped would be a torrid embrace, and sat up.

    'By jove, that was Kate's door wherein someone just entered', he said, for the sound had been followed by another which indeed suggested such.

    'Dearest, lie down again with me. No doubt it is Miss Martin, assuring herself that Kate is asleep', Letitia said, pulling upon his arm.

    'Or Bella, perhaps', replied Easton with some daring, for he had long wished to inject such a remark into their conversations.

    'Bella? Oh, then if it is, it is but to cuddle Kate, I expect', urged Letitia who of deliberation veiled some things from herself.

    'A cuddle between naked girls, my dear?' Easton asked, casting himself again upon her palpitating, eager form so that his extended penis thrummed merrily on her soft belly.

    'Yeh-ess', whispered Letitia who, in the thrall of the moment and the silence of the night, would not-as Easton well knew-remain entirely unexcited by such a thought.

    'Do you think they kiss with tongues while they cuddle?'

    'Easton, dear do not. How improper! Oh, put it in! I expect they but murmur, whisper as girls do. You must not say such things of… OOOH!'

    Easton had inserted his knob between the puffy lips of Letitia's quim at that moment, causing her to draw both her legs up in desire in order to allow him a more easy and luscious entry into the spongy depths of her honeypot. Indeed, the pulsing weapon slewed smoothly within her welcoming channel and rammed itself to the full the while that Easton pressed upon her shoulders and so held her otherwise immobile in a posture of submission that Letitia thoroughly enjoyed unless-as on some occasions-she played St George and rode up and down upon his prick while he lay supine.

    'Be still, woman, and be quiet', hissed Easton in a tone of voice which he knew she would obey, for in marking all women as desirous of being thoroughly submissive at times, Easton was perfectly correct. If not all, then there are few who do not at times enjoy such a game, and play the fretful and awed girl that once they were when put to cock.

    Letitia wanted to ask 'What?', but remained dutifully mute. His prick was unmoving in her, and she moved her heavy buttocks hopefully, but still Easton did not stir.

    'I must see what is to do', he muttered and to her utmost dismay drew out his already wettened penis from her desiring slot so that Letitia uttered a wailing, 'Oh no!'

    'Be still and wait, my pet', responded Easton who was happily aware now that with that teasing entry of his tool, Letitia would commence to toy with herself for sufficiently long to allow him a reasonable absence. She would not rise from the bed in apprehension of what she might see. Such was a little quirk of Letitia's nature that he relied upon. Stirring from the bed and casting on his nightgown, to further and much muted pleading from Letitia, he waved at her dim form disarmingly and slipped out of the room, closing the door firmly behind him.

    In the dim light, all the perceivable bedroom doors were closed and hence he could not be certain whether he would encounter Bella or Miss Martin in Kate's room. The former would be preferable, but she might squeal rather loudly and alarm Kate, to wit, which was what he did not want. The latter-ah-was different. At the worst she would be cool and quiet.

    Devious is as devious does, and in the few days since Kate had arrived, Easton had purposefully oiled the knob, the hinges and the lock of her door, as might be said-en passant-that he had with Bella's and Ethel's door, the last-named's being one of afterthought following the unexpectedly enervating spanking she had received.

    Thus he was enabled to enter Kate's room soundlessly, his bare feet creating no disturbance upon the carpet. The occupants of the bed were even more busy than on his previous, memorable entry, and from his rapid observation, Kate appeared to more advanced than on that recent occasion, for Miss Martin-delectably naked-was upon her in that position which French people refer to as 'soixante-neuf', or sixty-nine. Her face was buried deep between Kate's thighs while the latter, in equal measure, was receiving the creamy squirming of Miss Martin's honeypot over her mouth.

    As soundlessly as he had entered, but realising that each second counted lest there was to be an uproar such as Letitia might not appreciate, Easton glided around to the end of the double bed and, raising his nightgown (which he had donned only for the sake of seeming propriety in front of his wife), rose smoothly upon the bed behind Kate's head and presented his ready corker to the well-poised bottom of Miss Martin.

    In a trice, indeed, he parted the noble cheeks of her flawless derriere and offered up his knob to her rimmed nether bole. A muffled gasp escaped her at the lewd contact, but Easton offered her no time to decide upon the matter. A 'GLOB!' of surprise came from Kate who had felt the increased weight on the bed and, by rolling her eyes backwards, could just perceive two trunklike thighs, the dim stem of a swollen penis, and the balls which hung weightily beneath. In the same moment, Easton clamped his left hand upon the nape of Miss Martin's neck and ringed his arm beneath her waist.

    A thin, muffled squeal escaped Miss Martin, but no more than that. Despite her latter-day sojourns on the Isle of Lesbos, it was not the first time that her luscious derriere had been put to the cock, though the last occasion had been more than twelve years ago.

    After having had her bottom well worked in the quiet confines of a Vicarage during her girlhood, she had vowed never again to receive the 'ruderies' of the male and had absconded, thus leaving the Rev Richard Martin considerably distressed that he could no longer exercise her.

    Even so, Miss Martin knew from the extremely impressionable entry of her employer's penis in her cosy anus that there was no help for the situation. By the time she had gathered what wits she had left-and in the warm delirium of sprinkling Kate's lips with her divine effusion-Easton had embedded sufficient of his cock to maintain her stillness. Moreover, being an intuitive woman, she sensed that which Easton himself had given much thought to, which is to say, that Kate were best inducted by the closest possible vision of the pumping of another female. To holler out at such a moment might mean her dismissal, if not by Easton then Letitia-though in the latter's case for quite other reasons.

    Truth to tell, Miss Martin also 'suffered' a certain pleasure at the renewal of a fleshy cork in her bottom, and in particular as she was experiencing that which she had certainly not enjoyed in the Vicarage long years before-and this being, of course, the simultaneous lapping of her lovemouth by another attractive female into whose own sticky bush Miss Martin's mouth was buried.

    Hence, while the slow realisation came to Kate of where Mr. Sherwood's penis was burying itself, Miss Martin's quim ground even more insistently on her cream-flecked mouth, thus smothering her and keeping her suitably quiet.

    With some three inches of stout prick already invading her rimmed hole, Miss Martin dipped her back more, as she had originally been taught to do, and thus presented a perfect 'ball' of a bottom to Easton's endeavours, her pubic curls rubbing all over Kate's nose.

    Easton breathed out a cautious but satisfied 'AH!' as he remorselessly and yet not without delicatesse entered his penis fully into the tightly-enclosing channel, whereat Kate naturally felt his balls swinging against her forehead. For a moment indeed-netted by astonishment as she was-her tongue ceased to provide that which Miss Martin most desired.

    'Oh, Kate, please-yes!' grimaced Miss Martin whose long-unattended bottom was only just adjusting itself to being so powerfully cleft. Her hips moved fretfully, but Easton-being fully sheathed-kept her so in a rapture of disbelief on his part that he had attained a desired goal. For the rest, however (and one must remark on that gentleman's skill and tact in such a moment), he remained quiet, relying upon Miss Martin to provide the chorus. Indeed, he gave his embedded prick a little jerk as though to encourage her to do so, which hint she by instinct received. Her face slipped upwards a little from between Kate's lax, open thighs, and a moan escaped her. Had it been dissembled-had it been analysed and explained, as it were-one would have had cause to think that it arose in part from pleasure and in equal part from her resentment of that pleasure. That it was a soft cry, and one that outwardly betokened desire, pleased Easton who thereupon commenced working his stout pestle back and forth between her warm, sumptuous cheeks.

    Dearly he wished to cry out 'Yes!', but it was for his voluptuous victim to play that part and thus impress upon Kate that naught but ecstasy obtained.

    'Oh Kate, your tongue, too!' murmured Miss Martin then in perfect response to Easton's silent wishes. The 'too' was quite perfect, indicating that all three were, or should be, in amourous unison, Easton told himself happily.

    'PMFFFF!' Kate spluttered for Miss Martin's lovelips were again grinding her parted lips as purposefully as were the lady's seemingly ardent cheeks into Easton's belly. At each thrust her bottom smacked hard into him, so that Kate could be no other than aware that the lady was receiving a pleasurable due in that region of her shapely form.

    'MMMPF!' groaned Easton in soft echoing of Kate's little explosion of breath, thereby underlining, as he hoped, the pleasure that all three were receiving.

    'HO! HOOO! Oh YES!' Miss Martin sobbed. Her rear passage had already eased and-again to her faint annoyance-she was enjoying that which she had once persuaded herself that she thought of as a penance, or more primly (given her then youthful years) a worldly sin. Her cunnylips were also now moving suavely back and forth over Kate's mouth and nose, and the sensation was undoubtedly delightful. Squeezing up her eyes and uttering little animal moans, Miss Martin sprayed Kate anew while-by re-using her own agile tongue-she caused the girl to quiver in ecstasy.

    SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Miss Martin's round bottom sounded against Easton's hard belly, his cock slewing tightly in and out with the firmest of pumping actions that made her very toes tingle. Becoming possessed despite all her previous feelings about such matters, Miss Martin again raised the upper part of her body, but this time more so, straightening her arms until she was perfectly on all fours.

    'Both of you together! HAAAAR-YES!' she gasped, thereby vocally making Kate even mote of an accomplice in the triple act.

    'What delirium-what joys! Kate, dear, lick my balls!' croaked Easton who could no longer maintain his silence. Squirming back a little until her face emerged more from beneath Miss Martin's hips, Kate blindly obeyed. With each inward stroke his testicles swung like two round pendulums, but the occasional reaching of her tongue was exquisite.

    'OOOH! Come, you brute-come in me!' moaned Miss Martin who regretted the frank outburst, but could no more hold her tongue man could Easton. Nor could he any longer delay the moment of supreme pleasure.

    'You divine bitch!' he groaned. Miss Martin jerked forward at that moment, leaving his prick but half encased in her clenching grip, for in that wise she knew she would feel the first energetic spouts more strongly, the which she did. Having expelled them, Easton pressed in more tightly, causing her smooth round bum to rotate pleasurably into his stomach while he continued jetting out his effusion.

    'Ah, you have come!' Miss Martin gritted as if in wonder.

    'Right up your bottom, my love', rejoiced Easton with that unnecessary expression of the obvious such as rutting males are wont to produce-and, hearing all, Kate could not but feel that she herself had been bereft of the greater pleasure, astounding as the lewd act was to her. A few moments of agonised pleasure then passed as the interlocked pair remained still, savouring the exquisite tinglings and itchings of the aftermath. Then, not without regret, Easton withdrew his long cork and sank back upon his heels with a sigh.

    There was much he wanted to say to Miss Martin in that moment, but a momentary exhaustion combined with a certain caution as to Kate's part in the little orgy-not to say also the silent and waiting presence along the corridor of Letitia-caused him to grope his way off the end of the bed and to retire with a fond if incomprehensible murmur to each.

    As the bedroom door again closed, Miss Martin rolled off of Kate and lay upon her back with one arm thrown across her arms. Kate, too, lay still, for she had no idea of what she might be supposed to say. Lying reversed to one another as they were, Miss Martin's hand sought and clasped Kate's.

    'That was divine, dear-thank you', she murmured, though it was not really Kate to whom her words were directed.

    Happily, of course, for Kate, she thought otherwise and hence squeezed Miss Martin's hand in some wonderment.


    A Stately English Mansion


    If Miss Martin had undergone a transformation of sorts, so too had Letitia. Easton's murmured apologies, on rejoining her in bed, that he had dismissed Miss Martin from Kate's room and then availed himself of a drink neither persuaded her of their truth nor amused her. Contrariwise, she had toyed with herself to such effect in his absence that she had come several times and was exhausted. Hence, to Easton's relief, she pretended to be asleep, leaving him time to mull over the pleasures of Miss Martin's complete and surprising submission to his will.

    What a bum, what flexible hips, what voluptuous expertise, he told himself smugly, being convinced that he was solely responsible for the arousal of her desires and having really no idea that the lady had but been reviving old memories in a pleasurable atmosphere.

    Much silent pondering thus occurred upon the awakening of the household the next morning, and indeed to a point wherein an atmosphere of caution appeared to hold sway, ripe with promise as it seemed to Easton. Several times he endeavoured with almost comical, silent gestures to induce Miss Martin into his study, but to his profound annoyance she appeared to be absentmindedly unaware of his presence, or else looked through him as if her mind were on other things.

    At this, Easton's frustration took an edge. Letitia herself seemed not so much distant as vague which both mollified but disturbed him, for she failed to ask him what had passed the night before in Kate's room. Outwardly, she gave no signs of suspicion about the latter, though she and Miss Martin appeared guarded in each other's presence.

    In part, it must be said, all this was due to the seemingly sweet innocence of Kate to whom Letitia had much taken. Once the mind is disturbed by certain things, it will fasten with equal irritation on others-this being often enough referred to in certain quarters as 'kicking the cat'. Thus while Letitia was resentful of her husband's failure to pleasure her, her silent wrath turned equally on Miss Martin whom she saw as a prime mover in all. Irritation, too, with herself at the submissive part she played in the many wickednesses of Easton's plans vis-a-vis young girls, had a great part in her mood that day. On the other hand, and as if in recompense, she lavished a quiet affection upon Kate and had begun to resolve that Easton would not mount the girl as he obviously intended to.

    Such is the web of thought that certain incidents can weave. As she saw it, Letitia had been abandoned in her bed for another even though she had gone willingly to Johnson at her husband's behest. Combined with all such were Letitia's thoughts about Miss Martin, a beautiful and curious creature who in the two years of her being domiciled with them as governess had caused Letitia to feel a strange combination of fear and desire.

    It was true, as Easton had suspected, that Letitia had put herself thrice to Miss Martin's tongue and each time on an occasion when Mary had been assisting Letitia to change her attire.

    'I will see to the Mistress', Miss Martin had said, by which time Letitia's charms were covered by no more than a brief corsellette. Letitia had never submitted her cunny to another woman's tongue before, but Miss Martin had persuaded her to do so very skillfully and gently.

    'What a lovely woman you are. You are wasted on him', Miss Martin had said, her fingertips floating sensuously around Letitia's jutting, naked bottom.

    'Really, you should not say such', Letitia had expostulated, though feeling a little faint with desire at the flirting caresses she also received under her cunny, and the which were infinitely more sensuous and arousing than those she had received from males. Indeed, so excited had Letitia become that she had cried a little and mewed and wriggled while Miss Martin's spidery fingers had continued arousing her and her soft voice had murmured many wicked things in her ears.

    'Only your divine bottom should be surrendered to the male. Your pouting cunt, sweetly nestling as it does amid such alluring thicket of curls, should be for the attention only of the female tongue. Let me show you. Stand against the wall with your legs straight and apart that I may adore you. Hush, do not make a sound lest Mary hears'.

    'I do not want to!' Letitia had whimpered helplessly, but the fervent caresses, the sucking of Miss Martin's lips upon her extended nipples, had rendered her as weak as a doll.

    'What a lovely desirable young girl you must have been. How often were you fucked? Oh that I had only known you then and made you my own', Miss Martin had murmured in romantic vein while passing her hands up beneath Letitia's armpits and manoeuvring her flat against the wall, slapping her thighs to make her open them the while that Letitia whimpered fretfully.

    With voluptuous eccentricity, Miss Martin had then dropped to her knees so that the tip of her nose brushed and tickled Letitia's bare belly. While Letitia quivered, bit her lip and blushed much as a girl would have done, she had been made to place her palms flat against the wall and to rise up on tiptoe, thus allowing Miss Martin's luring, warm wet tongue to assail the rolled lips of her quim.

    Legs trembling, Letitia had several times tried to rest down upon her heels, but each time had been 'reprimanded' and told sharply, 'No!' With many gurglings of wonder and delight, Letitia-ever straining up and endeavouring to hold her legs stiff-had finally sprinkled again and again her salty, creamy effusions over the younger woman's steadily-lapping tongue until in the end she had staggered across to the bed and flung herself weakly upon it, hearing die voice of Miss Martin saying, 'I will attend to you shortly again'.

    On many occasions thereafter, Letitia had seen to the locking of her door whenever she was dressing, and had warned Bella to do such each night, deeming Ethel too young for such adventures.

    Beneath all this strange jigsaw of events were the 'favours' that Easton received for his introduction of attractive young maidens to certain of his acquaintances-and theirs in turn-these often taking the form of rather special birthday and seasonal gifts. It being deemed imprudent and even dashed ungentlemanly for money to pass, such donations frequently came in the form of cases of rare wines, a good steed, the refurbishing of carriages and such. Even, on one occasion, a small carriage of which Letitia-as with some other 'gifts'-had taken possession.

    Thus she had become-sometimes a little ruefully-a benefactor of Easton's 'amusements', as he was sometimes wont to call them. Disarmingly, he was also able to point to the fact that no young lady who had come under his benefactory attentions had ever suffered thereby, and that all had ended up better off than they would ever otherwise have been.

    Had Letitia stopped to analyse that matter in respect of Kate, she would probably have come to the same conclusion in her case. Resentfulness was, however, uppermost in her, and so in the ensuing hours she took Kate under her wing and tried to keep her to herself, even endeavouring tactfully to improve the sweet girl's diction.

    'Oh, really, m'am, you shouldn't bovver', Kate said several times when little things were done for her.

    'You mean bother, don't you, Kate', Letitia said gently, and at one such point Miss Martin had entered the drawing room and remarked, 'How prettily Miss Kate's lips come forward and pout when she says bovver.

    'Really, Miss Martin, we are talking', Letitia had reproved her sharply, and to her great satisfaction, so that the governess shrugged, tossed her head a little and went out, not being undisturbed herself after what had passed the night before and being in that curious state in which she wished to take vengeance on someone insofar as she had been pleasured rather against her firm intentions, but pleasured she had been.

    In such a mood, it had been on the tip of her tongue to say something very lightly suggestive about Kate to Letitia, in order perhaps that she might stir something up-such being the curious wendings of the female mind. Thwarted in that by Letitia's curt dismissal of her, Miss Martin made her way ruefully upstairs where, hearing voices from within Easton's study, she paused and listened.

    Ethel it was who had entered that abode to ask her Papa if she might have a few sheets of paper on which to draw. Her faint breathlessness upon expressing the request was such as persuaded Easton that it was not perhaps her sole mission. Bella had gone out riding that morning with a neighbouring young couple whose intentions Easton suspected, though rather from instinct man on any factual grounds. They were 'smooth', he thought resentfully and not without a tinge of jealousy lest Bella first surrender her plump cunny to a throbber other than his own.

    Thus he felt at first a trifle annoyed at the innocent intrusion of Ethel upon his thoughts, despite the fact that the innocence had already been frayed, to say the least.

    'Come here, Ether, said he in a gruff tone to hide his rather mixed emotions. As she edged towards him around his desk, he took her warm hand and drew her to his side while Ethel gazed coyly down at the carpet.-'Does your bottom still sting?' he asked.

    'A little bit, yes, Papa', replied Ethel who was wont to put on a babyish voice when questioned in such quiet surroundings as they momentarily had.

    'Here?' asked Easton who-utterly without thought, it must be said-then passed his free hand up beneath her skirts to fondle her pretty legs which that morning were sheathed in patterned grey stockings.

    'S… s… sort of, stammered Ethel who wriggled as his hand rose higher to explore the emergent, creamy skin above her stocking tops. A mutinous little movement of her slim form was prevented by the clutching of his larger hand around her own.

    'Or higher?' asked Easton with something of a quiver in his voice as his fingers then attained to the apple-round bottom which was very lightly attired in a pair of cotton drawers.

    'Mmmm… ' Ethel murmured and bit her lip with suppressed excitement the while that his palm passed caressingly around her pert globe. The loops of her skirts lay then upon his forearm and Easton gazed fondly down behind her at the twin columns of her revealed thighs and shapely calves.

    'You realise that I may have to spank you again?' asked Easton somewhat throatily. His hand passed under Ethel's proud young derriere, bring a small squeak from her. Through the cotton, the lustrous, creamy-smooth skin yielded itself not unwillingly to the cupping of his palm and-as it seemed to Easton-even furtively pressed into it.

    'Yeth', Ethel lisped, though she could hardly breathe. The fingers that assailed her tugged speculatively at the ties of her drawers which began to sag.

    “Perhaps even now-for your naughtiness', croaked Easton who by a sly and persuasive turn of his wrist had groped inside the back of her knickers, causing them to descend until, by lifting her skirts more at the rear, he could see the tight cleft between her chubby nether cheeks.

    Ethel's pretty face was more deeply flushed now. Her lips parted prettily. She knew it was very naughty and that it was awful to be spanked. But afterwards when her bottom was all hot and throbbing it had felt nice and she had wanted to be kissed and cuddled and have her glowing orb held. Bella was naughty. She knew Bella was naughty. His forefinger was gently tickling her right between her closely rolled bottom cheeks and it was hard to keep still.

    'Well, Ethel? I have to warm you first for your spanking, do I not?' Easton was asking. His fingertip moved further inwards, bringing another thin squeak from her.

    'Yeh-ess, Papa', assented Ethel breathlessly. Her bottom then moved impulsively to the insidious caress, for she could not help herself. Her hand released at last, she felt his own free one smooth up the silky insides of her thighs, persuading them apart as far as die confines of her half-fallen drawers would allow. Rushed and trembling with expectancy, Ethel stared blindly at the door on the outside handle of which, unknown to both, Miss Martin had quietly put her hand.

    'DOOO-WOOOH!' Ethel blurted, for while one fingertip pressed suggestively at the brown-rimmed aperture between her bottom cheeks, so another lightly brushed upwards to her equally tight cunnylips where a dew of moisture conveyed itself to his touch.

    'Your disciplinary periods, Ethel, will henceforth be regular. I shall require you to remove your knickers and your dress and to bend… ' Easton had begun to say with such quivering solemnity as he could gather when the doorhandle turned.

    Not unnaturally, it was the very one that Easton had not oiled, for he needed warnings of invasions. Thus, as the first squeak of its slow turning sounded, a veritable flurrying of activities occurred.

    'OOOH-WER!' gasped Ethel who bent and pulled her drawers up faster than she had ever done in her young life, while Easton haplessly swivelled round to his desk and had just managed to snatch up a pen when Miss Martin entered.

    'I wish to speak to you, Ethel. You have not yet begun your readings in English literature', she announced stiffly, awarding no look whatever to Easton who was much thankful for that fact.

    'Oh yes!' Ethel uttered as if she had just remembered the selfsame thing. Aware that her drawers were about to fall again if she were not careful, she made her way with ludicrous awkwardness forward and preceded Miss Martin out, the door then closing, and Easton swearing silently that he would forever after follow the example of Bella and lock his door. Besides, his prick was throbbing like the devil, as little-or so he told himself-as he had anticipated such events.

    'We will go into Bella's room. We shall not be disturbed there', Miss Martin was saying firmly to Ethel whom she ushered briskly along the passageway.

    'Oh!' Ethel said and clutched surreptitiously at her drawers through her dress which fortunately for her was thin enough for such to be done.

    Once inside, while Ethel stood in some quivering frustration herself, Miss Martin turned the key and guided the errant young lady to the bed where Ethel thankfully sat upon her creased-up knickers.

    'Are you being naughty, Ethel?' Miss Martin asked softly, placing one arm around the girl's shoulders.

    'Oh no! No, really, Miss Martin, I… GLMMMMPH!' choked Ethel who was thereupon swiftly borne down upon her back, leaving her legs dangling over the side of die bed.

    'But almost naughty, have you not?' Miss Martin purred, running her little finger along Ethel's lower lip while Ethel lay bemused.-'Are your drawers undone?' Miss Martin then asked. Before Ethel could reply she had swooped her left hand beneath her skirts and found the crumpling that she knew she would find. So much so, in fact, that the waistband had by then again looped itself below the sweet Venus mound that swiftly became a readily-moist prey to Miss Martin's fingers.

    'Oho, you mustn't!' sobbed Ethel, though not without a somewhat eager break in her voice.

    'Shush now! You are going to tell me, Ethel, just how naughty you have been, are you not?' came Miss Martin's cooing tones and, therewith, a lascivious movement of her fingertip circling around Ethel's perky spot.

    'DOOO-DOOO-DOOO!' Ethel stuttered just as she had been doing moments before in the study.

    'And you will tell me everydu'ng, darling, won't you- right from die beginning, eh?' Miss Martin urged. Her wrist, being even more supple than Easton's, and Ethel's legs being usefully slumped, that undoubtedly busy part of her underwear was quickly strung around her ankles the while that Miss Martin's seductive tongue lured a path between Ethel's half-open lips.-'Have you been spanked, Ethel?' asked Miss Martin who had in fact gathered that tidbit of information from Kate the night before.

    'BLUB!' choked Ethel who was by then being tickled and tongued with a vengeance.

    'You have, have you not? Come, you may tell me, for I shall tell no one else', Miss Martin uttered throatily amid the moistest of kisses on Ethel's lax mouth.

    'Yeth!' Ethel responded helplessly. Her hips bucked and she knew she was going to come now. All that lovely creamy-tingling feeling had started before Miss Martin had interrupted and her cunny was bubbling with desire.

    'And just now? Tell me exactly what that naughty man was doing, Ethel. Come on now. You will tell me, won't you?'

    'GOOO-GOOO!' uttered Ethel who parted her legs as much as the binding of her drawers around her ankles would allow. Indeed, perceiving her eagerness and that she was on the point of a blissful explosion, Miss Martin slid down and rapidly removed them completely before casting herself half upon the delirious girl again, raising her own skirts in the process so that her stockinged thighs rubbed sensuously against Ethel's. At that, Ethel's teeth chattered and her fingernails dug deeply into the woman's arms. Her back arched, a little shrill cry of pleasure escaped her, and then her salty dew inundated Miss Martin's urging finger before she slumped again and turned her flushed face dreamily to one side, there to have her velvety cheek assailed by more kisses.

    'Now you will tell me, won't you, while I make you come again, darling', Miss Martin breathed. For a solemn moment a silence reigned and then Ethel's lips parted stickily.

    'He… he took my d… d… drawers down', she whispered as though it were a way of praising herself.

    'Yes, Ethel-go on', urged Miss Martin, bringing the girl's yielding mouth once more under the butterfly touches of her own. Her seeking finger below purred a path again between Ethel's sultry lovelips and the girl moaned and clutched at her, words pouring less hesitantly from her, just as Miss Martin knew they would.


    A Stately English Mansion


    While the mind of Easton turned upon his pleasures and his frustrations-not to say also the irritating (though timely) interruption he had suffered from Miss Martin, the latter was continuing to make the most of her position in the household.

    For the post of a governess comes close to that of being a companion, which is to say that in a kindly household, both are above the station of a servant and yet still a measurable margin below that of their employers with whom, however, they may enjoy a greater intimacy of mind occasionally, if not also of body.

    Having long inveigled herself into both realms, Miss Martin now sought opportunities to enlarge upon them, and found therein a seemingly unlikely ally in Johnson whom she knew was not so much attracted to her as that he liked to bury his doughty penis in whatever part of a female anatomy came his way.

    That evening then found her in his room, much to his flustered surprise for, as much as he yearned for it, he had had until then little opportunity to engage himself with her closely.

    'You could do with a better room than this, Johnson', she began beguilingly, casting a somewhat supercilious glance around the various articles of once-discarded furniture while raising her skirts slightly so that he might at least take a view of her trim ankles.

    'That I could, Miss. A bit more comfort would please me no end, but I see no way to it.'

    'Oh, there are ways', she replied vaguely, and then- putting on a tone of voice best described as schoolmistressy (and which sometimes caused Easton himself to quail a little)-she went on, 'Pray do sit, Johnson, and I will accommodate myself on the arm of your chair'.

    “That I will, Miss. Settle your bottom close to me, will yer?' he asked with a hopeful leer.

    'Tut tut, do you address the Mistress so?' Miss Martin asked slyly while seating herself closer to him than she had ever been before so that her curving hip nudged his arm.

    “The Mistress?' asked Johnson in apparent surprise. He made to raise his nearest hand to place it on Miss Martin's thigh, but was immediately rebuffed.

    'Come, come Johnson, I am not such a fool as to be unaware that she visits this abode of yours occasionally. Once a week, is it, or more than once? No do NOT touch me or I shall make immediate claim that you have assaulted me, which would be to nobody's liking, as I feel sure you understand. Things must not be upset, must they? Where was I now?'

    'Asking of me about the Mistress was what you were a-doing', replied the manservant gruffly.

    'Indeed, I was, and if you behave in the manner I expect, I may pleasure you, too. In my own way, of course. Let your hands remain idle, or I shall otherwise scream and cause a perfect commotion', continued Miss Martin running her fingers over his trouser flap and then beginning to unfasten it while Johnson's face grew flushed with pleasure.

    'A st… st… strange one, you are, Miss', he groaned while nimble digits brought his weighty and half-limp penis to light. His hands moved and made to rise, but at a shaking of her head, which was accompanied by a quite severe look in her eyes, they fell once more. Therewith, too, a hiss of excitement came from his nostrils as the thick worm of flesh which lay upon her soothing palm commenced to grow beneath Miss Martin's eyes.

    'I may be or I may not. I dearly wish to see this mighty engine of yours erupt, Johnson, for then I shall know better what I yet know little of.

    'What… what's that, M… Miss', he gritted the while that her ever-moving, warm hand suavely persuaded his penis to double in length and girth, coaxed upright and eager as it then became.-'Gawd, I'd love to feel yer tits and yer bum', he groaned.

    'As you do the Mistress's? Come, answer, for I have told you otherwise that my cries will bring the house down'.

    'P'raps I does', her new conquest groaned, being once again unable to prevent himself from saying, 'Let's git my hand under yer arse at least'.

    'As you do hers?' Miss Martin insisted, rubbing his erection gently.

    'I… I… I… yes! Per gawd's sake don't tell anyone as what I said it, though', came from Johnson, working his buttocks back and forward while a purplish tinge of eagerness showed in his face.

    'It shall be our secret. Of that I assure you. My goodness, how it pulses! What a throbber you have!'

    'I begs you, Miss, just let me…”

    'NO, Johnson. Such is not my way. I am no loose woman, nor one to be put upon. And Miss Bella-do you see to her as well? Have her drawers come down for your corker just as the Mistress's do?'

    'N… n… not yet, Miss, but I 'as… '

    'Hopes? Be good, and they may yet be fulfilled. I have a certain influence with the young lady in question, though you may have to bide your time. Deliciously ripe she now is, do you not think? Do you not?' insisted Miss Martin whose free hand engaged itself strongly in his thick hair, causing his head to be forced back.

    'What a fair tease you are-I never knew the like of it', Johnson hissed.-'Go on, Miss, rub faster now and I'll come'.

    'You will come, Johnson, when I say so. Pray listen carefully. Miss Bella-whom I do promise you shall endow with this great prick of yours-has certain friends of whom I wish to know more. She went riding with them this morning and will do so again the day after tomorrow. You will follow her at such a distance as will be discreet. Disguise yourself if need be. I wish to know what occurs. There will be several sovereigns in it for you, Johnson, as well as the promise of her nest to sperm. Well?'

    'HAAAAR, Miss! Oh gawd, I can't 'old it back, Miss! Let go of me hair, do-it 'urts! Yes, if you say so, and keeps yer promise as I knows yer will'.

    'Come then, you brute! How do you have the Mistress, eh? On her back, on her belly, or bottom up?'

    'B…b…bottom… GAAAAW!' croaked Johnson. His legs thrust forward, stiffening. His thick lips showed their strains of lust. Snatching her hand away to a howl of despair from him, Miss Martin stood up and folded her arms, gazing down at him dispassionately while his thrumming tool spouted its gruelly, powerful jets, his hands clawing at the arms of the chair while his hips shuddered and soft moans mingled with sighs.

    Five considerable and powerful jets Miss Martin observed with satisfaction before the arcing of his sperm became weaker, reaching only several inches over the swollen, shiny crest before even they resolved into weaker bubblings. Delicately wiping her hands together as though in some wise they had been soiled by the disruption, Miss Martin then turned towards the door while Johnson hung his head back weakly.

    'You will do as I say and you will report to me. There are penalties and there are rewards. It is for you to choose, Johnson', Miss Martin said quietly.

    An assenting moan came from the manservant as he watched her retreat. The devil of it, no woman had ever got the better of him before. Even so, it was a real turnup, this, a bit of a lark and all. Thus, two days later-and upon the excuse to Letitia that he had to visit the doctor- Johnson took horse and secreted himself behind the barn where he was able to watch out for the arrival of Bella's newfound friends and the subsequent departure of the trio, he following well behind them across the fields.

    Of Bella's acquaintances, Caroline and Jonathan, it must be said that they-newlyweds this past three months- dwelt pro tern in the household of Caroline's mother, Edwina, and with results that the erstwhile innocent young husband had never counted upon. For Edwina had become a widow a year before, when Caroline was but twenty-two, and found her bed as lonely as any lively female might, as she had at first tactfully (and with a few theatrical tears) conveyed to her daughter.

    'I do not wish you to feel lonely, Mama. Jonathan and I will both be here to comfort you', Caroline had said.

    'Ah yes, my pet, but how pleasant it would now be to live life to the full', her parent had replied, making thereby oblique reference to the somewhat stringent routines they had been forced to follow under the prim guidance of her late husband.

    'Indeed', Caroline had echoed with a sigh, for she perceived then that her Mama had something special to say and which needed to be approached delicately at first. For there were two circumstances of which Caroline could not but be aware. The first was that her Mama frequently cast soulful looks at the hopefully virile Jonathan who was not unflattered by her attentions and found a certain excitement in the voluptuous presence of the lady who had preserved both her figure and her late husband's wealth with equal care.

    On the other hand, there was the ever more frequent attendance upon Edwina and her daughter of Colonel Stamp-ton-a one-time friend of the deceased-whose manner towards Caroline was at one moment quasi-paternal and, at another, flirtatious. He it was-as well as Jonathan-to whom Edwina referred during her curious conversation with Caroline when she said, 'It becomes us to do our duty towards the males who are protective of us, dear, and who will be immediately about us. Indeed, the more we perform our duties, the more protective they will become. Do you understand, Caroline?'

    'Yes, I believe so, Mama', her comely daughter had replied, for Caroline was not quite the innocent that Jonathan believed her to be and this Edwina not only knew but had encouraged.

    In the most timely way, this conversation was then interrupted (or, it might be said, was forwarded) by the arrival of the Colonel who was delighted to find them together and alone, and so much so that upon entering the drawing room he clasped both their waists and drew them to him, one on either side of his manly figure.

    'How then are my two angels?' he had asked, to titters from both. So speaking, he had dropped both hands from their hips and passed his palms around their bottoms, of which each became aware and blushed a little.

    'We are well, dear', answered Edwina, much as she might have spoken to her late husband, though the Colonel was the better-looking and some five years younger than her former bed-companion had been.

    'Let us rejoice for such, then, with a kiss', replied he boldly, keeping his fingers well under their bottoms so that neither moved while Edwina-being the first to turn her face fully to his-received his lips upon her own and brought them to linger there while Caroline knew not where to look. For long seconds she heard the movements of their mouths which presaged rather more than a casual caress of greeting, and then her own warm, moist lips were captured in turn while her nether cheeks continued to bulb into the encouraging palm that moved sensuously over the silky surfaces to be felt beneath her gown.

    Whether Caroline parted her lips of a purpose will never be known. Certain it is that a meeting of tongues occurred which caused her head to swim, for she had never been in a position of naughtiness when anyone else was present save for her immediate partner, and the fact that it was her own Mama-whose bottom continued to be freely fondled- added to her inherent excitement.

    'What exquisite lips!' ventured the Colonel when the rather prolonged kiss came to an end, he adding hastily, 'Which is to say, my dears, that you both have. What a pretty game it is to play-and, by jove, I know several such'.

    'The servants, though, dear', interjected Edwina who was trembling a little at this audacious realisation of her plans.

    'Of course, Edwina-we must not be indiscreet. Better perhaps that we retire upstairs?' the Colonel asked, though putting the question in such a manner as is called rhetorical, so that the pair found themselves being guided into the hall in a jocular but firm manner, and there taking the stairs towards Edwina's boudoir.

    'Oh, Mama, what are we at?' Caroline endeavoured to whisper while the door to that luxurious (and somewhat over-furnished) abode was being closed.

    'Why, have you not heard of triple kissing?' asked the Colonel, as if it were the latest thing being talked about in rural Society.-'In India, it is much done", he continued, persuading the two towards the bed where, biting their lips and finding themselves much more self-conscious in each other's company, they behaved momentarily as two uncertain schoolgirls, being so manoeuvred by the Colonel's guiding hands that they finally sat on the side of the bed with a foot of space between them.

    'Wh… what is done in India?' asked Edwina, as much to find something to say as anything.

    Before replying, the Colonel divested himself of his coat and waistcoat, and removed his tie while Caroline stared nervously into her hands which were neatly placed together in her lap. Something very wicked was about to occur, she knew, and she felt quite breathless.

    'The training of young girls, m'dear-those whose divine young figures are becoming fruitful and hence are ready to be inducted into the pleasures of life. Their ayah-which is to say, their female nurse and companion all in one-is reputed to bring them to a condition of such warm acquiescence that they cannot finally refuse the mastering cock'.

    'Oh, really!' exclaimed Edwina in apparent dismay, though her eyes twinkled and encouraged the Colonel to advance towards them.

    'A spade being a spade, Edwina, how else can a chap put it, eh?-It is done thus. Lie back, my dears and clasp your hands together above your heads. You must promise not to move them at all until you are so bidden'.

    'Oh, Mama!' had come then from Caroline who with apparent reluctance, and while receiving an assenting murmur from that lady, obeyed in concert with her so that the two stared up in some surmise at the brooding and somewhat authoritarian figure who brooded over them so closely mat his knees touched their own.

    “The girls' eyes are covered thus', said then the Colonel, producing from his trouser pocket two black cloths which he folded and laid gently over the eyes of the pair, making of them two blindfolds which he tied at the backs of their heads.

    'We cannot see!' uttered Edwina in a monumental expression of the obvious.

    'It is felt best that young ladies who have not yet been put to their trials should not, during the initial stages of drill, that is. They are persuaded by their ayah that it is but a delightful game, which indeed you will soon know it to be. Now, move apart a trifle more-a matter of inches, my dears-that I might accommodate myself between you. In order to balance myself, I shall-as does the ayah-place a hand up beneath your skirts to take gentle purchase on your thighs. Legs apart, please!'

    'Oooh-wah!' uttered Caroline as the said deed was performed, she feeling, as did Edwina, the insidious caressing of the Colonel's fingers above her stocking tops where the creamy flesh of her thighs expanded.

    Positioning himself thus, face down, he sternly urged the legs of both apart more, their knees already being uncovered by the upsweeping of their skirts. Both swallowed and ran their tongues over their lips. The large bed squeaked a little and then was quiet again. Three faces were together, with two all agog.

    Turn your faces towards mine more and extend your tongues. We are going to essay a triple kiss. In the hill stations, where many a young girl is thus nurtured into blissful pleasures, it is called butterflying, for the tongues act so when coming together', said the Colonel helpfully while Caroline and her Mama delicately extended the pink, moist stamens of their tongues to meet his own and, indeed, in their ceilings, to meet each other's.

    An irrepressible quiver of delight ran through all three as thus a triple caress obtained while the inner surfaces of the females' thighs languidly accepted the titillating idling of the Colonel's fingers. Both becoming aware that the said digits were insinuating themselves further upwards, inch by inch, neither could suppress their rising senses of excitement. Edwina, indeed, moved her bottom impatiently to bring the surreptitious caress closer to the split in her drawers. Caroline, being adorned in that intimate region by more conventional drawers (or whatever adjective a young lady of fashion might put upon them nowadays), felt the Colonel's fingers finally sweep under and around the furred, pubic mound which the thin cotton of her knickers clearly delineated.

    At that a hissing of breath issued itself through her nostrils the while that their three tongues twirled and swam about one another much like swaying fronds in a pond, their movements quickening as passion showed its face.

    By then, the Colonel's right forefinger had already sought and found the erected button of Edwina's clitoris, which caused her bottom cheeks to squirm with delight. As for Caroline, an oily mist seeping through her drawers on to the tip of an equally-enquiring digit, betokened well enough her state of arousal.

    'It is not needful for the girls to know whose cock they are first taking once their tongues are avid, their legs open and their cunnies moist', murmured the Colonel while three mouths endeavoured to squeeze ever closer together and the hips of both Edwina and her daughter squirmed petulantly.

    'Tell us!' husked Edwina passionately.

    'At parties also, my dears, you will be pleased to know that this sport is much sought after. There, two chosen ladies are placed upon their backs on a stout table and treated precisely as you are being while a Mistress of Ceremonies first brings their cunnies to bubble.

    'Haaar! Indeed! Go on!' Edwina begged while all the while the most succulent of sounds came from their three mouths.

    'Why, my pet, as soon as they are brought to fruition- and while they remain so lying-two gentlemen put their cocks to them and fuck them royally, no matter who they may be, for straws are drawn for such and no one will say nay. Wives do not hinder their husbands in this, for all the ladies eventually take their turn. There is much sperming and frothing of warm slits, as I trust shall be the case with my two angels.'

    'PMFFFF!' spluttered Caroline at this. She could hardly prevent herself from clutching haplessly at both, in her excitement, but kept her hands dutifully clasped, thereby enduring a form of self-control which she found added salt to the lubricious words and acts.

    'We only have you, my sweet', murmured Edwina to the Colonel, sweeping her long tongue around his and Caroline's.

    'Soon there will be another', responded he, having come to this conclusion already with Edwina, unknown to Caroline who, at that, found her wrists being clasped by her mother's hands the while that the Colonel rose, slid his hands beneath the young woman's hot, round bottom, and drew her nether garment down, working the legs rapidly off her feet while a flushed Caroline squirmed and gasped.

    'Soon, yes', echoed Edwina who then rolled upon her hip towards her daughter, asking her, 'Will there not be?' and this while hearing such small sounds as betokened the fact that the Colonel's trousers were being unbuttoned.

    Indeed, this latter process took so little time that the gasp which came from Caroline's pretty mouth as he brought himself down between her open, bared legs was a thoroughly wholehearted one, followed by the cry of, 'Oh, Mama!'

    'What? What? I cannot see!' responded the lady who had cause then to grip Caroline's wrists more tightly as the rolled lips of her daughter's honeypot were delicately parted to admit the entry of a huge plum of flesh.

    'HOOO-WAAAAH!' Caroline gasped. As has been inferred, she had already entertained the cocks of several gentlemen in her young career, though none bigger than the impressive corker that was then parting the spongy walls of her vagina to delve within the mysterious depths.-'He is… he is… he is…!' she gargled.

    'What? What is he doing?' asked the artful Edwina who heard more whimpers as the Colonel undid her daughter's corsage and exposed to his waiting lips the erect buds that flourished their brown, thorn-like tips on her snowy gourds.

    'MA-MA-MA! He is… GOOOOO!' sobbed Caroline, receiving in one further inward stroke the whole length of the manly penis which found itself clutched and clenched in the velvety depths of her cave while his balls pressed demandingly under the bulge of her bottom.

    Having thus achieved full penetration of Caroline's exquisite person at last, the Colonel contented himself with resting for a moment, while being careful not to lay his whole weight upon her.

    'When… when she is married then Jonathan may serve you both also, I trust', he gritted to Edwina whose face blindly sought his own while their tongues exchanged silent greetings.

    'My dear! Oh yes! That is-I do trust-if our little pet will agree', uttered Edwina with well-crafted hypocrisy while passionate hissing sounds came from Caroline's nostrils.

    'My prick is up her, my dear; I believe she will. My goodness, what a luscious tight cunt she has!'

    'Oho, Mama, don't 1… 1… look! Oh, he is… AH! Oh, stop! No, don't! No-yes!' Caroline babbled all in one breath.

    'I cannot SEE, dear, I cannot! Oh, is it nice? Oh, you naughty things! You will let Jonathan do it to me now, I know you will'.

    'Edwina, cup her face between your hands and suck her tongue. I wish to see-just as we did in In… In… India!' the Colonel blurted (truthfully enough, it must be said).- Open your legs more, Caroline, and draw them up about my waist', he barked. 'Do what I say! You will not spurn the future pleasures you'll receive. Come, girl, for you are being well and truly fucked. Get them right open now and raise them high'.

    'Yes, darling, do, and I will do the same with Jonathan. Say yes!'

    'Mer-Mer… MA-MA!' sobbed Caroline. The Colonel's cock slewed in and out of her. Her tongue leapt in-between Edwina's lips, there to be sweetly sucked upon.

    'He is fee… fee… feeling my bottom, Caroline, and- oooh!-he has his f… f… finger up. Ooooh-hooo, let Jonathan do the same with me', husked Edwina whose insistence on the matter would not fray.

    Caroline was spraying then, her head a-whirl, the Colonel's throbber pulsing in her nest, the fleshy stem all dewy with her come.

    'Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!' she choked.

    'Good girl! We all four will be better for the sport', the Colonel growled. His race was nearly run, and Caroline was fully broken-in then by his lights. Her stockinged legs were crossed around his waist. Their clenching was demanding; rightly so, thought he, and fell full on her, took her mouth, drove in his tongue and then expelled his leaping load of come that splashed her nest with pure delight while Edwina crossed a leg over the pair and huddled into them the while they moaned.


    A Stately English Mansion


    Having diverted ourselves from Johnson's journey in order that we might make other introductions, we may now return to it. Fortunately for him, neither Bella nor her companions had cause to look back during their ride and hence the manservant was enabled to follow unhindered and unremarked until the three reached the home of Edwina where they dismounted and entered.

    At this, Johnson reined in his steed and found himself in a bit of a pickle, for he could clearly not be found peeping into the windows of the mansion, and would probably profit little if he did so. A coppice being nearby, he rode there and tethered his horse so that it might graze on the fringes of grass which intruded between the trees. Utterly doubtful then of what he was supposed to achieve, and being in some annoyance at what he considered a waste of time, he made his way around the grounds surrounding Edwina's house and spied a barn where at least he could lurk awhile and from which he could view any other comings and goings, though little would the sight of such profit him, thought he.

    Fortune, however, was to prove on Johnson's side-or rather, that of Miss Martin-for this very morning the Colonel, in concert with Edwina and Caroline (and the acquiescence of Jonathan) had decided upon a little sport which the Colonel had designated 'stabling'. Edwina and her daughter had already been initiated into this curious proceeding and now-although she did not know it-it was to be Bella's turn.

    Making as she was her third visit to the house, Bella had no cause to think that she could ever be the subject of any impropriety within. Her tongue, however, had run a little loose in certain private conversations with Caroline and all the well-embroidered events of domestic pleasures that Bella had relayed to her friend had in turn been passed on by the latter young lady.

    Resultantly, the Colonel was high in expectations. Here was a young lady of undoubted physical charms who-vide Bella's not wholly truthful accounts to Caroline-had already taken her uncle's cock, which is to say that of Easton. Being bereaved of her parents in youth, and her siblings being scattered among various concerned and caring relatives, she had come under the wings of Easton and Letitia at the age of five, and so by now was considered one of the family.

    'Does he pump you fully, Bella?' Caroline had asked in one of their fruitful conversations.

    'Oh yes, indeed, it is quite divine', replied Bella who half wished it to be true but was still a little apprehensive of discovery by her aunt.

    For her part, Caroline had indulged in several little confessions of her own-the adjective being advisedly used here since she had by no means conveyed to Bella the ultimate naughtinesses in which she indulged with her Mama and the Colonel-not to say Jonathan also since their marriage. Edwina it was who had coaxed, cajoled and seduced him into such until he had become as 'dutiful' in putting his pego to her as she had wished.

    'Are you not both hot from your ride?' Edwina asked her daughter and Bella solicitously after wine and biscuits had been served.

    'Oh rather, Mama, for the saddle does stir and heat one- does it not, Bella?'

    Before Bella could reply to this unusual and intriguing question, the Colonel intervened, saying to Edwina, 'A stabling would both cool and enervate them, my dear'.

    'Indeed yes, for they are sprightly young ladies and should be attended upon. Jonathan dear, will you help escort them to the barn? There is water and such ready there', said Edwina to the great astonishment of Bella who was too shy, however, to speak and found herself being raised up from the sofa she had shared with Caroline.

    The latter clasped Bella's hand as the pair proceeded to the door which led to the morning room and thereby, along a short passageway, to a side door which let out on to a stone path.

    There, Bella managed to find voice and whispered in wonderment to Caroline, 'What then are we about?'

    'Oh, something nice, very nice. You will see how solicitous Mama is once we are being accomodated', replied that young lady while the foursome proceeded across the lawn and through a wicker gate to pass across the paddock and thereby to approach the barn.

    At the sight of it, a sense of excitement seized Bella, who dearly wished to ask more but was apprehensive of being overheard by the Colonel and Jonathan who followed behind them. The timber barn was large and would have been dim within were it not for numerous splits and crevices among the wall-timbers which produced a total of light that was pleasingly subdued and hence produced a secretive and mysterious atmosphere.

    Upon passing through the double doors, which were angled against one another to form a narrow gap, Bella perceived a curious sight. From part of the long wall on the left hung chains and straps. Before these, on the floor, was a bedding of clean straw whereon stood two buckets of what proved to be lukewarm water, and beside each of these lay a sponge.

    'Wh… what?' Bella asked of the air rather than of Caroline whose hand remained firmly clasped in hers.

    'Close the door, Jonathan, while the young ladies divest themselves of their attire', announced the Colonel to Bella's supreme amazement, she uttering a squeak of surprise and turning half about to see him picking up a schooling whip and running the long thong thoughtfully over his palm.

    'But, but, but, we cannot!' Bella bleated, only to be hushed by Caroline who half pulled her towards the buckets.

    'Shush, dear, and do not make a fuss, for he is quite stern if need be, and besides' (lowering her voice to a stage whisper) 'have you not already entertained your uncle?'

    'OH!' ejaculated the bemused Miss who thereupon wished she had never said anything, for she now found herself somewhat caught out and jolly well tripped-up, as might be said. Even so, she managed to blurt out, 'But never in f… front of anyone, Caroline!'-her voice becoming a girlish whine which amused the Colonel while Jonathan stood dutifully by the doors.

    A hiss and crack of the long whip then sounded which made both young ladies jump, though the Colonel had done nothing save to lash it idly upon the floor of hard earth.

    'You see! Quickly, dear, get your things off', whispered Caroline whereat another SHEEEE-IP! of the whip sounded behind them, causing even Bella to tug at the buttons of her summer dress, for the thought of it coiling around her slender, sensitive form was awful indeed.

    Divested quickly of her outer attire, as also was her companion, Bella presented a bewitching figure of shapely girlhood in chemise and stockings. At a warning and seemingly impatient cough from the Colonel, however, these too were not to remain on for long, and thus to Bella's tearful frustration and intense embarrassment she had to remove those, too, together with her frilly drawers.

    In a word, and in but a moment, the two comely young damsels stood almost together, facing the wall and with their backs to the Colonel whose eyes glowed while he compared their two figures. They might, he mused, have well been sisters, or even twins, so well were they matched in height, in the length and colouring of their tresses, in the curvaceous lines of their hips and legs and-above all- in the impertinent thrusting of their naked nether cheeks which were as firm and fleshy as they were round.

    'Fasten them, dear boy', said the Colonel then to Jonathan whose speedy and almost silent approach came with such rapidity that Bella scarcely had time to utter a squeak of dismay before she found her waist closely encircled by chains and straps which were intended to hold her as immobile as possible.

    'Oh no, please! I want to go home!' wailed she, rather late in the day for such a request, and this bringing an amused tut-tutting from the Colonel who advised her sharply to raise her arms so that they in turn could be secured. Leather cuffs being slipped around her unwilling wrists, these in turn were fastened to wall hooks, all the while that Bella heard the menacing swishing of the whip.

    Upon that, and to the bewildered sobbing of the damsel, Jonathan performed the even more pleasant duty of kneeling behind her quivering form, his nose and lips brushing her protruding bottom cheeks the while that he secured first one ankle and then the other, in such wise that Bella's legs were held in a bold vee.

    'Ha! What are you going to do? Caroline, pray do not let them!' wailed Bella whose chains clinked at every small movement of her nubile form.

    'Oh, you silly, we are only to be washed-down and attended to. It will be as cosy as you find it at home with your dear uncle, only rather more unusual, that is all', responded Caroline who-as a matter of form rather than of need-was then secured in the same manner, there being but a foot of space twixt her hip and Bella's.

    'Ah, please, do not whip me!' pleaded Bella who truly believed that was to be done.

    'What need of that? I am not one to scourge such a rumptious and beautiful arse such as you are quite properly displaying to us now, my dear. Push it out more, and you also, Caroline. More, girls, morel Ah, yes indeed, that is better. What vaselike forms their hips take, do they not, Jonathan? Be a good fellow now and wash them down. Attend well with the sponge in-between their legs and twixt those ardent nether cheeks'.

    'AH!' squealed Bella at that-though quite unnecessarily-as Jonathan plunged a sponge into her bucket and passed it up between her lustrous limbs to soothe the furred lips of her quim.

    'Jut your bottom more, Bella, offer it-or I shall indeed bring the whip to you', growled the Colonel who in fact thoroughly enjoyed watching such hapless and hip-wriggling attempts at resistance as Bella offered. From all his past experiences with such girls he was well aware of the titillating effect of a warm wet sponge in such an intimate area, and so in due course (which is to say but a matter of a minute) was Bella.

    Coached as he had been both by his wife and his mother-in-law, Jonathan squirted jets in-between the rolled lips of Bella's lovenest, causing her, despite herself, to squirm agreeably. The tricklings ran down the inner, satiny surfaces of her thighs and teased her. Moreover, her legs being held straining apart, there was naught she could do to evade the insidious caress. Upon Jonathan's prising open her pert bottom cheeks and working the sponge between them to sprinkle her tight orifice there, a frantic squeak escaped her and much to the silent amusement of all, she uttered a frantic 'No, no, no!' which merely fell upon the otherwise silent air.

    Her laving being done, and leaving the lower half of her divine form prettily glistening, Jonathan then moved to attend similarly upon his wife who received her own watery treatment with coy giggles.

    'Oh, dearest, this is very naughty-and in front of the Colonel, too', she uttered for Bella's sake, and then added coyly, 'Are you going to do it to her, Jonathan? I do not mind if you do, my sweet, for she is my dear friend and.

    'Ah NO"' squealed Bella thereat, whereupon the Colonel strode forward, looped one strong arm over her back in such wise that it then all but encircled her waist and donated a resounding SMACK! to her wet nether cheeks with his free hand, bringing an outraged yelp from her.

    'You will be QUIET, girl! It is unseemly to make a noise during a stabling. Have you not been taught so, eh? My goodness me! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! sounded the leathery palm again, each of its descents being accompanied by a howling 'WOH-WOH-WOH!' from Bella who had only previously received playful smacks from Easton.

    'Dear Papa', uttered Caroline who was wont to playfully call the Colonel that at times, 'Pray do not sting her for she is but bemused and is only waiting for you to attend upon her properly. Ooooh, Jonathan, what are you doing with your finger in my bottom, you naughty man!'

    'HAR! NO!' came from Bella whereat the Colonel-who was much delighted with the willing performances of his innamorata's luscious offspring-readily entered into the spirit of her words by clothing (or perhaps one should say, unclothing) them in reality. Leaving Bella's hot, pink bottom to wriggle adorably he uttered a soothing, 'By jove, yes!' and-all in a flash-got behind her, produced his readily-erected tool, and clamped her hips firmly while intruding the knob into the secretive cleft formed by her inrolling hemispheres.

    'NOO-HOOOO! Not THERE!' cried Bella, though she had often received Miss Martin's luring digit in that selfsame place which Easton by then had also fingered to his great pleasure.

    'Do-do-doooo!' Caroline was blathering at the same time, for Jonathan had immediately followed suit in presenting himself and, in a trice, had his knob swallowed in by his naughty young wife's bottomhole.

    The Colonel had a little greater difficulty in so entering Bella, for her well-rimmed aperture, not having been put to the cock before, yielded more slowly and with several unseemly moans and whines from that young lady who found the Colonel's rod many times thicker and certainly much, much longer than Miss Martin's teasing finger.

    'GOO-HOOO-HOOO! You can't!' she bleated. 'By heavens, I can and will, my pet, for no young lady here is stabled without having a cock up her bottom', growled the Colonel truthfully enough. Therewith, flexing his knees in concert with those of Jonathan who had already smoothly penetrated Caroline's offered peach, he succeeded in entering four inches of his doughty tool to unceasing moans from Bella who felt as if all the breath were being expelled from her body. So tight and warm was she that the Colonel's eyes screwed up with pleasure. Too few girls nowadays came to the barn untried in this respect, and it was quite like the old days in Poona to infiltrate such virgin cheeks.

    Snuffling and grunting while Bella despairingly hung her head and gritted her teeth and Caroline puffed and panted pleasurably beside her, the Colonel inched himself up into Bella's heavenly hole until at last his balls dangled their hairy purses beneath her quim.

    'FOOO-AAAAH! It's t… t… too big!' Bella whined, though the selfsame phrase having been offered up to him often enough both in English and Hindustani, the Colonel happily ignored it and held her firmly shafted in the knowledge that Bella would soon enough accommodate herself to the rude entry.

    Being not unmindful that other pleasures must attend on her, he leaned over her back and manfully cupped the wobbling gourds of her titties which then could not help but yield their sparkling nipples to his palms. At that moment, Bella was holding her bottom perfectly still while she 'agonised' over the horrid thing that was happening to her, and in quite a state of disbelief that so much could have squeezed its way up her tight channel. Indeed, as the Colonel was well aware, she dared not move for a moment. He was quite content to let her rest and waited silently for the first impulsive moment of the satiny, bulging cheeks which were manfully held into his belly.

    'Oh nice, oh nice, oh nice!' Caroline was meanwhile moaning while Jonathan 'performed his duty' in such a slow and self-restraining manner as Edwina had taught him.

    Ludicrously enough in the seconds that then passed, Bella's small moans of 'Oh no!' mingled with the repeated 'Oh nice!' of Caroline until their voices merged in a contesting chorus, though not a minute passed before the Colonel felt the first, tiny movements of Bella's polished orb to him. Almost imperceptible as they were, he received them knowingly and with joy. Drawing his clenched penis out halfway, he rammed it in slowly again, bringing a sharp 'AH!' from her that was not wholly compounded of dismay.

    'Yes, my beauty-is it not pleasant?' he murmured, screwing up his eyes once more at the heavenly sensations her entire posture afforded him. Gliding down from her swollen titties, his right hand curled its fingers under her Venus mound and sought her button which he found erect like a miniature penis.

    'GOOOO!' choked Bella at that, for some subtle lubrication appeared to have entered into the lubricious act, thus causing the Colonel's huge, fleshy piston to work more easily in her hot hole. Indeed, at the fourth stroke he was able to draw it out almost to the helmet and then urge it up within her with an excitable ease.

    'D… d… darling, come in me, for I have already come thrice!' Caroline was meanwhile murmuring, her words impelling Bella towards the sense of wicked pleasure that was by then beginning to encompass her. A sob broke from her throat and, to the Colonel's delight, a first salty spurt came from her cunny the while that he rammed her manfully, brushing both her titties and her clitoris beguiling until her curving hips began working impetuously in rhythm with his own.

    “Th… th… there's my good girl', husked the Colonel encouragingly.

    'HOOO, Bella, is it not lovely!' shrilled Caroline, her own bottom moving vigorously as Jonathan's embedded prick ejected its warm lappings of sperm deep into her sucking interior.

    'Mmmmmmm!' Bella hummed. She had now, in the Colonel's own phraseology, 'gone over the hill' and was being ridden to the very Valhalla of desire, her firmly-fleshed bumcheeks slapping happily into him while he in turn ejected the long spouts of his tribute to her and felt her quiver divinely as she received the juicy splashings of his venereal offering. Holding her still-as he always felt was needful with an erstwhile novice-he ground his teeth and continued jetting vigorously to Bella's unbounded delight.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'I seed it all, Miss', Johnson related to Miss Martin hours later in what he considered to be suitably hushed tones, 'I seed 'em through an 'ole, that I did'.

    'So you said', she replied distantly, having given him his monetary reward, but on this occasion offering no caresses.-'And what happened when they returned to the house? Were you able to follow and observe?'

    'Ah now, that were difficult. Miss', Johnson responded, handling the gold coins she had given him as though there should have been more.-'In great danger of being caught out, I was, but as luck would 'ave it there was no gardeners about so I made me approach and got a peep through the drawing room window. There they was all at their ease, and Miss Bella flushed and pretty, but not seeming to say nay to anything that was put to her in words'.

    'I trust she has not been indiscreet', murmured Miss Martin to herself.

    'I'm telling of as 'ow they was talking', said Johnson rather impatiently, not wishing to be interrupted in the course of his colourful narrative.-'Not as I could 'ear everything, of course, but there was things said as about what 'ad gorn on in the barn, that I knows, and nary a blush between the lot of 'em'.

    “They are crude people, evidently', Miss Martin said, pursing up her lips as though something distasteful had passed between them.

    'Oh yuss, crude they was in that there barn. I never think as it is proper, Miss, to do it in front of others, do you?'

    Not being unaware of the hopeful note in his voice, Miss Martin evaded giving that question a reply, yielding to a deliberate silence that Johnson found uncomfortable. In his naive way he had expected great praise and mayhap a raising of Miss Martin's skirts to accompany his lubricious recital.

    'If you 'as any more tasks for me, Miss. And there's Miss Bella, too, as what you promised', he uttered soulfully.

    'AH in good time, Johnson. I do not draw back upon promises, as you will discover. She will be sent or brought to you in due course. Such little matters take time to arrange'.

    'And there's Miss Ethel, too', Johnson put in, though in a somewhat self-excusing tone of voice whereby to imply that he was merely ruminating.

    'No, Johnson! That I will not have. You will receive what you will receive-no more, no less'.

    'You, Miss, you'd be a better fuck than all the lot of them', Johnson uttered in such desperation that Miss Martin's lips curled with amusement.

    'Would I? It may well be', she responded, though not in the same cold strain that she had previously used.-'Pray do not use such a term to me again, however'.

    'No, Miss. Sorry, Miss. A man's feelings can run away with 'im, you know. I never 'card of the like of what went on there before, did you?' he asked cunningly, hopeful of drawing her forth.

    'It takes all sorts to make a world, Johnson. Some people devour themselves with pleasure-as the Mistress does', Miss Martin added craftily, though her tone was one of great seriousness so that Johnson himself was quite put out to really know her mind, which was exactly what she wanted. The air of mystery in which she held herself, and such barriers as she put up against many of the pleasures of Venus in her own respect, had been a constant challenge to men other than him. In her perverse ways, Miss Martin thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge of such and (it may be said here) was never perhaps to know herself truly.

    As to her primary aim in this peculiar affair, it was to gain an even deeper footing in the household of Easton Sherwood than she then possessed. Until this time she had manipulated only the girls who were inveigled into amourous pastimes, though-as we know-she had also pleased herself with Bella and, in lesser measure, with Letitia, of whom Miss Martin was secretly a little scornful. In her eyes a woman should be Mistress of her house, not subject to her husband's whims, and therein Letitia seemingly had failed while at the same time succumbing to the lusts of a manservant.

    This 'reading' of Letitia's true character was a trifle unfair to her, since without Easton's urgings she would never have prostrated her charms to Johnson. Even so, the final judgement may well have been on Miss Martin's side, and the consequences thereof we are about to view.

    Persuading himself that he was but biding his time as to Kate, Easton remained uneasy about Ethel's visit to his study and the interruption thereof by Miss Martin who, he feared, might have loosened his daughter's tongue to a point of indiscretion. When thus that lady entered his study on the evening of Johnson's journey, Easton felt a quiver of alarm and gave show of being busy with the papers on his desk.

    'Kate is not yet ready then?' she asked with a strain of sympathy in her voice. She suspected Letitia's hand in the matter and the form of words she used were as akin to a code, since for a new girl to be 'ready' implied that she had undergone her initiations.

    'It matters not. There is time enough', replied Easton gruffly, while becoming aware that Miss Martin was wearing a very seductive perfume.

    'I suppose, yes', she said vaguely, trailing her tapered fingers along the front of his desk so that Easton found his eyes distractedly following them. A brief silence then occurred and Miss Martin asked, 'Ethel is growing nicely, is she not?' this remark causing Easton to flush.

    'I suppose, yes', he answered, deliberately echoing her.

    'Hot flushes and a tremulous obedience to the male betoken that she is on the verge of desire. Did you know that?' Miss Martin asked, circumventing the desk and coming to stand beside his chair so that her thigh brushed his own.

    'Really, you should not speak so', Easton muttered.

    'May I not? Even so, it is true. Forgive me for my forwardness, but were I permitted to call you by your Christian name sometimes how much would it ease and progress our conversations', declared she to the surprise of Easton who then immediately underwent another as she descended upon him and plumped her ripe bottom on his lap.

    'My dear!' uttered he in confusion.

    'I know, but it has suddenly come upon me. Oh, dismiss me if you will-cast me out! What use am I to you save to assist in the seduction of young girls, albeit that they are treated far better between us than they would be in rougher hands. When you possessed me, oh what a magical moment that was! It came upon me then that we could bed whoever we wished, between us. Confess it to me, for you have already willfully taken possession of my body. Bella, Ethel- whoever we wish'.

    'Eth…?' choked Easton whose prick was already pulsingly responsive to the warm, resilient globe that rested heavily upon his loins.

    'Her cunny is bubbling for cock, Easton. Dare I call you that? No one need know, no more than they do with your sweet foundlings. Yes indeed, I have resisted you before now, but I can do so no longer. Let me, too, be your plaything. Let us share them between us'.

    'But, but, but… Letitia', stammered Easton. Unable to resist, he drew her luscious mouth to his and knew all manner of electric thrills as her parted lips issued their invitation, her tongue snaking passionately around his own before retracting again, and this deliberately, for Miss Martin knew he would seek more.

    'Is she not otherwise engaged sometimes?' he was asked softly while her fingertips stole between the buttons of his shirt and the cleft of her bottom twisted about until his trousered prick nubbed perfectly between her plump cheeks.

    'My god, what an incredible creature you are!' husked Easton, making vain attempts to take her mouth again, but finding his efforts shyly resisted.

    Indeed, Miss Martin shook her head, gazed dolefully down into her lap and murmured brokenly, 'Forgive me, for I have been far too bold. So much has welled-up in me since you and I and Kate… Well, we did, did we not?'

    'Paradise, ah Paradise', responded Easton, though rather from his loins than his mind. His hand cupped her titties, weighing the juicy pair, and no resistance offered.

    'The gates thereof are still unlocked, Easton', came the soft reply while her breathing appeared to increase as he caressed her breasts.

    'Yet always before…”

    'Yes, I know. I was wrong. I thought only of your lady and the proprieties of marriage. How foolish of me when so much else happens within these very walls. What is propriety when opportunity offers so much? As for myself, henceforth you may do what you wish with me-or, yes, or cast me out', murmured Miss Martin giving her bottom another wriggle.

    'My dear, I would never… ' Easton began, only to hear a rattling of his doorhandle, for upon her entry Miss Martin had slipped her hand behind her and surreptitiously turned the key.

    'Easton! Are you in there?' came Letitia's voice, whereat Miss Martin leapt up and straightened her dress, leaving Easton to croak out a reply.

    'I am busy, my dear. What is it?'

    'I wish to talk with you-what else? Pray unlock the door, Easton'.

    'I am just going', Miss Martin whispered hurriedly and men stepped across the room and performed the deed, almost colliding with Letitia who bustled in and glared at her as they passed one another.

    “What is that woman doing in here?' demanded Letitia within full hearing of the departing one before she herself closed the door.

    The-er-ah, the-Ethel's lessons, her future lessons. We were discussing them', stammered Easton who wished that he had not risen, for in any suspicious circumstances Letitia always looked in the same place first. And where she now looked was a very distinct and tubular bulge in his grey trousers.

    'Indeed? With the door locked?' Letitia sniffed.

    'In order that Ethel herself might not interrupt', Easton said all too quickly, and knew sadly that he was disbelieved.

    'It is about Bella that I wished to speak, Easton. Are you aware that she sometimes goes about without wearing drawers?'

    'Eh, what? Yes-oh, good heavens, I mean no, my dear! How came you upon such a discovery?' asked her husband who rather wished that he himself had.

    Letitia stared past him, her eyes slyly seeking any evidence that Miss Martin might have dropped hers.

    'I came upon her changing after her return from those friends of hers. Whom we have not properly met. That is how I know', Letitia said stiffly, though having said such- revealed such, as it were-she found herself at a loss. Until now, in the curious chiaroscuro of sexual pleasures they enjoyed, she had accepted the strange role of Miss Martin, though often with misgivings-and particularly now in respect of Kate. The erection that Easton was haplessly displaying was evidence enough that something was afoot.

    'Have you kissed her?' she asked accusingly while doing what Easton most often dreaded of women (as do many males) by looking him straight in the eyes. The devil of it-Bella must have said something, in however casual a way, he thought. No doubt when she was standing in her bedroom showing her absence of drawers, Letitia had questioned her.

    'Of occasion', he replied guardedly.

    'Hah! And raised her skirts, too, no doubt in the process', sneered Letitia.-'What will you next do with the servants, eh?' she accused, quite forgetting her role with Johnson.

    'Eh, what? Good heavens, I thought you meant Bella', responded Easton, thereby getting himself into all sorts of a pickle and adding hastily, 'Of course I have not, Letitia. She is an utterly cold woman, strange'.

    'Oh, indeed, then you have found her cold, have you?' challenged Letitia who, like many women, could be extremely quick-witted in picking up words from an erring male.

    'That is not what I meant, my dear', said Easton gruffly, his changing tone of voice causing Letitia to wilt a little, for she could rarely keep up a temper for long and had had a quick and rather horrid but moving vision of holding her bottom up to Johnson.

    'Sometimes I do not know what is to become of us. Bella is becoming bold, you know', she said, leaning her form to his and thereby bringing one plump thigh into immediate contact with his throbber.

    'Yes. I mean, is she?' Easton corrected himself. In such a tangle, he had almost begun to wish that he was celibate.

    'We should marry her off, perhaps', Letitia said, moving her leg against his prick as if to seek that which Miss Martin evidently desired.

    When two people have been long married and shared many turns and twists of life – not to say as many naughty adventures as had this pair – their minds tend to work together and indeed to anticipate one another.

    'Or bed her. Have her bedded, I mean', Easton said, feeling her rump gently while their bodies pressed more meaningfully together.

    'What are you saying?' Letitia asked quietly, rubbing her cheek in catlike fashion to his, for in truth little flashes of errant, unspoken desires frequently flitted across her mind. Passing her arms up around his neck, she received an equally fleeting vision of Miss Martin tonguing her up against her bedroom wall and wondered just how wicked one could become. At the same time, her mind remained extremely agile as she sought among the remnants of her suspicions as to Miss Martin.

    'A passing foolishness. I do not know. Lie down on the couch with me, dearest, if we are to talk'.

    'Lock the door again then', responded Letitia impulsively, for this seemed to her both a romantic and impulsive moment in which, moreover, she had superceded the efforts of Miss Martin-which belief took an ever stronger hold on her. Casting herself down, she raised her skins to her hips so that he might best know her mood and loosened her drawers Seeing such, Easton grinned happily, releasing his straining pego and falling beside her to have his cock immediately fondled while he in turn sought her plump Venus mound.

    'When you introduce girls to gentlemen, it is nice for them. I mean, for the girls, is it not?' Letitia asked.

    'Indeed, yes. Why do you ask?'

    Letitia protruded her tongue wantonly between his lips. 'I do not mind when you do it with them-just the first time-do I?' she asked.

    'No, my love. Our little arrangement works perfectly. In turn, Johnson does it to you, and well, I do trust'.

    As ever, Letitia dipped her head shyly, but nodded. What she was about to say appeared to her quite monumental, and yet logical, too.-'I was thinking of Bella, dearest. It would get her out into the world. I do not mind girls, you know', she added, 'and Miss Martin would not be entirely suitable in such a case, would she?' So speaking she rubbed Easton's pulsing rod the more and made him flush with eagerness.

    'You do not mind?' he echoed seekingly.

    'She will be quieter if I am there. Oh, how awful of me, I know, but… '

    Thrice now had Easton been astounded.-'At one moment, my pet, you are complaining that she does not wear drawers, and at the next… '

    'I know, I know. A wickedness possesses me-yet scarce greater than we have done before. Is it?' Letitia asked with studied naivety while her drawers were being descended further by Easton's rather trembling hands.

    'I cannot believe…!' he choked, whereon Letitia took on a look and posture that was at once beguiling and shy.

    'Indeed, but it is only because we have never spoken of it before Shared, I mean', she said, whereat the two plunged immediately into such a passionate, loin-heaving embrace that it was long indeed before the couch ceased quivering.


    A Stately English Mansion


    A sensation that he was being caged, hemmed in, put-upon and larded with such invitations as he could not meet without splitting himself in two came upon Easton. Indeed, he. was like a man who, having thirsted for water, is plunged into a sea of champagne and surrounded by waving well-wishers who without offering him any footage upon land call to him asking if he would like more.

    Miss Martin had become to him at one and the same time a liability and an asset, while at the same time his dear wife was extending to him the same sort of invitations as Ethel's governess. To refuse Letitia would excite more suspicions on her part and bring upon her a watchfulness that in turn would vitiate against such adventures as Miss Martin was proposing and might indeed call down disaster upon him.

    Easton had, moreover, ceded to Letitia more than he would have wished, the major part of this occurring during the lustful bout that both enjoyed upon the couch. In such a circumstance some women are able to keep half their minds sharp while rendering the other half totally to desire. Most males are otherwise and will frequently declare all manner of things while their cocks are being excited by a clinging cunny and closely-rubbing thighs.

    'We do not need Miss Martin now", Letitia had panted while working her bottom sensuously to his thrusts, 'Oh, what have we missed, darling, that we could have done together and now will ever do”.

    'You like girls, then?' Easton asked in the red mist of excitement that was upon him, though like a desperate skater who finds himself rushing willy-nilly downhill, he had somehow avoided the main obstacle in her question.

    'Dearest, I have always wanted to assist you in seducing one. They can be quite delicious, can they not? I do not mind who it is, my pet. Oh come on, do!'

    'Kate, then?' asked Easton excitedly. Working her tongue in his mouth much as he was exercising his pego in her nest, Letitia had replied amourously-I do not mind who it is. Your pleasure shall be my pleasure and mine shall be yours'.

    'Ah, yes', responded he devotedly.

    'Send her away, then. We can do everything together that you want'.

    'Yes', panted Easton who would have sworn anything in that moment since he was verging on the bliss of ejaculating.

    'You want to do it with her, I know you do', panted Letitia whose words were brought on as much by excitement as by reproof.

    'Ah, my love!' came Easton's gasping reply, which so far as Letitia was concerned was no reply at all, though as she herself was in the renewed throes of orgasmic pleasure the moment of seeming danger for Easton passed while both expired. Only after order was restored did he venture to say that he must give Miss Martin time to find a new abode.

    'What of Bella's new friend-Caroline, is it not?-perhaps she will know of someone', replied Letitia who realised that she had long wished to bring about such a situation.

    'Yes, it may be. One must make enquiries', offered Easton, though in the secret crevices of his mind he would have preferred to carry on a liaison with the lady (particularly in view of her newfound forwardness with him) while balancing out the rest of his affairs.

    “That is settled then', declared Letitia who thereupon found herself in silent conflict with Miss Martin whose departure, for all good reasons of tact, she did not wish to be seen to be encouraging. Seeing then the look of studied thought upon her husband's face while each attended to repairing the condition of their attire, she said with an attractive sigh, 'Bella can be seen to tomorrow night and then you may introduce her among your friends, dear, for it will do her naught but good to get out into the world as we have said'.

    'Will she be difficult, though?' he asked with studied vagueness.

    'I shall hold her if she is. Do not worry about that', Letitia said in what seemed to Easton remarkable and quite unnerving echoing of Miss Martin's thoughts.

    'Ethel might hear', ventured Easton, having a perverse desire to introduce her name into the conversation.

    'I expect she has heard things before, Easton. She is growing up well, you know. Have no fears upon it, for girls do keep things to themselves when they deem it necessary'.

    'Do they? Ah, yes', responded Easton hopefully, and wondered what on earth he was now going to say to Miss Martin. The devil of it, but the memory of his conversation with her was already a trifle blurred. Had he promised her anything? He recalled assuring her that he would never cast her out, or at least-as he hastily told himself-not in the offhand manner that she had rather wildly suggested.

    'Do you wish to speak to Miss Martin now?' Letitia was asking in terrier-like fashion, bringing forth from him a rather unguarded sigh.

    'My dear, in the light of my earnest discussion with her just now as to Ethel's lessons, it would come with strange abruptness, and I fear she would put it down to our little talk now. Would it not be best if I approach the matter slowly, bit by bit. Hints here and there, perhaps?'

    'I suppose that must be so', Letitia agreed doubtfully, though she did not wish it to be known that she it was who had engineered the lady's departure. When Easton then suggested that he might accompany Miss Martin into the market town the next morning, where she was wont to pick up trifles of shopping for the family-and thereby cast out the first hint-Letitia agreed. And thus it came about that the two set forth after breakfast in a pony cart.

    Frozen with caution, Easton knew not how to begin until, passing along a sunlit lane and with the reins held in his hands where both sat side by side, Miss Martin removed and laid her head upon his shoulder, saying as seductively as she could, 'It will be nice, will it not?'

    'I have been giving much thought to it', replied he truth-fully enough and was about to continue with a preliminary 'However… ' when he was sweetly interrupted.

    'Beyond the town there is a pleasant inn, Easton. You really do not mind my calling you that, do you? I have heard-overheard, that is-that it serves splendid wines and meals and those, if one wishes, in private rooms. Now, were we to take Bella for a drive… ' she began, rather alarmingly to Easton's mind, at which he was forced to interrupt her.

    'A delicious prospect, my dear, but would we not become known? Pray listen, for I have as I said been giving deep thought to all and have come upon a conclusion'.

    'Oh, and what is that?' asked Miss Martin in vague hope that he might be going to divorce or otherwise get rid of Letitia.

    'Such delights as we shall know together, my sweet, are best kept far from the eyes and ears of those about us. Letitia has given her silent permission to our little sports, which however we have so far managed-though heaven knows with great effort on my part in your own respect-in a state of apartness. She would not, though… '

    'You have no need to say. I follow your thoughts. But what else can we do?' asked Miss Martin, rubbing her cheek to his as the hedges on either side of them slid past.

    'We shall extend our plan in a manner that shall be-I regret to say it-more devious but more fruitful. Think upon this, my dear, that if we were in separate abodes then no suspicions would fall upon us and all our affairs could be conducted with the utmost discretion. It would be quite seemly for Bella and Ethel to continue to visit you occasionally, and for myself to act as their chaperone'.

    'Oh no!' wailed Miss Martin who for a moment saw her plans crumbling, though her cry did not prevent her mind from working as rapidly as it had ever sought to.-'I knew you would try to get rid of me', she murmured plaintively, whereupon Easton steered the pony to the side of the lane and reined in, casting his eyes about him but seeing no one in sight amid the rolling countryside.

    'I intend nothing of the sort', he averred, casting his arms about her so that the side of her nearest breast bulged to his chest.-To the contrary-and how lovely you look this morning!-we shall obtain more freedom, may even take little trips together which we could not otherwise do, for I can put it about that I am on business and no one will connect my absence with yours. Do you not see?'

    For a moment Miss Martin huddled into him in silence, her thoughts shooting out here and there since she already sensed the hand of Letitia in this, and her intuitions told her that there was a degree of necessity in Easton's words.

    'It would be nice if I had a little house, of course', she murmured as if to herself, this producing a rather throttled 'Ah…' from Easton.

    'Of course, of course', he uttered haplessly, 'you shall have an allowance from this day forth, my dear'.

    'Enough for a house?' she almost asked, but decided that it might be too much to suggest, while at the same time certain advantages peeped forth at her from the thicket of this new event. Without Letitia's presence, she might well gain more influence over him, added to which she could draw Bella and Ethel into the net, as Easton himself had suggested to her, she thought more happily.

    'Shall we to the inn you spoke of?' Easton asked hopefully.

    'No, you were right about that. We might encounter someone you know, or someone who recognizes me. There are some frightfully wagging tongues about. Besides, I feel awfully doleful about leaving you, just when we were going to enjoy ourselves'.

    'You are not, and we shall', said Easton with great relief that the first hurdle had been jumped. He had expected recriminations, tears, and more fervent reminders of what had passed between them, but in that was not allowing for the agility of the female mind which seeks, better than those of most males, to take advantage of whatever presents itself.

    Both studiously avoided any further reference to the matter, and several languorous kisses passed between them in the golden warmth of the morning before they drove on, both turning over in their minds all the possibilities that might obtain.

    As to Miss Martin, upon their return she sought the very avenue that Letitia had envisaged, though with more prescience and knowledge of Caroline and her entourage than the latter. Drawing Bella into her room that afternoon, she asked her with a well-put-on show of interest, 'Are your friends nice, my dear?' this producing an expected slight flush upon that maiden's cheeks. Like all girls, however, Bella was always eager to talk about herself and did so while carefully circumventing the very events of which Miss Martin was well aware.

    'They are jolly then-or, as we say, sportif?” Miss Martin asked casually while observing every flittering and shade of expression in Bella's eyes, 'I mean, they like to enjoy themselves together, and with others', she added carefully.

    'Oh yes!' Bella responded, swallowing as she spoke.

    'Good. The Colonel you spoke of… he is not related to them? What a nice gentleman he sounds, so upright and vigorous. Oh, I like a man who is so. It would be nice to meet them-but of course it is not my place', put in Miss Martin sadly.

    'Oh, I would not mind! You could ride with me, if you want to. I am sure they would not mind-my uncle and aunt, I mean', Bella replied with an enthusiasm that was native to her character but which she in part regretted, for like all who enjoy certain dalliances, she rather wanted to keep them to herself.

    As for Miss Martin, she saw herself now as separating the various strands about her and of then bringing them together according to her will, rather in the manner of a lady who re-arranges her hair in a new fashion. Suppressing (much against her will) her knowledge of what Johnson had related to her, she cast her arms about Bella and emitted a sigh.

    'It will be nice. One is too often overheard, overseen here. Do you understand what I mean?' she asked, passing her lustrous lips softly across those of Bella who in daring excitement wished to relate what had happened, but could not bring herself to speak of it despite the various naughtinesses that had passed between them in bed.-'I can be very naughty, Bella, you know I can, and cannot help myself for that. Are your friends a little naughty?' was breathed against Bella's mouth, for Miss Martin could not quite contain herself and like many who at first brood over the uncertainties of a new venture was finding herself drawn to it.

    'A little bit', whispered Bella. Their thighs, their bellies and their breasts pressed together excitingly. Miss Martin's eyes half closed. The tip of her pink tongue emerged and sought the girl's.

    'I shall come to you in bed tonight. Do not lock your door, Bella'.

    'No-yes', answered Bella who always felt submissive in Miss Martin's embrace.

    'We can talk about it-it will be exciting. Oh, not now though, for I hear someone coming. You see how it spoils things?'

    'Yes', Bella responded fervently, and then the two broke apart as a servant passed the half-open door which Miss Martin had left thus with some foresight since she had intended to say exactly that to Bella with the purpose of stirring her up.

    In this she succeeded, though in the ensuing hours Bella told herself desperately that she must not, not, not reveal too much about Caroline et cie to Miss Martin. Even so, she left her bedroom door unlocked when darkness brought its cloud about the house, though to her surprise-and momentary trepidation lest the two encounter one another on the landing-it was her aunt who drifted silently into her room in a lacy peignoir beneath which she was naked.

    A strange and whispered conversation then ensued, during which a wondering Bella-much afeared that Miss Martin might also enter-found herself being led along on tiptoe to the boudoir of her uncle and aunt. There, a carefully perfumed darkness received her and the door was silently closed.

    Miss Martin meanwhile lay abed cogitating on the possibilities that obtained, and so much so that she finally had to stir herself up from her bed to make her way with equal caution to Bella's room where-to her surprise-she found the door unaccustomedly ajar and the girl's bed empty, the bedclothes hastily thrown down.

    For a moment, Miss Martin waited and cocked her head, listening for the presence of Bella in the adjoining bathroom. Thence came not the slightest sound, however, and upon inspection she found it equally deserted, at which her brow puckered up. Would Bella be in Ethel's room? Surely not after what they had arranged.

    Passing with querulous caution along the corridor, Miss Martin paused for thought in the somewhat dangerous vicinity of her employers' bedroom door-and thence she heard several soft moans and a gentle creaking of the bed. Screwing her face up a little, and feeling quite put out, though with no immediate suspicions of what was passing, Miss Martin ventured closer and placed her ear to the door.

    Another moan came, and with near certainty Miss Martin placed its being emitted from the mouth of Bella. But then a voice reached her-that of Letitia.

    'Lie still, darling. Let him do it. Kiss me! Oh, is it not nice?'

    'Oh, you bitch', Miss Martin almost ejaculated aloud as a rage of frustration seized her, and so much so that her fingers clenched into her palms and she stood trembling with annoyance while Bella's gasps of pleasure continued to reach her burning ears.


    A Stately English Mansion


    Not unnaturally, Bella did her best to avoid Miss Martin the following morning, though she need not have endeavoured to do so, for the latter covered both her pride and her knowledge of events by saying with all seeming regret that she had fallen asleep and begged to be forgiven for not visiting her.

    So great, of course, was Bella's relief that she laughed and said, 'Oh, I did, too! How tired we must both have been'. Then, as if to make amends, she added, 'I have a note from Caroline to say that I might stay with her this weekend. Do you wish to come? You may, you know'.

    Both were in the garden as they spoke, Miss Martin attempting a little show of indifference by saying, 'Oh, I don't know. I have to ask permission of your aunt and uncle first. They may not wish me to'.

    'I will ask them', Bella said, in order partly to lave her own conscience in respect to Miss Martin to whom she felt herself to have fibbed so badly. How, though, to face her uncle and aunt was a different matter after what had passed during the night. Both had tactfully-or mayhap tiredly- risen late and breakfasted in bed, Bella having retired to her room in the early hours with swollen titties and a pulpy cunny, not to say a much-kissed mouth which had surrendered itself to both of them in a strange darkness of well-aroused passion.

    As for Easton, his cock stirred still that morn at the fond remembrance of Bella's naked, heaving curves beneath his own, and the blissful shunting back and forth of his thrumming pego in her cosy nest.

    Once the girl had been suavely persuaded to surrender her charms, spreading her legs and drawing her knees up as he pumped her hairy dell, Letitia had been no less overcome with desire than the threshing pair, had tingled Bella's stiff nipples with her tongue and fondled and felt her everywhere, even to gliding her finger up Bella's hot rump when her niece and Easton had rolled, still interlocked, on to their hips.

    All the words were the same, yet ever gloriously renewable Easton had thought happily in the dreamy aftermath that had followed his first sperming of Bella's honeypot.

    'Wharra-you-doing?' was said, murmured, moaned, by all novices when their crevices were first felt. – 'No, don't!' would come the next beseeching whisper, though in Bella's case (and not being completely untried by him) she had not uttered that, and in great part due to the presence in bed on the other side of her of Letitia who had divested herself and her niece of their night attire. True, Bella had mouthed thickly 'Mustn't' while he first tickled-up her slit and his wife had attended with gently-sucking lips to the tips of Bella's titties.

    'Mustn't…” Easton mused when he awoke that morning, remembering the slurred voice and the misty, uncertain parting of Bella's lips the while that he kissed her, and Letitia, resting up on one elbow, had guided their niece's fingers to his quivering tool, enclosing them in her own in order to 'teach' Bella how to frig the male.

    After the first bout had been throbbingly concluded, all three had lain quiet, though Letitia had brought Bella to face her and had knowingly continued to tease the girl's plump cunny with her fingertip, issuing soothing words into her ear.

    Bella – to Easton's great pleasure – had not only uttered all the expected words, but had added one of his favourites, which is to say to blurt out with a partly-concealed eagerness, 'It's naughty!'

    'Naughty is nice, Bella – that is what we want to teach you', Letitia had responded, rubbing her erected nipples to those of her niece while their bellies moved silkily together. Lying behind and on the other side of the girl, Easton had stirred his half-limp, sodden penis against the cleft of her bottom until he had felt a renewed tingling in his loins. His instrument had slowly risen anew, causing Bella to wriggle-not unhopefully-against it. Passing his hands under Bella's arms, he had cupped and raised her titties the while that Letitia had slid down a little in the bed and brought her mouth to work again on the stiff, brown tips, causing Bella to whimper pleasurably. At the same time, Letitia cupped and held the girl's well-thatched mound, curling one finger up into it.

    'I must!' Easton had croaked beseechingly. Gliding his hands down to the globing cheeks of Bella's ripe bottom, he had parted their springiness and brought his fervent knob to bear against her rimmed aperture there.

    'GOOO! NO!' Bella had choked as if in great surprise that such a lewd act should be attempted, and this despite her adventure with the Colonel which she naturally wished to cloak.

    'Hold her!' Easton had uttered excitedly at that, for Letitia had so promised him.

    'Yes, dear, I have her', replied his spouse, winding her arms tightly about their delicious captive's waist.

    'Oh no, no, no, don't let him-he mustn't-please, please, Aunty-OOOOH!' ejaculated Bella as once more a swollen, fleshy plum invaded her nether secrecy (though not entirely to her displeasure).

    'Yes, darling, he must. Come on now, push it out to him-let it go in', had come Letitia's excited whisper while her ringing arms increased their grip.

    'FOO-HOOO-HOOO!' Bella had whimpered, her legs twisting about in the confined space between their bodies, though in truth her toes curled at the sensation of having another rigid spouter easing up her bottomhole. Even so, Bella continued for a while her studied protests, grimacing through her teeth and shaking her head wildly until at last Easton's cock was fully lodged between her full cheeks which rested like an air-filled, split balloon against his manly loins.

    'What pneumaticity!' he breathed now, upon remembering that, whereat a drowsy Letitia asked him, 'What?'

    'Her bottom, dear heart, well plumped out as if with air'.

    'It is a nice one, yes. She did not struggle quite as much as I expected'.

    'You enjoyed it, then?' A kiss exchanged between the two. Their eyes were hot with understanding.

    'Yes, of course, my love, and shall do so again, whether with Bella or another. She fingered me towards the end. I made her do so'.

    'Yes, I did perceive. I saw the churning of your belly to her hand. You must apprise her, dear, how well she did'.

    'I shall, and very tenderly at that. More so than would Miss Martin, I am sure', Letitia concluded rather cattily.

    Easton stretched luxuriously, rubbing his foot against her own. Perhaps this was the best way, safe in their own bed, he thought. A vision of shy eyes, flushed cheeks, an even tighter bottom came to him. Letitia had slyly reached out for his prick, was rubbing it while lying on her back. Easton half closed his eyes and had a waking dream: a meadow bathed in sunlight and a girl who danced, lifted her skirts and showed her knees. She had no drawers on and he, laughing, cast her down, raping her mouth with his, baring her thighs. Soft fur between and pouting lips. A single jerk, a squeal, and he was in. O succulence and tightness- warmth. More squeaks and flailing legs and then his balls… 'Oh, Ethel!' Easton groaned.

    'What-what?' Letitia asked and sat up, staring down at him, his prick erect and pulsing in her clasp.

    'I… what? Who? Oh yes, Ethel, dear. I wondered if she heard last night'.

    'She had no reason to. Of course not, no. You worry about trifles, dear-do not, for I will see to all henceforth'.

    'Of course, of course. Letitia! AH! Your mouth, my love- oh, quickly down and… GLOOP!' Easton spluttered as the two warm lips encased his pego in an O and drew the bubbling sperm out from his stem, his loins a-juddering and fingers clenched. The meadow and the sun, the squeaks-the easing of his coaxing penis back and forth. All was a bleary dream of love, desire. An image of Miss Martin crossed his mind, was gone. He lay back flaccid while Letitia wiped her creamy mouth, and scarcely heard her stir and dress.

    Letitia's face flushed with delight as she descended, saw the figures in the garden and went out.

    'What are you two about?' she asked as gaily as she might have asked two friends, but taking the offensive, as she saw.

    'Oh, Aunty dear, may Miss Martin come to Caroline's with me? To act as chaperone for the weekend?' asked Bella. She cast her eyes down as she spoke. Letitia smiled within herself.

    'Of course Miss Martin may, my dear. Twill be a change for both of you', she cooed, 'I will just have a cup of tea, then show you my new dress upstairs. Come up in, say, ten minutes to your room. Your uncle is sleeping, dear, and will not wish to be disturbed'.

    Not failing to see the glitter in Miss Martin's eyes, Letitia re-entered the house with a sense of victory. She had overcome the nascent problem of embarrassment with Bella and at the same time knew of Miss Martin's imminent departure when she had 'found a place'. All would be well and henceforth she herself would reign, Letitia told herself. Partaking of a hasty cup of tea, she took herself to Bella's room and awaited the arrival of her niece who duly entered.

    'Come, dear, do not be shy', Letitia murmured, patting the bed whereon she sat.

    Bella brushed her thighs together awkwardly, self-consciously, as she went to her and took the indicated place.

    'It was nice. Was it not nice?' Letitia asked simply.

    'Oh really, I do not know what to say!' burst Bella, looking down.

    'Then there is no need to, my pet, for we may occasionally enjoy that in silence which we otherwise do in words or deeds. Lock the door and stand against the wall. I want to show you something just as nice'.

    'Against the wall, Aunty?' Bella fluttered, rising to obey. A framed print hid the peepholes to the bathroom and she wondered if her aunt knew of them. She hoped not. It would give the game away. The holes had been Easton's 'gift' to her for accepting his caresses of a certain sort.

    'I wish you to, Bella', Letitia rejoined. She rose in turn, smoothing down her skirt as if to persuade herself that there was no hurry. What Miss Martin had done to her she wished to do to Bella. Approaching her wondering niece who shuffled her feet uneasily, she placed her hands gently upon Bella's shoulders and gazed lovingly into her brown eyes.- 'Now, Bella, since we are not to be disturbed, raise your skirts waist high and keep them up by pressing to the wall, and place your hands above your head, your legs apart. Have you drawers on, dear, today?'

    'No… no… I didn't… I forgot'.

    'Good. Let me see you do it, then'.

    'Oh, Aunty, you are not going to punish me?'

    'Punish you? Oh, what a foolish thought! No, my love, I am going to pleasure you. Legs wide now, please, and hold them straight'.

    'OOOH-WER!' gasped Bella as her aunt knelt down and surveyed her niece's lovely, straddled legs, sheathed in purple stockings. Plumply between her thighs her pouch showed with its intertwining curls. The peeping lips were pinky-purplish. As Letitia's mouth came up, her tongue licked. Bella jerked and moaned.

    'Be still, dear, if you can', Letitia murmured. A sense of power in her was uppermost and rode above even her lascivious senses as she tongued the girl while Bella hissed her breath in, just as she herself had once. In her own excitement and arousal, Bella's bottom bumped against the wall.

    'HOOOO! I'm g… g… going to!' she whimpered after long moments of luring activity under, around and within her slit.

    'Come on then, Bella, come, for I may bring your uncle into you after this, and you will be a good girl, won't you? I shall not wish to have to hold you then'.

    'Hmmmmmm!' came Bella's singing moan at the thought. She made to flex her stockinged knees, but Letitia's hands pressed them straight again.

    'Obey me, Bella', she mouthed beneath the haven of desire which was on the point of spurting its delight, 'Always obey me”.

    'Yeh-esss, I w… w… will-Oh, Aunty-YES!'

    A choking cry, a trilling leap of salty, creamy liquid on to Letitia's tongue, and then the spurts repeated on and on while Bella's bottom ground against the wall and her hands tore at her hair in pure delight.


    A Stately English Mansion


    To those of us who live in humble abodes, it may seem strange that so many lubricious events could pass without Ethel or Kate being aware of them. Yet it must be remembered that a country gentleman's house is often akin to the size of a decent inn and, nay, may even be much larger. Thus what happens behind a stout door along the end of a corridor may forever be unknown to one whose room is fifty feet away, and more so-to coin an Irish-ism-when the various occupants are in different wings.

    For the past two years, having grown out of total innocence and while her pubescent charms were maturing, Ethel had had it impressed upon her by her Mama that she was never to venture into bedrooms other than her own without first knocking, nor indeed into the morning room nor her Papa's study.

    Of late, it must be confessed, Ethel had inwardly rebelled against these strictures, believing herself old enough to know what was going on, and having glimpsed both her Papa and Miss Martin venturing at certain times into Bella's bedroom from whence had emerged, though faintly, a number of odd but eager sounds. Now, moreover, that Ethel had toyed with Kate and had had her bottom spanked, patted and caressed by no other than her fond parent, Ethel's sense of desire was rising, especially as Miss Martin had begun to encourage her by saying many naughty things to her on the quiet.

    Letitia had not been slow in putting it about that Miss Martin was leaving-believing that she was in great part weakening the woman's authority thereby in the remaining lays or weeks that passed before her departure. And-there being a telepathic sense frequently to be found among competing females-Miss Martin gained a feeling of awareness about this and so trod more carefully than she would otherwise have done.

    To Kate it was a matter of no importance whether the lady left or not. Miss Martin had handled her both rudely and sweetly, and she could not make up her mind about her except to be aware of a strain of ruthlessness which to Kate was somewhat foreign. As the days of lazing and-for her-luxury passed, so her feelings alternated. At one moment she was bored and wishing herself with her old Cockney friends, and at another she was thankful that she had been so deftly removed from the state of poverty which had begun to smother her very soul.

    Boredom was uppermost in Kate on this particular day that we feel it necessary to record, and everyone appeared to have something to do except for herself. A particular pleasure was to talk to the servants, for they were of the same station as herself, though Mrs. Sherwood discouraged this and such conversations as Kate had with Mary and others were desultory and brief.

    Having, however, no companion or chaperone on this occasion, Kate ventured with a sense of daring one afternoon along the passageway that led to the kitchen, the laundry room, the linen room, the wine cellar and, of course, Johnson's room. Failing to come upon anyone with whom she could pass the time, Kate neared his door with some timidity, at which moment he chanced to rise from his chair and so spied her through his half-open door.

    'Come in, Missy, if you wants', Kate was invited.

    Throwing a glance over her shoulder, Kate entered and looked curiously about her while the head valet proceeded with some eagerness to pour them each a glass of elderberry wine. For Johnson, too, was in need of conversation and had been bubbling with a sense of resentment to learn via the cook that Miss Martin was leaving. He had been used, he thought, for in his fairly simple mind he felt sure she was going off to have as fine a time as had Bella, now that he had told her all. Moreover-fancying himself a confidante of the lady-Johnson felt affronted that she had not brought him news of her impending departure.

    'I can't stay long', Kate said politely, taking a glass and innocently putting her bottom where often enough Letitia rested her bared knees.

    'Them as does ain't always the best of company, Johnson grumbled. He wished Kate to look at him askance when he thus spoke, and she dutifully did. Young woman-wise, a scent of scandal or gossip always made her pretty nose twitch.

    'Have you been done down, then?' she asked.

    'That I 'as. Can't talk of it. You understand. Mighty private it were-yuss-private', said Johnson, tapping the side of his nose.

    'You can tell me. I never talk to anyone much except Mrs. Sherwood and I never tell her anything', Kate said with breathless pride.

    'Tell you, eh? It's wicked stuff, Missy, that's what it is. Not fit fer the ears of a young gel. I tell you, these gentry gits up to things none of us common folk-and your pardon fer calling you that-daren't do. I seed 'em. I seed 'em at it'.

    'Oh, what?' Kate asked impatiently. Every now and then a vivid vision came to her of what had passed between Miss Martin and Mr. Sherwood and herself on the bed. If she herself had been uppermost when he had entered, Kate felt sure that her own bottom would have been the recipient of his tool.-'Do tell', she wheedled, bringing forth a huge sigh from Johnson who lumbered up, closed the door and then reseated himself much closer to Kate than she thought he needed to, though his voice did then fall to a hoarse whisper such as she might not otherwise have heard.

    'Nary a word to others, eh?' he asked.

    Kate shook her head. 'Cross me 'eart and 'ope to die', she said, dropping her aspirates carelessly now that she was in more common company.

    “That's it, then-there's me good gel. It's about Miss Bella, see, and that there Miss Martin', added Johnson mo disparagingly.

    'Oh', uttered Kate with disappointment, 'You mean the were doing something together?'

    'No, Miss, not that. More rabid, I'd say', said Johnson with some satisfaction at producing such a word, though he wasn't quite certain what it meant.

    'Oh go on then, tell me, if it's rabid', Kate echoed thinking it must be an exceedingly wicked word.

    'Well, it was in a stable see-or rather, a barn. They calls it stabling, wot 'appened, but I don't know why. There was Miss Bella and a young couple and an older man. I think he was the father of the other young lady, but you can't tell these days. They's all doing it, as I reckon'.

    'Yes, I s'pose', Kate said vaguely.

    Johnson was seated in a worn armchair lower than her own seat, and her eyes had, rather by accident than design, fallen upon the tubular shape which was slowly taking form under his front trouser buttons, or flies as she knew they were called.

    'They 'ad their clothes orf', Johnson said rather in the manner of one who utters a solemnity in church.

    'Oh!' ejaculated Kate as if the idea of people doing such was unheard of. She raised her eyes to his, dropped them again, and saw that the protuberance was even larger.

    “The two men, they takes their trousers down, and the gels has their drawers orf, and they was tied up-the gels, I mean-and with their bottoms stuck up towards the gents'… the gents'… well, Miss, I got to say it, their things wot was all stuck up like', said Johnson as if his weren't. His eyes were fixed on Kate's lips which were quite adorably open.

    'Did they… I mean, did they?' she asked, becoming aware that his large hand had risen and was resting on her thigh.

    'Did they what, Miss?' Johnson asked with a sudden grin. This one acted like an innocent, but he wasn't sure that she was. A bit she was, perhaps. He could have her the way he had the Mistress. Warm her up a bit. Keep her from squealing. Maybe she hadn't had it up her bottom yet, or maybe she had. Girls of her age often did. That way it didn't 'show.' Useful that was. Kept them virginal.'

    Very slowly he used his free hand to take her nearest one and brought it with all the care of handling a precious article on to the thick stem of his erection that Kate could then feel pulsing under the velvet cloth of his breeches.

    'Johnson, don't', Kate murmured feebly. A delicate flush stained her flawless cheeks. Her fingers stayed unmoving where he had placed them, his own palm laid over her knuckles.

    'Want me to tell yer, Miss, don't yer?' Johnson asked as gently as he could while Kate swallowed and ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.

    'What?' Kate asked, as much to gain time as anything. No lips ever poured forward more appealingly than Kate's when she uttered that word. With the delicate touch of her fingers upon him, it was too much for Johnson. In flash he was up and half on her, pinning her down, taking her chin before Kate could escape his seeking mouth.-'GLOPPPP!' she choked and succeeded in wrenching her lips to one side, causing his lips to slur over her cheek.

    'Mr. Johnson, please stop!' she gasped in the hope that affording him a title might ameliorate him. The manservant's hand being already beneath her skirt, however, he was already at caressing her thighs and finding her muff above.

    At the rude touch of his thumb to her crevice, Kate produced a faint cry which Johnson-taking her utterance to be one of pleasure-titillated more until Kate succumbed to an unbidden weakness and let her shapely legs slacken, though her lips remained averted and offering no surrender.

    'Got their pricks up their bottoms, they did, Miss. Lots of meanings and wrigglings there was, but once the gents were well-lodged there weren't nothing for it for the gels but to let 'em. A right rodding they give 'em, and the young Misses they took as they 'ave to and oughter, I s'pose'.

    'Oh, Johnson!' came Kate's moan, as if she were yielding to both his words and the excitations of his thumb.

    'You keep your legs open, Miss, and I'll give you better than any gent around 'ere could', Johnson said hoarsely making all attempts to unbutton himself against his vigorously straining pego which in little enough time found Kate's tentatively-seeking hand.

    Having grasped its considerable girth in her palm, however, the maiden's succeeding words were typical of such who would pause between doing and not-doing, her murmur taking the rather broken form of, 'Mustn't Johnson!' though the unhinged parting of her thighs betrayed her arousal which was further marked as the lust-swollen crest of his weapon prodded invasively at the portals of her grotto.

    Kate's head twisted from side to side. Her fingernails dug into Johnson's shoulders in a manner that he found painful rather than urging. Her belly slithered evasively. Like Venus rising from the foam, Kate suddenly succeeded in overcoming her impetuous weakness and struggled so much that Johnson's feet-sliding backwards on the worn carpet- brought him to glide backwards in the most undignified manner, his chin hitting the floor and his poker painfully meeting the selfsame obstacle.

    'Ho, Miss!' he groaned in his dismay, and as much to cover himself with pity as he hoped.

    'Oh, are you hurt?' Kate cried out in a kindly and thoughtful manner, sitting up, and therewith obtaining a prime view of his pestle whose purplish nose thrust mournfully into the air as Johnson rose, letting his breeches sag in the process. Thus re-positioning himself while Kate maintained her sitting posture, his erection quivered within inches of her chin.

    'It would take kindly, Miss, if you was to give it a little kiss of forgiveness, like', Johnson opined hopefully.

    Kate swallowed (prematurely, as might be felt) and drew in her lower lip as though to deny his request.

    'You were going to tell me, but now you want to do things', she pouted.

    'I told yer all there was, Miss Kate, honest I did. There was Bella 'aving it, and the other girl, too, side by side with 'er. There could 'ave been a fair bit of whipping if the young ladies 'adn't agreed to it, though by my lights they were sparky anyway and fair fit to be tupped like that. Tapped or tupped we say around 'ere. The young ladies don't mind that so much. Provided they don't 'ave it up between their legs, their mothers don't know'.

    'Don't they?' asked Kate dreamily, for even as he spoke Johnson brought his stiff pecker up to brush across her mouth. It felt like a toothsome plum, velvety on its exterior as it was. The exhalation of her warm breath appeared to make it quiver more. Making, as it seemed, to lick her lips, Kate touched the purplish crest with the tip of her tongue, causing Johnson to groan beseechingly.

    'Don't tease, Miss. Take it in yer mouth'.

    'Did they say anything, Johnson?' came the soft reply from Kate who was enjoying her momentary power. Parting her lips, she drew the helmet-like crest into her mouth and drew upon it cautiously. Such an act never having occurred to her before, she nevertheless found herself enjoying it. Her eyes half closed, her cheeks drew in as several inches of the vibrant corker slid over her tongue.

    'The other girl-not Miss Bella-said as she wanted it. Said to 'im to get it right up 'er bum, she did, after they had started. A fair do, it was, all panting and moaning together. I bet they was nice and tight, Miss, like your mouth. Lovely mouth you 'ave. Suck on it more. Hold my balls while you do it!'

    It was at that voluptuous juncture, however, that the door opened. Kate, being in a semi-facing position towards it, espied their visitor first and sat transfixed for several seconds, her mouth meatily filled.

    'Kate! Johnson!' exploded the outraged tones of Letitia, whereat Kate took the only course she could and fell back in a seeming swoon, leaving the bewildered manservant's pego wet and quivering.


    A Stately English Mansion


    In the fell circumstances that connected this trio, explanations and recriminations were somewhat briefer than they might otherwise have been.

    Kate continued to resort to her attack of the vapours and had to be led, apparently limp and wan, by Letitia into the drawing room while Johnson continued bemoaning that he didn't know how it all happened.

    'You cur! I will deal with you later! A poor innocent girl, indeed!' Letitia had thrown at him, while Kate-finally seated in more outwardly respectable surroundings-began to sob bitterly and to imply, in such broken words as left her lips, that she agreed with Johnson, this bringing a heartfelt sigh from Letitia who could not help but think that at Kate's age she had been in similar circumstances herself, albeit not with a servant. At worst, Kate was obviously still a virgin, though Letitia was beginning to question herself as to why she wished the girl to be.

    'Men are thus. There are times when one cannot help but be led into licentious pleasures, Kate', Letitia opined.

    'But I didn't mean to do nuffink, really. I was talking and he put it in my mouth, and then you come in-and I wanted to DIE!' Kate howled with some modicum of truth at having been discovered thus.

    'Kate, you must never say that!' Letitia scolded, for Kate's tears were real enough, though caused by a surplus of aroused emotions rather than remorse. That Letitia sensed this was not entirely to Kate's disadvantage, for where jealousy is not concerned then females of all ages can be quite conspiratorial in these matters. What Kate feared was that she might be questioned more upon the manner of her conversation with Johnson, but that possibility was fortunately diverted by the appearance of Ethel, followed in short order by Easton, both of them having overheard Kate's last, rising cry.

    'What is to do?' rang both their voices in unison. Ethel ran to comfort Kate by perching on the arm of her chair.

    Easton looked at his wife askance. Letitia shook her head. Thus the tableau held for a moment until Letitia broke the momentary silence by saying, 'Kate, dear, you had best go to your room with Ethel and compose yourself'.

    A doleful nod came from Kate who rose and, with head bowed in the manner of a young nun, made her exit in company with a wondering Ethel-the floor thus being left to the true protagonists of all that had passed.

    'It was Johnson. I have told you often enough what a beast he is', Letitia said gravely and then moved into her description of the affair while Easton listened gravely.

    'She is spoiled?' he asked quaintly enough for him.

    'No, my dear. I told you she but had him in her mouth. He surprised her by thrusting it suddenly at her. He must be dismissed, Easton'.

    'Er-hem! That is for you to say, my sweet'.

    'Indeed, it is, and I am glad that you see the light. Poor Kate! What a shock it must have been to her. He was rampant, Easton, rampant!'

    'We should perhaps see to her', Easton said carefully.

    'Oh, you may think so. All men are the same', uttered Letitia who, even so, was not perfectly sure that Kate's account had been as wholly truthful as Letitia had first brought herself to believe.

    'I am thinking also of Ethel, my dear. In her excitement or distress, Kate may well convey to her that which it is not needful for her to know', opined Easton, thus causing his wife to raise her eyebrows in surmise, for in the alarms of the occurrence it was an aspect to which she had not given thought. Then, as if to distance himself from intimations of personal desire, he went on, 'Ralph is to visit tomorrow. Pray why do you not take Kate out for a pleasant drive and a picnic, mayhap?'

    The question being so artlessly put, Letitia could barely suppress a smile. Her brother-in-law-who was in question here-had availed himself several times of Easton's diplomacy in respect of young ladies and would be more than willing to do the same in Kate's respect. Such curious tinges of jealousy as Letitia had in respect of that young lady with regard to Easton began to melt.

    'The fresh air would do her good, yes', Letitia replied cautiously. 'Ethel, however, may wonder why she is not allowed to accompany us. Ah me, she is at a somewhat difficult age, and there is the question of her further tutelage now that Miss Martin is leaving us'.

    'Precisely what I am thinking, too, my pet. I have been giving consideration to Hodkins who, I hear, has retired early from schoolmastering to devote himself to the-writing of books. He would not be averse, I am sure, to devoting a few hours a day to Ethel, and that without the encumbrance of his having to board with us. He could ride over each morning, or Ethel might be taken to him. Under his tuition the dear girl will flower more rapidly than perhaps has been the case with Miss Martin', said Easton ungallantly.

    'Do you think so?' Letitia responded vaguely and in such a manner as he knew gave assent. For her own part, she was pleased to hear her husband give this final flourish to the lady's dismissal.

    'Indeed, yes, while you and Ralph are engaged with Kate, I will take her to see him. Meanwhile a game of croquet would be in order, I think, to help disperse any elements of undue conversation between Kate and Ethel, even though neither will have any ulterior motive therein'.

    'You are right, my love', replied Letitia, who saw several solutions being offered at once. Proceeding upstairs-and after having offered a tactful knock on Kate's door-she clapped her hands brightly and announced that all were going out into the garden, which news pleased Ethel not at all, for she had just begun to learn what a big one Johnson had, and had been slyly leading Kate on when her Mama broke into the scene. With maternal intuition, however, Letitia sensed that such might be the case and-inwardly praising her husband for his foresight therein-saw to it that the two girls had no further privacy together that day.

    The following one-being that on which all were to ride forth-saw much activity. Bella and Miss Martin departed first on horseback, for Caroline and her husband were to meet them en route. Ethel prepared herself, with little pleasure, to accompany her Papa on her educational mission to Mr. Hodkins, much fretting that she was not going to enjoy herself on a picnic, especially as she enjoyed the company of her roguish Uncle Ralph.

    Her attitude was thus broody, which caused her Papa to reprimand her and tell her to sit up straight in the pony cart that conveyed them to Hodkins' house.

    'But I don't want to learn, Papa', Ethel said foolishly enough.

    'I trust you will not say that to Mr. Hodkins, my pet, or his birch will be busier than his pen', Easton uttered sternly, which brought an even fiercer pout to his nubile offspring's lips, and the which was still rebelliously in evidence upon their entering the abode of the said gentleman who was tall, spare and wore pince-nez which clung like an uncertain spider halfway down his nose. Having listened to Easton's request, the savant nodded gravely.

    'I may test her learning a little?' he asked, indicating thereby that he did not wish the chore of coaching a beginner.

    'Indubitably! I have a need to go over and see Fellowes', said Easton, referring to his solicitor. He consulted then his fobwatch and announced that he would return within the hour, and this to the extreme annoyance of Ethel who had no wish to be cooped-up on such a fine morning while Kate was enjoying herself. Her irritation increased, moreover, when-upon the departure of her Papa-Mr. Hodkins led her into his dusty and frowsty old study and sat her down to first test her spelling. Alas for Ethel, this was not her prime subject and not only did she spatter the paper with ink in her bad mood, but actually uttered the word 'Damn!' under her breath, the which did not escape Mr. Hodkins' ears. But he had taught recalcitrant young ladies before and knew there was only one way to deal with such a one.

    Resultantly, when Easton made his somewhat thoughtful return (having heard a little more about Mr. Hodkins' methods than he had conveyed to Letitia), he was met by a flushed Ethel who, upon the opening of the entrance door, rushed out to the pony cart with a rebellious mewing sound issuing from her lips.

    'What is to do?' Easton thereupon questioned the would-be tutor who shook his head gravely and conveyed to Ethel's father all that he felt it was needful for him to do in a few terse sentences.

    'Yes, ah yes, yes', Easton responded several times, producing no show of choleric whatever about the matter and the two finally shaking hands before he rejoined his errant daughter and took up the reins.

    For half a mile along the dusty lane, neither spoke. Ethel offered up several broken sobs which Easton ignored, and finally so much so that Ethel laid her head upon his shoulder and wailed, 'Oh, Papa!'

    At that, Easton appeared to give more concern to her and reined in the pony against a sunlit meadow, asking with all appearance of wonder, 'What is it, my dear? Come, let us rest awhile on the grass while you tell me all that frets you'.

    A hedge offering its shelter from the view of any passers-by, Easton tied the pony, climbed the fence and assisted Ethel to do likewise, whereupon he went forward a little way and drew her down beside him on the sward. There, the young Miss, with some semblance of tears glistening in her eyes, rolled over upon her tummy and offered up a great dramatic show of lying still.

    Easton, remaining on his back, placed one hand atop her nearest thigh, wherewith he was able to feel the ridging of her stocking top through her dress.

    'You were saying, my pet?' he asked, this producing a snivel from Ethel who kept her face averted from him.

    'He… Mr. Hodkins… he birched me, Papa, because I could not spell. Oh, it was horrid and he should not do it! I could not spell dutiful, he said, for I gave it two ls, and I could not spell submissive either, for I only had one s in mine-this announcement bringing an apparently doleful sigh from Easton whose palm, in shifting upwards a little, encountered the sensation of warm and silky flesh through Ethel's dress which, being of cotton, was easily raised as he established by drawing up its folds with seeming absentmindedness.

    'Birching is a form of exercising young ladies, Ethel, wherewith to impress certain matters of learning upon them. It follows therefore that you must learn to be both dutiful and submissive. Had I time, I would have attended upon you myself in such matters'.

    'But I don't want Mr. Hodkins to birch me, Papa', uttered Ethel mournfully, biting upon her knuckles as she felt what she thought to be a light breeze raising her skirt at the back. First the dipping of her knees became exposed, then the brown rings of her stocking tops, and finally two creamy rims of silk smooth flesh that Easton felt palpitating beneath his fingertips.

    'In such a case, my pet, it would be needful for me to exercise you', he uttered mournfully as if it were the most dire duty he could conceive of.

    'But you don't have the time, Papa, do you?' asked Ethel hopefully. In speaking, she turned upon her hip towards him, which motion caused Easton's hand to ride higher up beneath her fluffed-up skirt so that the faintly-throbbing apple of her bottom curved into his palm.

    'Ethel, I discern that you are still wearing your drawers despite having received attention'.

    'He made me push them down, Papa', the maiden answered, blushing.

    'It is needful, Ethel', uttered Easton in sepulchral tones. 'I s'pose', answered she dolefully, burying her face into his waistcoat while the lustrous halfmoons of her firm young derriere wriggled against his cupping hand.-'I do not mind if… I do not mind if you were to teach me, if only you did have the time, but then Mama would wonder why I was not going to Mr. Hodkins, would she not, and she would say that I was being a nuisance, I'm sure she would', Ethel put in.

    'Your dear Mama has much to engage her mind it is true", answered Easton somewhat obliquely, “Though on the other hand I do not wish you to-er-bend before Mr. Hodkins, if you do not so wish'.

    'Oh, so you will?' Ethel asked hopefully, raising her cherry lips to close to her Papa's that they almost touched.

    “There are matters in which one may exercise discretion Ethel, without disturbing others. I confess to finding Mr. Hodkins' abode somewhat dark and mournful'.

    'Oh, so did I', exclaimed Ethel truthfully enough. The gentle circular movements of his hand around her closely-sheathed posterior made the throbbing left by the birch much more pleasant than it otherwise had been, and so much so that she fell into quite a dreamy state, remaining unstirring while Easton cautiously slipped the ties of her drawers and eased them down until her naked rump came smoothly to his hand.

    'You were not too badly stung?' he enquired, causing his thumb to enquire so intimately between her tight cheeks that Ethel sucked in her lower lip, shaking her head but saying in contradiction the while, 'It stung me most awfully, Papa'.

    'It will, Ethel, but you have to learn', came the rejoinder, whereupon Easton caused the ball of his thumb to press lightly against her tight rosette in a manner that made her breath hiss in her nostrils. Finding, however, that she was not averse to these delicate explorations, Easton then passed his hand under her warm globe and felt the slight oiliness of as much of Ethel's curl-shrouded slit as he could reach.- 'Your bottom does need more attention, Ethel', he murmured, causing his lips to rest against her own.

    'D… does it, Papa?' Ethel asked breathlessly the while that he raised her upper leg and brought it over his own so that Ethel's bent knee then encountered the salutary impression of his stiff penis through his trousers. This adjustment to their slowly-evolving embrace having been made, Easton urged her little form upwards a shade. Thereby his hand was enabled to scoop more under her brazen derriere, bringing the pouting lips of her cunny to splurge over his fingertips in a way that made Ethel feel dizzy, though very pleasantly so.

    'I shall teach you, Ethel', Easton murmured gravely while small clouds of her warm breath passed into his mouth.- 'Teach you', he repeated, pecking at her sultry lips which, with her panting, parted deliciously.

    'Yeth, Papa', Ethel lisped.

    Her knee rubbed tentatively against the tubular erection she could feel straining through the cloth of his trousers.

    It felt just as big as the one Kate had described to her.


    A Stately English Mansion


    In country residences other than those with which we are engaging ourselves, the arrival of a governess as a social guest would possibly have been considered beyond the pale Edwina, however, was constantly alert for the presence of toothsome females, and thus she received Miss Martin quite as if she were an equal.

    As also, of course, did the Colonel who perceived her immediately to be a fine figure of a woman, her noble breasts taking his eye immediately, as did the rondeurs of her thighs and the impressive thrusting of her bottom.

    Having been 'weighed up” frequently by males, Miss Martin took this in good part and gave him as full a view of her possessions as she could by turning this way and that while she conversed with her hosts whom she in turn judged quickly enough by virtue of what is called the pecking order. In a matter of an hour she had placed Jonathan accurately enough as having been dutifully up his mother-in-law's skirts as he had his wife's. Caroline she saw as being sparky, mischievous and therefore easily led, this being also the category into which Bella was fast descending.

    Another couple were also present on this occasion and, upon being introduced to them, Miss Martin learned that the female of the species was Annette, the stepdaughter of the Colonel, while her attendant male, Sidney, was her fiance. No hovering Mama of the young lady being present, Miss Martin soon enough elicited that the Colonel and his wife were separated and seemed likely to remain so, which intelligence pleased her for it promised fewer complications in such plans as already formed themselves vaguely in her mind.

    Miss Martin's determination not to remain homeless for longer than was needful was uppermost in all her thoughts and, with some well-contrived show of shyness she admitted to the fact that she was leaving her 'dear Bella and dear Ethel.'

    'What shall you do?' the Colonel asked her. Having drawn Miss Martin aside at a wink and a nod from Edwina, he led the Way into the garden, leaving the others behind them.

    'I shall suit myself to those who suit me. One must choose carefully in this world. There are rogues and vagabonds about', Miss Martin said theatrically and in a manner that momentarily caused the Colonel's heart to sink, for he took her to intend matters of common morals thereby.

    'Indeed that is so, Miss Martin, and-if I dare press upon the point-some exceedingly dull ones also', he ventured probingly.

    'Dullness, yes! Is that not the greatest of sins? As kind as Easton and Letitia have been'-said she, using their Christian names in an over-familiar way that was intended to impress him-'I have sat often enough in my lonely room-though that could not be helped. How foolish, how romantic of me to wish for adventure'.

    'By no means, by no means, dear lady. To the contrary, a little adventure is the salt of life. Edwina, being my dearest friend, we have ventured upon several, though some might say… '

    The Colonel paused and sighed, and this in a manner that caused his companion to smile inwardly since he was clearly bidding her to ask how his words were to have ended.

    'Yes? What were you going to say? Oh, but you must think me very forward to ask', murmured she, fluttering her eyelashes and so drawing back her shoulders that her titties were made even more prominent. That she was younger than Edwina was a point in her favour that Miss Martin had not failed to grasp.

    Those who emerge from occasional solitude are ever and rightfully curious. Had we known each other longer, and were I to venture to speak, then even so you might be exceedingly shocked, Miss Martin'.

    At those words, she broke away from him and stepped forward as if confused by his admission. Concerned that he was forwarding matters too quickly, the Colonel made to approach her once more when Miss Martin turned and subsided languorously against the wall of the summerhouse, her face lowered.

    'My dear, I have offended you', the Colonel muttered having thrown a quick glance all around to make sure they were not observed.

    'No, no-I have been shocked before', came her whisper.

    'Ah, then I fear it was something very naughty-very naughty, eh?' asked he playfully.

    'Oh, desperately so', Miss Martin fluttered, 'I was but young, untutored, had no one to run to for advice as to that which was done to me. So frequently were the sheets of my bed ruffled in the lists of desire. Oh, but I am letting my tongue run away with me. How shocked you would be if Caroline or Annette were to utter such words!'

    'She is very cold', responded the Colonel mournfully, though the course of the conversation was yielding higher hopes than he had anticipated.

    'Caroline, you mean?' came a subdued whisper while Miss Martin continued to gaze down modestly.

    'No, my dear, Annette', said the Colonel, thereby revealing at one and the same time two mites of information that he had not really intended to yield.

    'My dear Colonel, would you-could you-possibly forgive the temerity of my remark if I say that I, too, was thus, even through to my second or third trial?'

    The Colonel pawed the ground with his right foot just as a horse might when ready to leap forward into action. '1 have long desired to hear a lady of good breeding say such. Miss Martin, and-I would dare to add-to say more, for how else can we add to our sum total of knowledge as to male and female behaviour? By no means think yourself immodest, for we are alone, and all that passes between us shall be in strict confidence. To your second or third, you say? I trust you were not roughly handled'.

    Miss Martin threw her head back as if concealing thereby a blush, albeit that there was no tinge whatever in her cheeks.

    'I was handled, but no-I cannot say roughly, less the birch or tawse be deemed rough instruments. Rather would I say that I was urged, and that amid my early tears and cries, I succumbed, I yielded. I received that which is sometimes referred to as the cooling draught, and by such a route as left me virgin to the world. Oh, what am I saying to speak thus?' she cried, turning her back upon him and covering her face.

    'You will cleanse your very soul by speaking thus, dear lady. Arrogant as no doubt the instrument was that effected its rude insertion in your parts, did it not-eventually, that is-bring you to pleasure? And were you cold before?'

    'Yes! And yes, I was cold before. Warmly caressed as I was, I even so spurned he who wished to annoint me. And hence the birch and the strap. I was made to learn. Do you think that is wicked, Colonel?'

    'To the contrary, my dear, I think it perfectly natural. Ah that one could by such persuasions overcome the shyness and rebellious behaviour of other young ladies and bring them to the pleasures they unknowingly seek'.

    'Like Annette, you mean?' rejoined Miss Martin, giving a little sniff as though to indicate that she had shed a fretful tear or two. The Colonel's hands rested at that moment on her comely hips. A small forward step brought her rearing bottom closer to his loins.-'I felt attracted to her the moment I saw her and wished much to quell the imperious look in her eyes. I fear that her fiance…”

    'Will not perform to best advantage, Miss Martin, no. How I concur with you! Would that she were in the arms of a wise and knowing-indeed, sensitive-woman such as yourself.

    'You mean that I should speak to her?' came the reply. Miss Martin turned slowly and hesitantly at last and, in so doing, caused the top of her thigh to brush against the very protuberance that she expected to find him displaying.-'I find myself saying things I have never said before, and that I never meant to say', she added uncertainly, though her mind was ticking with a vengeance, as might well be supposed.

    'Fate has brought you here! I shall have matters so ranged that her room is next to yours. Unclothe her, unclothe yourself. I believe she has a fine figure'.

    'You have not seen her yet? How strange we are in our youths, as girls, for I too was such. I shall endeavour to brine her to a point of understanding, yes. One must not go in fear of the male instrument, however rudely it burrows'.

    'Precisely, yes!'

    'You have inveigled her, though? Attempted?'

    'Several times', rejoined the Colonel hoarsely, feeling Miss Martin's resplendent thighs and bottom in the process though she was-as ever-careful not to provide him with any hint of response. Indeed, gliding away from between his masterly form and the wall, she but permitted him to hold her hand while they proceeded onwards.

    'Persistence and persuasion are very necessary, Colonel. My interest is solely in her future happiness, you understand. If she needs to be spurred on, then thus it must be. I trust you will not flinch from the task? I will hold her, of course, should such prove necessary-provided I have your word that no other shall know of this, not even Edwina'.

    'I say!' blurted the Colonel loyally, but at a sharp look from her, he immediately added with unaccustomed accession to a female, 'By jove, no-absolutely not. Keep it dark, eh what?'

    'I would prefer it, Colonel. Were I to be thought of as a loose woman, what might be said of me? I understand, however, from your response, that you normally have no secrets from Edwina. If such be the case then I should not perhaps involve myself.

    'But dammit, I wish you to! You have the advantage of greater youth than Edwina in this case. Annette is just upon her majority, yet is as cold as marble. I would not wish to have her continue so. She must be broken-in'.

    'By us?' Having passed beyond a shrubbery and being doubly assured that they were well-screened from the house, Miss Martin swirled her skirts and sat beneath a majestic elm, leaning back against the bole while the Colonel eyed her quizzically and then lounged beside her, drawing open his coat whereby she might better view the line of his erection through his trousers.-'It is a fine one, from what I can see', said she with disarming frankness. 'If I am to assist you, then Annette must learn to appreciate it.

    'What a strange one you are!' remarked the Colonel with a great strain of admiration in his tone. As he spoke, so he endeavoured to pass his hand up beneath Miss Martin's dress, but her own hand stayed his at the point where it reached one rounded knee.

    'Afterwards, perhaps, dear Colonel. I wish to see how well you perform on her first. I am not one to delay the pleasures of others. I shall begin my coaxing of her tonight. By the morning you will know what has passed. It may then be necessary for us to take her to a more private place'.

    “There may be difficulties therein so far as Edwina is concerned'.

    'Not at all. There will be something you desire to fetch from your own house and will invite me to see it. I shall ask Annette to accompany me as chaperone. She will undoubtedly invite me to see her room and her wardrobe. Young women invariably do such. You will pretend to busy yourself about the grounds. Within half an hour, returning quietly, you will find that which you wish to see and may benefit therefrom. It is seemly that a young lady should first be pokered on her own bed, for each time she betakes herself to it she will better remember the sensations that she was brought to undergo there. Moreover, with myself as witness, her lips must be bound to remain sealed. Am I not a lady of propriety?'

    'Does Bella know you as such?' rejoined the Colonel artfully, continuing to caress both her sleek knees.

    'Does Caroline know you as such?' came the pert reply which, coming so unexpectedly, caused the Colonel to take a breath, thus allowing her to continue quickly, 'You must tell me all, my dear-all. If there is a map of love and desire already drawn in this abode, then I must know its routes, its alleyways, its arbours and its secret places'.

    'One kiss, one moment of caressing your adorable cunny and naught shall be hid from you', declared he hoarsely, making to draw her legs downwards so that she might prove the more defenceless. The strength of her was such, however, that he succeeded not a whit and was repulsed with as cold a disdain as he had several times experienced with Annette.

    'Quell your ardour, Colonel; save your forces for the morrow. Be certain, too, that you remove the key from Annette's door before she retires tonight. Such a small thing, yet it could prove both an encumbrance and an embarrassment if I am forced to tap on her door, alarming others. If you have already enjoyed Bella-as I begin to believe may be the case-then you have me to thank for that. Has it been so? She would have received your penis in her furrow without too much ado. Was it not thus? The equally licentious pleasures that I promise you shall obtain with your stepdaughter rest upon your frank confession'.

    'And yours to me?' countered he eagerly. Taking her hand, he drew it upon the concealed but throbbing staff of his penis. Limply it remained, her fingers enclosing the tubular, hard shape delicately, neither moving nor unmoving.

    'Tell me first-and then I, too, will speak', replied Miss Martin who was quite prepared to unfold the libertine activities of her girlhood but not those of the Sherwood household beyond what she had said about Bella.

    'Rub it, you wondrous woman', croaked the Colonel, heaving his loins.

    'Afterwards; perhaps afterwards. I may even give it a little suck if you are a good boy. Did you begin with Edwina?'

    'Yes', came the Colonel's husky reply.

    Dammit, he had never known such a smoothly commanding woman.


    A Stately English Mansion


    To a man of the world, Annette might have proved the catch of the season. The bulbous firmness of her marbled breasts with their adorable browny-pink tips was matched by the equal out-thrust of her bottom whose twin halves resembled the polished surfaces of a Dutch cheese. Her eyes were large, her mouth small-ish and eminently fit for the kisses that would long have been laved upon it long before had it not been for the watchfulness of her Mama who had read her swain's mind very well and guarded against almost all his surreptitious approaches to her offspring.

    There had been several occasions when the Colonel had palmed Annette's bottom and brought her lips to his own with a gentleness that had almost persuaded the shy maiden to let her globe rest longer upon his comforting hands. After but a few seconds, however, she had persuaded herself that it was 'rude' to act thus and had moved petulantly away, though her heart was beating faster than she knew it should and a certain tingling between her legs made her wonder what was rude and what was not.

    In such matters, Miss Martin was able to prove eminently persuasive. By eleven that night she had inveigled her way into Annette's bed on the seemingly timid basis that she was unable to sleep.

    'I, too, am the same', said the maiden who had tossed and turned for half an hour.

    'It is a lack of comfort, Annette. I, in my solitary state, often experience it. When you are wed then it will be otherwise. How I shall envy you, and how I shall envy the lips that with your own perform a pas de deux, or maybe one should say a pas de quatre.'

    'Envy?' asked Annette who like all females could not resist such flattery. As she spoke, so Miss Martin's thigh pressed sensuously to her own and the tip of her tongue twirled in Annette's shell-like ear, causing her to ask, 'Oh, what are you doing?'

    'It may be that even though I never reach your lips, I shall at least have reached that part that hears my words. Oh, dearest Annette, how I have longed all day to suck upon the bee-sting of your lower lip', Miss Martin said with all the false poetry she could summon up.

    'Oh!' quavered the girl who knew not how to comport herself and who could feel Miss Martin's knee suavely moving up between her legs and drawing up her nightgown with it. Never in the field of amourous endeavour had Miss Martin taken so long over a conquest as she did that night. Here was no Bella to be tickled and teased; here no Ethel into whose receptive ears the positively naughtiest words could be poured. In all aspects Annette was virginal and tended to stiffen and close her legs, trapping her companion's warm knee between them.

    For a full half an hour Miss Martin worked on her with sultry whispers and occasional butterfly touches of her fingers that at one moment tasted the firm fullness of Annette's titties and then fell away as though they had performed a sacrilege. The flirtatious nature of those errant touches stirred the girl, however, where a ruder approach would have done otherwise.

    'A little kiss. One little kiss or two and we shall both sleep better', murmured her seductress, passing her fingers lightly over the Venus mount whose full padding of curls could be felt through the cotton of her night attire.

    'We… we must sleep. Shall you not return to your own room?' asked Annette with such outrageous innocence as almost stirred Miss Martin to smack her bottom in the savoury manner that she liked to do.

    'In a moment, my precious. I shall not leave until the honey from your lips has passed between my own'.

    In the pale moonlight that filtered into the otherwise shadowed bedroom, Annette's pretty face was an oval of purity as she finally allowed it to be turned towards that of her companion. The lightest and most fragrant of velvety kisses followed while little by little Miss Martin brought their bellies warmly together. Through the frail coverings that garbed their shapely forms, Annette could feel the burring of Miss Martin's pubic bush to her own. Her breath quickened. Their mouths slowly merged. Therewith, Miss Martin raised her bent leg higher-carrying Annette's sole garment with it-until by use of a modicum of force and persuasion, she brought the girl's moist quim to splurge its untried lips on her silken thigh. In the same moment her tongue passed suavely into Annette's mouth and her free hand rose to clasp the back of the maiden's head, thus prolonging their dizzying kiss until Annette moaned feebly into Miss Martin's mouth and even moved her cunny a little on her thigh.

    'Oh, my love, I shall sleep well after this, will you not, too?' purred Miss Martin. The warm weight of her body rolled on to Annette's. Hoisting her nightgown, she brought the rolled lips of her quim to meet and rub against those of the girl who responded with a frenetic little cry as their most intimate parts made tingling contact. Drawing down the top of Annette's attire as much as she was able, Miss Martin succeeded in freeing two perky nipples which thereupon fell prey to her lips, causing Annette to buck pleasurably beneath her to the accompaniment of many luring, wicked words from her temptress.

    Never having experienced such a tempest of sensations before, Annette dug her fingernails into Miss Martin's flawless shoulders and spilled ecstatically to the great pleasure of the latter who could feel the thin salty spray against her cuntlips. Diving her tongue into Annette's willing mouth, she began to work the more passionately and determinedly on her until, after several exquisite explosions, Annette subsided with a huge sigh and allowed Miss Martin's lips to roam where they would.

    'Come now, put your legs over the side of the bed and I will attend to you more', uttered Miss Martin in more decisive tones than she had yet used, for she knew well enough that the girl's bubbling spring was well capable of producing more effusions.

    'We mustn't', responded Annette feebly even while her body was firmly swung about until her calves dangled over the rolled side of the sheeted mattress, and Miss Martin knelt before her.

    'Open your legs more, Annette, for you are now going to learn to do so. Swing your knees over my shoulders!'

    'HAAAAR!' responded the maiden haplessly, for her legs were then skewered and raised, and in a trice Miss Martin's tongue came up beneath her moist fur to lick ardently around and within her honeypot, causing Annette to claw at the empty air while her bottom slewed ardently this way and that.-'GOO-GOO-GOOO!' came her babyish chokings. Her heels drummed against Miss Martin's back, her exposed titties heaved, the bud of her clitoris thrilling endlessly to the tongue-tip which worked so expertly about it mat in another moment her creamy effusion trilled its tiny liquid waves into Miss Martin's mouth where it was savoured as fine nectar.

    As she came again, so Annette's back arched, forming a momentary bridge until she slumped and lay wide-eyed and silent while Miss Martin rose, wiping her salty lips and swinging the girl's limp body once again around until she was able to clamber in once more beside her, drawing Annette's weak, palpitating form close into her own.

    Breathing softly, the girl clung to her, their stiff nipples touching electrically.

    'You need cock, my pet', whispered Miss Martin, which words caused Annette to cling to her more tightly. Deftly and sensuously, Miss Martin ran her tapered fingertips around the lush globe of the girl's bottom and, parting the springy cheeks, began rubbing gently around the puckered rim of her rosette.

    'DO-OOOOHNT!' Annette moaned fretfully as the fingertip then enquired within her tight nether channel.

    'Shush!' responded Miss Martin who knew well enough the magic of this phase of Sapphic love. To a little gritting whine from Annette, she urged her finger in to the first knuckle, causing the girl's legs to stiffen and her head to shake from side to side.

    'N… n… not there!' came a soft whimper.

    'Right up you to his balls, darling. He has you in his big hairy balls and cannot wait for you, my pet'.

    Vainly did Annette wriggle her hips to try and escape the slim invader. Her breath puffed out, her eyes half closed. At one moment she pressed away from Miss Martin and at another sagged into her. Their bellies rubbed, their titties bulged together.

    'OH-WER! OH-WER!' Annette began to sob. Miss Martin's words had come to her as through a cloud and she scarcely understood or absorbed them. With supreme delicatesse, another finger now toyed with her perky clitoris so that both were at work and in unison.-'PMFFFF!' Annette choked. A faint moisture in her anal passage then betokened a greater surrender to the urging digit there. Her hips jittered and waggled.

    'Tongue now, give me your tongue. Come, Annette, do as you are told', murmured Miss Martin, feeling the girl's toenails scrape in an ague of pleasure over the insteps of her own feet.

    'GLUP!' Annette choked. Her submission by then was all but complete. The velvet, wet snake of her tongue glided over that of her seductress and their mouths locked.

    'You want cock, Annette. Say that you do-tell me!'

    'W… w… w… want!' blathered the girl helplessly. The burning sensation that the entry of a finger up her bottom had first afforded her had passed away to be followed by an itching, tingling sensation which mirrored that in her love-swollen cunny. Drawing her tongue from within Miss Martin's mouth, Annette sobbed and pressed her peachlike cheek to the woman's, hissing through her fine nostrils as a final orgasmic ecstasy shook her, her spray then being even stronger than her first, its sparkling droplets cascading their pearls over Miss Martin's thick bush.


    A Stately English Mansion


    While these events were passing, some strange if animated conversations were taking place in the quiet of bedrooms in the Sherwood's mansion. Both Ethel and Kate had retired later than was their normal wont and both had appeared to be bubbling with suppressed emotions that earlier in the day had achieved some release.

    'Ethel was very flushed today', Letitia remarked in process of disrobing herself for bed, 'Did she not take to her new tutor? Was she upset?'

    Finding this the very question that he did not want put to him, Sherwood-being attired then only in his shirt- approached his wife from the rear and clasped her around the waist, drawing her naked bottom into his loins.

    'How superb your bottom is! Press it into me, my dear', he murmured.

    Females, however, are not so easily diverted and are prone to have their suspicions aroused when a question is evaded. Even so, she gave pause to respond to him in the manner that both liked and rolled her fleshy orb against the rapidly-swelling crest of his knob.

    'What a heavy cock you have', she murmured truthfully enough, turning slowly about.

    'You have yet to tell me about Kate, my dear. Did she surrender to his tool, and did you see?'

    At that, Letitia momentarily let pass the point she had wished to make herself. Gliding one hand down between them, she grasped her husband's member and couched his balls upon her other palm.

    'Yes', she said simply.

    'You witch! Will you not tell me?' responded Easton robustly, casting her down beneath him on the waiting bed. In so doing, Letitia's hand slipped from his stiffening tool, but then grasped it anew.

    'You have not told me about Ethel', she replied, feeling a strange shiver run through her that was compounded of excitement and a tingling apprehension.

    'Open your legs and let me put it in while we talk'.

    'No, my love, for you will come too soon. Let us make it last. I am in a perfect fever of desire tonight. Have you come already today? Was it nice?'

    'Yes, no, perhaps-though not as much as you, I trow. Did Ralph have you, too? I would have a jealousy on me as to that!'

    'Oh, would you indeed! And who did you have, you naughty man?'

    'On the grass? Was it on the grass-your legs apart, the both of you?'

    'If you must, yes. Had I not been there, Ralph would have had much greater difficulties with her. It was a pastoral scene of wicked pleasures such as you would much have enjoyed. Amid many petulant noises from her, I succeeded in embracing her-and she much flushed with wine, I do confess-the while that Ralph removed her drawers. Oh, what heavings and what squeals followed, I muffling her as best as I could with my lips upon her own while your dear brother manoeuvred his tool between the lips of her cunny. A single thrust, a wail from Kate, and he had sheathed himself within'.

    She kicked?' asked Easton, who much liked young girls to do so.

    'But feebly, sweet, for I cossetted her and told her that I, as her chaperone, permitted it. Therewith she became quiescent and strangely so, for she lay back and stirred her bottom gently to his will. The dear sweet girl, she was much in need of it. A soft pallor took her cheeks when she came, and oh her gasps when Ralph responded with his sperm! Such frantic wrigglings of her hips occurred men that he was all but unhorsed and needed much to pin her down while the jets exploded in her. Then, 'Oh!' she cried, and once again lay still, his prick a-pulsing in her quim, her knees drawn up. I kissed her sweetly then and felt her lips' responsiveness. You may ride her yourself now, dearest, for I do not mind. Her very sweetness makes her sultry to the cock's proud touch'.

    'And afterwards-he had you, too?”

    'You have not told me yet of Ethel, dear. What passed, what happened? Is she not to learn?'

    'She is to learn, but not with Hodkins, for he birched her, dear. Oh love, my love, come open up your legs', said Easton, endeavouring to stir his rod against her sticky nest.

    'Only the knob… Oh, you beast-Just hold it there!

    Oh, how lovely, what control you have! He birched her did you say? Oh, were you there?'

    'Tut tut, no no. Ooooh, just another inch! How tight you are tonight, just like a girl!'

    Excitement more fully overcoming her, Letitia opened the portals of heaven to him more, his stave three inches in her, moving back and forth.

    'Poor Ethel! W… w… was her bottom red?'

    Slurring her hips as she spoke, curving her belly under his and rubbing her pubic moss against his much more wiry one, Letitia drew in a long-breathing rush of air as the embedded penis nosed deeper into her crevice and was there squeezed between its spongy walls. Yet for all that, she retained such part of her senses as males frequently lose in moments of lust, becoming wild in speech and wilder in thought. Thus the question was put more artlessly than Easton, in the thrall of it, imagined, and haplessly did he choke out a 'Yes!'

    'Ah, you saw her bottom', mouthed Letitia as if with eagerness.

    Grooving the helmet of his weapon back and forth in her notch, Easton groaned. The events of the day spun before him all too vividly.

    'I ex… ex… examined. It was needful. The dear girl was… MMMMMPH!… disturbed.

    “The poor sweet!' ejaculated Letitia, coiling and knotting her calves over the backs of his thighs so that he was more the prisoner then than she. Her heart pounded crazily, torn as she was between that which was to be in the next minute or two and that which might have been, for the fronds of strange suspicions-that which is called instinct in women- still swayed in her mind.-'D… dearest, you comforted her, I trust?' she mouthed against his ear the while the pair heaved and small juicy sounds came from between the junctions of their thighs where Easton's thick shaft threaded back and forth.

    'I… yes… ' gritted Easton who through the blur of imminent orgasmic bliss could just perceive the red flags of danger flying ahead.

    'And stroked her poor hot botty, did you, sweet?' lured Letitia.

    'Just a…just a leetle…AR! My love, I'm coming! Work your hips the more'.

    'Oh, Papa!' Letitia responded hungrily and with sly deliberation. A white cloud passed over her vision, for she was expending her pearls herself and in great part her strange outburst was due to her excitement, though it contained (it must be said) a little hook therein with which to catch the fish of which she was more certain then.

    'Eth…!' began Easton, yet realising the trap into which he had fallen, endeavoured to smother any further inadvertence of delirious speech by kissing Letitia more deeply and thus silencing both.

    She, however, was not to be put off and, with a little cry, drew herself up from beneath him with such sinuous suddenness that his cork promptly popped out of her cosy slit, almost causing him to expend on to the sheet.

    'Oh, I hate you!' exploded Letitia, albeit in a thankfully soft tone that did not escape the bedroom walls. So saying, she drew her legs up and curled herself away from him while a groping Easton-endeavouring to recapture the ultimate moment of desire-adjusted his own posture to bring his hefty, glowing, wet knob to probe between the richness of her bottom cheeks.

    'GOOO! Go away! Oh, you brute! You have touched her bottom, I know you have!'

    'Only to see, my pet. She was much put out from that horrid birch, and indeed I berated the fellow soundly when I heard of it. She will not find cause to go to him again. I shall teach her', uttered he with some boldness.

    'Teach her? Oh, I am sure you will! Tee-eeech her, what?' sobbed Letitia whose eyes, however, remained dry while her rosette-inadvertently or otherwise-adjusted itself to the plum of his cock.

    'Woman, be quiet!' growled Easton, thumbing her plumpness apart so that the crest of his member was trapped between her full rear cheeks.

    'I will not, I will not! Oh my poor, dear Ethel! Ah, what are you at now?' cried Letitia as if she had been previously unaware where his poker was prodding.

    Guilt takes a man in strange ways. Either he will endeavour to be evasive, or he will be browbeaten and confess, or (alas) he may become brutal. In this case Easton tended towards the last-named and promptly passed one arm around his wife's body and clamped his hand over her mouth, producing surprised squeaks therefrom. Placing then his free hand against her warm belly, he nosed up into her rosy orifice while Letitia indeed kicked at him fretfully as if she were at her first trials. Her head shook in vain attempts to dislodge his muffling hand and, with silence, Easton recovered the upper hand.

    'Indeed, what a bottom, what tight cheeks', he husked, making it plain by his omission of her name that he might intend thereby either Letitia herself or Ethel.

    'N… n… nnng…!' came whiningly from behind his hand, by which time his stout penis had lodged itself almost to the full in Letitia's globe.

    'Yes, my dear, oh yes-for you too have been wicked', Easton gloated, nibbling amourously at her earlobe as he spoke and churning his pestle slowly in a manner to which Letitia was normally very responsive. Knowing himself to be in full possession of her, no matter what passed between their lips, he loosed his smothering hand slowly, causing Letitia to suck her breath in.

    'T… take it out… I hate you', she whimpered, but at that he began to caress her puffy cunnylips and clitoris while his stem worked purposefully in and out, causing her to wriggle despite herself.

    'Because Ethel was birched?' asked Easton, twirling his tongue in her ear, 'Come, my pet, cease this foolishness and work your bottom to me. Am I not the master here? May the cock not tread the hens? Is it not time that Ethel was brought on to it?'

    'Don't, don't, don't, you hateful man!' came Letitia's moan, 'Oooh, oooh, oooh, n… not so fast! Did you, did you, did you? OMPFFFF!' came her splutter as Easton twisted her neck and brought her mouth savagely to his.

    'Be quiet, woman!' growled Easton who then had no intention of confessing either way, for he could not bring himself to retreat from what had passed, and neither did he wish to have to face the recriminations that might follow this bout of fiery temperaments and passion.

    'HOOO!' whimpered Letitia, salting his fingertips. Such a haze of impressions-true and imagined-clouded her mind that control completely slipped from her, yet had she known what had passed between her husband and their daughter, and had she been in a suitable frame of mind, Letitia might well have succumbed to laughter. For it must be said that the increasingly titillating caresses to which Ethel had been subject in the meadow many hours before had caused her to stir her knee with a surfeit of excitement against the humping of her Papa's over-anguished tool. Resultantly, Easton had been just about to roll her on to her back in readiness for what he felt she ought to receive, when an additionally sensuous motion of her leg caused him to experience a sadly premature eruption which, flooding the front of his trousers, communicated its thick stickiness to Ethel's knee.

    'Mmmm… hmmmm!' she had hummed enthusiastically against his mouth, for the two were at that moment kissing with unwise abandon, with Ethel-in her comparative innocence-believing that her Papa was but commencing the proceedings which she increasingly desired. Knowing little of male orgasm, Ethel doubtless believed that the frothing tool, whose wetness she could feel through her stocking- would continue its delightful eruptions in her nest.

    Alas (or not), fondling her bottom and her titties in that moment, Easton expended his forces powerfully and swiftly, being so much dismayed thereby that he held her quivering form against him in the dying moments of delirium and then rolled from her, leaving Ethel quite bereft and not a little annoyed.

    'Oh, Papa!' she had gasped, observing the large wet stain that spread darkly over the front of his trousers.

    'It is nothing, my pet', answered Easton weakly, whereat Ethel-with her drawers then nigh at her ankles-sat up and folded her arms around her knees and said with such catty brevity as even young females can summon up, 'OH!' this being offered to Easton's ears almost as a reprimand. Besides which, of course, he felt deuced uncomfortable in his glutinaceous state, not to say foolishly inadequate.

    'We had best return home, my sweet', he had ventured.

    'Oh yes, Papa, of course', Ethel replied sweetly but with a certain tightness in her tone that put him quite off balance.

    Such a contretemps being rare, Easton knew not what else to say, and certainly not to Ethel of all people. Thus their returning ride was carried out more in silence than otherwise. Ethel-considering the whole day to have been spoiled-ran to her room the moment they returned and sat moody and uncertain on her bed for a long while before deciding to change, for her dress was dusty from her little adventure.

    As for Easton, he changed his trousers and positively lurked about the house, knowing not how to comport himself vis-a-vis Ethel whose feet were to be heard stomping up and down in her room in quite a paddy, though upon reflection she almost gave way to a smile in considering that she had been almost very naughty and would be more so in the future, if she could. Finally the relative silence she had imposed upon herself grew upon her and she made her way rattier timidly to her Papa's study where he sat brooding over the entire matter.

    Having knocked and received his gruff call, Ethel had entered, having meant to do so in a ladylike manner. Confusion, however, seized her, and instead of doing so she ran to her Papa and plumped herself on his lap, saying in a shy manner, 'Oh, Papa, what is to do. You will teach me, will you not, or shall I ask Mama…?'

    'No, no, my pet, say nothing to your dear Mama or there may be great ructions about Hodkins, and I do not wish to fall out with the fellow that much', put in Easton quickly.

    At that, Ethel's rosy-cheeked, oval face took on a pouting look. Having assured herself that her Papa's trousers were dry, she wriggled on them to the distinct discomfort of Easton who had convinced himself that he had been shamed in her innocent eyes.

    'What then shall we do, Papa?' came her murmur.

    'Why, dearest Ethel, we shall play a little game so as not to disturb anyone. I will take you forth several times a week as if to visit Mr. Hodkin. Instead, we will find a secluded nook and there do your lessons'.

    'Proper lessons, Papa?' asked Ethel with a great show of naivety. Her face lifted and turned to his as she spoke and, in pronouncing her p's, her lips formed an adorable shape. So much so that Easton was much tempted to afford them the kiss that they appeared to invite. Manfully he steadied himself, while giving himself comfort by stroking her further hip as she sat sideways on his lap. Beneath her warm, tight bottom Ethel could feel yet another eruption and stirred her hips slyly until the knob of his penis nestled through her light attire up in-between the cheeks of her bottom. A sigh escaped her, the which Easton could no more ignore than he could the delightful elasticity of her derriere on his slowly-rising prick.

    'Proper, yes. What is it, Ethel?' he asked solicitously, toying with her slim fingers.

    'S… sometimes you will birch me, Papa, for you said it was needful, but if… oh, I mean, if we are outside then someone may pass and… '

    'I will birch you here within, my pet, when all is quiet', replied Easton, his heart gathering pace.

    'Here? Now? Oh, you do mean now, Papa, I know you do. I have been naughty, I know I have', whispered Ethel demurely while screwing up her eyes a little as the ever-stiffening rod beneath her seemed almost to be raising her bottom up.

    'It would be seemly now when it is quiet, my pet. How brave you are, how truly sweet! I shall birch your adorable bottom very lightly, that I do promise-only to bring it to a certain heat, you understand, and then… '

    'And then you will teach me, Papa?' wheedled Ethel, making great play of gazing modestly down into her lap. So expressive was the tension in her then that a giggle escaped her, bringing her to turn her face anew and press her blushing face into his shirtfront. Indeed, the gathering hypocrisy between the pair was about to dissolve, for whether consciously or not Easton passed his hand between her arms and began caressing her titties which to his amourous palm felt like two small melons, each wobbling a little to his touch.

    'Is that nice?' he asked rather hoarsely, whereat Ethel nodded blindly and moved the tip of her nose against his chest as if seeking refuge there.-'And this?” he began, relinquishing her bubbies and making to pass his hand up beneath her skirt. No reluctance at all showed in Ethel's ready parting of her thighs to admit his fingers to her grotto. As his fingers passed between the silky columns and approached the little thicket of curls, she leaned back slowly, mouth open and eyes closed.

    'Mmmm… ' came her agreeable hum, and therewith passed from her mind-as it did from Easton's-the thought that the birch might be needed, though in some far reach of his own mind he was deciding that to spank her brazen young bottom first would be the greatest fun for both and warm her up well for her initiation, for she would then prove even bounder.

    This idyll, however, was to be interrupted, though in a manner other than had occurred before. This time it was Mary who-after knocking-entered with a dusting pan and brush, causing Ethel to rise very hastily indeed.

    'As… as I was saying, I am going to practice croquet, Papa', she blurted, going very pink, the which the maidservant did not fail to notice, nor the heavy flush upon her Master's cheeks.

    'Ah, yes, of course, absolutely, my pet', answered Easton in a somewhat throttled manner, whereat Ethel-quite infuriated-made her exit, leaving her Papa to glare at Mary who by virtue of the sheltering nature of his desk was fortunately (or not) unable to perceive the state of his person.

    'You may leave, Mary; I have no time for your dusting now', said he curtly, and this much to the relief of Ethel who-being still within earshot at that moment-might have wondered whether Mary would receive that which she had not. Indeed, such a thought even passed rapidly through Easton's mind, but the thought that Ethel might re-appear caused it to dissolve just as quickly as it had appeared.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'When the limits of love are attained then there is pleasure for all who so participate. Is that not so?'

    The voice was that of Miss Martin-the place of her utterance being the Colonel's drawing room where Annette sat in some wonderment as to why he had found cause to return to the house.

    'L… love is spiritual, is it not?' Annette rejoined, clasping and unclasping her hands several times while the events of the night still hung upon her. Most unconventionally, as it seemed to her, Miss Martin had risen and showed her back to Annette's stepfather and herself while fingering the heavy drapes of the plum-red curtains and gazing through the dusty glass of the bow window which gave out on to the grounds.

    'Were that so, Annette, then nuns would be the happiest of us all-and would we not all enter a nunnery?'

    'Oh, as to that…' Annette began and flushed and looked confused.

    The Colonel sighed and rose, refilling their glasses and his own with port.

    'You speak of physical enchantment, Miss Martin, I believe', said he.

    'I speak of that which is. Annette, pray bring my glass to me and then sit down again', the lady answered, still unturning as she brooded at the window's shield.

    Being surprised by such a command, Annette showed momentary hesitation until a nod from the Colonel brought her to her feet. Passing slowly across the spacious room, and with the ruby surface of the port slip-slopping in the glass, she handed it gravely to her mentor of the night and then took up her seat again. Thereat a silence reigned for a moment until Miss Martin's voice broke through again.

    'Were you not to be married shortly, I might have been your tutor, Annette', she declared, quaffing as she spoke.

    'You might still be, my dear, if such is the wish of you both. The wedding is three months hence. You both have time', prompted the Colonel who perceived dimly but correctly that her original plans had changed and that he was not to be sent pacing the lawn, as he had thought.

    'Could you accommodate me? We commenced a few lessons last night, did we not, Annette?' Miss Martin asked to the utter confusion of the young lady who promptly buried her nose in her glass while her cheeks yielded a deep blush.

    'We… we were talking, yes', Annette spluttered while Miss Martin glided back towards her and took up a seat beside her on the chaise longue.

    'We spoke most prettily, with our lips together', said she, affording the Colonel a smile.

    'Oh! Miss Martin means we were whispering', interjected Annette who in that moment wished herself anywhere but in her own abode.

    To her initial relief, the Colonel did not appear to have absorbed either of their utterances, saying gravely, 'There is always much to teach. What subjects, Miss Martin, do you count as your prime ones?'

    'My prime ones? Now, let me think. They are as much of the mind as of the body, and as much of the body as of the mind. In some respects they are beyond the realms of discourse-in others they are extremely palatable to the eye. There are few physical limits to that which I teach, and none mental whatever. The activities of the one lead to the other, and vice versa'.

    'I say, it sounds absolutely ripping and frightfully unusual! Do you not think so, Annette?'

    'I? Oh, I am not sure', replied the much-flustered young lady.

    “That is because you have not tried, Annette-beyond the ranges of our discourse last night', responded Miss Martin civilly enough while fixing an eye upon the Colonel which, to his amusement and dismay,, clearly enough indicated that she was about to again demonstrate that same evidence of will that he had already experienced.-'Come, dear, pray let me give you a trial lesson of which your proud stepfather shall be the witness. May I suggest retiring upstairs? We shall be more at our ease there'.

    'A capital idea!' came from the Colonel and, simultaneously with it, a cry from Annette of, 'Oh, but I do not understand!' this bringing forth from Miss Martin the soft reproof that she soon enough would if she would but lend herself to a little 'study'.

    Such being a woman's intuition, a sense of breathlessness seized Annette who, finding herself escorted by the pair to the upper regions of the house, managed only to utter weakly, 'But we have to return!'

    'In good time, Annette', Miss Martin soothed. 'Which is your room? This one? Oh, how nice, how airy, what a lovely bed-I do adore your stand-mirror; you may see yourself in bed, may you not?'

    'It has been moved thus by the maid, I expect', rejoined Annette, a little put out to have her moments of self-admiration betrayed thus, though she spied nothing but merriment in the woman's eyes. As for the Colonel, his posture was as uncertain as to his thoughts of what might be about to occur. He lounged against the door lintel rather in the fashion of a man who had never seen his stepdaughter's pretty boudoir before.

    'What fun one might have on such a bed! There is much pleasure to be gained by advancing one's knowledge, you know. May I try it?' Miss Martin asked gaily and therewith to the confoundment of Annette threw herself upon it willy-nilly as a young girl might in a new abode, rolling this way and that, showing both her ankles and calves, and then finally coming to reside on her back with her head comfortably placed on a well-filled pillow fringed with cream lace.

    'We… we said we would be back', ventured Annette who, feeling a slight disturbance of air behind her, realised that the Colonel had entered and closed the door against which he lolled raffishly.

    “There is no hurry-no hurry at all. What a shame it would be to hasten your first lesson, dear. Colonel, bring her to me, for I want to kiss her', cooed Miss Martin, this producing an incoherent sound of disbelief from Annette who at the next felt her waist taken from behind, her dainty feet being lifted several feet off the floor.

    'What are you…? OH!' came her cry, for the Colonel's wiry strength was such that even though her legs kicked and twisted in dismay and her hips writhed, nothing availed her but to be plucked into the air and brought full length down upon the prone form of Miss Martin. Having prepared herself for such, and not displeased to take the full impact of such a curvaceous young form, the latter immediately parted her nether limbs and, bringing them high up on either side of Annette's, caused her calves to wind and lock about the maiden's narrow waist.

    Gentlemen who have themselves sported with a lively female in this selfsame way will have experienced the same surprising strength of grip that Miss Martin then exerted upon her prey. Twist as she might, Annette could not escape the scissoring lock, her hands beating on the pillow on either side of her captor's head.

    It was a curiosity in those preliminary moments that Annette uttered no such cries as might another girl have done. The surprise was too great, perhaps, or else it was that her innate pride prevented her during the first shock of the occasion from uttering beseeching words. All young women have a sense of play, and it may well be that Annette was endeavouring to persuade herself that Miss Martin was being merely playful, albeit rudely so.

    As the latter's calves and crossed ankles showed no sign of releasing her, however, and while the Colonel stood watching this tableau with excited amusement, a blustering, 'No! Please stop!' came from Annette. 'It is silly!' she then wailed, not daring to twist her head back to the waiting figure of her Step-Papa.

    'Dear Annette, I do recall once-in my utter youth- thinking how silly it was that I was made to learn multiplication tables. Even so, I benefited from them, and you are about to do the same. How lusciously juicy you were in bed last night, my sweet'.

    'Oh, Miss Martin, don't say THAT! How can you say such a horrid, rude thing! Let me be! OH! What are you at!' shrieked the young lady while Miss Martin-having both hands relatively free-set to reaching down and drawing up the broad skirt of Annette's blue gown.

    'Remove her drawers, Colonel', uttered Miss Martin while Annette bucked and struggled in vain.

    'He dare NOT!' came Annette's shriek, her would-be violent contortions producing a fervent rubbing of her proud titties upon Miss Martin's, the which the latter enjoyed initially more than she.

    'He has dared not before, and more's the pity or you would have been tutored long 'ere this. Are they off, Colonel?'

    'My dear, yes', was the chokey response, for so rarely had his hands essayed Annette's calves, thighs and bottom before that he was in raptures at not only patting and touching but in unveiling the glorious orb which came to view. Exquisitely plump and firm-and more so than her covering garments had ever hinted at-the lustrous hemispheres glimmered in the soft sunlight that pervaded the room as with a balm of light, though Annette obviously did not think so, for to her it was a most shameful offering of her most intimate parts to her stepfather's eyes. Over-eagerly, and having cast her drawers with their frilled legs to one side, he made to cup her cunny, but a vigilant hissing from Miss Martin stayed his errant hand.

    'Be seated, Colonel, on the chair there. You will see how ladies sport together in bed', she uttered, maintaining her relentless encirclement of Annette's wasplike waist while an hysterical cry of 'No!' was rent from the girl's lips.

    'Now, come, my girl, up-up a little', instructed Miss Martin who with a heaving of her legs was able to shift Annette upwards upon her until two things became possible. The first was that her tongue was able to lick luringly beneath Annette's chin and around her smooth neck, while the second was that by scooping her right arm down she was able to bring her fingers under the maiden's mossy nest and there begin an artful tickling of her.

    'No! HAAAR! NO! HAR! NEEE-OH!' came repeatedly and in a high-wailing tone from Annette while the Colonel's mesmerized gaze fell on all, and in particular of course the very persuasive movements of Miss Martin's busy forefinger.

    As it seemed to him afterwards, all appeared to be happening very slowly, despite Annette's frantic jerks and writhings. Miss Martin's wrist was most elegantly bent as she continued titillating what in a matter of but half a minute became a reluctantly juicy slit. Feeling it so herself, Annette buried her hot face in die pillow above and to the side of a cheerfully-smothered Miss Martin's head and tried in vain to stem her rising emotions.

    'Don't, don't, don't, please!' she moaned again and again, aghast to realise that which was being observed from a chair near the bed.

    'Yes, Annette, come on. What a hot cunny you have, my pet, and I, too. Let me just g… get my dress up so that you may rub your slit to mine again. You see what a nice lesson this is?' asked Miss Martin in a husky voice while she succeeded in the midst of all in so tucking her dress up that Annette's furry quim came to rub its love-swollen lips against her own, producing a moan from the latter who in her dizzy despair could feel herself weakening by the second.

    'Your lips, dearest, your lips. Move down a little again on me. Oooh, what a warm tummy! There now, there now, you cannot escape this lovely moment'.

    Several breathless sounds followed then, mainly of 'PMFFF!' as Annette more weakly strove to contain herself. Broken sobs issued from her lips the while that Miss Martin's lips succeeded in meshing with hers. Several times Annette's petulantly escaped while the back-and-forth jerking movements of her captor's legs-demanding as they were-brought them ever back again.

    In that moment the Colonel, whose prick was beating ardently against his restraining trousers, came to the realisation of what a comparative silence had fallen on the room. To the rapacious and spellbound seeking of his eyes, his stepdaughter's waist-impressed inwards as it was by Miss Martin's stockinged legs-seemed no greater in circumference than might be encircled by both his hands, and therewith her hips appeared to flare more and her glorious derriere to appear like a swollen gourd that had been cunningly fashioned into two close-knit halves by a master sculptor.

    And it was indeed that part of Annette's maidenly form that was next to be attended to.

    'Tickle her bottomhole, Colonel; she will come on more quickly then', was the blurting and kiss-smothered command from Miss Martin.

    'No! Oh my god, no!' uttered Annette at that, for in the increasing furor of awoken passions she had almost persuaded herself that he was not there.

    'AH!' uttered the Colonel with delight. His own dutiful-ness towards this extraordinary woman was about to be rewarded, he realised. Rising, he placed one broad hand in reverse upon Annette's delectable bum, springing the two halves apart with thumb and fingers the while that the forefinger of his free hand attended to a not unskilful circling of her nether hole which was well-ridged though much puckered. And at his first errant touch it became more so, as he anticipated from many pleasant evenings in India with maturing schoolgirls who were undergoing what was deemed to be the most desirable forms of domestic training.

    'DOO-HOO-HOOOO!' moaned Annette upon Miss Martin's open mouth, for the fingertip not only encircled her ridge and tickled her lasciviously there, but it became gradually invasive and dared to enter despite all the squeezing of that small rounded mouth upon it.

    'Gently, gently, Colonel', exhorted Miss Martin, though unnecessarily.

    Annette's warm globe bucked wildly as she endeavoured to escape the lewd entry, but the wriggling movements of her hips served only to aid it in its initial investigation which caused it to feel like a thick worm between her bottom cheeks.

    'MA-MA-MAMA!' sobbed Annette, the inward motions of the Colonel's finger causing her tongue to eject itself more into Miss Martin's encouraging mouth.

    'I say, by jove, let me have her now!' beseeched the Colonel whose digit was being greedily nipped.

    'No, wait, wait-she is coming on! Keep your finger up her there-just keep it… WHOOOO! Me, too! Oh, Annette, Annette, yes, yes, my love, yes, yes!' exhorted Miss Martin whose cry was indeed heartfelt for she herself was coming in the selfsame raptures as produced an echoing cry of surrender from her adorable captive. The two females- their teeth all but chattering together in an ague of released desire-locked themselves together hungrily. Try as she might then-but utterly lost in the swirling waters that seemed to enfold her-Annette could not but help producing little responsive movements of her hips to the insidious urging of her stepfather's digit in such an unthinkable place. Indeed, her previously-untried cavity appeared to itself yield a little moisture to his finger which encouraged it to move back and forth more rapidly and Annette therewith to produce another sparkling effusion of lustrous pearls upon Miss Martin's thick dark bush.

    All swarm, all swirled, for the hapless girl then who- released from her bottom-teasing-was slowly rolled upon her back like an undulating wave that at last has found the shore. Eyes bleared, Annette clutched desperately at Miss Martin who, in her new position, hooked one leg over the girl's nearest lower limb and so prevented it from closing upon its twin.

    'OH-WOH!' Annette uttered weakly, sensing well enough what was to follow, for she had glimpsed the risen Colonel removing his jacket and making preparatory movements around an extremely prominent area of his trousers. Her flushed face hid itself beneath Miss Martin's like a rabbit endeavouring to squeeze into its burrow, this motion suiting Miss Martin admirably so mat she kept Annette's face averted by stroking her cheek and running the tip of her tongue within her burning ear.

    'Your Mama was jealous, my pet, of that which your Step-Papa had need to. give you-and you to receive-long before this. Pray look at it now, for it is thick and sturdy and has a magnificent glowing head'.

    'No, no! Send him away-away!' wailed Annette hysterically, but therewith was like the selfsame rabbit who finds, having half concealed itself, that a rude spade is about to uncover the turf above its head-as indeed then happened to the wild-eyed maiden. Raising herself somewhat while keeping her leg bearing strongly down upon Annette's, Miss Martin forced the girl's face into an uppermost position so that she saw poised above her two hairy receptacles of lust and the rearing penis that was urgent to release the bubbling contents thereof.

    'HAAAAR! NO!'

    Annette's cry filled the room, she kicking her free leg in such wise as served only to display the more the already love-swollen lips of her quim which, being well-bushed, looked all the more tasty therefor.

    'You are to be nested-in, darling, and I the witness of the libertine frolics that will follow once your loins are engaged. Very well, Colonel-do your duty at last!'

    'He… MA… MA… MAMA-he must, must, must, mustn't!' babbled Annette hysterically, but being by then naked to his shirt, the Colonel was swiftly upon her, looping one arm around her free leg to thrust it back and thus better to yield the pouting lips of Venus to his lustful prodder.

    As it touched, so Annette shrieked anew and endeavoured to arch her back to unsaddle him, but in vain. His weight, impressing itself upon her firmly, thrust her back down while with a quivering sigh of satisfaction the purplish crest of his charger engaged itself blindly to the moist peach of her cunny. There, while she wriggled, twisted, squeaked and squealed, it hovered like an uncertain visitor, albeit deliciously stung and tickled by the juices that met it.

    The Colonel's hand then fell upon Annette's shoulders, pinning her down.

    'NEEE-NEEE-NEEE!' came grittingly from Annette in a whine. At that her legs were skewered by the more settled intrusion of his own and the entire swollen helmet gained purchase in her pulsing nest.

    Seeing her preliminary work done and upon the moment of being well-rewarded, Miss Martin half sat up and gazed benignly down upon the pair.

    Annette's flushed face, the slight tear-streaks beneath her eyes which had arisen earlier on as much from excitement as anything-her tousled hair and uncovered limbs-all these betokened to the eyes of her female mentor the moment of ultimate surrender. The girl's face quivered like a wire that has been twanged. Her lips were parted as if in a silent gasp of surprise. The hands that had flailed suddenly gripped at the Colonel's forearms beseechingly. Her eyes were wide, much as though she had encountered a ghost.

    'NO!' came Annette's final but weak and half-swallowed gasp that-to the admiration of Miss Martin-was followed not by raucous, crude words of desire from the Colonel such as other men utter at such moments. Accustomed in the art of quelling rebellious maidens and weakly-kicking schoolgirls, he kept himself poised above Annette then, ensuring that her titties were well under his chest but were not unduly crushed.

    A gentleman did not rush matters on such occasions. It was enough now that he had her under authoritative command, her thighs quivering against his own, donating the sensuous but unintended little kisses of her ridging stocking tops against his muscled flesh the while that the nose of his ramrod inveigled itself slowly between the parting walls of her lustrous sheath.

    At the receipt of another two inches of the pulsing invader, Annette's nostrils pinched and her eyes half closed. Slewing her hips petulantly, she endeavoured by rolling her warm, polished bottom on the bedcover to escape the demanding invasion of her stepfather's doughty prick while he-anticipating the rebellious movement-slid his hands beneath her to cup her quivering buttocks and manfully rammed himself home to a thin, protesting 'YEEE-AAARGH!'

    'Now, my love-now, my love', breathed he, raining kisses on her cheek and neck while Annette squeaked and made seemingly torturous little movements under him. 'I should have fucked you years ago, should I not?' he asked quietly against her ear.

    'NOOOO!' Annette moaned, despite that the silken walls of her cunny gripped upon his throbber while his balls nudged themselves beneath his orb. Seeming to be frozen in their grip, her hands remained clawing at him in a desperation of competing rejection and desire. Stirring but a little, Miss Martin bent down and brushed the girl's hair from her damp forehead.

    'Lie limp now, Annette-let your legs relax. Relax, girl!' she uttered.

    'AH!' gasped the girl at a firm smacking of her nearest thigh. Her knee jerked and then slowly unbent, causing her leg to lie flat and the other uncertainly to follow. Her belly quivered softly under the Colonel's harder one. The regular throbbing of his fully-entered cock made her fingernails bite into his arms, but then they too loosened. Her fingers hesitated, slid, and fell away to fall on either side of her head. As if in a dream her head slewed sideways, her gaze fastened sightlessly upon the window. Her cheeks took on a puffy look that both the Colonel and Miss Martin well recognised.

    Girls frequently sobbed, in his experience, in a low mewing tone while they were first being shafted. Their hips would scarcely stir, as if too surprised to do so by what was occurring between their legs. Frequently they would lie in a seeming daze for the first few seconds during which the embedded prick began moving back and forth. Then would come little tremulous jerks of their buttocks. One would feel them squeezing together under one's hands, just as the Colonel could feel Annette's firm and bulbous ones doing.

    Speech was not wholly necessary. A comforting, encouraging murmur sufficed at times. It came from his lips as Miss Martin glanced back and, with a smile, watched Annette curl her toes as the rhythmic, slewing motion of the Colonel's cock began in earnest. It was the best of signs, Miss Martin considered, for it indicated an inner holding of tension and pleasure that soon enough would find release.

    Little by little the two were breathing as one in unison with the succulent sounds of the Colonel's entry and reentry into his stepdaughter's clinging nest.

    A little stammering sound was emitted from Annette's lips. Knowingly, the Colonel worked her slowly still, unresisting as she then was, her face unmoving yet rippling subtly beneath its surface.

    'No', Annette uttered again, and yet it was to herself that she spoke, her voice low and velvety, denying the very negation it had invoked.

    The moment, the Colonel thought. There was invariably one such. Sliding a hand beneath the cheek that rested weakly on its pillow, he brought Annette's dreamlike, passive face under his own and with slow deliberation glided his tongue into her mouth wherewith he rammed himself in to the full, grinding his pubic hairs into her own.

    'WHAAAR!' Annette gasped, pumping her warm-flowing breath into his mouth. Her fingers clenched, reached upwards to empty air and then clasped his neck. Her shoes having been removed at the same time as her drawers, her stockinged heels dug into the bed as the vibrant pego then commenced surging back and forth in unstoppable motion to which the small but frenzied movements of Annette's hips began responding. The bed heaved and squeaked; the most ardent of kisses sounded.

    'Ah, what a fuck you are, Annette!' the Colonel choked.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'Annette sleeps', the Colonel announced grandly some half an hour later upon his rejoining Miss Martin in the drawing room.

    'Or she pretends to, my dear. It is a means of covering-up her shyness and confusion. Shall you have her together with Caroline? They would make a lovely pair'.

    'I? Good heavens, no', came then the gruff reply, bringing a twitch of amusement to Miss Martin's lips.

    'Comes there a touch of romanticism to your soul, Colonel?'

    'Sometimes you speak very strangely. I wonder at your true intents sometimes, I do. If you will have it so then- yes-I feel a different fondness for the girl than one who simply puts her bottom up'.

    'The mother first and then the daughter-it is quite a usual thing', Miss Martin mused. Take not too much notice of my banter, for it is frequently meant to tease. I believe I have done so rather successfully today, have I not?' came her arch question, whereat the Colonel took on a sheepish look and was brought to agree.

    'Annette would have been more shocked, more petulant, had it been Edwina', he brooded.

    'Or Caroline, yes', Miss Martin said knowingly, having gleaned more from him on their first occasion together than the Colonel wished to think about. “They were too close to her, you see. That is the advantage of one such as I. You wish to keep her for yourself then, eh? Annette is not to be stabled, put to sport?'

    'How did you know…? Dammit, I must have told you', he growled.

    'You did', Miss Martin put in smoothly before he could summon up too much remembrance of their libertine discussion in Edwina's grounds, though it was Johnson who had supplied the most tingling details of that particular affair. 'If you wish to keep Annette for yourself, so be it, for I see no obstacle to such'.

    'You are forgetting Sidney, Madam', the Colonel rejoined stiffly.

    'So far from forgetting him, I am remembering him very well. He is of the essence of weakness, and I would not doubt that Edwina is enjoying herself thereby at this very moment. As to Annette, she must be attended to again before we leave, and therewith I have a little plan'.

    'I expected you to stay-to stay upstairs on the bed with us', uttered the Colonel somewhat complainingly, and this causing his temptress to pat the seat beside her in invitation to him to take his place on the couch.

    'I told you, my dear, I am not so easily taken. Pray listen to me and do not interrupt. Hold my hand. Are we not conspirators? No-my hand, you bad man!' she scolded playfully as his fingers felt upon her thigh. 'Did I not tell you to conserve your forces for Annette? You must continue to do so for the nonce and with good reason, for her buttocks will be stirring anew and she will needs be satisfied. Listen, my dear, we shall send word that I am indisposed and that we intend to stay here the night'.

    To what purpose?'

    'If you would but sit still and listen, then to the purpose that we shall not. Edwina will put her mind in two directions upon receiving the message. The first will be to wonder what I am at with you, for I know the minds of women well. The other will be to sport with Sidney the more. How is Annette to know that her intended husband is unfaithful to her unless she sees with her own eyes? In a word, we shall make a quiet return at some appropriate hour. Upon finding her fiance rooting in Edwina's nest-or mayhap Caroline's, for all we know-to whom will she then turn but you?'

    'I say, what a remarkable mind you have!'

    'Of course. And in any event, one tires of the same people, my dear. In a month or two you would have begun to look beyond Edwina and her daughter. Is that not so? You have no need to now', said Miss Martin with unaccustomed coyness.

    “The deuce of it! You mean that you and Annette…?'

    'I mean what I mean. She succumbs to me. There will be others, my dear. I am rather splendid at arranging such. As for Annette, her experience will be broadened in two ways: firstly she will become more aware that others pleasure themselves in a manner to which she has been lamentably unaccustomed, and secondly she will be seen by them to be outraged and so maintain her outer innocence'.

    'Capital, capital. Not in front of Annette, eh? That will be my attitude', the Colonel beamed, though inwardly he felt some doubt as to how he might explain it all to Edwina afterwards. He could well imagine her saying, 'My sweet, you only had to bring her into it'. Such cogitations must have shown in his eyes, for Miss Martin thereupon squeezed his hand.

    “Think not of those you are about to put aside, but those you are gathering to you. You are a man of considerable vigour and one whose ardent desires will remain active for many years yet, as mine will. And upon that thought, my dear, I have another which I trust you will consider impudent'.

    'Proceed', uttered the Colonel hoarsely, for now while speaking Miss Martin was unaccustomedly permitting his hands to roam about her full breasts which he felt exceedingly firm. “They are superb', he uttered simply.

    'For my age, yes. I am well-bodied, Colonel, as you will find. May I tell you what I have in mind? You have no other, younger daughters to whom my educational aspirations might be turned, yet there are surely others in this neighbourhood who-having such-have not stirred themselves to find a governess or perhaps do not welcome the constant presence of one such. Here, with such ample accommodation as you have, one might take in several girls as boarders. By such time as the first ones come into my care, dear Annette will herself be at a higher stage of-shall we say-awareness and thus assist me with the darlings, whereafter… '

    'I say, I catch your drift!' exclaimed he, endeavouring at the same time to uncatch the straining buttons of her corsage but being coyly prevented from so doing.

    'Annette is stirring; I believe I heard her', said Miss Martin evasively and rose, being pleased to see that his vigour had revived, the evidence therefor being adduced from the bulge in his trousers.

    'Would that it were you', responded the Colonel gallantly. Getting up in turn, he embraced her, remarking by that delightful contact the narrowness of her waist and the voluptuous curving of her hips and bottom which Miss Martin permitted to fall prey to his caressing hands.

    'Do NOT be naughty, Colonel; you have to attend to Annette again now, do you not? I see that I shall have to keep you well in hand when we begin receiving our boarders', said she, boldly assuming his acceptance of her plan, and permitting her mind to flirt vaguely but hopefully in the direction of Ethel.

    'Oh? Am I not to be favoured with them?' he asked in dismay.

    'My dear, you will play a very important role in their development. What else? Let us discuss it tomorrow. For the moment it is Annette who is to be favoured. You do agree with me, I take it, then? About having girl boarders here?'

    'I am enchanted with the prospect! How soon may we begin?' the Colonel asked, whereat the pair moved towards the door.

    'If you permit, then I will move here on Monday, having given due notice to Easton and Letitia. They will miss me, I believe', Miss Martin said, affecting a sigh.

    “That I do not doubt. Pray disrobe before you enter Annette's room', came his whisper.

    Miss Martin put her finger to her lips, for by then they were almost upon the landing. All had gone much better than she expected. Her initial intentions had been vague, producing thoughts of perhaps inveigling herself into Edwina's household, but with only the Colonel to deal with and the new prospects she had advanced to him, all had brightened and come clear. Pausing a few yards from Annette's door and motioning her companion again to silence, she removed her gown with much rustling and stood arrayed before him in but a guepiere, or waist corset, purple patterned stockings and her shoes.

    His lips parting in admiration, he reached forward and cupped her well-tufted cunny with such a gesture of authority that Miss Martin acceded to it and leaned against him girlishly soothing her own palm around his risen manhood which she could feel thrusting through his garment.

    'My dear, I must', he croaked urgently, feeling the delicious oiliness of her slit and the thick curls which tickled his palm.

    'Both of us, then-but take her bottom first', came the soft reply-Miss Martin knowing well enough that she must accede if she were going to succeed and that once Annette had accepted his plunger he would almost certainly expend every drop in her. Bidding him then to undress but wait a few moments, she went forward on tiptoe and re-entered the girl's room, finding her as she had hoped and fancied her to be, which is to say lying upon her tummy with part of her bottom exposed.

    As Miss Martin had already cogitated, Annette knew not how to get herself out of a situation in which she felt both shamed and excited. Hence, hearing a creaking of the floorboards, she pretended sleep and gave but a little start as Miss Martin's hand came to rest on her exposed globe and the bed sagged gently.

    'What a lovely one it is', murmured the lady, coiling Annette's dress up higher at the back.

    A little hiss emitted itself from the girl's nostrils at that. Her bottom-already having been fingered by the Colonel-felt strange. The fingertips that caressed it now were lighter, skating over the glossy bulbous surfaces and then feeling between the rearing cheeks.

    'Sleepy', whimpered Annette, doing her best not to respond to the insidious sensation. At that her hair was lifted on one side and her earlobe sucked.

    'He has you in his balls, my love, and cannot help himself, no more than you'.

    'He sh… shouldn't…' murmured Annette in a would-be doleful tone while all the time hiding her face in the downy pillow.-'GOOO-ER! Oh don't! Please don't, Miss Martin! I have been too wicked even to be sp… spoken to. Oooh no, I don't 1… like', came her stammer as a delving fingertip assaulted her nether hole anew.

    Settled comfortably beside her, Miss Martin stroked and dipped within the petulant aperture, causing Annette to wriggle and so rub her bush on the bedcover in the way that her mentor intended. Knowing precisely the sensations that Annette was receiving, Miss Martin did not doubt their efficacy and so continued moving just the first joint of her intrusive finger back and forth, the better also to-prepare Annette for what was to follow.

    'P… please take your f… finger away. Oh, what a rude place to put it', Annette bleated, clawing at the cover of the pillow as the tingling, itchy sensation she received began to communicate itself in turn to her sperm-soaped slit.

    'So far from being a rude place to put it, it is an excellent place to put it', intoned Miss Martin, 'For a doughty prick right up your bottom will bring you a torrent of pleasure, if you but yield to it'.

    'Never! No! What a horrible idea! AH! Who is that?'

    The question being entirely unnecessary, the Colonel- who had entered like a thief in the night-was upon the bed in a flash and, encircling Annette's waist with his brawny arms-secured her in a tight grip and raised up that bumptious part of her anatomy that was then in question so that the orbing cheeks were upthrust to his knob. This producing a loud squeal from Annette, he then released one hand immediately again to smack her elastic hemispheres briskly before renewing his grip on her which, being vicelike, did not permit her hips to waggle but an inch.

    'GEEE-OW!' shrieked Annette, for not only did her bottom sting badly from the smack but in the same moment the considerable crest of her Step-Papa's cock came to nub against her ringed hole.-'DO-HO-ONT! You mustn't!' came her stricken cry.

    'Hold her neck', growled the Colonel to Miss Martin who, at the lubricious sight and the barking of his voice, felt uncharacteristically in awe of him for a moment, though it must be said that the particular intervals thereof were very brief, for-having taken the nape of Annette's neck between thumb and fingers-she so twisted her arm that she was enabled to lie upon her back. Letting one stockinged leg dangle upon the floor, the hump of her dark bush with its peeping lips beneath was well offered to the Colonel's bleared gaze. Her upward gaze challenged him. A sultry smile played along her full lips. It was he whose features would change, as she well knew, and indeed they did the moment that he succeeded in first engaging himself in Annette's rump.

    'WHOO-HOO-HOO! Miss Martin, stop him!' came muffled from the pillow.

    The Colonel's nostrils pinched. The devil of it, Annette was tight. As the crinkled ring ceded slowly to the entry of his swollen helmet, so his cheeks became flushed with excitement and his teeth gritted. Such howls of seeming despair as floated up from the deeply-dipping pillow were as music to his ears, echoing those he had oftimes heard in selfsame circumstances in otherwise quiet bungalows in the hill stations of India.

    'HAAAAR!' sounded Annette's long smothered out-bursting of breath. Her head shook from side to side as little as it was able to under the constraint of Miss Martin's calm, suppressing hand. Her tummy tightened as the inexorable entry of the thick, throbbing corker began. Her hands beat upon the mattress beyond the further edge of the pillow, the knuckles white.-'No, no, no, no!' came her mournful cry.

    Whereat we may pause for a moment and lend our attention not entirely to our own recital of events but to the words of Miss Martin who in later years was to convey to a protege a letter which contained a remarkably long and detailed discourse on this very incident. For she deemed it, she said, a 'classic occasion' and-since the recipient of her letter was seemingly due to undergo the same process of learning as Annette-Miss Martin sought to allay any fears the girl might have.

    Having obtained the privilege of perusing this missive, we take the liberty of quoting from it herewith.

    “The cock is very properly applied to the posterior of a young lady whether before or after she has been attended to by the more conventional route. In my experience, Constance dear, many a girl has her bottom tupped first, for therewith are no dire consequences and her pleasure (as indeed you will eventually find it such) can be long enduring. She may indeed have submitted herself to two or three cocks and still remain virgo intacta which, as you may agree, could be of considerable benefit to her should she wish her future husband to believe that she is a truly modest girl.

    'I instance the case of a really charming young lady whose name, Annette, will mean nothing to you and which therefore I may freely use without doing a disservice to her.

    'I confess that initially her course of tuition was more rapid than might otherwise have been the case. In a word, she was both mounted and bottom-tapped within scarce more than an hour-thanks in part to the remarkable virility of her Step-Papa (I trust that will not cause you to blush) who attended to her both times.

    'Annette acceded to the male shaft between her legs a little more easily than I thought might have been the case, though I must be open and say she was well titillated between the two of us before she was put on her back to receive him. Once his cock was lodged, all modesty failed her. The pair threshed in a veritable agony of desire until he spermed her whereat (according to his account-for I had quitted the place of amourous battle) they lay together stickily and lovingly the while that his penis-still remaining lodged in her honeypot-continued to emit its pearls and pellets of desire. Oh happy hour when you, too, receive such, my dear!

    'A mutual period of rest having followed, Annette was then put up to receive the arrow of desire in her quite exquisite bottom (and you have no need to raise your skirts now and examine that part of your pretty person, for your own is rapturously round, as I have frequently told you).

    'But will it not hurt me?' you have asked. THAT, my dear, is a fallacy. You will feel at first a slight stinging sensation, yes, but within a very short time indeed this will pass. That which is happening to you will naturally seem strange indeed, for it is an entirely new experience. Your bottomhole (and have I not tickled it agreeably myself?) will expand to receive. Nature has so fashioned the silk-smooth interior of your person that the male instrument will enter unimpeded and at no other discomfort than that your breath is likely to expel itself and the stinging come and pass.

    'Once the cock is even half-lodged, you will feel manfully possessed and will begin to yield your bottom slowly even if doubtfully, as Annette did. Perhaps I should have birched her first. It DOES quell the rebellious spirit and makes the hot derriere more receptive to the entry of the prick.

    'When it is halfway in, press back a little, as I abjured Annette to do. Still she wailed 'No!' yet I saw such subtle movement of her hips as aided him. Having kept her face pressed down, I-having caught the appropriate sign so unwittingly given by her sinuous torso-relinquished my hold on her neck, turned towards her on my hip, and raised her face. Her eyes were closed; her lips moved as if in prayer. Still a feeble whine came from her, as I believe it will from you. It is a kindness to ignore such, as I do assure you.

    “The Colonel (for such he also was) was by then more than halfway home. His balls waited to be kissed by her cunny, for such is a delicious moment for both. At that moment my tongue licked the comer of her mouth which, as I say, was lax.-'Give me your tongue, dearest-he is up you now', I whispered.

    'Her tongue moved, as I felt, but a fraction towards mine. A mutinous desire was upon her to break away from the pleasure that was encroaching into her person. I stroked her back, causing her to dip it more-the which I adjure you, Constance, to do, for it presents the bottom more fully. She moaned but by then was unresisting. Her cheeks were deeply flushed, her nipples hard. Her stallion was at her, as yours will be, my sweet.

    'The Colonel, being skilled in such attentions, had rightfully paused to permit her corked bottomhole to accommodate itself fully to him. Uttering her name gently and holding himself thus, he unbuttoned her corsage and freed the lovely melons of her titties the while I succeeded in finding the errant tip of her tongue. Another whimper from Annette and her hard nipples were scooped into his palms while her cleft bottom waited on the final entry.

    'Were you to witness such a tableau, Constance-as in a sense you could if a large mirror were to be placed by your bed-I am sure you would deem it one of the most delightful and sensuous acts that might ever be seen. It is true that a partly-sheathed penis in a cunny is visible to a spectator, yet not quite so well as is the male plunger when poised halfway twixt such luscious bottom cheeks as you yourself possess. A master of the art will always keep it motionless thus for a small interval, as the Colonel did.

    'My hand stroked Annette's further, velvety cheek in that precious moment. Her tongue lolled sideways, for she could no longer resist letting it meet my own. I brought her face around more to mine, withdrew my mouth from hers (though keeping mine very close) and exhorted her in a fond whisper to protrude the tip of her tongue beyond the purview of her lips that it might tingle visibly against my own. I raised my upper leg in so doing and thus exposed my cunny and bottomhole to the Colonel's seeking fingers.

    'Close your eyes for a minute, my sweet, and endeavour as best you can to envisage this voluptuous scene. A faint humming sound came from Annette's throat. The wet tips of our tongues waved delicately together. Our eyes screwed up with pleasure until our visages swam dimly before each other's eyes. Taking the tip of her tongue (all this being just visible to the Colonel as he crouched over her bent back), I sucked upon it gently wherewith-uttering a grunt-he slowly lodged himself to the full, uttering a heartfelt sigh as the warm cheeks of that which may be rudely called her bum nestled into his belly.

    'Annette sobbed 'HOOOO!' but this time (as shall be with you) it was a sound of pleasure. Passing one hand under her sleek belly I sought and tickled her clitty which made her hips jerk to him agreeably. I knew her to be lost to all but the pleasure, and was delighted.-'OOOH-WER! OOOH-WER!' Annette bleated into my mouth while I- the recipient of the Colonel's fingers in both my apertures- bucked in unison with her.

    'Fain would I have stayed thus, for my excitement was intense, yet in such matters-upon, that is to say, the initiation of a maiden-I hold to a certain convention that she must not afterwards feel herself to have been wholly seduced into the act. Bear this in mind, my pet, for you say that the housekeeper holds you while you are being birched, and that she has need to. Once you have indulged the cock, however, I adjure you to lend yourself to the lubricious act, for therein do you silently signal the arousal of your desires and their fond continuance thereafter.

    “The Colonel himself would have been mindful of this, much as he may have wished to have me remain in my lewd posture. As I men-with much summoning of will!-disengaged myself from the pair and stood up, Annette uttered a little cry and made to reach for me anew, but I shook my head.

    'Go on now, Annette-work your hips', said I sharply.

    'HO!' she moaned and bent her face anew into the pillow, the smacking of her bumptious bottom to his belly sounding in the bedroom while the pulsing rod of desire eased back and forth, the Colonel's face being a link florid, and he needing but to hold her svelte hips lightly.

    'Legs straddled, and standing back some two feet from the bed-surveying all and watching the delightful jiggling of her tits-I adjured her to speak of her pleasure. Her response was to utter more babyish moans, the which were moving to hear but insufficient for our future needs.

    'Say yes, Annette! Ask him to do it!' I commanded.

    At that her head rose and fell, rose and fell.

    'Annette!' uttered the Colonel briskly. His teeth gritted. He was upon the ineluctable moment when his sperm would cascade and bubble in her receptive bottom.

    'Nnnnnng! Yes! Do it! HAAAR!' came her wild cry. When her mouth then opened wide and the Colonel's own face contorted with passion, I knew him to be jetting in her. A frenzied movement of her round buttocks obtained, rotating and screwing into his belly. 'Mmmmmm!' Annette sang (for I can call it no less than that). I bent quickly, passed my hand beneath her furred bush, and felt her sprinkling in abundance, producing a haze of stickiness over my fingers. Moans sounded from both. With a rapturous cry, the Colonel sheathed his tool as deep within her as it would go and held her quivering thus while he expended his last powerful jets.

    'Ah, what snufflings and murmurations sounded in those final moments of ecstasy! More wrigglings-urgent on Annette's part, as if she desired to suck in every pearl of his spendings. She made to sink down, but still he held her up and then slowly sucked his tool out from her bottom, creaming her rim as he did so.

    'The ruddy helmet, gleaming with its coating of expended desire, emerged with the selfsame sound that a cork makes in emerging from a bottle. With its re-appearance, Annette's hips were still held hoisted up, for so it must be to maintain an air of discipline in the maiden. Had Annette uttered a false cry of remorse, he would have spanked her soundly, but I am pleased to say, my dear, that she did not. At the releasing of his hands, she subsided slowly, bit the corner of her pillow and lay palpitating, with closed eyes.

    'You are next, my dear', said the Colonel then, albeit a little weakly.

    'Am I?' I responded teasingly, then adding immediately, 'What a lovely girl she is, and now responsive now to your cock! Long may you attend on her thus for both her bottom and her cunny are well worthy of your prick-and more so than that of any other'.

    'Such praise, I have no doubt will be lavished on you, Constance, and as to that… '

    But there we may leave Miss Martin's long missive. Constance was clearly destined to become as much a plaything of love as was Annette.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'I give you a good pumping there, M'am-as good as any Miss Bella 'as received, and better I reckon than she's likely to'.

    The words of Johnson came thickly but deliberately as he rose from the reclining form of Letitia whose stockinged legs remained hanging apart over the end of the chaise longue to which he had borne her. Her cunny pulsed agreeably from the libation it had received and she had come herself, several times and with utter abandon with Johnson on her belly for the first time.

    Why Letitia had submitted to that, she did not know. Johnson had strained above her, grunting and threshing his cock in her nest, knowing better than to kiss or even attempt to in the process. Letitia had gripped his forearms, her glazed eyes gazing up into his own glowering ones while thoughts of all that passed in the house ran riot in her mind, fierce hissings coming from her nostrils as she acceded to his every thrust and occasionally responded to them by slumbrous movements of her bottom.

    At first, Johnson's words did not seep into her, but when they did she sat up with a start while the manservant drew up his breeches.

    'What? What do you say of Bella?' she demanded, then receiving a cunning grin.

    'I knows as what she's bin up to, begging yer pardon, and it's that Miss Martin as wot put 'er up to it'.

    From this remark it will be seen that Johnson's wrath was still up. Rarely had he ever been thwarted with a woman before, and he regarded Miss Martin as a 'right juicy one' whom he would almost have preferred sent to him twice weekly than the Mistress of the household.

    'Oh, then some scandal has been put about, I suppose', Letitia replied with a contrived air of casualness that she knew would work better, for that way she would get more truth out of the man.

    'Scandal, m'am, is rumours. This is wot I seed with me own eyes', Johnson averred, moving up and down as might one restless with anxiety while Letitia restored her gown and smoothed it down.

    'Go on, Johnson. It need go no further than my own ears'.

    Well, m'am, I were persuaded-persuaded to act as a spy, like, and by that there governess wot gives 'erself such airs and graces. I didn't want to, but she threatened all manner of things to git me out of 'ere'.

    'She has no power to do such, as well you should have known-or perhaps you did not. One may easily become confused in such matters, I give you that', Letitia conceded slyly. There came then a pause while the manservant appeared by his brooding manner to have regretted his outburst, the which did not fool Letitia at all.-'You may be certain, Johnson, that you will be well recompensed for any confidences you divulge. A new suit for walking out, perhaps'.

    At that a sly look came over the manservant's face which he kept averted from her as though being upon the brink of an important decision.

    'Not being forward, m'am, I'd as soon do to Miss Bella what was done to 'er. Just a couple of times and then I'd be 'appy. She needs covering, m'am, as we say 'ereabouts, and frequently. A sparky nature she 'as, and loves the cock. A few good spermings from me would keep her quiet, as I reckons'.

    'That may well be, Johnson. One never knows what one might be given in this world, does one? What was she about that was so naughty? Did you see everything? Tell me now", said Letitia more sharply, and thereafter was-half an hour later-bustling her way in high dudgeon to Easton who upon her appearance cut across her by saying in seeming outrage, 'I say! Dashed if Ralph hasn't taken Kate off to London and left a note to that effect, the cheeky chap!'

    'Really? Well, she is well out of things, as I see it, Easton. The girl was never meant for such as you intended, though she may well fall to it now. Miss Martin is to leave the moment she returns. Do you hear me?'

    'Wh… what?' asked a startled Easton at this sudden change of subject.

    'Miss Martin', repeated Letitia, as if he were deaf, 'Do you know what she has been about? It is all your fault, of course, permitting such loose behaviour in the house', said she with a sublime lack of logic or conscience, as women will.

    'Oh, of that I have no doubt. Pray, what has passed?' asked he with heavy sarcasm.

    'Nothing that would offend your ears, I am sure', Letitia responded bitingly, though the provenance of her tale put her on weaker ground than she would have wished, for she guessed that Easton would make capital out of it, as indeed he did, though inwardly furious at Miss Martin's machinations.

    'Are you not sure, my dear, that you did not excite Johnson to such a pitch that his imagination ran wild?'

    'He covers me-as he puts it. That is what you wish, do you not-the thought of it? It excites you, and I know it'.

    'Many things have excited us both, Letitia. Come, let us not fall out over this. What Miss Martin's purpose was, I know not'.

    'No! She believes herself to be a Queen Spider at the centre of her net. Having had your permission to prepare young girls for pleasure, she believes that she can do what she will'.

    'OUR permission, Letitia, for consent on your part was intimated by silence on such things, and well have you benefited therefrom. If we are the progenitors of Bella's lustful ways, must she be punished therefor?' asked Easton hypocritically.

    'Sometimes I know not what I am about any more', said Letitia dolefully, whereat-the pair being in the study- Easton took her in his arms, ever fretfully excited by the thought of what she had been doing.

    'Have you been well fucked? Did he tell you while he was doing it, Letitia?'

    'Pray do not let us speak of it. I was innocent once', Letitia replied with sublime indifference to the truth.

    'Did he, my pet?' Easton asked, beginning to gather up her gown at the back until first the tops of her swelling thighs came to his hands and then the naked orb of her noble bottom which felt delightfully warm still from its exercising.

    'Yes… if you would have it so', choked Letitia who, by the cupping of his hand under her thrusting rear, was forced up on tiptoe, learning against him. 'He has a big cock', she added as if accusingly.

    'Which nourishes and excites you, and that pleases me. My own comes up at the thought of it. Were you on your back?'

    'Yes', Letitia replied thickly. Easton had never taken her soon after Johnson, but now the pawing of his hands appeared to indicate that he wished to. Passing his hand beneath the slight bulge of her belly, he found the glutinaceous lips of her cunny which ridged themselves as Letitia found herself again coming on heat.

    'Don't, Easton dear, not here', she murmured even while her hand groped to his prick and her fingers fiddled with his buttons to release it.

    'Let us do it on the couch, my love', Easton husked, bearing her back.

    'Miss Martin is going to leave immediately, is she not?' quavered Letitia who, having freed his member, brought it up to greater stiffness. Being realistic, she had no doubt at all that the cause of his passion was twofold and involved visions of the naughty Bella as much as herself. Borne back swiftly upon the couch with her skirts hip-high and Easton in awkward process of working his trousers down, Letitia spread her legs wantonly and vowed to spite her husband if he asked her any more about Johnson.

    'Who? Ah yes, indubitably, forthwith', said Easton whose mind was on more immediate matters. In such a mood as he was in, and feeling some irritation at the untoward departure of Kate, he too intended to act the conqueror. Grinning like a schoolboy, he knelt up on the creaking couch between her extended legs, his balls well-filled and his erection mighty. Stroking her plump cunny, he caused Letitia to gaze up at him with hot eyes, her own sense of annoyance after Johnson's recital diminishing as more sensuous emotions flooded her soul.

    In truth, too, the age-old battle of love and hatred was being played-out between them, as both knew. Both challenged, both invited, both desired. Reaching up her hand, she played with his erection teasingly, drawing the taut foreskin up and down and so causing Easton to crinkle up his eyes with pleasure while Letitia gently slewed her bottom back and forth in a lewd manner.

    'Did Johnson fuck you well?' Easton asked with a crudity that seemed to become the moment.

    Letitia pouted. 'You have girls; I do not have young men'.

    Easton's nostrils tightened. He was aware they both were entering into an erotic miasma wherein anything might be said and secrets spilled again. Letitia had never said such a thing before and he wondered whether she meant it or was merely egging him on.

    'You… want… to?' he gritted with the increasing itching of his cock where Letitia's fingers moved lightly.

    'May I, darling? Say I may. I adore the idea of having two or three pricks in my cunny on the same day. Oh, do it to me-now-now-while we t… t… talk about it'.

    'You witch!' Easton gasped, somewhat flabbergasted.

    As for Letitia, she praised herself inwardly for having so spited him with that remark vis-a-vis Johnson, and yet at the same time the curdling and sudden desire to do in reality what she had spoken of only in fancy grew a-pace.

    'PMFFFF!' came her gasp as Easton settled down suddenly upon her and eased the crest of his charger into her notch which, being well-lubricated, absorbed the whole so that, with her legs raised and placed over the backs of his own, his balls came to rest under her cleft bottom.-'J… Johnson wants to have Bella now', she stammered.

    'The nonsense of it-no-but as to yourself my pet, my lovely, I grant you all that you may desire. And you, on your part, will continue to do the same for me, will you not?'

    'Oh yes-oh yes-oh yes!' came Letitia's gabbled reply. New gateways to passion appeared to have opened in her heart and she felt mat in respect of her own desires she had unveiled herself at last. Johnson, Bella and all others of her immediate acquaintance were forgotten as she luxuriated not only in the fervent thrustings of her husband's cock but also in the anticipations of others that would now more freely replace it.

    Forgotten, too, was Ethel who, closeted in her room, had remained quiet while she read a movingly romantic tale. Having taken no note at first of the sounds from her Papa's study, she became finally more and more conscious of them, and therewith their curious nature. Indeed, she began to wonder whether it was her Mama who by then was uttering such curious noises, the nature of which were not entirely unknown to Ethel.

    Slipping off of her bed, therefore, Ethel cast off her slippers and ventured as soundlessly as she could along the passageway where the door of Easton's retiring room stood ajar.

    'More! More!' came her Mama's throbbing moan to Ethel's ears.

    'How many pricks will you have in this hot cunny of yours, my love?' groaned Easton rhetorically, for such erotic moods as the pair had often sustained never failed to bring him to the very heights of careless passion.

    Ethel's cheeks flushed deeply and her mouth grew dry. The couple on the couch being so heavingly occupied, neither heard her soft footfalls nor the faint sound made by Ethel's tentative opening of the door, at which her eyes fell upon what was occurring.

    Letitia's bared and stockinged legs were open in a wide vee, her knees drawn up. Easton's trousers were coiled about his ankles. His palms cupped Letitia's churning bottom cheeks in such wise that they were raised a full two inches from the surface of the couch, which posture-common enough in the throes of desire-permitted Ethel to see his well-oiled piston moving back and forth and his balls dangling and slapping as they bounced against her Mama's plump nether cheeks.

    Half convinced that she was dreaming-and yet withal most vividly-Ethel mindlessly allowed the door to swing fully open, feeling herself as if transfixed on the threshold. Such words as had been borne to her ears whirled in her mind like leaves in a wild wind.

    'Fuck me!' whimpered Letitia.

    'As the young men will?' Easton uttered with frenzied excitement.

    'YES!' responded Letitia, at which blazing moment she became aware out of the comer of her eye that there was a witness and a listener to all and immediately followed up her impassioned affirmation with an equally heartfelt cry of 'NO!'

    'HAAAAR! What?' exploded Easton who was indeed within seconds of so doing in a quite different manner.

    'Et… Eth… Ethel! Go a… way!' Letitia moaned, for she too was on the brink of the supreme sensation of coming again and the vision of her daughter floated before her bleared eyes like a dim figure seen in a dusty mirror.

    Easton, too, then absorbed the selfsame vision. Whether or not he really intended to contradict his wife in such a bizarre situation or whether the words merely burst without thought from his mouth, cannot be known. His cry of, 'Ethel-come here!' coincided, not without some increased pleasure, in the first impulsive rushing up his embedded stem of his sperm, its thrilling eruption causing Letitia to spill in reply so that her mouth sagged open and she clawed at his back while her eyes blazed in a miasma of helplessness into her daughter's eyes.

    'HOOOOF' Ethel gasped. For a second or two she appeared to feel possessed still, having the ability to move neither back nor forth. Then she tottered, half-turned, bumped into the wall and floundered from the room while the enlaced pair quivered in the throes of fulfillment from which none can escape. Their meshed loins quivered. Easton expelled his last jets then lay so heavily upon his wife that she could not stir. Her legs slithered down. She lay inert, her flushed face turned to the wall.

    'Not a word or she will hear', muttered Easton.

    'I know. What are we to do? Oh, she heard, she heard, I know she heard', whimpered Letitia.

    Easton sighed heavily. The last pearls dribbled from his nob within Letitia's clenching maw.

    'You must speak to her, my love. Explain to her such fancies as people have when they are… when they are', he concluded lamely, permitting his sheathed cock to tingle pleasantly within still while Letitia-in part pretending to herself that she could not move, anyway-allowed it to remain.

    'She will believe what she heard. Oh, I am shamed', Letitia murmured brokenly.

    'Nonsense, my love. Do not deny your principles for the sake of a mere moment'.

    'You… you… you speak to her then, Easton', uttered Letitia somewhat incautiously while the wet slug of his penis withdrew from her clinging channel and he knelt up again with a certain bravado, dangling it before her eyes.

    'Yes, my dear, if it so be. At least dear Ethel has learned something of the human condition', Easton responded philosophically.


    A Stately English Mansion


    Sidney, meanwhile, had been guiltily enjoying himself. His emotions were akin to those he had once experienced when, staying with an aunt whose thirty-eight years exceeded his own by twenty-two, she had caught him taking several of her cook's rather scrumptious jam tarts. Indeed, by the time he was apprehended, Sidney already had the jam from one smeared around his mouth and was about to convey the next to his lips when his aunt entered upon the scene and caught him-as it were-with his trousers down.

    Closing the door of the room he had been accorded, his Aunt Bertha had crossed her arms and fixed upon him a gorgon's gaze while crumbs flaked and fluttered from his lips and he sat aghast upon his bed.

    Not for long, however, did he maintain that posture. Being a slim lad and easily handled, his aunt had him up in a trice with a strong hand beneath his elbow the while that three quarters of the second tart remained clutched in his hand.

    'Eat it, Sidney!' she had instructed to his surprise, though the latter sensation was the greater, for she then bent him over, unbuttoned his trousers and allowed them to fall.-'I said, EAT!' she commanded in a grim tone, whereat Sidney gulpingly but doubtfully essayed another bite while being doubled over in the strong grip of her arm.

    What then followed was something that Sidney could never forget. Too timid and awestruck to rise-whatever happened, he had his shirt raised and his limp penis grasped in one hand while another smacked his bare buttocks heartily and a voice again exhorted him, 'Eat, you greedy little beast!'

    'GOO-AAARGH!' Sidney not unnaturally choked through sticky jam and pastry flakes, a few of which dropped small offerings of snow upon the floor.

    'You are getting your punishment for greediness, Sidney', was said placably, the words being accompanied by another bum-burning SMACK! in counterpoint to the unutterable sensations which attended upon him as his penis began extending itself outwards and upwards in his aunt's steadily-urging palm.

    Sidney then began the process of blubbering, eating and choking with stinging pain and excitement all at once. He jerked, he wriggled, but there was no escape. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! came the hand against his exposed and ever-ruddier bottom while his foreskin was artfully rubbed back and forth until Sidney felt as if encompassed in blinding light and heat and was heard to be gasping and whining even as he succeeded in forcing down the last of the once-cherished tart.

    His aunt appeared to know all the signs, however, and- bringing him upright with his knickerbockers ringed about his ankles-turned him about, frog-marched him to his bed and there caused him to flounder down unceremoniously upon his back with his stung bottom jerking and his cock pointing ceiling wards.

    'Little beast!' his aunt thereupon uttered and to his uttermost amazement, upped her skirts, mounted the bed in reverse to him, and plumped her knickered bottom full over his face whereat-leaning forward-she commenced frigging his tool again.

    Completely smothered by the spreading cheeks of her bum, Sidney found his nose pinched between them and various heady aromas flooding his nostrils and mouth. He could hardly breathe. His hips jittered with every stroke of her hand up and down his distended young prick. The effluvia which were clouding over his hot, smothered face grew stronger. His aunt's hips had shifted backwards slightly so that a wad of curls impressed itself on his mouth through the crotch of her drawers. Through the cotton he could feel the lips of her puffy slit impressing themselves on his own.

    An acrid moisture stung his tongue-a trickle ensued, issuing through the material, and Sidney knew haplessly that his aunt was weeing gently into his mouth. Then, feeling the root of his prick grasped, his knob was enclosed between her lips, whereat she began to suck… Long moments afterwards, Sidney had lain limp as a rag doll while his aunt lifted her heavy buttocks from his face and rose, wiping the remnants of his salty effusion from her mouth.

    'Remain as you are, Sidney; I will attend to you later again', had been said, and then she had gone out, locking the door behind her.

    Thereafter his Aunt Bertha had taken charge of Sidney and in a manner which was seemingly approved. Upon her arrival at his own house, his Mama-Bertha's sister-would frequently sit with her back to the pair as if she were communing with nature through the glass of the French doors that led out on to a flagged path. Not daring to move, Sidney would find himself accompanied on the sofa by his aunt who would begin to unbutton his trousers until finally his cock lolled like a sleeping bird upon her palm.

    'Are you seeing to Sidney today?' would come the voice of his Mama, her head never turning in their direction.

    'If I may, dear'.

    'Of course. Take him up. Do not be overlong. We have so much to talk of, would come the languid reply, whereat Sidney-whose prick had already begun to erect with tremulous excitement-would be led upstairs by it, his aunt offering him no preliminaries. Closing the door she would up her dress and place herself in such a posture as pleased her, whether on her back with her legs in the air or her noble bottom offered to his tool.

    Whichever orifice was offered, Sidney knew better than not to attend to it with his quivering cock immediately and would take the plunge with great fervour and much wonderment, for his aunt frequently said not a word at such times, having long trained and exhorted him not to come until she uttered the words, 'NOW, Sidney!'

    Bursting at his knob as he might be, Sidney had good cause to with-hold his injectory passion until so commanded, for she would otherwise spank him afterwards, his shamed howls reaching far downstairs to where his Mama's crochet needle or knitting sticks worked calmly. Having expelled his juices to the satisfaction of his aunt-whether up her bottom or in her slit-Sidney would be left to 'rest'- and so commanded to do-while she returned downstairs, unconcernedly permitting fragments of conversation to rise up to him.

    'Oh yes, he was good today'-or, 'His stamina was poor, Edith, he must be fed more oysters and made to drink more milk', would be heard.

    'You are good to exercise him, dear', might come the reply, leaving Sidney in much wonderment as to the world of women, for on such occasions as when he had endeavoured to kiss his Mama upon the mouth, she always averted her lips, frequently saying in an admonishing tone, 'Oh no, Sidney, how naughty!' while her heavy titties would bulge alluringly to his chest.

    There were other occasions when all was different, and Sidney remembered those no less vividly. Just prior to his aunt's announced visit, his Mama would go upstairs and return wearing naught save for a filmy peignoir and a black corset that covered only her midriff and left both her breasts and her pubic mound uncovered. Stockings and bootees would finish off the plump curves of her legs whose flashing thighs Sidney could distinctly see when she sat down, sometimes letting the sides of her frail garment slip completely away and at others veiling herself as if by afterthought.

    It may be appreciated that Sidney's pego was in a fervent state by the time that his aunt arrived, even though his Mama studiously ignored him and-if he shifted about overmuch-merely told him to be a good boy and learn his lessons, the which (Sidney felt) he really had, though not in a manner that a more bookish educationist might have taught him. The manner in which his Mama frequently stirred her bottom, and the fact that he could see its ample cheeks naked through the gauzy material, caused him considerable palpitations in every part of his young person.

    As has been said, however, these febrile exhibitions of arousal went unremarked and seemingly unnoticed. Upon his aunt's arrival-she sweeping into the drawing room and removing hat and gloves with great elan-his Mama might say, 'Sidney needs seeing to, my dear'.

    'Yes, of course. I will take him up', the cooing reply would come, but thereat his Mama would rise and shake her loosened hair all about and let her large, firm gourds wobble deliciously so that Sidney could see the brown nipples impressing their own visible condition through her peignoir.

    'Will you not come up and speak with me first? Let us talk of old times', his Mama would say. And Sidney, being conscious of all this and that it had happened before, would hear his aunt reply, 'Why, of course, my love-let us. Do you remember that afternoon in the summerhouse when… Sidney! Go upstairs and wait!'

    Permitting his eyes to roam for a last moment at the voluptuous vision afforded him, Sidney would draggingly retire and, upon reaching his room, would hear the merry ascent of his Mama and his aunt and then their entry into his mother's boudoir. At that, Sidney would undress in readiness, for he knew he was meant to and must. His cock a-quiver he would men, by keeping his door furtively ajar, hear such noises as were comparable to those that Ethel had heard. Indeed, he learned many naughty words in this way, though none concerned him directly and nor was he ever mentioned.

    Three quarters of an hour might pass thus while his cock tingled and throbbed as he tried to envisage what might be passing. Then-footsteps! Ah his heart would pound the faster and he would close his door and retreat to the waiting bed, standing by it as was ordered of him on such occasions.

    And it was on such occasions that his aunt would enter, naked, much more agitatedly and voluble than on the others.-'Quickly, Sidney-oh, I must have it! Pestle me, I me, do it to me, OH! OH, she is so… '

    But to Sidney's frustration his aunt had never completed mat sentence albeit that she must have uttered it a score of times and more. Indeed, once his cock was lodged in her exceedingly sticky nest, he would work on her with much excited agitation on his part, though ever conscious that he must not impel his lubricious spendings into her cosy maw until commanded to so do. Squirming on her belly, with her big firm tits bumping and wobbling under his mouth, he would thresh as slowly as his ardour allowed or as her desires demanded.

    'Faster, you young beast!' his aunt would frequently exhort him after a long two or three minutes of exquisite delving in and out of her slimy quim. Sidney would pant men and raise himself up, flashing his loins faster and gasping loudly until he was permitted to sperm her in one heavenly rush. Having his back to the door on such occasions, Sidney would often feel that he was being watched, but could never be sure of it and did not dare to turn his head. In any event, the pallor and exhaustion brought upon him by his aunt's greedily-sucking slit always caused him to collapse breathlessly upon her while she, clawing at his buttocks, would hold him in until she had produced the last droplet from his embedded knob.

    Sometimes, but rarely, Sidney had been paraded, and then he knew he was being watched. It was always on occasions when his aunt had been in his Mama's room first, and he knew it was about to happen by the slower pace of her footsteps. Judging them so, and with pulses pounding, Sidney would stand upright and naked with his pego erect. Always upon the entry of his aunt then, he would see that she was carrying a pair of drawers and a long glass flask.

    'Your back to me!' she would instruct.

    No sooner had Sidney turned than the opened drawers would envelope his head right down to his neck. They were always black ones and he could not see through them. He knew they had been worn for they were warm and the effluvia within, at the crotch (which was dipped into his mouth by his aunt's forefinger) was subtly different to hers. Then, with a start that he could never suppress, and while keeping his arms dutifully straight down at his sides, Sidney would feel the mouth of the flask slid down over his straining cock until the cold rim nestled above the root thereof, some several inches being left between his knob and the base of the bottle.

    Worse was always to follow, though, for an oiled finger would then insert itself up into his bottomhole-the which would always make him grit his teeth at first-and begin to work back and forth, affording him sensations that at first he did not think were possible.

    'Come on now, Sidney', his aunt's voice would come coaxingly in his ear, and at that the door would squeak as if someone else had entered and was watching.-'Suck, Sidney', would then be said, and he would draw on the juiciness at the crotch of the enveloping drawers, enfolded in darkness as he was and experiencing joyously the admixture of muskiness, acridity and exquisite, secretive femininity that he could taste, and which for Sidney was the headiest of brews.

    'He comes more with yours-watch', he heard his aunt say once, but there coming no reply nor sound of further movement, Sidney was unsure as to whether her words were merely intended to tease him or not. Sometimes he would begin to blubber-albeit pleasurably-much as a girl does when so attended to, and indeed to his aunt's soothing, encouraging fingers that also pressed against his buttocks, the nether part of his lithe young person felt as smooth as did that of a female.

    The more his aunt's digit moved within him, the more Sidney drew upon the perfumed and pungent drawers and the more his cock thrummed, causing the flask to dance and jitter.

    'Would you like a nice plump bottom to plunge it into, you bad boy?' his aunt might ask, therewith tickling his balls with her free hand.

    Stammering, incoherent breathless sounds would then come from beneath the face-shielding drawers. Despite himself, Sidney's hips would begin to work in unison with the urging of that wicked finger whose prepared oiliness made its passage so much easier.

    'Bubble bubble, toil and pleasure, Sidney, come on!' he would hear, and then within seconds and with a girlish whine he would emit his globs and jets into the receptive flask while a soft laugh of victory would be heard, and his aunt perhaps asking, 'Can you see? Oh, look, another spout! The oysters have done him good!'

    Poor Sidney-poor happy, wondering, anguished Sidney, his knees would commence to buckle then, but there was no reprieve for him until his aunt was satisfied that he had expended every drop, her drawn-in finger proving the master of him all the time.

    Sidney had heard once a soft 'AH!' that was not his aunt's voice as the finger at last came out and he was permitted to droop to the floor where he was left thus, a departure taking place and the door being closed upon him.

    'I am left to my misery', Sidney would tell himself dolefully while removing both the flask and the drawers. Even so, and at the age of but seventeen then, he sensed a great hypocrisy in himself, for he knew it was all thoroughly enjoyable so long as he was firmly handled.

    How Edwina could have divined this, he did not understand, for scarcely had his fiance departed with her stepfather and Miss Martin than he was cooingly invited up to his hostess's room which was lavishly furnished in the most fetching feminine taste with a huge four-poster bed, prettily draped, and a dressing table that glittered with numerous silver-topped flasks of many colours of glass, together with pots of unguents and pomades.

    'My maid is indisposed, Sidney, and I desire to change. Pray help me', uttered Edwina, seating herself on a stool in front of all the cosmetic delights and thus presenting her reflected image to him.

    'I-er… ' Sidney began in some astonishment, but used as he was by then to obeying women, he cast a single glance over his shoulder towards the door and then let his hands flutter uncertainly.

    'Undo the hooks and eyes first at the back, Sidney', commanded Edwina who-as is known-had read his character easily enough. Tilting back her head, she caused her mammalian beauties to thrust forth the more while the back of her gown parted under the agile seeking of his fingers. All down her back Sidney released the little hooks from their catchments, at which Edwina caught the loose sides coyly while gazing into his own eyes in the mirror.- “Wait now, Sidney', she uttered, using a phrase that was exceedingly familiar to him.

    Running the tip of his tongue nervously over his lips, Sidney unbent and watched compulsively as his hostess slowly lowered the top of her gown and let the sides fall away until her large breasts with their conical brown nipples displayed themselves blatantly to his hot stare. Reaching both hands back over her shoulders, Edwina then sought his and drew them down until his palms were enabled to cup the glossy gourds of which Edwina was exceedingly proud.

    'Sidney, do you play with yourself?' she asked softly, causing him to gurgle the while that her nipples tingled to his palms.

    'No', he croaked truthfully enough, for several things had changed now and each night in bed at home his wrists were secured behind his back and a leather sheath lowered and fastened around his stiff member.

    'You do, Sidney, but there is no need for it any more, is there?' Edwina wheedled. Placing her hands over his own, she swung slowly around and so kept him in charge of her heavy gourds while her eyes gazed duskily up into his and her knees inserted themselves between his legs.

    Sidney, who would rather have been told than asked, shook his head uncertainly.

    'Annette is nice to you, is she not? Does she play with your cock, suck it perhaps, take up her slit and into her bottom?'

    'N… no, never, she is g… g… good', stammered Sidney, though his aunt had cautioned him about using 'good' and 'bad' in matters of amourous conflict, for she said they were nonsense words.

    'Ah, yes, indeed, I feared as much, but no matter for you are now in more willing hands, Sidney. What good will a frigid maiden be to you in bed if she does not buck her bottom to you? And what do we have here, eh?' continued Edwina, unbuttoning Sidney rapidly and bringing to light a penis that was already evoking interest by increasing in length and girth.

    'OOOH-AH!' ejaculated Sidney for in that moment two things occurred, the first being that Edwina bent her head and drew the helmet of his pego into her mouth, and the second that Caroline entered attired in no more than her stockings.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'Oh, Mama dear, Jonathan is being very naughty downstairs with Bella', began Caroline, pretending mat she could not see what was occurring, though she very well could.

    At her entrance and her words, Sidney's prick immediately popped out of the engaging moisture and warmth of Edwina's mouth, the latter flushing not a little and saying, 'My dear, this is private!'

    'But surely not so much so that I may not watch, Mama? Pray let me. Has he a nice one? Oh yes, he has', exclaimed Caroline who, having approached the pair and standing at their sides took eager note of the proportions of Sidney's waggling tool, the head of which glistened with saliva.

    'Really, Caroline dear, you should be playing downstairs', Edwina uttered preposterously, for-strange as it may seem-Caroline had never yet witnessed her in such a situation despite all their contrived naughtinesses.

    'That Bella is really too excitable for me, Mama. Shall we have him on the bed? Is he docile, obedient, as we thought he might be? ARE you, Sidney?' demanded the young woman who was in an excited and excitable state and-in her mother's eyes-going quite beyond herself. Even so, Edwina herself was caught out by such a critical question and dared not interfere with Sidney's immediate answering albeit that he proffered it by means of consenting silence.

    'He is then, it seems', Edwina said, endeavouring to take command.

    'We shall soon find out. Stand still, Sidney. Mama, hold the knob of his prick while I just-Ah, here we are!' exclaimed Caroline who, having moved to a drawer, produced a length of pink silk ribbon. Turning, and waggling her finger in playful admonishment at her Mama, she deftly looped it around the base of Sidney's prick, brought both ends up and tied them in a fetching but tight bow that caused his eyes to screw up in dismay, although he stirred not to touch it.-'A garland for Priapus, Mama! Let me see him do his duty and nest it in you'.

    'Really, Caroline, what a hussy you are today. Oh, what are you DOING! Stop it, you bad girl, or… OW!' cried Edwina who for a moment did not recognise the exact trick mat was being played upon her. Having taken her mother's wrist-limp and unprepared as Edwina's arm was-Caroline stepped back a full pace and pulled with all her strength, thus propelling her as if by catapult to the foot of the bed whereupon Edwina thumped face down, uttering a cry that became the louder as Caroline promptly leapt upon her back and straddled her, facing the bewildered Sidney as she did so.

    'To your station, Sidney, quickly!' Caroline demanded, keeping her bottom well pressed upon her Mama's shoulders while-leaning forward-she scooped both arms under Edwina's waist and by main force held her plumply-rounded bottom up.

    'Stop this!' howled Edwina who had been looking forward to a quiet hour with Sidney.

    'Do you not remember, Mama-the Colonel…?' Caroline asked gaily as Sidney-responding to an imperious jerk of the young woman's head-stepped forward and presented the crest of his pego to the rolled lips of Edwina's slit. Thereat there passed across the older lady's mind the occasion years before when, under the Colonel's persistent and secret persuasions, she had called Caroline into that selfsame room one night and held her bottom up to his cock for the first time.-'Now, you do remember, so behave, Mama', laughed Caroline who had long wanted this mild form of vengeance and afforded Edwina's rearing buttocks a playful smack by loosening one arm in the very moment mat Sidney urged his shaft up into her mother's hairy channel and secured it full within, bringing her majestic buttocks to splurge across his belly.

    'WHOOOO!' uttered Edwina, this bringing a titter from Caroline who swung off her mother's back and stood admiring the conjunction of their parts, not to say the remarkable stillness of Sidney who in his latter years had been so taught by his aunt to insert himself thus and hold for a full minute. Having no knowledge of such, however, Caroline became a trifle impatient and gave his bottom a smack, though not entirely to Sidney's dismay for he was used to such.

    'Get on with it; I want to see it going in and out', said Caroline whereat-much like a mechanical doll such as has been seen in various exhibitions in our great cities, and which are more properly known as automata-Sidney set to work on the now unreluctant Edwina who waggled her hips encouragingly.

    For a moment, Caroline stood watching with the utmost fascination the emergence and re-entry of the penis that in such a short space of time became slimed with Edwina's love juices. Then-partly repentant for her untoward behaviour-Caroline cast herself in turn face down beside her Mama and held her face close to hers, asking excitedly, 'Is it nice?'

    'You b… b… bad girl', moaned Edwina, rolling her hips lustily to Sidney's thrusts.

    'You asked me the same-once', Caroline pouted, rubbing her cheek to her Mama's much like a cat.

    'Did not!' gritted Edwina stubbornly, panting a little as she spoke and turning her head this way and that as pleasure overcame her, the which Sidney could feel by her sharp sprinkling over his threshing penis.

    'Did! Oh, kiss me, Mama, when you do it', whispered Caroline.

    An incomprehensible blathering noise came from Edwina, for she was already doing so and, being overcome by the sensation, kept her face pressed down into the quilt while Sidney-who vaguely wondered if she were going to tell him when he could come or not-Wearily surveyed Caroline's hips and bottom and wished dearly that she would command him to caress her, for he did not dare do so otherwise… An hour later-peace and re-union being restored-all joined together in the drawing room, Caroline having been 'forgiven' in the privacy of the bathroom by her mother. By then Bella had also restored her attire, though sitting a little queasily as several drops of Jonathan's sperm dribbled from her bottomhole.

    We will not record that several orgies then immediately followed, for while such tales are frequently put about by such as have not experienced them, it is not in human nature. There were indeed kissings and bussings-though Sidney was not so much a participant in these but a wondering spectator. From a world of strict discipline and admonitions-albeit coupled to lustful activities-he found himself translated into one wherein all ladies were much freer with their consorts and more willing to display themselves before them.

    'Let us have an early dinner tonight, then we may be at our leisure', said Edwina, this being taken by all to mean that leisure indeed rhymed with pleasure.

    Such, then, was what might be called the stage setting for the later arrival of the Colonel and his two females. The message which they had sent on to the effect that Miss Martin was indisposed had not unduly upset Edwina. She would have preferred the Colonel's presence, but would have been doubtful about the presence of one whom she considered a rather curious companion for Bella and, mayhap, a prude.

    It was close to ten o'clock that night when the three interlopers made their approach to the house, whereat the Colonel instructed his coachman to halt a little distance away and to wait, this creating an air of mystery that enveloped the newly-won Annette, but not the other two.

    'It is but a prank, my pet', the Colonel assured her as they came upon the frontage to a domain which expected no visitors.

    'Let us go around the back and see what they are up to', Miss Martin announced. Leading the way forward, and all endeavouring not to stumble in the dark, she brought them via the side entrance to the rear and along the dim-lit path to where the glazed French doors to the drawing room permitted as fine a view within as might be had at any theatre.

    And indeed a fine if riotous play was by then in progress, revealed as it was through a gap in the curtains. Miss Martin, having first reached the best vantage point, signalled a quiet to her companions, she having been the first to view what was taking place.

    'Prepare yourself, my sweet, for that which you are about to see. I am afraid it is-as I suspected-very naughty', she whispered to a wondering Annette whose waist was lovingly encircled by the Colonel's arm. Such an impetuous exclamation then left the girl's mouth, however, that he was forced to place his hand over her mouth.

    Five lamps had been lit in the room, Edwina having seen no need for concealment since the servants had been dismissed. By this time, also, she had learned much more of Sidney's recent past by virtue of her amourous behavior which-due to the disparity in the ages-he found excitingly maternal.

    'Poor Sidney, you have been a little cheated, but provided you obey me, you will obtain far freer pleasure here. What a tease your dear Mama must be, and yet withal a lady of much talent. I would dearly love to meet her. Really, you must allow me to meet her. I am sure we shall have some pleasant tete-a-tetes. I would not wish-unlike your aunt- to exclude you from such. You understand, Sidney?'

    'Oh, yes', stammered he, for Edwina spoke with that admixture of invitation and command to which he was well accustomed.

    'Then we will arrange such, and I will see that you are well looked after in all respects, Sidney. I shall put you to Bella first tonight. See to it that you perform well. She is developing a very accommodating bottom, my dear, and Caroline is also frequently in need. As for Annette-sweet as she is-I fear she will prove too cold for one of your temperament', purred Edwina, thus proving Sidney with the first direct praise he could recall receiving.

    'I-er-suppose', replied he, blushing, being so neatly trapped between the emotions of excitement and guilt that he was as the proverbial donkey between two bales of hay, though it was Edwina who now held his bridle.

    It was Edwina, too, who was to be seen holding Sidney's cock while Bella-her lustrous, plump bottom bared-had been brought to kneel on cushions placed upon the carpet, holding her rump to the tentative entry of his penis. In front of the girl meanwhile knelt Jonathan whose stiff penis his wife had exposed. The glowing helmet thereof hovered at Bella's lips.

    'Remember what you have been told, Sidney', Edwina adjured him. Sidney had been told many things, on and off and on the quiet in the past hours, but most certainly he knew he was not to come until told, and Edwina intended that not to occur until he had also threaded both herself and Caroline.

    Edwina's words did not reach through the glass to the hazily-peering spectators outside, and hence Annette believed her fiance's licentious behaviour to be utterly voluntary on his part. Well-it cannot be said that it was not, though carefully conducted by his new mentor.

    Her mouth being cautiously smothered by the Colonel's hand, Annette blushed and shook her head in disbelief at the sight of Sidney's penis slowly penetrating Bella's offered posterior while Jonathan-pinching her nose and so causing her mouth to open-inserted his knob therein much as one might pop a packet into a box.

    Thus, as the trio watched, Bella absorbed both throbbing tools. Feeling no effort on her part to reject his tool, Jonathan-also under the instructions of Caroline who lolled back in a chair to watch the voluptuous exhibition-released Bella's nose and clasped his hands against both her ears, thereby encouraging such gentle movements of her head as increased the pleasure of both.

    So occupied-and very thoroughly-Bella felt her head swimming. Despite her stabling she had not really intended to be seen to be as naughty as this, and certainly not in front of Edwina who, however, had been more forthright with her than she had with Sidney.

    'Here, my dear, you will entertain and be entertained. I am sure you are much put under by Miss Martin', Edwina had said to the girl in privacy, meaning thereby that Bella's natural instincts might have been suppressed.

    'Oh yes, I have', Bella had replied truthfully enough, though in quite another sense, for she feared Miss Martin's wrath if she added anything revealing thereto.

    'It is unseemly for a young lady to be constantly told to behave when she in fact wishes to misbehave, or rather to do so in the false lights of those who do not yield themselves to pleasure, Bella. It is quite otherwise here, but we shall let that be a little secret between us. After dinner you will retire to your room and divest yourself of all but your gown, your stockings and shoes. There are many gentlemen who like a young lady to be in part dressed when they are attending upon her bottom or her cunny. Let us not mix words about it, for that is what will occur. I shall be similarly attired, and so will Caroline. Are you birched sometimes, Bella?'

    'Oh no!'

    'Good. Then I will not find it necessary to spur you on, will I?' had come the reply, this leaving Bella in little doubt mat her bottom would bum if she were not obedient.

    At the moment of the trio's secret arrival, she was indeed engaging herself in pleasure and the steadily encouraging movements of Sidney's well-accustomed prick up her derriere were as pleasant as those which the Colonel's had proven to be. Moreover, since she was at the same time sucking on Jonathan's equally meaty tool-such a double entry never having occurred to her before-she was beginning to be as much in hope of savouring the male effusion in her mourn as elsewhere.

    That was not to be-or, not on this occasion at least-for Edwina was reserving that pleasure for herself. The watchers could not know this, though, and to Annette's wildly-staring gaze it seemed to her that Sidney was a completely voluntary participant whose behaviour was so little in accord with what she thought she had known of his quiet character that the young lady was immediately disabused- and as resentful as both Miss Martin and the Colonel wished her to be.

    Not intending to linger, since as much had been witnessed as was necessary to their devious plot, the two led the bewildered maiden away, though it must be said of her that, after her own induction into certain pleasures, she had obtained a not disagreeable sensation between her comely thighs, even though quiet sobs of dismay escaped her the while that she was led back in the dark to the waiting carriage.

    'Sidney has hidden much from you', opined Miss Martin when the three were en route again, and she not being unconscious that her words had a double meaning.

    Annette snivelled and hid her face. 'He is a brute', she sobbed, 'However could he do such a thing?'

    'In part, my pet, because you may have much frustrated him in the past, as you unknowingly did myself, the Colonel remarked in a would-be comforting tone while embracing her.

    'I d… did not mean to! Oh, it is all Mania's fault', wailed Annette in the typical manner of those who pass on blame when something apparently unpleasant strikes.

    'Of course you did not, but now you are in safer, stronger and more honest hands, Annette. Dry your eyes. The Colonel will speak to Sidney severely. Your engagement must be broken off. That, too, your guardian will see to. Will you not, Colonel?' encouraged Miss Martin who now saw the road clear for her future intent.

    'I will see to all, my dear, including my lovely one who- lost as she may feel-has in reality discovered herself. Let us hear no more about Sidney. His weaknesses are apparent. As to myself, my strength and all my endeavours will protect you both', was announced grandly.

    'Let us drink to that and then enjoy ourselves, for at least we are not as sly and secretive as others we know', rejoined Miss Martin with a hypocrisy that she would have brazenly disavowed.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'Miss Martin is leaving immediately, Papa!'

    The words, as may be imagined, were those of Ethel who this time had knocked before entering her Papa's study.

    'I am aware, Ethel, yes.'

    'Why is she leaving?'

    Ethel's curiosity was natural for a female, though her interest in the governess's departure was far less since she hoped for better things to come.

    'I believe she has another post', came the equally short reply. Only a day had passed since Ethel's untoward intrusion and since then he had said little to her, which fretted her much. Her Mama had also kept very quiet, though for different reasons, for she feared Ethel might ask too much, while all the while Letitia would be conscious of what her daughter had now overheard.

    That which may be kept from servants, however, may not so easily be kept from kin. But ten minutes before, Ethel had overheard her Mama hissing at Miss Martin in a manner her daughter had never heard before. No names having been mentioned, Ethel feared that in some wise it might involve herself. She therefore now sought to ingratiate herself by appearing as winsome as she could, uttering several little sighs that begged to be asked why they had emerged into a seemingly uncaring world.

    Sensing more than had actually passed in their short exchange of words, Easton paused in his letter-writing and rose from his desk and went to the couch where he patted the seat.

    Showing as much apparent reluctance as she could summon up, Ethel produced a pretty pout and went to sit beside him.

    'So much has happened that I suppose it is incumbent on me to explain certain things to you', he began with attempted solemnity, for he was aware that Letitia would soon begin nagging him as to whether he had 'spoken to' Ethel.

    At that, Ethel-coquettishly or otherwise-passed the tip of her tongue across her lips and gazed down into her lap, which caused Easton's eyes to follow the bending of her head. Thereupon his gaze fastened with fascination on the proud bulbing of her bubbies, each firm as a melon. The tips had become hard when he had spanked her, he recalled. Even now they pointed impudently through her dress.

    It is at such times that silent communications pass between people. Ethel might well have kept her head down and awaited his next words. Instead, she raised and turned her face to him, her moistened lips parting expectantly, as if waiting upon a new gospel. Whether Easton misunderstood the inviting gesture or not cannot be known.

    'You have been-that is to say-er-very naughty, Ethel', murmured Easton, a propos of almost nothing that was in his mind save that the perfect innocence of her mouth was too angelically beguiling to resist. 'Have you not?' he asked, and in so saying-and by no conscious volition that he know of-raised a hand which he passed over and beneath Ethel's protruding titties, causing her lips to part even more sensuously.

    'Yes', that maiden responded softly. That she was not to be spanked or birched seemed to her quite certain. Fingers were roaming from one nipple to the other, causing them to erect easily. His mouth touched her own, light as a butterfly dropping on to a flower, causing her breath to issue in little excited puffs into Easton's mouth, this idyll being interrupted however by her Mama's voice outside of the door.

    'Is Ethel in there?' Letitia demanded. That she did not open the door may seem strange, but the fact is mat she did not want to involve herself in the delicate conversation that she hoped might be taking place.

    'Yes, ah yes, dear', came Easton's somewhat choky reply as Ethel sat bolt upright.

    'Good. Then you are doing it', came the reply, this form of words creating a great astonishment in Ethel whose thoughts were only upon one subject, and mat to which she thought her mother was referring.

    Letitia's footsteps were then heard departing, as well they might have been in arriving, save that the two curious participants in the study had been too distracted to notice such.

    It was Ethel who first broke the brief, ensuing silence.

    'Ma-ma-ma said… ' she began in a disbelieving squeak that might have emanated from a doll.

    Such opportunities as then presented themselves to Easton were not, however, taken advantage of. The circumstances were too fraught, he decided and-knowing Letitia-she would give him little more than twenty minutes at the most. With Bella such would suffice. At the first insertion of his yearning knob into Ethel's undoubtedly tight nest, she would be likely to squeal.

    'Your Mama believes us to be talking', Easton said hastily.

    'Oh!' ejaculated Ethel in a shortness of tone that betokened her annoyance, not to say some strains of disbelief, the which Easton was not slow to miss.

    'But Mama said… Oh, I am going to say goodbye to Miss Martin', uttered Ethel pertly. Such being her annoyance at the denouement, she jumped up and made her exit to the mingling disappointment and relief of Easton who was beginning to feel even more strongly that Ethel deserved better than she had so far received.

    This mood remained upon him when minutes later he rejoined Letitia and spoke airily of having lectured their daughter.

    'How good you are, Easton dear! However did you put it to her?' she asked with unconscious irony.

    'I said to her in ail effect that such occurrences are frequent between those who have a great fondness for one another'.

    'Good', said Letitia, though she felt that in Ethel's case he might at least have said 'married'. Any further thoughts she may have uttered were, however, interrupted by the somewhat scampering entry of the very one who was die subject of their sketchy, if careful, conversation.

    'Oh, Mama, Papa, Miss Martin is to open an academy for young ladies-that is why she is leaving. May I attend? May I please?”

    'She said aught else to you, dear?' Letitia asked, not gazing at her daughter as she spoke.

    'Oh no, Mama, save to say that she has already an Assistant Mistress who is a young lady of most proper standing and whose guardian vouches for her well'.

    'Ah', ejaculated Easton whose speed of thoughts was often no greater than his wife's but simply went in a different direction.

    'I do not think it will be necessary, Ethel', her Mama said, this producing a petulant 'Oh!' from the young Miss that caused Easton to cast his net even more deeply into his cogitations.

    'Hmmmm-I will ask her about the matter', he declared.

    'There is no need, Easton!' Letitia objected.

    'To reassure myself, you understand', he responded glibly and departed from the room even while his wife waved feebly in remonstrance and pursed her lips primly at Ethel.

    Upon his entry into Miss Martin's room, that lady was already critically adjusting a new hat-and one indeed that Easton had benignly bought her-for she wished to look at her very best on her return to the Colonel's house. Annette was well settled, Miss Martin had been musing. At first, on the previous night of their secretive return from viewing that which they had seen in Edwina's house, the Colonel had been minded to take his stepdaughter straight to bed. That, however, was not the way that young ladies were trained in their first week, Miss Martin had decided, and so had sent the young woman off to her own slumbers, thereafter advising the Colonel as to his proper procedures.

    Consequently-and having in mind that the continued presence of Miss Martin was very necessary-the Colonel also retired on his own, but was up early the next morning in his nightgown while Annette was still drowsy. The girl's cunny would be sufficiently moist after sleep, Miss Martin had said, for him to engage himself immediately and with a minimum of preliminaries. Upon his asking why there should be none, the lady had replied crisply that she desired Annette to be trained properly.

    'Ah, yes, as we did in India', the Colonel had said.

    'As to that, you must tell me all about it sometime, Colonel. For the nonce she is to learn to receive without remonstrance or fretting on her part, and I will give you the reason therefor. There may be gentlemen with pretty young daughters who, upon finding that the Assistant Mistress of the establishment is all that they desire in others, will be the more encouraged to have their offspring attend… for your pleasure and mine'.

    “The more I listen to you, Madam, the more delighted I become', exclaimed her listener, 'But as to Annette… '

    'Oh, you will still keep her for yourself. She will only be put to occasional such exercising', Miss Martin opined comfortably. Pleased that Annette had comported herself well that morning-only gasping and wriggling for a brief period while the Colonel was again taking the measure of her cunny but otherwise proving suitably quiescent-Miss Martin now turned to regard Easton's entry with the calmest of looks.

    'You are bettered, then', he began uncertainly.

    'Indeed so. Ethel has told you? I would much like her to attend, you know'.

    “There are-er-uncertainties as to that, my dear'.

    'From Letitia? She has been MOST rude, you know, and quite unfair. Johnson is not to be believed and yet the falsity of his witness is to be put before my own honesty. No- you have no need to apologise, Easton', said Miss Martin who almost persuaded him thereby that she was speaking the truth.-'As to Ethel, she will be well educated, and in such respects as you would wish, I am sure. Have I not done my very best so far?'

    'Why, yes. I-er… '

    'It is simply that I have not had time-with so much ELSE to do-to advance her. I do promise you that you will not be dissatisfied. Mayhap in time she could become an Assistant Mistress, like dear Miss Sutherland', Miss Martin said, uttering a sigh as if she were speaking of an angel, though constantly changing her name.

    'Well, as to that… One must see, yes, one must see', Easton uttered uncertainly, at which she turned her back on him and fussed with her hair.

    'Such pupils as I shall take, Easton, will be young, sweet and-one might say-malleable, in the cause of education. Upon visiting Ethel there, as I trust you would, I would have no objections to your closeting yourself with one or the other for a suitable period in that you might ascertain for yourself the state of their advancement. An examination of sorts, as might be said. You would have no objection to filling such a role? I shall not otherwise have any school inspectors… or, er, pupil inspectors'.

    This said, and with a smile such as she might have put about in the company of any other visitor, Miss Martin turned to him and appeared as if regarding her undoubtedly fetching self in the mirrors of his eyes.

    'Well, Easton?' she asked, fully conscious that he had not failed to receive the inner meaning of her words.

    'Possibilities-possibilities, yes. As to Ethel that is, yes', responded Easton who found himself in a trice a shuttlecock again between Miss Martin and his wife.

    'Then you had best speak to your dear wife, had you not-provided that she does not lend too willing an ear to any more mendacious gossip from servants? Oh my goodness, what is the time? I shall be late!'

    'I shall see you again?' asked Easton with a tinge of anxiety at having lost a valuable ally.

    “That is up to you, Easton. I trust you shall, with dear Ethel, perhaps?'

    And so saying, Miss Martin swept by him, brushing her skirts against his legs and permitting him to inhale a perfume that brought many happy memories back.


    A Stately English Mansion


    'I have never heard the like! After what that woman has done… ' Letitia began when Easton offered his careful if elaborated account concerning the departed Miss Martin's new scholastic establishment.

    In so saying, Letitia glared at Bella-the latter looking as demure as she could while Ethel pursed her lips and appeared to be about to dissolve in tears.

    'Really, I do not understand anything at all', Bella declared, for the atmosphere was beginning to encroach upon her and things seemed not half as jolly as they had been at Edwina's.

    'You should be the first to, Bella', admonished Letitia, quite forgetting that her niece could not possibly have known that Johnson had witnessed what he had.

    'My dear!' interrupted Easton hastily.

    'Well? Is it not so?' Letitia replied.

    'My dear, Ethel is present', Easton said with a totally false front of propriety.

    'I thought you had spoken to her?'

    'About that?' Easton asked, raising his eyebrows while Bella and Ethel stared at one another and knew not whether to giggle or not.

    'It is all getting very complicated, Easton. Let us discuss it upstairs'.

    'Yes, my dear'. And therewith both solemnly advanced upstairs while Ethel and Bella-who now felt utterly conspiratorial by virtue of such intuitiveness as females possess-endeavoured in vain to hear what might be said. That privilege, if such it may be called, was not granted them, though, for Easton and Letitia kept their voices low in a muted argument that to the would-be listeners appeared to be interminable.

    'I wish I knew what it was all about, Bella', said Ethel upon their tiptoeing back into the drawing room, having heard not a word.

    'So do I', replied Bella glibly, for much as she wanted to tell Ethel all her news, she doubted her cousin's ability to retain such intelligence for long.

    'I will inspect the school for myself, Letitia', Easton was saying at that juncture.

    'Oh, you, yes, I'm sure you will', Letitia answered, feeling the argument slipping from her.

    'Well, then, we both will, my dear. After all, we have rid ourselves of Miss Martin who, I understand, has had to borrow heavily in order to launch her hopes. And is Johnson truly to be believed? A man in rut will say many wild things, Letitia'.

    'He was not in rut when he said it', she replied unguardedly, whereat Easton put on a gay laugh and asked, 'Oh, he had already come in you then?' this bringing a blush to his wife's cheeks.

    'Really, do we have to talk about such things?' asked she, and Easton taking prompt advantage of this since the question left her more unprotected.

    'While Ethel is absent, there will be no untoward interruptions to the little games I have promised you, Letitia', encouraged Easton, putting his arms around Letitia's waist as she turned her back on him.

    'You are bribing me', Letitia muttered hanging her head, but uttering a little pleased murmur the while he palmed her heavy tits.

    'Not at all, my pet, for there are advantages in such an arrangement for both of us. Have I not told you that? Did we not agree while Ethel all but watched me creaming you?'

    'Oh, Easton, don't! Don't remind me of that!'

    Even so, Letitia turned slowly in his arms, her bead remaining bowed. Easton waited patiently. There was acquiescence now in the yielding of her form. Finally there came the words he wished to near.

    'You may do as you wish, Easton'.

    'All is for the best. Let me apprise Ethel, for she is all agog to know'.

    'Yes. You will continue to love me, will you not?”

    'What a foolish question, my sweet. Besides, Ethel will cherish the company of girls of her own age'.

    'I suppose', said Letitia still a little doubtfully. She disengaged herself, this allowing Easton to edge towards the door. A little hastily, she thought, and called out after him, 'I shall come with you to Miss Martin's!'

    The deuce of it you will, Easton thought irritatedly, but men comforted himself in the knowledge that after one or two visits-when Miss Martin would undoubtedly assure the utmost propriety-Letitia would soon grow tired of doing so and would prefer the consolations she had been promised.

    It was therefore with a gayer heart that he was able to convey to Ethel the news that she sought, this producing in the excited Miss such a reaction of pleasure that she jumped up and cast her arms about his neck. Hugging her to him in a scene of paternal affection such as is often innocently displayed, Easton found himself gazing at Bella whose seated posture was one of amusement and interest.

    So much so, in fact, that Easton could almost swear that she actually winked at him.

    'Tell your Mama how happy you are. She will be much comforted to hear it', uttered Easton who was well aware mat such would produce an interval of at least ten minutes during which he would be alone with Bella.

    'Oh yes! You will take me, Papa, will you not, the first few rimes', Ethel wheedled.

    'Indubitably, my dear, and your Mama is coming as well', Easton added to her faint disappointment, at which he patted her bottom prior to her skipping out of the room.

    With the door closed, Bella continued to loll back and remained unmoving as Easton accomodated himself beside her on the couch. Inwardly her heart pounded much, but the tuition she had received at Edwina's and Caroline's hands now stood her well in such encounters.

    'You have been naughty, I believe, Bella', said Easton, passing one hand around the back of her neck and tickling it affectionately.

    'Have I?' responded she with what she deemed to be an air of mystery. Her facade broke for a moment, however, with the sudden sweeping of Easton's free hand up beneath her skirts. Unhesitatingly it groped her thighs, her ringing stocking tops and-forcing her not too reluctant legs apart- found her furry notch.-'It's n… naughty', stammered she, letting her head sink further back into a cushion.

    'Open your legs more, Bella', commanded Easton.

    'No! OH!' then came her squeal-though satisfactorily much suppressed. Moving the hand that had caressed her neck, Easton transferred it to her forehead and thus kept her mourn tilted up to his, levering her legs apart until they hung lax. Feeling his finger part her rolled lovelips, sweeping upwards to her spot which it delicately caressed, Bella gritted her teeth, pressed her hands momentarily against his shoulders in a feeble display of endeavouring to fend him off, and then whispered, 'It is you who made me naughty'.

    'Be quiet, girl', murmured Easton, increasing the rotation of his fingertip around her perky clitoris until her hips began jerking in an agitated fashion. His mouth descended on hers, causing her juicy upper lip to roll back. A tremulous touching of their tongues ensued while Bella sighed into his mouth.

    “They'll come down', she whispered, feeling well enough through their clothes the rising hardness of his cock as he lay half upon her. A muted 'OHE-WER!' escaped her with the gradual drawing up of her skirts until the ivory columns of her thighs were exposed and therewith the plump pouting of her muff. Her mouth open wide, Bella absorbed his tongue nevertheless and rolled her own wet one about it, though deliberately abstaining from feeling for his prick as Easton desired her to.

    'I said, be quiet, Bella', he instructed, having an identical awareness that time was not on his side.

    The oiliness of her slit was increasing with every stroke of his finger. Her eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks, her breathing came faster. The little urging movements of her hips became the more impetuous. Her tongue blindly lapped his own until Easton knew that the ultimate moment of desire was almost upon her. Unbuttoning himself swiftly, he drew her warm palm around the throbbing stem of his manhood, the which Bella clasped with an enthusiasm he had never known before in her.

    'Turn over now', Easton grunted, half rising from her.

    'What doing? What are you doing?' moaned she, offering but the mildest of resistance upon being rolled on to her belly and thus exposing her glossy bottom to his eyes.

    'Will you not be quiet, Miss?'

    “They'll come down-they'll see us', Bella whimpered while allowing her hips to be raised, and Easton putting one knee up on to the seat of the sofa behind her.

    An 'awkward' position is often the more stirring for being so, and Easton rediscovered this as, placing one hand in the small of her back-and remarking to himself how well Bella now bulbed up her derriere-he guided the glowing helmet of his pego into her warm, moist slot, this causing Bella to utter a soft 'OOOH-WOOOH!' which was compounded mainly of pleasure.

    Clasping then her hips, Easton screwed his eyes up within the compass of sensations akin to his niece's own and sheathed himself between the spongy walls of her nest as slowly as the illicit circumstances permitted. With a grunt on his part and a moan from Bella, he rooted himself to the full and allowed his balls to dangle under her dark curls.

    'There now, is it not nice?' he asked in the manner of one demonstrating something of infinitely greater innocence.

    'Yeh-hess', came from Bella whose bottom wriggled a little and then was still, its two warm, bulging halves pressed into his belly.

    'I should have fucked you when you were fifteen', murmured Easton almost soulfully.

    'Mmmmm… ' came encouragingly from the cushion into which Bella's face was pressed.

    'As I am fucking you now, Bella'.

    Ah, the magic conjunction of words and deeds, Easton told himself in that stolen moment. His head hung back, his own eyes half closed. Withdrawing half of his steaming tool, he held it so and then caused it to re-enter her sheath and her firmly-fleshed buttocks therewith to slap satisfyingly against him.

    'Oh, yes!' Bella whined, though whether in reply to his remarks or his motions mattered not. Vaguely, faintly, he felt the slightly-stinging spattering of her first joyous release of liquid pleasure around his cock and balls, and thereupon began to pump her in earnest while Bella sobbed her sensual enjoyment sometimes coherently and sometimes not.

    'My love, my pet, my dove, give it to me!' Easton gurgled as men are wont to do even in the course of receiving it.

    'F… f… f…!' stuttered Bella, churning her hips responsively.

    'What? Eh? Say it, my love. Ah, what a cunt you have', Easton groaned encouragingly.

    'Fu… fu… tuck me!' choked Bella for whom time all but stood still, as indeed it did for her uncle. SLAP-SMACK! her bottom sounded in its bouncing to his stomach, but even through that joyous miasma Easton had to force himself to remember that Ethel or Letitia-or indeed both-might descend at any moment.

    'I am… am… c… coming in you, B… Bella!'

    'OOOOH!' came her gurgled response. Their hips threshed the more. Her cunny, filled with every inward stroke by his cock, felt its wilder throbbing. Raising her head and dipping her back as Edwina had tutored her to do in such moments of delicious crisis, Bella stilled her own hips and then so employed her newly-learned nutcracker squeeze that her uncle's prick was gripped as in a powerful but cushioning vise while he was yet half-embedded, in mid-stroke.

    'B… b… bitch!' Easton's voice rang softly, for he had not counted on such expertise in her as yet.

    'Grip them halfway in and you will feel the jets better, Bella', Edwina had advised her. And Bella now did. The first powerful shoot spattered and bubbled against the gripping walls of her nest, and the next, and the next until an unmoving Easton expended his last more feeble urgings which pulsed out in thick droplets, producing from him a shuddering sigh.

    Moments later, her dress adjusted and Easton suitably buttoned up once more, the pair separated themselves and relaxed at each end of the couch, their heads back, ears alert for sounds from above that fortunately had not come as yet.

    'Perfect! Oh, perfect!' Easton uttered dreamily while Bella bit her lip with pleasure at the accolade. But then, as if the better to adjust themselves to the new moment-and as if indeed in preparation for an interruption-Bella ventured, 'Ethel will learn more with Miss Martin, I suppose'.

    Easton opened the eyes he had laxedly closed. The room swam back into his view. Bella was flushed, but otherwise looked exactly as Letitia had left her. Her hair, being tightly pinned, was fortunately not disturbed.

    'Yes-as you have done, perhaps', he murmured, enveloped still in the rapture of their passionate coupling.

    'Oh! That is naughty!' responded she with a giggle which she immediately suppressed with an upward movement of her hand. Caution was no longer in order with her uncle, as it seemed to her, and besides she sensed that in some extraordinary and unknown way he knew much more than he had hinted at so far.

    'Yes', Easton replied simply. His hand reached for her own, clasped it. He played with her fingers. In such moments men tend to be more carelessly romantic than they would otherwise be. Aware of such, Easton nevertheless spoiled himself. In default of the presence of Miss Martin, that of his voluptuous and now very much more satisfactory niece would extend considerable advantages.

    'You do not mean it to be, do you?' Bella asked wheedlingly, her smoother fingertips moving back and forth against his own.

    'One must learn what one must learn-must one not, Bella?'

    Drawing her across to him so that her body slumped, he kissed her juicy lips anew, albeit that in cautious feminine fashion she soon eluded the embrace and moved back again, shaking her head and putting her finger to her lips. Even so, her eyes sparkled quite naughtily, causing Easton to remark to himself-in age-old fashion-that in some matters young females appear to possess greater tact and wisdom than males of twice their age.


    A Stately English Mansion


    The first entrants to Miss Martin's Academy For Young Ladies, as she had decided to call it, proved to be the daughters of a Vicar of a parish once removed from the Colonel's own. The younger, Maude, was fifteen-her sister, Adelaide, being some eighteen months older.

    'Dashed tricky business, being daughters of the Vicar, eh?' the Colonel questioned Miss Martin tentatively, though an eager enough look had come into his eye when the two 'young flowers'-as their future teacher had referred to them-had stood somewhat timourously in her presence, and he observing them through a peephole in the wall that had almost overnight been hastily devised.

    “The daughters of a Vicar, my dear-not your immediate and more local one. Remark that point, for it may have significance. Did I not take the precaution of interviewing him first? His eyes remarked the birch-new, supple and well-soaked-that I had placed of a purpose full in his sight, as you well saw, even as you did my little toy, which you made for me', added Miss Martin coyly.

    'He did not ask what it was, either', remarked her listener who had, under her instructions, devised what he thought was indeed a toy. For whereas in the past he had himself employed the tip of a crop, or that of a schooling-whip, across a recalcitrant young lady's bottom, Miss Martin had a preference for a more teasing but equally insistent implement. It comprised a score of thin strips of leather, some twenty inches long, which at one end were knotted and, at the other, fastened in a circular bunch to a rod of lesser extent, the 'handle' end of which swelled out to resemble a slender pestle.

    “The Reverend gentleman had a very seeking eye, my dear. His fancy took to my plaything, I believe, and he caught on to its purpose quickly enough. Vicarages are dull places, you know, and even duller if there is not some enlivening to be had. As he was careful to explain to me, he has had neither the time nor the opportunity to tend to them in a manner that will cause them not to be too fretful at first. The opportunities that I presented to him, in my most tactful manner, proved fruitful to his ears'.

    'He leaned forward often enough to look at your bosom', chuckled the Colonel.

    'Such men, bereft of wives, are frequently at a loss for feminine entertainment and must, withal, guard their reputations in the sight of their flock. I am myself the daughter of a clergyman, as well I told you'.

    'By jove, then I am sure he was not bereft! Was it he who… '

    'Dear Colonel, I would love to stay and chat with you, but for the nonce I really must attend to our first charges. Annette has them upstairs in quiet conversation, but I see no reason why their process of conversion should not begin immediately, do you?'

    “The sooner the better, my dear', replied the Colonel, rubbing his hands over-eagerly, the which brought Miss Martin to frown and shake her head.

    'Patience, sir. Such is not accomplished in a day, nor even in two or three with girls of these ages. Disciplines must precede pleasure. No doubt with such encouragement as you will give her, Annette will tell you more about it when you are exercising her tonight'.

    'Ah!' said the Colonel, evincing some disappointment, despite having been forewarned about such circumstances. At the best, he decided, he would listen in an adjoining room where the wall had infuriatingly proved too stout against his efforts to pierce it and so provide another peephole. Miss Martin had assured him that this obstacle would soon be overcome. He devoutly hoped it would.

    What Miss Martin did not say was that she occasionally required privacy and-even more often than that-sometimes found the excitable presence of males irksome. Having had several intimate conversations with Annette, she had been delighted to find a tendency in the young woman to agree with her.

    'I believe you may come to like girls in equal measure to men', Miss Martin had said to her several mornings before, after the Colonel had gone back to bed to rest from his labours.

    Annette's quim being still creamy from his effusion, she had agreed to his proposal under the pressure of the lips of Miss Martin who had discreetly taken the Colonel's place and brought to Annette's heart the aura of romanticism that she missed (as Miss Martin well intended her to) in the lascivious working of her quim and bottom by her Step-Papa.

    'I think I may', Annette had replied, for many were the velvety and exciting kisses that passed between herself and Miss Martin who never ceased to coo about the raptures of their first night together.

    'We know our own kind better than do men, my sweet. Oh yes, I admit to bringing on to the cock, for you needed it, yet there is equal delight in the tonguing of the honeyed slit of a girl who writhes and moans as if she would not have it, but bubbles out her pleasure even as she does. You will have plenty of opportunities here, Annette, to dip your tongue, and together we will persuade our pupils to perform likewise on us. Of course, there are times when they may need to be coaxed, to be held, to have their bottoms stung a little-only to spur them on, you understand? You do understand? I may rely on your devoted assistance? Ignore tears and protestations for they are but a prelude to pleasures such as those I have brought you to. Yes?'

    'Yes', responded Annette fervently, for Miss Martin's knowing fingers and tongue were capable of bringing her to an even quicker pitch of passion than the Colonel. Even as she spoke, and with Miss Martin's alluring, naked curves pressed warmly to her side, she curled her toes and began to come under the gentle agitations of her mentor's fingers.

    Her back arched. Her yearning cunny thrust up its bush in full view and in a manner of which Miss Martin much approved.-'Oh, I want… ' moaned she impetuously.

    'What? What is it you want, my darling?' cooed Miss Martin.

    'I c… c… cannot say! Oh, it is shameful!'

    'Say! Speak! Whatever you want you shall have'.

    'I want… AH, Miss Martin, yes! More! Play with me more! HOOO! I want… yes, I w… want a c… cock and a tongue to… to… '

    Together? Of course you shall have. Show obedience to me in this first week of our tutorings, Annette, and the Colonel shall then have your bottom while I tongue your slit-yes?'

    'HO!' gasped Annette at the thought, her hips lifting as she spilled anew over the teasing fingers while Miss Martin's sleek, long tongue worked thrilling wonders in her pleasure-sobbing mouth.

    That week of waiting lay before Annette now while she conversed with Maude and Adelaide and said such pretty things to them as made them blush. That is to say, she uttered open admiration of their eyes, their mouths, their hair and the trimness of their ankles, all of which being so new to them they listened to with awed pleasure. Besides which, the Colonel's mansion was like unto a palace compared with the austere interior of the Vicarage, and indeed Adelaide ventured to say so.

    'I have often felt that in going into the houses of others, for my own is quite small', said Annette glibly and thus giving the impression that in all senses she, too, was a visitor. Therewith, having carefully thought how best she might put the point, she added, 'But of course one can enjoy oneself anywhere really. Do you want to enjoy yourselves?'

    'Oh yes!' came the simultaneous response from both.

    'Well then, we shall teach you to', Annette rejoined with a smile and thereupon gave them each another cream cake and another cup of tea, at which juncture Miss Martin entered, looking neither grave nor gay but possessing such a calmness as often took her when duty called.

    Both young girls looked grave themselves at her entry, but then-receiving a kindly smile-they relaxed.

    'Maude, dear, there is cream around your lips. No, do not lick it off for it looks quite pretty and, besides, I am sure your sister will do it nicely for you if I ask. Will you, Adelaide? Pray lean forward and lick the cream away'.

    'Oh, Miss!' came the older girl's blushing response.

    'You do not wish to? But it is quite nice, really. A simple thing to do, Adelaide, really. Besides, Maude might like it', said Miss Martin while a flush of wonderment appeared also on Maude's face.

    'Miss, I don't want to', Adelaide uttered in a rather strangled tone that Miss Martin was well aware owed as much to self-consciousness as anything.

    For a moment then there was a silence, the sisters looking down and not knowing how to comport themselves, the which was not a dilemma that Miss Martin faced.

    'Miss Sanderson', she said, addressing Annette formally, 'Would you please conduct Maude to the classroom, give her a book to study and then return here, please?'

    At that, Adelaide stiffened in her chair even more nervously, though it was not a posture she was to be permitted to maintain for long. In the time that it took Annette to perform her duties, several things happened, the end result of which, upon her return after some ten minutes, as to find an even more deeply blushing Adelaide standing in her petticoat and stockings, with the rest of her domes folded neatly on a chair. Her hands were at her sides, her feet together, as Miss Martin had ordained they should be.

    'We shall have to get you prettier drawers, if you are to continue to wear any in future', Miss Martin had said dourly.

    Upon Annette's return, Adelaide blinked and obviously wished the floor would devour her, but there was to be no such nonsense of thought in Miss Martin's presence.

    'I have been speaking to Adelaide of disobedience. Have I not, dear? What are the two D's I have told you always to remember, eh?'

    'D… discipline and dutifulness, Miss', Adelaide responded jerkily. Her eyes then followed the Principal's hand as it moved to pick up the little whip of many thongs. Her thighs-already showing a promising shapeliness-quivered, and did more so as the handle was extended towards her at a low level. Indeed, she made to step back, but at a swift shake of Miss Martin's head she stayed herself and then sucked in her lower lip as the slightly bulbous end of the handle of the whip tipped up the front of the hem of her petticoat.

    The movement, slow and certain as it was, brought her neat pubic bush to be exposed. Her thighs, clipped together as they were, caused it to form a perfect triangle.

    'Dutifulness means that you stand still when your petticoat is lifted, Adelaide. You understand?' asked Miss Martin quietly while Annette stood to one side and at the rear of her with her hands behind her back.

    'Y… yes, Miss', stammered Adelaide who had never been exposed to anyone in this manner before.

    'And if your drawers are taken down, Adelaide. Repeat that please'.

    'M… Miss…? I'm not supposed to say “drawers''- it's r…rude'.

    'Indeed? Who has told you that, pray?'

    'My aunt, Miss, she said-

    'Whatever she said in that respect is false, Adelaide. It is your duty to allow your drawers to be taken down. Turn AROUND!'

    So quickly and unexpectedly was the command barked, that Adelaide obeyed unthinkingly, and so next had her apple-like bottom exposed by the same implement as had uncovered her crisp maidenhood.

    'How beautiful, is it not? The perfection of the two halves, the flawless nature of the skin, the exquisite tightness of all. Can you see properly, Miss Sanderson? No? Bend over, Adelaide-hands on your knees! QUICKLY, girl! Legs apart now. Apart, I said!'

    'WOW-OW!' screeched Adelaide at that, for while she had listened in utter wonder to Miss Martin's first words, so the last were accompanied by a hissing of the thongs which brought their small, knotted ends to bite into her luscious young orb.

    'Such a treasure, yes. She really MUST learn', rejoined Annette, watching the tiny pink spots that had appeared on both sides of the girl's appealing cleft which clenched defensively together.

    Take some cream from that cake there, Miss Sanderson, and apply it around your lips. This young lady appears loathe to lick cream in that manner, but she will learn to. Good. Let me see. A little more on the lower lip, I think. Excellent. Adelaide-turn around!' Miss Martin instructed.

    Thankful, at the very least, that her bottom was no longer exposed to that awful, stinging whip, Adelaide unbent and obeyed, resuming her former, upright position. At that she saw Annette standing with her hands on her hips and her mouth surrounded by a froth of cream that had been whipped up that very morning.

    'You said that you wanted to enjoy yourself, Adelaide', Annette said softly, and much to the delight of Miss Martin at finding her so vocal on this first occasion.

    'Go forward, lean to her, arms at your sides and gather the cream on your tongue. Do not absorb it, Adelaide. Forward and begin!' instructed Miss Martin.

    'Your bottom will be very much more stung if you do not, Adelaide. And besides, will you not find it a pleasure? Is my mouth unseemly?' asked Annette.

    'No… no, Miss', came a gulp from the girl. Her feet moved, not so much of their own volition as under the watchful eyes of her Principal. Her titties, being round and firm, came agreeably against those of Annette who smiled and reached behind the girl to raise her petticoat waist-high, this causing Adelaide to jitter nervously, though she leaned protectively inwards to Annette as Miss Martin positioned herself, whip in hand, at her rear.

    'It will be nice if you lick, Adelaide', said Annette, 'All around my mouth. I like my mouth to be licked. Do it slowly and then I in turn will suck the cream from your tongue'.

    'Oh no, Miss, that would be… AAAARGH!' Adelaide squealed, for at the first issuing of the negative from her lips the thongs had hissed across her pert bulb, causing her to squeeze in desperately to Annette and to clench her fingers. 'P… p… please don't!' she sobbed.

    SWOOO-ISSSSH! the thongs sang again, and Adelaide's stricken cry was if anything louder then.

    'You do not SPEAK, Adelaide-you obey!' rasped Miss Martin whose two new strokes had rendered the twin halves of the girl's bottom a deep pink. Annette then swiftly nicked Adelaide's petticoat under so that it would not slip down and applied her palms against the sides of the girl's head, holding it steady. The tips of their noses touched, and Adelaide, so far from being moved, found herself wickedly excited by the slow pearling of the girl's tears.

    'Tongue, darling-and then the naughty lady won't whip you, will she?' coaxed Annette to the amused surprise of Miss Martin who, so far from being annoyed, found the concept of herself as the devil and Annette as die angel rather intriguing.

    'BLUB!' came from Adelaide, but then her tongue emerged, pink and hesitant. As the tip of it sought die upper rim of Annette's mouth, that young woman herself quivered with pleasure and ran her hands down again to cup and fondle Adelaide's burning nether cheeks. Longing to speak, to whisper words of encouragement into Adelaide's ears, she held her mouth unmoving as the half-reluctant tongue circled it slowly, gathering cream as it went until, its journey completed, a large blob lolled there.

    'Let Miss Sanderson suck now, Adelaide', came from behind the girl who felt the handle of the whip then pressed warningly against her bottom.

    The peculiar sound that issued from Adelaide's mouth as her tongue was absorbed was akin to an animal moan. Hissing through her nose, she tried after a few quivering seconds to draw back, but the whip handle was insistent and she found her tongue strongly sucked in by Annette.

    Regarding the still pair, and noting that Adelaide's arms had somehow remained down at her sides, Miss Martin experienced a sense of satisfaction. Given a week or two and much exercising and coaxing, the Colonel would be pleased with her efforts.

    Perhaps the Vicar would be, too, but just for once Miss Martin decided that such was not her business.


    A Stately English Mansion


    When the Colonel had fashioned the many-thonged whip for Miss Martin, it had not occurred to him that the required shape of the handle-which he had smoothed and polished-had any significance other man to prevent the hand from slipping off the end of it. Enlightenment was soon to follow, however-as it also was with Adelaide once she had received the slender and slightly bulbous end in her hot-tingling derriere.

    'What a corker of an idea!' exclaimed the Colonel (not intending the pun) when he received this news of the girl's advancement towards the end of her first week.-'A double usage, what? A drop of oil on it first, you say?' he asked, fondling the silk-smooth wood which at its greatest circumference did not exceed some two and a half inches, thereafter tapering slightly to its end.

    'Be not too enthusiastic on that score, my dear, for you have your own instrument, and somewhat doughtier. Oil, yes. It eases the passage on its first explorations.'

    A shade of concern passed momentarily over her listener's face and his moustache twitched.

    'Frightful thing, what, if the girl were to talk about it afterwards', he murmured as if to himself.

    'You jest, Colonel, surely? Can you imagine a girl of erstwhile modesty returning to her own abode and announcing that something had been put up her bottom? Tut tut, of course not. A virgin as she will otherwise up to that time remain, such remarks could be taken-even if she dared utter them-as a passionate fancy of girlhood by some, and by others as an invitation. Hence she will not speak, but neither will she fret overmuch when the male instrument not only invades her hole but provides it with an animating injection'.

    'Which is where I come in, eh?'

    'Or where you go in', laughed Miss Martin, 'But pray now pay attention to what else I have to say. We have an imminent new arrival, and to wit my former charge, Ethel, whom I have already coaxed along most successfully. In due course, as our activities expand, she may well be able to become a Junior Teacher, though such lies somewhat ahead. I have a note from her Papa-who is most unlikely to be unsympathetic to my aims-that he is to bring her here, albeit in the company of his wife. The latter, alas, is not so indulgent in her views and hence we must be on our very best behaviour'.

    'And get rid of her as soon as possible, what?'

    'With care, with care. I have already primed Annette, and will have Maude and Adelaide on their best behaviour. As to yourself, you may put it about to them-Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood, I mean-that you yourself are a visitor enquiring as to my methods. Your questions and my replies will match perfectly, of course'.

    'A dangerous game, eh? Careful tactics and all that- yes', replied he, putting on a great air of seriousness and evidently looking forward to enjoying the role.

    One of the subjects of that conversation, Letitia, had by such means as women can, delayed the visit for several days, and for her own good purposes.

    'Oh Mama, Mama, when shall we go?' Ethel asked several times.

    'Where to? Oh, to Miss Martin's you mean? Goodness, I had almost forgotten. Monday, if you wish. There is no need for her to be expecting us. I would rather view such scholastic activities as we may find. Would you not, dearest?' she asked Easton who was a slightly anxious listener to the conversation, for though he had forewarned Miss Martin he had not been able to place a date on it, and now had cause to send another message posthaste via a servant.

    Being absolutely certain that the fellow would neither spy nor hear anything to his advantage, Easton had no qualms in the matter. What he did not know, however, was mat Letitia secretly intervened and caught the young man before he left, saying that she had other duties for him and that Johnson would go instead.

    Thus it passed that when she made her afternoon visit to the latter, he had already been and returned.

    'Well, you were going to tell me what it is like', Letitia invited at which Johnson-wishing to grumble that he had not seen Bella yet-decided to hold his tongue on that score lest Letitia withheld the favours of both.

    'Well, I done what you said, m'am, and made as 'ow I were took sick upon gitting there and so I got h'entrance into the 'ouse fer a brief while. I 'card some funny noises from upstairs, I did, but they was soon quelched, and that were all. I didn't see Miss Martin. T'were another young lady as let me in. Give me a glass of water she did and 'ad a kindly aspect, though I took note of something, I did', Johnson said, giving Letitia an unseemly wink.

    'And what was that, Johnson?' Letitia asked, casually laying a sovereign on the table.

    'Buttons, m'am. On the front of her dress. One was undone and the other slipping out, like she'd come down in an 'urry and were unprepared. Rare that is to see in a proper 'ouse. I ain't never seen Miss Bella even like that'.

    Letitia frowned a little at the word 'even', but kept her expression otherwise placid. She looked down towards the coin she had produced, so that for a moment Johnson feared she might be going to pick it up again. Running her tongue speculatively across her upper lip, however, Letitia produced three more to his great astonishment and arranged them neatly with the other in a square.

    'There is something I want you to do for me, Johnson. Something of great import the which will earn you more favours than you have so far received. It occurs to me that Miss Bella's buttons do come undone sometimes, though of course only in-er-private surroundings'.

    So speaking, Letitia gazed all around the room, let her eyes settle meaningfully upon the couch and then returned her gaze to Johnson whose expression showed great eagerness.

    'Whatever you say, m'am. Miss Bella now, she-er- gits into private surroundings often, do she?'

    'I intend to see that she does so, and fully ready to unbutton, Johnson, upon your successful completion of your task. You will see to it that the coachman is indisposed on Monday and will take his place. There are certain things you will need and with which I will supply you on the morning of that day. Fail me and I will have you taken up for theft, you understand?”

    'Eh, m'am, what-me?' the fellow asked a-gaping.

    'But of course that will not be necessary, for you will not. There is a good bargain to be struck between us here, Johnson, and Miss Bella can be MOST discreet', Letitia said more placatingly, having had her eyes and ears at their very busiest in the past few days.

    “That I don't doubt, m'am', said Johnson, showing much relief, and his fingers itching to pick up the sovereigns, which he did the moment Letitia had concluded a much longer discourse that had both amazed and pleased his roguish soul, for he could see naught but satisfaction all around while the visions of Bella bouncing beneath him brought warmth to his lusty frame.

    Satisfaction coloured all of Letitia's thoughts as well, and with much greater foundation even than those of her husband who-knowing all the skills of Miss Martin in putting on such faces as she wished to do-had concluded that their visit would be of brief duration. Thereafter, Letitia-who appeared to be the very soul of compliance to his wishes now-would return comforted and ready to enjoy her own future prospects in freedom.

    A seemingly expectant and happy quartet thus arrived at Miss Martin's, for Bella had been permitted to go as well. Johnson remained the invisible fifth party, as servants are wont to be, and gave all appearance of retaining his seat above the horses when his superiors were welcomed within.

    Being satisfied that he was unobserved, he then climbed down and made his way close to the entrance where he lurked for a while in the portico.

    Formal introductions within being at first unnecessary- save in respect of the Colonel, who suitably wore his outdoor attire-Letitia was enabled to make a lightning study of the meetings of various pairs of eyes, and in particular those of Bella's with Miss Martin's. Her niece she regarded as me key to her intuitions, and therein she was not disappointed. Not being a party to the plots at work, Bella not only failed to veil certain emanations of pleasure in her eyes as regards Miss Martin, but signally did so in respect of the Colonel-the which Letitia caught rather by accident than design.

    Upon Adelaide and Maude being called down and brought toward as 'My very first dear pupils' by Miss Martin, Letitia did not merely incline her head towards them as a lady might, but rose to greet them.

    'How nice it must be for you here, as I am sure it will be for Ethel', cooed Letitia to the great pleasure of both Easton and Miss Martin who were able to quickly convey to one another the most satisfied exchange of looks.

    In so doing, they failed to see the glance that Letitia bestowed upon Adelaide and the manner in which her eyes scoured the girl's. Therein Letitia read all that she wished to, and by such means as only other females and the most sensitive of males would comprehend.

    'May we see the classroom, Miss Martin? Are they upstairs?' she then asked, adding carefully, 'And of course the Colonel may wish to view them also.'

    'Why, of course you may', cooed Miss Martin, 'Permit me to lead the way. Colonel, are you yourself satisfied with all that I have told you of my educational methods?'

    'Hurrrumph, indeed, Madam. Gentleness is all, what? I have no doubt that my two girls will be safe in your hands', replied he.

    'Oh, I am sure, I am sure', put in Easton, taking a rapid look at Letitia (the which she did not fail to miss) and finding her expression happily placid.

    'I shall like it here, Papa!' exclaimed Ethel who, having placed herself last with him on the exclusion up the stairs, had had her bottom fondly if briefly patted by him.

    'Of that I have no doubt, my love', came his rejoinder and therewith another hasty if promising scouting of his fingers under her derriere which caused the naughty girl's face to glow with pleasure. Entering the classroom in the wake of the others, they found themselves in what once had been a sitting room of fair size containing half a dozen desks and a blackboard.

    'This is where the good work is done then, Madam?' boomed the Colonel.

    'Indeed. It is here within that we nourish the minds and spirits. It is here… Oh dear, who is that?' Miss Martin asked in a slightly irritated tone at having her rehearsed discourse interrupted by the ding-dong sound of the doorbell below. Turning to Adelaide, she said, 'Please see who it is, dear'.

    Only too pleased to escape, Adelaide scampered down, her bottom feeling unaccustomedly strange still, for she had received the dildo-like end of the handle of the whip therein that morning for the third time in several days and this time she had not cried nor whimpered quite so much while at the same time having her cunny lightly brushed by Annette's fingers.

    'Now, darling, you can begin to learn to move your hips', Annette had instructed her, whereat Adelaide had timorously obeyed, causing the slender wooden plum to move deeper into her.

    'Ah, no!' Adelaide had gasped, but with the further tickling of a finger around her bud, her protestations had died away. More than that, her belly had begun to glow and all sorts of hitherto unknown sensations had overtaken her until a vibrant explosion had seized her and then her fingers had clenched. A thin mewing sound had come from her lips which Annette had seemingly recognised for she had eased the pestle further up into Adelaide's firm young bottom while the maiden continued spilling helplessly over her fingers.

    'Tonight you will have something much nicer, Adelaide', she had been told afterwards even while her knees trembled in the delicious agues she had experienced, but now with the everyday world once more about her, she reached the door, perceived a figure through the stained-glass panels, and opened it-'It is a gentleman to see you, Miss Martin', Adelaide announced a few minutes later, having again tripped up the stairs.

    'A gentleman? Did he give a name?'

    'No, Miss, he said he had come to enquire.'

    'Indeed? At this rate I shall need even more desks', uttered Miss Martin with a sigh of self-satisfaction, 'Please entertain our visitors for a moment, Miss Sanderson. I shall not take longer than is needed.'

    Her curiosity at that moment being as great as it ever had been, Miss Martin descended to find the front door annoyingly wide open and no visitor in sight. Perhaps he had stepped again beyond the threshold, she thought, and did so herself, looking this way and that across the surrounding lawns but seeing no one.

    Consternation wrinkling up her eyes, Miss Martin made to turn back, though not quickly enough, for in that moment a large sack descended over her head, enveloping first her shoulders as well and then the upper parts of her arms. The scream that she then commenced to utter was quelched by a hand that came over her mouth through the sacking while the barrel of what seemed to be a pistol was pressed against her neck.

    'I 'as a gun 'ere wot will blow your 'ead off if you move or shout, Missus', Miss Martin heard in a voice much disguised but which, had she not been stricken with terror, she might otherwise have recognised. For a moment then the cold ring of the barrel left her neck and, with the careful slipping of the hand from her mouth, a gag was applied which forced part of the dusty sacking between her lips.

    All this having taken but seconds, Miss Martin had stood petrified, but now made a gallant movement to free her arms by thrusting them upwards. That, too, however had been anticipated and the two ends of the leather thong that had been threaded through holes just above the mouth of the sack were swiftly drawn together, thus making her a mute and bound prisoner of darkness.

    'Now I guides yer forward, gentle like, and we goes fer a nice drive, that's wot we does', came a voice in her covered ears as she was prodded forward.

    Vainly and wildly shaking her head under the confines of the sack, Miss Martin was guided indeed, though more roughly than the spoken words had indicated, and in but ten paces had been lifted into a waiting carriage and placed full length on cushions that had been placed in readiness on the floor, the driver of that vehicle men climbing down as Johnson closed the door, grinning to himself as wild kicking sounds came from within.

    'I'll take 'er, Alf. You sit up on my seat, keep yer collar up and yer 'ead down and no one will recognise you. They never does look up at us, that's what, nor will they when they git out. Just bide yer time till they git in the 'ouse, then carry yerself off. 'Ere's the sovereign wot I promised you, matey, and another when you done the job'.

    'Bit of a lark, is it? Bit of a lark you told me. That's wot it is, eh?' asked Johnson's drinking companion from the village who could not in any case have recognised Miss Martin even had he known her.

    “That's it. Like I told yer, bit o' fun as these gentry gits up to. No 'arm to be done 'er. Soon 'ave 'er free', Johnson assured him, and then he himself was up and away, leaving his companion to mount Easton's carriage and sit, head down, in waiting.

    'I should go down, perhaps', Annette was saying at that point.

    'No, dear, you continue what you were saying-I will go', rejoined Letitia who had during this time manoeuvred herself closest to the door.

    'Bit of a hitch, eh? Deuced chap's keeping her talking', said the Colonel upon whom a strange feeling of unease had descended, for Annette had been heard to be wavering and was clearly undecided as to how to continue the peroration on purity and education that only Miss Martin herself could have given.

    Easton himself shifted about a little and several times glanced towards the closed door until, within the passing of but three minutes, Letitia reappeared.

    'What news! What strange news!' she uttered, causing all eyes to turn to her, and not a few to look dismayed.

    'News, news? What has passed?' demanded the Colonel in a chokey tone.

    'Our coachman himself told me. It appears from what he saw-though quite discreetly, of course-that Miss Martin was very taken with her visitor and departed with him. To use our manservant's own words, she got quite carried away', declared Letitia without a blush while then a frozen silence fell on all, interrupted only by a decidedly more choking sound from the Colonel.

    But all that-as Letitia decided to herself a while later as their carriage trundled off again-was all in the past. Easton sat decidedly silent having uttered such gruff remonstrances about Miss Martin as went through one of Letitia's ears and out the other. Ethel sobbed, or pretended to. Bella's face looked puffy and uncertain. The Colonel it was who had been literally sent off by Letitia to apprise an otherwise unknown Vicar that his daughters needed to be gathered back into the domestic fold. Annette had repeated over and over, 'I do not understand!' and so many questions had been put-rhetorically-as to who Miss Martin's visitor might have been that Letitia had lost patience and had declared that since no one could know, no one should ask.

    'I did not trust her from the moment I laid eyes on her', Letitia had grandly announced in sweeping out, followed sheepishly by Easton and a bewildered Ethel and Bella.

    All was well now-or much better, at the least. Letitia assured herself of that. In carrying off Miss Martin to London, as Letitia had instructed him to, Johnson would no doubt enjoy himself en route by giving her his pestle in precisely that place where she had so often ordained that young girls should receive it. In principle, Letitia had no objection to that, but in respect of Ethel, at least, she was not going to be bettered by Miss Martin.

    Besides, Letitia further comforted herself with the thought that she had not left the woman bereft. Johnson had instructions to finally hand her a small package which contained twenty sovereigns and a note of advice from Letitia that were she to show her face again then all manner of complaints would be officially placed against her to which Easton and Ethel at least, and most possibly Adelaide and Maude, as well, would be witnesses.

    After all, what else could Easton and Ethel do, Letitia told herself happily all the while that Easton brooded and wondered what the devil had come to pass. Several times he endeavoured to raise the subject on reaching their abode, but Letitia cut him off by saying, 'What is the woman to us? She was a n'er-do-well, Easton, and we should long have known it'.

    Easton was at least pleased when Letitia appeared to fall quickly and heavily asleep that night. As the chimes of midnight sounded from the clock in the hall below, so he stirred himself and slid with infinite caution from the bed. Dammit, there had to be some recompense, thought he, and eased himself through the door and into the waiting darkness beyond.

    Letitia, who in reality was wide awake, cocked her ears as he did so. Ah well, if all sides were to be fair to one another, she thought, there had to be some sacrifices, but henceforth they would be such as happened within her own ken and not that of Miss Martin.

    Ensconced in her own dreams of future delight with such young stallions as she would be able to gather to herself, Letitia slipped her fingers down between her thighs and gave herself up to visions of promise that dimmed her ears to the faint sound of a door opening and closing beyond.

    Thus she did not hear the hushed gasps and murmurs that emanated both from the lips of Ethel and of Bella who, without announcing such, had decided to share her cousin's bed for the night.

    As for Easton, he was delighted to find them naked together, and when at last he eased his swollen penis into Ethel's pouting nest, it was Bella who held her, kissed her and coaxed her just as Miss Martin would have done.


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